Trash Taste Podcast

Trash Taste Podcast

Goodbye Japan | Trash Taste #102


Best of the Worst

Jason Weiser, Carissa Weiser | Nextpod

King Cobra

King Cobra is a research assistant living the life of his dreams: slithering along walls in a skintight bodysuit with "cobra strength" ...whatever that is. NOTE: This is the last episode before we take two weeks off. We'll be back on June 21, 2022!

Rant Café Anime Podcast

Rant Cafe

Best and Worst Anime of Spring 2022 with Top Anime Expert Anim3Recon

The world's top Anime Expert returns to give us his take on the best and worst Anime of Spring 2022 (and other stuff happens). Ft. Anim3Recon, Nux Taku, Briggs, and AnimeUproar

The One Piece Virgin

Rant Cafe

THE END OF WANO IS HERE!! (Chapters 1047-1050)

In this episode we discuss the Fall of Two Yonkos and the END OF WANO.Ft. Animak and Gozen from AnimeUproar, Briggs.







Anime Senpai Podcast

Alexander Teichert

Join Alex Teichert as he takes you into the world of entertainment like no one has done before. Hosting multiple podcasts while working on National Radio and Television shows, Alex focuses on challenging our beliefs on animes, news reporting, conversation, and passion with every new episode! Let’s build a community together while continuing to spread the greatness of anime!!! Welcome to the family, new podcast episodes drop every Monday Morning!

Animation Deliberation

Stranded Panda

Interview With Antman & The Wasp Pre-Vis Artist Nina Helene Hertin

The podcast welcomes professional film editor, director, visual effects artist, animator and singer, Nina Helene Hertin to discuss her career and journey working in the world of blockbuster film animation and special effects. Nina has worked on films including Ant-man & The Wasp, Gozilla Vs Kong, and Venom, as well as the TV series Duncanville.Check out Nna's independent short film REQUIEM FOR A CRAB's YouTube page here:

My Daily Story

Animated story teller

Our target for this year is to hit ten million (10M) plays which will be possible by your support ( rate, review, subscribe/follow and most importantly share this podcast) . . “My Daily Story” where you get the best animated story daily

Anime Uproar Audio (AnimeUproar)

Rant Cafe

All 11 Mythical Zoan Users and Their Powers Explained! - One Piece Every Mythical Zoan Devil Fruit

Video version with full credits/links:

The Anime Virgin

Rant Cafe

Did 86 - EIGHTY SIX Season 2 Suck?!

In this episode we look at 86 anime episodes 12 to 23! Things are about to get heated...Featuring Gozen from AnimeUproar as Anime Virgin #1, Briggs from BriggsADA as Anime Virgin #2 and YouTuber and Twitch Streamer The Anime Dude!

Demon Slayer Podcast

Toonami Faithful

Episode 49 - That Voice

VLord and Laserkid revisit episodes 4-7 of Demon Slayer:  Entertainment District Arc, and continue their discussion of this season's English dub.
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VLordGTZ - @VLordGTZ
Laserkid - @laserkidprime
Intro & Outro music composed by AmpRen

Further Beyond Podcast w Doulie


Anime Talk with Doulie and Guests! Support this podcast:

BumbleKast Presented by BumbleKing Comics


Welcome to the BumbleKast! We’re your hosts, Ian "The BumbleKing" Flynn and Kyle "KyleJCrb" Crouse. Join us Monday, Wednesday and Friday for our Q&A podcast, and the last Saturday of the month for live Q&A sessions!

One Piece Manga Bros

Nani no Anime

Follow along a group of diehard One Piece fans as we read the Manga for the first time! If you're a fan of One Piece, you can relive the excitement of the series from the beginning. If you haven't read One Piece yet, you can read along with us! Featuring: RuffSenpai: Host of this podcast. Anime YouTuber and One Piece super fan. BoomSentai: Anime YouTuber and One Piece super fan. SeeOhknee: Anime YouTuber and Isekai stan who watched One Piece when it was airing back in the day, yes he's old. + many more special guests.

Mobile Suit Breakdown: the Gundam Podcast

Nina & Thom

5.5: Things Never Go Wrong

Show Notes
This week on MSB: Thom discloses his bias, Nina says several brilliant things, and a new(ish) guest joins us to discuss anime, animation, and animators in 0080! 
We're thrilled to welcome "old" anime fan and historian Matteo to MSB. You can find Matteo on twitter at, and you can find his writing on his blog or on 

The Inoue Toshiyuki interview mentioned during the podcast can be found here:
This episode also includes the song Unveiling Soul by Evgeny Teilor, available at and licensed under a CC BY Attribution license.

Mobile Suit Breakdown is written, recorded, and produced within Lenapehoking, the ancestral and unceded homeland of the Lenape, or Delaware, people. Before European se

The Naruto Virgin

Rant Cafe

THE END OF NARUTO!! (Chapters 695-700 + Final Movie)

Naruto comes to an end, s massive time skip occurs, and the journey comes to an end... for now!Featuring Animak and Gozen from AnimeUproar.

Weekly Manga Recap

Quinn Larios & Nik Freeman

Hosts Quinn Larios & Nikolas Freeman run down the new weekly manga chapters with an eye to critique while still going off on joking tangents.

Volume One

Josh Michaels and Mehgan Perine

E195: Dressrosa Part 1: The Land of Love and Passion ('One Piece' Series Review)

In this episode we discuss chapters 700-734 of 'One Piece' and Part 1 of Dressrosa... VIDEO LINK:

The Haikyuu Summit

The Haikyuu Summit

S2E3 - "Townsperson B"

In this week's episode we read a listener's character analysis of Oikawa, we gush about Yachi and Kiyoko, and Hannah deals with her allergies. We can't wait to hear from you what activities you have done for your own enjoyment!

Weird Science Manga & Anime Podcast

Manga,my hero academia, jujutsu kaisen, demon slayer, death note, chainsaw man,dragon ball

Manga Monday Ep 74: Blue Lock Chapter 1 ”Dream” Manga Review / Weird Science Manga & Anime

Manga Monday Ep 74: Blue Lock Chapter 1 "Dream" Manga Review - Check out a little footie action and go where the action is the hottest!
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Manga Reading Club Podcast Schedule:
Monday: Manga Monday Show
Tuesday: My Hero Academia
Wednesday: Demon Slayer
Thursday - Jujutsu Kaisen
Friday - Chainsaw Man
Saturday - Death Note
Sunday -Dragon Ball 

Unmasked History of Scooby Doo

Alexa Lawlor

Episode 28: Interview with Morgan Baden

In this episode of the Unmasked History of Scooby Doo, Alexa chats with Morgan Baden, author of two books in the Daphne and Velma series: book 2, The Dark Deception; and book 3, Buried Secrets, which comes out in June 2021. 


Highlights of this episode include: 

1- The story of how Morgan came up with the ideas for The Dark Deception and Buried Secrets. 

2- A spoiler free preview of what we can expect in book 3. 

3- What it was like to come in to write the second and third books in the series. 


Make sure to follow along on Twitter @UnmaskedSD, Instagram @unmaskedsdpodcast, or at for more groovy content! And you can also find Unmasked History on Facebook under Unmasked History of Scooby Doo Podcast. 

That One Piece Talk

That One Piece Talk Show

Chop it up every week with the TOPT boys as they review the latest releases in the world of One Piece. Support this podcast:

One Piece at a Time

Derrick Bitner

Episode 7: Chapters 31-35

Welcome to the One Piece at a Time Podcast where I'm joined by Brandon Bovia to read and discuss 5 chapters of the One Piece manga every week. And this week starts a little rough thanks to a pair of unfortunate brothers. Who would guess that Kuro himself would save this arc? See what we mean as we cover Chapters 31-35!  
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Check out more from Brandon Bovia!

Haikyuu! Yagami Yato

Alexia Escobar

Please be 18 or oder to listen. The youngest you can be to listen to this is 15. This contains adult content.

Shojo & Tell: A Manga Podcast

Ashley McDonnell

Takane and Hana Pt. 2 (with Kelly Quinn Chiu)

Covers volumes 10–18 of Takane and Hana by Yuki Shiwasu (that's the second half of the series).Takane is 27. Hana is 17. They're arranged marriage partners, and they're finally read to admit that they're in love. Shojo & Tell host Ashley and librarian Kelly are back to discuss how this age-gap romance wrapped up its story with a blissfully minimal amount of squick but still a high amount of disappointment. That's what the drama was between Takane and his mom and the whole Takaba corporation? Takane and Hana have to get married right now? Hana ends up just as a housewife? But we did get something great in the end: a possible OT3 with Yukari, Kirigasaki, and Rino.REFERENCESTakane and Hana is available from Viz Media's Shojo Beat lineKelly used to host a podcast called One Panel LaterKelly has been on to discuss House of the Sun and Waiting for SpringThere are some Maid-Sama vibes in Shiwasu's seriesOther manga mentions:Tokyo GhoulD

My Hero Academia Podcast


MHAP 207- Vigilantes 125-126

MHA is on break this week so Kendra is joined by regular guest  James (@That1WelderGuy) from @Dr_Stone_Pod and @devilbatpod, and Lum (@LumRanmaYasha) from @manga_mavericks and @Lum_Squad. We cover the final chapters of My Hero Academia Vigilantes  125 -126.  We go over chapter 125 (2:32), 125 (11:55) and take listener thoughts (37:10). Patreon

Farewell Evangelion

Farewell Evangelion

Keith Ramsay and Peter Akerley go through the entire Neon Genesis Evangelion series episode by episode and movie by movie as Peter experiences it for the first time, and Keith for his last. Email the podcast at

Pixar Post Podcast: Animation News, Interviews & Reviews

Pixar Post

Podcast #071 – Bo Peep's Story in 'Lamp Life' – Our Interview with Dir. Valerie LaPointe and Prod. Marc Sondheimer

The hilarious Disney+ short film, Lamp Life goes behind the scenes of the Toy Story franchise and lets viewers see what happened to Bo Peep and her Sheep all those years after she left Andy and Molly's house (between Toy Story 2 and 3). But, potentially even better than the laughs and excitement of the film, is that we were able to go even further behind the scenes and learn all about the "making of" Lamp Life. We recently spoke with Director, Valerie LaPointe, and Producer, Marc Sondheimer to chat about the editing, the animation, the easter eggs and so much more. Show Notes: 00:00 — Show kickoff and Pixar trivia — how many Pixar films have released in March? 02:24 — Toy Story 4 took home the Oscar for Best Animated Feature, we discuss the exciting new here. 07:27 — Ian and Barley Lightfoot are set to appear in Disney Parks, catch a glimpse of what th

The Dragon Ball Virgin

Rant Cafe

#41: Dragon Ball GT - Baby Vegeta vs Golden Ape Goku! (Episodes 17-33)

Next episode will cover episodes 34 to 47 of Dragon Ball GT - Baby Conclusion plus Super Android 17 Saga!Featuring Gozen from AnimeUproar and Ray the Dragon Ball Virgin!Check us out:AnimeUproarYouTube:

The Rustage Anime Cast

Daniel Rustage

Ranking Every Arc in One Piece (Part 1) ft. Briggs | Rustage Anime Cast #8

Rustage and Evan with Special with special guest Briggs rank the arcs of the first half of one piece.

Geek Giant Podcast

Benji , Nick , Tahj , Phil

Episode 51 - The PERFECT Anime and Manga For Every Situation

In this episode, the homies take a deep dive into what Anime and Manga are "PERFECT: or "BEST" for every situation. What is the best series for when your happy or sad. All will be discussed in this episode including talking about the weekly manga and anime recommendations.Sign Up for LootCrate Get a 15% off your purchase when you use the code - geekgiant For more awesome monthly boxes that have merch from some of your favorite series or games and use the discount code, it'll help support the podcast! Continue to Support Geek Giant Podcast!!! Follow us on our Social Media and Patreon!!! Twitter: Instagram: Tik Tok: Patreon: Looking for Anime on Netflix that isn't available in your Region or Country?! Wanna watch ?Ǝ???? or Cultured

Meta Era Nerds

Marcus & Rico

Every medium has its meta. We discuss what we're watching, playing, and sometimes take a trip down memory lane. We give our thoughts, opinions and ideas. Join us and chime in.

The Anime Show with Joey & AkiDearest

SBS PopAsia

Living with earthquakes in Japan

For the Japanese, earthquakes are a fact of life. Unlike Aki, Joey has experienced a few. Should you still visit Japan despite the risk of an earthquake? How prepared is the country for these natural disasters? 

The SwordCast

Noveliss & Hir-O

SwordCast Episode CXX: Rich White People Behaving Badly

This week on the SwordCast we dive fully into our Star Wars: Obi-Wan review, and finally breakdown Stranger Things Season 4! Also, we share our Top 5 Comic Villains of all time! What's Your Top 5?

2D or Not 2D

2D Or Not 2D

Hello! And welcome to 2D or not 2D! A monthly animated movie podcast with Nikki and Brandon! TOON in each month on the 25th for new episodes.

Cartoon Boom


Rayman: The Animated Series (1999)

This Saturday morning, Joseph and Chris watched Rayman: The Animated Series, from 1999. This was suggested by Max Nystrom. Thanks, Max! 1. First Episode: Lac-Mac Napping (S1E01)2. Patreon Pick by (Some_man_tiks): High Anxiety (S1E03)3. Patreon Pick by (EpicOtter): Big Date (S1E04) The evil circus owner Rigatoni has enslaved Rayman and his friends, forcing them to […]

Gotta Watch'em All - A Pokémon Anime Podcast

Gotta Watch'em All is a weekly podcast covering the world of Pokémon! Hosts Ken and Adam bring together Trainers from every corner of Pokémon fandom to discuss the TCG, VGC, PoGO, Merchandise and Pokémon culture! Each show wraps up with an audio watch-along of Pokémon: The Series, starting all the way back at Episode One!

Animation Happy Hour

Garrett Lewis, Katie Low, Ben Girmann

#22 - Studio Surprises!

This month's episode is all about things that surprised us working for a big studio. We hope you enjoy!
Check out our detailed show-notes here:

Weekly Shonen Jump Podcast - ON HIATUS

Weekly Shonen Jump

July 6, 2021- Weekly Shonen Jump Podcast Episode 419

 We're in the process of renovating our office, so the Shonen Jump podcast is going on a hiatus for the summer. During this time, we're also going to consider changes to the podcast, and we want to get feedback from you! What do you want to hear about in the Shonen Jump podcast? Do you like the weekly frequency and podcast length? Any other ideas you'd like to share? Tell us in the comments section below! Thanks for listening and we'll see you soon! Segments:  01:37: Introductions 17:45 News 23:55 Manga Discussion 




主播:未央、白马、酸奶后期:毛师傅进群+vx:  weiyangyang27(未央)、bai5jinji_(白马)点个订阅朋友们!!救救孩子!!!未央超级超级喜欢的一部陈年国漫,爱玩脑子的朋友们一定不要错过网剧的质量也是可圈可点本次只讲述(剧透)了作品前半部的一些内容和设定后半部团体战也是相当精彩!!还想听的朋友记得给我们留言啊节目最后留有十多分钟端脑对冲宇宙的详细解读,欢迎品尝。

My Animated Story

Guys Animated Story

Our target for this year is to hit 5 million (5M) plays which will be possible by your support ( rate, review, subscribe/follow and most importantly share this podcast) . . “My Animated Story” where you get the best animated story daily




比较烧脑的一期节目,又可谓干货满满,且笑点均匀。这期节目带你回顾“哥斯拉”的起源,并畅聊关于“预知未来”的各种猜想和论述。大家图一乐呵,不必计较,快乐听扯淡,认真过日子!菠萝油子,是青岛的一条已经消失不见的老路,那里曾经充满了老城区的烟火气,但对于80、90后的孩子来说,菠萝油子路上开着几家买二手、盗版漫画书的小店,打开了无数孩子对漫画世界大门。虽然那条路已经消失不见,但它却成了我们生命中,关于“漫画”所有记忆的开始。(图自:摄影师吴正中老师)这期内容依旧精彩,希望你们的耳朵会喜欢。如果觉得这期节目不错,请点个赞给予鼓励,菠萝油子是一个专注动漫作品和漫画家的播客电台,如果您觉得够味儿,欢迎关注~主播:BB 命中+v进群BiG202107BGM:JINBAO - Part.1 入冬(intro)Polkadot Stingray - 青いResonance - EraAK,Miro - The Garden of Escapism (AK Remix)哥斯拉的主题曲 -奇点-哥斯拉S.P<奇点>原声音乐集 - 007 - 7.逼近的怪兽们哥斯拉S.P<奇点>原声音乐集 - 012 - 12.哥斯拉出现的主题曲 -序章-E8r - 《E8r钢琴曲》雨滴哥斯拉S.P<奇点>原声音乐集 - 003 - 3.奇妙的岬奥哥斯拉S.P<奇点>原声音乐集 - 029 - 29.哥斯拉出现的主题曲 -奇点-哥斯拉S.P<奇点>原声音乐集 - 031 - 31.ALAPU UPALA哥斯拉S.P<奇点>原声音乐集 - 009 - 9.我是佩罗2号的说! -朦胧版-哥斯拉S.P<奇点>原声音乐集 - 004 - 4.推测哥斯拉S.P<奇点>原声音乐集

The Millennium Microphone - A Yu-Gi-Oh! Podcast

The Millennium Microphone

The Millennium Microphone Episode 35 - ...Comes Great Responsibility

Long ago, when everyone was trapped inside, ancient weeb kings spoke curses of great and terrible power. But these Podcasts caused a pandemic which threatened to destroy the entire world, until three brave young morons sealed the magic away within the mystical Millennium Microphone. Now, 5000 years later, three NEW morons unlock the secret of the Millennium Microphone to once again bring about the dreaded Podcast Dimension.

This week we cover episodes 194-198, give our FORMAL reviews of Master Duel, finish this god damn Grand Prix, and talk about Spider-Man a decent bit (no spoilers for NWH, don't worry).

Join our three hosts: ShibuyaKaiba, Carlamity Wheeler, and Maximillian Shorasus as they go through the ancient wasteland that is the original Yu-Gi-Oh! anime run!

If you want to watch the video version of the podcast, you can find the YouTube playlist over here: https://w

Bleach Boys


Why didn't Ginjo give Moe some of Ichigo's Power!? Too OP!? - Bleach Boys 51 (Fullbring Arc)

AYyyy we back!! We only have FOUR episodes left and we've completed our full rewatch of Bleach in ENGLISH DUB for the first time ever!!! Join Sam and Jose as they discuss the last bit of episodes of the Fullbring arc! Tsukishima overrides everyone's memories, Ichigo has a mental breakdown, Ginjo betrays Ichigo, Uryu does nothing, Isshin and Urahara reveal their master plan, Rukia returns Ichigos Power, All hell breaks lose, and the animation gets insane!! So much to talk about this week as we make it to the actually good episodes of Bleach!!! Let us know what you guys think in the comments below or on our socials below!Discord: us on our socials: to Bleach Boys!! The podcast where 3 friends get together and rewatch 5-10 episodes of Bleach in English Dub, and chat about wha

Podigious: A Digimon Adventure 2020 Podcast

Jeff, Aster, and Touya

GG06. A Song of Ice, Fire, and Pickles

It’s time for Ghost Game episodes 17-20! This month we dive into everything we learned (and didn’t learn) from February’s Digimon Con, then discuss Ghost Game’s worst(?) episode, creepiest episode, picklest episode, and effectively tragic episode. You can find the full show notes for this episode and leave comments at

Avatar: The Last Airbender: Distorted Reality


This podcast is intended to be an audiobook format for the Avatar: The Last Airbender fanfiction Distorted Reality by AO3 user Baithin. ~Three years after losing the war, a bitter and cynical Aang is told by the Avatar spirits that he has to relive his adventures - this time, with Zuko and Azula at his side in a war against the Water Tribes.~ Rated for Teen and Up audiences. Find us on tumblr at , reddit at , and twitter at . email us Support this podcast:

Gundam Book Club

Sentinel Productions

Gundam Sentinel Myth Busting Episode

I thought we were done with Sentinel too.  However,  Zeonic Scanlations unearthed some new revelations and I had to discuss them all.  Bombshells like the pesky copyrights issue, and why was Sentinel put into an indefinite hold.  They will all be covered in this episode of Gundam Sentinel Podcast (I'm sorry, Gundam Book Club).Gundam Sentinel Podcast aka #gundambookclub is performing a critical analysis and commentary and is protected by the Fair Use Clause of the United States Copyright law. Gundam content is copyright and/or trademark of Sunrise Inc., Bandai, Sotsu Agency, or its original creator.  The Dogs of War content is copyright and/or trademark of B-Club Comics, or its original creator.   Gundam Sentinel Podcast/Gundam Book Club is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Sunrise, Bandai, Sotsu, Kadokawa Shoten, or any of their subsidiaries, employees, or associates and makes no claim to own Gundam or any of the copyrights or

MANIME The Anime Podcast


Episode 66: The life of a closet weeb

Hello!! I'm a bit rusty so I hope it sounds okay, I also changed up the intro a bit so that's what it's gonna sound like :)) The episode came out early but next weeks episode we'll be back on the normal schedule of Monday or Tuesday!I meant to say part 6 instead of part 8 so sorry about that!> Link to everything - <Intro music - 00:00 - 00:33 The life of a closet weeb:  00:13 - 4:13My first thought on My Hero Academia season 5: 4:13 - 9:51 New JoJo's Bizarre Adventure trailer for part 6: 9:51 - 13:56---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Little News Links:JoJo trailer - Stuff------BS's Podcast's YouTube channel: https://www.yo



106. Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

Link and Zelda are back - along with dozens of your favorite Hyrule characters - to defeat the oncoming calamity in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity! Expanding the story of Breath of the Wild, this warriors game was tons of fun to play and has helped tide us over until the next Legend of Zelda game.Get behind the scenes content and vote for upcoming episodes on Patreon.Listen and learn more about Fanimated.E-mail: fanimatedpodcast@gmail.comFacebook: Fanimated Podcastinstagram: @fanimatedpodcastTwitter: @FanimatedPYouTube: Fanimated MediaKelly Anderson's instagram: @kanderdrawSupport the show

Sailor Moon Fan Club

Sailor Moon Fan Club

Ep. 98 - Pretty Guardian Gala Event Planner Amber Jackson (@KoalaCosplay)

In this episode of the Sailor Moon Fan Club podcast, Pretty Guardian Gala event planner Amber Jackson talks about getting into cosplay with her dad, the best conventions in the U.S., and what it takes to put on a huge event like the Pretty Guardian Gala!

Follow Amber on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook: @koalacosplay
Get your tickets to the Pretty Guardian Gala:
Follow Awkward Nerd Events on Instagram and Facebook: @awkwardnerdevents

Mentioned in this episode:
Anime Milwaukee
D23 Expo
Dragon Con

Follow the Sailor Moon Fan Club
Twitter: @mooniesclub
Instagram: @moonies_club
Tiktok: @sailorvictoria
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Podcast editing by Tag Hatle (@redtagcomesback)

Yet Another Anime Podcast

Ninjaboi Media

Yet Another Anime Podcast follows in the proud tradition of otakus and weeabos exploring the world of Japanese animation known as anime by providing anime reviews and recommendations from one guy's brain

I Married a Weeb - Anime Podcast

Tom and Danielle

Episode 78 - Suppose a Kid from the Last Dungeon Boonies Moved to a Starter Town?

You read the title of this episode correctly! Today we review another light-hearted harem anime where the main character is OP... and doesn't believe in his own strength.


Intro song by the talented "Boyfriend Genes"






Send in a voice message:




this jest exsplanes what you my lovely liters will hear about 

Shonen Flop

David Weinberger & Jordan Forbes

#53 Zan (Ft.Manga Historian MaxyBee)

I Zan’t believe this was published in Shonen Jump.   We and our guest Manga Historian MaxyBee discuss Naoya Sugita’s (SWOT) Shonen Jump manga Zan.    Show Notes: You can reach us at Twitter @shonenflopcast or email us   You can find our guest at @MaxyTheBee and   Become a member of our community by joining our Discord. You can hang out with us, play games, and even join our comic book discussion club! Find it at   Help keep the show running by joining the Shonen Flop Patreon at Get perks like early access to episodes; bonus episodes on series like Witch Watch, Magu-Chan, and Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer; and help us decide future comment   Get Shonen Flop merch, including this episode’s cover art, on a shirt, mug, print, or whatever else might catch your eye

The Weeb Weekly


What's Happening to the MCU?

In this episode of the Weeb Weekly, we cover all of the major projects coming out in the MCU. From Multiverse of Madness, to the Moon Knight finale and what the future of the MCU could look like. We also talked about the hottest anime coming out right now, Spy Family, and ended it with an amazing Stack Em Up poll covering a simple question: what is the BEST project in Marvel's Phase 4?

Lost in Translationmon - A Digimon Podcast

May Fisher-Guest

Digimon Ghost Game Episode Twenty One - Protagonists are Part of a Balanced Breakfast

May, Quinn, and Chloe are attracted to a spider lady this week, make a bunch of terrible jokes, and are overall in good spirits!LinkdumpSegments:Intro: 0.00.00-0.06.18Discussion and Decisions: 0.06.19-0.45.55Postmon Pat, Pondering, and Predictions: 0.45.56-1.01.10Outro: 1.01.11-1.04.52Got something cool you wanna send us?We have a PO Box!May Fisher-GuestPO Box 6258Dandenong, Victoria 3175AustraliaCheck out our website for information about the show!Check out our Redbubble!Thank you to our current supporters on Patreon; Joe, Steven Reeves (WildWing64 on Archive of Our Own), Kaida Washi, Chisai (Who you can follow on tumblr at chisai236), Kyle, Lizmet (Elecmon on tumblr), Neoboo, Nicholas, Sam, Emory (From 'Gon x Will x Hunting: A Hunter x Hunter Rewatch Podcast'), Magnus, Lucas, Jaceymon05, Patrick, Jason, GreyTanuki, Shelby, DigitalHazard (Who is on Twitch at TheDigitalHazard, Dedicated Gaz

The After Show

Musiige Adrian John

Demon Slayer(Entertainment District arc)

In this episode, Ivy, Gabriel, Eric, and Cristiano sit down to analyze the 11 episodes of the Entertainment District Arc and what made them so special. From Ufotable's visually stunning animation to the unforgettable storyline, the AfterShow UG crew breaks it down. Listen in yall. 

Original Pokéman

Michael Haigney

Ep. 5 Showdown in Pewter City

Our man Flint...a new breed(er)...and how I murdered a mother. My full confession plus a Pokémon pickle and the mystery of the missing child solved! (Sort of.) 

SPL Character Ranking InfoNews - Official

BW@SPL Character Ranking

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

Jujutsu Kaisen Podcast ~Positive JuJu~

Steady Studios

Class 007 ~Anime Episode 1 Online Event/5 Things You Should Know~

5 things you need to know from the anime episode 1 online preview event including: Highlights of episode 1, the music behind the anime, voice cast talk, and more!*Audio version of YouTube video of the same name at : MARKERS NOW AVAILABLE!YouTube: MusicBirocratic - "Memory Card Full" "DeLorean Acid Trip" "Big Slinker" "Ego Push"

Anime Al Diván


Cada semana freudchicken pone a las series de anime de la temporada bajo análisis. A ver si nos salimos llorando.

miraculous ladybug chats


hiya :) i'm hannah and in this podcast i talk about all things miraculous ladybug. this includes updates, reviews, and just general chatting about the show. warning: there will be some spoilers in the episodes !!

Ringtones kawaii~


Onii-chan Ringtone

No es de ningún anime, es una amiga haciendo vos de mona kawaii. ¡Disfruten!

Wise Words

Uchiha Madara

Power - Itachi Uchiha

Itachi is one of the wisest characters in naruto and it seems like one of the obly people who understands this world truly. Listen to what itachi thinks about "power".


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Nani no Anime Podcast

Nani no Anime

Will Stranger Things Season 4 Kill Off Steve The Hair Harrington

Support us on PATREON for Naruto Shippuden, Arcane, CowBoy Bebop, 86, mob psycho 100, gravity falls & more REACTIONS, with much more to come, the Exclusive Nani no Anime Post Show, an ad free Podcast experience and more! ►►
In this episode of the Nani no Anime Podcast RuffSenpai, SeeOhKnee, SkyDaddy HMan  get together and discuss One Piece Podcast is Coming + Classroom of The Elite Review
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Transformation Sequence

Vincent Kenny

FMA:B Episode 39

Past , Present and Future Anime Talk

Amber , Courtney & Elizabeth

Our podcast is all about everything that has to do with anime . whether it be food , music , shows or just general people ! We’re the ones you want to vibe with ! This is your safe place !

The New 52 Adventures of Superman

Jon M. Wilson

New 52 Solicitations November 2016

Another month of good news has come around, and Russ Burlingame is back to hash out all the various ideas that they inspire. Where will all our Supers be come three months from now? Give a listen and find out! Solicitation information can be found here. Also check out Russ’s other work at the Emerald […]

Pixels & Panels: A Show About Webcomics

Pixels & Panels Co.

12. Talking Comic Conventions, Assassin Roommate, and Anti Stepbrother | Chat With Monica Gallagher

Our guest today is Monica Gallahger, a decorated veteran when it comes to all things comics. Her impressive body of work spans over two decades and most recently includes Assassin Roommate, The Black Ghost, and her upcoming comic adaptation, Anti Stepbrother. Today, we talk about why she believes attending comic conventions are vital as a creator, her expansive portfolio and the behind the scenes stories behind them, and where she’s headed next. Check out her work at

Jon Reads Comics

Jon M. Wilson

SiC 18 — To Save You, Why Must I Kill You? (06:06:1985)

Reviewing Crisis on Infinite Earths 6 (1:19) and DC Comics Presents 85 (22:52), and responding to your feedback (40:53)!

Avatar: The Last Airbender: Distorted Reality


Chapter 44: Ozai

After the chaos of the siege of Ba Sing Se, Aang and his allies must make plans for the attack on the Water Emperor, but first Aang must face the man whose presence plagues his mind, the phoenix that burnt his first world to the ground: Ozai.


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Avatar Legends: Journey of The Elements

Fumbling 4 and The All Mighty Crit

Episode 9: The Hidden Villagers

Our travelers find where the villagers have hidden themselves. 

Welcome to Avatar Legends: Journey of the Elements! Join us as we explore the four nations and find balance amongst ourselves.
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Anime News and Reviews

Speedy, Colton, Blake

One Piece News and Other Stuff!

This week Speedy is back with Blake and Colton to discuss new and interesting things in anime. A lot of One Piece talk this week, especially since Colton started watching it.

What Do You Say Anime!?

What Do You Say Anime!?

Guilty Crown Discussion & Review | Anime Watch Club

Welcome to Anime watch club, a bi-weekly group discussion and review where the hosts of the what do you say anime podcast, nominate and vote on shows either that we haven't seen or shows that will hopefully lead to a great conversation. On todays episode, the bland protagonists of the what do you say anime podcast will be reviewing the 2011 original anime, Guilty Crown  
Socials - 
0:00 - Intro 
2:28 - First Impressions (Spoiler Free) 
14:50 - Spoiler Zone - Plot holes and the Story 
54:21 - Best/Worst Characters 
01:08:00 - Final Thoughts + Rating

Naruto Fan Club Podcast

Jeanene B.

Episode 16: Crazy Surprises In Naruto!

Happy New Year Friends!
Welcome to the 3rd Season of the Naruto Fan Club Podcast!! Today, we discussed  some anime updates and The crazy surprises in Naruto!
Keep up with the podcast on Instagram and Tiktok  @Yourfavoritesenpai_,  Twitter @Yourfavsenpai__.
Thank you for tuning in to today's episode!


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Leave Your Powers At The Door

The Rasco & Kris

Rasco & Kris tackle everything from comic books, movies, and video games. What’s your powers for today? REMEMBER TO PICKUP YOUR POWERS ON THE WAY OUT! QUEUE THE BAND! Support this podcast:

Anipoke Bros - A Pokemon Anime Podcast

Entity Mays

Ash VS Brandon?! Ash's Mega Lucario Speculation! | Anipoke Bros #10

In today's podcast, we will be discussing future Pokemon Journeys episodes & theories such as Ash VS Brandon & Ash Getting a Mega Ring!


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i have a horrible voice and i talk about anime and yaoi :DD

Almost a Podcast

Sean, Colton, Michael

Way to Spicy



Um podcast inicialmente para falar de animes e mangás buscando uma dose equilibrada de conversa casual e séria.

Audio Diary Of A Wimpy Kid


1. The Third Wheel

Sorry for the abrupt cut. There will also be many cuts here. My family usually disturbs me.Thisepisode is about Greg's life before and after his birth. Hope you love it. Good bye.

Sailor Noob

Just Enough Trope

SN 111: "The Holy Grail's Mystical Power: Moon's Double Transformation"

Sailor Noob is the podcast where a Sailor Moon superfan and a total noob go episode by episode through the original Sailor Moon series!It's a final confrontation and a new beginning this week as the Sailor Senshi clash with the Death Busters! Eudial has two of the sacred Talismans and Sailor Moon will have to find new strength within herself to prevent the end of the world!In this episode, we discuss the Imperial Regalia of Japan, the Kenji-tō-Shōkei-no-gi ceremony, and the "Hare of Inaba". We also talk Shoujo Commmando Izumi, Python material, the Anti-Messiah, nonchalant floating, the Suck-u-Lux 300, yadda yaddaing the best part, Laser Lighthouse, immanentizing the eschaton, atomic anime therapy, Pluto tracts, a multi-denominational apocalypse, Japanese Klingons, International Treasure, Japan's Voltron origin, being down with Watership, and adding a laugh track!#JusticeforEudialEDITO

Saint Seiya Cosmocast


an English language podcast about everything Saint Seiya! we discuss the news on the franchise in the English speaking world, discussions of the franchise, and a breakdown of episodes of the new CGI series on Netflix, or the original anime from the 80s. You can listen to the show right from our website: you can follow us and participate in the discussion by heading to our twitter: or use the hashtag #keepburningthatcosmos

The Animanicast- An Animaniacs Podcast

The Animaniacs Podcast

239- Animaniacs Reboot Season Two Episode Seven! "Yakko Amakko"

It's time for the Animanicast! Discussing the seventh episode of the second season of the Animaniacs reboot! Join your hosts Joey, Nathan and Kelly in the "Animanicast!" A podcast dedicated to Animaniacs and its sister shows.  Today the hosts talk about the seventh episode of the second season of the Animaniacs Reboot! This episode is jam packed with content! In "Yakko Amakko," Yakko faces off against an animator, then the Warners find out what "The Longest Word" is, then Pinky and the Brain celebrate a "Happy Narfday" before the Warners terrorize King John with "Magna Cartoon." What will the hosts of the Animanicast think of this episode of the reboot? Listen and find out! Support The Animanicast The Animanicast now has a Patreon! Head over to for exclusive episode commentaries with Tom Ruegger as well as other awesome reward

The Disney+ Princess Podcast

The Disney+ Princess Podcast

Ep. 3: Fantasia

Welcome to the third episode of The Disney+ Princess Podcast. May I act as your Deems Taylor today, as we walk through Disney's Fantastia. After talking extensively about cartoon ostriches, we get to the nitty gritty of why I may think this is the worst Disney film yet. We're on our way to getting through all the Animated Feature Length Films available on Disney+. Remember, all you need is Faith, Trust and Disney+. 
You can follow me @disneyplusprincesspod on Instagram to get updates for new episodes. If you rate and review, DM a screenshot, along with your address and I'll send you a sticker.

Usagi Podjimbo: A Usagi Yojimbo Podcast

Otaku Mike

Usagi Podjimbo: A Usagi Yojimbo Podcast Miyamoto Usagi the rabbit ronin walks the path of a musha shugyo, the warrior's journey, This is his story. Join me Otaku Mike as I go down the Giant comic book rabbit hole that is the Usagi Yojimbo series.

Pod Sing Se: An Avatar The Last Airbender Podcast

Team Tea Shop

Join friends Jen, Nicole, Steph, and Abby as they make their way through the iconic Nickelodeon cartoon that captivated them 15 years before. Updates every Monday! And remember, there is no war in Ba Sing Se...

Superman in Crisis

Jon M. Wilson

SiC 16 — You’re Fired!

Reviewing Superman 410 (1:22) and Red Tornado 2 (20:16), and your feedback will be back in a special episode next week!



【哈利波特透視鏡】#14 葛林戴華德看不起佛地魔!? 初代黑魔王的格局與戰力,真的完勝佛地魔嗎?




#哈利波特 #葛林戴華德#佛地魔#黑魔王#黑巫師#鄧不利多#巫師#魔法#咒語#死神的聖物#怪獸與葛林戴華德的罪行#接骨木#全球魔法大戰#食死人#魔王#魔法覺醒

Apple Podcast|…

Sparkleside Chats with Magical Girl Ayu

Ayumi Shinozaki

Episode 102 - Ojamajo Doremi Naisho with clearandsweet

This week on Sparkleside Chats, Ayu talks with magical media critic Kai about Ojamajo Doremi Na-i-sho (2004). You can find Kai on Twitter or YouTube.
Kirameki Powers set to end in June, RizSta will expand its cast in July
What I've been watching:
Delicious Party PreCure
Kirameki Powers/RizSta
Waccha Primagi
Healer Girl
The Demon Girl Next Door
Angel's Friends (season one)
What I've been reading:
Gravitational Pull
Series mentioned:
Princess Tutu
Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Madoka Magica: Rebellion
Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin)
Jujutsu Kaisen
Hug PreCure (Hugtto PreCure0
Tropical-Rouge PreCure
Looking for Magical Doremi
Wonder Egg Priority
Ojamajo Doremi
Ojamajo Doremi Sharp
Motto Ojamajo Doremi
Ojamajo Doremi Dokkan
Ojamajo Doremi Heartwarming Story (Honobono Gekijō)

Three Dads Talking About Anime

Three Dads Talking About Anime

Welcome! Join us, three normal dads, as we sit around and talk about anime. We’ll go through new shows, classics, oldies but goodies, and some of our favorite shows, characters, and moments. Whether you stick around or just listen for just an arc or two we appreciate you stopping by! (Disclaimer: We are not a spoiler-free show, listen at your own risk to the episodes and shows that are discussed.)

Four Million Years Later

Jerzy Drozd & Hoover


The STARSCREAM fun continues! SCREAMER'S done just playing around, this time he's on a mission to get his old body back! And for that, he needs to BRING UNICRON BACK TO LIFE! With SCOURGE as his unwilling helper, STARSCREAM manages to get some long-awaited revenge on the DECEPTICONS leaving the AUTOBOTS scratching their heads about what's going on! And JERZY scratches HIS HEAD about RADIO SHACK commercials! NEW 'AKOM GONNA AKOM' DESIGN! SHIRTS! STICKERS! TAPESTRIES! CELL PHONE CASES! BABY ONESIES!
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Closing theme by Nick Mehalick :
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Pact & Boon

Dragon Scrolls - Rankings

Xarion and Class Red break down how sorcerers are ranked!An after episode bonus scene.Follow us @warlockdnd on Instagram and Twitter



بودكاست نيملس هو المكان اللي نتواجد فيه عشان نشارك إهتماماتنا في عالم الترفيه المتنوع خصوصاً الإنمي

The Vindicated Podcast

Vincent Baker

Vincent Baker (a game designer from Vindicated Entertainment) and his friends, work on making games, gaming content, and anime content. Currently our shows here are Hello Hero (My Hero Academia) and Hello Demon Slayer, followed by random interviews and discussions among the team. Hope you stick around, after all, what better way to support the best worst podcast?! You can also check out our games at We're sure you'll love Otherworlds, Spellslingers, Legendaria, Ghoullotine, and all the other cool games we make! :) Support this podcast:

The Anime Freshmen Podcast

Gerrd, Highlander, Karto & Parker Zensai

Join us as we get together on our bi-weekly episodic anime podcast which brings you our fresh take on the medium that is anime. Whether you are a seasoned fan or an anime freshman, we have you covered. Sit back, enjoy and keep it fresh!


TheDripSenpai & TheGodlySaiyan

Anything and everything that is anime

Manga Takes

Manga Takes

(Hot) Takes on popular manga. Hosted by 3 friends and avid readers.

Teenage Wasteland: An Ultimate Spider-Man Podcast

Jon M. Wilson

TW 055

The Pokémon Snapshot

The Pokémon Snapshot

The Pokémon anime has been going strong for 25 years. Every week, Jeff and Josh review an episode of the anime and go through a deep dive on new Pokémon. No part of the anime is off limits. Episodes will include typical anime episodes, Pikachu shorts, and the movies.

Giant Robot FM

Giant Robot FM

Giant Robot FM 13 - Crash Test Gundam (Gundam The Origin History Pt. 2 feat. Megan D)

Hello Giant Robot FM listeners! Stephen, pmc, and Megan D return for part 2 of our Gundam The Origin history spectacular. This time around we review the origin of The Origin and how a planned 3-year project became a 10-year odyssey that set trends and launched Gundam Ace. Before turning the page, we also each share our thoughts - good and bad (but mostly good) - about the manga itself.
Next week we'll dig into the production history of the Gundam The Origin OVA. See you then!
Please find Megan at these links:
Manga Test Drive:
Renaissance Josei:
Tweet us @giantrobotfm and write to us
Support Giant Robot FM directly on our Patreon page:
Giant Rob

Abby talks about anime!


Update for you guys!

I will be posting Mondays, Wednesdays, or maybe even the weekend! 

Ya Yo Talk Show

Ya Yo Talk Show

Casting The Netflix Series - YYTS Mailbag #2 (One Piece on Netflix)

With the announcement of the Straw Hat Crew that will be sailing the East Blue in Netflix's live action adaptation of One Piece, our brains were scattered to the winds with ideas of who could fill out the rest of the Cast! Join the CrUno Pirates in their journey to COMPLETELY SERIOUSLY inhabit the world of One Piece.
Make sure you're following us across all social media @YaYoTalkShow!
Also make sure to follow and subscribe to our Twitch Channel for more chances to interact with us directly!


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Monster Trio Manga Cast

Daniel Rustage

Rustage, Shwabadi and Connor Quest! Read three Volumes of a manga series every week and discuss it.

Fujoshi Senpai | Boys Love, Yaoi, shojo

Gavi Figueroa

¿Es buena historia o solo lo pienso porque el prota murió?

Muchas historias hacen nido en nuestro corazón, principalmente cuando el protagonista, en un desenlace trágico, muere. Pero ¿En realidad son buenas historias o es solo ese final inesperado y altamente sentimental lo que me hace creer que son buenas? #manga #seinnen #boyslove #arcosnarrativos

青山吉能と前田佳織里 金曜日のしじみ


ep65. 私達、誓ったはずなのにね…。


#金曜日のしじみ で感想などもよろしくお願いします!


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TLDR Comic Book Club

TLDR Comic Book Club

BackCrackah and FryGuy provide the local comic shop feel in podcast form. The guys talk about weekly releases and other news from the comic book world, along with past series you may need to revisit. ALSO, be on the lookout for the occasional FriarSide Chat when the guys are joined by creators from the industry — ranging from titans to new names who caught BackCrackah or FryGuy's eye.

The Intellectual's of Tensai

Sensei Spirit

This Podcast is about a bunch of Intellectual Dumbasses laughing at what life has to offer.

百合文学 by fleur

百合文学 by fleur



小説   宇野森鳴
声の出演 真瀬 みあ
イラスト  さとる
音楽   陽向舞桜
編集・演出 yk
プロデュース 雪
企画・制作  fleur project

Frikkity Frak, We Do Talk Back

Jeff Keely, Patrick Keely

This podcast discusses different fandoms ranging through anime, comic books, movies, television, and anything you can be fans of and making connections to the Bible.

She Drew That Podcast

Hannah Lau-Walker

She Drew That is a community of women in the animation industry. Their focus is on the promotion, support, and development of women in the UK animation industry. The She Drew That Podcast is a platform to share experiences of women from the UK animation industry. Digging into different areas of animation and shedding a light on the many careers paths one can take within the industry. See for privacy and opt-out information.

Life Lessons: The Gintama Manga Cast

Colton Solem

Episode Live Action - Jiro Sato is a Gift

On this special episode of Life Lessons, Colton joins forces with Doctor (SSAA Podcast, JAGP Podcast) and LumRanmaYasha (Manga Mavericks) to discuss Yuichi Fukuda’s live action adaptation of Gintama, which just recently finished its North American screenings! How did we like the movie? Are we tired of Benizakura yet? How does the film capture such classic moments as Kondo being covered in golden, sticky honey? All these questions are answered and more on this very special episode! Enjoy!

It’s A Yaoi Recipe!

Rebekah Joseph

Kasane by Matsuura Daruma | Seinen Manga | Kodansha | Episode 125

You can read the series of  Kasane on Manga Planet:
Published by Kodansha Ltd 
Volumes 1-11 
I recently subscribe to Manga Plant for 6 months (also Futekiya) they were doing a 50% off of the 6-month subscription and I felt I wanted to read a different genre of manga. I was browsing through some manga and this manga called Kasane caught my attention. I read the summary and was curious to read it. So I started to read the first chapter. And I was instantly hooked. 

The StoryTinker

The StoryTinker

Purple Hyacinth 118: Valuable Visitor (with Fwoot and Joy)

The APD is pulling overtime shifts; Kym is working hard and Will is being oddly supportive, going so far as to make a joke! This gets the overtired Kym apoplectic, and Will drags her to the infirmary, where they share a meaningful conversation.  
Kym talks about the Phantom Scythe's goals and methods, and Will worries about his family being the PS's next target, the perfect opportunity for us to do some speculation. Kym comforts him and we share a totally shippy moment.   
More shippiness comes when we see Tristan looking at a family picture where their old friends, our primary suspects, are all gathered together. We cross Tristan off the sus list, speculate about Stefan, and discover a mysterious guest waiting downstairs... none other than Fwoot's beloved future girlfriend Neyra Elana Darcy!
???? ?????? ???????? ?? ???????:

Radio Pirata


#67 | One Piece 1049: No le busques tres pies al dragón

Ya tocaba.Podcast de política: completa: redes: integrantes:- Jaume: Diego: Iván: Yute: Royal:éditos y agradecimientos- Intro music: "On the road to Wano Kuni Theme Cover", producida por Styzmask- Outro music: "ANDO CHILL", producido por SANELLIX MUSIC- Logos y calaveras de YouTube: Tráiler y algunas animaciones: Intro de Twitch y carteles WANTED: Miniaturas: Monkey D. Luffy- Manga de One Piece: Eiichiro Oda, ShueishaAdvertising Inquiries: https://r




祝贺 闲聊八匹马 听友群达成200人,除了传统项目群内盲盒书抽奖之外,我们还搞了一次群内小调查,而结果对我和杨总来说意义重大~感谢一直以来支持我们,帮助我们的每一位朋友!

I'm Ready! A SpongePod SquareCast

Captain Eric

The name is Captain Eric, and welcome to my crew, as we set sail and dive into the undersea town known as Bikini Bottom. Here, we will study one of life's more interesting and humorous creatures, SpongeBob SquarePants. Join us as my guests and I review every single episode of Nickelodeon's longest running show, SpongeBob SquarePants, while also playing and reviewing most of SpongeBob's video games on a Twitch show known as "VideoBob GamePants". So grab a Krabby Patty, a Goober Berry Sunrise, and don't forget that Diet Dr. Kelp, as we celebrate the life and work of Stephen Hillenburg.

Cartoon Musical Geek




Death Note

Gina León

Team L o Team Kira

The Hyperfixation

Roma ButtCEO

Roma is just a little guy wanting to learn about more things in the world- but doesn’t have enough time! However- they might be able to get an approximate knowledge of MANY things through their friend’s hyperfixations in 30-45 minute intervals! twitter:

Cartoon Revolution

Cartoon Revolution

Shrek & Shrek 2 | A Fairytale Parody or Popular Fairy Tale?

SOMEBODY once told me…Shrek would be on Cartoon Revolution! And it is! On this 21st Anniversary of Shrek’s release, Sonya and Deidra dive into animations’ best parodies, Shrek 1 AND 2. In this episode, we dig out its cultural references and Easter Eggs and over-analyze fairy tail politics, trauma, love, Hollywood and, of course, the dirt on Disney. Grab your onions, grab your parfaits, and tune in for a nostalgic and fun discussion!


tortanimadas podcast

Podcast donde 2 desviadas cis comentan y analizan diferentes caricaturas. Twitter & Instagram: @/tortanimadas

Anime Podcast: "Animu Para Llevar"

JEugeo Daten

"¡Podcast sobre Anime!" Bienvenidos a este podcast donde conversamos los temas de los Anime de Temporada, manga, Geek japonés y más Mi nombre es JEugeo Daten, soy un Otaku y quédate a escuchar este podcast de Anime YouTube Oficial Donaciones Directas: Ko-Fi: Redes sociales:



Mas que un podcast, una conversación de amigos sobre anime. Debates, novedades, y mucho más de este mundillo. Sumate al vivo los miércoles a las 19:30 (Argentina) en

Anime Boomers Podcast


Anime Boomers, Zoomers & Coomers With Michael Alberto & FlamencoTV ​

Michael Alberto makes his debut appearance on the podcast to talk about how he is literally Shinji while Spooky bullies him into either maxing gains and putting on some muscle or wearing the cat ears. This one was recorded before all of the Nick VS Metokur drama so it makes it twice as funny in retrospect! Also Flamenco makes his return following the expose of his cowboy coomin' habits. Yee-haw partner saddle up on that wooden horse and check out this episode.

Spooky Weebtrash:
Michael Alberto:


This episode is sponsored by
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iDOL DAYS: The Show About Idol Anime!

Sarah and Star

Episode 52: 2nd Anniversary Special Variety Show!

We've been doing this podcast for two whole years! Two!! Can you believe it? Let's discuss the past year, the future of the podcast, play some games and answer questions from listeners! And if you're good, we may even teach you how to swim. 

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Demon Slayer Chronicles

Popped Off!

What's Next for Demon Slayer Chronicles

Your hosts for Demon Slayer Chronicles are Andrew Nimsgern, James Graham, and Dylan Beal. Every episode we will recap an episode of the Demon Slayer anime as well as dive into the characters, world, and lore of the show.
Visit our website
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Manga Mavericks

Manga Mavericks EP. 204: June 2022 News Roundup!

The Filthy Casuals Podcast

The Filthy Casuals

We talk about everything fro the latest anime, movies, Tv shows, and Video games. Plus some throwbacks along the way. Stay tuned for new episodes weekly!

Alicyn's Wonderland

Alicyn Packard

Welcome to Alicyn's Wonderland hosted by Alicyn Packard. The show that takes you through the looking glass and down the rabbit hole into the wild and wonderful world of animation and video games. For the past decade, Alicyn Packard has worked as a voice actor in TV, film and games. And during that time, she's met some amazing people and heard some incredible stories. She is going to share these stories with you by interviewing some of her dearest friends in TV, film, and video games (including people who will be at Comic-Con 2021!). Alicyn will be interviewing some of the talented folks she has worked with, and some people whose work she truly admires. Come with us on a journey into Alicyn's Wonderland.


帥帥 & 勾勾

EP64 l《催眠麥克風-Division Rap Battle-》Welcome to the division!

本集分享由King Records製作的聲優RAP對決企劃《催眠麥克風-Division Rap Battle-》:在殺傷性武器不再存在的世界裡,各區域代表的MC隊伍使用Rap進行對決,進行領土爭奪! 令人腦洞大開的世界觀、充滿魅力的角色群、能演能唱能RAP的強大聲優、超好聽完成度超高的原創歌曲,構成充滿魔性與樂趣的催麥宇宙,這個坑你真的不能錯過! #拿出你的麥克風戰鬥吧! #一言不合就battle #Put your hands up - 如果你喜歡我們的節目,可以透過以下連結,小額支持你的宅友: 留言告訴我你對這一集的想法: Powered by Firstory Hosting

Yokai Legends

King Kappa

Yokai Legends Season 10 Episode 10: Land of Monsters

There are Yōkai from every region in Japan. In this season finale, you will hear the stories of these Yōkai.

ネトフリアニメ presents 吉田尚記のFUKABOLIX


『スプリガン』を深堀り! ネトフリアニメ presents 吉田尚記のFUKABOLIX<#58>















あさひ刀剣 久津間さん

See for privacy information.

GG Channel 我们不只聊动漫


HTT.46 游戏二人郎:桌游、跑团与剧本杀

46 HTT.46 游戏二人郎:桌游、跑团与剧本杀GG Channel 我们不止聊动漫! 一档讨论ACG及其相关内容的动漫播客。欢迎在网易云音乐,Apple Podcast、小宇宙,Bilibili等平台订阅收听。欢迎加入QQ催更群:553943741可以在爱发电赞助来支持我们:主播:德国咕科,命中节目简介:HTT系列,内容为闲聊桌游、跑团和剧本杀的区别00:40 手机里的手游11:00 录音约时间,时区的豆知识,关于一边喝酒一边录节目19:00 跑团与剧本杀的区别,以及为什么好玩20:00 这个议题的起因,跑题到桌游32:00 回到原主题,跑团50:00 剧本杀part剧本杀 密室逃逃 渊源1:09:00 总结Part本期节目 BGM 主要来自《To Heart2》,ED为《Heart To Heart》本期标题neta来自《游戏三人娘》本期封面选自《碧蓝之海》本期准备的下午茶甜点是西班牙巴斯克蛋糕配红茶冷泡茶西班牙巴斯克蛋糕是个号称不会失败的蛋糕,其实原因在于这个蛋糕本身不需要打法蛋白,只需要必要的奶油,奶油奶酪,鸡蛋,面粉等材料均匀混合即可。而且对于火候和温度的把控要求相对较低。非常推荐烹饪新人去尝试。巴斯克蛋糕烤完一般不推荐立马吃,一般是在冰箱里冷藏一段时间。因为整体口感偏向于芝士蛋糕的口感。但是相比于芝士蛋糕,这款蛋糕不需要吉利丁来固定造型。相反的,因为这个蛋糕的主体是奶油奶酪,奶油奶酪是一个比较新鲜的奶酪,相对于常见的奶酪,这个奶酪的奶味更淡,同时带有一些类似酸奶的口感,让整个蛋糕的主体非常的清爽,特别适合在夏天品尝,如果觉得原味的比较单调,可以在蛋糕糊里加入一些果酱来增加层次。每次泡茶某种意义上是一件辛苦事,需要烧水,精确的称量茶叶,对浸泡的时间也有严格的要求,如果夏天想要凉的,还得提前放到冰箱里冰镇半天,如果嫌麻烦德的话,尝试冷泡茶也是个不错的选项,因为是冷泡,所以对水和茶以及时间的比例宽容度很高,也省去提前煮水并冷却的

Only The Avatar: An Avatar The Last Airbender Rewatch

Christina And Veda

Sozin's Comet 3 & 4!

It's the finale of ATLA and the finale of our podcast! We chat about the major battles, answer listener questions, and reminisce about the previous episodes. Thank you all for listening and re-watching with us. We love you!


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Senpai & Kouhai: An Anime Podcast

Senpai Kouhai Podcast| RRPN

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Gundam Explained Podcast

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Cucuruz Release, Gunpla Wishlist, Haze'n-thley Deep Dive [Gundam Explained Podcast Episode 46]

Cucuruz is just around the corner - any news for an English release? Are there any gunpla that don't exist that you wish did? And we deep-dive into the last Hazel - the Haze'n-thley. Gundam Explained website: Gundam Explained Patreon: Join the Gundam Explained Discord! - Twitter - Instagram - Facebook - out Steven's stuff below: YouTube: Odysee: Rumble: Twitch: DMsGuild: TeeSpring: Patreon:

Why Do People Like Anime

Why Do People Like Anime

Why Do People Like PORCO ROSSO?

sry for the wait had upload issues ;___; anyways shoot us a follow @whydopeoplelikeanime

탈덕한 그대들을 위한 헌정방송, 후라이


그때 그 애니메이션, 요즘 잘 나가는 애니메이션. 탈덕을 한 여러분들의 덕심을 다시 한번 자극시켜줄 덕후를 위한 헌정방송, 후라이입니다!! !!!! 시즌3 부터는 트위치에서 라이브로 스트리밍 중입니다! !!!! 후라이 트위치 - 후라이 네이버카폐 -


George Falcon

A podcast from a Flipnote animator. I’ll talk about whatever I want.



Bienvenidos y Bienvenidas al MultiAnime Podcast tu podcast de anime en español favorito, en la edición número 6 de la tercera temporada, hoy 7 DE MARZO del 2021.
En el episodio de hoy, como tema principal tenemos y en conmemoración al Día de la Mujer:
Pero antes platicaremos rápidamente de lo más destacado de la semana, como la confirmación de que todo el anime de Funimation, estará en Crunchyroll para dejar una sola marca al igual que los próximos estrenos, Anime Onegai crea alianza con la emprsa japonesa ANIMEKA, para traer más contenidos audiovisuales a su plataforma, y la condici

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Season 2: Finale!- Impacts of Shoujo on Our Lives

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Enemy Of My Enemy

Eric, Nawi, and O purse the Destroyer... And O takes Nawi out on a date.


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