Russ Roberts

EconTalk: Conversations for the Curious is an award-winning weekly podcast hosted by Russ Roberts of Shalem College in Jerusalem and Stanford's Hoover Institution. The eclectic guest list includes authors, doctors, psychologists, historians, philosophers, economists, and more. Learn how the health care system really works, the serenity that comes from humility, the challenge of interpreting data, how potato chips are made, what it's like to run an upscale Manhattan restaurant, what caused the 2008 financial crisis, the nature of consciousness, and more. EconTalk has been taking the Monday out of Mondays since 2006. All 900+ episodes are available in the archive. Go to for transcripts, related resources, and comments.

» Divine Intervention Podcasts

Divine-Favour Anene

Podcasts/Vodcasts relevant to the USMLE Step 1-3 exams and 3rd year shelf exams.

Real English Conversations Podcast - Learn to Speak & Understand Real English with Confidence!

Real English Conversations: Amy Whitney & Curtis Davies - English Podcast

Welcome to the Real English Conversations podcast, your ultimate destination for immersive English learning! If you're eager to elevate your English proficiency beyond the basics, you've landed in the perfect spot. Our mission is to empower you to master listening, speaking, and comprehending English in real-world scenarios, regardless of your location. From casual discussions to professional dialogues, we cover a wide spectrum of topics, ensuring you're prepared for any context. Learning with us is not only effective but also enjoyable! Our episodes are packed with engaging content designed to captivate your interest while enhancing your English skills. Whether you're pursuing personal growth or aiming to excel in your career, we've got your back. Our podcast is custom-tailored to support your goals and boost your confidence in English communication.

The Clinical Problem Solvers

The Clinical Problem Solvers

The Clinical Problem Solvers is a multi-modal venture that works to disseminate and democratize the stories and science of diagnostic reasoning Twitter: @CPSolvers Website:

Hillsdale Dialogues

Hillsdale College

Once per week, Hillsdale College president Larry P. Arnn joins Hugh Hewitt to discuss Great Books, Great Men, and Great Ideas. Subscribe via Apple Podcasts.

Psychiatry Boot Camp

Mark Mullen, MD

A current resident interviews world leaders in psychiatric education to bring you their clinical expertise. We cover need-to-know topics for anyone interested in learning the nuts and bolts of psychiatry.

The Birds & Bees

The Birds & Bees

Hi! We're Mary Flo Ridley and Megan Michelson,  founders of the Birds & Bees online course. We are here to give parents the tools and confidence they need to have healthy conversations with their kids about sex.  From birth to babies to body parts - we've got a lot to talk about.  We want you to be equipped and empowered!

Cram The Pance

Scott Shapiro PA-C

This podcast is dedicated to helping you learn all of the blueprint topics for the PANCE exam. I will go week by week, following the NCCPA blueprint topics, giving you tips and tricks I used when I was in PA school to help me remember the massive amount of information needed to pass the PANCE and become a certified Physician Assistant. All of the podcasts will be short, to the point, and high yield. Support this podcast:

EMS 20/20

Christopher M Pfingsten, Spencer Oliver

EMS 20/20 is podcast hosted by two experienced Paramedics. Spencer Oliver and Christopher Pfingsten discuss real calls run by real responders and pull out the lessons you won't find in a text book. This podcast is aimed at Paramedic students, seasoned Paramedics looking to refresh, or any one interested in a deeper dive into pre-hospital health care.

The Hillsdale College Online Courses Podcast

Hillsdale College

Hillsdale College was founded in 1844 with a mission to provide "all who wish to learn" the education necessary to preserve the civil and religious liberties of America. This Podcast, hosted by Hillsdale Online Learning Directors Kyle Murnen and Juan Davalos, expands that mission to a whole new audience. The Hillsdale Online Courses Podcast brings free, full online courses to your podcast feed, with introductory commentary. 

Think Like An Economist

Betsey Stevenson & Justin Wolfers

Think Like an Economist and you’ll see the world more clearly, empowering you to make better decisions at work, at home, and in your community. Leading economists Betsey Stevenson and Justin Wolfers will take you on a joyous romp through their field as they introduce you to the big ideas in economics, and show how you can apply them to live in your own life. Their signature approach reveals that every decision is an economic decision and this podcast uncovers the economic forces that shape the world around you. Betsey and Justin believe that economics is a superpower, and they want to teach you to fly.

Betrayal Trauma Recovery - BTR.ORG

Anne Blythe, M.Ed. - has daily, online Group and Individual Sessions for victims of emotional & psychological abuse and sexual coercion. For women experiencing pain, chaos, and isolation due to their husband’s lying, gaslighting, manipulation, porn use, cheating, infidelity, emotional abuse, and narcissistic abuse. Labeling a victim as "codependent" is a form of victim blaming. Pornography addiction / sex addiction are a domestic abuse issue. Narcissistic abuse is not a communication issue. We help women who are married, separated, or divorced heal through establishing emotional safety. If you suspect your husband is a narcissist, a pornography addict, or emotionally abusive, this podcast is for you. Every woman on our team has experienced betrayal trauma first hand. To learn more about Betrayal Trauma Recovery, visit BTR.ORG

Two Sides of the Spectrum

Meg Ferrell

A place where we explore research, amplify autistic voices, and change the way we think about autism in life and in professional therapy practice. Visit

The Scriptures Are Real

Kerry Muhlestein

The Scriptures Are Real (TSAR) with Kerry Muhlestein is a podcast where we look at elements of the scriptures that have become real to us. We interview both experts (people with language, archaeological, historical backgrounds, etc.), and lay folks, and explore times when the scriptures became real to them. This is done from the viewpoint of members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We believe that there is real power in the scriptures and that as they become more real we can better apply them to our lives and draw more power from them. If you listen to this podcast you will learn all kinds of interesting background information that will help you understand and learn more from the scriptures. We believe it will allow you to add real power to your life. My gratitude to my co-host Lamar Newmeyer. Also to my friend Rich Nicholls, who composed the introductory music.

Triple R Teaching

Anna Geiger

It's time to reignite your passion for teaching! Triple R Teaching provides simple strategies and practical tips for PreK-grade 3 educators. Anna Geiger, M.Ed., author of Reach All Readers, will show you how to make small changes to improve how you teach literacy concepts. Look forward to episodes about Anna's transition from balanced literacy to the science of reading, and expect episodes that will help you understand the research while giving you practical tips that you can implement today. Hit subscribe, and get ready to transform your teaching!

Angela Watson's Truth for Teachers

Angela Watson

Truth for Teachers is designed to speak life, encouragement, and truth into the minds and hearts of educators and get you energized for the week ahead.

Talk To Me In Korean

Talk To Me In Korean

The key to learning Korean is how easy it is to stay motivated to learn the language. At, we provide a systematic curriculum of easy-to-follow lessons, and a wide selection of self-study Korean-learning books!

NCLEX High Yield - Dr. Zeeshan Hoodbhoy

NCLEX High Yield - Dr. Zeeshan Hoodbhoy

Welcome to the NCLEX High Yield Podcast, where we will be giving out daily content for your exam, tips and tricks that the boards love to ask, and overall general information on how to study, what to study, and complex topics broken down for you. Whether you're a first time test taker, or a repeat test taker, we have helped people across the globe pass their NCLEX exams. Listen to how Dr. Zeeshan Hoodbhoy and the NCLEX High Yield Team breaks this test down like no one has every showed you! Join our weekly FREE ZOOM Session by following us on Instagram @nclexhighyield! See you then! Support this podcast:

The Simple Nursing Podcast - The Simplest Way To Pass Nursing School


SimpleNursing has helped over 100,000 nursing students pass their nursing exams and the NCLEX! Our users have reported an 82% or higher test average! Our content is based on NCLEX curriculum standards. We're now making some of our most popular courses into a podcast! Up first is our pharmacology course!

To Die For SPY by Aliia Roza

Aliia Roza

Welcome to the  "To Die For SPY ," where the only former secret Sexpionage agent, Aliia Roza,  shares seduction and sex techniques that helped her survive deadly missions, learned at the highly secretive Conspiracy Intelligence Academy which she dapted them for everyday women to empower themselves, boost self-confidence, and enhance their self-esteem. These techniques are designed to help women confidently navigate dates, communicate effectively, and assertively pursue their desires. By mastering the art of communication, women can achieve success in both their personal and professional lives, fostering healthy relationships and flourishing in business ventures.

Agents of Change Social Work Test Prep

Meagan Mitchell

Hi there! I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker living and working in Washington, D.C. I have been providing individualized and group test prep for the ASWB exam for over 5 years. ✅ From my experience helping others pass their exams, I have created a course to help you prepare for the ASWB exam and feel confident on test day: ✅ Even if you don't purchase my course, I'm more than happy to help you with the questions you have in my Facebook group: I look forward to working with you!

Teach Me, Teacher

Teach Me, Teacher LLC

Designed from the ground up as a no nonsense approach to teacher development, this podcast is your gateway to bettering your craft (and having some laughs along the way). It is a show for you. To help you better your craft, learn new skills, and get ideas to fuel your own. It is a show for anyone in the field of education, and has featured teachers and administrators from all over to offer their unique perspectives on some of the most relevant and hottest topics in public schools. Teach Me, Teacher has won several "best of" awards and has featured some of the top minds in education to date.

TED Talks Education


What should future schools look like? How do brains learn? Some of the world's greatest educators, researchers, and community leaders share their stories and visions onstage at the TED conference, TEDx events and partner events around the world. You can also download these and many other videos free on, with an interactive English transcript and subtitles in up to 80 languages. TED is a nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading.

The Urban Farm Podcast with Greg Peterson

Urban Farm Team

Welcome to The Urban Farm Podcast, your partner in the Grow Your Own Food revolution! This audio only podcast features special guests like Rosemary Morrow, Zach Loeks, and Andrew Millison as we discuss the art and value of growing food in urban areas. We'll explore topics such as gardening basics, urban beekeeping and chicken farming, permaculture, successful composting, monetizing your farm, and much more! Each episode will bring you tips and tricks on how to overcome common challenges, opportunities to learn from the experience of people just like you, and plenty of resources to ensure you're informed, equipped, and empowered to participate more mindfully in your local food system... and to have a great time doing it! Support our Podcast and listen Ad-Free! Visit for more information and see what else we include.

The Six Shifts

Stenhouse Publishers

A Shifting the Balance podcast, featuring authors Katie Egan Cunningham, Dr. Jan Burkins and Kari Yates.

Passing your National Licensing Exam

Linton Hutchinson, Ph.D., LMHC,NCC

Getting licensed can open up incredible opportunities, but the exam can seem daunting. Our podcasts make passing more achievable and even fun. Dr Hutchinson and Stacy’s energy and passion for this content will get you motivated and confident. We break things down in understandable ways - no stuffiness or complexity and focus on the critical parts you need so your valuable study time counts. You’ll come away feeling like, “I can do this!” Whether it’s nailing down diagnoses, theoretical approaches, or applying ethics in challenging situations, we help you get into a licensed mindset. Knowledge domains we cover in these podcasts include:Professional Practice and EthicsIntake, Assessment, & DiagnosisAreas of Clinical FocusTreatment PlanningCounseling Skills and InterventionsCore Counseling AttributesAnd, of course, the DSM-5-TR. If you listen, you might surprise yourself at how much you absorb and enjoy it along the way. Take that first step – you’ll gain confidence and valuable skills and feel confident getting ready for your licensing exam!

The Arts of Language Podcast

IEW (Andrew Pudewa)

The Arts of Language Podcast, with Institute for Excellence in Writing’s founder Andrew Pudewa, is a weekly podcast to support teachers of writing composition. Our goal is to equip teachers and teaching parents with methods and materials which will aid them in training their students to become confident and competent communicators and thinkers.

This Teacher Life

Monica Genta

A weekly podcast for teachers full of tips and tricks, stories and strategies, celebrations and struggles, all from the real life we are living every day. Welcome to This Teacher Life with Monica Genta.

高效磨耳朵 | 最好的英语听力资源


感谢大家的喜爱和支持!不知不觉,《高效磨耳朵》已经陪伴大家走过两年半时间,相信通过坚持不懈的练习,每个人都已经有了进步。 高效磨耳朵,每周一三五七的7:30更新一期,下面调整后的内容分类。 周一:单词造句磨耳朵 10个单词 每个单词2-5个句子 从字母A带头的单词开始,每期列10个单词,每个单词配2-5个句子,适合练习听力的初学者。 周三:句子反复磨耳朵 10个句子 经典的句子磨耳朵材料,词汇和句子相对简单,适合多听练语感。 周五:英文名著分级阅读 一篇 精选经典的英文名著,配以精彩演播,剧情前后连续,表演生动有趣。 周日:level 4短文 一篇 关于各类话题的断篇文章,难度相对较高,适合听力进阶,觉得太难的朋友可以先去听level1到level3。

A-Ha! Real Estate Exam Prep Podcast

Brian C. Lee

The A-Ha! Real Estate Education Podcast is all about helping real estate students get tips, strategies, and secrets they'll need to know to pass their real estate class and state exam. By interviewing guests, discussing test questions, and going through specific real estate topics, each listener will walk away with a better understanding of what's needed to pass that pesky real estate class and state exam! Listeners might even get a little motivation to navigate the sometimes-discouraging experience of real estate education. Brian Lee--acclaimed real estate instructor, broker, and appraiser--leads the A-Ha! Podcast. Brian earned his bachelor’s degree in Finance and Real Estate from the greatest college on earth, Indiana University. He regularly uses his 28 years of experience in various areas real estate to raise the level of education for agents. Brian’s knowledge and experience takes him across the globe to train on real estate topics, including appraisal, agency, brokerage, business operations, taxation, contracts, investing, and the dreaded "real estate math". When Brian isn’t busy behind a microphone or in front of an audience, he keeps his wife and children happy with culinary skills and bad dad jokes.

Teaching Hard History

Learning for Justice

What we don’t know about American history hurts us all. Teaching Hard History begins with the long legacy of slavery and reaches through Reconstruction, Jim Crow, and the civil rights movement into the present day. Brought to you by Learning for Justice (formerly Teaching Tolerance) and hosted by Dr. Hasan Kwame Jeffries and Dr. Bethany Jay, Teaching Hard History brings us the lessons we should have learned in school through the voices of scholars and educators. It’s great advice for teachers and good information for everybody.

The NPTE Podcast

Dr. Will Crane PT, DPT, OCS

Hosted by NPTE expert Dr. Will Crane PT, DPT, OCS, this is The NPTE Podcast, here to make sure you have the best and most up-to-date information to crush the NPTE! We all know that the NPTE is one of the biggest hurdles you'll face as you start your PT career, and we're here to help you get the tips, strategies, motivation, and knowledge you need to study like a boss and start your awesome career as a physical therapist.

Combat Ready Fire Training Show

Combat Ready Fire Training, LLC

Will be replay's from our live Q&A's. Join us to come talk shop!

IELTSCast | Weekly shadowing exercises for IELTS Speaking

Ryan Higgins

This show publishes 'Repeat After Me' IELTS Speaking lessons. All speaking scripts are written by active examiners, and all questions are taken from real exams. For full lessons, visit: Contact Ryan at

HIST 119: The Civil War and Reconstruction Era, 1845-1877

Open Yale Courses - David Blight

The causes, course, and consequences of the American Civil War, from the 1840s to 1877. License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA

Accounting 101 with Jimmy Stewart

James Stewart

Accounting 101 Podcast by James Edward Stewart, CPA/ABV, CFE

The Hippo Education Podcast

Hippo Education LLC.,

The Hippo Education Podcast is the place for the best free audio CME on earth. Hippo RAPs (Reviews and Perspectives) bring you the latest news, updated clinical practice information and important stuff you need to know for your specialty. Our RAP roster is Emergency Medicine, Primary Care, Pediatrics, Urgent Care and growing. The Hippo faculty are always on duty to make sure you have the info you need from a source you can trust.

Play Therapy Podcast

Dr. Brenna Hicks

Your source for centered and focused Play Therapy coaching. All content, no fluff.

Learn Japanese with Masa sensei!

Masa Sensei

This is the Japanese Grammar Complete Beginner Course that will teach you Japanese Grammar from the scratch. If you would liket to be abe to construct your own sentence by yourself, use Japanese for daily conversation, be independent and able to communicate with the Japanese people, this is the best course for you! I will also be talking about the topics that my Patreon supporters requested, as well as some topics about Japanese culture. Check out my Youtube Channel! Wanna support me?

Pilot Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge

Federal Aviation Administration

"The Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge provides basic knowledge that is essential for pilots. This handbook introduces pilots to the broad spectrum of knowledge that will be needed as they progress in their pilot training. Except for the Code of Federal Regulations pertinent to civil aviation, most of the knowledge areas applicable to pilot certification are presented. This handbook is useful to beginning pilots, as well as those pursuing more advanced pilot certificates." (Summary from the preface) Study of the handbook should include the PDF from the FAA, which is available at View our full collection of podcasts at our website: or YouTube channel: This is a Librivox Recording. All Librivox recordings are in the public domain.

Real World NP

Liz Rohr

Hi, I’m Liz Rohr: family nurse practitioner, wife, parent, and founder of Real World NP, a continuing education company for new nurse practitioners in primary care. I’m on a mission to equip and guide new nurse practitioners so they can feel confident and capable through comprehensive, concise, and hyper-relevant educational resources, without the fluff. We’re also here to provide an approachable, supportive community in order to bring about a new generation of healthcare providers who know that they can make an impact & inevitably disrupt the healthcare industry. Each week you’ll hear a mix of clinical pearls and practice tips, guest interviews with specialists and allied health professionals, and guidance on navigating the role transition from RN to NP. Make sure you subscribe and leave a review so you won’t miss an episode. Plus, you’ll find links to all the episodes, plus extra goodies over at Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

Master The NEC - PODCAST

Paul W. Abernathy

Listen as Nationally Recognized Electrical Code Experts interpret and explain in technical detail the various chapters, sections, parts, and line items of the National Electrical Code. If you struggle with technical jargon then follow me and consider joining our Fast Trax® Family. We have introduced (2) new affordable NEC Learning Programs to teach you the National Electrical Code. Visit our website at for more details. Become a supporter of this podcast:

Insurance Exam Queen

Melissa Dillon

Hi, I am Melissa, the Insurance Exam Queen. I’m the most requested Exam Prep Instructor in the U.S. and have helped thousands of people pass their Property & Casualty and Life & Health insurance exam with ease. With a long string of ONLY 5 star reviews, I’ve become known for my casual and simple teaching style, and my students love the fun memorization techniques, charts, graphs and other visual aides I use to help you understand the material. Most of my students pass their 1st or next time after going through one of my Class Series Packages. I simplify everything, tell you what to study, and even include everything from Study Notes to my own personal Practice Test to help you focus ONLY on what you need to know in order to pass the test. View my packages here:

The Unteachables Podcast

Claire English

Welcome to 'The Unteachables Podcast'! I’m your host Claire English, a passionate secondary teacher and leader turned teacher mentor and author of the book 'It's Never Just About the Behaviour: A holistic approach to classroom behaviour management'. I am here because I am on a mission to transform classroom management and teacher support. Why I do this? It doesn’t feel that long ago that I was completely overwhelmed and out of my depth with behaviour, trying to swim, rather than sink. It took me spending thousands of hours in the classroom, with all of the inevitable ups and downs, to make me the teacher I am today; confident, capable, and empowered in my ability to teach all students, yes even the ones who are the toughest to reach. And now, I am dedicated to supporting teachers like you to do the same.  I created The Unteachables Podcast to give you the simple and actionable classroom management strategies and support that you need to run your room with confidence, compassion, and calm.On the Podcast you will hear from incredible guests such as:-Bobby Morgan of the Liberation Lab-Marie Gentles, the behaviour expert behind the BBC documentaries 'Don't Exclude Me' and 'Helping Our Teens', and author of the book Gentles Guidance: How to Understand, Inspire and Empower your kids.-Robyn Gobbel, author of Raising Kids with Big Baffling Behaviours-Dr Lori Desautels, assistant professor and published author-Ceri Sandford of Wine with Teacher Podcast / Embrace your ADHD Chaos -Danica of Little Bloom Think of them as your behaviour besties (and there are many more to come!). So whether you’re in early years, primary or secondary. A beginning teacher, an early career teacher, a teacher in training, a teaching assistant, an experienced teacher, a leader in teaching, and you’re wanting to feel happy and empowered and enjoy being in the classroom, whilst also making an impact with every single one of your students, then you’re definitely in the right place. Don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss an episode!

Earmark Podcast | Earn Free Accounting CPE

Blake Oliver, CPA

This show is brought to you by Earmark, your source for podcast-based continuing education for accounting and tax professionals. You can earn CPE by listening to the episodes on this podcast and more! Sign up for our mobile app to earn free CPE whenever you want, wherever you go. Learn more at


APM Reports

Stories about education, opportunity, and how people learn. From APM Reports.

Neurology Exam Prep Podcast

Neurology Exam Prep Podcast

Study materials for in-service and certification examinations in neurology residency.

Not So Wimpy Teacher Podcast

Jamie Sears

This is a podcast for busy teachers who want to engage their students in meaningful hands-on learning. You will receive simple, innovative and practical teaching tips and ideas for teaching math, reading and writing.

Anatomy & Physiology On The Go

Anatomy & Physiology On The Go

Enhance your Anatomy and Physiology knowledge while enjoying life to its fullest

Teach Me Biology

Sarah Matthews & Ria Corbett

A Revision Podcast for A-Level Biology Students Hosted by Ria Corbett and Sarah Matthews. Ria Corbett is a former science teacher with a biology specialism. Sarah, is her younger sister and learning A-Level biology. Ria will be teaching her topic by topic to provide you the listener with an audio revision resource.  We hope you can incorporate us into your revision as a part of your learning journey. Dip in and out, listen to the topics you need to work on or use us as your biology bible. Whatever you need us for, we are here!

LSE: Public lectures and events

London School of Economics and Political Science

The London School of Economics and Political Science public events podcast series is a platform for thought, ideas and lively debate where you can hear from some of the world's leading thinkers. Listen to more than 200 new episodes every year.

The Pro Flipper Show

Rob & Melissa Stephenson

The Pro Flipper Show is all about helping you grow, scale and thrive in your reselling business. In this podcast we are committed to bringing you great guests who love to share tips and tactics that will help you level up your reselling business.

The Hazmat Files

Erica Bernstein Fischer

Welcome to "The Hazmat Files," brought to you by the TRANSCAER® Program. This podcast serves as a resource for first responders and the community, focusing on the safe handling and transportation of hazardous materials. Each episode features expert insights, the latest safety protocols, and discussions on emergency response strategies. Our aim is to equip you with the essential knowledge to effectively manage hazmat incidents. Subscribe to stay informed and prepared in the ever-evolving field of hazardous materials management. Learn more about upcoming training events and resources available for first responders at TRANSCAER also offers a variety of online hazmat courses for emergency responders and community leaders who cannot attend classroom events. You can take the courses at your own pace, and at a time and location that is convenient for you. All of TRANSCAER’s courses are free! Visit to learn more.

Law School

The Law School of America

The Law School of America podcast is designed for listeners who what to expand and enhance their understanding of the American legal system. It provides you with legal principles in small digestible bites to make learning easy. If you're willing to put in the time, The Law School of America podcasts can take you from novice to knowledgeable in a reasonable amount of time. Support this podcast:

The Learning Scientists Podcast

Learning Scientists

Passing the Counseling NCE Exam

Dr. Linton Hutchinson, LMHC

LSAT Unplugged + Law School Admissions Podcast

Steve Schwartz

Steve Schwartz of LSAT Unplugged created this podcast to help you with the LSAT and law school admission process. He started teaching the LSAT after scoring a 152 and gradually working his way up to a 175 (it took over a year!). Please (1) subscribe, (2) rate + review, and (3) email me your questions:

Dietetics with Dana

Dana J. Fryer, MS, RDN, CNSC

This podcast is for dietitian students, dietetic interns and RD eligible RD2Be's who are planning to take the Registered Dietitian Exam. In this weekly podcast we will cover exam practice questions and questions from students posted in my Facebook page Registered Dietitian Exam Study Group with Dana, RD. Join the live version every Sunday at 8p EST on the Facebook page. Looking for more support? Dana offers 1:1 tutoring, small group tutoring classes and recorded tutoring sessions. Learn more at

The Stockman Grassfarmer Podcast

The Stockman Grassfarmer

Our mission is to help create a healthy planet and people through profitable grass-based livestock production.

10 Minute Teacher Podcast with Cool Cat Teacher

Vicki Davis

Jam-packed with cool classrooms, cool apps, and cool teaching ideas, full-time teacher and award-winning edtech influencer, Vicki Davis, who blogs as the Cool Cat Teacher Blog, loves to interview awesome teachers and educators from around the world on this teacher podcast. Her goal is to interview the most in-classroom teachers on one helpful teacher podcast. This encouraging show will give you quick ideas you can use right away. You can follow Vicki @coolcatteacher on all social media and join the conversation.

Nursing School Lectures

nursing lectures

NURSING school lectures on Pathophysiology, Medical Surgical Nursing, NCLEX topics, test-taking practice questions, Quantitative Research, and Nursing Practice as Relational Inquiry. This is intended as a study aide to help make content more easily digestible by means of audio format. I wanted to make this so it would be possible to study while going on walks and such, to avoid sitting at a desk all day!

Abnormal Psychology Lectures

Dana C. Leighton

These lectures were given to support my Introduction to Abnormal Psychology course at Portland Community College in Portland, Oregon, USA. They are "enhanced" podcasts, which includes my lecture slides, so be sure to open the "artwork & video viewer" in iTunes!

FINRA Exam Tips and Career Advice - Achievable Podcast


Taking a FINRA exam? Achievable's expert author Brandon Rith talks studying strategy, game-day approach, and application advice for that job or university you're applying to afterwards. Brandon Rith has 16 years experience as a licensing facilitator and director at Fidelity Investments. He is an 8X Fidelity Excellent In Action Award Winner for Licensing Facilitation.

PTA Elevation

Briana Drapp, SPT, PTA, CSCS

The PTA Elevation Podcast, hosted by Briana Drapp, PTA, is designed to help Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) students study for the NPTE-PTA boards and prepare to enter the field of physical therapy. Each episode will offer insight to the exam through study strategies, exam preparation, and provide a short, digestible episode to highlight common subjects that will appear on the exam (Musculoskeletal, neuromuscular, etc.). Check out our website!

The Smiling Homeschooler Podcast

The Smiling Homeschooler

This is the best podcast for homeschooling moms who need encouragement! Our goal is to help you smile more! Whether you are a new homeschooler or a veteran, we are positive you will feel encouraged!

The Lead Podcast presented by Heart Rhythm Society

The Lead Podcast presented by Heart Rhythm Society

The Lead – a bi-weekly journal review podcast that is designed to keep you up to date and informed on the latest publications and hottest topics in electrophysiology. Key takeaways, in-depth interpretations, and informative interviews are all fitted into 15 minute time slots, so that they fit easily into your busy schedule. Click the link below to learn more!



几十年的人生风雨中他们与学术为伴,教书育人,求知探索。清华学术大师们的求学旅途中有哪些动人故事,他们的学术志向、学术观点、学术思想是如何确立和产生的?那些曾经登上“人文清华”讲坛的学术大师,他们的人生际遇对我们有哪些新的启发和思考?人文清华将与您一起走进他们的学术人生。 #关于我们 “人文清华”讲坛是清华大学于2016年初开启的大型活动,遍邀当代人文大家,阐述他们的经典学说、独特思考和重大发现,致力于构建一个人文思想持续发声的公共空间,推动人文日新、社会进步。 本播客精选自清华大学新闻与传播学院教授、知名主持人张小琴女士对登上讲坛的清华人文学者的长篇访谈,全面反映学者的成长经历和学术经历,使各位听众不仅知其学术之所然,亦知其所以然。他们作为亲历者的口述,同时呈现了特定时期中国社会、人与文化发展的鲜活历史。

Those Who Were There: Voices from the Holocaust

Fortunoff Video Archive for Holocaust Testimonies

Get a small glimpse into the unimaginable experiences that shaped Holocaust survivors and witnesses—and shaped our world. Personal accounts drawn from the Fortunoff Video Archive for Holocaust Testimonies at Yale University.



醒着生活启示录 Connect 微博 / 艾莉森王 Ins / allisonwang33 瑜伽冥想跟练 YouTube B站|艾莉森王Allison 公众号|醒awake

Tea for Teaching

John Kane and Rebecca Mushtare

An informal discussion of innovative and effective practices in teaching and learning. This podcast series is hosted by John Kane (an economist) and Rebecca Mushtare (a graphic designer). This podcast is produced by the Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching at SUNY Oswego.

ReMar Nurse Radio

Regina M. Callion MSN, RN - ReMar Review

ReMar Nurse Radio is your source for the best NCLEX content available! Join Regina M. Callion, MSN, RN as she brings clarity to NCLEX topics and empowers you to become the nurse you’ve always dreamed of being.

The SLP Now Podcast


The SLP Now Podcast is your go-to resource for practical speech-language pathology tips. Through this podcast, you'll hear directly from Marisha Mets, a school-based SLP turned research nerd. She’ll be joined by expert guests to answer your biggest questions. Submit your questions at

CE Podcasts for Nurses

Elite Learning by Colibri Healthcare

Listen, Learn, and Earn CE Hours with Elite Learning.  Elite Learning is among the first to bring you nursing podcasts that are part of an accredited continuing education activity. With real-world examples, interviews with subject matter experts, practical insights, and the opportunity to earn nursing CE hours- we’re taking learning to the next level. Subscribe and never miss a chance to listen, learn, and earn nursing CE. Learn more at

The Creative Classroom with John Spencer

John Spencer

I want to see teachers transform classrooms into spaces of creativity and wonder. So, here's where I explore what it means to make this a reality.

Anesthesia STAT: the Stanford Anesthesia Tutorial Podcast

Derrick Wu, MD

Interesting and high-yield discussion-based anesthesia content for those just starting their training (our Stanford residents in their tutorial month and beyond) and learners at any level interested in learning more about the specialty and it’s practice.


Eduro Learning Podcast Network

Building community in schools through instructional coaching. Wherever you are in your coaching journey, we can support you! Hosted by Kim Cofino, the #coachbetter podcast features inspiring interviews; case studies with coaches; real-life coaching calls; and quick strategic tips that you can put into practice immediately. We turn inspiration into practical reality so you get the clarity you need to move forward confidently - for you as an individual coach and for your coaching program in your school. New episodes every Wednesday!

NCLEX Review

NCLEX Reviews

This Podcast is a one-stop-shop for the best NCLEX review materials. Remember to Favourite and Subscribe for automatic notification whenever new episodes are uploaded. Kindly consider supporting the podcast on the link below. It will go a long way in helping many more access preparation materials. Support this podcast:

Think Inclusive


Think Inclusive brings you conversations about inclusive education and what inclusion looks like in the real world. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

Astronomy 161 - Introduction to Solar System Astronomy

Richard Pogge

Astronomy 161, Introduction to the Solar System, is the first quarter of a 2-quarter introductory Astronomy for non-science majors taught at The Ohio State University. This podcast presents audio recordings of Professor Richard Pogge's lectures from his Autumn Quarter 2006 class. All of the lectures were recorded live in 100 Stillman Hall on the OSU Main Campus in Columbus, Ohio.

Aprende ingles hoy: Entrenate para aprender rapido y facil

ED Guerrero

¿Quieres aprender ingles, pero te cuesta mucho trabajo entenderlo ? ¿Eres de las personas que tartamudean, se les olvida lo que estudian, te da miedo hablar ingles? Entonces dame la oportunidad de mostrarte una manera diferente de aprender. Mi objetivo es cablear tu mente para que aprendas ingles muy rapido, de manera natural, sin miedo Te ofrezco una forma diferente de aprender basada en la compresión profunda del ingles Te voy a compartir conocimiento pero tambien estrategias y experiencias de vida para que domines el ingles.

First Bite: A Speech Therapy Podcast

Join Speech-Language Pathologist: Michelle Dawson, MS, CCC-SLP, CLC, BCS-S for First Bite - Fed, Fun and Functional Resources for the Pediatric SLP. Each episode is available for 0.1 ASHA CEU through If you're a SLP who has more questions than answers when it comes to treating your medically complex/fragile pediatric patients, this podcast is for you! Michelle offers her own unique insights and interviews colleagues who are experts in their respective fields with the goal of inspiring and illuminating all aspects of diagnosing and treating this unique population.

The Orton-Gillingham Podcast

Brainspring Orton-Gillingham

Hi! Welcome to The Orton-Gillingham Podcast where we chat about all things multisensory education, dyslexia, and ultimately, how we can bring literacy to everyone! Our hosts are all educators and Orton-Gillingham instructors for Brainspring. We’ll be interviewing experts and answering your questions. Have a question for the podcast? Call in at or send it to! Make sure to check out our website at

Nurse Educator Tips for Teaching

Nurse Educator

Whether you are a beginning or an experienced nurse educator, you will get new ideas for your teaching in this podcast. Experts share teaching strategies you can use with your nursing students.

Aquinas 101 - Course 1: Why Aquinas?

The Thomistic Institute

This is the course listening for Aquinas 101 - Course 1: Why Aquinas?--the first of six courses that together make up the Aquinas 101 Course. Each podcast episode accompanies a course video and course reading. If you haven't enrolled already to receive semiweekly emails with all the materials, be sure to do so at Because it matters what you think!

The Joys of Teaching Literature

Teacher's Workshop

Teaching literature in high school is about connecting the past, the present, and the future with the imagination. The study of literature can be fun, relevant, and meaningful for all students if we focus on inspiring creative and curious thinkers and writers. This podcast will deal with new technologies, consciousness, identity, love, classroom culture, omniscient narration, rhythm, and all the other topics related to teaching English. Visit to find more resources for secondary ELA (English language arts) teachers. Support this podcast:

Chalk Radio

MIT OpenCourseWare

Chalk Radio is an MIT OpenCourseWare podcast about inspired teaching at MIT. We take you behind the scenes of some of the most interesting courses on campus to talk with the professors who make those courses possible. Our guests open up to us about the passions that drive their cutting-edge research and innovative teaching, sharing stories that are candid, funny, serious, personal, and full of insights. Listening in on these conversations is like being right here with us in person under the MIT dome, talking with your favorite professors. And because each of our guests shares teaching materials on OCW, it's easy to take a deeper dive into the topics that inspire you. If you're an educator, you can make these teaching materials your own because they're all openly-licensed. Hosted by Dr. Sarah Hansen from MIT Open Learning. Chalk Radio episodes are offered under a CC BY-NC-SA license (

Comptia Network+ --- Computer Networking for Cybersecurity

Disha Agrawal

Byte-sized tutorials to prepare for Comptia Network+ exam, and for beginners who want to enter into cybersecurity.

Astronomy 162 - Stars, Galaxies, & the Universe

Richard Pogge

Astronomy 162, Stars, Galaxies, and the Universe, is part 2 of a 2-quarter introductory Astronomy for non-science majors taught at The Ohio State University. This podcast presents lecture audio from Professor Richard Pogge's Winter Quarter 2006 class. All of the lectures were recorded live in 1008 Evans Laboratory on the OSU Main Campus in Columbus, Ohio.

The Thinking Practitioner

Til Luchau & Whitney Lowe



Coroner Talk™ | Death Investigation Training | Police and Law Enforcement

Darren Dake

We are a community of professionals in the field of death investigation. Whether you’re a coroner, a member of local police or county law enforcement, an EMS professional, or medical examiner – or frankly, anyone in between, Coroner Talk™ is the right community for you. We provide training and resources to coroners and death investigators by and from professionals around the world in a peer-to-peer training environment. I recognized that the training available for coroners and small department investigators was limited by resources such as time away from the department and expense. So, I developed Coroner Talk™. Darren is a 35-year veteran of law enforcement and criminal investigations. He currently serves as a Coroner for Crawford County, Missouri. He holds credentials as an instructor for the Missouri Sheriff’s Training Academy (MSA) and Law Enforcement Training Institute (LETI). He has served as president of the Missouri Medical Examiners and Coroners Association and is certified and credentialed in numerous fields of investigation. He holds the position of lead instructor and facilitator for the Death Investigation Training Academy (DITA) and for the Coroner Talk™ community as he speaks and writes in the area of death investigation and scene management.

The Vet Blast Podcast

The Vet Blast Podcast

The Vet Blast Podcast is a fun, educational show for veterinarians, veterinary students, veterinary support team members and of course, pet parents! Learn the latest and greatest in veterinary medicine from professionals in the field! Also laugh with my guests as we share great stories of the incredible human-animal bond. No creature is too big or too small for a show designed for all!

Psychology in Everyday Life: The Psych Files

Michael Britt

The Psych Files is a podcast for anyone interested in the topic of psychology and how ideas in this field apply to everyday life. Michael Britt brings you an upbeat, fun podcast of interest to everyone from psychology majors to those just interested in why people do what they do.

Classes of Mail

Alan Gegax

Make yourself discipline proof! This podcast is dedicated to educating City Letter Carriers on all the things you forgot from Carrier Academy. We'll go over basic procedures and regulations, and dive deeper into how the mail system actually works. I do not speak for the USPS, this is not an official USPS podcast, and all opinions and advice are my own. Submit feedback, questions, or topic suggestions to .

Classroom Management Crash Course

Linda Kardamis | Teach 4 the Heart

In this classroom management crash course, you'll discover how to Reduce Disruptions without Yelling, Begging, or Bribing. *This is a closed miniseries. We are not planning to add additional episodes.


Sara Crager

Emergency critical care fundamentals. Visit for video versions of the talks as well as infographics that can be used as visual aids while listening to the podcasts.

The Speech Link: A Speech Therapy Podcast

Looking for a speech therapy podcast that delivers real-world info and ideas that you can use? Join Char Boshart, MA, CCC-SLP as she cuts to the heart of what we all want: Effective Therapy Strategies. You’ll enjoy her no-nonsense discussions with highly qualified, exceptional experts within speech-language pathology. If you work with school-age children, this one’s for you. An extra benefit--Get CEUs for every Speech Link episode. Go to, subscribe, and voila: .1 ASHA CEU!

The Ultimate Blog Podcast

Amy Reinecke & Jennifer Draper

Welcome to The Ultimate Blog Podcast! This podcast is for you if you’ve ever wanted to learn blogging basics so that you can start your own blog or if you have been a blogger for years but are struggling to grow or need inspiration and community.Every Tuesday we will be sharing a new episode covering topics from the basics of starting a blog, monetizing, and growing your site, to finding the inspiration you need to keep going. You will also find guest interviews with experts on different blogging topics and with bloggers who’ve been in your shoes.Amy Reinecke and Jennifer Draper are bloggers themselves who want to encourage you to believe in your potential, step outside the norm, and step into a life where you create your own schedule, your own success, and your own story.We'd love to connect with you on our other platforms so please visit us at or follow us on Instagram at @sparkmediaconcepts

Milieux Bibliques - Thomas Römer

Collège de France

Le titre de la chaire Milieux bibliques souligne le fait que la Bible hébraïque peut et doit être étudiée avec les mêmes méthodes et les mêmes approches que les autres corpus textuels du Proche-Orient ancien. Les études bibliques en France ne sont malheureusement pas très développées à cause d'une certaine compréhension de la laïcité. Durant les recherches des dernières années la nécessité d'une collaboration étroite entre les études philologiques, historiques et archéologiques s'est fait de plus en plus sentir, et l'équipe a renforcé les contacts avec le département d'archéologie de l'université de Tel-Aviv. La plupart des cours du titulaire de la chaire ont porté sur différents ensembles littéraires qui sont à l'origine de la Torah (du Pentateuque), et donc de la Bible hébraïque : les traditions sur Abraham, le livre de l'Exode, l'histoire de Joseph (Gn 37-50) et le livre des Nombres. Contrairement au modèle traditionnel dit documentaire (toujours en vogue dans de nombreuses universités nord-américaines), il paraît désormais plus que plausible que l'origine du Pentateuque se trouve dans la narration de l'Exode, qui à l'origine a été une tradition du Nord, et qui a été mis par écrit pour la première fois au VIIe siècle avant l'ère chrétienne, dans le royaume de Juda. Des cours récents sur l'histoire de l'Arche ont confirmé cette hypothèse qui est actuellement soumise à vérification dans un cours de synthèse s'étendant sur trois ans : Naissance de la Bible.

Inside the Admissions Office: Advice from Former Admissions Officers

InGenius Prep

Need help navigating the admissions process? We’re here to help! Every other Monday we’ll bring you exclusive interviews with Former Admissions Officers, graduates from top universities, and admissions experts. Each episode will be filled with application tips and first-hand experiences that will help you get into your dream school. Brought to you by InGenius Prep, the world’s largest team of Former Admissions Officers.