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SwimSwam Breakdown: World Champs Postponed, Ledecky Beats Grothe, Walsh AM-R

This week on the SwimSwam Breakdown, we discuss the 2022 World Champs getting postponed, Katie Ledecky beating Zane Grothe in an exhibition 500 free, and Gretchen Walsh setting a new American record in the 50 yard backstroke. 


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Inside with Brett Hawke

Brett Hawke

High performance sprinting with Ben Proud

Ben Proud is a World Champion sprinter from Great Britain. Last summer he placed 5th in the 50 Free at the Tokyo Olympics.   
He is a member of the Energy Standard swim team in the ISL. 
As an age grouper, he swam under the tutelage of Jon Rudd at Plymouth Leander. Coach Rudd is now Ireland's National Performance Director.  
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The Effortless Swimming Podcast

Brenton Ford

#212: From Gassed Out At 50 Yards To Swimming 1000 Without Stopping with Marquest Meeks

Marquest joins us in this podcast episode to talk about his early struggles when he started swimming. 01:02 Swimming Background 9:00 Doing Half Ironman 09:30 I Gotta Start With Something 16:52 But Swimming 25:53 Signing Up For The Stroke Analysis 35:53 Kicking Hard 44:18 Climbing Up A Mountain 47:10 It's Not Comfortable But I Am Not Dying

Tri Swim Coach Triathlon Swimming Podcast

Kevin Koskella

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

Marathon Swim Stories

Shannon House Keegan

We're all in a marathon now. Learn how to endure, adapt and persevere from marathon swimmers. Since COVID-19 closed down our pools and the 2020 open water swim season ceased, marathon swimmers near and far started to gather online. Just a few of us at first, lamenting the shut down, finding solace in each others company. Then we started hosting guests. We talk about swims past, swims that we're missing, and how to slog it out in swimming and in life.

Dialed Podcast

Jake, Matt, Evan, & Lance

Dialed Podcast 205

Should you TRY a TRI? Matt and Evan will do their best to convince you while answering a bunch of other triathlon related questions!

Wild Swim Podcast

Wild Swim Podcast

PerformHappy with Rebecca Smith

Rebecca Smith

I’m Rebecca Smith, your podcast host, and High Performance Coach. I’m Director of Complete Performance Coaching and founder of The #PerformHappy Community. Maybe you’re a gymnast with a fear of going backwards. A swimmer who can’t seem to go any faster. Or a parent who is clueless about how to help your child succeed. You might be stepping up to tougher competition and looking to raise your game. Whether you're struggling with a mental block, or you just had the best season of your life, this podcast is for you. Kids need resources to deal with the pressure of competition, but they don’t necessarily want it to be their coach or parents. I teach parents, coaches, and adolescent/teen athletes of all abilities how to achieve their personal best. These are the tips and mental toughness strategies that my clients tell me help them most. I also provide insights for parents and coaches who want to support their kids and their teams. Performing well is a blend of hard work, skill and mental toughness. I’ll teach you how to use all 3 to be the best athlete you can, and have FUN competing in your sport. Mental skills translate to all areas of your life. When kids learn skills to cope with stress & emotion in a sport context, they become better prepared to thrive in school and beyond. Join me each week as I help people reach peak performance and maximum enjoyment.

Off the Deck

Off the Deck

Jaime Lewis

Jaime Lewis is the Head Coach of FLEET in Houston, Texas and she is sitting down with Chris Plumb on this week’s Off the Deck podcast! Jaime grew up swimming for the Woodlands Swim Team and competed for the University of Florida where she was an NCAA All-American. She started coaching with FLEET as an Age Group Coach, and then proceeded to work with the University of Houston Cougars, Gator Swim Club in Gainesville, and most recently worked as the Performance Development Manager for USA Swimming. Jaime and Chris discuss her experiences traveling the world for swimming — including her time with Team USA in Tokyo this summer — how she got her start in the pool, her collegiate experience, how her perspective on the sport evolved as she worked off the deck, and what challenges she’s embracing in leading FLEET.
A quick programming note: this will be the final Off the Deck episode of 2021! We look forward to sharing more conversations with you in the new year.

Thank You Thursday

Georgia Swimming LSC

The Georgia Swimming LSC sits down with LSC leaders & innovative individuals that have made a positive impact within the sport of swimming. Join us twice a month as we share stories from coaches, officials, swimmers, and parents that have one-of-a-kind experiences.

Swim Coaches Base

Chris Ritter

Summer Update

FREE Dryland Webinar Registration Dryland Training Webinar Series Begins Monday, July 19th and will go into September. We hope you'll join us!   Get Emails from Chris Hear from Chris on his latest dryland thoughts from Olympic Trials, to the Olympics and into the upcoming season.   Become SURGE Strength Dryland Certified (SSDC) Learn more about the first and only Dryland Certification available to the swimming community. We'll be announcing our next open enrollment dates soon. Don't miss this chance because it's only available a few times a year.

Propulsion Swimming Podcast

Propulsion Swimming

ED BAXTER: The AP Brand + AP Athlete Announcement

On this week's EXCLUSIVE episode of the Propulsion Swimming Podcast, we talk to Co-Founder of AP and Adam Peaty Race Clinics, Ed Baxter.  

Ed has been working with Adam Peaty on the AP brand for the last few years and together they have found huge success with their AP Race Clinics which they ran last summer and, more recently, for Adam's birthday at the end of December.  

As part of their next big move for the Adam Peaty brand, both Ed and Adam are extremely excited to announce that AP will be sponsoring a swimmer, which will therefore mean they will become the first ever AP athlete.   

As well as the exciting AP athlete announcement, we talk to Ed about what the AP brand stands for, what it means to be an AP athlete, and what it's like going from Adam Peaty's training partner to being his business partner.

✔️ SUBSCRIBE to Propulsion Swimming: http://bit.l

The Joy of Swimming

Pat Kelman

Emotional Support from Cold Water with Clare Flaxen

In this episode Pat Kelman is joined by Coach and Therapist Clare Flaxen. In this conversation we talk about the emotional benefits of cold water swimming, the joy of Parliament Hill Lido and Pond swimming. Resources mentioned in this episode Clare Flaxen website Clare Flaxen on Instagram Clare Flaxen on Facebook If you have enjoyed this episode, please: Subscribe to the podcast Join the Joy of Swimming Discussion Group

The Swimmer Strength Podcast

Deniz Hekmati

Off The Blocks Swimming Podcast

Off The Blocks Swimming Podcast

Off The Blocks with Adam Peaty Ep 3

Season 5 Ep 3, We sit down with the World Record Holder and now 2 time Olympic Champion in the Men's 100 Breaststroke, the man with a new book out right now "The Gladiator Mindset" Mr Adam Peaty.

In this podcast we discuss his success in Tokyo and the challenges he faced this time around with Covid, a new family and now having the big responsibility on his shoulders of being the defending champion.

We of course discuss his NEW BOOK "The Gladiator Mindset" and how it came about. We go through some of the important take always from the book and why he wanted to share his story and insights into how he became one of the biggest names in world swimming history.

This is our final episode for 2021, we hope you all have a happy and safe Christmas and New Years from all of us here at Off The Blocks Swimming Podcast and can't wait to share more stories with you all in 2022.


Champion's Mojo

Kelly Palace and Maria Parker

Hosted by two World Record Holders, Kelly Palace and Maria Parker bring you conversations with champions. They interview the most elite Swimmers and Coaches in the sport on Odd Numbered shows and Even numbered shows they discuss topics around Motivation, Mindset, Health & Wellness.

NISCA "Between the Lane Lines" Podcast

NISCA Podcast

Sponsored by the National Interscholastic Swim Coaches Assosciation, the "Between the Lane Lines Podcast" brings you up close and personal with high school and middle school swimming coaches from around the country as well as experts in the sport of swimming! Listen in to Kyle, Kevin, and Jason and their guests chat about the greatest sport on earth!

The SwimBrain Podcast


This podcast is designed for swim coaches and swimmers (and maybe even swim parents) who are not satisfied with the surface understanding and want to dive deeper into concepts to understand more, to swim faster and to make our sport better. Whether you swim breaststroke, freestyle, butterfly or backstroke we all want the same thing: to be better and faster.

The Reale Deal Show

Jay Reale

Former Pro Bodyboarder Jay Reale shares stories and thoughts from his storied bodyboarding career as one of the pioneers of the sport. Jay spent the 80s and 90s competing with the world's top riders traveling to exotic locations around the world. Following his career as a bodyboarder, Jay switched gears and focused on starting the world's leading internet bodyboarding store while raising a family, appearing on game shows and performing in community theater and choir, and exploring the world of endurance sports, while continuing to travel the world on surf trips with his wife, former pro bodyboarder Vicki Reale. A true renaissance man, Jay's podcast takes you places you would have never guessed! Brought to you by and Tribe Boards and Accessories.

Swimming Ideas Podast

Swimming Ideas, Jeffrey Napolski

SIP 093: Three weeks with COVID-19 group swimming lessons

What has it been like? What is our procedure?
How do we teach?
Getting swimmers moving.
Handling difficult swimmers.
Coaching and commands.
Resilience of children and adaptability.
Tools: Lesson plans and TV for website lessons.


Send in a voice message:
Support this podcast:

The Shannon Rollason Podcast

The Shannon Rollason Podcast

The Shannon Rollason Podcast is for all the coaches and swimming lovers out their who love hearing great stories and learning from one of the best coaches in the business. A Swimming Podcast Like No Other

Low Tide Boyz, a Swimrun Podcast

Low Tide Boyz

How to Qualify for ÖTILLÖ, The Swimrun World Championship

Welcome to Episode 101 of the Löw Tide Böyz - A Swimrun Podcast!In this episode, we expound upon the various ways that Swimrun teams can qualify for ÖTILLÖ, The Swimrun World Championship. This episode is pretty self-serving since we were trying to figure this out to determine our own chances of qualifying for the World Championship and figured that we put it together for everyone before the application period opens on December 14th.There are a total of 160 team spots available for qualification for ÖTILLÖ, The Swimrun World Championship. The race is held on the first Monday in September every year.To be able to participate in ÖTILLÖ you have to race in a team consisting of two persons that are at least 18 years old and able to swim. Each team member needs to have valid insurance for swimrun or sports similar to swimrun. Some other things worth noting:Your application is final and will not be reimbursed if a team is a

Sports Thoughts

Wayne Goldsmith

Coaching Energy – How To Feeling Energized In Your Coaching

Coaching Energy – How To Feeling Energized In Your Coaching If you’ve ever coached you will “get” the concept of “Coaching Energy”. Coaching Energy is the combination of energy in training and practice sessions that comes from: The Coach; The Athletes. The combined “energy” of the coach and the athletes […]

An Open Water Swimmer's Podcast

William Ellis

“Chartable” #1 UK Swimming Podcast Outdoor swimming is one of the fastest growing activities in the world, the benefits of which are well documented across many platforms and media. Each episode of this podcast I (Will Ellis) will be asking the same set of questions to my guests in order to hear their swim story, find out what the water means to them, and in doing so find the common ground between us all: the love of the water itself. Guests will include all walks of life, from Olympians, Comedians, Journalist, Masters Athletes and Winter Swimmers. @owswimpod (Insta / Twitter)

Torpedo Swimtalk

Danielle Spurling

Torpedo Swimtalk with Rob Hutchings

Born in Canada, Australian citizen and now living in New Zealand, Ultra marathon swimmer Rob Hutchings shares his love of wild lake, river and ocean swimming with us on today's podcast. We chatted about Rob's background in swimming; how he found himself competing in triathlons and then why he made his way to wild swimming, and ultimately the 256km Clutha River Swim he completed recently. Think "Lord of the Rings" movie scenery and you get the picture of the beautiful waterways he swims in.I was interested to find out how Rob prepared for such a big undertaking. We talked about the logistics, training, recovery, nutrition and support crew he assembled to name a few. Did he face any obstacles in the swim? How did he cope with rapids and changes to the river environment? And did his background in competitive swimming and triathlons help him through this mammoth effort swimming downriver in alpine water on New Zealand'

Inside The Big Ring: The Podcast for Endurance Athletes

Steven Brandes

Podcast by Steven Brandes

Ultimate Swimmer

Ultimate Swimmer

SC World Champs Recap: Wellbrock Breaks WR, Sjostrom and Sweden Conquer

Josh and Noah recap the last two days of SC World Champs! 10 World Champions were crowned on a thrilling final day! Check us out on Instagram @ultimateswimmergram!

Lifeguards Off Duty with Dr. Michael Kachmar, DPM

Michael Kachmar

A podcast where we feature some of the most respected lifeguards in New Jersey, having conversations about all aspects of the art of lifeguarding, the science of the ocean, and much, much more. Check us out for an inside look into the minds of the young men and women who dedicate their time to keeping our swimmers safe!#lifeguard #beachpatrol #jersey #jerseyshore #surf #surfing #podcast #ocean #boardwalk #BondiBeach #AtlanticCity #SeasideHeights #Lavalette #beach #oceanrescue #news #lifeguardnews #rescueMusic:

The Social Kick Podcast

The Social Kick

Welcome to The Social Kick podcast. Tune every week for up-to-date swim talk to fill your social kick needs!

Crossing The Lane Lines

Naji Ali

Crossing The Lane Lines is dedicated to giving voice to the Black Swim community. We connect with coaches, swimmers, authors and activists. Seeking to inform the public about the rich aquatic history of the Black diaspora.

The Joy of Aquatics


BEHAVIOUR: Time Management

The final week of the Top Teaching Tips Series is all about behaviour.  There is very little behaviour training provided in accredited courses.  How do we know how to handle, manage, cope with all the different behaviours in our classes?

This final episode of the series discusses the importance of time management.  Not planning enough for a lesson can mean you are scrambling at the end to find something to do.  Keep them occupied with something meaningful that will progress their skills.  Bored children will act out!

Poolside Podcast

State Champs! Network

Hosted by Lorne Plant & David Zulkiewski, we take a look at the latest news and updates surrounding High School Swimming in the state of Michigan. New episodes are released weekly during the season!

Lane 8

Joshua Edwards-Smith

Welcome Back (Season 2)

Welcome back for season 2. A bit rusty in their discourse - the boys attempt to recap what has been a somewhat uneventful 3 months.

The Pod: Ocean Swimming

Marc West

There is more to ocean swimming than just swimming in the ocean. In The Pod, we chat about all aspects of ocean swimming, from how we can keep the oceans swimmable, to oceans on other planets.

Conversations with Coach Pedro

Water World Swim

Sydney Roberts a 15 Km Bonifacio Channel Swimmer

Sydney Roberts an open water swimmer that started her swimming in the San Francisco Bay with Water World Swim when she was only 12 years old. Her goal was always to swim long distances and she set a goal, to swim a challenging swim. Once she started swimming in the cold waters of the bay, she immediately started to become one of the fastest and dedicated to take challenges like swimming from Alcatraz and other long distances swims, either with wetsuit or skin. 
When she was only 16 years old she found her goal by becoming interested in a 15 to 16 kilometers swim, like the Bonifacio Channel in Italy, a swim from the Island of Sardinia, Italy  to Corsica, France Unfortunately, her goal came right before the pandemic hit the entire world. She definitely did not give up her dreams and kept her commitment to keep training and not to give up. 
With the help of Water World Swim coaches, like Coach Mike and Co


SwimOut Podcast

Access: Series 2 Episode 5

This month Hunter is joined by guest presenter Omie Dale to discuss access and inclusion in aquatics. 

We hear from bathing historian George Townsend about sociological barriers, such as gender and race, in the 19th century. Omie talks to the founder of Swimunity, whose mission is to make the joy of swimming accessible to all communities following the Grenfell Tower disaster. And Vicki has a special report on the state of disability in open water aquatics. 

Swim Whisperers

Swim Angelfish

Favorite pieces of equipment

Join Cindy and Ailene as the discuss their favorite pieces of pool equipment to use when working with kids! You will learn more than just what to use, but why to use it and also some new and creative ways to use traditional equipment. 

The Swim Culture

The Swim Culture Podcast

Dr. Asherah Allen and Coach Adrienne Lakate discuss all things aquatics and how it impacts the Black Culture! We want to create a safe space for to be able to talk about current events related to aquatics and discuss how it impacts the lives of Black people.

The Poolside Pass

The Poolside Pass

S4 E7 - Swansea HPC

In E7 we had the chance to sit down with Adam Baker and Stuart McNarry and discuss how they work in tandem with each other at the Swim Wales HPC in Swansea. We also hear about their preparations with swimmers in the run up to the Tokyo Olympic Games. 

MySwimPro Swimming Technique & Training Podcast


Beginner Sculling Drills to Improve Your Feel of the Water

Perfect your stroke technique and maximize muscle engagement with these sculling drills!

Poolcast The Swimming Pool Podcast

ian ogilvie

E25 PWTAG Council, new PWTAP Code of Practice and Dye Testing

A review of some of the changes in the new PWTAG Code of Practice plus some exciting new about PWTAG Council. Finally also a review of a recent algae investigation conducted by Ian and Robin as well as dye testing.

Swim Coach in Transit


Ep 15 - Mark Hesse

In this Episode of Swim Coach in Transit, I sat down with Mark Hesse, who at the time of this interview was a "free agent", following an 8-year stint as a Performance Development Manager for USA-Swimming.Catch the show notes on

SURGE Strength - Dryland & Strength Training for Swimming

Chris Ritter

I only regret not enrolling sooner to Become SSDC!

Open Enrollment to Become SSDC ends Tuesday evening (9/14) at midnight PST. Don't miss this opportunity! Become SURGE Strength Dryland Certified (SSDC)     If you need a dryland program for you or your swimmers now is a great time to get started with a custom dryland program from SURGE Strength. Schedule your free call with Chris today! Get Started with a SURGE Strength Program

Waterpolo Expert Talk

Andreas Schulze-Kopp

Ich liefere Euch mit meinen nationalen und internationalen Gesprächspartnern aus der Welt des Wasserballs regelmäßig spannende Einblicke in die Vereinsentwicklung, Trainingsplanung und Jugendarbeit. Hierfür stehen mir Trainer, Aktive und Funktionäre in unseren Gesprächen regelmäßig Rede und Antwort. Natürlich spielt hierbei auch die allgemeine Entwicklung der Sportart Wasserball, auf nationaler und internationaler Ebene, eine große Rolle. Persönliche Meinungen und Einschätzungen meiner Gesprächspartner zu Fragen wie es mit dem deutschen, aber auch mit dem internationalen Wasserball in den nächsten Jahren weitergeht, kommen dabei nicht zu kurz.

Life After Swim

Life After Swim

The mission of life after swim is to create a sense of community for retired swimmers. Retirement comes with a lot of unknowns and no one gives you a guide on how to navigate life after swimming. I don't have all the answers but I hope this podcast gives you insight, advice, and support for life after competitive swimming. I also hope to break the stigma of mental health in the swimming community by engaging in honest and real discussions. If you are looking for what life looks like when you hang up the goggles for good look no further! Now onto the show!

The Merman Podcast

The Merman Podcast

This podcast is to help people who are on the fence about becoming a merman, general questions for or about mermen that maybe some mermaids may not be able to quite answer or release ;) or for just curious humans. Feel free to send an email to ;

Swim Talk A2B with Dana Abbott and Bob Button

Dana Abbott

Swim Talk A2B, Episode XXIV - Greg Earhart, CSCAA Exec. Director

Join Bob and Dana as they chat with Greg Earhart, Executive Director of the College Swimming and Diving Coaches of America, the CSCAA (, as they discuss:
The 2021 CSCAA Annual Convention, held online in virtual format this year;
College swim finances;
Recruiting in the Pandemic Era;
and "Is it true that almost ANY high school swimmer can find a college to swim at?" (Ans.: TRUE!)
Email us at Swim Talk:
Sign up for the 2021 CSCAA Virtual Convention here.
Music credits:
Welcome to the Show by Kevin MacLeod
There It Is by Kevin MacLeod

HD铁三播客 | 运动相关深度访谈


HD铁三播客 #35:铁三游泳的要义与迷思 II

本集节目,邀请我们的游泳成员木木,第一部分回顾了她的运动背景、游泳初学到加入HD训练的经历和感受,第二部分我们一起针对成员们提出的游泳技术、训练、陆上及整体思路问题,从她作为学员,我作为教练的角度继续对铁三游泳这一议题继续展开深入探讨。两部分内容都具有代表性和普遍意义,希望能对爱好者有所帮助。节目内容:06:02 运动背景和经历16:36 游泳初学19:10 在网上学游泳30:25 加入HD46:30 小展望50:10 技术问题1:14:50 训练问题1:29:32 陆上问题1:35:56 综合问题相关内容扩展:[HD铁三播客] 第23集铁三游泳的要义与迷思:线上/远程游泳指导——视频技术分析:线上/远程游泳指导——训练计划:周一小贴士(节目中提到的一些细节讨论):

Wild Wimmin

Laura Macdonald

The Wild Swimming Podcast for anyone who loves to swim in the great outdoors: dippers, swimblers, serious swimmers and athletes alike.

The London Roar Podcast by Pullbuoy


Roar legends Guido and Alia look forward to the 2021 ISL Grand Final - London Roar Podcast Episode 15

The Roar have made it to the 2021 ISL grand final which takes place this coming week. We tracked down two London Legends in Alia Atkinson and Guilherme Guido to get their views on a tough match with Energy just gone and to look forward to the final. 
Can the Roar win, what will be the key tactic and how is the team feeling as they prepare to give "one more for the Roar"? We cover all that and more, including getting the Roar Material where we ask the important questions, such as what will be the fate of Guido's beard?
Get all the episodes here:
Review, subscribe, share on Anchor, Apple, Google, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts
Connect | London Roar
- Twitter  @isl_londonroar
- Instagram  @isl_londonroar
- Facebook @ISLLondo

Freestylin Life And Swim


A podcast for swim junkies

Coach Sergio Lopez Miro - #CoachingIsSharing

Coach Sergio Lopez Miro

Mental Training and Mental Bullets - Training and Competition

Listen to the great conversation that USA Olympian Roque Santos and I had in my LIVE YouTube show about Mental Training and Mental Bullets.


Roque and I were teammates for over three years together with former world and American record holder Mike Barrowman.  Roque was not even in the map to qualify for the Olympics and what he went through training with us made him physically and mentally strong to win the 200 Breaststroke at the 1992 US Swimming Olympic Trials.  Listen to this talk that I can assure you will find it very interesting and with great inside information.


If you are a coach or a parent don't hesitate to share it to your swimmers, athletes and child.


Hope you enjoy it and if you want to watch some videos about mental training, meditation, swimming and training go to my YouTube channel:

The Swim Tribe Podcast

Caroline Saxon

Stories from Caroline Saxon's Swimming Tribe. Adventures of swimmers starting out, dipping their toes, to seasoned swimmers ticking off bucket list swims.

First to T1 - Zwemmen voor triatleten en open water zwemmers

Janco Nolles

Bij de first to T1 podcast help ik jou om sneller te leren zwemmen. Ik bespreek alle onderwerpen die er voor zorgen dat je een betere zwemmer wordt en meer controle krijgt over je eigen ontwikkeling als zwemmer. De podcast richt zich vooral op triatleten, maar is ook te gebruiken voor open water zwemmers (en zelfs voor elke recreatieve zwemmer).

Goggles On

Griffin Hadley

Hosts Griffin Hadley and Will Plumb dive into the sport of swimming from the athlete's perspective. Goggles On offers the latest swimming news and knowledge straight from the athletes. Time to put your #GogglesOn

Simpodden Hultén och Jansson

Bo Hulten

Simpodden Hulten & Jansson nr 195

Eftersnack till SM i Stockholm plus en hel del annat om simning. Herrarna är inte ense i podden skall ni veta

On The Top Coaching Podcast

Jason Patrick Pullano

Exploring new waves in the sport of swimming!

Snabbanan - simma snabbare

Ola Strömberg

Här lär du dig hur du simmar fortare så att du platsar på snabbanan eller simmar fortare i Öppet Vatten, IronMan eller SwimRun. Ola Strömberg ställer frågorna - en intressant gäst svarar.

Our Athletes with Michael Rasile

Michael Rasile

Michael Rasile has conversations with athletes on their stories. From Gold Medal Winners to unfortunate injuries, for the amount of blood, sweat, and tears our athletes put in on a daily basis to be the best in the world, the least we can do is learn more about what they endure. Trials and tribulations, short comings and over coming the odds, these are the stories of Our Athletes from their mouth to your ears. DISCLAIMER: Our Athletes is not endorsed by or affiliated with the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee.



S2 EP09|疫情对奥运有多大影响?·奥运专家·Richard

S2EP09 Richard 后疫情时代体育产业新常态奥运专家、数字化体育行业专家 Richard 张焱嘉大家好我是你好铁三的Shining,这次的全球的新冠疫情,突如其来,我们也是有3个多月没有更新,但是关注我们的小伙伴一定注意到了我们的新动作,就是成为了Zwift在中国区骑行,跑步,铁人三项的官方EVENTS的合作伙伴,每周末晚8点的跑步和每周日早9点的骑行已经进行了一个多月,欢迎大家和我们在线上虚拟骑行,训练,比赛。我们会在trimore.cn以及微博CTRL_Zwift上发布我们的官方活动信息,我们也邀请到中国铁三第一人党琦,党版作为我们活动的领队,欢迎关注参与。那么疫情之后,很多比赛也陆续的延期,或者停办,IRONMAN CHINA取消了本年度所有的比赛计划,IRONMAN Kona直接取消了本来延期到明年二月的世锦赛。东京奥运延期一年。然而疫情正在准备迎来北半球冬季的考验。今天我们有幸邀请到了参与多次奥运会的奥运专家,数字化体育行业专家 Richard 张焱嘉 来和我们分享关于这次全球的疫情对于奥运会和体育行业的影响,以及怎么看待后疫情时代的体育产业。下面就是我们今天的节目疫情对奥运及体育行业的影响线下实体全面受影响数字化轻量化突飞猛进推动变革的黑天鹅时刻IRONMAN 线上赛线上运动全球火爆铁三人群的数据化走在前面数字化强的小众项目的机遇观众体验数据化线上化观赛的个性化需求满足实体场馆运营挑战疫情下的奥运体验挑战赛事从运动员为核心到粉丝参与为核心奥运现场体验爆棚训练和备赛对运动员的冲击

Swimming with Autism


SWA Episode 11: in Africa Part 2

Continuation of our conversation in Swakopmund, Namibia.

The JakeShell Show

Jake Shellenberger

Welcome to The JakeShell Show! This is the Podcast for Polymaths. In the following episodes we’ll discuss topics such as personal productivity, health & biohacking, culture, coaching, swimming, technology, current events, and life in general. No politics, no fluff, and no childish show intros...Just great content to help you become the best version of yourself. Enjoy! Support this podcast:


Fred Steele

Tidecast is the podcast for Tide Swimming. A high performing swimming program in Hampton Roads Virginia.

In The Pool

Adrian Corrales

This podcast focuses on the world of competitive swimming

GRIT with Simon Shi

Simon Shi

In this podcast, Simon Shi, a senior swimmer at Virginia Tech, takes you behind-the-scenes of his YouTube channel and shows you what it takes to be a NCAA Division 1 student-athlete studying Computer Science. Join him as he discuss his daily workload, struggles, obstacles, and successes he had while swimming in college.

Coffee with Belinda - Challenge Family podcast

Challenge Family

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

Swimming NSW Coach Connection

Jon Shaw

Swimming NSW will undertake to interview and chat to leading coaches within NSW and Australia. Many topics will be covered to keep you up to date with coaching swimmers from Age to Open level. These chats will be for coaches about coaches and they will lend their experience to support your development and challenge your thinking creating that connection! Hope you enjoy! Jon Shaw (SNSW Coaching Director)

Underwater Adventures

Keaton Walberg

Keaton Walberg explains Underwater Adventures in the Caribbean

Lane Four

Daniel Torres y Pedro Tejada

Historias, experiencias e ideas de nadadores, entrenadores y conocedores del deporte de la Natación. Nuestro objetivo es informar, inspirar y motivar a todo aquel que esté en búsqueda de cumplir una meta, ya sea en natación o en la vida. Conecta con nosotros: IG @lanefourpodcast

The Swim Geek

Lydia and Kaitie

We are competitive swimmers that give tips to amateur and beginner swimmers. We have a different subject every episode regarding strokes, technique and more! Make sure to tune in every week for the best experience! Visit our website at

ONSHORE by OceanFit


Port Douglas Ocean Swimmers

For the final episode in this season, Andre met up with the Port Douglas Ocean Swimmers, Queensland’s most northern ocean swimming group.


For show notes, including photos, head to


Coach André

60 Entscheidende Lage

Es ist noch nicht Freitag, trotzdem gibt es schon eine neue Portion Schwimmsport für die Ohren - viel Spaß damit!
Ich unterhalte mich mit DER Newcomerin Nele Schulze über ihren bisherigen Werdegang, ziehe ein Fazit der Kurzbahn-EM, Blicke voraus auf die beginnenden ISL Playoffs und zum krönenden Abschluss versuchen wir die Frage zu beantworten: Welche Lage ist eigentlich die Entscheidende beim Lagenschwimmen?

1:33 Nachrichtenüberblick
6:17 Talk mit Nele Schulze
ca 34:00 EM Fazit
53:06 ISL Playoffs
62:50 Welche Lage entscheidet das Lagenschwimmen?

A Swim Down Memory Lane: A UMass Farewell to Bob

Minutewomen Swimmers

Cheers to Bob Newcomb's retirement!

Social Kick Cast

Felix Kusnierz

Der Social Kick steht für eine der schönsten und kommunikativsten Aufgaben im Schwimmen: Beine mit Quatschen. Felix Kusnierz und Jan Klocke unterhalten sich über alles aus der Sport- und Schwimmwelt. Dabei wird der Versuch gestartet Wissen und Erfahrung weiter zu geben. Die ein oder andere Anekdote aus dem Leben der beiden wird sich am Ende wohl nicht vermeiden lassen.




主题:一周年回顾,以及再聊聊孙杨、宁泽涛那些事主播|张宾  嘉宾|狼哥(前游泳、跳水专项记者)本期话题:1、正式感谢陈鲁豫老师推荐我们的播客2、孙杨现状,以及他飘渺不定的未来3、热爱高尔夫的宁泽涛4、做这档播客的初衷,以及做不下去的时候是什么动力支撑我们继续前进?最后,感谢这一年来无偿来做节目的嘉宾,给我们动力的朋友们,以及听众朋友们。节目还会继续下去,敬请期待。

Open Water Swimming In Morecambe And Lancaster

Jon Gibirdi

Open Water Swimming In Morecambe And Lancaster (Trailer)

The Train Podcast by Calvin and Wade

Wade Nelson

A podcast about the evolving world of swimming. New episodes every Friday! Hosted by Calvin Rogers Produced by Wade Nelson Instagram: @thetrain_pod

Tyler Talks


I like to talk





Rebecca Witt

Lyn Philips from Sterling Hydrotech on Regenerative Filters

In today's episode Mike and I speak with Lyn Philips from Sterling Hydrotech about how Regenerative filters work and the impact they have had on the industry. Episodes of PoolTalk are available on Spotify, Google Podcasts and Apple Podcasts and they are released every Tuesday. If you want to contact us please find us on facebook @PoolTalk or send us an email at

De Todo Un Poco


Se hablara de todos los temas posibles

Piscina Limpa


Piscina Limpa é um podcast da Revista da piscina Pool-life, que traz tudo sobre o universo das piscinas. Desde tratamento, novidades e curiosidades, até convidados super especiais. Teremos dois episódios por mês, liberados sempre na parte da manhã, para que o podcast te faça companhia no momento em que achar melhor.

Friends of the Devil Tri Pod

Elliott and Nate

Welcome to the Friends of the Devil Tri Pod. Each month, join Nate and Elliott, best friends and extremely amateur triathletes as they talk about triathlons, races, training and whatever else comes to mind in a laid back atmosphere. We're not here to teach you anything. We're just here to talk about what it's like to be an age grouper who loves the sport. To find out more about the Friends of the Devil or join the triathlon club visit us as Music by Evan O'Donovan...honorary triathlete and Friend of the Devil


동현 호

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

The Swim Ireland Podcast

Swim Ireland

The Swim Ireland Podcast takes you to the heart of Irish aquatics, with deep dives into coaching, high performance, and life in the water. Our podcasts come in series of six episodes, with our first launching in April 2021: The Coaching Series - getting to the nitty gritty of what it takes to coach the finest aquatic stars in Ireland in an Olympic & Paralympic year. Coming this summer...The Olympic Athlete Series and The Paralympic Athlete Series, where we talk directly to the Irish aquatic stars heading to Tokyo 2021. Subscribe to be first to know when they launch, and follow us on social media via @swimireland to be first to hear new releases.

The Swim Collective

The Swim Collective Podcast

The Swim Collective Podcast

swimonline & Friends

Jane & Julian

Jane & Julian podcasten von nun an regelmäßig über die aktuellen Themen aus der Schwimmwelt! Sie geben eigene Einblicke, kommentieren und bequatschen die neuesten Entwicklungen und laden interessante Gäste! Hört rein, lasst Feedback da und empfiehlt  auch gerne weiter!

Open Water Swim Adventures

Jon Gibirdi

A humourous look back at how i began outdoor swimming, and learned how to do it properly. I did it wrong so many times that in the end there was only the right way left

Deadz 🚬

Felix Gena


Migos ft 2Chainz . Takeoff on da track man is absolute. No chill no joy

Técnica dos 4 nados

Marcio Antonio Latuf

Falando da importância da técnica de nado na Natacao.

The Coach 2 Coach Podcast

Joel Watson

Are you the best swim coach you can be? The Coach 2 Coach Podcast is a weekly show hosted by National level swim coach, Joel Watson. Joel will not only recount on his own experiences as a coach but interview some of the best leading minds in the swimming world. Subscribe, learn and grow together!

Best Beach For Camping In Banyuwangi


Tabuhan Island is also a favorite snorkeling spot, because the waves are calm. The island is also safe from the disturbance of wild animals. It's best to come on weekdays so you can feel the sensation of staying overnight like on a private island.

Behind the Blocks

WiSP Sports

Behind the Blocks is a swimming podcast, hosted by multi-Olympic medalist Kaitlin Sandeno. The first series launched in May 2020 featured exclusive interviews with some of the best swimmers in the US.