The SwimSwam Podcast


SwimSwam Breakdown: Australian Champs, Mare Nostrum, and Olympic Trials Cuts

This week on the SwimSwam Breakdown, we discussed the Australian championships, the Mare Nostrum stop in Monaco and the 2024 Olympic Trials Cuts.
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The Effortless Swimming Podcast

Brenton Ford

#236 : [Case Study] How A Freediver Went From 2:00 to 1:30/100m with Ioannis Aliazis

I've got Ioannis Aliazis on today's podcast episode. He has recently been through the 8 Week Faster Freestyle course and is here to share his improvements over the last couple of months. Ioannis is also a freediving instructor, and we will talk a little bit about some of the crossovers from freediving to swimming. 01:01 Swimming Background 01:23 The Best Exercise For Freediving 02:03 I Found Your Channel 02:25 Going Through The 8th Week Freestyle Course 03:39 Kick Timing 06:16 2-Beat Kick In Open Water Swimming 06:53 Following A Structure 07:40 Getting Your Questions Answered 09:34 Swimmers To Freedivers 13:31 Keep Calm & Don't Panic 16:05 Build Your Confidence 19:22 Friendly Competition 20:58 Practice More And Get A Good Coach 22:00 Find The Reason To Enjoy Swimming 23:10 Listen To Your Body 23:58 Swimming Is A Feeling Activity

Inside with Brett Hawke

Brett Hawke

Fina Swimming World Championships Day 5 Finals LIVE

Brett is back for a quick lunch break to watch the 100 Free. 
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SWIMNERD: Big and small digital pace clocks, virtual scoreboards, and live results. S

An Open Water Swimmer's Podcast

William Ellis

“Chartable” #1 UK Swimming Podcast Outdoor swimming is one of the fastest growing activities in the world, the benefits of which are well documented across many platforms and media. Each episode of this podcast I (Will Ellis) will be asking the same set of questions to my guests in order to hear their swim story, find out what the water means to them, and in doing so find the common ground between us all: the love of the water itself. Guests will include all walks of life, from Olympians, Comedians, Journalist, Masters Athletes and Winter Swimmers. @owswimpod (Insta / Twitter)


Professional Triathlon News

Kristian Blummenfelt chats about his Record Breaking Performance

Champion's Mojo

Kelly Palace and Maria Parker

Do you need some mojo in your life? We energize and empower you to be the champion of your life and to perform your best! We connect you with great interviews from inspiring champions, coaches and experts to get you the mojo. Co-hosts Kelly Palace and Maria Parker are both elite masters athletes, authors, and certified health and life coaches. Join us weekly and we promise to help you to overcome challenges, get better with age and to bring out the champion in you! You'll hear the secrets to success from Olympic Champions, Olympic Coaches, Masters Champions and Champions for a cause. Let us champion you with inspiration, motivation and education! We explore what makes a champion in sports, but most importantly in life, through thought-provoking interview questions, fun quizzes and unique perspectives. Our definition of a champion: 1) a person who triumphs in sports and/or life, 2) a leader who stands up for a cause, advocates for others or the greater good. Champion’s Mojo has earned 3 podcast awards over 3 years. Join us to get the Mojo! Professionally produced by Kabra Media and part of the CG Sports Company. For more visit

Tri Swim Coach Triathlon Swimming Podcast

Kevin Koskella

The Mastering of Your Mind with Robert Szentes - TSC Podcast #145

In this episode of the TriSwimCoach podcast, Kevin has a chat with Robert Szentes. Robert is a life and success strategist, transformational master trainer, visionary, and thought leader. It is his passion to inspire and authentically lead the next generation of conscious influencers and leaders who seek to empower others for the betterment of humanity. He is a former electrical software engineer and the skills he learned gave him the ability to understand and decode the complex logic of the human mind. Robert is also the author of the bestselling book “The Mastering of Your Mind: A Practical Guide to Decode Your Fears and Create Peace and Prosperity in Your Life.” He is also the host of the podcast “The Subconscious Secrets for Prosperity.” In this episode, Kevin and Robert talk about stress, and exercising one’s consciousness and power. They also covered other helpful topics like becoming resilient, chunking

PerformHappy with Rebecca Smith

Rebecca Smith

An Interview with Keagan Hadley EP 258

On today's episode Coach Rebecca Smith invites Keagan Hadley to the podcast for a special interview.

The Swim Ireland Podcast

Swim Ireland

The Swim Ireland Podcast takes you to the heart of Irish aquatics, with deep dives into coaching, high performance, and life in the water. Our podcasts come in series of six episodes, with our first launching in April 2021: The Coaching Series - getting to the nitty gritty of what it takes to coach the finest aquatic stars in Ireland in an Olympic & Paralympic year. Coming this summer...The Olympic Athlete Series and The Paralympic Athlete Series, where we talk directly to the Irish aquatic stars heading to Tokyo 2021. Subscribe to be first to know when they launch, and follow us on social media via @swimireland to be first to hear new releases.

Low Tide Boyz, a Swimrun Podcast

Low Tide Boyz

Swimrun 101: Partners (REDUX)

Welcome to episode 111 of the Löw Tide Böyz - A Swimrun Podcast!Way back in early 2020 (Episode 4!) we released our Swimrun 101: Partners episode. For Partners month 2022 we thought that it would be fun to do a redux of that episode since we feel like we are so much more experienced–dare we say wiser–after two-plus years of doing the show and picking people's brains all along. We re-listened to the episode (we would recommend that you do as well) and shared our thoughts on what we think holds up and what we would revise or add given where we are now in our Swimrun journey. We hope you will find it useful on your Swimrun journey. Enjoy!That’s it for this week’s show. If you are enjoying the Löw Tide Böyz, be sure to subscribe to the show on your favorite podcast player and leave us a five-star review. You can find us on Apple Podcast, Spotify, Google Podcast, and on YouTube. You can also follow our meme page on Instagram. Email us at lowtideboyz@

MySwimPro Swimming Technique & Training Podcast


Beginner Sculling Drills to Improve Your Feel of the Water

Perfect your stroke technique and maximize muscle engagement with these sculling drills!

Lifeguarding with Dr. Michael Kachmar, DPM

Michael Kachmar

Lifeguards Off Duty With Dr. Michael Kachmar, Episode 42, MDW 2022

Legal Marijuana in NJ, Kachmar's Vacation and Memorial Day WeekendA podcast where we feature some of the most respected lifeguards in New Jersey, having conversations about all aspects of the art of lifeguarding, the science of the ocean, and much, much more. Check us out for an inside look into the minds of the young men and women who dedicate their time to keeping our swimmers safe!#lifeguard #beachpatrol #jersey #jerseyshore #surf #surfing #podcast #ocean #boardwalk #BondiBeach #AtlanticCity #SeasideHeights #Lavalette #beach #oceanrescue #news #lifeguardnews #rescueTo call in: 732 237 4949Music: Moonwater

The Joy of Swimming

Pat Kelman

Emotional Support from Cold Water with Clare Flaxen

In this episode Pat Kelman is joined by Coach and Therapist Clare Flaxen. In this conversation we talk about the emotional benefits of cold water swimming, the joy of Parliament Hill Lido and Pond swimming. Resources mentioned in this episode Clare Flaxen website Clare Flaxen on Instagram Clare Flaxen on Facebook If you have enjoyed this episode, please: Subscribe to the podcast Join the Joy of Swimming Discussion Group

Swimming Ideas Podast

Swimming Ideas, Jeffrey Napolski

SIP 093: Three weeks with COVID-19 group swimming lessons

What has it been like? What is our procedure?
How do we teach?
Getting swimmers moving.
Handling difficult swimmers.
Coaching and commands.
Resilience of children and adaptability.
Tools: Lesson plans and TV for website lessons.


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The JakeShell Show

Jake Shellenberger

JSS: 19 Michael Andrew, Vaccines, and Political Bias

Andrew‘s refusal to vaccinate before Tokyo caused quite the uproar in the swimming community. The reaction got me thinking about political bias - on both sides of the aisle - and how both the left and right need to think clearly and without bias regarding issues of national prominence. Both sides are to blame. Both sides value emotions over facts. Both sides need to wake up to the reality of the truth - the overwhelming majority of us are biased in our thinking. 


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SURGE Strength - Dryland & Strength Training for Swimming

Chris Ritter

From Burnout to Futures Cut

Visit and Enroll Now for FREE in the SURGE Strength Academy Become SURGE Strength Dryland Certified (SSDC) Get Started with a SURGE Strength Program

Marathon Swim Stories

Shannon House Keegan

Deep Dive: Carolyn's Journey to Derwent, Part 3

The Swim Tribe Podcast

Caroline Saxon

Swimming is a balm; it is freedom from pain - Part 2 with Jonty

This is part 2 of my chat with Jonty Warneken. This part we get a bit more serious and talk about slightly deeper topics.
We chat about how our experiences were similar, but very different, as young people and how these events have shaped our futures. We chat about losing a limb, losing identities and losing a whole person in weight.
Jonty is a great friend of mine and we chat quite openly about some of the things we have been though.
There maybe some accidental small swears. Apologies.
**Please note this podcast was recorded in Feb 2020. The world has changed!**
@fatgrev - Jonty's Instagram
@theswimtribepodcast - Caroline's Instagram
Part 2 to follow!
Jonty, thank you for being part of my swim tribe.

Inside The Big Ring: The Podcast for Endurance Athletes

Steven Brandes

#114. IMWI 50-54 AG Champion, Mark Lund

Episode 114 brings Mark Lund where he talks about his heroic day at 2021 IRONMAN Wisconsin where he won his AG and earned himself a Kona Qualification -- We also talk about his training and development that helped him get there!

Ultimate Swimmer

Ultimate Swimmer

Monday Motivation: If You're Grinnin', You're Winnin'

Today Josh and Noah talk about the importance and strength of SMILING! Have a great week!!

The SwimBrain Podcast


The Podcast Returns...With A New Direction

In this episode Denaj outlines the exciting new format of the podcast. To access the survey referenced in this  episode please visit the show (

Waterpolo Expert Talk

Andreas Schulze-Kopp

"Ich habe meine Depression akzeptiert und muss mich immer wieder neu drauf vorbereiten"

Einst war Jacob jüngster Bundesliga-Kapitän des OSC Potsdam und erfolgreicher Wasserballer. Mit den heutigen Orcas hat er alle Höhen und auch Tiefen miterlebt und blickt im heutigen Podcast ein wenig mit uns zurück. Egal ob Titel in der Jugend oder erste Europapokalspiele. Doch all das hat, vor allem im Nachhinhein, Stress verursacht der sich oft erst Jahre später äußert. Wie Jacob aber langfristig davon profitieren konnte und wie es zur Drachenberg Akademie kam, davon berichtet er heute.

Swim Coaches Base

Chris Ritter

Summer Update

FREE Dryland Webinar Registration Dryland Training Webinar Series Begins Monday, July 19th and will go into September. We hope you'll join us!   Get Emails from Chris Hear from Chris on his latest dryland thoughts from Olympic Trials, to the Olympics and into the upcoming season.   Become SURGE Strength Dryland Certified (SSDC) Learn more about the first and only Dryland Certification available to the swimming community. We'll be announcing our next open enrollment dates soon. Don't miss this chance because it's only available a few times a year.

Torpedo Swimtalk Podcast

Danielle Spurling

Torpedo Swimtalk with Masters Open Water Marathon Swimmer Andrew Donaldson

Have you ever contemplated doing a marathon swim? Like The Rottnest Channel Swim, or even something longer like the Derwent River Swim? Well Andrew Donaldson has completed both, as well as several others, and on this podcast he shares with us everything to consider when doing a marathon swim. Andrew graciously shared all his knowledge, about what type of training he does and his preparation, both before and during the swim.And what happens when you put in all that preparation and something doesn't go to plan? We discuss how Andrew dealt with that as well, during his recent Ausbil Swim, from Palm Beach to Shelley Beach along the NSW coastWe also chatted about Andrew's passion project which he co-founded called "Swimclan" which is a starting point for swimmers interested in marathon swimming, but not sure where to begin!You will love hearing about Andrew's swim journey and I am

The Social Kick Podcast

The Social Kick

Maggie Mac Neil’s Olympics 101

Gold, silver and bronze, Maggie Mac Neil went to the Tokyo Olympics determined to succeed and impress us all. The Social Kick welcomes back the newly crowned Olympic Champion to talk all things Tokyo and more! Winning Team Canada’s only gold in the pool in the women’s 100m Butterfly, Maggie swam an impressive 55.59 for a new Americas Record.

Now with the titles of Olympic and World Champion to her name, the 21-year-old was also part of the silver winning 4x100m Freestyle Relay and bronze medal winning 4x100m medley relay team.

Having stood on top of the podium at the pinnacle of international swimming, we ask Maggie about Tokyo from an athletes perspective, the rush of winning and the buzz after and her recent decisions regarding University and the ISL.

It’s not every day that Ryan Reynolds will reach out and congratulate you!

With warm welcome back to The Social Kick, here’s the Olympic Champion, Mag

Last One Fast One Podcast


Episode 7: Brent Hayden

World Champ, 4-time Olympian, and London 2012 Bronze Medalist comes on the Podcast and talks about his career from start to finish. Brent had one hell of a story. Brent talks about winning a world championship for his Grandpa. Tells the stories about being attacked by riot police after the Athens 2004 Olympic Games and explains why he was not wearing the super suit in the World championships in 2009. Brent tells us all about winning a bronze medal with a punctured rib in London 2012 and dives into his 7-year retirement and epic comeback in which he raced in the 2021 Tokyo Olympic games at age 37. Whether you're a swim fan or just looking to get inspired, this is a do not miss!

Aquatics Today

Jamal Hill

Episode 14 - How To Retain Lifeguards

It can be tough to keep lifeguards around for more than a season or two. They're in high demand and they often get recruited by other organizations with better pay and benefits. But with Episode 13, you'll learn three key strategies to not only retain your lifeguards, but also increase their effectiveness and value to your organization. So don't miss out – tune in today!

Off The Blocks Swimming Podcast

Off The Blocks Swimming Podcast

Off The Blocks with Stephan Widmer (Part 2) Ep 9

Season 5 Episode 9 (Part 2), we continue our chat with 4 time Australian coach of the year, and one of the best in the business Stephan Widmer.
In this part one podcast Stephan talks to us about some of the amazing swimmers he has had the pleasure of working with like Libby Trickett, Christian Sprenger, Melanie Schlanger and Jess Schipper among many others.
We also get into his time with Swimming Queensland and helping mentor coaches, as well as many other great pieces of advice from one of the sharpest minds in the swimming business.
Don't miss our awesome part two chat with Stephan Widmer

Wild Swim Podcast

Wild Swim Podcast

Swimming tales of adventure! From lidos to lakes, rivers to the sea, this podcast celebrates the joy of swimming in the great outdoors.

The Reale Deal Show

Jay Reale

The Reale Deal Show #48- Chad Stickney: Boogie 50 States

Chad Stickney is on a quest to be the first bodyboarder to ride waves in all 50 US states!  He's nearly halfway there as of the date of this interview in May, 2022!  NOTE:  PG-13 LANGUAGE IN A COUPLE OF SPOTS.

Crossing The Lane Lines

Naji Ali

Swimming with Sharks: How one non profit is changing the way marginalized communities see these creatures of the deep.

When many think about people in marine sciences, and in particular shark sciences, Black folk in general and Black women in particular are not the first that spring to mind, but there is a new organization that is striving to be seen and take up space in a discipline which has been largely inaccessible to minoritized communities. We'll speak to, Jasmine Graham, co-founder, president and CEO of Minorities in Shark Sciences, about their mission, programs, ecological racism, and their efforts to dispel the myth about sharks in the Black community.

The Pod: Ocean Swimming

Marc West

Ocean swimming... around Lord Howe Island

Lauren Tischendorf is the first woman to swim solo around Lord Howe Island - 32.2 km of sharks, currents, 25 knot winds and 2.5 metre swell, finishing in 13 hours 50 minutes and 26 seconds. She has also filmed a documentary of the swim, I just went for a swim, highlighting the spectacular ocean as well as the importance of the empowerment of girls and women. You can watch this film throughout Australia very soon in the Women's Adventure Film Festival.

Songs in this episode - all licensed under a Creative Commons License:

Lord - Leaux Mane

Howe - Andervall

Island - extenz

Sapphire - Tobu

Image from Lauren on instagram

Drowning Warriors Podcast

Rick Kauffman Water Safety, Drowning Prevention, Swimming, Pools, Learn to Swim

The Journey Of One Father Telling Stories of the UNTHINKABLE that he lives but that of other people who are also living the UNTHINKABLE We are a New Breed of People We Call Ourselves Drowning Warriors We have a voice for those who no longer have a voice and for those who do have a voice we project that voice as loud as we can. Because what we know can and does save lives. Because we are waging war every day with the people that don’t believe that it can happen to them. We must do things differently, we take massive action as a team. We must do things smarter. We must be effective with our first message from day one. If I was to ask the average person if they are concerned with Drowning they would say YES. However, they don’t believe that it will ever happen to them, so they take no action to prevent it. Yet it happens every day. Drowning doesn’t discriminate or has no boundaries. It’s fast and silent. It hits when you least expect it. So, we fight every day to be heard, to get our message out to the masses. We Are Drowning Warriors – These Are Our Stories.

Sports Thoughts

Wayne Goldsmith

Coaching Energy – How To Feeling Energized In Your Coaching

Coaching Energy – How To Feeling Energized In Your Coaching If you’ve ever coached you will “get” the concept of “Coaching Energy”. Coaching Energy is the combination of energy in training and practice sessions that comes from: The Coach; The Athletes. The combined “energy” of the coach and the athletes […]


Stanley Ulijaszek

Tom Elliott and Richard Flint Talk About Swimming and the Making of Swim-Film ‘As You Lake It’

Tom Elliott and Danny Longman swam all the lakes of the Lake District in four days, and Richard Flint filmed them. In this podcast, Richard, maker of the film ‘As You Lake It’, talks about the process of filming them do it, and Tom talks doing it - swimming the lakes of the Lake District.

Off the Deck

Off the Deck

Jaime Lewis

Jaime Lewis is the Head Coach of FLEET in Houston, Texas and she is sitting down with Chris Plumb on this week’s Off the Deck podcast! Jaime grew up swimming for the Woodlands Swim Team and competed for the University of Florida where she was an NCAA All-American. She started coaching with FLEET as an Age Group Coach, and then proceeded to work with the University of Houston Cougars, Gator Swim Club in Gainesville, and most recently worked as the Performance Development Manager for USA Swimming. Jaime and Chris discuss her experiences traveling the world for swimming — including her time with Team USA in Tokyo this summer — how she got her start in the pool, her collegiate experience, how her perspective on the sport evolved as she worked off the deck, and what challenges she’s embracing in leading FLEET.
A quick programming note: this will be the final Off the Deck episode of 2021! We look forward to sharing more conversations with you in the new year.


Coach André

81 - Nominierungen

Willkommen zurück aus dem sonnigen Trainingslager und gute Unterhaltung mit der neuen Swimcast-Folge!

Wir gratulieren den 11 Nominierten für die WM in Budapest und kritisieren erneut das Prozedere für die Staffelauswahl (wunderbar zusammengefasst von den SwimSportNews). Wir widmen uns - hoffentlich bis auf Weiteres - ein letztes Mal dem Geschehen am Bundesstützpunkt in Hamburg, den Normen für Paris2024, schlagen ein neues Kapitel auf im Konflikt zwischen FINA und dem russischen Verband und freuen uns auf das Duel in the Pool.

Zum krönenden Abschluss hört ihr Nele Schulze im Interview, die unter anderem geduldig die beiden schlechtesten Fragen beantwortet, die ich je gestellt habe und darüber hinaus gibt sie Einblicke in Erfolge und Misserfolge aus der Quali-Phase.

News 1:54
WM-Nominierung 10:44
Nele Schulze im Interview 27:25

The Joy of Aquatics


BEHAVIOUR: Time Management

The final week of the Top Teaching Tips Series is all about behaviour.  There is very little behaviour training provided in accredited courses.  How do we know how to handle, manage, cope with all the different behaviours in our classes?

This final episode of the series discusses the importance of time management.  Not planning enough for a lesson can mean you are scrambling at the end to find something to do.  Keep them occupied with something meaningful that will progress their skills.  Bored children will act out!

The Shannon Rollason Podcast

The Shannon Rollason Podcast

Episode 11 - Burning Your Ship

Welcome back to the Shannon Rollason Podcast for 2022.

In our first episode back for the new year we discuss all the news going around in the world of swimming right now including World Champs being on, then cancelled and now put back on again, and what impact that has on our Aussie trials and championships coming up in a few months.

We go through results from NSW State Champs from January and how Shannon saw the results across the board for not just his own team, but for the swimming coming out of the Blue State in general.

Shannon takes us through the term burning your ship/ships, what that means and how it can help you as a coach or business owner, or even just in everyday life.

And we finish with a NEW segment for 2022 on the podcast, it's called STORY TIME and this weeks story is about non other than Aussie coaching royalty Don Talbot.


Another great episode of the podcast,

Thank You Thursday

Georgia Swimming LSC

Episode 8: Meredith Green

In today's episode, we chat with Meredith Green, our Georgia LSC Vice Coaches Chair about all things swimming from her own career at the University of Florida, to now being a coach in Georgia. We also discuss her role as the Vice Coaches Chair and how she's enjoyed getting more involved with Georgia Swimming over the years. 



S2 EP09|疫情对奥运有多大影响?·奥运专家·Richard

S2EP09 Richard 后疫情时代体育产业新常态奥运专家、数字化体育行业专家 Richard 张焱嘉大家好我是你好铁三的Shining,这次的全球的新冠疫情,突如其来,我们也是有3个多月没有更新,但是关注我们的小伙伴一定注意到了我们的新动作,就是成为了Zwift在中国区骑行,跑步,铁人三项的官方EVENTS的合作伙伴,每周末晚8点的跑步和每周日早9点的骑行已经进行了一个多月,欢迎大家和我们在线上虚拟骑行,训练,比赛。我们会在trimore.cn以及微博CTRL_Zwift上发布我们的官方活动信息,我们也邀请到中国铁三第一人党琦,党版作为我们活动的领队,欢迎关注参与。那么疫情之后,很多比赛也陆续的延期,或者停办,IRONMAN CHINA取消了本年度所有的比赛计划,IRONMAN Kona直接取消了本来延期到明年二月的世锦赛。东京奥运延期一年。然而疫情正在准备迎来北半球冬季的考验。今天我们有幸邀请到了参与多次奥运会的奥运专家,数字化体育行业专家 Richard 张焱嘉 来和我们分享关于这次全球的疫情对于奥运会和体育行业的影响,以及怎么看待后疫情时代的体育产业。下面就是我们今天的节目疫情对奥运及体育行业的影响线下实体全面受影响数字化轻量化突飞猛进推动变革的黑天鹅时刻IRONMAN 线上赛线上运动全球火爆铁三人群的数据化走在前面数字化强的小众项目的机遇观众体验数据化线上化观赛的个性化需求满足实体场馆运营挑战疫情下的奥运体验挑战赛事从运动员为核心到粉丝参与为核心奥运现场体验爆棚训练和备赛对运动员的冲击

NISCA "Between the Lane Lines" Podcast

NISCA Podcast

Episode 11: Rules of the Pool

NFHS Director of Sport Sandy Searcy talks about her background, her role at the NFHS, and how rules get formed

Propulsion Swimming Podcast

Propulsion Swimming

E115 - DROWNING PREVENTION WEEK: Royal Life Saving Society UK (RLSS UK)

On this week's episode of the Propulsion Swimming Podcast, we are teaming up with the Royal Life Saving Society UK to bring awareness to Drowning Prevention Week.   
Drowning Prevention Week (DPW) is one of the largest summer water safety campaign across the UK and Ireland and runs from the 18th June - 25. It's critical in raising awareness and encouraging the public to enjoy water safely.  
On average 402 UK lives are lost to accidental drownings each year so the more awareness we can raise for this cause the better!

✔️ SUBSCRIBE to Propulsion Swimming: 
? Our Latest Video: 
Welcome to the Propulsion Swimming Podcast, aiming to give British Swimming the coverage and publicity it deserves!!

The Poolside Pass

The Poolside Pass

S4 E7 - Swansea HPC

In E7 we had the chance to sit down with Adam Baker and Stuart McNarry and discuss how they work in tandem with each other at the Swim Wales HPC in Swansea. We also hear about their preparations with swimmers in the run up to the Tokyo Olympic Games. 

Conversations with Coach Pedro

Water World Swim

Sydney Roberts a 15 Km Bonifacio Channel Swimmer

Sydney Roberts an open water swimmer that started her swimming in the San Francisco Bay with Water World Swim when she was only 12 years old. Her goal was always to swim long distances and she set a goal, to swim a challenging swim. Once she started swimming in the cold waters of the bay, she immediately started to become one of the fastest and dedicated to take challenges like swimming from Alcatraz and other long distances swims, either with wetsuit or skin. 
When she was only 16 years old she found her goal by becoming interested in a 15 to 16 kilometers swim, like the Bonifacio Channel in Italy, a swim from the Island of Sardinia, Italy  to Corsica, France Unfortunately, her goal came right before the pandemic hit the entire world. She definitely did not give up her dreams and kept her commitment to keep training and not to give up. 
With the help of Water World Swim coaches, like Coach Mike and Co

Swimming with Autism


SWA Episode 11: in Africa Part 2

Continuation of our conversation in Swakopmund, Namibia.

SwimSwam Talk


Episodio 6: Erika Ferraioli

Nella sesta puntata di Swim Swam Talk, SS Italia incontra Erika Ferraioli. La velocista della nazionale italiana sta trascorrendo la quarantena a Roma, la sua città natale. Erika racconta i cambiamenti degli ultimi mesi, da gennaio infatti ha cambiato gruppo di lavoro. Spiega poi come ha reagito allo slittamento degli appuntamenti più importanti della stagione. Il ricordo delle tre edizioni olimpiche a cui ha preso parte e uno sguardo alla vita fuori dall’acqua che aspetta gli atleti che decidono di appendere il costume al chiodo, perché gli atleti sanno che c’è un mondo là fuori, ma non sanno com’è fatto.

The Swim Culture

The Swim Culture Podcast

TSC- Back At It!!

Coach Adrienne and Dr. Asherah are back with season 2 of The Swim Culture Podcast!! There is so much to catch up on, including the celebration of Black History Month, updates in dealing with Covid-19 pandemic, new professional interest, and preparing for spring and summer swim season! There will be so many amazing topics to discuss this season and phenomenal guests who are making major waves in aquatics and the black culture!! We look forward to Season 2!! 

The Merman Podcast

The Merman Podcast

Interview with Mermaid Syphira

Happy last few days of Mermay! This interview is with Mermaid Syphira. We instantly clicked! It was like chatting with an old friend. 


SwimOut Podcast

The Big One: Series 2 Episode 6

In the final episode of this series Hunter and Vicki are joined by the founder of WOWSA, Steven Munatones, and Gareth Jones who recently completed an EPIC 60 kilometre swim over Wales' wildest water. We're also joined by the the legendary Jackie Cobell who has the impressive (if undesirable) accolade of the longest ever channel swim. Plus, we catchup with our favourite fan Rick Cipolla. 

Shaved And Tapered

Shaved and Tapered

We are a couple of good friends who are former D1 athletes that wanted to get together to talk about the sport that we all know and love! There are so many great things to talk about and interesting developments in the world of swimming that need to be discussed. From college to club, ISL to the Olympics and everything in between we will be there every step of the way!

Coach Sergio Lopez Miro - #CoachingIsSharing

Coach Sergio Lopez Miro

Mental Training and Mental Bullets - Training and Competition

Listen to the great conversation that USA Olympian Roque Santos and I had in my LIVE YouTube show about Mental Training and Mental Bullets.


Roque and I were teammates for over three years together with former world and American record holder Mike Barrowman.  Roque was not even in the map to qualify for the Olympics and what he went through training with us made him physically and mentally strong to win the 200 Breaststroke at the 1992 US Swimming Olympic Trials.  Listen to this talk that I can assure you will find it very interesting and with great inside information.


If you are a coach or a parent don't hesitate to share it to your swimmers, athletes and child.


Hope you enjoy it and if you want to watch some videos about mental training, meditation, swimming and training go to my YouTube channel:

Underwater Adventures

Keaton Walberg

Underwater Adventures - Swimming with Manatees in the Gulf of Mexico

Keaton Walberg interviews Rylan Walberg from Behind the Print about his Manatee encounter in the Gulf of Mexico.

Lane 8

Joshua Edwards-Smith

Welcome Back (Season 2)

Welcome back for season 2. A bit rusty in their discourse - the boys attempt to recap what has been a somewhat uneventful 3 months.

On The Top Coaching Podcast

Jason Patrick Pullano

On The Top Coaching Podcast Episode 8: Abbie Fish and the Back to Breast Transition Turn

Today we sat down with Abbie Fish, creator and head coach of, where we discuss the nuances and teaching progressions of 3 variations of the backstroke to breaststroke transition turn during IM races. Watch the videos on youtube at
Be sure to check out Abbie on her social media platforms listed below!
Read below to learn more about Abbie and her Swim Like A. Fish company!
Abbie founded Swim Like A. Fish in 2019 after 25+ years of success in competitive swimming. From qualifying for the Olympic Trials to working at USA Swimming’s headquarters, and coaching at The Race Club, Abbie has been on all sides of the sport. She is a University of Georgia “Double Dawg” – where she swam and graduated with her M.S. and B.S. degrees. Abbie continues to further her knowledge on stroke

Poolcast The Swimming Pool Podcast

ian ogilvie

E29 Poolcast the Swimming Pool Podcast - Elevate and how much does chlorine cost?

A quick review from our time at Elevate and how great it was to be back face to face with the public. Then a close look at the different types of chlorine and what they are actually costing to buy/produce and install. I have to point out that this is just costings and there are many different advantages and disadvantages as to why someone would choose a particular system over another.

Poolside Podcast

State Champs! Network

Rich Bennetts - Northville

Northville head coach Rich Bennetts joins Lorne Plant and David Zulkiewski to talk about his team's season so far and preparing for the MHSAA playoffs.Presented by LTU Athletics & sponsored by the MHSAA, DMC Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan, Goodman Acker P.C., and the Detroit Athletic Club Athlete of the Year Award.--Recruit yourself to any of over two-dozen varsity NAIA programs at Lawrence Technological University by visiting www.ltuathletics.comLearn more about becoming a registered MHSAA Official at out all of the Game Changers segments on YouTube: visit to schedule an appointment to take your game to the next level.Check out the Goodman Acker Good Decision Great Play of the Week on YouTube: learn more about the Goodman Acker Law Firm: www.goodmanacker.comNominations are now being accepted for the Detroit Athletic Club A

Swim Whisperers

Swim Angelfish

Favorite pieces of equipment

Join Cindy and Ailene as the discuss their favorite pieces of pool equipment to use when working with kids! You will learn more than just what to use, but why to use it and also some new and creative ways to use traditional equipment. 

The Swim Collective

The Swim Collective Podcast

The Swim Collective Podcast

Swim Swim Swim

Jonathan Vernon

Streamlined position

Some tips, tricks and suggestions on how to get swimmers into, holding ans them using the streamlined position during transitions and during their swim.

Life After Swim

Life After Swim

Episode 13: Intuitive Cooking and Exercise w/ Ellen Neltner

This is an episode you won't want to miss! We sat down with recipe developer, food blogger, and registered dietician to be, Ellen Kathryn! 
Highlights in the episode were tips for meal prep and working out with a busy schedule! 
You can follow Ellen for food recipe inspiration and educational content at : @ellenkathrynnn
Here's what you can expect from the episode:
Magic Soup Review 
4:50 mins: retirement and more time for creativity with cooking
7:19 mins: listening to your gut when it comes to cooking
11 mins: advice for cooking with a busy lifestyle
13 mins: lifestyle changes post- sport
15:30 mins: beating the all or nothing mentality and the apple watch detox 
21 mins: researching your caffeine intake
23 mins: supplement research for athletes and former athletes

Freestylin Life And Swim


EPISODE 8 - Eli Danson on Dry-Land for Swimmers

In Episode 8 of the podcast, I spoke with Eli Danson regarding dry-land for swimmers.  We got into a wide range of topics specific to the subject and what we believe works best for swimmers.  We start off by talking about the most optimal way to structure an age group dry-land program (2:12); the value of developing strength on dry-land and its application to swimming (7:11); the value of developing power on dry-land and its application to swimming (9:05); the best way to structure dry-land for 10 & unders (hint - games!) (15:54); developing athleticism in swimmers (18:24); an upper body progression for swimmers to build strength and power on dry-land (26:50); the value of adding muscle mass to improve swimming performance at the elite level (37:22); and the difference between high school and collegiate athletes in terms of the amount of muscle mass needed for high performance (39:09); and much more!

The Pullbuoy Podcast


2022 British Championships Review

It was almost a return to business as usual at the British Championships in Sheffield with full fields and crowds in the stands. In the pool there were a number of standout performances as the swimmers jostled to secure selection not only for the forthcoming World Championships but also the Commonwealth Games teams for England, Scotland and Wales.
In this first podcast for 2022 Bob and Steve cast their eyes over events at Ponds Forge and consider Britain's World Championship picks.
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Episode Artwork: Georgie Kerr/British Swimming

Simpodden Hultén och Jansson

Bo Hulten

Simpodden Hulten & Jansson nr 200

I denna 200:e Simpodden Hultén & Jansson är Simpanelen också med i sändningen. Nämligen Camilla Johansson Sponseller från Umeå och Marcus Wernström från Motala. Man snackar om den internationella simningens program, hur blir det nu när restriktionerna har släppt, hur blir det med Stockholm Open, borde det införas övergångs avgifter när man skiftar klubb, varför är RIG-Simgymnasierna placerade på fel orter och en hel del annat!

Our Athletes with Michael Rasile

Michael Rasile

Madisyn Cox, USA Swimming, Olympic Hopeful

Madisyn Cox joins Michael Rasile to discuss postponing her enrollment to medical school for an extra year to try and compete at the 2021 Olympic Games!
Our Athletes with Michael Rasile  | Hosted by @MichaelRasile1
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Porträt: Michael Groß – Der Flug des Albatros

Heute nimmt euch Malte Asmus mal wieder mit auf eine kleine Reise in die Vergangenheit.Es geht 35 Jahre zurück in der Zeit ins Jahr 1984 - zu den Olympischen Spielen nach Los Angeles. Ins Schwimmstadion von Los Angeles. Einer Stahlrohrkonstruktion, die nahe am Pazifik extra für Olympia direkt neben einem Parkhaus errichtet worden war und - Sponsoring sei dank - den klingenden Namen McDonald's Swim Stadium trug.

Und dort schrieb der Protagonist unserer heutigen Sportplatz-Ausgabe, ein junger deutscher Schwimmer, Sport- und Olympiageschichte Körpergröße 2,01m. Spannweite 2,13 m. 21 Titel bei WM, EM und Olympia, 30 Mal Deutscher Meister. 12 Weltrekorde. Michael Groß ist mit drei Goldmedaillen ein deutscher Olympiaheld, zwei gewann er davon vor 35 Jahren bei Olympia 1984 in Los Angeles. Dazu noch zwei Silbermedaillen.

Michael Groß war der deutsche Star von Los Angeles - der Albatros. Aber eben kein Star zum Anfa


Fred Steele

Nutrition and Recovery

In this episode Fred talks with coach Perez about good nutrition with some suggestions of health snacks. They also discussed the important of athletes having proper recovery 

Splashing Through Life

Parker Schiffman

This podcast is about me being a swimmer and how much it influences my life and the choices I make.

In The Pool

Adrian Corrales

Competitive swimming

I give my view on current events in competitive swimming

Swim Coach in Transit


Ep 15 - Mark Hesse

In this Episode of Swim Coach in Transit, I sat down with Mark Hesse, who at the time of this interview was a "free agent", following an 8-year stint as a Performance Development Manager for USA-Swimming.Catch the show notes on




作为北洋水师的主力战舰——经远舰在前段时间被发现,水下考古人员对其进行了发掘和研究,这个过程的前因后果是怎样的?当年的北洋水师又是怎样的一个存在呢?我们请到了亲历这次水下考古的考古队员张瑞,来为大家讲述跨越124年的故事。您将在第一期节目中听到经远舰的历史、沉船发现的过程和摸排工作中遇到的轶事。制作团队主播 / 张瑞、朱峰嘉宾 / 半只土豆后期 / 朱峰特别鸣谢 / 天津大学出版社购买签名实体书您可以在我们的微店打赏本书作者,可获得本书的签名版一本,数量有限,先到先得点此打赏送书关于【蓝海之下】蓝海之下由津津乐道播客网络制作,是首个潜水主题中文播客。我们与潜水达人一起,带你进入休闲潜水、自由潜水、技术潜水、专项潜水的水底新世界,亲声体验独一无二的潜水经验和趣闻。神秘、刺激,适合潜水爱好者和好奇的你 官网:微信公众号: 津津乐道播客微博:津津乐道播客Twitter:@jinjinledaofmTelegram Group:@htnpodcastEmail: hi@dao.fm版权声明除非特别说明,本播客所有作品均采用知识共享署名-非商业性使用-禁止演绎 4.0 国际许可协议进行许可。

HD播客 | 体育运动相关深度访谈

HD 铁三|游泳

HD铁三播客 #36:高强度间歇训练的科学与应用——黎涌明(2)

本集节目,再次邀请到上海体育学院教授,博士研究生导师黎涌明老师。我们一起聊聊高强度间歇训练背后的科学,以及它在不同项目运动员训练中的应用。对于致力于提高运动员表现的教练、体能教练、私人教练、运动生理学家、体育科学家和研究人员来说,在线课程和书是一个必备资源。同时,我们也围绕两位作者,继续探讨体育运动领域科研工作者的特点。时间轴03:00 概念与源起12:28 两位原作者,体育运动领域科研与实践者35:45 HIIT Science课程体系57:45 课程制作收获、心得相关内容扩展- 课程制作心得: 高强度间歇训练对不同训练人群的应用效果: Paul Laursen: Martin Buchheit: 《高强度间歇训练科学》: NSCA认证:CSCS(体能训练专家),CPSS(表现与运动科学家)

Swimming Teaching

Gavin Doran

Episode 3 - How to Swim Efficiently

Efficiency is key to swimming fast and swimming easy. What are some of the keys to swimming efficiently and how can I apply them? All this and more on Episode 3 of the Swimming Teaching podcast

Swim Cast

Bia Nantes e Danilo Carvalho

Primeiro podcast do Brasil dedicado exclusivamente a natação e maratonas aquáticas

A Swim Down Memory Lane: A UMass Farewell to Bob

Minutewomen Swimmers

UMass Men’s Coach 1979-2020 - Russ Yarworth

Day whichever of Bob’s retirement and he hasn’t been able to get rid of us yet! For today’s guest we have:UMass Men’s Coach - Russ YarworthHead Men’s Coach 1979-2020Welcome back to the show! We couldn’t send Bob a final farewell without hearing from Russ. Russ coached the Men’s team at UMass and was a great companion to Bob. It was so fun to chat with Russ and hear some of his favorite memories. This will be our last show so enjoy! 

Open Water Swimming In Morecambe And Lancaster

Jon Gibirdi

Open Water Swimming In Morecambe And Lancaster (Trailer)

Swim Talk A2B with Dana Abbott and Bob Button

Dana Abbott

Swim Talk A2B, Episode XXIV - Greg Earhart, CSCAA Exec. Director

Join Bob and Dana as they chat with Greg Earhart, Executive Director of the College Swimming and Diving Coaches of America, the CSCAA (, as they discuss:
The 2021 CSCAA Annual Convention, held online in virtual format this year;
College swim finances;
Recruiting in the Pandemic Era;
and "Is it true that almost ANY high school swimmer can find a college to swim at?" (Ans.: TRUE!)
Email us at Swim Talk:
Sign up for the 2021 CSCAA Virtual Convention here.
Music credits:
Welcome to the Show by Kevin MacLeod
There It Is by Kevin MacLeod





Wild Wimmin

Laura Macdonald

WildSwimAppCast - Rob Gray

Hello and welcome to Wild Wimmin the Wild Swimming podcast I’m Laura MacdonaldToday I’m chatting to the lovely Rob Grey, the creative mind behind the Wild Swim app. Rob is so keen to get people out swimming and sharing their info whilst also being respectful and offering many well presented and educational nudges.  We chat all things safety messaging, asking smart people all of the questions and what direction will this smart little collection of data might take next. Links Wild Swim App WebsiteThe new safety features which Rob briefly mentioned have launched. You can follow Wild Swim on Instagram and FacebookFor anyone that wants to find out more about the coaching platform:To feed send Rob your thoughts about the App: support@swimwild.appSwimming at StrathcyldeGlasgow 2014: Final touches for Triathlon at Strathclyde Park Chilly Chilli Dip info: remember to like, share and subscribe to WildWimmin. If you hav

Friends of the Devil Tri Pod

Elliott and Nate

Welcome to the Friends of the Devil Tri Pod. Each month, join Nate and Elliott, best friends and extremely amateur triathletes as they talk about triathlons, races, training and whatever else comes to mind in a laid back atmosphere. We're not here to teach you anything. We're just here to talk about what it's like to be an age grouper who loves the sport. To find out more about the Friends of the Devil or join the triathlon club visit us as Music by Evan O'Donovan...honorary triathlete and Friend of the Devil

Open Water Swim Adventures

Jon Gibirdi

A humourous look back at how i began outdoor swimming, and learned how to do it properly. I did it wrong so many times that in the end there was only the right way left

Goggles On

Griffin Hadley

Fast Food Tier List & Alex and Gretchen Walsh

In our THIRD edition of Goggles On Griffin interviews the Walsh sisters. Alex and Gretchen Walsh are two of the most successful young swimmers in the country! We learn about their experiences over the summer at Olympic Trials as well as the way they Alex was able to navigate the Olympic Games! Griffin also sits down with two of his Tennessee teammates to rank the best fast food has to offer, because as you all know, swimmers love to eat.
Guests: Alex Walsh- Team USA/ University of Virginia Gretchen Walsh- University of Virginia Jack Flanagan- Univ. of Tennessee Jack Stelter- Univ. of Tennessee  
Follow our socials: Instagram: googlesonpod Twitter: gogglesonpod

The Coach 2 Coach Podcast

Joel Watson

#12 - Mitch Brown (Head Coach at Swim Tech Albury)

Today we are joined by one of the future big time coaches of the sport of swimming. Mitch Brown is the current owner and Head Coach of Swim Tech Albury and aims to one day be published and educate the next group of upcoming coaches. Mitch shares with us on how he has recently taken over running the business and maintaining head coaching roles. Mitch has a passion for numbers, data and trends but even more so for understanding people. Mitch tells us how he keeps on learning and the resources he uses to better himself as a coach. A must listen episode for any coach!

Behind the Blocks

WiSP Sports

Behind the Blocks is a swimming podcast, hosted by multi-Olympic medalist Kaitlin Sandeno. The first series launched in May 2020 featured exclusive interviews with some of the best swimmers in the US.

I pesci più straordinari del mondo


Quesot podcast è sui pesciolini

Last One Fast One Podcast


All things swimming at the High School, College, and Pro level. Hosts Luke and Paul talk to the most exciting guests in the swimming world every week!

What's Next: Florida Swim Network

Florida Swim Network

Looking to the next stage of Florida Swim Network.

Last One Fast One Podcast


Episode 8: Max McHugh

3 time NCAA champ and current Minnesota breaststroker Max McHugh comes on the Podcast and unpacks his career. McHugh talks topics ranging from getting shot in the leg by a bullet after his freshman year to discussing his most recent performance at NCAAs, in which he became the second man to go 49 in the 100 breaststroke. He discusses his decision not to swim world trials, and his most recent announcement to come back to Minnesota for a 5th year. Go give it a listen!!

Snabbanan - simma snabbare

Ola Strömberg

Maria kvalar till VM, kan knappt voltvända, lyckas i det mesta och är rädd för öppet vatten

Maria Åhr kan inte voltvända, har kvalat in till VM i triathlon, har en (mycket) framgångsrik civil karriär, var landslagskvinna i löpning och lärde sig simma sent, tipsar om var ska man åka på träningsläger, vilken sport tränar hon mest, hur får man ihop livspusslet, när kör hon swimrun, vad är läskigast med öppet vatten simning, vilken sport utövar hon helst om ej triathlon-grenarna, tips för någon som ska lära sig simma och massa annat bra i samtalet. #snabbanan