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Vincent "Jell-O" Aiello, Retired US Navy Fighter Pilot

FPP138 - OV-10 Bronco

Being labeled a "jack of all trades" is oftentimes derisively applied to people or things with the inevitable follow up, "master of none." But every once in awhile an exception comes along—an unassuming platform devised for a myriad of missions that it performs so well it remains relevant over six decades later.On this episode, retired U.S. Air Force Major Carter Clark discusses the OV-10 Bronco's role during the Vietnam War and retired U.S. Navy Commander Phil "Convoy" Clay follows up with how updated Broncos continued serving in the recent war on ISIS as part of the modern light attack armed overwatch program. The Bronco was—and still is—a real work horse.Listener questions addressed on this episode include whether a boom has ever broken off during in-flight refueling and why the U.S. Air Force is beginning to retire the F-22 Raptor.Bumper music by Jaime Lopez / announcements by Clint Bell.Support this podcast at — https://

Aviation News Talk podcast

Max Trescott | Glass Cockpit Publishing

231 One Mistake Too Many: Fatal Pilatus PC-12 Crash + GA News

231 One Mistake Too Many: Fatal Pilatus PC-12 Crash + GA News Your Cirrus Specialist. Call me if you’re thinking of buying a new Cirrus SR20 or SR22. Call 1-650-967-2500 for Cirrus purchase and training assistance, or to take my online seminar: So You Want to Fly or Buy a Cirrus. Join now as a member to support the show with a donation via PayPal or Patreon. Send us an email If you have a question you’d like answered on the show, let listeners hear you ask the question, by recording your listener question using your phone. Summary 231 Max talks about the crash of a Pilatus PC-12 that occurred on takeoff in ½ mile visibility in snow in SD. The aircraft, which has 10 seats, was carrying 12 people on a hunting trip. It was overweight and operating outside its C.G. limits. The pilot spent three hours removing snow and ice, but couldn’t reach the tail. A simulation showed the plane could have flown except fo

Opposing Bases: Air Traffic Talk

Air Traffic Talk

OB226: Reduce Speed Ten Knots Faster

Episode 226 Show Notes   Topic of the show: AG and RH discuss a listener’s text message exchange when ATC thought his radios were not working.  What do we suggest with using cell phones and having a backup communication device when flying in the NAS?  We also discuss impossible ATC instructions, check in delays, priority for ground stops, and closely situated airspaces that place pilots close or inside of adjacent airspace.    Timely Feedback: 1. Romeo Mike brags about his amazing car from 1982. 2. Patron Echo Golf shares his new love of flying and spending money! 3. Mike Alpha suggests using 1-800-WX BRIEF to get the ATC phone numbers.   Feedback SGAC Patron Mike Charlie shares a story about an impossible ATC instruction and funny exchange. Patron Alpha Hotel shares a story about a short delay checking in and an impatient controller. Patron Alpha Sierra asks who gets priority for delays. Juliet Bravo talks about adjacent airspaces and

"There I was..." An Aviation Podcast

AOPA Air Safety Institute

Episode 46: Andrew Edgerton

As part of the AOPA Air Safety Institute’s 2022 campaign to eliminate VFR into IMC accidents, this episode features a discussion with helicopter pilot Andrew Edgerton, who inadvertently found himself in instrument conditions while flying an R44 Raven II from Quebec City to Baie-Comeau in Canada.

Private Pilot Podcast by

Private Pilot Podcast by

A Deeper Dive into the Kobe Bryant Crash

In this episode of the Private Pilot Podcast by, Jason takes us further into the Kobe Bryant helicopter crash.

Airplane Geeks Podcast

Airplane Geeks

698 Airline Travel Challenges

Airline travel challenges, mask mandate, Global 7500, boarding with stairs, airline amenity, giving up your seat, turbofan failures, not ditching, airport therapy animals.

FAR AIM | Aviation Reg's | Aeronautical Info | FARAIM

Pilot Ground

"INTERESTING, INTROSPECTIVE AND IRREVERENT" ### "Robert, Lee & Scott Are The Top Tier When It Comes To Aviation Education and Entertainment." ### "YOU WILL FIND NO BETTER SOURCE OF KNOWLEDGE, LAUGHS AND FRUSTRATION FOR LEARNING ALL OR NOTHING WHEN IT COMES TO THE FAR/AIM." ### "Never In The History Of Flying Have The Federal Aviation Regulations Been Covered In Such An Unprofessional Yet Entertaining Way." ### "With Hundreds Of Combined Aviation Years Coursing Through Their Veins, The Listener Is Often Left In Bewilderment At How Much They Still Need To Learn." ### "COME FOR THE LESSONS, STAY FOR THE DRINKS."

Pilot to Pilot - Aviation Podcast

Justin Siems

Pilot Maggie

Avination, welcome back to episode 218 of the Pilot to Pilot podcast. Today we are talking with Maggie. Maggie is a current major airline pilot. Find out her path to becoming a major airline pilot!

I Learned About Flying From That

Flying Magazine

33. Speed Up, Gear Up

A change of audio cues and a busy ATC environment led pilot Bob Jacobs to land gear up in a Mooney. What other factors contributed to the unfortunate landing?

Pilot's Discretion from Sporty's

Sporty's Pilot Shop

30 minutes, 1 pilot. Pilot's Discretion brings you authentic conversations with some of aviation's most interesting people. From honest discussions about flight training to fascinating stories from world famous airshow pilots, this podcast is for anyone who loves to fly. Stay tuned for our rapid-fire "ready to copy" segment at the end of every episode. Brought to you by Sporty's Pilot Shop, training and equipping pilots worldwide since 1961. Have a comment? Email us:

Airline Pilot Guy - Aviation Podcast

Capt Jeff

APG 518 – Pantless Podcasts

Our crew today: Dr. Steph, Captains Nick and Jeff, Nick Camacho, and Producer Liz Pyper.
Photo Credit: Nick Anderson

[00:03:46] NEWS

[00:04:02] A YouTuber Purposely Crashed His Plane in California, F.A.A. Says
[00:14:11] FAA Issues Special Airworthiness Information Bulletin
[00:29:35] TAP A320 at Copenhagen Wing Tip Strike on Landing
[00:37:45] An EasyJet Pilot 'Dislocated His Shoulder' While Sat in the Cockpit, Forcing An Emergency Diversion
[00:43:03] 2 Incidents Involving DC3s in Latin America
[00:57:08] An ACARS Message You DO NOT Want to Send


[01:13:43] COFFEE FUND

[01:15:39] PLANE TALES - The Fall of American One

[01:40:54] FEEDBACK

[01:41:20] Greg - ATC Turns and Final Approach Distance
[01:47:03] Larry - Tag for the Plane
[01:52:11] U.S. Airlines Drop Mask R

AvTalk - Aviation Podcast


AvTalk Episode 160: We’re in for a rough summer

On this episode of AvTalk, the US transport mask mandate is struck down, Chinese investigators offer an update on MU5735, and if recent events are any guide, airline operations are in for a rough summer. The masks come off We discuss the ruling this week that struck down the US transport mask mandate. The crux …
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21.FIVE - Professional Pilots Podcast

21Five Podcast

71. What's it like to be married to a pilot and raise a family?

Mailbag: Listener's questions about aviation and marriage: What’s it like to be married to (and raise a family with) a pilot? What’s it like when Mom is the full time pilot? And what’s it like when your husband transitions from military flying to airline flying? // Max’s wife Mackenzie shares her experience learning about the aviation lifestyle [6:10] // Jackie, host of the Pilot Wife Podcast, joins us to share her story of being married to a pilot for 30 years [21:10] Major Airline Pilot Mom Yllithia and Stay at home Dad Ryan on what it’s like to raise children while mom flies full time, (Dylan’s wife Lindsey joins the discussion as well) [1:12:45] We talk to Anna, a military wife and mother of four, about her family’s recent transition from the military to the airlines [2:03:07] // Storytime with Max and Kenz: Transporting their newly purchased airplane via 70ft trailer. SHOW RESOURCES: Advanced Aircrew Acade

The Finer Points - Aviation Podcast

Jason Miller

Power OFF Approaches and Long Over Water Flights - Aviation Podcast

In this podcast, we discuss power off approaches and long over water flights. Please enjoy!

F-14 Tomcast

BVR Productions


The Tomcat’s debut as a precision strike-fighter came in 1999 with NATO Operation Allied Force in Kosovo. We talk to a former F-14 RIO who played a key role in the Tomcat’s successful performance and reveals unexpected episodes from combat missions.Our guest, retired Rear Admiral Dell “Snapper” Bull, deployed with VF-14 aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt from March-September 1999. He recalls their expectations and combat experiences, and shares stories that are told here for the first time. You’ll hear technical details, learn about the value of delay lazing, and once again realize that resourceful aviators often make the difference between failure and success.Support this podcast at — Inquiries:

Flight Safety Detectives


The Real Story with Boeing

Episode 113
John, Greg and special guest Geoffrey Thomas offer the facts about Boeing and the 737 Max. They call out the sensationalism of the Netflix documentary “Downfall” and dig into facts that offer a more true picture of the airline and issues that led to the Lion Air and Ethiopian crashes.
Geoff is a world-renowned multi-award-winning writer, author, and commentator and editor-in-chief at He is an outspoken no-nonsense but fair critic of many aspects of airline management, technological issues related to aviation, and those related to safety and the environment.
Facts aren’t sexy, they agree, but the safety of everyone from industry to government to the public depends on understanding the real backstory.
The episode covers factors that influence operations of Boeing and other aircraft manufacturers. The role of Boeing’s acquisition of McDonnell Douglas is discussed. They separate facts from emotion to

piXL Drone Show

piXL Drone Show

BVLOS Drone operations - PiXL Drone Show #43

This week on the PiXL Drone Show we talked to Bill Wimberly, the head of business development of Wing Copter. Join us while we discuss BVLOS operations, drone delivery, sky pirates, and regulations.

Instrument Pilot Podcast by

Instrument Pilot Podcast by

Beyond the Instrument Rating

In this episode, Jason shares with you how you can continue the Instrument Pilot learning process even beyond your Instrument Pilot checkride.

Pilot Briefing - Aviation Podcast


Season 4 Episode 15 - Week of April 11, 2022

Thanks so much for tuning into the Pilot Briefing Podcast for the week of March 28, 2022. In this episode you will learn more about: GAMI reports unleaded fit for big block engines; Daher debuts TBM 960; Washington state flight instructor named national CFI of the year; Textron announces Bonanza gross weight increase; Flight Design expects FAA certification of F2.

The Afterburn Podcast

John "Rain" Waters

TAP: #47 Lt Col (Ret) Henry "Hank" Detering - A-4, A-6, CH-53

"Hank" commissioned into the Marine Corps in 1967. He flew over 250 combat missions over Vietnam. During his time in Vietnam he flew the A-4, A-6, and served as a Forward Air Controller. During his tour in Vietnam he was awarded a Distinguished Flying Cross, Bronze Star with a Combat "V," a Navy Commendation Medal with a Combat "V," and the Purple Heart.Support this podcast at — Inquiries:

Drone News Update

Pilot Institute

Drone News: Inspire 2 EOL, Natulis Cargo Drones, Autel in the Ukraine, Superbowl TFR, DJI & the CCP

This week in drone news, DJI has announced the end of life for the inspire 2, Natulis cargo drones, Autel drones are being used in the Ukraine conflict, the upcoming Superbowl TFR, and new information ties DJI to the Chinese Government.
DJI will be discontinuing the Inspire 2 in February “the following products are expected to be sold out in February 2022 the sales will be stopped immediately.” Will we see an Inspire 3 later this year? Drone XL reported a leak that the inspire 3 may be coming as soon as September!   
The company Natilus Drone claims they will be able to reduce air freight costs by 50%. Natilus is based in San Diego, and has 4 sizes of drones in their plan.  The 130T is the largest, and has a maximum

10 Percent True - Tales from the Cockpit

Steve Davies

160 SOAR AH-6 Shootdown: "Gravy" Coker.

160 SOAR AH-6 Shootdown: "Gravy" Coker.PLEASE consider supporting Gravy's charity work:V is for Veteran -  Death Waits in the Dark - 10 Percent True Tip Jar: on Discord: #32:  "Gravy" Coker00:00:00 Introduction  00:02:20 Why helicopters?  00:05:35 God    00:07:41 Learning to Fly  00:09:08 Tactical Flying  00:13:37 Mission Environments 00:15:58 Training Process  00:21:44 Easy or Difficult? 00:24:32 Mortality   00:25:55 Apaches   00:33:01 The Night Stalkers  00:37:34 Tiers    00:38:39 Becoming a Night Stalker 00:53:33 Weapons Aiming  00:57:19 Attack Profiles  01:01:50 Mission Planning and Execution    01:10:22 Saving the last Bullet... 01:14:14 2004 Iraq Deployment  01:16:48 The Shootdown   01:59:30 Bra

Cockpits & Cocktails


USAF Brigadier General Brenda Cartier! Limitless?! (Season 2, Episode 19)

USAF Brigadier General Cartier! Your ticket to a limitless life & unimaginable opportunities! YES! Brig Gen Brenda shares her story and her love of the military career she has built with the Air Force.  She did not have big dreams of a military life when she started out but life had a way of presenting opportunities and experiences that she could not ignore.  This commitment turned into something she had not planned and it has allowed unforeseen growth and possibility.  The wisdom she has gained compels her to demonstrate to others how big of a career they can have, no matter what their individual circumstances may be.  There are no limits!

Commercial Pilot Podcast by

Commercial Pilot Podcast by

Improving Your Pilot Resume.

What are some easy ways you can improve your pilot resume?

AviatorCast: Flight Training & Aviation Podcast

Chris Palmer | Angle of Attack

New Year, New You, 2022, — AviatorCast 165 by Angle of Attack

It’s a new year, and many are thinking of goals ahead. Pilots are goal oriented, but a new year brings on a whole new meaning to completing the mission. In this podcast, we’ll talk about how to make this YOUR year for success.In this podcast we will:
* Discuss Goals and Steps in Aviation
* How your mind keeps getting in the way, and will hold you back this year if you let it
* Some examples of how to breakdown certain aviation ratings
* What the end of your year will look like.

Come join to get the year started right!

The Pan Am Podcast

Pan Am Museum Foundation

Episode 19: Concorde

In this episode we explore the fascinating history of Concorde from British Airways. This episode is a direct follow up to “Episode 7: Supersonic Transports, An Angry JFK, and Flying the Line.” In that episode we explored the race for the first passenger supersonic aircraft between a British and French partnership, the United States, and the Soviet Union. Then we are joined by Captain Mike Bannister, the chief pilot of British Airways' Concorde fleet from 1995 to 2003. Along with Jennifer Coutts Clay, Pan Am’s general manager for product design and development and before that worked on the Concorde project for British Airways. She is the author of the e-book, Jetliner Cabins available on Apple, Amazon, and Google. And John Lampl, a 41-year veteran executive of British Airways who worked for the Concorde program the entire 27 years of passenger service.On May 5, 1974, CBS 60 Minutes did an incredible report on the Concorde, here is the link to view:

Midlife Pilot Podcast

Midlife Pilot Podcast

EP9 - Good Days, Bad Days, and The Mental Game of Flying

In this episode, we'll talk about the mental game in flying.  
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Non-Rev Lounge

Monique, Lara and Tyler

#6 The Hostess That is the Mostest

This week we have Brittany host Non Rev Lounge and we answer questions from our listeners.Jet bridge phone becomes a non rev on Lara's flightBritish Brittany and American BrittanyMoving up from express to main lineLara works the 747 to JapanBrittany is a student pilot that likes dangerous flyingHow reserve worksFirst class and Maui hostelsMeet us for lunch March 6th in ChicagoThanks for supporting our show, we really appreciate it! Find us on Instagram @NonRevLoungePodcast and Twitter @NonRevLoungePod.  If you have any questions or feedback please feel free to reach out to us via email at you on the standby list!

Pilot in Real Life

Michael Wright

Pilot in Real life is an aviation podcast published twice monthly for pilots who seek to reach higher levels of flight passion, precision, and proficiency in career and/or hobby. We seek to stir aviators to engage in continuous training, fly with unyielding tenacity, and possess a robust spirit of constant vigilance. We seek to inform and inspire aviators around the world to fly with ever increasing skill and joy.

Hangar Talk - An Aviation Podcast


Episode 146: Retiring AOPA Editor-in-Chief Tom Haines

AOPA Editor-in-Chief Tom Haines reveals some of his favorite assignments, and one that he would rather forget, during a wide-ranging interview upon his retirement. Plus, get caught up on the latest aviation news.

Flying Midwest Podcast

Flying Midwest Podcast

Season 1, Ep. 3: Aviatrix Power Hour (Women Aviators Roundtable)

In this episode, we have a group of talented women pilots join in on a round table discussion on women and aviation. They discuss their own journey to the skies, challenges they faced, women pilot organizations, and what they envision for the future of women in aviation. We wrap things up with a women’s aviation quiz and a preview on our next episode; Crew Resource Management, in the airlines and GA.
If you have questions or comments, reach out to us at or contact us on Facebook at
Don't forget to stick around for the outtakes at the end of the show! Thanks for listening!

Women in Aviation Career Symposium-
Women in Aviation International-

Ask Drone U

Drone U

ADU 01254: Which drone should be used for measuring height & width of houses?

Are there any preferred drones for measuring the height and width of buildings? What factors should pilots keep in mind when purchasing a drone?
Today's question is from Jannik, who is performing photogrammetry missions and for his requirements needs to measure the height and width of buildings, however he would like to know what drone is best suited for his requirement, a drone that can effortlessly provide accurate measurements

We begin our response to Jannik by going over the many requirements of performing a mapping mission and how pilots need to consider them for ensuring quality deliverables. We then delve into accuracy of mapping missions and what factors influence accuracy and how pilots need to keep them in mind while purchasing a drone.

We also delve into the technical aspects of performing linear and vertical measurements using a drone and how pilots can ef


Lovefly Paul Tizzard

Ep. 67 - Meet Captain Pete Legg discussing ’Go Arounds’ ’737 Max’ ’undercover Marshalls’ and much more...

Pete Legg has a military and civilian flying background. He is a former speaker from Virgin's flying without fear program and a fantastic, generous human who answers many questions in our private Facebook Group - 'Lovefly Overcome Fear of Flying'.  #fearofflying

Intro music 'fearless' Daniel King

FLY8MA Flight Training

Jonathan Kotwicki

Episode 50: How pilots FAILED their checkrides...

In this podcast we'll go over some tips on how to pass your checkride! Understanding V speeds and markings on the airspeed indicator is an easy way to do well on your checkride, or not do well if you don't watch this video and study it! Find the full video here: our online PILOT GROUND SCHOOL✈

CFI Podcast by

CFI Podcast by

The Most Valuable CFI

How can we increase our value as a Flight Instructor?

The Student Pilot Cast (mp3)

Bill Williams

Follow Bill as he progresses through his flight training. This is the audio only feed. The audio podcasts are NOT the same content as the video podcasts, so if you want all the content, please subscribe to both. The audio feed is more tied to the student experience, in cockpit training, with a few features and special events. The video feed includes in-cockpit video sometimes, but is more feature oriented and does not typically coincide as closely with the training.

Betty in the Sky with a Suitcase!

Flight Attendant Betty

Shrink Wrapped Flight Attendants

Episode 200! This is the fixed file, the first time I posted it the audio cut out half way in.  (Not the most auspicious way to post the 200th episode.) This 200th show features stories about eclairs, stowaways, porn stars, ice sculptures and volcanos. Contact: Sponsored by: copymycrypto/betty Music: "Everything Good" by Twintwelve My website Patreon Instagram:Bettyinthesky Twitter: Skybetty My Amazon page  

Strategic Air Command & Aerospace Museum

John Lefler Jr

We highlight all that's happening at the Museum and get insights from a variety of fields relating to air and space.

The Low Level Hell Podcast

Brian "Casmo" Harris, US Army OH-58D/ AH-64E pilot

Episode 27: "Rider 27"

"Rider 27" was a flight of apaches operating in Northern Iraq. This interview is a get together of those guys and some of the nonsense and tomfoolery of deployment. Want to support the show, get early episode access, and bonus content? Check out the Patreon page for more information.Exclusive Low Level Hell Merch available here!Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:

Aircrew Interview

Mike Young

AI # 222 : Flying & Fighting in the Typhoon | Mike Sutton *PART 2*

Former RAF Typhoon pilot, Mike Sutton shares what it was like transitioning from the Jag to the Typhoon, joining 11 Squadron to create tactics to bring it to combat-ready status, DACT, taking it into live theatre, his book “Typhoon” and much more!Buy “Typhoon” - Twitter - keep the channel going:PATREON - - our online shop: our Aviation Art Book, Volume One - Follow us: the show (

Is This Seat Open?

Southwest Airlines | L.A. Times Studios

Episode 20: Flying Through A Pandemic

Passengers stopped flying. Cleaning protocols needed to be overhauled. Keeping an airline running through a global pandemic is no easy task, but Southwest Airlines pulled it off, and without involuntary furloughs, layoffs, or pay reductions. In this episode, Southwest Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Gary Kelly and Managing Director Communications & Outreach Laurie Barnett discuss how they respectively tackled the greatest threat to their airline in the company’s 50 year history.For more stories on Southwest Airlines’ 50 years of flying and a look behind the scenes, check out

Stuck Mic AvCast – An Aviation Podcast About Learning to Fly, Living to Fly, & Loving to Fly

Carl Valeri, Rick Felty, Victoria Neuville, Sean Moody

SMAC296 Redbird Migration 2022 Lakeland Florida

Welcome to episode 296. Today we are reporting on the Redbird Migration held Feb 8-9 at the Aerospace Center for Excellence in Lakeland FL. Eric Crump Attended migration and had some interesting experiences. Preflight Checklist: Before we begin I want to say thank you to all of our listeners who have supported us through Patreon […]
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The Aerospace Advantage

The Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies

Episode 71 - Space as a Warfighting Domain: Discussion with Gen (ret) Kevin Chilton

Episode 71 – Space as a Warfighting Domain: Discussion with Gen (ret) Kevin Chilton
Episode Summary:
In Episode 71 of the Aerospace Advantage, Space as a Warfighting Domain: Discussion with Gen (ret) Kevin Chilton, host John "Slick" Baum speaks with Mitchell Institute’s Gen Kevin Chilton, USAF (ret) about the realities of modern military operations in space. While the U.S. did not instigate or favor turning space into a warfighting domain, our adversaries pressed in that direction. We must now respond. This means developing a range of terrestrial and space-based defensive and offensive options to deter and, if necessary, defeat attacks. We must also hold our adversaries' space capabilities at equal risk. This mirrors what we have in every other domain. We wouldn’t send planes, ships, or soldiers into harm’s way without the ability to defend themselves or attack an opposing

More Right Rudder

National Association of Flight Instructors

The 8’s

Join NAFI: 

Join our panel of experienced NAFI flight instructors Elizabeth Vulgamore, Jason Miller (, Ned Parks, and Jim Pitman ( as they discuss the commercial maneuvers that flight instructors tend to struggle teaching the most, Lazy 8s and 8s on Pylons. Watch for tips, techniques, and gotchas that can help just about any instructor improve their abilities to teach these two commonly misunderstood maneuvers. Hosted by NAFI Program Director John Niehaus

The Next Trip - An Aviation and Travel Podcast

Doug and Drew

Boarding Pass 124: jetBlue Crashes the Party

Move over Frontier, jetBlue also has its eye on Spirit and makes a bid to buy it. Of course we have opinions on this  - would a jetBlue/Spirit merger help or complicate jetBlue’s current operational issues? Would the cost of reconfiguring all of Spirit’s aircaft be worth it? Would the merger be denied because the two control so much New York to Florida traffic? Listen to what we think jetBlue’s master plan may be.  Drew talks about Mainline and Express  and how branding and customer products are similar but flight operations and dispatch are separate. IATA’s Summer and Winter seasons and slot allocationsCathay Pacific resumes pilot cadet training programPhillipine Airlines aims to be in Asia’s top 3We end the episode laughing about how Condor’s new livery is so bad,…it’s good. Listen to find out why.Join the conversation!

The Merge

BVR Productions

After The Merge, Season 1

The F-5 Tiger pilot and midshipman, Sloppy and Andy, reunite on this season 1 review to discuss the omitted parts of their interviews and how the mishap still affects them over 13 years later.Support this podcast at —

Airplane Intel Podcast - Aviation Podcast

Adam Sipe, A&P/IA and CFI

Welcome to The Airplane Intel Podcast, the only aviation podcast that helps aircraft buyers, owners, and operators make smarter, more informed decisions. On the show, we compare airplanes, interview airplane owners, and industry experts and, of course, share our real-world tips as professional pilots and mechanics working in the field with aircraft buyers and owners.

Learning and Loving to Fly

Learning and Loving to Fly

Episode Thirteen - Commercial Pilot Prep and Checkride

I am a Commercial Pilot!This podcast discusses three main areas of my commercial pilot journey: getting the hours, learning the maneuvers/landings, and going through the checkride!Lots to uncover! Hope you enjoy!

Uncontrolled Airspace: General Aviation Podcast

Jack Hodgson, Jeb Burnside, Dave Higdon

"Shenanigans" UCAP1044

984 days... SNF2022... SNF22 Interlude... New Unleaded Fuel News... Last Learjet... Cheesy Poof Interlude... Jim's Two Flying Machines... Other things Jim is seeing at SNF22... How David Got Started... How Jeb Got Started... How Jim Got Started... Jeb Gets Gas. All this and more on Uncontrolled Airspace Podcast. Recorded April 5, 2022. (58:40) [#671]

Ready For Takeoff - Turn Your Aviation Passion Into A Career

Captain George Nolly

RFT 571: Film-Maker Louisa Merino

Directed by Louisa Merino (Managing to Win: The Story of Strat-O-Matic Baseball) and produced by Melissa Hibbard (The Glass House) and Oscar winner Ed Cunningham (Undefeated), the film tells the remarkable story of a World War II fighter pilot from New Jersey who flew the last combat mission over Japan. On August 14, 1945, fighter pilot Jerry Yellin flew the last combat mission of World War II to attack airfields near Nagoya, Japan, carrying with him instructions to continue the assault unless he heard the word “Utah,” a code signaling the Japanese surrender, which never came. It was Yellin’s 19th mission over Japan. Yellin returned home to a dark life of survivor’s guilt and daily thoughts of suicide. Married with four sons, he was forced to face his ‘enemy’ once again when his youngest son moved to Japan and married the daughter of a Kamikaze pilot. Through deep agonizing and soul-searching reflection, the two fathers eventually open their

The Air Up There

Federal Aviation Administration

Women in Aviation

It's Women's History Month and we're celebrating women in aviation! Before we glide into this episode, can we take a moment to celebrate the amazing women on the FAA podcast team who did all the groundwork to make this episode take flight? *round of applause*

Speaking of gliding and taking flight, the women featured in this episode know all about that and were excited to share their experiences with us. We talked with Lorry Faber, FAA lead test pilot; Marissa and Aerial (how fitting) Colclasure, a mother-daughter glider team; and Shannetta Griffin and Winsome Lenfert, an engineer and a pilot who lead the FAA's Office of Airports.

We celebrate the Bessie Colemans and Amelia Earharts of the world who paved the way in aviation today. This episode features stories of people who paved the way for women, and for everyone, in aviation tomorrow.

Listen in and be inspi

The Fly Good Podcast


22. Starting A Pilot Career At A Later Age With Doug Wolfe

Today we are going to be speaking to Doug Wolfe, who after a fulfilling career in public safety, decided to become a pilot at the age of 56. 

Not only did he not fall in the trap of “I’m too old to start flying”, which a lot of people still ask themselves. And spoiler alert, you most likely are NOT too old. He also made the bold move to buy his own airplane to flight train in. Something I wish I would’ve done when I started flight training. 

I am always happy to talk to another pilot who is pursuing this aviation journey as a new thing in life, and it is also great to have someone on the podcast who can speak to being a student right at this moment. 

Now we'd like to hear from you, let's have a conversation. At what age did you start flight training, and have you ever considered buying your own plane? Let us know in the comments.

LightSport Man Talks about Sport Aviation

LightSport Man

LightSport Man Talks about LSA and about the Sport Pilot Aviation world. Tune in for each session and learn about Light Sport Planes and Aviation.

Hard Landings

Hard Landings Podcast

Episode 129: AC759

On July 7, 2017 an Air Canada flight is landing in San Francisco when they have to go around. What caused this flight to almost become the worst aviation accident in history?


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Flight Suit Friday

Ryan Vandehei

E31: Aggressive-Safe Training

As promised, here is part two of our CDR Scott Sanborn (ret.) episode! This week we dive into what exactly "Aggressive-Safe Training" is and where on the spectrum we may fall at various times in our career. We believe in pushing the envelope, but need to be cognizant of the ways in which we do so. Sometimes that doesn't always go as planned. Enjoy!
We plan to release shows on a bi-weekly basis. On Fridays of course!
Hosts: LCDR Kenny Ingram, LCDR Sam Hafensteiner
Producer: LT Ryan Vandehei
Technical Director & Editor: Chuck Seay
The views, information, or opinions expressed during the Flight Suit Friday podcast series are solely those of the individuals involved and do not represent those of the United States Coast Guard or any other government agency. The primary purpose of this podcast series is to educate and inform. This podcast does not constitute or replace official policy guidance fr

Adventure Flying

ICON Aircraft

Flight Instructor and 737 Captain Jason Depew on How to Save Money (and time) on your Flight Training

Many people are intrigued at the idea of being a pilot, but becoming a pilot can feel a bit daunting:Which flight school should you choose? How much time is flight training really going to take? Which type of pilot license should someone pursue?...these are all pretty typical questions that the latest episode of ICON's Adventure Flying podcast tries to answer. Featuring Jason DePew, a 737 Pilot for a major airline and one of ICON's main A5 flight instructors for the Florida region, this episode will help you consider the best route to take if you're interested in becoming a pilot.

Flite Test: Aviation - RC Planes - Multirotors | Radio Control Flight

Episode #236

Huge thanks to our Podcast Sponsor MASTERWORKS!  Check out: and use the Promo Code: Flite Test Lee, Stefan and Wes chat with y'all about all the fun things happening around the shop!!

AIN's Tales from the Flight Deck

Aviation International News

Tales from the Flight Deck Podcast: Qantas QF30 and the Mysterious Explosion

Captain John Bartels and crew were flying in a Boeing 747 in perfect conditions when a sudden explosion caught their attention, made the wings rock, and destroyed some essential wiring. In this episode of Tales from the Flight Deck, Bartels describes the event and how he and the crew of QF30 handled the sudden emergency situation.


XTP Media

Ep.140 – South African defence with Darren Olivier

With limited funding available to the South Africa Air Force, we talk to Darren Olivier from African Defence Review about why their Saab Gripens are all grounded and what impact this is having on both flying training and operational readiness. On a wider front we discuss rotary wing and heavily lift capability and how this too is hindering SAAF operations.

Warbirds - Tales From Above

Dan Mercurio

Now Hear This...

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A fun place to come for conversations about flying and the stories of those who work in aviation.

Layovers - Air Travel podcast

Paul Papadimitriou

113 MLE - Seaplanes, A380s and (not) remembering DXB. A220 flying through the biweekly BA IT mess.

Emirates, Emirates and more Emirates, in First, in Business, on 380s or 777s. To Male and seaplanes for Alex, to Dubai with a blank at deplaning for Paul. But also some SWISS (the savior), some BA (when it's not cancelled), the new longest route in the world (who's currently flying it??), the QR Airbus saga, Athens airport (Alex, not Paul, this time!) and more. And yes, Alitalia, because it was never going to be ITA, wasn't it?Thank you all for still listening to us, everyone, we REALLY do appreciate all the love. 

Fly Maui

John & Leslie Caubble

Hana Rainforest Experience with Maverick Helicopters

Ready for an epic Maui experience that’s full of adventure, romance and breathtaking views? Maverick Helicopters offers once-in-a-lifetime experiential tours that take you into the Hana rainforest, along the sea cliffs of Molokai and to the crater of Haleakala. With the Hana rainforest tour, you also get a private landing where you step into another world. Each tour with Maverick Helicopters delivers a safe and unforgettable view of Hawaii. On this episode we’ll share all about our Hana rainforest tour and why you should consider a tour with Maverick Helicopters. Maverick Helicopters is offering a generous discount to our listeners! Contact Jeremy Foster, Dir. of Sales, & let him know you'd like to book a flight and you heard about Maverick Helicopters on the podcast. You'll receive $30 off the Molokai flight or $50 off the Hana Rainforest flight. Call or Text Jeremy Foster (Director of Sales) - 808-358-9985 Or Email -  jf

SHOW CENTER The Airshow Podcast


Mitigating Passenger Risks With Aviation Attorney Alan Armstrong PLUS Mike Wiskus Retires!

SHOW CENTER The Airshow Podcast - Aviation Attorney, and airshow pilot Alan Armstrong chimes in on how best to mitigate the legal risks of taking passengers.  Mike Wiskus also stops by to officially announce his retirement as a performer.  

QUICK LINK:  Alan Armstrong

QUICK LINK:  Mike Wiskus


RC Roundtable

Fitz Walker, Lee Ray, & Terry Dunn

Ep. 145 - The Professor

In this episode, the gang chats with Dr. John Lienhard, from 'The Engines of Our Ingenuity' radio show. He shared his experience from the early days of aeromodeling and learned about the modern era.

Meet Dr. Lienhard (1:15)
What about the kids (15:30)
Night Witches (26:50)
Flying Fish (33:00)
Making the Professor (42:00)
P-38 power (57:50)
Engines of Our Ingenuity (1:04:00)
World War I models (1:15:00)
Leprechaun (1:40:24)

Free book!
Night Witches
Engines of Our Ingenuity Episodes
Cross and Cockade

The Way I Taught It

Pete Reddan

Episode 24 - Accelerated Stall and Maneuvering Speed

Poďme spolu lietať


Felix Baumgartner ho vyhodil z vrtuľníka (FLIGHT PSL17)

Padák na chrbte ako príručná batožina na komerčnej linke? Prečo nie. Jedine že by ste neprešli cez bezpečnostnú kontrolu :) Druhá časť rozhovoru s paragánom Palim o zákulisí parašutizmu. NEXT? ZIMNÁ LYŽOVAČKA S CELOU RODINOU NA LIPTOVE  NOVÁ KIA SPORTAGE - stvorená pre nekonečnú inšpiráciu  Produkcia @podmespolulietat_podcast by ZAPO  

Fat Paramotor Podcast

Shaun Favell

Daniel Jones - Paramotor Flight for Alzheimers

Daniel Jones is both the the co-host and the guest as he talks about his 7 day flight from John O'Groats to Land's End (the length of the UK mainland) for Alzheimer's Research. We discover a few previously unknown secrets about Daniel Jones.Support this podcast at —

Flying BC - Pilot Stories and Aviation Adventures

Flying BC

Dominique Prinet: Flying to Extremes in Canada’s North

"I heard a big crunch and then the scenery disappeared! I couldn't figure out why everything was gone all of a sudden, and it took me a while to realize I was looking at the bottom of the lake!"
Dominique Prinet was a bush pilot in the late 60’s, flying everything from Cessna 180’s to Single Otters and Beech 18’s into some very remote places in Canada's far North. Later in his career he became a Vice President at Nordair and Canadian Airlines. He’s written a great book called Flying to Extremes, full of well-written stories packed with vivid details and photos. There was no GPS or Sat phones in those days…if you got lost or in trouble it was all on you to come up with a solution, and he definitely had some close calls and miraculous adventures!
As mentioned in the intro, COPA elections for BC & Yukon Regional Directors are open for voting on April 4th. I'd appreciate your vote so I can conti

The RAF and Backcountry Flying

Bill McGlynn

RAF Podcast #11: Sarah Tamar and Filip Wolak fly and camp (flamp) across America

Listen to Sarah and Filip discuss all the fun and adventure of "flamping" across America as a relief from pandemic isolation.  Go to for the photo journal of their trip.  

The Thermal Podcast

Herrie ten Cate

The Thermal Episode #30

Episode #30 of The Thermal…the Kiwi edition. In this Episode of The Thermal, Terry and Abbey Delore tell us the story of their remarkable Tip to Tip journey from one end of New Zealand to the other.  And the life and times of John Roake. We’ll hear from a long-time friend about John’s lasting impact on both the New Zealand and International gliding scene.  And Kahu Soaring is a new commercial outfit in Omarara…the pilot behind this venture gives us the inside story.    That’s all on Episode   #31 of The Thermal…the all Kiwi edition.

The Leaders of Aviation

Jeff Lively

Ep 6: Greg Mink: Former F-16 Pilot; Entrepreneur; Premier1Driver on YouTube

Growing up, Greg Mink was somewhat of an adrenaline junky.  He went from riding go-karts, to motorcycles, to motocross.  One night at dinner, Greg’s dad casually mentioned that he had bought a plane.  From there, Greg and his dad started working towards their private pilots license together.  Greg tested for his license as soon as he was allowed; the day after his 17th birthday.  From there he earned his instrument rating, commercial rating, and CFI before going off to college.
After college, Greg started the vetting process for a pilot position in the military.  Greg found the pace at which they trained their pilots to be spectacular, as after about a year and a half he was flying the F16.  Greg describes some of his favorite missions, which included drug interdiction out of Panama, and flying with the Egyptian Air Force.  He would later transition to the Guard and then ultimately out of the mi

Just Plane Radio

Greg Your Co-Pilot

Just Plane Radio 4-16-22

This week the JPR crew produce a second show from Sun-n-Fun 2022 in Lakeland Florida.

Get Busy Flying

Lindsay Fener

Ep.34 - Lindsay Gets Her Private Pilot Cert!

Lindsay passes her Check Ride, Nick flies with friends for the first time, and Lindsay immediately uses her new pilot license to go flying with Nick to celebrate.
Progress Report: Nick 66.2 hours - Lindsay 76.4 hours
Nick and Lindsay Fener met while skydiving in 2005 and have been together ever since.

Fast forward:
Nick lost his legs in 2011, they married in 2015, and now in 2021 they decided to BOTH get their Private Pilot certificates.

Get Busy Flying Podcast is the raw debrief, lesson-by-lesson, of their experience. Each episode is simply a casual conversation recorded immediately after each one of Nick and Lindsay’s flight lessons.

For more about the Fener’s, check out:

VR Flight World Podcast

Dan - Flight Sim Enthusiast

The VR Flight World Podcast will take you into the heart of aviation, while showing you the ins and outs of flight simulation. This podcast goes over everything you need to know about virtual reality flight simulation, which will include showing you how to apply flight simulation to your real world flight training. At VR Flight World we have used many flight simulators over the years, including FSX, X-Plane 9, 10, 11, Aerofly FS2 and Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. Our latest addition to the VR Flight World has been virtual reality, which has been a game changer for us.

Captain Bob's Flight Sim Podcast

Trevor Olsen

This is a podcast that gives information about flight simulators. Buckle down, because it will be a ride as the host Trevor (Known on YouTube as Captain Bob) tells you about flight simulation tips and tricks, as well as any progress and stories.

Airplane News Update

Pilot Institute

Join us each week and learn about the latest airplane industry news. We focus mainly on general aviation news for private pilots.

Histoires d'Aviation


Le podcast Histoires d'Aviation (complémentaire de la chaîne Youtube du même nom) est animé par Olivier, pilote de ligne et instructeur. Dans chaque épisode, il dialogue avec un acteur de l'aviation (pilotes civils et militaires, contrôleurs etc).

The Pro-Pilot Playbook Podcast

Pro-Pilot Playbook

#39 Dentist or Pilot ?

In this episode we answer Austin's question about what direction he should take in life...  Austin is trying to decide whether he should continue school in pursuit of a career in dental medicine, or ditch it all to become a professional pilot.

If you have a question you'd like us to answer, you can email us at:

If you're thinking about a career as a pilot you're in the right spot! The Pro-Pilot Playbook is committed to enabling people to become professional pilots FASTER and CHEAPER. Whether you are just starting out, or getting ready to apply at the airlines there's valuable information here for you. Learn more at:

Follow this link to get a free lesson and a taste of what the course has to offer: 

World of Warbirds

Bryan Pearce

IL-2 Sturmovik

It was named the IL-2, but was called "Ilyusha", "Hunchback", "Zementbomber", "Black Death", "Flying Tank" or "Flying Infantryman". They built more of them than any other aircraft and Stalin himself ordered them to be built faster! Learn all about this legendary Russian Aircraft!
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RC Plane Lab

RC Plane Lab

Welcome to RC Plane Lab, a podcast for anyone who likes RC airplanes! We'll share tips and tricks on how to build models and how to be a better pilot. Visit us at to sign up for our email list and to ask us questions.

The Malibu Guru

Casey Aviation

Partnerships in Aviation

This week, Joe sat down with 2 members of the "College Trio" to discuss partnerships in the PA46. Topics include both the challenges and benefits of partnerships and to hopefully shed some light on if joining a partnership is the right move for you.

On the Step with thatmallardguy

Dan Bolton

#68 - Icon A5 Dealer Gary-James Knight

Gary was halfway through his flight training for his commercial licence when his dream of becoming an airline pilot changed. He discontinued his training, became a real-estate agent and got into sales. An add for a sales job at Icon came to his attention and now Gary spends his days selling one of the worlds most popular new flying boats.Support On the Step via Patreon me on Instagram! out my YouTube Channel!\_as=subscriberSeaplane Pilots Association:On the Step is proudly sponsored by the Seaplane Pilots Association. Join today to support the association that is built to support their community. Membership benefits include:Nationwide AdvocacyProtection of Seaplane access to waterwaysWater Flying MagazineThe Water Landing Directory appThe Seaplane Flight Training DirectoryEvents and Spla

The Drone Trainer Podcast

The Drone Trainer

147. Drones in Public Safety & Education with Chris Robertson

If you're looking to make the jump from sporadic revenue to scalable and consistent growth in your drone business, TDT Pro is for you! Check out The Drone Trainer Pro right here! Chris Robertson is a drone pilot based in Colorado who is the Drone Center Director at the Colorado State University Drone Center. Prior to his current role with the university, he as a university police officer. In this episode, Chris shares his drone experience on both the public safety side of things, as well as the educational side of things. Where to find Chris: Website: CSU Drone Center Facebook Instagram Twitter LinkedIn

The Low Time Pilots Career Show - by Commercial Pilot in Command


The show that helps you take command of your pilot career, providing you experience and expertise from 250 to 1500 flight hours. Join the journey 👉 @CommercialPilotinCommand @CommercialPICYouTube | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | LinkedIn | Patreon

Talking Flight

Mike Swanigan

Episode 57: Mr. Ross Belfiore, Aviation Maintenance Instructor

Ross Belfiore is a 20-year veteran Aircraft Maintenance Technician at Alaska Airlines. He tells us what it takes to earn the proper FAA credentials to enter the Aircraft Maintenance Field and how he was able to achieve early seniority at Alaska Airlines. Whenever I had a maintenance problem in San Francisco, Ross was often the Technician who responded to fix the problem. If Ross says that your jet is fixed and ready to fly, you know that one of the best people in the business has solved your problem.

Plane Tales

Capt Nick

Friedrich Karl von Koenig-Warthausen and the Crazy Baron!

It was a grand sight to see another German aircraft there, a Junkers W33 with its distinctive corrugated metal skin and stylish enclosed cockpit, a far cry from his own flimsy machine. The German pilots greeted each other and marvelled at how, in 1928, they should have met in such a remote place… some 3,300 miles, 5,300 km, from the Fatherland. It is doubtful that the Junkers pilot knew much about the young 22 year old airman with his flimsy little aircraft, but the gaunt and weathered Baron was well known to von Koenig-Warthausen!

The Junkers W33


Ehrenfried Günther Freiherr von Hünefeld


Alcock and Brown preparing for their transatlantic flight


Posing in front of the W33 named Bremen


The Bremen damaged but safely across the Atlantic


The flimsy, lightweight Klemm L20B


Experimental Aircraft Channel's Podcast

Bryan Walstrom - Experimental Aircraft Channel

Interviews and Conversations about Experimental, Light Sport and Ultralight Aviation as well as STOL Aircraft.

COBA CanardCast

Canard Owners and Builders

Bill James N95BJ Rutan Model 33 VariEze

Bill James’ flies a highly refined example of Burt Rutan’s VariEze. He built the airframe per-plans, and his innovations enhance the efficiency and “operational friendliness” of his high-performance aircraft. He has owned a Cessna 120, a Berkut, and now flies the VariEze N95BJ and an Experimental Category Kolb M3X.
Bill grew up near San Antonio, Texas. He flew Marine helicopters, worked cattle with helicopters, did some commercial helicopter and fixed-wing work, and instructed on the Boeing 757 and 767. As a 15-year Northrop Grumman F-35 pilot-systems instructor Bill watched the first nut go on the first bolt on the first F-35, and after retiring watched the first F-35s employ into combat.
He holds an ATP Airplane and Helicopter rating, the Wright Brothers 50 Year Master Pilot Award, is a Society of Flight Test Engineers Member, has a Master of Divinity degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and an English deg

The Helicopter Podcast

Halsey Schider

The Helicopter Podcast Season #2 EP. 1 - York Galland (iflyheli) & Hoss Golanbari (Eurotec Canada)

Get ready for a front-seat helicopter adventure with one of Instagram’s major stars! Season #2, episode #1 kicks off with the famed York Galland of @iflyheli.  Halsey, York, and EuroTec Canada owner, Hoss Golanbari, set off on an epic journey exploring Utah's rugged and remote landscape.  Beginning as a fixed-wing pilot, York first started flying helicopters nearly two decades ago. This “hobby” would soon take him down an unexpected and exciting path as he photographed and shared his helicopter ventures with the masses!  Today, after owning an R44, R66, and Bell 505, York proudly captains his beautiful Airbus H130T2 "Ashley Red" helicopter on photographic exhibitions for more than 105,000 Instagram followers.  In this podcast, you’ll learn how York's 20-year helicopter journey made him a prominent social media success.  You’ll hear about the various airf

Plane Talking UK's Podcast

Carlos, Nev, Armando, Matt & John

Episode 403 - Dinner and an Airshow

Join, Carlos, Matt, Nev and Armando for this week's programme. In this week's show BA pilots suffer from neck ache, one airport ditches its NO liquids rule, & one airlines passengers are unable to get off their plane........ Are they still on board, find out later. In the military, we look at a couple mishaps in Italy and Taiwan, a Russian Su-25 takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin', and the US Marines hold a massive exercise on the US west coast.

Flying the Line

Air Line Pilots Association, International

Chapter 25 - The Rise of J.J. O’Donnell

ALPA’s fight against skyjacking is taken to the next level, as an unorthodox tactic is deployed to raise public awareness in the wake of continued violence.

Grim Reapers Podcast

Grim Reapers

Interview: DCS WORLD Closed Beta Testing Team

Cap Interviews the DCS WORLD Closed Beta Testing Team
3:21 How many Closed Beta testers are there?4:54 What is your motivation? 10:50 What is your test methodology? 14:03 What is the current VR/Flat screen test split, and do you see this changing? 14:57 Statement about the variety in beta testers by the team. 16:10 Are bugs regularly hardware dependant? 20:18 Is any of the testing automated by scripting or AI? 22:21 What's the hardware variety like within the closed beta team? 25:10 What are the requirements to becoming a Closed Beta tester? 27:40 When can we expect multicore improvements? (Unanswerable) 28:45 How is the AH-64 Apache module progressing (Unanswerable) 29:35 Why do some really obvious bugs still make it through Closed Beta testing? 40:43 When will someone look at the F10 bug for Radeon card users? 42:02 How to you test and compare against real aircraft specifications? 44:54 How many bathrooms does Obi need? 46

Parkflyer Podcast

Michael Mohn / Jay Neeley - Host

Farewell Big Mike…

The guys are pumped to see all their friends at the upcoming Arizona Electric Festival 2022 but sadly they recieved some devastating news about a close friend.

Flightsim Community Podcast

Flight Sim Community Podcast - Four friends talk all things aviation and fl

31 - How Do You Get Into Flight Sims?

AvChat - Aviation Podcast


أول بودكاست عربي مختص بنشر ثقافة الطيران، نحلق فوق أبرز محطات عالم الطيران ،لنستكشف معًا آخر المستجدات وكل حديث في عالم الطيران .

سوالف ناس Nastalks

Flynas | طيران ناس

التراث والسياحة مع نواف النصار

حديثنا اليوم عن دور #التراث بالسياحة و علاقته بالهوية الوطنية ، يتحدث عنها ضيفنا في حلقة سوالف ناس المصمم الداخلي #نواف_النصار 

للاقتراحات :

See for privacy information.

The Hangardeck Podcast

Pitchlock Pete

Episode #109. The B-25J Sandbar Mitchell Restoration Project

In this Episode, The Hangardeck team gets back together.  The discussion focused on the North American B-25J Sandbar Mitchell recovery and restoration.

FlyingTalkers By Geoffrey Arend

Geoffrey Arend

Apodicticity In The Sky?

Picking up the pieces of a historical disaster such as the COVID19 pandemic may not be anything one would wish to do, but reading the comments that economy analysts are sending to press this spring you get a chance to ask yourself what are these explanations trying to teach us and wonder. Looking at logistics, airlines and freight forwarders, that is more or less what I have been doing most of my life, your sense of amazed skepticism gains even more ground.


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Lufthansa Technik Podcast

Lufthansa Technik

Listen to our experts: hot topics presented professionally and entertainingly. Immerse yourself in the world of Lufthansa Technik and gain valuable insights.

Water Flying

Seaplane Pilots Foundation

Surprising Seaplane Opportunities in Texas

This episode of Water Flying reveals the surprising amount of seaplane flying opportunities in the state of Texas. SPA Texas & Regional Field Director Mike Eiras elaborates on the laws, water access and possibilities that abound for seaplanes in Texas. Honestly, it sure sounds like more seaplane pilots need to take advantage of these and we are sure you will agree after listening to this episode of Water Flying.
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Soaring the sky a glider pilot‘s Podcast

Chuck Fulton

111: Behind The Lens Of A Glider Pilot: An Interview With Tobias Barth

On this episode we chat with world famous aviation photographer and glider pilot Tobias Barth! Many of you have seen his incredible images taken all over the World.  Since 2019 the "Aviation Calendar", Soaring edition has exclusively used his pictures. His work has also been featured in Magazines and other media. What does it take to get all those amazing shots while flying sometimes only a wingspan apart from the other aircraft? Tobi started flying gliders at the age of 13 and never looked back. He continues to enjoy soaring and many of those flights you will find him with camera in hand looking for that next great shot. You can find thousands of images on his website. (see show notes for link)  

(01:05) Sergio The Soaring Master brings us another great segment and this one is titled "Flying Old Timers" Everyone, if given the opportunity should take a flight in these amazin

Ag Aviator Podcast

Valley Ag Pilot

#6 Mentorship Roundtable

In this episode we talk with George Parker, Mike Rutledge, and Matt Peed about their opinions and processes for mentoring aspiring Ag pilots in todays industry.  We discuss what operators expect of individuals wanting to break into the industry and also what the aspiring ag pilot should expect of the operator. With the lack of piston airplanes and the poor return on investment of purchasing one, the mentors discuss how they are breaking new pilots into turbine airplanes.  George shares his syllabus for starting a new Ag pilot into a turbine which is a great example of the time and close monitoring both the rookie pilot and operator must invest to produce a professional applicator.  These gentlemen do a great job of articulating the fact that Ag flying is a professional trade that is not learned overnight and it takes someone who is passionate about the job to be successful. Anyone of any experience level can take away information or a

The Inspired Pilot Podcast

Marvyn Robinson chats with inspiring pilots from around the world about their aviation and flying journey's

28: Jeff Simon - FAA A&P IA, Aircraft Owner, Inventor & Social Flight Founder

What does it take to become a pilot? Jeff Simon's love of aviation is taking him on a journey well beyond the cockpit. Jeff is a pilot, an aircraft owner, an FAA certified A & P mechanic and inspector, writer, and inventor. Jeff has spent the last 18 years promoting owner-assisted aircraft maintenance, holds several STCs (Supplemental Type Certificates) for aircraft modification and recently certified the FlexAlert multifunction annunciator to increase flight safety. Driven by a mission to get people flying more, Jeff is also the creator of and the free Social Flight mobile app which maps over 20,000 aviation events, destinations, and hundred dollar hamburgers to support the GA (General Aviation) community in the US and beyond. Most recently, Jeff and his two teenage boys have begun building a Titan T-51 aircraft kit in the living room of their home. Join us as Jeff gives u

Blue Angel Phantoms

Ryan Nothhaft

For 73+ years, the Blue Angels Flight Demonstration Squadron has flown air shows in front of millions of people around the world. Now hear from the pilots & crew that were a part of this incredible history as they share their stories. Subscribe to the Blue Angel Phantoms podcast and YouTube channel for the latest interviews.

Rotary Wing Show - Interviews from the Helicopter Industry

Mick Cullen

RWS 108 – Sharing an Apache Cockpit with a Burning Flare with Clive Richardson

As aircrew we spend a huge amount of time training for different circumstances and emergencies. Dealing with a burning flare in your cockpit fired from a wingman’s aircraft is not one of these circumstances!! Add in the complications of being a few thousand feet in the air, over hostile controlled land and in a sealed …
Continue reading "RWS 108 – Sharing an Apache Cockpit with a Burning Flare with Clive Richardson"
The post RWS 108 – Sharing an Apache Cockpit with a Burning Flare with Clive Richardson appeared first on The Rotary Wing Show Podcast.

Radar Contact

Jeff Kanarish

Using ATC to Check the Status of a MOA

Is it safe to fly VFR through a MOA? It depends.

PPG Grandpa’s Paramotor Podcast


S3 E108 Todd Falstad on ClearPropTV paramotor podcast

FREE FUSION 360 for 3d printing

Season 3 Episode 108 - Todd Falstad - Yankee Paramotor Hi folks. As most of you know, I post on Youtube and TikTok as Yankee Paramotor. Commercial aviation refugee on the life raft of FAR 103, starting my 6th year of PPG flying. Long prior history of flight instructing, cargo and airline flying (26k flight hours + about 450 PPG) Home built aircraft community participant and enthusiast to this day. Traveled everywhere with the airline and many more places personally. I fly like your grandma would if she flew paramotors... lets talk about a deeper topic!!!!!


Shout out to a few members of this channel:

John Wayne

Brian Waller

Kent Stamey

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The Hangar Z Podcast

Jon Gray

California Highway Patrol's Kevin Vinatieri

In this episode we talk with CHP pilot Kevin Vinatieri. Kevin's aviation career began with the California Army National Guard when he joined the early enlistment program while still in high school. Kevin served as an OH-58 crew chief and became a UH-60 Blackhawk pilot serving with the 126th Medevac Company at Mather Field in Sacramento California. Kevin separated from the military in 1999. Kevin's desire to further serve his country led him to reenlist in the California Army National Guard October 2012 and was deployed to Afghanistan from March 2013 to March 2014.As if his military service was not enough Kevin has served the citizens of California as a CHP Officer and pilot since 1995. During his career with the CHP Kevin has medevac'd over 300 patients from auto accidents to injured hikers in the forests of the Sierra mountains. He also assisted in the apprehension of countless criminals while providing support for

Jet Blast

Thoroughbred Aviation, LLC.®

2021 BACE Recap

Season 2 Episode 19 - Your hosts spent time together talking about experiences and observations from this year's NBAA BACE. This conversation includes a discussion around the evolution of the industry and hypothesizing about where the hosts feel like the industry will go in time. If you attended BACE we would love to hear your experiences and observations compared to previous years. We appreciate your feedback and support!


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Squawk 5353 - The Private Pilot Podcast

Isidore Simon

Episode 53 - Cold Weather Operations

Welcome to this week's episode of Squawk 5353! Today, we talk about operations in cold weather! The procedures are typically the same, but there are slight variations and extra steps you should take to make sure that flight is safe and goes off without a hitch!
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Public Safety Drone Flight

Steve Rhode

You Don't Want to Have to Type This Letter to the Chief From a UAS Flight

Brandon Karr is from Pearland, Texas, and is currently the Chief Pilot, UAS Program Coordinator, and night shift patrolman for the Pearland Police Department. And I thought I had a full plate.Brandon is another guest that has a different perspective on public safety drone operations because he has been a manned aircraft pilot since 2006. He worked hard and earned his commercial pilot rating as well as becoming a Certified Flight Instructor for single-engine airplanes, multi-engine airplanes, and trains instrument pilots. That is quite an accomplishment.But that's not all. Brandon is also the head honcho of the Gulf Coast Regional Public Safety UAS Response Task Force in Texas that is comprised of over 85 agencies and 250 pilots that fly to assist police, fire, or other agencies with natural disasters and major incidents.In this podcast, we cover a number of topics. Including:Why it is imperative t

Cirrus Aircraft Flight Fix

Cirrus Aircraft

Fix Mail: Instrument Cockpit Check

In this special "Fix Mail" edition of Flight Fix, we're taking on a topic request from a viewer on how to start the SR Series engine AND how to approach your Instrument Cockpit Check. It's a great refresher whether you're flying VFR or IFR on your next trip. Enjoy the show and see you at the next Fix!

The Aviation Spotters Podcast

Colin Moeser

The primary podcast for all things Aviation Photography! Made by an Aviation Photographer for Aviation Photographers! This podcast will dive into the world of aviation photography by interviewing spotters from around the world, and getting to know them on a more personal level. Question or profile suggestions for the show? Send an email to or, send a DM on twitter at Instagram @boispotter. Make sure to check out our Facebook page, the Aviation Spotters Podcast and feel free to send a message to us there as well! Know someone who you think will enjoy the show but doesn't have access to the normal streaming services? Point them to the Aviation Spotters Podcast Youtube page!

Learning to fly


I'm a general aviation enthusiast who longed to learn to fly. My passion started long before I can remember. Most of my free time was spent, dreaming about flying, reading about flying, watching videos about flying, building wooden planes, drawing aircraft, flying in various flight simulators, joining other pilot communities in order to learn even more, etc.... This year, I'm taking the leap. That's right! I'm going to learn to fly and earn my private pilot license. This podcast is to document my progress from now, 6 months from my "first" in cockpit lesson. Contact me at Support this podcast:

Private Aviation Insider

René Banglesdorf - Private Jet Sales Expert

Gulfstream G200 with Mark Rader

Mark Rader is the Chief Pilot and G200 Captain for Sky Partners Aviation. In this episode, he discusses his experiences flying charter flights on the G200. Hear more about his own personal flight stories and what he thinks of the G200's performance, its cost effectiveness, as well as its challenges including how tricky it can be on the ground.

FlyBy – An Aviation Podcast


2 | Flying an Extra 300, Sweeps Tiger Paint, Zara flying near North Korea and more!

In this episode catch up on the Sweeps Tiger paint, Extra 300 flying, New Cirrus flying, Hoover Trophy winner and how Zara Rutherford around the world!

The Official F-14 Tomcat ATG Radio show/Podcast

F-14 Calverton ATG Tomcat Podc

The Official F-14 Tomcat Radio Show/Podcast Episode 12

Episode 12: The "LSO" show, CDR Brian "RJ" Roberts VF-211 CHECKMATES, LSO CAG PADDLES.. LCDR John "CHIMPO" Oneill.

Aloft with Dan

Dan Doepker

Patrick Fey - Captain for Frontier Airlines

On today's show Patrick and I talked about:
How he became interested in flying
His path to becoming a Captain at Frontier Airlines
How he prepared himself to work at a major airline
What life is like as an airline pilot to include:
Seniority lists
Check airmen
and much more!

What he loves about his job
While Patrick has had a relatively "traditional" path through aviation I have had a lot of questions recently about airlines and what life is like as an airline pilot.  I reached out Patrick to help us fill in the information and he did a great job!If you have any feedback or thoughts please let me know!  You can DM me on instagram or send me an email at you are enjoying the show please leave a review and give us some stars, it helps grow the show and get it out to more people.  If yo

Atenção, Passageiros


“Nosso casamento parecia um aeroporto" - com Canal dos Caçadores

Essa é uma configuração de cabine com três pilotos devidamente habilitados. O Comandante Lito recebe os pilotos de helicóptero Juliana e Paulo, do Canal Caçadores, para um voo focado em comida a bordo. O casal se conheceu numa empresa de táxi aéreo e já pilotaram o Globocop juntinhos. Além do casamento, a aviação lhes rendeu filhos, cachorros e muito tour em museus aeroespaciais. Sem perder o apetite, Lito relembra dos tempos em que o serviço de bordo servia caviar russo, champanhe e lagosta. Na rota de notícias, American Airlines investe na Gol, CEO da LATAM revela preço do wifi a bordo, reforma nos aeroportos do nordeste e Azul perde ação trabalhista.

RC Aerobatics Podcast

Rich Whitlow

The RC Aerobatics Podcast is dedicated to all facets of RC Aerobatics. We will discuss IMAC, F3A Pattern, F3S Jets and F3P Indoor. We will interview Representatives of the different organizations, manufacturers, builders and top pilots. Come join us on this Aerobatics adventure.

Between Two Wings

ForeFlight, A Boeing Company

Between Two Wings with Steven Curry – CFI and U.S. Army Veteran

On this episode of Between Two Wings we talk with Steven Curry, a CFI and U.S. Army Veteran. Despite losing his leg in combat while deployed, Steven still achieved his dream of becoming a pilot with the help of the non-profit organization Able Flight. Hear about the challenges Steven has faced and how Able Flight helps pilots like him take to the skies.

Commercial Drones FM

Ian Smith

#099 - Skydio 2

Skydio CEO, Adam Bry, joins the podcast to discuss the company's newest product, Skydio 2—the world's smartest drone. Bry explains the big differences between R1 and Skydio 2, the underlying technology, and commercial applications from partners like Ware, who build on top of Skydio 2 to automate warehouse inventory tracking. In the second half of the episode, Host Ian Smith is joined by Guillaume Delépine, Skydio's Public Safety Lead, to discuss the company's focus on public safety and first response.

Ride Report


5G C-Band Interference briefing from Central Air Safety, ADO and Training Part 2

On this episode, Central Air Safety (CASC) Vice-Chair Von Ritter, ADO Chair Doug Marchese and ALPA/JetBlue ALPA Training Chair Todd Lisak discuss 5G C-Band NOTAMs, operational impacts and more on Part 2 of on-going 5G interference mitigations.

Chicks Who Fly


Private Pilot, Advanced Ground Instructor, Podcast Host Inaia Answers FAQs

In this episode of Chicks Who Fly, I am trying something different and taking some time to share my flight training story, the lessons I learned and answering some of the questions we regularly hear from our listeners.
Today I share how I became interested in aviation, what took me so long to get my pilot certificate and what I am up to now. I share the story of my first solo and of my private pilot checkride. I also talk about the things I’ve been doing since I became a pilot to keep developing my skills and to grow as a safe and competent pilot flying in the real world. I also share some of my plans to travel in my sailboat and continue my flight training.
I would also like to take this opportunity to ask you to reach out to me with any topics you are interested in having me cover in this podcast. Also, if you have anyone you would like to have me interview or if you have any questions, pl

PlaneTruth Podcast

Wesley Norton

PlaneTruth Podcast is a place where we will discover and explore the incredible truths of God’s Word through the amazing world of Aviation. Through plane talk and captivating stories from featured aviation professionals, we will learn how to live our lives in order to stay on course, keep the blue side up, and grease the landing.

The Fitaviatorsclub Podcast

Fernando Contreras

Diets: What, why, and do they work? My opinion

Fernando introduces the podcast with an amazing trip Jessica and him took to Vegas and Zion. As Formula 1 and Moto Gp season started last week, he expresses his excitement on this new season. As for the main topic of this episode, dieting, he talks about the facts, the myths, and the professional positions out there to get a better perspective on what a diet can do for your body. Fernando rather calls his "diet" a nutritional habit, or nutritional lifestyle based on education on the topic. One of the most important factors mentioned is the importance of the role of each macronutrient, and it's process to metabolize. More specifically the importance of carbohydrates. Enjoy 

The UAV Digest

The UAV Digest

399 BREEZE Drone for Venus

BREEZE drone for Venus, first responder tethered drone, river rescue, Thor’s hammer C-UAS, UAS in the Arctic, offshore wind farm deliveries, Ukraine hobby drones.

AOPA Live This Week

Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association

AOPA Live This Week - April 7, 2022

Join us at Sun 'n Fun 2022. See the finished AOPA Sweepstakes Grumman Tiger. Check out a new backcountry airplane design, and meet a 23-year-old who uses TikTok to show what it's like to own an airplane.

Pilot Episodes


Chipmunks & Bags of Rice

Chipmunks and bags of rice See for privacy and opt-out information.

In The Pattern Podcast

John, Mark, Brad & Chris

EAA Airventure Oshkosh 2021: Quickcast Delta

Chris is flying solo and updating on the last few days of the show as Brad, Mark, and John have gone home. Linkshttps://www.skylab.engineering


Stephen Force

Airspeed - Downwind Dashes and Other Long-Distance Soaring with Tony Condon

Tony Condon is as an ATP and corporate pilot who also serves as the president of the Kansas Soaring Association, headquartered at Sunflower Gliderport. We sat down and talked about long-distance cross-country soaring.

Australian Aviation Podcast Network

Momentum Media

Airports erupt in chaos as Aussies get flying

Australians are finally getting back in the air, as seen during scenes of chaos at Australia’s airports this week. In this episode of the Australian Aviation Podcast, hosts Adam Thorn and Hannah Dowling discuss the ins and outs of travelling overseas in a post-COVID world, in light of Hannah’s recent trip to Bali. Plus, the team discusses the outrageous hours-long lines seen at Australia’s major airports ahead of the Easter holiday season, and questions if the industry should accept any blame following two years of stand downs and redundancies. Finally, New Zealand’s borders are set to open this week to Australians and visa holders, in what should be another major win for Oceania’s airlines.

Inspire Aviation Podcast by

Inspire Aviation Podcast by

IA E21 Davis Ebbert insists on having fun!

Podcasting On A Plane

Podcasting On A Plane | Brandon Gonzales

ATC Disruptors | Talk2Tower | Pam KTKI

The Talk2Tower Aviation Radio Instruction Platform is the result of 3.5 years training, implementation and analysis of private radio instruction and was designed and developed to be an entirely new class of Aviation Radio Instruction. Talk2Tower’s unique program offers fully comprehensive radio instruction that is detailed, concise and operationally functional. The benefits of the Talk2Tower program are undeniable, but by far, the most important value is the tremendous increase in safety when a pilot is effective and efficient in communications with Air Traffic Control. Support:  Buy me a coffee: Instagram: Twitter: podcastonaplane Website:      Music by:  Damma Beatz   Make sure to use good equipment! Bose Headset:   Bose ProFlight:   L

What is it like to be a Corporate Flight Attendant


Helerin Laaniste- “Experience is not everything”

In this episode we are talking to Helerin who is actively flying at the moment even now when some borders are closed. We are going to find out how is life for a Corporate/VIP Cabin Crew due to pandemic restrictions and how she ended up working in this industry.

Airplanes And Afros

Marnae Thompson-Haynes

I began my career in 2007 during a cold wintery January in Salt Lake City, Utah. I've flourished at 2 regional airlines and now I am at the majors. My career took off like a rocket and continues to thrive, even today. Within the airline I have fulfilled roles as a Union Steward, Reports Analyst, Program Interface Specialists, and Instructor. I believe connectivity is the most effective way to uplift my community, break barriers, and contribute to the elevation of our socioeconomic status. This podcast was developed to help guide you on your journey to become a Flight Attendant.

MAVGEEKS: A Military Aircraft Obsession

BFBS Radio

Tracking Santa with the Mavgeeks

Our Mavgeeks bring you a very special festive episode, as they track the World’s greatest aviator with NORAD and RAF Fylingdales. Join Gini and Alex as they find out about the F-18 escort that Santa gets over North America, How the heat signature of a ballistic missile is the same heat signature that’s in Rudolph’s nose and just how the big man uses OSA (Official Santa Act) technology to get across the globe. So grab a mince pie, a glass of cheer and wrap yourself up in gawdy 1980s foil decorations as the Mavgeeks Track Santa.Get in touch. Email us via mavgeeks@bfbs.comThis is an original podcast series from BFBS. Written, presented and produced by Gini Carlin and Alex Gill

Rotor Radio from Vertical Magazine


Atlantic Destiny: U.S. Coast Guard pilot details harrowing rescue of fishermen from doomed vessel off Nova Scotia

A Canadian Air Force CH-149 Cormorant and two U.S. Coast Guard MH-60T Jayhawks on March 3 rescued more than two dozen fishermen from a sinking ship 130 miles south of Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Lt. Craig Campbell was piloting one of those Jayhawks on what would be his first major rescue mission. He tells "Rotor Radio" what it was like hovering at 90 feet in 55-knot winds while hoisting survivors from a bucking ship, without power or headway, taking 30-foot seas beam-on. 

Raven Careers Aviation Podcast

Raven Career Development

#12 How Much Leisure Travel Does It Take? | The CEO's Perspective - What’s Next for Pilot Contracts?

Host, Jason DuVernay sits down with Ben Baldanza, the former CEO of Spirit Airlines to talk about the industry again. Ben gives his expertise on below the wing pain, consolidation, regional staffing, and career planning. 

Are you ready for the largest in-person hiring event of 2021? It takes place on October 22-24th and will be unlike any job fair you've ever been to. Check out to learn more. 


Don't skip the intro! I sit down with the President of RTAG to give you great information on their upcoming Job Fair!

6:56 - Ben’s recent travel experiences, what they’ve been covering on their show, and how airlines are dealing with below the wing employment gaps.

14:03 - Ideal business travel uptick season

17:58 - Data-based forecasts around business travel returns until we see what happens this

Squawk Ident - an Aviation Podcast


Flight 106 - Always Round Down

recorded on 04APR2022
Welcome aboard Flight 106 of the Squawk Ident Podcast, Always Round Down. From the mobile Av8r Sound Studios, high a top the 18th floor of the Westgate Hotel, in San Diego, CA.
On today’s flight Rob D. and I discuss in-flight medical emergencies, diversions, and POCs. We also take a look at the ATP requirements needed to obtain and retain the coveted certification. Rob and I also take a look at the 95 year history of the worlds largest airline.
So stay with us while we run our final checks, as we prepare to push back from the gate, Flight 106 of the Squawk Ident podcast is officially under way.


Pilot Jailed for Lying About Flight Experience article 
American Airlines' Full History article

[02:15] Rob's Intro
[15:34] Medical Diversions 
[31:50] Beware of Biases 
[52:00] FAR 117 Rent Rules of FAs 

Landings With A Flair: Pilot Flight Training

Landings With A Flair, LLC

BONUS: Speaker Introductions!

Speakers – (Captain Theresa) (Philipp Rodenkirchen) (Henrique Carneiro) (April Ellis) (gab) (Johnny Pickett) (Manuela Stan) (Kyle Chicago ORD) (Animesh Vyas) (Omar AlHelali) (Shanita Polk) (Raphael Lopez) (Mica Park) (Knowe Dials) (Enzo LeRoi)

SimpleFlight Radio

Marc Epner, Al Waterloo

Aviation Journey's (Part 2), Bob Reynolds, 12/29/21 (S10E2)

As 2021 comes to a close, it's a good time to reflect on the year that was.  As we made progress against Covid, the battle rages on.  Still, 2021 was a great year for General Aviation.  Many people have decided now is the time to start their aviation journey.  Flight Schools are extremely active and plane inventory & availability is tight as people start to check off bucket list items at a fast pace.  That not only goes for new pilots, but existing ones that are reaching new heights. That is the case for Bob Reynolds.  As you may recall, Bob joined us in the summer of 2020 after taking advantage of the airline slowdown by landing at every Bravo airport in the lower 48 (except Regan).  And he didn't stop there.  Since then, Bob earned his Cirrus Vision Jet type rating and has been building time via some great adventures.   Join us on this week's episode as Bob talks about his new aviation journey, including the cost

AvGeek Chronicles

Colin Hodges

Welcome to the AvGeek Chronicles Podcast, hosted by pilot and aviation enthusiast Colin Hodges. On this podcast you will find a plethora of audio experiences from first hand insight into training that he goes through, interviews with fellow millennial aviators that are making a difference, and other random but great aviation content which will have everyone saying "I'm an AvGeek" after listening to an episode. Colin is the perfect example of putting your dreams into flight and he wants to help others accomplish their aviation goals too! Support this podcast:

Flying and Life Podcast

Dispatcher Mike

71 - AirVenture 2021 - Friends, People and Airplanes

This episode contains all of the interviews that we did at EAA AirVenture 2021.  Gregg, Dan and Mike all conducted interview of things that they were interested in.  Many of these interviews are with non-profit organizations that use aviation for good.  They are linked below.  Also there are some of the photos that I took during the week. Tuskegee Next -  "Our Mission: Honoring the legacy of the Tuskegee Airmen, Tuskegee NEXT seeks to transform the lives of at-risk youth through aviation education and career path opportunities, so they can transform their communities. Our Strategy: Tuskegee NEXT seeks to provide role models and a clear path toward aviation careers through: Flight Training, Life Skills, and Educational Assistance. United Aviate- Aviate is United's industry-leading pilot career development program offering aspiring and established pilots the most direct path to a United flight deck. Orbis International-

Private Jet Podcast

Tom Wachowski

#57 | Throwback Episodes – Vision, Values, & Leadership PLUS The Right People & Partners

show notes coming soon

Le Podcast de l'Aviation


Le nouveau podcast du "Journal de l'Aviation" dédié à l'actualité aéronautique.Chaque semaine, notre journaliste Frédéric Beniada vous propose une interview exclusive.

Parlons Aviation


Episode 111 – Airbus A320NEO et formation au simulateur

Bonjour et bienvenue dans le 111ème épisode de ce podcast !
Cet épisode fait suite à l’épisode 109 que nous avons enregistré avec Pascal autour de la formation initiale et continue en compagnie aérienne.
Rubrique thématique
Cette fois-ci, je vous propose un épisode solo où je prends comme exemple une session de simulateur semestriel afin d’illustrer ce dont nous avons parlé avec Pascal.
Avant de se lancer dans ce sujet formation, je vous propose de commencer par discuter de l’A320 NEO. Il s’agit de la version re-motorisée de l’Airbus A320 dont les premiers exemples sont arrivés dans ma compagnie récemment. Nous irons en détail sur les nouveautés et différences de ces nouvelles machines.
Ensuite, nous irons en détail sur la session de simulateur semestriel que j’ai suivi début Janvier. Cela nous permettra de parler de la préparation, du contenu des séances de contrôle et de formation ainsi que le

L'Expérience Chibane

L'Expérience Chibane

Embarquement immédiat pour un voyage dans le monde de l'aéronautique que nous espérons instructif, divertissant et inspirant ! Tous les 1er et 15 du mois, nos invités partagent leur parcours et leurs anecdotes à l'occasion d'une discussion technique et humaine entre passionnés.

Le podcast aérien

Jay the Pilot

9. 15 minutes en solo !

Petite mise à jour du Podcast Aérien en cuillère avec moi-même !

Pilot Protection Services Podcast- Aviation Podcast


13 Predicting the Future

Being human means making mistakes - even for pilots. Let’s see how real experts try to figure out when errors will happen and see how predictions of the future will further help us become safer pilots.

Top Landing Gear

Top Landing Gear

BBMF Bomber Leader - Flight Lieutenant Neil ‘Faz‘ Farrell - Lancaster Pilot

In our final interview from our trip to Lincoln the TLG team talk to Flight Lieutenant Neil 'Faz' Farrell inside the iconic BBMF hangar at RAF Coningsby.

As we walk around Lancaster PA474 Neil tells us about his experiences as Bomber Leader, what it's like flying the Lancaster and about his other roles in the RAF such as flying the E-3 Sentry and instructing others to fly the E-3, Lancaster and Dakota. 

We would like to thank Neil and everybody at RAF Coningsby and BBMF for all their time and help in allowing us such incredible access. We heartily recommend a trip to the BBMF visitor centre - access by guided tour only - Book your trip now!


Jeff Shultz, Sonex 604

SonexFlight Episode 78: Transition Training with the SBPF Syllabus

With spring finally here and new builders reading their planes for first flight, new owners getting ready to ferry their newly-purchased Sonex home, and the rest of us thinking about knocking the rust off on our own proficiency, it's time to discuss Transition Training. The Sonex Builders and Pilots Foundation published a training syllabus designed to guide pilots through the process of gaining proficiency to fly their Sonex airplanes, and satisfy their insurance requirements so they can obtain insurance coverage. We review the syllabus, talk with a new Sonex pilot who recently used the syllabus for his own Sonex transition, and offer some practical advice to those looking to train in the future.

The Wayward Pilot Podcast

Jonathan Groner CFI/CFII/MEI

Interview with a Regional Airline Pilot

Jonathan discusses what it's like to become a new regional airline First officer with Aaron Weems

Leadership in Aviation

Rene Banglesdorf

Exploring Your Passion with Dr. Rebecca Lutte

Dr. Rebecca (Becky) Lutte is an Associate Professor at the University of Nebraska at Omaha Aviation Institute. Dr. Lutte is a commercial pilot, CFII, MEI, experimental aircraft owner, and active in the general aviation community. She was appointed by the Secretary of the DOT to the FAA Women in Aviation Advisory Board and serves as chair of the subcommittee, Understanding the problem and industry trends. She also serves on the Board of Trustees of the University Aviation Association. Dr. Lutte conducts research on a variety of topics with a primary focus on aviation workforce development and the outreach, recruitment, and retention of women in aviation. She has over 25 publications in a variety of academic journals, magazines, and book submissions. Hear more about her story and how she started her career in aviation.

The Journey Is The Reward (dot) ORG

Brian T. Coleman

The Journey is the Reward is a show about obtaining 3 Million Mile status with United Airlines. It's about the journey in achieving these miles and United 1K status for life. Come travel the world with me as I attempt to reach this milestone in less than 18 months.

AviaDev Insight Africa

Jon Howell

5 trends driving airport resilience in 2022 with Marcel Langeslag, Director Aviation Africa, Netherlands Airport Consultants (NACO)

This episode features Marcel Langeslag, Director, Aviation Africa at Netherlands Airport Consultants Limited (NACO). NACO offer planning, design and advisory services to airports across the globe and Marcel is involved in numerous projects across the African continent. In this episode, we cover: ✈️ the 5 emerging trends that will improve airport resilience ✈️ The cargo opportunity for African airports. A long term trend worth investing in? ✈️ The changing face of airport finance and increase in private sector involvement. Are airports still a solid investment? ✈️ Diversification away from aeronautical revenues. How do airports build resilience? Find out more about NACO here You can connect with Marcel here If you enjoyed this episode, please share it with someone that you think would benefit from listening and don’t forget to leave us a review s

AvFacts - Aviation knowledge without limits

Tim Morgan

#44: Turbojets and turbofans

The jet engine revolutionized air travel in the 1950s, and since then jet engines have only gotten more reliable, more efficient, and more powerful. This is due in part to the switch from turbojets to turbofans. In this episode, I discuss what turbojets and turbofans are, and the important differences between them.

The LogBook - Aviation Storytelling Podcast

Lucas Weakley

Everytime I go to some aviation event I don't think its possible to leave without a good story. Storytelling is enjoyed by all ages, especially in the aviation community where stories are the main way to share one's experiences when off the ground. While listening to The LogBook, you'll hear stories from people in aviation from every experience level: enthusiasts, complete beginners, airline pilots, aerobatic pilots, cross country/long distance pilots, test pilots, military veterans. And they'll all tell stories that will entertain, inspire, and educate the next generation of aviators. Find out more information at:

The Book Worm in Space

Anderson Heinig

In this podcast we’ll talk about a variety of topics about space and books. Most of the books will be Sci-fi, fantasy, and nonfiction. When we talk about space we will mainly cover NASA and SpaceX. There might be the occasional talk about Kerbal Space Program!

Airways Podcast

Airways Magazine

Welcome to the Airways Podcast, the digital audio extension of one of the world's leading aviation publications, Airways Magazine ( Hosted by Enrique Perrella (@enrique77w), Vinay Bhaskara (@TheABVinay), and Rohan Anand (@rohanaanand), the podcast is a bi-monthly deep-dive into three important aviation stories or trends, featuring exclusive interviews, journalist reports, and coverage from worldwide aviation events.

Пристегните ремни

Пристегните ремни

Небо, вертолет, девушка. Ми-8, природа вместо города и север России. Как живет пилотесса вертолета.

Много ли девушек в России работают пилотами вертолетов? Где этому учат? И где нужно жить, чтобы заниматься таким делом? Почему природа лучше городов и чем в свободное время занимаются пилоты вертолетов? Как всё устроено в вертолете? Какие задания выполняют на Ми-8? Как пассажиры реагируют на молодую девушку в экипаже? Можно ли отвлечься во время полета, например, на кофе?Обо всем этом поговорили с Полиной Болобоновой, вторым пилотом Ми-8 авиакомпании Utair. Рассказывайте, как вам выпуск, делитесь впечатлениями и историями: Мы есть на Яндекс.Музыке , Castbox , Soundcloud  и Google Podcasts .Спасибо авиакомпании Utair  Производство: Mass Agency massagency.ruВедущие: Юрий Маслов, Максим ШмаковМенеджер: Семён ПанинРедактор: Настя ЗахароваМонтаж и сведение: Андрей Федяев

Класс Гольф - легкая авиация и компактные самолеты

Hrvatski Pilot & Ilya Sabanin

#62 В гостях Фил: о владении самолетом в Европе и яхтинге

Фил прилетел на Канары на своем PA28 Cherokee Archer, а мы спрашиваем о процессе выбора, покупки и стоимости владения таким самолетом в Словении. Из особенностей – самолет на американской регистрации и в долевом владении.  
Несколько цифр из выпуска (в евро):
- хранение в ангаре 250 в мес.
- страховка 1000 в год (а может легко быть 3000)
- обслуживание каждые 50 часов – 600 
- годовая проверка 1100-1400
- инспектор 1500, 3500 с приглашением
- услуги траста в США 800 долл за 2 года
- летный час получается около 100 евро без бензина
Фил является шеф-инструктором яхтенной школы, поэтому кроме как о получении PPL, европейских полетах, симуляторах и игре на смеси, мы очень много говорим о яхтах, катамаранах и авианосцах. 

Инстаграм Фила

Инстаграм подкаста

The Plane Faith Podcast

Jimmy Tidmore

17 - Jimmy Tidmore - Plane Faith

In today's episode we are going to do something that's a good bit different than anything we've done before. Because in today's episode, I am going to be the guest. Yes, instead of me interviewing someone else, in today's show, you are going to get to hear someone else interviewing me. And in that interview, we'll get into many of the details and the backstory of Plane Faith and how it came into existence. Full Show Notes:

Why We Fly

Mike Harris

076 Kilo Charlie Aviation - Robert & Drew

Sitting down with the owners of Kilo Charlie Aviation, a flight school near Kansas City, after the Kansas City Airshow. We discuss the awesome airshow that featured both the Blue Angels & Thunderbirds, and we talked about their flying backgrounds and the flight training industry.   Please consider supporting the podcast with a per episode pledge by visiting Patreon.  Your support is GREATLY appreciated!   THANKS to our sponsors! Nashville Flight Training Bose A20 Aviation Headset T-shirts & other merchandise available in the Store at  We REALLY appreciate your support of the podcast!   Check out my "Why I Fly" video at Keywords: Aviation, General Aviation, Plane, Planes, Airplane, Airplanes, Fly, Flying, Flight, Pilot, Pilots Intro music by Mscaras & outro music by Chris Zabriskie.

Airplane Mode 飛航模式

Sunny X 天空之城 X 噴射氣流 X Cora

EP28 Autoland 自動落地

自動駕駛, 對一般人來說是機師們駕駛飛機的方式.
一鍵按下, 舒適無限, 報紙配咖啡,輕鬆悠閒.
很多時候天氣不好無法落地, 就會聽到有乘客說 “啊是不會用自動落地嗎? 按下那個按鈕不就好了!”
Autoland 自動落地真的是無敵嗎? 今天就讓我們來聊聊自動落地的使用時機與限制.

Sin escalas


¡Qué tal amigos!¿Alguna vez has querido platicar con un piloto, pero no has tenido la oportunidad de conocer a uno?"Sin filtros, sin rodeos... sin escalas"En este podcast platicaremos cosas interesantes sobre la vida de un expatriado en la aviación, tips y consejos que a mí me funcionaron mucho para poder estar plenamente lleno en esta bella profesión. Todo esto es con la finalidad de ayudarte a cumplir tus metas y objetivos, el ayudar a otras personas, me hace sentir mucha satisfacción personal. Si te gusta el formato en video, también podrás encontrar los capítulos en YouTube en mi canal @erickvanpratt. No dudes en escribirme, cualquier duda o tema que quieras que se platique en este podcast.

The Vertical Space

Jim Barry & Luka Tomljenovic

#11 Bobby Healy, Manna

Bobby is a proven and remarkable entrepreneur and industry innovator. He has started and sold successful companies and is now pioneering service delivery with his start up, ‘Manna’ - a Drone Delivery as a Service business. Listen to what makes Bobby special, how Manna delivers value today, their tech stack, their essential value and competitive advantages, his comments on certification, and how they plan to scale. Additionally, listen to qualities he looks for in his new hires, the advice he gives to those starting a business, and those who he turns to for advice. There are common qualities of great innovators and business pioneers – see if you can identify those qualities in Bobby. Thanks Bobby for being our guest!   

Forever on the Fly

Diane Dollar and Jose Hernandez

Fred North: Behind the Scenes

Fred North: Behind the Scenes Welcome to the season finale of the Forever on the Fly Podcast! What a journey the second season has been delving into the lives of some seriously awesome pilots and human beings…and of course we want to finish Season 2 strong with our next guest!He has accumulated over 18,000 flight hours over his 30+ year career. 15,000 of those were spent shooting for over 160 films and countless commercials making him one of the biggest names in aerial cinematography history. Additionally in 2002, he set the world record for altitude flown in a helicopter climbing to a whopping 42,000 feet in an AS350B2! ? Don’t try this at home kids…You’ve probably seen his videos on instagram, you’ve DEFINITELY have reaped the benefits of his aerial production in theaters, but were here to get to know the man behind the camera, and a behind the scenes look into what goes into the complicated aerial sequences he performs.We can’t wait to start

Aviation History

Paul Demaske

Vickers Valiant

In this weeks episode we check out the Vickers Valiant, the first of the V-Bombers to enter service with the R.A.F

Plane Talk

Plane Talk

April 13, 2022 - Flight instruction in the US. What is wrong with it, if any?

Student Pilot Journal Aviation Podcast

Greg Summers

Student Pilot Journal Podcast #43

Multi-cam Madness!!!My friend Jamie and I strapped a bunch of GoPros to the 172 and flew a short trip....during the heat of the day (probably why some shut off).  It was a hot but fun experiment and yielded some overall great results.  Shoot me an email and let me know what you think. the Podcast

FPV Freedom Coalition Podcast

FPV Freedom Coalition

Audio recordings of the FPV Freedom Coalition Community Meetings

The Not So Straight and Level Podcast

Steve Johnson

Ordinary Aviators, Extraordinary Adventures: Doug Jackson

Doug Jackson, a man who wears many different hats. In our part of the aviation world, a lot of us know him for the Lone Star Stol event he hosted earlier this year in Gainesville, TX.  Doug also formed a charity called Operation Airdrop that is a network of pilots providing hurricane relief flights into Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico, and this past year the Bahamas. They have literally flown millions of pounds of supplies to these ravaged places. There is a link in the show notes to operation airdrop where you can learn more.  Today doug and I talk about how he got his start flying, about Ultra 4 racing, and about Lone Star STOL. Operation Airdrop:    

The Corporate Pilot Guys Podcast

The Corporate Pilot Guys Podcast

Join Rob and Tim, both Professional Corporate Jet Pilots from either side of the US/Canada border as they discuss aviation industry related topics, promote pilot mentorship, reach out to new prospective pilots and have fun doing their show.

The Pilots Pandemic

Emma Laczko and Maddie Miller

#26 Dr. William Hoffman: AME, Physician, Aeromedical Researcher, and Author.

***The views expressed in this episode reflect only those of the speaker and not necessarily those of the Department of Defense, the US Air Force, or the Brooke Army Medical Center.***
This week we are discussing aeromedical reform with Aeromedical researcher, Dr. William Hoffman.
Dr. Hoffman is a physician, aeromedical examiner, and researcher who leads an aeromedical research group in the United States Air Force. He and his team are working to understand the pilot healthcare barrier and their studies are the largest to ever be conducted on pilot healthcare seeking behavior. While this issue is often common knowledge to pilots, it has almost 0 reference in medical literature.
Dr. Hoffman is also the award winning author of ‘Wing of Deceit’ and his latest book ‘Intrepid Pursuit’ is available now! We will be posting any and all information regarding future and upcoming studies on ou

RC Afterhours - RC Planes, Multirotors, FPV & Technology

RC Afterhours hosted André Rousseau

Hangar RC Update - 95 RC Afterhours

23 Jan 2022


Sam from The Hangar RC sits down with André to discuss the future of his laser cut foam rc plane business.


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New Planes:

A-10 Thunderbolt II Twin 64mm EDF BNF Basic with AS3X and SAFE Select

Skynetic Dragonfly Seaplane V2 700mm (27.5") Wingspan - PNP

H-King (PNF) Yak-11 Red Reno Racer EPO 1450mm (57")


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The New Pilot PodBlog

Robert Cigliano

The General Aviation Podcast from the perspective of a new Private Pilot. Follow me as I transition from a student pilot to an experienced Private Pilot.

TAKING OFF with Chellie Cameron

Philadelphia International Airport

PHL is on the Front Lines to Prevent Human Trafficking

January is National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month. The COVID-19 pandemic has done little to slow this form of modern-day slavery. Instead, traffickers have taken advantage of the global crisis to continue targeting adults and children. Airports are a key point of access for traffickers, who use airports - as well as other transportation hubs, including train and bus stations - to scout for and move their victims. PHL is committed to working with relevant agencies and organizations, including the U.S. Departments of Homeland Security (DHS) and Transportation (DOT), to address this horrible crime. Recognizing the signs of human trafficking is the first step in helping to stop it.
In this episode, Chellie is joined by PHL’s Jason Sankey and Jonathan Todd to discuss how PHL employees and the public can help to spot, intervene, and stop human trafficking. 
To learn more about the steps

Plane Safety Podcast - Safety from the flightdeck

Pilot Pip

Plane Safety Podcast 90 : Challenging Challengers

Thanks for downloading the Plane Safety Podcast with Pilot Pip and Capt Al.  In this episode we are catching up with Pip's new type rating training and Al's progress back into A320 flying.  In the feedback Squawkbox : Glen Towler has some thoughts on electric aircraft Jacob shares an unpleasant story from the Saab340 Dr Pras has some questions on aircraft electrics Henrik from Stockholm has some questions on flight tracker apps Capt Nick has some audio feedback on Airbus generators Naishad has some questions on minimum safe altitudes   If you would like to contact us with a story, question or thought then please email Enjoy the pod.  

Aviation: Plane and Simple

Amrat Chugani and Lance Clouse

Welcome to the Aviation: Plane and Simple Podcast. Aviation: Plane and Simple is an aviation podcast about flight training, general aviation, aviation careers, and the simple joys of flying. Our hosts, Lance Clouse and Amrat Chugani, know the joy, excitement, expense, and struggle of pilot training and pursuing an aviation career, and want to share their experiences with you. You can reach us at

Fly With Me

Joe d'Eon

Tune in to hear real stories from flight attendants and pilots as they tell what goes on behind the galley curtain (and behind the cockpit door). Be sure to subscribe to "Fly With Me X" for more behind the scenes information (less stories, more info).

On the Flight Line with Marcus Gropl

Lyon Air Museum Media Group

Join us as Lyon Air Museum goes "On the Flight Line", a show that delivers the stories of success, hardship, and the passion for aviation. From WWII Pilots to Head Engineers of NASA, who will sit across the table? Hosted by Marcus Gropl.

The Average Pilot

The Average Pilot

Podcast about an average guy trying to achieve his childhood dream to become an airline pilot. Sharing my experience, flight training tips and journey to get a job in the airline industry. Join me!

Flight Training Australia Podcast

Trent Robinson Aviation

Ep 25 - Weather Avoidance

Weather related accidents remain one of the most significant causes for concern in aviation safety. In this episode I’ll have a look at the reasons for VFR pilots getting themselves into trouble and some ways to avoid getting into strife. Links:General Aviation Pilot Behaviours in the Face of Adverse Weather near miss with terrain video Flight Safety Article Episodes: the show (

The Student Pilot Cast (mp4)

Bill Williams

Follow Bill as he progresses through his flight training. This is the video only feed. The audio podcasts are NOT the same content as the video podcasts, so if you want all the content, please subscribe to both. The audio feed is more tied to the student experience, in cockpit training, with a few features and special events. The video feed includes in-cockpit video sometimes, but is more feature oriented and does not typically coincide as closely with the training.

طيران بالعربي

طيران بالعربي

مهندس الأفيونكس .. إزاي تكون مهندس صيانة أنظمة الملاحة والاتصالات في الطيران؟ مع مهندس وليد قاسم مدرب مهندسين الأفيونكس

من أقسام هندسة الكهرباء والاتصالات أو هندسة الميكاترونيكس ممكن تكون مهندس لصيانة أنظمة الكهرباء والملاحة والاتصالات في الطيران

إزاي تكون مهندس أفيونكس؟ حلقة مع مهندس وليد قاسم مدرب معتمد في سلطة الطيران المدني المصري لتدريب المهندسين بخبرة أكتر من 15 سنة في مجال صيانة الطيارات في تخصص الأفيونكس، واشتغل علي العديد من طرازات الطيارات منها القديم والجديد زي البوينج 707 و ال 757 و 767 وأخيرا علي طراز الأيرباص 320.
?تابع قناة طيران بالعربي علي اليوتيوب?️
? حساب طيران بالعربي علي انستجرام ?

The STOL Collective

Maxime Compagnon

#12 - Japanese backcountry and float flying adventures in Hokkaido and Japan with Ben Kerr

“Everywhere we are landing on water now [in Japan] is basically a first!” – Ben Kerr
Originally from Sydney - Australia, Ben Kerr moved to Japan almost thirty years ago, to pursue his dream of racing motorcars up to formula 3.
After having discovered one of the deepest and lightest powder snow in the world on the northernmost island of Hokkaido in the mid 90`s, Ben started his backcountry ski and snowboard operation next to the small town of Niseko, right at the foot of the magnificent Mount Yotei (which is of course a volcano). A short hop from mainland Honshu, Hokkaido's natural beauty offers spectacular views from the air with an extreme variety of different landscapes and of course the proximity to the sea.
Having flown general aviation a little bit in Australia, especially with his dad, Ben recently discovered bushflying at its birthplace in Alaska and went on a mis

Oddball Pilot Radio: Fuel for an unconventional flying career

Oddball Pilot

Getting’ the Gouge on AirVenture 2016

Last year we promised to get the inside scoop on this year’s AirVenture, the biggest aviation event in the United State, and arguably the world. It’s a must-attend for the oddball pilot, so we talked to the folks at EAA, and here’s what you can expect. See the show notes for this episode, and more "fuel for an unconventional flying career," at!

Flight Following

Flight Following

Q&A: Answering Your Questions (Types of Planes, Pandemic Affects, Logging Hours in Simulator)

Alex and Kody answer some of your questions about all things flight school specific to Perry Air.
Topics we cover in this episode:

The types of airplanes we use for training and our favorite planes
How the pandemic has affected our flight school
Instrument rating training
Logging time in our Redbird Simulator

Perry Air Flight School
Accelerated Flight School
Perry Air Instagram
Perry Ait Facebook


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The RenegadeAV8R Show

David Costa

We promote aviation, by interviewing people who demonstrate excellence, have overcome obstacles, and have achieved their goals. This show brings energy and motivation, regardless of you being into aviation or not. The excellence shown through the passion for flying can be transposed to anything. The host, David Costa, is charismatic and entertaining. This is a great go-to weekly podcast!

The Alert 5 Podcast


The Alert 5 Podcast brings you the latest news of your favorite combat flight simulators. We will discuss the history, knowledge, and tactics of old and modern air combat. We welcome you and your feedback!

Gyroplane Flying

Gyroplane Flying

Flying gyroplanes is fun and exciting! We discuss everything gyroplanes in our podcasts produced as a live program with listener interaction, and also prerecorded on-demand episodes you can download right now. Subscribe to the Gyroplane Flying podcast by clicking "follow" so you don't miss a new episode. The podcast is produced by Air Command Gyroplanes and Skywheels Rotor Blade Systems. Visit the website at

Informative Podcast: Air Traffic Control

OLAF 🐹❄️ .

Air Traffic Control

It’s my first podcast. Hope you enjoy with this





Tomcat University

F-14 Calverton ATG Tomcat Podc

Tomcat University Episode 2

BUBBLES and CHIMPO join your Host VIRUS, Banana & Rob in Episode 2 to discuss the different types of syllabus involved for the training command for the variety of airframes on deck. In this episode the F-4, E-2 Hawkeye, F-14A (early A/A only) and the Late model LANTIRN F-14A Tomcat. Like, Share and we Thank You for subscribing! leave a comment, ask a question. You can Email us at

AV talk


Aviation rules learn a little bit by listening to my podcast

The 9Gs Podcast - An Aviation Podcast

The 9Gs Podcast - An Aviation Podcast

Andrew "Scrabble" Neofytou, Former Royal Navy Sea Harrier Pilot, B787 First Officer

Andrew "Scrabble" Neofytou is a former Royal Navy Sea Harrier pilot. He transitioned into the world of commercial aviation in 2006, operating the B757/767 and A320/321/330 with Thomas Cook Airlines, before joining a major UK legacy airline as a B787 pilot. Beside flying, Andrew is the founder and director of Flight Deck Wingman, a company dedicated to preparing pilots for recruitment processes. He’s as well the host of the podcast For Flying Out Loud.
You can check his excellent work helping to prepare for interviews assessments and more here :



Sme Nikol a Betty, máme spolu cestovnú kanceláriu a teraz už aj spoločný podcast. Láka nás to najmä na východ, smer Ázia. Precestovali sme väčšinu krajín ZSSR a krajiny ešte ďalej na východ. Ale počuť budete aj naše zážitky z blízkeho východu - z Jordánska či Izraelu. Náš podcast vychádza každé dva týždne.


evtol radio

Episode8-7 eVTOLポートシリーズ Vertiportの定義とは? ヴァーティポート後編【eVTOLラジオ】

今回はヨーロッパの欧州航空安全機関であるEASA(European Union Aviation Safety Agency)が今年3月に発行したVertiport Designのガイドライン(PTS-VPT-DSN)についてです。
収録直前に発行され、EASAのeVTOL認証基準Special Condition VTOL Catgory Enhancedの機体を想定として書かれたドラフトペーパー。最大の特徴は、「Elevated Surface」と「Safety Area(Zone)」の空域の設定。
仮想的にかさ上げされた進入表面とは?都市部Vertiportの離陸は、さながら登り棒とうんてい?もはやSASUKE!?にじみ出るヨーロッパテイストなVertiport設定…でもこれなら有楽町駅にもVertiportができる?ヘリコプター後ろに下がりながら離陸するCat A( TA級)運行って?などなど…
■Vertiports Prototype Technical Specifications for the Design of VFR Vertiports for Operation with Manned VTOL-Capable Aircraft Certified in the Enhanced Category