We Can Do Hard Things with Glennon Doyle

Glennon Doyle & Cadence13

Astrology: Your Sign’s Secrets with Heidi Rose Robbins

1. How Heidi ruined Glennon’s life with a jarring new identity–and why it’s a powerful moment for G to embrace her newfound sign.
2. How we each have a Sun, Moon, and Rising sign–and what each tells us about ourselves.
3. Heidi breaks down the 12 astrological signs–and astrology as a tool for self revelation.
4. Why we keep saying “Mercury’s in retrograde” and what the hell it means.

About Heidi:
Heidi Rose Robbins has been a professional astrologer for 25 years, helping thousands of clients all over the globe live with more authenticity and clarity. She hosts two podcasts, THE RADIANCE PROJECT, featuring poetry, astrology, and good company, and CHART YOUR CAREER, with co-host Ellen Fondiler. Twice a year, she leads Radiant Life Retreats, for people wishing to take a deeper dive into her work.

Heidi has written two books of poetry, This Beckoning Ceaseless Beauty and Wild Compass

Modern Love

The New York Times

Only With Distance

Nora Johnson had been making weekly visits to older man after he suffered a mild stroke. But he wasn’t just any older man. “We had the worst marriage in the history of human relations,” Nora wrote in her 2014 Modern Love essay. “Dysfunctional doesn’t even begin to describe it.”During her visits, the memories would coming pouring back: the fights, the vacations, the plunging bank account. But Nora’s ex-husband had forgotten all that. He’d even forgotten her. And this blank slate had presented an opportunity.Today, we listen to Nora’s story about reconnecting with her ex in spite of their painful past. Then, we meet another couple, Margaret Eginton Carmichael and Greg Carmichael, who learned to date again in their sixties.Nora Johnson died in 2017 at 84. You can find her obituary in The New York Times here. And click here to read her first Modern Love essay, "Age is No Obstacle to Love, or Adventure," which remains one of our most read.

Peace Out

Sally Osborne

Episode 34. 28 year old Mormon girl finally sets herself free || with Laurel Hulme PART 2

Meet Laurel!  Hear Laurel's story of growing up in a family of 10, how her Dad attempts to take on another wife, her confusing adolescence, her mission and life as a "Young Single Adult." She finally decides to make a BIG decision and that leads her to where she is now. Queer, agnostic, and happier than ever. Enjoy!!  Instagram @comingoutcoach  sallyjoosborne@gmail.com

I Will Teach You To Be Rich

Ramit Sethi

45. “She tells me that it’s my fault we can’t live the life we want to live”

Sarah earns more than Andrew. They’re unmarried but imagine a future together, or would like to. The problem is that Andrew’s existing money scripts (and $65k in debt) have him frozen—unable to spend but also unwilling to seriously plan a way out.
She wants to spend money on things like vacations, but he doesn’t feel like he can afford to spend. To make things worse, he feels terrible about money in general because that’s how his dad raised him—his presence looms over the conversation.
We need to cut out the negative judgments and help Sarah see things from Andrew’s perspective. Then we can talk to Andrew about the mindset to overcome his past—and current—money issues.
Connect with Ramit
https://www.iwillteachyoutoberich.com/podcast/ (Website)
https://www.instagram.com/ramit/ (Instagram)
https://twitter.com/ramit (Twitter)
https://www.facebook.com/ramitsethi (Faceb

The Date Brazen Podcast

Lily Womble

How do I find the right relationship when dating apps suck? How can I find better dates? How can I deal with that nagging anxiety that no one is out there for me? How can I navigate dating with more confidence and find that right relationship? Welcome to The Date Brazen Podcast, where we’ll answer ALL of these questions and so much more. Week after week, host, former top matchmaker and dating coach, Lily Womble brings you all the tools, strategies and coaching you need to build a clear path to the best relationship of your life. After matching hundreds, Lily realized that with training, women can match themselves better than anyone else ever could. Now she helps thousands of women around the world build fulfilling, joyful and successful dating lives on their own terms. She’s here to help you do the same. If you’re looking for unconventional, feminist leaning dating advice that works, this podcast is for you. Along with her best kept secrets, Lily will share interviews with experts and live coaching sessions, so you can feel seen, heard and inspired.

Brooke and Connor Make A Podcast

TMG Studios

13: Did Influencers Ruin Coachella?

THE NEW WEBSITE: https://tmgstudios.tv 

VIP? VIP! This week Brooke and Connor recap the exciting Coachella weekend, review their favorite outfits, and celebrate 4/20!

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The Break Up Break Down

Abby Murphy

When she finally left her 'secret' fiancé.... - Ep. 12

(SCROLL FOR CONTENT WARNINGS/TIMESTAMPS) - Being in a "secret" engagement should probably be the first sign you're in a toxic relationship, but when you're crazy in love...crazy just seems like love. Next week's episode has something everyone can relate to. Whether you were in a toxic relationship or just had to hear about one from a friend, we dive into the reasons why people stay in relationships that just aren't good for them. I'm verified on Spotify!!! Check out my Break Up Playlists Here: https://open.spotify.com/user/22nnbzo6iuxetz4f6dtczrabaTimestamps(01:38) - Abby and Coworker Justin Read the Submission(04:56) - Interview Begins/How they met(06:02) - The "proposal" story no one knows about(08:37) - When things started to go south....(10:46) - "I've never cheated on you but...."(11:59) - The texts that tipped her off that something was up(15:03) - When the relationship (almost) ended

Love Life with Matthew Hussey

Matthew Hussey

3 Secrets to Being Unforgettable on a Date

When you’re dating in 2022, you can almost be sure that the person in front of you on that first date is dating multiple people at the same time. This omnipresent truth can make you nervous as you so desperately want to stand out from the crowd. The truth is, we all want so badly to be unforgettable on a date . . . but actually making that happen can feel tricky. In the pursuit of “making someone like us,” we may give in to the knee-jerk reaction of trying to impress them, or worse . . . people please. Even though we told ourselves we’d be chill and genuine, we suddenly find ourselves working our most spectacular moments into conversation, hoping they’ll see us for the treasure we are. Or we get so nervous that our walls go up and we lose all warmth and become sarcastic and cutting instead. These performances will often have us showcasing the more insecure sides of ourselves, taking the focus away from the purpose of being on that d

Death, Sex & Money

WNYC Studios

What Our Teachers Are Carrying

At the beginning of the calendar year, when Omicron was surging across much of the country, we asked those of you that are educators to tell us what led to your profession in the midst of another difficult pandemic school year, and how you were coping with it all. You told us about burnout, navigating confusing and changing rules about safety and politics in the classroom, feeling undervalued as workers, and why some of you were leaving education altogether.
As the end of the school year approached, I followed up with four teachers in school districts across the country, from a middle school librarian in rural Wyoming, to a teacher navigating their first year of in-person teaching in New York. They told me about how the year has gone, the effects on their personal life, and what they're most excited about for this summer.

Note to Self

Dear Media

Combing Through the Cringe: Your Most Embarrassing Stories

#47. In today’s episode, Payton is joined by her boyfriend, Joe Ross. The two are reading through your most embarrassing stories and sharing a few of their own along the way.    FOLLOW NOTE TO SELF: https://instagram.com/ntsbyps & https://tiktok.com/@notetoselfpod   FOLLOW PAYTON: https://instagram.com/paytonsartain    SUBMIT TO NOTE TO SELF:   → Ask P: Advice Column: https://forms.gle/avvSu4ibYygZP5rq8    → Simple Pleasures: https://forms.gle/PFmEU9BFRtyE7Dt57    → Your ICKS: https://forms.gle/pgcr9LhmyyvyAyVk7   → Most Embarrassing Stories: https://forms.gle/qpZBp9bxdcH77Utf8   → Little Acts of Love: https://forms.gle/ReEoo6HBoC4QspQs9   → Juicy Confessions: https://forms.gle/Uuz5KdUkC4c3NnFw5   Produced by Dear Media

How's Work? with Esther Perel

Esther Perel Global Media & Gimlet

This season on How's Work?, iconic couples therapist Esther Perel focuses on the hard conversations we're afraid to have in our jobs: Colleagues navigating the new etiquette of a work from home workforce. Newsrooms whose journalists feel that covering breaking news has broken them. A doctor who wants to walk away from his profession, during a pandemic. And lobbyists whose fight for racial equality ends up dividing them. Esther Perel brings a new perspective to the invisible forces that shape workplace dynamics, connections, and conflict through one-time therapy sessions with coworkers, cofounders, and colleagues—listen and learn as you hear your own workplace dilemmas play out in the lives of others.

Were You Raised By Wolves?

Nick Leighton

Removing Shoes at Weddings, Opening Neighbors' Mail, Being Empty-Handed at Potlucks, and More

Etiquette, manners, and beyond! In this episode, Nick and Leah answer listener questions about removing your shoes at wedding receptions, accidentally opening neighbors' mail, showing up empty handed to potlucks, and much more. Please follow us! (We'd send you a hand-written thank you note if we could.)
Have a question for us? Call or text (267) CALL-RBW or visit ask.wyrbw.com


What's the time limit for letting a friend know it wasn't appreciated that she showed up empty-handed to a potluck picnic?

What's the etiquette for telling someone they look like someone else?

I accidentally opened a piece of my neighbor's mail...what should I do?

At a wedding, is it OK to take your heels off on the dance floor?

Am I wrong to be upset at a houseguest who ruined some of my clothing and then cal

MOOD with Lauren Elizabeth

Toast News Network

125: Relationships, Dating, Family & Friends Advice Q&A! (pt.2)

Welcome back to MOOD! This week I am going to finish our Q&A focused on all thing relationships! We talk family, friends, partners, the whole shabang! 
As always we discuss my best mood, worst mood, and mood boosters of the week! 
For more: https://www.instagram.com/moodwithlaurenelizabeth/

NEW MERCH: shoplaurenelizabeth.com

Geneva Group: https://bit.ly/3IvOuH3 

Divorced Not Dead

Dear Media, Caroline Stanbury

Divorcing: When & Why You Need a Great Divorce Lawyer With Guests Kelly Frawley & Emily Pollock

Divorcing ? Well it’s likely you're going to need a Lawyer!  Kelly Frawley and Emily Pollock are leading matrimonial and family law practitioners with Kasowitz Benson Torres LLP (NY), they join Divorced not Dead as this week’s guests as Caroline puts some of our listeners questions to them & we hear; 1)why you might want to tell a Lawyer before even telling your partner that you're wanting a Divorce 2) the types of financial support available to you 3) how to work out  your entitlements  4)what is temporary maintenance and much much more!   Kelly has been recognized on the Benchmark Litigation "40 and Under Hot List," Crain’s New York 2022 Notable Women in Law list, and as a New York Metro Super Lawyer. Emily has been recognized as a "Rising Star" by New York Metro Super Lawyers and selected for inclusion in The Best Lawyers in America in the area of Fa

Small Things Often

The Gottman Institute

How to Hit the Reset Button

A fresh start can get you and your partner on the right track! On this episode of Small Things Often, learn how to hit the reset button and make positive changes in your relationship.

Se Regalan Dudas

Dudas Media

Cerrar el ciclo de una relación | Jueves de Lety & Ash

Si hay algo difícil en la vida es terminar una relación, especialmente si te toca cerrar el ciclo a ti. En este Jueves de Lety & Ash escuchamos la historia de una persona de nuestra comunidad y hablamos sobre cómo llevar mejor el duelo de una relación cuando se termina y no tenemos respuesta de la otra persona, cuando no volvemos a saber nada de ella, cuando se siente culpa por cómo terminaron las cosas y lo que se rompe es TAN grande que tienes que reinventar tu vida por completo.Escúchalo y cuéntanos cuál ha sido la parte que más te ha costado en estos duelos.Para participar en los Jueves de Lety & Ash entra a seregalandudas.com/buzon y cuéntanos una breve historia, creencia que has cambiado o simplemente regálanos una duda. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

The Love, Happiness and Success Podcast With Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby

Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby

Feeling Lonely In a Relationship? How to Reconnect.

We all dream of having a close, connected relationship that fulfills us on every level. If you're feeling lonely in a relationship, it hurts. It can be hard to know how to reconnect, especially if the distance has been growing for a while — or if negativity has crept in. Deep connection is created through the intentional cultivation of emotional intimacy. In this episode, we’re exploring how to do that, so you can create the loving, satisfying relationship you want and deserve. With love to you both,  Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby GrowingSelf.com

Whine Down with Jana Kramer


Full Frontal with Austin Nichols

It’s a One Tree Hill reunion on Whine Down this week when Austin Nichols stops by! Austin and Jana look back at some of their favorite moments from filming and we find out the secret that Austin used to help Jana cry for a scene!

Hear the stories from Jana and Austin’s time as roommates and discover what might happen in an OTH reboot!

Plus, Austin opens up about baring all on his new role in HBO’s “Minx”!

See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

Heal Your Heartbreak

Break Up Bestie

#114 Navigating Divorce with Divorce Attorney Nicole Sodoma

On toady's expert episode we are talking all about divorce with divorce attorney Nicole Sodoma. Nicole has an interesting perspective, as a divorce attorney and having gone through one herself, and we are thrilled to have her here on The Heal Your Heartbreak Podcast as an expert guest. Throughout this episode we talk about the process of going through a divorce, coparenting, the logistics of going through a divorce, how you can maintain your boundaries and no contact while sharing children and needing to see each other during certain circumstances, etc. If you are someone who is in the middle of a divorce, or is about to go through a divorce I highly recommend this episode!   Check out Nicole's Book "Please Don't Say Your Sorry" for more empowering advice, with a little added side of humor. Whether you are looking for advice on how to better your marriage, are considering separation, or find yourself knee-

Coffee with Kailey

That Sounds Fun Network

Episode 12: Russell Dickerson

Welcome to Coffee with Kailey! Each Wednesday, Kailey invites everyone to sit down and have coffee with her and her friends. As a touring wife and mother, Kailey gets to the heart of the matter with the people that matter most to her. She and her friends will catch up over a cup of coffee, sharing intimate stories of their lives. So, come share a cup and listen as they open up in this twelve episode podcast.
On today's episode, Kailey sits down again with her hubby, Russell Dickerson to bookend the first season of Coffee with Kailey & discuss the journey this show has taken.
Thanks to our sponsors in this episode!
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The Michelle Obama Podcast

Higher Ground & Spotify

Introducing "Renegades: Born in the USA"

So much has happened since the debut of The Michelle Obama Podcast—including President Barack Obama, launching a podcast of his own. Renegades: Born in the USA is a series of conversations between the former Commander in Chief and Bruce Springsteen about their lives, their favorite music, and their enduring love of America, despite all its challenges and contradictions.
This episode—about fatherhood—is Mrs. Obama’s favorite. But they’re all terrific. Head to the Renegades: Born in the USA feed here to listen to all eight now. 
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Dear Sugars


Encore: The Stepchild's Dilemma

Whether you’re 5, 15, or 50 years old, it can be difficult to usher a stepparent in and out of the family unit. In today’s episode, the Sugars answer letters from stepchildren who have fraught relationships with their stepparents. What is a stepparent’s responsibility to a stepchild after divorce? And what can be done if you don’t like the person your parent chooses to marry? This episode was originally released on April 28th, 2018.

Talking It Out

Bachelor Nation | Audacy

Hot Takes: Love, Dating, and Relationships

This week on “Talking It Out,” Mike and Bryan answer listener questions on love, dating, and relationships! Nothing is off the table in this discussion as the guys cover topics like sexual compatibility, cheating, the apps, and so much more. Plus, how did their time on “The Bachelorette” shape their perspective on dating? Listen now to find out! 
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Last Day

Lemonada Media

Last Day Recommends: In the Bubble with Andy Slavitt

Four years after the first March for Our Lives rally in Washington D.C., survivors of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida have once again organized student-led demonstrations around the country in response to the Robb Elementary School shooting in Uvalde, Texas. Andy speaks with Parkland survivor Samantha Fuentes and ER physician Dr. Megan Ranney about how they turned their trauma into action, and how you can, too.

Keep up with Andy on Twitter @ASlavitt.

Follow Dr. Megan Ranney and Samantha Fuentes on Twitter @meganranney and @funkpuncher.

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America's psychiatric emergency systems are struggling to assist those in dire need of help. The Kennedy-Satcher Center for Men

What Healthy Couples Know That You Don't

Rhoda Sommer on Relationships

Relationships matter. Do you want to know the nitty gritty of what makes a relationship work? Get your answers to relationship questions. Learn how to keep respect alive & well, because lack of respect is why people get divorced.  Learn what builds trust & how to recover from infidelity, drama or codependency. Advice from psychotherapist Rhoda Sommer based on over 35 years of working with couples. www.therapyideas.net

Am I the Jerk?


Greedy Karen STALKS me at Walmart, BEGGING me to PAY for her Groceries

Full Videos - youtube.com/amithejerk?sub_confirmation=1

Royally Obsessed

Gallery Media Group & PureWow

A Royal Toast to the Platty Joobs

RoRos, it happened: Queen Elizabeth II officially honored 70 years on the throne *and* Rachel and Roberta recorded their first episode together in person. What a thrill to download face to face about all our favorite Platinum Jubilee moments from Prince Louis to Paddington. We’re also recapping our in-person celebration at Queensyard restaurant in New York. Grab something bubbly and tune in!Presented by PureWow and Gallery Media Group. Follow all the royal happenings at purewow.com/royals. Shop Royally Obsessed sweatshirts and totes at shop.royallyobsessed.com. Follow us on Instagram at @RoyallyObsessedPodcast.See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.

THE UPSIDE with Callie and Jeff Dauler

Callie and Jeff Dauler / tentwentytwo


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A Good Life Together

Erin and Jason's third date ended with Jason falling off of a roof and ending up in the hospital with a major spinal cord injury that left him in a wheelchair. The two of them have only been on a few dates, but both of them had felt a serious connection, maybe even the beginnings of love. But neither of them knew what could or should happen after an accident that completely changed Jason's life. 

See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

Java with Juli

Dr. Juli Slattery and Authentic Intimacy®

#337: Questions You're Too Embarrassed to Ask About Sex

To celebrate the life of Dr. Doug Rosenau, we're re-releasing this candid conversation he and Juli had about the difference between having sex and making love, making erotic memories with your spouse, giving language to your sexual desire and mood, and putting the creativity back into your lovemaking. Dr. Doug entered eternity with Christ on April 10, 2022. We're grateful for his work that impacted so many marriages and tor the lives his legacy will continue to touch. Guest: Dr. Doug Rosenau Show notes: A Celebration of Sex* by Dr. Doug Rosenau A Celebration of Sex After 50* by Dr. Doug Rosenau Total Intimacy* by Dr. Doug Rosenau The Institute for Sexual Wholeness Subscribe to "Java with Juli" and listen on your iPhone or Android.

Truth Be Told with Tonya Mosley

TMI Productions

BONUS EPISODE: Anthony Hamilton

Bonus Episode: This week, we talk to musician Anthony Hamilton about his new tour, Black love, and what he learned from the pandemic.

War of the Roses - The Jubal Show

The Jubal Show

Jubal Fresh may add some "bells and whistles" to this War of the Roses!

War of the Roses is when someone calls The Jubal Show because they think that their partner is cheating so we call them offering services in order to catch them cheating.it sucks when someone finds out that they're getting cheated on! Today Jubal Fresh may try to add some bells and whistles to the War of the Roses in attempt to make everyone feel better! What are these sounds? Will they help or hurt the War of the Roses? Will The Jubal Show catch a cheater!? Leave a rating and review wherever you listen. It will help the show out in a big way. If that's not your thing, you can find us on social media here:https://instagram.com/thejubalshowhttps://twitter.com/thejubalshowhttps://www.tiktok.com/@thejubalshow

Chiquis and Chill

My Cultura and iHeartPodcasts

Sex, Love and Relationships

Happy Valentine’s Day! On this special day, Chiquis gets real about sex, love, and relationships with the one and only Dr. Viviana Coles. We’ll learn about what makes a relationship thrive, how important intimacy is and at the end of the episode we’ll have a quick Q &A. Stay tuned to find out what Dr. Viviana thinks about sex on the first date, threesomes and more!
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Anatomy of Us

Anatomy of Us

Manifesting in Marriage

Today we discuss the idea of manifesting in your marriage! What does it look like, how do you do it, why do we make Vision Boards, and so much more!

Get the new Back to Basics Bootcamp Course: https://anatomyofus.com/backtobasics
Interested in Women's Group Coaching? Apply Now: https://anatomyofus.com/womens-group-coaching
Join Seth's Badass Husband Mastermind: badasshusband.com
Download the Clearing Structure in the Resources section at https://www.anatomyofus.com/
High-Performance Coaching: https://anatomyofus.com/coaching
To find a virtual counselor visit http://betterhelp.com/us

Keeping Up With The Windsors | A Royal Family Podcast - News and Updates

Rachael Andrews & Michelle Thole

Queen Camilla | Episode Fifty

In this jam-packed 50th episode, we talk about: 

The Accession statement from The Queen 

The Queens engagements to mark her 70 years on the throne 

Camilla getting the blessing from The Queen to be Queen Consort

Catherine’s outing with Prince Charles and Camilla to Trinity Buoy Wharf and her trip to PACT centre in Southwark 

Camilla’s engagements in Bath with St Johns Foundation 


…And so much more…

Royal community, ?‍♀️???‍♂️????????we really have been spoilt for choice with engagements this week. Oh, and we also get a cheeky plague attack and treebilee ?shout out for good measure. ??


❤️ Please share the podcast with anyone you think will love it. 

Thank you for being here, 

Michelle & Rachael 


Join the Royal community via: 

? Instagram: @keepingupwiththewindsorspod 

The Empowered Wife Podcast

Laura Doyle

133: 5 Ways to Be Supportive in a Relationship

When your husband is going through a tough time, it’s pretty hard to just stand by and watch without wanting to help him or fix things somehow. It’s agonizing to see him suffering, and why should he struggle when you’re right there ready to support him? Especially if you have solutions for him that, if he would only try them, would help him feel better and thus help you feel better too. But what if he’s pushing you away? Or seems distant and isn’t letting you contribute the way you’d like to? If you’ve already done all you can to be a good wife, only to feel more disconnected, you know how frustrating that is. So how are you supposed to be supportive when your partner is stressed or depressed? On today’s episode of The Empowered Wife Podcast, we’re talking about five ways to be supportive in a relationship. My guest Liz was sure she was doing things properly, but she and her husband had been separated for five years. It was pain

Love Letters

The Boston Globe

Bonus: Get Off the Apps! With Jon Birger

Meredith chats with business writer and journalist Jon Birger about why he thinks we should get off the apps and seek connection in other ways. Birger is the author of the books Date-Onomics: How Dating Became a Lopsided Numbers Game and Make Your Move: The New Science of Dating and Why Women Are in Charge. Email us at loveletters@boston.com.

Reimagining Love

Dr. Alexandra Solomon

Relational Authenticity: How Boundaries Protect Us, and Connect Us with Terri Cole

Boundaries are front and center in this episode with guest expert Terri Cole, author of the book “Boundary Boss: The Essential Guide to Talk True, Be Seen, and (Finally) Live Free.” Alexandra and Terri talk about how the skill of setting boundaries is essential in relationships, and they answer two listener questions together that relate to this issue.Shop Dame Products (use code LOVEPOD for 10% off at checkout)https://www.dameproducts.com/?gclid=Cj0KCQjw3IqSBhCoARIsAMBkTb0r5_iBQR_NRXogKj6fneSiDWl64rULQK1kh0RbSp-HWfzT9_dPZbgaAlRwEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.dsShare your feedback in the Reimagining Love Listener Survey:https://dralexandrasolomon.com/survey/Subscribe to Dr. Solomon’s Newsletter:https://dralexandrasolomon.com/subscribe/Submit your question to Dr. Solomon:https://form.jotform.com/212295995939274Boundary Boss: The Essential Guide to Talk True, Be Seen, and (Finally) Live Free by Terri Co

Live Inspired Podcast with John O'Leary

John O'Leary

The Power of Fun with Screen/Life Balance Expert Catherine Price (ep. 470)

Catherine Price is an award-winning science journalist, screen/life balance expert and the author of books including The Power of Fun and How to Break Up with Your Phone.   In our always-on, productivity-addicted lifestyles, we tend to think of the pursuit of fun as being indulgent or even childish. We claim not to have time for it even as we spend hours a day engaging in what today’s guest calls “Fake Fun”—binge-watching Netflix, endlessly scrolling through Twitter, or indulging our FOMO on Instagram, all in hopes of filling some of the emptiness we feel inside.    Today, Catherine shares her evidence-backed resources to help others design lives in which they control their technology, rather than the other way around—with the ultimate goal of increasing happiness, productivity, creativity, health and wellbeing.   This conversation will empower each of us to scroll less, live more, and have fun.   Lea

How to Get Over Your Ex

Breakup Coach Dorothy

Ep. 145 - I'm a complete failure

As a society we have gotten used to using the word “failed” when speaking about a completed marriage or relationship. This has led many of my Bravehearts to believe that the ending of their relationship means “they are a failure”. No matter how many completed relationships you’ve had, telling yourself you’re a failure won’t get you closer to the kind of relationship you actually want. In today’s episode: Learn why your divorce/breakup doesn’t mean you’re a failure Understand what a divorce/breakup actually means about you Become someone who changes the narrative around divorce/breakups  Cool article about the history of marriage sited in the episode: https://www.livescience.com/37777-history-of-marriage.html

TRUE Cheating Wife and Girlfriend Stories 2022

Cheating Wives and Girlfriend Stories

Sex workers of Reddit, what was the saddest request you have ever received?

Sex workers of Reddit, what was the saddest request you have ever received?

On Attachment

Stephanie Rigg

The Anxious-Avoidant Trap

In this episode, we're diving into the anxious-avoidant trap - aka, what happens when an anxious and an avoidant person end up in a relationship. We'll cover what the anxious-avoidant trap usually entails, how these two attachment styles clash, why they're so often attracted to each other, and most importantly, how to make it work. Click here to join the waitlist for my signature program, Healing Anxious Attachment

The Ace Metaphor Audio Experience

Ace Metaphor

Fixers & Empaths can be the Yin to a Narcs Yang

This is so true (and sad) 

Relationship Truth: Unfiltered

Leslie Vernick

Every relationship has its problems. But, too often, those problems become destructive and even dangerous. This happens in Christian marriages, too. And the church, unfortunately, hasn’t done a great job of dealing with it. Relationship Truth: Unfiltered is a place for people of faith to find real answers when it comes to destructive relationships.

The Covert Narcissism Podcast

Renee Swanson

Your Rights When With a Covert Narcissist

“You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you. Do you understand the rights I have just read to you? With these rights in mind, do you wish to speak to me?”
Now that I have shown how I will treat every word that comes out of your mouth, you better just shut up. I’m better than you at manipulating things, turning things against you, controlling you. This is my territory. This in a marriage! So condescending. So hurtful. 
It’s no wonder that we quit talking to them. So many victims shut down and go grey rock and don’t even understand why. They don’t even know what that is, but do it out of survival.
So what should those rights be? What do they look like in a healthy relationship? I re-wrote them:
"You have the right to be you. Anything you say can an

Narcissist Apocalypse

Narcissist Apocalypse

Tallulah & The Adventuring Narcissistic Skipper - Domestic Violence, IPV, Emotional Abuse, Narcissist Abuse, Infidelity

Brandon talks with Tallulah about her six-year abusive relationship with a narcissistic sailor. It’s a story of adventure bribes, the fear of failure, the silent treatment, infidelity, and the loss of identity. Plus they discuss, gaslighting, physical abuse, long distance relationships, isolation, the Disneyfication of love, boundaries, competition, lies, manipulation, animal abuse, emotional abuse, the healing process, and much more. *** TRIGGER WARNING - This episode has graphic descriptions of physical abuse and animal abuse. ***

If you want to be a guest on our survivor story podcast, please click here or send us an email at narcissistapocalypse@gmail.com

Thank you to our sponsor BOMBAS. Go to Bombas.com/nap and get 20% off your purchase of socks, underwear, and t-shirts. Bombas donates an item to a homeless shelter for every i

70 Over 70

Pineapple Street Studios

“Not Knowing Is a Gift” with Marty Linsky

Before 70 Over 70 goes on hiatus, Max sits down again with the person who inspired the show, his dad Marty, to talk about what he has learned from these conversations and what he hopes will stick with listeners. 

Thank you to the more than 70 people over 70 who helped make this show possible: 

Alice Waters, André De Shields, Anna Fisher, Dr. Anthony Fauci, Arlene Heyman, Arthur Russell, Austin Sarat, Barney Frank, Bertha Riley, Dr. Bessel Van Der Kolk, Betty Goedhart, Beverly Glenn-Copeland, Bob Iger, Carolyn Doelling, Dan Rather, Darryl Cox, David Crosby, Deanna Gobio, Diana Nyad, Diane Meier, Diedre Wolownick, Dionne Warwick, Dolores Huerta, Donalda MacGeachy, Evelyn Griesse, George Pettigrew, Gloria Allen, Greg O'Brien, Sister Helen Prejean, Howard Kakita, Jackie Batson, James Hong, Jim Clyburn, Father Joe Carey, Dr. Joycelyn Elders, Judith Light, Konai Helu Thaman, Krishnamurthy, Dr. Laverene Wimberly, Lilia

De Todo Un Mucho

De Todo Un Mucho


El SECRETO detrás del ÉXITO del PODCAST | De Todo Un Mucho Martha Higareda y Yordi Rosado¡Cumplimos 2 años! ?? Hoy les traemos este episodio donde platicamos de momentos que hemos vivido a lo largo de este par de años y cuál ha sido nuestra clave del éxito para que este proyecto siga en pie y avanzando ?? ¡Síguenos en nuestras redes sociales!Martha HigaredaFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/oficialmarthahigareda/Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/marthahigaredaoficial/Tik-Tok: https://www.tiktok.com/@marthahigaredaofficial?lang=enTwitter: https://twitter.com/marthahigareda Yordi Rosado:Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/YordiRosado/Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/yordirosadooficial/YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/YordiRosadoOficialTwitter: https://twitter.com/YordiRosado De Todo un Mucho:Facebook: https://bit.ly/2Zii2njTwitter: https://twitter.com/DeTodo_UnMuchoInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/detodo_unmucho/

Looking For The Middle: The Christian Girl's Guide to Modern Dating

Bethany White & Kristen Camp

Have you ever asked yourself the question, "Why is dating so hard?" Have you felt frustrated, confused, or overwhelmed trying to navigate dating and relationships? Well you are not alone! Looking For The Middle is a podcast where you can find helpful, Christ-honoring, easy-to-follow advice about dating, singleness, relationships, and everything in between. We talk about guys you should want to date, guys to stay away from, online dating tips, combatting loneliness, and so much more. Our ultimate goal is to help you navigate dating well as a Christian woman, and we can't wait to walk alongside you in your own dating journey!

Enjoy the Podcast

Jared Brady

Do Women/Men Hate to Compete For Love? (Lori Harvey & Micheal B Jordan)

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Love Letters to Kellie... The Podcast

Kellie Rasberry

It's All Downhill From Here

Wedding hashtags, pursuing friends, porn addiction and more...

Relationships Made Easy

Dr. Abby Medcalf

187. 5 Research-Backed Ways to Have More Self-Discipline and Self-Control

Whether you call it self-discipline, grit, determination or willpower, the research shows that people who learn self-control are happier, healthier and have stronger relationships. But how do you get there -- how do you have more self-discipline and self-control? Today I’m sharing a whole new way of understanding willpower and self-discipline, the secret to why you’ve failed in your efforts before and my top five research-backed tips to have you back in control of your life. Full blog and shownotes: https://abbymedcalf.com/5-research-backed-ways-to-have-more-self-discipline-and-self-control/ Grab my FREE Mindfulness Starter Kit: https://abbymedcalf.com/5-research-backed-ways-to-have-more-self-discipline-and-self-control-2/ Sign up for my FREE Meditation Starter Kit: https://abbymedcalf.com/product/meditation-starter-kit/ _________________________________ Subscribe today to get my weekly thoughts, best

The Confident Single Woman

Starr Burroughs: Author, Coach, Speaker, Christian

#180: How To Identify and Avoid Emotionally Unavailable Men

Let’s talk about emotionally unavailable men … What does that mean? How can you tell if a man is emotionally unavailable? What should you do if you realize the guy you’re talking to is emotionally unavailable? In this episode, I answer all these questions! You’ll find out that you’ve been on dates with, or dated, emotionally unavailable men. It’s not as hard as you think to detect them, it’s more difficult to cut them off and move on. If you’re a woman who is ready for marriage and looking for that marriage-minded man, then don’t waste your time with someone who can’t be in a relationship. If you feel like you can’t get to know that man you’re talking to, or you’re confused by him, it’s possible he’s emotionally unavailable. Tune in to learn how to identity emotionally unavailable men and what to do about them! Starr’s Resources:
The Marriage-Minded Online Dating Academy: www.StarrBurroughs.com/MODA Get 10% off your

Date with Cents


Ep. 13 Rant - Marriage Ain't Clout

That moment when a man hops into my comment section talkin’ bout” “You giving’ all this advice to women. Are YOU even married?”As if a man validates my expertise…As if marriage is a coaching certification…As if having a husband means having an amazing love life…AND I can teach others to do the same.Marriage is a relationship status…Not proof that I can help women transform their love lives. So today I hop on the mic to rant a little about why me being married isn’t why you should be taking me seriously as a love coach. HERE’S WHAT YOU’LL DISCOVER: . The underlying reason why men troll women about their relationship statuses. Why being married doesn’t qualify me to be a love/dating coach The real reasons why I am a credible expert when it comes to helping women find love. The truth behind women who get triggered by men who holler “Kevin Samuels” talking points. FEATURED ON THE SHOWMy Daily Clubhouse Room. Subscribe here to get daily updates

Estas Rica



Este episodio carga experiencias desastrosas y bonitas que le enseñaron a Danielita a tener los estándares que tiene. Podría hacer 80 millones de estos, espero que lo disfrutes!HAY UN SORTEO ACTIVO ESTE MES POR EL PODCAST! NO TE LO PIERDAS!instagram.com/estasricapodcastInstagram de Danielitainstagram.com/danisayanTe amo, ESTAS RICA D See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

The Non-Binary Marriage

April Ajoy & Beecher Reuning

Q & A

Now that our story is up to date, we answer your questions and talk about what's next for us in this episode.

We hope to be back in the fall with new episodes but in the meantime, you can follow us on our individual social media channels below or join our Patreon community:


Thank you all for the love and encouragement as we shared our story publicly for the first time.

Signing off (for now) with love,

April & Beecher

Feel free to email us at: nonbinarymarriage@gmail.com

Follow April & Beecher on social media:

TikTok: @aprilajoy @hellobeecher

Instagram: @hellobeecher @aprilajoy

Twitter: @aprilajoyr @hellobeecher

Facebook: @realaprilajoy @beecherreuning

Dear Shandy

Sharleen Joynt & Andy Levine

Q&A! To BJ Or Not To BJ, Changing Your Date's Style, & The Women's Equivalent To Andy's "Men Are Mature At 36" Rule

It's Q&A time! We're back, answering YOUR burning questions! If you like the guy but not his style, is it superficial to want to change it? Andy has long said the "maturity threshold" for men is age 36—does he have an age equivalent for women? And is refusing to go down on your partner a potential dealbreaker in the world of dating? Come join us in our living room for the Shandy take! Thanks to our sponsors!- Go to https://www.hellofresh.com/SHANDY16 and use code SHANDY16 to get up to 16 free meals, plus 3 free gifts!- Go to https://www.squarespace.com/SHANDY and use code SHANDY for 10% off your first website or domain!- Go to https://www.truebill.com/SHANDY to cancel unwanted subscriptions with one tap!- Go to https://www.hellotushy.com/SHANDY and use code SHANDY for 10% off plus free shipping!0:00 - Q1: What Is The Straig

Satellite Sisters

Mudbath Productions

Insights from Satellite Sisters Work Survey, Behind-The-Scenes at Liz's Show Biz Job, Dallas Art Museum Heist

Julie and Liz review listeners insights about the change of work pre-, during and post pandemic. Plus Liz tells the tale of her best totally accidental Hollywood negotiation.
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Go the the Satellite Sisters website here
Go to the Satellite Sisters You Tube Channel here.
Lian's Santa Fe Meet-Up is open to all . Tuesday June 14. 5 pm. La Fonda Hotel Rooftop Bar.
Jennifer Hudson is an EGOT! Congrats!
Britain experiments with 4-day Work Week.
Very odd break-in at Dallas Art Museum.
Peter Rice Fired As head of TV at Disney. Liz has a POV. Today's story from Wall Street Journal.
Entertaining Sisters:
Julie recommends the remake of Father of the Bride on HBOMax.
Liz downloaded audiobooks from the Satellite Sisters Best Beach Bag Book list.
Julie will mark Juneteent

First Date Follow Up - The Jubal Show

The Jubal Show

Expect the unexpected in this First Date Follow Up!

First Date Follow Up is when we get an email from someone who went on a date and the other person isn't calling back. We get that other person on the phone to see why they're "ghosting".Something happened when we tried to call the women that is ghosting a guy that was kind of a disaster and no one on the show, or on the phone, was ready for it! What happened and can The Jubal Show get this couple on a second date!? Leave a rating and review wherever you listen. It will help the show out in a big way. If that's not your thing, you can find us on social media here:https://instagram.com/thejubalshowhttps://twitter.com/thejubalshowhttps://www.tiktok.com/@thejubalshow

Dear Young Married Couple

Adam & Karissa King

4 Steps When You Face DISAPPOINTMENT w/ Kristen and Bethany from Girl Defined

Adam + Karissa chat with Kristen + Bethany from Girl Defined about disappointment. Join them as they share some practical steps to overcome those tough moments and/or seasons of disappointment. 

Recommended Resources:
Girl Defined
Love Defined
Sex, Purity, + the Longings of a Girl’s Heart
Shine Bright 
Ynab App

Connect w/ Kristin + Bethany on Instagram:

Join us for the next DYMC Monthly Live Date Night where we dig into some of these topics with you LIVE for 90 minutes this month! 

Stay in conversation with us on IG: @dearyoungmarriedcouple or on our website: https://www.dearyoungmarriedcouple.com

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How to Love

Rebecca Shern, Joshua Fields Millburn

Alone Space

In this public episode of How to Love, Becca and Joshua discuss why they won't be living under the same roof full-time despite recently purchasing a home together, why they both cherish their alone time, and how they anticipate navigating their introverted needs with their daughter being in California during the school year. Listen to full episodes at patreon.com/howtolove.

Relationship Theory

Impact Theory

How to Handle Feelings of Insecurity and Inadequacy with Your Partner | Tom Bilyeu & Lisa Bilyeu

Dealing with your partner’s insecurities in the relationship gets very challenging. Because they are often triggered by something internal the work needs to come mainly from your partner. When you are committed and down for the long-term relationship, you realize that dealing with your own insecurities is more effective in creating and maintaining a healthy and happy relationship. Tom and Lisa share how Tom was able to recognize and address one of his own insecurities early in the relationship. It may be a surprise but at the root of your insecurity and your partner’s insecurity is a challenge to your identity and personal values.Relationship Theory with Tom and Lisa Bilyeu encourages healthy, loving, life long relationships. Whether you are fresh out of your last relationship, on a break, taking time to heal from a breakup, or looking for ways to strengthen the romance and b

Dear Clementine

Nova Podcasts

In need of a little guidance? Desperate for some advice, but too afraid to ask your friends? Award winning author and proud feminist Clementine Ford is here to help. Whether you've got a question about family, career, sex or friendships Clementine is the sister you always wanted, the mum you never had, the aunty who always listened and the friend who's got your back. Dear Clementine is a podcast packed with advice you may not want but you definitely need.

Save Your Sanity - Help for Toxic Relationships

Dr. Rhoberta Shaler

How Emotional Abuse Creates Fear of Rejection

Find yourself afraid you're not good enough? You won't be hired? You won't be wanted? Loved? Accepted? Fear of rejection may be the culprit underlying those thoughts. SO IMPORTANT to recognize so you can overcome the fears that may be holding you back from healthier relationships with yourself and others...including the NASTY Hijackals!Recognize the limitations that the fear of rejection creates in your life, so you can reject it! No need to allow that fear to rule. See it. Reject it. Change it! HIGHLIGHTS OF THIS EPISODE:Dr. Shaler's definition of emotional abuseHow you feel when you fear rejectionHow fear of rejection limits your life & relationshipsHow Hijackal (narcissistic) parents control you with this fearI'm here to help Let's talk soon.RhobertaIntroductory session for new clients,only $97FOLLOW DR. RHOBERTA SHALER...WEBSITE: https://www.EmergingEmpowered.comPODCAST: http://www.SaveYourSanityPodcast.comNEWSL

Spill the Beans Podcast

Spill the Beans Podcast


?GOOD MORNING GUYS ? we hope you have an amazing Friday and thank you so much for watching/listening to this podcast! ?  FOLLOW STACEY ON YOUTUBE:  @Stacey Diaz    INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/staceydiazapodaca/?hl=en TIKTOK: https://www.tiktok.com/@staceydiazapodaca?lang=en   our vlog channel ▸ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYIv​​...  julissa's channel ▸ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFZt​​...  OUR OTHER SOCIAL MEDIA || ⚡️  INSTAGRAM ▸ @ jonathaanfloress ▸ @iblancaj ▸@ozzoandchai TWITTER ▸ @ floress18 ▸ @ iblancaj TIK TOK ▸ @ jonathaanfloress18 ▸ @ iblancaj


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Awesome Etiquette

The Emily Post Institute

Episode 403 - Who Started It

Welcome to Awesome Etiquette, where we explore modern etiquette through the lens of consideration, respect and honesty. On today’s show we take your questions on politely ending phone calls, leaving a job without knowing what’s next, family members who comment on what you wear, and telling family members you’re not ready for marriage. For Awesome Etiquette sustaining members our question is about writing thank you notes for gifts you know have been purchased but have yet to receive. Plus your most excellent feedback, etiquette salute and a postscript on Emily Post from the book Extraordinary Origins of Everyday Things by Charles Panati.

See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

Private Talk With Alexis Texas

Fred Frenchy

CJ SPARXX | EP 88 (After Dark)

North Cal native, CJ Sparxx visits Alexis' couch and opens up about her very religious upbringing, being a top model and her journey to sobriety. A great episode.

Friend Forward

Danielle Bayard Jackson

Three ways the "female brain" helps us relate to our friends w/ Dr. Tracy Alloway

This week I'm sharing my conversation with Dr. Tracy Alloway, an award-winning psychologist and and author of Think Like a Girl whose appearances on CNN, Good Morning America, and The Doctors have made her the go-to woman for information about the brain. In this interview, Dr. Alloway shares some of the unique ways the female brain is wired, and I make connections between how that wiring can impact how we relate to our female friends. This interview was helpful as I work to write my own book, Fighting for our Friendships, which is coming to a book store near you in early 2024.   Visit Betterfemalefriendships.com for more. Follow Dr. Alloway Follow Friend Forward Follow Danielle Bayard Jackson on TikTok or IG

Catch Him if You Can

Frequency Podcast Network, Emilia King, Maggie Reid, Pink Moon Studio

March came from nothing. Now, he’s the 1%. He made his fortune in oil and cryptocurrency. He’s sweet, handsome and charming. It’s hard to believe he’s still single. Only, it isn’t. Because March isn’t real. He’s a border hopping Canadian con artist who’s tricked women and men out of over a million dollars. He thought he was untouchable, but now he’s messed with the wrong women. From Pink Moon Studio, this is Catch Him if You Can. The story of Marcel Vautour, his survivors' real time crusade to catch him, and the broken legal system that’s allowed him to get away for over 20 years – told in 7 parts. Written and produced by Emilia King and Maggie Reid. You can find us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram @catchhimpod

Dates & Mates with Damona Hoffman

Dates and Mates Media

Love In The Jungle & Dating Incognito

Animal behavior specialist and show consultant for the Discovery+ show, Love In The Jungle, Dr. Jennifer Verdolin, schools us on love lessons from the animal kingdom. The headline is: What to do if a nice-guy turns out to be not so nice… And, this week’s Dear Damona question is: Help?! I live in a small town and after creating an online dating profile, my inbox is being flooded by my neighbors and people from work!

Follow Dr Jen on Instagram and Twitter @realdrjen 
Check out her website at jenniferverdolin.com

You can read the Newsweek article on “nice-guys” by visiting: newsweek.com/nice-guys-reddit-how-identify-deal-1710865

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Royally Us - Harry, Meghan, Kate and William Royal News and Discussion

Us Weekly

Prince William Slammed At FA Cup

Prince William Slammed At FA Cup & Prince Harry New Initiative Revealed | Royally Us

Relationship Radio: Marriage, Sex, Limerence & Avoiding Divorce

Dr. Joe Beam & Kimberly Beam Holmes: Experts in Fixing Marriages & Saving Relationships

How To Overcome Hate From Your Spouse

Hate is a strong emotion; it’s intense and passionate. But, we can also define love, especially in its initial stage, using the same words. They are bound together through intimacy, passion, and commitment. But what can you do when your spouse hates you? Is there a way to get your marriage back on the love path?In this episode of Relationship Radio, Dr. Joe Beam and Kimberly Beam Holmes give their five keys to turning the hate in your marriage back to love. Along the way, you’ll learn what Marriage Helper can do to support you in this effort. The path is long, but patience and consistency will get you there.

Coach Corey Wayne

Coach Corey Wayne

The Process Of Moving On After She Cheats

How to navigate taking your power back and moving on after your wife or girlfriend cheats on you.

If you have not read my book, “How To Be A 3% Man” yet, that would be a good starting place for you. It is available in Kindle, iBook, Paperback, Hardcover or Audio Book format. If you don't have a Kindle device, you can download a free eReader app from Amazon so you can read my book on any laptop, desktop, smartphone or tablet device. Kindle $9.99, iBook $9.99, Paperback $29.99 or Hardcover 49.99. Audio Book is Free $0.00 with an Audible membership trial or buy it for $19.95. Here is the link to Audible to get the audiobook version: 

Here is the link to Amazon to purchase Kindle, Paperback or Hardcover version: 

Here is the link to the iBookstore to purchase iBook version:

12 Week Relationships Podcast

12 Week U

Answering Your Relationship Questions - 12 Week Relationships Podcast #35

Time for community questions! Lately, we've had tons of questions coming in from our listeners through our social media pages and we'd like to dedicate some time to share our insights on several of them!While we don't offer direct advice on social media, we do enjoy these opportunities to open up discussions with our wonderful community, so please feel free to continue sending us questions! We do deeply respect privacy, so should we share your question in our episodes, all names will remain anonymous.

ManTalks Podcast

Connor Beaton

How To Handle Chronic Complainers

Years ago I put out a mini-episode on this topic, and on a whim decided to put it on the YouTube channel too. Clearly, complainers were a hot-button issue, because it became one of the top-performing videos on my channel, even though it was just audio.

I wanted to revisit the issue, because I don't think ghosting them, ripping into them, or enabling them are solid ways of helping them (or ourselves). Here are my thoughts; I'd love to hear yours. DM me @mantalks on Instagram.

Are you looking to find purpose, navigate transition, or fix your relationships, all with a powerful group of men from around the world? Check out The Alliance and join me today. 

Check out our Facebook Page or the Men's community.

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For more episodes visit us at ManTalks.com | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter   

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Beyond Bitchy: Mastering the Art of Boundaries

Vicki Tidwell Palmer, LCSW

#143 - 4 Essentials for Mastering Boundaries (Part II)

Last week, I talked about the first two of the four essentials for mastering boundaries: “Who’s Got the Power?” and “Stinkin’ Thinkin’.” (If these don’t sound familiar, I recommend going back to listen to Episode 142.) This week, I’ll cover the third and fourth essentials: “Live and Let Live,” and “Change (So That I Can Feel Better).” But before we begin, I want to share a big announcement: this will be the final episode of the Beyond Bitchy podcast. This has been a productive and fulfilling season of my life, but it’s time to bring it to a close and let the next season begin. If you want to keep up with what I’m doing next, please visit and subscribe to my Radiant Threefold Path Blog or follow me on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. Thank you for being part of this podcast journey!   Biggest Takeaways From Episode #143: Others have a right to live the way they want, just as you have a right to live your life in the way

I Don't Get It

Wave Podcast Network

The Bachelor's Ashley and Lauren Iaconetti and reality TV producer Naz Perez don't get a lot about this world. These three outspoken millennials discuss the most embarrassing topics openly and honestly. Relationships, men, sex, virginity, dating in the tech age, pop culture, and everyday annoyances, these ladies cover it all, and with no filter! Bachelor and Bachelorette alum frequently stop by and join in the racy discussions often sharing their deepest secrets!

Magnetize Your Man | Dating Advice, Relationships & Love Tips For Successful Women

Antia & Brody Boyd

The #1 Turn Off for Quality Men

THE #1 TURN OFF FOR QUALITY MEN // Discover A 30 Second Trick To Make Him Desire You Here: http://TriggerHisDesire.comDiscover How To Magnetize Your Man For A Long-Term & Loving Relationship Fast Here: https://MagnetizeYourMan.com/Quiz/3 Texts He Can't Resist: http://MagnetizingMessages.comHow To Get A Man To Chase You For A Relationship: http://iMagnetize.com3 Words That Attract Men Like Crazy: http://FascinationPhrases.comDo This And He FEELS Love For You: http://UltimateLoveRecipe.comApply For A Free 1:1 "Magnetize Your Man" 15 Min. Clarity Session (As Spots Are Available) Using The Special Link Here: https://MagnetizeYourMan.com/CallApplication/Like, This Video And Subscribe For More Of A Great Future Videos On Attracting The Right Man For You Here: http://bit.ly/2WSL6wOComment Below This Video: What’s Your Current Status With A Guy That You Like, And How Might The Points In The Video Apply To Your Relationship With Him?

The Love Drive with Shaun Galanos

Shaun Galanos

Helpline: My boyfriend is on dating apps

Welcome to The Love Drive Helpline, where I answer questions you submit via voicemail.

Leave your question here: https://bit.ly/lovedrivehelpline


Today's question comes from Ivy. [edited for brevity's sake]


"I caught my partner of two years on dating apps and meeting up with other women. Can somebody who habitually lies ever truly change your opinion and what they might have to do to make that change fully?"



Leave your question here: https://bit.ly/lovedrivehelpline

Most of my links: https://www.shaungalanos.com/hello

My online courses: https://www.shaungalanos.com/courses

Support my work: https://www.shaungalanos.com/join

nocrumbsleft table talks


S4 E9: Sharon Says So

In this episode, I sit down with the lively and inspiring Sharon McMahon, popularly known by her Instagram handle, Sharon Says So. A former high school government and law teacher, her mission is to educate people to make their own well-educated decisions. Her love for the Constitution is at the root her Instagram, and if you have no idea how someone could love the US Constitution, listen in to find out who Sharon is. During 2020, instead of getting into arguments, she created short, nonpartisan, fact-based videos, and the rest is her-story. I’m a fan—and as it turns out, she’s been following me as well. This conversation is packed with goodness!

The Christian Single Moms Podcast

PlusONE Parents

I believe every single mom can discover a life of peace, power, and purpose- and that you can do it right through the things God is carrying you through in your season as a single mom. On The Christian Single Moms Podcast, we talk about all the things that matter to a single mom- divorce, domestic violence & abuse, parenting, emotional healing, relationships, dating, and spiritual well-being. Learn more at PlusOneParents.org

Dating While Gray™

Laura Stassi

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

Voice Hugs

Rowena Tsai & Vivian Van

#15 - Learning to go with the flow (podcast journey)

Taking a look back at the first quarter of 2022, Rowena (@rowenatsai) and Vivian (@vivianxvan) share reflections on their podcast journey - from finding a balance between friend mode and work mode (4:20) to focusing less on numbers and trusting the universe (14:48). They also share defining moments in their lives: how experiencing loss and coming near death has become a guiding force in how they choose to spend their time and decide what type of content they want to create, be it podcast or YouTube (8:25). 
This episode is full of lessons learned - letting go of control, learning to go with the flow, and pivoting as a way to grow and expand (21:51). 
They wrap up the episode sharing what they're looking forward to in the upcoming months - all things podcast related (hint: merchhhh?? ?) (26:00). As always, thank you for being here <3 we appreciate you! 
If there’s anything you’ve been ponder

Two Funny Mamas

Two Funny Mamas

Two Funny Mamas Ep 101

"Not a Gemini"
Kym and Sherri kick off the show and Kym eventually comes to the conclusion she likes a man with a ponytail. As the show continues on Sherri announces that the first ever live Two Funny Mamas will be held June 11th, 2022 at The Laugh Factory in Hollywood, CA. The ladies go on to press Chris about being a Gemini, which apparently may be the end of him. B-Phlat subs in when Kym has to take off and shows Sherri "The Jane Pittman" dance.

Kym's product store: http://whitleyproducts.store/index.html
TFM merch: http://byjack.com/twofunnymamas
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The Art of Dating

Ryan Eggett and Kayla Greer

Ep23: Let's talk about everything you need to know from season 1

If you are looking for the short but sweet version of the Art of Dating Podcast, this is the episode you should listen to. In this episode, Ryan, Kayla and guest Kaylx talk about: dating in the plan of salvation, compatibility, a temple marriage, and being in love. This episode is a recap of all the essential things that you need to know as you start dating intentionally.

Have questions?
Contact us at theartofdatingpodcast@gmail.com
Facebook Page:  //www.facebook.com/groups/2640119786286974

The Big Wedding Planning Podcast

Michelle Martinez

#308 Summer Reading 2022

Author Georgia Clark returns to talk Summer Reading 2022! Last year, she was a guest on episode #253 Summer reading 2021. It was such a fan fave, that we wanted her back to give us more!

Georgia hosts a live storytelling show called, “Generation Women,” in NYC, where she live’s with
her “hot wife”, Lindsay and baby girl Rozella, born on 2/27/22 at 12:22.

Georgia's summer book recommendations
#1 Seven Days in June by Tia Williams
- Romance (rom-dram)
- Best seller. Paperback out in June 2022
- Epic love story between 2 black writers
- A sexy, joyful, dark, gritty, star-crossed lovers tale set in Brooklyn, NY.

#2 Ghosts by Dolly Alderton
- Coming of age/fiction
- Dolly’s first novel
- After saying ‘I love you,’ Nina’s boyfriend ghosts her.
- First person narrative

#3 The Wedding Crasher by Mia Sosa
- Contemporary rom-com
- Follow up to “The Best Wors

Zuri Hall's Hot Happy Mess

The Black Effect and iHeartPodcasts

Are you craving Best Life, minus the Burnout… constantly striving for more, and quite frankly — F’n over it? Want more happiness, peace, and purpose… NOW? Well then LET’S. GO. From Emmy Award Winning TV host Zuri Hall comes ‘Hot Happy Mess’ — your new go-to podcast for mindfully ambitious Millennial women. It’s the same fun, down-to-earth vibes that Zuri’s known for during her candid red carpet interviews + celebrity sit-downs (on MTV, E! News, and now Access Hollywood)... but this show is all about the most important VIP of your life: YOU. And it’s time to own it!This podcast will help you take it all a little less seriously, and find your magic in the middle of life’s messes. No more putting off your living for tomorrow.Self-Care. Relationships. Mental Wellness. New Motherhood. Team No Kids. Career Wins (and Fails). Social Media. Real stories from real, amazing everyday women. We’re covering it all. Our North Star is ‘Happy’ and it’s not an end destination — it’s a state of being, during the entire journey of our lives. Wine (and tequila, and vodka, and whiskey… and pretty much everything else) will be spilled. The occasional f*bomb will be dropped. Laughs (and a few tears) will be shed. Messes will be made… but we’ll find our magic, in the middle of them. Together. New episodes every Monday!Follow @ZuriHall and @HotHappyMess on Instagram to keep the good vibes going.

Relationship Alive!

Neil Sattin

255: How to Be Courageous (especially when it's hard)

It's easy to talk about being courageous - but how do you actually take action when it feels like a huge risk? Whether it's the decision to enter a relationship, or to leave a relationship, or all of the moments within a relationship when you might have to make a choice that feels a little edgy or scary - today's episode is going to focus on the practical steps to taking action...courageously. Don't just "feel the fear and do it anyway" - learn how to prepare yourself so that you stand the best chance of succeeding in a moment that requires your courage. As always, I’m looking forward to your thoughts on this episode and what revelations and questions it creates for you. Please join us in the Relationship Alive Community on Facebook to chat about it! Sponsors: GreenChef.com is a USDA certified organic company, with a wide variety of meal plans to make having healthier food easy and convenient for you. And they’

Deeper Dating Podcast

Ken Page, LCSW

Finding love isn’t about gimmicks or games. It’s about something far more profound than we’ve ever been taught. In this podcast by renowned psychotherapist and bestselling author Ken Page, you’ll learn the most effective, research-backed tools for transforming the way you date--and finding authentic love.

Wedding Planning Podcast

Kara Lamerato

Overcoming Wedding Planning OVERWHELM

Being the "Overwhelmed Engaged Couple" is not a ton of fun. They say things like, "wow, our whole wedding day FLEW BY and we barely had a chance to enjoy it." This couple feels panic every time a new vendor quote comes in. Overwhelmed every time they open their email or even think about all the items on their checklist. Dread over finding out how much the next thing is going to cost. Fear over being judged for what they choose - and don't choose - to include in their wedding celebration. Ahem, I have a question ??‍♀️ ... how is feeling overwhelmed & anxious about all that outside noise going to help YOU plan an unforgettable wedding experience that celebrates your marriage and your love in a once-in-a-lifetime event with all the people closest to you? Your engagement season is too special to sit back & let it slip by in a cloud of overwhelm and frustration. Right now, you have a choice. You can continue down the rabbi

This Podcast is for Women with Adrienne Everheart

Adrienne Everheart

Feminine Energy advice for your relationship, life and career. Discover why feminine energy is your superpower. Learn how you can create a loving relationship, conquer your anxiety, get fit, look and feel forever young and tame unhealthy behaviors. Feminine Energy is inside you, and Adrienne Everheart is here to activate this inner wisdom and offer you the glowing Diamond Girl life you crave. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/adrienneeverheart/support

Seeing Other People

Ilana Dunn

Unfiltered: Overcoming the Pressure to find "The One"

On this episode I'm joined by a 40 year old woman who shares the pressure she's felt over the last twenty years to find her person, get married, and settle down. We discuss how our society makes us feel like we're running out of time and have to meet someone by a certain age,  what it's like to see your friends get into relationships and move forward with their partners while you're not, and how to accept that some relationships aren't right, no matter how much we sometimes wish they were. We hear how she's learned to get comfortable with the idea of being alone and appreciate the amazing life she's built for herself. 



EP139 十宮Ⅲ,人生資優生(失速也慢速)

十宮來到最後一集,我們一起繼續了解什麼是十宮的「成功跟成名」,而且本集登場的星都相當精彩,兩大吉星「金星、木星」,與力量強大的「土星、冥王星」都在這一集喔,那會如何呢?更成功?還是更不容易? 作為最接近「上等的一切」的宮位,既有高攀、邁向成功的機會,也要付出「不能做自己、不自由」的代價,十宮人自己覺得划算嗎、喜歡嗎?那就要問他們怎麼想了(我是四宮人一向不鳥高層的所以我不能理解?) 本日菜單: 土星十宮從小就知道沒有聖誕老人 而且抗壓性有點過好 貴人運過好的金星十宮 過譽與過順的少年早發 過高的榮耀可能成美麗牢籠 二宮、六宮、十宮,猜猜誰比較過勞? 金星十宮總能挑到最貴的 木星十宮場面大還要更大 誰會把貴人氣跑 冥王藉危機創造成功 冥王星十宮要靠時代的浪潮

Real Love Scenario

Relationship Restored

In this entertaining advice-based show, listeners write in their real-life love scenarios, and Dre & Rhonda give their expert advice, offering a man and woman's perspective and how to solve real-life love problems.

The Impulsive Duo

The Impulsive Duo

Relationship Stories, Advice, Swingers Lifestyle, And More! Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/theimpulsiveduo/support

Double Date with Marlo Thomas & Phil Donahue

Pushkin Industries

Heartbreak: A Journalist Studies the Science of Divorce

This week, we're sharing a new audiobook from Pushkin, the company behind The Last Archive. It’s called Heartbreak and it’s written and read by Florence Williams. Florence is a science journalist, but when her husband of 25 years broke up with her, she became her own subject. Florence set out to understand what was happening to her, emotionally and physically, after the divorce. The result is a courageous and intimate audiobook filled with interviews, conversations with friends and audio diaries from some of her most vulnerable moments. Divorce is painful, many of our Double Date guests have been through it and discussed in depth on the show. But this audiobook is a beautifully detailed chronicle of a path through.

You can order the Heartbreak audiobook now at pushkin.fm/heartbreak.

Learn more about your ad-choices at https://www.iheartpodcastnetwork.com

See omnystudio.com/listener for



Welcome to Stepford, VT

Trans activists stalk non-compliant gays in Burlington. City mayor Miro Weinberger happy that lesbians and gay men don't feel safe meeting in public. How Vermont descended into a blue fury.

See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

Husband In Law

Jessica Frew, Steve, Matt Frew

Self Care is Selfish

This week our Dear Listener Episode is for everyone and there is homework...Let's talk more about self-care, why it really isn't selfish, and what that actually means for you. Did you know there are at least 6 types of self-care?! We are going to dive into what they are and how you can utilize them in your life. What area are you lacking? Where could you dive into some more self-care?Link Time Study and Self Care Assessment Sheet https://theboldlogic.com/selfcarePick up the latest version of the BOLDology Journal today! There are just a few left so don't wait to get yours before this batch runs out! https://theboldlogic.com/boldjournal-------Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook!--You can find the podcast on Apple, Google, Spotify, Stitcher, or wherever you listen to podcasts

Dating Intelligence the Podcast

Christopher Louis

The Set Up! feat. Dan Bilzerian

Dan Bilzerian is a high stakes poker player, playboy and social media star.  With his big or go home attitude he doesn't disappoint when it comes to throwing massive parties, surrounding himself with a bevy of beautiful women and driving tanks around just for fun.   He joins the show to discuss his new book "The Set Up" as well as share stories of his personal life and quite frankly just to put his feet up and relax.  Don't miss this explosive episode of fun and intrigue.  

Victoria's Thoughts

Victoria de Vall

my podcast is here in service to Women. by sharing the truths i have come to know, i intend to lead women back home, back to themselves, back to their power. each episode gives women the tools to shed the layers of patriarchal conditioning, pain, and trauma they have accumulated throughout their lives while we discuss deep healing, sexuality, relationships, femininity, true embodiment, dating, and all things Women. xoxoxo, Victoria

The Real Heal with Alicia Silverstone


Healing the Earth with Dr. Zach Bush and Ed Begley Jr.

An important step in healing ourselves is taking care of our planet. When we protect our home, we nurture our communities, our loved ones, and our fellow living beings. But where do we start? In this episode, Alicia is joined by Dr. Zach Bush, a triple board-certified physician and founder of the nonprofit Farmer’s Footprint, and Ed Begley Jr., a 7-time Emmy nominated actor and lifelong environmental activist. Zach explains why it is urgent and vital that we restore our soil while Ed and Alicia share some simple steps you can take to live a more eco-conscious life. They emphasize that if we work together, we can begin to heal our planet.


To dig deeper into this episode’s topic and resources, visit thekindlife.com 

See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

What I Love About Sex

Stephanie Ganowski

#252 Dealing with negative sex-talk in your head

What you'll learn from this episode: 1. How negative sex self-talk can damage your sex experiences.2. What it sounds like to respond to your negative sex-talk constructively.3. Why your negative sex self-talk is not necessarily a "bad" thing.RECEIVE SATURDAY SEX TIPShttps://www.stephanieganowski.com/news-letterOVERCOMING SEXUAL PERFORMANCE ANXIETY https://www.stephanieganowski.com/overcoming-sexual-performance-anxietyJOIN THE "LET'S TALK SEX" CLUBhttps://www.stephanieganowski.com/offers/ecHpAYXn/checkoutINSTAGRAMhttps://www.instagram.com/stephganowski/

The 9 O'Clock

Jackson Laithland

The 9 O'Clock is the podcast dedicated to maintaining your relationship while also trying not to mess up your kids. Relationships are hard enough. When you add kids, everything ends up passing through a parent-colored filter. How will this affect the kids? Am I a partner or a parent first? The 9 O'Clock isn't expert advice or fix-all hacks. It's just 2 people who established an accidental routine of on-purpose communication & had enough adult money to buy podcast mics. We're chatting about kids, marriage, & whatever else comes to mind. Welcome to the 9 O'Clock. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/the9oclock/support

Blockt* Podcast

victor uyaelunmo

Why do a lot of women feel uncomfortable when they have to spend more | Is a cheater always a cheater?

Checking In with Susan David


Body Stuff with Dr. Jen Gunter

Can you REALLY boost your metabolism? Is blue light actually ruining your sleep? How much vaginal yeast is healthy and when is it … too much? Body Stuff with Dr. Jen Gunter is BACK for a second season to bust the lies you’re told—and sold—about your personal health. Join Dr. Jen Gunter as she addresses common myths– from breaking down the incredible ways our senses of taste and smell work, to debunking some of the harmful misconceptions about opioids, to addressing the biggest pain on our backs (literally). Whether you are curious to learn more about the world inside you, or are wanting to escape the online hot takes that promise to tell you how to optimize your health, this season dives even deeper into helping you understand how your body REALLY works. Body Stuff is another podcast in the TED Audio collective, and you can find it wherever you're listening to this.

Building Bridges

Taylor Niebergall

Imagine a wide chasm spanning the distance between you and a person that you love. Both of you want to stay on the side you are on, but hate the separation resulting from that choice. Is your relationship then doomed? How can you make this work? I believe the answer to this is Bridge Building, and that is exactly what I am seeking to teach my listeners. When it comes to the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, chasms of faith differences often develop and can be detrimental to maintaining healthy, loving relationships. I believe that these relationships are not doomed to the width of the gulf, but can in fact become stronger than ever before. Bridge Builders seek to find the tools to form bridges that will allow these relationships to flourish again, literally bridging the gap, making the chasm less daunting, making your loved one more emotionally available/open to you, learning from new perspectives, and planting seeds of love, trust, and credibility along the path.

The Baggage Reclaim Sessions

Natalie Lue

Ep. 264: Let's Talk About the Real Reasons Behind Behind Affairs

After receiving a lot of requests for her to talk about the topic, Natalie delves into why affairs happen and the importance of challenging some of the misconceptions about affairs that tend to assume that a person only cheats because their partner and relationship aren't 'good enough'.

Green Dreamer: Seeding change towards collective healing, sustainability, regeneration

Kamea Chayne

359) Gavin Van Horn: The practice of kinning as porous beings

"Instead of being head over heels, be heels over head—privilege your sense of touch. I think that shifts the weight of an overactive mind back into the body, [towards] our full body-mind experiences." In this episode, we welcome Gavin Van Horn, Ph.D, Executive Editor at the Center for Humans and Nature and leads the Book Series for the Center for Humans and Nature Press. He is the co-editor, with Robin Wall Kimmerer and John Hausdoerffer, of the five-volume series, Kinship: Belonging in a World of Relations; and the author of The Way of Coyote: Shared Journeys in the Urban Wilds. (The musical offering in this episode is Power to Change by Luna Bec.) Support our in(ter)dependent show: GreenDreamer.com/support

La Historia Jamás Contada

nodalab | Karenia Ángeles, Paloma Ornelas y Sofía Isabel

08 | Educación para el buen vivir

Asombrarse al aprender es una de las experiencias humanas más nobles.
El propósito esencial de aprender sigue muchas direcciones, pero una de las más importantes es preservar la capacidad de imaginar. En este episodio Ignacia Serrano, integrante del Colectivo Unión de Ejidos y Comunidades y Zitlali López, especialista en agroecología se unen a La Historia Jamás Contada para hablar del rol de las mujeres como pilares de comunidades educativas.
Ambas describen cómo funciona la organización de labores de educación y cuidado ambiental en las comunidades en las que trabajan. También analizamos las fases por las que ha aumentado la presencia de las mujeres como agentes activos en la educación.

The Love U Podcast with Evan Marc Katz

Evan Marc Katz

You’re Lying If You Say You Want To Be Alone

Every week, I talk with women who apply for dating...

Optimal Relationships Daily

Greg Audino | Optimal Living Daily

1373: The Little-Known Secret to Stop Yelling at Your Kids by Alyssa Wolff of Your Unbusy Life

Alyssa Wolff of Your Unbusy Life teaches you a secret to stop yelling at your kids
Episode 1373: The Little-Known Secret to Stop Yelling at Your Kids by Alyssa Wolff of Your Unbusy Life
Alyssa Wolff is the founder of Your Unbusy Life. She is a minimalism junkie, God follower, introvert, perpetual bookworm, and mom of 5. Her passion is helping introverted mothers get life simplicity in their stuff and schedules.
The original post is located here: https://yourunbusylife.com/stop-yelling-at-your-kids/ 
Visit Me Online at OLDPodcast.com
Interested in advertising on the show? Visit https://www.advertisecast.com/OptimalRelationshipsDailyMarriageParenting
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Redemptive Living Radio

Redemptive Living Radio

#37: Sexual Intimacy

In this episode - we talk about sexual intimacy post-betrayal.  Here are just a couple of the things we discuss: - Allow it to be wonky and work toward decreasing the pressure to make this part of the relationship perfect - as I (Shelley) mention in the podcast - let it be life work. - We discuss frequency - should it be every 72 hours?  What about depriving one another (see 1 Corinthians 7:5)? - Triggers for him and for her when engaging in sexual intimacy. Ultimately - it’s important to think of sexual intimacy as an opportunity for us to redefine in a healthy way what is most important.  It’s not to be transactional, it’s not just to get it done - it’s to be caring, loving, and a celebration of the greater intimacy we share with our spouse. We are so glad YOU are here, thanks for joining us!    Shelley mentions Episode #19 - Sexual Abstinence in the Recovery Process Shelley mentions Episode #33 - Dealing with Intrusive Thoughts (for Women) The Worthy

Temptation Nena

Temptation Nena

Mujeres Bisexuales!

Un trio delicioso entre compañeros de trabajo y una relación de amigos que hacen intercambios!Support the show (https://www.buymeacoffee.com/Temptationnena)

From Love to Security with Danya Babkair من الحب للأمان مع دانية بابكير


الحلقة السادسة : تحليل قضية جوني ديب وآمبر هيرد من جانب التعلق والعنف

أكيد من متابعتك لقنواتي في انستقرام وتيك توك تعرف مدى اهتمامي لهذه القضية مثل الملايين من الناس حول العالم يتابعونها لاسبابهم المختلفة. لكن في حلقة اليوم أركز على : 
١- من هو جوني وتاريخة عائلة 
٢- من هو أمبر هيرد وتاريخ عائلتها
٣- نمط التعلق عند جوني وآمبر 
٤- هل بالفعل يوجد رجال معنفين!؟ 
٥- لماذا جونى لم يقف ويضع حد لهذا العنف ومدى تأثير إدمانه على تصرفاته. 
٦- أنواع العنف بناء على دكتور جون غوتمان 
٧- الوعي عن العنف وكيف التعامل معه في الإرشاد الزواجي والخدمة الاجتماعية 
اتمنى ان تعجبكم هذه الحلقة وتشاركها  مع من تحب.واذا ان انسان نظري وتريد تحليل للقضية من نواحي مختلفة تابعني على انستقرام وتيك توك لهذه الفيديوهات التحليلية. 
هدايا وأخبار عن بودكاست من الحب للأمان! سجل الآن وحمل ملف الهدية
https://mailchi.mp/a3c3130cfda6/danya-podcast (https://mailchi.mp/a3c3130cfda6/dany

Mama Trauma- Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers, Christian Healing, Healing From Narcissistic Abuse, Narcissistic Mother, Chil

Ronica Cormier/ Christian Healing Coach For Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers

Community Update! I'm Going On A 40-Day Fast! Is It Time For You To Start Your Own Journey?

Hey Sister, In this episode, I am updating you on what will be happening in the Mama Trauma community in the weeks to come. I will be going on a journey with God for 40 days of fasting and prayer. During this time I will be unplugging from social media and the podcast temporarily to really sit at the feet of Jesus. Perhaps, this is a time for you to unplug from the world so that you can plug in to your true source. I invite you to do some fasting and prayer with me if you feel led. When 2 or more of God's daughters are gathered in his name there he is also.  I'll be praying for each and every one of you and here is a link to help you stay connected until we see each other again in March:ronicacormier.com Sending love, abundance, and light to each of you and your families!See you soon, Ronica 

CLAIMED — Feminine/Masculine Polarity. Femininity. Embodiment.

Anna Rova: Interviews & content with inspiring women on femininity, polarit

How To Create Polarity In A Relationship

"The masculine is powerful and the feminine is powerless." Wrong! Polarity is not a hierarchy. It's not about dominance and submission. In this episode, I debunk the biggest misconceptions about polarity and share my top tips for how to create polarity in a relationship.  ============================= ?‍❤️‍? Want to learn how to start attracting committed masculine men? Register for my free training here: https://claimed.com/training ?? CLAIMED PROGRAM - We're open for enrolment! Schedule a FREE embodied dating consult to see if we're a good fit! (Spots are limited): https://claimed.com/apply ? Interact with me on a personal level on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/annarova/

Married Game Podcast

Keith Yackey

Sex in marriage is a tricky game. If you are like me, I got frustrated when the woman of my dreams stopped initiating or only had sex with me to service my needs. Deep down you want to be wanted. You want your wife to desire you again. The bottom line is she is no longer attracted to you. The good news is you can fix this, without having the "talk" with her. This podcast is all about helping you become the most attractive version of you again. Let's dive in and get you laid! Hosted by Keith Yackey & Garrett J. White

The Grace Fueled Wife -Wife Coach for the Christian woman seeking marriage transformation or relationship coaching

Beatriz Vargas

E116// Should I still have sex with my husband if we’re separated?

There are many mixed opinions on this issue mostly because they say it will confuse you or your husband. In some cases, however,  it can heal the marriage. 
Here are some tips and arguments for each side to help you decide what’s best for you. 
Wait!!! Before you go! Are you new around here and want to know more about me?
Here are some ways you can work with me or become a part of my community!
The Community...
Join me in The Grace Fueled Wives Club on FB! https://www.facebook.com/groups/GraceFueledWifeCommunity/
Become an Insider! I have a gift for you. Go check out! gracefueledwifesteps.gr8.com

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EmPowered Couples with The Freemans

Aaron & Jocelyn Freeman

How Our Intimate and Sex Life Has Actually Improved Now As Parents: Episode 230

This is your last chance to attend the online workshop to “Spice Up Your Sex Life”! Attend this 2 hour life changing one on May 29th, 2022 by purchasing The Communication Mastery Bundle and you’ll get this as a free bonus HERE. This brings us to the end of the Spice Up Your Sex Life series, and we want to give you our personal update. Becoming parents we recognized how the allocation of time and energy certainly changed. But we were not going to have that be an excuse for us, we knew we had to get more creative. We can honestly say that our intimacy and sex life has improved after being parents, but it was not by accident. With the two other podcasts you have heard, here is how we have brought it all together to have our intimacy be even more satisfying, despite time, energy, or sleep changing.    Resources For Your Relationship: - Watch our FREE WebClass on: The 5 Steps to Fully Repair After an

The Grumpy Girlfriend Podcast

Katrin Berndt

76. How to Act Normal While Processing Jealousy

Okay, so you know you're supposed to process and allow the emotion when it enters your body so you don't freak out and take it out on your partner... But how the heck do you process the horrible feeling of jealousy in your body without your partner noticing something is wrong?In this episode, I explain to you why this question might be rooted in some problematic assumptions and beliefs but also how to actually do it. You'll get to listen in on what my inner monologue usually sounds like when I process jealousy myself.Schedule Consultation:https://www.katrinberndt.com/girlfriendContact:https://www.katrinberndt.com/https://www.instagram.com/katrinberndt

The Marriage Podcast for Smart People

Caleb & Verlynda Simonyi-Gindele

Why Is My Spouse So Controlling?

There’s a level of control that occurs in relatively few marriages that we would see as part of an abusive power and control dynamic. But then there’s a lower level of control that doesn’t come from an abusive spouse that can still be frustrating and lead to conflict in the marriage.

We’ve talked about the abusive kind of control before, so if you want to learn more about that kind of control feel free to go back to our previous episodes of the podcast to learn more about what that looks like. 

Today, we’re talking about the annoying kind of controlling. This is not so much about the spouse’s power and dominance as the controlling spouse’s worry, fear, anxiety, and maybe even mental health issues that are driving this behavior. And sometimes the non-controlling spouse may also be acting in ways that prompt this behavior. If you’re listening to this to try to figure out your




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ABC Radio

Shanna Whan's best sober life

When country woman Shanna Whan hit rock bottom in 2014 after a lifelong battle with alcohol addiction, she began a grassroots movement to tackle how we talk about booze in the bush

How Not To Suck At Divorce

Morgan L. Stogsdill and Andrea Rappaport

26. Bill Eddy Heals High Conflict Divorces...and the world

We are ending season 2 with the beloved Bill Eddy, LCSW, Esq. and continuing our discussion of high conflict divorces. Bill teaches us a simple tool that has the power to not only change the whole vibe of your high conflict divorce and how you deal with conflict with literally anyone....but we think it could heal the whole damn world. We are hard at work planning Season 3 and it's going to be a big one! Stay tuned, we'll be back soon. In the meantime, please slide into our dms and let us know what topics you'd like us to highlight in S3: @theandrearappaport Morgan's IG was hacked (she didn't leave law to sell "cloths") so send her an email here: mlstogsdill@beermannlaw.com You can learn more about Bill Eddy and his work on high conflict divorce at www.highconflictinstitute.com and www.conflictplaybook.com where you'll find a parenting class and other resources for parents who are going through divorce. You

Restored 2 More

Charity & Clinton Muñoz

How to Protect Our Kids from Porn with Kristen Jenson

How can we proactively prepare our kids for an over-sexualized culture? How can we protect them from the damaging effects of pornography? What should we do if we discover our child is watching pornography? How early should we talk about sex, and how do we bring up the topic of pornography with our kids?Today we have the privilege to share our interview with Kristen Jenson, who answers these questions and shares her wisdom on these topics! Kristen is the founder of Defend Young Minds and the #1 best-selling author of the Good Pictures Bad Pictures series. She is empowering resilient, screen-smart kids who know how to reject pornography through her many endeavors.This episode discusses practical tools for preparing our children for what they will face in today’s culture and how to respond if they have already been exposed to pornography.  Listen now and click the links below to get all the tools that Defend Young Minds have

Worth Thee Wait

Relationship Restored

Worth Thee Wait is an audio/visual podcast hosted by power couple Dre Smith & Breanna Aponte (Smith). In this podcast, the couple pulls from their personal relationship experiences to give practical advice on preparing for your forever person, identifying your forever person, and maintaining that relationship to ensure that it is happy and healthy. Dre and Bre waited for 3.5 years to have sex until marriage, and now, being happily married, they are excited to give others their perspective to help them find someone worth waiting for! Tune in Every Wednesday @ 6:30 AM!

Staying Real About Faith & Family

Linda Goldfarb

Ready to get real about faith and family? Board Certified Christian Life Coach and Personality Thought Leader, Linda Goldfarb, offers insight with enthusiasm each week, sharing truth to help you manage life from a real-life perspective. In each episode, Linda shares thoughts on relational issues with biblical and practical applications. We invite you to ask questions. Leave your comments for each episode on our website.

Divorce etc... podcast hosted by the exEXPERTS (T.H. & Jessica)

T.H. Irwin & Jessica Klingbaum

Divorce etc... is a funny, uplifting, & no-BS conversation with T.H. & Jessica, two best friends who got divorced at the exact same time 13+ years ago. “We've lived it, so we get it!” We ask the hard questions to vetted industry professionals and REAL LIFE experts (like us) who GET IT and now look at divorce as an opportunity. You don’t know what you don’t know - but we do! We offer free divorce advice including: your legal process, your money, your family, your stuff and (oh yeah) yourself at any stage of the process. Your divorce survival guide. exexperts.com @exexperts (IG/FB/TikTok)

علاقات ١٠١ مع نوف باوزير

Nouf Bawazir | نوف باوزير

الحلقة ٢٥ | عدّت سنة !

هذه الحلقة ، عبارة عن فضفضة اصدقاء ونظرة تأمل للسنة اللي فاتت  . 
تقدروا تعتبروها الجزء الثاني من الحلقة الاولى للبودكاست 
في هذه الحلقة نناقش التأثير النفسي المصاحب للأزمة خصوصا  بعد سنة منها .
تأثير القلق ، التوتر والاكتئاب علينا . و الاثار لنفسية المتعددة اللي بدأت تظهر بنسب اعلى في المجتمعات 
وكيف نقدر نكون سند ودعم لنفسنا ، او لبعض . 

مصادر مستخدمة 
مقال medical news todday 
هذه الحلقة من إعداد وتقديم : نوف باوزير
certified coach and counselor - مختصة في الارشاد والكوتشنج
Music by : https://www.epidemicsound.com/referral/quj2j4/
مراجع وكتب في العلاقات / النفس
دعم البودكاست عن طريق بايترون و تعزمونا على قهوة :
للطلب اللعبة شريك حياة
تابعونا على انستقرام
انشروا شوية حب ودعم لينا انشروا البودكاست ، تواصلوا مع

The Daily Smile


Wondery Presents: Scamfluencers

You never really know someone…especially online. In today’s world, the power of influence can be the quickest path to money and fame, and it often ends in ruin. These are the stories of the world’s most insidious Scamfluencers. And we are their prey. On Wondery’s new weekly series, join co-hosts Scaachi Koul and Sarah Hagi as they unpack epic stories of deception from the worlds of social media, fashion, finance, health, and wellness. These influencers claim to be everything from charismatic healers to trusted financial insiders to experts in dating. They cast spells over millions. Why do we believe them, and how does our culture allow them to thrive? From Black Swan Murder to a fake social media influencer to an audacious Hollywood Ponzi schemer, each season will take the listener along the twists and turns, the impact on victims, and what’s left when the facade falls away.Listen to Scamfluencers: wondery.fm/TDS_Scamfluence

Beautiful Step (Making Together Better)

Beautiful Step

This podcast is for people who are wanting more from their relationships. The honest admissions you will hear during these episodes come from Kris and Charity’s very long and mostly happy marriage, life experience as mentors, counselors, employers, parents and friends. No subject is off-limits and no solution is un-tested in real life. This is the real stuff of relationships. Join us for your next beautiful step.

Marriage in Action

Marriage in Action

Your marriage is the most important relationship you’ve got! And whether or not it's the best relationship you’ve got, Marriage in Action aims to help your marriage become healthier, “funner", deeper, and more exciting (*wink wink*)... Dustin and Alana are energetic, fun-loving, Christ-centered marriage coaches. You can expect a healthy dose of real-talk, possibly a splash of TMI, and oodles of tips as they tackle all things from sex to communication and any marriage topic in between.

The Real Question

Not Sorry

Vanessa Zoltan and Casper ter Kuile learned in divinity school about the art of paying attention. In this podcast, they turn that attention to a variety of everyday scenarios in their own lives to see what’s really at stake. Each week, Vanessa and Casper walk each other through the process of figuring out what their ‘real’ questions are with help from texts ranging from movie musicals to theological treatises. In this intimate, thoughtful podcast we explore how friendship can be a tool for living a more intentional life. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

The Super Secret Bestie Club

My Cultura and Sonoro

Imposter Syndrome

On this episode Curly and Maya open up about imposter syndrome. It happens to everyone, even the Besties. 

See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

Hey, It's Delilah


"Hey, It’s Delilah”, provides a daily dose of heartwarming moments from the most listened to woman in radio. It’s the perfect way to begin or end your day, or when you need a mid-day emotional hug. New episodes drop every weekday.

Young Dumb & in Love

Julian & Brittany Garcia

Join in on our weekly conversation with Julian & Brittany Garcia as they have REAL and RAW conversations about all things Marriage.

Eros to the Heart

Eros Miranda

How to Recognize and Deal with Unhealthy Relationships

This episode shares tips on how to recognize unhealthy relationships and the best approach to take if you find yourself in such a relationship.

Relationships Uncomplicated

Idit Sharoni, relationship expert and affair recovery specialist un-complic

Episode 072: What Makes a Therapist a Relationship Expert

What makes a therapist a relationship expert? How can you make sure that you’re hiring the most qualified relationship expert to help you save your marriage?   We can all agree that not all therapists are relationship experts. Moreover, there are those who call themselves relationship experts who are not therapists.   Listen to relationship expert Idit Sharoni discussing how to be clear about who can offer adequate services to help your marriage.    Links: Schedule an Infidelity Recovery Program Consultation Show notes  

When Marriage Hurts Podcast - Help for Christian Women in Painful Marriages, Emotional Abuse in Marriage, Trauma in Marriage

Ola Davies | Marital abuse coach

Are you tired of trying to figure out this thing called marriage? Do your attempts to seek Godly counsel for your marriage leave you feeling confused and frustrated? Have you attended marriage seminars and joined prayer lines but your marriage doesn’t seem to improve? Do you feel trapped and alone in your marriage and no one seems to understand the pain you experience? Does your marriage look spotless - even perfect - on the outside but on the inside you know you are barely hanging on by a thread? Are you afraid of confiding in someone because you know they would never believe the experiences you’ve had in marriage? Has your marriage become the source of your greatest pain? Or even though you hate to admit it but you are at your happiest and most at peace when your husband isn’t around? Hey Sis, my name is Ola Davies, Daughter of the Most High God, mom to two beautiful children and a lover of all things marriage. I remember what it felt like to give my marriage my all but the more I tried the more my efforts fell flat. I followed all the church rules and tried to build my home like the proverbial wise woman but no matter how hard I tried, I always fell short. Counselling didn’t seem to help. My marriage was falling apart, my life was falling apart, I was dying on the inside and no matter how loudly my heart screamed, no one seemed to hear my cry for help. I sank into a deep depression and lost the desire to live. Waking up every morning became a painful experience. I’d pray to sleep and never wake up, convinced my life was worthless and of no use to anyone. Then I thought about my children and what would become of them. I didn’t want to cheat them out of having a healthy loving mother. I felt such a sense of responsibility towards them considering they were miracle babies whom I conceived after battling with infertility. The thought of my 6 month-old baby who was still breast-fed, growing up without any memories of me saddened me. I cried to God for strength to live one day at a time and I realized he was right by me the whole time. Even when I thought he was distant, he was near. God showed me my life mattered to him more than my marriage. He told me I would rise beyond this, I would be a mother to my children and my life still had meaning and purpose. That marked the beginning of my healing journey. I’m on that path of healing and restoration and instead of despair, I have a new zest for life. My mission is to guide you to that place of light and truth in Christ so you too can begin your healing journey; so you can live the best life God has planned for you. In this podcast, we will be exposing the religious lies that the enemy uses to make our marriages a place of pain and confusion and we will also be discovering the truth in Christ that sets us free. I’d love to share with you how Jesus set me free from hopelessness and despair.. He is more than willing to do the same for you too; willing to take that heavy burden off your shoulders. Grab yourself a cup of tea, get in your most comfy pyjamas and let’s have some fun! “Come to Me, all who are weary and heavily burdened [by religious rituals that provide no peace], and I will give you rest [refreshing your souls with salvation] - Matt 11:28 Let’s connect! Community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/whenmarriagehurts

The Reconnection Club Podcast

Tina Gilbertson

112. When Your Adult Child Lies to You

It's not pleasant, but it happens. Find out why, and how best to respond, in this episode. Show notes are at https://reconnectionclub.com/112

Engaged & Divorced


Two sisters, one engaged and the other divorced, navigating life and sharing the ups and downs. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/shaylee-meurer/support

Breakup Recovery Podcast

Barbara Stevens - Breakups, Separations, Divorce, Self Help, Healing, Survi

#112 How To Survive The Holiday Season As A Single Person with Martha Bodyfelt

As the holiday season is fast approaching anyone who experiencing a breakup, separation or a divorce are possibly dreading this time of the year. Martha offers some practical tips and ideas to get you through not only the holiday season but also any other time of the year that can bring an uprising of emotions. This advice will help you to not only handle your reactions but help in your recovery. Martha’s own marriage ended at the beginning of the holiday season. The hardest part of the breakup was that her ex-husband was not moving out of their apartment for some time. They had decided they would be civil and kind to each other and try and do Christmas as a coupe. This was the worst Christmas, as they were trying to work through the sadness and heartbreak, when this time of the year was supposed to be full of happiness, family and joy. For a couple of Christmas after that Martha stayed in her apa

Strong Men Strong Marriages

Mike Frazier, MD

My #1 Secret For Loving Relationships

Would you like to know how to have loving relationships for the rest of your life?I recently realized that my main goal in life is to have loving relationships with God, myself, my wife, and each of my kids.If I can do that, then I will have lived a great life.I was reminded this week of a secret that can help me reach that goal.And that, in fact, puts that goal 100% within my reach.Learn the secret that makes this possible in today’s episode.Watch on YouTube here. https://youtu.be/BP6C7uZy9UcDr. MikeP.S. In the next few weeks, I’ll be opening up my program for new members. It’s going to be the best and most effective version of the program yet.P.P.S. Want more intimacy in your marriage? Watch my free training. CLICK HERE to watch now. https://mikefraziermd.mykajabi.com/more-intimate-marriage


hi :)

Sativa (feat. Rae Sremmurd)

not mine

The Moment


Wondery Presents Persona: The French Deception

Introducing the true crime podcast Persona: The French Deception— the story of Gilbert Chikli, one of the greatest con artists of all time.What does it feel like to pick up the phone and scam someone out of $50 million? Host and award-winning journalist, Evan Ratliff, investigates how Chikli successfully duped some of the world’s most powerful people into handing over their fortunes. He explores how Chikli evaded the law for years and became a Robin Hood-like hero. More than just a tale of criminal genius, this is a show about the moment we’re living in right now — the golden age of scammers — and the power of seduction. But what happens when the fantasy we’ve been lured into finally crumbles away?For all that and more, follow “Persona: The French Deception” wherever you get your podcasts. Or you can listen early on Amazon Music or early and ad-free by subscribing to Wondery Plus in Apple Podcasts or the Wondery ap

We Should Talk About That

Jessica Buchanan and Jessica Kidwell

Spa World: Loving Our Naked Bodies on Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day! Jess and Jess have taken their business partnership to the next level. In an effort to really "walk the talk" of Self-Care February, TTJ(es) decide to visit their local Korean spa in search of research, relaxation, and facing some deep seeded public nudity fears. Why? Well, because it's fun. Or was it? Jess and Jess give a very detailed account of their visit from the horrible prison uniform, to scrubbing down in a shower room with total strangers- to having to pick rice out of their cleavage. Do they feel better about their naked bodies after this experience? And is it awkward now that they have seen each other naked?You'll have to listen to find out!If you are local to the NOVA area and are interested in visiting Spa World, find out more here:https://spaworldusa.com/Support the show (http://www.paypal.com)

The Intimate Marriage Podcast

Alexandra Stockwell, MD

Season 2 Episode 13: 4 Couples with Aligned & Hot Marriages

Today, I’m talking to you about 4 couples that have gone through my course, the Aligned & Hot Marriage program. In the process they learned the skills needed to have a fantastic relationship and as a result, their marriages are hotter than ever. Before participating in the program they were facing problems like:
Wanting more closeness and connection
Yearning for the relationship they used to have
Lack of having physical intimacy
Disconnection resulting from pandemic stress making it hard to reconnect with one another

I created this program to serve couples. If you’re ready to experience more closeness, more connection, and more intimacy, then the Aligned & Hot Marriage program is for you.
If you’re ready to create the deliciousness and joy of a growth-oriented, passionate relationship, visit http://www.alexandrastockwell.com (www.alexandrastockw

The Art of Friendship with Kim Wier


097 - How to Make a Friend’s Day

There is nothing better than knowing you were able to make someone’s day better – and that is also a great way to make friendships stronger. And it is much less complicated than you might think. Kim is joined by best-selling author and encourager, Karen Ehman for a crash course in how to make our friends feel significant. Karen is the author of Make Their Day. Kim is the author of The Art of Friendship.

Kim Wier is a speaker, radio talk show host, Bible teacher, and author of the book, The Art of Friendship and other titles. 
 The Art of Friendship Podcast is part of Hope On Demand!

The Love Fix

Sherry Gaba and Carla Romo

Inner Bonding, Self Abandonment, and Following Your Gut with Dr. Margaret Paul

Carla and Sherry first start out with some eyebrow tips if you want to look like Brooke Shields, and then take a Love Fix question from someone struggling with self-love at certain times during arguments in their relationship. They then welcome Dr. Margaret Paul, best-selling author, relationship expert, and co-creator of the powerful inner bonding self-healing process. Dr. Margaret first talks about the process of inner bonding, and how it can help co-dependents learn to love themselves and rely on their own validation and acceptance. She explains how what we eat affects us on a large scale, and why cutting out junk food can help us eliminate junk thoughts and actions.    Connect with Us! The Love Fix | @thelovefixpodcast Become a Member — Codependency Special — Wake Up Recovery — $1 trial membership Get 1:1 Dating & Relationship Coaching  The Love Fix Relationship Quiz   Sherry Free Mastercla

Girl Stop Playin Podcast


Stephan Speaks: How to Make This Your Last Single Season

Mind of a Man Series continues with the coach you’ve always needed! Stephan Speaks is a best-selling author, speaker, and coach that focuses on self-love, dating, and relationships. [2:16] This or that [5:10] Relationship status ….[5:22] Is there a common single women issue? [7:34] What are “I need healings” red flags? [11:27] How do you feel about the 90-day rule? In addition to sex and dating? [14:31] How do we get to the root of fixing miscommunication between the man and woman? [17:58] How do men see sex? [19:11] Do men have sex with women they don’t like? [ 20:56] What’s the difference [in men wanting sex with you vs a relationship]? [24:00] What is your advice for women that are getting played? [26:51] How do you be inquisitive without being annoying?  [30:28] Do you recommend therapy? [31:59] What is your advice for dating potential? [42:44] How do we be who we are while also being the woman  [ 46:31] What are s

Sherapy Sessions: Cutting Toxic Family Ties

Dr. Sherrie Campbell

Toxic family is real. Toxic parents are real. Smear campaigns are real. Toxic in-laws are real. You are not alone. On this podcast, you have a voice. On this podcast, Dr. Sherrie Campbell will help you learn more about your family dynamics, unconscious patterns that drive toxic human behavior, and ways to deal with your trauma. And most importantly, you will embark on a journey that will help you know yourself and love yourself more. Dr. Sherrie is a nationally recognized expert clinical psychologist with over 25 years of clinical training and experience. She was featured in major media networks such as CNN, Time, USA Today, and The Huffington Post. She is the best-selling author of But It’s Your Family…Cutting Ties with Toxic Family Members and Loving Yourself in the Aftermath and Your Pocket Therapist: Quick Hacks for Dealing with Toxic People While Empowering Yourself. She is a mom who bravely shared her story to help more people break free of toxic family relationships and thrive in the aftermath. Subscribe now to get your monthly "Sherapy Sessions" (Sherrie Therapy Sessions) straight from your phone.

The Modern Mom & Dad Podcast

Ty & Caitlyn Neier

We Dated Other People.

In today's episode, Ty & Caitlyn do a Q&A. The couple shares differences between their parenting styles. They also discuss (in more detail) that one time they divorced and then remarried and what made them like each other again. Ty & Caitlyn also share that one time they dated other people and Ty discusses his mental health through infertility.

Avoiding Divorce

Steve B

Episode 16: The walk away divorce fog and listener questions

In segment 1 the subject of the walk away spouse's divorce fog is considered. In segment 2, listener questions on recapturing the life you once had when you're a parent, and being emotional even to fault are discussed.


Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/avoidingdivorce/support

El Show de Raul Brindis


¡Por un mundo mejor!

Día a día las noticias que escuchamos nos llevan a reflexionar: ¿cuál es el mundo que queremos para nuestros hijos? La respuesta, aunque suene utópica, es demasiado sencilla y la puedes escuchar en este Bonuscast.¡Las más bellas reflexiones en el Bonuscast del Podcast del Show de Raul Brindis! 

Daddy Issues with Jon and Bron

In Bloom Entertainment

Ep 68 - White Emojis Only

This week, Jon and Bron discuss Jon's encounter with drag culture, how using emojis is now racist, and analyze sexual misconduct that occurred in the metaverse.Get 20% Off and Free Shipping at https://manscaped.com with code: DADDYISSUES20Follow us on Instagram @daddy_issuespodcast and Twitter @daddy_issuespod?Bonus Episodes: https://www.patreon.com/daddyissuespod?Merch: https://www.daddyissuesthepodcast.com/shopSubmit your situation for Fatherly Advice: https://forms.gle/pgmqpk6WRscYizkE8Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/daddyissuespod)

Solo – The Single Person’s Guide to a Remarkable Life

Dr. Peter McGraw

“Solo - The Single Person's Guide to a Remarkable Life” by Dr. Peter McGraw, seeks to celebrate and destigmatize single living. Welcome to the podcast that explores how being single affords you the freedom to be adventurous, start a business, make art, travel the world, get in shape, or simply sleep in when you want to. Join Peter – behavioral scientist, humor researcher, and bachelor – as he interviews happy single men and women and assembles advice from leading experts about health, fitness, money, business, travel, fashion, art, leisure, and of course, sex and dating. For the so-called spinster or bachelor, Solo is the resource for people who are happily single (aka the unapologetically unattached).

The Anxious Love Coach

Natalie Kennedy

38. Self-pleasure as the path to sexual awakening with Luci Lampe

I am thrilled to welcome a dear friend, mentor, and previous guest of mine — Luci Lampe. If part of your relationship anxiety stems from lack of sexual desire — you're going to want to listen. We also discuss how neediness can be an incredible gift to awakening sexually.   I've been committed to a daily self-pleasure practice through diligently taking Luci's course "Come As You Are" and have seen incredible results. I've decided to be an ambassador and highly endorse Luci's gifts in this arena ;) To enroll, use this link: https://the-wild-awakening.teachable.com/?affcode=1051804_8anrysej

Marriage No Cap

Kris & Tee Leeper

Real conversations about marriage, all relationships and life... No Cap! Listen in weekly as we discuss the good, the bad & the ugly deep truths surrounding marriage, family & friendships. How we got where we are & how you can avoid the mistakes we made! With your hosts Kris & Tee Leeper! Follow us on Instagram @MarriageNoCap & write in to anonymously get your questions answered: MarriageNoCap@gmail.com