Interview with Dhruv Ranganathan

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Dhruv Ranganathan is a lecturer at Cambridge University, working in algebraic geometry. In this video, Dhruv talks about doing research with undergrads, being tortured by math problems, looking for friends to write math papers, and other cool stuff!

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0:00 teaser
0:41 from cricket to air planes
2:16 adventure novels childhood
4:46 what do algebraic geometers do
8:39 experience of undergrad research
12:30 how undergrad research really works
15:35 “now I’m a believer”(c)
18:25 why so much pressure in doing math
21:09 how we create pressure for young people
23:44 doing math as a coping mechanism
27:00 math torture vs intense cartoon watching
28:50 speakers love getting any math questions
30:54 math for extroverts 
34:25 teaching students who leave academia
37:33 don’t beat yourself up for math mistakes
39:39 how we try and fail to improve inclusivity
43:44 don’t put people from minorities on every committee
45:45 the advice that’s too hard to follow
48:35 fireplace

Interview with Dhruv Ranganathan

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