Lama Dawa

Thrangu Asia

Lama Dawa

Elevate Construction

Jason Schroeder

Ep.788 - Elevating Construction Foremen - Recording Part 12

In this podcast episode Jason reads the following sections from Elevating Construction Foremen: The Weekly Work Plan The Day Plan & Crew Leader Huddle The Morning Routine We hope you have enjoyed this new content.  Please share with your Foremen on your projects. On we go!

Film Threat

Film Threat Podcast Network

Star Trek VS Star Wars

Which franchise is the best? Or worst? Star Trek VS Star Wars! Let the debate begin! Plus reviews of the most recent episodes of The Mandalorian and Star Trek Picard. Hilarity ensues. 



What Happens if TikTok is Banned? - Ep. 53

Welcome to Negronis with Nord. In this episode, James discusses the potential TikTok ban and its impact on other social media platforms. James predicts a possible increase in Instagram usage, especially when it comes to short-form videos, what would happen if the app was banned, and also what should you as creators do.

Dot to Dot - the daily 5min Alexa demo show

Robin Christopherson

DTD2251 Five Minute Plank Workout

Five minutes of torture to tighten or torso isn't so bad - is it? ?
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HR Works: The Podcast for Human Resources

HR Daily Advisor

HR Works Presents Pages of HR: Cultivating Meaningful Partnership at Work

Now more than ever, both leaders and their teams crave deeper connection and more authentic relationships. But how can organizations accomplish this goal — particularly knowing that it will require a reset of how leaders and teams interact? Leaders and team members must embrace a new mindset. They need to acknowledge that the leader-team relationship is more than a one-way service-oriented arrangement. Both sides need support equally if the relationship and what they do together is to be successful.

In this episode of Pages, we're joined by Seth R. Silver, Ed.D., principal of Silver Consulting, Inc., and Timothy M. Franz, Ph.D., an Organizational Psychologist, Professor of Psychology, and Chair at St. John Fisher College. Their new book is Meaningful Partnership at Work: How the Workplace Covenant Ensures Mutual Accountability and Success between Leaders and Teams.

Listen in as we

Growing Greener

Tom Christopher

Your weekly half-hour program about environmentally informed gardening. Each week we bring you a different expert, a leading voice on gardening in partnership with Nature. Our goal is to make your landscape healthier, more beautiful, more sustainable, and more fun.

Three Valleys Radio

Three Valleys Radio

In Conversation with Steven Caulker

Former loan central defender Steven Caulker talks to Adi Hopper about his career to date Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

Throwing Fits

Throwing Fits

Charm Empire with Susan Alexandra

They know we talk that SKU talk, that SKU talk. This week, the boys are hanging with founder and designer of Susan Alexandra, Susan Korn. Susan was kind enough to host us in her beautiful store to talk mood stabilizing retail, spending thousands on your hair, Samba statistics, working girl designers, the diminishing returns of copping, lifestyle brand aspirations, moving Jewish-themed product, her beef with Kid Super, Pete Davidson wearing her jewelry to get laid, charm bracelet guys vs. nail polish guys, the anxiety of relevance, compliments from Pharrell, a litany of advice for young men, the nightmare that is dating in the fashion industry, what she really means when she asks you to split the check, a long overdue scent check, hitting 17k steps minimum and much more on this bold and bubbly episode of episode of The Only Podcast That Matters™.
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Unconventional Life with Jules Schroeder

Jules Schroeder

Ep346: Finding Fulfillment and Earning in Your Creative Career with Tara Divina

Tara Divina is a heart-healing medicine musician who creates songs to bring our deepest prayers into reality. She draws on her experience as a Vice President at the Warner Music Group to offer business coaching for conscious musicians, visionary artists, and business owners so they can build an organic fan base using authentic self-expression, and generate a sustainable income using all of their gifts. Tara has worked with hundreds of musicians and dozens of record labels over 10+ years to generate tens of millions in digital music sales. She currently works with a small, exclusive selection of musicians, authors, and artists to help them reclaim their identity as creative artists, integrate it into their existing businesses, and build a following.   More from Tara: Website: Facebook: Instagram:

Transform Your Workplace

Xenium HR

Creating a Consent Culture with Erica Scott

In this episode, host Brandon Laws sits down with Erica Scott to learn how to transform the workplace environment, relationships, and productivity with best practices for fostering honest communication. Make the shift from “taboo” to “transparent” when it comes to saying “no” and asking for what you want.    TAKEAWAYS Consent culture fosters feelings of safety and freedom that are not only possible but critical for a healthy culture at work. Consent is involved in every interaction between ourselves and others. Learning and practicing consent skills helps us create an environment where interactions are mutually agreeable for everyone involved.  It’s normal for us to struggle with saying “no” or asking for what we want. Healthy communication cannot abound if one set of people is taught that the most important thing is to avoid conflict while another set is taught to pursue their desires and needs.   A QUICK GLIMPSE INTO


Harlan Guthrie

Part 31 "The Nightmare"

Malevolent follows Arkham Investigator Arthur Lester as he unravels the mysterious circumstances that have befallen him.This, the 31st Part of our story Arthur finds himself questioning past decisions, confronting his fears and examining what his existence means. If you are enjoying this Podcast, please consider becoming a Patreon supporter to receive all Chapters as they are completed as well as the choices that you, the listener, get to make.Find out more here: Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

The Watford Church of Christ Podcast

The Watford Church of Christ

”Faith, Love, Hope” | 1 Thessalonians Summary | Malcolm Cox

This Sunday, we concluded the series on the 1 Thessalonians by summarising its major themes. We began by sharing with one another lessons that God has taught us through the book. I have done my best to turn up the volume, and I hope you can hear the inspiring and insightful comments by members of the Watford church.
Please add your comments on this week’s topic. We learn best when we learn in community. 
Do you have a question about teaching the Bible? Is it theological, technical, practical? Send me your questions or suggestions. Here’s the email: []( 
If you’d like a copy of my free eBook on spiritual disciplines, “How God grows His people”, sign up at my website: http://[]( 
Please pass the link on, subscribe, leave a review. 
“Worship the LORD with gladness; come before him with joyful song

Throwback Trivia Takedown

Throwback Trivia Takedown

Ep. 143: 2023 Patron Tournament: Will Gilbert vs. Rob Dimitri

Throwback Trivia Takedown takes trivia back to the glory days from the late 20th century to the early 2000's. Two challengers go head to head in a duel of the decades where the one with the most nostalgic knowledge of pop culture comes out victorious.  Do you know your nostalgia?

Real World NP

Liz Rohr

Hi, I’m Liz Rohr: family nurse practitioner, wife, parent, and founder of Real World NP, a continuing education company for new nurse practitioners in primary care. I’m on a mission to equip and guide new nurse practitioners so they can feel confident and capable through comprehensive, concise, and hyper-relevant educational resources, without the fluff. We’re also here to provide an approachable, supportive community in order to bring about a new generation of healthcare providers who know that they can make an impact & inevitably disrupt the healthcare industry. Each week you’ll hear a mix of clinical pearls and practice tips, guest interviews with specialists and allied health professionals, and guidance on navigating the role transition from RN to NP. Make sure you subscribe and leave a review so you won’t miss an episode. Plus, you’ll find links to all the episodes, plus extra goodies over at Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

HRchat Podcast - Interviews with HR, Talent and Tech Experts

The HR Gazette

Powerful Coaching Conversations with Libby Stewart, Topicflow

In this performance coaching-focused HRchat episode, we consider ways to prepare for and run productive and outcome-focused 1on1s. Our guest is Libby Stewart, the VP of Customer Experience & Revenue at Topicflow, a new tech platform designed to connect with your favorite calendar(s) to transform your 1on1s into powerful coaching conversations to potentially eradicate the need for performance reviews altogether.Questions For Libby Include: Topicflow sees traditional performance management as broken. We'll get into the details soon but, at a high level, what's wrong with the ways many companies have been planning for, and conducting their performance management processes?What are some toxic/counter-productive practices to avoid in the build-up to, and during, performance reviews?Let's talk about preparation ahead of performance reviews. What are some ways to set everybody up for success before the

Praying Christian Women

Praying Christian Women

255 Defining (and Achieving!) Success God's Way with Rachel Ridge

This week's guest on the Praying Christian Women podcast is Rachel Ridge, author of The Donkey Principle: The Secret to Long-Haul Living in a Racehorse World. You're not going to want to miss this extra-fun, inspirational and wisdom-filled episode where Rachel shares lessons for living life she's learned from her adorable pet donkeys.

Rachel talks about how to come up with your own definition of success, the role of prayer in pursuing our goals and dreams, how to uncover your own gifts and God-given abilities, and so much more!

You can connect with Rachel at

Doctor Who: Radio Free Skaro

The Three Who Rule

Radio Free Skaro #899 - Doom Patrol

It’s All-900 Episode’s Eve, and we have news of….Doom. What is Doom? Who is Doom? Why is Doom? Join the Three Who Rule who endeavour to piece together this multimedia mystery, discuss Chris’s recent sojourn to the UK and Wales, wander through the Timelash as per usual…and that’s before we dive into Part the Second of our Lennie Mayne Miniscope! Links: Support Radio Free Skaro on Patreon The Timelash Doom’s Day coming soon Miniscope: Lennie Mayne The Three Doctors The Hand of Fear  

The Canadian Threshold

The Canadian Threshold

Episode 91: I'm from Dominaria, isn't that weird?

Jeff comes back to paper Magic. Quinn calls a judge on him… and gets ‘em. Welcome back n00b. McBain laments design mistakes of the past. The cast says good riddance to EI and White Plume and talks the Face to Face Tour’s Vancouver stop.

Hit us up on Twitter: @canadianthresh

FRCC - Sunday Sermons

Forerunner Christian Church

滿有能力的教會 - Henry 牧師

Behind The Glass

Seen Through Glass

Behind The Glass is a weekly automotive podcast, hosted by automotive YouTuber, Sam (SeenThroughGlass) and used car dealer, Tony (Gravelwood Car Sales). Each week we get together to discuss everything going on in the car world. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

Over It And On With It

Christine Hassler

CC: How To Be (and Have) a Great Coach with Steve Chandler

Steven Chandler is one of my coaching mentors. Being his client over 10 years ago dramatically improved my success. The  “MindShift” he offers frees people from unnecessary pessimism and puts them back in touch with the source of their enthusiasm for work and life.   Although Steve Chandler graduated from the University of Arizona with a degree in Creative Writing and Political Science, and spent four years in the military studying language and psychological warfare; he credits his own life experiences with failure as the most valuable tools for helping others. Steve’s audiences are inspired by stories of his “low points” – it gives them hope, because they realize that they are not nearly as bad off as he was – they figure if Steve can transform his life, so can they!   Steve Chandler is now the author of 30 books that have been translated into over 25 languages. His personal success coaching, public speaking and

Deeper Shades of House - weekly Deep House Podcast with Lars Behrenroth

Lars Behrenroth

#814 Deeper Shades of House

compiled and mixed by Lars Behrenroth

For full playlist, please visit

K3 KDrama Coffee Break

The KThree

TAXI DRIVER 2 ? Still Bonkers | DELIVERY MAN ? Surprisingly Satisfying! | PANDORA? More Makjang

Replay of our LIVE KDrama Coffee Break that happens every Sunday on YouTube! Time to hang out with a bunch of friends & talk #Kdrama! ?K3 KDrama Coffee Break starts now!This Week:+ 2 Premieres UNINTENTIONAL LOVE STORY &A SHOULDER TO CRY ON...did they make it to your Watchlist?+ ZERO Finales+ Watchlist: TAXI DRIVER, OUR BLOOMING YOUTH, OASIS (Caitlin), PANDORA, DIVORCE ATTNY SHIN, & DELIVERY MAN+ We will also take a look at our KDRAMA CALENDAR to see what the next week in Kdramaland holds for our watchlist!! Can't think of a better way to spend a Sunday Morning than hanging out & chatting about our week in KDrama with all our KDrama Bffs! So grab your beverage of choice and Take a Kdrama Coffee Break LIVE this week with Jenn! [FYI: It will just be Jenn for a while, while Marisa is taking care of non-Kdrama stuff]Our favorite VPN!

Mastering Nutrition

Chris Masterjohn, PhD

Does Erythritol Cause Heart Disease?

This analysis of the recent study by the Hazen group at Cleveland Clinic published in Nature Medicine claiming erythritol contributes to cardiovascular disease shows the following: Why elevated plasma erythritol is likely to reflect thiamin deficiency and NADPH depletion from insulin resistance, inflammation, and oxidative stress Why the in vitro and mouse study blood clotting likely reflects osmotic stress with no relevance to the use of erythritol as a sweetener. Why I strongly suspect the Hazen group is hiding data, specifically the data that they obviously had a chance to collect and would have clinched their case but appears nowhere in their paper. Why even though I do not use erythritol as a sweetener, were I ever to think about doing so, the new Nature Medicine paper would play no role in my decision. Read the analysis in written form, fully referenced, here:


EDHRECast & Studio71

EDHRECast is your resource for the most popular Magic: The Gathering gameplay format - Elder Dragon Highlander (EDH); widely known as Commander. Made by the community for the community, EDHRECast is hosted by three well-seasoned MTG players, Joey Schultz, Matt Morgan, and Dana Roach. Each week they dive into the latest news and changes to the Commander format and breakdown the meta so that you can play your deck with confidence. Building off the articles found at the team is here to use data-driven recommendations and analysis to help you make each and every one of your cards work for you. Whether you’re on a budget and still trying to get the most of our your builds, or if you’re trying to get a leg up with the best card combos, or you’re looking to figure out the best early, mid, and late game strategies, we’ll be sure to bring you all the latest information so that you’ll be the Commander of your local scene. Find the cast on Twitter! Dana: @danaroach Matt: @mathimus55 J

Talking With Tech AAC Podcast

Rachel Madel and Chris Bugaj

Noah Callan: AAC User, Disability Advocate, and Technology Coordinator

This week, Rachel and Chris interview Noah Callan, a 25-year-old disability and inclusion advocate who is a full-time AAC user. Noah is also the AAC & Technology Coordinator at Kids+ in Australia. Noah shares about his AAC journey, including some of the changes he has made over the years, such as going from switch access scanning to using an eye gaze camera with Gridpad 12 . Noah also shares some challenging and rewarding experiences he recently had with able-bodied people, including a worker at a bank who refused to talk to him and assumed that he was not intelligent because he is nonspeaking.
Before the interview, Chris and Rachel reflect on how much gestalt language processing (GLP) was a topic of discussion at this year’s ATIA. They note that it continues to be important to ask the right questions and keep an open mind about something you are learning about, while also noting that we need

The Startup Podcast

Yaniv Bernstein & Chris Saad

Edu: Investor Comms – Happy Investors, Happy Life

Communicating with your investors can seem like an annoying chore when you’re grinding away as a founder trying to make something out of nothing. But there are a lot of good reasons why you should keep your investors in the loop. And it doesn’t have to be painful! 
In this episode, Yaniv is joined by friend-of-the-pod Jessy Wu, Investment Principal at Afterwork Ventures, to talk through her six tips for conducting excellent investor comms that will put you top of every investor’s portfolio. Yaniv also shares his perspective as both a founder and an angel investor.
Jessy’s Post:
Afterwork Ventures:

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The Investor Download


The crisis in democratic capitalism with Martin Wolf

We sit down with Martin Wolf, Chief Economics Commentator at the Financial Times, to discuss "the crisis of democratic capitalism".
We’re discussing the potential fallout from the challenge being presented to democracy and market capitalism by authoritarian alternatives to the former and state-led alternatives to the latter. It’s a fascinating listen with some potentially unsettling consequences but also positive outcomes depending on how it plays out.
The views expressed in the podcast are those of Martin Wolf and not Schroders.
01:00 - Part one: The crisis of democratic capitalism
10:33 - Part two: What history tells us about the crisis
19:18 - Part three: East vs west or everyone for themselves?
The Investor Download is available every Thursday and will be released at 1700 UK time. You can subscribe via Podbean or use this feed URL (https://s

Mindful Strength

Kathryn Bruni-Young

233: Strength Training is Mobility Training

If you have been taught that strength and mobility are opposites, this is a great podcast to listen to. Strength done properly doesn't limit you mobility. The two can go hand in hand, especially when you consider end range strengthening. Say goodbye to avoiding the end ranges or feeling weak and shaky in deep positions. Capacity can be built in any position, although a bit more challenging in the end ranges, it's a worthwhile endeavour if your goal is a healthy balance. Hypermobile? Feeling really stiff? This is something in this episode for you. To learn more about our weekly Mindful Strength classes click here!

The Qualitative Open Mic


Qualitative Open Mic: Anti-racist Qualitative Health Research - Episode 4 – Mary Sadid on coproduction, racial justice and mental health

In this episode, Mary Sadid discusses the ways in which coproduction in qualitative mental health research can benefit racialised minorities. Listen below, or on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

Nonprofit Marketing Unplugged


How Marketing Leaders Can Help Steer Their Organization Toward Growth — Robb Lee

Marketing is about making the best decisions you can with the information you have in hand. This is why marketing teams have to be comfortable, “building the plane while flying it.” Organizations change and grow, and because of this, marketers have to be ready to adapt and iterate. The best plans allow for and welcome the unexpected.Robb Lee, CMO for ASAE: The Center for Association Leadership, talks through strategies for involving marketing in larger organizational decision making. He said, “That’s where the advantage of marketing can come in. We know all the data… And we can apply this to a business decision… This is a pathway into those upstream conversations, whether you’re invited or not.”Bio:As a CMO, Robb solves one primary mystery for association CEOs — how to create revenue that keeps on giving.Capturing market share is about one ‘simply complex’ idea: creating and sustaining brand loy

Finding True Health: Intuitive Eating, Healthy Habits, Food Freedom, Body Positivity, Healthy Lifestyle, HAES, Wellness

Jenna Waite: RD, RDN, LD, Registered Dietitian, Nutritionist, Christian Health Coach, Intuitive Eating Coach

How to Make Yourself a Priority | #64

#64: Most women have an innate desire to spend their time caring for others. This is a beautiful trait, but it often results in women putting their own health and needs on the back burner. In this episode, I'll share the most common areas I see being neglected and 3 key ways to bump your health to the top of your to-do list.For even more free help, check out these resources: Finding True Health Facebook group: Free Habit Formation Cheat Sheet: Free Class, “Put the Struggle with Food & Your Body Far Behind You”: Let’s connect! Instagram: Website: 9-Week Online Program:

The Networker Zone

Keith Schreiter

How to be a curious leader

Leaders are readers, learners, listenersAll are trueLeaders are curiousDo the exact opposite of putting yourself out of businessWhat are successful business doing differentlyWe can control promoting our businessWe have to let them know we can solve their problemHow many contacts do you have in your phone contact listHow many contacts do you have on your social media channels Not everyone will purchasePrevious episode on notifyingIce Breakers Asking questions and getting referrals with Tony Miehle Messaging simple and easy prospecting questions with Paul Fillare The four question system to get a Yes with Nam Do Books and audiobooksFour Core Skills How to Build Your Network Marketing Nutrition Business Fast How to Build Your Network Marketing Utilities Business Fast Free Magic Words for Prospecting audios

Three Guys On

Three Guys On

Episode 1187 - Girl Scout Wings

We're joined today by Rod and Karen from The Black Guy Who Tips Podcast. In this episode we talk about The Oscars, Marlon Wayans' new special, listener comments, what the Girl Scouts should do next, a man suing Buffalo Wild Wings for false advertising, Ja Morant's image rehab, and baboons throwing rocks at hikers.
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How Would You Beat?


How Would You Beat Banks Using Jobs-to-be-Done

In this episode, we'll look at how you could beat banks using Jobs-to-be-Done. Banks are in the news because of the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank. Silicon Valley Bank had a $40 billion market cap that went to zero almost overnight. So what happened and can Jobs-to-be-Done help us figure out how to both create better banks and lower the risk of bank collapses that potentially become contagion and have a negative impact on the economy? Let’s find out!✅ Download our Executive White Paper: "How to Use JTBD To Grow Faster" ? Key moments from today's topic on how you would beat Banks:00:00 Intro to How Would Your Beat Banks 00:43 What happened with Silicon Valley Bank? 03:20 How would you make the next Silicon Valley Bank using Jobs-to-be-Done (JTBD?)07:58 The success and failures of Silicon Valley Bank14:46 How other banks can learn the specific

Career Compass

Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)

Love Where You Work: Workplace Romance with Louis Lessig

Friendships at work help retain employees, but workplace romances can divide teams and are tricky for both the organization and the staff to navigate. In this episode of Career Compass, Hosts Vernon Williams and Kevin Abbed are joined by employment law attorney Louis Lessig to untangle the various aspects of workplace romances. Hear the pros and cons of office romance, appropriate office behaviors and advice for those who are or might become romantically involved with a co-worker.Follow/subscribe to Career Compass however you listen to podcasts. Rate and review us on Apple Podcasts; hear more podcasts from SHRM.SHRM23 is happening 6/11-6/14 in Las Vegas. Learn about the curated student experience. | Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter | InstagramEpisode transcript

The Astrology Podcast

Chris Brennan

A weekly podcast on topics related to astrology, hosted by professional astrologer Chris Brennan. The purpose of the show is to provide discussions ranging from explorations of specific astrological techniques, to treatments of issues pertaining to the history and philosophy of astrology.

Remote Ruby

Jason Charnes, Chris Oliver, Andrew Mason

Pagy and Beginner Bounties

On this episode of Remote Ruby, if you’ve never heard of The Cannonball Run, Chris explains what it involves, Andrew is down for it of course, and Jason tells us Vin Diesel recorded a song and Andrew celebrated his birthday!  In the Ruby world,  we’ll find out why the guys are all fans of Pagy, and we’ll hear about a fun hack day project that the talented guys from GoRails built called, Beginner Bounties.  Basically, if you’re a Junior Developer and you need to build your resume and want to stand out, you can use this platform to list small engineering projects for other people and get paid for it. Also, the guys discuss why shipping is such a great skill to have, finding the right job you enjoy, avoiding burnout, the importance of taking breaks, balancing things out, and there’s some valuable advice given for all the Junior Developers out there that you don’t want to miss.  Hit download now to hear more! [00:04:50] At the end of last

Home Design Academy


5 Best Ways to Prepare for Your Custom Home Project

One of the biggest problems I see with clients who are building a home for the first time is they do not have a good understanding of how long it takes to design a custom home and how long it takes to get the pieces in place so that design work can Resources:- 5 Tips to Start Your Project- Book: The Homeowner's Guide to Residential Design and Construction Projects

Manifestation Babe

Kathrin Zenkina

The Manifestation Babe Podcast is a top-rated show made for the ambitious woman who knows she is here to unapologetically create and live her best life. Hosted by leading manifestation expert and multi-millionaire, Kathrin Zenkina leaves you with the best of the best practical tips, spiritual advice, and energetic hacks that are guaranteed to lead you to your next breakthrough. If you’re ready to defy all logic and manifest your impossible dreams, hit that follow button and get ready to experience THE transformation you deserve. Follow Kathrin on Instagram @manifestationbabe: Sign up for the Manifestation Babe Academy: All other courses/offerings:

AHRI Snapshots

AHRI Snapshots

Dr Aimone Porri talks on AHRI collaboration and his recent work on PPO mutations

In this interview, AHRI's Jessica Strauss chats with Dr Aimone Porri, who is the Laboratory Head for Herbicide Target and Weed Resistance Research at BASF, based in Germany. Aimone's work spans across several fields in the weeds resistance research space, including working as a Geneticist, Molecular Biologist, and Plant Biologist. At the time of this chat, he was  in Australia visiting AHRI. Aimone has collaborated with AHRI for several years. We talk about some of the significant work he has done, including , working on pyroxasulfone resistance in ryegrass, as well as work on cinmethylin and multiple herbicide resistant ryegrass. We also chat about his current work in the weed resistance space, including his current paper on PPO mutations.  You can follow Aimone on Twitter here. You can follow AHRI on Twitter here. To learn more about AHRI's research and team, check out the websi

MORNING, MAMA | WAKE UP TO HEALING - Mental Health, Parenting Help, Christian Mindset, Anxious Mom, Overcome Overwhelm, Heali

Brittany Wilson | Christian Mental Health Coach

170. Always Comparing Yourself to Other Moms? Here’s Why This Is A Trap and How to Stop.

Do you look to other moms constantly to determine your worth? If you're anything like me, sometimes this brings you up and makes you feel superior, and other times it makes you feel like a complete failure. Today we dive into the lie that we should evaluate ourselves based on other moms. Most of us fall into it at times but it will always lead us in the wrong direction. Get ready to throw off the old way of seeing things and allow God to set your vision!
Also, come say hi and share in our Facebook group! I would love to hear your story and know your name!
The next round of the Morning Mama Academy will be launching in 2023. More details to come. Email to get on the waitlist!
I am not here to be your therapist, so here is a great place to find one if you realize it's

Three Dogs North

Three Dogs North

S11 Episode 55- Ten pages in

In this episode, the dogs hear Rob's hot take on 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (4:35). They all discuss the importance of choosing to engage with reality (11:48), especially when it can be tempting to "shirk" off the present moment (34:30).


“I am not alone. It’s not just on me to create the meaning of my life. This is not all there is.”  (Connor, 23:10)

“Jesus seems to rectify and provide a lived reality that you don’t have to rebel against everything in order to fully actualize your humanity.” (Mike, 25:10)

“She (St. Therese) only wants reality and what her human limits allow. She has no problem being limited by her humanity.” (Rob, 26:50)

“It’s impossible for Jesus to will useless suffering.” (Connor quoting St. Therese, 28:50)

“God is out there, in the desert with you.” (Connor, 31:30

Cultural Differences & Cultural Diversity in International Business

Chris Smit: International Business Expert | Cultural Differences & Diversity Expert

170 Petya Rasheva

Petya Rasheva
About This Week's Guest Petya Rasheva
Petya Rasheva has lived and worked in 9 countries on 4 continents.

She speaks 5 languages and can get herself understood in 3 more.

Managed multi-million and multi-billion dollars construction projects around the globe, within culturally-diverse environments and global settings.
"-50 degrees is no exception here in Mongolia."

Learn the local language. Even if it is a few words here or there. It makes a world of difference.
Always remember you're a guest in the country you are in. You're not superior.
Engage with the local culture. Eat and drink the local food.

Links mentioned in this episode are:


Want to avoid the most common mistakes when working internationally? Read this article.

Culture Matters


Consumer Finance Monitor

Ballard Spahr LLP

A Close Look at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s Credit Card Late Fees Proposal, with Special Guest Todd J. Zywicki, Professor of Law, George Mason University Antonin Scalia Law School

The CFPB has issued a proposal that would make significant changes to the current rules for credit card late fees, including substantially reducing the safe harbor late fee amounts that card issuers can charge and eliminating annual inflation adjustments. After reviewing the legislative and regulatory history of the current rules, we look at the CFPB’s flawed rationale for reducing the safe harbor to a flat $8 for all late payments, identify the serious flaws in its economic analysis of the likely effects of the reduction, and discuss how the proposal relates to the Biden Administration’s junk fees initiative. We also discuss the likelihood of the proposal’s adoption in its current form and potential legal challenges to a final regulation. We conclude by looking at other major change

HR Famous

HR Famous

E116 - The Future of HR Tech, AI, & ChatGPT

On episode 116 of The HR Famous Podcast, long-time HR leaders (and friends) Madeline Laurano, Jessica Lee, and Tim Sackett come together to discuss their favorite Super Bowl commercials, Chat GPT, and how you can utilize AI to be a better leader. Listen below and be sure to subscribe, rate, and review (iTunes) and follow (Spotify)! :30 - JLee had Chat GPT write an intro for this episode! It didn’t do a good job the first time, so she had it do a second pass to make it funnier.  2:00 - The crew didn’t think the Super Bowl commercials of 2023 were too exciting. Madeline and JLee’s favorite was the Clueless one, and Tim shouted out the Workday and Dunkin commercials 7:30 - Another podcast, another convo about Chat GPT and AI. Microsoft Bing is trying to become the top browser again, and JLee is on a waitlist to use the program.  10:00 - Tim’s 2023 keynote is all about the future of recruiting with AI. He thinks that the only limit

Cochrane Library Podcasts


What are the benefits and risks of medication reviews for hospitalised adults?

Several strategies are used to monitor and optimise the use of drugs for hospitalised patients and the Cochrane review of medication review was updated in January 2023. In this podcast, one of the group’s researchers, Mikkel Christensen, talks with lead author Cille Bülow, both from Copenhagen University Hospital in Denmark, about their latest findings.

The Power Trip

Chris Hawkey, Cory Cove, Paul Lambert (KFXN)

The Power Trip Morning Show - Sports, Movies, Music, Comedy and more...

The Casual FUT Podcast

Chris Denny & Chris Bullard

What's Your FUT Fantasy?

We somehow have managed to get an hour of a Podcast talking about the content that we have been graced with by EA this evening!  It will likely be the last one for a while due to Mr Bullard going off on his holidays, so keep it casual, and we'll see you soon!

Chrissie Mayr Podcast

Chrissie Mayr

CMP 576 - SimpCast 65 - Lila Hart, Anna that Star Wars Girl and Chrissie Mayr in California

Lila Hart and Anna That Star Wars Girl join Chrissie Mayr for a SimpCast from California! The girls join up at Anna's place for this episode where they discuss the weekend, the girls comedy shows, their Sailor Moon photo shoot and more!

Christian Healing Prayers

Abide App

Prayers to Protector God

Prayer meditations can help you align our mind and body with Christ. Pray on topics that are relevant to your spiritual journey by listening to these prayer meditations based on scripture. Listen to music that focuses your attention on God, and pray along with these prayers based on God's protection. For more Prayer meditations, download the Abide app: for privacy information.

Barbell Shrugged

Barbell Shrugged

New episode every Wednesday! Join the Barbell Shrugged crew in conversations about fitness, training, and frequent interviews w/ CrossFit Games athletes!

The Ohioan

Chris Pugh

What does the 2023 NFL Draft running back class look like?

Peter Holland and Chris Pugh talk about running backs who will be available in the 2023 NFL Draft. 
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HomeTeam GameDev Podcast

Chris DeLeon

Kat speaks with Hometeam, Part 1

Digital Analyst and Marketing Manager. Part of BAFTA Crew and Game Awards Future Class '21. @Popelady on Twitter. Part 1 of 2. Music by Danny Baranowsky

Uncommon Real Estate

Chris Craddock

The Importance Of Hiring The Right Team

This week, Chris speaks with The Redux Group's director of recruiting and HR, Chris Richards, about how to hire the right people. Chris is a master at not only building teams, but building the right teams with the right people.Connect with Chris: ? REI Revive: Dear Real Estate Investors, Generate an Extra 5 to 10 Deals PER MONTH Without Spending Another Dime on Marketing? The Redux Group: hire or refer Chris’s Real Estate Team Serving Northern VA & Richmond VA, Washington DC, and Maryland⚡ DMV Agents, Join Our Team: Agent Opportunities with The Redux Group? Worldwide Agent Mastermind: Join the Uncommon Real Estate Community Facebook Group? BEST Seller Data: Get a 7-Day Free Trial of PropStream, the best place for real estate seller data (Chris uses PropStream, and you should, too!)?‍?AGENTS, get a 25% discount on your pre-licensing and continuing education f

Breathwork Bestie

Chrystal Rose

Choose Your Adventure - Short Sesh with Chrystal Rose

If you are new to this podcast or breathwork, you may find it helpful to listen to episode 1 first. This is an Integrative (short) session and can be done sitting up or lying down. Please consult your doctor before trying breathwork if you have any known health issues or are pregnant. Please do not do breathwork while operating a vehicle or other heavy machinery. Chrystal Rose is a serial entrepreneur, transformative coach for high achievers, and the host of two podcasts, Self Love for Breakfast and Breathwork Bestie. She is dedicated to helping business owners, coaches and corporate rockstars shift from a place of hustle, to ease and abundance. Chrystal has been in the personal development space for the last 12 years, shifting from a mindset focus to more of an embodiment approach. She helps her clients achieve lasting results by getting to and healing the root cause of their actions. From high level 1:1 & group coac

AM Infocast

AM Chronicle

The Best compete at the AMUG Technical Competition - with Bonnie Meyer

Welcome to Part 3 of this AMUG Special Series on AM Infocast. In this episode we caught up with Bonnie Meyer, Technical Competition Committee Chair, AMUG to dive deeper into the AMUG Technical Competition which is one of the pillars of the conference. Bonnie Meyer is an Additive Manufacturing Lead Project Engineer for ASTM International. She brings over 20-years of experience in additive manufacturing with a focus on expanding the technical knowledge and usage of AM across a variety of industries.Join me in this conversation, where Bonnie talks about her experience with AMUG, her current role and the intricacies of the technical competition which is an AMUG staple. She also shares some experiences from the 2022 competition, what it takes to pick up the top prize and her expectations from the competitions this year.About Bonnie MeyerBonnie Meyer is an Additive Manufacturing Lead Project Engineer for ASTM I

The Value Perspective


Created by the Value Team at Schroders, the Value Perspective podcast takes a look at decision making in complex and uncertain environments.

Grand Theft Podcast

Gareth Machray

All the small things

Back from an extended break we catch up with all the small scraps of info we can find on GTA. We look at some of the features we'd like to see from RDR and we talk about platinum trophies and trophy hunting. (Sorry Dylan) Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

The Gold Rush

Chris DiFrancesco

3. Stop Calling Trey Lance a Bust / Brock Purdy's Job to Lose

On this episode:
- There's a toxic trend from within 49ers fandom calling Trey Lance a bust. It's time to stop pushing that narrative. 
- That being said, we break down why it's still Brock Purdy's job to lose. 
- Are the 49ers at all shopping Lance's interest around the NFL?
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Twitter: @GoldRushShow

Christ Talker

Christ Talker

From Guilt to Gratitude

A message by Bishop T.D Jakes.

Viral Jesus

Christianity Today

Christine Caine: Don’t Confuse Platform with Ministry

In today’s episode we present part two of “Lessons from My Mentor,” our four-part, pod-class series on mentorship. In part one, Heather introduced us to Pastor José Rojas, her personal mentor and a former White House advisor. This week we learn from author, activist, and evangelist Christine Caine in a power-packed conversation about what it means to trust God, pursue your calling, and lean into the development process of your own life rather than rush through it. Christine also tells us why she resists the concept of “influencers” and explains why a “platform” isn’t necessarily a ministry.
But first, Heather sits down with her friend Katlyn Giberson, director for digital marketing at the Christian and Missionary Alliance, to discuss Taylor Swift and whether fandom culture is a hashtag bless, or a hashtag mess. Make sure to let us know your thoughts about this segment by typing in ViralJesusPod on Instagram or Twitte

UK Wine Show

Chris Scott

F1 Sponsorship with Matteo Lunelli from Ferrari Winery

A change of pace this week as we get up to speed with Ferrari Winery and their sponsorship of Formula 1 motorsport.

Wake Up With Weslie

Weslie Christensen

Season 2 Finale: The Hungry, Hungry Caterpillar

This episode is brought to you by Ned.Go to or enter code WESLIE at checkout to get 15% off.

Aligned Ascension

Christy Avis

A Winning Mindset for Projector Success with Nikki Kett

In this episode, Christy and Nikki dive deep into the mindset and energetics to bring success into the frequency of NOW as a projector. Nikki celebrated a 25k month by dropping the shoulds, the have tos, and by following her deepest alignment. This episode will inspire you to dive deep, deconditioning the pieces of you that are afraid of being seen, and step into owning the frequency of your alignment theme: SUCCESS. 
 Nikki helps athlete minded women to STOP overworking and burning themselves out by coming back into alignment with their bodies, their desires, and the unique gifts they have to offer the world. She teaches them how to shift their subconscious beliefs and master the energetics of wealth, fulfillment & freedom so they can make a greater impact on this world with their leadership.

Learn more about 

Mythology & Fiction Explained

Marios Christou

The Mythology & Fiction Explained podcast is a weekly show that aims to cover all sorts of Mythological tales and crazy fiction. Many of these episodes have come from the popular Youtube channel Mythology & Fiction Explained.

CCA CAL Podcast

Chris Arechaederra

Join us every week as we talk fishing, learn from special guests and bring in new people to our sport. Support this podcast:

Real Life Pharmacology - Pharmacology Education for Health Care Professionals

Eric Christianson, PharmD; Pharmacology Expert and Clinical Pharmacist

Ramelteon (Rozerem) Pharmacology Podcast

On this episode, I discuss the pharmacology, adverse effects, and drug interactions of ramelteon (Rozerem).

Ramelteon is primarily only helpful for sleep onset and generally is not that helpful in sleep maintenance.

CNS depressant drug interactions will be a common concern to monitor. Opioids, benzodiazepines, and alcohol are common sedatives that can add to the effects of ramelteon.

Some of the CYP enzymes break down Ramelteon. I discuss this in greater length in this podcast episode.

Known Pleasures

Gang Of Three

Known Pleasures Ep 40 - The Specials

There was one particular genre that sprang from the post punk era that was all at once joyous, political, infectious, melodic, alternative and danceable.
It was a revival of the '60s Ska Movement that became known in the UK as Two Tone.
And in this multi cultural cafe, full of delectable delights and international flavours, we had the opportunity to taste a little Madness, try a little Selecter, indulge in the sweetness of The Beat and maybe order some Bodysnatchers to go.
But before ordering anything on the Ska menu, it's always good to see The Specials.
Spotify Playlist:
Twitter: @pleasuresknown

Three Guys Talk About Football


Three Guys (And A Bear And A Dog) Talk About Football - 2022-2023 NFL Divsional/Championship Week



Lifeway Christian Resources

[MARKED] IS A PODCAST FOR WOMEN WHO ARE MARKED BY A HUNGER FOR GOD’S WORD, A LONGING TO IMPACT CULTURE, AND A DESIRE TO DISCOVER AND LIVE OUT GOD’S CALLING IN THEIR LIVES. Each episode, Kelly King and Elizabeth Hyndman will talk about what God is doing—how He has and is marking each of us.

The Accountability Minute:Business Acceleration|Productivity

Anne Bachrach

Third Way to Stay More Committed To Your Business

Today we are talking about a 3rd way to help you stay more committed to your business, which is, Commit to the End Goal… Not To How You Get Them Done.You need to remember to stay flexible as you build your business. If you get too ‘set in your ways’, you can end up getting burnt out when things do not go as planned. It is extremely important to remember what you have to do… but it is also important to remember that changing methods is not a bad thing. Committing to the end goal will help you to accept changes in your path, without making you feel like you are failing yourself. Tune in tomorrow for the 4th way to stay more committed. For help in creating a success game plan that you are excited to execute so you can commit to the end goal, watch my Masterclass by going to  Want more from me, subscribe to my business success tips and resources Blog, by going to https://accountabilitycoac

Hacking Your Leadership Podcast

Chris Stark and Lorenzo Flores

No role plays; just real. Chris & Lorenzo share four decades of combined experience to help you become a more effective leader. Keeping employees engaged and doing their best work today requires a leadership language focused on soft skills like empathy, emotional intelligence, and a desire to make personal connections. Many leaders want to succeed in this brave new world but employees continue to report poor engagement and they continue to leave companies about every three years. Listen and become a leader who people never want to leave.

Crap Vegas: A Gambling Podcast

Chris & Josh

A podcast for craps and gambling enthusiasts from the perspective of two gambling fans living the high-life of Las Vegas. Join Chris and Josh for their takes on everything gambling and Las Vegas related.

The Bulletin

Christianity Today

The Bulletin is a podcast for Christians seeking insights into the events, questions, and people that are shaping their world. Each episode will help Christians consider the intersection of faith, culture and spiritual formation. Subscribe today!

Side Hustle School

Chris Guillebeau / Onward Project

#2208 - Q&A: “Which online resources are worth paying for?”

You could spend an unlimited amount of money on services and resources these days. What is essential—and what can you not worry about?
Side Hustle School features a new episode EVERY DAY, featuring detailed case studies of people who earn extra money without quitting their job. This year, the show includes free guided lessons and listener Q&A several days each week.
Show notes:
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Connect on Twitter: @chrisguillebeau
Connect on Instagram: @193countries
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If you're enjoying the show, please pass it along! It's free and has been published every single day since January 1, 2017. We're also very grateful for your five-star ratings—it shows that people are listening and looking forward to new episodes. ? ?? 

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Secrets of a Million Dollar Etsy Seller

Dylan Jahraus

In this podcast, you will learn some of the top techniques and strategies I learned on my way to selling over $1.25M on the Etsy platform. We will cover everything from how I regularly receive over 50,000 visits to my shop per month to how I made over $500,000 from one product in my shop. Are you ready to take the next step to achieve this kind of success in your own Etsy shop? Schedule a strategy call with me and lets talk!

Abide Kids Bedtime Stories

Abide Christian Meditation App

Skyship Dreamer: The Unlikely Shepherd

This Children's bedtime story will help your kid fall asleep. Relax to this bible story meditation with background music and sound effects. Your child will sleep while the mind and body rest during this bedtime story as they learns about a young man who had a very interesting after-school job. Well, it was really more than a job… since it served a very important purpose. And it also carried a valuable lesson. For more kid's bedtime stories, download the Abide app:

This Is Not A Cult Podcast

Young Don, The Thrill, Young Don The Sauce God, Astral Dior

266 - The Final Episode

What A Ride It's Been. Yall Mean So Much To Us Its Crazy, We Love Yall Dearly, But All Good Things Must Come To A End.

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Abide Christian Meditation

Abide App

New Life and New Desires

The practice of Christian Meditation helps us live with the peace of Christ. Relax to the sounds of the ocean with piano music that invites the Holy Spirit. Sin doesn’t own you anymore! Meditate on Galatians 5:24. Find peace and rest during this guided meditation for mind and body with deep breathing, prayer, and scripture. Use these meditations as a Bible study in the morning to center yourself on the truth in God's word. For more Bible meditations, download the Abide app:

CMDA Matters

Christian Medical & Dental Associations® (CMDA)

CMDA Matters is the premier audio resource for Christian healthcare professionals. Hosted by Christian Medical & Dental Associations® (CMDA) CEO Dr. Mike Chupp, it is a weekly podcast that includes interviews with experts from Christian healthcare professionals. Topics include bioethics, healthcare missions, financial stewardship, marriage, family and much more. Listen to CMDA Matters today on the CMDA Go app, iTunes and the CMDA website. When you subscribe to our iTunes channel or Google Play, you will get notified about the podcast episodes on a weekly basis. The Christian Medical & Dental Associations® (CMDA) is made up of the Christian Medical Association (CMA) and the Christian Dental Association (CDA). CMDA provides resources, networking opportunities, education and a public voice for Christian healthcare professionals and students. Founded in 1931, CMDA provides programs and services supporting its mission to "change hearts in healthcare" with a current membership of

Chefs Without Restaurants

Chris Spear

Join Chris Spear on his podcast, "Chefs Without Restaurants," as he interviews food and beverage entrepreneurs who have taken a unique path in the culinary world. With over 30 years of experience in the hospitality industry, including his own personal chef business, Perfect Little Bites, Chris is dedicated to helping others grow and succeed in the food and beverage industry. His guests include caterers, research chefs, personal chefs, cookbook authors, food truck operators, farmers, and more – all individuals who have paved their own way in the culinary world. Tune in to hear their inspiring stories and valuable insights on the road less traveled in the food and beverage industry.

The No Food Rules Podcast

Colleen Christensen

I ‘Failed’ At Intuitive Eating So You Don't Have To

It’s time to join the New Year, No Diet Challenge!   Join The SociEATy [$900 in free New Year Bonuses!]:   Intuitive eating can be great and for a lot of people, the answer is throwing Diet Culture out the window. But there are some big mistakes that people make when they try to eat intuitively. And in all honesty, there’s a lot of misinformation on social media that is not only unhelpful, but could be harmful.   But guess what. I made these mistakes already.   I did a training on this yesterday and if you missed it, that’s okay. Sign up for the New Year, No Diet Challenge (it’s free!) so you can go back and watch that while also taking advantage of the next 9 days of support that is also included.   This episode isn’t really about intuitive eating and why it’s so great. It’s about my experience making the mistakes that are common

Five Minute Feng Shui

Kathryn Weber

Episode 204: You Are Your Best Feng Shui

This is my final Five Minute Feng Shui podcast.  Remember always, YOU ARE YOUR BEST FENG SHUI!  When times are good, indifferent and/or bad, you can make things better with your own feng shui.  Never, ever forget this! It has been a pleasure recording these podcasts over the past 5 years and hearing from you, all my listeners!  And as Gene Autry sang, "Happy Trials to You, Until We Meet Again...Happy Trials to You, Keep Smiling Until Then!"

Jesus Changes Everything

Christopher Mann

Sacred Marriage, Evil for Evil; Government Force; Good News, Repent; Those 70s Shoes

Lisa and I consider our call not to return evil for evil. Plus, why government s force, as it should be, and how that ought to inform us as we vote. The call to repentance and remembering the great sneakers of the 70s.

Eat to Live

Jenna Fuhrman, Dr. Fuhrman

Gardening For Life

Why should you grow your own fruits and vegetables and actually work with dirt? Ask a green thumb how they feel about gardening, and they will tell you it's a mood elevator. In the Blue Zones, regions of the world where people live longer and healthier, outdoorsy lifestyle with moderate physical activity is credited for their less stressed and longer life.

Now according to Dr. Joel Fuhrman, we're intrinsically tied to the health of the planet. And that helps explain why we enjoy nature, reconnecting with the earth, and, well, growing plants.

On this episode, Dr. Fuhrman and his daughter Jenna talk about the many benefits of gardening, how our health relates to the health of the soil, and more.

Thriving Relationships Show

Christine Eartheart

The Female Pleasure Revolution with Mama Gena and Christine Eartheart

This episode is so important for women -- and for those who love them.   I had the absolute honor and delight of sitting down with the famously beloved Regena Thomashauer, endearingly known as “Mama Gena” and celebrated as an icon, legend, media personality, and revolutionary – and the vivacious author of the NY Times Bestseller called Pussy: A Reclamation.   If you are (or care about) a woman who has ever… …felt shame about your body or sexuality, …dimmed your power or light, …and/or denied, ignored, dismissed, or overrode your own pleasure and desires because you didn’t think they were important… …oh my goooodness, you are in for such a treat this episode.   Mama Gena’s mission is all about helping women reclaim what it means to be fully expressed and embodied. She believes that women are the greatest untapped natural resource on the planet, and she has taught countless women to turn on their innate femi

The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill

Christianity Today

Hosted by Mike Cosper, this podcast takes you inside the story of Mars Hill Church in Seattle – from its founding as part of one of the largest church planting movements in American history to its very public dissolution—and the aftermath that followed. You’ll hear from people who lived this story, experiencing the triumphs and losses of Mars Hill, knowing it as both an amazing, life-transforming work of God and as a dangerous, abusive environment. The issues that plague Mars Hill and its founder, Mark Driscoll — dangers like money, celebrity, youth, scandal, and power—aren’t unique, and only by looking closely at what happened in Seattle will we be able to see ourselves.


Christian Walker

Uncancellable is an anti-woke, pro-common sense podcast focusing on bringing the fun back to pop culture.

Hunger for Wholeness

Center for Christogenesis

"What is God in a World of Quantum Physics?" Interview with Steven Dick

Ilia Delio and Robert Nicastro interview astronomer and historian of science, Steven J. Dick.Themes:What is God in this world of quantum physics?Process TheologySteven J. Dick served as the NASA Chief Historian and Director of the NASA History Office from 2003 to 2009. Prior to that he was an astronomer and historian of science at the U.S. Naval Observatory for more than two decades. He is the author or editor of 25 books, including most recently Astrobiology, Discovery, and Societal Impact (Cambridge, 2018), Classifying the Cosmos: How We Can Make Sense of the Celestial Landscape (Springer, 2019), and Space, Time, and Aliens: Collected Works on Cosmos and Culture (Springer, 2020). More information at“The basic principles of religion and theology need to be reconsidered in terms of what we now know about our wondrous universe, full of millions of plan

Abide Meditation Guides

Abide Christian Meditation App

Building Christmas Traditions

Guided Christian Meditation can help us align our mind and body with Christ. Meditate on topics that are relevant to your spiritual journey by listening to these meditation guides based on scripture. Christmas can be a time of sorrow and joy. Join us as we explore the many Christmas traditions you may enjoy. Use this guide as a devotional bible study while you relax to the sounds of Christmas music. For more guided Bible meditations, download the Abide app:

The Nightmare report


Episode 2: Amityville Horror

This week's episode is about the Amityville horror house. Tune in to hear my two guests and I talk about our different views and interesting facts about this haunted house! Hope you all enjoy it. Don't forget to subscribe for more. 


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Quick to Listen

Christianity Today

The Case for Hope in a Year of Despair

There’s not a lot making Americans hopeful these days. More than half of the country told pollsters last year that they were “extremely worried” about the direction of the country. One in 4 said that “nothing made them hopeful.” Their anxieties: politics, the pandemic, and inflation.
This year, existing worries have likely been compounded by fears and anger over mass shootings, the war in Ukraine, sex abuse scandal cover-ups by church leaders, a massive drought on the Southwest side of the country, climate change inaction, spiking fentanyl deaths, and an explosion in homelessness.In the midst of this, why should Christians hope?
Carmen Joy Imes is associate professor of Old Testament at Biola University’s Talbot School of Theology. She previously joined the show to nerd out about the Bible in light of Donald Trump getting COVID-19 and controversy over the San Francisco school board seeking to drop the names of well-known Ameri

Sex with Strangers

Chris Sowa

Host Chris Sowa traverses the globe having interesting, informative, and – at times – hilarious conversations about sex … with strangers.

Raagadri - Carnatic Music Gateway

Jayashree Jayaganesan

Siddhi Vinayakam Anisham

A beautiful yet simple composition of Muthuswami Dikshitar on Lord Ganesha in Raga Chamaram set to Rupaka Tala


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The Bart Ehrman Blog Podcast

John Mueller, Bart Ehrman Early Christianity Historical Jesus

Would I Be Personally Upset if the Mythicists Were Right (That Jesus Never Existed)? When Did Jesus Die? Dating Jesus' Death by the Earthquake

Dr. Ehrman might be "energized" if the mythicists were proven right, but his own rigorous investigation tells him that Jesus really existed. Bart criticizes scientists who claim to have found the year of Jesus' crucifixion, pointing out they have no appreciation of the symbolism in Matthew.

Beyond The Pointe

Allie Christensen

As an ex-professional dancer and owner of @AlignFitnessByAllie, a cross training studio for dancers, Allie shares her mission and information to empower healthy, strong, well rounded dancers. Bringing Professional Dancers, Sports Medicine Doctors, Dietician, Trainers, Directors, and more who have centered their careers around dance to share their knowledge in one spot. Join us as Allie brings diverse leaders in the dance world together to assist you to be an informed dancer and parent as you reach your goals in dance.

Home Cooking

Samin Nosrat & Hrishikesh Hirway

From Samin Nosrat (chef and author of the cookbook Salt Fat Acid Heat) and Hrishikesh Hirway (creator and host of the podcast Song Exploder), Home Cooking is a mini-series to help you figure out what to cook—and keep you company—during the quarantine. If you need help or just want some creative inspiration for your kitchen, we’ve got you covered. Do you have a quarantine cooking question, story, or anxiety you want to share with us? Send a voice memo to us at, or call us at 201-241-COOK.

CMQ Investing Presents: Compound Money Quietly

Chris Franco

Join a growing community of investors who are building wealth through rational thinking and compound interest. Hosted by Chris Franco, CMQ Investing uncovers the truth about investing. You will learn the investment strategies of legendary investors like Charlie Munger, Warren Buffett, and John Bogle. We share lessons from investment books and academic studies, and combine this with market commentary and financial news. Tune-out the noise when you tune-in with us!