What Remains

WRAL Studios

True crime meets forensic science in the What Remains podcast from WRAL Studios. With no ID, human skeletal remains often end up at medical examiners’ offices where they sit in storage closets for years, gathering dust as evidence slowly disappears. These are some of the most difficult cold cases to crack. Unsolved murders. Missing people never identified. Families without answers. Every year in the United States there are 600,000 missing person reports and 4,400 sets of unidentified human remains are found. But matching the remains to the missing people is not an easy task.   Meet the passionate scientists and investigators dedicating their lives to the seemingly impossible: matching missing persons to unidentified human remains. In the emerging field of forensic science, they coax clues out of bone, using what remains to put a person’s identity back together. The veteran detective who devotes his career to bringing closure to families. The volunteer forensic genealogist who uses new tools like GEDmatch to narrow down an ID. The part-time web sleuth who helps shape the national missing persons database, NamUs. The forensic anthropologist using DNA testing to identify race, sex, body type and features that help coax a name from the bones. The scientists who study human decomposition at a body farm in western North Carolina. The forensic artists who build facial reconstructions from nothing but skulls. And the parents who endure years of not knowing what happened to their children. All working toward the same goals: finding a name, solving cold cases, bringing justice and closure to families. WRAL Studios presents What Remains, hosted by veteran crime reporter Amanda Lamb. 

Sasquatch Chronicles

Sasquatch Chronicles - Bigfoot Encounters

AREA 51: Former Counterintelligence Officer

I wanted to share this presentation in a podcast format. Sometimes when you are searching for answers it is important to look at other topics or genres. If this topic interests you, take a listen. Richard Doty’s presentation centers on his assignment as a counterintelligence officer at Area 51. He will disclose never before publicly released incidents involving UFOs/UAPs and extraterrestrial contact and research projects.

Bret Weinstein | DarkHorse Podcast

Bret Weinstein & Heather Heying

Keeping Sane: Bret Speaks with Neil Oliver

American Hartford Gold: Call them at 866-828-1117 or text DARKHORSE to 998899 to get started buying precious metals such as gold and silver.*****Bret speaks with Neil Oliver about the COVID conference in Bath and on their experiences throughout the pandemic.Neil Oliver is a British television presenter, archaeologist, and author. He is best known as the presenter of several documentary series on archaeology and history, including A History of Scotland, Vikings, and Coast. He is also an author of popular history books and historical fiction.Find Neil Oliver at:https://twitter.com/thecoastguyhttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnVR-SdKxQeTvXtUSPFCL7g*****Find Bret Weinstein on Twitter: @BretWeinstein, and on Patreon.https://www.patreon.com/bretweinsteinPlease subscribe to this channel for more long form content like this, and subscribe to the clips channel @DarkHorse Podcast Clips for short clips of all our podcasts:https://www.youtube.c

The Confessionals

Merkel Media

Members Preview | 453: Summoning Azazel (Members)

In Episode 453: Summoning Azazel we are joined by a guest that requested to remain anonymous. She had some experiences that she has never shared with people and was very hesitant to do so. She seems to have had a run-in with the fallen angel Azazel caused by a ritual she briefly watched at the end of a video. After viewing the ritual weird things started happening around her home. She went back to the video to investigate and she found that the ritual was no longer there. So she reached out to the creator of the video and that's when things get even more bizarre. She also talks about premonitions she has had, her encounter with bigfoot as a young girl, and the possession she seems to have gone through. 

You can join The Confessionals on "The Spirits Are Inn" tour when we visit the Shanley Hotel in New York on July 1-2, 2022 as we have a two-day and one-night haunted adventure!


Eons: Mysteries of Deep Time


What Was The First Dinosaur?

Exactly where and when dinosaurs first evolved are still open questions in paleontology; it’s hard to even say what the first dinosaur was. In this episode, we dig into the evidence for dinosaur origins in the Triassic Period (between 252 and 201 million years ago) and try to understand the world they lived in. Being able to point to the first dinosaur might tell us something about how the biggest mass extinction of all time influenced the course of life on our planet.

Eons: Mysteries of Deep Time is produced by Complexly for PBS.

© 2022 PBS. All rights reserved.

In Defense of Plants Podcast

In Defense of Plants

Plants are everything. They are also incredibly interesting. From the smallest duckweed to the tallest redwood, the botanical world is full of wonder. Tune in for a podcast celebrating everything botany.

Paranormal Mysteries Podcast

Paranormal Mysteries | Supernatural & Unexplained Stories

259| High Strangeness In Our National Parks: Yuba City Five & Mike Hearon Vanishing | Paranormal Mysteries

In tonight’s episode of Paranormal Mysteries, I’ll be taking a look at two separate cases of high strangeness. The first of which, involves the bizarre disappearance, and death of the Mathias Group, also known as the Yuba City Five, near the Plumas National Forest. Second, I’ll be discussing the unexplained vanishing of Mike Hearon in the Great Smoky Mountains.TELL YOUR STORY Email: paranormalmysteriespodcast@gmail.com Voicemail: https://www.speakpipe.com/paranormalmysteries Website: https://www.paranormalmysteriespodcast.com/ Forum: https://www.paranormalmysteriespodcast.com/forum SUPPORT THE SHOW Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/join/paranormalmysteries? BuyMeACoffee: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/paranormal PayPal: https://www.paypal.com/donate/?hosted_button_id=MG24QCZBAWRRN Merchandise: https://www.zazzle.com/store/paranormalmysteries SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook: http

Daniel and Jorge Explain the Universe


Could aliens teach us science?

Daniel talks to Sam Kimpton-Nye about whether aliens do science the same way we do.


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Real Ghost Stories Online

Real Ghost Stories Online | Paranormal, Supernatural & Horror Radio

Real Ghost Stories Online EXTRA! | True Paranormal Ghost Stories

This is a Real Ghost Stories Online - EXTRA!
From the best supernatural & paranormal podcast, Real Ghost Stories Online!

Haunting real ghost stories told by the very people who experienced these very real ghost stories. You've never heard a horror podcast like this before.

If you have a true ghost story, share it with the top horror podcast around!

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Watch more at: http://www.realghoststoriesonline.com/

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Into the Impossible With Brian Keating

Arthur C. Clarke Center for Human Imagination

Where Did The Universe Come From? Geraint Lewis

Do you ever look up to the stars and wonder about what is out there?
Over the last few centuries, humans have successfully unraveled much of the language of the universe, exploring and defining formerly mysterious phenomena such as electricity, magnetism, and matter through the beauty of mathematics. But some secrets remain beyond our realm of understanding—and seemingly beyond the very laws and theories we have relied on to make sense of the universe we inhabit. It is clear that the quantum, the world of atoms and electrons, is entwined with the cosmos, a universe of trillions of stars and galaxies...but exactly how these two extremes of human understanding interact remains a mystery. Where Did the Universe Come From? And Other Cosmic Questions allows readers to eavesdrop on a conversation between award-winning physicists Chris Ferrie and Geraint F. Lewis as they examine the universe through the two unifying and yet often

The Michael Shermer Show

Michael Shermer

282. Anil Seth on the Hard Problem of Consciousness, the Self, and the Essence of Volition

Shermer and Seth discuss: “mind” and “consciousness” in context of understanding how molecules and matter give rise to such nonmaterial processes • controlled hallucinations • the hard problem of consciousness • the self and other minds • consciousness and self-awareness as emergent properties • Where does consciousness go during general anaesthesia? After death? • Star Trek TNG episode 138 “Ship in a Bottle”: a VR inside a VR that is indistinguishable from reality • Are we living in a simulation that itself is inside a simulation? • Does Deep Blue know that it beat the great Gary Kasparov in chess? • Does Watson know that it beat the great Ken Jennings in Jeopardy!? • Is Data on Star Trek sentient, conscious, and with feelings? • Can AI systems be conscious? • free will, determinism, compatibilism, and panpsychism. Anil Seth is Professor of Cognitive and Computational Neuroscience at

BirdNote Daily


Spider Silk - Duct Tape for Bird Nests

The spider’s web is an intricate piece of precision engineering. Made from large proteins, it’s sticky, stretchy, and tough. So it’s no surprise that many small birds — including this Anna’s Hummingbird — make a point of collecting strands of spider silk to use in nest construction. Spider silk not only acts as a glue, holding the nest together, but it’s flexible enough to accommodate the growing bodies of nestlings. And it’s resilient enough to withstand the bustle of raising those hungry babies.More info and transcript at BirdNote.org.Want more BirdNote? Subscribe to our weekly newsletter. Sign up for BirdNote+ to get ad-free listening and other perks. BirdNote is a nonprofit. Your tax-deductible gift makes these shows possible.



How Do Bidets Work?

The most popular modern bidet was invented in the U.S., so why hasn't this technology caught on here? Learn the history of the bidet in this episode of BrainStuff, based on this article: https://home.howstuffworks.com/bidet.htm

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The Grave Talks | Haunted, Paranormal & Supernatural

Ghost Stores, Haunted, Paranormal & Supernatural Stories

Grave Confessions | Daily Paranormal Ghost Stories

This is a daily EXTRA from The Grave Talks. Grave Confessions is an extra daily dose of true paranormal ghost stories told by the people who survived them!

If you have a Grave Confession, Call it in 24/7 at 1-888-GHOST-13 (1-888-446-7813) .

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The Micah Hanks Program

Micah Hanks

The Mystery Drones: Unidentified Aircraft in U.S. Airspace | MHP 04.18.22.

Since the early 2000s, several high-profile incidents involving Navy and other military encounters with unidentified aircraft have occurred. While some of the strange objects seem very out of this world, others sound far more like drone or similar unmanned aircraft with possibly very down-to-earth origins... and yet the ultimate source of these "mystery drones" and other unusual aircraft remains unknown.  Joining us to discuss his reporting on several incidents involving mystery drones and other unusual military UAP encounters is Brett Tingley, whose reporting for sites like The Warzone has chronicled what may point to the existence of secretive aerial technologies in U.S. airspace, all of which we explore with him this week on The Micah Hanks Program.  The story doesn't end here... become an X Subscriber and get access to even more weekly content and monthly specials. Enjoy The Micah Hank


New Hampshire Public Radio

Call of the Void

A few weeks ago our host, Nate Hegyi, was on the edge of a very high cliff in Utah’s Zion National Park when he heard a little voice inside his head whisper… “jump.”  He didn’t heed the call, thankfully, and when he got down safely he discovered that more than a third of all people might feel this urge, ominously known as “the call of the void.” Most of us can wave off these impulses. But what if you couldn’t? What if the call of the void was so intense that you almost acted? Is there a cure? This episode contains a contextual reference to suicidal ideation. If you or someone you know is struggling with depression, anxiety, or just needs someone to talk to, reach out to the folks at the Crisis Text Line, a texting service for emotional crisis support. To speak with a trained listener, text HELLO to 741741. It is free, available 24/7, and confidential.Featuring: Jennifer Hames, Stephen Hunt ELECTRIC VEHICLE SURVEYHey folks – we’re working on some stories abou

Paranormal Fears

Paranormal Fears

More Paranormal Activity At Gettysburg

Author and paranormal researcher Don Allison joins me again to discuss instances of paranormal activity at Gettysburg Battlefield. Get his books on Amazon.Veteran journalist and historian Don Allison serves up a very personal exploration of the paranormal in "I Met More Ghosts at Gettysburg: A Journalist's Paranormal Journey Continues."Don relies on keen insight honed through decades of newspaper writing and editing as he shares his own encounters with the paranormal. In the down-to-earth style he employs in his award winning and long running newspaper column "On My Mind," he shares what he encountered, and his very human reactions.In layman's terms Don also takes a look at the forces of nature he believes are behind these unexplained occurrences, as well as some of the scientific theories that have been proposed.In short, this skeptic is convinced we have something to gain from studying those fascinating occurre

Paranormal Portal

Brent Thomas

S3EP54 - Encountering Dogman and Bigfoot - Part 2 with Vic Cundiff

On this episode of the Paranormal Portal Podcast, we are bringing you the second part of our fantastic interview we had when Vic Cundiff joined Don and I on our YouTube show! On this BONUS episode, Vic showcases a couple amazing encounter stories with a Dogman and another with a Bigfoot.  The raw emotion of these individuals sharing their experiences is palpable as they share the absolute terror of their experiences.  Join us as we discuss all of this and so much more!  Enter the Paranormal Portal...if you dare!  To follow Vic and stay updated on his work, visit: https://dogmanencounters.com/https://myparaex.com/https://mybigfootsighting.com/If you like what you hear, please subscribe and if you have a story of your own, and would like to be a guest on the show, please email us at paranormalportalradio@gmail.com!  Our podcast is released weekly on Sunday! If you enjoy the podcast, please leave us a review to

Bigfoot and Beyond with Cliff and Bobo

Bigfoot and Beyond LLC

Ep. 163 - "Valley of the Apes" with Michael Mayes

Cliff Barackman and James "Bobo" Fay speak with North American Wood Ape Conservancy (NAWAC) Chairman and author Michael Mayes! Michael has just published a new book about the NAWAC's efforts called Valley of the Apes: The Search for Sasquatch in Area X, and is here to discuss it! To read more about Michael and purchase his books, click here: https://www.michaelcmayes.comTo order an autographed copy of Valley of the Apes, email Michael via this link: https://www.michaelcmayes.com/contactRead more about the NAWAC here: https://www.woodape.org

Smoke N' Science


Breaking down the fact vs. fiction of cannabis for everyday users, this podcast is hosted by team smokenol: co-founder and cultivator Andy Westerkamp, Dr. Miyabe Shields, PhD and Dr. Riley Kirk, PhD. While this may sound as dry and crusty as a forgotten two-year-old stash, these scientists are both daily users who want to give consumers practical knowledge. If you’re ready to dive deep into the interaction of humans and nature sit back and start a session of Smoke N’ Science! DISCLAIMER: Everything in this podcast is the opinion of the hosts and those interviewed; this is not medical advice.

UFO Chronicles Podcast

Nik Hunter

Ep.6 Be Quiet And It'll Go Away (Throwback Tuesdays)

For the next few weeks I will be doing a Throwback Tuesdays/Thursdays where I re-release old episodes from the archives. So don't worry if you have heard it already as a 'New episodes' will continue to come out on Sundays. The idea is to get some of the old episodes heard as they have very little downloads from the first season, compared to newer episodes.~~~Our guest this episode is Jordan and he comes to us from North Carolina, he's going to be talking about a strange sighting he and his wife had a few years ago while they were both traveling home late one night. Jordan also has some interesting and creepy paranormal encounters he and his family experienced, that he is also going to be sharing with us tonight.  More information on this episode on the podcast website:https://ufochroniclespodcast.comWant to share your encounter on the show? Email: UFOChronicles@gmail.comPodcast Merchandise:https://www.teepublic.com/user/uf

Planetary Radio: Space Exploration, Astronomy and Science

The Planetary Society

Planetary Radio at the Humans to Mars Summit

Join host Mat Kaplan in Washington D.C. for conversations with outstanding presenters at the first in-person Humans to Mars Summit in three years. You’ll hear from Inspiration 4 astronaut Sian Proctor, chief engineer for NASA’s robotic exploration program “Hoppy” Price, and the designer of  award-winning Martian homes. NASA deputy administrator and former space shuttle commander Pam Melroy delivered a brilliant keynote. Then Bruce Betts tells us about the new STEP Grant opportunity from The Planetary Society.  Hear and discover more at https://www.planetary.org/planetary-radio/2022-2022-humans-to-mars-summit

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I Know Dino: The Big Dinosaur Podcast

Garret and Sabrina

Jurassic World Dominion vs Prehistoric Planet

For links to every news story, all of the details we shared about Moros, and our fun fact check out https://iknowdino.com/Moros-Episode-394/Join us at www.patreon.com/iknowdino for dinosaur requests, bonus content, ad-free episodes, and more.We explore how well the dinosaurs in both Jurassic World Dominion and Prehistoric Planet match our current scientific understanding.Dinosaur of the day Moros, a small tyrannosauroid from Utah which was briefly featured in Jurassic World: Dominion.This episode is brought to you in part by Varsity Tutors. Varsity Tutors offers one-week-long, small group camps on fun, educational topics. Kids get all the benefits of summer camp from the convenience of home. Go to varsitytutors.com and use promo code IKNOWDINO at checkout to save $50 on any summer camp.See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.

Ask a Spaceman!

Paul M. Sutter

AaS! 176: Why is Gravity So Weak?

How did gravity get so ridiculously weak? Could it be related to extra dimensions? What does string theory and the concept of the “bulk” have to do with it? I discuss these questions and more in today’s Ask a Spaceman! Support the show: http://www.patreon.com/pmsutter All episodes: http://www.AskASpaceman.com Follow on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/PaulMattSutter Like on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/PaulMattSutter Watch on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/PaulMSutter Read a book: http://www.pmsutter/book Keep those questions about space, science, astronomy, astrophysics, physics, and cosmology coming to #AskASpaceman for COMPLETE KNOWLEDGE OF TIME AND SPACE! Big thanks to my top Patreon supporters this month: Justin G, Chris L, Barbara K, Duncan M, Corey D, Justin Z, Nate H, Andrew F, Naila, Aaron S, Scott M, Rob H, Justin, Louis M, Paul G, John W, Alexis, Erin J, Jennifer M, Gilbert M, Joshua, Bob H, Lawrence W, David B, Frank T, T

The Common Descent Podcast

Common Descent

Conserving Crocs with Dr. Marisa Tellez

Happy Croc Month!
In this special episode, we talk croc conservation and geek out about crocs with special guest Dr. Marisa Tellez of the Crocodilian Research Coalition. We learn about what it’s like to study crocs in the wild, we discuss the importance of public education, and we hear some of Marisa’s amazing croc tales!
Follow Marisa on Instagram and Twitter: @crocparasites13
CRC Info:
Webpage: www.crocodileresearchcoalition.org
Facebook and Pinterest: Crocodile Research Coalition
Instagram: @crocodileresearchcoalition
Twitter: @CrocResCoal
TikTok: crc_crocresearchcoal
Check out more Croc Month activities on our social media, Discord, and Patreon (links below)!
Check out our blog for more info about us and our episodes:
Join us on Patreon to support the podcast and enjoy bonus content! https://www.patreon.com/commondescentpodcast 

Terrible Lizards

Iszi Lawrence and David Hone

TLS06E08 Dancing Dinosaurs and Bat Noses

The Questions episode! Untapped fossils, bad evolution, therapod bites, spaniel ears, courtship dances and MORE! Big thanks to everyone who sent in their questions. Martin, Glen, Mathew, Sam, Kim (https://kimralls.co.uk/), Gutza, Robbie, John, Marlon aaaand John. We will be back in the summer - please do support us on Patreon, where we will be adding some extra content. Also BUY DAVE'S BOOK - The Future of Dinosaurs or in the USA: How fast does a T-rex run? Aaaand it is available as an AUDIOBOOK on audible, so no excuse ;). And of course you should also check out Iszi's books which have extant dinosaurs in them... well, a chicken called Susan. iszi.com/books Do please keep in touch - we love to hear from everyone - @iszi_lawrence and @dave_hone on twitter.   

Farm Small Farm Smart

The Modern Grower Podcast Network

Sattin Hill Market Farming Course Module 16: Weed Management (FSFS254)

This episode of Farm Small Farm Smart features Module 16 in the Sattin Hill Market Farming Course, where Josh Sattin talks about general principles and mindsets regarding weed management. https://www.paperpot.co/josh Watch the Sattin Hill Farm Course: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wIuQBEr4pd4

Origin Stories

The Leakey Foundation

First Steps at Laetoli

In this episode, we explore five strange fossilized footprints found by Mary Leakey at the site of Laetoli in Tanzania. Decades after their original discovery, these footprints have revealed a new story about our ancient ancestors that expands our understanding of how hominins moved and interacted.  ThanksThanks to Dr. Ellison McNutt and Dr. Charles Musiba for sharing their work.  Thanks as well to Jim Carty and Pat Randall for generously sponsoring this episode. Jim is a long-time Leakey Foundation supporter who actually volunteered to work at Laeotli in the 1980s to help figure out a way to preserve the Laetoli footprints.   Learn more Footprint evidence of early hominin locomotor diversity at Laetoli, Tanzania   Charming video of Dr. McNutt coaxing a baby bear to walk upright   Dr. Charles Musiba's website Dr. Ellison McNutt's website The Kilham Bear Center   Conservation of the Laetoli Footprints - a talk by Dr. Charles Musiba   The Ngorongoro C

From The Shadows

Shane Grove, The Barrister, Jason Lewis, Jerry Muniz, Ozark Howler

Sasquatch in Colorado with Zeus Platt of Project Sasquatch

Zeus Platt of Project Sasquatch joins us to discuss a lifetime of Sasquatch experiences he's had in Colorado. From The Shadows Podcast is a program where we seriously discuss the supernatural, the paranormal, cryptozoology as well as ufology. Anything that cannot be rationally explained has a platform for discussion here on the From The Shadows Podcast.Don’t forget to subscribe!www.fromtheshadowspodcast.comwww.facebook.com/fromtheshadowspodcastwww.instagram.com/shanegroveauthorwww.instagram.com/fromtheshadowspodcast#Sasquatch #bigfoot #colorado #nativeamerican #dogman #orbs #ghosts #zeusplatt #projectsasquatchAdvertising Inquiries: https://redcircle.com/brandsPrivacy & Opt-Out: https://redcircle.com/privacy

Mini Ice Age Conversations | ADAPT 2030

David DuByne | ADAPT 2030

(MIAC #362) Overlap of Crisis Periods How Will Theses Effect You Starting Now

As the world slips further into instability becoming a former shell of itself, the world we grew up with, the economy, food production and transportation are leading to Tipping Points in real time.    Thank You for Visiting my Sponsors: ADAPT 2030 (PATREON) My Patriot Supply Emergency Food Kit Hemplucid True Leaf Market Heirloom and Organic Seeds ADAPT 2030 AMAZON SHOP

Seven: Disturbing Chronicle Stories of Scary, Paranormal & Horror Tales

Seven: A Disturbing Stories Chronicle of Scary, Paranormal & Horror Tales

Human Guinea Pigs (Remix Edition)

Did you know that horrendous experiments were carried out on the American public without knowledge or consent?
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Big Picture Science

SETI Institute

Fantastic-er Voyage

Thinking small can sometimes achieve big things. A new generation of diminutive robots can enter our bodies and deal with medical problems such as intestinal blockages. But do we really want them swimming inside us, even if they’re promising to help? You might change your mind when you hear what else is cruising through our bloodstream: microplastics! 
We take a trip into the human body, beginning with the story of those who first dared to open it up for medical purposes. But were the first surgeons really cavemen?

Ira Rutkow – Surgeon and writer, and author of “Empire of the Scalpel: The History of Surgery”

Dick Vethaak – Emeritus professor of ecotoxicology, water quality and health at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (Free University, Amsterdam) in The Netherlands

Li Zhang – Professor in the Department of Mechanical and Automation Engineering, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

The Numberphile Podcast

Brady Haran

Interviews with people who love numbers and mathematics. Hosted by Brady Haran, maker of the Numberphile series on YouTube.

Crime Pays But Botany Doesn't


LOWBROW BOTANY, with digressions on evolutionary history, phylogenetics, systematics, and the hunt for the filthiest public bathroom in Alta California

Farm Small Farm Smart Daily

The Modern Grower Podcast Network

The Segmented Production Systems on Large Farms

In this episode, Brian Bates breaks down the segmented production systems of large farms, as featured in FSFS117.   Make farming easier with the Paperpot Transplanter and Other Small Farm Equipment at https://www.paperpot.co/ Follow PaperpotCo on IG https://instagram.com/paperpotco Podcasts by Diego Footer: Microgreens: https://apple.co/2m1QXmW Vegetable Farming: https://apple.co/2lCuv3m Livestock Farming: https://apple.co/2m75EVG Large Scale Farming: https://apple.co/2kxj39i Small Farm Tools https://www.paperpot.co/

Infectious Disease Puscast

Vincent Racaniello

A review of the infectious diseases literature from the previous two weeks.

Main Engine Cut Off

Anthony Colangelo

T+212: NASA’s Budget, Commercial LEO, and the Sustaining Lunar Development Contract

The White House has finally submitted its fiscal year 2023 budget request, which has big implications for NASA’s Commercial LEO program, and their newest announcement, the upcoming Sustaining Lunar Development contract to support the Artemis program’s lunar landings through the 2020s.This episode of Main Engine Cut Off is brought to you by 40 executive producers—Simon, Lauren, Kris, Pat, Matt, Jorge, Ryan, Donald, Lee, Chris, Warren, Bob, Russell, Moritz, Joel, Jan, David, Joonas, Robb, Tim Dodd (the Everyday Astronaut!), Frank, Julian and Lars from Agile Space, Tommy, Matt, The Astrogators at SEE, Chris, Aegis Trade Law, Fred, Hemant, Dawn Aerospace, Andrew, and seven anonymous—and 748 other supporters.TopicsNASA Provides Update to Astronaut Moon Lander Plans Under Artemis | NASANASA Lays Out Revised Approach for Future Human Lunar Landing Systems – SpacePolicyOnline.comNASA to support devel

Where Is My Mind?

Mark Gober and Blue Duck Media

Ep. 8: Revolution

"It's time for us to wake up."
Featuring host Mark Gober’s interviews with Dr. Eben Alexander, Dr. Larry Dossey, Brenda Dunne, Dr. Donald Hoffman, Dr. Ed Kelly, Dr. Bernardo Kastrup, Dr. Brian Josephson, Rupert Spira, Dr. Roger Nelson, Dr. Eztel Cardeña, Dr. Jeff Kripal, Dr. Jude Currivan, Dr. Alan Hugenot, Barbara Bartolome, Laura Powers, and Dr. Jan Holden. 
Listen to all of Mark’s interviews here: https://markgober.com/podcast/
Dr. Cardeña's paper on telepathy, remote viewing, precognition, and psychokinesis (American Psychologist journal, 2018): https://psycnet.apa.org/buy/2018-24699-001   
Federico Faggin paper on artificial intelligence and consciousness (2018)  http://marconisociety.org/the-fundamental-differences-between-artificial-and-human-intelligence/
Dr. Dean Radin's double slit quantum physics studies:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nRSBaq3vAeY and http://deanradin.com/evidence/RadinPhysicsEssays2013.p

The Science of Everything Podcast

James Fodor

Episode 128: Wind, Deserts, and Coasts

A discussion of the effect of wind on landscapes, focusing on deserts and coastlines. I outline the processes of eolian erosion, transportation, and deposition occurring in deserts, with particular focus on the formation and types of sand dunes. I also discuss other desert landforms, such as the desert pavement, mesas, and alluvial fans. I conclude with a look at coastal processes, including cliff erosion, emergent and submergent coastlines, and beach erosion processes.
If you enjoyed the podcast please consider supporting the show by making a PayPal donation or becoming a Patreon supporter.

Cryptid Campfire

Cryptid Campfire

216. Campfire Sendoff

In this closing episode of Cryptid Campfire, Alex, Eli and Jasmine share some of their favorite episodes and create epic cryptid coliseum battles that close out the fictional storyline. They also share a heartfelt thank you to the Paranormal Network and their subscribers!

Bigfoot’s Wilderness Podcast

Bigfoot's Wilderness Podcast

Let’s talk Bigfoot and listen to some interesting and at times ,downright scary encounter stories. We’ll also talk with researchers in the field a nd interview witnesses as well about this mysterious and legendary creature.

Mushroom Revival Podcast

Alex Dorr and Lera Niemackl

End of Season One

Mushroom Revival Podcast is saying farewell to our beloved co-host, Lera Niemackl. Nearly three years running, our show has evolved and blossomed in ways we did not think possible when we launched.Season 2 will still have the host and founder of Mushroom Revival that we know and love, Alex Dorr. As we transition to this new era in podcasting, episode frequencies will fluctuate as we figure out how to best produce the show with new team members. Thank you all for being part of this journey and making this podcast thrive.Show notes:Support Lera's mushroom endeavors: https://www.patreon.com/mycotalabs/Mushroom in Every Language: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1n8TfPMjLcLa8oVwFKMmgPuvbieakmB-6jd9stiLZ6xI/edit#gid=0


MIT Environmental Solutions Initiative

TIL what it costs

Today’s episode is about the money of climate change. When people talk about how much it costs to stop climate change, what are we paying for? And who’s paying, exactly? And if we don’t pay to stop climate change – how much will that cost us? To answer these questions, we spoke with Dr. Barbara Buchner from the Climate Policy Initiative.For a deeper dive and additional resources related to this episode, visit: https://climate.mit.edu/podcasts/til-what-it-costsFor more episodes of TILclimate by the MIT Environmental Solutions Initiative, visit tilclimate.mit.edu. CreditsLaur Hesse Fisher, Host and ProducerDavid Lishansky, Editor and ProducerAaron Krol, Associate ProducerIlana Hirschfeld, Production AssistantCarolyn Shea, Fact CheckerSylvia Scharf, Education SpecialistMusic by Blue Dot SessionsArtwork by Aaron Krol

Sustainable World Radio- Ecology and Permaculture Podcast

Jill Cloutier

Raptors and Rodenticides- the Unintended Consequences of Rat Poison

Episode 164: Are you a fan of Raptors or birds of prey? Members of this large group of magnificent birds include hawks, eagles, falcons, and owls. For many of us, seeing raptors in cities and in the wilderness is awe-inspiring.  To learn more about these amazing birds, I am joined by Lisa Owens Viani and Allen Fish, co-founders of the nonprofit Raptors Are the Solution (RATS).  We begin by chatting about the wonders of raptors and why Lisa and Allen have devoted so much of their lives to helping these birds. We then discuss the impact that anticoagulant rodenticides is having on raptors and wildlife. Used worldwide, rodenticides (or rat poisons) affect not only rats, but also large numbers of non-target animals including raptors, bobcats, mountain lions, coyotes, bears, and fish. Rodenticides enter the food chain when animals eat poisoned rodents and receive secondary exposure. Anticoagulant rodenticide inge


Blake Smith

Introducing The Cryptid Club

Mike Brumm (author) and Jeff Mack (illustrator) bring young readers a new series about an intrepid gang of kid investigators dealing with the remarkably bizarre appearance of cryptids in their world.  Book one of the new series is subtitled Bigfoot Takes the Field and I'm joined by author Mike Brumm to discuss the book and its origin. 

This is not some dry academic book about debunking bigfoot, nor is it a breathless account of hunting monsters.  Instead it's a delightful and silly fantasy world where smarts and chutzpah solves a mystery, and saves the day. 

Check it out!  (This is not a paid advert for the book - but if you use the Amazon link our show does get a tiny bit of the sale.) 


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So You Want to Be a Marine Biologist

K. G. Muzia

82. Isobel Yeo: Underwater Volcanoes, Chimneys in the Ocean, and Fish with Feet

Isobel Yeo is a marine volcanologist, which means she studies volcanoes underwater. Volcanoes are found everywhere, and we really don’t know that much about them. Today, Izzy and I chat about why it can actually be easier to study space than the ocean, and what field work really looks like including playing with ROVs and seeing fish with feet in thousands of feet of water. We chat about blue mining and what that means and how we, in our everyday lives, impact it. Izzy also explains the complexity of naming underwater seamounts, and I have a request for any listeners that like maps about halfway through, so stay tuned for that. Show Notes: marinebio.life/82Support the show

Weather Geeks

Weather Group Television

Changing Climate Changes the Tropics

Guest: Dr. Jim KossinThe 2020 and 2021 hurricane seasons were both above average based on the number of named storms. The changing climate and its impact on the strength and frequency of tropical cyclones is constantly being studied. Our next guest has focused his studies on hurricanes and the impacts that the climate and climate change are having on these systems. With another active hurricane season expected in 2022, we welcome Senior Scientist with The Climate Service, Dr. Jim Kossin, to this week’s episode of Weather Geeks…See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.

Strange Animals Podcast

Katherine Shaw

A podcast about living, extinct, and imaginary animals!


Nico Johnson

473: Can we make C&I solar more “bankable”? Jeff MacCauley & Jim Bowen of Energetic Insurance

Jeff McAulay and Jim Bowen are back on SunCast to discuss how we can reach more Commercial & Industrial (C&I) customers and accelerate the adoption curve for this critical segment of the industry. I’ve had Jeff on the show before talking about how, through their company Energetic Insurance, they have helped developers improve the credit rating of their solar clients such that they are able to do more projects more quickly. Today Jeff & Jim talk about how the solar market is evolving to address our collective ability to reach more clients faster within the C&I sector. Among the questions we touch on in today’s discussion are:
How do you evaluate the risk of unrated solar projects?
How do you move at the pace of startup in an otherwise glacial industry?
How do you innovate on an existing product (credit insurance)? 
What shifts are they

StarDate Podcast

McDonald Observatory

Summer Solstice

A beautiful sight greets early risers on the first day of summer tomorrow: a conjunction between the Moon and the planet Jupiter. Jupiter looks like a brilliant star to the upper left of the Moon. As a bonus, orange Mars is not far to their left.
Summer actually arrives at just about the same time — 4:14 a.m. Central Daylight Time. That moment is the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere. The Sun is farthest north for the entire year, so it’s the longest day of the year.
Despite all that sunlight, the solstice is not the warmest day of the year. That usually comes in July or August for most of the hemisphere. And there are a couple of reasons for that.
Since the Sun stays high in the sky long after the solstice, it continues to shine almost directly down on us. So its rays pass through a thinner layer of atmosphere than at other times of the year. That means the atmosphere doesn’t filter out much of the Sun’s energy, so things continue to

Pulse of the Planet Podcast with Jim Metzner | Science | Nature | Environment | Technology

Jim Metzner

Australian Dawn

Launching our new expanded format with one of my favorite recordings, dawn at Grampians National Park in Australia. Headphones on -- this is a beautiful soundscape!! The park, located west of Melbourne, is managed by First Nation Australians. Their traditional name for the area is Brambuk. This episode includes an excerpt from an interview with Alan Burns, who when this recording was made in 2006, was the park's Cultural Heritage Protection Officer. We welcome your questions and insights at pulse@igc.org or via the contact link at pulseplanet.com. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

The Geology Flannelcast

Chris Seminack, Jesse Thornburg, and Steve Peterson

#132 - Coastal Plain Fun

This week’s episode is a Patreon requested topic - cool stuff along the coastal plain. We talk specifically about interesting features along the US southeast Atlantic coastal plain.

Podcast | ice age farmer

Ice Age Farmer, iceagefarmer.com

Fmr CDC Director: Bird Flu is the Real Pandemic – C19 was just practice

Former CDC Director Robert Redfield has stated that Bird Flu will jump to humans and be highly fatal in the coming “Great Pandemic,” for which C19 was a mere warm-up. Download (mp3): FULL REPORT on Gates-funded gain-of-function research on weaponizing H5N1: BIRD FLU: the Next Pandemic? FULL SHOW NOTES: https://www.iceagefarmer.com/2022/04/09/fmr-cdc-director-bird-flu-is-the-real-pandemic-c19-was-just-practice/ GET OFF YOUTUBE NOW! On […]

Brain Matters

Brain Matters Neuroscience

But Always See First with Dr. Roderick MacKinnon

On this episode, Anthony spoke to Dr. Roderick MacKinnon (Professor, Rockefeller University, HHMI) about ion channels, studying what fascinates you, and the importance of thinking childishly.   The music on today's episode was by The Caretaker: thecaretaker.bandcamp.com

Bigfoot Crossroads

Matt Knapp

Ep:20 Bigfoot Nests Discovered In Washington

Todd Hale of the Olympic Project joins me to talk about the bigfoot nests they are studying in a remote area of Washington. This might be one of the biggest bigfoot discoveries to date. Todd has some amazing bigfoot stories, all starting with his own encounter he had in Southern California as a teenager.

WeMartians Podcast

Jake Robins

123 - A Moon-Sized Opportunity (feat. Brett Denevi)

NASA is headed to the Moon in more ways than one. A coalition of human spaceflight, planetary science, and commercialization advocates stand to make an exciting decade of Lunar exploration. But such a collaboration does not come easy, and there's lot of work to get done before we execute it. Planetary Scientist Brett Denevi joins Jake to talk about the opportunities, the challenges, and the incredible science that awaits.We talk NASA and the MoonPlanetary Science Decadal Survey 2023-2032The Endurance Rover studyAll the Mission Concept Studies from the DecadalFollow BrettBrett's TwitterBrett's Profile at JHUAPLFollow Jake & WeMartiansWeMartians.comPatreon (https://www.wemartians.com/support)WeMartians Shop (shop.wemartians.com)Mailing List (https://wemartians.com/signup)Twitter (@we_martians)Jake’s Twitter (@JakeOnOrbit)Off-Nominal YouTubeMarsti.meMarsti.meLearn about time on Mars! See live mission clocks, learn about sols a

Believe: Paranormal & UFO Podcast

Kade Moir

S14E5: It didn’t want me there

We welcome Ben to the podcast to share the hair raising encounter he had with something mysterious while out walking with his dog in the bush.Purchase Angry Yowie Coffee!Use discount code “believe” for 10% off your order! Shop here: https://bit.ly/cryptidcoffee Have a short story? Leave us a voicemailAustralia: 02 8405 7977International +61 2 8405 7977Or email it to believepod@gmail.comBecome a Believe+ Member for exclusive showsJoin here: http://bit.ly/2mh5qeW  Have you had an encounter?If you have had an encounter get in touch with me. My email address is believepod@gmail.comFollow us on social mediaFacebook: https://bit.ly/38OwR4C  Instagram: https://bit.ly/3hsHu23 Twitter: https://bit.ly/3yLEkMl Discord: https://bit.ly/3BFjRuG See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

Are We There Yet?

90.7 WMFE

Starliner’s redo, part two. Plus, the story of Susan Borman, Apollo 8 commander’s wife

Boeing’s Starliner is set for yet another test mission, a critical step before NASA lets its astronauts fly to space in it. So what’s at stake for Boeing? And why is having two providers so important for NASA?

Sciware سايوير

محمد قاسم

SW198 هل للحشرات مشاعر؟

هل لدى النحلة شعور؟ هل تشعر بالسعادة أو الحزن؟ هل للنحلة وعي لكي تشعر؟ لو قلت لك أن الإجابة على هذا السؤال أو سؤال ما إذا كانت النحلة أو الحشرات بشكل عام لها مشاعر هو ربما، قد ترفض الاعتقاد بأن هذا الشيء ممكن أو ربما قد تضحك: "الذبابة لها مشاعر؟"، من الصعب تخيل إمكانية أن تكون للحشرات مشاعر.

في هذه الحلقة سأتناول الأسئلة من الناحية العلمية: هل تشعر الحشرة بالألم؟ هل تحزن أو تكتئب؟ أم أنها مجرد آلات تتحرك باستخدام جسد بيولوجي بسيط؟ هل الخلايا العصبية التي فيها ليست إلا أجهزة بسيطة تحركها لتفادي الخطر من شعور غير داخلي؟

Paleo Nerds


Episode #55 Dave and Ray didn’t go away

Ray and Dave talk about their latest adventures, Paleo News, and upcoming ideas for future guests.

Tracking the Tropics with Bryan Norcross

Fox Weather

The 30th anniversary of Hurricane Andrew comes up this August. You know we’ll talk about that this season, and it’s the 10th anniversary of Superstorm Sandy. There is STILL so much to learn from both those events. As there is with every big disaster. The unimaginable rain from Harvey, the morning the flood walls toppled in Katrina. The assault on Louisiana by Ida and stunning events caused by its remnants in the Northeast.  And, of course the extreme winds in Dorian, Maria, Michael, and other rapidly developing storms of the last several years. We’ve got a lot to talk about. There is new science just coming along, and new techniques for measuring the atmosphere around, inside, and under hurricanes. I’ll be talking with the brightest minds in tropical meteorology, and I’ll bring my experience to the discussion, as we talk all-things hurricanes. We’ll talk to experts that know about that. Why is the El Niño/La Niña phenomenon in the Pacific seemingly stuck on La Niña? Which has meant more strong Atlantic hurricanes. How does the apparent onslaught of hurricanes lately compare with the hyper-active periods of the past. Plus, we’ll talk about what’s happening right now. We’ll try to sort out the sometimes confusing signals that Mother Nature sends on how strong or concerning a developing storm might be.

In Research Of

William Blake Smith

S03E17 - Psychic Sea Hunt

The In Search Of team heads of to Santa Catalina island to hunt for underwater archaeology guided only by "remote viewers" Ingo Swann and Hella Hammid. Nimoy Fashion:   Links from our Discussion: Robert Ballard Titanic search cover for military submarine research The Mobius Group The JASON Group Stephan Schwartz paper on the use of remote viewing in Archaeology Stephan A. Schwartz's website  Alexander the Great's tomb (wikipedia) - it also recently showed up in a certain Marvel creative endeavor which I'm not going to mention because of "spoilers." HYCO submarine was a "Pisces Class" deep submersible and some of these went to depths of more than 8000 feet.  The Taurus  IS FOR SALE!!! Blake & Jeb discussing the video series Hellier with Hayley Stevens on her podcast The Spooktator. The Great Wall of Benin Lost Kingdoms of Africa: Great Zimbabwe Jack Parsons and the JPL Spiritual healer "Rolling Thunder" who so

The Humble Hoof

Alicia Harlov

Making Hoofcare a Positive Experience with Adele Shaw

Adele Shaw, international mentor, trainer, and creator of The Willing Equine podcast, talks about how to work with horses to have a more positive farrier appointment. She talks about how to begin working with horses with a history of "farrier phobia," horses who struggle to stand well, etc.  For more info, see: www.thewillingequine.com

Cincinnati Zoo Tales


Ryan Dumas, Cincinnati Zoo

Our reptile expert Ryan tells us all about turtles and his conservation work to help save them in the wild!

This Week in Science – The Kickass Science Podcast

Dr. Kirsten Sanford Science Media

How to See the Galaxy

What is in the This Week in Science Podcast? This Week: GAIA Data, Sample Return, Planetary systems, Wigs, Tired Plants, Human echolocation, Baby Brains, 1000 genes, Baby Whales, Seals, Baby Compass, Hot Heads, Sleepy Anger, And Much More… Become a Patron! Check out the full episode of our science podcast on YouTube. You can do […]
The post 15 June, 2022 – Episode 880 – How to See the Galaxy appeared first on This Week in Science - The Kickass Science Podcast.

과학하고 앉아있네

과학과 사람들

과학 토크 시리즈, 『과학하고 앉아있네』 매주 금요일 업데이트 됩니다. 1주차 「뉴스룸」 * 과학계에 일어난 뉴스를 알기 쉽게 2주차 「과학하고 앉아있네 - 천문학자들」 * 천문학자들과 함께 듣는 우주 이야기 3주차 「격동 500년」 * 곽재식 작가와 함께 알아보는 과학자들 4주차 「과학하고 앉아있네 - 물리학자들」 * 세상 모든 것의 물리학에 대하여



Episode 139: Marrellomorphs

Marrellomorphs are the group of early Paleozoic arthropods that get their name from the well-known Burgess Shale fossil Marrella splendens. They have for a long time been considered to be closely related to the trilobites, based on similarities in their gills, but numerous studies have since suggested they are closer related to mandibulate arthropods (crustaceans, insects & myriapods), although their strange appearance means other relationships might still be plausible. Since they have a soft exoskeleton, marellomorphs have a very poor fossil record and so the discovery of any new specimens outside of the Burgess Shale can be incredibly significant. In this interview, we speak to Joe Moysiuk of the University of Toronto and Royal Ontario Museum about his newly described species Tomlinsonus dimitrii.

The Science Show - Full Program Podcast

ABC Radio

Carbon movie explores the misunderstood element which has allowed life to happen

* Election hopes for science
* Carbon – the element with a nice voice
* Secondary science – more analysis, less rote learning, not so much time for history
* Catastrophe – higher risk than most people might think

Grazing Grass Podcast

Cal Hardage

e44. Getting Started on Ten Acres with Calahan Maynard

In this episode of The Grazing Grass Podcast, Cal talks with Calahan Maynard! Calahan and his family are new to raising grass finished beef.   They have ten acres and have purchased a few calves.  We discuss getting started, rotational grazing, and other aspects of just starting out. Show notes are available at https://grazinggrass/episodes/44.

Quantum Field Theory with Dr. Rodeny A. Brooks

Dr. Rodney A. Brooks

Particles vs. Fields - A Battle of Three Rounds

Almost a hundred years ago a physics theory emerged known as quantum mechanics. From the beginning, quantum mechanics, a theory based on particles, was plagued with weirdness and mystery. A bit later quantum field theory was developed, describing a world made of fields, not particles. After a battle of three rounds, quantum mechanics emerged as the victor, unfortunately, and today the paradoxes of quantum mechanics permeate our culture, from movies to comic strips. This video describes the "slugfest" between quantum mechanics and quantum field theory, as Prof. Edward Finn and Dr. Rodney Brooks put on the gloves and show why quantum field theory is still the best way to understand physics. Read more at http://www.quantum-field-theory.net

Brain Inspired

Paul Middlebrooks

BI 139 Marc Howard: Compressed Time and Memory

Check out my short video series about what's missing in AI and Neuroscience.

Support the show to get full episodes and join the Discord community.

Marc Howard runs his Theoretical Cognitive Neuroscience Lab at Boston University, where he develops mathematical models of cognition, constrained by psychological and neural data. In this episode, we discuss the idea that a Laplace transform and its inverse may serve as a unified framework for memory. In short, our memories are compressed on a continuous log-scale: as memories get older, their representations "spread out" in time. It turns out this kind of representation seems ubiquitous in the brain and across cognitive functions, suggesting it is likely a canonical computation our brains use to represent a wide variety of cognitive functions. We also discus

Apes Among Us


Planet of the Mystery Apes, Chapter 2: Asia’s Almasty

In a region that was once the running grounds of the Mongol hordes, khans, and warlords, stretching from the Caucasus to Mongolia and the borders of China, there in remote corners supposedly resides an enigmatic, wild, man-like species, generally known as "Almasty." Join hosts Matt Pruitt and Daryl Colyer as they interview archaeologist Paul Bowman, Jr. for a fascinating discussion about the Almasty, Asia's mystery ape. 

Marine Science (Audio)


Triton Talks: Solving Our Plastic Problem With Algae

Plastic is everywhere. There are 17 trillion tons of the stuff on the planet. While plastic is convenient and cheap, it can take hundreds of years to decompose. Michael Burkart, Ph.D., professor of chemistry and biochemistry at UC San Diego, works on inventing new types of renewable, biodegradable plastic made from algae, including the world's first algae surfboard as well as flip flops and sneakers. Burkart is a founder and has an equity position in Algenesis Materials. Series: "Triton Talks" [Science] [Show ID: 38075]

The Immunology Podcast

The Immunology Podcast

Ep. 23: “Dendritic Cells and the Immune System” Featuring Dr. Caetano Reis e Sousa

Dr. Caetano Reis e Sousa is the Assistant Research Director and Senior Group Leader at the Francis Crick Institute. His lab studies the molecular pathways that trigger dendritic cells into action. He talks about the mechanisms of dendritic cell cross-presentation, RNA interference, and dendritic cell progenitors in influenza.

Viced Rhino: The Podcast

Viced Rhino

If I Don't Like Evolution, Creation MUST Be True!

Today, Matt Powell says he is going to give the best argument for creationism. And the best argument for creationism is a false dichotomy. Fun.Get Surfshark VPN at https://surfshark.deals/rhino - Enter promo code RHINO for83% off and 3 extra months for FREE!Sources:Nearly neutral theory of molecular evolution: https://bit.ly/37oNmXyThe other side of the nearly neutral theory, evidence of slightly advantageous back-mutations: https://bit.ly/3LINy2XLactose intolerance: https://bit.ly/3r92YpjAn Upper Limit on the Functional Fraction of the Human Genome: https://bit.ly/3LPJLRzConstructing primate phylogenies from ancient retrovirus sequences: https://bit.ly/3a7PuifPrimate - Definition: https://bit.ly/374vTUTWhat do Primates Have in Common?: https://bit.ly/3LWwkz4Homo habilis, rudolfensis A. sediba: https://bit.ly/3mhfOjOHomo habilis, rudolfensis A. sediba Discussion: https://bit.ly/2XHcSmgOriginal Video: https://bit.ly/3E1byMdCa

6 Ranch Podcast

James Nash

Bay Scallops and the Coffee Business, with Baker Leavitt

Fresh from competing in the SIG SAUER Hunter Games, I recently had the chance to chat with the very funny, Baker Leavitt. Baker is an avid hunter, both for big game and bay scallops, which he likens to "an underwater easter egg hunt for adults." He also works in business development for Black Rifle Coffee Company, a veteran owned business. In this episode, Baker and I discuss scallop hunting, Black Rifle's rapid rise to success, this year's SIG Hunter Games, and the story of the best day he ever had, archery hunting his first elk. Black Rifle Coffee CompanyOn InstagramBaker LeavittBRCC

NOAA Ocean Podcast

National Ocean Service

Water Level Stations and their Role in Tsunami Detection

Tsunamis pose a threat to our nation’s coastal communities and can have devastating impacts to lives and property. These powerful forces of nature can be caused by events like earthquakes, landslides, and even volcanic activity like the January 2022 eruption in the Tonga Islands region. Although they can’t be stopped, detecting and monitoring these waves when they occur can help warn the public of possible danger. In this episode, we speak with Paul Fanelli, Lead Oceanographer for NOAA’s National Ocean Service, Center for Operational Oceanographic Products and Services to learn how water level stations provide critical data to help issue alerts, and about the unique wave caused by the Tonga eruption.

Episode permanent link, transcript, and show notes

Biology 3020 -- Pathophysiology with Doc C

Dr. Gerald Cizadlo

Biology 3020: Lectures on Pathophysiology

Data Crunch

Data Crunch Corporation

Creating a Database for AI with Activeloop

Working with structured and semistructured data can be hard, but it's currently much easier than working with unstructured data, like images, video, audio, and text. We talk with Davit Buniatyan, CEO of Activeloop, who chats with us about how he works to make unstructured data for machine learning easier and faster to work with. 

The Caravan, Library of Lore Podcast

The Caravan, Library Of Lore | Age of Radio

Sit by our fire and hear tales of old and recent accounts of real beasts and monsters you thought only lived in your nightmares. Travel through the dark forest to join us each Tuesday at 8pm central, ​we promise to fuel your nightmares and entice your mind with wonder. Become our Patreon for exclusives and a more immersive experience: https://www.patreon.com/thecaravanoflore Check out our merchandise on threadless! https://thecaravanoflore.threadless.com/designs/caravan-logo

The Plant Report- Every Plant Has A Story

Jill Cloutier

The Wild World of Hops

Welcome to the world of Hops, Humulus lupulus.  In this relaxed conversation with organic farmer and Hops grower Acadia Tucker, we discuss this unwieldy and happy to be alive plant. We touch briefly on the history of Hops, which like its illustrious relative Cannabis, was once feared as a “wicked weed.” Now revered for its distinctive bitter flavor and potency as a nerve tonic, Hops is grown worldwide.  Acadia talks about the difference between a bine and a vine, how to propagate Hops, and why the European Corn Borer is such a tenacious pest for Hops crops.  We chat about what Hops needs to thrive, how to integrate Hops into your landscape as a home grower, and how It can grow so tall that farm workers in the past used to harvest it wearing stilts! Acadia and I also discuss the chemical components of Hops and some of the nonalcoholic ways to utilize it including paper making, fiber, natural dye, and as a medicinal tea for relaxation and insomnia.  Acad

Shark Week's Daily Bite


Marine biologist Luke Tipple interviews the top experts behind Shark Week, getting a behind-the-scenes take on their adventures and shark research. You'll hear about close calls with Great Whites, dangerous deep sea dives, and all about the amazing shark discoveries and conservation happening today. Stream exclusive Shark Week content on discovery+. Daily Bite podcast listeners get a 7-day free trial—go to https://www.discoveryplus.com/dailybite to get started.* *discovery+ is currently only available for US subscribers.

What’s the Buzz with ATTTA Beekeeping Podcast


What’s the Buzz with ATTTA Beekeeping Podcast features conversations with interesting guests from our beekeeping industry. Hosted by the Atlantic Tech Transfer Team for Apiculture and always regionally relevant, the goal of this podcast is to provide beekeepers with additional insight into all aspects of our industry. Whether you are a hobby beekeeper or a large commercial pollinator, involved in blueberry or honey production, our podcast will have something of interest for you.

Patient Zero

New Hampshire Public Radio

BONUS: Lyme AMA (Ask Me Anything)

Is it Lyme disease, or Lyme's disease? Can humans take the canine Lyme vaccine? Does everybody infected with Lyme also get co-infections? These are some of the listener questions we attempt to answer in this Bonus episode. It's the Lyme AMA!
Patient Zero is sponsored by Ben’s. Click here to learn more or go to https://bens30.com/patientzero

Grassfed Life

Diego Footer

Telling Your Farm Story to Create a Deep Relationship with Customers

Melissa Ballard joins me to talk about how selling online has helped their business.  She also discusses how she tells her farm story to build and deepen the relationship with her customers. Follow Bluegrass Beef @bluegrassbeef Want to learn more?  My new book Ready Farmer One - The Farmers' Guide to Create, Design, and Market an Online Farm Store is finally out!!!  Get it on Amazon. 

The Field Guides

The Field Guides

Growing Microgreens Podcast

Diego Footer

Growing and Improving a Microgreens Business with Max Beecher and Chris Thoreau

The benefits of building a microgreens business, and how to keep improving it. Chris's online course Growing Your Profitable Microgreens Business https://microgreens.teachable.com/courses   Increase farm efficiency with the Paperpot Transplanter and Other Small Farm Equipment at https://www.paperpot.co/ Follow Diego on IG https://instagram.com/diegofooter Follow PaperpotCo on IG https://instagram.com/paperpot Podcasts by Diego Footer: Microgreens: https://apple.co/2m1QXmW Vegetable Farming: https://apple.co/2lCuv3m Livestock Farming: https://apple.co/2m75EVG Large Scale Farming: https://apple.co/2kxj39i Small Farm Tools https://www.paperpot.co/    

This Week in Evolution

Vincent Racaniello

TWiEVO 76: One-step symbiosis

Nels and Vincent describe how a single amino acid change can allow E. coli to replace the essential gut symbiont of the stinkbug Plautia stali. Hosts: Nels Elde and Vincent Racaniello Click arrow to play Download TWiEVO 75  (103 MB .mp3, 86 min) Subscribe (free): Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, RSS, email Become a patron of TWiEVO Links for this episode Making E. coli an insect mutualist (bioRxiv) Letters read on TWiEVo 76 Time stamps by Jolene. Thanks! Science Picks Nels – Inequality in science and the case for a new agenda Vincent – Foundations of Virology by Fred Murphy Listener Pick Sam – Saturday Morning Breakfast – Evolutionist Music on TWiEVO is performed by Trampled by Turtles Send your evolution questions and comments to twievo@microbe.tv

America Adapts the Climate Change Podcast

Doug Parsons

Affordable Housing and Climate Change with Laurie Schoeman of Enterprise Community Partners

In the latest episode of America Adapts, Doug Parsons hosts Laurie Schoeman, the National Director for Climate Risk Reduction and Resilience at Enterprise Community Partners. We discuss:  affordable housing and climate change; standardizing resilience in building codes; what’s problematic about the subject of managed retreat; Resilience21; and a new, important FEMA housing policy change. Topics discussed: Affordable housing and climate change. Resilience should be as well understood by the public as Energy star in regard to energy efficiency. Standardizing resilience in building codes. What’s problematic about the subject of managed retreat. Resilience21 – What is it and what does it do? How to distribute climate funding in an equitable way. Learn about FEMA’s recent policy decision regarding long term housing. Donate to America Adapts Listen to America Adapts on your favorite app

When We Talk About Animals

Yale Podcast Network

Ep. 46 – Paleobiologist Thomas Halliday on the Animals of Ancient Worlds

The fossil record acts as both a memorial to life’s spectacular possibilities and as a warning to humanity about how fast dominance can become forgotten history, according to our guest, Scottish paleobiologist Dr. Thomas Halliday. Halliday’s research investigates long-term patterns in the fossil record, particularly in mammals. In his magnificent and daring new book “Otherlands: … Continue reading Ep. 46 – Paleobiologist Thomas Halliday on the Animals of Ancient Worlds →

The Biology of Superheroes Podcast

Dr. Shane Campbell-Staton and Arien Darby

Episode 16: Antman - The Biology of Ants

In this episode Shane and Arien discuss the insect arsenal of Scott Lang (Antman) and his predecessor, Dr. Hank Pym. Shane interviews Dr. Corrie Moreau of Cornell University about ant weaponry, ant communication and the science behind Antman's helmet. How do ants organize to perform such complicated tasks? What has made them one of the most successful groups of animals on the planet? Which ant species has the most unbearable sting? Take a listen and find out!


Music by: The Passion Hifi


Steve Hsu

Greg Clark: Genetics and Social Mobility — #14

Gregory Clark is Distinguished Professor of Economics at UC-Davis. He is an editor of the European Review of Economic History, chair of the steering committee of the All-UC Group in Economic History, and a Research Associate of the Center for Poverty Research at Davis. He was educated at Cambridge University and received a PhD from Harvard University.His areas of research are long-term economic growth, the wealth of nations, economic history, and social mobility.Steve and Greg discuss:0:00 Introduction2:31 Background in economics and genetics10:25 The role of genetics in determining social outcomes16:27 Measuring social status through marriage and occupation36:15 Assortative mating and the industrial revolution49:38 Criticisms of empirical data, engagement on genetics and economic history1:12:12 Heckman and Landerso study of social mobility in US vs Denmark1:24:32 Predicting cognitive traits1:33:26 Assortative mati

The Show About Science

Nate / The Company Making Podcasts

090: The Tale of Tails with Bo Xia

Why don't I have a tail? That's the question that Bo Xia asked himself when he was a little kid. Bo is now a PhD candidate at NYU Grossman School of Medicine. Bo's latest research attempts to answer his childhood question by identifying the mutation that resulted in ancestral humans losing their tails. On this episode of The Show About Science, Nate and Bo talk about his work and why this mutation may have happened.

Read more about Bo's work:

Best Horse Practices Podcast

Maddy Butcher

Cathy Woods - Yoga & Riding

For this episode, Jec interviews Cathy Woods. Cathy teaches yoga to riders and has a book on this intersection of riding and yoga, called, you guessed it, Yoga for Riders. Even if you don’t dive into horseback yoga movements, the conversation nicely reminds us that it’s all about awareness. Awareness is what makes us better riders. And it definitely helps us appreciate our time with horses. We thank Lucerne Farms for their sustaining sponsorship. Lucerne is a forage company based in Northern Maine. Forage is chopped hay, an excellent option when you can’t have your horse on pasture or when you need to add calories and nutrients to your horses’ diet. We also welcome back Redmond Equine to our sponsorship family. Redmond rocks and other offerings come straight from their mine in Redmond, Utah. It’s more sustainable and affordable than salt from a Himalayan company 8000 miles away and wwaayy better than factory salt.  We thank Kate’s Real Food an

K9 Conservationists

Kayla Fratt

Leveraging Terrier Instincts with Miriam Ritchie

In this episode of K9 Conservationists, Kayla speaks with Miriam Ritchie from the New Zealand Department of Conservation about leveraging your dog’s instincts to conduct a job.
Science Highlight: Impact of weather conditions on cheetah monitoring with scat detection dogs
Patreon Questions:
Taylor: Are they hunting the rodents? Does that affect her selection?
Taylor: How has the welcome been with this project?
Megan: How do you introduce the rodents in training? Do you use wild caught, captive bred, or domestic animals in training?
Links Mentioned in the Episode:
The success of using trained dogs to locate sparse rodents in pest-free sanctuaries

Where to find Miriam Ritchie:  Instagram
You can support the K9 Conservationists Podcast by joining our Patreon at patreon.com/k9conservationists.
K9 Conservationists Website | Merch | Support Our Work | Facebook | Instagram |

Teton Topics

National Park Service

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

The Orbital Mechanics Podcast

David Fourman, Ben Etherington, and Dennis Just

Episode 361: DOWNLINK--Vaya Space

Spaceflight News— Psyche launch (sike!) (space.com) (spacenews.com) (spaceflightnow.com)Short & Sweet— Airbus wins contract to build LISA (airbus.com)— China prepares for next crewed launch (spacenews.com) (cnet.com)— Starliner, Present and Future (americaspace.com) (spacenews.com) (spacenews.com) (spacenews.com)Interview – Kineo Wallace, Lead Propulsion Design Engineer and Mickael “Buzzy” Buswell, Primary Structures Engineer of Vaya Space— Further reading: ABS 3D printed fuel grain studies at the University of Tennessee (sci-hubtw.hkvisa.net) (sci-hubtw.hkvisa.net)— Kineo and Buzzy — linkedin.com/in/kineowallace — twitter.com/kineo_wallace  — instagram.com/buzzedwell— Vaya Space — Vayaspace.com — twitter.com/vayaspace — instagram.com/vayaspace — facebook.com/VayaSpace — linkedin.comThis Week in Spaceflight History— June 4, 1996: The maiden launch of Ariane 5, flight V88 (en.wikipedia.org) (bugsnag.com) (mit.

Solar Maverick Podcast

Benoy Thanjan

SMP 01: Introduction to the Solar Maverick Podcast with Benoy and Li

About our Hosts:

Benoy Thanjan 

Benoy Thanjan is the Founder and CEO of Reneu Energy and he is also an advisor for several solar startup companies.  Reneu Energy is a premier international solar energy consulting firm and developer and the company focuses on developing commercial and industrial solar and utility scale solar plus storage projects.  The company also sources financing for solar projects and hedges energy and environmental commodities. Reneu Energy has brokered $27 million in environmental commodities transactions.  

Benoy received his first experience in Finance as an intern at D.E. Shaw & Co., which is a global investment firm with 37 billion dollars in investment capital. Before founding Reneu Energy, he was the SREC Trader in the Project Finance Group for SolarCity which merged with Tesla in 2016. He originated SREC trades with buyers and co-developed their

Zoo Logic

Dr. Grey Stafford

ZooMontana: Profile in Courage

For the past few weeks, the ZooMontana team has been at the center of a local controversy stemming from a scheduled 406 Pride event featuring drag queens reading family friendly stories to children. Executive Director, Jeff Ewelt who has borne the brunt of the criticism by those opposed to the Pride event being held at the zoo, has eloquently and unapologetically posted on social media defending his decision to host this ticketed event because "ZooMontana prides itself in being inclusive of all living beings." Animal Care Software KONG Zoo Zoo Logic

Applied Mycology

Applied Mycology

10. The MycoAlliance Story

Daniel Reyes of MycoAlliance joins us in the season one finale for a discussion of his applied mycological organization and journey into the path of mycoremediation.  We move from his scientific and professional background into the story of how he started a mycology education center at Circle Acres, a capped and restored landfill site in the city of Austin, Texas.  He provides insight into how he followed Gary Lincoff’s “dedicate your life to mushrooms” advice in a measured and thoughtful way, which has led him from mostly teaching about the uses of fungi to developing mycoremediation research protocols in the Yucatan Peninsula.
While this episode will wrap up season one of Applied Mycology and we will be taking a short break over the summer months here (in the northern hemisphere), keep an eye out for special bonus content coming in the near future.

Follow Daniel’s work and related projects on instagram:


Clinical Liver Disease


18-2: Introduction: Genetic Hepatobiliary Disease

Audible Article by Alanna Strong

Fottuti geni


Ep. 33 | Maria Gaetana Agnesi

In questa puntata andiamo alla scoperta di un genio… riluttante. Bambina prodigio, filosofa e poi brillante matematica, ha vissuto la sua vita in bilico tra la razionalità dei numeri e il richiamo della vita spirituale, una pensatrice che ha incarnato il punto di incontro tra scienza e religione durante gli anni dell’Illuminismo italiano. Venite con noi nella Milano del ‘700 per conoscere la grande Maria Gaetana Agnesi.

Vet Talk with Royal Canin

Royal Canin

Changes in Vet Medicine due to Covid - Part 2

The COVID-19 pandemic had a dramatic effect on the veterinary industry and the lives of pets in general.  The impact on the health of wellbeing of the cats and dogs we all love has been tremendous, and the way in which we care of them has been transformed.  In this two-part podcast, veterinary experts discuss some of the trends they have seen as a result of the pandemic and where they see the veterinary industry heading as we all work to regain some normalcy in our everyday lives. 

The Microbiome Podcast

The American Microbiome Institute

Episode 10: The microbiome and gut-brain communications with Dr. John Cryan

On this week's episode of The Microbiome Podcast, we spoke with Dr. John Cryan from University College Cork in Ireland. Dr. Cryan is a world leader in the study of the communication between the gut and the brain and how the microbiome may influence this pathway. We talked all things gut-brain axis with him. Read detailed show notes. 

A Tale of Two Hygienists Podcast

Andrew Johnston, RDH - One of the Two Dental Hygienists

“D4355” Fast Facts: Coding Edition

On this week’s episode of Fast Facts – Coding Edition with Teresa Duncan, MS Teresa gives us a breakdown of code D4355. Knowing how and when to use the debridement code is important! Please listen as Teresa explains the clinical conditions that we should be seeing and the administrative considerations to think about. Quotes:  “If you are able to take good oral images before and after the debridement, those are great.”  “Make sure you have the patient's permission to use those images.”  “Full mouth debridement involves the preliminary removal of plaque and calculus that interferes with the ability of the dentist to perform a comprehensive oral evaluation. Not to be completed on the same day as D0150, D0160, or D0180.” Links:  DentistRX: https://www.dentistrx.com More Fast Facts: https://www.ataleoftwohygienists.com/fast-facts/ Teresa Duncan Website: https://www.katrinasanders.com Nobody Told Me That Podcast: https://nobodytoldmethat.libsyn.

AnthroBiology Podcast

Gaby Lapera

Dr. Nicole Iturriaga - Exhuming Violent Histories

Dr. Nicole Iturriaga of UC - Irvine joined the show to talk about her book: Exhuming Violent Histories: Forensics, Memory, and Rewriting Spain’s Past. In this episode, we discuss the history of the Spanish Civil War, how forensics can help change perceptions and heal communities, and how the general public perceives forensic anthropology. Find links to articles, books, and pics at AnthroBiology.com. Find the show on Instagram and Twitter @AnthroBiology. Email the host at gaby.lapera@anthrobiology.com.

Climate Connections

Yale Center for Environmental Communication

Switching to clean energy rapidly improves community health

Reducing air pollution from fossil fuels could save more than a million U.S. lives over the next 20 years. Learn more at https://www.yaleclimateconnections.org/

The Gestalt Gardener

MPB Think Radio

The Gestalt Gardener | Gnome Place Like Home

The temperatures in February have been a rollercoaster ride but the true consent is that it is still too early to plant for your garden. With only a few more days away from Mississippi soil, Felder checks in and answers another round of southern gardening questions. Without looking to sell any particular solution Felder's advice might not be the most pleasant to hear, but it will be precisely what the plant needs. Now, let's do what we do best and that gets dirty! See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

Good Fire

Amy Cardinal Christianson and Matthew Kristoff

In this podcast we explore the concept of fire as a tool for ecological health and cultural empowerment by indigenous people around the globe. Good Fire is a term used to describe fire that is lit intentionally to achieve specific ecological and cultural goals. Good fire is about balance.

Across the Sky

Across the Sky

Talking shop with the meteorologists: Extreme weather, technology and more!

The Lee Weather Team is finally reunited in person! Sean Sublette, Matt Holiner, Kirsten Lang and Joe Martucci attended the American Meteorological Society's 49th Broadcast Meteorology Conference in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where meteorologists from across the country gathered to share research, stories and ideas in an effort to improve weather communication.

In this week's episode, the team gathers around the same microphone to describe what it's like to attend a weather conference. They summarize the presentation they delivered on digital weather coverage and what the response was from the audience. They also discuss some of their favorite talks at the conference, including an effort to replant trees that are wiped out after natural disasters and a recap of the last five hurricane seasons.

About the Across the Sky podcast

The weekly weather podcast is hosted on a rotat

Hablando con Científicos - Cienciaes.com


Las vacunas. Hablamos con Matilde Cañelles López.

Desde tiempo inmemorial, las enfermedades infecciosas han sido un gran azote para la humanidad. La tuberculosis, la lepra, la viruela, la peste y otras muchas se han llevado a su paso millones de vidas y fueron muchos más los seres humanos que sufrieron largo tiempo las secuelas de las infecciones. Esa terrible historia de sufrimiento comenzó a cambiar a partir de 1796 cuando el médico inglés Edward Jenner descubrió que las pústulas de la viruela de las vacas podían proteger contra la viruela humana. La consecuencia principal de aquel descubrimiento se mide en los millones de vidas salvadas de la viruela y de otras muchas enfermedades cuyas vacunas se han ido desarrollando desde entonces. La historia de las vacunas, su constante evolución, los tipos que existen y los retos que aún quedan por superar son temas tratados en el libro “Las Vacunas”, escrito por las investigadoras del CSIC Mercedes Jiménez, Nuria E. Campillo y nue

Paws & Reward Podcast

Marissa Martino, CDBC, CTC

Ep 42: Muzzle Up with Amy Creaven

In episode 42, Marissia is joined by Amy Creaven to discuss the importance of muzzle training for your dog. Amy Creaven is a recovering ICU nurse and has been a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner since 2010. Prior to COVID-19, she worked with all types of canine behavioral cases privately. Currently, she is a work-from-home mother of two non-fur children and one amazing furry sidekick the Marvelous Ms. Moya as well as a multitude of chickens. Amy also teaches positive reinforcement rattlesnake avoidance workshops and a Fear Free Handling and Cooperative Care lab to the veterinary students at Colorado State University.

Surprisingly Brilliant


The Impossible Picture

Time travel? Aliens? Seeing the invisible? This special episode’s tale from science history has them all as Maren takes Greg down the long and winding road science took to understand what is perhaps the most perplexing object in the universe: the black hole.
Special thanks to the John Templeton Foundation for their support in making this episode possible. Learn more at Templeton.org.
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Editors in Conversation

American Society for Microbiology

Consensus on B-lactamases (AAC ed.)

This episode is dedicated to the memory of the late George A. Jacoby, who was a pillar in the B-lactamase research community and a leader in the field of antimicrobial resistance. Assigning names to b-lactamase variants has been inconsistent and has led to confusion in the published literature. The common availability of whole genome sequencing has resulted in an exponential growth in the number of new b-lactamase genes. In November 2021 an international group of b-lactamase experts met virtually to develop a consensus for the way naturally-occurring b-lactamase genes should be named. Topics discussed: The inconsistencies in B-lactamase nomenclature Guidelines for publication of new alleles and newly discovered B-lactamases  Future needs of consensus among the b-lactamase community Guests: Patricia Bradford PhD., Antimicrobial Development Specialists LLC Karen Bush PhD, Professor of Practice, Biotechnology and Interim Director, Biotech

Everything Under the Sun

AccuWeather: Weather | Science | History

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

Inside NATURE on PBS

PBS Nature

Talking Rhinos with Award-winning Journalist Rachel Nuwer

In February, we aired “The Last Rhino”, a film about the three remaining Northern White Rhinos; Sudan, an elderly male, his daughter Fatu, and his granddaughter Najin. Together, they are last living representatives of their kind.

However, this dire situation hasn’t deterred a group of scientists from trying to rescue the Northern White. Using tissue collected from Sudan and his family, as well as frozen tissue from deceased rhinos, they hope to rebuild the population from the ground up.

Award-winning journalist Rachel Nuwer wrote an in-depth article about Sudan and his family for NATURE in 2016. Her article lays out Sudan’s entire backstory, how he ended up in a Czech zoo and eventually at the Ol Pejeta reserve in Kenya.

We caught up with Rachel to ask if she had any updates on Sudan or the plan to save the Northern White Rhino. We also hoped to find out why this subspecies has far

Cannabis Science Podcast

Dr. Ricardo Rivera

Unlocking the Secrets of Cannabis with the Science of Environmental Analytics

In this episode we take a deep dive into some of the most fascinating aspects of cannabis that not even I had heard of before. We sit down with Dr. Alex Guenther and Dr. William Vizuete of Pacific Environmetal Analytics, to explore the increadible role plants play within our complex atmosphere. But most importantly, how within the entire plant kingdom Cannabis stands out as a particulalry unique and valuable species.

The Southern Naturalist

The Southern Naturalist

Join the father-daughter biologist duo Dr. Bob and Dr. Aimée Thomas as they explore wild areas of Louisiana while meeting fellow scientists and naturalists along the way! These episodes will provide budding and well-seasoned naturalists an experience of being out in the field with the experts! Get ready to learn and be inspired by nature and all she has to offer! #SONAT Follow us on all social media platforms @SoNatPodcast

The Good, the Bad, and the Science


DUNE w/ Julian Huguet and Justin Clark

Time to get your darn head outta the sand and listen to this episode about DUNE with 
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Mendelspod Podcast


Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

Soil, Stones, & Rocks

National Park Service

Geology Overview of Grand Teton National Park

Night Science

Itai Yanai & Martin Lercher

Nikolaus Rajewsky on how to think like a bacterium

Nikolaus Rajewsky is the founding director of the Berlin Institute for Medical Systems Biology. After studying Physics, he moved into systems biology, studying the role of RNA in gene regulation. In this episode, Nikolaus talks about how his training as a physicist enlightens his approach to biological problems. He also studied piano at the Folkwang University of the Arts, which gives him a unique perspective on the relationship between creativity in the arts and in the sciences. We enjoyed hearing about how he steps back from a problem to come back in a better way. Listen to this episode if you’re interested in how bringing together different disciplines creates a space for creativity.For more information on Night Science, visit www.night-science.org .

What The Duck?!

ABC Radio

Tits, boobies and hooters

Why is it that bird names seem so… childishly misogynistic? 

Yellowstone In Depth

National Park Service

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

Synapsen. Ein Wissenschaftspodcast von NDR Info

NDR Info

(58): Science oder Fiction?

Konnten Dinosaurier brüllen?  Ging der T-Rex wirklich wie ein Emu? Und müssten Raptoren nicht eigentlich Federn haben? Die „Jurassic Park“-Filme beschwören ein Zeitalter herauf, über das wir vieles nicht wissen. Doch seit der erste Film vor fast 30 Jahren in die Kinos kam, haben Paläontologen dazu gelernt - und ihr Wissen an die Filmemacher weitergegeben.
Zum Start des neuen „Jurassic World“-Films hat Guido Meyer einige von ihnen gefragt, welche Fehler sie in den Filmen entdeckt und welche sie verhindert haben. Der Podcast versucht, sie anhand der bisherigen Filme nachzuvollziehen. Im Gespräch mit Host Lucie Kluth erklärt er, weshalb es nicht völlig unrealistisch ist, aus konservierter DNA Dinosaurier zurück zu züchten. Und warum die Filme für die Forschung ein Glücksfall waren.
Die Hintergrundinformationen:
• Das Museum of the Rockies in Bozeman, Montana
• Jack Horner

The Urban Chicken Podcast - The Urbanite's Podcast Resource for Keeping Backyard Chickens

Jen Pitino: Urban Chicken-keeper & Backyard Chicken Enthusiast

The Urban Chicken Podcast is a weekly resource for the suburban/urban dweller who wants to enjoy all of the benefits of living in the city while carving out a small slice of bucolic bliss in their own backyards with a small flock of hens. Jen Pitino, the host, will discuss topics pertinent to the backyard chicken-keeper and also feature regular guests on the show who are experts in various areas of raising chickens. The show is a balance of practical information for the hobbyist dealing with the day-to-day issues of owning chickens (e.g. coop building, brooding chicks, predators, illnesses/injuries, feed, eggs, etc.) and fun and interesting poultry facts providing plenty of intrigue to entertain all chicken enthusiasts. If you love owning chickens (or at least love the idea of someday owning some backyard hens) then listen to The Urban Chicken Podcast every Wednesday to revel in your interest as a chicken fancier!

The Stem Cell Podcast

The Stem Cell Podcast

Ep. 215: “Neural Development” Featuring Dr. Agnete Kirkeby

Dr. Agnete Kirkeby is an Associate Professor at the University of Copenhagen and a Group Leader at Lund University. The Kirkeby group studies the factors involved in human neural subtype specification in order to enable production of specific neurons for understanding and treating neurological diseases. They apply advanced human stem cells models to understand how hundreds of human neuronal subtypes are formed during embryo development. She talks about moving stem cell therapies for Parkinson's disease from animal models to clinical trials, modeling neural tube development, and developing treatments for narcolepsy.

Ghosts of Northern Michigan's Past

MacDonald Garber Broadcasting

Northern Michigan holds a lot of history from Traverse City all the way up into the UP. That history gives way to things paranormal. Join Christopher Struble, along with special guests, as he tells stories of some of the places around Northern Michigan that have been known to have visitors from the past. Episodes are released bi-weekly on Thursdays. Intro Music: They Come At Night by Shane Ivers – https://www.silvermansound.com Outro Music: Dank Halloween by Shane Ivers – https://www.silvermansound.com   Follow on Facebook for updates! https://www.facebook.com/Ghosts-of-Northern-Michigans-Past-102568772028257

The Vet Tech Cafe's Podcast

Vet Tech Cafe

Thought provoking discussions about the issues facing veterinary technicians and nurses with the leaders in our field.

Sow Edible Podcast

Stacy and Amy; Permaculture Farmers and Homesteaders

SEp 076; May on the Homestead & Irrigation Systems

Planting, chipping, mulching, and irrigation has been the themes this month.  Join us as we share all the happenings on our homestead including our NEW irrigation system that is making watering and fertilizing super simple!   Resources: (with affiliate links) Weather Station Our Irrigation Set ups!  4 zone Irrigation timer 12 zone controller and 6 zone kit (we bought 2 of these) Tubing (works for both timers) Impact Sprinkler heads  fertilizer injector

ATC Office Hours

Asian Turfgrass Center

I discuss technical turfgrass topics with turfgrass managers, scientists, greenkeepers, and whoever drops by the ATC office hours. There's a lot of talk about the work done to create playing surfaces for golf, and also about growing grass for sporting surfaces of all sort, and also some talk of lawns.


Andony Melathopoulos

215 - Mahood - Drone congregation areas

Central to honey bee mating are drone congregation areas (DCAs). In this episode we learn how to locate DCAs using unmanned aerial devises (aka, drones).

Lost River Legends

Lost River Legends

S2 Ep22: Peaceful Visitors and The Breakaway Civilization with Frank Chille

Today we talk to Frank Chille about supposed visitors from other star systems coming to Earth for various purposes and reasons. These are human visitors with knowledge of God, advanced technology and other shocking revelations. One of these "visitors" called himself Valiant Thor. These among other fascinating topics are discussed in this episode.

Frank Chille has been a self-proclaimed seeker of Arcane Knowledge for the past 45 years. He is a student of metaphysics, ancient civilizations, comparative religions and has firsthand knowledge of little known contactee experiences & unpublished manuscripts. He has known individuals with unique talents and abilities doing advanced work (both openly & quietly) on this planet to accelerate consciousness and awareness. He has had exposure to advanced technology products and has traveled extensively throughout the US & lived abr

Project Botany

David Brooksby

How do plants move

This week on Project Botany we learn about plant fossils and Paleobotany
Check out the Project Botany Podcast website or send me an email at projectbotanypodcast@gamil.com.
Don’t forget to listen and subscribe on the apps below or wherever you get podcasts.
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If you are interested in learning more about what we talked about today here are some links to take a look at
Plant control systems and Defenses

Natural Resource Conservation

National Park Service

Historic Landscapes


Jonathan Larson

Arthro-Pod EP 114: For the Love of Aphids with Kait Chapman

While traveling to a conference in Salt Lake City, UT from Nebraska, Jody realizes that she doesn't know much about her colleague, Kait Chapman. To her surprise and glee, they get into talking about Kait's MS/PhD research which is all about the fabulous insect-plant interactions involved in the relationship between aphids and their host plants. Take a listen to a discussion about animal-loving beginnings, telescoping generations, aphids on tiny bungee cords, host plant responses, and the love-hate relationship between a grad student and her subject insect.In this closeup of a mama aphid, you can see her offspring inside of her. Those small dots are the eyes of the aphid she will birth. A side by side look at aphid tolerant (L) and aphid susceptible (R) varieties of soybeansAphids can create symptomatic damage like curled leaves, wilting, and copious amounts of honeydew.This cabbage aphid is coated in a white wa


Untold Radio AM Network

Untold Radio AM: What Can This Pterosaur Eyewitness Teach You About the Paranormal?

Jason McLean is a biblical paranormal researcher and eyewitness to a living pterosaur.

Field, Lab, Earth


Multifunctional Agroforestry with Dr. Sarah Lovell

“Agroforestry at the Landscape Level” with Dr. Sarah Lovell Agroforestry is where trees are grown alongside other crops or livestock. It’s an extremely flexible practice that can be adapted to both urban and rural environments and at a variety of scales. In this episode, Dr. Sarah Lovell discusses the various uses and forms of agroforestry, how agroforestry can benefit both farmers and their surrounding communities, and some tips for implementing agroforestry at scale. Tune in to learn: What are the main functions of agroforests? What roadblocks might farmers face to implementing agroforestry? How can agroforestry best be adapted to urban environments? How can groups partner to get the best out of agroforestry at scale? If you would like more information about this topic, Sarah’s chapter in the 3rd edition of North American Agroforestry is available here: https://doi.org/10.1002/9780891183785.ch14 Use discount code NAA35 f

The Regenerative Agroforestry Podcast

Dimitri Tsitos & Etienne Compagnon

#37 Increasing tree cover from 3% to 20% for resilience, profit and biodiversity with Jill and Andrew Stewart

Andrew and Jill Stewart are owners and managers of Yan Yan Gurt West Farm in the Otway Ranges, Southern Victoria, Australia. For the past 30 years, they have taken regenerative agriculture extremely seriously in order to solve problems of soil salinisation, soil erosion, climate change and animal welfare. In order to do so they have planted 23kms of shelterbelts and riparian buffers, connected into a complex ecological mosaic to produce both ecosystem services and a huge variety of new enterprises. Since they started planting trees they have increased tree cover from 3% to 20%, without reducing any of their sheep productivity. Quite the contrary, they have opened up a whole new set of enterprises from saw logs to woody florals. Tune in to find out more about this incredible transition!TABLE OF CONTENTS01:40 Introduction08:50 The story of the farm15:00 Main production

Sustainable Winegrowing with Vineyard Team

Vineyard Team

Get the latest science and research for the wine industry with Sustainable Wine Growing. Vineyard Team brings you industry professionals and experts on resource issues and business trends related to sustainable agriculture to help you put sustainability into practice.

Branch Out

Australian Institute of Botanical Science

Talking About Plants

Science communication is a lot like story telling. Hear from Laura Skates, Renee Cawthorne and Dr Karl about the importance of talking on behalf of plants.

FOCUS on Agriculture

Preston & Jason

Episode 74: Scott Spal - The Past Present and Future of Ag Tech, Part I: How Farmers and Their Partners Utilize Data to Maximize Farm Productivity

Scott Spal is a scientist with The Climate Corporation.  In his current role, he investigates how enhancements to Climate FieldView can improve farmer profitability, as well as transparency and sustainability in agriculture.  Listen to this episode to learn how farmers benefit from the massive amounts of data that they collect in their fields.
To learn more about The Climate Corporation, please visit www.climate.com.

Bigfoot Society

Jeremiah Byron

Beast of Bray Road Unleashed and Paranormal Wisconsin Adventures | Eric Mintel Investigates | Eric Mintel

#133For more than 30 years Eric Mintel is an acclaimed jazz musician with his group the Eric Mintel Quartet. By later at night Eric Mintel investigates the paranormal.  Interested in the paranormal from a very young age Eric has lead Eric Mintel Investigates since 2016 seeking out strange stories to tell whether it’s ghosts, UFO’s, Bigfoot or Dog men.  Fans of his music have eagerly followed him into the paranormal world.  On many an investigation, Eric and his team have gotten ground breaking footage and captured strange paranormal activity the likes of which have never been seen. Episode Resources:YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/BucksCountyParanormalInvestigationsEric Mintel Investigates Facebook https://www.facebook.com/BucksPN1Eric Mintel Investigates Instagram https://www.instagram.com/eric_mintel_investigates/_____________________________Join us over on

Unsupervised Thinking

Neuro Collective

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

Mirada Científica

Enrique Vargas

Desinformación - Personal

Capítulo 3 - Personal
En el primer episodio vimos que el ser humano está naturalmente atraído a las historias. En el segundo episodio vimos que cuando recibimos una idea nueva, la manera natural es evaluarla según nuestras creencias. Si la idea está en conflicto con lo que creemos, nos causa disonancia. El problema con la desinformación es que toma por asalto esta naturaleza humana. Cuando escuchamos información sentimos la necesidad de tomar una posición para evitar la disonancia. Pero si la idea era falsa, producto de la desinformación, entonces tenemos un problema, porque una vez la aceptamos, cambiar de idea puede ser tan difícil que a veces raya en lo imposible.
¿Por qué ocurre esto?
Nos falta una pieza para tener el cuadro completo. Y esa pieza tiene que ver con la historia más importante de todas las historias, que es nuestra p



科学史评话最新专辑 平哥首个医学专栏上线啦,在喜马拉雅搜索“吴京平:通俗医学史”,抢先收听!

People Behind the Science Podcast - Stories from Scientists about Science, Life, Research, and Science Careers

Dr. Marie McNeely, featuring top scientists speaking about their life and c

651: Studying Sea Worms and Discovering New Species - Dr. Pat Hutchings

Dr. Pat Hutchings is a Senior Principal Research Scientist at the Australian Museum Research Institute. She is a marine biologist who studies sea worms called polychaetes. Pat describes new species and works to understand where they live, what they do, and how diverse they are. These worms play an important role in the food chain and she has been devoted to studying them her entire career. Outside of science, Pat tries to spend her free time outdoors with activities like sailing and gardening. She also enjoys cooking with fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as spending time with friends. She received her B.Sc. with Special Honors from Queen Mary's College of the University of London and her Ph.D. and D.Sc. in reproductive biology of a sea worm from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne. Pat is a Fellow and Senior Vice President of the Royal Zoological Society of New South Whales. She is Past president o

Brady Heywood Podcast

Sean Brady

Miami Bridge Failure - Part 3

In today's episode, we bring to a close our three-part series on the collapse of a pedestrian bridge in Miami, Florida, in 2018.

In part one, you heard about the cracks in the bridge and how nothing was done about them. And in part two, you heard about the serious errors that were made in the bridge's design.

In this episode, we take a deep dive into two unanswered questions from this failure: just why did everyone ignore the cracks in the bridge; and why did a rigorous checking process not identify the errors in the bridge's design?

This show is produced in collaboration with Wavelength Creative. Visit wavelengthcreative.com for more information.

Students of Surgery

Martin Brand

General Surgery: Common tumour markers

In this episode Annemie Steyn and Nicollete Kock find out about commonly used tumour markers in general surgery. From CEA, CA19-9 to AFP, calcitonin, and chromogranin Prof Brand gives a broad overview of when and how we should use these tumour markers. Stanleur Capital: Medical practice and personal financial solutions



No Inoculation without Representation!

Vaccinations, in one form or another, have been around longer than the United States. In fact, during the Revolutionary War in 1776, future first lady Abigail Adams pursued the controversial scientific technique to protect her 5 children against a threat more dangerous than an army of Redcoats. Here’s Luke Quinton with the story.

The Medium Matters

Paranormal Supernatural Ghosts Hauntings Mystic

The Medium Matters is a weekly podcast filled with supernatural and paranormal stories and experiences as told by creator and host, Shantel. WANT TO HEAR ABOUT hauntings, readings with loved ones that have crossed over, poltergeist activity, ghosts and more? Tune in every Tuesday at 8pm CT and be sure to SUBSCRIBE FOR FREE. WANT TO BE PART OF THE SHOW? Send your written or voice recorded paranormal stories to themediummatters@gmail.com for a chance to be featured on an episode of The Medium Matters podcast.

Relatively Certain

Joint Quantum Institute

Hear the latest news about everything from quantum computers to astrophysics, all straight from scientists at the University of Maryland. Relatively Certain is produced by the Joint Quantum Institute and hosted by a rotating cast, featuring Chris Cesare, Emily Edwards and Sean Kelley. Episodes from Quantum Conversations, a prior series focused entirely on quantum physics, will remain available under the new name.

Conservation Matters® Podcast

Shane Mahoney

Welcome to Conservation Matters® with Shane Mahoney. Listen to Shane's speeches given around the world on scientific issues and challenges impacting global conservation in the 21st Century. Conservation, after all, is everyone's business. One Natural World. One Humanity. One Chance. Conservation Matters.

Your Complex Brain

Krembil Brain Institute

Explore the myths, mysteries, and medical breakthroughs of the most complex and powerful organ in your body – your brain. Weaving together expert interviews with heartfelt, inspiring snapshots of the patients and family members in the middle of it all, Heather Sherman dives into the latest science on Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, epilepsy, stroke, concussion, spinal cord injury, brain cancer, chronic pain and other brain diseases and disorders. Along the way she uncovers surprising insights, sheds light on the latest research, and shares heroic, real life stories from the people on the front lines. Brought to you by Krembil Brain Institute at UHN, one of the largest and most comprehensive neurological centres in North America. Learn more about our mission at: http://www.uhn.ca/krembil

Speaking of SurgOnc

Annals of Surgical Oncology and Society of Surgical Oncology

Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy Switch in Borderline Resectable/Locally Advanced Pancreatic Cancer

Rick Greene, MD, and Mark Truty, MD, discuss the role of neoadjuvant chemotherapy in the treatment of pancreatic cancer, including the optimal treatment of patients who do not respond to first-line chemotherapy or develop toxicities. Dr. Truty is author of, “Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy Switch in Borderline Resectable/Locally Advanced Pancreatic Cancer.” Dr. Truty is Associate Professor of Surgery, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN, where his clinical practice is in the Division of Subspecialty General Surgery, Department of Surgery.

ilm fm

The Mstdfr Network


Steve Hsu

Warren Hatch on Seeing the Future in the Era of COVID-19 – #50

Steve and Corey talk to Warren Hatch, President and CEO of Good Judgment Inc. Warren explains what makes someone a good forecaster and how the ability to integrate and assess information allows cognitively diverse teams to outperform prediction markets. The hosts express skepticism about whether the incentives at work in large organizations would encourage the adoption of approaches that might lead to better forecasts. Warren describes the increasing depth of human-computer collaboration in forecasting. Steve poses the long-standing problem of assessing alpha in finance and Warren suggests that the emerging alpha-brier metric, linking process and outcome, might shed light on the issue. The episode ends with Warren describing Good Judgment’s open invitation to self-identified experts to join a new COVID forecasting platform.

Research Insights, a Society of Actuaries Podcast

Research Insights

Research Focus Edition, TCFD Best Practices

In this research focus edition podcast, listen to R. Dale Hall, FSA, CERA, MAAA, CFA, SOA Research Institute Managing Director provide insights in an in-depth discussion of the TCFD Best Practices report. Send us your feedback on this new podcast format. We welcome your questions or comments at researchinsights@soa.org

Walkabout the Galaxy

Joshua Colwell, Adrienne Dove, and James Cooney

Hot Fusion and Crashing Satellites

Sustained fusion reactions with a net production of energy may be getting closer, and a whole bunch of space junk is definitely getting closer. A long-standing mystery of Jupiter's aurorae has been resolved. Catch up on all the space news and hear the surprising history of satellite debris with the astroquarks.

KQED Science News


If You’re Offered the Johnson & Johnson Vaccine, Take It, Experts Say. Here’s Why

The risk of a blood clot developing after a J&J vaccine is tiny, but it's also scary and confusing. We break down ways to evaluate vaccine options.

Chaser Chat

Gabriel Harber

Interview with Storm Chaser Rosie V

Gabriel Harber interviews storm chaser Rosie V on the Chaser Chat storm chasing podcast! Podcast with Storm Chaser Rosie V Follow the Rosie on Twitter More About This Tornado and Storm Chasing Podcast Gabriel Harber interviews members of the storm chasing community. Listen to more episodes of the Chaser Chat storm chasing podcast here. Like […]
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Grand Teton Misc. Content

National Park Service

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

Weekly Space Hangout Audio

Fraser Cain

Weekly Space Hangout: December 16, 2020 – John Powell Tells Us About PongSats and Airship to Orbit

Please welcome our guest tonight, John Powell, President of JP Aerospace, a nonprofit that launches student designed Pongsats (i.e., experiments that fit inside of a ping pong ball,) and other experiments to the edge of space using balloons. To date, over 80,000 students have participated in this program with plans to expand it even further. …
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Love the Land

Texas Grazing Land Coalition

Welcome to the Love the Land Podcast brought to you by the Texas Grazing Land Coalition where we host conversations with the most innovative thought leaders surrounding the efforts to conserve our Texas rangelands.

The Possibility Project

Sarah Knight

Has the Climate Crisis got you feeling overwhelmed, devastated, despairing, angry, or even apathetic? In this show Sarah Knight, Scientist and Energy Healer, talks to other healers and scientists, artists, philosophers, activists, and others, as she seeks out the highest possibilities for the healing of this planet and its inhabitants in these changing times.

Dive In with NOAA Fisheries

NOAA Fisheries

NOAA Fisheries conducts world-class science to support sustainable marine life and habitats. Our podcast, “Dive In with NOAA Fisheries,” is about the work we do and the people behind it.



Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]


James Rantschler

Randy and Jim discuss topics in physics.

The NeoJurassic Podcast : The Wild Possibilities of a Jurassic World


Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

How The Body Works

Dr Mike Todorovic

Dr. Matt & Dr. Mike discuss how the Human Body works with ABC Brisbane Evening host Kelly Higgins-Devine.

Fertility Education

Manali | Fertility Advisor | Natural Fertility Expert

Low Oestrogen Level? | Natural Remedies To Boost It

Hypoestrogenism refers to lower than normal levels of estrogen in our body. This is a normal physiologic response in postmenopausal women but is a concerning find in women trying to conceive. Although less common than low progesterone, hypoestrogenism requires proper diagnosis and treatment to prevent long-term health consequences._______________In this difficult time of COVID-19, We understand how frustrating it gets while dealing with infertility. Please don't stress yourself, just take care, stay at home, stay active, stay healthy and stay fertile, surround yourself with some positive news or vibes than just listening to COVID-19 news.We also teach Fertility charting, the sessions are delivered online which help you to track ovulation and periods date. Ovulation tracking via fertility charting is about 98% effective than a usual ovulation calendar or normal period calendar app. Achieve faster results and healthy pre

The Outfall Podcast

The Outfall

Curious? Want to know more about our water world and our infrastructure? The Outfall is about sharing stories about topics we don’t think about. Our goal is to be more fun than serious, more short than long, and hopefully more lively than dull.

The Dinosaur Review for Kids Podcast

Dinosaur Ranger Anthony

019 - Chirostenotes

The Chirostenotes is a small-sized theropod dinosaur that sports a round-crest on top of its head. Although it might not be a familiar one, it truly is a interesting species. Listen now as we review the Chirostenotes!!Join the Stomp Chomp Roar Prehistoric Club at www.patreon.com/stompchomproar

The Soilify Podcast

Earth Analytics

Meeting the challenges of an accelerated climate change process requires tackling the problem from the biggest base. With soils having the capability of both meeting our nutritive needs and capturing atmospheric carbon, regenerative agriculture holds promise. The Soilify podcast features short interviews with people from various walks of life working towards expanding regenerative agricultural practices and sequestering soil carbon. For more, visit https://medium.com/@soilify

Inside Canyonlands

National Park Service


Night Sky

National Park Service

Night Skies


National Park Service

The Glaciers

Yosemite Voices

National Park Service

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

Outdoor Radio

Vermont Public Radio

Outdoor Radio: Invasive Zebra Mussels

Zebra Mussels are an invasive species in Lake Champlain. Not only do they consume a great deal of the food supply in the lake, but they also attack native mussel species by sticking to them and robbing them of fresh water and food. The Zebra Mussel can reach a density of 100,000 per square meter, covering exhaust and intake pipes for water treatment and power plants.

Weekly Space Hangout Video

Fraser Cain

Weekly Space Hangout: April 29, 2020 – Alcohol in Space with Chris Carberry

Hosts: Fraser Cain (universetoday.com / @fcain) Dr. Brian Koberlein (BrianKoberlein.com / @BrianKoberlein) Dave Dickinson (www.astroguyz.com / @astroguyz) Alex Teachey (alexteachey.com /@alexteachey) This week we are pleased to welcome Chris Carberry to the Weekly Space Hangout. Chris is CEO and Co-Founder of Explore Mars, Inc, and helped to turn that organization into one of the most influential space nonprofits …
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The Buried Life


The Buried Life is four guys on a mission to complete a list of 100 Things To Do Before You Die and to help and to encourage others to do the same.

I Love Ghost Stories


Real paranormal ghost stories - sent in by our listeners from around the world - and read by our English host. If you have a ghost story to share, please emai - l iloveghoststoriespodcast@gmail.com

We Are Water

Beaver Watershed Alliance

We aim to spark discussion on the importance of watershed conservation through conversations with our partners and stories from our fieldwork.

Climate Solutions (Audio)


Carbon Dioxide Removal

In order to reach global net-zero emissions by 2050, we must remove CO2 from the atmosphere as well as prevent further emissions. Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) can be accomplished naturally -- through forests, soil sequestration, or mineralization -- and technologically. In fact, we will need both natural and technological CDR methods to get to net-zero. So what methods exist that remove carbon from the atmosphere? What are their respective costs, how do they compare, and which are already on the market? Series: "Sustainable California" [Science] [Show ID: 38045]

Natural Features & Ecosystems

National Park Service

Fog in the Redwoods

Self-care with Drs. Sarah

Sarah R. & Sarah B.

Self-care with Drs. Sarah is a series of conversations between women scientists about navigating and surviving science culture. We (Sarah B. and Sarah R.) are astrophysicists and best friends who navigated graduate school together. In some episodes, we chat between the two of us about topics relevant to self-care for women scientists, and in other episodes, we interview our friends and colleagues about how they care for themselves.

Invasive Species

National Park Service

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]




本期极客:郭玮宏 博士,中国商飞上海飞机设计研究院试验验证中心舱室人机环境与照明技术试验室工程师。同时也是一个有师承的相声演员!

Podcasts – Weird Things

Andrew Mayne

WT: Senator McOranges

Crypto thefts spur a reflection on the similar risks of coins, stocks, and gambling. Not financial advice, but amateur critical thoughts on a still-developing landscape. Starship will still launch, says Musk, despite threats from aerospace competitors who could be obsolete. The first manned Starship mission series is announced. Got something weird? Email neshcom@gmail.com, subject line […]

Permaculture Realized Podcast

Levi Meeuwenberg of Realeyes Homestead

Ep37, Carbon Tax: How it Works with Lina Bird

Todays guest is Lina Bird who is very active in the Washington DC branch of the Citizens Climate Lobby. The Citizens Climate Lobby is a non-profit, non-partisan grassroots organization with chapters all over the country, with the aim of lobbying for national policies to address climate change. One of their primary policies is a Carbon Tax and Dividend.
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The Story of Nitrogen

Greg Klinger, Shane Bugeja

How one nutrient shapes life in fields and streams, soil and sea.

Soil Sense

NDSU Extension

Field Check: The Challenges and Benefits of Reducing Tillage

Jason Hanson, who owns Rock and Roll Agronomy based in Webster, North Dakota joins us to discuss both the benefits and the challenges of reducing tillage. One thing we always talk about on this program is to find soil health building practices that meet your particular goals, and that one farmer’s goal is not always the same as the next.
“Salinity is always still number one. Part of it is just to reduce trips and cost, erosion, those types of things. And it comes with its challenges. We had challenges right off the bat and it was residue. Everybody wants to put that header on the deck and grind through everything and you leave a mat of straw out there that you have to manage and contend with.” - Jason Hanson
Between “time, implement depreciation, you have your fuel, and you have parts” tillage practices can be costly to producers. Jason said in general the hardest part of this process to reduce tillage is

Great Moments In Science

ABC Radio

Ivermectin and COVID

There are many cases of drugs being repurposed once a new aspect of them is discovered—their new use is often very beneficial. One such drug is ivermectin. It works well against various parasitic infections. It does not work against COVID.

Dream Meanings

Dream Meanings

Old House Dreams | Dream Meanings & Dream Interpretation

Dreams of an ex-lover haunt a woman as she tries to make peace with the decisions that were made in the past.

What does it mean when one has repeated dreams of using the bathroom?

What do baby hands reaching through the shower wall means for a young woman?

Does the state of an old mansion represent something important about life situations?

To share your dream and possibly have it discussed on a future episode visit http://www.dreamingradio.com or call 1-800-606-7193.

We all have dreams, but what exactly do they mean? While no one knows the exact answer to this question, we can sure try! On Dream Meanings, we take your calls and read your letters about your dreams and give you our opinion and dream interpretation. From nightmares to funny dreams to what feels like visits from loved ones. We talk about it all on Dream Meanings.

This program is NOT med




Plastic Plesiosaur Podcast

Miles Greb

A Podcast about the natural world, things that people claim are part of the natural world, and things that used to be. With Trey the Explainer, and Miles Greb.

New Books in Environmental Studies

Marshall Poe

Matthew T. Huber, "Climate Change as Class War: Building Socialism on a Warming Planet" (Verso, 2022)

The climate crisis is not primarily a problem of ‘believing science’ or individual ‘carbon footprints’ – it is a class problem rooted in who owns, controls and profits from material production. As such, it will take a class struggle to solve. In Climate Change as Class War: Building Socialism on a Warming Planet (Verso, 2022), Matthew T. Huber argues that the carbon-intensive capitalist class must be confronted for producing climate change. Yet, the narrow and unpopular roots of climate politics in the professional class is not capable of building a movement up to this challenge. For an alternative strategy, he proposes climate politics that appeals to the vast majority of society: the working class. Huber evaluates the Green New Deal as a first attempt to channel working class material and ecological interests and advocates building union power in the very energy


Time, Inc.

S1E10: Apollo 13

Whether there would be time for forensic work before the spacecraft died was unclear—something Liebergot understood better than anyone else. It was time, he knew, to ask the question that had been playing around the edge of his mind for the past ten minutes—and, he suspected, was on a lot of other minds both on the ground and in the spacecraft too. 

Cryptid Clues

Urban Myth, Monsters, True Crime, Found Footage, Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Skunk Ape, Cryptids, Ufos, Ghosts, Demons, Dogman, Skin Walker, Dover Demon, Yeti, Mothman, Jersey Devil, Chupacabra, Lake monster, Possession, Gnomes, The Orbs, Ogopogo

Campfire Clues: Something Pale and Skinny

Welcome to the unexplored history and mystery of the Cryptid realm!Join Taylor in this "Campfire Cryptids" series, where we discuss witness accounts and old tales of these mysterious cryptids.In this episode of Campfire Cryptids, Taylor explores the state of Pennsylvania and the cryptid encounters associated with the area.Check out our home base - CryptidClues.ca - for more information on us and our episodes, including access to our blog!Be sure to check out our Patreon home as well, for early ad-free and even exclusive episodes only! https://www.patreon.com/cryptidclues---------------------------Supernatural by Kevin MacLeod Link: https://incompetech.filmmusic.io/song/4446-supernaturalLicense: https://filmmusic.io/standard-licenseNot As It Seems by Kevin MacLeod Link: https://incompetech.filmmusic.io/song/4144-not-as-it-seemsLicense: https://filmmusic.io/standard-licenseSkye Cuillin by Kevin MacLeodLink: https://incompetec

New Species

L. Brian Patrick

S2, E04: Huge woolly flying squirrels from the Himalayas!

Zoe interviews Kris Helgen, Chief Scientist and Director of the Australian Museum Research Institute. They discuss how one species became three, what makes these animals unique, and what other questions scientists could ask about them in the future.
This paper is in the Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society’s February 2022 issue, “Across the great divide: revision of the genus Eupetaurus (Sciuridae: Pteromyini), the woolly flying squirrels of the Himalayan region, with the description of two new species.” A copy of the paper is available here: https://academic.oup.com/zoolinnean/article/194/2/502/6287636
To learn more about Kris, follow him on Twitter: @khelgen
Be sure to follow New Species on Twitter (@PodcastSpecies), like the podcast page on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/NewSpeciesPodcast), and music in this podcast is "No More (Instrumental)," by HaTom (https://fanlink.to/HaTom).<