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B&T Extra: Stealing Golf Carts

On this Bob & Tom Extra: We have realtors, stealing golf carts, and Donnie Baker!

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Stamp Show Here Today - Postage stamp news, collecting and information

Stamp Show Here Today

Episode #349 - Being a Stamp Expert

Ever wondered what it was like being a stamp expert?

War of the Roses - The Jubal Show

The Jubal Show

This War of the Roses will have you asking, who's that chick!?

War of the Roses is when someone calls The Jubal Show because they think that their partner is cheating so we call them offering services in order to catch them cheating.Mia thinks her boyfriend Charlie is cheating because things have been weird for the last year! This War of the Roses will have you asking, who's that chick!? Leave a rating and review wherever you listen. It will help the show out in a big way. If that's not your thing, you can find us on social media here:

Beverly Hills 90210 Show

Beverly Hills 90210 Show

112: Judgement Day

Larry, Pete and Becca Shin are back as they dive deep into Season 7's Judgment Day!

The Philip DeFranco Show

The Philip DeFranco Show

PDS 4.25 ELON MUSK BOUGHT TWITTER, NOW WHAT? I got COVID, Joe Rogan, France, Supreme Court, & More

PDS 4.25 ELON MUSK BOUGHT TWITTER, NOW WHAT? I got COVID, Joe Rogan, France, Supreme Court, & More by The Philip DeFranco Show

The Nifty Show: Digital Collectibles and NFTs Podcast

The Nifty Show: Digital Collectibles and NFTs

Combining the Past with Our Future with the Pionauts

Combining the Past with Our Future with the Pionauts


Right now, we’re facing great challenges in the world…

In turbulent and challenging times we all look for leadership, inspiration and ideas. The greatest pioneers in history navigated and inspired humankind in their own difficult times.

Let’s bring the greatest leaders and thinkers back to life.

By letting them tell their stories, they will inspire people around the world once again.


Google Play:


Twitter: @BadCrypto - @joelcomm - @teedubya
Facebook:  /BadCrypto - /JoelComm - /teedubyaw

The Jeff Ward Show

The Jeff Ward Show

We're Not Done With Crazy Anti-Vaxxers Yet

Infamous anti-vaxxer Christopher Key is no longer drinking his own urine. Now he’s injecting it into his arm as a defense against COVID-19.
When did gender reveal parties become a thing? Is it because of social media? And if your partner starting saying f-bombs after discovering the gender, why would you post the video on TikTok?

Thanks to Supreme Lending for sponsoring this podcast!

Thanks to Aura for sponsoring this episode!

Thanks to Spec's Wines, Spirits and Finer Foods for sponsoring this podcast! 

Jeff Ward’s experience, insight, and unique perspective on football is always in demand. The audience starves for his fearless, agenda-free, and irreverent take on the teams and storylines that matter most. Now, fans can get a steady diet of his football knowledge with regular segments titled “Six

Wally Show Podcast

Wally Show Podcast

5 Words to Younger Self: April 14, 2022

TWS News 1: New York Shooter Captured – 1:005 Words to Younger You – 3:26TWS News 2: 5 Percent Surcharge – 11:20Easter Facebook Live Promo – 13:33Your Yay – 16:48TWS News 3: $200 Charge Dropped – 24:02I Saw God Today – 26:47Chris Tomlin’s Good Friday Service – 31:48Least of These: No Microwaves – 34:27Yougle It: Taking a Wounded Pet to the Vet – 37:44You can sponsor a child through Food for the Hungry at can join our Wally Show Poddies Facebook group at

Powertools Mixshow

Powertools Mixshow

Episode 7: Powertools ft: LATROIT B2B Ryden and Joan Cases

Powertools ft. Latroit going back to back with Ryden and from Barcelona, Joan Cases. Hosted by Richard Vission. Powertools airs on Pitbull's Globalization on SiriusXM Ch. 13 at 8 PMSocial Media@richardvission@latroit@joan_cases@officialryden@wearepowertoolsLatroit b2b Ryden Tracklist:Static Revenger x The Sponges - Music In My MindBlack V Neck - Like WhoaMatroda - Wasting TimeMK - Chemical (MK Remix)Fab Massimo & Abel - Going HomeTransient - Higher Than The SkyVoost - Sometimes it HurtsG. Felix & Deadspace - Trying MeZHU - Zhudio 54RYDEN - BloodBillion - Work ItJ. Worra ft. Little Boots - WastelandMortimer & Arielle Free ft Joe Killington - Soul Full Williams88 & djabathehot - A Good TimeGettoblaster feat. Missy - H O U S E Disco Fries - Born Ready (Halogen Remix)Jinadu & Wh0 & Just Aaron - FeelsJoan CasesDaniel Orpi - La FiestaHarvy Valencia & Jholeyson - Toy FrikiJoan Cas

The Perth Property Show

The Perth Property Show

176 - Large-Format Land Development ft. Chris Bitmead

This week, for the first time, we explore the world of large-format land development with Chris Bitmead, director at TABEC. What does it cost to develop a new land estate? What does it cost to build a new road? How long does it take? All these questions are answered.

Show Helu شو حلو

خالد غنايم في Show Helu/شو حلو

المخرج السوري باسم السلكا ضف خالد غنايم

الحديث عن مسلسل على قيد الحب و و التوليفة الجميلة التي ظهر بها هذا المسلسل و المزيد في لقاء شيق مع المبدع باسم السلكا 

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The Tudor History & Travel Show


Sutton House in London’s Hottest Borough: A Tudor Place Like No Other

In this episode of The Tudor History & Travel Show, I take a tour of Sutton house in Hackney. Joined by our tour guide,  Jo Nightingale, we look around the house once owned by aspiring Tudor courtier, Sir Ralph Sadler. Sutton House was built for Sir Ralph and his family as his fortunes were on the rise. Described as a ‘small gentry house’ and one that has ‘no direct parallels’, Sutton House is utterly unique.
To see images of Sutton House as mentioned in this podcast episode, and to read my associated blog, click here. 
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Aussie Wildlife Show

Aussie Wildlife Show

Matt Summerville and Kristy Jensen

Matt Summerville and Kristy Jensen are the creators of the YouTube channel, The Natural Herp Keeper.
They created the Natural Herp Keeper to share their passion for reptile keeping, herping, DIY naturalistic enclosures and to  inspire others to change the way they keep reptiles by increasing the standard of husbandry and striving to create the best possible life for captive animals. 
Both Matt and Kristy are experienced zoo keepers with a passion for the natural world. 

Collett's snake (Pseudechis colletti). Matt Summerville.

The Podcast Discovery Show

The Podcast Discovery Show

Discovery Weekly: Retail Tricks, Creativity, and The Grand Duke of Westarctica

Welcome to Season 6! We have renamed TODS to Discovery Weekly! This is the bonus show to the Podcast Discovery Show. On DW we talk about all the other things we discovered throughout the week that are not podcasts. If you have a discovery that you would like to have on the show then call the new Discovery Hotline at (813)708-9118 we would love to share your discoveries on the show. This week we discovered:   Our Great National Parks The 6 Year Old Soldier Retail Psychology Creative Training The Grand Duke of Westarctica John B Review and much more!  Go check out everything Matt is up to at his website  As always thanks to Infinite Third for our intro music!   Do you like free stuff? Well we have an amazing offer with Audible where you can get a free audio book when you sign up for a trial using our URL. Click the link and start discovering some amazing books!



意大利补时被北马其顿绝杀,连续两届无缘世界杯 C罗能带领葡萄牙杀进世界杯吗?

Music ONLY

León Music Show


Rave and roses

The Jesse Kelly Show

Jesse Kelly Show

Hour 1: The Green Leap Forward

They aren't pushing for green energy for the environment. So many Covid deaths had nothing to do with the virus but the response.

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We Say Yeah!


EP 9 - The EP’s ”Dream” and ”Cliff’s Silver Discs” + the ”Theme For a Dream” single with Erika White

Erika White, co-host of the "BC The Beatles" podcast, joins us to review and discuss the EP's "Cliff's Silver Discs", "Dream" and the single "Theme For a Dream/Mumblin' Mosie".  

In The Pews

Joelma Regis

Joelma Regis, Associate Director of Vocations for the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston, tells us how she went from being a "party girl" to dedicating her life to God as a Consecrated Woman (member of the Focolare Movement).  



In The Pews is a show that features the lives and inspirational stories of some of the church’s faithful servants. 


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CONNECT with us on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter at @InThePews.

Email us at


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If you'd like to donate to help our production efforts,

The Wally and Methot Show

WAM Show

#58 - The Wally and Methot Show - Andrew Hammond

Dust off those Hamburglar masks because we're going back to 2015! That's right we're talking about "The Run" with former Sens netminder Andrew Hammond! We chat about ice-cold burgers, ceremonial gift cards, a hungry Curtis Lazar and a whole bunch more!

First Date Follow Up - The Jubal Show

The Jubal Show

Expect the unexpected in this First Date Follow Up!

First Date Follow Up is when we get an email from someone who went on a date and the other person isn't calling back. We get that other person on the phone to see why they're "ghosting".Something happened when we tried to call the women that is ghosting a guy that was kind of a disaster and no one on the show, or on the phone, was ready for it! What happened and can The Jubal Show get this couple on a second date!? Leave a rating and review wherever you listen. It will help the show out in a big way. If that's not your thing, you can find us on social media here:

War of the Roses - The Jubal Show

The Jubal Show

Jubal Fresh may add some "bells and whistles" to this War of the Roses!

War of the Roses is when someone calls The Jubal Show because they think that their partner is cheating so we call them offering services in order to catch them sucks when someone finds out that they're getting cheated on! Today Jubal Fresh may try to add some bells and whistles to the War of the Roses in attempt to make everyone feel better! What are these sounds? Will they help or hurt the War of the Roses? Will The Jubal Show catch a cheater!? Leave a rating and review wherever you listen. It will help the show out in a big way. If that's not your thing, you can find us on social media here:

The Mob Mentality Show

The Mob Mentality Show

Favor Fast Feedback with Luis Martinez

For software development, what advice would you give that is generally true? If faced with choosing between two alternatives, what proverb more often than not is going to lead us on a good path?

Our hypothesis: "Favor Faster Feedback." Join Austin and Luis Martinez as they share at the 2022 Code Freeze Conference how this not only applies to test speed in TDD, but quite literally almost everything in software development. Whether it is code, pipelines, product features, experiments, people, learning, or peer review, is fast feedback the path to the land of milk and honey?

FYI: Video and show notes to be posted here in the next day or so.

Beyond The Ring

Dale and Ryan Educate and Entertain the Stock Show World

95: Power Of The Purse

What the price of show animals actually does and doesn't mean in the junior livestock industry.

Jared Dillian Podcasts

The Jared Dillian Show

My #1 Question for the Kids I Interviewed at Lehman Brothers

Everyone Jared Dillian interviewed on Wall Street was super talented. Find out the one question he used to separate the top job candidates from the rest of the overqualified herd… and how it can help you fall into money.

Music ONLY

León Music Show

Zinoleesky - Kilofeshe

Morning vibes

Lone Star Outdoor Show

Lone Star Outdoor Show

Episode 612: Alaskan Governor Mike Dunleavy, Henry Relives Taking His First Buck & A Canadian Outfitter On the Hounds That Saved Him

Alaskan Governor Mike Dunleavy wasn't hard to find at the SCI Convention in Las Vegas, I simply looked for the tallest guy in the room. Once I found the governor, he was more than willing to carve out a few minutes for an impromptu interview on the repeated attempts by the federal government to close [...]

The Mark Davis Show

The Mark Davis Show

January 31, 2022 7am Hour

 Weekend Trump rally, bracing for winter storms in DFW

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DevShow #36 – Retrospectiva 2021

No último episódio da 3ª temporada, fizemos uma retrospectiva de 2021 de algumas tecnologias ao longo do ano e alguns detalhes da comunidade técnica.
The post DevShow #36 – Retrospectiva 2021 appeared first on DevShow.

The SuperFunAwesomeHappyTimePedalShow Podcast

The SuperFunAwesomeHappyTimePedalShow

E120...Pedal of the Year 2021

Its the 2021 SuperFunAwesomeHappyTimePedalShow Pedal of the Year Awards...who will be the winners??

Make sure to check out the video portion of the awards here:


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The Joseph Carlson Show

The Joseph Carlson Show

Episode 219 - I Just Bought $25,000 Of This Stock

In episode 219, we discuss the new company added to my portfolio and why I bought 25k worth of the stock.

PSM: Professional Services Marketing

PSM Show

212 - Federal Infrastructure Package

Late in 2021, the US Congress passed, and President Biden signed the largest infrastructure spending bill in decades. It represents the biggest volume of federal investment since professional services marketing became a thing. The impacts of the infrastructure bill will be profound. In Episode 212, Frank talks to two people who have been tracking it and gearing up. Anthony Jeffers with Hensel Phelps and Stephanie Nelson with Capital Pipeline are working on this from every angle and bringing good advice for professional services marketers and their seller-doers as we all prepare for the impact.  Resources related to the Federal Infrastructure Package are noted below: The Bill itself:  Aviation projects funded through the infrastructure bill Bipartisan Infrastructure Law - Airport Infrastructure | Federal Aviation Administration ( Importance of Infrastructure on US

Pop Screen

The Geek Show Podcast Network

S2 Ep50: Pop Screen: Purple Rain (with Gav Smith)

Pop Screen is 50 episodes old! To celebrate, we've got Gav Smith from the My Favourite Film podcast back in to cover one of the big names (in terms of profile, if not in height) that we haven't covered so far - Prince, and his blockbuster first movie Purple Rain. Gav is a Prince superfan, Graham a Prince ignoramus - can he be converted?

More a vehicle for the extraordinary album accompanying it than a narrative movie, Purple Rain nevertheless maintains a cult following, thanks in part to encapsulating the fascinating contradictions that Prince embodied. He could be macho and androgynous, collaborative and singular, spiritual and pervy - all of these aspects of the man are discussed on this week's show, along with digressions about Tipper Gore, the rival band in School of Rock and Morris Day's superb chat-up lines.

Sadly, we don't have Morris's silver tongue, so we're going to ask you straight up - donate

Showbound: The Podcast


Episode 62: Wyatt Johnston

This week, Cardsy and Rask catch up over a busy week with crazy NFL games and talk about Canada's Olympic hockey roster. Then, Dallas Stars first round pick and the OHL's leading scorer, Wyatt Johnston, joins the show. Wyatt talks about his hockey career so far, playing with Connor Bedard, winning gold at the u18s, and answers some funny questions at the end. The boys wrap it up this week with the bachelor segment. 

No Mercy: A Cobra Kai Kickback

Shows What You Know

Cobra Kai S04E04 – “Bicephaly” – No Mercy

First, let’s learn what the word bicephaly means then onto the episode and the many tangents involved! “Kreese brings Terry back to Cobra Kai, but his former partner isn’t interested in repeating history; Johnny grows envious of Daniel mentoring Miguel.” What’s your opinion? Email us at or tweet @showswhatuknow. Please subscribe and review on...

El Show de Don Piter

El Show de Don Piter

Episodio 140 - MEGA CHISMECITO


Eat Sleep Tennis Show

EST Show

Episode 36 - ATP/WTA Australian Open

And. We. Are. BACK.


Alex, Candice and Steve take you through both the ATP and WTA Australian Open draws, give their selections and tell you all you need to know for the fortnight ahead!


If gambling, please do so responsibly!

The Property Management Show

The Property Management Show

3 Steps to Profitability with Kathleen Richards

 3 Steps to Profitability with Kathleen Richards On The Property Management Show this week, Kathleen Richards is joining us to talk about profitability. She’s been on the podcast several times, and we’re asking her a pretty simple question: how can property management companies set themselves up to make good money? Kathleen Richards: An Intro […]
The post 3 Steps to Profitability with Kathleen Richards appeared first on Fourandhalf Marketing Agency for Property Managers.

The BIP Show

BIP Show Productions

Christmas Special 2021 - Jo Masters, David Scutt, Laura Fitzsimmons, Adelaide Timbrell

There's festive cello music to kick us off on our review of the year and our look ahead to 2022 Support this show See for privacy and opt-out information.

Lady Night


Eduardo Sterblitch

O convidado de hoje é o humorista, ator, roteirista, cantor e apresentador de televisão Eduardo Sterblitch, falando desde sua infância até os melhores momentos de sua carreira, dinheiro e fama.

The Jon Gaunt Show

The Jon Gaunt Show

Is Boris over reacting. How should we deal with France?

Jon Gaunt debates the only stories in Town with top guest, Paul Wiffen. Are you happy with wearing a mask? Is Boris over reacting? What the hell are we going to do about France and how do deal with the Migrant crisis after the tragedy in the Channel. Tell me?

The Destiny Show Podcast

The Destiny Show

092: Bungie Ninjas and Weapon Changes with TheVanguardBR

The Vanguard BR joins us to share his journey in Destiny and the Destiny community. We learn about Bungie Ninjas and dive into the latest weapon changes coming to Destiny 2 30th Anniversary DLC. www.destinyshow.comAdvertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:

Experts Talk حديث الخبراء - Podcast

Experts Talk Show


ExpertsTalk Show wishes to thank our esteemed guest panelists for yesterday’s insightful session on the topic of “Anti-Bullying”, as they offered excellent ideas and valuable advice.Our honored speakers:Jodee Blanco (Author & Anti-Bullying Consultant)Glenn R. Stutzky (Senior Clinical Instructor)Alharith Almoosa – HostJassim Al Bastaki – Moderator

Jojo Nove e Meia


#16 - Vitor diCastro

Jojo Todynho recebe Vitor diCastro para um papo sobre boys e astrologia.

The Max Shank Show


Adaptability: The Ultimate Survival Attribute

Fascinating discussion with practical recommendations. We discuss the history of humankind and how we can best adapt ourselves today. 

Outkick The Show with Clay Travis

Outkick The Show

Tebow signs with Jags, Lakers beat Warriors, Deshaun Watson has interest from three teams, Chris Cuomo advised his brother while working as CNN anchor, transgender golfer headed to LPGA, Barstool interview, SEC $23 million payment to schools for covid issue

Here are the topics Clay covers on this Thursday, May 20th, 2021 edition of OutKick the Show: Head to for all your betting needs!Tim Tebow signed with JagsDeshaun Watson has interest from three NFL teamsGet 20% OFF @manscaped + Free Shipping with promo code DBAP20 at! #ad #manscapedpodLakers v WarriorsChris Cuomo advised Gov. Cuomo while working for CNNTransgender golfer headed to LPGAGo to and signup to receive 50% off your first subscription orderGreg Sankey Commissioner of the Year Barstool interview Advice from Clay

The Dan Proft Show Podcast

The Dan Proft Show

March 5, 2021

Sen. Marsha Blackburn on prospects for the GOP to tube $2M funny $$ spend, defund police and federalize election leg. Former publisher, financier and House of Lords member Conrad Black on Socialists' demands for agreement else martial law. Entertainment reporter, opiner Christian Toto on the end of comedy. Handsy Andy as a Dark Triad case study. MO pastor who would've been better to continue not providing marital advice, and UT CBS affiliate report on adverse outcomes to vaccinations and the import of the little-know VAERS system.

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Especial: El Comeback

Ha muerto Screech de 'Salvados por la Campana'. Esto solo lo podemos comentar entre nosotros. Borja lo vio en concierto: al parecer hacían chándal metal.

Se escuchan ruidos extraños.

Borja es Straight Edge, es decir: un puto soso. Pepo no. Pepo es un buen bebedor (no confundir con alcohólico).

Borja es amigo de Henry Rollins (en realidad solo pagó por un libro firmado por él). También es amigo de John Lydon, igual que 10.000 personas más que compraron su libro por la web.

Han puesto la vacuna del COVID a Brian Wilson. Podéis respirar tranquilos.

Homenaje sentido a Lany de Universal. Donde quiera que esté.

El día que Pepo, Borja, Álex y algún otro de Universal entraron en el archivo de Universal y se pusieron las botas pillando todos los discos que podían. Discos impolutos que Universal tiró a un contenedor.

Hablamos del documental del rock latinoamericano de Netflix.

4-Panel | Comics & Manga

The Geek Show Podcast Network

S3 Ep18: Venom For Beginners - 4-Panel Vol. 3, Issue 18

When it comes to comic-book characters there are few that are as weird as Marvel's chompy tentacle monster known as Venom.

But where does the symbiotic goop that makes up Venom come from? Why is it obsessed with Spider-Man? Why is there a bizarre ménage-a-trois between Flash Thomson, Eddie Brock and a mysterious other being? Find out the answers to these and other questions you never asked in our beginner's guide to Venom!

If you've enjoyed this podcast then please share us with your friends or leave us a rating on your podcast app of choice. You can also follow us on Twitter @TGS_TheGeekShow, or on other social media by searching for The Geek Show. If you want to show your support then head over to Patreon and give whatever you can.
Thanks, and until next time, don't play anything we wouldn't!

#4Panel #TheGeekShow #News #Comics #Manga #Reviews #Podcasts #GraphicNovels

Lambda Show

Lambda Show

When Tensions Rise: The Engineer/QA Relationship

Engineers and QA are sometimes at odds with each other. In this episode I had a chance to catch up with JP Fairfield about the frustrations QA can encounter when engineers finish some code, only to then throw it over the fence at QA to test. This behavior is counter-productive and often leads to tensions between QA and engineers. We discuss how to change this paradigm and what the engineer/QA relationship should look like.

The Tony Bruno Show w/Harry Mayes

Tony Bruno Show

THURS 8/27 HR 3: ESPN NBA Analyst PJ Carlisimo

Former Head Coach and current ESPN NBA Analyst PJ Carlisimo joins the show from the bubble in Orlando! PJ talks about the head coach vacancies, Sixers Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons, what has happened this week in Orlando and moreSupport this podcast at — Inquiries: & Opt-Out:

We Break Silence Show

We Break Silence Show

#JusticeForGeorgeFloyd | Ep84 5.28.2020

In this season finale episode we discuss the killing of George Floyd, Amy Cooper and the viral Central Park video. Plus, we talk music, personal & spiritual growth and more with New Vil La Entertainment artist, Joshva!

Watch interview with Joshva here:

We Break Silence Show
E.Charlez - Pamela Rosario - Cash Walken - Vania

The First Word

The First Word - Vivarium & The Platform, feat. John Bleasdale

Alex Billington ( and Mike Eisenberg reconnect for a discussion about about two small scale, contained sci-fi films: Vivarium, directed by Lorcan Finnegan, and also The Platform (aka El Hoyo in Spanish), directed by Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia, on this latest episode of The First Word Podcast. Featuring film writer John Bleasdale as our guest discussing both films and their commentary on modern society.

Thoughtful Randomness

B.J.B The Showman

[BONUS EP Isolation Ramblings] DAY 6 Movie Distractions?

B.J.B The Showman, narrates the fictional reality limited series; ''Isolation Ramblings''. Which depicts the story of a man in self-isolation away from his friends, family and girlfriend as a result of his recent visit to a COVID-19 high risk city in Europe.

The Jerry Reynolds Show

The Jerry Reynolds Show

S01E15 - Scott Moak

Bollywood Superstars

BookMyShow Jukebox

Richa Chadda - Episode 2

"My break was very easy, 3 of my films will be in the top 10 film of the decade but now i wonder how i never bothered reading a script back then," Richa Chadda on the Cannes experience with Masaan and the key difference between the east and the west.

Celebrity Interviews

The Sunny 106.5 Morning Show

Paula Abdul

Marco & Joanna talk with Paula Abdul about her upcoming residency here in Vegas and ask her questions about her storied career.

The Karima Brown Show (Show ended)

The Aubrey Masango Show

NUM reacts to Gordhan’s announcement that Eskom’s unbundling will continue

Livhuwani Mammburu - National Union of Mineworkers (NUM)Spokesperson

See for privacy information.

B.a.E. Show

B.a.E. Show

#Mind Ya Business

The girls tackle more abortion laws that unfolded over the week, strippers rights, and Morehouse students graduating debt free. You don't want to miss it.

Technology talk

Show Host

Episode 04 Lean Brand Architecture for IT firms with Bimlesh Gundurao

The Indian IT firms have a come along a long way from just throwing resources to solve a Y2K problem to now helping F500 solve crucial business problems through latest technologies. In this podcast, Bimlesh and I delve into the importance of having a lean brand architecture and how it benefits a firm.

About me:
I am Naval Singh. I work as Developer Representative at IBM Bangalore. The postings on this podcast are my own and don't necessarily represent IBM's positions, strategies or opinions. I hold an MBA from IIM Indore and B. Tech in Electrical Engineering from NIT Rourkela.

Destiny The Show | DTS

Destiny The Show

#224 The Final Destiny The Show | DTS Podcast

The last 4.5 years of this show have been incredible and that is all thanks to you, the listeners, followers, & supporters. You gave us the chance to be a part of a community that was incredibly special. After 4.5 years of weekly Destiny podcasts, Ditty and I have decided to hang up the proverbial headphones and retire DTS. With the release of Destiny The Show 224 we will be concluding the Destiny The Show podcast.

Ditty and I began Destiny The Show back in June 2014 and have done a weekly news-focused show ever since. Over the years, our real life jobs have become more challenging, and require more time as well as effort. As a result, it has been tough to dedicate the time towards DTS each week & maintain real life responsibilities.The DTS Discord ( isn’t going anywhere. With over 1,300 awesome members strong, the Destiny The Show discord will continue to exist and provide a location for Des

Подкаст GolangShow

Подкаст GolangShow

Episode 127. Interview with Nathan Youngman

Interview with Nathan Youngman

Nathan Youngman is a self-taught web developer and author of Get Programming with Go.
He serves as organizer for the Edmonton Go meetup, mentor with Canada Learning Code,
and paparazzi of VIP gopher plushies.

He has Patreon page. He also used to blog before started writing books.

Discount code

The publisher of “Get Programming with Go”, Manning Publications, prepared a wonderful gift for our listeners. You can use this permanent 40% discount code: podgolangshow18, it’s good for all their products in all formats.

The Brainstorm Show

The Brainstorm Show

Episode 040 — The Winners and Losers in the New World

Hello, and welcome back to another episode of The Brainstorm Show! In this episode we chop through all of the hot takes about the post-Deathrite format, and distill down a list of the big winners, the bad losers, and everything in between. PLUS, we unveil two patented Brainstorm Show lists: Grixis Faeries and Grixis Control. … Continue reading Episode 040 — The Winners and Losers in the New World

New York Auto Show: After Dark!

New York International Auto Show

New York Auto Show: After Dark!

Meet Serene, the host of New York Auto Show After Dark. She'll take you behind the velvet rope at the NY Auto Show - after hours. Be sure to buy your tickets for the NY Auto Show - April 22-May 1! And tune in to New York Auto Show After Dark. Episodes will be posted on iTunes at 10pm nightly between April 24-28.