Just the Zoo of Us

Ellen & Christian Weatherford

126: Carnation Corals w/ Rosie Steinberg!

Join Ellen & marine biologist Rosie Steinberg for a review of some beautiful animals that you might not have even known were animals: carnation corals! We talk about the living Ship of Theseus, what a coral smells like, intense turf wars being fought in super slow motion, and life as a hivemind of squishy clones.Follow Rosie on Twitter!Follow Just the Zoo of Us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!Cover photo: johnandersonphoto via Getty Images 

Blurry Creatures

Blurry Creatures

Chasing down the ‘Blurry Creatures’ that inhabit the fringes between reality, myth, and imagination. Join podcast veterans Nate Henry and Luke Rodgers as they investigate Bigfoot, Ancient Giants, Cryptids, The Nephilim, The Watchers, Ancient Burial Mounds, Forbidden History, Megaliths, Conspiracy Theories, Dogman, Mothman, The UFO Phenomenon, Extraterrestrials, and The Unexplained.

Tooth and Claw: True Stories of Animal Attacks

Tooth and Claw

True stories of the most extreme wild animal attacks ever documented, told and explained by Wes Larson, a wildlife biologist and animal behavior expert. Wes is joined by his brother Jeff and their mutual friend Mike, and in each episode the three pour over the details of animals attacks and explain how listeners can avoid these kinds of dangerous encounters, and learn a new appreciation for the wild things of the world

My Bigfoot Sighting

Vic Cundiff

My Bigfoot Sighting is a straight to the point, no-nonsense podcast where Bigfoot eyewitnesses talk about their Bigfoot sightings. If you listen to our show, you won't hear an interviewer asking guests questions or interrupting them, because all you'll hear on our show is non-stop Bigfoot sightings and encounters.

The Mushroom Hour Podcast

Mushroom Hour

Ep. 107: Lingzhi Girl - Uniting East & West, Nature & Modernity, Death & Immortality (feat. Xiaojing Yan)

Xiaojing Yan is a Canadian artist whose work embraces the combination of her Chinese roots and education at Nanjing Arts Institute (B.F.A., 2000) with higher education at George Brown College in Toronto (2004) and an M.F.A. in sculpture at Indiana University of Pennsylvania (2007). Her unique point of view brings together the past and the present, encompasses culture and nature, art and science. Yan is a recipient of numerous awards and grants, including the 2014 Outstanding Young Alumni Award from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Project Grants from the Canadian Council for the Arts, the Chalmers Arts Fellowship, Mid-career Grants from Ontario Arts Council, and many more. Most recently, she has had solo shows at Maison Hermès, Shanghai, China, Art Gallery of Northumberland, Cobourg, ON, Canada, Richmond Art Gallery, Richmond, BC, Canada and Suzhou Museum,

TED Climate


How to realistically decarbonize the oil and gas industry | Bjørn Otto Sverdrup

Bjørn Otto Sverdrup leads the Oil and Gas Climate Initiative (OGCI), which gathers the CEOs of twelve of the world's largest oil and gas companies around an ambitious goal: to get one of the sectors contributing most to climate change to drastically lower their own carbon emissions. He describes a possible path for the industry to pivot to net-zero operations, reimagining the role it could play in helping decarbonize the economy and changing how we consume energy -- and he calls for setting a price on carbon. (Followed by a Q&A with Countdown cofounder Lindsay Levin)

Going Wild with Dr. Rae Wynn-Grant

PBS Nature

Journey deep into the heart of the world’s most remote jungles, savannas, tundras, mountains, and deserts with wildlife biologist Dr. Rae Wynn-Grant as she studies wild animals in their natural habitats. Rae and her teams spend years studying these animals – in order to protect their futures. Going Wild with Dr. Rae Wynn-Grant takes you inside their hidden worlds – and the action-packed, suspense-filled adventures of the wildlife conservationists who track them. Hear what it takes to find and save some of the world’s most intriguing and endangered creatures.  Explore more at www.pbs.org/wnet/nature/podcasts/going-wild/

A Sustainable Mind - environment & sustainability podcast

Marjorie Alexander

084: Sustainable Filmmaking & Production with Emellie O’Brien of Earth Angel Sets

Since Emellie O’Brien's first days in production, she knew there was a way for the role of sustainability on-set to go beyond basic waste management and recycling. She got her start at the NYU Tisch Film program and not long after graduation she landed her first job as a “Green Steward” with Big Beach Films in 2011. Her early years of dedication to green practices and passion for the environment on-set is what earned her the nickname “Earth Angel” from fellow crew members over the walkie, and to this day is still what production colleagues call her whenever she is on set. By 2013 EOB founded Earth Angel and turned it into a scalable model that has since inspired the entertainment industry and significantly reduced its environmental impact. Earth Angel has helped films and series avoid 8,500 metric tons of greenhouse gases, divert over 4,800 tons of waste, and donate over 125,000 meals to th

The Science of Birds

Ivan Phillipsen

Awesome Things We Learned About Birds in 2021

2021 is over, yo! So it's time for the Annual Review Episode! We’ll be looking back at some highlights of bird science in the year 2021. What fascinating things did ornithologists and other biologists discover about birds this year?I’ve picked 5 studies to highlight for you. These are stories that, in most cases, were interesting enough to make the news.~~ Leave me a review using Podchaser ~~Links of InterestVIDEO: A snoozing fox meets a plucky little black-crested titmouseVIDEO: Tapaculos Hunt for TrufflesReferencesBird neurocranial and body mass evolution across the end-Cretaceous mass extinction: The avian brain shape left other dinosaurs behindShape-shifting: changing animal morphologies as a response to climatic warmingFacultative Parthenogenesis in California CondorsLifetime reproductive benefits of cooperative polygamy vary for males and females in the acorn woodpecker (Melanerpes formicivorus)Global abundance estimat

American Birding Podcast

American Birding Association

06-01: 2022 Bird of the Year Artist Christina Baal

Last month the ABA officially announced the 2022 ABA Bird of the Year, which is Burrowing Owl! The excitement over the owl is, no doubt, helped along by the exceptional artwork of our Bird of the Year artist, Christina Baal, whose colorful and personable style seems to fit this species like an owl nestled in a subterranean PVC pipe. She’s with host Nate Swick to talk about Burrowing Owls, inspiration, and art. Plus, send us your Burrowing Owl stories, like the one Nate shares this week.  This episode is brought to you by Buteo Books.  Subscribe to the podcast at Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, and Google Podcasts, and please leave a rating or a review if you are so inclined! We appreciate it!

Planet Visionaries

Rolex and The Washington Post Creative Group

Peru's protector of the seas

Inside conservation biologist Kerstin Forsberg’s community-based approach to saving the majestic manta ray.

Biophilic Solutions

Serenbe Media Network

The Economics of Conservation with Stacy Funderburke

This week on Biophilic Solutions, we’re talking to Stacy Funderburke, Associate State Director for Georgia and Alabama and Regional Counsel for the Conservation Fund, an organization that strives to integrate environmental and economic outcomes via land conservation. Through his work on projects like the Working Farms Fund, Stacy walks us through the mechanics of how we might shift to a more ethical and environmentally friendly model for working land -- and how we as consumers can be a part of the solution.Show NotesThe Conservation Fund Donate to The Conservation FundStacy Funderburke, Regional Counsel and Associate State Director for Alabama and GeorgiaThe Working Forests FundThe Working Farms FundHow To Make a Neighborhood Farm for an Entire Metropolis (The New York Times)Chattahoochee Brick site to memorialize convict leasing victims (Axios)

Sasquatch Tracks

Micah Hanks, Dakota Waddell and Jeff Smith

John Mionczynski: The Biologist and Bigfoot | ST 027

On this special holiday edition of Sasquatch Tracks, the team is joined by legendary biologist John Mionczynski, whose personal experience with a Sasquatch in 1972 while camping in the Wind River Mountains propelled him on a decades-long search for answers about the creatures and their existence.  A naturalist, ethnobotanist, and musician with a penchant for old BMW motorcycles, Mionczynski is a revered and well-regarded field scientist who has worked with the U.S. Forest Service and a number of agencies on various wildlife projects. His study of Sasquatch in the decades since his 1972 encounter has led him to pursue indigenous American knowledge about the creatures, their habits, and behavior. Our conversation with Mionczynski takes us deep into the lingering questions about Sasquatch, and how science can be applied toward their study.  Stories and other links discussed in this episode:  John Mionczynski: A biologist rev

All Creatures Podcast

All Creatures Podcast

Episode 263: Secrets of Snow Leopards

A beloved big cat, Snow Leopards are sadly slipping towards extinction. Yet, there is hope. With possibly less than 3900 Snow Leopards left in the wild, efforts are underway to save these big charismatic cats. As one of the big 5 species of big cats, Snow Leopards live in some of the most remote alpine environments on our planet. As the apex predator, they play a critical role in maintaining a healthy ecosystem. You can learn more this week about them and without doubt they are a fan favorite. 

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Also, you can read her write ups on our website HERE

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Glacier National Park - National Park Service

Whitebark Pine | Trailer

Season Two documents the generational effort to restore a whitebark pine in five chapters. It’s also a story about the purpose of national parks and our relationship with nature. We ask, can people have a positive impact on their environment? Coming January, 2022.

Bigfoot Terror in the Woods Sightings and Encounters

W.J. Sheehan

Bigfoot TIW 134: Highway patrolman encounter with Bigfoot, and some new Mothman sightings

In cryptids in the news and other oddities, KJ covers some additional new sightings of Mothman in Chicago. Bill covers an encounter that a highway patrolman wrote him about where he came face-to-face with a Bigfoot. And some great listener mail from many of you so please join us!

Thank you for listening!


Produced by: "Bigfoot Terror in the Woods L.L.C."

Deer University

MSU Deer Lab

Episode 055 - The Value of Co-Ops: Meeting Management Goals

We’ve all heard time and time again that the biggest problem a landowner faces is their neighbor. But what if instead of competing with your neighbor, you joined forces? Join Dr. Marcus Lashley and Dr. Bronson Strickland, hosts of Fire University and Deer University, as they sit down to discuss the benefits co-ops provide and how working with your neighbor can give you a tangible return on investment. In this episode they interview Hunter Pruitt - founder of the National Wildlife Cooperative, an industry-wide project that quantifies wildlife co-ops across the U.S., connects landowners with nearby cooperatives, and supplies knowledge and resources to aid cooperatives across the U.S. landscape. National Wildlife Cooperative: Website: https://www.nationalwildlifecoop.com/national-wildlife-cooperative Twitter: https://twitter.com/natwildlifecoop Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nationalwildlifecooperative Instagram:

Nature Guys

Nature Guys

As She Rises with Grace Lynch

Bob talks with Grace Lynch, the creator and host of an amazing new podcast on climate change from Wonder Media Network. The podcast brings together poems and stories from women throughout the US and territories that depict the effects of climate change on their homes and people. The source for this interview is the new podcast As She Rises by Wonder Media Network.

Nature Centered from Wild Birds Unlimited

Wild Birds Unlimited, Inc.

Bark Butter: If You Use It, They Will Come

Kick off the new year with a food that can bring more joy (over 150 species) and improve everyone’s backyard birding. In this episode, John and Brian geek out with one of their favorite bird foods, Bark Butter. They share personal feeding tips, what inchworms and Bark Butter have in common, and how you, too, will add more fun to your bird feeding hobby.  

Girls Who Chase: Stories of Women in Weather & Storm Chasing

Girls Who Chase

Girls Who Chase is a new initiative to elevate the content and voices of female and female-identified storm chasers. We empower and inspire girls & women globally to pursue the sciences, the weather and their passions. For more information, please check out girlswhochase.com.

Sound By Nature

Sound By Nature

Episode 91: Castle Crags Wilderness- Breezy Winter Day

This recording was gathered on a breezy winter day in Castle Crags Wilderness, Shasta-Trinity National Forest, Siskiyou County, California. It had been misting earlier in the day and the mist that collected on the foliage of the nearby Red Fir and White Fir trees can be heard dripping onto the snow. 
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Talkin' Birds

Ray Brown's Talkin' Birds

Ray Brown's Talkin' Birds is a call-in show of entertaining conversation about wild birds -- attracting them to your back yard, identifying them, feeding them, and learning more about them along the way. Every week, we have contests for prizes like bird feeders and other great bird-related stuff, along with expert guests. So, whether you're an experienced birder, or you're new to birding, listen in, and be part of the show by calling in with a question, sharing some information or observations, or trying for one of our prizes. It's birdwatching--in the backyard and beyond.

On Jimmy's Farm

History Hit

Join celebrity farmer, ecologist and conservationist, Jimmy Doherty, on his farm as he talks to eco-experts and well-known faces about trying to live a greener life. From bug burgers and sustainable football clubs, to viagra honey and foraging fungi, Jimmy’s new weekly podcast will cover all things ecology. A new episode will drop every Thursday. Guests include Jamie Oliver, Eshita Kabra-Davies, Jake Humphrey, Sir Tim Smit, BOSH!, Dale Vince, & Bez from the Happy Mondays - so join Jimmy on his farm.

Foodie Pharmacology Podcast

Co-Conspiracy Entertainment

Wild Waters with Susanne Masters

Have you spent much time exploring the water? Whether by swimming, kayaking, or hiking along the edges of aquatic habitats—there is always something interesting to see… and sometimes even tasty to eat! On this episode I speak with Susanne Masters, author of the new book Wild Waters: A wildlife and water lover’s companion to the aquatic world. We discuss curious creatures like eels, anemones, kelp and watermint and explore their history and present roll in the culinary traditions of Britain and Ireland.

#kelp #eels #watermint #WildWaters

Native Plants, Healthy Planet presented by Pinelands Nursery

Pinelands Nursery

The Buzz - Holiday Gift Ideas

Hosts Fran Chismar and Tom Knezick are back with a brand new episode of The Buzz. There's a new round of "That's Hot" and "This or That" this episode. Tom and Fran share some great last minute gift ideas for the Holidays. There is finally a name for the new segment! Music by RJ Comer. 

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Guardians of the River

Wild Bird Trust, NGOWP, House of Pod

Introducing: TED Climate

Thank you for listening to the first season of Guardians of the River. There's more on the way, but today we're featuring a preview of a new show you might enjoy: TED Climate. This episode asks, what if there were 1 trillion more trees on the planet? Host Dan Kwartler takes us behind the bark to understand the anatomy of our gentle green giants and how every root, leaf and twig work together to improve our planet, and what we can do to help support them in the fight against climate change.

Successful Farming Podcast

Successful Farming

Go in-depth into the topics that affect farmers and ranchers. Hear from industry leaders and experts on topics ranging from agronomy, technology, rural lifestyle, ag policy, farm machinery, and more. Listen in at Agriculture.com/podcast and Agriculture.com/radio.

I’ll Go If You Go

Save the Redwoods League

Welcome to I’ll Go If You Go, a Save the Redwoods League podcast. Through conversations with Black, Indigenous, and people of color who explore and work in the outdoors, we’re building community and illuminating how Californians from all walks of life think about and experience nature and conservation, in the redwoods and beyond. Season 2 host Emily Harwitz (she/her), a multimedia science writer and photographer, meets up with folks doing fun, traditional, and nontraditional things in the redwoods—from mushroom foraging to canoeing to skateboarding. Music and sound by Nhu Nguyen and Anni Feng.


Vikram Baliga, PhD

64. Star Power, Miracle Fruits, and Editing the Encyclopedia w/ Melissa Petruzzello

 What's up, Plant People? I don't know about you, but since I was a kid I looked at the Encyclopedia Britannica as THE source for knowledge. Curated for more than 250 years, Britannica has aggregated, vetted, and distributed information across a wide variety of fields. Imagine my glee when I found someone out there on the Twitterverse who literally EDITS the Britannica! Melissa Petruzzello has a BS in biology, an MS in plant biology and conservation, is the host of Britannica's Botanize! podcast, and is the Associate Editor for Plant and Environmental Sciences at the Encyclopedia Britannica. We talked a lot about what that's like (of course), but also went into the skill of waiting, finding the perfect career for you, doing research in the desert, fruits that mess with your tastebuds, and SO much more! Check out this great episode with a great human, and make sure to look

In Search of Soil

Diego Footer

Dr. Adriano Sofo - Soil Macrofauna| In Search of Soil #20

In this episode of In Search of Soil, we’re talking to Italian soil Scientist Dr. Adriano Sofo to shed some light on the importance of soil macrofauna, earthworms, beetles, ants, and the like, and their roles in building healthier soil for more sustainable agriculture. Dr. Adriano Sofo is an associate professor in the University of Basilicata in Matera, Italy. Cited more than four thousand times, his research interests include plant-soil interactions, biogeochemistry, and environmental botany. With a passion for educating, he believes that information dissemination is the key to creating a more sustainable and regenerative agricultural landscape. List of Dr. Adriano Sofo’s Works   WATCH FULL EPISODES  YouTube https://bit.ly/watchISOS Follow Diego @diegofooter - https://www.instagram.com/diegofooter In this episode of In Search of Soil Traditional agricultural practices that deplete soil organic matter and biodiversit

Our Numinous Nature


Our Numinous Nature is a traveling podcast in search of profound stories focused on regional flora & fauna, history & folklore. We’ll be hearing from folks with a deep connection to the land, from herbalists to hunters, wildlife rehabbers to folk artists & living historians. The hope is to honor these people & places through their tales of profundity and awe. Find a comfy log and join us at the sonic campfire.

Future Ecologies

Future Ecologies

Future Ecologies presents: Race Against Climate Change

We're featuring another guest episode. This time, from Canada's National Observer: a new podcast called Race Against Climate Change
Episode 1 – How We Eat
Everybody’s gotta eat, but who’s feeding us, and what else are we eating up along the way? In this episode we chew on the ways our food affects our climate, and what can be done about it. Professor and author Lenore Newman discusses food security and this summer’s heat dome with National Observer founder Linda Solomon Wood. Plus, the surge in regenerative farming in Canada, and a future of real beef with no real cows. Yes, you read that right.
●     Robyn Bunn, https://www.ramaokanagan.org/ (Radical Action with Migrants in Agriculture)
●     Fawn Jackson, climate lead for the https://www.cattle.ca/ (Canadian Cattlemen’s Association)
●     Karen

The Duck Farmer

Shane Olson

Follow along as we cover anything and everything waterfowl. The Duck Farmer podcast will go into great detail and discussion on a wide array of the hottest topics. Listen up as we dig into the latest and greatest management practices to help you improve your waterfowl hunting across all flyways.

Animals To The Max Podcast

Corbin Maxey

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

Cryptids Of The Corn

justin england

Hi, we are a group of researchers working in the Midwest of the united states looking for Bigfoot and other cryptids. We will be focusing on our active bigfoot research, famous sighting and weird news.

A Talk on the Wild Side

Caesar Kleberg Wildlife Research Institute

A Talk on the Wild Side explores all things wild in Texas in a fun and entertaining way. Each episode features an interview with a subject-matter expert on a conservation or natural resources topic. Terrestrial wildlife, marine life, hunting, and fishing are regularly featured topics.

NÜ EARTH with Nixie Marie

Nixie Marie

Exploring Sustainable Fashion and Inclusivity with Mallorie Dunn

In this episode Nixie chats with Mallorie Dunn, the owner and designer of SmartGlamour - a customizable, inclusive, sustainable clothing line for all bodies made in NYC. She is also an adjunct professor for The New School and FIT. Inclusion, sustainability, and accessibility are at the forefront of both her design and education work. Together they explore a conversation on sustainable fashion and inclusivity. 
What we chat about: 

Body liberation
The subconscious effects of social media
Choosing sustainable fashion over mass produced clothing
How to build a minimalist wardrobe 
Clothing as a tool for body positivity and empowerment 

Connect with Mallorie: 
Website: https://smartglamour.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/smart_glamour/

Speak Up For The Ocean Blue

Andrew Lewin

SUFB 1234: COP26 National Climate Announcements and Local Climate Action

I was pleasantly surprised when I heard the latest voicemail that came in was from my neighbour Brynn, who lives two doors down the street from me. She responded to my request for people to send a voicemail to discuss their thoughts on the COP26 announcements.  Brynn found more hope in local action and less hope in federal announcements. Cities tend to take a more action-based approach to climate change as their problems affect their citizens faster and at a local level.  I also discuss some criticism I received in an email about a recent episode on the Fore Islands and the dolphin hunt.  Connect with Speak Up For Blue: Website: https://www.speakupforblue.com/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/speakupforblue/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/speakupforblue

Sound Healing / Sound Bath

Omandala Vietnam

Singing Bowls Meditation

Begins a new energized day

Reptile Talk

Jeremy Turgeon and Rob Christian

Whether you keep them in your home, or love to see them in theirs, these are the creatures that bring us all together - REPTILES!! We are going to be delving into the experiences of reptile lovers from around the block and around the world. THIS is the Reptile Talk Podcast!

Discovering Forestry

Discovering Forestry

The Christmas Tree Tradition

With the upcoming holiday, Joe & Korey sit down and talk about the history of the Christmas Tree, their favorite type of tree and tips to keep your tree fresh longer. We hope everyone has a safe and healthy holiday and we will be back in the New Year!

If you enjoyed the podcast please rate, review, subscribe and tell a fellow tree lover! Questions or topics you would like us to discuss? Send them to discoveringforestry@gmail.com.
Music credit: Cool Tools Music Video - "Timber"
Hosted by: Joe Aiken & Korey Lofy
Produced by: Cara Markiewicz
Artwork by: Cara Markiewicz

Beaver State Podcast

Timothy Akimoff

The Beaver State Podcast is a show produced by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife's Information and Education Team. This show is about fish and wildlife management, hunting and fishing and wildlife viewing in Oregon.

Hunt To Eat Show

Hunt To Eat

Join host Paul McCarney in conversations about community, real food, and conservation. We speak with guests involved in inspiring work in the outdoors, discuss current conservation news events, and share tips and techniques related to food and cooking. Join us to explore important topics about hunting and fishing, learn about wildlife and wild places, and create an inclusive community.

The Animals at Home Network

Dillon Perron & Bryce Broom


​ Mike Tytula of Alpha Reptile returns to the podcast to share incredible stories from his herping trip to Costa Rica with Adam Wickens from  Wickens Wicked Reptiles, Dayyan Saylany of  Reptiliatus, and videographer, Nadim. Mike tells us about their journey through the various rainforest ecosystems of Costa Rica on both the Caribbean and Pacific sides of the country as well as a short trip into the cloud forest. We discuss the stunning reptile and amphibian species they encountered, the challenges of herping through the rainforest, and how the experience has altered Mike's approach to herpetoculture. SHOW NOTES: https://www.animalsathomenetwork.com/118-costa-rica-herping/

Something Wild

Dave Anderson, Chris Martin

Something Wild: A resolution to go owling in the New Year

In the new year, resolve to get outside, be still, listen and observe. And revisit Jane Yolen's Owl Moon for inspiration to go owling.



Your Brain Isn't as Big as It Thinks

What's so special about the human brain? Bibliography: https://docs.google.com/document/d/10525CfbVLmhaWARU6YaXz8ZGG-byTemSKE8C4dPst2w/edit?usp=sharing If you would like to learn about human evolution, listen to Macken's audio course here: https://frstre.com/go/?a=95595-7e38d9&s=1771291-5cf1d5&p_affiliate.referral_code=mackenmurphy  This is my affiliate link, I get 30% of your subscription if you sign up here. If you use the promo code "mackenmurphy," you get 30% off yours.

Living Planet | Deutsche Welle

DW.COM | Deutsche Welle

A year of environment stories (holiday special)

In this special episode, we reflect on a year of environmental reporting that’s taken us from the northern stretches of oil-producing Russia to the frog-filled forests of Australia. We listen back to snippets of our favorite stories and interviews, reliving the most important environmental events of 2021, along with the funny, weird and mind-blowing moments on Living Planet in the year gone by.

Mongabay Newscast


Mongabay Explores New Guinea: Protecting unparalleled biodiversity

Mongabay Explores is an episodic podcast series that highlights unique places and species from around the globe. Subscribe to the show wherever you get podcasts and stay tuned for subsequent episodes in this season. New Guinea is one of the most most biodiverse regions on the planet and also the world's largest tropical island. It makes up less than 0.5% of the world’s landmass, but is estimated to contain as much as 10% of global biodiversity. To unpack the vast biodiversity of New Guinea, conservation policy, and NGO efforts to protect land, culture and Indigenous rights, we spoke with Rodrigo Cámara-Leret, of the Department of Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Studies at the University of Zurich, Charlie Danny Heatubun, head of the research and development agency of the provincial government of West Papua, and Miriam Supuma of Synchronicity Earth. In this third season of the podcast, we take a look at

The Wild Life

The Wild Life

Giraffes Need Friends, Too

What do Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Gilmore Girls, and Giraffes have in common? The women are the stars of the show. 
Despite being one of the most popular animals on Earth, giraffes are not studied as much as you might expect. You might think that is totally fine. After all, giraffes are not known for being super complicated creatures. Aside from being adorable, their unique geometric pattern, and having purple tongues, their biggest flex is that they stand as tall as 3 Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson's and sometimes fight each other with their Kevin Hart-sized necks. But now, a pair of researchers at the University of Bristol in England, Zoe Muller and Stephen Harris, have discovered that longstanding beliefs about giraffe social lives just do not measure up, and their findings may have huge implications on saving these creatures.
Today on the show, Giraffe Social Circles and What They Mean for Conservation

World Ocean Radio

Peter Neill, World Ocean Observatory

Legacy Plastic

This week on World Ocean Radio we're discussing recent reporting on the impact of deteriorated plastic waste and the ways that it has invaded our waterways, our oceans and our bodies. If we never made another piece of plastic again, are we able to ever be free of the damage plastic has already done worldwide? Can it be reversed? Are we even trying? About World Ocean Radio Peter Neill, Director of the World Ocean Observatory and host of World Ocean Radio, provides coverage of a broad spectrum of ocean issues from science and education to advocacy and exemplary projects. World Ocean Radio, a project of the World Ocean Observatory, is a weekly series of five-minute audio essays available for syndicated use at no cost by college and community radio stations worldwide.World Ocean Radio is produced in association with WERU-FM in Blue Hill, Maine and is distributed by the Public Radio Exchange and the Pacifica Network.

La Terre au carré

France Inter

Roaring Earth

Roaring Earth

Welcome to Lion Country: America’s Big Cat Comeback

Call it the puma, panther, the catamount or cougar; whatever name you use for America's big cat, get ready to hear it a lot. 
Mountain lions once roamed the continent from sea to shining sea, but by the turn of the 20th century, they were almost completely wiped out. Now, for the first time in more than a century, their numbers are growing - and fast. It's a triumph for America's ecosystems, but can we learn to live with an apex predator in our backyard? It's a question most Americans have to face as the cats make their comeback: if you don't live in lion country now, you will soon.
See the video and more info here:
Questions, comments or future episode ideas: podcast@roaring.earth
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Chameleon Academy Podcast with Bill Strand

Bill Strand

Genetic Testing for Panther Chameleon Locale

What if there was a test that you could buy that would tell you what locale your panther chameleon was? Jonathan Hill and Ben Morrill, PhD are creating just that test and I have them on to explain how this works and how we can make this a reality!

Gratitude Blooming Podcast

Gratitude Blooming

Join co-hosts Belinda Liu and Omar Brownson each week as they explore the mindful prompts and the flower illustrations drawn from the Gratitude Blooming cards. This space is reminder that you're not alone in your feelings. Join us for depth, inquiry, discovery, the realness of feeling joy and fearless gratitude. Listen everywhere you get your podcasts. Please rate, review and subscribe. New conversations each week. We want to hear what you're grateful for. Learn more at www.gratitudeblooming.com

EWN - Engineering With Nature

USACE and iContact Productions

Parks and Refuges Embrace the Future Through Adaptive Management, Planning and Partnerships

In our last episode,, Applying EWN Strategies at National Parks and Refuges, we featured a robust discussion about the significant impacts of climate change on National Parks and Wildlife Refuges and how Engineering With Nature approaches are being used to protect these precious natural resources and make them more resilient. In this episode, host Sarah Thorne and Jeff King, Deputy Lead of the Engineering With Nature Program at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, continue the discussion with Rebecca Beavers, Coastal Geology and Adaptation Coordinator for the National Park Service and Scott Covington, Senior Ecologist for Refuges within the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. They’re talking about the importance of connecting people with nature through the parks and refuges and helping them to better understand climate change.   The 2016 Coastal Adaptation Strategies Handbook, which Rebecca

Marine Mammal Science

The Society for Marine Mammalogy

MMS 119: Mid-winter special - polar bears!

On this week’s episode Dr Ashley Scarlett has as a guest Dr Chris Parsons from the US National Science Foundation, who highlights some incredible facts about polar bears. This episode is one of three special seasonal episodes giving an introduction to the biology and ecology of polar bears.

Snake Talk

Dr. Chris Jenkins

Parker and Whit Gibbons: A Family Legacy

Dr. Jenkins sits down with Parker Gibbons to learn about how his interests and adventures in field herping have transitioned into pursuing a career in Herpetology.  A recurring theme in his life is how influential his grandfather has been in getting him to where he is today.  Parker’s grandfather, Dr. Whit Gibbons, is one of the most accomplished herpetologists of recent times.  This story inspired Dr. Jenkins to interview Whit as well, to show you the story of a family legacy from both sides. Connect with Parker on Facebook or Instagram.Connect with Chris on Facebook, Instagram or at The Orianne Society.Shop Snake Talk merch.

Parts Per Billion


Lead Pipe Money to Ooze, Not Flow, Out of EPA

Last year's infrastructure bill made a landmark $15 billion investment in lead pipe removal, and even more funding may be on the way to get this toxic metal out of the country's drinking water system.
But, according to two Bloomberg Law reporters, this money may be much slower than expected in getting to the communities that need it.
On today's episode of Parts Per Billion, our weekly environmental podcast, Bobby Magill and Paige Smith explain why Congress' funding allocation is a pivotal—but definitely not final—moment in the EPA's war on lead. For one, drinking water systems don't have a comprehensive inventory of where lead is still in use. And for another, it's far from clear whether the country has enough plumbers and pipefitters to actually achieve the goal of total lead pipe eradication.

Have feedback on this episode of Parts Per Billion? Give us a call and leave a voicemail at 703-341-3690.

Life List: A Birding Podcast

George Armistead, Alvaro Jaramillo, and Mollee Brown

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

The Forest Garden

Ben Bishop & Mike Amato

Have you ever wanted to transform your organic gardening practice into something more? Are you interested in ecology, permaculture, or sustainability? This podcast takes a deep dive into these topics, through in-depth commentary and relevant interviews with forest gardeners, permaculturalists, and regenerative system designers. The Forest Garden Podcast is a joint venture between Ben Bishop and Mike Amato, two plant nerds who in the summer of 2020 realized they shared the same alma mater and the same interests in alternative solutions to our rapidly evolving climate.

Life with Fire

Amanda Monthei

What are the benefits of prescribed burning? Why have wildfires gotten so severe lately? What can I do to protect my home and community? Life With Fire podcast aims to answer these questions (and many others) while deepening our understanding of the critical role fire plays in America’s forests, lands and communities. Hosted by writer and former wildland firefighter Amanda Monthei, Life with Fire features interviews with everyone from scientists to fire experts to Indigenous practitioners and people on the ground. Through these interviews, Amanda hopes to explore how humans interact with fire, as well as ways we can better coexist with it in the future.

Dive Stories


Dr. Asha de Vos - Advocating for Whales and our Ocean Planet

An empowering conversation with Marine Biologist and ocean educator, Dr. Asha de Vos. Asha shares all about her work studying blue whales in Sri Lanka and beyond, the differences between scuba diving and deep sea submersible diving, and her fundamental thoughts on the importance of protecting our ocean planet. To learn more about Asha and her work, visit oceanswell.org and follow her on social media @ashadevos. For a chance to be featured on Dive Stories visit padi.com/podcast. PADI - Seek Adventure. Save the Ocean.

The Carbon Removal Show | Negative Emissions, Net Zero, Climate Positive


The facts are clear - the planet is heating up because of the carbon dioxide emissions humans are putting into the atmosphere. Even if we stopped all CO2 emissions today, we would still need to remove carbon we've already put in the atmosphere to hit global temperature targets. Join Emily Swaddle and Tom Previte as they explore the world of carbon removal. What is it? Why is it necessary? How does it work? Who is doing what already? And what's next for this critical pillar in reversing climate change? We’ll be diving into the problems and solutions involving: How and when to plant treesSoil and innovative farming practicesCutting edge carbon removal technology We will look at the challenge of attaining widespread adoption of carbon removal technologies and practices, and how to make governments and corporations turn carbon removal into a reality. Along the way we'll be speaking to the world-leading scientists, researchers and entrepreneurs who are working to make carbon removal a widespread reality. To follow all of our research on carbon removal, head to restored.cc. This podcast is sponsored by Patch.io

Fish Talk

Paul Greenberg & Nic Mink

A podcast that travels from our coasts to our kitchens to better understand how fish gets to our plates. Co-hosted by Paul Greenberg, author of the New York Times bestseller Four Fish and American Catch, and Nic Mink, co-founder of the direct-to-consumer wild seafood company Sitka Salmon Shares. Produced by Alana McKeever.

Vertical Farming Podcast

Harry Duran

S4E45: s4e45 Matt Ryan CEO of Soli Organic on Identifying a Clear Vision & Fulfilling a Vision

Episode Summary:

Join Harry Duran, host of Vertical Farming Podcast, as he welcomes to the show Matt Ryan, CEO of Soli Organic. Formerly known as Shenandoah Growers, a name inspired by their start in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley, Soli Organic is a controlled environment agriculture company that grows exceptional organic produce, at an affordable price, nationwide. Today, Harry and Matt do a deep dive into Matt’s incredible business background, from working at Disney and Starbucks to eventually pursuing an exciting opportunity at Soli Organic. Matt talks about the high growth in the indoor agriculture sector, what Soli Organic is doing to differentiate themselves in this market and the importance of fulfilling the vision of a brand.  

Episodes Sponsor:

Freight Farms – https://www.freightfarms.com/ 

Global Vertical Farming Show – https:

This Wild Life Conservation Podcast

Amy Turner

Naturally Florida

Shannon Carnevale and Lara Milligan

Naturally Florida is a podcast about Florida's natural areas and the wild things that live here. This podcast is brought to you by UF/IFAS Extension's Natural Resources programs in Polk and Pinellas Counties.

Gettin' Outdoors Podcast

Big Daddy Lawler

The Gettin' Outdoors Podcast, hosted by Big Daddy Lawler, originates from the Grampian Hills Outdoor Media Center located deep in the Alabama Black Belt. BDL has over 40 years experience promoting the Black Belt natural resource assets and enjoys sharing his vast experience with his listeners. His network of “Field Correspondents” is pretty impressive and the outdoor celebrities, Wildlife Biologist, WFF Officials, outfitters, anglers (Pros & amateurs), Tournament Directors, and outdoor professional contacts are extensive. BDL keeps up with all the outdoor local, State & national outdoor news and always sprinkles a little flavor on his interviews, stories and tall tales from his past outdoor experiences.

Checking In

Checking In, Brian Barczyk

"Snake Talk" w/Brian Barczyk - First Reptile Room in 5 YEARS!?!

★ FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA ★SUBSCRIBE TO BRIAN'S VLOG CHANNEL ▶ http://bit.ly/2ybSYNZBrian's Instagram ▶ https://www.instagram.com/snakebytestv/★ FOLLOW THE REPTARIUM ON SOCIAL MEDIA ★ Website ▶ https://thereptarium.com/Book A Private Tour With Me, Noah, Jessica or Bruce ▶ https://thereptarium.com/products/private-toursSpecial Events ▶ https://bit.ly/2Cz7MKWFacebook ▶ https://www.facebook.com/thereptarium/ Instagram ▶ https://www.instagram.com/thereptarium

Drop-Tine Podcast -The official deer management, food plot & habitat podcast

Jason R. Snavely

The Soil Talks!

Taking soil health testing (CO2) to the field with new robust sensor technology.  Jason and Dr. Rich Haney introduce the results of two years of work: The ST-1 in-field, real-time soil health tool. Ag consultant David Kleinschmidt joins in on the discussion to provide his input after field testing the technology throughout the 2021 growing season.

Bred to Perfection

Kenny Troiano

Bred to Perfection is a podcast that will help you to master the art of selective breeding, and become a master breeder of chickens and gamefowl. The podcast is hosted by Kenny and Nancy Troiano. Kenny Troiano has more than 40 years of experience, and has authored two books on the subject of breeding. If you are interested in creating, maintaining, and improve your strain, this is the place for you.

Forever California

California Botanic Garden

Diversity in the Plant Sciences

#BlackBotanistsWeek, a campaign first organized in July 2020 to "promote, encourage, create a safe space for, and find more Black people (and BIPOC) who love plants!," sparked a nation-wide dialogue on the vital and ongoing need to make the plant sciences more inclusive, accessible and diverse. Black people (and BIPOC) have faced systemic racism in related professions, in addition to plaguing discrimination that haunts people of color outdoors and in the field - such as the incident that happened to Audubon Board Member Christian Cooper in New York's Central Park. On this episode of Forever California, we hand the mic to Naomi Fraga, PhD, Director of Conservation Programs at California Botanic Garden, as she stewards a panel discussion on diversity in the plant sciences. Joining Naomi are scientists, activists, professors and community leaders who share their experiences discovering botany and moving the needle forward for inclu

Hakai Magazine Audio Edition

Hakai Magazine

Can We Really Be Friends with an Octopus?

by Ferris Jabr • When octopuses are social, are they reaching out or simply reacting?

The original story, along with photos and videos, can be found on hakaimagazine.com.

A Little Green

Avocado Green Brands

In the face of an escalating climate crisis, what does it mean to do our part? A Little Green is a short podcast series from Avocado Green Brands. Follow along as Avocado’s own Christina Thompson investigates her and, by extension, our relationship with the environment and its health. And it won’t be simple. It’ll take vulnerability, candid conversations with those at the forefront of the climate movement, and an exploration of her own awareness and impact. We’ll demystify the “obvious” questions many of us find ourselves asking these days. Better yet, we’ll take things a step further to challenge the status quo and become climate leaders in our own communities. Protecting our planet will take all of us, no matter where we’re at. So let’s dig in -- together.

Fancy Scientist: Animals, Science, Lifestyle


The Best is Yet to Come: Thoughts on Getting Older and Life Changes

Is age really just a number? But not me! Instead I developed a mindset to appreciate my age and be grateful for every day I have here.In this podcast, I talk about some major life changes for me – turning 40, changing careers, and going through a divorce. Most people think these things are scary. And while I do have my fears, for the most part I am so excited and happy for these changes. I didn’t always think this way though. In fact, I used to think the opposite. I share with you my words of wisdom from 40 years on the planet, why aging isn’t that scary, and what I wish my younger self had known back then. Better late than never!If you’re going through life changes, about to embark on something scary, or just going through the ups and downs of life, this podcast is for you.Get a free chapter of my book “Getting a Job in Wildlife Biology: What It’s Like and What You Need to Know” to see how I can help you in

The Art Of Conservation

Simon Borchert & Shannon Elizabeth

A podcast dedicated to the relentless pursuit of truth as we create meaningful discussions around the most important conservation and environmental issues of our time with the objective of inspiring unity and action in protecting our natural world.

The Soil Health Hub Podcast

Soil Health Hub

We are inviting key industry experts, leading farmers, scientists and AgriFood innovators to join the discussion about soil health. Together we will explore and debate challenges, opportunities and innovations around soil health and its implications on farming. What are the most important soil health indicators? What are the best ways to increase organic matter? How to make your farm more sustainable? Tune in to listen to the best in soil health answering these questions, sharing their experiences, and more!

Resilience: The Global Adaptation Podcast

The UN's Global Adaptation Network

Ever wondered how we can beat the climate crisis? 'Resilience' brings you inspiring stories from people all over the world who are adapting to climate change in practical, creative and innovative ways. Each episode explores a different theme in building climate resilience - from cities to coasts and small islands, nature-based solutions, recovering from the Covid pandemic, and the race for climate-proof food. The views expressed in this podcast do not necessarily reflect the views of the UN Environment Programme.

Just the Zoo of Us

Ellen & Christian Weatherford

Join us, Ellen and Christian Weatherford, while we review your favorite species of animals and rate them out of ten in the categories of effectiveness, ingenuity and aesthetics. More information can be found at justthezooofus.com 😊 Got a species you want us to review? Submit your animal friend to us at ellen@justthezooofus.com and when we review your animal we'll give you a shoutout! 😊 Cover art by Mrs. Brainbow (Taylor Gordon-Wood). Theme music by Louie Zong.

The Wandering Naturalist

Three Rivers Park District

Explore the history and present of over 27,000 acres of park land inside Minnesota's Hennepin County and surrounding areas. Hosts Angela (wildlife biologist) and Brandon (interpretive naturalist) guide you through this suburban wilderness managed by the Three Rivers Park District.

MO Mushrooms

Amy Shell

I'm a Missouri gal obsessed with the magical world of mushrooms! I want to educate myself along with you all on everything from growing your own edible mushrooms, to the latest medical research involving the benefits of our fungal friends.I experiment with all different kinds of formatting, you'll hear interviews with guests, as well as how-tos on foraging and cooking wild mushrooms. You'll even hear in depth discussions on mushrooms as they relate to spirituality, and how they have been incredibly important to humanity since the beginning of our life on Earth! I highly encourage questions from the audience- I will answer anything and everything about mycology! I am so very amateur compared to many other mushroom enthusiasts and mycologists out there, I consider myself a curious "citizen scientist" and I promise to present the most accurate facts possible, correcting myself any time it's necessary.There are all kinds of great podcasts out there about mushrooms, and many of them focus on the North American coasts, but I want to add a Midwest focus to the mix. We have a unique and beautiful landscape that provides us with some amazing 'shroomy goodness.

Higher Ground

J.D. Allen

Climate change is already here. On Long Island, communities must prepare, and people find ways to adapt to rising tides and extreme weather that threatens America's first suburbs. Higher Ground tells the stories of these communities exploring solutions that may or may not give them the best chance at survival and help save the places millions of people call home. Or they may discover that the only way forward for suburban America is retreating from the sea. Hosted and reported by J.D. Allen.Subscribe to Higher Ground on Apple, Google, Spotify and Stitcher.Support comes from the Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science, and the Kavli Foundation.

Forces Of Nature

WWF International

Prince Philip + religion, with Malaika Vaz and Martin Palmer

“I was just wondering what it was like working with Prince Philip on environmental issues? Because from what I know - and this is a bit controversial - he had some very apparent contradictions in his love for conservation. For example, the year that he became the president of WWF was the same year that he was in Ranthambore, a forest that I love so deeply, hunting an eight foot tiger with local Rajasthani maharajas. How did those things balance out?”

What do a 24 year-old filmmaker from India and a 67 year-old British theologian who worked closely with the late Prince Philip think is the best way to save the planet? In this episode of Forces of Nature. Martin Palmer and Malaika Vaz sit down for a debate about HRH The Duke of Edinburgh’s approach to conservation, hunting and the role of religion in protecting the environment.

To access the transcript of the show or find out more, go to https://


Dan Drobates

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

West Coast Water Justice

Natalie Kilmer, Save California Salmon

A podcast about grassroots water justice in the Western United States. We interview experts about their local watersheds and how the health of our water impacts every facet of our lives and future generations.

Move Wild Podcast

Jake Clapson

The aim of this podcast is to explore, learn and spread the message of Re-wilding and Natural Movement so that we as humans can live in more alignment with our nature and reclaim what it means to be fully alive. The podcast will cover topics such as hunting, nature connection, anthropology, evolutionary biology, community, natural movement and so much more. The modern world has stripped away so much that used to nourish our mind, body and soul, this podcast will help illuminate how we can reclaim and restore our innate wild, capable and strong spirit. Thanks for joining me on this journey!

Nova Conversations

Laura Marsh

Hosted by a field biologist and founder of Nova Conservation, these are interviews & stories about working in wildlife: the good (a career with passion and purpose!), the bad (job security! moving a lot!) and the ugly (being exploited to work for free!).

Nature's Archive

Michael Hawk

Get inspired by amazing leaders and naturalists on the forefront of nature conservation! Each episode I interview ecologists, naturalists, educators, authors, researchers, and others in order to help you become a better naturalist and nature advocate. I promise to cover the nuance of each topic, and show you the unique and inspiring ways people are making a difference. My name is Michael Hawk, and I’ve worked in tech in Silicon Valley for the last 20 years. My interest in nature has grown into a calling to help everyone ascend the ladder of environmental care. This podcast is just one element of that calling, and I have exciting plans for the future! Please join me in this journey. And I'd love to get your feedback and evolve the show to provide more of what YOU want. Thank you!



BCR 206: Paul Desjardins, Longtime Birder

Paul Desjardins, the life-long times of a serious Connecticut birder, a meticulous record keeper of the birds seen worldwide joins us for a in-depth conversation of his 60 years.

El Lado Salvaje

Alfonso & Nancy Loya

Acompañanos mientras nos adentramos en temas interesantes y salvajes del reino animal, relatando historias fascinantes sobre animales extraordinarios y únicos que dejaron su huella a través de los años. Con un poco de humor aprenderemos datos curiosos sobre las mas sorprendentes especies extintas o en peligro de extinción.

BirdTalk Radio Podcast

BirdTalk Radio

Bird talk With David and Scott Menough 01-22-2022

David and Scott Menough talk to callers about the Northern Herring

See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

Coffee At New Jersey Audubon

Sonicle Media

Join Eric Stiles, President and CEO of New Jersey Audubon, co-host Mike Skagerlind, and their guests, in a series of monthly conversations discussing the issues at the heart of New Jersey Audubon's conservation mission.

Mule Deer Foundation - Talking Mule Deer Podcast

Mule Deer Foundation

S4 E12 – Nevada Department of Wildlife Director Tony Wasley and Game Division Chief Mike Scott

Today we are headed to Nevada to check in on the status of the mule deer herd with Nevada Department of Wildlife Director and President of the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies Tony Wasley and Game Division Chief Mike Scott. Tony and Mike spend time discussing project work occurring in Nevada, how these projects are financed through auction tags, MDF Chapter Rewards, and grant funds provided by partner agencies. Any conversation about habitat health in Nevada also has to include the status of feral horse populations in the state.

Bring Birds Back


How Can We Protect Birds From Plastics?

In our season finale, Tenijah to Tybee Island off the Georgia coast for a day at the beach... picking up trash. She joins Tim Arnold, founder of Tybee Clean Beach Volunteers, to see first hand how plastics and trash can pose a threat to migratory shorebirds and marine life. And she speaks with Kelly Martin, Texas Coastal Outreach Coordinator at American Bird Conservancy, about some of the actions we can take to solve our problem with plastics.Learn more:More about the Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act NPR Life Kit’s Guide to Using Less Plastic 7 Tips to Be a Better Recycler 99% Invisible on the Problems Facing Recycling

Dispatches from the Forest


Dispatches from the Forest is about the wonders of nature - often found right in your own backyard!

On The Green Fence

DW.COM | Deutsche Welle

Reducing the carbon footprint of houses

In Germany, nearly 40% of national greenhouse gas emissions are caused by buildings. The housing and construction sector will need to change dramatically if there is to be any hope of achieving climate neutrality by 2045. But where to start? Listen in to find out more about passive houses, sustainable construction materials and the carbon footprint of building a family home from scratch.


Meghan Holst and Amani Webber-Schultz

Competition Between Grey and Blacktip Reef Sharks with Dr. Yannis Papastamatiou

This week we jump into the world of shark competition with Dr. Yannis Papastamatiou! We break down his article, "Spatial separation without territoriality in shark communities" (Papastamatiou et al. 2018). We talk about how to conduct field research in remote areas, combining multiple techniques together (such as telemetry and underwater video footage) to understand shark relationships, and how collaboration for large projects is key! Get ready to jump into the world of shark competition.
You can follow Dr. Papastamatiou on Twitter @Dr_Yannis and Instagram @yannispapastamatiou
Learn more about Dr. Papastamatiou's lab at https://www.peclabfiu.com/
Follow Sharkpedia on Instagram and Twitter @SharkpediaPod
Connect with Sharkpedia:
Email: thesharkpediapodcast@gmail.com


Support this podcast: https://anchor

Minnesota DNR Prairie Pod

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

How to Grow a Prairie from Scratch (Restoration and Reconstruction)

This is the inaugural episode for the DNR Prairie Podcast - Today's podcast is about our favorite subject, prairies and how to grow them from scratch. For resources and more details related to today's episode, find us on the web at mndnr.gov/prairiepod

The Casual Birder Podcast

Suzy Buttress

Garden Birding at Pagham Harbour, UK #105

Join Suzy for a morning's birding in a country garden at Pagham Harbour, West Sussex. Suzy also tells us about her recent birding trips, a Magpie and Squirrel encounter in her garden, and we hear trip reports from listeners in California and the UK. Timestamps and Links: 00:00:00 Opening 00:00:46 Past episode 104 Birding with Keiron Lee Vine on the Isle of Wight 00:01:09 Suzy’s recent birding trips Suzy’s tour leader in Scotland: Mike Dilger 00:07:00 Support the show Buy Suzy a virtual coffee 00:07:23 Magpie and Squirrel encounter 00:14:06 Your sightings Paul’s eBird trip report Tell Suzy about your birding stories 00:17:41 Garden birding at Pagham Harbour 00:37:19 Suzy appears on other podcasts The Birding Life Terrible Lizards Beyond Blathers Sharp, The Podcast Podcasters Live 00:40:00 Wrap and Close Thanks to Randy Braun for designing the artwork for the show. The theme music is Short Sleeved Shirt by The Drones. C

The Future Ocean: What can carbon policy do for the ocean and our fisheries?

Alaska Ocean Acidification Network

With ocean acidification and ocean warming growing concerns for coastal Alaskans and the seafood industry, a new podcast called “The Future Ocean: What Can Carbon Policy Do for the Ocean and Our Fisheries?” explores potential policy solutions to address these issues. Sponsored by the Alaska Ocean Acidification Network, the six podcast episodes use marine scientists, economists, and leaders in Alaska’s clean energy transition to discuss the different policy options, how they work, what the terms mean, and what action is happening regionally and nationally.

Indigenous Earth Community Podcast

Frank Oscar Weaver

Neil Giardino: Journalist focused on the Amazon and Indigenous peoples. Reporting on pesticide contamination and land evictions of indigenous people in Paraguay

A very hard-hitting interview with Neil Giardino, an American journalist whose storytelling focus is on the Amazon and indigenous peoples. Neil is a freelance journalist who has stories published on NBC and Al Jazeera, who just returned from a trip to Paraguay where he reported on land eviction of indigenous people from their ancient and traditional lands.  

In this episode, we cover several key topics, including:

Drinking Terere, and the medicinal purposes of Yerba mate 2:08

How Indigenous communities in Paraguay are fighting big soy. Amid pesticide contamination and land evictions, tribal leaders say their villages in Paraguay are at a crisis point. 5:05

The Asháninka village of Boca Pachiri  a violent flashpoint along the global cocaine trade route - a seemingly peaceful

Reptile Fight Club

MPR Network

Justin and Chuck tackle the most controversial topics in herpetoculture. The co-hosts or guests take one side of the issue and try to hold their own in a no-holds-barred contest of intellect. Who will win? You decide. Reptile Fight Club!

The Nature Dilemma

Osa Conservation

Costa Rica's Bet on Humanity: The Green Nation's (successful) Blueprint for Climate Action & Marine Protection – Now.

Humanity is in trouble. Does Costa Rica have the answers?
With over 99% of their electricity already produced from renewables and more than a quarter of their land protected, we look to Costa Rica's most powerful - and successful - climate leaders for answers. Carlos Manuel Rodriguez, head of the Global Environment Facility (the largest environmental fund in the world) and Andrea Meza, Minister of Environment, walk us through the country's success story, how they got there, and what's up next for this Green (and Blue) Nation.
A conversation on how Costa Rica shaped the Green Future ... for everyone.

Urban Wilderness: The Official Turkey Mountain Podcast

Urban Wilderness

Dedicated to telling the stories surrounding Tulsa's urban wilderness, Turkey Mountain. You'll learn history, meet characters, and find out the future of this public green space.

90 Miles From Needles with Chris Clarke and Alicia Pike

Chris Clarke and Alicia Pike

It's not a real desert hike unless you get thirsty. Unless your skin gets punctured by an innocent-looking plant. Unless you have a close encounter with a nervous venomous critter. The desert is alive, and it will defend itself. And we will help. 90 Miles From Needles brings you stories from far out in the American outback: a land unlike any other that is both intense and subtle, that has endured for eons in the harshest conditions imaginable but which could go away in a heartbeat if we act the wrong way. Science, politics, hiking and history, culture and creativity all go into defending the desert. Be forewarned.: We are out to recruit you to the cause.


Leah Churner

Horticulturati: Designing for Maintenance & "The Soul of a Farmer"

Happy New Year! We’re back from vacation with a discussion of a book that is very much in the Horticulturati wheelhouse, The Know Maintenance Perennial Garden. Author Roy Diblik, a Wisconsin-based designer and plantsman, argues that anyone can build a “design-magazine-worthy garden at home” by thoughtfully combining perennials to form functional plant communities that need little more than an annual mow – almost no irrigation, mulch, or hand-pruning required. This low-maintenance method could be a revelation for residential and commercial landscapes alike, but can it work in Texas, with our balmy winters and scorching summers? Is there a way to implement the mowing-for-maintenance concept using electric, rather than gas, machines? Colleen is inspired to experiment as she redesigns her front yard. Next, we review a documentary short, The Soul of a Farmer, by filmmaker Roger Sherman. Chef-turned

Conservation Conversations with Sean O'Brien


Join Sean O’Brien, President and CEO of NatureServe, as he discusses emerging technologies, regional and global trends in biodiversity, and the future for life on Earth with some of the world’s leading experts in conservation. Each episode, released on a monthly basis, will feature an exclusive interview with scientists that’s accessible for listeners of any background. For nearly 50 years, NatureServe has been the authoritative source for biodiversity data throughout the Western Hemisphere. NatureServe works with 100+ network organizations and 1,000+ conservation scientists to collect, analyze, and deliver biodiversity information, providing comprehensive spatial data to meet both regulatory and conservation needs.

Peter und der Wald – ein GEO-Podcast

Peter Wohlleben / GEO / Audio Alliance

Waldspaziergang - Durch den Winterwald: was jetzt alles so besonders ist

Was machen Fuchs, Maus und Mücke im Winter? Ist ein milder oder harter Winter besser für Flora und Fauna? Was ist Haareis? Und können Bäume eigentlich träumen? Peter Wohlleben nimmt uns wieder mit auf einen Spaziergang: diesmal durch den Winterwald. Er erklärt uns, was in dieser Zeit so besonders dort ist und welche Phänomene wirklich nur in der kalten Jahreszeit zu sehen sind. Zieht also Jacke und Mütze an und macht euch auf und auf in den Wald!Für alle Hörer des Podcasts gibt es eine Gratis Ausgabe von Peter Wohllebens Magazin "Wohllebens Welt". Einfach hier klicken: www.geo.de/wohlleben-gratisUnsere allgemeinen Datenschutzrichtlinien finden Sie unter https://art19.com/privacy. Die Datenschutzrichtlinien für Kalifornien sind unter https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info abrufbar.

Dive into Marine biology

Gledis Guri

This is a podcast for raising awareness of marine biology and for all the people out there (regardless of their passion or occupation) who would like to know a few things more about our wet animals. No hardcore stuff, just a short dive into our ocean. /This is Gled, a Doctor candidate in Marine biology, specialized in environmental DNA and marine ecology.

The Conduct Science Podcast

Tom Jenks and Mitchell Gatting

Vocal Learning with Dr. Erich Jarvis

This time on The Conduct Science Podcast, Tom is joined by one of the most influential vocal learning scientists to have ever lived: Dr. Erich Jarvis. This is an awesome interview that covers vocal learning, the trait that allows humans to sing, speak, dance, play and create music, and fundamentally is responsible for culture. Why is it that humans have a language? Why is it that our closest relatives are unable to speak? Find out here! Tom digs into the ever-evolving world of vocal learning with Dr. Jarvis to find out what it is, why we see it in the animals that we see, and more! They also talk about how COVID has impacted the working scientists and Dr. Jarvis' latest projects that include gene sequencing all mammals and how their work is influencing COVID research. Music: WhiteBatAudio.com

Flatlander Podcast


Episode 20: Civic Engagement

Civic engagement can take many forms and getting involved or informed isn't as difficult as we once thought. In this episode of Flatlander, Laura and Nadia, sit down with Kansas Representative Mark Schreiber and KDWP Secretary Brad Loveless to learn more about how legislative decisions are made and more importantly how we as hunters, anglers, and recreationists can affect change.We get the inside track to how the Kansas Legislature works, how to find and connect with your state representatives, and simple ways we can stay up-to-date with and reach out to the decision makers in our state. SourcesKansas LegislatureKDWP Legislative UpdateKDWP CommissionReach out to KDWPHostsLaura Mendenhall, Nadia Reimer

It's in Our Nature

The Nature Conservancy in Missouri

You’re listening to It’s in Our Nature, the podcast that celebrates the connections between people and nature, with host, Adam McLane, The Nature Conservancy’s Missouri state director. For more information visit nature.org/missouri

Marine Mammal Rescue Stories

Marine Mammal Rescue Centre

We rescue marine animals in distress, rehabilitate and release them - and we like to talk about it! Join us as we talk about saving lives for a living, recount some of our most exciting animal rescues and answer your most burning questions about seals and sea lions, fur seals, sea otters, whales, dolphins and porpoises.

Amazing Wildlife

Amazing Wildlife

Manta Rays | Sperm Whale | Giant Squid

Explore the open ocean and learn about the graceful giants - the Manta Rays, the powerful deep-diving Sperm Whale and the mysterious creature from the darkest depths of the ocean - the Giant Squid. Encounter behemoths of the deep on Episode #37.

Show notes available here.

A Native Plant Every Day with Tom and Fran

Pinelands Nursery

Hosts Tom Knezick and Fran Chismar bring you a different native plant every day.

Animal Training Fundamentals with Barbara Heidenreich

Barbara Heidenreich

30 - Effective Reinforcement with Jesus Rosales-Ruiz and Mary Hunter

My special guests this episode are Dr Jesus Rosales-Ruiz and Mary Hunter. As hosts of the Art and Science of Animal Training Conference, they bring together behavior scientists and animal trainers to inspire both communities and elevate the conversation. The theme of the most recent conference was negative reinforcement. In this podcast we revisit this topic and so much more. Our discussion of negative reinforcement meant more exploration of Constructional Aggression Treatment (C.A.T). Jesus and Mary shared some great stories from the lab (even one about training a cockroach!) that are important for trainers to hear. Sometimes what occurs in a laboratory experiment looks very different from what trainers do. A great example was our discussion of counter conditioning. We also discuss the importance of function-based interventions and how positive reinforcement can have better effect once you take care of th

The Intellectual Agrarian: Philosophy From The Farm

Terrance Layhew

Grow smarter with philosophy from the farm. The Intellectual Agrarian Podcast features interviews with farmers and agrarians, unpacking their stories and skills, ideas and insights, to help us all grow smarter.

Nature Sound World

Nature Sound World

Nature soundscapes from real nature. Enjoy and listen – sound of nature is amazing! https://www.naturesoundworld.com https://twitter.com/tareland

The Living Soil Podcast

Grass Roots

Episode 13: Tyler and Matthew Gates

Tyler chats it up with Matthew Gates, an integrated pest management specialist.  

The Wild Around Us

Jeremy Phillips, Naturalist

Advancing understanding of ecology by exploring the natural world. Episodes discuss how animals survive and what makes them unique. Listen in to explore the wild around you!

Breaking Green

Global Justice Ecology Project / Host Steve Taylor

Produced by Global Justice Ecology Project, Breaking Green is a podcast that talks with activists and experts to examine the intertwined issues of social, ecological and economic injustice. Breaking Green also explores some of the more outrageous proposals to address climate and environmental crises that are falsely being sold as green.

Lil Dudes Insect Academy

Bradon Coy

Lil Dudes Insect Academy was created by me and is ran by me! If you don’t know who I am, “Nice to meet you! I’m Bradon”. My passion is to learn more about bugs and teach others about them! In my Podcasts, we will be talking about everything bug-related! From the best places to visit to putting them in your salad, we will just talk bugs! I will also be interviewing some professional Entomologists! Hope you stick around!


Berkeley Law

President Biden has Signed the Infrastructure Bill. What will Happen Next?

In November of 2021, President Biden signed a $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill that will have significant impacts on how we address the United States’ current and future infrastructure. California is probably going to get about $375 million electric vehicle charging infrastructure. This week, listen to Ken Alex, Executive Producer of Climate Break, about what this bill is and how this bill will impact the climate.

Trees A Crowd

David Oakes

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

The Environment Report

Lester Graham

Great Lakes in Peril: Invasives, pollution, climate change

When you visit one of the Great Lakes, whether it’s a sandy beach or a rocky coastline, it’s hard to imagine how something so big could be affected so profoundly by alien invasive species, or pollution, or climate change.

Get Birding

Peanut & Crumb

Series 2: Episode 6 - Adrian Thomas, Kim Wallace and Chad Crouch

Being in lockdown has unleashed our love for nature. Get Birding is a podcast for budding birdwatchers and aims to help everyone, anywhere, discover more about the birds on our doorsteps. We want to break down barriers to birdwatching and believe that access to nature should be a right, not a privilege.In this, the last in the current series of Get Birding, Hamza is settling in for the winter. With his guests he explores what can be a difficult time for birds, and starts to look towards spring. Earlier this series Hamza spoke to the RSPBs Adrian Thomas about his passion for birds and shared some tips for making our gardens as hospitable as possible for this.. This time of year can be difficult for birds as they struggle to find food and Adrian shares some of his tips for supporting birdlife at this time of year.Next Hamza speaks to an ecologist who works for an energy company with an interest in bats as we


Valerie Ortiz

Information about heatwaves and recommendations to stay safe

American Roots Outdoors w/ Alex Rutledge

American Roots Outdoors w/ Alex Rutledge

Eddie Owens - Trapping 2022 pt2

Eddie Owens has returned for pt 2 of his Trapping / Predator Hunting were this week we concentrate on the Predator Hunting aspect. From Ammo to Rifles to your setup locations there is a ton of information to share!In the Bonus Segment Wayne and Mike talk a bit of Steelers & Chief’s game! Wayne was on the Steelers Realm Podcast with JT and TA and invites everyone to take a listen, if you like Football then you’ll love their Podcast!To follow Steelers Realm Podcast:https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/steelers-realm/id1479787951To join our Podcast Private Page:https://www.facebook.com/groups/448812356525413/To learn more about American Roots Outdoors:https://americanrootsoutdoors.com/https://www.facebook.com/AmericanRootsOutdoors/To follow Alex Rutledge:https://www.facebook.com/americanrootsalex/To follow Wayne Lach:https://www.facebook.com/wayne.lach.5To follow Mike Crase:https://www.facebook.com/mike.crase



CarbonSmart is a provocative daisy-chain conversation where the guests ask the questions. Join sustainability leader, greyhound rescuer, and CEO of carbon recycling company LanzaTech, Jennifer Holmgren, as she sits down with friends, shares questions from her previous guests and sparks conversations around the state of our planet, innovation, social justice, and how policy and industry can bend the carbon curve.

Inside Out & About

Friends of the Chicago River

Join Friends of the Chicago River on a journey along the Chicago River system for an exploration of our river, natural areas, local wildlife and history, and meet people locally and nationally who are helping bring these amazing places to life. Complemented by programming which can be found on Friends’ website at chicagoriver.org, Inside, Out & About includes a myriad of experiences, art, music, interviews, tours, family activities at home and outside— and we hope it will inspire your sense of adventure and provide hours of entertainment and interesting information presented in English and Spanish. Studies show that being outside in nature is good for our health—and we hope Inside Out 7 About will inspire you to get outdoors.

Critter Chatter

Erica Zuhlke

A podcast brought to you by Critter Crossing Rehabilitation. Critter Chatter provides a place for wildlife rehabilitators to relate and to inspire those interested in rehabbing to get involved. Join our cause at www.crittercrossingrehab.com


Brooke Mitchell-Norman

Conservation, sustainability, wild travel stories. Host Brooke Mitchell-Norman, conservation biologist and adventure traveler, chats with friends and experts to discuss nature’s biggest questions: How do we save the planet? How can we protect endangered wildlife? Where are the best places to experience nature? What country has the best coffee? Pour yourself a glass of something tasty (coffee, tea, wine, whiskey?) and join the conversation. Together, we'll rewild the planet.

The Savanna Institute Audio Archive

Savanna Institute

Conversations about agroforestry and perennial agriculture in the US Midwest, drawn from the Savanna Institute's recorded videos, webinars, and live presentations. You can learn more about the Savanna Institute at https://www.savannainstitute.org/

The We Out Here Podcast

Alexi Grousis and Allison Jones

The We Out Here Pod is the place to hear the stories of Black, brown, and indigenous folks in science and nature.

Habitat University

Jarred Brooke, Adam Janke

Habitat University is a science-based podcast delivering the latest information on habitat management. This podcast is part of a larger podcast network: Natural Resources University. Funding for this project comes from the Renewable Resources Extension Act.

Z ptasiego na polski


Podcasty "Z ptasiego na polski" to kilkuminutowe gawędy, za których pośrednictwem możemy zapoznać się z życiem dzikich ptaków występujących w Polsce. W każdym z odcinków ornitolog Paweł Pstrokoński zawarł krótką charakterystykę wybranego gatunku oraz ciekawostki i anegdoty z nim związane. Całości dopełniają nagrania głosów głównych bohaterów tych opowieści, bo w końcu ich zapamiętanie stanowi jeden z najbardziej przydatnych elementów ptasiarskiego know how. Podcasty powstały w ramach serii https://www.facebook.com/naturalniewarszawa, realizowanej przez Muzeum Powstania Warszawskiego.



The Future of Bird Migration with Scott Weidensaul

Today’s episode was produced by Ari Daniel, Allison Wilson, Mark Bramhill, Conor Gearin, and Sam Johnson. Fact checking by Conor Gearin, mixing by John Kessler. Original theme music by Ian Coss. Special thanks to Willistown Conservation Trust.Additional Resources:A World on the Wing: The Global Odyssey of Migratory Birds | Book by Scott Weidensaul Motus Wildlife Tracking System: Explore GPS-Tracked Bird Migration RoutesOne Way to Save Birds: Pay Farmers to Flood Their Land | KQEDA boon for birds: Once overlooked, China’s mudflats gain protections | MongabayA Phenomenal Discovery, Bringing A Glimmer Of Hope To A Declining Species Of Bird | ManometA bird’s eye view of quantum entanglement | NOVA

Bêtes de science


Cette jeune orque essaie de parler comme un humain !

L'orque est animal aussi fascinant que redouté. Cette super-prédatrice mangeuse de phoques est dotée d'une intelligence remarquable, et notamment d'une culture linguistique qui lui permet de transmettre son savoir de génération en génération. C'est grâce à ce talent que des chercheurs lui ont d'ailleurs appris à s'exprimer comme un humain.? Découvrez le Mag Futura sur Ulule ⭐? Abonnez-vous sur vos apps et plateformes audio préférées ?️❤️ Interagissez avec nous sur Tumult ?Pour aller plus loin :La chronique Bêtes de Science sur FuturaBêtes de science : cette orque qui se prenait pour un perroquet !⭐ Soutenez notre média et rejoignez les coulisses ⭐Musique et bruitages :Silly Intro et Freedom, par Alexander NakaradaMini Fairytales Theme, par Sascha Ende®Cheeky Chops, par All Good Folks (Code de licence : ZKP9R9ABD15HF4D1)ZapsplatCrédits :Script : Nathalie Mayer, Marie Treibert, Emma HollenVoix : Mari

Travel Through The Parks

Etta and Simone

Grand Canyon

Hi Listeners,
We apologize for the wait, but we are back for season 2! This week we are doing Grand Canyon a fascinating park. And we asked the question: What do you think the scientists will discover in the caves next? Submit your answer to be featured in our next episode to- Traveltheparkspodcast@gmail.com
Successful Samantha: https://www.goodreads.com/en/book/show/58239005-successful-samantha 
The Homework Machine: https://www.amazon.com/Homework-Machine-Dan-Gutman/dp/0689876793
That's all for this week!

Etta and Simone
Cover image credit:Newyorker.com

Coffee with Conservationists

George Steedman Jones

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

The Bridge: w/ Jared Michaels & Chris Searles

BioIntegrity Partnerships

Welcome to our podcast! A whole person, whole planet response to the environmental crisis.

Vozes do Planeta

Vozes do Planeta Podcast

Podcast com entrevistas e temas socioambientais. Um dos primeiros sobre o tema no Brasil. Apresentação e entrevistas: Paulina Chamorro Produção: André Casé Realização: Compasso Coolab

The BioIntegrity Podcast

BioIntegrity Partnerships


Histoires salées

France Bleu

Climate Conversations

The Herald

For many years, The Herald has enjoyed the privileged position of launching campaigns and initiatives that have impacted change. With COP26 been and gone, it’s imperative we continue these conversations to provide a platform that showcases the stakeholders, firms and organisations that innovate, inspire and encourage small sustainable steps to drive a positive legacy on the road to 2030. ________________________________________________ Produced by Elle Duffy. Email: podcasts@heraldscotland.co.uk to get involved/give feedback. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

The Well Managed Hive's Podcast


Discussions regarding beekeeping best management practices with an emphasis on varroa. Hosted by NCDA Apiary Inspector Lewis Cauble

Forest Schooled Podcast

Caylin (Forest Schooled)

My name is Caylin and I started Forest Schooled as a blog in 2016 while working towards my Forest School qualification in the UK. Then in 2017 I moved to the homeland of the Abenaki/Abénaquis, part of Wabanaki Confederacy (which is also known to many as New Hampshire, USA); and then moved again in 2019 to the homeland of the Algonquin Nation (which is also known to many as Ottawa, Canada). This blog turned podcast is a collection of stories I've gathered along the way, and they demonstrate how my understanding of education rooted in Nature has adapted and changed with the places I've lived.


Elizabeth Friend, Laura Pellicer

In the earth beneath our neighborhoods, the woods surrounding our favorite hiking trails and the waters that line our coast lurks a strange phenomenon: Creatures that have traveled great distances to call communities in the South home – and wreak havoc on the world around them. As unwelcome as these new neighbors may be, they’re also giving scientists, farmers, fisherfolk, homeowner associations and more a chance to get creative finding ways to eliminate these species, mitigate their harm or work toward a more peaceful coexistence.


Rob Porter

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

The Wild Episode

Brian Ruckley

Stoplight Loosejaw : Jaws Sees Red

The Stoplight Loosejaw (Malacosteus niger) is a pretty extraordinary fish: a jet-black denizen of the twilight zone, armed with some of the strangest and most spectacular jaws in the animal kingdom and a surprising superpower: it's one of the very, very few creatures down there that can both generate and see red light. Subscribe to the show to make sure you don't miss any future Wild Episodes, and e-mail your comments, corrections, suggestions or feedback to help make those future episodes better! You can also follow the show on Facebook or Twitter. Show notes, with photos, video and links to lots more information, are available at thewildepisode.com Music Opening & Closing Themes: Running Waters and Acoustic Meditation by Audionautix (Jason Shaw), from audionautix.com. CC BY 3.0. plus modified versions of: Oxygen Garden, Perhaps It Was Not Properly Manufactured, CGI Snake and Divider by Chris Zabriskie, CC BY 4.0

Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem

Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary

Episode 41: Bison

Bison are one of the most iconic animals of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, and for good reason. They are the national mammal of the United States and the largest animal in North America. They also have a dark — but successful — conservation story. Joining Gary and Eden to discuss the history, conservation, and management of bison in America is Dr. Chris Geremia, the lead bison biologist for Yellowstone National Park.

The Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem podcast is a production of the Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary.

The Warblers by Birds Canada

Andres Jiménez and Andrea Gress for Birds Canada

Minisode: The Epic Annual Migration of the Sabine's Gull

Dr. Sarah Gutowsky shares her recent findings on the migratory route of Sabine’s Gulls. This incredible species migrates 15,000 km from the high Arctic to Perú, and makes a brief but essential stopover along the coast of Vancouver Island in the Juan de Fuca Strait. Sarah helps us explore, not only the methodologies and insights from this research but also how she hopes the research may be used to inspire positive conservation actions.Shortly after our talk with Sarah, a shipping disaster occurred in the Juan de Fuca Strait. We imagine the environmental impacts will be ongoing for many years. As we follow that news story closely, it’s hard not to think about the Sabine’s Gull and other species that may be impacted.You can learn more about that disaster here:  As container ship smoulders off B.C. coast, environmental concerns remainHave a burning question? Many people might have the same question, we would love to answer

Hive Talkin - Beekeeping Podcast

Gael Wilkinson & Guests

Hive Talkin with Dr Sara Robb hand-made cosmetics expert

In this episode, I’m Hive Talkin all things cosmetics with UK-based specialist Dr. Sara Robb. You’ve seen the products on the shelves and probably noticed that so many of them contain beeswax and honey and that’s not just for marketing purposes. Both are proven to have amazing health benefits and you could be making your own sustainable small-batch products in no time - with just a little guidance from Dr. Sara!Dr. Sara Robb began making honey soaps and beeswax creams back in 2003. With 20 years of formulating experience and numerous books and journal articles under her belt, she now writes a regular column in Bee Craft Magazine and provides cosmetic recipes and guidance to small-scale producers.Listen as we talk through why what we put on our skin is as important as what we put in our bellies, the benefits of real honey, how to use bee products to make cosmetics and what the legal requirements are to actually turn you

Wild For Life

The Toronto Zoo

WFL 81: New Wild Encounters at the Toronto Zoo

You can count on the Wild Encounters program at the Toronto Zoo to add more benefits to your visit to the Zoo to get a behind-the-scenes tour of some of your favourite animals such as the polar bears and giraffes. There are now new encounters including goats, reptiles, and the hidden zoo (a look behind the zoo into some of the research).    Hollie Ross, the behavioural husbandry supervisor, is my guest on the podcast today to discuss the new encounters and how they can add even more to your Toronto Zoo experience.

Mother Daughter Earth: an Environmental Sustainability Podcast

Mother Daughter Earth with Gina Woods & Marianna Archibald

Mother Daughter EarthCast was created to help you navigate the eco world and live a more colorful and conscious life. Episodes provide insightful conversations with environmental warriors who share their unique perspective on all things sustainability and help you embrace your personal and unique lifestyle. Topics range from learning how to overcome eco-anxiety, to the importance of organics, to finding positive environmental news sources, and everything eco-mindful related. We bring a fresh, open-minded, non-judgmental perspective in order to facilitate your sustainable life.

Talking Country with Brad and Chancey

Brad Vaculin, Chancey Lewis

On our podcast we discuss things going on in the woods, on the creek banks, in the pastures and farms! Join life long friends, Brad and Chancey, as we discuss the things we love! Thank you for listening!

Loam Listen


Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

House on Fire

House On Fire Podcast

Fighting For a Fair Florida Future

Florida has always been seen as the state where strangely comedic and outright dangerous antics take place. As usual, Florida has drawn national attention, but not for the outlandish headlines you might expect. In the past few weeks, the Florida Legislature has been looking at two controversial policies which would make it more difficult to protest, and legislation preempting energy regulations. For weeks, organizers in Florida have been mobilizing relentlessly against this policy that would criminalize protesting and preempt energy regulation to the state, but the Florida Legislature has been relatively successful with them. Florida House Representative Anna Eskamani has been one of the state’s loudest voices leading the fight for a fair Florida future. Listen to this episode as we discuss with Representative Eskamani the roots and consequences of these pieces of legislation, what they mean for everyday people in Florida, and what we can s


Madeline Rosenberg


WARNING: there is some language in this episode that I would not normally use. It is quoted primary source. This Juneteenth episode explores clothing and textiles of the 18th and 19th century, pertaining to enslaved people.University of Nebraska 2000 African American Women: Plantation Textile Production From 1750-1830 Karen Hampton, Textile Society of Americahttps://digitalcommons.unl.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1769&context=tsaconfhttps://www.bbc.com/news/uk-wales-48624937 16 June 2019 Slavery: Welsh Weavers “Implicated in US Slave Trade” Neil Priorhttps://digitalcommons.unl.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1678&context=tsaconfSlave Cloth and Clothing Slaves: Craftsmanship, Commerce, and IndustryMadelyn Shawhttps://www.mesdajournal.org/2012/slave-cloth-clothing-slaves-craftsmanship-commerce-industry/ Journal of Early Southern Decorative Artshttps://scholar.lib.vt.edu/faculty_archives/mountain_slavery/livestoc.htm Wilma A. Dunaway: Slavery and Emancipat

The Stubborn Light of Things

Melissa Harrison

Episode Twenty-eight: Outtakes

Making a nature podcast is harder than you think... Note: Contains bad words and loud noises! Listen →

The Wildland Podcast

The Wildland Podcast

Intimate and real conversations about rewilding, land ethics, regeneration, and conservation.

Climate Talks w/ Callie

Climate Talks w/ Callie

Let's talk about SIMPLE and ACHIEVABLE ways you can join the fight against the climate crisis, all while educating yourself and listening to climate experts in all fields.

Entre Hongos

Efren Ricardo Robledo Leal, Mariana Elizondo Zertuche

Entre hongos es un podcast exclusivamente sobre hongos, desde todas sus perspectivas. Sus anfitriones son los Dres. Mariana Elizondo y Efrén Robledo, investigadores y catedráticos de la UANL.

Facing It

Jennifer Atkinson

Episode 6: Embracing Uncertainty

Eco-anxiety and climate grief are sometimes framed as “disorders,” but in fact these feelings typically arise from an accurate perception of our ecological crisis. It may be more appropriate to identify eco-anxiety as a “moral emotion” -- a sign of compassion, attachment to life, and desire for justice. And so paradoxically, we can take some encouragement from the global increase in eco-anxiety and climate grief, since that very existential discomfort affirms our desire to live in a more just and sustainable world.  Because the fight for climate solutions is filled with such contradictions, this episode explores some ways we are strengthened by challenging easy assumptions about climate distress. Our future remains unwritten, and by embracing the unknown we are better able to reframe our thinking in empowering ways. So-called “negative” feelings that arise in response to ecological disruption (grief, anxiety, anger) can be seen as signs

Unsalted Great Lakes

Allison Devereaux

The Christmas Tree Ship

Who was Captain Santa? Ellen Kennedy from the National Museum of the Great Lakes tells us about the sinking of the Rouse Simmons in Lake Michigan, with a crew and 5500 Christmas trees on board. 
Follow the Great Lakes museum. 
Find Unsalted Great Lakes 

All Outdoors Photography Podcast

Henry Doyle

Galleries: Exhibiting Your Photos

In today's episode, Henry and Ryan go over how to exhibit your photography in art galleries and consignment shops. Henry will be interviewing Ryan here, as Henry has no experience with galleries.

Patreon Link

About the Show:
Welcome to the All-Outdoors Photography Podcast! This podcast is about all things nature photography, including landscapes, wildlife, macro, and more. The show features two talented photographers Henry Doyle and Ryan Taylor who both bring their different and unique photography experiences to the podcast. Episodes are released weekly every Tuesday at 1 pm EST.

Follow the Show:
Email Us: alloutdoorsphotographypodcast@gmail.com
Linktree (Links to all Podcast Platforms) - www.linktr.ee/AllOutdoorsPodcast
Instagram- https://bit.ly/3jKBTmU
YouTube- https://bit.ly/32WB5FJ

Follow the Ho

Allerton Park Bird Club Podcast

Evan Smith & Nate Beccue

Discussing the birds and birding with the birders of Central Illinois and Allerton Park


Daniel Benoit


OCTOBER 2nd Weyers Cave Community Center in Weyers Cave Virginia


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Arizona State Parks and Trails Podcast

Neil Large, Elisabeth Haugan

Mark Cardenas of HECHO

Check out this awesome conversation we had with Mark Cardenas of Hispanics Enjoying Camping, Hunting, and the Outdoors (HECHO)! Mark goes into detail about the connection of Arizona’s lands to Hispanic heritage, discusses HECHO and how you can get involved, and talks about how he fell in love with the outdoors at an early age. Mark and his team are doing awesome things for the Hispanic community and the sustainability of Arizona’s beautiful places! Listen to this riveting episode, then find HECHO online!   HECHO WebsiteLearn more about what the HECHO team has in store for the rest of 2021 and beyond. Lots of great information! Follow HECHO on social media and stay in the loop! HECHO FacebookHECHO InstagramHECHO Twitter

Wonder And Awe

Louie Schwartzberg of Moving Art

Cosmo Sheldrake

Louie Schwartzberg hosts Cosmo Sheldrake multi-instrumentalist, musician, composer, and producer to discuss creativity, connection, bio music, and the power of sounds in nature.

Find The Open Face

Victoria Mickens

Each time you make it to the section of open face on a wave, you’re granted the opportunity to truly express yourself. On this podcast, I talk story with life long surfers and novice surfers alike about what it means to continuously heal from life's unrelenting hardships.

Wild Connection: The Podcast

Hosted by Dr. Jennifer Verdolin

Often we forget that we human beings are animals. Wild Connection, The Podcast is where Dr. Jennifer Verdolin investigates our similarities and differences with other animals, what we can learn, and how we can reconnect, not just with ourselves and each other, but with nature to improve our lives.

Sonidos Naturales


Sonidos de la naturaleza


Tune into Nature with Karthic


Refreshing Nature Sounds & Stories from the Wilderness. Join along to explore nature and listen to wildlife and conservation stories with an interlude of nature sounds recorded in Aotearoa New Zealand's wild places. Tune into Nature with me Karthic, a Wildlife Filmmaker telling simple fun stories about nature & the wild. Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/tuneintonature Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/tuneintonatureshow/ Producer/Host : http://instagram.com/karthic.ss

The Critter Shed

Collie Ennis & Colette Kinsella for Red Hare Media

If you like learning about the weird and wonderful side of nature - about things like spider sex, venom-packing frogs, or mind-controlling parasites, and more - then this is the podcast for you! Oh, and it's in a shed. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

Parts Per Billion


Talking COP26: Major Breakthrough or All for Naught?

The 26th annual summit of the UN's climate change arm just wrapped up in Glasgow, Scotland, but it's unclear whether what came out of the event will be nearly enough to stave off the worst consequences of climate change.
Bobby Magill was in Glasgow covering COP26 for Bloomberg Law and he joins our podcast, Parts Per Billion, to walk us through how to interpret the pact that was reached last week. He also talks about how covering this year's COP was unique—not only because it was the first to take place during the Biden administration, but also because pandemic restrictions made it tricky for some developing countries to participate.
Learn more about your ad-choices at https://www.iheartpodcastnetwork.com

Walkin' on the Wild Side

Marvin and Gabrielle Bouknight

A podcast dedicated to exploring nature all around us and hopefully instilling in our listeners a curiosity and appreciation for the wildlife around us. Join us as we share some amazing observations, interesting and educational facts, and stories about the incredible diversity of flora and fauna found here in the Southeastern United States. Your hosts are Marvin and Gabrielle Bouknight, and Marvin has been a professional naturalist and wildlife biologist for over 30 years and he and his wife, Gabrielle have shared many adventures exploring habitats and observing the amazing flora and fauna of the southeastern United States. To contact us, you can follow us on Facebook at Nature Nook Wildlife Photography (https://www.facebook.com/NatureNookWildlifePhotography), or email us at walkingonthewildside21@gmail.com. To SIGN UP/SUBSCRIBE to our podcasts, simply download your favorite podcast app on your mobile device (we can be found on all the Apple iOS and Android OS apps) and look up "WALKIN'ON THE WILD SIDE" or you can visit our website at https://walkinonthewildside.buzzsprout.com and click on your favorite app (see below, if you're viewing this from our web site). It will take you to the site and our podcast. Click "subscribe" and you're ready to go WALKIN' ON THE WILD SIDE!

Tied To Nature's Yellowstone

Adam Brubaker

Yellowstone, the worlds first national park! Have you been? This podcast is about to take you into the worlds first national park. With interviews from professionals to details about specific locations, get ready for your first trip or prepare to visit again. Get first hand information on the wildlife, history, and geology from a professional guide, Adam Brubaker your host. Adam is a family man, photographer, naturalist, and Yellowstone guide with a passion for Yellowstone and the nature that surrounds it.

For the Love of Nature

Laura Fawks Lapole & Katy Reiss

A podcast that tells you everything you need to know about nature, and probably more than you wanted to know.

Natural Herstory

Kathy Lichtendahl

Natural Herstory explores the many and varied connections between women and nature. In each episode, host Kathy Lichtendahl interviews a guest with a unique relationship to the environment through work, play, worship or study. This podcast examines women's ties to the natural world and how a closeness to nature has shaped their lives.

Drohnenschlacht – zwei Imker, drei Meinungen


Der Podcast von bienen & natur: Wie imkert man richtig? Bei dieser Frage zanken sich selbst Profi-Imker. Boris Bücheler ist Chefredakteur von bienen & natur, Edward Obika Imkermeister, beide haben sie eine Imkerei im Nebenerwerb, reichlich Erfahrung bei den Bienen – und sind sich doch nicht immer einig. Zusammen geben sie Tipps für Jungimker, erzählen von ihren Glücksmomenten bei den Bienen und wie sie ihre Imkerei laufend verbessern wollen. Jeden Monat neu, die Drohnenschlacht.


شبكة 84 أربعة وثمانون للإعلام

قناة تهدف الى التوعية البيئية لتحقيق التنمية المستدامة ورؤية الخير رؤية 2030

پادکست اگزون / Exon podcast / حیرت‌های دنیای ژن‌های شما در سرزمین بی نظیر ع

Javad Azadi Pour

تو هر قسمت روند جذاب تاریخی، تحقیقاتی یا روایت های جنجالی حول موضوع وراثت رو، برای شما روایت میکنیم پادکست اگزون تلاشیه تا نگاه متفاوت تری داشته باشیم به اتفاقاتی که قطعا مهم تر از اونی هست که الان بهش نگاه میشه

Land Ethic

Dylan Bagnasco

The Land Ethic Podcast features people who have dedicated their lives to conservation and stewardship of the natural world. Hosted by Dylan Bagnasco.

Let's Talk Global Warming


Let's Talk Global Warming is a podcast dedicated to raising awareness for global warming and other related environmental issues by giving detailed, yet understandable, information about the causes and effects of global warming as well as the solutions being proposed to stop it.

Cats of the Wild

Andy Varvel

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

Куда смотрит Гринпис?

Greenpeace (Россия)

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

Wildlife and Photography

M & J Bloomfield

If you’d like to learn a little more about the natural world and how to take better pictures? This is the podcast for you. These podcasts are about inspiring a passion for wildlife. Explaining taking incredible pictures isn’t that difficult. We’re Mark and Jacky Bloomfield, and we take photos of the natural world for a living. We want to help people understand, enjoy and learn about the things we are passionate about, wildlife and photography.

Dugongs And Seadragons

The cast of Dugongs & Seadragons

Happy Holidays from Dugongs and Sea Dragons

Hey Folx, Travis here, your friendly D&SD DM and producer.  The cast and crew are taking a short break over the holidays and we will continue with new episodes starting January 10th. In the meantime, we wish all of our listeners a very happy holidays, whatever you may celebrate may it be filled with happiness and joy! 

Carbon Neutral Podcast

Carbon Neutral Project

Reducing your carbon footprint is easier than you might think. This podcast is just one of the many resources that the Carbon Neutral Project provides to individuals and businesses in order to reach carbon neutrality by 2050.

Backyard Birds

Backyard Birds

Recordings of backyard birds from around the world during the pandemic.

Environmentality. with Dr. Brendon Anthony

Dr. Brendon Anthony

A podcast for environmental news, brief lectures and interviews with the experts. Learn about what is happening in the environment today, why it matters and how its relevant to your day-to-day life. Hosted by Dr. Brendon Anthony, an environmental science professor, sustainable agriculture non-profit CEO and plant scientist. Cover Artwork: Kendall Spathas, Intro Music: Ketsa - Day Trips

Relaxing Music For Sleep And Stress Relief

AK Entertainments

Elangathu Veesudhe Female Cover Version I Pidhamagan Ilayaraja Instrumental Melodies Relaxing Music

Elangathu Veesudhe Female Cover Version I Pidhamagan Ilayaraja Instrumental Melodies Relaxing Music

Marine Conservation Happy Hour

Dr Scarlett Smash & Dr Craken MacCraic

MCHH 348: Polar Bears are Cool!

In this episode, Dr. Scarlett Smash and Dr. Craken get into the holiday spirit and rant about cool polar bear facts. If you liked this show please support us so we can keep providing more content,  $1 helps : www.patreon.com/marineconservation MCHH Twitter MCHH Fb Live Dr Scarlett Smash YouTube Dr Scarlett Smash Twitter  Dr Scarlett Smash Instagram Dr Scarlett Smash TikTok Dr Craken MacCraic Twitter Dr Craken MacCraic Instagram MCHH Instagram

Farming for Nature

Farming for Nature

17: What is Farming for Nature?

The founders of Farming for Nature, Brigid Barry and Brendan Dunford, explain what the initiative is, and how and why farmers across Ireland should get involved.  

Biodynamic Guild

International Biodynamic Guild

The International Biodynamic Guild Podcast

Give Bats A Podcast

Nathaniel Marshall

A podcast for bats and their defenders! We’re talking bat stuff with bat people from all around the globe.


Matt Testoni

Episode 29: Epaulette Sharks with Jodie Rummer

In this episode Matt chats to marine biologist Jodie Rummer all about the amazing and largely unknown Epaulette Shark. Jodie tells us all about the amazing research being carried out regarding these sharks and their incredible physiology. Learn all about how they survive conditions where there is almost no oxygen!!Learn more about Epaulette Sharks by visitinghttps://www.physioshark.org/Check out Dan Musil (our theme composer)https://danmusilmusic.com/orhttps://www.facebook.com/dan.musil.musicCheck out Matt Testoni's photography on Instagramhttps://www.instagram.com/matt_testoni_photography/or athttps://www.mtunderwatermedia.comVisit the Seacreatures Podcast Patreon to support our showhttps://www.patreon.com/seacreaturespodcastand our Instagramhttps://www.instagram.com/seacreatures_podcast/Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/seacreaturespodcast)

Nite Callers Bigfoot Radio

Nite Callers Bigfoot Radio

Ep. 322, Matthew Schang AKA Mothboys Podcast

Join me as I chat with Mothboy Matt of Mothboy Podcast! We will hear all about his interest in cryptids, paranormal, and journey into the weird world of the unknown!

Matthew Schang lives in a little lake town called Westfield in New York. Matthew, otherwise known as Mothboy Matt, is cohost to Mothboys Podcast a comedy show on Cryptids, conspiracies, and the unknown. Matt has been interested in the world of the strange since he was in elementary school. The infamous Patterson-Gimlin footage of Sasquatch was the beginning of Matt’s journey into the weird and ever since then his love for cryptozoology and the paranormal has only grown!

You can listen to Mothboy Podcast here! https://open.spotify.com/show/0HZ5dSJ...

Chesapeake Uncharted

Chesapeake Bay Journal

The story of America’s largest estuary, its vibrant ecosystem and the people who rely on its health. Season 1 explores how climate change is already reshaping the landscape, communities and attitudes.