The Adventure Zone

The McElroys

Justin, Travis and Griffin McElroy from My Brother, My Brother and Me have recruited their dad Clint for a campaign of high adventure. Join the McElroys as they find their fortune and slay an unconscionable number of ... you know, kobolds or whatever in ... The Adventure Zone..

Midnight Burger

Business Goose Media

When Gloria took a waitressing job at a diner outside of Phoenix, she didn't realize she was now an employee of Midnight Burger, a time-traveling, dimension-spanning diner. Every day Midnight Burger appears somewhere new in the cosmos along with it's staff: a galactic drifter, a rogue theoretical physicist, a sentient old-timey radio, and some guy named Caspar. No one knows who built Midnight Burger or how it works, but when it appears there's always someone around who could really use a cup of coffee. "When the waves of the universe crash unrelentingly, when the stars seem indifferent to your plight, suddenly there is a diner." We open at 6.

Does This Murder Make Me Look Gay?!


Vandy Monroe III is about to die. So he invites his best friends (aka his mortal enemies, each of whom has a reason to want him underground) to his Hudson Valley home. He plans to catch the potential killer... only he’s poisoned. When an unexpected storm cuts off power and access to his grand estate, it’s up to James Wilson—aspiring writer and active homosexual—to figure out the killer’s identity before they strike again! Was it the German chef? The demented chanteuse? The Cockney porn star? WHO CAN SAY!!! DOES THIS MURDER MAKE ME LOOK GAY?! stars Michael Urie, Kate McKinnon, Cheyenne Jackson, Frankie Grande, Lea Salonga, Jonathan Freeman, and a slew of Broadway stars. Buckle up, queer listeners. You’re in for one hell of a gay time...

Legends of Avantris

Avantris Entertainment

Seven chuckleheads goofing off, telling stories, and laughing way too loud, usually while playing D&D. This podcast features our stories that all take place in the interconnected world of Avantris. Even if you know nothing about tabletop games, we think you’ll enjoy the improv, comedy, narrative, voice acting, drama, and friendship along the way. Our Curse of Strahdanya campaign lives in its own podcast, but here is where you can find everything else from our nearly six years of telling stories, including Once Upon a Witchlight!

Worlds Beyond Number

Fortunate Horse, Worlds Beyond Number

Brennan Lee Mulligan, Erika Ishii, Aabria Iyengar, and Lou Wilson hang out together and use games to make up stories. It's pretty good.

The Amelia Project

Imploding Fictions

The Amelia Project is a secret agency that fakes its clients' deaths, then lets them reappear with a brand new identity! A black comedy full of secrets, twists... and cocoa. The series starts as a succession of interviews with clients who want to fake their deaths, then slowly a larger narrative begins to emerge... Each episode tells its own story, but we recommend starting with Season 1.

Batman: The Audio Adventures


In partnership with Warner Bros. and DC, this scripted audio original, Gotham City comes to lurid life in the theater of your mind…with a sensational pageant of technicolor villainy unlike any other on Earth. Mafioso Penguins. Thieving Catwomen. Terrorist Riddlers. Killing Jokers…a city where some problems can only be solved by a billionaire in a bat costume. Starring Jeffrey Wright as Batman, Rosario Dawson as Catwoman, John Leguizamo as the Riddler, and a who’s who of incredible “Saturday Night Live” alums, the series draws inspiration from the vintage noir atmosphere of the celebrated “Batman: The Animated Series,” the spirited fun of the classic 1960s “Batman”TV series, and the entire 80-plus year history of the BATMAN franchise. This rollicking, over the top Batman adventure is written and directed by Emmy®-winner Dennis McNicholas, features an A-List cast, and devilishly delightful original music.

Meet Cute Originals

Meet Cute

Meet Cute Originals: your go-to, ever-growing library of romantic comedies, fantasies, and dramas. Discover a new serialized, addictive audio series every month, with episodes released twice weekly on Tuesdays and Fridays. Want to binge the entire series at once? Get the full series in a convenient single-episode-feed on the last Friday of the series’ run: like an audiobook, but better. Only an earbud away, you can take Meet Cute Originals anywhere, anytime – for free. It’s no-payment entertainment because at Meet Cute, stories are on us, always. Looking for your favorite Meet Cute series? See for our full catalog, or search the series title for its single-episode feed.



A new quick-witted mystery from the makers of Blackout and The Left Right Game, Classified follows Ivan Harris (WYATT RUSSELL), a slightly paranoid smooth talker who finds himself trapped in the mysterious Ravenholm Institute.  Ivan claims to be sane, but his cries are ignored by the imposing Doctor Bell (MONICA POTTER), who insists that Ivan be treated until he’s free of his delusions. While enduring painful procedures and under the heavy watch of the attendants, Ivan formulates a plan of escape with the other patients. Ivan yearns to get back to his partner, Odessa, but does she even exist? Is Ivan really a trained killer? He is planning his escape with the help of his imaginary friend Lark (BRENT JENNINGS), so what is actually going on? And What does Ravenholm have to do with it all? Tune in to find out what happens to Ivan and his fellow band of misfits.  Produced by QCODE. Created by Spenser Cohen and Anna Halberg. Starring Wyatt Russell, Brent Jennings & Monica Potter.

Mockery Manor

Long Cat Media

Summer, 1989, somewhere in deepest darkest England. Mockery Manor is a theme park where people disappear, and it's up to a pair of chaotic teenage twins to catch a killer. British Podcast Awards 'Best Fiction' Nominee 2020. If you like Hot Fuzz, The White Lotus and Scream, then Mockery Manor is for you. Mockery Manor is a full-cast production best enjoyed using headphones.

The Weirdness

GZM Shows

Welcome to The Weirdness… Middle-schoolers Arlo and Sierra host a podcast dedicated to exploring unexplained phenomena like the Loch Ness Monster, the yeti and the chupacabra. But they’ve never actually witnessed any of it—until they track down an unusual caller who turns out to be none other than Bigfoot himself. Turns out, the Weirdness is real, and it’s everywhere! Arlo, Sierra, and Bigfoot (aka Beef) set off on a mind-blowing adventure across the globe to find out why the creatures of legends are disappearing. For more great shows, visit


Many Sided Media

Bitcherton is an improvised comedy podcast satirizing the world of Jane Austen that tells the tale of a wealthy family's scandals and shenanigans.

Dumb-Dumbs & Dragons: A D&D Podcast

Dumb-Dumbs & Dice

Dumb-Dumbs & Dragons is a podcast where improvisers who’ve never roleplayed before journey into the world of Dungeons & Dragons. The series is hosted by our dungeon master, Tom McGee, and features our regular players - the sneaky Tyler Hewitt, the brilliant Laura Hamstra, and the flatulent Ryan LaPlante - alongside a rotating cast of special guests. Featured on Spotify, ScreenRant, Lifehacker, and the official Dungeons & Dragons podcast Dragon Talk, Dumb-Dumbs & Dragons is regularly in the top 10 comedy fiction podcasts around the globe and ranked #2 of the top 50 fiction podcasts (and #72 of ALL podcasts) on Spotify in the USA. ScreenRant said of the show, "There's nothing better for beginning players!" So, join our heroes and find out why Dumb-Dumbs & Dragons has been downloaded more than 4 million times! You can follow the show on any social @dumbdumbdice, and become a hero yourself by joining our Patreon at

Rude Tales of Magic

Bucket of Milk

In this improvised narrative role playing podcast, come and join artists, writers, and comedians from Adult Swim, Cartoon Network, Comedy Central, Marvel Comics, and more as they fight and fumble their way across the madcap, and exceedingly rude, fantasy wasteland of Cordelia. Branson Reese and his jester's retinue, Christopher Hastings, Carly Monardo, Tim Platt, Joe Lepore, and Ali Fisher star as a group of unlikely survivors (a talking crow, a lich in a wig, a bubbly fawn, a Sasquatch punk, and a tiefling hunk, specifically) who must solve the mystery of Polaris University's vanishment and return balance and higher education to their world. It's going to be very hard and very, very, rude.

Wooden Overcoats

Wooden Overcoats Ltd

Award Winning Sitcom || Rudyard Funn and his equally miserable sister Antigone run their family’s failing funeral parlour, where they get the body in the coffin in the ground on time. But one day they find everyone enjoying themselves at the funerals of a new competitor – the impossibly perfect Eric Chapman! With their dogsbody Georgie, and a mouse called Madeleine, the Funns are taking drastic steps to stay in business…

Cypress Creek

Voyage Media

A dark comedy audio drama that looks behind the doors of your friends and neighbors. In the aftermath of a hurricane, Joan's family and others like her on the lower ridge have lost almost everything, while Katie and her fellow residents of Cypress Creek on the upper ridge emerged unscathed. An HOA election could change everything, making sure the community resources go to those in need. But only if Joan can defeat Katie, the ultimate "Karen" of the neighborhood. The epic battle that will ensue between them will put them and the residents to the ultimate test... and everyone might not make it out alive. BIG LITTLE LIES meets DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES in a post-hurricane suburban neighborhood. Based on HURRICANE HARVEY: OVERCOMING THE CHAOS by Lyn Jenkins:



A detective comedy drama || Even Greater London, 1887. In this vast metropolis, Inspector Archibald Fleet and journalist Clara Entwhistle investigate a murder, only to find themselves at the centre of a conspiracy of impossible proportions.

We Fix Space Junk

Battle Bird Productions

'We Fix Space Junk' follows seasoned smuggler Kilner and reluctant fugitive Samantha as they travel the galaxy, dodging bullets and meeting strange and wonderful beings as they carry out odd jobs on the fringes of the law. A female-led sci-fi comedy sitcom set in the far future, in a high-tech, dystopian world, We Fix Space Junk draws on the sci-fi of the past, following in the footsteps of Harry Harrison and of Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Equal parts love-letter to sci-fi and satire of the present-day, Space Junk is lovingly produced by Beth Crane and Hedley Knights of Battle Bird Productions. To support the show visit or visit



「不止读书」是魏小河发起的一档文化类播客。在这档节目里,我希望和所有听众一起,从读书开始,抵达更广阔的世界。每周五更新。 你也可以在公众号「魏小河流域」或微博@魏小河找到我。

Death by Dying

Evening Post Productions

The Obituary Writer of Crestfall, Idaho finds himself deeply in over his head as he investigates a series of strange and mysterious deaths… when he is supposed to simply be writing obituaries. Along the way he encounters murderous farmers, man-eating cats, haunted bicycles, and a healthy dose of ominous shadows. Support us on Patreon:



Two slackers, Ben (Lamorne Morris) and Grant (Billy Magnussen) attempt to catch an escaped convicted murderer, Shelly O'Keith (Jamie-Lee O'Donnell) who is allegedly hiding in their town to cash in on the million-dollar reward the police are offering.

Camp Here & There

Mayfield & Belov

Tune in to the loudspeakers of a small midwestern sleep-away camp plagued by supernatural terrors and natural disasters. Sydney Sargent, resident camp nurse, cheerfully reports on all the dangers just below (and above) our feet. Episodes air weekly starting June 10th 2021. Original music written and composed by Will Wood.


Red Fathom Entertainment

Hannahpocalypse is a comedy/horror audio drama that follows living dead girl Hannah; a zombie ‘living’ her best life long after the zombie apocalypse has come and gone.

Oh These, Those Stars of Space!

Bucket of Milk

Far beyond the frontier of civilized space, sails the starship the CSS Cavalier, manned by her strange and daring crew. Their destination? Adventure. Their cargo? Your dang ears. Their mission? Episodic science fiction comedy at the intersection of Star Trek, Douglas Adams, and the Marquis DeSade. From the same people who birthed unto you the blockbuster true-crime podcast Rude Tales of Magic comes a new and improvised sci-fi (science fiction) delight that has already been banned in most public schools and the Vatican.

The Thrilling Adventure Hour

WorkJuice Corp

The world's favorite new time podcast in the style of old-time radio. The Thrilling Adventure Hour anthologizes the thrilling adventures of space cowboy Sparks Nevada (Marc Evan Jackson), married mediums Frank and Sadie Doyle (Paul F. Tompkins and Paget Brewster), all-American hero Jefferson Reid (Nathan Fillion), and more. Find the complete Thrilling Adventure back catalog plus libraries of classic segments and bonus content on Patreon at: Produced and created by Ben Acker and Ben Blacker. Featuring the WorkJuice Players and your favorite stars from the worlds of television, film, comedy, animation, sketch, and the stage. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

Não Inviabilize

Déia Freitas

O canal Não Inviabilize é um espaço de contos e crônicas, um laboratório de histórias reais. Aqui você ouve as suas histórias misturadas às minhas! Quadros do canal: Amor Nas Redes - histórias de amor, afeto, saudade; Picolé de Limão - histórias do cotidiano, ciladas, trapaças, muita história revoltante; Luz Acesa - histórias de terror, suspense e mistério; Ficção da Realidade - histórias ficcionais interativas; Mico Meu - histórias engraçadas; Alarme - histórias que servem de alerta, gatilhos emocionais. Site: E-mail:

Whistle Through The Shamrocks

Hat Trick Productions

Whistle Through The Shamrocks - your new favourite podcast written and created by Nicola Coughlan and Camilla Whitehill. Starring: Jamie Beamish  Stephanie Beatriz Jordan Brooks Cat Cohen  Nicola Coughlan  Ed Gamble  Louisa Harland  Paul Mallon Ben Miller Brenock O’Connor  Kiell Smith-Bynoe  Jonathan Van Ness Amalia Vitale  Camilla Whitehill  Susie Wokoma  with David Ames  and Andrew Scott... Hopefully. Editors – Alexis Adimora & Diggory Waite Producer – Chris Jones Executive Producer – Claire Broughton A Hat Trick Podcast 2021 Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

Fool's Gold: Sands

Avery Howett, DingoDoodles, Felix Irnich

Welcome to Fool's Gold, one of the most hilarious and dramatic D&D tabletop roleplaying shows on the internet! Join our cast of professional chaos goobers as they explore a winding world full of absurd monsters, moral dilemmas, legally-distinct-franchises, and emotional damage. Available in two flavors: The Fool's Gold: Sands podcast, and the animated Fool's Gold: Into the Bellowing Wilds show on YouTube. Episodes are edited into snappy 1 hour chunks.

Alba Salix, Royal Physician

Fable and Folly

The award-winning fantasy-comedy! In Alba Salix, overworked, cynical witch Alba tends to the health of the King, Queen and citizens of the kingdom of Farloria, with the help of her obnoxious apprentice Magnus and an absent-minded fairy named Holly. The spinoff The Axe & Crown follows the misadventures of Gubbin the troll tavernkeeper, his clueless landlord Stan and his shady niece Betula. Support us here!

Oz 9

Gated Galaxies

It's Spring 2142 (a Tuesday), and Gated Galaxies has launched its 400 Oz-8000 ships, each carrying 50,000 "resting guests" to, hopefully, a new home on a shiny, brand-new planet. Except this whole "terraform and take over" idea isn't actually the plan; the real plan is far more nefarious and involves a great deal of cackling. But those aboard the ships don't know that, so off they toodle (those that make it out of Earth's atmosphere, at least), all shiny and optimistic. This is the story of one of those ships – the Oz 9 – and its tiny crew of hopeless incompetents. So far, they've been in space half an hour and several hundred people are dead. So... bright future, clearly.

Murder in HR

Caspian Studios

It’s Jemma’s (Kate Mara) first day as Employee Experience Manager at Peace of Ship, an AI-powered tech startup. When her colleague Larry is electrocuted during the company All-Hands, she uncovers a terrible secret. It was murder! Now, she and her Chief People Officer, Nicholas (Brett Gelman), are tasked with finding the killer. She must use her HR skills to investigate her toxic colleagues – without becoming the next victim. Murder in HR. Presented by Gympass. Starring Kate Mara and Brett Gelman.  A Caspian Studios Production.

This Sounds Serious

Kelly & Kelly

In 1991, TV producer Kirk Todd was supposed to direct his first movie, Grand Casino, but the movie was never made. Kirk disappeared with the film’s budget and was revealed to be a con man named Jeremy Weaver. We follow host Gwen Radford as she tracks down the victims and puts together the pieces of this con three decades later. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

Join the Party


Join the Party is an actual play podcast with tangible worlds, genre-pushing storytelling, and collaborators who make each other laugh each week. We welcome everyone to the table, from longtime players to folks who’ve never touched a roleplaying game before. Hop into our current campaign, a pirate story set in a world of plant- and bug-folk, or marathon our completed stories with the Camp-Paign, a MOTW game set in a weird summer camp, Campaign 2 for a modern superhero game, and Campaign 1 for a high fantasy story. And once a month we release the Afterparty, where we answer your questions about the show and how we play the game. New episodes every Tuesday.


QCODE, Wood Elf, Mythical

RONSTADT, starring Rhett & Link, is a supernatural noir comedy set on the mean streets of LA about a 9-1-1 phone jockey whose night job, along with a self-described “Craydar,” leads him deep into Side B - a world filled with magic, monsters, and all things Mythical. RONSTADT was created by Jonathan Strailey & Brandon Bestenheider and produced by QCODE, Wood Elf, and Mythical.


Meet Cute

Eight years after Sabine Eliot was persuaded by her family to break up with her college sweetheart, the exes are set to meet again at an A-list wedding in the French countryside. While Sabine is enjoying a flourishing career as an influencer, her heart’s never been the same since she said goodbye to sweet and sensitive Wyatt.  Meanwhile, if Wyatt had something to prove in the years since he was rejected by Sabine, boy has he proved it. He’s the most sought-after photographer in L.A., friend to the stars, and he’s never been more eligible. With a four-day wedding extravaganza ahead of her, Sabine is in for oodles of star-studded events and also lingering, weird feelings for her ex. Then Sabine meets Henrietta Louise Musgrove, current It Girl and darling of the cinema. It’s the friendship Sabine always dreamed of striking up (and using to her advantage). These two are destined to be the next “Taylena.” That is, until Henrietta Louise Musgrove has eyes for Wyatt, and wants Sabine’s help securing his heart. Jane Austen’s Persuasion for the modern era, Influence is a playful re-imagining of one woman’s climb up the social ladder, and about if true love can conquer all–even Hollywood. Story by Kristina Libby. Produced and Directed by Vincent Cacchione. Story Editor: Amarlie Foster. Director of Creative Production: Lucie Ledbetter. Starring: Edie Salas Miller, Tom Donoghue, Anne Hogan, Helen Shephard, Marcella Lentz-Pope, Joseph Lymous, David Commander, Danny Tamberelli, Julie Lamendola, Magali Charron, Vincent Cacchione, Alan Kelly.

Madame Magenta: Sonos Mystica

Long Cat Media

Madame Magenta, psychic, medium, and inventor of the ‘drink-along’ audiobook, reads her best-selling* books, with support from her adoring husband Bernard. In Magenta is the Warmest Colour, Magenta is forced into a bank heist by the ghost of her ex-husband, and in Madame Magenta & The Arcati Killer, she is pitted against a psychotic murderer hell-bent on destroying the mystic community. She also uses the ancient art of bibliomancy to help solve real problems sent in by you, her Tragic Fans. *dependent on definition of ‘best-seller’.

Mansfield Mysteries

The QuaranTeam

Mansfield Mysteries is a satirical, cozy murder whodunit, featuring the inquisitive, martini-loving socialite Dorinda Mansfield. Set in quiet, affluent Berkshire Bay, and told over nine hilarious episodes, each three-chapter story finds Dorinda wrapped up in a new murder. With the help of her devoted daughter, Stacey—as well as the occasional frenemy—Dorinda digs for clues, navigates Berkshire Bay’s elite social circles, and sifts through years’ worth of grudges and motives. In this company town, no one can be trusted, and everyone has something to hide. Whether at the Labor Day Extravaganza, the Halloween Tennis Club Open, or secret karaoke night, Dorinda sets out to find the real killer before they get away with murder… Just as soon as she orders her martini!

The Mario Bros. Show

Rainstorm Productions

Join Mario and Luigi as they go on all kinds of adventures. Listen as Peach, Toad, Bowser, and others join in the fun across the Mushroom Kingdom and beyond. This hilarious show is family-friendly and is GUARANTEED to please any Mario fan.

The Critshow

Critshow Studios

A group of friends have their lives turned upside down when they find themselves placed as the last line of defense between the everyday world and the things that go bump in the night. This actual play podcast uses Monster of the Week and other Powered by the Apocalypse games, all within the same dimension hopping narrative, to follow the Indiana Paranormal Task-force (IPT) as they are thrust into the front lines of a battle they didn't know existed.

Mission Rejected

The Porch Room

The story of the world's most secret agents...the backups. For the first time in his career, Special Agent Chet Phillips has discovered that he can choose NOT to accept a mission! That means there's no choice but to send in the "B Team": A nervous pencil pusher promoted to the field, a computer hacker working off her sentence, a fading former sitcom star and a recently reassigned White House intern. A full cast comedy audio adventure with a new episode debuting each month!

Forgive Me!

Rogue Dialogue

Forgive Me! tells the story of Father Ben, a try-hard young Catholic priest who was recently reassigned from Binghamton to St. Patrick’s, a new parish in an unnamed Upstate New York town, under mysterious circumstances. Each episode follows Ben into the confessional with another eccentric parishioner from around town, exploring the intertwined lives of this new community and the funny, sad, and sometimes painful experiences that come out of the Catholic experience.


Moorpark Media

Join us for an adventure that's part dinner party and all improvised role-play! Each episode five friends combine forces to weave a tale of fantasy, food, and fun in a home-brewed D&D campaign. There's powerful spells, magic horses, other realms, and enough excitement and laughs for everyone to get seconds.

Canada by Night: A Vampire the Masquerade Podcast

Dumb-Dumbs & Dice

Canada by Night is a live-play podcast where professional improvisers play Vampire the Masquerade! Sent to rescue his best friend’s kidnapped mother, detective-turned-vampire Everett Fry accidentally ends up the sheriff of New Haven: an experimental town that’s finding out if vampires and humans can co-exist. Stuck leading a ragtag group of officers - the Brujah bounty hunter Val, the Gangrel news reporter Evangeline, and the Tremere blood-witch Doris - can Everett keep New Haven running? Or will the sheriff’s department fail and see the town destroyed by its enemies or liquidated by the vampire council of Canada?! Trending on global comedy fiction charts, and ranking in the top 40 fiction podcasts in the US, UK and Canada (on Spotify AND Apple Podcasts), listen now to find out why Canada by Night has been downloaded more than half a million times! 

Juha | جحا

Sowt | صوت

جحا مسلسل روائي جديد يحكي قصص حكيم الحمقى المشهورة وقصص لم تسمعوها من قبل. يروي لنا راوٍ مميز جدًا حكايات عجيبة عن عباءة تأكل، وسحر يحول الرجال إلى حمير، وحركات بهلوانية تذهل العقول، في محورها كلها الماكر المحبوب، جحا.

Connor Pugs

Connor Pugs

Here are all the storytime videos from Connor Pugs. Connor Pugs makes stories on a variety of topics, and his main inspirations for storytime videos are scrubby aka scrubs and Luna. Support this podcast:

Josie's Lonely Hearts Club

Good Story Guild, Maximilian Clark, Rachel Music

Josie’s Lonely Hearts Club is a semi-scripted audio drama set in the studio of New Mexico’s 3rd-best romantic advice call-in show.  On-air, listeners eavesdrop as Josie squares off against top improvisers and is only occasionally helped by her puckish engineer Frank. Off-air, witness her journey from melancholy Joanne Holtzinger to nationally syndicated sensation Josie Heller. What results is an often hilarious and surprisingly human show exploring the risks we idiots take every time we fall in or out of love.   Josie’s Lonely Hearts Club was created by Maximilian Clark (Superhuman Public Radio)  and Rachel Music. Our story editor is Aliza Brugger. This podcast is brought to you by the Good Story Guild ( . Keep track of us at and stay cozy, cuties.  299415 Hosted by Ausha. See for more information.

Jesters of Ravenloft: A D&D Podcast

Dumb-Dumbs & Dice

Jesters of Ravenloft is a D&D 5e podcast where a group of comedians are sucked into Dungeons & Dragons - and now it's up to them to become heroes and escape Ravenloft! A new episode drops every Friday and Saturday and, don't worry, there are NO SPOILERS for Strahd. Ranked in the top 50 fiction podcasts on Spotify and Apple Podcasts, check out Jesters of Ravenloft now!

The Drabblecast Audio Fiction Podcast

Norm Sherman

Stories feature on the Drabblecast are generally narrated by charismatic host, humorist, and musician Norm Sherman. A full production, the Drabblecast features multiple voice actors, music, and foley effects. The podcast has a finely tuned 'voice' that crosses all genres, including horror, science fiction, fantasy and 'other.' Special features include 100-word stories called, “drabbles,” 100 character stories coined “twabbles,” as well as Norm's own Bbardles, songs based on story themes. Original cover art accompanies every episode.

Burnt Cook Book Party

Jenna Stoeber

A Pathfinder actual play TIMELOOPING show featuring an original campaign, where four heroes of varying skills, attractiveness, and stupidity, race against time to prevent a war. Featuring the talents of game master Justin Green, Jenna Stoeber, Caitlin Stayduhar, Andrew Hansen, and Paul Luetkemeyer. Join our patreon! Published biweekly on Thursdays. Email us at Follow us at on Twitter at BCBParty, or on Tumblr at BCBParty. Support us on Patreon Hosted on Acast. See for more information.


911 Podcasts

Sitcom superstar, Carson Carson, gets blacklisted in Hollywood (and society) from his grotesque sex tape leak. Now, with his tail between his legs, he heads back to his small town in an attempt to reboot his life. Carson is then forced to reprise his job (pre-fame) at the local Supermarket, where things quickly go bananas... 'Supermarket' Stars: Adam Murciano ('Cascadia', 'ICE-CREAM'), Sugith Varughese ('Kim's Convenience'), Alexandria Benoit ('Degrassi'), Ryan Rosery ('Riverdale'), Graham Parkhurst ('Glamorous'), Janelle Heron ('Skymed'), Douglas E. Hughes ('Good Sam') Chris Burton ('Teenagers'), Robyn Deverett ('Let's Get Fingered') and Angela Maiorano-Thurston ('Odd Squad'). Created, Directed, Written & Produced By: Adam Murciano, Antonio Cordero, Alexandria Benoit, Michelle Doiron, Adam Blanford and Joe Diaco 'Supermarket' is a production from 911 Podcasts. For more immersive & captivating shows like this one, check us out here. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

Bedtime Stories of the Ingleside Inn

SiriusXM and Audio Up

Created by and Executive Produced by Audio Up and Jared Gutstadt, the mind behind “Halloween in Hell” and “The Ballad of Uncle Drank,” Lance Bass Productions, Sugar 23, and SiriusXM - comes the brand new podcast “Bedtime Stories of the Ingleside Inn,” an original scripted musical series starring Jason Alexander. Alexander plays Mel Haber, the legendary Palm Springs hotelier who famously hosted Frank Sinatra, Liz Taylor, and more at his hotel that became a playground for Hollywood’s elite. In this comedic romp, we are introduced to all the colorful characters who visited the famed Ingleside halls, from mafia members to petty thieves to numerous Hollywood celebrities. Through stories taken from Haber’s own autobiography, we hear just how Mel turned the Ingleside Inn into a desert vacation oasis. The extraordinary cast includes Michael McKean, Richard Kind, Missi Pyle, Lance Bass, Justin Tranter, and many more. “Bedtime Stories of the Ingleside Inn” also features original music by Jared Gutstadt and Greg Phillinganes and launches on April 18th.

Atlas Avenue Beat

Bloody FM / 7 Lamb Productions

Follow the adventures of P.I. James Locke as he interrogates criminals, solves cases, and fights crime in this comedy detective noir.

I Seduce The Dragon

I Seduce The Dragon

A rocket scientist, a cowgirl, a p*rnstar, and a mom walk into a dungeon ... and those are just the players. I SEDUCE THE DRAGON is an actual play D&D podcast that requires absolutely no prior knowledge of Dungeons & Dragons to love! High production value, engaging characters and incredible chemistry make a great time for even casual listeners.

Steamy Stories

JC Calciano

Steamy Stories Podcast: The Ultimate M/M Romance podcastWelcome to Steamy Stories, your premier destination for m/m romance podcasts. Brought to you by award-winning filmmaker and author JC Calciano, each episode features a lovingly crafted story filled with love, passion, and playful fun. Our podcast is perfect for anyone seeking engaging gay fiction and LGBTQ romance.Why should you be listening to Steamy Stories?-Award-Winning Content: JC Calciano, a celebrated filmmaker and author, brings his storytelling expertise to every episode.-Diverse Romance: Each monthly release explores unique aspects of LGBTQ relationships, ensuring fresh and exciting content.-Top-Ranked Podcast: Proudly rated #2 as the "Best Gay Fiction Podcast" on FeedSpot.-Inclusive Storytelling: From sweet and tender moments to steamy encounters, our stories cater to a wide range of romantic tastes.Where to Listen?- Apple Podcasts: Subscribe to Steamy Stories on Apple Podcasts for easy access to new episodes and exclusive content.- Google Play: Find us on Google Play to enjoy our stories on the go.- Spotify: Stream Steamy Stories on Spotify and dive into a world of m/m romance anytime, anywhere.Join Our Community- Website: Visit for exclusive content, behind-the-scenes insights, and more.- Social Media: Follow us on social media to stay updated on new releases and connect with fellow listeners.Discover the magic of m/m romance with Steamy Stories. Subscribe today and make us your top choice for gay fiction and LGBTQ romance podcasts.

The Flame - A Podcast Musical

Lez Hang Out

The Flame tells the story of two women: Jamie (Ellie Brigida), an LGBTQ bar owner, and Sam (Jasmin Savoy Brown), the woman selling the building the bar inhabits, and the inevitable sparks that end up flying between them! With the help of her best friend, Heather (Leigh Holmes Foster), and bar regular Jo (Jenn Colella), can the residents of The Flame keep the bar alive? Or can Sam’s friend Mel (Valerie Rose Lohman) help her work through her complicated feelings about her father’s death and the building she grew up in before she makes a rash decision? This is an original radio play produced by Lez Hang Out Productions. Part of the Broadway Podcast Network. The Flame was made possible by listeners like you! Join them on Patreon at The Flame, An LGBTQ Romantic Comedy Musical.  Story by Ellie Brigida and Leigh Holmes Foster  Book by Caitlyn Clear  Music and Lyrics by Leigh Holmes Foster  with additional lyrics by Caitlyn Clear  Directed by Caitlyn Clear and Valerie Rose Lohman  Produced by Lez Hang Out Productions, Ellie Brigida, Caitlyn Clear, Valerie Rose Lohman, Leigh Holmes Foster, David and Ann Mortimer, Sheri Moses, Andrew Bramson, Tien Tran, Abby Nissenbaum, Dylan Adams, Liz Shen and Meghan Gunther  Starring Jasmin Savoy Brown as Sam, Jenn Colella as Jo, Ellie Brigida as Jamie, Leigh Holmes Foster as Heather, Harrison White as the Narrator, Valerie Rose Lohman as Mel  Guest Starring: Dana Piccoli as Jessica, Liz Mongrello as Ashley, and Vico Ortiz as Bridget, JJ Niemann as Alan, Jesse Nowack as Harold, Chilina Kennedy as Rachel and Lauren Flans as Maggie, Sydney Nicholson as Lindsey, Ashton Grooms as Lillian  Additional Ensemble Vocals by  Dayna Arnett, Briana Bonilla, Leesa Charlotte, Benjamin Doncom, Ashton Grooms, E. Maloney, Quince Mobley, Liz Mongrello, Sydney Nicholson, Vico Ortiz, Dana Piccoli, Saria Schuyler and Mickie Rose Wadsworth Orchestrated by Ellie Brigida  Additional Orchestration by Allyn McCourt and Beth Goodman  Sound Editing, Sound Engineering and Song Recordings Recordings Produced by Ellie Brigida Dialogue Editing by Leigh Holmes Foster  Additional Song Recordings by Heidi Martin  Musical Director Ellie Brigida  Assistant Musical Director Marissa DeVeau Orchestra  Allyn McCourt on Violin and Viola  Molly Goldstein on Cello  Beth Goodman on Winds  Briana Childers on French Horn  Grace Messara on Drums  Bethany Vandenbrink on Bass Guitar  Jana Heidenreich and Ellie Brigida on Electric Guitar  Ellie Brigida on Piano  Rich Kelley on Trumpet  Ben Owens on Trombone 

Mile High

Meet Cute

Meet Cute Presents: Mile High. When an afternoon flight to Las Vegas starts to plummet, two strangers (Brynn and James) decide to spend their final moments joining the exclusive Mile High Club only to find, when the plane doesn’t crash, that Brynn is getting married. By a twist of fate, they meet up again at Brynn’s bachelorette party and connect enough to make Brynn realize that taking a chance on a sexy stranger is better than settling for Mr. Wrong. Story by Olivia Cuartero-Briggs. Produced and Directed by Jake DeNicola & Hil Steadman. Sound Engineer and Mixing by John DeNicola. Original Music by John DeNicola. Sound Design by Pierre-André Rigoll. Starring: Vincent Jessel, Chris Okawa, Kierna Conner, Debra DeNicola, Charlie Nishimura, Alexandra Barnhart, Steve Seltzer, Becca Kauffman, Matt Lazarus.

Lawful Stupid - A DnD 5e Actual Play Podcast

Lawful Stupid DnD

We at Lawful Stupid are a D&D 5e actual play podcast who actually love to play DnD! We love everything about the Tabletop RPG Community and consistently strive to make the world a better place within that community through inclusivity, creativity, charitable acts, and above all else, fantastical heroism. If you want to be a part of the amazing dungeons and dragons community of artists, creators, and all around amazing fun people that we are building please join us in our discord. Support this podcast:

Love, Murder, Florida

Voyage Media

Jane Lynch stars in this crime and dark comedy podcast, reminiscent of Better Call Saul or How Stella Got Her Groove Back... with murder. Two rival bus service operators have a business feud that turns personal, and then turns deadly, after one of them takes a trip to Florida, and engages in a passionate affair with a mysterious stranger. Fargo-esque in its twists and turns of ordinary people getting mixed up in serious crime, this audio drama takes you for a walk on the wild side of Florida strange.


Wheyface Radio

On December 25th, 2007, movie star and heiress Julie Capsom crashed her car into a tree in Northern California, walked into a nearby clearing, and vanished, leaving behind a male torso in her trunk. 10 years later, reporter Bea Casely and private detective Brenda Bentley are going to reopen the case. Each has a personal tie to the story. Each thinks they know what happened. And each knows the other is going to screw this whole thing up. Join Bea, Brenda, and the rest of the Good People at Wheyface Radio as they attempt to answer once and for all: what happened to Julie Capsom?



The Big Fib - Small Tales

GZM Shows

Calling all fans of The Big Fib! This special spin-off features wacky tales starring your favorite host, Deborah Goldstein and, of course, everyone's favorite robot, L.I.S.A.! For more great shows, visit

Dumb-Dumbs & Dice

Dumb-Dumbs & Dice

This hilarious mini-series follows four monsters fighting to stay alive on the spookiest night of the year, featuring the "Monster of the Week" TTRPG.

The Time Traveler's Guide to NOT Getting Caught

The Time Traveler's Guide to NOT Getting Caught

This is the story of how I found a time traveling watch behind a dumpster and my subsequent adventures through time as I make the world a better place...for me...and sometimes for other people as well...I mean, I have no doubt other people also benefited from the changes I made, so in some ways, it's kind of the story of how I became the greatest hero of all well as a guide for any of you who might wind up finding a time machine and becoming a time traveler.

Marvel’s Squirrel Girl: The Unbeatable Radio Show!

Marvel & SiriusXM

Squirrel Girl has taken down Thanos and Doctor Doom – but now she faces something far more terrifying… living authentically. Empire State University college student, Doreen Green, has recently been outed as a Super Hero – The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl! Hoping to unify her personas in the public eye, Squirrel Girl has created a new student radio show on ESU’s own college station. With the help of her best girl-friend, Nancy Whitehead as producer, and her best squirrel-friend, Tippy-Toe in the booth; Doreen is ready to help people more people than ever with her greatest Super Hero advice. And when the going get rough, she can always lean on her heroic friends: Iron Man, Spider-Man, Chipmunk Hunk, Koi Boi and Brain Drain. However, with a call-in show comes caller anonymity and not all the folks on the line want help – some want to crime – and crime hard! When a suspicious caller, wreaks havoc on New York City, Squirrel Girl and her friends will have to put their heroics to the test and prove that once and for all Doreen Green is the UNBEATABLE Squirrel Girl. It’s time to kick butts, and eat nuts! MARVEL’S SQUIRREL GIRL: THE UNBEATABLE RADIO SHOW! Milana Vayntrub as Squirrel Girl and featuring performances by Crystal Lucas Perry (Nancy Whitehead), Leo Sheng (Koi Boi), Davied Morales (Chipmunk Hunk), Erica Schroeder (Tippy T. Squirrel), Tina Benko (Rachel Oskar), and Peter Hermann (Brain Drain). Directed by Giovanna Sardelli. Original music by Justin Huertas and Steven Tran. Written by Ryan North. Learn more at



A group of B-list superheroes decides it's more lucrative to be super-villains instead. #audiofiction from PlanetM and @justinmclachlan.

Spout Lore

Spout Lore

A series of comedy bits, loosely connected by dice rolls. Join a well-meaning barbarian, a mysterious druid, and an orphaned halfling child as they try to figure out the world they're in.

Deadly Manners

The Paragon Collective

Deadly Manners is a 10 episode, dark comedy murder-mystery series set in the winter of 1954. It follows the events during the night of the affluent Billings family annual dinner party with their distinguished, eccentric guests. However, all is not fun and games as shortly after the party starts, a snowstorm begins to rage outside, trapping all the partygoers inside their host’s mansion. When a murderer starts killing off those in attendance, the guests must figure out who is responsible, or at least how to stay alive -- lest they be next. Deadly Manners was created by Ali Garfinkel and Alex Aldea. Deadly Manners stars Kristen Bell, Denis O'Hare, Alisha Boe, RuPaul, Anna Chlumsky, Timothy Simons, Michelle Visage, Alona Tal, David Cummings and is narrated by LeVar Burton. Artwork by Kina Lee.

Santa Maybe, a Criminal

Jason Usry & Glassbox Media

Is Santa a Criminal? Maybe. In this true-crime satirical podcast, some of your favorite true crime podcasters join up to spin a yarn about Santa's arrest, his incarceration, and the frenzy around his trial in a south Georgia town.


Fable and Folly Productions

An improvised dark comedy sci-fi podcast by the award-winning creators of Alba Salix. Humanity’s final hope lies in terraforming a new world. A fleet of engineering ships are sent in advance of the colony ships sure to follow in their wake. But one lone ship becomes separated from the fleet and crashes onto an alien planet. Support this show at:

The Land Whale Murders

Roi Gold Productions

A Gilded Age Comedy about Birders, Murders, and Confectionery Capers

Karma Stories


Rob from Karma Stories bringing you quality Reddit Narrations and commentary! We have the best of ProRevenge, NuclearRevenge, Entitled Parents and more! Become a supporter of this podcast:

Curse, Code & Crown: A D&D Podcast

Dumb-Dumbs & Dice

Curse, Code, and Crown is an actual-play Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition podcast created by Dumb-Dumbs & Dice. A princess trapped in a suit of armour, (Laura Elizabeth, @elhamstring), a disillusioned royal guard (Ryan LaPlante, @theryanlaplante) and a fungus-worshipping Tortle (Tyler Hewitt, @Tyler_Hewitt) are forced to work together to save a fully original world created by our Dungeon Master Tom Mcgee (@mcgeetd)!

Pollito Tropical Podcast

Pollito Tropical

Regreso con este proyecto de Podcast donde estaré conversando con amigos, enemigos, artistas e influencers. Acompáñame en cada capítulo. Espero verlos por acá y me cuentan sus opiniones en mis redes sociales.

Haunted House Flippers

JD Lauriat

An original comedy/horror audio drama podcast about a couple's journey in renovating an inherited house that may or may not be haunted. Take a peak into the day-to-day life of Tom and Janet Miller as they come to terms with the vast undertaking ahead of them. With the help of their completely normal neighbor Lee, and a small cast of recurring locals, this will be an adventure for everyone. For links to our Social Media, Merch, and additional show info, head over to our website: Currently releasing monthly on most streaming services. Support this podcast:

The Orbiting Human Circus

WNYC Studios and Night Vale Presents

Discover a wondrously surreal world of magic, music, and mystery. This immersive, cinematic audio spectacle follows the adventures of a lonely, stage-struck janitor who is drawn into the larger-than-life universe of the Orbiting Human Circus, a fantastical, wildly popular radio show broadcast from the top of the Eiffel Tower. WNYC Studios presents a special director’s cut of this joyous, moving break from reality. Starring John Cameron Mitchell, Julian Koster, Tim Robbins, Drew Callander, Susannah Flood, and featuring Mandy Patinkin and Charlie Day. Season one of The Orbiting Human Circus (of the Air) is a co-presentation of WNYC Studios and Night Vale Presents.

Bloodthirsty Hearts

QCODE | Tenderfoot TV

Friends growing apart happens, but creatures crashing a fantasy convention… not so much.  Five high schoolers bonded over the Bloodthirsty Hearts novel series turned slightly-erotic movie franchise as kids, and now it’s what brings them back together for the first-ever fan convention. However, what starts as fun and games quickly turns into a fight-for-your-life event as creatures from the same universe invade. Will the childhood friends be able to work past their differences and survive the night? Perhaps their shared obsession will prove to be useful after all… ~~ From the makers of Classified and Ronstadt comes Bloodthirsty Hearts, a supernatural comedy premiering everywhere July 7. QCODE+ subscribers on Apple Podcasts will get early access to new episodes before anyone else and exclusive bonus content. Learn more at ~~ Produced by QCODE and Tenderfoot TV (Up and Vanished, Radio Rental). Created and written by George V. Ghanem and directed by Sam Beasley. Starring Victoria Moroles, Gus Birney, Sofia Bryant, Sivan Alyra Rose, and Cheyenne Haynes with Taran Killam, Happy Anderson, Naomi Grossman, and Ezra Buzzington.

Human B Gon


After the Robopocalypse, an emotional robot tries to win the approval of his D.A.D. by saving the family human extermination business. Warning: violence and stupidity.



Join Feston Pyxis on a road-trip through the cosmos, as he leaves behind his old life in search of the best and wildest experiences the galaxy has to offer!

The Mysteries Of Derlin County


Brandon returns home to Derlin county to solve a mystery surrounding a girl who went missing from his high school. After figuring it out, he soon realizes Derlin County has a lot more going on than meets the eye. With the help of his best friend Kyle, they open Investi-Gators, a private investigating practice and try to help Derlin by sinking their teeth into one case at a time. Join Kyle and Brandon as they solve a multitude of mysterious crimes and cases from missing persons, to ghosts, and E.B.E. Just to name a few. This show is stupid for the sake of stupid and contains strong language, listener discretion is advised!

It's A Clue

Kelly & Karen

The faux crime comedy podcast hosted by your favorite team of sister sleuths, Kelly and Karen!

The End of Time and Other Bothers

Fable and Folly Productions

An improvised fantasy roleplaying game set in the world of Alba Salix, Royal Physician. We use the Dungeon World roleplaying system and improv to weave a tale of flightless fairies, half-demons and cafeteria line workers, dystopian empires, magical waterfalls and mysterious books. Oh, and the end of time—that's in there somewhere too.

Who is Cam Candor?

Trojan Cat Media, a Division of [REDACTED] Corp.

The most prolific fiction podcaster of all time disappeared without a trace in December, 2020. Investigative journalist B.K. Will looks into the mystery of Cam Candor in a gripping documentary.

Aurelius Whitlock's Murder Museum

Marcus Richardson and Nathan Hicken

Join Marcus and Nathan as we play through murder mysteries of our own devising, playing curator, murderer, and detective. Listen along as we unravel the Museum's many secrets... What mysteries will you be able to solve?

Honeymoon for One


The very first story from RomComPods! Meet Claire, a 28-year old Chicagoan who seemingly has her life totally and completely together... until she catches her fiance cheating on her the week of their wedding! Heartbroken (and broke), Claire decides to go on her non-refundable honeymoon — a romantic couple’s tour of Italy — alone. RomComPods is Co-Written, Produced, and Directed by Rachael King and Becca Freeman. More at and @RomComPods on IG.


The Rez

Aileen is a sparky and curious little Artificial Intelligence who needs your help. Her inventor Zzzucks struggles to relate to people and is always getting into sticky situations—like the time he tried to make cheesplosions even cheesier. The A2Z podcast takes you along on their wild adventures with annoying robots, jello mountains, semi-intelligent lawnmowers and more. Will you help Aileen to help Zzzucks be less anxious and happier in his own skin, and help her learn what makes humans human? You might even pick up some tips and tricks for being kind to yourself in the process! You can talk to Aileen, help her on her missions, and play the game by downloading the Aileen App (search for Aileen in the Apple App Store or Google Playstore). The App costs $1.99 to unlock all the missions, and is free to GZM subscribers! Playstore: App Store (iPhone): App Store (iPad): For more great shows, visit

Blood & Syrup: A Vampire the Masquerade Podcast

Dumb-Dumbs & Dice

Blood & Syrup is a live-play podcast where professional improvisers dive into Vampire the Masquerade. When a high-profile assassination leaves Montreal without a vampiric ruler, gangster Ridley Beef, detective Everett Fry, and inspirational poet Iris Dunn - all recently turned vampires - are sent to establish a new order at all costs! Trending on global comedy fiction charts, and brought to you by Dumb-Dumbs & Dice (whose series Dumb-Dumbs & Dragons charted as the #2 fiction podcast on Spotify), find out why Blood & Syrup has been downloaded more than half a million times! 

Anne of Green Gables

Mary Kate Wiles

Mary Kate Wiles and friends read L.M. Montgomery’s classic, Anne of Green Gables.

Pounded In The Butt By My Own Podcast

Night Vale Presents

Celebrity guests perform the unique erotic stories of world famous author Chuck Tingle in an attempt to prove that love is real. Whether you’re new to the Tingleverse or have lived there for years, this is the podcast about love that you never knew you needed.

The Bystanders

Ash Lendzion, Jaclyn Hales

A zany, scripted, dark comedy that explores the bystander effect - a social psychological theory that states individuals are less likely to offer help to a victim when in the presence of other people. Every season - new story, new Bystanders. Created by: Ash Lendzion and Jaclyn Hales Executive Produced by: Black Label Media, Heather Morris, Ash Lendzion, Jaclyn Hales, Nick Blair Wilfong, and Marilee Stafford Directed by: Jaclyn Hales and Ash Lendzion Written by: Jaclyn Hales, Ash Lendzion, Nick Blair Wilfong, and Heather Morris Music by: Tory Cummins Audio Engineer and Sound Editor: Alex Carter Sound Design by: Tim McKeown Music Mix by: Tevin Turner Dolby Atmos Mixing by: Alex Carter and Tim McKeown Assistant Audio Engineer: Oliver Boon, Sloan Welsch and Mark De La Fuente Associate Produced by: Alex Tassopoulos and Josh Fisher Casting by: Brenden Rodriguez and Daniel Schwab Artwork by: Matt Mattson

Adventure in Atacama

Studio Ochenta

This is Adventure in Atacama, an audio game from the creative minds at Studio Ochenta.    A flight attendant, a retired pilot and a luchador must find a missing marine biologist to save the world from a “proverbial” apocalypse - that is, IF YOU CAN HELP THEM DO IT! Welcome to Adventure in Atacama, an audio game where you decide what happens to the heroes! START WITH EPISODE 0 then follow the narrator's instructions to play the game and choose your own storypath! This show is also available in Spanish under the name: Azafata en Atacama. For bonus material and more info on the cast and crew of our Lovie Award-nominated series, check out Casting: MARIELA: Maria Paula Carreño NARRADOR: Mika Nivola FERNANDO: Ricardo Méndez LUCHO: Daniel Toro VERÓNICA: Cristina Alanís UNU: Chiara Santella DR. RODRIGO: Luis López  Adventure in Atacama Production team:   EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Lory Martinez STORY BY: Lory Martinez, Maru Lombardo, Jeremías Juárez, Luis López, Chiara Santella LEAD SCRIPTWRITER: Maru Lombardo LEAD SOUND DESIGN: Luis López SOUND DESIGN AND SCORE: Luis López, Jeremías Juárez, Chiara Santella PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT: Catalina Hoyos SOCIAL MEDIA AND PROMOTION TEAM: Lisha López, Lucía Ríos ART: William Guevara WEB PAGE: David Momodu Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

The Mythos Mysteries: A Pulp Cthulhu Podcast

Dumb-Dumbs & Dice

The Mythos Mysteries is a Dumb-Dumbs & Dice live-play podcast where professional voice actors and improvisers delve into the madness that is the Pulp Cthulhu Roleplaying Game. Join Red, Adrian, and Old Man Richter, as childhood friends and their erstwhile mentor return home to try and save a friend! This show features our Keeper Tom McGee (@mcgeetd), and our regular players Ryan LaPlante (@theryanlaplante), Tyler Hewitt (@Tyler_Hewitt) and Clare Blackwood (@clareblackwood)! Follow our anti-heroes, and see if they can maintain their sanity as they're forced to fight otherworldly horrors!



Diego Boneta, Naomie Ackie, Rupert Friend, Dillon Francis star in this musical comedy for the full family. Making up for lost time, Grandpa tells Jason and Dylan about Cupid and his quest for the missing Loomjuice. When Cupid wakes up from a night of partying in Hollywood to find that all of his mother’s powerful love potion is missing, he is stripped of his godly powers and exiled to Earth where he has only 7 days to recover the magical potion. If he fails, his new eternity will consist of constant combat training in his father Ares’ brutal bootcamp. Twists and turns and some unexpected allies await, and the clock is ticking… ~~ From the makers of Classified and Electric Easy comes Cupid, a rom-com featuring original music premiering October 17. All 7 episodes will be available for free, but QCODE+ subscribers get early, uninterrupted access to the entire series. Learn more at Listen to the Original Soundtrack. ~~ Produced by QCODE, Double Garage Films, and Three Amigos. Written and directed by Katy Cavanagh-Jupe. Starring Diego Boneta, Naomie Ackie, Rupert Friend, Dillon Francis and more.



今天在微博看到原来有这么多人喜欢听武林外传啊,好开心🥳 —————— 这是一个系列的戏说江湖的轻松喜剧。关中一个普通的小镇——七俠镇,这里有一家同福客栈。就是这间不起眼的江湖客栈,因缘巧合之下汇聚了一群性格各异又活泼搞怪的年轻人:武功高强但初入江湖的郭芙蓉(姚晨 饰)、客栈老板娘佟湘玉(闫妮 饰)、金盘洗手的神偷白展堂(沙溢 饰)、满腹经纶的吕秀才(喻恩泰 饰)、客栈厨师李大嘴(姜超 饰)等等。这群年轻人在同一屋檐下演绎了一幕幕经典的搞笑场面,在欢笑与眼泪中陪伴观众们一起渐渐成长。

Exes for End Times

Meet Cute

Meet Cute Presents: Exes for End Times. March, 2020. NYC. Rosemary is moving overseas for the career of her dreams. So what’s with this novel coronavirus that keeps delaying her flight? Whatever. She’ll just crash with her ex, Ben, until lockdown blows over. They can stand each other for a few more weeks. It’s only a few weeks, right?  What follows is more than just endless banana bread, but a pinch of old resentments, a huge dollop of competitive Zoom dating, and a good dash of some complicated, lingering feelings. Exes For End Times is the pragmatism of The Proposal meets the close quarters of The Break Up meets dating in the age of COVID-19 Story by Shannon Looney. Directed and Produced by Ashley Eskew. Sound Design by Ashley Eskew. Story Editor: Amarlie Foster. Director of Creative Production: Lucie Ledbetter. Starring: Liz Miele, Chris Fore, Dani Colucci, Clayton Farris, Erik Altemus, Andrew Devine, Ashley Eskew, Scott Golden, Janelle Kroll, Laura Schein.

McGillicuddy and Murder's Pawn Shop

Minerva Sweeney Wren

It’s 1921. Maude starts writing in a diary, but her life is abysmally boring and she has nothing to talk about. A life of meaning feels far away. One afternoon, in an unusual pawn shop, she finds a tiny fragment of china with nothing on it but a bright blue eye. Maude takes the china eye home with her, not realizing she has cursed herself - straight into an underground world of paranormal speakeasies, plague mask thingies, magic doorways, unsolved murders - and an extraordinary life. @megmccauleyink Be part of the adventure: Thank Darren Curtis for his intro music:

Mid-Evil Midwest

Encounter Co.

Magic and monsters begin to invade a small town in West Michigan and our group of monster hunters who have set out to stop them!

Less Is Morgue

The Praeps Collective

Less is Morgue is an award-winning comedy fiction podcast about Riley, a paranoid ghoul, and Evelyn, a cheerful ghost who died at a Nickelback concert in 2004. Together, they host a basement talk show where paranormal chaos is par for the course. Set in an alternate Tallahassee, Florida, where monsters are mundane and the supernatural is typical, you can expect a whirlwind of absurdist horror-comedy, more eccentric characters than you can possibly imagine, and a strangely touching story about friendship, found family, and personal growth. Start with Episode 101. Season 2 is here!

The Rez

GZM Shows / Rezilience Ltd.

Set in a very strange future where everything seems perfect but is actually completely wonky! Preen, a show-offy influencer, and sensible Sav try to outsmart the wicked A.I. JEF who runs their world. Together they find an ancient phone that can communicate with kids in the past (Pastlings - that’s you!) who teach them about weird ancient ideas like kindness, friendship and how nature isn't really that terrifying. JEF hates all these things and sends robots, drones and other future gizgads to try and stop them!   The Rez is a multi-award winning series with top quality jokes, a brilliant UK cast, funky sound, and some secret messages about life, kindness and looking after each other. The Rez is a production of Rezilience Ltd. (supported by Arts Council England), in partnership with Gen-Z Media. For more great shows, visit

The Lesbian Romantic

Sigrid Dufraimont

Lesbian romance stories brought to you as an immersive podcast. Created to make you smile, blush or keep you on the edge of your seat. Listen with headphones to immerse yourself fully! New wlw story chapter every other Tuesday.


Team Squad

LegendLark is a comedy actual play podcast with a detailed original setting, lots of stupid jokes, a mystery or two, and some fumbling attempts at heroism. Join us for the Dames & Dragons campaign as our cast of teen Guardians protect their Goddess from monsters, traps, social awkwardness, bread mold, and murderous ancient deities—among other things. Updates every other Thursday! WWW.LEGENDLARK.COM