Critical Role


C2E19 The Gentleman's Path

The Mighty Nein find themselves facing multiple choices as to their next actions and alliances…

MTGGoldfish Podcast


Santa is Fake and the Easter Bunny Doesn't Exist

The crew discusses Magic Arena's new explorer format, the rise of Ledger Shredder, some Secret Lair news and answers #MTGFishmail.

Crap Vegas: A Gambling Podcast

Chris & Josh

A podcast for craps and gambling enthusiasts from the perspective of two gambling fans living the high-life of Las Vegas. Join Chris and Josh for their takes on everything gambling and Las Vegas related.

The Command Zone

The Command Zone

In the 99 Analysis - New Capenna | #461

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Show Notes:
New Capenna is home to all sorts of shady characters and criminal dealings, but it’s also got hundreds of cards contending for slots in your Commander decks. This episode, we scope out the set to see what new tech is worth nabbing and what doesn't quite make the cut.
Join Jimmy and JLK as we reveal our EXCLUSIVE Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur’s Gate preview card! It’s an exciting new legendary creature, so you won’t want to miss this deep dive into all the crazy things you can brew with it. Tune-in live to join the discussion and share your ideas on Tuesday, May 10th!

Follow the link for info on how to attend:

TRIVIALITY - A Trivia Game Show Podcast

Triviality Podcast

262: Kenstradamus

Oakland 5 patron Zane Placie hosts this week’s excellent episode! David Lavallee teams up with Neal to face off against Ken and Matt. Neal goes to space… camp, Jeff is on probation, and  there is an interesting swing round full of President middle names. Which team will have what it takes?
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Trivia Time Podcast

Trivia Time Podcast 137

Welcome to episode 137 of Trivia Time, the podcast quiz show!May Visual Round: www.triviatimepodcast.comEmail:

MTGGoldfish Commander Clash Podcast

MTGGoldfish, Inc.

The Best Commander Card At Every Mana Value

The crew discusses what they think is the absolute best card at each mana value in Commander.

Limited Resources

Marshall Sutcliffe

Limited Resources 648 - Streets of New Capenna Format Overview

This week on Limited Resources Marshall have *opinions* on the new format! See which families are broken and which don't leave the guys riveted in this episode of LR!  Luis 17lands: LR is brought to you by FTX: FTX.US for US based customers and for outside the US. Limited Resources is proudly sponsored by Use the code LR at checkout on to help support the show while you shop at CFB! You can support Limited Resources on the LR Patreon page here: Reminder: Marshall and Luis are not registered financial advisors, make sure you consult one before making investments of any kind. Your Hosts: Marshall Sutcliffe and Luis Scott-Vargas Marshall’s Twitter: Luis’s Twitter: Email: LR Community Subred

Lords of Limited

Lords of Limited

268: Streets Paved With Gold - Episode 268

Streets of New Capenna is billed as a three-color format. But guess what? You've been lied to! Sure sometimes you'll end up fully three colors, but you'll have a lot more success if you draft the way we outline in this episode. Plus, we've got a great "outside-in/inside-out" way to contextualize the format as well as a number of difficult mid-draft decisions!

Dragon Talk - An Official Dungeons & Dragons Podcast

Dungeons & Dragons

Dragon Talk: #376 - Navaar Seik-Jackson, LYSK on Xhorhas

Welcome to Dragon Talk! After Greg and Shelly handle the introductions, Greg welcomes author and game designer James Haeck back for another round of Call of the Netherdeep themed Lore You Should Know. This week, the two discuss Xhorhas. Our special interview this week is with the creator and host of the Secret Nerd Podcast, Navaar Seik-Jackson! For general inquiries or show messages, please email Dragon Talk is executively produced by Greg Tito, Shelly Mazzanoble & Wizards of The Coast. Show production by Lisa Carr & Ryan Marth of Siren Sound. Podcast recording, editing, mixing and mastering by Ryan Marth & Siren Sound.Here's your guide to when each segment begins:Show open with Greg Tito and Shelly Mazzanoble - 0:00Lore You Should Know - 7:01Interview - 29:22Outro - 1:28:52Greg Tito Twitter - Mazzanoble Twitter -

Magic: The Gathering Drive to Work Podcast

Mark Rosewater

#924: Making Magic Trivia

In this podcast, I talk about my history with Magic trivia and how to make your own Magic trivia.

Shut Up & Sit Down

Shut Up & Sit Down

Podcast #178 - Voices in the Walls

In this semi-cooperative episode of the Shut Up & Sit Down podcast, Tom and Matt are talking about two very unusual games! First up is Voices In My Head's handsome-man-sentencing, followed by a small course of Decorum; a passive-aggressive living simulator. We also chat a few nice words about SHUX (and the carpets within) as well as Matt’s review of the Quacks expansion.
Have a great weekend, everybody!
03:21 - Voices in my Head
17:10 - Decorum
30:25 - Quacks: The Alchemists

Board Game Barrage

Board Game Barrage

#221: P-P-P-Party Questions

It doesn't quite work the same, but what do you expect when Neilan's not present? Speaking of presents, it's Mark's birthday so the rest of the crew celebrate with a parade of (don't call them hot) questions, where they invent expansions, and save the planet. Before we get older, we talk about Time Barons, and The Key: Sabotage at Lucky Llama Land. 03:57 - Time Barons 13:37 - Hanabi Deluxe II 15:34 - The Key: Sabotage at Lucky Llama Land 28:06 - Beyond the Sun 30:57 - The Quest for El Dorado 32:38 - Biblios 33:32 - Pax Renaissance 36:54 - The Castles of Burgundy Check out our wiki at: Join the discussion at: Join our Facebook group at: Get a Board Game Barrage T-shirt at:

One Piece D&D

Daniel Rustage

ONE PIECE D&D #46 | "Every Little Helps"

The Crew wrap up the political situation in the Oasis and prepare for Dane Goodman's tournament

Digital Foundry Direct Weekly

Digital Foundry

DF Direct Weekly #61: Nintendo Next-Gen Transition, Xbox DRM Gaming Outage, Duke Nukem Forever 2001!

Nintendo's worried about the next-gen transition, Xbox Online DRM causes a major outage, Gotham Knights gets an unconvincing gameplay reveal and the legendary Duke Nukem Forever build from 2001 has leaked! Let's just say that there's plenty to discuss for John, Rich and Tom!

Oxventure - A Dungeons & Dragons Podcast

The Oxventurers Guild

86 - ESCAPED CRUSADERS | The Orbpocalypse Saga Episode 3

Your Breakfast Choices Will Reveal Your D&D Alignment! So says, and why would a website lie to a person? Let's discover Andy's Breakfast Alignment and listen to Escaped Crusaders, the prison-breaking third episode of the Orbpocalypse Saga.  To watch the video version of this Oxventure D&D episode: To join the new OX Supporters Club and our first official Discord server: Check out the official Outside Xbox and Outside Xtra store for sweet new t-shirts: To watch all the original Oxventure Dungeons & Dragons videos, visit us on YouTube at and  With thanks to Johnny Chiodini, Oxventure Dungeon Master and Literally Everyone Else in the World. 

Gambling With an Edge

Bob Dancer & Richard Munchkin

Gambling With an Edge - Mail Bag 4/14/2022

No guest this week as we once again dip into out mail bag. But first we talk about this year's Bet Bash.

We welcome your questions - send them to us at, or you can find me at @RWM21 on Twitter or

Show Notes

[00:00] Introduction
[00:28] Bet Bash 2 recap
[13:05] Playing full pay DB with JoB strategy
[15;09] Blackjack The Discord
[16:00] How random are the cards in Video Poker for Winners?
[17:53] Facial recognition
[21:48] UX DDB strategy
[23:09] How can a basic strategy player at most low-hold casino games get better?
[26:54] Can casino employees bet where they work?
[28:33] Cutting and catching an ace in blackjack
[31:47] Sex, Lies, and Video Poker
[33:01] Could a history of recreational play be an advantage?
[35:34] Bar top video poker games
[36:25] http://SouthP

Rolling with Difficulty

Rolling with Difficulty Table

Rolling with Difficulty Episode 5: "Old Monks Die Hard"

Having successfully defeated the bandit bunnies threatening Finbar's hometown, the crew takes a well-earned breather and Yub Nubs it up with the Firbolgs of the Feywild. Emotions and stories are shared, gifts exchanged, and at the end of it all the gang returns to Sigil. What they find waiting for them should be an easy ride back to the city of Brass....but a figure from Kyana's past has other plans...---Our show contains fantasy violence (and the occasional foul language), treat us like a PG-13 program!---Contact the Pod:rollwithdifficulty@gmail.comTwitter: @rollwdifficultyInstagram: @rollwithdifficultyRSS Feed: Master - Austin FunkTwitter: @atthefunkThe Set's Journal of Faerun: - OSP RedTwitter: @OSPyoutubeInstagram:

Five Games for Doomsday

Ben Maddox

Long Haul 1983-Episode 8-It Seemed Out of the Battle I Escaped.mp3

Rusty Quill Gaming Podcast

Rusty Quill

RQG - Raging Grannies - Part 3

Join Maddy, Alex, Nico, Cathy and Tessa as they finish their game of Raging Grannies by Alicia Furness.This week Gloucester has a cup of tea, Christine attempts to woo a judge, Bryony tickles a wizard, and Patricia steals baking supplies.Content warnings:Undead & zombies Imprisonment Food Physical violence, injury & threats Vicarious embarrassment Discussions of: cannibalism Mentions of: child neglect, emetophobia, mould, loss of consciousness, innuendo, knives SFX: dripping, crashing & clanging, background chatter & shouting Transcript:PDF: RQG - Raging Grannies - Part 3.pdfWord: RQG - Raging Grannies - Part 3.docxSFX this week by kokopetiyot, cliftonmcarlson, egomassive, Nox_Sound, farbin, CraterZounds, SonoRec, SamsterBirdies, xkeril, Razzvio, TheMinkman, snapssound, gristi, "Metal crash" - by bolkmar, SpcializedArt

Escape This Podcast

Escape This Podcast

Podcast This Escape: Safari Sprint

Neil Patrick Harris and Jonathan Bayme join us to chat about game design, ur-puzzles, magic design, and brute forcing locks.

Check out everything over at Theory 11 especially the fantastic at home game Box One: at 


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For everything Escape This Podcast, head to

To hang out with us and other fans, join our discord here: 

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Third Party: An Apex Legends Podcast

Third Party

Next Legend Lore… Maggie | Apex Legends

Welcome back to The Third Party Podcast! Your weekly update on Apex Legends the best battle royale game out there.

Want to support us as creators and get access to tons of exclusive content? We greatly appreciate any support you can give us to continue to put out this content and take this podcast to the next level.


In this episode of the podcast, we are going into the background lore for Season 12 and everything we know about Maggie to date.

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Email us questions, comments, legend concepts, and anything involving Apex Legends:
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bomBARDed - A Musical Dungeons & Dragons Adventure


BomBARDed: Unplugged (Final Mailbag!)

It’s the final mailbag episode for the campaign! We answer as many questions about the show as we possibly can, tie up some loose narrative threads, choose some overall favorite things, and talk about the future of the show and where we’re headed with this bard-tastic blast of a bardcast. And of course there’s a song at the end to cap everything off!
Thank y’all so much for going on this journey with us and supporting us throughout it all. It means the world to us and we have loved being your bards throughout it all, and we can’t wait for the next adventure!
At some point in the early summer, we'll be releasing Chaos Sauce Volume 9 and OST Volume 9, and we'll drop in the feed to talk more about that (and probably some other stuff), so definitely stay tuned for that. But for now, we're riding off into the sunset of this campaign and again, thank you so much for all y'all have done for us and stay safe out there! 

Board Game Hot Takes

Board Game Hot Takes

El Grande

In Episode 87 we provide our hot take review of El Grande covering the mechanisms, the production, and our overall feelings of the game.
We discuss a poll about in-game vs. endgame scoring and Chris provides his themed cocktail of the week.  Then we discuss some games on our table including Magic Maze and Gizmos and give our future take on Nightmare Cathedral.
00:00 Introduction
00:37 Poll: In-game vs. Endgame Scoring
09:42 El Grande Gameplay Description
12:57 Gameplay and Mechanisms
31:00 Production and Theme
31:55 Final Thoughts
35:03 Blood Rage Tangent
38:21 Themed Cocktail of the Week
42:13 Magic Maze
48:57 Gizmos
54:55 Nightmare Cathedral

The Dice Tower

Tom Vasel and Eric Summerer

At the Table with Tom and Eric - Episode 0

Tom and Eric interview each other and discuss board games on the first episode of their new show. This will be the only episode posted here. For this and all future episodes visit  

Minecraft Short Stories

Callum Ellis

Is the Corruption in Minecraft? - Listener Stories

Is the Corruption in Minecraft? Where did Creepers actually come from? In this episode, my listeners get their stories told. Thank you to the 3 people who have submitted stories for this episode, Anonymous, Anonymous, Anonymous (Anonymous to the 3rd power maybe). Enjoy! If you want to submit a short story or sign up for my email for extra bonus content, go to!


Send in a voice message:

The Competitive Warhammer 40K Podcast

Stephen Box

How to write a balanced Warhammer 40k army list.

This week, Stephen and Dave talk about how to break down a Warhammer 40k Codex to understand a faction, find its strengths and weaknesses, and start building a list.

The Bricks King Podcast: LEGO

The Bricks King Podcast


Want some plant power and pollen in your life? If yes, look no further than the new LEGO Botanicals offerings heading your way May 1st.Enjoying the show...give us a like and comment on all platforms. Help us make the LEGO world available to all!Find us everywhere thanks to, the LEGO logo, the Minifigure, and the Brick and Knob configurations are trademarks of the LEGO Group of Companies. ©2022 The LEGO Group.THE BRICKS KING PODCAST IS NOT ENDORSED BY THE LEGO GROUP OR AFFILIATED IN ANY WAY.

Quiz Quiz Bang Bang Trivia Podcast

David and Annie Flora, Trivia Hosts

Bing Bang Bonus: James Bond Trivia

James Bond Trivia This episode is all about Bond, James Bond trivia. James Bond aficionado Julian Earl wrote this daring episode about our number one 007. Are you a James Bond super fan? Are you able to answer questions like: Which was the first Bond movie to have a sung title song that played over the opening credits now a synonymous feature of Bond films? Who sung the theme to For Your Eyes Only and appeared in the film, the first singer of a theme to do so? Which is the only Bond theme to have made No1 in the US Hot 100 chart? Which Bond theme was the first to win an Oscar? Which is the first film from MGM Studios to use a title that wasn’t the title of one of Ian Flemings novels or short stories? Which film has the longest title? Which film was named after author Ian Flemings Jamaican estate where he wrote his novels? How many of the Bond film titles are just one word? Released in 1953 which was the first Bond novel? Which novel is wri

Chess Journeys: Tales of Adult Improvement

Dr. Kevin Scull

Ep. 30 Szefru - Fruzsina (WFM)

This week on Chess Journeys, I spoke with Fruzsina. She’s a WFM with WIM and WGM norms, who streams and teaches chess. We discussed Fruzsi’s chess story including her childhood success, her success as a streamer, and her current decision regarding chasing norms. Fruzsina gave some tips regarding how to best use coaches, how chess helps kids, and some specific book recommendations. We also talked about the difference between learning as a child and an adult.
As always you can support the show at
Also, be sure to check out my Chessable page at  If you are considering using Aimchess, please use the code drscull30.
Be sure to visit Fruzina’s stream at:

Gambling Podcast: You Can Bet on That

You Can Bet on That

#256: Voicemail Tales

Aces cracked;  Tipping hosts;  Dr. Taylor and his royals;  Video poker variants;  Odds of drawing to the flush;  Rhythm City Casino;  Maryland Live!  Inexperienced dealers and players;  Beau Rivage;  Traveling to New Orleans;  Trespassed at Sycuan

Best in Tabletop

Colin Sherman & Mitch Pelham

40k Fight Club - 03 - There's Always a Bigger Fish

Chasing Poker Greatness

Brad Wilson: | Poker Pro & Coach

Philosophical Friday #7: Resurrecting Poker Entertainment (w/ Matt Berkey)

This week Brad and Duncan have Matt Berkey over to discuss the apparent "drought" in poker content and entertainment. Why isn't poker as popular as it used to be and what can we do (if anything) to bring it back to the forefront?

Sneak Attack!

Sneak Attack! Podcast

Sneak Attack! - The Launch

The Kickstarter for Sneak Attack: Liberation is officially live! Thank you to everyone who supports the campaign, tells their friends, and shares it with others. We are so excited to share the ending of Volume 2 with the world, and hope you will help us share this story with others. 

The Sly Flourish D&D Podcast


Numenera Session 9 – Lazy GM Prep

Mike prepares to run his next session of his Numenera campaign!
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Numenera Discovery

The Fortnite Podcast

2Loud & MonsterDface


Another episode of the Fortnite Podcast is here, let's chat about the new Competitive season , weekly balance changes & drama involving organizations.

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Free Crush Live Poker Podcast

Bart Hanson

Free Crush Live Poker Podcast No. 36: Bart Reviews His First Appearance on Hustler Casino Live

Bart reviews some of his more interesting hands on his first appearance on Hustler Casino Live!

The Dungeon Run Podcast

The Dungeon Run

Fortune & Fate: Episode 2 - Down the Rabbit Hole

Left with questions after their last contract, the adventurers make a cautious return to The Bastion in search of answers. There they find 2 new cohorts waiting for them, as well as news of a strange subterranean structure that could be connected to the mysterious Rakshasa. But as the team sets out to traverse this magical dungeon it becomes evident very quickly that nothing is as it seems in this strange and treacherous place...

How To Chess

Ben Johnson

HowToChess 21- FM Dalton Perrine on Common Calculation Mistakes and How to Improve Your Defensive Skills

Chessable author and Founder of Next Level Coaching, FM Dalton Perrine joins the pod to discuss an oft-neglected aspect of chess thinking- how to defend against tactics.
Check out his Chessable course in the link below: (
Follow Dalton on Twitter here: (

The Official Red Chip Poker Podcast

Red Chip Poker

Talking Poker Like A Pro · S5E14

Does the way you are talking about poker indicate that you understand and think about poker at a deep level? Coach “w34z3l” is here to break down the way we talk about poker, how it’s linked to thought depth, and give you applicable ways to get your terminology correct. Topics include naming trees, updated terms for various plays, and more. Enjoy! The Red Chip Poker Glossary: SplitSuit’s VLOG: Enroll In CORE Today: Be sure to join our free Discord as well to post hands, ask questions, and join a community of players who love poker as much as you do:

The Poker Coaching Podcast with Jonathan Little

Jonathan Little

Tristan Wade Discord AMA 4-6-2022!

Hey everyone, check out the Ask Me Anything that Tristan Wade did for all of our Discord users which is avalaible above or on our podcast feed over at Spotify & iTunes! You will need to download iTunes to view it. Here is the iTunes link: iTunes AMA Here is the Spotify link: Spotify AMA …
Tristan Wade Discord AMA 4-6-2022! Read More »
The post Tristan Wade Discord AMA 4-6-2022! first appeared on Jonathan Little.

Woodland War Machine

Good Time Society

Episode #33 - VS Guide: Ostracizing the Otters

Episode 33 - We Agreed Not To Buy - The VS Guide series continues with a deep dive into the easiest-to-interact-with faction: The Riverfolk Company! These river-riding retailers really need the cooperation of others at the table to get ahead - the crew breaks down when to buy (”never”...except, “sometimes”) and how to watch for an impending Otter-based victory.


Woodland War Machine: the podcast covering Leder Games' amazingly awesome asymmetric board game: ROOT! Join Jake Michels, Sam DeRoest, and Kyle Acheson as they explore the tactics and tradecraft of the cutest strategic warfare game ever!


To Hear the bonus ROOTPARDY content, support the show over at Good Time Society’s Patreon!


Episode Links:

[Prisoner’s Dilemma]

[The 3 Hour and 40 Minute Slugfest]


Find the crew on socials:


For Azeroth!: A World of Warcraft Podcast

Manny Thomas and Olivia Arnold

#200 - For Azeroth!: “So Wait We All”

Jared, Manny, Joce, and Garrett. All the hosts of For Azeroth are back to talk about the show past and present!

The Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast

The Secret Cabal Founders

Episode 248: Ark Nova and a Short Topic Extravaganza

Dan King The Game Boy Geek stars as our guest announcer today and goes the extra mile to give us some saxophone serenading! Today the Founders dive right into a conversation about a beautiful thing a group of Cabalsts did for Jamie by getting some of his favorite Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica character to wish him good health. Check out the show notes on for links to the videos. Then the gang runs down some of games they've been playing including Stardew Valley, Caylus, Hunt a Killer, Nemesis, Great Wall, Brian Boru High King of Ireland, and Res Arcana. Don and Jamie throw down a feature review of Ark Nova from Capstone Games, Tony T delivers the hottest gaming news segment this side of the Mississippi and finally the gang takes questions from the listeners including where our gaming retirement home would be, what minimalist games do we recommend and what's our second favorite game from our favo

Critical Hit: A Major Spoilers RPG Podcast

Major Spoilers Entertainment

Critical Hit #636: Modern City Adventures - Those Who Are Made From Rocks, We Salute You (SCRPG-003)

This week on Critical Hit, a Major Spoilers Real Play Podcast: Down, down, down goes the party, as GM Brian creates skills challenge for Sentinel Comics RPG system.

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The Splatbook

John Corey, Kyle Latino

Your favorite table top RPG design topics podcast

DTV Audio

The Dice Tower

Design Notes with Ben Maddox - Reiner Knizia

Ben Maddox interviews Reiner Knizia, a designer of games.

Mastering Dungeons

Mastering Dungeons

Mastering Dungeons – Back to Fizban’s

After a brief hiatus, the dragons are back and the Dynastic Dungeoneers are ready to finish them off! Shawn and Teos break down the last of the bestiary, finishing their […]

Arena Craft Podcast

Arena Craft MTG Podcast

New Capenna - Moar Spoilers

We've got previews, and you want answers! Today, we go deep on the cards spoiled up until Friday April 8th. This set looks... weird, so we'll see how it turns out. Some strong Planeswalkers though, and multifarious multicolored nonsense. Enjoy!If you love the show and want to support us, head over to our Patreon and check out our tiers: . Your support means a lot to us and helps keep pushing the show forward.We are partners of , a great deck tracker and collection manager for Arena. They've recently revamped their Draftsmith feature to make it easier to get into limited - go check it out!Find Arena Craft on:PatreonDiscordTwitterTwitchYouTubeFacebookEmail UsThis show features the track 'Cascade' by Kubbi which is licensed under a Creative Commons License.Find Kubbi's amazing music at

Yazeba's Bed & Breakfast

Possum Creek Games & Jeff Stormer

Welcome to Yazeba’s Bed & Breakfast, an Actual Play Miniseries by Possum Creek Games and Jeff Stormer. Yazeba’s Bed & Breakfast is a slice-of-life tabletop RPG about a heartless witch, a peaceful house, and all the folks who have made their home inside. The game launches on Indiegogo on March 22nd 2022; you can find more information at

The Vintage RPG Podcast

Vintage RPG

Return to Dark Tower

This week on the Vintage RPG Podcast, we take a look at another board game: Return to Dark Tower. This is Restoration Games’ new sequel/revamp of the 1981 Milton Bradley electronic board game Dark Tower that…if not a classic, certainly has a compelling mystique born from the intersection of its rarity, its D&D-like fantasy theming and its place at an exciting and highly nostalgic early era of consumer electronics. How does the new version hold up in comparison? Well, you’re gonna have to listen! * * * Use code DAYLIGHT with your purchases at Noble Knight! Our friends are their friends and get 10% off all purchases on the site or in the store! Good through May 31. Hang out with us on the Vintage RPG Discord! If  you dig what we do, join us on the Vintage RPG Patreon for more roleplaying fun and surprises! Patrons keep us going! Like, Rate, Subscribe and Review the Vintage RPG Podcast! Available on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, iHeartRadio, SoundCloud,

Frontline Gaming Network

Frontline Gaming

Will Tyranids Monster Truck Their Way Through the Motor City GT? |

We have a banger of a week for you, a big old super major from Motor City, Scandinavia’s finest show their wares in Westeros and its the ANZ Team Championship!
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Low Limit Cash Games

Brett Mason Media

S03E14 - Big Pot Big Hand Rule - Poker Cash Games

This simple rule will help you increase your profits without having to do a lot more than use common sense. Still, many players are clueless about the Big Pot poker rule.

Trivia With Budds

Ryan Budds

10 Trivia Questions on Money and Heists

See if you know all these tidbits about money, stealing it, and spending it!  Grab the digital download of my new book Pop Culture Puzzles Vol. 1 for only $7! Fact of the Day: Queen Elizabeth II is a trained mechanic. THE FIRST TRIVIA QUESTION STARTS AT 02:38 Theme song by Bed Music: Neon Laser Horizon by Kevin MacLeod Link: License: PLAY TRIVIA WITH BUDDS live on FB Live (and sometimes Zoom!) A full hour interactive show streams often nightly at 7pm PST. See lineup of shows and topics at under the events section towards the bottom of the homepage. Watch the shows at or  http://TriviaWithBudds.com Book a par

The Scapegoats - A Yu-Gi-Oh! Podcast

The Scapegoats

Join The Scapegoats - Josh, Kamm, Emerson, and Matt - as these four long-time friends gab about all things Yu-Gi-Oh!

Dungeon Master's Block

Block Party Podcast Network

249: Minions (feat. James Introcaso)

DM Mitch and DM Neal sit down with the truly amazing James Introcaso and talk about adding minions to your game in the most epic ways possible.
Flee, Mortals! Kickstarter


Music provided by Argofox: AlmightyZero - Rise Again
Episode edited by: Neal Powell

Fly Fish Food Shop Talk Podcast

Fly Fish Food

Shop Talk Podcast Ep 24: How to Improve your Fly Fishing Game, Plus Q&A

Want to improve your fly fishing skills? We'll chat about some option to consider plus answer more live Q&A

The MM Cast

The MM Cast

Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty Set Review Part 2

This week we finish up our set review for Kamigawa Neon Dynasty. This set is incredible! Did we miss any cards? If so let us know.

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Opening animation was done by Geoffrey Palmer. Follow him on
Twitter: @livingcardsmtg
 @Living Cards MTG 

---- Contents ----
00:00:00 - Start
00:02:49 - Trivia
00:05:26 - Black
00:14:02 - Red
00:38:39 - Green
00:46:04 - Gold
01:14:45 - Artifacts
01:35:20 - Lands

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Discord: http

d4: D&D Deep Dive

The d4 Network

The Bladesinger Tank - d4 #79

Our D&D 5e character build this week is an attempt to make a Bladesinger that's a little bit ... different.I'd appreciate it if you'd consider supporting the channel by becoming a member! out Dungeon Weather here! Store! if you'd like to purchase D&D content through my Amazon affiliate link, it would be another way to help support the channel :) - us here: out Randall Hampton here:Twitter: https

Dungeons of Drakkenheim

Dungeon Dudes

Fate of Drakkenheim Episode 8: Royal Flush

Sebastian, Rudi and Wrath head to Camp Dawn before tracking down the Queen of Thieves via an interesting lead... ____________________________ Watch us play live Tuesdays 6-9 PM EDT on Twitch: Join our Patreon community: Get our custom t-shirts:

Mythical: Pokémon-Inspired DnD Role Playing Podcast

Mythical is Back

Mythical is back! The folks over at Dungeons & Randomness and us did a one-shot together called “Caverns & Charizards”! We recorded this back in early 2017 with plans to release it the Fall of 2017, but things fell throug... BUT now you can listen to it right now over at their podcast feed!
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? D&R Website

There Will Be Dungeons

Scott Johnson

TWBD: The Wastes S2E8: No Magic Allowed

Down the hole we go! And things are not friendly to the magic types down there! Come listen and see how YOU would deal with this latest dungeon!

Drafting Archetypes

Drafting Archetypes

Drafting Archetypes Episode 69: Red Green in #MTGNEO

This week #MTG Pro Sam Black covers Red Green in Kamigawa Neon Dynasty Example Draft:Coming soon Follow Sam:Twitter: Support the

Blue Peg, Pink Peg

Blue Peg, Pink Peg

Episode 217: Tenpenny Parks

Reviews of Living Forest, Transformers: Deckbuilding Game, Factory Funner, and so much more. Featured review: Tenpenny Parks by Thunderworks Games; Reroll Almanac- The Dragon Road by Kolossal. Board game discussion starts at 32:23.
Thank you to our sponsors: Queen Games, Grand Gamers Guild, and AEG.
32:33 - Factory Funner; 40:26 - Transformers-Deckbuilding Game; 53:49 - Living Forest; 01:01:51-Ghosts of Christmas

How Not to DM

T4C Studios

Each week I talk to a new guest from the TTRPG community about how they got into gaming, their biggest mistakes and triumphs from behind the screen, best advice for new and aspiring DMs, and their amazing work and projects! I post a new episode each Wednesday, so check for the latest, pick a show that interests you, or start from the beginning!

Sea of Thieves Official Podcast Episode #1: Seasons, Events and More!

Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves Official Podcast Episode #5: Hot Topics

As promised in the Sea of Thieves 2022 Preview Event, episode 5 of our Official Podcast is dedicated to discussing hot topics. Join core team members in the tavern for a talk about live service issues, hit reg, server performance, spawn camping and more!
Got questions for future podcasts? Send them to us with the #SoTPodcast tag on Sea of Thieves social media channels!
This episode's crew:
Christina McGrath (Head of Community)
Joe Neate (Executive Producer)
Mike Chapman (Creative Director)
Drew Stevens (Senior Producer)

Space Cats Peace Turtles

Matt Martens and Hunter Donaldson

237: Theorycrafting Vuil’raith Cabal

Enter "Season....3? 4. 3?" It's a new arc of the show where we, you guessed it, dive deep into the board game Twilight Imperium. How deep? Well now we plan to do cover a single faction over the course of numerous weeks. We don't anticipate every faction getting the same structure, but we're starting with Vuil'raith Cabal and they're in a bit of a rough position currently. So, to begin their journey, we decided we'd need to throw the playbook out and theorycraft new and crazy idea. Join us, won't you?

Music provided by Ben Prunty. Find more at or

To learn more about our Discord, Twitter, Patreon, Merch, and more, visit

Board Game Design Lab

Board Game Design Lab

How to Design a Race Game with Kathleen Mercury

Kathleen Mercury, designer of Greece Lightning, talks about designing race games. We talk about meshing a racing theme with mechanisms that actually feel like a race, different ways to win, general design concepts, and more.
The post How to Design a Race Game with Kathleen Mercury appeared first on Board Game Design Lab.

The Pioneer Perspective

The Pioneer Perspective

A deep dive into the meta game of the Pioneer format in Magic The Gathering! A podcast made for the casual spikes and the players who want to gain insight into the format. Support this podcast:

Black Dice Society

Black Dice Society

Ep. 41: The Order of the Silver Dragon

With the Caller defeated the party finds a moment to rest and process the nightmares they were put through. During this time strange magic finds a few of the party members - whisking them away to other adventures while only minutes pass in Barovia. They return with strange tales and even some new items. But, after an emotional revelation they must find their way Argynvostholt and recover something to help their fight against Strahd.
Tanya DePass as Fen (I Need Diverse Games, Into the Motherlands)
Noura Ibrahim as Nahara (LA By Night, Into the Mist)
Deejay Knight as Desmond (Into the Motherlands)
Mark Meer as Brother Uriah Macawber (Mass Effect, Baldur’s Gate)
Saige Ryan as Valentine (Failed Save, SmoshGames)


Gil Hova, Erica Hayes-Bouyouris, Sen-Foong Lim, Scott Rogers

Ludology 271 - The Dotted Line

Erica, Gil, and Sen have a roundtable discussion about their experiences with contracts. What are things designers should look for when negotiating their contracts? Note that none of us are lawyers, and at no point in this episode do we give out actual legal advice. If you need legal advice, please consult an actual lawyer! SHOW NOTES 25m46s: Here's the Meeple Syrup episode on localization, with Mike Raftopolous. 38m18s: "Spin" is SpinMaster, the game publishing company that Erica works for. 43m01s: If you're not familiar with the story of the rock band Van Halen and brown M&Ms, here it is.

The Board Game BBQ Podcast

Board Game BBQ

Episode 183: Wonderland’s War, Golem, Queen’s Garden, Jaws of the Lion

Mike jumps behind the wheel on Episode 183 and steers Sarah, Dan and Conor into oncoming traffic. Along the way the team catch-up on what they've been playing, including Creature Comforts, In The Hall Of The Mountain King, Illusion, Letter Jam, and Underwater Cities.
In the Board Game Bracket we settle the last match-up, Aeon's End vs Root, before we cue up the next battle: Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle Earth. To make sure your favourite goes through to the next round make sure you vote on our socials.
Finally, in Swear An Oath, Dan didn't manage to get Tiny Epic Pirates to the table, and Sarah failed on playing Mind MGMT as well. Luckily Conor absolutely loved Dead Reckoning, and Mike played RailRoad Ink. New oaths include painting 6x Super Fantasy Brawl minis (Dan), starting a Jaws Of the Lion Campaign (Sarah), Marvel Champions: The Hood (Conor), and Welcome To The Moon (Mike).

The Roblox PodCast

Xxninja Xx

The Roblox PodCast (Trailer)

Throwback Trivia Takedown

Throwback Trivia Takedown

Ep. 85: Vernon Heagy vs. Tim Geving

Throwback Trivia Takedown takes trivia back to the glory days from the late 20th century to the early 2000's. Two challengers go head to head in a duel of the decades where the one with the most nostalgic knowledge of pop culture comes out victorious.  Do you know your nostalgia?

Isekai D&D

Daniel Rustage

ISEKAI D&D #9 | "Musical Chairs"

The Party stay in an unusual town, and later investigate further into this brewery business

Crew3: A Pioneer Podcast

Crew3: A Pioneer Podcast

Shifting Into The Neon Dynasty

On this spoiler filled episode the guys wrap up all the cards they had left to discuss, and let's just say there were A LOT of good cards left to talk about.New Website for Pioneer content: playingpioneer.comSaturday Challenge: Challenge: Dump: Want to support the show? You can find our Patreon here: a playmat or used our Inked Gaming affiliate link here: Want to keep up with the show? Join our Discord or follow us on twitter @Crew3podcastWant more Pioneer content? Check out our YouTube channel or watch our weekly streams on Twitch.If you like the show, please share us with your friends and leave a review!   



Four members of the GVG crew get together each Friday to close out the week, talk about their favorite gaming stories, and talk about anything else that comes to mind!

Arsenal Pass - Flesh and Blood Podcast


Arsenal Pass Ep53 - Reflections on FAB 2.0

This week we were ready to record a full podcast on limited but LSS had different plans. FAB 2.0 serves as a great guidepost to what the future of Flesh and Blood will look like. We'll break down our reactions and share our opinions to give you a glimpse of how far we've come and how far we plan on going!

FAB 2.0 Article:


Review Us:




ChannelFireball Affiliate Code: ARSENALPASS

Twitter: @BrendanAPG (Brendan) & @Fyen_Dale (Hayden)

Hosts: Brendan Patrick and Hayden Dale

Commander Theory

Commander Theory

Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty Main Set Review

A ratfolk on a hoverbike just zoomed by my house and painted graffiti all over the alley. Guess that means Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty is out! In this doozy of an episode, Nick and Zak review all the commanders and cards they think you should note in the regular set for NEO (basically anything you can get in a set booster). There is SO much and the episode is definitely fat because of it, and we hope it means there's just more you'll enjoy! What is white getting in this set that's worth looking at? How are these saga's going to play out? Are there... Too many words on cards?!? Listen in and let us know how you feel too! Because this set is jam-packed with cards that are great in commander! Deck Lists:AoLight-PawsJin-Gitaxias 2.0KairiThe Reality ChipHeiko Yamizaki (the red one)West-side KodamaShigekiTameshiIsshin (NOT from Okami =c )Hinata Value AND Hinata BlinkTatsunariGo-ShintaiYou can reach us on Twitter or Tumblr, and

Limited Level-Ups

Alex and Abram

Streets of New Capenna Rare/Mythic Set Review with LordTupperware!

Multi-coloured: 0:15 Artifacts/Lands: 59:35 Red: 1:03:48 Green: 1:15:46 White: 1:24:20 Blue: 1:36:39 Black: 1:50:20 Limited Level-Ups Discord:

The Roaring Trainers

The Roaring Trainers

Total Party Thrill: RPG Advice From Our Table to Yours

Total Party Thrill

TPT #312: Dice & The Dice Goblin

Hosts I-Hsien and Shane hoard shiny math rocks. In the Gates of Mourning campaign, the party fights mind to mind, and The Dice Goblin rolls with it in the Character Creation Forge. (66m) Bonus Content for this episode on Patreon: Editing: Aram Vartian Important Links: DiceDB: Reddit: r/dice Dice Maniacs Club (FB): Total […]

Gardening With Angelo

Angelo Petiti

Hear Gardening With Angelo Saturday mornings on Newsradio WTAM 1100.

Game Theory (Unofficial) Podcast!

TypeNull Gaming


Hey ya lovely degenerates, today we're talking about how the time travel in Sonic CD actually makes some bastion of sense. Tune in to find out!


Send in a voice message:

Meta Pod: A Pokemon TCG Podcast


#84: Brilliant Stars Buy List Bonanza!

This week we're talking about the Brilliant Stars cards that every player should probably pick up (and how many you might need), with some advice on when the right time to buy might be. We're also discussing some of our prerelease pulls, the Orlando Regionals that was cancelled, and talking about some future ideas for Meta Pod! 
Speaking of the future of Meta Pod, hop on over to our new YouTube dedicated to the podcast and Subscribe! Once we hit 100 ratings on Spotify and Apple, Jake and Sean are planning some fun extra videos which will live exclusively on that channel. Thanks again to everyone that has supported us thus far!
Reach out to us with any thoughts or topic suggestions via Twitter:
Check out the Meta Pod YouTube:
Here are a few of the other plac

The Dive Down

The Dive Down

Episode 161: Sleeve/Believe/Heave: Fun With Artifacts ed.

Turns out that Neon Dynasty may have had a little more impact on our formats than we originally anticipated. The reason why? Why, it's (mostly) thanks to Magic's favorite no-downside card type: Artifacts. Tune in as we try out builds of Urzaful/Urzaless Affinity and UW Hammer in Modern, Vehicle Tribal in Historic, and a whole new Ensoul Artifact build in Pioneer. But first, we take a look across 3 high level Modern MTGO events from the weekend. Dave asks for forgiveness. Shane withholds a harsh judgement. Stan gets chipped.
The Break Down: Not many NEO cards in the Challenges
The Dive Down: NEO cards in Leagues: Vehicles, Affinity, and Ensoul
The Dive Down, cont: Stan's New Love: 4-0in' Prelims
Check out our NEW SPONSOR, Barrister and Mann! Use code THEDIVEDOWN2022 for 15% off your first order of some incredible fragrances, soaps, beard oils, and more.

Boarding Party's Pokemon DnD

Boarding Party

The podcast version of Boarding Party's Pokemon DnD Campaign on YouTube! Support this podcast:

Uncommon Energy | A Pokémon TCG Podcast

Uncommon Energy Podcast

Veteran competitors of the Pokemon TCG, AzulGG and TrainerChip, are trying out a new form of content! Azul is a 5 time regional champion, and regarded by many as one of the best players in the game. Chip does commentary for official Pokemon Trading Card Game livestreams, and is a former Worlds competitor. Both Chip and Azul have been content creators in the Pokemon community on Twitch and YouTube for over 5 years. Join us for our weekly podcast, as we embark on this new journey to spread our love of the Pokemon Trading Card Game through the Uncommon Energy Podcast.

Relicbuds: A Metal King Studio Podcast

Sean Sutter

Join Sean Sutter and Malev da Shinobi as they embark on a quest filled with friendship and creativity. This Metal King Studio podcast wanders through the sacred forests of imagination and the dangerous wastelands of making art in the real world. What exactly is rattling around in these intrepid artists' minds? Who would choose to live as an independent artist? What's coming next from Metal King Studio? NO ONE KNOWS! So we made a show about it.

Milenomics ² Podcast - No Annual Fee Edition

Sam Simon & Robert Dwyer

Checking In Ep 13: All About Hilton w/CF Frost

This week I chatted with Milenomics community member CF Frost about his recent stay at the new Hilton LXR Mango House Seychelles and we do a deep dive into the Hilton program.

You may remember CF from this post he wrote about a now-expired opportunity to get Amex Hilton Aspire cards without an annual fee. Those Aspire cards kick off free night certificates and resort credits that are now enabling trips like the one we discuss in this episode.

Subscribers may also enjoy a trip report to the Waldorf Astoria Maldives discussed in Episode 6 of Checking In.

Hyatt gets a lot of love from the points & miles community but as we discuss on the show, Hilton deserves some consideration as well. In the second half of the show we cover 10 Ways Hilton is Better than Hyatt.

3:10 CF’s Recent Trip to the LXR Mango House Seychelles

Weapon Wheel Podcast

Weapon Wheel Podcast

PlayStation Bungie | Sifu | Dying Light 2 | GTA 6 | Gran Turismo 7 | Ghostwire: Tokyo - WWP 310

PlayStation Bungie | Sifu | Dying Light 2 | GTA 6 | Gran Turismo 7 | Ghostwire: Tokyo - WWP 310


Support this podcast:

The Titans of All'Terra

Joshua Lorimer

Jump into a classic fantasy story, set in the original world of All'Terra, and told through the collaborative story structure of 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons! Join Josh, our Dungeon Master, as he leads four unlikely heroes on an adventure that will change their lives and might even save the world! The Party: Joan Stormcrown, a human cleric of the grey god, played by Kelsey. Dalfin Mugwart, a halfling monk, played by Ricky. Winnie Dumplekin, a gnome evocation wizard, played by Erin. Relnor Windhelm, a human fighter/member of Lestraad's Navy, played by Eric. New episodes every Thursday from November to June.

Mah Jongg Mondays podcast

Fern Bernstein

Here It Is! The 2022 Card!

It’s that incredibly special mah jongg time of the year! Our 2022 cards are arriving and the excitement is felt nation-wide! In today’s episode Lorraine Urist will give us some card highlights and insights. Let’s get our mahj-on!!   Fern's book, Mah Jonng Mondays, can be found on or at your local bookseller.   Want to support the show? Please consider becoming a Patron at

Good Luck High Five

Maria Bartholdi & Meghan Wolff

Toilet Hooch

On this episode, Maria and Meghan get down and dirty with the new and returning mechanics and spicy new cards of Streets of New Capenna! Find out how the five crime families will represent themselves on the battlefield and which one you might make a deal (you can't refuse) with. PLUS: Where does Halo come from, really? And exactly what toilet is it made inside?! Meghan also wraps up the Neon Dynasty story (get the tissues ready!)

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The Mind Sculptors

The Mind Sculptors

Is Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty the Set That Breaks cEDH? Part ONE | The Mind Sculptors Set Review

Its time to return to Kamigawa! The latest Magic: the Gathering set, Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty, is bringing us back to an iconic plane from Magic’s history. So with the release of this set, we have to ask the never-ending question… “Is Kamaigawa: Neon Dynasty the set that breaks cEDH?” Join Callahan, Pongo, and Charles (the Mono-White Guy) as they give their thoughts on the most notable cards from this set!
There were so many cards, this had to be split into two episodes to really make it digestible. We hope you all enjoy the new presentation of the podcast as well as the thoughts we bring to the table this week!
TCG Player Affiliate:
Inked Gaming Affiliate:
00:00 - Intro

Manifest Zone: Exploring the World of Eberron

Keith Baker, Wayne Chang, and Imogen Gingell


Once upon a time, Keith, Wayne and Imogen tell the story of Thelanis and the fey of Eberron.

The Top 100 Games Podcast

Jared Petty

39 - The Oregon Trail - The Top 100 Games Podcast with Jared Petty

It's finally time. Minnmax's Ben Hanson is here to travel the trail. Dysentery optional.

The Letters Page

Greater Than Games

Episode #203 - Writers' Room: Tome of the Bizarre Vol. 4 #50

This is a weird one... but we really enjoyed it! Show Notes: Run Time: 1:20:42 Say goodbye to the "Month of Love" with this wild take on the topic! Will this be a throwaway story? Or will it be the beginning of something dreadful?! Or!!! Is it just really silly? Who can say?! Sorry, I had a whole bushel of ?s and !s that were about to go bad, so I wanted to use them up. Anyway, listen and learn! We had a great time, and I think we told a pretty compelling tale in the process. Catch you next time for Episode #204: Sentinels of the Multiverse: Definitive Edition! (And the launch of the Rook City Renegades Kickstarter?!)

Dojo Talks

IM Kostya Kavutskiy, IM David Pruess, GM Jesse Kraai

Ep. 46 | 50 Years Since 1972

In this week's Dojo Talks, Kostya, Jesse, and David discuss what has occurred in the chess world since the 1972 World Championship match between Bobby Fischer and Boris Spassky.

Follow ChessDojo here:








64: A Chess Podcast

David Vizgan

Tatiana Flores

Tatiana Flores is a chess journalist for Chessbase and, and is the current FIDE World Champion for People with Disabilities. On this week's episode of 64: A Chess Podcast, Tatiana shares her story with me -- how chess helped her recover from health problems a few years ago, and how she won the World Championship a few months ago. We also talked about her favorite moments as a chess journalist, and Tatiana shared her thoughts with me about how the chess world can improve the sport for its female players.Follow Tatiana on Twitter! Thanks for coming on the show :-)64: A Chess Podcast is sponsored by Chessable -- if you want to learn more about Chessable & my favorite courses, check out out 64: A Chess Channel and if you liked the show, follow me on Twitter and Twitch :-) thanks again for listening to this week's episode of 64!Also, if you like what you've heard this week and want to support my podcast financially, you

Beginner's Basics to Dungeons & Dragons

Evan Kauffman

A basic guide for 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons, brought to you by rookie Dungeon Master Evan Kauffman. Inquiries? Comments? Suggestions? Hate-mail? Contact Us Here!

Set Five Pass


A Podcast to discuss all things yugioh! We cover everything from deck building and Yugioh content news to complete archetype breakdowns and a deeper analysis of the meta-game. Twitter: @SetFivePodcast

Rolling Dice & Taking Names Gaming Podcast

Rolling Dice & Taking Names Gaming Podcast

RDTN Episode 243: Unfathomable, Fangs, Horrified – American Monsters

Tony McReeTime Segment 00:31 Intro 06:18 A New Mt Dew Taste Test 12:27 State Fair Tasty Treats 20:35 Vanessa Weighs In 22:33 Civil War Battlefield Tour 27:48 BooBQ Event 29:30 Marty […]
The post RDTN Episode 243: Unfathomable, Fangs, Horrified – American Monsters first appeared on Rolling Dice & Taking Names.

Poker Fraud Alert Radio

This is a poker podcast that breaks the mold of boredom and forges its own path to both inform and entertain! Todd "Dan Druff" Witteles and his unique group of friends unite for their all-too-honest and blunt commentary on the poker community. This show is a mixture of discussion of real poker-world issues and abstract entertainment provided by crazy characters and even crazier situations. If you want to keep up on the happenings in the world of poker, but don't enjoy the dry, monotone podcasts found elsewhere on the internet, you have found the right program!

Limited Edition

Zander Stone & Eric Soth

Hello Streets of New Capenna - Episode #91

On this edition co-hosts Zander Stone & Eric Soth take a look at the streets of New Capenna, and go over the themes and mechanics of the set.  Twitter: @metalmariomtg @BreakfastMTG @limitedepodcast  Twitch: ||  Patreon: 

Game Brain: A Board Game Podcast About Our Gaming Group

Game Brain

Round 15, Extra Turn: "Hegemony" with Paul and Elder

Ben, Paul, and Elder give their first impressions of the upcoming release, "Hegemony."0:00:00 - Intro: Welcome Ben, Paul, and Elder: Perseverance, Anachrony, Cerebrea, Trickerion, Iberian Gauge, Crisis,Brick and Mortar, City of the Big Shoulders, New Amsterdam, Dinogenics, Dino Island, 0:21:53 - Early Impressions of Hegemony1:54:20 - Sign Off: kirbooloni.comHegemony late pledges

Nights of Eveningstar

Dungeons & Dragons

Episode 37 - The Price of Beauty

Silent Hill Symbolism


SHS is all about diving into the deep end of the Silent Hill mythos. In each episode I explore a person, place, or concept related to the series, and talk about the way it's presented in game, the outside influences on it, and the symbolism associated with it. There's a lot of personal theory in here, alongside a ton of research. Watch the earlier episodes on Youtube:

Stories From Minecraft

Ryan Stott

Episode #1 - Herobrine, A Minecraft Anomaly

In this episode, Ryan talks about the Minecraft creepypasta "Herobrine". What it meant and a brief view of their history. Hope You enjoy!

Behold the Roll


Hello fellow lovers of Dungeons - and or - Dragons! Are you in search of a new podcast? I know, they’re really few and far between these days......... but good news! We just so happen to have one, and you’ve stumbled upon it! So WELCOME to Behold the Roll, we couldn’t be more honored that you’ve decided to hop in and give us a listen, and we genuinely hope you enjoy your stay! Behold the Roll is an actual play Dungeons and Dragons 5e podcast that follows the story of three adventures from the world of Omersia who have, spoiler alert, already died! Join Lorcan Brightstrike, Wulf Dawnfire & Silas Leodor as they go on a fantastical quest to find their lost bodies, solve their own death, and remove the curse that binds them to a dark and mysterious afterlife. ... and maybe get into a little magical-mischief along the way. --- Hosted by Jesse Dorr and featuring players Zack Ledford, Jim Gledhill and Joe Pinkham - Behold the Roll is an actual play Dungeons and Dragons Podcast set in a homebrew fantasy realm that focus on collaborative storytelling, comedy and most importantly, having some good fun with great friends. CONTENT WARNING: Behold the Roll is intended for mature audiences. Foul language, sexual inuendos and descriptions of fantasy violence will be heard in most episodes. Behold the Roll also mirrors real-life issues and struggles, and while a comedy based podcast can touch on subjects uncomfortable or not suitable for all audiences. Listener discretion is advised. FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook - Twitter - Instagram @BeholdTheRoll Reddit: r/beholdtherollpodcast Listen on YouTube! *** Like what you hear? Rate us five stars and share the podcast wherever you can! We’d love to do more of this and truly can’t thank you enough for your support. *** CREDITS - Intro/Outro created for us by the absolutely incredible iam_wake on Fiverr! All other music and sound effects are from royalty free, free to use websites including & Like our Beholder logo? It’s created exclusively for us by the insanely talented Cody Howe. Give him a follow at howe_itzer on Instagram!

Eve Online: Talking in Stations


Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

Casual Magic with Shivam Bhatt

Shivam Bhatt

Casual Magic Episode 97 - K.Arsenault Rivera Returns

Today my friend K. Arsenault Rivera returns to discuss her stories for Crimson Vow, as well as our shared love of the Wheel of Time tv show. This is one of the saltier episodes of the show, so maybe skip this with your kids. This show is brought to you by CoolStuffInc, Coalesce, and Archidekt!

The Trashalanche Pokemon Podcast

Brent Halliburton, Brit Pybas and Mike Fouchet

The Trashalanche is hosted by Brent Halliburton, Brit Pybas and Mike Fouchet and is mostly about Pokemon and mostly about the TCG.

Total Party Kill

The Incomparable Dungeon Masters

332: Step Three Prophet

Don’t pick the door with a bunch of dead corpses behind it. Traps are bad. Let sleeping sarcophagi lie. Scott McNulty with Aleen Simms, Dan Moren, Erika Ensign, Jason Snell, Steve Lutz and Tony Sindelar.

The Eldritch Lorecast

Ghostfire Gaming

Ben Byrne, Dael Kingsmill, Shawn Merwin, and James Haeck bring you the latest tabletop hobby news, discussions on roleplaying game design, ideas for players and GMs, and share their passion for tabletop roleplaying games and the community! For More info be sure to check out

Playing With Power MTG

Playing With Power MTG

CEDH On A Budget | Episode 019 | Playing With Power Podcast

PWP Budget Playlist: (
Budget Brews: (

CEDH Decklist Database: (

.::=== SUPPORT LINKS ===::.
TCGPlayer: (
Patreon: (
Twitter: (

Dominaria's Judgment

Dominaria's Judgment

A weekly Magic: the Gathering podcast focused on the Modern format and competitive play, highlighting the latest and greatest things the format has to offer.

Dice Tower Now

The Dice Tower

Dice Tower Now 785: May 16, 2022

This is Dice Tower Now for the week of May 16, 2022. This week, the best cuisine comes from CATAN, Steve Jackson brings back wizards from 1983 for the 9th time, and Blue Orange Games - you can’t eat just one.   TOP STORIES (3:00) Rollacrit to provide accessories for both CATAN and GenCon Asmodee and Ulysses Press announce cookbooks based on CATAN and Ticket to Ride Fog of Love: Lockdown Expansion announced Tabriz coming from Cascadia designer Randy Flynn and Crafty Games New editions of Groo and Wiz-War crowdfunding soon from Steve Jackson Games Asmodee creates Access+ Studio Annapurna tournament to be held at PAX Unplugged Lunar Outpost announced by Ravensburger and designer Michael Mulvihill Blue Orange Games announces Bag of Chips Crescent Moon coming from Osprey Games and designer Steven Mathers   CROWDFUNDING (11:05) Glitch Squad by designers Mary Flanagan and Max Seidman with Resonym Games Fliptown from Steven Aramini and Write Stuff

Smart Poker Study Podcast

Sky Matsuhashi: | Poker Pro and Coach

How to Find and Exploit non-Bread & Butter Fishy Players #383

Visit the show notes page for a transcript of today's episode: Get 30% off membership to with code “march30” at checkout. is my one-of-a-kind online poker training site with 9 masterclass courses that teach you how to play profitable online poker. Watch FREE YouTube poker training videos Get fresh and free Daily Poker Tips Check me out on Twitter @smartpokerstudy

Cult of the Clocktower

Andrew Nathenson

3.11: Shabaloth (Bad Moon Rising) (With TPI Community Manager Ben Burns!)

Andrew and special guest Ben Burns discuss the Shabaloth, a Demon from the Bad Moon Rising edition of Blood on the Clocktower.
The Shabaloth's ability is: "Each night*, choose 2 players: they die. A dead player you chose last night might be regurgitated. "
Each episode of the Cult of the Clocktower is about a different character from the game Blood on the Clocktower by the Pandemonium Institute.  Andrew Nathenson and a special guest discuss the character in three parts, including strategies for playing as, bluffing as, and being the Storyteller for that character.
For feedback and questions, please email
The music used at the start and end of the show is by TeknoAXE, who can be found at

Board Game Snobs

Gaby Moraga

We discuss random things and sometimes board games. Entry level knowledge, expert level nonsense.

BeQuiz I Said So

Jeff Foust

A question and answer podcast designed especially for kids. Questions are asked in three categories starting off easier for the younger listeners and then get a little more difficult for the older kids. Trivia fun for the whole family!

Lucky Paper Radio

Andy Mangold and Anthony Mattox

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

A Star Wars Legion Podcast - The Notorious Scoundrels


Star Wars Legion Podcast S2 E89 - Take that, Clankers?

Kyle and Jay are joined by Lucas this week to talk about CIS counters, snipers 101 and more!

Bro, do you even TALK pinball?

Buffalo Pinball

Once a month, Nick and Kevin discuss the top pinball news, share game room updates, review pinball machines and share some lessons learned in the world of pinball. Have feedback or questions you want us to answer on the show? Email

Make-Believe Heroes

Dungeons and Dragons

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

The Mortal Realms - A Warhammer: Age of Sigmar Podcast

The Mortal Realms

Fyreslayers Battletome - Story Phase - Ep 069

In this episode we cover the lore of the Fyreslayers Battletome. Get ready to hear a whole lotta tempers, nudity, and sweaty dudes. And then if we have time after all that, we’ll talk about those duardin!

Show Notes
Time Stamps
What we've been up to: 1:45

The Story Phase: 6:28

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Hardcover at Games Workshop

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The KFAN Game Show Network

KFAN 100.3 FM

A compilation of all the "games" played on KFAN 100.3 FM, The FAN in Minneapolis!

Fortified Niche

Fortified Niche

A podcast about the unsung - sometimes unjustly, sometimes very fittingly - miniature wargames. Follow the creators of Fortified niche on social media! JcDent: Cassa:

Vanguard Garage Gaming


Welcome to Vanguard Garage Gaming as we go into all things Conquest, Last Argument of Kings by Para Bellum! We are aiming to have an episode a week released for you listeners, each episode being dedicated to one or two subjects to keep them to the point. Use Discount Code VGG10 in the Para Bellum Eshop for 10% off your first purchase using the voucher. Any support is greatly appreciated! Please give us a follow on Facebook at Vanguard Garage Gaming so you can keep up to date with the upcoming content. We welcome all feedback and ideas for the future episodes there as well!

Road to Knowhere: A Marvel Champions LCG Podcast


Hello Marvel Champions! This is a podcast dedicated to the coverage of the Solo Champions League ( In this league, players are handed assignments for hero, aspect, villain, and modulars. Players are assigned points for turns taken, scheme scores, villain scores, and even hero health! But even if you don't play in the league, there is plenty of spicy Marvel Champions content to soak up! Learn more about each hero & villain, aspect & modulars... right here at Road to Knowhere!


Thomas Schadle | Kip Parcell

MayaCast Episode 345: Helheim's Angels

In Episode 345 of MayaCast, Tom and Kip talk about all the Bike profiles available in Infinity The Game and the new ITS Season 13 rules that apply to them. Check out Infinity The Game at Thank you to all of our generous Patrons helping us out and supporting the show at Patreon. Full show notes at

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Adventures by OfficialPaizo

Paizo Inc.

Secrets of Magic #10 | Inferno Bloom

Having rescued the missing priest of Nethys, our investigators finally get to the bottom of the mysterious magic gifted to the people of the small desert town, but if they are to have any hope of stopping this calamity they have to face off against an incredibly powerful foe!

Scuff cast

Scuff cast

#1 Scuffed school camp stories

Me and my co-host fenner talk about our school camp stories and some other cool things that are happening/ happened

Fury's Finest: A Marvel Crisis Protocol Podcast

Jesse Eakin & Chris Bruffett

A podcast about the tabletop game Marvel Crisis Protocol and the Marvel universe.

gacha morning news!

Binta Jaiteh

we talk about gacha stuff new episodes every week!

On the Origin of Battlemechs

Brent Stewart-McKee

OtOoB Ep 98: The Goliath Part A

In this ep Brent, Chandler, and Derek discuss the Goliath part A. [0:00] - Introduction [3:20] - Models [31:45] - Pilot Profiles [43:27] - Data Dive: Magistracy of Canopus Part 1 [54:51] - Sources Edited by: Brent Patreon Twitter: @OriginofMechs Discord Email: Student Patrons: Jared Hahn, Andrew W, Harris Hoffman, Andrew B, Jake, Boy_inna_mech, Squared, Austin B, Mario, and P.C. "Mothman" McKenna Research Assistant: Jesty Ace Pilots: John Keith III and Metal Ed Field Marshal: Stahlkater

The Legion Outriders: A Star Wars Legion Podcast

Legion Outriders

Episode 130: Dianoga Chomp

In this episode of the Legion Outriders, Matt, John, and Dan talk about ways to give all of your money to Disney, go over some of the notable lists at Canto Bight and Cherokee Open, discuss the Droid Invasion and 501st Battle force spoilers, and wonder about the best way to vent some gasses in the new unnatural Resources OP kit.

The Tome Show

Tome Show Productions

The Tome Show is a D&D show that has grown to include a large number of shows each with their own focus and hosts. A variety of shows, including news, reviews, interviews, advice, actual play, and book clubs. The common theme, however, we love D&D and will never stop talking about the game. Find us at or email the show at

Breachside Broadcast

Wyrd Miniatures, LLC

The Breachside Broadcast contains all the Wyrd audio you could want. Tales of Malifaux explores the primary mysteries and developments within Malifaux City and the adventures of your favorite characters through the breach. Earthside Echoes explores the developments following the emergence of the Burning Man on Earth. Chronicles revisits the history of Malifaux and tells the stories of the people and places off the beaten path.

Commander Cookout Podcast

Commander Cookout Podcast

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

Unvaulted: Fortnite Podcast


Co1azo Shares His Honest Thoughts About Fortnite

On this episode of the Unvaulted: Fortnite Podcast, SquatingDog aka Jeremy sits down with Fortnite pro Co1azo to discuss his brutally honest thoughts about the current meta and why he loves bird watching. Also, the new Grotto is here!  You can find Co1azo on Twitch here: Co1azo on Twitch

Sister Act 40k

Mitch Beard & Rob Helton

The podcast for Warhammer 40k Adepta Sororitas enthusiasts

This MineCraft Surgery Mod Is Actually Hillairious


Chug jug with you

Youtubers sing bruh

Things I Got Wrong at Trivia - A Pub Quiz Trivia Podcast Game Show with Friends

Things I Got Wrong at Trivia

True Love Scalds

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On this episode we play:
Big and Small
Make it Smaller
Basic World Facts
Kangaroo Words
Make it Bigger
Disney Keyword Countdown

Stu: Spy Family (Manga):

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Friday night Funkin: The goods and bads.

Peace Harrington

minecraft: goods and bads

Today we are talking about the goods and bads of minecraft! Hope you tune in!


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Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff

Kenneth Hite and Robin D Laws

Episode 490: They Left the Irony Bridge Intact

In the Gaming Hut we lay out goals the GM should set for convention games and other one-shots. The Command Hut looks at an invasion of a smaller power by a larger one that has somewhat fallen down the memory hole: the Sino-Vietnamese War of 1979. Beloved Patreon backers such as Gabriel Rossman demanded that […]

The Gym Leaders Podcast

TCG Funhouse & ASX_tcg

Pokemon Youtubers TCG Funhouse and ASX_tcg have teamed up to discuss the Pokemon Trading Card Game from new sets to old sets and everything in between! We dig deep into the topics that will help learn more about Pokemon investing and collecting, helping you maximize your Pokemon experience. Come check us both out on Youtube as well: TCG Funhouse ASX_tcg



Hi, I'm Michael. Dungeonmancy is a podcast where me and my nerdy friends get together and play Dungeons and Dragons, an amazing tabletop roleplaying game where the dungeonmaster controls the world and the story, players control their characters, and dice control the fate of us all! We're playing in a world of my creation, called Daeryn. It's got lots of fun lore to dive into, unique cultures of people, and a mysterious region of the planet that is shrouded in frozen darkness. We'll be playing Daeryn: The Golden Age, set a few years after the Dark Days… like, literal darkness… the sun went out, it was a whole thing… lots of war too, but lots of coming together to face adversity. Now the sun's back. People are picking up their lives. I'm sure it will be smooth sailing from here on out...

The RPGBOT.Podcast


RPGBOT.News - We Played The One Ring 2e!

In this episode of the RPGBOT.Podcast, we discuss the recently-release The One Ring 2nd edition from Free League Publishing. We explore the games setting, stories, and rules, and offer our opinions on the new game. The One Ring is available in digital format on, and physical copies are available via the Free League Publishing website. Core Rulebook (affiliate link) Starter Set (affiliate link) Lore Master Screen and Rivendell Compendium (affiliate link) Physical Copies If you’ve enjoyed the show, please rate and review us on Apple Podcasts, and rate us on Spotify or your favorite podcast app. It’s a quick, free way to support the podcast, and helps us reach new listeners. You can find links in the show notes. MATERIALS REFERENCED IN THIS EPISODE RPGBOT.Podcast Episodes RPGBOT.podcast Episode 3 – Metacurrencies in Tabletop RPGs

I Cast Fireball

Thomas Brower

Surrounded by goblins? Fireball. Belligerent shopkeep? Fireball. The king is angry? Fireball. Too bad none of our characters can learn Fireball. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Join adventurers Jacob, Mickie, and Ned as Thomas leads them through daring adventures of fantasy, fun, and—maybe with some luck—Fireballs!

Magic Mics Podcast

Evan Erwin

Announcing Announcement Day - CommandFest Returns, Arena Premier Play, NEO Sets Records & More!

Support the show!  Visit our sponsor:  Check out the twitch channel:  Visit our subreddit:  Follow us on Twitter:  Like us on Facebook:    Co-Sponsors: (use code MAGICMICS )   AirDate - 4/21/2022 First Pick   CommandFest:   Gather the Townsfolk Streets of New Capenna Roundup Soundtrack: Early Access Streamer Event:

The Covenant Cast


192: A Product Life Cycle Case Study - Flesh and Blood TCG

Product life cycles are almost perfectly represented in the rise and fall of the many expandable games we've seen over the past three decades. How an expandable game overcomes the standard "expandable" life cycle is a critical question for any publisher, and we use the Flesh and Blood TCG as a real world example of how Legend Story is attempting to answer the question.

Edge of Empire - A Horus Heresy Podcast

Edge of Empire

A Podcast about the Horus Heresy from Chris, Graham and Michael in England. Lighthearted banter about our favourite hobby, join us as we talk games, modelling, painting, and fluff!

The Bonehead Podcast - All Things Blood Bowl

The Bonehead Podcast

The Bonehead Podcast #88 - World Cup Primer, Dorset Dungeon Bowl Preview, and Bonehead Championship Series 2!

Episode 88 Show Notes Summary


The Bonehead Podcast #88  - World Cup Primer, Dorset Dungeon Bowl Preview, and Bonehead Championship Series 2!


Welcome Back, #BloodBowl Fans!

On episode 88 of the Bonehead Podcast we talk about the Blood Bowl World Cup, our next tournament - the Dorset Dungeon Bowl, our next Bonehead Championship YouTube Series, and the usual News & Hobby!




Segment Reference:

News - 00:09:35

Hobby - 00:29:10

World Cup Primer - 00:41:50

Dorset Dungeon Bowl - 01:18:20


Dungeon Bowl YouTube Series - 02:02:05


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Wood Elf Pitch & Di

Double Take: An APBA Gaming Podcast

Kirk & Kevin Weber

An APBA gaming and sports podcast hosted by Kirk Weber and Kevin Weber. Follow us on,, or like our Facebook page at Email: Support this podcast:

Board Games Insider

Board Games Insider

BGI 235 The One About GAMA, GAMA, GAMA!

BGI 235 The One About GAMA, GAMA, GAMA! BGI: BGG| FB STRONGHOLD GAMES: website | FB PORTAL GAMES: international website | US website | FB TWITTER:  @StrongholdGames | @Trzewik Intro Music: Happy Rock –

Let's Talk About Sonic! Like, All Of It.

Let's Talk About Sonic!

A podcast co-hosted by Mit and Crepe talking about everything there is to talk about with Sonic the Hedgehog. Follow us! Patreon: Twitter: Website: Follow us! Like, individually. Mit: Crepe:

Constructed Resources

Luis Scott-Vargas and Andrew Baeckstrom

Constructed Resources Episode 73: CR Returns

Like Batman or the Jedi or uh, the cast of Cocoon, LSV and BK have RETURNED! There's tons to talk about between bans, set champs and Neon Dynasty! 

Superquest Saga

Superquest Saga

SQS Back On Nov. 21st (hopefully)

Hey everyone, we wanted to post an update on the future schedule of SQS and why we have been delayed.
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Beyond Solitaire

Liz Davidson

Episode 68 - Greg Loring-Albright on Bloc by Bloc

This week on the pod, game designer and Ph.D. candidate Greg Loring-Albright talks about his academic work and his role as co-designer of the third edition of Bloc by Bloc. It hits Gamefound on Feb. 15: Solitaire is now proudly sponsored by Central Michigan University's Center for Learning Through Games and Simulations, where learning can be both playful and compelling. Check them out here: episodes of my podcast are available here: my work? Consider getting me a "coffee" on Ko-fi! Me: Email: beyondsolitaire at gmail.comTwitter: @beyondsolitaireInstagram: @beyondsolitaireFacebook:

Bone, Stone, and Obsidian

Bone, Stone, and Obsidian

Robert Adducci and Wayne Chang talk about Dark Sun from every angle, Dungeon Mastering, Playing, Races, Classes, History, Sorcerer Kings, City States, you name it. It's about survival on the sands of Athas on this show so grab a d20 and get ready to enter the arena.

Chess Study Podcast

Andrew Larson

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

Dark Depths Podcast

Billy Mitchell & Michael Mapson

Every week, Billy Mitchell and Michael Mapson delve into Modern and Legacy on this Magic: the Gathering podcast. Perfect for your drive to work, Billy and Michael bring humor, skill, and heart to the some of Magic's most difficult formats.

Audible Chess

Audible Chess

E19: And The Devil says, "Checkmate!"

This episode we hear about how the medieval world invested chess with its own social, cultural and spiritual meaning. Sign up for the free newsletter to receive the resources for this episode:

T&A: Tens And Aces. An AP Blackjack podcast. Turning the tables from Las Vegas to Local Casinos

Mike Twenty-one

Episode: 42 Whiskey A Go, Go, Go

In this transmission of this episode of our attempt at imaginary radio, that we like to call The Tens And Aces Podcast, We bring you an interview with an AP named Whiskey who's traveling around in a converted Sprinter Van going from city and city and state to state attacking casinos one by one. So, if this is the type of thing you'd like to hear, listen up, because we're about to give you some T&A!


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Tomes of the Chaos Bard: A Family Friendly, Fantasy Focused, 5E Dungeons and Dragons Actual Play Podcast


A family-friendly, fantasy-focused, Homebrew Dungeons and Dragons actual-play podcast. In the world of Kel-eth, your Host Chaos Bard, Saulum, and his side kick Quill, the phoenix feather, follow a group of heroes so they can tell their tale!

Casino Kombat

The Ramblin Gambler

Breaks and Binges - EP72

The Ramblin Gambler discusses two things that happen to every gambler eventually, and how to deal with them.  He refines and expands an original Casino Wisdom, and as always he discusses results in the travel segment.  In the Virtual VIP Lounge, TRG shares the story of gambling all night for all the right reasons!


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The Danger Room: A Marvel Crisis Protocol Podcast

The Danger Room

Extracting Value

Dyzard has an announcement. Jacob and Mike talk to Chewie about a big event in the UK, some top cut games and the main topic of having plans for when you are handed extracts without priority. 
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justforme lol

charlieee :)

i upload sounds (mostly mcyt) but actually just for me lol :)) apparently this isn’t just for me anymore, so hello everyone!

The Save or Die Podcast!

The Save or Die Staff

Adventure 161: B2 or not B2?

The Keep on the Borderlands! The name alone evokes images of battling monsters in caverns and wilderness in the earlier…

The Damage Guild | A D&D Podcast

The Damage Guild D&D

Episode 126 – Sunken Bridge is Spinning Round, My Poor Leggies

The portals beckon our heroes forth. Azlo makes the first move. Shabba loses a part of himself. Tokas proposes the unthinkable.