Answers WithHeld

Hadar Institute

When kids ask big questions, how do you respond? This podcast, hosted by Rabbi Shai Held, doesn’t have all the answers, but it can give you the language and frameworks to engage meaningfully with these questions. 

Jewish History Nerds


Whoever said history was boring clearly never heard these stories…Welcome to Jewish History Nerds! Join hosts Yael and Schwab each week as they take a dive into some deep cuts of Jewish history. From the Jewish Da Vinci Code to mass suicide pacts, explore true stories that feel larger than life. Be in touch:

Ordinary People, Extraordinary Stories Chana Weisberg

Join Chana Weisberg as she interviews interesting guests with inspiring and enlightening stories.

For Heaven's Sake

Shalom Hartman Institute

Thoughtful debate elevates us all. In For Heaven’s Sake, Donniel Hartman, Yossi Klein Halevi, and Elana Stein Hain revive the Jewish art of constructive discussion on topics related to political and social trends in Israel, Israel-Diaspora relations, and the collective consciousness of being Jewish. JOIN OUR EMAIL LIST FOR MORE HARTMAN IDEAS

Meaningful People

Meaningful Minute

There are so many Jewish personalities and big people in the world. They all have a story on how they became who they are today. Deep, unboundedly interesting, fun and uplifting, Meaningful People Podcast is a weekly opportunity for Nachi & Momo to talk to the Jewish world's meaningful people.


Laibel Weiner & Dovi Neuburger

Two Jewish Dudes Take On Relationships, Business, Sports, Politics And Pop Culture

Jewish Priorities: Life After 10/7

Tablet Studios

Jewish Priorities: Life After 10/7 is a six-episode series about the future of the Jewish people, religion, identity, American Jews, the Holocaust, Israel, and more. These panels were held at the Weitzman National Museum of American Jewish History, and led by Stephanie Butnick and Liel Liebovitz, hosts of the Unorthodox Podcast. The conversations took place just weeks after Hamas terrorists attacked Israel, and sought to kick off a global conversation and bring together some of the most distinguished Jewish leaders and thinkers in the U.S.


Tablet Magazine

Unorthodox is the universe’s leading Jewish podcast, hosted by Stephanie Butnick, Liel Leibovitz, and Joshua Malina. Each week we bring you News of the Jews, interesting guests—one Jewish and one gentile—and so much more.

Ordinary People, Extraordinary Stories Chana Weisberg

Join Chana Weisberg as she interviews interesting guests with inspiring and enlightening stories.

Kosher Money

Living Lchaim

Living the life of an Orthodox Jew in the 21st Century often necessitates a very significant income. Unfortunately, many are struggling to keep up. The Problem Is Bigger Than We Realize The cost of life for an Orthodox family with children can range from $150,000 to $350,000 or more, depending on city and schools of choice, lifestyle choices and number of children. The median income in America is $68,000 per family. This means that a family would potentially need to be in the top 5% of all income earners in the United States simply to get by! The Solution Solving this challenge begins with an open dialogue to create awareness and education and allowing for impactful feedback and interaction. Kosher Money aims to be a pivotal piece in creating this much-needed conversation. Eli Langer was the former CNBC Social Media Producer and is currently the CEO of Harvesting Media. Each week, Eli sits down with experts to discuss various topics. This is an original podcast by Living Lchaim and its partnered-sponsor is Living Smarter Jewish. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

Take One Daf Yomi

Tablet Magazine

As Jews around the world engage in a seven-and-a-half year cycle of Daf Yomi, reading the entire Talmud one page per day, Tablet Magazine's new podcast, Take One, will offer a brief and evocative daily read of the daf, in just about 10 minutes. New episodes will be released daily Monday through Friday.

18Forty Podcast


Helping you find meaning in life through the exploration of Jewish thought and ideas.

Unpacking Israeli History


Go behind the scenes of Israeli history with self-confessed history nerd Noam Weissman. Each week, he offers a fresh perspective on some of the most controversial and interesting events in the country’s history. If you’ve ever wanted to know more about what Israel is all about -- from multiple angles and viewpoints -- this is the podcast for you.

Listening to Understand

Matana Jacobs

Welcome to 'Listening to Understand, where sensitive Jewish truth-seekers gather in a safe place for candid conversations on challenging topics. When we listen to truly understand - and not to respond - we can replace judgment with curiosity and open our hearts to every Jew, regardless of their personal choices.

Wondering Jews with Mijal and Noam


Mijal Bitton and Noam Weissman are two of the most dynamic, interesting, and thought-provoking Jewish leaders today. Two seasoned educators who love to talk, listen, laugh, challenge, and grow, Mijal and Noam are the Wondering Jews, leading us through thought-provoking discussions that are as serious as they are entertaining. Whether you're a seasoned scholar or just curious about Jewish culture, this show offers a refreshing perspective that's both enlightening and enjoyable. It's not just a podcast; it's a thoughtful conversation that invites everyone to wonder about the rich tapestry of Jewish ideas in the context of our daily lives. Brought to you by Unpacked, a division of OpenDor Media.

Adventures with Dead Jews

Tablet Magazine

This companion podcast to Dara Horn’s new book People Love Dead Jews takes listeners beyond the book to some of the strangest corners of Jewish history, exploring how the popular mania for dead Jews warps our understanding of both past and present. In this series, you’ll meet flamboyantly gay Civil War Jewish spies, Japanese “Jewish specialists” trying to build their own Jewish state, genius Victorian identical twins and genius Lubavitcher identical twins, American and Soviet Jewish moviemakers hoping to become Hebrew prophets, adorable imaginary Jewish children, and a very righteous Tyrannosaurus Rex. With these strange, dark, hilarious, and fascinating stories, Dara Horn guides listeners through the outsized role that dead Jews play in other people’s imaginations— and sometimes still play in ours. Join us on our Adventures with Dead Jews!

Israel Story

Israel Story

Israel Story is an award-winning podcast that tells true stories you won't hear on the news. Hosted by Mishy Harman, the bi-weekly show brings you extraordinary tales about ordinary Israelis. The show is produced in partnership with The Jerusalem Foundation. For Hebrew episodes, see סיפור ישראלי, or go to our website: Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

Inspiration for the Nation with Yaakov Langer

Living Lchaim

The world is made up of a lot of people. Follow this podcast for conversations with some of the most amazing individuals. We discuss how they face challenges, how they got to where they are now and what makes them tick.

Torat Imecha Nach Yomi

In this new Nach series, women scholars will deliver a daily shiur on the books of Prophets (Nevi’im) and Writings (Ketuvim) at the pace of a chapter a day. Shiurim are geared toward learners of all levels who would like to participate in the two-year Nach Yomi study cycle. Different female scholars will deliver the daily shiurim, each focused on a specific book, while an introductory video for each sefer will be given by noted international scholar Rabbanit Shani Taragin. Visit the OU Women's Initiative to register for additional content!

Jewish Stories to Inspire: Motivational & Spiritual Stories Based on the Torah's Ethics, Values and Wisdom

Stories to Inspire

A podcast dedicated to sharing inspirational Jewish stories that teach valuable and vital lessons from the Torah. Listeners will be moved by a daily story of spirituality. Featuring Jewish stories from the sages, the chassidic masters, and contemporary Jewish storytellers.

The Q & A with Rabbi Breitowitz Podcast

Rabbi Dr Yitzchak Breitowitz

Rabbi Dr. Yitzchak Breitowitz's weekly Question and Answer sessions at Ohr Somayach, Jerusalem. A Project of Questions? Comments? We'd love to hear from you at:


Shalom Hartman Institute

In a frenzied media cycle, Identity/Crisis delves into the big ideas behind the news from a uniquely Jewish perspective. From the Shalom Hartman Institute, host Yehuda Kurtzer invites leading thinkers to unpack current events effecting Jewish communities in North America, Israel, and around the world, revealing the core Jewish values underlying the issues that matter to you. JOIN OUR EMAIL LIST FOR MORE HARTMAN IDEAS

Just For This

Rabbi Liz P.G. Hirsch

Just For This Podcast inspires women in leadership to talk about women and leadership. Hosted by Rabbi Liz P.G. Hirsch, executive director of Women of Reform Judaism, Just For This is committed to sharing powerful stories of women who stand out in their fields.

The Promised Podcast

TLV1 Studios

An inside view of how Israel can warm your heart and make your blood boil. It’s a show by a journalist, a professor and an NGO professional who live in and love Israel even though it drives them crazy, and who each week discuss the latest in Israeli politics, culture, and society.

Soulful Jewish Living: Mindful Practices For Every Day


Overstressed, overworked, overstimulated? Close your eyes, take a deep breath and tune in. In each episode Rabbi Josh Feigelson will guide with ancient wisdom and modern mindfulness practices to help center your soul and ease you into your week. Soulful Jewish Living: Mindful Practices for Every Day is a production of Unpacked, a division of OpenDor Media, and the Institute for Jewish Spirituality.

Behind the Bima

Rabbi Efrem Goldberg

Rabbis Efrem Goldberg, Philip Moskowitz, and Josh Broide, from Boca Raton Synagogue, shmooze about contemporary issues. Every week features an unscripted and lively discussion, special guests, and a behind-the-scenes look at leading a large and dynamic Jewish community.

The Tikvah Podcast

The Tikvah Fund

The Tikvah Fund is a philanthropic foundation and ideas institution committed to supporting the intellectual, religious, and political leaders of the Jewish people and the Jewish State. Tikvah runs and invests in a wide range of initiatives in Israel, the United States, and around the world, including educational programs, publications, and fellowships. Our animating mission and guiding spirit is to advance Jewish excellence and Jewish flourishing in the modern age. Tikvah is politically Zionist, economically free-market oriented, culturally traditional, and theologically open-minded. Yet in all issues and subjects, we welcome vigorous debate and big arguments. Our institutes, programs, and publications all reflect this spirit of bringing forward the serious alternatives for what the Jewish future should look like, and bringing Jewish thinking and leaders into conversation with Western political, moral, and economic thought.

IKAR Podcasts


Sermons, talks, classes, and more from IKAR Rabbis and the IKAR community.

That's An Issue

Living Lchaim

In today's hectic world, there seem to be so many challenges along the path to an emotionally healthy lifestyle and satisfying relationships. In this show, listen in on conversation between Dr. Tara and Yoni Klestzick and some of the world's top mental health professionals to gain valuable insight and learn from their experiences to construct a healthy emotional framework for you and your loved ones.

Daf Yomi for Women - Hadran

Michelle Cohen Farber is the portal for Daf Yomi studies for women. is the first and only site where one can hear a daily Talmud class taught by a woman. The classes are taught in Israel by Rabbanit Michelle Cohen Farber, a graduate of Midreshet Lindenbaum’s scholars program with a BA in Talmud and Tanach from Bar-Ilan University. Michelle has taught Talmud and Halacha at Midreshet Lindenbaum, Pelech high school and MATAN. She lives in Ra’anana with her husband and their five children. Each morning the daf yomi class is delivered via ZOOM and then immediately uploaded and available for podcast and download. reaches women who can now have access to a woman’s perspective on the most essential Jewish traditional text. This podcast represents a revolutionary step in advancing women’s Torah study around the globe.

Rav Gershon Ribner

Rav Gershon Ribner

The Bais Medrash fills with Talmidei Chachamim and laymen when Rav Gershon Ribner Shlita, son-in-law of Rav Shneur Kotler, is scheduled to give a Shiur or Vaad at Bais Medrash Govoha, Lakewood. Years of tutelage by Rav Yitzchok Hutner and learning in Yeshivas Brisk, have combined to prepare Rav Gershon for the position of Primary Instructor of Talmud at Bais Medrash Govoha. He has succeeded in applying classical talmudical analysis methodology to understanding all areas of our religion, bringing out its profundity and sense. Rav Gershon's unique style comprises brilliant and novel ideas, presented in a clear and relevant manner, primarily based on the great works of the founders and leaders of the Yeshiva Movement and way of life, such as Rav Chaim Volozhiner, as expounded upon by the Bais Halevi and his illustrious descendants. These shiurim reveal new meaning and depth in their teachings. A common sentiment expressed by attendees of Rav Gershon's Shiurim "Even one insight has the ability to change an outlook and elevate ones life." HELP US CONTINUE SPREADING THESE IMPORTANT AND LIFE-CHANGING HASHKAFOS HATORAH- Contribute to the overhead associatied with the harbatza and dissemination of Rav Gershon Ribner's shiurim. Tizku l'mitzvos!

Jew Wanna Talk Shit


shooting the shit with @rootsmetals & @neuroticjewishgay

Orthodox Conundrum

Scott Kahn

The Orthodox Conundrum is a forum in which we look honestly at the Orthodox Jewish community, identifying what works well and what does not, so that, through an honest accounting, we can find solutions that will be successful. We will examine some of the major issues that affect the Orthodox world, without exaggeration, whitewashing, or pretending that they don’t exist. Our hope is that the Orthodox Conundrum will spark wider discussion that will enable Orthodox Judaism to continue moving forward in the areas at which it excels, and to rectify the areas that need improvement.

History for the Curious - The Jewish History Podcast


History for the Curious The most talked-about Jewish History Podcast History for the Curious features the dynamic historian and famous tour guide & lecturer: Rabbi Aubrey Hersh, live from the JLE in London, hosted by myself: Mena Reisner Join us as we cross continents, sail through the centuries, tracing lives, uncovering events and following epic journeys, to reveal the untold stories, the scandals, and the mysteries, that have impacted our history and shaped us into who we are today. Encounter leaders, visionaries, spies, heroes & traitors and unpack 2,000 years of Jewish heritage. Go back to the story of Jews in the Temple of Jerusalem. Confront the dilemmas of the Holocaust. Visit Paris, Prague, Vilna, London, Venice, New York & the Cairo Geniza. Meet The Russian Czar, Ramchal, Maharal, Maimonides, Churchill, Shabbetai Zvi and the Hapsburgs.

Jewish History Soundbites

Yehuda Geberer

Listen to noted Tour Guide, Lecturer and Yad Vashem Researcher of Jewish History Yehuda Geberer bring the world of pre-war Eastern Europe alive. Join in to meet the great personages, institutions and episodes of a riveting past. For speaking engagements or tours in Israel or Eastern Europe



Chutzpod is a frank and wide-ranging conversation on how to build a good life, using real-life quandaries and millennia-old Jewish wisdom. Each week, Rabbi Shira Stutman and podcast host Hanna Rosin bring a Jewish lens to life's toughest questions, asked by our listeners: Do I offer forgiveness to a friend who refuses to apologize? Am I right to be annoyed at all the service dogs on the plane with me? How do we work to heal this broken world? It's a podcast for people of all or no faiths; Hebrew school truants and proud yeshiva graduates; those who want to be inspired but don't want to schlep to synagogue; basically, anyone trying to live a meaningful life during these trying times. One part advice column, one part reflection on what Judaism teaches on how to build a good life, using real-life stories and millennia-old wisdom.

Tanya With Rabbi Gordon Yehoshua B. Gordon

Textual study of the daily section of Tanya, the foundational text of Chassidic philosophy.

Parshah With Rabbi Gordon Yehoshua B. Gordon

These classes teach the day’s section of the weekly Torah portion. The lesson is taught using the original Hebrew text with the indispensable commentary of Rashi—both translated and elucidated so that anyone can follow along.

Jew Oughta Know

Jason Harris

From ancient history to current events, take yourself on a journey through the story of the Jewish People, from someone who has led hundreds of Jewish young professionals on trips throughout Israel. From the beginning of creation to modern Israel, each short episode is geared to appeal both to someone looking for the Jewish 101, as well as to those looking to go a bit beyond the basic story they already know. Check out the website at Enjoy!

Future of Jewish

Future of Jewish

Our mission is simple, and hopefully worthwhile: to help everyone better understand and become smarter about Judaism, Israel, and the Jewish world. In addition to our podcast, you’re invited to check out our digital publication:

The Jewish History Podcast - With Rabbi Yaakov Wolbe


Rabbi Yaakov Wolbe's Jewish History Lectures. Please email questions or comments to


Shalom Hartman Institute

TEXTing with Elana Stein Hain delves deeply into Jewish texts to guide and inspire us as we grapple with the concerns and meaning of this moment. Join Elana as she addresses the issues of our day through the lens of classical Jewish texts, in conversation with Hartman scholars Christine Hayes, Yonah Hain, and Leora Batnitzky.  TEXTing. Where ancient wisdom meets contemporary relevance.  We are grateful to the Walder Charitable Fund and Micah Philanthropies for their generous support of TEXTing. 

Judaism Unbound

Institute for the Next Jewish Future

Listen in as Dan Libenson and Lex Rofeberg analyze pressing issues for 21st century American Judaism. Mixing their own analysis with interviews of leading thinkers, practitioners, and even "regular Jews," Dan and Lex look to push past the bounds of what it means to be Jewish in the 21st century. You can support Judaism Unbound at

Parsha Perspectives

Rabbi Efrem Goldberg

Parsha Perspectives - Podcast by Rabbi Efrem Goldberg

Daf Yomi Shiur by Rabbi Shalom Rosner

Gives brief insight into all the critical Sugyos of the Daf in a clear and concise manner .

Central Synagogue Podcast

Central Synagogue

This is the podcast/audio archive of Manhattan's historic Central Synagogue- featuring sermons, music, lectures and conversations. Central Synagogue works tirelessly toward a world in which Judaism is central to the lives of people everywhere and is a profound and positive force for humanity.


Nachi Weinstein

The Seforimchatter podcast is dedicated to the discussion of Seforim (holy texts and works pertaining to them), Jewish (non-sacred) Books, Jewish History and more. The variety of guests include rabbis, professors, historians, authors, editors, and others in the field. For more information or to sponsor a show, check out or  email

People of the Pod

American Jewish Committee (AJC)

People of the Pod is a weekly podcast analyzing global affairs through a Jewish lens, brought to you by American Jewish Committee. Host Manya Brachear Pashman examines current events, the people driving them, and what it all means for America, Israel, and the Jewish people.


Nechama Schusterman

A PATH FORWARD provides comforting solutions that will transform your struggles into vibrancy and light! Immerse yourself in weekly doses of life-changing conversations inspired by the Rebbes' parsha talks from 1991-92. Subscribe and embark on a journey towards personal growth and empowerment. New classes updated every Thursday.

Daily Jewish Thought (Rabbi Yisroel Bernath)

Thoughts on spirituality, Kabbalah, Jewish thought, Judaism and Relationships. Rabbi Yisroel Bernath is the Senior Rabbi at Rohr Chabad of NDG and the Jewish Chaplain at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada. Cherished for his incredible warmth and non-judgmental personality, this hipster is not your typical rabbi. In 2012, Rabbi Bernath founded the smashing success JMatchmaking International, a network of Jewish dating sites. He has made 104 matches (that he knows of) to date! In addition to being a matchmaker and dating coach, Rabbi Bernath is also the author of three books, and continuously produces engaging content on his many social media & podcast platforms. As a professional voice-over artist, screen-writer, and actor, he has been a part of dozens of productions, including the hit CBC Documentary "Kosher Love".

Good for Shidduchim (Jewish Dating Podcast)

Sarah Levine and Max Landesman

Just 2 people with strong opinions on Jewish Dating (Aka Shidduchim). Email us:

Bitachon For Real

Reb Yirmi

This shiur is live streamed on Sunday morning at 9am - We are Learning The Gateway of Trust. This chabura is trying to learn the benefits and how to of trusting in Hashem. The point is not to simply learn about trust but to actually start trusting Hashem for real. Please email with any questions or comments Check out other podcasts Iyun Nafshi Niggun Chabura Likutei Moharan Rebbe Nachman Nesivos Shalom Working on Middos Nesivos Shalom Shabbos The Holy Book Club Bilvavi Mishkan Evneh

Deep Meaningful Conversations

Alex Fleksher and Rivki Silver

Join Alex Fleksher and Rivki Silver as they DMC about the topics on the minds of frum women with their unique blend of expert guests and relatable conversations. It’s like having a coffee date with friends. Powered by Town Appliance. Support this podcast:

Nice Jewish Girls


This podcast is not about Nice Jewish Girls. It’s about Jewish girls who are so much more than nice. It’s about journalists and authors, speechwriters and senators, prime ministers and rock stars. This podcast will redefine the way we see Jewish women—not as Jewish American Princesses, not as nags or klutzes, not as bossy or loud. As strong, as smart, as fearless. As Esthers, as Rachels, as Miriams. Every week, host Julia Jassey will be speaking to Jewish women who are breaking new ground and changing history.

Kiddush Club - News for Jews

It‘s that special time between Daf Yomi shiur and Shabbos cholent. It‘s that weekly get together to shmooze, talk news, Jewish music, tech, Torah, and food. And now, it‘s a Podcast! Welcome to the most entertaining Jewish podcast: Kiddush Club - News For Jews. The most entertaining way to consume news, the podcast is a chilled discussion of some of the most important and interesting news and topics from around the world, as seen through the unique vision of our co-hosts. New episodes release weekly, with Interview Specials released twice a month. Join us while we recreate the KC experience with everything from news, to interviews with some of the most interesting Jewish people, from Modi, to Nissim Black. All in the comfort of your home or car and without getting the Rabbi upset, or missing a word of davening.

Responsa Radio

Hadar Institute

A podcast where you ask and we answer questions of Jewish law in modern times. Hosted by Rabbi Ethan Tucker and Rabbi Avi Killip. To submit a question, email

Ta Shma

Hadar Institute

Bringing you recent lectures, classes, and programs from the Hadar Institute, Ta Shma is where you get to listen in on the beit midrash. Come and listen on the go, at home, or wherever you are. Hosted by Rabbi Avi Killip of the Hadar Institute.

Living with Emunah

Rabbi Efrem Goldberg

Living with Emunah podcast by Rabbi Efrem Goldberg

The Quick Daf

R' Zecharia Resnik

The Quick Daf has revolutionized Daf Yomi the way we know it. Unlike any shiur of its kind, The Quick Daf caters to all learning styles as every word and pasuk is translated and explained and the basic background of the Gemara/Sugya is clarified. Furthermore, it is easy to follow The Quick Daf as the Gemara is depicted and expounded upon in our unique trademark fashion: quick, clear and concise. Our high-quality recordings provide a pleasant listening experience and the quick pace enables you to be up-to-date on the Daf with ease. The Quick Daf has quickly become the choice shiur for people in over 2700 cities throughout the world spanning 70 countries. For more info, comments or feedback, feel free to reach out to us at

A Torah State Of Mind

Rabbi Shlomo Farhi

Welcome to our daily podcast, where Rabbi Shlomo Farhi shares a short idea based on thousands of years of Jewish Wisdom. Tune in each day to start your day healthy and strong and stay in the Torah State of Mind! Rabbi Shlomo Farhi is the Rabbi of the Edmond J. Safra Synagogue in Manhattan and the founder of Chazak. Support this podcast:

Just For This

Rabbi Liz P.G. Hirsch

Just For This Podcast inspires women in leadership to talk about women and leadership. Hosted by Rabbi Liz P.G. Hirsch, executive director of Women of Reform Judaism, Just For This is committed to sharing powerful stories of women who stand out in their fields.

The Rabbi Manis Friedman Podcast

Rabbi Manis Friedman

Empowering talks by Rabbi Manis Friedman changing your life for the better, one idea at a time. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

Shalom Macon: Messianic Jewish Teachings

Shalom Macon - Messianic Jewish Teaching

Shalom Macon is a growing and vibrant Messianic Jewish congregation in Macon, Georgia, serving all of the Middle Georgia area. Our congregation is a diverse community, comprised of families from many nations, tribes, and tongues (Revelation 7:9). Therefore, obviously, many are not from a Jewish background. And while we are a Jewish synagogue, committed to the Jewish traditions, teachings, and lifestyle exemplified by our ancestors, our vision is to practice an inclusive Messianic Judaism for All Nations; a restoration of the faith of the earliest communities of Yeshua-followers; a window into the Judaism of the Messianic Era in which King Messiah will reign.

Committing High Reason

Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro

Join scholar, international speaker, and author Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro for cutting-edge discourse on important issues such as morals, free will, religion, politics, mathematics, critical thinking, and science. Learn to recognize propaganda, and make more logical and better-informed decisions.

Kabbalah for Everyone

Rabbi Yisroel Bernath

You have probably heard about Kabbalah either as a Hollywood phenomenon or something that is beyond the world that we live in. Kabbalah actually has incredible secrets that can transform your daily life. This is your chance to connect to this incredible ancient wisdom and change your life for the better. Cherished for his incredible warmth and non-judgmental personality, this hipster is not your typical rabbi. He is real, raw, unconventional and loved by thousands across the world. Rabbi Bernath has been teaching Kabbalah for over 15 years. He is also the author of three books, and continuously produces engaging content on his many social media & podcast platforms. As a professional voice-over artist, screen-writer and documentarian, he has been a part of dozens of productions, including the award winning CBC Documentary "Kosher Love".  

Bad Jew

Mr. Thrive Media

What is a bad jew? What does it take to not be one? Is it anti-Semitic to say? Or is it just a phrase that Jews use to cruelly judge one another? Chaz Volk, a newly observant Jew, shares that the greatest way to embrace your identity is to question everything. And we mean EVERYTHING! Chaz questions the Torah, law, politics, standards, communities and even G-d itself in this confrontational and edgy show. About Chaz: Chaz Volk grew up in Thousand Oaks, California where he began Torah studies until he was Bar Mitzva'ed at Temple Etz Chaim. From a young age, he was very aware of his uniqueness and how he was the token-Jew outside of Jewish settings. In middle school, Chaz experienced his first taste of antisemitism which brought him closer to his identity, despite his adversaries' wishes. Later, he'd attend San Francisco State University, where he'd get deeply involved at SF Hillel as a volunteer and intern. SFSU's social climate and its perspective on Jews and Zionism became clear from an early point. He'd later become the lead plaintiff in a lawsuit known today as Volk v. CSU Board of Trustees. In this class action case, Chaz Volk and his representation won. Since then, Chaz has proudly immersed himself in his identity and partaken in communities across southern California. Most recently, Chaz's emotional awakening occurred on an organized trip to Israel. There he adopted new practices that he instilled in his lifestyle to this day. Today, he's a volunteer and frequent of Aish HaTorah's programming and plans to use this show to promote their programs, events, and resources along with valuable Jewish teachings. Want to engage with our online WhatsApp community? Email: Brand partnership: IG: @badjewpod TikTok: @badjewpod

Human & Holy

Tonia Chazanow

Do you crave spiritual conversation that feels relevant to your daily life? Do you enjoy studying but can’t always find yourself in the text? This podcast is a space for experiential learning. Together, we will be exploring ideas in Jewish and Chassidic thought through the lens of real people’s experiences. How do they weave the sacred into the fabric of their lives? What relevance do mystical ideas have to their most intimate, human struggles? What does it mean to be both human and holy?

On Sacred Ground

Hadar Institute

The news from Israel can feel overwhelming – but Torah gives us language for understanding current events with complexity and compassion. From Hadar’s Beit Midrash in Jerusalem, Rabbi Avital Hochstein joins Rabbi Avi Killip to unpack some of the most pressing spiritual and moral questions in Israel today.

The Jewish Lives Podcast

Jewish Lives

The Jewish Lives Podcast is a monthly show that explores the lives of influential Jewish figures. Hosted by Alessandra Wollner, each episode includes an interview with an acclaimed Jewish Lives author. Jewish Lives is a prizewinning series of biography published by Yale University Press and the Leon D. Black Foundation. Join us as we explore the Jewish experience together.

The Adventures of Zevy & Zaidy

Living Lchaim

Dive into the amazing world of Zevy and Zaidy, a dynamic Jewish grandfather-grandson duo, as they time-travel through various historical eras! Their adventures take them to moments where they witness firsthand the survival and traditions of their ancestors. It's a journey filled with excitement, learning, and the incredible story of resilience, tailored for young minds eager to explore the past.

A Book Like No Other

Aleph Beta

A Book Like No Other is a chance to learn alongside Aleph Beta Founder and Lead Scholar, Rabbi David Fohrman, a master close reader of Torah, as he embarks on his most far-reaching and in-depth explorations. Each season is a stand-alone journey into a different Torah text. Our only goal: reading the Torah carefully, on its own terms, and following wherever that leads. Together, we'll unwrap remarkable patterns and surprising connections that lie just beneath the Torah's surface, revealing the beauty and insight that truly make the Torah a book like no other. A Book Like No Other is a project of Aleph Beta, a Torah media company dedicated to spreading the joy and love of meaningful Torah learning worldwide. A Book Like No Other is made possible through the generous support of Shari and Nathan Lindenbaum. For our full library of over 1,000 videos and podcasts, as well as bonus content for Book Like No Other, please visit

Rambam With Rabbi Gordon Yehoshua B. Gordon

Rabbi Gordon studies one chapter a day from Maimonides’ classic legal work of Mishneh Torah. The original Hebrew text is read and then translated and clearly explained in English.

Contact Chai

Mishkan Chicago

Contact Chai is Mishkan Chicago’s podcast feed, where you can hear our Shabbat sermons, Morning Minyans, interviews with Jewish thought leaders, and more.

Glow-in-the-Dark Judaism

Rabbi Rachel Kobrin

Glow-in-the-Dark Judaism

Parshah With Rabbi Gordon Yehoshua B. Gordon

These classes teach the day’s section of the weekly Torah portion. The lesson is taught using the original Hebrew text with the indispensable commentary of Rashi—both translated and elucidated so that anyone can follow along.

The Yishai Fleisher Israel Podcast

Yishai Fleisher

Sharing the struggle and the miracle of Israel. The Yishai Fleisher show is a popular English-language podcast exploring Israeli life, politics, and Jewish thought. Drawing on his experience as a journalist, legal and biblical scholar, IDF soldier, and spokesman for the Jewish Community of Hebron, Yishai sheds light on everything from global and Middle East news to weekly Bible/Torah study, health, family, and of course, the amazing rebirth of Israel.

Jewish Meditation for Everyone

Institute for Jewish Spirituality

Pause in the midst of your busy day to renew your body, heart, mind and spirit with a Jewishly-framed mindfulness meditation from the Institute for Jewish Spirituality. In each episode, hosted by Rabbi Marc Margolius, an expert Jewish meditation instructor guides you through a brief teaching and meditation for relaxing your body, reconnecting with your authentic self, and connecting you with deep Jewish wisdom. Opening and closing music: “Baby Bird Niggun,” by Aly Halpert, used with permission.

Hayom Yom with Rabbi Manis Friedman Manis Friedman

Study the daily entries of "Hayom Yom," a book of short daily insights which was compiled by the Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, of righteous memory, in 1942.

The Parsha Podcast - With Rabbi Yaakov Wolbe


Join Rabbi Yaakov Wolbe for a parsha by parsha journey through the entire Torah. Every week we will outline of the parsha, delve into its major themes and draw valuable and interesting insights from it.

Nefesh Sermon & Song


Nefesh Erev Shabbat Sermon & Song featuring Rabbi Susan Goldberg

Gedolei Torah

Rabbi Aaron Lopiansky

Delivered in the yeshiva every Motzei Shabbos Mevarchim, these shiurim introduce us to Gedolim throughout history in way you have never heard before. Always based on primary material, Rav Aaron discusses each Gadol, his era, his accomplishments, his legacy and the impact he has on us to today. This shiur is ongoing so be sure to subscribe for all the latest shiurim in this series.

Jewish History Uncensored

Rabbi Arnie Wittenstein

Rabbi Arnie Wittenstein is a well known Torah scholar, Tanach expert, and Historian. He has lectured in the Mir Yeshiva, Torat Shraga, and many Shuls internationally. These podcasts integrate his broad knowledge of many different facets of Torah and History. Join in weekly to gain accurate and in depth knowledge of some of the most important and controversial topics in Jewish History. For tours, speaking engagements, or sponsorships contact us at

Hasidic Judaism Explored

Frieda Vizel

Welcome to in-depth conversations on Hasidism, Judaism, NYC, culture, education, religion and more! This podcast is hosted by popular Youtuber Frieda Vizel, who has been studying the Hasidic community for more than ten years. This is the podcast version of the video conversations which are also published on Youtube. Please reach out with feedback. Here's the youtube channel if you prefer to see the host and guests! :)

What is Jewish Music

TYH Nation

with Mendy Portnoy

6 Minute Siddur Snippets

Rabbi Efrem Goldberg

Feed for 6 Minute Siddur Snippets audio blogs

Pardes from Jerusalem

Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies

Pardes from Jerusalem features a weekly discussion using Torah, Talmud and other Jewish texts to explain themes from the weekly Torah portion. The Pardes faculty is featured each week. For more information about all Pardes programs and events visit

Gate of Trust Lecture Series

Getzy Fellig

Welcome to the Gate of Trust Lecture Series, the podcast that delves into the profound teachings of Shaar Habitachon, from the timeless masterpiece Chovot Halevavot, by the 11th-century Spanish scholar, Rabbeinu Bachaya ibn Pekuda. Join your host, Getzy Fellig, a Miami-based real estate professional and a devoted student of this spiritual and ethical guide, to explore, chapter by chapter, the 'Duties of the Heart,' uncovering the importance of trust in our relationship with the Divine, and how it forms the foundation for a life of purpose.

Daily Tanya Manis Friedman

SAPIR Conversations

SAPIR: Ideas for a Thriving Jewish Future

SAPIR is a journal exploring the future of the American Jewish community and its intersection with cultural, social, and political issues. These podcasts are recordings of Zoom webinars we have held with our contributors (season numbers correlate with issue numbers). To find out more and join our next events live, visit

The Chassidic Story Project with Barak Hullman - A Chassidic Story Every Week

Barak Hullman

Be a part of the Chassidic Story Project where I'll be bringing hundreds of Chassidic stories back to life through my podcast broadcast direct from the holy city of Jerusalem. Chassidic stories are like a niggun (Chassidic melody); they can touch a person's soul without understanding how or why. These stories transcend all boundaries and denominations. They are pure, simple and deeply Jewish. This is wholesome Jewish content for the whole family.

On the Other Hand: Ten Minutes of Torah

On the Other Hand: Ten Minutes of Torah, a podcast presented by Each week, Rabbi Rick Jacobs, President of the Union For Reform Judaism, will offer divrei Torah (insights into the weekly Torah portion) to help open up Jewish thought and its contemporary influence on your life. He condenses 2,000 years of Jewish wisdom into just 10 minutes of modern-day commentary. There are plenty of ways to interpret Torah and we want to hear what you think. You can weigh in on this week’s Torah portion by talking to us on Twitter @URJ or at

Shalom Hartman Institute Podcast

Shalom Hartman Institute

The Franciska Show


Enjoy the all new relaunched show on which Franciska hosts interesting conversations. Franciska launched her career as CEO of Kay Productions LLC, a white glove podcast production & promotion agency from building an audience for her Jewish original music through podcasting herself. If you are thinking of launching a podcast or simply are looking to outsource the production & promotion - book a call with Franciska to get you started.

Efraim Palvanov

Efraim Palvanov

A channel to share authentic Jewish wisdom, and other videos of interest about science, history, philosophy, and mysticism. A bit about me: I am a life-long writer, researcher, and educator, with degrees in Biology and Education, and currently serve as the head of the science department at Bnei Akiva Schools Toronto. I write two regular blogs ( and and my books are available here: To learn more, visit

Rabbi Shalom Rosner on The Parsha

Rabbi Shalom Rosner on The Parsha

The Bluegrass Schmooze

Louisville Public Media

When Shani Abramowitz and Ben Freed took their first jobs as rabbis in Lexington and Louisville, they got one question from their classmates and friends: There are Jews in Kentucky? The short answer is yes! The long answer is right here, in your podcast feed. Every month, you'll hear a deep dive into upcoming holidays and their meanings, and kibitz with a Jewish Kentuckian who has a great story. And each episode wraps up with a L'Chaim of the Month — a toast to a person or group making our world a better place (bourbon in a kosher dill jar optional... but strongly encouraged). Zei gezunt, y'all!

Ami's House

Ami's House

Official weekly podcast of Ami Kozak! Best shmooze in the game.

The Jews Next Dor

Rabbi Yair Menchel

The Jews Next Dor is the Jewish parenting podcast focused on helping parents to raise passionate and committed Jews. In general, parenting can be challenging, and children don’t come with an operating manual. This challenge is magnified when adding our Jewish values of raising children to be passionate and committed about being Jewish, about developing a relationship with Hashem. As such, we will begin at the most basic level of parenting, and build on that, month after month, with weekly episodes, learning from leading experts of our dor, our generation, about raising the Jews of the next Dor

Rabbi Aryeh Wolbe Podcast Collection


The Rabbi Aryeh Wolbe Podcast Collection is the one-stop shop for the Torah inspiration shared by Rabbi Aryeh Wolbe in one simple feed. The Jewish Inspiration Podcast, Parsha Review Podcast, Thinking Talmudist Podcast, Living Jewishly Podcast and Unboxing Judaism Podcast all in one convenient place. Enjoy!

Torah Means Teacher: Lessons from the First Five Books of the Bible: Dr. Nahum Roman Footnick ~ Inspired by Dennis Prager and

Dr. Nahum Roman Footnick, Philosopher and Seeker of Truth, Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding

The Torah Means Teacher podcast welcomes you! Please join our discussions and sit in our Torah study class held at Congregation Beth Yeshurun in Houston, TX. The class is lead and taught by Dr. Nahum Roman Footnick. Dr. Footnick is not a Rabbi, nor does he work for the synagogue (and his views expressed are not necessarily those of the synagogue). Rather, in 2010 he was simply invited by the rabbis of the shul to host a class. A short time after, his classes became quite popular. Because Dr. Footnick teaches the Torah in manner that makes it accessable for all (Jews, Christians, atheist, and anyone), he was asked to record his sessions for references and for those unable to attend. Now those recordings are available to all as a FREE podcast. So, if you have ever had an interest in: God, Torah (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy), the Bible, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Atheism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Hebrew, Sumer, Philosophy, Psychology, NLP, Hypnosis, Egyptology, Archeology, Science, Miracles, Aliens, Angels, Despotism, Communism, Liberty, Americanism, Israel, Ethics, Morality, Holiness, Goodness, Evil, Free Will, and much, MUCH more then you will enjoy Torah Means Teacher as all these areas are frequently discussed in one manner or another. Nahum utilizes commentary from many sources. Most dominant are Dennis Prager, Jacob Milgrom, Nahum Sarna, Umberto Cassuto, Nehama Leibowitz, and of course many other Rabbis like Rashi, Rambam, Ramban, etc.