The Dollop with Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds

All Things Comedy

538 - Peter Brock - live

Comedians Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds examine race car driver Peter Brock. Recorded live in Adelaide, Australia 


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Helix Sleep


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The Nateland Podcast

All Things Comedy

#94 Easter & Taxes

It's Holy Week and tax week and only on the Nateland Podcast would both subjects be combined into one episode. Nate learns that there can be a full moon on a cloudy night and Maundy Thursday is not a meal deal at Chilis. Brian shares a story of Jackson Hewitt helping him with tax fraud, and Aaron shares a story of child neglect that may have led his brother to go to Purdue. 

Podcast produced by Nate & Laura Bargatze

Recording & Editing by Genovations Media

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The Bert Show

The Bert Show

Spitballers Comedy Podcast

Comedy Podcast

199: The Pigeon Song & The Best Older Generation Names - Comedy Podcast

Great news! On today’s show, we cure jealousy. We also discuss cutting off a limb, talking to pigeons, and seeing other people’s futures. We wrap it up with a draft of stereotypical older generation names. Re-brand Mondays with some comedy! Subscribe and tell your friends about another funny episode of The Spitballers Comedy Podcast!

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IRAQI Podcast بودكاست عراقي

IRAQI Podcast بودكاست عراقي

#11 مو كل زميل صديق - الرابر أرماندو

في الصوتية الحادية عشر من بودكاست عراقي الموسم الثاني، يستضيف فلان الرابر أرماندو و يناقش طفولة و رحلة الرابر في العراق و الدروس المستفادة من رحلته في عالم الراب، و رأي أرماندو بأبرز الرابرز العرب.#فلاناستمع إلى بودكاست عراقي على جميع منصات البودكاست في هذا اللينك

Correct Opinions with Trey Kennedy

Trey Kennedy

Different types of texters, Russia is scaring Trey, and small town Wikipedia pages
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UNLOCKED: Premium #127: Scrat Got His Nut: A Panel Discussion (w. Pierce)

pierce is @cringe_genius

Mice Rise


My podcast is about ramdom stuff in life, but like, in a fun way. Every episode will be about someting different such as: witch craft, astrologie, netflix shows, eastetics, about how school sucks, and I maybe even gossip about people and stuff. I hope you'll enjoy!


Jake Triplett & Brad Ellis

144 - Madness in the Grocery Store Bathroom

Jake and Brad have some amazing ideas on how to make zoos way more exciting. It's also a great episode if you love rec league basketball stories.
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The Dollop - England & UK

Dave Anthony

10 - The Gin Craze

Comedians Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds examine London's gin craze. Sources Tour Dates RedBubble Merch

Scissor Bros

Scissor Bros

55: SAN JOSE ROADCAST Gladiator Challenge! | Scissor Bros with Jeremiah Watkins & Steebee Weebee | Ep 55

The Roadcast is back for a special 2 hour event to San Jose. Steebee gets a hair cut LIVE on stage, Jeremiah shares his Wild n' Out story of how he got cut, hotel shenanigans, and who will be the victor in The Gladiator Challenge?! If you're crashing with a friend, make sure there's a pillow between you!

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P.O. BOX #  78375

New episodes every Friday on this channel.
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The Scamcast with Kitboga


When Scammers Pretend To Be Doctors Part 2 - Ep 3

This episode is part two of when scammers pretend to be doctors. This scammer is calling our fake patients with survey questions in order to cover my job while I get him gift cards. He’s been trying to get $3500 in gift cards because he sent me too much money to my fake bank.  Let’s find out if he calls any other patients and see if he can get those gift cards.Video: Twitter: Instagram: Synopsis: Kit (Nevaeh) calls a “McAfee Support” refund scam. Scammer Sean connects to the computer to issue Nevaeh (Abby) a refund. He transfers the call to Scammer Alex the financial manager/senior supervisor. Nevaeh is working from home (for a doctor’s office – Dr. Z. Oidberg) and takes calls from her boss which increasingly frustrates Alex. They refund her $3500 instead of $350 and demand she pa

We Need To Talk About Ghosts

Ghost stories, Paranormal, Hauntings

Doppelgangers & WWDITS Review

Hey wonderful ones!
This week we hear all about some of your terrifying hauntings, including a VERY strange Doppelganger story! 
Also, I review the series What We Do In The Shadows, and we have a notable absentee from one part of the show...
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Nice to Meet You

Gen-Z Media | Wondery

Sea Otter / Maid

On his private space station high above Earth, Professor Burkhead has begun conducting a ground-breaking social experiment. Each week, his “Unifier” pairs together two unlikely creatures and puts them in a room together where the two subjects (an accountant and a giant squid, one week; a porcupine and a ballerina the next, etc) talk, debate, get to know each other, and maybe learn something new about themselves in the process.For more great podcasts, visit Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at



I Pressed Charges on My Friend Supporting His Relative WITH CANCER - r/AITA Stories

r/AmITheAsshole - AITA for pressing charges on a former friend for shaving my head in my sleep?? Buy Merch like the “Cancel Karens” hat, “TL;DR” hat, “Not The A**hole” shirt & much more! Want exclusive access to OKOP? Join the Patreon! out more on this episode of OKOP with Samuel Donner and John Frye!? Prefer to watch? Here's our YouTube! #funnyredditposts

Trailer Park Diaries

All Things Comedy

(Ep 4) || The Tale of Tammy the Trailer Park Tramp

Wayne locates one of Porkie’s mothers ex -husbands’, Phillip, who is now living in Las Vegas. Could this be Porkie’s dad? Clay is caught with the Park slut - Tammy. Shawn and Vicki reminisce about their first loves and Vicki’s multiple ex-husbands. Bottoms up, Trailer Tribe!

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Shawn Pelofsky:

Produced by Grant Lease 

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Quick Question with Soren and Daniel

Quick Question with Soren and Daniel

Who knows, I might snap!

Ol pappy Soren gives some solid parenting advice and humblebrags about the quality of his imagination. 5 stars! And as always big thanks to our sponsors.  Thanks Skillshare. and one-month free trial

A Corporate Time with Tom and Dan

Tom Vann and Dan Dennis

ACT - "Trumpet Teeth" (Friday 4-15-22)

The far more censored version of the award-winning and unparalleled "A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan." - "A Corporate Time" is a daily companion and terrestrial radio show heard nationally on iHeartRadio. It's silly.



VOL 72 - 立此为据:李挺向包江浩借了40万

包江浩借了李挺钱,并试图借机施压让李挺来写本期文案。李挺对包江浩说:“你是执笔,形式还是要走一下的嘛。”包江浩准备写下这段经历,以表达走完了本期文案的形式。人到中年(本人还是坚持称之为在青春的下半场),生活的常态是负重深蹲,屈膝却把腰背挺直,突出一个跪得端正。难得能有任性的机会,就纵容咱们一次吧。欢迎收听凑近点看Vol.72 立此为据本期会议的重要与会人员小包:微博@小青年包江浩李挺:微博@大白熊李挺江轲:微博@_江轲天章:声音工程师highlight00:02 立此为据,李挺的借条大家听好03:14 为了买房,四处筹钱的李挺09:17 兄弟归兄弟,还是得走个形式18:16 人为什么一定要写个借条24:26 本质上这是一种不勇敢,一种瞻前顾后33:25 你觉得那些不可能发生的事情都在一一上演49:14 是不是我们更容易为了小而平凡的事情感到美好musicJohn Lee Hooker - I Need Some Money;Gabor Szabo - Breezin' (Album Version);O.V. Wright - Ace of Spades;Terry Callier - Blues;The 4th Coming - We Got Love;The Valentinos - It's All over Now;MC HotDog 热狗 - 九局下半reference三堡村(三堡社区),位于杭州东部,面积1.5平方公里,有住户1200余户,总人口4567人。地处京杭运河入钱塘江口,东临彭埠镇,西与五福社区接壤,北与水湘社区相临。勘误:三堡地名的由来源于古时候钱塘江水灾,杭州当地发动百姓沿江建海塘,从望江门一直造到海宁,同时沿江筑堡,以便通报潮信或洪水情况,有点类似长城烽火台的作用。从一堡一直造到二十三堡,由于历史变迁,三堡村由此得名。并非李挺节目中所说建的抗日碉堡,特此勘误。分布式账本(Distributed ledger),是一种在网络成员之间共享、复制和同步的数据库。分布式账本记录网络参与者之间的交易,比如资产或数据的交换。这种共享账本降低了因调解不同账本所产生的时间和开支成本。金立手机,全称深圳市金立通信设备有限公司,是中国



Hello!!! We’re your hosts Saabiriin, Iqra and Layla. In this podcast we’re going to be talking about our thoughts, on trending topics and current events. Stay tuned for the interesting episodes to come!!!🤍 Follow our instagram: @daydreaminnx3

Musical Monday

Zachary Atherton

Musical Monday is the show where we (Zach Atherton, Shae McCombs, and Caleb Wall) sing our favorite songs to the musicals no one's ever heard of! Some will say this podcast is completely improvised, others will say the same thing. Support this podcast:

Wording is Hard

Tahir Moore

116: Spelling w/ Chaunté Wayans

In this episode Tahir goes up against his good friend Chaunté Wayans to test their spelling bee abilities.





Do Less God Bless

Trey Kennedy & Jake Triplett

Final Episode | Do Less God Bless

The series finale! Thank you to our DLGB listeners! We hope you enjoyed Jake's thighs and Trey's pronunciation of literally (lidally).

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Character Debates

Michael Harrison, Drew Dunn, and Jake Vevera

The Red M and M vs a Candy Bigot on Is Candy Getting too Political?

Character Debates has a pretty sweet episode lined up for you this week as the Red M and M argues with candy bigot Blayne Norred on is candy getting too political?! In this conversation, they will be discussing candy cannibalism, M and M footwear, and how Howard Hughes was tied into their dark early years! All judged by the original 1940's bombshell M and M, Violet!  Moderator: Michael Harrison Blayne Norred: Jason Salmon Red: Drew Dunn Violet: Jake Vevera

Comedy Latino

Comedy Latino

#088 ? Gabriel Murillo | Comedy Show - Mi Primer Aborto

Gabriel Murillo es comediante colombiano que nos trae un comedy show con la vision de algo muy polemico en el ultimo tiempo mirado de su forma, te invito a escuchar.Apoyanos En Patreon Para Seguir Creciendo Y Descarga Todos Los Archivos En Maxima Calidad ➡


RM Brown

Live Programme 4-1-2022

That guy Hasan Prager copied me by having Grimes on

CoolGames Inc


Breeding Amiibles (with SoftHard™ Technology)

Link's CrossFit Training, a Taken roguelike based with randomized "particular sets of skills," a game where the goal is not to rhyme, and toys-to-life but for marbles.
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126.《沉痛的介绍》郭德纲 于谦


Building Bridges Improv Podcast

Bridge Improv Theater

Building Bridges Improv Podcast-Episode 45 (Lavender Lashay)

Lavender joins Jennifer and David on a bridge to discuss her mom tricking her into an improv audition, what she likes about long form improv, and the rich history of the Flaming Hot Cheetos brand. Lavender has been doing improv for about 7 years. She started when she was 13 in middle school. Since then she has done many shows, featuring various different styles of improv. She currently does improv at Improvmania and occasionally teaches kids and teens.



You can’t say anything any more - and here to prove it is Harriet Langley-Swindon, with a round of all the best bits of her weekly radio show on a national network that can’t be named for legal reasons. Absolutely Non-Censored [subs please check capitalisation and hyphen] from beginning to end, with all the rubbish edited out. Each week, Harriet will chat through the segments with producer Martin, and we’ll be getting a Hot & Spicy Take Of The Week from resident comedian Eshaan Akbar who was hired because he was funny and not any other reason. NonCensored is created by award-winning comedians Rosie Holt, Brendan Murphy & Eshaan Akbar.

贤者时间 (podcast)



命途多舛的一期节目。我们被打断数次,数次面临重新开启话头的疲劳……但努力保持了镇定。去习惯混乱吧,如果这是生活的要求。Highlights:[00:13:48]  人生中真正重要的问题无法靠赚钱解决[00:17:55]  你的生活不能全部拿来对抗噪音[00:26:12]  人怎么可以跳过情感,就只看立场呢[00:39:12]  快递没被签收[00:57:27]  停止向别人叙述你的玻璃罩子,或直接打破它[01:06:01]  在泰坦尼克号上,是不必害怕对头等舱的人示爱的*** 本集节目由「简单心理」和你一起收听 ***简单心理《2021-2022 大众心理健康洞察报告》点击查阅:即日起关注【简单心理】公众号,回复「贤者时间」,即可领取 350 元专属优惠券,用于「简单森林」心理评估服务。「简单森林」目前有 3 家,分别在北京朝阳区丽都、海淀区中关村和上海的永嘉庭。不在北京/上海的朋友,也可以领取到 100 元简单心理线上评估的专属优惠券。此前小张治治体验「简单森林」心理评估服务的分享可回听这集节目:关于「简单心理」成立于 2014 年,是国内领先的一站式心理健康服务平台,只提供高质量的心理健康服务。简单心理在全球 117 个城市拥有 1000+ 位心理咨询师和心理健康工作者,提供了超过 100 万人次的专业心理咨询服务。更多心理健康服务:简单心理 APP******【关于节目】《贤者时间》是一档从普通人视角观察其他普通人的播客节目,由小张和治治两个普通人主持。微博:@贤者时间播客公众号:贤者时

پادکست آفتابگردون | Aftabgardoon

Parisa fazli

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]



I do all my own stunts is an exploration into the minds of controlled scatter brains. Depending on the episode you could be on the journey of a wild night's flashbacks, or an introspective view on creating new memories with better knowledge and understanding. AND EVERY RANDOM THING IN BETWEEN!

Improv Nerd With Jimmy Carrane

Jimmy Carrane

Aretha Sills

Aretha Sills is a legendary improv teacher and writer. She is also the daughter of Paul Sills and the granddaughter of Viola Spolin. If you really want to get a sense of the origins of improv and what it was like to grow up in an improv family and the huge contribution that Viola made to improv, then you will want to listen to this episode.

Psychology of Disorganization

Gary Chapman

Is Your Life Disorganized

Naturally, there are the obvious ways disorganized closets impact your daily life, such as wasting your time and the stress they cause.


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Dispatches from the Multiverse

Dispatches from the Multiverse


Max makes his escape from Officer Smiley (a.k.a. Officer Garbage)



時尚KOL Yutopia 李瑜遇上前僱主惡魔老闆岳啟儒之世紀大合解!從姐妹鬩牆到哭著合好?成為Tatler總編輯後才慢慢了解惡魔老闆,李瑜的三明治主管甘苦談!

本集精彩度堪比小S與黃子佼的世紀大和解!今天是時尚KOL aka Tatler前總編 aka Wazaiii前主編Yutopia李瑜,和Wazaiii創辦人惡魔老闆的世紀大和解!從吵架到和好、過去不為人知的秘辛、兩人心裡對彼此的想法、抱怨、擊鼓申冤,還有成為三明治主管的難處,今天一次全部講出來,有刺激、有感人、有八卦,除了不要錯過,真的不知道要說什麼了!【本集重點】從Wazaiii主編到Tatler總編,李瑜的三明治主管life李瑜是惡魔老闆copy cat?用to do list讓下屬離職?李瑜的往事擊鼓申冤Time!三明治主管就是要練習受傷精彩橋段!用email吵架後,兩人冷戰兩年?李瑜當主管的自我懷疑,惡魔老闆開導:就憑你掛總編輯惡魔老闆對李瑜的兩個提問!合作邀約:talent@wazaiii.com聽完郝慧川、岳啟儒聊職場大小事,再到哇哉上課跟他們學習職場文字力和加薪技能:


Rusty Quill Ltd

Join Helen Gould as they host a series of pleasant talks about this and that with various Rusty Quill Crew & Friends. Expect enthusiastic tangents, personal preferences and good times galore as we get to know folks a bit better! Enthusigasm covers various pop culture topics such as Lord of The Rings, Trash TV, Horror, Baking, Marvel and more. See for privacy and opt-out information.




封控了这么久,逐渐有了一些反思和心得。从「封控前物资筹备」到「封控中饮食消耗」,再到「物资短缺时的搜寻」和「封控期心理调节」,希望我们的这些经验之谈能成为各地居民以备不时之需的「自救应急手册」,也希望这一次上海的经历不仅是教训,更能成为日后抗疫成功的积淀。请大家把这期内容尽可能的转发给各地的朋友,不要让上海的「故事」在别处重演。(这次的内容目录特意写的比较细,是希望大家即便只看目录也能够获取最基本的核心经验。)00:00:07  没想到封控会持续到这次更新,说说我们现状00:08:40  微信置顶好几页都是团购群00:15:01  公司说要发物资,最后「卷感谢跑路」了00:17:14  宁多囤勿少囤,保质期久的食物家中要常备00:27:25  尝试了超便捷还好吃的傻瓜意面酱00:30:45  如果泡面抢光了,可以试试「拉面说」00:35:36  肉类和海鲜,冷冻将大幅度延长保质期00:37:55  别小看鸡蛋,处处都用得上00:40:32  咖啡和烟酒,封控期不能团购00:46:16  不会做菜可以买沙拉菜包保证蔬菜摄入00:51:08  抗疫蔬菜五兄弟以及保存蔬菜小妙招00:54:45  除了鲜奶,别忘了囤常温奶00:58:48  越普通的面包保质期越久,高级面包只有三天01:01:54  鲜肉记得按用量切好分开冰冻01:05:27  需要冷藏的午餐肉要比罐装的口感更好01:07:42  光想着囤食物,最后手纸用光了01:09:05  封控前常备药要检查更新一波01:16:35  别光想着人,宠物的物资也要提前备好01:18:39  保护好自己,是保护宠物的最佳方式01:30:09  三餐从简,不要让自己厌倦了做饭01:32:16  无论运动还是做家务,让自己动起来01:35:39  新鲜食物和泡面罐头,穿插吃才不至于最后太惨01:40:54  加入小区内的群,获取更多物资互助的可能性01:47:49&nbs

郭德纲 于谦相声专辑


《 爱情演义》

听德纲,睡得香 Powered by Firstory Hosting

The Late Night Flight

Nassor Nuru

Celtics, Warriors, and How Defamation Reimbursed Johnny Deep.

0:08: This is the game where Jack Harlow is accused of White Privilege in Hip Hop. Where TDE Rap Artist Isaiah Rashad explains what “sexually fluid” mean. And where we answer the question: Who is the funnier comedic goat? Monique? Or D.L. Hughley? My answer: Cedric The Entertainer8:46: Now let’s take off10:16: Sponsored Ad: Go to to order the spice of a lifetime, Najia Grille Spice Mix. I just munched on the Najia spice mix popcorn while watching Game 2 of the NBA Finals that you can order from Spice that life with Najia Grille.11:07: Donte Hargrove of the Talk My Credo Podcast (Go to YouTube to check out his visual show. The Pilot and Kea AKA Baby K with the AK are on his last episode so check it out.) and The Pilot discusses their time on the latest episode on The Talk My Credo Podcast. For some reason, The Pilot wanted to do a “gym-rat” presentation on his show and Donte’s female co-hosts was

WTAF Show with Gareth Icke & Richard Willett

Richard willett

WTAFin A Load of April fools

Rich and Gaz are back with this fortnights most mad and mental WTAF moments from all over this strange rock. We have Russians being banned from Mountains, Men being asked if they are pregnant before Cancer treatment and a new measurement system of astroids using zoom animals. This is planet earth ...and is fucking mental! Watch the video version of this show for Free at 

Speaking TOEFL IBT

Christian Huitle


My personal point of view about empathy

Larry Miller Show

Larry Miller

The Final Episode! Does He Drink Coffee? (2020)

Dear listeners, welcome to the last episode of The Larry Miller Show! We have really enjoyed bringing the show to you and being part of this fun with all of you. For the grand finale, since it is December, we have decided to go out with our annual holiday tradition of Larry re-telling his story, "Does He Drink Coffee?" Plus, Larry does a big tribute to the late, great Sean Connery. Also, Larry tells his favorite joke of all time and recites his favorite Robert Frost poem from memory. As you may have noticed, we haven't had a new episode in a few months. We've been unable to find a way to produce the show safely in these difficult times, as pre-production largely consists of Larry and his producer Colonel Jeff sitting in a small room for half a day, drinking decaf and talking. They talk mostly about Wagon Train, as if that's productive somehow. But that's the process. So, we've decided it's time to roll up the old circ

Come Into My Kitchen

Come Into My Kitchen

Daniel Nils Roberts and Ralph Jones host a tasty new comedy podcast featuring interviews with a host of improvised characters from the world of fine dining.

The BS Podcast

Shane Riggar

Here's my description

Massive Debate UK

Thomas Gray and Daniel Barker

A parody topical call-in show with special guests and features. Host Eric Swineblade talks to the public about the most controversial issues of the day. Improvised and performed by Thomas James Gray & Daniel Barker.

Dwóch Typów Podcast

Dwóch Typów Podcast

Epizod 171 - Miłość z Recyklingu

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W 171 Epizodzie Dwóch Typów zastanawia się nad sztucznym śniegiem na planach filmowych (0:00)
Nowy scenariusz Polskiego świątecznego filmu romantycznego z Karolakiem (6:27)
"The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat" Olivera Sacksa (30:02)
Jak to artyści zmieniają styl przez zaburzenia neurologiczne (40:54)
"Gas Man" Colina Blacka i zbiór anegdot anestozjologa, który dostał się do dziecięcego szpitala pediatrycznego (46:29)
Po rozwiązaniu sprawy kanapkowej pora na ostateczną definicję zupy (56:31)
Spór rozpoczęty gulaszem, zupą mleczną i bulionem (1:00:21)
Kiedy zupa krem jest zupą? (1:07:33)
Poważna kwestia makaronu w zupie (1:09:48)
Zupy świata - z krwi, bananów, piwa lub... (1:14:08)

c+ talk show


Episode 25 - 理想的生活方式

〈本集由VANA candles 贊助播出〉 上集感謝大家熱烈的分享自己心愛的相機,本集我們要來聊的是「理想的生活方式」。 予晞近況更新:正馬不停蹄地在劇組之內拍攝,有許多令皓雯發出驚嘆號的經驗,非常期待與大家分享作品。 皓雯的部分:除了社畜人生以外,同時也在搬家,新生活就在不遠的將來等候,到底什麼是理想的生活呢? 予晞的理想生活:什麼是co-housing(共居社區)?共享跟支持對於社群的重要性! 皓雯的理想生活:居住環境的細節很重要,從氣味到廁所跟廚房,細心的皓雯都會在意。如此細心卻惹得予晞頻頻叫警察,為什麼? 你們的理想生活是什麼呢?快點跟我們分享! 關於香香的味道 @vanaliving 源於純淨的瑞典香氛 找回與自然共處的習慣 Vana Candles 的故事開始於創辦人 Robin 跟隨他的摯愛,從瑞典來到台灣落地生 根。 陌生的環境令他想念家鄉,同時他也注意到台灣冬季的溼冷氣候,在繁忙擁擠的城市中,需要一個療癒的媒介,他轉向他的家鄉尋求靈感,從瑞典人點蠟燭改變氛圍的習慣與接近大自然的生活方式,找到了答案。 “Vana” 瑞典語意為“習慣”,創辦人希望將這個簡單卻能立即提升生活品質的習慣植入 品牌中,創造出純粹而天然的香氛產品,期待能啓發人們追求質感生活的渴望並重思自己與大自然的關係。 Vana Candles瑞典香氛 五周年慶 x c+talk 專屬優惠 6/30前官網輸入【cplus】可享全站85折最低優惠 加碼活動:  1. 買推薦台灣製都會島嶼暖燈附瑞典蠟燭或任一大暖燈即贈STO瑞典蠟燭(原價$990)  2. 買瑞典蠟燭贈新上市瑞典火柴盒 3. 擴香買一送一 (以上周年慶限定 限時只到6/30) 4 會員募集中 官網加會員領取100元購物金 訂單滿千現折抵  5. 訂單單筆滿$1500台灣免運    #vanacandles 本節目IG: cplustalkshow 予晞的IG: fotoallison 皓雯的IG: hwchang529 台灣歐付寶這邊請  支付寶這邊請 http

It's Not a Show with Tara DeFrancisco and Rance Rizzutto

Rance Rizzutto

Longtime improvisers, actors, best friends, and touring entertainers Tara DeFrancisco & Rance Rizzutto are often performing together - but when they're here, It's Not a Show. Just a couple of pals (and pals who are a couple) talking debatable and sometimes absurd scenarios, each presented by our fans.

Raw Reactions

Samantha Earl

We read jokes from the internet and you get our live reactions





Radio Manguito Chupado

Conducido por Ana Julia Yeyé y Kikis, Manguito chupado es un podcast de comedia bien jugoso y sabroso que como mango en mayo, será irresistible para ti. Una producción de: LaH.Plataforma

حاجات بديهية


الى متى يا جماعة؟

كفاية ضياع للوقت

Talkin' Trader Joes

Mark and Steve

Co-Hosts Mark and Steve unpack the nuances of Trader Joe's culture and products.

The Big Ones Presents: Playcation!


PLAYCATION BONUS! Unpacking Disney World

An UNPACKING of Tuesday's Playcation episode for Disney World! Which Playcation won the listener poll? What did you all have to say about the trips, the stories, the ups and down!? Listen here and find out! Enjoy!Tweet us @thebigonespodEmail us at Thebigonespodcast@gmail.comCall us at (626) 604-6262 See for privacy and opt-out information.

מה יש בזה

קובי מלמד ואלעד יצחקיאן

פרק 222 - בנים שוחים בעירום

כשנפתחו בריכות השחייה הראשונות בארצות הברית, בגדי הים עדיין היו עשויים מצמר. זה לא היה נוח, הסיבים היו מתפרקים, והמסננים של הבריכה היו נסתמים. מהר מאוד הבינו שחייבים למצוא פיתרון לבעיה. 

The Steve and Kyle Podcast

Steve and Kyle

A somewhat irreverent and definitely off the cuff (mostly uncoordinated) look at whatever is on Steve and Kyle's minds!

灵异话茬儿 | 恐怖的灵异故事


VOL.183 午夜儿歌


Calm Down It’s Fine

Cameron Manaraze

Join Cam, a Dirt Farmer, an Old Guy, and a Smooth Jazz Radio Host, as they make light about... everything.

True Comedy: A Highly Debatable Podcast

Nicholas Finch and Kirstan Cunningham

Powered by over a decade of friendship, hosts Nicholas Finch and Kirstan Cunningham provide their gregarious, witty, and sometimes obnoxious comedic insights on current events, pop culture, entertainment and their lives. Sometimes a guest will stop by and other times Nic and Kirstan argue. Listen and laugh along with two of the funniest black men from Alabama.

Dilettante Ball

Arcade Audio

485 - Astrology

What’s crappening in this episode: Support us on Patreon! Star Wars radio drama, Weird Al, great floods, Homer gets canceled, most famous celebrities, Charles Lindbergh If you’d like to play along at home click here.


Lori & Pei

你心裡也有擺脫不了的身影嗎? 你還徘徊在振作與恍惚間嗎? 來吧。 這世界,無論什麼時刻,傷心的人總比幸福的多。 雖然這裡,喝不到營養的雞湯, 但讓我們兩個心碎大前輩和爛泥冠軍, 用笑中帶淚的垃圾話與四神湯陪伴你吧。 對了,不要問為什麼是四神湯。 找我們可以到: Powered by Firstory Hosting

The Pursuit.

M&A Studios

The Joe Rogan Witch Hunt

In this episode, Morgan and Alec talk about the controversy surrounding the Joe Rogan Experience. They also talk about if parents should spank their kids, why no one should listen to Whoopi Goldberg anyways, and tease a new project!

Meksika Açmazı

by Mesut Süre, Anlatanadam, Fazlı Polat via

Meksika Açmazı 031

Oscar töreninde, Chris Rock bize ofansif şaka yapsaydı ne yapardık? Hansel ve Gratel ve şerefsiz babaları ve kendince haklı cici anneleri ve zavallı komşu cadı kadın masalı. ‘Kim milyoner ister?’ yarışmasına katılıp bir milyonluk soruyu arkadaşına sorsan ve arkadaşın bilerek yanlış cevap verse neler olur?

Crappy Castles

Crappy Castles

Well met, weirdo! Crappy Castles is a podcast about the Forgotten Realms' finest adventure architecture firm and the two partners dead-set on destroying it—one poorly designed dungeon at a time. If you're looking to have a crappy adventure created for your party, email for a chance to have a pro-bono adventure built just for you.

Nap Time’s Over:

Nap Time's Over

Nap Time’s Over is about getting to the real. Introducing you to new things and people and paying homage to the old.




What’s up Debotees?! Welcome back to us! In our first bardagulan sesh for our second season, we debate about age gap in relationships.  
Does age really matter? Will manifesting bring you any good? Is Brad Pitt the one for Master Debater DJ? Join us as we welcome our first guest this season as well!




突然ですが、番組からのお知らせです。   イベントページはこちらとなります。
投稿 特別編「さくら通信からのお知らせ」 は さくら通信 に最初に表示されました。

c+ talk show


Episode 25 - 理想的生活方式

〈本集由VANA candles 贊助播出〉 上集感謝大家熱烈的分享自己心愛的相機,本集我們要來聊的是「理想的生活方式」。 予晞近況更新:正馬不停蹄地在劇組之內拍攝,有許多令皓雯發出驚嘆號的經驗,非常期待與大家分享作品。 皓雯的部分:除了社畜人生以外,同時也在搬家,新生活就在不遠的將來等候,到底什麼是理想的生活呢? 予晞的理想生活:什麼是co-housing(共居社區)?共享跟支持對於社群的重要性! 皓雯的理想生活:居住環境的細節很重要,從氣味到廁所跟廚房,細心的皓雯都會在意。如此細心卻惹得予晞頻頻叫警察,為什麼? 你們的理想生活是什麼呢?快點跟我們分享! 關於香香的味道 @vanaliving 源於純淨的瑞典香氛 找回與自然共處的習慣 Vana Candles 的故事開始於創辦人 Robin 跟隨他的摯愛,從瑞典來到台灣落地生 根。 陌生的環境令他想念家鄉,同時他也注意到台灣冬季的溼冷氣候,在繁忙擁擠的城市中,需要一個療癒的媒介,他轉向他的家鄉尋求靈感,從瑞典人點蠟燭改變氛圍的習慣與接近大自然的生活方式,找到了答案。 “Vana” 瑞典語意為“習慣”,創辦人希望將這個簡單卻能立即提升生活品質的習慣植入 品牌中,創造出純粹而天然的香氛產品,期待能啓發人們追求質感生活的渴望並重思自己與大自然的關係。 Vana Candles瑞典香氛 五周年慶 x c+talk 專屬優惠 6/30前官網輸入【cplus】可享全站85折最低優惠 加碼活動:  1. 買推薦台灣製都會島嶼暖燈附瑞典蠟燭或任一大暖燈即贈STO瑞典蠟燭(原價$990)  2. 買瑞典蠟燭贈新上市瑞典火柴盒 3. 擴香買一送一 (以上周年慶限定 限時只到6/30) 4 會員募集中 官網加會員領取100元購物金 訂單滿千現折抵  5. 訂單單筆滿$1500台灣免運    #vanacandles 本節目IG: cplustalkshow 予晞的IG: fotoallison 皓雯的IG: hwchang529 台灣歐付寶這邊請  支付寶這邊請 http

The Lickers

LICK • Doriann Camacho y Jean Marcel

The Lickers, presentado por tu duo favorito de LICK, Tu hosts Doriann Angelique y Jean Marcel. En este podcast hablamos de temas como emprendimiento, experiencias y loqueras que nos pasan día a día, la dinámica del podcast consiste en hacernos preguntas espontáneamente sin libreto y sin editaje. Lickers les invitamos a conocernos y disfrutar de nuestras conversaciones cada jueves.


十一 & 眉心

S4E7 性單戀的個性, 到底要怎麼擇偶? How do LITHROMANTIC people choose the soulmate?

接下一關, 請投幣

擇偶條件後續, 大樓櫃台妹妹也需要人間月老協助

冷漠櫃台妹妹自認暗藏性單戀人格, 需要人間月老幫忙協助找對象
穿小一號運動服被迫百米賽跑, 屁意壟罩擊發, 誤認起跑鳴槍, 搶跑失格
照顧喉嚨的偏方, 喉糖跟枇杷膏真的好騙錢, 只有當下有效, 撐不過半小時
小時候過動彷彿被煞到, 老媽出手, 小孩洗藥草浴模仿燕南天去霉氣

原本是胃食道逆流導致喉嚨發炎, 嚴重到被判斷是a型鏈球菌感染
日本偏方, 用果凍跟冰淇淋來治療身體發炎, 因為看醫生太貴
跌破朋友眼鏡, 兩人認真經營吠洛蒙, 工程師主業已經成為被動收入的存在

排行榜排名彷彿在絕情谷底, 需要被大家關心
吃拉麵好棒, 家系拉麵的組成居然可以治療感冒
阿嬤好迷信, 陰陽水泡符水, 喝了變乖拉肚子兩天

無論外面天氣如何, 去日本餐廳都要送上冰水的原因
超大型城鎮級捉迷藏, 玩一場耗費四小時以上
逃避型依戀, 只能喜歡別人, 沒辦法被人喜歡上, 抗拒親密接觸

喜歡我們就跟朋友分享囉, 五星點讚 or 留言都是實質鼓勵





Twitter @yutotawa
感想は、 #ゆとたわ でツイートしたらすぐに見るよ?

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The 352 Hunting Podcast

Jonah hyatt

Two die hard hunters from central florida just talking about crazy hunting stories and having fun.

No Joke Podcast



Billy is moving and Adam helps him get his groove back. In this episode, Adam offers tips to make Billy's new house feel like home. Toilets that blow through walls, tunnels that take you to his address and a bunch of surfboards. Plus, Billy’s upcoming One Man Show, MTV’s Remote Control and ideas to help you get sucked through a floor!

Follow Billy Scafuri:
Twitter: @BillyScafuri // Instagram: @BillyScafuri

Follow Adam Lustick:
Twitter: @AdamLustick // Instagram: @AdamLustick

See for privacy information.


Devin Field and Greg Gallant

Introducing Firsthand, Season 1

Hear firsthand accounts from important moments in history from the people who lived them. Hosts Greg Gallant and Devin Field recount their experiences in modern history while talking with other "witnesses" who were there too.


Support this podcast:

Small Town News

Small Town News

Van Buren, AR - The Chronicles of Steampunk Narnia

Welcome to Van Buren, Arkansas, where history abounds!  Located on the northern bank of the Arkansas River near the Oklahoma border, the area was originally settled by Europeans in 1818 just before the Arkansas became a territory in 1819.  The town quickly became a popular port and trade center.  The town was officially named Van Buren in 1831 when the post office was constructed.  The town's population more than doubled during the gold rush of 1849.  The first District Court of Arkansas was created in 1851 in Van Buren, but was ultimately moved across the river to Fort Smith in 1871.  The King Opera House, constructed in the late 19th century,  hosted vaudeville acts and performers until 1914 when a fire gutted the structure.  The building was remodeled as "moving picture" house and continued as such until it was purchased by the city in 1979.  Renovations of the building were completed in 1991 and it has res

Is It Just Me?


Voice Messaging Celebrities - TikTok School?

More in FULL EP95

Two In The Think Tank

Planet Broadcasting


Down the River, Arm Wrestle, Reverse Mugging, Meth Kitchenette, MLMethamphetamine, Oxy, Dad's Guild, Laundearing, Cow Pit Lick MeatPlease purchase Andy's book with Peader Thomas - Gustav and Henri Volume 1Listen and subscribe to THE POP TEST on Radio National or as a PodcastYou can support the pod by chipping in to our patreon here (thank you!)Join the other TITTT scholars on the TITTT discord server hereGet Magma here:, why not listen to Al's meditation/comedy podcast ShusherDon't forget TITTT Merch is now available on Red Bubble. Head over here and grab yourselves some material objectsYou can find us on twitter at @twointankAndy Matthews: @stupidoldandyAlasdair Tremblay-Birchall: @alasdairtb and instaAnd you can find us on the Facebook right hereSparkling spring thanks to George for producing thi





Joel Daly

Comic Book Youtubers create their own colorful supervillain personas and take part in a hilarious roleplaying game (DnD 5E) that can be best described as Suicide Squad meets The Venture Bros. Featuring the vocal talents of Aaron From Professor Thorgi, Scott From NerdSync, Kirk From Panel Patter, Stand Up Comedian Josh Johnson And with Caped Joel as The Game Master Of The Whole Affair.

Один Дома

Подкаст «Один дома»

Привет. Меня зовут Иван. Я работал в крупнейших СМИ страны, вел подкаст о кино и телеграм-канал, писал статьи в модные и не очень журналы. «Один дома» — это подкаст обо всем на свете и ни о чем конкретно. Иногда он про кино, книги, музыку и видеоигры. Иногда он про политику и технологии. Иногда он про то, как ужасно себя ведут люди в кинотеатрах или про то, какую чушь иногда несут из телевизора. Он одновременно смешной и грустный, наивный и циничный, инфантильный и брюзгливый. Но другого подкаста у меня для вас нет.

The Official Seenagers, Never Too Late

charlie ponger

The Official Seenagers, It's Never Too Late The creation of The Official Seenagers podcast is to remind us we have the teenage spirit in all of us. The Slogan, Never Too Late, is perfect because it's never too late to do what you want to do and be who you want to be, no matter how you go about getting there! This show is all about improv comedy, observation comedy, self-deprecating comedy, and insightful fun with a twist of humor. While it lends itself to the over 50 crowds, it inspires every one of all ages from all walks of life. Join The Official Seenagers, Never Too Late movement, enjoy and say hi to someone you have never met before. It may lead to something very cool! You can find us on all podcast platforms and on our website The Official Seenagers, for even more content like fun blogs, listener comments and ratings. You too can add a rating and comment!

Most Xtreme Podcast

Brachiosaurus Productions

2000's Mobile Gaming with Brian Kwon

It was the beginning of an amazing era. Doodle Jump, Cut the Rope, Paper Toss, Angry Birds, and so much more! Get ready for a conversation on the mobile gaming phenomenon of the first smartphone generation. Listen today! 15% OFF THEME PARK SCENTED CANDLES. PROMO CODE: XTREME————————————————————————————————SUBSCRIBE to our Podcast Feed and Leave us a REVIEW!TWITTER - - - - -



vol.63 朋友一生一起走,说出手时就出手

学生时代,朋友往往最懂我们那些人:天天混在一起,下课聊天,路上聊天,上厕所也要相约一起。而当我们步入社会,各自都组成了家庭,友谊是否又变成了一种奢侈品呢?对你来说,朋友有多重要?你是如何维持你们的友谊的?你有没有跟朋友反目的经历?中环驾驶员:蛋三@索狗蛋三主持人:Ken @KenOfFM、王十七 @田林恶霸王十七OP:nobodyknows+ - エル・ミラドール~展望台の呗~(instrumental)ED:Ed Sheeran,Taylor Swift - The Joker And The QueenPS:「请上中环」(Hyper Central)由王十七、Ken共同主持的一档脱口秀播客节目。在这里,我们聊生活、谈游戏、侃比赛、说动漫、评电影。节目每周日更新,目前已上线Apple Podcasts、小宇宙、Bilibili、网易云音乐、喜马拉雅、蜻蜓FM、汽水儿等平台。漫漫人生路,记得#请上中环#。