Batman: The Audio Adventures


In partnership with Warner Bros. and DC, this scripted audio original, Gotham City comes to lurid life in the theater of your mind…with a sensational pageant of technicolor villainy unlike any other on Earth. Mafioso Penguins. Thieving Catwomen. Terrorist Riddlers. Killing Jokers…a city where some problems can only be solved by a billionaire in a bat costume. Starring Jeffrey Wright as Batman, Rosario Dawson as Catwoman, John Leguizamo as the Riddler, and a who’s who of incredible “Saturday Night Live” alums, the series draws inspiration from the vintage noir atmosphere of the celebrated “Batman: The Animated Series,” the spirited fun of the classic 1960s “Batman”TV series, and the entire 80-plus year history of the BATMAN franchise. This rollicking, over the top Batman adventure is written and directed by Emmy®-winner Dennis McNicholas, features an A-List cast, and devilishly delightful original music.

The Amelia Project

Imploding Fictions

The Amelia Project is a secret agency that fakes its clients' deaths, then lets them reappear with a brand new identity! A black comedy full of secrets, twists... and cocoa. The series starts as a succession of interviews with clients who want to fake their deaths, then slowly a larger narrative begins to emerge... Each episode tells its own story, but we recommend starting with Season 1.

Bloodthirsty Hearts

QCODE | Tenderfoot TV

Friends growing apart happens, but creatures crashing a fantasy convention… not so much.  Five high schoolers bonded over the Bloodthirsty Hearts novel series turned slightly-erotic movie franchise as kids, and now it’s what brings them back together for the first-ever fan convention. However, what starts as fun and games quickly turns into a fight-for-your-life event as creatures from the same universe invade. Will the childhood friends be able to work past their differences and survive the night? Perhaps their shared obsession will prove to be useful after all… ~~ From the makers of Classified and Ronstadt comes Bloodthirsty Hearts, a supernatural comedy premiering everywhere July 7. QCODE+ subscribers on Apple Podcasts will get early access to new episodes before anyone else and exclusive bonus content. Learn more at ~~ Produced by QCODE and Tenderfoot TV (Up and Vanished, Radio Rental). Created and written by George V. Ghanem and directed by Sam Beasley. Starring Victoria Moroles, Gus Birney, Sofia Bryant, Sivan Alyra Rose, and Cheyenne Haynes with Taran Killam, Happy Anderson, Naomi Grossman, and Ezra Buzzington.



A new quick-witted mystery from the makers of Blackout and The Left Right Game, Classified follows Ivan Harris (WYATT RUSSELL), a slightly paranoid smooth talker who finds himself trapped in the mysterious Ravenholm Institute.  Ivan claims to be sane, but his cries are ignored by the imposing Doctor Bell (MONICA POTTER), who insists that Ivan be treated until he’s free of his delusions. While enduring painful procedures and under the heavy watch of the attendants, Ivan formulates a plan of escape with the other patients. Ivan yearns to get back to his partner, Odessa, but does she even exist? Is Ivan really a trained killer? He is planning his escape with the help of his imaginary friend Lark (BRENT JENNINGS), so what is actually going on? And What does Ravenholm have to do with it all? Tune in to find out what happens to Ivan and his fellow band of misfits.  QCODE+ subscribers on Apple Podcasts will get early access to new episodes before anyone else and exclusive bonus content. Learn more at  Produced by QCODE. Created by Spenser Cohen and Anna Halberg. Starring Wyatt Russell, Brent Jennings & Monica Potter.

Mockery Manor

Long Cat Media

Summer, 1989, somewhere in deepest darkest England. Mockery Manor is a theme park where people disappear, and it's up to a pair of chaotic teenage twins to catch a killer. British Podcast Awards 'Best Fiction' Nominee 2020. If you like Stranger Things, Friday the 13th and Black Mirror, then Mockery Manor is for you. Mockery Manor is a full-cast production best enjoyed using headphones.

Wooden Overcoats

Wooden Overcoats Ltd

Award Winning Sitcom || Rudyard Funn and his equally miserable sister Antigone run their family’s failing funeral parlour, where they get the body in the coffin in the ground on time. But one day they find everyone enjoying themselves at the funerals of a new competitor – the impossibly perfect Eric Chapman! With their dogsbody Georgie, and a mouse called Madeleine, the Funns are taking drastic steps to stay in business…

Ghosthoney’s Dream Machine

Pod People

Greetings, Gentle Listeners! For his first ever podcast, TikTok’s Ghosthoney set out to make a simple show about his simple life, after recently moving into his late Great Aunt’s eclectic Los Angeles mansion. He quickly discovers that the home takes on a life of its own, however, and decides to document each and every odd occurrence. What unfolds is a comedic docu-style mystery podcast filled with a colorful cast of characters including an eternal goblin named Rose that lives underneath Ghosthoney’s bed and feeds on his socks; a sexy next-door neighbor who also happens to be a vampire; nighty conversations with a sentient and sassy full moon and an old box of cassette tapes that have been dropped onto Ghosthoney’s doorstep that just might reveal the mysteries of the home. As a fun bonus, Ghosthoney delivers a special episode every month where he’ll interpret real dreams submitted by you, the gentle listeners of this show. So sit back, relax, snuggle into your headphones, and enjoy the immersive and gently chaotic storytelling that is Ghosthoney’s Dream Machine, a Pod People Original. Advertising Inquiries:

Trice Forgotten

Rusty Quill Ltd

Alestes likes to keep her head down while she works as a merchant, couriering deliveries and carrying travelers to destinations across the seas. Only as her travelers gradually become permanent crewmates, she realises her ship has become a floating museum, laboratory, vault of repatriated ‘treasures’, and a chef’s kitchen. After spending most of her life with the understanding that nothing changes, no matter how hard you fight, Alestes is faced with a choice: Will she use her new network of allies to build safe harbour and potentially a future for her new community, or will she once again put her head down and drown in her sea of excuses… Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

Best Of Reddit Stories 2022

Gawid Entertainment Podcasts

🔴🔵 PLEASE HELP US GROW! BUY US A COFFEE! 🔵 TWITTER 🔴 Dive Into Anything Reddit is home to thousands of communities, endless conversation, and authentic human connection. Whether you're into breaking news, sports, TV fan theories, or a never-ending stream of the internet's cutest animals, there's a community on Reddit for you. Reddit is an American social news aggregation, web content rating, and discussion website. Registered members submit content to the site such as links, text posts, images, and videos, which are then voted up or down by other members #Reddit #AskReddit #RedditJStories #RSLASH #redditstories #redditrelationship #redditcheating All types of Reddit content from mainly funny askreddit top posts and funny Reddit stories to Reddit AITA and Reddit relationships videos. We also post the following types of Reddit r/ videos: Reddit cheating stories, surviving infidelity, Reddit relationship advice, Reddit update, r/aita, r/entitledparents, r/relationships, Reddit relationship advice update, r/askreddit, reddit story, storytime with reddit, funny reddit stories, reddit cheating, reddit cheating stories, justnomil reddit, r/aita update, justnoso reddit, aita, reddit husband, justnoso reddit, r/ Relationship_Advice, r/justnomil, rslash

Join the Party


Join the Party is an actual play podcast with tangible worlds, genre-pushing storytelling, and collaborators who make each other laugh each week. We welcome everyone to the table, from longtime players to folks who’ve never touched a roleplaying game before. Hop into the Camp-Paign, our Monster of the Week story set in a weird and wild summer camp, or marathon our D&D games with Campaign 2 for a modern, sci-fi superhero game and Campaign 1 for a high fantasy story. And once a month we release the Afterparty, where we answer your questions about the show and how we play the game. New episodes every Tuesday.

King Falls AM

King Falls AM

King Falls AM centers on a lonely little mountain town's late-night AM talk radio show and its paranormal, peculiar happenings and inhabitants. New shows available the 1st and 15th of every month! Be sure to start from Sammy's first show (May 1st, 2015) to stay up to date with all your King Falls favorites.

Marvel’s Squirrel Girl: The Unbeatable Radio Show!

Marvel & SiriusXM

Squirrel Girl has taken down Thanos and Doctor Doom – but now she faces something far more terrifying… living authentically. Empire State University college student, Doreen Green, has recently been outed as a Super Hero – The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl! Hoping to unify her personas in the public eye, Squirrel Girl has created a new student radio show on ESU’s own college station. With the help of her best girl-friend, Nancy Whitehead as producer, and her best squirrel-friend, Tippy-Toe in the booth; Doreen is ready to help people more people than ever with her greatest Super Hero advice. And when the going get rough, she can always lean on her heroic friends: Iron Man, Spider-Man, Chipmunk Hunk, Koi Boi and Brain Drain. However, with a call-in show comes caller anonymity and not all the folks on the line want help – some want to crime – and crime hard! When a suspicious caller, wreaks havoc on New York City, Squirrel Girl and her friends will have to put their heroics to the test and prove that once and for all Doreen Green is the UNBEATABLE Squirrel Girl. It’s time to kick butts, and eat nuts! MARVEL’S SQUIRREL GIRL: THE UNBEATABLE RADIO SHOW! Milana Vayntrub as Squirrel Girl and featuring performances by Crystal Lucas Perry (Nancy Whitehead), Leo Sheng (Koi Boi), Davied Morales (Chipmunk Hunk), Erica Schroeder (Tippy T. Squirrel), Tina Benko (Rachel Oskar), and Peter Hermann (Brain Drain). Directed by Giovanna Sardelli. Original music by Justin Huertas and Steven Tran. Written by Ryan North. Learn more at

The Thrilling Adventure Hour

Forever Dog

The world's favorite new time podcast in the style of old-time radio. The Thrilling Adventure Hour anthologizes the thrilling adventures of space cowboy Sparks Nevada (Marc Evan Jackson), married mediums Frank and Sadie Doyle (Paul F. Tompkins and Paget Brewster), all-American hero Jefferson Reid (Nathan Fillion), and more. Find the complete Thrilling Adventure back catalog plus libraries of classic segments and bonus content on Patreon at: Produced by the Forever Dog Podcast Network. Created by Ben Acker and Ben Blacker. Featuring the WorkJuice Players and your favorite stars from the worlds of television, film, comedy, animation, sketch, and the stage.


QCODE, Wood Elf, Mythical

RONSTADT, starring Rhett & Link, is a supernatural noir comedy set on the mean streets of LA about a 9-1-1 phone jockey whose night job, along with a self-described “Craydar,” leads him deep into Side B - a world filled with magic, monsters, and all things Mythical. RONSTADT was created by Jonathan Strailey & Brandon Bestenheider and produced by QCODE, Wood Elf, and Mythical.

Love and Noraebang

Sonoro | The Mash-Up Americans

Jaesun, an heir to a Korean chaebol, and Ana, a Mexican American entrepreneur, fall in love in modern day LA. After months of innocent flirting and one passionate karaoke session later, Ana finds out that Jaesun must return to Korea for his two-year military service. And when her business hits an unexpected roadblock, miscommunications ensue. Ana must decide whether she's going to go at it alone or have some faith in her love. Will their relationship survive the distance? Love and Noraebang is the first romcom, K-drama, telenovela podcast series. An original production from Sonoro and The Mash-Up Americans. Learn more about the show and characters on our website. Credits: Los Angeles / Randall Park Ana / Francia Raisa Federica / Ana Gonzalez Bello Mark / Rafael Torres Chloe / Julia Cho Kunwoo / Steve Lim Jaesun / Justin H. Min Sookmin / June Yoon Crew: Love and Noraebang is produced by Sonoro and The-Mash Up Americans Executive Produced by Camila Victoriano and Joshua Weinstein, for Sonoro, and Amy S. Choi and Rebecca Lehrer for The Mash-Up Americans Directed by: Amy S. Choi and Rebecca Lehrer  Written by: Quincy Cho and Anthony Aguilar  Supervising producer: Sofía de Antuñano Project Manager: Shelby Sandlin  Post Production Supervisor: Israel Perez (Peez) Story editor: Amy S. Choi and Rebecca Lehrer Script Coordinator: Paola Estrada Casting by: Camila Victoriano, Amy S. Choi and Rebecca Lehrer Audio Engineer: Meni Bulnes Dialogue Editor: Daniel Padilla Sound designer and foley artist: Meni Bulnes Music Editor: Laura Cruz Orchestration and score: Laura Cruz Assembly and mixdown: Meni Bulnes  Original song Underneath the lights  by: Laura Cruz, with vocals by Jen Kwok and additional production by Jen Kwok and Jody Shelton Mastering: Alex de Winter Korean Translation Support: Dongwon Oh

Juha | جحا

Finyal Media

جحا مسلسل روائي جديد يحكي قصص حكيم الحمقى المشهورة وقصص لم تسمعوها من قبل. يروي لنا راوي مميز جداً حكايات عجيبة عن عباءة تأكل، وسحر يحول الرجال إلى حمير، وحركات بهلوانية تذهل العقول، في محورها كلها الماكر المحبوب، جحا.

Meet Cute Rom-Coms

Meet Cute

The Official Source of Rom-Coms. Meet Cutes are original romantic comedies told in 15 minutes. Here you’ll discover our 3 latest series – the perfect pick-me-ups – with new episodes for free, twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays. Subscribers get early access to binge the latest series in full when it launches, plus our Meet Cute Singles feed. After 3 months, each series spins off into its own show. Want to listen to our other series? Check out the trailers on this feed, then search the series title, wherever you like to listen.

Não Inviabilize

Déia Freitas

O canal Não Inviabilize é um espaço de contos e crônicas, um laboratório de histórias reais. Aqui você ouve as suas histórias misturadas às minhas! Quadros do canal: Amor Nas Redes - histórias de amor, afeto, saudade; Picolé de Limão - histórias do cotidiano, ciladas, trapaças, muita história revoltante; Luz Acesa - histórias de terror, suspense e mistério; Ficção da Realidade - histórias ficcionais interativas; Mico Meu - histórias engraçadas; Alarme - histórias que servem de alerta, gatilhos emocionais. Site: E-mail:



New episodes will be available for free every Monday wherever you get podcasts. QCODE+ subscribers on Apple Podcasts will get early, uninterrupted access to the entire series on October 17. ~~ Making up for lost time, Grandpa tells Jason and Dylan about Cupid and his quest for the missing Loomjuice. When Cupid wakes up from a night of partying in Hollywood to find that all of his mother’s powerful love potion is missing, he is stripped of his godly powers and exiled to Earth where he has only 7 days to recover the magical potion. If he fails, his new eternity will consist of constant combat training in his father Ares’ brutal bootcamp. Twists and turns and some unexpected allies await, and the clock is ticking… ~~ From the makers of Classified and Electric Easy comes Cupid, a rom-com featuring original music premiering October 17. All 7 episodes will be available for free, but QCODE+ subscribers get early, uninterrupted access to the entire series. Learn more at ~~ Produced by QCODE, Double Garage Films, and Three Amigos. Written and directed by Katy Cavanagh-Jupe. Starring Diego Boneta, Naomie Ackie, Rupert Friend, Dillon Francis and more.

Death by Dying

Evening Post Productions

The Obituary Writer of Crestfall, Idaho finds himself deeply in over his head as he investigates a series of strange and mysterious deaths… when he is supposed to simply be writing obituaries. Along the way he encounters murderous farmers, man-eating cats, haunted bicycles, and a healthy dose of ominous shadows.



A detective comedy drama || Even Greater London, 1887. In this vast metropolis, Inspector Archibald Fleet and journalist Clara Entwhistle investigate a murder, only to find themselves at the centre of a conspiracy of impossible proportions.

We Fix Space Junk

Battle Bird Productions

'We Fix Space Junk' follows seasoned smuggler Kilner and reluctant fugitive Samantha as they travel the galaxy, dodging bullets and meeting strange and wonderful beings as they carry out odd jobs on the fringes of the law. A female-led sci-fi comedy sitcom set in the far future, in a high-tech, dystopian world, We Fix Space Junk draws on the sci-fi of the past, following in the footsteps of Harry Harrison and of Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Equal parts love-letter to sci-fi and satire of the present-day, Space Junk is lovingly produced by Beth Crane and Hedley Knights of Battle Bird Productions. To support the show visit or visit

It's A Clue

Kelly & Karen

The faux crime comedy podcast hosted by your favorite team of sister sleuths, Kelly and Karen!

Alba Salix, Royal Physician

Fable and Folly

The award-winning fantasy-comedy! In Alba Salix, overworked, cynical witch Alba tends to the health of the King, Queen and citizens of the kingdom of Farloria, with the help of her obnoxious apprentice Magnus and an absent-minded fairy named Holly. The spinoff The Axe & Crown follows the misadventures of Gubbin the troll tavernkeeper, his clueless landlord Stan and his shady niece Betula. Support us here!

Deadly Manners

The Paragon Collective

Deadly Manners is a 10 episode, dark comedy murder-mystery series set in the winter of 1954. It follows the events during the night of the affluent Billings family annual dinner party with their distinguished, eccentric guests. However, all is not fun and games as shortly after the party starts, a snowstorm begins to rage outside, trapping all the partygoers inside their host’s mansion. When a murderer starts killing off those in attendance, the guests must figure out who is responsible, or at least how to stay alive -- lest they be next. Deadly Manners was created by Ali Garfinkel and Alex Aldea. Deadly Manners stars Kristen Bell, Denis O'Hare, Alisha Boe, RuPaul, Anna Chlumsky, Timothy Simons, Michelle Visage, Alona Tal, David Cummings and is narrated by LeVar Burton. Artwork by Kina Lee.

Camp Here & There

Mayfield & Belov

Tune in to the loudspeakers of a small midwestern sleep-away camp plagued by supernatural terrors and natural disasters. Sydney Sargent, resident camp nurse, cheerfully reports on all the dangers just below (and above) our feet. Episodes air weekly starting June 10th 2021. Original music written and composed by Will Wood.

Oz 9

Shannon K Perry

Spring 2142 and Gated Galaxies has launched its 400 Oz-8000 ships, each carrying 50,000 "resting guests" to, hopefully, a new home on a shiny, brand-new planet. As soon as they find one. IF they find one. This is the story of one of those ships – the Oz 9 – and its tiny crew of hopeless incompetents. So far, they've been in space half an hour and several hundred people are dead. So... bright future, clearly.

Spout Lore

Spout Lore

A series of comedy bits, loosely connected by dice rolls. Join a well-meaning barbarian, a mysterious druid, and an orphaned halfling child as they try to figure out the world they're in.

Six minutes


A podcast like the original six minutes from genzmedia


Fable and Folly Productions

An improvised dark comedy sci-fi podcast by the award-winning creators of Alba Salix. Humanity’s final hope lies in terraforming a new world. A fleet of engineering ships are sent in advance of the colony ships sure to follow in their wake. But one lone ship becomes separated from the fleet and crashes onto an alien planet. Support this show at:



The Land Whale Murders

Roi Gold Productions

A Gilded Age Comedy about Birders, Murders, and a Missing Whale

Mansfield Mysteries

The QuaranTeam

Mansfield Mysteries is a satirical, cozy murder whodunit, featuring the inquisitive, martini-loving socialite Dorinda Mansfield. Set in quiet, affluent Berkshire Bay, and told over nine hilarious episodes, each three-chapter story finds Dorinda wrapped up in a new murder. With the help of her devoted daughter, Stacey—as well as the occasional frenemy—Dorinda digs for clues, navigates Berkshire Bay’s elite social circles, and sifts through years’ worth of grudges and motives. In this company town, no one can be trusted, and everyone has something to hide. Whether at the Labor Day Extravaganza, the Halloween Tennis Club Open, or secret karaoke night, Dorinda sets out to find the real killer before they get away with murder… Just as soon as she orders her martini!

Mission Rejected

The Porch Room

The story of the world's most secret agents...the backups. For the first time in his career, Special Agent Chet Phillips has discovered that he can choose NOT to accept a mission! That means there's no choice but to send in the "B Team": A nervous pencil pusher promoted to the field, a computer hacker working off her sentence, a fading former sitcom star and a recently reassigned White House intern. A full cast comedy audio adventure with a new episode debuting each month!

Haunted House Flippers

JD Lauriat

An original comedy/horror audio drama podcast about a couple's journey in renovating an inherited house that may or may not be haunted. Take a peak into the day-to-day life of Tom and Janet Miller as they come to terms with the vast undertaking ahead of them. With the help of their completely normal neighbor Lee, and a small cast of recurring locals, this will be an adventure for everyone. For links to our Social Media, Merch, and additional show info, head over to our website: Currently releasing monthly on most streaming services. Support this podcast:

Uncanny County

Todd Faulkner and Alison Crane

Mystical truck drivers. Robots gone haywire. Killer clown demons. And pie. So. Much. Pie. This quirky, darkly comic, Southwestern-flavored anthology brings you a new paranormal audio play every month. Sit back, open your ears, and hold on tight. Because you're about to take a quick detour...through Uncanny County.

Atlas Avenue Beat

Bloody FM

Follow the adventures of P.I. James Locke as he interrogates criminals, solves cases, and fights crime in this comedy detective noir. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

Anne of Green Gables

Mary Kate Wiles

The Best Reddit Posts Of All Time - NSFW, Aliens, Scary, Cheating and Pro Revenge Stories

Gawid Entertainment Podcasts

I'm Gonna Let You Check Out Other Reddit Stories Podcasts BUT THIS Is The BEST Reddit Podcast OF ALL TIME. The Best Reddit Posts Of All Time - NSFW, Aliens, Scary, Cheating and Pro Revenge Stories of Reddit

McGillicuddy and Murder's Pawn Shop

Minerva Sweeney Wren

It’s 1921. Maude starts writing in a diary, but her life is abysmally boring and she has nothing to talk about. A life of meaning feels far away. One afternoon, in an unusual pawn shop, she finds a tiny fragment of china with nothing on it but a bright blue eye. Maude takes the china eye home with her, not realizing she has cursed herself - straight into an underground world of paranormal speakeasies, plague mask thingies, magic doorways, unsolved murders - and an extraordinary life. @megmccauleyink Be part of the adventure: Thank Darren Curtis for his intro music:

Jupiter Saloon


This sci-fi comedy audio drama centers on Jupiter Saloon — a dive bar in space. It’s a place where weird characters from all over the galaxy come for a heavily poured drink, interesting conversation, and the possibility of a bit of adventure. Plus, patrons who are short on credits can pay their tab by telling a good story. Sort of like “Cheers from The Crypt” —in Space!

Adventure in Atacama

Studio Ochenta

This is Adventure in Atacama, an audio game from the creative minds at Studio Ochenta.    A flight attendant, a retired pilot and a luchador must find a missing marine biologist to save the world from a “proverbial” apocalypse - that is, IF YOU CAN HELP THEM DO IT! Welcome to Adventure in Atacama, an audio game where you decide what happens to the heroes! START WITH EPISODE 0 then follow the narrator's instructions to play the game and choose your own storypath! Casting: MARIELA: Maria Paula Carreño NARRADOR: Mika Nivola FERNANDO: Ricardo Méndez LUCHO: Daniel Toro VERÓNICA: Cristina Alanís UNU: Chiara Santella DR. RODRIGO: Luis López  Adventure in Atacama Production team:   EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Lory Martinez STORY BY: Lory Martinez, Maru Lombardo, Jeremías Juárez, Luis López, Chiara Santella LEAD SCRIPTWRITER: Maru Lombardo LEAD SOUND DESIGN: Luis López SOUND DESIGN AND SCORE: Luis López, Jeremías Juárez, Chiara Santella PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT: Catalina Hoyos SOCIAL MEDIA AND PROMOTION TEAM: Lisha López, Lucía Ríos ART: William Guevara WEB PAGE: David Momodu Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

Dungeons & Drimbus

Whimsic Productions

Professional actors playing unprofessional D&D characters. Professionally. Super heroes? Ok. A gang of babies? ...sure. Wait, Shia LeBeouf? And WTF is a Drimbus? Using traditional D&D mechanics to tackle non-traditional scenarios, join our cast of professional idiots as they try to roll their way out of the most ridiculous situations.



「不止读书」是魏小河发起的一档文化类播客。在这档节目里,我希望和所有听众一起,从读书开始,抵达更广阔的世界。每周五更新。 你也可以在公众号「魏小河流域」或微博@魏小河找到我。

The Orbiting Human Circus

WNYC Studios and Night Vale Presents

Discover a wondrously surreal world of magic, music, and mystery. This immersive, cinematic audio spectacle follows the adventures of a lonely, stage-struck janitor who is drawn into the larger-than-life universe of the Orbiting Human Circus, a fantastical, wildly popular radio show broadcast from the top of the Eiffel Tower. WNYC Studios presents a special director’s cut of this joyous, moving break from reality. Starring John Cameron Mitchell, Julian Koster, Tim Robbins, Drew Callander, Susannah Flood, and featuring Mandy Patinkin and Charlie Day. Season one of The Orbiting Human Circus (of the Air) is a co-presentation of WNYC Studios and Night Vale Presents.


Wheyface Radio

On December 25th, 2007, movie star and heiress Julie Capsom crashed her car into a tree in Northern California, walked into a nearby clearing, and vanished, leaving behind a male torso in her trunk. 10 years later, reporter Bea Casely and private detective Brenda Bentley are going to reopen the case. Each has a personal tie to the story. Each thinks they know what happened. And each knows the other is going to screw this whole thing up. Join Bea, Brenda, and the rest of the Good People at Wheyface Radio as they attempt to answer once and for all: what happened to Julie Capsom?

That Summer

Meet Cute

Meet Cute Presents: That Summer. Val, Izzy and Natalie are all determined to have the kinds of love stories you read about in books—maybe even Natalie’s book, as she’s an aspiring romance novelist. When Natalie’s career takes off, the girls backpack through Europe, discovering hard truths about love and relationships along the way. Over three seasons, three unlikely best friends weather all the storms of young adulthood, together.


Atypical Artists

GREENHOUSE is an anxious audio love story about a recluse writer and a lonely florist who learn, letter by letter, that the world is a whole lot brighter when you have someone to share your story with. It was created by Lillian Holman and produced by Atypical Artists. For more information, please visit

Fun City

Fun City Ventures LLC

A narrative play RPG podcast set in post-climate catastrophe New York City, in the year 2101. With Jenn de la Vega, Nick Guercio, Shannon Odell, and Bijan Stephen. GM'd by Mike Rugnetta with troublemaker Taylor Moore.

The Monster Hunters

Definitely Human

Take a trip back to swinging London in the early 1970s and meet Roy Steel, ex-big game hunter, and Lorrimer Chesterfield, a brain in the shape of a man. Together they are The Monster Hunters. Their mission: to protect the country from vampires, werewolves and a whole pantheon of unmentionable terrors! Taking its cue from the classic period of British horror and adventure, the 1960s and 70s, The Monster Hunters is a comedy adventure series written by and starring Peter Davis and Matthew Woodcock. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

Absolutely No Adventures

Destiny Howell

Absolutely No Adventures is a fantasy (un)adventure podcast that follows Sig, the owner of Signature Eats bakery, as he aggressively avoids becoming embroiled in any daring quests or chosen one shenanigans even though the universe really seems to want him to do just that. Follow Sig as he chills with his friends and stays far, far away from the slightest whiff of adventure. And bakes. He also bakes.

Mythic Hunters

Mythic Hunters

Late night paranormal investigation show, Mythic Hunters, is hosted by a drunk skeptic in the studio, who is unaware his co-host in the field has very real encounters with every monster she investigates. Created by Sara Ghaleb and E. Sandero Produced, sound engineered, and edited by Lauren Bancroft Original musical score by Erik Jorgenson Cover art by Dylan Farr Mixed by Easy Podcast Solutions (Full transcriptions, cast, and crew details available at

The Supernatural Protection Company

Saph the Something

The Supernatural Protection Company is a comedy podcast about a world where paranormal occurrences are so commonplace you can just buy insurance for them! In a mix of fully scripted and improvised episodes, we learn about the quirks of this alternate reality through recorded phone calls with an SPC customer service rep, and all the nonsense that entails.

Hell Gate City

Kevin Berrey

In this podcast, a news radio host stuck in a dystopian cyberpunk hellhole NYC decides to live-stream his nightmares for ratings. All hell breaks loose. Help us keep making the show on Patreon: Visit: Support this podcast:

Honeymoon for One


The very first story from RomComPods! Meet Claire, a 28-year old Chicagoan who seemingly has her life totally and completely together... until she catches her fiance cheating on her the week of their wedding! Heartbroken (and broke), Claire decides to go on her non-refundable honeymoon — a romantic couple’s tour of Italy — alone. RomComPods is Co-Written, Produced, and Directed by Rachael King and Becca Freeman. More at

Life With LEO(h)

Atypical Artists

A sci-fi(ish) romantic comedy podcast starring a repressed lawyer, a criminal client, a pesky sister and her fiance, an infuriatingly sexy coworker, and an android in the mood for love.Jeanine Bell​ is a robotics intelligence lawyer whose laser focus on her career has come at the expense of her romantic and social lives. After successfully keeping AI genius Penelope Lane out of prison, Jeanine receives the gift of LEO(h),​ an android with Synthetic Sentience. LEO(h) is Loving, Empathetic, Optimistic, and (only sorta) helpful. He's programmed to love Jeanine. He’s also very, very illegal.Created by Octavia Bray and produced by Atypical Artists.



Join Feston Pyxis on a road-trip through the cosmos, as he leaves behind his old life in search of the best and wildest experiences the galaxy has to offer!

We Will NOT Play DnD

Dawn Somewhere

A scripted audio drama based loosely on real roleplaying games. Updates Fridays!

The Hell Spawn's Guide to Success

Brett Hund

It is statistically impossible that you exist, so how unlikely is it really that everything you love gets taken away and you get thrown into a hall scape as a pawn? Join Jeff as he navigates through this new life thrust upon him and maybe (just maybe) even climb the hell spawn's ladder of success! New episodes every other Wednesday! Support this podcast:

The Gods Must Be Crazy: A Philippine Mythology Podcast

The Gods Must Be Crazy: A Philippine Mythology Podcast

Two Filipina transplants explore the rich, strange, wacky, and largely underground (pun intended) world of Philippine Mythology.



今天在微博看到原来有这么多人喜欢听武林外传啊,好开心🥳 —————— 这是一个系列的戏说江湖的轻松喜剧。关中一个普通的小镇——七俠镇,这里有一家同福客栈。就是这间不起眼的江湖客栈,因缘巧合之下汇聚了一群性格各异又活泼搞怪的年轻人:武功高强但初入江湖的郭芙蓉(姚晨 饰)、客栈老板娘佟湘玉(闫妮 饰)、金盘洗手的神偷白展堂(沙溢 饰)、满腹经纶的吕秀才(喻恩泰 饰)、客栈厨师李大嘴(姜超 饰)等等。这群年轻人在同一屋檐下演绎了一幕幕经典的搞笑场面,在欢笑与眼泪中陪伴观众们一起渐渐成长。

Who is Cam Candor?

Trojan Cat Media, a Division of [REDACTED] Corp.

The most prolific fiction podcaster of all time disappeared without a trace in December, 2020. Investigative journalist B.K. Will looks into the mystery of Cam Candor in a gripping documentary.

Vote For Love


What if your job depended on the guy who ghosted you? Lucy is an intern for the Governor of Texas… who has a VERY cute son. They had the perfect first date... until Lincoln disappeared! Now, eight years later, her boss is running for President... and they need Lincoln's help to turn the campaign around! RomComPods is Co-Written, Produced, and Directed by Rachael King and Becca Freeman. More at

The Dadbod of Destiny

Jason Leadingham, LLC.

The Dadbod of Destiny is an audio-fiction comedy dropping bi-weekly episodes every other Thursday starting 9-15-22. Join us for each episode to hear about how a doughy dad from South Dakota gets hurled into a magical realm of adventure, prophecy, danger, and a chance at redemption. Imagine Lord of the Rings, Monty Python, and a cleaner version of Family Guy all had a baby together = The DBoD Pod. This dramedy has been written by a fantastic team of writers, acted out by professional voice actors, and is completed with exciting sound effects and originally composed music. Support this podcast:

Gap Time

Gap Time

Conversations with Ali and Ghazaal on miscellaneous topics

Karma Comment Chameleon


Rob from KCC bringing you quality Reddit Narrations and commentary! We have the best of ProRevenge, NuclearRevenge, Entitled Parents and more! New episodes twice daily at 10am and 5:15pm EST!

The Bystanders

Bleav, Black Label Media

One rainy night, Bunny Bell Pasht is stabbed to death in the courtyard of her apartment while her neighbors watch… and do nothing. Or did they? Kristin Chenoweth - Bunny Bell Pasht Jane Lynch - Narrator Oscar Nuñez - Phil Absconder Ki Hong Lee - Kyle Shyttles Ed Westwick - Rick the Killer Michael Hitchcock - Lou Louie Jaclyn Hales - Lexi Hades Matt Mattson - Tim Hades Ash Lendzion - Sara Fatbottom Karen Huie - Fan He Jim Lau - Hop He Machete Bang Bang - Pasta Victoria Atkin - Rebexa J. Michael Trautmann - Dale Co-written, Produced, and Directed by Jaclyn Hales and Ash Lendzion Executive Produced by Black Label Media and Heather Morris Produced by Alexander Tassopoulos and Joshua Fisher Additional Executive Producers: Nick Bolton, Marilee Stafford, and Deb Clifford Additional Producers: Skye Salt, Andrea Getz, Mary Ann Mullane, Gabrielle Smith Series Edited by Alex Carter Music by Tory Cummins Sound Design by Tim McKeown Standing By Episodes Edited by Brian Brown

Hot Desk

Meet Cute

Meet Cute Presents: Hot Desk. At a coworking space, startups may come and go, but love, lust and free kombucha are always on tap. The long-time front desk worker, Melanie, is about to surprise herself by falling for a very type A lawyer. Two entrepreneurs square off. And one man, reeling from a divorce, decides to forgo wearing his shoes and socks, which may drive the whole office to the brink. Vying for the best seats, and hearts…it’s all in a day’s work at HustleBustle.

Curdle Holler: a Halloween Podcast

Curdle Holler

Join Bonita and Chip, proprietors of a gift boo-tique, as they learn about their new afterlives and meet the town characters in this original comedy audio mini-series. They may be scary, but the citizens are in for a fright when they realize that the town is in jeopardy.

The End of Time and Other Bothers

Fable and Folly Productions

An improvised fantasy roleplaying game set in the world of Alba Salix, Royal Physician. We use the Dungeon World roleplaying system and improv to weave a tale of flightless fairies, half-demons and cafeteria line workers, dystopian empires, magical waterfalls and mysterious books. Oh, and the end of time—that's in there somewhere too.

Camp Firefly

Meet Cute

Meet Cute Presents: Camp Firefly. Two camp counselors try to keep the fires burning throughout high school, college and married life. At least they’ve got Camp Firefly to keep them grounded, or, incredibly busy: kids sure know how to pull off pranks. So what will the camp counselors do when they have a kid of their own?

We're So Bad At Adventuring

Cosmic Canvas Studio

We're So Bad At Adventuring is a fantasy comedy audioplay about Thornwick and Bob, two regular guys in a fantasy world full of magic, monsters and hijinx galore! Follow them on their weekly adventurers as they trick people, steal stuff, hide in barrels and avoid anything resembling being a hero! For the best experience, start from Episode 1

My Town

Declan Grogan

Fall of the House of Sunshine

Roi Gold Productions

The complete and crazy musical adventures that begins with the murder of kids' TV show host and spins out into a world of: angry puppets, a tooth worshipping cult, a fuzzy elder god, and so, so much more!

A Pool For Love

Meet Cute

Meet Cute Presents: A Pool For Love. In breezy St. Augustine, Florida, La Villa Pool is the place to be, and 17-year-old Jordan is finally head lifeguard. But when new girl Marissa steps onto the scene, Jordan’s summer becomes a struggle to keep her head above water as she starts to feel fuzzy feelings…for a girl.

Quid Pro Euro

Quid Pro Euro

Start with episode one. In 1995, a number of video tapes were made for employees of the European Union. Through the course of the series, they learned what they could expect to happen in the twenty-first century.​ The audio from these tapes is released now as a podcast. Written and narrated by Felix Trench. Sound design by Zachary Fortais-Gomm.



Comedy sci-fi | Start with 'Itch' Commander Falconer is missing the war... Following years in front line combat, a decorated hero is posted to the remote ice plains of Pluto on her toughest mission yet: to oversee a small, dysfunctional research team. Oblivity is a comedy science fiction audiodrama about family, isolation and meteorites. “Oblivity is a fiercely good show. The cast are all top notch, the scripts crackle with absurdity, humor and action and the show has a unique energy that's just deeply, profoundly likable.” - The Full Lid newsletter. Visit and say hi on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram! @oblivitypodcast

Cop Doctors

7 Lamb Productions LLC

A comedic vignette that explores the careers of Justin Case and Justin Time, who just happen to be cops by day, and doctors by night.

Balderdash Academy’s On the Air!

Balderdash Academy

Join the professors of Balderdash Academy as they present a new original old-time audio comedy each month along with special comedy commentary about the history of each totally real radio show. So join our totally real experts from our fake school for a comedy extravaganza as we present radio plays that never were with On the Air! ©2022 Balderdash Academy. All rights reserved.

Geezer Gus Presents™ - Classic Radio Shows / Classic Comedy Shows

Geezer Gus

Geezer Gus Presents the Old Classic Radio Shows and Classic Comedy Shows ! Want to listen to the Old Radio Shows your parents & grand parents listened to back in the day ? Sit back, put your glasses down, grab a cup of coffee and listen to those original old time radio shows brought to you by Geezer Gus. New episodes are added every Wednesday and Sunday. Enjoy ! #radio #radioshow #comedyshow

Cruise Ship

Meet Cute

Meet Cute Presents: Cruise Ship. Bestselling author Sara Shepard (PRETTY LITTLE LIARS) takes Queen Beatrice to the high seas and hijinks. Our peppy cruise director, Corby, is determined to warm the waters between herself and Captain Karl. Other crew members find a way to form the perfect Bermuda love triangle between themselves and the celebrity chef on board. Then there are the cruisers…who are simply all at sea when it comes to love.

Queens of Adventure: Legends

Queens of Adventure

Dungeons & Dragons & Drag Queens come together in stand alone comedy adventures! Queens of Adventure: Legends is our second podcast. It’s the place for live shows, one-shots, and stand alone side stories in a world of Dungeons & Drag Queens.

Untrue Stories

Robin Johnson

A sci-fi comedy-drama putting surreal new spins on classic speculative fiction. When George Orwell and H. G. Wells accidentally double-book a getaway cottage, an argument about tea escalates into an aeon-spanning adventure of time travel and political machination. A full cast audio drama from award-winning writer Robin Johnson.


Kit, Hundo, Influx and Poopoo

Welcome to the future! The machines have taken over, and now live a suburban life in Droidston, Nanotoba. In reality-show style, HUMAN-B-GON follows a crew of emotionally unstable robots who capture stray humans, which are seen as chittering pests.

《三侠剑 》(完结)---评书 单田芳




Tin Can Audio

Bad Things Will Happen. A horror comedy audio drama podcast from Tin Can Audio. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

Temp Girl

Stephanie Bond

In the romantic comedy mystery TEMP GIRL, a spoiled sales dynamo is forced to take a job with a temp agency to get by, and falls headlong into reality—and murder!

Dot.Connector.Podcast by [BMC]

Dot.Connector.Podcast by Boogie Man Channel

The only thing you know is that you know nothing at all. Enter with an open mind, no bias and without expectation or don't enter at all - the last thing we need is another nut in the live chat telling us what we're doing wrong around every turn. We've been blowing minds for so long that we're not stopping now. From altered and manipulated history, astronomy, lies in the skies, conspiracy fact and fact searching to astrotheology and biblical breakdowns - we go deep. Simulated and holographic universe theory to applied and quantum physics to theoretical, and real-world applications to you're favorite - quantum entanglement and even string theory - we hit it all! If it's interesting, we can prove it, make fun of it and make it fun for the listeners then we'll cover it here on the show. One day we are at the top of the Adirondack Mountains looking for deep underground military bases [DUMBS] on Google Earth - the next day we are on one of our 6 giant telescopes surveying the Moon for structures, entities, secret space program remnants and crafts. You never know what you're gonna get out of this show. All points, discussions, statements and theories are ALWAYS backed up with references like physics papers & peer-reviewed white papers, patents (active and theoretical IPs), leaked documents out of Government agencies and contractors like NASA, the DOD, DOJ, DOE, DOC, FBI, CIA, NSA and the rest of the damn alphabet agencies. Most importantly we always supply visual data and references to back up our theories and ideas. You'll get it all here. All you have to do is press "PLAY" and we'll do the rest. So sit back, relax and get ready, cause the Dot.Connector.Podcast. is about to make a landing and we're taking no prisoners along the way. So you all there!

Haunted Hell House of Horror

Haunted Griffin Entertainment

The Haunted Hell House of Horror is a comedy audio drama about people who work in a haunted house during the Halloween season. Starring: Brad, Cary Michael Ayers, Alex Brown, Kirsty Woolven, Emry Mika, and Wyatt Martin A Haunted Griffin Entertainment Production Twitter: @hhhohpod Website:



《隋唐演义》评书讲述的是隋王朝临末日时,以瓦岗寨为首的起义军,联络朝中被隋炀帝迫害的将领,推翻隋朝,建立唐王朝的故事。 隋朝末年,朝廷腐败,炀帝昏庸,奸相宇文化及父子把持朝政,他们残害忠虔,鱼肉目姓,致使哀鸿遍野,民不聊生,反隋义军遂遏竿而起。 以秦琼、徐懋功、程咬金等人为首的四十六位英雄好汉歃血结盟,决心共同除昏君,扶明主,改天换日。他们在瓦岗山建立了反隋义军,招英雄、纳贤士,多次与隋朝官兵浴血奋战,并联合各路反王聚兵四平山,欲在炀帝杨广下杨州观花之际除杨灭隋,但未能如愿,反而兵败四平山。 瓦岗英雄们并不气馁,他们请英才,用智慧,几度大破隋将摆下的绝命阵,最终困死杨广,杀死奸相,成了灭隋之大业。其后秦琼等人又助秦王李世民翦灭群雄,辅佐李渊在长安称帝,建立了一统天下的大唐帝国。

Spy Central

Sound Wave Studios

Season One Synopsis An annoying teen spy is sent on a mission to east Asia with his boss. When they get tossed into the ocean by their colleague and get hauled out by ACTUAL EXTRATERRESTRIALS, they have to work with some shady people, utensils, and aliens-and each other- to get back home safely.

Belle Makes Twelve

Meet Cute

Meet Cute Presents: Belle Makes Twelve, featuring music from Ellie Goulding’s album “Brightest Blue.” What happens when you’re the oldest daughter in a *very* large family, and you want to date? What happens when you’re an identical twin, but you’re not the *cool* twin? And what happens when you’re the father of this *very* large family, and you’re also in the closet? Let’s just say...things get complicated.

Comedy Old Time Radio


Come back to a time when everything was simpler a time of block parties of bobby socks and soda jerks and a time to gather round the radio to listen to stories and laugh before there were sitcoms on television there was old time radio.

The Man Who Wanted Eternity

The Man Who Wanted Eternity

A new, totally homemade, comedy fiction podcast, about a man on a quest to get an exemption from death.

Dark Ages

Dark Ages

High fantasy. High culture. Low attendance. For the staff of the Rivercliffe Museum of Mostly Natural Histories, the only thing harder than attracting patrons is suffering each other.

ReddX Neckbeards and Nerd Cringe


Chronicling the ongoing scientific study on the ugly underbelly of the nerd community. Beard tales, weeaboo encounters, tabletop gaming gone wrong? It all goes around here! Come and join us.

Queens of Adventure

Queens of Adventure

Dungeons & Dragons & Drag Queens come together in original comedy adventures! Join us for a legendary journey that combines flash and fantasy, death drops and death saves, and queer friends saving the world in the shade of the great queens and old gods! Queens of Adventure is an ongoing Dungeons & Dragons story starring Seattle drag artists and special guests from the local drag & burlesque community.

Sawyer and Bennet and Zombies

Sawyer and Bennet and Zombies

A dark comedy improv podcast made by two friends surviving in the zombie apocalypse! New episodes will return soon!Bonus content at We have merch! for links! @sawyerandbennet on Twitter, Instagram, and Tiktok

Just to Be Nominated: An Award Season Murder Mystery

Kingdom of Pavement

Kingdom of Pavement presents our newest scripted podcast, JUST TO BE NOMINATED. Riley Audrey won the Academy Award for Best Actress after a long and arduous campaign. Later that night, she was found dead in a hotel room. Someone was not happy with her win. Leo Gold and Terri McPherson are the hosts of the popular award prediction podcast "Just to Be Nominated." And they believe they hold the key to solve Riley's death. Week by week, they'll go back to listen to interviews they did with the major players and contenders of a controversial award season, and try to put the pieces together of who killed Riley Audrey. Learn more at: ... JUST TO BE NOMINATED is created, written and directed by Jorge Molina and is a Kingdom of Pavement Production. Executive Produced by Amy Suto and Kyle Cords.

When I Met You

Meet Cute

Falling in love is funny, weird, awkward, happy, or sad. It’s a vibe where IYKYK...or do you? But more than anything it’s PERSONAL and ALL AROUND US. Inspired by true events and performed with love by professional actors, Meet Cute presents: When I Met You.


David Treatman Creative

2020 WEBBY AWARD WINNER Rookie doesn't know much about his family business--but then again neither does the American Public. Nevertheless, he is tasked with suddenly leading the secret government agency in charge of covering up all political scandals, and his first assignment is the biggest scandal since watergate! With a clever idea, Rookie must come into his own and fight off the evil Agent X in order to save the bureau and protect the country from ruin! With a score teeming with energetic pop and jazzy elements, brought to life by a Tony Award winning - star studded cast, Propaganda the Podcast Musical is the antidote we need now. CAST: Rookie - Dale Sampson Tary - Katie Rose Clarke Agent X - Christina Sajous Barbara Joblove - Karen Ziemba Nicky - Jackie Hoffman Grandpa - Austin Pendleton Bonnie - Betsy Wolfe Ted - Kyle McIntire Number 1 - Rodney Ingram Number 2 - Jillian Jarrett Number 3 - Shaun Repetto Beth and Belinda - Mary Joanna Grisso British Grandpa - Mark Ferrera Newscasters - Mark Ferrera, John Pelkey, Tyson Kelly and Taylor Ferrera Wellington - Rodney Ingram Ensemble Singers - Miranda Gelch, David Rowen, Brit West Trailer Narration - Matthew Hsing BAND: Drums - Uri Zelig Guitar - Tomer Rabinowitz Bass Guitar - Yoni Marianer Piano - Assaf Gleizner CREATIVE: Written by Taylor Ferrera and Matt Webster Directed by Nathan Brewer Orchestrations and Musical Direction by Assaf Gleizer Assistant Musical Director - Kevin Lynch Musical Mixing - Neil Candelora Editing and Sound Design - Levi Sharpe Assistant Audio Editing and Narration - Cadence Hira Production Intern - Camryn Bolkin Produced by David Treatman Creative Associate Produced by - Nicole and Ethan Steimel Associate Produced by - Melissa Edelblum



Kush&vibes is about dealing with problems this world brings us as human beings , with little bit of kush and good energy ! 😁 Support this podcast:

Steamy Stories

JC Calciano. Ben Palacios & Casey Alcoser

The podcast where bromance becomes bromosexual! STEAMY STORIES is a collection of short, sexy gay m/m romance stories told playfully. Steamy Stories is a monthly m/m fiction podcast written by award-winning filmmaker and author JC Calciano. #lgbtq, #gaypodcast #romance #mmfiction #gayfiction OFFICIAL SITES:

The Curse of The Lake House

Michael Grover

The Curse of the Lake House is a one-act, anthology-style play by Michael Grover about family, relationships, and a lake house. 8 individual stories, The Curse of The Lake House is a dark comedy that follows two families over 450 years as they try to shake the curse that haunts them. An ElectraCast Best Storyteller Network Podcast.

Deck the Halls (with Matrimony!)

Sassquach Radio

When love is your business, you have no business falling in love. Join the gang at Regal Bride as they battle birds and brides in this zany holiday romantic comedy! Starring Paula Deming and Keiko Agena as Emma and Jackie, the best friends in the wedding business. With Kyle Payne as Stu, Ian McQuown as Trip, and Jessica Payne as Katie. Featuring Kacie Rogers and Jesse Abbott Chin in approximately six thousand roles, and introducing Martin Thompson as Junior!

Dot.Connector.Podcast by [BMC]

Dot.Connector.Podcast by Boogie Man Channel

The only thing you know is that you know nothing at all. Enter with an open mind, no bias and without expectation or don't enter at all - the last thing we need is another nut in the live chat telling us what we're doing wrong around every turn. We've been blowing minds for so long that we're not stopping now. From altered and manipulated history, astronomy, lies in the skies, conspiracy fact and fact searching to astrotheology and biblical breakdowns - we go deep. Simulated and holographic universe theory to applied and quantum physics to theoretical, and real-world applications to you're favorite - quantum entanglement and even string theory - we hit it all! If it's interesting, we can prove it, make fun of it and make it fun for the listeners then we'll cover it here on the show. One day we are at the top of the Adirondack Mountains looking for deep underground military bases [DUMBS] on Google Earth - the next day we are on one of our 6 giant telescopes surveying the Moon for structures, entities, secret space program remnants and crafts. You never know what you're gonna get out of this show. All points, discussions, statements and theories are ALWAYS backed up with references like physics papers & peer-reviewed white papers, patents (active and theoretical IPs), leaked documents out of Government agencies and contractors like NASA, the DOD, DOJ, DOE, DOC, FBI, CIA, NSA and the rest of the damn alphabet agencies. Most importantly we always supply visual data and references to back up our theories and ideas. You'll get it all here. All you have to do is press "PLAY" and we'll do the rest. So sit back, relax and get ready, cause the Dot.Connector.Podcast. is about to make a landing and we're taking no prisoners along the way. So you all there!

Everygirl: The Great Adventures

Mara McCann

Sparks of creativity and imagination. Insight into creative process and the ongoing adventures of spy kids who got big. Connect with us and share your adventures! @maramccann

Coma Girl

Stephanie Bond

In this riveting romantic comedy mystery, a victim of a tragic event lies in a hospital bed at the mercy of dysfunctional family, friends, and caretakers who think she can't hear them!

"Дай, Обниму!" - Шура Кузнецова и PollyHey

PollyHey / Шура Кузнецова

Полина Hey и Шура Кузнецова дружат через подкаст, болтают и хохочут, чтобы тебе было немножечко легче в эти темные времена. Выживут только любовники и друзья. Мы предлагаем тебе дружить с нами. Ты не один. Нам тоже больно, и мы хотим помочь сохранить свет внутри, пусть это, кажется, нереальным, но мы попробуем. "Дай, обниму!" - подкаст, где любовь работает без VPN

Tales from Handel Creek

Sanspants Radio

A love letter to 80’s movies like Monster Squad and the Goonies, Tales from Handel Creek: My Summer With Ankhotep is a five part role playing adventure written by Jackson Baly and starring Cass Paige and Tom Reed about a small town, an unlikely group of friends, and the mummy they have all sworn to protect no matter the cost. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

Conspiracy | مؤامرة

Podeo | بوديو

قيل لي أن المؤامرة هي خطة خبيثة صممها الناس لتكون مؤذية للآخرين. على الرغم من أنني لم أكن مؤمنا أبدًا في نظريات المؤامرة، الا أن المؤامرات منتشرة جدًا هذه الأيام, ولم أتمكن من المساعدة إلا في إظهارها I've been told that a conspiracy is a malicious plan designed by people to be harmful to others. Even though I've never been big on conspiracy theories, it seems like conspiracies are so rampant these days I couldn't help but make a show out of it. Listen to Conspiracy on Podeo and all your favorite podcatchers.

Connor Pugs

Connor Pugs

Here are all the storytime videos from Connor Pugs. Connor Pugs makes stories on a variety of topics, and his main inspirations for storytime videos are scrubby aka scrubs and Luna. Support this podcast:

Movie Night

7 Lamb Productions LLC

Every Friday night Josh, Daisy, Cooper, Brad, Kelly, and Anderson get together for a movie night. As film buffs, it's the one night they all look forward too. The movies are carefully selected and often tie into their everyday lives.


Powered by PodCube™

://INITIALIZE() :{ Welcome to PodCube™ Leading the way in Time-Agnostic Podcasting™ since 2048. Congratulations! You are now able to receive audio transmissions from any of our deployed PodCube recording devices located all throughout the known universe; past, present, or future - utilizing our proprietary 4D Adiabatic Qbit Streaming Technology™. Learn more at Let’s get started! To begin, select one of the transmissions from the list below: :};

Confessions of a Catholic Single

D.A.S.H. Entertainment

A seven-episode fictional comedy podcast. New episodes on Wednesdays.

Cool Story Guys

Jeff Kirby, Ethan Moses

Cool Story Guys is a creative writing podcast and fantasy adventure audiobook where major plot points are determined by RPG-style dice rolls. Join hosts Jeff and Ethan for humorous discussions about the storytelling process and an ongoing collaborative fantasy tale inspired by the unpredictability of role-playing games and actual play podcasts.

Whine with Us

Jordan, Dona, Dylan

Do you like wine? Do you like to Whine? Do you like to share a bottle with friend or drink alone? Either way we dont judge. Come follow a journey of three great friends touring the Pacific Northwest to find friends, make memories, and whine about Wine. Please join us every every first week of the month to hear what’s going on in our lives and indulge on the experience, flavors, and parings of wine. Bring a bottle or a glass and welcome yourself into our wine family.

The Grand Line: a One Piece Podcast Table Top Role Playing Game

Maji Media

Poverty. Obscurity. Weakness. These are the three things that drive desperate people to the sea. Behind the waves of mystery rests an undiscovered treasure. Legend tells of the Sea Devil, a spirit so evil and vile that the seas spit him out and cursed him to dry land. As a gift to those who would defy the oceans, the Sea Devil planted a tree that bore strange and mysterious fruit. "Trust in me and you'll know power beyond your wildest dreams! Find me, and you'll never know pain or sorrow again." With those words passed down through stories and legends, sailors clinging to their last shred of hope set forth upon the treacherous stretch of sea known as the Grand Line.



Your friends are moving on. You're figuring out how to move forward. NEXT STOP is an audio sitcom about your mid-to-late 20s when everyone is changing around you—and you worry that you might not catch up. When longtime roommates Cam and Ally search for someone to replace their newly engaged former roommate, they stumble upon the iconoclast and ridiculous Samuel Clemens. Across its ten-episode first season, NEXT STOP follows these roommates’ trials through work, relationships, friendships and more.

The Flame - A Podcast Musical

Lez Hang Out

The Flame tells the story of two women: Jamie (Ellie Brigida), an LGBTQ bar owner, and Sam (Jasmin Savoy Brown), the woman selling the building the bar inhabits, and the inevitable sparks that end up flying between them! With the help of her best friend, Heather (Leigh Holmes Foster), and bar regular Jo (Jenn Colella), can the residents of The Flame keep the bar alive? Or can Sam’s friend Mel (Valerie Rose Lohman) help her work through her complicated feelings about her father’s death and the building she grew up in before she makes a rash decision? This is an original radio play produced by Lez Hang Out Productions. Part of the Broadway Podcast Network. The Flame was made possible by listeners like you! Join them on Patreon at The Flame, An LGBTQ Romantic Comedy Musical.  Story by Ellie Brigida and Leigh Holmes Foster  Book by Caitlyn Clear  Music and Lyrics by Leigh Holmes Foster  with additional lyrics by Caitlyn Clear  Directed by Caitlyn Clear and Valerie Rose Lohman  Produced by Lez Hang Out Productions, Ellie Brigida, Caitlyn Clear, Valerie Rose Lohman, Leigh Holmes Foster, David and Ann Mortimer, Sheri Moses, Andrew Bramson, Tien Tran, Abby Nissenbaum, Dylan Adams, Liz Shen and Meghan Gunther  Starring Jasmin Savoy Brown as Sam, Jenn Colella as Jo, Ellie Brigida as Jamie, Leigh Holmes Foster as Heather, Harrison White as the Narrator, Valerie Rose Lohman as Mel  Guest Starring: Dana Piccoli as Jessica, Liz Mongrello as Ashley, and Vico Ortiz as Bridget, JJ Niemann as Alan, Jesse Nowack as Harold, Chilina Kennedy as Rachel and Lauren Flans as Maggie, Sydney Nicholson as Lindsey, Ashton Grooms as Lillian  Additional Ensemble Vocals by  Dayna Arnett, Briana Bonilla, Leesa Charlotte, Benjamin Doncom, Ashton Grooms, E. Maloney, Quince Mobley, Liz Mongrello, Sydney Nicholson, Vico Ortiz, Dana Piccoli, Saria Schuyler and Mickie Rose Wadsworth Orchestrated by Ellie Brigida  Additional Orchestration by Allyn McCourt and Beth Goodman  Sound Editing, Sound Engineering and Song Recordings Recordings Produced by Ellie Brigida Dialogue Editing by Leigh Holmes Foster  Additional Song Recordings by Heidi Martin  Musical Director Ellie Brigida  Assistant Musical Director Marissa DeVeau Orchestra  Allyn McCourt on Violin and Viola  Molly Goldstein on Cello  Beth Goodman on Winds  Briana Childers on French Horn  Grace Messara on Drums  Bethany Vandenbrink on Bass Guitar  Jana Heidenreich and Ellie Brigida on Electric Guitar  Ellie Brigida on Piano  Rich Kelley on Trumpet  Ben Owens on Trombone 

Sweatpants Kinda Love

Meet Cute

Meet Cute Presents: Sweatpants Kinda Love. Six Valentine’s Days will determine the fate of one couple. Jack is a hopeless romantic, who’s just waiting for his Empire State Building moment. Instead, he falls for Selena, a practical woman who thinks the best thing about Valentine’s Day is the half-off candy on February 15th. In a love story spanning three decades, can two people with totally opposite attitudes on romance find their way to happily ever after…together?


Gwen Verret

Creepy descriptions of the creepypastas

Adventures in New America

Night Vale Presents

Adventures in New America is the first sci-fi, political satire, Afrofuturistic buddy comedy, serialized for New Americans in a new and desperate time. Set a few years in the future, Adventures in New America follows the escapades of two mismatched African-New-American best friends — fat, lonely, curmudgeon IA and lesbian sneak-thief Simon Carr — who take on a series of increasingly wild heists to get quick cash to pay for IA’s medical treatment while attempting to survive the wilds of New New York City — and a secret cabal of Tetchy Terrorist Vampire Zombies from outer space. Intrigued? Good! Frequently, there will be musical numbers... and radical reflections on our dangerous, beautiful, heart-pounding world.

Pod To Pluto

Cornucopia Radio

Space. The final job before I quit. These are the voyages of 'UK Space Agency Engineering Pod Number 46'. My five-year mission: to explore the ten square metres I'm trapped inside, seek out Pluto and boldly go switch off a lightbulb. If it's still on... Welcome to our 22 part, completed scifi comedy audiodrama 'Pod To Pluto' and say hello to 'Jemima Belafonte' and her 'Pod' computer. As they try and keep each other company during a very long 4.6 billion mile trip to Pluto to go turn off a lightbulb. This story is now finished, so you can now binge listen from the very beginning all the way to the epic chaotic ending! Written by Peter Richard Adams. Starring Laura England and Wayne Russell. Directed By Peter Beeston

Super Dungeon Boys

Super Gamer Boys

Join the us on outlandish adventures in Dungeons and Dragons 5e! Brought to you by the Super Gamer Boys!




Chair of Swords

7 Lamb Productions LLC

Follow several goofy characters as they all fight for the Chair of Swords in this Game of Thrones spoof.


Michael Truly

Nightdrive is a late night radio call in show that airs at 1am around the swamps surrounding Fakahatchee, Florida. If you think Florida on it's own is ridiculous- wait until you hear who calls in from this small town in the dead of night and what they're mad about. In reality, Nightdrive is a lightly scripted, slightly serialized show with comedians and special guests calling in as residents of a small town. It's 'A Prairie Home Companion' by way of David Lynch with a sprinkling of alligators. Or as a fan described it: "if a town hall, the people of Florida and an FM Radio had a threesome- Nightdrive is the bed it would take place in."

Bienvenido a la vida peligrosa

Podium Podcast

La narconovela sonora de Arturo Pérez-Reverte.

RSLASH Best Of Funny, Scary and Just Plain Weird Reddit Stories

Gawid Entertainment Podcasts

RSLASH Best Of Funny, Scary and Just Plain Weird Reddit Stories Dive Into Anything Reddit is home to thousands of communities, endless conversation, and authentic human connection. Whether you're into breaking news, sports, TV fan theories, or a never-ending stream of the internet's cutest animals, there's a community on Reddit for you. Reddit is an American social news aggregation, web content rating, and discussion website. Registered members submit content to the site such as links, text posts, images, and videos, which are then voted up or down by other members #Reddit #AskReddit #RedditJStories #RSLASH #redditstories #redditrelationship #redditcheating All types of Reddit content from mainly funny askreddit top posts and funny Reddit stories to Reddit AITA and Reddit relationships videos. We also post the following types of Reddit r/ videos: Reddit cheating stories, surviving infidelity, Reddit relationship advice, Reddit update, r/aita, r/entitledparents, r/relationships, Reddit relationship advice update, r/askreddit, reddit story, storytime with reddit, funny reddit stories, reddit cheating, reddit cheating stories, justnomil reddit, r/aita update, justnoso reddit, aita, reddit husband, justnoso reddit, r/ Relationship_Advice, r/justnomil, rslash

True Morbid: A True Crime Podcast Official


For our second installment of creepy ass bodies of water, Alaina tells us the story of Manchac swamp in Louisiana and a voodoo healer called Aunt Julia who predicted her own death AND informed the town that she’d be taking them all with her. Boy did she follow through on this promise. We also share 2 listener stories regarding not only this area in Louisiana but also Lake Lanier!

Sidewalk Confidential

Meet Cute

Meet Cute Presents: Sidewalk Confidential. It’s 1980s Manhattan and a salty private detective, Liz, finds herself dogged by the very charming, irritatingly persistent journalist, Rachel. The unlikely couple teams up to catch a sleazy cheater, but ends up catching much more–ahem, feelings–along the way.

Queer Dungeoneers


An actual-play Dungeon World podcast about being who you are by being someone different.

داستانیوفسکی | dastanyofski ( قصه‌ کمدی )


پادکست داستان‌یوفسکی شب‌ها قبل خواب، میاد کنار گوش‌های خوشگلت و برات قصه میگه تا خوب بخوابی. داستان هایی حاوی طنز احساس جدی ترسناک پیچیده عمیق مسائل بزرگسالان مشروع و نامشروع (فاقد سکس) Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

Life With Althaar

Gemini CollisionWorks

We are midway through the 26th Century, out at the edge of Human space, in the Teegarden system. John B, a humble repairman and "former human" (having lost his legal status as such), has left the Earth for mysterious reasons. He is perhaps the unluckiest being in the galaxy. He has wound up at the Human Exchange Concourse, or the "HEC," once the site of Humanity's First Galactic Fair. It was the biggest flop in Human history. "The Fairgrounds" is perhaps the unluckiest place in Human space. You don't go there, you end up there. John's luck seems to have changed when he gets a good apartment at an amazingly reasonable price only to find his roommate is Althaar, an Iltorian, who is determined to befriend a Human (Iltorians are the kindest, nicest species in all known space, and natural diplomats, beloved by almost all, but their slightest presence causes Humans to instinctively respond with panic, fear, disgust, nausea, and loss of bodily functions). Can a Human and Iltorian live together without one of them driving the other crazy?

Brown Jacket Club - Comedy Podcast Series

James Humphrey, Brown Jacket Club

Explore the underground leagues and clubs of the elite Yahtzee players across the globe. Ryan McCallister, your afternoon drive home radio personality will take you through a journey of characters, drama, suspense and ultimately who will become the next Brown Jacket Winner. This is a unique comedy podcast in a show format with all characters and production performed by one person. This show is fun and friendly. No explicit content at all. Kid safe.

Me and AU

Procyon Podcast Network

When Kate “ACunningPlan” Cunningham sparks up an online friendship with a fellow fanfiction writer it seems like the perfect distraction from a summer stuck in her hometown of Kamloops, B.C., not to mention the coming terrors of her final year of university and the Real Adult Future beyond. (Seriously, please don’t mention them.) After all, Hella--Enchanted is funny, smart and writes canon-divergent werewolf fic like no one else. She’s everything a fandom could ask for. But... what if she’s everything Kate could ask for, too?

Garden Plots with Skeletor

Meganbob, Marissa Bond, Dan Mulkerin

Gardening is more complicated than water and soil. It's about something deeper. It's about something more intangible. It's about Skeletor. Skeletor guides you through the perils and pitfalls of gardening with edicts, orders, and the occasional command. Garden Plots with Skeletor: It's definitely not a scheme! This podcast not affiliated with the owners of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.

Dear Earth, I'm Really Sorry

Littlest Viking

When the greatest inventor on Earth disappears, it’s up to his disaster-prone son and his Frankenstein daughter to save the world... then accidentally destroy it... then save it again.

Wayward Guide For The Untrained Eye

Tin Can Bros, Brian Rosenthal, Joey Richter, Corey Lubowich

Wayward Guide is a fictional investigative podcast about the sordid world of local politics, backroom dealings, and werewolves. When an alluring corporate corruption story falls unexpectedly into their laps, twin podcasting-team Artemis and Paul Schue-Horyn are given the chance to prove themselves as top hosts at the American Podcasting Network. But opportunity soon leads to tragedy as the eccentric and divided locals they are interviewing in the small California mining town of Connor Creek start dropping like flies. With the threads of their investigation quickly becoming tangled and rumors of a bloodthirsty werewolf on the loose, the Schue-Horyn twins need to decide who to trust and the price they’re willing to pay for a juicy story. Wayward Guide features the talents of Mary Kate Wiles, Steve Zaragoza, Darren Criss, Sean Astin, Carlos Valdes, Titus Makin, and more! Check out the companion series on YouTube to find out the hairy truth about Connor Creek.

Whistle in the Dark

April Marie

Part radio drama, part campfire-style storytelling, Whistle In the Dark explores all things horror, spooky, and supernatural -- with a comedic twist.

500 Ironic Stories

500 Ironic Stories

Join the quest for the best and most ironic story ever written. New Short Stories Each Week. Adventure. Romance. Comedy. All Ironic.