On Fire with Jeff Probst: The Official Survivor Podcast


Grab your torches and go behind the scenes of the Emmy® Award-winning reality series SURVIVOR like never before. Whether you’re a superfan or new to the show, “On Fire with Jeff Probst: The Official Survivor Podcast” is the ultimate companion to Season 46 — revealing HOW the show is made and WHY they do the things they do. Showrunner and Host Jeff Probst answers fan questions and takes you behind the scenes of the series from the executive producer perspective that you can't get anywhere else. This season, Probst is joined by former castaway and Survivor 45 winner Dee Valladares, and producer Jay Wolff who share insights from the player and fan perspectives on each episode. Watch the latest episode of SURVIVOR every Wednesday on CBS and Paramount+ and then catch all-new episodes of “On Fire” right after the show.

Reality Gays with Mattie and Poodle

Matt Marr and Jake Anthony

Jake Anthony and Matt Marr are two Southern Queens who absolutely love reality shows about lonely hearts looking for love. They recap it all including: TLC's 90 Day Fiancé, Love is Blind on Netflix, Love After Lockup, and some other shows where the people are just hot messes looking for love. If you've been looking for your gay BFFs to dish this show, you're home Queen! Matt is a clinical psychologist, while Jake is a life coach and teacher. And they both are shady queens who are boggled at the insane ways some of these people search for love in this world. The only thing more certain than a K-1 Visa or a venereal disease is the fact that Jake and Matt will keep you laughing at these lovebirds while also judging their choices. But none of it is mean, because Jake and Matt get it. At the end of the day, aren't we all just looking for our little piece of love? Follow us Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Find all things Mattie & Poodle at www.realitygays.com. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

Newcomers: Batman, with Nicole Byer and Lauren Lapkus


In Newcomers, Lauren Lapkus and Nicole Byer take a deep dive into cultural staples they haven’t gotten around to just yet. So far, they have covered Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, Tyler Perry's body of work, the Fast & Furious Franchise, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This season, Lauren and Nicole travel to Gotham City to cover all things Batman.

Reality Steve Podcast

Reality Steve

The #1 source on the internet for all your "Bachelor," "Bachelorette," and "Bachelor in Paradise" spoilers, Reality Steve talks about each episode, answers your emails, and covers everything you need to know about what's going on in Bachelor Nation. For years, he's been giving you the inside scoop on all things "Bachelor"-related. Now, hear him speak weekly on the subject, along with candid conversations with former contestants and others in the reality TV world, along with all your latest juicy gossip. It's candid, it's colorful, and it may be crass, but that's why he's Reality Steve.

Rob Has a Podcast | Survivor / Big Brother / Amazing Race - RHAP

Survivor Know-It-All, Rob Cesternino | RHAP Productions

Do you love shows like Survivor and Big Brother like we do? We can't wait for you to become part of our Reality TV podcast comunity! The ultimate Survivor Know-It-All, Rob Cesternino, leads the RHAP network as we bring you all of the best commentary and interviews around SURVIVOR, BIG BROTHER, THE TRAITORS, THE AMAZING RACE and much more. You won't find more comprehensive coverage around your favorite Reality TV Games than here on RHAP Follow ► Website: http://robhasawebsite.com YouTube: http://robhasawebsite.com/youtube Twitter: https://twitter.com/RobHasApodcast Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rhapgrams TikTok: http://tiktok.com/@RobHasAPodcast Patreon: http://robhasawebsite.com/patreon

Avatar: Braving the Elements


Enter the amazing world of Avatar through the official companion podcast, Avatar: Braving the Elements from Nickelodeon. Join hosts Janet Varney (the voice of “Korra”) and Dante Basco (the voice of “Prince Zuko”) each week as they re-watch every episode of Avatar: The Last Airbender then break down key themes, notable battles, and behind-the-scenes trivia you can’t get anywhere else. Special guests from cast members to producers join them to explore elements of the Avatarverse, including the origins of the story and how Avatar was brought to life.

Bachelor Happy Hour

iHeartPodcasts and Warner Bros

Bachelor Nation, can we steal you for a second?! The one and only official Bachelor Nation podcast is here! Hosted by “Bachelor In Paradise” Season 7 newlyweds Joe Amabile and Serena Pitt, “Bachelor Happy Hour” takes you behind the scenes with all things Bachelor Nation. Joe and Serena talk to current cast members who reveal first-hand details about what really goes on at the iconic Bachelor Mansion and they’ve got all the inside information about “The Bachelor,” “The Bachelorette,” and “Bachelor in Paradise” that you simply won’t hear anywhere else. From chatting with fellow franchise alumni to doling out relationship advice and sharing exclusive material, you’ll find it all on “Bachelor Happy Hour.” Welcome to your new home for all things Bachelor Nation! Be sure to tune-in on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, or wherever you listen to podcasts. You won’t want to miss it! 

Survivor: 46 - Recaps from Rob has a Podcast | RHAP

Survivor Know-It-All, Rob Cesternino

Recapping Survivor 42 and talking with previous Survivor contestants and breaking down who got voted out and why. Rob Cesternino brings humor and strategic insight to every episode airing on CBS in 2022

Reality Life with Kate Casey

Kate Casey

Daily podcast about unscripted television. Kate Casey interviews the talent, producers, and directors of reality shows, documentaries, and docuseries. Saturday episodes tell incredible person stories.

The Betchelor

Betches Media

The Betchelor is a Bachelor recap podcast hosted by Kay Brown and Jared Freid of Betches Media. This weekly podcast follows the latest episodes and makes fun of all the ridiculous things the contestants say and do – because honestly, why else watch the show if not for the commentary? For more info check out weekly recaps at Betches.com or follow our Instagram, @thebetchelor.

MTV's Official Challenge Podcast

MTV & iHeartPodcasts

MTV’s The Challenge is changing things up for season 39 in “The Challenge: Battle for a New Champion”. Just like the title says, the new season features a cast of 24 players who have never won before. Each week on “MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast” Da’Vonne Rogers and Devyn Simone take you behind the scenes as these "contenders" battle it out for their first-ever championship title, pushing their mental and physical limits further than ever. A different cast member will join them each week to debrief on all the epic challenges, ruthless eliminations, and drama among the contestants. Watch “The Challenge” on MTV and Paramount+ then catch new episodes of the podcast every Thursday. You can watch "The Challenge" and more on Paramount+. Subscribe at paramountplus.com and use the code CHALLENGE39 by 3/7/24 and get your 1st month of Paramount+ on us. Must be age of majority to subscribe, US only. Payment method required. Terms and conditions apply. Visit pplus.legal/subscription for more

Mention It All

Betches Media

Betches Media presents Mention It All, a podcast dedicated to breaking down all things Bravo. Your host, certified Bravoholic Dylan Hafer, is covering everything Real Housewives and more, including weekly episode recaps and analysis, the latest social media drama, and interviews with your favorite Bravolebrities. For more Bravo memes, commentary, and special guests, follow @bravobybetches on Instagram.

Talking Sopranos

talkingsopranos@gmail.com (podjams)

Sopranos co-stars Michael Imperioli and Steve Schirripa host the definitive Sopranos re-watch podcast. Michael and Steve follow the Sopranos series episode by episode giving fans all the inside info, behind the scenes stories and little-known facts that could only come from someone on the inside. Talking Sopranos also features interviews with additional cast members, producers, writers, production crew and special guests. Along with talking about the Sopranos, Michael and Steve will also share candid conversations about the entertainment business, their friendship and all the folks they’ve met along the way. This is a must listen for all Sopranos fans.

Talk Ville

Tom Welling & Michael Rosenbaum

It was only a matter of time! Join costars Tom Welling (Clark Kent) and Michael Rosenbaum (Lex Luthor) as they take you behind the scenes of one of the greatest shows of all time, Smallville. With this weekly dose of nostalgia you will get an inside look at what it was like to film each episode and hear fun facts that only those on set could tell you! Tag along with Michael and Tom to revisit the iconic series that changed the way you look at one of America’s favorite superheroes!

Daily Dose of Dana

Big IP

Join former Casting Director turned Brand Strategist Dana Bowling as she shares daily musings on celebrity news, pop culture, and reviewing really good/bad tv. She also talks about living in LA, starting a business from home, being a mom to two unruly boys, married to a Reality TV director of photography, exercise and Sauvignon Blanc. Subscribe now to join the Daily Dose community and get your daily dose of entertainment with Dana!



MASTERPIECE Studio is your backstage pass to the PBS series—from Sherlock to Poldark. After the show, turn off the TV and tune in to MASTERPIECE Studio for the scoop with host Jace Lacob. Listen for exclusive interviews with the cast and crew of your favorite shows. Get the history lowdown behind the people and places you see on screen, and hear revealing stories from the set. MASTERPIECE Studio is made possible by Viking Cruises and Raymond James. Sponsors for MASTERPIECE on PBS are Viking Cruises, Raymond James, and The MASTERPIECE Trust.

Love at First Sight RHAPups: Love Is Blind | Married at First Sight Recap Podcasts

Love is Blind and Married at First Sight Expert, Aysha Welch

Join Aysha Welch and Jason Reed weekly to discuss each episode of Married at First Sight and Love is Blind with awesome guests along the way!

Pillows and Beer with Craig Conover and Austen Kroll

Pillows and Beer, Bleav

Craig Conover and Austen Kroll discuss their lives outside of reality TV and show who they are behind the camera, Listen as they are joined by celebrities and friends and talk about the simple aspects of dating to adventures from around the world. Pillows and Beer will give a look into the lives of two best friends that just want to share their many experiences with all. Be sure to follow us on Instagram @pillowsnbeer

Masters Of The Air Podcast

Masters Of The Air Podcast

Entertaining One Person At A Time

Reality Alert : Love Is Blind / The Ultimatum / Perfect Match

Reality Alert

Max and Ben recap reality TV shows like Love Is Blind, The Ultimatum, Netflix’s The Circle, 90 Day Fiancé, Temptation Island, Survivor, Celebrity Big Brother, and more!

We Signed An NDA

Amanda Lifford, Miki Ann Maddox

A comedy podcast hosted by two former assistants that dissects pop culture and modern celebrity, with a focus on reality TV, and platforms the voices Hollywood overlooks ... WITHOUT GETTING SUED. We're not here to be mean or violate privacy -- we're here to humanize people who seem larger than life and have fun doing it!

We Have the Receipts


Hosted by Chris Burns, We Have the Receipts is a bi-weekly all-access deep dive into Netflix Unscripted Reality! Each episode will bring you closer to the people behind the reality, with the free-flowing depth of podcast conversations and viral elements of TV’s best talk shows. We Have The Receipts is an upbeat, fan-first destination to uncover more insider secrets, more expert hot takes, and more off-the-rails drama from their favorite Netflix reality stars.

Inside Jeopardy!


Inside Jeopardy!, the podcast with all the answers! For the first time ever, the producers of Jeopardy! are sharing an inside look into America’s Favorite Quiz Show, everything from gameplay analysis and behind-the-scenes stories, to official announcements and special interviews. What is Inside Jeopardy!? Your exclusive podcast destination for all things happening in the world of Jeopardy!

Oysters Clams & Cockles: Shōgun

Oysters Clams & Cockles

Now covering "Shōgun" on Hulu and FX. Hosted by Ross Bolen and Barrett Dudley. Presented by Bolen Media. Exclusive ad-free bonus episodes, hotline calls, and further digestion: Patreon.com/OystersClamsCockles

The Official Gilded Age Podcast


Join TCM’s Alicia Malone and Tom Meyers from The Bowery Boys on HBO’s official Gilded Age podcast. After each episode, they discuss what happened on screen and the real people, places and events featured on the show. Each week they’re joined by some of the cast and crew who bring the show to life, sharing exclusive behind-the-scenes interviews and fun-filled history.

Traitors RHAP-up: Recaps of The Traitors from Around the World with Pooya


Pooya hosts recaps of The Traitors from around the world for RHAP

Rosecast | 'Bachelor' Recaps with Rim and AB

Rim and AB

Welcome to the Rosecast, the #1 Bachelor recap podcast hosted by a male interracial best friend duo. Each week, Rim and AB discuss and analyze the most recent episode of the Bachelor franchise, open up the listener mailbag, and dive into the latest buzzworthy headlines around Bachelor Nation. Plus: Power ranking the most formidable contenders for the Final Rose (*Power Rankings segment not at all proprietary). Don't worry, we keep the show totally free of season spoilers. | Social: @rosecastpodcast | Inquiries: rim@rimandab.com Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

Are You My Podcast?

Sarah Colonna & Mary Radzinski

Comedians Sarah Colonna and Mary Radzinski laugh their way through trending topics, pop culture, and entertainment — peppering in personal stories along the way. And yes, they're obsessed with Married at First Sight.

Reality Bites™

TV Producer Lauren & Bravoholic Betsy

Welcome to Reality Bites, the podcast where we deep dive into this week's buzziest Reality TV, Pop Culture and Bravo happenings, through a behind-the-scenes lens into how the shows are made in a way you won't find anywhere else. Co-hosts and best friends since college, Reality Producer Lauren and 9-to-5er Betsy have been bantering about all things Bravo for the better part of a decade. Join us as we peel back the curtain, taking you on a wild ride! Reality Bites takes you through your favorite shows - via episode recaps, and behind the scenes “Producer’s Corner” editions that deep dive into topics in the Reality TV zeitgeist - with reactions, commentary, and a window into how the cast, story and we as viewers may have gotten there.  DISCLAIMER: The opinions, views, and conjectures expressed by Lauren and her co-host on the podcast "Reality Bites" are their own and do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of any networks, streaming platforms, or digital platforms mentioned or related to the reality television shows discussed. These opinions and views are solely based on their personal experiences and perspectives as a viewer and a former reality TV producer. Any statements made on the podcast, social media, online platforms, or any other medium are for entertainment purposes only and should not be considered as facts or representative of any network or platform. Thus, it is important for the listeners and viewers to keep in mind that the opinions and conjectures presented are subjective and should be taken as such. Lauren and her co-host bear no responsibility for any actions or decisions taken based on the information provided during the podcast or any other platform. 

Rebel Force Radio: Star Wars Podcast

Star Wars

Long-running, award-winning STAR WARS program hosted by podcasting veterans Jason Swank and Jimmy Mac, Rebel Force Radio provides STAR WARS information and entertainment. From the Classic Trilogy to the Prequels... From THE FORCE AWAKENS to ROGUE ONE to SOLO...Rebel Force Radio puts you on the front lines of fandom. Plus, plenty of CLONE WARS and REBELS too! Featuring celebrity guests, news, opinions, comedy, reviews, contests, and more.


Big IP

Kempire Radio has a long history of music and entertainment. We have interviewed some of the best from Brandy to TV Icon, Oprah Winfrey. We took a brief hiatus but we are excited about returning to your airwaves with a new perspective.

The 'Cast of Us: The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live


Welcome to The 'Cast of Us! Lucy and Jason are longtime fans of The Walking Dead, The Last of Us, and all things undead and zombie-esque. You still keeping the faith like us? We've been in the midst of a full TWD rewatch, but are now breaking for The Ones Who Live! Viva Rick and Michonne! Email or send a voice message to us at talk@podcastica.com. Find us online at podcastica.com. Join our group at facebook.com/podcastica. Supprt us at patreon.com/jasoncabassi. We're Podcastica, and we've been doing episode-by-episode deep dives into great TV for over a decade now. We're fans, and we aim to enhance your experience of these shows. We started podcasting about The Walking Dead in 2010 and we're proud to be the #1 TWD podcast and have gone on to cover the amazing The Last of Us from HBO and all the Walking Dead spinoffs. Guests on our show have included Andrew Lincoln (Rick), Norman Reedus (Daryl), Steven Yeun (Glenn), Danai Gurira (Michonne), Scott Wilson (Hershel), Lauren Cohan (Maggie), Chandler Riggs (Carl), Chad L. Coleman (Tyreese), Sarah Wayne Callies (Lori), Laurie Holden (Andrea), writer/creator Robert Kirkman, special effects guru Greg Nicotero, and showrunner Angela Kang.

Children of the Watch: A Star Wars After Show

Children of the Watch

Children of the Watch is the number one podcast in the galaxy for all things Star Wars live action television, formerly The Mandalorian Watch. A positive, upbeat after show for Star Wars television. Join your hosts Alex Maxwell and Mac Lacey after each episode as we break it down with in depth analysis and commentary, as well as your hotline calls! Your number one spot for all things Star Wars TV! (205)259-6675 Voicemail Hotline Twitter and Instagram: @CotWatch

The Talking Dead

Chris & Jason

The Talking Dead is a fan podcast dedicated to The Walking Dead Universe on AMC and AMC+. Tune in for full episode recaps, news, rumours, and any other info related to The Walking Dead.

Rose Pricks: A Bachelor Roast

Stefanie Taylor

Stefanie Wilder Taylor (For Crying Out Loud, Bored AF) and Cecily Knobler relentlessly mock the crazy kids of The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, and Bachelor in Paradise. We snark because we love. Find our bonus episodes and full archives at http://patreon.com/rosepricks

Marvel Cinematic Universe Podcast

Stranded Panda | QCODE

Fans talking all things MCU! Going on 10 years of discussions and deep dives into every episode and movie connected to the Marvel Cinematic Universe! Your one stop hub for all discussion, news, and insight into what is happening with Marvel Studios. We love this stuff and want you to, too!

The House of Halliwell / A Charmed Rewatch Podcast

(Drew Fuller, Brian Krause, Holly Combs)

Join original Charmed cast members Holly Marie Combs, Drew Fuller, and Brian Krause (also known as Piper Halliwell, Chris Halliwell, and Leo Wyatt) as they discuss their time on the hit TV show episode by episode. Hear behind the scenes stories and get insight into the production process of the hit cult show.

Reality TV RHAP-ups: Reality TV Podcasts

Friends of Rob Has a Podcast

Reality TV podcasts about shows like The Bachelor, The Challenge, The Masked Singer, Internation Survivor and more from the world of Rob Has a Podcast.

True Detective: Night Country

DVR Podcast Network

Daily DVR presents HBO's True Detective: Night Country with Heath Centazzo and W. Axel Foley. Check out all our podcasts at DVRPodcast.com

Real Moms of Bravo


Listen to real moms and long time friends Abby and Vanessa recap your favorite Bravo two times a week. They’ll dive into all their favorite shows including Housewives, Vanderpump Rules, Southern Charm and if you ask nicely they’ll add listeners requested shows too. Plus a weekend bonus sharing all the hot Bravo and pop culture tea. These moms know that balancing kids, work, and Bravo can be tough so they’re here to help you out!

Drag Her! A RuPaul's Drag Race Podcast


Welcome to the INTERNET'S ONLY drag race podcast! Comedian and self-proclaimed Drag Race her-storian Mano Agapion dives deep into the latest episodes of drag race every single week for your gag-ger-taint-ment with a heavy focus on laughs above accuracy. Joined by special guests like Rachel Bloom and Nicole Byer as well as former contestants like BenDeLaCreme & Peppermint, this pod is TRULY walking children in nature! You will be obsessed with this pod's deranged observations about the queens, the lip syncs, and each other BUT THAT'S NOT ALL- this is the queer pop culture kiki you've been needing, hunty! For all the tea on previous seasons of Drag Race, including All Stars and international seasons, take a look at our past episodes.

Drop Your Buffs: A Survivor Podcast

Sean Ross & Evan Ross Katz

Sean Ross and Evan Ross Katz take a deep dive into all things SURVIVOR. Drop Your Buffs takes a retrospective look at the greatest seasons, players and iconic moments from the reality show that started it all. Plus, we go straight to the source, interviewing legendary contestants of the game.

A More Civilized Age: A Star Wars Podcast

A More Civilized Age

Join Rob Zacny, Natalie Watson, Ali Acampora, and Austin Walker as they dive headfirst into the fall of the Galactic Republic, debate which Jedi is messiest, and dig into the themes and politics of The Clone Wars. Cover Art by @XeeceeVEVO on Twitter.

Teen Mom Trash Talk

Tracey Carnazzo

Comedian Tracey Carnazzo and Noelle Winters Herzog discuss all aspects of Teen Mom OG, Teen Mom 2, 16 and Pregnant, Young & Pregnant and anything else Teen Mom Related!

Love Is Blind Podcast

Alli and Andrei

Join this nerdy, funny, and introspective couple on their journey of watching and discussing the Love is Blind Netflix show. Blending insights from their studies and work in psychology and therapy with their passion for love and romance, Alli and Andrei bring you a beat-by-beat recap and analysis of every episode of Love is Blind, starting at season 5. Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/loveisblindpodcast/support

Seaweed Brain: A Percy Jackson Podcast

Seaweed Brain Podcast

Discuss, overanalyze, and generally fangirl about each Percy Jackson book *AND TELEVISION EPISODE* whilst applying a critical fandom studies lens and seeking to answer the question, is Percabeth the greatest love story ever told? Warning: This Podcast contains ⚠️Spoilers⚠️ for the Riordanverse through Trials of Apollo!

Greatest Trek: New Star Trek Reviewed

Uxbridge-Shimoda LLC

The unofficial, irreverent and filthy aftershow for all the new Star Trek television: Discovery, Picard, Lower Decks, Short Treks, Prodigy, Strange New Worlds, and anything else they throw at us. Each Friday after a new episode of Star Trek, Adam and Ben recap, review and roast all the New Trek. Check out our other show, The Greatest Generation, a Star Trek podcast by a couple of guys who are a little bit embarrassed to have a Star Trek podcast!

Enemy in Paris: An Emily in Paris Hate-Watch

Bec Hill and Sam Kieffer

A rage-watch podcast recapping every awful episode of the show we all love to hate: Emily in Paris. Begrudgingly hosted by Bec Hill and Sam Kieffer.

It’s Become a Whole Thing

The Sonar Network

A look at the best and worst moments of unscripted TV history, from cult documentaries to trashy early 2000s reality tv. High-brow analysis of the low-brow trash we love.

What a Barb! A Polin Podcast

What a Barb!

A fan podcast celebrating all things Penelope and Colin from the Netflix show Bridgerton and Julia Quinn book series, complete with episode deep dives, theories and speculation, and plenty of spiralling from a group of friends anxiously awaiting Season 3.

The Official Game of Thrones Podcast: House of the Dragon


Welcome to the Official Game of Thrones Podcast: House of the Dragon produced by HBO Max and iHeartRadio. This show is the go-to audio destination to unpack and discuss everything Game of Thrones for casual and die-hard fans alike, starting with the new HBO Original series, House of the Dragon. Join our hosts Jason Concepcion (X-Ray Vision) and Greta Johnsen (WBEZ's Nerdette podcast) every week as they share insights, fan questions, exclusive interviews with the cast and crew, and a whole lot of thoughts and opinions. It’s the only podcast with the inside scoop on all things Game of Thrones. It is also produced in association with Crooked Media.

The Traitors: A BingetownTV Podcast


The BingetownTV Crew cover Peacock's hit TV Show, The Traitors!

On the Contrary

Onsite! Presents

What happens when you take a retired City Girl, a happily married comedian, a certified Sexologist and the ultimate bachelor and give them all microphones? On The Contrary is a weekly podcast presented by Onsite. If Love is a drug we have your weekly dose, no subject is too taboo and no stone will be left unturned. Sex, Dating, Love, Divorce, Relationships, Cheating, Kinks, Intimacy, from the streets to the sheets our highly opinionated panel has you covered. Join Rah Ali, Luis, Kash and Mr. Organik on this uncensored rollercoaster ride

The Crown: The Official Podcast


The Crown: The Official Podcast is the exclusive companion podcast to accompany the Netflix Original Series The Crown. Hosted by Edith Bowman, the podcast follows the show episode by episode, diving deep into the stories and taking listeners behind the scenes with insights from many of the people involved in making the show. The Crown returns for season 6 on November 16th and The Crown: The Official Podcast is back to follow the show episode by episode, diving deep into the stories and speaking with many of the talented people involved, including show creator Peter Morgan and cast members Imelda Staunton, Elizabeth Debicki, Dominic West and Jonathan Pryce. The Crown: The Official Podcast is produced by Netflix and Somethin’ Else, in association with Left Bank Pictures.

Another Below Deck Podcast

Another Podcast Network

The nautical naughty boys of reality TV podcasting are back to cover Bravo's hit TV Show Below Deck!

Survivor International RHAPup Podcasts with Shannon Gaitz & Mike Bloom.

Survivor International RHAPups, Shannon Gaitz, Nick Iadanza

Survivor International RHAPup Podcasts | Australian journalist Shannon Gaitz hosts International Survivor coverage, including Survivor New Zealand, Survivor South Africa and Australian Survivor. Parade Magazine's Mike Bloom joins Shannon for Survivor South Africa.

Cocktails and Gossip

B & Amanda

Introducing Cocktails and Gossip, from the creators of the wildly popular @BravoandCocktails_ Instagram account and website. The podcast where cocktails are sipped, but you better believe tea will be spilled. Join co-hosts B and Amanda as they chat Reality TV, Celebrity Blind Items, and exclusive tea that’s only shared here on the podcast. Thank you to the Cocktailers community for 200,000+ downloads so far - that's what's helped us get to #1 on Apple Podcasts!

The Storm: A Lost Rewatch Podcast

Dave Gonzales, Joanna Robinson, and Neil Miller

Having survived the long night of Game of Thrones, podcasters Dave Gonzales, Joanna Robinson, and Neil Miller had to go back for a massive rewatch of ABC's hit show Lost.  And don't be surprised if a few other major storm-fronts open up along the way.

Billie & The Kid

Jam in the Van

Each week, Billie Lee from Vanderpump Rules and her favorite 'kid', comedian Sammy Weiser sit down with your favorite comedians, TV & Internet personalities, + Reality Stars for a comedy-fueled conversation! Welcome to "Billie & the Kid", presented by Jam in the Van!

Alright Mary: All Things RuPaul's Drag Race

Colin Drucker & Johnny Also

Alright Mary is two parts Drag Race viewing party, one part queer studies lecture and a healthy dose of obscure pop culture references, all wrapped in a nuanced layer of dad jokes and pun-offs served weekly with a side of piping-hot tea.

90 Day Fiance Trash Talk

Tracey Carnazzo & Noelle Winters Herzog

Comedian Tracey Carnazzo and co-host Noelle Winters Herzog discuss all shows of TLC's 90 Day Fiancé franchise.

Love Island: The Morning After


Who’s ready for some star-studded gossip? Love Island The Morning After is back for our very first All Stars series! And what’s better than one All-Star Islander on the podcast? Two! Indiyah Polack and Sam Thompson will be joined by the icon herself, Amy Hart. Join our hosts the morning after the night before, every Monday to Saturday on the only official Love Island podcast. We’ve got all the tea and will be chatting with our rotation of incredible guests, as well as our dumped Islanders fresh from the Island, about the latest Villa action. Crack on with the conversation on @LoveIsland, #LoveIsland, #LoveIslandPodcast! Produced by Lifted Entetainment. See you in the morning!

Popcorn Culture

J and Ben Carlin

Popcorn Culture is brought to you by J and Ben Carlin aka the SuperCarlinBrothers on YouTube. The two are most well known for the The Pixar Theory, Rampant Predictions of your favorite upcoming movies, Harry Potter Trivia Fiends, and for being a pair of man childs. Man children? Men Children. None of those seem right. You get the point. Anyway, they wanted a way to talk more in depth about their theories and BEYOND! And this is their solution.

Girls Unscripted

Girls Unscripted

It's not about the pasta, but it is about VANDERPUMP RULES SEASON 11! Join reality TV fans / VPR stans Kate Riccio & Carolyn Murdock as they recap each episode and discuss all of the important questions of life - like if the damn sandwich shop will ever open!? Grab your Pinot Grigio and chill with strangers who are not important enough to hate, but important enough to listen to their theories.

The Crew Has It

Gianni Paolo and Michael Rainey Jr.

🎙 @michaelraineyjr & @giannivpaolo #GM 💸

And Just Like Matt

Matt McConkey

Matt McConkey (“Homophilia”) is here to unpack all things And Just Like That Season 2: the episodes, the cultural impact, and the themes. Matt and his star-studded roster of fellow fanatics (his own Mirandas and Charlottes and Che Diazes, if you will) share their conversations on friendship, aging, dating, death, work… and how we as a community can bring Samantha back full-time.

Netflix Avatar: The Last Airbender Recaps by From the Spirit World

Overly Animated

Join the biggest Avatar & Korra fans you know, the former From the Spirit World gang, as they recap all the good and bad from the new Netflix Netflix Avatar: The Last Airbender live-action show. New podcasts generally out every Friday, Monday, & Wednesday while we recap the season.



黑水公园是一档以电影、剧集、科幻、动漫为载体,畅谈人生的趣谈节目。 (金花微信:uwwwsc;金花微博:黑水公园_金花)

Post Show Recaps: TV & Movie Podcasts from Josh Wigler and Friends

Josh Wigler and Friends

When your favorite show ends, we're just getting started. Josh Wigler and friends lead recaps of the biggest TV hits, from genre favorites on HBO to binge-shows on streaming platforms and far beyond. Post Show Recaps comes from veteran entertainment journalist Josh Wigler and Rob Cesternino of Rob Has a Podcast.

Dishing on Julia, the Official Julia Companion Podcast


Dishing On Julia is the official companion podcast for the Max Original series Julia, inspired by the life of Julia Child. Join host Kerry Diamond of Radio Cherry Bombe each week as she talks to the creatives and crew behind Julia as well as the culinary superstars and thought leaders who share their perspective on, and personal connection to, the OG food celebrity. Learn how Julia’s talent, determination, and joie de vivre changed cuisine and culture at a pivotal time in American history.  Episodes of Dishing On Julia are available on Thursdays when new episodes of Julia stream on Max, starting November 16th. Dishing On Julia is produced by Max and The Cherry Bombe Podcast Network. 

The Good Place: The Podcast

NBC Entertainment Podcast Network

Holy motherforking shirtballs! This is the official comedy and entertainment podcast for NBC's TV show The Good Place. Subscribe and you'll get weekly behind-the-scenes stories, episode and performance insights and funny anecdotes. Hosted by actor Marc Evan Jackson (Shawn) with a rotating slate of co-hosts and special guests, including actors, writers, producers and more, this podcast takes a deep dive into everything on- and off-screen.  Follow: @nbcthegoodplace NBC Entertainment Podcast Network ©2019

The Shuttlepod Show

The Pines

Connor Trinneer, Erica LaRose & Mark Cartier explore the world of Star Trek and life on Earth. Guests. Fan questions answered. Watch on YouTube. Listen here. Patreon for those who just love us.

The Official Yellowstone Podcast

101 Studios & Paramount Network

Ever wonder what life is really like on Dutton Ranch? Saddle up and join co-hosts Jefferson White ("Jimmy") and Jen Landon ("Teeter") as they take you behind the scenes of season 5 on the only official Yellowstone podcast. They'll be joined by special guests, from cast members to celebrity super fans, to recap episodes and unpack the latest updates of the ever-expanding Yellowstone universe. New episodes every Sunday. 

Nothing But Netflix

Rob Cesternino and Chappell

We're watching whatever Netflix shows and movies are New and Trending (and a few that aren't) with Rob Cesternino and Chappell

The Free Agents Podcast: 'The Challenge' recaps & more

Matt and Scally

Join reality TV and 'The Challenge' superfans, Matt Liguori (@mattliguori on Twitter) and Brian Scally (@Brian_Scally on Twitter) as they continue their journey covering all things MTV and CBS' 'The Challenge' with weekly recaps, pre-season drafts, and all the mess in between.

The Challenge RHAP-up | Rob has a Podcast

Challenge Recaps from MTV Experts Brian Cohen and Ali Lasher

Recaps of each episode of MTV's The Challenge 36. Brian Cohen and Ali Lasher are your hosts for a review of each week's episode including interviews from the Real World and Challenge cast members.

The Aft Deck

Carla & Lainz

Join Carla & Lainz as they enjoy a wine (or two!) and a giggle as they recap weekly episodes of Bravo’s hit reality TV show 'Below Deck'! The current season is Below Deck OG Season 11! 

Outlander Cast: The Outlander Podcast With Mary & Blake

Mary & Blake Media

Welcome to Outlander Cast: An Outlander Podcast with Mary & Blake, your go-to source for all things related to the Starz original series Outlander. Join us as we dive into the captivating world of this time-traveling saga, based on the acclaimed novel series by Diana Gabaldon. In this podcast, we recap and review each episode of Outlander, the hit historical drama that has captured the hearts of viewers worldwide. Starring the talented Caitriona Balfe as Claire Randall, a former World War II nurse who finds herself transported back in time to the 18th century Scottish Highlands, and Sam Heughan as the dashing Jamie Fraser, the series offers a mesmerizing blend of romance, adventure, and intrigue. In our engaging podcast, we will thoroughly discuss, meticulously analyze, thoughtfully interpret, and even constructively criticize all aspects related to the show, ensuring we incorporate as much valuable listener feedback as possible. Prepare to immerse yourself in our lively conversations as we explore the countless layers of Outlander, sharing our favorite moments from the show and unveiling the immensely popular "Outlandish Theory of the Week." Whether it's the exhilarating highs or the poignant lows, we'll leave no stone unturned. As we embark on a journey through the various seasons of Outlander, we'll celebrate and dissect the remarkable performances delivered by the talented cast. Prepare to be enchanted by the undeniable chemistry between Caitriona Balfe's Claire and Sam Heughan's Jamie, as their on-screen connection ignites the screen. With the creative expertise of executive producer and showrunner Matt B. Roberts, along with the contributions of Maril Davis and writer Toni Graphia, supported by a team of skilled writers including Barbara Stepansky and Luke Schelhaas, Diana Gabaldon's cherished characters spring to life on the small screen with unparalleled authenticity. From the gripping confrontations with the villainous Jack Randall, masterfully portrayed by Tobias Menzies, to the awe-inspiring vistas of Scotland that serve as the backdrop, Outlander offers a captivating blend of riveting drama and breathtaking beauty. We'll delve deep into the intricate web of the series' time-travel concept, exploring its complexities and unraveling its fascinating implications. Additionally, we'll shine a spotlight on the historical events interwoven within the narrative, particularly the turbulent Jacobite rising that adds depth and resonance to the storytelling. We will unlock the secrets of Outlander and invite you to be an active participant in our discussions. Whether the show is in full swing, resulting in weekly episodes brimming with excitement, or during its off-season when we produce content on a monthly basis, we're dedicated to delivering enriching and entertaining episodes that will keep you captivated. Prepare to embark on an unforgettable adventure as we delve into the world of Outlander, a show that blends passion, time travel, and historical intrigue into an irresistible tapestry of storytelling. With each episode, Mary and Blake, will provide their unique perspectives on the show. Mary, having read the books, offers insights from a book-reader's standpoint, while Blake, a show watcher, brings a fresh and unspoiled viewpoint to the discussions. Together, they'll analyze and interpret the show's themes, character arcs, and plot developments. Outlander Cast: An Outlander Podcast is a must-listen for fans of the Starz original series Outlander. Whether you're already a dedicated fan or just discovering the show, this podcast is worth watching. Join Mary and Blake as they take you on a captivating journey through the Scottish Highlands, unraveling the mysteries of time and love. Tune in to Outlander Cast: An Outlander Podcast, presented by Mary & Blake Media, and join the conversation surrounding this acclaimed series. Let us transport you to a world of adventure, romance, and breathtaking storytelling.

Besties by Bravo

Caitlin Marshall

Besties by Bravo is a podcast with Caitlin Marshall, about all the Bravo shows and Bravolebrities that we love, hate, and love to hate and the friendships built on our mutual love of Bravo.

RuPaul's Drag Race Recap

Authentic Podcast Network

Join Joe Betance and a rotating panel of co-hosts as they recap the latest episodes of RuPaul's Drag Race. Irreverent, smart and hilarious, Drag Race Recap will satisfy your craving to eavesdrop on gay friends as they critique their favorite reality show.

Bravo Bravo Effing Bravo

Bravo Bravo Effing Bravo

Bravo Bravo Effing Bravo is a place where you can hear no holds barred tea on everything housewives and Bravo related news and where we recap and breakdown episodes of the most bingeable reality shows. Join your hosts, Nathan and Mariana as they offer a blunt Aussie perspective on our favourite people in our favourite world of Bravoland.

Big Brother Recaps & Live Feed Updates from Rob Has a Podcast

Big Brother Podcast Recaps & BB25 LIVE Feed Updates from Rob Cesternino, Taran Armstrong and more

We're recapping everything that happens on the Big Brother 25 live feeds on RHAP. We've got BB25 Live Feed Updates, and Interviews with former Big Brother houseguests as we discuss our favorite 24/7 reality show on Rob Has a Podcast.

Avatar: The Podcast

The Geek Generation

Welcome to Avatar: The Podcast! Join hosts AcornBandit and BoosterGreg as they explore the world of Avatar: The Last Airbender and thoughtfully revisit the characters, themes, and events that make Avatar such an impactful show. Whether you're re-watching the series or you're brand new to the adventures of Team Avatar, this is one journey through the Avatar universe you won't want to miss! Part of The Geek Generation Network.

The Specialists - Survivor, movies, TV, and more

The Specialists - Survivor, movies, TV, and more

Fans creating for fans ~ A podcast network dedicated to SURVIVOR, movies, TV & more! Home of Survivor Specialists.

The On-Call Room: A Grey's Anatomy Podcast

The On-Call Room: A Grey's Anatomy Podcast

Do you feel like one episode of Grey's Anatomy a week just isn't enough to get you through? Well pour yourself a glass of wine (or a shot of tequila - we're not picky) and join veteran Grey's fans Abbey Moore and Bri Babbitt to discuss, dissect and indulge in chatter of your favorite characters, heartbreaking moments and everything in between. We will be re-watching the entire series starting with Season 1 Episode 1 - and encourage you to do the same. You won't be sorry! Or you might, but we will just forget that. Just like we did with the musical episode in Season 7. Be warned! From the very beginning this is a spoilers podcast. We reference the entire show and everything that has happened through to current Greys. We do not recommend listening if this is your first time watching the show.

The Integral Principles of the Structural Dynamics of Flow

Steven Conrad

Think back to the last time you ram-chawed a partial chim set. Standard, right? We've been ram-chawing chims since the aqueducts of Ancient Rome, hey. But what if I told you that's the basis for the empire's collapse? Hello, I'm Leslie Claret. I'd like to invite you to join countless others who have come to rely on the lessons and explorations of my book to form a deeper understanding of our shared world, with relative specificity to the field application of surface and suppressed surface delivery engineering.

Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story, The Official Podcast

Shondaland Audio and iHeartPodcasts

Host Gabrielle Collins continues her Bridgerverse deep dive, this time taking on the Shonda Rhimes helmed prequel Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story.  Every episode, we’ll explore Shondaland’s official take on the one-of-a-kind story. Binge the series on Netflix and join us for character deep-dives and the creative processes that brought the show to life with Shonda Rhimes, Tom Verica, India Amarteifio, Corey Mylcreest and more. Listen to new episodes of Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story, The Official Podcast every Thursday starting May 18. For More Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story content, visit:  https://www.shondaland.com/inspire/queen-charlotte-a-bridgerton-story/ & https://www.youtube.com/@shondaland

Unpacking The Toolbox

Shondaland Audio and iHeartPodcasts

Shondaland Audio in partnership with iHeartPodcasts present: Unpacking The Toolbox. Each week, BFFs and Scandal co-stars Katie Lowes and Guillermo Diaz dive into an episode of Scandal, reliving their favorite memories from the set and breaking down the episode with plenty of behind-the-scenes stories and even more laughs. Joined by some of their fellow Scandal stars, Katie and Guillermo are sure to cover it all from the Olitz romance to the down-and-dirty deeds as Huckleberry Quinn. Calling all #Gladiators – Come join the Scandal fam for new episodes every Thursday, starting February 9th.

The Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath Podcast

AfterBuzz TV

Join Leah Remini for her famous docu-series featuring the after effects that Scientology can have on ones life. From the terrifying stalking, to the torturous harassment, Leah deep dives on each episode and reveals the truth. Join our hosts as we discuss the show each week and provide our own thoughts and opinions. Subscribe on iTunes and youtube to stay up to date!

Hit or Quit: Reality TV's Weirdest Shows recapped by Rob Cesternino and Jenny Autumn

Survivor, podcaster and creator of RHAP, Rob Cesternino and Jenny Autumn

Sure! The HIT OR QUIT podcast is a weekly show hosted by reality TV experts Rob Cesternino and Jenny Autumn. Each episode, the hosts review the latest episodes of various reality shows, including shows like "Farmer Wants a Wife" and other popular reality shows. Throughout the episode, Rob and Jenny discuss the various aspects of the show, including the contestants, the drama, and the overall format. They give their opinions on whether the show is a "hit" that they should keep watching, or if it's time to "quit" and move on to a new show. Listeners can expect engaging and entertaining commentary from the hosts, as well as insightful analysis of the various reality shows they review. The HIT OR QUIT podcast is perfect for reality TV fans who are looking for a fun and informative way to keep up with their favorite shows.

90 Day Fiance TheQuickSlice Way


We discuss reality TV

RuPaul's Drag Race Rucaps

Ru-Paul's Drag Race Superfans Liana Boraas, Beth Dixon & Aman Adwin

Get yourself looking ‘on fleek’ and come party with Liana Boraas, Beth Dixon, and Aman Adwin as they go on a journey into the wide, wonderful world of competitive drag. Liana, Beth & Aman bring three very different, very unique perspectives to the table as they discuss the good, the bad, and the fabulous of television’s most glamorous trainwreck.

The AMC+ Interview with the Vampire Podcast


The AMC+ Interview with the Vampire Podcast is the official companion podcast to AMC's adaptation of the legendary Anne Rice work, Interview with the Vampire. Each week, host Naomi Ekpergin (comedian/actor/writer/vampire enthusiast) unpacks the show with the stars and crew who share exclusive behind-the-scenes stories. Plus she goes deep on all things vampires with experts on horror and Anne Rice. The AMC+ Interview with the Vampire Podcast is produced by AMC in conjunction with Pineapple Street Studios.

Battlestar Galacticast


BSG star Tricia Helfer and TV writer/journalist Marc Bernardin do an episode-by-episode rewatch of Battlestar Galactica in its entirety, diving deep into the themes of the award-winning sci-fi classic and revealing behind the scenes details that only a true BSG insider like Tricia would know. In addition, the podcast will welcome members of BSG’s cast and crew into the airlock to share their memories of making the groundbreaking series.

Married To Reality : 90 Day Fiancé | Married At First Sight | MAFS

Tereza and Jon

The only 90 Day Fiance podcast hosted by an international couple. Each week, husband and wife Jon and Tereza recap the latest 90 Day Fiance episode, share thoughts, similar experiences and so much more. Currently covering 90 Day Fiance, The Single Life, Married At First Sight and Below Deck.

#ReaperReviews w/Theo Rossi & Kim Coates

Moral Kings

Join Actors Theo Rossi and Kim Coates as we enter into the Age of Authenticity. THEO·ry /ˈTHirē/ noun 1. a supposition or a system of ideas intended to explain something, especially one based on general principles independent of the thing to be explained.

The Official Doctor Who Podcast

Doctor Who

The Official Doctor Who Podcast is a three-way panel discussion between author and columnist Juno Dawson, pop culture TikToker and movies podcaster Tyrell Charles, and cosplayer and digital creator Christel Dee, with exclusive insights from showrunner Russell T Davies. Each week the team will be reacting to the latest episode, discussing their thoughts, and diving into upcoming theories! Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

BingetownTV Podcast: Covering Your Favorite “Binge-Worthy” TV Shows!

Bingetown TV

Welcome to Bingetown! We are a Top 100 Podcast covering your favorite “Binge-worthy” television shows! Believe it or not, BingetownTV was born in the heart of Iceland. It was the trip of a lifetime that included a Game of Thrones tour, midnight sunsets, and maybe (definitely) a bit too much Icelandic Eagle Gin. But when you have the chance to drink some gin made by Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson AKA “The Mountain”, you don’t do so in moderation. It may have been the gin talking, but the idea to start a podcast was born. We could’ve let it die once we got back to the US, but instead turned our drunken boasts into action. In the past two years we’ve gone from recording on a couch with virtually no equipment to producing over 300 episodes covering over 30 TV shows (Including The Last of Us, House of the Dragon, 1899, Yellowjackets, The Boys, Stranger Things, Peaky Blinders, The Last Kingdom, Apple TV’s Severance, The Wheel of Time, Arcane, The Witcher, Dexter, Marvel’s What if…?, Midnight Mass, Loki, Rick & Morty, The OA, Wynonna Earp, Shadow & Bone, The Falcon & The Winter Soldier, WandaVision, The Mandalorian, The Magicians, The 100, Carnival Row, The Haunting Anthology Series, The Starz Spartacus Series (plus so much more), and even interviewing several of their stars! Join the fun and “Binge With Us”!

The Master Traitor's Podcast

Matt Keck, Paul Shields

Traitors is returning to Peacock for Season 2, and we CAN. NOT. WAIT. Join comedians Paul Shields and Matt Keck (Tosh.0, Web Soup, RudeTube, Ridiculousness) and a few of their friends as the Arson Club takes on Traitors! Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

Getting Real with Jon & Beth

Jon Brennan & Beth Stolarczyk

Reality TV star pioneers Jon Brennan & Beth Stolarczyk from MTV’s The Real World and Challenge give an insider's perspective on reality TV, music, pop culture, and Real Life. Take a walk down nostalgia lane to the present time as they get into real unfiltered one on one conversations Get ready for a roller-coaster of emotions and thoughts as they feature a lineup of star-studded guests ranging from Syrus, the 1st Black Reality Star from ‘The Challenge,’ to Doug Herzog, Former President of MTV & Fox Television. Expect vibrant discussions, revealing interviews, and a whole lot of heart. Proud Part of Pantheon Podcasts. Don’t miss the fun—follow today! https://linktr.ee/gettingrealwithjonandbeth