Good Inside with Dr. Becky

Dr. Becky Kennedy

How to Stop Being a People Pleaser

It’s hard to say no. Really hard. If you were raised to be a “good kid,” to be agreeable, to make other people happy… well, then it makes complete sense that it’s hard for you to prioritize yourself as an adult. Here’s the good news: This “people pleasing” trait isn’t all of you. It’s just part of you. And as a recovering people pleaser herself, Dr. Becky knows exactly how to connect with this part while strengthening other parts of yourself—so that you can set healthy boundaries, respond to pushback, and reduce guilt. Even better: This episode’s scripts and strategies won’t only help you stop the people pleasing cycle for yourself, but also for the next generation. Let’s model how to honor our own needs while staying connected to others, so our kids can do the same.

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Raising Boys & Girls

Sissy Goff, David Thomas, Melissa Trevathan

S4, E28: Emily Ley Interview

Join Sissy Goff and David Thomas as they chat with entrepreneur and mom, Emily Ley, creator of the Simplified Planner, about motherhood, family life, and her new children's book. Grab episode show notes HERE. Connect with Sissy and David HERE. Learn more about Minno HERE.

Raising Good Humans

Dear Media, Aliza Pressman

S2 Ep 51: What’s the Deal with “Gentle Parenting”? with Dr. Tina Payne Bryson

Join Dr. Tina Payne Bryson and Dr. Aliza Pressman in a discussion about making sense of the disconnect between “gentle parenting” and “limit setting” and how things get lost in translation. Produced by Dear Media

Read-Aloud Revival ®

Sarah Mackenzie

RAR #201: The Surprising Value of Reading Fewer Books

Dr. Laura Call of the Day

Dr. Laura

People Call Me a Complainer

Gayle's family and friends have told her that she comes across as negative, and she'd like Dr. Laura's help to change. - Dr. Laura: "Make connections with people by discussing things that can bring you closer."Would your friends say you're upbeat or a Debbie Downer? Email me your thoughts at: To participate on the radio program; call 1-800-Dr-Laura / 1-800-375-2872 or make an appointment - Find me on social media a Dr. Laura Family Member: See for privacy information.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast

Ginny Yurich

All Things Aquatic - Swimsuit Colors, Life Jackets, Swim Lessons, and More! | Chris Whipple, Whipple Aquatics & Safety | The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast S3 E28

Chris Whipple, Water Safety Instructor and Lifeguarding Instructor Trainer Educator with the American Red cross, has been supervising and managing a variety of aquatic settings over the past 15+ years. He is also a nationally registered EMT, a part president of the Association of Aquatic Professionals, and was a subject matter expert for the current release of the American Red Cross lifeguarding program.    Today Chris joins us to talk about all things aquatics and water safety. He answers many questions that also came in via social media channels covering many topics including swim lessons, life jackets, swimsuit colors, open-water swimming, and so much more!    In 2020, Chris also founded Whipple Aquatics and Safety to help bring training and education to as many people as possible to keep them safe in and out of

Calm Parenting Podcast

Kirk Martin

4 Things We Misunderstand About Strong-Willed Children

Our Summer Sale Begins Today! You get everything we have ever recorded delivered directly to an app on your iPhone, iPad, Android, or computer. Listen anywhere, anytime. You receive 35 hours of practical strategies and concrete examples, along with multiple PDF workbooks. Click here to learn more: to talk with Kirk directly and come up with a game plan for your family? Kirk will work with you individually, or together with your spouse, to get you on the same page and help with the toughest parenting situations you haven’t been able to solve. These calls are a game-changer.  Click here to learn about mentoring packages. We are including the No B.S. Program FREE with mentoring OR you can get it here this week for $99: to book a LIVE EVENT in 2022/2023?! We are now booking IN PERSON and Zoom events for schools, PTAs, churches, synagogues, corporati

Mommy Labor Nurse

Liesel Teen

Discussing Black Maternal Health in the U.S. with Dr. Jasmine Johnson

This episode of The Mommy Labor Nurse Podcast is all about the realities of black maternal health here in the US, and what we can do to spark change! I actually put this article out last year, but I wanted to re-release it this week in honor of Black Maternal Health Week 2022. to spark any kind of change surrounding racism in healthcare (and specifically in black maternal health) I truly believe that awareness is the first step.

Evidence Based Birth®

Rebecca Dekker, PhD, RN

EBB 223 - An Empowering Hospital Water Birth Story with Samantha Parker and Justin Fontaine

On today's podcast, we're going to talk with EBB Childbirth Class graduates, Samantha Parker and Justin Fontaine, about their exciting hospital water birth story. Samantha Parker (she/her) is an environmental scientist with the State of California and an avid runner. Samantha’s husband, Justin Fontaine (he/him) is a principal systems engineer and a CrossFit: Level 2 trainer. Samantha and Justin live in Rockland, California with their almost 10-year-old son, and now their happy baby girl, Kira. Samantha and Justin are graduates of the EBB Childbirth Class with EBB Instructor, Laurie Suggs.  We will talk about Samantha and Justin’s experience taking the EBB Childbirth Class. We also talk about Samantha and Justin’s hospital water birth story and the feeling of empowerment during the labor and birth experience.  Content warning: We mention labor, fear, gendered language, COVID testing, c

The morning after with Kelly Stafford


The Morning After The Cruise From Heaven

Kelly is back after her big cruise vacation - she shares all the details and fun stories from the trip on this week's episode! The Morning After podcast is produced by ACTIONPARK MEDIA. Follow us on Social Media:@actionparkmediagroup @kbstafford89@themorningafter.kellystafford

Is It Normal? The Pregnancy Podcast With Jessie Ware

Jessie Ware

Ep 33 - Pelvic health

In this episode we hear from pelvic health physiotherapist Jo Gipson about the importance of good pelvic health for postpartum recovery.We'd love to hear from you, our instagram is @isitnormalpodcastEmail us at*This podcast is intended as an informative discussion around general issues related to pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period. If you have any questions or concerns relating to your health and pregnancy it is important to contact your midwife or GP.  See for privacy and opt-out information.

The Birth Hour - A Birth Story Podcast

Bryn Huntpalmer

697| Two Birth Stories and Perineal Massage - Dr. Joanna Ellington (encore)

Links: This episode is sponsored by Fairhaven Health, which is generously offering 15% of all of their products with the code BIRTHHOUR15 at Know Your Options Online Childbirth Course Beyond the Latch Course (comes free with KYO course) Support The Birth Hour via Patreon! In spite of being a Large Animal Veterinarian (Board Certified in Animal ObGyn) and a Reproductive Physiologist studying human fertility, Dr. Joanna Ellington was surprised when the flu threw off her ovulation cycle and an unplanned pregnancy occurred. Using excellent classic references like Active Birth and Spiritual Midwifery, Joanna used perineal massage to prepare for childbirth, and was maybe a little too active with a 2 mile hike that turned into 5 miles the day before her membranes began leaking. An induction resulted in a normal birth where Joanna used her knowledge of birth and lactation in animals

Parenting with Ginger Hubbard

Ginger Hubbard

Ep. 074 | Can Biblical Discipline Lead to Resentment?

Are you concerned that biblical discipline might cause your children to resent you or, worse, resent God? Has your child’s bad behavior and your discipline methods gotten so far out of control that it’s time for a parent/child reset? Join Ginger Hubbard and Katy Morgan for another edition of “Ask Ginger” (also known as “Q & A Day”) as they discuss how we can train our children in the ways of the Lord and encourage them to exercise spiritual wisdom as a part of their everyday lives. 
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Hey, Maaan: A family pod with Josh and Jacob Wolf

Josh Wolf

Hey, Maaan! Jacob is back from Panama!!

One of our best episodes yet! So good to have Jacob back to do a podcast in person! So many great stories on this one!! Come have some fun with us.,

The Holderness Family Podcast

The Holderness Family

What The Heck Is Crypto? with Matthew Diemer

Remember the viral clip of the news reporters who found out about the internet for the first time? (Just what is this "information super highway?" And yes, that is a direct quote.) That is how I feel people will look at this podcast in 10 years when digital currency is all we use. Today we discuss just what the heck is cryptocurrency, the blockchain, and NFTs... and boy, do we have questions. Penn and I make silly internet videos for a living, so let's be clear, you should not take any financial advice from us or this podcast. However, if you would like digital currency explained to you like you're a preschooler (in a good way!) our expert guest Matthew Diemer from the podcast, Decrypt Daily, can help. Stick around for some fun segments afterwards too!Tell us what you like, ask a question, or just say hi. Call 323-364-3929. Your support means the world to us. If you like this podcast please consider leaving us a review.

Don't Mom Alone Podcast

Heather MacFadyen

Heather MacFadyen, mother of four boys, connects you the listener with people and resources to help you feel less alone. Consider it an invitation to "withness".

The Mom Hour

Life, Listened

Family Travel Mishaps & Why We Go Anyway: Voices 76

If you travel with kids, it’s just a matter of time before a trip goes off the rails in spectacular fashion. Maybe it’s a flat tire in the middle of nowhere, or an expensive vacation spent sick in a pricey hotel room. Today Sarah is joined by Catie, Stacy, Emily and Lisa – regular contributors to the show and seasoned travelers with a combined 13 kids – who share their most memorable travel mishap stories. (Full disclaimer: there will be puke-talk.) In sharing these stories, we hope to normalize that travel with kids doesn’t have to go perfectly to be “worth it” and remind you that you’re not alone if this summer’s adventures go awry. Plus, one of the only perks to surviving stories like these is that we get to laugh about them later.
The post Family Travel Mishaps & Why We Go Anyway: Voices 76 appeared first on The Mom Hour.

What To Expect


Mom Guilt

Starting in the early stages of pregnancy, mom guilt often comes with the parenting territory. You’re giving it everything you’ve got, but thoughts of doubt and guilt tend to be unavoidable. This week, Heidi and Emma are tackling your biggest concerns around mom guilt and the factors that can lead to those feelings of doubt, from navigating sibling relationships to balancing screen time. They also share helpful tips on how you can stave off mom guilt — because you deserve to feel like the wonderful parent you are.

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Burnt Toast by Virginia Sole-Smith

Virginia Sole-Smith

"Using Weight as Our Main Marker of Health Isn't Working."

Welcome to Burnt Toast! This is the podcast about about diet culture, fatphobia, parenting, and health. I’m Virginia Sole-Smith.Today’s conversation is with Gregory Dodell, MD, a weight-inclusive endocrinologist in New York City, better known as @everything_endocrine or “that one good diabetes doctor!” on Instagram. I know so many of you have questions about weight and diabetes, and a newsletter essay on these issues is forthcoming! But in the meantime, I’m delighted to bring you this conversation with Dr. Dodell, which challenges so many of our assumptions about carbs, weight and diabetes risk. If you enjoy this episode, please subscribe, rate and review us in your podcast player! And subscribe to the Burnt Toast newsletter for episode transcripts, reported essays, and more. (Here’s a 20% discount if you’d like to go paid!)VirginiaI am delighted today to be chattin

Ask Lisa: The Psychology of Parenting

Dr. Lisa Damour/Good Trouble Productions

77 Encore: I Hate Nagging My Kids. What Else Works?

Getting kids to do things without hounding them can seem impossible. This week the Ask Lisa Podcast presents an encore episode on nagging. At what age should kids be expected to manage their responsibilities without constant reminders? Dr. Lisa explains how parents can help kids remember to do things on their own. What else works besides nagging? Reena asks for strategies to help parents at home. Lisa introduces us to psychologist Haim Ginott who offers the perfect phrasing for motivating kids. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn @AskLisaPodcast, @LDamour, @ReenaNinanAdditional resources: Lisa is produced See for privacy and opt-out information.

Simple Families with Denaye Barahona Ph.D.

Cloud10 and iHeartPodcasts

Multigenerational Families

The post Multigenerational Families appeared first on Simple Families.

Minimal-ish: Minimalism, Intentional Living, Motherhood

Cloud10 and iHeartPodcasts

Introducing: American Girl 10 Minute Mysteries

I’m so excited to introduce the 10 Minute Mysteries podcast, which is part of the brand-new American Girl Podcast Network.
Narrated by the co-host of The Psychologists are In, Maggie Lawson, this mysterious, suspenseful podcast takes listeners on a fun and spooky journey and is PERFECT for listening together as a family.

I hope you tune in and subscribe!
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The Suga

Tika Sumpter, Thai Randolph

Easing Into Motherhood with Kelly McCreary

This week we are joined by Kelly McCreary, who stars on Grey’s Anatomy as Dr. Maggie Pierce. Last year, Kelly gave birth to her first child with her husband, director Pete Chatmon (whom, btw, she met on the set of Grey's Anatomy)!

We are so happy to have Kelly on the show to talk about her thoughts on family planning, finding the right healthcare providers, and most importantly, how we can ease into being a new mom.

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Famous at Home

Josh + Christi Straub

243. Dealing with Disappointment as a Family

As a family, we recently experienced a situation that left us feeling surprised and let down. Walking away from it, we had the choice to either sit in our disappointment, or pay attention to what God was saying.

How has your family experienced disappointment? How did that play out in your marriage? With your kids? Do you find yourself playing the victim or looking for the gold in what God could be teaching you? In this episode, we talk about how to walk in authority and stay the course as a family, in the midst of disappointment. 

Show Notes:

Preorder Famous at Home: 7 Decisions to Put Your Family Center Stage in a World Competing for Your Time, Attention, and Identity!

Baby-Led Weaning Made Easy

Katie Ferraro

Ground Meat: How to Safely Offer Ground Meat for Babies

#223: Is ground meat safe for babies to eat? Of course! In this episode we’re looking at ways to offer different types of ground meat to babies but also how to make sure it is cooked and offered safely for baby-led weaning.     Get your copy of the 100 FIRST FOODS list on Katie’s free BABY-LED WEANING FOR BEGINNERS workshop:   Follow @babyledweanteam on IG:   Shownotes with all the links mentioned in this episode are here:   Learn something you liked in this episode? Would you kindly subscribe, rate and review where you’re seeing this? ( really helps other parents find this BLW info too!)

Pregnancy Podcast

Vanessa Merten

Your Due Date

One of the first things you do when you find out you are pregnant is to determine your due date. This date rules everything about your pregnancy, from your prenatal care to the timing of your baby shower. This is also the most common question from friends, family, and strangers. As you get close to your due date, there can be a lot of anxiety, especially if your due date comes and goes and you are still pregnant. This date estimates when your baby will arrive, it is not an exact science. It is certainly not a deadline. The calculation we use today is hundreds of years old, and the evidence doesn’t 100% agree with the calculation. This episode examines how to calculate your due date, the accuracy of these calculations, and what this means for your pregnancy.    You can read the full article and resources that accompany this episode by clicking here.   Join Pregnancy Podcast Premium to access the entire back catalog, listen to all episodes ad-free, and more.   Fo

Pregnancy & Birth Made Easy

My Essential Birth

Group B Strep: The Deets!

I have had so many questions recently about testing positive for Group B Strep or GBS and the number one concern is, "Will this ruin the birth that I want?" I'm here to break down what GBS is, how it affects pregnancy and labor, ways that you can decrease your chances of testing positive, what happens if you choose to use antibiotics, and also options other than antibiotics should you test positive.If you're a mom that is wanting to stay at home as long as possible before heading to your birth place, but if you test positive you definitely want the antibiotics, I talk about all of your options AND I want to encourage you right now that being GBS+ does NOT ruin any kind of birth you are aiming for! If you're reading along and have no idea what I'm talking about, that's ok and I know you're not alone. ? When a mom tests positive for GBS she can choose to have or not have antibiotics during labor. Antibiotics are

Parent Footprint with Dr. Dan

Dr. Dan Peters | Parent Footprint

That’s Messed Up: Parent Edition with Kara Klenk

Dun dun!Welcome to the Exactly Right and Parent Footprint one year anniversary episode!  Today's guest is Kara Klenk, co-host of Exactly Right’s That’s Messed Up: An SVU Podcast.  One year ago this June, Dr. Dan kicked off Parent Footprint’s network debut by interviewing Georgia Hardstark and soon after Karen Kilgariff.In the spirit of podcast family fun, today’s guest is Kara Klenk and she talks to Dr. Dan about being a mom, a podcaster, a comic, a writer, and an actor – and much more!On That’s Messed Up, comedians and amateur detectives Kara Klenk and Liza Treyger break down episodes of Law & Order: SVU, deep dive into the true crimes they're based on, and interview on-screen talent. Kara grew up in Connecticut and currently lives in Los Angeles with her family.Listen to That’s Messed Up on @applepodcasts and follow Kara Klenk: https:

40 Weeks Pregnancy Podcast

Vanessa Merten of the Pregnancy Podcast

Week 0 Introduction

Week 0 Introduction.  An introduction to 40 Weeks and everything you can expect from the 40 Weeks podcast. Want to know exactly what is going on with your baby and your body each week? Whether you are in week 6 or week 36 of pregnancy, this podcast will give you just that in about five minutes. Learn how big your baby is, what new developments are going on, how your body is changing, how you can find relief from some of the changes going on with you like morning sickness and back pain, what to expect at doctor or midwife appointments, how to plan ahead for breastfeeding, how to plan for the birth you want, plus get a tip each week for Dads! You can check out a picture of what your baby looks this week and see resources mentioned in this episode at To get each week delivered to your inbox according to your due date sign up at The Pregnancy Podcast has so much more information on specific topics r

The Durenda Wilson Podcast

Durenda Wilson

When Your Homeschooled Teen Won’t Get Ready on Time in the Mornings (Podcast 322)

What do we do when our homeschooled teens are ignoring our requests for timeliness?  What is actually best for them and what does that look like?
I've invited our 19 yr old daughter to tackle this topic!
The Unhurried Homeschooler
Unhurried Grace for a Mom’s Heart
The Four Hour School Day
Homeschooling Today
(P.S. Don't forget to check out my latest book, The Four Hour School Day: How You and Your Kids Can Thrive in the Homeschool Life on Amazon,, or your favorite bookseller!)

SYSTEMIZE YOUR LIFE | Work From Home Mom Tips, Task Management, Time Blocking, Business Systems, Home Organization, Productiv

Chelsi Jo

EP 185 // Why I Decided To Quit My 15 Year Career And Become A Work From Home Mom Instead - The Untold Secrets About Starting My Business

Beautifully Complex

Penny Williams

PAP 177: Tips for Vacationing with Neurodivergent Kids, with The Behavior Revolution

For most children with ADHD, autism, or anxiety, one of the biggest stressors can be the unknown — unknown place, unknown schedule, unknown future. For this reason, vacation with neurodivergent kids can be challenging. As parents, we have grand expectations of family vacations… we want them to be packed full of memorable moments and ample joy. But the reality is that no one’s family vacations are like that. Every family has challenges. Ours just may have more sometimes. So join us for some tried-n-true tips on successful family vacations with neurodivergent kids.

Minimalist Moms Podcast

Diane Boden

EP217: Productivity Tips for a Smoother Week with Carey Bentley

People think that planning should feel good but it’s actually an anxiety-inducing event that you can develop resistance to in your brain. The trick is to turn planning into a rewarding event that your mind looks forward to. Then execution becomes a bit of a no-brainer. But how? Join me today as I speak with productivity expert and co-founder of the Lifehack Method, Carey Bentley. Carey’s helped more than 50,000 professionals who want to prevent burnout and create more freedom in their lives. Today, she’ll be sharing tips for why planning your week (not your day) is the secret to getting more done (and how to do it in less than 30 minutes), what to do when planning your week doesn’t work, what everyone gets wrong about productivity, and more.My Resources of the Week:Carly Jean Los Angeles | Looking to grab something for your spring capsule wardrobe? Use code MINIMALIST at checkout to receive 20% off of your purch

My New Life


Little liars: What to do about lying

Children, like adults, lie and they can learn to do so from the young age of 2 years old, according to the researchers. In this episode, Jessica Rolph is joined by Dr. Kang Lee, a University of Toronto professor who has been examining lying and what it tells us about human cognition for over two decades. Kang is so dedicated to this field of study, he has convinced some 5,000 children to lie to him!   While many parents despair when in the face of these little lies, evidence suggests it is proof that executive functioning skills are developing in a child’s brain. Kang says to use these moments as teachable ones, but resist the urge to fall back on the “Never Cry Wolf” story. You’ll find out why at the end of this episode!   Key Takeaways: [2:37] What is the difference between lying and storytelling? [3:50] How does a child’s fantasy world factor into the storytelling?  [5:49] How should you respond when you trap your child in a lie?  [8:2

The Life Without School Podcast

Stark Raving Dad

Dear Grandparents

With so many families making the decision to leave the formal education system and take their own path through life, it also means there are a whole lot of grandparents out there going...Hold on, what’s happening here?! We have a comprehensive, effective school system designed specifically to educate us in all the areas we’ll need to fully prepare for life. Why on earth would anyone walk away from that? And...what’s going to happen to my grandchildren now that they’ve had the opportunity to go through that system taken away?It...just seems a bit crazy.Grandparents, I hear you. So today, in this episode, I’m sitting down to have a chat with *you*.p.s. if you enjoy this episode, I've written a guide on this topic called The Home Schooling Guide for Grandparents. There’s lot of the same material covered, but the process of reading and reflection is quite different to listening. Take a look :-)

What Fresh Hell: Laughing in the Face of Motherhood

Margaret Ables and Amy Wilson

Fresh Take: Amber Briggle on Supporting Trans Kids

Amber Briggle and her family live in Texas. Amber is the mom of two kids, Max and Lulu, and on her website "Love To The Max," Amber shares the family's real stories and experiences as a trans-inclusive family.
Amber describes herself as "just a mom," but the events of the last few years have made her a powerful advocate for the rights of kids and families like her own. She was a founding member (and former national co-chair) of the “Parents for Transgender Equality Council”, part of the Human Rights Campaign. Amber currently serves as the “Equal Opportunity Issue” Chair for the League of Women Voters of Texas.
In this moving and illuminating episode, Amber talks about her experience parenting her transgender son and the breadth of emotions and experiences that come with it.
In this episode, Amber, Amy, and Margaret discuss:

Amber's son Max's transition journey

The best

The Puberty Podcast

Dear Media

Teens and the Law with Jonathan Cristall, Esq.

There’s a lot about the law that is assumed but never clearly discussed with kids. We cover a ton of it – from cell phone rights to the rules around how to act when you’re pulled over by the cops to legal details around sexual consent – in conversation with City of Los Angeles prosecutor Jonathan Cristall.    Shownotes: What They Don't Teach Teens book by Jonathan Cristall, Esq. What They Don’t Teach Teens RAINN – nation’s largest anti-sexual violence organization   & Visit OOMLA to shop thoughtfully designed (OOM)Bras!   Produced by Dear Media

The Joy Filled Podcast - Christian Motherhood, Stay at Home Mom Mindset, and Faith Based Encouragement

Jenna Griffith

Let Go of Societal Pressure and Be the Mom Your Kids Need // 4 Things You Should STOP Doing

Today we’re diving into the societal pressures that we face as moms and I’m giving you 4 things you need to STOP doing in order to free yourself up and enjoy motherhood without the unnecessary pressure from society because let’s not forget, we are in this world but not of it - and that applies to motherhood just as much as anything else. 


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The Mom Psychologist Show

Dr. Jazmine

IN A RUSH?! How to Be a Patient Parent When You're in a TIME CRUNCH! STORY TIME & TIPS | 13

IN A RUSH?! How to Be a Patient Parent When You're in a TIME CRUNCH! STORY TIME & TIPS | The Mom Psychologist A quick story time about morning impatience, rush, and stress to show how I used my power of awareness to harness more patience and calm. JOIN THE FREE 5 DAY MINDFUL MAMA CHALLENGE for greater self-awareness, patience, and presence! ➡

Parenting Beyond Discipline

Erin Royer, MA Clinical Psychology, Child Development Specialist

#284: 3 Steps to Conquer Parenting Shame

Shame comes from feeling "not enough" and is often perpetuated by beliefs in societal norms that are misguided and dangerous. All parents are susceptible to parenting shame but the pressure moms feel to be perfectly present and connected is especially strong. Shame often gets in the way of us being present in all of our relationships, with ourselves, our children, our partners and beyond. Learn about common shame triggers that affect parenting and how to conquer these to be able to be more present in your relationships with your kids. Website: IG: @yourvillagonline FB: /yourvillageinc Book: Connected Parents Guide to ToddlerhoodSupport this podcast at — Inquiries: & Opt-Out:

The Boy Mom Podcast with Monica Swanson and Friends

Monica Swanson

Ep. 153: An Easter/Anniversary Chat with Monica and Dave

Hey Friends! Happy Holy Week! This week I have my husband, Dr. Dave, with me to celebrate our 26th anniversary, answer some questions, chat about parenting and marriage, and offer some Easter reflections. Though he is a much more behind-the-scenes type of guy, Dave has so much wisdom to offer, and I love getting to share him with all of you! Invite your men to join us for this fun and encouraging chat! Have a wonderful Easter and thank you for being a part of this podcast community.  *Reminder: Ratings and reviews are so helpful! Please leave one wherever you listen to this podcast! Podcast page (for all episodes)


Moms on Call LLC & tentwentytwo


Welcome to Season 2 of The Moms on Call Podcast! We hope you love our brand-new show format designed to be short, sweet and full of trusted information from pediatric experts.
This season, we are going in-depth with answers to your questions. If you have anything you want to ask, please leave us a message at 888-234-7979.
How do you know when it's time for your little one to give up the pacifier? And how do you do it? Thank you to Caroline, who lives in Atlanta, Georgia for asking about this very common topic.
My son is 14 months old, he's a sweet boy and he is obsessed with his paci. He carries it around everywhere, he holds it with one hand while he eats. I told myself we would make him give it up when he turned one, but he loves it so much I haven't been able to do it. Do you have any tips for getting rid of the pacifier?
We also had time for two bonus questions:
From Brianna in Nashville: I've got a 13 we

The PedsDocTalk Podcast

Dr. Mona Amin

MONDAY MORNINGS WITH DR. MONA: Toddlers and private parts privacy

On this episode of Monday Mornings with Dr. Mona, a mother of a 2.5 year old calls in to ask if it's normal that her son doesn't want anybody looking at his genitalia during bath time/diaper changes.I discuss how to balance body autonomy with the need for parental monitoring/intervention. I also discuss why body autonomy is important AND why we should be teaching children from a young age about normal anatomical names for genitalia. If you have a question (development, behavior, or a parenting question) for Monday Mornings with Dr. Mona, call it in to 954 526 2641 and I may answer it on a future episode.  


Adriana Lozada

[Birth Story] How She Proactively Avoided Having Another Traumatic Birth

After an eye-opening, traumatic, and abusive first birth, Toni DeAztlan Smith was determined not to repeat the experience. Toni tells Adriana how she practively took matters into her own hands and ended up having a powerfully healing birth. She also shares how she achieved her goals of being negative for Group B Strep, not developing gestational diabetes, and avoiding preeclampsia. If you liked this episode, listen to this interview on childbirth PTSD, and this episode on how to avoid a cascade of interventions.(And if you’re looking for the Kindred Bravely discount code, it’s BIRTHFUL20 for 20% off!)Get the most of this episode by checking out the resources, transcript, and links listed on its show notes page. While you’re there, download Birthful's Postpartum Plan FREE when you sign up for our weekly newsletter! You can also get ready for the challenges of the postpartum period by signing-up for A

Parenting Today's Teens

Mark Gregston

A daily podcast released every weekday, the Parenting Today’s Teens Podcast features Mark Gregston, a parenting expert who has worked with teens and parents for over 45 years. Enlightening, up-to-date, practical, and something every parent would enjoy listening to. Raw at times, challenging at other times, but always hopeful to get your family to a better place in an adolescent culture that is sometimes a little contrary to what you believe and want for your teen.

TILT Parenting: Raising Differently Wired Kids

Debbie Reber

TPP 288: Natasha Daniels Talks About How to Help Kids with Anxiety or OCD

Author, child anxiety and OCD therapist, and founder of AT Parenting Survival Natasha Daniels talks about the way anxiety and OCD show up in children, and how parents can best support children who are struggling.For more info, visit: the show (

Dr. Laura Weekly Podcast

Dr. Laura Schlessinger

Coming Soon: Dr. Laura Weekly Podcast

As one of the most popular talk show hosts in radio history, Dr. Laura Schlessinger offers no-nonsense advice infused with a strong sense of ethics, accountability, and personal responsibility; she's been doing it successfully for more than 30 years, reaching millions of listeners weekly. Now you can hear Dr. Laura's Weekly Podcast on iTunes, or your favorite podcast directory.

The Mother Like a Boss Podcast

Kendra Hennessy

Why the "Bite-Sized Homemaking" method is the one we all need

I love food and I love helping moms simplify their home management, so the idea of "bite-sized homemaking" is right up my alley.  In a world that continues to push the "go big or go home" narrative, we're turning the tables and doing things completely differently. The Mother Like a Boss™ way of doing homemaking is modern, simple and sustainable.  I'm going to break down what the bite-sized method is and why it works for all moms, no matter what season of motherhood you find yourself in right now. 

Co-dependent Podcast

Kenzie and Jamee

Episode 4: Social Media

The sisters discuss all things social media! From how they got started, to brand deals, and how they will handle it with their kids.  Kenzie's IG Jamee's IG

The Art of Decluttering

Amy Revell & Kirsty Farrugia


Momentum. It's so great when you are riding that wave of momentum but what do you do when you get stuck?! Today we dig into how momentum can really work in your favour when decluttering. We also spend a bit of time focusing on what to do when you run out of steam or feel that your momentum may have taken you in the wrong direction. Oh and don't worry we cover what to do when you just can't get started! This episode is jam packed with all the tips and advice you could image to get you moving towards your decluttering goals again.In this episode we;● Define momentum;● Tell you why we think momentum is important and how it relates to decluttering;● Emphasise that momentum builds, it doesn't just happen;● Discuss what happens when you run out of steam;● Highlight that hitting a brick wall can help you reassess and/or course correct;● Give tips on how to help build momentum and get started after hitting a wall;And so so so so much more...We hope from this conversation we

All About Pregnancy & Birth

Dr. Nicole C. Rankins

Ep152: Fitness and Pregnancy with 9Round Exercise Specialist MacKenzie Rowand

Pregnancy doesn’t mean putting your fitness on pause. MacKenzie Rowand is a new mom and exercise specialist with 9Round. She has an extensive background in wellness and there’s a lot to learn from her personal journey with fitness and pregnancy. She continually had to change the way she ate and exercised during all parts of pregnancy and through recovery. Flexibility and meeting yourself where you are is the key to staying fit during pregnancy. Your wellness during pregnancy is so personal. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. Remember that you’re growing a whole person inside of you and give yourself some grace. What matters is that you get moving. In this Episode, You’ll Learn About: -How pregnancy changed MacKenzie’s exercise routine -How her fitness helped in her labor, birth, and recovery -When she decided it was time to get back to exercise after giving birth -What her workout routine looke

Flusterclux With Lynn Lyons: For Parents Who Worry

Lynn Lyons LICSW, Robin Hutson

Passing Out From Anxiety: Funny Tales From Our Family of Fainters

Do you know anyone who has a tendency to faint? Anxiety expert Lynn Lyons talks about her own experience with vasovagal syncope, a condition shared by her father, siblings, and son. Learn how she manages it, and how she helped her son. And enjoy the many laughs about our family’s most embarrassing fainting moments.Lynn references this video  of a talk she gave  about her own history of fainting and overcoming it. We also reference a  a listener episode of Flusterclux  Retreat for Parents And TeensRegistration Open!Equipping Teens To Launch: The Connections, Conversations, and Skills Families NeedSpecifically for families with teens aged 13-19, Lynn Lyons and Robin Hutson of Flusterclux will present a full day of programming on Saturday, April 9th, 2022, from 9am until 5pm at the Woodstock Inn in Woodstock, Vermont. NEW Course for Parents!Managing Anxiety in Children: A Guide for ParentsThis self-paced course c

The Simple Home

Jenna Arvidson

118: Micro Changes = Big Changes

In this episode of The Simple Home Podcast, we talk about the theory of Kaizn and how making micro changes can change your life. Kaizn, is a theory that originated in the 1940’s. During a time when many factories in America needed to make improvements in order to be successful. Factory owners were encouraged to make small changes for continuous improvement rather than a complete overhaul of the factory. This proved to be incredibly successful and was then taught to the Japanese in order to help their economy bounce back after World War 2. The Japanese named the theory Kaizn, meaning continuous improvement. This theory can be applied to our lives as well. It’s not just a powerful strategy for large corporations. As you listen to this episode, choose one tip to focus on this week and gradually add more as you are able. Links From This Episode:At Home With Kids ResourcesThe Simple Home ResetLearn more about the spending day with this episode!If

Meaning Full Living

Dear Media, Hayley Hubbard, Jessica Diamond

61: Building a foundation of faith for our kids ft. Chelsea Smith

It is no secret that raising children in today's society can be difficult. There are so many distractions and temptations that can lead them down the wrong path. Today, we’re sitting down with Churchome’s Chelsea Smith and talking about how we can build a foundation of faith within our children that will help give them the tools they need to navigate their life in faith. With Easter still in focus, we thought this was the perfect time to share this message. For products mentioned in this episode, head to   PARTNERS: Thrive Market:Get 40% off your first order AND a FREE gift worth over $50 at Wandering Bear: Get 20% OFF your order with code LIVING at Pampers: download Pampers Club App to start earning rewards with every diapers & wipes purchase.   Produced by Dear Media.

Feeding The Mouth That Bites You: Parenting Today's Teens

Kenneth Wilgus, Jessica Pfeiffer, Ashley Parrish

More And More FAQs!

You've got questions and we've got answers. This week we take on more FAQs from our listeners. What if you didn't start planned emancipation early and now your teens are older? How do you get your adolescent to take his piano lessons seriously? More bullying questions. What about cutting off funding for college-age kids wanting to get married? What if my teen doesn't want me volunteering at their school? All these and more in another FAQ episode!

Connected Families Podcast

Connected Families

Should Dads Demand Respect?

Should dads demand respect? Maybe this sounds familiar: “No, I don’t want to!” “This is dumb, you’re unfair!” “Who cares if my homework isn’t done?!”  Hey dads, have you experienced this kind of pushback from your kids? It can push ALL your buttons when your child is disrespectful. This can make it especially hard to keep calm and respond with calm authority. Although this is a struggle for almost all parents, it seems to be an especially challenging scenario for dads.   When our “respect buttons” get pushed, it’s tempting to grasp for control and command obedience. But in doing so,…

With Whit

Dear Media, Whitney Port

HAPPY! Designing, Styling & the Inspo Behind my New Love, Whit x Rent the Runway Collection

Thank you, thank you, thank youuuu. I can’t say it enough. I appreciate all the support you are showing my new capsule collection with Rent the Runway, Love, Whit!! This summer drop brings a variety of prints and bright colors that reflect the fun and positivity designing this line brought to my life. Anything with fashion brings me true joy. When I design or style, I feel my most genuine self feeling confident and proud. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me. In this episode, I took you on the journey of designing this beautiful line of dresses, tops, and pants! I explained why I wanted to partner with Rent the Runway again, the inspiration that guided me to the final direction, my design process, and some ways you can style my favorite pieces!    Use promo code WHITNEY for 40% OFF a 2-month trial of the (most-loved!) 8-item plan on Rent the Runway. Or purchase the pie

Happy Homebirth

Katelyn Fusco

When Your Midwife Choices are Limited

What do you do when you’re sold on the idea of homebirth, but your area has either no midwives or no midwives that you like?



Believe In Midwifery Episode (sustainable midwifery)


Shared Decision Making (book)


Shared Decision Making Episode


Airbnb Homebirth


Shayla’s Birth


Dr. Sarah Birth Uprising

That’s Life, Mann!

Tanner and Chandler Mann

All things family, fitness and lifestyle. Hosted by Tanner and Chandler Mann.

3 in 30 Takeaways for Moms

Rachel Nielson

229: How to Use Your Phone to Capture Beautiful Moments with Your Kids // Kiera Liu

Tune in to hear Kiera Liu’s actionable tips in the episode for how we can use our phones with intention and purpose to capture beautiful moments with our kids. 

For full show notes, including the three takeaways, go to

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Celebrate Kids Podcast with Dr. Kathy

Dr. Kathy Koch

110. Character Qualities: Character Age

This episode talks about how parents raise children based on chronological age, which may not be the right thing to do since children grow differently. For example, some children have passed certain chronological ages, but their character may seem like kids below that age. So using chronological age may not be wise as it is essential to consider each child's unique circumstances. Dr. Kathy mentions that children may be of the right chronological age for specific opportunities or privileges, but their character may demonstrate otherwise. Dr. Kathy also mentions the idea of not just considering chronological age but also considering character age when making decisions involving raising our kids. Submit your questions and share your feedback:

Don't Make Me Come Back There

Dustin Nickerson

Family, relationships, and comedy are the things that tie us all together. Hosts Dustin and Melissa Nickerson bring us in to have a laugh about it all. Each week they dive into the funny realities of parenting, marriage, childhood, siblings, and so much more. It's funny, and a little a bit serious. The best way to handle family.

The Longest Shortest Time

Hillary Frank and Stitcher

Introducing Here Lies Me

It's been 2 years since LST ended and now Hillary has a new show! Here Lies Me is dramedy about middle school for teen and adult fans of PEN15 and Big Mouth. Listen to an excerpt (plus a special message from Hillary) right here!

See for privacy information.

The Lisa Show


Join comedian, believer, and single mom Lisa Valentine Clark for a good look at life. Whether it’s parenting challenges, mental health questions, or social issues, she and her Council of Moms will tackle it! So come figure out this life thing together with her, with a lot of laughs along the way. A production of BYUradio.

Down to Birth

Cynthia Overgard & Trisha Ludwig

#155 | Gestational Diabetes Prevention and Management with Author Lily Nichols, RDN, CDE

Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) is the most common metabolic complication of pregnancy impacting 5-10% of pregnancies in the United States. It is controversial, complicated and loaded with misinformation. Do I really have it? Can I reverse it? Is there a way to prevent it? According to Lily Nichols, RDN CDE author of Real Food for Gestational Diabetes and Real Food for Pregnancy, you can certainly "stack the deck in your favor" to reduce your chances of it impacting your pregnancy and birth. In this episode, we discuss the nutritional deficits that may set you up for the development of GDM along with the flaws in how we screen women for GDM and finally, the things you can do to best manage your diet if you are diagnosed with GDM. Lily Nichols* * * * * * * * * *Connect with us on Instagram @DownToBirthShow, where we post new information daily related to pregnancy, childbirth

Notes from a Child Psychologist

Dr. Tasha Brown

Welcome to the “Notes from a Child Psychologist Podcast”, a place for parents who aspire to be intentional about meeting their child’s mental health needs. The “Notes From a Child Psychologist Podcast” is hosted by Dr. Tasha Brown, a licensed clinical psychologist. In her clinical practice, Dr. Brown provides a wide variety of evidence-based clinical services to parents and children. Dr. Brown is passionate about helping the individuals she works with function adequately at home, school, and in their communities. She is EXCITED about using this platform to help parents make decisions about their children’s everyday lives. Each week the podcast will explore topics that directly impact the mental health of children. Parents will walk away with facts, resources, and practical tools that will help them make decisions for their children and family that work for them!

The Mellow Mama Podcast


Open conversation and discussion around conscious living and parenting inspired by all of my favorite books, resources and of course my own personal experience as a mom and person.

The KICK-ASS Stepmom Podcast

Jamie Scrimgeour

151: Addicted To Chaos, High Conflict Ex + When A Stepmom Should Call It Quits with Naja Hall

In this episode, Stepmom coach and creator of VIP Stepmom Naja Hall is going to call you out, inspire you and have you in tears of laughter. We dive into: Dealing with a high-conflict ex Being addicted to the chaos Stepmom insecurity When we think a Stepmom should call it quits and so much more! Listen to Ep. 14 How To Deal With A High-Conflict Ex with Naja Hall Listen to Ep. 21 Co-parenting With A Narcissist with Naja Hall   For more from Jamie Scrimgeour visit Follow along on Instagram: Follow along on Facebook: Text Jamie at 226-401-0819   Book a one-on-one coaching call: Join The Exclusive Stepmom Community: Use code STEPMOMHELP for 30% off

Mr. Chazz's Leadership, Parenting and Teaching Podcast

Mr. Chazz

Leadership, Parenting and Teaching

Family Goals with David Pollack and Pastor J

Graystone Church

Join David Pollack from ESPN’s College Game Day and Jonathan Howes, Lead Pastor of Graystone Church, for a weekly conversation about God, Family, and Sports.

AT Parenting Survival Podcast: Parenting | Child Anxiety | Child OCD | Kids & Family

Natasha Daniels: Child Therapist, Child Anxiety and Child OCD Expert

PSP: 257 Helping Kids with “Pure O” and Mental Compulsions

Many kids have what some people call “pure O” or purely obsessional thoughts. But more often than not those obsessional thoughts are quieted by a menu of mental compulsions that go along with it. So what is a parent to do if their child is doing unseen mental compulsions?I explore “Pure O” and mental compulsions in this week’s episode of the  AT Parenting Survival Podcast.***This podcast episode is sponsored by NOCD. NOCD provides online OCD therapy in the US, UK, Australia and Canada. To schedule your free 15 minute consultation to see if NOCD is a right fit for you and your child, go to podcast is for informational purposes only and should not be used to replace the guidance of a qualified professional.To join the AT Parenting Community go to: www.ATparentingcommunity.comVisit my website at www.ATparentingSurvival.comSign up for my weekly email newsletter:https://pages

Motherhood in ADHD – Parenting with ADHD, Productivity Tips, Brain based Science, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Patricia Sung

E129: 3 Steps for Getting Your Crap Together! Time Management for ADHD Moms with Guest Host and ADHD Mom Entrepreneur Angel McElhaney

Mother Necessity has dropped a lot of babies on this earth. When was the last time you learned something new or figured out a major problem out of pure necessity? Like, if you didn't figure something out and FAST - you would lose your ever-lovin' mind? or job? or partner? Today is a treat: ADHD Mom Entrepreneur Angel McElhaney guest hosts the podcast and asks me all about how and why I created the framework behind Time Management Mastery for ADHD Moms.   This system was born out of SHEER necessity (for my sanity) and now it's helping dozens of ADHD moms figure out how to work WITH their ADHD brains and build a daily routine that fits their special flavor of ADHD + their family dynamics. Back in the day, I was in a place where mothering was not fun. All my pre-mom skills were not working and I was falling apart at the seams. I felt like I could

Dr. Ross Greene

Dr Ross Greene

Is Plan B a Way to Get My Expectations Met? ...and other great questions!

We covered a few emails on today's program, including one from a parent that sparked a great conversation about whether Plan B is a way to get the adult's expectation met - the answer is "possibly" - listen for details!  Also, trouble shooting screen time-related Plan B.

Classical Conversations Podcast

Classical Conversations Inc.

EE Twenty-five Reasons to Homeschool Classically, Part 4

Join Shelly Stockton and guests as they discuss 5 more benefits of classical education. Shelly interviews four International homeschooling moms and leaders from Brazil, Canada, United Kingdom and Chile as they reflect on the role of character, the power of questions, and the value of consistent relationships in home-education. 

From the Kitchen Table: The Duffys

Fox News Podcasts

Let's Talk About Fatherhood With Jack Brewer

This week, Sean and Rachel bring former NFL Player, and AFPI Center for Opportunity NOW Chairman Jack Brewer to The Kitchen Table to discuss his work with passing bipartisan legislation in Florida that will provide funding to support fathers in the state through mentorship and other educational programs.
Jack shares why he felt called to support Florida Governor Ron DeSantis on his recent legislation and emphasizes the importance of a father figure in children's lives. He later explains why he believes that lack of fatherhood is one of the biggest problems in households across the country.
Follow Sean and Rachel on Twitter: @SeanDuffyWI & @RCamposDuffy
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First Class Fatherhood

First Class Fatherhood

#608 Sean Lowe

Episode 608 Sean Lowe is a First Class Father and Reality TV star of The Bachelor. Sean finished in third place on season 8 of The Bachelorette where he quickly became a fan favorite. He went on to become the Bachelor on the 17th season of ABC's The Bachelor. In the season finale, Sean proposed to contestant Catherine Giudici. Over a year after he proposed to Catherine, the two were married in a live television ceremony performed at the Four Seasons Resort Biltmore in Santa Barbara. He was a contestant on the ABC reality show Dancing with the Stars. Sean & Catherine participated in the 2nd episode of Celebrity Family Feud and won $25,000 for their charity, Free the Children. In this Episode, Sean shares his Fatherhood journey which includes three children. He discusses his faith and the importance it plays in his role as a husband and father. He describes the need for father figures and the epidemic of the fatherless crisis. He talks about his appearance

Informed Pregnancy Podcast

Independent Podcast Network | Informed Pregnancy

Kayleigh Harrigan - Before Birth

Professional birth & postpartum doula and founder of Mothership birth services Kayleigh Harrigan is 39 weeks pregnant with her first child. She joins the show to share her journey to becoming a doula and soon a midwife! As well as her plans for an unmedicated home birth.
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That New Mom Life

Parents Magazine

It All Goes By So Fast

In the final episode of That New Mom Life, hosts Grace Bastidas and Desiree Fortin chat with Julia Edelstein, whose job as Editor-in-Chief of Parents is to empower moms at all stages of parenthood. They discuss Julia’s own journey as a mother, how no two postpartum experiences are the same, and what you can do to hold on to those first few months, which really do fly by. 
You’ll also hear memories of new motherhood from some moms you’ll instantly recognize. 
For more information visit
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COR Parenting Conversations

Caley Kukla

Welcome to COR Conversations. My name is Caley Kukla and I’ve spent more than a decade supporting children and families with challenging behaviors. As a mom of two, I appreciate how overwhelming and exhausting parenthood can often be. So I’m taking all of my professional knowledge and experience and combining it with real life, not just theory, to change the dialogue around parenting. We’ll have powerful conversations and practical tools that will inspire you to get to the heart, or the COR of your child’s behavior and make simple yet impactful changes. To join the COR Parenting Conversations movement, you can follow @caleykukla: Instagram: Tik-Tok: Facebook: Website:

Couples Counseling For Parents

Dr. Stephen Mitchell and Erin Mitchell, MACP

"I Want You To Want Me"-Where Did Desire Go In Our Parenting Partner Relationship?

Desire can feel elusive for many parenting partners. A couple that once felt close, passionate, and full of desire, can feel tired, alone, and unwanted within the new context of parenting. This shift is normal and happens not because the kids or your partner did something wrong, but simply because the context has changed. Dr. Stephen Mitchell and Erin Mitchell, MACP discuss how couples can rediscover their desire and stay connected as parents. createyourcouplestory.com

Girl Mom Podcast

Kari Kampakis

Ep. 45: Fighting the Epidemic of Burned-Out Moms

Burnout among moms is at an all-time high. We know we need self-care, but we think of it in two opposite extremes: either the Spa Day Mentality (a constant mindset of “I’ll treat myself because I deserve it”) or the Mommy Martyrdom Mentality (a mindset of “my kids are my world, and I can’t do anything for myself”). Join Kari as she discusses a healthy middle ground that strengthens you, expands your bandwidth, and builds wellness from the inside out.Ep. 45 Show Notes:o   Order Kari’s new book: More Than a Mom: How Prioritizing Your Wellness Helps You (and Your Family) Thriveo   Kari’s book for moms of teen girls: Love Her Well: 10 Ways to Find Joy and Connection with Your Teenage Daughtero   Kari’s books for teen girls: 10 Ultimate Truths Girls Should Know and Liked: Whose Approval Are You Living For?o   Kari’s Blog -   Contact Kari at and follow her on Instagram and Facebook

The Montessori Notebook podcast :: a Montessori parenting podcast with Simone Davies

Simone Davies, Montessori teacher and parent

S2 E12 Britt Hawthorne all about raising antiracist children

Welcome to the last episode of Season 2. And it’s a good one. Today I get to chat to Montessori educator and a nationally recognised anti-bias educator in the US, Britt Hawthorne. She’s all about creating inclusive and equitable environments for all learners and understandably her work has been recognized by none other than PBS, Drew Barrymore, Google Edu, Association Montessori Internationale, and more.I have learned so much from Britt over the last year and a half, yes, about being an anti-racist parent and educator but also just how you can raise critically thinking children, children who can advocate for themselves, recognise injustice, call it out and do something about it. We all need people like this that raise their children in a way that shows us what is possible.Links from the showBritt Hawthorne - website / instagramJoin Britt's Collective Liberation communityDr Kira BanksMore about the fundamental

We Nurture

We Nurture Collective

Story: Helping Hands

A tale about a little girl who wished for a little friend to carry in her pocket. She finds a little gnome living under a mushroom and takes him home with her. The little gnome turns out to be quite cheeky and discourages her from helping with chores at home until the fairies come with their twinkling light which tickle her fingers and soon her hands helping.We recommend this story for ages 3 - 7About the Author - Connie Manson“Throughout childhood I loved performing! It was to me a vehicle to connect with others in a joyful, meaningful way. Not long after completing a theatre arts degree, I was asked by a fellow graduate to help perform puppet stories for school children. We knelt in a large black box, holding the puppets above our heads, so we never had the opportunity to see the children's faces, but I was struck by how silent they were throughout the entire show. Later after beginning the journey as a teacher in a classroom, whenever a puppet tr

Curious Neuron

Cindy Hovington, Ph.D.

Supporting men on their emotional growth journey

Trigger warning: physical and sexual abuseIn today’s episode, we speak with two dads and men's mental health advocates Emmanuel Flores and therapist Travis Goodman, LMFT. We cover so many important topics, I think this is one of my favorite episodes. We talk about how men are often told to push their emotions under the carpet and be strong, while also being told they need to open up more. We highlight the importance of communication between couples, about your past, present, and future; it is so necessary to understand your partner’s behavior. Emmanuel shares with us his childhood experience, how it has influenced his parenting style, and how his wife helped him grow as a person. Travis gives us advice on how partners can support their men during their emotional growth journey. Take out your Curious Neuron notebooks, there’s so much great information here!Join Travis on his website and on Ins

Mom Struggling Well

Emily Thomas, Rebecca Smith & Kate Ordway

Patreon: Self-Compassion, To-Do List Overwhelm & Small Business Challenges

This week we stashed a product that is easily accessible and is sure to send you down a dark path… quite literally. We also dig in to some book and podcast suggestions we are loving and share the things that are less than idea in our lives. This episode comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

What you are hearing right now is a clip from one of our Patreon episodes. If you want to join the Patreon community, head on over here to receive this episode and many many more! You can also get the unedited video version of each Patreon episode if you want to see all of the bloopers before your very eyes. You won't regret it, see you soon!


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What's up Beautiful People

Family Made

Stephen and Amanda Miller sit down in their brand new show"What's Up Beautiful People!" brought to you by FamilyMade Network to celebrate the beauty of diversity, adoption, & family. Each week, they’ll dive into a relatable family topic and share some of their insight on what it’s like to raise seven kids. With the help of a few guests on the show, the Millers will keep you entertained, informed & leave you feeling encouraged. 

Becoming Mama™: A Pregnancy and Birth Podcast by Motherly


Taking Care of a Newborn: A Conversation with Pediatrician, Dr. Jennifer Kaufman

In this special episode sponsored by Stanford Children's Health, Diana speaks with pediatrician, Dr. Jennifer Kaufman, who offers reassuring advice to new parents about everything from unusual breathing noises to gas; she also explains how parents can select the right pediatrician.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

Toddler Purgatory

What Fresh Hell Media

Gentle Parenting

Ever find yourself saying the same thing over and over to your kids? The answer isn’t to yell louder, as tempting as that can be. It might be more effective to consider the true capabilities of our kids at the stages they are at, and look at whether it might be our expectations that need a slight adjustment. Once you’ve done that? You’re a “gentle parent.”
Sarah Ockwell-Smith, parenting expert and author of The Gentle Parenting Book, sums up gentle parenting in three words: empathy, understanding, and respect. But gentle parenting isn’t pushover parenting. Discipline is still possible– it’s just focused on lessons to be learned more than on punishments. It’s about shutting off our autopilot as parents and beginning a practice of remembering that a child is a child.
In this episode we discuss

How to set boundaries in this new paradigm (yes, still possible)

How to model the behavior we want our kids to learn

How gentl

Her Pursuit - Simple Time Management, Christian Motherhood, Stay At Home Mom Community, Realistic Routine, SAHM, Intentional

Cason Schulze - Time Management Coach, Habits Coach, Routines Mentor

Do you wish you could manage your time and get things done? Are you tired of juggling ALL THE THINGS and feeling exhausted and burned out? Do you wish there was a way for you to balance mom life and still have time for yourself? Are you ready to create simple routines that work with your current season of motherhood? Here you’ll find step by step solutions to help you create more time and space for all that matters to you as a busy stay at home mama along with practical ways to manage your time and structure your day so that you can consistently find time for yourself without the mom guilt. My mission is to help you reconnect to yourself and make time and space for YOU through simple rhythms & routines, realistic expectations, getting grounded in your identity, and growing in your faith. Hey mama, I’m Cason! I’m a Jesus follower, wife, and mama to 3 little girls. 7 years ago, I completely lost myself in motherhood. My reflection was unrecognizable. I felt lost, hopeless, and alone. Motherhood felt like one big hot mess that I had no control over and I became a victim to my thoughts & circumstances. I knew something had to give. It wasn’t physically possible for me to continue letting life happen to me, constantly spiraling out of control. But getting intentional would require that I stop giving into chaos, set clear direction, reclaim my time and prioritize things like rest, stillness and doing what I enjoy while also managing stay-at-home-mom life. And so I did. I began to create a more peaceful, joy-filled life that translated into other areas like my home, my calendar, and my motherhood. But that doesn't mean it was easy. It took years of learning, growing, trial and error, but I created a plan full of baby steps that helped me manage all of my time and get things done. A simple strategy that I could maintain, a lifestyle that helped me create more balance and confidence. And I’m ready to share with you how I did it! If you're constantly procrastinating, overthinking, or just unsure of where to start, you're in the right place! This show is for the mom who feels stuck in survival mode hanging on by a thread, but is ready to trade busy for balance; chaos for calm. These solutions that are simple, practical, and rooted in faith! It’s time for you to get back in the driver’s seat mama and tell your time, energy, and thoughts where to go and what to do. Start taking ownership of your time and begin to live an intentional, more fulfilled motherhood. You're about to step into the woman and mom God has called you to be. And finally live in freedom with confidence. That girl is inside of you and we're going to find her together through Her Pursuit Join the online community: Join the live mentorship: Want to work together one on one? Find more info here:

Moms of Tweens and Teens

Sheryl Gould

How to Ditch the Cranky Monster Mom / Interview with Becky Kopitzke

Parenting tweens and teens can be so challenging in so many ways. Our tweens and teens are pulling away, they tend to think they know everything, we have less control over the choices and decisions they make, It’s hard to not react and feel resentful, frustrated and angry.Today, I have the honor of having Becky Kopitzke on the show, Becky is the author of three books including her latest release, The Cranky Mom Fix: Get a Happier, More Peaceful Home by Slaying the “Momster” in All of Us.  Mentioned in this episode:Becky's book: The Cranky Mom Fix: Get a Happier, More Peaceful Home by Slaying the “Momster” in All of Us  Website: beckykopitzke.comFacebook: up for our Moms of Tweens and Teens FREE 3-Day Free Training Here: How to Understand and Help Your Teen with Challenging Emotions, Attitudes, and Beha


Teach Me To Talk

Best Pretend Play Themes for Building Language for Toddlers and Preschoolers

It’s true that we can teach language anywhere, anytime, BUT… some toys and activities are better than others for teaching a child to understand and use words! Learn the 5 considerations speech-language pathologists can use for choosing play themes, and then we’ll discuss the 5 best pretend themes parents and professionals can use for toddlers and preschoolers with language delays.

Join pediatric speech-language pathologist Laura Mize, M.S., CCC-SLP of for this 1-hour audio/video podcast episode, ASHA CEU COURSE #436 Best Pretend Play Themes for Building Language for Toddlers and Preschoolers

For speech-language pathologists, other early interventionists, and parents of toddlers and preschoolers with speech-language delays

Post with recommended toys and links

Post for CE credit

Raising Cross Formed Kids

Ryan Coatney and Phylicia Masonheimer

Generational Realities in Family Discipleship

Coat and Phylicia Discuss how we can break patterns of generational sin and how we can go about parenting as first generation Christians. 

Mom to Mom Podcast

Kate Battistelli, September McCarthy, Jamie Erickson

Ep. 80: Go to Battle for Your Kids with Heidi St. John

Moms, we are in a battle--a battle against the culture for the hearts and minds of our children. Today, Heidi St. John has joined us to help us prepare for it.  
Heidi has an uncanny ability to bypass our prejudices and preconceptions allowing her to speak directly to the heart of every mother as she offers wisdom, inspiration and grace to those who are all too often feeling overwhelmed by all that's on their plate. Heidi’s been married to her husband Jay since 1989. Together they have seven children and several grandkids. The St. John children range in age from tweens to adults. They’ve homeschooled their kids all the way through high school, with 5 graduates now. In addition to all this, Heidi is running for Congress for the 3rd district of Washington state.

Early Risers

Minnesota Public Radio

Bias and the Developing Brain

The human brain is hardwired to recognize patterns—that’s how we figure out the world, and why humans have been able to adapt and survive over millennia. But the brain’s ability to quickly form cognitive associations can also lead to racial biases, even in very young children. On the season two finale of Early Risers, host Dianne Haulcy speaks with University of Minnesota cognitive neuroscientist Dr. Damien Fair about how we can train our brains to recognize bias and why the first thousand days of a child’s life are so critical for brain development.
Dr. Damien Fair studies the developing brain as a cognitive neuroscientist at the University of Minnesota: He is a professor at the Institute of Child Development, a professor in the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Minnesota Medical School and the Redleaf Endowed Director at the Masonic Institute for the Developing Brain at the University of Minnesota.

Project Parenthood

What to do if your child has an extreme need for control and autonomy

Every child will resist or defy parental demands and requests from time to time. But when a child goes to extreme lengths to avoid any demand or expectation—even those they have of themselves—parents can be left feeling frustrated and overwhelmed. Dr. Nanika Coor offers suggestions for coping with life with a child who struggles with Pathological Demand Avoidance. Project Parenthood is hosted by Dr. Nanika Coor. A transcript and links to sources are available at Simplecast.Find Project Parenthood on Facebook and Twitter, or subscribe to the Quick and Dirty Tips newsletter for more tips and advice.Project Parenthood is a part of Quick and Dirty Tips.Links: 

The Funny Thing About Parenting

TJ & Melissa Therrien

52. When You Feel Like You Don't "Do" Anything

What do we do for fun? Melissa feels like she's missing something in this season of life. Is she right? Let's talk about it.  Thanks for listening to The Funny Thing About Parenting podcast! Leave a review and rating if you have a minute. THANK YOU!TJ's YouTube:* * * * *TJ on Instagram: @tj_therrien*Tag @tj_therrien in your Instagram stories...highlight that awesome family of yours!TJ on TikTok: @tj_therrienTJ on YouTube: @tj_therrienThe Funny Thing About Parenting is a podcast lighthearted take on parenting aimed to help you embrace your kids' incredible personalities. This podcast is for parents, not-yet parents, already-were parents, and even for the whole family. 

Soaring Child: Thriving with ADHD

Dana Kay

Here is a place where you will learn how to address your child's ADHD symptoms naturally so you can stop walking on eggshells & bring back peace & calm to your home. Host Dana Kay, is a Board Certified Holistic Health and Nutrition Practitioner, on a mission to assist families who have children with ADHD. Within each episode, you will receive insight on how to support your child with ADHD through nutrition and functional lab testing, discover HIDDEN stresses and dysfunctions that may be holding your child back, as well as implement a holistic and all-natural family approach to health and wellness. Together, we can find balance, peace & happiness the natural way. Because every child deserves to soar!

Schoolhouse Rocked: The Homeschool Revolution!

Schoolhouse Rocked: The Homeschool Revolution, Yvette Hampton

The Word and the Power of Words - Dr. Mark Hamby - Lamplighter Ministries, Part 3

In a day when children are influenced by video games and media, how do we get our children to read? Culture is unraveling all around us. We must use our time wisely. How do books fit into that to grow us spiritually?

Dr. Mark Hamby joins Yvette Hampton to talk about the WORD and the power of words.

For over 30 years, Dr. Mark Hamby has been using stories of Christlike character to offer Christ-centered hope around the world. Dr. Hamby is the founder and president of Lamplighter Ministries which has published over 235 books from 17th to 19th-century literature plus 28 audio dramas heard by millions across 30 countries. Dr. Hamby holds several masters degrees and a doctorate in ministry. He speaks and writes about how to find hope and healing for the problems in our families, media, culture, and literature.

​​Mark and his wife Debbie are the executive producers o

The Motherkind Podcast

Zoe Blaskey

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

Autism Parenting Secrets

Len Arcuri, Cass Arcuri

VISION Is More Than Meets The Eye

Welcome to Episode 85 of Autism Parenting Secrets. Parents of a child with autism are often confused by their child’s behaviors. Things like poor eye contact, spinning objects, inflexibility, and tantrums.Figuring out what to do, if anything, is a big source of frustration and overwhelm.Instead of seeing such behaviors as ‘bad’, it’s more helpful to get curious. What’s causing these behaviors?  Why is my child doing them? With awareness and intention, we can get better at noticing the clues that can lead to the root cause.  There are scores of possibilities and every child is unique.This week we focus on one possible root cause that is often overlooked.Vision is an important and little understood concept.  It means more than eyesight.Are undiagnosed vision issues holding your child back?The secret for this week is…VISION Is More Than Meets The EyeTune in to learn more. You'll Discover:The Real Meaning of VISION (3:36)Why BINOCULARITY Matters

Built To Birth

Bridget Teyler

#15: Kastle's Birth Story

More birth resources at

Moms Talk Autism, Parenting Autism, ADHD, Special Needs

Shannon Korza, Brittney Crabtree, Tash Dillmon, Jean Mayer

Navigating Friendships with Neurotypical Kids

We're talking about our friendships with adults who have neurotypical kids. We'll be chatting about when other kids struggle to understand our neurodivergent children and how we navigate peer interactions. We also touch on educating neurotypical peers and when we know it's time to protect ourselves and our kids from toxic relationships.

Calm Christian Parenting

Kirk Martin

Dads: Want Kids to Listen? Here's A Game Plan

Dads: Want Kids to Listen? Here's A Game PlanIt seems like your kids are constantly in trouble, misbehaving, and getting consequences that don't work. So how do you get your kids to actually listen to and respect you? Kirk gives you a specific game plan to implement this week.Families are struggling now, more than ever. And through this special promotion, seven churches can give parents access to the same practical, Biblical, life-changing insight that Celebrate Calm Founder Kirk Martin has taught almost 1,000,000 parents around the world. For only $10 per person (regularly $99). 4 Video Sessions + 40 Strategies + Group Discussions & Workbooks = Changed Families. This program usually costs parents $99 each, but your church can provide it for only $10 each (or free if you choose). You pay one flat fee of $500. That’s it. We pay the shipping and provide all the materials you need. Click here to learn more:

Gotta Be Done - A Bluey Podcast


Mini Bluey (aka Just Be in the Moment and Hug the Wombat)

A slight technical glitch to start this Mini Bluey recap - but are lost library books and non-compliant noisy children just technical glitches too?
Gotta Be Done wonders what constitutes weird in on-toast combos (Bingo toast, anyone?), and whether anyone can know themselves and all their annoying ways as honestly as Bluey does. (Reckon Ted Lasso would give it a go - here's his Patience rendition!) Plus, committing to the character and owning your child's inherited traits - it's painful, we'll tell you that for free!
(Finally, Mary tries to channel her inner Bandit Heeler and lay some dino knowledge on everyone. But plot twist/ we know that now - brontosaurus is a dinosaur again, phew!) 
Gotta Be Done is ex-journos and Melbourne mums Kate McMahon and Mary Bolling, as we deep-dive every Bluey episode, with plenty of detours into mama life, childhood memories, and everything else we're bingeing, to

Family Vision: Christian Parenting, Marriage & Family Advice

Dr. Rob Rienow

Dr. Rob and Amy Rienow provide practical, encouraging, and real conversations about faith and family. Each episode will give you hope and encouragement to grow in your faith and strengthen your family. Family Vision is the podcast ministry of Visionary Family Ministries. Discover more resources to help your family at Questions or comments? Email us at

The Nacho Kids Podcast: Blended Family Lifesaver

Lori Sims & David Sims

140: Interview With Martin & Maria Erlandsson Of The Swedish Podcast Bonus Pappa Plus Mama

In this episode of the Nacho Kids Podcast, Lori and David, co-founders of Nacho Kids, interview Martin & Maria Erlandsson of the Swedish Podcast Bonus Pappa Plus Mama! They have been blending for six years. Maria has four bio kids and Martin has no bio kids.  In this episode, we discuss: Being a stepparent with no kids of your own Wanting the stepparent to be a parent Relationships with the exes Not using the word “step” in your blend For more information about the event in Fort Worth, Texas, April 29-30, 2022 with Laura Petherbridge, go to

Sage Family

Rachel Rainbolt

71: Messy Minimalism with Rachelle Crawford

Today I’m here with Rachelle Crawford talking about Messy Minimalism. Rachelle is the author of Messy Minimalism and the founder of Abundant Life with Less. We go over messy minimalism, starting with the who instead of the why, wrestling with assumptions, helping kids into minimalism, becoming more conscious consumers, reducing decision fatigue, why organization is not the answer, how perfectionism keeps you stuck, decluttering tips, and what we learn about ourselves when we slow down. Get the full show notes at

She Sounds Like Me

Rachael Laya Hoffman and Cyla Grace Hoffman

A Virtual Start To '22

Ahh.. the beginning of a new year, filled with opportunities, new goals and… more screen time?!? YUP. Thanks to the uptick in the new Omicron variant and the rise of Covid-19 cases in our region, school kicked off with a virtual start to the new year. After months of in-person classes, Cyla and Rachael talk about the pows and wows of learning in this way, and the major setbacks of online school for elementary students.  Plus, what it will means for them both when the kids finally go back. Le sigh... _______________________________________________________________If you like what you hear, we'd love to connect directly with you! Subscribe to this show on your chosen platform + join our tribe online at Connect with us on social @shesoundslikeme on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn,  Youtube and and our Facebook Page ++ contribute to the community conversation in the She Sounds Like Me Group on Facebook!Massive thanks to the awesome fri

Sensory W.I.S.E. Solutions Podcast for Parents

Laura Petix, The OT Butterfly

How to prepare your neurodivergent child for a Dentist/Doctor Visit

How can you best prepare your sensory child (and yourself) before a stressful event like going to a Doctor visit or going to the Dentist? I’ve got a list of practical tips and some mindset shifts that can set you up for success for the next time. Links: Work with me: notes at @TheOTButterfly

The Baby Manual

Dr. Carole Keim MD

New babies are difficult. Don't you wish they came with a manual? Well, now there is one! Hosted by a pediatrician mom, The Baby Manual will help guide you through everything you actually need to know to take care of a baby. Whether this is your first baby or your fifth, I bet you’ll hear something helpful in here that you didn’t know. Enjoy The Baby Manual podcast, and enjoy your new baby!

Messy Family Podcast : Catholic conversations on marriage and family

Mike and Alicia Hernon : Catholic Marriage Parent and Family

MFP 177 : Kids & Money: the Messy Family Take

“Teaching kids how to handle money is more than dollars and cents, it’s about character and responsibility” – Dave Ramsey Handling money is a subject that can bring about strong emotion in couples, but it’s a life skill that we … Continue reading
The post MFP 177 : Kids & Money: the Messy Family Take appeared first on Messy Family Project.

Find The Magic

Find The Magic

Antidotes to the Traps of Entitlement and Yelling

We all want our kids to be grateful when we give them wonderful experiences in life, and it can be alarming when they not only don’t show gratitude, but are full of complaints. In this episode, we address this issue and discuss how we can cultivate gratitude without layering on guilt for our kids.
We also talk about one of our most common questions ever: yelling. It is sooooo easy to get caught up in the habit of yelling, and sometimes we can feel trapped because we don’t know how else to get our kids to listen. We give several concrete strategies to help this common issue, not just a philosophical discussion on the topic.
Tantrums, Screen Time, and Breaking Out of a Funk
Parenting with Unconditional Love 
Systems and Values for Easier Days and Stronger Family Connections (Entitlement Trap by Linda and Richard Eyre) 
The Entitlement Tra

The Peaceful Parenting Podcast

Sarah Rosensweet

045: Membership Q&A – How to Help Anxious Kids in Real Life Scenarios with Lynn Lyons

In this episode, I’m sharing a glimpse into my incredible membership community.    It’s a monthly membership program. One of the features is group coaching Office Hours every week and one is a guest expert Q&A with other mentors in the parenting space.    Lynn Lyons joined me in my membership for this Q&A call, where community members had the chance to ask her their questions and get support in real time.    We go into: [6:35] How to help anxious kids who reject coping skills [15:02] Helping kids who are anxious going to school [20:04] Guiding our kids who have just learned about death [25:35] How to help kids who get anxious at bedtime [32:10] Helping kids who are anxious about grades and academic performance [38:51] Dealing with perfectionism [41:31] What to look for in a therapist if you feel your child needs some extra support with their anxiety   Lynn is a psychotherapist, author

iMOM Podcast


If you need a mom friend right now, you’ve come to the right place. On we share ideas, insight, and inspiration. All that happens here, too, by sharing the best kind of stories—mom stories.

The Balanced Parent Podcast

Laura Froyen, PhD

113: How to Support Your Kiddo With A New Sibling with Hannah & Kelty of Upbringing

So, I know you know that nothing is ever just one thing, that we are constantly in a place of "both/and" but I have to tell you, it was really hard to see that in the early days of being a parent.
​If you've ever wondered what my transition to parenthood was like, or want to hear about the bumpiest part of my journey raising two kiddos, I'd love to have you check out this week's episode of The Balanced Parent podcast, where I sat down with my friends and colleagues Hannah & Kelty of to get a bit raw and vulnerable about those hard days, what we learned, and how we can support you.
​Even if you're out of the baby years, there is wisdom in this chat for you!
​However, if you do have a little one, or are expecting one or are planning to grow your family, check out the full show notes to learn more about their new course, Right from the Start (Doors

Empowered to Connect Podcast

Empowered to Connect

The Link Between Eating Disorders, Body Image and Trauma with Whitney Trotter

Did you know that between 62%-92% of people with eating disorders have experienced trauma in their past? The research is alarming and for those of us with kids who may have experienced some kind of food insecurity or have what we might see as 'out of the ordinary' food habits, it can be paralyzing. That's why we wanted to have our friend Whitney Trotter on the show. Whitney is a registered nurse, mother and advocate and is a part of the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) Eating Disorders conference happening July 20-22 virtually.  You can learn more about the conference and register here
Whitney teaches us about eating disorders, their origins in trauma, body image issues and what to watch for in our kids when it comes to issues of food. We talk about how marginalized people groups are at higher risk for disordered eating

Teach. Play. Love. Parenting Advice for the Early Years

Bright Horizons Family Solutions

Ep. 40: How to Approach Hitting and Biting

Biting, hitting, kicking, “I hate you!” Why does physically aggressive behavior happen in the early years? Where does it come from, and what can you do to deal with it proactively and manage it in the moment? Our early childhood experts Rachel Robertson and Claire Goss explain the many different underlying reasons why your young child might get physical, how to react when it happens, and how to help them work through their emotions.

Shelf Help

Nicole Kavanaugh

Following the Child in Public - Season 2 Episode 21

Children are meant to exist in the world - not just their homes. In this week's episode, Nicole and Amy discuss how they prepare themselves and their environments to take their children into public. We review our mindsets, the limits we set, and how we allow for respectful freedom outside of our homes in both adult and child centered spaces. Show Notes:

Blunt Blowin' Mama

BBM Ventures LLC

Host Shonitria aims to normalize parents who smoke weed and amplify the voices of BIWOC in the cannabis industry by having honest, open, enlightening and entertaining conversations about the cannabis and hemp plants. P.S. Moms who smoke weed are not bad moms.

Zen Parenting Radio

Todd and Cathy Adams

Hacks for a Happier Marriage with Kaley & Nate Klemp: Podcast# 652

We talk with Kaley & Nate Klemp, authors of The 80/80 Marriage: A New Model for a Happier, Stronger Relationship. We discuss invisible labor, fairness, compassion, and what to do if one partner is reluctant to make a change.

Exploring Unschooling

Pam Laricchia

EU315: Nurturing Our Children and Ourselves with Teresa Hess

Teresa Hess, unschooling mom of three, joins me again on the podcast this week to explore how her unschooling journey has helped her not only nurture her children but re-parent herself. We talk about Teresa’s spiritual view of unschooling and the upward spiral of connection and love that happens when we see children as whole […]

Parenting After Trauma with Robyn Gobbel

Robyn Gobbel

How to Talk to Your Teen About Anything- with Katie Malinski, LCSW

Katie Malinski, LCSW is a therapist and parent coach in Austin, TX.  I've been lucky to know Katie for well over a decade.  In the last few years of my life in Austin, Katie and I could wave at each other from our offices because she moved in across the street.Katie recently published her first book and I was thrilled she accepted the invitation to be on the podcast.  How to Talk to Your Teen About AnythingKatie organizes her book around 5 Key Skills for parenting teens:Active ListeningAuthentic CommunicationNon-verbal CommunicationEmotional RegulationBoundaries and Emotional BoundariesNon-Verbal CommunicationI enjoyed all of Katie’s book, and I was especially excited to chat with her about her chapter on non-verbal communication.Katie does a great job verbally explaining non-verbal communication- which is really hard to do!Get More of KatieSign-up for Katie’s email newsletter over on her website and get

Peace Starts with You Podcast


Peace starts with you! If you want your home to be a peaceful safe haven for your kids, it starts with you. I want you to delight in these ordinary, often mundane, days of motherhood. Rooted in confidence in how you are raising and speaking and nurturing your kids. Building a bond that is strong and unbreakable. Short episodes for the mom with her hands full and only a few minutes to spare here and there. I hope each episode reminds you that we are all in this together... learning, growing, & giving ourselves the grace we deserve. You are not alone.

The VBAC Link

Julie Francom & Meagan Heaton

181 See ya later, we promise!

We are taking a break. Listen in to find out the details and what we will be up to in the meantime! Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:

Being Bumo

Dear Media

Talking Divorce with Catt Sadler

In this special episode, Chriselle has a very intimate conversation with the amazing journalist and public figure Catt Sadler. The two discuss what their personal experiences were like going through divorce with children and Catt goes into depth what her co-parenting relationship was like. They also talk about what the future looks like when it comes to children and dating and what the two mamas look for in their future and future relationships.      Listen to Catt's Podcast Here: It Sure Is A Beautiful Day   Be a part of our community and follow us HERE:   To connect with Sara Sohn:   To connect with Chriselle Lim:   Come visit us at BumoWork: To connect with Catt Sadler:         Go and use code BUMO for $10   Go to an

Smiles Included: Navigating through life with our rare disease superheroes

Emily Beauclair

As a mom of a son with Skraban-Deardoff Syndrome, I started listening to podcasts as a form of therapy and to get advice for how to navigate through the emotions and questions that come with having a child with a rare disease diagnosis. I started this podcast for those impacted by Skraban-Deardoff, and other rare diseases, as a way to share stories, ask and answer questions, get advice and have a platform where we can work to understand together what the diagnosis means and how we can support each other. The podcast will feature guests and experts across the rare disease spectrum that highlight how to bring out the best in our rare kids and showcase that we are not alone, but part of a great community of people supporting our rare children. If you have any topics you would like to be discussed on the show, or if you would like to be a guest, please reach out to me at

The Honestly Adoption Podcast

Mike and Kristin Berry

Becoming Pro-Human (Part 4): Overcoming Stigmas Around Pre-natal Drug & Alcohol Exposure

Raised eyebrows. Dismissal in a pediatrician's office. Unfair blame, judgement, or criticism. Conclusion that this is "just a bad kid who wants to do bad things!" If you're parenting a child who was exposed to drugs or alcohol prenatally, this is all-to familiar territory for you. And, sadly, your child may also be in the crosshairs of these hurtful stigmas. Unfortunately this can be par for the course. But this is often born out of misunderstanding, lack of information, and in correct diagnosis. In this episode of The Honestly Adoption Podcast, we welcome Susan Elsworth, executive director of The Indiana Alliance for Prenatal Substance Exposure to the show to share the realities of prenatal substance exposure as well as discuss the importance of correct information and evaluations. On the show, we discuss.... What it would mean to have a proper diagnosis and evaluations f

First Name Basis Podcast

Jasmine Bradshaw

The Untold Story of Rosa Parks

What did you learn about Rosa Parks growing up? You may have learned, like I did, that she was a tired seamstress on her way home from work and when a bus driver asked her to give up her seat to a white person it was the last straw so she decided not to stand. Well she was a seamstress, but the true story is so much more exciting than that. Rosa Parks was a high ranking member of the NAACP and her actions were not only planned but part of a larger, multi-organizational strategy. In this episode we talk about all of the events leading up to Ms. Parks’ fateful decision, and one of the unsung heroes of the Civil Rights Movement: Claudette Colvin.    Bite-sized Black History  Bite-sized Black History is a program that empowers you to teach the little ones you love about brilliant Black Americans who have been largely overlooked by our history books. We featured 12 different people in Season 1 of the program and are featuring 12 all new Black Americ

The Joyful Mourning - A Podcast for Women Who Have Experienced Pregnancy or Infant Loss

Ashlee Proffitt

148. Trying to Conceive & Pregnancy After Loss with Elizabeth King

This week on the podcast I have the pleasure of interviewing Elizabeth King – a Certified Fertility Health Coach, Birth & Bereavement Doula, New Parent Educator and Certified Life Coach. Elizabeth is joining us this week to talk about trying to conceive after having experienced the loss of a baby, the challenges that exist when trying to conceive and how to overcome those challenges. We talk about making the decision to try to conceive again, what it looks like if you and your spouse or partner are not on the same page about growing your family, the steps she recommends a woman who has experienced loss to take before trying to conceive again and finally what encouragement and hope would she give to a woman who is in a season of waiting.    If you are in a season of considering growing your family again, actively trying to conceive or are currently pregnant after loss this episode is going to be really hel

Sleep Cues: The Everything Baby Sleep Podcast

Erin Junker - The Happy Sleep Company

Tiny Talkers: An Interview with Speech Pathologist Stephanie, Answering All Your Questions About Language Development

Today we are on the Speech and Language train, where we talk all things communication and milestones around your babies and toddlers, and how it can relate to sleep! Stephanie and Becky - friends, speech-language pathologists, and moms of three. They started Tiny Talkers with one goal: to help YOU support the communication skills of the little one in your life! They provide you with information about development, strategies, resources, and more! And are there to answer questions, guide you, and hopefully help you feel good about supporting your little one’s speech and language development! VISIT www.tinytalkerschicago.comFOLLOW @tiny.talkersIn this episode we've partnered with Obasan Click HERE to save - Use code HAPPYSLEEPADULT at checkout to get $80 off a queen sized shredded rubber pillow for Mom or Dad!  Head to / and get great s

StrollerCoaster: A Parenting Podcast

Munchkin Inc.

How I Changed As A Parent

We’ve gotten so many fresh ideas about parenting from making this very podcast, we couldn’t help but burst about it. Today Lynn and Justin share their real-life stories about what they’ve tried at home and how things turned out. The suspense!

Holding Space

Dr. Cassidy Freitas

Self-Compassion for Sensitive Parents Raising Sensitive Kiddos with Runda Ebied

Compassion is something we often give to others with ease, but it's so much harder to give ourselves that same type of grace -- especially in tough parenting moments. If you are a highly sensitive parent (or suspect you may be!) these difficult moments can feel even MORE intense.
If you are struggling to navigate sensitivity in you or your child, you are not alone.
I invited my friend Runda Ebeid on the podcast today to talk all about self-compassion for sensitive parents and sensitive kids. Runda is a pediatric Occupational Therapist & brings her expertise to her Instagram @mothercarejourney.
Today, we're talking ALL about self-compassion, shame, guilt, and ways we can make space for compassion in some of those most difficult, overwhelming parenting moments. We hope you'll take away actionable exercises and steps for practicing more self-compassion in your j

Your Parenting Long Game

Rachel Bailey

Episode 205: How To Make It Less Exhausting To Deal With Drama In Your Home

Even when you use strategies to help reduce drama in your home, difficult situations are still going to happen from time to time. The good news is that these situations do not have to exhaust you! In this episode, we’ll talk about why we are so exhausted by our kids’ drama (it’s not the situation itself!) and what you can do so that these situations don’t take so much energy to manage. 

Motherhood Uncut

Kate Kripke

This heartwarming and inspiring podcast brings the parts of motherhood that nobody wants to talk about to the table. With humor, authenticity, clinical knowledge, research, and personal experience in mothering, Kate and Deb discuss and facilitate conversations about everything mothering-related including the good, the bad, the messy, and the hilarious.

Over 40: Freakin Awesome | Mens Fitness After 40 | Healthy Habits | Workouts | Fat Loss | Testosterone

Chris Davidson

Hey fella! The Over 40 Freakin Awesome podcast helps fed-up, out-of-shape men over 40 just like you - Fathers, Husbands, Guys with demanding jobs - to get a body you're proud of, EVEN IF you feel it's 'too late'. I talk about Mens Fitness After 40, Mens Healthy Habits, Men's Fat Loss, Strength & Muscle Building and Boosting Testosterone. Check out for the FREE DadBod Overhaul Workout Program - to help you get in shape without turning life upside down. Email me at or DM me on Twitter @OFFAcoach - if you'd like to be a Beta Tester for my 1:1 Online Coaching Program or if you've any questions or ideas for podcast episodes!

The Go Diaper Free Podcast

Andrea Olson

#180 Melissa Ambrosini on doing Elimination Communication with her baby

Best-selling author Melissa Ambrosini shares her EC and first-time motherhood journey, including the hardest part (and how she overcame it!), her favorite EC tool, and her best piece of wisdom for new and seasoned mamas alike on EC, motherhood, and life!   Get full show notes and add your comments or questions here: Get my free easy start guide for EC Start EC with your baby today with Andrea's popular book, Go Diaper Free: 

Mama Knows Nutrition: Feeding toddlers made easy

Kacie Barnes, MCN, RDN

40: Are Goldfish Crackers Actually Healthy? Ask a Dietitian!

Mama, but I’ve had so many moms asking me about popular ‘kid snacks’ wondering if they are actually healthy. Sometimes it’s nice to give your kids a quick and easy snack you know they’ll love and will actually eat (Oof!) But then we can start to spiral “Should I be letting them eat that? Is this bad for them? Am I a bad mama?” to make things even harder (as if being a mom isn’t hard enough) the internet is full of people claiming things like vegetable oil is the WORST thing you can put in your body. Or other moms saying, “I would never let my kid eat that!” Cue the unavoidable parent guilt. The worst part is that trying to figure out if something is healthy isn’t always easy.  Today, we are talking about the popular snack, Goldfish. We’ll look to answer the question–are Goldfish healthy–by diving into what they’re actually made of. We’ll also discuss how I would recommend serving them and why some of the other simi

The Birth Experience with Labor Nurse Mama

Trish Ware, RN

How do I actually push during labor? Should I get an epidural? Why is breastfeeding so hard? What exactly is Pitocin, and how much will induce labor? Is there a secret to having a successful VBAC? What happens if I poop during labor *shudder*? And oh yeah, how do I take care of a newborn? I know you’ve got a ton of questions and fears when it comes to giving birth. How? Because I’ve delivered thousands of babies as a labor nurse! I’ve seen it all...and as @labor.nurse.mama on IG, I’ve helped mamas all over the world stand up to their fears and walk into the labor room with confidence. The Birth Experience with Labor Nurse Mama is here to guide you through every step of your pregnancy, labor, and delivery. I’ll show you how to embrace your inner feminine wisdom and teach you to feel totally comfortable owning the labor room. Your body was made to deliver this baby, mama...let’s face all those fears and doubts and answer those nagging questions — so you can be ready for the most important day of your life!

Liturgies for Parents with Kayla Craig

Kayla Craig

If you're like most parents, you're exhausted. Prayer feels out of reach. But you're not alone. With short, welcoming episodes, Liturgies for Parents invites parents like you to take a breath and find comfort in the prayers of another. Each week, you'll hear some scripture, a short prayer, and a gentle reminder of God's presence in your life from Kayla Craig, a mom of four and author of To Light Their Way: A Collection of Prayers & Liturgies for Parents. In a weary world, Liturgies for Parents offers a nuanced and nurturing moment of reprieve, inviting all who are raising kids to breathe and remember that God is with you. Liturgies for Parents will leave you feeling a bit more centered and rooted in God's big love for you, your family, and your neighbors, too.

500 Seconds To Joy - Intentional Living for Christian Moms with a Bible-Loving Catholic Mama

Stephanie Clarisse

Bonus #55: Can Our Fitness Journey Bring Others to Christ? Coach Lauren Chante Talks Wellness

Coach Lauren Chante is a Health Strategist and she’s here to BRING THE FIRE regarding health and wellness for Christian moms. She’s encouraging us to do health and wellness God’s way instead of the world’s way. *There are some cute baby noises in the background from my little one, sorry about that! #momlife * Lauren basically coaches me in this interview and I’m getting vulnerable. I pray this episode blesses you and encourages you in caring for your body.
Learn more about her coaching and podcast and grab that FREEBIE Lauren talks about by going to - so much for you there! Learn how to stop jumping from diet to diet and find what works for your unique body and life. God bless you, sweet friend. Xoxo Stephanie EMAIL STEPH —> and get on the monthly happy mail list —>

Breastfeeding Talk

Jacqueline Kincer, IBCLC, CSOM

#063: Medications During Lactation with Dr. Leslie Southard

Dr. Leslie Southard  is the  owner of The Lactation Pharmacist and is here to share her incredible expertise with us about what types of medications & supplements can transfer into breastmilk & how it happens. We are debunking ALL the myths today, so pay close attention! She also shares her harrowing journey of nursing her daughter through chemotherapy. LINKS:Dr. Southard's website: http://www.drlesliesouthard.comLeslie on Instagram: Databse: https://e-lactancia.orgBotanical Handbook: WebsiteFollow @holisticlactation on Instagram

Let's Sleep On It: Reclaiming Parenthood

Taylor Kulik

Join me, Taylor Kulik, an occupational therapist and sleep & well-being specialist, as we examine the mainstream narratives that dominate our culture. It's common to enter parenthood without really stopping to reflect on why we are doing the things we are doing. This is a space where we will challenge societal parenting and childhood norms and discuss biological infant sleep without sleep training. We'll also share real journeys of parents who have gone against the grain by practicing responsive and respectful parenting, and by following their intuition. Support this podcast:

Mom Chat Monday

Kyla Charles + Amy Eilers

A LIVE #MomChatMonday hosted by Kyla Marie Charles and Amy Eilers of House of Eilers bringing all sorts of moms together to chat about motherhood topics from mundane to controversial. No shame, no judgement, just talking with mom friends and figuring it all out as we go-- as moms do! Join our community on Instagram to interact LIVE each Monday by visiting:

I Know I’m Crazy with NAJA HALL

Naja Hall

I Know I’m Crazy podcast, hosted by Naja Hall focuses on divorce, coparenting, steparenting, childhood trauma and mental health by putting a light-hearted spin on very serious topics. As a well-known Life Coach, author and curator of one of the largest blended family platforms, Naja has a knack for providing resources that guide people through some of life’s toughest moments in a relatable way. Her unique way of simplifying complex subject-matter is a special gift and her ability to connect makes everyone feel right at home. Naja calls New York City and South Beach home. She is a Wife and a Stepmom of 3. Let’s get CRAZY together!

Kiddos in the Kitchen

Stephanie Conner

There are plenty of jobs for kids in the kitchen, including food prep, clean-up and even simple flavor exploration. Join host Stephanie Conner in Kiddos in the Kitchen and find inspiration plus real tips from chefs, cooking instructors, health experts and more on how to turn kitchen experiences into family experiences.

THE HABITS & HOME SHOW | Decluttering, Organizing, Habits, Routines, Home Management, Homeschooling, Homesteading

Lisa Lizotte | Professional Organizer, Habits Coach and Homeschooling Mom

043 \ No Fluff Friday - Systemize Your High-Traffic Entryway

Families are busier than ever these days. We're involved all sorts of activities such as school, work, sports, church and community service projects. We are coming and going at a fast pace and it's important that are homes are systemized in a way that can accommodate our busy schedules.



In this episode, I'm helping you systemize your arrival station and high-traffic entryway by pointing out some items you may not have thought of to get organized. Grab and notebook and pen because you're going to want to take notes and create a to-do list for yourself.



Always with love and straight truth, Lisa







The Better Behavior Show with Dr. Nicole Beurkens

Dr. Nicole Beurkens

Episode 213: How to Collaborate with Educators for Your Child’s Specific Needs

My guest this week is Dr. Emily King In this episode, Dr. Emily and I discuss how to navigate educational needs and school-related issues specific to children and their development. We are going to explore how parents can best advocate for their kids, while also supporting the teachers and other professionals who are often working really hard in these environments. You’ll hear about tips and tools for everyone involved–from the children to administrators.  We address the need for “mental safety”, simple talking points on how to collaborate and build trust with your children’s educators. Dr. Emily shares techniques for how teachers can implement flexibility in the classroom to better support each child’s individual learning needs while still balancing the required curriculum.     Dr. Emily King is a child psychologist in Raleigh, North Carolina, who has worked with neurodivergent children and teens

"Doctor Mom" Podcast

Stephanie Greunke, RD and Dr. Elana Roumell, ND

#259: Season 6 - What to expect on The "Doctor Mom" Podcast

We are excited to kick off season six of the “Doctor Mom” podcast! Normally, Dr. Elana and I focus on sharing guests we have on during the season and things you can look forward to learning from them, but to be honest… we haven’t interviewed them all yet! However…we KNOW they’ll be fire and today we will share WHO we’re having on and what topics you can look forward to learning about this season. Since we took a short break between seasons, we also wanted to spend time sharing what’s been going on in our worlds. There has been a LOT happening between the two of us and since we consider you part of our family, we love keeping you in the loop. So for this episode, consider yourself sitting with us, your two good friends, filling you in on life updates! We’d love to hear what’s going on with you too! We’d also like to take time to thank our podcast sponsors Needed @needed, Active Skin Repair @bldgactive, and

Rainbow Parenting

Queer Kid Stuff

Welcome to Rainbow Parenting, a queer- and gender-affirming parenting podcast. Every week, queer educator Lindz Amer starts conversations about the intimidating first steps on how to affirm queer, trans, and nonbinary kids. They talk to experts who explain how to approach age-relevant early childhood sex ed, queer kid lit, gender reveal parties, and much more. And this isn’t just for parents; educators, caregivers, librarians, and anyone who knows, loves, and works with kids can start the process of raising a whole generation! Season One begins May 30th, with new episodes dropping every Monday. Produced in partnership with Multitude.

Mamas in Training: Preparing for Pregnancy & Motherhood

Jessica Lorion

EP119- What to Do When You Feel Like You’re Losing Control with Josephine Atluri

How far have you gone to have control or FEEL like you have control over your life?Aside from the to-do lists and schedules, have you ever pushed your body past its limits?
As we begin our journey into motherhood, even before conception, there is SO little control we have and this can feel frightening, uneasy and can even lead us to harming ourselves or those who love us. 
For Josephine Atluri, her long journey into motherhood wreaked havoc on her ability to control. A mama of 7 children… yes, you read that correctly, 7, Josephine’s path was rocky and she had no control. She went through so much stress to build her family, that it led to an eating disorder. How did she make it through and how in the world does she get through each day with 7 children?! It was at her lowest point that she discovered the need for something more and she turned to mediation. 
Listen in to learn

Doing It At Home

Independent Podcast Network | Sarah and Matthew Bivens

378: Q&A with Midwives About the Midwifery Model of Care, Informed Consent and Family-Centered Birth with Sarah McClure and Charli Zarosinski

What does a midwife do? 
Might seem like an obvious answer if you’ve been in the birthing world for a while. But if you’re unfamiliar with different models of care or exploring home birth for the first time, it’s a very legitimate question with answers that could be very significant in your birthing journey.
Today we’re joined by Sarah McClure and Charli Zarosinski, midwives of Hearth and Home Midwifery and hosts of The Homebirth Midwife Podcast. 
We unpacked a lot of really great topics in this conversation including:

The different routes to take to become a midwife 

Explaining the midwifery model of care to someone new to the concept

What’s an average day in the life of a midwife like?

What support do midwives and birth workers need?

How can clients be best in

Cuentos infantiles I Había una vez

Naran Xadul

El animal más fuerte 50 I Cuentos infantiles I Fábulas con enseñanza

En el planeta también hay animales que han sido capaces de adaptarse a diferentes climas y tierras como es el caso de la tortuga, otro de los animales que protagoniza, junto con el hipopótamo y el elefante, este cuento de África del Este.

A Teen's Perspective

Dr. RJ

A show for parents of teenagers. Each week, I interview teens so they can share their experiences growing up in today's world.

That Pregnancy Podcast

Best Life Moms Club

Rachel's Birth Story: Part 2

This week Amanda & Katie talk with Rachel about her delivery at the birth center with midwives. She talks about how she felt and what it was like. She always talks about a rare occurrence that happened after birth, when the umbilical chord snapped after she delivered the baby but before she delivered the placenta.

The Empowering Parents Podcast - Child Behavior Help The Total Transformation Way

Kimball Lewis

How to Manage Poor Hygiene in Children: “My Kid Stinks-Help!”

It’s incredibly frustrating to deal with a child who refuses to take care of himself or herself—a child with bad hygiene. They look bad, and we often see it as a poor reflection of our parenting. In this week's podcast, Kimball talks about what you can do as a parent if you are struggling with this difficult and awkward issue.

Behavior charts:

Power Struggles: Are You at War with a Defiant Child?

When You Should Let Your Child Fail: The Benefits of Natural Consequences

Index of all our articles:

Our website:

Harmony in the Home

Kelly Hutcheson

148: Creating Your Blueprint

How can I design my own blueprint for love?

Last week we talked about the formation of your own “blueprint” for love, which is derived from the way you experienced life as a child and teenager. Most of the components of your blueprint come from the interactions you had with your parents and other family members.

In this episode, I want to talk in more detail about the new and exciting opportunity offered to you (now that you’ve become the care-giver) to form a blueprint for love to pass on to your children.

I’d like to emphasize his point, because I know before I “awoke” and learned to chill out a little, I was constantly stressing about teaching them everything they needed to know. The fact is, if you pay attention, your kids are going to teach you more than you’ll teach them. By nature, children only know how to give love unconditionally. They do not know how to have ill inten

On The Hard Days

Megan Champion

Ep. 79 Mom Amy Smith on Mentally Accepting Aggressive Treatment for Severe OCD in a Young Child

About This Episode: Mom Amy is one of the strongest, most positive moms I know with one of the toughest stories I've ever heard. Her son suffers from severe, life-altering OCD. She had to accept help from multiple hospitals and the most aggressive treatment, despite her child being a young age. Here are just some of the topics we discussed:-What is "just right" OCD?-What it's like to hospitalize your child-When inpatient hospital stays come with a waiting list-How ECT saved her son-Keeping a marriage intact during a rough timePlease shower Amy with love and support by SHARING this episode with your mom friends and groups!MORE:-Want to be a part of my support group community, Mothers Together? Send me a message on IG or FB and I'll tell you how to sign up! Our next groups start on April 1st!-Subscribe to On The Hard Days via Apple, Spotify, or however you g

Rydel and Capron

The Funks

Two social media influencers who fell in love with the mutual goal of creating a large family. This is our journey and what we are learning on the way to happiness.

The Integrated Schools Podcast

Andrew Lefkowits, Val Brown, Courtney Mykytyn

Reflections on Season 7

As Season 7 comes to close, Val and Andrew reflect on 17 episodes and share our most valuable takeaways and thoughts from this season, then we get into some juicy listener questions, as well as some announcements! Spoiler alert! Val has agreed to return for Season 8!!
As we reflect on the season, we have to take a moment to say thank you to a bunch of people who have made this season possible. First of all, all of our guests, who have shared their research, their stories, and their personal reflections. We are humbled to be in conversation with you all:

Sarah and Anna

Stefan Lallinger

Tomàs Monarrez

Sarah Soonling-Blackburn

Zoe and Kara

Chrissy Colón Bradt

Heather McGhee

Susan Faircloth

Brittany Brazzel

Carol Anderson

Chantal Hailey

Tricia and Daniella

James Haslam

Additionally, the podcast staf

Dear Doula

Dear Media

The Holistic Sleep Tips that Nobody is Talking About

Brandi sits with Tamara Jurkin a holistic sleep consultant who shares her approach and tips for helping families get more rest without using traditional sleep training methods.   Produced by Dear Media

Old Moms Club

Michelle Hooper & Kristi McDonald

If you're a new mom in your 30s or 40s, we have good news... you're trending! We've learned that what works for moms in their 20s and what works for us are completely different. If you're using both eye cream and diaper cream, then this podcast is for you! Click subscribe to join the Old Mom’s Club podcast and come along this journey as we figure out what the heck we’re doing in this new motherhood journey. Instagram: Facebook:

LOMAH Disability Podcast


#163 - A New Way to Find and Fund Adult Services

Most adult supports are chosen via eligible providers on HCBS waiver lists. However, some states have been toying with a new method that offers more flexibility and choice. In this conversation we explore what families have and have not liked about the newly rolled out Self Determination Program and why our family has decided to move away from provider lists and into this new option of funding supports. About the Guest: Sonni Charness, Founder of Guidelight Group Sonni Bendetson Charness brings over a decade of experience serving teens and adults with developmental disabilities and is an expert in community integration and employment supports. Sonni leads the team at Guidelight Group and also works personally with clients.  Sonni's work on transition-to-adulthood and employment has been published in the Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation and in Research and Practice for Persons with Severe Disabilities. Sonni has been a feat

Life Has Purpose

Ryan & Bethany Bomberger

***WE RETURN JUNE 2022!!!*** Life Has Purpose is the name of our podcast and the DNA of The Radiance Foundation--the non-profit we created in 2009. We’re not afraid to talk about the tough issues facing our broken culture, and we’re passionate about highlighting the stories that speak healing and wholeness through Faith, Hope and Love. Get ready for a life-affirming journey filled with laughter, factivism and tears with Bethany and Ryan Bomberger on each weekly episode of Life Has Purpose! (Jingle written and sung by Ryan Bomberger, featuring 11-year-old Aliyah Bomberger.)

Failing Motherhood

Danielle Bettmann | Wholeheartedly

Raising Good Humans with Erin Hodgson

Erin Hodgson is a non-bio mom to her two boys with her wife, living in New Zealand.  This episode felt like we recorded several episodes in one! After a quick geography lesson on New Zealand, we dive into her plans of world-schooling in 2023.  I'm so glad I asked her how she met her wife, because you won't believe her story!After sharing her experience inducing lactation to nurse her second son, as well as what it's like to be a family of two moms raising two boys, she shares what it means to her to raise good humans.If you're wanting to become a more conscious parent, break generational cycles and think long-term about your idea of "success" for your kids, you will want to stay to the end!She speaks to the guilt of wanting "more" and how the more we discover about ourselves overflows and improves our parenting.In this episode, she shares...The skills she feels can't be learned in a classroomH

Coming Up for Air — Families Speak to Families about Addiction

Allies in Recovery

When Do You Work on Use of Less-Dangerous Substances?

Dominique shares a family’s question about a loved one who’s addressed the most pressing substance use. Should the family now focus on their loved one’s cannabis use? Our hosts discuss harm reduction and the role of the “functional analysis” in CRAFT to address such questions. The analysis involves reviewing what’s changed, patterns and dynamics, and making sure your own behaviors support reduction of use. These actions are subtle, and their subtlety makes them more effective. Even with multiple substances, they recommend addressing one at a time. The functional analysis should keep happening with different drugs, so that you know which behaviors to reward and which to walk away from. The Allies site includes cannabis resources discussing withdrawal and tolerance, and the more-concentrated form of use called “dabbing. 

Precious Little Sleep Parenting Podcast

Alexis Dubief

What Are Realistic Expectations for Baby Sleep? EP 25

Are you crushing the nap schedule or is the nap schedule crushing you? Do you have the right bedtime? Does your child get the sleep they need? Many (and I do mean many) parents are getting hung up on concerns about how their child is sleeping when really the problem is the gap between reality...
Read More
The post What Are Realistic Expectations for Baby Sleep? EP 25 appeared first on Precious Little Sleep.

Single Mom’s Conversations


The audacity to think outside of the box. In this podcast we will be talking about different ways to navigate through being a single motherhood. I will be sharing some of the strategies I used as well as life hacks that I used to raise my own children. I will also be talking about dating as a single mom. So please join me in this conversation of champions. We got this!! if you would like to join our Patreon page click the link you will have early access to podcast and podcast that will not be released to the public. Support this podcast:

Miraculous Mamas

Elizabeth Joy Presta - Wave Podcast Network

EP212: What Is Your Vagina Telling You? with Priyanka Jain

Priyanka Jain is the co-Founder and CEO of Evvy, a company that created at-home tests for your vaginal microbiome. Despite centuries of stigmatization, the vagina is truly incredible. Among many other things, it’s the structural connection between the outside world and the female body’s most powerful reproductive organs. Every day, the vaginal microbiome performs the equivalent of modern health miracles and Priyanka is sharing why it's important to know about it! Learn more about Evvy: Evvy's Instagram: Elizabeth's website: Miraculous Mamas Instagram: Get started at Download Best Fiends FREE on the Apple App Store or Google Play! More podcasts at WAVE:

Simply Convivial: Pep Talks for Homemakers & Homeschoolers

Mystie Winckler

How to be a better homeschool mom

See how your homeschool is doing with the REAL homeschool quiz: don’t know about you, but I always start off the year thinking that this year will be more awesome than last because this year I’m committed to really being, well, awesome.This school year will be different because I will be different.So, a decade into homeschooling and having rounded the bend of my thirties, maybe that idealism and optimism is tempered a bit, but I still feel it even if I try to suppress it.Maybe we won’t wake up whole new people on Monday morning, transformed into mothers who do the right thing every time, yet each year – depending on the year – we should try to take the next step in growing, maturing, and increasing.Rather than start the school year with strong but unrealistic goals to be 100% consistent, to never yell, or to always follow the plan, we should go into the year with concrete strategies f

Behind Our Smiles

Joe and Tara Buchanan

Episode 18: Surprise Me!

Valentine’s Day brings up so many images of love and romance, many of which may feel unrealistic. In this week’s episode, we discuss the key ingredients to keeping true romance and intimacy alive within your marriage.

Let's get Sensory

Kelsea Newman OTR/L

Welcome to Let's get Sensory! Here, I show you how to create a Sensory Lifestyle for you and your kids that nourishes our nervous system for more peace and regulation. My personal Sensory Therapy approach is rooted in Sensory Integration, neuroscience, psychology, and my own experience living with ADHD and SPD. With every episode, my mission is to to spread awareness about Sensory Therapy and make it accessible for everyone! To learn more about my Sensory Therapy approach, check out my online course Simplify Sensory found on and

Minivan Mamas

Minivan Mamas

Skip the Disappointment this Valentine's Day

Men aren't mind readers. Men aren't mind readers. Even after you've been married for 10+ years, they still can't read your mind! So we're back this month with our pro tips on how to skip the disappointment this Valentine's day!

Show Sponsors: - Get ready for Valentine's day with MarriageSupply - the best place on the internet to find quality adult toys. Marriage Supply has no nudity or pornography on the site so you can shop safely and comfortably.  10% OFF for Valentine's Day with promo code MINIVAN

What we chatted about on today's episode:
*Chocolate covered cinnamon bears - totally a Utah treat but they are delicious!
*Our recent debut on live television! You have to watch until the end! 
*Our takes on Valentine's Day
*Top 3 tips for skipping disappointment this Valentine's day!
*Marriage Supply boxes that we love! Use code MINIVAN 

Parenting That Kid with Ashleigh Tolliver

Ashleigh Tolliver

A Guide to Parenting ADHD

Did your child just join the millions diagnosed with ADHD? (Why are there so many?) Do you KNOW your child is healthy but wish you had more tools (other than stimulant drugs) to help her succeed? Do you find yourself frequently exploding with frustration at your child and his difficult behavior?Then listen in to today’s chat with Aviagail Gimple author of HyperHealing a complete ADHD coaching program and parenting guide in one book.
Guest Social Media links:
Instagram- (
Website- (
Hi, I’m Ashleigh Tolliver, and this podcast is a road map to Parenting That Kid. As a mother to a highly sensitive little boy, I know what it means to parent a child who does not fit into the ‘box’ modern society has put children into. My mission is to help other parents

Parenting Teens with Dr. Cam

Dr. Cam

Parenting Teens with Dr. Cam is THE podcast for determined yet frustrated parents who struggle with connecting and communicating with their teenagers. If you’ve tried everything you can think of, but you still feel like you’re floundering; if you want to parent with confidence, but secretly worry that people are judging you and your kids; if want to set your teen up for success but fear you’re failing them...this podcast is for you. In each episode Adolescent Psychologist and Certified Family Success Coach, Cameron (Dr. Cam) Caswell, PhD guides you around the teenage land minds with practical tips, simple solutions, and words of encouragement. Listen in every Tuesday and Thursday as Dr. Cam chats with different experts and gets them to share their best kept secrets and insights. Why just try to survive the teen years, when your whole family can thrive? Download a free guide to motivating unmotivated teens at

Child of the Redwoods: Podcast

Child of the Redwoods

The End of Life is a Curious Thing

In this audio-only replay from the April 7 episode of Child of the Redwoods: Live, Aubrey and David talk about letting their youngest child go to sleep away camp and how doing brave things - both for the child and parent - is important. They then talk about how to discuss the end of life with children of various ages. Child of the Redwoods: Live is a biweekly show hosted through YouTube where Aubrey and David discuss homeschooling, Montessori, and parenthood. You can watch the replays or join live on the Child of the Redwoods YouTube channel.

Color Me Dadd

wes simpkins

Color Me Dadd is a podcast made by three dads from West Virginia who have been close friends for 25+ years. They rip on each other as they discuss music, pop culture and anything else they find funny or interesting. The show starts just before the birth of one dad’s first child and chronicles his transformation from rich cool guy into a dad who will likely wear socks with sandals while griping about grass that's too tall. See for privacy and opt-out information.

The Home Birth After Cesarean Podcast

Rachel Garrett

Due to the rate of unnecessary c-sections, the lack of support and limited options for VBAC moms in the hospital, more and more women are choosing to have their VBAC babies at home. This podcast was created for women to share and listen to stories of Home Birth After Cesarean.

Dear Fathers Podcast

Dear Fathers

The Dear Fathers Podcast is the Official Podcast of Dear Fathers, the premiere media platform for black fatherhood dedicated to telling stories of black fatherhood from every angle. Tap in as our Host James Meeks and Co-Host Jesse Alex dive deep into the lives of your favorite celebrity dads. We'll talk black fatherhood, parenting styles, their relationships with their fathers, mental health, balancing fatherhood & business, and much more. We ignite the impact of fatherhood and culture, let's vibe!

Parental Seasons

Michelle Manning-Osborn

Episode 13: Spicy Kids and Spicy Parents with Mary Van Geffen

I sit down with Mary Van Geffen, a parenting coach for "Spicy Kids"  to discuss how to navigate parenting a spicy kid and what to do if you're a spicy parent. You can find her on Instagram at @maryvangeffen.Crystal's InstagramUPCOMING CLASS LINK Your Parenting: Preparing for the Teen Years with Mary Van GeffenSaturday, February 26 at 8:30 am pst.Registration opens on Valentine's DayFollow me on Instagram

The Mom Voice

Sarah Bones & Lauren Willis

We're Talking About Bruno (& What "Encanto" Teaches Us)

Feb. 7th, 2022 – In this week’s episode, the ladies bring lots of fun and interesting chat. They kick off the episode by breaking down a TV show they’re into at the moment – which leads to a little celebrity gossip. You know they love their pop culture!!  Lauren gives an update on her half marathon training as it’s fast approaching. Sarah and Lauren then dive into the episode’s subject – Encanto! Specifically, following an article where a therapist breaks down why we should be talking about Bruno. The ladies go through the characters of the popular movie Encanto, and talk about how we can see those personality types in our own families. It’s a fun but serious conversation about family dynamics. They close out with their hits and misses of the week Lauren’s family makes a big purchase and Sarah shares a super sweet moment with her toddler.


Mommyhood Unscripted

Nicole Nalepa

Motherhood is magnificent, messy -- and unfortunately doesn't come with a script to follow. Join TV News Anchor, Nicole Nalepa as she takes you along for the ride! She created this safe space for women of all ages back in 2020. Now she's taking her conversations to the podcast world -- covering some of the biggest topics and least discussed issues surrounding motherhood.

Wonder of Parenting - A Brain-Science Approach to Parenting


Boys, Peeing, and Showers.

Boys, Peeing, and Showers.  Michael and Tim tackle two questions--one about a boy who pees in places he shouldn't, and one about a boy who refuses to shower.

The Hot Flash Podcast

Anita Schwier + Amy Pecoraro

The Hot Flash Podcast was created to deliver intense, short encouragements and nuggets of wisdom from all the life experiences of two sisters. Designed For women who are over 40, and those who will be over 40 one day, the bi-weekly, 15- minute podcast is loaded with practical information and tips on life, parenting, marriage and business. Like a hotflash, it will be quick and give you a break from the day to day hustle and bustle of life. Please subscribe to our podcast to never miss an episode! And be sure to connect with us on social media at ... @thehfpc

Purpose Driven Mom Show

Cara Harvey

Making a Plan Around Your Obstacles

What about when obstacles pop up in your way after you start going after your goal? What do you do? What can you do? Is there an easy solution?    Cara would say “YES!” — there is an easy way to plan around your obstacles. Listen to today’s episode to get all the juicy details on how to conquer your goals.   It's not about getting to the goal. It's about the person you become on the way to the goal. The 15 Minute Formula Book by: Cara Harvey FREE GOAL SETTING SERIES: A PURPOSE DRIVEN MOM SHOW NOTES:

Creating a Family: Talk about Adoption & Foster Care

Creating a Family

Adoption Microaggressions Parents Need to Know About

What are the microaggressions or stigmas in the world of adoption and how do they impact adoptees, birth parents, and adoptive parents?  We talk with Dr. Amanda Baden, a Professor and the Doctoral Program Director at Montclair State University in the graduate counseling program and a licensed psychologist in private practice in Manhattan. She is an adult adoptee from Hong Kong and an adoptive parent of a daughter from China.In this episode, we cover:What are microaggessions in general and how do they apply to adoption? These microaggressions apply to all members of the adoption kinship network (adoptees; adoptive parents, grandparents, siblings; first/birth parents/grandparents).Where do some of the unconscious attitudes and stigmas toward adoption come from? Common microaggression themes for adoptees:biology is best/normative is based upon the belief that biological ties are superior, more permanent, and more authentic th

Parent Your Highly Sensitive Child Like A Ninja

Megghan Thompson

47: 2 LIES HSC Experts Are Telling Parents that Decrease their Family Progress

Join me as I bust through 2 LIES HSC "experts" are telling parents that decrease their family's progress.
If your child is demonstrating the meltdown cycle, watch our free training here:
If your teen is struggling to engage with your family, shutting down and struggling with a perfectionism spiral, watch our free training here:
If you want to learn more about the results we help our clients achieve, visit this page:
To keep up on the latest content, join our Facebook Group: Parent Your Highly Sensitive Child Like a Ninja Be sure to check out our Facebook page: 

Parenting IQ

Kelly Cagle

Along with experts from various fields, Dr. Cagle empowers and equips parents during their child’s academic years. Conversations ranging from establishing good study habits to abortion, or theoretical approaches in academic settings to ideal snack and lunch options… if it’s a possibility to individuals parenting their kids ages birth-higher education, we’ll talk about it.

Talking Toddlers

Erin Hyer

As a new mom, don’t you wish you had someone whispering in your ear with practical and trustworthy guidance? Finding clarity can be challenging these days, and the uncertainty seems almost deafening. Talking Toddlers breaks down how our children grow, learn & develop - by building relationships, human connections, and learning through language. I’m Erin Hyer, a licensed speech-language pathologist - and for nearly 35 years I’ve played with kids on the floor, inspired parents to use everyday routines for learning, consulted with early educators, and trained graduate students to move beyond the classroom and “think outside the box.” My purpose is clear - understand how the brain learns to learn, bridge any gaps before they turn into life-long challenges, and keep kids moving forward. I don’t believe in “taking anything for granted” or “leaving it to chance.” Nor do I subscribe to accepting the increasing “new normal.” Parents are in a very special position to create a language-rich home environment & truly guide kids to thrive, to learn through everyday activities, while building confidence, flexibility and a true curiosity for learning. Episodes will bring practical ideas, as well as, some deep dives to help you understand why there are roadblocks? I believe we are more likely to implement strategies and activities or make changes if we know the reasoning behind them. My goal - to help moms feel empowered and toddlers happier. Please join me every Tuesday, Talking Toddlers where moms come for clarity, connection and courage. Stay tuned for amazing interviews, discussions & practical guidance on how Talking Toddlers learn to thrive - at home - with their moms!


CiRCE Podcast Network

Poetry in the Home

Join Emily, Renee, and Karen as they talk about why poetry is important (especially in the home), their favorite poets, and how to enjoy poems with your children. See for privacy and opt-out information.

The Gentle Parenting Show

Kim West

The Secret to Successful Sleep Training

Today, Kim is solo on the show to talk about the biggest secret to sleep training success - consistency! No matter what sleep training method you choose (more on those methods HERE), consistency is the key to sleeping for you and your child. She will cover:     What Intermittent Reinforcement Has to Do With Sleep Training Intermittent Reinforcement With Different Sleep Training Styles  3 Examples of Negative Intermittent Reinforcement Reinforcing Successful Sleep Training     Our favorite quote from this episode is “don’t even start sleep training until you’re 200% in and ready to follow through and be consistent with the whole process.”    Connect with Kim Find out more about Kim’s sleep training method, the Sleep Lady Shuffle here, or in Kim’s book or her e-course, Gentle Sleep Solutions.

Montessori Education with Jesse McCarthy

Jesse McCarthy

Montessori Adolescence (Teenagers), with Paula Lillard Preschlack

What is Montessori like for teenagers (~ages 12 to 18), in middle school and high school?

Light The Fight

Elevate Podcasting

#180- "Personality Tests and Their Application"

In this episode, David and Heidi share their enneagram scores, talk about what it shows about themselves, and the application of how to use personality tests.Take the test here us on Patreon for exclusive episodes and being able to get your questions answered! need of glasses? Use Liingo!Use code: LightTheFight for 30$ off your first order.

The Rare Life

Madeline Cheney

This is the real, raw, and all the feels of loving a child with disabilities. Episodes feature parent-guests, professionals, and solo episodes with host Madeline Cheney. Their authentic conversations don’t shy away from the strong and mixed emotions that often accompany medically-complex parenting. Parents listen in to feel seen, validated, and receive much-needed solidarity. Professionals working with disabled people listen in to better understand what is often going on under the surface for a family living with disabilities.

Future Generations Podcast with Dr. Stanton Hom

Weekly discussions with incredible influencers in Health Freedom, Self-Heal

082: Hannah Abad: When in War, CREATE

Get the Heart of Freedom III Replay here: Join the Future Generations Community here:   Remember to Rate, Review and Subscribe on iTunes and Follow us on Spotify Follow us on Instagram: @futuregenpodcast   In this episode, Hannah Abad lights a path forward that is full of a form of freedom so necessary in today’s world. She includes several powerful questions and processes that if we can all instill will move the needle for all of us in a very powerful way. This episode provides a foundational outlook that was so necessary prior to 2020 but is more necessary now more than ever.    Hannah Abad is a certified mindset and growth strategy coach, razor-focused on supporting and facilitating breakthrough and healthy, sustainable personal and professional growth for vision-driven high achievers. She’s been in the coaching space for 10 years, supporting 100’s

Infant Adoption Guide Podcast

Tim Elder

A Mom’s Mission To Modernize The Infant Adoption Process with Erin Quick : Episode 97

In 2020, Erin Quick, a Mom through adoption, decided it was time to address and wanted to help solve some longtime issues in private-adoption. Using her experience through adopting her 2 kids along with her 20+ years of work in marketing, she recognized an opportunity to streamline, accelerate and modernize the private-adoption world. PairTree was […]

Yoga | Birth | Babies

Deb Flashenberg and Independent Podcast Network

What’s It Like To Heal From A Vaginal Birth? With Morgan Michalowski

As expectant parents we spend so much time preparing for birth and life with a baby, often we forget about the recovery our bodies and minds need after labor. Between our culture and our medical system healing from birth is greatly overlooked and under discussed. 
In this episode of Yoga|Birth|Babies we turn the attention back to the birth parent. I speak with Morgan Michalowski, a certified nurse midwife, women’s health nurse practitioner, international board certified lactation consultant, doula, and mother all about vaginal birth recovery. 
From muscle soreness, to bleeding, tears, prolapse, hormonal changes and nutritional needs Dr Michalowski discusses the range of normal and what our bodies and minds need to heal after birth. 
P.S. (Cesarean Parents- I’m releasing the cesarean healing episode next week!)

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Boober: Looking for a  lactation

Whole Heart: Crunchy Parenting

Chelsea Vail

A podcast for parents who have chosen a natural approach to parenting from birth and beyond! Parenting Specialist, Child Development Specialist, and Play Therapist, Chelsea Vail, educates parents on hot topics from a “crunchy” perspective and drops knowledge on research based techniques for raising loving, happy, healthy kiddos. Chelsea is an advocate for all things Waldorf, anthroposophical, sacred, spiritual and loving. Please support by subscribing and joining the tribe at

Postcards From Midlife

Lorraine Candy & Trish Halpin

Better sex special: intimacy, desire & orgasms

Please note: this episode contains explicit sexual referencesIn this Season Six finale, Trish & Lorraine discuss the results of their Midlife Sex Survey and reveal what women really want between the sheets in their forties, fifties, and beyond. They also share expert advice on reviving your libido in peri-menopause and menopause, discovering how to tune into your feminine sexual energy, and communicating turn-ons (and offs) with a partner. Plus: special guest Anna Richards explains why she became an erotic filmmaker in her forties and the art of portraying female pleasure, See for privacy and opt-out information.

Single Mom 101


The Secret to Happiness for a Single Mom

Want to know the secret to happiness as a single mom? It's not in being a perfect mom. Jennifer breaks it down in this episode of Single Mom 101.1. We all have parenting failures, money failures, and life failures. We sometimes don't measure up. Shed the guilt.2. Forget it. Forget about the past, our offenses, and our busyness. Get alone with Jesus.3. Learn to trust that God has got this! Lack of trust is a heavy burden to bear.4. Choose joy. It is a choice. The joy of the Lord strengthens us.5. Retrain stinking thinking. We learned it. We can unlearn it.6. Surrender and submit to who God is. He is in control. His weight is much easier! For more on Jennifer and single mom resources, check out The Life of a Single Mom.Episode Image: @Getty/biscotto87

Real Happy Mom Podcast

Toni-Ann Mayembe, DDS

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