Fighter Pilot Podcast

Vincent "Jell-O" Aiello, Retired U.S. Navy Fighter Pilot

The Fighter Pilot Podcast explores the fascinating world of air combat: the aircraft, the weapons systems, and most importantly—the people. Each episode features a guest who helps explain the topic at hand such as how ejection seats work or what it's like to fly on and off nuclear-powered aircraft carriers. Strap in and hang on for this incredible show! If you love the roar of a high-speed flyby or are enamored by the poise and confidence of the brave men and women who pilot these aircraft, then this show is for you!

Opposing Bases: Air Traffic Talk

Air Traffic Talk

RH and AG are two experienced air traffic controllers and pilots that host a weekly show answering listener questions, breaking down complex aviation topics, and relating their experiences to everyday occurrences in the national airspace system. The hosts and guests do not represent the FAA or NATCA and express their own views and opinions.

Aviation News Talk podcast

Max Trescott | Glass Cockpit Publishing

General Aviation news, pilot tips for beginners & experts, interviews, listener questions answered, technical details on G1000 & Perspective glass cockpits & flying GPS approaches. 40 yrs experience flying general aviation aircraft. As an active flight instructor, I bring my daily experiences in the air to this show to help teach pilots and future pilots to fly safely. I'm a Platinum Cirrus CSIP instructor and work with people who are thinking about buying a new or used SR20 or SR22. Go to for my contact information, or to click on Listener Questions, which lets you speak into your phone to leave a question you’d like answered on the show.

Pilot to Pilot - Aviation Podcast

Justin Siems

The Pilot to Pilot podcast is a place for aviators to come for inspiration and encouragement. We aim to help all types of aviators to continue pursuing their aviation dreams, whether that be flying commercially or flying for fun.

Airplane Geeks Podcast

Airplane Geeks

Our aim to educate and inform you, explore and develop your passion for aviation, and entertain you a little along the way.

The Afterburn Podcast

John "Rain" Waters

Don't miss the "There I was..." segment --> exclusive for podcast subscribers: Former U.S. Air Force F-16 fighter pilot John “Rain” Waters hosts The Afterburn Podcast. Bringing people together to share their journey along the "path" of life.

I Learned About Flying From That

Flying Magazine

Tune in for the rest of the story—with exclusive interviews with pilots who have shared their emergencies, crises, and mistakes over 950-plus installments of Flying's iconic series, "I Learned About Flying From That." Host Rob Reider relates the tale as told by the author, then catches up with that pilot to ask the questions we know have been on your mind.

Pilot's Discretion from Sporty's

Sporty's Pilot Shop

Pilot's Discretion brings you authentic conversations with some of aviation's most interesting people. From honest discussions about flight training to fascinating stories from airshow pilots, this podcast is for anyone who loves to fly. Stay tuned for our rapid-fire "ready to copy" segment at the end of every episode, where we go beyond the cliches to find out what each guest really thinks. Brought to you by Sporty's Pilot Shop, training and equipping pilots worldwide since 1961. Have a comment? Email us:

Audio Ground School by Part Time Pilot

Nick Smith

Welcome to the Part Time Pilot Audio Ground School Podcast! This podcast is going to be all about providing student pilots with ANOTHER way that they can consume the Private Pilot curriculum. Each episode is myself, Nick Smith, going through the lessons of our Online Ground School but adding more detail, stories and metaphors to make it consumable in the audio format. The #1 reason student pilots never end up becoming a private pilot is NOT due to money. The real reason is actually deeper than that. Yes, flight training is expensive. But every student pilot knows this and budgets for it when they decide to do it. The actual #1 reason a student pilot fails is because they do not have a good, fundamental understanding of the private pilot knowledge they are meant to learn in ground school.  You see when a student does not have a good grasp of this knowledge they get to a point in their flight training where their mind just can’t keep up. They start making mistakes and having to redo lessons. And THAT is when it starts getting too expensive.  This audio ground school is meant for the modern day student pilot... aka the part time student pilot. Let’s face it, the majority of us have full time responsibilities on top of flight training. Whether it is a job, kids, family, school, etc. we all keep ourselves busy with the things that are important to us. And with today’s economy we have to maintain that job just to pay for the training. The modern day student pilot is busy, on the go and always trying to find time throughout his or her day to stay up on their studies. The audio ground school allows them to consume high quality content while walking, running, working out, sitting in traffic, traveling, or even just a break from the boring FAR/AIM or ground school lecture.  Did I meant high quality content? The audio ground school is taken straight out of the 5-star rated Part Time Pilot Online Ground School that has had over 350 students take and pass their Private Pilot exams without a SINGLE STUDENT FAILING. We do this by keeping ground school engaging, fun, light and consumable. We have written lessons, videos, audio lessons, live video lessons, community chats, quizzes, practice tests, flash cards, study guides, eBooks and much more.  Part Time Pilot was created to be a breath of fresh air for student pilots. To be that flight training provider that looks out for them and their needs. So that is just what we are doing with this podcast.

AvTalk - Aviation Podcast


An aviation podcast by aviation geeks for anyone who looks up when they hear an airplane fly overhead. Listen in as Ian Petchenik and Jason Rabinowitz bring you aviation news, views, and special guests every Friday. If you're a new avgeek or just can't get enough aviation in your life, get your avgeek fix with us.

The Finer Points - Aviation Podcast

Jason Miller

The Finer Points is the original educational aviation podcast. Launched in 2005, TFP delivers expert CFI wisdom from award winning certified flight instructor, Jason Miller. Over the last 20 years Jason has been working to perfect the art of flight instruction. He was named FAA Wester Pacific CFI of the year in 2009 and 2016, works as an AOPA Air Safety Institute instructor, and writes monthly columns for FLYING magazine. Jason is passionate about conveying accurate, meaningful information to pilots.

"There I was..." An Aviation Podcast

AOPA Air Safety Institute

There I was…, presented by the AOPA Air Safety Institute, invites you into the cockpit with pilots across the aviation community. We fly with them as they encounter unpredictable scenarios and we learn from the knowledge and skills they utilize to fly safely out of them. This podcast honors the tradition and heritage in aviation to leverage “hangar flying” as an avenue to pass along knowledge and experience.

Airline Pilot Guy - Aviation Podcast

Capt Jeff

The View from Our Side of the Cockpit Door

Private Pilot Podcast by

Private Pilot Podcast by

A Good Pilot Is Always Learning

10 Percent True - Tales from the Cockpit

Steve Davies

Interviews and anecdotes from military pilots and aircrew from across the globe. As the rule says, so long as it's 10 percent true, you're allowed to tell the story! Head over to the 10 Percent True YouTube channel to listen and watch at the same time.

21.FIVE - Professional Pilots Podcast

21Five Podcast

A podcast for Professional Pilots, by Professional Pilots. Join hosts Dylan and Max, both professional pilots with backgrounds in Flight Instructing, Airlines, and Business Aviation, on their quest to improve as travelers, pilots, and professionals. Expect to find interesting conversations with industry experts in a variety of aviation fields, thought-provoking discussions on hot topics, and hilarious stories from the (sometimes) wild aviation industry. Whether you’re corporate, airline, charter, or anywhere in between, you’ll love our fresh and often funny take on all things aviation. Come find us online at and connect with us via Insta/Facebook/Twitter: @21fivepodcast

Air Traffic Out Of Control

Amy Tango Charlie Media

Air Traffic Out Of Control brings you the wildest air traffic control recordings you will ever hear from airports around the world. Emergency landings, stolen planes and even sightings of guys in jetpacks...we've got it all right from the control tower to your headphones!

Midlife Pilot Podcast

Midlife Pilot Podcast

What is it like to become a pilot in your 40's or 50's? What unique challenges are there for people in middle age, with no career aspirations for aviation? YouTuber Chris Moran aka The Midlife Pilot and filmmaker/artist Brian Siskind share the thrills and challenges of becoming and growing as a midlife private pilot. Support this podcast:

Instrument Pilot Podcast by

Instrument Pilot Podcast by

A Good Pilot Is Always Learning

The Aerospace Advantage

The Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies

The Aerospace Advantage podcast hosts real discussions with the world‘s top aerospace power leaders, both military and civilian, to tackle the most pressing aerospace issues that we face.

Behind the Prop

Bobby Doss, Wally Mulhearn

Behind the Prop is the Podcast for anyone involved in aviation from general aviation to professional pilots. Our hosts Bobby Doss is the owner of a flight school in Houston, Texas, and Wally Mulhearn is a pilot for a major airline and is also a designated pilot examiner (DPE) based in Houston, Texas. Weekly they tell stories, share lessons and tips from behind the prop. Together they have over 24,400 hours of flight time (Wally has over 24,000 of those) and collectively they provide very unique perspectives on general aviation, airplanes, and all things aviation.

F-14 Tomcast

BVR Productions

The F-14 Tomcast is the biweekly internet radio show dedicated to the Grumman F-14 Tomcat and the amazing men and women who flew, fixed, fought, and loved her. Hosted by a former F-14 pilot and RIO duo who combined have well over 30 years, 5,000 hours, and 1,000 carrier landings in the Tomcat, episodes will feature experienced guests who will explain the F-14's full career from early development on episode 1 to episode 26 one year later on the beloved fighter's retirement. The F-14 Tomcast is part of the Air Combat Experience brought to you by BVR Productions ( ).

Flight Safety Detectives


World-renowned former NTSB lead investigator Greg Feith and former NTSB board member John Goglia talk about everything aviation.


Lovefly Paul Tizzard

Bringing over 25 years’ experience of helping nervous flyers into each episode. Paul Tizzard, fear of flying coach brings experts and fear of flying insight together.

FAR AIM | Aviation Reg's | Aeronautical Info | FARAIM

Pilot Ground LLC

A Drinking Podcast; That Sometimes Talks About Airplanes And Learning To Fly. A Private Pilot, A Commercial Pilot And An Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) As Hosts. They Got Board With The FAR AIM Book Years Ago But Are To Lazy To Change The Podcast Name (or do any show prep whatsoever for that matter). Welcome To The Oddest, Most Irreverent And Controversial Pilot Podcast In America.

Ask Drone U

Drone U

We’re Drone U, a group of guys who have turned their passion for flight into a profitable business. We love hearing from our fans, and we love helping by answering their questions. That’s why we started the Ask Drone U podcast in 2015. Since then, we are one of the largest, most popular DAILY drone podcasts out there. Each episode features an actual question submitted from someone just like you! We wish we could answer everyone’s question(s), but we’ll do our best to get through as many of them as we can. So plug in those headphones because it’s time to learn together about everything drone: FAA, insurance, business strategies, videography, drone tips, flight techniques, drone tricks, expert advice, cameras, gimbals, and so much more. #askdroneu

So There I Was

Chuck Newton and Pete Harmon

"So - There I was." It's how EVERY great aviation tale begins. Join hosts, Fig and Repete, as they bring in some great aviation raconteurs to relate the glamorous, hilarious, poignant, tragic, and incredible tales of aviation. Fig and Repete met more than 30 years ago as Marine Attack pilots in Marine Attack Squadron VMA-223 flying the AV-8B Harrier II. Both have since gone on to careers in the majors. Realizing that they are around the most accomplished professionals in aviation with amazing stories to tell, they decided these stories are too good to be kept quiet. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll laugh until you cry, but if you have ANY interest in aviation, you won't ever be bored.

The Vertical Space

Jim Barry, Peter Shannon & Luka Tomljenovic

A podcast at the intersection of technology and flight. Here we discuss the most important forces shaping the market of advanced air mobility, with a particular focus on why and how they matter to those building a business in this very exciting and growing industry. 

Hangar Talk - An Aviation Podcast


Every other week the experts at AOPA bring you up to speed on all things flying.

Aircrew Interview

Mike Young

Interviews with past and present aircrew of both military and civilian types. © Aircrew Interview, all rights reserved

The Pro-Pilot Playbook Podcast

Pro-Pilot Playbook

Become a pilot FASTER & CHEAPER. Whether you're just starting out or getting ready to apply to the airlines you'll find value in this podcast. In this podcast, your hosts Mike & Sean talk about every step of your journey from first drive to the airport to inquire about flight lessons to submitting your resume at the airlines, covering every hurdle and pitfall one would encounter along the way. And, every tip, trick, hack, and shortcut you need to save TIME & MONEY along your journey. If you want to become a pilot fast, cheap, and correctly, you're in the right spot.

Non-Rev Lounge

Monique, Lara and Tyler

Non-Rev Lounge is an airline employee travel and aviation podcast. Monique, Lara and Tyler work as Gate Agent, Flight Attendant, and Ramper they discusses our non-rev travels as well as having guests on to share their trips and tips. Stay in touch with us on Twitter @NonRevLoungePod and

The Official F-14 Tomcat ATG Radio show/Podcast

F-14 Calverton ATG Tomcat Podc

F-14 Tomcat Radio Show/Podcast "Straight Outta Calverton"--> bringing you inside the world of the Grumman F-14 Tomcat and the Brave Men and Women which were apart of the Greatest History in Naval Aviation, We dedicate this to all of you, Navy/Grumman!

Flying the Line

Air Line Pilots Association, International

Recount an exciting chapter in aviation history and the beginnings of the Air Line Pilots Association, the world’s largest pilot union and nongovernmental air safety organization, through an abridged retelling of the book by George E. Hopkins, ”Flying the Line.” Volume 1 narrated by Corey Kuhn. Volume 2 narrated by Gina Leahy.

Commercial Pilot Podcast by

Commercial Pilot Podcast by

The Plane Jockeys

Airline Videos Live

The Plane Jockeys podcast is an audio companion to the sights and sounds of Airline Videos Live, the internet’s home for high-quality aviation live-streaming. From our base at LAX (or wherever in the world we are), we dig deeper into the stories we see, both in front of and behind the cameras. Visit Airline Videos on YouTube and other social media sites, and tell us what you’d like to hear our plane jockeys talk about!

Pilot Briefing - Aviation Podcast


Get your top five general aviation news updates each week right here! A quick aviation update for pilots or anyone who enjoys aviation, flying, airplanes, aircraft, or just your average #AvGeek!

Drone News Update

Pilot Institute

Weekly episodes discussing the latest drone news in the United States. Whether you're a hobbyist or a Part 107 Remote Pilot, staying up to date is important, especially in such a fast-changing industry.

The Malibu Guru

Casey Aviation

The Malibu Guru Podcast features interviews and discussions about all things PA46. We'll talk about everything from PA46 acquisition, training, and ownership to emergency survival stories to just about anything else in the aviation world. If you fly (or are just thinking about flying) a PA46, this is the podcast for you.

The Pan Am Podcast

Pan Am Museum Foundation

Experience the legacy of the world’s most iconic airline, Pan American World Airways. Brought to you by the Pan Am Museum in Garden City, New York, this award-winning program brings Pan Am’s 64-year history to life through engaging storytelling and insightful interviews from Pan Am employees, passengers, historians, authors, fashionistas, and aviation enthusiasts! A 2022 Muse Creative Award Silver Winner, 2022 Vega Digital Award Arcturus Winner (Podcast), and 2022 Vega Digital Award Arcturus Winner (Best Host). The Pan Am Podcast is sponsored by the generous personal support of Mr. Adam Aron, CEO of AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc. The Pan Am Museum Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization and we would appreciate your consideration of tax-deductible donations.

Welcome To The Sky Podcast

LewDix Aviation

This is the Welcome To The Sky Podcast hosted by LewDix Aviation. I each episode LewDix will be talking about everything aviation, from flight training to the airlines and beyond. Guests will appear on episodes from time to time to chat about the best thing in the world: Flying! LewDix is a CFI, CFII and ATP flying for an airline in the United States. His career thus far has produced some interesting and funny stories that he can't wait to share with you and through the podcast conversations hopefully we will all learn something along the way!

CFI Podcast by

CFI Podcast by

A Good Pilot Is Always Learning

Tomcat University

F-14 Calverton ATG Tomcat Podc

Tomcat University is the chance to take that F-14 Tomcat USN RAG Class you always dreamed of.. "VIRUS" Lt Kieth Schomig from Fighter Squadron 211 "The Checkmates" joins VF-84 Jolly Roger Plane Captain Scott "Bananna" Banasawiezc along with E3 Rob Todd from Catapult 3 USS America CV-66. Each episode will highlight a specific part of the F-14 Tomcat and VIRUS will bring it to life in the Fleet with the help of Rob Todd & Bannana. We start off the Episode 1, just like in real life with a basic FAM HOP (Familiarization Ride). This another production by F-14 Calverton ATG... Straight Outta Calverton, Grumman Calverton that is. Follow us on IG, FB, Youtube, and just about all Podcast platforms.. Just type: The Official F-14 Tomcat Radio Show into any search bar.

Between Two Wings


ForeFlight’s podcast series interviewing fellow ForeFlighters, industry professionals, and aviation enthusiasts, to get an inside look at their experience Between Two Wings. Visit to learn more.

The Pilot Life Podcast

Ray Maldonado

The Pilot Life Podcast! If you enjoy aviation, this is the show for you! We will cover topics of flight training, quality of life as a professional pilot, corporate vs airline pilots, and many more! This show will be a great tool and resource to the aviation community. Support this podcast:

The Drone Trainer Podcast

The Drone Trainer

Are you looking to have a successful drone business? Join Chris as he interviews other successful drone pilots from around the world. In these weekly interviews, you'll learn about everything from marketing your drone business to flight tips, and a variety of ideas that you can use to help your drone business really take off! Yes, that pun was intended! Subscribe now :)

SimpleFlight Radio

Marc Epner, Al Waterloo

Welcome to the SimpleFlight Radio show! We are here to help you define your personal aviation lifestyle. We've got the tips, pilot hacks and introductions to the people who give their aviation secrets.

Failure To Launch

Failure To Launch Podcast

This is a podcast about all the mistakes, failures, and explosions that made space exploration possible.

Dj's Aviation Podcast

Dj's Aviation Podcast

Welcome to the Dj's Aviation Podcast! Over my years I've been fortunate enough to travel on flights across the globe, experience many different things, start a Youtube channel and build it up to 300,000 and so much more! The Dj's Aviation podcast is the home for my ramblings, from aviation news to life updates, to funny stories, to experiences and so much more!

The Merge

BVR Productions

The Merge explores fascinating military aviation stories in a serialized method, telling a single story over multiple episodes of a given season. Featuring the men and women who were there, in the cockpit, The Merge takes the listener deeper, exploring the decisions and unfolding events as they happened. The Merge is a product of BVR Productions ( ).

Exit Point

Exit Point

Welcome to Exit Point - the podcast about BASE jumping, wingsuiting, and all the ups and downs that come with it. Whether you‘re curious about getting into BASE, passionate about mountain sports, want to learn how top adventure athletes approach risk assessment or are even a 2000 jump expert, you‘re sure to pick up tidbits of actionable advice on best practices or gain new perspectives when you listen to Exit Point. Laurent Frat and Matt Blank draw on their experience and network of professional jumpers to gain a deeper understanding of all things BASE.


Asia-Pacific Defense

「亞太防務」,是一個「臺灣觀點、聚焦亞太、放眼世界」的專業軍事期刊, 以臺灣的視角出發,重點觀察兩岸與亞太軍事事務,擴展報導全球的軍武發展。 Powered by Firstory Hosting

Betty in the Sky with a Suitcase!

Flight Attendant Betty

Travel the world with Flight Attendant Betty!!! This is a airline and travel podcast with funny stories from the airplane and around the world!! I actually have a book coming out...if go to my website you can find out more about the book and e-book!

Hard Landings

Hard Landings Podcast

We are a weekly podcast here to give you insights into commercial aviation disasters and how they shape the aviation industry and make it safer to fly! Listen and check out our sources on our website at: and check out our Patreon at: Please email us at with suggestions/feedback. Support this podcast:

Pyjama Pilots

Jimbo Burgess

Three Ag Pilots based in New Zealand, talk about their aviation adventures from around the world. Jimbo Burgess, Pete Blake, and Sam Hood

The Way I Taught It

Pete Reddan

An aviation Podcast for those pursuing engaging topics in preparation for their FAA Practical Exam. These podcasts are not flight or ground instruction towards any certificate or rating, they are supplemental in nature to the Part 61 and 141 requirements that must be accomplished with a Certificated Flight Instructor in a structured manner and properly documented. Podcasts are intended for educational purposes only and do not replace independent and professional judgment and training. Statements of fact and opinions expressed are those of the author only. The author assumes no responsibility for incorrect use of content during any flight training.

The Not So Straight and Level Podcast

Steve Johnson

Host Steve Johnson founder of SuperCub.Org talks aviation and other subjects with all kinds of folks.

AIN's Tales from the Flight Deck

Aviation International News

Furthering aviation safety awareness by exploring first-person experiences.

The Hangar Z Podcast

Jon Gray

A podcast where we explore the personnel and equipment behind the missions in Public Safety Aviation.

PiXL Drone Show

PiXL Drone Show

Welcome to the PiXL Drone Show - where you can get the latest industry news. Our goal is to deliver drone news you can use. We have conversations with leading UAS industry experts on the podcast. We also have the latest information on upcoming drones from manufacturers like Skydio, Sony, DJI, Autel, and more. We also discuss FAA drone regulations and laws. Our goal is to provide high-quality and timely information for both Part 107 commercial drone pilots and recreational users. The drone industry is rapidly growing and our goal is to be your go-to resource.

Cloudbase Mayhem Podcast

Gavin McClurg

The Cloudbase Mayhem podcast is where you will find fascinating and educational interviews with the best free-flight pilots in the world. If you fly a hanglider or paraglider, if you fly acro or cross country, the Cloudbase Mayhem podcast is where we glean how the great pilots of the world get there. Hosted by Red Bull X-Alps pilot, National Geographic Adventurer of the Year and current holder of the North American foot launch record, Gavin McClurg. Follow me on Instagram @gavinmcclurg or on Facebook @ or Twitter on @cloudbasemayhem.

Flight Suit Friday

Ryan Vandehei

Flight Suit Friday was a created by a group of Coast Guard Aviators to share stories, discuss the art of search and rescue, and most importantly, to revel in this demanding, yet impossibly rewarding, job. For any Coasties out there past or present, aviators, sailors, watchstanders - there are tales of heroism and rules of life we can all live by and enjoy listening to. We hope to expand our reach beyond the Mighty 65 as the show goes on. Hosts: LCDR Kenny Ingram, LCDR Sam Hafensteiner Creator & Producer: LT Ryan Vandehei Editor & Technical Expert: Chuck Seay Prior Hosts: LCDR Nathan Shakespeare Disclaimer: The views, information, or opinions expressed during the Flight Suit Friday podcast series are solely those of the individuals involved and do not represent those of the United States Coast Guard or any other government agency. The primary purpose of this podcast series is to educate and inform. This podcast does not constitute or replace official policy guidance from the speakers nor the United States Coast Guard.

The Student Pilot Cast (mp3)

Bill Williams

Follow Bill as he progresses through his flight training. This is the audio only feed. The audio podcasts are NOT the same content as the video podcasts, so if you want all the content, please subscribe to both. The audio feed is more tied to the student experience, in cockpit training, with a few features and special events. The video feed includes in-cockpit video sometimes, but is more feature oriented and does not typically coincide as closely with the training.

Ready For Takeoff - Turn Your Aviation Passion Into A Career

Captain George Nolly

The Ready For Takeoff podcast will help you transform your aviation passion into an aviation career. Every week we bring you instruction and inspiring interviews with top aviators in their field who reveal their flight path to an exciting career in the skies.

Flite Test: Aviation - RC Planes - Multirotors | Radio Control Flight

Flite Test is an entertainment company that is all about flight. We love to test, fly and sometimes even crash when things go wrong! We often talk about flying, building & repairing RC airplanes, setting up quadcopters, occasionally helicopters and anything else related to radio control flight. FliteTest After Hours is hosted by Chris and he often goes into the behind the scenes of the webshow, the radio control industry, and has very entertaining guests on the show.

The Next Trip - An Aviation and Travel Podcast

Doug and Drew

The Next Trip is a weekly podcast with aviation insiders Doug and Drew, who together bring more than 40 years of industry experience as a professional pilot and a hub operations manager at a major airline. Join them, and their frequent guests, as they create a network for other AvGeeks and travel enthusiasts to obsess about all things aviation. Doug and Drew discuss today’s aviation news, share personal operational stories, regale listeners with trip reviews, and engage in friendly AvGeek banter. All thoughts and opinions are their own.Visit us at or follow us on Twitter at @nexttrippodcast

Water Flying

Seaplane Pilots Foundation

Brought to you by the Seaplane Pilots Association, "Water Flying" is a weekly podcast featuring news, tips and tricks, discussions on seaplane safety and interviews with manufactures, seaplane CFI's, industry leaders and passionate seaplane pilots from around the world. Fan, owner or operator, you will find these episodes entertaining and highly informative.

Just Plane Radio

Greg Your Co-Pilot

Just Plane Radio is the first and only nationally syndicated radio show devoted to flying and the aviation lifestyle! It airs on radio stations throughout the U.S. every Saturday from 11-Noon EST and can heard worldwide through

The Damcasters - The Aviation History Podcast

Matt Bone

Welcome to The Damcasters, a podcast covering aviation history from when Pontius was a Pilate to today and beyond, brought to you in association with the Pima Air and Space Museum. Every week, we will be taking a fresh look at the history of both civil and military flying, from the earliest days of people jumping off of rocks and hoping to survive to the latest in unmanned flight. While it is inevitable that we will we can get a bit avgeek-y, we aim to be as inclusive as possible so that if you have even a passing interest in flight, we will have something for you.

Commercial Drones FM

Ian Smith

The commercial drone industry is projected to be worth more than $20 billion in the next 10 years. Commercial Drones FM is the podcast for the drone industry. Your host, Ian Smith—a helicopter pilot and international drone operator—guides you in discovering the people who power the drone industry, the concepts that drive it, and the global industries who already use drones in their businesses today.

The Journey Is The Reward (dot) ORG

Brian T. Coleman

The Journey is the Reward is a show about obtaining 3 Million Mile status with United Airlines. It's about the journey in achieving these miles and United 1K status for life. Come travel the world with me as I attempt to reach this milestone in less than 18 months.

Stuck Mic AvCast – An Aviation Podcast About Learning to Fly, Living to Fly, & Loving to Fly

Carl Valeri, Rick Felty, Victoria Neuville, Sean Moody

A mix of flight instruction discussion, flying techniques, aviation product reviews, virtual hangar flying, and more! Brought to you by Carl Valeri (airline pilot/flight instructor) with co-hosts Victoria Zajko (GA flying enthusiast/blogger), Rick Felty (GA flying enthusiast/in-flight video artist), and Sean Moody (GA flying enthusiast/aspiring CFI). Fly Smart. Fly Safe.

Uncontrolled Airspace: General Aviation Podcast

Jack Hodgson, Jeb Burnside, Dave Higdon

Three times a month the UCAP gang gathers to talk about all things GA. You can listen-in as some of General Aviation's most knowledgeable, opinionated, and plain-spoken characters do some online, hangar-flying. Show-notes can be found at

The Helicopter Podcast

Halsey Schider

Welcome to The Helicopter Podcast, with your host Halsey Schider!This podcast is for helicopter pilots, maintainers, and enthusiasts! Whether you've been in the industry for 30 years or are just someone that loves helicopters, this podcast is for you! The podcasts will feature guests from a wide array of industry sectors to have casual conversation, answer questions, give sound advice, and talk shop. Finally, a podcast produced by helicopter professionals for all types of helicopter people!

The Rough Air Podcast

Alexis Martinez

Welcome to The Rough Air Podcast, the #1 Flight Attendant podcast that will welcome become a successful flight attendant. We share the best tips, strategies and ideas on how to prepare for the interview, how to survive with training and most importantly how to continue being successful in your flight attendant career. We also interview guests that are in the aviation industry and also that are experts in other subjects to help us understand other areas of the flight attendant life such as stress, burnout and happiness. Don't miss out and episode, thank you for listening and welcome! Support this podcast:

Push to Talk with Bruce Webb: A Helicopter Podcast

Bruce Webb

Bruce Webb has spent four decades flying helicopters. Now, he’s stepping out of the cockpit to learn more about the different lives lived around the industry. Each episode examines a different guest — pilots, technicians, photographers, wildlife experts and more. In the air and on the ground, every person has something unique and useful to say. contact:

AV talk


Aviation rules learn a little bit by listening to my podcast

Let's Learn to Fly!

Heather Monthie, PhD, CFI

Learning to fly can be a fun and rewarding experience. Don't let the challenge of flying intimidate you – with help, you can achieve your goal! We discuss everything you need to know about learning to fly, from finding the right instructor to mastering the basics of flying. We'll also talk about the different types of aircraft available for flight training, and how to choose the one that's right for you. So whether you're just starting out or you've been flying for years, this podcast is for you! (podcast previously Discover Drones)

The Commercial PIC Show

Seth Barber

Welcome to Commercial Pilot in Command! The channel that believes in pilots and helps you take command of your new pilot career, providing you expertise from 250 to 1500 hours. I'm Seth! I am a commercial pilot in General Aviation. I started my Aviation journey in 2005 and I have worked in this industry from loading munitions on fighter jets in the Air Force, to flying cargo airplanes across the Mountains. ​ This show will help get your aviation career on track, build experience, and for the best chance of getting interviewed and hired. Take Command of Your Pilot Career at

Aloft with Dan

Dan Doepker

Welcome to Aloft with Dan, a monthly show talking with rad people doing rad things in aviation! Each week we will talk with different folks in aviation that will include some of the non traditional roles and explore how passion motivates them and what advice they have for others. Join us to learn about this amazing industry and the amazing people in it!

The UAV Digest

The UAV Digest

The UAV Digest is an audio podcast devoted to Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Systems. We cover new developments in the industry, regulatory issues, unmanned technology, and a lot more. We consider both commercial and military applications, from all perspectives.

The STOL Collective

Maxime Compagnon

The STOL Collective is a podcast about STOL, backcountry and mountain flying in Europe. But most of all, about the people sharing this passion. Presented by Maxime Compagnon aka vieux_bandit .



看著這熙來攘往的出境大廳和登機口 充滿著期待的、興奮的、不捨的心情 再望著乘載各自希冀的航班飛向天際 帶著世界各地的人橫越交錯的經緯度 也因此讓我們一同遇見更寬廣的世界 在這段時間、這個地點、這個空間裡 各種令人印象深刻的故事正在發生著 樂於飛行、旅行的我也樂於各類分享 透過聲音,讓大家能更了解航空產業 透過想像,走訪世界各個角落和文化 記得要準時登機,與大家相約在空中 ※一季九集停一週;於週日定期更新 【經歷】 國籍航空運務人員 國籍航空空服人員 全國廣播節目主持人 活動主持人、司儀 Facebook、Instagram:「我是菜菜,歡迎登機」 各類合作邀約: 片頭製作:全國廣播 -- Hosting provided by SoundOn

The Producers Cut Podcast

F-14 Calverton ATG Tomcat Podc

A community bulletin board show for the F-14 Tomcat. Join us as we listen to a few minutes of some great moments in Naval Aviation, talk modern Navy News, Movies, Airshows etc.. Another "SALTY" Production by F-14 Calverton ATG Baby!

Is This Seat Open?

Southwest Airlines | L.A. Times Studios

Most airlines don't have stories about high stakes arm wrestling, planes full of dogs, and a decade of go-go boots, but Southwest isn't like most airlines. To celebrate 50 years of flying, Southwest Airlines proudly presents this 20 episode series featuring first-hand stories from the people who lived through the wildest and most memorable moments in the airline's history. Hosted by Southwest employees Quinnie Jenkins and Lucas Hershberger, produced by LA Times Studios and At Will Media. This is a paid podcast funded by Southwest Airlines. The Los Angeles Times newsroom was not involved in the production of this podcast.

Warbirds - Tales From Above

EPM Aero

Come along for the ride as we review some of the most fascinating stories centered around the unforgiving skies of the greatest generation. Each episode gives you a peek at specific events, people, and/or aircraft during World War 2, and other major conflicts.

Cancelled for Maintenance

Six, MBP, and Shoreline

A behind-the-scenes look into the gritty, non-glamorous hate-fueled life of the aircraft maintainer.

Plane Talking UK's Podcast

Carlos, Nev, Armando, Matt & John

Carlos, Nev & Matt bring you a weekly Podcast that will focus on the Aviation news relating to us long suffering passengers.

FLY8MA Flight Training

Jonathan Kotwicki

Listen here for helpful tips and lessons to help you get through your flight training in the easiest and quickest way possible, saving time and money along the way! Welcome to Aviation!

Cardinal Aviation Audio Briefings

Cardinal Aviation

Aviation Insights and advanced flying tips from Airline Transport Pilot, Air Traffic Controller and Flying Coach, Ryan Van Haren.

The Rocketry Show

Little Beth Entertainment Ltd.

A discussion of Amateur rocketry from Model Rockets to amateur High Power Rockets that touch the edge of space!

The Ultimate Jet Guide

Tom Lelyo

Tom is a husband, father, and lover of aviation. When he first started learning about private jets, he noticed there wasn’t a lot of content available for people who wanted real, down to earth, information without any fluff or pomp. He knew that many people were curious before they buy a private jet, and he wanted to be a guide for the curious to the serious and those in between. Tom pulls back the curtain on private aviation to help individuals buy sell or charter jets without wasting time or losing money. In 2021 & 2022 Tom was the top producer of his former agency completing over 20 sales each year. In 2023 he started his own agency, Jet Life Aero where he looks to inspire the next generation of private jet brokers. As a former youth pastor, Tom wants to share his experience as a jet broker with others who aspire to change their lives through private aviation, like he did.

You Broke What?! Podcast

Rob and Phil

Rob and Phil are two aircraft mechanics working for a major airline. They want to hear all the hilarious stories in all areas of aviation. If you have a story they want to hear about it. Posting weekly on Thursdays at 12 PST/ 15 EST

Cirrus Aircraft Flight Fix

Cirrus Aircraft

At Cirrus Aircraft, we believe all aviators should make learning their lifestyle. In that spirit, the Cirrus Approach Flight Fix has been developed as a bite-sized, episodic flight training series with the goal of inspiring pilots, from rookies to pros, to always make learning an an active and continuous process. Each episode will explore topics that pilots deal with on a daily basis, to include cockpit tech, flight procedures, aeronautical knowledge, airplane systems and anything else pertinent to the General Aviation pilot community. So subscribe, enjoy the show and visit to take your flight training to the next level. See you at the next Fix!

The Capital Runway

Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority

Welcome to the "The Capital Runway" podcast by the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority, your inside look at the bustling world of Washington Dulles International and Washington Reagan National Airports. Join us as we explore the people, functions, and operations that keep these hubs of travel running smoothly. From behind-the-scenes stories to interviews with industry experts, we'll give you an in-depth look at what it takes to keep the planes flying. Whether you're an aviation enthusiast or just looking for a glimpse into the world of airports, "The Capital Runway" is the perfect listen. Tune in now and take off with us! Team: VPs/ Executive Producer(s)​: Jaimini Erskine, Tanisha Lewis ​ - Hosts: Amanda Ohbayashi, Charles Wilson Producers: Ryan Burdick​, Brian McCoy​, Amanda Ohbayashi, Charles Wilson, Editor: Ryan Burdick ​ Graphics​: Bong Lee ​ Marketing: Kimberly Barnes​, Sagia Depty​ Web Producer: Adam Lawrence, Brian McCoy ​ Social Media Producer: Amanda Ohbayashi ​

More Right Rudder

National Association of Flight Instructors

More Right Rudder is a collection of content hosted by NAFI in Podcast form for on the go flight instructors. Each episode consists of unique content, previously released presentations and videos including MentorLive, 10 Question Challenge, NOTAMs Blog, and Briefing Room. Join NAFI:

Jet Blast

Thoroughbred Aviation, LLC.®

Business aviation is a fantastic industry that enables businesses to leverage aircraft for driving business results. The industry is ever changing and complex. Jet Blast© is designed to simplify the complicated in business aviation. While mostly from a technical perspective, Lee, Andy, & Nathan will leverage industry experts to discuss current topics and best practices within the business aviation world. To learn more about our hosts check them out on LinkedIn:


XTP Media

Aerospace Radio

Aerospace Unplugged

Honeywell Aerospace

The Aerospace industry is ready for takeoff and Honeywell Aerospace is here to keep you up to date with interviews featuring special guests, industry experts talking about technology breakthroughs, emerging trends and more. So, if you work in the industry, are passionate about the ins and outs of the aerospace world or just want to know how Honeywell solutions help take the industry to new heights – this is the podcast for you.

Top Landing Gear

Top Landing Gear

A fun and entertaining new podcast aimed at anyone with an interest in flying and aviation.