The Moth

The Moth

The Moth Radio Hour: You Gone Learn

In this hour, stories of education, illumination, or just being schooled. The lessons learned from communities new and old, on top of a glacier, and from children. This episode is hosted by Moth host Jon Goode. The Moth Radio Hour is produced by The Moth and Jay Allison of Atlantic Public Media.

Hosted by: Jon Goode


Dan Souza teaches English and learns about Hungarian karaoke.

Jen Rubin plans to be spontaneous.

Matty Struski learns about resiliency, and slides.

Diane Harari learns that piano recitals are child's play.

Burnell Cotlon returns to the Lower Ninth Ward after Hurricane Katrina to rebuild the community he loves.

The Magnus Archives

Rusty Quill

Join us for Rusty Quill Gaming and Giving 2021!

It’s back!Gaming and Giving is streaming live on from 4th December at 5pm GMT and this year we’re raising money for three more charities: Mermaids, Action Aid and Centrepoint.Once again we’re trying to raise £20,000 to split between all three charities, but this time there’s a twist. This year we’ve reached out even more games companies ad developers, like Czech Games, CoatSink and Devolver Digital, Grant Howitt and MacGuffin & Co plus a few more, to give us some awesome prizes that you enter to win simply by donating!Also, based on your feedback we’ve created a special ticketed backstage space for you to come and mingle with both the cast and crew of Rusty Quill as well as your friends from the chat! All proceeds from the ticket sales go directly to the three charities - take a look at our website for more info.So come join in at between 5pm GMT on Saturday

Snap Judgment

Snap Judgment and PRX

Bates & Stokes

Two women, Bates and Stokes, were LPCs at Pontiac Correctional Center outside Chicago. They were popular with their clients. They always had each other’s back. And that... was just the start of their problems. Plus, the story of two men who come face to face one night in the canyonlands of southern Utah.


Bates & Stokes

Two women, Bates and Stokes, were LPCs at Pontiac Correctional Center outside Chicago. They were popular with their clients. They always had each other’s back. And that... was just the start of their problems.

This story contains graphic elements and mentions suicide and racism. Please take care while listening.

This story comes to us from WBEZ’s new season of the Motive podcast. This season investigates the hidden world of big prisons in small towns. Places where everyone knows each other and difficult truths get buried. Listen and subscribe to Motive now!

Snap Judgment Presents: Spooked

Snap Judgment

Announcement: Spooked Continues Every Other Friday

It’s true; there are more all-new Spooked stories ahead, stories that haven’t been heard before. Stick around listeners. Follow this feed. Season 6 just got frighteningly long.

To listen to all new Spooked episodes as they’re released, subscribe to Luminary directly, or to the Luminary Channel on Apple Podcasts. Either way, just go to

The Great Detectives of Old Time Radio

Adam Graham

EP3740:Tales of the Texas Ranger: The Hatchet

Ranger Pearson investigates the murder of a popular English teacher.Original Air Date: February 11, 1951Become one of our monthly patreon supporters at patreon.greatdetectives.netSupport the show on a one-time basis at a donation to: Adam Graham, PO Box 15913, Boise, Idaho 83715Take the listener survey…http://survey.greatdetectives.netGive us a call 208-991-4783Become one of our friends on Facebook.Follow us on Instagram at us on Twitter @radiodetectives

The Slowdown

American Public Media

666: Against Mastery

Today’s poem is Against Mastery by Brionne Janae.

Selected Shorts

Symphony Space

All of It with Alison Stewart

We partnered with WNYC’s Alison Stewart on this program featuring tales of love and haunting by new and established writers who have been featured on her show All of It.  In Hilary Leichter’s “Doggy-Dog World” family life takes an unexpected turn. It’s read by Sarah Mezzanotte. Is “Horror Story” a series of hauntings, or is it the form that love takes when it’s not working?  Carmen Maria Machado’s story is read by Molly Bernard.  And the masterful Louise Erdrich gives us an old story—falling in love with your teacher—in a new guise; she happens to be a nun.  Cynthia Nixon is the reader of “Sister Godzilla.”


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Marvel's Wolverine: The Long Night

Marvel & SiriusXM

Special Agents Sally Pierce and Tad Marshall investigate a series of mysterious deaths in the seaside town of Burns, Alaska, following the arrival of a strange newcomer - a loner by the name Logan. Thanks for listening on Apple Podcasts!

Scary Stories & Rain

Being Scared

Scary Stories For A Rainy Night - Ep. 55

P.S. - Have you checked out my YouTube channel yet?? Please subscribe! I have TONS of videos!! Search - "BEING SCARED" on YOUTUBE!!


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Marvel's Wolverine: The Lost Trail

Marvel & SiriusXM

Marvel's Wastelanders: Hawkeye Sneak Peek!

Forty years ago, the villains of the world rose up and killed all the heroes. Well, all the heroes that mattered. The sole survivor of the Avengers, Hawkeye (Stephen Lang) is now a sideshow freak, re-living the worst day of his life for paying audiences. He's surly, broken, and losing his sight, but there's still that fire in him to be a hero, to avenge his friends. And he's ready to do what needs to be done: killing every last person responsible for the deaths of those he loved the most. Marvel's Wastelanders: Hawkeye is the second installment in the Marvel's Wastelanders audio epic. Written by J. Holtham (Supergirl, Jessica Jones), directed by Rachel Chavkin (Hadestown), with sound design by One Thousand Birds and an original score by James Harrison Monaco and JJJJJerome Ellis. Learn more at

The Jimmy Dore Show

Jimmy Dore

Trevor Noah Kisses Up To The WHCD Crowd

The Daily Show's Trevor Noah headlined this year's White House Correspondents Dinner, and the South African-born comedian delivered what he was paid for -- some mild criticism of the luminaries in the room and then an epic tongue bath for the fourth estate and all the alleged "journalism" the media bigwigs in the room produce. Plus a segment on Dave Chappelle's recent attack while on stage at the Hollywood Bowl. Also featuring Stef Zamorano, Kurt Metzger and Mike MacRae! And phone calls from Vince Vaughn and CNN stars Jake Tapper and Jeffrey Toobin!

Down These Mean Streets (Old Time Radio Detectives)

Mean Streets Podcasts

Episode 481 - Webb Head (Johnny Madero, Dragnet, & Pete Kelly’s Blues)

In honor of Jack Webb's birthday, we'll hear three of the radio and TV legend's old time radio mysteries. First, he stars in a waterfront mystery from Johnny Madero, Pier 23 (originally aired on ABC on June 19, 1947). Then, he's Sgt. Joe Friday on the trail of a killer in "The Big Shirt" from Dragnet (originally aired on NBC on November 30, 1952). Finally, we'll hear a Prohibition-era caper from Pete Kelly's Blues (originally aired on NBC on July 25, 1951).

Nostalgic Mystery Radio

Stevie K.

Ep.159 Agatha Christie's Miss Marple: A Caribbean Mystery Pt 1

Miss Jane Marple doesn’t look like your average detective. Quite frankly, she doesn’t look like a detective at all. But looks can be deceiving... For a woman who has spent her life in the small village of St Mary Mead, Miss Marple is surprisingly worldly. But as she often points out she has had every opportunity to observe human nature.A Caribbean Mystery: Miss Marple is drawn into a case of intrigue and black magic when a Major who bragged of owning a photo of a murderer dies under mysterious circumstances.Support the show (

Music and the Brain

Library of Congress

Music as Medicine

Host Steve Mencher talks with Dr. Deforia Lane, Director of Music Therapy, Univeristy Hospitals of Cleveland.

The Penumbra Podcast

Harley Takagi Kaner and Kevin Vibert

4.12: Second Citadel--The Mad Mirages (Part 1)

Led by Sir Tristan the Cold, Damien the Pious returns to the Citadel he once called home... and finds that "home" is not where he left it six years ago.Welcome to the Penumbra, dear Traveler. We hope you enjoy your stay.(Trigger warnings can be found at the bottom of this episode description and at the end of the transcript.) ------- You can find all of our transcripts here: Transcripts will come out along with the public release of the episode. On staff at the Penumbra: Alice Chuang -- Head of Design Ginny D'Angelo -- Head of Merchandise and Outreach Melissa DeJesus -- Script editing team Milo Ellersick -- Promotional artist Harley Takagi Kaner -- Co-creator, Head of Episode Development, Director, Sound designer Joelle Kross -- Transcriptionist Noah Simes -- Production manager Grahame Turner -- Script editing team Kevin Vibert -- Co-creator,

Relic Radio Sci-Fi (old time radio)

The Eavesdroppers by CBS Radio Mystery Theater

This week on Relic Radio Science Fiction, The CBS Radio Mystery Theater brings us their story from August 27, 1975, The Eavesdroppers. More from The CBS Radio Mystery Theater Download SciFi720

The Hyacinth Disaster

David Carlson

The crew of the MRS Hyacinth rush to survey a Jovian asteroid, hoping it is worth enough to ransom the crew of their sister ship - the Corvus - before the deadline hits. See for privacy and opt-out information.

Harry Things


and what

Dragnet | Old Time Radio


Ep365 | "The Big Present"

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The Archers

BBC Radio 4


Ian makes plans for the future and there’s an emergency on the cricket pitch

The First Ever Podcast

Jeremy Bolm

85: Bob Nanna: I Still Am Striving To Do Something That I Think Is The Best

This week Jeremy interviews musician Bob Nanna of Braid, Hey Mercedes, and more! On this episode Bob and Jeremy and talk solo vacations, his first shows back, pre show anxiety, vocal warm ups, being prolific, his childhood jukebox and the music journey of his teen years, hair metal, Naked Raygun, playing drums and his first show, his band Friction, learning how to play guitar, his first tour, Polyvinyl records, working with J Robbins on Frame & Canvas, signing to Vagrant Records, working with Will Yip, and so much more! For a bonus episode where Bob answers questions submitted by subscribers and so much more - SUBSCRIBE TO THE PATREON Follow the show on INSTAGRAM and TWITTER

Old Time Radio Westerns

Andrew Rhynes

The Librarian – Frontier Gentleman (10-05-58)

Original Air Date: October 05, 1958 Host: Andrew Rhynes Show: Frontier Gentleman Phone: (707) 98 OTRDW (6-8739) Stars: • John Dehner (J.B. Kendall) Special Guests: • Virginia Gregg • Eddie Firestone • Richard Perkins • Charles Seel Writer: • Tom Hanley Producer: • Antony Ellis Music: • Wilbur Hatch Exit music from: Roundup on the […]

The Stories of Mahabharata

Sudipta Bhawmik

Mahabharata Episode 63: Day Thirteen of the War - Fall of Abhimanyu

On the thirteenth day of the battle, Drona arranged his forces in the Chakra Vyuha ( or Wheel) formation. Only Arjun knew the secret technique to penetrate the Chakra Vyuha. With Arjun far away fighting the Samsaptaks, the Pandavas were in trouble. Abhimanyu, the teenage son of Arjun, told his uncles that he knew how to break open and enter the Chakra Vyuha but he didn't know the technique to get out of it. The Pandavas assured, if he could help break the formation, they would ensure his safe exit. Abhimanyu agreed and raced towards the Chakra Vyuha, but will he be able to come out safe? Listen to this exciting episode and find out.Find us on:Twitter: @MahabharatAudioFacebook: See for privacy and opt-out information.

The Dinner Table: A Southern Cannibal Podcast

The Dinner Table: A Southern Cannibal Podcast

3 TRUE Scary Childhood Horror Stories | Episode 86

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The Great Detectives Present Sherlock Holmes

Adam Graham

EP3542s: Mercury Theater of the Air: The Immortal Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes tries to recover blackmail letters leading to a confrontation with the Napoleon of Crime-Professor Moriarty.Original Air Date: September 25, 1938Support the show monthly at patreon.greatdetectives.netSupport the show on a one-time basis at a donation to: Adam Graham, PO Box 15913, Boise, Idaho 83715Take the listener survey…http://survey.greatdetectives.netGive us a call 208-991-4783Become one of ourfriends on Facebook.Follow us on Instagram at us on Twitter@radiodetectives

Case Closed! (old time radio)

Philip Marlowe and Broadway Is My Beat

This week on Case Closed, The Adventures Of Philip Marlowe starts off our hour with his broadcast from January 29, 1949, The Easy Mark. (29:47) Our second story is The Tori Jones Murder Case, the December 10, 1949 episode of Broadway Is My Beat. Download CaseClosed791 Visit for more information on how you [...]

The Relic Radio Show (old time radio)

Theater Five and Columbia Workshop

The Relic Radio Show begins with The Big Dog, from Theater Five. That story aired August 11, 1964. (21:50) The Columbia Workshop closes out this week's episode with their story from February 23, 1946, titled, Hard Luck Story. Download RelicRadio784

The Boulet Brothers' Creatures of the Night

DREAD Podcast Network

Horror hosts, producers and drag icons The Boulet Brothers invite listeners into their glamorous and terrifying world! CREATURES OF THE NIGHT is a horror variety show featuring movie reviews, behind the scenes looks into the Boulet Brothers' current projects, celebrity interviews, famous hauntings in history, listener questions and everything Drag, Filth, Horror and Glamour!

The Hamilcast: A Hamilton Podcast

Gillian Pensavalle

#317: Deejay Young // Principal Standby // Part Two

Angelica tour's Deejay Young talks about his audition process for Hamilton, what it is like to learn multiple roles for the show at once, going out on tour, and Deejay takes questions from the Patreon Peeps.  EPISODE TRANSCRIPT Deejay Young Deejay on Twitter Deejay on Instagram Gillian on Twitter Gillian on Instagram The Hamilcast on Twitter The Hamilcast on Instagram Join the Patreon Peeps  

Old Time Radio Mystery Theater

Old Time Radio Mystery Theater

CBS Radio Mystery Theater - 0017 - A Very Old Man

An old man can see the future and even relieve physical pain with a simple touch.

The Horror! (Old Time Radio)

Double Exposure by The Columbia Workshop

We hear from the Columbia Workshop on The Horror this week. From February 15, 1940, here's their story titled, Double Exposure. More from Columbia Workshop Download TheHorror1057 Support Relic Radio

Jokermen: a podcast about bob dylan

The Jokermen

Jokermen explores the mid-to-late career works of Columbia recording artist Bob Dylan — Subscribe on Patreon for regular bonus episodes at — @jokermenpodcast on Instagram and Twitter See for privacy and opt-out information.

Strange Tales (Old Time Radio)

The Time Machine by Escape

This week on Strange Tales we hear the May 9, 1948, adaptation of H.G. Wells' story, The Time Machine. This the first of two productions of this story done by Escape. More from Escape Download StrangeTales637

Gunsmoke -

Andrew Rhynes

Hack Prine – Gunsmoke (07-05-54)

Original Air Date: July 05, 1954 Host: Andrew Rhynes Show: Gunsmoke Phone: (707) 98 OTRDW (6-8739) Stars: • William Conrad (Matt Dillion) • Parley Baer (Chester) • Georgia Ellis (Kitty) • Howard McNear (Doc) Special Guests: • Lawrence Dobkin • Vic Perrin • John Dehner • Harry Bartell Writer: • John Meston Producer: • Norman […]


Amy Lyndon

Amy Lyndon, Celebrity Acting/Booking Coach - Creator and Founder of the Revolutionary International "The Lyndon Technique: The 15 Guideline Map To Booking," which has turned out 54+ Series Regulars and an Emmy Award Winner, gives Actors massive advice from her years as an Award Winning Actress, Multi-Award Winning Filmmaker, former Talent Manager and CEO of Gold-Levin Talent.

Backstage Pass with Eric Vetro

Pushkin Industries

Sabrina Carpenter

Sabrina Carpenter may only be 22, but the singer and actress has made a name for herself in music, TV, film, and on the Broadway stage. In this Interview, Sabrina and Eric talk about how she turned her childhood dreams into a real career, the differences between singing on tour versus a Broadway stage, and how the writing process can help clarify situations - especially with her song Sue Me.
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PROCESSING THE PROCESS - Auditioning for College Musical Theatre Programs, A Parent’s Perspective

Lisa Thams

Eps. 27 - The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same!

For many of you the topics & thoughts shared in this episode will be a familiar now or in your future. I want to do my best to share accurate information. My chat with this mom is current, relevant and, I think, will be helpful. It’s a valuable articulation of the potential overwhelm and realization of the magnitude of the demands of this process.
I am wowed by the commitment that so many kids, in this time ,have made to move forward, doing zoom sessions for skill development, etc. Which, actually, lends itself well to the requirements of auditioning in this time where the pandemic exists and the comfort level that is needed for self tapes, zoom live auditions and interviews. It is the norm now and I think it will stay to some degree going forward.
Our conversation touches on: the Project Manager role as the parent, the dilemma of the mask requirement of being in-person versus being on zoom with no mask

All Of It


Period Trackers and Big Data

When The Supreme Court opinion draft addressing Roe v. Wade leaked to the public, some social media users started posting about how users of period trackers and ovulation apps should consider deleting them from their cell phones. Recode's Sara Morrison joins to explain this idea, and why privacy laws may need to be passed to protect women's rights, especially if Roe v. Wade is reversed.

Live Wire with Luke Burbank


Michael Schur, Demi Adejuyigbe, and Shovels & Rope

Host Luke Burbank and announcer Elena Passarello reveal the tiny unethical things our listeners admit to doing; television writer and producer Michael Schur (Parks and Recreation, The Good Place) discusses his new book How to Be Perfect, which attempts to break down moral philosophy into a conversation-starter; comedian Demi Adejuyigbe explains why he won't stop making fake credits for Will Smith productions; and folk duo Shovels & Rope describe why they think of themselves as a "manticore" of music-making, before performing their new track "Domino."

Met Opera Guild Podcast

Metropolitan Opera Guild

Ep.196: Opera Outlook Don Carlos

For the first time in the company’s history, the Metropolitan Opera is presenting Verdi’s tragic opera Don Carlos in its original five act French version. Set during the period of the tumultuous Spanish Inquisition, this opera boasts a super star cast including Matthew Polenzani, Sonya Yoncheva, Jamie Barton, and Eric Owens. Join lecturer John J.H. Muller as he explores the music and history of this French Grand Opera.

Comforting Sounds

Relaxing Sleep Music • Deep Sleeping Music, Relaxing Music, Stress Relief, Meditation Music (Flying)

Relaxing sleep music for deep sleeping and stress relief. Fall asleep to beautiful nature videos and use the relaxing music ("Flying" by Peder B. Helland) as sleeping music, soothing meditation music, relaxation music, study music and more.

Stars on Suspense (Old Time Radio)

Mean Streets Podcasts

Episode 275 - Marsha Hunt

Marsha Hunt began her career in Hollywood in the 1930s, but she was blacklisted after she took a stand against McCarthyism and the Communist witch hunt in Hollywood. Though she continued to act in films and television, she rededicated her life to philanthropy and activisim, and she's still with us today. We'll hear her as a long-suffering niece who sees an opportunity to get rid of an abusive (and wealthy) aunt in "Pink Camellias" (originally aired on CBS on December 27, 1945). Then, she's a woman with no shortage of lovers, a husband she doesn't love, and a murder plan in "Self Defense" (originally aired on CBS on October 16, 1947).

An Actor Despairs

Ryan Perez

An inside look at life in the television and film industry. Join your host Ryan Perez as he speaks with actors, directors, talent agents, casting directors, and more about how the industry works and how to not only survive but to thrive. See for privacy and opt-out information.

The Archers Omnibus

BBC Radio 4


Writer, Tim Stimpson
Director, Dave Payne
Editor, Jeremy Howe

Adil Shah ….. Ronny Jhutti
Alice Carter ….. Hollie Chapman
Ben Archer ….. Ben Norris
Brian Aldridge ….. Charles Collingwood
Elizabeth Pargetter ….. Alison Dowling
Freddie Pargetter ….. Toby Laurence
Ian Craig ….. Stephen Kennedy
Jolene Archer …… Buffy Davis
Kathy Perks ….. Hedli Niklaus
Lynda Snell MBE ….. Carole Boyd
Oliver Sterling ….. Michael Cochrane
Roy Tucker ….. Ian Pepperell
Ruairi Donovan ….. Arthur Hughes
Tracy Horrobin ….. Susie Riddell
Vince Casey ….. Tony Turner

My Paranormal Story

Tom Stewart

059 - Pixies in the Woods

Before we knew it, we were surrounded by yellow and white orbs. They were everywhere My Paranormal Story is written, produced, and narrated by Tom Stewart. Check out my friends at Scary Time: Music by Kevin MacLeod at Evening of Chaos by Kevin MacLeod Link: License: Ghost Story by Kevin MacLeod Link: License: Healing by Kevin MacLeod Link: License: Long note One by Kevin MacLeod Link: License: On the Shore by Kevin MacLeod Link: License:

The Strange Case of Starship Iris

Jessica Best (Procyon Podcast Network)

Feed Drop! Earth Eclipsed 1.01 "The Abacus Project"

Earth Eclipsed 1.01: "The Abacus Project"Transcript available here: information gets leaked about a top secret project led by renowned neuroscientist Dr. Alexine Prometh, she finds herself up against a company looking for someone to blame, and a renegade miner with his own plans for her research.Produced, Directed, and Written By:Nicholas Prufer, AJ Churchill, Victor LeeScript Edited By:Alexa PolivkaMusic by:AJ ChurchillSound Design by:AJ Churchill, Shane Rutherfoord-JonesMain Theme & Credits Mastered by:Mandy ParnellCast:Allegra Rodriguez Shivers, Reginald West, Christian T. Chan, Amy Lyndon, Michael Malconian, Benedikt Sebastian, Daniel Dauphin, Cammie Middleton, Jayden Libran, Flo KiscellusShow website: app website:

Relic Radio Thrillers (Old Time Radio)

The Murder by The Chase

Relic Radio Thrillers features The Chase this week. We hear their story from December 14, 1952, titled, The Murder. More from The Chase Download Thriller732


Becca De La Rosa & Mabel Martin

Episode Forty-Seven: What Happened in the '20s

Have you heard this story before? Featuring: two girls in a haunted house on a hill. Music: Circle of Bones by ROZCOL and M, Volume II by (morse). Written by Maybell Marten.

Stages Podcast

Stephanie J. Block and Marylee Fairbanks

Episode 206: Jason Alexander ~Curiosity & Empathy

Jason Alexander is an Emmy, Grammy, and Tony Award-winning actor, known for his work on stage and screen in long-running tv shows like "Seinfeld" and big screen hits like "Pretty Woman." He won his Tony and Grammy Awards for his work in JEROME ROBBINS' BROADWAY and served as the Artistic Director of "Reprise!" in Los Angeles. In this episode, Jason shares how being George Costanza, the everyman anti-hero, helped define his career, how building an acting foundation allows an artist to then just play on screen and on stage, how he broaches polarizing topics with those who hold world views very different than his own, and his exciting new venture in podcasting.  Starts With Us Touching The Void Raisin In The Sun: "Child, when do you think is the time to love somebody the most; when they done good and made things easy for everybody? Well then, you aint through learning-becuase they aint all

Kinjaz: Movement In The Shadows

Kinjaz Podkast

The Power Of Saying NO | Amber Liu

Singer/Songwriter and 1/4 of Kpop group FX,  Amber Liu is back on the pod.

Amber's first interview on the pod.

10:00 Life after quarantine

23:00 rekindling creativity

Kirby and the Forgotten Land

32:00 Dealing with pressure


Ben Chung

Anthony Lee

Recording - Chad Mayate

Kinjaz Theme by Charlie Nguyen

Kinjaz in collaboration with Broccoli Productions

The Charismatic Voice

Elizabeth Zharoff

Welcome back to The Charismatic Voice, where we break down your favorite music and talk about what makes it extraordinary!! Hosted by Elizabeth Zharoff — vocal coach, producer, YouTuber, and internationally acclaimed opera singer with multiple degrees and performance credits throughout Europe, Asia, and America — every episode aims to demystify how great voices give us goosebumps. Each week, we chat with iconic musicians and artists from around the world, digging deep into their histories, vocal techniques, and behind-the-scenes happenings throughout their careers. We also talk about whether they prefer tea or coffee, and all kinds of quirks you never knew about them. Every episode is a unique scientific and practical guide for all-things-vocal. Our goal is to grow in understanding and appreciation together - so that you fall more in love with music every week. We invite you to join us as we dig in to the why’s and how’s of great music and great singing.

The Voice of the Arts

Joe Weber - The Voice of the Arts

In these hectic times, sometimes the quiet and thoughtful reading of a good short story or the serenity of a beautiful piece of music is just the respite that we need. Join Joe Weber, the host of Atlanta's The Voice of the Arts, as he guides you on an eclectic and unexpected journey through some of his favorite stories, comedy bits, songs, and sketches, which he hopes will bring you comfort and joy in this increasingly loud and angry world.

Toure Show

DCP Entertainment

Jam & Lewis–We Are A Part of the Rhythm Nation

Touré Show Ep 298: Jam & Lewis–We Are A Part of the Rhythm Nation
Original Air Date: December 1, 2021

Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis are one of the great production teams of the modern era—they started with Prince, they helped make Janet Jackson a superstar, and much more. I wanted to talk to them for a long time and now they’re in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame so let’s throwback to my convo with this legendary team.
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I Don't Need an Acting Class

Milton Justice

Academy Award winner and celebrated acting teacher Milton Justice invites you into his weekly acting class, and what has become an invaluable audio resource to actors across the globe. Based on his years of study with the legendary teacher Stella Adler and his forthcoming book of the same name, I Don’t Need an Acting Class is one of the few acting podcasts that delves deep into the craft of acting, breaking down the concepts, tools and techniques we have at our disposal and providing a practical "road in" to approaching a role. Produced by Walker Vreeland. Support this podcast:

The Record Store Day Podcast with Paul Myers

Paul Myers

Aoife O'Donovan, Bull Moose Records

Singer/songwriter Aoife O'Donovan joins us to discuss her stunning new album, Age Of Apathy (Yep Roc). Brett Wickard and Mick Pratt of Bull Moose Records in Maine & New Hampshire explain to Paul what an "ESOP" is, and RSD's Carrie Colliton discusses RSD's upcoming partnership with We Are Moving The Needle, a program to spotlight and amplify women who make records on both sides of the glass. Sponsored by Tito's Handmade Vodka and Dogfish Head Craft Brewery. Go to for up-to-the-minute news on all RSD events and initiatives. Please subscribe to us wherever you get your podcasts.

Play On Podcasts

Next Chapter Podcasts

S5 Ep10: King Lear Interview: Sound Designer Lindsay Jones (Part II)

Part II of Lindsay Jones’s interview delves into jazz as a metaphor for the creative process of theater, advocacy for Sound Designers, appreciating collaboration and creating a humane work schedule.

The Play On Podcast series KING LEAR, was translated into modern English verse by MARCUS GARDLEY and directed by ERIC TING. 

The Cast is as follows:

KEITH DAVID as King Lear
CHRISTIANA CLARK as the Earl of Kent
BERNARD WHITE as the Earl of Gloucester
DANIEL JOSE MOLINA as Edgar and the Duke of Burgundy
LANCE GARDNER as Oswald and The King of France
J.D. MOLLISON as the Duke of Albany and the Doctor
REX YOUNG as the Duke of Cornwall

Casting by THE TELSEY O

Unlimited Time Magic with Jen & Liam

Unlimited Time Magic with Jen & Liam

Jen and Liam have been known to never stop talking about theme parks, mental health and their love for watching the parade pass by. And now, you are invited to pull up a chair and join in on the honest conversation! This limited series podcast will explore all the different ways in which the magic is still alive and the magic is, you! @unlimitedtimemagic @jennlefforge @liamjoshuamunn

Broadway Backstory

TodayTix and Theater People

Big Broadway Backstory News!

Big News, You guys! Check It Out!

The Great Detectives Present Let George Do It

Adam Graham

EP2986: Let George Do It: Red Spots in the Snow

George is called to a ski resort to protect a famous Hollywood director. Original Air Date: Unknown Likely Rebroadcast Date: November 25, 1952 Support the show monthly at

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LOVE SOMEONE with Delilah


SANDRA MAGSAMEN: "I Wish Wish Wish For You"

Award-winning author and illustrator, Sandra Magsamen, has touched millions, one heart at a time, for over 35 years. Her children's books are woven together using her experiences as an art therapist, and as a mom, with her unique style of poetry and painting. 

Her newest book, “I Wish Wish Wish For You”, hit shelves in January of this year. Her “World of Wishes” Campaign kicked-off at the same time, with a call to action for children all over the world to share their wishes for a more meaningful future.  

Sandra's books and stories inspire, and are a gentle reminder that it’s the people and moments in our lives that make life so wonderful! We wish, wish, wish for you to join us today! ~ Delilah

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Sentimental Men

Quincy Brown and Kevin Bianchi

BONUS: Wicked The Musical (All Stars)

How's it going, Green Circle? Let’s get Sentimental about concert FOMO, all star concert casts and who we’d cast in a benefit concert of Wicked. If you haven't guessed yet, the theme of the episode is CONCERTS.
Looking for a way to support the pod? Join our subscription: The Sentimental Men Green Circle! Subscribers will have early access to our regular episodes, monthly bonus episodes and a spot on our Close Friends list on Instagram. What's on our Close Friends, you ask? Behind-the-scenes glimpses at production, exclusive info before we share it and the return of Kevin's Glinda Corner. Not to mention, we'll ask for your input on upcoming episodes. It's all grand and it's all green! Subscribe using the link below!
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The Arts in Conversation

The National Arts Club

Welcome to The Arts in Conversation presented by the National Arts Club. This podcast is an extension of the mission of the NAC: to stimulate, foster, and promote public interest in the arts. In this podcast, we want to welcome you into our club by introducing you to world-renowned artists, inviting you to our live events, and sharing innovations happening in the arts—across a variety of mediums—today.

What’s Your Limp?

Jordan Walker Ross

Kevin L. Johnson (Actor)

In this episode of What's Your Limp? Jordan is joined by actor Kevin L. Johnson - who you likely know as the affable Sam Dermody on the hit Netflix series Ozark.Kevin, a self-proclaimed introvert, talks about how acting helped him come out of his shell in college and how he decided to pursue it as a career. He also talks about the final season of Ozark, what it was like working with Laura Linney and much more!Be sure to follow Kevin on social media @TheKevinJohnson and keep an eye out for him in season 4 of Stranger Things, as well as Part 2 of Ozark's  final season!Also, follow us on social media @WhatsYourLimp and follow Jordan @TheJordanRoss!

Opera For Everyone

Opera for Everyone

Ep. 97 OFE Meets Maestro Joseph Rescigno, ft Ariadne auf Naxos by Strauss

Meet Maestro Joseph Rescigno–gentleman, author, and opera conductor extraordinaire.  The Maestro joins OFE for this wide-ranging discussion of the how, what, and why of conducting opera.  Drawing on material from his book, Conducting Opera: Where Theater Meets Music, and a lifetime of conducting opera around the world, Maestro Rescigno brings a unique perspective to the theory and practice of operatic composition and performance.  In the second half, we explore Richard Strauss’ unusual and fascinating Ariadne auf Naxos, which hybridizes myth and psychodrama, opera and commedia dell'arte. 

Hosted by Pat

Choice Classic Radio Drama & Horror | Old Time Radio

Choice Classic Radio

The Whistler: Finders Weepers

Choice Classic Radio presents to you The Whistler, which aired from 1942 to 1955. Today we bring to you the episode titled "Finders Weepers.”

We hope you enjoy the show!

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q: The Podcast from CBC Radio

CBC Radio

[Full episode] Alison Brie, Gwenlyn Cumyn, Tanika Charles

Actor Alison Brie discusses her new dark comedy series, Roar, which happens to be made by the same women who made GLOW. Homeschooled co-creator, writer and director Gwenlyn Cumyn tells us how she brought her own experience with home education to the show. Singer-songwriter Tanika Charles talks about Different Morning — her latest single off her new album, Papillon de Nuit: The Night Butterfly — and what the song says about long distance relationships.

Making The Impact - A Dance Competition Podcast

Impact Dance Adjudicators

Q&A with Courtney LIVE - April Edition

In the April Edition of Q&A With Courtney LIVE, Courtney and special guest IDA Judge Jessica answer your questions on topics including:Does your dancer need an Instagram?Guest choreographers and re-using choreographyPursuing a professional career in New York CityCLICK HERE to send in your questions to be answered on a future Q&A with Courtney episode. You can request to stay anonymous or have Courtney give you a shout out live on the air!If you love Making The Impact and want to support our podcast, buy us a coffee now on Ko-Fi! Your donation will go directly towards helping us create quality content for future episodes. We appreciate your support! ❤️This episode is sponsored by:Dancer Fitness - Hundreds of exercises & training plans designed for dancers!Monthly membership starts at just $1Use code: IMPACT20 for 20% off your annual membership! FAVE4 Haircare - High-performing hair products built for the stage!Use code: I

The Stoop Storytelling Series

The Stoop Storytelling Series

A Date to Remember

This week on the podcast two lovely ladies who have dating adventures they can’t forget (unfortunately).

Hot Ones: The Classic Interviews

Complex Networks

Henry Rollins (Extended Interview)

Henry Rollins is a man of many talents: punk-rock legend, TV host, radio personality, and LA Weekly columnist. But can he handle 10 progressively spicy chicken wings? In this extended interview, he dishes on a wide range of topics from Bernie Sanders’ punk-rockness to his experience opening up for Ozzy Osbourne.  See for privacy and opt-out information.

Choice Classic Radio Detectives | Old Time Radio

Choice Classic Radio

The Shadow: The Night Marauders

Choice Classic Radio presents to you The Shadow, which aired from 1937 to 1954. Today we bring to you the episode titled “The Night Marauders.”
We hope you enjoy the show!
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The Magic Word Podcast

Scott Wells

On A Dark, Cold Night

Kristen Zaza

Sight Unseen


Introducing Families Who Kill: The Donut Shop Murders

In the era of some of the most heinous serial killers of all time — one murderous family went curiously unnoticed: The McCrary’s. Led by a psychopathic patriarch and his cunning son-in-law, this Texas clan roamed the country robbing, kidnapping, and killing up to 20 people, most of them taken from donut shops. “Families who Kill: The Donut Shop Murders” recounts the wild and deeply disturbing story of an unhinged American family and the terrible brutality they unleashed. The podcast features the taped confessions of one of the killers, given when he was serving a life term in Colorado.Listen to the rest of this episode at Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

Brian Breaks Character

Brian Patacca

The Truth About Pilot Season with John Rosenfeld

John Rosenfeld Studios is often the answer to: What acting studio should I go to in LA? CD’s and agents look for it on résumés. Actors on a series prep for auditions with their coaches. Actors who go there - BOOK. And all that street cred is definitely worth the hype, but it’s their mission that sets them apart: To cultivate the constitution of a happy, working actor. John’s holistic approach to what it means to be a professional actor is what skyrocketed his studio to success when it opened 12 years ago.  On this episode of Brian Breaks Character my guest is John Rosenfeld and our intention around this conversation was to really unpack pilot season. You will hear very quickly that although pilot season is still important, it has now become something that happens year-round. So, this conversation encompasses pilot season, but really focuses on the craft of acting - the awareness of self, empathy, having an authentic experience

The Theatre Podcast with Alan Seales

Broadway Podcast Network

Ep199 - Reeve Carney: He Originally Said 'No' To Hadestown

Reeve Carney is an actor, singer-songwriter, and musician, who may be best known for originating the role of Peter Parker/Spider-Man in Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark on Broadway, and playing Orpheus in the original Broadway cast of the Tony Award-winning musical Hadestown. Other notable roles include his portrayal of Dorian Gray in the Showtime series Penny Dreadful, and Riff Raff in the Fox musical television film The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Let's Do the Time Warp Again. Reeve is also the lead singer and songwriter of the band Carney, also consisting of his brother Zane, Aiden Moore, and Jon Epcar, who together have toured with The Veronicas, and opened for Arcade Fire and U2. He recently appeared as Tom Ford in the Oscar nominated film House of Gucci, and can currently be seen performing his original music in his residency at The Green Room 42, or captivating audiences eight times a week as Orpheus in Hadestown

Voice Over Training | Complete Training, Demo Development & Support

Voice Coaches

Voice Coaches Radio #526 – Help Yourself…

This week on Voice Coaches Radio, Marissa answers the question, “What has helped you most become the voice actor you are today?”

Stage Door Sessions

Broadway Direct

In-depth conversations with Broadway's brightest, bringing you what's new, what's noteworthy, and what's coming next to a stage near you.

Have Gun Will Travel -

Andrew Rhynes

The Wager – Have Gun Will Travel (07-26-59)

Original Air Date: July 26, 1959 Host: Andrew Rhynes Show: Have Gun Will Travel Phone: (707) 98 OTRDW (6-8739) Stars: • John Dehner (Paladin) • Ben Wright (Heyboy) Special Guests: • Lawrence Dobkin • Lynn Allen • Barney Phillips • Vic Perrin Writers: • Denis Sanders • Terry Sanders Producer: • Norman MacDonnell Exit music […]

Sing Better Fast! | Vocal tips, singing lessons, voice exercises, etc.

Jaime Vendera - Vocal Coach

81: Elizabeth Sabine

In this episode, we discuss what Jaime learned from his late coach, Elizabeth Sabine. We also have a Black Friday deal for her complete works! Get it for 40% off at

The 10 Minute Jazz Lesson Podcast

The 10 Minute Jazz Lesson Podcast

Episode 308: Lick of the Month: Roy Hargrove on But Not For Me

This week, we take a look at an entire chorus of Roy Hargrove's solo on But Not For Me! We very rarely present this much material in our Lick of the Month episode, but this is an exception due to the absolutely incredible material Roy plays on the first chorus of his solo. This is a great lesson in rhythmic variety, harmonic language, and several bebop devices that all combine to make this 32 bars something we could gain a lot from. Enjoy the episode!

Head over to our Patreon page and when you donate $3 or more a month you get this PDF and every other. We will also be bringing you many extras exclusively to our patrons including transcriptions and a FREE gift  of our latest Ebook, The Diatonic Method.

We hope that we bring you value every week here at the 10 Minute Jazz Lesson and we appreciate all of your support!

Batman: No Man's Land

Audio Theater Podcast

Chop Bard

In Your Ear Shakespeare

223 Let It Go

Richard III – Act IV Scene 4  Margaret makes her final appearance, and Richard’s expedition to intercept Buckingham is interrupted.

The Earth Collective

Michael Troup

A sci-fi audio drama delivered as a first hand account from the eyes of Joseph Crane, Humanity's 'last historian', as he attempts to chronicle their survival in rolling cities known as The Collective, fleeing from a malicious entity only found in the darkside of the planet.

SonicScoop Podcast


Is Music Streaming Worth it for Musicians?

Music streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music are amazing for listeners. But, are they worthwhile for artists? Justin Colletti dives into the numbers and recommends better ways to use them in your career. ►Get Mixing Breakthroughs here: ►Get Mastering Demystified here:

Dream Smp Sings

kitty 4076

Where are the askers by Quackity

Beautiful song

The Cryptonaturalist

Jarod Anderson

Tales of the Texas Rangers -

Andrew Rhynes

Drive In – Tales of the Texas Rangers (09-14-52)

Original Air Date: September 14, 1952 Host: Andrew Rhynes Show: Tales of the Texas Rangers Phone: (707) 98 OTRDW (6-8739) Stars: • Joel McCrea (Ranger Jayce Pearson) Special Guest: • Tony Barrett • Paul Frees Writer: • Charles E. Israel Producer: • Stacy Keach Exit music from: Roundup on the Prairie by Aaron Kenny

Dark Winter Nights: True Stories from Alaska

Robert W. Prince

Don't Look Back

Jabin Collins experiences a life-altering car accident that threatens his dream of playing high school football, but not all things that are “life-altering” alter life in a bad way.

Hs podcast

Valeria bauer

Hs podcast

Mission Audition

How to Nail an Audition with Bruce Kronenberg

Our aim for this episode is to provide you with everything you need to know to nail a voiceover audition! Joining us to share his expertise is professional voiceover instructor, Bruce Kronenberg. Bruce has had an impressive 25-year voiceover career working with some of the world’s biggest brands, and has been coaching for over a […]

Back To One

Filmmaker Magazine

Eddie Marsan

Eddie Marsan first came to my attention with his now legendary performance in Mike Leigh’s “Happy-Go-Lucky.” He has so many layers at play under Scott’s anger, gives so much depth to that character. It is a wonder to behold. He kept doing it in films like “Tyrannosaur,” “Still Life,” “Sherlock Holmes,” as Terry in the Showtime series “Ray Donovan,” and now in his newest film, “The Contractor,” opposite Chris Pine. In this half hour, Marsan talks about the formative influence of Leigh on his work and the meaning of the command “dig a hole and sit in it.” He shares some things he picked up from never leaving Jim Broadbent’s side on the “Gangs of New York” set, the technique of “listening with prejudice,” the importance of living a life in such a way that the job of acting doesn’t fulfill your egotistic needs, plus much more. Follow Back To One on Instagram

Vocal Warm-ups and Workouts with David Valks Singing School

David Valks

Episode 7 - Building Resonance

Finding and building resonance is incredibly important in singing and speaking.  
We really can shape our tone and build power without doing any damage to the vocal folds or having to 'push' too hard.
If you want to read more about resonance, check out this great article -
We do 4 different exercises in this episode...
1. Mmmmmmm-ahhhhhh, mmmmmmm-aaaaayyyyyyyy, mmmmmm-eeeeeeee (harder to write than sing)
2. Yawn to access our lower notes
3. Bee, bee, bee focusing on the strong buh of the B sound
4. Nyah - like the sound new but with an ahh on the end.
Hope you enjoy.
To hear more or learn more visit -

Old Time Radio Nero Wolfe

Adam Graham

EP0407: Nero Wolfe: The Case of Room 304

A woman offers Wolfe $1000 to help her and is then shot while talking to Archie on the phone.  It looks like a s Read more ...

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A Musical Theatre Podcast

Jeffrey Scott Parsons

THE BOY FROM OZ with Justin Clarke

The closest we've been to a new-old school "star vehicle" in modern musical theatre is unquestionably THE BOY FROM OZ which tells the story of the divinely flamboyant Peter Allen and probably wouldn't have been on Broadway, let alone a big hit, without the star wattage of Allen's Aussie countryman, Hugh Jackman. Here this week to discuss this musical and other important Australian exports (like actors and tim tams) is both a "boy from Oz" and podcaster, Justin Clarke! Please enjoy this conversation (and Justin's accent) that reminds us how musicals can connect us, even on opposite ends of the world.
For more about Justin's podcast, follow @theatrethoughtsaus on Instagram and check out his entire site dedicated to Australian theatre at
Be sure to share "A Musical Theatre Podcast" with your friends as well as rate us and give us a nice review! For more great content,


Atticus Jackson & Henry Galley

Episode 10 : Gentle Conclusions

"Gentle Conclusions" was written by the Congeria Writing Team: Henry Galley, Gabrielle Loux, and Maxwell Malone.Starring:Erin Lillis as Jenny WalkerNichole Goodnight as Claire DuboisScott Thomas as Glenn RhodesJeff Clement as Harry ResnickMike Delgaudio as Ronnie MendezAlexis Bristowe as Angela GravesAddison Peacock as Dr. Kate GoodwinBrian Mansi as JoelOwen G. Bevan as The Cultist Tisha Boone as The Waitress And Jennifer Tiles as The Receptionist Also featuring Dan Zappula and Matthew Bradford as The Prison Guards.The Congeria Finale Outro Theme was written and performed by Phil Michalski.

Musicals with Cheese Podcast

Broadway Podcast Network

#188 - The Unofficial Bridgerton Musical

"I burn for you..." Grab your gossip column and fancy clothes because this week we're talking about the Grammy winning Album "The Unofficial Bridgerton Musical."
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Dark and Twisty Tales: folk stories and fairy tales for the unafraid.

Julia Norton

The Three Little Men in the Woods

Belching up toads, paper dresses, beheadings and murder, this story has them all. I love this Grimm fairytale from the Philip Pullman collection, and I hope you do too? This is the last episode in Season Three, so please write me a review and remember, storytelling is thirsty work!




本期喷嚏是韩夏solo的一集,这次我们做了一期,她一直很渴望聊的话题——女性导演的现状。在影视行业中,女性导演的比例,相对于男性导演的数量,在近些年,虽然有了显著的提高,但无论从话语的权威性,还是工作环境的友好度,都存在着相当程度的落差。除此之外,导演之外其他的工种,女性影视从业者整体的比例,也并不乐观。 想给大家描述一下“剧组”,到底是怎样的一种工作氛围:一个剧组,导演组、摄影组、制片组、美术组、灯光组、录音组......工种极为繁杂。小到十几人,大到上百号上千人,可能绝大部分的主创都是男性;而导演的工作内容,也不仅仅是创作本身,更多时候是跟剧组里的每个工种打交道,为每个悬而未决的问题下决策,是剧组里当仁不让的权威。ta就像是一个乐队的指挥,只有棒子指对了,才能确保“整个乐曲”被顺利地演奏。 韩夏作为“导演”这个身份,已经在这个职位上,待了十几年的时间,也经历了林林总总的、专属于“女导演”的问题和困惑。甚至有些问题细节到有些荒谬,比如,介不介意别人叫你女导演?女导演到底应该穿什么?女导演能发火吗?女导演有情绪就是来了“大姨妈”?当然她和朋友也在探讨和思考,一些更普遍存在的问题,比如,作为创作者如何处理和深层自我认知的关系、对市面上女性题材的态度、独立创作和商业作品的纠缠、和新时代创作者和社交媒体难舍难分的关系......似乎受众所看到的女性影视工作者的样貌,还很局限,而值得我们去关注的点,还隐藏在摄影机的背后,未曾露面。 这些问题,也许没有身处其中的人,很难彻底感同身受。所以这一期她请来了两位,她非常欣赏的女性影人朋友——纪录片导演刘宽和短视频博主皂白,一起聊了聊,她们的奇思***6094/皂白作品:《点石成金》皂白推荐影片:《幸福的拉扎罗》《美国甜心》《难以置信》《裂缝》韩夏推荐影片:


Christopher M Munce

Episode 91: Music is My Culture with Trevor Weston

You need to create music that reflects you. Start with who you are. I tend to tell students not to filter out aspects of their lives from their music. If you start with who you are, then you are the only one who can come up with the best solutions. Trevor Weston Trevor Weston is … Continue reading "Episode 91: Music is My Culture with Trevor Weston"

The Joan Hamburg Show


Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

City Ballet The Podcast

New York City Ballet

Episode 61: New Combinations: Pam Tanowitz

New Combinations is back with a conversation between host and Associate Artistic Director Wendy Whelan and choreographer Pam Tanowitz. Wendy catches up with Pam between rehearsals for two works making their debuts on the NYCB stage this spring: a world premiere, and the reprisal of her Gustave le Gray No. 1, to be performed by two guest dancers from Dance Theatre of Harlem as well as dancers from the Company. As Pam tells Wendy, her works are intended to activate and engage the viewer, an effect achieved in part through what she describes as an equal collaboration with the originating dancers, and in part through a constant commitment to challenging herself—as she says it, “I’m very comfortable making myself fail." (36:34) Edited by Emilie Silvestri Music: "Sisyphus" by Andrew Wegman Bird Wixen Music Publishing, Inc. as agent for Muffet Music Co

LA Theatre Works


The Relativity Series Bonus Episode: Interview with Sports Physician Dr. Robert Cantu

A conversation with preeminent sports physician Dr. Robert Cantu about the risk of brain injuries.


National Theatre

Rehearsal overview

Watch a video diary from One Man, Two Guvnors to see improvisation within the rehearsal room.

The Great Detectives Present the Thin Man

Adam Graham

EP0311: Thin Man: The Adventure of the Haunted Hams

Nick and Nora help a Summer Theater company after a fire destroys their makeshift theater. Nora is convinced that she can be a sta Read more ...

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The Radio Times Podcast

Immediate Media

Smart TV From Radio Times - Episode 2

This week David Butcher talks (very fast) about the return of Suranne Jones in Gentleman Jack, a pair of nostalgic rock-docs, a new series of Taskmaster, the Amazon comedy Hacks, a delicious new Agatha Christie adaptation…plus sporting giants Muhammad Ali and Paul Gascoigne. See for privacy and opt-out information.

Live from Here Highlights

American Public Media

Tom Papa: Grandparents - May 23, 2020

Tom Papa reads an excerpt on grandparents from his book Your Dad Stole My Rake during our December 7, 2019 show. (originally from our December 7, 2019 episode)

Find more about Tom’s Netflix special and his new book, You’re Doing Great!, at

Please support Live from Here with Chris Thile to help us stay strong during these tough times:

Listen to our May 23 rebroadcast with Pixies, Black Pumas, Crooked Still, Freestyle Love Supreme, Aoife O’Donovan, and Tom Papa

The Aftermath- 99.5 Audio Drama

Megan Chapman

Emma and Marcus tune into the town of Magnolia Grove as they recover from a Demonic Plague that has all but destroyed the town. Thanks to the rescue of two sibling hunters, the town is saved and must now deal with the Aftermath of recovering.

As the Actress said to the Critic

Sarah Crompton & Nancy Carroll

Actress Nancy Carroll and critic Sarah Crompton offer an insider's view of theatre from different sides of the curtain. It's a frank conversation between friends that aims to reveal what really goes on behind the scenes of both their professions. There's a bit of history, and a lot of stories, some serious, some funny and all revealing some truths about what happens on stage and off. See for privacy and opt-out information.

The Insider

Vanishing Inc. Magic

Rune Klan Live At The Session

To start Rune Klan week, here's a revisit of the amazing live interview he kindly gave at The Session 2020. In it, he talks about creativity, tricks, and his show Barnløs, which we have just realised as a digital download:
We'll be doing The Insider live at The Session 2022. Who will be the guest? Come and be part of the live audience this July:

Truth In This Art

Rob Lee

Annalisa Dias of Baltimore Center Stage

About the guestAnnalisa Dias is a Goan-American transdisciplinary artist, community organizer, and award-winning theatre maker working at the intersection of racial justice and care for the earth. She is Director of Artistic Partnerships & Innovation at Baltimore Center Stage. Annalisa is also a Co-Founder of Groundwater Arts. Prior to joining BCS, Annalisa was a Producing Playwright and Acting Creative Producer with The Welders, a DC playwright's collective; and a Co-Founder of the DC Coalition for Theatre & Social Justice. Artistic credits include: WRITING: 4380 Nights, the earth that is sufficient, One Word More, The Last Allegiance, A Legacy of Chains, Crooked Figure, Consider the Dust, Matanuska, Coal, and Servant of the Wind. DEVISING: Wit's End Puppets: Malevolent Creatures; banished? productions: Tyger; Theater Alliance: I Love DC. DIRECTING: Source Festival: Dust to dust to dust and Dressing Bobby Strong;

Ambridge on the Couch

Lucy V Freeman

The Visceral Voice Podcast

Christine Schneider

Susan Eichorn Young: Rising like the Phoenix

In this episode, I have a conversation with my friend and colleague Susan Eichorn Young about surviving and thriving after a major car accident in 2011 that almost took her life. We hope this episode can encourage others who are on a personal healing journey.

Fifty Key Stage Musicals: The Podcast

Robert W. Schneider


COMPOSER: Fats Waller
LYRICIST: Fats Waller
BOOK: Richard Maltby Jr and Murray Horwitz

DIRECTOR: Richard Maltby Jr
PRINCIPLE CAST: Nell Carter (Nell),Andre DeShields (Andre), Ken Page (Ken)

OPENING DATE: May 09, 1978
CLOSING DATE: Feb 21, 1982

SYNOPSIS: Using the pre-existing music of 1930s jazz pianist Fats Waller, Ain’t Misbehavin uses three women and two men to sing Waller’s songs in a plotless revue celebrating his music.  

Richard Dueñez Morrison’s highlights the significance Ain’t Misbehavin’ had as a highly regarded, character-driven Broadway revue. Though a comparatively simple lineup of Fats Waller songs without book, elaborate set, sizable ensemble, or major stars, the show brought the world of the Harlem Renaissance to life in a way that was both novel and accessible for largely white audiences. Di

Little Known Facts with Ilana Levine

Hosted by actress Ilana Levine

Episode 290 - Elaine Del Valle

Elaine Del Valle is a Brownsville, Brooklyn bred Puerto Rican multi-hyphenate filmmaker.
She is the winner of the HBO Latinx short film award, and was featured in the National Association of Latino Independent Producers (NALIP) Director showcase. Her films have been supported by WarnerMedia 150, Knight Foundation, Fractured Atlas and the Sundance Institute.
As a WRITER/DIRECTOR her short films, Me 3.769 and Princess Cut, went on to air on HBOmax. Her most recent project, Brownsville Bred recently won the Audience Award at the 2022 SXSW Festival in the “Episodic Pilot Competition” category
Showrunner/Director/Screenwriter: Elaine Del Valle, Producers: Adrienne Lovette, Elaine Del Valle, Leslie Cohen, Debbie Esko-Gold, Eddie Frente
Elaine is a Lynn Shelton award finalist and two-time Imagen Impact award nominee. Redefine Magazine and Miami New Times named her a Filmmaker to Watch. Ad Age called her short documentary, Tagged (

The Six Shooter -

Andrew Rhynes

Audition Show – The Six Shooter (07-15-53)

Britt forces the sheriff to go after a robber, even though the wounded crook may be the sheriff's son Original Air Date: July 15, 1953 Host: Andrew Rhynes Show: The Six Shooter Phone: (707) 98 OTRDW (6-8739)   Stars: • James Stewart (Britt Ponset) Special Guest: • William Conrad • Parley Baer Writer: • Frank […]

Wormwood: A Serialized Mystery

Habit Forming Films, LLC.

In Memoriam: Robert Grindinger

Hi Folks — We have to share some very sad news from the Wormwood family. Shortly before the holidays, Robert Grindlinger, the voice of Sheriff Bradley, Don Marino, and soooo many others, passed away. What can we say about Rob? We feel very privileged to have known and worked with him. He was one of […]

A VO's Journey: Voiceover and more voice over

Anthony Pica

A VO's Journey is about helping new voiceover artists grow their business by listening to my journey to becoming a full-time voice actor. I have been an actor, coach, director, and teacher for over 20 years. I started two years ago in the voice-over industry and wanted to create a way to document my journey so other voice over actors could benefit from it. Voiceover is now my life, and I love every moment of it.

Passion for Dance

Chelsea Pierotti

58. Never Regret a Day

Coaching and teaching dance is hard, it’s really rewarding, but hard. It’s easy to feel beat down sometimes. When your dancers aren’t listening, when the parents are pushing every last button, when your hardworking dancers aren't seeing the competitive success you wish for them… it can feel so defeating. So today I want to share a short message for you in the hopes it might help on those harder days when you feel like you don’t want to do this anymore. This is a simple mindset shift that might help you through… Never Regret a Day. _________ Did you know Dr. Chelsea is available for speaking at your next event? Learn more at: __________ Did you enjoy today’s episode? Please leave a rating and review on Apple podcasts! Be sure to follow me on instagram @dr.chelsea.pierotti for more dance mindset tips! Check out the full Show Notes, including episode highlights, key takeaways, exclusive resources, and more: https://chel

Thats Classic!

John Cato

Happy Days - Guest, Marion Ross "Mrs. C"

Marion Ross joins John  and Bob for an amazing look at her early life and career along with behind the scenes stories of "Happy Days."  They enjoy stories of her time with stars from Clark Gable to Tony Curtis and her special relationship with Henry Winkler. She also discusses her difficult off-screen relationship with Tom Bosley. Many interesting tidbits you may have never heard before. Enjoy!  
"That's Classic!" YouTube episodes:   
Listen also on:   

Singing Lessons For No One

Shelly Brown

Modes: Mixolydian - Jettison

Hi there, this Episode features the song by the delightful Vince Jones called 'Jettison' from his 2004 Live Album. I lead you through diving down from your G Major Scale to the D Mixolydian Scale and then we learn the Trumpet line from there. I do take it up a few semitones at the end so you can feel it in different keys. D is pretty Low on this horn line for me, but It's my intention to do things in a variety of Keys - for you, and You, and You!Episodes are released EARLY to my amazing Patreon supporters, so please do head on over and jump onboard if you feel like thats your thang!, I'd love to know what you would like an episode to focus on- send me a hello and suggestion through my website at Thanks!Support the show (

Critical Fayle DM & The Goons: The Strahdcast

Critical Fayle DM & The Goons

A Curse of Strahd actual-play D&D podcast! We're the Goons, an imaginative TTRPG adventuring party of actors, musicians, woodworkers, brewers and web developers banding together to defeat D&D's most horrifying villain–Strahd von Zarovich. Join Winnie, Artemis, Kaz, Drogar and Callister around the table as they endeavor to bring hope and light back to the people of the far, foggy realm of Barovia.

True Tales by Disability Advocates

Art Spark Texas, Speaking Advocates

Where advocates harness the power of storytelling to build community with their peers and hope to develop empathy in others. A team of disability advocates creates this True Tales podcast to share personal stories by disabled storytellers and add their voices to the growing community of podcast listeners.

The Lone Ranger -

Andrew Rhynes

Singing Wires And The Sioux – The Lone Ranger (10-29-43)

Original Air Date: October 29, 1943 Host: Andrew Rhynes Show: The Lone Ranger Phone: (707) 98 OTRDW (6-8739) Stars: • Brace Beemer (Lone Ranger) • John Todd (Tonto) Writer: • Fran Striker Producer: • George W. Trendle Music: • Ben Bonnell Exit music from: Roundup on the Prairie by Aaron Kenny

The Grass is Greener with Paul Greene

Paul Greene

I will be bringing you all kinds of goodies for Inspiration, to nudge you past your comfort zone, to share new ways of thinking and some really powerful tools to have your life be something that you really enjoy.

Critics' Table

Broadway Podcast Network

A diverse roundtable of theater critics that review current Broadway and off-Broadway productions. Every episode features three luminary theater critics ready to give you their opinions on some of your favorite shows. The table looks forward to you pulling up a chair and joining them! Intention - To create room for more diverse theater criticism and thought. To offer jobs to rising theater journalists in the community and offer different perspectives.

The One Who Got Away

Oliver Blank

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

The Byron Chronicles –

Eric Busby

The Byron Chronicles – Beyond the Veil: Episode 4

A monstrous fog surround a small coastal village in Maine. But Byron has to make a hard choice. Will he aid them or give them to what lurks in the Fog.. David Ault as Byron Nichole Goodnight as Tanjara Jessica … Continue reading →

The Subtext

American Theatre

From AMERICAN THEATRE magazine, a podcast where playwrights talk to playwrights about the things usually left unsaid. In a conversation that dives into life's muck, we learn what irks, agitates, motivates, inspires and - ultimately - what makes writers tick. (This feed is for the Subtext from 2018 onwards. For old episodes of the Subtext from 2015 to 2017, visit

Industry Seating

Jason Thomas

Ep 105: St. Louis SX

There was a lot of carnage in STL last night, we've seen it there before. Let's cover all of it now.

Lost In The Shuffle Tap Dance Podcast


Tap Teachers deserve quick and easy access to new knowledge and fresh inspiration, so they can be the best teacher they can be for their students. Join Hillary-Marie from in the Lost in the Shuffle Tap Dance Podcast as she shares her top tips and tricks for Tap Teachers, in hopes of growing the tap dance community one passionate tap dancer at a time by supporting the tap teachers who educate them. Each episode is packed with quick answers to questions from tap teachers all around the world, giving you everything you need for an awesome class this week.

Freya's Singing Tips: Train Your Voice | Professional Singers | Singing Technique | Mindset

Freya Casey

Discover the awesomeness of your voice with Freya Casey, professional vocal coach and performing artist.

Speak L.A.

Camille & Jen

Speak L.A. the podcast is “a groundbreaking new series” in which insider Hollywood hosts, Jen and Camille, Interview the top players in the Film and T.V. industry.

Interval Drinks


Each week a current Royal Shakespeare Company actor or creative interviews another RSC artist who has inspired them. Grab your interval drink, sit back and find out more. The music is ‘Oberon’s Theme – King of Shadow’, originally composed by Sam Kenyon for A Midsummer Night’s Dream (2016).



Powerful Pause Meditation with Bea Grist: ‘Deep Relaxation for Sleep’

This 35-minute meditation is designed to help you to unwind and let go of the day, helping to aid a restful night’s sleep. We use a progressive muscle relaxation which is a deep relaxation technique to help release stress and tension out of the body. We recommend finding a cosy and comfortable place where you can lie down for this meditation. You may also like to have a blanket or a cover over you. We recommend listening to this meditation with headphones.

Jim and Tomic's Musical Theatre Happy Hour

Broadway Podcast Network

Introducing TWITS In Love, a new radio play comedy

Starring Micheal Urie, Christian Borle, Mary Testa, Lillias White, James Monroe Iglehart, Ann Harada, and tons more of your favorite theatrical geniuses, TWITS is the newest radio play comedy from the Broadway Podcast Network. Visit for more info, or listen and subscribe wherever you are listening to this podcast now!
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HS Unreleased


One Direction- All X Factor Performances

The Intelligent Vocalist with John Henny

John Henny

Episode 262 - Vocal Distortion with Matthew Johnson

In this episode, John talks with voice teacher Matthew Johnson about vocal distortion and how these techniques can add dimension to a vocal performance. In addition, they discuss the importance of knowing how to achieve these techniques safely, if and when to use vocal distortion, and what type to use depending on the music's genre.  Episode highlights: What is vocal distortion, and can it be done safely? Everyone is capable of creating distortion - when and why you would use this sound  What is false fold/cord distortion? What is "fry scream?" To learn more about Matthew Johnson, visit: To learn more about John Henny, his best selling books, courses, and the Contemporary Voice Teacher Academy, visit:

Points of eXperience with Paul Castro Jr

Paul Castro Jr

Points of eXperience (PoX) is an educational podcast hosted by Paul Castro Jr, that inspects every crevice within the nerd kingdom, speaking with professionals in all facets of the entertainment and video game industries whose eXperiences will LEVEL UP your knowledge. Support this podcast:

The Great Detectives Present Box 13

Adam Graham

EP3291: Box 13: Round Robin

Dan is told to go to a hotel and register as John Johnson and finds himself drawn into a web of blackmail and lies. Original Air Date: 1948 Support the show monthly at

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Penguin Magic Podcast

Erik Tait

Eric Dittelman - The Funny Side Of Mindreading - S3E16

Eric Dittelman talks about making mind-reading funny, his mentor Bob Cassidy, and moving from magic to mentalism. Nick Locapo stops by the studio to discuss the featured product of the week from Riccardo Berdini. Before all of that the quickfire segment of the week is one where your favorite magicians share their favorite magic tricks in under five minutes; the YouTuber PigCake stops by for the Top Five Under Five.___Mind Over Magic Podcast: Astonishment by Paul Harris: Deal by Shaun Dunn: Card by Daryl: Project: Door by Riccardo Berdini:

amusic podcast پادکست فارسی ای میوزیک

Arash Rasoulian

جنگ بهاری ای‌میوزیک (گفتگو با مریم غلامی ـ قسمت آخر)

در این قسمت که قسمت آخر جنگ بهاری ای‌میوزیک هم هست، مریم غلامی یکی از داستانهای کوتاهش رو برامون می خونه و من و مریم هم  کمی هم در مورد نویسندگی با هم گپ می زنیم . من خیلی داستان های کوتاه مریم رو دوست دارم.  در ضمن مریم به تازگی یک مجموعه از داستاهای کوتاهش رو هم چاپ کرده با نام فرزندم پاندا که خوندنیه.‌ذ
اینستاگرام مریم غلامی
لینک حمایت از پادکست ای میوزیک از خارج کشور :
صفحه حمایت از پادکست ای میوزیک از داخل کشور:حامی باش
لینک شبکه های اجتماعی پادکست ای میوزیک: توییتر  اینستاگرام تلگرام

Drama Fiends

Julianna DeAngelis & Fiona Castro

Two drama queens fiending over dramatic things...and that's everything when you're Julianna and Fiona. Support this podcast:

Brutal By Olivia Rodrigo

Amaka Inya

I am so insecured and I don't know what to do, God it's brutal out here

How Magicians Think

Audio Up Media

How Magicians Think: Think Like a Magician

The final episode of this podcast is filled with special guests and plot twists, all in the service of answering this simple question: how do magicians create their illusions? And beyond this question, another arises: are there tips and tricks magicians can share with us to help us in our own creative pursuits. Jay speaks with Freakanomics co-founder Steven Levitt who shares how magic expands the mind to enhance your work. Andy J. Pizza, artist, illustrator and podcast host, talks magic and editing as part of the creative process.

The Folktale Project

Dan Scholz

American Fairy Tales - The Queen of Quok

A young King of Quok (and his entire kingdom) are auctioned off in this tale of matchmaking that should appease anyone in Bridgerton withdrawals. Host Dan Scholz Find out where to subscribe to The Folktale Project at Support The Folktale Project




by 唐小友

- 摘要 -


- 本期推荐 -

- 本期音乐 -
ねこぼーろ - rain
坂本龍一 - Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence
Jesse T - 孤勇者 (鋼琴版)
Two Steps From Hell – Compass
上北健 - メグル

- 本期主创 -
- 创作团队 -

- 听友群 -

- 撕票俱乐部 -

- 收听方式 -

Essential American Poets

Poetry Foundation

Lorine Niedecker: Essential American Poets

Recordings of poet Lorine Niedecker with an introduction to her life and work. Recorded at home in 1970. Recording courtesy of PennSound.

Music Business Hacks

Simon Tam

A music business show made for artists who are looking for clear information, inspiration, and application for their careers. Ideas are broken down into steps that musicians can use to advance their career. The show is written and hosted by Simon Tam, an industry professional who is the founder of The Slants Foundation, author of multiple books, and longtime mentor/speaker at SXSW, the DIY Musician Conference, and other major events.

Studying the Song - Audition Prep and Musicianship for Musical Theatre


Audition Horror Stories w/Guest Co-Host Kathryn Lounsbery

Whether you’re a young actor or a Broadway veteran, chances are you’ve had a horrifying audition experience.  Ever had the accompanist stop playing in the middle of your audition?  Or did you show up late and nearly miss your audition appointment? 

In this special episode, my fellow music director Kathryn Lounsbery and I share our own horror stories from behind the piano as well as submissions from listeners, including Broadway’s Beth Malone (Fun Home, Angels in America).  

You’ll hear us talk about Sondheim mishaps, terrible dance calls, callback partners that botched the scene, and directors cutting you off multiple times on a song.   The stories are truly terrifyingly brutal and yet somehow also make us feel like we’re not alone in this crazy theatre experience.

If you’re looking for a good laugh or you just want to know you’re not the only one with a horrific audition experience, t

The Great Detectives Present Dragnet

Adam Graham

Host Adam Graham makes his second journey through every episode of Dragnet as well as quite a few bonus episodes and programs.

Wendy Alane Wright's Secrets of a Hollywood Talent Manager Podcast

Wendy Alane Wright

Talent manager Wendy Alane Wright offers insider information to guide and develop new actor's careers.



"TACO MAHAL" owner D. Josan shares deets on her culinary invention "Latindia" & other secrets!

David's 3rd episode has future iconic NEW YORK institution "TACO MAHAL" owner Danikkah Josan share the deets about her culinary cross-culture invention "Latindia", and other delightful secrets!Follow native New Yorker actor, singer, and quality food lover DAVID MCKAY as he and various special guests discuss the curious miracles hidden inside the seemingly mundane happenings of everyday life in New York City and beyond!Support this podcast at —

Olivia Rodrigo Drivers License

Spencer Oko

Olivia Rodrigo Drivers license

I love everything about Olivia Rodrigo


National Theatre

Interview with James Graham

James Graham talks about playwriting, his inspirations and what is political theatre.

Good Old Radio - Vintage Radio Shows

Good Old Radio - Vintage Radio Shows

Murder at Midnight Radio Show – 03 – 1946-09-30 – Episode 03 – The Secret of XR3

Murder at Midnight Radio Show – 03 – 1946-09-30 – Episode 03 – The Secret of XR3

Musical Theater Book Club

Musical Theater Book Club

Episode 18: Stephen Sondheim

"Art, in itself, is an attempt to bring order out of chaos." Today we are talking all things Stephen Sondheim. What was his childhood like? Was his career hit after hit? Why can't Berkeley remember vodka stinger? Listen to us discuss these and more in this episode of Musical Theater Book Club!
Engage with us on Twitter @MTBCpodcast or email us at
Follow on Instagram and TikTok @MTBCpodcast

Acting Class Weekly with Sean Whalen

AfterBuzz TV

What You Should Watch From Top Directors Part II

This week on ACTING CLASS WEEKLY with Sean Whalen,  Sean talks about which movies you should be watching from Hollywood’s Top directors, old and current.With Co host Roxy Striar and producer Jeff Graham, Sean will discuss how to get a basic knowledge of our most memorable directors.

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Playing On Air: Short Audio Plays

Playing on Air

The MAN IN RED by Arian Moayed

In this holiday dazzler written, directed and produced by Arian Moayed, Santa keeps a closer eye on the naughty and nice lists than we think, especially during "unprecedented times." But maybe Mrs. Claus, the hardworking team at the North Pole, and one melancholy little girl might keep the man in the red suit from singing the blues. THE MAN IN RED, our first musical, features music by Butch Phelps and performances by Brian Cox, Jayne Houdyshell, Phylicia Rashad, Brandon Dirden, Javier Muñoz, Lily Santiago, Cecilia Suárez, Sue Jean Kim, Brendan Donaldson, Rodney Gardiner, and Lauren Sharpe.

Muse Mentors

Karen Kevra

Violinist Nicholas Kitchen and his mentor Szymon Goldberg ~a beautiful musical paradox of old technology and new...

Nicholas Kitchen, one of the country's leading violinists is a founding member of the Boston-based Borromeo String Quartet. Nick is perhaps the most important protégé of the great Polish violinist Szymon Goldberg. Nick has been loaned his teacher's violin-- the Giuseppe Guarneri, Cremona, ca. 1730, "Goldberg-Baron Vitta" to play throughout his career. In his musical life, Nick was first nurtured by his musically hands-on parents and later through his mentorship with Goldberg.  Nick's rich and profound musical life is a beautiful paradox of old and new technology.Music credits:Schubert, Death and The Maiden String Quartet, Borromeo QuartetJP Sousa, Semper Fidelis, The President's Own Marine BandBeethoven, Violin Sonata, Op. 24 "Spring", Szymon Goldberg-violin, Lili Krauss-piano  JS Bach, Toccata and Fugue in D minor BWV 56

GOT IT FROM MY MAMA - with Comedian Tori Piskin


Got It From My Mama is the hit new Bravo Reality show… although Andy Cohen hasn’t picked it up yet, so for now it’ll just be a weekly podcast with hosts Tori Piskin (MTV’s Wild ’N Out, Refinery29, Bustle) and her mom Lulu Piskin, a professional fitness instructor. As a listener, you will feel like you are part of their relatable yet dysfunctional family. Think of them like the New York City Jewish version of the Kardashians. You will hear about their lives in NYC, from Lulu‘s aloof behavior of accidentally stealing someone else's car, to over sharing her daughter’s dating life to everyone at Bloomingdales. As someone near the big 30, Tori dishes on her scrambled life of dating, being dyslexic, dealing with an autoimmune disease and her untraditional comedy career. So, pop a drug of choice and listen to this perfectly imperfect family.

Not True, But Useful... A Cheek by Jowl Podcast

Cheek by Jowl

Shakespeare and Love

In this episode, Declan and Lucie discuss the subject of love in As You Like It and Romeo and Juliet. They talk about the BBC Open University documentary on Cheek by Jowl's production of As You Like It, which you can watch here ( The music in this episode was composed by Sergey Chekryzhov for Cheek by Jowl's 2005-13 production of Three Sisters.Join our mailing list to keep up-to-date with Cheek by Jowl’s news, events and opportunities.

Kaleidotrope: A Romantic Comedy

Kaleidotrope: A Romantic Comedy

Episode 10

In which Drew and Harrison get their happily-ever-after. Edited Feb. 17, 2019 (The song is Fall Out Boy’s “Saturday.”) Transcript

Bad Bunny


Bad bunny

Hablamos de toda la historia de bad bunny

Wait in the Wings

Brendon Henderson

You may know the shows, but do you know how they came to be? In this in-depth documentary series host Brendon Henderson pulls back the curtain to retrace the creative journey of Broadway productions from their lowest of lows to their highest of highs. Hold on tight for the unexpected twists and turns as you learn the behind the scenes stories that helped shape The Great White Way.  Part of the Broadway Podcast Network.

Moods & Modes

Alex Skolnick


Brooklyn-based musician Max ZT has been called the “Hendrix of Hammered Dulcimer” and is widely regarded as one of the instrument’s most prolific and innovative performers. In this episode, he joins Alex to explain the origin and design of the instrument, which he describes as the predecessor to the piano, and demystifies how to play it with some detailed examples. Max tells Alex about discovering the instrument at an early age, and the two discuss the importance of being present and judgment-free when playing. You’ll also hear clips from the jam session that happened during the recording.Taking his roots from Irish and American folk music, Max has transplanted his compositional techniques to both Senegal, where he studied the Mandinko technique with the Cissoko griot family, and to India, where he received the prestigious American Institute of Indian Studies Fellowship grant to study under the world-renowned santoor master Pandit Shivkumar Sharma. His fresh perspecti

The Hollywood Bound Actor Podcast with Christine Horn: Mindset | Acting | Marketing | Auditioning

Christine Horn

#ActorsDailyBread LIVE #74

We are going LIVE in Today's Episode!
HBA Website:
My Official Website:


Send in a voice message:
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Good 4 You Cover By Olivia Rodrigo

Caleb Eze

This is one of my favorite it gets me on my mood Support this podcast:

The Great Detectives Present Candy Matson

Adam Graham

EP0597: Candy Matson: The Allison Gray Case

Candy is hired by the wife of a missing unscrupulous businessman to find him.
Audition Recording Date: September 21, 1952
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Radio Play Revival

Groundswell Theatricals & Josh Johnston

Ep. 7: Titee by Alice Moore Dunbar-Nelson

New Orleans, 1895: Titee is a brilliant young boy, but his mind isn't on school or home. His mother, teacher, and friends wonder what goes on in Titee's mind, but when Titee gets caught out in a storm, his family must find him and uncover his secret.

Cast (in speaking order):
LONNIE CHAVIS as Older Brother
with SAM TSOUTSOUVAS, the voice of RPR
Ragtime and Blues music composed by: Henry Ragas, Tony Sbarbaro, Tom Brown, & Frank Warshauer, respectively.

Patreon Podcast


Hey you! Quit your day job. We're Patreon - ongoing funding for artists and creators of all kinds.

Challenge of the Yukon -

Andrew Rhynes

Barry Jeffer’s Trust – Challenge of the Yukon (01-09-50)

Original Air Date: January 09, 1950 Host: Andrew Rhynes Show: Challenge of the Yukon Phone: (707) 98 OTRDW (6-8739) Stars: • Paul Sutton (Sgt. Preston) Writer: • Fran Striker Producer: • George W. Trendle Exit music from: Roundup on the Prairie by Aaron Kenny

Discourse in Magic

Jonah Babins and Tyler Williams

Your Promo Video

This week Jonah offers up three tips to consider when making your promo video.
The post Your Promo Video appeared first on Discourse in Magic.

The Elder Emo Hours

The Elder Emo Hours

Hey there fellow Elder Emos!! We are Sammit, Alisha, and Brittney and we are the hosts of The Elder Emo Hour Podcast. We are three 30 somethings who all have the same taste in music from bands who rocked our past to amazingly talented up and coming bands! Our mission is to give these amazing up and coming bands the recognition they deserve! Follow us on TikTok and join us there LIVE every Wednesday @8pm EST for Emo Nites.. We look forward to hanging out with you all and sharing our Podcast with you! 🤘

Acting Lessons Learned

Tiwana Floyd

Quirky Los Angeles-based character actor Tiwana Floyd shares personal experiences navigating the Hollywood system and the sometimes harsh lessons learned that increased her odds of having a successful acting career.

The Best-Loved Nanny

Michele Garza

At the age of 19 Michele moved to NYC to be in a live-in Nanny for newborn twins. Over the next two decades she would work in various capacities for dozens of families. These are her stories.

Ballet & Dance Podcast

The Wonderful World of Dance

Russell Maliphant, Choreographer & Artistic Director looks back over his career and towards 25 years of Russell Maliphant Dance Company

In this podcast Russell Maliphant, the critically acclaimed, award winning choreographer, dancer and artistic director of Russell Maliphant Dance Company, discusses his career and work that firmly places this artist as one of Britain's most important choreographers creating work today. 

Next year, Russell Maliphant Dance Company is set to celebrate their 25th Anniversary. Listen to Russell share his journey from training with The Royal Ballet School, dancing with Sadler's Wells Royal Ballet (now Birmingham Royal Ballet), before deciding to forge an independent dance career, that led to him establishing Russell Maliphant Dance Company.

Russell is a deeply considered artist, eternally curious and highly academic. Listen to Russell as he discusses his interest and research into anatomy, physiol

The Kathak Podcast : Kathak Ka Chakkar

Pramit Baul

TKP 077: Anurekha Ghosh

Episode Links
Anurekha Ghosh (@anurekhaghosh) • Instagram photos and videos
Anurekha Ghosh Dance World - YouTube
(0:02:34) Moving to India from UK
(0:06:56) Transitioning to working and learning in India
(0:17:42) How do you perform for a learned audience
(0:14:17) Doing Kathak away from Delhi
(0:16:26) Kathak in Kolkata
(0:18:53) How have your productions evolved over time?
(0:21:49) The wish to start presenting more traditional work
(0:25:18) Dealing with conflicts during collaborations
(0:27:07) Handling ticket sales/costs/logistics
(0:29:53) The evolution of tradition
(0:32:08) Doing camera based work
(0:40:33) Impact and Legacy
Anurekha Ghosh is one of the finest internationally acclaimed BBC award-winning Indian Classical Kathak dancers. Her technique and style is a combination of “tradition and modernity”. She has sho

Conversations on Dance

Rebecca King Ferraro & Michael Sean Breeden

(275) Ragamala Dance Company

Today we hear about the Ragamala Dance Company. We are joined by the company’s founder and co-artistic director, Ranee Ramaswamy, and her two daughters: co-artistic director Aparna Ramaswamy and Choreographic Associate Ashwini Ramaswamy. This mother-daughter run company was founded in 1992 and is rooted in the South Indian dance form of Bharatanatyam. Through multi-disciplinary dance […]
The post (275) Ragamala Dance Company appeared first on

Sleepless Knights pODDcast

Mr. Lobo

Over 100 episodes strong, the SLEEPLESS KNIGHTS pODDcast with host MR. LOBO of CINEMA INSOMNIA and BESTOW TV producer PAUL SANDERS is unlike any other podcast we've found. We talk shop, talk pop culture, movies, get weird and try not to get too lost. ​This is the 3AM conversations that you always wanted to be a fly on the wall for. We do interviews with independent artists, play games, answer your questions, and take you with us to the airport and the laundromat. If you want to NOT know about a specific movie? We deliver that in spades in every episode ending in 1!


Karl Wohlwend, Columbus Classical Guitar

28. Matt Hinsley

Executive Director of (Austin Classical Guitar,) Matt Hinsley is continually re-imagining the power of the classical guitar as an agent to build community, change lives, and create beauty.

ESC Insight: Eurovision Song Contest Podcast

Ewan Spence

DRAMA. with Connor & Dylan MacDowell

Connor & Dylan MacDowell

Drama! Sit down with resident dramatics, Connor MacDowell & Dylan MacDowell, as they explore theatre, entertainment, pop culture, and the vibrance of love and life in New York City. Joined weekly by thrilling special guests, they have intimately casual conversations about the dramatic journey that brought them here. Oh that’s a gag, honey! Say no more… it’s DRAMA.

It's My Party with Andrea von Kampen

Andrea von Kampen

Andrea von Kampen hosts a biweekly discussion with inspiring women who are succeeding in their fields. Andrea explores topics like the road to Broadway, publishing a cookbook, directing films, writing music, training at Julliard, starting a non-profit, traveling the world, and so much more.

No Holds Bard

Seven Stages Shakespeare Company

NHB 214 - Ask A Groundling #2

Dan and Kevin return with our new favorite recurring Wildcard episode where we go into the field and ask civilians a series of increasingly difficult Shakespeare trivia questions. @NoHoldsBardCast   Kevin Condardo c/o No Holds Bard P.O. Box 170004 Brooklyn, NY 11217

The Wrong Cat Died

Broadway Podcast Network

Grizabella was the wrong cat to die. After seeing CATS the Musical for the first time in July of 2016, podcast host Mike Abrams was filled with a whirlwind of emotions. He was amused, confused, and a little angry. Almost exactly three years later when the 2019 CATS movie trailer came out, Mike had enough. It was time to speak his truth – Grizabella was the wrong Cat to Die at the Jellicle Ball. In this podcast, Mike interviews CATS cast members, CATS superfans, CATS haters, and explores the backstories of the Jellicle characters all to make a case for why they were more worthy to ascend to the Heaviside Layer than Grizabella.Part of the Broadway Podcast Network.

Broadway to Main Street

Laurence Maslon

Robert Morse

We celebrate how to succeed on Broadway through the life and achievement of five-time Tony nominee (and two-time winner) Bobby Morse. All of his major shows and performances are featured.

The College Audition Podcast

Tim Evanicki Inc. / The College Audition

Ohio Northern University, BFA Musical Theatre, with Kirsten Osbun-Manley

Looking for a stellar musical theatre program with the opportunity to minor in arts administration? Ohio Northern should definitely be on your list! 


That's Not Canon Productions

Stuff the British Stole, The Trojan Horse Affair, You Are Good

Liz Recommends - Stuff the British Stole its reign, the British Empire stole a lot of stuff. Today those objects are housed in genteel institutions across the UK and the world. They usually come with polite plaques. This is a series about the not-so-polite history behind those objects.Each episode, award-winning journalist, author and genetic-potluck, Marc Fennell, picks one artefact and takes you on the wild, evocative, sometimes funny, often tragic adventure of how it got to where it is today.These objects will ultimately help us see the Commonwealth — and ourselves — today, in a different light. Recommends - The Trojan Horse AffairA strange letter appears on a city councillor’s desk in Birmingham, England, laying out an elaborate plot by Islamic extremis

The Great Detectives Present Richard Diamond

Adam Graham

Join host Adam Graham of the Great Detectives of Old Time Radio as he presents every circulating episode of Richard DIamond, Private Detective starring Dick Powell.

Big Bad Buffy Interviews

Scott Ryan & David Bushman

David Bushman and Scott Ryan interview actors, writers and directors from the TV series, Buffy The Vampire Slayer. We want to create an Oral History of the Joss Whedon series. Your hosts have written books about television as well as hosted other podcasts. Follow on Twitter @buffyhistory and follow on Facebook: Big Bad Buffy Interviews

Keep It Gay!

A Musical Theatre Podcast

Rent (The Drama Desk Awards of People)

That's right, we're doin' RENT! It's our last episode of the season and of the year, so enjoy it, have a safe and happy new year, and remember to KEEP IT GAY!!
We'll see you in 2021 

The Great Detectives Present Rocky Jordan

Adam Graham

EP3065: Rocky Jordan: The Man in the Nile

A boat carrying liquor for Rocky’s cafe is hit on the Nile. Original Air Date: August 15, 1951 Support the show monthly at Support the show on a one-time basis at‘ Mail a donation to: Adam Graham, PO Box 15913, Boise, Idaho 83715 Read more ...

Everything Theater Podcast

benita zahn

Podcasting from New York's Capital District, Ellen Cribbs and Benita Zahn talk all things theater - why we got into this crazy, creative business to what's currently happening on stages locally and around the world. Join us as we interview guest artists in various theatrical fields every other week. The spotlight will shine on theater artists onstage and behind the curtain.

The Cisco Kid -

Andrew Rhynes

Fighting Deputies – The Cisco Kid (01-21-58)

Original Air Date: January 21, 1958 Host: Andrew Rhynes Show: The Cisco Kid Phone: (707) 98 OTRDW (6-8739) Stars: • Jack Mather (Cisco) • Harry Lang (Poncho) Exit music from: Roundup on the Prairie by Aaron Kenny