The Bert Show

Pionaire Podcasting

Making your mornings bearable with the best morning radio show around! We're real and we're funny, and we do it all authentically. Whether it's the entertainment news, listener drama or a peek into our own lives, we serve the laughs while bringing you into our world so you can take a break and escape yours. Check back daily for new episodes with Bert, Kristin, Moe & the entire Bert Show Cast! Be a part of the show: call us toll free at 1-855-BertShow or visit

The Nateland Podcast

All Things Comedy

Stand-up comedian, Nate Bargatze, is hosting a new podcast - Nateland. It's going to be real fun and funny...hopefully.  Come and find out!

Spitballers Comedy Podcast

Comedy Podcast

COMEDY PODCAST OF THE YEAR - 2019 & 2020 PODCAST AWARDS Comedy podcasts are the best, but it's not easy to find clean comedy podcasts that are actually FUNNY! Welcome to the Spitballers Podcast with the award-winning trio of Andy, Mike, and Jason. These three dads will make you laugh as they discuss ridiculous topics, answer life's most difficult questions, and dish out life advice that you should never, ever take. We all need a little nonsense in our everyday lives.  Be a part of one of the best audiences around and enjoy a comedy podcast for the whole family with new episodes every Monday morning! The one comedy podcast you can't leave off your podcast roster.  Award-winning comedy every week! Learn more at and become an OFFICIAL Spitwad!

Correct Opinions with Trey Kennedy and Jake Triplett

Trey Kennedy

Welcome to Correct Opinions -- the first show where every opinion is correct (in my opinion.) If you're just as annoyed as I am with the over-the-topness of today's social media crazed world then you're in the right place. Whether I’m riffing on trending topics, my experiences, your college roommates "small business" (we know you haven't sold a single t-shirt, Jason) or recurring segments such as "Another Dumb White Baby Name," I speak for us all on why people need to just do less. Let's take a deep breath, make fun of some people and enjoy some remedy through roasting. In a growing world of "extra," come join a community where we have had enough. Please submit your topics/discussions for me to roast at Do less. God bless. We wanna make the podcast even better, help us learn how we can:  For advertising opportunities please email    Privacy Policy: Love the opinions, but hate the ads? Subscribe to the ad-free version of Correct Opinions here!:

Podcast About List


this is a podcast where we read lists from the internet. @Braingetter and @nibiru_ideas and @lunch_enjoyer

The Monster Line

QCODE / Wood Elf

Two intrepid creatures of the night stalk the mysterious beasts known as cryptids through field and forest - so they can help them solve their problems! Claire (suburban Werewolf) and Daniel Pier (Vortal: Half Vampire/Half Mortal from Bug Tussle, Texas) have recently devoted their lives to helping solve mundane cryptid problems through their new venture, The Monster Line. Each episode, a new cryptid stops by The Monster Line offices to air their grievances and ask for help. 

The Dollop - England & UK

Dave Anthony

Dave Anthony tells a story from English history to Gareth Reynolds Theme by Sean Arawjo


Jake Triplett & Brad Ellis

Lighthearted, relatable, and hilarious banter between two best friends who love to find the humor in everyday life. Jake & Brad quote The Office as easily and as often as they consume Chick-Fil-A and listeners love the clean, witty humor that they provide in every episode.

Scissor Bros

Scissor Bros

Jeremiah Watkins and Steebee Weebee are Scissor Bros. Your favorite public access show for adults! Support this podcast:

We Need To Talk About Ghosts

Ghost stories, Paranormal, Hauntings

One mans attempt to convince himself that it wasn't just the wind...

OKOP with Sam & John


☝️ Follow for daily episodes of Sam & John reading the funniest stories from reddit! @ okopshow on TikTok

A Corporate Time with Tom and Dan

Tom Vann and Dan Dennis

The far more censored version of the award winning and unparalleled "A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan." - "A Corporate Time" is a daily companion and terrestrial radio show heard nationally on iHeartRadio. It's silly.

The Scamcast with Kitboga


I'm Kitboga, a voice actor who likes to keep scammers distracted for hours using hilarious improv comedy situations. The scammers have no idea it's fake, and that's 1/2 the fun!

حاجات بديهية


احس في حاجات تصير في كل بيت ولازم نسمعها كلنا عشان بتصير لنا كلنا عشان نحس اننا في نفس الكوكب Twitter @obviousthings8



德云社郭德纲于谦相声精选 收录所有郭德纲的传统相声和其他经典相声。让开车,休闲,放松,睡觉都能放松心情。开心愉悦。

Character Debates

Michael Harrison, Drew Dunn, and Jake Vevera

In a hilarious and anarchy infused podcast, Michael Harrison moderates improvised debates with comedians in character! Featuring reoccurring cast members Jake Vevera, Drew Dunn and a guest comedian

Quick Question with Soren and Daniel

Quick Question with Soren and Daniel

Quick Question with Soren and Daniel is a comedy podcast from the former editors of Soren Bowie and Daniel O'Brien. With new episodes every week, join Soren and Daniel in answering life's deep and also shallow questions.



スタバの端っこで繰り広げられるような、ゆるいOLの会話を盗み聴きできるポッドキャスト。 子どもから大人まで、くすくす笑えてちょっと深まる「大人版ちびまる子ちゃん」的世界観でお送りしております。 累計リスナー40万人突破!いえい!

The Neighbours Podcast - Ft. Pestily & Micheal The Neighbour

Pestily Podcast

2 Neighbours sharing their stories of life and adventures and discussing all the crazy projects they come up with in their Youtube content

CoolGames Inc


Griffin McElroy and Nick Robinson created a new video game every week with your help.


Serialization of Chinese Audio Novels


Serious Butt Funny

Jonny Carlson

Manon Mathews and Jonny Carlson discuss the Serious & Funny parts of their lives. They dive into intellectual conversations and Improv ridiculous scenarios. This podcast is alive to inspire you to laugh and explore new perspectives.

מה יש בזה

קובי מלמד ואלעד יצחקיאן

קובי מלמד ואלעד יצחקיאן יורדים לעומקם של סיפורים מופרכים שקרו באמת

No Joke Podcast


The least topical podcast on the internet. Hosted by comedians, Billy Scafuri and Adam Lustick.

I Know All About That


A father and son podcast where we know a lot about nothing.

Do Less God Bless

Trey Kennedy & Jake Triplett

Trey Kennedy is a comedian and content creator who's generated tens of millions of views with his comedic skits. While he's always been in front of the camera, the same guy has been behind it, Jake Triplett. These two have been creating content together for years and now they're creating a podcast! The Do Less God Bless podcast breaks down their bizarre social media comedy lives, the "Do Less" moments happening all around us, and much more. Tune in to this weekly, family-friendly comedic show every Friday as these two fairly mature 20 somethings in the midwest give their takes on what's happening today. We wanna make the podcast even better, help us learn how we can:  For advertising opportunities please email    Privacy Policy:


Lead Mojo

You can’t say anything any more - and here to prove it is Harriet Langley-Swindon, with a round of all the best bits of her weekly radio show on a national network that can’t be named for legal reasons. Absolutely Non-Censored [subs please check capitalisation and hyphen] from beginning to end, with all the rubbish edited out. Each week, Harriet will chat through the segments with producer Martin, and we’ll be getting a Hot & Spicy Take Of The Week from resident comedian Eshaan Akbar who was hired because he was funny and not any other reason. NonCensored is created by award-winning comedians Rosie Holt, Brendan Murphy & Eshaan Akbar.

Wording is Hard

Tahir Moore

Tahir has challenged his friends to a game of pronunciation, and it's about to go down. They've each got five cards with five very difficult words on them. They try to pronounce each words and then try to guess what they mean. Maye is here to keep score and judge us harshly.

Meksika Açmazı

by Mesut Süre, Anlatanadam, Fazlı Polat via

"O konuda gerçekten ne düşünüyorsun? Bu zor durumdan nasıl çıkarsın? Peki en yakın arkadaşını satar mısın?" Mesut Süre, Anlatanadam ve Fazlı Polat Meksika Açmazı'nda cevabı olmayan sorulara çözüm arıyor! Reklam ve iş birliği talepleriniz için:



這裡是我和小美的廣播電台 【 追蹤我的其他平台】 Youtube 圖文頻道 :霸軒與小美 Baxuan & Mei Facebook粉絲專頁 :人類超有病 霸軒 Baxuan Instgram 粉絲專頁 :@baxuan_ig 【 與我們聯繫】 工商合作請洽:霸軒 Phone :0986-383-719 LINE ID:@baxuan Powered by Firstory Hosting

郭德纲 于谦相声专辑


于谦的父亲王老爷子姓孙,名叫李秀珍,号欧阳青松,人称罩百灵,是中国人民的老朋友,外文名尼奥,也叫于小谦、于小屁、于予菊、于香肉丝、于德刚,于千或者郭德纲。需知道于谦的爸爸不等于于谦的父亲,每十个北京人有一个是于谦的父亲,听相声的都是于谦的父亲。于谦的亲爹老翟头出生书香门第,也是宦官之后,满清最后一个骟人,出身满洲尿黄旗,满名爱新觉罗·筐,京城八大铁帽子王之绿帽子王世袭罔替!书籍收藏最多最爱读《金瓶梅》全图本,排行第八人称京八爷或京八,美髯公胡子长二丈余,祖上功夫世家自幼习武,其父善用紧背低头弩,江湖称号“北京第一剑人、天下第一瓢客、双刀李老大”,谦父在妙峰山出过家做跳墙和尚,发号法廊,师从西门吹灯、少林寺驻武当山办事处大神父王喇嘛、小咖喱黄不辣,排行兔老三,寒暑不侵,一团上午的精神!精于轻功,诨名草上飞,又一手开锁绝活,一包方便面捅开一小区,刀枪剑戟煎炒烹炸,持修垫剜眼刀,刀法肉上雕花融北京济南扬州三派,杀人于无形当时下地全无痛觉。耍剑无出其右,兵器为大宝剑,人剑合一,也叫剑人;又叫彪子,因家传独门暗器藏镖,纵使一丝不挂也能从身后摸出无数镖,令人防不胜防。江湖人称朝鲜冷面杀手,韩名朴人勇,膝下一子朴一生就是谦哥;早年家贫欠有屁股债,去东北卖身还债;后求学于保定军校,专业推火烧战车,戎马一生,孤陷贼船,勇开一千万发票,大富大贵,是杨梅大仓的公公夫人是果子李的小姐亲家贵至蒙古国海军司令。住皮条胡同老拉家四合院,因爱扒丫鬟衣服被尊称扒衣老爷。三大爱好是;花钱,洗头房和猪大肠(红烧清蒸刺身)。生活讲究,洗澡要洗清华池头一水,上公厕要换便服带随从和点心盒子,绅士风度有讲究,出门上个厕所穿脱(狐嗉大衣、水獭围巾、海龙帽子、西装、马甲、西裤、秋裤、毛裤、绒裤、背背夹、纸尿裤、鸡皮鞋)顺序不乱;只吃自己肥料种的菜,别人的吃不惯;献身学术,早年在云南昭通研究古汉语,发掘曹操墓;建设祖国,带队在保定盖30米高大烟筒,图纸拿倒了人家让挖井,和于谦父子俩在美国东西海岸对着挖隧道,没碰着,挖了两条;爱护晚辈,被称作知心姐姐,亲自教郭德纲尿和泥,炮炸屎,用胡子给娃当跳绳,陪谦儿的媳潘金莲睡觉,睡中间用一帘把于谦隔开;多才艺,拜师斯坦尼斯拉夫斯基学绘画,擅画黑扇面,一手蝇头狂草,尽写错自己名字,唱北京大鼓,《猪八戒大战孙悟空》,三弦弹得好,像藏獒挠门;医术高超老西医,专攻妇科,人赞曰“妙手淫心”;身体好,虽然高龄七十三、八十四但一顿火锅吃二十多盘肉四十多种菜,哆哆嗦嗦劫财劫色,每天早上八点半准时排便,九点钟准时起床。更是运动健将,国家帆船队,先翻船再潜水,四五天后捞上来栩栩如生! Powered by Firstory Hosting


RM Brown

The toilet cast of RM BROWN

Larry Miller Show

Larry Miller

Comedian Larry Miller tells uplifting stories from his own life, in the tradition of great radio raconteurs like Jean Shepherd and Prarie Home Companion. Tune in to the fireside chat for the 21st century. It's time well spent! Larry Miller is best known for roles in Waiting For Guffman, Best in Show and 10 Things I Hate About You, as well as his standup comedy. Now he brings his sharp wit and genteel manner to his very own podcast. And it's the only podcast recorded from inside an extinct volcano!

Talkin' Trader Joes

Mark and Steve

Co-Hosts Mark and Steve unpack the nuances of Trader Joe's culture and products.

The Lemon Drops podcast

Nick schrock, T.J schrock

When life gives you lemons, Produce a podcast Get bonus content on Patreon Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

Speaking TOEFL IBT

Christian Huitle

Practice my speaking

Improv Nerd With Jimmy Carrane

Jimmy Carrane

Well-known improv teacher and former Studio 312 host Jimmy Carrane explores the creative processes used to make great comedy.

灵异话茬儿 | 恐怖的灵异故事




Joanna Kołaczkowska i Szymon Majewski

Próbujemy oswajać wszystko, co tylko da się oswoić. Nie zabraknie więc: galopady myśli, grzebania w pamięci, oraz namiętnej analizy. Szymon użyje zdań wielokrotnie podrzędnie złożonych, zaś Aśka podmiotu i orzeczenia. Popłyń z nami tym nurtem, mamy wiosła! Ale pamiętaj - to tylko ponton! Muzyka: Jacek Olejarz, Dźwięk - Paweł Szałowski, zdjęcie - Anna Majer.

Shenanigans with Joey

Joey DeMarco

i go around my school and do things



欢乐喜剧:郭德纲 单田芳 王玥波 岳云鹏 德云社 评书相声小品大全

I Wasn't Asking You

I Wasn't Asking You

We search the internet for unanswered questions, could be in a youtube comment, yahoo answers, craigslist community section, anywhere. We find these questions and give them the answers they have been waiting for.

Odadaki Fil

Odadaki Fil

Fatih Aker ve Doktor, odadaki filin peşinden tuzlukla koşuyorlar. Yeni bölümlerden haberdar olmak için instagram'da odadaki_fil hesabını ya da spotify, apple podcasts vb. platformlarda sayfamızı takip ederseniz dünya daha güzel bir yer olabilir.

Crews Control

Ari Goldberg, Jason Guss, Pete Broderick

The cast has gone home and the crew's in control, welcome to Crews Control! The only podcast that dives deep behind the camera at J.A.M.P. Productions to showcase the amazing world behind the scenes. At least that's what hosts Props Master Grant Lincoln (Ari Goldberg), Wardrobe Head Leopold Bordeaux (Pete Broderick), and Stunt Coordinator Dorsch (Jason Guss) tell people. If they happen to get rich and famous along the way that works for them just as well. So grab your clipboard and put on your headset, this is Crews Control.

The ImpediMen Podcast

Isaac Castillo

Just Two men in their 20’s with speech impediments?! How ironic are these go getters looking to change up the podcast game some how! Follow us on Instagram! (; @_Brandon_Shane_ @Isaac.Castilllo

The Late Night Flight

Nassor Nuru

This Variety Show is a new take on "Hip Hop Radio" curated by "The Self-Proclaimed Pilot" discovering the absurdities of America.

Nokat shaware3 - نكت شوارع

Roya Podcast - رؤيا بودكاست

بودكاست نكت شوارع على قناة رؤيا رؤيا بودكاست يعود لكم بشكل جديد مازال "محمد اللحام" يبحث عن نكتة جديدة ومضحكة ليقدمها لكم اسبوعيا من خلال هذا البودكاست

Maan kobciye

Ser Shakir

Ujeedka podcast wa in aan ku soo gudbinno horumarinta shaqsiyeed, maandhiska, hal-abuurka, isbedelka , guulaha iyo taaariikhdooda bulshada haldoorkooda ah, si ay inoola wadaagaan safaradooda iyo casharada aynu ka baran karno ama khibrad ahaan. Sido kalena dadku uga helaan talooyin iyo taxanayaal u hoga tusaaleeya hayaankooda nololeed ay ku jiraan noocyadiisa kala duwan!

郭德纲 于谦相声专辑


于谦的父亲王老爷子姓孙,名叫李秀珍,号欧阳青松,人称罩百灵,是中国人民的老朋友,外文名尼奥,也叫于小谦、于小屁、于予菊、于香肉丝、于德刚,于千或者郭德纲。需知道于谦的爸爸不等于于谦的父亲,每十个北京人有一个是于谦的父亲,听相声的都是于谦的父亲。于谦的亲爹老翟头出生书香门第,也是宦官之后,满清最后一个骟人,出身满洲尿黄旗,满名爱新觉罗·筐,京城八大铁帽子王之绿帽子王世袭罔替!书籍收藏最多最爱读《金瓶梅》全图本,排行第八人称京八爷或京八,美髯公胡子长二丈余,祖上功夫世家自幼习武,其父善用紧背低头弩,江湖称号“北京第一剑人、天下第一瓢客、双刀李老大”,谦父在妙峰山出过家做跳墙和尚,发号法廊,师从西门吹灯、少林寺驻武当山办事处大神父王喇嘛、小咖喱黄不辣,排行兔老三,寒暑不侵,一团上午的精神!精于轻功,诨名草上飞,又一手开锁绝活,一包方便面捅开一小区,刀枪剑戟煎炒烹炸,持修垫剜眼刀,刀法肉上雕花融北京济南扬州三派,杀人于无形当时下地全无痛觉。耍剑无出其右,兵器为大宝剑,人剑合一,也叫剑人;又叫彪子,因家传独门暗器藏镖,纵使一丝不挂也能从身后摸出无数镖,令人防不胜防。江湖人称朝鲜冷面杀手,韩名朴人勇,膝下一子朴一生就是谦哥;早年家贫欠有屁股债,去东北卖身还债;后求学于保定军校,专业推火烧战车,戎马一生,孤陷贼船,勇开一千万发票,大富大贵,是杨梅大仓的公公夫人是果子李的小姐亲家贵至蒙古国海军司令。住皮条胡同老拉家四合院,因爱扒丫鬟衣服被尊称扒衣老爷。三大爱好是;花钱,洗头房和猪大肠(红烧清蒸刺身)。生活讲究,洗澡要洗清华池头一水,上公厕要换便服带随从和点心盒子,绅士风度有讲究,出门上个厕所穿脱(狐嗉大衣、水獭围巾、海龙帽子、西装、马甲、西裤、秋裤、毛裤、绒裤、背背夹、纸尿裤、鸡皮鞋)顺序不乱;只吃自己肥料种的菜,别人的吃不惯;献身学术,早年在云南昭通研究古汉语,发掘曹操墓;建设祖国,带队在保定盖30米高大烟筒,图纸拿倒了人家让挖井,和于谦父子俩在美国东西海岸对着挖隧道,没碰着,挖了两条;爱护晚辈,被称作知心姐姐,亲自教郭德纲尿和泥,炮炸屎,用胡子给娃当跳绳,陪谦儿的媳潘金莲睡觉,睡中间用一帘把于谦隔开;多才艺,拜师斯坦尼斯拉夫斯基学绘画,擅画黑扇面,一手蝇头狂草,尽写错自己名字,唱北京大鼓,《猪八戒大战孙悟空》,三弦弹得好,像藏獒挠门;医术高超老西医,专攻妇科,人赞曰“妙手淫心”;身体好,虽然高龄七十三、八十四但一顿火锅吃二十多盘肉四十多种菜,哆哆嗦嗦劫财劫色,每天早上八点半准时排便,九点钟准时起床。更是运动健将,国家帆船队,先翻船再潜水,四五天后捞上来栩栩如生! Powered by Firstory Hosting


igor guimarães

Olá amiguinho, estou invadinho o feed bagunçado do seu agregador de podcast ou de música pra alegrar seu dia ou noite, mas pra você acompanhar o ao vivo, vai no meu canal oficial. Iguinho Lives:


Radio Manguito Chupado

Conducido por Ana Julia Yeyé y Kikis, Manguito chupado es un podcast de comedia bien jugoso y sabroso que como mango en mayo, será irresistible para ti. Una producción de: LaH.Plataforma

Mice Rise


My podcast is about random stuff in life, but like, in a fun way. Every episode will be about someting different such as: astrologie, netflix shows, aesthetics, about how school sucks, and I maybe even gossip about people and stuff. I hope you'll enjoy!

Musical Monday

Zachary Atherton

Musical Monday is the show where we (Zach Atherton, Shae McCombs, and Caleb Wall) sing our favorite songs to the musicals no one's ever heard of! Some will say this podcast is completely improvised, others will say the same thing. Support this podcast:

El Podcast de JP Martinez

Juan Pablo Martínez

Un día estaba en mi cuarto, ya era de noche, y na más no me podía dormir. Estaba bien emocionado, ilusionado, y pensando en todas las posibilidades fregonas que podría traerme un podcast. - - Estaba emocionado y todavía no había dado ni un paso, sólo pensar en la posibilidad. Agarré mis 4 meses de ahorros y compré los micrófonos, un tripié nuevo para que ya no se me cayera la luz, y hoy estoy aquí, cumpliendo uno de mis sueños. - - Desde chiquito me acuerdo que me quedaba platicando con las chicas que nos ayudaban con la limpieza de la casa. Chiquito chiquito, unos 6 años. Una vez una chica me platicó toda la aventura de su papá en su intento de pasarse a Estados Unidos sin documentos - - Me fascinaba oírla, preguntar, y entender cosas nuevas!! Ya luego llegaba mi mamá a decirme que me fuera a dormir. - - Creo que el espíritu de ser preguntón lo sigo tendiendo, y eso me emociona un buen!! - - Si te gustaría ayudarme a cumplir este sueño que me trae bien emocionado date algún capítulo, estoy seguro te va a fascinar!

The Men's Room

Kevin Cooney

Welcome to The Men's Room! A place where you put the seat down and unload. @TheMensRoomm

Happy Good with Chris Locke

The Sonar Network

Every week for half an hour you can hear Chris Locke guide you to sweet, warm and fuzzy places while soothing music plays in the background. Shut that damned global world nonsense noise off and escape into hilarious stream of consciousness meditations!

Is a hotdog a sandwich?

Is a hotdog a sandwich?

Is a hotdog a sandwich? Are we in a simulation? Should 16 year olds have the right to vote? Jed and Ethan are pitted against each other in a series of quick fire debates. 🎙 @Isahotdogapod podcast hosted by: @jeds.jpegs and @ecaines_ Charity Fundraising:

I Have A Question

I Have A Question

We’re not asking life’s most important questions, but we are asking the ones that will make you think.

Crappy Castles

Crappy Castles

Well met, weirdo! Crappy Castles is a podcast about the Forgotten Realms' finest adventure architecture firm and the two partners dead-set on destroying it—one poorly designed dungeon at a time. If you're looking to have a crappy adventure created for your party, email for a chance to have a pro-bono adventure built just for you.

Teen Talk!

Teen Talk

We are teens. And we talk. That pretty much covers it. Let us know what you want us to talk about! Our goal is to make you laugh and feel good about yourself!

Без суеты

Клавдия Гольман

Бьюти-блогер Клава Гольман и пиарщица Марина Дидяева обсуждают все, что хочется обсудить. Жизнь, работа, планы на будущее и то, что волнует прямо сейчас. Телеграм-канал Клавы "Бьюти суета": По всем вопросам пишите Марине:

Hysterical Women

Hysterical Women

The podcast that no one asked for about gender in our society! Each week Nora Kaye and Whitney Uland dissect events (macro and micro) to determine if they think this week was a win—or a loss—for feminism.

The Duchess Podcast

The Duchess Podcast

Friends spreading some comedic cheer on current events and our favorite topics. From weekly news to one night stands, and ghost stories. We are here to talk about it and laugh about it!

Big StandUp: Дядь Серёжа

Большой Стендап на Юмор FM

Комик, блогер и радиоведущий Сергей «ДядьСерёжа» Жерихин представляет отрывки из своего стендап-концерта #СИБИРЯК. О женщинах, политике, политике женщин, а также о том, почему современные дети умней родителей. Слушай, смейся, думай.


Samyog Niraula

Guys high on different psychedelics

Anne Marie 2.0

Anne Marie

Anne Marie is in her early twenties and loves engaging in music, movies, comedy, improv, food, and any topic a guest wants to talk about. Listen to Anne Marie 2.0 for a happy, calming, exciting time. Laugh along with Anne Marie and enjoy her journey in life. Follow @anne.marie.2.0 on Instagram for latest updates and a place to comment your answers from the podcast! Support this podcast:

Conspiracy Theories

Tripp Rollins

This podcast tells you more about some of the crazy conspiracy theories people are obsessed with.

The Sii Sii and Dora Show

Dorjuan Alberts

Everything anything , Real and unedited. Sii Sii and Dora

Big Foot

Abby Dale

Tales From A Gemini


Comedian BT sits down every week to talk about his life, current events, and anything else currently on his mind.

Dungeons and Dragonfruits

Dungeons and Dragonfruits Team

Join five friends as they laugh, learn and adventure their way through the world of Widdershins (where dragons hatch from fruit trees) in this real-play DND podcast.

The Stormchaser Improv Podcast Show

Stormchaser Improv

Hi, we’re Stormchaser! We’re an improv comedy team in Los Angeles, CA, and we are Anatasha Blakely, Travis Cox, and Andrew Pish. We’ve performed together for around eight years and 600 shows - that’s 0.22 shows a day! Come join us for our Artist’s Brain episodes where we pick the brains of a wide variety of artists and performers and try to find those nuggets of gold that we use to buy more bitcoin. Then listen to our Gametape episodes where we review our own shows to talk about our process, detail what we could do differently next time, and passive-aggressively judge Pish for his life choices. Lastly, check out our Stormchaserology episodes where we define some of the unique improv lingo we’ve come to use over the years - like "that's schmangin" and "rivulet" and "commonwealth".

Spontaneous Discussion

Ed Richard

Two southern boys waxing poetic about whatever comes to mind. Weekly guests featured.



「请上中环」(Hyper Central)由王十七、Ken共同主持的一档脱口秀播客节目。在这里,我们聊生活、谈游戏、侃比赛、说动漫、评电影。漫漫人生路,记得请上中环。 主播: 王十七 @田林恶霸王十七 Ken @KenOfFM

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全台灣最荒謬Podcast上線啦!營養價值零,酸人指數滿點的溫腥惡魔小園地,消化餅、小部語不驚人死不休,你準備好拋開道德枷鎖享受最紓壓的幹話連發了嗎? Are you ready to burst into laughter? Two Taiwanese hosts present a hilarious, crazy, teenage talk show in Mandarin Chinese! Powered by Firstory Hosting

Two In The Think Tank

Andy Matthews & Alasdair Tremblay-Birchall

Listen as Andy and Al come up with five sketch ideas, without fail. Maybe seven if we don't think that the first five were very good. Follow us on twitter! Al - @alasdairtb Andy - @stupidoldandy Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

Королевские НеКорги

Ольга Ф. и Екатерина К.

Королевские НеКорги - первый и пока единственный комедийный подкаст о БКС (Британской Королевской Семье) на русском. Катя - независимый критик и Оля - эксперт, давший присягу Королеве, обсуждают новости зарубежных изданий и рунета о БКС. С юмором анализируют, интригуют и расследуют последние инфоповоды и интересные эпизоды новейшей королевской истории.

La Gozadera


¡Bienvenidos al podcast con más ritmo de New York: La Gozadera! Brea Frank y Shino Aguakate te traen los temas más ingeniosos y divertidos. ¡Descarga ya los capítulos diarios, suscríbete y no te pierdas las mejores secciones de La Gozadera en todas las plataformas!

Improv Tabletop

Ned Wilcock

Two shows for the price of one! SHOW 1: Fate Accelerated All tabletop RPGs require some improv, but what if it was ALL improv? Join our cast of trained improvisers and RPG enthusiasts as we create and explore a brand-new world from scratch every month! Your suggestions shape the worlds we create and the characters we play! Will we fight dinosaurs invading a baking competition, or mutated insects in the irradiated Outback? Find us on social media @improvtabletop to share your ideas! (Episodes release every Wednesday.) SHOW 2: Avatar Legends As longtime lovers of Avatar: The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra, we were thrilled to hear about the release of the official Avatarverse RPG, Avatar Legends! After releasing a series of experimental one-shots, we decided to start a full-scale, ongoing campaign using this wonderful RPG system. Disclaimer: This campaign isn’t 100% improvised like our Fate campaigns are, but it’s pretty darn close. (Episodes release every Saturday.) (If your podcatcher uses seasons, Fate episodes are in Season 1, and Avatar episodes are in Season 2.)



從一些生活小事, 聊出一些人生歪理, 再用這些人生歪理, 讓你活得不那麼循規蹈矩。 - 商業合作信箱 小潘IG:run_0305 寶拉IG:wan715 FB粉絲團「小潘&寶拉」 歡迎自由捐獻: Powered by Firstory Hosting

Shameless Sisters|好意思姐妹


Welcome to our multilingual podcast Shameless Sisters 好意思姐妹 with 贝贝 and Jenny. Not only will you hear Chinese and english but also the Shanghainese dialect 上海话! Every weekend you'll get a podcast with juicy Hollywood gossip, new TV show/movie obsessions, also girl talk like how dating is just like job hunting...我们还有一个小单元叫“侬唱What”, 我们会把最新的欧美流行歌曲用上海话重新作词, hope you enjoy our show!


Clay Peckham and Chris Cleere

Two weirdos with beards talk about, random topics, theories, politics, stories and life in general.

Solutions From the Multiverse

Adam Braus

New, never-before-heard solutions every week from hosts Adam Braus (@ajbraus) and Scot Maupin (@scotmaupin) (and jokes).

Original Understudies

James Heaney

This improvised podcast is intended to be the spiritual successor of Alchemy This. While the lives of the core cast of that show got a bit to busy to commit to the weekly show, this show has a rotating cast of improvisers. If you were a fan of Alchemy This, you will hear many familiar voices. At the same time, the improvisers you meet along the way will capture your hearts as they make you laugh.

Kompetenz auf's Ohr

Alexander Straub | Held der Steine | Stelasoul

Was passiert wenn der erfolgreichste Klemmbaustein Youtuber Deutschlands, eine Social Media Beraterin und ein Weltmeister-Zauberer aufeinander treffen? Es entsteht pure Kompetenz in Form eines Podcasts! Jede Woche erzählen die drei witzige, verrückte, peinliche und zum Teil unglaubliche Geschichten aus Ihrem Leben. Wer das verpasst ist selbst schuld!



Sharing life experiences like an open diary

The Misfits

Kaleb Long

Introduction to the Misfits

Jugg Sisters: Live from the Opry!

The Jugg Sisters

It's Nashville's favorite musical comedy show on wheels - now available in your trailer homes! Hop off the Big Pink Bus and on to the interwebs as we bring you the hilarious commentary of Sheri Lynn & Brenda Kay, owners of NashTrash Tours in Nashville, Tennessee.

The ComedySportz Podcast

Kyle Hanneken

Enjoy up-close and personal interviews with some of improv comedy’s greatest minds. The ComedySportz Podcast charts the history of ComedySportz from its inception in 1984 to the present day.

The J Trip

justin hartley

Random, Outta pocket, wild and no holds bar podcast with three life long friends, Hitting you with a taste of interesting perspectives, opinions and even advice to survive in this day to day crazy mcstupid world WHO LIKES TO GET SCHWIFTY!!!!!!!!!

Not Blonde, But Still Dumb

Non Blonde Dummies ♡

♡laughter is the best medicine♡ come here to listen to 6 non blonde dummies talk about whatever they want every Thursday and Saturday at 6pm EST. (no promises tho 👍) Moo, the loud and positive ♡ Onyx, the calm and cool and collected ◇ Van, the energetic and fiery ☆ Anna, the sweet and amazing □ Light, the funny and fierce ♧ and Maison, the brains ♤


十一 & 眉心

帥又聰明的美商工程師s, 也是可愛又迷人的反派腳色。 閒聊, 上班已經夠辛苦, 追求各種不上進也能活得好好的方法。 訂閱、追蹤、五星好評再分享給所有的朋友! 每週二、五更新, 歡迎來IG找我們聊天~📷instagram @awwwsd6 廣告業務合作請洽 -- Hosting provided by SoundOn




Miscellaneous Adventures from the World of Mike Carano

Mike Carano

Weekly podcast with Los Angeles based photographer, musician, and creator of Five Minutes with Mike video series. Join Mike as he visits cool places like Disneyland, Death Valley, and Costco!



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