The MeatEater Podcast


Ep. 343: Game On, Suckers! MeatEater Trivia XIII

Spencer Neuharth hosts MeatEater Trivia with Steven Rinella, Brandon Butler, Brad Cape, Phil Yeomans, Janis Putelis, Brody Henderson, Sean Weaver, Corinne Schneider, and Phil Taylor.

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Bear Grease


Ep. 56: Genuine Outlaws - Covert Operations, Part 3

On this episode we’re going to the world of the covert operations of the government. Clay was able to get an interview with the undercover National Forest Service law enforcement agent that worked a sting operation on Louie Dale Edwards in Arkansas in the 1990s. We go into the details of the operation, how it went down and what caused it to fail. Secondly, Clay talks with Dr. Daniel Rupp about the anthropological reasons why western culture loves outlaws. It all stems back a general mistrust of power and a desire for the common man to stick it to the system. Clay finally gets his questions answered in his personal exploration of why we’re endeared to outlaws. This may be the coolest Bear Grease Podcast yet.

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Live Wild with Remi Warren

Remi Warren

Remi Warren shares his outdoor experiences and hunting knowledge through stories and applicable tips and tactics from countless days in the wild.

Better Fishing with 2 Bald Biologists

Corey Oakley and Ben Ricks

Avid anglers Corey Oakley and Ben Ricks are North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission biologists. Listen in as they help anglers understand more about the fish and fisheries in North Carolina while promoting conservation of valuable natural resources. These monthly podcasts will link the research and surveys conducted by the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission to fishing in North Carolina. Our hope is to help anglers learn more about fish, so they can catch more fish. Our expert guests will include biologists, anglers, and fishing industry professionals to talk fish and fishing in North Carolina. Thank you for listening and please submit questions and feedback to

Wired To Hunt Podcast


Ep. 529: Working the Land for Southern Whitetails with Mark Haslam

Today on the show, I'm joined by Mark Haslam, the 2019 NDA Deer Manager of the Year, to discuss his experiences, lessons learned, and best practices for improving whitetail habitat in the South.


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The Dirtbag Diaries

Duct Tape Then Beer

Bananas and Peanut Butter

Quinn Brett has been an endurance athlete for most of her adult life. From first ascents in Patagonia and Greenland to running across Zion and the Grand Canyon, her life revolved around putting one foot in front of the other. Then, after a life-changing accident in 2017, Quinn needed to find a new way to move through big landscapes.

The Hunting Public

The Hunting Public

#193 - Are Cell Cameras Messing with Your Strategy??? Season Recap w/Erik Barber

Erik "Slingin' Rik" Barber puts a lot of time into hunting public land whitetails throughout the fall. In the past, Erik has had the best success using run and gun style tactics where he aggressively hunts an area once and then moves on to a different area. This season he tried some different tactics, using cell cameras for the first time ever. In this episode we discuss the pro's and the cons of cell cameras, knowing your limits on how far you should be shooting at an animal, and situational calling tactics on pressured whitetails. 

Topics Include: 

-stories that make you realize how Erik got the nickname "slingin' Rik"

-the effects of cell cameras on hunting strategy

-why effective range can be different for everyone

GoWild - Save 10% on orders w/code THP -

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The Orvis Fly-Fishing Podcast

Tom Rosenbauer, The Orvis Company

Rocky Mountain Small-Stream Fishing, with Timbre Pringle

My guest this week is Timbre Pringle of Faceless Fly Fishing  [46:26] and the topic is small stream fly fishing, particularly in the Rocky Mountains. Timbre has some great tips on fishing dries, dry dropper combos, and streamers in small streams, and the differences between the different species of trout in small streams. She also gives some great tips on avoiding encounters with bears, something that can be an issue when certain areas of the Rockies once you get away from the road. In the Fly Box this week, we have some seasonally appropriate questions and some good tips from listeners, including: Four good tips on storing tying materials from a listener When do you use a dubbing loop, and when do you use the standard noodle method instead? How do I avoid the numerous small steelhead parr on my local river? Why did I miss 20 fish in a row when fishing a dry fly during a caddis hatch? A listener takes issue with the ad

Bigfoot Eyewitness Radio

Vic Cundiff

Bigfoot Eyewitness Episode 327 (You’ve Got Boogers Around Here!)

Tonight's guest, Tom Kardos, lives in North Carolina and not only does he run a Facebook Group, called the North Carolina Cryptid and Paranormal Project, he also hosts a podcast by the same name. It's no surprise that Tom's interested in cryptids. You see, Sasquatch visit his property and have even left him a present. We hope you'll tune in and listen to him talk about that and the experiences he's had with them too. If you'd like to check out his podcast, which we hope you will, here's a link to it... you’d like to check out my new Bigfoot show, called "My Bigfoot Sighting," you can listen using your favorite podcast app. Here's a link to the My Bigfoot Sighting Channel on Spotify... you've had a Sasquatch sighting and would like to be a guest on Bigfoot Eyewitness Radi

Cal's Week in Review


Join Ryan “Cal” Callaghan each week for his unique brand of outdoor news designed for folks that need to know what’s going on and those who want to pretend they do. Part of The MeatEater Podcast Network.

Wild Ideas Worth Living

REI Co-op

Adventure and Business with David Sacher

When we get out in nature, we can come up with ideas that change the course of our lives. For David Sacher, a 19,000 mile bike ride from the top of North America to the bottom of South America gave him the time and space to dream up his next wild idea. As he pedaled through the Andes mountains, he came up with a business idea: VITAL, a unique 24-hour climbing gym that runs on trust and community. Now, David’s business has grown significantly, and VITAL has several locations across the country.Connect with David:WebsiteInstagramYouTubeTikTok

Backcountry Hunting Podcast

Joseph von Benedikt

Hunting Handloads: How to build the ideal home-rolled cartridges

Getting down and dirty with handloading, von Benedikt details the exact process he uses for building an awesome hunting handload.  How to choose the right bullet for the task Gunpowder, and why it's not all equal Cartridge cases and case prep Primers, and the best of the best Charge weights, and where to start Seating depth for various bullet types Testing handload batches Using ladder tests to refine handloads Trajectory validation and why we do it The confidence and satisfaction of hunting with your own handloads ENJOY! FRIENDS, PLEASE SUPPORT THE PODCAST!  Join the Backcountry Hunting Podcast tribe and get access to all our bonus material on VISIT OUR SPONSORS HERE:

Vortex Nation Podcast

Vortex Optics

#10MinuteTalk - The 6mm Vortex® – The Original Vortex Wildcat?

Is there a new Vortex® wildcat cartridge in town, or an old one gone the way of so many of its wildcat siblings? Scott Parks joins Jimmy Hamilton and Mark Boardman to chat about the “6mm Vortex” – a 6mm cartridge he developed after countless hours of reloading and bullet-sending range time, trying unsuccessfully to get the performance he wanted from existing options.As always, we want to hear your feedback! Let us know if there are any topics you'd like covered on the Vortex Nation™ podcast by asking us on Instagram @vortexnationpodcast

Cutting The Distance


Ep. 9: More On Calling Black Bears with Fred Eichler

Today's guest may be best known for being the first to take all 29 North American big game animals with a recurve bow and complete the Super Slam, but today we are interested in his knowledge of and experience with calling black bears. We discuss the short attention spans of bears and how long to give a setup, Fred’s go to calls and sequences, some precautions to use while calling in grizzly country, and much more.

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Motor Sport Magazine Podcast

The Motor Sport editorial team

Guenther Steiner | My big break

If it hadn't been for a long lunch with Niki Lauda, a willingness to swap grand prix racing for NASCAR, and a vision for a US F1 team, it's unlikely Guenther Steiner would have found himself leading Haas in Formula 1.In this episode from Motor Sport's My big break series, Steiner tells Chris Medland about the make-or-break moments that brought him to his current role.He describes his move to Jaguar's F1 team from Ford's World Rally team — at the behest of Lauda — and his rapid disillusionment at the corporate structure. He returned to the paddock with newly-formed Red Bull, and then transferred to its US division to set up a NASCAR team.The American life suited Steiner so much that the Italian-born 56-year-old ended up co-founding a successful composites company and championing the idea of a US-based Formula 1 team, which brought him into contact with Gene Haas.... See for privacy and opt-out information.


Domenick Swentosky

Hatches and Strategies

One of the greatest attractions to fly fishing can also present one of the biggest barriers.It’s the bugs.The aquatic insects that make up the bulk of a trout’s food base are intriguing, but they’re also somewhat mysteriousThe advanced angler explores the nuances of these bugs. Some insects are good swimmers and emerge fast, so a presentation outside of a pure dead-drifted nymph might be the trigger that turns trout on. Likewise, understanding the life cycle of a mayfly helps us realize why seeking out and imitating the spinner stage is one of the best dry fly opportunities on the river.These are the kinds of things to know about trout bugs. This is why we follow the hatches. We pay attention and try to meet the trout on their own terms -- give them more of what they’re eating right now.Understanding everything we can about these bugs and how trout respond to them is a big piece of the puzzle that we’re trying to solve out there. And sometimes, it’s th

Elk Talk

Elk Talk

Elk Talk Q&A - Don't Overthink It

In this episode (91) of Elk Talk Podcast Corey and Randy answer listener questions, with topics including - overcomplicating elk hunting, don't over think it, Wyoming draw results and season plans, learning OTC units, researching elk forage information, elk calving and bear hunting, early antler growth, wrapping up the draw season, proven failure of preference point systems, 400 point bulls everywhere, use tactics suited for your hunting style, why elk are where they are, forage depends on the time of year, sizing your diaphragm call, don't call like a turkey, understanding transition ranges, and other random topics.


Mark Jeffreys


Frank is back with another map breakdown of early spring locations for bass.  

GameKeeper Podcast

Mossy Oak

EP:78 | What Have You Learned Researching Turkeys That Has Made You a Better Hunter?

This week we return to talking turkeys with Dr. Chamberlain and we ask him the question, “What have you learned in all your research that has made you a better turkey hunter?” We thought that might be some information we could all learn from.  It’s an interesting discussion that had our whole crew paying attention.Stay connected with GameKeepers: Instagram: @mossyoakgamekeepers Facebook: @GameKeepers Twitter: @MOGameKeepers YouTube: MossyOakGameKeepers Website: Mossy Oak GameKeeper Stay in touch with Dr. Michael Chamberlain (@wildturkeydoc)Instagram - Facebook - Twitter - the show (

Tackle Talk - Bass Fishing Podcast

Andrew Hayes

LIVE (sort of) From The Columbus Fishing Expo!

On today’s episode we have our first tournament results of the year from both the Bassmaster Elite Series and the Major League Fishing Bass Pro Tour, we hear from some of YOU, the Tackle Talk listeners live from the Columbus Fishing Expo, and we have hats! . Brought to you by: American Legacy Fishing & Outdoors Use Code: “TACKLETALK10” for 10% Off! . Dark Horse Tackle Use Code: “TACKLETALK20” for 20% Off!

Prepping 2.0


Monkey Pox and Home Canning

Now that’s a show title that will get you clicking to listen how we connect the two topics. We don’t; they’re just two topics. In Episode 187, we describe why the Monkey Pox hysteria is something you don’t need to worry about and then we transition to an overview of home canning. We continue the conversation in the After Show, available exclusively to Patreon supporters. Please support our sponsors US Law Shield,  EMP Shield, Numanna Foods, Backwoods Home Magazine, Jared Savik - Montana Realtor, Lizzy McDaniel - Tennessee Realtor, Minutemen Coffee, and My Kind CBD. We are now part of the Firearms Radio Network. Learn more about our podcast at Prepping

The Hornady Podcast

Hornady Manufacturing

Join Seth Swerczek, Hornady Marketing Communications Manager, as we discuss all things hunting, shooting, reloading, and outdoor lifestyle.

UKC Hunting Ops Podcast

United Kennel Club

The UKC® Hunting Ops Podcast is produced by United Kennel Club®, the world’s leading dog sports organization since 1898. UKC® Hunting Ops covers Coonhounds, Beagles, Cur and Feist Squirrel Dogs, Pointing Dogs, Retrievers, and more. Each week we’ll discuss aspects of one of our hunting dog sports, with topics like competition rules, UKC events, and discussions with today’s top competitors along with the legends of yesterday.

Concealed Carry Podcast - Guns | Training | Defense | CCW

The Concealed Carry Podcast is a podcast produced and distributed by Concealed Carry Inc and hosted by Riley Bowman. The podcast focuses in on highly relevant topics for American gun owners and sheepdogs. Each week includes a gear "pick of the week," relevant political and industry news and examples of a CCW permit holder acting in self-defense. Our goal is to empower or train 1 million sheepdogs by 2050 and this podcast is an important part of that endeavor. By subscribing and listening you will get the information, legal perspective, training tools, and insights you need to actively fight against the criminals and attackers that would feed on our families, communities, and nation.

Truth From The Stand Deer Hunting Podcast

Clint Campbell

EP. 287: 3 W's For Killing Better Bucks

Today on the podcast I’m joined by my buddy Josh Profit. Josh is one of the hardest working public land hunters I’ve ever met. The amount of miles this guy puts on scouting/hunting is borderline absurd. It’s paid off over the years in taking 12 public land bucks in a span of 15 years. He’s lives and dies by his 3 W’s of whitetail hunting. Hope you all dig the session as much as I did - thanks for listening!
To listen to the podcast click the purple play button at the top of the page. You can also download the podcast via iTunes, Stitcher Radio and Google Play—don’t forget to share with your friends! If you like the podcast, please leave us a 5 star iTunes rating…we’d really appreciate it.
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12 public land bucks in 15 years

If you’re

Team VTAC with Kyle Lamb

Kyle Lamb

EP 110 Jason Knight Master Bladesmith and reggae singer

I had a chance to travel to Knight Forge Studio in Tennessee to forge with Jason Knight, what a great opportunity. This was a fun podcast. Check out Jason at Patreon or Jason is a great instructor, sign up for a class ASAP. Enjoy the singing, I know I did. God Bless America!!

BHA Podcast & Blast with Hal Herring

Backcountry Hunters & Anglers

BLM Director Tracy Stone-Manning

BHA Podcast & Blast, Ep. 133: BLM Director Tracy Stone-Manning For Americans who live or venture west of the Mississippi River or north to Alaska, no public lands are more important, more abundant or more accessible than those managed by the Bureau of Land Management. We are talking about 247.3 million acres of public land (70 million of them in Alaska). In the Lower 48, this means elk hunting in the Missouri Breaks of Montana, Wyoming’s best pronghorn and mule deer country, quail hunting in the borderlands of New Mexico, and black bear or even bison hunting in the high desert mountains of Utah. The BLM manages the National Conservation Lands system, which includes millions of acres of America’s finest hiking, camping, wandering, canyoneering, rafting and access to rivers. The agency administers 18,000 grazing permits and is responsible for 700 million subsurface acres of publicly owned minerals. If it seems like an impossible task…well, some

We Like Shooting

Firearms Radio Network

Unloaded 017 – Rapidfire Rachel

Check out our sponsors at the bottom, links to their sites and coupon codes! Welcome to WLS Unloaded,  This show is brought to you by: Patriot Patch Co. and the Sonoran Desert Institute My name is Shawn Herrin, And my Guest is RapidFire Rachel BIO: I’m Rachel Bee, a lifelong shooter and firearms enthusiast. I … Unloaded 017 – Rapidfire Rachel Read More »

Adventure Sports Podcast

Mason Gravley

Ep. 839: Kayaking the Amazon from Source to Sea - Revisited - West Hansen

Originally aired October 21, 2019West was born and raised in Texas and found his love of water at an early age. He was heavily involved in the water sports scene in Austin for years, organizing cleanups, races, etc. However, it wasn’t until his first trip out of the county, at the age of 46, that West decided to pursue an enormous expedition, paddling the entire length of the Amazon River. This led West to organize The 2012 National Geographic Amazon Express Expedition, which was his first expedition. It started at the newly discovered/confirmed source of the Amazon, which added almost 100 miles to the river, and after 111 days, they made it to the Atlantic Ocean, 75 miles east of Belem, Brazil.West is also the first to kayak Europe's longest river 2200 mile Volga River in Russia. In 2020 he and his group will be the first to kayak the entire Northwest Passage - 1,900 miles across the Canadian Arct

Built To Hunt by Huntin' Fool

Huntin Fool

The Built to Hunt Podcast by Huntin' Fool is the leading hunting resource you need to find hunting opportunities and make the most of your time in the field! Hosted by the exclusive team of Hunt Advisors of the Huntin' Fool magazine.

CyclingTips Podcast

The Editors of CyclingTips

L'Anticipation du Tour

Suisse is over, the Dauphine is over, Slovenia is over. The Tour is coming. This week the crew breaks down where the contenders stand, argues over Thibaut Pinot's future, and laments some argy-bargy in Belgium.

Hunt Talk Radio

Randy Newberg

Wild Sheep - Collaboration, Conflict, & Conservation

In this episode (187) of Leupold's Hunt Talk radio, Randy visits with Terry Meyers, Executive Director of the Rocky Mountain Bighorn Society, a prior guest who exemplifies citizen-conservation.  Topics covered on this early March conversation include the policy issues facing bighorn sheep on public lands, when multiple use becomes conflict, disease as a constraining factor for wild sheep, local groups making a difference at the state level, what is m.ovi, wild rams no longer allowed to wander, simple answers don't solve complicated problems, paying for grazing retirements, converting from domestic sheep to cattle, Federal land policy conflicting with state agency wildlife policy, compromising to zero, incentives provide good outcomes, and many more complications related to wild sheep management and the future an iconic species.

The Gun For Hire Radio Broadcast

Anthony P. Colandro

The Gun For Hire Radio Broadcast: Episode 547

This week on Gun For Hire Radio... learn to exercise your 4th, 5th, & 6th Amendment rights right here. You are too cute for prison. Tune in.
The post The Gun For Hire Radio Broadcast: Episode 547 appeared first on Best Gun Range NYC and NJ Area | Gun Range Near Me.

Hunters Advantage Podcast

Christian Babcock

A group of guys dedicated to wildlife conservation, sharing hunting strategies, and enjoying God's great outdoors. We travel across the United States pursuing wild game, gathering knowledge and insight, and sharing it with our community with the goal of creating more ethical and efficient hunters. Est 2019. Make sure to subscribe to follow our journey!

The Exodus Podcast - Whitetail Deer Hunting Tactics, Stories & Expert Guests

Exodus Outdoor Gear

#221 - Why Are Mobile Hunters So Intense? Greg and Carl From Tetherd

On today's episode of Trail Cam Radio, we sit down with Greg and Carl from Tetherd at The Great American Outdoor Show in Harrisburg. We Cover: -Their 2021-2022 hunting season. -How the competition in the saddle industry has changed/impacted their business. -Expanding from just offering saddles into sticks and other saddle gear. -The one mistake they learned that they will never do again. -The most rewarding aspect of growing Tehtrd. -The biggest questions they get from first time saddle users. -Some of the biggest misconceptions about saddle hunting in general. -The Tetherd Ten. And so much more!   Connect: - - -

Southern Waters Fishing

Andrew Maxwell & Jacob Myers

Looking to improve your fishing? You've come to the right place! From the creators of The Southern Outdoorsmen Podcast - Every week we interview some of the best fishermen across the country to figure out what makes them successful - with or without electronics. We cover anything from largemouth bass, spotted bass, crappie, and everything in between. Follow along as we have fun conversations with great anglers that are not only entertaining, but they will help fuel your fire to get on the water and become a better angler!

Gritty Podcast

Brian Call


On this Taxidermy Tuesday, Jeremy explains how to get your trophy animal from the field to the taxidermist. He explains how to cape out elk, deer, and predators as well as all the necessary precautions you need to take to make sure you will be getting the best mount possible. Contact Jeremy at: follow on Instagram @judkinscustomtaxidermy Velvet Antler Technologies: Get access to EXCLUSIVE CONTENT and interact with other members of the GRITTY/STHEALTHY COMMUNITY! GO TO: AND BECOME A SUPPORTER! *CODES* GAITERS PEAX -- SAVE 10% -- code: GRITTY - TREKKING POLES PEAX - SAVE 10% -- code: GRITTY - MTNOPS SUPPLEMENTS: use code GRITTY at check out to save - STHEALTHY NUTRITION: use code GRITTY at check out at STHEALTHY RIFLE

The Fall Podcast

Arron Bleise

For every hunter The Fall is our favorite time of year, and If your a whitetail nut this is the podcast for you. The Fall Podcast was created by Outdoor Television Producer Arron Bleise to bring everyone tips, tactics and stories from all kinds of whitetail hunters alike. Every week you can get your fix with updates, stories and experiences from Arron‘s endeavors and guest from all over the world. So make sure you subscribe to the podcast to insure you don‘t miss any tips, tactics or stories form the Whitetail woods.

Nock On Archery

Nock On Podcast

PC 319 - Tales from the Hunt With Mike Slinkard.

On this podcast I talk with my good buddy Mike Slinkard who is an industry veteran and amazing hunter. I like to have a conversation each season with Mike prior to Spring hunting. He’s a wealth of knowledge and we talk about his recent hunt for a massive Costal Brown Bear that he shot under 20 yards and then we dive into some great information. I pick his brain about common mistakes hunters make for both Mule Deer and Elk!

Salt Strong Fishing

Joe Simonds

UNCHURCHED #119 - How To Find Your Purpose In Life

If you're struggling to figure our your purpose or mission in life, don't worry... you're not alone. But that doesn't mean you can't do a few quick things to uncover God's purpose for you. Listen in as I share a few steps that will help uncover anyone's purpose in life. Enjoy.

The Southern Outdoorsmen Hunting Podcast

Andrew Maxwell & Jacob Myers

380 - Mastering Early Season with Adam & Heath Jolly

In this part 2 episode of the series with Adam & Heath we dive into the details of how they have found such amazing success over the years, especially in early season. We cover how they key in on mature buck bedding, annual patterns when it comes to bedding, finding that "special" spot that is going to pay off and much more.
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Faceless Fly Fishing & Upland Podcast

Faceless Fly Fishing and Upland

Darcy Toner and Timbre Pringle, will discuss all things Fly Fishing, Dogs and Upland Hunting with their weekly guest. They have been taking photos and fly fishing together for well over a decade and run Faceless Fly Fishing Media, home for their outdoor photography. Their enthusiasm for fishing is matched by their commitment to protecting the outdoors. Recently, the couple has added a Brittany Bird Dog, named North, to their family and have taken an interest in upland bird hunting in hopes of expanding their season outdoors.

Lanterne Rouge Cycling Podcast

Lanterne Rouge Media, SL

Liège-Bastogne-Liège 2022 Preview

In this episode Lanterne Rouge and Benji Naesen preview the men’s and women’s Liège-Bastogne-Liège 2022.
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Lanterne Rouge
Benji Naesen

This Week in Guns

Firearms Radio Network

TWIG 386 – Clowns Gone Wild

Hello everyone and welcome back to This Week in Guns, brought to you by Patriot Patch Company and Primary Arms. This show offers commentary on the latest firearms industry news, information and buzz. I’m your host Matthew Larosiere and I’m here with my co-host Shawn. Also, we have a huh-yeah for our friend Westerosi Villain, … TWIG 386 – Clowns Gone Wild Read More »

Before the Echo

Josh Teulker

Welcome to Before the Echo. A hunting podcast dedicated to educating hunters in the real world. Join your host Josh Teulker and Co-Host Dan Infalt as they talk deer hunting strategy with some of the most decorated deer hunters in the country.

The Backpacking Podcast

John Kelley, Jeremiah Stringer

98 STEVEN SMITH: Mexican Coke, Coffee Is No Good, and Driving 15 Hours is Easy

In this episode, we chat with Steven Smith of My Life Outdoors and learn a little bit more about the man in front of the camera and behind the website.  If you'd like to learn more about Steven, check out his website over at or check him out on instagram @mylifeoutdoors and youtube @MyLifeOutdoors ​


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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Dave Stewart

WFS 328 - Choosing a Line for Fly Fishing with Jarvis from Monic Fly Lines

Show Notes: Presented By: Reyr Gear, FishHound Expeditions, Anglers Coffee, Togens Fly Shop Sponsors: "What advantage does the clear give you?" That's the question to start this episode with on choosing a line for fly fishing. Jarvis from Monic Fly Lines is here today to break down fly lines so you have a better feel for the types of lines out there and their uses. We find out how the different materials affect the performance of a line, the advantages of a clear line, and the ideal line for specific species and water. Jarvis also shares his experience hunting with the Hadza tribe and some of his saltwater trips in the Bahamas. Plus, we hear a story about one of their customers who has a 20-year-old clear Monic fly line that still works. Line for Fly Fishing Show Notes with Jarvis 08:10 - Jarvis got a job at Monic Fly Lines as a m

Fist Full of Dirt

Mossy Oak

FFOD102 : Going Deep Into Technique pt II with Dave Owens

We’re back at it with Dave Owens of the Pinhoti Project this week. We’re still going deep into turkey hunting technique and he’s answering all of my questions. If your spring switch has already flipped, you gotta listen to this one! 

Hoyt Bowhunting Podcast

Hoyt Archery

Turkey Tactics & Strategies Through the Season

Join us once again as Host Danny Farris and Evan Williams sit down with Beau Brooks as they discuss the different targeted strategies for hunting Thunder Chickens through the seasons of the spring. From the first part of March hunting cautious pecking order establishing Osceola's to late May Mountain Merriam's hear Beau's approaches to the different timing of the seasons for turkeys as well as the differences in attitude and approach that differentiate the sub-species' from one another.

Serious Angler - Bass Fishing Podcast

Serious Angler Bass Fishing Podcast

LAKE CHICKAMAUGA | Bassmaster Elite Series Fantasy Fishing Preview Show

On Thursday Night Live, we will be diving into the next Bassmaster Elite Series event on Lake Chickamauga. We will give our Bassmaster Fantasy Fishing picks, hot takes and much more!  

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The Born And Raised Audio Experience

Born And Raised Outdoors

Waterfowl Q&A

Stand, Kody and Noah are podcasting straight from a dive motel to talk about favorite waterfowl recipes, “The Flyway” channel on YouTube, duck calling scenarios, how to break out of a shooting slump, hunting late migration birds, duck bands and more. Don't forget to subcribe, follow and review wherever you're listening to this podcast! Did you know you can get a discount on the onX Hunt app?  Use the promo code: BRO and you'll get a 20% discount!  

Mighty Blue On The Appalachian Trail: The Ultimate Mid-Life Crisis

Steve Adams

Episode #309 - Grant Breidenbach (Detour)

Grant Breidenbach is our guest this week. Grant hiked the John Muir Trail in 2021, his longest backpacking trip to date. But, as you'll hear, his preparation and knowledge base is impressive from many perspectives. He is a consummate planner who considers the many factors that go into completing a long-distance hike. He also has some insights into the weather patterns in the Sierras that culminated in a huge storm on his second day. His telling of that story is riveting. Finally, Grant makes the case for bear canisters as a method of food storage to help protect bears. Grant suggests the following two Facebook sites as valuable resources for the JMT If you'd like to learn more about Grant's preparations for the trail, and his attention to detail, check out his excellent website, at There, you'


Kevin Vistisen

#233: A Beastly Crew in Studio

Dan Infalt and the Beast Crew join us in studio for this weeks podcast. We discuss the potential plans for a Northern Michigan October bow hunting camp as well as cover many deer hunting related topics! Thanks for listening! The Hunting Beast Stealth Outdoors Exodus Render ( Use code showtime) WSI Hypertech Bamboo ( Use code KVMI10 at checkout) WSI Heatr Socks ( Use code KVMI10 at checkout) Join the community (Patreon) DEERHUNTERPODCAST.COM

Nine Finger Chronicles - Deer Hunting Podcast

Dan Johnson, Sportsmen's Empire

The Nine Finger Chronicles podcast covers a variety of topics including hunting gear reviews and information, individual hunter profiles, hunting success stories, and hunting strategy tips and tactics. Host Dan Johnson is a passionate sportsman whose year revolves around bowhunting, his crazy family, and his overall love for Mother Nature. This podcast is brought to you by the Sportsmen's Nation Outdoor Podcast Network.

On The Line

Levi Morgan, Andy Morgan, Matt Elliott

Ben Roethlisberger Hunts

Ben Roethlisberger, quarterback for the Pittsburg Steelers for 18 seasons, joins Levi Morgan, Andy Morgan and Matt Elliott to talk hunting, family, how football really gets in tehe way of elk hunting and about a special outdoor project that Ben has in the works to bring Father's and Sons closer through the outdoors, The guys also talk hunting from blinds and tree stands when you are a supersized hunter, how Levi scared Ben away from hinge releases, and what it means to be a true "chompion." 

Houndsman XP - Sportsmen's Empire

Chris Powell, Sportsmen's Empire

The Houndsman XP Podcast is the original podcast for the hunting houndsman. Lifelong Houndsman and host Chris Powell is joined by a an All Star cast every week to bring a you a podcast that represents the true lifestyle of the complete Houndsman. From leopard hunting in South Africa to catching mountain lions in the rocky mountains to raccoon hunting in the midwest Houndsman XP takes you to the wildest places on earth and introduces you to the men and women who partner with their hounds and represent our lifestyle of Xtreme Performance.

NDA's Deer Season 365

National Deer Association

For the serious deer hunter, deer season never ends. That's why NDA's Deer Season 365 podcast covers every aspect of deer hunting and deer management— from hunting strategy to deer biology and behavior to habitat improvement and more! Join us every-other-week as we talk with deer and habitat experts from all walks of life to bring you the latest in deer hunting and deer management information.

The Hunting Collective


Ep. 177: Good Phil Hunting: Endgame

In the final episode of The Hunting Collective, Phil the Engineer becomes a hunter.

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Dr Duck Waterfowl Podcast

Dr Duck

Dr Duck Waterfowl Podcast S4E18: Public VS Private

"Love your wins and respect your defeats". This week @dr_duck talks with @thefowlhunter about hunting public land versus private and making sure our new waterfowl hunters don't have false expectations. Be sure you check out the Federal Black Cloud series with Dr Duck on Realtree 365, YouTube and follow our journey all year long by subscribing here or looking us up on your favorite social media! #enjoythejourney

Going Ballistic with Ryan Cleckner

Ryan M. Cleckner

101 - Looking for Guests

Hunting Stories

Late to the Game Outdoors

Nothing but terrific hunting stories! Quick, to the point, and wildly entertaining…everyone loves a good hunting story!

Train Your Own Horse with Stacy Westfall

Stacy Westfall

Episode 188: Moving faster or slower than your horse; physically and mentally

Are you willing to be out of sync with your horse to make progress? In this podcast, I talk about the idea of moving faster or slower than your horse as a concept that exists both physically, and mentally.  When physically riding a horse, it makes sense that you could be  ’ahead’ of the horse's motion, ‘with’ the horse's motion, or ‘behind’ the horse's motion.  When riders learn how to ride, they are taught to move with the horse at all times. What if the next level of learning happens when you aim for another position? I also share how this ‘ahead’, ‘with’, ‘behind’ can also show up mentally when working with your horse. A listener shares a success story that illustrates how getting ‘ahead’ can bring a horse into a state of being ‘with’…and it feels truly amazing. 

She Explores

Ravel Media

Makeup and Muckboots in the Field

How do you navigate your femininity in a male-dominated space like environmental fieldwork research? For Julia Bingham, it's been an exploration of self.Julia is an interdisciplinary marine scientist and currently a PhD candidate at Duke University. Her research is focused on improving conservation and fishery management through local communities’ knowledge and values. But her discipline hasn’t always been the social sciences. She’s been engaged in field based coastal research in one form or another for nearly 10 years. In undergrad and post grad, their fieldwork had them on rocky shores, mudflats, beach dunes, forested streams, salt marshes, and onboard research boats.This is all important to know because today Julia’s sharing their story of navigating femininity in the field. And whether you’re also in environmental sciences or part of a wholely different profession or pasttime that has made you feel pressured to fit in, that has made you

Uphill Athlete Podcast

Uphill Athlete

Scott Johnston Talks With Physical Therapist, Pete Dickinson

In this episode, Scott Johnston is joined by Pete Dickinson -- staff physical therapist for Uphill Athlete, and the US Ski Team. The two discuss tendon injuries, the physiology of the injury process, and sign posts for their proper rehabilitation.

Big Game Hunting Podcast: Rifles, Calibers & Muzzleloaders For Deer, Elk & African Game

John McAdams talks about topics like hunting rifles, hunting calibers, cali

Bonus 12: New Firearms From Mossberg In 2022

This is the latest episode in my bonus mini-series on new offerings for 2022 from some of the gun and ammo manufacturers in the USA. We recently heard from Jeff Sipe from Nosler in Bonus Episode #9, Ben Frank from Winchester Ammunition in Bonus Episode #10, and Rafe Nielsen from Browning and Winchester Repeating Arms in Bonus Episode 11 and they told us about what’s new with with their companies this year. Today, we’re joined by Linda Powell to talk about what’s new with Mossberg in 2022.  Show Notes: Show Sponsor: Be sure to sign up for my email list at You’ll get my free E-book when you do so and you’ll also receive the email updates I send out every weekday. If you like The Big Game Hunting Podcast you’ll love those emails. I talk about all sorts of things in my emails: cartridge and bullet selection, hunting in Africa, funny hunting stories, etc. I a

The Hunting Dog Podcast

Ron Boehme

Social media and podcasting

This one is just a short rant about how people who live in glass houses throw stones.

AR-15 Podcast - Modern Sporting Rifle Radio

Firearms Radio Network LLC

AR-15 Podcast Episode 347 – Cobalt Kinetics

                                                                                 Cobalt Kinetics Sponsors: Primary Arms Patriot Patch Co code: AR15PODCAST – Faxon Firearms affiliate link – Palmetto State Armory affiliate link https://www.avantli

The Push - A Traditional Archery Podcast

Matt Zirnsak & Tim Nebel

Episode 226 - Epic Polar Bear Hunt with Randy Cooling

In this episode Matt sits down with Randy Cooling of Safari Tuff while he is stranded in Nunavut (not None Of It) Canada on the tail end of his epic Polar Bear Hunt. They discuss the details of this amazing adventure. Enjoy the show! #GetPrimal

Life in the Peloton, presented by Rapha

Mitch Docker

Andrew Gerrans - Behind the Scenes: Working in a Pro Cycling Team

Rapha presents Life in the Peloton!
Have you ever wondered how you get a job on a Pro Cycling Team as a staff member? Or who the people are who work behind the scenes? What qualifications do they have? What is a Soigneur compared to a Physiotherapist or to an Osteopath? 
Well I sat down with Andrew Gerrans, or Andy as I know him, the brother to well-known retired pro cyclist Simon Gerrans. 
Andy is a veteran in the cycling world, not as a cyclist, but as an Osteopath. 
He’s worked in pro teams for more than 10 years, and like all the other staff, can be a jack of all trades at times, moulding into the routine and getting the job done, often outside of his trained skill set, on the rigorous day to day grind of World Tour racing. 
But his path into the World Tour wasn’t as straight forward as you might think and I was keen to hear how he eventually came to work in cycling & ask him about

Horse Training in Harmony

Karen Rohlf

EP095: Arena Sour

In this episode I’ll talk about what to do to help a horse who has become arena sour. Whether your horse flat out refuses to go in the arena, or if he is just a flatter duller version of himself this episode will give you some things you can do to help your horse love the arena (or at least stop hating it).

About the Host:
Karen Rohlf, author and creator of Dressage Naturally, is an internationally recognized clinician who is changing the equestrian educational paradigm. She teaches students of all disciplines and levels from around the world in her clinics and the Dressage Naturally virtual programs.
Karen is well known for training horses with a priority on partnership, a student-empowering approach to teaching, and a positive and balanced point of view. She believes in getting to the heart of our mental, emotional, and physical partnership with our horses by bringing together the best of the worlds of dressage and partnership-b

Marginal Gains Cycling Podcast, Presented by Silca


The Marginal Gains Podcast, presented by Silca is the show that makes a big deal about the little things, and how those little things...can be a big deal. Josh Poertner of Silca, along with Hottie and Fatty, talks about all aspects of cycling — design, manufacturing, marketing, riding, racing, management and most likely every from a thoughtful perspective. It's a podcast for the thinking cyclist.

Ron Spomer Outdoors

Ron Spomer

For 44 years I’ve had the good fortune to photograph and write about my passion – the outdoor life. Wild creatures and wild places have always stirred me – from the first flushing pheasant that frightened me out of my socks in grandpa’s cornfield to the last whitetail that dismissed me with a wag of its tail. I invite you to join me for a nostalgic and sometimes revealing look back through the trials and tribulations of a freelance outdoor writer. Support this podcast:

Surf Splendor

David Lee Scales

414 - Dylan Graves

Pro surfer turned media man Dylan Graves is now using his popular Vlog to dissect social dilemma's that surf media historically has willfully ignored. Through doing so, he's also successfully transitioned his pro surf career into a new chapter where he's found more meaning and purpose. Today we discuss the journey, motivations, and his imperative to expand surfings inclusivity. 
Intro Music: Solange, Binz
Outro Music: Gabriel Garzon-Montano, Sour Mango
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Birdshot Podcast

Nick Larson

#163 |  Gun Dog It Yourself with Nick Adair

Host of the Gun Dog It Yourself podcast, Nick Adair, joins the show to recap his hunting season and share a few things he’s learned about bird dogs over the years. Show Highlights: The benefits of oatmeal cream pies in the grouse woods A grouse hunting trip to Maine Food, cover, water for upland birds […]
The post #163 |  Gun Dog It Yourself with Nick Adair appeared first on Birdshot Podcast.

Chasing Giants with Don Higgins

Terry Peer

Episode #104 - Fighting CWD with Nutrition? Very Possible!

This episode combines Chasing Giants Podcast #104 with Real World's "its time to get real" episode 3 discussing deer nutrition. Terry sets Don up on an epic rant that gets his blood boiling but focus is spent on the latest news from Real World on how Humic Acid can help reduce symptoms of CWD. Also, in our Lester's Feet segment, listeners get to hear about our friend Lindsey.

Gun Dog It Yourself

Nick Adair and Harold Elie

GDIY PROFILE: Brian Manning

Name: Brian Manning
Breed: German Shorthair Pointer (GSP)
Location: New York
Targets: Grouse, Woodcock, Stocked Pheasant
Method: The Smith Method
Favorite Episodes: Ep. 52 The Duck Search//Ep. 61 Steady To Flush//The Force Fetch Series
GDIY Profiles are bonus episodes that feature your average DIY dog trainer and hunter. All dog owners have a story of what got them involved and the main lessons learned along the way. Hearing numerous people’s stories along with their mistakes, helps promote the idea that WE ALL STARTED AT THE SAME PLACE!
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The Coonhound Collective Podcast


From the comp hunt to the pleasure hunter and everything in between .

Sounds Like A Search And Rescue Podcast

SLASR Podcast

The Sounds Like a Search and Rescue Podcast - where we discuss all things related to hiking and search and rescue in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

The Upland Rookie Podcast

Upland Britts

Ep. 35: Cuttin' Coveys with Drew Rodman

On this episode I sit down with Drew Rodman of Cuttin' Coveys. We learn more about Drew, his dogs and his new kennel he is starting up this spring. We unpack what his first, full upland season looked like and hear what he learned along the way.  Thanks to Inukshuk Professional Dog Food! Inukshuk Professional Dog Food is a Canadian business, providing professional mushers, working dog handlers and kennels around the world with the highest quality dog food on the market.  Inukshuk began as a specialized kibble designed to meet the intense nutritional requirements of the sled dogs of Canada’s North. Sled dogs, like those who participate in the Yukon Quest, race through 1,000 miles of rough arctic terrain in temperatures of -58°F (-50°C). These dogs require a tremendous number of calories stay healthy. Inukshuk Professional Dog Food was invented to keep up with their extreme nutritional demands. Using our unique vacuum fat infusion process

The Training For Trekking Podcast

Rowan Smith: Hiking and Trekking Coach

TFT271: Consistency Matters

In this episode I explore why a certain element of consistency in your training is CRUCIAL if you are seriously wanting to improve your fitness, strength or resilience (to best help you on your adventures). == Want to get fit, strong and resilient for your hiking adventures?   Check out the Online Summit Program:

The Real Science of Sport Podcast

Professor Ross Tucker and Mike Finch

World-renowned sports scientist Professor Ross Tucker and veteran sports journalist Mike Finch break down the myths, practices and controversies from the world of sport. From athletics to rugby, soccer, cycling and more, the two delve into the most recent research, unearth lessons from the pros and host exclusive interviews with some of the world's leading sporting experts. For those who love sport. Get bonus content on Patreon See for privacy and opt-out information.

Coon Hunting University Podcast

Tyler Duncan

This is a podcast dedicated to capturing as much knowledge and information in the sport of coon hunting as possible. You will hear from some of the biggest names in the sport.

Fueled By Joy Podcast

Josh Michaelis

Tune in every week to listen to our host Josh Michaelis interview handlers and owners of some of the top performing working dogs in the nation that are #fueledbyjoy! We will talk about the good ole' days, training tips, nutrition advice, and so much more! Subscribe to get notifications! Click here to find a dealer near you ->

Land & Legacy - Habitat + Hunting

Land & Legacy

Balancing Prairie Restoration and Hunt-ability

During this podcast, Kyle and Matt discuss a recent consultation trip to SE Kansas. This property was located at the point in which the Cross Timbers region meets the tall grass prairie. There were lots of great opportunities to create quality habitat for deer, but we ran into a predicament! This podcast is a great example of we find the balance between habitat restoration practices and accomplishing a very hunt able property! Natural resource management is paramount and at the forefront at how we work with each farm. But we are forced to compromise this to a small degree sometimes when the property in full restoration mode will not accomplish to landowners' goals. Clearly defined goals are super important when we find ourselves in this situation. If you are wondering how to balance native restoration practices and hunt ability, give this podcast a listen!   

Downtime - The Mountain Bike Podcast

Downtime MTB

Sharpen Up For Summer – Get Powerful with Ben Plenge

Today I’m joined by The Strength Factory's Ben Plenge to find out how we can all go about being sharp and powerful this summer. Ben shares the secrets behind training for power and tells us how to achieve those crank bending sprints that we would all love to have. What’s even better is that you get to avoid feeling the burn!

We also chat about getting ready for an event, or a trip, to maximise the chances of it going well when it comes around. We also catch up on my EWS100 training, or lack of it. Ben provided some really sage advice on that, which I think will help a lot of people. Right, there’s tonnes of great info in this episode, so sit back, hit play and listen to this episode with Ben Plenge.

Discount Codes for Ben's programmes

Over 40s MTB Programme - DOWNTIME40 to get 20% off - expires 15th April.

Complete MTB Progra

Long Range Pursuit


EP 99: Instructor’s Corner - 2022 Long Range University Curriculum Updates

Brian, Ian and Landon talk about the new things coming to LRU. New courses have been added along with an entirely new training track for Marksmanship Skills in addition to the Ballistic Science courses we’ve been teaching for years. As curriculum and structure continue to evolve and improve, they discuss what you can expect, and where to find benefit at LRU no matter what preference or skill level of long range shooter or hunter you are.

Anchored with April Vokey

April Vokey

Anchored Podcast Ep. 200: Marina Gibson on a Passion for Teaching

In June 2019, Marina Gibson launched The Northern Fishing School at Swinton Estate in North Yorkshire, where her and her team teach fly fishing while connecting as many people as possible to the great outdoors. In this episode of Anchored we discuss finding a home base, why working in fishing can feel so exhausting, growing pains and more.
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The Dan Dakich Show Podcast

The Dan Dakich Show

Was the Carson Wentz trade the worst trade in franchise history? Sean Salisbury breaks the Super Bowl and Don Fischer is concerned about IU's tournament chances.

(00:00-27:03) – The Dan Dakich Show opens up on Monday by addressing the report that the Colts plan to release or trade Carson Wentz per ESPN’s Chris Mortensen, questions who fans should be most mad at with the Carson Wentz situation, and takes calls about the Carson Wentz experiment.

(27:03-38:26) – Legendary voice of the Indiana Hoosiers inDon Fischerjoins the Dan Dakich Show to explain why he is very concerned about the current Indiana basketball team, how Trayce Jackson-Davis has struggled the last three games for the Hoosiers, and the importance of beating Wisconsin tomorrow night.

(38:26-44:17) – Dan closes out the first hour of today’s show by addressing how incredible of a player that Aaron Donald.      

(44:17-1:08:26) – The great Sean Salisbury makes his weekly stop on the

Duck Season Somewhere

Ramsey Russell

Brand Father of Outdoor Television, Chris Dorsey

Described as the greatest outdoor TV producer is history, Chris Dorsey is a former wildlife biologist, author of many outdoor books, past Editor-in-Chief for Ducks Unlimited and Sports Afield magazines with works appearing not only in most outdoor magazines but in Newsweek, National Geographic, The Wall Street Journal and Forbes. Having produced more than 2,000 episodes across 55 series, he's hunted and fished on 5 continents, taking all 29 North American big game species, Africa's Deadly 7 and all spiral horns. But he's an ardent duck hunter, too, and one helluva great storyteller. His most recent achievement is the epic IMAX film, Wings Over Water.    Related Links: Wings Over Water   Podcast Sponsors: BOSS Shotshells Benelli Shotguns Tetra Hearing Kanati Waterfowl Taxidermy Mojo Outdoors Tom Beckbe Flash Back Decoys Voormi GetDucks USHuntList   It's really duck season somewhere for 365 days

The Alex Rudd Fishing Podcast

Alex Rudd Fishing

Ep. 89 | What you DON'T know about Bass Fishing HQ?!?!?

This episode I am joined by Ty Berger aka Bass Fishing HQ! This was a great conversation on his back story and philosophy on YouTube content creation! 
Check out the podcast sponsors! 
X2 Power:


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Firearms Radio Network (All Shows)

Firearms Radio Network

Who Moved My Freedom 891 – Right To Bear Insurance w/ Perry Orth

?Anyone that signs up for a Right To Bear policy [ ] from this show, will receive an additional $40 DISCOUNT CODE to Palmetto [ ] ! Simply email your confirmation email to Perry [ ] and Mention HANK!

Backpacking Light Podcast

Episode 59 | Ben Kilbourne Reads "Good Gear Lets You Be Present"

We talk a lot about gear on this podcast. Gear is fun, and if you are a fan of this pod, you probably have an interest not only in if something works, but why it works. Still, it’s easy to begin to fetishize gear, to turn it almost into the point of having adventures rather than a tool to facilitate them. Don’t believe us? Just search "gear layout" hashtags on Instagram. That’s why we've always loved the essay “Good Gear Lets you be Present” by Ben Kilbourne. In his classic style, Ben struggles to balance his technical and professional interest in gear with his desire to be more fully present on outdoor adventures, something that many of us also struggle with. We think you'll enjoy his perspective. click here for show notes:

Fish the Moment Podcast

Fish the Moment Media Group LLC.

Encore: 5 Cold Front Bass Fishing Secrets!

Livestream #77 - Originally published on February 16th, 2021. During the stream, Jonny and Randy will share their secrets for catching bass after major cold fronts in the spring. Direct Link to Video: Recording of Seminar: Join our Patreon: Support us through Tackle Warehouse by using the link below: Thanks to our Sponsors:  Bridgford FoodsBass Tank -

The First 40 Miles: Hiking and Backpacking Podcast

Heather Legler

214: The Final Episode

Today on the First 40 Miles, we’re wrapping up production of The First 40 Miles with today’s final episode.  We’ll share some of our ideas for podcasts we’d love to see started, talk a little about what it’s been like to share our backpacking adventures with ya’ll, then wrap up with a little trail wisdom that brings it all full circle.

Jay Scott Outdoors Western Big Game Hunting and Fishing Podcast

Interviews, Tactics, Gear, Field Judging

807: Arizona Elk Draw ”What Units to Apply For” with Justin Erhart of Premium Hunts

Join Jay Scott and Justin Erhart of Premium Hunts as they discuss the upcoming Arizona Elk Draw.


Sponsors of the JSO Podcast Cody Nelson "Glassing Guru and Optics Authority" Optics Manager at Gear Shop-Call Cody directly for info and sales at (702) 847-8747 Ext #2 or email at Use "JayScott" promo code to get discount

Now an added incredible value of Desktop Maps and MAPS available on iPhone and Android for no extra cost.  Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity.  Sign up at and get a $50 goHUNT Gear Shop gift card or Use the "jayscott21" promo code to get 10% off all orders


The Rouleur Podcast

Rouleur Magazine

Rouleur Conversations - Shimano Neutral Service and Passion Project

On this edition, host Ian Parkinson joins the Shimano Neutral Service squad on the first stage of this year's Itzulia Basque Country. He learns about the work of these unsung heroes of the pro peloton and gets a high-speed ride around the Basque hills in the passenger seat of one of the famous blue Skodas. And Phil Wright reads Passion Project from Rouleur 109, the story of how two Italian entrepreneurs started an international bike clothing brand from their kitchen table. See for privacy and opt-out information.

Steep Life Media

Steep Life Media

Gina Lucrezi | Aravaipa Colorado Podcast

Join Morgan Weinberg as she interviews important figures in Colorado on the Aravaipa Colorado Podcast. This week it is Gina Lucrezi founder of Trail Sisters.

The Hunting Stories Podcast

The Hunting Stories Podcast

Elk. Bear. Hog. Turkey. Deer and More. Hunting Stories that will make you laugh or maybe cry; real life chronicles from the field.

Nature Reliance Podcast

Nature Reliance Media

Cutting through the noise - one episode at a time. Nature Reliance School was founded in 2006 with the goal of helping people feel safer and have a more enjoyable time outside. Sometimes that looks like an edible plants course, other times a man tracking course for the military. Our podcast is no different. We will cover many topics, with the end-goal being to educate, excite, or enrich your time in the great outdoors. Let us know what you think of our podcast at

The DogBone Pawdcast

The DogBone Pawdcast

Hold Conditioning Vs Force Fetch | Ep: #178

What's the difference between hold conditioning and force fetch?

The Gravel Ride. A cycling podcast

Craig Dalton

Last Best Ride with Jess Cerra and Sam Boardman

This week we sit down with Jess Cerra and Sam Boardman to discuss the Last Best Ride in Montana. Held in Whitefish, MT in August, Last Best Ride boasts not only an amazing route, but also an amazing community. Episode Sponsor: The Feed Last Best Ride Website Support the Podcast Join The Ridership  Automated Transcription, please excuse the typos: Last Best Ride [00:00:00] Craig Dalton: Hello, and welcome to the gravel ride podcast, where we go deep on the sport of gravel cycling through in-depth interviews with product designers, event organizers and athletes. Who are pioneering the sport I'm your host, Craig Dalton, a lifelong cyclist who discovered gravel cycling back in 2016 and made all the mistakes you don't need to make. I approach each episode as a beginner down, unlock all the knowledge you need to become a great gravel cyclist. This week on the podcast. We welcome Jess, Sarah and Sam Boardman onto the show to talk abou

Speak the Language

Primos Hunting

How Do Ya Call A Turkey With One Leg?

I would wager you've never heard a turkey hunting story like the one told on this podcast episode. Good friend, fervent hunter, and Wren & Ivy founder, B.C. Rogers joins us this week to tell us one of the most unique tales we've ever heard come out of the spring woods. Statements like ," It looked like someone was dribbling a basketball" are just words you don't normally see paired with a strutting turkey.

Other topics discussed include: 

watching a turkey fly into a power line

what should be the ethical standard for the distance we shoot turkeys?

an unplanned grand slam


- We are hosting a LIVE podcast event at Rick's in Starkville, MS- February 23, 2022 6-8pm

-Connect with us on Social!


Primos Hunting- @primos_hunting

Lake Pickle- @lakepickle

Jordan Blissett- @jordanblissett_primoshunting

Sportsmen's Empire - Whitetail Hunting

Sportsmen's Empire Outdoor Network

The Sportsmen’s Empire is a collection of outdoor hunting podcasts for the die-hard sportsman. These podcasts are jam packed with fun and educational information about whitetail deer hunting and other outdoor content that will not only help you in the field, but help scratch the itch when you can’t be in the tree stand or duck blind. Nine Finger Chronicles, Houndsman XP, DYI Sportsman, The Hunting Gear Podcast, and Southern Ground just to name a few.

The Rolling Thunder podcast

Spencer Halford

Ep 75 - It's About Time You Met Team RTGC

We thought it was about time that you met Team RTGC. In this episode, Spence talks to the team at Rolling Thunder Game Calls and introduces the whole gang. Some folks you know and others you may be meeting for the first time. However, each plays a significant and unique role in keeping the machine moving forward. On the podcast you'll hear from Aaron Blackwood, Jason King, Josh Grossenbacher, Rob Kinney, Russ Ginn, RT Bailey III, and Drake Levey.  We'll see y'all at NWTF next week!  If you like the show, leave us a review and share it with a friend! It helps us get the Sound of a New Generation out to more folks. 

The Nomadic Outdoorsman - Sportsmen's Empire

Dan Mathews, Sportsmen's Empire

Dan Mathews sits down with everyday outdoorsmen and women to talk about their passion for the outdoors. Dan enjoys inspiring adventure and connecting his listeners to their creator by sharing stories! Support this podcast:

The Storm Skiing Journal and Podcast

Stuart Winchester

Podcast #73: Tamarack, Idaho President Scott Turlington

The Storm Skiing Podcast is sponsored by Spot and Mountain Gazette - Listen to the podcast for discount codes on subscriptions and merch.WhoScott Turlington, President of Tamarack Resort, IdahoRecorded onJanuary 24, 2022Why I interviewed himBecause this was almost one of the great busts of American skiing. After its improbable ribbon-cutting in 2004 – the first major U.S. ski resort to open since Beaver Creek in 1980 – Tamarack fell apart. Torched by the Great Recession and an over-emphasis on real estate, the ski area was shuttered by a court-appointed receiver in 2009 and stripped of its Wildwood Express lift in 2012. A group of locals managed to re-open the mountain in 2010, but it tottered along on life support for years. For a long time, Tamarack looked like it would never be anything more than a marginal ski area in a great ski state.But slowly, and then suddenly, Tamarack stabilized: replacing it

Live Ultralight Podcast | Backpacking, Travel, and Adventure

Outdoor Vitals

EP 93 - Bryce Newbold (Backpacker, Ultrarunner, and YouTuber)

Bryce Newbold is a backpacker and ultrarunner, whose self-titled YouTube channel has over 24,000 subscribers. On his channel, you can find videos offering backpacking advice and documenting Bryce on his hikes, including his adventures on the Colorado Trail. Bryce's YouTube: Bryce's Instagram: Great Outdoor Vitals Gear: Backpacks: KOTAUL TRAVEL AND ADVENTURE BACKPACK: SHADOWLIGHT ULTRALIGHT BACKPACK: Shelters: FORTIUS TREKKING POLE TENTS: DOMINION 1P ULTRALIGHT BACKPACKING TENT: ULTRALIGHT DOMINION 2P BACKPACKING TENT: DELANO ULTRALIGHT BACKPACKING TARP: Sleeping Bags: STORMLOFT™ DOWN MUMMYPOD™ SLEEPING BAG: SUMMIT DOWN SLEEPING BAGS:

The Crappie Connection

Hunter Chappell

Funny Fishing Stories with Jimmy Houston

The one and only Jimmy Houston at The Grizzly Jig Spring Fishing Show in Caruthersville, MO

Podcasts from F3 Nation

F3 Nation

Stuff Worth Trying: episode 28: The Brick Builder

F3 Sparty drops in from F3 Omaha to talk about The Brick Builder and how an idea went through the VAPE process to become their Regions annual fund raiser to provide scholarships to young men.

The Brick Builder details:

The BikeRadar Podcast

Immediate Media

BikeRadar Meets | Garmin’s Andy Silver on the new Edge 1040 and the future of bike computers

BikeRadar digital writer Jack Evans speaks to Garmin’s global product manager Andy Silver at the launch of the Edge 1040 Solar. Besides the new head unit’s technology, Jack and Andy discuss Garmin’s response to competitors and where bike computers will take us next.  See for privacy and opt-out information.

The Dead Pair Podcast

Jason Rambo and Sean Alley- Sporting Clays, Skeet, Trap, FITASC, American Field Sporting

Episode 63, Rising stars with Griffin Howe & Maddy McFarland!!

   When it comes to up and coming stars in sporting clays, a quick glance on social media or at the score sheets, and there are 2 names that always seem to be at the top! Griffin Howe and Maddy McFarland!   We have shot with both of these young stars and have gotten to know them and their families.  These are 2 outstanding young people and are the very future of our sport. Our conversations with them bring up some very interesting facts, opinions, and a few laughs!  In this episode, we also feature a Barepelt segment with Nick Welch, and Rhino segment with TJ Knight!! Both segments are very interesting and have good testimonials for the products!Contact us at the Dead Pair- - Chokes - Ranger- US- TRAPS-https://www

Musky 360

Musky 360

116: Musky Structure Fishing

Steve and Jay talk Musky Structure Fishing.
Musky 360 : Musky Fishing Podcast

Taren's MōTTIV Method Podcast

Taren Gesell

From Olympic Curler to Amateur Triathlete with Joanne Courtney

Joanne Courtney has an impressive sporting resume, ranking among the top curlers in the world.  She's won a World Championship and competed at the Olympics for Canada. Now that she's retiring from curling at age 32, she's taking up triathlon -- and she's starting where many amateurs do:  blowing bubbles in the pool as she learns to swim as an adult, riding a bike for the first time since she was a kid, and trying to understand the nuances of pacing while running!  We talk about transitioning from elite to amateur and much more, on this week's episode of the podcast. SPONSOR:

Hushlife Podcast

Brian McElrea, Casey LaVere, Eric Chesser


What a better way to wrap up the Ultimate New Mexico Elk Hunt Experience than with a HushLife Podcast. We sit down with Adam Tripp the winner of the Elk Hunt giveaway and talk about our experiences in New Mexico.  

The Land Podcast - The Pursuit of Land Ownership and Investing

Jake Hofer

School Teacher Buys a Farm In IL - His Strategy How He Did It!

Learn how a school teacher was able to purchase his first farm at 28 years old! Listen along as Grant Putnam shares his full story on his strategy to save money, build up an account, and make the purchase. I personally had the pleasure to help represent Grant in his purchase and looked at multiple farms. 
Listen along and learn:
- Scholarships
- Buying His First Home and Second Home
- Living Below Your Means
- Buying Land on a Lower Income
- How to Find the RIGHT Farm 


Send in a voice message:

ElkBros Blue Collar Elk Hunting

Gilbert Ornelas, Joe Giglia, Leroy 'Chav" Chavez, Luis Gonzalez, Manuel 'Manano' Grateron

Welcome to Blue Collar Elk Hunting brought to you by with your host Gilbert Ornelas and elk hunting coaches, Joe Giglia & Leroy Chavez and the ElkBros Venezuelan Mafia. You want to hunt elk….we live to hunt elk, and like you we work hard for our pay to do the things we love. So our goal is to share with you all of our tips, techniques, as well as tried and true strategies we have learned grinding it out on a budget for over 39 seasons. So come on into camp and set a spell. Welcome to Elk Bros Blue Collar Elk Hunting!

The Anchor Point Podcast

The Anchor Point Podcast

Welcome to The Anchor Point - Wildland firefighting at its finest! Here on the show, we talk about all things related to wildland firefighting... Fitness, safety, health, hiring, gear, medical, and legends in the community sharing their stories! Stay tuned...

Tree Talkin' Time

Ben Sheets

Tree Talkin' Time is all about tree dogs. We talk to people who hunt various breeds of dogs to pursue and tree anything from squirrels to bear.

Drury Outdoors 100% Wild Podcast

Matt Drury & Tim Kjellesvik

How to Get On Outdoor TV with OSG’s Mitch Petrie EP - 248

Mitch Petrie from Outdoor Sportsman Group (The Outdoor Channel, Sportsman Channel, North American Whitetail, etc) visits in studio this week with Matt and Tim to talk about what’s going on in outdoor media today. The guys cover the good, the bad, and the ugly. Want to be on the show? Leave us a Question of the Day by clicking here and you could win a DeerCast hat! Join the 100% Wild Rack Pack!  It’s a Facebook group just for you and other 100% Wild podcasters!

The Grit! with Chas Smith

David Lee Scales

162 - The Grit! April 15, 2022

Huge news breaking from Australia where CT surfers are threatening to boycott Margaret River. In today's show Chas and David discuss the petition they sent to the WSL, ELO's official response, and why the employees and surfers have lost confidence in their leadership. Plus Kanoa punches himself in the face and guides Chas through modern hand gestures to use when having your photograph taken. Enjoy!
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Duck Gun Podcast

Jordan Fromer

Duck Hunting with an APEX Predator!

On this week's podcast, Elliott and I sit down and talk with Jason Norman about Duck Hunting Falconry and much much more! 


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Singletracks Mountain Bike Podcast

Don't Call Them Hardcore: Hardtail Design with Kona

Pat White is a longtime product manager for Kona Bicycles and Doug Lafavor aka Dr. Dew has been designing bikes at Kona for decades.
In this episode we ask:

Which factors make a hardtail 'hardcore' or more aggressive compared to say an XC or entry-level hardtail? 
What are aggressive hardtails good for in terms of riding style or trails? What are the limits?
How important is frame material when it comes to designing a hardtail? Is there one material that’s generally superior to the others?

Are there higher costs involved in building hardtails from steel than aluminum?

Where does the compliance in a hardtail frame come from?
Do you look at component selection differently for a hardtail vs. a full suspension bike? If so, what are the key areas where the builds differ?

Is there any lingering debate about wheel size when

THE DOG HOUSE with Adam & Jimmy

Adam Campbell

Adam Campbell and Jimmy Rodgers both professional retriever trainers team up to talk all things dog training and duck hunting with guest from the retriever world and the outdoor industry.

Southern Ground Hunting - Sportsmen's Empire

Sportsmen's Empire

The Southern Ground Hunting podcast focuses on public land deer & turkey hunting in the southeastern United States. While the hunting heritage in the South is strong, it can be one of the most challenging regions in the nation to target mature public land bucks & weary old gobblers. Each episode of the SGH podcast will give knowledge and insight from expert hunters to help you become more successful in the southern woods we call home.

Captains Collective Fishing Podcast

Hunter Leavine

#081 Ian Slater: Challenging Permit, Coaching Anglers, and Dealing with Competition

In this episode, we sit down with Captain Ian Slater of the Florida Keys. In this podcast, we discuss how Ian transitioned into guiding after pursuing a career in professional sports, tips on chasing Permit, how he coaches clients, and his approach to fishing tournaments.
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Let's Talk Fish - Weekly show talking all things fishing anchored by Bryan Thrift, Matt Arey, and Jeff Walsh.

Let's Talk Fish, LLC

Let's Talk Fish is a live show anchored by Professional FLW Angler Bryan Thrift and Elite Series Pro Matt Arey, along with Southern Redfish Cup Owner, Jeff Walsh that allows fans to gain access to years of experience, knowledge, equipment reviews, technique suggestions and even submit questions to be answered live on the show.

All Eyes On Fishing's Podcast

All Eyes on Fishing

Named as one of the top 7 fishing podcasts by In-Fisherman, All Eyes on Fishing provides you with great tips and funny stories to help you fish your next level. Don't miss this great show and the knowledgeable information provided by three guys who love to have a good time.

Waterpeople Podcast

Lauren L. Hill & Dave Rastovich - surf stories & ocean adventures

Committed to Questions

To wrap up the third season, Lauren and Dave turn the mic on one another for a meandering chat through surf adventure stories,  common questions from listeners,  and their own answers to the central Waterpeople question about a time or experience after which you were never the same. We'll be back with a stacked fourth season in May or June, full of fresh stories,  inspiring ideas, and plenty of laughs. If you have a spare moment, please consider leaving a review of the podcast or sharing an episode with a friend – both help us to find the best stories from our global community of waterpeople.  ...Listen with Lauren L. Hill & Dave RastovichSound Engineer & Music By: Shannon Sol Carroll Additional music: ‘Evergreen’ by Band of Frequencies:  Men of Wood & Foam album   Join the conversation: @Waterpeoplepodcast

Alabama Saltwater Fishing Report

Butch Thierry and Joe Baya

April 11-17, 2022

On this report, Butch Thierry and co-host Jay O'Brien talk Lower Alabama fishing tips and tales with some of the best anglers on the Alabama Gulf Coast. This week's contributors are Rod Tillman of, Capt. Patric Garmeson, and Jordan Gooding. Plus, Joe Baya, host of the Northwest Florida Fishing Report, joins the show as Jay tells us about his new Tripletail Championship fishing tournament starting in May 2022. Register Here For The 2022 Tripletail Championship This Report is Presented By: Angelo DePaola - The Coastal Connection - EXP Realty & Sportsman Marina Check Out The Best Regional Fishing Tournaments on Fishing Chaos Please subscribe, rate, and review wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts and if you'd like us to email you the podcast, just head over to, and we'll send you the new show each week. Check Out The NEWEST WAY To Get Your Fishing Reports: TEXT "fishing" to 314-665-1767 Keep Whackin

Shotgun Sports USA

Justin Barker

Becky Yackley: National and World 3 Gun Champion

Becky began shooting competitively in 1989 when she started in NRA Service Rifle with an forward 30 years and she has diversified her skills over several disciplines. Her background ranges from high power rifle to NCAA air rifle and air pistol, small bore, summer biathlon, PRS, USPSA, IPSC, and 3-Gun. When she isn't shooting, Becky is busy with her camera, blogging, and creating social & print media in the firearms industry. She is the current Ladies Metallic World Champion in Bianchi/NRA Action Pistol, and the 3-time Ladies Metallic National Champion in Bianchi Cup. She’s the 2021 Ladies Open Bianchi Champion.  She has been part of two gold medal USA teams in IPSC Shotgun and was 4th lady in IPSC Shotgun World Shoot 2018.  She was 9th of all ladies competing at the 2017 rifle world shoot in Russia and 7th at the 2019 rifle world shoot in Sweden. She holds records in every event for ladies Metallic sight division i

long range shooting and custom rifle building podcast

Jamie Dodson

EP 87 - Part 5: The 4 pillars to the fundamentals of marksmanship!

In this episode we discuss the final key to consistency when shooting and that is a mental checklist.  The table top that sets on top the other 4 pillars and ties them all together.  When put together giving you a sturdy platform to start growing to become a more consistent and accurate shooter.  We also cover a listener Q & A and announce our two day custom rifle building/gunsmithing class.

The Destination Angler Podcast

Steve Haigh: Fisherman and Podcaster

The Destination Angler podcast is THE podcast for anglers who travel. We go to the source, the local guides & experts, to build your knowledge of top fishing locations around North America.

WildFed Podcast — Hunt Fish Forage Food

Daniel Vitalis

Indigenous Food Systems & the Zombie Apocalypse with Linda Black Elk — WildFed Podcast #128

Our guest today is Linda Black Elk, an ethnobotanist specializing in the traditional foods and medicines of the Great Plains and the Director of Food Sovereignty at United Tribes Technical College in Bismarck, ND. She’s also the mother of three Lakota sons. There's a lot of overlap in Linda and our philosophies around foraged foods and medicines, particular in how we see each species as more of a “who” than a “what,” since getting to know them is more like getting to know another person than it is like buying an inanimate product. Linda and Daniel, of course, discuss food and medicine sovereignty as well as ethnobotany, but their discussion takes a turn towards some other rather interesting topics, like the euphemistic “zombie apocalypse." Now, of course, neither she nor Daniel thinks there are really zombies or some forthcoming zombie apocalypse, but it does give them a way

Outdoor Limits Podcast

Josh Peck

If you like duck hunting, goose hunting, fishing, or any other outdoor activity, this is the podcast for you! We will cover a wide array of topics, interview special guests, and tell stories about our outings.



From Home Edition | Renowned Alpinist Conrad Anker

JT catches up with the legendary Conrad Anker, discussing the global impact of the Coronavirus, the role of empathy, and what it means to be human.

Student of the Gun Radio

Student of the Gun

Good News and Bad News & Ear Protection for Kids | SOTG 1142

The Bad News is that the United States of America is being governed by criminals who have no regard to the United States Constitution. What’s worse, the criminals in DC are overseeing the deliberate destruction of the economy. Here is the Good News is that you don’t have to participate in the destruction of your country. We have a Duracoat Finished Firearm segment for you. During Brownells Bullet Points, we have a suggestion, buy your kids some ear protection. For our SOTG Homeroom from CrossBreed Holsters we will consider the new law in Indiana. What do the elitists think about Constitutional Carry?  Thanks for being a part of SOTG! We hope you find value in the message we share. If you’ve got any questions, here are some options to contact us: Send an Email Send a Text Call Us Enjoy the show! And remember…You’re a Beginner Once, a Student For Life! TOPICS COVERED THIS EPISODE DuraCoat Finished Firearms -

The Bowhunting Podcast

Petersen’s Bowhunting

The Petersen’s Bowhunting Podcast is dedicated to serious bowhunters. Listen each week as Editor Christian Berg and Associate Editor Mark Demko interview guests who will not only keep you entertained but help you punch more tags in the field!

The Slow Ride: A Cycling Podcast


Ep 384 Where's the Donkey George?

This week we discuss an amazing edition of Gent Wevelgem, a scary Catalunya and a Jumbo sized E3. Plus emails, puns and WHERE'S THE DONKEY GEORGE?  This podcast is supported by the generous and amazing donors to the Wide Angle Podium Network. You still have time to pick yourself up the first EVER official SRP merch at Find us, and other fantastic cycling podcasts on the Wide Angle Podium Network, at! Check out the brand new WAP app available in the Apple and Android app stores! You can listen to us in a variety of ways: Find us on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or anywhere great podcasts are found. Give us a review and rating! We'd appreciate it! You can email us at Find us on Twitter: The show (@theslowridepod) Matt (@Matt46292097) Spencer (@spencerhaugh) Tim (@thesuperrookie)

The Flush Podcast - Stories from the field

Ron Schara Productions

Mother-Daughter Hunt

From the high of a “four-legged” family reunion to the text you never want to get.  Dan Berglove joins the show to talk about the hunt we filmed with Millie, her mom and sister, and what happened to his beloved “Lucy” a little over a week later. Presented by Aluma (,) Chief Upland (,) Walton’s (,) OnX Maps ( & Nutri Souce (

The SmallmouthCrush Podcast

Travis Manson

Cory Hauk talks fishing rivers for bass and his success on the Mississippi River

If you are a hard-core angler, you have come to the right place. This podcast that will interview some of the top local and regional anglers in North America. Anglers who consistency finish near the top in both Largemouth and Smallmouth bass fishing tournaments. Travis and his guest will discuss techniques and strategies used to help these anglers stay so consistent and help you become a better angler and gain an edge on your body of water. This interview I chat with Cory Hauk  who fished a lot on the Mississippi River and typically does extremely well in local events here.  He goes over some of his favorite techniques that helps him consistency catch these river fish. He will bring you some tips on how to break down a river system and some tricks he learned along the way! Follow Cory Here Jude Dick Hiley Bass Tournament https://www.stjud

The Seek One Podcast

Seek One Productions

In this podcast Lee and Drew breakdown hunts, give bowhunting tips, and answer subscriber questions!

Kickin it with KG




Fisherman's Post Saltwater Fishing

Fisherman's Post

Fish Post podcasts are designed to help people catch more fish more often along the Carolina coast, to encourage more people to go fishing, and to promote the captains, guides, and businesses that depend upon a healthy fishing community.

Eric Hörst's Training For Climbing Podcast

Eric J. Hörst

Training and performance podcasts by Eric Hörst, the internationally renowned author, researcher, climbing coach, and climber of 40 years. Monthly podcasts detail the latest training techniques to improve strength, power, endurance, as well as mental and technical skills. With his unique combination of veteran experience and knowledge of the cutting-edge research, Eric presents practical, effective guidelines to climb harder, reduce injury risk, and maximize the experience of moving over stone. Eric is one of the world’s most knowledge climbing coaches and his eight books (and many foreign translations) have sold more than 300,000 copies worldwide. His latest book release is the 3rd edition of Training For Climbing. Learn more at:

The Deer Gear Podcast

Cameron Derr

#20 - Understanding Nocks with Dorge Huang of Firenock & Dave Murray of Vital Limits

In this week's BONUS episode of The Deer Gear Podcast I am joined by Dorge Huang of Firenock and Dave Murray of Vital Limits to discuss nocks.  Now many of you may be thinking "Nocks? I don't care about my nocks."  Well, you should.  Dorge compares your nock for your arrow as tires to cars.  If you have poor tires, your vehicle performance will suffer and the same goes for your nocks.  The first patent Dorge introduced to the archery space was on the Firenock, as a matter of fact. 
We Discuss:
- How nocks are made
- Single Cavity/Single Mold Nocks vs the competition
- The importance of your nock
- Translucent vs solid color nocks
- How having bad nocks can effect your arrow performance
and much much more!
Connect with Dave: 

FISH ON! with Captain Kevin: A Sportsman’s Guide to Saltwater Fishing

Captain Kevin Lanier with KC Sportfishing

Join Captain Kevin Lanier with KC Sportfishing, based in the Port St. Joe and Mexico Beach on the eastern end of the Florida Panhandle and the Gulf of Mexico, as he talks about everything from choosing the right boat to how to choose the right charter, and explore many fishing techniques. He will share stories and experiences that will make you laugh and help you find new ways of doing things while on the boat.

The MVM Show

Titus Headings

Titus, Travis and Thomas from Mid Valley Mercenaries discuss Waterfowl Hunting, Military, Fishing, Big Game Hunting, Duck Dog Training and much more with Many highly acclaimed guests!

MLF Bass Fishing Podcast

Major League Fishing

320 - All the Tournament News That’s Fit to Print

Kyle and Jody recap the two abbreviated Toyota Series events from the weekend, some BFL action and talk fishing.

Trust The Trail Podcast

Scott & Ariane

Scott & Ariane have been guiding outdoor hiking treks for years. Follow their funny yet educational stories and experiences as they share "everything outdoors". From backpacking the Appalachian Trail to the Pacific Crest Trail. You never know who they will meet along the way. If you embrace Mother Nature, this show is for you. Trust The Trail will inspire you to connect with the outdoors in a whole new way.

Habitat Podcast

Jared Van Hees

Habitat Podcast #166 - Al James - Soil Health Series Part #2 - Improving Soil Naturally, Sandy Loam, Clay, Cattle Pasture Improvements, Herbicide Costs & Weed Suppression

Habitat Podcast #166 - Al Tomechko joins Jared Van Hees on the Soil Health series podcast #2. This is a great informative discussion so get ready to take notes! It is time to think about saving costs on fertilizer and herbicide while having a much better output from our ground. This is part 2 of a multiple-part series. We cover:
Questions about what to plant where to improve soil conditions naturally.
Glyphosate costs and weed suppression,
What does best in my soil type and why?
What are the most common misconceptions that don’t improve soil?
How to correct each soil type naturally?
Scenarios - How to correct each soil type naturally, and what does best in this soil type?
Say you have all Alabama burnt up clay
100% Pure Michigan sandy loam
Very compacted

The Wadeoutthere Fly Fishing Podcast

Jason Shemchuk, Wadeoutthere

WOT 78: Smallmouth on Sugar Creek and the Process of Fishing with Chad Miller

In this episode we Wadeoutthere with Chad Miller from Indiana.  Chad grew up in a family of basketball players and fly fishers.  He spent much of his youth chasing smallmouth on Sugar Creek and the Tippecanoe River.  Chad went on to open his own fly shop, guide, and travel the world fly fishing.  We discuss smallmouth bass fishing on Sugar Creek and “the process of fishing.”You can find out more about Chad or schedule a guided trip by visiting Sugar Creek Anglers online at: can also follow Chad on Instagram at:  @chadmillerflyfishingand Facebook at:  Sugar Creek AnglersFor more fly fishing stories, lessons learned, and artwork check out my blog and online gallery at:

On The Pipe Podcast

Tyler Shepardson

Weekend Review With Stu - Cherokee Enduro

This week Stu Baylor joins us once again to discuss the Cherokee Enduro where he returned and earned a 2nd place finish.  As always, we talk through a plethora of other topics and chat about things all around the sport.

the stickboys podcast

Ethan Rodrigue and Dalton Lewis

Backtrails, Jerry Pierce, Ep 109

Our friend Pat Cebuhar recently reached out to us with an audio file containing an interview with the late Jerry Pierce.  Pat was a close freind and hunting partner of Jerry's and joins us for a brief look back at who Jerry was, followed by a rare interview with Jerry condcted by Don Owens back in 1994.  It's a rare glimpse into somewhat recent bowhunting history.  Those that knew or know of Jerry are well aware of the contributions that he made to the sport of not just traditional bowhunting, but bowhunting in general.  Jerry loved hunting with a bow and arrow and gave of himself tirelessly in order to promote his passion in order to promote the sport he loved.  Join us for this installment of Backtrails as we reflect on those who came before us!

Bikes & Big Ideas


Reviewer Reports: RockShox Suspension & Bikes Galore

We’ve been busy testing a whole lot of new suspension from RockShox, as well as bikes across the whole spectrum, from XC to Enduro, so Jonathan Ellsworth and David Golay sat down in Blister HQ to talk about all of it, including the new Santa Cruz Megatower V2, the Rocky Mountain Element, and a whole lot more.TOPICS & TIMES:RockShox Flight Attendant (4:48)RockShox’s new 2023 lineup (12:38)YT Capra (17:33)Santa Cruz Megatower (19:30)Orbea Rallon (22:56)Antidote Carbonjack (25:02)Orbea Occam LT (28:36)Rocky Mountain Element (31:26)RELATED LINKS:Become a Blister MemberBlister LabsThis Week’s Gear GiveawayBlister Mountain Bike Buyer’s GuideOUR OTHER BLISTER PODCASTSOff The CouchGEAR:30Blister Podcast See for privacy and opt-out information.

The Reloading Podcast

Firearms Radio Network

Reloading Podcast 377 – the brass ring

Hello, and welcome to the Reloading Podcast here on the Firearms Radio Network.
Tonight the gang are answering a question.

Addicted Fishing Podcast

Addicted Fishing

River Fishing Etiquette

In today's episode, we're talking with 3 experienced guides about river fishing etiquette. 

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Backpacking & Blisters: A Hiking, Backpacking, and Adventure Show

Carl Mandrioli

177- 10 Innovative Gear Options for 2022 with Jesse

Hiking season is heating up! Will Derek, Carl and guest host Jesse have some gear options that peak your interest for your upcoming miles? Also, why does Jesse talk to himself in bear country? And what does he say?Our Latest Video: How to Avoid a Death March - MORE EPISODES! There are over 80 episodes of B&B that you can get by supporting us on Patreon. It's safe and secure and it helps us put out more content. out XOSKIN.US Base Layers for premium quality clothing that will help you on the trail!Use coupon code 'backpacking' for 10% off.Get the BEST device on the market: Use coupon code 'BACKPACKING' for free device activation!Check out our other wonderful sponsor Summit Strength's Training for Trekking Podcast.Live Ultralight with Outdoor Vitals! OutdoorVitals.comTo react publicly or privately to any of our episodes pos

The Plaidcast

The Plaid Horse

Plaidcast 285: Piper Klemm & Traci Brooks by Taylor, Harris Insurance Services

 Piper is joined by Traci Brooks of Balmoral Farm to talk about the return of the Devon Horse Show, some new and exciting educational offerings and horse show pet peeves! Brought to you by Taylor, Harris Insurance Services.Hosts: Piper Klemm of The Plaid Horse Magazine and Traci BrooksTitle Sponsor: Taylor, Harris Insurance ServicesSubscribe To: The Plaid Horse MagazineEquestrian College Courses with Dr. KlemmAmerican Equestrian SchoolSponsors: Excel Supplements, Purina Animal Nutrition, America Cryo, Alexis KletjianSupport the show

HuntStand Podcast


The HuntStand Podcast will feature weekly episodes with veteran hunters, outdoor enthusiasts, and industry personnel to bring you compelling stories and interviews that will inspire you to be better equipped not only in the woods, but life. These episodes will air weekly on Tuesday mornings. Don't miss out on our weekly Field Note Fridays where we will be sharing Turkey Reports, Rut Reports, and multiple How-To Series'. Our Field Note Friday segment airs seasonally on Fridays, as a mini-series that provides in-the-field updates from hunters and other relevant experts to bring live information on what the toms, bulls, or bucks might be doing in your area as well as a few hacks to help you hone in on your craft!

Bad Dog Agility Podcast

Esteban & Sarah

301: Are You Overusing Some Cues in Dog Agility?

In this episode (15:25) In this podcast, Sarah, Jennifer and Esteban talk the difference between OVERUSE and MISUSE and dive deeper into what your instructor may mean when using these terms. You Will Learn Why instructors (including us!) should be careful with terminology. Why “overuse” may be misuse in disguise. Why it’s problematic to have one cue for a wide range of responses. Mentioned/Related Episode 63: A Newcomer’s Guide to Handling Systems Episode 30: Analyzing Mistakes and a Look at Systems

The TrainingBeta Podcast: A Climbing Training Podcast

Neely Quinn

TBP 204: Mistakes Made in Matt Pincus's Own Training Plan

In the episode, Coach Matt Pincus talks about how he trained all winter/spring for his 5.14b project in Wyoming this summer and some mistakes he made along the way. While Matt is a seasoned coach and climber, he was under some various constraints that made training challenging this year. One of those constraints was that Matt was working at a restaurant and coaching for a total of about 70 hours per week, so his plan needed to be efficient. The other is that he only had a board to climb on the entire time, and not that much other equipment. He made some mistakes along the way and suffered some consequences, and he’ll tell you all about what he learned in this episode. I think anyone listening to this episode will learn a few things about proper training tactics, whether you have similar constraints or not.   Episode Details What he did (and is doing) to train for his 5.14b project this summer What went wrong How

Bear Hunting Magazine Podcast


The Big Announcement

Clay Newcomb and Kolby Morehead reflect on the last two and half years of the podcast and how it has helped them grow.  They also share some of their standout episodes and guests. Clay makes a BIG announcement.
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The Struggle Climbing Show

The Struggle Climbing Show

Kevin Jorgeson

Elite climber Kevin Jorgeson shares his struggles and breakthroughs in Training, Nutrition, Tactics, and Mental Game. 
You know Kevin from his iconic first free ascent of The Dawn Wall along with Tommy Caldwell, a climb that took over 6 years to put together and is widely known as the most challenging big wall route in the world. Kevin is an incredibly accomplished climber, from dominating comps as a youth to becoming one of the strongest boulderers in the world with sends up to V14, including first ascents on the now classic Buttermilk highballs The Beautiful And The Damned and Ambrosia. In this episode, Kevin shares his struggles and breakthroughs, from being terrified of the height on El Cap, to fear of failure, to recovering from a recent pulley injury. We also dive into his incredibly inspiring work to introduce a million kids to climbing through his non-profit organization called 1Climb, and also his work to open up a world class gym in his h

Hunting Beast Gear Podcast

Hunting Beast Gear - Mario Trafficante

BEAST GEAR was created with the mobile hunter in mind. Whether you are hiking two miles into a remote location, slipping into an overlooked spot or making a move on a buck, every hunter can benefit from a mobile set-up. Dan Infalt and Mario Trafficante Jr. founded BEAST GEAR out of a shared passion for the outdoors, and producing high quality products that will help fellow hunters take their passion to the next level. BEAST GEAR’s mission is to produce the highest quality hunting gear on the market. Lightweight, dependable and built to last for generations, BEAST GEAR wants to ensure the legacy of serious hunters lives on for future generations. This brand has been built on a community of passionate hunters in their pursuit of utilizing the land and outdoors that they love.

Horse Radio Network All Shows Feed

Horse Radio Network, LLC

Canada Horse 39: The Equestrian Image: Body Image Part 1

In this episode Nikki and Nadine are joined by a few special guests in the two part episode discussing Body Image in the equestrian world. In Part 1 they have the pleasure of speaking with friends and fellow maritime equestrians, Holly Chow and Lynn McLean. The four ladies have an honest and candid conversation about what their experience of what impacts body image as an equestrian and the importance of bringing awareness to the diversity of bodies in the equestrian sport that all deserve to be represented and respected. Stay tuned for Part two where the ladies share some person struggles with body image, as well as another special guest who brings an incredible energy to the show and wraps up the first portion of The Equestrian Image Series beautifully! Links  https://bitsnbridles.ca

Ask About Fly Fishing - Podcast

D. Roger Maves

Rangeley Lakes Region of Maine

Bob Romano is an author and fishing camp owner in the Rangeley Lakes region of Maine. Bob loves to examine why we fish while using the rivers, lakes, and streams of Maine’s Great North Woods as his literary canvas. Join us to learn about the places to fish, how to fish them and a bit of history about this historic fishing region.

The 46 of 46 Podcast

James Appleton

105.) Summit Sessions 31: The New 46 Unsupported FKT with Matt Mochella- Part 2

Part 2 of this incredible story of Matt Mochella setting the new unsupported FKT of the 46 High Peaks in the Adirondacks takes us through days 3, 4, and 5. A lot of miles, only a few hours of sleep, hallucinations, and more miles. Here we go!If you missed Part 1, go back and listen to the previous episode and then come back for the conclusion. Unless you want to listen in reverse order on purpose. In that case, Party on, Wayne.Pick up my new 140+ page High Peaks eBook, "From 1-to-46: A Complete Guide to Climbing the 46 High Peaks". Available now at Click on the eBook tab and download to your phone or tablet. Kindle users can download via the Kindle App Store.If you want to support the show and you enjoy what I do with this podcast head over to or visit to pick up a t-shirt, hoodie, hat, sticker, and more. I appreciate all the support.Wa

Horse Wise

Lynn Reardon

Encore interview with Dr. Janet Jones, author of Horse Brain, Human Brain

Episode 69: The Horse Wise Scholars podcast study group holds a special, encore Q&A with Dr. Janet Jones. Dr. Jones is a brain scientist and former professor of cognitive science - as well as a lifelong horsewoman and trainer. In her ground breaking book, Horse Brain, Human Brain, Dr. Jones does an in-depth study of the neuroscience of horsemanship.  She describes the scientific differences between human brains and equine brains —while telling entertaining stories of horse case studies. This book is must read for all students of horsemanship! For more information on Dr. Jones’ work, please visit her website at and for more information on how to join the Horse Wise Scholars study group, please go to
At Horse Wise, I teach people tools so that they can learn how to coach themselves and their horses to progress together a

The Jay Situation


Firearms, lifting, hunting, the NFA world, adventuring, technology, and all kinds of cool stuff! Check out for more!

Luke Dunkin's Low Budget Live

Luke Dunkin

Low Budget Live is an inside look at the lives of professional bass fishermen, the fishing industry, and basically any other topic that may pop up.

The Spring Legion Podcast

Spring Legion Turkey Hunting

Ep 46: Woodsmanship, Turkey Decoys, and Silent Gobblers

As we wrap up preparations for the 2022 NWTF Convention and Sports Show, hosts Hunter Farrior and Austin Sills take a moment to answer a few questions sent in by our listeners via Instagram.  In this episode:  What is Woodsmanship?  Decoys - when and when not to use them.  Determining a turkeys "temp."  Reading song birds before every hunt.How to approach silent gobblers when turkey hunting.  Our Open Season Countdown, brought to you by Open Season Properties: 28 Days     In the market for buying or selling land?  Give either of today's hosts a call, text, or email, and we'll be glad to help!   Hunter Farrior - Realtor, Open Season Properties:  (769) 798-2355  @hunter.farrior  hunterfarriorfb   Austin Sills - Realtor, Open Season Properties:  (601) 672-9113  @sills_springlegion   New Box Call Tees and New Bottomland Badge Snapbacks at Spri

The By Land Podcast

Emory Wanger

An interview-based podcast that explores the world of backpacking and backcountry adventures. I cover topics ranging from thru-hiking and hunting to conservation and personal stories of growth through adventure. Each episode promises to give insight into the various nooks and crannies of the outdoors so you will come away feeling inspired to take the knowledge from each guest and apply them to your own adventures. Welcome to better backpacking!

Ride On with Julie Goodnight

Julie Goodnight

The ”Cinchy” Horse: How It Happens & How to Fix It

This episode is about how to help your "cinchy" horse. This is a horse that's become emotionally reactive to the tightening of the cinch or girth when saddling, and who may act out with dramatic behaviors anywhere from biting to kicking or worse. I'll discuss what "cinchy" behavior is, what causes it and how to find solutions for a happier horse. Want your question answered in What the Hay? Email


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Standing Stone Kennels - You Ask We Answer

Ethan Pippitt

Hunting Stories With Brian Lasley from DT Systems- Dog Training Podcast YAWA Episode 78

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YAWA episode 78 this week is all about hunting stories including the 2021 DT Systems Dream Hunt. Our guest this week is Brian Lasley from DT Systems. He and I have hunted a fair amount over the years and have some pretty cool stories to talk about! Join us grab a drink and enjoy!

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Spit! - Surf Podcast

David Lee Scales and Scott Bass

252 - Spit! April 13, 2022

In today's show Scott and David the hollow shadow of Bells, Apple+'s foray BTS look at the WSL's 2021 season, they do a deep dive into understanding the hard costs of surfboard constructions and Scott regales us with tales from his time as a sailor as Torren Martyn embarks on the high sea. Plus Dukes and Kooks. Enjoy!
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Northwoods Collective

Project Upland, in our continued effort to serve our community in new and innovative ways while seeking to lower the barriers of entry into upland hunting, is pleased to publish PROJECTUPLAND.COM ON THE GO. In order to make our content easier to access in more diverse ways, we now publish audio versions of our growing library of online written content. It is our hope that, by creating a new pathway to access the materials we produce, we strengthen our community and bring it closer together. PROJECTUPLAND.COM ON THE GO is made possible by the good folks at Electronic Shooters Protection (ESP). "Control the Sound" with ESP's custom fit digital hearing protection. Articles narrated by Justin Spencer -

Big Woods Bucks - Deer Hunting -Education & Entertainment

Hal Blood & the Big Woods Bucks Team

096 | “Saving Maine’s deer Wintering Areas (Yards): Preserving Maine's Whitetail Deer Herd for the Next Generation of Whitetail Trackers"

Special guest:  Executive Director of Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine – David Trahan Dave explains the passage and context of LD 404 “An Act to Preserve Deer Habitat” $40 million dollars in direct appropriation Predator control The effect of anti-hunters if not closely monitored Big changes may be coming to Maine’s Any Deer Lottery May generate up to $750,000 extra each year which can be matched federally Everyone agrees we want to do what is best for the deer herd Don’t forget to use the discount code for your onX membership. Go to on and enter discount code bwb for 20% discount. Please keep important feedback. Please use the link below. The Big Woods Team…

The Off Duty On Duty Podcast

Concealed Carry Inc

A podcast that discussed the carrying of a firearm from both the perspective of on duty law enforcement and average concealed carriers outside of law enforcement.

The Prepared Mindset Podcast

Austin Diehl

A podcast for the everyday person, interested in preparation, shooting, planning and gear related to those activities. Features a broad range of topics and discussion points, as well as current events pertaining to being prepared, and the world around you.

The New Hunters Guide

George Konetes, avid hunter of deer, turkeys, ducks, predators, and more.

The New Hunters Guide is a website and podcast dedicated to helping new hunters get started and helping active hunters learn new things. If you have never hunted before, this is the podcast for you. If you are thinking about going after a new type of game, this is the podcast for you. If you have experience and want fast nuggets of insight that took us years to learn, this is the podcast for you. We are here to provide quick, tactical tips, things you can take into the woods tomorrow. We touch on many different kinds of hunting including whitetail deer, spring turkey, fall turkey, pheasant, grouse, dove, waterfowl, coyote, fox, bobcat, small game, crows, woodchucks, and many more. We are your step-by-step guide to help you learn to hunt, learn to hunt new things, and learn to hunt more enjoyably.

Paul Bunyan Country Outdoors

Hubbard Radio Northern Minnesota

Paul Bunyan Country Outdoors features discussion of all things outdoors in the True North. With thousands of lakes and thousands of acres of forest, Paul Bunyan Country is home to some of the best fishing and hunting in North America and you'll hear from the some of the nation's best guides and anglers.

The Handgun Radio Show

Firearms Radio Network

HGR 347 – Five Cheap, Five Expensive

Hello and welcome to Handgun Radio! I’m your host Ryan Michad from the wild woods of Central Maine, and this is your home for all the news, information and discussion in the handgunning world This week, we talk about five cheap guns we want, and five expensive ones we want!!!! Please check out the Patriot … HGR 347 – Five Cheap, Five Expensive Read More »

The Roadman Cycling Podcast

Anthony Walsh

Larry Hagner - The Dad Edge

Larry Hagner is the Founder of The Dad Edge & host of the Dad Edge Podcast. There is an instruction book or manual for some many areas in our lives but being a father isn’t one of them. Larry talks to Anthony about what it means to be a father and how to balance the demands of parenthood while achieving both physical & mental mastery. Using concepts like”fill your own cup first” Larry shares strategies to LIVE LEGENDARY so you’ll look back from your death bed on a life well lived. For coaching inquiries email Support the podcast by buying me a beer & gain access to The Secret Podcast

The Orvis Hunting and Shooting Podcast

The Orvis Company

The Great Debate – Ruger’s Red and Gold Label Shotguns

Rehan Nana of Garmin and Phil Bourjailly of Field & Stream lean into the attributes and drawbacks of Bill Ruger's iconic Red Label Shotgun, and his short lived Gold Label as well. These two guests have hunted and shot both guns extensively, but come to slightly different conclusions about the quality of design, fit, and finish represented by Ruger doubles. A great conversation: two dedicated midwestern shotgunners weighing in on a topic which can be argued indefinitely.

The Inside Line Podcast - Vital MTB

Vital MTB

Vital's B Practice Podcast - Fort William World Cup Downhill

Vital's B Practice podcast continues with a discussion about the last mountain bike World Cup Downhill in Fort William, Scotland. Jason Schroeder and Tanner Stephens get on the line with #USDH shredder, Dakotah Norton, to hear about his race experience and break down the other results of the weekend. The Leogang World Cup DH is next in line June 10 and 11.

Glacier National Park

National Park Service

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

The Hiker Podcast | Day Hiking, Backpacking, Thru Hiking

The Hiker Podcast

Darrah Blackwater | The Hiker Podcast

This week I am excited to have back on the show Runner, Hiker, and Advocate Darrah Blackwater.
Darrah Blackwater is from Farmington, NM and is a citizen of the Navajo Nation. She is a recent graduate of the University of Arizona, where she earned her law degree studying Indigenous law and telecommunications law. In July of 2020 she hiked the 486-mile Colorado Trail to raise awareness about the digital divide in Indigenous communities. Last month she ran to Oak Flat with a group of O'odham and Yaqui runners in solidarity with Apache Stronghold. She lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico on Tewa homelands.
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Determi-Nation Podcast:
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Western Hunter

Western Hunter

EP 25: Jordan Jonas

My guest today is Jordan Jonas the winner of the hit TV show Alone season 6.  Jordan is a hunter and his hunting skills contributed directly to his ability to survive in the Arctic for 77 days.  We talked about behind-the-scenes stuff, dreams, family, hunting and mental preparation.  He is a character, if you have watched the show then you know what I mean.  It is obvious that the guy you saw on TV is the same guy I am talking to…fame hasn’t changed him at all.  Jordan offers survival schools in the Montana backcountry which I just might have to attend.  You can learn more about Jonas from his website

The First Gen Hunter Podcast

Kent Boucher

The First Gen Hunter Podcast is an audio resource which is dedicated to helping new hunters find success in the field. Visit to learn more.


Alpinist Magazine

The Self Motivator: Chantel Astorga

In June 2020, Chantel Astorga soloed Denali’s Cassin Ridge in less than 15 hours, setting a women’s record and making the first known ski descent of the Seattle Ramp during the approach. She recalls one particular moment after skiing through a dangerous icefall and spotting an eagle: “I’ve never seen a large bird in the Alaska Range up that high, and it was thermaling above me, and I had this wonderful sense of peace and calmness… I’d gotten through this thing I was most terrified of, and I did it in as good a style as I could, and as safely as one can do something like that alone.” Today, Astorga makes a living as an avalanche forecaster in Idaho. She received an honorable mention by the Piolets d’Or awards in 2018 for a new route that she completed on Nilkanth (6596m) in India’s Garhwal Range with Anne Gilbert Chase and Jason Thompson. In this episode, she talks with Derek Franz about her early days as a climber when she was rope soloing

Slow Boat Sailing Podcast

Linus Wilson

Australia is Open! COVID Road Trip (part 2 of 2) An RV Adventure by Linus Wilson Ep. 64

Linus Wilson updates us on the Slow Boat's summer plans with Australia's reopening to international tourism starting on February 21, 2022. He also reads the second half of his audiobook of COVID Road Trip: An RV Adventure

Kindle Edition

One man was tired of stay at home orders and government regulation of every aspect of life during the COVID-19 pandemic. He bought a small RV, a teardrop travel trailer, and started exploring the American West. This is the story of his travels in search of freedom and adventure on the open road with his dog Avery. Linus Wilson takes the reader to the American West and Southwest including Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, California, Utah, and Colorado. He hikes to the top of Half-Dome, El Capitan, and the 14er Quandary Peak. He visits the North and So

Group Coalition

Group Coalition: A Firearms Lifestyle Blog

14: Jason Beighley, HK416 Project Lead and Delta Force

On this episode I am talking with someone quite special: Jason Beighley. Jason served in the most elite special operations unit in the US Army, where he took part in the Battle of Mogadishu (Black Hawk Down), and was later project lead for designing the Heckler & Koch HK416.

Jason talks about his service and his work with HK in helping design the 416. Jason is mellow, understated, and a joy to talk to. Sit back, enjoy the episode, and learn a thing or two from an elite soldier.

GroupCoalition.comInstagram: @GroupCoalitionTikTok: @GroupCoalition

2 Guys and a River

Dave Goetz and Steve Mathewson

255: Reflections on a Montana Fly Fishing Trip

It’s September, and often during this month we find a way for our annual Montana fly fishing trip. It was fitting that in a year like 2020, there were some strange moments. In this episode, we discuss a series of “rapid fire” topics from our Montana fly fishing trip in a not-so-rapid-fire manner. One odd …
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Warden's Watch

Wayne Saunders / John Nores

This podcast brings you stories from Game Wardens across the world. Listen to their favorite cases, worst cases, what led them to their career, and what makes their job unique. Hosted by retired game wardens Wayne Saunders and John Nores.

Traditional Bowhunting And Wilderness Podcast

Traditional Bowhunting And Wilderness Podcast

Episode 454 No Reward Without The Risk In Hunting And In Life

Episode 454 No Reward Without The Risk In Hunting And In Life
The post Episode 454 No Reward Without The Risk In Hunting And In Life first appeared on Traditional Bowhunting And Wilderness Podcast.

Bowjunky archery podcast

Bowjunky media

This is not your normal archery podcast... Professional archer and industry insider Greg Poole discusses all things archery and more! Including Tuning, hunting, industry news and tournament results along with anything else interesting that comes up. Greg's experience and perspective will make for some interesting conversations as they each approach the industry very differently.

The Grind Podcast

Muley Freak

The Grind Podcast, hosted by Erik Van Woerkom is a hunting podcast that varies in topics of shooting, bow hunting, ammo, behind the scenes of hunts, and anything else hunting-related.

Eastern Current Saltwater Inshore Fishing Podcast

Judson Brock

The Eastern Current Saltwater Inshore Fishing Podcast is focused on inshore & nearshore saltwater fishing up and down the East Coast and the Gulf Coast! We are passionate about the water, fishing and connecting with other anglers. We share stories, tips, tricks, and techniques. We invite weekly guests on the show from charter boat captains to weekend warriors to bring you the latest action on the water, weekly reports and basically anything else in the world of saltwater fishing worth talking about!

The Broken Arrow Podcast

Schafer Magnant and Chris Sekol

A Traditional Bowhunting Podcast

Wild And Exposed Podcast

Truth and Legend Productions

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]