Far Flung with Saleem Reshamwala


Jon Batiste on the art of pushing your limits

Jon Batiste has had a record year—he was the most nominated artist at the Grammys, winning five of his ELEVEN nominations across multiple categories, including Album of the Year. When he’s not making musical history, he’s a touring artist, late-night band leader, and Oscar-winning composer. In this episode, Jon talks with Adam about the creative process of making his genre-defying music, his prodigious background as a young musician in New Orleans, the role of focus and variety in building a successful career, and the power of art to make real change.

This is part of a special series from the podcast WorkLife with Adam Grant. For more episodes on the science of how we can live more meaningful and creative lives at work and beyond, follow the podcast wherever you're listening to this.

Travel with Rick Steves

Rick Steves

679 Nordic Roots; Dutch Towns; Bridge to Nicaragua

Hear how the characters of Nordic mythology can help you better understand the past, and how they influence the epic tales that entertain us today. Discover Dutch towns to explore beyond Amsterdam where you can view technological marvels as well as medieval charm. Also, find out how tourism in Nicaragua is trying to rebound from multiple setbacks, one rural homestay at a time.
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The Atlas Obscura Podcast

Witness Docs & Atlas Obscura

The Cincinnati Subway

There are two miles of abandoned tunnels beneath the streets of Cincinnati, OH. A relic of an attempt to establish underground transportation in the city. READ MORE IN THE ATLAS: https://www.atlasobscura.com/places/the-cincinnati-subway-cincinnati-ohio

Monsters Among Us Podcast

Derek Hayes

Sn. 13 Ep. 15 - Glimmerman, aliens on the loose and a psychic murder.

Season 13 Episode 15 of Monsters Among Us Podcast, true paranormal stories of ghosts, cryptids, UFOs and more told by the witnesses themselves.
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Glimmerman info and story
Glimmerman in Florida
Sightings Psychic clip
Killer Caught?
Varginha UFO Home Video
Chupacabra Description
3 Girls see alien
Kaitlyn Arquette suspect mug shot 1
Kaitlyn Arquette suspect mug shot 2
Kaitlyn Arquette suspect mug shot 3
Kaitlyn Arquette suspect psychic Drawing


This episode is sp

Out Alive from BACKPACKER

Backpacker Magazine

Alone and Injured in the Wild

There’s a special kind of appeal to a solo adventure—being out on your own, away from everything and everyone. Unless, of course, something goes wrong and you find yourself in serious trouble. In this gripping story by our friends at The Outside Podcast, we hear from Claire Nelson, who was seeking peace and solitude in the desert but ended up badly injured, all alone, and unable to call for help. To survive, she would have to hold on to the hope that eventually someone would find her.
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Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown



Anthony Bourdain returns to Borneo to enjoy chicken rendang and pork noodles in Kuala Lumpur's street food paradise.

Original Airdate: Season 6, 2015.

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The Travel Diaries

Holly Rubenstein

Lorraine Kelly

Today’s guest is Britain’s undisputed Queen of breakfast telly. A national treasure, who for the last 12 years has been the host of her self-titled show on ITV, Lorraine - it is, of course, Lorraine Kelly.Lorraine became a journalist the hard way, working on local papers before working as a researcher on BBC Scotland, where bosses told her that, because of her Scottish accent, she’d never get a job in front of the camera. Oh how she proved them wrong. Joining TV-am she went on to report on some of the toughest stories of that era, from the Dunblane massacre to the Lockerbie bombings, with her characteristic compassion and empathy, before joining GMTV and the sofas of breakfast TV. What you might not know about Lorraine is that she is fanatical about travel. She has been practically everywhere, and is really intrepid in her travel choices. She takes us from the islands of the Outer Hebrides to the frozen landscape of Antarctica; from remote Botswana t

Not Lost

iHeartPodcasts and Pushkin Industries

Bozeman: Big Medicine

Brendan, a self-avowed “Great Indoorsman,” approaches Montana’s outdoor recreation opportunities with trepidation. Meanwhile, his friend Danielle Henderson, who once lived in Alaska, rediscovers a part of herself she left behind when she moved to Los Angeles. 

Not Lost is a co-production of Pushkin Industries, Topic Studios and iHeartMedia.

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Out Of Office: A Travel Podcast

A Travel Podcast

Summering in the Eastern Shore of Maryland

On this week’s episode of Out of Office: A Travel Podcast….listen, we’re going to level with you: Kiernan was frankly skeptical that the Eastern Shore of Maryland merited its own episode. Sure, Ryan grew up there but…a whole episode? But we’ll be damned if Ryan didn’t do his hometown proud. From wild horses to historic haunted houses to hip boardwalks and a quirky lifeguarding museum, the Eastern Shore of Maryland is a must-visit summer destination! Plus, learn why Ryan spent (read:misspent) his youth poking squishy crabs. Things we talked about in today’s podcast: Ward Museum: https://www.wardmuseum.org/ National Folk Festival - https://nationalfolkfestival.com/ Red Roost Crab House - https://www.theredroost.com/ Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad National Park - https://www.nps.gov/hatu/index.htm Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge - https://www.fws.gov/refuge/blackwater Assateague Island - https://www.nps.gov/asis/index.htm Fu

Condé Nast Traveller Podcast

Condé Nast Traveller

Escape Routes: Alaska

This episode of the Condé Nast Traveller podcast Escape Routes is presented by contributing editor Harry Pearson
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Unlocking The Magic: Talking all things Disney World and Disneyland

Disney podcast bringing you a little Disney World where ever you may be. Ta

Episode #352: 10 Things We Love About Animal Kingdom

We sharing a few of our favorite things at Animal Kingdom today.   This episode is brought to you by Unlocking The Magic Travel.  https://www.facebook.com/UnlockingTheMagicTravel   Join Team Tonga:  https://bit.ly/2YVC0nV​   Join Team Talks:  https://www.bit.ly/3dxyUvC​   Check out our latest design:  https://bit.ly/2YVC0nV​   Join us on Patreon:  https://www.patreon.com/unlockingthem...​   Our Favorite Books  How to be like Walt: https://amzn.to/31qyFxx​ Walt Disney An American Original: https://amzn.to/31r2XjD​ One Little Spark : https://amzn.to/3jfVASr​ Dream It Do It: https://amzn.to/31qs5Hd​ Gear Used for this: Cannon g7x: https://amzn.to/2TaMJql​ Cannon Rebel t6ii:  https://amzn.to/31r2yhg​ At2020 microphone: https://amzn.to/3jhh1lM​ Ring Light: https://amzn.to/34eMPUr​ Scarlett mixer: https://amzn.to/3m1fNNx​ Editing softwar Adobe Audition:     Contact Us:  P.O. Box 82  Swampscott MA 01907   Website:

Untold Italy travel podcast

Katy Clarke and guests

My Favorite Italian Places with Italophilia's Ishita Sood

If you've ever felt completely at home in Italy and not understood exactly why, you'll relate to Italophilia founder Ishita Sood's experience. A quick trip to Italy a decade ago sparked many adventures and even an exciting careerIshita shares favorite places and moments from her extensive travels in Italy and you'll learn that with an open mind and heart, anything is possible. Read the full episode show notes, including places mentioned here > untolditaly.com/119Want a deeper connection with Italy and help to plan your travels? Join the friends of the podcast here > untolditaly.com/amici Support the show (https://untolditaly.com/amici)

About the Journey

Marriott Bonvoy Traveler

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

Adventures in Luxury Travel

Mimi Lichtenstein

Do you love having insider information when you travel - knowing the hidden gems and most authentic hotels? Do you love splurging on over the top experiences when they are absolutely worth it? When you go places do you enjoy staying active and exploring beyond the tourist areas? Do you believe amazing experiences are more valuable than buying another thing? Then you are in the right place. Join me each week for a rich conversation with one of my favorite travel experts from around the world. We will chat about our favorite experiences, people and hotels that make a trip extra special. Experiences you can have in places like Singita tented camps in Africa, Cape Kidnappers in New Zealand and Pikaia Lodge in the Galapagos. We’ll share our favorite off the beaten path gems and insider tips to elevate your trip beyond a simple vanilla luxury vacation. Adventures in Luxury Travel is hosted each week by Mimi Lichtenstein, the owner of Truvay Travel, a top luxury travel design company working with entrepreneurs and executives, who are also parents. Mimi is an expert in luxury travel, mom of three teens, and believer in the power of travel to connect people. If you dislike vanilla vacations, don’t want to miss out on the best of the best in your destination, and love the VIP treatment, this is the podcast for you. For more information visit www.truvaytravel.com. Photo credit: Nayara Tented Camp

Very Amusing with Carlye Wisel

Carlye Wisel

Your one-stop shop for the stories, secrets and shenanigans of a popcorn-fueled theme park journalist. Join author, reporter and expert Carlye Wisel for breaking news, unexpected interviews and reported stories about Disney and Universal every week. It’s an audio theme park party — and you’re invited! Have a vacation question, Epcot comment or Galaxy’s Edge hot take your friends no longer wanna listen to? Call us at 747-CHURROS (747-248-7767) and we might play your call on a future episode! Very Amusing is brought to you with special thanks to Acast and ICM Partners. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

Amateur Traveler Travel Podcast

Chris Christensen

AT#713 - Travel to Brittany France

Hear about things to do when you travel to the Brittany region of France as the Amateur Traveler talks to Kristin Montgomery from GrowingGlobalCitizens.com about this less-touristed corner of the country.

The DIS Unplugged - A Weekly Roundtable Discussion About All Things Disney World


#1162 - Disney Wish, Galactic Starcruiser, and Trying to Vote Out Bob Chapek Discussion

02/08/22 - In this episode, the team discusses the Disney Wish postponing their inaugural cruises until July and how Disney handled the situation, stockholders trying to vote out Bob Chapek, and Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser.

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Rick Steves Italy Audio Tours

Rick Steves

Florence: Uffizi Gallery

The world's best collection of Italian Renaissance painting shows off the beauty of nature in all its three-dimensional glory, including masterpieces by Michelangelo, Leonardo, and Raphael, plus Botticelli's "Birth of Venus." Don't forget to download the handy PDF companion map at https://www.ricksteves.com/audiotours.

Salem: The Podcast

Jeffrey Lilley & Sarah Black

Welcome to Salem, Massachusetts! Join tour guides Sarah Black and Jeffery Lilley as they talk all things Witch City. Learn its history, meet its people, and discover the magic.

Abroad in Japan


Abroad in Japan: The Art Of The Deal!

Pete and Chris will return this Sunday for more big opinions from a reflective room! See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

Zero To Travel Podcast

Jason Moore

A Creative Guide To Travel Journaling w/ Lavinia Spalding

Have you ever wished you could get better at documenting your travel experiences? 
Today I am joined by award-winning writer, editor, and podcaster, Lavinia Spalding, to discuss how and why anybody can keep a meaningful journal.
If you are somebody who wants to look back fondly at your most treasured travel experiences, you will not want to miss this episode. With the experience of publishing 9 books and teaching writing workshops around the world under her belt, Lavinia explains why all you need is 3 minutes a day and a gluestick to start sucessfully documenting your adventures. 
What percentage of the day do you spend creating vs. consuming?  I'd love to hear your insights and hope you will share them by sending me an audio message.
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America's National Parks Podcast

RV Miles Network

This weekly story-based show takes you behind the events, people, and nature that have shaped our National Parks, and the 421 units managed by the National Park Service.

Rick Steves Travel Talks

Rick Steves

Europe for Foodies

Rick Steves' Europe guidebook co-author (and foodie) Cameron Hewitt explains how food is a window into the culture, history, and landscape of a place...and it's delicious, too. Equal parts inspirational and informative, this travel talk explains how food and culture are interrelated, and how age-old European food concepts have become newly trendy stateside. Cameron also offers practical tips on how to find memorable restaurants, navigate European dining and drinking customs, track down affordable street food, and take part in foodie experiences like cooking classes and agriturismo visits. Visit http://www.ricksteves.com for more European travel information.

RV Miles Podcast

RV Miles Network

238. Colonial Williamsburg

This week, we take you with us to Colonial Williamsburg, an amazing living history museum that shares the story of the founding of our country, We also share the details of a challenging travel day. 
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Off the Rails! A Disney Show Dedicated to Tangents


#050 - Disney is Making Lots of Money, The Parks Are Getting Busier & Disney+ Is Popular

02/10/22 - We're going off the rails! This time around we're talking about The Walt Disney Company's earnings call that revealed Disney has made a lot of money, the parks are getting busier and busier as people are spending more, and you're just going to have to buckle up.

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Addicted to the Mouse: Disney Podcast | Disney World, Universal, & Cruise Vacation Planning

Dan and Leslie Lowry

How to Choose the Perfect Disney World Resort for 2023

On today’s Disney podcast, we are answering one of the top questions we get asked about booking a Disney World vacation for next year: Where Should We Stay? From understanding the levels of Disney hotels to all of the amenities that these properties offer, this is how to choose the perfect Disney World Resort in 2023. This episode is sponsored by Fantastical Vacations.  For free concierge vacation planning, specializing in Disney and Universal Vacations, visit https://www.fantasticalvacations.com Thanks […]
The post How to Choose the Perfect Disney World Resort for 2023 appeared first on Addicted to the Mouse.

پادکست رادیو ماجرا


فصل ۳ قسمت ۳ : هند، سرزمین هفتاد و دو ملت

تو اپیزود سوم از فصل سوم رادیوماجرا با هم سفر می کنیم به کشور هند، سرزمین هفتاد و دو ملت، کشوری که به گواه خیلی از توریست ها عجیب ترین و متفاوت ترین کشور دنیاست، ادیان مختلف ، فرهنگ های مختلف و عقاید مختلف در کنار هم تشکیل بزرگ ترین دموکراسی دنیا رو در این کشور دادند، منتظر کلی موضوعات جذاب و بی نظیر در این داستان دوقسمتی باشید.======================صفحه اختصاصی پادکست رادیو ماجراکانال تلگرام | صفحه اینستاگرام

Talking Points

The Points Guy

Matt Kepnes “Nomadic Matt”

Nomadic Matt is an American travel expert, author, founder of TravelCon, and blogger. In 2008, Kepnes started NomadicMatt.com to archive his stories and monetize his traveling. The blog offers practical travel tips — from how to score cheap flights and accommodations with frequent-flyer miles and credit card points, to how to frugally navigate more than 90 far-reaching destinations across the globe by finding cheap local eats and free activities. Kepnes has traveled to more than 100 countries. Published in 2013, his first book, How to Travel the World on $50 a Day: Travel Cheaper, Longer, Smarter, became a NYTimes Bestseller. In July 2019, Kepnes published his memoir, Ten Years a Nomad: A Traveler's Journey Home. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

The Disney Dish with Jim Hill

Jim Hill Media Podcast Network

Disney Dish Episode 368: Love Bug Days at Disneyland

Len Testa & Jim Hill start off this week’s show by reviewing a survey that the Universal Orlando Resort recently sent out which reveals possible pricing structures that are being considered for its opening-in-2025 Epic Universe theme park. They also reveal which WDW attractions have -- on average -- the most downtime.
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Travel That Matters

CurtCo Media

22 - There's Way More To Mexico Than You Think, with Journey Mexico Founder Zachary Rabinor

We might as well call this “The Big Book of Mexico” episode, because it’s filled with a lifetime of adventures, insider spots, and authentic luxury hotels throughout the country. Our guest is Zachary Rabinor, the founder and president of Journey Mexico, a unique luxury travel company that takes clients far beyond the country’s well-known beach destinations. Not that he doesn’t appreciate Mexico’s great beach resorts—he’s been living in Puerto Vallarta for almost 20 years, and he joins Bruce in person from the town they both call home for this special episode. Zachary is the perfect person to lead us on a whirlwind tour of Mexico’s cultural, natural, and culinary riches, from Campeche and Chiapas in the south to the Copper Canyon and Baja wine country in the north. If you love Mexico like we do—or even if you’re just slightly curious about the country—this episode is a must listen!

The WDW Radio Show - Your Walt Disney World Information Station

Lou Mongello - Disney Expert, Host, Author, and Speaker

WDW Radio # 682 - Listener Email: Monorail Crawl, DAK Snacks, Easter Eggs, Running, America, Yeti, and Marvel Primer

WDW Radio # 682 - Listener Email: Monorail Crawl, DAK Snacks, Easter Eggs, Running, America, Yeti, and Marvel Primer
I'll open up the inbox again this week and answer your questions about everything from the best way to do the Monorail Crawl (Plus), DAK Snacks, 4 Parks in 5 Days, Galaxy's Edge Easter Eggs, Running, America, the Yeti, and Your Marvel Primer

WDWRadio.com - Visit the site and blog
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WDWRadioLIVE.com - Watch and chat LIVE Wednesdays at 7:30pm ET
WDWRadio.com/Podcasts - Show notes, past episodes, links, and photos
WDWRadio.com/Events - WDW Radio Disney meets, events, cruises, and more!
WDWRadio.com/Shirts - Disney, Marvel, Star War

Blaxit Global

Chrishan Wright

Sharita Jennings: Nomad Lawyering in Medellin

Sharita Jennings has been a digital nomad since 2018, after leaving her traditional legal career in Washington, DC behind. There was no one defining moment that led her to move abroad, just a constant desire to shake things up in her life and travel the world slowly. Sharita's original plan was to stay abroad for 6 months...fast forward almost 4 years later Sharita has lived in 5 countries and 8 cities mostly in Latin America and Europe. Hear her thoughts on scouting trips, dating abroad, becoming a travel content creator, and an unexpected return to the legal profession.Resources Mentioned in this Episode:Follow Sharita on TikTokFollow Sharita on InstagramSign Up for Sharita's NewsletterRead Sharita Jennings, Marquita Harris & Chrishan Wright's InStyle Magazine featureAmbition StudioJoin aspiring Black expats, expats, and re-pats where you can build community, get resources and gain support along your journey

JUMP with Traveling Jackie

Traveling Jackie

JUMP 160: Be brave. Take a group trip.

Join us for a round-table conversation about what it was like to say yes to a JUMP Adventure in Croatia with host Traveling Jackie. Hear it from the travelers themselves as we chat e-bikes, group dynamics, the structure of and fears around "group trips," favorite memories, best takeaways, and whether or not they would do it all again. Check out JUMPAdventures.com for group travel opportunities like this one, with host Traveling Jackie - next stop PATAGONIA Follow Jackie's endeavors at TravelingJackie.com Listen to the end for a wee announcement... regular listeners - you won't want to miss this. Please subscribe and leave a 5-star review if you're enjoying the show - it truly helps!   More at https://jumpadventures.com/podcast

The Cerca Guide to Barcelona


Welcome to Cerca! We’re putting the world's best travel guide on your phone - the free Cerca app for iOS is available now. --- The Cerca Guide to Barcelona is an immersive audio guide to the heart of Spain's Catalunya region - and one of the most exciting cities in all of Europe. All the essentials - from food to music, festivals to adventure - to help you plan a trip filled with authentic experiences that are just right for you. Like your guidebook, but digital, entertaining, up-to-date, and immersive. And there's even more in the Cerca app - bonus content, maps, and info on the points of interest mentioned in our episodes. Listen, become inspired and plan all without worrying about having to hit pause and take notes - because the info you need is waiting for you in the Cerca App.   So whether you're planning a trip to Barcelona in the near future, are already there, or just want to learn about a place we love, you're in the right place. This is what we do. Let's go to Barcelona! ~ This Cerca Guide was written by Neil Inness and voiced by Andrés Bartos and Neil Innes Visit www.cercatravel.com for more news on where Cerca is going and to sign up for special access to new features. 

Discover Universal

Universal Parks and Resorts

Welcome to the official podcast of Universal Parks & Resorts. Hosts Kari and David deliver expert tips, recommendations, and overviews of Universal Orlando Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood to help you plan your next vacation to the parks. You'll hear insider insights from special guests, sneak peeks of exclusive experiences, stories behind your favorite attractions, and Kari and David will bring the mics along as they venture into the parks to experience the destinations for themselves. Get ready to Discover Universal!

Join Us in France Travel Podcast

Annie Sargent

A Brief History of the Tour de France, Episode 394

In this episode of the podcast, Elyse Rivin of Toulouse Guided Walks tells us about the birth of the bicycle and of the Tour de France. The first the Tour de France in 1903 started small but hasn't stopped growing ever since. Why do we love bicycles so much anyway? Most French people worked in agriculture then and it's a fact that bicycles gave young men much freedom. Some people feared what young women might do if they had the freedom a bicycle afforded them! In this episode we wonder who wore the first yellow jersey and why? Where's a great place to watch the Tour go by in Paris? What's the publicity caravan all about? Why is the tour so popular today? Click play and get ready for a fantastic Tour starting July 1, 2022. Table of Contents for this Episode [00:00:00] Intro [00:00:38] Today’s Episode of the Join Us in France Podcast [00:01:03] Keep your stuff safe [00:01:42] French Immersion / Join Us in France Reunio

Sounds Of Disney

Sounds Of Disney

Episode 131 - Tomorrowland Attractions Queue Music

This week we are fulfilling a partial request. Danny asked to hear both the queue and attraction music from Buzz lightyears Space Ranger Spin in the Magic Kingdom. Unfortunately I only have the queue music. I haven’t been able to find the full loop for the attraction. So this week we are going to hear the queue music from three Tomorrowland attractions. We will start of course with Space Ranger Spin, then we will head next door to enjoy the queue music from Carousel of Progress. Finally we will go back a few years to enjoy the queue music from Stitch’s Great Escape.
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Great Nate
Elisabeth Puglisi
Sydney Weddleton
Kyle Horton

Be Our Guest WDW Podcast


Listener Questions - February 16, 2022 - BOGP 2039

Pam, Rikki and Mike are back today answering your listener questions! Today we start off with news on how you can (could) get your Figment Popcorn bucket again, Disney's change in their mask policy, and more and then we get into lots of listener questions! We discuss the value of Capture Your Moment Photo Sessions with the price increase and availability in all four theme parks, if you should add a Park Hopper to your tickets to take advantage of the Deluxe Resort Extra Evening Hours, give our opinion on if a Polynesian Village Resort or Disney Wish stay is more romantic, and much more! We hope you enjoy today’s show!  Please visit our website at www.beourguestpodcast.com.  Thank you so much for your support of our podcast! Become a Patron of the show at www.Patreon.com/BeOurGuestPodcast.  Also, please follow the show on Twitter @BeOurGuestMike and on Facebook at www.facebook.com/beourguestpodcast.   Thanks to our friends at

Disney Travel Secrets - How to do Disney

Rob and Kerri Stuart

#261 - Tips for Moving by Disney

261 - Have you ever thought about moving by Disney? On this show, Rob and Kerri will share  some insights on moving to Disney. Learn tips about things to consider, some of the most popular areas and why it may or may not be a fit for you. And their personal experience on moving to Orlando.  Plus an updated on the Capture Your Moment private photoshoots at the park and the exclusive apparel for Star Wars Galactic Star Cruiser for guests only.  Make sure you are receiving our weekly email. Just go to DisneyTravelSecrets.com and complete the form.  Enjoy our Disney friend! Thanks for listening! We hope you enjoy our Disney tips and hacks for having a magical vacation on your next trip. Interested in joining our group for the 40th Celebration of Epcot AND a 4 night cruise that will follow? Get on the VIP list here.  Let us help take away the stress of planning your next vacation. As always, our services are free and your get us and our insider t

WDW Prep To Go - a Disney World planning podcast

Shannon Albert

Amanda's Universal/WDW Trip with DAS - PREP297

These are notes from this episode. There's much more info included in the audio so be sure to listen to the episode for a better explanation. How you can help Follow on social media Instagram Twitter Facebook Pinterest Sign up for the email list Become a Patron Get a quote request for a future trip from Small World Vacations Visit the site Check out the new WDW Prep merch! Links mentioned: When can I make my next Genie+ selection? (with Disney World examples) A Genie+ Timeline of What to Book When for Walt Disney World Best Genie+ Choices at Walt Disney World (book these first!) Leave me a message (including trip report submissions) Please use the SpeakPipe link below to say your first name, location, trip info, and leave us a message. You can do that using your computer or phone at https://www.speakpipe.com/WDWPrepToGo. Subscribe to get new episodes There are a few ways to get new episodes of WDW Prep To Go (if you're used

Hoda Rostami Podcast

Hoda Rostami

پادکست هدی رستمی «باهم سفر می‌کنیم»

BBC Earth Podcast

BBC Earth

Finding what doesn't want to be found

In the final episode of series 4, we’re digging into some of the more elusive corners of our planet.To begin, we’re on a bear hunt deep in the Bornean rainforest. Guiding us is Siew Te Wong, who is the world’s foremost authority on a bear we know very little about. The sun bear is the smallest bear in the world and, as Wong has discovered for himself, tracking them can draw up some unexpected discoveries.Next we’re turning our attention upwards, to the sky at night. Or, to be more precise, to the sounds that come from it. Magnus Robb explores what birdsong can tell us about the extraordinary migration routes of these animals.To end, we sit still to see the visible changes over time to our glaciers. Using past and present technology, Kieran Baxter brings to life some of the unprecedented declines in our natural world.Thank you for listening to another series of the BBC Earth podcast.As ever, we love hearing from you on social media, so do

Rocking the RV Life

Jeff Kinzbach

32. Almost Blown off a Bridge, Nearly Quit, What Happened Next?

What’s their story? From almost being blown off a bridge to nearly quitting, Jeff and Patti introduce you to Steve and Diana. Wait until you hear about their trip to Alaska. Furthermore, You won’t believe what they’ve been through and where they have been. Would you have quit? Plus, learn about two items you need to increase your options when you camp with your RV. Think your electrical hook-up is safe? Jeff & Patti tell you how you should protect your connections from rain and more. 
Also, you’re invited to see Jeff & Patti at the Music Box Supper Club on the west bank of the Flats in Cleveland on Wednesday July 13th. They will be joined on stage by Plain Dealer/Cleveland.com Travel Editor Susan Glaser to talk about their travels and experiences. It’s a free event. Sponsor General RV of North Canton will have a luxury RV there that you can tour and co-sponsor, The Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District

The Overland Journal Podcast

Scott Brady and Matt Scott

Ashley Giordano interviews Brazilian overlanders Sergio and Eleni of Projecto Mundo Cao

Full show notes available at Overland JournalThis episode sponsored in part by-iKamperDometic Outdoor

The DCL Show


#051 - Tipping Guidelines on Disney Cruise Line

06/08/22 - In this episode, the panel discusses how much your Disney Cruise Line crew is tipped as well as good tipping guidelines for bartenders, concierge, and more!

Get a free, no-obligation quote on a Disney Cruise Line vacation today!

Bay Curious


Was Monterey Jack Cheese Created in Pacifica?

Monterey Jack cheese get its name from the nearby city of Monterey, but the city of Pacifica alleges it should really be called Pacifica Jack. On this week's episode, we get into the origin story behind this basic pantry cheese.
Additional Reading:
 Move Over Monterey? Pacifica Lays Claim to Iconic Jack Cheese

Reported by Christopher Beale. Bay Curious is made by Olivia Allen-Price, Katrina Schwartz, Sebastian Miño-Bucheli and Brendan Willard. Additional support from Kyana Moghadam, Jasmine Garnett, Carly Severn, Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez, Jenny Pritchett, Ethan Lindsey and Vinnee Tong.

Connecting with Walt - A look into the history of the man behind Mickey Mouse, Disneyland and Walt Disney World


#222 - Treasure Island

06/10/22 - In this episode, Michael and Craig discuss how Walt Disney's classic movie Treasure Island came to life and the different iterations of the story that you can watch, plus this week in Disney history and more!


Walt Disney and Live Action: The Disney Studio’s Live-Action Features of the 1950s and 60s by John G. West


Treasure Island: From Page to Screen to Cable by Christian Esquevin

Brit Movie History: The Legacy of Disney’s Treasure Island by John Rabon

The Disney Wiki: Treasure Island

Reel History: Treasure Island

AFI Catalog of Feature Films: Treasure Island

Old Hollywood Films: Treasure Island

Treasure Island: Walt Disney’s First Live-Action Feature Film, Walt Disney Family Museum

New York Times review of Treasure Island

Wise About Texas

Ken Wise

Ep. 113: The Travis County Dog Wars

Shortly after the civil war, Appalachia came to Austin.  Known as the cedar choppers, migrants from the mountains moved into the limestone hills of western Travis County.  They kept to themselves, didn't like outsiders, and loved a good fight.  But the city dwellers loved to hunt in the hills.  Hunting their game and shooting guns in their hills didn't sit well with the cedar choppers.  Finally, dogs started getting shot.  When one cedar chopper was brought to trial, we'd see who had the bigger claim to Travis County.  Learn about the Travis County dog wars in the latest episode of Wise About Texas. 

The Earful Tower: Paris

Oliver Gee

The 18th arrondissement of Paris: What to find in Montmartre

It's Season 12 of The Earful Tower, The Paris Countdown: Here comes an-depth guide to the Paris arrondissements after we've spent 24 hours in each of them.  This week it's the 18th arrondissement, with a strong focus on Montmartre. The YouTube video that goes with this episode will be here, and the blog post will be here with all the pictures. A big thank you to the Patreon supporters, without whom we wouldn't be making this season. Join them here. Below are all the places we mentioned.  All the details: Hotel:Terrass” Hotel Address: 12-14 Rue Joseph de Maistre, 75018 @terrasshotel Sites: Place du Tertre (artists' square)Address:  Pl. du Tertre, 75018 Paris Restaurant: Le Moulin de la Galette @lemoulindelagaletteofficiel Address: 83 Rue Lepic, 75018 Paris Drinks: Terrass Rooftop Bar Address: 12 Rue Joseph de Maistre, 75018 Paris Chez Camille@bar_chez_camille  Address: 8 Rue Ravignan, 75018 Paris Coffee shop

The DVC Show


#159 - Why Are So Many People Selling Their DVC Contracts Right Now?

06/06/22 - In this episode, the team discusses the fact that Disney Vacation Club resale is currently a buyer's market and why so many people are deciding to sell their DVC contracts right now.

DVC Resale Market is the largest broker of DVC resale contracts on the internet!

Monera Financial for an easy solution to financing your DVC contract!

DVC Rental Store is a fantastic resource for those looking to rent points or rent out points!

Dear Bob and Sue: A National Parks Podcast

Matt and Karen Smith

#70: Exploring Yosemite National Park

Join us on a trip to California, to one of the country's oldest and most popular national parks, Yosemite. Home to soaring granite domes, some of the world's biggest and oldest trees, and a few famous waterfalls, Yosemite offers world-class natural wonders and recreation opportunities. In today's episode, we'll give you an overview of the park's different areas, including some of our favorite hikes, lodging options, and much more!
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The X Overland Podcast

Clay Croft, Rachelle Croft, Jimmy Lewis

Welcome to the X Overland podcast! The X Overland podcast is the place to learn about all things overlanding and get inspired with the confidence to go do it. The podcast will frequently feature Expedition Overland founders, Clay and Rachelle Croft, along with XO team members and a wide variety of special guests from around the overlanding space. We’re excited to share our conversations with you and dive into some behind the scenes details you will only get here!

The RV Atlas Podcast

RVFTA Podcast Network

16 Tips for RV Show Shopping in 2022

We are back with our last episode of the 2021 fall/winter season of The RV Atlas podcast with 16 Tips for RV Show Shopping in 2022. We have covered this topic in theRead More
The post 16 Tips for RV Show Shopping in 2022 appeared first on The RV Atlas.

Ropedrop & Parkhop: Helping you Dream, Plan and Do Disneyland

Disney Fanatics Katie & Erin

35. See That Line Where the Sky Meets the Sea? It Calls Me! - Discussing Some FANTASTIC Beach Options Near Disneyland!

"See that line where the sky meets the sea? It calls me!" - Disney's Moana Did you just sing that line? I bet you sang it in your head! That's exactly how the ocean makes us feel - like SINGING! Well... one of us loves it a little more than the other (see if you can guess who!) Today, we're talking about some of the beaches near Disneyland - if you're planning a beach day during your vacation, you're going to want to tune in! There are so many great beach options nearby, and we share some of our favorites! Also - YOU GUYS! By the time you see this, I'm guessing we will be OVER 100 ratings on Apple Podcasts! This is HUGE, and we want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH! We appreciate every rating, review, subscribe.... all the things! And, to celebrate, we'll be doing a giveaway soon on our Instagram account, so make sure you're following us over there! @Roped

New England Legends Podcast

Jeff Belanger and Ray Auger

UFO Crash at Bantam Lake

In Episode 234, Jeff Belanger and Ray Auger explore Bantam Lake in Morris, Connecticut, searching for the crash site of a UFO. On April 10, 2012, multiple witnesses, including a Connecticut State Trooper, saw a glowing ball of light as big as a whale drop down in the vicinity of Connecticut’s largest lake. Was it just a meteorite, or something even more otherworldly?

Desert Oracle Radio

Ken Layne

The Time of the Roadrunner

In wintertime, in springtime, and in the magic months of late Autumn, the desert is the finest place in the world. But now we are coming to the other part — the “Bad Place,” as they say in the Bible. A time for weeping and a time for gnashing of teeth.

While the humans hide in their air-conditioned mechanical prisons, the roadrunners are having the times of their lives. They love the heat of summer, because there's a feast of lizards and snakes in the daytime, and the usual desperate bunnies and rats at night. Soundscapes by RedBlueBlackSilver, hosted & written by Ken Layne. Find out more at DesertOracle.com, the Voice of the Desert.

Support the show: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=26080998

See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

The World Wanderers Podcast

Amanda Kingsmith and Ryan Ferguson

Campeche, Mexico

This week on the podcast we are taking you to Campeche, Mexico! San Francisco de Campeche is the biggest city in the state of Campeche, located in the southeast corner of Mexico near the Yucatan and Quintana Roo. This is one of the smaller states in Mexico and it is likely not a place that is on your radar unless you've spent quite a bit of time in Mexico! We visited Campeche back in 2021 and in this episode, we share with you why we went, what we did, why we recommend that you add Campeche to your Mexico bucketlist, and more! Enjoy! Notes from this episode:San Francisco de Campeche is the largest city in the state of Campeche It’s located in the southeast of Mexico on the Gulf of Mexico It’s often overlooked and outshone by its neighbors - the Yucatan and Quintana Roo ~900,000 people in the state, making it the 3rd smallest state in Mexico Campeche has a few famous haciendas, including Hacienda Uayamon and Hacienda Puerta Campeche Things to do in Campeche:E

Frequent Miler on the Air

Greg Davis-Kean

How to avoid Amex's pop up prison | Ep 137 | 2-12-22

Amex offers some of the best cards on the market both in terms of initial welcome bonus offers and rewards for ongoing spend, but how do you stay in Amex's good graces so you can remain eligible? This week, we discuss avoiding dreaded pop-up prison. 1:18 Giant Mailbag 5:49 What crazy thing . . . did American Express do this week? 8:32 Mattress running the numbers: Is it worth spending on a Marriott credit card for elite night credits? 16:00 Main Event: Avoiding Amex's Pop-up prison 49:41 Question of the Week: How do you build up a meaningful stash of Citi ThankYou points? Email feedback for the Giant Mailbag and questions for Question of the Week to: mailbag@frequentmiler.com Join our email list: https://frequentmiler.com/subscribe/ Music credit: Annie Yoder

Hammer Lane Legends

Merkel Media

BIU | 79: Anita Don't Play

In Episode 79: Anita Don't Play, Brian and Tony are joined by Anita, who was a bus driver back in the 1970s. Anita is now 89 years old, and she wanted to share the wild things she has seen while driving city buses! From stark naked riders to taking out fire hydrants, Anita will give you some laughs as she reminisces on a time that some would say was simpler, but Anita might object to that notion. Buckle up and get ready for a bus ride back in time!

We were so thankful to have been able to spend the time in conversation with Anita. Our prayers are with her family.
~The HLL Crew

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EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS FOOD: www.preparewithhll.com


EMAIL US YOUR STORIES: hllpodcast@protonmail.com

Website: www.hammerlanelegends.com

Gear: https://www.hammerlanelegends.com/g

Main Street Magic - A Walt Disney World Podcast

Main Street Magic Podcast

449: Rhonda's Universal Orlando Girlfriend Trip

Jeremy chats with Rhonda about her recent Universal Orlando Resort trip, with her first ever stay at Hard Rock Hotel, the included Unlimited Express Pass, Mardi Gras, rides, and more.Follow Us on Social MediaFacebook GroupFacebook: @MainStMagicTwitter: @MainStMagicInstagram: @MainStMagicVisit Us Onlinewww.MainStMagic.comwww.WonderlandCrew.comwww.MainStreetShirts.comVisit our Partnerswww.MSMFriends.comGet a FREE vacation quote to your favorite destinationChuck Marchetti, Main Street Magic TravelMainStMagicTravel.com for a free quoteThanks to TFresh Productions for our theme songFollow Travis on Instagram @tfresh_productions

RV Podcast

Mike Wendland

Celebrating the RV Lifestyle by Mike and Jennifer Wendland. Tips, travel ideas, RV news and great interviews about the RV Lifestyle.

Miles to Go - Travel Tips, News & Reviews You Can't Afford to Miss!

Ed Pizza, Gary Leff, Jen Yellin, Jeanne Marie Hoffman

Hosted by road warrior and travel expert Ed Pizza, the Miles to Go podcast serves up travel tips, news and reviews you can't afford to miss! Whether you're a points and miles newbie looking to book a dream vacation or you log 100k + miles a year and want the low down on new properties routes and planes, we're bringing you the world's top travel experts and bloggers to share their knowledge and insights with you.

Annual Pass

Rooster Teeth

Back To The Future - Universal Studios

Join Jack and Geoff as they ride through time on the ""Back To The Future"" ride once located at Universal Studios. 

Join the Discord! https://discord.gg/6MU6jQ6Chm

Rumble Strip

Erica Heilman / Rumble Strip

Helena Becomes an American

Helena is taking her citizenship test. I asked her to record what it feels like to become an American.

DLWeekly Podcast - Disneyland News and Information


DLW 221: Packing Tips for Your Next Trip

This week, a new way to be healthy and experience the parks, Celebrate Soulfully brings music and art to Downtown Disney, Dapper Days are coming up, we talk to Debbie and Steve about packing for your trip to the parks, and more!
Please support the show if you can by going to https://www.dlweekly.net/support/.
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A unique experience has come to the resort for guests of the Disneyland Resort Hotels. A range of new fitness classes are now available for overnight guests of the Disneyland Hotels. What makes these classes so magical is that some of them are offered inside the parks! One of the options, the Boot Camp in Disney California Adventure Park, is a high intensity boot camp, where gue

The Chris the Freelancer Podcast

Christopher Dodd

Interviews with Digital Nomads about Location Independence, Travel and Online Business

Unpacked by AFAR

AFAR Media

Introducing: Unpacked by AFAR

Have you ever been traveling and encountered a situation where you felt a little . . . uncomfortable? Yeah, us too. Each week on Unpacked by AFAR, we'll unpack a single, ethically complex question. Say, “How can I travel with a lighter footprint?” or “How can I engage with animals in an ethical way while on the road?” Through a mix of first-person stories and interviews with experts in the field, Unpacked will explore not just answers to those questions, but new ways to engage with the places we visit and the people we meet. Because the world is complicated. Being an ethical traveler doesn't have to be.

Cruise Radio

Doug Parker

690 Disney Dream 2022 Cruise Review & Travel Insurance | Disney Cruise Line

We get a review of Disney Dream. This was a three-night cruise from Port Canaveral to Nassau, Bahamas, and the private island Castaway Cay.  Dan Skilken from TripInsurance.com drops by discussing the importance of travel insurance over the past few months, including the Crystal Cruises' bankruptcy, Norwegian Escape running aground, CDC lifting cruise travel advisory, and canceling an Eastern European vacation because of the conflict between Ukraine and Russia.  -- Thoughts or questions? doug@cruiseradio.net  Want daily cruise news? Subscribe to the Cruise Radio News podcast feed.  Get in-depth cruise news and industry insight at www.cruiseradio.net.  

Plane Crash Podcast

Michael Bauer

Southwest Airlines Flight 1455

For the 34th episode of PCPC, Michael takes his first "solo flight" and examines Southwest Airlines Flight 1455, a scheduled flight from Las Vegas to Burbank on March 5th 2000. The story of Flight 1455 is followed with a few stories from the world of airline news. Thank you for listening to the podcast and we hope you are doing well out there!PatreonTwitterInstagramBetter HelpSupport this podcast at — https://redcircle.com/plane-crash-podcast/donationsAdvertising Inquiries: https://redcircle.com/brandsPrivacy & Opt-Out: https://redcircle.com/privacy

Brave Little State

Vermont Public Radio

Would Vermont be a good place to ride out an apocalypse?

It’s a scary thought, to be sure. We discuss a few different apocalyptic scenarios, including some that have already begun. And, we test our social fitness: Just how neighborly would we be, really, if the world were ending?

Disney Deciphered: a Disney World planning podcast

Leslie Harvey and Joe Cheung

Ep. 209 - Animal Kingdom Tours, the Contemporary, and Animal Kingdom Lodge (Trip Report w/ Chris)

Animal Kingdom Fun! Looking to plan a Disney World or Disneyland vacation? Let Joe do all the hard work for you at no cost to you as your travel agent. Get started by e-mailing josephcheung@travelmation.net today! Bookings for the Disney Wish are open if you are interested in sailing on Disney Cruise Line's latest ship! Episode Description Listener Chris just got back from Disney World and has a lot of great info to share with the podcast. We discuss her theme park room at the Contemporary, 1 bedroom savannah view suite at Animal Kingdom Lodge, and the Caring for Giants and Up Close with Rhinos Tours. Are the special Animal Kingdom tours worth the price? What's it like to watch fireworks from your room? We chat about all that and throw in some dining reviews in this trip report! Are you interested in trying out the reopened Animal Kingdom Enchanting Extras tours? Let us know by

Mix In Some Magic

Melissa Hamblin

Once Upon A Time- Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Ready to learn about the wildest ride in the wilderness? This episode is all about the storytelling, history, and little know facts about Big Thunder Mountain Railroad in Disneyland! I even talk about using the ride to get rid of kidney stones! That's a real thing! Who knew? This is a fun-filled episode! Don't miss it!

Halloween Time At Disneyland: https://mixinsomemagic.com/halloween-time-at-the-disneyland-resort/
Discount Park Tickets and Hotels: https://www.getawaytoday.com/tickets/disneyland-resort/?referrerid=7842
*Use code MSM10 to save an additional $10!
Kidney Stones and BTMR: https://www.livescience.com/56261-kidney-stones-roller-coaster.html
Check out my social media for Disney tips and fun!

Royal Caribbean Blog Podcast

Royal Caribbean Blog

Episode 457 - Kurt's Enchantment of the Seas review

Kurt shares his review of a recent sailing on Enchantment of the Seas.

Share with me your thoughts, questions and comments via...

Twitter: @therclblog
Facebook: /royalcaribbeanblog
YouTube: royalcaribbeanblog
Email: matt@royalcaribbeanblog.com
Leave a voicemail: (408) 6ROYAL6

You can subscribe to the Royal Caribbean Blog Podcast via iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher or RSS.

Miles to Memories - Miles, Points & Travel

Miles to Memories | Shawn Coomer and MtM Crew

Hotel Program Shakeup, Dirt Cheap Flight Home From Europe & Amex Still Dropping Bags Of Points

Episode Description In this episode of the Miles to Memories podcast we discuss a shakeup in the hotel world with Choice buying Radisson Americas and what that means. We also talk about Amex dropping more massive offers, booking last minute international flights for cheap, Wells Fargo dropping the ball and more! Episode Notes 4:36 - Booking last minute award flights this summer 12:07 - No more inbound testing 16:49 - More AMEX bonuses! 23:32 - Choice buys Radisson, goes upscale 31:35 - Wells Fargo Update Enjoying the podcast? Please consider leaving us a positive review on your favorite podcast platform! You can also connect with us anytime at podcast@milestomemories.com.  You can subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Sticher, Spotify, TuneIn, Pocket Casts, or via RSS. Don't see your favorite podcast platform? Please let us know! Music: Rewind by Jay Someday | http

Rick Steves' Europe Video

Rick Steves

Rick Steves' Europe Video — a video podcast based on Rick's popular TV series — gives you a colorful look at the sights, people and history behind Europe's most interesting destinations. Visit http://www.ricksteves.com for more European travel info on these destinations.

Rope Drop Radio: A Disney Travel Planning Podcast

Derek Sasman & Doug McKnight

Bonus Episode: Punta Cana Review

Derek and his wife Madison spent 5 nights in the Dominican Republic.  Hear more of their expeirences at the Hard Rock Punta Cana on this bonus episode. Book a trip today by emailing Michelle@TouringPlans.com Follow us @RopeDropRadio Support the show www.patreon.com/RopeDropRadio  

Know Before You Go Travel Show

Penyak Travel Company

Resort Comparison: Sandals Grenada vs. Sandals Grande St. Lucian

Subscribe! On this episode we take a deep dive into two really great resorts Sandals Grande St. Lucian and Sandals Grenada! How are these resorts different and which one should you pick for your next vacation.For Travel Quotes:https://www.PenyakTravel.com/contactCLICK TO CALL: 1-800-674-3278Email: Janet@PenyakTravel.comFollow Us:YOUTUBE CHANNEL: https://www.youtube.com/c/PenyakTravelCompanyOUR SANDALS GRANDE ST LUCIAN VLOG: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wydveBA6o5IOUR SANDALS GRENADA VLOG: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GBoWNAODHXE&tFACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/penyaktravelINSTA: https://www.instagram.com/penyaktravelINSTA: https://www.instagram.com/knowbeforeyougotravelshowLinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/penyak-travel-companyTHE HOST ON INSTA: https://www.instagram.com/GeorgePenyakOUR SANDALS LINK: https://tinyurl.com/y97pgy82

The Jim Hill Media Podcast Network

Jim Hill Media Podcast Network

Marvel Us Disney Episode 128: What went wrong with Columbia Pictures’ “Morbius”

Aaron Adams & Jim Hill start off this week’s show by talking about what Warners is reportedly considering doing to resolve its Ezra Miller problem. They both share their thoughts on Episode Two of Marvel Studios’ “Moon Knight” limited series for Disney+
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Capture The Magic - Disney World Podcast | Disney World Travel Podcast | Disney World News & Rumors Podcast

Capture The Magic Network

Trip Tales Ep 43 - Samantha W.'s January Family Trip

Latest CTM Apparel Shirt ReleaseYou can get CTM shirts at ctmshirts.com!1901 Candle Co is LIVE!Visit 1901candleco.com for sign up for the email list!Subscribe To The Show & Leave Us A ReviewApple Podcasts - Click HereStitcher - Click HereSpotify - Click HereGoogle Podcasts - Click HereAmazon Podcasts - Click HereFollow Us on Social MediaCTM Facebook Community: @capthemagicInstagram: @capthemagicTikTok: @capturethemagicTwitter: @capthemagicVisit Us OnlineSubscribe to our YouTube Channel!Capturethemagicpodcast.com - Listen to our weekly podcast!Ctmuniversal.com – find the latest episodes!Join Club 32! Our private group with access to exclusive livestreams, podcasts, and MORE! Visit ctmvip.comOur SponsorsZip A Dee Doo Dah Travel - visit travelwithzip.com to see how they can help you have the vacation of a lifetime!Expedition Roasters - visit ctmexpedition.com to get 15% off you order, no code needed!MEDterra CBD - visit medte

The WDW News Today Podcast - Standard


Bob Chapek Fires Executive for Threatening His Job, TRON Lightcycle Run Illuminated

Join Tom Corless for a news recap focused on Disney parks and resorts around the world. WDW News Today is released every Monday, Wednesday and Friday on our YouTube channel. Join Tom Corless for the latest news from Disney parks around the world. All this and more Disney Parks information and fun await you this...

Arts & Ideas

BBC Radio 3

Late works

Geoff Dyer, Dame Sheila Hancock and Rachel Stott join Matthew Sweet to discuss the work and performance of writers, artists, athletes and musicians near the end of their careers.

Old Rage by Sheila Hancock is out now.
The Last Days of Roger Federer by Geoff Dyer is out now.
Rachel Stott is a composer and plays viola with the Revolutionary Drawing Room, the Bach Players and Sopriola.

Producer: Torquil MacLeod

No Tourists Allowed - An Insider's Guide to Travel

No Tourists Allowed - An Insider's Guide to Travel

Two recognized travel industry executives as well as experts with a combined 69 years on the inside of travel and technology, give up their secrets to the thing everyone wants to do - travel better, pay less and see more of the world. Join us each week - along with recognized industry executives and travel celebrities - as we bring you intel on the hottest new resorts and cruise liners, the latest travel apps and tech tools, and the hacks and maneuvers that help travelers beat the crowds and find those hidden vacation values.

The Morning Nomad

Linnea Schmelzer

Join me each week with some hot coffee for an early morning chat about all things nomad, van life, travel, ideas, and random thoughts. This is the place for honesty, laughter, and openness about all you want to know regarding this non-traditional lifestyle.

Ghostlore of Hawaii: Paranormal Paradise


Ep. 12: The Dead Can’t Dance

Note:  For best listener experience, headphones are suggested but not required. 


Aloha!  Thanks for joining me on tonight's virtual bonfire!  I see you got the fire started, mahalo very much!  I've been so busy.

The trailer you heard at the start of the episode was for my friends Amanda and Trevin with the Seriously Sinister Podcast.  They discuss "killer facts and spooky true petty crime stories" which was my cup of tea.  Check out the Seriously Sinister Podcast's linktr.ee in the show notes.


Tonight's story involves the bloody history of Pakaka Heiau (temple), bad TikTok dances, and the repercussions of disrespecting the dead...
So sit back, pop a green bottle and....yunodakine.... and let's get into this.
*Note:  All names and characters were created for this story.  Any similarities to a person, or persons are purely coincidental.

The City

USA TODAY | Wondery

Introducing Accused Season 4: The Impending Execution of Elwood Jones

When Rhoda Nathan's lifeless body was discovered in her hotel room, it was assumed she'd had a heart attack. The autopsy proved otherwise: Nathan, 67, had been viciously beaten to death, punched so hard by her assailant that two of her teeth had been knocked out. Days later, a hotel employee went to the hospital to be treated for an infection in his hand, which was teeming with a bacteria most often found in human mouths. That, plus a pendant an officer said was discovered in the trunk of his car, sealed the fate of Elwood Jones, who awaits execution on Ohio's death row. For nearly 30 years, Jones has maintained his innocence -- and accused police of straight-up framing him. The journalists of Accused are reexamining the case to learn if Jones truly belongs on death row, or if a botched investigation let someone else get away with murder.Listen to the rest of this episode at wondery.fm/A

Radio Dore Donya | رادیو دور دنیا

Alibaba Travels

اپیزود 14- سفر به مراکش؛ از برگ‌های نعنا تا برگ‌برگ تاریخ

چشممان را ببندیم و رو به شمال آفریقا بایستیم؛آنجا سرزمینی است که برگ‌به‌برگ، روایت تاریخ است و بوی خوش نعنا می‌دهد.می‌خواهیم با نوای خیال‌انگیزی که انگار از آسمان آمده، راهی کشور گرم قرمزها و آبی‌ها و سفیدها شویم.مراکش، مقصد چهاردهم ما در رادیو دور دنیا، رادیوی اینترنتی علی‌باباست.‌در این قسمت، همراه مهمان خوش‌سفرمان، مهسا نعمت، از طنجه و کازابلانکا می‌گوییمو همان‌طور که به چراغ‌های مراکشی خیره شده‌ایم، به صرف کتاب آقای منصور ضابطیان «چای نعنا» می‌نوشیم.@mahsanematاگر دوست دارید از یک سفر متفاوت قصه بشنوید، نام رادیو دور دنیا را در اپلیکیشن‌های پادگیر مثل کست‌باکس جستجو کنید و به قسمت چهاردهم ما یعنی «سفر به مراکش، از برگ‌های نعنا تا برگ‌برگ تاریخ» گوش بسپارید.‌#مراکش #مغرب #آفریقا #پادکست #پادسکت_سفری #پادکست_فارسی #علی_بابا #کست_باکس #کازابلانکا

Rick Steves Paris Audio Tours

Rick Steves

Historic Paris Walk Audio Tour

Paris, the City of Light, is a beacon of civilization. See majestic Notre-Dame, the stained glass of Sainte-Chapelle, the bohemian Left Bank, the River Seine, and the bustling city of today. Allow about four hours to do justice for this three-mile walk. Don't forget to download the PDF companion map at https://www.ricksteves.com/audiotours.

CruiseTipsTV Unplugged - Cruise Tips and More

Sheri from CruiseTipsTV

10 Things to do in Alaska On a Budget

This week on the CruiseTipsTV Unplugged podcast we are sharing 10 things to do on a budget when cruising Alaska. Download our shore day bag checklist, and more cruise packing and planning checklists & videos by joining the CruiseTipsTV Academy at https://academy.cruisetipstv.com

Retire There with Gil & Gene

GIl & Gene

Gil and Gene are dreaming of their future. Ideas of how they will spend their retirement days abound. They just don't know where in the world they will spend them. Join them each week as they explore a new potential retirement location. On each podcast, Gil and Gene chat with retirees who describe life in their adopted city. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us and/or follow us! Email: gg@retirethere.comTwitter: @RetireThere_ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/retirethere_/YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCq8t2gMpNaP8GzvgAOv4Vlg/featuredhttps://www.buymeacoffee.com/retirethere





Traveling With AAA

Automobile Club of Southern California

To inspire listeners to discover the joy and transformational value of travel, and to give them the timely, useful information they need to get the most from their travel experience. The views and opinions expressed in this podcast are not necessarily the views of Auto Club Enterprises/The Automobile Club of Southern California, AAA and/or its affiliates.


Radio Nacional

Nómadas - Faros de España, guardianes de la noche - 21/05/22

Nuestro país tiene casi ocho mil kilómetros de costa y cerca de ciento noventa faros que la puntean. Son los ojos del litoral, una mirada parpadeante que decodifica los peligros y promesas que habitan en la frontera entre la tierra y el agua salada: cabos, puertos, rocas traicioneras… Hoy rendimos un merecido homenaje a estas torres salvadoras que, pese a haber perdido relevancia con la implantación de los satélites y las cartas náuticas electrónicas, siguen jugando un importante papel en la seguridad marítima. Lo sabe bien el capitán Xico Castelló, que en sus cuatro décadas de servicio en barcos de pasaje nunca dejó de buscar sus destellos en la oscuridad. Recorremos nuestro litoral para conocer a los últimos fareros, una profesión condenada a desaparecer por la automatización de las torres y los camb

Steel Magnolias - Uplifting Conversations About Life in the South

Laura Beth Peters and Lainie Stubblefield

Greek Influence on Birmingham, Alabama

The American dream is one of opportunity that allows for aspirations to be achieved through hard work and commitment. Today we are taking a look at how that American dream was fulfilled by humble Greek immigrants in Birmingham, Alabama.    Special thanks to Stacey Craig and Sonya Twitty and the team at The Bright Star for hosting us!    Resources mentioned: "A Dive Into Birmingham’s Greek Family Tree": https://www.al.com/bhammag/2017/01/a_dive_into_birminghams_greek.html “A Centennial Celebration of The Bright Star Restaurant” with Niki Sepsas Steel Magnolias Podcast (Season 1 Episode 33) Meat & 3’s: https://steelmagnoliaspodcast.com/episode/meat-3s-and-cobblers   Places to Connect: Join our Patreon Community of  supporters: https://www.patreon.com/steelmagnolias Sign up for our mailing list: https://mailchi.mp/e3cef217a5e7/sweetnews  Instagram @SteelMagnoliasPodcast ******* For a transcript of this episode visit:

Unofficial Universal Orlando Podcast

Lee Mallaby

UUOP #494 - Mardi Gras 2022 & Food

On this episode we hear the latest Little Things from Seth, we discuss the "rumored" replacement for Shrek 4D, we have a Rate My Crepe from James and we talk about some of the must have food at Mardi Gras 2020. The Unofficial Universal Orlando Podcast. You can listen to us on the following platforms: Apple Podcasts  LIBSYN  STITCHER SPOTIFY  Don't forget, if you're booking a trip to Orlando to give our friends at Mouse & Muggle a try. Planning your next trip to Universal Orlando or a Disney destination? Whether you're a mouse or a Muggle, Mouse & Muggle Travel Company can help make your next vacation simply magical! And their services are FREE to you! Just go to mouseandmuggle.com and fill out a no-obligation quote request to get started. Also go and give our podcast partners, The Theme Park Duo a listen, for all your West Coast info FOLLOW US ON :  FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM TWITTER PINTEREST

Liveaboard Sailing Podcast


How to get started with bluewater cruising - and turn the dream into an achievement

Who doesn't want to head out there on the open ocean, cross oceans and be a real bluewater cruiser? Today's episode tells you just how to get started with that dream. Today I’m chatting with Jeremy Wyatt from World Cruising Club, and we dive into all things bluewater cruising and how to prepare for ocean crossings. World Cruising Club is the organization that manages events like the Atlantic Rally For Cruisers, or the Caribbean 1500. I ask Jeremy about these events, how does World Cruising Club help sailors who participate in these events, and we talk a lot about how to move forward when you have a dream of crossing an ocean. Links mentioned in this episode ⬇️ ❗️ Virtual Cockpit Conversations with World Cruising Club - sign up here! It's free!? World Cruising Club website? Safety Equipment List? Let's be social!Come check out extra content on Patreon!Come find me and

Happiest Podcast On Earth - Disney, Disney World, Disneyland, and More!


159 - Q&A with the HPOE Cast!

In this episode,  the gangs all here to answer the questions submitted by you, the Happiest Army on social media! HAPPY LISTENING EVERYONE!Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/happiestpodcastonearth)

InteleCast - InteleTravel Official Podcast

Travel Advisor Training Show

Making Agents look good!

Explore The World Your Way! Celebrating 50 years in travel in 2020, Goway is a North American leader in long-haul travel, catering to globetrotters. A rich portfolio of over 2,000 customisable trips throughout Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Central and South America, Europe and the UK, Australia and New Zealand, the world’s most idyllic islands, and even the polar regions offers Goway’s travellers the options to realise a lifetime of travel.

UK Travel Planning

Tracy Collins

The UK Travel Planning Podcast is full of practical tips and advice to help you plan your dream trip to the UK whether you are visiting England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland. Travel expert Tracy Collins shares years of knowledge and experience of travelling to, and around, the UK to help you plan your UK itinerary. Listen to special guest interviews full of travel inspiration and practical tips for popular and off the beaten path destinations. Learn more about the best ways to travel around the UK (including by train), about British culture and history and much more! Tune in and let us help you plan your perfect UK itinerary with all the places and experiences you have been dreaming of. UK Travel Planning - helping YOU plan YOUR perfect UK vacation.

The 3028: Theme Park History & Pop Culture Listory

Matt Parrish

Thirty20Eight #232 - Disneyland's OG Fort Wilderness!

Before there was Fort Wilderness, there was...Fort Wilderness! This week, Matt and Kevin dive into Disneyland's original Fort Wilderness on Tom Sawyer Island. SUPPORT THE SHOW AND WIN! Right now, you can support the show by visiting our friends at privacypros.com/3028, where if you sign up for a free, no obligation consultation, you can win sold out Disneyland Paris merch!

The DIS Unplugged: Universal Edition - A Weekly Discussion About All Things Universal Orlando


#323 - Halloween Horror Nights 31 Speculation Map Discussion

03/18/22 - In this episode, we discuss the Halloween Horror Nights 31 speculation map released by Horror Nights Nightmares!

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planDisney Podcast

Disney Parks

Each day planDisney panelists answer Disney vacation planning questions for guests around the world on planDisney.com. If guests have questions about Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland Resort, Disney Cruise Line, Disney Vacation Club or even Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa, these panelists have the answers. And now the panelists are offering their great tips and advice in a completely new format on the planDisney Podcast, presented by State Farm. Whether you’re a seasoned Disney-goer or a first-visit family dreaming of a Disney Destination, you know there’s always something new to discover. Not sure where to pick up a DOLE Whip or just need a little Disney magic in your day-to-day routine? Then add our podcast to your list of favorites. Each can’t-miss-episode will be jam packed with insider tips to help you make your Disney vacation the trip of a lifetime – filled with magic and memories! Every month a few panelists will join host, influencer, and former panelist Amiyrah Martin, to share their knowledge. Plus, get behind-the-scenes insights from special guests, like from Cast Members and Walt Disney Imagineers.

Beyond Bourbon Street, an Insider's Guide to New Orleans

Mark Bologna

Beyond Bourbon Street is the podcast where we explore the food, music, places, people and events that make New Orleans unique. Whether you are planning a trip, currently living in New Orleans or simply wanting a taste of the Crescent City from wherever you are, you’ve come to the right place!

Kraig Adams

Kraig Adams

Thoughts and updates from filmmaker, hiker and minimalist Kraig Adams

Camping While Awesome

Warren Madsen, Ali Javidan, Lane Skelton

Part of the DWA! (Driving While Awesome family), Camping While Awesome is focused on car camping, vintage utility, and adventures off the beaten path.

No-Guilt Disney Podcast

Patty Holliday, Theresa Mabe, and Jane Mayo

Chris Evans in the Blue Sweater + D23 Expo FAQ for 2022

We may not be talking about Bruno, but we are definitely still talking about Chris Evans and the blue sweater from D23 Expo 2015.  It may or may not be THE reason why Patty keeps going back to D23 Expo every other year. You never know when something magical might happen! Theresa and Patty talk about their experiences and some logistics if you are going or interested in D23 Expo for 2022. There have been some changes already announced but we know there will be more as we get closer.  And we are ALL over this one!  D23 Expo Prep Links: 23 things to know about D23 Expo D23 Expo Tips For a First Timer Disneyland Good Neighbor Hotels For D23 Expo D23 Expo Official Site Find the No-Guilt Disney Team --> No-Guilt Disney on Facebook Contact us by email at noguiltdisneypod@gmail.com or find us on socials: Patty noguiltdisney.com noguiltfangirl.com The No-Guilt Fangirls Podcast noguilttravel@gmail.com  Theresa insightfu

The Traveling Therapist Podcast

Kym Tolson

07. RV Travel; Making It Work When Your Partner Isn't Online with Anne Leggett

Anne Leggett who is a Licensed Professional Counselor with 20 years of experience working with individuals, couples, and families joins us in this episode as she travels throughout the country in her RV, seeing clients while her boyfriend works as a small engine airplane mechanic. Here, Ann describes how to make traveling work for her and her partner so that they can travel together.    To connect with Anne, you can reach her through the links below: Website: https://compasspointetherapy.com/   “I wanted to stay on the road, I wanted to go a different place. I was just kind of thinking how can I do that? And I was lucky enough to have a job that afforded me the opportunity to do it from the road”    Anne shares her journey  The transition from a brick and mortar to an online practice Anne talks about putting her house for sale    Subscribe to the Podcast Apple iTunes | Spotify | Google Podca

Monocle 24: The Urbanist


Tall Stories 311: Mail Rail, London

Sophie Monaghan-Coombs takes a ride on the Mail Rail, which delivered letters beneath the feet of Londoners until the early 2000s.

See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

Deviate with Rolf Potts

Rolf Potts

What travel teaches you about the human body, with Dr. Jonathan Reisman

“Once I started medical school and my scalpel met the cadaver’s skin, I discovered that exploring the body felt quite similar to exploring the outside world.”  –Jonathan Reisman

In this episode of Deviate, Rolf and Jonathan talk about how doctors and travel writers and both be generalists, and how travel puts can put us into a new relationship with our bodies (1:30); what travel to a place like India can teach you about toilet hygiene (7:00); what eating unfamiliar or strange-seeming food on a journey can teach you about the body (15:00); culturally specific ideas about fat, eating fat, and the idea of being fat (21:00); what Americans are getting wrong about health, nutrition, technology, and the human body (31:00); how the pineal gland regulates sleep, and what we know about it (35:00); and how travel helps us understand how our bodies work (42:00).

Dr. Jonathan Reisman (@jonreism

Mountain & Prairie with Ed Roberson

Ed Roberson

Chris Burkard - Seeking Beauty Through Adventure

Chris Burkard is a prolific photographer, filmmaker, and author who is known for diving headfirst into epic adventures, documenting them with his camera, and producing one-of-kind stories that resonate deeply with millions of people around the world. He’s bikepacked across Iceland in winter, scouted cold-water surf breaks in British Columbia, and explored some of the lesser-known corners of the American West—just to name a few. In all his work, Chris combines his abundant positive energy with curiosity and authenticity, which has earned him the admiration of fellow accomplished artists, well-known brands, and nearly four million Instagram followers. - Earlier this week, Chris released his newest book titled "Wayward"– a collection of some of his best and never-before-seen photographs from some of the wildest places on earth. "Wayward" also features extensive written stories that detail his fascinating caree

Badass Digital Nomads

Kristin Wilson

Why I Quit YouTube (and Overcoming Fear)

Kristin speaks on a variety of topics, including why she quit YouTube (and when she’ll be back), the situation in Ukraine, and how to overcome fear and burnout in life.    Episode 152 Special Offers:  20% off Organifi Superfood Blends and Travel Packs ? Pre-Order Digital Nomads for Dummies Join the Digital Nomad Visa Database   Contact Your Elected Officials About Ukraine: Click here to send a message through resistbot. Or text SIGN PVVPUY to 50409 Write to your representatives Write to the White House Contact the EU here Contact the EU president here Contact the UN here   “I’m an American living abroad, will Resistbot work for me? Yes! You can use the bot on Facebook Messenger, on Twitter, or on Telegram (although the option to text a number via SMS does NOT work from an international phone number). When prompted, provide the address where you’re registered to vote / get your absentee ballot from. If you don’t know, use the las

Families Fly Free

Lyn Mettler

How to Get the Best Seat on a Southwest Flight

Southwest doesn't assign seats in advance, so Lyn shares her best strategy for getting the best possible seat on a Southwest flight and explains in detail how the Southwest boarding process works.Want to fast-track your family to flying free the EASY way? Join the Families Fly Free membership where you'll learn our super SIMPLE process that's worked for hundreds of families...FamiliesFlyFree.com/JoinDownload Lyn's FREE list of 7 INSIDER hacks she uses to personally fly her family free...https://familiesflyfree.com/7hacks

Uncanny Japan - Japanese Folklore, Folktales, Myths and Language

Uncanny Productions

Supernatural Cats: Nekomata (Ep. 97)

The nekomata is a mysterious feline with two tails and a penchant for dancing. Uncanny Japan is author Thersa Matsuura. Her other show is The Soothing Stories Podcast. Check out her books including The Carp-Faced Boy on Amazon. If you'd like to help support the podcast and have a bedtime story read to you monthly, please visit Patreon. Buy Me a Coffee (one-time contribution): https://buymeacoffee.com/uncannyjapan Join our Discord server: https://discord.gg/XdMZTzmyUb Twitter: https://twitter.com/UncannyJapan Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/uncannyjapan/ Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/thersamatsuura Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/uncannyjapan/ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmbTSrQe1cxBy522vxAI8Bg Website: https://www.uncannyjapan.com/ Credits Intro music by Julyan Ray Matsuura



Goodbye Parklandia, Hello Ranger!

They say that when one door closes, another one opens. And in our case, we are swinging our RV door open to a new adventure with a new podcast and a whole new way to celebrate the National Parks community we've come to know and love. We're drawing Parklandia to a close and launching Hello Ranger, an independent podcast designed to showcase and celebrate communities within the national parks, and how these places unite us together.

Find us at the Hello Ranger website and on Facebook, and be sure to join our Facebook group community page, because together we are “United by Nature.”

Thank you so much for coming along on our journeys for two seasons! We love you and hope you'll follow us into our next chapter.

Goodbye Parklandia, and Hello Ranger!

Learn more about your ad-choices at https://www.iheartpodcastnetwork.com

See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

The Cabin

Discover Wisconsin

Summer Events in Oshkosh You Need to Check Out

This bonus episode of The Cabin is presented by the Oshkosh Convention & Visitors Bureau; https://www.visitoshkosh.com/Campfire Conversation: Wisconsin’s ‘Event City’ is about to be in full swing for the summer season! Oshkosh is chock-full of events to not miss this year and we sat down with a local photographer and radio reporter to talk about some of the events that shape Oshkosh in the summertime. We talk about events like: EAA, Waterfest, Battle on Bago, Lifest, the Waupaca Boatride Volleyball Tournament, Jazzfest, and of course, Miss Wisconsin 2022!But it’s not *just* about the events in Oshkosh – we also go over a ton of things you can do in Oshkosh in the summertime at any given day or night! Plus, we wrap up with a conversation with Amy Albright from Visit Oshkosh to discuss her favorite thing about Oshkosh in the summertime. 

Holidays to Switzerland Travel Podcast

Carolyn Schonafinger

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

HUB History - Our Favorite Stories from Boston History

HUB History

Bonus: Origins of Slavery

Today's super depressing Black History Month bonus episode explores how Massachusetts became the first American colony to legalize slavery, and why slavery was legally practiced longer in Boston than in Texas or Mississippi. The Boston slave trade began when a ship arrived in the harbor in the summer of 1638 carrying a cargo of enslaved Africans, but there was already a history of slave ownership in the new colony. After this early experience, Massachusetts would continue to be a slave owning colony for almost 150 years. In this week’s episode, we discuss the origins of African slavery in Massachusetts and compare the experience of enslaved Africans to other forms of unfree labor in Boston, such as enslaved Native Americans, Scottish prisoners of war, and indentured servants.

Original show notes: http://www.hubhistory.com/episodes/original-sin-the-roots-of-slavery-in-boston-ep74/



vol.318 零基础《唐顿庄园》入门


The Trip That Changed Me

Full-Time Travel, Podcast Nation

Walking the Length of Africa with Mario Rigby: near-death experiences, walkabouts as a rite of passage, and becoming a modern explorer

Today’s guest is Mario Rigby, an eco-explorer from Turks & Caicos who became famous in adventure-travel circles for walking the entire length of Africa, from Cape Town to Cairo. A goal-oriented mindset and ability to push his physical limits have always motivated Mario, who competed for the Turks & Caicos national track and field team in his youth. He was 30 years old and working for himself as a fitness coach in Toronto, Canada before the adventure itch sent him on a life-changing two-year journey through Africa, which he undertook solo and entirely on foot.
In this episode, Mario shares experiences from his epic journey, from life-affirming encounters with locals and wildlife to near-death experiences, and the mental and physical fortitude it took to complete his mission. Plus, navigating sudden fame as the news of his trip spread ac

Extra Pack of Peanuts Travel Podcast

Travis Sherry

S3E4: The 14 Lifestyle Freedom Hotspots We Want to Visit

"So, if you could live anywhere in the world for 2 months, where would it be?"  That's the question we set out to answer in this episode - and while there are a lot of awesome digital nomad hotspots, our list for this phase of our lives looks mighty different than it would have 5 years ago.  

California Now Podcast

Visit California

How to Hack Orange County

On this episode of the California Now Podcast, host Soterios Johnson discovers new and unexpected ways to experience Orange County with three longtime locals. First, Johnson speaks with Gisele Anderson of Capt. Dave's Dana Point Dolphin & Whale Watching Safari. Anderson shares some of her most memorable whale-watching moments as well as insider tips for making the most of your tour experience. The Dana Point local also highlights where she steers friends visiting from out of town, including her favorite beachside hotels, go-to restaurants, and scenic hikes. Next, Johnson talks to Kurt Bjorkman, general manager of The Ranch at Laguna Beach, a resort nestled in the Aliso and Wood Canyons. Bjorkman discusses the picturesque property’s unique amenities, ocean view, and impressive list of sustainable initiatives. The outdoorsman also shares Laguna’s best spots for mountain biking, kayaking, and where to carve your very own surfboard. Finally, the host co

The Wayward Home Podcast

Kristin Hanes

Do you dream of exploring national parks in a campervan or an RV, or living on a sailboat in remote tropical coves? Do you want to ditch your mortgage and 9-5 day job for van life and don't know where to start? You're in the right place! Explore nomadic living with Kristin Hanes, who lives in both a campervan and on a sailboat. Learn how to work remotely, downsize and transition your lifestyle to full-time travel, whether you want to live the van life, boat life, or even both! Tips, tricks, product recommendations and stories from the road and on the water.

Mexico Unexplained

Mexico Unexplained

Apache Wars with Mexico

For centuries the Apache beat back colonization.

DCL Podcast

Steve Kriese

290 Solving a passport issue, and what Christy and Steve have planned for Greece

Join us for a quick episode as we recap how we solved Wake’s last minute passport problem, just in time before we travel to Europe. Then we discuss what each of our family’s has planned during our port stops on this 9 night cruise through the Greek Isles. Enjoy everyone. Connect with Steve, Christy, and … Continue reading "290 Solving a passport issue, and what Christy and Steve have planned for Greece"

Retro Disney World Podcast


73 - New Years Eve: Music to Your Ears

Let us take you back to the New Years Eve of old as we run through all the events of the past and their included musical numbers! Nearly 50 clips of the hottest-bands at the time, and some wash-ups as well!

Travel Tales by AFAR

AFAR Media

Introducing: Unpacked by AFAR

Have you ever been traveling and encountered a situation where you felt a little . . . uncomfortable? Yeah, us too. Each week on Unpacked by AFAR, we'll unpack a single, ethically complex question. Say, “How can I travel with a lighter footprint?” or “How can I engage with animals in an ethical way while on the road?” Through a mix of first-person stories and interviews with experts in the field, Unpacked will explore not just answers to those questions, but new ways to engage with the places we visit and the people we meet. Because the world is complicated. Being an ethical traveler doesn't have to be. The unpacking begins June 16th. Subscribe today: https://afar.com/unpacked

The Disney Dining Show


#187 - Fiasco's Final Reviews

06/20/22 - In this episode, we present Fiasco's final dining reviews as part of the DIS team, including a Chicken Tender Hoagie at Magic Kingdom, dinner at Wine Bar George, Pepe at Disney Springs, kabobs in EPCOT, and the Citricos Sommelier Room.

Important DIS links for more information!

The Plodcast

Immediate Media

151. Enjoy a marvellous adventure foraging and fishing in the far north of Scotland

The Plodcast team head to Assynt in Sutherland in the far north of Scotland to fish for brown trout on remote lochs and forage for edible treats on wild beaches. To a backdrop of cuckoos and black-throated divers, Plodcast host Fergus Collins tries his hand at flyfishing and, with friends, enjoys a feast of wild trout before a few less palatable food samples from the nearby coast.Back in the studio, the Plodcast team sample a Scottish legendary food – and we hear a wonderful Sound of the Week. Image from Gavin Meredith See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

Double Your WDW: The Disney World Planning Podcast

Julie Elster, a Disney World obsessed mom

Ways to Save as Disney Prices Increase

On this episode we talk about where prices have been going up at Disney World. We also share our own personal ways to save cash at the parks. These are tips that we personally use each and every trip to the parks.This episode was made possible by sponsorship from Siera Duiser with Destinations in Florida Travel. She is the only travel agent I work with for my Disney World Vacations. Get your FREE no obligation Disney World vacation quote today!ResourcesArticles on saving money at Disney World can be found here.Have my travel agent get you a quote for your trip hereNever miss an episodeSubscribe on iTunesJoin Julie's newsletterHelp the show. Leave an honest review on iTunes. Your ratings & reviews help, and I read each one because I love your input!Subscribe on iTunesWhat's Julie up to?Follow on InstagramFollow on YouTubeLike on FacebookLet's connectDo you have tips you want to share with other listeners?Do you want to be a guest and sha



EP107 住進斐濟人家中,12月艷陽下的海島風聖誕節! ft. Refugee 101 Taiwan 胡鈞媛


曾經接受旅行熱炒店訪問的 Refugee 101 Taiwan 創辦人鈞媛,在難民議題之外,其實是個經驗豐富的背包好手!早在大學時期,就規劃了踏遍五大洲的海外工作計畫;也就是懷抱著這樣的雄心壯志,她轉了好幾趟飛機,來到了12月的斐濟。



封面圖片來源 Queens Rd, Coral Coast, Fiji by Maksym Kozlenko, CC BY 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

?️ 來賓簡介:

胡鈞媛,10歲的夢想是揹著畫架環遊世界,目前走過60個國家,不過帶上的不是畫架,而是一顆探究當地議題的好奇心。自2015年起認識敘利亞難民後投入難民議題,在約旦巴勒斯坦難民營擔任志工、到黎巴嫩貝卡谷地實地走訪、在英國攻讀教育和國際發展碩士,研究約旦難民高等教育議題,去年底返台後成立Refugee 101 Taiwan,讓更多臺灣人認識難民議題。

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/104676894801001
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/refugee_101_taiwan

✅ 本集重點:

Adventure Rider Radio RAW Motorcycle Roundtable Talks

Canoe West Media

72: Sam's Secret is Out of the Bag and Things a Houseguest Should Never Do

On this episode of RAW Sam Manicom finally shares a secret that he’s been keeping for quite some time, we talk about the possibilities of planning a trip in the near future and things not to do when you’re someone’s houseguest. Join Jim and his co-hosts Shirley Hardy-Rix, Brian Rix, Sam Manicom, Michelle Lamphere and Grant Johnson for some great tips and laughs. Follow Adventure Rider Radio: Facebook: AdventureRiderRadio Instagram: @adventureriderradio Twitter: @ADVRiderRadio For more on this episode see the show notes at Adventure Rider Radio.

طنز موزیکال کشورگرافی

زندگی یه سفر کوتاهه | جدی گرفتی نیا تو !!

یونان | فلسفی

در این اپیزود با کشورگرافی همراه میشید به مهد فلسفه و هنر و تمدن دنیای باستان، به یونان فلسفی
با ما در جلسه محاکمه سقراط حاضر شید و از عشق به آفرودیت دختر زئوس بشنوید

Miles Away

The Points Guy

Miles Away: Season 1 Finale

It's here — the final episode of Season 1 of our travel-themed podcast, Miles Away! To close out, we take you on a journey all around the world, as we share some highlights from the first year. Hear from professional travelers as they detail destinations from French Polynesia to Cape Town, and everywhere in between. And, please subscribe and stay tuned for much more to come — Season 2 will be here before you know it! See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

Mousetalgia Fastpass - Weekly Disneyland News

Mousetalgia LLC

Ep. 37: DCA is 21, Black History Month

Episode 37 - February 11th, 2022   Happy 21st Birthday Disney California Adventure! The Disneyland Resort celebrates Black History Month, there’s a new iced coffee at Rancho Del Zocalo, Another golden spirit jersey is available, Disney quarterly earnings call went much better than anyone expected, Holy Rancor! Josh holds back the spoilers with he finale of Boba Fett, The Academy Awards nominations honor Disney films, Sam gives us 2 weeks worth of memories & recaps from his Walt Disney World trip, and we chat with Jeff Baham of Mousetalgia.  

When in Spain

Paul Burge

From tapas to trains, conquests to quesos, Franco to fiestas & bidets to bulerías - the When in Spain podcast takes you on a weekly audio journey through Spanish lifestyle, culture, history, food, people & places. Along the way we're joined by special guests - authors, comedians, guides, dancers, bloggers, activists, photographers, business owners and everyday people who call Spain home. When in Spain also offers tonnes of practical advice and insights for anyone planning to live and work in Spain. There's always something fascinating to learn about one of the world's most visited countries - España. ¡Vamos!

解鎖地球 Unlock the Earth

旅行 | 歷史 | 文化

Ep.111 成長在天堂的原型:模里西斯我的家 | 印度、華人、克里奧、歐裔大混雜的印度洋小島 ft. Cindy

不要偷查,然後大聲告訴我:模里西斯在哪裡?如果可以明確地在地圖上指出它的位置,那你真的可以自稱是地理小老師了。模里西斯乍看之下在東南非的外海,比起馬達加斯加更遠一些,但由於種種複雜的歷史脈絡,它的文化反而跟隔著印度洋、幾千公里之外印度比較相近。 種族多元複雜的模里西斯,對單純去旅行的觀光客來說,根本不可能在短時間內理解,但就這麼巧,這集我們找來了台灣、模里西斯混血,在兩個國家都各有一半成長經歷的 Cindy,來節目上現身說法。不但講講模里西斯的前世今生,更聊聊在模里西斯生活是什麼樣的概念! 模里西斯為什麼會有七成的印度人口?點擊收聽,聽 Cindy 介紹她的家模里西斯! - 更多 Cindy: Facebook 粉專 https://www.facebook.com/cindymauritius 愛玩客介紹: 第一集 https://youtu.be/AUdhTk4ZB-0 第二集 https://youtu.be/KAH-1QIuDZI 第三集 https://youtu.be/SBb6bQZf1-M - 《 NPO 宣傳計畫 》 舊鞋救命志工參與:https://bit.ly/3N1og0k 支持募資計畫:https://bit.ly/3bcZAV6 - → 喜歡解鎖地球嗎? 一鍵支持,讓我們繼續產出優質節目:https://pay.firstory.me/user/unlocktheearth → 留言告訴我你對這一集的想法: https://open.firstory.me/user/cjzryn64q34i607580oyblh1u/comments → Cover photo credit: 模里西斯我的家 Cindy Powered by Firstory Hosting

Traveling Robert

Living the RV Dream

Living the RV Dream Episode 227: The Call in Show

Disneyland With Kids Podcast

Becca Robins, Jessica Sanders, Julie Bigboy, Leslie Harvey

Disneyland Date Night

Love is in the air. Time to ditch the kids and head out for a date night at Disneyland. In this episode of Disneyland with Kids we are giving our favorite date night ideas for you and your partner, but also giving you tips on how to score that kid-free time at the parks. Disneyland Date Night Ideas and Tips Yes, people go to Disneyland without Kids... and sometimes as parents, we forget how fun and romantic the Disneyland Resort can be. In honor of the month of love, we are sharing tips and ideas for a Disneyland Date Night. So grab your partner and listen to this episode together and dream of date nights to start planning. In This Episode - Disneyland Date Nights If you are wanting a date night at Disneyland, first thing we suggest is looking into Nanny-Land. Nanny-Land specializes in Disney vacations (on both coasts) and helping parents either in the parks or at the hotel. Use crown code DISNEYKIDS for an extra discount on your service.

Savannah, Georgia: Anything But Ordinary


The Historic Savannah Theatre | Savannah, Georgia: Anything But Ordinary S2E3

The Savannah Theatre, overlooking Chippewa Square in Savannah, Georgia, is America's oldest continuously-operating theatre on its original site. For over 200 years, the Savannah Theatre has been arguably one of Savannah's most iconic live entertainment venues, with past performers including Oscar Wilde and W.C. Fields as well as American Idol winners and Broadway stars. Built in 1818, the Savannah Theatre has survived several fires, economic depression and other challenges. In this episode, we learn from Matt and Michelle Meece, a husband and wife duo who purchased the theatre with their business partners nearly two decades ago, about their experiences renovating the theatre with their own hands and using their talent to bring exciting live performances back to the historic stage. Thanks to their vision and hard work, today the Savannah Theatre hosts a dynamic year-round repertoire of variety shows

Luxury Travel Insider

Sarah Groen

Auberge Resorts & Hotels | CEO Craig Reid: Creating Memories Through Hospitality

Today we’re diving into the world of Auberge Resorts with CEO Craig Reid. Whether you are skiing in Aspen, horseback riding in Costa Rica, or harvesting mushrooms with the chef before dinner - Auberge delivers an experience based kind of luxury that’s hard to find anywhere else. Craig had a long career at some of the most storied brands in luxury travel. In talking to him, you can sense that coming to Auberge was like coming home to what he feels is the heart of hospitality - simple every day pleasures, luxury in the form of thoughtful gestures, and cultivating meaningful experiences for guests.   Craig and I chat about off the beaten path destinations, historical landmarks, Bob Hope, and much more!  Learn more at www.luxtravelinsider.com   Connect with me on Social: Instagram LinkedIn  

Essential Cruise Tips

Gary Bembridge

7 Worst Cruise Advice Cruisers Are Given All The Time (podcast)

l look at the 7 worst pieces of cruise advice that I hear, or see, being given to cruise passengers all the time – and what I you should do instead, and why.

The Outdoor Evolution Podcast

Outdoor Evolution Media

22: Giving Back Globally

In this episode, Darwin is joined by Travis Avery from Sawyer Products to chat about giving back on a global scale & what Sawyer is doing to save lives all around the world. Can someone like a Thru-Hiker or Bikepacker actually make a difference by doing something as simple as buying a piece of gear? Can other companies in the outdoor industry really change the world? Darwin also shares how his upcoming trip to Fiji & the film he's shooting there will contribute to giving back globally. To get early access to episodes, bonus media, and exclusive merch,  join The Outdoor Evolution by supporting us on Patreon.Go to www.theoutdoorevolution.com to keep up to date with all of our new articles, courses, products, and more.Follow us on Instagram @the_outdoor_evolutionEmail us at theoutdoorevolution@gmail.comCheck Out Sawyer's Website - Sawyer.comFollow Sawyer on Instagram @sawyerproducts

The All Things Overlanding Podcast

Jason Fletcher

Overlanding and Camp Kitchen - Electric or Propane? (REDARC, Dual Battery, 5 lb Propane Tank)

The longer I've done Overlanding trips, the more I'm wondering about whether gas or electric makes more sense for my set up. In this week's vlog/podcast, I'm going to talk through the pros and cons of both and which setups each works better with. 
There isn't an absolute "best" of the two, in my opinion, but each has its uses depending on your overall rig set up. So, check it out and post up in the comments with your thoughts!
Here are links to some of the things I use or mentioned in the video:
Electric items-
Kickass 12V Electric Oven:  https://bit.ly/ATOVEN
ICECO JP50 Fridge/Freezer (reasonably priced and great quality):  https://amzn.to/31Y1CEg
50Qt. Alpicool Fridge (budget fridge):  https://amzn.to/32SBV2H
Okmo 1000WH Portable Generator:  https://amzn.to/38sICh3
Okmo portable solar panels:  https://

Information on Cruising the Great Loop


Exciting interviews and information on cruising the Great Loop!

Rick Steves Britain & Ireland Audio Tours

Rick Steves

Ireland: Dublin City Walk 1 — South Bank

Part one of this walking tour covers the south end of Dublin's historic center, taking you past venerable Trinity College, historic Dublin Castle, atmospheric Temple Bar, popular Grafton Street (with plenty of characteristic pubs along the way), and more. Don't forget to download the PDF companion map at https://www.ricksteves.com/audiotours.

Sailing Doodles Podcast

Sailing Doodles

Made it to the Bahamas! Live cast

Steph , Megane and I sit down and talk about our travels so far to the Bahamas!

Hashtag Colorado Life

Ryan Nicholson and Carrie Smith Nicholson

The #ColoradoLife travel podcast is for natives and newcomers who want to explore this beautiful state like a local. Ryan, born and raised in CO, and Carrie, a Texas transplant, are a husband and wife team who have fun in the Centennial State! Together, they’ve lived in all three major cities along the Rocky Mountains -- from Denver to Boulder, they now reside in The Springs. Their goal with the Hashtag Colorado Life podcast is to inspire you to get outside, connect with local business owners, discover local food, and enjoy accessible adventures. You’ll discover the best destinations, things to do, places to eat, and all around living for this great square state, as told from the perspective of both a local and a newbie. Whether you're just visiting, or a long-time resident, you can create an amazing bucket list of what to do and where to go in Colorado.

Keep Your Daydream

Marc & Tricia Leach

Getting to know Marc & Trish: Questions from the Community

Eddie Hickinbotham has been a long-time KYD Insider https://patreon.com/keepyourdaydream. He created a list of 75 questions that he wanted to know and other KYD Insiders up-voted them to the top 10.  This is a long-format podcast - more of a conversation. We share how KYD came about, what we did prior to KYD and where we're going.  We hope you have a long drive day and we'll keep you company for almost two hours!  -M&T

Scottish Blethers

Liz Lister & Helen Houston

In Scotland, when friends get together they blether. When those friends happen to be Scottish Blue Badge Tourist Guides you can be sure that the country they are so passionate about will be right at the heart of their discussions. Contemporary and historical; culinary and cultural; reminiscence and anecdote - from accommodation to zoos, the chat will range across the entire alphabet of topics and issues that are live and happening in Scotland right now. We hope that you’ll join us - there’s nothing to beat a right good blether!

Explore Yellowstone Like a Local!

Teddy Garland

Driving tour of the Grand Tetons in 2022!. Stop at Jackson Lake Lodge, then find the most famous grizzly bear in the world. Then hike along the shores of Jenny Lake and where to hike right into the peaks of the Tetons. Then we find find Bullwinkle!

This podcast covers the section of road from the South Gate of Yellowstone Park all the way down to Jackson Hole. We will drive down the far side of the Yellowstone Volcano then have a drink at Jackson Lake Lodge at a world famous table. We then take a picture from the best spot in the park of Mount Moran and the Tetons and the find the most famous Grizzly Bear in the world with her 4 cubs. Then hike right at the base of the Tetons along the shores of the gorgeous String and Leigh Lakes and then take the ferry boat across the most beautiful lake in the world, Jenny Lake. Then we will hike right into the teeth of the Grand Tetons and hear a great story about Lake Solitude and how it plays an important part of my families history in

The Cerca Guide to London


Welcome to Cerca! We’re putting the world's best travel guide on your phone. Download the free Cerca App now. --- An immersive audio guide to the world's capital city - London! All the essentials to help you understand and start exploring the Big Smoke - the city and its food, its history, culture, people and personality. Plus where to go with your kids… or without them.   And there's even more in the Cerca app - bonus content, maps, and info on the points of interest mentioned in our episodes. Listen, become inspired, and plan all without worrying about having to hit pause and take notes - because the info you need is waiting for you in the Cerca App.   Whether you're planning a trip to London in the near future, are already there, or just want to learn about a place we love, you're in the right place. This is what we do. Let's go to London! ~This Cerca Guide was written and voiced by Jennifer Carr

Life in Norway Show

David Nikel

63: US Embassy in Oslo, Norway

Life in Norway Show Episode 63: The acting head of the U.S. Embassy in Norway joins the show to talk about her role and the relations between the two countries. Sharon Hudson-Dean is Chargé d’Affaires at the U.S. Embassy in Oslo, Norway. Sharon took a few minutes out of her very busy schedule when visiting Trondheim recently to become the fourth Ambassador to come on the show.

CoasterRadio.com: The Original Theme Park Podcast


CoasterRadio.com #1616 - Your Questions Answered

We kick off this week's show with one of the first reviews of Iron Gwazi at Busch Gardens Tampa. Dan the T-Shirt Guy called in minutes after his first ride on the new RMC. Then, we answer our listener questions about theme parks, thrill rides, pop culture and MORE!

My Camino - the podcast

Dan Mullins

Ines Jewell walked an abuelita Camino with her 'pint-sized pilgrim'. You will love this story across generations!!

Ines Jewell has walked the Camino since an extraordinary first Camino in 1999, which changed her life forever. Twenty years later she returned with her seven-year-old grandson Lucas. This is a magic story encompassing the love of a grandmother with her love of adventure, and a desire to impart that wanderlust in her young grandson.

The Adventure Podcast

Terra Incognita

Episode 093: Henry Gold, Gold Rush

Episode 093 of The Adventure Podcast features the founder of TDA Global Cycling, Henry Gold. The son of a Holocaust survivor, Henry was born in Czechoslovakia and moved to Canada at 16 years old . After years spent managing an international NGO that delivered humanitarian assistance to disadvantaged communities in Ethiopia and Sudan, he set up Tour d’Afrique (a Cairo to Cape Town cycle expedition) at 50 years of age. Tune into this riveting episode for stories of empathy, immigration, identity, civil disobedience and so much more.Support this show http://supporter.acast.com/the-adventure-podcast. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

Home of the Brave

Scott Carrier

Home of the Brave: new and old stories from "This American Life" contributor Scott Carrier.

MtM Vegas - Source for Las Vegas

Miles to Memories | Shawn Coomer and Mark Ostermann

Flamingo Sale Rumor, Possible New Towers for Resorts World & Caesars & Where Casinos Win the Most!

Episode Description As a reminder you can watch this show as well at: http://www.YouTube.com/milestomemories The NFL Pro Bowl and NHL All Star game were in #Vegas and we'll recap what happened plus discuss crazy flyovers, events around town and even bottle service NFL style. Who doesn't love to see a stealth bomber fly right over head? In other #news rumors are swirling about a possible sale of Flamingo. Caesars Entertainment has said they will sell a property. Is the historic Flamingo going to be it? In other rumor news Resorts World is apparently going to start construction soon on a new luxury hotel tower and Caesars Palace is possibly looking at adding another tower as well. This week a lucky gambler learned he had won $229K at Treasure Island in January but never knew because of a machine malfunction. The Gaming Control Board came to the rescue. We also dive into t

Tiny House Lifestyle Podcast

Ethan Waldman

Composite Structural Insulated Panels are a Light Weight Game Changer

Today is one of those rare occasions where I get to introduce you to new building technology. My guest, Harrison Langley, is the founder of the company Boxvana, a composite SIP manufacturer and modular builder. Their LitePan material is up to 4 times lighter than a conventional wood SIP. That weight, along with the thermal properties, makes this incredible new technology an amazing application for tiny homes on wheels.Full show notes and images at thetinyhouse.net/208In This Episode:A super light, ultra-strong, mega panelHow CSIPs make the build go fastWhat do they cost?Why other industries are using Boxvana’s CSIPsWeight, cost, and time to buildThis Week's Sponsor: Tiny TuesdaysDid you know that I personally send a tiny house newsletter every week on Tuesdays? It's called Tiny Tuesdays and it's a weekly email with tiny house news, interviews, photos, and resources. It's free to subscri

Kimberly's Italy

Kimberly Holcombe

Welcome to Kimberly's Italy, a travel podcast focused on all things Italian. My love affair with Italy started with a move to Milan many years ago, and the enriching experience became part of my DNA. Our episodes highlight some of our own travels and the comical lessons we learned along the way. You can be the beneficiary of invaluable travel tips, and at the same time enjoy a few laughs. We share our passion of the Italian cuisine, history, art, architecture, and the welcoming nature of the Italian people, whom define this incredible country.

Sound Escapes


Our Solar-Powered Jukebox

In the season finale of Sound Escapes, acoustic ecologist Gordon Hempton takes us on a whirlwind tour of nearly every habitat on the planet. From tropical forests to deserts to wetlands, you'll hear what the Earth truly is: music spinning in an otherwise silent space. Thank you for joining us on this sonic journey. We hope each episode brought you a sense of peace during these troubled times, and that you have tapped into your natural ability to listen deeply.And now, let’s listen to the music of the Earth. Connect with BirdNote on Facebook, Instagram and TwitterSign up to receive BirdNote's weekly newsletterBirdNote is an independent nonprofit media production company. Your dollars make it possible to create sound-rich shows that connect you to the joys of birds and nature. Support BirdNote’s conservation mission, and get more of the content you love, by subscribing to BirdNote+ at https://birdnote.supercast.tech or make a one-time gift at BirdNote

StressLess Camping podcast

Tony Barthel, Peggy Barthel

The Principles of Leave No Trace plus an eco-friendly Airstream concept

This week on the StressLess Camping podcast we speak with Lauren from  Leave No Trace about how we RVers can use their seven tips to be better stewards of the places we love.   We also talk about the new Airstream eStream concept, a zero-emissions self-powered travel trailer. Our gadget of the week will help you boondock longer and we've had some fun answers to our weekly poll. The StressLess Camping RV podcast is a great resource for anyone wanting to make the most of the RV adventure and RV lifestyle.   Notes and links can be found on this episode's home page here: https://www.stresslesscamping.com/podcast/137

The Expat Files: Living in Latin America

Progressive Radio Network

The Expat Files - 04.08.22

#1- Latin American countries and how they are handling inflation: 
#2- Getting the hell out of Dodge- a completely different perspective:
#3- Russians and Ukrainians in Latin America:
What do you think happens when they run into each other at the same vacation resort or tourist destination?    
#4- Stem Cell clinic update: 
#5- A stock broker’s “Plan B” advice:
Secrets dispensed from a disgusted broker who ditched the US and is now living in in Mexico.
#6- Do you want to get into the exploding Crypto-currency world but don’t feel quite confident enough to dive in?
Our own Captain Mango has developed a unique one-on-one Crypto consulting and training service (he’s been deep into crypto since 2013). To get started, email him at:
#7- Be sure to pick up my newly updated, "LATIN AMERICAN HEALTHCARE REPORT":
The new edition for 2022 (and beyond) is available now

The Aloha 360

John & Leslie Caubble | Maui residents, podcasters, pilots, small business

Visiting Maui's National Park and State Park + Reef Safe Sunscreen

Everyone wants to protect the delicate marine ecosystem we have here. Part of that effort to protect our reefs and marine life includes using reef safe sunscreen. On this episode we’ll share some of the local products you can purchase and details about the regulation effective in October 2022. Also on this episode: planning your trip and making reservations at Haleakala National Park and Waianapanapa State Park.   Resources http://thealoha360.com/ https://www.flymauihi.com/ https://ther2h.com/ https://ultimateairmaui.com/   Here’s the link to our new coffee roasting business, PNW Coffee Roasters! https://www.pnwcoffeeroasters.com/     Check out our new 2BR/2BA Kihei Condo for rent on Airbnb! https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/51586659?guests=1&adults=1&s=67&unique_share_id=f2e3f3ca-4ec4-4382-a460-b437d955da7a     Rent our Jeeps on Turo: https://turo.com/us/en/suv-rental/united-states/kahului-hi/jeep/wrangler-unli

Disney World is Awesome

The DWA Dads

You wish you were at Disney World and so do we. Three dads talking about the things we like, the things we like more, and the things we like even more at Walt Disney World. +++ Thanks for listening! We'll see you on Instagram: @disney.world.is.awesomeA Walt Disney World Podcast for Disney fans. Talking all things Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Epcot and Animal Kingdom.

The Naturist Living Show

Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park

A podcast about naturism for naturists (nudism and nudists to some people) While we obviously cover issues related to nudity, naturism is about much more than being naked so we cover topics related to self-esteem, body-image, body-acceptance, and living in a more natural way. The podcast is produced by Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park in Ontario, Canada.

Fodor's Travel's Podcast

Fodor's Travel

Section Hiking the Appalachian Trail

Jon Eskelsen

Hey, I'm a guy who can't get away for 6 months to a year to do a thru hike on a long trail. But I do have time to take a week here or there to do a section hike. So I'm going to section hike the Appalachian Trail. Let's talk about what it takes to plan a great hike, then go out and hit the trail. We are sponsored by the Committee to Restore America's National Parks, a campaign aimed at fixing the $11.9Billion backlog under our National Park System. You can check them out at https://restoreamericasnationalparks.org.

Rick Steves Athens Audio Tours

Rick Steves

Athens City Walk

Get oriented to the sprawling city by walking from Syntagma Square through the pedestrian-friendly Plaka. See candelit churches, ancient ruins, and Acropolis views, while hobnobbing with Athenians today. Allow at least two hours for this walk. Don't forget to download the PDF companion map at https://www.ricksteves.com/audiotours.

ADV Podcasts

ADV Podcasts

Unexpected Protests Erupt in China - This is Insane! - Episode #113

Support the channel, and get healthy NOW - Try Athletic Greens and get a FREE 1 year supply of Vitamin D and 5 Free travel packs with your first purchase! Go to http://athleticgreens.com/ADV Henan banks stopped allowing people to take out money, and the authorities are using the Zero Covid policy QR codes to arrest and remove people. Laowhy86 Video - Is China About to Collapse? - The Real Truth https://youtu.be/xYI0YkR-RH4SerpentZA video - How China is Stealing Your Money Behind your Back - https://youtu.be/-3dtN6OJyt4China Fact Chasers - Please subscribe! https://www.youtube.com/c/ChinaFactChasersSupport the show here - https://www.patreon.com/advpodcastsSupport us and the channel on Paypal!http://paypal.me/advchinaOur personal Patreon accountsSerpentZA: http://www.patreon.com/serpentzaC-Milk: http://www.patreon.com/laowhy86ADVChina Subreddit -https://reddit.com/r/ADVChinaLiving in China for so long, we wou

Greece Travel Secrets Podcast


Hotels in Greece with Chrys Roboras

Small family-run hotels in Greece are famous the world over for their amazing breakfasts, great amenities, extra services and most of all their deep love of 'filotimo' a much-loved Greek virtue that closely translates to 'doing the right thing'.

These hotels are not like most others in the world and choosing not to stay at them may mean you are missing a vital element of the Greek experience.

In this episode, I talk to Hotelier Chrys Roboras of the Paliomylos Spa Hotel in Naoussa on the wonderful island of Paros about what makes these hotels so special.


Read the entire article I reference in this episode here:



Read more about Paliomylos, Naoussa and Paros in these articles:



RV Small Talk Podcast

RV Small Talk

Indoor Glamping for Treasure Hunters!

When funky fun and quirky crowds collide, sometimes we get a glimpse of heaven! Such is the case with Lone Star Camp Inn! Located in Round Top, Texas, a treasure hunter's paradise, this little inn is unique and chock full of character. Here's the scene, you want a memorable trip to one of the premiere rummage and trade destinations in the U.S. and you need a place to stay that will be just as memorable as the random gems and nick-nacks you find. Well, stay in a vintage trailer that's all dolled-up and perfect! Or, stay in a luxury tent, also set up for comfort and ease. Best yet, they're in an air-conditioned, indoor space! (That's perfect for Texas, y'all.) Sterling and Kaci VanCoutren, visionaries and owners of Lone Star Glamp Inn, sit down to talk about their little piece of glamping heaven, situated in the heart of a treasure hunter's paradise!


National Parks Traveler Podcast

Kurt Repanshek

National Parks Traveler: America's Bison

Should Yellowstone National Park have more bison, should it have less?  Just recently the park embarked on an environmental impact statement to examine that question. Dr. James Derr, a professor of veterinary genetics at Texas A&M University who has spent more than a quarter century directing worldwide research projects in wildlife and livestock conservation genetics, discusses bison in Yellowstone and elsewhere on public lands.

My DVC Points Podcast

Chad Pennycuff

December 2021 DVC Market Recap Report

Disney held steady with ROFR in December. They bought back 40+ contracts in the month. December's buyback rake was consistent with the 2021 average. Prices held steady. Previously, Chad predicted the market to shift slightly toward buyers; however, the rate of sellers and buyers stayed even. Prices remained high with very few resorts showing any […]

Vacation Mavens

Kimberly Tate and Tamara Gruber

207: Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks

Family travel adventurer Karilyn Owen, from NoBackHome.com, shares her love of Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks in California. Find out why you should look beyond Yosemite to these lesser visited National Parks. Tamara also shares a some new attractions in New York City that you should check out if you are planning a visit soon. About Karilyn Owen Karilyn, the founder of the popular family travel blog No Back Home, is a writer, photographer and influencer sharing her family’s adventures at home in Southern California and around the world to inspire other families to get out and explore, even if it’s just in their own city. Karilyn and her nature-obsessed 11 year old focus on hiking, backpacking, camping, hands-on learning and seeking out the world’s beauty wherever they find themselves. Karilyn has traveled to 50 countries on her own and to 35 with her son. Follow Karilyn on Instagram. Read Karilyn's blog posts

My Solo Road


How Did This Happen? Ft. My Best Friend

Meet my best friend, Teagan! We met in college and fell in best friendship love pretty quickly. We’ve helped each other through our hardest times and celebrated each other wins. But she works for a home loan company in Indiana with a house, fence and fiance. We’re polar opposite people but somehow find our way enjoying every minute of our time together. Listen to our story and get to know one of my favorite people.

Out Travel The System


Nissy's New Year Travel Trends and Top Destinations

Welcome to 2022 - we couldn't let it go by without a little something from our team at Out Travel the System, even as we continue planning Season Four!

On this mini-episode, we're hoping to help you set your travel intentions for the year by giving you the inside scoop on 2022's hottest destinations. Host Nisreene Atassi also details what the Expedia search data is showing in terms of trends for the 12 months ahead, including slower, more immersive travel, travel as a key priority of self-care, and yes, even a bit of thrill-seeking too.

Supply and demand is always in effect for travel, so use our insider knowledge and best travel hacks to make sure you have the jump on keeping your travel budget right where you want it. As we've said all along, travel when it's the right time for you.

Here's to all of your travel dreams coming true in 2022!

2022 Hot Destinations

Educate Your Travel

Jordan Carns

#30 A Week in Hawaii

Four days on the Big Island of Hawaii and three days on Kauai are just enough to begin exploring the beauty of this crazy state! Jungles, volcanoes, waterfalls, and more, make you feel as though you’re in a different country, however, you’re still constantly reminded of the comforts that being in the US allow!

The Sweep Spot - Former Disneyland Cast Members Talking Disneyland

Lynn Barron and Ken Pellman

The Sweep Spot # 336 - Disneyland Custodial with Wendy James

We welcome Wendy James, who worked in Sweeping an Disneyland Park in the early 1990s, then returned to sweep in Disney California Adventure in the early 2000s. Plus, we catch up on the latest at the Disneyland Resort, as always, with our Patreon supporters joining our live chat.We have authored two books: Cleaning The Kingdom: Insider Tales of Keeping Walt’s Dream Spotless and Cleaning The Kingdom: Night, Day, Past and Present.   The Sweep Spot is a podcast with full episodes every two weeks, focusing on the Disneyland Resort. Lynn Barron and Ken Pellman, former Disneyland Day Custodial Foremen are your hosts.For more information and to order books, visit our official website:  http://www.TheSweepSpot.com 

Colombia Calling - The English Voice in Colombia

Richard McColl

Colombia Calling is your first stop for everything you ever wanted to know about Colombia. Interviewing experts in the travel industry, dealing with security issues and explaining the cultural nuances of this newly fashionable destination, Colombia Calling is hosted by Anglo Canadian expat Richard McColl.

See America

RV Miles Network

The Last Blockbuster

Before streaming services we had Blockbuster - but did you know one remains in operation? On this episode, we share the downfall of Blockbuster, and how the Bend, Oregon location keeps its doors open to this day. 

RV Canucks

RV Canucks

A Canadian RV Family towing their way through the wilderness on a part-time basis, with RV lifestyle tips, tricks, gear and reviews for getting the most out of getting outside. Learn from our mistakes and become more confident on the road. You CAN see all of North America as a part-time RV Family, it just takes a bit of careful planning...stick with us to see how!

Let's Go Together

Travel + Leisure

Let’s Go Together, a new podcast from Travel + Leisure, features diverse voices sharing their unique travel experiences and inspiring others to explore the world. Each week host Kellee Edwards, award-winning travel expert, speaks to guests about inclusivity, including episodes that introduce an adventurer who climbed Machu Picchu in his wheelchair and the first documented black woman to visit every country in the world. Come back every Wednesday for a new episode!

Peak Northwest

The Oregonian/OregonLive

A winter trip to Seaside

Want to check out Seaside, but trying to avoid the crowds? A winter trip is a perfect way to explore all the north Oregon coast town has to offer.On the latest episode of Peak Northwest, Jim Ryan and Jamie Hale break down all the goodness Seaside has to offer.They hit on:- The food scene- The hiking scene- The resplendent winter lightRead Jamie’s reports about Seaside See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

Expat Empire Podcast

David McNeill

Wanting to live abroad but not sure how to make it a reality? Searching for your next international destination? The Expat Empire Podcast is the podcast for you! Listen to interviews with expats, digital nomads, and travelers to gain the knowledge and confidence to go abroad for your first or your tenth time. Learn more at expatempire.com!

Expat Focus

Expat Focus: For Anyone Moving Or Living Abroad

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

WDW-Memories: Relive That Walt Disney World Magic

WDW-Memories Lou

Riding Space Mountain

Take a virtual audio trip in this installment of the WDW-Memories podcast, brought to you in immersive spatial sound, experiencing another magical memory from Walt Disney World. In today's memory, you will join my family as we take the kids for their first trip aboard a rocket ship to another galaxy.

? Show notes: https://wdw-memories.net/2021/10/22/memory-264/
? Support the show: https://WDW-Memories.net/Support/

MouseChat.net – Disney, Universal, Orlando FL News & Reviews

MouseChat.net Disney Podcast - Hosts: Lisa, Steve, Sharpie

Top Food Picks for the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival

Top Food Picks for the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival

Trawler Talk

Passagemaker Magazine

How to Stay Connected While Cruising

Want to take a Zoom meeting from the flybridge? Have a need to stream the NFL while on the hook? There are a few ways to gain access to the internet while onboard your boat and away from your home port. Our guest, Paul Comyns of Intellian, discusses both land-and satellite-based systems to provide different levels of connectivity, the hardware needed to get connected and what you’d expect to pay based on your needs.

Made for You and Me: America's National Parks

Nick & Kat

An entertaining, educational podcast about America's national parks. We take you into the parks and discuss what is referred to as “America’s best idea”. We’ll talk history, hikes, wildlife, tell you stories, and explain crazy facts about these extraordinary lands that were made for you and me.


A.J. Weinzettel

A wine podcast where we take the concept of a wine tasting note to a whole new experience by highlighting the people and stories of wine from vineyard to glass.

The Hitch

Dan Sinker and Janice Dillard

Join Dan and Janice as they talk travel, dream big, and set out on a new adventure in their 27' Airstream trailer, Evangeline. Out for 50 days on the road this summer with their 17-year-old, 7-year-old, and dog, they're heading out to the Pacific Northwest while navigating through life's challenges along the way. Listen daily and come along for the ride!

Ghost Tour

Southern Gothic Media

8: Alicia King Marshall of Franklin Walking Tours

Happy Halloween y'all!  This week we are joined by the hosts of the podcast Ghostly Talk to interview our very own Alicia King Marshall, the proprietor of Franklin Walking Tours in Franklin, Tennessee.

To book a tour with Alicia visit: https://franklinwalkingtours.com/

Ghost Tour is a Southern Gothic Media production done in partnership with Franklin Walking Tours.

Well-Traveled with AAA

The Auto Club Group

Well-Traveled With AAA ~ The Romantic Appeal of All-Inclusive Vacations

February 15, 2022 ~ Whether you looking for a romantic escape for two, a long overdue family vacation with the kids, or an opportunity to reconnect with friends you haven’t seen in a while, an all-inclusive resort might be the one-stop worry free destination you’re looking for. But how do you find the right one for you, and what should you be on the lookout for when selecting your resort escape? Join us as we explore the variety of all-inclusive options with Pleasant Holidays Director of National Accounts, Chanda Vudmaska.

Moving to Orlando


#088 - What Do I Do With DVC Points After Moving to Orlando?

02/09/22 - In this episode, the panel discusses why you shouldn't abandon your Disney Vacation Club points when you move to Florida, or why you should consider buying into DVC after becoming a resident. DVC can take you to places like Aulani or Hilton Head, it can be used for staycations, and so much more!

Visit MovingtoOrlando.com for more information on moving to the Orlando area!

Get connected with our Moving to Orlando team today!

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Email: Sean@MovingToOrlando.com

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ResortLoop.com - A Walt Disney World Podcast!

Tim Scott

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

Armchair Explorer

Aaron Millar

Crossed Off the Map: Bolivia from the Andes to the Amazon with Travel Writer Shafik Meghji

Follow travel writer Shafik Meghji from the Andes to the Amazon on a journey across one of Latin America’s most spectacular countries – Bolivia.  We’re  going to travel from the stark white plains of the Salar de Uyuni, the largest salt flat in the world, to the most biodiverse place in the entire amazon rainforest, we’re going to discover a lost city and a mountain that eats men … but we’re also going to do what all good explorers do and dig deeper.While traveling up and down to every corner of the country, Shafik realized there was a bigger story to be told – not just about Bolivia, but about us too. Everywhere he went he found a contrast between the ancient and the modern – the unchanging and the acceleration of the new. Bolivia, he realized, lived on the cusp of the past and the future, that knife edge dynamic of push and pull that shapes our world. And the more he traveled, the mo

Bliss To Abundance

Amazing Women and Men Of Power

Up & Away Adventures

Scott & Jim from Up & Away Adventures are live on the show today. We are discussing a revolutionary new travel product. I'm using it in my Travel Agency and in my home right now, and I LOVE it!https://www.upandawayadventures.com/

Spill the D - Disney World, Disneyland, Movies, and More!

Spill the Disney

Ep. 55: Disney Myths and Urban Legends Part 2

Who doesn’t love a two parter? This week Gina and Sabrina are talking all about Disney myths and urban legends AGAIN! They dive right into some of the Walt Disney Company’s oldest secrets and most talked about tales! Do the seven dwarfs symbolize something darker? And did you really just see a ghost on top of the castle? Listen and find out!
The girls also talk about some news this week ranging from exciting to just straight scandalous!
Enjoy episode 55 of Spill the D!
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Sailing Into Oblivion Podcast

Jerome Rand

After my 2012 Thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail, my life was changed forever. The challenge of big adventure had me hooked. I soon set a goal of sailing alone and without stopping around the world. In 2017-18, I did just that! Since then I have taken my podcast aboard my Westsail32 as well as in my everyday life. The shows are a mix of my own past experiences along with interviews of everyday people that have a seemingly endless amount of stories themselves. What started as a podcast about sailing has evolved into my way to sit down with people from all walks of life and share our experiences with the listener. I hope you enjoy the podcast and help it grow into the future.

The Boat Life Podcast

Sailing Ruby Rose

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

DDP Today

An Unofficial Disney Podcast by the DDP Today Family

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]