Top 7 Grand European Journeys With Lucas Peters

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Planning a trip to Europe? Lucas Peters is the author of the new Moon guidebook, Grand European Journeys: 40 Unforgettable Trips by Road, Rail, Sea & More. As an award-winning writer and travel expert, Lucas shares his top seven routes (plus a few bonus destinations!) to help you plan your ultimate European journey.
Whether you're exploring Europe for the first time or returning for a new adventure, Lucas' list offers options for every traveler. You’ll also hear about his experience as a travel writer and what life is like in Morocco with this family. 
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Where are you going to head first? I'd love to hear about your European travel plans and hope you’ll share them by sending me an audio message.
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Tune In To Learn:

The reality of making a living as a travel writer

What it’s like to immerse yourself in a culture as an outsider

Unexpected adventures you can have in Morocco

When it makes sense to buy a Eurail train pass compared to buying tickets on the fly or traveling by car

The best rail trip for both first-timers and regular travelers to Europe

The two cities you should pair together for a weeklong adventure

Island and mountain destinations that are perfect for disconnecting

Two city routes to experience a different side of Europe (with vibes you won’t find anywhere else!)

Why this country will always have something new to explore (even if you’ve been before)

Where to go for the road trip of a lifetime with family and a multi-generational getaway

And so much more


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Top 7 Grand European Journeys With Lucas Peters

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