Gun Talk

Tom Gresham

Hardening Soft Targets Pt. 1 | Gun Talk Nation

In the first of the two-part series, Gun Talk’s Ryan Gresham and Chris Cerino discuss the concept of allowing school educators and employees to be armed if they choose. In the aftermath of the Uvalde elementary school attack, schools moving from unarmed soft targets to armed hard targets has once again come up for national debate. Chris is a renowned firearms trainer, former LE/SWAT & Federal Air Marshal, and has first hand experience training teachers. From prevention, mindset and tactics, to harsh realities and deep concealment, this Gun Talk Nation is worth your time. This Gun Talk Nation is brought to you by Leupold, Silencer Central, Faxon Firearms, Remington Ammunition, and Ballistic Advantage. Copyright ©2022 Freefire Media, LLC Gun Talk Nation 06.08.22

Let's Argue About Plants

Fine Gardening Magazine

Episode: 113 Big and Bold Plants

The original title of this episode was, Big and Bold Plants for the Back of the Border. But between the length and the tongue-twister alliteration, we shorted it a bit for promotional purposes. However, on today’s program you’ll hear all about plants that really stand out in the last row of the garden choir. These perennials and shrubs are tall, yes. But they have so much more going for them than simply their towering presence. The featured plants offer a grounding and bold backdrop for your garden beds, but don’t flop all over the place. Some have excellent texture, others bodacious blooms, and a few even provide that beefiness during all four seasons. If you’re looking for something to enhance—not just fill in—the back of the border, give this episode a listen. Special guest: Courtney Olander, landscape designer from Seattle, Washington.

BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine Podcast

Immediate Media

Summer on the veg plot – with Monty Don

We all love the idea of picking healthy, homegrown food from our own gardens. But the reality doesn’t always match the dream – with gluts of crops when we can least manage them, or plants that just don’t perform and pesky pests that get to our harvests before we do. So, what steps can we all take to enjoy good eating this summer?For this food-focused episode, we turn to Monty Don to share his tips for success. He’s also the author, with his wife Sarah, of cookbooks including The Home Cookbook and Fork to Fork.Listen now, as he shares with us his favourite food, how he ensures the best harvests, and what to sow now for good pickings in the months ahead. See for privacy and opt-out information.

Darkness Radio

Darkness Radio

S17 Ep75: Exploring Those Portals To Hell w/ Katrina Weidman

Darkness Radio presents Exploring Those Portals To Hell with Paranormal Investigator , Katrina Weidman!

Katrina Weidman appears once again on the show to talk about the third season of Discovery Plus' hit paranormal show, "Portals To Hell"! Katrina talks about her thoughts on the different locations they visited this year, her thoughts about the diffferent hauntings, and also talks about her new You Tube series, "Travel The Dead", with Heather Taddy!

Check out Katrina Weidman on Portals to Hell on Discovery Plus:

Check out Katrina's new paranormal series, "Travel the Dead" on You Tube:

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Acá Entre Nozz

Aká y Allá studiozz

Ep. 31 - Esto pasó con mi carrera JULIO CHAIDEZ || la musica es mi sustento || acá entre nozz

Good Job, Brain!

234: SPECIAL - Lost Episode From the Vault

Can't think of a better way to spend our season finale than time travel back to 2018 when we recorded an All Quiz episode that we forgot about and never aired. So put get those fidget spinners out and get magically whisked away to a time where people tuned into HQ Trivia everyday, including Dana, who crafted a tricky multiple choice inspired by it. A time when NBA teams first debuted the jersey sponsor logo that inspired Colin to craft his hometown sponsor quiz. Karen goes international with a foreign language music round and a hard quiz about global pies. And Chris serves us a very refreshing music quiz.
Be prepared for some amazing outdated references. Four years have never felt so long ago. But whether if it's 2022 or 2018, we're just happy you're here with us.

Good Job, Brain is part of the Airwave Media podcast network.
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The Major Wrestling Figure Podcast

The Major Pod Network

Brian Tracks Down Butch Bushwacker!

The crew is ALMOST ready and are back and get going with the major review and giveaways and then discuss last week's follow up (1:45)!  We then have the news segment (34:59) and follow that up with the Ringside top ten (49:02).  We then get weekly purchases (52:32) and the Major Mark Purchases of the Week (1:24:44).  Next we talk about the Incarnation of Domination for Animals (1:34:57), and we answer some questions with our Q and A  (1:47:50)!  We finish out the show with Good House Keeping and all our plugs and upcoming events (1:54:40)!This episode is brought to you by Ringside Collectibles ( ). is your one stop shop for all your wrestling figure needs! Use code major to save 10 percent! SCRATCH THAT FIGURE ITCH!When: Each Friday morningWhere: Wherever you get your podcasts Social Media:Twitter: @MajorWFPod , @TheMattCardona , @Myers_Wrestling, @majorpodnetwork @SilverintuitionI

The Unexpectables

The Unexpectables

Gateway 27 - Killing Time

Perpetual Chess Podcast

Ben Johnson

FIDE Candidates Update- GM Jonathan Tisdall on the tournament so far

We’ve got 6 rounds in the books and GM Ian Nepomniathchtchi and GM Fabiano Caruana are comfortably in first and 2nd place, respectively. GM Jonathan Tisdall is an American born, Norway based author, journalist and is the 3 time champion of Norway. Jonathan has been covering high level chess for decades, so it was great to get his thoughts on the first 6 rounds of the Candidates. Is he surprised by Nepo’s dominance? What has gone wrong for Firouzja and Ding? Do the current leaders make it less likely that we will see Magnus defend the crown? It has been a fascinating tournament so far, and it was fun to discuss it with GM Tisdall!

03:00- GM Jonathan Tisdall joins the show.
Mentioned: Chess by the Numbers Blog
15:15- Perpetual Chess is brought to you in part by Check out GM Anish Giri’s Candidates videos on his YouTube ,and go Pro to get the course here:
Learn chess on

The Journey On Podcast

Warwick Schiller

Episode 70: Kansas Carradine

At 11 years old, destiny took Kansas’s hand and led her to Riata Ranch, one of theonly trick-riding schools in the world.  For the next 15 years, she performed as a member of the Riata Ranch Cowboy Girls Western Performance Team and traveled across the US and beyond to countries like Australia, France, Mexico, Spain, and Norway wearing a Cowboy Hat and displaying trust and bravery on a fast running horse.  What began as a healthy hobby has evolved into a lifelong career as a professional horsewoman.In this episode, Warwick and Kansas have a beautiful discussion about "the journey" and everything that comes with working with horses.Warwick has over 650 Online Training Videos that are designed to create a relaxed, connected, and skilled equine partner. Start your horse training journey today! us out on Facebook: hundreds of free Youtube Videos: ht

Shop Talk Live - Fine Woodworking

STL268: What flavor are your chisels?

Mike, Barry, and Ben discuss working with thin stock, combination milling machines, chisel handles, and Barry and Ben get a little too close to being fired on air. This episode is sponsored by Woodcraft and Pony/Jorgensen Mike Mascelli's video workshop can be found here: 0:00 - Intro 2:00 - Ben's new tablesaw 16:14 - Milling thin stock 25:39 - Tiny pieces of ebony 33:43 - Segments 57:52 - Why don't you like combo machines? Links from this episode can be found here - Sign up for the Fine Woodworking weekly eLetter - Sign up for a Fine Woodworking Unlimited membership - Every two weeks, a team of Fine Woodworking staffers answers questions from readers on Shop Talk Live, Fine Woodworking‘s biweekly podcast. Send your woodworking qu

Love to Sew Podcast

Caroline Somos & Helen Wilkinson : Sewing Enthusiasts and Entrepreneurs

Episode 211: Sewing Love Letters

Get ready for the lovey-dovey-est episode ever! We share your touching, funny, creative love letters to sewing teachers, sewing tools, sewing machines, fabric, friends, family, and sewing itself. Show Notes

We Got The Chocolates

Leigh Drennan & Mitch Drennan

134. Who Runs The World?

We spoke to Tim who is running around the world... we are being quite genuine. It is a world record attempt. Here is how the episode went:
1:45 - Undies or Free balling?
3:57 - Simpsons.
5:08 - Anniversaries. 
09:25 - Joke of the Day. 
12:00 - Tim Runs The World. 
19:50 - 50 pairs of shoes.  
25:00 - Charities supported.  
27:33 - Tinder Cricket Club.  
30:00 - Leigh was piiiooossseed. 
33:59 - Ray Warren. 
38:00 - Ray Warren and Phil Gould. 
40:44 - Fictionary. 
47:29 - You're in for a Tweet.
Thank you to Tim Franklin for coming on the podcast and make sure you follow his journey here: 
Also a shout out to the YouTube channel 'Greatest Game of All' who put together a cracking list of Ray Warren and Phil Gould's best interactions. You can check that video out here. 
We weren't thin on content this week but y

Wilderness Warrior Podcast

Eric Conn & Dan Berkholder

How to Get in Shape for Elk Season

In this episode, Dan and Eric talk about the upcoming Western big game seasons and what it takes to get in shape. Likewise, we’ll talk about preparation for archery season, nutrition, and having the right footwear and backpacks, too. Notes: Bigger, Leaner, Stronger, Michael LewisStarting Strength, Mark RippetoeThe Modern Minute Man Physical Training Plan, Bill Rapier

Feed Room Chemist: An Equine Nutrition Podcast

Dr. Jyme Nichols

86 | Relocating to Colder Climates

Are you considering a move to colder weather? Have you considered how changing your address will affect your horse? Dr. Jyme provides tips for helping your horse survive a relocation to areas that are no stranger to frozen ponds and blankets of snow! You can now follow @drjyme on Facebook and Instagram! Please tell your friends how #feedroomchemist has made you an #empoweredhorseowner!
Show Notes:
1. Turbo Mag BCAA - this metabolic balancer + electrolytes will ensure a horse drinks and it will keep them hydrated for the trip but more importantly it will keep them hydrated at the cellular level when you get to your new ice-cold destination. Horses that are used to warmer weather will not drink in the cold, and this sets them up for dehydration and impaction colic. So I would keep this listener’s horse on Turbo Mag at least until late spring or early summer when the weather starts to warm back up.
2. ADR Paste - This is a criti

The Hunting Dog Public

Cody Moreland and Kris Knight

This podcast will be about hunting dogs.

Shop Sounds Podcast

Nick Key, Jason Hibbs, Keith Johnson

Ep. 46 | Mudrooms, Lowes & Bent Laminations

In this episode we hear about KJ's mudroom, Nick's Lowes trip and Jason's bent laminations.
Be sure to hit up or sponsor Bits & Bits at and use coupon code: MORSELS15 to save 15%
Support us on Patreon: You can find the three of us on Instagram, Youtube and Tiktok : @bourbonmoth @kjsawdust @keywoodworks


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Wood Talk | Woodworking

Wood Talk | Woodworking

519 – Don’t Listen to Shannon

We’re talking about wedged round tenons, succeeding without being a wiener, and sawdust disposal

The Brülosophy Podcast


Episode 238 | Impact No-Boil Method Has On Hazy IPA

The boil is generally viewed as a necessary step in the brewing process, but some clever brewers of Hazy IPA have found that skipping this step results in a finished beer with desirable aspects. Contributor Cade Jobe joins Marshall this week to chat about the no-boil method, how it impacts Hazy IPA, and the results of an xBmt on the subject. The Brülosophy Podcast is brought to you by Imperial Yeast who provide brewers with the most viable and fresh yeast on the market. Learn more about what Imperial Yeast has to offer at today. | Relevant Article | Impact No-Boil Method Has On Hazy IPA xBmt

Odd Time

Charles Cornell

Odd Time is a group podcast among an unlikely cast of characters hosted by YouTuber Charles Cornell and featuring conversations about anything and everything from music and YouTube to disturbing missed connections dug up from the depths of Craigslist. Frequently featuring an array of co-hosts including ultra-productive YouTuber Thomas Frank, 350lb monster Realtor Vinny Pallone, music and fashion extraordinaire Amrom Svay and many other regular guests.

来都来了 | 听了再走


No. 107 - 一整个大混乱


Sports Card Investor

Sports Card Investor

It’s Dicey Out There.. DON’T MAKE THIS MISTAKE!

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Ducks Unlimited Podcast

Ducks Unlimited Inc.

Ep. 22 - FNBO Supports DU

Chris Lee, Integrated Marketing Manager for FNBO, joins host Chris Jennings to talk about how the DU Visa Card is benefitting wetlands conservation. Lee discusses how the owners of the largest privately owned bank are strong supporters of DU’s wetland conservation mission and how the DU Visa Card program provides funding. Offering 1.5% cash back on all purchases and a portion of every purchase going directly to DU’s conservation mission, it’s easy to see why both parties are excited about this partnership. Visit to learn more.

Trivial Warfare Trivia

Oakes Media Group

TW368 - I Have a Wedgie Named After Me

We have such a marvelous episode for you today. Alex Jacob (yes, that Alex Jacob) teams up with Jonathan against the powerhouse team of David Abolafia and Sean Cauley. It's a heck of game with Carmela running the game from the host's chair. Enjoy! Sponsors Family Sounds - wa EveryPlate - code twa179 BetterHelp -

AOPA Never Again


Thunderstorms in the vicinity (May 2022)

In this episode, sure you can avoid thunderstorms, but can you avoid the turbulence associated with them? Strap in tight--and I mean real tight. By Christopher Lyon.

Got a Never Again you'd like to share? Send it to ande we may choose your story to appear in the magazine and on this podcast.

Calling All Birds

Birding by Ear

Song Sparrow

In this episode we learn the sounds of the Song Sparrow!

After a brief discussion of the bird, we introduce the vocabulary for the week: "underslurred" notes.

Then we cover the basic song structure/pattern, as well as two contact calls.

Please be sure to subscribe to get future episodes as soon as they come out, and if you enjoy the show, be sure to leave us a rating!



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TBSラジオ『ジェーン・スーと堀井美香の「OVER THE SUN」』




A Quilting Life Podcast

Sherri McConnell & Chelsi Stratton

Our Newest Fabric Line, Emma

In this episode, Sherri and Chelsi share their brand new fabric line, Emma. Sherr shares who Emma is and why designing this line was so sentimental to both of them. They then give a preview of each of the new quilts they will be debuting with this line. Paper patterns are available now for pre-order in Sherri and Chelsi's Etsy shops. PDF patterns will also be coming to their shops soon. For complete show notes, pictures, and links to all of today's featured quilts and fabrics, visit the A Quilting Life Blog: collection fabric introduction post: collection fabric introduction post part 2: Home (Quilt on the Wall): Luck (Quilt on

Sewing Out Loud

Zede's Sewing Studio

Learn the technical information you need to sew successfully and have some fun with Zede and Mallory Donohue of

Trapped Under Plastic

Scott & Jon

What Would a Minipainting Gameshow Look Like?

Thanks to Broken Anvil for sponsoring this episode! Check out Broken Anvil Monthly and Rivenstone linked this episode we discuss what a hypothetical miniature painting themed game show would look like.Support the Show on Patreon: the Show with Merch: Jon: Scott: the FB group: to the audio versons: patreon, we offer our patron's the ability to submit topics for us to discuss during a podcast, you get an extended version of the podcast, and you can submit miniatures for us to critique during an episode!Relevant Links:Kingdom Death:


Woody Alpern and Gus Gonzalez

Episode 34: An Update on our Cave DPV Certification

The Cave DPV Certification is one of the toughest technical diving certifications to attain! Those of you who have followed our podcast/ YouTube channel for a while are probably aware that we tried to achieve this certification earlier in 2021 and it was a total disaster. We discussed this on great detail the last episode of this podcast. Today we give you all an update on our progress and share our stories on the toughest scuba diving credential we've ever worked for.

GUNS Magazine Podcast

GUNS Magazine

#131- How to: Pistol reloading

In this episode, American Handgunner Editor Tom McHale discusses how to get started in pistol-caliber ammo reloading. Episode Sponsor:  The GUNS Magazine Podcast is presented by Luth-AR. Luth-ARs founder, Randy Luth, has been a driving force in the firearm industry for almost 40 years starting as a machinist to founding DPMS/Panther Arms. In 2014 Randy introduced his affordable, lightweight, fully adjustable buttstock, the MBA! Luth-AR is now your one-stop-shop for high-quality USA made AR parts, custom accessories, rifle kits, build kits, Grips and Handguards! To find out more visit Read and subscribe to GUNS Magazine at 

Hunt Quietly

Matt Rinella

The future of hunting is imperiled. More and more hunters are competing for limited numbers of licenses. Public land hunting is overcrowded, and private land hunting is increasingly unavailable to those unable or unwilling to pay for it. These are the dominant problems facing hunters today, and nobody in the hunting industry and hunting entertainment is talking about them. That is because they cause and even benefit from these problems, as do some hunting nonprofits. Join Matt Rinella and his guests as they rethink the future of hunting and implement steps to save our cherished pastime. Visit to learn more.

Ask The Horse

The Horse: Your Guide to Equine Health Care

Equine Gastric Issues and Digestive Health

An upset digestive system can lead to bigger problems, ranging from gastric ulcers to colitis to colic. Join our host, Michelle Anderson, as she interviews Dr. Alicia Long of the University of Pennsylvania’s New Bolton Center. You'll learn about the microbiome, gastric ulcers, diarrhea, colic, fecal water syndrome, and much more! This podcast is sponsored by Purina. Alicia Long, DVM, received her veterinary degree from the Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine. She then completed an internship at Rhinebeck Equine in New York, followed by another internship rotating between the large animal internal medicine department at the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University and the Massachusetts Equine Clinic, an ambulatory private practice. She completed a residency at the University of Pennsylvania’s New Bolton Center in large animal internal medicine and is currently a fellow in large animal emergency an

Mission Whitetail

Mission Whitetail

EP. 005 The Importance of Bow Selection

Bow selection could make or break a hunt. Join host Joe Miles and co-host Kevin Ackim as they unpack their 2022 bow test, including reviewing their personal hunting bow setups.

Dungeons & Dragons & Daughters

Block Party Podcast Network

62. DDD The Beginning of the End, Part 4

Meme, Gallexy, and Fat Deb finally find out what’s going on inside of Mount Olympus since the Fireforge Dwarves had taken over.  They find some old friends, who aren’t in the best of shape, and finally, they come face-to-face with Christopherson!


Today’s episode is sponsored by Applewhite Games!  Check out their kickstarter “Journey to the Center of Eraegarth”!

Twitter: @ApplewhiteGames



The Wrist Cheese Radio Podcast


Episode 25: Quarter Century Quandry

In this episode, Bro and Schmidt talk about breaking into new brands and models that have been on the radar as of late.

Daily Strides Podcast for Equestrians

Lorna Leeson

Out on the Trail; Harnessing the Different Energy

Anyone who has ridden in an arena for a prolonged period knows how different the energy feels when they finally get out on the trail.  What may have been feeling a little flat and, even, deflated, suddenly comes back to life.  Both horse and rider seem to become more keenly self-aware.  And more responsive to external elements. Rather than being afraid of this energy or worried about it, you can rather begin to intentionally channel that energy to improving your training & riding.  By strategically channeling this energy, you can actually use your hacking or time out on the trail to actually improve things. Both you and your horse can positively influence your training and development.  And, then return to the arena with a greater understanding of the different questions. Read More... More Training & Support FREE AUDIO TRAINING ON THE HALF HALT Join Connection for Step by Step Audio Horse Riding Lessons Mindset & Fitness


Spence, Spangler, & Buzz

Episode: Spangler on Assignment

This week the triumvirate is back with Spence, SPANGLER, and Buzz together once again. We talk about Spangler's take on Watces&Wonders since he missed last week's episode, and the Fresh Forum Find returns!However, the big news this week is that Spangler is on assignment in Dallas! (Mainly for veterinary school) BUT! Dallas has a Swatch boutique! We talk about the Moonswatch, how many were in the DFW boutique, the fact that these are actually really well done in person, and which colors Spangler prefers, and whether or not Swatch is part of the Richemont Group...Enjoy!

Another Woodshop Podcast

Another Woodshop Podcast

Episode 106: Yoko-Care Beetle Killer

Dan has been cranking out the Sawstop zero clearance insert plates, started wiring up his spindle with Graham, and talking to some local clients for more upcoming projects.Mike is busy with 1 man leaving on vacation soon, had a delivery fall through from a lumber supplier, had an emergency call from a customer about powder-post beetles drilling in their table live edge, so he’s been applying a solution and treating it. He’s working on the grounding boxes now, and might be getting lucky with some large slabs for a low price.Pete is knocking out more ice climbing training tools, and seriously rethinking working on this project moving forward because of the labor involved. Went axe throwing and “loved all the wood”, finally got caught up on administrative work, had the Laguna Dust Collector in today out of nowhere (2 months ahead of schedule) and he started recording a video about it which got him all inspired.Sign up for Patreon for Early a

Cards To The Moon

Five Card Guys

Making Moves in the Hobby Bear Market; More Shoutouts to Fellow Content Creators in the Hobby; Weighing in on eBay Vault Service

EPISODE 61 - Clark, Hyung, and John quickly give their two cents on the recently announced eBay Vault Service and whether it's a good idea or not. 
Then they get into "Hobby Headlines" where they discuss some riskier moves they might consider making in a hobby bear market such as investing in numbered cards of GOAT players that have seen a big dip in prices as well as taking a look at non-sports and other niche cards.
Afterwards, the guys give some shoutouts to fellow content creators and influencers that they think are contributing positively to the hobby and are definitely worth a follow including Packman Cards, The Great Curator, NEO Cards & Comics, and King of the Kards to name a few.
And then they close off the show with the weekly segment, "Pick One" where they put up two cards each and subsequently

Barrel Racing

Barrel Horse World

Rap Stars of Rodeo

What do you get when you sit down with Cree of PixelWorx and 3 of the best announcers in the equine industry? You get Straight Up Cree Talk. Straight Up Cree Talk with announcers Seth Roy, Lenell Dean, and Daymon Winborn.

Country Squire Radio

Country Squire Radio

Squire Select: Uncle Nearest 1884 Small Batch Whiskey

We are mixing it up again this week! In the classic style of Squire Select we are pairing a spirit (Uncle Nearest 1884 Small Batch Whiskey) with some quality pipe tobacco, but wait, as they say...theres more! We then use that same spirit to create a cocktail and see how it changes the pairing selection.

A Storyteller's Podcast

Veronica Milan

We are paper crafting storytellers, cultivating community and passion for storytelling.

Creative Banter

Cody Schultz

Perceptions of Wilderness

In this episode, Ben and I discuss what it means to be a landscape photographer. We use this as a springboard for a further discussion on the perceptions of wilderness our landscape photographs reveal, though often we are standing not far from the side of the road. 
Guy Tal
Paterson Development Tank
Ben's Tweet
William Neill
Wilderness Influencer
Amazon Fresh
Gregory Baltoro
Arc Haul Zip
Chamonix 8x10 Alpinist
Twitter: @benhorne
Instagram: @benhorne 
YouTube: Ben Horne
The Introvert by Michael Kobrin (licensed through Pixabay)
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
This post may contain affiliate links. If you use these links to buy something, I may earn a commission. Thanks.

The Stationery Cafe


Happy Hour: Hobonichi Anytime Panini Tote, Dominant Industry Ink, and Yohaku stationery

Welcome to the Stationery Cafe Happy Hour! April from @penguinscreative and Kelly from @kellyloveletters get together to talk about the latest in the stationery community. This week, we got excited about Hobonichi's new item: the Anytime Panini Tote and how we can use it! April got some new Starbucks Reserve Roastery items in collaboration with TRAVELER'S COMPANY, while Kelly revisit her tried and true Kaweco Al Sport in Petrol color. April is looking forward to the creator items that will pop up in a recent market in Taiwan, and Kelly browses little happy things shop to find some cool new Yohaku items! 

Permission to Stan (K-Pop: BTS Blackpink Twice SKZ & more! Genshin & Anime Podcast)

K-Pop, Anime, Genshin Impact talk

SKZ Bang has Surgery|AESPA LA Showcase|BTS Proof Popup|STRAY KIDS Cringing at new MV|One Piece 1 Month Break Hiatus

@PermissionToStanPodcast on Instagram & TikTok!

NEW Podcast Episodes every THURSDAY! Please support us by 'Following' & 'Subscribing' for more K-Pop, Anime & Genshin Impact talk!

AESPA announces (out of nowhere!) a showcase here in L.A.!
JYP's global shop finally opens:
Nonstop VLives: from TWICE's Momo, Jihyo, Nayeon to Jungkook to all of SKZ!
STRAY KIDS cringing with second-hand embarassment to their new single's Music Video
Bangchan tells everyone he had surgery recently
G-Dragon buys the most expensive penthouse apartment in Korea.. IN CASH
BTS Proof News & Events, including a Popup?!
BTS to perform again at Music Bank Live
JHope to headline the last day of Chicago's biggest music festival: Lollapalooza!
Anime: One Piece's Eichiro Oda announces 1 Month Br

The Cigar Pulpit


V’Ger! (Perla Del Mar Maduro)

Coming to you from the JRE Tobacco Aladino Mobile Studios at Top Shooters, we discuss mysterious goings on with the Voyager 1 probe and fire up the Perla Del Mar Maduro from JC Newman. Obviously this leads to some Star Trek related nerding out...
We also answer some listener calls in this week's Ask the Boys, discuss Three Cigars We've Smoked and Enjoyed This Week, get some jokes from Gator, and more. 
Check out the Cigar Pulpit on Instagram at @TheCigarPulpit and @NekkidGator and sign up for the free newsletter HERE.
Follow Broccoli Rob on Instagram at @FinalThirdCigar 
Sign up for the Robusto box at My Monthly Cigars and smoke along with the guys at 
Follow JRE Tobacco at @JRETobacco on Instagram or check out their website, for a store near you that carries their cigars
And check out Rivermen Cigar Company on Instagram at @TheRivermenCigarCompany  online at or

So Very Wrong About Games

Mike Walker & Mark Bigney

#216: Not Applicable Bravo

After a purgatorial thirteen months, Mark will be released from his Cain-like wanderings and allowed to repatriate to Kingston where he will get to be home. He figures that if Immanuel Kant got to be world famous before the age of global communications without leaving a 50 kilometer radius of his hometown, he has more than paid his dues. If anyone wants him to attend a function in the future, they had best plan on getting married and/or dying in close proximity to Mark's home.01:43 AYURIS: Lost Ruins of Arnak (Elwen & Mín, CGE, 2020)Games Played Last Week:03:51 -Foundations of Rome (Emerson Matsuuichi, Arcane Wonders, 2022)07:05 -Golem (Flaminia Brasini, Virginio Gigli, & Simone Luciani, Cranio Creations, 2021)10:56 -Token Terrors: Battlegrounds (John de Campos & Phillip Doccolo, Terrible Games, 2020)16:50 -Switch & Signal (David Thompson, KOSMOS, 2020)19:13 -Unsettled (Marc Neidlinger & Tom Mattson, Orange Nebula, 2021)27:09 -Ark Nova (Mathias Wig

Dads On The Fly

Dads On The Fly

We are dads and brothers who love to fly fish. We're trying to tackle parenting and family in the same way we tackle our beloved fly fishing hobby: we're figuring it out as we go along. We talk about faith, family, fishing, and the intermingling of it all. Support this podcast:

BeerSmith Home and Beer Brewing Podcast

Brad Smith and Friends

Lager Yeast with Randy Mosher – BeerSmith Podcast #254

andy Mosher, the author of Radical Brewing and Mastering Homebrew, joins me this week to discuss lager yeast flavors and tips. You can find show notes and additional episodes on my blog here.

The Mangroves to Mountains Podcast

Jim Dussias

This podcast focuses on discussions about the outdoor lifestyle, specifically: fishing, hunting, traditional archery, camping, paddling, and adventure travel. Support this podcast:

Neil Sperry's GARDENS

Neil Sperry's GARDENS

Neil Sperry's name is synonymous with Texas Gardening. Since 1970 he has provided Texas gardeners with accurate, timely information through his magazine, radio programs, books, newspaper columns, annual Texas gardening calendars, and more.

Housewives of Golf

Tori Totlis & Sarah Held

27. Golf Fitness with Andrew Hannon, Topgolf Dates & OC Gals in Aspen!

Today we are joined with Andrew Hannon, one of Golf Digest’s Top 50 Golf Fitness Specialists. We get into what it looks like to train specifically for golf, how to increase your swing speed and what kind of results to expect. Golf Fitness Group Class **ONLY 10 SPOTS AVAILABLE** Tuesday, April 12th at 6:00am at PFS in North Scottsdale Email Andrew with “Tuesday Group Class” in the subject line to reserve your spot! Follow Andrew on IG at @ando_pfs Email Contact: Connect with us on your favorite social platform: Subscribe to our FREE Female Golfer Facebook Group: Real Housewives of Golf Check out and download TODAY the bestselling practice program, Short Game 100!! Tori: Instagram: @tori_totlis TikTok: @tori_totlis Website: Sarah: Instagram: @sarah_held_golf_travel_ Website: Podcast IG: @realhousewivesofgolf Podcast YouTube: Real

ShopNotes Podcast

Active Interest Media

ShopNotes Podcast E104: Practice What?

On this week's episode of the ShopNote's Podcast, Logan rejoins John and Phil to dive deeper on the topic from last week about practicing makes perfect in the workshop. Plus, they discuss Phil's latest salvaged project... boxes.

Special thanks to our sponsor for this episode, Shaper Tool! Bring digital precision to your workshop with next-generation power tools. Get to work quickly with unrivaled ease, accuracy and reliability.

Indian Rider Radio

Curtis Sawyer

Indian Rider Radio is an interactive, weekly podcast featuring interviews, events, dealer profiles, and more for Indian motorcycle enthusiasts and riders.

Between Two Sheets


In the SAME BOAT: Sea stories from six years sailing around the world aboard an Oyster 485

Sailing a sister ship,  Sailing Yacht Talisman have been all around the world in the last 6 years aboard another Oyster 485 (same boat as Zingaro!). Hear some of the amazing sea stories these two have to share about the Med, sailing into storms, favorite places, and ALL KINDS of other interesting tidbits on sailing in this week's episode of Between Two Sheets.Support the show

The PSA Pod

PSA - Professional Sports Authenticator

Ep. 8 - Taking a trip under the superstardom radar ... and into the future?

With SO much to get into this week, the guys start off with looks at some major events causing buzz within the hobby, including the latest in a long line of NFL offseason blockbusters (1:30) and the massive haul of 1986 Fleer Michael Jordans pulled Sunday night by Drake with Ken Goldin (8:40). In this week's deeper dives, the topics include ID'ing big names in the sports world who maybe don't quite get the love they should with collectors (19:15), plus some ideas on what genres without a hobby presence at the moment would potentially move the industry forward if they came to cardboard (33:30). In this week's PSA 10 segment, Collectors' Chief Product Officer Ryan Hoge joins the show to break down the parent company's recent rebrand, and what could be in store along with it in the near future (51:10). And in this week's mailbag, some updates on FAQs surrounding Complete Through Dates and turnaround tim

The BHooked Podcast for Crochet & Knitting Enthusiasts

Brittany: Crochet Designer, Crochet Instructor, Broadcast Personality, Professional Blogger and Serial Fiber Artist

#144 Hitting the Pause Button and Planning for Growth

For the first time in BHooked Podcast history, I’m hitting the pause button and planning for growth. But this is not goodbye! The BHooked Podcast will return with episode 145 in 2020. I explain all of this in the details in episode, including why I’m hitting the pause button and what you can expect in the coming months from B.Hooked as well as what to expect from the show when it returns. If you want to get your crochet podcast fix in the meantime, browse through the archives of this podcast including more than 143 hours of podcast inspiration, motivation and tips.See you soon, friend.About The BHooked PodcastBrittany's primary goal is to inspire you and help you grow in your craft with The BHooked Podcast. Through her own stories and the stories of each special guest, you'll discover tips and tricks to improve your crochet and knitting skills and find inspiration to achieve your hobby goals. When you want t

Group Therapy

Ep05 | Hunting Shotguns

Today we hear from Luke and Sam from sales, as well as Krista from marketing / catalog. Today’s topic: Shotguns.What is the best caliber shotgun for waterfowl, turkey, upland, and sport? What is the best action for each of these types of hunting? What does barrel length have to do with the style of hunting you’re into? What type of shotgun is best for youth? How does the recoil work in these shotguns?We answer all of these and more in today’s episode!Pull up a bench. Therapy is in session.Have questions or suggestions for the show? Drop us a message at!Follow us on social to our podcast on whatever platform you use to listen to podcasts!

QSO Today Podcast - Interviews with the leaders in amateur radio

Eric Guth, 4Z1UG

Episode 388 Corey Ruth KD3CR

Corey Ruth, KD3CR, was a speaker in last August’s QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo,  with a presentation titled, HF in an HOA: The BBTD Attic Antenna.  His presentation captured my attention because Corey is a relatively new ham, living in an HOA, an immigrant to the United States, and using an antenna that for all intents and purposes, was too good to be true.  You will hear in this interview that my conversion from being a skeptic to a believer is complete.  I know that you will find this interview with KD3CR very interesting, allowing you to draw your own conclusions. 

The Chess Experience

Daniel Lona

Tournament Advice & Building a Strong Chess Culture with WGM Irene Sukandar

020 You may have first heard of WGM Irene Sukandar in 2021, when her popularity soared after defeating Dewa Kipas, a man who infamously cheated in an online game against IM Levy Rozman.But, in this interview, we discuss what I believe Irene should be what be most well-known for:1) Growing the fame and respect of chess in her home country of Indonesia, and 2) Being an inspiration to chess players throughout the world who wish to make chess a major part of their lives.Irene is a professional player who is a 2-time Asian Woman’s Chess Champion and has been one of Indonesia’s top players for many years.In addition to discussing her incredible rise as one of the most talented players in her country… We also discuss:Her efforts and passion to grow the game in Indonesia (which could be a model for other countries.)How to manage your nerves before an OTB tournament.Hitting “reset” during a tournament if

Dorky Geeky Nerdy Trivia Podcast

Brian Rollins

177 | Colorado Trivia

We are heading home. Well, to my home. This week we've got Colorado Trivia as our topic. I call Colorado home and I'm excited to share thirty questions about the state's history, geography, and pop culture.

ACROSS THE BIFROST: The Mighty Thor Podcast

Ryan Does

Who Is Jane Foster’s Best Friend? (Jason Aaron Retrospective: Part 8)

Jane Foster is back to defend New York City from greedy CEOs, a billionaire turned Minotaur, a gun wielding dominatrix, and a smart ass samurai! On this episode of the JASON AARON RETROSPECTIVE Ryan is joined by Katie Pryde, owner of Books with Pictures in Portland, OR. Together they review the storyline “Lords of Midgard” (Mighty Thor #6-12). Enjoy!


Send in a voice message:

Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge Audio Tour

US Fish and Wildlife

Take an urban nature adventure! Download the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge audio tour for the free 11-mile wildlife drive to learn more about the Refuge and its wildlife including bison, bald eagles, the endangered black-footed ferret, burrowing owls, raptors, deer, waterfowl and more!





Forge the Narrative - Warhammer 40k Podcast

The FTN Crew

FTN Epsiode 428 – NEW Tyranids Codex Review – Gonna Be Hot!

You only thought you had the meta figured out from last week.  Just wait.  The Hive Fleets will be hitting the table bigger and beefier than ever.  Will it be … Read More

Faithless Brewing MTG: Modern and Pioneer for the Spike Rogue

Faithless Brewing

Never look a gift sword in the mouth. Brewing with Luxior, Giada´s gift

Season 14, Episode 6: Never look a gift sword in the mouth. Brewing with Luxior, Giada´s gift

On today´s episode, we witness the return of Daniel Schriever, better known as Cavedan online. Alongside Morde they will explore the limits of his favorite card from New Capenna, Luxior, Giada´s gift. We will look into its potential not only in Modern combos, but also in Pioneer, where the card might find a house that´s a lot more fair than its modern Counterpart. Will be able to find this beautiful gift a spot?
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Decklists for this episode can be viewed at

Good for U(?)

Good for U(?)

Listen to this for the Sephora hack of the century

Welcome to episode nine. Absolutely our most unhinged episode yet. Duh.
We're talking:

NFTs, NFTs, NFTs! But, are they just lame pixel art?
Down with the Front Upper Pussy
Rumblings of tech crumblings at Glossier
Is this at-home laser hair removal thingy a scam?
Is that new soap "tech" worth the $?
Hey Peleton bikes, U Ok?!
A useful Sephora hack, that will save you plenty of panic attacks

Mentioned in this episode:

Art Blocks Chroma Theory NFTs by Powel Dudko
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Modern Woodworkers Association Podcast - Conversations Among Woodworkers

Dyami Plotke, Sean Wisniewski, Kyle Barton

MWA 385 - Aspen Golan and the 5 Ways

Aspen Golann joins us again to talk about the 5 Ways you can make it in woodworking. This is a fascinating discussion on the strategies Aspen uses to further her career as an artist and woodworker. Check it out!

Art of War - The Competitive 40k Network

Nick Nanavati, Steve Joll, Adam Camilleri, Blake Law and Brad Chester

Paul Murphy and Stephen Box Talk about Assault Centurions- Nick Loses His Mind 144.1

Nick and Paul interview Stephen Box about assault centurions and all things from our beloved Space Marine Codex!

The Beekeeper's Corner Beekeeping Podcast

Kevin Inglin

Welcome to the Beekeeper's Corner. The BKCorner is a place where we'll share our exploits as 'backyard' beekeepers. Reports about how our hives are doing, beekeeping meetings, interviews, book reviews, equipment reviews, and coverage of the techniques employed when keeping bees.

The Obsessed Podcast

Logan Hyrkas

Mike Rose- Woodcock, Woodcock Hunting

Mike Rose is passionate about woodcock. He has been hunting woodcock in the Midwest for about 50 years. He also enjoys other hunts such as Pheasant hunting the Dakota's and quail hunting in Arizona. Locally he helps out with the American Woodcock Society, where they help with habitat improvement projects in our area.

The CigarClub Podcast


Home to weekly episodes highlighting our diverse cigar community. Insights from the CigarClub team and interviews with leading cigar brands, manufactures and personalities.

Stacking Slabs

Brett McGrath

A reflection on the release of WWE Prizm: Good, bad, and ugly with Adam Gellman from Sports Cards Uncensored

Sign up for the Stacking Slabs Weekly Rip Newsletter using this linkSign up for Card Ladder and show your support for the show by using this linkFollow Stacking Slabs: | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | TiktokFollow Adam: | Twitter | Instagram | Sports Cards Uncensored

Water Colors Aquarium Gallery

Water Colors Aquarium Gallery

66. Our Top 5 Funniest Freshwater Fish

What makes a fish funny? In this episode: Ben, Amy, and Charles use a Top 5 list in an attempt to answer that question.

Golden Age of Cardboard | A vintage sports card podcast

Michael Moynihan

Mike Answers Your Questions About the Hobby!!

Thanks to everyone who submitted questions to me for this special Q&A episode.  I hope you enjoy!!


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La Caminera con Tania Rincón, Fer Gay y Fran Hevia

MVS Radio

La Caminera 194: El mundo de Natti

Hoy miércoles en La Caminera nos acompañó Natália Subtil. Además tuvimos el Top 3 de Fran Hevia y los miércoles para anormales de Alaín Luna.

Saltwater Edge Podcast

Peter Jenkins

On the Saltwater Edge Podcast, we will learn the tackle, tactics, and observations of some of the top surf, fly and inshore anglers around. We will also focus from time to time on fisheries management, conservation, and specific saltwater destinations. The Saltwater Edge exists to share our passion for saltwater fishing...from bonefish to bluefin.

Aquarium Co-Op Podcast

Aquarium Co-Op

Aquarium Co-Op member Show #5

Streamed Live on YouTube on 1.12.22 At Aquarium Co-Op, we focus on your aquariums, We specialize in freshwater tropical fish, aquatic plants, and the overall betterment of freshwater fish keeping hobby. Our goal is to help you with your pet fish and graduate you to an advanced aquarium hobbyist. If you'd like to take it to the next level, subscribe to Aquarium Co-Op and check out our weekly videos. Cory McElroy is employed by Aquarium Co-Op LLC. He also owns Aquarium Co-Op LLC. Therefore, all content is sponsored by Aquarium Co-Op.   

The Coin Show Podcast

Mike and Matt

The Coin Show Podcast Episode 199

Mike and Matt join you for Episode 199 of The Coin Show! We discuss the news in numismatics, the 1922 No D cent, and the coolest things to walk into our shops! Enjoy!

The Confident Rider Podcast

Jane Pike

"I Got Bucked Off- And Now I Have Trouble Riding Alone. Now What?" A Podcast Q&A

A couple of weeks back, I got tagged in a post on Facebook where the person in question had been bucked off and now found herself in the midst of two different riding experiences; when she is in company or with her instructor, she is fine to get on and ride. When she is alone, it’s a completely different story. Given I had quite a lot to say on this subject (more than I could include in a Facebook comment!) I asked if I could use the question for a podcast episode, and the answer was absolutely yes. Here is an edited version of the original post: “I bought my first horse last year. I had a few rides on her and everything was great-then one day she bucked me off.  It’s the first time I’ve ever been bucked off and I’m pretty sure I gave her mixed signals and was the cause of it. I sent her to a trainer and she has been going beautifully. I also took some riding lessons with her and i

Tokyo Inklings

CY and Jacob

Lacking Context

CY and Jacob talk about stationery store visits during Golden Week, Pilot and Sailor news, and the Noodler’s Ink controversy that’s rocking the fountain pen world. (Trigger warning: there is discussion of antisemitic imagery from Noodler’s Ink)
Show notes with links and feedback form.
Jingle by (CC Attribution).

Work For It

The Makery Network

Brian house talks all about making a business out of making things. Occasional guests and lots of advice.

Salty | a saltwater fly fishing podcast


We are a Texas based fly fishing podcast where we have candid conversations about fly fishing in saltwater, and cover various topics including, equipment, skiffs, travel, and the fly fishing community.

Scottish Watches

Scottish Watches

Scottish Watches Podcast #370 : The Girls Return – Sam, Sam and Lucy Are Back!

Click here to read along and see the photos in our show notes as you listen – Welcome to the Scottish Watches Podcast – Episode 370! It’s that time...
The post Scottish Watches Podcast #370 : The Girls Return – Sam, Sam and Lucy Are Back! appeared first on Scottish Watches.

The Pipes Magazine Radio Show Podcast

Brian Levine & Kevin Godbee

498: Pipe Makers Jeff Gracik & Jody Davis. Ask the Blender with Jeremy Reeves.

We have a special format for the featured interview tonight. Instead of an actual interview, we will have Brian moderating two well-known pipe artisans asking each other questions and discussing pipe making. This is the first in a three part series with Jeff Gracik, and Jody Davis. Jeff makes J. Alan Pipes and is an expert, artisan pipe maker for nearly 20-years. Jody is a renowned pipe artisan, and the lead guitar player for the Grammy-nominated Christian rock band, The Newsboys. At the top of the show, we will have an Ask the Tobacco Blender segment with Jeremy Reeves. Jeremy is the Head Blender at Cornell & Diehl, which is one of the most popular boutique pipe tobacco companies in the USA.

Get Piped Podcast

Get Piped

022 Briar Breakdown: The Hobbit and the Misty Mountains Song

Well met friends! In this episode of the Get Piped Podcast, Adam and Nick breakdown the Misty Mountains Song scene from The Hobbit: An Unexpected JourneyIn each Briar Breakdown episode, we, well, breakdown a scene from a movie or general pop culture that involves pipes. We will look at the mood and etiquette of the characters, the overall setting, and will throw in some of our own personal thoughts about what the characters may have been thinking or feeling.Timestamps:Introductions/Chatting (00:00-18:15)Briar Breakdown (18:15-45:10)This or That/Just the Tip (45:10-1:02:05)Closings (1:02:05-1:06:25)__________Don't forget to subscribe/follow  the GPP so you never miss an episode.We want to hear from you! If you have any further questions, comments, or recommendations, send them to Get Piped on Instagram. Follow Producer Guy on Instagram.Check out the Get Piped YouTube for more c

The Pinball Network


Triple Drain Pinball Podcast Ep 18: Blue Balls

Triple Drain Pinball Podcast Episode 18: Blue Balls
Hosts: Joel Engelberth, Tom Graf, & Travis Murie
Come join us on this episode where we catch up on our last few weeks, Joel’s initial impressions of GNR, Gomez sharing some cool stuff, some Tournament Talk, as well as answering some user submitted questions. All this while Travis looks like garbage. Enjoy!

The Genealogy Guys Podcast & Genealogy Connection

George G. Morgan & Drew Smith

The Genealogy Guys Podcast #404

News You Can Use and Share! George recommends listening to MyHeritage’s podcast, “Blast From My Past”, which can be found at Ancestry introduces its Ethnicity Inheritance powered by SideViewTM Findmypast has added new records to its UK collection Electoral Registers & Companies House Directors. Lynn Turner has been named the new Director of the FamilySearch Family History Library. Drew shares an overview of new and expanded record collections at FamilySearch. 1950 U.S. Federal Census Discussion Drew discusses the AI indexing processes in use by Ancestry and FamilySearch, and census records at MyHeritage. Kathy from California emailed us with questions about the availability of a number of the different census record forms from this census. George covers the different forms used and whether they were imaged before they were destroyed and which are digitally available. These include P1 (Population S

Monster Crazy

Monster Crazy

Ep. 7 - Making Monsters

Something new today... We bring our own devilish creations to the show. Prepare to meet the Eyes-in-the-Night Killer and the Princess Baby God.

Punk Frockers

Beverly Baptiste

Ideas for #pfBondage projects

In this episode, Jenny and Beverly discuss some exciting new things happening in the sewing community and chat about some ideas of things they may do for the monthly theme, #pfBondage.  For detailed show notes, please visit

Sports Card Nation

John Newman

Ep.181 w/Ted Mann from CollX

With help from son Charlie, Ted Mann saw a tool to develop to hobby easier and CollX was born, they've hit the scene and grew fast, the crazy part...they've only just begun. Ted joins us to talk about the app and what's coming!Follow us on Social Media: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: 

Ripstop on the Record

Ripstop by the Roll

A podcast where DIY enthusiasts discuss all things make your own gear. We balance our technical info with beer and comedy to keep things as organic as possible. You'll hear from gear companies, textile engineers, cottage vendors, and other leaders in the Textiles + Outdoor Gear industry.

Dog Training Is My Passion


Clients with Aggressive Dogs

To support Jacqueline Durand, who needs our help, please contribute or share this gofund campaign.
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Quilting...for the Rest of Us

Sandy Hasenauer

A podcast for quilters who enjoy the quilting life

The River Certified Podcast

Spencer Bauer

10 Days on a Deserted Island - The River Certified Podcast Ep. 27

Spencer Bauer talks with Ryan Tasler and Jeremy Miller.

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Topics discussed: Building a podcast; The greatest beard in podcast history; Life on the road; Where has Ryan been?; Nothing more clever than a coyote; Are big fish smart?; I can't find birdshot; Cats are evil; Racoons have fat heads; The prep is the best part; Taking the easy route to look cool; Canoe food barrels; Random cramps; Modern-day voyager; Birch canoes are expensive; Floating the entire Mississippi River; Ryan's version of Christmas Eve; Anamousity amongst outdoorsman; And much more!

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Boat Buyer's Secret Weapon Podcast

Captain Matt

Welcome aboard the Podcast… where we are dedicated to helping 1st time and experienced boat buyers find the RIGHT boat at the BEST price… so they have years and years of boating fun BECAUSE, life truly is better on a boat! This podcast is for pleasure boat buyers searching for new and used boats for sale, pontoons for sale, center consoles for sale. As well as those buying from a boat dealer or yacht broker and those buying from private sellers. If its a pontoon, tri-toon, deck boat, bow rider, cruiser, cuddy cabin, center console, dual console, off-shore fishing boat, bass boat, aluminum fishing boat or even a yacht, the information on this podcast and the Boat Buyer's Secret Weapon Podcast will help you buy the right boat at the best price. Regardless of the boat manufacturer you like best; Sea Ray, Bennington, Boston Whaler, Ranger, Chris Craft, Chaparral, Harris, Regal Boats, Marine Max, Grady White, Scout Boats, Sportsman, Key West, Sea Hut, Sea Pro, South Bay or Nautique, this podcast will help when you are searching new or used boats for sale.

Talking Strange

Den of Geek

Talking UFO Hearings with an Expert Panel

On May 17, Congress held the first open panel on UFO/UAP phenomenon in more than 50 years, but what did the public learn? There were some surprising revelations about viewing UFOs as adversaries, and non-answers that said a lot. It was historic, but was it a "nothing burger"? To discuss the highlights, the low points, and frustrations, host Aaron Sagers leads a panel of UFO researchers Ben Hansen (host, UFO Witness; former federal agent), Ryan Sprague (author/host, Somewhere in the Skies), and Alejandro Rojas (journalist) Lee Speigel (Edge of Reality Radio), Chrissy Newton (The Debrief).
For more Talking Strange videos, check out our YouTube Playlist, and download new episodes of the Talking Strange podcast on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. If you like what you hear, please leave a review/rating. And give us a shout on TalkStrangePod on Twitter.
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Plastic Posse Podcast

The Plastic Posse Podcast

Episode 43: Lyla Mev the Mini Witch

Support the Posse: a Posse Outrider Supporter: 43 features an engaging conversation with Lyla Mev, the "Mini Witch." Lyla is a very talented miniature painter and she has great thoughts on art and the hobby. She has a tremendous personality and we had a blast speaking with her. *Please Note* Our conversation with Lyla contains some content that is for mature audiences. The Posse recommends listening to the interview before you share with any children. We are also joined by Posse Outrider Grant Mayberry, and we recap the recent Model Officers' Mess 48 in 48 charity group build. If you would like to help support our show through a one time donation, click on the link above to donate, or click the Heart Icon in the upper right hand corner of our website. We really appreciate your support!If you would like to become a Posse

The Daily Churn


Ep 24 - April Recap

Another big month packed with bank churns (and fails), along with more crypto, bonds, and brokerages. Plus cellphones, mealkits, cashback, and lots of free food.(0:56) - Banks (Monifi, Astra, Wells Fargo, Chase, Fairwinds, Service CU, OnJuno, SoFi, Albert, Chime, Current)(27:07) - Crypto, bonds, brokerages (I-Bonds, FTX, Voyager, Gemini, TradeStation, Public, Stockpile)(41:08) - Cellphones (Visible)(42:21) - Cashback, mealkits, free food (Vital farms, Smirnoff, Venture X, Ibotto, Rakuten)(52:15) - Final tally ($2,400 + all the free foods ?)

Ineptus Astartes

The Ineptus Astartes

Covering the Horus Heresy for the new edition! - Lore snippets - List Building - Theory Crafting - Q&A Contact with questions

Randy Lemmon's GardenLine


Randy Lemmon, KTRH's gardening expert, has advice to keep your lawn, trees, and garden in top shape year round.


Ariel Adams


This is Superlative: A Podcast about watches, the people behind them, and the worlds that inspire them. This week our host Ariel Adams is joined again by his long time friend and Watch Specialist & Media Director for Watchbox, Tim Mosso. Starting the show our pair find themselves continuing a conversation about car ownership vs watch ownership, and talking about the luxury space in general being a place for adult play just like motorsports. They dive into how they feel getting to have a career in an industry that is not only a true passion for them, but is also a hobby they actually enjoy as well. The staffing decisions at major companies and how that can affect their overall mission. They give a bit of advice on who to maybe bring into your brand that will add value to it. They talk about auctions and their operations today that affect “market value”.To stay updated with Tim and Watchbox:- Instagram

Homebrew Happy Hour

Pearl Media Network

Dick Leinenkugel stepping down as head of brewery, Counterfeiting in the wine industry, & Results from the inaugural Texas Craft Brewers Cup – BNW Ep. 05

On this episode of Booze News weekly – Dick Leinenkugel stepping down as head of brewery, Counterfeiting in the wine industry, & Results from the inaugural Texas Craft Brewers Cup Welcome to Booze News Weekly; your source for weekly beverage industry news & commentary delivered quickly and conveniently. Make sure you subscribe to the show! […]

The Yarn Over Podcast

Sarah-Jayne Fragola

004: Community Over Competition

Join host Sarah-Jayne from Bella Coco Crochet and her guest for the Yarn Over Podcast. In this episode Sarah-Jayne talks to Linsey Newns about community over competition. Sarah-Jayne and Lindsey share their thoughts about the positives and negatives of the online community and have we can use it for the better.Show notes: over apparel:'s book: (affiliate)Bella Coco Ebook: Homeware Collection:

Whoa Podcast About Horses Horsemanship

John & Ranae Harrer

Sandy Collier, Hall of Fame Horsewoman

Sandy Collier, Hall of Fame Horsewoman Sandy Collier has an amazing life with horses. She was the first woman to win the Snaffle Bit Futurity. Her peers have inducted her into the Cowgirl Hall of Fame and the NRCHA Hall of Fame. Horse and Rider named her one of the Top 50 Riders of All-time in All Disciplines. In the last few years, she has judged at Road to the Horse and the Snaffle Bit Futurity. Along with cutting horse champion, Barbra Schulte, they team up offering clinics to improve horse show performance. It's fascinates me that someone as knowledgeable as Sandy is looking to learn more. When I mentioned the Along for the Ride Symposium in Las Vegas with Andrea Fappani, Nick Dowers, and Shawn Flarida, Sandy said she was attending. It is inspirational knowing that after decades of riding and teaching, Sandy Collier has a thirst for more knowledge.   Links Heard on The Show Sandy Collier's Website Be Unstoppable with Sandy Collier

Audible Interlude: A GI Joe Podcast

Audible Interlude: A GI Joe Podcast

Knowing is half the battle and fun is the other half! We're recruiting you to listen to this monthly podcast hosted by three lifelong Joe fans. Our mission is to look at every era of GI Joe from the classic 12" Joes to today's modern Classified Series. From toys to comics to cartoons, the A.I. Pod is there! Yo Joe!

The Goulet Pencast

Brian Goulet

Episode 45: The Kaweco Liliput and Pen Problem Solving

Brian and Drew are back this week to talk about the sights and smells of the Kaweco Liliput! Also on the agenda today are some topics about underrated accessories and a great hypothetical about solving fountain pens' biggest problems!
Listen to The Goulet Pencast here:
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Visconti Medici il Magnifico - Verzino Green:
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Pilot/Namiki Ink Cartridges:

The Mechbay


Ep 32: Looking for Loadouts

The Mechbay does a listener request and gives their opinions on how to pick mechs when you suffer from decision paralysis. They talk Master Unit List, Random Assignment Tables, lance composition, and Omni superiority. Then they cover a fan C3 lance.Battletech Event Calendar DocTalk with the Mechbay and fans on their DiscordIf you like what you hear or have request for what you would like to hear next, send them a shout at or on FacebookYou can support them at Patreon and get your name and mech shouted out in episode.Our Main Segment is proudly brought to you by Fortress Miniatures and Games.Our Hobby Progress Section is proudly brought to you by Ariesgamesandminis.comPatron SupportersArchonsCataphract 40 piloting Nightstar NSR-9JStefan Stahlkater "McKenna" piloting Warwolf HTristan "Jackal" Lawrence piloting Cyclops 10Q modifiedMechwarriorsDuncan RhodesChad "Storm" Evans piloting Hatchetman

Retro Warriors

Justin Baker

Retro Warriors 356 - Box Art

Topic starts at 29:09. This week we discuss box art! Don’t forget to support the show at and come chat with us in Discord at You can also buy some RW stickers at and listen to Cinema Rogue at

The Hive Jive - Beekeeping Podcast

John Swan

148 - NBC pt 11 - Backyard Queen Rearing

Nathalie B. takes us on a journey of sustainably raising your own queens right in your backyard.  She discusses the difference between commercial queens vs locally raised queens, as well as the reasons you might consider requeening a colony to begin with.  Plus, Nathalie walks us through the process of the 2 into 3 split!  Tune in now to learn more…

We Built A Thing


135 - Dig It Out with a Spoon

In this one, Bruce gets a visit from Drew and gets his SawStop running. Mark messes with his laser rotary. Drew makes it home with his new truck, but after quite a journey. Plus, a ton more! Become a patron of the show to receive awesome rewards! OUR TOP PATREON SUPPORTERS: -YouCanMakeThisToo YT: Canvas YT: and Davis YT:'s Woodwork-Tim Morrill-Brent Jarvis IG: -Dad It Yourself DIY YT: Lead Woodworks IG: -Christopher Simonton-Maddux Woodworks YT: Jolliff  -Ryder Clark -James Attaway-Dan Rhodes-Mark Peterson -Wilker's Woodcraft -Jonathan Erickson -David Atkinson -Deo Gloria Woodworks: -Kris -Wayne's Woodshed Support our sponsors: MagSwitch: -use code "WBAT&quo

The Asian Sewist Collective Podcast


16. Building an Impactful Fabric Shop with Sandeep Sandhu of Sister Mintaka

In this episode, we're talking to Sandeep Sandhu, founder of Sister Mintaka. We talk about Sandeep's Indian heritage, her experience learning to sew in the UK and learn more about how she started and built an impactful fabric shop. 
Sister Mintaka is a UK-based online fabric shop that carries a unique range of fabrics. Learn more about Sister Mintaka and shop their range at Follow @SisterMintaka on Instagram for shop updates and @SandeepBeep for Sandeep's personal updates.
For show notes and a transcript of this episode, please see: 
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The Backpacking Experience

Devin Ashby

How Outdoor Products Get Developed w/ Outdoor Vitals

Tayson and Brigham from Outdoor Vitals join me to discuss how outdoor gear products are developed and brought to market. We talk about how fabrics are chosen, how ideas turn into samples, and how a product becomes something a customer is able to start using out on the trail. 
Check out Outdoor Vitals:
Thank you to Art Of The Trek for sponsoring this episode.


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On the ATF Podcast we sit down and delve deeply into understanding the stories, values and decisions of the people in these great industries, you can expect to learn more about the personality behind the leading brands that surround you.



The Perfect Party

Topics in today’s episode include:-Our new intro/new business dealings-What's your perfect party?-Josh's drummer woesOFFICIAL KLUCK SOUNDTRACKSPOTIFY: us on the socials.Facebook:

The Bird Dog Babe

Courtney Bastian

Episode 089: Tips For Rearing Your Own Gamebirds

It’s that time of year when many of us are planning out the amount of gamebirds for this dog training and testing season. Unless you raise and keep your own birds, chances are you’re at the mercy of the bird availability of your club or organization. If you have the time and space, rearing chicks on your own is a helpful option. April, a manager at MacFarlane Pheasants, walks us through the advantages of buying eggs vs chicks vs mature birds, as well as basic rearing and husbandy tips.   The Bird Dog Babe Podcast is Presented By: Purina Pro Plan Boss Shotshells OnX Hunt This episode is brought to you by: Puffin Drinkwear Use Promo Code: birddogbabexPDW for 10% off  4:15 Meet April of MacFarlane Pheasants 6:50 Ideal time to order chicks 7:40 Age start flying 8:40 Buying eggs vs chicks 10:25 Cost of feed considerations 11:45 Ideal setup for chicks 12:20 Heat lamps 12:50 Water supply 13:30 Electrolytes MacFarlane Vitamin Pack 16:

Trident Wargaming - A Tabletop Wargaming Podcast

Bill Bonko & Andy Monte

TRIDENT WARGAMING Your 1 stop hobby hub for all things related to Tabletop Wargaming! Join us as we go over multiple tabletop systems and share our experiences in them. Painting tips and tricks, hobby hacks, tactic talks and sharing the resources in this great hobby - Tabletop Wargaming Our mission is to bring our knowledge to You. With over 20+ years of gaming experience each, we want to pass our secrets of hobby success and the tools we use to keep momentum going strong! We will be going over systems such as: Warhammer 40k Horus Heresy 30k Battletech Necromunda Bolt Action Adeptus Titanicus and much much more! At Trident Wargaming we follow the motto: Build it. Paint it. Play it. You can catch our other social media platforms in the links below! Instagram: Facebook: Youtube:

The Bettor Life

Timothy Lawson

178: Bettor For Mental Health featuring Gill Alexander

May is Mental Health of Awareness Month. I try to be an advocate for mental health however I can. So, I decided to dedicate a few episodes to the topic. First up is Gill Alexandr, who has been observing sports bettors and gamblers for much of his life. Gill shares his perspective on the growth of mental health and his own experiences managing his own. Guest: @beatingthebook Show: @TheBettorLife Use promo code "YOELEVEN" for 11% off at The Bettor Life online shop: Want to launch your own podcast? Use promo code "BETTOR" at sign up for 2 months free when you sign up for a plan at Libsyn, my podcast hosting service of choice. Support the show with a monthly pledge at Please, take a moment to leave us a rating and review in your podcast app of choice like iTunes, Stitcher, or Spotify.

The Outdoors Show

Kevin Faver

The Outdoors Show hosts Captain Kevin Faver, Jeff Lageman, and Captain Kirk Waltz talk hunting and fishing tips and tricks, swapping stories with famous guests and unforgettable callers.

Hunting Gear Podcast - Sportsmen's Empire

Dan Johnson, Sportsmen's Empire

The Hunting Gear Podcast covers just what the title implies, hunting gear and equipment. Host Dan Johnson interviews a variety of companies within the hunting industry as well as hardcore hunters who rely on their equipment to be successful in the field. From discussions on archery and firearms to clothing and accessories, if you are a hunting gear nut, this podcast is sure to hold your attention. Dan is also is joined by co-host Bob Polanic as they share their own experiences with the hunting equipment they use every season.


Drew Buxbaum

Nerd-Off is back!!! We are a weekly trivia podcast featuring head to head and team match ups!

Aquarium Dilemmas

ScienceGal Aquatics

Fishkeeping is fantastic and extremely rewarding. Caring for Aquariums, like any other hobby, can have its struggles. Aquarium Dilemmas is a Podcast for the Aquarium hobbyist no matter the experience level, fish kept, or if you have a low or high tech fish tank. We are discussing the array of aquarium-related topics from a couple's point of view, driving deeper into various fish tank concerns and goals. Let's have a conversation where we can come together, be friends, and not shy away from the fishkeeping hobby's positive and negative Aquarium Dilemmas.

The Beginner's Guide to Model Railroading

John Gardiner IV

BGTMRRING is a free podcast explaining the basics for how to partake in the marvelous hobby of model railroading.

Shadowless Podcast: A Pokemon Podcast


Brilliant Stars Pre-Releases Have Begun! - Shadowless Podcast EP#112

Dani, Nate and Jordan discus some new Pokemon News including Brilliant Stars Pre-Releases! 

The Trading Desk: A WatchBox Podcast


110: State of the Watch Market w/ Mike Manjos

Mike Manjos joins Josh Thanos as the duo tackle the questions related to market correction and some of the watches they have their eyes on.
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View hundreds of hands-on luxury watch reviews at our WatchBox Reviews channel:

Barrel Racing

Barrel Horse World

Barrel Talk Radio is brought to you by the founders of The Barrel Horse World Podcast covers a range of topics. With scheduled guests, we discuss anything and everything that happens in the barrel racing industry. From training to tips to talking about some of the top performers, we’ve got it all covered. Follow our feed or sign up on our website to receive notifications about our next live show.

Casual Watch Talk

The Casual Watch Reviewer

Would You Buy a VIRTUAL Watch in the Mataverse? | Crypto Bears Watch Club INTERVIEW

This week we delve into the metaverse with Crypto Bear watch Club. This is an exciting new NFT project backed by an actual Watch club. We discuss NFTs and how virtual and physical Watches are involved in the Metaverse
Find out more here:
Causal Watch Talk is not affiliated or involved with this NFT project. Please don't base any financial decisions on this content, this is not financial advice.


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This Birding Life

Bird Watcher's Digest

This Birding Life is a podcast from the folks at Bird Watcher's Digest. And like the magazine's content, the topics covered by This Birding Life range far and wide -- from the backyard to the tropics, from bird feeding to bird chasing, from authors reading from their books to birders talking about their "spark" bird. This Birding Life is guaranteed to make you think, laugh, and want to spend more time out there with the birds. It's all about this wonderful hobby we share: watching and enjoying wild birds. Welcome to This Birding Life! Look for our Podcast in the iTunes Music Store.

Ramblin Fly

Adam Hudson and Brent Hermanussen

Ramblin Fly - EP. 9 Viewer Questions & Who owns the bottom of the river?

Welcome to Episode 9 of Ramblin Fly Podcast. In this episode we answer questions from our Instagram followers. We recently asked for your questions on the @RamblinFly Instagram where we got a ton of awesome responses! Make sure you follow the Podcast page on IG @RamblinFly where you can DM or ask us questions or recommend topics for upcoming episodes. Also find us on Spotify, Google Podcasts, and coming soon to Apple Podcasts. Hosts:Brent Hermanussen:  @Brent_HermanussenAdam Hudson:  @BlueLineCo_

Whiskey Noobs

Chris Chapanar

#57: Whiskey FAQ No. 9

More listener questions! In this episode, I answer questions brought to me by you, the listener. If you'd like to submit a question for the next episode, you can submit it through my Instagram story every Wednesday, @whiskey_noobs 

Experimental Brewing

Denny Conn, Drew Beechum

Episode 146 - Hops, Wine and Real Ale

What's going on with Hops? What's going on with Cask Beer and What does Wine have to do with either?
Episode Links:
Homebrewers Association: - CODE "CLEAN"
HomebrewCon : June 23-25 - Pittsburgh -
Annual Hop Growers Report:
CAMRA Redefines Real Ale:
Piranesi by Susanna Clark (read by Chiwtel Ejiofor) :
How to Be Perfect - The Correct Answer to Every Moral Question by Michael Schur :
Patreon Remember even a buck is good for charity: http://www.pat

Horsemanship Breakthroughs Podcast

Amalia Dempsey

Dressage Naturally, Happy Horses, and Personal Development with Karen Rohlf

?? Horsemanship Breakthroughs Podcast Episode 29: Dressage Naturally, Happy Horses, and Personal Development with Karen Rohlf


“Never underestimate the possibility for things to improve in ways you cannot yet imagine”


Karen Rohlf, author and creator of Dressage Naturally, is an internationally recognized clinician who is changing the equestrian educational paradigm. She teaches students of all disciplines and levels from around the world in her clinics and the Dressage Naturally virtual programs. 


Karen is well known for training horses with a priority on partnership, a student empowering approach to teaching, and a positive and balanced point of view. She believes in getting to the heart of our mental, emotional, and physical partnership with our horses by bringing together the best of the worlds of dressage and partnership-based

One Last Cast Podcast

Jonathan Hua & Merriel Solesky

One Last Cast Podcast is your gateway to reports, tips, and more on fishing Galveston and the Texas coast. Focusing on fishing and kayaks, you'll be able to up your game on finding speckled trout, redfish, flounder, and more! You'll be guided along the way by co-hosts Merriel Solesky and Jonathan Hua, two kayak anglers who simply love fishing and sharing their knowledge. Join the Facebook page ( so that you can watch our live streams and even join in for our live Q&A segment. We hope to hear from you soon!



A reservoir of vibes, humor, language and so much more.

The First Pioneers

The First Pioneers

Keeping you up to date with what is new, interesting and powerful in the Magic the Gathering Pioneer format

Tenn and Two

Tenn & Two Media

Listener Q & A

We're back at answering our amazing listener questions this week. A ton of great stuff including faux lume talk, Omega's current sports lineup, and how and when we service our watches. Listen up for all the deets! Thanks for tuning in as always!  Follow us on Facebook and  Instagram!!Questions and inquiries can be sent to

Woodworking with The Wood Whisperer

The Wood Whisperer

Compact Plane Till

A compact plane till is a great way to store your hand plane collection.

House of Jordans - Sports Card Podcast

House of Jordans

It's called THE Hobby for a reason.  Collecting sports cards is culture, art, athletics, storytelling, community, technology, entertainment, speculation, and markets--all rolled up into one.  It's an obsession for the three hosts of the "House of Jordans" podcast, who sit around a table once a week and discuss it.

Aquarium Genius Podcast

Bart Sprenkels

Starting a Fishroom Filled With Tanks: Experience From Canadian Breeder Nick

Today's guest is Nick from @nicksfishroom om Instagram. He's converted an empty room to a fish room and has been growing plants and breeding shrimp ever since. We talk about fishrooms, low maintenance aquariums and some good habits that help make a fishroom manageable. Visit Nicks website at: nicksaquatics.caNicks Instagram page: @nicksfishroomVisit my website

Full Blast

The Makery Network

The 2 Year Anniversary Show with Mareko and Craig

2 years ago I didn’t think i’d have put out 104 episodes every week without a break. Consistent shows that get better and better. Amazing guests, and interesting conversations with makers from all over the place. This week I thought I’d celebrate with Mareko Maumasi and Craig Lockwood, the co-hosts of Knife Talk Podcast: The Number 1 Knife related Podcast on this germ infested planet(I started saying that years ago and It’s still funny) Craig And Mareko are outstanding and we’ve been doing episodes for the last 4 + years. Recently we’ve been doing an after show on Knife Talk where we just hang out; this episode of Full Blast is us reading funny stories we found on the internet and talk about them: It’s always fun making them laugh. Thanks again to all the support I’ve gotten over the last 2 years. it’s been overwhelming. Many thanks to the sponsors and huge thanks to Craig for being the behind the scenes producer; putting in

Hallowed Waters

Matt Supinski

15: Indigenous Brook Trout-Are they America’s Fly Fishing Founding Fish? or not?! Guest: Maine’s Bob Mallard

Part of the “Indigenous, Introductions and Invasive’s ” Series. 
Buckle your seatbelts and prepare for an intense couple of hours all you Salmonid saveurs and fellow Troutbum troubadours as Matthew Supinski, host and publisher of Hallowed Waters Journal and Podcasts; along with guest Bob Mallard take you listeners on a controversial, highly opinionated and riveting podcast that you surely can’t afford to miss! If you love wild brook trout, wild brown trout and rainbows, form your own opinions as the two authors joust opinions about their passions and favorite fish, and what is the right thing in the bigger scheme of things. 
Have we become gods trying to manipulate the natural world in favor of what we love? Have we loved Brook Trout to death and put them on the highest pedestal of glory and worship? Are we being to virtuous and over-zealous when w

The Roundhouse

Nick Ozorak

Dr. Robin Coombes’ Thesis on Heritage Railways

Dr. Robin Coombes returns to the podcast to discuss earning his Ph. D in Railway Heritage from the University of Birmingham and the thesis he developed as part of his program. He shares the successes and shortcomings of rail preservation…
The post Dr. Robin Coombes’ Thesis on Heritage Railways appeared first on The Roundhouse.

Big Fish Stories

Tyler Hendricks

Welcome to Big Fish Stories. The podcast dedicated to telling the “real” outdoor stories of adventure, hunting and fishing. For the outdoors men and women who get lost in the stories around the campfire, this is the place for you.

Crochet Crash Course

Ivy Reisner

These are a series of short video lessons to bring you up to speed on crochet, quickly and easily

Hockey Cards Gongshow

Josh & Troy

A hockey card focused podcast featuring Josh Madigan and Troy Iverson that takes an in-depth look into the current state of the hockey card market, rising players, new product releases and trends intended for the spectrum of collectors, flippers and investors.

HouseSmarts Radio with Lou Manfredini

HouseSmarts Radio with Lou Manfredini on WGN Radio 720 in Chicago

Harley-Heaven Rumble


Mick and Ben sit around Harley-Heaven talking about all things Harley-Davidson and Motorcycles. Joined by a special guest each week, this Australian H-D podcast is as raw as it gets. Sit back, grab a beer and have a laugh each week with Mick and Ben from Harley-Heaven. Short, sharp and not that polished is how we roll.

Treasure Vortex Podcast

Treasure Vortex

Join us as we discuss treasure hunting. Monday nights at 8 p.m. EST Live show- give aways- guests



12. 点一杯夏日特饮Sangria,漫步在夏日巴萨罗那的街头巷尾

不知不觉时差档与一万八千名听众,一起游遍了伊朗,很多听众都在问,下一站的旅行什么时候启程?0时差小分队在德黑兰稍作休整,登机横跨两个时区,在初夏来到了欧洲,一个被高迪命名的阳光之城,巴塞罗那。如果说德黑兰是个黑纱裹面的神秘女郎,带着古老波斯文明向你亦步亦趋的缓缓走来;那巴塞罗那就是一为跳着佛拉门戈的吉卜赛姑娘,朝你飞奔,热情的将你带入舞池,身姿摇曳,眼波流转。把时间设定在夏天,是因为这个季节的欧洲白天很长,日光洒在城市的每一个角落,让巴塞罗那成为流动的艺术盛宴,在街头巷尾绽放它独有的魅力。在夏天,你还能体验到西班牙人在生活上的游刃有余,时间对于他们来讲就是用来浪费的。所以我们也学着西班牙人慢悠悠的开始我们这一次巴塞罗那之旅。「时差望远镜」夏天的巴塞罗那是一座喧嚣的城市,大概要到凌晨3、4点的样子,整个城市才会慢慢安静下来。当太阳缓缓从海平面升起那一瞬间,我们才有机会感受到这座城市仅有的片刻安宁。圣家族大教堂在晨光中的剪影,好像上帝在城市耳边低语,将最美好的祝福赐予了这座城市的居民。因为上帝给予了这座城市足够的阳光和白昼,才让每个人能悠然的享受生活,有更多的时间去寻找、放大生活中不被发现的美好。巴塞罗那人对生活的热爱并不流于情绪的外露,而是将生活变成自己一件艺术品,带着毕生的时间去慢慢装点。如果你爱生活一定要来巴塞罗那,如果你失去了对生活的热爱也一定要来巴塞罗那。在这个低欲的社会中,你会慢慢看到时光岁月流转的美好,它在不经意间被上帝遗留在了城市的某个转交处。最后,借由西班牙诗人Federico García Lorca(费德里戈·加西亚·洛尔卡)的一句话,作为本期的结束语:“兰布拉大道是世界上唯一,我希望永远不会结束的街道”。想要了解更多旅行中的故事和内容的听众,可以关注时差档的公众号,在那里你会找到更多的风景。#更新时间# 每月双周四#上线平台# 小宇宙APP、QQ音乐、网易云音乐、喜马拉雅、荔枝FM、Apple Podcast、Spotify等各大音频平台#主播# Meng / 罗伊#策划及文字# Lluvia / Enzo#后期制作# 罗伊 / 灰灰#视觉设计# Cyrus#照片来源# 晆时#联系我们# 时区管理员:添加时

Her Upland

Northwoods Collective

#19| Winter Ruffed Grouse Hunting and Gettin' Stuck

Everything in the woods is trying to kill a ruffed grouse, including us.  We discuss whether or not to pursue them when conditions become challenging, adaptations that they have developed to survive the extreme climates found within their range, and a neat way to dig your way out when you drive down a road to that coveted winter cover that you shouldn’t have! --------------------------------------- Follow the Her Upland Community on Instagram @heruplandpodcast Thank you to HerUpland Partner: Dakota283 - Use Promo Code 'HerUpland10' for 10% off

Type Pals Podcast: Pen Pals with Typewriters

Type Pals

Typewriter people are some of the friendliest people on the planet. Hang out with fellow typewriter collectors and users from all over the world as we talk typewriters.

The Scuba Diving Podcast

Kenny Dyal

Never before has the entire underwater industry come together to share their success stories, expertise, and just plain 'ol advice. Leaders from travel to equipment, aquariums to scuba instructors, mermaids to boat captains, and everything in between are here in this one place. If you love the water, and want to know "how they did it" and "why they do it", your wait is over with this channel! Support this podcast:

The Erasable Podcast

Tim, Johnny and Andy

Episode 179: I am Also Pro Tree

Happy International Pencil Day, folks! It’s officially spring in the Northern Hemisphere, and we have some fun spring releases to discuss in all of their copper and yellow glory. Tune in for our quarterly look at the seasonal releases from some of our favorite brands.Show Notes & LinksErasable PatreonPost OfficeFree GuyBorn into ThisDrew Holcomb and the NeighborsVeraPalimpsest Graphite DiariesEve of Destruction coversStar Trek PicardField Notes “Signs of Spring”Blackwing 200Baron Fig Earth Day SquireNew Musgrave stickersMusgrave Duet PensBaron Fig Play Stream SquirePencil Pusher zine project by Andrew MecumNational Pencil Day Extravaganza! Your HostsJohnny  GamberPencil Revolution@pencilutionAndy WelfleWoodclinched@awelfleTim Wasem@TimWasem

The Turkey Hunter Podcast with Andy Gagliano | Turkey Hunting Tips, Strategies, and Stories

Andy Gagliano

378 - An Unbelievable Bow Hunt

An Unbelievable Bow Hunt

This week, Cameron shares a turkey hunt where he "guided" a friend on a bowhunt. 

If you like hard gobbling Eastern wild turkeys, then this is a hunt you will love to listen to. This bird gobbles well on the roost and all the way into Cameron and Mr. Hewitt's setup. This hunt will get you fired up for turkey season, if you are not already there.

Listen in!

Guitar Nerds

Guitar Nerds

New Thorpy FX!

Hello dear listener,Welcome back to another episode of Guitar Nerds. This week I've got Matt back on the podcast, and we're talking all about Thorpy FX new pedals, and Matt's purchase of an Ed O'Brien Line 6 Rackmount!Don't forget, you get 30% off ALL Neural DSP plugins with discount code: GUITARNERDS - just visit to check out their wonderful range of amps and effects.AND you get 10% off ALL Izotope suites and plugins with discount code: NERDS10 - visit to check out their massive range of mixing, mastering, instruments and effects plugins. See for privacy and opt-out information.

Adventures in Collecting Toy Collecting Podcast

Dave & Erik Weinbrecht

From the Mosh Pit to the Pressure Pot: An Interview with Dollar $lice Bootlegs

This week, Dave and Erik are joined by artist, designer, and art toy extraordinaire, John Pryor - better known as Dollar $lice Bootlegs! Find out about his journey from hairstylist and active member of the punk scene to toy bootlegger, to now launching an all original line of his very own.Follow D$B on Instagram @dollar_slice_bootlegs and @slicecityrebels. Also follow John's wife @hoarceebu and Slice City Rebels collaborators @AdamBartonTattoo and @ScotttHensey!Follow us @aic_podcast on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTubeIntro and other voices by Joe Azzari Music is "Game Boy Horror" by the Zombie DandiesProudly part of the Non-Productive NetworkAdvertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:

Spending Time

Ariel Adams, the aBlogtoWatch team, and guests.

aBlogtoWatch Weekly: Featuring Seiko 5 GMT, The Flippers Flipping Out, Citizen, Ariel's Report From Vegas And A Special Collaboration Between The ABTW Community And Raymond Weil

aBlogtoWatch Weekly is brought to you by the aBlogtoWatch teamEach week the editors of the timepiece hobbyist publication, discuss some of the hottest new watch stories and latest market trends in the aBlogtoWatch Weekly news podcast program. Listeners can learn more by clicking on any links below to view the articles discussed by the aBlogtoWatch crew in the program.This episode features Ariel, Rick, and David.In this week's show:- Ariel brings stories from Las Vegas- Flippers flip out over the ongoing market correction in luxury watches- Jean-Claude Biver joins the board of Norqain- 2022 WATCHPRO USA Hot 100First Look: The Seiko 5 Sports GMT Is The Sub-$500 Travel Watch We Can’t Wait To See

Nice Try

Nice Try Podcast


?EP115 像这次一样的下次,永远不会来 NiCE TRY 是中文播客里最会运营的闲聊播客。 这一期总共有 23000 个字,听完这一期你需要 117 分钟。 请多给我们提建议,告诉我们最近的热点,我们一般会在热点结束两周后上线。 在这一期结束前,我们还为大家提供最新最热的播客运营干货,所以请大家一定一定一定要听到最后一秒,这样我们的运营数据才会好。 本期登场人物:@文森特动物园 @特梨西 @cbvivi 小E 本期编辑:@文森特动物园 《史前星球》真实得有点过了 cbvivi 保存了一张 AI 画,沙漠里的消防栓 文森特二月份买的 MBP 终于到了 《风骚律师》季中大结局是今年名场面 《妈的多重宇宙》,在每一个宇宙里都很好 ⚠️警告:《绝命毒师》剧透! 在电影院看奇异博士引起骚动的朋友,这次看不懂《风骚律师》 他可能会成为小 E 的前任朋友 像直播事故一样切换到了《致渐行渐远的朋友》 我们都很喜欢里面一个喜剧组合的故事 ⚠️警告:不要在运动的时候看《请致电我的经纪人》 cbvivi 一边看英超,一边备考 Splatoon 3 ⚠️警告:《怪奇物语》第四季第一集,不看也可以啦其实~ 想感受 80 年代的气息,建议打开《怪胎与书呆》 无论如何,《克拉克森的农场》可以加入必看菜单 上周挑战:提出立竿见影的播客运营建议! 小E:现在就挺好 特特:将 NiCE TRY 的小宇宙首页主题色换回红色 文森特:同意楼上 cbvivi:发现了一个数据异常! 下周挑战: 去玩一个(随便什么时期的)填字游戏

Beyond The Humidor ~ A Cigar Podcast for the Rest of Us!

Loomis Cigar Cartel

Informative and entertaining, timely and at times comedic. The Loomis Cigar Cartel presents Beyond the Humidor, a podcast that will appeal to the novice as well as the aficionado. Join Scott Robinson, Larry Marlatte and Greg Perry as they discuss cigars, the cigar lifestyle and beyond, sharing in your journey as we continue on ours.



Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

Wax Museum: A Basketball Card Podcast


Episode 163: Listener Mailbag #9

On this week's episode, Kyle shares a few maildays and answers questions from listeners.

Adventures in Arting Podcast

Julie Fei-Fan Balzer

Hosted by Mother and Daughter Eileen Hsü-Balzer and Julie Fei-Fan Balzer, the Adventures in Arting podcast is a lively discussion of all things art related. Topics range from creating art (painting, sewing, scrapbooking, lampworking, etc.) to viewing art (museums, galleries, the theatre, etc.) to the artful home (cooking, dressing, decorating etc.) to managing a career in the arts. All aspects of creativity are discussed between the two hosts, as well as with a variety of guests.

The Hot Ticket Cigar Podcast

Cory Allen

"The Hot Ticket" is a discussion based podcast covering all things cigars, including reviews, interviews with Brand owners, and industry current events,

The Green Suiters Podcast

Ben Marshall

Woodworking friends and Festool afficianados Jason Bent, Brian Sedgeley and Ben Marshall discuss a wide range of topics on woodworking life and life in woodworking - mainly everything in-between! Support this podcast:

The Official Knott's Berry Farm Podcast

The Official Knott's Berry Farm Podcast

In honor of Knott’s 100th Anniversary Celebration, we're hosting an official podcast of Knott’s Berry Farm, to celebrate 100 years of exceptional stories that make our park special to so many people around the world.

Check Your Thread

Zoe Edwards

#42: Highest Possible Level of Use with Shelly Sommer

In this episode we’re getting conceptual! Episode #42 explores an idea that is fundamental to living as sustainably as possible: keeping resources at their highest possible level of use. This conversation is with awesome return-guest Shelly Sommer, who lays out the principles of a circular economy and why we should be aiming for this important goal, within our making practices and beyond. Shelly schools us on all this with her usual fun and joyful approach, whilst also sharing many practical, actionable tips for how we might enact responsible stewardship whilst sewing. In particular, she talks me through her method for making ‘new’ fabric from scraps, which is an approach I’m so inspired by and have been playing with ever since. 

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Listen to my interview on the sustainable knitting podcast A Smaller Life HERE. 





BRStv Podcasts

Bulk Reef Supply

BRS/WWC Hybrid 750XXL Review with Victor and Josh From World Wide Corals!

It's hard to believe it's been three years already! Today, Ryan and Randy have a candid conversation with Victor and Josh from World Wide Corals about the ups and downs of the BRS/WWC hybrid XXL750 SPS reef tank. Is there anything we would have done differently if we were setting this tank up today?

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The History of Fun


Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

It’s About Time : A Pinball Podcast

Fred Richardson and Brett Smith

Its About Time is a podcast hosted by Fred Richardson and Brett Smith. We cover everything pinball. From the people that have driven the competitive community, to the culture that pinball has created. Its about time there is a pinball podcast that covers the entire gamut of the pinball industry. Fred, being a pinball veteran with over 30 years of completive experience and the owner of Bang Back Pinball Lounge in Columbia, SC. He brings his knowledge, reputation and opinions about where the culture is headed. Brett, being a newcomer to the scene, gives a fresh perspective from a player getting into the culture during a rapid popularity in pinball.

40 and 20: the WatchClicker Podcast

40 and 20

Episode 190 - Sinking the Flagships

In the 190th episode of 40 and 20, The Watch Clicker Podcast, we discuss the idea of a “Flagship” watch: what it is and what it isn’t. We also opine on the Flagships of the watch world and give some our takes. 
Other Things: 
Andrew: Obi Wan on Disney+
Everett: Top Gun: Maverick
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The Crossing Gate. Model railroad discussion.

Thomas Gasior

Episode #27 - Loyalty to Certain Brands and Why?

This episode is hosted ( refereed?) By William Sampson. He asks the question: Are we loyal to certain brands, and why. We look at motive power, rolling stock, and caboose fleets. Do you have a favorite brand? Are you loyal because of the price, detail,  service from the manufacturer,  or ease of workability? Joe Binsh, Greg Dahl, Lawrence Eggering,  David Hamilton, Mike Jordan,  William Sampson, Ken Zieska, and Thomas Gasior MMRThis episode is sponsored by The Car ParadeCurmudgeon gripes about Museum Quality Rolling StockPlus outtakes at the end.

The All Things Plants Podcast

Dave Whitinger

The All Things Plants podcast is a weekly audio program from the National Gardening Association, where Dave and Trish Whitinger discuss everything interesting and new in the gardening world. Each episode features regular segments as well as occasional top 10 lists, interviews and more.

Rogue Agents A Marvel Crisis Protocol Podcast


Welcome to the Rogue Agents where Innovation is Key! This is a Marvel Crisis Protocol Podcast focused on providing competitive minded content while maintaining sportsmanship, community building, and hobby aspects! The show is hosted by Dyzard, Fingerguns(Sam) and Hyperviper. We have banded together to bring you quality MCP content from our thoughts and feelings on the game

The Metal Detecting Podcast

The Metal Detecting Podcast

Liz from Digging Canuck

On this show we talk with Liz about her popular YouTube show "Digging Canuck". We also discuss some of her great finds as well as learn about who is Liz.

Model Railroad Hobbyist

Paul Gillette

MRH20-01_01 Another Decade Begins

Nw produt implications, weathering, etc

The Drive Podcast

ESPN 106.7

The Drive with Bill Cameron

Auburn Network’s daily local sports show is a fast paced, in depth look at the world of sports with a focus on Auburn University and local high schools.

The Drive with Bill Cameron offers an entertaining and informative analysis of what’s happening in sp


Jz’s Reptiles

A reptile podcast where we discuss my journey as a reptile keeper and educator, and speak to industry professionals and hobbyists alike about everything from breeding, conservation and innovation

TCG Break Room

Alan Baker & Daniel Ratliff

Welcome to the Break Room! A podcast discussing all things TCG hosted by & @dizzytraders

Force Majeure - A Star Wars Actual Play Podcast

Force Majeure Podcast

Coldfire Chronicles S05 E30 - "Come, then. Let us finish this"

The final confrontation with Tenth Brother begins! Presenting episode 30 of the Coldfire Chronicles! Follow us on social media! Twitter: @forcemajeurepod Facebook: Instagram: forcemajeurepod Online: Email: We have a Discord! Come and join us!  We also have merch! If you like what we do and have some spare money, we have both a Patreon and a Ko-Fi account. We are extremely grateful for your support. Additional Music: "Harbinger of Doom" by Purple Planet "Memento" by Myuu "Endgame" by Tabletop Audio Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License For full credit and links plea

Canine High Jinks

Elissa Looney & Whitney Taylor

The Canine High Jinks Podcast is designed for the dog owner who wants to explore more than just pet ownership and discover the wider world of training and dog sports. It may even convert the casual pet owner into a dog sport enthusiast. Join dog hobbyists Elissa Looney and Whitney Taylor as they share their dog training journeys and the resources you can use to enhance life with your canine friends.

Long Ash Podcast

JR Cigars

Episode 83: Sports and Stuff

The boys regale everyone with tales of former sports glory

The Bookish Banter Podcast

Kearsten and Tatyana

E5: The Hating Game (and real life red flags)

We're Kearsten and Tatyana, two best friends who love sharing our opinions about our favorite books and bookish impulse buys. We are so excited for our special Valentine's Day episode where we got to deep dive into everyone's favorite romance novel turned movie, THE HATING GAME. Grab some popcorn and get ready for our compare and contrast of this romcom book turned film. We had a blast talking about the casting, our Goodreads reviews, and Kearsten's undying love for Josh and his jawline. 
This episode contains spoilers from: The Hating Game By Sally Thorne and The Hating Game movie
We are reading Reckless Girls By Rachel Hawkins for the February Book Club Pick, click here to join in: The Bookish Banter Book Club.
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On The Bench

David Goldfinch: Podcaster, Model Builder

OTB 141: Melbourne Model Expo 2022

Episode 141 was recorded live at the 2022 Melbourne Model Expo and is chock full of wonderful interviews with modellers and sellers. Here is the full list of people interviewed across the four days (in no particular order) Michael Claringbould Christiaan O’Dea Chris Howells Jarrod Bradley Scott Taylor Tom and Imogen Gardner Tony Sargent Jamie Stokes Simon Holdsworth   

Podcast D.Friel - Connected by Water

D. Friel - Connected by Water

Join us every week as D.Friel gets connected with some of the best names in and around the water. Connected By Water® is all about the culture and the life of being bound by a love for the outdoors. This podcast celebrates the people and community who have dedicated their lives to pursuing that passion.



EP44 这些年我们一起做过的志愿者

最近国内疫情,我们看到很多小伙伴都加入到了社区志愿者大军,也看到很多“大白”及社区志愿者的感人视频,有感动更有感谢。今天冰冰和Joyce就和我们两位有过挺多志愿者经验的朋友Shu和小敏来聊聊做志愿者时的一些趣事。你们将会听到:- 是什么驱动着我去做志愿者/义工- 联合国艾滋病驻老挝志愿者 - Shu- 新西兰Everybodyeats 的志愿者经历 - Shu- 我在新西兰帮助难民女性回归社会 - 小敏- 第一次志愿者经历-北京的自闭症儿童 - 小敏- 印度垂死之家的志愿者经历 - Joyce- 做志愿者/义工这些年的收获- 做志愿者的几点建议疫情当下,也希望大家尽所能及多去体谅工作人员、关注弱势/边缘群体,给阴霾下的世界多点爱。也希望大家多多保重!本期主播:冰冰/Joyce本期嘉宾:小敏,Shu有事请联系:no9bistro微博:9号酒馆播客邮箱

a ModelersLife

Lionel Strang

Kelly Questions Round 69: Jim Lincoln

It’s time for another exciting round of the Kelly Questions and this show’s featured victim…Errr… Guest, is none other than Jim Lincoln, railroad conductor, track laying expert, NASCAR fan… Actually, check that. He’s purchases used trucks, built by well-known NASCAR race teams. Aside from his many other interests Jim, is a lover of all things Disney and even named his model railroad the Carolwood Pacific. A fan of all different aspects of railroading Jim’s love of the hobby easily comes to the fore-front as he’s grilled with question after question and then finally falling asleep at the end of the couch. It’s time to get yourself a big bowl of shredded mouse ears, a tall cool glass of melted amusement park ice and enjoy !!

Silverball Chronicles (TPN) - Pinball

David Dennis & Ron Hallett

Silverball Chronicles Ep 22: Mr. Nordman, Let’s Talk About Your Ramps

Silverball Chronicles with David and Ron Episode 22: Mr. Nordman, Let’s Talk About Your Ramps Topic Starts at 8:38 Episode SummaryRamps are mesmerizing, hypnotic and create a excitement deep inside when you shoot them. You can almost feel the ball rolling around a bend in a ramp. Too many people Pinball IS Ramps. In fact, … Continue reading Silverball Chronicles Ep 22: Mr. Nordman, Let’s Talk About Your Ramps →

Gundam From Japan

Gundam From Japan

Gundam From Japan Podcast is the official podcast of the coolest Gundam store in the USA! Located in Oldsmar, Florida, this podcast comes direct from the "Little Japanese Bubble of Happiness" that Gundam From Japan's retail store provides! Your host is Musashi, the owner, and his bestie, Ben Shafer. INSTA: gundamfromjapan Support this podcast:

The Chess Angle

Long Island Chess Club

The Chess Angle is the official podcast of the renowned Long Island Chess Club in NY. We discuss chess, tournament play, and improvement at the amateur and club level. New episodes drop weekly on Sundays. Sponsored by Chessable. Web: Twitter: @TheChessAngle. Email: Affiliate links earn us a commission on qualifying purchases. This helps support the podcast at no additional cost to you. Thank you for listening & we hope you win your next game!

Dabble Date

Megan and Jenny

Two friends on a mission to "dabble" in as many activities as possible to get back in the zone and discover new passions while sharing a bunch of laughs. Most importantly, we're carving out time for us! Adventures await!

The Gun Rack

Sonoran Desert Institute

Join us for an upbeat, exciting podcast covering all things firearms including industry news, firearms history, and school events!

Universal Orlando Explorers

Koby & Hollie

Dialogue, discussion, and debates around all things Universal Orlando.

Hobby Hotline Podcast

John Newman

Hobby Hotline OVERTIME Ep.149

The sports card hobby's Only Live Call In Show. Live every Saturday morning at 11am EST/ 8am PST and Tuesday nights 9pm EST/ 6pm PST.(Youtube, Facebook and Twitch)Features rotating guest hosts from some of your favorite hobby podcasts. Join us live or lsiten via audio afterwards. YouTube: Twitter:'s Hosts:Mike MoynihanSam ShufordJohn Keating

Reptile Entrepreneur Podcast

Bill Strand

Intro to TikTok with Lyssa's Lizards!

TikTok cannot be ignored and we are facing it head on! When a new platform is intimidating you find a guide who has been there and we have our guide in Lyssa from Lyssa's Lizards who has built a huge TikTok following. Her "TikToks" make responsible reptile keeping fun to present! Lyssa gives an introduction to TikTok by providing a perspective that will help entrepreneurs make educated decisions regarding their social media footprint.

Journeys into Genealogy podcast

Emma Cox

Fletton, brickmaking and one place studies with Sadie McMullion

Local historian, Dr Sadie McMullion talks about Fletton in Cambridgeshire, the local industry of brickmaking and the famous Fletton Bricks and the Fletton one place study with tips for anyone thinking of doing their own one place study. 

Uber Cube

Anthony and Stu

A Magic the Gathering (MTG) Cube Podcast where we share our passion for design, drafting, playing and exploration of all aspects of MTG cubes. The Pod is hosted by myself, Anthony Adams (aka. Uber Bear) and my partner in crime Stu where we both share our rich history in MTG play and cube design. If you're ready for some fun yet informative banter on cube design, card selection, lines of play, draft strategies and so much more then download and enjoy! Join the discussions at Twitter @UberCubeMTGPod or join us on our Discord #UberCube. Show notes will also be available on Discord. You can find my MTG Cubes at: and If you loved the content we would appreciate a 5 star review on your favorite pod player. We hope you have as much fun listening as we do making these and as always happy cubing!

Historias De Media Noche

Historias De Media Noche

Historias y relatos de terror, ¿te atreves a escuchar?.... Support this podcast: