Inappropriate Quilters

Leslie and Rochelle

A podcast with two quilting friends talking about all things quilting and a few things inappropriate.

make good: a knitting podcast

Scratch Supply Co.

68: Misfit yarn

What's on our needles this week:
Sunshine on my Shoulders ( designed by Lissy Jayne
Saraswati Top ( designed by Julee McKessey
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Seamwork Radio: Sewing Stories


How can I use more of the fabrics I buy (or buy more fabrics I'll use?)

Are there fabrics that are gathering dust in your stash? If you can already picture a few unused cuts of fabric, and you’re cringing, this episode shares 12 tips to help you use more of the fabric that you buy and buy fabric that you will most definitely use.

Cast On

Brenda Dayne

173 Not yet

Simple tools. Sweaters for the Littles. Jeny Staiman’s amazing heel construction. And my spring sweater shortlist. Links to everything I talk about are at

VeryPink Knits - Knitting Q and A

Staci Perry

Podcast Episode 217 - Patience for Knitting, Patience for Gardening

Enjoying the ad-free show? Please consider supporting it! Patrons get bonus episodes, perks, and entry into quarterly raffles. Many thanks to Turtlepurl for supporting the podcast! Check out their self-striping sock yarns. Coupon code information: For 10% off the total purchase *Excluding mini skein bundles or knitting needles* April Code: APR22VP Sweater gleener Good Tension between Knit and Purl Stitches Proactive Lifelines Storing Knits for Summer Our links - Friend us on Peloton for more high-fives! We’re kcknits and VeryPink. Casey’s Instagram Casey’s website VeryPink Instagram VeryPink Knits YouTube Channel

Pardon My Stash

Meg, Drea, Tina, and Jess

Techniques We Thought Were Intimidating

Starting this week, there will be a new structure to the podcast epsiodes! Each week, one of the cast members will be featured doing their own segment about a specific topic related to the fiber arts. This week was Meg's turn when she talks about the Yarn Harlot! The main topic for the episode are things Meg, Drea, Tina, and Jess found intimidating when they first heard about a specific technique, type of stitch, etc. and how they moved past it (if at all!).Find more content at or join us on Patreon!

Unraveling ...a knitting podcast

Greg Cohoon and Pam Maher

Episode 131 - Nothing Like A Little Nepotism

In Episode 131, Greg and Pam discuss sandwiches, darning, and washing machines. Many thanks to Chris & Olga Cohoon for the episode introduction! You can find out more about The Sandwich Game and Kickstarter here. Check out our group on Facebook! We would love to have you join us there. ***Please help us manage the group by answering the questions when you request to join!*** SPONSORS We are Knitcrate Ambassadors! Are you the kind of knitter who would enjoy receiving a surprise package of yarn in the mail every month? Then you need to sign up for a Knitcrate subscription. Every month, you will receive a selection of curated yarn, a pattern specifically paired to use with the yarn, and a treat. Use code KD20 at checkout for 20% off your first package when you sign up for a subscription. NOTES Dear Listeners We would love to have YOU record and introduction to the show! You can find details in the Ravelry Group Pages or on our web

Quilt & Tell

Quilting Daily

The Podcast in Which Lori Fangirls - Episode 73

Gigi Levsen, the editor of McCall’s Quilting magazine, joins Lori, Ginger, and Tracy to chat about what it was like to work for Quilter’s Newsletter magazine, how she started quilting, and Lori shares stories of their days working together. In the final segment, Tracy reads letters from listeners. Stay tuned!
Click here to view the show notes for this episode.
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The Yarniacs: A Knitting Podcast

The Yarniacs: A Knitting Podcast

The Yarniacs Episode 262: Happily Knitting for 10 Years!

Seams Funny

Seams Funny Podcast

S1E8 Local Quilt Shop Love and Our Current Sewing Projects

In this episode, Amie and Natalie talk about their favorite local quilt shop (LQS) Blue Bar Quilts, in Middleton, Wisconsin as well as supporting small businesses that may not be local to you.  Also discussed: current projects... sewing, baking and otherwise.  This episode was recorded separately using our phones, so adjust accordingly.  Sew and make while you listen!

Blue Bar Quilts in Middleon, WI (click the link for their website)
Treelotta Fabric + Craft Studio in Englewood, CO (linked) 
Cottoneer Fabrics located in CA, online only with GREAT photos! (linked)


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Measure Twice, Cut Once

Susan Smith

Sheila Drevna - A Story of Perseverance

Sheila Drevna woke up one early morning unable to use her hands and feet, and even lost her sight over the next few weeks. Doctors said she'd never walk again. Scary stuff.  But Sheila is a calm, matter-of-fact and determined woman, and today she is an award winning longarm quilter, with a business and blog of her own. Lucky for us she loves to teach and pass on what she has learned - both in her craft, and in her life.I know you'll be encouraged and even energized by our visit. Never say never.You can find Sheila in all these places:Website: you enjoyed this episode, please consider leaving a review here.ALL-OVER FEATHER sign-up here's where you can find more of my work:YouTube - LIVE & UNSCRIPTED episodesWebsite

Simple. Handmade. Everyday.

Kristin Esser

Episode 85: In Which I Chat About Quilts Not Coming Out As You Expected, Thoughts on Quilt Guilds, and Spring Cleaning Inspo

In this episode, I chat about quilts not coming out quite as you expected, quilt guilds, and spring cleaning.
For complete show notes visit the Simple Handmade Everyday blog. 

Sew & Tell

Sew Daily

Sewing Silliness — Episode 80

On this episode of Sew & Tell, we’ve got some sewing silliness for you! Sewing trivia, this or that, and then a round of what do I make with this fabric. It’s going to be a good time — play along! Then we'll share our sewjo and listener comments! 
Episode Summary 


Discussion Segment 1: This or That 

Discussion Segment 1: What do I do with this fabric? 


Show Notes:
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The Long Thread Podcast

Long Thread Media

John Marshall, Katazome Artist

Working in the studio of a Japanese dollmaker, seventeen-year-old John Marshall learned skills for every step of the process from making glass eyes to shaping the body to creating intricately designed clothing. He developed a love for natural dyes on natural fibers, especially katazome (a paste-resist technique using stencils), as he studied dyeing and garment design for five years. Over five decades, his work in Japanese fiber techniques has followed two paths: creating traditionally inspired art-to-wear and sharing what he has learned through extensive writing and teaching.
In our lively and wide-ranging discussion, John shares stories of how lac insects are "herded" in the Himalayas, what a suit made from bagworm silk feels like, and what he plans to do with his collection of the Emperor's old clothing.
This episode is sponsored by Treenway Silks.



A podcast-and-zine project that explores how working with textiles makes us more human

Scrapbook Your Way

Jennifer Wilson

SYW166 - We're All Craving a Fresh Start

In this short, bonus episode of the Scrapbook Your Way podcast I'm sharing an observation that hits close to home. Change is in the air, yet we're tentative. So let's move forward together! See the full show notes for this episode at ♥ Love the podcast? Join our creative community today. 


Maria Theoharous


Camilla @frkc.lindberg is our Sewover50 guest from Sweden.  Frk is short for fröken - Miss in English so it’s Miss C Lindberg. I label my work with Frk C/ Miss C.  Fröken is also teacher in Swedish.   Camilla trained to sew for both men and women and as a tailor, sewing is sewing. The techniques used to sew for all people are the same. SewOver50 intersects with all communities. SewOver50 where we are so over ageism. Make sure you list to your SewOver50 friends in our SewOver50 podcast archive. Sew Organised Style features people who freely support the sewing community. You're welcome to be a podcast guest by contacting us via DM on Instagram. If you are able, consider supporting this podcast through our patreon account. Every podcast is free.

art for all

Sketchbook Skool

54. Analog/Digital

This week John and Danny discuss digital and analog ways of doing things and other vagaries of modern life. From Season 3 of "art for all," the Sketchbook Skool podcast. Join artists/authors, Danny Gregory and John Muir Laws in rich discussions about the creative process.Get your free ebook and essays at

Fiber Nation


Bonus Episode: "The Cloak of Invisibility"

What does it take to disappear? So-called cloaking technology is common on things like fighter jets, but recent advances at MIT have created flexible "fabric" surfaces capable of bending light. It might sound like Harry Potter hocus pocus, but it’s quite possible, in the next decade, to have clothing that makes the wearer invisible.
Find Show Notes here:
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WeCrochet Podcast


Crochet With Us: Our Faves

A recommendation from a friend goes a long way. As your crochet besties, the WeCrochet team is here to help! Today on the WeCrochet Podcast we’re talking about our all favorite crochet-related things. From books to notions to even our favorite crochet insider terms to know, we are here to help you feel connected.   First up Katelyn and Heather check in on their latest projects. Then the WeCrochet team gives out some crochet-related awards and shares their absolute crochet favorites. Then Katelyn and Heather chat about crochet terms and acronyms that come up when you're in an online crochet group.  Here's your Crochet terms cheat sheet: Ami  - Amigurumi, The Japanese art of making crochet animals and toys Bistitchual - someone who knits and crochets CAL - Crochet A Long CroJo - crochet mojo, the groove of crochet Stash - your yarn collection SABLE - stash accumulate beyond life expectancy  PABLE - pattern accumulated beyond life expectancy  De

Two Ewes Fiber Adventures

Kelly and Marsha

Home Alone

A stash busting Garter Squish blanket obsession, project updates, and after almost two years of online teaching, Kelly returns to the classroom. Lots to discuss this week.  Full notes with photos and links can be found in the podcast section of our shop website: Join the community on Ravelry or become a patron and support the show on our Patreon Page. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts or Subscribe on Android or Subscribe on Google Podcasts Instagram post of Kelly’s dogs as she leaves for work for the first time in almost two years. Marsha’s Projects Nanny Meier’s Tea Cozy by Amelia Carlsen. I am using Cascade 220 Heather in Red Wine Heather (9489) and green Irelande (2429). I have finished both sides and am ready to sew together and make pompoms. Meadow Stripe Socks using Patons Kroy Sock in the colorway, Meadow Stripes and Lang Yarns Jawoll Superwash fingering for the heels and toes. Finished the first sock and worked on the second so

Measure Twice, Cut Once

Susan Smith

Christa Watson - Wearer of Many Hats

Christa Watson's quilting accomplishments are enormous! Pattern writer, fabric designer, quilting TABLE designer, and now host of ChristaQuilts.TV. Her enthusiasm, and heart for teaching and sharing is so evident in all she does.We chat many things! How to chase your dreams. How to take a quilt from bright idea to finished product. How to build a business as a couple. How to refine your quilting style. How to mask mistakes in machine quilting. You'll have to listen to find that one out!You can find Christa in all these placesInstagramBlogIf you enjoyed this episode, please consider leaving a review here.3 Steps Toward Freehand Freedom downloadable pdfAnd here's where you can find more of my work:YouTube - LIVE & UNSCRIPTED episodesWebsite - for more information on classes and quilting servicesFacebook - current projects and photosInstagram - current projects and photosPinterest - photo galleries and tutorials

Pomcast! A knitting podcast from Pom Pom Publishing

Pom Pom Publishing

Episode 75 – Socks appeal!

Hi Pomcats! Welcome back to aural knitting space that is the Pomcast! Wind those skeins and dig out your stitch markers and join us for another chat episode.We start this episode with a somewhat detailed description of coffees and beverages and then chat Sophie’s adventures in clay and Lydia’s sewing studio set up. Knitwise, Lydia has been continuing to enjoy her adventures in intarsia, while Sophie has made the ever so cosy and warm Skyhill mitts!It’s been on the horizon for a while, but we are just so excited for Pom Pom Quarterly issue 41! We chat a little bit about what you can expect, and want to remind you to mark your calendars for the previews on 27th April! We’re also giving you some behind the scenes information about our recent sock book shoot! This publication will be similar to Ready Set Raglan, and we were delighted to work with sock aficionado Rachel Coopey on this project.Do you love stationery? We feel there must be an overlap with

Planners and Wine

Megan and Myra

Join Megan and Myra as they talk mom life, planners and everything in between while usually enjoying some wine!

Jewelry Artist


Lenka Bindzar: The Magic of Tucson

Each year in January and February, people gather in Tucson, Arizona to buy and sell beads, gems, and other treasures from around the world. There are over 40 shows in different venues across the city, all with their own flavor. To me, the experience feels like part shopping adventure, learning experience, and family reunion. While I was in Tucson, I caught up with Lenka Bindzar, the owner of Raven's Journey, who has been traveling to Tucson to sell Czech glass beads for the past two decades.
Show Notes can be found here:
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The Quilting Arts Podcast

Quilting Daily

Artistic Inspiration: Modern Art and Antique Quilts

As art quilters, we are inspired by so many genres of art. Often, we look at work from 20th Century painters to glean what we can from their innovative composition. But consider this: those artists were also inspired by others. In this episode, Artist in Residence, author, journalist, and quilt historian Teresa Duryea Wong, provides insight into how the Abstract Expressionists – painters such as Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko – were most definitely influenced by quilt art from the previous century. Tune in for an eye-opening discussion. 
Click here to view the show notes for this episode.
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The Tipsy Sewists

Elle & Hazel

Ep 5 - Fashion Trends & How to Sew Them

Hey Sewists!In this episode, Hazel uses her fashion knowledge to talk through 6 of the upcoming spring/summer '22 fashion trends and corresponding sewing patterns, so that you can sew your own fashionista wardrobe!Today is a long one, but we think it's worth it ;)Let us know your thoughts!Love Elle and Hazel x*contains some swearing 

From My Kitchen Table with Jo Packham

Jo Packham

Ep. 9: Following Your Handmade Journey with Sabrina Ward Harrison

Listen to Jo Packham and author & artist Sabrina Ward Harrison as they discuss the importance of living a creative life. Sabrina dives into her motto of, "Our lives are just a handmade journey. Trust that the story is unfolding as it should," discussing her chosen path and how it has shaped her personal and professional life. Additionally, learn about Sabrina's love of books and her book writing process. 
Sabrina's Secret:
"One detail is that I surprisingly love riding on the back of a Harley Davidson motorcycle. When I met Sean, my husband, I was never someone who rode or took a second thought to guys on Harley's. But, seeing him leaning against his Harley, walking out and seeing him, it opened a whole new world to me."
Bring Your Book to Life:
A FREE 3 part workshop with Sabrina Ward Harrison

Running Stitch - A QSOS Podcast

Quilt Alliance

Radical Quilt Histories

Quilt enthusiasts have been writing about the craft’s history for over 100 years now, first focused on collecting and sharing patterns based on historic quilts, and later collecting and trading published patterns, in essence building an analog database of quilts. These women began to interpret and synthesize quilt history, eventually moving their newspaper clippings and mimeographed copies to digitized forms. Today, quilt history flourishes in thousands of books and articles, online spaces, and exhibit galleries that collectively have expanded our understanding of the history of quilts and quiltmaking. The QSOS oral history collection of the Quilt Alliance has further contributed to that history by recording and preserving interviews with living quiltmakers. And Running Stitch now mines that archive, sharing highlights from the collection of over 1200 interviews with you. Jess Bailey is adding another layer to our understanding of quilt history. A you

The Off-Kilter Quilt

Frances O'Roark Dowell

A weekly podcast about all things quilty

Life Handmade by

Starting Your Creative Journey with Victoria Calvin

On this episode of the Life Handmade Podcast, we are joined by Victoria Calvin of Victoria Marie Designs! Victoria is here to give you an ultimate beginner's guide to scrapbooking! Listen in as Victoria shares advice she received and how you can apply it to your crafting journey! You’ll also hear her express the importance of getting involved with the crafting community and keeping your inspirational momentum going!You can find the show notes to this episode here:

Keep Calm and Carry Yarn: A Knitting and Crochet Podcast

Vivian & Alyson Chu

Episode 103: That's the amount of color

So many things to talk about! Alyson has an WIP and an FO to chat about. And Vivian has not just a new WIP, but also three finished objects! If you're participating in the Archive KCAL be sure to use #ArchiveKCAL2022 on social media. Links to things we mention: Buzzfeed Quiz Meg's Wrap by Julie Blagojevich[Ravelry] Grand Forks Pullover by Cheryl Chow [Ravelry] Twylla by Rachel Coopey [Ravelry] Winston cardigan by La Maison Rililie [Ravelry] Mīlēt by Isolda Teague [Ravelry] Zig Zag Wings by Justyna Lorkowska [Ravelry] Scottish Wool Producers Showcase Moorit Show notes with photos Support and follow us: Instagram Pearl and Plum Etsy Our Website Buy KCACY merch Buy us a Ko-fi

Craft Industry Alliance

Abby Glassenberg

Special Episode: Interview with One of the Founders of the Etsy Strike, Kristi Cassidy

In this special episode of the podcast, we are focusing on the Etsy strike. I sit down with Kristi Cassidy, one of the organizers, in order to learn how it came to be and the impact it might have.
If you haven’t heard about the Etsy strike yet, it’s a petition created by a group of Etsy sellers with a list of demands they want Etsy to meet. These include canceling the latest fee increase which brought transaction fees from 5% to 6.5%. Other demands include cracking down on resellers, improving seller support, ending the Star Seller program, and letting all sellers opt-out of Offsite Ads. As of right now, when we recorded this interview, the petition has 72,334 signatures or just about 1% of Etsy’s total active sellers.
Kristi Cassidy is one of the creators of the Etsy Strike petition, along with fellow sellers she connected with on Reddi. Kristi sells steampunk gothic fantasy cos

Stitch Please

Lisa Woolfork

Aja Barber, Consumed: The Need for Collective Change

Aja Barber’s website, instagram, facebookAja Barber’s book, Consumed: The Need for Collective ChangeAja intentionally has only one sponsor, Vestiaire Collective and provides special access to her  Patreon supporters.Aja mentions Fashion Revolution, the world’s largest fashion activism movementWhat should everyone watch? Aja says “The Story of Stuff!” BlackWomenStitch Instagram,  homepage, Patreon

Knit Picks' Podcast

Knit Picks

Find camaraderie and understanding as Knit Picks employees confess to their own knitting triumphs and complete blunders. Does any of this sound familiar? If so, tune in weekly for the further adventures of the gang at Knit Picks and any other knitters we can round up.

Sew Mindful Podcast

Jacqui Blakemore

047: How to use Value & Colour Contrast to Look Fabulous

I'm so excited to share this week's episode with you as it is one of the topics that I have personally struggled with (and continue to work on) and that is understanding how to combine colours to create outfits that feel amazing. So when I want to learn more about anything style related I turn to the fabulous style gurus that have joined me on the podcast and this week it is a delight to welcome back Imogen Lamport of Inside Out Style. Imogen was the first person to introduce me to the concept of picking colours and fabrics that mirrored my facial features such as hair, skin, eyes and lips, picking up the properties of those features such as colour and texture. When I recently discovered the impact of value and colour contrast I knew I had to share it with you as it is such a simple yet powerful way of designing and planning what you make to have maximum impact. In this episode you will hear:> What Val

Vogue Knitting Knitterviews

Editors at Vogue Knitting Magazine

Shira Blumenthal talks Lion Brand, #HatNotHate, and celebrity knit nights.

Shira Blumenthal is the Brand Ambassador for Lion Brand Yarns, and a fifth generation member of the brand-founding family. Shira travels the country to spread her anti-bullying campaign, #HatNotHate, and stars in the YouTube series Tea with Shira.


Alice Boll

Teresa Collins: Insights from her ScrapSmarter Experience Keynote

59. Teresa Collins: Insights from her ScrapSmarter Experience KeynoteShow Notes: Collins is a successful woman entrepreneur and a sought-after speaker. She's the owner of Teresa Collins Studio, a world-wide company and brand. Teresa shares the importance of scrapbooking and reminds you that your story is important through her personal stories of growth and development, and of struggle and loss. She helped us discover our own worth and our own limitlessness through her keynote speech for the January 2022 ScrapSmarter Experience. This episode contains an excerpt from her keynote. The full keynote is available as part of the ScrapSmarter Experience 2022-1 replay bundle, available at ScrapHappy.orgThe LOAD Challenge, LOAD222 I'll Be There For You takes place February 1-28, 2022 and registration is at  SAVE $19 with code: MONICA19 Registration closes Jan

Craft A Life You Love

Amy Tangerine

077: Relentless Self-Care With Mary Davis

You are worthy of taking time each and every day to take care of yourself. Self-care is of the utmost importance and not enough people are prioritizing it in their lives. In this episode, I had on author, spiritual teacher and wisdom seeker, Mary Davis. Mary touched on why you have to be relentless with your self-care practices. She and I discussed a lot of great topics around learning to lean into your spirit, turning pain into purpose and working smarter, not harder.  (This episode was pre-recorded on October 20, 2020) What’s in this episode: What brought Mary to this level of wisdom How her upbringing brought her to what she does now Mary’s process of turning pain into her purpose The gift of growth and expansion that comes from life’s challenges Why women tend to put themselves last on their list Mary’s thoughts on divine timing How you can learn to listen to your spirit Why you should work smarter, not harder How small shifts c

Commuter Knitter Podcast

Commuter Knitter

Commuter Knitter WFH - 119 - Hope This Cup of Tea Kicks in Soon!

Please note - none of the links in this post will direct you to Ravelry due to accessibility issues. You've Arrived at Your Destination Musselburgh times TWO! Like Candy by Stephanie Lotven - Telly Bean Knits Knit Circus - We Scare Because We Care Shirley Brian Yarn - Don't Procrastinate, Delegate to Your Future Self One Twisted Tree - The Only Water in the Forest Tucker Woods - Wineberry (CT Sheep & Wool 2011) Drive Down Cellar Studio Pigskin Party 2021 - Kicked off 9/9 - Virtual Events the weekend of 9/10-11 Recalibrate by Shana Cohen (Shana Lines Designs) Stephen West Mystery Knitalong MKAL - Shawlography Musselburgh - Knit Picks Felici Psychedelic Rainbow Comfort Fade Cardi - Treehouse Knits DK - Coco Collection Carnation Offrenda Land of the Living Remember Me Annie Bucket Hat by Two of Wands Alexandra Tavel Rearview Mirror I take a look back at my completed projects from 202

The Craft Room Podcast

Dawn Lewis

#31 International Shipping

In todays episode I thought I'd catch you up on what's happening with international shipping. Between pandemic and Christmas levels of demand, USPS has become overwhelmed and suspended all shipping to Australia (and some other countries). I have some insights, as well as suggestions for alternatives to shopping overseas. LINKS Blog post -

Get Knit Done

Michelle Gregory

Ep 012: Back on the horse

I’m delighted to be back with you lovely folk.  This episode is mostly me settling back in and sharing what I have on my needles, talking about the future of the podcast and really just saying I’m back! Pop over to the show notes for a pic of the cable pattern I’m working on and also details of items mentioned in the podcast. View the show notes here:

Soaper’s Chat Podcast


Episode 33: New Year, Compassionate Deadlines, and Strength in Numbers

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Dear Crochetpreneur® Podcast for Crochet Business Owners: Sellers, Designers, and Bloggers

Pamela Grice

How to Pick a Name for Your Crochet Business

In today's episode, Pam answers a question that she sees all the time from new crochet business owners, She asks, "How do I pick a name for my crochet business?" So often, new sellers and designers look at what their peers are doing and simply mimic them and that's going about it all wrong! Instead, follow the guidelines I offer for naming a crochet business to make the process easier so you can get on with the business of making and selling crochet items for profit. Grab a hook and a WIP and listen in for actionable, bite-sized crochet business tips. Get your FREE Handmade Business Binder for Crochetpreneur subscribers.  Find show notes and more at Music from Pond 5: Happy Walking by Play Again

unCUT - The Makers' Podcast

Alice, Atia & Juliet

60. Crafty plans for 2022

In this episode, the ladies bring season 4 to an end and share their crafting plans for the year 2022. Please visit the unCUT website, for links and the full show notes.
This is unCUT, the Makers' Podcast, where we discuss all things crafts and our experiences with being creative. Please subscribe, rate and review on iTunes.
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** Email any topics, situations, questions you'd like us to consider discussing on the podcast using #craftinguncut as the subject.

A Fiber Life | Our Guanaco Adventure

Lisa Mitchell

The Great Guanaco Escape

Trust builds connection, and over time, connection builds bonds. So, how you show up–every day, over time, matters. It’s a practice. It doesn’t happen because you just want it to, it happens because you are consistent and trustworthy. My friend Shelley, who is a wonderful therapist, boils it down to this. She says, “You can either nurture a relationship or chip a relationship. There’s no in-between.” So, you are either moving toward or away, strengthening or weakening. In this episode, we’re going to talk about how we’ve bonded with our guanacos. How, out of desperation, we had to learn a gentler way of handling them which led to deeper connections.  Click here to read the full episode and transcript. Learn more about Lisa, her Guanacos, and more at afiberlife.comLinks Mentioned:

Knitting Nerdcast


Presenting: Song Quilts with Fiber Nation

Hi knitting nerds! We wanted to share this episode from our sister podcast, Fiber Nation. In this episode, Allison Korleski delves into the song quilts of Eliza Hardy Jones, and along the way explores how these quilts visually transcribe a piece of music, note for note. 
Click here to view the show notes for this episode.
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Kellofaplan- Planning a Life I Love

Heather Kell

S1E20- Planning a Life I Love Season One Finale

In this episode of "Planning a Life I Love", I am interviewing several of my patrons to find out what they loved about season one and how they have applied the things they learned into their planning process!
After this episode, we will be taking a few weeks break to regroup and plan season two!
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Every episode has a printable for your planner! To get this week's episode, make sure you're a patron!
Shop the Planning a Life I Love Merch Here:
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Judy- @javajournalplan
Ali- @planonitali
Morgan- @mo.plans
Courtney- @courtneycreatesaplan
Melanie- @mels.plans.and.crafts
Brenda- @theplanningpastor
Desirae- @healthyplanning_desirae
Veronica- @vinnymariecreates
Shannon- @Shanswypl

Maine Yarn Podcast

Jennifer Fleck

59. A Conveyor Belt of Ridiculousness

Finished Objects: Jenn: Scarecrow Vest from Squidney Knits – Squid School in Malabrigo Rios Jenn: Ginger Cowl from 12 Days of Madelinetosh Julie: Mittens Julie: More Mittens Julie: America’s Mittens Julie: Ocala Hat What we are working on: Jenn: Beadic Mitts Jenn: Kairos Cowl Jenn: Summer Sorrel Julie: Ellie’s Mittens Julie: Winter Spice Shawl from 12 Days of […]


Deborah Moebes

Episode Eight: Three Questions That Will Revolutionize Your Sewing

Deborah Moebes shares three questions we can ask ourselves about our sewing that will challenge us, direct our focus, and help us celebrate our wins at the sewing machine.

Gift Biz Unwrapped

Sue Monhait

370 – BASH – Money Mistakes in Your Handmade Product Business

Let’s talk about areas in your business where you may be spending money on things that aren’t benefiting you.

You may not have considered that various stages of business require different investments.

When you understand what will best serve you at each stage of your growth, you achieve a couple of things:

First, you don't use up available dollars in a scattered way – wasting money if you will.

Instead, you spend money in areas that will truly help you grow your handmade business based on where you are in the development and growth cycle.

What's In This Bash Party?

Free Training on money mistakes commonly made at the different stages of a handmade business. This training builds directly on the training in Bash #1 the (5 Gift Biz Growth Stages). 

Q&A wit

Crochet Circle Podcast

Fay Dashper-Hughes

Episode 74

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My Creative Corner3- quilting, crafts and creativity

Vicki Holloway

Goodbye January!

You can find the show notes here:

Paper Lemons - My Artful Journey!

Loraine at Paper Lemons

The best art studio on the planet!

I shifted all of my rooms to create my gigantic art studio, and I love it!!


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Make and Decorate with Stephanie: Sew, Quilt, Decorate

Stephanie Socha

S4 E84: Liberty Fabrics, History and Sewing with Tana Lawn and Lasenby Cotton

In this episode I present a history of Liberty Fabrics.  Find out how the fabrics are designed, and what makes Tana Lawn so special.  I also give ideas and tips on sewing and quilting with Tana Lawn and Lasenby Cotton.Show notes are here.Make and Decorate Friends, Mighty Networks group - free to join!INSTAGRAM: @stephanie.socha.designWEBSITE: http://stephaniesochadesign.comEMAIL: info@makeanddecorate.comYOUTUBE: Stephanie Socha DesignSupport the show (

Tea Cup Fiber Arts

Tea Cup Fiber Arts

(Ep. 1) Kinda Outta The Blue

If you wish to contact me for any reason, you can do so here: 
We also have a group on Ravelry:

Finished Objects 
-Vanilla socks in Regia Pairfect 
-YouTube tutorial for yarn over short row heel:
-Stocking hat (no pattern) in Wool of the Andes Worsted in Heather Persimmon 
-Vanilla is the New Black sock in Copper Corgi sock yarn (pattern: 
-Birds of a Feather shawl in Knit Pick's mohair and Etsy mini skein set (pattern: 
     -Etsy mini skein set:

Yarnspinners Tales's Podcast

YST Episode 189 Spinning cotton and picking wool

In this podcast, I talk about what I learned about cotton and spinning cotton in a class at SAFF this year.  I also had the chance to do some fiber and fleece shopping, and talk about that experience. I mentioned that I would list the four currently grown species of cotton plants and their details. Gossypium hirsutum  Known as upland cotton and native to Central America, Mexico, the Caribbean and Southern Florida.  This species accounts for 90% of commercial cotton grown. Gossypium barbadense  Known as extra-long staple cotton, and is native to South America.  This species accounts for 8% of all cotton grown. Gossypium arboreum  Known as tree cotton, it is native to India and Pakistan.  This species accounts for 2% of all commercial cotton grown. Gossypium herbacaum  Known as Levant cotton this species is native to Africa and the Arabian Peninsula and is the last percentage of the cotton grown world wide. Extra long staple cot

The Crochet Sanctuary Podcast

The Crochet Sanctuary

Episode 18 - The Crochet Sanctuary Podcast - If money was no object

Crochet ramblings from The Crochet Sanctuary, literally no plan!

Little Cabin Knits


Episode 54: Swaps and Seasonal Depression Helps

Little Cabin Knits

Podcast segments include:
- Raise A Cuppa
-On the Shelf
-On the Coach
-personal Skill Set
-A Time For Hygge
-Contemplation corner

Where to find me:
IG: Andersmillknits
Ravelry: andersmillknits
YouTube: Between Knits and Purls

Ravelry Groups
-Between Knits and Purls


#littlecabinknits #andersmillknits #hygge #knitting #winter #changes #crafting #knit #audiopodcast #podcast

The Carpentry Show on Fix Radio Podcast

Fix Radio

77. Robin Clevett With Alastair Johnson - Freebird Interiors

Robin asks Alastair Johnson about the implementation of SketchUp, a 3D design software in his business, Freebird Interiors. Alastair talks about how he can showcase designs to customers and how it helps instruct those working alongside him. Alastair also talks about his beginnings in the trade and developing his YouTube channel

J.H. Leather

Jo Heard

Hi, I'm Jo from J.H.Leather and welcome to my podcast!!! In this podcast we will be having an informal chat about things that I have got up to in the workshop this month as well as (hopefully) feature some special guests from the world of leather craft.

Good Crafternoon

Kristyn Lloyd

Small Business chats in Kristyn’s Craft Room. Meant to entertain and educate others in the small business community.

Spoon Carving Conversations

Simon Pouly

Slöjd in Sweden with John Beya

On episode 15 my guest is John Beya @johns_slojd. John was born and grew up in Sweden where Sloyd was part of life. He lives there today with his family. John carves beautiful spoons and kuksa among other things and he often decorates them with amazing kolorossing and chip carving.We talk about his carving process, why he likes to keep things simple in regards tot tools and wood and how it is to carve and live in nature.Hosted by Simon Pouly @rootsspoons ( and Producing: Julia Pouly Music: PixabaySupport the show (

Creativity Found

Claire Waite Brown

Conversations with creatives who FOUND – or re-found – their CREATIVITY as adults. We’ll explore their childhood experiences of the arts, discuss how they came to the artistic practices they now love, and consider the barriers to creativity that they experienced between the two. My guests are proponents of visual, written and performing arts, with similarities and wild differences in their experiences. We’ll explore what it is that people value and gain from their new-found artistic experiences, and how their creative lives enrich their practical, necessary, everyday lives.

Let's Craft Today

Jessica Knuteson

Different crafts to try. And if they worked well or not so well for me and why. Support this podcast:

Quilting Stories podcast

Jeff Rutherford

Karen K. Stone interview - Episode 17

The 17th episode of the Quilting Stories podcast features an interview with quilter Karen K. Stone.

Make Ideas Reality

Justin White

Embrace Your Inner Nerd - Nerdforge

Embracing the inner nerd is philosophy, my guests today Martina and Hansi from Nerdforge seem to have adopted. 
In this episode Martina and Hansi share with us their origin story, Nerdforge comic book No.1 They talk about de-weaponizing the word nerd.  Embracing who you are and letting go of what others think We get an insight into how they separate work and relationship.  You’ll hear how they turn their nerdy ideas into reality. To finish we hear what the future could hold for nerdforge.
Martina and Hansi have grown their youtube channel pretty quickly using this philosophy of embracing your inner nerd. So some great lessons to be learnt  
Hope you enjoy.
Nerdforge Links:
Justin White (Garage Avenger)
YouTube:    https:/

The Flying Goat Farm podcast

Lisa Check

Avoid Creative Burnout and Find Your Inspiration

In this episode, Lisa talks about the causes of creative burn out and how to combat it.  She also talks about how, where and when you can find inspiration for your creative soul.  Of course there is another creative exercise for you to try.


Send in a voice message:

Workshop Banter


EP6: How To Sell Handmade Items

Help support future episodes of the podcast at: 
In this episode we discuss our experiences selling our own handmade items and doing woodworking commission work.  
You can find us at: 
Badger Workshop on YouTube (Matthew Smith) 
Rag 'n' Bone Brown on YouTube (Keith Brown)  
Get in touch with us at: 
Instagram @workshopbanter 
Facebook @workshopbanter  
Our mentions: 
The Sunny Shed:
Karl Pope Woodcraft:
Casual DIY Trivet:


Send in a voice message:

K2tog Podcast

K2Tog Podcast - Kenzie and Kara

Episode 10: Jill from Knit Sisu on Knitting as a Career, Design Mentorship and More!

We are chatting with Jill from Knit Sisu about her Design Mentorship Programs, her resources for knitters, how she made knitting pattern design, knitting instruction, and knitting mentorship her career, and more! Plus, we reveal a special collab with Jill!Find Jill on insta @knitsisu or check out her website for her knitting patterns, design mentorship program, and support and lessons for knitters!Kara is wearing: Bennet Sister Shawl by Lindsey Fowler in Woolberry Yarn Co yarnKara is knitting: Bulky Cable Knit Mittens by LeeLee Knits, a free pattern! is wearing: Vicky’s Vest by @vicky.knits in Wool and The Gang Crazy Sexy WoolJill is wearing: One of her designs! The Song Bird Sweater out our website: http://k2togpodcast.comFind us on insta: @k2togpodcas

Teaching Your Brain to Knit

Margaret and Catherine

Ep. 135. Hedonic Adaptation; Trying Freeform, Finding Comfort; & Knits in the World; Craftsman television series

Episode 135  Hedonic Adaptation; freeform crochet and replacement knitting;  The Craftsman TV series.   Brainy Thing:  18:10  Behind the Redwood Curtain 25:42   What we've learned from our Knitting and Crochet Margaret flirted with freeform crochet in response to a prompt of "Deep Listening." She wasn't happy with the product or the process. Catherine continues her obsession with the mitre square blanket and she shares about taking her knitting out into the world. In one case, it was fun -- lots of love for the Agata ( Cardigan by Leah Chapman ( ; in another, she lost a beloved Stephen West, Metalouse.   Brainy Thing Margaret reports on Hedonic Adaptatio

A Smaller Life

Saskia de Feijter

#32 - 4 Fundamental Steps For Starting Small Businesses

Join our community here! In this solo episode I share my 4 Fundamental Steps For Starting Small Businesses. Last week, in a very energetic mood, I asked my mailing list subscribers "What can I do for you right now? How can I help? And I was bracing myself for a whole week of full service and connecting. Being generous as a business is important and it can really help you to figure out what people need. I did get a number responses but not enough to keep me occupied for a whole week. So I decided to answer the most asked question in this episode of the podcast and make good use of what I just learned."What steps do I take first when I want to start my small business?"I know what it feels like when you are a (starting) solo-preneur. So much uncertainty. So many questions. It can get pretty scary and it makes you stop in your tracks. While your mind is in overdrive, you are not moving forward.After 16 years

Knit A Spell

Katie Rempe & James Divine

Episode 43: The Witches' Ladder

This isn't the Blair Witch Project - it's an episode about the Witches Ladder! It's not actually ooky-spooky, sorry Hollywood. It's yet another outlet to unleash creativity into intent, be it for magickal or decortaive purposes.
By the end of this episode you'll know how to make your own Witches Ladder. PLUS, we've made a great free guide to help you plan your own, linked in the Show Notes below. If you make one - we'd love to see it via Instagram or email: - please tag @knitaspell!
Witches' Ladder Free Guide
-----ABOUT KNIT A SPELLMagical Maker Katie Rempe (@lightfromlantern) & Maker of Magic James Divine (@divinehandjim) team up to bring you Knit A Spell - a weekly podcast for magical makers, makers of magic, and curious minds!-----PREFER VIDEO PODCASTS?Find & follow Knit A Spell on the Light From Lantern YouTube Channel.-----New episode

Bewitched Crafts with Tracy Miller

Tracy Miller

Six Weeks

We are six weeks into the new year and I admit it.  January was tough; I bit off more than I could chew with habits and goals.  This month I'm trying three new ways to support my efforts with my favorite hobby.  Paper crafting to the rescue! 

Creative Nature Podcast

Yarrow Magdelena

#131 Showing up for our creative practice with Emma Freeman

Hey friends,

I'm delighted to bring you a beautiful conversation with Emma Freeman - her creative practice has inspired mine so much and I love what she shared about her experience of the pandemic and what's important to her now. A balm to listen to! Here is some of what we talked about: 

Poetry as a healing practice

Weaving with nature

Deepening our relationship with the natural world

Showing up for our creative practice and leaning into slow stitching 

Emma Freeman is a queer mixed media artist, poet and teacher. She works with fibers, words, collage, slow stitching and nature to connect more deeply to herself and to this world. She is fascinated by the dance between art making and healing and loves exploring both within her practice. Her process is contemplative, slow, quiet and playful. Emma is sober, a highly sensitive person, deeply loves

The Very Serious Crafts Podcast

Mollie Johanson and Haley Pierson-Cox

S4E20: The 2021 Very Serious Crafts Gift Guide

As they wrap up season 4, Haley, Katie, and Mollie share some of their favorite handmade items and craft tools to give and receive.

Show Notes:

Joseph M. Leather

Joseph Medcalf

Episode 29: Sam from Deacon Leather

In this episode I talk to Sam from Deacon Leather. When we look at crafted product we usually only see the product. Who is the craftsman behind their product and what is their story. Joseph is a leather craftsman and wants to know the stories of other craftsman and how they got to where they are now.Deacon Leather:Website: M. LeatherWebsite: https://Josephmleather.comDonate: links:Spotify: Podcast:

Tosh Talks


Collection No. 2: Lisa Renner

Welcome to our first podcast, Tosh Talks. Tosh Talks features interviews of our MT Collection No. 2 designers with our resident yarn whisperer, Sunne Meyer.
In our fourth episode, Sunne talks with Lisa Renner of Pure Knit and Purl. Lisa designed the lofty and fitted Wine Bar pullover, which uses two luxurious strands of Madelinetosh Impression held together. At once fitted and cozy, the Wine Bar is worked seamlessly from the top down. Lisa herself is a force to be reckoned with - a former physiotherapist and dancer, her understanding of how her garments are designed for moving with the human body is unparalleled. 

Fiber Coven Podcast

Fiber Coven

Episode 63: Aquarius is an Air Sign?!

News: None this week



Lauren - Shusui shrug in All You Knit Is Love, Battlo Facade colorway and a handspun gradient in Organic Polworth, contrast bind off in Teal Torch Knits, TTK Sock base, Lemon Lime Fizz colorway



Emily - vanilla socks in Regia, colorway Tomorrowland



Emily - crescent shawl design in Big Little Yarn Co. Trusty Sock Set, Town with an Ocean View colorway

- LOTR sock design in Valkyrie Fibers High Twist BFL base, Shadowfax and Tinuviel colorways

- Cabled hat design in Malabrigo Rios, Cumparsita colorway.  Keep your eyes out for the testing call!

- vanilla socks in Queensland Perth, Royal Botanical Gardens colorway




Lauren - Ripple Crop Top in purple yak blend handspun http

Stamp With Us

Simon Hurley and Rina K

Jennifer McGuire on Collaboration, Card Making Techniques, & More!

Simon Hurley and Rina K. sit down with Jennifer McGuire to chat about collaboration in stamping, card making techniques, the joy of creating and sending cards, and much more! Grab some supplies and craft along with. Links mentioned:

Gravel Knits

Gravel Knits

GK Off the trail Episode 11: How do you decide what comes next?

Record Date: 2/2/22
Publish Date: 2/10/22
Edited by: Caitlyn
Kelsi's Fridge
Back Pocket Black Cat Cobbler
Cole's Choice
Support us on Patreon!
Gift Knitting
What I want to Knit
What is in my queue
What I have available
Where I will be working on the project
Flow chart of decisions
Find us
You can find us on facebook at: Gravel Knits
Instagram and Untappd as: GravelKnits
You can email us at:
Ravelry & Instagram: BikesBrewsEwes
Untappd: kelsij
Ravelry & Instagram: CaitlynNLloyd


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Beer In Front

Dave Zalatoris

Chicago Beer Guy with a podcast about some old school beers and new classics. Sometimes the Beer In Front of you is the best one yet!

Craft Cook Read Repeat


But how do you really feel

Episode 83
February 3, 2022

On the Needles 1:27
ALL KNITTING LINKS GO TO RAVELRY UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED.  Please visit our Instagram page @craftcookreadrepeat for non-Rav photos and info  


Riley Rose Hat by Jennifer Lassonde, Fisher Girl Yarns in Ketchikan in Sockeye Spawning–DONE!!


Newspaper Pullover by Joji Locatelli, Biches & Buches Le Petit Lambswool in Light Grey, Isager Yarn Spinni in Charcoal


Hide & Peak by Maxim Cyr, SugarPlum Circus Merino Sport in Charcoal, Elphaba, Starling and Merlin’s Beard

On the Easel 7:27

The Quilters Circle Podcast

National Quilters Circle

Conversation with Annabel Wrigley

Annabel Wrigley is an Australian fabric designer, textile artist and author living in Virginia. 

She is the author of five sewing books for children with C&T Publishing and has spent the past 10 years teaching sewing classes to children and adults. 

Her latest book, Sew Unicorns, Dragons and Mermaids will be released in November, and is the perfect sewing book for kids and kids at heart. 


Instagram - @littlepincushionstudio 

Website – 


Prairie Craft Almanac

Leanne of Moth and Rust DIY

Punch needling, garden dreaming, and reading for improvement | Episode 33

In this episode, I talk about what may be my favorite new craft, share a reading recommendation for anyone looking to develop better habits, and talk about my recent seed audit. Plus, Moth and Rust has an updated look--be sure to check the link below to find out how you can enter my latest giveaway!Link to my giveaway on instagram: to my blog post, where I talk about the giveaway and share more photos:, quality Oxford Punch Needles, made in the USA: https://amyoxford.comAtomic Habits by James Clear: - - Welcome to Prairie Craft Almanac, a podcast exploring craft, nature, and simple, creative living--hosted by me, Leanne! I'm also the creator behind Moth and Rust DIY, the blog where I share free patterns, tutorials, artist interviews, and


Treehouse by alex g

It wasn’t on spotify so

Stop Scrolling, Start Sewing

Nicole Gilbert

Quilt Shows



Episode 13 - Rosie Rendell

Join us for this chat with the amazingly talented coppice and green woodworker Rosie Rendell. We learn about her journey from gardener to coppice woodworker and the burgeoning businesses she has built since. She gives us a lesson in what coppicing is, what hedgelaying is, and some of the basic principles and practices that define these crafts. We learn about the seasonal flow of her work and get a sense of how deeply connect her work is to the ecosystem, her raw material, and the ancient crafts she is carrying into the future. We top it off discussing her new endeavor producing charcoal and how important this process and product is for closing the loop of a coppice woodworking profession. Last but not least, we flesh out how important it is to remember that these crafts are as much a part of the constellation of sloyd practices as spoon carving or bowl turning. We hope you enjoy this chat!
Follow us on instagram

Fiberygoodness Tiny Talks: Podcast for Fiber Artists and Yarn Lovers

Suzy Brown

Fibery Tiny Talks Episode 6: Gifting!

Arlene and Suzy talk about the gift of handmade! All the things to think about when you are planning projects as gifts, some ideas on things to make, when to start, and how to plan your projects to avoid a last minute rush!

Embroidery Aid

Kelly Payne

Episode 3: A Sunday Sitdown - Embroidery Questions and Answers

This is a replay of a great Sunday Sitdown Question and Answer session that first Aired on Embroidery Nurse YouTube channel!


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Fancy Plans & Things Radio


Free You To Accept You

In today's episode your host Queen sits down to chat with you babes about  life,health, and new changes that are coming soon along with updating her journey on Authenticity.  Hope you babes leave this episode feeling inspired and ready to free yourself to accept yourself!
Check Me Out On Patreon
Be sure to follow Queen @queensfancyplans & @fancyplansandthingsradio for upcoming deets about the show & more! Love Disney Or Beauty related content be sure to follow Queen here @queengembeauty and @magicalmomentswithqueen! Wanna donate to the show cashapp me here $queengembeauty and again thank you for all the love and support! Have an amazing Fri Yay babes!


Support this podcast:

OML Podcast

Our Maker Life

S02 EP02 - Hello Lavender

For this second season’s first episode, Jewell, OML team lead and podcast host, chats with Reshma from Hello Lavender and how she's evolved over time in the maker community. Jewell and Reshma tackle insightful questions that showcase her expansion of being a maker with her jewelry stitch markers, her involvement with the OML book, being an OML attendee, and what has she gained from this past year during COVID. This episode is so inspiring for new and upcoming makers, the questions we ask ourselves when we're stuck and how do we look to other outlets for inspiration. 

Zick-Zack – der h+h cologne Podcast

Katrin Schön

Zick-Zack – der h+h cologne Podcast dreht sich rund um die Handarbeitsbranche und das textile Handarbeiten. Host ist die Direktorin der Messe h+h cologne Katrin Schön. Themen des zweiwöchentlich stattfindenden Talks sind nicht nur Nähen, Stricken, Häkeln, Sticken, Quilten, sondern vor allem auch der Handarbeitsmarkt und der Handel der Zukunft. Mit ihren Gästen spricht sie über die Branche, aktuelle Trends und Projekte. Auch das Persönliche kommt dabei nicht zu kurz.

The New Craft House Podcast


Episode Twenty Four - What to do when you don‘t like your make

In this episode Hannah, Rosie and the NCH team chat about what they do when a project goes wrong and how they try to turn it around! 



Strikkeklikkens skravleepisode

Det er dårlig vær, strikkehytta byr på godt humør, god stemning, strikkeklikkalong og god gamaldags skravling. Og ukens store spørsmål er: hvorfor i alle dager strikker man nedenfra og opp? 

Australia Sews Podcast

Louise Sherry

Celebrating the Australian home sewing community with stories from everyday sewers transforming their lives and their wardrobes.

Be Createfull

Jo Ellis and Madison Hale

66. Tiny Creative Moments

Today we're talking about small ways to be creative when you don't really feel like, or when you're sick (like Jo).
Other Episodes mentioned: Ep. 48 (Creativity Doesn't Have to Be Complicated) and Ep. 55 (When Creativity Lets You Down)
Amazon List for Books Mentioned: Alexander Hamilton Biography, Daisy Jones and the Six, The 7 1/2 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle, Terry Pratchet (The Wyrd Sisters), Agatha Christie (Murder on the Orient Express, The Murder of Roger Ackroyd, Then There Were None), Floret Farms Cut-Flower book
Make a donation to our Birthday Fundraiser! Make.Do. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, your gift may be tax-deductible.
Thank you to Craig Hutson for our createfull theme music! Listen to more of Craig's music on Spotify.
Connect with Make.Do. on Instagram (@makedocreate), Facebook (Make.Do.Searcy), and YouTube (Make.Do. Creative Studio)

Textile Talk

Gail Cowley

This podcast is for craft and textile enthusiasts all around the world. We'll soon have some great interviews with textile artists, advice on distance study courses in craft, textile tutor interviews and much more. The School of Stitched Textiles is the largest UK provider of City & Guilds Accredited Textile based distance learning courses. You can find out site at We also host the Stitch Directory, which showcases independent craft retailers and suppliers from around the world

Make My Day Podcast

Winston Moy, Luke Capritti, George Lehaf

Merry Makesmas!

Big announcements from each of the Makes My Day crew in this episode as everyone finishes their last projects of the 2021 year and gets ready to spend some good quality time with family and friends, before ramping up to crush the new and coming year!

Spin Control Podcast: a knitting, spinning, and fiber craft podcast.


Episode #124 – Reflection

In this episode, I’ve got some knitting, some more knitting, a bit more knitting, a little tale for you about reflecting on my move to Colorado and I get all spun up about Instagram.

Creative Queso Podcast

Jennifer Perkins

Natterdoodle - Lettering arts and positivity confetti sprinkler Natalie Keller Pariano

Natalie Keller Pariano of Natterdoodle is a ray of creative sunshine springing positivity confetti everywhere she goes. Natalie is a colorful, quirky and socially conscious lettering artist living in Columbus, Ohio. Natalie not only has a brick and motor store store where she hosts workshops she also travels around the country teaching workshops. In this episode of Creative Queso we talk about what happens when your hobby becomes your jobby, best practices for teaching workshops and we even get into the Corona virus.Find Out More About Natalie Keller ParianoWebsite https://natterdoodle.comInstagram 6 Jennifer PerkinsWebsite http://creativequeso.comInstagram http:/

TheGothCrafter:paper crafting

The Goth Crafter

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]


Не без дела

54. Хобби или бизнес / Лена Котикова /

Лена Котикова уже 10 лет делает мк по вязанию, но только несколько лет начала их продавать, а совсем недавно продажи стали приносить более-менее значимые деньги. Поговорили с Леной о том, как хочется, чтобы всё продавалось само, и как оно на самом деле. И да, может показаться, что мы зазываем на курс по созданию вязальных инструкций, но на самом деле это наш кейс)

Поддержать проект, открытки, инстаграм и прочие ссылки

Инстаграм Лены

Набор из 5 отвяжных открыток  в подарок с 1 февраля и пока не закончатся в магазине по промокоду CARD на заказы от 3000 руб.

Подкаст Не без дела

Обратная связь:, телеграм

Stitch Talk

Mindful Stitching Company

Episode 15 - 'Tis the Season to Get Stitching

.....fa la la la la la la la! Welcome to this months episode of Stitch Talk where I talk about my favourite kind of stitching, Christmas Stitching! I'll be talking about what makes stitching at this time of year so special and how you can make the most of it in the next month. 
I'll then be talking about New Year Stitching and what makes this such a great time of year to take stock and plan your stitching for the year ahead.
I hope you love it, it's so good to be back!
To check out The Cross Stitcher's Year - Planner and Diary visit my Etsy store here.

The LoveCrafts show


S2E10 Tom Daley | “Honestly, I’d just love to be a knitwear designer” | Candid interview + new kits launch!

He's back! Everybody's favourite knitting, crocheting Olympian Tom Daley joins Jamie and Merion on the LoveCrafts Show to talk knitting at the Olympics, mindfulness, stress busting and how the crafting world has embraced him with open arms! We talk about his latest crafting project, his plans for the future, and how he chatted knitting to Anna Wintour and met Rhianna outside the toilets at the Met Gala. All this and more, on this fabulous episode of the LoveCrafts Show!Tom's new kits are coming soon to


karen titus

Organizing Tips for Your Craft Room!

We are sharing lots of tips from our followers in this episode. Hear how others organize their craft spaces including their patterned papers and stamp sets. What ideas do you have to share? Join the conversation over in our facebook group - the Back Porch Stampers!

Beyond Crafting: Creating Your Most Inspired Life.

Holli Mostella

CRICUT: Flip the Script

This week on Beyond Crafting we are flipping the script! In honor of World Mental Health Day, Yours Truly is in the hot seat as Cricut's own Lansia Wann sits down with me to dive deep into good, vulnerable conversation surrounding mental health awareness + crafting. In this episode you'll get a better glimpse into my story -- my battle with mental health, how I use my platform to spread awareness + hope, and how a Cricut maker saved my life.Here are some highlights from this episode you don't want to miss:- How CRICUT is bringing more + more awareness to mental health - How I rebounded after failing nursing school + found my true passion in crafting- How I found CRICUT and how it ultimately saved my life- How my parents responded to me taking a more unconventional career path- How I find light in the darkness of mental health struggles+ so much more. If you have a mental health story you would like to share + potentially have posted on

Creative Conversations

Blair Brockington

Welcome to Creative Conversations. Join me and my guests and enjoy fun conversations and learn from their experiences. Looking forward to you joining in on the fun!

Nördic Knitting

Nördic Knitting

153. Celias nya bok

Vi har träffat Celia Dackenberg med anledning av hennes nya bok Naturtröjor. I avsnittet hör du mer om om plaggen och arbetet med boken. Vi kommer även in lite på hönsestrik och att sticka på 70-talets stormöten.

Making Stitches Podcast

Lindsay Weston


Figen Murray first took up knitting seriously to help her cope with hearing loss. At the time, she was working as a psychotherapist, and decided to practice what she preached and turned to creativity to help lift her mood. Little did she know then that just a few years later her knitting would help her cope with the dreadful loss of her son, Martyn Hett, who was one of the 22 victims of the Manchester Arena attack in 2017. By the time of the attack, Figen had taken to knitting bears which she sold online and which she used to help people with various mental health issues. In May 2017, her life was (in her words) "turned upside down", and she left psychotherapy work to look at why people are compelled to commit acts of terrorism and to try to prevent it happening so that other families wouldn't have to experience what happened to hers. Figen's bears became 'Peace Bears' and not only have the

Pull The Thread

Krystal Douglas

Episode 7: Strategic Secrets Behind My Most Profitable Year Ever

It doesn't matter how old you are, or how much money you have, or who you know when you first get started - what matters is your ability to tenaciously brand and market your craft-based business, and your ability to connect with your ideal audience.I open up on the four things I believe are at the heart of my most successful, profitable year in business ever.

Fait main

Mélanie Seynat

#71 Ilovedoityourself & Bureau d'Influence, du blog créatif au marketing d'influence

Bonjour et bienvenue dans ce nouvel épisode de Fait Main, le podcast de la communauté DIY qui part à la rencontre des entrepreneurs créatifs !Dans l’épisode du jour, j’ai le grand plaisir de recevoir Laure !Laure a 2 activités : elle accompagne des marques créatives dans leur stratégie de communication, sous la marque Bureau d’influence, l’agence qu’elle a cocréée et elle est également créatrice de contenus DIY avec son blog est à son compte depuis 6 ans, donc elle a beaucoup de recul sur son activité aujourd’hui et c’était hyper intéressant de l’entendre parler de marketing d’influence et de création.On a également évoqué le DIY Festival, un évènement qu’elle organise, l’upcycling qu’elle affectionne particulièrement et de l’importance des blogs aujourd’hui.Laure nous donne plein de super conseils concernant l’entreprenariat créatif, l’organisation et la bonn

Hot Glue & Bobby Pins

Hot Glue & Bobby Pins

episode 12: i can't go on like this! a chat about creator burnout

Hi friends! in this episode we discuss everything related to the burnout experience, and how we cope with it. We don't have all the answers but we hope our experiences can help you avoid burnout in the future, or help you deal with it in the present. follow us on social media! April patreon:​​ onlyfans:​​ facebook:​​... instagram:​​ twitter:​​ twitch:​​ vero: @aprilgloria etsy: http://www/​​ sophii patreon:​​ onlyfans:​​ facebook:​​ instagram:​​ twitter:​​ twitch:​​ etsy: htt


Oscar Ticas

ROBLOX (Trailer)

The Sugarcraft Junkies

Sam Hamer & Erica Fernando

A Chat with Robert Haynes

We’re back after having January off. And kicking off 2022 we are starting on a high with a wonderful guest, Robert Haynes of Sugar Flower Studio. Its an extra long episode to make up for nothing in January, because, like us, Robert likes to talk :) We hope you enjoy it, its great to be back!Up toMatthew Bourne, The Nutcracker @ Sadlers Wells Cinema Centre, Hemel Hempstead Sweet Christmas, Avalon Yarnes https://cakeandcookie.comWhen Magic goes wrong https://magicgoeswrong.comOfficial London Theatre new year sale UK award stuffEvil cake genius Origami Texture sheets Professionals regional events 3

Dapper Notes

Enon Avital

A look behind the scenes of every Dapper Notes edition: Pocket notebooks made from scratch, by hand, by Enon Avital.

Mamma stickar


Slakta stashen 2.0

Slakta stashen är tillbaka! Här får du veta allt om vårens härligaste garnmarknad – där dina bortglömda härvor kan få nytt liv hos någon annan. Vi synar våra egna garnförråd, drömmer om en stash som räcker livet ut och ställer oss den läskiga frågan: kan det bli för mycket garn?Slakten pågår den 31/1 till 6/2Puss & garn!Klicka här för shownotesStötta oss gärna på Patreon See for privacy and opt-out information.

Everyday Hobbies

Richard Dewitt

Time Management

Let's discuss how planning out our days can improve quality of life and help us to accomplish our goals while still enjoying the little things.

knitting with confidence & hope


Stress and Stranded Colorwork

In this episode I talk about the January blues, work stress, and the slow and steady progress i'm making on a stranded colorwork sweater vest.Music Credit: Ketsa, "Day Trips"

Geminate Podcast

Sherri and Tamara

S3:E6. Gift Ideas for Knitters

Link to show notes. 

Ministry of Crafty Shenanigans

Ministry of Crafty Shenanigans

A weekly podcast on creativity, community, connection, and collaboration. Hosted by two crafty friends who dabble in a range of creative outlets, we will talk inspiration, motivation, idea development, and how connection is at the core of our creativity - and creativity at the core of our connection.

Elle’s Cottage Podcast

Elle Steward

Have a Cuppa - Ep. 85

Celebrating my 30th birthday, celebrating 4 years of the cottage shop, & watching the blossoming of spring!

Tom slips into conversation with

Thomas Adkins

My name it Tom from @knitslips and I am the host and creator of this new podcast series. We all know how bad 2020 was and that 2021 is not off to a great start. I am a hobby knitter who discovered how crafts and being creative can really help with your mental health. This is why I wanted to talk to other crafters and creators to help inspire more people, as a community we will get though this together. I’ve had so much fun recording these episode and I can’t wait for you all to hear them. See for privacy and opt-out information.

Weaving Community w/Amy D. McKnight

Amy McKnight

Ep 6: Joyce Huard @mynoushart

Today’s guest is from comes to us from Canada. She has been crafting since she was a child. Both her maternal and paternal grandmothers were skilled seamstresses. And she credits her love for yarns and textiles to them. 
 Later in life, she went to fashion school outside of Canada. She gravitated towards wools and heavy fabrics with texture. She became addicted to jacket and coat making but found it hard to find the perfect fabric. So she started to add yarns and fringed and embroidery to her sewing projects. But she still wasn’t completely happy.  
When she returned to Canada, she started to included sweater pieces, hand knits and crochet to her clothes, mixed with fabrics. But she was still feeling unsatisfied. Finding the perfect yarns, or fabrics seemed impossible.
As luck would have it, her neighbors have a sheep farm, she had the idea to ask them to take the fleeces and try to make yarn, so she could create exactly what she

The Plan on Purpose Podcast

Charise Harris

How to Make The Goal The Plan with Laken Edwards | Plan with Laken

Laken Edwards started her journey with goal planning like most of us planner lovers, looking for a place to share her planning experience. After a year of sharing her hobby online, she knew that she had developed a love for planning beyond the colorful stickers and pens. Now, her online community, Goals with Laken, helps those who have the idea to accomplish their goals but need a little accountability. Join us for this week's episode as we talk tips and tricks for goal planning and all the things in between. 

Visit Laken's website for more info on her planning community
Follow her on Instagram and Facebook
Check out her YouTube channel for planning inspiration and vlogs 

Spinning a Yarn at The Spinning Barn Hand Spinning Inspiration

Theresa George

Celebrating our Wool Heritage.

In this episode I chat about my feelings regarding the wool industry in the uk and celebrate the amazing properties of wool as a sustainable resource. I hope to inspire you to make the most of wool and find ways in which to incorporate it into our every day lives. 
Link to the crochet wedding dress page, A Dress of Many Threads.



Happy Planner 2022 January Releases ~ Erin Condren Black History Month & 22% off Sale!

I talk about and discuss what was released this first month of the year 2022 from 2 of the most influential planner companies.

The Shi Show

Lion Brand

Shi Show September 29, 2020 - Lion Brand Design Director Jessica Hendrickson

Watch the Livestream every weekday at 12pm EST on the Lion Brand Facebook Page!

The This Southern Girl Can Show

Amber Dawn Riley

Episode 42: Wit & Wisdom Wednesday: Funny Cooking Stories

I handful of funny cooking stories from a Twitter thread.

Youthful Yarning


Planned Projects

In this episode, Ava shares her too make list! Follow @youthfulyarning on Instagram!

Sew Fabulous Chatting

Vicky Laycock

It's 2022, and we are back!

In our first episode after almost 2 years, you will first hear a blooper by yours truly! Listen to Hazel and I talking about my business and Hazel's pattern development and her new website. We talk about my television addiction and Hazel listening to audio books, and I introduce my brand new Block Of The Month, The Magic of Crete.

Lifting Pins and Needles

Karina Trinidad

That amazing feeling! Fun sewing this knit crossover bodice! Nyoka (Sinclair). How to sew it :)

This sewing year is ending with that amazing feeling of making something great and also easy! The New Nyoka crossover top and dress for knit fabrics from Sinclair patterns is most probably my last sewing project of the year. The Nyoka is the type of project that looks complex but is actually deceptively EASY TO SEW.  I am sharing how to sew this interesting bodice, step by step, including the front extensions, stabilizing the shoulders and waist and how to sew an awesome V neckline binding technique that is top notch.  I’ve made a top with rib knit and created chevrons on the front and back just for fun.  I also made a dress with a gorgeous flowery athletic knit.  Lots of sewing to see!   
The Buy one Get one FREE sale from Sinclair patterns is happening through the 1st of January with the code BOGO1 and its one offer per client.  The NEW NY

The Popcorn Brain Creative Podcast

Karoline Dahrling Hughes

The Popcorn Brain Creative podcaster Karoline Dahrling Hughes from is about all things creative. Lean in, enjoy a cosy listen, and be inspired to reach your own creative goals.

Stuff Stitch, the Upholstery Podcast that tells the story of the skill that lies beneath the covers!

Robbie Richardson

An update at Christmas!

At the In Stitches podcast HQ, changes are afoot.  In this episode, our host Robbie Richardson gives an update on what's happening. 

Elements of Craft

Will Moore

Episode 16 - On the Water

In this episode, hear master boatbuilders talk about their craft and the materials they build their vessels with. Find out why certain types of wood are preferred for certain parts of a boat, and get to know the basics of celestial navigation.

Featured crafters: Josh Tolkan, Josh Swan, Mark Hansen, Mark Gordon

High Fibre

Kelly Mason

We love to love fiber, roving, skeins, tops, batts... yet how much do we really understand about how it's made? In this podcast, I'll be getting up close and personal with sheep, camels, goats, and people to answer all the questions you've ever had about fiber. There will be loads of fun facts, interviews with fibre producers, and a healthy dose of enthusiasm, storytelling, and laughter because every day I get to geek out about fibre is a great day! I'm your host Kelly Mason, mum, wife, and animal lover from rural Australia. I'll be guiding you across continents as we learn more about where our fibres come from as well as how to feel grounded and indulge our fiber passions more ethically and sustainably. I've never met a *natural* yarn I didn't like, so let's get excited and get ready to indulge in some HIGH FIBRE vibes!

The Wild Yarn Shop


Flyy Fibres with Rachel

Welcome back! And today we’re with Rachel of Flyydyed, an amazing emerging Fibre Artist shortlisted for the British Knitting and Crochet awards! We’ve an extra special little guest too!Rachel is an indie yarn dyer who’s style and flair is a breath of fresh air across the fibre landscape and today we’re all about starting out and giving it a go! Follow Rachel on Instagram @flyydyed and find her website Hope you love the episode and don’t forget to subscribe, like and share with all your friends. Read the blog for links to things referenced in the podcast! And sign up to the mailing list for the news of the Wild Yarn Shop. Here’s where the sounds came from on Adrianac , Rivernile7, Reinsamba, Gowler music, Adam Jordaan, Jandre160108, JaredKarp, HanulSkyGirl


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Sewing with Linen! Tips from Linda Lee


Discuss sewing with this natural fabric

This episode, Christine and Linda Lee, of The Sewing Workshop, discuss sewing with this natural fabric—from buying the right kind to cutting, stitching, and finishing techniques.

Makers Waffle

Andy Pugh

Makers Waffle Episode 37 - Alex Halfpenny

If you're in need of some band names or some albums then this episode with Al from Al's Hackshack and the Fools With Tools Podcast might be the one for you. There was much laughter and some more serious chat. We hope you enjoy it.

A long list of most of the people and things we mentioned, with links to where they can be found, is in the description of the YouTube video for this episode:
As Makers Waffle we can be found in the following places: Instagram YouTube Twitter  Facebook Patreon
And our personal accounts are: Jamie Reader: Instagram   Andy Pugh: Instagram  & YouTube .

Twisted Stitches

Twisted Stitches

Episode 103: Spring Madness

Welcome to episode 103 of the Twisted Stitches podcast! This week we're talking some long forgotten WIPs, the #archivealong2022, dream knitting, and more. Thank you so much for listening! show notes:

While We Were Knitting

Nicole G

Wachowski Sisters Trilogy - The Matrix, Jupiter Ascending, and The Matrix Resurrections

Nicole and Monica watched three movies by the Wachowski sisters this month, The Matrix (the original), Jupiter Ascending, and The Matrix Resurrections. We talked romance, the change in twenty years, fight scenes (as per our brand), Chicago, and how Jupiter Ascending is bonkers/amazing. 
Nicole knit Witchy Socks by Dawn Henderson and Monica knit Bennet Sister Shawl by Lindsey Fowler.
Crazy (instrumental) by SilentCrafter
Creative Commons — Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported — CC BY-SA 3.0

Kasey’s Crocheting Adventures

Kasey Piper

Working with Patterns! (Featuring Guest Star!!)

In today’s episode, I am joined by fellow classmate and crocheter Megan! Throughout the podcast we talk all about patterns and our views on them!

Resinando y Resonando

Atabex Rivera-Alvarado

¿Qué necesito para comenzar a decorar termos con resina?

¿Te llama la atención comenzar a decorar vasos y termos con escarchas, pinturas y sellarlos con resina pero no tienes idea de lo que necesitas para comenzar? En el episodio de hoy voy a hablarte de algunas cositas que debes tener en cuenta antes de comenzar para que saques provecho a tu inversión. Aprende en (código 'podcast'para tu descuento). Descarga la lista de cotejo y materiales para comenzar a decorar y sellar vasos térmicos con resina AQUÍ.

The Craftermath Podcast

Tania Ahmed

Episode 08: The Craftermath - with guest Erica Andersson

Today I am joined by my friend Erica Andersson who is the personification of sunshine and rainbows! Erica is primarily a card maker, but anything crafty that gets her mojo flowing, she’s into colours, textures and layers make her happy! If you want a serious crafter, she’s not your girl. She don’t take herself too seriously, and she thinks it’s important to show your mistakes along the way and how to fix them. Whilst poking fun at herself, of course. And we’ll talk more about her shenanigans in this episode. Erica’s Social Media: Sign up to Cardmaking Summit: Instagram: Youtube: Blog: Tania’s Links: Follow me and subscribe to my newsletter! Website: Instagram: https://www.instagra


Laura Algarra

Episodio 38: Mucho mas que una tienda con Alba Zarco de Dos Punts.

En este episodio hablamos con Alba Zarco, dueña de la tienda Dos Punts en Barcelona.

Nos cuenta sus comienzos y como una tienda 'al uso' ha dado el salto para dejar de ser 'solo una tienda de barrio' y convertirse en referente entre las tiendas dentro del mundo craft.

Musica en el episodio:

Hoy quiero confesar de Isabel Pantoja.
Se me enamora el alma de Isabel Pantoja.

Making Us


Celine Underwood (Brickmaiden Breads)

Celine Underwood has dedicated much of her life to the pursuit of the perfect loaf of bread. She started baking during a tumultuous time and later founded Brickmaiden Breads in Point Reyes, CA. The Bay Area is known for sourdough bread, and in this competitive market, Brickmaiden stands out as an iconic bakery where the most common review is, “best sourdough I’ve ever had,” even when at their peak they’re making 500 loaves a day.The final episode of our first season brings you into the world of bread baking (what goes into the perfect loaf?) and gives you a behind-the-scenes view into the day to day of running a food business (ready for 2 am training?)As we celebrate Brickmaiden's 21st anniversary, Celine opens up about her decision to sell the business. We explore what led her to this transition point, and go back in time, to the early days, to the story of how it all began, what has kept her going, and what it’s all meant.

The Craft and Chat Podcast


Episode 4 -Crafter Questions Part 1

In this episode of Craft and Chat Podcast we dive into some questions from Crafters just like you. We break things down so they can understand and use their Cricut and Silhouette machines even better than before. 

The Wool Pack Podcast


Episode 5: The Power of Making Stuff, with Karie Westermann

This week, Kate is chatting to one of our all-time favourites: designer, teacher and writer Karie Westermann. The pair nerd out about knitting maths, their favourite yarns and the power of craft in helping you find your people. It's never just about knitting.

Find Karie all over the web as kariebookish

The Craft Cove

Sleeping Luna Designs

The Craft Cove with Sleeping Luna Designs is a monthly recap of various crafting projects, education on crafting and its history, interviews with other crafters, and more. Support this podcast:

Whitchurch Silk Mill Podcast

Whitchurch Silk Mill

A podcast series about Whitchurch Silk Mill, the oldest silk mill in the UK still in its original building, located in rural Hampshire. This podcast series follows the fascinating journey from thread to woven cloth at the Mill. Every episode will include chats with the Mill’s own weaver/tacklers and interviews from experts on the wider topics of weaving and silk, the weaving process, our efforts to preserve traditional silk weaving skills on looms dating back to the 1890s, the design process, sustainable cloth and how silk made at the Mill is used.

The Build Guild Podcast : A Professionally Unprofessional Podcast for Makers

The Build Guild Podcast

Episode 22 - Gold Rush - The Alaskan Christmas Episode

Scott Foster is a long time friend of Ben Myers (Myers Woodshop).  They've gone to the same college (Harding University) and played Lacrosse together.  Scott is from Soldotna, Alaska, where he runs a construction company with his father and older brother.  The main focus is heavy equipment, such as excavators and dozers.  Foster construction is a small company that focuses on roads, foundations, and earth moving.
Scott walks us through the ins and outs of the construction business and the unique challenges working in Alaska is like (dark all day?!).
Join the guys as we talk all things Alaska with Scott!


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This Crafted World

Harry T. Morris and Shane Orion Wiechnik

Episode 13: Taking Time

Harry and Shane are back for Season 2. Harry talks about finding a balance between what is work and what is hobby. They discuss the importance of sustainably managing work for money, work for fun, growth projects, hobby projects, and life outside of woodworking. They share their individual experiences about woodworking as work vs hobby.
Shane has been getting ready for his year away, and Harry has been settling into his business.

Kaila's Craft Corner

Future In Sight

Craft events for Adults and Youth who are Blind or Visually Impaired, Serving NH and Beyond



There is a new love in town..

If you have not heard of StarCraft before, you are going to fall in love with them after listening to this podcast. Plus, an awesome tip to solve your glitter woes.

The Rustoration Podcast

James Evan Dave

Down the Rabbit Hole

This episode we hung out and explored so many restoration random rabbit holes even Elmer Fudd couldn't keep up.
Wandering Topics Explored:
Hanging Fridge Story
Porch build and ongoing lumber shortage
Foot operated flame proof trash cans
Dave's fire science lesson
Collectable tool company tie clips
Restoring old warships and the USS New Jersey
Train Nerds
Century Motor wiring and learning on the fly
Purple Crocs!
Quick mentions and shout outs:
Shannon's Lumber Industry Updates
Jimmy Diresta
Barry (OldTape61)
SmarterEveryDay's Submarine YouTube series
Keith and
Jack English
Let us know what you think of this episode on Instagram (@therustorationpodcast) or our email

Mile Marker


Mile Marker is a podcast taken from the popular MPB Television series, Mississippi Roads. We take you on a journey through Mississippi and introduce you to unique people, places and things. Thanks for tuning in! See for privacy and opt-out information.

Tumbler Talk with Christina

Christina Cargal

Craft vs. poly glitter

What’s the difference between craft and poly glitter? What are the different kinds of glitter? Let’s answer those questions for you in this episode of Tumbler Talk with Christina.


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Guayaba Craft Co.

Cecilia A

Be Your Authentic Self as a Business Owner, Artist, Entrepreneur etc.

In this episode I share what it means to be a Latinx business owner with a wide lens of culture and how to use your surroundings to build an identity you wish to put foward to the world like Frida Kahlo did!


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Sally Gardens

101 ways to save money, get happy, relax and find your creativity by making stuff out of plants you grow, forage or buy. And even monetise your hobbies! Craftsteading is about self-sufficiency, making things, lost trades and gardening. It’s about prepping for the apocalypse or relaxing with therapeutic, mindful handicrafts. Are you looking for something engrossing to take your mind off daily worries? Would you like to learn a relaxing but exciting new skill or craft? Ever wished you could find out how to thriftily make useful and beautiful things to share with your friends and family? Plants have a lot of other uses besides being edible or medicinal. From dyes, botanical jewellery, broom making, weaving, basketry, lighting, wax, resin, rope, string, to soap oil paint, perfume, musical instruments and much more. I’ll tell you about the amazing ways you can use plants from your garden, or foraged from the wild. Your very own home-grown or gathered raw materials. You can learn how to use simple handcrafts that are sometimes lost or forgotten, the very same methods your ancestors used. Grow your own brooms, baskets, jewellery, containers or whatever you need. You won’t need to buy them from shops any more! There are so many happiness-inducing craft projects that start with planting a seed. For example, I’ll explain the way I’ve made containers from gourds, jewellery from seeds called Job’s tears, baskets from cattail bulrushes and brooms from sorghum. All home grown. And if you’re not into gardening , no stress, you can buy supplies from craft stores or online. Craftsteading is for - Gardeners and farmers Makers and craftspeople Cooks and chefs home brewers and broom makers Survivalists and Permaculturists Geeks and nerds Weavers and spinners People who love natural fibers Back to basics and Simple living enthusiasts Woodworkers and Do it yourselfers Each month I’ll bring you a new podcast so be sure to subscribe.

Mighty Creative, with Kim Werker

Kim Werker


As I begin fiddle lessons (!), I see so many connections between my desire to learn folk music and my fascination with handcrafts.

Sew On & Sew Forth

Debby Hunker

Covid Connection - Finding Joy

I'm joined by 8 amazing bag making ladies and we talk about what brings us joy these days.  I affectionately call it the Covid Connection because we've made an effort to have a Zoom chat once a week to keep connections during this troubling time.  They generously allowed me to record our discussion.

Strikk På Kjøkkenet

Strikk På Kjøkkenet

3. Ursula & Strikk på Taket

Åse har allerede sjekket av én av sine make9 og Marte har fått en crazy garnpakke fra Men hvem er egentlig denne Ursula? Vi dykker ned i @witredesign sitt univers og gleder oss vilt til Strikk på Taket neste uke!

Kitchen Stitches

Kitchen Stitches

Episode 114

Reposting with the complete audio file.

Beyond My Day Job

Lonnie Miller

It’s Women, Not Men, Who’ve Brewed Throughout Most of History

Tara Nurin is a beer journalist who writes about beer economics and business. Her latest book is “A Woman's Place Is in the Brewhouse” and it spotlights the massive role of women in the history of beer. We hear Tara’s path to researching, writing and promoting her findings with this book. A fun discussion for all!
#womeninbeer #taranurin #pinkbootssociety #terifahrendorf #forbes #NPR #diversity #femalebrewers 


Nämnden för hemslöjdsfrågor

Podden som breddar slöjdbegreppet och speglar det handgjorda skapandet idag. Programledare Peter Gropman träffar intressanta gäster med olika ingångar till slöjden. Produceras av Iris media på uppdrag av den statliga myndigheten Nämnden för hemslöjdsfrågor.

I Could Make That!

Nick Johnson

Making A Fishing Lure

In this episode, my first episode, I talk about my first time hand-making a saltwater fishing lure.  I give a step by step account of what I did, struggles and pitfalls, and accomplishments along the way. 


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Sew Ab Fab Podcast

Aly Warner and Caroline Beacon

Confidence and Practice

This week Aly and Caroline answer questions that you gave to us. we discuss our favourite fabrics and sewing machine functions amongst other sewing related queries.

La pipe c'est mieux

La Pipe Rit

Vous êtes fumeur de pipe, collectionneur ou simplement amateur de beaux objets ? "La pipe c'est mieux" est LE podcast fait pour vous ! À travers discussions, échanges, réflexions et interviews de professionnels du secteur, nous vous ferons découvrir les dessous de cet univers magnifique... Installez-vous confortablement, prenez une bonne bouffarde avec vous et c'est parti. Bonne écoute à toutes et à tous ! 🔊 "La pipe c'est mieux" est le 1er podcast dédié aux fumeurs de pipe. Ce nouveau podcast vous est proposé par Philippe (La Pipe Rit -


Tanner Leatherstein

Hello and welcome to my Leathertainment podcast! Come and join in on the conversation as we talk about leather, the leather industry, fashion industry, etc. Anything leather, we'll talk about it and have an open conversation! Tune in every Friday for a brand-new leather podcast episode!



Feministische Hosentaschen

Heute haben wir für euch die Segmente

Gelerntes Zeug
Das gute Zeug

Friedas Wollprojektzeug

Single ist ausverkauft
Lettlopi dazu kombinieren
Schäfer hat zugesagt für rh:ool 2.0 - juhu!
Bundle (Ravelry-Link) in der Podcasting-auf-Deutsch-Gruppe
Hab mich für’s Düsseldorfer Wollfestival angemeldet - mal sehen!
Lauras gefärbte Stränge kommen bald
@elaspinnt Gewebe vorher nachher

Friedas Rohwollzeug

Vliese gewaschen

Friedas Häkelzeug

C2C Blanket

Lauras Nähzeug


Lauras Strickzeug

Cabriola (Ravelry-Link) von Katrin Schubert
Indomitable (Ravelry-Link) von Hun

Crafty Hands Club Magazine


Judi Townsend: Find your niche, own It, and make it profitable

Judi Townsend, known as the "mannequin queen" is founder and CEO of Mannequin Madness. While seeking a mosaic mannequin for a home garden project, she had no luck. Instead, she discovered a Bay-area business, selling and renting mannequins was going out of business. As a result, she purchased 40 mannequins and started a side gig. Mannequin Madness sell new and used mannequins, dress forms and mannequin parts. Also teach zoom classes for Dress Form Christmas trees. Mannequin Madness is a multi-million dollar brand that's been featured in various publications and on television networks.

In this interview, Judi spoke about grants for black owned businesses. Please see access t

Skapligt - En podd om stickning, sömnad och annat skapande

Fredrika Holmberg och Rebecca Holmberg

"Skapligt" Är en podd av systrarna Fredrika och Rebecca, här avhandlas textilt skapande och framför allt stickning och sömnad.

Brave Knitting

Ann & Linda

Episode 24 - Celebrating A Year of Brave Knitting

Pat & Linda reflect on how the podcast has made them Brave Knitters!Pat's favorite Inspiration blogs/podcastsmdkTin Can Knits (great Help section)Fruity KnittingJen Arnall Culliford Cat Bordhi Sock book: New Pathways for Sock KnittersKatie's Kep Fair Isle HatJamieson & Smith 2 ply jumper weightRavesPatty Lyons - let the tool do the workPatty's websiteMorehouse Farm Merino 2 plyLittle Dude by Andrea RangelMisbehavesSoldotna by Caitlin HunterRowan Felted TweedSavesKnitting JournalCravesAlistair Post Quinn blogCorvus patternFaye from My Knitted Doll by Louise CrowtherJane from My Knitted Doll by Louise Crowther

Charlas de Scrap

Quim Diaz

3x02 | Episodio especial en vivo

Este es un episodio muy especial grabado en vivo entre el 3 y el 6 de noviembre de 2021 con motivo de la feria Scrap Crea y Decora. Podéis escuchar los momentos vividos esos días con Elena Roche, Alberto Juárez  y Violeta Scrap . Aparecen como invitadas especiales en distintos momentos: Paula (@scrapandmew), Lola (@lolascrap), Sara (@baicanija), Sami (@samigarra), Rocio (@veoveoscrapeo), Laura (@lauritabalboa), Chelo (@micoscrap), Adela (@themintfeather) o Obed (@obedmarshall) entre otros.

Knit & Spin


Ep 1: Two Trains in the Math Problem

3 friends sitting down to discuss the hobbies of knitting and spinning. This is our introductory podcst.
Connect with us:
Instagram: These are from SuperChunks:

Upcycle spinning wheel:

Getting Messy Slime Co.


Tips and ticks on how to start a successful podcast in 2020 and YouTube Chanel and company

Sew Prayerfully

Colene Joslin

Welcome to a podcast about crafting of all kinds and a Bible Lesson (new topics each time).

Rumpel and the Frog

Rumpel and the Frog

Mulling It Over: The Year in Review

In this episode we wrap up our season for you, just like a holiday present!  We begin with agreeing on the delights of mulled wines--'tis the season after all--before moving on to mull over the year. We reflect on our favorite finished objects, fibers, and techniques from 2021.  Plus, we revisit last year's Fiber Resolutions!  Tune in to see if we stuck to those or not.  We also share a new set of Fiber Resolutions to guide our intentions and our making in 2022. Oh and yes, we also did do our homework to provide some 30-minute or less projects and resources for you last-minute holiday crafters out there! Most importantly, we thank you all, dear listeners, for your continued engagement with the Rumpel and the Frog Show. We will be hibernating a bit this winter, but we'll be back soon with more stories and more stitching in Season 5 of 2022! 


Send in a voice message:

Dye or die

Anna och Petra

Avsnitt 14

Show notes:
Base trousers- Ann Ringstrand
Postnord - skicka direkt
Diagonapples - Anna Maltz
Appleton broderigarn
Avena Sweater - Jennifer Steingass
Wishbone Yarns
Holst garn
Maddes och Linas halsduk - Sibirien
Dandelion pullover- Paula Pereira
Jessie Mead
Embody: A Capsule Collection to Knit & Sew by Jacqueline Cieslak
Lärke Bagger

Paper whispers

Paper Whispers from the Past by Alicia

I love paper crafting - basically everything about paper, I'd be sharing my paper experience with you plus some extra thoughts about life while listening to those beautiful relaxing Paper Whispers.


Artisans d'Avenir

Ce podcast VOIES est le porte parole des artisans d’art que nous interrogeons, nos artisans d’avenir. Nous donnons la parole aux artisans pour vous faire découvrir leurs parcours à travers leurs réussites, leurs erreurs, leurs astuces de tous les jours et leurs défis de toute une vie. Un dialogue en toute transparence pour que les VOIES empruntées par les uns puissent éclairer celles des autres. Nous avons créé Artisans d’Avenir pour que l’artisanat d’art retrouve sa place dans notre société. Si vous voulez décrypter l’artisanat d’art avec nous, suivez-nous @artisansdavenir.

Patchwork play

Diane Warburton

This podcast is Diane's way of sharing her passion of creative sewing without her having to wash her hair and be on video to be frank. It's a place to talk about really enjoying patchwork and sewing. This first series will focus on sewing for escapism. Hiding away for a while and letting our minds settle on colour, pattern, texture and one stitch at a time. This is not a place for strict rules or perfectionism. This is where play is key.

The Socially Distant Craft Club Podcast

Coty Cockrell

"Coffee Talk" (S2E5)

In this final episode of Season Two, I had a looooong conversation with entrepreneur and coffee maven Sarah Barnett Gill, also known as Mama Mocha.  She has been a friend of mine for longer than I can remember, and I have watched her build a small coffee empire, guided by her principles of excellence, determination, and love.  Come for the laughs and southern wit, stay for the inspirational nuggets.


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MEET A MAKER with Billie Ruben

Billie Ruben

Meet a Maker - Sophy Wong! Episode 23

Sophy Wong is a multi-disciplinary designer working with wearable technology and digital fabrication.


You can learn more about our sponsor, Project R3D, here:

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You can follow Sophy's incredible work here: 

And here is are links to some of the things we spoke about:
Sophy's Cyberpunk LED Jacket:
Emily Wapnick's TED talk:
Make Code:
Adafruit Circuit Playground Express:


Unni Strand and Frøy Sandness

Sikksakk er en podkast for deg som liker å sy. Vi snakker om å sy sin egen hjemmelagde garderobe og intervjuer spennende folk og entreprenører som har et bevisst forhold til egne klær! Vi utforsker temaet bærekraft i tekstilbransjen, og lærer underveis!



En podd där Maria Yvell träffar virkare, gerillaslöjdare och textilkonstnärer som alla har virkningen gemensamt för att prata om något av det bästa som finns - virkning. Maria Yvell är själv virkare, gerillaslöjdare och textilkonstnär under namnet Virka dygnet runt.

Christmas throughout year where we talk about everything an-in between as well or what’s ever

Judy Ann

Happy Easter

Enjoy your Easter with kids

Country Pumpkin - Prim, Cottage Core Décor, The Odd and Unusual

Country Pumpkin

Mother-Daughter crafters who repurpose the old and ignored into unique PRIM, CRAFTS, using ANTIQUES, TRINKETS, and a VINTAGE TOUCH for all things COTTAGE CORE DECOR, and all things ODD & UNUSUAL.

Ask Me About LEGO


In this new podcast updated from harry potter’s universe, is all about LEGO. (One of my obsessions)

Hablemos de Scrap by Scrapcrafting


Ayudo a las personitas que comienzan en el mundo del scrapbook a crear sus primeros proyectos creativos. El scrapbooking nos permite conservar y preservar nuestras fotografías. En este podcast, abordaremos temas sobre el scrap y tendremos como invitados a expertos hablando sobre esta manualidad.

Fabricium - Freude am Werken

Fabricium - Freude am Werken

Liebe Heimwerker, liebe Selbermacher, liebe DIYer, liebe Maker und alle, die Freude am kreativen Schaffen und Werken haben! Fabricium, Freude am Werken jetzt - ergänzend zum YouTube Kanal - auch als Podcast. Wir wollen uns mit verschiedenen Themengebieten der kreativen Welt des DIY und Selbermachens beschäftigen. Vergessenes, Neues, Seltenes, Wissenswertes und Hilfreiches sollen hierbei auf unserer Agenda stehen. Wir freuen uns darauf, hierzu auch interessante Gäste begrüßen zu dürfen. Wir wünschen gute Unterhaltung und freuen uns über Euer Feedback!

More Hands-Less Machines

Brandyn O'Dell

Our mission at The Tribe Craftsmen is to revive the handcrafted culture by bringing craftsmen together, telling their stories and offering their functional works of art. Here on the More Hands-Less-Machines Podcast...this is where we tell their stories.

Handstitched Life with Jenn Baker

Jenn Baker

January Tag

Join Jenn as she goes through the questions of the January tag by @Annalenaknitter


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The Gabbing Makers

The Gabbing Makers

We make a different thing every podcast episode and talk about a different topic. Email or Voice message us at


Brooke Burleson

Episode 5: WNC Yarn Crawl and SAFF

Today we talk about the two biggest fiber events in my area, the WNC Yarn Crawl in May, and SAFF in October.
"The WNC Yarn Crawl is an opportunity to explore the WNC area's many unique local yarn stores and fiber locations. You create your own self-guided tour during the days of the yarn crawl. Visit as many locations as you like; all participating stores have daily prize giveaways as well as many great deals and specials for the weekend." The yarn crawl will be from Tuesday, May 3-Saturday, May 7. Mother's Day is Sunday the 8th, so be sure to buy something fibery for your mom, too! There is no fee to go on the yarn crawl, but please consider purchasing from the shops to help support their business. Each one offers sales through the crawl, and most (if not all) have giveaways each day.
Some of the closest fiber stores near me:
Purl's Yarn Emporium
Sun Dragon Art & Fiber
Friends and Fiberworks

På Sneisun - en podcast om strikking

På Sneisun

En podcast om strikking med Helene og Madelen

Näh deinen Stil

Elle Puls

#122: So findest du Ausschnittformen, die dir stehen

Letztens sagte jemand zu mir: “Ich ziehe das an, wozu ich Lust habe. Mir ist es Wurscht, ob mir eine Farbe oder ein Ausschnitt steht!”.  Kein Problem! Ich habe kein Missionierungsbedürfnis und ich weiß auch, dass viele Frauen sich nicht mit der Gestaltung ihrer Kleidung beschäftigen. Hier im Podcast gehe ich aber davon aus, dass du ein großes Interesse daran hast, dich zum Thema Garderobe Nähen weiterzubilden, bzw. Inspirieren zu lassen. Und deswegen tauchen wir heute in das Thema Ausschnittformen ein. Da du nähen kannst oder dabei bist, es zu erlernen, liegt die Gestaltung deiner Kleidung und damit deines Stils in deinen eigenen Händen. Ist das nicht einfach genial?  Ich habe das gestern Abend wieder am Küchentisch erlebt. Dort habe ich mir nämlich einen Schnitt für eine neue Bluse gezeichnet. Dazu habe ich zwei Schnitte, einmal meinen Hoodie Loma und einmal den für das Mara Shirt Dress von styleArc, zusammengemixt

Не без дела

Не без дела

Яна Волкова. Сказы о Русском Севере

Это не куклы, не обереги и не игрушки. Яна привозит с Русского Севера деревяшки с историей, со смыслом и создаёт целую историю, целый мир.
// первые 10 минут местами неполадки с записью — понять и простить :)

Поддержать Не без дела

Инстаграм Яны

Мой инстаграм:

Strikkeflokken Podcast


Ep - 35 Godt nytt år til hele flokken

Vi møtes alle tre hos Ellen og skravler i vei. 

Better Ideas

Seven West Media

EP 22: Turn your white box of a house into your Carolyn Burns McCrave how she transformed her current home from a standard off the shelf package white box of a home into a designers dream home.Designer Carolyn Burns McCave and House Rules Mentor for seven years talks openly about what her favourite design style is and how she transformed a standard off the shelf package white box to and a designers dream home.

Designer Carolyn Burns McCave and House Rules Mentor for seven years talks openly about what her favourite design style is and how she transformed a standard off the shelf package white box to and a designers dream home. See for privacy and opt-out information.