Life Lessons From a Dutch Art Movement

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Can geometric shapes heal the world? That's what the artists of the De Stijl movement—which came of age in the Netherlands after World War I—believed. Piet Mondrian is one of the most famous members of this group, which forbade circles and embraced light, color, and geometry as a way to move past the chaos of the war. As AFAR contributing writer Chris Colin discovers on a trip to Utrecht, that's not quite as bizarre as it sounds. And as he bicycles through quaint streets, meditates along charming canals, and visits the De Stijl artifacts that still exist, Chris learns that, just maybe, De Stijl's philosophy is still applicable today.
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3:31: The beginning of Chris's Q&A.

7:55: What he appreciated most about the city.

9:47: Why De Stijl's art has endured.

14:25: Chris's Travel Tale.

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Life Lessons From a Dutch Art Movement

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