The SwimSwam Podcast


On the SwimSwam Podcast dive deeper into the sport you love with insider conversations about swimming. Hosted by Coleman Hodges and Gold Medal Mel Stewart, SwimSwam welcomes both the biggest names in swimming that you already know, and rising stars that you need to get to know, as we break down the past, present, and future of aquatic sports.

PerformHappy with Rebecca Smith

Rebecca Smith

I’m Rebecca Smith, your podcast host, and High Performance Coach. I’m Director of Complete Performance Coaching and founder of The #PerformHappy Community.Maybe you’re a gymnast with a fear of going backwards. A swimmer who can’t seem to go any faster. Or a parent who is clueless about how to help your child succeed. You might be stepping up to tougher competition and looking to raise your game. Whether you're struggling with a mental block, or you just had the best season of your life, this podcast is for you.Kids need resources to deal with the pressure of competition, but they don’t necessarily want it to be their coach or parents.I teach parents, coaches, and adolescent/teen athletes of all abilities how to achieve their personal best. These are the tips and mental toughness strategies that my clients tell me help them most.I also provide insights for parents and coaches who want to support their kids and their teams.Performing well is a blend of hard work, skill and mental toughness. I’ll teach you how to use all 3 to be the best athlete you can, and have FUN competing in your sport. Mental skills translate to all areas of your life. When kids learn skills to cope with stress & emotion in a sport context, they become better prepared to thrive in school and beyond.Join me each week as I help people reach peak performance and maximum enjoyment.

The Effortless Swimming Podcast

Brenton Ford

Faster times and better technique aren't a guarantee when you train hard. What really makes a difference to your speed and efficiency in the water? The Effortless Swimming podcast helps make a complex sport really simple to better your swimming. We cover open water swimming, triathlon swimming and pool swimming. Hosted by Australian National swimmer and coach Brenton Ford.

Inside with Brett Hawke

Brett Hawke

Take an intimate look inside the minds of swimming's highest achievers with one of the world's best swim coaches, Brett Hawke.

Ultimate Swimmer

Ultimate Swimmer

Welcome to the Ultimate Swimmer Podcast! Ultimate Swimmer is a holistic approach to the sport of swimming; building strong hearts, minds, and bodies. I’m your host, 3x Olympic Gold Medalist and captain of the 2000 USA team, Josh Davis. This podcast is geared primarily for those of us in the aquatic disciplines of age-group swimming, college swimming, para-swimming, open water swimming, and masters swimming but we welcome all who are interested in peak performance, pursuing excellence and swimming with purpose.

Propulsion Swimming Podcast

Propulsion Swimming

Dive into the exhilarating world of swimming with the Propulsion Swimming Podcast! We're your passionate guides, celebrating British swimming in all its glory. Tired of British swimming being a silent stroke in the sports world? Not here! We shine a spotlight on our amazing athletes, coaches, and events, giving them the recognition they deserve, especially in the build-up to the Paris Olympics 2024. But swimming isn't just for Olympic hopefuls. We aim to bridge the gap between elite champions and everyday laps, building a vibrant community where everyone feels welcome! Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

SwimStrong Dryland Podcast

SwimStrong Dryland

Welcome to the SwimStrong Dryland Podcast, a podcast dedicated to highlighting the achievements of the athletes, coaches, and professionals in and around the SwimStrong Community! If you would like to join the SwimStrong Dryland Community, please reach out to us on our website: OR email us at You can also follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok @swimstrongdryland for more educational & motivational content!

Tri Swim Coach Triathlon Swimming Podcast

Kevin Koskella

Triathlon Swimming: Insight for Beginners to Advanced Triathlete Swimmers. Learn how to swim faster and with ease with training tips and triathlon swimming advice from Tri Swim Coach and distinguished Ironman professionals and triathlon coaches. Kevin Koskella is a world-renowned triathlon swim coach with over 27 years of swimming experience. This podcast has tips, stories, adventures, and overall entertainment and education regarding swimming and triathlon. Join our community that contains thousands of triathletes looking to get a leg up on the competition in their next triathlon.

Inside The Big Ring: The Podcast for Endurance Athletes

Steven Brandes

Podcast by Steven Brandes

Minnesota Swim and Vibecast

Mark Seguin

Minnesota Swim and Vibe creator talks about the value of a swimming community and how Minnesota Swim and Vibe is aiming to enhance it in the state of Minnesota

Social Kick

Social Kick

Authentic, casual and fun conversations with swimmers, by swimmers

HD播客 | 体育运动相关深度访谈

HD 铁三|游泳

由主播张楚,以自己的热情和知识,给广大铁友、听众带来的播客栏目。节目将邀请顶尖运动员、普通爱好者、教练、学者、业界实践者等不同领域嘉宾,通过铁人三项、耐力运动、运动表现、运动科学、健康生活等话题,讲述人物故事,探秘身体与心理、社会与自然,帮助大家寻找运动乐趣,发掘自身潜力,实现卓越表现。感谢收听! 微信公众号:tri2swim

Low Tide Boyz, a Swimrun Podcast

Low Tide Boyz

We are the Löw Tide Böyz (Chipper and Chris), a Swimrun team based in Northern California and we're on a mission to help grow the sport of Swimrun in the United States while striving to make it as accessible, inclusive, and diverse as possible. On our podcast we share our love for the new-ish sport of Swimrun and interview race directors, athletes, and other cool people in the space all the while chronicling our own training and racing adventures and having as much fun as possible in the process.


Marc West


Lucas Rodrigues

Quando a Natação chegou no brasil quando foi fundada e sobre as olimpíadas


SwimOut Podcast

We believe swimming is more than just a past-time, it's about ecology, creativity, conquering personal demons and redefining the limits of endurance. We’re Hunter and Vicki, two London based outdoor swimmers who met while training to swim the English Channel in 2019. Our podcast is about the heroes, the eccentrics, the spaces, the untold stories and adventures of wild swimming.

An Open Water Swimmer's Podcast

William Ellis

“Chartable” #1 UK Swimming Podcast Just Giving Page: Outdoor swimming is one of the fastest growing activities in the world, the benefits of which are well documented across many platforms and media. Each episode of this podcast I (Will Ellis) will be asking the same set of questions to my guests in order to hear their swim story, find out what the water means to them, and in doing so find the common ground between us all: the love of the water itself. @owswimpod (Insta / Twitter)

Torpedo Swimtalk Podcast

Danielle Spurling

Join the Torpedo Swimtalk Podcast as we dive into the inspiring stories of adult Masters Swimmers from all corners of the world. From pool to open water champions, some of our guests are Olympic athletes who continue to defy expectations well into their late 20s and beyond. Others have rekindled their passion for swimming and are achieving new heights of success. What drives these superstars to keep swimming? How do they maintain their performance at such high levels? Our conversations explore these questions and many more, providing a glimpse into the mindset and training of these exceptional athletes. So grab a cup of your favourite drink and join us for a weekly dose of Masters Swimming inspiration.Looking for a quick dip into the world of Masters Swimming? Join us for TST Quick Splash, a bite-sized podcast that keeps you up-to-date with the latest developments and trends in the sport. Whether it's highlights from global masters swim meets or insights into open water swims, your host or special guests will deliver a concise and informative report. You'll also get valuable training tips, dry-land ideas, and product reviews to help you improve your performance in and out of the water. 

Champion's Mojo for Masters Swimmers

Kelly Palace and Maria Parker

The podcast that talks about topics that are interesting and important to Masters Swimmers, or anyone that wants to be inspired. Co-hosted by two world record setting masters athletes, Kelly Palace and Maria Parker, each bring unique experiences to the show. You'll benefit from their insightful perspectives as they talk with champions, coaches and experts ,They explore what makes a champion in sports, but most importantly in life, through deep questions, fun quizzes and an authentic desire to inspire others. For more visit 

Swimming Ideas Podast

Swimming Ideas, Jeffrey Napolski

Fun and effective strategies for swimming lessons, teams, and Aquatic Professionals. Listen to best practices and interviews with other members of the swimming community to get the most out of your swimming program. Support this podcast:

Off The Blocks Swimming Podcast

Off The Blocks Swimming Podcast

Off The Blocks Swimming Podcast brings you the latest interviews from Swimming’s biggest legends of the past, superstars of the pool today and rising stars of the future. You won't hear interviews like this anywhere else.

The Reale Deal Show

Jay Reale

Former Pro Bodyboarder Jay Reale shares stories and thoughts from his bodyboarding career as one of the pioneers of the sport. Jay spent the 80s and 90s competing with the world's top riders traveling to exotic locations around the world. Following his career as a bodyboarder, Jay switched gears and focused on starting the world's leading internet bodyboarding store while raising a family, appearing on game shows and performing in community theater and choir, and exploring the world of endurance sports, while continuing to travel the world on surf trips with his wife, former pro bodyboarder Vicki Reale. A true renaissance man, Jay's podcast takes you places you would have never guessed! Brought to you by and Tribe Boards and Accessories.

Στην Ψυχή των Πρωταθλητών

Πρωταθλητισμός και Ψυχική Υγεία: Πόσο σώμα και πόση ψυχή απαιτεί ένα μετάλλιο στους Ολυμπιακούς Αγώνες; Από πού αντλούν οι πρωταθλητές μας τη δύναμη για να αντιμετωπίζουν τους φόβους και τις ανασφάλειές τους; Και ποιο είναι το ψυχικό κέρδος όταν καταφέρνουν να ξεπεράσουν τα όριά τους; Εν όψει των Ολυμπιακών Αγώνων στο Παρίσι το 2024, η Γιούλα Ράπτη και ο Γιώργος Παπαϊωάννου συνομιλούν με 8 από τα κορυφαία πρόσωπα του πρωταθλητισμού της Ελλάδας. Μιλάνε για τις ελπίδες αλλά και για τις παγίδες που κρύβει ο δρόμος για τα μετάλλια, θυμούνται τις καλύτερες και τις χειρότερες στιγμές που έζησαν και αποκαλύπτουν τον τρόπο που έχει βρει ο καθένας για να γίνεται κάθε φορά καλύτερος από τον προηγούμενο εαυτό του.

MySwimPro Swimming Technique & Training Podcast


MySwimPro is the number one fitness application for the fastest growing sport in the world. Since 2014, we have been on a mission to help swimmers of all levels live happier and healthier lives through swimming. Today, swimmers in more than 150 countries use MySwimPro’s award-winning mobile and wearable apps to access personalized swim workout plans, training plans, educational drills and videos, advanced analytics, and to log and track their progress. MySwimPro is accessible on iOS and Android smartphones and wearables, and is free to get started.

The Get Out Swim

Seamus Trzewik-Quinn

Welcome to The Get Out Swim YouTube Channel. The Get Out Swim podcast is hosted by Seamus Trzewik-Quinn, former Division 1 swimmer and current college and age group swim coach. The podcast discusses all aspects of swimming, including backstories on current and former athletes and coaches, what makes a strong swim program, how training has evolved, and how serious age group and high school swimmers can find the right college or university for them.

The Joy of Swimming

Pat Kelman

Apple #1 Swimming Podcast in the UK "The Joy of Swimming" hosted by Pat Kelman. The podcast is a series of conversations with open water and sea swimmers, capturing the atmosphere and the excitement of cold water swimming.

Marathon Swim Stories

Shannon House Keegan

Have you ever stood at the edge of a body of water and wondered...? Marathon Swim Stories is where we connect with curious and courageous individuals from all walks of life to explore our connection with water; what holds people back and why other keep going. Where we investigate the connections that we have with each other, those who support us, and the water that is 70% of our planet. 

Freestyle Media

Joe Malone

Podcasts, videos, writing, events and more. All for the sport we love. In partnership with TheMagic5, get 15% off a pair of goggles by using the code

The Poolside Pass

The Poolside Pass

Coaches talking to coaches about coaching Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

Crossing The Lane Lines

Naji Ali

Crossing The Lane Lines is dedicated to giving voice to the Black Swim community. We connect with coaches, swimmers, authors and activists. Seeking to inform the public about the rich aquatic history of the Black diaspora.



Welcome to SwimEd, education for coaches, athletes and parents. This is a podcast dedicated to examining the top swimming and sporting topics from three perspectives: the coaches, the athletes and the parents. Through our candid and unscripted discussions, we share our views along with advice and applications that can help coaches improve their coaching, athletes increase their performances and parents boost their support.

NISCA "Between the Lane Lines" Podcast

NISCA Podcast

Sponsored by the National Interscholastic Swim Coaches Assosciation, the "Between the Lane Lines Podcast" brings you up close and personal with high school and middle school swimming coaches from around the country as well as experts in the sport of swimming! Listen in to Kyle, Kevin, and Jason and their guests chat about the greatest sport on earth!

Swim Bros Podcast

Grant House

Dive in with us as we Serve Up Scorching Hottakes about all things swimming, sports, and Living Lyfe

Swimming with Polar Bears Podcast

Coach Cliff Murray

Swimming Workouts, Swim Technique Advice, and Competitive Swimming thoughts from the coaches of Northern Lights Swim Club in Alaska.   Visit for more.

Poolcast The Swimming Pool Podcast

ian ogilvie

A professional podcast for the leisure industry to support and bring us together.

Waterpolo Expert Talk

Andreas Schulze-Kopp

Ich liefere Euch mit meinen nationalen und internationalen Gesprächspartnern aus der Welt des Wasserballs regelmäßig spannende Einblicke in die Vereinsentwicklung, Trainingsplanung und Jugendarbeit. Hierfür stehen mir Trainer, Aktive und Funktionäre in unseren Gesprächen regelmäßig Rede und Antwort. Natürlich spielt hierbei auch die allgemeine Entwicklung der Sportart Wasserball, auf nationaler und internationaler Ebene, eine große Rolle. Persönliche Meinungen und Einschätzungen meiner Gesprächspartner zu Fragen wie es mit dem deutschen, aber auch mit dem internationalen Wasserball in den nächsten Jahren weitergeht, kommen dabei nicht zu kurz.

Tom Dean Medal Machine


With two Olympic gold medals already under his belt at just 23, Tom Dean MBE is taking on what many say is impossible in Paris this summer: he'll be attempting a record-breaking five-medal haul. It's the ultimate challenge, one that no Team GB athlete has ever achieved before. Tom is going to need every bit of help he can get; that’s where the podcast comes in. The mission? To build the 'Medal Machine', an all-encompassing behemoth that is going to give Tom the edge come July.  Less 'high-intensity training camp in the alps', more 'down the pub round the corner from the pool', the podcast will cover everything from the very best cheat meals with celebrity chefs, to writing motivational chants with popstars. Tom's conversations will arm him with the knowledge he needs to be the best version of himself out of the pool, so he can make history in it.

The Weekly Freestyle

Olympic athlete Tom Dean & co host Alex Sutton

Tom and Alex catch up every week discussing anything from weekly training to hanging out in the Royal Box. Did we mention that one of us is a double Olympic champion and the other runs Oxford.


Damian Mrożek

HYDROSTACJA to podcast dla pasjonatów pływania, kajakarstwa i wodnych szaleństw oraz tych którzy dopiero zaczynają swoją przygodę w wodzie. Zaprasza Damian Mrożek - pozytywnie zakręcony trener pływania, który pływa, kajakuje i szaleje na wodzie od 40 lat! Co tu znajdziesz? Porady i inspiracje do zdrowej aktywności w wodzie - w basenie, jeziorze, morzu, wszędzie! Bezpieczeństwo, śmiech i najlepsze praktyki na wodzie. Kajakowe przygody bez ograniczeń wiekowych HydroStacja to: Twój przewodnik po świecie sportów wodnych Miejsce, gdzie woda staje się Twoim najlepszym kompanem! - Sport Podcast. Sports Kultura Styl życia. Pływanie Tenis Biegi Kolarstwo


RunForest to podcast o uprawianiu sportu. Pływanie Tenis Biegi Kolarstwo- sports podcast Runforest. Sportowcy, eksperci, pasjonaci sportu. Wywiady, Tajniki treningu, diety i nowe technologie. Daniel Kondraciuk, Andrzej Skorykow, Hubert Duklanowski, Ryszard Szul, Joanna Sobczak.

SURGE Strength - Dryland & Strength Training for Swimming

Chris Ritter

The goal of SURGE Strength is simple: Build Better Athletes to Generate Faster Swimmers. Hosted by Chris Ritter. Enroll for FREE in the SURGE Strength Academy and learn from our Dryland 101 Courses. Visit

Swim Roots - Open Water Swimming


Welcome to SWIM ROOTS. Hosts Bryce Davies and Nicky Young share stories from the people who define the Culture of Open Water swimming. Athletes. Rebels. Dippers. Risk takers. Lifeguards. Adventurers. Pioneers. Community leaders. Pirates. We explore the Drive and Passion that draws each of us to the water, and celebrate the diversity of community. Many tribes, One playground.

Last One Fast One Podcast


All things swimming at the High School, College, and Pro level. Hosts Luke and Paul talk to the most exciting guests in the swimming world every week!

Lifeguards Off Duty with Dr. Michael Kachmar, DPM

Michael Kachmar

A podcast where we feature some of the most respected lifeguards in New Jersey, having conversations about all aspects of the art of lifeguarding, the science of the ocean, and much, much more. Check us out for an inside look into the minds of the young men and women who dedicate their time to keeping our swimmers safe!#lifeguard #beachpatrol #jersey #jerseyshore #surf #surfing #podcast #ocean #boardwalk #BondiBeach #AtlanticCity #SeasideHeights #Lavalette #beach #oceanrescue #news #lifeguardnews #rescueMusic:

The Third 50

Glenn Mills & Wayne Goldsmith

The Third 50 is that pivotal time in a 200 race. It demands physical and mental toughness to finish the race. Wayne Goldsmith and Glenn Mills discuss various topics from swimming technique, mental health and wellness, coaching tactics, and more.

Le Tri Chaud


Trimes et La Chaine du Triathlon se sont associés pour vous offrir votre podcast ! Un podcast en Français 100% Triathlon.




Between The Laps with Coach Chris

Chris Da Sie

The ultimate podcast for age-group swim coaches seeking to inspire and transform young athletes into champions, guided by me, Coach Chris, with over 20 years of coaching expertise and a lifetime in competitive swimming. Join us as we explore coaching insights, from effective communication to crafting engaging workouts, and dive into the heart of coaching that goes beyond the stopwatch. We'll tap into the essence of coaching, creating a community dedicated to nurturing champions. Subscribe to "Between The Laps" now, and let's make waves in coaching excellence together. Support this podcast:

Heroes, Action, Adventure, Extreme Sports - Profiles in Courage - The Creative Process

Action, Adventure, Extreme Sports, Climbers, Divers, Explorers, Athletes, Visionaries, Leaders, Inspiration - Creative Process Original Series

The Pullbuoy Podcast


The podcast is brought to you by Pullbuoy, Britain's premier independent swimming website. We follow the fortunes of Britain's swimmers wherever they may be, with expert analysis and contributions from coaches and elite swimmers alike. During the International Swimming League season it's the home of the London Roar Podcast - following the Roar as they battle to win.

The Swim Culture

The Swim Culture Podcast

Dr. Asherah Allen and Coach Adrienne Lakate discuss all things aquatics and how it impacts the Black Culture! We want to create a safe space for to be able to talk about current events related to aquatics and discuss how it impacts the lives of Black people.

Michael Phelps - Audio Biography

Quiet. Please

Michael Phelps is an American former competitive swimmer who dominated the sport in the 2000s-2010s, becoming the most decorated Olympian of all time. Over four Olympic Games from 2000 to 2016, Phelps won a record total of 28 medals - 23 of them gold - in butterfly, individual medley, and freestyle events. His unprecedented achievement of winning 8 golds in a single Games in Beijing in 2008 cemented his legend. With dogged work ethic under coach Bob Bowman, Phelps used his ADHD tendencies to his advantage, funneling relentless energy into perfecting his swimming technique and endurance to repeatedly break world records. Retiring with twice as many medals as any other swimmer in history, Phelps leaves a legacy of sustained excellence through tireless pursuit of excellence that made the unachievable seem routine.

Le Tri Chaud


Trimes et La Chaine du Triathlon se sont associés pour vous offrir votre podcast ! Un podcast en Français 100% Triathlon.

From A to Sea – The Southern Star Sea Swimming Podcast

The Southern Star

From A to Sea is a series of podcasts focusing on the sea and swimming in West Cork and Ireland. Southern Star editor Siobhán Cronin is an avid sea swimmer, and in this series she welcomes a number of brilliant guests on the show to talk about the beauty of the sea, how sea swimming has become more popular in West Cork and beyond since the pandemic, and why everyone should throw on a wetsuit and embrace the cold! Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

Open Water Swim Adventures

Jon Gibirdi

A humourous look back at how i began outdoor swimming, and learned how to do it properly. I did it wrong so many times that in the end there was only the right way left

The Total Waterpolo Podcast

Total Waterpolo

Welcome to the official Total Waterpolo Podcast with our host James Spencer-Boyce. Every week we have the biggest names in world water polo on the show to discuss anything and everything water polo.




SwimSwam’s Just the News Podcast


Reads of the news from For our interview-based podcast, look for ”The SwimSwam Podcast” wherever you listen to podcasts.

Poolside Podcast

State Champs! Network

Hosted by Lorne Plant & David Zulkiewski, we take a look at the latest news and updates surrounding High School Swimming in the state of Michigan. New episodes are released weekly during the season!

Mission Kona

Mike & Michelle Payne

Triathlon: where you can test your limits in 3 different disciplines one after the other! Swim, bike, run. One might say it's an addiction, but truly it's a lifestyle! Mission Kona podcast highlights age group athletes doing amazing things in the Triathlon space. Mike & Michelle Payne are husband and wife amateur triathletes, parents and self proclaimed coffee connoisseurs, both working in corporate America. Mike is also a Triathlon coach and recently qualified for Kona in October of 2024. Michelle completed her first half Ironman in 2021 and plans to race a full Ironman in the near future. This podcast is a journey to discovering what it takes to be competitive in triathlon, sharing stories, and finding the inspiration to go after challenging but worthwhile goals. We talk with age group athletes and explore how they got their start in triathlon, where they live, train and work, how they stay motivated, race recaps and more! Are you interested in growing and performing your best? TUNE IN! There is so much to learn from those who have worked (and continue to work) hard to be at the top of their game!



皆様、はじめまして! 八洲電業社/スウィン大宮スイミングスクール所属の内藤良太と申します。 僕は現在、2024年パリオリンピックに向けて日々練習に励んでいます。 僕は社会人選手になってから今後の日本水泳界に何か残したい、少しでも水泳の楽しさ、見所を沢山の人に聞いてもらいたいという思いからPodcastを始めました。 もちろん、水泳だけの事ではなく1人のアスリートが普段どんな生活をしているのか、目標を達成するにはどんな事を意識しているのかなど水泳以外の事もお伝えしていけたらなと思っております! また、もっと深く水泳のことを知りたい、泳ぎ方を知りたいと思ってくださった方はradio talkというアプリで更に深掘りした配信もやっておりますので是非聞いてみてください👏 2022 年度日本ランキング 【長水路(50mプール)】 100m背泳ぎ 7 位 200m背泳ぎ 7 位 【短水路25m(プール)】 100m背泳ぎ 6 位 200m背泳ぎ 1 位 *泳ぎの質問やアドバイスなどがある場合はInstagram、Twitterもやっておりますので DMして頂ければ対応させていただきます。 <デープな水泳の話はこちら> <Twitter>

On The Top Coaching Podcast

Jason Patrick Pullano

Exploring new waves in the sport of swimming!

The JakeShell Show

Jake Shellenberger

Welcome to The JakeShell Show! This is the Podcast for Polymaths. In the following episodes we’ll discuss topics such as personal productivity, health & biohacking, culture, coaching, swimming, technology, current events, and life in general. No politics, no fluff, and no childish show intros...Just great content to help you become the best version of yourself. Enjoy! Support this podcast:

The Merman Podcast

The Merman Podcast

This podcast is to help people who are on the fence about becoming a merman, general questions for or about mermen that maybe some mermaids may not be able to quite answer or release ;) or for just curious humans. Feel free to send an email to ;

Last One Fast One Podcast


All things swimming at the High School, College, and Pro level. Hosts Luke and Paul talk to the most exciting guests in the swimming world every week!

Open Water Swimming In Morecambe And Lancaster

Jon Gibirdi

Uinnin ABC

Heidi Savioja

Tervetuloa Uinnin ABC- podcastin pariin! Mun nimi on Heidi Savioja ja mä olen sun uintivalkkusi täällä mikin toisella puolella. Tämä podcast on sulle joka haluat oppia nauttimaan uinnista enemmän, saada lisää rohkeutta ja itseluottamusta opetella uusia taitoja siellä vedessä. Mä autan sua vapauttamaan sun sisäisen vesipetosi niin että kuntouinnista voisi tulla sulle mukava harrastus. Mä opetan sulle yksinkertaisia askeleita joiden avulla sä voit oppia uimaan vapaauintia ilman aikaisempaa kokemusta. Oikein paljon tervetuloa mukaan! Ps. Mut löydät Instagramista nimellä @positiivinenpulahdus

Swim Coach in Transit


Long-form interviews with swim coaches.

Lane 8

Joshua Edwards-Smith

Sasha Bell, Hugh Moran and Josh Edwards-Smith - 3 young men from Perth Australia talk about their lives as competitive swimmers and their completely uneducated opinions on a wide range of topics, from movies to food to the weather.

Bellmont Swim and Dive


Bellmont High School swim and Dive meets and news

SwimSwam Talk


Togli la cuffia e metti le cuffiette. Tutti i podcast di SwimSwam Italia ti terranno compagnia mentre sei in macchina per andare ad allenamento, durante lo stretching sul piano vasca o in attesa del tuo turno dal fisioterapista. I podcast per chi ama il nuoto prodotti da chi ama raccontare il nuoto.


Ute Zill, Martina Schrey

Wir sind Schwimmerinnen. Wir waren beide mal im Schwimmverein, aber das ist lange her. Bis vor kurzem schwammen wir so wie die meisten – ab und zu, wenn es gerade passt. Doch dann entdeckten wir die Jahreskarte der Berliner Bäderbetriebe – und stellten fest: Berlin hat ja über 60 Schwimmbäder! Schnell stand fest: Die durchschwimmen wir alle! Und zwar in einem Jahr. Gesagt, getan. Was uns beim Bahnen ziehen durch den Kopf geht und warum wir meinen, dass schwimmen nicht nur überlebenswichtig, sondern ein großartiges Abenteuer ist – darum geht es hier!

ONSHORE by OceanFit


Andre meets the (un)ordinary people of the open water swimming and water safety community, onshore, to talk about their adventures, lifestyle and passion for the offshore. In season 1, join Andre, Jules and little Bailey as they make the most of an opportunity of the times, travelling from Melbourne to Port Douglas on their Great East Coast Road Trip. Along the way, they’re calling into open water swimming groups and meeting swimmers from the open water community to hear and share their stories. You’ll meet the characters of the open water up and down the east coast of Australia, including; the determined, the trailblazers, the crazy, the extraordinary and the completely (un)ordinary.

Last One Fast One Podcast


All things swimming at the High School, College, and Pro level. Hosts Luke and Paul talk to the most exciting guests in the swimming world every week!

The Joy of Aquatics


A podcast for Aquatics Industry professionals targeting: Teachers of Swimming and Water Safety

Simpodden Hultén och Jansson

Bo Hulten

I Simpodden Hultén & Jansson snackas det simning på tvären och längden. Massor med rutin när det gäller simning i, runt och över bassängerna. Hultén & Jansson kommenterar simning på Eurosport och har i bagaget rutin som landslagstränare, förbundskapten och SM-speaker. Mer simkunskap i Europa - får du leta efter!

Snabbanan - simma snabbare

Ola Strömberg

Här lär du dig hur du simmar fortare så att du platsar på snabbanan eller simmar fortare i Öppet Vatten, IronMan eller SwimRun. Ola Strömberg ställer frågorna - en intressant gäst svarar.

Last One Fast One Podcast


All things swimming at the High School, College, and Pro level. Hosts Luke and Paul talk to the most exciting guests in the swimming world every week!

Tier 1 Swimming


We talk with some of the fastest swimmers and best coaches on starts, turns, finishes and stroke techniques.

Conversations with Coach Pedro

Water World Swim

Coach Pedro talks to people from all over the world that practice open water swimming

Coach Sergio Lopez Miro - #CoachingIsSharing

Coach Sergio Lopez Miro

I want to share with the coaching community thoughts, experiences and different ways of helping our athletes,coaches and parents of our athletes develop their potential at the highest level. I will also have guest speakers and coaches talks from different fields and backgrounds.


Michael Helps

Looking for your next aquatic challenge? Or do you have a love for water and the adventures, friendships and challenges it can bring and want to tell us about your individual MYSWIM so others can share the experience? Then the MYSWIM podcast is for you! MYSWIM is every person’s personal adventure in water. Whether it is learning to swim, wild swimming, channel swimming, winter swimming or another aquatic sport such as waterpolo, synchronised swimming, triathlon or something social with friends (the best kind!) and everything in between your happy place, your aquatic adventure, and together we can explore it! We really want to positively celebrate and promote all aspects of aquatics and particularly the mental health benefits that swimming brings and would love you to be part of it. Join the community, give us your feedback, follow and Tell us all about your individual “MYSWIM”

The Shack Series

Swimwear Shack

A show for swimmers and triathletes all over the world. We chat to some amazing people, review products and talk about stuff!

Goggles On

Griffin Hadley

Hosts Griffin Hadley and Will Plumb dive into the sport of swimming from the athlete's perspective. Goggles On offers the latest swimming news and knowledge straight from the athletes. Time to put your #GogglesOn

Swim Swim Swim

Jonathan Vernon

Swim teaching tips and techniques

Cloro Nelle Vene

Manuele Trezzi

Un podcast per chi vive il nuoto tanto da avere ormai il cloro nelle proprie vene! Allenamenti, esercitazioni tecniche, preparazione atletica, nutrizione e tanto altro. Condivisione e divulgazione di esperienza ed esperienze natatorie a 360°.

Georgia Swimming Podcast

Georgia Swimming LSC

The Georgia Swimming LSC sits down with LSC leaders & innovative individuals that have made a positive impact within the sport of swimming. Join us as we share stories from coaches, officials, swimmers, and parents that have one-of-a-kind experiences along with news from the LSC.

La traversée (le podcast de l'eau libre sous toutes ses formes)

Emmanuel Hiriart

Bienvenue dans la Traversée, le podcast de l'eau libre sous toutes ses formes. Il s'agit d'un projet venant compléter le blog hébergé sur depuis 2014, qui proposera tous les 10 jours un entretien sur l'eau libre avec un acteur de cette discipline, nageur, organisateur de course, juge arbitre, entraineur, voire avec des pratiquants de discipline annexes comme l'apnée, la nage en eau froide,le bodysurf, le sauvetage et autres. Ce podcast vise à promouvoir la natation en eau libre et à accroitre encore les liens qui unissent cette communauté dans la bienveillance et le partage de ses valeurs. Hébergé par Ausha. Visitez pour plus d'informations.

The Swim Tribe Podcast

Caroline Saxon

Stories from Caroline Saxon's Swimming Tribe. Adventures of swimmers starting out, dipping their toes, to seasoned swimmers ticking off bucket list swims.

In The Pool

Adrian Corrales

This podcast focuses on the world of competitive swimming

Underwater Adventures

Keaton Walberg

Keaton Walberg explains Underwater Adventures in the Caribbean


entrenadores usek


Nuoto dunque sono

Federico Prandi

Parliamo di nuoto, di storia e di filosofia, cercando nelle biografie dei nuotatori e nelle gare che hanno scritto la storia di questo sport, degli insegnamenti che possano valere nella vita di tutti i giorni. Dagli autori di

Lane 4 podcast

Barney Ryder , Isaac Jones , Abdul Adama

Lane 4 podcast is our way of diving deep into swimmers' and sports peoples' lives. We aim to find their motives, have conversations and generally find out about them and their roads to success. Our content relates to all sports and the mentality it takes to be at the top. 

Wednesday’s With Julia

Julia Walton

An intense experience with the ocean

Pool Boys

Pool Boys

Boys in a pool discussing various important life topics. New episodes float to you every Monday!


SwimOut Podcast

We believe swimming is more than just a past-time, it's about ecology, creativity, conquering personal demons and redefining the limits of endurance. We’re Hunter and Vicki, two London based outdoor swimmers who met while training to swim the English Channel in 2019. Our podcast is about the heroes, the eccentrics, the spaces, the untold stories and adventures of wild swimming.

Wild Wimmin

Laura Macdonald

The Wild Swimming Podcast for anyone who loves to swim in the great outdoors: dippers, swimblers, serious swimmers and athletes alike. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

The Pool


She was just so enthusiastic to learn swimming. She had got all her swim wear ready to go out with some friends. Swimming was getting to be one of her hobbies. She just got to know that it was awesome after the first time she tried swimming in the swimming pool last weekend with her friends.

Ocean & Earth Surfing

Connor Frye

Ocean and Earth is giving the best ent about surfing