Sneak Preview: Listening In — A Uniquely Modern Psychological Thriller Out Now!

When her home speaker begins picking up her neighbors’ conversations and broadcasting them into her apartment, a lonely recent New York transplant, Julia (Rachel Brosnahan) becomes increasingly obsessed with her neighbors' lives. But what begins as a voyeuristic endeavor quickly devolves into a situation with real world consequences, and she quickly realizes she doesn’t know who to trust.
From the makers of Last Known Position and Soft Voice comes Listening In, a uniquely modern mystery thriller available now wherever you get your podcasts. QCODE+ subscribers on Apple Podcasts will get early access to new episodes before anyone else and exclusive bonus content. Learn more at 
Produced by QCODE and Scrap Paper Pictures. Created, written, and directed by Sabrina Jaglom. Starring Rachel Brosnahan, Manish Dayal, David Aaron Baker, Caroline Aaron, Adeline Rudolph, Bridget Reg

Ghosthoney’s Dream Machine

Pod People

Chapter 9: The Barter Fairy's Nest

Ghosthoney and Rose discover the Barter Fairy's nest hidden inside the 'W' of the Hollywood sign. They question if they should venture inside to recover Ghosthoney's beloved owl figurine.

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The Amelia Project

Imploding Fictions

Episode 53 - Pretzel

“Welcome to Dover Petrol and Pretzels, do you want dough or diesel tonight?”
Episode 53, Season 4. 
With Ben Meredith, Julia C. Thorne, Torgny Aanderaa, Benjamin Noble, Jordan Cobb, Erin King, Hemi Yeroham, Adam Raymonda and Julia Morizawa.
Written by Oystein Brager and Philip Thorne
Edited by Philip Thorne 
Directed by Philip Thorne and Oystein Brager
Sound design by Adam Raymonda
Music by Fredrik Baden
Graphic design by Anders Pedersen
Production assistance by Maty Parzival

For full credits see our website. 

The Amelia Project is an audio fiction series. We recommend starting at the beginning.
Twitter: @amelia_podcast 
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Mockery Manor

Long Cat Media

Introducing: Earth Eclipsed

Before we get to the Mockery Manor finale, we're excited to introduce you to another excellent, multi-award-winning series: Earth Eclipsed.
Set in the distant future, the story follows a brilliant neuroscientist on the brink of a galaxy-changing discovery that will save millions of lives - who has her work cut short when she’s kidnapped by a renegade miner. 
Earth Eclipsed is a production of the Lunar Company - and if that sounds familiar, it's because they're also the team behind Apollo, the amazing podcast app dedicated purely to fiction. They know their stuff. 
We love Earth Eclipsed for its snappy writing, tasty sound design and super lush music - but just to warn you in case their are kiddies around: there are two f-bombs in this episode. stick your headphones on: it’ll sound better anyway. 
Subscribe to Earth Eclipsed here
Check out the beautiful, interactive Earth Eclipsed website, and the Apollo app - b

Marvel’s Squirrel Girl: The Unbeatable Radio Show!

Marvel & SiriusXM

The Second-Best Animal After Squirrels

Doreen and friends close in on the criminal “Fine Art” on their chaotic crime spree; Koi Boi and Chipmunk Hunk continue to search for a roommate, and celebrity Busy Phillips talks to dogs. MARVEL’S SQUIRREL GIRL: THE UNBEATABLE RADIO SHOW!  Milana Vayntrub as Squirrel Girl and featuring performances by  Crystal Lucas Perry (Nancy Whitehead), Leo Sheng (Koi Boi), Davied Morales (Chipmunk Hunk), Erica Schroeder (Tippy T. Squirrel), Tina Benko (Rachel Oskar), and Peter Hermann (Brain Drain).  Directed by Giovanna Sardelli. Original music by Justin Huertas and Steven Tran. Written by Ryan North.

RSLASH: Best Of Reddit Stories 2022

Gawid Entertainment

RSLASH: Best Of Reddit Stories 2022 Dive Into Anything Reddit is home to thousands of communities, endless conversation, and authentic human connection. Whether you're into breaking news, sports, TV fan theories, or a never-ending stream of the internet's cutest animals, there's a community on Reddit for you. Reddit is an American social news aggregation, web content rating, and discussion website. Registered members submit content to the site such as links, text posts, images, and videos, which are then voted up or down by other members. #Reddit #AskReddit #RedditJStories #RSLASH


QCODE, Wood Elf, Mythical

OUT NOW: The Burned Photo Season 2

All episodes are available for free and released weekly but QCODE+ subscribers can listen early and ad-free. 
The hit horror show, The Burned Photo is back. This suspense-filled thriller tells the story of Felicia (Charmaine Bingwa, THE GOOD FIGHT) and Kira (Kat McNamara, SHADOWHUNTERS), two women, whose lives become intertwined when they discover they are being terrorized by the same multi-generational curse that is determined to end their family lineages. In Season 2 of The Burned Photo, Felicia and Kira dig deeper into the curse, discovering its connection to the mysterious 18th century sorcerer, Doctor Joachim and realizing the curse’s origin is more horrifying than they could ever imagine. Will they be able to face the Tanmitadore on their own terms or will the curse succeed in ending Felicia and Kira’s lives? Produced by QCODE and Vertigo Entertainment (IT, THE DEPARTED). Starring Charmaine Bingwa and Katherine McNamara. Season 2

Batman: The Audio Adventures


Episode 2

Robin wonders if his partner is too close to the Two-Face situation, while at the new Bat-Signal’s unveiling, Joker sends a message. And a Senator prepares to testify against the Penguin, unless the Penguin can get to him first…

To listen to every episode of Batman The Audio Adventures, stream it now only on HBO Max

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Wooden Overcoats

Wooden Overcoats Ltd

Season 4 Episode 10: A Funn Farewell

It’s the end – but has the moment been prepared for?Watch Wooden Overcoats Season 4 performed live onstage and online at Wooden Overcoats Live. The last show is on 3 April at King’s Place and on KPlayer. Read the recording script.CastRudyard Funn: Felix TrenchAntigone Funn: Beth EyreGeorgie Crusoe: Ciara BaxendaleEric Chapman: Tom CrowleyMadeleine: Belinda LangZoe Adeyinka: Amy RocksonJennifer Delacroix: Alana RossMayor Desmond Desmond: Sean BakerReverend Nigel Wavering: Andy SecombeMarlene Magdalena: Emily StrideMarjorie Smith: Elle McAlpineMiss Scruple: Ellie DickensLady Vivienne Templar: Catriona KnoxSid Marlowe: Paul PutnerDr Edgware: David K. BarnesDr Heidi Barnett: Emily StrideDesmond Desmond: Steve HodsonMouse: Holly CampbellAnnouncer: Eleanor RushtonCrewWriter: David K. BarnesScript Editor: David K. BarnesProducers: Andy Goddard & John WakefieldProduction Manager: Elizabeth CampbellComposer: James WhittleMusic: James Whittle a

Meet Cute Rom-Coms

Meet Cute

Green Mountain: Starring Owen Thiele - Part 6

Meet Cute Presents: Green Mountain - Part 6, an audio rom-com where Sophie is, for once, not a “piping” hot mess.Story by Casey Boykins. Produced and Directed by Cynthia Francillon. Sound Designed by Elijah Pouges. Starring: Owen Thiele, Ashli Haynes, Torian Brackett, Franchesca Agramonte, Patrice Harris, Sequoia Houston, Khaya Fraites.Follow @MeetCute on Instagram and @ListenMeetCute on Twitter and TikTok. Join the rom-com conversation on our Discord.Please subscribe and rate us 5 stars!

King Falls AM

King Falls AM

Beyond The Falls: Live 2!

Hitting your feeds now is a little something from the not-so-distant past (but feels like forever-ago) in FEBRUARY. Come hang out and hopefully forget about these strange days for an hour or so. 

Recorded February 1st at the wonderful PodUK 2020 in Birmingham, UK, come join Noah, Trent, Eric & Kyle as they take live listener questions, get their cardio for the month during a rambunctious Lipton Lightning Round and write Episode 101 with a little help from their friends. 

Stay safe, wash those hands, sending love wherever you are!

Haunted House Flippers

JD Lauriat

18 - Just a Dream

Tom finds himself in the middle of most intense lucid dream possible prior to having an unexpected guest pay him a visit.  But did he ever wake up?
As Janet returns from her trip to NY, they have much to discuss.

Cast & Crew:  Writer, Editor, Producer, & Tom Miller: JD Lauriat // Writer, Social Media, & Janet Miller: Melissa Croft // Graphics, Website, & Lee: Adrian Johnson// Dr. Edna Martin: Dawn Beland


Support this podcast:

Oz 9

Shannon K Perry

episode seventy-one: Rumblings in the astral region

If you've never had chocolate milkweed with rosemallows, you're really missing out. On stomach upset, whiplash-inducing vomiting, an itchy rash, and unconsciousness, which is really the best part. Despite the litany of side effects, Leet is dishing up a mug just for you, so please join us aboard the Oz 9, as we head out for another entirely pointless journey. Be sure to stay till the end to hear a trailer of a much more sensible and quite fabulous science fiction audio drama: Chaika. You've been listening to: Kevin Hall as Greg Eric Perry as Howard David S Dear as Dr Theo Bromae Lee Shackleford as Pluto Tim Sherburn as Emily and Colin Sarah Golding as Mrs Sheffield Shannon Perry as Madeline and Olivia Richard Cowen as Leet Kyle Jones as Narrator 2 and Richard Nadolny as your Narrator. Our music is by John Faley. Our artwork is by Lucas Elliott. Oz 9 is written and produced by Shannon Perry. Until next time, Space Monkeys!

Join the Party


58. Join Us V

Face to face with Gutenberg, it’s time to take him down. This is the last episode of Campaign 2. Thank you for listening.   Sponsors - Backblaze, which makes backing up and accessing your data astonishingly easy. Get your 15-day no credit card required free trial at - Hero Forge, where you can now get Color Standees! Visit to start designing your custom miniature today. - Betterhelp online therapy. Go to for 10% off your first month.   Find Us Online - website: - patreon: - twitter: - facebook: - instagram: - tumblr: - merch & music:   Cast & Crew - Dungeon Master, Co-Producer: Eric Silver - Co-Host (Milo Lane), Co-Producer, Editor, Sound Designer, Composer: Brandon Grugle - Co-Host (Aggie O’Hare), Co-Producer: Amanda

Death by Dying

Evening Post Productions

SCP Archives Crossover Part 2: The Case of the Phantom Unicycle

Agent Ted returns to Crestfall at the behest of a phantom bicycle therapist. He faces his toughest case yet: Who is the One-Wheeled Wonder?
Help us bring Season 2 to life:
Find and support our sponsors at:

SCP Archives Showrunner/Sound Designer - Pacific S. Obadiah

SCP Archives Producer - Tom Owen, Brad Miska

Writer - Evan Gulock

Host - Jon Grilz

Agent Kithe - Atticus Jackson

Maria - Nichole Goodnight

Wild Man, Andy the BMX Dirt Bike - Niko Gerentes

Music - Tom Rory Parsons

Script Curator- Jesse Hall

Credits and Transcript:
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Atlas Avenue Beat

7 Lamb Productions LLC

Kenneth Heights Stories: The Capable Nine - Part 2/3

Locke calls Dick about his big supply. Then the gang heads out to Pennsylvania where they meet up with Bethany. There are three bandits holding down the fort, but Locke and his team are ready to kick them out.Music:"Airport Lounge" and "On the Ground" Kevin MacLeod ( under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License



Juha | جحا

Finyal Media

جحا وقسمة العدل

يدفع حبّ أشعب للطعام به للاحتيال على جحا، عائلته وضيوفه ليس مرةً، بل مرتين ليظفر بأكبر قدرٍ ممكن من مأكولات كريمة الشهية. فكيف سيقوم جحا بإقناع صديقه الطيب بأهمية العدالة وضرورة القسمة بالعدل؟


كتابة: يزن أتاسي

إخراج: يارا عبيدات

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We Fix Space Junk

Battle Bird Productions

News! About The We Fix Space Junk Anniversary Live Stream!

It's nearly our birthday!
On the 19th of March 2022, We Fix Space Junk is turning 4 years old and we're celebrating with a live event called: The We Fix Space Junk Anniversary Live Stream!
You can watch it for free online (on our twitch channel, and there are prizes to be won!
We'll be answering questions and playing games with the cast, including our own game, Automnijobs: Small Jobs for Unimportant People
(Imagine Dungeons and Dragons, but the instructions are only a page long, you’re in debt and in space)
So join us on the 19th of March, 2022 at 6pm GMT (that's 1pm Eastern Time)
Put it in your calendar! and watch us, laugh with us, (or at us) win prizes, and experience never before seen Space Junk, as the cast fix a problem in real time!
It's going to be so much fun! Check our website/mailing list/Twitter page for all the details!
19th of Mar


Wheyface Radio

The Arden 2021 Holiday Special

Happy holidays, Arden family! We present you three tales of yuletide cheer. In The Grunch, Andy Wheyface tells a story we all know and love. In Party Line, Pamela Pink takes a call while at a holiday party. And in Four Solstices, Brenda and Rosalind race to make it to all four Solstice parties they've been invited to. Praise be to old one-eyed Wodin!
CONTENT WARNING: Fireworks/loud noises at the 27-minute mark
Created and Executive Produced by Emily VanDerWerff, Christopher Dole, and Sara Ghaleb
Written by Andrew Sianez De La O, Eli Barraza, and Sara Ghaleb & Emily VanDerWerff
Directed by Christopher Dole & Sara Ghaleb
Edited and Sound Designed by Christopher Dole
Michelle Agresti as Bea Casely
Tracey Sayed as Brenda Bentley
Shannon Estabrook as Rosalind Ursula
Charlita Gaston as Pamela Pink
Benjamin Watts as Andy Wheyface
With Special Guest Stars:
Mia Drake as Lorena Ch

The Thrilling Adventure Hour

Forever Dog

Show and Tell Pt2 (Livestream 3/20/21)

A very special Cocktails with the Cast finds the WorkJuice Players sharing their favorite, most embarrassing clips from their careers thusfar.

Join Paul F. Tompkins, Paget Brewster, Busy Philipps, Autumn Reeser, Annie Savage, Hal Lublin, Craig Cackowski, Janet Varney, Mark Gagliardi, and Marc Evan Jackson as they empty their closets of skeletons and tell hilarious stories from their years in the entertainment biz.

Trigger Warning: This episode contains content from and discussion of the movie Smokers. It contains material about sexual and dating violence. This has been a content warning from your friends at WorkJuice, providing coffee-related products, heads-ups, and hey-watch-outs since 2005.

Watch video of this episode here:

Find the entire back catalog of The Thrilling Adventure Hour plus Bonus Content, Complete Libraries of Classic Segments,

The Weirdness

Gen-Z Media | Wondery

Introducing Young Ben Franklin: Welcome to New York

Young Ben is back! This time, Ben finds himself in the middle of another high-stakes mystery as a teenager in an unforgiving New York City. When Ben’s prospective boss at a newspaper goes missing, the investigation leads him to an even deeper and darker secret, and takes him from the lavish townhouses of the New York gentry to the mean streets of the most exciting, diverse and dangerous city in all the colonies.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

Honeymoon for One


Introducing "Bone Marry Bury"

2021 was the worst year of Allie’s life: she was fired from her stupid waitressing job, dumped by a guy she was pity-f*cking, and evicted from her apartment. On New Year’s Eve, Allie heads to a party where she plans to get plastered and leave this mess of a year behind. Gabe — Allie’s best friend and our narrator — tells us that by the end of the month she will f*ck, marry, and kill three different people… and they’re all at this party.  Go to, or just search "Bone Marry Bury" wherever you get your podcasts to listen!



Carol of the Bells

Crisis befalls the Bell family, and Augusta must race against time to steer her many siblings towards the only right decision.

Fall of the House of Sunshine

Roi Gold Productions


Hello Lyman Keys here! Do you miss Fall of the House of Sunshine? Have you listened to Land Whale Murders too many times already? Then let Lyman Keys help! Lyman is going to recommend some audio dramas and fun podcasts to you over the next several months. Hopefully you’ll find some new favs!
This month's pick: Alba Salix, Royal Physician
Check it out:…ian/id938040414
And don't forget other great Roi Gold shows:
The Land Whale Murders:…rs/id1577608559
Radio Free Mushroom America:…ca/id1448597763
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Camp Here & There

Mayfield & Belov

FILE 33-34. The Muse of the Elephant / The Elephant in the Room

Audio data from various sources, detailing events which occurred at SITE10 on day 978 and 979.
• ENTITY1 work history
• ENTITY3 knowledge of affairs
• ENTITY1&ENTITY3 dynamic

• ENTITY1&ENTITY2 dynamics and perspectives
• ENTITY4 weaknesses

• As per my duties as AGENT7, resident spoilsport, I must stopper the brewing celebrations by reminding my entire cohort that ENTITY1'S JOURNALS ARE NOT ADMISSIBLE AS EVIDENCE IN OUR COURT. Remember: confessions not given under oath are as good as hearsay. As far as we can legally claim, the words ENTITY4 read out might as well have been his fanfiction.
• ... but God damn if this doesn't feel good.
• And hey, it seems like ENTITY2 now understands a fraction of his situation. A complication, but not necessarily unlucky — I imagine he'll

Não Inviabilize

Déia Freitas


Picolé De Limão é um quadro do canal Não Inviabilize. Aqui você ouve as suas histórias misturadas às minhas!
Use a hashtag #Egito e comente a história no nosso grupo do telegram:
Crie a sua loja virtual com a Nuvemshop de forma simples e profissional! Experimente 30 dias grátis: h
Envie a sua história bem detalhada para, seu anonimato será mantido, todos os nomes, profissões e locais são trocados para preservar a sua identidade.
Assine e receba 20 histórias inéditas por mês:
Histórias em Libras no Youtube:

Alba Salix, Royal Physician

Fable and Folly

Presenting: The Land Whale Murders

This week we're bringing you a preview of a brand new show from Roi Gold Productions, and one of the latest additions to the Fable and Folly Network: The Land Whale Murders!
Billed as "A Gilded Age Satire of Birders, Murders and a Missing Whale", the series is set in 1896 in New York, where a band of scientists called the Four Elementals find themselves battling evil and organized crime, in the form of Pirate Penny and the Blow Hole Gang – but things get strange fast, and then get even stranger even faster.
If you like your comedy fast, witty and totally absurd, with a side order of alternate-history romp, check out The Land Whale Murders anywhere you listen to podcasts – or visit

Chapter 1: Eel That Heaven Allows
The Four Elementals are drawn into the conspiracy and murder surrounding a force much bigger than themselves! -- a comedy!

Learn more abo


Fable and Folly Productions

Presenting: Kakos Industries

Hey everyone!
We're gearing up to record Season 5 (in an all-new studio!) but in the meantime, we have another dark comedy we think you'll love: Kakos Industries.
Kakos Industries is an audio drama podcast about an evil megacorporation that specializes in helping you to Do Evil Better. Join CEO Corin Deeth III as he reads you your monthly shareholder announcements, keeping you apprised of all the advancements in Evil, and all of the bizarre occurrences from inside of the Kakos Industries facilities. It says here that you are ALREADY a shareholder. It emphasizes that this condition is SERIOUS. It goes further to say that you will have to listen to know what that means.
Episode 123: The Heart
"Today’s broadcast is coming to you from an egg that just hatched in front of you..."
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Ace Stone, Marketing Detective

The Content Direction Agency

Follow the adventures of Ace Stone, Marketing Detective as she bamboozles bad guys and detects dastardly deeds in the marketing industry. In "The Case of the Missing Content," Ace and her assistant Olympia Werke are hired by influencer Sienna Wonderly to find her "missing content." As the mystery unfolds, it turns out that Sienna isn't the only person searching for the Missing Content — Ace's dastardly foe, Rex Hackshaw has returned from the dead and is hot on the trail of the Missing Content. They say anyone with this content can turn a launch into gold, and these shady marketers are willing to do just about anything to get it...  

Vote For Love


Bone Marry Bury - Episode 1: Meet The Players

2021 was the worst year of Allie’s life: she was fired from her stupid waitressing job, dumped by a guy she was pity-f*cking, and evicted from her apartment. On New Year’s Eve, Allie heads to a party where she plans to get plastered and leave this mess of a year behind. Gabe — Allie’s best friend and our narrator — tells us that by the end of the month she will f*ck, marry, and kill three different people… and they’re all at this party. And if you like this, we have some good news: you can listen to the next episode RIGHT NOW. Click here to get Episode 2 — and make sure you smash that follow button, bitches!! See you at the Lipstick lounge...

Deadly Manners

The Paragon Collective

The Oyster

Welcome to the world of The Oyster.  This episode is sponsored by BetterHelp and Hellofresh. The Oyster is created by Alex Aldea and Adrienne Schaeffler. This episode was written by Alex Aldea, Adrienne Schaeffler, and Jordan Cobb. Cast: Logan Browning as Hannah Ori Giancarlo Esposito as Luca Devlet Carla Gugino as Christian Keith David as Policeman #1 Donnell Rawlings as Micah Ori Kimberly Hébert Gregory as Sarah Ori Andrew Santino as Art Minor Kenny Allen as Ben Avery Johnny Ferro as Scott Thompson Dionne Lea Williams as Lauren Thompson Jolie Handler as Beth Thompson Nicole Goodnight as Jane David Cummings as Bill Nikolle Doolin as Linda Production: Executive Produced by Logan Browning, Alex Cline, Alex Aldea and Adrienne Schaefler. Edited by Victor Figueroa. Sound Design and Foley by Victor Figueroa. Music Composition by Alex Aldea and Andrew Joselyn. Mixing by Alex Aldea

Temp Girl

Stephanie Bond

Episode 175 (December 22)

Did you wear a special piece of jewelry at your wedding? Discuss with other TEMP GIRL fans in  Stephanie’s Serials Facebook Group. There you can also post questions for Stephanie to answer in an upcoming bonus episode of the TEMP GIRL podcast. Or reach out with your questions on other social media channels (#TempGirl #StephanieBond): Instagram Twitter
If you’re enjoying the TEMP GIRL daily podcast, please take two minutes to leave a review wherever you listen to podcasts so other listeners can find TEMP GIRL. Thank you SO much for your support!
Interested in binge reading or listening ahead on the TEMP GIRL story? Six e-novellas are available exclusively from Amazon. The full-length audiobook is available on Audible, Amazon, Apple, and wherever audiobooks are sold. The complete daily serial is also available in print.
If you like TEMP GIRL, you might enjoy the ebooks and audiobooks of other serials written by Stephanie Bond:

The Monster Hunters

Definitely Human

BACK TO EARTH - A Podcast About Roots by Definitely Human

Fashion Designer Charlie May has escaped city life and gone back to her roots as a West Country farmer. Join her each week as she learns the basics of living sustainably, grows her own fruit, veg and wine, delves into her family’s history and comes up with alarmingly ambitious plans to modernise the farm and ensure its survival. From fashion to farming; there's got to be some transferable skills, right?Subscribe to Back to Earth on acast, apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts from. Follow us on Twitter @BacktoEarthPod and @HumanDefinitely, on Instagram @backtoearthpodcast and on TikTok @backtoearthcharlie and for bonus material subscribe to our Patreon at See for privacy and opt-out information.

The Orbiting Human Circus

WNYC Studios and Night Vale Presents

Introducing Milky Way Underground

Introducing a new fiction podcast from members of the team behind The Orbiting Human Circus: Join siblings Lydia and Elijah on a fantastical, surreal journey through a mysterious dreamworld as they search for their missing father. A unique audio adventure about the difficulties and the joys of growing up and becoming yourself, fit for the whole family. Brought to you by TRAX from PRX.

Absolutely No Adventures

Destiny Howell

Absolutely No Adventures is a fantasy (un)adventure podcast that follows Sig, the owner of Signature Eats bakery, as he aggressively avoids becoming embroiled in any daring quests or chosen one shenanigans even though the universe really seems to want him to do just that. Follow Sig as he chills with his friends and stays far, far away from the slightest whiff of adventure. And bakes. He also bakes.

Fun City

Fun City Ventures LLC

Float City 2, Remastered: An Island in the Moon

A remastered re-upload of episode 2 of the Float City arc.--Support the show @ the show with your friends! https://funcity.venturesFind more about Stillfleet at is the show on twitter @funcityventures is the show on instagram@bijanstephen is Remy, the Sleeper (human) Blooder @randwiches is Merkis, the Jalasti Banshee @nicholasguercio is Vynos, the Conscript (human) Tremulant and @shodell is Beta, the Shoodtha Pir@taylordotbiz is Oat (Harajoon in a tuxedo), NtS (yikes) and the Saffron Anax (smoooooth) @mikerugnetta is everything else--This episode of Float City was recorded in various locations across Brooklyn New York. It was produced, edited and sound designed by Mike Rugnetta. Says Pixlriffs: happiness is not for us poor, crawling reptiles of the earth.Our music is by Sam Tyndall - Remy's flute playing is by Jake Fr

Gap Time

Gap Time

Episode 77 - Harry Potter 11 | بقیه کتاب پنجم هری پاتر

اینم بقیه کتاب پنجم هری پاتر.. میشه گفت این شروع بزرگ شدن و بالغ شدن شخصیت‌هایی که از یازده سالگی باهاشون آشنا شدیم. توی این قسمت با ما همراه باشین تا در کنار برگشتن ولدمورت، بزرگ شدن و رو به رو شدن این شخصیت‌ها رو با هم ببینیم

Karma Comment Chameleon


r/MaliciousCompliance - I Almost Got FIRED Over $0.10!! - Reddit Stories 983

Today we visit r/MaliciousCompliance!Visit us on YouTube!

Mission Rejected

The Porch Room

Presenting: Things (Un)Said

We think Mission: Rejected fans will enjoy Things (Un)Said, a supernatural mystery story told in an experimental format. Written by and starring Julia Duffy, who fans will remember as Burning Man in Season Three's "Total Eclipse of the B.A.R.T." Several season one episodes have been directed by our own J. Michael DeAngelis.When Paige Gilbert's mother goes missing, she turns to her mom's old diaries for answers. But the stories about nearby facilities and the creatures they hold may only lead to more questions. Written by and starring Julia Duffy, with music, sound and editing by Daniel Farrell.Subscribe wherever you get  your podcasts or visit Rejected will be back next month with a new bonus episode!

The Land Whale Murders

Roi Gold Productions

Chapter 13: There's Nar Wright Way to Humpback a Beluga


The grand finale! Project Land Whale unleashed! Sword fights atop a whale! Goon v. Anjus. Shaindel v. Monger. Will Roosevelt come to the roo-cue? Is the city doomed? Can our heroes (or whatever Eugene is) prevail? You might pay for the whole seat ... but you're only going to use the edge!!

The Land Whale Murders is a Roi Gold Production it was written by Jonathan A. Goldberg with music by Matt Roi Berger. It was directed by James Oliva with sound design and editing by Martin D. Fowler. Jordan Stillman is our production manager. for more information visit:

Warning: this podcast contains depictions of violence, adult situations, historical inaccuracies, slang, outdated ideas, well meaning but flawed people, inappropriate jokes, anachronisms, and overall piffle and humbug, listener discretion is advised

Dungeons & Drimbus

Whimsic Productions

Your Honor #27: Firefall Valley (Part 2)

With a little persistence and some clever (occasionally slightly disturbing) thinking, the Gals enter the belly of the beast in search of the Obsidian Glass.
Don't forget to tweet using #drimbus to be entered for a chance to win a Dungeons & Drimbus sticker!

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Amanda Fernandez-Acosta (Barbara)

Michael Pisani (Jessica Feltcher)

Giancarlo Herrera (DM)(Editing/Sound Design)

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Uncanny County

Todd Faulkner and Alison Crane

S2 Ep23: Tales From A Distance - Dispatch 11: Bread

Written and produced by Nicole Greevy. Featuring Nicole Greevy as Sheriff Rowland.

Spout Lore

Spout Lore

- Patreon Bonus: Spout More Episode 21

In the most recent episode of our Patreon exclusive bonus game the Cool Treat Kids go out on a triple date with their new GFs and BFs. Head over to Patreon if you'd like to hear more! [Content Warning: Chicken Satay, Condominiums, Rich Girlfriends] Bonus Content: Discord Community:

Life With LEO(h)

Atypical Artists

110 - Life With Choice

SEASON FINALE. After Ellie identifies the part of LEO(h)’s code that compels him to love Jeanine, the gang (Jeanine, LEO(h), Ellie, and Aggie) gets together for one last hurrah before things potentially change forever.


Michael Truly

Keep Him? Sher-Iff You Want More Crime

Sheriff Bud Nichols has allowed Fakahatchee to spin out of control. Is it time for us to bring in a new sheriff? Tonight's callers include: Hot Sauce Man: His case for why we should keep the Sheriff. Councilman Richard Baysbahn: What's he suffering with this election year? Father Jonah Likely calls to give us an update on his condition and The Spanktuary. Let's hear from you, Fakahatchee! @nightdrivefm on Twitter @nightdrivefminsta on instagram Get your NightDrive Merch including T-shirts, key chains and the coolest poster you've ever seen:  or support the show on Patreon! And a very special thank you to the following people who helped make this episode possible: Clint Gage, Eric Toms, Sean Bury, Casey Redmon and Nathan Greenaway 

Anne of Green Gables

Mary Kate Wiles

Mary Kate Wiles and friends read L.M. Montgomery’s classic, Anne of Green Gables.

Six minutes


Six minutes watching the cat

Kitten watching

Movie Night

7 Lamb Productions LLC

Season 2 Recap

Robert M. Lamb (writer/voice of Josh) welcomes Brian Messick (voice of Brad) to the studio to discuss Season 2 of Movie Night. They go episode-by-episode discussing the writing style, story elements, and character interactions that help bring this audio sitcom to life. They even talk about plans for the upcoming Season 3. If you're a fan of the podcast definitely check it out! It's a fun time!!Music:"Bright Wish" and "Inner Light" Kevin MacLeod ( under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Coma Girl

Stephanie Bond

Introducing the TEMP GIRL daily podcast! Trailer + Episode 1 of a romantic comedy mystery!

From the author of COMA GIRL comes a new fiction podcast: TEMP GIRL!  In this romantic comedy mystery, a spoiled sales dynamo is forced to take a job with a temp agency to get by and falls headlong into reality—and murder!  Look for TEMP GIRL wherever you listen to podcasts and subscribe or follow so you don't miss a single episode of the 6-month daily saga!  

For rights inquiries:
The TEMP GIRL podcast team:
Written by Stephanie Bond (
Narrated by Tegan Ashton Cohan (
Sound design and production by Propeller Sound Studios (,
Social media managed by Scottie Dog Communications (
Cover art by Andrew Brown (
TEMP GIRL theme song: “Break Away” by Young Presiden

KPODD 101.3

Dan Kennedy and Benjamin Harrison

To Kill A Rocktober

There’s never been a better time to buy a Toyota, but time is a construct. Rocktober came in without warning and is winding down with a certain flair as Machine Bolt and Él Farto wade into a swag swamp of Bacardi guitars and KPODD T-shirts! Heavy Kevy calls in! New details emerge about Chudd Cuddler and Carl Cannibal’s dirt bike crash in Elsinore! Machine Bolt and Él Farto hover near number two in the ratings while Chudd and Carl hover near death in comas! The phrase that truly pays: As long as you’re free from fear and the tyranny of your brain, you’re truly free and you’ll be fine!



024: Paradise & Ruin [S2 Finale]

Looking to take in a little culture on the ancient planet of Uminos, the gang has their first run-in with a new threat. ABOUT StarTripper!! is a former file-clerk’s search for the best experience the galaxy has to offer! Transcript for this episode: Website: Twitter: @StarTripperHQ Patreon: Merch: SPONSORS – Unwell: A Midwestern Gothic Mystery, A fiction podcast about conspiracies, ghosts, and unusual families of blood and choice. Subscribe wherever you find podcasts! – BetterHelp, a secure online counseling service with licensed therapists. Get 10% off your first month at CAST & CREW Created by Julian Mundy Produced by Julian Mundy, Mischa Stanton & Ian McQuown Written & Directed by Julian Mundy Sound Design by Mischa Stanton With performances by: Ian McQuown as Feston Sierra Shay as Proxy Sammi Lappin as Serena

Who is Cam Candor?

Trojan Cat Media, a Division of [REDACTED] Corp.

PRESENTING: Facing Fate - Black Knight (Definitely NOT a Cam Candor Production)

During our hiatus as host B.K. Will continues the search for Cam Candor, we'd like to present this stellar audio drama from the "before times" -- before the Great Podcasting Purge of 2025™ -- entitled Facing Fate: Black Knight. Note: this show was definitely NOT a Cam Candor production but comes from the talented folks at Dumb Dragons. Facing Fate: Black Knight begins as we meet the first team of hapless characters on the "national" Live Action Roleplaying reality TV show. The cast introduces themselves and kick off the competition to find out who will be the "SOUL SURVIVOR".
Steve Mcflinterson - Russ More
Sequoia - Amy More
Hannah - Carla Maxted
Grant - Tom Laird
with Sean Howard as Carl

Editing, Production and Sound Design by Russ More

Music & SFX:
Sound I

The Curse of The Lake House

Michael Grover

The Curse of the Lake House is a one-act, anthology-style play by Michael Grover about family, relationships, and a lake house. 8 individual stories, The Curse of The Lake House is a dark comedy that follows two families over 450 years as they try to shake the curse that haunts them. An ElectraCast Best Storyteller Network Podcast.


Atypical Artists

Letter 20, Dearest

SERIES FINALE: My dearest, Abigail, I cannot believe it has been almost a year since I actually sat down and wrote you a letter.
Greenhouse is written by Lillian Holman and produced by Atypical Artists. Alex Marshall-Brown is Rose Green and Helen Highfield is Abigail Adams. For more information or to support the show, visit

ReddX Neckbeards and Nerd Cringe


ReddX Full Saga of Hulkbeard: Unrestrained rage turns into an empty circle of friends in no time!

In today's r/TalesofNeckbeards we are opening up the Hulkbeard saga. Hulkbeard is a maniac in more ways than one. It's something we see pretty often in neckbeard stories, but not usually so out in the open. Will OP grow a spine and fight back? I can only hope so...YouTube:

We Will NOT Play DnD

Dawn Somewhere

Glam Rock, Part 5

Mayson begins to take steps to alter the trajectory of Glam Rock's fate, but Brock isn't one to let go of an idea. Elvis and Lawry continue to grapple with their own personal issues, and Padre has a plan of his own.

The Bystanders

Bleav, Black Label Media

Standing By with Kristin Chenoweth

A Bystanders aftershow special with Kristin Chenoweth.


Tin Can Audio

INTRODUCING: Folxlore Season 1: Seance [I V]

A new series of queer horror stories from Tin Can Audio, in collaboration with In The Works. Subscribe wherever you get your podcasts. Transcript: usp=sharing Follow @FolxlorePod for more information on the show!

The Atomic Library

The Atomic LIbrary

S2 E6 - Going Out

**CW**  Emotional Distress **CW** Welcome back to Haven Hollow, TX. It's been a long time but everyone is going out. No one is more surprised than the staff of Haven Hollow's fanciest dining establishment Le Scavenge.  Listen through to the end - you don't want to miss the promo for the podcast Missing Roll Player Found! Visit for more information on Haven Hollow, cast bios, where to find us on social media, buy merch, and how you can support the show! You can also email us at We love to hear from patrons! Cast: Chriss Chaney - Hazel Adams, Sheldon, Lara Tabri - Marjorie Slump, Marnie Warner - Mary Wolfe, Harlan Guthrie - Dr. Benjamin Brittle, Alixandria Young-Jui - The Maitre 'd, Ned Donovan - Waiter 1, Emily Mignini - Waiter 2, Jordan Heaver - Manchester Lee Adams. Music for this episode was composed and performed by Jarren Chaney (opening theme) and Megan Palmer (closing theme and background music). Openi

Adventures in New America

Night Vale Presents

The Adventures in New America Most Glorious and Bountiful Segregated Bonus Audio Track Appeal for Patreon Sponsorship

Adventures in New America co-creators Stephen Winter and Tristan Cowen give you a look behind the Patreon curtain! This episode features excerpts from exclusive audio commentaries that Stephen and Tristan have been recording for the New America membership program on Patreon. Have a few bucks to spare? Patronize us over at Don’t forget: you can also get our logo on a shirt or poster! A great holiday gift for the New American in your life. Check out the store: Find out more about the show at



رادیو سیتکام: سفر به ابتدای شب

صداپیشه‌های این قسمت به ترتیب حضور:
آلاله بهرامیان، کمال کلانتر، بهزاد قدیانلو، آیدین سیارسریع، امیرقباد فرهی، مونا زارع، علیرضا میرزا محمدعلی، عماد کریمیان، گیتا کیاموسوی، محمد زندیه، سیاوش صفاریانپور، علی دریاکناری، مهرداد نعیمی، بورژین عبدالرزاقی، آرش زمانیان، سحر شریف‌نیک، مریم آقایی، نادر رحمانی، علی رمضان‌پور، احسان بیات‌فر

نویسندگان: لویی فردینان سلین - مهرداد نعیمی 
پوستر: علی جدیدی و بورژین عبدالرزاقی 
با تشکر از مهناز سخا

تدوین و کارگردانی و انتخاب موسیقی: مهرداد و بورژین

Chair of Swords

7 Lamb Productions LLC

S1E2: Mother of Dragons

Solaria, aka The Mother of Dragons, is on a quest. After word of King Leotard's fate spread, Solaria decided it was time to reclaim what was hers. With the help of her companion Weed, she sets sail in search of an army.Don't forget to rate and review!!"Angevin" Kevin MacLeod ( under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License"Angevin B" Kevin MacLeod ( under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License"Ascending the Vale" Kevin MacLeod ( under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License"Overworld" Kevin MacLeod ( under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License"Final Battle of the Dar

The End of Time and Other Bothers

Fable and Folly Productions

56: Instant Karma

Darcy is at sea, Blat is on top of the world – and Eggerton has a kitchen nightmare of a different kind.
Game Master: Sean Howard
Players: Carter Siddall, Michael Howie and Marisa King
Story Consultant: Laura Packer
Game Consultant: Stephen Smith
Music and Sound Design: Eli Hamada McIlveen
Content warning: Electric shocks, tight spaces, panic, missing persons, institutional corruption, involuntary drug use, wheeling, dealing and reality television.
Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Wayward Guide For The Untrained Eye

Tin Can Bros, Brian Rosenthal, Joey Richter, Corey Lubowich


Six months later, Artemis and Paul return to Connor Creek to catch up with the colorful townies and attend a special memorial event. Tin Can Brothers presents Wayward Guide for the Untrained Eye----------------?? For the full Wayward Guide experience...? Go beyond the podcast, and watch new episodes of the Wayward Guide companion series on YouTube? Get the Season Pass for Digital Downloads, Exclusive Episode Commentary, Bloopers, and BTS? Episode Transcripts are available HERE?‍?‍?? Join the Tin Can Fam and support TCB on Patreon (Featuring the Wayward Guide Talkback Show!)----------------Starring:Mary Kate Wiles and Steve ZaragozaWritten and Directed by:Corey Lubowich Joey Richter Brian Rosenthal Featuring:Lauren LopezJon CozartTara Perry Sean PersaudAshley ClementsGabe GreenspanTara Perry Dylan SaundersCorey DorrisNick LangandJoanna SotomuraOriginal theme music, sound design, and mixing by Ears Up Sound DesignExecutive Producers: Corey Lubowich, Joey Richter, & Br

Dark Ages

Dark Ages

BONUS: Season 1 Blooper Reel

The curtain is pulled back and our pants are down. Enjoy an entire season's worth of gaffes and stumbles, humbly presented for your listening delight! Thanks for listening!

This reel features...

Alan MooreBrandon KraemerBrittany MichelDana SwansonEli BanksJoshua SibleyLiz MackeStephen MankTaylor RoyChristina RomoDenise Farley-GardnerDan AlmasyZack Overton

Sound design by Stephen Mank

“(Theme From) Dark Ages” written and performed by J. Christopher Arrison and produced by Brent Busby

Produced and edited by Liz Macke

Series created and "directed" by Brandon Kraemer

Subscribe to Dark Ages on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you find your podcasts.

Follow us on Twitter at @DarkAgesShow for updates and behind the scene tidbits.

Hit the Bricks

PJ Scott-Blankenship

Pessimistic Voices

Jessi wakes to discover that she's been replaced. Meanwhile, in the Oz of the past, Glinda's final battle with her sisters changes Oz's future.  For transcripts, credits, and more, go to Cast: Michelle Agresti PJ Scott-Blankenship Keilidh Hamilton-Maureira Jordan Higgs Jordan Cobb A.R. OLIVIERI Jessica Dahlgren Layla Katib Mitchell Mayle Bridge Geen Em Mantoani Megan Sharlau Q Dyer Chad Ellis And Lauren Shippen Chad: It was written and directed by PJ Scott-Blankenship  Executive Produced and Sound Designed by Chad Ellis Music by Kathryn Hoss, AP Harbor, Jeff Ball and Jordan Bush. "What Next Will I Be" was written by Jeromy Barber. Recording Engineering by Brandon Grugle, Mischa Stanton, and Chad Ellis Story Editing by TH Ponders Transcripts by Erin M Speckley Art by Chandler Candela  Audio Consulting and Clean Up by Sage GC and Travis Reaves  Magic Consulting by Geordan Burress Special thanks to Davis Walden and

The Bite

Heroic Collective


The fallout from the failed hunt has more serious implications for Tess than she realized. When the pack confronts her during a werewolf intervention the results will change the dynamic of the group forever.

Saffron and Peri

Jenan Al-Dayyen, Sara J. Nelson, and the Rest of Our Wonderful Cast

Saffron and Peri is a fantasy comedy that blends modern day life with classic fairytale elements. It follows the adventures of the loquacious Saffron, professional fairy godmother extraordinaire, and her best friend Peri, a djinnia who runs the Magic Support Department. Our story starts when they meet Tristan, an aspiring godparent in need of guidance.

Queens of Adventure

Queens of Adventure

Dungeons & Dragons & Drag Queens come together in original comedy adventures! Join us for a legendary journey that combines flash and fantasy, death drops and death saves, and queer friends saving the world in the shade of the great queens and old gods! Queens of Adventure is an ongoing Dungeons & Dragons story starring Seattle drag artists and special guests from the local drag & burlesque community.

The SpeLcasT

The SpeLcast LtD.

Episode 208: Werewolves Remastered

This is an old time radio play originally presented on Halloween of 2019 in a very different world yet forsees the world of tomorrow. Are you a werewolf? Can you fall in love? Are you honest with yourself? This episode explores the deeper feelings we all share that now have changed context. A werewolf story, a bit of a tragic comedy, a metaphor and a musical. Now remastered with new recordings from SpeLz including "Werewolf" and "She Wolf" as well as the favorite "Breaking All The Rules."

Henderson and Havner - a short format comedy audio drama

Pendant Productions

Spotify notice!

Due to recent ethical concerns, Pendant shows will be removed from Spotify on Feb. 4, 2022

The Lazy Genius


Welcome to the lazy genius podcast where we talk about many random things. This podcast is meant to be full of humor, so I hope yall enjoy it and stay tuned.


Jay Nious

3 stoners who sit together and talk about stuff that’s going on during these hard time. We just wanna uplift and put other people who tune in to our podcast. Into positive moods. Join us for your daily laughs👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

AudioSerie La Que Se Avecina

Comunidad Montepinar

NUEVO: Las divertidas historias de la Comunidad Montepinar llegan en Exclusiva en formato AudioSerie Audible. 4 Horas de LQSA en Podcast. Disfruta de un total de 10 Capítulos ubicados en la Temporada 12 de la Serie con las voces de sus Protagonistas. Pablo Chiapella (Amador), José Luis Gil (Enrique Pastor), Jordi Sánchez (Antonio Recio) o Nathalie Seseña (Berta), entre otros, llevarán a tus oídos las desternillantes aventuras de esta Comunidad de vecinos nada convencional. Sumérgete en todo un universo de nuevas tramas fuera de la Comunidad, en el que Amador cumplirá al fin su promesa de llevar a su Familia a Disneylandia o en el que Menchu (Loles León) y Fina (Petra Martínez) acompañarán a Yoli (Miren Ibarguren) a Turquía para que se haga un injerto de pelo en su zona genital.

That girl aesthetic





The Lowelliad: An Epic and Totally Plausible Tale

Following a raging storm, the heroic cyborg Lowell wakes on a distant land. To return to his comrades, he must navigate the perilous Corri-Dor, facing gods, monsters and death itself! This episode is part of the #AcastAudioFictionWeek. We've partnered with fiction shows Desperado @desperado_Radio, Gather the Suspects @Gtsus_Pod and Hello Humans @HumanDefinitely - all creating an episode based on the theme of 'Heroes'. To discover more, and shout out your favourite fiction podcasts, use the hashtag #AcastAudioFictionWeek on socials. 'The Lowelliad' stars: Ashley Hunt as the hero Lowell Hannah Wilmshurst as the deity Christy Cate Nunn as the giant Falconer Max Windich as the warlock Burney Tom Ashton as the ghost of CyberGerbil It was written by Rob Stringer; and produced by Joe Carr; with music by Tom Ashton. Subscribe to Oblivity, and discover more at and look our for Season Two coming soon! @OblivityPodc



10. Happy Endings

Ally is in the final round of interviews for her dream job, but it would require her to leave the city. And she hasn’t told anyone about that possibility. Her fear triggers a spur-of-the-moment tour around the city for Samuel, full of flashbacks and esoteric sight-seeing.

NEXT STOP is a Multitude production written and created by Eric Silver. You can read more about the show, including our full cast list and episode transcripts, at We’re on Twitter and Instagram @NextStopShow. Join our Patreon ( to gain access to behind-the-scenes content, additional scenes, bloopers, and the opportunity to have your name included in the credits of Episode 10. Buy a full-length version of the theme song at, and learn more about Multitude at

Written and Created by Eric Silver
Directed, Edited, and Sound Designe

Bienvenido a la vida peligrosa

Podium Podcast

E10 - El Mochuelo

Don Cande, Lino, Sandra y el profesor Uribe están de camino a la mansión de El Mochuelo, con una maleta hasta arriba de billetes y con los nervios a flor de piel. Lo único que le calma son las rayas de coca que le pinta Don Cande. El narco está tranquilo, al fin y al cabo su día a día consiste en rendir cuentas a los demás. Ya comienza a sospechar de Lino, siempre estaba en otro sitio en los momentos más inoportunos... demasiadas casualidades.Llegan a casa de El Mochuelo, el plan es el siguiente: Uribe entrará sólo en la casa de El Mochuelo mientras Sandra, don Cande y Lino le esperan en el coche. Tendrá que ser firme, convincente y no ceder nada ante los matones que le esperan. Entregará el dinero y el trato quedará cerrado. Sandra se quedará con Uribe.Pero, ¿conseguirá el licenciado salir ileso de esta vida peligrosa?

Dot.Connector.Podcast by [BMC]

Dot.Connector.Podcast by Boogie Man Channel

The only thing you know is that you know nothing at all. Enter with an open mind, no bias and without expectation or don't enter at all - the last thing we need is another nut in the live chat telling us what we're doing wrong around every turn. We've been blowing minds for so long that we're not stopping now. From altered and manipulated history, astronomy, lies in the skies, conspiracy fact and fact searching to astrotheology and biblical breakdowns - we go deep. Simulated and holographic universe theory to applied and quantum physics to theoretical, and real-world applications to you're favorite - quantum entanglement and even string theory - we hit it all! If it's interesting, we can prove it, make fun of it and make it fun for the listeners then we'll cover it here on the show. One day we are at the top of the Adirondack Mountains looking for deep underground military bases [DUMBS] on Google Earth - the next day we are on one of our 6 giant telescopes surveying the Moon for structures, entities, secret space program remnants and crafts. You never know what you're gonna get out of this show. All points, discussions, statements and theories are ALWAYS backed up with references like physics papers & peer-reviewed white papers, patents (active and theoretical IPs), leaked documents out of Government agencies and contractors like NASA, the DOD, DOJ, DOE, DOC, FBI, CIA, NSA and the rest of the damn alphabet agencies. Most importantly we always supply visual data and references to back up our theories and ideas. You'll get it all here. All you have to do is press "PLAY" and we'll do the rest. So sit back, relax and get ready, cause the Dot.Connector.Podcast. is about to make a landing and we're taking no prisoners along the way. So you all there!

The Last Saturday Night


Join Sherilyn Fenn, Eric Roberts, Jennifer Elise Cox, Edward Asner and the rest of the gang on their funny and touching adventures. Gigi, an out-of-work writer, shares tales of her friends and family as they deal with an uncharted future of living under lockdown. Based on true stories, this scripted podcast follows a diverse cast of characters who use humor, delivery apps, booze, weed and Zoom meetings to cope with their new reality. Created by Jennifer Nash. An ElectraCast Production.

Standard Docking Procedure

Gavin Gaddis

Humanity might have reached the stars, but the 9-5 still rolls on just the same. There's just spaceships now. Follow a ensemble cast of characters ase they do their best to get through the week without breaking anything too important. Who among us hasn't dealt with classic sci-fi sitcom conundrums like forgetting one's keys on a spacewalk, cooking food with a rocket, or tracking down a missed connection in virtual reality? Just them? Well then. Transcripts of every episode and minisode can be found on our website.

Putting 2&2 Together

Peter Cosmas Sofronas

What do you do when the sh*t has already hit the fan? An ex comic book artist. His estranged sister. The mild-mannered accountant who loved them both. And the ever-expanding world around them all. What begins as the aftermath of a love triangle evolves into a community of broken people seeking to heal each other and become the best versions of themselves by "Putting 2&2 Together."


Team Sneak Wolf

Scare fighter 3 is an imaginative romp through the land of comically bad B-movies and nostalgic pop culture references featuring fun voice acting, immersive sound design, and all original 8-bit music. The main characters, twins Orion and Aurora, Alastor, and Brutus, known collectively as Team Sneak Wolf, sprint into action using some iconic (and sometimes hilarious) weaponry from a broadsword and crossbow to robot arms with a leaf blower attachment and an ax named David Chopperfield. It's a non-stop flurry of good times, so make sure your flux capacitor is fluxing and your knowledge of old-school Nickelodeon game shows is up to date because it's time to jump in!

Steamy Stories

JC Calciano. Ben Palacios & Casey Alcoser

23. School of Rock

3/13/2022STEAM ROOM CONFIDENTIAL - Buy Now - of RockSeason 3  - Episode #23SUMMARYTyler dreamt of being a rock star. Playing guitar was his passion, but sadly, life had other plans for his career. One day, while passing a pub, he heard the hard-hitting sounds of a metal guitar. From that day he was hooked. He couldn't decide which turned him on more. The shredding of a killer riff, or the crazy-sexy lead guitarist of the band? One thing was certain- Tyler was going to take lessons and get to know this sexy musician better!JOIN OUR NEWSLETTER: STORE: BOOKS The 10 Year Plan (Amazon) Revenge of the BROBOT (Amazon) MOVIESWatch our movies in the Cinema175 Screening Room ( LINKS Instagram: Twitter:

PLANTS!!! Audio Drama

Anthony Oliver

PLANTS!!! is a two part audio drama where listeners are plunged into a hallucinatory world in transition where it isn’t clear who’s calling the shots. Could it really be the plants?! In this foodie horror/comedy, rife with delicious treats for those of the anti-capitalist persuasion, an immersive soundscape and full cast of voice actors breathe life into the gradual unraveling of food journalist, Anthony Oliver, as he transforms from skeptic to evangelist while reporting on an enigmatic culinary novelty: Farmacology. Discover how this simple farm-to-table restaurant near Walla Walla, Washington has unleashed a contagious plant-centered social movement with the potential to change everything! Check out for more info.

Ravished Podcast

Nik and Donna

Twice a month sisters Nik and Donna will transport you through time, across oceans, or maybe even right around the way from you. Join in as they review romance novels of all flavors and give you their honest opinions. Be prepared for quirky and unique perspectives that will have you joining in the fun. Send in your cringy date stories to for a chance to be featured!

Jim Robbie and the Wanderers

Crossroad Stations

4.3 The Wanderers and the Witch

Deep in the swamp, and surrounded by pitch black, the Wanderers come across a little cabin and the witch that lives there. Jim Robbie and the Wanderers is a radio drama podcast. A troupe of musicians are traveling a surreal post-apocalyptic America with their robot companion Jim Robbie, entertaining and sticking their noses where they don’t belong. The United States that the Wanderers inhabit is full of all sorts of strange and wonderful surprises, from zombies, cactus people, underwater kingdoms to vampires, messed up physics and mad scientists. A script for those who want to follow along, or who are hard of hearing is found on our website at

Bedtime in the Public Domain

W. Blaine Dowler

Patreon pausing announcement

The Patreon is being paused. Listen to learn why.--- Send in a voice message: this show See for privacy and opt-out information.

Living in Fantasy


A weekly news program bringing you compelling stories of the real people in the fantasy realm. From the producing team that brings you Encounter Party comes an all new fiction podcast of absolutely truthful stories. Follow the team on Facebook (@EncounterParty), Twitter (@Encounter_Party), Instagram (@Encounter_Party), or learn more at

ENIGMA FILES (Latinoamérica)

Enigma X

El misterio y lo desconocido siempre han ido de la mano, y siempre superando ala ficción, bienvenidos a ENIGMA donde juntos veremos casos y hechos reales difíciles de creer que se han suscitado a lo largo de la historia. Lo paranormal y lo real, siempre irán de la mano.

Les Contes des mille et une merdes

Musée de la civilisation

Créés dans le cadre de l'exposition Ô M***e! du Musée de la civilisation, présentée par H₂O Innovation, Les Contes des mille et une merdes proposent de courtes histoires imaginées par trois conteurs sur des thématiques réfléchies autour, hé oui!, du c**a. Richesses sous-estimées, sources d'humour intarissables et porteuses d'enjeux sociaux, les déjections humaines sont pourtant complètement évacuées du discours culturel et social. Prêtez l'oreille, car la m***e est un sujet excrémement riche! Une série produite par le Musée de la civilisation de Québec et réalisée par La puce à l'oreille, d'après une idée originale d'Anaïs Palmers. Production : Caroline Thériault-Lepage et Nadine Davignon (Musée de la civilisation) Réalisation, montage et conception sonore : Francis Thibault pour La puce à l'oreille Textes et narration : Anaïs Palmers, Yolaine Carrier et Yoda Lefebvre Illustration : Maylee Keo Avertissement : certains contenus pourraient heurter la sensibilité des auditeurs. Voir pour les informations sur la vie privée et l'opt-out.

The Christ Cast

Jimmy Christ

The Untold Story of Jimmy Christ

Hell Gate City

Kevin Berrey

In this podcast, a news radio host stuck in a dystopian cyberpunk hellhole NYC decides to live-stream his nightmares for ratings. All hell breaks loose. Help us keep making the show on Patreon: Visit: Support this podcast:


Powered by PodCube™

://INITIALIZE() :{ Welcome to PodCube™ Leading the way in Time-Agnostic Podcasting™ since 2048. Congratulations! You are now able to receive audio transmissions from any of our deployed PodCube recording devices located all throughout the known universe; past, present, or future - utilizing our proprietary 4D Adiabatic Qbit Streaming Technology™. Let’s get started! To begin, select one of the transmissions from the list below: :};





Comedy Old Time Radio


You Bet Your Life 58-03-31 Secret Word 'Name'

You Bet Your Life was a comedy quiz show that aired from 1947 to 1956, with Groucho Marx as the host and George Fenneman as his assistant. It was first heard on ABC Radio in 1947, then on CBS Radio in 1949, before it made its way to the television in 1950. In 1960, the show changed its name to The Groucho Show. The contestants for the show were chosen from the live audience or sometimes well-known or interesting celebrities. The chosen contestants will then play in pairs-- one male, one female. The pairs were made in such as way that each one is a complete opposite of the other, which makes it interesting. After introducing themselves, each pair will then be required to choose a category (from the 20 available) and answer the questions under it. The show had different format through its run, but basically, the more correct answers the pair gives, the higher their pot money becomes; on the opposite, if they give the wrong answer,


Podium Podcast

T02E10 - La pausa

Mientras todos los habitantes de Biotopía se preparan para el fenómeno que va a poner el tiempo de la comunidad en pausa, una batalla entre Mario y Adrián podría acabar destruyendo Biotopía de un modo completamente paradójico, absolutamente apocalíptico y rotundamente inimaginable. Fin de la segunda temporada. En este capítulo intervienen Nikki García, Javi Rojo, Xabi Tolosa, Carlos Areces, Cristina Gallego, Elena de Lara, Olga Aguirre, Ingrid García Jonsson, Sergio Cortina, Randy Meeks, David Pareja, Manuel Bartual y Claudio Serrano. Música de Van Delay. Portada de Javi de Castro. Producción ejecutiva de Lourdes Moreno. Producido por Pablo Isasa. Realización sonora de Felipe Sánchez, Borja González y Carlos Higueras. Edición y dirección de Manuel Bartual.

My Town

Declan Grogan

In the small copper town of Whoppertin Michigan, Tyler Bop must solve a missing persons case to free his best friend from jail all while trying to sell you scented candles. Oh and he may have an other worldly ability but I doubt that will come up.My Town is a scripted comedy podcast created by Declan Grogan with music by Emmett Hussman. It's pretty good I think.

The Flame - A Podcast Musical

Lez Hang Out

Episode 8 - Finale

Previously on the Flame: Rachel (Chilina Kennedy) wants Jamie back and she'll stop at nothing to get what she wants. Harold (Jesse Nowack) brings Sam (Jasmin Savoy Brown) to dinner to negotiate the contract and make sure she sees Jamie (Ellie Brigida) on a "date" with Rachel. Sounds like a disaster in the making! And Mel (Valerie Rose Lohman) and Jo (Jenn Colella) are scheming tonight about how to bring Jamie and Sam back together again.
This week on the Flame, Jamie (Ellie Brigida) and Sam (Jasmin Savoy Brown) are both torn up about their break up. The patrons of the Flame are having one last drink before the bar closes for good. Will Mel (Valerie Rose Lohman) be able to talk her best friend Sam into saving the Flame or is it lights out for our Flamers? Tune in to find out!
Featured songs:
"Mine" - Jamie (Ellie Brigida)
"The Letter" - Narrator (Harrison White)
"I Thought" - Jamie (Ellie B

It's A Clue

Kelly & Karen

The faux crime comedy podcast hosted by your favorite team of sister sleuths, Kelly and Karen!

"Дай, Обниму!" - Шура Кузнецова и PollyHey

Shura Kuznetsova

"Дай, Обниму!" (10 Выпуск: Цель-Лето) - PollyHey и Шура Кузнецова

Наша цель - это то, что даёт ощущение радости жизни! Молллю!!! Лето, закаты и рассветы, коленки разбитые блёстками, драма, слёзы счастья, танцы, путешествия и глаза небесной чистоты Не все так серьезно, как кажется Летнее платье, ветер в волосах и лёгкость - предлагаем разрешить себе лето, мы уже… «Дай, Обниму!» - это финальный выпуск первого сезона! Давайте вместе вспомним лучшие моменты? Пишите в комментарии, а мы готовимся ко второму сезону?


Liz Anderson

BONUS: Computer Stories Of Moral Caution (feat. Rude Tales of Magic)

Thank you for joining us for this bonus episode of Paired! We hope you enjoy this outing into the very real world. Paired will be back this fall!--This week's guests are the cast of Rude Tales of Magic. Rude Tales of Magic is a biweekly D&D podcast featuring artists, writers, and comedians from Adult Swim, Cartoon Network, Comedy Central, Marvel Comics, and more as they fight and fumble their way across the madcap, and exceedingly rude, fantasy wasteland of Cordelia.Cast includes: Tim Platt - Tim is a comedian, actor, and musician out of Brooklyn, NY. His stand up is a mix of characters, jokes, puppetry, and music. In 2019 he was selected as one of Comedy Central’s Up Next Variety Comedians at Clusterfest as well as a Kickstarter 2019 Creator-In-Residence. Along with being a cast member in the hit actual play podcast Rude Tales of Magic, Tim has written and performed music for Sesame Street, Comedy Central,

Adventure in Atacama

Studio Ochenta

Episode 37: Refundable Ticket

Mariela is an ordinary flight attendant.So it really was the last flight of the airline… Muajajajaja. You've reached one of the endings of Adventure en Atacama. But it is never really over… To listen to other endings, go back to Episode 33: Lack of legroom.***Play the game on our interactive page or on your favorite podcast app! Adventure in Atacama, an audio game from the creative minds at Studio Ochenta.  For more information about the cast, and for bonus content including mad libs, crossword puzzles and downloadable art, check out our website Our production team:  Executive Producer: Lory Martínez Story by: Lory Martínez, Maru Lombardo, Jeremías Juárez, Luis López and Chiara Santella Lead Scriptwriter: Maru Lombardo Lead Sound Designer: Luis López Sound Design Team: Luis López, Jeremías Juárez and Chiara Santella Production Management: Catalina Hoyos VélezSocial Med

The Conundrum of Cora Bay


Part Six: To See a World In a Grain of Sand

In the season finale, the forces of poetry and science clash as Bryan continues his mission to save the world.
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The Fanet

رادیو آکبند / Radio Akband

Mehran Zolfaghari

رادیو آکبند متشکل ازیک تیم آهنگساز، یک تیم صداپیشه و یک تیم نویسنده از دانشجویان عرصه نمایشه که سعی میکنن برای شما بهترینها رو خلق کنن.

Dababy pico

Dababy pico

Dababy pico (Trailer)

Comedy Whodunnits - for your ears

New Old Friends

Crimes, Clues & Christmas Trailer

Once again New Old Friends (Heather & Fearg, assisted by Fred) are giving the gift of audio comedy drama this Christmas. A daily audio advent calendar, episodes will be released every day from 1st December.  

Performed by Heather Westwell & Feargus Woods Dunlop
Written by Feargus Woods Dunlop
Sound & Music by Fred Riding
(C) New Old Friends & Fred Riding 2021 This series made possible by the support of Arts Council England

Voices at play

Voices at play

Mutants in the Night : Game 2, Part 2

  The job is under way but things aren’t going the way they expected. JoinLearn moreMutants in the Night : Game 2, Part 2


Pénélope Boeuf


In this 6th episode of Penny from Paris, Season 2 , I talk about when I used to managed millenials.Produced by La Toile Sur EcouteFrench text and voice : Penelope BoeufAdaptation in english : Ben Rungsrithong See for privacy and opt-out information.

AveryWorld Stories

Avery Goodwin

Dr Laborious, Tell The Truth, Avery Teaches

Dr Laborious and Iago get a welcomed guests that teaches them the true meaning of love, Cleo and Bobby get up close and person with the Truth Seeker for the first time and get some unwanted news, and Avery walks you through Act II in part one of two.

The Attaway Appeal

Brat TV

April Fools' Day

Rhyme, Harmony, and Astrid walk through Attaway's most outrageous pranks. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

Cop Doctors

7 Lamb Productions LLC

Very Merry Christmas Special (2021 Edition)

It's the night before Christmas and things get weird again for the Cop Doctors. This time Santa shows up at their house and he needs help!!Music:"Christmas Tree" by Borrtex @"Christmas Tree" by Zac Nelson @"O Christmas Tree" by Bob Hart @"The Christmas Sleigh Ride" by Francesco Dandrea @"ZigZag" Kevin MacLeod ( under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Garden Plots with Skeletor

Meganbob, Marissa Bond, Dan Mulkerin

Be Back Soon

see y'all this summer!

The Swashbuckling Ladies Debate Society

TruStory FM

Wherever You Are And Whatever You Face

Today’s episode, Wherever You Are And Whatever You Face, was written and edited by Kyle Olson. Wait, is this right? This episode was directed by our own Brooke Underveith! It’s a holiday miracle!
Our Producer and Sound Designer is always at the top of the nice list, he’s Ryan FitzPatrick. Starring our amazing cast of merrymakers: Amy Shaw as Zinnia, Anastasia Plumb as Saffron, Kara Gallo as Goldie, Vickie Hall as Abby, and Justin Kent as the Viscount. Our theme song is written and performed by that merry gentlemen Hedley Knights and our interstitial music is ‘Intended Force’ by Kevin Macleod. Make sure to follow us on Instagram @OxAndHare so you won’t miss the next thrilling adventure.
All of us here at Ox & Hare wish you the happiest of holidays. No matter what you celebrate, we hope you’re happy. See you next year!

When I Met You

Meet Cute

When Ian Met John

Sick of terrible dates, two friends decide they will only go on double dates together, to ensure a good time. Inspired by true events and performed with love by professional actors, Meet Cute presents: When I Met You.Story by Ian & JohnWritten by Kyra NoonanProduced and directed by Julia ThompsonSound Design by Teeny Lieberson Starring: Kasidy Devlin and Rob MoreiraFollow @MeetCute on Instagram and @ListenMeetCute on TikTok.Please follow and rate us 5 stars!

Quest Laid Plans

Quest Laid Plans

4: Episode 4: You Enter A Dark Room

As the debris of the battle settles, the party tries to make sense of the attack. Investigating takes a personal turn.  



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Game Master:
Meghan Kelleher @meghankelleher3 

Jamie Rose Hathaway @jamiedotrose

Jesse B. Koehler @jb_koehler

Maya S. Ming @mayascape

Neda Marie Valcheva @NedaMarie

Phil Arevalo @PhilAArevalo

Creative Consultant:
Nicky Nenkov @nickynenkov

Character Artist:
Pamella Kokalova @pamellkaaa

All music by Meghan Kelleher, including
“Reunion (Previously On Ver.)” by Meghan Kelleher
“Reunion (Quest Laid Plans Theme Song)” by Meghan Kelleher
"Contemned" by Meghan Kelleher
“The Last Ten Years” by Meghan Kellehe





The Vampire Diaries

Raven Rae

The Vampire Diaries (Trailer)

X Reader

X Reader

Hosts Michael and Jordan read fan fictions and other passionate projects of love and hate from the internet and share them with each other. Each episode is a new, uncomfortable adventure. Join them as they explore the vast, shallow ocean that is the world of fan fiction and internet expression.



T1E10 - Indiscutível

Apresentação e Roteiros
Camila Fremder
Déia Freitas

Direção e Edição
Leo Mogli

Produção e Comercial
Bruno Porto


Welcome to Friday

All Things Comedy

Welcome to Friday Ep 10

On Episode 10 (the SEASON FINALE) of Welcome to Friday, we’ve got…
An ode to Fringe Guys
Sports Talk Suicide (featuring Al Madrigal and Paul Virzi)
ASMR for Bar Lovers (featuring Nina Tarr)
And a group chat job interview (featuring the guys from Country Club Adjacent)

Plus, Max makes moves to get invited to the All Things Comedy softball league...


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داستانیوفسکی | dastanyofski ( قصه‌ کمدی )


12- مزرعه(12+)

قصه‌ی مزرعه ساخته و پرداخته ذهن بیدل‌دهلوی و عبیدزاکانیست.

Jollyville Radio

Purple Street Studios

Bonus Episode - Wesley Pepper's Art Lexica Full Interview

Presenting the full, unabridged version of Jollyville Community Beat with UncleASAR interviewing Johannesburg, South Africa based artist Wesley Pepper about his podcast Wesley Pepper's Art Lexica. 

Check out Wesley Pepper's work at

Deck the Halls (with Matrimony!)

Sassquach Radio

DtH Quarantine Special: The Midnight Society

Emma and Jackie are bored with Netflix (or rather, Stu's version of Red Box), so the gang embarks upon a round of "Lie Detector".

The Stench of Adventure

Strong Branch Productions

Stella Thomas had spent her whole life trying (and failing) to be a good daughter, friend, and partner. Then one day none of that matters because it turns out that her entire world was a simulation. Now Stella is thrust into a cold and uncaring universe, armed only with memories of a planet Earth that never existed. Just when it seems there is nothing in the world for her, Stella is whisked away by a fast-talking totally-not-con-woman named Baz, who promises her a life of adventure exploring the galaxy. Well, she wasn’t lying about the adventure, but it’s not entirely what Stella expected.

Haunted Hell House of Horror

Haunted Griffin Entertainment

The Haunted Hell House of Horror is a comedy audio drama about people who work in a haunted house during the Halloween season. Starring: Brad, Cary Michael Ayers, Alex Brown, Kirsty Woolven, Emry Mika, and Wyatt Martin A Haunted Griffin Entertainment Production Twitter: @hhhohpod Website:

Belle Makes Twelve

Meet Cute

Introducing When I Met You

Falling in love is funny, weird, awkward, happy, or sad. It’s a vibe where IYKYK...or do you? But more than anything it’s PERSONAL and ALL AROUND US. Inspired by true events and performed with love by professional actors, Meet Cute presents: When I Met You. Debuting on February 14, the inaugural season of “When I Met You” brings ten unique love stories that drop you right into the moment where people fell in love with each other, themselves, or their passion. Listen along as Meet Cute delivers a new type of love story each week beginning February 14th.



妃常作乱之情债 86 第八十六集 出征

Right Ho, Jeeves!

Ameena Hamid Productions Ltd

Get ready to be reintroduced to Bertie Wooster and his incomparable valet Jeeves in this podcast adaptation of Wodehouse’s classic comic novel. As chaos descends on his aunt’s house, will Bertie be able to return it to order? Only with the help of Jeeves! Meet Bertie Wooster. He's rich, he's idle, he's hip to all the comforts of 1920s living and quite happy to keep it that way. His valet, Jeeves, is a genius, dedicated to his master's happiness and self-improvement. The pair of them are enjoying a comfortable weekend at Bertie's aunt's house, looking forward to nothing but joy and good living. And a broken engagement. And an accidental engagement. And a drunken newt-breeder. And an enraged virtuoso chef. And a pathologically furious schoolmate. And the potential collapse of every happy part of Bertie's London life. But, apart from that, nothing can go wrong. Adapted from the side-splitting PG Wodehouse classic this new take on Jeeves and Wooster is written by Delmar Terblanche and produced by Ameena Hamid Productions Ltd. Copyright © The Estate of P.G. Wodehouse. Reproduced by permission of the Estate c/o Rogers, Coleridge & White Ltd., 20 Powis Mews, London W11 1JN. See for privacy and opt-out information.

We're So Bad At Adventuring

Cosmic Canvas Studio

We're So Bad At Adventuring is a fantasy comedy audioplay about Thornwick and Bob, two regular guys in a fantasy world full of magic, monsters and hijinx galore! Follow them on their weekly adventurers as they trick people, steal stuff, hide in barrels and avoid anything resembling being a hero! For the best experience, start from Episode 1

The Gods Must Be Crazy: A Philippine Mythology Podcast

The Gods Must Be Crazy: A Philippine Mythology Podcast

EPISODE 21: TGMBC BOOK RECS - PART 1 (Book Recommendations on Philippine Mythology & Pre-Colonial History)

EPISODE 21: TGMBC BOOK RECS - PART 1 (Book Recommendations on Philippine Mythology & Pre-Colonial History)
You guys have asked, and you shall receive! Ever since the pod started, listeners have been asking us for book recommendations for anyone interested in learning more about Philippine mythology and pre-colonial history. This is that episode, folks!
Join us as we run through some of the sources we look to for our own research on different topics – from historically accurate and inaccurate accounts of who could wear shoes in pre-colonial times, to accounts of our national heroes as the flawed and quirky human beings that they are, and the (thankfully growing) compendium of resource material on folktales and indigenous practices around the islands.
Get ready to add to cart, and enjoy!

The Gods Must Be Crazy is a podcast on Philippine