Gun Talk

Tom Gresham

SOTG on Importance of Training, Dry Fire | Gun Talk Nation

Student of the Gun's Paul Markel joins Gun Talk's Ryan Gresham to talk about the importance of training, why most gun owners need to take a firearms training course this year, the magic number of hours to become proficient at something, how much dry fire practice pro shooters really do, favorite new products, the guns of the African bush wars, and lots more. Gun Talk Nation is brought to you by Savage Arms and Smith & Wesson. Gun Talk Nation 01.12.2022

Darkness Radio

Dave Schrader & Tim Dennis

Extraordinary: The Revelations of Disclosure w/ Jon Sumple

Darkness Radio explores what happens when we ask the ask the question, "What if it is all true?" as we explore the Extraordinary: The Revelations of Disclosure with Jon Sumple.

With countries around the world revealing their files on UFO's, including recently, the United States, the question on everyone's minds is... What's next?

We sit down with Jon and talk about the scenarios of whether aliens exist, whether they want to help us, assimilate us, or take us over? 

Download the movie Extraordinary: The Revelations here: Extraordinary :The Revelations


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The Major Wrestling Figure Podcast

The Major Pod Network

The Hammerstein Ballroom Heroes

The Hammerstein Heroes are BACK and we start by talking about the Hammerstein Ballroom GCW Takeover. We then get down to business with the major review and giveaways and then discuss last week's follow up (22:15)! We then have the news segment (36:03) and follow that up with the Ringside top ten (50:23). We then get weekly purchases (52:44) including the Major mark purchases of the week (1:33:15). Next we talk about the Incarnation of Domination for Rhyno (1:42:31), and we answer some questions with our Q and A (1:54:31)! We finish out the show with Good House Keeping and all our plugs and upcoming events (2:09:39)!This episode is brought to you by Ringside Collectibles ( ). is your one stop shop for all your wrestling figure needs! Use code major to save 10 percent! SCRATCH THAT FIGURE ITCH!When: Each Friday morningWhere: Wherever you get your podcasts Social Media:Twitter: @Majo

Wood Talk | Woodworking

Wood Talk | Woodworking

516 – C Channel is a Waste of Time

Using a router to make a round table top, C-channel for table tops, EnduroVar II, and Stabilizing punky wood

Feed Room Chemist: An Equine Nutrition Podcast

Dr. Jyme Nichols

Dr. Jyme Nichols, equine nutritionist for Bluebonnet Feeds, explores unique cases, debunks popular myths, and breaks down advanced research data. This podcast combines a little fun with a lot of science to provide real-world feeding advice for your horse.

The Journey On Podcast

Warwick Schiller

Embracing the old adage of ‘The Journey is the Destination’ world-renowned horseman Warwick Schiller invites guests to share their stories of personal development and growth both inside and out of the horse world. Powerful conversations and mindful nuggets of wisdom define The Journey On Podcast. ~~~~~ Warwick moved from his home country of Australia in his 20s to the U.S. so he could pursue his dream of training horses. Warwick's accomplishments in the show arena include representing Australia at the 2010 & 2018 World Equestrian Games. The ability to show at the highest level coupled with his ability to develop a strong connection with his horses and ability to break down training information into a relatable, easy to follow process led to the development of his Online Video Library in an effort to help individuals form a better relationship with their horses and a cultivate a deeper understanding of the foundation on which all successful horse training is built.

Audiophiliac Podcast

Steven Guttenberg

The Audiophiliac is a podcast for listeners, anyone who really SAVORS the sound of music! You feel music, it's such a big part of your life you search out the best speakers, headphones, amps, turntables, or digital converters you can afford. Then there's your music, analog or digital or live experiences. Some of us are on a journey, one that stretches out over decades, it may never end. The Audiophiliac is here to help!

Shop Talk Live - Fine Woodworking

STL257: Barry gets a tablesaw

This episode is sponsored by Peters Valley - 0:00 - Intro 1:26 - Shop resolutions 9:41 - Budget tablesaw woes 22:05 - Building a base for a bandsaw? 35:21 - Segments 47:55 - Finer furniture pads 56:28 - Milling lumber for a workbench by hand Links from this episode can be found here - Sign up for the Fine Woodworking weekly eLetter - Sign up for a Fine Woodworking Unlimited membership - Every two weeks, a team of Fine Woodworking staffers answers questions from readers on Shop Talk Live, Fine Woodworking‘s biweekly podcast. Send your woodworking questions to for consideration in the regular broadcast! Our continued existence relies upon listener support. So if you enjoy the show, be sure to leave us a five-star rating and maybe even a nice comment on our iTunes page.

Love to Sew Podcast

Caroline Somos & Helen Wilkinson : Sewing Enthusiasts and Entrepreneurs

Love to Sew Favourite: Couture Sewing with Susan Khalje

This episode was originally released on August 12, 2019. In this Love to Sew Favourite, we chat with Susan Khalje about the art of couture sewing! We chat about why couture matters, how to create ‘couture moments’ in your wardrobe, and the tools needed to succeed with couture sewing.  Show Notes

Sports Card Investor

Sports Card Investor

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

Perpetual Chess Podcast

Ben Johnson

Book Recap #23- Discussing Shereshevsky's Endgame Strategy with Dr. Kevin Scull

Chess Books Recaptured is back to discuss one of my favorite chess books ever, Mikhail Shereshevsky’s Endgame Strategy. Unlike a technical manual, this book simply shows some of the greatest endgame conversions of all time, and pulls together themes from the play, such as “do not hurry,” and “the principal of two weaknesses.” It is an intermediate to advanced book, best suited to those rated over 1600 USCF/FIDE. Joining me to guest co-host is my fellow chess podcaster, Dr. Kevin Scull. Kevin is an avid chess enthusiast who returned to the game in recent years. He has been working through Endgame Strategy in recent months and believes it has “transformed his game." Please tune in to the pod to find out why, as well as to the usual historical context, favorite chapters and lessons, and more. Please read on for more details and timestamps. 

0:00- We dive right into Kevin’s history w

Let's Argue About Plants

Fine Gardening Magazine

Episode 103: Seeds We’re Starting

Is there a better time of year than seed-ordering season? You may shop for seeds online, or perhaps you prefer the analog version (like us) of paper catalogs. Regardless, ordering and starting seeds is an act of defiance against the winter conditions outside. Starting seeds says, “Hey snow and ice--you don’t scare me! I know spring is right around the corner.” Today we’ll talk about the seeds that have made it into our virtual shopping carts this year and tell you a little bit about what a particular variety was deemed a must-have. Carol, being the resident seed-starting expert offers up some ornamental and edible options, while Danielle sticks to tried-and-true veggies. Joining the hosts on this episode is digital content manager for FG, Christine Alexander who has some extra insight to share after she started a slew of seeds last year to grow her own wedding flowers. What did well--and what didn’t? Tune in to find out. Special guest: Chris

A Quilting Life Podcast

Sherri McConnell & Chelsi Stratton

Discussions on quilting, fabric, inspiration, creativity and more. Hosted by mother and daughter Moda fabric designers Sherri McConnell and Chelsi Stratton, A Quilting Life Podcast with Sherri & Chelsi is a series of light-hearted and informative conversations that provide the listener with quilting industry news, quilting tips, and creative inspiration.

BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine Podcast

Immediate Media

Growing Veg in a small space

Gardener, author and You Tube content creator, Huw Richards reveals how small space veg growing doesn’t need to be restrictive. He shares how to get around the challenges of growing in a tight space as well as some of the opportunities it offers. He shares which plants will do best, how to make you own feed, as well as some less traditional approaches to gardening. See for privacy and opt-out information.

Good Job, Brain!

224: Today is a Gift, That's Why It’s Called "The Present"

We're wrapping this season up with an episode all about gifts and presents! Remember Tickle Me Elmo, Razor scooters, and the Talk Boy? Then take a walk down memory lane with Colin's hottest toy challenge. Learn about a present you should never give yourself from the hardware store, and Dana's got a list of Christmas song presents and she's checking it twice. And Karen's writing gift tags in "From Country with Love," a quiz about country-to-country gifting traditions. Also: horror bird statue, and the thrilling conclusion to our puzzle adventure with Carmin San Mateo.

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Barrel Racing

Barrel Horse World

Sharin Hall Interviews Craig Brooks

Craig Brooks gets real about the barrel horse industry and shares some insight into his training with host Sharin Hall.

Trapped Under Plastic

Scott & Jon

Kickstarters WE BACKED Rated in Tendies

Thank you to this episode's sponsor: Chaos Dave's Veil-Touched. Check it out here! todays episode, Scott and Jon discuss Kickstarters they have backed and why!Support the Show on Patreon: the Show with Merch: Jon: Scott: the FB group: to the audio versons: patreon, we offer our patron's the ability to submit topics for us to discuss during a podcast, you get an extended version of the podcast, and you can submit miniatures for us to critique during an episode!Relevant LinksSpotify Playlist:



Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

The Turkey Hunter Podcast with Andy Gagliano | Turkey Hunting Tips, Strategies, and Stories

Andy Gagliano

Whether you are a seasoned pro or a beginning turkey hunter, The Turkey Hunter Podcast is your show. In this podcast, turkey hunters, like you, will learn to have more turkeys on your hunting property and more successful turkey hunts. Your host, Andy Gagliano, will teach you this through tips and interviews with turkey hunting pros, wildlife management experts, and entertaining turkey hunting stories from his years of turkey hunting around the country. Some of the topics covered in this podcast are how to film your hunts, properly positioning your decoys, hunting afternoon and field turkeys, dealing with henned up gobblers, turkey calling tips, benefits of control burns, the breeding cycle of hens, as well as new product reviews. If you wake up in the middle of the night with cold sweats dreaming of the big gobbler that you missed this past season, if you hear turkeys gobble in your head anytime you hear an owl hoot or a crow caw, if you take off of work the opening week of turkey season, and if you eat, sleep, and breathe turkey hunting, then you will want to download and subscribe to The Turkey Hunter Podcast with Andy Gagliano.

Ducks Unlimited Podcast

Ducks Unlimited Inc.

Ep. 58 – Fact or Fiction: Private land conservation, HIP registration, and corn for impoundments

In this inaugural episode of our Fact or Fiction series, hosts Chris Jennings and Dr. Mike Brasher give the straight talk on three questions brought to us by our listeners. How much of DU's work occurs on public vs. private land, do you have to register for HIP separately in each state in which you hunt, and does DU provide corn for managed impoundments? The waters can get a little muddy out there, so we’re jumping in to provide some clarity. 

Shop Sounds Podcast

Nick Key, Jason Hibbs, Keith Johnson

A woodworking podcast about nothing, with Nick Key of @Keywoodworks, Jason Hibbs of @BourbonMoth and Keith Johnson better known as @KJSawdust.

ShopNotes Podcast

Active Interest Media

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

Real Housewives of Golf

Tori Totlis & Sarah Held

If you are a female golfer that has the golf bug and loves to chat about the Real Housewives, you are in the right place! Join us, your golfer pals, Tori Totlis and Sarah Held as we give you an all-access pass to the behind the scenes of women’s golf. Whether you’re a beginner shooting double or triple bogeys and want to up your game or a seasoned badass golfer - this podcast is for you. Let’s get together every week and build a stronger community for female golfers. Our mission is to get more women in golf and do more for women in golf. Oh, and we won’t just be dishing out about what’s going on out on the course in ladies’ leagues and tournaments… We’ll also be gossiping about all the latest on Real Housewives (cause that’s just our jam) so grab your favorite seltzer and let’s get into it!

AOPA Never Again


Suckered in (January 2022)

Climbing to stay in visual meteorological conditions sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. We'll explore the latter. (By Andy Clark) 

TBSラジオ『ジェーン・スーと堀井美香の「OVER THE SUN」』




A Storyteller's Podcast

Creative Storytelling

We are paper crafting storytellers, cultivating community and passion for storytelling.

The Unexpectables

The Unexpectables

Prince Division 42 - Recruit Reconvene

Guitar Nerds

Guitar Nerds

Harmony Do Reissues

Hi, Joe from Guitar Nerds here. It's the last episode of season 2 of the podcast, and we're talking all about me selling a whole bunch of my guitars, plus Harmony release their first reissue!Check out the incredible Izotope Holiday BundlesTo get involved in the discussion join The Guitar Nerds Group on Facebook and follow Guitar Nerds on Instagram. See for privacy and opt-out information.

Aquarium Co-Op Podcast

Aquarium Co-Op

Live - Starting Question, How often should you test your water?

Steamed live on Youtube. At Aquarium Co-Op, we focus on your aquariums. We specialize in freshwater tropical fish, aquatic plants, and the overall betterment of the freshwater fish keeping hobby. Our goal is to help you with your first pet fish and graduate you to an advanced aquarium hobbyist. If you'd like to take it to the next level, subscribe to Aquarium Co-Op and check out our weekly videos. Cory McElroy is employed by Aquarium Co-Op LLC. He also owns Aquarium Co-Op LLC. Therefore, all content is sponsored by Aquarium Co-Op.

GUNS Magazine Podcast

GUNS Magazine

America's oldest newsstand gun magazine brings you entertaining interviews with the most interesting people in the firearms, hunting and outdoor industries.

Trivial Warfare Trivia

Oakes Media Group

Trivial Warfare is the podcast that takes the pub quiz out of the pub and brings it home to you. Trivial Warfare is a weekly game shared by people all over the world that features all the same banter, jokes and fun that you share with your friends at your local quiz nights. TW is your gateway to a larger world of trivia and your invitation into an awesome community of people who love trivia games just as much as you do. Give the show a try and have fun with Jonathan, Chris, Carmela and Ben as they partner with guests just like you to battle for victory each week. Trivial Warfare is an Oakes Media Group podcast.

Stacking Slabs

Brett McGrath

Liquidity, collectibility, and competition with Joey Colarulo (@the.e.trader)

Joey Colarulo (@the.e.trader) returns to the podcast to have a conversation with Brett about liquidity vs. collectibility, setting all-time highs, and the art of sports card competition.Sign up for the Stacking Slabs Weekly Rip Newsletter using this linkSign up for Card Ladder and show your support for the show by using this linkFollow Joey: | InstagramFollow Stacking Slabs: | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Tiktok

The Brülosophy Podcast


Episode 221 | Brewing With Peated Malt

Peated malt is a unique ingredient that's known to impart beer with pungent smoke character when used in small amounts. Contributor Andy Carter joins Marshall on this episode to talk about brewing with peated malt as well as the results of an interesting xBmt on the topic. The Brülosophy Podcast is brought to you by Imperial Yeast who provide brewers with the most viable and fresh yeast on the market. Learn more about what Imperial Yeast has to offer at today. | Relevant Article | Impact Peated Malt Has On American Porter xBmt

Sew & So...

The Flint Rock

Sew & So is a casual conversation with a special member of the sewist and quilting community. A casual conversation about how they got started, what inspires them and what excites them. Sew & So is brought to you by BERNINA - Made To Create.

Sewing Out Loud

Zede's Sewing Studio

Learn the technical information you need to sew successfully and have some fun with Zede and Mallory Donohue of

No Instructions

Bob Clagett & Josh Price

119: Bob Got a Dog

The guys are back from their long holiday break and ready to chat! Who got COVID, who got a dog, who met last year’s goals?
Bob & Josh: The Mandalorian Bandai Model Kit
Find out More from Bob and Josh:

Tweets by iliketomakestuf
Tweets by josh_makesstuff

Full Blast

The Makery Network

Geoff Feder a N.Y based knifemaker and sculptor talks about the trials and tribulations of doing what you love.

Daily Strides Podcast for Equestrians

Lorna Leeson

Establishing Fowardness in the Trot

The key to a good quality trot is to remember that your horse must be moving forwards at all times. I call this forwardness in the trot.  This is not to be mistaken for running, rushing, or jig-jogging.  True forwardness requires that you, the rider and decision-maker, must be thinking forwards throughout your ride… And, in this case, in the trot itself. And yet, forwardness in the trot is often one of those ‘easier said than done’ things – especially when we become stuck trying to improve that same trot! This episode of the Daily Strides Podcast has been plucked from a week of lessons from Daily Strides Premium called “The Basics for Establishing a Good Quality Trot”. The full week of lessons are available right now when you join Connection Read More... Free Planner & Exercises for Riders Join Connection Join Our Online Communities for Equestrians Connect in the Mindset & Fitness for Equestrians Private Group https://www.facebook.c

The Bookish Banter Podcast

Kearsten and Tatyana

A bookish podcast about two best friends who love to share opinions about their favorite books, authors, and bookish impulse buys. Follow along on their journey to finishing and sharing our endless TBR. Support this podcast:

QSO Today Podcast - Interviews with the leaders in amateur radio

Eric Guth, 4Z1UG

QSO Today is a weekly conversation, or QSO, between amateur radio operators about ham radio. Eric Guth, 4Z1UG, hosts a new guest every week to talk about their ham radio journey, their specialized expertise in ham radio, and how amateur radio has impacted their personal and professional lives. QSO Today is targeted at anyone interested in amateur radio who wants to learn more about this fascinating hobby.

Acá Entre Nozz

Aká y Allá studiozz

Charlas cara a cara con amigos del medio del ambiente musical y creadores de contenido digital.

Form Whippin’ & Ticket Hittin’

Derek Vogt and Andrew Moss

All about Fonner Park horse racing. We’ll talk with people involved in the track (Trainer's, Jockey's, Owner's, Corporate, Grooms, Etc.) as well as highlight our picks for the week. Will also throw out some picks for the big national races. Thanks for joining us!

BRStv Podcasts

Bulk Reef Supply

Listen to Ryan and Randy from Bulk Reef Supply discuss your favorite reefing gear and topics from our popular BRStv YouTube channel.

Calling All Birds

Birding by Ear

The Podcast where we learn the art of birding-by-ear together through in-depth discussion, memorable mnemonics, and relatable personal anecdotes

The Confident Rider Podcast

Jane Pike

The Confident Rider Podcast is for big-hearted equestrians looking to create meaningful relationships with their horses. My work explores nervous system support through movement, education, and biomechanics, and helps riders transform into responsive, adaptable, and confident horse people, living their dreams with their horses. Join me to explore the wisdom of our body & mind, through personal stories and conversations with other riders out there creating their best riding life.

BreakerCulture Podcast -- Sports Card Insight, Interviews, Investment, Stories, and much more!

BreakerCulture Weekly

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

Casual Watch Talk

The Casual Watch Reviewer

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

The Coin Show Podcast

Mike and Matt

A podcast dedicated to coins and coin collecting.

Oh Boy! Another Disney Podcast

Oh Boy! Another Disney Podcast

Do you like sarcastic, funny, maladjusted Disney adults? Well, this is the place for you. We know the world needs another Disney Podcast like another variant but we are giving it to you anyway! So when you say "Oh boy" in your head be sure to say it with an eye roll!

Hunting Gear Podcast - Sportsmen's Nation

Dan Johnson

The Hunting Gear Podcast covers just what the title implies, hunting gear and equipment. Host Dan Johnson interviews a variety of companies within the hunting industry as well as hardcore hunters who rely on their equipment to be successful in the field. From discussions on archery and firearms to clothing and accessories, if you are a hunting gear nut, this podcast is sure to hold your attention. Dan is also is joined by co-host Bob Polanic as they share their own experiences with the hunting equipment they use every season.

Whoa Podcast About Horses Horsemanship

John & Ranae Harrer

You own a horse. Now what? The one thing for certain is your need to learn more. More about tack. More about horsemanship. More about care and feeding. More about everything horses. Follow our weekly podcast and you WILL learn more.

The Pipes Magazine Radio Show Podcast

Brian Levine & Kevin Godbee

482: Brian's Zoom Pipe Club - Part II. Holiday Gift Guide.

Since last week's Zoom Pipe Club meeting went over so well, we decided to do it again. This week the guys will talk about pipes and tobaccos of the past, as well as current day pipes. Joining the discussion with Brian will be Fred Hanna, Tad Gage, Barry Goldstein, Ronni B, Rich Esserman, Fred Janusek, Brad Pohlmann, Dave in LAX, Rob Cappuccio, Dino Argyropoulos, and several others. At the top of the show in Pipe Parts, Brian has his holiday gift guide for pipe smokers and collectors.

Permission to Stan (KPOP: BTS Blackpink & more! Genshin & Anime Podcast)

K-Pop, Anime, Genshin Impact talk

(NEW EPISODES THURSDAY!) [Formerly the “Animunchies Podcast”] L.A. Couple Joco & Haylee talk K-Pop (mostly BTS & Blackpink Stans but many other artists as well~ Shinee, Aespa, Twice, Big Bang, Enhypen & more!) with a sprinkle of Genshin Impact & Anime!

Sports Card Nation

John Newman

Breaking Cardboard Ep.6 w/Dr.James Beckett and 5 Young Content Creators

Episode 6:Guest Host-Dr.James BeckettSpecial Guests-Brody the Kid, Jacob Burris, Blakedown, Max & Owen GotcherBreaking Cardboard is a live interview show with a guest host and special guest each month(2nd Friday 9:30pm est), it is live on Youtube, Facebook & Periscope and the show will appear in podcast form under "Sports Card Nation Podcast".See it live: Youtube: Facebook:

BeerSmith Home and Beer Brewing Podcast

Brad Smith and Friends

Brewing Topics with Chip Walton – BeerSmith Podcast #249

Chip Walton joins me this week to discuss Brewing TV, his Chop and Brew show, smoked beers, cider, mead and more in a wide ranging discussion about brewing beer. You can find show notes and additional episodes on my blog here.

来都来了 | 听了再走


No.093 - 我愿穿越所有冲突,用生命许你一个陪伴

法律至上,中产精英主义至上的世界是什么样的?傲骨之战第五季描绘了这样的世界,每个人都深陷混乱,焦虑、紧张、冲突、忙碌。光鲜如律所合伙人,只要继续在这个游戏规则之下玩,生活都是一地鸡毛。而这所有局面的解法,就是放下规则,穿过所有冲突,去释放爱意,去多加陪伴。去明白,我们不仅仅是我们的观点、我们的立场、我们的利益,我们更是有血有肉的人。我们需要胜利,更需要陪伴。已逝的美国最高法大法官金斯伯格与斯卡利亚的友谊已经向世界证明,不同立场不必成为敌人,陪伴比立场更重要。傲骨之战第五季Diana和Kurt的故事[01:05]当下冲突分裂的世界里,律师如何自处?[09:40]事业爱情双冲突,Diana求救于精神偶像RBG[13:50]我们只会喜欢那些逗我们笑的人RBG与Scalia的神仙友情:跨越立场,坚定陪伴[17:30]美国大法官的冲突有多大程度影响美国未来[26:20]平和地表达异议,坚定地表达陪伴[33:00]健康、稳定的爱的关系:在生活维度上长久陪伴健康、稳定的爱的关系背后是什么?[37:50]懂陪伴,即懂生活[41:30]我们到底如何理解“人”,如何理解“陪伴”?[48:30]把自己当“人”,也把对方当“人”[52:20]情感储蓄理论:陪伴即是储蓄光荣恰饭![53:30]【博朗9系剃须刀】送他一支博朗,让你的爱意不仅停留在送出时刻,更是藏匿于每个清晨。德系精工锻造,让陪伴历久弥新。欢迎大家留言,聊聊你关于陪伴的故事、困惑、心得,或者任何你听完这期节目想到的内容。我们将抽取三位留言听众送出【价值599的博朗离子梳】。上TB搜【博朗官方旗舰店】,就能在春节给你爱的TA送上一把博朗9系剃须刀,现在年货节有超多优惠和赠品,机会难得!记得给客服报暗号【来都来了】还可以领取额外的赠品:博雅按摩贴BGMOpening theme of The Good FightAtmosphere - The Best DayJennifer Hudson - I'll FightMaria Callas; Tullio Serafin; Fiorentino Maggio Musicale Orchestra - Lucia di Lammermoor_Act III

Fly Better Podcast

Fly Better

Welcome to the Fly Better Podcast, the best source to become an Ace Pilot! Every week Dee, Ryan, and Dallas bring you the latest news, tips, and deep dives into the world of X-Wing Miniatures. Awarded the Best US X-Wing podcast at the 2018 Goldies. Now with 2 out of 3 hosts having won a Regional. Skreeeeeee!

So Very Wrong About Games

Mike Walker & Mark Bigney

#197: Ankh: Gods of Egypt

In the 14th Century B.C.E., the pharaoh Akhenaten attempted to shift Egypt into monotheism centered on the cult of the god Aten. Apparently there's some who argue it was possibly instead henotheism, whereby many gods are acknowledged but one is elevated above the others--a claim advanced about many ostensibly mono- or polytheistic religions, even some practised today--but at any rate is was exceptionally controversial. By the time his son Tutankhaten became pharaoh, the cult of Aten was suppressed, and the ascendancy of the god Amun was restored in a polytheistic pantheon. Hence the new pharaoh's name was changed from Tutankhaten to Tutankhamun. Theme!Games Played Last Week:05:51 -Coyote (Spartaco Albertarelli, New Games Order, 2015)07:19 -Assault on Doomrock: Ultimate Edition (Tom Stasiak, Beautiful Disaster Games, 2022)13:11 -Furnace (Ivan Lashin, Hobby World, 2021) 15:24 -That Time You Killed Me (Peter C. Hayward, Pandasaurus Games, 2021)22:03 -T

Get Piped

Get Piped

Talking Pipes. Talking Tobacco. Getting Piped.

Country Squire Radio

Country Squire Radio

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

Homebrew Happy Hour

Pearl Media Network

This is the podcast where we take YOUR questions about home brew and craft beer as well as interview fellow homebrewers and industry professionals! If you have a question that you’d like us to discuss on a future episode, please click on the “Submit a Question” link at the top of our website or you can now call in your questions via our questions hotline @ 325-305-6107 and leave your message after the beep. This is a friendly reminder that, if we choose your question for a future episode, we give you a $25 gift card to!

Neil Sperry's GARDENS

Neil Sperry's GARDENS

Neil Sperry's name is synonymous with Texas Gardening. Since 1970 he has provided Texas gardeners with accurate, timely information through his magazine, radio programs, books, newspaper columns, annual Texas gardening calendars, and more.

Maker Made Podcast

Tyler Westfall & Bryan Luke

A Podcast Made By Makers, For Makers.We talk about all things maker related, from content creation to business marketing techniques and everything in between.

The Beekeeper's Corner Beekeeping Podcast

Kevin Inglin

Welcome to the Beekeeper's Corner. The BKCorner is a place where we'll share our exploits as 'backyard' beekeepers. Reports about how our hives are doing, beekeeping meetings, interviews, book reviews, equipment reviews, and coverage of the techniques employed when keeping bees.

Scaredy Chat

Snarled & Studio71

Daniel Montgomery Is Afraid Of Goosebumps

Actor, writer, performer, full-time twin, podcast host and expert on all things Goosebumps Daniel Montgomery cracks up Monica and Kaitlin with his meandering tales of true crime, performing live horror and why he decorates his very grown-up bedroom wall-to-wall with Goosebumps kitsch. And why the Blair Witch crawled under his skin and never really left.

Follow Daniel: @danielxmontgomery (IG) @jfiproductions (TW)
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Ask The Horse

The Horse: Your Guide to Equine Health Care

Laminitis: Prevention, Detection, and Treatment

Laminitis is an extremely painful and often deadly hoof disease in horses with several causes. Join our host, Michelle Anderson, as she interviews Dr. Vern Dryden, of Bur Oak Veterinary and Podiatry Services, and Dr. Nicholas Frank, of the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University. You'll learn about the different causes and risk factors of laminitis, feeding horses to prevent laminitis, shoeing and hoof care for the laminitic horse, and much more! This podcast is sponsored by Wellness Ready. Vern Dryden, DVM, CJF, APF, owns Bur Oak Veterinary and Podiatry Services, in Lexington, Kentucky, where he focuses on individualized care for his patients. Dryden graduated from the Oklahoma State Horseshoeing School in 1998 and shod horses through undergraduate school at the University of Arizona. He also worked as a farrier at the Washington State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital while studying for his veter

The River Certified Podcast

Spencer Bauer

Kick back, relax, and soak in the good times as your host, Spencer Bauer discusses life on and off the water. Each episode brings with it knowledge, humor, and a variety of guests that dive into topics ranging from hunting and fishing to camping and conservation. You will find something that piques your interest, enlightens your mind, and leaves you laughing, often all at the same time. Support this podcast:

Nice Try

Nice Try Podcast


Nice Try 是一个正儿八经的闲聊型播客节目,节目名称翻译成中文是「想得美」。欢迎登陆我们的官方网站,在那里可以找到全部往期节目和邮箱,欢迎写信来。 本期登场人物:@特梨西 @文森特动物园 @cbvivi 小 E 本期编辑:@cbvivi 本期你可能会听到: 给所有降噪耳机厂商的一个建议 伊藤润二、JOJO 和伊坂幸太郎,你更喜欢哪一个? 虽然是恐怖漫画但是很好笑 你们看《利刃出鞘》会猜谁是凶手吗? 「吐槽」的「吐」是第二声还是第四声啊? 入围 2021 年十大语文差错的有…… 一个无论观众提什么意见都照着改的综艺 想不想听马友友朗读余华作品? 特特看到了小熊猫,是一只壮观的猫 「朋友的家虽然很大,但是很温馨」 小 E 很想吃店里做的火锅 有一次因为买到了油豆腐,大家都很高兴 在达拉斯吃过很正宗的烤串 到美国以后第一次吃肯德基 「百事可乐现在这样,他也有一定的责任」 社交软件又在偷窥我的生活 cbvivi 在看一本好看到误工的推理小说 终于要说说《双人成行》的大象小可爱了 祝大家虎年安康 你最喜欢的宝可梦是哪一个? 上期挑战是:分享一张手机壁纸 下期挑战是:做一件有年味的事


Woody Alpern and Gus Gonzalez

Woody and Gus are Dive Instructors and love discussing all things Scuba. Woody is an Instructor Trainer and has been diving since the 70s. He has earned 12 PADI Awards of Excellence as an instructor, and a staggering 6,000+ dives under his weight belt. Gus started diving in 2018 and became an instructor in 2020. They tackle a variety of subjects from the SCUBA and Diving Industry: agencies, recreational diving, Tec diving, cave diving, rebreathers, diving destinations, dive gear, techniques, and a never-ending stream of best practices. This show is for divers of all skill levels, from Open Water Students to seasoned dive pros and instructors around the world.

The Erasable Podcast

Tim, Johnny and Andy

Episode 175: I Guess I Like Ben Affleck?

It’s been a few weeks since you heard our voices, but we’re back for a fun new year of pencil podcasting! We go through some fresh points, like Johnny’s bookbinding supplies, Andy’s new desk, and Tim’s Try-Rex. Thanks for all of your support through 2021!Show Notes and LinksErasable PatreonThe MissingAll Creatures Great and SmallHarlem ShuffleWrite Notepads Dot BooksEscape to the ChateauDon’t Look UpThe EveryProject Hail MaryThe Tender BarBig ThiefTry-RexEmilio Braga booksLetterpress + Pencil Revolution Zine2021 Wordy AwardsJarvis Standing DeskMakers Cabinet FerruleKabamaru | Hajime OkamotoDremel 4300Plumbago MagazineYour HostsJohnny  GamberPencil Revolution@pencilutionAndy WelfleWoodclinched@awelfleTim Wasem@TimWasem


Ted Kluck & Josh Lofthus

Kluck is the podcast where Ted Kluck and Josh Lofthus talk about movies, sports, music, culture and pretty much whatever makes them happy.

Good for U (?)

Good for U(?)

Good for U(?) is an extension of Holisticism’s newsletter The Cusp. Hosted by Michelle, Wallis, and team Holisticism, we’ll be shooting the shit with special guests musing on the complexities of being an *eye-roll* “wellness consumer”. NGL, we are material ghouls in a material world and we’re here to investigate the accompanied high of adding-to-cart, and to interrogate our choices (and feels) from a capitalism-critical perspective. Or we might just like compare notes on face masks or whatevs 🙃.

The Horseman's Mindset

Ashley Purdin

Hi, I'm Ashley Purdin I want to help you bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be with your horse. I’m going to teach you what it is within the individual that separates good horseman from the rest and how you can grow into that role for your horse. Your dreams are within reach. Let's tackle them together.

Shadowless Podcast: A Pokemon Podcast


RealBreakingNate, SuperDuperDani and Jordan Fringe bring you a wide variety of Pokemon topics from the collecting aspect of the hobby! Cards, video games, weird obscure collectibles and more!

The Stationery Cafe


Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

Art of War - The Competitive 40k Network

Nick Nanavati, Steve Joll, Adam Camilleri, Blake Law and Brad Chester

Art of War - The Competitive 40k Network presents the Art of War and Art of War Down Under podcasts. Art of War - Strategy and tactics, as well as discussion with the best players on the planet. Your Hosts, Steve Joll and John Lennon. Art of War Down Under - Review and disection of content from some of the sharpest minds in the game. Your host Adam Camilleri Art of War Unbroken - Interviews with world class Warhammer 40k players who have taken a loss in a major event. Your hosts Blake Law and Brad Chester

Plastic Model Mojo

A Scale Modeling Podcast

Plastic Model Mojo Episode 56: Dr. Strangebrush Files #1

Support the show ( Patreon is live... you can also support the show here.Plastic Model Mojo kicks off the first installment of what we hope is a more regular appearance of good friend and show sponsor, Dr. John Miller of Model Paint Solutions.  aka Dr.  Strangebrush in "The Dr. Strangebrush Files #1:   The good doctor offers some insight into the common "Bubble in my Paint Cup" issue,  provides further support for the recommended Liquitex acrylic additives,  and we touch on some decaling basics as well.The listener mail bag is stuffed full again, including a word from  Brandon Jacob of Houston, Texas,  and the skinny on how his show,  Winter Blitz went down!  A video show report can be found here at Mr G's Workshop!Dave's recommended assembly jig for 1/72nd Aircraft from Vertigo!Check out  TacketZ, our latest sponsor,  for handy tools and workbench orga

Hold the Line

Jo Laurens

THE podcast for force-free gundog training! Hold the Line is committed to helping you to train your dog to an advanced level, using motivational methods and without the use of fear. Or pain. Or anything else nasty.

Forge the Narrative - Warhammer 40k Podcast

The FTN Crew

FTN Episode 418 – Chapter Approved and NEW Tournament Missions

A ton of point changes but they seem more just like nudges one way or another and nothing too drastic.  Custodes get some tweaks, Orks get some tweaks and.. well, … Read More

The Coffee and Carving Show

Alec LaCasse

Welcome to the coffee and carving show hosted by Doug Linker and Alec LaCasse. It's a show where two avid woodcarvers talk about whatever floats their boats that week and sometimes a little carving.

The Bettor Life

Timothy Lawson

Come enjoy The Bettor Life. Life as a gambler is unique and fun. This podcast will talk to professional bettors and recreational gamblers alike about poker, table games, sports betting, slots, and other games of chance. Hosted by Timothy Lawson.

The Genealogy Guys Podcast & Genealogy Connection

George G. Morgan & Drew Smith

The Genealogy Guys Podcast #399

News You Can Use and Share The Guys welcome two new sponsors to our family: and Find a Grave. Researchers studying the Clotilda, the last known slave ship to reach America, have discovered much of the ship is still intact. They anticipate that there may be surviving DNA and other artifacts. FamilySearch has published a Year in Review for 2021. Drew provides an overview of the latest updates from FamilySearch. Listener Email Tom asks questions about the reMarkable tablet and their data plans. Tom has also digitized Super-8 movies from Christmas 1960. He is also looking for a timeline to use to track his father’s WWII military service. George suggests checking Cyndi’s List at Listeners are urged to email The Guys with their suggestions. Karen is searching for information about an ancestor who settled in Augusta County, Virginia. She and a cousin are trying to determine if he came from Ir

The Matt and Matt O Scale Trains Podcast


Join Matt and Matt as they discuss everything happening in the O-Scale model railroad industry.

Scottish Watches

Scottish Watches

Scottish Watches Podcast #328 : New Watch News Plus Chatting With De Bethune

Click here to read along and see the photos in our show notes as you listen – Welcome to the Scottish Watches Podcast – Episode 328! Just Dave and...
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Working Hands Podcast

Working Hands Podcast

A weekly discussion on working with your hands, metal / wood working, and general making.

The Overland Philosopher


Anything and everything Overlanding. From camp Gear to suspensions, rooftop tents and everything in between. Diving into this new and exciting world of Overlanding. Support this podcast:

Planner Talk Podcast

Vienna Ortiz

Planner Talk Podcast is your place to get all things planning related but also your place for business tips, self care talk, mental health chat, interviews with influencers, business owners and much much more, from your host Vienna Ortiz. Follow me on Instagram @plannertalkpodcast Support this podcast:

The Goulet Pencast

Brian Goulet

Brian Goulet and Drew Brown of talk about all the fountain pen things that pen fans love. They talk about what's going on at The Goulet Pen Company, what's new in the fountain pen world, there are interviews with people in the fountain pen industry, and lots of jokes and fun segments to keep you entertained and maybe even educated about fine writing and fountain pen-related products.

The Almost, Kinda Daily with Jane Pike

Jane Pike

A collection of (almost) daily musings from Confident Rider's Jane Pike.

The Podcast Discovery Show

The Podcast Discovery Show

Discovery Weekly: Domestication, Terreracts, and Survivorship Bias

Welcome to Season 5! We have renamed TODS to Discovery Weekly! This is the bonus show to the Podcast Discovery Show. On DW we talk about all the other things we discovered throughout the week that are not podcasts. If you have a discovery that you would like to have on the show then call the new Discovery Hotline at (813)708-9118 we would love to share your discoveries on the show. This week we discovered: Great Pacific Garbage Patch Domesticating Foxes Tesseract Survivorship Bias Cats Domesticating Themselves Henry's Kitchen and much more!  Go check out everything Matt is up to at his website  As always thanks to Infinite Third for our intro music!   Do you like free stuff? Well we have an amazing offer with Audible where you can get a free audio book when you sign up for a trial using our URL. Click the link and start discovering some amazing books! It would be gr

Plastic Posse Podcast

The Plastic Posse Podcast

Episode 37: 2022 Modeling Wish Lists and The Great PPP Giveaway!!

Support the Posse: a Posse Outrider Supporter: us for our first episode of 2022 as we announce the winners of our biggest PPP Giveaway - EVER! Ivan leads us in a discussion as we also talk about our 2022 Modeling wish lists, as well as our regular banter about the greatest hobby there is! If you would like to help support our show through a one time donation, click on the link above to donate, or click the Heart Icon in the upper right hand corner of our website. We really appreciate your support! If you would like to become a Posse Outrider, and make a recurring monthly donation of $ 1 and up, visit us at . (Link above) Plastic Posse Podcast on Facebook: Posse Podcast on Instagram:

All Things Lifestyle Podcast

Taejana Knight

This is a chit chat podcast about all things lifestyle, current things happening in the social and celeb world and along with great recommendations.

Water Colors Aquarium Gallery

Water Colors Aquarium Gallery

Ben, owner of Water Colors Aquarium Gallery in Grand Rapids, MI is joined by his store managers Amy and Charles to discuss the aquarium hobby.

La Caminera con El Capi Pérez, Fer Gay y Fran Hevia

MVS Radio

La Caminera es ese trago que te llevas cuando ya te vas de la fiesta, alárgala con nosotros de lunes a viernes de 7 a 9 de la noche por en vivo y aquí en el podcast.

Hoops and Cards: Sports Cards for Basketball Collectors and Investors

Hosted by @hoopsandcards Gary

FIVE BUYS: December Review and FIVE MORE for January! (This episode is not about Klay Thompson).

Hoops and Cards is here to add value and fun to your hobby life!  FIVE BUYS for Basketball Card investors and collectors!  How did our December picks fare and would we still recommend them?  What players and products look solid for January?  Gary gives us a list of his latest plays, with some suggestions of cards and strategies to consider next.  
Meanwhile, we cover some of the current events and rumors floating around the Association, including trade deadlines and new card releases.  You won't want to miss this episode of Hoops and Cards, the only current NBA-related show that isn't about Klay Thompson!
---- HoopsPLUS is a fantastic way to support our podcast and get more Basketball Card content every single week!  Podcasts, Prizes, Discord community, and much more for less than $5 a month!  To join HoopsPLUS, just click and s

Dog Training Is My Passion


Dog fights. Cause & Prevention

Short episode on some of the reasons dog fights take place, and how to prevent them.

Horsemanship Breakthroughs Podcast

Amalia Dempsey

Equestrian, Horsemanship, Horse Training. The Horsemanship Breakthroughs podcast is a source for equestrian riding and horse training insights with the goal of helping your horse be a happy, light, and willing partner. Bringing you information and interviews with like-minded trainers to help you on your horsemanship, horse training, groundwork, equestrian, and riding journey.

Long Ash Podcast

Nick Libretti

JR Cigars Presents: The Long Ash Podcast The Cigarchitect Nick Libretti teams up with Beginner Greg Warger to discuss cigars, the industry and the mysteries of life

The Wrist Cheese Radio Podcast


Horological Hot Takes

The Gamer's Guild: A Marvel Crisis Protocol Podcast

Nate Jarrard

This is a Podcast from the Gamer’s Guild YouTube Chanel that focuses on MCP or Marvel Crisis Protocol. The Podcast will cover a variety of topics from affiliations reviews, strategy ideas, and other things pertaining to the miniatures game made by Atomic Mass Games.

TwinSet Designs

The TwinSet

Twinset Designs Podcast is hosted by identical twins, Jan and Ellen. They share their thoughts on life, their current fiber adventures (in knitting and spinning and…), and their exploration of the design world. And they laugh...a lot.

Destination Polaris - The Podcast

Ron Schara Productions

The Destination Polaris Podcast will go behind the scenes of the amazing place, rides and people we feature in our award-winning national television show. Starring Jared Christie and Alexa Score!

The Saltwater Aquarium Radio Podcast

Jeff Hesketh: Saltwater Aquarium Enthusiast and Author

Saltwater Aquarium Radio Podcast 165: Tuning a Protein Skimmer for your Reef Tank

In this episode of Saltwater Aquarium Radio I talk about my first experience going to a walk-in fish wholesaler. I also talk about an important consideration when tuning a protein skimmer for your reef tank. [...]
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Adventuring for Mere Mortals

Adventuring for Mere Mortals

Fun and informal discussions about overcoming the common hurdles that prevent people from getting outdoors more. Basically, learn from our mistakes and get outside.

The SweetGeorgia Show

Felicia Lo: Founder & Creative Director of SweetGeorgia Yarns

Episode 097: The Encouraging, Passionate Spinning Teacher with Debbie Held

This week Felicia is talking with writer and spinner: Debbie Held from Atlanta, Georgia. If you've been following our news at SweetGeorgia this year we created a brand new Ambassador Program this past August and introduced nine people in the knitting  and fibre arts world to help SweetGeorgia share the love of colour and craft and Debbie is one of those ambassadors. Debbie was chosen as an ambassador due to her passion for handspinning and her ability to share it with the community in such an encouraging and inviting way. She has written for Interweave, Schacht Spindle Company, Spin Off, Ply magazine, and more. And her writing has led to teaching opportunities all over the world. We hope you'll join us for the chat today!   "...finding spinning has brought me an entirely new, incredibly rewarding life... I just feel lucky." - Debbie Held on how her life drastically changed when she was intro

Experimental Brewing

Denny Conn, Drew Beechum

Come talk beer and beer science with some of homebrewing's favorite mad scientists. They'll explore the science of beer making and the art of fermenting the wildest and craziest things. It's like Mr. Wizard, Bill Nye the Science Guy and Click and Clack of Car Talk all met down at the local pub for a couple of pints! It's all about the homebrew with the authors of Simple Homebrewing and Experimental Homebrewing - Denny Conn and Drew Beechum

New Southern Garden

Nathan Wilson

Each week our host, Nathan Wilson, brings you current gardening topics, how-to’s, and answers your landscape questions. From vegetables to trees and shrubs, soil and seed-starting, Nathan brings you time-tested and researched information to make your southern garden successful. Things are changing in the south, so should the way we garden. Let’s grow something new…together.

The Bird Dog Babe

Courtney Bastian

This podcast highlights women who hunt, train and compete with their bird dogs. We also discuss tips and advice on canine health, breeding, training and nutrition. As well as conservation efforts for public land hunting and gear for women and dogs. New episode posted weekly, so be sure to subscribe to get notification when they're released!

Dressage Rider Training

Nicola Smith

Unlock your true potential as a dressage athlete. This podcast covers topics on Stability, Suppleness, Stamina, & Mindset. All to help you improve your connection with your horse, and become the best rider you can be. Join us!

Woodworking with The Wood Whisperer

The Wood Whisperer

I Lost a Sponsor | Powermatic

After 14 years of sponsorship, Powermatic has decided not to work with us.

Dads Smoking Cigars

Dads Smoking Cigars

Tim and Kyle review cigars weekly, and monthly feature guests from within the industry or the community of enthusiasts. Every other Wednesday they release a Whiskey Wednesday episode where they review a Whiskey. Support this podcast:

Out There With the Birds

Bird Watcher's Digest

Join Wendy Clark, Dawn Hewitt, and Kelly Ball for their light-hearted and humorous podcast, Out There With the Birds, where they discuss the latest news, trends, and anecdotes about wild birds and the bird watchers who enjoy them. Listen in to find out just how wonderful and weird the world of birding can be when you’re Out There With the Birds.

Another Woodshop Podcast

Another Woodshop Podcast

Episode 96: 23 Dollars & Thiccc

Dan is waiting for the hardware for the big oak door, is super busy with Etsy orders, Added some Jumbo Bowties to the shop, and he’s trying to figure out how to work with no space in his shop. Dan also worked with some his local furniture flippers on an RV remodel.Mike is working on the zebra wood countertop, working with some new finishes for his products, he’s wrapping up another batch of conversion charts, working on a secret projects that could yield a lot of future work, 6 ft tall Marque letters, and keeps cranking out template orders.Pete Finished setting up his 3rd printer, cleaned out Microcenter or printing filament, started on the honey-do list, Organized the basement with bins and racks, Etsy is on fire, he finished the last of the ice climbing training tools, and did more insulation on the shop.Sign up for Patreon for Early access, and special Patreon-only content: Ohm

Retro Warriors

Justin Baker

Retro Warriors is a podcast about retro games hosted by Justin Baker and Chris Saturn. We cover all things retro, with a passion for the 8-bit and 16-bit eras of gaming.

Black Series Cantina

Mike Kaess & Zach Arndt

Mike and Zach talk the latest news about Star Wars The Black Series toy line!

Whiskey Noobs

Chris Chapanar

A podcast for whiskey lovers of all experience levels. Whiskey knowledge, tips, and tricks for beginners. Reviews, stories, and entertaining conversation for ALL whiskey lovers. From Bourbon to Scotch to Irish whiskey, and even some cocktails, this podcast covers it all. Learn how to drink whiskey and taste it properly, and review whiskeys along side the host and guests! Learn to Drink, Drink to Learn.

SCC: Sports Cards Culture

Card Ladder

PWCC’s January Premiere Auction Recap + Rapid Fire Maildays - SCC Episode #47

Welcome to #SCC: Sports Cards Culture. Join hosts Chris (@Chris_HOJ), Kristina (@KristinasPC) and Josh (@Cardboard_Chronicles) as they talk Card Ladder’s new features, show off Maildays, recap PWCC’s January premiere auction and give their picks for the NFL Conference Championship Round.Conduct your own Card research like the pro's with Card Ladder. Go to and browse thousands of cards for free and you can unlock more great features by going pro for $15/month (with a 7-day free trial).

Dungeons & Dragons & Daughters

Block Party Podcast Network

A podcast of a dad introducing Dungeons & Dragons to his eight-year-old twin daughters, because more kids should play Dungeons & Dragons. And surprisingly it’s difficult to find a D&D real play podcast appropriate for all ages.

The Bass Report

Joel Ede & Ryan Cook

Bass reports and conversations from all over the Golden State.

Monster Crazy

Monster Crazy

stupid guys speak smart on monster with @nibiru_truth and @kaikl0ps

La Bomba

Radio Deejay

Puntata del 18/12/2021

Great Lakes Smoke Show

Great Lakes Smoke Show

The Great Lakes Smoke Show is about fine things that come from the time honored traditions of smoking well crafted tobacco. Come join us in our lively discussions as we explore all things tobacco, from pipes to cigars and even the spirits that pair with them. We promise a fun and educational time as life long buddies accompanied by leading industry experts laugh and share the finer things that drive our passion for an enjoyable experience with fine tobacco. Subscribe now to The Great Lakes Smoke Show.

The 13 Realms Podcast

Kingdom of Dwarves

This is the official podcast of the Kingdom of Dwarves NFT project. In this show we will tell fantastic stories from the 13 Realms within the Kingdom of the Dwarves and also interview creators and artists inside and outside of the project. Prepare to let your imagination run wild.

South Texas Gardening with Bob Webster

550 KTSA

Bob Webster tells you the do's and dont's of gardening here in the Hill Country and South Texas

Check Your Thread

Zoe Edwards

#26: Harvesting Materials with Eliu Hernandez

For Episode 26, I had the pleasure of talking with Eliu Hernandez, a quilter and maker whose work focuses on reclaimed denim. Eliu has developed an approach to deconstructing unwanted jeans that allows him to harvest as much as possible to reuse again, including the belt loops, pockets, leather patches and even the thread! I loved nerding out about denim with him, and even if denim isn’t your jam, this conversation may help you take reusing garments to a whole new level. We also discuss the portability of hand stitching and unpicking, crafting as a new parent, and consider the likelihood of a pair of jeans having been worn to rob a bank! 

Support the podcast over on Patreon!

Find Eliu on his IG feed @madeorremade HERE. 

Eliu has made a series of quilts entitled ‘Waist Not’, which are made almost entirely from reclaimed materials, including the backing and t

Bruce Pea, N9WKE is a podcast celebrating morse code, the CW operating mode and amateur radio. The show is hosted by Bruce Pea, N9WKE, and features conversations with interesting CW operators, offers useful CW operating tips, and encourages amateur radio operators at all levels to get on the air, have fun and enjoy operating CW!

Tenn and Two

Tenn & Two Media

GMT Struggles And Recent Hands-On

We sat down to talk about Katlen's recent struggle with finding the right GMT and Kat's newfound love for hers. We also chat about our recent hands-on experiences with brands like Hamilton and Oris! We want to thank FEARS Watches for sponsoring this episode of the podcast. In celebrating their 175th anniversary, Fears has taken one of the most iconic pieces in their archive and given it a facelift made perfect for the 21st century. Perfect for any wrist or event, the modern Archival 1930 features an incredible champagne-colored dial with an 18ct border and numerals that perfectly tie in the Art Deco aesthetic of this timepiece. Be sure to check out the latest piece here! For pictures, details, and links to what we talk about visit Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube!Questions and inquiries can be sent to

The American Hanoverian Society Podcast

Candice Klingbeil

The American Hanoverian Society, the Society was incorporated in 1978 to establish, maintain and operate a non-profit association of breeders, owners, and riders for the promotion and preservation of the warmblooded Hanoverian horse in North America. In addition to managing the Hanoverian studbook, the Society also manages the Rhineland studbook. The Hanoverian horse is one of the most important horse breeds in the world, with numerous champions in the Olympic disciplines of dressage, show jumping, and eventing. The American Hanoverian Society Podcast was designed to provide educational and informational support for breeders, riders and horse lovers alike.

Old School Pottery

Chuck Palm

Old Guy Making Pottery the Old School Way

Faithless Brewing MTG: Modern and Pioneer for the Spike Rogue

Faithless Brewing

Deadly Dispute: If We Could Rebalance Modern

Season 12, Episode 25: Roundup (B&R Day) + Brew Session (Deadly Dispute)



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Decklists for this episode can be viewed at


Steve Heiting's Northwoods Musky Report

Steve Heiting

Musky pro Steve Heiting provides weekly discussions of musky patterns, fishing tips and reports, and upcoming musky fishing events in Wisconsin's northwoods region.

Reptile Entrepreneur Podcast

Bill Strand

Learn skills for creating a business within the reptile community. Hear from entrepreneurs who have already done it. The reptile community is growing and healthy growth can only come if community members step up to the plate and provide the right products and solid education. Join me and other entrepreneurs as we share with you the steps we took to build a business in this community we love.

Dorky Geeky Nerdy Trivia Podcast

Brian Rollins

157 | The Princess Bride Trivia

Trivia. Trivia is what brings us together today. Princess Bride Trivia, to be exact. We've got thirty questions from that fantasy classic. You know it, you love it. Let's do this.

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Boating Tips | Get Your Boating Questions Answered Every Week!


Boating Tips: In-Depth | Using Your VHF Radio

In this episode, Captain Keith and Nick discuss the importance and benefits of using your VHF Radio. There are many features and tips that can assist in many situations! What boating tips do you want to see? Comment below with your ideas and we may choose your boating tips for future episodes!Find Your Next Boat:​​​​MarineMax is the nation's leading boat and yacht retailer! We are ready to help you find your next boat and get you out on the water. Stop by one of our many nationwide locations or visit us online to search our vast selection of new and pre-owned boats. Find Your Boat: Your Yacht: gives you more ways to enjoy the boating life to the fullest. With classes, events, Getaways!® to amazing places and more, you’re part of an entire family who is United by Water.

Silverball Chronicles (TPN) - Pinball

David Dennis & Ron Hallett

Silverball Chronicles Ep 20: Pinball Is Dying – Part 2: Bally/Williams

The 90s saw the biggest leap in pinball mechanics and technology that the hobby had ever seen. The Dot Matrix Display and how Bally/Williams leveraged it, made the pins from the previous decade look like a horse and buggy. The purchase of Bally by Williams created a competitive shark tank, forcing designers and engineers to … Continue reading Silverball Chronicles Ep 20: Pinball Is Dying – Part 2: Bally/Williams →

Tantrum House Board Gaming Podcast

Will & Sara Meadows, Kevin & Melissa Delp, Ryan & Katie Pilz

The Tantrum House podcast features the entire crew from Tantrum House! Three married couples—each with their own distinct board gaming preferences—get together each week to talk about board games that are coming to Kickstarter, games that have arrived in the mail, and ones that they are looking forward to playing soon. They also cover topics like how to build up your local board gaming community, how to get your game onto Kickstarter, and pretty much every other hobby topic under the sun. If you are looking for a family-friendly gaming crew that enjoys laughing together and having a good time then you've found the right place—Tantrum House.

Fifth Wrist Radio

Fifth Wrist

Independent Thinking - H Peter Doble, clockmaking, precision timekeeping and practicing the horological arts

Another episode of the Independent Thinking Show for FifthWrist Radio. This is a place dedicate to showcasing the great people doing interesting and cool things in the world of horology. 
Host Roman (@TimesRomanAU) ( chat with today's special guest - clockmaker and horologist H Peter Doble (@doblehpeter).
We discuss Peter's journey into horology (comparatively late in life); and his interest in clock and chronometer making and precision timekeeping. We talk at length about Peter's apprenticeship with horologist and "friend of the show" David Walter (; sustainability and integrity of the craft; setting up and equipping his workshop; his first chronometer project and goals for the craft.
If you are interested in independent watchmaking, American horology scene and just what it takes to learn and practice the craft as an independen

The Gardenangelists

Carol Michel, Dee Nash

Are you ready to be converted to living a gardening life? Each week, join Carol Michel and Dee Nash, both passionate gardeners, authors, and long-time bloggers, as they chat over the garden fence about flowers, veggies, and all the best dirt on gardening. Carol and Dee have the audacity to call themselves gardenangelists, evangelists for gardening, and want everyone to dig in the dirt, sow a few seeds, and enjoy the simple pleasures and even a few pitfalls of a gardening life. If you are ready to live a gardening life or already live one this is one podcast you don’t want to miss.

Wife Me Up

Megan Faulkner

This isn’t about what you think it’s about! A short weekly podcast with entertaining ideas, faith-based thoughts, discussions about friendship, and lots of charcuterie (and otherwise!) inspirations. Support this podcast:

Completely Clueless Cast

Buggs and Zach Houseknecht

This is The Completely Clueless Cast. We hope you'll join Buggs and Zach for the most random discussions spanning motorcycles, cars, tech, video games, and some nostalgia - maybe even more off the wall topics too!

Cardboard of the Rings


A podcast about The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game, which is a Living Card Game by Fantasy Flight Games. Join Chad, Chris, Jon, and company as they explore the world of LOTR:TCG, keeping things casual and fun.

Modern Woodworkers Association Podcast - Conversations Among Woodworkers

Dyami Plotke, Sean Wisniewski, Kyle Barton

The Modern Woodworkers Association is a place for the online woodworking community to reinforce our online connections and create personal ones in local gatherings in many regions across the country.It is a place for woodworkers of all skill levels from professional to hobbyist to be able to share knowledge and learn form one another. The name Modern Woodworkers Association does not come from the fact that we are powertool users or for that matter handtool users but instead that we have all found a new tool, the online community and the power of information.


Bleav Podcast Network


This is Superlative: A Podcast about watches, the people behind them, and the worlds that inspire them. This week our host Ariel Adams is joined by veteran ABTW team member David Bredan. To start the show they talk about New Years Watch Collecting resolutions from the watch community, and some of the team members’ resolutions from the A Blog to Watch team. The pair talk about the recent significance of the “Flex” watch and “Flex Culture” in the industry, and why buying from brands and stores that seem to “want your money” is important to Ariel. They also preview what there is to look forward to in the new year for watch enthusiasts, and Rolex price increases.
To stay updated with ABTW and to read some of Davids’ work:
To check out the ABTW Shop where you can see our products inspired by our love of Horology



Entre Compas nace de las ganas de hablar y compartir puntos de vistas u opiniones acerca de todo aquello que nos venga en gana, no pretende educar ni cambiar a nadie, es solo una platica "entre compas" de donde puedes tomar lo que te convenga y se adapte a tu estilo de vida.

Shop Talk Live - Fine Woodworking

Fine Woodworking magazine editors and contributors answer your questions and share woodworking tips and techniques.

Collectability Podcast


Interview with vintage watch expert, dealer and former auction specialist Eric Wind

Discover the inner workings of the watch auction industry with this unedited and unforgettable discussion between John Reardon and Eric Wind who recall the ups and downs of their own experience working at auction houses and offer listeners an inside peek behind the rostrum.

The Hive Jive - Beekeeping Podcast

John Swan; Ken Milam

145 - Let there be Banjos

Has John completely lost his mind?  Well, that remains to be seen.  Join us for a special stand-alone episode of The Hive Jive and learn all about the wild and crazy things that have taken place since we went off the air in 2021, and possibly catch a glimpse of what's still to come in 2022.

Adventures in Collecting Toy Collecting Podcast

Dave & Erik Weinbrecht

From Funko and WWE to Star Wars, Marvel, LEGO, and more, grab the cart and hit the aisles with Dave and Erik as they talk toy news, collecting, culture, and more!

The Stogie Geeks Cigar Show

Stogie Geeks

Geeks Kickin' Ash! Tune into the Stogie Geeks show for interviews, cigar reviews, and how-to segments!

40 and 20: the WatchClicker Podcast

40 and 20

The official podcast of We talk about affordable watches, horology, and sometimes about food, drinks, EDC, popular media, and life in general. Tune in each Thursday for the latest episode.

Marvel Champions Monthly: A Fan Podcast


A monthly podcast all about the card game: Marvel Champions.

Frontboards and 4 Baggers Cornhole

Eddie Schmit

Just 2 guys with a passion for cornhole. Discussion about bags and all things relating to cornhole. We both have YouTube channels reviewing bags as well: Corbins Cornhole Reviews: Cornhole Bag Reviews:

The Knife Junkie Podcast

Bob "The Knife Junkie" DeMarco

The Knife Junkie podcast is the place for knife newbies and experience knife collectors to learn more about knives and knife collecting and become true "knife junkies." Twice per week, Bob DeMarco talks knives and brings you special sections such as Knife Life News, pocket checks and more. In addition, your calls will be featured on the podcast -- just call The Knife Junkie Listener Line at 724-466-4487. And be sure to visit The Knife Junkie online at

We Built A Thing


We Built A Thing is about making things with our hands, sharing videos about the process, being dads and constantly learning. We are all part-time makers, dads and all have YouTube channels we are trying to grow. Throughout this podcast, we plan to talk about making things, making videos to share on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc..

Hounds Tales

Hounds Tales

Dog hunting and shining a positive light on the sport that we love as a whole. Join us as we cover hunts and results around the fox hunting community and dive into topics that will help preserve our way of life. We hope to do what we can to show everyone out there the true love and dedication we have for the hounds that we so desperately love. Support this podcast:

The Trading Desk: A WatchBox Podcast


100: Asher Rapkin Co-Founder of Collective Horology

Joshua Thanos is back this week with a new friend Asher Rapkin Co-Founder of Collective Horology to discuss business philosophy and watch collecting.  

wrist check: JT: Omega 300 SMP 42mm AR: MB&F LM101

@mrthanos @horologicallyinclined


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The Miniature Podcast


The Miniature Podcast interviews miniature hobbyists and professionals from around the world using unique questions and deep conversation to gain deeper insight into the creative processes that drive them with the goal of encouraging and inspiring you in your own hobby journey.You can find all episodes on the website:



リスナーの皆さんとアトロクの未来を考える。アトロク・フューチャー&パスト 〜フューチャー編 byコンバットRECさん


Wax Museum: A Basketball Card Podcast


Episode 152: Listener Mailbag #8

On this week's episode, Kyle answers 20 listener questions from social media!

As a special bonus, he will answer ANOTHER 20 questions on his YouTube channel.

PartsVu Xchange Talks Boating & Fishing


PartsVu Xchange Talks Boating is a weekly podcast to talk about all things boating. From new marine technologies, marine lifestyle, fishing, maintenance, safety, marine conservation, and more, PartsVu hosts interesting, fun, and thought-provoking guests from across the boating world in a relaxed and dynamic format.

Coffee Talk with Captain Coffee

Mark Bradley

Here we talk all things! Coffee, life, love, movies, food, faith, and much more.

Regie Collects

Regie Collects

This podcast is for new, newly returning and seasoned comic book collectors. We'll discuss a host of thought provoking subjects related to comics.


Louise Scollay

WoolWork is the new name for KnitBritish Join me on my journey of woolly discovery celebrating the unique characteristics of local wool, from sheep to skein, to finished object. You can visit and follow me on twitter and IG @_woolwork

Backbox Pinball Podcast

Lauren Gray

A podcast focused on women in the sport and hobby of pinball. In each episode, we will sit down with a guest and chat about news and events related to the silver ball!

Scale Model Podcast

Scale Model Podcast

The Scale Model Podcast – Ep 87 – Anthony Returns

Welcome to Episode 87 Sponsored by Sean’s Custom Model Tools and Return To Kit Form Hosts Stuart Clark Anthony Goodman Terry Miesle Thanks to our latest Patreon Supporters: Gord Catt Paul Pendleton-Brown *************************************** LATEST NEWS 16th Annual 24 Hour Model Build *************************************** MAILBAG We want to hear from you! Let us know if you have […]

Down Cellar Studio Podcast


A Knitting, Photography and Crafting Podcast

Pack to the Future Podcast


A sports card entertainment podcast!

The Heli Heads Show


The Heli Heads Show is a podcast that shares the passion for Radio Controlled Helicopters!




Her Upland

Northwoods Collective

Her Upland Podcast explores bird hunting topics with straight to the point (see what we did there!) information. We bring on experts in the field, listeners share their input on the subject, and we hold roundtable discussions that we fondly refer to as ‘Bitch Sessions'. So join us for hunting conversations like you’ve never heard before! A Project Upland Podcast.

Late Night at the Homestead

Rach, Tay & Sam!

Hear guest stories about how they found Wynonna Earp, talk about favorite moments, hear about Earp-related hobbies, play games, ask questions, and just talk Earp! Being an Earper is about connecting, conversating, and creating together in positive ways. This is a space made by and for Earpers!

The Roundhouse

Nick Ozorak

Do you find trains and railroads interesting? The Roundhouse brings you the most exciting news, stories, and interviews about the railroad industry, the hobby, history, and more.

The BHooked Podcast for Crochet & Knitting Enthusiasts

Brittany: Crochet Designer, Crochet Instructor, Broadcast Personality, Professional Blogger and Serial Fiber Artist

Brittany's primary goal is to inspire you and help you grow in your craft with The BHooked Podcast. Through her own stories and the stories of each special guest, you'll discover tips and tricks to improve your crochet and knitting skills and find inspiration to achieve your hobby goals. When you want to kick back and learn from yarn industry experts, grab some yarn and turn on The BHooked Podcast. There's never a shortage of all things crochet, knitting or yarn.

Wood Glue Dads

Wood Glue Dads

Where we talk about woodworking and being dads. Where dads stick together.

So Far, SoRare

Gallery Media Group, ONE37pm & John Nellis

The FIRST Ever Sorare Manager YNWA

This week John speaks to YNWA, the first ever Sorare manager, with over 650 ETH in winnings and a gallery worth millions. The lads covered everything that happened over the past week on Sorare, answered lots of community questions and talked a bit about Blackpool DAO. The boys finished with the 137pm game as always. Enjoy! Be sure to check out John's YouTube channel and Twitter for more Sorare content.And follow ONE37pm on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. Subscribe to the YouTube channel and join our DiscordSee Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at




+ 关于本期大家好,这里是最近神出鬼没的Lemon!有阵子没有和大家聊天了,希望大家一切都好。“你们怎么还不更新?”,“催更催更!”,“以前的都听3遍了,快更新呀!” 谢谢大家的惦念,你们的催更我们都收到了,今天就来聊聊Lemon二人最近的生活和对新一年的展望吧。回顾起过去的一年,多少有点唏嘘。戴口罩、没有国际旅行的日子似乎成为常态。虽然我们内心仍有抵触,可这是不得不接受的现实。新秩序之下,“回到过去”四个字竟然透出一点奢侈的味道。也许在这两年里,“接受无常”和“把握当下”对我们每个人而言都有了更深一层的体会和意义吧。马上要过年了,是我们中国人心中真正意义上的迎来新年。无论你还有多少烦恼压在心头,都希望你能照顾好自己,这比什么都重要。或许你想知道:Adele伦敦演唱会版《Someone like you》(中文翻译:《终有弱水替沧海》) 在本期节目中,你会听到:1:17 有时候,意外来的也是有点多。10:07 我佩服你能去主动寻找生活中美好瞬间的能力。22:15 任何对身体有害的习惯,一定要警惕。36:40 我每次回忆起这段经历,就觉得充满力量。44:54 前面推荐了2本书,我再来推荐一首歌作为结尾。+ 在哪里找到我们?Lemon电台的节目音频版更新在喜马拉雅,网易云音乐,QQ音乐,苹果播客以及所有能接收苹果播客的平台,例如小宇宙app。期待大家的评论互动!+ 在哪里找到乐乐和闷闷?乐乐:微博/b站@乐乐妞儿闷闷:微博/b站@不是闷

TSR Speed Shop RC podcast

Tim Smith Racing

TSR Speed Shop RC podcast ”TSR DRK 7 stages of fun”

TSR podcast Episode 156


Hosts: Tim Smith and Colin Branch


Show introduction and welcome.

Tim Notes:

19.01 (7 stage) software is OUT for everyone.

Car crashes and new cars How has your 2022 been?

Cricuter and Colins new body. And my new painting experience.

BC race cars rear wings and splitters

New Battery packs to test.

Listener questions.

News items

Southwest tour race one break down. (Mark/Ray)

RC Tip Of the Week (brought to you by Colin)


Main Topic:

Launch of the TSR DRK

Feature list: Big cap, Big wire, 7 stage, 70°

“Throttle Settings”


Dead band

“Launch Powe Control”

Stages and delays

“Advanced timing settings”

Turbo start po

The Stitching & Co. Podcast

Bess Wilkins

021: Finding Your Inner Creativity with Stephie from Hoop and Fred

Ever feel you aren’t creative enough to have a ‘creative’ hobby… well then this episode is for you!! Join host Bess Wilkins (Life with Bess)...

The Backpacking Experience

Devin Ashby

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

Furry, Explained

Finn the Panther

The furry fandom is one of the most popular fandoms that one can be a part of. However, members often get a bad rap and, let's be honest, furries are pretty weird. But things that are weird deserve to be explained. Welcome to Furry, Explained, a show for new and old furries alike, and especially for those who are curious about the fandom. Join Finn each week for a detailed breakdown on a topic related to the furry fandom with the goal of explaining furries: one of the most unique, but misunderstood groups of people that you'll ever encounter. New episodes release every Tuesday wherever you get your podcasts.

Punk Frockers

Beverly Baptiste

Punk Frockers is a podcast for garment sewists that would like to participate in the sewing community through monthly themed challenges.

The Vintage Collection Podcast

Victoria's Cantina

The Vintage Collection Podcast celebrates Hasbro’s Star Wars The Vintage Collection line of 3.75-inch action figures, playsets, and vehicles. Built on 42 years of history going back to Kenner’s original Star Wars line, The Vintage Collection represents the quality, selection, and innovation that collectors have come to know. It is an evolution of what emerged in 1978, brought to modern standards and presented in the classic, timeless Kenner packaging that is famous the world over. The Vintage Collection Podcast advocates for the continuation and increased support of this beloved toy line so that it furthers the collection it has established and inspires new generations of collectors for years to come. Victoria of Victoria’s Cantina and the Cantina Chatter Podcast is your host on this galactic toy adventure and is joined by cohosts Chris of, John of the Star Wars The Vintage Collection Facebook Group, Tim of Bossk’s Bounty, and Tyler of the SWTVC Instagram page.

The Crossing Gate. Model railroad discussion.

Thomas Gasior

Discussion of model railroading and operations.

2 Knit Lit Chicks

Tracie & Barb

Barb (the mom) and Tracie (the daughter) are obsessed knitters and avid readers. We love to talk about our current knitting projects and favorite books to read or listen to - we also review the occasional knitting book. Come join us!


Spence, Spangler, & Buzz

Episode 99: Spangler Solves SUBliminal Swarm Space

We have nearly made it to 100 episodes and 2 years! This one is a fitting 99th episode as prodigal host Spangler has returned, and with a BIG NWA. We talk through how his collection has evolved and what is now filling this Space!

On The Bench

David Goldfinch: Podcaster, Model Builder

OTB 131: IPMS Hamilton HeritageCon 2022!

Dave has a chat with the three nicest gentlemen of the modelling world, Duncan, Ian and Allan to talk about the exciting news that is HeritageCon 2022!

[휴식을 위한 지식]전쟁사 문명사 세계사


Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

Big Fish Stories

Tyler Hendricks

Welcome to Big Fish Stories. The podcast dedicated to telling the “real” outdoor stories of adventure, hunting and fishing. For the outdoors men and women who get lost in the stories around the campfire, this is the place for you.

ModelGeek's Podcast


Hey Modelers! Welcome to the ModelGeeks Scale Modeling Podcast, a place where we talk about anything and everything relating to models. Buckle up for what we believe will be an exciting journey into the world of scale modeling. It doesn’t matter whether you’re new to the hobby or you been around since Moses nor does it matter what you build; planes, armor, ships or automobiles, we hope to have a little bit for each of you.Our format is simple and to the point; modeling news you can use, a few tips and techniques, some lighthearted banter and maybe a beer or two, but most importantly interaction with you! That interaction starts with you, you see, we really want to make this content for you the listener so please, drop us an email at and weigh in on whatever our show topic is. You can find it at the ModelGeeks Facebook Page or our website, www.modelgeekspodcast.comIn closing, thanks to all the ModelGeeks out there, we really hope that you will download and make us a regular part of your modeling bench sessions. Keep on building, be excellent to each other, and by all means... Build something! Out from the Geeks...

The American Craftsman Podcast

Greene Street Joinery

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

Gearing Up: An Everyday Carry Podcast


An everyday carry podcast made for the community. Interviews with makers, creators, and members of the #edc community and discussions on current trends. Follow along as we talk about life, gear, hobbies, and more. Follow @gtdunn on Instagram for updates and subscribe for new episodes each week! Hosted by @gtdunn

The Chess Angle

Long Island Chess Club

The Chess Angle is the official podcast of the renowned Long Island Chess Club in NY. We discuss chess and tournament play at the amateur and club level. Web: Email: Twitter: @lichessclub. Affiliate links that appear in the episode descriptions may earn us a commission at no additional cost to you. We take these recommendations seriously and only link products and services we use ourselves. Thank you for listening & we hope you win your next game!

The Woolly Thistle podcast

The Woolly Thistle

The Woolly Thistle (fka NH Knits) is a knitting podcast featuring On and Off The Needles, an occasional Coop Cast and Shop News! Hosted by Corinne Claire who is a Scot living in New Hampshire USA.

Save for Half podcast

Save for Half podcast

Save for Half is a podcast about Old School Games and the modern role playing games inspired by them. Join DM Mike, DM Liz, DM Corbett, and DM Jim as they discuss and review all the RPGs that made the 70s and 80s great, as well as their modern descendants and supplements.

Small Subjects

Jim and Barry

Episode 14: Bill Horan

Bill Horan needs no introduction, at least in our small world. Barry and Jim talk to the master painter and sculptor, and, as always, discuss some of their favorite pieces from his extensive and impressive canon.  You can find photos and links to information discussed in each episode at our podcast blog on  boxdioramas.comCheck out some other great modeling podcasts on modelpodcasts.comContact us at

Woodworking Hand Tools & Techniques

Bob Rozaieski Fine Woodworking

HTT065 – My Favorite Woods to Work With

Today, we have the Patron Extra podcast from November 2018.  In this show, I talk a bit about my favorite woods to work with.
The post HTT065 – My Favorite Woods to Work With first appeared on Bob Rozaieski Fine Woodworking.

Golden Age of Cardboard | A vintage sports card podcast

Michael Moynihan

Are you interested in vintage sports cards? Looking to learn about the vintage market? This podcast is for you! There are no chrome cards here...just good old fashioned classic sports cards. A Bench Clear Media production ( Support this podcast:

This Birding Life

Bird Watcher's Digest

This Birding Life is a podcast from the folks at Bird Watcher's Digest. And like the magazine's content, the topics covered by This Birding Life range far and wide -- from the backyard to the tropics, from bird feeding to bird chasing, from authors reading from their books to birders talking about their "spark" bird. This Birding Life is guaranteed to make you think, laugh, and want to spend more time out there with the birds. It's all about this wonderful hobby we share: watching and enjoying wild birds. Welcome to This Birding Life! Look for our Podcast in the iTunes Music Store.

Michigan Bros. Grow Show

Michigan Bros. Grow Show

General Purpose Cannabis Cultivation Podcast



你循环了吗? 开年就炸的《开端》到底是什么让人欲罢不能?

节目主播老庚十三以太一宏节目简介春节前的最后一期电台节目,我们按照之前说好的,来和大家聊一聊最近热播的剧集《 开端》。作为一部时间循环题材作品,剧集上线之初就冲上了热搜,播出时其剧情的进展也多次引发了讨论。其实时间循环题材的影视动画作品已经不少了 ,这也是推理小说经常创作的一个题材,在此设定下产生了各种不同但是有趣的故事。 在看完《开端》后, 我们有很多想说的,本期节目将联系时间循环的其它作品,包括《开端》的原作小说,来说说时间循环类的作品到底好看在哪儿。最后,怪异电台提前祝大家春节快乐,万事胜意。节目概要 #无限流还是时间循环#悬疑外壳下的群像剧#真 普通人拯救世界时间轴02:35 开端的开头,公交车爆炸谜团06:51 时间循环题材的看点到底15:05 时间循环类作品的细分18:45 无限流和时间循环类到底有什么区别22:45 对国产时间循环题材有什么期待33:44  普通人视角和群像剧的展开49:47  群像和主线案件能否进行更好的结合56:29  对比小说,人设的丰满和的强化01:02:13 剧透分界线,8集后的内容01:08:04 关于结局,没有好的解释真的烂尾了吗01:17:43 时间循环的天然弊端和可能展开01:23:42 一些奇奇怪怪吐槽和二创 节目音乐唐八百 - 卡农手机铃声—开端Peder B. Helland - Happy TimesPeder B. Helland - Sunny DaysPeder B. Helland - Sunny MorningsPeder B. Helland - Thoughtful彭柏德 - 雨·恋温野 - 满载樱花的列车开往春天周深 - My Only