Drowning Creek


Trailer: Drowning Creek

In the early morning hours of November 2, 2007, Justin Gaines walked out of a popular nightclub on the outskirts of Atlanta, Georgia and was never seen again. The investigation into Gaines' disappearance quickly went cold and remained so until 2015, when a man confessed to taking part in his murder. Though this detailed confession described what happened to Justin Gaines, who was involved, and where his body was placed, no arrest has ever been made. Host Sean Kipe digs into this story to find out what really happened to Justin Gaines and tries to make sense of the still ongoing investigation. But as Sean gets deeper, he finds himself in an underworld of drugs, money, and murder.

Where Everybody Knows Your Name with Ted Danson and Woody Harrelson (sometimes)

Team Coco & Ted Danson, Woody Harrelson

Kristen Bell

Ted Danson is thrilled to introduce Woody Harrelson to his dear friend Kristen Bell! Woody is curious about her anti-aging methods plus her fateful meet cute with hubby Dax Shepard. Kristen shares how she juggles a schedule filled with family, an acting career, and jiu-jitsu badassery. Bonus: Ted and Kristen trade tips on how to deal with difficult people, in a silent but deadly way.  Like watching your podcasts? Visit http://youtube.com/teamcoco to see full episodes.

The Daily

The New York Times

America’s Top Doctor on Why He Wants Warning Labels on Social Media

Warning: This episode contains mentions of bullying and suicide.A rising tide of mental health problems among teenagers has sent parents, teachers and doctors searching for answers. This week, the U.S. surgeon general, Dr. Vivek H. Murthy, offered one: social media.Today, Dr. Murthy discusses his proposal to require platforms such as YouTube, TikTok and Instagram to include warning labels, like those that appear on tobacco and alcohol products.Guest: Dr. Vivek H. Murthy, the U.S. surgeon general.Background reading: Dr. Murthy cannot unilaterally impose warnings on social media; the action requires approval by Congress. Dr. Murthy said he would urge Congress to require a warning that social media use can harm teenagers’ mental health.Read a guest essay by Dr. Murthy: Why I’m Calling for a Warning Label on Social Media Platforms.For more information on today’s episode, visit nytimes.com/thedaily. Transcripts o

Rachel Maddow Presents: Ultra

Rachel Maddow, MSNBC

Episode 2: The Mole

The American government launches an all-out manhunt for a young American ultra-right fascist who harbors sympathy for the Nazis and who is actively peddling one of the world's most dangerous weapons. Francis Yockey’s journey -- and the government’s intense search for him -- will soon leave a mark on American politics for decades to come.

The Joe Rogan Experience

Joe Rogan

#2167 - Noland Arbaugh

Noland Arbaugh is the first human recipient of Neuralink’s brain-computer interface implant: an innovative new technology that allows him to control digital devices with his thoughts.
Noland Arbaugh:
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The Weekly Show with Jon Stewart

Comedy Central

The Military Industrial Complexity

On the 80th anniversary of D-Day, we reflect on how the US military saved democracy from fascism. This week, as the Senate marks up next year’s defense spending bill, Jon sits down with Bill Hartung of the Quincy Institute and Roxana Tiron of Bloomberg to investigate whether our arsenal is still bolstering democracy, both abroad and at home. From the active conflicts in Ukraine and Gaza to our rivalry with China, we explore the efficacy of U.S. strategy. Plus, we dive deep into the ballooning defense budget and discuss Jon’s attempts to shine a light on it all. 
And you can also check out the tax tool shared with us by a resourceful listener here:

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Dateline NBC

NBC News

Talking Dateline: The Breakup

Keith Morrison talks to Josh Mankiewicz about Josh’s latest episode, “The Breakup.” In 2010, a California nurse was found dead in her home. Police thought they had a clear suspect, but soon discovered evidence that pointed them in a direction no one saw coming, one that kept our viewers and our correspondents guessing until the end. Keith plays Josh an extra clip from his interview with the detectives as they describe coming face to face with their initial suspect, and Josh answers viewer and listeners questions with Dateline assistant producer Jess Koernig.Listen to the full episode of "The Breakup" here: https://link.chtbl.com/dl_thebreakup

Lost Hills: Dark Canyon

Western Sound and Pushkin Industries

5. So Close

As the months pass with no sign of Mitrice, rumors abound. Law enforcement questions the artist behind a creepy mural. And deputies raid a fort in the wilderness looking for human remains. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

Smoke Screen: My Friend, the Serial Killer

Sony Music Entertainment

My Friend, the Serial Killer | 3. Take Us To The Bodies

On the strangest road trip ever, the confessed killer leads detectives, a prosecutor, and a medical examiner on a grim quest to unearth the bodies he claims to have buried in remote parts Louisiana and Mississippi.  

This episode will be released for free on June 17th.  

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Crime Junkie


NEW SHOW: Drowning Creek

In the early morning hours of November 2, 2007, Justin Gaines walked out of a popular nightclub on the outskirts of Atlanta, Georgia and was never seen again. The investigation into Gaines' disappearance quickly went cold and remained so until 2015, when a man confessed to taking part in his murder. Though this detailed confession described what happened to Justin Gaines, who was involved, and where his body was placed, no arrest has ever been made. Host Sean Kipe digs into this story to find out what really happened to Justin Gaines and tries to make sense of the still ongoing investigation. But as Sean gets deeper, he finds himself in an underworld of drugs, money, and murder.Episodes of Drowning Creek are released every Friday and you can listen wherever you get your podcasts.

Wiser Than Me with Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Lemonada Media

Julia Gets Wise with Julie Andrews

On the Season 2 finale of Wiser Than Me, Julia sits at the feet of 88-year-old Academy Award-winning icon Julie Andrews. Acclaimed for her enduring roles in “Mary Poppins” and “The Sound of Music,” Julie brings a depth of wisdom from a lifetime in the spotlight. The pair discuss the restorative feeling of being in nature, their favorite curse words, and Julie’s 60-year friendship with Carol Burnett. Plus, Julia and her 90-year-old mom, Judy, talk about a life-changing health scare in Judy’s past and how it helped her find her creative voice. 
Follow Wiser Than Me on Instagram and TikTok @wiserthanme and on Facebook at facebook.com/wiserthanmepodcast.
Keep up with Julie Andrews @julieandrews on Instagram.
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Up First


TikTok Fights Looming Ban, School Cellphone Bans, Are Carbon Offsets Working?

Tiktok submitted its first court filings, offering a glimpse into how the popular social media company plans to argue against a looming ban on the app in the US. The Los Angeles school board, the country's second largest school district, voted to ban cellphones and social media during school hours. And, travelers purchasing carbon offset promises on their tickets may not be getting their money's worth.Want more comprehensive analysis of the most important news of the day, plus a little fun? Subscribe to the Up First newsletter.Today's episode of Up First was edited by Gabriel Spitzer, Ally Schweitzer, Neela Banerjee, Mohamad ElBardicy and Lisa Thomson.It was produced by Ziad Buchh, Christopher Thomas and Taylor Haney.Our technical director is Zac Coleman, with engineering support from Carleigh Strange.Our Executive Producer is Erika Aguilar. Learn more about sponsor message choices:


Morbid Network | Wondery

Episode 575: Veronica Gedeon & the Easter Sunday Murders (Part 1)

On the afternoon of March 28, 1937, Easter Sunday, Joseph Gedeon and his daughter, Ethel, arrived at the home of Gedeon’s wife, Mary, for a planned Easter dinner. The Gedeon’s had been separated for some time but had agreed to have dinner together as a family, which included their other daughter, Veronica, a moderately successful pulp magazine model. When they entered the apartment, it appeared as though no one was home; however, upon checking the bedroom where his daughter slept, Joseph Gedeon found the nude body of his daughter lying lifeless on the bed and immediately called the police.During an initial search of the apartment, investigators found the body of Mary Gedeon stuffed under her bed; like her daughter, she had been strangled to death. In a third bedroom, police also found the body of Mary’s boarder, Frank Byrnes, who’d been stabbed several times in the head and neck with a long,

Happily Never After: Dan and Nancy


Stranger than Fiction | 5

To catch a criminal, sometimes you have to step into the imagination of one.Listen to Happily Never After: Dan and Nancy on the Wondery App or wherever you get your podcasts. You can listen to episodes early and ad-free on Wondery+. Join Wondery+ in the Wondery App or on Apple Podcasts. Start your free trial by visiting https://wondery.com/links/happily-never-after/See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.

The Tucker Carlson Show

Tucker Carlson Network

Neil Oliver: How Banks Took Over Empires, and the Truth About WWII, Brexit, & COVID

Neil Oliver is a Scottish broadcaster, host of the podcast Neil Oliver's Love Letter to the World and The Neil Oliver Show on GB News in the UK.

(00:00) Proud Conspiracy Theorist
(18:55) What does Democracy Really Mean?
(23:04) The West is in Trouble 
(43:12) Is the UK a One-Party State?
(50:36) Scottish Independence Debate
(1:15:46) Freedom of Speech Under Attack
(1:46:41) COVID Pandemic & The Vaccines
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Pod Save America

Crooked Media

Trump Loses It Over Fox News Poll

Joe Biden heads to Camp David to prepare for next week's debate, Donald Trump bungles the expectations game, and both sides prepare for the post-broadcast clip war. Meanwhile, a new Fox News poll shows Biden ahead, and Trump lashes out at the betrayal. Then, former White House Counsel Bob Bauer stops by to talk about playing Trump in debate prep in 2020, the Supreme Court, and his new book, The Unraveling: Reflections on Politics without Ethics and Democracy in Crisis.  To pre-order Democracy or Else, out June 25th, visit www.crooked.com/books  To buy tickets for book events and live shows, visit www.crooked.com/events

Huberman Lab

Scicomm Media

Perform with Dr. Andy Galpin: Why Muscle Matters & How to Build It

I'm honored to share Episode 2 of the first season of Perform with Dr. Andy Galpin.
Dr. Andy Galpin is a tenured full professor at California State University, Fullerton, where he co-directs the Center for Sport Performance and leads the Biochemistry and Molecular Exercise Physiology Laboratory.
Andy is both a friend and a colleague, and I'm delighted to have assisted in the creation of this podcast. I'm certain you'll both enjoy and learn from it.
Season 1 features 10 episodes, airing every Wednesday for 10 weeks. Dr. Galpin will cover everything from building strength, the importance of strength for long-term health, the science of breathing, the benefits of sleep extension, genetic testing for personalized training, and nutrition for injury recovery.
While we have Episode 2 of Perform with Dr. Andy Galpin here, please be sure to subscribe and follow Perform with


Candace Owens

Another Person Fired for criticizing Israel?! My Interview With Briahna Joy Gray | Candace Ep 5

Briahna Joy Gray joins me to discuss her recent firing from The Hill and how the criticism of Israel seems to be the only true red line on a bipartisan basis nobody is allowed to cross. 

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Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes, Will Arnett

"John Williams"

Let’s get this poddy started with the incomparable John Williams. We get fortissimo with the great maestro, from escape velocity to the greatest possible luxury in a crowded urban area. We’re definitely gonna need a bigger boat… It's an all-new SmartLess.See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.

The Mel Robbins Podcast

Mel Robbins

You Learn This Too Late: This One Idea Might Change Your Entire Life

Today’s episode is a wake-up call. By the time you finish listening, you’ll have an entirely different approach to how you think about life. This is one of the most profound and insightful episodes of all time on The Mel Robbins Podcast. Joining Mel today is the renowned clinical psychologist and spiritual teacher, Dr. Shefali. This conversation strikes deep into the core of what it means to be alive and the mistakes that you are likely to make in every relationship you have. It is an invitation for you to really consider your own experience and how your parent-child relationship impacted you, including how you show up in your day-to-day life and how you do (or will) show up as a parent. Dr. Shefali will help you break cycles and reparent yourself. She’ll give you the steps to find your authentic self and maybe even have a spiritual awakening. And you’ll learn the BEST advice for raising kids (and supportin

REAL AF with Andy Frisella

Andy Frisella #100to0

730. Andy & DJ CTI: Putin Gifts Kim Jong Un A Limousine, Transgender Women Guns Down Parents & Gavin Newsom Impersonator

In today's episode, Andy & DJ discuss Vladimir Putin gifting Kim Jong Un a fancy limousine during his visit to North Korea, a transgender woman gunning down parents in a Utah home sparking a massive manhunt, and the Gavin Newsom impersonator Josh Meyers setting the internet ablaze with an incredible spoof of the California governor.

Stuff You Should Know


Selects: The Great War of the Worlds Panic Myth

On Halloween 1938 young radio star Orson Welles scared the pants off of America with a fictional news bulletin claiming Martians had landed and were destroying the country. People across the nation ran wild with panic in the streets – or did they? Listen to this classic episode to find out.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

Pardon My Take

Barstool Sports

Derrick White, Adam Thielen, Hank Shaves His Head And Gets An Incredible Offer From A Special Call In

It’s time for Hank to shave his head and JJ Redick is a trailblazer for podcasters everywhere (00:00:00-00:12:56)-. Hank gets a special call in to offer him a day of a lifetime (00:12:56-00:26:15). NCAA is trying to expand the tourney again and Monty Williams is living the dream (00:26:15-00:28:38). Caruso traded to OKC for Josh Giddey (00:28:38-00:33:58). We then welcome on Derrick White from the world champion Boston Celtics to talk about this past week, his new contract, Hank shaving head, his broken teeth and tons more (00:33:58-00:55:02). Carolina Panthers Wide Receiver Adam Thielen joins the show to talk about his golf game, the past season with the Panthers, Kirk Cousins and more (00:55:02-01:28:52). We finish with Fyre Fest of the week (01:28:52-01:44:45).You can find every episode of this show on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or YouTube. Prime Members can listen ad-free o

48 Hours

CBS News

One of Their Own

In 1986, Sherri Mae Rasmussen was attacked, beaten and shot to death in her Los Angeles home. Her father, Nels Rasmussen, was convinced Sherri’s husband, John Ruetten, was not involved. For more than two decades, Nels tried to get the police to focus on John’s ex-girlfriend, Stephanie Lazarus, a decorated Los Angeles police detective. Detectives trailed Lazarus to obtain a DNA sample and the results were stunning: the DNA from Sherri’s bite mark and that of Stephanie Lazarus matched. “48 Hours" correspondent Maureen Maher reports. This classic "48 Hours" episode last aired on 5/26/2012. Watch all-new episodes of “48 Hours” on Saturdays, and stream on demand on Paramount+.See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.

Giggly Squad

Hannah Berner & Paige DeSorbo

Giggling about Netflix special air date, hot takes, and custody

Hannah's Netflix special is coming out on July 9th - WE RIDE AT DAWN. This week we're sharing our true thoughts on European summers and we have a new celebrity giggler. Get live show tickets here: https://linktr.ee/gigglytourSign up for our newsletter here: https://mailchi.mp/9ccfdeffb8c0/newsletter Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

All-In with Chamath, Jason, Sacks & Friedberg

All-In Podcast, LLC

In conversation with President Trump

(0:00) Bestie intros: Big house talk! (1:37) Economy: Regulation, taxes, tariffs, taming inflation, de-dollarization (12:02) Federal debt: growth, spend control, where to cut, role of energy, nuclear (20:22) Foreign policy: Ukraine/Russia (25:05) Foreign policy: Israel/Palestine (28:13) Abortion: Stance on a national ban (31:09) Foreign policy: China (32:33) COVID: Origins, Fauci relationship, deep state, bad deals (39:39) Border: Wall, immigration, H-1Bs, recruiting global talent (46:07) JFK Files: Full release, importance of transparency (48:06) Debate prediction (50:15) Post-interview debrief Follow the besties: https://twitter.com/chamath https://twitter.com/Jason https://twitter.com/DavidSacks https://twitter.com/friedberg Follow on X: https://twitter.com/theallinpod Follow on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theallinpod Follow on TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@all_in_tok Follow on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/alli


iHeartPodcasts and Glass Podcasts

S3: E5 – The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania vs. Justin Rutherford

Justin goes before the Judge, and Stacey and Tyler face him for the first time since his arrest. Nothing can prepare them for what he says on the stand.   If you would like to reach out to the Betrayal Team, email us at betrayalpod@gmail.com  If you’re a man who has experienced sexual abuse or assault, or you know someone who is seeking support, go to 1in6.org. Find a path to a happier, healthier future. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

Shawn Ryan Show

Shawn Ryan | Cumulus Podcast Network

#117 Robert F. Kennedy Jr. - CIA Propaganda & Information Manipulation

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is an author, attorney, activist and 2024 Presidential Candidate. Kennedy is known for his family's long history of public service and his dissenting opinions that circle the rigid "Left" and "Right" view points. Kennedy has spent many years "fighting corrupt government agencies" and corporations alike. He has won environmental cases against dozens of municipalities and corporate giants like General Electric and ExxonMobil. Kennedy also co-founded the WaterKeeper Alliance, the world's largest nonprofit devoted to clean water, protecting 2.7 million miles of waterways. He is now running for President in 2024 and pledges to "end the forever wars, clean up government, and increase wealth for all."

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Perform with Dr. Andy Galpin

Scicomm Media

Why Muscle Matters & How to Build It

In this episode, I discuss the essential role of skeletal muscle in health and performance. I explain what skeletal muscle is made of, how it works, and its role as an integral organ system for physical and mental health. I explain how to focus on skeletal muscle quantity (total muscle) and muscle quality (functionality, speed, power, strength) to ensure you function and perform at the highest levels.
I explain the difference between slow- and fast-twitch muscle fibers and why skeletal muscle is uniquely adaptable to exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle factors. I also explain why resistance training becomes increasingly critical for healthy aging and disease prevention.
I explain how to use the "Three Is" of investigate, interpret, and intervene to determine if you have enough muscle, if it's functioning well, and protocols to improve muscle quality and quantity. Listeners of this episode will understand why sk

This Past Weekend w/ Theo Von

Theo Von

E511 $uicideboy$

$crim and Ruby Da Cherry, a.k.a, $uicideboy$ are a rap duo (and cousins) from New Orleans, Louisiana. Their new album, “New World Depression” is streaming now on all platforms, and you can catch them on tour later this summer. 
$uicideboy$ join Theo in New Orleans for a highly requested episode of This Past Weekend, chatting about their roots in the Gulf Coast, the long, dark history that lead to the formation of $B, how they were able to survive and make music during the most chaotic times in their lives, getting clean and evolving as artists, how they cultivated such a close-knit fanbase, the time $crim thought Southwest Airlines was trying to kill him, and much more.
$crim: https://www.instagram.com/yungxrist/ 
Ruby: https://www.instagram.com/suicideleopard 
$uicideboy$: https://www.instagram.com/suicideboys
Special thanks to: Maison De La Luz in New Orleans https://maisondelal

The Ben Shapiro Show

The Daily Wire

The Ben Shapiro Show

Matt and Shane's Secret Podcast

Matt McCusker & Shane Gillis

Ep 499 - Revenge Body

Support the D.A.W.G.Z. @ patreon.com/MSsecretpod

Go See Matt Live @ mattmccusker.com/dates
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Go See Optimum Noctis at The Creek and The Cave in ATX on July 2 @ https://www.creekandcave.com/events/optimum-noctisvb6dfszg51bdq3z3wnu4p

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Yo0o00o0o0o0o0o0o. Wats gud. We're back with your weekly podcast. Just the D.A.W.G.Z. this week. Fambly ep. Scorching HOT Cast. Please enjoy. God Bless

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Call Her Daddy

Alex Cooper

Nicole Byer (FBF) [VIDEO]

Father Cooper sits down with comedian Nicole Byer. Alex and Nicole discuss the struggles of online dating and break down each of the dating apps. We all love a little positive reinforcement in the bedroom right? C’mon men, we need some moans! The duo discusses strategies to elicit verbal feedback from men during sex. While playing never have I ever, we learn that Alex had a sugar daddy, Nicole has fucked more than one person in 24 hours, and both have filmed themselves during sex. Nicole also shares some insight on the newest and hottest vibrator…a Theragun! Sometimes the pussy just needs a real pounding. Alex and Nicole provide the Daddy Gang with solid advice on fucking your gym trainer, giant dicks, nude etiquette, sexting and more. Enjoy!
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MrBallen Podcast: Strange, Dark & Mysterious Stories

Ballen Studios

Monsters Among Us Vol. II

Today’s podcast features 3 stories that will make you wonder how many monsters you may have encountered in your life. The audio from all three stories has been pulled from our main YouTube channel, which is just called "MrBallen," and has been remastered for today's podcast.Story names, previews & links to original YouTube videos:#3 -- "Granny Ripper" -- Crazy plot twist... (Original YouTube link -- https://youtu.be/5-DiRM4CFPI?feature=shared)#2 -- "Reign of Terror" -- The implications of this story are massive and will take you down a deep rabbit hole (Original YouTube link -- https://youtu.be/aJJmwCKgHAQ?feature=shared)#1 -- "Inside Scoop" -- One of the most unbelievable revenge stories ever, but you won't realize it's a revenge story until the very end (Original YouTube link -- https://youtu.be/sVwIOVFdpxM?feature=shared)For 100s

The School of Greatness

Lewis Howes

Ultimate Guide to Holistic Health: 3 KEYS to Controlling the Mind & RESETTING Your Nervous System

Guests featured today: Andrew Huberman, Dr. Mark Hyman & Rich Roll. How much does the body control the mind, and the mind control the body? Today, we have 3 SOG favorites giving their own take on the mind-body connection and how they approach holistic health in their own lives. Andrew Huberman dives into the profound connection between the brain and body, revealing how our nervous system shapes our mental states. Dr. Mark Hyman shares his transformative journey of healing trauma to find true happiness and love. And Rich Roll inspires with his incredible story of overcoming addiction and embracing a life of continuous growth. This episode is packed with actionable insights to help you transform your life – now, let’s dive in!In this episode you will learnThe brain and body are deeply interconnected, influencing each other continuously.Emotions and states of mind involve both

My Favorite Murder with Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark

Exactly Right Media – the original true crime comedy network

433 - Deduction Junction

On today’s episode, Karen tells Georgia about Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and the Great Wyrley Outrages.
For our sources and show notes, visit www.myfavoritemurder.com/episodes.
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Ben Gilbert and David Rosenthal

Starbucks (with Howard Schultz)

Starbucks. You’d be hard pressed to name any brand that’s more ubiquitous in the world today. With nearly half a billion global customer purchases per week across its stores and 3rd party retail channels, a significant portion of the human population gets their daily fix in the green and white paper cup. (Including our own Ben Gilbert who famously enjoys his daily spinach feta wrap. :)But it wasn’t always this way. Long before the frappuccinos and the PSLs and the cake pops, Starbucks was just a small-time Seattle roaster that only sold beans — and was started not by Howard Schultz but rather the guys who later ran Peet’s (!). Starting from six tiny stores when Howard took over in 1987, this quirky coffee company named after a character from Moby Dick has scaled to nearly 40,000 locations worldwide.Today, in a first for Acquired, the protagonist himself joins us as a third cohost to tell the whole story of Starbucks. And Howard i

Masters of Scale


You could start a company this weekend, w/Noah Kagan

Entrepreneur Noah Kagan wants everyone to feel empowered to start a business. That’s the core message of his new book, Million Dollar Weekend. He’s founded multiple companies worth at least a million dollars, including AppSumo. That’s his software marketplace worth more than $80 million. Noah shares lessons from his scale journey, and from the early flameouts at high-profile start-ups (like being employee number 30 at Facebook and an early staffer at Mint) that fueled a desire to prove himself.Read a transcript of this episode: https://mastersofscale.comSubscribe to the Masters of Scale weekly newsletter: https://mastersofscale.com/subscribeCheck out Million Dollar Weekend here: https://noahkagan.com/mdwbook/See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.

The Dan Bongino Show

Cumulus Podcast Network | Dan Bongino

SPECIAL: Best Of The Dan Bongino Show - 06/21/24

Our Daily live show returns Monday, 06/24.
In this special episode, we recap the year so far with the team's hand-picked best segments and interviews from the show.
Check out our Clips channel for video highlights 
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The Ramsey Show

Ramsey Network

Get a Healthy Level of Disgust With Your Bad Money Habits

? Start your free budget today. Download the EveryDollar app!
Jade Warshaw & George Kamel answer your questions and discuss:

"I was scammed after taking out a HELOC and lost $150k,"

This common mistake could cost you millions of dollars,

"How can I fix my past mistakes in my marriage?"

"My employer is underpaying me,"

"Can I use a personal loan to pay off a credit card?"

"An ex-employee is still driving my company car"

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Next Steps
? Have a qu

Search Engine

PJ Vogt, Audacy, Jigsaw

Why didn’t Chris and Dan get into Berghain? (Part 1)

Two Americans embark on a quest: fly across an ocean to try to get into the most exclusive nightclub in the world – Berghain. A German techno palace where the line outside can last 8 hours, and the bouncers are merciless in their judgments. The club does not explain how it makes its decisions about who can enter, but one foolish podcaster will try to explain anyway. 
Support the show: search engine.show

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The Official Game of Thrones Podcast: House of the Dragon


Ep. 1: A Son for a Son (with Olivia Cooke and Phia Saban)

Hosts Jason Concepcion and Greta Johnsen discuss the explosive Season 2 premiere. They talk with Olivia Cooke (Alicent Hightower) and Phia Saban (Helaena Targaryen) about their tenuous position in King’s Landing and the crushing duties of being a mother and queen in this world.
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Park Predators


The Campgrounds

When a middle-aged couple camping alone in the Oregon woods in 2003 is gunned down in cold blood, the sole survivor is left to point police in the direction of a ruthless shooter... but an unexpected second attack complicates the case, and two mysteries are left unresolved. View source material and photos for this episode at: parkpredators.com/the-campgrounds Park Predators is an audiochuck production. Connect with us on social media:Instagram: @audiochuckTwitter: @audiochuckFacebook: /audiochuckllcTikTok: @audiochuck

Health Hacks with Mark Hyman, M.D.


How Sugar is Shortening Your Lifespan: The Shocking Truth

Americans consume a staggering 152 pounds of sugar every year, significantly contributing to the epidemic of chronic diseases. Today, Dr. Mark Hyman dives into a topic he's been passionate about for years: the impact of added sugar on our health and how we can break free from sugar addiction. He uncovers the hidden sources of sugar in our diets and its devastating effects on both our physical and mental health. Discover how sugar consumption drives chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. Don’t miss this episode packed with insights and practical tips to reclaim your health and well-being. Join the Health Hacks community and follow @healthhackspod on social for exclusive insights, expert advice and the latest in health science.

The Idaho Massacre


Murder House

In the wake of one of the largest investigations in the state of Idaho, all sides are heated over the fate of the scene of the crime: Is it a stain on Moscow that should be demolished or the biggest piece of evidence that should stay standing? Check us out online: www.instagram.com/kt_studios www.tiktok.com/@officialktstudios www.kt-studios.comSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

Magical Overthinkers

Amanda Montell & Studio71

Overthinking About Imposter Syndrome

In 1978, psychologists Pauline Rose Clance and Suzanne Imes published the first study on imposter syndrome—originally termed “imposter phenomenon”—about high-achieving women feeling like frauds at work… and it struck a major nerve. The study kicked off decades of frenzied discourse, programs, and merch aimed at curing women of this irrational feminine disease. Among the proposed treatments included professional development conferences, self-help books like The Imposter Cure, and power poses. Use of the term imposter syndrome has only increased, but I have questions. Like… why are these conversations so gendered? Does anyone NOT experience imposter syndrome? What if you don’t even feel qualified to have imposter syndrome? Is it really a diagnosable “syndrome” in the first place? And either way, how can we stop feeling this way?? Psychiatrist and author of “Real Self Care” Dr. Pooja Lakshmin (@poojalakshmin) joins host Amanda (@amanda_monte

Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend

Team Coco & Earwolf

The Looming Loom

Conan talks to Julia from Ithaca, NY about weaving with a loom, big-name weaving celebrities, and engineering textiles for biomedical devices. Wanna get a chance to talk to Conan? Submit here: teamcoco.com/apply

Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard

Armchair Umbrella

Armchair Anonymous: Embarrassing Sex

Dax and Monica talk to Armcherries! In today's episode, Armcherries tell us an embarrassing sex story.
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Money Rehab with Nicole Lapin

Money News Network

Elon Musk Gets His $47 Billion— Here's Nicole's Hot Take

Tesla shareholders voted in favor of Musk receiving the historic $47 billion compensation package. Nicole's take? He deserves it. She explains.

Something Was Wrong

Broken Cycle Media | Wondery

S20 E10: I Have So Much Proof It’s Insane Babygirl

*Content Warning: cyberstalking, stalking, catfishing, fraud, psychological violence, death, medical trauma, suicide, suicidal ideation, emotional abuse, harassment, sexual abuse, physical violence, bullying, interpersonal violence.*Sources:Dani’s TikToks: https://www.tiktok.com/@danivvvx/video/7300549301057457438?is_from_webapp=1&sender_device=pc&web_id=7224126491788527150  https://www.tiktok.com/@danivvvx/video/7300374851963997470?is_from_webapp=1&sender_device=pc&web_id=7224126491788527150 This season, our theme Song U Think U, by Glad Rags, is covered by Palehound. For music and tour dates, go to palehound.com.Follow El of Palehound and @bachelor_band: https://www.instagram.com/palehound/ Palehound on SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/palehound-1 Free + Confidential Resources + Safety Tips: somethingwaswrong.com/resources FBI Internet Crime Complaint


Campside Media / Sony Music Entertainment

The Truth About Ruby Franke | Part 2

Ruby gains a reputation for being strict with her kids, in contrast to the popular practice of gentle parenting. But when she starts having trouble with her eldest son, and with her husband Kevin, Ruby turns to a Mormon family therapist named Jodi Hildebrandt.

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The Dr. John Delony Show

Ramsey Network

My New Wife Hid Her Disordered Eating

On today’s episode, we hear about: 
-       A newlywed who just learned of his wife’s struggle with disordered eating
-       A mom wondering if she should have another child
-       A high school that took a radical stance on cell phone use

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? Anxiety Test 
? Own Your Past, Change Your Future 
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ABC News

True Crime Vault: Bad Blood

A young lawyer fails to show up for a blind date. He’s been shot to death in his apartment. And another woman freely admits she pulled the trigger. But was she acting in self-defense, or was it a cold-blooded murder?  
Originally Broadcast 06/05/2015
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The Bible in a Year (with Fr. Mike Schmitz)


Day 173: Confidence in God (2024)

Fr. Mike talks about how we see both an abundance of faith, and a great lack of faith in our readings today. While the widow Elisha visits shows us a beautiful example of walking in faith, king Ahaz fails to repent as he falls deeper into sin. Today's readings are 2 Kings 4, 2 Chronicles 28, and Psalm 127.
For the complete reading plan, visit ascensionpress.com/bibleinayear.
Please note: The Bible contains adult themes that may not be suitable for children - parental discretion is advised.

The Toast

Dear Media

A Make It Work Moment: Friday, June 21st, 2024

Kevin Costner Says He Won't Be Returning to Yellowstone in New Video (PEOPLE) (26:27)Luke Combs gets emotional revealing he missed his second son Beau's birth (Page Six) (34:41)Donald Sutherland Dead at 88 (ET Online)(39:15), Khloe Kardashian to Launch Video Podcast on X (The Hollywood Reporter) (41:35)Emma Stone clarifies she's 'fine' with no being called by her birth name despite previous comments (Page Six) (52:00)Summer House Star Lindsay Hubbard Selling Her Own Wedding Dresses for Charity Following Broken Engagement (PEOPLE) (1:01:56)Queenie and Weenie of The Week (1:08:34)The Toast with Jackie (@JackieOshry) and Claudia Oshry (@girlwithnojob) Lean InThe Camper and The Counselor by Jackie OshryMerchThe Toast PatreonGirl With No Job by Claudia OshrySee Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-inf

House of R

The Ringer

'The Acolyte' Episode 4 Deep Dive

It's time to journey deep into the forest with Mal and Jo as they talk about the fourth episode of 'The Acolyte,' starting with their opening impressions (10:26). Later, they dive deep into the best parts of the episode and some of the challenges this episode faced (16:08). Plus, they get into theory corner, wig watch, and so much more!
Be sure to get tickets for the Ringer Residency in Los Angeles this summer!
Hosts: Mallory Rubin and Joanna Robinson
Producers: Steve Ahlman and John Richter
Additional Production: Arjuna Ramgopal
Social: Jomi Adeniran
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The Bill Simmons Podcast

The Ringer

The 12 Remaining NBA Questions With Rob Mahoney and Chris Ryan

The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Chris Ryan and Rob Mahoney to unload a ton of NBA Finals big-picture thoughts. They talk about how the Finals MVP seemed to eclipse the Celtics' title and a truly weird postseason (1:33); Jaylen Brown's ascension, Kristaps Porzingis's image rehab, and NBA awards tweaks (20:27); what's next for Jayson Tatum, and which team could "crash the playoff party" next season (43:30); whether this was the Mavericks' big chance and "Kyrie Irving: over/under/properly rated?" Plus, Lakers vs. Celtics franchise legacy, and more (1:06:21)!

Host: Bill Simmons
Guests: Chris Ryan and Rob Mahoney
Producer: Kyle Crichton
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The Commercial Break

Commercial Break LLC

B.A. In Heaven Studies

James Van Praagh

Let us know if you want to come to our shows this fall

Hi to our listeners

You got any metal in your body?

Krissy is giving cult member today

Someone take the beep button away from Bryan


Ah, yes, more casual racism

Could Bryan pull this off?

The Psychic Break

Florals at a a memorial service? Groundbreaking

Get your BA in Heaven Studies


Ted Danson played him?

A clip from The Circle (not the reality tv show lol)

He’s flopping

He reality said girl love yourself

Aaaaaand cut


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Creator: Bryan Green

Co-Host: Bryan Green

The Bible Recap

Tara-Leigh Cobble

Day 173 (Proverbs 30-31) - Year 6

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D-Group is brought to you by the same team that brings you The Bible Recap. TBR is where we read the Bible, and D-Group is where we study the Bible. D-Group is an international network of Bible study groups that meet weekly in homes, churches, and online. Find or start one near you today!

The Bible Recap, Tara-Leigh Cobble, and affiliates are not a church, pastor, spi

Serialously with Annie Elise

10 to LIFE

168: Karen Read SPEAKS, Justin Timberlake Arrested, & International Manhunt for 2-year-old!

Headline Highlights: Today’s episode dives into everything happening this week in true crime. From new cases to updates on existing ones and more.

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Aung Family Statement:

Karen Read Deep Dive:
Ep. 135 Cold Blooded Murderer or Cover-Up? The VERY Controversial Case & A Deep Dive of Everything We Know

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Passion Struck with John R. Miles

John R. Miles

5 Ways to Master Creative Thinking: The Kyle MacDonald Story EP 471

Imagine transforming a single red paperclip into a house. Sound impossible? It’s not just a fantasy—it's a reality that one man achieved through sheer resourcefulness and relentless creativity. Kyle MacDonald’s journey is more than just a series of trades; it’s a masterclass in turning the ordinary into the extraordinary.In this episode of Passion Struck, we delve into the inspiring story of Kyle MacDonald, famously known as "the red paperclip guy." Kyle's journey from a single red paperclip to a house, achieved through fourteen trades, is a masterclass in resourcefulness and creative problem-solving.Kyle’s story is a powerful reminder that we can all achieve extraordinary outcomes with the right mix of know-how, courage, and determination. Join us as we uncover the secrets to harnessing resourcefulness and creative thinking to reach your personal and business goals. Don’t miss this episo

The Pink House with Sam Smith

Lemonada Media

In the Family Room with Gloria Estefan

Gloria Estefan has been a muse to the queer community for decades, with disco beats made for the club and looks that have inspired drag queens. Sam chats with her about life before stardom, how music was a respite to her after escaping Cuba as a kid, and how queer culture was ingrained in her upbringing. Gloria also shares how she’s still learning to be a true ally to her daughter Emily, who came out in 2017.
You can follow Gloria on Instagram @gloriaestefan
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The Pink House Foundation

The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson

457. God, Marxism, and the Fall of the West | Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson sits down with author and activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali. They discuss the subversion of the West, how the pursuit of truth has become the ownership of it, the corruptive nature of the oppressor/oppressed power narrative, the importance of Christian ideals, and why a push for restoration is more necessary than ever before. Ayaan Hirsi Ali is a Fellow at the Hoover Institute at Stanford University, a Senior Fellow with the Future of Diplomacy Project at the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs at The Harvard Kennedy School, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, and the bestselling author of “Infidel” (2007) and “Heretic: Why Islam Needs a Reformation Now” (2015). Born in Mogadishu, Somalia, Hirsi Ali strove to live as a devout Muslim during her early life, but in 1992, fled to the Netherlands to escape a forced marriage. She became a citizen and went on to study at the Univer


Serial Productions & The New York Times

This Is the Weirdness

The criminal case against the men accused of planning the Sept. 11 attacks is the one aspect of Guantánamo that would seem to make sense – until you start watching it.

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz

Dan Le Batard, Stugotz

Postgame Show: The Hockey Show Takes Edmonton

Your favorite hockey boys are back in Edmonton for Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Final between the Florida Panthers and Edmonton Oilers. Roy and David Dwork are joined by Dennis Bernstein of The Fourth Period and SiriusXM Radio to preview this crucial game, and discuss whether or not the Panthers will fly home with the cup or to play a Game 7. Then, Roy and David try and get the team fired up for this massive game, and egg on the Cats to get the job done and avoid being on the wrong side of history.
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Troubled Waters

Casefile Presents

Episode 10: All the pieces

Content warning: This episode contains discussions of suicide, death and domestic violence. As the puzzle of Louisa’s tragic death begins to take shape, a cryptic message in Louisa's journal hints at a darker truth. Where questions mount, contradictions emerge, and official narratives are challenged - the search for justice intensifies.If you have any information regarding the death of Louisa Ioannidis, please email contact@casefilepodcast.com. If you need any support regarding any of the topics raised in this podcast, please reach out to services such as Lifeline on 131114, 1800 Respect or the Men’s Referral Service on 1300 766 491. Listeners outside of Australia should refer to their local services.Additional links:Heartland Forensic (Dr Thomas Young): https://www.heartlandforensic.comLifeguard Systems (Andrea Zaferes): https://teamlgs.comDr Thomas Young: https://www.heartlandforensic.comProfessor Kerry Carrington: https://car

Habits and Hustle

Jen Cohen and Habit Nest

Episode 356: The Fasting Reset: How Taking Breaks from Eating Can Reboot Your Health with Dr. Mindy Pelz.

Have you ever wondered if there's a simple, effective way to boost your well-being, increase energy levels, and promote sustainable weight loss? The answer may lie in the age-old practice of fasting.

In my Fitness Friday episode, I dive deep into the science behind fasting and explore how different fasting durations can provide a wide array of health benefits. Expert Dr. Mindy Pelz shares a fascinating insight: fasting for just 17 hours can trigger a process called autophagy, where your cells start to clean out toxins and repair themselves.

From busting common fasting myths to providing practical strategies for incorporating fasting into your lifestyle, this podcast is a must-listen for anyone interested in optimizing their health.

Dr. Mindy Pelz is the Founder of Reset Academy, Best Selling Author, and Fasting Enthusiast.

Pursuit of Wellness

Mari Llewellyn

Girl Chat: Entrepreneur Of The Year, IVF, Fi’s Ozempic Update & Controversial Guests

Ep. #109 Today Fiona and I are doing another exciting girl chat episode packed with updates and insights. From Greg and I’s entrepreneurship journey and recent accolades to our LA adventures and personal health updates, we cover it all. Tune in as we dish on everything from wedding goals and travel plans to health updates and favorite recipes. 

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Bloom Colostrum 

Dr. Daniel Amen On How To Fix Your Brain & Reverse The Effects Of Caffeine, Sugar, Alcohol and Fame

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New York Magazine

Elon's About-Face, Surgeon General's New Warning, and AI in Ads

Kara and Scott are live at Cannes! They discuss Elon's plan to win back advertisers, and the Surgeon General's proposal for warning labels on social media. Then, what brands are using AI most effectively right now? Plus, the EU's hard-right parties just harnessed the youth vote in recent elections. What role will the younger generation of voters play in the upcoming U.S. presidential election?
Recorded on June 18th at the AdWeek House in Cannes, France
DISCLAIMER/ONLY IN CANNES: Our live taping of Pivot in Cannes had some brief competition from the Olympic torch passing by. That led to some mild audio interference at the top of the show. We've minimized it as much as possible, and hope it doesn't impact your enjoyment!

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Young and Profiting with Hala Taha

Hala Taha | YAP Media Network

YAPClassic: Jenna Kutcher on Finding Rest in a Hustle Culture and Building a Business That Actually Fulfills You

Jenna Kutcher unexpectedly felt empty after she hit her goal of six figures as a wedding photographer. Burnt out, she cut her workload in half to reclaim her time and happiness. As a result, she reignited her creativity and inadvertently built a million-dollar business. Now, she is the ultimate entrepreneur slash mom, managing several income streams without sacrificing her peace of mind. In today’s episode, Jenna shares some actionable advice and entrepreneurial wisdom that helped her figure out her direction.

Jenna Kutcher is a successful entrepreneur, digital marketing expert, and author of How Are You, Really? She hosts the top-rated Goal Digger podcast, which offers practical business advice.
In this episode, Hala and Jenna will discuss:
- Turning a $300 camera into a million-dollar business
- How she built a hit podcast from h

The Rest Is History

Goalhanger Podcasts

462. St George: Dragon-Slayer

The image of Saint George astride his horse, sword and spear in hand, slaying a dragon, is one of the most iconic iconographical spectacles of all time. But what was the historical truth of this deeply mythologised figure? The conventional take on his story is well known: once, long ago, there lived a pagan king who refused to honour the one God. As punishment, a terrible dragon was sent to ravage his lands, and his daughter sent to supplicate the beast. Until, the saintly George rode up to save the girl and the king’s soul…herein lies an important feature of the historical George: his piety, with the earliest sources casting him as a Christian martyr from Cappadocia, gruesomely tortured and killed in the 3rd century BC. Over time the legend has changed and evolved; from the courts of English monarchs such as Edward I and Henry VIII, who celebrated his chivalry to buttress their regimes, to his many religious and ideological detractors. Througho

NerdWallet's Smart Money Podcast

NerdWallet Personal Finance

How to Navigate Income Swings in a Creative Career

Discover how to navigate financial uncertainty in a creative career with insights from a jazz saxophonist's personal journey.
How can creative professionals manage financial uncertainty in their careers? 
What are the essential financial strategies for artists dealing with fluctuating income?
Hosts Sean Pyles and Abby Badach Doyle discuss the financial challenges in creative careers and strategies for overcoming them to help you understand how to thrive financially while pursuing your passion. They begin with a discussion of the unique financial hurdles faced by musicians, artists and writers, with tips and tricks on managing unpredictable income, the importance of saving and maintaining mental health amidst financial instability. 
Then, jazz saxophonist Roger Romero joins Abby to discuss his personal journey to a full-time music career. They discuss the support systems needed for a successful creati

Tactful Pettiness with Cody Rigsby and Andrew Chappelle


Tactful Pettiness: Trailer

Launching June 20, 2024!

Fitness icon Cody Rigsby and Broadway heartthrob Andrew Chappelle have A LOT of opinions. From grape jelly to flip flops in public. They’ve mastered throwing shade (with intention.) Teaching you the fine art Tactful Pettiness. Join Cody & Andrew each week as they traverse the world of pop culture, chat with their celebrity friends, and show YOU how to accept yourself without taking life too seriously. They are also in the business of helping you find and keep your man. Stay petty bestie…

Morning Wire

The Daily Wire

Illegal Migrant Crime Streak & CNN Debate | Afternoon Update | 6.21.24

Developing stories you need to know just in time for your drive home. Get the facts first on Morning Wire. A’Del Natural Cosmetics: Get 25% off your order with promo code WIRE at http://www.AdelNaturalCosmetics.com Shopify: Get a $1 per month trial at https://www.shopify.com/morningwire

True Crime Obsessed

True Crime Obsessed

373: A Special Investigation

In Chicago, Candice Clark is sworn in as the brand new Director of Special Investigations for the state of Illinois. She is a trailblazer and a fast-rising star in Chicago politics. The only thing is, none of it is real. And as investigators look into Clark, they uncover a decades-long scam that will truly shock you. This episode comes from the series "True Crime Story" on Sundance TV.

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Strict Scrutiny

Crooked Media

SCOTUS's Indefensible Delay in Trump's Immunity Case

The gang is back together! Ahead of the Strict Scrutiny live show on Saturday in DC, Kate, Melissa and Leah comb through four decisions from the Court. Are these the cases everyone’s waiting for? Not quite, but they do involve repatriation taxes, malicious prosecution, federal rules of evidence, and retaliatory arrests.Read Leah's NYT OpEd: "Something’s Rotten About the Justices Taking So Long on Trump’s Immunity Case"
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This American Life

This American Life

834: Yousef and the Fourth Move

Yousef is forced into a move he is not sure he can make.
Prologue: Since the beginning of the war in Gaza, Yousef Hammash has decided where to go next and when. In Rafah, he is out of options and faces his toughest move yet. (5 minutes)Act One: Yousef does not even want to think about leaving Gaza. (18 minutes)Act Two: The actual price — in cash — of getting out of Gaza. (31 minutes)Transcripts are available at thisamericanlife.org

Hidden Brain

Hidden Brain, Shankar Vedantam

Our God-Shaped Brains

Some think of religious faith as just that: a leap of faith. But psychologists are increasingly filling in the gaps in our understanding of how beliefs shape — and are shaped by — the human mind. This week, psychologist Ara Norenzayan explores features in the brain that are tied to our capacity for faith. And he shows how all of us, both religious and non-religious people, can use this knowledge to find more meaning in our lives.For more of our reporting on religion and the mind, be sure to check out our episode "Creating God." 

The Diary Of A CEO with Steven Bartlett


Moment 167: 6 Foods You MUST Eat To HEAL Your GUT!: Dr Will Bulsiewicz

In this moment, the world-renowned gut-health expert Dr Will Bulsiewicz discusses the relationship between your gut health and overall well-being, including your mental and physical health. According to Dr Will, our gut is like a muscle that we can strengthen by eating a range of diverse superfoods such as leafy vegetables, legumes, and fruit. These high-fibre foods can supercharge your immune system by boosting the production of short-chain fatty acids, lower your cholesterol levels, and stabilise your bowel movements. The benefits of creating a diverse gut microbiome aren't exclusive to you, but in fact, your microbes are later inherited by your children, influencing their future health.
Listen to the full episode here -
Apple- https://g2ul0.app.link/Nbay01OpAKb
Spotify- https://g2ul0.app.link/PFFpAzSpAKb
Watch the Episodes On Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/c/%20TheDiaryOfACE

On Purpose with Jay Shetty


If You've Been Feeling Drained... Listen To This (9 Steps To Recover And Avoid Burnout)

Do you often feel exhausted or burnt out? Are you struggling to manage your stress levels? Today, Jay talks about exhaustion, burnout, and stress, highlighting their prevalence with statistics showing that a significant portion of young adults and women report feeling drained. He introduces a practical approach to tackle these challenges, encapsulated in the "triple A" formula—Accept, Action, Attention—which encourages acknowledging negative feelings, taking actionable steps to address them, and paying mindful attention to one's mental state Jay also introduces the concept of "reset periods," whether it's an hour, half-day, or full day, to allow for complete mental and physical rejuvenation. The importance of self-compassion is also emphasized, encouraging individuals to replace inner criticism with supportive self-talk, which can significantly improve o

The Ezra Klein Show

New York Times Opinion

Trump’s Bold Vision for America: Higher Prices!

Donald Trump has made inflation a central part of his campaign message. At his rallies, he rails against “the Biden inflation tax” and “crooked Joe’s inflation nightmare,” and promises that in a second Trump term, “inflation will be in full retreat.”But if you look at Trump’s actual policies, that wouldn’t be the case at all. Trump has a bold, ambitious agenda to make prices much, much higher. He’s proposing a 10 percent tariff on imported goods, and a 60 percent tariff on products from China. He wants to deport huge numbers of immigrants. And he’s made it clear that he’d like to replace the Federal Reserve chair with someone more willing to take orders from him. It’s almost unimaginable to me that you would run on this agenda at a time when Americans are so mad about high prices. But I don’t think people really know that’s what Trump is vowing to do.So to drill into the weeds of Trump’s plans, I decided to call up an old frien

New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce

Wave Sports + Entertainment

Travis’ New Ring, Father’s Day Traditions and Justin Jefferson Got Paid | Ep 95

92%ers we are back with another episode of New Heights sponsored by Crown Royal! 
In this episode, we look at a strange Father’s Day tradition that involves hanging with your bros in the woods, we attempt to settle some Beer Bowl II controversy, and Jason might have some dog racing in his future. 
We also have Travis break down the Chiefs mini-camp, his “retirement pact” with Chris Jones, and how he feels about the Super Bowl ring typo. 
The guys also react to the latest tampering punishments, discuss how Justin Jefferson changed the WR market, and debate where they’d go if they had a time machine. 
We will be back with more New Heights every Wednesday during the offseason so make sure you’re subscribed to our YouTube Channel and wherever you get your podcasts so you don’t miss a single episode and follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok for all the best moments from the s

Fresh Air


'Slave Play' Playwright Jeremy O. Harris Works To Diversity Theater

The award-winning playwright talks about his provocative Slave Play, which earned 12 Tony nominations. A new HBO documentary chronicles the making of the production. Plus, Justin Chang reviews Kinds of Kindness.Learn more about sponsor message choices: podcastchoices.com/adchoicesNPR Privacy Policy

Blood is Thicker: The Hargan Family Killings

CBS News

The Aftermath: 6

How to make sense of this incomprehensible tragedy? Detective Brian Byerson has been in touch with Ashley Hargan weekly since her mother and sister were killed. She not only testified at trial; she made some dramatic moves after she discovered the truth.Get early, ad-free access to episodes of Blood is Thicker: The Hargan Family Killings by subscribing to 48 Hours Plus on Apple Podcasts or Wondery+ on the Wondery app. The series is widely available everywhere else you get your podcasts.Subscribe to 48 Hours+: https://apple.co/4aEgENoSubscribe to Wondery+: https://wondery.com/plus/See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.

Bad Friends

Andrew Santino and Bobby Lee

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Ten Percent Happier with Dan Harris

Ten Percent Happier

Pain Is Inevitable. Suffering Is Optional. Here’s How To Draw The Line. | Bonus Meditation with Sharon Salzberg

While we may want to conquer physical pain, it’s actually observing the sensations and knowing when to take a break that’s the key to relief.About Sharon Salzberg:Sharon Salzberg is a meditation pioneer, world-renowned teacher, and New York Times bestselling author. She is among the first to bring mindfulness & lovingkindness meditation to mainstream American culture fifty years ago, inspiring generations of meditation teachers and wellness influencers.A co-founder of The Insight Meditation Society in Barre, MA, Sharon is the author of thirteen books, including the New York Times bestseller, Real Happiness, now in its second edition, and her seminal work, Lovingkindess.In 2023, Sharon released two new books: Real Life, available from Flatiron Books, and Finding Your Way, a small gift book from Workman.To find this meditation in the Ten Percent Hap




KILL TONY #668 Sam Tallent, William Montgomery, Casey Rocket, Kam Patterson, Hans Kim, D Madness, Michael A. Gonzales, Jon Deas, Matthew Muehling, Joe White, Kristie Nova, Yoni, Kino Loasis, Tony Hinchcliffe, Brian Redban – 06/27/2024



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Beyond All Repair


Your questions... answered!

What did Susie, Sean's girlfriend at the time of Marlyne Johnson's murder, tell detectives? Was a $10,000 stash of cash ever found in the Johnsons' home? Did Sophia have an alibi?

These are just a few of the many questions listeners sent to the Beyond All Repair team. In this follow-up episode, Amory is joined by Beyond All Repair producer Sofie Kodner to answer these questions and more about the case, the story, and the making of the series.


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Right About Now with Ryan Alford

The Radcast Network

Weekly Business News for June 21 | Nvidia Is Now The World's Most Valuable Company, Edging Microsoft And Apple

TAKEAWAYSDiscussion of various business and news topicsPromotion of another show on the Rad Cast NetworkWeekly marketing and business newsPosting of the ten commandments in Louisiana classroomsBusiness news focus on chip maker company NvidiaDiscussion of Bitcoin's long-term potential as an investmentHigh salary of fast food managers in CaliforniaDevelopment of a robot capable of jumping 656 feetInsights and commentary on each topic from Ryan and Chris The podcast begins (00:00:00)Introducing the podcast and its host, Ryan Alford, and promoting another show on the network.Weekly marketing and business news (00:01:14)The hosts discuss the week's marketing and business news, including the slower news cycle during summertime.Discussion about the Ten Commandments in Louisiana classrooms (00:04:50)The hosts discuss Louisiana's law to post the Ten Comma

Turning The Tables By Teresa Giudice

Hurrdat Media

Reunion With Kim D and Jacqueline Laurita, Plus Milania Giudice!

Since Teresa's television show isn't having a reunion, she'll do one on her podcast! A big blast from the past with former Real Housewives, Kim D and Jacqueline Laurita! They lookback at their time on the show and discuss their off-screen lives and friendships. At one point they were all in feuds with each other. How did those start and more importantly, how did they work themselves out? Then Teresa welcomes her daughter Milania, who talks about their trip to Paris, her LAST prom, and heading off to college in the fall. 
Buy Kim D's book at https://www.poschebykimd.com/
Teresa Giudice Instagram 
Turning The Tables Instagram
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American Scandal


Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker | Hush Money | 2

After the FCC concludes its investigation of the Bakkers for misusing donor funds, reporters in Charlotte start to uncover a series of complaints from former PTL staff members. Bakker and his underlings try to silence the whistleblowers, but they become increasingly worried when Charlotte Observer reporter Charles Shepard uncovers a damning allegation against Bakker. See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.

Freakonomics Radio

Freakonomics Radio + Stitcher

593. You Can Make a Killing, but Not a Living

Broadway operates on a winner-take-most business model. A runaway hit like Stereophonic — which just won five Tony Awards — will create a few big winners. But even the stars of the show will have to go elsewhere to make real money. (Part two of a two-part series.) SOURCES:David Adjmi, author and playwright.Sonia Friedman, theater producer and founder of Sonia Friedman Productions.John Johnson, theater producer and co-founder of Wagner Johnson Productions.Tom Pecinka, actor.Sarah Pidgeon, actor. RESOURCES:"Tony Award Winners 2024: The Full List," by Rachel Sherman (The New York Times, 2024)."Everything to Know About the Stranger Things: The First Shadow Play in London," by Tara Bitran (Tudum, 2024).Stereophonic, by David Adjmi, Will Butler, and Daniel Aukin (2023). EXTRAS:"How to Make the Coolest Show on Broadway," by Freakonomics Radio (2024).

Cancelled with Tana Mongeau

Tana Mongeau & Studio71


In today's episode of the Cancel Podcast, we explore a wide range of topics, from quirky jobs to ideal lives, and a dramatic cat-related incident.  We dive into into personal experiences, including escapades in Las Vegas and the complexities of receiving gifts and flirtations. 

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Everything Everywhere Daily

Gary Arndt | Glassbox Media

The History of Skyscrapers

If you were to pick a single visible icon to represent the 20th century, it would probably be the skyscraper. 
Skyscrapers didn’t really even exist before the 20th century, but by the end of the century, they became ubiquitous in major cities around the world. 
The skyscraper didn’t just appear out of nowhere. They wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for multiple technical innovations. Continued innovations have allowed skyscrapers to get taller and taller. 
Learn more about skyscrapers, how they were developed and how they kept growing on this episode of Everything Everywhere Daily.


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The Megyn Kelly Show


Military-Industrial Complex - From Bush to Biden | Shawn Ryan x Megyn Kelly - The FULL Interview

Full interview with Shawn Ryan - originally aired May 27.Follow The Megyn Kelly Show on all social platforms:YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/MegynKellyTwitter: http://Twitter.com/MegynKellyShowInstagram: http://Instagram.com/MegynKellyShowFacebook: http://Facebook.com/MegynKellyShow Find out more information at: https://www.devilmaycaremedia.com/megynkellyshow

The Charlie Kirk Show

Charlie Kirk

Disney's War Against White Men ft. James O'Keefe

James O'Keefe's latest undercover video is a bomb set off right underneath the House of Mouse. James joins Charlie to talk about his jarring video where Disney VP Michael Giordano says there is "no way" his company would hire white men for certain jobs. It's the video that should launch a dozen lawsuits. Plus, Todd Bensman of Daily Wire reveals how there is now literally a telephone app that the Biden administration is using to wave migrants into America by the hundreds of thousands.
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Status: Untraced

Tenderfoot TV & Audacy

Bonus | Theories, Dreams & Speculations

Join a round table discussion with host Liam Luxon, adventurer Jonathan Skeels, executive producer Alex Vespestad. Moderated by true crime podcaster and the host of Up and Vanished, Payne Lindsey.

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Calm Parenting Podcast

Kirk Martin

3 Shocking Thoughts Strong-Willed Kids Want to Share With You

 3 Shocking Thoughts Strong-Willed Kids Want to Share With You
If your strong-willed child could verbalize what they are feeling, this is what they would tell you. I hope you find this insight helpful in understanding a child who often feels misunderstood—which leads to anger, defiance and power struggles. We can change this. Let your child listen--they will feel validated and it may prompt helpful discussions.

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Inconceivable Truth


Pater Familias | Chapter 8

Chasing ghosts, and finding love, where it all began. Sometimes you’re so focused on what you want, that you forget what you already have.