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Dr. Li-Meng Yan: They Will Tell You Climate Change Is Causing the Pandemics

Today, The Two Mikes had the privilege of speaking and, more important, listening with Li-Meng Yan, a renowned Chinese virologist who defected from the WHO center in Hong Kong, arrived in the United States in 2020, and has since been making every effort to expose China's responsibility for the pandemic and the reality that Beijing has more such biological weapons on the shelf to use against the United States and the world. After you listen to the Doctor you will not be surprised to learn that Beijing has said that it intends to make her disappear. While at the WHO facility in Hong Kong, Li- Meng Yan said she was fully aware of the involvement of Fauci, Gates, their associates, and U.S. money in China's effort to weaponize viruses.Here are a few of the harrowing things she had to say:--"The Covid-19 disease was released into the world by China's People's Liberation Army PLA) and the Chinese leade


SOULFREE 杉研建設|自地自建一站式服務

好!決定室內設計了,但該怎麼開始呢?|自地自建,蓋出夢想家 S2 EP10

【✅  本集重點】聽完上集內容後,許多聽眾敲碗想再次聽到於建富有磁場的聲音,所以,杉研建設再次力邀於建築師,來跟我們聊聊再決定開始室內設計前,究竟要先準備好什麼?如果沒有頭緒,室內設計師該怎麼引導?以及自地自建的室內設計,何時才是最佳入場討論點?【?  知識時間戳:】00:00 開頭00:19 上集回顧01:33 本集預告02:51 室內設計該如何開始?有沒有流程可參考?09:47 室內設計有沒有收費標準?13:03 除了設計,室內設計師還會負責發包或監工嗎?17:01 純設計 vs 統包工程,哪個對消費者較有利?21:10 完全沒頭緒和想法,室內設計師該怎麼引導?29:12 大型設備安裝如太陽能板或全熱交換器,需要和室內設計配合嗎?32:39 自地自建的室內設計,該從哪個階段開始討論?34:39 本集總結36:25|[【免費】加好友,拿自建檢核表&工作流程表懶人包自地自建懶人包?‍♂️ 來找SOULFREE 杉研建設聊聊自地自建▍?  【免費】自建檢核表&工作流程表懶人包下載:▍?   本集文稿: ▍?   官網:▍☎️   06-6221234▍?   73663台南市柳營區108號:▍LINE: @soulfree▍Facebook:▍Instagram:

Girls Gone Healthy - Workout Motivation and Food Guide to Live a Cheap, Easy Healthy Lifestyle for College Girls and Women

Emily Coffman | Former Athlete, College Health Tips, Food Freedom

162. Every Choice You Make is a Bet.

How much time do you spend in your decision-making process? How do you prioritize the most impactful decisions in your life and stress less on the less impactful ones? Perhaps if you experiment with your decisions and learn from the wrong ones instead of discarding them, you might learn a lot and be a better decision-maker in the future.
In this episode of the Live Your Personal Best podcast, I speak with Frederic Bahnson, a personal and executive coach helping people create happiness, improve performance, and foster well-being. Listen in to learn about your power of choice and how you can use it to have more control over your life.
Key Takeaways:
·      How to have control of how your life turnout by using your power of choice.
·      Start experimenting with your decisions and learn from the wrong ones to be successful in the future.
·      Stop discounting opportunities and make the leap even when it’s risky.

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Jirka Martišek, Psaní Hravě: Jak být přesvědčivý a formulovat myšlenky? Zkuste NLP

Jirka Martišek je spoluzakladatel projektu Psaní Hravě a certifikovaný NLP kouč. Díky Psaní Hravě, online nástroji na výuku psaní všemi deseti, může být každý až o 10 % efektivnější. „Díky psaní všemi deseti neztratíš flow. Nepřemýšlíš, kde jsou čísla nebo speciální znaky, kvůli kterým musíš sledovat klávesnici,“ říká Jirka. V podcastu se dozvíte, jak týmu Psaní Hravě pomohlo zavedení Freela zlepšit online komunikaci a delegování úkolů. Jako kouč NLP dokáže Jirka pomocí speciálních technik a principů přenastavit hlavu tak, že se můžete zbavit třeba fobie z pavouků nebo překonat jiné psychické bloky. Zajímá vás, co tento velmi silný nástroj umí?

Kam dál?
➡️ Jirka Martišek:
➡️ Psaní Hravě:
➡️ Freelo:
➡️ Blogpost:
? Project Re

The Jeff Dornik Show

Freedom First Network

Karen Kingston: The Bioweapon is not the Spike Protein Produced by mRNA… It’s Something Much More Sinister and Deceptive

This episode of The Jeff Dornik Show is sponsored by the explosive new book by Robert F Kennedy Jr, The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health. Order your copy today at the recent allegations by Dr Bryan Ardis and Stew Peters about snake venom being the root of covid and in the “vaccines,” I knew that I had to have Karen Kingston on The Jeff Dornik Show to help us understand the science behind these claims and whether there’s any validity to them. Surprisingly, the most shocking aspect of this interview wasn’t the confirmation that snake venom has been synthesized and used in both COV-2 and the supposed vax.What we discovered during this interview is that everything we know about covid and the vaccines are false. This interview will turn your understanding of what’s going

Health Freedom for Humanity Podcast

Health Freedom for Humanity

Finding the Spiritual Source with Jason Shurka

Jason Shurka has a unique perspective as a result of some serious physical setbacks in childhood. Listen in on what he has done to transform those traumas into hope. To learn more about Jason, please visit: To donate to Health Freedom for Humanity, please visit:





Free Bird English: Teacher Talk

Free Bird English (Abe Lawson and Ben Tracy)

101. Episode 100! Part Two

There is a lot to celebrate!  First of all, Ben's music will finally be available on Spotify and Apple Music later this week!  Keep an eye out for "SPACE DRAGON"!  

New T-Shirts! (期間限定)

Video for this episode:
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The Free Zone w/ Freeman Fly


World Changing Technology – George Wiseman

Are you dependent on the system? We live in a world of abundance and I want you to thrive! But, you are taught that we live in a world of scarcity. We are currently looking at a world with a health crisis, rising fuel costs and a food shortage on the horizon. WHAT IF... There […]

The RunRX Podcast

RunRX is the prescription to run pain free.

180 Cadence is not just an opinion

1001 自由客


Vol.51 柴小狼:96年的女孩没上过一天班,环球旅居,帮助他人找回自己

【嘉宾简介】【时间轴】09:25 从一次高中军训活动中开始意识到自己“注意力缺失”的个性特征14:38 自恰的方式:跟着内心的冲动去选择,不局限于具体的困难17:46 发现自己更适合不被教育的“项目制学习”属性22:28 “注意力缺失”带来的一些情绪影响以及自我探索的推动30:07 有意思的旅修:带着“Life coach”的哲学去旅行31:17  “Life coach”项目给当下生活状态带来的改变35:24 为什么选择“Life coach”作为职业支点37:00 和父母之间的关系处理以及成长45:13 什么样的人适合 “Life coach”46:17  “Life coach”的具体受益案例57:13  给想要成为自由职业者的一些建议59:58  “Life coach”的新媒体关注渠道推荐【收听方式】你可以通过小宇宙播客 App、苹果 Podcast、喜马拉雅、网易云音乐收听节目。【关于1001自由客】「1001 自由客」是「FreeLab自由客实验室」旗下的人物访谈栏目。我们致力于采访1001位有想法、有追求的自由职业者/小微创业者,希望可以带给你灵感与启发。访谈文字完整版在gzh:FreeLab自由客实验室加入自由职业俱乐部v:freelab1



Empaths-Charmers-Making Sense Of Life Choices???


Free Yourself...My Journey?

Bad On Paper

Grace Atwood & Becca Freeman

Black Cake Book Club

It’s time to talk about our March book club pick: Black Cake by Charmaine Wilkerson. We absolutely LOVED this book. We discuss what grabbed us about this book, the themes of not understanding your parents as individuals vs. parents and identity, all the food in this book (including black cake!), our feelings on the ending, and more!     We also say our podcast goodbyes to Grace! (IRL, we’re planning our Charleston reunion as we speak)    Books this reminded us of The Vanishing Half by Brit Bennett The Dutch House by Ann Patchett Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi The Unsinkable Greta James by Jennifer E. Smith   Obsessions  Grace: Let’s talk about the Stanley cups Becca: Rare Beauty Liquid Touch Concealer Brush   What we read this week! Grace:  The Club by Ellery Lloyd Taste: My Life Through Food by Stanley Tucci The Last Housewife by Ashley Winstead (check content warnings before picking this one up!) Becca: Black Cake by Charmaine Wilkerson The Perfect Couple by

Freedom Scientific FSCast

Freedom Scientific

FSCast 212, archive of the February 2022 FSOpenLine

On the archive of the February 2022 FSOpenLine, we take your calls on a variety of topics including: new VocalizerExpressive voices in  the latest software updates, keystrokes for identifying the site to which a link points, finding out where a file will be saved, Eloquence spontaneously  getting louder mid  sentence, and certain video cards hijacking keystrokes to rotate the screen.   Transcript available at


Rachael King, Becca Freeman

Bone Marry Bury - Episode 1: Meet The Players

2021 was the worst year of Allie’s life: she was fired from her stupid waitressing job, dumped by a guy she was pity-f*cking, and evicted from her apartment. On New Year’s Eve, Allie heads to a party where she plans to get plastered and leave this mess of a year behind. Gabe — Allie’s best friend and our narrator — tells us that by the end of the month she will f*ck, marry, and kill three different people… and they’re all at this party. And if you like this, we have some good news: you can listen to the next episode RIGHT NOW. Click here to get Episode 2 — and make sure you smash that follow button, bitches!! See you at the Lipstick lounge...

Freethought Radio

Freedom From Religion Foundation

Secular Reparations

Guests: Cynthia McDonald and Andrew Seidel. FFRF's Director of Strategic Response Andrew Seidel announces the new major report by FFRF and the Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty called "Christian Nationalism and the January 6, 2021, Insurrection." Then activist and podcaster Cynthia McDonald tells us about her comprehensive article about the secular case for reparations: "Black economic justice from an atheist’s view."

Germogli di risparmio

Liberi di essere free

Il mio approccio sulle criptovalute per il 2022

In questo audio voglio descrivervi: - come decido l'ammontare di denaro che investo in criptovalute;- i miei progetti preferiti;- come scelgo quelle su cui investire e su quale piattaforma;- come ribilancio il portafoglio totale dei miei investimenti - e quindi il peso totale delle crypto sul portafoglio - come ribilancio il portafoglio delle criptovalute- come e quando monetizzo le posizioni- che tipologia di approccio utilizzo per gestire il rischioCosa aspetti? Vieni ad ascoltare!

Justice with John Carpay

The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms

S03E06 Fleury on Breaking Free

John and our guest, Theo Fleury, respond to a couple of audio clips, including one of the Ottawa police chief announcing new measures to end the truck convoy protest. Fleury believes the abuse of power that Canada has endured over the last two years with the government Covid crisis is similar to abuse he suffered in his youth, and he says that the convoy celebration is a first step to set ourselves Playing With Fire by Theo FleuryTheo Fleury's Motivational Speaker siteOttawa Police on Youtube, Feb 4, 2022: Press ConferenceSmall Dead Animals, Feb 4, 2022: Ottawa Police Plan to Rapidly Escalate the Situation (includes Sloly and Wilson clips)Justice Centre, Feb 6, 2022: Ottawa police decree is illegal, Justice Centre warnsJustice Centre, Feb 6, 2022: No basis for “state of emergency” declared by Ottawa MayorNational Post, Feb 2, 2022: Lockdowns only reduced COVID deaths by 0.2 per cent, Johns Hopkins study findsPsychology Toda

Motivation, Inspiration, and Health From Celiac And Gluten Free Living With Deb

Motivation, Inspiration, and Health From Celiac And Gluten Free Living With Deb

Replace Attitude With Gratitude: Celiac & Gluten Free Living

Devenir Digital Nomad


Les différents métiers pour être digital nomad

Pas toujours facile de savoir comment devenir digital nomad, notamment quels sont les métiers les plus propices à ce mode de vie ! On te donne les métiers les plus courants ) faire en tant que digital nomad, même si aujourd'hui la plupart des jobs sont transformables et faisables à distance !

Southbrook Church

Shane Freeman

Reconciled in Christ

Jesus In the Morning Radio

Freedom Doors Ministries

The Second Week in January 2022

We have much to testify about this Friday it is the second week in January of 2022 and God has been better than good to all Believers. We should have great testimonies. How he brought us through 2021 with so much happening in our country, cities and states alone. Much is going on overseas our brothers and sisters are going through in many different ways. Praying for the world we need Almighty God to bring all of us out.


The Free Thought Project Podcast

Free Thought

Guest: Pete Quiñones - Examining Localism, Defensive Democracy and The Bottom Up Revolution

Peter R. Quiñones is managing editor of the Libertarian Institute and hosts the Free Man Beyond the Wall podcast. He released his first book, Freedom Through Memedom – The 31-day Guide to Waking Up to Liberty in November 2017. It reached #4 in the Libertarian Section on Amazon. He has spoken at Liberty Forum in Manchester, New Hampshire and is one of the Executive Producers on the documentary, “The Monopoly on Violence" which brought anarchism to the forefront of the mainstream.

Quiñones has since become an advocate for creating change through local politics otherwise known as localism. By taking over local political positions, groups of people can shield themselves from the tyranny of larger governments like the fed. This has long been a controversial topic but as Quiñones puts it, COVID has ushered in a new level of Tyranny, like we haven't seen. 

During t

The London Free Press Podcast

The London Free Press Newsroom

The LFP Podcast ep. 60: Is the pandemic ... over?

Is the pandemic basically over? London Free Press Reporter and Columnist Jane Sims joins the show to talk about latest covid numbers and ease of restrictions.

Find Your Freedom

Becky Blake from

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

Create The Flow

Monika Freeman

Where You Are Going Wrong With The Content You Are Consuming

The type of content you consume daily might be contributing to your business, productivity and health. Tune into this episode where I do a deep dive into the benefits of consuming the right content for your business and how social arbitrage can play a role, too! Business Inquiries: monika@monikafreeman //Website: //Let's Get Social:Monika Freeman Studios: @monikafreemanstudios Create The Flow: @createtheflowpodcastMonika Freeman: @monikafreeman

MOJO Maker for Womxn in Tech

Karen Freeman Worstell

Hopeless to Hopeful: Responding to Grief at Work with Anne DeButte (S2E20)

Episode S2E18: Show Notes.It is so easy to lose ourselves in grief, to feel like the heaviness will never lift. Known as a purveyor of hope, today’s guest started a podcast called Let’s Talk About Grief in 2018 when she discovered that many people viewed death and grief as negative and held little hope about life after grief. As a retired nurse and having studied Well Being Psychology at Yale and Positive Psychology at Penn State, Anne DeButte coaches individuals to move from hopeless to hopeful, helping them make a positive shift along the path of grieving without getting lost in it. In today’s episode, Anne shares the importance of recognizing and allowing yourself to feel your emotions rather than distracting yourself from them. We also discuss the losses everyone has experienced during COVID, how to support those in your workplace who have suffered a loss, and the value of reviewing HR policies ar


Free Agent

Lena Andersson "Jag vill förstå"

Prisbelönt succéförfattare som inte lämnar någon oberörd. Lena Anderssons vilja att försöka förstå hur saker hänger ihop och att se saker från andra perspektiv provocerar tydligen en del människor.  Hennes sommarprat om jesus fick hela sex stycken radioanmälningar.  Men om fler av oss var lite mer som Lena Andersson så hade världen haft betydligt färre konflikter. Avsätt 50 minuter av ditt liv och lyssna på detta avsnitt. Kanske kan det ge dig något :)

Football Society


Comment survivre à la petite mort du football ?

Dans le monde du foot, on donne un surnom à la retraite sportive : la “petite mort”. Après des années d’émotions sur les terrains, il faut à un moment revenir à une “vie normale”. Et ce n’est évidemment pas facile pour tous les footballeurs. On s’est donc posés plusieurs questions : Pourquoi est-ce que c’est aussi dur pour un footballeur d’arrêter sa carrière ? Comment est-ce qu’on vit ce changement de vie ? Et surtout : est-ce qu’on peut survivre à la petite mort du football ?Pour répondre à ces questions, nous sommes allés discuter avec différentes personnes qui travaillent sur le sujet : Julien Cardy, un ex joueur pro qui a récemment raccroché les crampons, Delphine Herblin, psychologue du sport, Sophie Bodin, sociologue spécialisée sur la question, et Philippe Lafon, directeur général de l’UNFP, le syndicat des joueurs de foot pro en France. Et vous allez voir : arrêter le football, ce n’est pas une fatalité.Retrouvez

Design Talk



01不期而遇的在线教育维持数月的疫情让不少行业面临着严峻的挑战,特别是需要面对面教学的教育行业。不少学校采取线上授课等方式来维持正常的教学活动,“网课”更是成了教授者与受教者的生活常态。那么对于学习设计专业的同学来说,在线上学习的过程中要面临着哪些挑战呢?未来的设计教育又会受到什么样的影响?02这是师生面临的一场“设计灾难”  在线上学习的过程中,不可避免的会受到条件的限制而无法达到预期的教学目的。对于设计专业的同学来说,由于场地和条件的限制,不仅失去了许多实地考察的机会,而且不少课程内容也进行了压缩和调整。相比起其他专业,设计对动手能力的要求更高,需要动手完成的作业也会更多,如何将课程最大程度的教授给同学们,让同学们的能力得到最大的提升,也成为了老师们的巨大难题。只能说,疫情期间的老师与同学们都在尽可能的补救这场浩大的“设计灾难”。   互动性的缺失也是线上授课的痛点。上课无法得到及时的反馈,这是上课时听到老师抱怨最多的话。然而对于坐在电脑这头的听者来说,得不到实时的互动也是十分抓狂的一件事。课上听不懂的地方需要马上记录,当然,使用可回放的录制直播软件在这个问题上就显得尤为友好,但是使用无法回放的直播软件在课上就如同打了一场三个小时无硝烟的战争,哪怕是有一点点的疏漏没有记录或是走神,都有“过了这个村没有这个店的”遗憾与无奈。  同样,不仅是与老师,与同学们互动的减少同样令人抓狂。设计专业的同学习惯在课间与老师同学交流讨论而得到知识的整理输出,对于比较喜欢讨论和交流的同学来说,线上授课实际上是剥夺了他们原来整理思考成果的一个重要的渠道。由此看来,面对面交流带来的直接体验要比隔着屏幕要好太多了。不在同一个物理空间,团队的活动成本就非常高。往常的面对面讨论由于场地和时间的限制会需要人们必须得出一定的讨论成果,而网络上的小组活动不仅需要匹配到每个人合适的时间和流畅的网络,而且无时间限制的讨论大大降低了效率和质量。不少同学提出,不开摄像头的语音讨论是造成这种现象的主要原因。偷偷的在电脑这段开小差,网上冲浪,打盹儿,不用参与团队思考又不怕被发现,这样做的成本太低,但是这却严重降低了整个团队的积极性和办事效率。03线上教育的益处 

The freeCodeCamp Podcast


Crossover Special: 10 Years of The Changelog + 5 years of freeCodeCamp

In this special crossover episode, we celebrate 10 years of The Changelog. It's the home of the biggest podcast focused on open source, and a favorite of freeCodeCamp founder Quincy Larson. This 4-hour episode is actually 2 interviews: 1. For the first 2.5 hours, Quincy interviews Changelog co-hosts Adam Stacoviak and Jerod Santo about how they got into software development and podcasting, and the history of their legendary podcast. 2. Then we end with Adam and Jerod turning the tables and interviewing Quincy about the past and future of If you haven't heard of The Changelog before, it is website that hosts a podcast about open source software. Each week they interview new developers from around the software galaxy and explore what makes those projects tick. Adam Stacoviak founded The Changelog exactly 10 years ago. And Jerod Santo joined as co-host 7 years ago. Together - across 370 epi

Free Bluegrass Gospel Hymns and Songs

Free Bluegrass Gospel Hymns and Songs

Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace is the most popular song on Earth. It has been sung more times by more people in more languages, than any other song in the history of the planet. Amazing Grace is probably one of the best known hymns in the world today. The words tell of the grace of God - the gift of forgiveness and life that he gives to us freely.A rendition of Amazing Grace by Judy Collins went to the top of the popular music charts in the U.S. in the 1970s. It was the first and only time a spiritual song has done this.The hymn was written by John Newton, an English man who was born in 1725.(more info on Newton below) During the first 30 years of his life, Newton was certainly a miserable, unhappy, and mean person--in other words, "a wretch." As a child he was rebellious and constantly in trouble. As a young man he used profanity, drank excessively, and went through periods of violent, angry behavior. When Newton was in his early twenties, he became involved in the