Simple Farmhouse Life

Lisa Bass

With over ten years experience making a home, author and mom of seven, Lisa Bass, shares her love for from scratch cooking, natural living and all things handmade. As a full-time blogger and homeschooler, Lisa also mixes in a little mom life and business tips.

ClutterBug - Organize, Clean and Transform your Home


House Rules with Myquillyn Smith, The Nester

Myquillyn Smith

No one's born knowing how to style a coffee table, choose a sofa they won't hate tomorrow or pick the perfect rug. Decorating is a skill you can learn, even from a podcast. House Rules  is all about timeless decorating truths that apply to your unique home, style and budget. Learn the rules then break them beautifully.Hosted by New York Times bestselling author, self-proclaimed Imperfectionst and Cozy Minimalist, Myquillyn Smith, The Nester.

The Decluttered Mom Podcast

Diana Rene

Diana Rene teaches busy moms how to declutter their homes, simplify their lives, and gain more time to do what they genuinely love. This podcast is for listening to in 20-minutes or less while you’re decluttering, organizing a space, or doing P.M. pickup. If you’re not sure what that is, you’ll definitely want to keep listening! Of course, you can listen while going for a walk or lying on the couch. Either way, you’ll hear tips and advice to help reduce the overwhelm and make everyday life easier.

Frugal Fit Mom

Frugal Fit Mom

Christine from Frugal Fit Mom is here to share her love of parenting teens, finding the best deals on anything you might want, and health / fitness goals. She discusses finances, budgets, groceries, cooking, parenting, outdoors, fitness, staying healthy, and happy. Join Christine as she interviews moms, entrepreneurs, and women that strive for excellence as they care for themselves, their budgets, families, husbands, and kids. Support this podcast:

Sustainable Minimalists

Stephanie Seferian

Creating eco-minimalist, non-toxic homes (without the extra work). Although minimalism has experienced a rebirth in recent years, the "less is more" movement has been around for centuries. Yet today's minimalist influencers have resurrected minimalism with a decidedly consumerist spin, as modern minimalism is nearly synonymous with decluttering. While there's a lot of chatter about tidying, it's radio silence and crickets when it comes to sustainability.  The result? Aspiring minimalists find themselves on an endless hamster wheel of buying, decluttering, buying more, and purging again. Overemphasizing decluttering and underemphasizing the reasons why we overbuy in the first place is thoroughly inconsistent with slow living as a movement; consumption without intention is terrible for the planet, too.  Your host, Stephanie Seferian, is a stay-at-home/podcast-from-home mom and author who believes that minimalism, eco-friendliness, and non-toxic living are intrinsically intertwined. She's here to explore the topics of conscious consumerism, sustainability, and environmentally-friendly parenting practices with like-minded women; she's here, too, to show you how to curate eco-friendly, decluttered homes (without the extra work). 

The Beet: A Podcast For Plant Lovers

Epic Gardening

The Beet started as the Epic Gardening Podcast, but has grown into a one-stop shop for plant lovers. Five days a week, we explore topics ranging from beginner gardening tips to in-depth discussions with industry and science experts. Here, we’ll open up new gardening horizons, inspire you to greater heights, share new and exciting discoveries in agriculture, and fill your mind with freshly-harvested information you can apply to your own gardening journey!

Frugal Friends Podcast

Jen Smith & Jill Sirianni with iHeartPodcasts

Controlling your spending is hard to do. On every episode of Frugal Friends, we'll try to help you gain a little more control on one aspect of the countless directions your money is being pulled toward through frugality and a few laughs. If you're trying to save money, spend less, adopt minimalism, pay off debt or reach financial independence, we think you'll like the show.

The joe gardener Show - Organic Gardening - Vegetable Gardening - Expert Garden Advice From Joe Lamp'l

Joe Lamp'l

This podcast is devoted to all things gardening. National gardening television host, Joe Lamp'l, guides you through each episode with practical tips and information to help you become a better, smarter gardener, no matter where you are on your journey. This series has a strong emphasis on organic gardening and growing food, but covers a diverse range of topics from one of the country's most informed and leading gardening personalities today.

Roots and Refuge Podcast

Jessica Sowards

Hey there, darling! My name is Jess. There was a time that all I wanted in the world was a little farm where I could raise my family and grow our food. Now, that's exactly what exists outside my door. In watching it unfold, a new dream was formed in my heart – to share this beautiful life with others and teach them the lessons we've learned along the way. Welcome to the Roots and Refuge podcast, friend. I am so glad you're here.

Honey I'm Homemaker

Megan Fox and Jayna Burkholder

Join Megan and Jayna, a Mennonite cousin duo as they chat all things homemaking and motherhood. Their prayer is that this podcast brings you some food for thought or at the very least, some companionship as you wash dishes, fold laundry, or miracle of miracles . . . have a solo drive in your car! Support this podcast:

Pioneering Today

Melissa K Norris

Pioneering Today is all about getting back to basics, simple living, and self-sufficiency with old-fashioned skills and wisdom in a modern world. With heirloom gardening, canning, preserving the harvest, from scratch cooking, raising your own food, including livestock (backyard chickens, pigs, and cattle), natural medicine, herbs, DIY like soap making along with living a simple self-sufficient life, no matter where you live. Hosted by 5th generation homesteader, Melissa K. Norris, author of The Made-from-Scratch Life. This podcast brings you the conversation from and The Pioneering Today Academy, with Q&A's, teaching, tutorials, and always giving you practical ways and tips to live the simple and self-sufficient life.

The Good Dirt: Sustainability Explained

Lady Farmer

Start living more sustainably. The Good Dirt podcast explores all aspects of a sustainable lifestyle with healthy soil as the touchpoint and metaphor for the healing of our relationship with the planet. Mother & daughter team Mary & Emma bring you weekly interviews with farmers, artists, authors, and leaders in the regenerative and sustainable living space.

Pantry Chat - Homesteading Family

Homesteading Family

What if you could have a healthier, more secure lifestyle with greater sustainability and self-sufficiency for you, your family and your community? That’s what Homesteading Family is all about. Carolyn and Josh have taken their popular YouTube series, “Pantry Chat” and turned it into a podcast so you can discover how to take the leap from a “normal” life to a homestead life, filled with meaning, beauty and freedom. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the city or the country, if you’ve ever wanted to explore the homesteading life, this is your chance to learn how to do it in less time with fewer bumps in the road. It’s like sitting down with a cup of coffee with friends. Round up your cast iron pans and mason jars and start listening!

Best to the Nest with Margery & Elizabeth

myTalk 107.1 | Hubbard Radio

When Elizabeth Ries and Margery Punnett hosted a myTalk 107.1 radio show together, they joked that their most personal conversations happened during the commercial breaks. During one of these pauses, Margery shared an important family principle: bringing your best self to your home. Being an urban farmer with a flock of chickens, Elizabeth quipped, "Bring your best to the nest!" The outside world shouldn't get the smiling happy version of you while your family gets the crabby and exhausted one. On "Best To The Nest," Margery & Elizabeth explore the simple concept of creating strong, comforting, beautiful nests that prepare us to fly.

Clean With Me

Raani Starnes and Jessica Gutierrez

Cleaning motivation and entertainment as you trudge through those mundane household chores. Get productive as as an understanding host talks you through cleaning each area of your home, keeping you focused and on task. Whether you need to tackle some deep cleaning, speed clean in preparation for guests, or just get caught up on dishes, we have episodes to guide you through virtually every situation. Season 1 was Raani, Season 2 was her daughter, Jessica, and in subsequent seasons the two hosts alternate and occasionally record together. This unique cleaning podcast will revolutionize your cleaning routine! New episodes on Mondays and Wednesdays. Find out how to access additional episodes by visiting the following link: This show is part of the Spreaker Prime Network, if you are interested in advertising on this podcast, contact us at

A Beautiful Mess Podcast

Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman

Elsie + Emma are sisters and co-founders of the top DIY blog — A Beautiful Mess. They have written over seven thousand blog posts, so it seemed like a good time to start a podcast! The sisters have a lot to say on everything from home and DIY to family life and business. Visit for show notes.

You Bet Your Garden

Lehigh Valley Public Media

“You Bet Your Garden” touted as an hour of “chemical-free horticultural hijinks,” is a weekly, nationally syndicated broadcast hosted by Mike McGrath. It is produced in the studios of PBS39 in Bethlehem, PA. This weekly call-in program offers ‘fiercely organic’ advice to gardeners far and wide.

Homemaker Chic

Angela Reed & Shaye Elliott

Rescuing the art of homemaking from the daily grind with red lips (and no jumpers).

The Money Pit Home Improvement Podcast

Tom Kraeutler & Leslie Segrete

Does your home ever feel like “a Money Pit?”  It doesn’t have to be that way!  We’re Tom Kraeutler and Leslie Segrete, hosts of The Money Pit Podcast. For us, a money pit is not a disaster – it’s a home you love! Whether you’re dealing with a repair or dreaming about a reno, consider us your coach, helper or home improvement therapist for all things remodeling, decor or fix up! From bathrooms to basements, demolition to décor and gardening to garages, we share non-biased expertise to help you tackle your to-do’s with confidence. Taking care of a home can be a combination of love, pride and heart-stopping fear - but we promise to help you plan, save you money and spare you from snafus. Join us for new episodes every Monday and Thursday, just in time to plan your next home improvement adventure!

Decorating Tips and Tricks

Bespoke FM

Decorating tips and advice to help you create a beautiful home. Listening is like hiring a decorator, but it is free! Free and fun ~ lots of laughs mixed in with practical, useful & stylish decorating advice. Pull up a chair and join us!

Ask Grumpy

Southern Living

Introducing Ask Grumpy, a new podcast featuring Steve Bender, AKA Southern Living’s Grumpy Gardener. For more than 30 years, Grumpy has been sharing advice on what to grow, when to plant, and how to manage just about anything in your garden. Tune in for short episodes every Wednesday and Saturday as Grumpy answers reader questions, solves seasonal conundrums, and provides need-to-know advice for gardeners with his very Grumpy sense of humor. Be sure to follow Ask Grumpy wherever you listen so you don't miss an episode.

Gee Thanks, Just Bought It!

Forever35/Caroline Moss

Ever bought something you loved SO much that you couldn't stop telling everyone about it? Host Caroline Moss invites interesting, smart, and savvy guests to evangelize their favorite buys in the hopes of helping you become a smarter, more informed shopper. From portable phone chargers to candles to linen overalls and everything in between, this is the show where we talk about what WE just bought and what YOU might need to buy next. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

Backyard Gardens - Gardening for everyone

Backyard Gardens TV

Ben Gardner and Batavia have been gardening for over 25 years and we want to pass our knowledge on to you. Backyard Gardens is here for everyone to have fun while learning how to grow more food and flowers in their gardens. Every week we break garden topics down like a compost pile so it is easy to understand. We want you to have the most productive and easy-to-maintain garden so you can spend more time enjoying your space. So let‘s all Learn to Grow and grow for change together.

The Beginner's Garden with Jill McSheehy

Jill McSheehy

Welcome to the Beginner's Garden Podcast! This is the podcast with easy-to-understand resources, tips, and information to help beginning gardeners get the most out of their gardening adventure -- big or small. When I began gardening in 2013, I scoured books and Internet resources to find all the information I could. Although good information was abundant, I had trouble understanding all the gardening lingo and sifting through the information to figure out what would work for me. In this podcast, my aim is to provide helpful information while explaining the gardening lingo as we go. I want to equip YOU to have the best start ever this gardening season!

grow, cook, eat, arrange with Sarah Raven & friends

Sarah Raven

Welcome to grow, cook, eat, arrange, the weekly podcast from gardener, writer, teacher,and cook, Sarah Raven. Over the last two decades, Sarah has led the way by introducing a new kind of productive gardening which places emphasis on intense colour, sophistication, and achievability. Recorded at the beautiful Perch Hill Farm in Sussex, Sarah talks with special guests from across garden design, floristry, food, ecology, conservation, and more. Brimming with top tips and helpful hints, listen and learn how to create your most productive garden ever. You can find out more about the products discussed in each episode or get in touch by visiting the website:

The Dude Grows Show

The Dude Grows Show

The Dude Grows Show brings you grow knowledge, news, and culture. Every episode is packed with information on teaching you how to grow indoors and out.

Growing Joy with Plants - Wellness Rooted in Nature

Maria Failla- Happy Plant Lady and Author of Growing Joy: The Plant Lover's Guide to Cultivating Happiness

The answer to a happier, more connected life could be simpler than you think: learning to care for plants and connect with nature. Houseplants and gardening do more than beautify our homes and lawns - the act of caring for them helps us reduce stress, increase joy and cultivate connections with ourselves, others and the earth. Deep, right? On the Growing Joy Podcast, learn alongside host and author Maria Failla to not only care for plants, but how to simply and affordably use plants to manage your overwhelm, anxiety and stress and live a happier, more connected and calm life. Plant care is self care. Come grow some joy with us. Follow along on socials @bloomandgrowmaria

Garden Basics with Farmer Fred

Fred Hoffman

Tips for beginning and experienced gardeners. New episodes arrive every Friday. Fred Hoffman has been a U.C. Certified Master Gardener since 1982 and writes a weekly garden column for the Lodi News-Sentinel in Lodi, CA. A four-decade fixture in Sacramento radio, he hosted three radio shows for Northern California gardeners and farmers: The KFBK Garden Show, Get Growing with Farmer Fred, and the KSTE Farm Hour. Episode Website:

Grow Weed at Home with Kyle Kushman

Kyle Kushman | Nate Hammer

Welcome to Grow Weed at Home with Kyle Kushman, the ultimate podcast for cannabis enthusiasts and aspiring home growers. Hosted by Kyle, this podcast shares invaluable tips and tricks for successfully growing cannabis at home. With over 30 years of experience and 13 Medical Cannabis Cups, including three High Times Cannabis Cup wins, Kyle is a trusted source, covering topics like setting up a grow room, strain selection, nutrient management, pest control, and maximizing yields. Join Kyle on this educational journey to cultivate top-quality cannabis at home. Stay tuned for the launch!

Seed Talk with Lisa & Layne

Lisa Mason Ziegler & Layne Angelo

Join Lisa Mason Ziegler and Layne Angelo as they discuss all things related to gardening, flower farming, and growing from seed. Lisa brings over two decades of flower farming experience to the conversation, while Layne offers the perspective of an avid home gardener, seed starter, and engineer. Together, the duo provides an informative and entertaining look into the world of flowers as well as vegetables, bulbs, woodies, and more. From seed starting to harvesting and everything in between, this series is full of practical tips, tricks, and information to get you growing with success.

On The Ledge

Jane Perrone

On The Ledge is a podcast all about indoor gardening - helping you to grow everything from Aloe vera to the ZZ plant.  Presenter Jane Perrone has been nuts about houseplants since she was knee high to a Swiss cheese plant. She quizzes the experts, helps you find cool new stuff to grow and figures out how to fix your plant problems. For more information, email or visit


Angela and Mandi

A podcast for those who are looking to slow down, return to their roots and feel more self-sufficient. Join Mandi Pickering of Wild Oak Farms, and Angela Ferraro-Fanning of Axe & Root Homestead in their new podcast HOMESTEADucation, created by homesteaders for homesteaders. This podcast will explore different facets of homesteading in detail including vegetable gardening, fruit orchard care, animal husbandry, and more. Follow us on Instagram: Angela @axeandroothomestead and Mandi @wildoakfarms

The Poor Prole’s Almanac

The Poor Prole’s Alamanac

Agroecology in a world where everything seems to be getting worse.

Gardeners' Question Time

BBC Radio 4

A panel of horticultural experts answer gardening questions from a live audience. Recorded in a different location each week

Field and Garden with Lisa Mason Ziegler

Lisa Mason Ziegler

Join Lisa Mason Ziegler of The Gardener's Workshop on the Field and Garden Podcast talking flower farming, cut-flower gardening, business, and all things related!

Garden Talk with Mr. Grow It

Mr. Grow It

Interviewing gardeners from all over the world, both beginners and experts, seeking to learn more about what they know about gardening and how they do things in their garden.

Holmes on Homes Podcast

Mike Holmes

Mike Holmes, Professional Contractor and TV Host, returns with Season 3 of his Holmes On Homes Podcast, inviting YOU to listen to in-depth discussions he has with trade experts as part of his own research to help you build a safer, healthier home and environment. Bringing you more expert interviews and answers to homeowners' most asked questions, join Mike as he shares expert tips on electrical safety and avoiding electrical fires. Plus, learn more about what pondscaping is and how it's actually eco-friendly. Mike even talks to experts about nurturing healthy pets. Don't miss this new season!

Gardening Simplified

Newsradio WOOD 1300 and 106.9 FM (WOOD-AM)

Introducing Gardening Simplified, a new radio show and podcast from Proven Winners ColorChoice Shrubs. Hosted by life-long gardeners Rick Vuyst and Stacey Hirvela, the Gardening Simplified show is designed to share our love of plants and gardening. Whatever your skill or experience level, you’ll find something interesting, useful, and just plain fascinating in every episode.

Fig & Farm at Home, Budget Decorating, Decor Tips, Decluttering, Home Styling, DIY Decor

Danielle Watson, Home Decorator, House Decor Coach, Home Styling

Gardening with the RHS

Royal Horticultural Society

'Gardening with the RHS' offers seasonal advice, inspiration and practical solutions to gardening problems. Trusted gardening professionals give you the latest horticultural advice, scientific research and tried and tested techniques to bring out the best in your garden. Topics covered include: growing your own vegetables, flowers, garden design, lawn care and gardening with children. Plus expert masterclasses in topics ranging from cottage garden plants, growing orchids, to pest control and eco-friendly gardening. Plus we’ll have behind the scenes reports from the country’s most prestigious flower shows. There’s something in these podcasts to interest every gardener, whatever your level of expertise. For more info see A Pixiu production.

Joy of Home

Paula Sutton and Susanna Hawkins

Hosted by Paula Sutton (@hillhousevintage) and Susanna Hawkins (@shnordic), The Joy of Home is a podcast featuring stories about the love of home and how people create their own personal inviting spaces. Susanna and Paula will reflect on their own homes and experiences, as well as bring on guests to discuss their Joy of Home as well.

Black in the Garden

Colah B

The podcast that resides at the intersection of Black Culture and horticulture in a world where all the garden fairies and most of the gnomes are white. Hosted by millennial black plant enthusiast and self proclaimed Plantrepreneur, Colah B Tawkin. 'Conversations WILL be had' on a range of topics that directly influence and impact black plant keepers as we blackily impact and influence the world. Follow @blackinthegarden in IG and Tune in weekly! Send any questions, concerns or feedback to Support this podcast:

The Garvey's Gardens Podcast

Sydney Garvey & Audrey Jones

Join Garvey's Gardens' Founder, Sydney, and Marketing Manager, Audrey, as they talk about seasonal flowers, flower farming, running a 100% American-Grown flower shop, interview flower friends, and more! Garvey's Gardens is a flower farm and floral boutique located in Western Colorado that specializes in everyday floral arrangements and full-service wedding flowers.

Talking Gardens

Our Media

If you could create your dream garden from pieces of all of your favourite places, and if you could grow any plants in the world, what would you choose? Who would you have as your imaginary head gardener, or garden designer? In Talking Gardens, the podcast from the team behind Gardens Illustrated, host Stephanie Mahon asks the great and the good of the gardening world to construct their ultimate fantasy growing space. Tune in to hear what Great Dixter’s head gardener Fergus Garrett, world-renowned garden designer Tom Stuart-Smith and garden writer Alice Vincent choose for their dream gardens. Discover why head gardener Troy Scott-Smith is no longer watering the borders at Sissinghurst; why herb expert Jekka McVicar loves a moon gate; and how gardening saved the life of Charlie Harpur, head gardener at Knepp Castle Walled Garden. We also learn what ethnobotanist James Wong’s imaginary Eden would look like, and what garden designer Sarah Price would never allow in her garden. Follow now so you never miss an episode.

The Art of Home: A Podcast for Homemakers

Allison L Weeks

Exploring how homemakers cultivate a place to belong. Seeking to honor and elevate the art of homemaking by highlighting stories of women who have practiced this art over the long haul. Through Homemaker Portraits and Deep Dive episodes on subjects related to keeping the home we hope to encourage listeners to practice their art of making a home with confidence, faithfulness and joy. New episodes every Wednesday.

Teaming With Microbes

Jeff Lowenfels, Jonathan White

A podcast about organic gardening using the soil food web

The Organic Gardening Podcast

Garden Organic

Inspiration to help you garden the organic way, with advice, tips and interviews from the UK's leading organic gardening organisation, Garden Organic. Hosted by Fiona Taylor and Chris Collins.

MAKE SPACE with Cara Newhart // home design & diy

Cara Newhart

Let's create spaces you're obsessed with. 💪 Tune in on Wednesdays for conversations that dive deeper than pin-worthy rooms to tease out the essentials of creating a gorgeous and lived-in home. Host Cara Newhart will help you find your style, , unlock the confidence to transform your home, and learn to tackle home design without intimidation. Seen in the New York Times, on House Beautiful's top 14 design podcasts to listen to, and in Apartment Therapy's 7 Interior Design podcasts you should listen to

Backyard Ecology

Shannon Trimboli

Nature isn’t just “out there” in some pristine or far-off location. It’s all around us, including right outside our doors. Join us as we ignite our curiosity and natural wonder, explore our yards and communities, and improve our local pollinator and wildlife habitat.

The Permaculture Podcast

Scott Mann

Discover the breadth and depth of permaculture through interviews with world-renowned teachers, experts, and authors as well as regional and local practitioners.

Garden Variety

Iowa Public Radio

Whether you're a master gardener, just getting started or somewhere in between - there's always something new to learn in your garden and landscape. On each episode we'll talk with horticulturists, foresters and other experts. We'll learn about vegetable gardens, lawns, native plants, trees and more. Garden Variety is the podcast for all the things you'd like to grow or grow better. Garden Variety is a horticulture podcast from Iowa Public Radio and Iowa State University Extension and Outreach.

Before You Build

Caroline On Design

Whether you’re dreaming of building a custom home in the future or you’re ready to start planning now, this show is for you! The Before You Build Podcast is your one-stop shop for actionable home-building tips and advice as well as tips for designing your dream home so that you feel equipped to design the home of your dreams that makes you (and your wallet) happy for years to come.  We’ll answer all of your burning questions such as: How do I plan for building a custom home? What should I do before building a house? How do I design my new house? What mistakes should I avoid when building a house? How do I create the perfect floor plan for my family? How do I hire a builder? How do I finance my home build? And the biggest question of all, how do I bring my dream home to life without blowing the budget? Well, friends … the answer is in PLANNING for your home build long before you ever break ground. I’m your host, Carrie Barker (aka, Caroline on Design). I designed my own custom home from the ground up, inside and out. Through trial and error (psst … I built pre-Pinterest), I created my absolute dream home that is not only perfect for the way my family lives but also turned out more beautiful than I imagined. The best part … I did this all without blowing the budget and without design regrets.  I cracked the code on how to bring my own dream home vision to life while sticking VERY close to budget and now I’m here to teach you everything I learned along the way so that you, too, end up with that cozy, beautiful home you envision in your head and a mortgage you’re comfy with.  The short, actionable, and bingeable ‘Before You Build’ episodes will prepare YOU for a successful home build with less stress, more confidence, and joy throughout the process. And just so you know … the key to building your dream home close to budget is all in the planning you do BEFORE YOU BUILD! So let’s dive in and get started!

BUILDTank / buildCAST

Robby Schwarz

At BuildTank, a pragmatic building think tank, our mission is to use what we learn applying building science to affect meaningful change in the construction industry. The BUILDCast is the next step. Through conversations, we will learn something new from our guests’ story that could be the catalyst to take sustainable buildings to mainstream building. We will concentrate on the “story”. No two second intro, instead a deep dive into life experiences that create interesting lives and ultimately move our industry forward. Join me and learn something new from each conversation.

Let’s Talk Hoya

Let's Talk Hoya

Ever wished there was a podcast all about Hoya? So have we! Your hosts Lydia, Jessi and Adam talk about their favorite plant genus, Hoya! We’re three best friends who came together through our love for plants. We all love growing and caring for our Hoya and are enthusiastic about learning more about these plants we adore. Join us in this bi-weekly Hoya specific podcast where we dive deeper into Hoya topics, tell our stories, learn together and connect with other Hoya lovers in the plant community!

Real Simple Tips

Real Simple

Real Simple Tips is your daily news update featuring smart, practical solutions for everyday life, from cleaning and organizing to cooking and home decor.

High on Home Grown, The Cannabis Podcast

Percys Grow Room

A Cannabis podcast hosted by a panel of cannabis growers from the UK, USA, Canada and Australia. We bring you weekly cannabis news from around the world, plus grow guides to help you learn to grow your own cannabis and interviews with cannabis experts, authors, celebrities and medical patients. High on Home Grown is informative, funny, and entertaining. If you’re looking for a podcast about cannabis, then you should definitely get High on Home Grown.

Gardeners' Corner

BBC Radio Ulster

The weekly gardening programme for keen gardeners, with the latest advice, news and visits to gardens large and small around the province. Presented by David Maxwell.

Affordable Interior Design by Uploft

Betsy Helmuth

Get fresh tips from the budget decorating guru, Betsy Helmuth. Each episode is packed with secrets the other pros don't want you to know and with answers to your burning design questions.  Betsy is a NY-based designer, owner of Affordable Interior Design, and has been featured on DIY Network, NBC's "Today Show", HGTV, Lifetime, and more. She is the author of the best-selling book, Affordable Interior Design.  Helmuth has shared her affordable design advice and step-by-step approaches with millions through live teaching workshops, her design book, guest columns, television appearances, and interviews. She brings her knowledge to the world of podcasting. The episodes include topics like color palettes, pattern mixing, budget creation, layout maximization, and much more. It’s time to start living in the home of your dreams without maxing out your credit cards. Learn how with Affordable Interior Design!

True Tales From Old Houses

Stacy Grinsfelder

True Tales From Old Houses is a light-hearted, entertaining, and educational show for lovers of old houses and buildings, DIYers, history buffs, and restoration and preservation junkies. Available bi-weekly, host Stacy Grinsfelder shares personal project updates, listener Q & A, and interviews with engaging old house owners, restoration professionals, and craftspeople.

The Daily Gardener

Jennifer Ebeling

The Daily Gardener is a podcast about Garden History and Literature. The podcast celebrates the garden in an "on this day" format and every episode features a Garden Book. Episodes are released M-F.

The Country House Podcast

Hancock Productions

A deep dive into all things Country House with hosts Ben Hancock, Conor Lynch & Geoff Heath-Taylor. 

Plants Grow Here - Horticulture, Landscape Gardening & Ecology

Daniel Fuller

Come along with horticulturist Daniel Fuller as we enter a hidden world of horticultural, ecological and landscape gardening knowledge with featured experts, industry professionals and enthusiasts. We inform and inspire you with weekly episodes to help you become an unstoppable plant whisperer.

The Evergreen Thumb

Erin Landon, WSU Extension Master Gardener Program

Since 1973, WSU Extension Master Gardeners have been developing programs to address the evolving needs of our communities. Each episode, we'll delve into the fascinating world of gardening, exploring a wide range of topics tailored to our unique climate and diverse flora. Whether you're an experienced gardener with a green thumb or a beginner eager to cultivate your own green oasis, this podcast is here to inspire and educate. Join us as we invite expert horticulturists, seasoned Master Gardeners, and passionate plant enthusiasts to share their wisdom, practical tips, and hands-on experiences. We'll cover everything from plant selection and care, sustainable gardening practices, organic pest control, and landscaping design to tackling common challenges specific to our region. Discover the secrets to thriving vegetable gardens, vibrant flower beds, bountiful fruit trees, and breathtaking native plant landscapes. We'll also explore the intersection of gardening and sustainability, discussing topics like permaculture, composting, and water-wise gardening to help you create an environmentally friendly garden that nurtures both you and the ecosystem. So, whether you're tuning in from the urban jungles of Seattle, the rolling hills of Spokane, or anywhere else in the Pacific Northwest, get ready to dig deep, cultivate your knowledge, and connect with a community of fellow gardening enthusiasts.

Untraditionally Traditional: A Millennial Homemaker

Brittany Duncan

Old world, an old soul, green thumb, home cook...these are all phrases I used to describe myself before I came across the term ”homemaker”. On this podcast, I share what I’ve learned through my journey as a home cook, gardener, and keeper of the home, all while maintaining a full-time work schedule.

The Garden Culture Podcast with Bailey Van Tassel

Bailey Van Tassel

The Garden Culture Podcast is more than just a how-to garden podcast, this is a place where we let the garden inspire our lives, as well as get to know incredible people who infuse their own lives with the magic of nature and gardening. Follow along as we talk about what to do in the garden each month and interview interesting people who weave gardening into their lives. Our host, Bailey Van Tassel, is a home gardener and the founder of a national gardening club. Her goal is to get more people gardening, especially in suburbia and small spaces, as she has. Bailey's mission is to make gardening an American pastime and a part of our innate culture. Her hope is to have more families raise their kids with a reverence for nature and an instinct for growing their own food and flowers.

THE INTENTIONAL EDIT PODCAST - Simplify Life - Organization, Decluttering, Home Routines, Family Systems

Lauren White - Coach for Busy Moms, Home Organization & Decluttering Expert, Systems Strategist

Are you tired of doing everything around the house and not having any time to relax or enjoy the little things? Are you looking for an easier way to keep track of activities, carpool schedules and school calendars? Do you wish your house would stay organized, where you didn’t have to clean up rooms full of toys, clutter, and laundry every night? You desire simple systems that make your days easier! If you’re dreaming of how to simplify and not feel overwhelmed with basic household tasks and mom duties all the time, you are in the right place! I’m Lauren from Intentional Edit and I’m happy to have you here! I know all about the struggles of trying to do it all and feel like there isn’t time left over for yourself or anything that you really want to be doing! Working hard and running out of energy midday is exhausting! It doesn’t have to be that way and busy moms really can turn it all around. You deserve to stop the feelings of being overwhelmed, burned out and exhausted by implementing the systems and solutions I use for simplicity in my home and with clients. As a mom, former teacher, turned professional home organizer and lifestyle coach, I’m here to share simple solutions that work for busy families. The Intentional Edit Podcast includes decluttering and purging strategies to eliminate the clutter in your home, easy meal planning, how to manage family schedules, getting kids on board with organizing and so much more! Join me for engaging episodes, Tip Tuesday segments, and guest interviews with organizing, simplification and home experts to make your home and life function and flow. Every episode is designed to help you create systems that remove the overwhelming, unorganized parts of life and allow you to live a life of intention. Finally, declutter, simplify, and organize your home and keep it that way! Learn how to implement systems and routines and take actionable tips and tricks that bring simplicity to your life and home. I’m here to help you say goodbye to overwhelm, chaos and an unorganized lifestyle. Join me for the Intentional Edit Podcast and start living a life that you love! Sign up for Intentional Edit emails here Simplified Home Masterclass - A self-paced program that takes you through every step of decluttering and organizing your home and setting up systems and routines that allow for long term organization and simplicity for everything! Meal Planning - The only meal plan you need to simplify dinners and get dinner on the table most nights. Learn how to make a reusable meal plan and grocery list that is custom to your life. Save time and money with this meal planning system. 1:1 coaching with Lauren – A custom plan just for you! Topics include decluttering, organizing, time management, home routines & systems, daily/weekly schedules and more. Shop My favorite organizing products and Amazon Storefront! Everything is here – Connect with Lauren @intentionaledit on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and TikTok Join the Facebook group for The Intentional Edit Podcast Listeners

Roots and All - Gardening Podcast

Sarah Wilson

Do you want to know how to grow plants and get the best out of your outdoor space? Do you find traditional gardening media baffling and/or boring? Then you’re in the right place, because the Roots and All podcast is here to dig deep into how to create a successful garden. If you want honest information and insider knowledge about how to get results, join irreverent horticulturist Sarah Wilson as she chats to the best people from the world of plants and gardens. Sarah is on a mission to help you create your own beautiful green environment, with a focus on saving resources and working with nature. Don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast to make sure you don’t miss an episode.

Slow Flowers Podcast

Debra Prinzing

The Slow Flowers Podcast is the award-winning, long-running show known as the "Voice of the Slow Flowers Movement." Airing weekly for more than 9 years, we focus on the business of flower farming and floral design through the Slow Flowers sustainability ethos. Listen to a new episode each Wednesday, available for free download here at or on iTunes, Spotify, and other podcast platforms.

Sunny Mary Meadow Podcast

Liz Fiedler

The Sunny Mary Meadow podcast is hosted by Liz Fiedler, a nurse practitioner turned flower farmer in central MN. Learn tips and tricks for growing and selling cut flowers. Located in Zone 4B, the shorter growing season offers some challenges. Her farm, Sunny Mary Meadow ( specializes in bouquet subscriptions, stem bars, and a you pick flower farm experience. Look for the bonus PPP episodes on running a cut flower farm and growing your business. The PPP stands for “peddling perishable products”, which is the signature course for her coaching business, After the unexpected loss of her husband in 2020, she found herself turning to her flowers to get through the grief. She didn't expect her business to explode in the next few years the way it has. Bloom & Grow both flowers and personal empathy as she continues to move forward in life. You can find more information on the Bloom and Grow podcast at

Ask This Old House

This Old House

If you're a fan of Ask This Old House on TV, you’ll love the Ask This Old House podcast. Hosted by This Old House Editor Chris Ermides, you'll hear from home enthusiasts around the country, who ask questions about the toughest projects in their homes. Learn from trusted This Old House experts, including Tom Silva, Richard Trethewey, Jenn Nawada, Heath Eastman, Charlie Silva, Ross Trethewey, Mauro Henrique, and Mark McCullough, who share tips and tricks to help listeners tackle their home improvement projects with confidence.

Organic Gardening For Beginners: Tips To Plan And Grow Your Own Productive Garden

Homegrown Food and Flowers

Organic Gardening For Beginners is a podcast that helps overwhelmed and time-crunched new gardeners start and maintain their own thriving garden.  Join Jessica, owner of Homegrown Food and Flowers and a seasoned gardener with over 20 years of experience, as she shares her tips, resources, and inspiration to help you overcome common barriers to gardening. Get valuable insight on topics like companion planting, seed starting, gardening planning, summer maintenance chores, growing cut flowers, attracting pollinators, and enjoying your garden produce.Whether you're struggling with a lack of time, don’t know what to grow, or are simply overwhelmed with where to start, Jessica will show you how to create a successful garden that fits your lifestyle, budget, and creativity. With a focus on easy, practical tips that you can put into action, this podcast is perfect for anyone who wants to experience the joy and satisfaction of growing their own food and flowers but has questions like these: How do I start a garden? How and when should I start seeds? Which vegetables and flowers should I plant? What is involved in organic gardening? How do I get the most out of my garden space?  If that’s you, then you’re in the right place.  This is your year to get started. So let’s dig in!

Growing Greener

Tom Christopher

Your weekly half-hour program about environmentally informed gardening. Each week we bring you a different expert, a leading voice on gardening in partnership with Nature. Our goal is to make your landscape healthier, more beautiful, more sustainable, and more fun.

From The Stash

From The Stash

Grow talk and then some with your growmies Rob from CLtv, Mr. Grow It, & Pigeons 420!

The Cozy Minimalism Podcast

Angie Kikstra

Welcome to the Cozy Minimalism podcast, a podcast that helps guide you along this path towards minimalism and creating a beautiful home that supports and nurtures you. Using intentional home styling using what you already own and love; We help you create a truly unique space that becomes your place to relax, unwind and recharge. Your home becomes a source of blessings rather than burdens.

Flowers After Hours

Matthew Landers & Joseph Massie

In the world of floristry and horticulture, there are so many wonderful, earnest, heartfelt podcasts … and this is absolutely not one of them. Welcome to Flowers After Hours - in each episode globally renown floral designers, and regionally relevant self proclaimed comedic geniuses, Matthew Landers and Joseph Massie dish the dirt on what it really takes to make it to the top in the flower business - and how to be an absolute glamazon whilst doing so. Famous for telling it like it is, join us for Flowers After Hours whilst Matthew & Joseph share their personal tales, triumphs and tragedies, across floral design, horticulture, business, marketing and lifestyle. Admittedly tongue in cheek, but with a heart of gold, tune into your new favourite design, business and lifestyle podcast. Come for the humour - and stay for the realness.

Green Acres Garden Podcast

Green Acres Nursery & Supply

Green Acres Garden Podcast is the podcast that’ll teach budding gardeners like you to grow your green thumb. But whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned horticulturalist, you’re sure to learn something new. Get to know Kevin and Austin as they have conversations with community gardeners and gurus at Green Acres Nursery & Supply—they'll answer questions you didn't know you had.

Talking Home Renovations with the House Maven

Katharine White MacPhail//Gabl Media

Talking Home Renovations with the House Maven is an educational and entertaining podcast that will ease your fears about home renovations. In this fifth season, architect Katharine MacPhail focuses on old house owners and their home stories. She will continue to interview contractors, vendors, other architects and homeowners, gathering tips and getting answers. The first four seasons are full of information about everything from roofing to foundations, interior and exterior considerations, the emotional side of renovations, how to work with professionals and lots of homeowner stories.

Seeds & Weeds Podcast

Bevin Cohen, Small House Farm

A new podcast from Small House Farm celebrating plants and the people that love them with short, 15-20 minute episodes featuring gardeners, herbalists, farmers, and other groovy plant people!

The Cut Flower Podcast

Roz Chandler

If you love cut flowers you are in the right place. The host Roz Chandler has been a cut flower farmer for nearly ten years and is passionate about helping others to have their own cutting patches. This podcast is for you if:-. You currently grow or want to grow cut flowers for pleasure or profit and be part of a growing community. Your host is passionate about reducing the number of cut flowers travelling many thousands of miles from across the globe and therefore helping to reduce the carbon footprint on our planet for our children and their children. Cut flower guests will join us on this journey. We look forward to welcoming you to our community. We would love you to subscribe to this podcast and join our communities online. We do have two Facebook groups:-For Beginners and those looking to grow for pleasure - those wanting to start flower farming or indeed are flower farmers:-

Growing Cut Flowers

Let's Grow, Girls

Join Flower Friends Nicole and Sarah on their journey to growing beautiful blooms! Interviewing experts, discussing their own successes and failures, and revealing the mysteries behind incredible cut flowers

Gardenerd Tip of the Week

Gardening with

The Gardenerd Tip of the Week is your one-stop shop for organic gardening tips and tidbits. Seasonal, organic, and fun advice for your urban farm, homestead and garden. We cover Sustainable living, vegetable gardening and more. Celebrate your passion for gardening with a sense of humor.

GardenDC: The Podcast about Mid-Atlantic Gardening

Kathy Jentz, Washington Gardener Magazine

GardenDC is the award-winning podcast all about gardening in the greater Washington, DC, and Mid-Atlantic area. Hosted by Kathy Jentz, editor of Washington Gardener Magazine (www. Support this podcast:

Plant School Podcast

Tenney Plants

Ever wanted to get into houseplants, but didn’t know where to start? Whether you have the greeenest of thumbs or have never touched a plant, my goal is to teach you something new without being too overwhelming. Enroll in plant school by listening along as Rachel (BS in Plant Science) teaches about the world of indoor plants! Support this podcast:

American FarmSteadHers~ Your Homesteading & Gardening Podcast

Donna Larson @ Hazel Belle Farm, Jenny Graham @ The GrahamStead Family Farm

Join us, Jenny @ The GrahamStead Family Farm and Donna @ Hazel Belle Farm, to talk about all things homesteading! Are you looking to grow a garden, raise your own meat, or grow your homesteading skills? You can expect a weekly chat with us on all things homesteading. It's our hope that you will be encouraged to grow a little food of your own.

Sachs Realty Podcast

Todd Sachs

Live and pre-recorded episodes from Todd Sachs, Broker and Founder of Sachs Realty. Todd talks about everything real estate; interviewing professionals across a multiple of industries, authors of best selling books, entrepreneurs and other brokers and real estate professionals to bring you up-to-date and relevant information you may want to know. Join us every Tuesday evening from 8-9pm ET for Todd's live broadcast which you can find on Sachs Realty's Podbean Channel, YouTube Channel, or Facebook Page. You can follow Sachs Realty on your favorite social media and podcast channel.

Figuring Out Homestead Life

Figuring Out Homestead Life

Figuring Out Homestead Life is hosted by Virginia (Ginny) White and Allison Lavine-Ziegenhagen. Ginny homesteads on approximately 3 acres in Southern New Hampshire with her husband, Luke. Allison homesteads on her 103 acre farm in the Southern Finger Lakes area of New York with her husband, Randy. Hang out with Ginny and Allison as they discuss their homesteading journeys, laugh a little and learn new things each day! Find each of them on Instagram at @mrs.white_homemade_life and @mrs_ziegenvhinehomestead or @ziegenvinehomestead And also find the video version of the podcast on YouTube!

Claiming Simplicity - Simple Living, Homesteading, Frugal Living, Save Money, Christian Moms, Beginning Homesteader, Intentio

Monica H Baker - Simple Living Coach for Busy Moms, Homesteader

Are you a tired, exhausted, and overwhelmed mom looking to simplify your life? Do you want to get your priorities back in order so you can enjoy a balanced lifestyle? Do you want to have time freedom to create memories and experiences with your family and friends? In this podcast, you will learn how to simplify your lifestyle, reduce expenses and learn ways to balance your values and your time. If you are ready to take back your time to what really matters most, you are going to want to listen to this podcast! Hey Mama! I am Monica H Baker! I am a Jesus lover, wife, mom of 5 kids, grandma, nurse, and homeschool mom. Over 20 years ago, 3 of my kids were 3 years old and under, I was working full-time in accounting and I heard something that CHANGED MY LIFE! I heard that if you compare your values and your time, you would have a clear picture of what is NOT working in your life! I realized that if I was going to put God and family first, I had to stop spending all my time at work. I had to create a plan in order to step into more balance. Together with God and my husband, I created a simplified life plan that allowed me to get out of debt, scale back my career, and still be able to live fruitfully with more purpose and time than ever before and I never looked back! My mission is to help mamas simplify, reduce expenses, and connect their faith! Follow me on instagram-> @claimingsimplicity Email me->

The English Home Podcast

The Chelsea Magazine Company

The English Home podcast celebrates the best of classic English interiors and design. In each episode, Samantha Scott-Jeffries, editor of The English Home magazine talks with leading interiors experts, designers and specialists to discover their style secrets, decorating advice and seasonal inspiration. The English Home podcast is produced by The Chelsea Magazine Company with original music by Laura Ritchie

All Things Gardening Podcast

Mary Williams Engisch, Charlie Nardozzi

Each week, Charlie Nardozzi joins Vermont Public’s Mary Engisch for a conversation about gardening, and to answer your questions about what you're seeing in the natural world.

Plant Daddy Podcast

Plant Daddy Podcast

Your digital plant friends, here to help you take your indoor jungle/desert/bog to the next level since 2019! Plant Daddy Podcast is hosted by Stephen and Matthew, two passionate hobbyists who love sharing plant care experiences and stories that speak to plant parents of all experience levels. Whether you are just starting your houseplant journey or already managing an indoor jungle, we are here to share growing techniques and methods, new and unusual plants, or the background and history of familiar ones. Each host brings different perspectives and tastes in plants, but both have enjoyed the great privilege of learning their own local and online plant communities, and they seek to pay this forward to anyone interested in taking their hobby to the next level. Or just enjoy some geeky banter. Plants are enriching and fun, endlessly rewarding, and Plant Daddy Podcast is excited to be your digital plant friends! This show is part of the Spreaker Prime Network, if you are interested in advertising on this podcast, contact us at

The Homestead Education

Kody Hanner

The Homestead Education Podcast is for homesteaders and homeschoolers who are seeking to continue and advance their passion for a self-sufficient lifestyle. If you are ready to learn, be encouraged, and guided, my podcast can help you (and your kids), grow your own food and grow as a person with a homestead education. Join myself and guests as I share and explore homesteading, homeschooling, and growing as a person centered on the benefits of a homestead education.

Chez Mémé - Travaux & Maison

Myriam Cornu-Nave

✅ Décoration ✅ Construction ✅ Rénovation ✅ Travaux ✅ Immobilier Chez Mémé va vous accompagner sur tous vos projets et vous aider à faire de votre lieu de vie un endroit où vous sentir vraiment VOUS et comme chez vous. 🏡 Maison, appartement, studio, bureau pourquoi pas… on va parler habitat ! Les travaux, ce n’est jamais simple. C’est beaucoup d’énergie. Qu’on fasse tout soi-même ou qu’on fasse tout faire. Mais bien accompagné, on peut y arriver. ✨ C’est l’intention de ce podcast : vous aider à faire rayonner votre intérieur ! Chez Mémé veut aussi vous aider à soigner votre habitat. Alors on va voir comment on peut s’y prendre de façon la plus saine possible. 🍀 Mais aussi la plus « green » possible : 39 % des émissions de gaz à effet de serre proviennent du secteur du bâtiment. On va voir comment on peut essayer de faire notre part pour l’environnement humblement, comme le colibri. On mettra en avant des initiatives « Éco-bâti » mais pas seulement. On va parler beaux matériaux, avec - parfois -  des méthodes un peu « à l’ancienne » pour retrouver charme et qualité. 🌸 Pour se sentir chez soi… comme chez mémé ! ------------- 🍋 À votre tour, aidez Chez Mémé 🎙 1. Laissez 5 étoiles sur Sportify et un avis sur Apple Podcasts ⭐️ 2. Partagez l'épisode que vous avez aimé sur vos réseaux sociaux, par mail ou par sms. 📲 Ces deux petites actions gratuites et rapides donnent un énorme coup de pouce à un podcast naissant, alors immense merci à vous qui nous tendez la main !   Crédit photo jaquette : Anaïs Brebion Photographie.  Crédit musique générique : Valser là-haut, Pascal Lenormand.  Hôte et montage : Myriam Cornu-Nave.  Voix enfants : Calixte et Zian. ♥️

Pro Organizer Bootcamp: Business Strategy for Professional Organizers

Melisa Meral

Pro Organizer Bootcamp™ is THE business strategy podcast for professional home organizers! Hosted by Melisa Meral- this is a no-nonsense guide to growing and scaling your pro organizing company. It's time to take your home organization business to the next level! Whether you're just starting out or you've been decluttering homes professionally for years, each episode provides valuable insights for you to turn your PASSION for organizing into PROFITS. Join our professional organizer community @proorganizerbootcamp + tune in to this weekly podcast, specifically for pro organizers just like you!

The Art of Homemaking

Nessa Black & Shannon Vantrease

Join us as we revive the art of homemaking in the modern age. Exploring what it means to be homemakers in today's society and breathing new life into the role. From gardening to homesteading, cooking wholesome meals to creating a cozy home environment- we discuss it all, and everything in between.  Hosted by Nessa Black and Shannon Vantrease- two best friends, turned sisters, sharing our journeys an ocean apart.

The Going to Seed Podcast

Joseph Lofthouse and Shane Simonsen

Learn how to grow your own genetically diverse, locally adapted vegetable crops. Learn more at Seeds, Courses, Community.

Hand In The Dirt

The Varsity Podcast Network

Hand in the Dirt: A Gardening Podcast About Football

Happy Farmily by Azure Farm

Azure Farm , Annette Thurmon, Jared Thurmon

The Happy Farmily Podcast is dedicated to discussing topics that resonate with anyone looking to live life to the fullest. We come at it from the perspective of Farm, Family, Fun and all things in between. Azure Farm is located just outside the tiny town of Adairsville, Georgia, about an hour north of Atlanta. We moved out here and started our farm in pursuit of a more simple lifestyle. We wanted to get back to the basics. The rat race hustle and bustle was quickly replaced by a love for gardening, harvesting food, quiet evenings with the sounds of crickets, and sunny azure sky days. We hope sharing peeks into our daily lives can inspire you to live more of your life outdoors and to ultimately slow down and enjoy every flavor of life. For our workshops and how-to series - Web - Follow along on IG or TikTok - @azurefarm

Minnesota Gardening Podcast

Brad at

We bring together Upper Midwest gardening enthusiasts who are transitioning to a more sustainable lifestyle to explore eco-friendly landscape and gardening practices, so that we can reduce our chemical use, water use, and create a thriving ecosystem.

HGTV Obsessed


Each week, HGTV Obsessed dives into conversations with HGTV hosts, interior designers, gardeners, home decorators and HGTV editors to share conversation, tips, and advice to help you transform your space into your dream home.Start your free trial of discovery+: Hosted on Acast. See for more information.