Sabai Talk Podcast

Hong Thaimee

Thai Iced Tea - Why Everyone Loves It Ep.5 (video)

Sabai Talk Podcast is a conversation about Thai food, Thai cooking and Thai culture from the most visible Thai female Chefs in media: Hong Thaimee and Pailin Chongchitnant.
Join Chefs Hong and Pailin as they talk about why everyone loves Thai iced tea (cha yen). We talk about how Thai people drink Thai tea and variations of Thai tea you can make and enjoy. 
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Hong Thaimee
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Pailin Chongchitnant
Pailin’s Thai Tea Recipe: 
Pailin’s Instagram
Pailin’s cookbooks
Pailin’s YouTube Channel

Ordinary People, Extraordinary Stories Chana Weisberg

Join Chana Weisberg as she interviews interesting guests with inspiring and enlightening stories.

Magic Hour with Taylor Paige

Taylor Paige

116 Breathwork, Nervous System Regulation, & Clearing the Energetic Junk Drawer with Raegan Loston

Taylor Paige interviews breathwork expert Raegan Loston about all things breathwork, how to regulate your nervous system and bring more ease to your life, on this week’s episode of Magic Hour.
Connect with Raegan on IG @BreatheWithRaeLo or by email
Connect with Taylor further on Instagram @angels_and_amethyst or on her website 
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Paul's Security Weekly TV

Security Weekly

Zotac, Eldorado, Donex, Qlins, Ticketmaster, AI, Physical Security, Aaran Leyland... - SWN #396

Zotac, Eldorado, Donex, Qlins, Ticketmaster, AI, Physical Security, Aaran Leyland, and more, are on this edition of the Security Weekly News. Show Notes:

Security Weekly News (Video)

Security Weekly Productions

Zotac, Eldorado, Donex, Qlins, Ticketmaster, AI, Physical Security, Aaran Leyland... - SWN #396

Zotac, Eldorado, Donex, Qlins, Ticketmaster, AI, Physical Security, Aaran Leyland, and more, are on this edition of the Security Weekly News. Show Notes:

Look at the Book

Desiring God

If We Have the Spirit, Why Commands? Galatians 5:22–26, Part 3

If Christians have the Spirit of God leading and guiding them, why does the New Testament issue over four hundred commands to obey?

Messages by Desiring God (Video)

Desiring God

His Power, Your Body, Our Home: Three Marks of Christian Citizens

David Mathis | In this earthly life, Christians do more than wait for heaven. We belong to heaven, find our hope in heaven, and serve the King of heaven. Video Podcast

Michael Greger, M.D. FACLM

Friday Favorites: The Best Dietary Changes for Colon Cancer Prevention

A low-fiber diet is a key driver of microbiome depletion, the disappearance of diversity in our good gut flora. What would happen within just two weeks if you swapped the diets of typical Americans with that of healthier eaters?

The DJ Sessions

The DJ Sessions

Belle Humble on the Virtual Sessions presented by The DJ Sessions 7/3/24

Belle Humble on the Virtual Sessions presented by The DJ Sessions 7/3/24
About Belle Humble -
BELLE HUMBLE is a platinum-selling, UK-based singer/songwriter who has worked with the likes of Paloma Faith, Alexandra Burke, Lazy Rich and DJ Muggs. 
Well known for the dubstep anthem “Cracks” with Freestylers x Flux Pavillion and numerous UKF-released bangers, Belle recently scored a number of cross-genre dancefloors staples with Tom Swoon & Dank “Phoenix” [Official X-Box Forza Horizon 3 Trailer Theme]; Lexer “Feels Like This” and Qulinez’s “Body Dancing” [feat. on TV’s hit ‘So You Think You Can Dance.’] as well as the new Never Say Die stormer “High From It” with fave newcomer, LAXX. Belle’s newest tech anthem is the new Sander van Doorn collaboration called “No Words."
We are all instruments of sound. Each and every one of us, everything that exists, from here to infinity, has

The Potter's Touch on

Bishop T.D. Jakes

Strengthen What Remains

Watch Bishop T.D. Jakes from The Potters Touch

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Jesse Duplantis Ministries Video Podcast

Jesse Duplantis

The Panoramic View of The Vision, Part 2

Ignite the vision the Lord put on your heart as Jesse teaches you how to receive a full view of His plan so that you can complete it.
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Amazing Facts with Doug Batchelor

Amazing Facts - God's Message Is Our Mission!

Bowing to the Beast

In the last days on this earth the devil is going to tell us to change one of God's commandments. We are going to have to choose between obeying God and obeying men.

Enterprise Security Weekly (Video)

Security Weekly Productions

Is GenAI Having a Rough Time? We check in to see how it's doing. - ESW #366

We've made a slight tweak to the news format, only focusing on the most interesting funding and acquisition stories. As always, you can go check out Mike Privette's Return on Security newsletter for the full list of funded and acquired companies every week. This week, we discuss two $100M+ rounds, from Huntress and Semperis. We also discuss NetSPI's acquisition of Hubble, and the future of the CAASM market. We focus on the important of detection engineering, echoing some of Martin Roesch's thoughts from our interview with him just before the news. One story is from the excellent DFIR report, a website and newsletter you should absolutely be subscribed to if detection engineering is important to you. The other story is from Thinkst, and showcases their ability to create file share honeypots with file listings that can now be tailored to specific industries. We discuss the resu

Woodworking with The Wood Whisperer

The Wood Whisperer

The Ultimate Space-Saving Hack For Storing Your Spices | In-wall Spice Rack You Must See!

Maximize kitchen storage with an in-wall spice rack. Learn how to create a custom, space-saving solution for your spice collection.

Woodworking with The Wood Whisperer

The Wood Whisperer

The Ultimate Space-Saving Hack For Storing Your Spices | In-wall Spice Rack You Must See!

Maximize kitchen storage with an in-wall spice rack. Learn how to create a custom, space-saving solution for your spice collection.

In My House Techno Music Show, Inc.


IMH EP 468 International Friends

This week on In My House Techno Music Show, featuring interviews with some of international friends:
Phil Robertson (Dublin, Ireland), shares a quick moment reflecting on his trip to Detroit.
CloudMasta & his son Berry (Meauxtown, France), introduce new music released by Berry and things that inspired him to want to become a recording artist. 
Plus, Tec-Troit 2024 highlights.
Let the music Play...!!!
In My House Techno Music Show continues to stay true to the mission....
"Where the TRUE stories are told and GREAT music is played!”
Enjoy the show!
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What On Earth Is Happening

What On Earth Is Happening

What On Earth Is Happening #295

Click Here To Download WOEIH #295

Date: 2024-06-23

Title: The Unholy Feminine: Neo-Feminism & The Satanic Epi-Eugenics Agenda, Revisited - Part 17

Related Images: Download (zip archive)

Presentation Slides: The Unholy Feminine Slides (zip archive, 36.7MB)

TBN Israel Podcast

TBN Israel

IDF rescues Israeli hostages; Hamas rejects ceasefire deal

An in-depth analysis of the daring hostage rescue mission in Gaza, codenamed "Operation Arnon." This meticulously executed IDF operation resulted in the liberation of Noa Argamani, Almog Meir Jan, Andrey Kozlov, and Shlomi Ziv from captivity.
Hosts Yair Pinto and Mati Shoshani dissect the intricacies of this high-stakes mission, revealing the strategic planning, precise execution, and significant challenges the IDF faced while extracting hostages from densely populated areas. Gain exclusive insights into the tactical decisions, logistical hurdles, and critical moments that defined this operation's success.
As the situation continues to evolve, we examine the prospects for future rescue attempts. What lessons can be drawn from Operation Arnon? How might these inform potential upcoming missions?

Application Security Weekly (Video)

Security Weekly

Learning EBPF - Liz Rice - ASW Vault

Check out this interview from the ASW Vault, hand picked by main host Mike Shema! This segment was originally published on April 4, 2023. Following on from her successful title "Container Security", Liz has recently authored "Learning eBPF", published by O'Reilly. eBPF is a revolutionary kernel technology that is enabling a whole new generation of infrastructure tools for networking, observability, and security. Let's explore eBPF and understand its value for security, and how it's used to secure network connectivity in the Cilium project, and for runtime security observability and enforcement in Cilium's sub-project, Tetragon. Segment Resources: Download "Learning eBPF": Buy "Learning eBPF" from Amazon: Cilium project: Tetragon project: h

Kali Mandir Satsang

Kali Mandir

Kālī Sahasranāma (talk 53): "She who is the Dark Night" etc. by Swami Bhajanananda Saraswati

Discourse by Pujya (Revered) Dr. Swami Bhajanananda Saraswati, on names 298 through 309 of the "Thousand Names of Kali", given at Kali Mandir Ramakrishna Ashram on 15 June 2024, followed by arati and kirtan. 
कर्त्री हर्त्री पालयित्री शर्वरी तामसी दया |
तमिस्रा तामसी स्थाणुः स्थिरा धीरा तपस्विनी || ३८ ||
kartrī hartrī pālayitrī śarvarī tāmasī dayā |
tamisrā tāmasī sthāṇuḥ sthirā dhīrā tapasvinī || 38 ||
298. कर्त्री kartrī
299. हर्त्री hartrī
300. पालयित्री pālayitrī
301. शर्वरी śarvarī
302. तामसी tāmasī
303. दया dayā
304. तमिस्रा tamisrā
305. तामसी tāmasī
306. स्थाणुः sthāṇuḥ
307. स्थिरा sthirā
308. धीरा dhīrā
309. तपस्विनी tapasvinī

Support the work of Kali Mand

The King of Chevys Presents

The King of Chevys

The King of Chevys Presents: Teddy Rags

From The Bay To LA Fuzz And Tweet Are Having A Sit Down With Lil Bro Teddy To Talk About What Moves Him And Keeps Him Magnetize To Lowriding And This Classic Car Culture!

Eventual Millionaire - Video Case Studies with Millionaire Business Owners

Jaime Masters

Selects Edition: Mathematical approach to a Super Successful business with Dan Vega

Episode Highlights: How to build and establish a relationship through value exchange, When is the right time to leverage the relationships you established, How to deal with people who want to take advantage of you, Learn the formula to make your business or set up your business to in the top 20% of its industry to ensure its success, Learn Dan's clarity and visioning tips
The post Selects Edition: Mathematical approach to a Super Successful business with Dan Vega appeared first on Eventual Millionaire.

SD Video Series

Keith Moore

Defeating Discouragement - Pt. 2 - Defeating Discouragement

Message Description

Understanding Wine with Austin Beeman | Video | Wine Country Travel | Wine Life

Austin Beeman

Science. Creativity. Passion. Luna Hart Wines | Owner and Winemaker Gretchen Voelcker

Join Gretchen Voelcker, the owner and winemaker of Luna Hart Wines, as she takes us on a tour of Hendricks Vineyard in Ballard Canyon - a key source of grapes for her small-production, minimal intervention wines.  Learn about Gretchen's passion project, Luna Hart, which she started in 2014 with a focus on unique varietals like Grüner Veltliner, Sauvignon Blanc, Cinsault, Counoise, and Syrah. Hear how her background, from growing up on a farm to studying business and plant sciences, led her to the wine industry and the creativity she finds in making small-lot, terroir-driven wines. Discover why Gretchen chose to base her winemaking career in Santa Barbara County, citing the region's high percentage of women winemakers, entrepreneurial spirit, and diverse microclimates that allow for experimentation with a wide range of grape varieties. Gain insights into G

Sid Roth's It's Supernatural!

Sid Roth

Sid Roth's It's Supernatural!

The Cartesian Cafe

Timothy Nguyen

Marcus Hutter | Universal Artificial Intelligence and Solomonoff Induction

Marcus Hutter is an artificial intelligence researcher who is both a Senior Researcher at Google DeepMind and an Honorary Professor in the Research School of Computer Science at Australian National University. He is responsible for the development of the theory of Universal Artificial Intelligence, for which he has written two books, one back in 2005 and one coming right off the press as we speak. Marcus is also the creator of the Hutter prize, for which you can win a sizable fortune for achieving state of the art lossless compression of Wikipedia text.
Patreon (bonus materials + video chat):
In this technical conversation, we cover material from Marcus’s two books “Universal Artificial Intelligence” (2005) and “Introduction to Universal Artificial Intelligence” (2024). The main goal is to develop a mathematical theory for combining sequential prediction

FileMaker DevCast: Everything Claris FileMaker

Portage Bay Solutions

Beyond the Code: Integrating ChatGPT with FileMaker for Next-Level Development

Don’t miss out on discovering how AI can transform your approach to database management and client interactions. In Episode 14 of the FileMaker DevCast, we talk more about the world of artificial intelligence and FileMaker. We’ve been looking into how to seamlessly integrate large language models like ChatGPT into FileMaker solutions, to enhance functionality and user experience. We talk about some step-by-step workflows - from setting up the initial API connections to deploying real-world applications - that let us incorporate AI in our projects. Listen in and get some knowledge and tools to start integrating intelligent features into your own FileMaker solutions. 

World Series of Politics

Clarion Events Ltd (Gaming)

Episode 29: Maryland and the question of cannibalisation

Maryland is the last great hope for igaming regulation in 2024, and the World Series of Politics brings in The Analysis Group to put the question of cannibalisation to bed once and for all.

Mickey Ferri and Laura O’Laughlin join Brendan Bussmann and Brandt Iden to discuss the recent study showing online casino actually expands the market, rather than eating away at the land-based share.

The Essence of Investing with Jonathan Rechtman

Next Level Communication LLC

Episode 8: Andrew He @ Nous Capital

Andrew He co-founder of Nous Capital discusses the essence of value investing, how to develop a research framework, tips for managing bias in decision-making, and how to build a hedge fund company and culture from scratch.Andrew He is the Founding Partner, Chairman, and CIO of Nous Capital, a long-bias hedge fund investing in Chinese companies listed around the world. Prior to establishing Nous, Andrew was a senior PM and formed the value investing team at CITIC Capital; a Partner & Co-PM at Asia Value Capital; he began his career in QFII equity sales at CICC.Next Level Communication is a communication advisory focused on helping teams and companies unlock value in every interaction. Whether it’s an investor pitch or your next board meeting, every message, for every audience, deserves expertise and intentionality. Our team of cross-disciplinary professionals with a combined 100+ years’ experience in high-stakes communication with world


Terminus Inc

Mastering Crisis Communication: Inside the New JIC and Liaison Manual

In this episode, join us for an exclusive preview of the newly updated Joint Information Center (JIC) and Liaison Manual of the Northwest Regional Contingency Plan, along with insights into the upcoming Communications Workshop in Portland on April 3rd, 2024. Our guests, Suzanne Lagoni, Principal at Nexus Northwest, and Ty Keltner, Communications Manager at the Washington State Department of Ecology, bring their wealth of experience and expertise to the discussion.
Throughout the episode, listeners will gain valuable insights into:
The role of the JIC and liaison officers in coordinating communication during emergencies.
Best practices for communication planning and implementation in crisis scenarios.
Case studies and real-world examples illustrating the impact of strategic communication in crisis management.
An overview of the upcoming Communications Workshop in Portland, offering

The Water Ski Podcast

Matteo Luzzeri

EP100: Ski Talk with Dad

Welcome to the 100th episode of The Water Ski Podcast.Originally recorded on February 9th, 2023, this is an interview with Fedele Luzzeri, my father.After an initial attempt of recording this in April 2022, we decided to give it another go in 2023. The challenges of translating the subtitles to English in order for skiers around the world to enjoy was marginally made easier by AI. The rest was just multiple listens and work.Dad's story into water skiing mostly follows a chronological order that listeners of The Water Ski Podcast are accustomed with, starting with the usual "How did you get into water skiing?" question.I hope you all enjoy as much as dad and I had a good time recording this._________________________This episode originally premiered live on YouTube on December 15th, 2023. If your podcast provider does not show video with English subtitles, you can head over on YouTube and watch there.Take a few seconds to write a review

Beyond Risk & Back

Fire Mountain Enterprises LLC

Broadway Dreams & TikTok Streams- Bruce Brackett's Remarkable Road to Recovery

"I have days where I really struggle, especially this last week. I was really down in the dumps, depression, everything, struggling with my own sobriety and questioning my worth and self-sabotage and that imposter syndrome."
Bruce Wayne Brackett is a passionate advocate for nurturing the well-being of young people and a visionary in the world of parenting advice. Bruce brings a message of hope and encouragement to parents navigating the complexities of raising children in today's world. Firm in his belief, Bruce cautions against the early exposure of children to social media, highlighting the importance of brain development which continues into early adulthood.
Bruce's philosophy centers around inspiration as the cornerstone for self-motivation. He believes that by uncovering personal joy and identifying with one's true self, individuals can shine bright

Distilling Greatness Podcast

Company Distilling

Distilling Greatness Episode 12: What’s Brewing for 2024

Gather Around: The founders of Company Distilling continue their passion for the state of Tennessee, its rich history, and education by hosting the “Distilling Greatness” podcast. Recorded live at the Townsend distillery, listeners can Gather Around with the Company Distilling team and a few of their friends to get a taste of the people and […]

The Biotech Project

Scott Resnik and John Walsh, MD

Biotech AI Revolution: Unveiling Impact on Drug Discovery, Commercialization, and Personalized Medicine

Scott and John discuss the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on the biotech industry. They explore how AI is revolutionizing drug discovery and development, as well as its applications in commercialization and personalized medicine. The hosts also highlight the integration of AI into biopharma systems and the potential for AI to enhance diagnostic possibilities. They emphasize that while AI will transform various fields, it cannot replace human expertise. The episode concludes with a call to action for listeners to engage with the podcast and share their thoughts on AI's impact.

The Anik Singal Show

Anik Singal

My Guest Today Is… ME! | Pilot SOLO Episode! [VIDEO VERSION]

Today’s episode is going to be a little bit strange. My guest today is… ME! 
That’s right, I’m trying something new with today’s episode and I’m having one of my great friends and Board of Experts member, Kaci Brown, interview me.
 Here’s the deal. I didn’t prepare for this interview AT ALL. So the answers that Kaci pulled out of me are completely raw. And that’s why I love Kaci. She knows the exact questions to ask me to get my most raw and honest responses.
I shared some things on this podcast I’ve never shared publicly before!
Check it out and let me know what you think of this PILOT solo episode in the comments!
If you haven’t yet, don’t forget to subscribe to this channel above!

Kid Friday - apps, websites, gadgets, games, fun!


Apps, Websites, Fun! 238 - It's Cold and The Consumer Electronics Show - Kid Friday Podcast

Coverage: Apple Facetime Issues, Apple Mad at Facebook, Robo Calls, NBC Streaming Service, LG OLED R, Audi Disney Holorode, Matrix Powerwatch 2, KitchenAid Smart Display, Acer Swift 7 Laptop Computer, P&G Opte Precision Skincare System, Google Assistant 2019 Upgrades, Omron HeartGuide Smart Watch, HTC Vive Pro Eye, and a whole lot more. Kid Friday™ - You're A Kid in a Digital World℠ Kid Friday is a technology information show and news source for kids, tweens, and teens. Coverage includes new websites, apps, gadgets, mobile phones, tablets, and current events. Podcast Awards: "Top 10" • People's Choice • Best Education Websites, Apps, Gadgets...Fun! We talk tech, but always end up somewhere else. Recommendations, reviews, the best kids tech, Apple and Android. We talk tech, but always end up somewhere else. Thanks for making Kid Friday the number one technology

iBiology Videos


Skin Fat Regulation: Edriss Yousuf

The fat layer in our skin has the ability to expand and shrink. Yet, the regulatory mechanisms for skin fat growth and shrinking are not well understood. In this Share Your Research Talk, Edriss Yousuf describes his thesis research on the regulation of skin fat. He discovered a non-immune function of regulatory T cells and showed that they can induce autophagy in skin fat cells to decrease their lipid droplet size. These findings have implications for scarring and scleroderma, disorders which are typically associated with reduced skin fat abundance.



How The Grinch Stole Christmas | GRINCHMAS Interviews with The Grinch & Cindy Lou Who

The GRINCH is back for Universal Studios Hollywood’s GRINCHMAS 2021 Whobilation! Parker & Adam visit Universal Hollywood & interview stars of How the Grinch Stole Christmas: The Grinch, Cindy Lou Who, Mayor Augustus Maywho & Max! This is our favorite Universal Studios annual event and this time, we’re trying to get on a first name basis with the Grinch! Plus we take a tour around the 65 foot topsy-turvy Grinchmas Tree, fill out a few postcards to send over to Mt. Crumpit! #Grinchmas #TheGrinch #UniversalStudios Thank you so much for watching, guyz! ?Happy Holidays from Adam, Stacey, Piper & Parker at PipersPicks.TV ---------------------------------------------------------------------- ► Subscribe to my channel here: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Piper’s Picks launched in 2007 as the the first online

Connect with BMC Helix ITSM and Remedy Webinar Series

Connect with Remedy

Connect with BMC Helix ITSM and Remedy - RSSO TrueSight Integration Best Practices Webinar

Replay of the Connect with BMC Helix ITSM and Remedy - RSSO TrueSight Integration Best Practices Webinar on August 25, 2021.

In this session, she will review the RSSO TrueSight best practices for installing, integrating, and configuring. This includes external RSSO installation, integrating with TrueSight Presentation Server (TSPS), TrueSight Infrastructure Management (TSIM), and TrueSight Capacity Optimization. Also configuration and troubleshooting common issues and how to identify and resolve.

Vishakha Thalpati is a Staff Technical Support Analyst

For more information on the monthly webinar series please visit Connect with BMC Helix ITSM and Remedy Monthly Webinar Series

Sustainable Waters

Denali Water Solutions.

The Benefits of Biosolids

Getting the Real Work Done in Cybersecurity (Video)

Security Weekly

Demoing PlexTrac: The Purple Teaming Platform - Getting the Real Work Done in Cybersecurity #4

The fourth and final episode of Security Weekly's podcast mini-series with PlexTrac "Getting the Real Work Done in Cybersecurity" features a comprehensive demo that takes a look at the red, blue, and purple functionality on the platform. Write better reports, conduct deeper assessments, and gain more insights with the Purple Teaming Platform. Modules covered in the demo include Reports, Assessments, Analytics, Runbooks, and more!   Show Notes: This segment is sponsored by Plextrac. Visit to learn more about them! Visit to view the entire PlexTrac Mini Series!   Follow Security Weekly on Twitter: Follow PlexTrac on Twitter: Like PlexTrac on Facebook: Check


Israel 101

Digging Up David: Modern Madness

Jerusalem in the twenty-first century is the flashpoint of geopolitics, as it has been from time immemorial. Though united under Israeli rule since 1967, the facts on the ground are nonetheless evidence of two Jerusalems, one Jewish and one Arab. It is in the sleepy Arab suburb of Silwan that the fragile modus vivendi of these two populations is being threatened by, of all things, an archaeological dig. Incredibly, the ground beneath has given up, over years of excavation, the remains of what might well be the palace of none other than King David.


HausHill Entertainment


Rē’kast/ is a film and television analysis podcast. We will review old and new T.V. programs and motion pictures. Each episode will examine cinematography, acting, directoring, writing/plots and more! Connect with HAUSHILL ENTERTAINMENT Online Visit HausHill Download the HausHill Find HausHill Entertainment on Facebook: Follow HausHill Entertainment on Twitter: Follow HausHill Entertainment on Instagram: #Rekast #FilmAnalysis #HausHillEntertainment #HHE #PodcastNetwork #PodNetwork #CreativeAgency 

Lisa Osteen Comes Podcast

Lisa Osteen Comes

Lisa Osteen Comes Podcast

Service On Celluloid

National WWII Museum

Host Seth Paridon Says Goodbye to The National WWII Museum

After 15 years as a historian at The National WWII Museum, Seth Paridon has accepted a position as Deputy Director of the Mississippi Armed Forces Museum at Camp Shelby.

Goulet Pens Podcast

Brian Goulet

Goulet Q&A Episode 283: Best Pens to Dismantle, Rose Gold Ink, and Prepping for Long-Term Storage

p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px 'Helvetica Neue'; color: #454545}

In this Goulet Q&A episode, Brian talks about pens he loves to dismantle, rose gold ink, and how to have strong relationship between a retailer and pen manufacturer. Enjoy!

What Faith Is - Faith School Week 2 SD Video

Keith Moore

Pt. 5 - What Faith Is

Message Description Needed

Tanya For Teens Series with Rabbi Manis Friedman

Rabbi Manis Friedman


24hr Torah Learning Channel SPECIAL BROADCAST ANNOUNCEMENT: FIRST of it's Kind! 24hr Torah Learning Channel by Rod Reuven Dovid Bryant and Dennis Humphrey !! Go to TorahLearningChannel.Com for the GIFT of TRUE Life

The King In The Field with Rabbi Manis Friedman

Rabbi Manis Friedman


24hr Torah Learning Channel SPECIAL BROADCAST ANNOUNCEMENT: FIRST of it's Kind! 24hr Torah Learning Channel by Rod Reuven Dovid Bryant and Dennis Humphrey !!! Go to TorahLearningChannel.Com for the GIFT of TRUE Life

Yoga Nidra, Yoga Classes, Meditation instructions in the Satyananda Tradition

Sukadev Bretz, Dr. Nalini Sahay

Kaya Sthairyam Tantra Meditation with Nalini Sahay

Meditate with Karya Sthairyam Meditation. A classical Tantra Meditation. This particular variation of Karya Sthairyam was taught by Paramahamsa Swami Satyananda, disciple of Swami Sivananda. Meditation instruction by Dr. Nalini Sahay, Yoga Master, psychologist and yoga therapist in Delhi. Recording … Weiterlesen →

Mussar with Rabbi Aryeh Wolbe

Rabbi Aryeh Wolbe

Mussar #2 Faith Emunah with Rabbi Aryeh Wolbe

Mussar #2 Faith Emunah with Rabbi Aryeh Wolbe

The Trench (Video)

Department of Youth and Young Adult Ministries of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America and Ancient Faith Radio

What We Love Matters

In the final episode of The Trench, Christian explores how what we love orients our way of being in the world and how what we love is shaped by what we do. Join Christian as he says goodbye to the series by asking, "What do we truly love?"

App Reviews iPhone, iPad, Android Apps


Skateboard Party 3 ft Greg Lutzka iPad App Review | CrazyMikesapps

Skateboard Party 3 ft Greg Lutzka iPad App Review. Great skateboard game smooth controls, lots of fun! Only $1.99 Download The iOS App Now: iPad App Review Blog Post Description Skateboard Party is back! This third edition of the popular sports franchise features professional skater Greg Lutzka. Skateboard Party 3 brings the thrill of skateboarding to your mobile device! Hop on your board, learn new tricks and improve your skills in 8 completely unique locations. Play with your friends using the online multiplayer mode or challenge skaters from all over the world on the leaderboards. Complete over 70 level objectives and achievements, gain experience and upgrade your favorite skater with the coolest gear. Customize your outfits, shoes, boards, trucks and wheels with licensed brands. CAREER MO

IdN™ Onair®


IdN™ Onair®

Precious In His Sight SD Video

Keith Moore

Pt. 9 - The Precious Blood

Message Description Needed

Pilates, Yoga, Total Body, Meditation


Pilates Core and Plyometric Leg Challenge

Want to effectively strengthen your core from all angles and create lean lower legs?Check out our latest video from Meagan and Caitlin which tackles these area in a great workout you can repeat at home or whilst your away on holiday.Enjoy Yours in Health and FitnessMEAGAN COX PERSONAL TRAININGEmail: Web: Caitlin O'Connor-Veth.

علي الخالدي


صبري عفته | علي الخالدي

حوارٌ بين العاشق الحزين، وإمامه العسكريّ (عليه السلام)
للشاعر/ كرّار الخفاجي

من مجلس شهادة الإمام العسكري (عليه السلام) 1435هـ في هيئة الإمام الجواد (عليه السلام) - مؤسسة الرضوان الشّبابيّة.

London Business School podcasts

London Business School

What does ethical investment look like?

Alexis Cheang of F and C Investments explains whether ethical investment can ever be mainstream.

That Bytes!

Kyle Kilgore

The Flying Hovercraft

Who would of thought of it?

J Bigga Videos (iPod Video)

J Bigga

Hike It - Gunnuh {aka J Bigga}

♬ Hike It - Gunnuh ℗ West Network National ♪ Download on iTunes : ♪ Free MP3 Here: ☞ FACEBOOK GUNNUH : ☞ TWITTER GUNNUH : ☞ More Album Info. [Language : ENG] : ▷ Introduction Rapper, Lead Singer, Frontman and Vocalist GUNNUH was born n' raised in Atlanta, GA. After a short stint as an actor GUNNUH (Born Bingo C. Mordashian Sept. 23, 1986) took up music to keep himself occupied and out of trouble while growing up in the ATL. GUNNUH's name, which is short for "GOING TO", came about when GUNNUH would procrastinate by saying "I'm GUNNUH". This habit inadvertently created the nickname GUNNUH, which stuck and became the basis of his Gheto-Tech Hip-Hop Style. Later, after the success of his demos GUNNUH relocated to Los

New York Auto Show: After Dark!

New York International Auto Show

New York Auto Show: After Dark, Ep. 5

Somebody want a love tap? Join Serene in the backseat of the Volvo C30 Electric for New York Auto Show After Dark Episode 5.

A lot can happen in the Javits Center...After Dark. Tonight, Serene visits State Farm Insurance and shoots some hoops! Plus, you'll find out the answer to today's "Guess the Car."

jQuery for Designers - screencasts and tutorials

jQuery for Designers

Populate Select Boxes

It’s the age old (well, in webby terms) issue of how to populate one select box based on another’s selection. It’s actually quite easy compared with the bad old days, and incredibly easy with jQuery and a dash of Ajax.

chineseteacherli's Podcast

Li Yan

Introdoction of chinese teacher li's class

hi ,how is your Chinese study,I am Lillian ,Chinese teacher from Beijing, I give online & face to face Chinese classes,click here to know me better:
I give customized Chinese class for worldwide students,also
Give listed Chinese class on regular basis:

For beginners:
1 150 most frequently used Chinese tiny sentences,which cover your daily life. Also learn pinyin and some basical
Knowledge about Chinese grammar.simple ,easy and fun.
(30 hours study suggested)
2 100 most frequently used Chinese characters,which cover your daily reading.
with a hanzi flash card(with audio) and an exercise book, you may learn :
how to write, read top 100 most frequently used Hanzi
recongnize (visual and audio) 500 related Chinese words ,they are most frequently seen and heard in daily life.recongnize street signs or any other


Aislyn Arnone



Patricia Rasura - 1st grade teacher


Cosmo's Beauty Insider


Cosmo's Beauty Insider: Flirty, Flushed Cheeks

Cosmo's Beauty Insider gets great tips backstage at the Milly Spring '09 show

Australian News

The Australian newspaper

The 3G-iPhone

Chris Griffith, the Australian's Media Development Editor, talks about Apple's new 3G-iPhone, and analyses its good and bad points. Video: Christine Nestel




Greg & The Morning Buzz

Greg & The Morning Buzz (WHEB)



The Pirate Rugby Podcast

Pirate Rugby Pod

Friday Breakfast Show | Should France Have Cancelled Their Tour?

Good Morning! Happy Friday! On the menu today:

Midweek rugby

France arrest scandals

Doping bans

Ireland close the borders

Saints fans up in arms


Rugby TV Guide

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The Daily Book Club

Otis Gray

Summer – Chapter 9

Relax and get lost in Chapter 9 of “Summer” by Edith Wharton
Tune in tomorrow to hear what happens next!
Want to do an actual Book Club? Go bust out the cheese and wine on The Daily Book Club discord and chat with other listeners about the story! Here’s the link:
The music in this episode is by Blue Dot Sessions. The wonderful cover art is by Gracie Canaan. The voice recreation in this reading is powered by ElevenLabs and made by Otis Gray.

Chasing Excellence

Ben Bergeron & Patrick Cummings

[ ? ] The Simplest Recipe for Success: Show Up & Don't Complain

❤️ Weekly Newsletter & the Chase Club We're talking about the simplest yet most powerful recipe for success: showing up and not complaining. We discuss how being present and maintaining a positive mindset can significantly impact various aspects of life, from fitness and relationships to professional endeavors. 00:00 Welcome to Chasing Excellence 01:06 Join the Chase Club and Book Club Updates 02:01 Moments of Joy: Running and Rucking 05:30 Thanks to our Sponsors: OneSkin, Notion, & LMNT 08:27 The Power of Showing Up and Not Complaining 16:35 Real-Life Application: CompTrain Rebuilding Journey 19:47 The Importance of Mindset in Achieving Success 26:21 Hope and the Reticular Activation System THANKS TO OUR SPONSORS ? Discover next-level skin care products created by skin longevity scientists, scientifically proven to reverse skin's biological age at the cellular level. Protect and rejuvenate yo

5-Minute Daf Yomi with Rabbi Shmuel Herzfeld

Rabbi Shmuel Herzfeld

5-Minute Daf Yomi with Rabbi Shmuel Herzfeld

The Doctor Is In Podcast

Dr. A.W. Martin and Dr. A.P. Martin

1369. Where's the Calcium? A Nutritional Mystery

Join Dr. Martin in today's episode of The Doctor Is In Podcast.  

Real Estate Training & Coaching School

Tim & Julie Harris - Real Estate Coaches

Chris Heller's World's Greatest Agent Interview

Welcome back to America's #1 Daily Podcast,  featuring America's #1 Real Estate Coaches and Top EXP Realty Sponsors in the World, Tim and Julie Harris. Ready to become an EXP Realty Agent and join Tim and Julie Harris?  Visit: or text Tim directly at 512-758-0206.

IMPORTANT: Join #1 Real Estate Coaches Tim and Julie Harris's Premier Coaching now for FREE. Included is a DAILY Coaching Session with a HARRIS Certified Coach. Proven and tested lead generation, systems, and scripts designed for this market. Instant FREE Access Now: YES, Enroll Me NOW In Premier Coaching

With over 40 years of experience in the real estate industry, Chris Heller is a visionary leader, a best-selling author, and a trusted advisor. As the President of Movoto/OJO, he is shaping partner strategies, creating a cohesive structure between real estate pro

The Rights To Ricky Sanchez: The Sixers (76ers) Podcast

Spike Eskin

Sixers Sign Lowry, Starting Lineup Issues, Summer League Thoughts

The Sixers signed Kyle Lowry (and his ass). We talk about the signing, the introductions of their signings so far, how the starting lineup fits together, Tobias Harris' farewell and the Tyrese Maxey celebration video. Then we discuss the play of Jared McCain, Adem Bona and Ricky Council IV at Summer League. Mike is sick, so thanks to Dan Olinger for filling in!
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Strategic Whole Life by Infinite Banking Authorized Practitioners

John Montoya, John D. Perrings

112: 31 Things to Know About Whole Life Insurance

John Montoya covers 31 insights he devised about the importance of whole life insurance.This is a detailed list of observations, ranging from whole life's historical significance and tax advantages to its role in financial independence, the banking function, and family security.There really is no other asset like whole life insurance!Tune in...----EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS:00:21 The Motivation Behind This Episode00:57 31 Key Insights About Whole Life Insurance05:36 The Philosophy and Impact of Whole Life Insurance11:40 Avoiding "Arrival Syndrome"17:26 Encouragement and Final Thoughts----LINKS:Get in touch: SCHEDULE A CONSULTATIONOnline Course: IBC MASTERY----About Your Hosts:Hosts John Perrings and John Montoya are dedicated to spreading the word about Infinite Banking so you can discover for yourself how you and your loved ones can benefit from a virtual streamlined process that will take you from IBC novice to shari

Mind of Mansion Fantasy Football Podcast

Fantasy Football, PlayerProfiler, The Podfather

4 Podfather HOT Takes for Fantasy Football Season

The Mind of Mansion, Season 10, Episode 16: The Podfather sits down with Matthew Freedman from Fantasy Life have hot takes for days.
Does Jordan Addison have hidden upside?
Blake Corum's upside is Top-5 fantasy running back.
Deshaun Watson-Amari Cooper stacks will win tournaments.
Watch Xavier Worthy lead the Chiefs in receiving.
Dalton Kincaid is poised to explode.
Jayden Daniels is THE must-draft quarterback this year.
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Digital Punk - Unleashed powered by Roughstate

Digital Punk

137 | Digital Punk - Unleashed Powered By Roughstate

♫137 | Digital Punk - Unleashed Powered By Roughstate Unleashed family, your monthly fuel is here! Episode 137! New tracks by Cyber Punk, D-Block & S-Te-Fan, Keltek, B-Front, Coone and many more! Enjoy, dp ✭ Don't forget to subscribe to our channel! ✔️ ✭ Join our Spotify playlist: ✭ Merchandise: Tracklist: 00:00:43 Digital Punk - We Are Still Here (Cyber Punk Edit) 00:02:57 Coone & Nolz - Warrior Cry 00:07:14 B-Front & Udex - Down In Flames 00:10:15 Keltek - Music Is Magic 00:13:26 Hard Driver - Backstabbers 00:16:44 Aftershock - Colorblind 00:20:48 Imthox - That’s The Recipe 00:23:33 Sub Zero Project - Laser 00:26:40 Sickmode, Rooler & Krowdexx - Save Me 00:29:30 D-Sturb ft. Finnick Jones - Bittersweet 00:32:41 D-Block & S-Te-Fan & Aversion - Live For The Hard 00:36:04 Rejecta - Turn The F Up 00:39:20 Nightcraft & Dvastate - So Alive 00:42:01 Polish Punisher - Your

Geschichten, Märchen, Groschenromane ...

Kafka, Grimm, Andersen, Hauff, Kraft, Kipling, Storm, Kyber, Fallada uvm.

Wie der erste Brief geschrieben wurde

Er brauchte doch nur einen Ersatzspeer. Eine Geschichte von Rudyard Kipling (ab 8 Jahre)

The Heartbeat - An Inter Miami Daily Podcast


Bidding Adieu to Edison Azcona and checking in on the other homegrowns | 47

Edison Azcona has officially left the club to join the Las Vegas Lights on a permanent basis. In this episode of the Heartbeat, Scotty discusses Edison Azcona's time at Inter Miami and checks in on the other eight academy players that Inter Miami has signed to homegrown contracts.

The People's Car

Ryan Beilman

134. Answering Questions & (Roots live mishap)

After relistening to our Roots 3 IG live from last night, I decided not to post it. Too many audio issues. If youd like to hear us chat a little about roots, please go visit our Roots Classic instagram page or, you can always check back in at Thanks!

20 Minute Books

20 Minute Books

The Book of Forgiving - Book Summary

"The Fourfold Path for Healing Ourselves and Our World" ? For more insights, check out the full book here ? Transcript and written book summary available here for free ?️ Author: Desmond Tutu & Mpho Tutu Category: Mindfulness & Happiness

The Lawfare Podcast

The Lawfare Institute

Lawfare Daily: The Supreme Court Takes the Bait: Loper Bright and the Future of Chevron Deference

Alan Rozenshtein, Associate Professor of Law at the University of Minnesota Law School and Senior Editor at Lawfare, and Molly Reynolds, Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution and Senior Editor at Lawfare, spoke with Bridget Dooling, Assistant Professor of Law at The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law, and Nick Bednar, Associate Professor of Law at the University of Minnesota Law School, about the Supreme Court's recent decision in Loper Bright Enterprises v. Raimondo, which overruled the decades-long Chevron doctrine that required courts to defer to reasonable interpretations of their statutes.To receive ad-free podcasts, become a Lawfare Material Supporter at You can also support Lawfare by making a one-time donation at this show h

BWAAA! a King of the Hill Podcast

Rogue Media Network

That Ain't Right Friday; Hypothetical Youtube Channels

Would hank even permit YouTube in his house?

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REAL AF with Andy Frisella

Andy Frisella #100to0

741. Andy & DJ CTI: Russia Aims To Undermine Biden, Man Chased Out Of Store & California City Attorney Threatens To Punish Target

On today's episode, Andy & DJ discuss Russia aiming to undermine Biden in the November elections per intel officials, a man being chased out of a store after allegedly ejaculating on a woman's leg, and California's City Attorney threatening to punish Target for repeatedly reporting thefts.

The Domonique Foxworth Show

ESPN, Andscape, Domonique Foxworth

Jaylen Brown's USA Snub, Mike Gundy's Comments & Joe Burrow vs. the NFLPA

Pablo Torre joins Domonique and Charlie for a big Friday show! They debate whether Jaylen Brown should've made Team USA over Derrick White, whether Mike Gundy's job should be in jeopardy, and how NFL players should feel about Joe Burrow pushing for an 18-game season.

0:00 Welcome back to the Domonique Foxworth Show

1:22 Is Jaylen Brown right to be upset about being snubbed by Team USA?

20:41 How badly did Mike Gundy mess up with his DUI comments?

32:02 How should NFL players feel about Joe Burrow's comments on an 18-game season?
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Robservations with Rob Liefeld

Robservations with Rob Liefeld

The Man Who Made Spider Man! Wolverine’s Greatest Battles! Uncut Gems!

Another jam-packed episode as we shine the spotlight on the legendary Steve Ditko. A recent Rolling Stone article reveals new and shocking details of the talent that brought Spider Man and Dr. Strange to life! Wolverine’s Greatest Battles continues and a rare Uncut Gem, or perhaps, an Uncut Jim?? 

Missin Curfew

HallPass Media

301. Curfew Calls - The Beer League Guideline

Missin Curfew Episode 301 Curfew Calls 

OB wants to get a Cold Tub

The perfect order at Nobu Sushi 

The Canadian Staple Beer and Clam 

Kids don’t curve their mini sticks anymore

When did it get easy to get girls in the NHL?

When do you start putting money on the board?

The Staal Brothers or the Hughes Brothers?

Best Sports Venue you’ve ever been to



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The Martin Bailey Photography Podcast

Martin Bailey Photography K.K.

Japan Winter Wildlife Tours 2024 Part 2

Today, we cover the second half of my Japan Winter Wildlife Tours for 2024 with the Whooper Swans and Sea Eagles and comments from the guests.

Details on blog:

Music by Martin Bailey

Electronic music (Deep, Melodic, House, Progressive, Psy, Trance)

DJ Midnight Jet

Electronic Music (Deep, Melodic, House, Progressive, Psy, Trance)

The Lion’s Tribe

Jimmy Odukoya

Thursday Showers on the 11th of July

Thursday Showers on the 11th of July by Jimmy Odukoya

Engineering Culture by InfoQ


Platforms, People and Process for Great Developer Experience

This is the Engineering Culture Podcast, from the people behind and the QCon conferences.

In this podcast Shane Hastie, Lead Editor for Culture & Methods spoke to Daniel Bryant, the News Manager at InfoQ, about engineering culture and developer experience.

Read a transcript of this interview:

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Upcoming Events:

InfoQ Dev Summit Munich (Sept 26-27, 2024)
Practical learnings from senior software practitioners navigating Generative AI, security, modern web applications, and more.

QCon San Francisco (November 18-22, 2024)
Get practical inspiration and b

Breathing Space: A Sci-Fi Western Audio Anthology

Law of Names Media

S4E16 - Chasing a Ghost- The Yard

Interview with folks from Delaney Shipyard about yardie songs.
Music: Sixteen Tons, performed by Delaney Shipyard Shift 3
The Cast

Lennon Merlo is voiced by Lauren Tucker
Arval “Bread” Baker is voiced by Kasha Mika
Anastasia Isabella "MagLock" “Maggie” Young is voiced by Daisy McNamara
Heck Novak-Nygaard is voiced by Amy Young

This episode was written by James Big, and edited by Aaron Olson.
It was transcribed by Nancy Sandland.
Click here for the episode’s script.
Welcome to the System
Our Website
Join the Law of Names Discord
Follow us on Twitter
Support us on Patreon
Our theme music was composed & arranged by Michael Freitag written by Scott Paladin, and vocals by Jeremiah.
Breathing Space is a Law of Names production.
This work is copyrighted by Law of Names Media, 2023
It may b

The Morning Show Podcast

Carla Marie and Anthony

Friday, July 12, 2024

Happy Friday! Members of Congress could be banned from buying and selling stocks. The FTC has banned an app from serving kids and teenagers. A group of millionaires finally paid their taxes. Could two Supreme Court Justices be impeached?! A poop museum exists in Arizona!
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Pat Mayo Experience

Mayo Media Network

Intro to Underdog NFL Best Ball 2024 | Strategies, Traps to Avoid, Tournament Selection, Best & Worst Stacks

Pat Mayo and Davis Mattek provide an Intro to Underdog NFL Best Ball 2024 providing their Strategies, Traps to Avoid, Tournament Selection, Best & Worst Stacks. 

Use code “MAYO” at underdog for a deposit match up to $250:

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2024 RB Rankings:



The Shuli Network

The Shuli Show

The Uncle Rico Show | Stuttering John DOXES Kevin Brennan's WIFE

Stuttering John doxes another woman because her husband goofed on him.
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Going Bracket Racing

Going Bracket Racing

EP. 161 - "The Groove" - What does it take?

Do you have what it takes? How do you get in the groove? WFC pit interviews! We go all over the place in episode 161.

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Truth For Life Daily Program

Alistair Begg

Lessons from the Fig Tree (Part 4 of 4)

We’re encouraged to pray boldly! Jesus said, “Whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” Did He mean He’s a wish-granting genie? Clearly not! Listen to Truth For Life as Alistair Begg explores the difference.


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Bible Brief | Learn the Story

Bible Literacy Foundation

Walk 138 - King Hezekiah's Righteous Renaissance

Feedback? Send us a text! (note: we can't reply to texts. For a reply, please email us at A century after the boy king is hidden in the Temple his descendant arises who leads a righteous renaissance in Judah. He is God honoring king named Hezekiah. Read along with the story. Today we're reading 1 Kings 12, 1 Chronicles 29-31, .Thank you to our generous patrons who makes this show possible. The Bible Brief is listener-supported and brought to you by the Bible Literacy Foundation, dedicated to helping people like you learn the Bible. Looking for more? Check out our website at the Show.Support the show: Tap here to become a monthly supporter!Review the show: Tap here!Want to go deeper?...Download the PRISM Bible App!iPhone: App Store LinkAndroid: Play Store LinkWebsite: biblelit.orgInstagram: @biblelitTwitter: @bible_litFacebook: @biblelitEmail the Show: biblebrief@bible