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Breaking Math

72: The Lifestyles of the Mathematical and Famous (an Interview with Author Robert Black)

Robert Black is an author who has written a six-book series about seven influential mathematicians, their lives, and their work. We interview him and his books, and take a peek into the lives of these influential mathematicians.Addendum: Hey Breaking Math fans, I just wanted to let y'all know that the second material science podcast is delayed.[Featuring: Sofía Baca; Robert Black]

Opinionated History of Mathematics

Intellectual Mathematics

The “universal grammar” of space: what geometry is innate?

Geometry might be innate in the same way as language. There are many languages, each of which is an equally coherent and viable paradigm of thought, and the same can be said for Euclidean and non-Euclidean geometries. As our native language is shaped by experience, so might our “native geometry” be. Yet substantive innate conceptions … Continue reading The “universal grammar” of space: what geometry is innate?

Casual Inference

Lucy D'Agostino McGowan and Ellie Murray

Keep it casual with the Casual Inference podcast. Your hosts Lucy D'Agostino McGowan and Ellie Murray talk all things epidemiology, statistics, data science, causal inference, and public health. Sponsored by the American Journal of Epidemiology.

My Favorite Theorem

Kevin Knudson & Evelyn Lamb

Join us as we spend each episode talking with a mathematical professional about their favorite result. And since the best things in life come in pairs, find out what our guest thinks pairs best with their theorem.

The Universe Speaks in Numbers

Faber and Faber

The Universe Speaks in Numbers: Phil Anderson interviewed by Graham Farmelo

Phil Anderson was one of the most creative theoretical physicists of the past century. Among dozens of key contributions, he pioneered our understanding of symmetry breaking and paved the way to our modern understanding of weak and electromagnetic interactions, and the prediction of what became known as the Higgs boson. He did all this without state-of-the-art mathematics and was wary of mathematics-led approaches to our understanding of Nature. In this interview, recorded on 31 July 2014, he talks about his early career and his suspicions of string theory. He also tells me what topics he would advise bright young scientists to study.This is one of a series of interviews given by world-class experts to Graham on the themes he explores in his new book The Universe Speaks in Numbers.  See for privacy and opt-out information.

Mathematics Simplified

Anjali Sharma


Learning about probability is an ongoing process which we all will keep up. Let's understand more about the algebra of probability.

Study Algebra- Math Made Easy!

AL Academy

Coming Soon!

Off The Beaten Math

Eric Novak & Allora Novak

Change is Differential

This weeks episode dives into the legendary language of change known simply as, Calculus. Join us as we lead the way off the beaten path to adore and attempt to demystify the pinnacle of modern mathematics. 

The Art of Mathematics

Carol Jacoby

Getting Athletes to Think Like Mathematicians

Caron Rivera, a math teacher at a school for elite athletes, shares how she breaks through the myth of the "math person" and teaches athletes to think like mathematicians. Her problem solving technique applies to anything. Through it her students get comfortable with not knowing, with the adventure of seeking the answer. They build their brains in the process. 


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Practical Significance

The American Statistical Association

Practical Significance | Episode 14: The ASA Committee on Statistics & Disability Working to Improve Accessibility

The ASA Committee on Statistics and Disability (CSD) was recently reactivated, and co-hosts Donna and Ron welcome to the show two committee members: Ryan Machtmes and Erin Chapman. Together, they discuss the committee’s updated charge to serve the disability community within the ASA.
Erin and Ryan share their personal stories and the importance of the CSD’s revised charge, as well as programs the committee is considering for the ASA community. They detail the goal of providing guidance on best practices and universal design to improve accessibility to statistics for the ...
The post Practical Significance | Episode 14: The ASA Committee on Statistics & Disability Working to Improve Accessibility first appeared on Amstat News.

Dana-Farber Data Science Podcast

Shaping the future of #datascience. Powering #cancerresearch at Dana-Farber.

Daniela Witten, PhD - The Role of Statistical Learning in Applied Statistics

What is machine learning? What distinguishes it from statistics? Daniela Witten, PhD is Professor of Statistics and Biostatistics at University of Washington, and the Dorothy Gilford Endowed Chair in Mathematical Statistics. Dr. Witten develops statistical machine learning methods for high-dimensional data, with a focus on unsupervised learning.

Our Data Science Zoominars feature interactive conversation with data science experts and a Q+A session moderated by Rafael A. Irizarry, PhD, Chair, Department of Data Science at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

Count Me In

Della Dumbaugh and Deanna Haunsperger

Join former MAA President Deanna Haunsperger and Monthly Editor Della Dumbaugh as they explore the lives of mathematicians in this podcast to reveal the humanity of the discipline. These conversations will inspire others with their shared experiences of challenge and support, of doubt and devotion, and of isolation and community.

The Function Room


Where Is There a Will?

In this episode after Ruby makes up her mind, we’re talking about the mathematics of free will. It's recorded at the Cat Laughs Comedy Summer Series in Kilkenny, Ireland. A special series of shows to reintroduce everyone to the vague concept of Going To Stuff Again.My guest is Dr Kevin Mitchell. He’s a neuroscientist a professor at Trinity College Dublin and author of a book called Innate which goes right into the heart of the brain…well not the heart, confusing terminology, but right into the cells. And as he got to the smallest bits of the brain, Kevin started to wonder about free will and whether we have any choice in any matter. The notion of free will has been debated by the finest minds for thousands of years. So naturally I felt qualified to join in.And what has it to do with maths. Well…buckle up because we’re in for a bit of a head melt as we tackle topics like quantum physics, a smidge of chaos theory, WHAT IS A NUMBER ANYWAY and where annoyi

intuitions behind Data Science

Ashay Javadekar

Loss Function

The intuition behind loss function

Maths on the Move

On the mathematical front line is a special series of the Plus podcast featuring epidemiologists whose efforts have been crucial in the fight against the pandemic. They are the people who make sense of the data to estimate things like the R number, and who make the mathematical models that inform (and sometimes do not inform) government policy.In this episode we talk to Ellen Brooks Pollock and Leon Danon, both from the University of Bristol. The are members of the JUNIPER consortium ( of modelling groups from across the UK whose research and insights feed into the Scientific Pandemic Influenza Modelling group (otherwise known as SPI-M) and SAGE, the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies, both of which advise the UK government on the scientific aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic.Ellen and Leon are also a couple, who have stuck it out through the lockdowns not just in terms of living arrangements and child care, but also in terms of work. And if

Machine Learning Cafe

Miklos Zoltan Toth

What is beyond PoCs? ML project-hurdles you should be prepared to take with Balázs Kégl - 016

In this episode, our guest was Balázs Kégl who is head of AI Research at Huawei Paris. We were talking about machine learning projects from the organizational point of view. We talked about the relationship between technical and non-technical people, and why are there so many POC projects why only a few of them is productionised? So, if you are a data scientist and you cannot convince your manager or your client to create a project, you should definitely listen to this episode. Moreover, we talked about some technical stuff at the end. Connect Balazs at Linkedin: ---General Info--- About the host: Miklos Toth is a Machine Learning enthusiast who is also teaching Machine Learning and Deep Learning at international companies, working on various ML projects as an engineer. About the co-host: Levente Szabados is a Deep tech leader, consultant, an



Prime Numbers

In this episode of Axioms, we learn about prime numbers. In math, these are the building blocks of whole numbers and have been studied for over two thousand years. In this episode we will discuss their history, properties, ways to compute them, applications, and more.

The Math Club

Pete and Noah

Thinking Outside the Box

In this episode, Pete and Noah provide opposing viewpoints on how to respond to a classic mathematical paradox.   Show links: • Game Theory and Strategy - Textbook used in Pete's Game Theory course • Are you a one boxer or a two boxer? - Use this link to let us know what you'd decide after listening to the episode.

Cryptography FM

Nadim Kobeissi

Episode 21: Proving Fundamental Equivalencies in Isogeny Mathematics!

Benjamin Wesolowski talks about his latest paper in which he mathematically proved that the two fundamental problems underlying isogeny-based cryptography are equivalent.
Links and papers discussed in the show:
* The supersingular isogeny path and endomorphism ring problems are equivalent (
* Episode 5: Isogeny-based Cryptography for Dummies! (
Music composed by Toby Fox and performed by Sean Schafianski ( Special Guest: Benjamin Wesolowski.



美妙人生的关键在于你迷上什么 | 串台野猫集会

在小说《球状闪电》的开头,主角的爸爸在主角生日夜讲了这样一番话:“其实,儿子,过一个美妙的人生并不难,听爸爸教你:你选一个公认的世界难题,最好是只用一张纸和一只铅笔的数学难题,比如歌德巴赫猜想或费马大定理什么的,或连纸笔都不要的纯自然哲学难题,比如宇宙的本源之类,投入全部身心钻研,只问耕耘不问收获,不知不觉的专注中,一辈子也就过去了。人们常说的寄托,也就是这么回事。或是相反,把挣钱作为惟一的目标,所有的时间都想着怎么挣,也不问挣来干什么用,到死的时候像葛朗台一样抱者一堆金币说:啊,真暖和啊……所以,美妙人生的关键在于你能迷上什么东西。比如我——”爸爸指指房间里到处摆放着的那些小幅水彩画,它们的技法都很传统,画得中规中矩,从中看不出什么灵气来。这些画映着窗外的电光,像一群闪动的屏幕,“我迷上了画画,虽然知道自己成不了梵高。”本期为特别篇,串台野猫集会 Wildcats Gathering,聊一聊爱好与工作之间的关系。本期成员:多萝西,安迪,乔治时间轴1:50 非100%纯粹热爱的数学PhD?不存在6:38 一个PhD的诞生=十万小时的独处8:30 有的人天生就是“干一行,恨一行”12:04 热爱就像小火苗,需要小心筑起挡风墙14:27 坚持一件事情不是要多热爱,而是需要high threshold for pain17:40 “做这份工作,仅仅因为我能做”26:20 “美妙人生的关键在于你迷上什么”28:17 小众学科在慢慢变得像一个庞氏骗局42:20 爱好就是你能对着朋友聊一下午的东西43:50 播客就是滔滔不绝地讲自己感兴趣的事情,“眼神放光,向外辐射热情”51:35 “爱哭是软弱的表现”,别再用雄性特质去界定成功

King Of Keno


$ilver Comet Trail

How “Cardio With KENO” morphed into a TikTok Live & prompted me to get a Cash3 win! #KOKLC??? #LotteryCoach #LotteryInfluencer #PlayResponsibly

Study Calculus- For AP® Courses and More

AL Academy

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

Study Geometry- Math made Easy!

AL Academy

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Nodycast: The Podcast on Nonlinear Dynamics

C 'Nat' Nataraj

Nodycast is a lively podcast discussing the theory, techniques and latest innovations in nonlinear dynamics, and its applications to systems of all kinds. This includes almost everything under the sun such as mechanical, structural, electrical, chemical, thermo-fluid, ecological, economic, epidemiological, biological and chemical systems. It is hosted by Dr. 'Nat' C. Nataraj, Moritz Professor at Villanova University and Senior Editor for Nonlinear Dynamics, a Springer-Nature journal.

Mathematically Speaking Podcast

adam allred

Episode 3.4: Credit is given where credit is due...supposedly

In this episode, we explore the algebraic foundations of calculus through the lens of Bhaskara II, and try to pin down who made calculus.
See Transcript for the show on the shows website. Transcripts go up within a week of release.
and join the discord.
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The Ramsey Theory Podcast: No Strangers At This Party

Veselin Jungic

The "Ramsey Theory Podcast: No Strangers At This Party" is created by a group of students from Simon Fraser University under the supervision of Veselin Jungic. This podcast celebrates Ramsey theory and the people working in this dynamic field of modern mathematics. Through their conversations with undergraduate students, some of today's most notable Ramsey theorists talk about their first experiences with mathematics, their times as undergraduate and graduate students, their views about Ramsey theory and mathematics in general, and about their research interests.


Jason & Jeremy

[Bite] Version Control for Data Scientists

Data scientists usually have to write code to prototype software, be it to preprocess and clean data, engineer features, build a model, or deploy a codebase into a production environment or other use case. The evolution of a codebase is important for a number of reasons which is where version control can help, such as:collaborating with other code developers (due diligence in coordination and delegation)generating backupsrecording versionstracking changesexperimenting and testingand working with agility.In this bite episode of the DataCafé we talk about these motivators for version control and how it can strengthen your code development and teamwork in building a data science model, pipeline or product.Further reading:Version control via Wikipedia git-scm via"Version Control & Git" by Jason Byrne via Slideshare

Odds and Evenings

Odds and Evenings

#32 - Quiz Shows, Queues and Quavers

The boys return to think about the structure of a quiz show round, they learn how to queue effectively and they investigate the best tunings for guitars.
Odds and Evenings
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Website -
Topics discussed
Only Connect Loops
Adding a Teller
Alternative Tunings
Show Notes
Queuing Blog (
Cabbage Tuning (
Under the Bridge Tuning (
David's Kingdom Heart Video Series (
Hosted By
Alaric -
Alex -
Editing by Alex
Infeasible App Ideas by Alaric
Theme music by David Russell -

Infinitely Irrational: A Math Podcast

Infinitely Irrational: A Math Podcast


In this episode, Nathalie reflects on the past two years since the start of the podcast, including why she started the podcast and incorporating feedback from you!

Let us know your thoughts.  Follow us on Facebook or email us at  For math and the research behind the episode, visit our webpage at We look forward to hearing from you!

Tangible Computing

Gareth & Andrew

#19 Vincent Warmerdam: Teaching People to Teach Machines to Understand

Vincent Warmerdam is a research advocate at Rasa – we discuss some of the challenges of making good chatbots, such as different languages and mistaken intents. We also touch on the career path to a research advocate and the importance of labeling datasets for machine learning. 

Fight the math like a warrior/ Social studies fun!

Torren Robinson

Would the constitution be as powerful without the preamble?

We answer the question, would the constitution be as powerful without the preamble?  

The Structural Engineering Podcast

Zach and Max

Episode 68 - Should you be a sales Engineer?

This week we talk with Jason Hoover, he's the senior director for structural solution with MITEK. After listening to the episode let us know if you would ever switch over to engineering sales or if you currently are in engineering sales let us know how you like it.If you plan to be in Denver for this year’s Steel Conference on March 23rd through the 25th swing by booth 2203 and meet Jason in person.WebsiteInstagramLinkedInFaceBookYouTubeEmail:

Turing Rabbit Holes

Gabriel Hesch

Max Predictability in a Chaotic World

Mathematically, what is the maximum level of predictability that can be achieved in an inherently chaotic world?  Why would a corporation or nation care about issues like this?   All this and more on today's episode of the Turing Rabbit Holes Podcast!  
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Science in Parallel

Krell Institute

Season One, Episode Six -- Aurora Pribram-Jones

Aurora Pribram-Jones works on hot, dense electrons – simulating extreme chemistry that can happen within giant planets like Jupiter or nuclear fusion experiments. Aurora’s career included many initial detours on the way to science, but the flexibility of community college classes and a job at a technical bookstore paved their path toward research. Now a member of the chemistry faculty at the University of California, Merced, Aurora finds purpose in teaching and mentoring students and supporting the whole scientist, especially those from underrepresented and marginalized communities. Aurora completed a Ph.D. at the University of California, Irvine, and was a DOE CSGF recipient from 2011 to 2015. They carried out postdoctoral research at the University of California, Berkeley, and at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, the latter supported by a Lawrence Postdoctoral Fellowship. Aurora received the Frederick A. Howes Scholar

Sum of All Parts

ABC Radio

16.2 How we evacuate

How would you react if you received this SMS?


When we evacuate from a bushfire, we fall into one of seven types of evacuee; from Threat Deniers, to Worried Waverers, to Experienced Independents.

This is the story of a bad evacuee turned good.

Mathematical Objects

Katie Steckles and Peter Rowlett

Mathematical Objects: Superegg with Hannah Fry

A conversation about mathematics inspired by a superegg. Presented by Katie Steckles and Peter Rowlett, with special guest Hannah Fry.

Data & Science with Glen Wright Colopy

Glen Wright Colopy

Wenting Cheng & Weidong Zhang | Advances in Biotech/Biopharma

Wenting and Weidong discuss how the statistical challenges in the biopharm industry have proliferated with the unique demands of biotech and related life science industries.

Allison Loves Math Podcast

Allison Dillard

Math Is... And Other Love Math Journal Prompts

In today's episode, my co-author for the Love Math Journal, Nicole Thomson, and I dive into the first prompts from the Love Math Journal to provide advice, tips and inspiration for teachers who are introducing the Love Math Journal to their classes for the first time. We cover tips for discussing tips, examples, and advice for the following Love Math Journal prompts: How do you feel about math? Why do you feel this way? Math is... If you are a teacher, math lead, principal or district leader looking for resources to help 4th-8th grade students develop growth mindsets and SEL skills, specifically for math, download a free review copy of the Love Math Journal here: If you're interested in purchasing the Love Math Journal for your class, school, or district, provide educators with discounts on bulk orders. For questions on discounts and purchase orders, email allison@allisonlovesmath.c

Journal Club

Data Skeptic

Science Fiction, Training Thousands at Home, and AutoML-Zero

This week we are back with our regular panelists! Kyle brings us a short article exploring science fiction impacting AI titled "Survey Finds Science Fiction One of Many Factors Impacting Views of AI Technology." George brings us an article about using thousands fo computers from universities, companies and volunteers to train one huge transformer,  titled "Train Vast Neural Networks Together." Last but not least Lan brings us the paper this week! She discusses the paper "AutoML-Zero: Evolving Machine Learning Algorithms From Scratch."

The Powers of Math

Courtney Powers

04- Slope

We’ve all heard y=mx+b but on today’s episode, we’ll finally discover what it actually means. Come listen and hear all about slope.


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· Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.

מתמטיקה שמתמטיקה


פרק 6: הסיפור של השברים

כמה זה 6 לחלק לשלושת רבעי? מה זה בכלל אומר לחלק בשבר? ואיך מתמטיקאים חושבים על שברים?

Resoundingly Human


Resoundingly Human: Touching base on 2022 milestones

For this episode, I am so pleased to once again be joined by the 2022 INFORMS President Radhika Kulkarni. We started 2022 off with my first interview with Radhika as president and discussed what was in store for INFORMS in the coming year. Radhika joins me once again to share some important INFORMS milestones and updates on a few of the topics we discussed earlier this year.

Ten Minute Math

Jan & Colleen

What Is A Growth Mindset?

In this episode we will replay Episode 12 on the importance of a growth mindset. We heard from a parent that has already taken the Ten Minute Math Mini Course that promoting a Growth Mindset by reframing her child’s words and using the power of the word YET really helped support her child in believing he can learn.

L'oreille mathématique

Institut Henri Poincaré

L'oreille mathématique est le nouveau podcast radio dédié aux mathématiques et à la physique théorique produit par l'Institut Henri Poincaré. Dans « L’oreille mathématique », nous parlons d’enseignement, de vocations, de recherche en mathématiques ; nous faisons dialoguer les mathématiciennes et les mathématiciens avec des chercheurs d’autres disciplines, et nous donnons la parole à de nouveaux visages de la communauté scientifique d’aujourd’hui. Chaque épisode prend la forme d'une conversation d'une trentaine de minutes.

Relatively Prime: Stories from the Mathematical Domain



On this episode of Relatively Prime, Michole Enjoli and Noelle Sawyer take over for Black in Math Week. They talk to Brea Ratliff and José Vilson, two Black…

Kalami Q/A

Mostapha Kalami Heris

یافتن نقاط زینی توسط الگوریتم‌های فراابتکاری

یافتن نقاط زینی توسط الگوریتم‌های فراابتکاری


Ai Funato



Puzzling Maths

Andrew Jeffrey and Rob Eastaway

Series 2 Episode 4

Like an Oxbridge genius, this podcast boasts not one but two FIRSTs!

Yup: finally, in their twelfth episode, Rob and Andrew actually record TOGETHER in the same room for the first time! Not only that, but they take advantage of this proximity to head out into Brighton looking at a curious phenomenon they're calling pph...

And as you'd expect, there are puzzles: (is there really maths in Wordle? You bet!), special guest and Brighton resident Nicole Cozens, and more everyday maths, including carpets, inflation, and the rule of 72.

Math-Life Balance

Mura Yakerson

Interview with Dhruv Ranganathan

Dhruv Ranganathan is a lecturer at Cambridge University, working in algebraic geometry. In this video, Dhruv talks about doing research with undergrads, being tortured by math problems, looking for friends to write math papers, and other cool stuff!

Dhruv's webpage:
Photo: from the webpage

0:00 teaser
0:41 from cricket to air planes
2:16 adventure novels childhood
4:46 what do algebraic geometers do
8:39 experience of undergrad research
12:30 how undergrad research really works
15:35 “now I’m a believer”(c)
18:25 why so much pressure in doing math
21:09 how we create pressure for young people
23:44 doing math as a coping mechanism
27:00 math torture vs intense cartoon watching
28:50 speakers love getting any math questions
30:54 math for extroverts 
34:25 teaching students who leave academia
37:33 don’t beat yours

Diverse Engineering

EbaNee Bond

S2, E8: Look Mom, I Graduated…Now What?

Do you need to have it all figured out by the time you graduate? Debroah Falokun thought so. This episode features Deborah, B.S. Biomedical Engineering ’20, and her journey from depressed college graduate to a sustaining engineer at Cook Medical in Bloomington, Indiana.

How the Fourier Transform Works

Mark Newman

Better audio engineering with the Fourier Transform

The Fourier Transform has made a huge contribution to almost every area of audio engineering. From individual filters to full mastering suites; from tuning your guitar to how we store and transmit sound, the Fourier Transform is there ferreting out every bit of frequency information from your time-based audio signal.In this episode, we look at a few examples of how the Fourier Transform has revolutionized the way engineers work with sound.Show Notes for this Episode: Home Page:https://howthefouriertransformworks.comPatreon Page: the mailing list:


Alexey Savvateev

Математическая культура и жизнь

How 2 rob a bank

Bia and Zoey

How 2 be a snake

Imagine you and a stranger are paired together for a little game. Now there’s some money up for grabs and you’re both given 2 choices; Share or Snake.

If you both share you both win £15 each
If one of you shares and one of you snakes, the snake will win £50 leaving the person who chose share with nothing.
If you both pick snake, you both leave with nothing.

Would you pick ‘snake’ in the hopes of taking a bigger prize for yourself, or would you pick ‘share’ to share a smaller prize!? What would you do? What should you do? And why should we even care?
In this episode, which is also the season finale, Bia shares some introductory game theory with Zoey by discussing:

The social-media experiment they both conducted through Instagram: "Snake or Share" 
The Prisoner's dilemma (which is the original problem)
The Traveller's dilemma.

Acting like a "snake" i.e. picking the

The Springer Math Podcast

Springer Nature Switzerland AG

Mathematics Unbound: The Life and Legacy of John Horton Conway

John Horton Conway was one of the most important researchers in the history of mathematics. His genius and boundless curiosity enabled him to make significant  contributions in many diverse areas throughout his lifetime, including number theory, topology, algebra, knot theory, coding theory, and probability. But John Conway was far more than simply a scientific researcher. Through his games, imagination, sense of humor, and willingness to share all that he knew with anyone who would listen, his influence on mathematicians and mathematical enthusiasts alike will no doubt be felt for generations to come. We have four guests for this episode, hosted by Marc Strauss, Publishing Director in Mathematics:Siobhan Roberts is a Canadian science journalist who contributes regularly to the New York Times. She is the author of Genius at Play, The Curious Mind of John Horton Conway. She also wrote a biography of the classical

After Math

Sarah Sun and Ifaz Kabir

Have you ever wondered, “Why Math”? After Math is a podcast about the lives and perspectives of math people. These are people who experience life, culture and careers looking through the lens of a shared love of mathematics. After Math explores the reality between what you think math is, and what it really is.

Math Thématique


Paul Erdős : The man who loved only numbers

By Paul Hoffman

Date Un Vlog 🔬🔭⚡

Date Un Vlog

El aborto según las leyes

mi opinión sobre el aborto

Radical Mathematicians

Radical Mathematicians

Bhaskara II

We discuss Bhaskara, medieval India, Brahmagupta, Pell's Equation, and the Chakravala Method




【說書人】朱士維 -台灣大學物理學系教授
【主持人】臺灣大學科學教育發展中心特約主持人 周雲
作者: 保羅.拉克哈特 Paul Lockhart
譯者: 高翠霜

作者: 大江健三郎
譯者: 陳保朱

【Youtube版本-有詳細的科學注釋與字幕 】

【CASE臺大科教中心facebook粉絲頁 】

The Essential ME

The Essential ME

S01E03 VC (Ideal) Cycle

Good day class! Today I will discuss the vapor compression cycle. I hope you will enjoy this audio presentation. Good luck!

Números Inteiros

Valentina Lopes

Números inteiros



14 - PAVs, Part 1: Jetpacks

This episode gives a history of jet pack technology and then explains how jet packs work. Explanations of elephant toothpaste and the de Laval nozzle are also included. Remember to follow the pod on Twitter and GitHub, @PodTetrahedra! Stay curious, tinker, experiment, and explore the world!

رادیو رادیان | Radio Radian

Radio Radian

اپیزود پنجم(بخش دوم) - مدرسه افلاطون

Episode 05(Second Part) - Madreseye Plato | اپیزود پنجم(بخش دوم) - مدرسه افلاطون
این اپیزود را همچنین می‌توانید در اسپاتفای، انکر، گوگل پادکست و پلتفرم ایرانی تهران پادکست رادیو رادیان بشنوید.
Telegram Channel: ,


Vahe Hagopian, Taka Hasegawa, Farrukh Rahman


We talk about QMIX as an example of Deep Multi-agent RL.

Angels Morning Podcast

Angel Ordonez-Torres

028_ 8.2 Similarity & Transformations

What i know about 8.2.

Speaking Tangentially


Season Finale: What is a Math Person?

For this final episode, Cecelia calls some of her friends and family to talk about what it means to be a "math person." This lineup of special guests includes: "Diameter" Daisy, "Mathematics" Mimi, "Hexagon Hunton, "Median" Meredith, "Macro" Miranda, "Maximum" Max, "Arccot/Addition" Anna, and "Denominator" Doug. With ages ranging from 18 to 86 years old, there's a multitude of experience and opinions of the guests to be heard. 

Pi ist genau 3

Petra Schwer und Thomas Kahle

Formale Beweise

"Es gibt Beweise mit Löchern, Beweise mit Fehlern und Beweise, die nur zwei Leute auf der ganzen Welt verstehen. [...] Um wirklich zu wissen, welche Resultate man glauben kann, muss man Teil eines inneren Zirkels sein und Zugang zu den Experten haben, die den Konsens herstellen." sagt Kevin Buzzard.
Oder man beweist die Sätze formal.

The Pi Minute

Art Allen

The Pi Minute: Episode 20

Welcome to The Pi Minute. Here is a full transcript of today’s show. The Pi Minute. Dorothy Allen hosting this episode of The Pi Minute. 0236480665 4991198818 34797753566369807426 5425278625 5181841757 4672890977 7727938000 Thank you. That’s it for this episode. Bye.


Anjana George


Very good ?

Rhapsody Science


Philosophy of Language: The Language Game

In this episode, I will discuss the Language Game and the relationship between logic and truth.You can find the script here:

To Infinity and Beyond

Rylan Roberts

Episode 1: Laying Down the Groundwork

Let's just get started talking about what infinity is and what something means to be infinite. This will lead us to boundless discussions in the future, so stay tuned!

AI Live & Unbiased

Dr. Jerry Smith

Digital Transformation in the World of Causal AI with Dr. Jerry Smith

Dr. Jerry Smith welcomes you to another episode of AI Live and Unbiased to explore the breadth and depth of Artificial Intelligence and to encourage you to change the world, not just observe it!   Dr. Jerry is talking today about Digital Transformation in the new world of Causal AI. Dr. Jerry has spent many years within the area of computer science, technology, data science, machine learning, and AI, seeking always a way to do a better job of decoupling the brilliant successes of marketing and making them even more usable.   Key Takeaways: Digital transformation is failing business expectations. More than 60% of CEOs believe that the digital transformation did not meet their expectations. Digital Transformation is not the same thing as transforming you digitally. Digital transformation needs to be driven by the will to change a company by changing aspects of its people. If you don’t like what you se

The Other Half


Episode 5: Riding With Strangers

Transportation matters. When people need to get places, but don’t have a good way to do so, it’s more than just a drag for them – it’s also a drag for the economy. Americans are living increasingly far from their places of employment, which knocks walking or biking out of the way for many. And … Continue reading Episode 5: Riding With Strangers →

La Logica del Rischio

Pasquale Cirillo

Episodio 7: La probabilità tra logica e assiomi.

Questo episodio chiude la nostra carrellata tra le principali definizioni di probabilità. Oggi ci dedichiamo al logicismo di Keynes, Jaynes e Jeffreys, e all'approccio assiomatico di Kolmogorov. Completando il quadro sulla probabilità, saremo pronti a continuare verso le misure di rischio.

Modellansatz - English episodes only

Gudrun Thäter, Sebastian Ritterbusch


One of the reasons we started this podcast in 2013 was to provide a more realistic picture of mathematics and of the way mathematicians work. On Nov. 19 2021 Gudrun talked to Stephanie Anne Salomone who is Professor and Chair in Mathematics at the University of Portland. She is also Director of the STEM Education and Outreach Center and Faculty Athletic Representative at UP. She is an Associate Director of Project NExT, a program of the Mathematical Association of America that provides networking and professional development opportunities to mathematics faculty who are new to our profession. She is a wife and mother of three boys, Milo (13), Jude (10), and Theodore (8). This conversation started on Twitter in the summer of 2021. There Stephanie (under the twitter handle @SitDownPee) and @stanyoshinobu Dr. Stan Yoshinobu invited their fellow mathematicians to the following workshop: Come help us build gender equity in mathematics! Picture a Mathematician works


isda siregar

Say hello

Say hello



Ep 10:最後一集就來看看怎麼證明我是誰吧

學期結束了,這個podcast也要結束了。就來看看所謂的簽名系統在幹麼吧! Powered by Firstory Hosting


Uriel Reyes

Información Sobre Las Nubes

En Este episodio daremos información relevante sobre las nubes .


Srinjoy G.


All you need to know about Speedcubing!

Los πq2 (Los Picudos Matemáticos)

Los Picudos Matemáticos

Al son que me bailes te quiebro

En esta ocasión explicamos como se resuelve la multiplicación de fracciones algebraicas.
También como es costumbre mencionamos a los ganadores de los retos pasados que publicamos en nuestra página de Facebook.

Two Math Guys Podcast



The guys talk about technology challenges with distance learning and the names students call themselves on Kahoot.  Good times!  


Jack Egge

Boolean Logic

Hey ?y'all? welcome to jegge math➗. Here ?is a transcript✍️ of today's ?episode along with notes, and a few helpful diagrams  I hope you like it: ?
This link
Also here are your practice problems: 
This link
And here is a list of jobs involving boolean logic:
This link
And then this just for fun
This link
Thank you so much for listening I hope to see you again!

Las Mujeres Matemáticas Más Importantes De La Historia

Fatima Arjona

Las mujeres matemáticas más importantes de la historia

Historia de la matemática

Análisis de datos - Mondragon Unibertsitatea

Análisis de datos- Mondragon Unibertsitatea

Data-Driven Business: Data everywhere, data for everyone - Conferencias Alumni 2022

Aitor Bediaga, Coordinador del Grado Business Data Analytics de Mondragon Unibertsitatea; Irantzu Calvo, Coordinadora del Máster Universitario en Análisis de Datos para Inteligencia de Negocio/Business Data Analytics de Mondragon Unibertsitatea e Iñigo Jiménez, miembro de Versia, nos hablan sobre Data-Driven Business: Data everywhere, data for everyone en la primera edición del ciclo de conferencias Alumni.

Matemática Cast

Emerson Alexandre Nogueira Júnior

Sejam muito bem-vindos ao nosso Matemática Cast. Nosso podcast de matemática.

Mulheres na matemática

Podcast Mulheres na Matemática

Este podcast é um projeto de pesquisa do GESTEC, um grupo de pesquisas do IFC Fraiburgo. Conta com a participação de pesquisadoras e alunas da instituição, além de colaboradores externos.

Potenciação Com Números Decimais

Gabriel dos Santos

Um podcast explicado simplificada mente o que é a potenciação com números decimais

Math Neighborhood: The Podcast

Math Neighborhood

Math Neighborhood - Angela Barlow

What can teachers do with their wonderful in-person activities in the distance-learning world?  Angela Barlow outlines a framework to adapt or redesign our work.


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i Radio -with MATH-


大学入学共通テスト-with MATH-


Stop Anamythics Podcast

Donnie and Rob

We have more data, more analytics, and more division than ever because analytic myths and misperceptions are plaguing our world (aka. Anamythics). Let's work together to Stop Anamythics!

"Математик знает лучше " семинар

Math Faculty

Декан факультета математики НИУ ВШЭ Александра Скрипченко берёт интервью у математиков, работающих в самых разных областях. На семинаре вы узнаете больше о том, где и как может реализовать себя математик от самих математиков, потому что "Математик знает лучше"!

When Am I Going to Use This?


Drink Water

Numbers that are important and numbers that should be important

#Math Is Fun

Bhanvi Grover

Commutative property of rational numbers

This episode is about rational numbers and the commutative property of rational numbers.Stay tuned for the next!


Wacky Trident


A short podcast that gives you an idea of what Quadrilaterals are

Estatística com H

Estatistica com H


Neste episódio semanal, mostrarmos qual é a probabilidade de ocorrência da gravidez gemelar e os fatores envolvidos neste processo.


Anthony Silveira



Go Away

Kenneth Singer


I truly detest maths

Maths en tête

Maths en tête - le podcast

Boire un verre avec Pythagore (à l'intérieur)

?️  Aujourd’hui, je voulais vous raconter comment j’ai bu un verre avec Pythagore.   
Et vous aussi d'ailleurs.Les maths sont partout, nichées autour de nous, même entre deux glaçons de votre verre d'eau, un soir d'été, et livrent, à qui sait les écouter, de petites molécules d'éternité.  

#collège # lycée #vulgarisation  

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Mathematical Dive

University of Waterloo Math Ambassadors

Spring into Admissions with Meg & Kyle

Meet recent alumnus Kyle Adams and the Director of Recruitment and International for the Undergraduate Admissions Office in the Faculty of Mathematics, Meghan McLellan, as Josué and Ina learn about the University of Waterloo's math contests, admissions processes, and life hacks for new and prospective students!




しみさまが高校数学では無双したけど大学で大苦戦、でも卒論で復活を遂げたよ〜という話をしながら、学問で大事なのは「興味を持ったことを自ら能動的に学んでいく姿勢」だよね〜といった話をしてみました(◍ ´꒳` ◍)
ところで、ゆとがやっているもう1つのPodcast、ご存知ですか?「農と食のラボラジオ」こちらもスーパーおすすめです。 調理を科学的に解説してもらったり、ペヤング獄激辛Finalがどんだけやばいのかとかを話してます。
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ご意見ご感想、こんなテーマで話して欲しい!などあれば、Twitterハッシュタグ #ゆる数学ラジオ でつぶやくか、お便りフォームからお気軽にてみてください٩( ᐛ )و  Twitterのフォローもぜひお願いします(◍ ´꒳` ◍)
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Gudrun Thäter, Sebastian Ritterbusch


Gudrun spricht in dieser Folge mit Ute Badde in der Landesanstalt für Umwelt Baden-Württemberg (LUBW) am Südende von Karlsruhe. Am 3. Februar, hatte Gudrun mit der Vorlesung Mathematical Modelling and Simulation eine Exkursion in die LUBW unternommen. Geplant war, den Studierenden zu zeigen, wie dort Modelle und Simulationen der Wasserläufe in Karlsruhe eingesetzt werden und mit den Wettervorhersagen als Eingangsdaten arbeiten. Zufällig war es so, dass an diesem Tag eine recht massive Hochwasserlage herrschte. Und zwar nicht aufgrund von außergewöhnlichen oder überraschend heftigen Niederschlägen, sondern aufgrund eines mehrstündigen Landregens. Tatsächlich hätte aufgrund der außerdem noch ungewöhnlich hohen Temperatur noch mehr Wasser unterwegs sein können, wenn auch noch Tauwasser aus den Bergen hinzugekommen wäre. Da es aber in dem Winter zuvor kaum Schnee gegeben hatte, war der Regen der wesentliche Wassereintrag, Jedenfalls war die eigentl