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Jen Smith & Jill Sirianni w/ iHeartPodcasts

Paying off $78,000 of Debt | Jen’s Debt Payoff Story

What does it take to pay off a huge debt? How does one stay motivated in paying them? Jen candidly shared her journey of paying off her $78,000 debt in just two years, attached to the harsh realities of rising from it and staying motivated. Paying huge debt may feel unobtainable in just a short amount of time, but with this episode, Jen's story will surely change how you should view your debt.

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ClutterBug Podcast - Organize, Clean and Transform your Home


The 6 Reasons why DECLUTTERING is EXTRA Hard for some People

Do you struggle with decluttering? I talk about the six reasons why decluttering is so hard for some people.  I'm going to encourage you to push through your fears and tackle your clutter!

Simple Farmhouse Life

Lisa Bass

137. Organic Skincare and Why Ingredients Matter | Emilie Toups of Toups and Co Organics

After facing skin issues with her young daughter, Emilie Toups set out to find a cleaner and safer alternative to over-the-counter and even prescription creams.  And thus, Toups and Co Organics was born.  Emilie discovered many alarming ingredients that were having negative effects, both seen and unseen, on her family’s health.  She is bringing her wealth of knowledge and research to the podcast today to share with us why conventional products can be harmful and how using animal fats and other natural ingredients actually nourish your skin while being extremely effective.  If you hope to replace some of the harmful chemicals in your wellness routine with beneficial products, I’m happy to introduce you to Emilie Toups and her amazing business!
In this episode, we cover:

The health issues that got Emilie started on her organic skincare journey

Epic Gardening: Daily Growing Tips and Advice

Kevin Espiritu | Urban Gardener, Hydroponics Enthusiast, Plant Lover

Growing Hydrangeas

Science and flowers are two of my favorite things. Hydrangeas make fun experiments because the color of the flower depends on aluminum uptake which is greatly influenced by the PH of the soil. Blue flowers are formed with high aluminum uptake, where an absence produces pink flowers. My favorite color is periwinkle, so I try to find the middle ground. Connect With Natalie Renee: Natalie is the Epic Executive Assistant here at Epic Gardening. She is a life-long gardener and urban homesteader. We toured Natalie’s yard back in May, take a peep at where she grows about 30% the food she eats: Instagram Linkedin Shop the Store As an exclusive for listeners, use code EPICPODCAST for 5% off your entire first order on our store, featuring our flagship Birdies Raised Beds. These are the original metal raised beds, lasting up to 5-10x longer than wooden beds, are ethically made in Australia, and have a customizable modula

Pioneering Today

Melissa K Norris

Breeding Your Own Meat Birds, Hatcheries & Avian Flu with Tom McMurray

If you're looking to raise meat chickens, the next natural step for us modern-day Pioneers is to consider breeding chickens for a sustainable flock. Join me for this podcast with Tom McMurray from Murray McMurray Hatchery to learn what it takes to successfully breed chickens, as well as tips and tricks if you're considering this option, and how the Avian Flu might effect you. For all of the show notes and links, visit

The joe gardener Show - Organic Gardening - Vegetable Gardening - Expert Garden Advice From Joe Lamp'l

Joe Lamp'l

This podcast is devoted to all things gardening. National gardening television host, Joe Lamp'l, guides you through each episode with practical tips and information to help you become a better, smarter gardener, no matter where you are on your journey. This series has a strong emphasis on organic gardening and growing food, but covers a diverse range of topics from one of the country's most informed and leading gardening personalities today.

The Beginner's Garden with Jill McSheehy

Jill McSheehy

Welcome to the Beginner's Garden Podcast! This is the podcast with easy-to-understand resources, tips, and information to help beginning gardeners get the most out of their gardening adventure -- big or small. When I began gardening in 2013, I scoured books and Internet resources to find all the information I could. Although good information was abundant, I had trouble understanding all the gardening lingo and sifting through the information to figure out what would work for me. In this podcast, my aim is to provide helpful information while explaining the gardening lingo as we go. I want to equip YOU to have the best start ever this gardening season!

Potted Together


Season 4 Finale! Your stories of being a monster plant parent.

Our favorite episodes are when we get to hear your stories about your plant journey and this episode is full of stories about destroying plants. From vacuums to bleach water, we hear the moments that you were a monster plant parent. Thank you all so much for your support and we cant wait to return with season 5 after a short break.
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Pantry Chat - Homesteading Family

Homesteading Family

Backyard (or Homestead) Composting Made Easy

If you’ve been wondering what to do with that constant overflow of kitchen and yard debris that’s left after cooking and pruning … this is the episode for you. In short, you need to compost!In this episode of Pantry Chat, Josh and Carolyn get down and dirty with a short tutorial on the art and science of easy home composting. Grab your shovel (and a cold lemonade), and listen in!In this Episode:Chit Chat: June is the “everything” month!A homesteader’s trick to having a happy marriageHow the pigs are helping the compost heapThe beginning of cheese productionThe dairy class is coming September 1st!How to pressure can beef stewThe first step in composting (not “wear boots”)What can and can’t be compostedA simple explanation of the science behind compostingHow much space you’ll need for compostingHow to build a simple composting spaceWhat italian food has to do with compostingGet yourself a composting thermometer (see link below)Compo

Clean With Me

Jessica Gutierrez

Season2 Episode 57- Clean With Me

20 min speed clean of outer areas

Bloom and Grow Radio

Maria Failla- Plant Lady and Host of Bloom and Grow Radio

Cultivating Curiosity with Plants with Tyler Thrasher

Plant friends, we are diving deep about how and why plants are such a fantastic tool for cultivating curiosity. Beyond making my home look beautiful, the greatest gift plants have given me is reinvigorating my connection with the natural world, and my inner student and child. As kids, we are blessed with this childlike wonder that gets so easy to lose touch with as we grow older, and plants bring that back to us. Our guest, Tyler Thrasher, is just the kind of person to learn how to cultivate curiosity with plants, as he is one of the most innovate, unique plant people hanging out on the internet. So get ready to not just care for your plants today, but to cultivate your own curiosity within you!Join the Bloom and Grow Garden Society!The Bloom and Grow Garden Society is your one-stop shop for plant parenthood growth. When you join, you'll gain full access to the Garden Party Community Platform and App PLUS monthly plan

Plant Daddy Podcast

Plant Daddy Podcast

Episode 141: Air Plants, with Emily Allsop of the Volunteer Park Conservatory

At long last, The Plant Daddies will break their silence… and talk about Air Plants. We've discussed other Bromeliads in the past, so how has it taken this long to cover perhaps the most popular genus?! Perhaps it's because we don't consider ourselves great Air Plant growers, so we brought Tillandsia expert, Emily Allsop from Volunteer Park Conservatory in Seattle, to help! There’s a lot of varying care advice for these, so what does she recommend? What have our experiences and/or struggles been? And what are some ideas for more experienced growers? Then on the After Show, do we feel more compelled to buy plants that contain the names of family and friends? To listen, head over to Patreon - Official Patrons get to listen ad-free with exclusive access to our After Shows! you in the Seattle area? Come see us live at the Volunteer Park Conservatory June 18th

Ask a House Cleaner

Angela Brown the House Cleaning Guru

How to Remove Thick Grease From Cabinets

Here's how to remove thick grease from kitchen cabinets and drawers. This pre-treatment is the best of the #cleancabinets #cleaninghacks because it will preserve the finish and shine of your cupboards without stripping the varnish. We know the fast easy way to clean greasy cabinets includes the drill brush set for the electric drill but this method comes first when everything else fails. Today's Ask a House Cleaner sponsor is Savvy Cleaner Training and certification for house cleaners and maids. ( And your host today is #AngelaBrown Once you know how to clean kitchen cabinets - you can fill in the slow months of your house cleaning business with this upsell. Now, come clean with me.  *** REMOVE THICK GREASE FROM KITCHEN CABINETS CHAPTERS *** 0:00 - How do you get rid of really thick grease on your kitchen cabinets? 0:28 - Is using a drill brush and Murphy Oil Soap the best way to clean cabinets? 0:34 - Wh

Homemaker Chic

Angela Reed & Shaye Elliott

Prepped for DIY, Baby!

Eek - we can't help ourselves.  Give us a glue gun a hammer and we want to make it happen!  Today we're talking home repairs, improvements and DIY.Thank you to our official Season 11 Sponsor American Blossom Linens! / Coupon Code: HOMEMAKERCHIC20 We sleep on American Blossom.   Invest ONCE, enjoy for a lifetime. HOMEMAKERCHIC20 for 20% offWhere We Buy Our Groceries! - Organic/GMO-free co-op foodstuffs delivered to a stop in your neighborhood!Entertain in Style:For clean, refreshing wines: GET a bottle for a penny with your first order! Drink better, not more! This is guilt-free wine, my friends. Paleo, Keto, and diet-friendly. You can get either 3, 6, or 12 bottles delivered to your door monthly. SOME LOVE Chic is made possible by our Patrons.  Enjoy video

On The Ledge

Jane Perrone

Episode 227: houseplants and sustainability part four - Harriets Plants

I visit the nursery of UK houseplant grower Harriet Thompson to find out more about the challenges of growing houseplants sustainably. This episode is sponsored by Soltech Solutions. Check out their range of lights now at and get 15% off with code ONTHELEDGE.

The Decluttered Mom Podcast

Diana Rene

Diana Rene teaches busy moms how to declutter their homes, simplify their lives, and gain more time to do what they genuinely love. This podcast is for listening to in 20-minutes or less while you’re decluttering, organizing a space, or doing P.M. pickup. If you’re not sure what that is, you’ll definitely want to keep listening! Of course, you can listen while going for a walk or lying on the couch. Either way, you’ll hear tips and advice to help reduce the overwhelm and make everyday life easier.

You Bet Your Garden


A Fresher Look: Does rosemary have the power to deter insect pests?

On this "Fresher Look" at an episode of YBYG from last season Mike reveals rosemary's secret potential! Otherwise, its a HYBRID-IZED show, cats and kittens! New Calls! Old Calls! And PLENTY of Mike McGrath to store up til next winter! 

Gee Thanks, Just Bought It!

Forever35/Caroline Moss

Ep 136: Grab Your Moto Razr, It's Kate Steinberg!

TikTok Star Kate Steinberg is here to talk all things Y2K. Amassing over 800k followers on TikTok and an additional 300k on Instagram, Kate has made a name for herself by performing those moments from our teen years that we wish we could erase from our collective memory (think grabbing your fake Coach bag for a night out at Applebees with the girlies and going into Abercrombie and Fitch and asking for…an empty bag). She makes a case for Uggs, and tells a truly hilarious story about working at a tanning salon in 2011.If you aren’t following Kate…uh…Y…2K?Shop our Amazon Storefront: Gee Thanks! appreciates its supporters, especially Alley Peplinski, Becca Sheaffer, Allie Nagy, Angi James, Lindsay Creech and Erin Gibson! Want to hear ad-free episodes earlier than everyone else? Want to support the podcast? Join the Patreon! Sign up:

Sustainable Minimalists

Stephanie Seferian

No Mow May

In my corner of the world trees are budding and flowers are blooming. But leaf blowers are also blowing, and it’s nearly time for that first grass cutting. Enter No Mow May. Lawns that aren’t exactly pristine may indeed get your neighbors’ side-eye, as intentionally not mowing your lawn here in the US is a quietly revolutionary act. But environmental advocates argue that there are many benefits to stepping away from overzealous lawn maintenance, at least for one month. On...
Read More Read More
The post No Mow May appeared first on Sustainable Minimalists.

Garden Basics with Farmer Fred

Fred Hoffman

166 Roses vs Weeds. Transplanting Tips.

Winter rose care season is here for many of us. Besides pruning, weed killing may be on your list of things to do in the rose bed. But before you reach for that spray bottle of weed killer, listen to what Master Rosarian Charlotte Owendyk has to say. Plus, she has alternatives for thwarting weeds among your rose bushes. It’s also the time of year for transplanting many perennials and shrubs. Debbie Flower, our favorite retired college horticulture professor, goes through the how’s and the why’s to transplant successfully. And perhaps to your surprise, she is a fan of using strictly native soil when it comes to transplanting perennials and shrubs. And it has to do with watering. She explains.We’re podcasting from Barking Dog Studios here in the beautiful Abutilon Jungle in Suburban Purgatory, it’s the Garden Basics with Farmer Fred podcast, brought to you today by Smart Pots and Dave Wilson Nursery. And we will do it all in under 30 min

Gardening with the RHS

Royal Horticultural Society

Time-travelling plants

Today we're taking a trip back in time with Dr Chris Thorogood, Head of Science at Oxford Botanic Garden. Enter long-forgotten worlds of the weird and wonderful plants which flourished before, during and after the age of dinosaurs, and discover their descendants that still flourish today. Ferns are among these 'living fossils', and RHS Gardening Advisor James Lawrence shares some favourite varieties to grow in the garden* in discussion with colleagues Nikki Barker and Julie Henderson.
Plus, an alternative look at ancient plants with Sarah Gerrard-Jones, aka The Plant Rescuer. She's built a huge online following charting her journey into rescuing abandoned plants and championing houseplant heirlooms passed down through generations.

Useful links:  ►RHS info on ferns  ►RHS info on houseplants ►When Plants Took Over the Planet: The Amazing Story of Plant Evolution by Chris Thorogood ►The Plant Rescuer – The Book Your Houseplants Want You To

Field & Garden

Lisa Mason Ziegler

#96: Growing Sunflowers with Jonathan Leiss

Talking one of my favorite subjects with Jonathan Leiss of Spring Forth Farm located in Hurdle Mills, North Carolina: sunflowers.
We both agree that sunflowers can be major contributors to the bottom line of most flower-growing operations. 
Jonathan's go-to sunflower is VIncent's Choice with a new addition this year of Premier for its short seed to bloom and shorter height. 
Connect with Jonathan and Megan and learn more about their unique business model in their online course: 
Instagram  Facebook  Website
Jonathan and Megan's online course: The No-Till Micro-Scale Flower Farm  
The Gardener’s Workshop and Flower Farming School Online and the publisher of Farmer-Florist School Online and Florist School Online.  Award-winning Author of Vegetables Love Flowers and Cool Flowers. Watch Lisa’s Story and view her blog Field & Garden. Connect with Lisa on Facebook and Instagram!

The Better Buy

Better Homes & Gardens

The Better Buy, a new podcast from Better Homes & Gardens, explores all things home—from decorating and DIY to renovating and budgeting. Each week, we’ll talk with homeowners from around the country about the highs and lows of home ownership, and share stories, advice, and practical tips you can put to work in your own home. We’re on a mission to inspire and empower you to create your dream home. New episodes every Wednesday!

Decorating Tips and Tricks

Bespoke FM

EXPERT Series - Interview with The Organized Mama

It's amazing how much more you love your home when it's organized. We think it's worth so worth the effort to organize, and today we have an guest who is an expert on organization to share her tips.
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Kelly's crush is the Environmental Work

Gardenerd Tip of the Week

Gardening with

Myths and Solutions with Robert Kourik

This week we chat with a long-time colleague and fellow gardenerd, Robert Kourik.
The post Podcast: Gardening Myths & Solutions with Robert Kourik appeared first on Gardenerd.

Backyard Bounty

Nicole Gennetta

How Beekeeping Connects People and Bees ft Christine Webster of The Peoples Bees

In this week’s Backyard Bounty podcast we join Nicole as she talks with Christine Webster of The Peoples Bees about how beekeeping connects people and bees.What You’ll LearnWhat bees can teach you about community Introspective benefits of beekeepingMeditation, yoga, and bees!Our GuestChristine moved from a third-story apartment living to a home with land, where she caught the Beekeeping bug! Over 3 years she has built on her knowledge of bees and her Beekeeping business. Bees need help, and people need help understanding why. The Peoples Bees can make that connection.Resources & Links MentionedThe Bees People  website, Facebook,  InstagramDreaming the Bee*Denotes affiliate linksYou May Also LikeInformation Overwhelm And The Beekeeping Beginner ft Charlotte of Carolina Honey BeesSupport The ShowYour support helps us continue to provide the best possible episodes!Find video episodes on YouTube

Gardeners' Question Time

BBC Radio 4

A panel of horticultural experts answer gardening questions from a live audience. Recorded in a different location each week

Grow, cook, eat, arrange with Sarah Raven & Arthur Parkinson

Sarah Raven in conversation with Arthur Parkinson

The Regal Beauty of Waterlilies with Linda Smith - Episode 71

In the British Isles we’ve lost 90% of our wetlands in the past 100 years, but designing your garden with pond space opens up the opportunity to bring the regal beauty of Waterlilies into your garden.Waterside Nursery exhibits their extraordinary displays at Chelsea Flower Show, and you’ll struggle to find a greater advocate for the Water Lily than Linda Smith. Arthur chats to Linda this week on the various sizes of Water Lily, how to design your pond to bring them to life, and ways to encourage wildlife to enjoy your garden.In this episode, discover:The inspiration behind the start of Linda’s Water Lily nurseryLinda’s marvellous exhibitions at Chelsea Flower ShowStandout varieties from each size category of WaterliliesDesign advice for tailoring your pond to plants and wildlife alikeOrder Sarah’s book: Arthur’s book: on the Sarah Raven Website:

Growing Cut Flowers

Let's Grow, Girls

Join Flower Friends Nicole and Sarah on their journey to growing beautiful blooms! Interviewing experts, discussing their own successes and failures, and revealing the mysteries behind incredible cut flowers

The Money Pit Home Improvement Podcast

Tom Kraeutler & Leslie Segrete

Deck Design Disasters | 10 Most Hated Cleaning Chores! | Hidden Cost of New Appliances | Ep #2196


Are you ready to add a deck to your backyard for the warmer weather ahead? One simple yet surprisingly simple deck design mistake can lead to a disastrous deck collapse! Find out what’s needed to stay safe and secure.

Spring cleaning is not the most popular project but did you there’s now a Top 10 List for the Most Hated Cleaning Jobs? We’ll share the chores most people would like to avoid.

If you’re ready to shop for new appliances, did you know there are actually TWO price tags you need to consider? We’ll share what second less obvious price tag is all about.

Plus, answers to your home improvement questions:

James from Delaware has a whistling sound coming from his 4-year-old water heater.

Helen in Massachusetts had a plumbing leak in her basement and now wants to know what kind of flooring to

Details Matter, from Jenni Kayne Home

Jenni Kayne

Giving a Space Its Finishing Touches with Jake Arnold

For more on Jake, follow him on Instagram @jakearnold, visit his website to see his work, and get professional interior-design help with the site he co-founded, The Expert.   Explore Jenni Kayne Home, and use promo code DETAILS15 for 15% off your first purchase at Keep up with us on Instagram @jennikaynehome, and send us a message with design questions you want Jenni to answer on an upcoming episode.

Grow Weed at Home with Homegrown Cannabis Co.

Derek LaRose

How to Create Massive Autoflowers or Small Autos for Small Spaces with Revegging

Kronic dives into some seriously amazing gardening techniques for you cultivators at home utilizing Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds. In today's episode learn how Kronic does his reveg technique for creating massive autoflowers or extremely tiny autoflowers to fit small spaces! Feel confident cultivating top quality medication for your own use at home with your preferred cannabis seeds, Autoflowers.

The Two Acre Homestead

The Two Acre Homestead

Welcome to The Two Acre Homestead. Come along with us, Kevin and Lisa, on our journey from a small suburban homestead lifestyle to our new lifestyle homesteading in the rural countryside of Southern Arizona. We'll share with you our tips, tricks, successes and failures from both our past suburban lifestyle to our new rural lifestyle all on The Two Acre Homestead.

The Declutter Hub Podcast

The Declutter Hub

185 10 things to declutter from your living room

Living room, front room, family room, sitting room, den, TV room, lounge - so many different names for what is essentially the same thing. That place to kick back and chill after a busy day. We spend so much time in there so it’s important that it functions well. But sometimes it can become a catch all for lots of random bits and bobs. In this podcast we are chatting through 10 things you can declutter from your living room today! For more show notes go to our Podcast page. If you haven't already, make sure you check out our website The Declutter Hub. We are delighted you're here and can't wait to share all our top tips about decluttering and organising with you. Please feel free to join our Facebook group The Declutter Hub Community and you can find out more about The Declutter Hub membership here.

The Vernacular Life Podcast

Paige at Farmhouse Vernacular

EPISODE 30: What to Do When Your Style Changes

If you can believe it, there once was a time when I thought I was into mid century modern. Yes, me. Miss Drama. Miss Densely Packed Fancy. (Though even when I was in my MOD phase, I still loved color and Gothic details…) So you won’t be surprised when I say that I’ve tried on many style hats over the years! In this episode, you’ll hear: Why a change in your style doesn’t require a complete overhaul immediately How thrifting has helped me experiment with styles without breaking the bank My favorite way to identify your “style” if you aren’t sure what yours is And so much more! For more info and show notes, go to

Garden Talk with Mr. Grow It

Mr. Grow It

Garden Talk - Episode #64 - The Basics Of Aquaponics For Beginners!

In this episode I interview Steve from Potent Ponics. He is an expert in aquaponics and talks to us all about the basics of aquaponics for beginners.Support the show

Plant School Podcast

Tenney Plants

Benefits of Gardening w/ Kids | Ep. 80 (Speckled Bees Podcast)

Today's episode is an interview I did on the Speckled Bees Podcast all about the benefits of gardening with kids and how to start.  I answer the following questions;

What are the benefits of a garden on children?
How can you start a garden with kids?

Thanks for listening!
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The Good Dirt: Sustainable Living Explained

Lady Farmer

95. Consumer Empowerment: Data for Informed Purchasing with Lizzie Horvitz of Finch

Lizzie Horvitz explores the subtleties and nuances of sustainability as she introduces us to Finch, a browser extension that rates products on their environmental and social impact as you shop online. Lizzie started Finch in order to empower customers to make informed, conscious choices as they consider the impact of what they buy. She is hopeful about the ways data and technology can address greenwashing and begin to shift our paradigm of unconscious over consumption.
Influenced by the data she works with at Finch, Lizzie takes a pragmatic approach to sustainability, recognizing that there are no perfect solutions or simple answers when it comes to mitigating climate change, improving welfare for manufacturing workers, or shifting the standards to which we hold our products. She advocates for small, simple steps towards improved buying choices by providing the information that customers

Deep South Homestead

Deep South Homestead with Danny King

A Taste of Life

Have you ever thought about the tastes and smells around you?  Some tastes bring back memories of childhood or special times in your life.  Some smells are a precursor for the taste that follows.  Wanda joins Danny today as they talk about the taste of the foods they grow.  Simply a taste of LIFE.  Podcast Affiliates Green Stalk Vertical Planters : Remington Solar Mini Greenhouse: Growers Solution High Tunnel/ Greenhouse Kits :  promo code Deep South for 10% off My Patriots Supply : Hoss Tools Gardening Supplies:

Garden People

Violetear Studio

Garden People: Clare Foster, Garden writer

My guest is Clare Foster, the Garden Editor at House & Garden magazine in the UK.  Clare is the author of numerous books, including the gorgeous Winter Gardens with photographer Andrew Montgomery. 
Clare’s writing is such a pleasure to read and she has brought me closer to some of my favorite plants and gardens. Join us to hear about Clare’s career as a garden writer and her development as a gardener, as well as some of the principles at play in her own garden, which is an inspiring example of low(ish) input, high reward design from a gardener who has access to some of the most beautiful spaces and guides in the world.
** The first printing of Winter Gardens sold out quickly and a reprint has been ordered, which Clare and Andrew hope to make available by late summer.  You can find links in the show notes to follow them for ordering information.**
Garden People podcast, fr


This Old House

Home in a Kit

Between 1908 and 1940, Sears, Roebuck, and Co. sold 70,000 homes through their catalogs. These were called Kit Homes, and they ranged from simple one-story cottages to elaborate two-story homes with columns and fireplaces. The house arrived in pieces in a boxcar. And they helped spark the first wave of suburbia. Host Kevin O'Connor speaks with Rosemary Thorton, author of The Houses That Sears Built, and Avi Friedman, author of Pre-Fab Living, about this then-groundbreaking concept. How did the kit home answer a booming need for affordable and modern housing? And why did their popularity disappear? And is there a place for a modern kit home today as we face yet another housing crisis?
Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Clear Your Clutter Inside & Out

Julie Coraccio

How to Stop Being Jealous

Do you get jealous often? Would you like to know how to shift your jealousy? Are you on the other end with people constantly being jealous of you? What are the habits of people who don’t get jealous? Learn how-to tips to clear this green-eyed emotional clutter. To learn how Julie can support you: Certified life coach, author & award-winning professional life organizer Julie Coraccio shares steps and tips to support you in creating the life you choose, deserve and desire through decluttering your life, mindfulness and how to organize your life. About Clear Your Clutter Inside & Out Clutter is stuck stagnant energy and prevents you from creating the life you choose, desire and deserve.  We discuss clutter in all its forms: energetic, spiritual, emotional, mental & physical, relationships, health, finances and more.  We share tips and take action steps for clutter free living and how to organize your life and death w

Affordable Interior Design

Betsy Helmuth

Episode 324: Staging to Sell and Rethinking Modern Farmhouse

I shared last week that we sold our house, and we sold for well over the asking price! As a designer, not only have I had amazing home stagers on the podcast but I also study staging a little bit. I dabble, but it is definitely a different skill set than designing. In The Academy, we have an amazing and very successful stager: Ashley Tapley of House Candy Home. She is based in California, but after a one hour Zoom session with her I am convinced that working with her is the reason we got top dollar in one weekend. If you’re looking to sell, definitely look into House Candy Home!   Before getting into the mailbag, I share a few tips about staging a home: [5:36] Clear out your refrigerator and freezer [7:02] Refresh your pillows [8:01] Incorporate plants [9:22] Make it smell good - without trying too hard   This episode, I answer questions about... [12:21] Renovating a house you intend to sell within five years (Kim

The Daily Gardener

Jennifer Ebeling

June 8, 2022 John Evelyn, Sophia of Hanover, Peonies, Sara Paretsky, Take It Outside by Mel Brasier, Garrett Magee, and James DeSantis, and Martha Stewart

Subscribe Apple | Google | Spotify | Stitcher | iHeart   Support The Daily Gardener Buy Me A Coffee    Connect for FREE! The Friday Newsletter |  Daily Gardener Community   Historical Events   1698 On this day, the English writer, landowner, gardener, courtier, and diarist, John Evelyn, went to Deptford to "see how miserably the Czar... left my house after three months [of] making it his Court." Keep in mind John's appreciation for the amount of work a garden requires as I tell you this little story about him. In 1698, John Evelyn had owned his estate for 40 years. Everyone who knew it said it was magnificent - both inside and out. It was decorated to the nines. Of all he had accomplished, John's garden was his pride and joy. That year, the Russian Czar, Peter the Great, brought an entourage of 200 people to E

The Organic Gardening Podcast

Garden Organic

S2 Ep41: April - it's that exciting time again. Join us as we get outside for Springtime growing.

We discuss success with seedlings, growing salads on a patio, and should we call slugs pests?  Plus a visit to a very special healing garden. 

Beekeeping Today Podcast

Jeff Ott, Kim Flottum

Best For Bees with Dr. Erica Shelley (S4, E43)

This week, Kim is back and we talk with Dr. Erica Shelley.  We find out what her research organization, Best For Bees, Ltd. does, and learn about their latest discoveries that will make your bees safer than you can imagine. Best for Bees performs beekeeping field work for honey bee researchers. Their latest project is working with Dr. Peter Kevan in developing equipment that will successfully make api-vectoring a beekeeping tool. Did you know that there are a multitude of soil borne fungi that make their living by eating mites and other tiny soil creatures? This new technology will isolate these soil-borne fungi, then using equipment they have developed, have bees move inert fungi into a beehive (this is the api-vectoring part of the solution), where they will become active in the friendly environment of a hive, then will find and eventually devour varroa mites, without harming the bees, the honey, the wax or the hive in any way

The Art of Homemaking

Nessa Black & Shannon Vantrease

The Art of Homemaking Podcast Trailer

Welcome to the art of homemaking podcast where we are reviving the art of homemaking in the modern age.

On this podcast we will be exploring what it means to be a homemaker in today's society and breathing new life into the role. From gardening to homesteading, cooking wholesome meals to creating a cozy home environment and everything in between.

We are simply two young women with a love for the home, embracing our roles as homemakers and sharing our journeys along the way. We hope that you will join our conversations as we encourage, inspire, and laugh with one another.

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The Coop with Meyer Hatchery

Meyer Hatchery

Meyer Moment: Deviled Egg Day

Let’s take a Meyer Moment to talk about deviled eggs and the day dedicated to their honor, November 2nd. Sure, it seems that there is a day to celebrate nearly everything but this versatile and delicious variation of eggs certainly deserves some recognition!Important Links:Deviled Egg RecipesDeviled Egg Recipes & TipsLast Minute Egg Ideas for Halloween PartyHow to Cook Eggs in a Pressure Cooker

The Simple Garden Life

Simple Garden Life

Growing Vegetables In Straw Bales - How To Grow Vegetables Anywhere

See how easy growing vegetables in straw bales can be! Jim and Mary take you through the steps of setting up a straw bale planter, all while covering how to set your bales up for success with a simple approach that makes it easy and uncomplicated to grow.

Gardening Coast2Coast's Podcast

Gary Pilarchik & CaliKim (Gardening Coast2Coast)

The Gardening Coast2Coast Podcast, with YouTube gardeners Gary (The Rusted Garden Homestead) and CaliKim (CaliKim Garden and Home), helps both new and experienced gardeners from Coast 2 Coast (and all over the world) grow a better garden. CaliKim (west coast - Southern California) & Gary (east coast - Maryland) share garden tips specific to their climates, and general gardening principles that apply to growing your own food no matter where you live. They will teach your how to start seeds indoors, plant, tend, harvest, manage pests & disease, compost and everything else found in the wonderful world of gardening.

Growing Greener

Tom Christopher

Saving Nature One Yard At A Time

If each of us enriched our personal landscape with native plants, making it hospitable to pollinators, birds, and other wildlife, what an immense cumulative impact we would have!  In Saving Nature One Yard At A Time, veteran naturalists and gardeners David Deardorff and Kathryn Wadsworth show us just how we can accomplish that, while also joining together to boost the ecological health of our communities as well.  Framed as a series of stories profiling individual animals and plants, this book is as entertaining as it is informative, and is thoughtfully designed to apply no matter where in the continental United States you happen to garden

Slob Sisters

The Secret Slob

22 for 2022 Mid Year Update

Revisiting our 22 goals set for 2022.  What have we accomplished and what we still have to work towards.  Also, tips on setting and following through with goals.

The Appalachian Homestead

The Appalachian Homestead

Peculiar Appalachia

From unique sayings to strange mountain remedies, this episode covers it all.


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· Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.


Angela and Mandi


Hi you all! While at The Homestead Festival in Columbia, Tennessee- on Rory Feek's Homestead, we were able to sit down with Rory himself and chat with him about his dream of putting on this festival come to life.  It was incredible to hear a little more about the why, and also learn this was the first, but not the last! This episode is proudly sponsored by Tractor Supply. Enjoy! 

MAKE SPACE with Cara Newhart // home design & diy

Cara Newhart

#064: Styling Your Space + Behind the Curtain of Influencing with Kyla Herbes

Today’s episode is going to be windy, so buckle up! I am sitting down with my friend Kyla Herbes from House of Hipsters. Kyla is an incredible designer. She is the queen of evolving and reinventing spaces, rearranging them, and changing things over time. She is also really amazing at thrifting and finding super unique pieces and she has been featured on Apartment Therapy, HuffPost Refinery 29, Style Me Pretty Living, Weekly Magazine, and more. 

Today Kyla and I are sitting down to talk about tips and tricks for styling your space. We also talk about social media inspiration and how the landscape has evolved with both the pandemic and TikTok coming into the picture.  It is a little peek behind the curtain into how home influencers create content and all the changes that have happened through short-form video becoming the new way we get our inspo versus photos. It has changed

Backyard Ecology

Shannon Trimboli

Ask a Bumble Bee: What Flowers Do Bumble Bees Prefer?

I often get asked what people can plant for bees. I can give good general answers to those questions, because we have a good idea of what types of flowers tend to be attractive to bees in general. We can then use that information along with personal observations made by ourselves and others to fairly easy determine what we can plant in a given area for bees in general. However, we still have a lot to learn when it comes to knowing what types of flowers certain types of bees prefer or what we can plant for specific types of bees. This is especially true when it comes to our native bees. Ask a Bumble Bee, is a new community science, or citizen science, project that is striving to answer some of those questions specifically for bumble bees. Finding out what types of flowers bumble bees prefer and what we can plant for them is especially important, because many species of bumble bees appear to be declining in num

Honey Bee Obscura Podcast

Kim Flottum, Jim Tew

Raising Non-Graft Queens (061)

A good rule when raising a few queens is to keep it simple. And not having to graft larvae from one cell to another is as simple as could be. So, how can that be done? The Hopkins method is one way, where you simply put a frame with eggs and larvae in a queenless colony and let them do their thing. You even have some controls of the genetics that way, depending on where that frame comes from. Or you can simply do a split, remove the queen from one or both and get out of the way and let them raise a queen in one or both. Commercial queens are expensive, but it costs to control all the variable costs of a big operation, the drones, the labor and all that. Those costs are passed onto you… plus overnight shipping, usually making it a $60 queen. Using non-graft queens, such as in the Hopkins method, you can depend on the bees knowing what they want, probably better than you do. One thing you do have to control is the timing. You want that new queen

Two Minutes in the Garden: Gardening Tips, Science, Myths

Empress of Dirt

Using Cinnamon in the Garden: Does it Really Work?

It has lots of fans for all sorts of uses in the garden. But do they have a scientific basis or are they just "it worked for me" stories?NEW FROM Empress of Dirt: How To Check If Seeds Are Viable (Home Germination Test)

Black in the Garden

Colah B

Planting Seeds of Resilience with Tabia Lisenbee Parker: Pt. 1

 In this celebratory episode of Black in the Garden we meet the the visionary behind Seeds of Resilience, Tabia Lisenbee Parker. Seeds of Resilience emphasizes the stories of black farmers in Atlanta in a series of short documentaries that brings the experiences of Black agrarians in Atlanta to the forefront.As a gatherer of stories, their new documentary season continues the black oral tradition of telling our stories first hand. We unpack the origin in this part of the conversation and get to know more about Tabia in the next episode.Follow and Support Tabia:Instagram: @capturedbytabiaCAPTUREDBYTABIA Episodes from Season 1 and Season 2 will begin airing  Sunday, May 22 on WABE. View the videos on :Go to Storytelling/Seeds of Resilience.Season 5 proudly sponsored by Atlanta Botanical Garden! Atlanta Botanical Garden | Origami in the Garden ( more about Underg

Into the Garden with Leslie

Leslie Harris

52: The Snow Drop, Emma Biggs on Vegetable Gardening with Kids, Pruning Hydrangea arborescens

A year of Into the Garden with Leslie! That went fast... 
This week I celebrate the early tiny Snow Drop (Galanthus) that is blooming in my garden.  Emma Biggs, who wrote Gardening with Emma: Grow and Have Fun joins me and we discuss her garden, gardening in a small space in Toronto, and her book written at age 15 to get kids into gardening. I finish my Hyrdrangea pruning series with tips on Hydrangea arborescens, and although I have not yet how to avoid the flops with my favorite Annabelle, there is some good pruning information there. 

The Interior Design Podcast


A podcast for the starting designers. Learn from top designers as they walk you through their year one ups, downs, lessons, and mistakes.

Gardening Related

Master Gardener Rebecca Landrum-Rama & Elizabeth Madison, her niece

Starting her first garden, Elizabeth turns to her Master Gardener Aunt Rebecca for help. Loving and lively talks about gardening between an up and coming niece and her experienced gardener Aunt.

Plantrama - plants, landscapes, & bringing nature indoors

Ellen Zachos and C.L. Fornari

Flea Beetles, a Book Review and Houseplants at Summer Camp

Ellen and C.L. talk about a common insect that causes damage in many vegetable gardens: flea beetles. Next they address questions and issues that arise when houseplants have been put outside for the summer, review an inspiring new book, and answer Ryan’s question about possible ground cover crops for weed suppression in flower farms. :28 Plant Noob: Flea beetles   7:37  Eat/Drink/Grow:  So your houseplants are out for Summer Camp 18:12 Book Review:  The Urban Garden 22:12  Love Letters and Questions: From Ryan about weed control in a flower farm.

THE INTENTIONAL EDIT PODCAST - Simplify Life - Organization, Decluttering, Home Routines, Family Systems

Lauren White - Coach for Busy Moms, Home Organization & Decluttering Expert, Systems Strategist

Episode 47 - MANAGING CLUTTER and HOME ORGANIZATION Looks Different as the Stages of Life Change and Why This is GREAT!

The daily struggle is real and can seem more stressful when the stages of life are quickly changing.   Embracing the current season, making the necessary changes, and adapting as needed, makes living in the moment and enjoying the little things more of a reality.  This episode will help you bring simplicity to every phase of life with strategies to be intentional in each season. 
Make sure you subscribe so that you never miss an episode of The Intentional Edit Podcast. 
If you are struggling with daily tasks, clutter, organization, and finding any sort of work/life balance, The Intentional Edit Podcast is for you.  It's time to stop the chaos and create a life you love by implementing systems that put an end to the overwhelming, unorganized parts of life and finally, bring simplicity to your life and home.
Now is the time to say goodby

Organized and Fabulous Mom - Organization made easy for overwhelmed moms Simplified and Fabulous Mom

Jennifer McDaniel | Professional Organizer, Clutter Coach, Capsule Wardrobe Stylist, Home Designer

Are you feeling overwhelmed and defeated by the clutter in your home? Have you lost yourself in motherhood, putting everyone else’s needs ahead of your own? Does meal planning, grocery shopping, and keeping up with dishes, laundry, and housework have you feeling defeated and down? Is your home in a constant state of disarray leaving you feeling guilty and disappointed with all that’s still left to do at the end of the day? Are you so busy focusing on what others need and taking care of everyone else that you go days without showering? Do you feel like you never have the right things to wear, so you just wear whatever is easy and still fits even if you know it’s not flattering on your mom-bod? Do you have a closet full of clothes you never wear, because you don’t know how to dress yourself for mom life, so you let your kids dress better than you do? Are your kids (or your hubby) wearing clothes that are ripped, stained, or just don’t fit, because there’s no system for removing items that no longer work making it impossible to keep up with the laundry? Well, I am here to help! As a mom of 4, I realize how quickly things can get out of control, and how important it is to have systems in place so that when life gets busy, we don’t let it overwhelm us. Let’s dig through the clutter and make space for the things that are really important! It’s time to let go of the things that are holding you back and keeping you from being the mom you’ve always wanted to be! After conquering the clutter and finding freedom from the chaos in my own life, I started helping friends and family, and have since become a professional organizer and capsule wardrobe stylist, and clutter coach! And I am here to teach you everything I know about how to create beauty from the chaos in your mama life! Inside this podcast, I teach you how to simplify, organize, and optimize your home, wardrobe and workload. I will teach you how to make simple changes that have a big impact on how your home functions and how it makes you feel! Share tips and tricks on how to style yourself and your home, get organized with simple systems, and manage the sometimes overwhelming stresses a mama has in her every day life. Getting organized is about decluttering the things that are inessential, finding ways to simplify the process, and making space for the things you really value. You can be stylish, your home environment can be serene, and you won’t have to scream. ❤️ LEARN -> CONNECT ->

Around the House® Home Improvement

Eric Goranson & Caroline Blazovsky

What is coming up on Around the House Show on Saturday! BIG SHOW ahead!

What is coming up on Around the House on Saturday?
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Nature & Nourish with Becky Cole

Becky O Cole

Ode to August-Slow Living & Farm Life in August

Houseplant Homebody

Holly Muenchow

Ep#61: Oxalis- Plant Bio

Looking very similar to a clover or a shamrock, Oxalis definitely has a ton of personality! The foliage folds up at night and moves with the light intensity while also sporting tiny, beautiful flowers.
Go to for more detail and the corresponding blog post!
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A Little Self Reliant

Ashley Constance

In our busy modern world, many people are interested in becoming more self-reliant, but have no idea where to start. Join first-generation homesteader and passionate gardener Ashley Constance for soul-centred and attainable conversations around growing your own food, sustainability, self-sufficiency, and everything in between. Whether you're on a farm in the country or in a house in the city, there is something for everyone in the world of self-reliance.

The Thrift Diving Podcast

Serena Appiah

Inspiring you to decorate, improve, and maintain your home with DIY, without compromising your wallet, the environment, or style.

Hand In The Dirt

The Varsity Podcast Network

Hand In The Dirt | Episode 101

Felder, Surber and Hartzell talk about Valentine's Day, make Super Bowl predictions (Felder wins), talk Sam Mills and argue about The Weather Channel vs National Weather Service. Advice for helping Holly move plus aggressive street nails, does St. Louis suck and Sod vs Seed. Can 1 person sod a lawn? Is straw a deterrent? Airport parking plus a lot of NFL Draft talk!!Rate. Review. Follow.#LETSGROWSee Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

The Funky Farm Girl

Jenny Veleke

85. Ready to Grow

You can find The Funky Farm Girl on Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube. Email me at

The Permaculture Podcast

Scott Mann

Together We Can – Recap and Resources

This episode shares some of what I learned at the Together We Can Conference from Future Harvest on January 13 and 14, 2022. This includes some reflections (or ramblings if you prefer) as they relate to my own experiences and practices, along with people, organizations, and ideas I recommend you connect with or learn more […]
The post Together We Can – Recap and Resources appeared first on The Permaculture Podcast.

At Home with Lauren Keenan | Home, Lifestyle & Interior Design

Lauren Keenan Home

Kitchen & bathroom lighting mistakes to avoid

One thing every home needs is lighting. And like so many things in interior design, it can be about both form and function.We get asked a lot about functional lighting, especially in kitchens and bathrooms. These task areas are high traffic, and getting functional lighting wrong can turn our everyday tasks like cooking, shaving and applying make up into a whole lot more hard work.So in this episode of our award-winning podcast At Home with Lauren Keenan, we share our do’s and don’ts for task lighting and we bring in professional architectural lighting designer Mandi Kontos from Beacon Lighting too.Get in touch if you have a topic you want us to talk about, someone you want us to interview, or an interiors question you want answered on the show.And if you want to hire Lauren as an interior design consultant for your home, visit our website to see her work and to leave a message on the contact page.Read the

Best to the Nest with Margery & Elizabeth

myTalk 107.1 | Hubbard Radio

EP. 288 Best to the Nest: Feel Your Best in the Nest

“True self care is not soft baths and chocolate cake. It is making the choice to build a life you don’t regularly have to escape from.” Dr. Amy Shah – @fastingmd on IG 
And we discuss. And for your reference: 

Fascia roller  
Red Light Therapy  
HealthyLine Mat  

Best to the Nest is our podcast all about creating strong, comfortable, beautiful nests that prepare us to fly. 

Cook Local, Eat Local

David Crowley

Would you like to eat local food more often, but aren’t sure what to do with all of those vegetables you get through a CSA share or at a farmer’s market? The Cook Local, Eat Local podcast is for you! Hosted by food blogger and passionate local foodie David Crowley, this show will give you new vegetable recipe ideas and tips for making the most of your seasonal produce. The first season will follow David through the growing season as he plans what to do with the produce in each CSA share, with the help of guests who are savvy cooks who share the passion for seasonal, sustainable eating. You will also meet other guests who are part of the local food system, including farmers, producers of local food and beverage products, and chefs that lean into farm to table cooking.

Green Acres Garden Podcast

Green Acres Nursery & Supply

It's Grow Time! Summer-Blooming Bulbs

Welcome back! Listen as Kevin talks with our guru Greg about planting summer-blooming bulbs because it's time to plant them. Reap the rewards of planting bulbs now by enjoying the blooms that emerge in summer. Not to mention, the vast variety of bulbs available now allow you to expand your plant palette with unique plants that you may not find in summer.  Get planting tips for success and learn about three local favorite varieties. Green Acres Nursery & SupplyGreen Acres Garden Podcast GroupSign Up for Email Ads and Timely Garden TipsPictured: Liatris spicata

Redemption Permaculture Podcast

Harold Thornbro

Garden Planning and Seed Companies

Topics of Discussion:

Deciding What To Grow Next Year
My Favorite Seed Companies For Organic Heirloom Seeds

What To Plant In Your Garden

Plant What You Like To Eat
Consider What Grows Well In Your USDA Plant Hardiness Zone
Plant What Benefits Your Homestead
Look Through Seed Catalogs For Ideas

How To Choose A Good Organic Seed Business To Purchase From

They Recognize The Importance Of Organic and Heirloom Seeds Usually Expressed In Their Mission Statement
They Have A Good Inventory Of Seeds
Good Customer Support

My Favorite Seed Companies For Organic Heirloom Seeds

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
Seed Savers Exchange
Johnny’s Selected Seeds
Fedco Seeds
High Mowing Organic Seeds
Territorial Seed Company
Southern Exposure Seed Company

Everyday Woodworking

Ricky Fitzpatrick

Benchtop Planer Comparison

Today, we’re looking at…Benchtop Planers! I’m going to really kick the hornet’s nest and look as objectively as I can at some of the most popular “lunchbox” style planers on the market. It’s going to be fun though. So grab a cold one and join us as we do our Benchtop Planer Comparison…right here on Everyday Woodworking.
Today’s Contenders include:

DeWalt DW734
Ridgid R4331
Craftsman CMEW320
Ryobi AP 1305
Delta 22-555
Bauer 1621 E-B


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Garden Variety

Iowa Public Radio

Ch-ch-changes: talking about growth and how landscapes evolve

Just gonna have to be a different plant — Brenton Arboretum's Melissa Burdick discusses the how to deal with the change of the landscape over time.


Kathy Jentz, Washington Gardener Magazine

Annual Combinations

In this episode, we talk with Carrie Engel, Retail Greenhouse Manager at Valley View Farms in Cockeysville, MD, all about annual flower combinations. The plant profile is on the Summer Snowflake and we share what's going on in the garden as well as some upcoming local gardening events.
Show Notes will be posted here on May 3.
>>> Meet Carrie and Kathy in person on Sunday, June 5, 2022, 2-3pm at Valley View Farms in Cockeysville/Hunt Valley (Baltimore), MD, for a "Q&A Book Party". Free to attend. More details:
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If you liked this episode, you may also en

Claiming Simplicity - Simple Living, Homesteading, Gardening, Self Sufficiency, Holistic Home, Natural Alternatives, Reduce E

Monica H Baker - Simplified Living Coach, Homesteader, Gardener

Are you a tired, exhausted, and overwhelmed mom looking to simplify your life? Do you want to get your priorities back in order so you can enjoy a balanced lifestyle? Do you want to have time freedom to create memories and experiences with your family and friends? In this podcast, you will learn how to simplify your lifestyle, reduce expenses and learn ways to balance your values and your time. If you are ready to take back your time to what really matters most, you are going to want to listen to this podcast! Hey Mama! I am Monica H Baker! I am a Jesus lover, wife, mom of 5 kids, grandma, nurse, and homeschool mom. Over 20 years ago, 3 of my kids were 3 years old and under, I was working full-time in accounting and I heard something that CHANGED MY LIFE! I heard that if you compare your values and your time, you would have a clear picture of what is NOT working in your life! I realized that if I was going to put God and family first, I had to stop spending all my time at work. I had to create a plan in order to step into more balance. Together with God and my husband, I created a simplified life plan that allowed me to get out of debt, scale back my career, and still be able to live fruitfully with more purpose and time than ever before and I never looked back! My mission is to help mamas simplify, reduce expenses, and connect their faith! Follow me on instagram-> @claimingsimplicity Email me->

I Am Home podcast

Amy Myers

Three Great Ways to Celebrate Father's Day

Tyler Wisecup is a Brand Manager at Nebraska Furniture Mart. He has more than 10 years of experience in planning, managing, and coordinating public relations, internal marketing, copywriting, communications, and executive account activities. He holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism with a focus in public relations and advertising from the University of Nebraska, Omaha. Becca Sudbeck is the Brand and Creative General Manager at Nebraska Furniture Mart. She has been part of the NFM family since 2001 and has a long history rooted in the home furnishings industry. She holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Renee Quevedo is a Brand Strategist at Nebraska Furniture Mart. Before joining NFM, Renee was a Creative Brand Manager at Four Sisters Boutique and an Associate Creative at Archrival. She holds a bachelor's degree in public relations, advertising, and applied communication from

HGTV Obsessed


Dig It!: Seed Starting

Learn all about seed starting! We're serving up some listener questions around soil, grow lights and the best seeds for fast germination. You’ll also learn when to transplant your veggies and if you should start growing them indoors or outdoors. For more gardening tips, check out HGTV's new podcast Dig It!. Follow wherever you get your podcasts.

The Lawrence Garden Farm

The Lawrence Garden Farm

We share our Garden, Garden Tips, Garden Life and Life experiences, Marriage and Raising Kids

Flower Power Garden Hour

Marlene Simon

Flower Power Garden Hour 135: Listener Q&A

A wide range of topics addressing questions submitted by listeners.  Including: Best time to add fish emulsion to outdoor plants Artichoke issues Soil preparation for tomato planting Using fall leaves and grass clippings as weed cover.  Should it be composted into the soil?  To ask questions for future shows, submit them at: Facebook Instagram email Marlene at Find Marlene over on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook

Gardeners' Corner

BBC Radio Ulster

The weekly gardening programme for keen gardeners, with the latest advice, news and visits to gardens large and small around the province. Presented by David Maxwell.

The Mind Your Home Podcast

Mia Danielle

50 Signs You Have Too Much Stuff

Do you have a clutter problem? If you're not sure how to know if you have too much stuff, here are 50 signs or *symptoms*. Let me know if any of these fit!  Hey! I do have a course called Clutter Cure where I’ve helped hundreds of students to create holistic and clutter-free spaces. You can find a discount for it in my totally free masterclass below :) ? Free Class: The Holistic Clutter-Free Formula? Watch the video on YouTube!? The Clutter-Free Starter KitHaven’t left a review yet? All you have to do is go to, and thanks for your support of this show!For full show notes, click here!

The Art of Home: A Podcast for Homemakers

Allison L Weeks

Homemaking Deep Dive | Organization, Part 2

Part 2 of our organization conversation with Joi Welch. After establishing  the heart behind organization in part 1, we are diving into 3 areas of the home where most of us could use a bit more order and organization; the bathroom, the bedroom/closet and the kitchen.  Resources*May contain Affiliate LinksHomemaking Deep Dive Organization Part 1Free L.I.V.E. Organization WorkbookCompanion Posts on The Art of Home BlogThe Art of Organization: The BathroomConnect with JoiInstagram | @simplyjoifulYouTube | Back to Simple HomeJoi's Homemaker Portrait Episode (Season 1, Ep 3)Leave Us A ReviewLove The Podcast (works on any device)Stay In Touch with The Art of Home Podcast Instagram | Facebook |Pinterest |  Website | Email  Follow The Art of Home on Your Listening AppFollow The Podcast (works on any device)Subscribe to Our The Art of HomeBuy Me a Coffee ☕️Purchase homemaking resources

Organized YOU!

Taylor Vogel | SORT Organization Services

Host Taylor Vogel, Owner and Lead Organizer of SORT Organization Services, helps you tackle the shame, roadblocks, and logistics that prevent you from achieving your organization goals. Get ready to be empowered toward creating spaces and systems that serve YOU! Support this podcast:

Humans Growing Stuff


Summer Bonus Episode: A Clever Plant Worthy of a Wall Mount

Ferns are not only some of the oldest plants on the planet, but they’re also some of the most interesting. The Staghorn Fern, named after its antler-like leaves, is no exception. In our final bonus episode of the summer, discover how it grows and works in colonies and its favorite kind of food. 

For information on how to get your own garden growing this summer, check out the Miracle-Gro Website. Your friends at Miracle-Gro are collaboration partners with iHeart Radio for "Humans Growing Stuff." 

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The Cut Flower Podcast

Roz Chandler

Top tips for a cutting Patch

Our top tips for having your own cutting patch - read from the book Seed To Vase.If you would like more tips do join us on our annual Cut Flower Challenge commencing on the 3rd of February.Sign up here. information here3 FREE MASTERCLASSES - HAVING A CUTTING PATCH.So can we make this year's cutting patch challenge bigger than last year? Over 1700 people signed up for our FREE 3 day Masterclasses IN 2021 and we had a blast.Plus, be in with a chance to WIN some prizes just by taking part!We get started on Thursday 3rd February and continue on the 4th and 7th.You can join the group onFacebook here the 3 days you will learn:1. The top ten annuals to kick off your patchOur head horticulturists will guide you through the maze of different annuals we can grow this year and recommend their top ten.2. The easiest way to plan your plo

KSL Greenhouse

KSL Newsradio

Keeping Your Tomatoes Healthy

"Joy calls in after their tomato plants keep getting the Curly Top virus. Where's it coming from and how should you deal with it? Taun and Dave talk about some ways of taking care of viruses and what other options there may be for tomato plants."

Welcome to The KSL Greenhouse Show! Hosts Maria Shilaos and Taun Beddes tackle your gardening questions, talk plants, and offer tips for an amazing yard. Listen Saturdays 8am to 11am at 1160 AM & 102.7 FM,, or on the KSL Newsradio App. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram at @kslgreenhouse. #KSLGreenhouse 

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Toxin-Free Talk - Detox by Design, Non-Toxic Living, Crunchy Wannabe Moms, Eco-Friendly, Detox My Home

Megan Mikkelsen, MPH - Detox Living Strategist, Non-Toxic Makeup Mentor

Calling all my wannabe crunchy mamas. I remember the overwhelm and the massive stress that came with the realization that my home was full of poisons. I totally freaked out and I headed to the internet just like you did, and I started going down the rabbit hole. I was full of fear, panicked, and totally afraid that I didn’t have the finances to do the massive ditch and switch that I needed to keep my family safe. If you’re ready to save money with healthy non-toxic products, simplify the detox process, and know which cleaning, makeup, and home products are actually save, I’ve got you covered. What’s up, I’m Megan Mikkelsen and my mission is to simplify the detox process for you. If you feel in your heart it’s time to detox your life, home, health, beauty, or motherhood, I have the solutions for you. I’m here to walk you through the non-toxic lifestyle, step-by-step, room-by-room, product-by-product, ingredient-by-ingredient, so that you will know what to do - to make sure that you are thriving in a happy, healthy home. And, I’m going to save you time and money while we do it. Grab that washrag - let’s clean up! Connect with me - Hang with me - Learn with me - Shop toxin-free beauty with me - Shop toxin-free products with me -

Her Holistic Space | Home Organization, Decluttering, Holistic Home Health, Minimalism(ish) & Coaching for Stay-At-Home Moms

Natalie Mel | Pro Organizer, Certified Holistic Health Specialist & Coach

59 // 4 Decluttering Questions to Ask Yourself When Trying To Decide What to Keep and What to Get Rid Of

How much time have you wasted just deciding on what to keep and what to toss? Time is precious. When we finally get around to decluttering, we want to maximize that time as much as possible by actually decluttering, not sitting there wondering if we should keep something or not. Today I'm sharing 4 specific questions to ask yourself that will help you save time on the decision making process.


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Handyman Pros Radio Show

Larry and John

Two professional handymen discuss how you can save time, money, and aggravation on home repair, maintenance, and improvements. Our content addresses common problems and challenges of property ownership. Topics include strategies and techniques for home management, do it yourself (DIY) tips and tricks, home technology, maintenance, real estate investing, and more! We value listener feedback, and welcome the opportunity to answer your questions ( or join our Facebook group at Handyman Pros. More information is available at

True Tales From Old Houses

Stacy Grinsfelder

Amateur Archaeology at The Bog House

In today's episode, you'll meet Melissa & Matt Dunphy. Melissa and Matt are privy diggers, amateur archaeologists, and hosts of The Bog House Podcast. Also, during Q&A, Alex offers some excellent advice about updating the heating and cooling systems in your old house. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS For 10% off The Window Course from Scott Sidler of The Craftsman Blog, use the coupon code truetales. Abatron manufacturers two of Stacy's favorite wood repair products, WoodEpox and LiquidWood. Use the coupon code truetales10 to save 10% off your order from

It's All Clutter

Jes Marcy

Jes Marcy is a Clutter Coach and Advice Columnist who believes that all our clutter is connected (the stuff on the floor, the wonky finances, the difficult relationships) and it's ALL clutter! Her fully integrated approach to dealing with clutter results in the most practical advice woven into mind-blowing ah-ha monents on each episode. And the results speak for themselves. Jes Marcy has helped thousands of clients declutter their homes once and for all and find empowerment in all areas of their lives as a result. If you are looking for something new and different when it comes to clutter, this is the podcast for you!

The Plant Based Podcast

Michael Perry & Ellen Mary

The Plant Based Podcast S6 - News and gossip 10th April 2022

In this weeks episode, hear the latest horticultural news from banning Daffodil planting to decriminalising psychedelic plants. @mrplantgeek and @ellenmarygardening have a gardening gossip chat including Michael missing his garden and speaking at RHS Malvern Spring Festival. This series is sponsored by Vivara UK suppliers of wildlife accessories, food and plants, helping you to create a biodiverse garden. Find them at: Instagram     The Plant Based Podcast:   Instagram Twitter Facebook  Instagram

Hoardganize Podcast

Rachel Seavey

Interview with Elizabeth Nelson cofounder of Children of Hoarders

Hey Collectors! On this podcast I interview Elizabeth Nelson cofounder and speaker for COH Children of Hoarders. Elizabeth shares her experience growing up with a mother who hoarded. We chat about the COH mission, and how I can personally up my game by elevating and validating the children of hoarders that I work with frequently. Links: Facebook group: Sign up for our Keeping it Real Workshop here: Support the Podcast here:

The Grow Guide

The Grow Guide

Spring FINALE with Epic Gardening Founder, Kevin Espiritu Sharing His Easy DIY Projects To Transform Your Garden

It’s our Spring FINALE! Maggie and Dave are buzzing in the studio today as they wrap up the Spring 2022 season. Joining us this week is Epic Gardening founder, Kevin Espiritu, chatting about his various DIY projects that you too can easily build for your garden. Find the full show notes and links to everything discussed on our website. Thank-you to this week's sponsors; House of Anansi Press, HealthiStraw and West Coast Seeds.

Central Texas Gardener

Austin PBS and Central Texas Gardener

Why Trees Matter in Climate Change with Vincent Debrock

In Texas, we want to plant trees in fall to get tree roots established before heat sets again. But, we’re losing acres of trees due to drought in cities that are heating up. ISA Certified Arborist Vincent Debrock explains what you can do right at home to populate a canopy that cools us and nurtures our treasured wildlife. Vincent joins host John Hart Asher, Senior Environmental Designer at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center. Watch the entire program on Central Texas Gardener’s website.

Lovely Homestead

Eva Karpman

Hi! I'm Eva Karpman - your 12 year old host of the Lovely Homestead podcast. Have you ever thought of living a simpler lifestyle? Maybe you wanted to get some chickens? Start a garden? Or possibly you already have a homestead or a farm and just want to learn more! Then you're in the right place, my friend. My dream is to inspire 10 Million people to live a more organic and sustainable lifestyle! On this podcast, I interview various homesteaders, farmers, and those who are striving for that organic life. As well as answering all of the questions you may have along the way. My motto is, "If you dream it, you can do it."

Ask This Old House

This Old House

Replacing Wood Stair Treads

Old houses can be full of surprises, both good and not so great. If you’re lucky, you can stumble upon a good surprise—like original hardwood floors underneath old carpeting. Listen as This Old House Builder Charlie Silva gives tips to homeowners on how to save their original wooden staircase that was ruined by roofing nails and carpeting.
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Rose Chat Podcast

VanCleave Media Group


In this episode, Paul Zimmerman joins us to talk about the garden tours he's leading in 2022 and 2023. England, France, Australia, and New Zealand make the list! These are not your typical garden tours. You'll see beautiful gardens, go behind the scenes to some special places, experience local culture and so much more. Paul's got all the details for you!
Find all the details on the tours on Paul's Website HERE.




Executive Producer & On-Air Personality:
Chris VanCleave -
Creator of the Rose Chat Podcast. Mr. VanCleave is a nationally known rosarian, television personality, speaker, and advocate for the rose.
Content Creator & On-Air Personality:
Teresa Byington -
Co-Host Teresa Byington promotes roses as an integral part

All Things Gardening Podcast

Mary Engisch, Charlie Nardozzi

Your garlic, shallot and onion plants might need protecting from the leek moth

This pest feasts on members of the allium family, like onions, garlic and leeks. The leek moth larvae feed on the plants' foliage and that can affect the plants' growth. They can also get into your garlic bulbs and compromise the storage life of your allium.

Hobby Farms Presents: Growing Good

Hobby Farms

Episode 24: Missy Singer DuMars talks egg CSAs, on-farm dinners, fiber production and more!

Missy Singer DuMars tells us about her 13-acre Crown Hill Farm, outside Buffalo, New York, from the Lake Erie sunset views to her sheep and market gardens. Learn about fiber production, the art of scaling up slowly, and how to choose the best varieties to grow and sell.  Missy has been hosting dinners and events for a few years, and she tells us about the evolution of the events and why it’s important to connect people to the source of their food. Find out about Missy’s Women in Food podcast, highlighting women supporting local food cultures everywhere, grew out of her farm events. Missy shares her favorite recipes to come from her podcast guests. (Don’t listen hungry.) Stay tuned to the end to take Missy’s advice as a business coach for starting your own egg CSA, from “chicken math” to bird health to CSA distribution, because farm-fresh eggs are in demand everywhere. Crown Hill Farm

The Knife Junkie Podcast

Bob "The Knife Junkie" DeMarco

Fixed Blade Fighters - The Knife Junkie Podcast Episode 293

On the mid-week supplemental episode of The Knife Junkie podcast (episode 293), Bob "The Knife Junkie" DeMarco looks at fixed blade fighters. Be sure to check out the show notes at for the list of knives talked about on this episodeBob starts the show with his "pocket check" of knives -- a Spyderco Ulize and the Ribsplitter Draug -- while in Knife Life News, Bob reports on a promising lineup of premium folders from Schrade and Hinderer Knives unveils a new model called Project X.Bob shows off a BBQ Bowie Butcher knife he's making for his brother-in-law, and gives details on a very special knife giveaway on the Feb. 17 edition of "Thursday Night Knives" for Gentleman Junkie supporters on Patreon - Gentleman Junkie GAW Knife – the Collector Knives/Mike Latham Lionsteel Swing-Guard Prototype. And in his "State of the Collection," Bob shows off t

The Definitely Not Simple Life

Angela, Mandi and Renee

All about Pumpkins!

Growing, harvesting, eating, roasting.. today we talked all about pumpkins! Fitting for the time of the year we think. Pumpkins are heavy feeders. It can take months to change the pH in your garden.Want to learn more? Listen in! We thank you! Cheers! Hosts:Angela, Axe & Root HomesteadInstagram @AxeAndRootHomesteadMandi, Wild Oak FarmsInstagram@WildOakFarmsRenee, Mountain Woods FarmInstagram: @MountainWoodsFarmThis episode is sponsored by Mannapro Homestead@mannaprohomestead

The Food Grower Podcast

Chris (Fanfield Farm) & Jack (Jacks Patch)

Mental Health

No special blurb this week, this one is simple and we believe it is important... Three growers talking about mental health... because it should be talked about more!
If you struggle with anything in this podcast then please reach out to someone: one of us, a friend or family member, or one of the amazing organisations that are out there to help.
If you need urgent help then you can get it online from many places including the brilliant charity Mind: (
This is the weekly podcast that talks all things food growing with those doing amazing things from across the UK and the world. Every week we deliver you a podcast that interviews a fantastic food grower that is doing things differently, inspirationally or that has an awesome story to tell.
This is a podcast that will hopefully inspire and inform you whatever experience you have… from aspiring grower, to casual allotmenteer, righ

Self Sufficient Hub Homestead

The Have a go Homesteader

DIY SERIES; Homemade Furniture

Today we are talking about some homemade furniture projects we can attempt even as novice DIYers. We will talk about building cabin beds, tables, wardrobes and more…

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Fix It Home Improvement

Fix It Home Improvement

Replacing Car Tires

This week we talk about replacing car tires. You can subscribe on your favorite podcast app. Check out our home improvement videos on our YouTube channel Fix It Home Improvement. Download our e-books, Home Improvement Solutions : What Every Homeowner Should Know on Amazon. Email us at Follow us on Twitter @fixitpodcast. Follow us on Instagram, Fix It Home Improvement.

Style Matters

Zandra Zuraw

Designing a Life of Riches and Fulfillment with Sean Leffers

My guest this week is sooooo good.  Sean Leffers is a designer working out of Los Angeles and his breadth of knowledge and the insight he has on why style matters and how to make your home sing is truly inspiring.  And he's warm and entertaining and all of those other good things you want from this show.  In our conversation, we talk about art, antiques, storytelling, creativity, disposable decor... we cover so much.  But I'm pretty sure Sean has more to share so I'm guessing we're going to have him on more than once.  Oh, and I haven't even mentioned how gorgeous is work is!  You've got to visit the show notes page for this episode at to see the photos!Cheer UP! PodcastWelcome to the Cheer UP! Podcast – hosted by Kara Hunt. Co-hosted with Cheri Swalwell....Listen on: Apple Podcasts   Spotify

Festool Shop Talk


Festool Shop Talk: Episode 18 Scott Couch

In this episode, Sedge talks shop with Scott Couch from Get off the Couch Design.   
To see Scott's work and catch up on his current builds visit him here:
IG: getoffthecouch_design 

Real Thyme Roots


Life can be complicated but simple living doesn’t have to be. The Real Thyme Roots Podcast wants to help you grow your own food and remedies so you and your loved ones can live a Joybilee life! Author/Herbalist/Blogger/Teacher Chris Dalziel from Joybilee hosts this weekly updated show that covers everything from growing and foraging to cooking and preserving and everything else in between. You’ll learn what you need to know about being self-reliant from Chris, co-host Sarah and an array of expert guests. Are you ready to take your wellness into your own hands? Let Chris and the Joybilee family bring you back to the roots...the Real Thyme Roots!

Talking Home Renovations with the House Maven

Katharine White MacPhail//Gabl Media

Renovation Story- Removing vinyl siding, honoring history, using salvaged materials and Passive Survivability

Architect Wendy Brown talks about her 1894 Italianate house in Western Massachusetts that she and her husband have been working on for 24 years. Should we remove vinyl siding from these old houses once they've been covered and what are the challenges in doing so? What is Passive Survivability?
About our guest:
Wendy Brown is an architect located in western Massachusetts, licensed in Massachusetts and Vermont. She graduated from RPI with a Bachelor of Architecture degree, and a B.S. in Building Sciences.
She got her first job drafting for a construction company during high school, and later worked for that same company after college. As a result, she prefers to use the Design-Build method for projects. Her work is focused on Passive Survivability, making decisions and choosing materials that enable buildings and communities to be more resilient in t

Between Two Aroids

Haylee Grace

A houseplant and Botany podcast. Whether it's talking to experts in their field, talking about basic plant care, or the anatomy of plants! We will cover it all. Support this podcast:

Tending Seeds: Adventures in Gardening, Homesteading, and Herbalism

Sara Schuster

Ep 37 - The Upward Spiral

The podcast is back! Season 3 is here and we're kicking off the new year with a deep dive into some techniques I use for goal setting, with examples related to the farm and homestead. ~*~ Please support the podcast by subscribing, rating, and sharing with a friend or two. Join our Patreon community! @foxandelder on instagram

Where Are We Growing

Where Are We Growing

Episode 4: Reacting to the Vice Documentary

We reacted to the recently released Vice Documentary about the ~~~eLuSiVe pHiLoDeNdRoN sPiRiTuS sAnCti~~~!! Click the link above to watch for yourself. Brandon is reacting blind, but Nicole has seen it before. Laugh along while we poke fun at the ridiculousness that can be the houseplant industry. Note: Due to recording the episode as well as our voices, there is a slight disconnect in the audio levels.FOLLOW USWhere Are We Growing:https://www.WhereAreWeGrowing.buzzsprout.com

Flower Friends

Grow Girl Seattle

Floral Design with Alyssa Lytle

In the Season 1 finale of Flower Friends, Sarah sits down with Alyssa Lytle, whose floral design business Color Theory Design Co. and educational platform Flowering Minds have been hugely inspirational (14:35). Sarah asks how Alyssa got her start in the flower world, how she decided to start her own business, and what it was like to move that business to a new city (twice). This lived experience is pivotal to what Alyssa teaches on Flowering Minds, which covers how she creates florals, but also delves deeply into how she has established a profitable business. In our convo, Alyssa touches on something so important about her desire to start her own business - taking on projects that make sense financially and creatively for her life and her business, connecting with her ideal clients, and building space for family and the important moments in life. She discusses the importance of creating a portfolio in one clear voice - your voice - to attract

The Dirt: the gardening podcast from Grow Your Own magazine

DC Thomson

My wee killed my fruit tree, so always stay hydrated on the plot, says Kevin Wilson

Essex-based gardener Kevin Wilson shares his fruit growing journey, including his biggest achievements and fails on the plot. As well as this, the team talks gardening prescriptions, a campaign to get kids into veggies, and a frog the size of your fingernail!
? The Dirt is sponsored by Gardening Works. Visit for more information on their product range!
? Don’t miss our special offer exclusively for listeners of The Dirt – you can get three issues of Grow Your Own magazine directly to your door for just £12.99 (that’s a saving of 38%) by calling 0800 904 7000 and quoting ‘Grow 2’, or visiting – where you’ll also find the full terms and conditions.
?️ Could you be a future guest star of The Dirt? If you have some funny garden fails or easy growing hacks get in touch on, or say he

My Dream Log Cabin- Log Cabin Construction Discussion and Stories of How Others Achieved The Log Cabin Dream - Tune In to lea

Caribou Creek Log Homes

Have you been dreaming of living in a log home but feel overwhelmed by the variety of choices and abundance of information? You feel confused and unsure of where to start and what steps to take to achieve your log cabin dream! This podcast is for listeners who dream of living in a log cabin and want information, education, and inspiration to help them achieve the log cabin lifestyle! Sponsored by Caribou Creek Log Homes, a handcrafted log home company that has been in business for over 30 years building custom log homes. Hosted by Lindsay Sutherland. Lindsay had a dream of living in a log cabin in the woods. She uprooted her family and moved to North Idaho only to find her dream job at Caribou Creek a year later. Tune in to hear information on log cabin construction styles, log home design, finding the right land, budgeting and cost breakdown discussions, interviews with others who have build their dream home and how they did it. We are here to inspire, educate, inform, and advise people who have been thinking of building their dream log cabin. Thanks for listening! Tags: Log Cabin Construction, Log Home Lifestyle, Mountain Living, Log Home Architecture, Log Home Design, Log Cabin

The Millennial Homemakers™: Interior Decorating, Hostessing, Homemaking, & Lifestyle Tips

Jackie Alexander & Jaclyn Humble

Growing Boldly with Emily Ley

Welcome to the Millennial Homemakers! On this episode, we chat with Emily Ley about her newest book - Growing Boldly!


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The Mom's Organization Motivation Podcast

Paige Killian

Let’s be honest, busy moms of littles can run the world with their magical multitasking abilities, and sometimes they can use some backup! On this podcast Paige Killian, professional organizer, speaker, and mom of two, brings her elementary school teacher knowledge and organization skills to those busy moms. Her tangible advice and simplified 3-step strategy to getting organized in the style that works best for your family is served up in every episode with a side of faith and a mom story or two. Paige celebrates the organization ‘wins’ her clients experience and is there to offer tons of support when they feel defeated. This mom life can be incredible and sometimes completely overwhelming. From a playroom disaster, to a closet explosion, or a mountain of Legos & and an endless pile of mail, Paige will help you get organized in 3 simple steps, because who has time for more than that? So whether you’re a pretty organized person or find yourself riding the hot mess express train in your life, we could all use a healthy dose of organization and a whole lot of motivation! We hope you’ll find that here.

The Food Garden Life Show

Emma Biggs, Steven Biggs

Press Seed and Nut Oils at Home

Make Seed and Nut Oils at HomeOur guest today makes oils from a wide range of nuts and seeds. Bevin Cohen runs Small House Farm in Michigan, where he specializes in oils, seeds, and cosmetics. Home Oil PressingCohen says home oil pressing gives fresh oil with superior flavour to oils that are mass produced.He explains how to press small batches of oil at home. Oil Seeds for Northern GardenersIn this episode, Cohen talks about how to press oil from:FlaxHempWalnutPumpkinBlack currantBorageWatermelon  

The Countryside Hour

BBC Radio Norfolk

Countryside Extra: Chiffchaffs and Little Owls

Chris has some more recordings of his walks out and about on the farm.

Design for a Living with Chelsea Coryell

Design for a Living

Mistakes To Avoid As An Interior Designer Epsiode 89

The current global situation is taking a toll on everyone! Mistakes have a much greater impact on your Interior Design Business.  For Interior Designers, there are new costs to look out for, time management is more important than ever. This week Chelsea shares first-hand experience on what it's been like, what mistakes have been made, how they have been fixed, all to provide you with the best information on what to look out for, and help your clients make the best decision for them.   
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About this podcast: Each week, design coach and mentor Chelsea Coryell talks about the Interior Design business, pulling from her 30+ years of experience in the industry. Join u

The Wayward Homesteaders

Amanda Leggett

Join Mandy and Missy, The Wayward Homesteaders, as they talk about life as entrepreneurs and homeschool parents, as well as growing their homesteads through gardening, raising livestock, and living a self sufficient life. Learn about unschooling, student led learning, herbal remedies, running a small business as a family, and modern pioneering.

Dear DIY Mommy

Christina Dennis

2022 Home Decor Trends that I CAN’T STAND! (and here’s why...)

I'm just going to be honest - there are some 2022 home decor trends that I simply CANNOT get behind. Let me share them with you today and explain exactly why I don't like them at all!

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The Easy Living Yards Podcast

Ben Hale | ecological landscaping, permaculture, native plants

Your Yard is Habitat-ELY111

Show Notes - Your Yard is Habitat - Episode 111 Kara Maynard, Deeply Rooted Landscapes Today I have the pleasure to welcome Kara Maynard of Deeply Rooted Landscapes in Dayton Ohio.  We’re chatting about “Your Yard is Habitat” – how your yard can make an impact and why you should [...]

The Garden Podcast

Royal Horticultural Society

A frond farewell

In the final edition of The Garden Podcast, Chris is joined by garden writer and podcast regular Melissa Mabbitt for a look back at the highlights of the programme in 2020, an extraordinary year in gardening. Including an interview with a new RHS President with perhaps the best name ever; a discussion on garden-making with Rachel de Thame and a celebration of an unsung veg garden hero with food writer Mark Diacono. Plus we talk to a Wisley-based horticulturist who's also called Chris Young about the delights of growing indoor ferns as houseplants.

This is the final programme of the series. Thank you so much for listening, and we hope you'll join us on our main podcast feed – Gardening with the RHS – where we'll continue to feature content from our award-winning magazine for RHS members, The Garden. Please see links in the show notes.

Talking Trees with Davey Tree

The Davey Tree Expert Company

Let's Talk About Roots - Trees with Non-Invasive Roots and Root Pruning

Josh Fritz from Hartney Greymont, a Davey company, in Concord, Massachusetts, shares all you need to know about roots, such as trees you should not plant near the house, trees with non-invasive root systems and root pruning.  In this episode we cover:Willows (0:46)Norway maple (2:09)River birch (3:39)Elms (4:45)Roots affecting sidewalks (5:24)Arborvitae and stewartia (6:22)Planting close to the house (10:30)30 under 30 (11:31)Root pruning (13:08)Snow and storm damage (15:17)Other trees you can plant near the house (18:27)Crabapples (19:41)To learn more about other trees with non-invasive root systems, read our blog, Fruit, Shade and Curbside Trees with Non-Invasive Root Systems. To learn more about girdling roots, watch out YouTube videos on on How to Treat and Remove Tree Girdling Roots and Tree Planting: What are Girdling Roots? To learn about exposed tree roots, read our blog, Are Exposed Tree Roots a

Beekeeping at Five Apple Farm Podcast

Leigh Knott

Bookmark for Bonus episode (97) for Patrons: Thoughts on the Interview

Bonus episode (97) for Patrons: Thoughts on the Interview

A rambling recount of tidbits I took away from the Ang Roell interview and the study results and how it will affect splits in my own beekeeping....but also drawing your attention to bits of info that were small in mention but HUGE in importance. Hope you enjoy. THANK YOU PATRONS!! Leigh

Please check out the PDF " Walk Away Split Recipe & Fact Sheet" available free at for context. Hope you enjoy! Leigh

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All The Dirt Gardening, Sustainability and Food

Steve Wood and Deryn Thorpe

Herbs For Healing Leonie Gully

Leonie Gully discovered the healing power of herbs in search of relief for Fibromyalgia. Today Leonie shares her passion for these marvels of nature by creating healing salves and rubs for a wide range of ailments.

The Garden Log

Ben Dark

How to keep plants alive (and other mysteries)

In this excellent episode Ben finds roses like cats, lawns like dunes and flowers like clothes pegs. Also featuring a few simple tricks to stop things dying.  

Tiny House Conversations

Lucy Lichtenstein

Australian tiny house podcast. Interviews with experienced tiny housers, tiny builders, adventurers and experts in the tiny world, so you can learn how to start, design and build your tiny house and transition into the tiny lifestyle. Walk alongside Lucy Lichtenstein from as she also dives deeper into her own tiny house journey to discover all the details of living tiny. If you're considering this way of life, you'll want to listen in to Tiny House Conversations, so you can create your own path of simplicity, freedom, connection and nature-based living on your own terms.

Plants Grow Here - Horticulture, Landscape Gardening & Ecology

Daniel Fuller

Ep.88 Native pollinator flower preferences - Ben Courtice (ecologist, botanist, bush regenerator)

Ben Courtice is back to talk about pollinator preferences for flowers, with a focus on native insect pollinators. He's an ecologist, botanist and bush regenerator that's done his honours research on the button wrinklewort, an endemic aster in Victoria, and was trying to figure out why they were declining. We discuss floral constancy, density, shape, and a range of other factors that play into successful pollination.EPISODE LINKSFollow Ben on Twitter:'s article on native pollinators and flower preferences:Read Ben's book review of Silent Earth: Averting The Insect Apocalypse, by Dave Goulson: David Harvey on YouTube (Class 01 Reading Marx's Capital Vol I): Bellamy Foster on YouTube (The Return of the Dialectics

Soft Landing

Soft Landing

Pretty Paper

Wallpaper is a great way to add personality and to your space - tune in to find out how to choose the perfect wallpaper for your home.

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Kara Kading

Welcome to Milaeger's!

Every Plant Story | Gabriella Plants

Gabriella Plants

Shane answers your questions! | S2E2

Every Plant Has A Story | The Podcast is where we collect and share and discover the stories, lessons and passion behind the people who are always growing more.

This episode was hosted by Shane Maloy and co-hosted by Zach Herrbach.  This episode was produced by Gabriella Plants.  You can find more information about the podcast at our website;

We'd love to hear from you!  To submit an idea to the show, or to get in touch with Shane or the podcast team, email! :)

Learn more about our family business and order your next house plant online at

The Northern Grower


Listener Questions and Answers

In this bonus episode our host Erin joins us to answer all your cold climate gardening questions. Thanks as always and good luck this season!

Kitty and Kimberly's Podcast

Kitty Cotten, Kimberly O'Malley

YouTuber, Kitty Cotten, and her sister, Kimberly O'Malley, have a podcast sharing their journeys in motherhood, home decor and renovations, capsule wardrobes, simple living and everything in between.

Keep Off The Grass Podcast

Keep Off The Grass

Doctors In The House!

In this episode we sat down to talk with FIVE turfgrass professors and researchers and asked a ton of questions!  It was a pleasure to sit down with; -Dr. Gregg Munshaw, currently working with Mountain View Seeds, formerly at University of Kentucky -Dr. Mike Goatley - Virginia Tech University-Dr. Cale Bigelow - Purdue University-Dr. Jeffrey Beasley -Louisiana State University-Paul Harris -Utah State UniversitySubscribe to Dr. Gregg's YouTube Channel and IG @the_grass_doctorKeep Off The Grass Lawn of the Week is proudly Sponsored by ProPEAT Fertilizers IG:@propeat1Outro music this week is Vans in Japan, by Deep StateJoin us LIVE every Tuesday night on YouTube-jump in the chat, weigh in, and try to get a giveaway!  SUBSCRIBE!!! Follow us on Instagram! Check out our website for more info and The Keep Off The Grass

Get In My Garden

Aaron Moskowitz

Episode #83, Mental Health and Gardening, with Jordan Mara of Mind & Soil

Today we meet Jordan Mara of Mind and Soil. He will discuss his company mission, how gardening can be one of the best activities for our mental health, some of the research into specific soil microbes that help our brains and so much more.
This is a very exciting and inspiring episode, and Jordan shares about following his bliss to start Mind and Soil, details on how to be involved with his free online workshops, and at the end we dive into the four components of attention restoration theory, which I found very interesting!


Send in a voice message:

Simple Living Made Simple Podcast

Stephanie Leaf

27. 5 Things You Can Do Today to Boost Your Self-Sufficiency.

If you are looking for placing to start in your simple living journey, this will help! I cover 5 ways your can start being more self-sufficient and boost your family's food supply starting today.

Being Home With Hunker


Surprising and Delightfully Odd Ways to Keep Houseplants Alive - Minisode

On the Being Home With Hunker podcast host @laurie.gunning.grossman shares four ways to care for your indoor plants that are strange, surprising, unexpected, and a little bit odd. Yet, ultimately, altogether helpful.  There are anxieties about how to take care of indoor plants. And I get it — there’s so much to know. How much light does a plant need? Where to place it in your home? How much water does it need? When do you prune it? When do you fertilize it? When do you repot? I mean, help help! It’s no wonder people are nervous.   If you listen to this podcast, you may have heard me say that for many years, I told myself the story that I don’t know how to take care of plants — until a couple of years ago when I said, no more. I’m no longer telling myself that I’m a plant killer. It was time to step up. So now, I’ve taken on the identity of a person with

Non Toxic Environments Home Health & Wellness

Andrew Pace

Post Pandemic Building and Design Trends

Every year around this time, paint companies and interior design firms start to promote what they call their yearly color and design trends.  I've done these myself over the years, but this particular year is special. Call me optimistic, but I truly believe we are able to start looking at life post pamdemic.  So in this episode, I'll give you my top home design trends that really reflect what we've learned the past two years.   I even talk a little about my own healthy home project in the works. 

Home Show Garden Pros Radio

Home Show Garden Pros Radio

The HomeShow Garden Pros Podcast from 02/12/22 Hour 1

It’s Sherri Harrah from Plants For All Seasons in NW Houston, Texas joining our NEW Co-host, Sandie Moger,  in this HomeShow Gardens Pros Podcast from Hour 1 on 02/12/22 heard live on SportsRadio 610
The post The HomeShow Garden Pros Podcast from 02/12/22 Hour 1 appeared first on HomeShow Garden Pros Radio.

OKA House of Tales


S1E6: Tales of Artistry with Martina Mondadori

In conversation with renowned design journalist Bethan Ryder, Italian-born founder and editor of cult interior design bible, Cabana, explores the importance of artistry, the revival of craft, and how treasures sourced from artisans across the globe inspire her love affair with living well. House of Tales is a curiosity-driven podcast series exploring the remarkable relationships people have with their homes, featuring eight tastemakers and their tales of how they interact with and take inspiration from the places where they live.We’ll be releasing a new episode every two weeks – catch up on the latest below or subscribe on your favourite platform to be the first to know when a new episode launches.About OKAOKA is a British furniture and homeware brand loved by those who want their homes to be a reflection of who they are and what they love. OKA takes a relaxed approach, believing that at home, nothing should be too precious or p


Kathy Jentz, Washington Gardener Magazine

GardenDC is the award-winning podcast all about gardening in the greater Washington, DC, and Mid-Atlantic area. Hosted by Kathy Jentz, editor of Washington Gardener Magazine (www. Support this podcast:

Love Letters, Life and Other Conversations

Jane Webster and Wendy Harrop

Each week Jane Webster and Wendy Harrop use a love letter as a springboard for soulful and rich conversation. What is a love letter? It is a letter, a text, a poem, a direct message, a drawing, a voice message, a watercolor, a recipe, a cup of tea, a smile, a home-baked meal delivered. It's anything that connects us and makes us feel all those messy emotions, that without life would be pretty beige.“What is most personal is most universal.” ~ Carl R. RogersWhat connects them to the letter will undoubtedly connect you as well.

Better Lawns and Gardens

Teresa Watkins

Better Lawns and Gardens host, Teresa Watkins, provides weekly gardening advice, answering your questions on turf, flowers, shrubs, and trees.  Gardening information especially for Northern transplants who want to be Florida gardeners! Topics and interviews include monthly gardening advice on Florida-friendly, low maintenance landscapes, water conservation, landscape design,  themed gardens, new garden books, and colorful plants for sun or shade.  Saturday mornings 7am - 9am EST.  WFLA-AM 540 Call with your questions at 1-888-455-2967 or text 23680. Subscribe to Teresa's free monthly gardening newsletter "In Your Backyard." (   #WFLF #WFLA #FNN #BetterLawns #gardening #Florida #planting #gardeninglife #radio #southflorida #northflorida #centralflorida #tropical #floridalife #photography #SHE #fertilizer #turf #grass #landscaping #fruits #vegetables #Orlando #Sarasota #Miami #FortLauderdale #BLGradio #WRLN #WiOD #BlackKow #SummitResponsibleSolutions #QualityGreenSpecialists

Cottage In The Court

Cottage In The Court

Episode 5 - Seed Starting Tips with Mrs. Know It All

It is time for seeds and Mrs. Know It All shares some experiences as a small grower and trial judge of AAS Seeds. Enjoy this conversation on what are AA Select seeds and more. 
Mrs.Know It All is a much-loved part of a Sunday morning radio show in Zone 6, The Organic Gardener on from 7 - 8:00 am. Her Facebook page, Mrs.Know It All is another popular place to find her and her opinions on all things gardening and a few recipes as well. Click here or here for more details. Look for her information about seeds and how much you will really need - it will save you some money!
This week's seeds of wisdom are from the book, The Gardener Says by Nina Pick. The words were by Anne Wareham.
My first book, The Urban Garden - 101 Ways to Grow Food and Beauty in the City, a collaborative effort with Kathy Jentz, Washington Gardener Magazine is available for pre-order on Amazon. My second book, Black Flora is also

Elsa Billgren och Sofia Wood

Perfect Day Media

282. Att ta fram sitt bästa fest-jag

Det är that time of the year igen, när man förväntas vara rolig på avslutningen, personalfesten följt av ett djupdyk rakt in i midsommar. Kort, intensiv period av festligt mayhem helt enkelt. Men vi har lösningen; gilla läget och omfamna möjligheterna. Vi ger er verktygen du behöver för att vara ditt roligaste jag på midsommar, laga den godaste maten och vinna de roligaste lekarna. Nu bubblar sommarkänslorna. Välkomna!! 

The Little House Living Show


The Little House Living Show is perfect for anyone trying to live a simpler, slower, and more frugal life. We want to encourage you as well as offer helpful frugal living tips, simple living ideas, and ways to live slower in this modern world. Each week you will find a brand new episode related to simpler or more frugal living as well as answers to community questions about the lifestyle and more.

The Cottage Life Podcast


The expert on all things cottage

On the last episode of the season, we chat with a true cottage expert—former editor and publisher of Cottage Life, Penny Caldwell. She shares an insider look into working on the magazine for 18 years, what she’s learned from cottagers, and what makes cottaging in Canada so special. Plus, she answers the most common Q&As we get to the magazine. Also, we’ll revisit an essay about the traditions we form while being a kid at the cottage. Special thanks to:Penny Caldwell, former Cottage Life magazine editor, 2000-2015Articles referenced:“Some things never change” by Kerry MacGregor (Cottage Life magazine, April/May 1993)Connect with Cottage Life:cottagelife.comFacebook: @cottagelifeInstagram: @cottagelifePinterest:  See for privacy and opt-out information.

The Shop Stool Podcast

The Shop Stool Podcast

A podcast for woodworkers and the maker community in general. Hosted by Robin Lewis (RobinLewisMakes), Joey Chalk (KingPost TimberWorks) and Bryan Cush (Sawdust Bureau).

Grow Weed at Home with Homegrown Cannabis Co.

Derek LaRose

Top 5 Terpenes For Pain Management

Kronic dives into the top 5 Terpenes used for Pain Management, their flavors, tastes, and effects, along with giving you all strain suggestions to find these specific terpenes! Manage your pain with Homegrown knowledge in this terpene topic episode!

Making It Grow

Amanda McNulty

Gardening and horticulture news and tips, as well as agricultural information from Amanda McNulty, the host of SCETV's "Making It Grow" and Clemson University Extension Agent. Produced by South Carolina Public Radio.Making It Grow Minutes are produced by South Carolina Public Radio, in partnership with Clemson University's Extension Service.

Healthy Green Homes

EcoParent Inc.

Are you an eco- and health-conscious parent who wants to make positive changes to your home to reduce toxins and your carbon footprint? Then “The Healthy Green Home Podcast” is the podcast for you! Each episode will help you understand how to make environmentally friendly changes to your home without overwhelming you in the process. Your host, Emma Rohmann, brings over 15 years’ experience as an accredited green building consultant and has been helping families reduce toxins in their homes for over 5 years through her business, Green at Home. This podcast will feature expert insights, advice, and strategies to help you create a healthy home - for your family and the planet. Best of all, Emma will help you take the most important information and use it to drive change. And she will do it all without that all-or-nothing judgmental attitude that makes so many people afraid to tackle healthy and green projects at home.

Frost on Flowers

Frost On Flowers

Meet Linda of Fam Flower Farm

In this episode we chat with our friend Linda at Fam Flower Farm in Lisse, Netherlands! Hear how she and her best friend, Marlies, started their beautiful business. Learn how they were determined to create and share beauty through their own families’ farms. (Have you seen their Instagram feed?! Wow.) We loved learning about how they’ve grown their businesses through bulb sales, how they’ve adapted to changes brought on by the pandemic, and how they’ve got their sights on some exciting new projects. Linda’s background in marketing and her work at a tulip hybridizing facility are so fascinating, too. Join us for this light hearted chat between flower-loving entrepreneurial spirits!

First Rung: Reno 101

Stuff Homed

Welcome to the second series of First Rung from Stuff Homed. This year, we're looking at home renovations - how to get started, how to bring your dream designs to life, and how not to blow your budget. Over six half-hour episodes, we talk to builders, serial renovators and first-timers to get their DIY tips - and help you avoid repeating their renovation mistakes.

Chelsea in the Meadow


Welcome to Chelsea in the Meadow. Here we share a passion for gardening in balance with nature. Each week we will discuss a new topic covering a variety of interests, including the science of soil, composting, permaculture, organic growing practices, and so much more. Whether you are a gardening fanatic or someone looking to break into the hobby, this podcast is for you! Join us as we venture into the outdoors to grow our gardening knowledge.


Mein schöner Garten

#50 Kurz & dreckig: Karinas Gartentipps für den Februar

Im Februar geht der Spätwinter in den Vorfrühling über und wir freuen uns auf den Beginn der Gartensaison, die schon um die Ecke blinzelt. In den Gartentipps des Monats verrät Karina kurz und knapp in 5 Minuten, welche Arbeiten im Februar auf euch zukommen – und was ihr trotz der Winterkälte schon tun könnt, um euren Pflanzen den besten Start in die Saison zu ermöglichen.

The Wonders Of Tiny Home Life

Tammy Reinhart

Discussions on what works and what doesnt work for Tiny living.

Pro Series with Eric Dillman

Eric Dillman

Sit down conversations with Professionals from all over the world in the HGTV, Interior Design, Architecture, Construction, Real Estate, and Entrepreneur fields.

Plantsteading Podcast

Jenn & Laura

This podcast is all about plant based homesteading. Whether you're vegan, vegetarian, an omnivore, or somewhere in the middle. This is a space to have conversations about the grey areas, the complex ethics, and the beautiful life that is plant based homesteading.

GREEN Organic Garden Podcast

Jackie Marie Beyer

404. Haute Mommy Handbook blogger | Jen Kathrina-Anne | San Francisco, CA (Jen's blog the Haute Mommy Handbook) Motherhood Misadventures + Creative Living () (Norah Doesn't Eat THAT!) 
Let’s take a minute to thank our sponsors and affiliate linksWanna donate to the show! You can ("buy me a cup of coffee") where your (donation) goes directly to support the (GREEN Organic Garden Podcast) to help pay for things like hosting the mp3 files or maintaining the website.
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Ask Your (qu

Carmen Johnston Gardens

Carmen Johnston

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

The Modern Homemaker

The Modern Homemaker

S02E02 | Tips and tricks for a stress-free Christmas

In this week's episode, I discuss my top tips for taking the stress out of the festive season!

Nature Calls: Conversations from the Hudson Valley

Cornell Cooperative Extension of Columbia and Greene Counties

Join CCE Master Gardeners’ conversations about all aspects of gardening, ecology, and nature. This weekly podcast is designed to entertain, inspire, educate and inform listeners who want to begin or enhance their gardening journey and/or explore other aspects of the Hudson Valley’s natural resources.

The Ultimate Deck Podcast

Shane Chapman

Outdoor living is a trendy topic. We will discuss the industry, the people in it, and the information you need to stay ahead of the game.

Hello Homemaker

Tori & Michelle

Inspiring ALL women to cultivate a fruitful gospel-centered home through simple and intentional living one step at a time.

In The Landscape®

Katherine & Charles Sadler

The Right Tree in Your Landscape

Trees Are Good! This episode focuses on key aspects of selecting, planting, and pruning newly planted shade trees for your landscape project. Your hosts Charles and Kate Sadler share their visits to premiere national tree growers in the Portland, Oregon region. Considering the mature size and shape of the tree you plant has lasting implications for the success of your landscape. We discuss practical tips including structural pruning at planting time and evaluating soil conditions and available irrigation. Visit kinggardeninc on Instagram for images from our nursery visits.

Send questions, ideas, and corrections to, follow us on Twitter at In_Landscape

Scientific Names of Some Species Mentioned:

Live Oak - Quercus virginiana

California Live Oak - Quercus agrifolia

Texas Red Oak - Quercus texana

Water Oak - Quercus nigra 


Some of

Small Farm Nation

Tim Young:

How to respond to “why are your farm products so expensive?”

In this episode, we'll discuss what to say when someone asks "why are your farm products so expensive?"

To master farm marketing, join the Small Farm Nation Academy whenever you're ready.


Succulents Network


10 Tips For Growing Succulents Outdoor

In this episode we talk about the ten tips needed to grow succulents outdoor. These tips are more aimed at beginner gardeners than advance growers so keep that in mind.

For more in-depth help for growing succulents or cacti visit us on  where you can find all the latest tips & tricks that will help you with your plant growth!

Roots and All - Gardening Podcast

Sarah Wilson

Podcast 145 - Painting the Georgian Garden

I’m speaking to Dr Cathryn Spence this week, about Thomas Robins, a painter who documented the country estates of the Georgian gentry in all their Rococo splendour. Robins captured images of this flamboyant age of outdoor design where gardens were laden with symbolism and crammed full of Chinoiserie, follies ruins and the latest imports of exotic animals and plants. Follow the story of Robins as he moves from jobbing fan painter to star of his own paintings, the development of the floral borders around his canvases, for which he’s famed, and the evolution of the Georgian garden and what remains of this style today.  Dr Ian Bedford’s Bug of the Week: Fig wasps What we cover The artist Thomas Robins and when and where he worked What gardens looked like at the time Robins was painting What is a Rococo garden? Why Robins painted floral borders around his paintings How exotic species came to be included in these frames In the book, Cathr

The Plant a Trillion Trees Podcast

Eva Monheim

The purpose of our podcast is to encourage tree planting and proper tree care for our urban forest which includes neighborhoods, parks, and other open spaces. We will also cover the importance of already established trees and their benefits. The show is hosted by Eva Monheim and Hal Rosner certified arborists through the International Society of Arboriculture. Support this podcast:

The English Home Podcast

The Chelsea Magazine Company

Episode 4 – Tom Raffield and the 12th Earl of Shaftesbury

In this episode, Samantha speaks to Tom Raffield, whose name is synonymous with the lighting and furniture he designs and shapes into organic forms in Cornwall. She is also joined by Nicholas Ashley-Cooper, the 12th Earl of Shaftesbury who has restored Grade I listed St Giles House in Dorset, turning it into a home for his family as well as an events business, and winning a UK Heritage Award in the process.

Home Space and Reason

Kristina Browning

Episode 64 | Wildfires threatening our homes

This episode is Part 1 of 2; relevant to every single homeowner. Forested or suburban, on a large lot or small, no one is immune to fire amidst global warming and its onslaught of drought combined with high winds.  This is a story about the Paradise, California fire from a firefighters' perspective with special guest Jim Broshears. This includes some steps we can take to protect our own homes and apps for documenting it's contents.


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Organize for Success Podcast - How to Organize and Transform Your Home and Life. Be Clutter Free!

Kathy McEwan

Spring Clearing - Getting Organized for Spring

Spring is in the air, and we all know about spring cleaning, but did you know about spring clearing? On this episode I will be going through tips on spring clearing your bathroom, hall closet, bedroom, and kitchen.

My fav Amazon organizing products –
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Just Grow Something | A Gardening Podcast

Karin Velez

The Just Grow Something podcast is all about helping you become a better gardener! Whether you're a seasoned gardener or have never grown a thing in your life, this show aims to give you the knowledge you need to get the biggest and best harvest you can. We talk all about specific plants, insects, weeds, soil health, amendments and more. Along the way, we explore the food and agriculture issues that affect us all as gardeners and as eaters. Tune in each week to plan, learn, and grow with your friend in the garden, Karin Velez.



Ep 74: Problem Scenarios: Being Overcharged

In this episode, I'll discuss the perennial construction dilemma:  what to do if you think you are being overcharged.  There are a few ways to handle this potentially awkward and thorny situation!  Please feel free to leave a question in the comments section or here.  If you are interested in what I'm working on currently, you can follow our work on Instagram @carmelgreer.  Thanks for listening!  

Sorority Chat

Liz Toombs

A podcast about all things greek housing, decorating, and beyond. Host Liz Toombs is an alumnae of Alpha Gamma Delta and owner of PDR Interiors, an interior decorating firm that focuses on enhancing the sorority housing experience. Having worked on over 80 college campuses across 25 states, Toombs is well-versed in the world of chapter facilities. She hosts many knowledgeable guests that provide valuable insight for the sorority housing industry.

Inside Out with Belgard


Inside Out with Belgard is a podcast made for professionals, by professionals, who are passionate about outdoor living. Hosted by outdoor design expert and Belgard’s Director of Residential Hardscapes Joe Raboine, the podcast dives into the latest trends in outdoor living and how contractors can maximize their business. Each episode, Joe will talk to fellow industry experts and share knowledge on outdoor design, products, tools and more.

Creating Your Happy Place


Episode 29: Making Home Happy on the Road (With Guest Kathy Davis)

Today on Creating Your Happy Place, we are chatting with special guest Kathy Davis! Kathy traded the white picket fence for a life on the road, living in a fifth-wheel RV with her husband and 2 cats.  Listen to hear about her transition to a home-on-wheels, what obstacles she faced (and continues to face) in making this bold move, and what we can learn from her when making our own tiny kitchens work as hard as we need them to.Kathy Davis is a plant-based lifestyle coach and recipe developer, the CEO of, and the author of three cookbooks: The 30-Minute Whole-Food Plant-Based Cookbook, The Super Easy Plant-Based Cookbook, and The Budget-Friendly, Plant-Based Diet Cookbook. She helps people successfully transition to a plant-based way of eating that supports a fast-paced lifestyle, without requiring hours in the kitchen or the added stress of “What am I going to eat?!”Her website: https://www.veg

The Daily Home Edit

Pacific Podcast Network

Ask HB: How to prepare for moving day?

Moving houses can be a daunting process, so today in the studio we share the best tips to make your moving day as smooth as possible.Your host:Katrina O'Brien, Managing Editor (@katrina.obrien36)Julia Hoolahan, Art Director (@juleshoolahan)Produced by:Jake TaylorTo get in touch, email us at For more inspiring content, join our Home Beautiful Facebook Page or follow along on Instagram at @homebeautiful. Don’t forget to rate, review and subscribe! And make sure to share this episode with your friends. See for privacy and opt-out information.

Sachs Realty Podcast

Todd Sachs

Live and pre-recorded episodes from Todd Sachs, Broker and Founder of Sachs Realty. Todd talks about everything real estate; interviewing professionals across a multiple of industries, authors of best selling books, entrepreneurs and other brokers and real estate professionals to bring you up-to-date and relevant information you may want to know. Join us every Tuesday evening from 8-9pm ET for Todd's live broadcast which you can find on Sachs Realty's Podbean Channel, YouTube Channel, or Facebook Page. You can follow Sachs Realty on your favorite social media and podcast channel.

Between Me and Drew

Drew Groezinger

EP: 19 Things I wish I knew

Hey! Hey!How are you doing? Have you checked in with yourself today? Once you do, let's dive into this weeks episode!Today I'm hashing over all of the little tid bits I wish I knew when I was starting my farm! There are some nuggets in this episode, so don't skimp out in the beginning!This weeks episode is sponsored by Leo Berbee Bulb Co from Marysville, Ohio! They are my go to source for all things plant material and bulbs!You can check them out at have questions, send me an email! sure to follow us on our socials to see whats happening here at the farm! @clarajoyceflowers and @clarajoyceweddingsNext week, I'll be covering soil composition from a crop specific perspective, so make sure you're subscribed to my podcast so you don't miss out!Thanks for being here!-Drew

The Cabincast

Kristin Lenz and Erik Torgeson

[RECAST] #014 Walleyes On the Rocks

Get your warm boots and cold-weather gear on and join us for our first on-location episode of The Cabincast.We join Jed Lechleitner and Matt Kluetz, ice fisherman and Northwoods adventurers, out on the shores of a frozen lake as they share stories and advice about ice fishing!   This episode was a blast to record! Check out our social pages, lots of great content. Enjoy!The Cabincast is brought to you by Roughing It In StyleLinksWebsite: Instagram: @thecabincastFacebook: @thecabincastTwitter: @thecabincastErik Torgeson Instagram: @eriktorgyWebsite: www.roughingitinstyle.comKristin LenzInstagram: @whitearrowshome Website: www.whitearrowhome.comShare your cabin stories and perfect days at getaway@thecabincast.comProduced by: Kristin Lenz & Erik TorgesonEdited by: Billy Shane

The Naked Truth With Claire Jefford

Claire Jefford

The Naked Truth, TNT Podcast is exactly what the name implies. These are conversations you don’t often hear discussed within a public forum...until now. You will hear real stories that will help you to succeed as an interior design business owner; how to better navigate business relationships; learn proven marketing strategies and much more. Join host Claire Jefford, an Award-Winning Interior Decorator; Dynamic Business Coach & Public Speaker, known for her straightforward approach and energy that is ridiculously contagious. Claire believes that sharing real-life experiences in this way is the BEST WAY to learn. Whether you tune into episodes that are roundtable style with other design guests, or you listen to Claire on one of her solo rants, it’ll be dynamite!

The Real Life Renovation Podcast | Home DIY

Alex D'Alessio

This is the DIY & Home Renovation community for us normal people looking to take matters into our own hands! I invite you to join us as I chat with amazing DIY creators to discuss all that goes into the renovation projects that they’ve accomplished and how you can achieve similar results in your home. If you have zero experience like I did when I started, then there’s no better community for you to gain the knowledge, confidence, and inspiration to release your inner badass upon every corner of your home. So let’s pick up that hammer, have some fun, and nail your home renovations together!

Mind Your Hives Beekeeping

Greg and Kara Jo Lehman

Ep. 12 Q&A January 2022

Its cold out and we're answering questions.  Thanks for sending them in!  And shout out to Full Circle Everest Expedition Team who we talk about in the beginning.  Check them out on Instagram @fullcircleeverest and online at  Show them some love! 

The Positively Green Podcast

Suzette Chaumette and Kelsey Jorissen Olesen

Farming while Black with Leah Penniman of Soul Fire Farm

Leah Penniman, mother, farmer, ordained spiritual teacher, and author co-founded Soul Fire Farm, an 80-acre farm in New York, with the mission of reclaiming the inherent right to belong to the earth and have agency in the food system for Black and Brown people.  She has led thousands through farmer training, on her 80-acre farm in New York and internationally in Mexico, Haiti, and Ghana, building solidarity with different communities to strengthen local food systems.  Leah’s book “Farming While Black” is a love song for the earth and her peoples.  During this episode, we hear Leah’s stories about: How she first was called to become a farmer  Hope for the future of our planet Her approach to planning and planting How legislation has actively decreased land access to Black and Brown people What land back practice can look like You’ll also learn about Suzette, and how growing up Haitian in the San Francisco Bay Area ins


Steve Ellington

A podcast about plants for when you’re stuck inside.

Among the Jungle Podcast

Botanist, Shii Kaina

Worldwide Reforestation One Tree at a Time with Diana from OneTreePlanted

In this Episode of Among the Jungle Podcast we plant trees around the world with Diana Chaplin from one of my most beloved non-profit organizations: OneTreePlanted, as she teaches us about biodiversity, rebuilding forests and starting your eco journey right where you are. With our own two hands and one seed at a time, we can change the world! Today we will experience: 1) The growth of OneTreePlanted 2) How planting trees helps the planet 3) The 6 Pillars of Reforestation If you're ready, its time to inspire your wild! ?Episode Sponsored by SonoFarm Grow Lights ? Show Notes for this episode:

How To Buy A Kitchen Or Bathroom

These Three Rooms

Want to know what really goes into planning the perfect kitchen or bathroom? Welcome to How To Buy A Kitchen Or Bathroom, the podcast brought to you by Whether you’re just starting to think about what your dream space could look like, or are right in the thick of planning, or you simply want to know how to confidently buy those all-important fixtures, fittings and finishing touches – from hobs and lighting to a freestanding bath and the right paint – you’re in the right place. Join Lindsay Blair, editor of and Kitchens Bedrooms & Bathrooms magazine as she chats to those in the know about the ins and outs of getting the kitchen and bathroom you really want. In each episode, Lindsay uncovers how to buy a kitchen or bathroom, sharing those clever nuggets of advice along the way.

Granite State Gardening

University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension

Planning and Planting Your Home Fruit Tree Orchard, From Apples and Peaches to Pawpaw

From stunning spring blooms to juicy and delicious fruit summer to fall, cultivating apples, pears, peaches, cherries and more is appealing to many New England gardeners and homesteaders. And while growing fruit trees isn’t necessarily easy, thoughtful planning can lead to healthier, more productive and lower maintenance trees for years to come. In this episode of Granite State Gardening, Emma Erler and Nate Bernitz talk about selecting and preparing your orchard site, choosing rootstock and varieties, planting, and care of young trees. The episode's featured plant is pawpaw (Asamina triloba).  Promotions 

Listener Survey 

NH Farm, Forest and Garden Expo 
Webinar: Hydroponics at Home 
Webinar: Extending the Gardening Season 
Webinar: Propagating Trees and Shrubs in the Winter Months 

Growing Low Input Fruit Trees

The Growing Revolution - Smart PotCast

Smart Pot®

We will be featuring the people that we've met over the years to share their stories, grower knowledge and passion for growing plants. Also, we want to feature our Smart Pot retail dealers and wholesale distributors, who we've partnered with over the years. Episodes will be entertaining, informative and motivational. We want you to always grow your best plant possible. Listening to our "PotCast", you will hear from the leaders of the lawn and garden, as well as the cannabis industries, as they make up our largest customer segments. Our company origins are actually in the tree farming industry, and we hope to have some tree-oriented content as well. If you or your brand has a passion for growing, and love Smart Pots, we want to talk to you!

Organize Me! Radio

Naeemah Ford Goldson

Color Guru with Jeannie Stith

What color should you wear to present the best version of yourself? In this episode, Naeemah chats with Jeannie Stith, founder and CEO of Color Guru. They talk about how she helps people personalize their wardrobe by discovering colors that work for them with her color cards. 
Jeannie Stith matches people to their ideal color palette for clothing so they can look better, simplify clothes shopping, and create a coordinated wardrobe. Jeannie's color cards have simplified choosing clothing colors for people in 24 countries. Her course, Style Secrets, has transformed hundreds of wardrobes all around the world.
Jeannie is a mother of two girls and lives in Arden, Delaware. When she’s not analyzing her client’s photos, you can find her hopping on rocks in the creek with her daughters, salsa dancing, or watering her current collection of 55 house plants.  For more information on Jeannie, visit her website<