Blurry Creatures

Blurry Creatures

Blurry Creatures chases down answers for the weird questions and enigmatic creatures that inhabit the fringes between reality, myth, and imagination. Join podcast veterans Nate Henry and Luke Rodgers as they investigate Bigfoot, Ancient Giants, Cryptids, The Nephilim, The Watchers, Ancient Burial Mounds, Forbidden History, Megaliths, Conspiracy Theories, Dogman, Mothman, The UFO Phenomenon, Extraterrestrials, and The Unexplained.

Tooth & Claw: True Stories of Animal Attacks

Wes Larson, Jeff Larson, Mike Smith | QCODE

True stories of the most extreme wild animal attacks ever documented, told and explained by Wes Larson, a wildlife biologist and animal behavior expert. Wes is joined by his brother Jeff and their mutual friend Mike, and in each episode the three pour over the details of animals attacks and explain how listeners can avoid these kinds of dangerous encounters, and learn a new appreciation for the wild things of the world

Gratitude Blooming Podcast

Gratitude Blooming

Inspired by nature, art and gratitude, the Gratitude Blooming co-hosts Belinda Liu and Omar Brownson bring a fresh perspective to wellness with diverse voices. For us, heartfulness is the new mindfulness. Gratitude Blooming was inspired by the artist Arlene Kim Suda and her 100 Days of Blooming Love art project. Each week, she shares inspiring stories and reflections. Hear from culture keepers, creators, healers, leaders and so many others who share their emergent practices to build a more beautiful world. Please rate, review and subscribe. New conversations each week. We want to hear what you're grateful for. Learn more at

Completely Arbortrary

Casey Clapp & Alex Crowson

Tree zealot Casey Clapp and tree agnostic Alex Crowson review and rate your favorite arboreal friends. A semi-educational, basically pleasant, and fully unnecessary romp through the annals of treedom. Support this podcast:

Going Wild with Dr. Rae Wynn-Grant

PBS Nature

Journey deep into the heart of the world’s most remote jungles, savannas, tundras, mountains, and deserts with wildlife biologist Dr. Rae Wynn-Grant as she studies wild animals in their natural habitats. Rae and her teams spend years studying these animals – in order to protect their futures. Going Wild with Dr. Rae Wynn-Grant takes you inside their hidden worlds – and the action-packed, suspense-filled adventures of the wildlife conservationists who track them. Hear what it takes to find and save some of the world’s most intriguing and endangered creatures.  Explore more at

The Science of Birds

Ivan Phillipsen

The Science of Birds is a lighthearted exploration of bird biology. It's a fun resource for any birder or naturalist who wants to learn more about ornithology. Impress your birding friends at cocktail parties with all of your new bird knowledge! Hosted by Ivan Phillipsen, a passionate naturalist with a PhD in Zoology.

My Bigfoot Sighting

Vic Cundiff

My Bigfoot Sighting is a straight to the point, no-nonsense podcast where Bigfoot eyewitnesses talk about their Bigfoot sightings. If you listen to our show, you won't hear an interviewer asking guests questions or interrupting them, because all you'll hear on our show is non-stop Bigfoot sightings and encounters.

TED Climate


We get it. You care about the climate crisis—but sometimes thinking about it is just too overwhelming. Well, we’re here to help with that. Host Dan Kwartler unpacks the problems and solutions behind big systemic issues in bite-sized episodes. You’ll find out which bag is best for the planet, imagine our world without humans, and follow the international journey of the very shirt on your back. Yes, we’re going to talk about the bleak stuff—it’s a crisis after all—but we’ll also share little ways you can make changes in your daily life, in your towns and cities, and at your workplaces to help change climate change. Ultimately we’re aiming for some HOPE through a focus on solutions, instead of just, you know, tumbling towards inevitable doom. You can also get involved by joining Countdown, TED’s global initiative to accelerate solutions to the climate crisis in collaboration with Future Stewards. Find out more at

Bigfoot Crossroads

Matt Knapp

Bigfoot Crossroads brings bigfoot encounter stories directly to you, shared by the actual witnesses who had them. Join host Matt Knapp, a bigfoot witness and former field investigator, as he speaks candidly to people who had their lives changed forever by the creature known commonly as bigfoot or sasquatch.

All Creatures Podcast

All Creatures Podcast

The mission of the All Creatures Podcast is to educate listeners on the diverse animals that share our planet. We are in the midst of the Earth’s Six Mass Extinction and many animals need our help if they are to survive.Each week we will discuss a new species, conduct interviews with conservation experts from around the globe, and discuss recent conservation news.

Bigfoot Terror in the Woods Sightings and Encounters

W.J. Sheehan

You’ve heard him on Coast to Coast AM and the Sasquatch Chronicles. Now W.J. Sheehan, author of Bigfoot: Terror In The Woods, Sightings & Encounters Vol 1-6, brings you a podcast meant to chill the spine and stir your curiosity.

Cryptids Of The Corn

Cryptids of the Corn Podcast

Welcome to Cryptids of the Corn! We are a couple of buddies with a shared interest in the cryptozoological, paranormal and the plain strange. We focus on the Midwest and the Appalachia regions of the U.S and venture out of those borders. We cover big cryptids, one off cryptids, some big questions on the subjects of the strange, interviews with eyewitnesses and a little bit of a science lesson. We invite you on this journey with us thru this strange, wonderful world of ours. Find us on Facebook and other social media or email us at Find us where you listen to podcasts.

The American Birding Podcast

American Birding Association

The American Birding Podcast brings together staff and friends of the American Birding Association as we talk about birds, birding, travel and conservation in North America and beyond. Join host Nate Swick every Thursday for news and happenings, recent rarities, guests from around the birding world, and features of interest to every birder.

Sasquatch Tracks

Micah Hanks, Dakota Waddell and Jeff Smith

Sasquatch Tracks takes a scientific look at whether there are large animal species that remain undiscovered. With special emphasis on the Sasquatch in North America, the show looks at claims of apelike “relict hominoids” and other animals purported to exist in various parts of the world.

The Mushroom Hour Podcast

Mushroom Hour

Hi there...welcome to Mushroom Hour. Listen in as we venture into kingdom fungi with unique and beautiful humans who all share a passion for mushrooms. We'll go forage for wild mushrooms, explore their potency as nature's medicines, become citizen mycologists, transform human consciousness and learn how mushrooms inspired art, spirituality and culture throughout our history. There are so many ways that mushrooms can benefit (wo)mankind - we just need to tap into the mycelium network and let them share their gifts. Excited to have you along for the journey! Mush Love

Constant Wonder


Stay in tune with our phenomenal world. Join Marcus Smith for explorations of hidden marvels in nature, forgotten heroes of history, and life stories that both humble and inspire. Constant Wonder is a production of BYUradio.

Just the Zoo of Us

Ellen & Christian Weatherford

Join us, Ellen and Christian Weatherford, while we review your favorite species of animals and rate them out of ten in the categories of effectiveness, ingenuity and aesthetics. More information can be found at 😊 Got a species you want us to review? Submit your animal friend to us at and when we review your animal we'll give you a shoutout! 😊 Cover art by Mrs. Brainbow (Taylor Gordon-Wood). Theme music by Louie Zong.

Deer University

Dr. Bronson Strickland & Dr. Steve Demarais

Deer University podcasts are all about deer biology and management. Drs. Bronson Strickland and Steve Demarais are both deer hunters, deer biologists, professors of wildlife management, and co-directors of the Mississippi State University Deer Lab. Steve and Bronson are so crazy about deer biology and management that they made it their career! Our goal is to explain how you can use deer research to improve your hunting and management experiences. Don’t take for granted what your buddy says or what you read in a hunting magazine – we’ll train you to think like a deer biologist. As national leaders in deer research, we’ll keep you up to date on the latest and best information, and deliver episodes that cover every deer management topic you can imagine, and then add some that will surprise you. If you are interested in deer hunting and management, this is your podcast! Every shot you take this fall is either a step forward or backward in your management program, so use our knowledge to make every shot count! Hosts of Deer University: Dr. Bronson Strickland, Professor of Wildlife Management, Mississippi State University Extension Service Dr. Steve Demarais, Professor of Wildlife Management, Mississippi State University Forest and Wildlife Research Center

Nature Guys

Nature Guys

Nature Guys connects you to the exciting natural world right in your own neighborhood. These nature connections will help you be cool, calm, collected and ready to make a positive difference in the world. Nature Guys is hosted by Bob a long time nature lover.

Golden State Naturalist

Michelle Fullner

This is a podcast about asking questions and experiencing wonder. It’s a place to bring your curiosity about the natural world in California.

Nerdy About Nature

Nerdy About Nature

Nerdy About Nature is a passion project that creates fun, educational content with the aim of inspiring folks to engage with the outdoor world, to fall in love with it, and to advocate on it's behalf so that we can create a more inclusive, diverse, equitable, and just future for us all. This series of 'Podchats' with different folks with different perspectives aims to get you thinking differently about the world we all share so that you can enjoy your time amongst it more. Visit or @NerdyAboutNature on social media for more videos & ways to support this project. Support this podcast:

Wild World with Scott Solomon

Scott Solomon

Wild World investigates the natural wonders of our planet through the diverse voices of the people who explore, study, and protect them. Each episode features a new location, from the forests of Madagascar to the underwater world beneath the Galapagos Islands and the icy shores of Antarctica. Our goal is to give listeners a sense of wonder and awe about the natural world and an appreciation for the people who help us understand it.



Stories about the enduring connections between birds, people and landscapes.

Bring Birds Back


A show about the joy of birds and the ways that humans can help them through simple, everyday actions.

Sound Healing / Sound Bath

Omandala Vietnam

Hello, This is The sound from Tibetan singing bowls. We create these podcasts to help you moving out of stress, anxiety with a deep relaxed session from the distanced Sound Bath.

Fish of the Week!

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Fish enthusiasts Katrina Liebich and Guy Eroh journey across America on a quest to discover ALL THE FISH: big and small, common and rare, beautiful and downright strange. Diverse guests help dig into the latest science and bring their perspectives about how fish are woven into the fabric of communities and cultures. Listeners walk away from each episode with practical information about how to connect with and conserve our amazing, finned friends.

Bigfoot Society

Jeremiah Byron

Welcome to Bigfoot Society, where we delve into the unknown and unravel the mysteries of the world. From creatures that have yet to be fully understood, to hidden locations shrouded in secrecy, we're on a quest to uncover the truth. Join us as we speak with experts and enthusiasts who hold the key to unlocking these ancient secrets. Buckle up for an exciting journey into the unknown. Are you ready to join us in the search for the hidden truth? Let's go! If you have had a cryptid encounter or a strange experience and would like share your store to potentially be on the show, email Jeremiah at Please take a moment to rate and review the show, it makes a HUGE difference. Thanks for listening and enjoy the show!


"The host, Macken Murphy, is able to condense vast chunks of information into engaging and digestible episodes. Fact-filled and fun." — The New York Times

The Strange Road

Strange Road Creative, LLC

The Strange Road is a network of live streamed shows and podcasts which delve into the peculiar, the fantastical and the highly strange. We'll be diving deep with insightful researchers, historians, authors and all around interesting folks who have a wealth of knowledge to share. While weeding through the misinformation and official narratives, we bring you an alternative look into the fabric of our history, legends, society and the mysteries of the universe. Hitchhike with us into the worlds of high strangeness, lost civilizations, strange artifacts, Ohio earthworks and mounds, giants, UFO disclosure, Cryptids and the greater purpose of humanity. As the understanding of our universe expands so does the curiosity of The Strange Crew. Take the exit onto The Strange Road. Bring an open mind and your will to be weird...

Sound By Nature

Sound By Nature

Nature sounds for relaxation, stress relief, meditation, sleep, or whatever you like. Enjoy. Support this podcast:

Get Out Alive

Ashley Bray

Join wildlife biologist and host Ashley Bray and her best friend/co-host Nick every other week as they explore the causes of different animal attack stories throughout the ages.In her career, Ashley has noticed the growing need for honest conversations around human-wildlife conflict, and decided to make this podcast with her best friend to get at the truth of how dangerous the animals we live alongside really are, and what we can do to not only protect ourselves from these animals, but save the animals from being hurt by us too. They are occasionally joined by expert biologists and attack survivors to get more insight into why an attack happened, how it could have been avoided (if possible), and the problems certain species are facing that could drive conflicts.

The Rewild Podcast

James Shooter

In a world of damning environmental news and the ever-looming threat of climate change, we could all do with a bit of hope. Host of The Rewild Podcast, James Shooter, teams up with Rewilding Europe to shine a light on the passionate people and inspiring initiatives fighting back for nature. There will be monthly stories of nature recovery from Rewilding Europe’s pioneering Landscapes and European Rewilding Network.

Native Plants, Healthy Planet

Pinelands Nursery

Hosts Fran Chismar and Tom Knezick interview some of the top minds in ecology, restoration, conservation, and of course, native plants. Join them on their journey towards knowledge and understanding of some of the larger problems that our ecosystems face.

The Hotshot Wake Up

The Hotshot Wake Up

A podcast and newsletter by firefighters about wildfire and the world. Crew Supervisor and Ex Hotshot overhead. Call it like it is. Monthly Substack subscriptions go towards supporting this content and helping firefighters in need.

Monsters Inside Me

Animal Planet

Hear shocking, true stories about mysterious illnesses caused by some of the smallest creatures alive: parasites. These tiny yet powerful creatures take up residence in unsuspecting hosts and attack the body, causing everything from splitting headaches to blindness to organ failure. On Monsters Inside Me, you’ll hear doctors, friends and family race to unlock the mystery ravaging the victim’s body before it is too late. With direct audio from Animal Planet’s hit TV show, find out how powerful parasites really are. To actually see the Monsters Inside Me episode you just listened to, stream full episodes on discovery+. Go to to start your 7-day free trial today. Terms apply.

A Sustainable Mind - environment & sustainability podcast

Marjorie Alexander

A Sustainable Mind is a podcast created for the earth-conscious individual, ecopreneur, environmental activist, sustainability enthusiast, grassroots organizer, minimalist, conscious consumer and the eco-curious. If you are looking to get inspired, motivated and take ACTION to be the change you want to see in the world you are in the right place. Delivered to you each week, Marjorie Alexander brings you environmental changemakers whose campaigns, companies and projects have changed the planet for the better. Featured guests discuss their relationship with nature early on, their journey to a green career, light-bulb moments, sustainable habits, lessons from launching their projects, and much more. Each episode ends with ACTIONABLE advice and resources for you to hit the ground running!

Life List: A Birding Podcast

George Armistead, Alvaro Jaramillo, and Mollee Brown

Birdy. Proudly nerdy. Detailed. Not-so-subtly obsessive. Delve into all things birding and birding culture with George Armistead, Alvaro Jaramillo, and Mollee Brown. Join us for light-hearted conversations on birds, conservation, travel, and more.

I’ll Go If You Go

Save the Redwoods League

Welcome to I’ll Go If You Go, a Save the Redwoods League podcast. Through conversations with Black, Indigenous, and POC who explore and work in the outdoors, we’re building community and illuminating how Californians from all walks of life experience nature and conservation, in the redwoods and beyond. In season 2, multimedia science journalist Emily Harwitz (she/her) meets up with folks doing fun, traditional, and nontraditional things in the redwoods—from mushroom foraging to skateboarding. Follow Save the Redwoods on Instagram @savetheredwoods. Music and sound by Nhu Nguyen and Anni Feng.

Scales N Tales

Adrian Dean

Heavily swimbait affiliated, and talking to the guys who know them best. People who are a master in their craft here help spread new ideas and wild stories to you as a listener. So sit down, learn some things and go try it for yourself. Support this podcast:


Glacier National Park - National Park Service

Headwaters is an in-depth storytelling podcast by Glacier National Park. Season Two documents the generational effort to restore a species in five chapters. It’s also a story about the purpose of national parks and our relationship with nature. We ask, can people have a positive impact on their environment?

Biophilic Solutions: Nature Has the Answers

Serenbe Media Network

A podcast about the human connection to nature. Biophilia is the innate connection that human beings seek with the natural world. Every other week, hosts Monica Olsen and Jennifer Walsh sit down with thought-leaders and experts across a wide range of industries to discuss the impact that nature has on our wellbeing, why we need nature in order to thrive, and what steps we can all take to live in harmony with the natural world. They pose questions centered around finding common-sense solutions to some of society's biggest problems. Asking guests, how can we take local and global actions that nurture the living, social, and economic systems that will sustain future generations? Faced with challenges like climate change and an ongoing pandemic, reconnecting with nature has never been more imperative. We hope you’ll join the conversation around the growing biophilic movement and come along on our biophilic journey. Subscribe, follow and listen today, because nature has the answers. Learn more at

Humans Outside

Amy Bushatz

They say spending time in nature can change your life. But in a world packed with indoor life pressures, how can you make getting outside just a part of who you are? Welcome to Humans Outside, where we explore a wellness-rich life in the great outdoors from our perch in Alaska while hearing from fascinating outdoor-minded guests.

Minnesota DNR Prairie Pod

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

The Prairie Pod podcast is dedicated to preserving and understanding one of the world’s most endangered ecosystems, the tallgrass prairie. You'll hear discussions from a variety of experts, tackling the complexity, challenges, and beauty of Minnesota's prairie landscape. Tune in for SCIENCE, fun, and partnership.

Beyond Blathers

Olivia deBourcier & Sofia Osborne

The podcast where we dive deeper into the insects, fish, and fossils you can find in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Hosted and produced by Olivia deBourcier and Sofia Osborne, with art by Olivia deBourcier and music by Max Hoosier. This podcast is not associated with Animal Crossing or Nintendo, we just love this game! @beyondblathers on Instagram and Twitter, email:

Snake Talk

Dr. Chris Jenkins

Faced with a world that instinctually persecutes snakes, Dr. Jenkins talks with the foremost experts on snake biology and conservation. The discussions range widely including topics such as snake ecology, snakebites, and captive breeding. All of the conversations have the same goal, to help the listener increase their knowledge and leave behind any irrational fears of snakes.

The 'We Out Here' Podcast

Alexi Grousis and Allison Jones

The 'We Out Here' Pod is a place to hear the stories of Black, brown, and Indigenous folks in science and nature. Come thru. Stay awhile. Listen.


Vikram Baliga, PhD

If you're on this planet, plants have a HUGE impact on your life. Whether you're a vegan, a carnivore, or somewhere in between, plants are the basis of the food you eat, the clothes your wear, and the air you breathe. We don't intend just to teach you plant facts (though we'll do plenty of that), but to give you some insight into the cool people who work with them. From the soil to the plate to the climate, dive into the anthropology of plants (get it?) and learn a little more about why you should care about the world around you from the people who care about it the most.

Talkin' Birds

Ray Brown's Talkin' Birds

Ray Brown's Talkin' Birds is a call-in show of entertaining conversation about wild birds -- attracting them to your back yard, identifying them, feeding them, and learning more about them along the way. Every week, we have contests for prizes like bird feeders and other great bird-related stuff, along with expert guests. So, whether you're an experienced birder, or you're new to birding, listen in, and be part of the show by calling in with a question, sharing some information or observations, or trying for one of our prizes. It's birdwatching--in the backyard and beyond.

Foodie Pharmacology Podcast

Co-Conspiracy Entertainment

Have you ever wondered where your food comes from? Not just where it’s grown today, but where it originally popped up in the world? Have you ever bit into a delicious ripe fruit and wondered, hey – why is it this color? What’s responsible for this amazing flavor? Is this good for my health? Could it even be medicinal? Foodie Pharmacology is a science podcast built for the food curious, the flavor connoisseurs, chefs, science geeks, plant lovers and adventurous taste experimenters out in the world! Join American ethnobotanist Dr. Cassandra Quave on this adventure through history, medicine, cuisine and molecules as we explore the amazing pharmacology of our foods.

Into The Wilderness with Byron Pace

The Pace Brothers

The world is so much more than what we know, and only through understanding it better can we make informed decisions. This podcast aims to bring impactful, entertaining and insightful conversations from a global array of guests. Some famous, some you won’t have heard of. From famous explorers, to renowned scientists and just good people, all have a story to tell which we can take something from. Topics are wide ranging, with a backbone centred on conservation, including hunting, fishing, expeditions, environmental and wildlife management. This is a podcast for everyone who enjoys the great outdoors in any form. It’s for those who care about safeguarding the planet and wildlife we share this land with.

The Wandering Naturalist

Three Rivers Park District

Explore the history and present of over 27,000 acres of park land inside Minnesota's Hennepin County and surrounding areas. Hosts Angela (wildlife biologist) and Brandon (interpretive naturalist) guide you through this suburban wilderness managed by the Three Rivers Park District.

Arizona Wildlife Federation Podcast

Arizona Wildlife Federation

The Arizona Wildlife Federation Podcast, with its host Michael Cravens, brings you the stories of wildlife, wild places, and those people who value them the most. From hunting and angling to birding and gardening, we‘ll keep you informed of issues, events, and activities from around the beautiful and diverse state of Arizona. Since 1923, Arizona Wildlife Federation has united Arizonans and decision makers around science-based solutions to conserve our state’s wildlife, wildlife habitat, and public lands for generations to come.

Nature's Archive

Michael Hawk

Nature’s Archive explores nature in all of its forms through interviews with ecologists, naturalists, educators, authors, and researchers. Our goal is to inspire you by revealing the nuance of nature, providing unique perspectives, and challenging conventional wisdom. Nature's Archive is part of Jumpstart Nature, an organization that seeks to empower everyone to support nature and the environment. Join me on this journey!

Hannah and Erik Go Birding

Hannah Buschert and Erik Ostrander

Hannah and Erik love to spend their free time adventuring and birding. Join them as they discuss their most recent adventures and other birding topics. They are not experts but are always game to learn and experience new things. Connect with us on all the socials or send an email to:

Successful Farming Podcast

Successful Farming

Go in-depth into the topics that affect farmers and ranchers. Hear from industry leaders and experts on topics ranging from agronomy, technology, rural lifestyle, ag policy, farm machinery, and more. Listen in at and

Vertical Farming Podcast

Harry Duran

Vertical farming is a revolutionary approach to produce production leveraging controlled environment agriculture (CEA) technology and systems in innovative ways. It facilitates production of huge quantities of nutritious and quality fresh food without relying on favorable weather, high water usage, skilled labor, and high soil fertility. This ensures reliable yield and consistency in crop production year-round with climate control, and no effects of external environment factors such as diseases, pests, or predator attacks. Join Harry Duran, Host of the Apple-recommended Podcast Junkies and Founder of FullCast, as he explores the world of controlled-environment agriculture (CEA). Tune in every week for fascinating conversations with CEOs, Founders and luminaries from the exciting and fast-growing world of Vertical Farming. If you've been interested in the world of Indoor AgTech and want to hear inspiring stories from the innovators on the frontlines of this fast-moving industry, then this most definitely the show for you! Subscribe and learn more by visiting This podcast uses the following third-party services for analysis: Chartable -

The Duck Farmer

Shane Olson

Follow along as we cover anything and everything waterfowl. The Duck Farmer podcast will go into great detail and discussion on a wide array of the hottest topics. Listen up as we dig into the latest and greatest management practices to help you improve your waterfowl hunting across all flyways.

Keeper Chat

Flora & Fauna

Two zookeepers talk weird animals. Informative, irreverent, and sometimes funny. Learn about animals in a way you never have before, with all the dirty details from two people who aren't afraid to call animals out on their junk.

Future Ecologies

Future Ecologies

Made for audiophiles and nature lovers alike, Future Ecologies is a podcast exploring our eco-social relationships through stories, science, music, and soundscapes. Every episode is an invitation to see the world in a new light — weaving together narrative and interviews with expert knowledge holders.


Bat Conservation Trust

Stories from the bat conservation movement. This podcast is for anyone who loves bats or has an interest in bat conservation and the wider bat conservation community. Ecologist and Bat Conservation Trust Trustee Steve Roe talks to the experts as well as local heroes to bring you the stories from the world of bat conservation. Series 4 is here with episodes released every second Wednesday from autumn 2022 through to Spring 2023. Bats are magical but misunderstood mammals. At the Bat Conservation Trust we have a vision of a world rich in wildlife where bats and people thrive together.

This Wild Life Conservation Podcast

Amy Turner

A warm welcome to 'This Wild Life Conservation Podcast'. Each week, leading conservationists will describe tales of wild adventures and discuss the highs and lows of living and working in the wild. You will laugh and cry as leaders in their field reveal unique insight into the lives of the animals they work tirelessly to protect. Learn about the pathways to becoming a conservationist and gain valuable insight into current conservation issues facing the world. We’re here to bring the wild to you!

My Favorite Trees

Thomas Spadea

A podcast that introduces you to tree species that have helped shaped human culture around the world. Hear the stories that we share with our tall, leafy neighbors.

Conservation Conversations with Sean O'Brien


Join Sean O’Brien, President and CEO of NatureServe, as he discusses emerging technologies, regional and global trends in biodiversity, and the future for life on Earth with some of the world’s leading experts in conservation. Each episode, released on a monthly basis, will feature an exclusive interview with scientists that’s accessible for listeners of any background. For nearly 50 years, NatureServe has been the authoritative source for biodiversity data throughout the Western Hemisphere. NatureServe works with 100+ network organizations and 1,000+ conservation scientists to collect, analyze, and deliver biodiversity information, providing comprehensive spatial data to meet both regulatory and conservation needs.

Drop-Tine Podcast -The official deer management, food plot & habitat podcast

Jason R. Snavely

The official deer management, food plot and habitat management podcast keeps you in the know on all of the latest strategies for managing private hunting properties. Interviews with the best of the best in deer science, research and habitat management. Jason R. Snavely and Co-host Tim Kocher fill you in on cutting edge information and techniques to better manage your property and maximize its deer hunting potential.

This Old Tree

Doug Still

Old trees are awe inspiring links to the past that fire our historical imagination. Ever wonder what their stories are? Seasoned arborist and amateur historian Doug Still interviews local experts, historians, and regular folks to celebrate the myths and uncover the real tales. If you're a tree lover, join in to look "beyond the plaque" at heritage trees and the human stories behind them. Biweekly.

Nature Centered from Wild Birds Unlimited

Wild Birds Unlimited, Inc.

A podcast from Wild Birds Unlimited about feeding the birds and enjoying nature right in your own backyard. Relax, enjoy the birds, and stay Nature Centered.

Discovering Forestry

Discovering Forestry

The industry’s only podcast focused on all things tree and landscape. Joe Aiken & Korey Lofy combine over 60 years of industry knowledge and experience and will discuss some of the trends, concerns, and opportunities in the fields of forestry and arboriculture. Support this podcast:

Flatlander Podcast


Flat is a state of mind! Get to know the people, science, and stories that make the Kansas outdoors more than flyover country.

Accidental Gods

Accidental Gods

At this time of the Great Transition, we need new, fresh ideas, role models and narratives that show us how we can step forward into a future we'd be proud to leave to the generations that come after us. What does it take for our kids to look back and say, 'It was hard, but they did it'? What changes are we already making that take us in the right direction? We talk to the people leading the way, offering interviews, conversations and radical new ideas from people who are living the change we need to see in the world. We have the choice now, to transform - or to face the chaos of a failing system. Our Choice. Our Chance. Our Future. Join the evolution at:

Parts Per Billion


Parts Per Billion is Bloomberg Law's environmental policy podcast. We cover everything from air pollution, to toxic chemicals, to corporate sustainability, and climate change. The reporters from our environment desk offer an inside look at what's happening at Congress, in the courts, and at the federal agencies, and help explain the scientific and policy debates shaping environmental laws and regulations. Host: David Schultz

Herpetological Highlights

Herpetological Highlights

In Herpetological Highlights we will explore the recent scientific discoveries in the field of Herpetology. We'll cover everything from lizards to frogs, snakes, and toads. Every episode we'll be digging into the biology and ecology of these reptiles and amphibians in an attempt to disentangle the science. Hosted by Tom Major and Ben Marshall. Like us on facebook:

Fire University

Dr. Marcus Lashley

Fire University is a science-based podcast covering the latest research in fire ecology and how it relates to management of wildlife and plant communities. This podcast is part of the larger podcast network Natural Resources University. Funding for this project comes from the Renewable Resources Extension Act.

The Living Soil Podcast

Grass Roots

Talking all things Living soil from how to create and build your soil for long term ROI benefits

Bayou Dragons Podcast

Bayou Dragons Podcast

A group of friends who share a driven passion for the outdoors. Good times and good stories.

Arizona State Parks and Trails Podcast

Neil Large, Elisabeth Haugan

Do you enjoy outdoor recreation, or want to learn more about Arizona’s outdoor scene? You know…Camping, hiking, mountain biking, fishing, wildlife and bird watching, and more! Join us every other Wednesday as we discuss adventure, beautiful places, and hidden treasures in Arizona’s state parks! Whether you’re a seasoned outdoor veteran or someone looking to get into outdoor recreation, there’s something in this podcast for you!

Animals To The Max Podcast

Corbin Maxey

Indigenous Earth Community Podcast

Frank Oscar Weaver

Hear from Indigenous conservation heroes from around the world, on how they are honoring the traditions of protecting the planet, and get actionable tips on how to connect to our beautiful earth, while softening our ecological footprint!

Sapelo NERRds

Sapelo Island NERR

The Sapelo Island National Estuarine Research Reserve (NERR) brings you current information about coastal Georgia issues, species of importance, conservation efforts, and important research happening in our coastal communities! Learn more at

Ocean Matters

The Bertarelli Foundation

Our ocean is the earth's defining feature. But the blue of our blue planet is so much more than just a colour. It is rich with life and plays an important role in keeping our planet stable and healthy. Worryingly, we are seeing our ocean change, for the worse. In Ocean Matters, join oceanographer and physicist Helen Czerski as she meets the scientists who are working to save our ocean and marine life in one of the most remote parts of our planet.  Together, we’ll explore how the cutting-edge marine science research that’s going on there – and other places we visit - is helping to protect species across the world, and better understand what needs to be done to save our seas. Come on this adventure. Subscribe now, wherever you get your podcasts, so that you never miss an episode.

Western Water 101

Sara Porterfield and Brennan Sang

Join us on a tour through the history of the West’s water systems and major rivers, as we navigate the challenges of drought and water-scarcity facing the region. We’ll also explore Trout Unlimited’s leadership in finding innovative solutions to long-standing problems.

The Warblers by Birds Canada

Andrea Gress for Birds Canada

This award winning podcast shares Canadian information, insights and inspiration on the world of birds and bird conservation. The lively discussions are hosted by Andrea Gress whose curiosity leads to discovering fun facts and useful tips while travelling uncommon flight paths to learn from expert guests. Thanks to our incredible listeners, The Warblers podcast was named the winner of the 2022 Nature Inspiration Award - Canadian Museum of Nature in the non-profit (large) category! We would love to hear from you, let us know what you think about the podcast here or which topics you will love ->

Songbirding: A Birding-by-ear Podcast

Rob Porter

Immerse yourself in birdsong in this relaxed pace acoustic exploration of natural spaces in mid-western and southern Ontario. Whether you're an emerging or veteran birder looking to test and build upon your birdsong identification skills or someone who appreciates the natural world, this unique series will bring you as close as you can get to birding in the field without going anywhere. Season 1, "The Bruce Peninsula" was recorded in July of 2019, in the peak of songbird breeding season. Season 2, "Midsummer" was recorded in July and August of 2019, in Hamilton, Waterloo, and Cambridge. Season 3, "Spring of Solitude" was recorded in spring of 2020, in the Hamilton, the Niagara Region, and Norfolk County. Season 4, "On Territory" was recorded throughout 2020 & 2021, in various places in Ontario. Season 5, “In The Quietude” was recorded in 2021 & 2022, in Bruce Peninsula National Park. For those with high-frequency hearing loss, please search for "Songbirding Under 5kHz" Credits Recorded, engineered, narrated and created by Rob Porter. Cover art by Lauren Helton -

West Coast Water Justice

Natalie Kilmer, Save California Salmon

A podcast about grassroots water justice in the Western United States. We interview experts about their local watersheds and how the health of our water impacts every facet of our lives and future generations.

How To Protect The Ocean

Andrew Lewin

The host, Andrew Lewin, helps you overcome the problems of the ocean by discussing the latest ocean news and studies that will help you make more informed decisions in your life so you can live for a better ocean.

Relaxing Music For Sleep And Stress Relief

AK Entertainments

Relaxing sleep music provide peaceful music to help you fall asleep fast. If you can't sleep, use this sleeping music in the background as calm music for soothing relaxation or as meditation music after a busy day at work

The Wolf Connection

A Wolf Connection® Production

Welcome to 'The Wolf Connection' podcast where we will be exploring the intricate bond between humans and wolves, seeking to better understand our true relationship with one of humankind's earliest teachers; the wolf. Re-discovering this human-wolf connection and remembering the primal wisdom may prove to be essential to our development as individuals, the cultivation of productive societies, and sustainable civilization on this planet. Our discussions will include the experiences had by our visitors, students and staff during programs, events, and day-to-day operations at Wolf Connection, the dynamics of the wolf pack at Wolf Connection, wolves in the wild and their impact on the national landscape, and stories of human and wolf empowerment through all facets of the organization and beyond! For more than a decade, people have visited the land at Wolf Connection and experienced life changing bonds and interactions gained valuable knowledge from our pack of 30+ wolves and wolf-dogs located in Acton, CA , which is just an hour north of Los Angeles.

Pod of Orcas: Saving our Sea

SeaDoc Society

There are only around 70 Southern Resident Killer Whales remaining in the wild and they’re looking directly at extinction if things don’t change now. Southern Resident Orcas are emotionally intelligent and they have complex family dynamics. They also have a deep spiritual connection to the tribes and first nations who’ve been in the Salish Sea since time immemorial. Over the next six weeks, we’ll dive into those issues and more, with some brilliant guests joining us along the way. Click subscribe and spread the word!

پادکست اگزون / Exon podcast / حیرت‌های دنیای ژن‌های شما در سرزمین بی نظیر ع

Javad Azadi Pour

تو هر قسمت روند جذاب تاریخی، تحقیقاتی یا روایت های جنجالی حول موضوع وراثت رو، برای شما روایت میکنیمپادکست اگزون تلاشیه تا نگاه متفاوت تری داشته باشیم به اتفاقاتی که قطعا مهم تر از اونی هست که الان بهش نگاه میشه Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

Always Be Birdin'

Samantha DeJarnett

Birds are extremely awesome. But birding can be intimidating and difficult. Always Be Birdin' aims to change the narrative of birding. How we bird, where we bird and who is birding. Join me as I go out into the field with BIPOC birding experts, novice baby birders like myself and nature enthusiasts to do some chaotic, goofy birding while dropping a knowledge bomb or two to show that no matter what, you can Always Be Birdin'. Follow me on IG: @AlwaysBeBirdin_Podcast Twitter: @AlwaysBeBirdin or email me:

EWN - Engineering With Nature

USACE and iContact Productions

For more than 10 years, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has been working on an initiative called Engineering With Nature that uses natural processes and systems to deliver a broad range of economic, environmental, and social benefits. EWN, as it is called, is developing and implementing nature-based solutions for infrastructure, engineering, and water projects. EWN brings together a growing international community of scientists, engineers, and researchers, from all kinds of disciplines to collaborate on how best to harness the power of nature to innovate, solve problems, and create sustainable solutions. This podcast tells their stories. It’s a show about innovation and collaboration. It is about combining natural and engineering systems. And it is about amazing results for infrastructure, the environment, and communities. Scientists and experts will talk about how they are transforming traditional approaches to infrastructure challenges across the US and around the world by applying the principles and practices of EWN. Sarah Thorne of Decision Partners has been working with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers on the EWN initiative for the past decade, and, through this podcast, will share stories of the people, their unique collaborations, and a broad range of projects that exemplify the principles and practices of EWN. We hope you’ll listen to the show and be inspired!

Life with Fire

Amanda Monthei

What are the benefits of prescribed burning? Why have wildfires gotten so severe lately? How can I help protect my home and community? Life With Fire podcast aims to answer these questions (and many others) while deepening our understanding of the critical role fire plays in America’s forests, lands and communities. Hosted by writer and former wildland firefighter Amanda Monthei, Life with Fire features interviews with everyone from scientists to fire management experts to Indigenous practitioners and folks doing the work on the ground. Through these interviews, Amanda hopes to explore our relationship with fire, as well as ways we can better coexist with it in the future.

Beyond Jaws: Exploring Shark Science and Conservation

Speak Up For Blue

Dr. David Ebert and Andrew Lewin interview shark scientists and conservationists to find out the steps they took that lead them to study and work with sharks. Interviews include stories of field shenanigans; career choices and advise; and, the science of sharks that may or may not include great white sharks...mostly not.

Growing with Nature

Daron Williams

Do you want to bring nature to your backyard, grow food, and help heal our living world? Join Daron Williams—restoration ecologist, permaculture enthusiast, and lifelong gardener—for concrete steps you can take at home to cultivate abundance for people, plants and wildlife. Tune in, grab a shovel, and make the living world around you come alive.

Camping Out with Dan Camp

Daniel Camp

Much like old friends sharing a conversation next to the warm crackles of a campfire, we'll set out together to share big ideas revolving around outdoor adventure, impact on others, leadership, vulnerability, and how each of us seeks to leave the world a little better than we've found it. Crack a cold one or maybe even grab your bottle of bourbon, pull up a chair or a cooler, and get ready for Camping out. Support this podcast:

Bird Sh*t Podcast

Bird Sh*t Podcast

Learn fun bird facts for your next happy hour! Perfect for newbie bird fans, long-time birders, and people who want to learn cool sh*t about birds—we're pretty sure that's you. Join Mo and Sarah for a casual (and very millenial) conversation about all things birding. You'll meet amazing birders, get the latest bird news, and hear lesser-discussed topics around birds and birdwatching. Rated R for "Ridiculously LOLOLOL-worthy."

Naturally Florida

Shannon Carnevale and Lara Milligan

Naturally Florida is a podcast about Florida's natural areas and the wild things that live here. This podcast is brought to you by UF/IFAS Extension's Natural Resources programs in Polk and Pinellas Counties.

Perennial AF

Savanna Institute

The Savanna Institute's podcast and blog about perennial agroforestry (AF) features interviews, questions from listeners, inside jokes, and more. Subscribe to Perennial AF to hear real AF conversations with some of the Midwest's top agroforesters and perennial farmers! More at

Learning from Nature: The Biomimicry Podcast with Lily Urmann

Lily Urmann

We share Earth with millions of other species, many of whom have been around much longer than us. Biomimicry is the promising practice of learning from nature’s forms, processes, and systems to create life-friendly designs that benefit both people and the planet. Lily Urmann – a biomimic, educator, and nature communicator – will explore this exciting field and showcase how biomimicry is applied and practiced around the world; from architecture and engineering to material science, manufacturing, business, design and everything in-between. Join Lily as she dives into the brilliant and beautiful world of how nature works and interviews biomimics across cutting-edge disciplines. Together, let’s discover what we can learn from nature!

Fancy Scientist: Animals, Science, Lifestyle


Dr. Stephanie Schuttler, the Fancy Scientist, is a wildlife biologist who loves breaking stereotypes and talking about the natural world. In this podcast, she shares her knowledge of animals, experiences as a wildlife biologist, and simple lifestyle choices you can make to conserve nature. Her 17 years in wildlife biology taught her that science alone cannot save species. We need to take collective action through simple things we can do every day. This podcast is for anyone who likes animals and wants to help make the world a better place for them, and for us too. You’ll learn cool things about the animals around you from her own and other scientists’ research. She’ll also give tips for other scientists to succeed (that really ANYONE can use), strategies for effective science communication, and how she gained the confidence to become a fancy scientist. Hit subscribe and let’s change the world!

Ashdown Forest podcast

Eka Morgan

Is the Ashdown Forest a national treasure? We think it is. This podcast celebrates these 10 square miles, rich in biodiversity. In each episode, audio producer Eka Morgan goes on a dawn and dusk walk with wildlife guide Tom Forward and we learn some bird songs and calls along the way. She also interviews flora and fauna specialists, poets, musicians, authors… all recorded in the woodland and on the heath. Isabella Tree, rewilding pioneer and author of the bestselling ‘Wilding’: 'This podcast is a total delight - a blissful meander through the treasures of the Ashdown Forest and the people it touches, including the general public. It’s also an immersion in nature itself, a gentle induction into the identification of species and the wonders of birdsong.'