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Drum Lesson Academy

Darren Ashford

DLA 05: Mike Mangini intro fill from 'Hip Today' (Part 2 of 2)

This intro fill spans two beats of a 4/4 measure before playing hits on beat three and the second sixteenth note of beat four before finishing with a flam on beat one of the second bar.

Ex.01 The first part of the fill is based around a paradiddle-diddle. The sticking is RLRRLL. This is followed with two notes on the kick drum, a right hand on the floor tom and a left hand on the snare drum. This takes us up to beat two.

Ex.02 In this example we add two more kick drum notes on the second and fourth sixteenth note of beat two before playing the crash and snare drum in unison on beat three.

Ex.03 To complete the fill we now add a left hand snare drum note on beat four and then a crash and kick drum in unison on the second sixteenth note of beat four. The fill concludes with a flamed snare drum note on beat one of the next bar.

‘Hip Today’ is from the Album ‘Wait

1 Year Daily Audio Proverb

Brian Hardin

Daily Audio Proverb June 22

Proverbs 22

1 Year Daily Audio Bible

Brian Hardin

DAB June 22 - 2024

2 Kings 3:1-4:17, Acts 14:8-28, Ps 140:1-13, Pr 17:22

The Badgerland Birding Podcast

Badgerland Birding

Episode 27 - New Jersey Birding, Preventing Window Strikes, and more - With Mr. Train and Otys

We talk to Jeff (Mr. Train) and Otys about what it's like birding in New Jersey, how people are working to reduce window strikes, especially in big cities like New York, and more!

Mr. Train: Life Lessons for Better Birding and Beyond
Common Tern Article
Article about Mr. Train and Otys' work with window strikes
Otys Train's essay about window strikes



What's the HARDEST Running Distance? (2024)

Discover what the hardest running distance is in this insightful video. From sprinters to marathon runners, find out which distance poses the greatest challenge and why. Get ready to explore the world of running and push your limits to the max! Watch now to learn more about the toughest running distance out there. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

Inside The Recording Studio

Inside the Recording Studio

Exclusive: Adam Mosley's Untold Stories from the Recording Studio


In this exclusive episode of Inside the Recording Studio, we sit down with the legendary recording engineer and producer, Adam Mosley, to take a deep dive into his illustrious career. Join hosts Chris and Jody as they explore Adam's journey through the world of music production, from his early days in the studio to working with some of the biggest names in the industry.
Discover the stories behind the scenes as Adam shares his experiences of recording and producing iconic albums. Learn about his unique approach to capturing the perfect sound, his favorite gear and techniques, and the creative processes that have shaped his remarkable career.
In this candid conversation, Adam reflects on the challenges and triumphs he has encountered along the way, offering invaluable insights and advice for aspiring a

NerdGrows Podcast


Ep. 29: Pressing Rosin, Community Safety, and The Boys

In this week's episode of NerdGrows, we discuss my improvements in pressing rosin, how to stay safe in the cannabis growing community, and my rewatch of The Boys. All Of Our Links:

Sleepless in St. Canard: A Darkwing Duck Podcast


Episode 71: Do you want rats? Because that's how you get rats!

We're surfing into the Sahara Desert to witness the escapades of WATER WAY TO GO, wherein Launchpad gets to play the hero! F.O.W.L is at it again, and boy, they sure do love murdering people! 
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Intro from Darkwing Duck

Take Ten for Talmud

Rabbi Mordechai Rhine

1630BabaMetzia114- Eliyahu in a Cemetery, Rabbah bar Avuha in Gan Eden

The BoardGameGeek Podcast


Episode 45: Filler Games We Love, with Matthew Jude

Matthew Jude from This Game is Broken and Watch It Played joins Candice to discuss they're favorite filler games.00:00:00 Introduction00:01:55 YesLand00:05:42 Fresh Plays00:06:11 Skate Summer00:12:17 Merlin00:27:06 Some of Matthew's favorite Feld games (Trajan, Castles of Burgundy, Carpe Diem, Bora Bora, Macao, Amerigo, The Oracle of Delphi)00:29:04 Civolution00:31:02 Camino a Xibalba: Pitz00:40:06 Mythic Mischief, That Time You Killed Me00:41:21 Tragedy Looper: New Tragedies00:49:30 Alchemists00:56:20 Filler Games We Love00:58:15 No Thanks!01:03:40 For Sale01:09:16 Qin01:14:36 Bullet♥︎01:15:16 Sea Salt & Paper01:20:19 Pixies01:21:58 Cabanga!01:26:32 Abandon All Artichokes01:27:59 Arboretum01:31:29 Lost Cities01:36:10 Null & Nichtig 01:40:24 Stick 'Em01:41:25 Schadenfreude01:46:16 Too Many Cooks (Foodie Forest)01:54:44 Biblios02:01:48 Matthew's Honorable Mentions (Fuji Flush, Newsboys, Captain Fl

Acquisitions Anonymous - #1 for business buying, selling and operating

Bill D'Alessandro, Mills Snell, Heather Endersen, and Michael Girdley

Wok and Roll: From $3.9M to $6.8M Asian Specialty Food Distributor - Acquisitions Anonymous 308

Let us know if you enjoyed this episodeIn this episode of Acquisitions Anonymous, we get our hands on an Asian specialty food importer and distributor in the US. Over the past three years, their revenue has jumped from $3.9 million to $6.8 million, with $2M EBITDA, which is pretty impressive. Tune in for a great episodeThanks to this week's sponsor:CloudBookkeeping offers adaptable solutions to businesses that want to focus on growth with a “client service first” approach. They offer a full suite of accounting services, including sophisticated reporting, QuickBooks software solutions, and full-service payroll options.Learn how to buy a business.If you are interested in buying a business but unsure how to start, you should check Michael's Buy a Business CourseAdvertise with us by clicking here Do you love Acquanon and want to see our smiling faces? Subscribe to our Youtu

Talking Talmud

Yardaena Osband & Anne Gordon

Bava Metzia 115: The Milestone

The daf contains two mishnahs which contain halakhot about securities and when one may not take a security

The Way Forward with Alec Zeck

The Way Forward

Ep 101: Reclaim All the Parts of You with Dr. Kelly Brogan

Join us for an awesome discussion with Kelly Brogan, M.D., as we delve into her new book, "The Reclaimed Woman," and explore the transformative experiences that have shaped her path over the last three years. Dr. Brogan shares profound insights into the shadow side of our experiences, the alchemy of emotions, and practical philosophies for personal growth and parenting.   Episode Highlights: The Reclaimed Woman: Introduction to Kelly Brogan’s new book and the themes it covers. Shaping Pathways: How the events of the last three years have influenced her current direction. Shadow Side Experiences: Understanding and navigating the darker aspects of our lives. Emotional Alchemy: The transformative process of moving through emotions from start to finish. Healing Trauma: Picking up the fragments and addressing the root causes of trauma. Dissolving Anxiety: Strategies to overcome anxiety-inducing feelings within f

The Sword Guy Podcast


Vadi and The Four Virtues of Sword Making, with Eleonora Rebecchi

For transcriptions and more detailed shownotes, please go to: 
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Today’s episode is a bit different to the usual format, as we have both a delightful sample from an audiobook and a related interview.
I have created an audiobook of Philippo Vadi’s De Arte Gladiatoria Dimicandi. It comes in three parts: 1. My friend, Eleonora Rebecchi (more on her later) has read Vadi’s words in mellifluous Italian. 2. I have read my translation in a rather more clunky English.  3. There’s a combined version, with the Italian chapter followed by its translation in English. Find the audiobook and more details here:
This podcast episode contains a coup

DMs After Dark



It's whacky one-shot time again here on the DMs After Dark feed, and we're going in on a wholesome woodland critter cookin' game called GOOD SOUP from Goosepoop Games. It's a GM-less game of exploring an area and collecting ingredients to heal an animal in need that wandered into the Lost Forest. Highly recommend, it's the best kind of collaborative silliness.
If you want to listen to Rene interview the creator of the game, check out the Rene Plays Games feed to listen to the Perspective Checks episode!
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Aliza Abarbanel & Matt Rodbard

421: Charleston Isn't Ordinary with Mike Lata

Mike Lata is chef and co-owner of the restaurants FIG and The Ordinary in Charleston, South Carolina, and one of the most respected voices in Southern cooking. It was really exciting to have Mike into our studio to talk about his journey to opening FIG more than 20 years ago and how he defines Southern cuisine in 2024. It’s so great catching up with Mike, and we hope you enjoy this conversation.Also on the show it's the return of three things, where Aliza and Matt talk about three things that gets them excited. On this episode: Jim Meehan's new book, The Bartender's Pantry, the new modern Korean diner Kisa in NYC, the amazing pizza at Chicago's Milly's Pizza in the Pan, the summer of granita, hop water is getting even better with St. Elmo and others, and horseshoe crab festival was incredible. Got a question, comment, future guest idea, fact to share, fun fact to share, less-fun fa

BirdNote Daily


Baby Birds – Leave Them Alone

Just because a young bird appears to be alone – whether on the ground or squawking loudly from a bush or tree – doesn't necessarily mean it is sick or injured. In June, young birds, including this juvenile Northern Flicker, are leaving their nests. And most likely, a parent is near-by and will soon return. What can you do to help? Keep your cats indoors - especially during the birds' breeding season. And leave the birds alone.  If you do find a sick or injured bird, visit, the National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association.More info and transcript at Want more BirdNote? Subscribe to our weekly newsletter. Sign up for BirdNote+ to get ad-free listening and other perks. BirdNote is a nonprofit. Your tax-deductible gift makes these shows possible. 

Commodity Conversations


Steaks getting higher for cattle - 21st June 2026

This week Rob Herrmann is joined by Cattle Australia Deputy Chair Adam Coffey. Adam joins us to discuss the ongoing work of Cattle Australia as it handles a myriad of issues that currently or could potentially impact grassfed cattle producers in Australia. 

The SelfWork Podcast

Margaret Robinson Rutherford PhD

399 SelfWork: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT): A Conversation with Dr. Diana Hill

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) is a fast-growing therapeutic model that I wanted you here at SelfWork to know more about. So, I reached out to Dr. Diana Hill who's an expert on the technique and a firm believer/practitioner in what it has to offer. ACT seems to offer safety and structure, which of course is vital in therapy. I found her to be very real, approachable, and caring as she explains how ACT can help you see how commitment to your core values and staying in the present are so easy to lose when you're faced with struggle. And, as we like to focus on at SelfWork, what you can do about it.Here's how she explains it: "When you are faced with life’s challenges, it’s easy to lose track of what’s important, get stuck in your thoughts and emotions, and become bogged down by day-to-day problems. Even if you’ve made a commitment to live according to your core va

The Self Esteem and Confidence Mindset

Jonny Pardoe

Self Confidence and Living a Soul Led Life with Cat Wilton

Today I welcome Cat to the show where we talk about moving away from the busy hustle of life into a soul led life.
You can find more from Cat here:

Earn Your Happy

Lori Harder

What If Delays and Obstacles Are Actually Your Protection ?

What if delays and obstacles were actually there to protect you? THIS mindset shift has been crucial in helping me transform delays and obstacles into incredible opportunities. I saw this so clearly with the launch of glōci when a delay in boxes ended up saving me from naming my company something that would have cost me money and potentially legal issues down the road! In this episode, I share a mantra that I’ve used so many times to help guide me to what is actually meant for me, and trust when something doesn’t work out like I want it too. 


The mantra that will help you see opportunities where other people see challenges.

Why I believe delays and obstacles are actually there to protect you.

How to win despite the setbacks that come your way.

The time a delay ended up saving me from legal issues (and losing money.)


Gil's Arena

Underdog Fantasy

Gil's Arena Reacts To JJ Redick Hired As Lakers Head Coach

Gil's Arena Reacts To Kendrick Lamar's Victory Over Drake as Gilbert Arenas & The Gil's Arena Crew give their savage takes on Kendrick's Pop Out Show where he buried Drake in the greatest rap beef ever and united LA with an all time performance. Then they check in on the biggest storyline of the NBA Draft in Bronny James and discuss how Bronny's landing spot impacts LeBron James' Free Agency with the Phoenix Suns & Los Angeles Lakers emerging as the teams to land the King and his son. Next, they break down the state of the New York Knicks, discussing how last year's surprise contender can cement themselves at the top of the league with a strong offseason before debating the top NBA Playoff Performers of all time. Finally, they wrap up the show by picking the draft order for The Gil's Arena All Time Player Draft.

Gil’s Arena premieres every Monday, Tuesday, Wedn

English Learning for Curious Minds

Leonardo English

#482 | Ayn Rand & The Philosophy of Objectivism

Register for "The Mules": closes 23:59 03/09/2023 || Summer Offer €99 only (€30 off)--Ayn Rand is one of the most controversial thinkers of the 20th century. 
In this episode, we'll explore her philosophy of Objectivism, which champions rational self-interest and free-market capitalism, and discuss why her ideas remain divisive today. 

Ayn Rand's life and background
Philosophy of Objectivism
"The Fountainhead" and its themes
Success and controversy of "Atlas Shrugged"
Core beliefs of Objectivism
Role of government in Objectivism
Rational self-interest explained
Controversies and criticisms of Objectivism
Ayn Rand's impact and legacy
Rand's personal life contradictions

Full interactive transcript, subtitles and key vocabulary available

Boarding Party's Pokemon DnD

Boarding Party

Riftkin | Session 10 | The Bear and the Serpent

The Signature Six explore the Shepherd's District! Faraday seeks out
someone in need, and our heroes receive some messages from friends and

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Baseball is Dead

Underdog Fantasy

Baseball Is Dead Episode 225: Yankees Throw At Gunnar

Yankees/Orioles had an old school rivalry feel this week as bad blood between both teams lead to the Yankees throwing at Gunnar Henderson.

-Gerrit Cole’s Return
-Feud Conspiracy
-ABS Coming To Triple-A
-Family Feud
-Trout’s Recovery
-Secret Project Announcement

Use promo code “BID” to get up to $250 in bonus cash AND a special pick on Underdog! PLAY HERE:

0:00 - Feud Conspiracy
6:03 - Jared’s BP Video
12:19 - Gerrit Cole’s Return
25:02 - ABS In Triple-A
37:30 - Family Feud
52:22 - Trout’s Recovery
1:01:45 - Rickwood Field
1:03:18 - Secret Project
1:06:05 - Jayhay’s Nuggs
1:13:08 - Final Thoughts
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Jeep Talk Show


392 in 2025?

On tonight’s episode… News story PowerNation host passes away. Jeep Gladiator Update; Calm down bubba And Tony has let loose of his grip a little so I’m doing, Must have for your jeep…

Theories of the Third Kind

Theories of the Third Kind & Studio71


The Yeti, once known as the Abominable Snowman, is a mysterious bipedal creature said to live in the mountains of Asia. For thousands of years, Natives in the area have worshiped an ape-like “Glacier Being”. A monastery in that area is said to have an ancient relic, a severed hand and the scalp of a Yeti.

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Minion Death Cult

Alexander Edward

#630 My own sister claimed that she "doesn't want to be dependent on men" all the while living in a room provided by the 'Young Mens Christian Association’ (preview)

TODAY: we visit one of the weirdest corners of the internet: Manosphere guys complaining about Olivia Wilde’s daughter saying she doesn’t need a boyfriend. PLUS: A school district pays a $100,000 settlement to the family of a student who was “traumatized" by a documentary on hip hop, because his father is a cop. Gen X puts the little punk in his place by recounting twisted music videos they didn’t get triggered by. FINALLY: Hardcore bands successfully boycott a festival who drop their Barclay’s sponsorship. But if global financial institutions don’t support hardcore, who will? Sign up at for $5/month and get 2 bonus episodes a week   Subscribe to our youtube channel at   

How to Decorate

Ballard Designs

BONUS episode: Lauren Robbins' Tudor Home in Augusta, GA

We are super excited to be launching a new House Tours series on our YouTube channel! To kick things off, we visited Lauren Robbins' gorgeous Tudor home in Augusta, Georgia. Caroline chatted with Lauren for over an hour about her decorating process and style. Now you can see all the visual details of Lauren's home that bring her design conversations to life, and listen here to their uncut hour-long discussion on this bonus episode. Lauren chats about her bright and happy "pretty room”, bedroom essentials, using colors to tell a story, and more about her signature elegant yet playful, gorgeous style. She also gives some great recommendations on picking an anchor fabric and tips for picking a loved piece to start as a jumping-off point for creating a whole home you love.

What You’ll Hear On This Episode:

More about the inspiration behind the home’s color palette and “pretty room”


Jordi Carreras

SOLO SWEET 359 - Mixed & Curated by Jordi Carreras

SOLO SWEET 359 - Mixed & Curated by Jordi Carreras by Jordi Carreras

The Trauma Therapist

Guy Crawford Macpherson

From the archives: Gerald Vest, ACSW, LISW, LMT.

This one from the archives is with one of my favorite guests, Gerald W. Vest, LMFT. Gerry is no longer with us yet his passion, which I'm sure you'll hear in this interview, was a driving force for me as I've continued to produce this podcast. Gerry's compassion for those veterans he worked with is so friggin' inspiring. I so wish I could have him back on the show. Gerald W. Vest, LMFT was a military OneSource and TRICARE provider for individuals, couples, and families. He supervised students and professionals for licensing requirements. In addition, he organized, consulted, and trained for the Community Integrative Health Collaboratives, which served warriors, veterans, and their families using integrative and holistic approaches to healing.Gerald also served as a Senior Social Worker for the premier US Army Warrior Restoration and Resilience Center (R and R Center) at Ft. Bliss, TX. His responsibilit

The Mordy Shteibel's Podcast (Rabbi Binyomin Weinrib)


A podcast with all the recordings of Shuirim given at the Shtebiel

Rune Soup


How To Be A Synchromystic - Christopher Knowles

The legendary Christopher Knowles of the Secret Sun joins us this week to explain how to be a synchromystic. We learn ✅ What is synchronicity? ✅ What role synchronicity plays in modern mysticism. ✅ The importance of symbol sets in this pursuit. ✅ How this modern practice is really an ancient one described. Whilst it's always a pleasure to have Chris back on the show, this particular episode happens on the occasion of the release of his latest book. The Secret Sun Synchromystic Handbook! Get it here. Follow Chris here.    

The Fitness Business Podcast with Erin Dimond and Jordan Dugger

Erin Dimond and Jordan Dugger

546. Learn How Jeff Went From a Full-Time Teacher, Making $4k/mo to $20k Per Month As An Online Coach (at 75% profit)

If you're currently working a full time job in the side hustle phase of your business with a family, we hope this inspires you for what's possible if you keep going. Our IFCA client Jeff recently quit his teaching job after making over 6 figures in his business. He is now putting his full attention and commitment into the business, optimizing his "middle of the funnel", and spending more time with his family especially in the morning. We hope you take a ton away from this great interview!   Time Stamps:   (0:49) Quick Jeff Bio (2:29) Leaving His Teaching Job (8:41) Family’s Thoughts (10:41) Schedule In The Side Hustle Phase (14:51) You Gotta Want It (17:26) Most Profitable Round of Golf Ever (19:31) Jeff’s Elevator Pitch (22:29) From 12k A Year to 6 Figures (27:56) Taking Lead Generation To The Next Level (30:21) Middle Of Funnel Process

The Nerdy Photographer Podcast

Nerdy Photographer

113 - Insider Tips for Making the Most of Photography Trade Shows and Conferences

In this episode of The Nerdy Photographer Podcast, we delve into the invaluable benefits of attending photo industry conferences and trade shows, where photographers from around the world converge to learn, network, and grow. Join us as we uncover the myriad opportunities these events offer for professional development, inspiration, and industry connections, and discover why they are essential for photographers looking to elevate their craft and career to new heights. Frequent guest of the show, Leighton DaCosta returns to share his firsthand experiences and insights into the transformative power of attending photo industry conferences and trade shows. From keynote presentations and hands-on workshops to panel discussions and networking opportunities, we explore the wealth of knowledge and inspiration that these events provide. Investing in Your Growth: Attending photo industry conferences a

Backyard Gardens - Gardening for everyone

Backyard Gardens TV

Keep your garden thriving during summer

This will help your garden stay thriving throughout the summer season. 
Learn to Grow. Grow for Change.
Buy some of our seeds-
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Backyard Gardens Gear-
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Rise and Run

The RDMTeam

143: Jonathan Siebert: Overcoming Adversity and Inspiring Others

Ever wondered how to balance intense summer training while keeping your motivation high? We promise you’ll gain invaluable tips as we navigate the challenges of running in hot weather and share humorous yet stress-inducing tales of the infamous runDisney registration chaos. Chadwick Moore kicks off our episode with an engaging introduction, setting the stage for a series of updates, training tips, and inspiring stories. Alicia offers her personal comeback narrative from recent health setbacks, and we celebrate the spirit of camaraderie within the running community, emphasizing the importance of adjusting to the heat for those pivotal fall races.Our special guest Jonathan Siebert joins us to share his incredible journey of overcoming 27 surgeries due to Apert syndrome. Jonathan’s positive outlook and perseverance shine through as he recounts his path from Disney’s Castaway Cay 5K to preparing for the Dopey Chall

Section 10

Underdog Fantasy

Section 10 Podcast Episode 480: The Sox Are Hot

The Red Sox sweep the Blue Jays to win their third straight series and THE SOX ARE HOT.

-Tyler O’Neill Loves Canada
-Tyler Milliken Loves The Yankees
-Kenley Boys Stay Up Per Usual
-Rafaela Is Awesome
-Bello’s Outing
-Duran All-Star Push

Use promo code “SEC10” to get up to $250 in bonus cash AND a special pick on Underdog! PLAY HERE:

0:00 - Intro
1:56 - The Sox Are Hot
20:21 - Taikus
23:30 - Dildo Burgers
25:57 - Game 1
51:44 - Game 2
1:23:33 - Game 3
1:58:38 - KKSMVP
2:13:20 - Stop & Shop Look Ahead
2:22:06 - Weather Look Ahead
2:23:30 - Final Thoughts
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Kard Talk : All Kardashians, all the family, all the time.

Caloroga Shark Media / Kardashians Kard Talk

"Rob's Shocking Confession: 'I Can't *** Anymore!' as Khloé Suggests Donating Sperm to Ex Malika!"

"Keeping Up with Season 6: Kardashians Already Filming New Episodes, Producer Spills Secrets!""Rob's Shocking Confession: 'I Can't C-m Anymore!' as Khloé Suggests Donating Sperm to Ex Malika!""Taylor's BFF Sabrina Stands by Skims: 'I Support Kim Until the End' Despite Swift's Kardashian Feud!""Bridgerton Bombshell: Nicola Coughlan Stuns as New Face of Kim's Skims in Sizzling Campaign!""Caitlyn Jenner's Father's Day Snub: Kendall & Kylie Give Icy Silent Treatment Amid Family Tensions!""Kim Under Fire: Fans Slam 'Dangerous' Photo of Tot Psalm in ATV, Sparking Parenting Controversy!"Unlock an ad-free podcast experience with Caloroga Shark Media! Get all our shows on any player you love, hassle free! For Apple users, hit the

Seems Like Diet Culture

Mallory Page, RD

114. Will You Gain Weight Doing Intuitive Eating?

Do you find yourself wondering what will happen if you start intuitive eating? Will your body change? Stay the same? If so, you're in the right place. In this episode I'll be giving you:

Indicators of what will happen for you when you start intuitive eating
Will intuitive eating cause weight loss
How to know you are suitable for intuitive eating

And more. 
Let's connect:
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Sign up for the Unconditional Body Acceptance masterclass by clicking here.<

Parenting with Ginger Hubbard

Ginger Hubbard

Off Topic 002 | The Merch Ordeal

I know it’s not Tuesday, but we’re trying something new and would love to have you give it a listen. It’s called “Off Topic,” where we talk about all of the fun stuff that we don’t have time to fit into a regular episode. This week, we’re talking about “the merch ordeal.” Give us a listen, and tell us what you think!

I know it’s not Tuesday, but we’re trying something new and would love to have you give it a listen. It’s called “Off Topic,” where we talk about all of the fun stuff that we don’t have time to fit into a regular episode. This week, we’re talking about “the merch ordeal.” Give us a listen, and tell us what you think!

For show notes and episode downloads, go to
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Last Word On Spurs

Last Word On Spurs

'Summer Transfer Window Update Ft. Special Guest Paul O Keefe: Potential Signings, Possible Departures, Eze/Gallagher Latest!'

Host Ricky Sacks is joined by co-host Lee McQueen and special guest in Paul O Keefe to open the summer transfer window shows on Last Word On Spurs.

Paul provides a comprehensive detailed breakdown of the players in which Tottenham are keen to sign this summer along with those the club would be happy to see depart.

We also discuss the long-term interest in Eberechi Eze and Conor Gallagher and whether we could see either player become a Tottenham signing between now and the end of this summer transfer window.

An independent Tottenham Hotspur Fan Channel providing instant post-match analysis and previews to every single Spurs match along with a range of former players, managers & special guests.

Please can we ask you to take this opportunity to *SUBSCRIBE* to the Last Word On Spurs and THANKS FOR WAT

Backwater Bastards: An Actual Play Podcast

Backwater Bastards | Realm

S3E09: From Pod to Bod!

The Doctor Ze , Boris and M8 otherwise known as PUMP BOIS are in some deep danger, how deep? try behind enemy lines deep. But they must go deeper if they are to find and free M8s angel.

DM Dick Dynamite the Dungeon Master -- Richard Kimber-Bell
Cleo deCap / M8 -- Taylor van Biljon
Dr Ze/Doctor Zafrey Elektra -- Daniel Matthews

Episode art by IG @georginalesaux

Ambiance sound support by Jamie Nord and Michaël Ghelfi
Synth Music Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio
Episode Edit / Sound design by Daniel Matthews
Distributed by Realm
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One Heat Minute Productions

Blake Howard

BONUS: Harvey Boys w/ Sean Burns and Scout Tafoya

Hang onto your slipcases because Blake Howard (One Heat Minute Productions) joins film critic Sean Burns and filmmaker/video essayist Scout Tafoya for a very special preview of the upcoming IMPRINT FILMS - Film Focus: Harvey Keitel (1992 – 1999). Support: JOIN THE ONE HEAT MINUTE PATREON FOR AS LITTLE AS $1 A MONTHFollow the host + guests:Blake Howard - Twitter & One Heat Minute Website Sean Burns is a film critic for WBUR’s Arts & Culture and a contributing writer at North Shore Movies and Crooked Marquee. He was Philadelphia Weekly’s lead film critic from 1999 through 2013, and worked as a contributing editor at The Improper Bostonian from 2006 until 2014. His reviews, interviews and essays have also appeared in Metro, The Village Voice, Rolling Stone, The Boston Herald, Nashville Scene, Time Out New York, Philadelphia City Paper and graduate of New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, Burns

The Broke Generation

Emma Edwards

How to make money progress when everything is a mess

In this episode, I explore navigating your financial goals while existing in a world of rising costs and stagnant wages. It's crucial to maintain focus and avoid a defeatist mindset. I outline five strategies to help you build financial resilience, as well as a strong mindset.
Developing both mental and financial resilience is essential for handling future challenges. Consistency is key; keep pursuing financial goals despite slow progress. Focus on your personal financial journey, acknowledge fears about economic difficulties, and stay committed to your plans. Your financial situation is unique to you! Don’t let the general narrative dictate how you think and feel about money.
A previous episode ‘How to find your financial chill girl and build financial resilience’ features the three P's of learned optimism - check it out here!  
Episode highlights:

Honesty: Critically assess your unique

Talking Dirty

Get Gardening

East Ruston Old Vicarage June Special, plus Chelsea Chat

We're back for another East Ruston Old Vicarage special via a bit of belated Chelsea Flower Show chat, including some plants which caught our eye in the pavilion.PLANT LISTTropaeolum majus 'Hermine Grashoff'Tropaeolum majus 'Margaret Long'Anthyllis vulneraria 'Dark Red form'Papaver dubium subsp. lecoqii 'Albiflorum'Bupleurum ranunculoidesGeranium nodosum 'Fielding's Folly'Rhododendron ‘Daviesii’Hydrangea macrophylla 'Madame Emile Mouillère'Astelia chathamicaMyosotidium hortensiaMelica uniflora f. albidaRosa 'American Pillar'Rosa 'Jubilee Celebration'Lonicera periclymenum 'Graham Thomas' ThalictrumAquilegiaIris germanicaCedrus atlantica 'Glauca'Crinodendron hookerianumCrinodendron hookerianum 'Ada Hoffmann' Crinodendron hookerianum 'Alf Robbins' Lycianthes rantonnetii syn Solanum rantonnetiiH

2 Drink Minimum

Mike Ward & Pantelis

Episode 354

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Lords of Grantham: The Gilded Age, Downton Abbey, The Crown & More

Lords of Grantham

The Crown: Breaking Down the Series

This week on the pod, the LoG say goodbye to The Crown. Who was the best Elizabeth? How did the Power Rankings turn out for our Queen and Prince? What Prime Minister won our hearts? It's closing time for the royal family.
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Financial Standard Podcast

Financial Standard

Building a future proof portfolio

Building a portfolio to accommodate clients through every phase of life can be challenging.  Mercer portfolios solutions lead Rebecca Jacques shares her thoughts on how to how to build a portfolio that aligns with client needs.

Data in Biotech


Giving Biotech Organizations a ‘Digital Brain’ with Scispot

This week on Data in Biotech, we’re delighted to be joined by Guru and Satya Singh, co-founders of SciSpot, a company focused on transforming biotech companies through smarter embodiment of biological processes in data/software and acceleration of the R&D process.

They discuss how their respective biotech and data backgrounds led them to develop the platform and their very personal motivation behind their mission to enable data to accelerate life science research.

Guru and Satya explore the concept of giving biotech companies a “digital brain” that uses AI to learn from every experiment. They emphasize how this requires modern software principles like being API-first and data-centric.

Based on their work helping their biotech customers move towards this model, Guru and Satya discuss overcoming some of the biggest adoption challenges – instilling data competence, moving

Gardening Inside Out

Gardening Inside Out

Gardening Inside Out

Inner Work: A Spiritual Growth Podcast

Josephine Hardman, PhD

Inner Work 195: The Life-Changing Power of the Akashic Records (Interview 1)

In this new podcast series, I interview Akashic Records Practitioners to explore how working with the Akashic Records has transformed their lives. We discuss topics such as: what it means to "hear the call of the Records" (and answer that call) the vast healing, personal evolution, and growth that happens when we activate the energy of the Akashic Records in our lives how the Akashic Records can help us fully awaken our intuitive, multidimensional, and healing gifts - both for ourselves and to serve others how tapping into the Akashic field can help us release outdated, long-standing patterns, beliefs, and attachments that aren't serving us the Akashic Records as a potent tool for psychospiritual development and to align fully with your highest purpose as a healer or lightworker In this inaugural episode, I speak with Penny Murray, a multi-faceted intuitive healer and guide. Penny

Ballet Help Desk

Jenny Huang and Brett Gardner

Dancer Stories: Abigail Huang, Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre

In our first episode of Dancer Stories, Jenny and her daughter Abbey share how Abbey got her first ballet contract. Tune in to hear how a meeting about dorm policy violations at a summer intensive turned into an apprenticeship offer with Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre. After a last-minute decision to attend the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre Company Experience, Abbey's unexpected journey underscores the importance of seizing opportunities—you never know where they might lead! Learn more about Pittsburgh Ballet Theater on their website. Interested in following Abbey's career? You can find her on Instagram @abbeyahuang Links: Ballet Help Desk Ballet Help Desk Summer Intensive Essentials Guide Support Ballet Help Desk Instagram: @BalletHelpDesk   Music: #Uppbeat: License code: MGAW5PAHYEYDQZCI  

The Cyber Ranch Podcast

Allan Alford

21 Questions LIVE! at RSAC 2024 - 3 of 3

In this show, Allan interviews seven guests and asks them questions from a list of 21:
Omkhar Arasaratnam
“How do we leverage LLMs for our own use in cybersecurity?”
"How do you challenge your own precepts and assumptions to stay current in your role?"
Ofer Klein
“How do you describe what you do in cybersecurity to someone at a cocktail party who knows nothing about cyber?"
"How do you explain to the business the value you bring and the risks you solve?"
Rick Doten
"What message do you have for your fellow CISOs?"
"In this cybersecurity community there is hostility between vendors and practitioners.  What is your best moment with a vendor?"
Sahil Agarwal
“How do you measure and articulate the risk that AI represents to the business?"
"Governance, Risk Management and Compliance - Where should the priority be?"

The Singers Talk

Jason Thomas Gordon

Michael Stipe

Welcome to The Singers Talk Podcast based on my book of the same name. This week you’ll hear my conversation with Michael Stipe, the iconic singer of R.E.M. For me, the mark of a great vocalist isn’t just someone who can sing a tune. It’s about the personality the singer gives the vocal—that distinctive tone that lets you know who’s calling on the line. And when Michael Stipe calls, you know damn well who it is. A Multiple Grammy Award Winner, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, whose band has sold more than 85 million records worldwide. Michael Stipe has long been one of the most captivating and enigmatic front men in music, so I knew he was gonna be fascinating to speak with. But there was a lot more I didn’t know, and I couldn’t be more honored that he shared all of this with us.
All my writer’s royalties from sales of the book benefit the kids and families at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital through our Music Gives to St. Jude Kids campaig

Board Games Insider

Board Games Insider

BGI 323 The One About All Things SPIEL

BGI 323 The One About All Things SPIEL Board Games Insider – Join our Guild on Board Game Geek Guild | Like us on FB Social media: Ignacy Trzewiczek / Portal Games: website | FB | Twitter | Youtube Corey Thompson / Above Board TV:  website | Youtube Stephen Buonocore / “The Podfather Of Gaming”: […]


Lovefly Paul Tizzard

Ep. 183 - Amanda Martin, Meteorologist, Aviation Weather Centre, NOAA

Amanda Martin works for the Aviation Weather Centre, NOAA.  Here is the mobile-friendly website:  The NOAA staff document the accuracy of our forecasts and look for ways to improve. Amanda's job is more forward-looking, so she focuses on forecast communication and delivery to our customers (the general public) and stakeholders such as FAA, pilots, and other aviation professionals.  Lovefly information: FB - Lovefly Insta - @loveflyhelp Would you like to support us? #fearofflying #lovefly #flyingwithoutfear 
Intro Music 'Fearless' Daniel King

Guitar Nerds

Guitar Nerds

The Best Gibson Alternatives

Hello dear listener,This week, I am joined by the wonderful Philip Carter from The 40 Watt Podcast!We're taking on the well trodden topic of the best Gibson alternatives around the globe. We'll be discussing budget offerings from Epiphone and Vintage, mid-priced options from Maybach and Orville, and a few premium offerings as well! Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

Parenting teenagers untangled. ? Award-winning podcast for parents of teens and tweens.

Rachel Richards and Susie Asli

Summer flip or summer flop? What will your teen be doing with their summer, and does it really matter?

Send us a Text Message.92: The amount of holiday teens get varies enormously around the world. For some, it's a much needed break from routine, for others it's a real chance to flip the script of their life and focus their attention on things that aren't part of the rigid educational agenda. In this episode we talk about ways in which we can help our teens use their summer to grow in ways that genuinely interest them. Lots of skills get little time for development whilst they're at school, so it's a great chance for them to explore their passions in an unstructured environment, or get some experience in the workplace.There's no right way to do summer, but hopefully some of these suggestions can give you ideas for things you can do; including simply working on your connection if you think that things haven't been going too well.  Resource u

Simon Ward, The High Performance Human Triathlon Podcast

Simon Ward

Building Power and Mobility: Essential Strength Training for Endurance Athletes in Their 50s * Dan John

As you might have been able to pick up, I’m really getting into strength training at the moment. I feel like I need to share all of my lessons with you, because this type of activity is arguably your best antidote to aging. Dan John is back again today to help me with this.
Dan and I discuss the importance of strength training for endurance athletes, particularly those in their 50s, emphasising the need to focus on hypertrophy and explosive lifting to maintain lean body mass and mobility. We also highlight the significance of comprehensive training for triathletes, including mobility work, strength training, and appropriate recovery. Additionally, we discuss the importance of primal movements, such as push, pull, hip hinge, and loaded carry exercises, emphasizing the need for mobility, postural control, and structural support muscles. We also go into detail on:

The Sheed & Tyler Show

Underdog Fantasy

Sheed & Tyler Salute The Boston Celtics and Klay Thompson Unfollows The Warriors!

Sheed, Tyler and Bonzi wrap up their coverage of the NBA Finals, congratulating the Boston Celtics on their historic 18th championship win. Then they discuss the drama surrounding Klay Thompson unfollowing the Warriors. Is this foreshadowing his exit from the team? Stay tuned for all this and more on todays episode of Sheed and Tyler!
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Productivity Smarts

Gerald J. Leonard

Productivity Smarts 057 - Parents on a Mission with Richard R. Ramos

How many times have you considered the impact of being a parent on your work productivity? The answer reveals a fascinating intersection of two vital roles in our lives. Regardless of your title or the heights you've reached in your career, the responsibilities and joys of parenting inevitably shape your daily life and, consequently, your productivity at work.   This episode of the Productivity Smarts podcast delves into how parenting can influence productivity.   Host Gerald J. Leonard is joined by guest Richard R. Ramos, founder of the Latino Coalition for Community Leadership (LCL). The LCL is a beacon of hope for high-risk families and youths, providing support and guidance to those in need. Richard's dedication to promoting stronger communities through emotional maturity, purpose, and values is clearly demonstrated in his advocacy work.   During the conversation, Richard sheds light on the of

Lost Fore Words

Lost Fore Words

Episode 321 - Travelers Championship & KLM Open Betting Preview

Tom and Brad preview this week’s events, the Travelers Championship & the KLM Open.
As ever we highly recommend you check out for all the relevant statistics required to make informed selections each week. Check out for all subscription categories and rates.

Nerd Poker

Nerd Poker

The Mountain Campaign - Episode 19

Whoops! Someone threw the Blep out with the acid bath! Luckily Blaine is back to guide Blep out of the acid river that he was dunked into, but who will save him? Also, is Glibbles the goblin ever going to NOT botch? Sadly we have no Sarah this episode or next, schedule permitting we hope everyone is back in the same room soon. For merch, social media, and more be sure to head to And for 3 bonus episodes a month and more, subscribe to our Patreon at

Gone Running

Ben Sheppard

Episode 62 - Sam West

On this week’s episode of ‘Gone Running’ Ben Sheppard speaks to Sam West AKA @sambackontrack.Sam, who’s diary entry like instagram posts have been connecting to so many is a runner, mental health advocate and also shares his story in relation to his sobriety journey. Having lived for the weekend for many years Sam’s relationship with alcohol wasn’t serving him anymore, something which he believes is similar for many of us. He first started running to aid his training when working towards a boxing bout, in doing so he was shocked to discover runnings unique power to silence an overthinking mind. Since that moment it has been a massive part of his life & an actionable mechanism to aid his mental heath.In this conversation Ben & Sam talk about his first marathon that really didn’t go to plan, how a passion for words has changed his life & why, if you’re in a place you’re struggling you should always remember, ‘this too shall pass’.Audio only po

Third Time's the Charm

Underdog Fantasy

Coley and Trill's Celtics Championship Hangover Show

Fresh off the presses, filmed early this morning to bring you the hottest of takes. Coley is elated after the Celtics win over the Mavs last night, brining Boston its historic 18th Championship Trophy. Coley has a list of haters he'd like to thank. The fellas also discuss who has the best chance to win next year's title, the legendary career of Willie Mays, and much more on this weeks episode of Third Times The Charm.
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How to Fix England Midfield? | Best Tournament Moments | Euro 2024 NextGen

Jude Bellingham gets Man of the Match in England’s 1-0 win over Serbia! What does Southgate need to do to get the best out of Phil Foden? Trent Alexander Arnold at fullback or in midfield? Rio, Joel & Ste are back for another VIBE with FIVE episode for Euro 2024. Following England’s 1-0 win over Serbia, the panel discuss numerous topics such as why England looked flat in the second half. Which players might need to be brought in for England’s next game? Bukayo Saka and Bellingham turning up for the Three Lions Again! Also discussed are the other fixtures form the tournament & predictions such as who the top scorer for the Euros will be e and more! Don’t forget to like, comment, subscribe and hit that notification bell so you never miss a minute of football coverage, exclusive interviews, and fiery debates this season!   Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

Backward Point: A Cricket Podcast

Backward Point

Pakistan ELIMINATED! What's next? | Pakistan Vs Ireland Review | Episode #94

Pakistan is officially out of T20 world cup. What happens next?

? Timestamps:
0:00 - Pakistan is out of the T20 WC
6:28 - Pitches in New York
10:42 - Reports of rifts in the team, Babar's captaincy & inconsistency in PCB
24:04 - Issues with Pakistan's squad selection
30:47 - Future of Babar's captaincy and Gary Kirsten's message
41:00 - Pakistan Cricket's savior complex
47:55 - What happens next? New captain, future of Imad & Amir
1:05:46 - Rating Pakistan cricket shows

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Anime Minority Report

Jamie Aird

The Bittersweet End: Death and Rebirth in Jobless Reincarnation

Join hosts Jamie and Guerby in this captivating episode of Anime Minority Report as they explore the latest installment of Jobless Reincarnation. In this episode, they delve into the profound themes of life and death, discussing the emotional impact of a key character's demise. Jamie and Guerby balance a mix of humor and serious analysis, offering listeners both laughs and deep insights. Whether you're a longtime fan or new to the series, this episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in how anime tackles complex, real-world issues through fantastical storytelling. Tune in for a blend of wit and wisdom as they unpack the latest episode's emotional highs and lows.

Conversations with Coaches

Brandon Mergard

Coaching for Diversity in the Workplace | Sunil Deshmukh | Conversations With Coaches - S03E10

Explore in this episode of 'Conversations with Coaches' how to address unique challenges in workplace diversity coaching. In this episode, Sunil Deshmukh helped solve career transition and diversity, equity and inclusion issues, uncovering effective approaches to unexpected problems with focus and creativity. Through personalized coaching strategies, Sunil discovered innovative solutions designed to foster diversity and inclusion in the workplace.Sunil Deshmukh is the Global Chair Elect (2023-2024) of IMA-USA, marking the first Asian to hold this position. He is a C-Suite Executive, Strategy Consultant, Leadership Coach, Mentor, Certified Independent Director, and renowned speaker with over three decades of corporate and global experience across various consumer markets, including Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and Singapore. Beginning his career as a finance leader with

Ray Edwards Show

Ray Edwards

How to Have More Money, Margin, and Meaning in Your Life

Who are you, and why are you here? That’s the question my podcast guest, Graham Cochrane, is helping us answer today. “Most of us,” Says Graham, “are living a life crafted by other people: family, social media, societal expectations, etc. We’ve conformed to the patterns of everyone around us without even meaning to.” Graham shows how to truly create YOUR life of freedom, joy, and meaning—on your terms, not someone else’s. During this conversation, he walks us through his simple five-part framework, and you will discover how to create the life you’ve always wanted. Key Insights Wake up from the world’s sleepy autopilot way of living Leave behind a legacy that others will want to emulate Stick to a set of values as you navigate the big decisions in life Determine what your ideal life looks like (in your work, business, relationships, finances, health)--and chart a path to get there Dismantle harmful mental scripts an

Blerdy Massacre

Blerdy Massacre

Let’s Take A Walk

Put on your hiking shoes and pack a cooler. We’re going to the woods to discuss In A Violent Nature and the art of the kill.Want More Time In The Blerdy Atmosphere?Check out to link up with @blerdymassacre on Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. It'll also lead you to our merch store and Patreon.You can also follow your hosts at @idkgravity and @misssharai on Instagram and Twitter. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

Women in Product Marketing

Mary Sheehan, Sharebird

Zendesk Senior Director, Product Marketing, Candace Marshall on Product Launches

Questions covered in this episode: 1:13 Opening Question: Can you take us back to a moment in your career or your life where you had to step outside of your comfort zone? 3:01 What are your roles in Zendesk?5:13 Can you talk about what Zendesk is actually doing with AI?11:30 Can you talk about in more depth was that you have a special emphasis on developing product marketing talent?13:48 Do you have any frameworks?15:31 How does product marketing integrate with the PM team?17:56 How do you measure success for a B2B launch?20:13 What are your tried and true methods of continuing that launch momentum.22:32 How do you think product marketing is going to change over the next five or 10 years? 24:34 How should AI play a role in product marketing? 26:53 How do you achieve work life balance?31:13 What's your favorite thing about product marketing?39:47 What do you think has been the

Soul Talks With Bill & Kristi Gaultiere

Soul Shepherding

Is Self-Love Selfish? (Mental Health & Faith)

Many of us neglect to receive the love and care we need from Jesus because our picture of self-love has been distorted. The Bible’s teachings about selflessness can be easily misunderstood and misapplied. Plus, culture promotes a type of self-love that is detached from Jesus and leads to a fractured soul. Tune in for this episode of Soul Talks as Bill and Kristi teach about biblically sound and psychologically healthy self-love. The true way to love others like Jesus is to fully embrace his love for you and agree with the song of grace he is singing over your life!Resources for this Episode:Meet with a Soul Shepherding Sr. Spiritual DirectorEarn a Certificate in Spiritual DirectionHealing Prayer: For Emotional & Physical WholenessDonate to Support Soul Shepherding and Soul Talks

Cards To The Moon

Five Card Guys

Interview With Stephanie Garcia (aka Mamabreaks) on Leaving Her Teaching Career to Become a Full-Time Breaker and Hobby Content Creator (+ How She Does It); Plus Fanatics and Sotheby's New Partnership

EPISODE 219 - Clark, Hyung, and John open the show discussing the new partnership between Fanatics and Sotheby's including what it means for the hobby.
Then Clark chats with Stephanie Garcia (aka Mamabreaks) about her hobby journey from being a teacher to one of the more popular breakers and content creators in the hobby.
She also shares who she's met along the way, her amazing experiences, and what she hopes to see more of in the hobby. Plus Garcia also talks about something she hopes to do in the future to help grow the hobby.
Then after the interview, Clark, Hyung and John, return to the show to wrap up with their weekly segment "Pick 1" where the hosts put up two cards and then debate which they'd rather invest in.

Working Forward

PeopleForward Network

Creating a Culture of Trust with Laurie Shakur + Nina Woodruff-Walker

Nina Woodruff, CEO of the Museum Of Children's Art (MoCA), shares her inspiring journey from being an Oakland youth to leading a non-profit organization focused on creativity, innovation, and community empowerment. In this engaging episode of Working Forward, hosted by Laurie Shakur, Nina delves into the significance of fostering an inclusive environment through collaborative leadership and how MoCA's Community Future School is preparing youth for future challenges. She discusses the concepts of afrofuturism, the importance of corporate partnerships, and how divergent thinking can solve “wicked problems.” Listen in to discover how Nina's leadership philosophy empowers young people to envision and create thriving futures through art and education. Additional Resources Connect with Laurie on LinkedIn Learn more about Session AI Connect with Nina Woodruff on LinkedIn Connect with the Museum of

The Nightingale of Iran

Danielle Dardashti, Galeet Dardashti

Bonus #6 - New Sounds

The show is a production of WNYC, New York Public Radio. Vocalist and anthropologist Galeet Dardashti is an advocate of Middle Eastern and North African Jewish culture. She founded the all-woman Middle Eastern Jewish ensemble, Divahn, specializes in Mizrahi cultural politics, music and media in Israel, and is a visiting professor at NYU who has begun research on progressive, millennial Sephardi/Mizrahi North American Jews.Her latest recording is Monajat, a Persian word meaning an intimate dialogue with the Divine. The record is also a digital collaboration with the recorded voice of her grandfather Younes Dardashti, a master singer of Persian classical music in 1950s/60s Iran, backed by an all-star ensemble that includes Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz on oud and bass; Max ZT on hammered dulcimer; Zafer Tawi on violin, ney, vocals, percussion; Philip Mayer on drums; and John Stanesco contributing electronics.On Monajat, Galeet Dardashti takes as

A Change of Brand

Blake Howard

LG with David Stevens and Tom Carey

LG is an electronics giant with one of the most instantly recognizable logos. But with decades of brand equity in their smiling icon and “Life’s Good” tagline, how do you signal a shift in the marketplace without throwing away everything you’ve built? David Stevens, Executive Strategy Director and Tom Carey, Senior Creative Director at Wolff Olins share how they approached bringing “the face of the future” into the future.To see the change of brand for yourself, visit or follow us on Instagram @changeofbrand.Created by Matchstic ( / @matchstichouse), hosted by Blake Howard (@blakehoward), co-hosted by Tracy Clark, edited and scored by ATAM Audio, brief-in by Dee Boyle, fact-checked and coordinated by Jill Jeffries, produced by Brianna Belcher, and artwork by Stephanie Kim.

Dharmapunx NYC

josh korda

The Ick! An abrupt and unanticipated feeling of disgust toward someone we previously found enjoyable or attractive

venmo.   Dharmapunxnyc

Other Record Labels

Other Record Labels

What Makes a Successful Record Label?

In this episode of Other Record Labels, Scott delves into the intricacies of what makes an indie record label successful. Through interviews with various record label owners, Scott uncovers that there isn't a single formula for success; rather, it is a combination of multiple elements done exceptionally well. Each guest offers unique insights based on their personal experiences, highlighting the diversity of approaches in the indie music industry. Listen to new insights and opinions on what it means to be a successful record label from Beggars Group, Minaret Records, Moderna Records, Kiam, and more! 
Presented by Squarespace. Use coupon code; ORL10 for 10% OFF your new website!

The Board Game BBQ Podcast

Board Game BBQ

Episode 298 – Rebirth, Pendragon, Mythic Mischief

Conor, Def, and Joe jostle jovially about their latest gaming escapades.
First up, Joe regales us with his rendezvous in the realm of Rebirth, Reiner Knizia’s latest offering which is still taking late pledges on Kickstarter. Def delves into the daring deeds of Pendragon, brace yourselves for battles, betrayals, and bountiful banter as he recounts his quest for the coveted crown, and Conor casts his comedic contortions on Mythic Mischief, a game that is very chess like, or is it cheff like? So, settle in, my merry gamers, and let the playful puns flow freely! It's sure to be another rollicking romp through the realm of tabletop tomfoolery.

All that, plus the Question of the Pod, Swear An Oath, and the usual shenanigans you've come to expect from the Board Game BBQ.
We also recap last week's Question of the Pod: What’s your favourite convention game?

Thanks to everyone who

Broken Simulation with Sam Tripoli and Johnny Woodard

Johnny Woodard

#126: Water/Food Scarcity + Sam's Bill Maher Encounter + Lindsey Graham Spills Beans on Ukraine

We talk about water/food scarcity and the roles of China, Saudi Arabia and the UAE, Lindsey Graham spilling the beans on Ukraine, Sam's encounter with Bill Maher and the state of comedy, Sam's roadway NDE, and loads more on this week's Broken Sim.More stuff: Get episodes early, and unedited, plus bonus episodes: or Broken Simulation: media: Twitter: @fatdragonpro, @johnnywoodard Instagram: @samtripoli, @johnnyawoodardWant to see Sam live? Visit for tickets!Broken Simulation Hosts: Sam Tripoli, Johnny Woodard

Lords of Limited

Lords of Limited

379: The Purple People Eater - Episode 379

We're one week in to this awesome format and kick things off by talking about the Eldrazi in the room Writhing Chrysalis. Then move on to larger format thoughts, individual cards to discuss, and a draft roundtable to showcase how we're approaching this limited environment!

Draft Log Review

Sponsored by Miracle Made and BetterHelp

Josh & Swain

Josh Ward | 99.1 The Sports Animal

Josh & Swain - Hour 3 (6.17.24)

Josh and Kevin Simon talk Vols and more.See for privacy information.

Inside Jeopardy!


Who is Super-Champion Adriana Harmeyer?

Michael and Sarah share the top highlights from last week’s games and Sarah talks with Adriana Harmeyer about becoming a Jeopardy! super-champion.

Hosts: Michael Davies & Sarah Foss

Production Support: Alexa Macchia & Carlos Martinez

Follow Jeopardy!

Instagram: @jeopardy

Twitter: @jeopardy

Subscribe on YouTube:

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Jordan Schneider

Taiwan War + Grand Strategy for Cold War II

Is Cold War II upon us? What should America do to prevent it from becoming a hot war? 
To discuss, ChinaTalk interviewed Dmitri Alperovitch. Dmitri emigrated from Russia in 1994 at age 13. He co-founded the leading cybersecurity startup Crowdstrike, and has spent the past four years running his new think tank, the Silverado Policy Accelerator. 
He's also the author of the new book World on the Brink: How America Can Beat China in the Race for the Twenty-First Century. 

We discuss:

Lessons from Cold War crises that almost went nuclear;

Underappreciated parallels between the Soviet Union and China today;

Groupthink in Washington as well as in Silicon Valley;

What a productive economic relationship with China would look like given national security concerns;

Some bold military and diplomatic recommendations for Taiwan;

… and more!


The BJJ Fanatics Podcast

Ryan Ford

BJJ Fanatics 625: Rolles Gracie

Rolles Gracie joins the show to talk about creating an environment that helps students learn faster, upper belts mentoring lower belts and his thoughts on the practice of testing for belts. He also gives advice for white belts. 

You Should Know Podcast

Wood Elf Media

ARRESTED AT THE WHITE HOUSE! -You Should Know Podcast-

TOUR TICKETS:<sid=cf28649f-95a7-4878-8701-fc4ea9c2f071




Peyton’s Polaroids:


5:02 Called For Jury Duty!
6:17 Peyton’s Skin Infections
10:00 How many Times Have You Seen It?
11:45 MANDO
16:29 Cam Got in a Wreck!
29:45 WILD Internet Games!
32:42 Sleeping With My Parents
35:05 Cam was a

Inside the Birds: A Philadelphia Eagles Podcast

Inside The Birds

Annual Contract Episode: How Long Are Philadelphia Eagles Locked Into Saqoun Barkley, Jalen Hurts, CJGJ

ITB hosts Adam Caplan and Geoff Mosher go inside Eagles contracts for their annual "contract episode," breaking down contract structures for significant starters and role players, explaining how they impact the team for the present and future.  SUBSCRIBE TO OUR PATREON CHANNEL FOR EXCLUSIVE, BONUS CONTENT: ► Sign up for our newsletter! • Visit► Ocean Casino Resort • Visit!► Sky Motor Cars • Visit and tell them Adam and Geoff sent you!Follow the Hosts!► Follow our Podcast on Twitter:► Follow Geoff Mosher on Twitter:► Follow Adam Caplan on Twitter: to access our FULL Podcast:APPLE:

Macros Made Easy with Emily Field RD

Emily Field RD

Exploring the Benefits and Pitfalls of Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGMs) with Hayden James

Have you ever heard of continuous glucose monitors (CGMs)?This technology is transforming how we approach nutrition, offering real-time data that can lead to significant health improvements.In this episode, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Hayden James, a seasoned sports dietitian and diabetes educator. Hayden James and I discuss the broader applications of CGMs, from weight loss to optimizing athletic performance. Our conversation includes client stories, the importance of evidence-based recommendations, and the need for thoughtful consideration when interpreting CGM data. If you’re a health data nerd like me, this episode is one you won’t want to miss. Join us for our discussion to learn more about: (2:50) What continuous glucose monitors are, and why you might consider using one(4:45) Benefits of continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) for optimizing nutrition for athle

Board Game Hot Takes

Board Game Hot Takes

Top Board Games of All Time 2024 Edition (31-40)

In Episode 201 we start the 2024 countdown of our top 40 Board Games of all time with choices 31-40.
00:00 Introduction
01:11 Top Games of All Time - How we made our lists
08:44 Chris #40 Battle for Rokugan
10:57 Adam #40 Brass: Birmingham
12:54 Tim #40 Rajas of the Ganges
14:47 Chris #39 - Castles of Burgundy
16:55 Adam #39 - Star Wars: The Deckbuilding Game
20:22 Tim #39 - Voidfall
21:28 Chris #38 - Nidavellir
26:32 Adam #38 - Apiary
27:30 Tim #38 - Marrakesh
29:11 Chris #37 - Fractal: Beyond the Void
31:22 Adam #37 - Rising Sun
33:55 Tim #37 - Scythe
36:12 Chris #36 - The Quacks of Quedlinburg
39:21 Adam #36 - It's a Wonderful World
41:37 Tim #36 - Viticulture: Essential Edition
43:43 Chris #35 - Robot Quest Arena
46:03 Adam #35 - Capital Lux 2: Generations
48:03 Tim #35 - Space Base
50:30 Chris #34

Check Your Thread

Zoe Edwards

#140: Sew Organised Style Podcast – The Nest Community

This week you will hear an episode of the Sew Organised Style podcast about a social enterprise based in Australia called The Nest Community. The Nest is an incredible charity that empowers women by fostering healing and connection. And they do this important work by keeping existing crafting materials in use and by sharing craft skills and knowledge.

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I made my pallet bench at a workshop run by The Salvage Sister:

In this episode you will hear founder and CEO of The Nest Community, Roz Holt:

This episode was made by Sew Organised Style podcast and first aired 4/3/24. The second episode, focusing on the volunteers at The Nest Community, aired 1/4/24 and can be heard on the Sew Organised Style website:

Spiritual Queen's Badass Podcast: Law of Attraction, Manifestation & Spirituality

Emma Mumford

How To Avoid Ego Manifesting & Align With The Good of All

Hey gorgeous souls and welcome to my 332nd podcast episode! I'm excited to share with you my top tips, advice, and tools on not making your manifestations all about 'what I want' and how to keep the good of all in mind when manifesting. I hope you enjoy this episode! xxJoin me LIVE in London this October with Alternatives - Get My NEW Manifestation Subliminal Playlist (13 hours of transformational subliminals ad & talk free) - Get my my NEW Manifesting Rituals 44-card affirmation deck and booklet (& get a FREE 60-min webinar) - my #1 bestselling book Hurt, Healing, Healed (Release limiting beliefs, fears and block to supercharge your manifestation) - my #1 bestselling book Positively Wealthy -


Natalie Vardabasso

113 - Dungeons and Formative Assessment w/Andrew Rigby

On this episode Alex interviews passionate and innovative educator Andrew Rigby, on the numerous benefits of TTRPG’s for students in the classroom.    Continue the conversation with Natalie on Twitter or Instagram    Continue the conversation with Alex on Twitter or Instagram    Join our Facebook group for community, connection and allies.   Download Nat's six research-based ways to INSPIRE change in assessment and grading!  

Financial Advisor Marketing Podcast

James Pollard

7 Marketing Mistakes New Financial Advisors Make

When you’re a brand-new financial advisor trying to learn marketing to keep your business afloat when you don’t have any clients, there’s a lot of mistakes you can make that increase your likelihood of giving up.  For example, listening to general marketing “experts” on YouTube who have never worked in the financial industry sets you up to work hard and generate no returns.  In fact, after having thousands of discussions with new financial advisors, I’ve found that there are 7 specific mistakes new advisors make that sabotage their marketing results.  In this episode, I reveal each of these 7 mistakes—and give you a solution for each and every one of them.  If you’re a new advisor, you can’t afford to skip this episode. But even if you’re a seasoned advisor, there’s still a chance you’re making one of these 7 mistakes.  Listen now.  Show highlights include: Why relying on Gary Vaynerchuk, Russell Brunson, and Grant Cardone fo

Pop School

Jonas Wadler & Sheppard Solomon

Music Publishing & Licensing in 2024: What To Know

On this week's episode, Sheppard and Jonas explore what to expect when seeking a publishing deal, the latest on royalty structures, and alternative avenues to secure deals in 2024.

The Jordan Syatt Mini-Podcast

Jordan Syatt

The Master of Pull-Ups, Muscle-Ups, and Strength: Meghan Callaway

In this episode of The Jordan Syatt Mini Podcast, I speak with the strongest woman you might not have heard of, Meghan Callaway (IG: @meghancallaway).
If you want to get strong as all hell, be able to crank out pull-ups, chin-ups, or muscle-ups, and listen to an inspirational strength coach, hit play on this episode right now.
I hope you enjoy the episode and, if you do, please leave a review on iTunes (huge thank you to everyone who has written one so far).
Finally, if you've been thinking about joining The Inner Circle but haven't yet...we have hundreds of home and bodyweight workouts for you and you can get them all here:

Splendid Sports Cards Podcast

Splendid Sports Cards Podcast

The Sports Card Hobby is STRONG!

Use promo code SPLENDID for 10% off your entire order at ⁠Zion Cases⁠.

Please always feel free to submit feedback and questions to ⁠Splendid Sports on Instagram⁠.

Weird Medieval Guys

Weird Medieval Guys

Why was football banned 30 times in medieval England?

The European football championships have kicked off, so it's time to talk sports! Join Olivia and Aran as they crack open a cold one or several and take a look at the long history of football in Europe, as well as the almost-as-long history of football hooliganism. In doing so, we will try to understand why there have been so many attempts to ban the sport....that is to say, why every attempt to do so has failed!For more on some of what we discuss, check out:Quest for excitement : sport and leisure in the civilizing process (Chapter 5) by Norbert Elias and Eric Dunning in Medieval England and in Middle-English Literature by F.P. Magoun, Jr. and Social Hierarchy in Medieval England by Thomas S. Henricks poems about James Dog by William Dunbar