Hey Spirit! with Theresa Caputo

Theresa Caputo

Reeling Over The Loss of His Wife, Dennis, and Daughter Alyssa Are Told to Hold No Regrets in Their Hearts

Immediately into the reading, Dennis’ father comes through, to present him with the one gift he could give his son, his wife. As she comes through, he and his daughter, Alyssa learn that no matter how soon someone is gone, they are still with us giving us signs, symbols, and validations that there truly is more to live than here in the physical world.  See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


Derek Beres, Matthew Remski, Julian Walker

101: Eugenic Pandemic (w/ Beatrice Adler-Bolton)

In this conversation, Beatrice Adler-Bolton—disability justice advocate and co-host of Death Panel Podcast—says something twice:"Under capitalism, you’re only entitled to the survival you can buy." Her forthcoming co-authored book is called, provocatively, Health Communism. Part of its argument is that we have to imagine a society in which everyone is entitled to the survival we can share.How disquieting it is that the natural instinct we have as individuals to ask:  "What is this going to cost me?" is microcosmic to neoliberal obsessions—austerity, productivity, and dreams of a better future purchased with moral sacrifices in the present. It’s microcosmic to the brutal decisions our societies are now making about who is worthy of protection and who isn't, and which political constituencies we can't afford to piss off by appealing to the small amount of generosity and humility it takes to wear a m

You Can Heal Your Life®

Hay House

Dr. Benjamin Hardy | Invest in Your Future Self

In this interview with Hay House President Reid Tracy, Dr. Benjamin Hardy discusses what can happen when you imagine the person you want to be and then BE that person...NOW. You'll be amazed at how your world can change when you allow your imagined future—instead of your past—to direct your behavior. You can listen to Dr. Hardy's brand-new audiobook, Be Your Future Self Now, in the Hay House Unlimited Audio App. To download the app today, Apple users visit hayhouse.com/apple and Android users visit hayhouse.com/google.

Inner Work: A Spiritual Growth Podcast

Josephine Hardman, PhD

Inner Work 129: Shifting from the ego paradigm to the Akashic paradigm

How do the Akashic Records work, and how can you access them? What are the Akashic Records made of? Where are they located? What is the Akashic Field? To answer such questions, this episode of Inner Work takes you into the research of Ervin Laszlo, a Hungarian philosopher and systems theorist who has written extensively about the Akashic Field (or A-field). I cover the 3 immutable laws that govern the Akashic Field, and how those laws can be applied in your daily life to reach higher levels of consciousness and evolution. This then leads into a discussion about what it means to shift from an ego-based paradigm to an Akashic paradigm of living and being. I quote from Laszlo's book The Immutable Laws of the Akashic Field throughout this episode. To download my free guide to the Akashic Records and join my email list, go here: https://josephinehardman.com/akashic-records-intro/ To learn how to read your own

Manifest Daily

Dheandra Nicolette

S7 Ep191: LUXE // Healing Your Relationship With Money + Calling In More Abundance Ft. Erin Lyons of Sacred Hustle

Hi, my love muffins! I hope y'all are having a wonderful Tuesday wherever you are!

Today, we're chatting with Erin Lyons! Erin is a former Wall-Street Wealth Advisor turned psychic channel, quantum healer, and energetic business and wealth coach.

She helps soul-led leaders become their most abundant, aligned, and authentic selves through channeled guidance, energy healing, and heart-centered manifestation. 

We're chatting about

Signs you may have a negative or chaotic relationship with money
Ways to heal your relationship with money
How Black women can begin to unlearn the conditioning that we are not as worthy and valuable in society
Key mindset shifts to manifest more abundance
How to tap into the frequency of wealth

Erin's Info
Instagram: @t

A Psychic's Story

Nichole Bigley: Spiritual Guide, Intuitive, Energy Healer, Psychic, Medium, Teacher (Reiki, Intuition, God, Angels, Spirit Guides, Universe, Soul, Life After Death, Supernatural, Spirituality, Higher + Highest Self, Consciousness, Awakening)

Did you know that there are 8 psychic senses and that we all possess at least one of these psychic abilities – if not more? Whether we choose to believe, nurture or use our abilities is up to each one of us. A top 20 spiritual podcast in 136 countries around the world, A Psychic's Story gives a behind-the-scenes look at and has conversations with people who lead supernatural lives among the ordinary. Each episode is different, dispelling the myths and misconceptions we’ve been taught during our lives. The show’s host – Nichole Bigley – is on a mission to help others not feel alone in their spiritual journeys. By better understanding our spiritual paths and psychic abilities we are able to live in authentic truth, be in alignment with our soul’s purpose and reach our fullest potential. We are, after all, spiritual beings here on Earth having a human experience. And the world needs each and every one of us to be a source of love, light and inspiration – to lean into and embrace that unique resonance that is ours and ours alone – and to share it. Website Newsletter Sign-up Instagram


Sadhguru Official

Why Humanity is on the Verge of a Crisis | | Arundhati Bhattacharya & Sadhguru

At the 30th edition of NASSCOM’s Technology and Leadership Forum 2022, Chairperson and CEO of Salesforce India, Arundhati Bhattacharya discusses a range of subjects with Sadhguru including climate change, challenges faced by the agriculture sector, the #SaveSoil movement and the role the technology sector can play in the movement.Conscious Planet: https://www.consciousplanet.orgSadhguru App (Download): https://onelink.to/sadhguru__appOfficial Sadhguru Website: https://isha.sadhguru.orgSadhguru Exclusive: https://isha.sadhguru.org/in/en/sadhguru-exclusiveConscious Planet – Save Soil, a global movement envisioned by Sadhguru, seeks to bring about a concerted, conscious response to impending soil extinction. Action now to #SaveSoil.

Embody Highestself Podcast

Angie Peguero

Welcome let’s speak on all the things that help you embody and merge with your highest-self so that you can step into what you came here to do on earth aka SOUL GROWTH & PURPOSE💓 welcome to diving into intuitive living!

Bledsoe Said So

Bledsoe Said So

30: The Boys Who Lived

This week the boys uncover the obvious and not-so-obvious esoteric symbols embedded within the Harry Potter franchise and take the Pottermore quiz. Can you guess who the Hufflepuff is?

Comfy Cozy Witch Podcast

Jennie Blonde

Episode 34: Witchcraft with Children, Witchy Retreats, and a look at the new Woodland Wardens Deck!

Hi, my witchy friends! In this episode, I address a topic many of you have been asking about: raising kids in a Pagan/witchy household, chat about my witchy writing retreat in the woods (I'm currently on), and introduce you to the gorgeous new Woodland Wardens Oracle Deck with a lovely pull! Grab yourself a cup of tea and get comfy, cozy and witchy with me!
Readers and Witchy Authors, check out the new @cozywitchpress on IG!
A number of you asked how you can support me/the podcast. I do this because I truly enjoy sharing about my craft, but if you feel so inclined, feel free to follow, rate, and review the podcast on Apple Podcasts, or check out my other witchy ventures over on IG - @fit_witch_challenge. Check out the link in my IG bio for ways to support me too!
*I also want to thank those of you who have subscribed, commented, rated, revi

Seeking Witchcraft

Seeking Witchcraft Podcast

The Magical Voice - Part 2

This episode is a continuation of "The Magical Voice - Part 1" and features Gabby, an experienced ritualist, witch, and singer/songwriter who has years of experience weaving music into her rituals and magic. Join Ashley and Gabby as they discuss using your voice in witchcraft. Topics include techniques on how to find your magical voice, spellcrafting and chants, advanced use of the magical voice, and more!. Gabby also includes a plethora of examples of songs and chants to use in your own practice.
You can find Gabby on her website, applegroveonline.com. She can also be tagged in the Witches Seeking Witchcraft Facebook group. You can find Ashley on Twitter (@SeekWitchcraft), Instagram (@seekingwitchcraft), Facebook ("Seeking Witchcraft Podcast" or "Ashley Seekraft"), or the community Facebook group ("Witches Seeking Witchcraft"). Want to support the show and gain bonus community perks and features? You ca

Subconscious Mind Mastery Podcast

Thomas Miller - Program Your Subconscious Mind / Law of Attraction / LOA / Abundance / Manifesting / Coaching / Intention / Vibration / Energy

Podcast 295 - Remote Viewing With Psychic Medium and Remote Viewer Liz Cross

This is actually a deep-dive into the subconscious mind as you will see if you "wait for it" until the end! Remote viewer Liz Cross joins us to talk about what remote viewing is and her work. If you would like to contact Liz, her website is here:https://remoteviewingandbeyond.com/Enjoy The Journey!ThomasSupport this show http://supporter.acast.com/subconscious-mind-mastery. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

Código Misterio

Código Misterio

81: Paihuano: El Roswell Chileno

Paihuano: El Roswell ChilenoEsta semana en Código Misterio platicaremos de Paihuano: El Roswell Chileno.Nuestra investigación comienza conociendo la historia de uno de los accidentes OVNI en Chile donde se menciona que estuvo involucrada la NASA.Todo empezó con un ruido como si fuera un avión, varios testigos vieron una nave que se estrellaba contra un cerro y después se partía en dos, a los pocos minutos para sorpresa de los pobladores aparecieron dos helicópteros americanos y personal del ejército cerco la zona para que nadie pasara, pero los testigos ya habían observado los restos de la nave e incluso vieron cómo eran levantados los cuerpos dos seres pequeños con piel color gris y trajes metálicos.Uno de pobladores menciono que recobro parte de la nave y la escondió para que no cayera en manos equivocadas.Todo esto y más en este episodio de Código Misterio, búscanos en Facebook e Instagram como Código misterio y descarga el podcast en tu p

Go(o)d Mornings with CurlyNikki

Nikki Walton

Affirm: I will not react to appearances today, I will see through them. #GMFavorites

My life depends on me being Love, because when I'm being Love, I can see through appearances, and when I can see through appearances, they change.  This is how you see yourself out of any situation you have outgrown.  Not through resistance. When the resistance comes up, immediately see through it, too!  See through every thought, through every emotion, through every person, place, and thing, to the REAL.  And let the REAL manifest and define Itself.  Note: The REAL feels like the feeling of Love in and as that body.  And you can sense It even when the body is discordant. I Love you and I'm with you!Niknikki@curlynikki.com Quotes: "The two worse feelings in the world  are not having a job and having a job."-Unknown via IG" In wealth is the fear of poverty, in knowledge the fear of ignorance, in beauty the fear of age, in fame the fear of backbiters, in success the f

The Enneagram Journey

Suzanne Stabile

TEJTW Houston! with Aaron Edwards (4) and Kelly Hall (4)

The podcast's first stop on The Enneagram Journey Toward Wholeness Tour finds us in Tomball, TX at The Renewal Center with friends of LTM, Aaron Edwards and Kelly Hall. Both Enneagram Fours, Aaron and Kelly are the directors of the Renewal Center and they share in this episode how they make that work, why their ministry benefits from being led by two 4s, and a lot more! You can find out more about The Renewal Center and RE:Bar at therenewalcenter.org PLUG TIME! Big events in Dallas and beyond! Where Will We Go From Here with Suzanne, Joe, and Brian D. McLaren is March 31-April 2 in Dallas or online lifeinthetrinityministry.com/wherewillwego The Enneagram Journey Toward Wholeness podcast and teaching tour continues! Austin is coming up, Richmond is on deck, and Portland is in the hole! lifeinthetrinityministry.com/tour22 Today's Intro: 1. Parks and Recreation, Season 5: Episode 4 2. Emily P. Freeman on The Enneagram Jou

Rhythms for Life

Rebekah Lyons and Gabe Lyons

Everyday Family Rhythms: Justin Whitmel Earley

As parents we want to form our children to have healthy emotional and spiritual habits, but it doesn’t happen overnight and takes intention and time to create habits that last. In this episode of the Rhythms for Life podcast, Justin Whitmel Earley joins us to share the framework he’s created in Habits of the Household: Practicing the Story of God in Everyday Family Rhythms to help us form our families.This marriage and parenting series is brought to you by Aro. Aro is offering RFL listeners a $25 discount by using code RFL at checkout AND a free six-month subscription for a limited time. Order your Aro today at goaro.com and use the promo code: RFLGIVEAWAY: Until August 31, Aro is offering the chance to win a three night getaway to Bolt Farm Treehouse, a luxury mountaintop retreat that, just like Aro, helps people reconnect with nature, their people, and their purpose. To register for a chance to win, text RFL to 66866.Thanks to

Angels and Awakening

Julie Jancius: Spiritual Guide, Intuitive Reiki Healer, Psychic Medium, Teacher (God, Intuition, Manifest, Soul, Higher + Highest Self, Spirit Guides, Grief, Consciousness, Life After Death)

Manifestation Comes After Doing This Inner Work

Hello beautiful souls! My ‘soul sister’ Sarah Prout joins me on today’s episode as she spreads her message of unconditional love. She shares how she has overcome one of the most challenging times in her life and surrendering, found healing, beauty, and manifested the life of her dreams! Sarah is the author of ‘Be The Love: Seven Ways To Unlock Your Heart And Manifest Happiness’ and teaches us the ways to ‘be the love!’
To learn more about Sarah Prout - her books, courses, and podcast ‘Manifest with Sarah Prout’:
Upcoming Events: 
Buy a ticket to Julie’s upcoming events here: https://theangelmedium.com/events
Work With Julie:
Book A Discovery Call with Julie: https://calendly.com/juliejancius/discovery-call
Buy Julie’s Book titled, Angels and Awakening, on: amazon.com or barnesandnoble.com
Angel Reiki School. Learn

The RobCast

Rob Bell

Quote Yourself

Inspire Nation Show with Michael Sandler

Michael Sandler, Jessica Lee

THIS Is Why You Matter! How Your Mind Is Part of a Greater Consciousness with Dr. Larry Dossey

If you’ve wondered whether there’s more to the world than meets the eye, or more than science is letting on, then do we have the One Mind Show for you.   Today I’ll be talking with Dr. Larry Dossey, an internal medicine physician and the former Chief-Of-Staff of Medical City Dallas Hospital. He’s the author of the NY Times best-seller Healing Words and 11 other books, and a new personal favorite mind, or consciousness of mine, One Mind.   We’ll talk about how our individual mind is part of a greater consciousness, and why it matters.   That plus we’ll talk about coyotes and bobcats, MASH units and helicopter crashes, cosmic soup and frothy fractal boundaries, bison on the plains, bobby the collie, what in the world happened at Evans Corner Drug, and why god won’t drive flies away from a tailless cow.   One Mind Self-Improvement & Self-Help Topics Include: What happened to him duri

Gaia Consciousness


Living at the Speed of 5G with Ben Stewart

Ben Stewart brings a refreshing new view on 5G, and shares his perspective on living with electromagnetic fields, the mechanisms of social technology, the positive aspects of connection, and how we can live intentionally to avoid possible harmful effects.Host: Regina MeredithGuest: Ben Stewart For more information visit Gaiapodcast.com.  

Hay House Meditations

Hay House

Sonia Choquette | High Vibration Meditation

Is it time for a vibrational tune up? Today on the Hay House Meditations Podcast, intuitive and spiritual teacher Sonia Choquette leads you on a meditative journey to adjust your personal vibration. Achieve a higher, Divine resonance that allows you to receive more love and abundance in your life. Starting June 21st, you can listen to Sonia's newly revised audiobook, Trust Your Vibes FREE for 14 days in the Hay House Unlimited Audio App. To download it today, Apple users visit hayhouse.com/iOS and Android users visit hayhouse.com/android.

Podcast Pray as you go

Pray as you go

2nd Sunday of Easter | Sunday 24 April 2022

Brilliant Perspectives

Graham Cooke

What Does it Mean to Be Alive in Christ - NOF

Today continues our podcast series based around "The Nature of Freedom" collections on BTV.This message is a segment taken from Episode 1 of the collection  "The Art of Awareness: Tuning In to Your Real Life."Stay tuned as we continue walking through portions of the messages from these collections with Graham. Many blessings :)— Michael Becchio P.S. Throughout this series, Graham will reference his book "Nature of Freedom," which this series is based around. You can find that book, and it's follow up title, "The Newness Advantage," on our store :)––STAY CONNECTED with Graham and Team Brilliant by signing up for our weekly newsletter "Brilliant News."  Every week it features Graham’s podcasts, videos and articles. Plus FREE resources, upcoming sales and special offers, invitations to our challenges and special events, and more! When you sign up, we will send you a coupon for free s

Classic BYU Speeches

BYU Speeches

Sins and Mistakes | Dallin H. Oaks | August 1994

Sins and mistakes can both hurt us, but are not the same thing. Understanding the difference between the two is necessary to learn how to deal with them.

Support the show: https://ldsp-pay.ldschurch.org/donations/byu/byu-speeches.html

See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

The Astrology Hub Podcast

Astrology Hub

How to Experiment with Astrological Magic w/ Astrologer Joe Santos

In this episode of the Astrology Hub Podcast,  Astrologer Joe Santos and Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh discuss "How to Experiment with Astrological Magic" You'll learn... About our special project for the Jupiter-Neptune Jubilee What is a Talisman and how can you use it in your spiritual practice How we can use technology to innovate traditional magic techniques ✨Join us for The Jupiter-Neptune Jubilee featuring Astrologers Divine Harmony, Linda Byrd & Becca TarnasA Premium Panel Event & Guided Community Experience to Manifest Your Dream with the Auspicious Pisces ConjunctionWe would love EVERYONE who would like to join to be able to, so we're asking that you “give as you wish” in exchange for your ticket to this event! astrologyhub.com/jubilee

Between the Worlds Podcast

Amanda Yates Garcia, Carolyn Pennypacker Riggs

68: The Feast of Summer Solstice with Melissa Madara

Get ready for Summer Solstice with this episode as we discuss the history of Summer Solstice and how you can celebrate it in all your witchy glory. Hint: a feast is involved! Then join Amanda and her special guest, Melissa Madara, co-owner of Catland Books (Brooklyn's favorite occult shop).  We take a deep dive into the magic of the kitchen as we discuss Melissa's book: The Witch's Feast. Plant lovers and folks who love to nerd out on magical history will especially love this episode. In this convo we discuss:Where the name Litha comes fromDivination magic for the SolsticeFood spells and plant magicHow to transform your kitchen into a magical house of witchcraftHow to forage for herbs in urban environmentsLearning to see invasive plants as a voice of the spirits of the landHow to use kitchen magic to remediate challenging aspects of your birth chartThe most important thing for baby witches to do when they begin their pract

Enlightened Empaths

Samantha Fey and Denise Correll

The Way of the Empath with Elaine Clayton

Joining us on the show today is Elaine Clayton, author of The Way of the Empath: How Compassion, Empathy and Intuition Can Heal Your World. Elaine Clayton is an artist and author/illustrator of several books for children and adults on intuitive intelligence. She is an intuitive reader, Reiki Master, and teacher of intuitive empathic development. She has […]

Intuitive Awakening

Intuitive Awakening

111: Working with Signs and Symbols

In this episode, I review simple ways to communicate with your spiritual team via either an animal or numerical symbolic system. I have touched on this content before in other episodes but am doing a recap in this episode. 

At Last She Said It

Cynthia Winward, Susan Hinckley

Episode 093: How To Be a Smart Mouth

How we communicate with other Church members can be as important as what we’re trying to say. Women are at a disadvantage with less freedom and opportunity to speak truth to those in authority. Even when we do get the floor, sometimes things as innocuous as pitch, accent, and personal style determine whether we’re listened to or dismissed. In this conversation, Cynthia and Susan explore ideas and experiences around LDS women speaking up in ways that will be heard.  

Intuitive Astrology with Molly McCord

Intuitive Astrology with Molly

Weekly Intuitive Astrology and Energies of June 15 to 22

The Sun completes the journey through Gemini with interactions to Saturn RX, Neptune, and Pluto before reaching the Solstice. The Sun in Gemini is also crossing over the 25 degree point where Mars will station retrograde in late October, bringing up new choices, directions, and ideas that will be considered in the second half of the year. All three personal planets are in their home signs until June 22 when Venus enters Gemini, providing support and alignment for how our needs may feel easier to identify and work with. The Sun enters Cancer on June 21, the Solstice, and moves our consciousness into our hearts, feelings, personal needs, and looking for truer connections with others. Much more to share in this week’s podcast.


~ New book now available in digital, print, and audiobook versions ~ “Awakening Astrology: Five Key Planetary Energies for Personal Transformation” –


Buddha at the Gas Pump

Rick Archer

649. Duane Elgin 2nd Interview

Duane Elgin is an internationally recognized speaker, author, and social visionary. He has an MBA in business and an MA in economic history  He has worked as a senior staff member of the Presidential Commission on the American Future, and a senior social scientist co-authoring numerous studies of the long-range future for clients such as the President’s Science Advisor; the National Science Foundation; and others. Duane has also co-founded three non-profit organizations working for media accountability and citizen empowerment. He received the Peace Prize of Japan, the Goi Award, in recognition of his contribution to a global “vision, consciousness, and lifestyle” that fosters a “more sustainable and spiritual culture.” Duane is the Co-director of the Choosing Earth Project.

His books include:

Choosing Earth: Humanity's Journey of Initiation Through Breakdown and Collapse to Mature Planetary Community
"The Liv

Heal Into Your Awakening


Purpose, Alignment & The Law of Assumption.

In this episode, I talk about living in purpose, being in alignment & how the law of assumption has been working for me. 

DayLuna Human Design Podcast

Shayna Cornelius and Dana Stiles

DayLuna on Love Human Be Spirit Podcast

Join us for this special interview with a Human Design reader perspective with the community Human Design has brought to us.     Key Takeaways:   Dana and Shayna’s Experience with creating the biggest project they’ve ever done using only their Strategy and Authority  Meet Amy and Monique, an amazing Manifestor and Projector duo and hear how their energy dynamics work  Parenting with HD  A glimpse of the New Paradigm  Our childhood experience with our unique Authorities  Our perspective on where to start with HD and how to take things to the next level  And so much more!    Links:  Love Human Be Spirit  Podcast  Instagram    DayLuna:  Online Human Design Reader Training  Physical Products & Ritual Kits  Digital Products & Video Courses  www.daylunalife.com  Instagram  Book a Reading Here! 

Law of Attraction Secrets

Robert Zink

Financial Miracle In 28 Days Or Less - Manifest Wealth

The Law of Attraction will bring you a financial miracle in 28 days or less when you use these secrets to make money from Robert Zink. Money is more than need. It is a relationship with a vibration of the Universe. You have the power to attract it or push it away. These secrets will have you making money fast.


#makemoneyfast #financialmiracle #robertzinkmoney









Brooke Snow Podcast

Brooke Snow

LOC Repetition

It probably goes without saying, but just doing this one time is not going to make sustainable change. Just as a seed planted in the ground doesn't grow into its potential without consistent nurturing, we are the same.Unfortunately, this is where so many of us have failed in the past.  We may have that moment of motivation or inspiration and we create a better experience one time.  Lasting change however, requires that we repeat those efforts again and again.SHOWNOTES:FREE Law of Creation eBookThe Creation Course (self paced course available year round).Guided Creation Course  (Open registration only available mid-end January). Certification Creation Coach (Open registration only available mid-end January). 

Know Your Aura with Mystic Michaela

Mystic Michaela - Wave Podcast Network

EP137: Aura Color Communication

How can aura colors help you communicate with the people around you? Michaela dives into the various ways to better understand and connect with coworkers, friends, family members and significant others. She discusses how the ways different aura colors think and filter the reality around them can help you navigate a better relationship. Think this is a helpful episode to share with people around you? Please do! red- 41:28 yellow- 48:06 blue- 57:08 indigo- 1:04:34 purple- 1:10:04 green- 1:14:58 pink- 1:24:00 turquoise- 1:26:32 Mystic Michaela Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mysticmichaela Mystic Michaela Website: https://www.mysticmichaela.com Mystic Michaela Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2093029197406168 Mystic Michaela Podcast Itunes: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/know-your-aura-with-mystic-michaela/id1477126939 Mystic Michaela Bonus Episode - Every Aura Color Explained: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/bonu

Inside the Wooniverse Podcast with Colette Baron-Reid

Wooniversal Network Studios

Woo² | Shifting From Lack to Abundance

In times of uncertainty, it’s easy to look at only the hole in the donut and forget that there’s an amazingly delicious treat right there in front of you! 
So, in today’s episode of Woo² I talk about shifting from a mindset of lack, limitation and scarcity into one of abundance, opportunity and faith. 
I remembered a time in my 20’s when I couldn’t pay my rent and had nothing to eat for dinner and next thing you know my neighbor knocks on my door with a huge plate of lasagna! How’d that happen?! You’ll have to tune in to find out :) 

>>> You can access our Show Notes HERE
>>> You can access INSIDE OF THE WOONIVERSE Bonus Material HERE
>>>> Click here if you have any questions for Colette, or if you'd like to share any 'A-Ha' moments with us. Your question/comment could appear on a future episode!
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Love & Light Live Crystal Healing Podcast

Ashley Leavy

10 Best Crystals for Tarot & Oracle Card Readings

I love to use powerful crystals to enhance my other spiritual work - it makes SUCH a difference in my ability to feel physically connected to what I'm doing.

The following stones are the 10 best crystals for Tarot & Oracle Card readings.

Crystal oracle cards are one of the quickest and easiest ways to tap into your intuition and call forth just the message you need to get you headed in the right direction.

Whether you’re having trouble making a decision, need a little clarity about a situation, or want a little support and encouragement from the universe, oracle cards are a great tool to help you create just the mindset shift you need.

You can place these crystals in your sacred space or on your altar, keep them near you, hold them for their energy, or even create a grid or circle of stones around you during the reading. Crystals are such a great support to this work and c

UFOs and Aliens

UFOs and Aliens

Aliens And The Nephilim. NEW SHOCKING RESEARCH! Ark from Destiny Lab

Ark from Destiny Lab joins TruthSeekah as they discuss new information on the Nephilim, Fallen Angels and Giants. Ark has found new in old newspaper stories from the 1800's and early 1900's regarding the pineal gland and how it is connected to the nephilim, theosophy, the occult, evolution, eugenics and transhumanism!Destiny Lab is dedicated to; the exploration, discovery, understanding and the truth about the mysteries of God, man and nature. We are passionate about making truth music with meaning and purpose. Our music asks the listener life examining questions that demand answers and investigation. This music was pre-destined to be made for this exact time and age when people are desperately seeking for some sort of truth and understanding! Ark aka Arkalogik is the MC and founder of the underground hip hop group called Destiny Lab. He is also the host for his podcast digging for the Truth with Ark and Ne

Your Chakra Coach

Sarah Bright

127: Gratitude, Forgiveness, and Truth - Heart Chakra Values Part Two

Our lives are a reflection of what we value, whether we like it or not, each moment is a culmination of the choices we’ve made. But sometimes our personal values that get subverted by other people’s expectations of what we should value, or society’s demands, or we even do it to ourselves. But we have the opportunity here to really define what matters to us and then, holding that knowledge, actively thinking about it and using it daily, we’ll see our lives start to transform into a reality that shows those values.
Today we're discussing the Heart Chakra values of Gratitude, Forgiveness, and Truth - three big ones that live in our central energy center. Let's look deeply at each one, how it might impact our lives, and if we need to bring that value to the forefront to start living authentically and moving towards our highest self. 
Each week, we'll continue to learn tools and ideas that we can

The Positive Head Podcast

Brandon Beachum

1738: Coherence is the Key

In today’s episode, longtime phead and show editor Sarah Rusk joins Brandon to share insight into her personal journey and upgrades that have come through attending several weeks of Dr. Joe Dispenza retreats. Follow Sarah on YouTube! Care to play a game with the youniverse? Now you can let the youniverse choose the episode you are meant to hear next by clicking here! Download The Golden Key audio or e-book at GoldenKey.Gift with the Code: POSITIVEHEAD Follow Brandon on Instagram, Twitter and text him to receive regular golden nuggets of wisdom at 310.564.0750

Las Historias Ocultas de la Mano Peluda

Las Historias Ocultas


Novena temporada de la Mano Peluda con las mejores historias de terror del programa radiofónico mas escalofriante de todo el mundo, con mas de 20 años de transmisión te contamos las mejores historias a través de sus radioescuchas los #Peludomaniacos. 
Si te gusta el podcast háznoslo saber dejando tu comentario. Búscanos también en iTunes como "Historias Ocultas de la Mano Peluda" y ahora también en Spotify.
Déjanos tu saludo y lo publicaremos en los episodios anchor.fm/las-historias-ocultas-de-la-mano-peluda/message

Ancient Wisdom Today

Shaman Durek

63. Aligning Yourself with the Right Energy for You

We are currently dealing with two polarizing energies on this planet: the old masculine energy that believes we have to keep doing more in order to find our worth, and the feminine energy that is going to allow us to take a breath and recognize what’s going on around us. Let’s look at how we can deal with these intense energies in our lives.

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Redefining Wealth with Patrice Washington

Patrice Washington

Lisa Bilyeu: Radical Confidence

For most people, confidence is based on physical appearance and presence, but for me, confidence is in the consistency of showing up. It’s the humility to take ownership of your failures and the tenacity to push past your fears in order to step into your purpose. 
This week on the Redefining Wealth Podcast we discuss what it means to have Radical Confidence with our special guest, Lisa Bilyeu. 
Lisa is the co-founder and president of Impact Theory, a digital media production company focused on empowering content. In addition to co-founding Impact Theory, Lisa also co-founded the billion dollar brand, Quest Nutrition almost 8 years ago. Her career trajectory has been an astonishing arc from housewife to entrepreneur, transforming her business focus from nutrition to entertainment media. Now jumping in front of the camera, Lisa hosts the show, "Women of Impact," where she dives into genuine conversations surroun

Life, Death and the Space Between

Dr. Amy Robbins |Psychology | Spirituality | Grief | Life After Death

Freud Meets Buddha with Mark Epstein, MD - Part 1 of 2

FREUD MEETS BUDDHA with DR. MARK EPSTEIN (Parts 1 & 2)   “Therapists are part voyeur, part gossip.” – psychiatrist Dr. Mark Epstein       Episode Summary:   Another rock star guest!   Dr. Amy Robbins has been admiring Dr. Mark Epstein’s work for years.   Mark is an MD and psychiatrist in private practice in New York city and the prolific author of books about the overlap of Buddhism and psychotherapy, including: Thoughts Without a Thinker: Psychotherapy from a Buddhist Perspective, Going to Pieces without Falling Apart, Going on Being: Life at the Crossroads of Buddhism and Psychotherapy, Open to Desire: Embracing a Lust for Life, Psychotherapy without the Self and The Trauma of Everyday Life.   His newest work, The Zen of Therapy: Uncovering a Hidden Kindness in Life is out now.   Mark received his undergraduate and medical degrees from Harvard and is currently clinical assistant professor in the post-doctoral program


Sarah Faith Gottesdiener

You Belong To Yourself: Energetic Recalibration and Consciousness Choices with the Six of Wands

Sarah continues her discussion of the six constellations by diving into the Six of Wands. Are you in need of some practical magic? Look no further. It’s time for decision making and action taking. Listen in to learn how the Six of Wands can lead you to your authentic self. Overcoming Spiritual Imposter Syndrome Online Workshop with Keon of Millennial Soul FoodOrder the 2022 Many Moons Planner here.Sign up for our newsletter.Support our Patreon here. Follow Sarah on Instagram. Buy The Moon BookVisit our shop. 

BecomeNew.Me with John Ortberg

John Ortberg

A Word from the Mountain | John Ortberg

(Unscheduled episode!). God is the God of the hills and the God of the valleys. We can meet him either place.
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Time Has Come

Graham Wardle

Kerry James - Episode 019 Time Has Come

Kerry James is back for round two! The actor and visual artist shares his best with everyone on this episode of the show. And it all goes down in the "Slumber Queen" aka Kerry's motorhome project. You can follow his progress and all his other creations by checking out the links below! LINKS

Anything Ghost Show

Lex Wahl

Anything Ghost Show #291 - The Haunted Tehidy House in Cornwall UK, Murdered Woman’s Ghost, Haunted Radio Station in Thomasville, Georgia

Tom (UK) – The Haunted Tehidy House in Cornwall, UK and Other Ghostly Stories from the UK Michael  (Iowa, US) - Haunted Childhood Home Richard (Los Angeles, California) - Weird Tales from the UK Rachel (Berlin, Germany) - The Abandoned Haunted House Next Door Cindy (Massachusetts, US) – Murdered Woman’s Ghost  Keith (Tallahassee, Florida) - Haunted Radio Station in Thomasville, Georgia

Eckankar Soul Adventure Podcast


Is There More to Life Than What We See?

Join host Doug Kunin and guests, Stella Forsberg and Carl Oresick, for a lively conversation on the quest for higher truth, dreams, and out-of-body experiences.  Our guests’ riveting, first-hand accounts invite your spiritual curiosity as they explore life beyond the ordinary.  Resources shared on the show:  • Try the simple spiritual exercise, Seeds of Destiny, to open the door to your own spiritual experiences.  • Discover more about the ancient mantra and sacred sound shared in this episode, at Gift of HU.  • Download the free HU App at Apple App Store or Google Play.

Life After Life Podcast - Our Soul's Experience in Life and Death

Majona - Angels | Spirit Guides | Paranormal | Ghosts | Intuition | Life After Death | Deja Vu | Premonition | Psychic | Higher Self | Subconscious Mind

How Loved Ones Help Us from the Other Side

It's comforting to know our loved ones remain close to us and active in our lives even after they are on the other side. How do they help us; do they become angels or spirit guides? To explain, Majona shares the vibrational hierarchy of disincarnate beings and the roles they play in our lives. We also take a look at how past, present and future lives coexist. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

Ethereal Girl

Alexa Rose

Mind, body, and soul-expanding podcast with a wide range of spiritual, healing, esoteric, noetic science, and unique manifestation topics. Ethereal Girl is a sacred space and all about our cosmic journey through time with the intention of invoking healing and growth through shamelessly unleashing your inner divinity. You will find your inner world shifting into a more loving, and abundant platform of existence through a mysterious roadmap of authenticity and magic. Grab a matcha & let's tap into the divine.

Homilies by Fr. Richard Rohr, OFM

Center for Action and Contemplation

Life Coming to a Focus

Second Sunday of Lent
Matthew 17:1-9

soul of jaret

Jaret Dreschel

conscious conversations. welcome :)

Sober Speak- Alcoholics Anonymous Recovery Interviews

John M

245- PJ -Take the Traditions Off The Wall and Put Them in Your Life

Episode 245
PJ H-R - Allen, TX  
Leave us a message @ https://www.speakpipe.com/SoberSpeak
Email us @ john@soberspeak.com
Visit our website @ www.soberspeak.com
Donate here @ Donations for Sober Speak

Tarot Bytes

Theresa Reed | The Tarot Lady

Skeptical and Spiritual with Rachel White

Episode 230. Can you be both skeptical and spiritual? GOOD QUESTION. The answer: yes. Rachel White aka The Skeptical Shaman is both (psst...so am I). In this episode, we talk about skepticism, spirituality, and how the two can go together - and should. Learn more about Rachel at her site: Totem Readings. 

Expand with Elizabeth April

Elizabeth April

Consumerism & Starseeds 2022

Why do we have an insatiable need to consume?? 
Listen, Review & EXPAND 
-Elizabeth April
Podcast Editor:
George Richter (Edestus) Instagram: @edestusmusic

The Easiest Way to Learn the Tarot--EVER!!

Easy Tarot Lessons

This free podcast is created to support the students of Dusty White's The Easiest Way to Learn the Tarot—EVER!! and Advanced Tarot Secrets tarot workbooks--but it is free for anyone who wants to learn more about the tarot. Please join us at www.easytarotlessons.com and take our free course!

WE DON'T DIE® Radio Show with host Sandra Champlain

Sandra Champlain

Want proof of life after death? Your loved ones may be physically gone but they still exist and you will see them again...your pets don't die either. Each episode of We Don't Die you'll hear the experiences of men and women, and why they believe life after death is REAL and why your life on earth is important. Join your host, Sandra Champlain, author of the #1 international bestseller, We Don't Die - A Skeptic's Discovery of Life After Death, for podcast episodes that aim to give you goosebumps! All past episodes are available at: http://wedontdieradio.com/

Mainly Moonology

Yasmin Boland

What’s in the Stars for 2022?

Let’s wrap up 2021 and talk about 2022. What can we expect from the last full moon of the year and the new moon coming very early in the new year? What’s the astrology looking like for the 12 months ahead? Find out more as Yasmin takes you through the astrology of the week and year ahead. Plus, she will take your calls.

Astrology and You

Alice Bell, Maxine Luzía

Intro to Reading Transit Charts

In this episode, Alice and Maxine go back to the astrology basics and teach you how to work with transit charts. They go over what transits even are, the differing ways they manifest, and tips and tricks for reading transit charts. Lastly, they share some examples of planets in transit, explaining how they differ so you can begin using them.Here are our courses mentioned in the episode to deepen your learning:Click here for Applying Transits the CourseClick here for Mastering Birth ChartsConnect with us on IG and see our websites for more!Alice: @stalkalice | www.alicebellastrology.comMaxine: @maxineluzia | https://linktr.ee/maxineluzia

The Examen with Fr. James Martin, SJ

America Media

Saint Aloysius Gonzaga, Religious

We'll continue to use the same reflection and examen for the rest of the week. New reflections will be added every Sunday. *Due to Covid-19, our 2020 reflections are re-purposed from earlier examen episodes.

Cosmic Cousins

Jeff Hinshaw

Astrologer + intuitive Jeff Hinshaw guides you through the Astrology of Now– with embodied health, self-discovery, and deeper learning.

NDE Podcast


Item #379 2/15/2022 The OBE Of Kim S

Listener Kim S had an Out of Body Experience in which she encountered a large, bright white figure of light. When she asked who he was the figure replied, “You KNOW who I AM.” Chas reads and discusses Kim’s OBE. There is no NDERF link to this episode but there is a link to it …

Rupert Spira Podcast

Rupert Spira

Episode 44. Bernardo Kastrup (Second Conversation)

​​Bernardo Kastrup joins Rupert for a follow-up conversation, with Simon Mundie moderating. This conversation covers several complex topics. It is a deep dive into matters such as the sharing of our being, how to love those who are causing pain and war, infinite consciousness’s experience of itself, and much more. Bernardo has two PhDs, one in computer science and another in philosophy. He was employed first at CERN, the European council for nuclear research, where he began working in artificial intelligence (AI) in connection with the Large Hadron Collider. Then he moved on to artificial consciousness (AC), wondering if which inspired him to ponder whether he could build an artificially conscious entity and piqued his interest in philosophy. Simon Mundie is the host of the podcast Life Lessons: From Sport and Beyond, which explores life’s bigger questions.

Witchcraft From A to Z

Elaine Evergreen

Celebrating Litha with Love and Fire

Welcome Witches to Witchcraft from A to Z, your go-to witchy podcast for finding the magic hidden among the mundane! My name is Elaine Evergreen, a practicing witch of over 15 years now and I'll be your host this week. This episode is all about feathers and how you can incorporate this silky soft tool into your magical practice! 
In addition to that: Happy Midsummer/Litha to you all!
Midsummer or Litha is one of the pagan holidays that falls on a solstice, so it is a major holiday throughout the pagan community. The summer solstice is the longest day of the year and marks the return of shorter days as the year continues on. And like many other pagan holidays, midsummer is celebrated with lots of fire.
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The Past Lives Podcast

Simon Bown

Paranormal Stories Episode 1

As you may know when I have a guests on my podcasts I read their books to research and work out questions for the episodes.When reading these books I always find such fascinating information which never makes it into the podcast and here I get a chance to give you a peek into the books.I did seek permission to do this and the authors kindly said yes. This week the books are THE BOOGEYMAN CHRONICLES by MG Stephens who was a guest on The Past Lives Podcast and UFOs - THE REAL STORY by Paul Ascough who was on The Alien UFO Podcast.https://www.amazon.com/UFOs-REAL-STORY-Paul-Ascough-ebook/dp/B0918NLQZF/ref=tmm_kin_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1644660610&sr=8-1https://www.amazon.com/Boogeyman-Chronicles-MG-Stephens-ebook/dp/B09HPWH7X7/ref=tmm_kin_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1644661278&sr=8-1http://www.pastliveshypnosis.co.uk/https://teespring.com/en-GB/stores/the-past-lives-podcasthttps://www.patreon.com/alienufopodcasthttps://www.patreon.com/pastlives

The Deconstructionists

Adam Narloch & John Williamson

Virtual Event w/Alexander Shaia - "Discover the Mystical, Feminine Map to Transformation Hidden in Christianity's 4 Gospels"

On Saturday, January 15, author and renowned thought leader Alexander John Shaia, PhD, will share the universal 4-path journey — recognized by every major spiritual tradition, from Shamanism to Judaism, and by mythology and psychology —  as a powerful and reassuring guide to transformation for these times. You can register here for Discover the Mystical, Feminine Map to Transformation Hidden in Christianity’s 4 Gospels: https://shiftnetwork.isrefer.com/go/c4gJW/a24193/ In this eye-opening 60-minute program, you’ll:Discover the beauty and power of the 4-Path Journey underlying all great spiritual traditions — and how it awakens us to a deeper reality that liberates fear and cultivates trustExperience a profound guided meditation welcoming you into the rhythm of a 24-hour cycle as you imagine a dark time in your life, yet  arrive at the dawn of

The Intuitive Hour: Awaken Your Inner Voice

Michelle Beltran

The Essential Psychic Development Tool of Grounding

The cornerstone of any psychic development or clairvoyant program teaches you the art of Grounding. This fundamental tool, along with the sixth chakra (third eye) and your clairabilities are at the foundation of your psychic awareness and functioning.

Listen in today as we learn all about this essential psychic development tool of Grounding, the clear steps of Grounding and how to maintain spiritual equanimity in your day to day life and replenish your energy. 

Guidance From Gratitude

Robbi Kearns

Robbi Kearns started Guidance from Gratitude to build a community for people looking to explore spirituality and personal growth. In our podcast we will discuss various areas of spirituality, from connecting with your Spirit Guides, learning more about Archangels and how to live a more grounded, balanced life through Gratitude! Learn more about the Message of the Day and Spiritual Study Groups at https://www.robbikearns.com

Spiritually Hungry

Monica and Michael Berg

87. Understanding Duality: 7 Ways to Embrace Your Darkness & Light

In a culture that values self-improvement, we can easily get caught up in the idea that we should strive to eliminate all of our negative traits. However, Kabbalah teaches that the duality of our good and bad characteristics is necessary. For without these two forces, we wouldn’t have the power to choose between the two. Our consciousness awakens one or the other, and the more positive actions we do, the more goodness we create in the world. Tune in as Monica and Michael discuss the balance of darkness and Light in our lives.“The purpose of our lives is to go into the dark places and find the sparks of Light and elevate them. That is what fuels our blessings, growth, and happiness.” – Michael BergFurther Readings:Out of Character: Surprising Truths About the Liar, Cheat, Sinner (and Saint) Lurking in All of Us by David DeSteno & Piercarlo Valdesolo

The Wellness Witch Podcast

Samantha Gladish | Soulfire Productions

204. Making Healthy Habits Stick with Sara Best

Sara Best is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Consistency Coach who is here to share her tips and tricks for getting healthy habits to stick! She breaks down how we can go from mindless to mindful eating, and why this is a powerful tool for creating healthier habits with food. Sara also explores why willpower isn’t enough for getting habits to stick, and how you’ll see better results when you create an immediate reward for yourself when forming a new habit.In this episode of The Wellness Witch Podcast:Using mindful eating to create healthier food habitsHow creating quick wins helps habits stickWhy willpower isn’t a reliable toolHow motivation follows taking actionThe science behind self-forgiveness and consumptionYou can find all the info and links about this episode at holisticwellness.ca/episode204.This show is sponsored by:Eaton Hemp | Visit eatonhemp.com and use the code WELLNESSWITCH for 20% off.Eversio | Go to evers

Joe & Charlie “Big Book Comes Alive”


Joe & Charlie Big Book Comes Alive 1st of 10 Sessions

What On Earth Is Happening

What On Earth Is Happening

What On Earth Is Happening #256

Click Here To Download WOEIH #256

Date: 2022-05-29

Title: Esoteric Knowledge, Community & The One Great Work, With Special Guest Bill Church

Guest Web Sites: Bill Church On OGWN

Related Images: Download (zip archive)

The Sadhguru Podcast

The Sadhguru Podcast

Head or Heart, which one to listen to? - Sadhguru

Sadhguru shares his wisdom on how to make decisions when our heart seems to say one thing and the head seems to say another thing.

Anaya Ivy


EP4: Who is REALLY protecting the black woman???

Anaya speaks on who is really protecting the black women in spaces, places, and online. With a few girl talk topics and also speak respecting one another regardless of sexuality


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Satsang with Mooji


Be at Peace Even with a Chaotic Mind

In this talk, Moojibaba brings us into the heart of his Satsangs in a fresh and powerful way. Mooji presents the quintessential understanding which we must sit with and contemplate until it combusts into spirit in our hearts.

“If your heart yearns for Truth, the grace of God is with you. If you are really understanding and really seeing, the way your life flows will change — it has to! It cannot be just a mental discovery.

Let go of everything. Don’t be anything. In my heart, I meet you as the Truth — the Truth you are. I converse with you on this basis.”

1 June 2022


More talks like this are available on Sahaja Express:

If you would like to support the sharing of Satsang, you can donate here:

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The Higher Self with Danny Morel

Danny Morel

044 Sarah Dandashy - Travel As a Spiritual Experience and Opportunity For Growth

In this episode, Sarah shares the valuable lessons she has learned from her travels to numerous countries, each providing their own teaching. She reminds us of humans inherent desire to deeply connect with each other, regardless of where we live, what language we speak, or what our political and religious beliefs are. At the end of the day, we are are all human beings having a spiritual experience.
The experience of connecting with our Higher Self is expanded when we visit other parts of the world, and she reminds us to not remain stuck in our comfort zone. Let's use this opportunity to always be exploring and willing to try new things!
Podcast Production by https://fullcast.co/ths (FullCast)

Impact the World with Lee Harris

Lee Harris

Anita Moorjani: Sensitive Is The New Strong

One of the most profound teachers of self-love of our time, Anita Moorjani, is once again our special guest on the show. She is a prolific speaker and a New York Times best-selling author. Her first book, Dying to Be Me, shares the journey of her near-death experience where she was given the choice to return to her physical form or to continue into this new realm. In her latest book, Sensitive is the New Strong, Anita guides empaths, or those who feel more sensitive to their surroundings than most, in how to live a healthy life. 
Originally released in August 2021, this is an encore show. 
This heart-centered conversation explores: 
The power of renewed beliefs. 
How we can heal from the inside out when we learn to love all aspects of ourselves. 
Why Anita feels inspired to serve and mentor highly sensitive people in today's world.
The importance of validati

Psychic Scoop with Spirit Sis

Spirit Sis

47. Spirit Guides vs. Guardian Angels vs. Passed Loved Ones

In this episode, Spirit Sis explains who is on your spirit team, the loving forces that guide you on your life path. They exist on a higher vibrational dimension, where they send us messages (signs) of comfort and support while helping us navigate our Earthly choices. Tune in to discover the differences between your guides, angels and passed away loved ones and how to reconnect to them daily.
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Manifesting Miracles With Michelle J. Lamont

Michelle J Lamont

Manifest Anything - It Is Already Done & On Its Way: EP 146

“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear!”    And here you are with Michelle J. Lamont - author,  professional speaker, life and abundance coach, and manifestation master - ready to help you get from where you are right now to a  walking, talking, cussing, spitting, speaking, manifesting manifester!   In this powerful episode, Michelle answers a question she receives almost every day: how do we know this is working? So often, we go down the rabbit hole of how to manifest things in our reality. We get lost in the process. “Am I saying the right thing?” “Did I do it right?” So how do we know if what we desire, what we want to manifest, and what we want to shift out of and into is coming?   Tune in as your manifestation guru shares the telltale signs that what you want to manifest is coming into your reality, as well as reveals her tips for activating the law of attraction and becoming another Michelle m

You Are Not Alone w/ Spiritual Medium Erika Gabriel

Straw Hut Media

Soul Mates, Twin Flames and Following Your Dreams with Actor Jeremy Gabriel

Jeremy Gabriel is a talented actor who just starred in two HBO shows. His path to get there was one of faith, self-discovery, and trusting the universe. He is a deep, spiritual seeker and has been his whole life.
Join us as we talk about twisting roads, marriage, riding the highs and lows, never giving up, and finding love in one another over and over again. Did I mention Jeremy has been my husband for 14 years and we've been together for 17? He has been with me all along from before I embraced my destiny, through my dark night, and everything in between. Jeremy, you were hard to book for the show but shit was it worth it...my favorite episode to date. You are a spiritual force, a great teacher and a huge pusher for me to grow. I love you with every bit of my soul. I am so excited for you all to hear us together and our story...you won't be disappointed. XO Spiritual Medium Erika

Near Death Experience

Near Death Experience

I WENT TO HELL! — What He Saw Will Scare You To Your Core!

https://youtu.be/GfSqMWtvQeg - YouTube VideoHeaven and Hell are both real! Demons and Angels are at for for the souls of men! This was a real life experience that I barely made it out of. All honor to God and praise to King Jesus.? Join TruthSeekah's Online School of the Mystics!➡️ https://www.Patreon.com/join/TruthSeekah✅ Get access to 40+ video lessons + Weekly LIVE calls!✅ Learn to connect with Spirit and walk in freedom! ✅ School of the Mystics Thursdays 7pm CST✅ Sunday Morning Mystic Circle Session 9am CST✅ Worldwide Online Community!✅ Spiritual Development!✅ Get behind the scenes access!✅ Get Access To The ZOOM Spiritual Development Sessions!✅ Courses, Monthly Webinars, Prayer, Meditation, Discussion✅ TruthSeekah's Full Music Discography & Unreleased Music✅ TruthSeekah's Meditation Library➡️ Reserve your spot! https://patreon.com/join/truthseekah? Order TruthSeekah's Book: Spirit Realm: Angels Demons, Spirits a

Fun Astrology with Thomas Miller

Thomas Miller - Astrology | Daily Astrology | Energy Consciousness | Living Consciously | Aries | Taurus | Gemini | Cancer | Leo | Virgo | Libra | Scorpio | Sagittarius | Capricorn | Aquarius | Pisces

Special Saturday Edition: Financial Astrology - Raymond Merriman Newsletter June 25,2022

Here is the link to the free newsletter:https://www.mmacycles.com/free-weekly-forecast/mma-free-weekly-column-for-the-week-beginning-june-27-2022/Support this show http://supporter.acast.com/fun-astrology. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

Modern Psychedelics

Zoey Poulsen, Lana Pribic

023 | Lana & Zoey: It’s Time To Integrate. Here’s Our Reflections on the Modern Psychedelics Podcast So Far + Our Intentions Moving Forward

Season One of Modern Psychedelics has come to an end. This has truly been a ceremony for us, and what do you do after a powerful ceremony? You take time to integrate! In today’s episode, we do deep reflecting on how this podcast and community has broken down ego constructs, released judgements, and shifted paradigms for us. We go through each and every guest we have had on, and share our personal reflections and key takeaways. Thank you all SO MUCH for choosing to sit in this ceremony with us. We can’t wait to be back for season two. Until then, we will be integrating, manifesting our dream guests, and vision-setting for the future of this community! We hope you will continue to join us.BIG LOVE, Lana & Zoey.What we talked about:The finale of season 1 of the podcast!Why we are taking a beat to integrate season oneOur invitation to yo

Spirit Speakers


Empathy & The Collective Consciousness

In this episode Patty & Judea discuss empathy & the collective consciousness. Though they touch on these concepts in almost every episode, it really needed its own entire podcast to get into the deeper details of how to understand it and work with that knowing.  You will find tips and tools on how to know if you are an empath, how to protect yourself, and how to to know with more clarity what is truly yours or what you may be picking up from others and how all of this relates to the collective consciousness.

Mahalo (Thank You) for listening in!

Visit www.spiritspeakerspodcast.com for more information, events, & classes

Visit Jude's Website: www.alignandshinekauai.com

Visit Patty's Website: www.wingandaether.com or www.pdavispsychic.com

Follow our instagram:  @spiritspeakerspodcast

Gemini Daily

Horoscope Daily Astrology | Optimal Living Daily

Thursday, June 2, Gemini Horoscope Today - The Astrology Podcast to Listen to Your Daily Horoscope

Astrological notes for Thursday, June 2nd, 2022 for All Signs
Date: Today is Thursday, June 2nd, 2022
Movement of planets: The Sun is in Gemini, The Moon is in 15 degrees Cancer.
Sun: 11 degrees Gemini sextile Mars.
Moon: 15 degrees Cancer square Mars, sextile Uranus.
Mercury: 26 degrees Taurus square Saturn, trine Pluto, conjunct North Node.
Venus: 5 degrees Taurus.
Mars: 6 degrees Aries conjunct Jupiter.
Jupiter: 3 degrees Aries.
Saturn: 25 degrees Aquarius square North Node.
Uranus: 16 degrees Taurus conjunct North Node.
Neptune: 25 degrees Pisces sextile Pluto, sextile North Node.
Pluto: 28 degrees Capricorn.
South Node: 21 degrees Scorpio.
North Node: 21 degrees Taurus.
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Be Here Now Network Guest Podcast

Be Here Now Network

Ep. 99 – Choiceless Awareness

JoAnna Hardy returns to shares discussion and guided practice around imbibing choiceless awareness in the present moment.This podcast is brought to you by BetterHelp. Click to receive 10% off your first month with your own licensed professional therapist: betterhelp.com/beherenowIn this unique Dharma talk stemming from the Insight Meditation Society's Retreat for 18 - 32 Year Olds, JoAnna Hardy offers a potent guided practice for opening to the state of choiceless awareness. From there, she discusses the connection between anxiety and excitement, before opening to audience questions on sleep, metta, imagery, and dropping thoughts.This talk from JoAnna Hardy was originally published on DharmaSeed.orgSee Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.

The Time of the Feminine - A Global Sisterhood Podcast

Lauren Walsh and Shaina Conners

Jamie Elizabeth Thompson: Pleasure with Power and Purpose

The Great Feminine Divide—as Jamie Elizabeth Thompson calls it— starts in childhood. From a young age, most girls were bought up to believe that sex is taboo. But sexuality is a natural and essential aspect of human nature, and we intuitively know this. The lack of safe spaces prevents women from exploring their sexuality so instead they carry shame about having erotic thoughts and desires. This ancient distortion still persists today to control the feminine. To overcome this repression, women need to discern between their sexual truths and social conditioning. Question the rules and ask why you follow them. Delineate between what you truly believe and what you’ve been taught to believe. Don’t be afraid to dive into your sexuality, for that too is a spiritual path to the divine. For so many women, sexuality only exists within relationships. Only with a partner do they feel safe to release their erotic side. Jamie enco

The Soul Awakening Podcast

Kat Fowler

Kat Fowler: Guided Aura Healing Meditation

In this episode, Kat Fowler guides you through a powerful guided healing meditation in order to help clear, strengthen, boost and repair your auric field. This is a combination of a guided meditation and energy healing. You will learn techniques to begin working with your energetic system that you can use daily on your own. Kat Fowler is a light worker, spiritual teacher, author of "The Ultimate Guide to Energy Healing", an Akashic Records reader, a Certified Advanced Energy Therapist, a Reiki Master Teacher and host of The Soul Awakening Podcast. Kat has been teaching and mentoring students for over a decade in New York City and internationally. Kat is a teacher’s teacher with more than 2,000 hours of training and over a decade of teaching and mentoring students of all kinds. Her life's work is dedicated to raising the frequency of the collective through sharing spiritual practices and healing energy to help you discover

The Jesus Witch Podcast

Lina El-Saieh Lee

Coping With Challenging Planetary Placements

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Weekly Energy Boost

The Kabbalah Centre

Taking Pleasure in Patience

We all want pleasure in life, but how do we make the good times last? Patience is a key to finding - and keeping - pleasure in every moment. Learn to use patience to gain the endless goodness that the kabbalists teach is the birthright of every human being.Join us for the next episode of the Weekly Energy Boost with @ElishevaBalas and @DavidGhiyam. Watch LIVE Mondays at 10 am PT / 1 pm ET on The Kabbalah Centre YouTube or catch the latest episode wherever you listen to podcasts.

Affirmation to Manifestation Podcast

Sebastian Soul - How to manifest money, love, and happiness

How to Manifest Love By Being Love

If you want to know how to manifest love, you have to become love. And you might want to master the art of manifesting your dreams (it just takes 11 days): https://affirmationtomanifestation.com/11-days Are you ready to work with me on transforming your life? https://affirmationtomanifestation.com/coaching 

Messages of Hope

Mind Body Spirit.fm

Finding the God Spot with Cyndi Dale

Do you long for deep healing, yet can’t seem to clear your most challenging traumas, no matter how hard you try? Do you feel deep within your bones that yours was not meant to be an ordinary life, and you yearn to live in greater alignment with your true inner self? What if we could heal ourselves, become our OWN gurus, healers, and master teachers? My guest, Cyndi Dale, teaches us how to activate two ultra high brainwave states that we all possess, healing our deepest pain and suffering, thereby reaching the “guru state” that is everyone’s birthright!
Find out more about Cyndi Dale Author, Intuitive, Healer classes, consultations here
Stay up to date with mystic, medium Suzanne Giesemann
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The Lovely Life

Trina McNeilly

Episode 38: How to Make Friends & Be a Friend with Amy Weatherly and Jess Johnston

Do you find yourself feeling lonelier as you get older? Growing up has all kinds of challenges, but no one really prepares us for the challenge of making adult friendships. In Episode 38, Trina chats with Amy Weatherly and Jess Johnston about their new book, I'll Be There (But I'll Be Wearing Sweatpants): Finding Unfiltered, Real-Life Friendships in This Crazy, Chaotic World. In this episode, they unpack all the different ways they stay vulnerable in making new friendships, giving grace and keeping an open mind.
Mentioned in this episode:
01/ I'll Be There (But I'll Be Wearing Sweatpants): Finding Unfiltered, Real-Life Friendships in This Crazy, Chaotic World
02/ Unclutter Your Soul 

IANDS Presents NDE Radio


Jeremiah Pospisil's NDE: Be Your Purpose!-Jeremiah Pospisil's NDE: Be Your Purpose!

The Witch Next Door

Emily Morrison

Summer Solstice and the Sun card

Listen in as we explore the Sun card in the Tarot as well as ways to celebrate the Summer Solstice


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The Power of Now - A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment with Gilda and Barbara

Barbara Wainwright

Chapter Three, Section Eleven: Moving Deeply Into The Now - A Quantum Leap in the Evolution of Consciousness

The Power of Now - A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment with Gilda and Barbara
In this episode, we cover Chapter Three, Section Eleven: Moving Deeply Into The Now - A Quantum Leap in the Evolution of Consciousness
Gilda Simonet and Barbara Wainwright have been studying Eckhart Tolle's work for ages. For the podcast purposes, we plan to go through the book from start to finish, reading only one section at a time.  There are 78 sections of the book! 
Thank you for joining us! 
Learn more about Barbara Wainwright and our Group Coaching Sessions here: http://www.LifeCoachTrainingOnline.com 800-711-4346


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Your Energy First

Emily Marie

Take the guesswork out of your spiritual journey, and know you're in good company. We're here to discuss all things energy, intuition, spirituality, and so much more in a way that empowers you to take what you need, and leave the rest. There is no right or wrong way to tend to your own personal spiritual practice or live your spiritual journey, so let’s cut through the noise and see what elements you really desire to experience, what inspires you, supports you, and leave the rest behind. Email me connect@emilymarie.com, IG & TT @emilymarie.energy work with me at www.emilymarie.com Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/yourenergyfirst/support

Written in the Stars by Rux: The Podcast

Ruxandra Gheordunescu-Preda

Full Moon in Libra 16 April 2022 All Signs Update

* Sign up for the May 2022 1-month intensive online course with me "Astrological Forecasting with Transits" (not for beginners): https://writteninthestars-astrology.com/products/astrological-forecasting-with-transits-online-course 
The Full Moon in Libra of 2022 is coming up on 16 April and it will be tensely aspected to Pluto in Capricorn. But Venus, the ruler of the Full Moon, is exalted in Pisces, which is likely to sweeten the deal. 
 Timestamps for each sign:  

00:00:00 Intro 
00:07:50 Aries  
00:11:47 Taurus  
00:14:05 Gemini 
00:17:06 Cancer 
00:19:45 Leo 
00:22:20 Virgo  
00:24:40 Libra 
00:28:13 Scorpio  
00:31:08 Sagittarius  
00:33:57 Capricorn  
00:36:22 Aquarius 
00:38:36 Pisces  

All episodes follow Weste

Spiritual Tune-Ups with Mike Dooley

Mike Dooley

Life Wake-Up Call: Limiting Beliefs

In this episode, Mike sits down with a member of his Infinite Possibilities Membership for a special “Life Wake-Up Call” to discuss common limiting beliefs that hold us back.   Sign up for Notes from the Universe: www.tut.com/notes-from-the-universe   See all of Mike's upcoming events and offerings: https://linktr.ee/mikedooley   Review this podcast and receive a special gift, from Mike. Send a screenshot of your review to review@tut.com.

Al-Anon Reading

Joy de Leon

June 16

From Courage to Change

The Akashic Reading Podcast

Teri Uktena

The Who, What & Why of Working with Past Lives

Dispelling myths about past lives, highlight where cultural bias might be pointing us in wrong directions, and discussing how to work with past life experiences to convert them into current life wisdom.Support the show

Spiritual Queen's Badass Podcast

Emma Mumford

Emma Mumford's podcast is the place to go for everything manifestation! From the Law of Attraction to self-help and spirituality Emma has you covered with her weekly episodes. This is one honest, funny, and raw podcast that will help to turn your dream life into an abundant reality. Emma Mumford is the UK's leading Law of Attraction expert, an award-winning life coach and mentor, Law of Attraction YouTuber, speaker, and 2x bestselling author of her books Positively Wealthy & Spiritual Queen. Emma's website - www.emmamumford.co.uk Follow Emma on Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/iamemmamumford/ Join Emma's FREE Law of Attraction Support Group on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/groups/lawofattractionsupportgroup/ Watch Emma's YouTube videos - https://www.youtube.com/c/EmmaMumford See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

Inner Worlds with Leeor Alexandra

Leeor Alexandra

2022 Predictions & Astrology Forecast with Galit Raiman (Special Episode)

Inner Worlds – Hello my loves, it is my pleasure to share with you a SPECIAL end-of-year episode of Inner Worlds! For this epic episode, let’s welcome astrologer Galit Raiman as we talk about what is to come for humankind in 2022. We discuss the astrological predictions for society as a whole and for ourselves as individuals. What will 2022 bring for us as a society? How will relationships and careers be affected? What is in store for us? Healing our community, our culture, our families and the world starts with healing ourselves - and 2022 has a lot of opportunities to do just that. ~IN THIS VIDEO WE DISCUSS:Changing our perspective on the new year and what 2022 can offer us An opportunity for healing The return of ritual Creating something bigger for ourselvesThe evolution of self~RESOURCES: Galit Raiman’s Instagram: @astrologydomeYouTube:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRm5…https://www.youtube.

Mindfulness+ with Thomas McConkie

Thomas McConkie: Mindfulness Teacher

Episode 15: No Gaining Idea

If you think about virtually everything you do in a given day, you may come to a realization: “I do what I do because I want to get something out it.” We work to earn money, we exercise to stay fit, we meditate to feel good…it seems harmless enough. But there is a more subtle path available to us as human beings. In Suzuki Roshi’s words, we can live our lives with “no gaining idea.” When we have no gaining idea, we taste what it means to express our true nature—to be truly alive.

THE RAGGED EDGE RADIO ....with Russ Dizdar

Russ Dizdar

THE RAGGED EDGE RADIO with Russ Dizdar THE VOICE OF SHATTER THE DARKNESS Home of Theology for the 3rd millennium FREE training courses JOIN-FOLLOW to get broadcasts sent directly to you. Thanks for your prayers and being here. Mail site  http://www.shatterthedarkness.net/ See  www.tenmillionfierce.com   and RussDizdar.com  for bio infoGo to THE RAGGED EDGE RADIO.COM and sign up for the free digital M-F news letter and update, the newest audios, broadcasts and training mp3s are there. 

Stoicism On Fire

Chris Fisher

Modern Stoic Fallacy #1 – Episode 56

The Missing Evidence is Evidence
I recently decided to start covering Modern Stoic Fallacies periodically. I have been combatting some of these fallacies for years on Facebook, in my blog, and on my podcast. However, I typically only mention them briefly and haven’t provided much analysis. All of these fallacies have the same goal: to justify removing Stoic physics from the holistic system the ancient Stoics created to make Stoicism compatible with agnosticism and atheism.
Before I go any further, I will repeat what I have stated numerous times before. I support the development of a modern, agnostic version of Stoicism? However, there is a condition. A modern, agnostic version of Stoicism must not be built on a foundation of fallacies that distort, misrepresent, and discredit the traditional theory and practice as the ancient Stoics created it. I fully support Modern Stoics, like the late Lawrence Becker, who openly stated he in

Taqat Hob | طاقة حب

Hakawati | حكواتي

العبور نحو أبوّة آمنة

في هذه الحلقة وبمناسبة الاحتفال بيوم الأب في ٢١ يونيو نستضيف رودريغ حمّال - مخرج سينمائي ومعالِج في تقنية الثيتا للحديث عن المفهوم الحقيقي والسليم للأبوة وعن كيفية تصحيح أبرز المفاهيم الخاطئة في طريقة تربية الصبي من أجل العبور نحو أبوّة آمنة.


كم تساهم تربية الصبي بالطرق القاسية وغير السليمة في التأثير على مفهوم الأبوة عنده، على صورته عن نفسه، على عدم قدرته على التعبير عن عواطفه، على كبت مشاعره أو التعبير عنها بعصبية وانفعال، على عدم القدرة على التواصل وبالتالي على إعادة خلق وتكرار المزيد من الأنماط والجروحات التي تشكل العديد من الضغوطات النفسية والصحية عليه فضلاً عن نشوء علاقة غير متناغمة مع الأب ومع صورة الأب؟


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Ask Julie Ryan


Song From Heaven, Healing Grief, and Surprise Spirit Guide

In this episode: - Song From Heaven - Healing Grief- DVT Issues - Surprise Spirit Guide- Guest Angela ClementTo register for the Grief Healing Summit, go to www.healingenergy.world/julieryan.Please call in with your question next week.  Thursdays at 8pm ET, 7pm CT, 5pm PT. (667) 770-1476  Access Code: 483620# And, please leave a five-star review and subscribe so you can hear all the new episodes. http://www.ratethispodcast.com/julie For more information go to http://www.askjulieryan.com

Styx + Bones by Evoking

Styx and Bones by Evoking

Come join us on a journey into the spiritual realm with your hosts Chelsea and Ten! We're psychic mediums and seers and we study ancient mythology and spiritual practices! This podcast will be diving into spirits, debunking paranormal stories, ancient mystery religions and divinities, witchcraft, spirit guides, death, reincarnation, tarot and more! We are professional practitioners and own an array of businesses dedicated to teaching and re-educating around spirituality. Don't forget to check out our NEW patreon for more exclusive content: https://www.patreon.com/styxandbones Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/evoking-cmc/support

MindShift Podcast

Dr Clint Heacock

MindShift Podcast is here to help you take back your life after leaving religion behind. Your host, Dr Clint Heacock, is an ex-evangelical former pastor and Bible college teacher--and is dedicated to helping people rebuild their lives, as well as warning of the dangers posed by the Christian Right and dominion theology.

Divine Living

Gina DeVee

Why I Took Myself On A Solo Vacation…

Hi from beautiful upstate New York! I’ve decided to take myself on a little solo retreat. If you’ve been following me, you know I’ve been in the question for some time now. I knew that in order to receive the answers I desired about my next level, I needed to listen (not be busy!). Being in this serene space has been the perfect way to reassess, reimage, and recreate. Are you currently in the midst of a big life transition? Are you waking up to where you’ve been settling and just going through the motions? Wondering what more is possible for you? You’re not alone, Queen! Tune into this episode and let’s navigate our divine paths together.EPISODE RESOURCESFollow me on Instagram @ginadeveeJoin my social network, The Q Club, herePurchase my book The Audacity to be Queen hereListen to my reflections from a Dr. Joe Dispenza retreat hereADDITIONAL RESOURCES⭐ I’d love to hear your big takeaways! Screenshot this episode and tag me on Instagram a

Universal Wisdom

Universal Wisom

Universal Wisdom features the timeless wisdom of Terence Mckenna, Ram Dass, Alan Watts, Timothy Leary and many others. If you want to learn more about the nature of mind, life and death, the universe, mindfulness, spirituality, psychedelics, and much more, you're in the right place. Contact: hiuniversalwisdom@gmail.com YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/UniversalWisdom Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UniversalWisdomFB/ Merch: https://www.redbubble.com/people/UniWisdom/shop

The Gateway Experience

my mind is the universe

One exercise every day, all the Waves (1-7) Please, support my work on Patreon. Enter the Gateway of higher consciousness to explore beyond the physical realm. Grab your headphones, find a quiet place to relax and enjoy this free audio sample. Experience the deep relaxation and instantaneous expanded meditative state of Monroe's Sound Science technology. More contents on YouTube.

The Holistic Hippie Podcast

Jessi Hoey

Episode 19 - Everything Is Rigged In Your Favour

This episode comes with a trigger warning because even the title has the potential to set you off if you're experiencing a challenging time. In this episode I invite you to set aside your current paradigm and try on something new, even if just for a moment. A new way of thinking, of being, of perceiving, and of experiencing your life. Tune in for what felt like a long rambling rant about how everything that has happened to you, is happening now, and will ever happen to you is for your greatest benefit. As always, I love connecting with you so please send me a message with any insights, aha's, or your topic requests via email jessi@theholistichippie.ca or IG @the.holistic.hippiexxJessiSupport the show (https://www.patreon.com/theholistichippie)

Fortune's Wheelhouse

Susie Chang and Mel Meleen

Fortune's Wheelhouse is a podcast about esoterics and the tarot. The show is hosted by Susie Chang and Mel Meleen. Its first 22 episodes look closely at esoteric imagery in the major arcana of the Rider Waite Smith and Thoth tarot decks,

Starting Your Day with God

Katherine Elaine Devotionals

The Power of Prayer: Uncertainty

In this episode we discussed that God is all knowing. Although we experience uncertainties in our lives, there is nothing that catches God by surprise.

The Aaron Abke Podcast

Aaron Abke

What Is Spiritual Intelligence? // SQ 01

Episode 1 from the Spiritual Intelligence series on YouTube.

Astral Projection Podcast by Astral Doorway | Astral Travel How To Guides & Out of Body Experiences

Gene Hart

The Psychological Song: A Root Cause of Mental Illness

YouTube episode: https://youtu.be/D5xsaTXATUE

Identification with thoughts and feelings is the first root cause of all mental illness in its early stages, and without the study of oneself through self-observation it can be difficult to detach and bring higher awareness to our negative "inner atmosphere". This "atmosphere", or "inner world", can often be 'heard' and 'felt' if we are sensitive enough; and if we pay continued attention we will notice that the same 'songs' are compulsively and addictively repeated throughout our lives - forming our beliefs about reality. Becoming aware of this ultimately leads to more intimate psychological comprehension, self-knowledge and spiritual healing at a root level.

If you want to understand this episode more, try reading 'Treatise of Revolutionary Psychology' by Samael Aun Weor: https://www.amazon.com/Treatise-Revolutionary-Psycho

Ozark Mountain Transformation Conference

Ozark Mountain Publishing, Inc

Fast Track Healing - Dee Wallace

Originally from Kansas City, Kansas, Dee Wallace has worked as an author, teacher, dancer and actress in film, television and the stage for over 30 years. With over 100 credits to her name, Ms. Wallace is a true tour de force in this industry, working with countless directors, producers and some of Hollywood's biggest names including Steven Spielberg, Peter Jackson, Wes Craven, Joe Dante, Stephen King and Blake Edwards. Dee's career began in New York where she studied with famous acting teacher Uta Hagen before moving to Los Angeles where she continued to hone her craft with her mentor Charles Conrad.Her many feature film credits include such classics as The Hills Have Eyes, The Howling, Cujo, Secret Admirer, The Frighteners, 10, and most notably her starring role in one of America’s most celebrated films, E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, directed by Academy Award winning director and film icon Steven Spielberg. She was recently featured in the ex

The Aligned Self

Daniel D'Neuville-Subconscious Mind Programming | Law of Attraction | LOA | Mind Mastery | Coaching | High Performance |NLP | Intuition | Relationships | Spirituality

Explore the multiple dimensions of the human adventure, personal reality, spirituality and mind mastery. The Aligned Self is a self identity, a sense of self that is crafted by design and conscious attention allowing one to live at the upper reaches of their ability, manifest what they want faster and more deliberately. As a result you are happier, more productive, more confident Daniel D'Neuville is committed to having "conversations that make a difference". His legacy is leave people and the world better than when they found him. He is committed to your life being all that it can be. Daniel is a Master Trainer of NLP, a consulting hypnotist, and coach since 1988. As a peak performance coach and trainer he has worked with over 10,000 people over the last 30 years in areas of human performance, mindset, belief change, habits, stress release, mind/body healing... frankly everything having to do with the adventure of being human. You can learn more about Daniel at http://yesdaniel.com See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

Good Witch, Bad B*tch

Luna Seranova

woOoOoo ~ Friday The 13th Spooky Ghost Stories Special! My Childhood Ghost Stories + a Ghost Story from a Viewer! | GWBB Ep. 40

Happy Friday the 13th, you spooky witches! 

IG/TT/Tw: @LunaSeranova
YouTube & Patreon: Luna Seranova
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Book your tarot or astrology reading with me at LunaSeranova.com


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Sadhguru Wisdom Story

Sadhguru Story Wisdom

How to Stay Motivated All the Time ? - Sadhguru

Sadhguru answers a question about staying motivated in life, and how every human being must make the most of the brief time that they have.
Join us in your favorite social media..
Tiktok : https://www.tiktok.com/@sadhguruji
Snapchat : @sadhgurustory
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/sadhgurustory/
Let peace and joy be the fundamentals of your life ?


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Beyond the Reiki Gateway

Kathleen Johnson and Andrea Kennedy

The Past Lives...of Jesus?

Did the soul of Jesus have prior lives on Earth before his birth in Bethlehem?  If so, do records exist that describe and document his previous incarnations? What relevance do these previous lives have for humanity's past, present, and future?The book Edgar Cayce’s Past Lives of Jesus delves into these questions (plus many more) and is the topic of this thought-provoking episode.  Kathleen and Andrea discuss the intriguing possibility of Jesus' past lives, and what these revelations could signal for humankind. Connect with Us!Website: https://www.beyondthereikigateway.comKathleen's Website: https://universoulheart.netAndrea's Website:  https://www.mainstreamreiki.comResources:Book by Glenn Sanderfur:Edgar Cayce's Past Lives of JesusAssociation for Research and Enlightenment:Edgar Cayce's A.R.E.Kathleen's Amazon Storefront - "Nurture Your Spirit, Refresh Your Mind, Relax your Body"Kathleen may acquire ear

Numerology - GPS for the Soul

Tom Eckert

Learn the profound, ancient and revolutionary science of numerology. Discover how your full name and date of birth reveal the story, purpose, direction and potential of your life. Expand your horizons, refine your intelligence, get to know yourself on the most subtle and intimate levels. www.tom-eckert.com/numerology-online-course

Neville Goddard Lectures

Neville Goddard

Heirs To The Universe - Neville Goddard

View our full collection of podcasts at our website: https://www.solgood.org/ or YouTube channel: www.solgood.org/subscribe

Purely Being Guided Meditations


Find Your Center in 5-Minutes | The Fastest Way to Get into Alignment Now!

For this month's free meditation, we have a short & sweet practice to help you find your center in the midst of a busy day that will allow you to move forward into what's next for you with greater clarity, ease, and softness within. ???  

? Click here to subscribe to Purely Being and access the complete library of over 150 guided meditations + NEW meditations every Sunday!
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? Receive My Weekly Love Letter

#5minute #alignment #center #relaxation #breathing

Wine & Spirits with Monica the Medium

Monica the Medium / Monica Ten-Kate

Ep. 21: Monica Brings Through Healing Messages from a Teenager Who Passed in a Tragic Accident

Monica the Medium surprises another lucky winner with a reading! A teenage girl who passed in a tragic accident comes through with tons of healing messages and validation for her grandmother.

Please note: if you are listening to this particular episode somewhere with a lot of background noise, it might be more difficult to hear some of the grandmother's responses to Monica during the reading. 

Follow Monica on Social Media: @MonicatheMedium 

Monica's Website: https://www.monicathemedium.com


Monica's book, Messages from Above: What Your Loved Ones in Heaven Want You to Know is available in ebook and paperback on Amazon, BarnesandNoble.com, and other online retailers. The audiobook (total run time: 9 hours 13 minutes) is narrated by Monica and available on Amazon, Audible, and Itunes (Apple Books). The hardcover and

…By Their Fruits

Bryant McCullough

A podcast created with you in mind… that’s right, you! Here you will hear about everything from the roots to the fruits, and so much in between. We are just a couple of guys who love the LORD our God, and live to serve Him alone. Thank you for listening, and sharing! If you are led to support this ministry you can email me directly at: followeroftheWay85@gmail.com

Energetic Synthesis Podcast

Lisa Renee

Astral Reconstruction

Love & Marriage

BYU Speeches

Love and Marriage | Theodore M. Burton | June 1986

Divorce is, sadly, all too common. Elder Theodore M. Burton's speech focuses on the great love story of Adam and Eve and how to keep your marriage strong.

Support the show: https://ldsp-pay.ldschurch.org/donations/byu/byu-speeches.html

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Prompt Us


What Men Really Look For In Women

The lads open up about what they were looking for in a partner and the challenges of dating!

(This podcast was recorded prior to the pandemic.)

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Rudolf Steiner Audio

Dale B. Brunsvold

CW 84 Aims of Anthroposophy: Lecture 1. The Purpose of the Goetheanum and the Aims of Anthroposophy (Basel, 9 April 1923) by Rudolf Steiner

Mad Dog Recovery AA Speakers

Mad Dog Recovery

Rick A. Grace Group 6-08-22

Rick A. Speaks at the Grace Group June 8th 2022.

Vedanta and Yoga

Ramakrishna Vedanta Society, Boston

Lessons from Sri Hanuman

Lecture by Swami Tyagananda, given on March 27, 2022, at the Ramakrishna Vedanta Society, Boston, MA.

Beyond Belief

Wonder Media Network

Bonus: Introducing Gravity

Introducing WMN's newest original podcast, Gravity, a show about what becomes possible when we look at hardships differently, hosted by Dr. Lucy Kalanithi. Join us to explore transformations around loneliness, the myth of the ideal nuclear family, climate crisis, and more. Follow and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts.

Thoth-Hermes Podcast

Rudolf M Berger

S8-E16 – Ancient Egypt in you-Naomi Ozaniec

Today's guest is Naomi Ozaniec, who - as we will learn in the first part of the interview - ist not only deeply involved in ancient Kemetic "religion", but also a specialist in Chakras, the Tarot and Meditation. She also runs a school duly named "The House of Life" in Portugal, where she lives now, and online.
The Sacred Science of ancient Egypt was an initiatory spiritual system, a technology of consciousness designed to birth a mystical communion with the divinities, an embodied union of being between the eternal and the mortal. After initiation was completed, the re-identified being, now divinely possessed, was known as a Garment of Isis, signifying that the goddess Isis dwelt within them.
Offering a practical guide to the key principles within the Egyptian temple tradition, Naomi Ozaniec explores the process of creating and developing a personal relationship with the Neteru, the divinities and forc

Capricorn Daily

Horoscope Daily Astrology | Optimal Living Daily

Tuesday, June 14, 2022 Capricorn Horoscope Today - Figure Out What's Your Sign & Hear Your Astrological Horoscope

Astrological notes for Tuesday, June 14th, 2022, for All Signs
Date: Today is Tuesday, June 14th, 2022
- Movement of planets: Sun in Taurus. The Moon is at 21 degrees Sagittarius.
Sun: 23 degree Gemini, trine Saturn, square Neptune
Moon: 21 degrees Sagittarius opposition Sun, trine Mars
Mercury: 0 degrees Gemini trine Pluto
Venus: 19 degrees Taurus square Saturn
Mars: 15 degrees Aries trine Moon
Jupiter: 5 degrees Aries 
Saturn: 25 degrees Aquarius trine Sun
Uranus: 16 degrees Taurus conjunct Venus
Neptune: 25 degrees Pisces square Sun & Moon
Pluto: 28 degrees Capricorn trine Mercury
South Node: 20 degrees Scorpio opposition Venus
North Node: 20 degrees Taurus square Saturn, conjunct Uranus
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Witchy Business by Tamed Wild

Shelby & Danielle

Episode 2: Business Altars & Workspace

In this episode, Shelby & Danielle discuss business altars, workspace and recognizing your business as a living, breathing being. 



Homegrown Divination

In this episode of Folkcraft hosts Aaron and Temperance discuss alternative methods of divination, what divination means to each host, confirmation bias, and how to create your own unique system of divination!

Beyond Belief

BBC Radio 4

Religion IRL

In the past two years faith communities have lived through an unprecedented experiment. With places of worships closed for long periods, they've been forced to adapt digitally. Not everyone could do so fulsomely, with some acts of worship prohibited by religious teachings.

As restrictions have lifted many are finding that the faithful are not rushing back, although there are exceptions. How did it feel to take communion or attend Friday prayers together again in real life? Has the pandemic permanently changed the practice of faith as a congregation or community? And why, for faith leaders and theologians, is it so important we return to the church, synagogue or mosque?

To discuss why physical presence has been so important in faith and religion across millennia, Ernie Rea is joined by Dr Mansur Ali, a lecturer in Islamic studies at the University of Cardiff who advised his local mosque on the theology of online prayer during Covid. He's al

Pisces Daily

Horoscope Daily Astrology | Optimal Living Daily

Sunday, May 22, 2022 Pisces Horoscope Today - Astrology Forecast & Astrological Energies

Astrological notes for Sunday, May 22th, 2022, for All Signs
Date: Today is Sunday, May 22th, 2022
Movement of planets: Sun in Gemini. The Moon is at 26 degrees Aquarius.
Sun: 1 degree Gemini, square Moon, conjunct Mercury
Moon: 26 degrees Aquarius square Sun & Mercury
Mercury: 0 degrees Gemini trine Pluto, square Moon
Venus: 22 degrees Aries square Pluto
Mars: 28 degrees Pisces conjunct Jupiter & Neptune
Jupiter: 2 degrees Aries conjunct Mars 
Saturn: 25 degrees Aquarius conjunct Moon
Uranus: 15 degrees Taurus trine South Node
Neptune: 25 degrees Pisces conjunct Mars
Pluto: 28 degrees Capricorn trine Mercury & Sun
South Node: 22 degrees Scorpio square Saturn
North Node: 22 degrees Taurus square Saturn
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Hoodoo & Chill

Seer Bello

Working The Divine Masculine

On today’s episode of Hoodoo & Chill, we want to take the opportunity to touch on a subject that isn’t talked about much in our modern spiritual communities. Balance is an essential factor as it relates to magick and spirituality, the ability to dwell in both the physical and metaphysical but also the balance of the divine masculine and feminine. Our beloved divine feminine archetype reigns supreme in modem spirituality due to the stigma and demonization of the divine masculine. The purpose of today’s show is to remove the negative cloak that shrouds the divine masculine and to also explain his importance as well as the importance of balance. We will also discuss how to work with the divine masculine as well as why healing from trauma prohibits a relationship with your male ancestors.Topics on today’s show may be triggering for some and we understand if this is an episode that may take some time to complete. However, bringing awareness to th

Permission Talk

Dr Jackie Greene

Dr. Jackie is joined by best friend and assistant for real conversations about topics that will shift perspectives and push you into purpose. With some laughs and some real talk and some inspiration, Permission Talk is finally here!

Virgo Daily

Horoscope Daily Astrology | Optimal Living Daily

Friday, June 3, 2022 Virgo Horoscope Today - What Your Horoscope Says for 2022 Astrology

Astrological notes for Friday, June 3rd, 2022 for All Signs
Date: Today is Friday, June 3rd, 2022
Movement of planets: The Sun is in Gemini; The Moon is in 28 degrees Cancer.
Sun: 13 degrees Gemini sextile Mars.
Moon: 28 degrees Cancer sextile Mercury, square Venus, trine Mars, trine Jupiter, trine Neptune opposite Pluto.
Mercury: 26 degrees Taurus square Saturn, trine Pluto, sextile Neptune, conjunct North Node.
Venus: 7 degrees Taurus.
Mars: 7 degrees Aries conjunct Jupiter.
Jupiter: 4 degrees Aries.
Saturn: 25 degrees Aquarius square North Node.
Uranus: 16 degrees Taurus conjunct North Node.
Neptune: 25 degrees Pisces sextile Pluto, sextile North Node.
Pluto: 28 degrees Capricorn.
South Node: 21 degrees Scorpio.
North Node: 21 degrees Taurus.
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Ceremony Circle

Alyson Charles

Invoking Your Ancestors & 2022 Spiritual Prescription with Ssanyu Birigwa

If you’re looking for an introspective voyage to feel deeply loved, this is the episode for you—and Ssanyu Birigwa is the perfect person for the job.
Ssanyu is an indigenous and lineage bone healing shaman. She has her masters degree in narrative medicine from Columbia University (where she is also an adjunct professor), as well as being a dear friend of mine and contributor for my book Animal Power (coming soon).

Top 5 Things You’ll Learn from This Episode:
How to work with our ancestors and why it is so important and powerful
Our views on lasting friendships and specifically, sisterhood + how to trust when friendships end
Insights from our journey of riding many potent waves over the years
Our divine perspectives on when relationships end unexpectedly
What narrative medicine is—and experiencing it first hand.

Let yourself be op

Romance Sleep Stories


Episode 24: A Secret Admirer Appears- Armani School of Magical Arts-Romance Sleep Stories

Romance Sleep StoriesFollow, Subscribe and Like:Youtube:@romancesleepstories| https://bit.ly/3KLP2d0Facebook:romancesleepstories| https://bit.ly/3H73sCiRelax To A Soothing Story With Romance Stories For Sleep PodcastRomance Sleep Stories (spreaker.com)

I AM Beautiful Wild Free: A Guided Affirmation and Meditation Podcast

Erin Marie aka BWFwoman

I AM GIFTED AND TALENTED: A Guided Meditation Podcast with Affirmations from the Bible by BWFwoman

Season 2, Ep. 15: It's when you believe in your own gifts that you begin to really prosper.  It's about what comes naturally to you that typically you don't really see as a gift. At Renew Retreat last year, I had each attendee turn to each other and share what they were proud of about themselves. So many times we downplay what we do well at and I'm here to tell you - that doesn't serve anyone. In order to play full out, to bring your best to the table, your gifts need to be shared and others need to know, so that they know how to use you! .The Bible confirms this in Proverbs 18:16 when it shares what happens when you have gifts that you use - it says that your gifts bring you before great people. God uses other people to bless you...but without you sharing your gifts with others, how can that happen? It's your time. It's time for you to affirm

Libra Daily

Horoscope Daily Astrology | Optimal Living Daily

Friday, April 15, 2022 Libra Horoscope Today - Figure Out What's Your Sign & Hear Your Astrological Horoscope

Astrological Notes for Friday, April 15th, 2022 for All Signs
 Date: 15th April 2022
● Movement of planets: The Sun is at 25 degrees Aries. The Moon is in Libra in the Waxing Gibbous phase. 
Sun: 25 degrees Aries Sextile Saturn Square Pluto
Moon: 9 degrees Libra 
Mercury: 8 degrees Taurus Sextile Venus Conjunction Uranus
Venus: 10 degrees Pisces Sextile Uranus
Mars: 00 degrees Pisces
Jupiter: 24 degrees Pisces Conjunct Neptune Sextile North Node Trine South Node
Saturn: 23 degrees Aquarius Square North Node Square South Node
Uranus: 13 degrees Taurus  
Neptune: 24 degrees Pisces Sextile North Trine South Node
Pluto: 28 degrees Capricorn Trine North Node
South Node: 23 degrees Scorpio Retrograde 
North Node: 23 degrees Taurus Retrograde
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Messages From The Omniverse

Guru Singh

The Messages from the Omniverse can be a sacred code language to highlight and amplify life. These rich messages open and expand your perception and perspective to receive and then assimilate this brand new kind of balance with self-validation. What a wonderful way to move forward; to get out of bed on a bad day; to confront, not submit, to that which is challenging, and to fulfill your purpose on purpose with power. With this foresight, your subsequent decisions will improve health; improve thought; improve outlook; improve relationships; improve decisions, and the courage to act on them.


Shannon Torrence

Magic Is Real, hosted by Shannon Torrence, a psychic medium, presents interviews with spiritual people about all things metaphysical: mediumship, near death and other spiritually transformative experiences, spiritual healing, astrology, manifesting and more.

ACA Adult Children Voices Across America Speaker Meeting


Ken F Long Beach CA

Ken shares his experience, strength and hope about recovering from growing up in an alcoholic / dysfunctional home using the 12 steps of ACA.

Something Super Spiritual

Jeffrey Peck

We all miss our departed loved ones, and our loved ones in Spirit want to talk with you as much as you do with them. If you are seeking conversation with loved ones on the other side or discussion about spirituality, life after life and anything in between, join me as we discuss all things Spirit. Experience a spiritual journey filled with inspiration and healing as psychic medium Jeffrey Peck connects you with and delivers messages from your departed loved one’s in spirit. Our conversations with those in spirit always lead to lessons about life, love, forgiveness and healing before it's our time to transition to the other side. Jeffrey will share transformational stories via captivating interviews with spiritual friends and experts from around the globe along with miraculous stories from his own life experience with Spirit. You will feel your own Spirit fill with catharsis, wonder and peace while feeling an expanded awareness within your Soul.

The Manifesting Formula

Christine Rizzo

Welcome to The Manifesting Formula Podcast, I’m Christine Rizzo, Certified Mindset & Manifesting Coach. In this podcast, I will break down the formula in detail so you can easily understand why manifesting works for some and not for others. Weekly, I will give you tips, and secrets that you can carry out into your every day, so you can start using your energy to attract the life you have always wanted. My friends please start at the very beginning, Episode 1 so you can get the value that this podcast brings. There is so much information in every episode, that you wont want to miss the truth behind manifesting. Listening weekly you will learn to step into your power, you will feel inspired and extremely empowered. It's time to learn the truth about how powerful you really are, so you can start manifesting the shit out of everything you have ever wanted & so you can start turning that vision board of yours into your reality.

Spirit Talk

Brandee Bolton

The Spirit of FIRE

This is the 3rd of the element episodes and is all about FIRE.  They are not all in a row (sorry, not sorry) but you can search the other's by title if you missed them.  In this episodes, I talk about why it's useful to know a bit about each element and how it can help us understand ourselves and others.  I talk about how I relate to fire energy personally.  Fire personality types are outlined.  I touch on how fire shows up in astrology, numerology and tarot.  I also talk briefly about a few ancient cultures and how they used fire for divination.  Also, I talk a bit about fire and Feng Shui, which is working with energies to bring harmony to the home.  

This is also the first episode with a new segment called Spirit Stories.  Please share your stories with me and they might make it on the show.  Anything from getting little psychic hits, to perceiving a loved one in Spirit, to noticing signs and symbols in a significant way.  

You can

Druidcast - The Druid Podcast

Order of Bards Ovates and Druids

DruidCast - A Druid Podcast Episode 182 - OBOD Summer Gathering Special

Shownotes for DruidCast Episode 182 - OBOD Summer Gathering 2022 Special From the OBOD Summer Gathering - Professor Ronald Hutton - Leadership Changes, and “What could possibly go wrong?” Mother Calls - Scott and Maria - https://www.scottandmariamusic.com From the OBOD Summer Gathering - Philip Carr-Gomm - Thank you speech given as part of the Chosen Chief Confirmation Ceremony. I am the One - Scott and Maria - https://www.scottandmariamusic.com From the OBOD Summer Gathering - The new Chosen Chief, Eimear Burke’s address. For more information about the Order and the Druid Tradition - https://druidry.org DruidCast theme - Hills they are Hollow - Damh the Bard - https://www.paganmusic.co.uk

The Folk Podcast

The Wisdom of Odin

Episode 89: The essentials of paganism, meeting others in the faith, and getting out of your head

We continue out three topics, talking today about three things that are good for those getting into the faith for the first time. 

Law of Attraction Explored

Tim Grimes

A deep dive into the law of attraction to change your life from the inside out... Relax into abundance with Tim Grimes, bestselling spiritual author of "The Law of Attraction Simplified" and "The Joy of Not Thinking," as well as the acclaimed editor of classic law of attraction teachings by Émile Coué and Neville Goddard. Tim is both a spiritual counselor and a modern authority on the law of attraction. This advice is disarmingly straightforward, calming... and unlike anything you have heard before. For more information visit: www.radicalcounselor.com

Master Mind, Body and Spirit

Matt Belair

Chris Duffin: The Path of Excellence, Mastery, and Reinvention

Chris Duffin is an inventor, thought leader, and entrepreneur in Health and Fitness. He is a guiness book world record holder and author of the best selling book the Eagle and the Dragon.   Help us fight censorship! Get immediate access to exclusive and censorship free content by donation or free by becoming a member here    ? https://mattbelair.mykajabi.com/academy-sos ?   All Social Links here ? http://linktr.ee/mattbelair   Chris's Website: www.chrisduffin.com   ✅ Join our community and get cutting edge tips and tools for human optimization, health, wellness, and personal development ?http://www.mattbelair.com   PayPal https://bit.ly/mattbelair ??   ✅ Download a free "How to Lucid Dream Book" ?and hypnotic http://linktr.ee/mattbelair   ✅ Share this episode if you loved it and help spread the vibe! ❤️?   ✅ End Self Sabotage, Overwhelm and Victim Mentality and Experience Authentic Empowerment with the

Embodied Astrology with Renee Sills

Renee Sills

Telling Our Stories - Gemini Season Embodied Astrology with Gabz 404 & Kadie Smiles

It’s June, it’s GEMINI SEASON, it’s PRIDE, and I’m so delighted to be bringing you this very special 2-part episode of Embodied Astrology with two of my favorite queer colleagues and angels on earth, Gabz Tosi and Kadie Smiles.
PART 1 ~ Gabz is a trans/nonbinary, Brazilian artist and Gemini Sun who is the founder of Ser Trans, a project that documents and shares stories and portraits of trans people in Brazil.
Gabz’s website 
Get an astrology reading, photoshoot, or print and enter your name to the raffle to win an Embodied Astrology chart reading with me :)
Follow Gabz on IG
PART 2 (starts at 42:38) ~ Kadie Smiles is a Sagittarius Rising, Gemini Descendent and a fabulously queer storyteller and host of the Erotic Embodiment Podcast. Kadie is also a grief worker, doula, sex edu

The Sincerely Blunt Podcast

Eddie Gonzalez

Sincerely Blunt. Where I discuss all my experiences, beliefs, and things I’m learning on my journey as BLUNT as I can possibly be.

Inner Peace Meditations

Steven Webb

All my guided meditations in one place, this is a private podcast and you will be able to enjoy them on my website and other places.

The Pragmatic Pagan


A practical guide to nature based pagan witchcraft practice - with a twist of science. https://linktr.ee/PragmaticPagan THIS PODCAST IS AVAILABLE ON: Apple: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-pragmatic-pagan/id1478804199 Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/6p8b5QkZEUtGxOYuROblSZ?si=rzL9ZZl3Qc2BkOSXOml99Q Google: https://www.google.com/podcasts?feed=aHR0cHM6Ly9hbmNob3IuZm0vcy9kMDgwOTAwL3BvZGNhc3QvcnNz

Summer Thursdays Spirituality


A podcast about self-care, spirituality, and wellness.

Why Shamanism Now - A Practical Path to Authenticity

Christina L. Pratt

Why Shamanism Now is a weekly live Internet radio show hosted by Christina Pratt and featuring guest interviews and live email and phone questions and answers. The show airs every Tuesday morning at 11:00 am PST on Co-Creator Network. To participate in the live call, go to http://www.co-creatornetwork.com/hosts/shamanism/host_bio.htm . Christina is an authentic, non-traditional contemporary shaman. In practice since 1990, she specializes in mending the soul and transforming the parts of life that feel impossible. She is the director of the Last Mask Center for Shamanic Healing in Portland, OR.

Hacking The Afterlife podcast


Richard Martini's podcast where he interviews people who can access the flipside. Jennifer Shaffer is a medium he works with often (JenniferShaffer.com) but podcasts may include other folks who can access the flipside. For more info MartiniZone or RichMartini (com)

The Hermetic Hour

The Hermetic Hour

The Tomb of Prester John, Chapters 4 and 5

On Thursday March 10th, 2022 the Hermetic Hour with Host Poke Runyon will present a dramatic reading of Chapters Four and Five of his magical adventure novel The Tomb of Prester John. This will be of particular interest to those seeking to understand the origins of the Gnostic Mass and its roots in Valentinian and Simonic Gnostic traditions. Doc Roland's Lady archaeologist partner, a belly dancing former Scarlet Woman, channels both the spirits of Jesus's Mary Magdalene and Simon's Helen in their quest to find the Tomb of the medieval warrior priest king, while being stalked by her former lover Khalil Ibn Iblis, the Gnostic priest turned terrorist assassin. The Tomb of Prester John is a novel that delivers magical secrets in fiction form. In this episode you will discover that Gurdjieff's enneagram is the entrance to the Ninth Gate, that Jehovah is Popeye, and that The Gnostic Mass was originally Christian. So come with us on a ques

Around the Circle: An Enneagram Podcast

Jeff Cook and T.J. Wilson

The Enneagram is a map of the human personality. It’s a tool for navigating relationships. It creates language for what motivates us and helps us look at the way we look at everything else. Most importantly the enneagram is a mirror; because sometimes you need help seeing yourself. This is Jeff Cook and T.J. Wilson going around the circle to discuss various topics and how they affect each type.

The Tao of Christ

Marshall Davis

The Tao of Christ is a podcast which explores the mystical roots of Christianity, which Jesus called the Kingdom of God, which church historian Evelyn Underhill called the Unitive Life, which Richard Rohr calls the Universal Christ, and which I refer to as Christian nonduality, unitive awareness, or union with God. This is the Tao of Christ.

Taurus Daily

Horoscope Daily Astrology | Optimal Living Daily

Thursday, June 16, 2022 Taurus Horoscope Today - Astrology Forecast & Astrological Energies

Astrological notes for Thursday, June 16th, 2022, for All Signs
Date: today is Thursday, June 16th, 2022
- Movement of planets: Sun in Gemini. The Moon is at 21 degrees Capricorn.
Sun: 25 degree Gemini, trine Saturn, square Neptune
Moon: 21 degrees Capricorn, trine Venus, square Mars
Mercury: 2 degrees Gemini trine Pluto
Venus: 22 degrees Taurus trine Moon
Mars: 16 degrees Aries conjunct Chiron, square Sun
Jupiter: 5 degrees Aries 
Saturn: 25 degrees Aquarius trine Sun, square Venus
Uranus: 17 degrees Taurus trine Moon, conjunct Venus
Neptune: 25 degrees Pisces square Sun
Pluto: 28 degrees Capricorn trine Mercury & Venus
South Node: 20 degrees Scorpio trine Neptune, square Saturn
North Node: 20 degrees Taurus conjunct Venus & Uranus
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The Alchemical Mind

The Alchemical Mind

Connecting philosophy and spirituality with the modern human experience. You are it. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/the-alchemical-mind/support

Black Girl In Om

Lauren Ash

Black Women Are Worthy with Deun Ivory

Deun Ivory is back! In this mini-episode of the Black Girl In Om Podcast, Deun Ivory (she/her) joins Lauren Ash (she/they) in conversation around creative wellness and the Black Women Are Worthy movement. For those who are new to the show, Deun is the founder and creative director of The Body: A Home For Love, a 501C3 nonprofit and wellness membership space that shifts culture around how Black women heal from sexual trauma. They provide trauma-informed care, community, and creative wellness to black women seeking a safe space to heal and journey towards self-love. Deun is also the former art director for BGIO, so you’re sure to have interacted with her intentionally gorgeous work. In the episode, she affirms the power of channeling our creative energy toward healing our inner child and loving on ourselves. Deun and her team recently launched the Black Women Are Worthy movement with the intention of providing resources and care to Black

Ghost Chronicles

Ron Kolek and Anne Kerrigan

Step into the unknown, the unexplained, and the unbelievable, we will test your senses and challenge your beliefs. In a world where science and religion clash, or do they? This is Ghost Chronicles - The Next Generation... Welcome to the nightmare! Join Ron Kolek (New England's own VanHelsing) and Anne Kerrigan (The Blond Bombshell) as they guide you through the dark and shadowy world of the ghost hunter. Listen as they delve into the dark halls of spirit lives and ghostly revelations. Do you believe? It matters not at all when you immerse yourself in New England’s spectral past and the bizarre world of Ghost Chronicles - The Next Generation.

Heaven & Healing Podcast

Heaven & Healing Podcast

Welcome to Heaven & Healing Podcast. Formerly known as Moon and Back Podcast, this was once a place of astrology, yoga, new age spirituality and self-healing. In October 2021, I opened my heart to Jesus Christ and accepted Him as my Lord and Savior later that year. By December, I was convicted by the Holy Spirit to rebrand my podcast and denounce new age spirituality as I officially declared my identity in Christianity. On February 22, 2022, Heaven & Healing was officially born. On Heaven & Healing, I share testimonies from others who have been saved by Christ - from other former new agers, to former witches, former addicts, former atheists and so much more. I also bring on Biblical scholars to share knowledge of the history, context, and meaning of Scripture. Additionally discussed are experiences from my own life, political commentary and cultural discourse as it all relates to God and His Word. For any believer or non-believer, this podcast is for you, in Jesus’ name. Amen!

Diary of a Psychic Medium

Amber Amrhein

The energy world can be a doozy. Join Amber Amrhein, Psychic Medium and Reiki Master, as she goes through her day by day experiences dealing with unseen forces. Whether you've encountered ghosts, faeries, extraterrestrials, or are simply curious to dive into spirituality, this show gives you the tools you need when the energy world comes a-knocking. - Connect with Amber: https://www.channelwithamber.com https://www.instagram.com/channelwithamber/ channelwithamber@gmail.com - Podcast Cover Photograph by Chanelle Barona Photography with LollyPopCulture Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/channelwithamber/support

Nights At The Round Table Pod

Nights At The Round Table Pod

S8 Ep105: How Do I Find My Center- Nights at the Round Table- Ep 105

In an honest conversation we discuss what it means to stay on the outside of your own life in a space where doubt, criticizing and fear hold a prominent space in your mind. We think that everyone is on a journey to the center of who they are, their truest self. Along the way we encounter so many things that want to keep us on the outskirts of our own identity and those are the things we're looking to tear down this year. Hopefully starting with this episode. Pull up a chair, you're all invited.

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JeffMara Paranormal Podcast


How Seeing Bigfoot is Like A Near Death Experience!

Podcast guests 503 are Tobe Johnson and Brett Eichenberger. Co-producer and director of the new documentary film, A Flash of Beauty: Bigfoot Revealed. Tobe is the author of, ‘The Owl Moon Lab’ books and researcher of all things related to Bigfoot. With over a decade of research and his own experiences he has dedicated his work to investigating the relationship of Sasquatch and the paranormal. Brett is an award-winning filmmaker with over twenty-five years of experience working in the film and video production industry. His work includes the feature films Light of Mine and Pretty Broken, commercials, short films, music videos, and documentary shorts.  
Watch the movie trailer on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IiiXjLvq2no 
Tobe's Website www.strangebrauradio.com www.owlmoonlab.com


Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/jeffrey-s-reynolds/message
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Living Open | Modern Magick and Spirituality for Mystics and Seekers

Eryn Johnson

Ep. #265: Slow Pleasure and Aliveness with Euphemia Russell

Euphemia, (they/them) is a somatic and pleasure coach, facilitator, and author. In this episode, Eryn and Euphemia talk about: Moving towards more aliveness The deep why behind somatics with a pleasure focus for Euphemia Ancestors & pleasure Cultivating other choices and ways of being besides the “fast” default Slow pleasure! Exploring your pleasure dial Spirituality in mundanity Connecting down to draw up Connecting with the body & pleasure even when there’s trauma and chronic pain Cultivating pleasure and embodiment practices to support us in moments when we feel less resourced and have less capacity Savoring practices What the book writing process taught them about creativity, the body, and pleasure Blog for this episode: www.living-open.com/blog/euphemia-russell Connect with Eryn on their Instagram and check out moon sign, officially out everywhere! Donate $20+ to Octavia’s GoFundMe & then email me your mailin

Spirit School


Lecture Series: Boundaries & Embodiment from IGTV

This episode is from the Spirit School Lecture Series that highlights my live teachings in the areas of mediumship, spiritual and personal development, entrepreneurship and quality of life.  Today’s episode about creating boundaries and connecting to the wisdom of your body is a compilation of three IGTV videos from the past two years. 

Recently, I have been assessing how I can have stronger boundaries around my energy in my business. I’ve always responded directly to every message and request and as my business has expanded, the way that I serve needs to be more sustainable. I have structured my schedule to accommodate a week off every month.  

Though being on the receiving end can sometimes feel like rejection, I hope that by setting some personal boundaries, you are empowered to create your own. We are all worthy of a life filled with peace, joy, expansion and love.

Some of the main poi

So You Think You're Intuitive Podcast

Natalie Miles

You are intuitive. You were born with this gift and it’s time to return to this inner connection. This is a straight talking podcast, created to help you reactivate, grow and trust your intuition so you can live a more empowered, abundant and connected life. Join Natalie Miles, Spiritual Mentor and Psychic Medium for inspired conversations, guidance, and practical tips on how you can work with your intuition in your everyday life. Are you ready for your intuitive upgrade?

The Line with Ashley Wood

Ashley Wood

Healing in Community with Laura Ohta

episode 108 I am so grateful to have my beloved Laura Ohta back on the podcast today to go deeper on love, pain, healing and community. Laura and I share our healing process, I share how I overcame incredibly deep grief after my Bosey cat transitioned and we also talk about the importance of healing together, in community and partnership. We hope you enjoy this episode!     Links Soul Sovereign Expansion Applications OPEN Activate the Line: Know Your Soul - 30% off with COSMIC at Checkout The Galactic Activation - REPLAY Join Us in Panama – Only a few spots left PRE-ORDER The Line: A New Way of Living in the Wisdom of Your Akashic Records NEW | Book your Akashic Record Reading Laura Ohta / Enter Aquarius on IG Join The Lab Subscribe to our Newsletter @alnwithin on IG February Spotify Playlist How to do a Line Activation Submit a Review Receive Texts from Us

The Language of Tarot - A Tarot Podcast

Roberta Lee

Language of Tarot - Celtic Cross Readings

Manifest Mad Money

Yolanda Boyarin

Welcome to the Manifest Mad Money Podcast where every week we chat about all things related to money, manifestation and spirituality. Hosted by money and mindset coach Yolanda Boyarin, you will learn how to manifest the abundance you deserve and create the life and business of your dreams. It doesn't have to be hard, you are worthy of having it all and Yolanda will show you how. Get ready to Manifest Mad Money!

Effortless Manifestation Podcast

Christina James

A Vision Board—The Most Powerful tool to Manifest Your Life Desires

Did you know that there is a way to manifest everything that you want? For many, they don’t realize that this is possible, but with a vision board, you can use this to look at your goals, and of course, bring them to life. They can be used with other important tools as well, such as the law of reason. They’re so popular that these days, celebrities use them, and they even swear by them. So what is a vision board? Well, we’ll tell you how you can use this, and how it can change your life.


Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/effortless-manifestation/support

Twin Flame Transformation

Michele Lynch

Twin Flame Longing, Desire and Finding Peace

Episode 62 - On this episode, Michele talks about Twin Flame longing and desire and how you can find peace on your journey.
"So, you’ve met the person who's the most perfect fit for you in every way - you figure out they’re your Twin Flame and then - because of the nature of the Twin Flame journey - you encounter obstacles and triggers that keep you from living happily ever after together.
And then you’re left with a longing and desire for things to be different than they are. This longing and desire you feel for your twin flame is unlike any other longing you’ve ever had.
How do you even begin to describe to other people this unexplainable pull to your Twin Flame?
From my experience these feelings of longing and desire don’t go away until you reach a level of healing and self-love within yourself as well as have cultivated love and connection with Divine Source energy.
Even then - even when you’ve do

Just the 2 of Us: Our Bumpy Journey Called Life

Harmony Love

We’re two friends that have been sharing our spiritual journey experiences for the last 11 years. Our journeys have had beautiful moments and also bumpy ones. We love talking about all things related to the heart, soul and ego and enjoy sharing that with all of you as well.

The Great F-ing Spiritual Awakening Podcast

Brandon Anderson

The GFSA podcast is a beacon of lighthearted content for anyone, at any stage of their spiritual ascension! This podcast discusses the many aspects of modern spiritualism and how it coincides with everyday life as a human. Brandon (and sometimes his wife Kassy), is a 34 year old, married father, facing his miraculous and sometimes confusing spiritual journey in this fast-paced society, and is extremely open and vulnerable about how it affects his life. Occasional guests. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/gfsa/support

Audio Daily Office | The Trinity Mission

The Trinity Mission

Following in the ancient way of Christian formation, join us each day for Morning Prayer, Mid-Day Prayer, Evening Prayer, and Compline.

Reset with Liz Tran

Liz Tran

The Law of Attraction

The average person has more than 6,000 thoughts every day.  Your thoughts hold the power to impact your future, but most of us aren't intentional about how are minds work. In this episode we dissect myths and truths about The Law of Attraction, and how to use your thinking mind to create the real-life outcomes you desire. About the podcast:Reset is a casual spiritual conversation that inspires you to listen to yourself, love yourself, and say yes to life. It is hosted by Liz Tran, an executive coach to founders and CEOs of tech startups, and the founder of Reset.Instagram: @resetnycWebsite link 

Thelema NOW! Crowley, Ritual & Magick

Ordo Templi Orientis

Our mission is to provide listeners with interesting, informative, thought-provoking interviews featuring individuals involved in myriad realms of mysticism, spirituality and magical theory and practice: authors, sorcerers, academics, entertainers. We’ll be looking into everything except inter and intra organizational politics as that’s ground very thoroughly tilled by other programs. (Opinions expressed on this program by interviewees and interviewers are theirs alone and do not necessarily represent those of Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O), Ordo Templi Orientis U.S.A. (O.T.O.-U.S.A.), or any of their officers or directors.)

Twin Flame Guides: Spirituality And The Twin Flame Journey, Ascension, Awakening, Golden Age

Twin Flame Guides: Spirituality And The Twin Flame Journey, Ascension, Awakening

4 Hints Your Twin Flame Is Missing You Right Now

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Whatever stage of the twin flame journey you’re in, you are probably wondering if they are thinking about you and missing you.  
Perhaps you’ve had the feeling they are missing you, but you’re not sure why you feel that way.  
Today I go over 4 clear signs that your twin flame is missing you right now and how you know your twin flame is coming back.
Thanks for listening to the Twin Flame Guides podcast.
We’re Stef and Julia, a twin flame couple in full, harmonious union and we help others to do the same.
We focus on helping you step into your mission, practice self love and understand more about the journey.

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زندگی شاد روزانه با جویس مایر

Joyce Meyer

زندگی شاد روزانه یک برنامه رادیویی و تلویزیونی است که بصورت روزانه پخش می‌شود. این برنامه توسط خدمات جویس مایر تهیه شده است.