Are You Garbage? Comedy Podcast

Kevin Ryan & H. Foley

Tom Segura!

Kippy & Foley are joined by the one and only Tom Segura. Thanks for listening. Love youse guys.

Live Shows:


Sal and Chris Present: Hey Babe!

No Presh Network

Time Travel with Stavros Halkias | Sal Vulcano & Chris Distefano Present: Hey Babe! | EP 80

Hey Babe! is a podcast where comedians Chris Distefano and Sal Vulcano share stories and have fun. Let your hair down & come hang out with the BABES!
This week the babes are joined by comedian Stavros Halkias! His special Live At The Lodge Room is now out on youtube! The babes talk growing up Greek. The look whos talking films are really weird. Chris is hooked on the Look Who's Talking series, worst baby names, the birds and the bees, shout out Bruce Willis, hot Jews from the 70s, Chris believes in the dodleston messages, Napoleon Bonaparte had a weird fetish, hygiene in the Middle Ages, when is the world gonna end?, accept don't resist, what is at the edge of the universe?, what is the future of Earth, Rich Vos gets kicked out of Canada, This lion got a BAD haircut, Mona Lisa was attacked!

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The Tim Dillon Show

Tim Dillon

303 - Meeting In The Woods

Tim Dillon lets you know that even though we are entering one of the worst economic recessions everything is going to be okay, and why he's comforted by the podcasts of Jennifer Aniston, Jason Bateman, and all celebrities.
Bonus episodes every week:
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The Comment Section with Drew Afualo

Brat TV

DO WE HAVE THE SAME DAD? | Drew Afualo ft. Sarah Baska | THE COMMENT SECTION EP 18

Drew welcomes Sarah Baska this week as they talk about fan girls and how men treat being a fan girl.  Drew: Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

Zane and Heath: Unfiltered

Zane & Heath

S3 Ep27: #133 - Zane's Car Accident Meltdown

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The Shane Dawson Podcast

Shane Dawson

Mind Blowing Conspiracy Theories and Subliminal Messages

In this episode Shane and the crew get real about some of the darkest moments in their lives and how they overcame them. They also dive deep into the world of Subliminal Messages and learn about what companies may be planting dirty thoughts into your brains! Throw in some more “Cheap Tricks with Jerid” and a special PRIDE edition of “Facts with Chris” and you got yourself a fun time on the couch!

The Late Show Pod Show with Stephen Colbert


Michael Che | See Something, Do Something

If you’re heartbroken and frustrated after yesterday’s mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas, you’re not alone. There are things Congress could do right now, Congress just refuses to do them. And Michael Che makes his first visit to the Ed Sullivan Theater since his standup comedy debut on “The Late Show with David Letterman” a decade ago, and shares the truly wild story of how he got to the theater that day amid the chaos of Superstorm Sandy. In the second part of his interview, Michael Che points out some key differences between his day job at “Saturday Night Live” and his side gig, “That Damn Michael Che” which is streaming its second season now on HBO Max.
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Emergency Intercom

Enya Umanzor & Drew Phillips & Studio71

Drew Has A Crush

Drew talks about going on tour with Lorde, Enya discusses Azuls flea infection and they both bond over being degenerates in high school.  
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Mike Birbiglia's Working It Out

Mike Birbiglia

Comedian Mike Birbiglia welcomes a different comedian or creator each week and together they work out original, untested material. And, occasionally, uncomfortable topics. Join them as they work it out.

Good For You

Whitney Cummings

Margaret Cho

The legendary stand up comedian and actress Margaret Cho (30 ROCK, THE FLIGHT ATTENDANT, AMERICAN GIRL) is on the podcast telling Whitney about being a lazy Dominatrix, pee play, and human dog parks.  Margaret's podcast THE MARGARET CHO comes out Thursdays wherever you get your pods.  Go to for tour dates.  Margaret's new movie FIRE ISLAND is streaming now on Hulu.

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The Cryptid Factor

The Cryptid Factor

73: #073 The Synchronicity Issue

This issue is packed with synchronous happenings at the Erich Von Däniken and Sphinx Eyes magnitude! Buttons shares a long story about a short visit to a UFO symposium where he encountered a Loyal Brown Pet in a beat up Porsche. There's news of robot goo, robot goats and robot cryptid food deliveries.
Also - Rhys has reports of a Turkey sighting from a Squatch hunter, Dan's found a video of Cousin It pretending to be a hand-standing skunk and Buttons has exciting sports news!

Off Menu with Ed Gamble and James Acaster


Ep 151: Rob Brydon

We’re back in National Treasure territory, as Rob Brydon – who has eaten a lot of food both on and off camera – joins us in the Dream Restaurant.See Rob Brydon on tour. Go to for tickets. Recorded and edited by Ben Williams for Plosive.Artwork by Paul Gilbey (photography and design) and Amy Browne (illustrations).Follow Off Menu on Twitter and Instagram: @offmenuofficial.And go to our website for a list of restaurants recommended on the show.Watch Ed and James's YouTube series 'Just Puddings'. Watch here. See for privacy and opt-out information.

Brooke and Jeffrey: Second Date Update

MOViN 92.5 | Hubbard Radio

Second Date Update: Penguins Are Sexy

Most of the time, a tiny fib won’t cause a lot of damage to a relationship, but the lie one of our listeners told on a date came back to bite him. When we learned the truth....We were all shocked and a little disturbed!

Brooke and Jeffrey

MOViN 92.5 | Hubbard Radio

Today vs Back In The Day

PODCAST EXCLUSIVE: We're pitting the generations against each other with the ultimate trivia game! It's Brooke vs. Alexis! Millennials have been frustrated with Alexis for weeks now... Let's see if today she can make them proud!

Wild 'Til 9

Lauren Riihimaki & Jeremy Lewis & Studio71

Exposing Her High School Tumblr

In an unexpected turn of events, Jeremy uncovers the cringe and awkwardness of Lauren's Tumblr from high school.

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博世01. 小狗打滚的时候都想什么呢?

本期主播:@东东枪 杨过身边那个雕@六兽 酷酷杜宾@午夜骑手毛冬 狗狗的好兄弟欢迎收听由博世冠名播出,有知有行和暂停实验室联合赞助播出的谐星聊天会第三季【博世,科技成就生活之美】抽奖、番外,欢迎关注微博@谐星聊天会周边、幕后,欢迎关注公号:谐星聊天会加听友群,点击公号下方按钮【关于我们】-【我要进群】欢迎大家到B站收看谐聊精彩小场面这期聊聊小动物!你养过什么不寻常的宠物吗?家里的小动物有没有做过什么让你难以理解的事情?如果可以学一种动物的语言,你想学哪种?为什么?欢迎来听!00:06:55 小时候养过啥小动物?00:17:45 主播们表示,这一段全是知识点00:32:20 《今天我喂鸡》00:44:41 消音猫01:09:50 养鱼,我略知一二01:16:30 吃饭的修勾摸不得01:30:30 离科考最近的一次!背景音乐-来自平台musicbedGimme Some More (instrumental)- JoybirdWhere I Wanna Be (instrumental)- Dazy ChainBounce- Steven Gutheinz制作:吕东剪辑:赫楠设计:奕然平台:寿司社群:毛肚本期广告:毛书记、吕东、宁家宇

I.E In Besties

Stephanie Ramirez, Vanessa Cararez

Ep. 23 - Ghost At Steph's Wedding! High maintenance friends, Creative Burn out & More!

What's up besties! On todays episode we brought in our friends Sal who is an amazing photographer share his experiences on taking photo full time and the challenges that come with it. Also, Steph mentions how after her wedding, some creepy things were happening at the house they were stay at... Follow Sal here! Get 10% OFF Your first month of Therapy at Get 20% OFF @manscaped + Free Shipping with promo code BESTIES at! Spill the Tea here! Follow us! Vanessa CazarezInstagram - - Stephanie RamierezInstagram - - Time Stamps!00:00:00 - Intro00:04:02 - COVID after effects00:07:31 - Manscaped0

The Sip with Ryland Adams and Lizze Gordon

Ryland Adams

My WORST Moment Caught on Camera… TikTok Taste Test & Celebrity Hot Topics!

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On Today’s episode of The Sip, Ryland embarrassed himself like never before LIVE on camera…. Lizze brings in a viral TikTok snack and the two discuss the week's HOT TOPICS! 

Bob & Sheri

Cumulus Podcast Network | Bob & Sheri

Get That Ham (Airdate 6/24/2022)

Texas Dress Code.
Those Pants Just Disappeared.
Morons in the News.
I Wish I Didn’t Know.

Everyone Needs a Laugh.
Things Bob Didn’t Know.
The People’s Movie Critic: “Spiderhead”

The “Elvis” Movie.
Kids Ransack Florida Mansion.
Can You Believe This S***?

From the Vault.
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The BOB & TOM Show Free Podcast

The BOB & TOM Show / Westwood One Radio

Full Show Podcast for June 24, 2022

Listen to a sample of the VIP full show podcast!

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Drama Mama


plastic surgery got y'all looking like you have a shellfish allergy

Have you ever considered plastic surgery? Do you think the rise of elective surgery is bad? Ben talks BBL's gone wrong, the botox boom, and why he thinks people should embrace who they are!
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Making Moves with TK

Taylor King & Studio71

Josh Peck + Joe Vulpis - How to Be Well Respected in Hollywood: Auditions, Entertainment & Film

This week Taylor is Joined by Josh Peck & Joe Vulpis! They talk about Dating in LA, Josh's new book Happy People are Annoying, some Jersey Shore tea, and the lowdown on the real Tom Cruise. Tune in to this juicy ep!!

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Good One: A Podcast About Jokes


A Black Lady Sketch Show's "What Up? I'm Three" (with Robin Thede)

This week on Good One, host Jesse David Fox gets ahold of A Black Lady Sketch Show creator, writer, and actor Robin Thede! After three strong seasons and working on a fourth, Robin came on the show to nerd out about sketch comedy. From her passionate explanation of the difference between a sketch and a skit, to describing the "round robin" auditions for the ABLSS cast, this episode is, in Jesse's words, "Robin's Masterclass."
Watch A Black Lady Sketch Show on HBO Max. Follow Robin Thede on Twitter and Instagram. Follow Jesse David Fox on Twitter and Instagram.
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Roy's Job Fair

iHeartPodcasts and Comedy Central

Work is like sex or food — you’re either getting it or looking for it. Comedian Roy Wood Jr. (correspondent on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show with Trevor Noah) explores the human condition every week through the prism of employment. Roy sits down with real people from ALL lines of work about their most memorable jobs, employment vacancies they're looking to fill, scams they've run at the office, and of course, the cringe-worthy office romances. Roy's famed humor is matched by his true empathy and curiosity for people. Join him on an entertaining exploration into the battle all of us fight every day. Balancing our need to provide with our need for emotional fulfillment. Learn from the people who got it right. Laugh with the rest of us, who constantly get it wrong. Welcome to the Job Fair.

The Cripescast Podcast

Charlie Berens

Episode 104 - Ryan Busse

Ryan Busse, a former firearms executive for Kimber America and author of “Gunfight: My Battle Against the Industry that Radicalized America” comes on the Cripescast today to talk about gun control. Having grown up with guns, a love for the outdoors and hunting, and years of experience in the gun industry, Ryan has a unique relationship with guns and offers insight on the gun problem in America and their place in our society. Ryan and Charlie talk about all areas of the gun control conversation including universal background checks, red flag laws, mental health, the NRA, conspiracy theories, and where we can go from here.

Dadville with Dave Barnes and Jon McLaughlin

That Sounds Fun Network

Brandon Heath: A People's History of Show Choir

Dave's old college buddy, Brandon Heath, is the latest visitor to Dadville. Even after all these years, Brandon drops a few nuggets that even Dave was unaware of. Plus, they talk about early brushes with Chris Gaines, life as a movie extra, and the inherent power of "Hammer" pants.
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Hot Mess Teacher Express Podcast

Bored Teachers w/ Jess Smith

Episode #21 - Hot Mess Answers to Hot Mess Questions From YOU Hot Messes Out There (with guest star: hubby Jeff!)

Hubby and high school history teacher joins me today for a Q&A sesh from you, our listeners!


COME SEE ME LIVE AT THE BT COMEDY TOUR! Spring break tickets on sale now and summer break shows coming out soon!

Big news hot messes... You can catch me Live on stage this spring or summer break in a city near you! That's right, the Bored Teachers Comedy Tour is finally happening and it's going to be EPIC. I'll be joining the stage with teacher-comedy legends Devin Siebold, KC Mack, Honest Teacher Vibes, Mr. Thomas English, Mr. Williams PreK, and Gerry Brooks. Get your tickets before they sell out and if you don't see a show in your city/state yet, let us know by signing up to our email list to be the first to know!

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Gusgri Podcast

Gusgri Podcast


En la 2da parte de "Don Camilo" ex jefe de plaza de Mazatlán cuenta como es que a veces los patrones se quedan sin dinero para pagarle a los empleados y como es que llegaba la mercancía a México en gobiernos pasados.

Podcast But Outside

Cole Hersch and Andrew Michaan

149: Outside A High School (w/ Atsuko)

Please no talking! It’s time to pay attention and listen to this perfect episode recorded outside of a high school! Guests include some well behaved students who are numb to the daily fights that take place, some young sophomores about to go on their very first date, and our friend and comedian Atsuko Okatsuka! Recorded 5/17/22 in front of Hollywood High School in California. 
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OMG Hi! with George Lopez Podcast

All Things Comedy

Ep 66 OMG Hi! Voicemails

George, Gil, and Grant catch up on voicemails in today’s episode! From fans propositioning George to curious callers asking Gil about his life fighting crime, you never know what you're gonna get when you open up the voicemail(bag) here on OMGHI! 


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OMG, Hi! is a weekly podcast with George Lopez featuring surprise celebrity guests, listener call-ins, stories of George's haunted house, hot takes, and more. Leave a voicemail: (818) 533-1843.


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Trevor Talks Too Much

Mythical & Ramble

Alex Warren Shares His Body Image Struggles, the Future of Food, and Will Ferrell Sightings

Trevor is joined by Hype House co-founder, singer, and podcaster, Alex Warren, and the two talk about body image and their relationships to food, the future of what our food could become, and a Will Ferrell sighting that almost turned car crash!
Alex's podcast:
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Sam Taggart and George Civeris

"The Devil" w/ River L. Ramirez

Today on the pod it's lil devil's only as River L. Ramirez joins Sam to co-host this ep on Lucifer himself. An array of damning topics are covered from dream roles on And Just Like That to the actually cool personality George's presumed kidnapper. Stick around for the end of the ep for real biblical scripture as told by a standup comedian (and yes, we WILL be charging a two-drink minimum!) Praise HIM.  

Keeping Records


Shelby's America

Caleb and Shelby sit down for a little one-on-one in the studio to discuss the biggest names of our generation: Joe Rogan, Jordan Peterson, Reba McEntire, Shelley Duvall, and Heath Ledger. 

They also carve out some time to hone their improv chops but somehow only get to two of your additions to the Golden Records. But as always, they're perfect, just like all of you lil freaks. 

Your Record Additions:
The Reba Theme Song (Audio)
Pizza with Ranch (Food)
Watch the video version of the episode
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Go Fact Yourself

Ep. 105: Jeff Hiller & Krystina Arielle

Go Fact Yourself returns to a live audience! Join us on Saturday June 18th at KPCC’s Crawford Family Forum in Pasadena. Tickets are free!It’s a wickedly good morphin’ time on a brand new episode of Go Fact Yourself!Jeff Hiller is an actor and comedian who’s latest work is on HBO’s “Somebody Somewhere.” He considers the role a special one; in addition to his character sharing a lot of his interests and personality traits, it’s the first time that he’s gotten to portray a person who’s likable! Plus we’ll learn more about his work with Shakespeare in the Park… and his cat’s instagram page.Krystina Arielle made a name for herself by cosplaying as some of her favorite franchises like Star Wars and Star Trek. She knew eventually that her fandom would lead her to working in these universes as a professional– which she does now! You can hear her latest webseries about the Star Wars: The High Republic book series on guests

Fitzdog Radio

Greg Fitzsimmons

Erica Rhodes - Episode 953

From Veep, Modern Family and NPR Erica Rhodes talks about surviving in prison (if she were to ever go). Greg predicts this will be a big year for her. And he knows this stuff.  Follow Erica Rhodes on Twitter @EricaRhodes

Ebony and Irony

Starburns Audio

Ebony and Irony: Harry James Hanson & Devin Antheus

This week, Bunny and Monét celebrate the history of Drag with Harry James Hanson & Devin Antheus and their book Legends of Drag.

Follow @legendsofdrag in Instagram
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RuPaul: What's The Tee with Michelle Visage

The Paragon Collective

In this podcast RuPaul and his cohost Michelle Visage discuss pop culture, advice, beauty advice and behind the scenes of their hit show, RuPaul’s Drag Race.

What happened to you? with Sebastian Scales

Sebastian Scales

#34 - Josh Coley (Season 2 Finale)

Comedian Josh Coley shares his experience being sexually and physically abused as a kid, having his stomach blown up in the marines, and how lsd and comedy have helped him heal.
Josh is on Instagram @Comedian_joshy
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Somos Los Pichy Boys

Los Pichy Boys

S5.E76 Se roban un Rolls Royce y tiran una fiesta ilegal en una mansion de 8 Millones. Si necesitas comprar o vender una casa llamanos en Sharpline Realty. 

Fishing After Dark w/ the Beard & the Badge


Ep. 48 AYO got SCAMMED on Facebook Marketplace!!

Today AYO discusses mean people from FB marketplace

The Shuli Show

The Shuli Show

The Shuli Show Ep 122

The Lenny Saga continues in the 4th Miserable Men episode! If you have a small or large online business and would like to sponsor the show, contact us through this email- Sign up for Patreon! Rustic Cuts is your go to for locally raised natural beef! Check out our Shuli Show Packages and use Promo code SHULI at check out for 10% off and free shipping! For foundational nutrition you can count on go to Follow Shuli on: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:

Cold Hands Warm Hearts

Cold Hands Warm Hearts

Siblings Ashley Engle and Brandon Birdwell discuss all sorts of nonsense in this freeform, conversational podcast.

The Noel Casler Podcast


Noel Casler Podcast Episode 59

Noel talks Jared Kusher/MBS deal, GOP malfeasance DOJ's ticking clock and shares some thoughts on holidays as well as a bouzouki story from life on the road. 2022 NAC Productions INC.

High School Sucked

Comedy Here Often? Podcast Network

Ola Dada – Summer School Series

This week, our guest is Comedian & Canada's Got Talent finalist Ola Dada! Ola talks growing up in Fort McMurray after moving from Nigeria, and so much wild stuff happens omg. Ola even fights someone!Featuring Guest Host Ross Dauk: more Ola, go here!:’re now on Patreon! us on Instagram: us on Facebook: Producer Alexi on Instagram: more Darcy & Jane click here: See for privacy and opt-out information.

LOL with Kim Gravel

Uncommon Audio & Kim Gravel

Surviving Life With Gen Z Kids with Comedian Scarlett Alexandra

This week, millennial comedian and TikTok star Scarlett Alexandra shares her experience living in a college dorm with Gen-Z kids.
Scarlett Alexandra is my Gen-Z expert and she’s ready to make you laugh and inspire you with her message that it’s never too late to start something new. Scarlett's a hilarious and talented screenwriter, comedian, actor, and musician. She has so many funny tales drawn from her non-traditional background and experiences, including a wild encounter with Flavor Flav. She’s proof that at no matter what age you’re never too old to follow your passion.
On this episode, I talk to Scarlett about her return to college as a 30-year-old, her experience living in the dorms with Gen-Zers, Generation Z slang, and generational trends. This episode is jam-packed with laughs and insight into the minds of Gen-Zers that only someone who lives among them could provide. You don't need to be a Ge

Moore to the Story

Moore to the Story

75: Moore To The Story EP 85

David C. Smalley

David C. Smalley

#593 - Flat Earther

Evidence for a spherical earth is presented to a Flat Earther.

基本无害 Mostly Harmless


Ep73 当一个父亲谈起他的父亲

这期比较短。是基本无害特别企划里的一个投稿,听友「小野」采访自己的爸爸。这个投稿比较长,有十三分钟,放在特别企划的征集里可能有点不平衡,恰好有很切今天的题,所以临时决定单独放出来了。小野的爸爸讲得很好,我很受触动,也推荐你们听一听。今天父亲节,你们可以祝我父亲节快乐。【主播】@午夜骑手毛冬【内容索引】00:00:36 这期比较短的原因00:03:27 小野跟爸爸聊爷爷奶奶00:16:41 这段录音很像一个作品00:17:46 想起2013带爸妈出国旅游00:22:53 记得给爸妈打个电话00:25:00 珍惜跟父母的时光最简单的方式是:记录下来00:27:01 送祝福环节【音乐】Que Sera Sera——Billianne温暖——张镒麟《人世间》主题变奏-带女声哼鸣——张镒麟时间——张镒麟父子 大提琴版——张镒麟剪辑大师:@枳壳er运营鬼才:MarvinRSS Feed:基本无害人间观察群+wx:jibenwuhai2022 See for privacy and opt-out information.

The Teacher Talk Show

Bored Teachers

Episode #5 - Special Guest: Eddie B (@eddiebcomedy) - Life On Tour and a Being a Houstonian in Hollywood

In this episode, we're joined by one of all educators' favorite teacher-comedians, Eddie B! Living between LA and Houston when he's not touring the country, Eddie tells us what life has been like going from a science teacher and football coach to a famous comedian and soon actor in his own TV show produced by ABC with Laurence Fishburne. We also find out the name of his new Web Series, next book,  and play a fun game of "Would You Rather". Tune in and don't forget to rate the podcast and leave us a review!

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Verbal Cardio w/Tony Baker

Tony Baker Comedy

Verbal Cardio ep 063 'Vasectomy Talk'

Verbal Cardio ep063 'Vasectomy Talk'



EP94 世界人民看砍头


You Should Know Podcast

Peyton Hardin

GRUNGE -You Should Know Podcast- Season 2 Episode 2

Welcome back to another episode of the You Should Know Podcast! This episode is full of embarrassing stories! Peyton opens up the show by talking about returning to basketball and revealing his food pet peeves! Cam joins the show again to detail his crazy basketball stories while making fun of Peytons middle school history.   
FOLLOW ME! Instagram: @psh8 Tiktok: @thepsh8 
FOLLOW CAM! Instagram: @camkennedy22

مايكرفون عراقي

تنوين بودكاست | Tanween Podcast

الهوية بكارت أبو الخمسة

بعد الصراعات والواقع المر الذي عاشه الشعب باتت الهوية الوطنية في خطر، فبدأنا نرى الكثير من المواطنين يسخرون من واقع وهوية بلدهم مقارنةً بالماضي الجميل، فأصبح الانتماء ضعيفاً وباتت تنشأ أجيال لا تعرف من الوطن إلا الكلام عن الهجرة والرحيل عنه.

Support the show:

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Smosh & Ramble

Why Sarah is Leaving Smosh (*not clickbait*) (*emotional*)

This isn’t clickbait, we swear! Everyone’s favorite Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper personified— Sarah Whittle, is saying farewell to Smosh! In this special episode of the SmoshCast, Sarah opens up to Ian, Courtney, and Shayne about why she’s leaving us (for real this time) and shares some of her favorite Smosh memories. 
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Hablando Claro Podcast

Hablando Claro Podcast

El GOAT de la NBA y todo sobre la Invasión de Ucrania

DESCUBRIMOS CUAL ES EL GOAT DE LA NBA. En este episodio vuelven Fernando y Bennett con sus ocurrencias y hasta Ruben Ahmed regresa. Aprovechamos para hablar sobre el conflicto bélico ucraniano, el all star game, los 75 años de la NBA y sus mejores 75 jugadores. Muchas EMOciones, matchups y recomendaciones de altura cierran este gran podcast. Besitos y besitas

We Got This with Mark and Hal

Hal Lublin and Mark Gagliardi

#379 - Best Movie Monologue

Which Movie Monologue reigns supreme? Find out here.

Staying In with Emily & Kumail

Three Uncanny Four/HyperObject Industries

12. Things Will Change

On the final episode of the series, Emily and Kumail discuss ways to contribute to Black Lives Matter if you can’t go to protests, the importance of ritual, and guess the lifespans of animals.
This Week's Recommendations:

Code Switch

What A Day

Keep It

Still Processing

Film & Television:

The Fjords of Norway

A Hard Day’s Night

Monterey Pop

Love & Basketball 

Fantastic Planet

Stalker (1979) 

Men in Black

All of Me

Ghostbusters II

The Vast of Night

Chungking Express

We’re Here

The Godfather Notebook

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vol.10 一次没准备太多的故事会

这一期是主播们坐下来闲聊,聊了聊最近看的一部电影,也拉着大家玩了两个游戏,其中一个讲故事的游戏欢迎感兴趣的朋友们一起来玩儿!祝大家收听愉快!00:11:59 关于《瞬息全宇宙》的小讨论00:22:08 第一个游戏:推销东西00:56:05 三轮车点歌台串台01:01:04 第二个游戏:故事会01:20:52 吕东的故事01:23:36 佳佳的故事01:26:52 毛书记的故事01:36:34 彩蛋:家宇的故事完整版背景音乐-来自平台musicbedIt'll Be Alright - Handsome and Gretyl

Going to Bed with Garcelle


Going to Bed with Dorinda Medley and Nicole Smith

Cheers to a fantastic season! Tonight Garcelle MAKES IT NICE in bed with RHONY Housewife alum Dorinda Medley and her IRL bestie Nicole Smith, and the threesome have a kiki of a lifetime. The ladies discover the most popular cities to cheat in, ponder on whether or not Dorinda is a chubby chaser, and discuss frankly the joys of being alone (while Dorinda explores being on dating app The League). Forget foreplay, these ladies get right to the chase!

The Awkward Tapes

The Awkward Tapes

Episode 31 - We Can Buy THIS For 5 Cents?!?!

Episode 31


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No Worries If Not!

Andrew Stanley & Aaron Chewning

Ep 41 - How to Write a Book ft. PreachersNSneakers & Jonathan Merritt

Viral sensation, PreachersNSneakers aka Ben Kirby, wrote a book! He has one of the best literary agents in the biz: Jonathan Merritt. They both joined the guys for this episode to talk about the process of birthing the book that’s inside you. Special thanks to Detestation Station for sponsoring this episode.
Follow Ben: @preachersnsneakers
Follow Jonathan: @jonathanmerritt
Follow Andrew: @andrewwstanley
Follow Aaron: @aaronchewning

What Makes You Think...

Nicole Langevin

MINISODE Kristen "Little Miracle" Maloney

Register for the most unique virtual competition just for adults, JUST FLIP!Want to support the show so that we can continue bringing you great content? Check out our Patreon and support however you can: the full VIDEOS WE DISCUSS ON THE SHOWLearn more about Nicole or register for an event at: & Instagram: @nicolelangevinconsultantTwitter: @youthinkpodBook a Cornerstone Traveling Convention by emailing: cornerstoneconventionsgym@gmail.comSponsors: Creatively Disruptive, Precision Choreo & Camps, My Gym JudgeNicole Co-Owns  My Gym Judge LLC with Chellsie Memmel and Like a Champ! Representation with Alicia SacramoneMusic by: Darek Leiner @rhythmkprSound Engineer: Keith Larsen 

Deja el Chou



Chicuelos! hoy vino ale chaban que tiene una super energia, al punto que trate de sacarle algo que le da fastidio o que odie y no lo logre! ojala se nos contagie esa buena energia y que uds disfruten este episodio!  

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Chrissie Mayr Podcast

Chrissie Mayr

CMP 434 - Nicole Aniston

Chrissie Mayr Podcast with Nicole Aniston! Crypto! NFT's! The future of Adult Entertainment, what is Madonna doing with her new NFT and more!  Follow Nicole VISIT GET CHRISSIE"S ALBUM! CHRISSIE MAYR ON TOUR!  5/25- ST LOUIS, MISSOURI 5/27- MCHENRY, ILLINOIS 5/28 CHICAGO, ILLINOIS (SimpCast LIVE) 9/8- AUSTIN, TEXAS 9/14- PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA



Vol.026 这期聊完“囤货和清理”,就把大家删了吧

简介:朋友们好,欢迎大家收听这期的「笑果编剧线上活动中心」。最近,我们所有人都在囤积食物、生活用品,囤积确实给人带来安全感。大概率,在这期间,也不会有朋友再做「断舍离」。借此机会,找来了几位编剧朋友:小北、鸟鸟、王梓晗、秀芹和小黑,聊聊我们扔掉和扔不掉的东西。对了,这个播客去年4月底开播,一周年啦。谢谢朋友们的陪伴,祝你过去、现在、未来都收听愉快。Show Notes:1:40居家汇报:能吃能睡,还活着。4:02各位的房间里都摆了什么东西?10:27咱们先搞清楚标准,扔垃圾不叫断舍离,就是爱卫生。17:15「断舍离」的大课题:遗物整理。人的分离是无可避免的。25:10人际关系「断舍离」:你会退群吗?豆豆:我会把僵尸群删掉。小黑:这个僵尸也不会起来咬你啊。30:30经历过疫情封控,以后还会扔东西吗?39:30由扔东西上升到聊经济基础,顺便聊购房和装修(买不起,主要看别人的)48:50你会对自己进行「断舍离」吗?

Kings of Con: The Podcast

Rob and Rich

And we're back...again

We're back after a delay!  Just in time for Euro Rob, Creepy Rich and a new TV show idea (with a theme song of course)



S3 第三集吧_新世紀的女兒鄭宜農

聽本集吧之前請注意您的播放設備保固期,《水逆》威力不容小覷 鄭宜農「新世紀的女兒 演唱會」8/6 在台北流行音樂中心 〖訂閱+下載】〖訂閱+下載】 阿路八首次用台語訪問大來賓,現場血流成河 宜農面對兒時偶像路嘉欣不斷突襲式讚美,原地羞崩! 學姐學妹大集合宜農爆料小8高中黑歷史  ミ(ノ_ _)ノ 配唱製作人的重要性,當鄭宜農遇上何欣穗 《水逆》專輯製作人小青蛙想讓大家認識純音樂人宜農 關於聲音的歷史,新世紀的女兒15歲時的小秘密是? 感受到人類對溝通的渴望,成為宜農創作的動力 哪時候是愛情來了?哪時候你說說看啊! 面對創作、表演、演唱會的「初戀」心情 (⺣◡⺣)♡*  臭臉文青二人組說不出口的「我愛你」 小8 V.S. 宜農冷笑話大PK --------------------------------------------- 【送!禮!啦!】 你需要做的事情是: 1.追蹤阿路八的官方IG 2.分享本集在阿路八官方IG的預告到你們的限動,在這個限動裡寫下你對本集Podcast印象最深刻的一句話或是一個事件,並標註鄭宜農和阿路八的IG帳號 我們會在一個禮拜之後抽出兩位幸運的聽眾,送出宜農親筆簽名《水逆》專輯! --------------------------------------------- 鄭宜農「新世紀的女兒」 演唱會 時間:2022/08/06 (六) 19:30 地點:臺北流行音樂中心表演廳 票價:預售票2980元 / 2780元 / 2580 元 / 2180元 / 1780元 / 980元  /  890元 2022/06/13(一)12:00 iNDIEVOX全面開賣 *演出全坐席 購票請至: --------------------------------------------- 片頭Jingle by 金毛城武 片尾曲 by 蔡侑良心事業 ***《阿路八》週三更新*** ? 阿路八 IG: ? 小路 路嘉欣 IG:http

MoreThanCultr: The PodCast


I just got a nude! What P is you pushin??

Comedy Central Stand-Up

Comedy Central España

Nene - Fútbol es Fútbol

Nene no solo es un cómico guapo, tatuado y molón. También es un ex futbolista que consiguió sacarse el graduado.

Cuddle Club with Lou Sanders


Ep 91: Pete Holmes

Potentially the best answer to best/worst/weirdest cuddle in this week’s episode with US stand-up and podcaster Pete Holmes.Listen to Pete’s podcast ‘You Made It Weird’. Follow Pete on Twitter and Instagram: @peteholmes Follow Cuddle Club on Twitter and Instagram: @CuddleClubPodWant to support Cuddle Club to make more episodes? Make a one-off donation at and edited by Ben Williams for Plosive.Artwork by Paul Gilbey (photography and design).Support this show See for privacy and opt-out information.

Wednesdays We Drink Wine

JamPot Productions

Ep 52: BFF Dating My Ex!

This week the podcast is coming to you from Mexico whilst Sophie is on holiday! This ep we’re debriefing on Nicola and Brooklyn’s wedding (how stunning!) and have some in-depth dilemmas to sink our teeth into…from relationship drama in the friendship group, friends dating your ex, and not getting on with your boyfriend’s identical twin! Sophie is 6 hours behind so sadly no wine this week, but we’ll bacbe k on the vino when we’re reunited in the studio next week. See for privacy and opt-out information.

That's A Gay Ass Podcast

Eric Williams

A queer comedy podcast that asks "whose fault is it that you’re gay?" And if you’re straight, why are you so obsessed with us? Comedian Eric Williams is joined by queer friends and straight allies about the moments that gayed us and the traumas the bind us. It's honest, it's hilarious, it's a Gay Ass Podcast. Get bonus content on PatreonSupport this show See for privacy and opt-out information.

On Deez Hoes

ODHTV Productions


Tune in every Thursday for a new episode of #ODH

ODH TOUR tickets:


@nickokitchenshop code: ODHTV








ODH THEME SONG: Jovan J. Dawkins @jovan_drum_producer


The Tully Show

Mike Tully

Brian Raftery / "The Rise and Fall of the Erotic Thriller"

Writer Brian Raftery discusses "The Rise and Fall of the Erotic Thriller" (as featured on, his book "Best. Movie. Year. Ever.", the future of Hollywood, and more.


Elijah Fry

Welcome to Heavyweight where the podcast might get heavy

Let's Poddy! with Benji Weatherley

Benji Weatherley

Let's Poddy with host Benji Weatherley is the podcast where you will learn absolutely nothing and everything at the same time. Benji might just surprise you with some thoughtful insight in conversations with people he's met on his extensive travels across the globe. So just sit back, relax, and enjoy a laid back conversation with the best kinds of people.

William Lee Martin


From the mind of comedian William Lee Martin comes the HAWG WILD Report. Hawg is his own self described acronym for Hetrosexual Average White Guy. A fact that he is proud of. In each episode, Martin will discuss those moments in your life when you said to hell with everyone else's opinion, I am going for my dream. With special guests and fun interviews, Martin is one of America's best storytellers.



【二百五新聞週報】通膨巨獸有多可怕?英國的炸魚條價格居然堪比上餐廳吃飯 ; 馬爾地夫將打造漂浮城市,與其對抗海平面,不如與海共存!


✔ 法國Viva科技展隆重登場,最強眼的居然是這些美妝品牌!
✔ 巨星本色實在太強烈,還沒竄紅的女星千萬不能和阿湯哥一起演電影?
✔ 通膨巨獸席捲全球,英國民眾連炸魚薯條都快吃不起了!
✔ 股神巴菲特最後一場慈善午餐會,神秘人以破紀錄天價得標!
✔ 全球暖化造成80%國土即將消失!馬爾地夫開始打造起漂浮城市!
✔ 不要手機邊玩邊充電!新加坡女子手機爆炸造成手臂二度灼傷!
✔ 槍枝到底還要多氾濫!美國一週又有槍擊案頻傳
✔ 中國男子想試試看銀針試毒,誤食毒香菇緊急送醫搶救!
✔ 比特幣面臨創立以來最大熊市,這些大富翁們身價一夕間遭到腰斬

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▪ Music From BY HORIZON
▪ Music from
"Special Spotlight" by Kevin MacLeod (
License:CC BY (

The Modern Waiter Podcast

Restaurant-Podcast | Service industry

Why Do People Hate Restaurant Servers?

“Get a real job”, just one of many flippant comments lobbed my way after posting a 8 second reel on instagram. After hundreds of comments I asked myself why do people hate restaurant servers? In the first show on YouTube for this podcast after 175 audio only shows Danny and I bear out some myths about what servers do and how we get paid. You don’t have to understand but for those of you willing to learn, here we go…Watch us on YouTube Follow us on Instagram Support us on Patreon Podcast is available on iTunes iHeart Radio, Spotify an

To Live and Bike in LA

Handren Seavey

Ryan Holt Naked and Afraid part 2

I am back after a long time off with part 2 of Ryan Holt from Naked and Afraid.  Enjoy!

Dadville with Dave Barnes and Jon McLaughlin

That Sounds Fun Network

Bruce Hornsby: 10-Time Grammy Loser

We aren't going to pretend that this is just another episode of Dadville, because it's not. Bruce Hornsby is here.
Can we just let that last sentence soak in a bit?
BH (can we call him that?) is a seminal influence on the fellas and they go deep on his history of being discovered by Michael McDonald, recording with Bonnie Raitt, beating Allen Iverson, and so much more. This is an instant HOF episode of Dadville.
Email us your best dad stories:
Call or text us if that works better: 615-295-8936
Thanks to our sponsors!
Epic Will - Go to and get your family protected today! Use the code DAD20 for 20 percent off.
Athletic Greens - Athletic Greens is going to give you a FREE 1 year supply of immune-supporting Vitamin D AND 5 FREE travel packs with your first purchase. All you have to do is visit
Chime - Applying for a free account takes less t




疫情期间很多朋友都被迫在上海居家隔离,现在仍然并可能还会保持隔离状态一段时间,在这种特殊情况中发生了很多我们的几位主播想要分享吐槽的事情。有因为吃不到薯片哭泣到半夜,有在职团长被社区男性骚扰,也有在影视作品中感悟到当下问题的答案所在……本期是疫情居家隔离期间的特别番外篇,点击收听吧!【本期主播】StormXu (@StormXu徐风暴)小橘(@一只橘橘oo)狒狒(@西郊公园荣誉狒狒)【shownotes】00:02:29 主播们在家都在干什么?00:18:03 当团长也会受到很多邻居的骚扰00:23:00 居家隔离期间印象深刻的瞬间00:28:39 胡萝卜拿铁制作分享00:40:18 心路历程有没有什么转折点00:46:48 脱口秀演员在家都学会做菜了!00:56:08 心理健康也是我们需要关心的一部分【声音来源】Eminem【制作人】 小张(@Hidein2025)【收听方式】推荐使用小宇宙App、喜马拉雅、网易云音乐订阅《嘻谈录》,并与我们互动评论,也可以通过Apple Podcast、荔枝FM、蜻蜓FM、酷狗音乐、QQ音乐等以及任意安卓客户端平台收听。【互动方式】微博:@嘻谈录即刻、抖音:@嘻谈录微信公众号:嘻谈录【现场视频】B站:@嘻谈录【进听友群】参与每期录制,和主播聊天,获取最新消息,领取节目周边,添加嘻谈录小助手微信:xitanlu【洽谈合作】请发送邮件至【关于简单心理】简单心理《2021-2022 大众心理健康洞察报告》点击查阅:即日起关注【简单心理】公众号,回复「嘻谈录」,即可领取线上心理防疫特别关怀福利|嘻谈录听众专享和350元|简单森林线下心理健康评估优惠券「简单森林」是简单心理旗下一站式心理健康服务中心,目前有 3 家,分别在北京朝阳区丽都、海淀区中关村和上海的永嘉庭。关于「简单心理」成立于 2014 年,是国内领

The Bob Rivers Show

Bob Rivers

Bob and Zip Show with Ed Kelly – Jun 24, 2022

#175 | +Spike O'Neill | Spike's Trucking Gig | Closing Refineries | Weapons for Ukraine | Bayer Aspirin | Trump: Be Charged or Naw? | EV Riding Mowers | Remember the Trump Years | Oligarchs | Republicrat Presidents | Pardons for All | Creepy Alexa | DR Products | Elder Sex | Monsanto | FJB Flags | Perpe-fkn-tuity | Bobs Garage: BTO/Spike, *You Aint Seen Nothin Yet*

The Clean Comedy Podcast

James D Creviston

EP 284: James & David Do Alaska

This week James and David go over their adventure in Alaska as they go over their two shows, their experiences, and the funny moments of the trip. Check out David's book "Lone Star Lance" now on Audible here: now have an INSTAGRAM! Check it out at thecleancomedypodcast on InstagramTurn your funny into money! Check out the official website here: http://comedypreneur.comPick up a copy of “How To Produce Comedy Shows For Fun & Profit” here: you have a topic that you would like to hear discussed? Are you a clean comedian looking for an awesome podcast to be in? Do you have life-burning questions?Reach out to us at

Tales From Southern Indiana

Danny Howell

Small town life in a world bordering on the surreal with a country flavor. Stories and music.

The KiddChris Show


I'm Multi-Love

The KiddChris Show - 06/15/2022- Matt Reis, the friendly news ghost- Sarah game tape- Cruise ship retirement- Shitting on Jeff & Jenn “We were wondering”- Seg Sports- Vaginal Cavities- Stuart W. Penrose 'Can I Sue' - KiddChristianity




Episode 31: The AH"M crew sits down and talks Passover, Putin, and audience participation.  For information about upcoming shows visit Modi on Instagram at @modi_live.

Inteligência Ltda.

Rogério Vilela

526 - POPÓ

ACELINO "POPÓ" FREITAS é ex-boxeador e tetracampeão mundial de boxe. Popó unificou títulos de várias associações e é considerado supercampeão. O Vilela pensou em desafiar o Popó para uma luta, mas construir um ringue no porão é muito caro.

Coming To The Stage


15: KevOnStage Interviews: Jemele Hill part #1 | #ComingToTheStage

So True With Sophie Ross

Adore Media, Sophie Ross

Falling Into Rabbit Holes With Ryan Bailey

Today, Sophie is joined by her friend and occasional cohost on “So Bad It’s Good,” Ryan Bailey, aka the funniest person alive—you’ll never hear a better Elizabeth Holmes impression—and they’re talking about everything from, yes, Elizabeth Holmes, to Kanye, to Kim K’s latest drama, to Bravo’s “Summer House” to… WTF is an NFT?... and so much more. Enjoy the show!

Gabriel's Podcast

Gabriel Zamora

Everyone has a podcast but have you listened to Gabriel's Podcast? It's called Gabriel's Podcast because Hi I'm Gabriel Zamora and this is my podcast where I have open and honest conversations with my friends, followers or by myself. I talk about life, mental health, makeup, pop culture, social media, politics and current events. What makes this the best podcast in the metaverse?! I'm not sure because idk what that is yet but what i can tell you is that this podcast lets you into my brain and hopefully sparks a conversation. As an openly gay first generation Mexican American who has sparked some crazy online conversations over the years, i feel very confident in saying: my perspective is a perspective. Lol just know that i'll be making you laugh....or maybe its just me but at least someones laughing. Whether it be with the voices in my head, my friends or with my followers in my Dm's, I hope you enjoy my conversations. For advertising inquiries please email