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A creator-led internet, built on blockchain | Adam Mosseri

As digital assets like cryptocurrency and NFTs become more mainstream, design thinker and head of Instagram Adam Mosseri believes that creators are uniquely positioned to benefit. These blockchain-enabled technologies could remove the need for a "middleman" in the form of large social media platforms, allowing creators to more freely distribute their work and connect with their audiences. He explains how this new age of the internet will give way to "the greatest transfer of power from institutions to individuals in all time."

Accelerated Spanish: Learn Spanish online the fastest and best way, by Master of Memory

Timothy Moser: Spanish coach, mnemonist, language hacker, and accelerated

AS082: Funcionar, Volar, and Bailar

Let’s learn the Spanish verbs for “to travel”, “to dance”, and others, using a memory palace. Want FREE access to all of our learning materials, including videos, dialogues, and quizzes? Head over to www.spanishinonemonth.com. Follow us on Instagram @acceleratedspanish for daily Spanish translation practice and other learning tools. For additional resources beyond the 12 free Spanish lessons mentioned above, visit us on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC71luKNIbkqQ1PBisxKEyEw  

Mini MACiLustrated


Un nuevo Apple TV más barato

Hoy comentamos los últimos rumores de Ming-Chi Kuo en los que vaticina la llegada este año de un producto más ecónomico que sustituya al actual Apple TV.Síguenos en TWICH:https://www.twitch.tv/macilustratedÚnete al chat de TELEGRAM:https://t.me/MACiLustratedVisita nuestra WEB:www.macilustrated.comContacta con nosotros en:hola@macilustrated.comSíguenos en Twitter:@macilustratedSíguenos en Instagram:@macilustratedDonaciones de apoyo al canal:https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/macilustrated

TED Business


The Not-So-Great Resignation | WorkLife with Adam Grant

Over the past year, the Great Resignation has been all over the news. Many people are celebrating quitting their jobs… but it’s a decision some will come to regret. So when’s the right time to leave? How do you quit without burning bridges? And how can workplaces encourage people to stay? This is an episode of WorkLife with Adam Grant, another podcast from the TED Audio Collective. To hear more episodes on the science of making work (and life) not suck, follow WorkLife wherever you're listening to this.

TED Talks Daily (SD video)


The crime-fighting power of cross-border investigative journalism | Bektour Iskender

Organized crime operates across national borders -- to keep up, investigative journalists need to do the same. TED Fellow Bektour Iskender gives the inside scoop on his efforts to unveil secret, insidious operations in his home country of Kyrgyzstan, and how he worked with a team of journalists to uncover corruption and spark a national movement. He shares three key insights on how global networks of investigative journalists protect the world not just from smugglers and thieves but from dictators and warmongers.

Ducks Unlimited Podcast

Ducks Unlimited Inc.

Ep. 5 - Prairie Habitat Conditions Improved Over 2021

Dr. Johann Walker and Dr. Scott Stephens join the podcast to provide an armchair view of habitat conditions in the U.S. and Canadian Prairies and openly speculate about what we should expect for the 2022 breeding duck population and production. While winter and early spring storms refilled wetlands in North Dakota, Manitoba, and the Canadian parklands, variable and dry conditions remain across important breeding regions of Montana and southern Saskatchewan and Alberta.  www.ducks.org/DUPodcast

TED Tech

TED Tech

The Dark Side of Decentralization | Your Undivided Attention

Today, something a little different: an episode from Your undivided Attention, another podcast in the TED Audio Collective. It's a show that explores the incredible power that technology has over our lives -- and how we can use it to catalyze a humane future. These days, there's enthusiastic talk about the possibilities of decentralized technologies, like cryptocurrencies and 3D printing. But decentralization is cast in a different light when we're talking about decentralized weaponry. Security expert Audrey Kurth Cronin guides us in an exploration of decentralized weaponry throughout history, how social media is a new decentralized weapon, and how to wisely navigate these threats. If you enjoy the episode and want to hear more, find and follow Your Undivided Attention wherever you're listening to this.

Body Stuff with Dr. Jen Gunter


The unexpected link between taste and smell

Sniffing a fragrant flower, inhaling the aroma of a good cup of coffee, breathing in your loved one’s signature scent–these are just a few of the joys you might feel deprived of when you lose your sense of smell. But smell is a surprisingly underrated sense and many of us don’t know– How DOES our sense of smell work? Is it related to taste? And if we lose it, how do we get it back? Dr. Jen Gunter walks us through the fascinating wonders and mysteries of smell, unpacks the latest neuroscience about the sense and its links to taste, and investigates how language can shape our perception of the many odors that our nose (and entire olfactory system!) picks up daily. You can read the text transcript for this episode at https://go.ted.com/BSTscript9

TED Talks Education


My long walk across India for women's freedom | Srishti Bakshi

There are 600 million women in India -- yet they are rarely seen outdoors after sunset because of safety concerns like harassment and catcalls. On a mission to create safer public spaces, women's rights advocate Srishti Bakshi talks about how she embarked on a 2,300-mile walk across the length of India (a distance equivalent to traveling from New York City to Los Angeles), conducting driving workshops to empower women's mobility across the country. "The more women see other women in public spaces, the more safe, independent and empowered each of us will be," Bakshi says.

WorkLife with Adam Grant


Taken for Granted: Jon Batiste and the art of pushing the limit

Jon Batiste has had a record year–he was the most nominated artist at the Grammys, winning five of his ELEVEN nominations across multiple categories, including Album of the Year. And when when he’s not making musical history, he’s a touring artist, late-night band leader, and an Oscar-winning composer. In this episode, Jon talks with Adam about the process of making his genre-defying music, the power of art to make real change, his prodigious background growing up as a young musician in New Orleans, and the unique thinking and devoted journey to inspiration that propelled him into his successful and wide-ranging career.
For the full text transcript, visit go.ted.com/T4G27

TED Health


The cure for burnout (hint: it isn't self-care) | Emily Nagoski and Amelia Nagoski

You may be experiencing burnout and not even know it, say authors (and sisters) Emily and Amelia Nagoski. In an introspective and deeply relatable conversation, they detail three telltale signs that stress is getting the best of you -- and share actionable ways to feel safe in your own body when you're burning out. This conversation, hosted by TED curator Cloe Shasha Brooks, is part of TED's "How to Deal with Difficult Feelings" series. Join our host, Dr. Shoshana Ungerleider, at the end of the episode for a deeper dive into how burnout affects health care workers – and some tips to prevent it.



Meta- 4 visores para dominarlos a todos

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Capital Allocators

Ted Seides

Sahil Bloom – Creativity, Investing, and Engineered Serendipity (Capital Allocators, EP.249)

Sahil Bloom is one of most dynamic up and coming creators in the financial community. He spent a decade in investment banking and private equity before turning to writing prolific threads about finance and frameworks to have a more fulfilling life and career. He’s amassed over a half a million followers on Twitter in just the last two years, writes a blog called The Curiosity Chronicle, started a podcast, and recently launched a seed stage venture fund called SRB Ventures. Our conversation covers Sahil’s upbringing, his career in private equity, developing his own edge, and transitioning from the corporate world to life as a creator. We then discuss his favorite frameworks and how they apply to investing, including mentorship, goal setting, luck, and paradoxes of life. We close with the details of his recent fund launch, audience engagement, and how he manages his time. Learn More‍



I Pallonari - Venerdì 06/05/2022

In diretta seguiamo la gara tra Inter e Empoli.



Tourists From Outer Space Pt. 4: Those Spooky Space Police and Their Secret Base

Join us as we talk about those men in black suits and the 51st area housing government secrets.

unEDITED: Inside Retail


ThisMerchLife: Finding the Fun in Fashion Merchandising

They weren't the first in retail fashion to start a meme account dedicated to their overworked and underappeciated lives, but the creative force behind ThisMerchLife is now the one everyone aspires to.One of the first things you need to know about this special episode is that the identity of ThisMerchLife's founder had to be kept in the strictest secrecy for them to agree to appear on the show. Their voice has been altered and the location of the recording was kept under wraps. Seems that turning a mirror on an entire industry, even in a fun way, doesn't appeal to everyone.Since it's inception, while the lighthearted nature of the retail grind continues to make this a daily must visit account by industry insiders, it's also become a way for those in merchandising to network, give each other new ideas and yes, also vent to a sympathetic and knowing audience. In short, it's done what social m

The Slanted Hallway


Worm Hercules

Everyone's favorite threat of total annihilation is back with, The Cold War! Let's just hope our leaders don't slip up for even a second. 

The Last Gen

Ted Shuttlesworth Jr

What Is Divine Favor? & The Quickest Way To Get It From God

Not every believer has it. The favor of God: It's the invaluable and intangible aspect of someone's life that causes them to go from prisoner to prime minister; it causes everything to "just go their way". The favor of God works in school, business, and ministry to take the believer to higher levels than they could have achieved on their own skill, talent, and charisma. But how do you get it? And why do most Christians not walk in it at all? Join me on this week's episode of The Last Gen Podcast!
?If you aren't already following us, check us out @the.last.gen to be apart of future interactive content.
?The Last Gen Podcast is presented by Miracle Word Ministries.
?Follow Alex on Instagram @alex.iaquinto

TED Talks Daily (HD video)


The most powerful untapped resource in health care | Edith Elliott and Shahed Alam

Whether we're rushing a child to the emergency room after a fall or making chicken soup for a feverish spouse, love inspires us to act when a family member gets sick. Global health activists Edith Elliott and Shahed Alam believe we can harness this power to create better health outcomes for everyone. Learn how their organization Noora Health works with doctors and nurses in India and Bangladesh to train the family members of hospital patients with essential skills to support their sick loved ones -- and how they plan to expand their reach to support 70 million caregivers who care for more than one billion people over the next six years. (This ambitious plan is a part of the Audacious Project, TED's initiative to inspire and fund global change.)



The Princess and the Poop

Court psychologist gives a master class on Borderline and Histrionic PDs with Amber Heard as an example. Committed Covidians get The Voice. Secondhand Therapy: Josh pays to get head-shrunk and you get the free leftovers.

See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

TED Talks Society and Culture


How to heal a divided world | Michèle Lamont

How do we define worth in society, and who gets status? Sociologist Michele Lamont studies these questions and investigates ways to broaden the circle of recognition and fight the harm of social stigmatization. She lays out the steps needed to make more inclusive societies -- and it all starts by expanding our idea of who matters.

TED en Español


Aprender más, mas rápido y mejor

En un mundo que evoluciona cada vez más rápidamente, tenemos la necesidad de aprender mucho, en muy poco tiempo y durante toda la vida. ¿Cómo podemos hacerlo? En su charla en TEDxTarragona, Fernando de la Rosa nos cuenta algunas estrategias para aprender más y mejor. Escuchémoslo. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

Kiwi Tripsters

Travel Media Limited

Savouring the Pacifics

Pacific islands are the call of the times from New Zealand as winter sets in and travellers look to tropical shores to soak up golden sands of the South Pacific. Plus, staring into the reality of post-covid travel - where are the traps and the top tricks to get through to those fav holidays destinations.

TED Talks Science and Medicine


The breakthrough science of mRNA medicine | Melissa J. Moore

The secret behind medicine that uses messenger RNA (or mRNA) is that it "teaches" our bodies how to fight diseases on our own, leading to groundbreaking treatments for COVID-19 and, potentially one day, cancer, the flu and other ailments that have haunted humanity for millennia. RNA researcher Melissa J. Moore -- Moderna's chief scientific officer and one of the many people responsible for the rapid creation and deployment of their COVID-19 vaccine -- takes us down to the molecular level, unraveling how mRNA helps our bodies' proteins maintain health, prevent disease and correct errors in our genetic code. "We have entered an entirely new era of medicine," Moore says.

Solidarity Works

United Steelworkers

When Disaster Strikes: Meet the USW Emergency Response Team

Allan McDougall, the first director of the USW Emergency Response Team, learned firsthand the importance of healing and the need for long-lasting support from unions more than thirty years ago while working in a mine in Canada. After witnessing multiple co-workers’ deaths and suffering in silence with alcoholism, Allan took control of his life and health, and brought that experience to the groundbreaking USW program.  Listen to the latest episode of Solidarity Works to learn more about how the Emergency Response Team was created, how it serves members in their most vulnerable moments, and how you can get involved. (Music from this episode is by Ketsa.)



Whatcha Watching 27 - Geek Out and Be Chill

Elden Ring, Jujutsu Kaisen 0, The Legend of Vox Machina, Kamisama Kiss, Fire Force, and more! Join Kelly and Nathan as they geek out about what they've been watching and playing recently.Get behind the scenes content and vote for upcoming episodes on Patreon.Listen and learn more about Fanimated.E-mail: fanimatedpodcast@gmail.comFacebook: Fanimated Podcastinstagram: @fanimatedpodcastTwitter: @FanimatedPYouTube: Fanimated MediaKelly Anderson's instagram: @kanderdrawSupport the show (https://patreon.com/fanimated)

TEDTalks Tecnología


Cómo el telescopio espacial James Webb desvelará el universo | John C. Mather

El telescopio espacial James Webb es un milagro de la ciencia y la ingeniería modernas. Con un espejo revestido de oro de 6,40 metros de diámetro, y protegido por un parasol del tamaño de una pista de tenis, es el telescopio más potente del mundo y el intento más reciente de la humanidad para dar respuesta a interrogantes como: "¿De dónde venimos?" y "¿Estamos solos?" (Fue necesario plegarlo como un origami para poder ser lanzado al espacio). El nobel John C. Mather, líder del equipo de la NASA que construyó el Webb, explica cómo el telescopio observará las primeras galaxias que se formaron en el universo primitivo, atravesará nubes de polvo cósmico y gas para revelar estrellas en su fase inicial y descubrir nuevos detalles acerca de lugares como Europa y Titán, los cuales podrían albergar vida. "Este telescopio nos proporcionará grandes sorpresas", af

TEDTalks علوم و طب


يمكننا أن نجعل كوفيد-19 الوباء الأخير | بيل جيتس

لن يكون بناء مستقبل خالٍ من الأوبئة أمرًا سهلاً، لكن بيل جيتس يعتقد أن لدينا الأدوات والاستراتيجيات لجعل ذلك ممكنًا - والآن علينا فقط تمويلها. في هذا الحديث التطلعي، يقترح فريقًا متعدد التخصصات للاستجابة للأوبئة والتعبئة العالمية (جيرم) والذي من شأنه اكتشاف الفاشيات المحتملة ومنعها من التحول إلى أوبئة. من خلال الاستثمار في مراقبة الأمراض والبحث والتطوير بالإضافة إلى تحسين النظم الصحية، يعتقد غيتس أنه يمكننا "خلق عالم يتمتع فيه كل فرد بفرصة لعيش حياة صحية ومنتجة - حياة خالية من الخوف من COVID-19 القادم . "

TEDTalks 과학과 의료


이번이 마지막 팬데믹이 되도록 할 수 있습니다 | 빌 게이츠(Bill Gates)

팬데믹이 없는 세상을 만드는 일은 쉽지 않겠지만, 빌 게이츠는 우리가 그런 미래를 가능하게 할 수단과 전략이 있다고 믿습니다. 이제 여기에 투자만 하면 됩니다. 미래지향적인 이 강연에서 그는 다양한 분야의 전문가로 구성된 GERM(세계 감염병 대응 및 동원)팀을 만들자고 제안합니다. GERM팀은 감염병 발발을 감지하여 세계적 대유행(팬데믹)을 막는 역할을 할 것입니다. 그는 질병 감시와 연구 개발에 투자하고 의료 체계를 개선함으로써 모든사람이 건강하고 생산적인 삶을 살 수 있는 세상을 만들 수 있다고 믿습니다.

TEDTalks 科学と医療


新型コロナを最後のパンデミックにするには | ビル・ゲイツ


Strategy Simplified

Management Consulted

S6E28: McKinsey Public Sector Case Interview Example

In this mock case interview, Marco tackles a public sector issue. Stephanie Knight, an ex-McK EM, takes the lead in the interviewer-led case. Listen (and follow along) for quality, free case practice, and keep listening as Stephanie dissects Marco's performance and shares opportunities for growth.Additional LinksJoin Black Belt, MC's case prep program: BLACK BELTAccess case partners at your level: FREE LINKEDIN GROUPSubmit a question for the team to answer: EMAIL USSponsor an episode or advertise: Management Consulted Media Kit

TEDTalks Niños y Familia


El inquebrantable apoyo de una campeona olímpica a las madres deportistas | Allyson Felix

Quedar embarazada siendo una atleta suele conocerse como "el beso de la muerte", una señal de que tu carrera atlética terminará pronto. La campeona olímpica, emprendedora y orgullosa madre Allyson Felix piensa que no debería ser así. Ella cuenta la historia de empezar una familia, mientras lucha por cambiar las políticas de maternidad de su antiguo patrocinador, y le abre el camino a otras para que tengan una mejor protección y un mayor apoyo. Su mensaje es un testimonio sobre el poder de creer en uno mismo y luchar por uno mismo. "No hay que ser un atleta olímpico para crear el cambio para uno mismo y para otros", nos dice. "Cada uno de nosotros puede apostar por sí mismo".

TEDTalks 아동과 가족


두려움을 극복하기 위한 올림픽 챔피언의 사고방식 | 앨리슨 펠릭스(Allyson Felix)

육상 경기 선수가 임신하는 것은 죽음의 입맞춤이라 불린다. 선수 경력이 곧 끝날 것을 의미하는 신호이다. 올림픽 챔피언이자 사업가이며 자랑스러운 엄마인 앨리슨 펠릭스는 그런 실상이 옳지 않다고 생각한다. 그녀는 출산 후 그녀의 전 후원사의 육아 관련 정책을 바꾸기 위해 노력했고, 그 결과 출산 관련 보호 정책은 더 확대되었고, 더 많은 지지를 얻게 되었다. 이 이야기는 자기 자신을 믿고 옹호하는 것이 얼마나 강한지를 증명한다. 앨리슨은 "자신과 다른 사람들을 위해 무언가를 변화시키기 위해 올림픽에 나갈 필요는 없다. 스스로 자신을 믿고 투자하라."고 말한다.

TED Talks Kids and Family


An Olympic champion's mindset for overcoming fear | Allyson Felix

Getting pregnant as a track and field athlete is often called the "kiss of death" -- a sign your athletic career will soon end. Olympic champion, entrepreneur and proud mother Allyson Felix thinks it shouldn't be that way. She tells the story of starting a family while fighting to change her former sponsor's maternity policy -- and paving the way for others to get greater protection and more support. Her message is a testament to the power of believing in and advocating for yourself. "You don't have to be an Olympian to create change for yourself and others," she says. "Each of us can bet on ourselves."

Sexier Than A Squirrel: Dog Training That Gets Real Life Results


How To Reinvent Yourself

Join our very own Lauren Langman and Justin Prust as we talk on reinventing yourself. Justin Prust is an authority on corporate leadership, culture-building, change management and team development, and provides an empowering and innovative approach to continuous improvement . When life changes, sometimes throwing unexpected obstacles our way, it can be an opportunity to reinvent yourself, and what’s truly exciting about this? You can reinvent yourself no matter your age, no matter what you’ve done or where you intend to go with your life… There is no “it’s too late” or “now is not the time”. Reinvention can be refreshing, revitalising and can lead you to exciting opportunities you would never have experienced. No one ever says they regret not working enough or going on too many adventures that grew them as an individual. This candid conversation will motivate and inspire you. Discover the questions that will empower you to get the results in your lif

The Grave Talks | Haunted, Paranormal & Supernatural

Ghost Stores, Haunted, Paranormal & Supernatural Stories

Investigation of The Dead | Best Of The Grave Talks

From a young age, Joe Nelson was intrigued by the idea of investigating the paranormal. After a move to South Carolina, and a deep dive into its history, Joe soon wanted to dig deeper into the stories of the undead. This would lead him to put together his own paranormal team to begin this quest. From infamous jails to private residential homes, Joe has experienced all kinds of supernatural activity. This is his story, today on The Grave Talks.

PART 2 - AVAILABLE TO GRAVE KEEPERS ONLY - LISTEN HERE In part two of our interview, available only to Grave Keepers, we discuss:

Has Joe ever encountered anything Evil?
Why does Joe think people jump to the conclusion that something is demonic?
Is there ever a time where Joe said that the haunting was too intense for him to investigate?
What are some of the most likely things someon

The TED Interview


What’s on Elon Musk’s mind?

What will it take to build a future worth being excited about? Elon Musk believes we already have the tools that will help us create one, but we must take bold action to get there. In conversation with head of TED Chris Anderson, Musk details how the radical new innovations he’s working on—Tesla’s intelligent humanoid robot Optimus, SpaceX’s otherworldly Starship and Neuralink’s brain-machine interfaces—could help maximize the lifespan of humanity and create a world where goods and services are abundant and accessible for all.

This episode was recorded on April 6, 2022. To talk about recent developments including his bid to buy Twitter, Elon joined Chris on stage at TED 2022 on April 14. You can listen to that interview now by following TED Talks Daily wherever you’re listening to this.

TEDTalks 教育


子供たちに教育を提供し続けるためウクライナは戦う | ゾーヤ・リトヴィン


TEDTalks Negocios


El dilema de la simpatía para las líderes mujeres | Robin Hauser

Cuando las mujeres lideran, usualmente sigue el sesgo. La documentalista Robin Hauser se sumerge en el dilema entre la competencia y simpatía que enfrentan las mujeres en roles de liderazgo, desenredando las creencias inconscientes y el pensamiento de género que distorsionan lo que significa ser un buen líder.

El Cine de LoQueYoTeDiga

El Cine de LoQueYoTeDiga

La Música Clásica De Nuestro Tiempo: "Encanto" // Podcast "El Cine de LoQueYoTeDiga" nº 346 (13x29)

En La Música Clásica De Nuestro Tiempo de Iker González Urresti uno de los éxitos musicales del año, “Encanto”, a cargo de Germaine Franco y que ha conseguido la nominación en los Oscar 2022 en el apartado de banda sonora. Un retrato musical de los colores, la vistosidad y la tradición de un país como Colombia.

Este reportaje pertenece al programa “El Cine de LoQueYoTeDiga” nº 346 (13x29) y fue emitido el 19 de Marzo de 2022.

Sincerely, X


Conversations with People Who Hate Me

On the internet, nobody seems to remember you’re a real person. That’s especially true for Michael James Schneider, an artist whose work you’ve probably seen online. Commonly referred to as “Balloon Guy”, Michael uses mylar balloons to spell out pithy phrases he then posts on the internet– and people both love and hate him for it. In fact, it can seem like Michael’s haters outweigh the fans, at least online. In this episode, listen as Michael explores what could possibly be behind all the anonymous trolling that has turned him into one of Twitter’s “main characters”, and how anonymity affects the kinds of conversations we can have with one another. This is an episode of “Conversations With People Who Hate Me”, another podcast from the TED Audio Collective, hosted by Dylan Marron. Listen to more wherever you’re listening to this.

TEDTalks ニュースと政治


ウクライナと共に悪との戦いに立ち上がれ | ガルリ・カスパロフ


TEDTalks Politique et médias


Ensemble avec l'Ukraine dans sa lutte contre le mal | Garry Kasparov

L'Ukraine est aux avant-postes d'une guerre entre la liberté et la tyrannie d'après le maître des échecs et militant des droits de l'homme, Gary Kasparov. Par ce réquisitoire ardant, il esquisse l'ascension au pouvoir de Vladimir Poutine et son propre parcours depuis être devenu champion du monde d'échec jusqu'à son activisme en faveur de la démocratie en Russie. Il appelle les dirigeants du monde à s'engager en faveur de l'Ukraine, pour la vie et l'amour au lieu de la mort et de la haine. D' après lui, le prix à payer pour arrêter un dictateur augmente au fur et à mesure que le temps passe sans agir. « Traiter le mal de loin reste une victoire du mal. »

Desperately Seeking Paul : The Paul Weller Fan Podcast

HenryBear & FredTed Productions

EP90 - Barrie Cadogan AKA Little Barrie... ”I get consumed by your fire and grace...”

Barrie Cadogan is not only one of the most talented and well-respected guitarists around, having played with Primal Scream, Johnny Marr, The The, Steve Mason, Texas and, of course, Paul Weller - he also fronts his own band - Little Barrie.
A classic British power trio in the lineage of Cream and The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Little Barrie started off as a solo guise for Barrie, using the nickname given to him aged 14 by a mate’s dad in Nottingham. 
The band first supported Paul Weller in 2002 - with gigs including the Birmingham NEC and Hyde Park's Route of Kings. He's played on 22 Dreams, Wake Up The Nation and True Meanings whilst also joining the Weller live line up on numerous occasions for gigs and radio sessions.
Thanks for listening - make sure that you subscribe / follow and leave a review - and if you want to support the podcast financially, you can buy me a virtual c

Criminally Listed Presents: Into the Killing

Criminally Listed Presents: Into the Killing

S2 Ep53: Marilyn McIntyre

In March 1980, 18-year-old Marilyn McIntyre, a mother and wife, was brutally murdered in her apartment. For decades, one of the suspects in her case was husband. He had the means, the motive and the opportunity... but did he do it?

This week's epsiode features the song, "Cocoon," "Chrysalis," "Lucid," and "Longing" by Paul St. Laurent. Find more of his music at: https://www.soundcloud.com/paulstlaurent

SCP Foundation Audio Archive


SCP-3073: All the Men And Women Merely Players

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The Unlimited Spanish Podcast: Aprende español | Habla español | Learn Spanish | Speak Spanish | TPRS

Òscar Pellus: Founder of Unlimited Spanish. Author of Spanish courses. Hel

#278: El imperio donde nunca se pone el sol

¡Hola! Soy Óscar, fundador de unlimitedspanish.com. Quiero ayudarte a hablar español fluidamente. ¡Hablar español es más fácil de lo que parece! Solo tienes que usar el material y técnicas adecuadas. En este episodio: Vamos a conocer un imperio donde el sol no se ponía nunca. Así era de grande ese imperio. A continuación, una mini-historia sobre algo que le gustó hacer a un rey del siglo XVI español. Consigue ahora los cinco pilares para aprender español en mi página web: unlimitedspanish.com ¡Hola a todos! ¿Qué tal? ¿Qué te parece si vemos un poco de historia de España? Nada más un poquito, no te preocupes. Tampoco hay examen al final del episodio… Bueno, ya veremos :) Hace algún tiempo, Kacper, uno de mis estudiantes, me propuso el tema del “imperio donde nunca se pone el sol”. De esto hablo hoy. Primero de todo, ¿de qué imperio estamos hablando? ¿De uno donde se puede tomar el sol 24 horas al día y ponerse muy moreno? No exac

Merendando Manzanas con Javichu


Merendando Manzanas con Victor Abarca

Victor Abarca.... que decir que no sepas de él ya... pero... ¿sabes si merienda o no? Te invito a que te sientes, te prepares un buen café, y escuches cosas que nunca contó antes!Síguenos en TWICH:https://www.twitch.tv/macilustratedÚnete al chat de TELEGRAM:https://t.me/MACiLustratedAfiliado NORDVPN https://go.nordvpn.net/aff_c?offer_id=601&aff_id=53038&url_id=14078USE COUPON CODE: macilustratedVisita nuestra WEB:www.macilustrated.comContacta con nosotros en:hola@macilustrated.comSíguenos en Twitter:@macilustratedSíguenos en Instagram:@macilustratedDonaciones de apoyo al canal:https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/macilustrated

Nature Centered from Wild Birds Unlimited

Wild Birds Unlimited, Inc.

Habitat: Can You Really Make a Difference

Habitat, habitat, habitat! That’s right, there’s more to learn about our own little natural parks we call our backyards. John and Brian share exciting new research on just how much of an impact an individual can make for local wildlife. Hint, it’s a lot! Stay tuned to the end to find out if we could see the dodo again in our lifetimes. 

TED Talks Music


The rhythm and rhyme of memory, solitude and community | Rosanne Cash

"Music can unlock a frozen memory that melts into the seeds of our creativity," says musician Rosanne Cash. Reflecting on the power of memory, solitude and community, she performs "The Sunken Lands" and "Particle And Wave" and meditates on some of life's most poignant and bittersweet themes.

Feast of Fun: Gay Talk Show

Hosted by Fausto Fernós & Marc Felion

Muscle Nerds - Kevin Giezy, That Singing Bodybuilder

Competitive sports and physical education have traditionally been difficult spaces for most gay men to be in, but now more than ever, the gym is a place where everyone is welcome.At the gym, we all come together to build muscle, get in touch with our bodies and be our best selves. Gay or straight, bi or bi-curious, for those who are into bodybuilding, it’s a thrill to see a jacked-up beast flex their muscles, even if it’s our own selves in the mirror.Let’s Grow Big Together! The only podcast that comes with the Charles Atlas seal of approval.I’m Fausto Fernos, and I’m Marc Felion-In this series, we’re taking a look at the passion for muscle-how to build it, how to keep it, muscle gods and muscle worship, and how LGBT folks are connected to bodybuilding.Today actor, singer, model, cosplayer, dork, bi bodybuilder Kevin Giezy, best known on social media as That Naked Nerd joins us to talk about how he leveraged his love for m

Tuna on Toast with Stryker

Ted Stryker

Tuna on Toast with Taylor Hawkns

First off, I'm sending condolences and all the love to Taylor's family, friends, and bandmates.
This interview/hangout with Taylor Hawkins and Stryker took place in 2017 at Studio 606 in Northridge, CA.
Taylor and Stryker talk about moving from Laguna Beach to the Valley, Taylor tells Stryker about moving to Venice Beach at 18 to be close to Janes Addiction and the music scene. 
The guys chat about Taylor's love of Mountain Biking.
Taylor tells Stryker about his first paid gig!  From Sass Jordan to in 1994 to Alanis! Taylor and Stryker discuss luck and Taylor telling Stryker about being at the right place at the right time. 
Taylor tells Stryker about wanting to start bands in high school that sounded like Janes Addiction.  He and Stryker talk about the band Sylvia.
Taylor also believes that there is another Kurt Cobain or Jimi Hendrix out there! He also believes Kendrick Lamar is a superstar!!
Stryker menti

TED Talks Art


NFTs, the metaverse and the future of digital art | Elizabeth Strickler

In need of a brief yet illuminating lesson on the obsession with NFTs? Elizabeth Strickler breaks down the acronym and explains the fundamentals of non-fungible tokens, sharing how these digital assets are changing the landscape for artists and content creators looking to cash in on their creations -- in and out of the metaverse.

TEDTalks Arte


NFTs, el metaverso y el futuro del arte digitatal | Elizabeth Strickler

¿Necesita una lección breve pero esclarecedora sobre la obsesión con los NFT? Elizabeth Strickler desglosa el acrónimo y explica los fundamentos de los tokens no fungibles, compartiendo cómo estos activos digitales están cambiando el panorama para los artistas y creadores de contenido que buscan sacar provecho de sus creaciones, dentro y fuera del metaverso.

Project FIA goes PC

Rebel Rated

117: Tiny Tim was but a limping fly buzzing around the walls of 221b Baker Street

After delays due to life nonsense and the distracting faces found within, we return to the Forest as FIA Goes PC with gusto! #RebelZen cuts ribbons with scissors and turns on a light as The Producer speaks with words!

Side note:
Forensic Science & Art: https://americanart.si.edu/exhibitions/nutshells
DDP interview https://soundcloud.com/projectfia/ep-9

Send us your comments/questions:
www.twitter.com/projectfia (@ProjectFIA)

Youtube channel for the FULL COMEDY SERIES and extras! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkDgEUIBLOU9iLXo_h2Hr2A/

Special thanks to our sponsor, Hobo Bait!

TEDTalks アート


ウェブトゥーンが映画やテレビを変える | ヒョンミ・キム


TEDTalks Arte


Como os webtoons estão mudando os filmes e as séries | Hyeonmi Kim

A cultura popular está mudando graças a um tipo de narrativa diferente. É o que diz a estrategista digital Hyeonmi Kim. Essas narrativas são chamadas de webtoons: ilustrações em quadrinhos publicadas em segmentos curtos e feitas para serem lidas no celular em 5 a 10 minutos. Kim explica como os webtoons moveram dos celulares para a grande tela ("Hellbound" da Netflix), ela também monstra como esse novo meio de narrativa está trazendo uma nova e diferente geração de criadores para o mundo da roteirização de séries e filmes.

TEDTalks Sociedad y Cultura


Lo que mi transición de género me enseñó sobre las feminidades | Paula Stone Williams

Luego de llevar una vida bien establecida como pastor, padre y esposo, Paula Stone Williams no podía seguir negando su verdad e inició su transición de género. En esta reflexión controvertiday, por momentos, humorística, Williams ofrece su perspectiva sobre sus experiencias cotidianas perdidas, ganadas y, alguna vez dadas por sentado, en su trayectoria como mujer trans.

TEDTalks تكنلوجيا


المركز الحقيقي للابتكار (تلميح: إنها ليست مدناً كبيرة) | زياوي وانج

إن رؤية وفهم الريف هو جزء مهم من التحرك نحو مستقبل أكثر ملاءمة للعيش للجميع، كما تقول المبرمجة والفنانة والمنظمة زياوي وانج. لقد لاحظوا أن بعضاً من أكثر الابتكارات حذراً ودراسة تحدث في المجتمعات الريفية، مثل مزارعي الدجاج الصينيين الذين يستخدمون تتبع القياسات الحيوية وبلوكشين لتحسين شفافية سلسلة التوريد. في هذا المحادثة، ينادون بمنظور جديد في الريف: ليس كأماكن تفتقر إلى التكنولوجيا أو محو الأمية بالوسائط الرقمية ولكن كمراكز للابتكار المتواضع الذي يؤكد المجتمع والاستدامة.

TEDTalks أعمال


قوة الهدف في العمل | اشلي جريس

ما هو هدف الشركة؟ إنها ليست نفس المهمة أو الرؤية، التي تتغير عندما تتغير القيادة. تشرح الإستراتيجية آشلي جريس قوة الهدف لدفع حدود الابتكار وإضفاء الوضوح على كل جانب من جوانب المؤسسة، من الطابق العلوي إلى أرضية المتجر.

Am I Normal? with Mona Chalabi


What question is on YOUR mind?

The first season of Am I Normal? centered around the questions of data journalist Mona Chalabi. In Season 2, launching in September this year, we want to answer the questions on YOUR mind. If you’ve ever wondered if something’s normal–whether that something is about you or the world AROUND you–or you just have that nagging question you simply NEED the data on, then Mona’s excited to figure it out with you (or to at least try to)! Leave a voicemail at (919) 446-5131 OR drop us an email or voice message at aminormal@ted.com

TEDTalks مجتمع وثقافة


3 أشياء يمكن أن يفعلها الرجال لتعزيز المساواة بين الجنسين | جيمي بريجز

يقول جيمي بريجز، كاتب المقالات والمدافع عن العدالة متعددة الجوانب: "لقد حان الوقت لتقدير نوع الجنس، بدءًا من الرجال الذين يواجهون ذواتنا الداخلية بشكل أصلي مع بعضهم البعض". في هذه الدعوة إلى العمل من أجل المساواة بين الجنسين ، يشرح كيف تضر المفاهيم التقليدية للذكورة المجتمع ويقدم ثلاث طرق يمكن للرجال من خلالها المساعدة في تعزيز السلامة الشخصية والكرامة والتمكين للجميع.

TEDTalks 기술


자가 조립 능력 로봇과 잠재적인 인공 진화 | 엠마 하트(Emma hart)

만약 로봇이 스스로를 만들고 향상시킬 수 있다면 -- 인간의 도움이 거의 없거나 전혀 없이? 컴퓨터 공학자 엠마 하트가 "인공 진화"를 가능하게 만들 수 있는 새로운 기술에 열중하고 있습니다. 그녀가 어떻게 생물학적 진화의 세 가지 요소가 디지털적으로 복제될 수 있는지 설명합니다. 스스로를 조립할 수 있고 다른 행성의 바위 투성이 지형에서 가장 깊은 심해 아래에 이르기까지 어떤 환경에도 적응할 수 있는 로봇을 만들기 위해서인데 탐사의 새 세대로 안내할 잠재력이 있습니다.

Cátedra De Fútbol

Cátedra De Fútbol

Entrenadores Poco Ortodoxos

T5 E14 Existen entrenadores que salen de la norma y son capaces de lo que sea para lograr su objetivo. Fuego, Patadas, Mentiras… los límites solo existen para los perdedores.


Musica: https://soundcloud.com/menec_music
Por correo:
Catedradefutbol2018@gmail.com Escucha el episodio completo en la app de iVoox, o descubre todo el catálogo de iVoox Originals

Overly Animated Miraculous Ladybug Podcasts

Overly Animated

Season 4 Finale Reactions – Miraculous Ladybug

Hear our reactions to the huge Miraculous Ladybug Season 4 finale episodes “Risk (Shadow Moth’s Final Attack – Part 1)” & “Strike Back (Shadow Moth’s Final Attack – Part 2)”! Hosts this week: Dylan Hysen & April Collins. Timestamps for […]

Twisted Stitches

Twisted Stitches

Episode 103: Spring Madness

Welcome to episode 103 of the Twisted Stitches podcast! This week we're talking some long forgotten WIPs, the #archivealong2022, dream knitting, and more. Thank you so much for listening! show notes: http://twistedstitchespodcast.blogspot.com

TEDTalks الأسرة والأطفال


الدور الحاسم للأمهات السود - وكيفية دعم جميع الأمهات | آنا مالايكا تابس

طوال تاريخ الولايات المتحدة، تم إخفاء قصص الأمهات السود المؤثرات عن قصد - وبتكلفة عالية علينا جميعًا. عالمة الاجتماع آنا مالايكا تابس تكشف الأكاذيب والتصاميم الكامنة وراء هذا المحو الاستراتيجي وتسلط الضوء على المساهمات العلمية والثقافية والتاريخية للأمهات السود. استمع وهي تشرح بالتفصيل كيف يمكننا تغيير السرد للمضي قدمًا. (كانت هذه المحادثة، التي استضافتها أمينة الشؤون الجارية في TED ويتني بنينجتون رودجرز، جزءًا من حدث حصري لعضوية TED. قم بزيارة ted.com/membership لتصبح عضوًا في TED.)

TEDTalks صحة


ثلاث طرق تمكنك من العثور على الأمل في أوقات اليأس | وجهت على

قد يكون من الصعب أن تظل متفائلاً في الأوقات التي تبدو ميئوساً منها. يتحدث الكاتب وجاهات علي عن التحديات التي واجهها مع تشخيص ابنته بالسرطان ووباء COVID-19 ، ويشرح بالتفصيل ثلاثة أشياء قابلة للتنفيذ يمكننا القيام بها للعثور على الميدالية الفضية بطانات في حياتنا - واستثمر في الأمل حيثما أمكننا ذلك. (كانت هذه المحادثة والمحادثة ، التي استضافتها أمينة الشؤون الجارية في TED ويتني بنينجتون رودجرز ، جزءًا من حدث حصري لعضوية TED. قم بزيارة ted.com/membership لتصبح عضوًا في TED.)

OpenAnesthesia Multimedia

Ed Nemergut and Robert Thiele (presented by the IARS)

OA-SPA Ask the Expert - March 2022 - Genevieve Staudt

March 2022: Dr. Genevieve Staudt and OpenAnesthesia Editor Dr. Jina Sinskey discuss Fontan physiology.

TED Climate


The tragedy of air pollution -- and an urgent demand for clean air | Rosamund Adoo-Kissi-Debrah

"Breathing clean air is every child's human right," says grassroots campaigner Rosamund Adoo-Kissi-Debrah, sharing the heartbreaking story of her seven-year-old daughter, Ella Roberta, whose asthma was triggered to a fatal point by air pollution. Now, Adoo-Kissi-Debrah is on a mission to raise awareness about the harmful effects of unsafe air on our health and the planet. In this moving talk, she details why governments have an urgent responsibility to take action on air pollution -- and ensure that all children have a chance to live full and healthy lives.

TEDTalks Economie


Pourquoi le jeu est essentiel en entreprise | Martin Reeves

Pour prospérer aujourd'hui, vous devez constamment réimaginer votre entreprise. Quel est le secret d'une réussite durable ? Martin Reeves plaide en faveur du jeu afin de susciter des idées commerciales innovantes. Il vous invite à essayer une série de jeux d'imagination qu'il utilise pour amener les dirigeants à élargir leur réflexion et à imaginer de nouvelles possibilités.

TEDTalks Negócios


Como o brincar pode incitar novas ideias para seu negócio | Martin Reeves

Para prosperar na economia competitiva de hoje, você precisa reimaginar constantemente seu negócio. Então, qual o segredo para o sucesso prolongado? O estrategista Martin Reeves faz um apelo para abraçarmos o brincar, para que possamos incitar ideias de negócios inovadoras, e nos convida a tentar uma série de jogos de imaginação que ele usa para fazer com que as lideranças expandam seu modo de pensar e sonhem com novas possibilidades.


Ted Kluck & Josh Lofthus

Our Favorite Love Songs

Topics in this episode include:-Speeding tickets-Dating Michelle Williams-Our favorite love songs-Ted & Josh are weird about milk and waterFollow us on the socials:Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Kluck-108506628317783Twitter: https://twitter.com/kluckcastInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/kluckcast/

The BlackSheep Podcast: Presented by HM Magazine

The BlackSheep Podcast: Presented by HM Magazine

Levi The Poet

Cullen and Mason chat with Levi the Poet about his music history, faith, new music you can expect from him, and his fishnet modeling career.Check out Levi the Poet: levithepoet.netCheck out our partner HM Magazine: hmmagazine.comFollow us on Instagram: instagram.com/theblacksheeppodcast

TEDTalks Saúde


A tragédia da poluição do ar - e uma demanda urgente por ar limpo | Rosamund Adoo-Kissi-Debrah

“Respirar ar limpo é um direito humano de todas as crianças”, diz a ativista Rosamund Adoo-Kissi-Debrah, compartilhando a história comovente de sua filha de sete anos, Ella Roberta, cuja asma foi desencadeada a um ponto fatal pela poluição do ar. Agora, Adoo-Kissi-Debrah tem a missão de aumentar a conscientização sobre os efeitos nocivos do ar poluído em nossa saúde e no planeta. Nesta palestra comovente, ela detalha por que os governos têm a responsabilidade urgente de agir contra a poluição do ar – e garantir que todas as crianças tenham a chance de viver uma vida plena e saudável.

Failing Motherhood

Danielle Bettmann | Wholeheartedly

Breaking the Cycle with Christie Lazo

A real-life "Luisa Madrigal (Encanto)", Christie Lazo is a Peruvian-Canadian eldest daughter in an immigrant family living in a multigenerational home with her dad after her mom died.After diving into her guilt/struggle with continuing to work full time, Christie speaks to her journey of healing her past and choosing to parent differently than she was parented.Among many topics, she invites us into her story of reclaiming her indigenous roots, Catholicism, consent culture, acceptance and trust, as well as Chancla/Sandalia culture.Her parents moved to Canada for a "better life".  For Christie, a "better life" includes her mental health, how she's raising her kids, and being a better parent as well."If I can heal so my daughter never has to, it's worth every effort."// CONNECT WITH CHRISTIE//VidawithChristie.comInstagram: @vidawithchristieTwitter: @VWCpodcast*FREE* CALM BIG EMOTIONS GUIDEww

L.O.W. Podcast

Created by: Toine w/ Rob "Big Boss"

Episode 99 WE'RE BACK!!!! w/ Microsoft buys Activision Blizzard for $68.7 BILLION!! = COD FOREVER??

Welcome to the L.O.W.
LevelOneWalkthrough Podcast!!

Episode 99
WE'RE BACK!!!! w/ Microsoft buys Activision Blizzard
for $68.7 BILLION!! = COD FOREVER??









Throughout the podcast Rob aka Big Boss & Toine discuss topics happening in the world of video games.
They occasionally test each other’s old schoo

TEDTalks 子どもと家族


4種の後悔が自分について教えてくれること | ダニエル・ピンク


TEDTalks Sociedade e Cultura


As origens do "blackface" e dos estereótipos negros | Dwan Reece

Se você está se perguntando por que o "blackface" - imitação de pessoas de descendência africana por meio de estereótipos e pele escurecida por maquiagem - é um grande problema, então talvez uma breve lição de história possa ajudar a desmistificar o clamor. Dwan Reece, curadora do Museu Nacional de História e Cultura Afro-Americana, explica como essa prática permeia a psique e a cultura norte-americanas (no teatro, na música, nos livros, entre outros), e por que não é simplesmente uma diversão inofensiva, mas um legado de opressão.

TEDTalks 사회와 문화


흑인 얼굴과 흑인 고정 관념의 기원 | 드완 리스(Dwan Reece)

흑인 얼굴(고정 관념과 화장으로 검게 만든 피부를 통해 아프리카계 사람들을 흉내내는 것)이 왜 문제인지 궁금하다면 약간의 역사 공부가 격한 반응을 이해하는 데 도움이 될 수 있습니다. 국립 아프리카계 미국인 역사 및 문화 박물관의 전시기획자인 드완 리스는 이 관행이 미국인의 정신과 문화(연극, 음악, 책과 그 이상)에 어떻게 스며들었는지와 그것이 단순히 무해한 재미가 아니라 억압의 유산인 이유를 설명합니다.

Kansas Ag Report

Farming Unlimited Network

Friday Markets - February 4, 2020

Higher in the grains, mixed in livestock

Global Connected Aircraft Podcast

Global Connected Aircraft Summit (presents)

IEEE’s David Witkowski Talks 5G and Aircraft Radio Altimeter Interference

On this episode of the Connected Aviation Intelligence Podcast, we discuss the ongoing work between the aviation and telecommunication industries regarding the deployment of 5G C-Band services and the associated interference issues that deployment presents for some aircraft radio (or radar) altimeters.

Since November, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and aviation industry leaders have been trying to establish a long-term solution that will allow 5G C-Band wireless services and flight operations to safely co-exist. The central issue on both sides of the 5G C-Band deployment results from the close proximity of the new 5G services from AT&T and Verizon in the 3.7-3.98 GHz band and the 4.2-4.4 GHz band where aircraft altimeters reside.

Witkowski provides some perspective as to why the deployment of 5G C-Band services should not be a major concern for airlines, while also sugg

How Far? With Mr Eazi and Temi Otedola

How Far With Mr Eazi & Temi Otedola

Growing Up Is A Scam

In this episode, Temi & Mr Eazi come to the realisation that, when you’re a kid, you think that adulthood is the epitome of freedom, but the truth is far from that. They also dive deep into the 5 love languages – words of affirmation, gifts, acts of service, quality time, and physical touch – and discuss which ones are most important to them in their relationship.Discussed this week:Love LanguagesThe EternalsHosts: Temi Otedola @TemiOtedolaMr Eazi @MreaziFollow our Social Media: @thehowfarpodEmail: info@howfarpodcast.com  See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

Blue & Gold Illustrated: Notre Dame Football And Recruiting

Blue & Gold Illustrated

Thoughts on Notre Dame 2022 recruiting class, recent coaching news with Mike Singer and Tim Hyde

National Signing Day 2.0 was quiet for Notre Dame football, but there's still a lot of recruiting talk and coaching news that Mike Singer and Tim Hyde discuss. Get the analysis and hear Mike rant about QB Steve Angeli's three-star ranking.
Note: This show aired as a YouTube live show on Feb. 2.
Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

PowerWomen Speak

Hosted by Tanuja Randery

PowerWomen Speak with Christine Ourmières-Widener

We are joined by Christine Ourmières-Widener, CEO of TAP Air Portugal since June 2021, with a long career in aviation and one of the few female CEOs of a commercial airline. Christine previously was CEO of Flybe Group PLC, and CEO, CityJet and held executive roles at American Express and Air France-KLM. Christine is also on the IATA Board of Governors, NED at the Met Office and on the Board of ZeroAvia. Born and brought up in Avignon, she lives in Portugal with her husband, their 5 children and 2 dogs. Christine holds a MBA from ESSEC Business school, France and a Master of Sceince, Aerospace, Aeronautical, Astronautical Engineering from ISAE-ENSMA, France.

Ted Shuttlesworth Jr.

Ted Shuttlesworth Jr.

5 Types of People That Are Destroying Your Destiny (Live 02.02.22)

When God wants to bless you, he'll put a person in your life. When the Devil wants to curse you, he'll put a person in your life. It is vital who you hang around. Who you spend your time with will not only determine who you become, but what you can receive from God. Just like the quadriplegic in the Bible, you have to have a group of friends that are going to bring you to the blessing. Join me live on the broadcast as I go through 5 people that are destroying your destiny.

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Easy Does It - A podcast by EasyEquities

Hosted by Dj @ Large

What you need to know about retirement with Craig Turton (Part 2)

Let us plug you with the ‘HOW’ to get your retirement into the ‘soft life’ mode. Allow us to introduce you to EasyRA: EasyEquities’ low-cost, well-structured offering, accessible, and flexible offering.Craig Turton, the Head of EasyWealth, joins us again to highlight the variety of retirement funds you can invest in, and how to choose the right investment vehicle in your Retirement Annuity (RA). If you’re already invested in an RA structure and want to come over to the Easy side, we talk about how to do that too! Click here to see how to transfer your retirement investments to EasyEquities.Allow us to take you through the process of investing for your retirement, the rules and guidelines that govern the process. We even get a bit juicy with tales about folks that have made awful retirement investing decisions.Do not miss out on this episode for practical guidance on how to get going on your retirement dreams!S

Explore Yellowstone Like a Local!

Teddy Garland

Driving tour of the Grand Tetons in 2022!. Stop at Jackson Lake Lodge, then find the most famous grizzly bear in the world. Then hike along the shores of Jenny Lake and where to hike right into the peaks of the Tetons. Then we find find Bullwinkle!

This podcast covers the section of road from the South Gate of Yellowstone Park all the way down to Jackson Hole. We will drive down the far side of the Yellowstone Volcano then have a drink at Jackson Lake Lodge at a world famous table. We then take a picture from the best spot in the park of Mount Moran and the Tetons and the find the most famous Grizzly Bear in the world with her 4 cubs. Then hike right at the base of the Tetons along the shores of the gorgeous String and Leigh Lakes and then take the ferry boat across the most beautiful lake in the world, Jenny Lake. Then we will hike right into the teeth of the Grand Tetons and hear a great story about Lake Solitude and how it plays an important part of my families history in

Medical Device Success - Your Success is Our Mission!

Ted Newill

Episode 78 – Paying It Forward in MedTech with Marissa Fayer, Founder of HERhealthEQ

What percentage of death due to cervical cancer are in 3rd and 2nd world countries?  You will be shocked by the answer.  It is inexcusable considering how simple the test is to detect it.  HERhealthEQ is a non-profit organization that is a little different than what you may consider the typical medically related non-profit looks like.  Today, you will learn more about the inequity in women’s health in 3rd and 2nd world countries and how Marissa’s efforts contribute to bringing equity to underserved populations of women.  She frequently jokes that this journey started in a bar.  You will learn about that too. Marissa is also a successful MedTech engineering and business consultant.  By the end of the podcast you will have some ideas about how you can contribute to heath equity.

Most of you know that I am also the host of the MedTech Leaders community.  It is a place where professio


Ted Reed

21. Guy Davis

The multi-talented -- and now Grammy-nominated bluesman, Guy Davis, is featured in this episode.

I met Guy in Clarksdale, MS at his first "official" Juke Joint Festival, and learned that Guy is also an author, a teacher, a Broadway and film and television actor, who portrayed Robert Johnson in "Robert Johnson: Trick the Devil", winning the Blues Foundation Keeping the Blues Alive (KBA) award.

TEDTalks Искусство


Ошеломляющее искусство глубокого времени | Кейти Патерсон

Близорукость может быть величайшей угрозой человечеству, говорит концептуальный художник Кейти Патерсон, чьи работы связаны с глубоким временем -- идеей, которая описывает историю Земли на отрезке времени длиной в миллионы лет. В этом живом выступлении она проводит нас по своим работам -- телефонная линия, соединённая с тающим ледником, карты умирающих звёзд -- и представляет свой новейший проект: Библиотека Будущего, лесная комната, где хранятся непрочитанные рукописи известных авторов, не предназначенные для прочтения или публикации ранее 2114 года.

TEDTalks 예술


오랜 세월의 심금을 울리는 예술 | 케이티 패터슨 (Katie Paterson)

근시안이 인류에게 가장 큰 위협일 수 있다고 순수예술가 케이티 패터슨이 말합니다. 케이티의 작품은 수백만 년에 걸친 지구의 역사를 묘사합니다. 이 활기찬 강연에서, 케이티는 녹고 있는 빙하와 연결된 전화선, 죽어가는 별들의 지도 같은 작품들을 보여줍니다. 그리고 케이티의 최근 작품, 유명한 작가들의 원고가 있는 숲이 있는 방, 미래 도서관까지요. 이 원고들은 2114년까지 출판되거나 읽히지 않을 겁니다.

TrustedSec Security Podcast


4.26 - Calling all Malware Authors

Welcome to the Trusted Security Podcast – a podcast dedicated to bringing the latest news on information security and the industry. This episode features the following members: Geoff Walton, Justin Bollinger, Alex Hamerstone, and Melvin Langvik.   Stories Title: Linux malware is on the rise. Here are three top threats right now URL: https://www.zdnet.com/article/linux-malware-is-on-the-rise-here-are-three-top-threats-right-now/ Author: Liam Tung   Title: Intel CEO Urges Lawmakers to ‘Not Waste This Crisis’ in Chip Push URL: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2022-01-19/intel-urges-lawmakers-to-not-waste-this-crisis-with-chip-push Author: Ian King    Tool Time Link: https://www.trustedsec.com/blog/seeyoucm-thief-exploiting-common-misconfigurations-in-cisco-phone-systems/ Link: https://github.com/trustedsec/SeeYouCM-Thief

Overly Animated Podcast

Overly Animated

Craig of the Creek After Its Big Plot Reset

We’re back at the creek! Hear our thoughts on the beginning of Season 4 of Craig of the Creek and other Craig topics. Episodes discussed: “Beyond the Overpass”, “Sink or Swim Team”, “The Quick Name”, “The Chef’s Challenge”, “The Sparkle […]

JIMD Podcasts

Journal of Inherited Metabolic Disease

Transplant Outcomes in X-ALD

Dr Ashish Gupta and Dr Rene Pierpont of the University of Minnesota discuss their work looking at neurocognitive outcomes after transplant in childhood cerebral adrenoleukodystrophy.

Differential outcomes for frontal versus posterior demyelination in childhood cerebral adrenoleukodystrophy
Ashish O. Gupta, et al

Girl Get Visible Podcast: SEO Traffic, Content Marketing, and Business

Girl Get Visible- Hosted by Akilah Thompkins-Robinson

Bad Marketing Strategies you need to Drop in 2022

As we jump into 2022. It’s a good idea to look at what worked and what isn’t working in your business. A lot of times when we do these reviews we focus on metrics, money, customers to measure how well we did but we rarely look at the marketing strategies, marketing tactics, and overall marketing habits that we need to make to grow scale and have a better year. This year I’m calling all of my entrepreneurs to level up, if you’re a coach, course creator, membership site owner this episode is for you with LOVE. In this episode, I talk about the bad marketing strategies we need to give up in 2022, I’m sure there are more than a few bad marketing tactics we can talk about but in this episode, I specifically focus on 4 that I think is stopping you from hitting your goals the most: hope marketing, guilt trip marketing, wake up marketing, and “I’m new to business” marketing. These are the ones that are dragging us down so much and ar

USPSA Podcast

United States Practical Shooting Assoc.

Episode 5 - The In-Person Board Meeting

On this podcast Jake Martens discusses the recent in person board meeting and the updated bylaws with President Sherwyn Greenfield and Area Directors Chad Stanton, Rick Steele, Lee Cabana and Ted Murphy

The K League United Podcast

K League United

2022 Pre-season Episode 4: Transfer Window Update

The K League United Podcast enters its fourth week of pre-season training ahead of Season 5, with Matthew Binns hosting from quarantine alongside Paul Neat as the pair of them give their verdicts on the transfer window so far.   First, Matthew and Paul look at the headline signings, with Lee Seung-woo's Suwon FC dominating discussion as to his story so far and where he will fit in, not to mention what this move could do for his career and the K League itself.   Then, the duo cast their eyes to surprising signings before then looking to the moves they think were intelligent bits of business.    Finally, both of them make their decisions on which sides could be considered to be "winning" the window at present.   All this and more on this pre-season edition of The K League United Podcast.

TEDTalks 비즈니스


왜 훌륭한 리더들은 유머를 중요하게 여길까요? | 제니퍼 에이커, 나오미 백도나스(Jennifer Aaker and Naomi Bagdonas)

오늘날 직장 생활에서 리더들은 진지하게 받아들여지려면 항상 엄격해야 한다는 잘못된 믿음이 있습니다. 조사에 따르면 이야기는 완전히 다릅니다. 행동 과학자인 제니퍼 에이커와 기업 전략가인 나오미 백도나스가 스탠포드 경영 대학원에서 하는 강의를 바탕으로 하여, 유머의 놀라운 힘을 알아봅니다. 왜 유머가 유대감, 힘, 창의력 그리고 회복력까지 높여주는 비밀 무기인지, 그리고 어떻게 유머를 더 갖출 수 있는지 알아봅니다.

L.O.W. Podcast

Created by: Toine w/ Rob "Big Boss"

Episode 98 The La Li Lu Le Lo "BIG BOSS" HIMSELF IS BACK!!! Talking A Decade of Video Games!!

Welcome to the L.O.W.
LevelOneWalkthrough Podcast!!

Episode 98
Talking A Decade of Video Games!!









Throughout the podcast Rob aka Big Boss & Toine discuss topics happening in the world of video games.
They occasionally test each other’s o

Western Way of War

The Royal United Services Institute

So What Did We Learn, if Anything?

WWoW groupie Emilie Cleret from France’s École de Guerre challenges podcast host Peter Roberts over his methodology, principles and the basic idea that a Western Way of War really exists. There is a final (really final – the very last) bonus episode for RUSI members on the RUSI website.

Monster Baby: A Curious Romp Through the Worlds of Mindfulness and Improvisation

Ted DesMaisons and Lisa Rowland

Monster Baby #98 Coming Home

What makes a home “home”? Sparked by Lisa’s move into a new apartment, she and Ted consider the many elements that go into feeling at home. The two warm up with a playful new spontaneity game called “A or B” that you can play right along with (1:35) and then explore what’s making Lisa’s new [more…]
The post Monster Baby #98 Coming Home appeared first on Anima Learning.

TEDTalks 健康


パンデミックによる睡眠への4つの影響 | マット・ウォーカー

最近変な夢を見ていませんか? コロナウイルスのパンデミックのせいで変わってしまった睡眠の習慣のうち、おかしな夢を見るというのは多くの人が経験しているひとつの現象に過ぎない、と睡眠科学者のマット・ウォーカーは言います。いつ就寝するか、どれくらいの長さの睡眠を取り、どれくらいよく眠れるかまで、このパンデミックは私たちの睡眠をすっかり変えてしまったのかもしれません。

TEDTalks Santé


4 manières dont la pandémie de Covid-19 a changé la manière dont nous dormons | Matt Walker

Avez-vous fait des rêves bizarres dernièrement ? Pour de nombreuses personnes, c'est l'une des façons dont la pandémie de COVID-19 a modifié leurs habitudes de sommeil, explique Matt Walker, spécialiste du sommeil. Qu'il s'agisse du moment où nous dormons, de la quantité de sommeil ou de la qualité du sommeil, cette pandémie pourrait avoir bouleversé l'heure du coucher pour de bon.

TEDTalks Общество и Культура


Как не застрять в ловушке цинизма | Джамиль Заки

Порой нелегко быть оптимистом. Но цинизм — убеждение в том, что люди по своей сути эгоистичны, жадны и нечестны, — разобщает людей и делает их одинокими, говорит психолог Джамиль Заки. На примере поразительных результатов научных экспериментов по сотрудничеству, эмпатии и доверию Заки выступает в защиту оптимизма и показывает, как избежать попадания в ловушку цинизма.

Awake At Night

United Nations, Melissa Fleming

I Refuse to Give Up

How did a boy raised in a small village in Barbados become one of the top United Nations officials tackling climate change?   In this episode of Awake at Night, Selwin Hart takes us on his inspiring life journey -- from growing up in a home without electricity to being at the centre of global negotiations to tackle the climate emergency.   The first person in his family to attend university, Selwin talks about the transformative power of education. He also explains how determination and a sense of community have served as driving forces in his career.   “If we give up, it means that my people in Barbados, my neighbors in the Caribbean, my friends in the Pacific, my friends in Africa, my friends in the developing world, and even folks in rich countries, we would seal their fate… So I refuse to give up.” Selwin says during his conversation with podcast host and UN Global Communications chief Melissa Fleming.

Financial Crime Insights

The Royal United Services Institute

End of Year Festive Special

What stood out for the Centre for Financial Crime and Security Studies team in 2021? Tune in to the annual festive podcast episode with Isabella Chase, Aaron Arnold, Stephen Reimer and Helena Wood to find out about the financial crime scandals and surprises of 2021 and hear the team’s predictions for the year ahead.

TEDTalks 건강


젊은이들의 정신 건강을 돕는 새로운 방법 | 톰 오스본(Tom Osborn)

ED Fellow인 톰 오스본은 더 많은 젊은이들이 그들이 필요로 하는 정신 건강 지원을 받을 수 있기를 바랍니다. 샤미리 연구소와 함께 톰 오스본과 톰의 팀은 백만 명당 2명의 임상의가 있는 케냐에서 또래들에게 증거를 토대로 하는 정신 건강 관리를 베풀기 위해 18세에서 22세 사이의 젊은이들을 훈련시키고 있습니다. 그들의 공동체 우선주의, 청소년 지향적인 모형이 어떻게 전 세계 어린이들이 성공적이고 독립적인 삶을 살 수 있게 돕는지 들어보세요.

TEDTalks Технологии


Как вспомогательные устройства могут улучшить качество жизни людей с ограниченными возможностями | Яне Велковски

«Кресло — это мои ноги; кресло — это моя жизнь», — делится с нами Яне Велковски, который активно выступает за то, чтобы у всех маломобильных групп населения был доступ к вспомогательным устройствам. У Яне — спинальная мышечная атрофия (СМА), и поэтому он вынужден передвигаться в специальном кресле. Ясно и взвешенно он рассказывает, как благодаря своему первому электрокреслу он приобрёл свободу и независимость и объясняет, почему вспомогательные устройства должны быть доступны всем нуждающимся. «Свобода передвижения — на ногах или на колёсах — является фундаментальным правом человека», —говорит он.

TEDTalks 교육


교육은 모든 아이들의 기본적인 권리입니다 | 마크툼 압달라(Makhtoum Abdalla)

난민 캠프에서 자란 아이들에게 교육은 해방의 강력한 도구입니다. 수단의 난민으로 현재 다르푸르주에 있는 IDP 캠프에서 가족과 함께 살고 있는 마크툼 압달라는 이 뜻깊은 강연에서 그의 가장 큰 꿈을 나눕니다. 모든 아이들이 반드시 교육을 받고 '운명의 주인"이 되는 데 필요한 기술을 배우는 것이 그 꿈입니다.

Judy Ley Allen Mexico Centered

Baker Institute Center for the United States and Mexico

Episode 65: 2021 Annual Roundup (Guest: Tony Payan)

Tony Payan, director of the Baker Institute Center for the United States and Mexico, discusses what happened in 2021 to Mexico’s economy, politics, public health, and to the binational relationship with the United States. He also sets out expectations for 2022. For more information on the Baker Institute Center for the United States and Mexico visit our website, and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn. To join our mailing list, please subscribe here and make sure to opt-in to "Center for the U.S. and Mexico Communications." Happy Holidays!

TEDTalks ビジネス


職場での思いやりの価値 | ジェームス・リー


TEDTalks 社会と文化


Nemonte Nenquimo speaks at Countdown Summit | Nemonte Nenquimo

Nemonte Nenquimo speaks at Countdown Summit

Get Paid To Speak

TEDx Speaker Corey Poirier

Allana Pratt From The Book of Public Speaking

I hope you enjoy this quote from by Allana Pratt From The Book of Public Speaking.
Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

Far Flung with Saleem Reshamwala


Should I move home? | Am I Normal? with Mona Chalabi

Did you consider moving over the last two years? If you did, you’re not alone. People all over the world for so many different reasons considered moving: to be closer to family, to live somewhere more affordable, to kick back in a warmer climate. When Mona wrestles with this question, she pulls out a spreadsheet and weighs her options: Want to maintain current friendships? Stay in New York. Want to be close to family? Go back to London. Money? New York. Self deprecation and sarcasm? London. As she wrestles with her decision, something weird happens. A bird THWACKS against her window, falling dead. Could this be a sign to fly back home, or a coincidence? Mona looks into the data to see the chances and then discovers something that will eventually tip the scales.

This is an episode of Am I Normal? with Mona Chalabi, another podcast from the TED Audio Collective. For more episodes, follow Am I Norm

TEDTalks Kunst


Die vielen Gründe für eine pflanzliche Ernährung | Derek Sarno

Der vegane Koch (und Chefkoch bei TED Countdown Summit) Derek Sarno macht es sich zur Aufgabe, die Kraft der Pflanzen zu entfesseln und nahrhafte Speisen aus Pilzen und Gemüse herzustellen, die sowohl durch Konsistenz als auch Geschmack punkten - und die gut für unseren Planeten sind. Er serviert kreative Inspiration zum Kochen und erzählt, wie seine persönliche Geschichte ihn dazu brachte, fantastische Speisen frei von Tierleid zu kreieren.

Taken for Granted


Esther Duflo wants you to think like a plumber

When Esther Duflo took her first economics class, she hated it. In 2019, she won a Nobel Prize in economics. Esther talks with Adam about her groundbreaking experiments to fight poverty, busts myths about what motivates people, and reveals how to make meaningful progress toward solving daunting problems. Read the text transcript for this episode at go.ted.com/T4G24

TEDTalks Technologie


Super-vitesse, lévitation magnétique et la vision qui sous-tend l'hyperloop | Josh Giegel

Et si notre trajet quotidien vers le travail était réduit à quelques minutes seulement ? C'est ça, la promesse de l'hyperloop : un système de transit conçu pour graviter autour d'un axe dans un espace sous-vide - qui a certes les dimensions d'un tunnel de métro - à une vitesse supérieure, propulsé par des batteries nouvelle génération et en lévitation magnétique. Dans un propos visionnaire, Josh Giesel, le premier passager de l'hyperloop, partage sa vision comment cette innovation pourrait nous propulser dans un avenir du transport plus rapide et plus propre.

Secret MLM Hacks Radio

Steve Larsen: Automated Downline Recruiting

Your 5-Day Sprint to Build Your Perfect Downline

"Wanna Build Your Auto-Recruiting Checklist In Just 5-Days, Live, Daily... With Steve J Larsen?"

Ted Lasso: A Post Show Recap

Ted Lasso Superfans Josh Wigler and Antonio Mazzaro

Ted Lasso | Season 2 Feedback Show

This week, Josh and Antonio wrap up their "Ted Lasso" Season 2 coverage with a feedback show.
The post Ted Lasso | Season 2 Feedback Show appeared first on PostShowRecaps.com.

TEDTalks 音楽


本当に耳を傾けたときに発見すること | フリシケシュ・ヒルウェイ

「会話の一つ一つには人の心を開かせ、層の下に隠れた別の層、部屋の奥にある部屋を引き出せる可能性が詰まっている」とポッドキャスト配信者でミュージシャンのフリシケシュ・ヒルウェイは言います。このとても感動的なトークで彼は、奥の深い会話への手引をし、他のことをやめて人の話に耳を傾けるとどんなことを学べるかを掘り下げます。ぜひ最後までご視聴いただき、ヨーヨー・マが参加した彼のオリジナル曲『Between There and Here』をお楽しみください。

Overly Animated Rick and Morty Podcasts

Overly Animated

We Find the Most Cursed Animation Character

It’s probably the most important exercise we’ve ever attempted on the podcast, finding the most cursed animation character! We debate and grade the cursed-ness of these cursed heavyweights: Hooty (The Owl House), Scratch (The Ghost and Molly McGee), Swift Wind […]

Overly Animated She-Ra and the Princesses of Power Podcasts

Overly Animated

We Find the Most Cursed Animation Character

It’s probably the most important exercise we’ve ever attempted on the podcast, finding the most cursed animation character! We debate and grade the cursed-ness of these cursed heavyweights: Hooty (The Owl House), Scratch (The Ghost and Molly McGee), Swift Wind […]

Overly Animated Star vs. the Forces of Evil Podcasts

Overly Animated

We Find the Most Cursed Animation Character

It’s probably the most important exercise we’ve ever attempted on the podcast, finding the most cursed animation character! We debate and grade the cursed-ness of these cursed heavyweights: Hooty (The Owl House), Scratch (The Ghost and Molly McGee), Swift Wind […]

Overly Animated The Owl House Podcasts

Overly Animated

We Find the Most Cursed Animation Character

It’s probably the most important exercise we’ve ever attempted on the podcast, finding the most cursed animation character! We debate and grade the cursed-ness of these cursed heavyweights: Hooty (The Owl House), Scratch (The Ghost and Molly McGee), Swift Wind […]

Freedive Live

Ted Harty

Advice for those thinking about becoming a Freediving Instructor and why you should

During the show, I mentioned a video where you could see 2 spearos having a blackout. You can see the video @ https://youtu.be/IiLrtghkg3U.I also mentioned an equalizing course that I use to teach my students the Frenzel method of equalization. You can see that course @ https://immersionfreediving.teachable.com/p/road-map-to-frenzel/?affcode=206131_nkckqyueIf you enjoy learning about freediving from me, I have many online freediving courses where you can learn even more. Check out my resource page @ http://freedivelive.com/resourcesDo you have input for the show? If so, please fill out my short survey on the podcast so I can better understand what you are looking for out of this podcast.https://forms.gle/RTdyTJtMo9LQ18So9Dive safe out there, it's not even that hard, especially when you can learn for free @ www.FreedivingSafety.comFollow Immersion Freediving at these social media sites.Instagr

We are Makers - Marco Putelli.

ThePodUnited di Marco Putelli

Episodio 340 - Abbandonato ?????

TEDTalks テクノロジー


地球の生物多様性を回復するための、上空からアプローチする新たな手法 | スーザン・グラハム


The Short Term Rental Profits Show

Air DNA, Homee, InvitedHome, Garrett Sutton, Vacation Rental Management Ass

George Gammon Speaking at Empowered Investor LIVE

George Gammon Speaking at Empowered Investor LIVE ** LIVE ORLANDO CONFERENCE ** Join us for Empowered Investor LIVE: https://www.EmpoweredInvestor.com Free Mini-Book on Pandemic Investing: https://www.PandemicInvesting.com Jason’s TV Clips: https://vimeo.com/549444172  Asset Protection, Tax Savings & Estate Planning: http://JasonHartman.com/Protect 

AGam Market Watch

Farming Unlimited Network

Closing Markets for August 11, 2021

Ken reports mixed in grain and in the livestock for today's market recap. Listen to whole report here. 

Kansas Ag Report is part of the Authentic Ag Inc. family which is also home to AgView.net and the AgView Radio Network. The goal each week is to tell the story of agriculture as well as report on local and national news that is both timely and necessary for Kansas farmers and ranchers.

Overly Animated Summer Camp Island Podcasts

Overly Animated

I’ll Jump Out the Window When They Kiss – The Owl House Season 2

Time for more Owl House Season 2 discussion as we dive into everything about episodes 3-5 “Echoes of the Past”, “Keeping Up A-fear-ances”, & “Through the Looking Glass Ruins”, including more Lumity and other topics! Hosts this week: Dylan Hysen, […]

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Как музыкальные стриминги изменили процесс создания песен | Бьорн Ульвеус

Деньги, деньги, деньги… Похоже, авторам песен — двигателю музыкального бизнеса — приходится довольствоваться малым. Бьорн Ульвеус, один из основателей группы ABBA, призывает музыкальный бизнес поддержать его наиболее ценные кадры. Он рассказывает, как стриминговая революция влияет на авторские гонорары, карьеры авторов и их профессию в целом. Он предлагает способы, которые помогут достойно отблагодарить авторов за их труд.

Ständigt på väg!

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Avsnitt 7 - Trafikplanering i Lidingö ett föredöme

Många kommuner arbetar för att planera bort bilismen och vill istället lyfta fram andra trafikslag. Men det finns kommuner som vågar gå emot strömmen. Lidingö Stad antog 2020 en ny trafikpolicy som istället för att peka ut vissa trafikslag utgår ifrån helheten. Här samtalar Anders Ydstedt och Kalle Bäck med Carl Johan Schiller (KD) som är kommunalråd och ordförande i Teknik- och fastighetsnämnden som ansvarar för trafikfrågor på Lidingö. Ett intressant samtal om hur man kan tänka för att alla trafikslag ska inkluderas i planeringen.

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Overly Animated

Owl House Season 2 Premiere Episodes

The Owl House is back and we talk all about Season 2’s first two episodes “Separate Tides” & “Escaping Expulsion” after going through a bunch of recent shows & movies that we’ve been watching lately. Hosts this week: Dylan Hysen, […]

Photography Matters

Ted Vieira

Photography Matters Ep 100 – Story Telling

Story telling. It’s one of my favorite aspects of the humans. People love to hear stories. Some people are great at telling stories. In this episode I share my thoughts on how story telling integrates with photography. Enjoy. A Book That Will Literally Change Your Life!
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17. Kansainvälisten huipputekijöiden rekrytointi - Bea Grandell / Seriously

Bea Grandell Seriouslyltä on edelläkävijä huippuasiantuntijoiden rekrytoinnissa ulkomailta. Moni Suomessa sanoo, että haluaa rekrytoida kansainvälisiä osaajia, mutta liian harva oikeasti osaa, haluaa ja tekee sitä. Bea on ilahduttava poikkeus. Talentedin Janne Kuikka isännöi keskustelua, jossa paljastuu mitä sudenkuoppia pitää välttää, kun hakee maailman parhaita osaajia kotikaupungin keskivertoporukan sijasta.

The British Culture Club

Languages United

Nice Day, Isn't It?

Welcome to the British Culture Club - this is episode 7, "Nice Day, Isn't It?"In this episode, we will talk about the weather - something that is part of everyday conversation but is also found throughout British culture, in literature, poetry and music.If you are learning English, you can listen to the podcast and read the podcast text at the same time on our website.For our online magazine that accompanies this episode, and to join our Facebook Group, please visit the British Culture Club homepage.Join the British Culture Club free to get the latest updates: http://eepurl.com/g_pfJL--Thanks to Jessica, Amy and Leon.Music thanks to Saint Loe Band.--britishcultureclub.orgThe British Culture Club is a Languages United project ©2021.

Present Moment: Mindfulness Practice and Science

Ted Meissner

Episode 165 :: Jamie Bristow :: Mindfulness: Developing Agency in Urgent Times

Unexplainable Truths

Hosted by Wendy Jaglarski

Brien Foerster Investigates Mankind's Ancient Hidden History

Brien Foerster is a top researcher in lost ancient civilizations, megalithic structures and the mysterious Paracas elongated skulls. He's explored over 100 countries, published over 35 books and appeared on numerous TV shows, including Ancient Aliens over 20 times! On this episode he shares his first-hand experience and insights on some of the most mysterious ancient structures and skulls found on Earth from our much distant past.You can learn more about Brien Foerster and his fascinating research at HiddenIncaTours.comSupport the show (https://paypal.me/UnexplainableTruths)

Overly Animated Mysticons Podcasts

Overly Animated

Shipping Archetypes

We go over several relationship archetypes that are frequently discussed and go through examples of notable animation ships that fall under those archetypes. Hosts this week: Dylan Hysen, Delaney Stovall, & Beatriz Mourad. Timestamps for the podcast: 0:00 – Introduction […]

The Bible Project 2020

Hyde Park United Methodist

Episode 58 // Finale // Your Hosts

For our Finale, your hosts through the year, Mat, Nikki, and Monica come together for a year in review. Listen for a personal take on the project from your hosts.Thank you for journeying with us for the Bible Project 2020! #HydeParkUMC Learn more about The Bible Project 2020. Join our Facebook discussion group. *Facebook account required.

Mix - Esteban Diarte


Modo fiestuki

En este mix podemos escuchar lo mas nuevo hasta la fecha nuevos lanzamientos y buena musica para poder abrir tu fiesta con tus amigos o familiares.

Prendre le temps... avec Facebook Curated

Facebook Curated

Prendre le temps d'imaginer, avec Daniel Kaplan et Catherine Dufour

Pour espérer préparer le fameux “monde de demain”, il faut d’abord l’imaginer. C’est ce que pense le prospectiviste Daniel Kaplan qui, dans cet épisode, nous parle de la nécessité de passer par l’imaginaire pour pouvoir mieux anticiper et construire notre avenir. Un travail d’imagination comme le font les auteur.es de science-fiction comme Catherine Dufour, qui nous raconte à son tour comment elle pense le futur à travers ses histoires. Ensemble, ils nous donnent les clés pour composer de nouveaux récits qui laissent la place à des lendemains désirables. Voir Acast.com/privacy pour les informations sur la vie privée et l'opt-out.


Ted Pappas

A Little Bit of Everything

Join us for our second episode of ReluTalk as ReluTech President, Ted Pappas, interviews our first guest, a former customer, Joel Gray, and his experience in the growing world of IT.

Ghibli Rewatch Podcast

Overly Animated

When Marnie Was There – Ghibli Rewatch

When Marnie Was There is a gorgeous film by Hiromasa Yonebayashi, the final Studio Ghibli entry before its temporary closure. Listen to hear us break down everything from this film in our latest installment of the Ghibli Rewatch podcast series, […]

TED-Ed: Lessons Worth Sharing


Can you solve the honeybee riddle? | Dan Finkel

You're a biologist on a mission to keep the rare honeybee Apis Trifecta from going extinct. The last 60 bees of the species are in your terrarium. You've already constructed wire frames of the appropriate size and shape. Now you need to turn them into working beehives by filling every hex with wax. Can you help the bees create producing hives? Dan Finkel shows how. [Directed by Charlotte Arene, narrated by Addison Anderson, music by Stephen LaRosa].

The Secular Buddhist

Ted Meissner

Episode 336 :: Paul Keddy :: Darwin Meets the Buddha

Checking In with Susan David


Wisdom for the future

It’s possible to create extraordinary beauty in the face of stress, separation, and illness. Explore the value of music during this difficult time with Richard Kogan, Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Weill Cornell Medical Center, and noted concert pianist. Guided by the life story of Frédéric Chopin, one of the greatest composers in history, Susan and Richard reveal ways to move forward into an uncertain future.

Mark & Jonas podd


Corona-special A14 En sista kyss och sen farväl!

I Mark och Jonas podd delar Mark Levengood och Jonas Gardell med sig av stort och smått, roligt och allvarligt, aktuellt och hopplöst förlegat från sin värld och vardag. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

Campfire by TEDxGuangzhou



看一看你正身处的建筑,你有想过,为什么它是这样方方正正的吗?在本期播客嘉宾王子一看来,建筑不仅不一定是方方正正的,甚至还可以是纸做的,不一定要“100 年使用”,也可以是用完就回收。我们还聊到了生活在大城市的你,是否应该买房;为什么有的人觉得恒大新足球场的设计丑,有的人却不这么认为——这些都在本期播客里。关于嘉宾王子一一个能摸到时代脉搏的新生代建筑设计师,他创立了[ 野建筑 | Yeah Archkids ] 设计工作室,来研究和设计虚拟现实叠加的赛博建筑空间,并发起[神经城]概念 IP——一个专为神经世代(Z世代)设计的新生活大型“神经”乐园,来发掘和容纳年轻人自下而上涌现出来的鲜活新生活。 他认为建筑空间应该包含线上线下,一起去承载生活,并和不停更新的新生活方式一起变化生长,迭代升级。在这里你可以看到去年王子一在我们活动中的演讲。Show notes- 王子一推荐的书是《赛博空间的奥德赛》(约斯·德·穆尔) 这是第一季 Campfire 的最后一集,欢迎你给我们提出建议!我们的邮箱是 campfire@tedxguangzhou.org。我们的微信公众号 ID 是 tedxgz,你可以回复"王子一"获得他在我们活动中的演讲。你可以在苹果播客等泛用型播客平台,或者喜马拉雅搜索“Campfire by TEDxGuangzhou”订阅我们的节目。在这里你可以看到本期节目的全文本: https://campfire.tedxguangzhou.org/episodes/ziyi-wang/transcript Music48:29 “Lip Gloss”by Podington Bearsoundofpicture.com

TEDTalks Здоровье


Эволюционный взгляд на здоровье и болезни людей | Лара Дургавич

Как ваше генетическое наследие, культура и история влияют на ваше здоровье? Биологический антрополог Лара Дургавич обсуждает область эволюционной медицины как путь к пониманию особенностей биологии человека — в том числе почему иногда генетические мутации могут иметь полезные эффекты — и подчеркивает, как распутывание вашего собственного эволюционного прошлого может подтолкнуть к пониманию вашего нынешнего и будущего здоровья.

TEDTalks Ciencia y Medicina


Los peligros de un océano ruidoso y cómo podemos silenciarlo | Nicola Jones

El océano es un lugar naturalmente ruidoso, lleno de cantos de ballenas, peces roncadores, camarones, crujidos de hielo, viento y lluvia. Pero los ruidos de origen humano, desde barcos hasta perforadoras petrolíferas, están amenazando la vida marina, según la periodista científica Nicola Jones. Observa (y escucha) su descripción de las perturbaciones que sufren las criaturas marinas que se enfrentan a la polución acústica en el océano, así como sus propuestas directas para reducir el sonido, con resultados casi inmediatos.

Climate Action Now - An Ørsted podcast on climate change and the solutions


Episode 5: Time to take action

As we know from this podcast series, we do have most of the green technologies we need to transition from black to green energy. Yet, we still aren't on track to reduce global carbon emissions at a pace that will limit global warming to 1,5 degrees. Why is that and how do we speed up green action? These are the questions episode 5 of Climate Action Now explores.

We talk to some of the most knowledgeable experts about what businesses, energy companies, investors, policy makers and you and me, the citizens, can do to show love for our shared home, Planet Earth.

Joining us in this episode are Katherine Richardson - Head of the Sustainability Science Center at the University of Copenhagen and a UN appointed expert, who you might remember from episode 2. We also welcome Dr. Andrew Steer, CEO of the World Resources Institute in Washington DC, which is perhaps the worlds most renowned research organisation on climate and energ

Between The EERs

WVU on Sports Illustrated

West Virginia Vs Kansas Preview And Predictions

Schuyler Callihan is joined by Zach Campbell to preview West Virginia vs Kansas

Software Architecture Radio

Hosted by Matt Stine

Episode @007: WebAssembly with Brian Sletten

Brian Sletten: @bsletten | about.me/bsletten

00:30 - Brian Sletten Introduction
02:01 - What is WebAssembly?
caniuse.com: Search=webassembly
Google Native Client (NaCl)
NaCl and PNaCl
11:58 - The Popularity and Attraction of WebAssembly
21:44 - Will WebAssembly kill the desktop?
33:00 - The Synergy Between Rust and WebAssembly
40:38 - Getting Started with WebAssembly, Additional Resources, and Advice
Twitter: #WebAssembly
Learn WebAssembly | PACKT Books
The Pragmatic Programmer: Programming WebAssembly with Rust
“Lin Clark WebAssembly” Google Search

TEDTalks Salud


¿Qué pasaría si todo gasto de atención médica en EE. UU. fuera transparente? | Jeanne Pinder

En los EE. UU., El mismo análisis de sangre puede costar $ 19 en una clínica y $ 522 en otra clínica a pocas cuadras, y nadie sabe la diferencia hasta que reciben una factura semanas después. La periodista Jeanne Pinder dice que no tiene que ser así. Ella construyó una plataforma que recurre en masa a los verdaderos costos de los procedimientos médicos y hace públicos los datos, revelando los secretos de los precios de la atención médica. Conozca cómo saber cuánto cuestan las cosas por adelantado podría hacernos más saludables, ahorrarnos dinero y ayudar a reparar un sistema que no funciona.

Overly Animated Voltron: Legendary Defender Podcasts

Overly Animated

Winners: 2018 OVA-ies TV Animation Awards

The results are in for our 2018 OVA-ies TV Animation Awards! After 11,700 votes cast (!) and deliberations from our expert panels, the winners in five categories have been determined. Listen to the attached podcast to hear us announce the […]

TEDTalks Бизнес


Как продуктивно спорить и находить общий язык | Джулия Дхар

Иногда кажется, что единственное, с чем мы можем согласиться, это с тем, что мы не можем прийти к согласию. Опираясь на свой опыт чемпиона мира по ведению дебатов, Джулия Дхар предлагает три техники видоизменения манеры нашего разговора друг с другом, чтобы мы могли научиться правильно и эффективно не соглашаться и находить общий язык во время семейных ужинов, рабочих встреч и общенациональных переговоров.

Our Patented Future

Our Patented Future

Episode 4 Shock Mitigating Spirals

Ever wonder what mountain goats and helmets have in common? Listen here to find out about how safety is being improved using biological research.

Why Do We Have Things?

The American Edit | Rita Mehta & Erin Husted

S2 01: Melissa Coleman, The Faux Martha & The Minimalist Kitchen

Rita talks to Melissa Coleman, blogger at The Faux Martha and author of The Minimalist Kitchen, about things.

TEDTalks Gesellschaft und Kultur


Warum Frauen nach einem sexuellen Übergriff schweigen | Inés Hercovich

Warum erzählen Frauen, die einen sexuellen Übergrif erlitten, so selten von ihren Erfahrungen? "Weil sie fürchten, dass man ihnen nicht glaubt.", sagt Inés Hercovich. "Wenn eine Frau vom Geschehenen erzählt, sind das Dinge, die nicht unserer Vorstellung entsprechen, die uns verstören, die wir nicht zu hören erwarten und die uns erschrecken." In diesem bewegenden Vortrag berichtet Inés von einem sexuellen Übergriff, um ein klares Bild von einer solchen Situation zu vermitteln - und welche schwierigen Entscheidungen die Frauen treffen, um zu überleben.

TEDTalks Culture et société


Les puissantes histoires qui ont façonné l'Afrique | Gus Casely-Hayford

Dans le vaste cours de l'histoire, même un empire peut être oublié. Dans cette présentation qui traverse les âges et les civilisations, Gus Casely-Hayford partage des histoires originales de l'Afrique trop souvent non-écrites, perdues et non-partagées. Voyagez au Grand Zimbabwe, la vieille ville dont les origines mystérieuses et l'architecture avancée continuent de déconcerter les archéologues. Ou à l'époque de Mansa Musa, le chef de l'Empire du Mali dont la grande richesse lui permit de construire les célèbres bibliothèques de Tambouctou. Et imaginez le nombre de leçons de l'histoire que nous négligeons sans le vouloir.

America Uncomplicated

America Uncomplicated

06 - The Rohingya Crisis, Myanmar, Refugees

Examination of the Rohingya crisis is Myanmar and some explanation of refugee status and rights

TEDTalks موسيقى


سحر الرقص الخميري الكلاسيكي | بروسمون أوك

لاكثر من ألف سنة في كمبوديا تم اعتبار الراقصين الكمبوديين جسور تصل بين الجنة و الأرض. في هذا الحديث الراقي عن الرقص يقوم الفنان بروسمون أوك الفريد من نوعه --مؤسس اول شركة كمبودية للراقصين المثليين الذكور-- بالتحدث عن التاريخ الثري الخاص بالرقص الخميري الكلاسيكي و حركة إعادة إحياءه الحالية، بإتخاذه لنفسه دور القديم اللذي لا يفنى وهو الفنان على صورة رسول

Tutor Ted Talks College Admissions

Ted Dorsey, M.A.

Episode 14: College Essay Guy, The Sequel

Ethan Sawyer, the College Essay Guy, returns to the show for Part 2 of his conversation with Ted.... Continue Reading
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TEDTalks Ciência e Medicina


Que horas são em Marte? | Nagin Cox

Nagin Cox é uma marciana de primeira geração. Como engenheira de naves espacias do Laboratório de Propulsão a Jato da NASA (sigla JPL em inglês), Cox trabalha numa equipe que administra as sondas americanas em Marte. Mas trabalhar das 9 às 17h em outro planeta, onde o dia tem 40 minutos a mais que a Terra, cria desafios singulares e frequentemente cômicos.

TEDTalks Наука и Медицина


Который час на Марсе? | Наджин Кокс

Наджин Кокс — марсианка в первом поколении. Она инженер космического корабля в лаборатории реактивного движения НАСА, работает в команде, которая руководит американскими марсоходами. Но работа на другой планете, где сутки на 40 минут длиннее земных, имеет свои особенности и порой даже комичные моменты.

TEDTalks Science et médecine


Quelle heure est-il sur Mars ? | Nagin Cox

Nagin Cox est une Martienne de première génération. En tant qu'ingénieure de navettes spatiales au Laboratoire de Propulsion de la NASA, Cox travaille avec l'équipe qui gère les véhicules exploratoires sur Mars. Travailler à temps plein sur une autre planète, dont les jours sont 40 minutes plus longs que sur Terre, présente des défis particuliers et souvent comiques.

TEDTalks Wissenschaft und Medizin


Wie spät ist es auf dem Mars? | Nagin Cox

Nagin Cox gehört zur ersten Generation der Marsianer. Als Raumfahrtingenieurin des Strahlantriebslabors der NASA arbeitet sie für das Team, das die Rover der USA auf dem Mars betreut. Aber das Arbeiten auf einem anderen Planeten – dessen Tag 40 Minuten länger ist als ein Tag auf der Erde – hält spezielle und oftmals komische Herausforderungen bereit.



Как Мыслить Позитивно? (Часть II) | Позитивное Мышление & Положительные Эмоции

Как научиться мыслить позитивно? Вчера мы говорили о том, что такое позитивное мышление, о заблуждениях по поводу позитивного мышления, что стоит за негативным мышлением, и как его поменять.

Сегодня мы будем обсуждать, как же развить в себе позитивное мышление, как же начать мыслить позитивно.

Основной инструмент, помогающий поменять собственное мышление – это осознанность.

Подавляющее число негативных мыслей возникают фоном, как фоновая музыка, к которой никто не прислушивается. Мысли, которые раньше были плохо осознанны, начинают меняться просто от того, что Вы на них направляете фокус своего внимания.

Наша задача - научиться отслеживать в течение дня свои мыслительные цепочки.

Обнаружив негативную мысль, задайте себе вопрос: «А действительно ли это так? Действительно ли моя мысль соответствует реальности?»

Замечая свои мы

TED Talks News and Politics


An interview with the founders of Black Lives Matter | Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors and Opal Tometi

Born out of a social media post, the Black Lives Matter movement has sparked discussion about race and inequality across the world. In this spirited conversation with Mia Birdsong, the movement's three founders share what they've learned about leadership and what provides them with hope and inspiration in the face of painful realities. Their advice on how to participate in ensuring freedom for everybody: join something, start something and "sharpen each other, so that we all can rise."

TEDTalks أخبار وسياسة


مقابلة مع مؤسسات حركة حياة السود مهمة | Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors, Opal Tometi

خُلقت من منشور على وسائل التواصل الاجتماعي ، حركة حياة السود مهمة أشعلت الحوار عن العرق وعدم المساواة حول العالم . في هذا الحديث المُلهم مع ميا بيردسونغ ، مؤسسات الحركة الثلاثة يشاركوا ماقد تعلموه عن القيادة وماوفر لهم الأمل والإلهام في مواجهة هذه الوقائع المؤلمة . نصيحتهم عن كيفية المشاركة في تأمين الحرية للجميع :الانضمام لشيء ما ، البدء في عمل ما "وشحذ بعضنا البعض ، لنتمكن جميعنا من النهوض ."

TEDTalks Noticias y Política


Una entrevista con las fundadoras de Black Lives Matter | Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors, Opal Tometi

Nacido de un post de medios sociales, el movimiento Black Lives Matter ha suscitado discusiones sobre etnia y desigualdad en todo el mundo. En esta animada conversación con Mia Birdsong, las tres fundadoras del movimiento comparten lo que han aprendido sobre el liderazgo y lo que les da esperanza e inspiración frente a las dolorosas realidades. Sus consejos sobre cómo participar para garantizar la libertad para todos: unirse a algo, comenzar algo y "potenciarse mutuamente, para que todos puedan levantarse".

TEDTalks Новости и Политика


Интервью с основательницами Black Lives Matter | Алисия Гарза, Патрисс Каллорс, Опал Томети

Движение Black Lives Matter, начавшееся с интернет поста, привлекло внимание к расовой несправедливости во всём мире. В воодушевляющей беседе с Мией Бёрдсонг основательницы движения рассказали, что они узнали о работе движения и что вселяет в них надежду, несмотря на пугающую действительность. Их совет по поводу того, как обеспечить свободу всем и каждому: присоединиться к чему-нибудь, что-нибудь начать и помочь другим стать лучше.

TEDTalks 뉴스와 정치


흑인 생명도 중요하다 운동 창시자들과의 회담 | 앨리시아 가자, 패트리시 쿨러스, 오팔 토메티(Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors, Opal Tometi)

소셜 미디아에 올린 글에서 태어난 흑인 생명도 중요하다 운동은 인종과 불평등에 대한 논의를 전세계에 퍼트렸습니다. 미아 버드송과 나눈 기백이 넘치는 이 대화에서 이 운동을 창시한 세 사람은 지도력에 대해 배운 것과 고통스런 현실을 마주 대할 때 희망과 힘을 북돋아 준 것을 사람들고 나눕니다. 모두에게 자유를 보장하는 일에 동참하는 방법에 대해 그들은 어떤 단체에 가입하고, 무언가를 시작하고, "서로가 서로를 단련해서 함께 자라나야 한다."고 충고합니다.

TEDTalks Notícias e Política


Uma entrevista com as fundadoras do movimento Black Lives Matter | Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors, Opal Tometi

Nascido de um "post" em uma rede social, o movimento Black Lives Matter acendeu a discussão sobre raça e desigualdade ao redor do mundo. Nesta conversa inspirada com Mia Birdsong, as três fundadoras do movimento compartilham o que elas têm aprendido sobre liderança e o que dá a elas esperança e inspiração ao encarar realidades dolorosas. O conselho delas sobre como participar para garantir liberdade para todos: unam-se a algo, comecem algo, e melhorem uns aos outros para que todos nós possamos crescer.

TEDTalks Nachrichten und Politik


Ein Interview mit den Gründern von Black Lives Matter | Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors, Opal Tometi

Entstanden aus einem Beitrag im sozialen Netzwerk hat die
Black-Lives-Matter-Bewegung Diskussionen über Rasse und Ungleichheit auf der ganzen Welt entfacht. In diesem lebhaften Gespräch mit Mia Birdsong teilen die drei Gründer der Bewegung mit, was sie über Führung gelernt haben und was ihnen Hoffnung und Begeisterung inmitten schmerzvoller Realitäten gibt. Ihr Ratschlag, wie man an Gewährleistung der Freiheit für alle teilnehmen kann: Tretet etwas bei, gründet etwas und "verbessert euch gegenseitig, sodass wir alle aufsteigen können."

TEDTalks Educação


Como as escolas públicas norte-americanas mantêm crianças na pobreza | Kandice Sumner

Por que uma boa educação deveria ser exclusividade de crianças ricas? Escolas em bairros de baixa renda nos EUA, especificamente em comunidades negras, são escassas de recursos que são comuns em escolas mais ricas - instrumentos musicais, livros novos, alimentação saudável e campos de futebol - e isso tem um verdadeiro impacto no potencial dos alunos. Kandice Sumner presencia essa discrepância todo dia na sua sala de aula em Boston. Nesta palestra inspiradora, ela nos convida a encarar os fatos - e a transformá-los.

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A mente por trás do Linux | Linus Torvalds

Linus Torvalds transformou a tecnologia duas vezes — primeiro, com o "kernel" do Linux, que ajuda a suportar a Internet, e novamente com o Git, o sistema de gerenciamento de código fonte usado por programadores em todo o mundo. Em uma rara entrevista com o tutor do TED, Chris Anderson, Torvalds discute, os traços de personalidade que levou sua filosofia de trabalho, engenharia e vida. "Não sou um visionário, sou um engenheiro", diz Torvalds. "Fico muito feliz com as pessoas que andam por aí olhando para as nuvens... mas eu ando olhando para o chão e quero resolver as armadilhas que tenho pela frente, antes de cair nelas."

TEDTalks Technologie


Der Mann hinter Linux | Linus Torvalds

Linus Torvalds hat die Technologie zwei Mal revolutioniert – zuerst mit dem Linuxkernel, der zum Funktionieren des Internets beiträgt, und ein zweites Mal mit Git, einem Quellcode-Management System, das von Entwicklern weltweit verwendet wird. In einem seltenen Interview mit TED Kurator Chris Anderson spricht Torvalds mit bemerkenswerter Offenheit über seine Persönlichkeitszüge, die grundlegend sind für seine einzigartige Philosophie in Bezug auf seine Arbeit, die Technik und das Leben. „Ich bin kein Visionär, ich bin ein Ingenieur," sagt Torvalds. „Es ist völlig in Ordnung, dass manche Leute den Blick in den Wolken haben... aber ich schaue auf den Boden und ich will das Schlagloch direkt vor mir füllen, bevor ich hineinfalle."

AyeGear Travel Tech Podcast

Hosted by Zen

AyeGear Episode 4 - Interview with Travel Photographer Austin Mann

Interview with Travel Photographer Austin Mann.




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Think Distributed

Think Distributed

Live at RICON 2014

Live at RICON, 2014.

A discussion of partnerships between industry and academia focusing on solving real world problems with solid, proven solutions.


David Greenberg, Two Sigma
Jordan West, Basho
Annette Bieniusa, University of Kaiserslautern
Joao Leitao, Universidade Nova de Lisboa


Christopher Meiklejohn, Basho

TEDTalks Wirtschaft


Ein Park unter dem hektischen Treiben New Yorks | Dan Barasch

Dan Barasch und James Ramsey haben einen verrückten Plan: einen Park mit Grünflächen unter New York zu errichten. Die beiden entwickeln in einer 1948 aufgegebenen U-Bahnstation die Lowline, eine unterirdische Grünfläche in der Größe eines Fußballfeldes. Dazu nutzen sie Technologie, die das Sonnenlicht über der Erde sammelt und nach unten leitet. So kann der Park sogar im Winter blühen.

TEDTalks فنون


أشياء من الحياة اليومية، وتواريخ مأساوية | زياه جافيك

يصور زياه جافيك أشياء من الحياة اليومية --ساعات، أحذية، نظارات. لكن هذه الصور بسيطة بشكل مخادع، فالأشياء التي بداخلها تم استخراجها من المقابر الجماعية للحرب البوسنية. صور جافيك، وهو زميل TED من مواليد سراييفو، كل هذه الأشياء من هذه المقابر بهدف خلق أرشيف حي لهويات أولئك الذين فُقِدوا.

TEDTalks Art


Des objets du quotidien, des histoires tragiques | Ziyah Gafić

Ziyah Gafić prend des photos des objets de tous les jours - des montres, des chaussures, des lunettes.

Mais ces images sont d'une simplicité trompeuse : ces objets ont été exhumés des charniers de la guerre de Bosnie. Gafić, membre TED et natif de Sarajevo, a photographié chaque élément de ces tombes afin de créer une archive vivante des identités de ceux qui ont disparu.

TEDTalks Gesundheit


Depressionen, unser gemeinsames Geheimnis | Andrew Solomon

"Das Gegenteil von Depressionen ist nicht Glück, sondern Vitalität, und genau diese Vitalität sickert in diesem Moment aus mir heraus." In einem gleichermaßen wortgewandten wie niederschmetternden Vortrag bringt der Schriftsteller Andrew Solomon Sie in die dunkelsten Ecken seiner Psyche, während seines jahrelangen Kampfes gegen Depressionen. Das führte ihn zu einer Reise durch die Welt, um andere mit Depressionen zu interviewen, die ihm die Augen öffnete -- nur um zu seiner Überraschung festzustellen, dass je mehr er erzählte, umso mehr wollten ihm die Menschen ihre eigenen Geschichten erzählen. (Aufgenommen bei TEDxMet.)

TEDTalks Crianças e Família


Karen Bass: Imagens inéditas, natureza indomada | Karen Bass

No TED2012, a cineasta Karen Bass compartilha algumas surpreendentes imagens da natureza que ela filmou para a BBC e para a National Geographic -- incluindo imagens de uma filmagem inédita, do morcego nectarívoro, que se alimenta de uma forma bastante rara...

TEDTalks Vie familiale


Karen Bass: Images inédites, nature sauvage | Karen Bass

A TED2012, la cinéaste Karen Bass nous fait partager quelques surprenantes images de la nature qu'elle a filmées pour la BBC et National Geographic, entre autres de nouvelles images inédites de la chauve-souris glossophage qui se nourrit d'une façon plutôt inhabituelle....

TEDTalks Kinder und Familie


Karen Bass: Ungesehene Bilder, ungezähmte Natur | Karen Bass

Bei TED2012 teilt Karen Bass einiges von ihrem erstaunlichen Filmmaterial über die Natur, das sie für den BBC und National Geografic gedreht hat – einschließlich brandneuen, zuvor ungesehen Bildmaterials der Blütenfledermaus Anoura fistulata, die auf eine ziemlich ungewöhnliche Art frisst...

TEDTalks Дети и Семья


Карен Басс: Удивительные кадры дикой природы | Karen Bass

На TED2012 режисcёр Карен Басс делится изумительными кадрами дикой природы, снятыми для BBC и National Geographic. Они включают новейший, ранее не выходивший в эфир материал о нектарной круглогубой летучей мыши, которая питается весьма необычным образом...

TEDTalks Bildung


Luis von Ahn: Online Massenkollaboration | Luis von Ahn

Nach der neuen Nutzung von CAPTCHA sodass jede von Menschen getippte Antwort hilft Bücher zu digitalisieren, überlegte Luis von Ahn wie kleine Beiträge vieler im Internet noch für das öffentliche Wohl genutzt werden können. Bei TEDxCMU stellt er vor wie sein ehrgeiziges neues Projekt Duolingo Millionen helfen wird eine neue Sprache zu erlernen während sie das Web schnell und korrekt übersetzen -- alles kostenlos.

TEDTalks Образование


Луис фон Ан: Массовое онлайн-сотрудничество | Luis von Ahn

После изменения модели CAPTCHA таким образом, что ввод каждого человека стал помогать оцифровывать книги, Луис фон Ан думал, как ещё использовать маленький вклад каждого из огромного числа людей в интернете на благо. На TEDxCMU, он рассказывает, как его новый амбициозный проект Duolingo поможет миллионам людей выучить новый язык, быстро и точно переводя интернет — и всё это бесплатно.

TEDTalks Educación


Luis von Ahn: colaboración virtual a escala masiva | Luis von Ahn

Después de redefinir el proyecto CAPTCHA para que los esfuerzos de identificar respuestas humanas ayuden en la digitalización de libros, Luis von Ahn se preguntó de qué otra manera se podrían usar esas pequeñas contribuciones de muchos en la Web para el bien común. En TEDxCMU (Carnegie Mellon University), explica cómo su nuevo y ambicioso proyecto, Duolingo, ayudará a millones a aprender un nuevo idioma mientras se traduce la Web de forma rápida y precisa… y todo gratis.

TEDTalks تعليم


التعاون عبر الانترنت على مستوى واسع | لويس فون أهن

بعد إعادة تطوير "الكابتشا- CAPTCHA" بحيث تساعد كل كلمة يكتبها الإنسان فى رقمنة الكتب ( تحويلها إلى مستندات رقمية)، تساءل لويس فون أهن عن طرق أخرى لتطويع مساهمات صغيرة من العديد من مستخدمي الإنترنت من أجل مصلحة أكبر. في مؤتمر تيدأكس جامعة كارينجي ميلون، يطلعنا لويس على الكيفية التي سيساعد بها مشروعه الطموح "دوولينجو- Duolingo" الملايين على تعلم لغة جديدة بينما يقومون بترجمة الويب بسرعة وبدقة -- وكل هذا مجاناً.

TEDTalks Música (Portuguese)


Natalie Merchant canta antigos poemas celebrando a vida! | Natalie Merchant

Natalie Merchant canta baseada em seu novo álbum, "Leave Your Sleep". Letras de uma quase esquecida poesia do século 19 se sintonizam com sua voz inconfundível, em uma performance que deixou de pé a platéia do TED.

TEDTalks Musik


Natalie Merchant singt alte Gedichte über das Leben | Natalie Merchant

Natalie Merchant singt von ihrem neuen Album "Leave Your Sleep". Die Texte aus fast vergessenen Dichtungen aus dem 19. Jahrhundert paaren sich mit ihrer unverwechselbaren Stimme zu einem Auftritt, der das TED Publikum begeisterte.

TEDTalks 음악


나탈리 머천트의 노래로 생명을 되찾은 옛 시 | Natalie Merchant

나탈리 머천트가 그녀의 새 앨범 "잠에서 깨어나" 중에서 노래합니다. 지금은 많이 잊혀져버린 19세기의 시 구절 (주로 아이들을 위한 넌센스 시) 에서 따온 노랫말과 그녀의 차분하면서도 카리스마있는 목소리가 어우러지면서, 그녀의 공연은 결국 TED 청중들을 자리에서 일어서게 합니다.

TEDTalks Música


Natalie Merchant revive viejos poemas | Natalie Merchant

Natalie Merchant canta temas de su nuevo álbum Leave Your Sleep (Deja de dormir). Letras de una poesía decimonónica casi olvidada, acompañadas por su inconfundible voz en una actuación que puso de pie a la audiencia de TED.

TEDTalks Musique


Natalie Merchant met en musique d'anciens poèmes. | Natalie Merchant

Natalie Merchant interprète quelques morceaux issus de son nouvel album, Leave Your Sleep. Les textes, tirés de poèmes quasiment oubliés du 19ème siècle, associés à sa voix unique, ont donné lieu à une performance acclamée par le public de TED.