New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce

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Jason Defends the Push, Travis’ Record-Breaking Connection and Coach Prime Makes History | Ep 54

92%ers we are back with another episode of New Heights presented by our friends at Accelerator Active Energy! 
In this episode, we finally address the topic that you guys have been blowing us up about, did Jason ever find his Super Bowl ring? We also answer your not-dumb questions about the most quotable movie and find out why Travis is so good at taping ankles. 
We also get to talk about the Eagles bringing back the most dominant play in football, the D’Andre Swift breakout game on Thursday Night Football, and why we don’t actually hate the touchback rule. Travis also lets us know where he got his twerking inspiration from, how it felt to finally get back on the field, and his thoughts on reaching yet another Tight End milestone. 
The guys also go around the league for the biggest Week 2 takeaways, why we believe in Coach Prime, how much fun it is when the refs ta

The Daily

The New York Times

Why the Government is About to Shut Down

A showdown between House Republicans and their leader, Speaker Kevin McCarthy, is heading toward a government shutdown.Carl Hulse, chief Washington correspondent for The Times, explains the causes and consequences of the looming crisis.Guest: Carl Hulse, is chief Washington correspondent for The New York Times.Background reading: How a small minority of right-wing Republicans succeeded in sowing mass dysfunction, spoiling for a shutdown, an impeachment and a House coup.As a government shutdown looms, Speaker McCarthy is toiling to turn the fight over federal spending into a battle over border security.President Biden’s shutdown strategy is simple: Avoid one, if possible. But if not, make sure Americans know where to place the blame.For more information on today’s episode, visit Transcripts of each episode will be made available by the next workday.

Dateline NBC

NBC News

Death & the Dentist

Two young women leading rich, full lives are found dead years apart, both apparent suicides. The two had never met, but it turns out they did have one thing in common. Rob Stafford reports in this Dateline classic that originally aired on NBC on December 2, 2007.

Murder in Apartment 12

NBC News

Introducing: Murder in Apartment 12

Nona Dirksmeyer is a young beauty queen. Smart and talented, her future is bright. But just days before her 20th birthday, Nona is murdered in her apartment. Police quickly decide their primary suspect is the young man who found her – her boyfriend, Kevin. After all, his bloody palm print is at the crime scene. Case closed? Not by a long shot. In Dateline’s latest original podcast series, Keith Morrison tells the story of three trials, two suspects, and one small town where things are not always what they seem.Follow now to get the latest episodes of ‘Murder in Apartment 12’ completely free, or subscribe to Dateline Premium on Apple Podcasts for early access and ad-free listening:

Crime Junkie



When Morgan Patten is killed in a mysterious auto crash while visiting her fiancé in North Carolina, police are quick to call it a tragic accident. But her loved ones believe she was the victim of foul play, and they won’t rest until they learn the truth.If you know anything about Morgan’s death or the circumstances surrounding it, please contact the Pattens at to find out other ways to help, check their website, and the Morgan’s Miles To Go Facebook page. Did you know you can listen to this episode ad-free? Join the Fan Club! Visit to view the current membership options and policies.Source materials for this episode cannot be listed here due to character limitations. For a full list of sources, please visit:  Don’t miss out on all things Crime Junkie!Instagram: @crimejunkiepodcast | @audiochuckTwitter: @CrimeJunkiePod | @audiochuckTikTok: @crimejunkiepo

Up First


UAW Strike Expanded, Government Shutdown, LGBTQ+ In Census Survey

President Biden is going to Michigan to support the United Auto Workers' union strikes. A government shutdown looms large after members of the House GOP couldn't agree on a temporary spending plan. The Census Bureau plans to test asking people about their sexual orientation and gender identity next year; it says the information will help to fight discrimination.


Morbid Network | Wondery

Episode 497: The Haunting of Doris Bither

In the summer of 1974, paranormal investigators and UCLA students Barry Taff and Kerry Gaynor were approached in a bookstore by a woman who’d overheard their conversation about the supernatural and said she had a friend who needed help from someone with their expertise. The friend in question was Doris Bither, a middle-aged single mother of four who claimed she and her family were under attack from unseen entities in their Culver City, California home. According to Doris, the attacks began several months earlier and included, among other things, objects moving on their own, the presence of inexplicable foul odors in the house, unusual noises with no point of origin, and most distressingly, multiple physical and sexual assaults that were increasing in frequency and intensity. Thank you to the lovely David White for research assistance :)ReferencesBiddle, Kenny. 2021. "A Closer Look at the Entity Photograph

Exposed: Cover-Up at Columbia University


Why Is That a Win? | 2

The Assistant District Attorney struggles with a challenging case. Then she learns it’s not just the defense attorney she’s up against, it’s her own office.If you or someone you know is a survivor of sexual assault, here are some resources:The Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN) survivor helpline is 1-800-656-4673.The National Sexual Violence Resource Center provides resources for sexual violence and prevention education. You can find them at National Suicide Prevention Lifeline can be reached at 988.Laura Beil and Bianca Fortis' article about this story will be published on ProPublica on 9/12. Visit: See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at


Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes, Will Arnett

Listen Now: Sports Explains the World

Sports Explains the World unveils some of the wildest and most surprising sports stories you’ve never heard - And they’re all true. From the teenager who wrote a Wikipedia page that got a young athlete signed to a million-dollar deal - to the Ugandan National basketball coach who was really an undercover agent for the CIA, these stories will amaze and move you at every turn. Reported by award-winning journalists across the globe, Sports Explains the World reveals the human side of athletics in provocative and unexpected ways. You’ll never view sports the same way again.Enjoy Sports Explains the World on the Wondery App or wherever you get your can binge the first 9 episodes of Sports Explains the World right now ad-free on Wondery Plus. Get started with your free trial at Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

Pardon My Take

Barstool Sports

Booger McFarland, The Lions Are For Real, Week 4 Picks & Preview Plus Fyre Fest

The Detroit Lions walked into Lambeau and handled the Packers. We talk Thursday Night Football and Damian Lillard to the Bucks (00:00:00-00:20:49). Week 4 Picks and Preview for every game on Sunday including our first London game of the year and some horrendous 0-4 matchups (00:20:49-01:34:20). Fantasy Fuccbois (01:34:20-01:38:24). Booger McFarland joins the show to talk NFL and CFB, whats wrong with Justin Fields, beating the Tush Push and more (01:38:24-02:28:04). We finish with fyre fest of the week (02:28:04-02:44:33).You can find every episode of this show on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or YouTube. Prime Members can listen ad-free on Amazon Music. For more, visit

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz

Dan Le Batard, Stugotz

Postgame Show: Tony's Top 5, The No-Test + Polls

The crew recaps the polls from the week, then Tony heads over to the Kaseya Center for the "No-Test" and delivers his Top 5 from Week 3.
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The Ben Shapiro Show

The Daily Wire

The Ben Shapiro Show

Strike Force Five

Strike Force Five

Ep 8: The Talk Show Hosts Name Sneaky Great Talk Show Guests

Great unsung guests and much more on episode 8 of “Strike Force Five!” All proceeds go to support our out of work late night staffs during the strike.
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My Favorite Murder with Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark

Exactly Right Media – the original true crime comedy network

395 - Your Mom Has a Headache

This week, Georgia tells Karen about the life and execution of the Queen of England, Anne Boleyn.For our sources and show notes, visit Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

The Bill Simmons Podcast

The Ringer

A 2023 NFL Re-Draft, Deion’s Next School, the 76ers Soap Opera, and Week 3 Picks With Danny Kelly, Van Lathan, and Howard Beck

The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by Danny Kelly to re-draft the top NFL rookies after Week 2 (1:45), before Bill makes his Million Dollar Picks for NFL Week 3 (30:51). Then Bill talks with Van Lathan about the top five college football coaches he thinks should be watching out for Deion Sanders taking their job (40:57). Finally, Bill talks with Howard Beck about joining The Ringer, the story lines dominating the upcoming NBA season, stories from Beck's time covering Kobe Bryant and the Lakers, and more (1:20:00).

Host: Bill Simmons
Guests: Danny Kelly, Van Lathan, and Howard Beck
Producer: Kyle Crichton

The Ringer is committed to responsible gaming, please checkout to find out more or listen to the end of the episode for additional details.
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After Bedtime with Big Little Feelings

Audacy and Big Little Feelings

After Bedtime with Big Little Feelings

Pod Save America

Crooked Media

Trump Wins Another Debate

Seven Republicans take the stage for the second primary debate, and they all manage to lose to the guy who isn't there. Jon, Jon, and Dan react to all the canned lines, missed opportunities, and—yes—awkward sex jokes that made this a night to forget. Meanwhile, the front-runner grovels for the UAW endorsement in an appearance at a non-union shop—just a day after being found liable for massive fraud in New York. For a closed-captioned version of this episode, click here. For a transcript of this episode, please email and include the name of the podcast.

Stuff You Should Know


Revenge: Bitter, Not Sweet

Someone cuts you off in traffic or makes fun of your friend and all you can think of is how to get back at them and then some. But wait! Research has found that taking revenge actually makes you feel worse in the long run. Learn about what to do instead.See for privacy information.

Hot Mess with Alix Earle

Unwell Network

Hot Mess with Alix Earle

48 Hours

CBS News


This classic episode of “48 Hours" explores the mysterious 2008 disappearance of Robert Wiles, the son of millionaire business owner Tom Wiles. On April 3, Tom opened an e-mail from his son Robert containing a ransom demand signed, “Group X”, and asked for Tom to put $750,000 in Robert’s office if he ever wanted to see his son alive again. Tom involved the FBI with the ransom note and they set up a sting operation in Robert’s office to try to find out who the kidnappers were. “48 Hours” correspondent Peter Van Sant reports. This "48 Hours" episode last aired on 1/5/13. Watch all-new episodes of “48 Hours” on Saturdays, and stream on demand on Paramount+.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

Huberman Lab

Scicomm Media

U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy: Efforts & Challenges in Promoting Public Health

In this episode, my guest is Dr. Vivek Murthy, M.D., the acting U.S. Surgeon General who earned his undergraduate degree from Harvard and his M.D. from Yale School of Medicine. We discuss nutrition, food additives, social media and mental health, public health initiatives to combat the crisis of social isolation, the obesity crisis, addiction and other pressing issues in public health. Dr. Murthy explains the role of the U.S. government in promoting specific public health issues and the steps needed to rebuild public trust in scientific and medical information. We also discuss health care accessibility, insurance barriers and individual versus team-based medical care. We also discuss topics gleaned from listener questions, such as the facts and myths about “Big Pharma” and “Big Food” industries, scientific research and public health policies.
For show notes, including referenced a

The Mel Robbins Podcast

Mel Robbins

6 Intermittent Fasting Protocols for Fat Loss, Mood, Energy, and Improving Your Overall Health

In this episode, renowned holistic health expert and intermittent fasting devotee Dr. Mindy Pelz is here to explain the 101 of fasting for better health. You’ll learn the empowering science behind why it works and how it can help you achieve so many health goals. Dr. Mindy is fascinated by our body’s ability to "heal itself" and how fasting protocols can activate some remarkable results based on extensive research studies. If you’re tired of diets that leave you feeling like sh*t, health improvements that cost money, or just hate feeling out of control of your body, this is the one zero-cost tool that could have a significant impact on your health. Dr. Mindy is on a mission to help people understand and harness their healing abilities through fasting. And today, she’s told all the Olympic athletes, Academy Award-winning actors, and Silicon Valley CEOs that she works with

The Megyn Kelly Show


Who Won the Chaos "Hot Mess" Debate, with Glenn Greenwald, Eliana Johnson, Michael Duncan, and Larry Elder | Ep. 637

Megyn Kelly begins the show discussing her take on the "hot mess" of a second GOP debate, before breaking down all the angles with Michael Duncan, co-host of the Ruthless podcast, Eliana Johnson, co-host of the Ink-Stained Wretches podcast, Glenn Greenwald, host of Rumble's "System Update," and Larry Elder, GOP 2024 candidate. They discuss why Fox News partnering with Univision was a huge miss, the liberal framing on questions from the moderators, the need for structure amid the chaos, how Ron DeSantis has shown improvement from the first GOP debate, Nikki Haley and Tim Scott looking awkward debating curtains, a good DeSantis moment on Florida's curriculum, Vivek Ramaswamy “relaunching” with a new personality in the second GOP debate, if he was able to tone down his "know-it-all" persona, Trump's humor and connection wit

Fantasy Footballers - Fantasy Football Podcast

Fantasy Football

Starts of the Week + Brutal Start/Sit Decisions - Fantasy Football Podcast for 9/28

Set your lineups for Week 4! On today’s fantasy football podcast, Starts of the Week and Week 4 matchup previews! Plus, NFL News, injury updates, and Jason’s Boom Boom Kicker! Manage your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams with the #1 fantasy football podcast. -- Fantasy Football Podcast for September 28th, 2023.

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The Toast

Dear Media

Men Can't Gossip with Paige DeSorbo: Thursday, September 28th, 2023

Taylor Swift Loans Sophie Turner, Kids An Apartment During Bitter Legal Tangle With Joe Jonas (Page Six) (24:43)Kourtney Kardashian Says Her 'Happiness Comes' When She Gets 'The F--K Away' From Her Family (People) (34:05)Kris Jenner Forced Boyfriend To Reject 'Yellowstone' Role (NY Post) (47:25)Lauren Sanchez Says There's 'Nothing Better' Than Seeing Fiancè Jeff Bezos (Page Six) (53:20)Katy Perry IS Slammed For 'Attacking The Weak' BY Family of Dying Veteran Carl Westcott (Daily Mail) (59:20)The Toast with Jackie (@JackieOshry) and Claudia Oshry (@girlwithnojob) The Camper and The Counselor by Jackie OshryMerchThe Toast PatreonGirl With No Job by Claudia OshrySee Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard

Armchair Umbrella

Prachi Gupta (on the model minority myth)

Prachi Gupta (They Called Us Exceptional) is a journalist and author. Prachi joins the Armchair Expert to discuss why she was grounded for reading fiction, how she views the institution of arranged marriages, and what the American Dream meant to her parents. Prachi and Dax talk about why she wanted to tell her brother’s story, how she feels about happiness being correlated to success, and why being emasculated can affect how men treat one another. Prachi explains why dating apps have changed how people find partners, why there is a stigma around family estrangement, and what her experience was finding effective therapy. 
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The Bible Recap


Day 272 (Nehemiah 11-13, Psalm 126) - Year 5

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- Article: King David's Palace is Found*
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Morning Wire

The Daily Wire

How the White House Censored Americans During Covid (& Got Caught) | 9.24.23

The Fifth Circuit Court ruled that the White House, the FBI, and the CDC likely violated the First Amendment when they pressured social media companies to censor posts related to Covid. Now one of the plaintiffs in Missouri v. Biden discusses the case and its journey to the Supreme Court. Get the facts first on Morning Wire.


Lionsgate Sound

BONUS: Nobody believed me: pushed out co-worker on Amanda the painful Principal

Before she was indicted, Amanda became the Principal of Pacific Point Elementary School. How did she become a Principal, and what was she like to work with? Find out from an anonymous guest who in the end had to leave her teaching career.
Scamanda is a Lionsgate Sound podcast:
Hosted by Charlie Webster.
Listen to another Lionsgate Sound podcast hosted by Charlie Webster, Died & Survived:
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ABC News

Taken In The Night

A 12-year-old is kidnapped during a sleepover with her friends; authorities launch a cutting-edge investigation to find her.
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The Ramsey Show

Ramsey Network

Financial Freedom Requires Sacrifice but It’s Always Worth It!

Dr. John Delony and Jade Warshaw answer your questions and discuss:

"How should we pay for a second car?"

"Should I pay off debt or buy a house?"

Why the national debt shouldn't matter much to you,

"How much emergency fund do I need?"

"Should I keep money separate if I get married?"

Why you shouldn't have to minimize your success with your friends,

"Should I drop out of college?"

"How do you celebrate while paying off debt?"

"Should we work the baby steps or file for bankruptcy?"

"Should we pause our HSA contributions?"

"I want to move but my husband doesn't,"

"Should I sell my house and move for a job?"

"Should I sell my car?"

"Work the Baby Steps

The Bible in a Year (with Fr. Mike Schmitz)


Day 262: Miracle Worker (2023)

As we read about the many miracles Jesus performs in today's readings from Matthew, Fr. Mike asserts the objective reality of those miracles and reinforces that Jesus is truly the Son of God who has power over matter. We learn that in Jesus, we too can do things that we could never do on our own. Today's readings are Matthew 14-17, and Proverbs 19:9-12.
For the complete reading plan, visit
Please note: The Bible contains adult themes that may not be suitable for children - parental discretion is advised.

The Dan Bongino Show

Cumulus Podcast Network | Dan Bongino

Shocking Signs About The 2024 Election (Ep 2095)

In this episode, I address the shocking new polls and electoral trends leading up to 2024.

News Picks:

New poll has Trump defeating Biden 51-42 in head-to-head matchup

Five Warning Signs Republicans Are Heading for Electoral Disappointment

Hunter Biden’s Mugshot Concealed by Joe Biden’s Justice Department Nandini Jammi’s ‘Check my Ads’ partner offers to buy sexual material for minors

Nandini Jammi’s ‘Check my Ads’ partner offers to buy sexual material for minors

Antifa-loving activist Nandini Jammi argued for milder punishments for convicted sex offenders

Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved

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This American Life

This American Life

810: Say It to My Face

Friends and ex-friends finally talk about the one thing between them they've been avoiding.
Prologue: Host Ira Glass tells a story he’s never told anyone before, about something someone said to him. (4 minutes)Act One: Gabe Mollica had something important he needed to discuss with his friend  — stewed about it for eight years. But rather than go to that friend, he talked about it with everyone other than that one person. (28 minutes)Act Two: Jasmine and Gabbie are best friends. BFFs! But there’s something major that they’ve never been able to talk about. Something so important that it makes them wonder, who does this person even think I am? (23 minutes)Transcripts are available at

Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend

Team Coco & Earwolf

Bike Pervert

Conan chats with Rene from the Netherlands about designing custom bicycles, horse riding underwear, and Conan’s favorite biking trails. Wanna get a chance to talk to Conan? Submit here:

We Can Do Hard Things with Glennon Doyle

Glennon Doyle & Cadence13

244. Stop Carrying Others People’s Pain with Chloé Cooper Jones

Where do you go to escape the pain of reality? Today, author Chloé Cooper Jones shares: 

The survival strategy many of us use to retreat from our lives and how to become more present; 

How she grapples with the world dehumanizing her disabled body; 

Why desire and disgust are so connected – and what they teach us; and 

The thing Chloé wants most – to be seen as inherently whole – and how to get it. 

About Chloé:
Chloé Cooper Jones is a professor, journalist, and the author of the memoir Easy Beauty, which was named a best book of 2022 by The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, TIME Magazine, and was a finalist for the 2023 Pulitzer Prize in Memoir. She was also a Pulitzer Prize finalist in Feature Writing in 2020. She lives in Brooklyn, New York. 

TW: @CCooperJones
IG: @chloecooperjones


Magnificent Jerk

Apple TV+ / Pineapple Street Studios

Magnificent Jerk

Something Was Wrong

Broken Cycle Media | Wondery

S18 E2: [Karissa] Yeah, She’s Done That Before

*Content Warning: sexual assault, rape, emotional abuse, fraud, factitious disorder, drug overdose, miscarriage, medical trauma, medical fraud, false reporting and death.Free + Confidential Resources + Safety Tips: SWW Merch: Follow Something Was Wrong on IG: Tiffany Reese on IG: by the amazing Sara Stewart:@GreaterThanOkay - Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

This Past Weekend w/ Theo Von

Theo Von

E463 Bobby Lee

Bobby Lee is a stand-up comedian, actor and podcaster known for his shows Tigerbelly and Bad Friends. You can catch him on the Bad Friends tour happening now through December. 

Bobby Lee returns to This Past Weekend w/ Theo Von to chat about what’s new in his love life, why he might not be the best roommate, the latest with the movie they made together, dangerous Meerkats, why Bobby might secretly be a redneck, and more. 

Bobby Lee: 


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The Deck


Corey A. Mitchell (2 of Spades, Ohio)

Our card this week is Corey A. Mitchell, the 10 of Spades from Ohio.May 29th, 2010 was supposed to be a normal Saturday for 34-year-old, single dad Corey and his 11-year-old twins, but a brazen masked gunman had other plans. Authorities in Dayton, Ohio, have spent the last 13 years trying to figure out who was behind that mask.  To learn more about The Deck, visit To apply for the Cold Case Playing Cards grant through Season of Justice, visit Let us deal you in… follow The Deck on social media.Instagram: @thedeckpodcast | @audiochuckTwitter: @thedeckpodcast_ | @audiochuckFacebook: /TheDeckPodcast | /audiochuckllc The Deck is hosted by Ashley Flowers. Instagram: @ashleyflowersTikTok: @ashleyflowerscrimejunkieTwitter: @Ash_FlowersFacebook: /AshleyFlowers.AF Follow The Deck on social media and join Ashley’s community by texting (317) 733-7485 to stay up to date on what's new!

Fly on the Wall with Dana Carvey and David Spade


Jo Koy

Meeting your idols, transformative standup feedback, and a Jon Lovitz story with Jo Koy.

*Note: this interview was recorded before the SAG-AFTRA strike took effect.

To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit:

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Fresh Air


Inside The Secretive AI Company That Knows Your Face

The secretive company Clearview AI scans unidentified faces, and finds a match in their database of billions of photos. The pics are scraped from websites and apps, including Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn, without the companies' permission. NYT tech reporter Kashmir Hill found that once your face is identified for a client, Clearview can quickly connect the client to a lot of information about you. Chances are your face is in Clearview's database, without your knowledge or permission. Clearview's clients include many police departments and some government agencies. Hill says it could spell the end of privacy. Her new book is Your Face Belongs To Us.

The Matt Walsh Show

The Daily Wire

Ep. 1232 - Media Celebrates Absurd Charade Of Women Playing Football Against Men

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, the media celebrated this weekend as multiple women suited up to play against men in college football. In one case, a tiny blond woman was put on the field to play defense. Have we finally reached the point where "girl power" is going to get a bunch of women killed? Also, another GOP debate. We'll talk about the best moments and the worst moments, but mostly the worst moments. In our Daily Cancellation, a school district in Minnesota showed its staff a video comparing white people to blood sucking, disease infested insects. All in the name of equity, of course. Ep.1232 - - -  Click here to join the member exclusive portion of my show:  - - -  DailyWire+:   Watch Episodes 1-6 of Convicting a Murderer here: Become a DailyWire+ member to watch shows, documentaries, movies, and more : Represent

Matt and Shane's Secret Podcast

Matt McCusker & Shane Gillis

Ep 458 - Sparkle and Play (feat. Billy)

Support the D.A.W.G.Z. @ Go See Matt Live @ Go See Shane Live @ Hello. After a brief hiatus we are here. Don't worry. We're back. William joins us this week, after a nice morning spent with his brother Mathew. SG is fresh off the spesh. We sing, we chit chat, and we podcast. Please enjoy. God bless you all.  New customers can bet $5 on college football and score $200 in bonus bets. Download the DraftKings Sportsbook app and use code DRENCHED  This episode is brought to you by BetterHelp. Give online therapy a try for 10% off your 1st month at & get on your way to being your best self Support the show and get 10% Off with the code DRENCHED at Support the show and get 20% Off and Free Shipping with the code DRENCHED at  

Over My Dead Body


Gone Hunting | She Was In My Head | 7

Jennifer Portman speaks to two experts with very different views of Denise. Former FBI profiler Candice DeLong, host of Killer Psyche, and Professor Jane Monckton-Smith, a leading researcher into coercive control.Support us by supporting our sponsors!BetterHelp: Try to get 10% off your first month!See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

Office Ladies

Earwolf & Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey


This week is “Tallahassee”. Dwight tries to impress Sabre’s special projects president (Catherine Tate) while dealing with appendicitis. Meanwhile, Andy finds his true calling as a receptionist. Talk of open wounds makes Jenna queasy, Angela shares some fun Tallahassee facts and the ladies also receive some fan mail that saves them a deep dive on appendicitis symptoms. So listen to this episode fast and leave a sexy corpse!  An Evening with Office Ladies at Toronto’s Just For Laughs: Office Ladies Website - Submit a fan question: Us on Instagram: OfficeLadiesPodCheck out Office Ladies Merch at Podswag:

In Retrospect with Susie Banikarim and Jessica Bennett

iHeartPodcasts, The Meteor

Is there a cultural moment from your past that looks different in retrospect? Maybe it’s a scandalous tabloid story seared into your teenage brain or a political punchline that just feels wrong now. It might be a very specific red swimsuit that inspired a decade of plastic surgery (see: “Baywatch”) or the inescapable smell of an entire generation of prepubescent boys (Axe body spray, anyone?). Each week on IN RETROSPECT, Emmy-winning journalist Susie Banikarim and New York Times editor Jessica Bennett revisit a pop culture moment from the 80s and 90s that shaped them — to try to understand what it taught us about the world, and a woman’s place in it. Talk to us at @inretropod, @susiebnyc and @jessicabennett on Instagram. New episodes each Friday.

Hidden Brain

Hidden Brain, Shankar Vedantam

The Secret to Great Teams

It's easy to think that the best teams are collections of highly accomplished or talented individuals, working under a skilled leader. But that's no guarantee of success. Psychologist Anita Woolley says the best teams are far more than the sum of their parts, and they share certain basic characteristics. Do you know someone who would enjoy Hidden Brain? Please tell them about this episode. And thanks for listening!  

This Is Actually Happening


291: What if your wife had 21 personalities?

Growing up in poverty, a man finds an outlet in a racist metal band, when one day fate transforms him and he pursues an unlikely marriage, but when his wife begins to switch, new identities emerge that stretch the limits of love. Today’s episode featured Matthew Fanning. If you’d like to reach out to him, you can email at, or you can find him on Facebook at Producers: Whit Missildine, Andrew Waits, Jason BlalockContent/Trigger Warnings:  severe mental illness, Dissociative Identity Disorder, sexual assault, graphic bodily injury, domestic violence, suicide, explicit language Social Media: Instagram: @actuallyhappeningTwitter: @TIAHPodcastWebsite: thisisactuallyhappening.comWebsite for Andrew Waits: andrdewwaits.comWebsite for Jason Blalock: Support the Show: Support The Show on Patreon:

Let's Be Honest with Kristin Cavallari

Dear Media

Holy Sh*t This Is Really Happening

Join me for my first solo episode! Let's start at the beginning and dig a little into my journey of self-discovery through relationships, how my voice and image has been controlled since I was just 17, and realizing how that tough girl that everyone saw on Laguna Beach and The Hills was actually me overcompensating for the lack I felt within myself. Also, this is really the first time in my entire life that I'm actively dating and get ready because we are going to talk about that a LOT. So, let's set things up with what my single journey has been like for the past 3.5 years, my biggest issue with the press, and why I don't care if you hate me for something I did. Oh, and I've got to tell you about my recent trip to Greece! It was wild.A word from my sponsors:Nutrafol: Find out why over 4,000 healthcare professionals recommend Nutrafol for healthier hair at using promo code HONEST.LMNT: LMNT is a tasty electrolyte

Agent of Betrayal: The Double Life of Robert Hanssen

CBS News

20 Years Later: Major's Experience Covering the 9/11 Attacks

In this mini-Debrief episode, Major reflects on his experience covering the September 11th, 2001 attacks as a member of President George W. Bush's travelling press pool, and the impact of 9/11 on American society and politics. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

Healthy Spaces

Trane Technologies

Healthy Spaces

The NPR Politics Podcast


House Republicans, In Search Of A Crime, Launch Biden Impeachment

The hearing focused on the business practices of his son's efforts and insinuations that, while serving as vice president, Biden used his office to enrich himself or his family. So far, the Republicans have no substantive evidence to support that claim. This episode: political correspondent Sarah McCammon, White House correspondent Tamara Keith, and political correspondent Susan Davis.The podcast is was produced by Casey Morell and Elena Moore. Our editor is Eric McDaniel. Our executive producer is Muthoni Muturi.Unlock access to this and other bonus content by supporting The NPR Politics Podcast+. Sign up via Apple Podcasts or at Connect:Email the show at nprpolitics@npr.orgJoin the NPR Politics Podcast Facebook Group.Subscribe to the NPR Politics Newsletter.

Search Engine

PJ Vogt, Audacy, Jigsaw

Does anyone actually like their job?

... Or, am I being lied to by a Brooklyn-based musician? At twenty-five, I had a question for The Hold Steady’s Craig Finn. This week, I finally got to ask it.
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Freakonomics Radio

Freakonomics Radio + Stitcher

558. When Did Marriage Become a Luxury Good?

U.S. marriage rates have plummeted. But the babies keep coming, and the U.S. now leads the world in single-parent households. In her new book The Two-Parent Privilege, the economist Melissa Kearney says this is a huge problem, and that it’s time for liberals to face the facts. Plus: our friends at Atlas Obscura explore just how many parents a kid can have. 

2 Bears, 1 Cave with Tom Segura & Bert Kreischer

YMH Studios

Seducing Taylor Swift | 2 Bears, 1 Cave Ep. 204

This week on 2 Bears, 1 Cave, Tom and Bert kick off the episode with their recent interactions with musicians. Bert saw Metallica and Tom's been talking with Oliver Anthony. They go on to talk about some of the biggest names in music: Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, and James Hetfield. Bert has a revelation about donating to GoFundMe. Tom and Bert switch lanes into a little sports talk, then baller foods. They wrap up the episode with a huge announcement.

Say More with Dr? Sheila

Audacy and Paper Kite Podcasts

In the world of feelings, there are winners and losers, and somebody has to be the judge. World-renowned, self-proclaimed couples therapist Dr? Sheila invites you to sit in on her private sessions with clients. (For legal reasons, Dr? must be said in the form of a question.) Each week, a new couple…and a new puzzle to crack. You’ll get to hear, and benefit from, many of her famous techniques as she counsels patients on overcoming disagreements, dealing with an overstepping mother-in-law, navigating open relationships, and much more. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show, because the best way to feel better about yourself is to compare your problems to the problems of others. “Say More” features guests including Fred Armisen, Ike Barinholtz, Kate Berlant, Janine Brito, Rachel Dratch, John Early, Tina Fey, Ana Gasteyer, Ilana Glazer, Peter Grosz, Abbi Jacobson, John Lutz, Jason Mantzoukas, Lennon Parham, Chris Parnell, Paula Pell, June Diane Raphael, Maya Rudolph, Paul Scheer, Jessica St.


Vox Media Podcast Network

Phoebe vs. Oyster

We’re coming up on 10 years of Criminal. In the past decade, we've loved taking the show all over the country - including the time I ate a bad oyster in San Francisco and almost didn't make it on stage. It means a lot to us, to be together with you in person - so we're excited to be doing it again soon.
This February, we'll be coming to Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, St. Paul, Chicago, Boston, Toronto, New York, Philadelphia, Washington D.C, and Raleigh. We're also coming to London and Dublin - we'll announce those tour dates soon.
Tickets for our 10th anniversary live show go on sale tomorrow at 10 am local time, including meet and greet tickets where you can come backstage and say hi. If you sign up for Criminal Plus, you can access presale tickets now. Visit to learn more and get your tickets - we can't wait to see you there.
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The Catechism in a Year (with Fr. Mike Schmitz)


Day 260: Summary of the Moral Law

In today’s “Nugget Day,” Fr. Mike reviews the significant takeaways that the Catechism teaches us about the moral law. Fr. Mike highlights that God has written the moral law in the depths of every human heart. Today’s In Brief section also reminds us that the moral law is a “fatherly instruction by God,” rooted in love and oriented towards our joy, freedom, and flourishing. Today’s readings are Catechism paragraphs 1975-1986.
This episode has been found to be in conformity with the Catechism by the Institute on the Catechism, under the Subcommittee on the Catechism, USCCB.
For the complete reading plan, visit
Please note: The Catechism of the Catholic Church contains adult themes that may not be suitable for children - parental discretion is advised.

Last Podcast On The Left

The Last Podcast Network

Episode 547: Jeffrey MacDonald Part I - Acid is Groovy, Kill the Pigs

Henry & Marcus are joined by Ed Larson of The Brighter Side podcast for part I of a case that remains one of the most litigated murder cases in American criminal history, the grizzly tale of US Army Captain turned Family Annihilator - Jeffrey MacDonald, who was convicted of slaying of his pregnant wife and two daughters, while stationed in Fort Bragg, North Carolina in the winter of 1970.

Anatomy of Murder


Bumps in the Road (Jason Hamrick)

A marriage gone south leads to murder. The truth of what happened was much closer to home than anyone expected. The path to prove it would be bumpy. For episode information and photos, please visit Can’t get enough AoM? Find us on social media!Instagram: @aom_podcast | @audiochuckTwitter: @AOM_podcast | @audiochuckFacebook: /listenAOMpod | /audiochuckllc

The Ryen Russillo Podcast

The Ringer

Big Cat Stops By for Sports City Trades, CFB Predictions, History Takes, and Life Advice

Ryen is joined by Big Cat from Barstool to talk about Roman Empire and World War II history (2:04), Deion Sanders changing the landscape of college football at Colorado (31:00), and sports city trades (42:22). Would Patrick Mahomes be worth an entire NBA franchise? Plus, they give life advice to a guy getting punked at the gym and tell an OnlyFans story (52:17).
The Ringer is committed to responsible gaming, please check out to find out more, or listen to the end of the episode for additional details.
Host: Ryen Russillo
Guest: Barstool Big Cat
Producers: Steve Ceruti and Cliff Augustin

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Bad Friends

Andrew Santino and Bobby Lee

Bobby's Birthday Episode Out on Patreon!

To watch the new episode today and for more Bad Friends content go to
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On Purpose with Jay Shetty


Becky G ON: Finding Your Sense of Belonging & How to Masterfully Block Negativity and Rejection

Do you want to feel like you belong? 
Do you want to block negativity and rejection? 
In this episode we dive deep into what it means to step into your authentic self and the tools needed to do so.
Today, I welcome multi-platinum, award-winning singer, songwriter, actress, and activist Becky G. The 26-year-old global superstar's long list of achievements include four Latin GRAMMY nominations, four number one hits on the Billboard Latin Airplay Charts, and her debut album Mala Santa (October 2019) is certified 8X Platinum in the United States. In June, Becky released her latest single “La Nena” alongside Gabito Ballesteros giving fans another glimpse of what’s to come. 
Becky G did not hesitate to dive deep into the heart of authenticity and self-discovery. We start by awakening to a deeper sense of self, shaking off those social constructs that keep us from


Tig Notaro, Fortune Feimster, Mae Martin

Nina West asks about creativity

Nina West (RuPaul's Drag Race, Hairspray) asks the handsome squad about creativity! Plus Tig goes viral, Fortune sings a Disney song, and Mae has a spiritual experience on the massage table. Handsome is hosted by Tig Notaro, Mae Martin, and Fortune FeimsterFollow us on social media @handsomepodEmail the show: handsomepod@gmail.comDon't forget to rate & review Handsome wherever you get your podcasts!See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

The Pat McAfee Show

Pat McAfee, ESPN

PMS 2.0 974 - LIVE From Boulder, NFL Week 2 Preview/Picks, Deion Sanders, Stephen A. Smith, The Rock, Aaron Rodgers, & AJ Hawk

On today's show, Pat, AJ Hawk, and the boys are LIVE from the set of College GameDay in Boulder, Colorado with an absolutely loaded lineup as they recap last night's Thursday Night Football game, and preview all of this weekend's week 2 NFL games and make their picks. First, Hall of Famer, one of the greatest athletes of all-time and current Head Coach of the Colorado Buffaloes, Coach Prime joins the set to chat about this weekend's game and why people continue to give his team motivation, his thoughts on the team as a whole and where they're still going, and his expectations for this weekend (1:11-16:45). Next, Stephen A. Smith joins the show to chat about what Prime is doing for college football, his thoughts on the Eagles, Kirk Cousins, the Cowboys, and what he thinks of the NFL slate this weekend (18:19-35:29). Next, one of the most electrify

Watch What Crappens

Ben Mandelker & Ronnie Karam | Wondery

#2176 Southern Charm: The Austen Tea Party

JT’s seeds of doubt start growing into a beautiful drama tree on Southern Charm when a game of telephone leads Oliva to confront Taylor about just what did go down between her and Austen.Watch this episode with Crappens on Demand here: Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

Shawn Ryan Show

Shawn Ryan | Cumulus Podcast Network

#73 Bedros Keuilian - Discipline, Motivation & Wisdom that Made a Multi-Million Dollar Empire

This week on SRS, Bedros Keuilian tells us all about business. Bedros is a serial entrepreneur and investor in over a dozen industry leading brands and businesses. He’s the founder of Fit Body Boot Camp, three times listed in Inc Magazine as well as Entrepreneur Magazine’s 100 fastest growing franchise brands in the world. Bedros is the author of the Wall Street Journal Best Selling book "Man Up – How To Cut The BS and Dominate In Business and In Life."
This episode explores his childhood as a immigrant, escaping communism and finding opportunity in the United States. Bedros takes us through his formative years as an early entrepreneur; wins and losses. Shawn and Bedros get into heavy topics like society, values, faith and how to get the country back on track. If you are interested in business or investing, the episode is for you.

Shawn Ryan Show Sponso

NPR News Now


NPR News: 09-29-2023 3AM EDT

NPR News: 09-29-2023 3AM EDT

The Commercial Break

Bryan Green

The Hoodless Honda Lot!

We do what we must to save a buck, but how far would you go? Bryan & Krissy reminisce on their crappy car days and check in on some extreme cheapskates. $700 Snow Crab Expense it! Perks of the radio station Bryan’s honda with no hood Naked Attraction is now on Max! Extreme Cheapskates…Best Of 7 moves in 8 years Only eat non perishables She likes her shoes cold Giving up dental hygiene?! Alien sperm on the mattress Roberta tells her what’s up Spare sheets from the motel? LINKS: Send us show ideas, comments, questions or concerns by texting us at: 1.855.TCB.8383 Call 626.ASK.TCB3 and leave us a voicemail Watch TCB on YouTube Creator: Bryan Green Co-Host: Bryan Green Co-Host: Krissy Hoadley Written By: Bryan Green Exec Producers: Bryan Green & Krissy Hoadley Content Production & Research: Tina Khano YouTube Producer & Editor: Morgan Please Producer & Audio Editor: Christina A. Executive Director: Astrid B. Associate Producer: Gustavo Episodic Contribu

Pit Pass Indy

Evergreen Podcasts

Journalist Bruce Martin gives racing fans an inside look at the exciting world of the NTT INDYCAR SERIES in this fast-paced podcast, featuring interviews with the biggest names in the sport. 

Juicy Scoop with Heather McDonald

Sony Music Entertainment / Heather McDonald

Earrings, Joe Jonas Divorce and The Matchmaking Resurgence with Adam Cohen-Aslatei

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner announce their divorce. Was the media doing her dirty? After the water taxi rendezvous, Kanye and his wife allegedly crash a wedding. Kylie and Timothee get “caught” making out. A YouTuber Mom is arrested for child abuse. Diddy gives his artists their publishing rights back. Britney says no to paid Instagram ads. And juiciest of all...I was called a jewelry thief on a radio show.

Then, I’m joined by Adam Cohen-Aslatei, a very modern matchmaker. He shares excellent dating tips and advice on finding meaningful relationships. We also discuss potential matches for our single friends in the Bravo world. Enjoy!

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Nothing much happens: bedtime stories to help you sleep


Something New

Our story tonight is called Something New and it’s a story about stumbling upon abeautiful place on a late summer bike ride. It’s also about lily pads, an X marked on amap and the joy of watching a friend step into a new season of their life.We give to a different charity each week and this week we are giving to the FruitTree Planting Foundation, Working to alleviate world hunger, combat climate change,strengthen communities, and improve the surrounding air, soil, and water.
If you need more Nothing Much, you can wake up with out ten minute meditationpodcast called First This, it is free, ad-free and available on all podcast apps. We also justreleased a really sweet bonus episode over on our Premium Plus feed, you can become asubscriber at Purchase Our Book: for privacy information.

The Shell Lake Massacre

Rawlco Radio Ltd.

The Shell Lake Massacre Episode 4 - The Killer

Less than three weeks after being discharged from a hospital for the mentally ill, 21 year old Victor Hoffman found himself driving along the highway away from his family's farm. As he traveled toward the small community of Shell Lake, an urge to kill that had settled deeply within him over the last number of months grew stronger and stronger. Within the hour, he would commit one of the worst random mass murders in Canadian history. Episode 4 explores the early life of Victor Hoffman, his mental health struggles, and previously unheard details about the police investigation that led to his arrest.

Sources used in this episode include "Schizophrenia, Mass Murder, and The Law," an article by Fannie Hoffer Kahan, as well as "Shell Lake Massacre," a book by Peter Tadman.

Everybody Loves Tom

Tom Sandoval

It’s been 7 months since Scandoval began, and now, Tom is FINALLY telling his side of things.  Welcome to Everybody Loves Tom, a brand new podcast from Vanderpump Rules star, Tom Sandoval. Join him every week while he chat’s with celebrity guests, VPR cast mates, and dives deeper into his personal life than ever before. #TomSandoval #VanderpumpRules

The Glenn Beck Program

Blaze Podcast Network

Taylor Swift IS the NFL Now. Is Anything Sacred?? | Guests: Miss Kay & Korie Robertson | 9/29/23

In breaking news, Sen. Dianne Feinstein has tragically passed away at 90. Glenn and Stu discuss who the seat will go to and the desperate lengths to which Democrats went to keep her in the Senate. Glenn reads multiple good news stories that support Glenn’s theory that a political shift will occur in 2024. Pat Gray joins Glenn and Stu to discuss all the areas of government that will stop if the government shuts down. Glenn and Stu discuss the wide-reaching and mind-boggling success of Taylor Swift. Paul Fitzpatrick of the 1792 Exchange joins to urge citizens to know what their states are doing with their pension funds. Miss Kay Robertson and Korie Robertson join to discuss the movie “The Blind,” which tells the true story of the Robertson family. Glenn speaks with independent rapper Flawdzilla about his change from drugs and liberalism to sobriety and conservatism.

Sword and Scale

Sword and Scale

Episode 249

On Mother’s Day weekend of 2018, a hairdresser named Joleen Cummings was reported missing after she failed to pick up her kids from their father. Soon Joleen’s car was found in a Home Depot parking lot and the mystery behind her vanishing would open up a rabbit hole of insanity like never before. This was one of the craziest cases Florida had ever seen.This show is part of the Spreaker Prime Network, if you are interested in advertising on this podcast, contact us at

The Journal.

The Wall Street Journal & Gimlet

The Billionaire Keeping TikTok on Your Phone

TikTok had hardly any friends in the U.S. government when, earlier this year, the Biden administration and Congress threatened to ban the Chinese-owned video giant. WSJ’s Stu Woo profiles financier Jeff Yass, who made a big bet on the app and is a top donor to lawmakers opposing a ban.  

Further Listening:

- What’s Up With All the TikTok Bans? 

- Exclusive: TikTok’s CEO on the App’s Future in the U.S. 

- How TikTok Became the World’s Favorite App 

Further Reading:

- The Billionaire Keeping TikTok on Your Phone 

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Your Mom's House with Christina P. and Tom Segura

YMH Studios

Farewell Nadav | Your Mom's House Ep. 726

I Love Columbia!! Welcome back to another episode of YMH. This week, Tom Segura and Christina P discuss Christina’s plan after Tom dies, how Tom accidentally “twinned” with cousin Andrew Huberman, attractive men who marry blah women, embracing anti-social behavior, and more! They watch videos of a guy explaining why girls with big butts smell, new videos from the Columbia guy, and some more educational videos.It’s a sad day at Studio Jeans, long-time producer Nadav Itzkowitz is leaving the Jean Team. He sits down with the Main Mommies to discuss his time with the show, what’s going to happen with the marathon, and what next is in store for him.

American Scandal


Jonestown | The Gang of Eight | 3

A group of congregants defect from the Peoples Temple. Jim Jones begins to clamp down on dissent.Binge all episodes early and ad-free with Wondery+. Join Wondery+ for exclusives, binges, early access, and ad free listening. Available in the Wondery App support us by supporting our sponsors!Factor: Head to and enter the code to get 50% off your first order.Planet Money: Listen now to Planet Money from NPR wherever you get your podcasts!See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

WSJ What’s News

The Wall Street Journal

GOP Candidates Clash at Second Presidential Debate in Trump’s Absence

A.M. Edition for Sept. 28. Seven GOP presidential candidates sparred in their second debate last night. All were angling to make a case that they should be the front-runner instead of Donald Trump, who decided not to participate. Plus, shares of China Evergrande were suspended following media reports of its founder’s disappearance. And, could a Eurozone recession be in the pipeline? Clemens Fuest, president of the Ifo Institute, explains what is at stake if Germany can’t turn things around. Keith Collins hosts.

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All About Change

Jay Ruderman

Katie Barnes - Sports and Debates About Gender Identity

Life isn’t fair. Perhaps that is why we love sports. In sports, the aspiration at least, is to even the playing field. But that endeavor in and of itself, poses many challenges. What does the inclusion of transgender athletes mean for sports? For ESPN’s Katie Barnes, a journalist who covers the intersection of gender and athletics, the answers here are never simple. 
Katie joins Jay to discuss the gender politics of sports at all levels of performance, as they break down in their new book, Fair Play: How Sports Shapes The Gender Debates. This conversation distills the complex and often-sensitive questions around transgender competitors, many of whom are kids who simply want to enjoy the sport they love.  See for privacy information.

Planet Money


A black market, a currency crisis, and a tango competition in Argentina

The Nobel-prize winning economist Simon Kuznets once analyzed the world's economies this way — he said there are four kinds of countries: developed, underdeveloped, Japan... and Argentina.If you want to understand what happens when inflation really goes off the rails, go to Argentina. Annual inflation there, over the past year, was 124 percent. Argentina's currency, the peso, is collapsing, its poverty rate is above 40 percent, and the country may be on the verge of electing a far right Libertarian president who promises to replace the peso with the dollar. Even in a country that is already deeply familiar with economic chaos, this is dramatic.In this episode, we travel to Argentina to try to understand: what is it like to live in an economy that's on the edge? With the help of our tango dancer guide, we meet all kinds of people who are living through record inflation and political upheaval. Because even


New York Magazine

Rupert, Russell, and a Looming Shutdown

As Rupert Murdoch announces his retirement, Kara and Scott discuss the future of the media mogul's empire and his legacy. They also react to the Russell Brand controversy, and Elon's plan for a Twitter paywall. Then, there's chaos in Congress as a shutdown approaches, so why is everyone talking about the Senate dress code?
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The Dream

Pushkin Industries & Little Everywhere

S3 E2: What Ever Happened to Happy Jane?

Despite regular therapy, Jane is in a funk. She and Dann discuss what's happened to them, and what she hopes (and fears) life coaching might do for her — or teach her to do for herself. Jane embarks on a hunt for a professional life coach of her own.See for privacy information.

Today, Explained


Blame Capitalism: The 99%

Two wildly different political movements — Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party — emerged from the Great Recession. They forever changed the way Americans think about capitalism and democracy.
This episode was produced by Avishay Artsy, edited by Matt Collette, fact-checked by Laura Bullard and Serena Solin, engineered by Rob Byers and Patrick Boyd with original music by Jon Ehrens, and hosted by Noel King. Additional editorial support from Miles Bryan, Jolie Myers, and Miranda Kennedy.
Transcript at
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The Girlfriends

iHeartPodcasts & Novel

9: A Sisterhood

After 20 years behind bars Bob finally speaks about what he did.  Carole, Mindy and Alayne discuss what it means to live in a world without Gail, and so many other women like her. 
If you are affected by any of our topics please reach out to NO MORE at, a domestic violence charity we’ve partnered with.  
The Girlfriends is produced by Novel for iHeartRadio.
For more from Novel visit
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The Opportunist

Kast Media

KIMBERLY SMITH Part 5 of 5: A Breath of Stale Air

Fred and Stacia anxiously wait for Kimberly Smith to face justice and continue to look for answers as to how Goldie Robinson died.
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Small Town Murder

James Pietragallo, Jimmie Whisman

#424 - The Bloodiest Present Under The Tree - Crystal, Minnesota

This week, in Crystal, Minnesota, an alcoholic couple seem to stumble through each day, before drinking so much, that they pass out at night. This caused some obvious problems, but it all comes to a head, one day, a week before Christmas. A drunken day, turns into a bloody evening, including blood on the Christmas tree, and a dead person, seemingly left as a present. Is there more to this than meets the eye?Along the way, we find out that Minnesota likes to hire local musicians, that the holiday season can be stressful for anyone, and that you shouldn't drink rum, beer, Schnapps, and tequila before noon!!Hosted by James Pietragallo and Jimmie WhismanNew episodes every Thursday!Donate at: or go to and use our email: crimeinsports@gmail.comGo to for all things Small Town Murder & Crime In Sports!Follow us

Global News Podcast

BBC World Service

Gunman kills three in twin Rotterdam shootings

A 14-year-old girl and her mother are among the victims after attacks in two locations in the Dutch city. Also: US Republicans lay out case at Biden impeachment inquiry, and a boy is arrested after one of Britain's most loved trees is felled at Hadrian's Wall.

Dumb Blonde

Dumb Blonde Productions

Morgan Presley: Sex, Love and Laxatives

The very funny Morgan Presley sits down in the hot seat this week to talk with Bunnie about her rise to social media fame and how she accomplished it by just being her goofy and totally authentic self. Morgan shares her story of overcoming parental trauma and a toxic relationship to having the confidence to post online and show up in a way that landed her millions of fans, along with a lot of buzz about her new look. Then, her man Lou joins the show and shares the story of their love and explosive Tinder date. Watch Full Episodes & More:www.dumbblondeunrated.comMorgan: IG | TikTok See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

Lex Fridman Podcast

Lex Fridman

#398 – Mark Zuckerberg: First Interview in the Metaverse

Mark Zuckerberg is CEO of Meta. Please support this podcast by checking out our sponsors:
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Podcast website:
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The Moth

The Moth

The Moth Radio Hour: The Call

In this hour, stories of ringtones, rekindled connections, and revolution. Revealing phone calls, missed messages, and finding one's calling. This hour is hosted by The Moth's Executive Producer, Sarah Austin Jenness. The Moth Radio Hour is produced by The Moth and Jay Allison of Atlantic Public Media.


Susan Fee gets a surprise when she calls her daughter.

A series of missed calls gets scientist Moran Cerf in hot water.

Nancy Mahl gets a call from her mom on 9/11.

Cheech Marin finds his calling after dodging the draft.

I've Had It

Jennifer Welch and Angie Sullivan

An Exit-Only Hole for Me

We all know Jennifer and Pumps love a good dramatic reading and this time we’re taking our talents to the review section of Amazon. From depressing cookbooks for one, jumping the gun on a bulk order of condoms and a great gift idea if you’re looking to get rid of your in-laws, Amazon has it all. Pumps also has a shocking revelation about what’s really going on with a***** bleaching.
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Giggly Squad

Hannah Berner & Paige DeSorbo

Giggling about Roman Empires, fantasy football, and instagram comments

Paige is being weirdly nice to Hannah and it is slightly concerning. Toronto show is next week tickets here! Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

How to Win 2024


How do you win an unprecedented election that could see a criminally indicted ex-president take on the current Commander in Chief? How do you win crucial down-ballot races that will ultimately shape the power dynamics for whoever wins the White House? And how do you win over voters – of ANY party -- when mistrust in leadership is at an all-time high? Our hosts, Claire McCaskill and Jennifer Palmieri, are two of the most well-respected voices in American politics today and have some ideas. Listen to “How to Win 2024” wherever you get your podcasts.

Apple News Today

Apple News

Apple News Today

The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson

383. Education, Foreign Policy, Crime, and Collegiality: the Chris Christie plan

Dr. Jordan Peterson and 2024 presidential candidate Chris Christie discuss the disproportional power of teachers unions, the seemingly perpetual state of the Ukraine/Russia war, the real impact of the Biden laptop scandal, and why Donald Trump might not be the right Republican candidate going forward. Chris Christie is an American lawyer, politician, lobbyist, author, and former federal prosecutor who served as the 55th Governor of New Jersey (2010 to 2018).

The Lowe Post

ESPN, Zach Lowe

Marks and MacMahon

Zach talks to ESPN's Bobby Marks about Damian Lillard buzz, Buddy Hield trade possibilities, and the new-look Indiana Pacers. Then ESPN's Tim MacMahon joins to preview the Mavs and Jazz.

Recent buzz around Dame (:28)
Fake Buddy Hield trades (12:07)
Pacers outlook (21:42)
We were all wrong about Lauri Markkanen (34:58)
Jazz outlook (41:57)
How many wins? (47:30)
John Collins' fit (57:57)
Mavericks fit around Luka and Kyrie (1:01:10)
Where do Mavs stack up in the West? (1:04:53)
What would a successful season be? (1:16:11)
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Two Hot Takes

Morgan Absher

133: Stopped Us in Our Tracks..

Two Hot Takes host, Morgan, is joined by guest co-host Lauren! This episode features stories that have us stopping in our tracks. They're just so outrageous or bad that at first you're at a loss for words. Maybe you'll have words that are better than ours to tackle this week's batch of stories!

Our PO Box!! Two Hot Takes. 5042 Wilshire BLVD. #470. Los Angeles, CA 90036
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