The Bible in a Year (with Fr. Mike Schmitz)

Ascension Catholic Faith Formation

Day 174: The Prophet Hosea (2022)

Fr. Mike takes a break from 2 Chronicles to enter into the book of Hosea. We learn that Hosea was a prophet called to not only witness to God's words, but to his actions as well. Fr. Mike also touches on hope in times of intense healing, and how essential this virtue is when striving to live a life for Christ. Today's readings are 2 Kings 5, Hosea 1-3, and Psalm 101.
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Please note: The Bible contains adult themes that may not be suitable for children - parental discretion is advised.

The Bible Recap


Day 172 (1 Kings 10-11, 2 Chronicles 9) - Year 4

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Did God Try To Kill Moses? – Exodus Q+R

Why did God say he was going to kill Moses? What exactly was God’s test for Abraham on Mount Moriah and Israel on Mount Sinai? What’s the connection between the ten plagues and the ten commandments? In this episode, Tim and Jon respond to your questions about the Exodus scroll. Thanks to our audience for your incredible questions!View full show notes from this episode →Timestamps What Was God’s Test for Abraham on Mount Moriah and Israel on Mount Sinai? (00:00-31:57)What Can We Learn From the Genesis and Exodus Pharaohs? (31:57)Did God Try To Kill Moses? (37:46)Are There Other “Floods” Prevented by Intercessors? (47:35)What’s the Connection Between the Ten Plagues and Ten Commandments? (52:24)How Important Is Ancient Culture To Understanding Biblical Law? (55:18)Will We All Have Equal Access to God in the New Creation? (1:01:46)​​Following Up on the Test Involving Manna (01:09:57)Referenced ResourcesTo Climb or Not To Climb? Israel's A

The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill

Christianity Today

Bonus Episode: Everything is Still Falling Apart

Building an institution on celebrity power, charisma, and a spirit of grandiosity attracts a lot of people, money and a certain kind of cache for everyone involved. It helps them all to feel like they're part of something that's big — a movement providing a sense of meaning and purpose. But too often, these movements crumble, and those inside are crushed by the process.
It's a pattern that extends far beyond Mars Hill, into the realm of politics, academia, media, and more. In this bonus episode of The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill, host Mike Cosper speaks to Yuval Levin and Roger Berkowitz about the connections between the failure of our cultural institutions and the phenomena of rootlessness and loneliness, exploring how these related phenomena create the preconditions for charismatic leaders and corruption, He also talks to Russell Moore about what change looks like in the ruins, starting small, and the power of rememberi

Follow Him: A Come, Follow Me Podcast

Hank Smith & John Bytheway

"Why is who I hang out with so important?" : follow HIM Favorites

Hank Smith and John Bytheway answer a question from this week's Come, Follow Me study.Show Notes (English, French, Spanish, Portuguese): to the followHIM team:Steve & Shannon Sorensen: Executive Producers/SponsorsDavid & Verla Sorensen: SponsorsDr. Hank Smith: Co-hostJohn Bytheway: Co-hostDavid Perry: ProducerKyle Nelson: MarketingLisa Spice: Client Relations, Show Notes/TranscriptsJamie Neilson: Social Media, Graphic DesignWill Stoughton: Rough Video EditorKrystal Roberts: Transcripts/Language Team/French TranscriptsAriel Cuadra: Spanish TranscriptsIgor Willians: Portuguese Transcripts"Let Zion in Her Beauty Rise" by Marshall McDonald

The Briefing -

R. Albert Mohler, Jr.

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

This is The Briefing, a daily analysis of news and events from a Christian worldview.Part I (00:13 - 10:57) Big Affirmation of the Free Exercise of Religion: Supreme Court of the United States Rules in Favor of Christian Parents in MaineCarson v. Makin by Supreme Court of the United StatesPart II (10:57 - 19:16) ‘The Court is Leading Us to a Place Where Separation of Church and State is a Constitutional Slogan, Not A Constitutional Commitment.’: A Closer Look at the Dissenting Opinions from Carson v. MakinPart III (19:16 - 26:28) Colombia, France, and Israel All Rocked by Political Upheavals — And Big issues are at Stake in All ThreeGustavo Petro Wins the Election, Becoming Colombia’s First Leftist Leader by New York Times (Julie Turkewitz)Sign up to receive The Briefing in your inbox every weekday morning.Follow Dr. Mohler:Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | YouTubeFor more information on The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, go to

WHOA That's Good Podcast

Sadie Robertson

The "WHOA That's Good" podcast welcomes you into meaningful conversations with authors, athletes, musicians, speakers, and stars of film and television in search of the answer to just one question: What is the best advice you have ever been given? Hosted by Sadie Robertson, best-selling author, founder of Live Original, and star of A&E's "Duck Dynasty" & season 19 of ABC's "Dancing with the Stars," this fun and lighthearted podcast is sure to leave you saying, "WHOA That's Good!"

Unashamed with Phil & Jase Robertson

Blaze Podcast Network

EP 501 | Phil Believes Jesus Became a Human & How Power Without Love Equals Tyranny

Phil discusses the power of Jesus becoming flesh and bone and why his sharing in our humanity is a big deal. Jase discusses atonement and how humans cannot achieve it, but it can be obtained. Al talks about how power without matching love will cause division or tyranny, and Jase discusses the temptation that Jesus Christ struggled with, while remaining without sin. Al explains how anger is not a sin, and Jase explains why it is difficult to wrap your head around Jesus being the son of God, yet still God in human form. 

Watch the Unashamed overtime show, only on BlazeTV:

Get Uncanceled by Phil Robertson, available now:

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Joel Osteen Podcast

Joel Osteen

Live Together In Unity | Victoria Osteen

When you pursue peace in your relationships with others, nothing can stop God's favor on your life. Where there is unity, there is a commanded blessing.

Your best days are still ahead, and together we can make a difference in this world with the message of God's hope and love.

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Questioning Christianity with Tim Keller

Tim Keller

Beginning May 3rd, Gospel in Life is releasing a special Podcast series — Questioning Christianity with Tim Keller — specifically designed for people who are exploring Christianity. This limited-series podcast helps listeners who don’t identify as Christian, work through tough questions related to God, faith, meaning, and truth. This series of talks was given by Tim Keller in 2019 where Dr. Keller spoke with a local live gathering in New York City made up of attendees who did not identify as Christian and their Christian friends who invited them. Dr. Keller addresses universal topics to help listeners reason through their worldview by responding to questions like: Can there be moral absolutes? Does life have meaning beyond what I make of it? Can hope exist in the face of death?

The Proverbs 31 Ministries Podcast

Proverbs 31 Ministries

"Using Scripture for Whatever You Are Facing" With Ellie Holcomb

When life feels overwhelming or anxiety creeps in, our first response isn't always to turn to God's Word. But Scripture has the Truth for whatever we are facing.

Thirty Minutes with The Perrys

Ivey Media Podcasts

Dealing with Anger

Everybody gets mad. Some of us are angry at petty stuff. Some of us are angry at the right stuff but how do we discern between the two or even recognize when we are dealing with anger at  all…  To get early access to 30 Minutes with The Perrys and other With The Perry’s content, join us  on 

Made For This with Jennie Allen

Jennie Allen

FYP #36 A Vision for Your Friendships

Develop a vision for how your relationships will look and watch how small, intentional decisions can create big shifts in your friendships. Here are 3 questions to ask, 2 verses to dig deeper, and 1 challenge for the weekend.Find the prayer for community inside the book club guide PDF here: jennieallen.comGet your copy of Find Your People: Become one of our texties by texting the word PODCAST to 214-225-6267Thanks, StoryWorth! Get $10 off your first purchase at

Elevation with Steven Furtick

Elevation Church

My Future Is My Focus

They tried to harm you, but God…. In “My Future Is My Focus,” we learn to stop fixating on our past hurts, and instead, focus on how God can work them into the future He has for us.
If you’ve just made a decision for Christ, please respond HERE:

Timothy Keller Sermons Podcast by Gospel in Life

Tim Keller

The Way to Forgiveness

The Christian faith has resources to deal with guilt that are absolutely unparalleled. In this sermon, we will explore 1) The feeling of guilt; 2) God’s dealing with guilt; and 3) The healing of guilt. 
This sermon was preached by Dr. Timothy Keller at Redeemer Presbyterian Church on February 13, 1994. Series: The Cross and Your Life. Scripture: Romans 5:1-10.
Today's podcast is brought to you by Gospel in Life, the site for all sermons, books, study guides and resources from Timothy Keller and Redeemer Presbyterian Church. If you've enjoyed listening to this podcast and would like to support the ongoing efforts of this ministry, you can do so by visiting and making a one-time or recurring donation.

The Babylon Bee

The Babylon Bee

The Bee Weekly: Beloved Bee Memories, Conservatism, and Racist Star Wars Fans

Welcome to the end of all things! Join Kyle Mann, Adam Yenser, and beloved Managing Editor Joel Berry for the final podcast in the old studio! The trio discusses popular K-Pop group BTS, Joe Biden’s plans for protecting schools (or lack thereof), Pelosi’s super drunk husband, and more! The Babylon Bee team also talks about their favorite memories as they bid farewell to the old production studio.   Award-winning biblical scholar and political theorist Yoram Hazony sits down for an interview with Kyle and Dan Coats to discuss his new book, Conservatism: A Rediscovery. If you read it, you will become a smart person!   This episode is brought to you by our wonderful sponsors who you should absolutely check out:   My Patriot Supply at Get ready today! Allegiance Gold! Alliance Defending Freedom!

The Naked Marriage with Dave & Ashley Willis

XO Podcast Network, Dave Willis, Ashley Willis

10 Things Married Sex is Not (Part 2)

It's a sex episode! Listen as Dave and Ashley debunk common misconceptions about what married sex is and should be
For all links mentioned in episode & more XO content, visit:
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Mormon Stories - LDS

Dr. John Dehlin

1616: Mormons Respond to Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey on Netflix - Warren Jeffs vs. Joseph Smith

To what extent are Joseph Smith & Warren Jeffs similar vs. different? The new Netflix documentary called "Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey" deals with the history of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and its current prophet Warren Jeffs. In today's episode, John and Jenn are joined by: Sam and Melissa from the super popular "Growing Up in Polygamy" YouTube channel.  Sam was raised in the FLDS church under Rulon and Warren Jeffs, and Melissa was raised in the mainstream LDS/Mormon church. Joanna, also raised in the FLDS church. The focus for today's episode will be the similarities and differences between Mormon church founder Joseph Smith and FLDS church prophet Warren Jeffs. ————— We are 100% donor funded! Please click HERE to donate and keep this content coming! Click here to donate monthly: $10 $25 $50 ————— MSP on Spotify MSP on Apple

Joyce Meyer Enjoying Everyday Life® Radio Podcast

Joyce Meyer

Think About What You Are Thinking About

A 15-minute teaching applying practical principles from God's Word to everyday life.

Tony Evans' Sermons on

Dr. Tony Evans

The Urban Alternative is the national ministry of Dr. Tony Evans and is dedicated to restoring hope and transforming lives through the proclamation and application of the Word of God.

The Holy Post

Phil Vischer

Episode 512: Christian Self-Defense & Church-Based Deconstruction with Mike Erre & Lina AbuJamra

Christians who oppose more restrictive gun control policies say we have a God-given constitutional right to self-defense. But is there any evidence to back this claim? With Christian and Kaitlyn both in Europe, Phil and Skye invite Mike Erre from the Voxology podcast to fill the empty co-host chair. Mike looks at the biblical texts cited by gun advocates and says that even if self-defense can be justified, for the Christian it is not a “right.”   Then, Skye talks to Lina AbuJamra about her book, “Fractured Faith: Finding Your Way Back to Faith in an Age of Deconstruction.” Like so many, AbuJamra entered a season of significant doubt not because of anti-Christian messages from the culture, but after experiencing a toxic leadership culture at her church. She shares what restored her faith, the danger of false expectations, and why honesty about our disillusionment is

Daily Grace

The Daily Grace Co.

Loving Others Through Sharing Your Faith with Garrett Kell

This week, we are joined by Garrett Kell. Garrett is a pastor at Del Ray Baptist Church in Alexandria, Virginia. He is married to Carrie and together they have six children. Garrett has authored several books including Pure in Heart and the Promises of God. Garrett shares his testimony of God’s faithfulness to draw him to saving faith in Christ. God continually placed people in Garrett’s life to faithfully minister to him and pray for his salvation. Garrett’s story is an incredible testimony to God’s sovereign goodness and how He can use all things for His glory.  If you want to be encouraged by how our gospel witness impacts those around you, then this conversation is for you. Join us as we discuss how we can love others as we share our faith. Sign up for the brand new Daily Grace Podcast Newsletter and receive the free resource "Scripture for Every Season.” 2:08 - About Garrett  4:07 - Garrett’s years before

Lisa Harper's Back Porch Theology


Back Porch Theology sponsored in part by Dwell Bible App. Save 30% off Dwell for Life at're invited to hang out on Lisa Harper's back porch and enjoy conversations about all things Jesus, theological anthropology, biblical orthodoxy, Spanx, the merits of Tex-Mex and more! We believe this podcast will help you dive deeper into God's word, understand that the gospel is great news for everyday life, not just when viewed in the light of eternity, and that God is for us, that He's always been in the process of redeeming our inherent value as imago Dei and restoring us into a vibrant, intimate relationship with Him.And rest assured, this won't be a one-sided conversation because throughout the podcast, Lisa will be inviting friends, including some brilliant theologians and academics to join her in substantive but decidedly unstuffy segments. So come on, y'all grab some coffee or sweet tea and join us on the back porch!

The BEMA Podcast

BEMA Discipleship

281: John — You Are Gods

Brent Billings and Josh Bossé discuss spiritual leadership and the conversations with Jesus in the temple courts at the Festival of Dedication.Join the BEMA SlackJosh Bossé on CaringBridgeSupport Josh Bossé

That Sounds Fun with Annie F. Downs

That Sounds Fun Network

Episode 391: Pat Martin from Martin's Bar-B-Que Joint

One of my culinary heroes, Pat Martin, is in the studio today! Ya'll. His new cookbook, Life of Fire, is SO COOL. It's divided into seven sections, each focused on a specific stage of the fire's life. BRILLIANT. We talk about surviving a pandemic in the restaurant industry, how food matters, and all things Father's Day! For the guy or gal in your life who loves to handle the grilling, this one's for you.
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Truth For Life Daily Program

Alistair Begg

A Hope That Stands the Test of Time

Is your greatest hope for wealth? Success? Love? Hear about “hope that out-hopes even our best hopes,” and find out why genuine Christian hope is joyful and confident even in difficult circumstances. That’s our focus on Truth For Life with Alistair Begg.


The Fr. Mike Schmitz Catholic Podcast


How the Eucharist Changed My Life

Why do less than 30% of Catholics believe in the Real Presence? It seems like many have forgotten that Jesus gave his flesh for the life of the world.
Today, Fr. Mike reminds us of the gift of the Eucharist and shares the way it transformed his own life. It is the heart of our faith, our spiritual nourishment, the bread that we live for, and the teaching worth dying for.

Pastor Rick's Daily Hope

Rick Warren is an innovative pastor, renowned author, and global influencer.

MumLife Community


Ep 52: Mentor Series: Raising Respectful Children

Join us today as the mentors share their experience in raising respectful children. Listen each Thursday as we go deeper, gaining knowledge and insight. Remember to subscribe so you never miss starting your week with uplifting encouragement and real life tools for mums!For more info go to

Hearing Jesus: Daily Bible Study, Daily Devotional, Hear From God, Prayer, Christian Woman, Spiritual Life, Build a Relations

Rachael Groll: Christian Author, Missionary, Christian Life Coach, Pastor

Hey friends, welcome to the Hearing Jesus Podcast. Do you sometimes doubt if you are truly hearing God’s voice or if it’s really your own? Do you wonder how you can know the difference? Do you struggle to feel confident in your relationship with God and what He says in his word? Do you sometimes feel stagnant or like you hit a wall in your spiritual life? Hey, I’m your host, Rachael Groll: missionary, author, pastor, and life coach. And I have been there. I too was doubting God’s voice in my own life. I too felt insecure about the things I thought God might be calling me to do. I wanted to make a difference in the world and be obedient to what God was calling me to do, but I wasn’t quite sure how to figure out what exactly that was. I kept telling myself that I was wasting time trying to figure it out or waiting for Him to show me. Or that I wasn’t qualified to do the things I thought He might be telling me to do. The answer for me was found in the pages of the Bible, as I learned how to understand what it was actually saying. If you are ready to grow in your faith and to step confidently into the calling God has for you, then join me as we dig deep into God’s word so you can learn to live out your faith in your everyday life. Friend, you are loved, you are cherished, and you are His. The Hearing Jesus Podcast will encourage and equip you to step into the calling God has for your life, living out your faith in the everyday. Together we will break down walls that keep us from growing spiritually. We will dig deep into our Bibles to understand and connect the Scriptures to our lives. We will boldly obey what God calls us to do, walking through doors that only He can open. Join me for your weekly dose of faith, honesty, and prayer. Learn -> Connect -> Community-> Instagram-> Missions Support-> FREE 7-Day Devotional: Desires of the Heart -> Want to go a little deeper? Purchase the She Hears: Learning to Listen to Jesus Bible Study on my Etsy shop here: Also available on Amazon or wherever books are sold. In this six-week study from the Book of John, Rachael Groll takes you on an in-depth exploration into the lives of six women Jesus knew. Women often deal with feelings of insecurity and unworthiness, yet the lives of these women show that Jesus values us, wants a relationship with us, and can use us to further His kingdom. In her warm, conversational style, Rachael ties together her life experience, knowledge of the Scriptures, and her compassion for women to encourage us and enable us to become the women God has called us to be. Need to chat one on one? Snag a private session with Rachael:

Pints With Aquinas

Matt Fradd

Eastern Christianity, St Thomas Aquinas & The Immaculate Conception w/ Fr. Christiaan Kappes

Join our Locals Community: Hallow Catholic Prayer App (3 Months Free): Proof of Marian Dogmas from Scripture: The Immaculate Conception by Fr. Kappes:

Jack Hibbs Podcast

He's Coming For You

Although the world may seem like it’s falling apart, Scripture shows us that it’s actually coming together. Don’t let these dark times distract you, but rather be encouraged – Christ is coming! So, grab your Bible and seek the Lord like never before!
Learn more and get all the notes on this podcast by visiting - sign up for our mailing list and get the latest podcast information and updates!

Mama Bear Apologetics

Hillary Morgan Ferrer & Amy Davison

MBA PODCAST 72: Resurrection Evidences Part 1: On Which Facts Do Even Skeptics Agree?

INTRODUCTION: Today’s guest, Tricia Scribner, joins us to talk about apologetics and being a grandmama bear. We’ve celebrated Easter, and we continue to celebrate the Resurrection! Tricia and Amy talk about the historicity of the resurrection. SUMMARY OF TOPICS DISCUSSED: The Historicity of the Resurrection • Minimal Facts Argument Overview o Facts that virtually all […]
The post MBA PODCAST 72: Resurrection Evidences Part 1: On Which Facts Do Even Skeptics Agree? appeared first on Mama Bear Apologetics.


Jeremiah Roberts, Andrew Soncrant

Gods of the New Age

Join us as we take an incredible & in depth look at the origins of India and how it gave birth to new age practices like Yoga and Transcendental meditation that are now normalized in the western world.

Our guest Daniel Stephen Courney draws from his extensive experience as someone who's spent over a decade as a missionary to Nepal & some of the most spiritually dark areas of the world.

You can find out more about Daniel
or at

Renewing Your Mind with R.C. Sproul

Ligonier Ministries

All Authority in Heaven and on Earth

The Lord Jesus Christ reigns as King over heaven and earth. Will we be faithful in serving Him and making disciples in His name? Today, Burk Parsons explains that Christ's sovereign authority motivates us in obeying the Great Commission. Get 'The Great Commission' DVD Series with Burk Parsons for Your Gift of Any Amount: Don't forget to make your home for daily in-depth Bible study and Christian resources.

She Reads Truth Podcast

She Reads Truth

Lent Week 7 with Jennie Allen

Join us for week 7 of our Lent reading plan as we have finally arrived at Holy Week! Raechel and Amanda are joined by author and speaker, Jennie Allen to walk through the Gospel readings from Palm Sunday through Holy Saturday (Come back for a special bonus episode on Easter Sunday!). Together, the three celebrate the hope that Holy Week brings as Jesus lifts our eyes and shifts our perspective toward eternity, becoming the sufficient sacrifice for our sins. As we walk the final journey with Jesus toward the cross, we remember and give thanks that Resurrection Sunday is coming. Read with Us: This episode corresponds to Week 7 of the She Reads Truth Lent 2022: Come to Life reading plan found on the She Reads Truth app and Shop the Lent 2022: Come to Life collection at Show notes can be found at

Life.Church with Craig Groeschel


Does God Really Keep His Promises? | Book Club: Part 1

Have you ever been told empty promises? It can be confusing and hurtful when someone you trust lets you down. Does God keep all of His promises? How can we know? We’ll find the answers together as we kick off Book Club with special guest Sadie Robertson Huff. ABOUT THIS MESSAGENo one has all the answers. That’s why we need a variety of voices to help us grow. During our new series, Book Club, we’ll get fresh perspectives on identity, relationships, anxiety, and more from people who have been there and wrote the book on it.  WE’RE OPENWe’re continuing to monitor guidelines and best practices for gathering in a safe way. Learn more about everything we're doing to keep you safe and how you can help by using hand sanitizer, washing your hands often, and more: a time and attend a service with us: STEPSHave you made a decision to follow Jesus? You may be

The Christine Caine Equip & Empower Podcast


EP 195 What Happens When You Live All In

Is following God everything you thought it would be? Do you feel like you’re making a difference in the world and experiencing the Holy Spirit’s power at work in you and through you? Or are you secretly holding back?
These are important questions to ask ourselves in order to stay focused and give Jesus our all. This episode will empower you to dig deeper, believe more boldly, and experience the astonishing transformation that results from living all in for Jesus.
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Morning Mindset Daily Christian Devotional

Carey Green

R: God: Abounding in steadfast love and faithfulness (Exodus 34:6)

Today's Scripture: Exodus 34:6 - The Lord, the Lord, a God merciful and gracious, slow to anger, and abounding in steadfast love and faithfulness, ? GET YOUR COPY OF THE NEW MORNING MINDSET COMPANION JOURNAL:    ? SUBMIT PRAYER REQUESTS:  ? SHARE YOUR MORNING MINDSET STORY:  ? MEET THE NEEDS OF OTHERS, OR SUBMIT YOUR NEED:  ? MAKE A ONE-TIME DONATION: ? T-SHIRTS, STICKERS, AND SWAG:  ? CAREY'S NEW DRAGON SLAYER -  CHRISTIAN FANTASY SERIES:  ? BECOME A MONTHLY PARTNER:  Partner Perks: A bonus, partners-only podcast feed (Digging Deeper) Access to a private, partners-only Facebook Group Access to these Scripture Sketches videos early (in the FB

The Next Right Thing

with Emily P. Freeman

222: What's Saving My Life Right Now

It's the question Barbara Brown Taylor asks and answers in her memoir, Leaving Church, and one many of us have carried forward to ask and answer as well. The best questions are shareable and re-answerable and today I'll share my list of what's saving my life. Because when you are in a season of discernment and decision-making (which is almost always), it's helpful to name and celebrate where the life comes from. Listen in.   Links + Resources From This Episode: Leaving Church by Barbara Brown Taylor Episode 76: Create a Simple Morning Routine Episode 90: Start with this Simple Rhythm Episode 141: Redo Your Morning Routine Caffeine Eye Cream by The Inkey List Episode 167: Spiritual Direction for Beginners Episode 178: How to Find a Spiritual Director On Being feat. Gordon Hempton with Krista Tippett I Used to Be a Human Being by Andrew Sullivan Order The Next Right Thing Guided Journal Grab a copy of my book The Next Right Thing  Find me

Risen Motherhood

Emily Jensen & Laura Wifler

Moms + Work 05: Listening to God’s Leading in Work—An Interview with Portia Collins

Where do career dreams fit in with God’s calling on our lives as moms? For most of us, our capacity for income-producing work has likely ebbed and flowed as we’ve transitioned into motherhood, enrolled our kids in school, or added to our families. In this episode, Emily and Laura chat with Portia Collins, founder of nonprofit women’s ministry She Shall Be Called and Partner Development Specialist at Revive Our Hearts, on being faithful in full-time income-producing work, career ambitions, and motherhood. As we ask the Lord what he has for us in each season, we can view all of our work as an opportunity to serve, trusting that he is faithful to give and take for our good and his glory. This episode is brought to you by our generous donors. If you'd like to join them or learn more, click here. Find the free workbook, discussion questions, links, and related resources from our Moms + Work seri

Dream Big Podcast with Bob Goff and Friends


John Eldredge - Resilient: Restoring Your Weary Soul in These Turbulent Times

John Eldredge is a bestselling author and counselor. He is also president of Wild at Heart, a ministry devoted to helping people discover the heart of God and recover their own hearts in God’s love. John and his wife, Stasi, live near Colorado Springs, Colorado. 
To learn more, visit

Daily Radio Program with Charles Stanley - In Touch Ministries

Dr. Charles Stanley

Liberty, Not License

Liberty has limitations since we're obligated to honor God by giving love and serving others.


Mike Winger

Things I Didn't Know as a Complementarian: Women in Ministry part 6

After years of being a bit confused about the topic of women in ministry, I set out to spend months researching the topic in great detail to produce this exhaustive teaching series on the topic. In today's teaching we will cover several topics that, to be honest, I didn't really think much about as a complementarian. These egalitarian arguments really do challenge some complementarians ideas in a good way. Though I can't agree with them all the way through.

1) Was Jesus training women to be rabbis/teachers?2) Does the fact that women were persecuted imply that they were in leadership?3) What about the egalitarian argument that men and women both can have the gifts of teaching or leadership? If women are gifted in those areas, can't they express those gifts in the biblical role of elder?4) The Bible clearly indicates that all believers are

The MacArthur Center Podcast

The Master's Seminary

As The MacArthur Center for Expository Preaching at The Master’s Seminary opens its doors, season one of its flagship podcast will tell the surprising, providential, compelling story of how John MacArthur became synonymous with expository preaching. From his first sermon at Grace Community Church on February 9, 1969, through his 52 years of relentless, verse-by-verse exposition from the New Testament, John has modeled a simple idea: that the Bible is clear and the preacher’s task is to patiently explain that meaning to his audience. This documentary-style season will look at Grace Community Church, which during John’s 52-year ministry has grown from a small, nondescript church in the middle of the San Fernando Valley into one of the largest, most influential churches in the United States. These eight episodes will tell the story of John’s calling into pastoral ministry and explain why, and how, he preaches the way he does. It will also trace his involvement in controversies and look at how he preaches during cultural upheaval and personal suffering. Don’t miss season one of The MacArthur Center podcast.

The Elisabeth Elliot Podcast

The Elisabeth Elliot Foundation

The Vitality of the Crucified Life: Quality of Life

Visit for more lectures and talks, devotionals, videos, Gateway to Joy programs, and other resources.

John Mark Comer Teachings

Practicing the Way

How We Change: Intentional Spiritual Formation | Discovering Your Identity and Calling E5

We are all being formed into someone. For us, as apprentices of Jesus, how do we become more like Him? In this teaching, John Mark tells us that our apprenticeship to Jesus needs to be stronger than the stories we believe, our habits, our relationships, and our environment. Then he lays out how teaching, practice, community, and the Holy Spirit can help us counter these influences. John Mark closes by equipping us with tools and practices to help us be intentional in our spiritual formation with the goal of becoming more like Jesus. Key Scripture Passages: Luke 6:39-40; Romans 12:2; Matthew 5-7References Readings: Celebration of Discipline by Richard FosterThe Cost of Discipleship by Diedrich Bonhoeffer You can find various resources for this practice here: for more information and resourcesFacebook, YouTube:


Colson Center

Literacy Has Never Been Neutral

As University of Tennessee professor James Tucker writes, “The deterioration of reading achievement in the United States has been noted for decades, and the many attempts to correct this decay have been unsuccessful.”  He then quotes a sobering statistic: “At least “44 million adults [in the United States] are now unable to read a simple story to their children.”  The question is, why? Obvious factors include poverty, technology and education, but so are our ideas about what literacy is for.   We’ve largely rejected the great books of the past, preferring subjective and personal experiences to universal truths. So why study? Also, today’s emphasis on race, politics, and sexuality in education has transformed literacy from a gift, into more of a weapon.   Simply put, literacy cannot be ideologically neutral. It’s not just about that we read or even what we read. It’s also about why.   Consider William Tyndale who rightly sensed all people sh

The Becket Cook Show

Becket Cook

Trans Regret

Support The Becket Cook Show on Patreon!In today’s episode, Becket takes a look at the phenomenon called, “trans regret.” Many teens, both boys and girls, who decided that they were trans and ended up taking puberty blockers, testosterone, and even getting a double mastectomy (or in the case of boys, castration), now deeply regret their decision. We see how this so-called “gender-affirming care,” promoted by much of society including the President of the United States himself, is really child abuse. Becket reminds us that in the 90s, Hillary Clinton was on a campaign to end genital mutilation in African countries. But she is silent on this current twist of genital mutilation on American teens sucked into a deeply wicked gender ideology.The Becket Cook Show Ep. 76WATCH THIS EPISODE OF THE BECKET COOK SHOW ON YouTubeWANT TO DONATE TO BECKET'S MINISTRY?Join the Patreon!PayPalVenmo: @Becket-CookWANT MORE?Buy Becket Cook's book about his dramatic conversion

Joyce Meyer Enjoying Everyday Life® TV Audio Podcast

Joyce Meyer

Take Your Life Back - Part 2

Discover more secrets for staying young as Joyce and the ladies of Talk It Out discuss relationships, stress, and how to finish strong.

Greg Laurie Podcast

Greg Laurie

Feature | Pastor Greg’s Devotion: “Why We Can Trust God”

“O my people, trust in him at all times. Pour out your heart to him, for God is our refuge.” —Psalm 62:8

Someone once asked me what was the most spiritual moment of my life, the moment when I felt God more than any other time.

I had to think about that. Was it the day that I accepted Christ as a 17-year-old on my high school campus? I don’t remember that as being an emotional day, but it was the most important day of my life.

The day I was baptized in the ocean at Pirate’s Cove in Corona del Mar was a little more emotional for me. But that wasn’t even the most emotional moment.

The day I married Cathe was an emotional day. She was a vision of beauty in her white wedding gown, while I looked like one of the guys from Duck Dynasty in the worst-looking tuxedo ever made. But that was not the most spiritual moment of my life.

I realized the most spiritual moment, the m

John Eldredge and Wild at Heart (Audio)

Wild at Heart

Depleted Reserves

John, Alex, Jamie, and Allen discuss how the past several years have caused humanity's (and our own) reserve tanks to be running dangerously low...and how we can replenish them.

The Naked Bible Podcast

Dr. Michael S. Heiser

Naked Bible 426: Q&A 52

Dr. Heiser answers your questions.


Ask Pastor John

Desiring God

How Do I ‘Wrestle’ in Prayer?

Paul speaks of wrestling in prayer, and many of us use his phrase. But what might our prayer lives actually feel like if we wrestled like the apostle?

The Potter's Touch on

Bishop T.D. Jakes

The Potter's Touch, a weekly program, with Bishop T.D. Jakes, tackles today's topics and confronts the hidden issues and invisible scars that go untreated. This broadcast carries healing and restoration into homes of hurting people, unearthing taboo topics and offering practical and spiritual solutions to life's toughest questions. 857311 To support this ministry financially, visit:

Confessions Of A Crappy Christian Podcast

the Girl Named Blake

The Counterfeit Climax | Dave and Ashley Willis | Episode 181

Podcasters and authors Dave and Ashley Willis join Blake to offer candid, Biblical insight on sexual intimacy and genuine love. So many of the struggles couples face in marriage can stem from frustrations, misconceptions, and baggage related to sex. Listen in as they confront the lies the world feeds couples about sex and provide insight on how to pursue God’s design for a fulfilling marriage.  Dave and Ashley are the authors of The Counterfeit Climax - available everywhere now! To connect with Dave and Ashley:  Website: Facebook: @strongermarriages // @davewillis78 // @ashleywillisencouragement Instagram: @daveandashleywillis Podcast: The Naked Marriage Insiders - Intimate small group coaching to help you chase your dreams! The Insiders was created to help you be wild, brave, and free. Whether that's in running a small business, building an online platform, excelling in your network market

ONE | A Potter's House Church

ONE | A Potter's House Church

Touré Roberts: The Cutting Edge

Revive Our Hearts

Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

Show Me the Father, Episode 1

Whether your relationship with your father is healthy or non-existent, Stephen Kendrick says it plays an important role in your life.

All In

LDS Living

Lita and Kevin Giddins: Christ and His People Will Ever Be One

As teenagers, both Lita and Kevin were drawn to the restored gospel because of the arts. Both former BYU Young Ambassadors, Lita and Kevin believe representation in the arts is just one way we gather Israel. Later this month, Lita and Kevin will combine their love for the arts and their desire for all to be gathered in with a special event in the Conference Center Theater—an event to help Christ and His People to ever be one.


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Latter-day Saint Ce

Ask NT Wright Anything


#123 How St. Paul changed the world Pt 2 - Tom Holland & NT Wright

NT Wright and popular historian Tom Holland continue their discussion about the way the writings and theology of St Paul changed the modern world.

Watch the conversation between Tom Holland and NT Wright:

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The Porch

The Porch

Prescription for Conflict

Remember all the things you learned in school that you never used again? In this message, we discuss one subject that was never taught but is a crucial skill to succeeding in life - conflict resolution. Learn about 2 essential things you need to know to resolve conflict in a healthy way.

Jesus Calling: Stories of Faith

Sarah Young

God Helps Us Find The Missing Peace: Sonya Curry & Sheila Walsh

Does it ever feel like you’re searching for something in life beyond what your everyday existence is bringing? Maybe you’re a parent who is devoted to your family, but you wonder if there’s something you’re missing. Maybe you’re in the second half of your life and wondering if there’s more beyond the days of your youth. Perhaps you are just lonely, and wondering why you haven’t been able to connect with others who share your outlook on life. We all want the assurance that we’re doing it right—the peace that comes from knowing where you’re going. Our guests this week share that there is an answer to finding that missing peace—and His name is Jesus. Sonya Curry raised three amazing children who became successful in sports and in life, but she still kept thinking something was missing, and found what she was looking for in a closer relationship to God. Sheila Walsh is a spiritual leader to many, yet she battle

Fierce Marriage

Ryan and Selena Frederick

Your Sin No Longer Defines You

Sometimes we just need reminders of God's forgiveness and goodness. This can be particularly true for couples. Hear this: when you are in Christ and you place your full trust in him, your sin no longer defines you. Instead, Christ's perfect righteousness is yours, you are loved, and nothing can change that. Now, consider this: how does that truth and realization change your marriage? Listen in to find out!

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The Russell Moore Show

Christianity Today, Russell Moore

Listener Questions on Marriage, Politics, Banned Books, and More...

Should parents read books to their children that feature disobedient characters? How can Christians engage in public service when they are concerned about the trajectories of both major political parties? Are Christians called to admit all of their sins to fellow believers or can they just confess to God?
Russell Moore addresses all of these listener questions and more on this episode of The Russell Moore Show. Listen in for nuanced responses to inquiries such as:

What happens to a Christian marriage if one spouse cannot participate in sexual intimacy for medical reasons? If this information is known during engagement, should the couple still get married?

If a Christian woman is dating a non-Christian man and becomes pregnant with his child, should she marry him?

Should churches fly the American flag?

How do we remind ourselves that God forgives us even when w

The Bible For Normal People

Peter Enns and Jared Byas

Episode 210: Sidnie White Crawford - What You Really Need to Know about the Dead Sea Scrolls

In this episode of The Bible for Normal People, Dr. Sidnie White Crawford joins Pete and Jared to discuss the most important manuscript find in Hebrew Bible studies and how it impacts the New Testament.Show Notes →Support this podcast at — Inquiries:

A Year in the Bible with Daily Grace

The Daily Grace Co.

2 Kings 10-12: Joash Becomes King

The Bible tells one big story of redemption. Today, we are journeying through 2 Kings 10-12 and exploring how it points to Jesus, where it fits into the story of Scripture, and how the truth of God’s Word impacts our lives. Follow along with us in the Story of Redemption Study Vol. 2, today on page 28. Visit The Daily Grace Co. for the Story of Redemption bundle and for more beautiful products that will equip you on your journey to knowing and loving God more. Follow @dailygracepodcast on Instagram for exclusive podcast content and @thedailygraceco for all things The Daily Grace Co. Subscribe to the Daily Grace Podcast on iTunes or Spotify. Read the Bible in a year with us in the Bible App.

Prophecy Pros Podcast

Jeff Kinley & Todd Hampson

Two experts. One topic. No Confusion. Show hosts, Jeff Kinley and Todd Hampson, are on a mission to reach the next generation with the inspiring, hopeful message found in Bible prophecy. Learn more about Jeff, Todd, and their books at Produced by Unmutable™

Bethel Redding Sermon of the Week

Bethel Redding

A Heavenly Bond | Dann Farrelly

God wants to bond with you. In this sermon, Dann Farrelly shows us that "we're not just Christians—we're bonded to the Lord." Embrace the healthy bond God is building with you through this joy-filled message.

TGC Podcast

The Gospel Coalition

Good Faith Debates #5: Is ‘Evangelical’ a Historical, Theological, or Political Identity?

In spring 2022, TGC released a five-part video debate series featuring prominent Christian thinkers discussing some of the most divisive issues facing the church today. On this episode, we’re featuring the fifth and final debate in our series, where Ryan Burge and Andrew Walker engage in a discussion whether evangelicals should be defined by sociology or theology. Pastor Jim Davis from Orlando Grace Church moderates this debate.To watch videos from the debates and download free resources for further discussion with your staff or small group, visit

Your Move with Andy Stanley Podcast

Andy Stanley

How Not To Be Your Own Worst Enemy, Part 1 - "Pay Attention to the Tension”

Have you ever been your own worst enemy? Most of us have. Avoiding that scenario begins when we first pay attention to our own red flags.
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Understanding the Times

Jan Markell

The Next Crisis Awaits

Jan Markell welcomes Dr. Mark Hitchcock and Jeff Kinley to examine the coming great global Reset. They conclude the Reset is the Tribulation and we are seeing a run-up to that today. The global elite are awaiting the next global crisis to further implement their one-world plans. It is on the horizon. Find the authors’ new book in our online store.

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Theology in the Raw

Preston Sprinkle

#927 - The Scandal of Christmas, Part 3: Dr. Lynn Cohick

In this third part of our four part series, New Testament scholar Dr. Lynn Cohick walks us through the significance of women in the birth narratives. We talk a lot about Mary, Elizabeth, Jesus’s genealogy (which contains 5 women), how the appearance of women in the genealogy has been misunderstood, and we also discuss the woman at the well in John 4 and how she was not a sexually promiscuous woman.Lynn currently serves as as Provost and Dean of Academic Affairs of Northern Seminary in Lisle, Illinois. Lynn received her bachelor’s degree from Messiah College in Grantham, PA, and her Ph.D. in New Testament and Christian Origins from the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, PA. After 18 years as professor of New Testament and Biblical Studies at Wheaton College (serving as department chair and dean toward the end of her time there), Lynn accepted the invitation to join Denver Seminary as their Provost / Dean. She a

The Bible Binge

The Popcast Media Group LLC

SWDGISS: Bible Treasures

In this latest edition of Stuff We Didn’t Get in Sunday School, we’re talking about all the shiny stuff in the Bible! Join Resident Bible Scholar Erin Moon along with Knox and Jamie as they answer listener questions and discuss treasures from the Bible. You’ll hear conversations surrounding snake sticks, Ark of the Covenant conspiracy theories, and worms that help build temples. (Warning: This episode contains significant spoilers for cinematic masterpiece The Pink Panther 2). MENTIONSThe Popcast Live! Buy Tickets HereMovies Mentioned: The Pink Panther 2 | Monty Python and the Holy Grail | The Da Vinci Code | The Godfather: Part III | National Treasure Indiana Jones and the: Raiders of the Lost Ark | Temple of Doom | The Last Crusade The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Bible Verses References: 1 Samuel 4Watch: The Mysteries of Al Capone’s Vaults | Oral History  Learn: Church of Our Lady Mary of Zion in Axum, Ethiop

Bare Marriage

Sheila Gregoire

Episode 132: All About the Sexual Response Cycle

Here are the links to the resources mentioned in the episode!The Intimately Us app!The podcast where we dissected Emerson Eggerichs’ reply to the woman crying in the shower; and the podcast where the woman crying in the shower respondsThe Dunning Kruger Effect: Article 1 and Article 2Pre-Order The Good Guy’s Guide to Great Sex and/or The all new Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex! And then send us your receipt to get the preorder bonuses and/or join the launch team!The Sexual Response Cycle articleThe 990 Tax Forms for Emerson Eggerichs’ non-profit for 2019

I Don't Have Enough FAITH to Be an ATHEIST

Dr. Frank Turek

The Babylon Bee vs. Postmodernism | with Kyle Mann

Are you ready to laugh and think your way through a timely update of a classic tale?
Kyle Mann, editor-in-chief of The Babylon Bee, joins Frank to discuss his new book, The Postmodern Pilgrim's Progress (co-authored with Joel Berry). Part novel and part "sci-fi fantasy allegory", The Postmodern Pilgrim's Progress is a modern-day version of John Bunyan's classic book and tackles subject matter that is unique to our culture today--including the prosperity gospel, deconstruction, humanism, evolution, skepticism, abortion, and more.

Here's a short excerpt from the beginning of the book:

"On this journey, Ryan will learn something, which is more than most people who go on journeys can say. When he wakes up, he won't remember the dream, but he will be a changed man. He will be made new somehow, even if he can't explain exactly how. This will be the first in many thousands of dreams, intera

Deep Roots At Home Podcast

Deep Roots At Home

Welcome to the Deep Roots at Home Podcast! Are you new to Deep Roots at Home? The website was founded by Jacque in 2011 for the purpose of sharing practical inspiration and encouragement with women of all ages in their walk with the Lord. Whether it’s spreading truth during these recent deceptive times, sharing book lists and gardening tips, or exposing medical dangers, Deep Roots at Home seeks to enrich the soil of your life. Whether you are listening while riding in the car,  making dinner, or relaxing with a cup of tea, welcome to the podcast! Support this podcast:

Going Beyond Ministries with Priscilla Shirer

Going Beyond Ministries with Priscilla Shirer

Resolution for Women // Surprisingly Satisfied

Resolution for Women // A resolution to be content.

The Word on Fire Show - Catholic Faith and Culture

Bishop Robert Barron

WOF 338: Evolution and the Modern World w/ Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying

In this new “Bishop Barron Presents” discussion, Bishop Barron sits down with evolutionary biologists Dr. Heather Heying and Dr. Bret Weinstein, the best-selling authors of A Hunter-Gatherer’s Guide to the 21st Century: Evolution and the Challenges of Modern Life. They discuss several topics, such as: Evolution, science, and religion The importance of public discourse G.K. Chesterton’s fence The problems of pornography Links The New Apologetics: Defending the Faith in a Post-Christian Era

Grace to You: Radio Podcast

John MacArthur

The Foolishness of God, Part 1 B

Click the icon below to listen.

Grace to You: Pulpit Podcast

John MacArthur

The True Measure of an Authentic Church (Ephesians 4:7-10)

Check here each week to keep up with the latest from John MacArthur's pulpit at Grace Community Church.
Click the icon below to listen.

Wretched Radio

Wretched Radio


These two words might land you in jail: “Christian Nationalism.” Wretched Radio | Air Date: June 07, 2022 Segment 1 Two words that may land you in jail: “Christian Nationalism.” If you’re a Christian and patriotic today you are being labeled as a Christian Nationalist. Here’s an example from AOC. She makes the life issue […]
The post CHRISTIAN NATIONALISM appeared first on Wretched.

The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey

Ivey Media Podcasts

Happy Hour #468: Secret shame and rewriting our past with Bonnie Gray

“Faith is not an eraser for our past. Faith gives us the ability to go into our past to rewrite it with God.”*Trigger warning: Mention of sexual assaultBonnie Gray is an author, an inspirational speaker, and podcast host of Breathe: The Stress Less Podcast. Bonnie touches thousands of lives using storytelling, soul care, and prayer. I’m so excited to have Bonnie here to talk about her most recent book, Sweet Like Jasmine.Bonnie grew up as a Chinese-American daughter of a mail-order bride and spent much of her childhood never feeling like she belonged. She talks about going on a journey to learn her own story and going through life with an emotionally abusive mother. There can be so much fear in both learning and sharing our stories because we don’t know what people will think of it. But our brokenness is what brings us closer to God and others. I am so thankful to Bonnie for choosing vulnerability in her s

Sermon of the Day

Desiring God

All Things for Good, Part 2

If all things work for my good, then I will never be ultimately defeated in the cause of Christ.

Exploring My Strange Bible

Tim Mackie

An Update From Tim

A message from Tim to let everyone know that we will be putting this podcast on pause for now. It will remain active online so you can still listen or re-listen to his sermons.
If you want to hear more from Tim, check out The Bible Project Podcast:

Fight Hustle, End Hurry

John Mark Comer & Jefferson Bethke

10. Saying No

This week John Mark and Jeff talk about saying no. And why it's important as followers of Jesus. John Mark's book: Jeff's book:

Crazy Love Podcast

Crazy Love Ministries

The Wrath of God | Francis Chan

When we think of God, it’s quite easy for us to worship Him for His faithfulness, goodness, and love. These are true of God and reason to worship Him. But how often do we consider worshipping Him as being a God of Wrath?  In today’s episode, Francis Chan takes us through Deuteronomy 31 and 32 and reminds us of how worthy God is of praise and worship…even in His wrath. 

Real Christianity

Dale Partridge

Homosexuality: The Sum of Self-Worship

Joyce Meyer Enjoying Everyday Life® TV Podcast

Joyce Meyer

Be Honest with Yourself

Sometimes we can't see our own shortcomings. Learn how to improve your relationships through the power of God's Word!

The Art of Leadership Daily

Art of Leadership Network

Your daily dose of leadership. Helping you become the leader others need you to be. The Art of Leadership Daily features highlights of some of the best conversations Carey Nieuwhof has with world-class leaders like Andy Stanley, Simon Sinek, Susan Cain, Craig Groeschel, Adam Grant, Annie F. Downs, Seth Godin and more. Each Monday through Friday, in about ten minutes or less, The Art of Leadership Daily brings you principles to help you grow every day so that you can become the leader others need you to be. Hosted by Joe Terrell.

The Crossway Podcast


Preview: Demystifying Decision Making by Aimee Joseph

In this preview episode of Aimee Joseph's new book, 'Demystifying Decision-Making: A Practical Guide', Aimee highlights the “drama of decision-making” and explains how our worldview shapes our approach to making choices—often more than we realize.

This special episode includes the introduction and first chapter.

Blessed: Conversations on the Book of Revelation with Nancy Guthrie


Join best-selling author and speaker Nancy Guthrie as she talks with leading scholars and bible teachers through friendly yet theologically robust conversations with the goal of better understanding the book of Revelation.

The 4:8 Men Podcast

Christian Huff

How We Went from Reckless Living to Truly Following Jesus

Jacob Mayo, Christian's brother-in-law and husband to Bella Robertson Mayo, is in the studio to discuss baseball burnout, functional fitness, and how to create your own discipline and stay motivated. They talk about the major red flags that you're not truly following Jesus and look back at what it took to confront their lust, selfishness, and recklessness. Jacob also shares a hilarious story about Willie Robertson that you've got to hear! — Get a FREE 1-year supply of Vitamin D & 5 FREE travel packs with your first purchase!
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The Village Church - Sermons

The Village Church

Lament and Hope

There are moments when the brokenness becomes so vivid it wakes us to see our world for what it is. Let us lift our heads and turn our eyes to our Lord, our only real hope.

Learning How to See with Brian McLaren

Center for Action and Contemplation

Bonus: Begin Again from the Very Beginning

On this bonus episode, Brian, Gigi, Mike and Paul conclude the season in their reflections on the dynamics of suffering and the art of beginning again in order to learn how to see.
The prayers/intentions used in this season can be found here at the following links, depending on where you listen to podcasts: Apple | Spotify | RadioPublic | Stitcher

The transcript for this episode can be found here.

Brian's e-book: Why Don't They Get It?

Song: Bruce Colburn - "Us All" (Youtube)

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Apologia Radio

Apologia Radio, Jeff Durbin

#386 - Defending the Faith & Tales From the Street

Join us for the newest episode of Apologia Radio in which we tell some stories from our on the street evangelism with the Mormons this past week and we do a little engaging with some foundational issues in regard to defending The Christian Faith. We are joined by Jeremiah Roberts from Cultish.

Joyce Meyer's Talk It Out Podcast

Joyce Meyer

Welcome to the Talk It Out podcast with Joyce Meyer, Ginger Stache, Jai, and Erin Cluley. To learn more, visit our website at or download the Joyce Meyer Ministries App. By supporting Joyce Meyer Ministries, you can help us reach hurting people around the world. To find out more, go to


The Voice of the Martyrs

John Chau: Going at Any Cost

Romans 10:14 asks, “How are they to hear without someone preaching?” Dr. Pam Arlund, Global Training and Research Leader for All Nations International, joins The Voice of the Martyrs Radio this week to share about John Chau’s mission to North Sentinel Island, where he was killed in 2018. Arlund was part of screening John for mission service and training him to go and serve. As a teenager, John sensed God calling him to take the gospel to the Sentinelese people. For nine years, he prepared to go to the island, live among the people, learn their language and share Christ with them. John’s story and legacy are being commemorated this year on Day of the Christian Martyr. Listen as Arlund shares her memories of John, including his hunger for training and knowledge and his in-depth preparation and planning for life on the island. She’ll also talk about the days after John’s murder, the extreme pressure All Nations leaders experienced from media and oth

The Living Waters Podcast

Living Waters

Ep. 52 - The Power of the Resurrection

Our topic today, the resurrection, is foundational to our faith and accounts for half of the gospel. We often hear the phrase “Jesus died for you”, but that is only a partial understanding of the gospel. The resurrection was a declaration of victory and the solidification of the Apostles’ faith. The resurrection solidified and affirmed that Jesus was really who he claimed to be. It also proclaimed the impact it has on our eternal souls, because his resurrection is now our own resurrection victory. The Scripture tells us that it is through the resurrection of Christ that we are born again. Ultimately, everything lies and rests upon this very act.  For critics, there is ample historical evidence that Jesus rose from the dead. The guards themselves reported what they had seen, but were quickly paid off to keep quiet. We often make our choices on what we believe based on facts, but God didn't create us to be fact-based creatures. We ar

Heart of Dating

Kait Warman

162: Masculine Energy in Dating with Rachel Sherrill

Rachel Sherrill returns for another episode deep diving into masculine energy, polarization, and how to create a safe space.

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Kait wrote a book! Sn

Bright Hearth

Brian Sauvé, Lexy Sauvé

Bright Hearth podcast exists to recover the lost arts of homemaking and the productive Christian household.

1 Year Daily Audio Bible

Brian Hardin

DAB May 26 - 2022

2 Sam 9:1-11:27, John 15:1-27, Ps 119:49-64, Pr 16:1-3

Dr Taylor Marshall Catholic Show

Taylor Marshall

828: Don’t Baptize on Hair! 9 Causes of Invalid/Doubtful Baptisms [Podcast]

  Watch this new podcast episode by clicking here: Or listen to the audio mp3 here: If you’d like to order a copy of Taylor’s new book Infiltration: The Plot to Destroy the Church from Within, you can order it in Hardback, Kindle, or Audiobook. Check out Patreon Patron Benefits for Donating to Dr Taylor […]
The post 828: Don’t Baptize on Hair! 9 Causes of Invalid/Doubtful Baptisms [Podcast] appeared first on Taylor Marshall.

FamilyLife Today®

FamilyLife Podcast Network

Keith & Kristyn Getty: Authentic Worship

If we can't sing, does musical worship still matter? Songwriters Keith & Kristyn Getty dig into the theology of how authentic worship shapes our families.
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The Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast

Art of Leadership Network

CNLP 499 | Daniel Pink on His Writing Habits, Speechwriting for Al Gore, Why People are Floundering with Negative Emotions, and How Religion Can Help

Multiple New York Times bestselling author, Daniel Pink, returns to the podcast and shares his writing habits, his time in politics including speechwriting for Al Gore, why people are floundering with what to do with negative emotions, and how a religious framework can help. Get more from this episode by going to

You're Not Crazy

Sam Allberry, Ray Ortlund, The Gospel Coalition

Are you a young pastor who might be tempted to give up, to even hate the ministry, wondering what on earth you signed up for? In this new podcast, pastors Ray Ortlund and Sam Allberry set out to encourage and remind you that you're not crazy.

As For Me And My House

Jordan & Milena Ciciotti

Replacing Worry with Peace

Did you know that there are 365 instances throughout Bible where we are told not to worry? That’s literally one for every day of the year! It’s as if God gave us daily reasons to trust in Him for our peace and and not in our circumstances. Join us as we unpack some practical application from Scripture about how we can experience “peace that surpasses all understanding.” Also, leave a prayer request in the comments regarding something you are worried/anxious about and we will be praying for you. And feel free to respond to others’ requests as well. God bless you always!Thank you to our sponsors for bringing you today’s show—check out the links below for special savings and promotions!Better Help - Get 10% off your first month at - Get a free indoor security camera and 20% off with interactive monitoring at - Protect your family with term life insurance now, in just 10 minutes. Apply today

Think Biblically: Conversations on Faith & Culture

Talbot School of Theology at Biola University / Sean McDowell & Scott Rae

Darwinian Racism (with Richard Weikart)

What exactly is the connection between Darwinian evolutionary theory and what is often called “social Darwinism” that emerged out of it—that includes eugenics and race based selection and preferences. Historian Richard Weikart has been with us before on the ideological roots of Naziism, and he extends his past work to connect the philosophy underlying Darwinian evolutionary theory and the race based implications coming out of it, both in Nazi Germany and the current white nationalist movement. Join Scott and Sean for this fascinating historical look at some of the ideas that came out of Darwin’s work on evolution.Dr. Weikart's latest book is Darwinian Racism: How Darwinism Influenced Hitler, Nazism, and White Nationalism.Dr. Richard Weikart is Professor Emeritus of History at California State University, Stanislaus. He is also Senior Fellow for the Center for Science and Culture at the Discovery Institute. He is the author of seve

Sarah Jakes Roberts Sermons

Sarah Jakes Roberts Sermons

#6 - Navigating Race & Friendship with Christine Caine

Navigating Race & Friendship with Christine Caine

Knowing Faith

Training The Church

#150 – The One Q&A To Rule Them All

Jen Wilkin, JT English, and Kyle Worley celebrate episode 150 of Knowing Faith by answering questions submitted by listeners! Questions Covered in This Episode:How do we reconcile judgment day with the knowledge that when we repent God forgets or casts away our sins?Will we see King Saul in heaven?Are false stories the same thing as worldviews?How can brothers in Christ best supportz sisters in Christ who are pursuing some form of ministry in the US context?Is the soul inherently gendered as male and female? If yes or no, what are the implications for complementarianism?Do you consider women’s bible study and women’s ministry the same thing?Can you help me understand the difference between the ontological and economic Trinity? Why does it matter?What are your thoughts on Paul saying to not pay attention to genealogies in 1 Timothy?Why is the Father referred to as God the Father but Christ is referred to as the Son of God, not God the S


Justin Brierley

Classic Replay: Is there evidence for a cosmic creator? Hugh Ross vs Lewis Wolpert

Recorded at Imperial College London in 2012. Christian astrophysicist Hugh Ross of Reasons To Believe debated atheist biologist Lewis Wolpert.

Ross brought evidence for God from Big Bang cosmology, explaining why scientific advance provides a testable model of Biblical Creation.  Wolpert said that belief in God is a by-product of evolution and nothing more.

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Terrible Parables


Sometimes the Good Book doesn’t sound all that great. Fortunately, first impressions can be misleading, and the surprise of grace may be hiding in plain sight. Welcome to Terrible Parables, the podcast where a scholar, a pastor, and an anxious Christian look for good news in passages of scripture that appear strange or unnerving. Brought to you by Mockingbird Ministries and hosted by Cali Yee, along with Bryan Jarrell and Todd Brewer. You can find out more about Mockingbird at Audio production by TJ Hester.


Alex & Lokelani Wilson


God's Word gives us spiritual sight. 

Verity by Phylicia Masonheimer

Phylicia Masonheimer

070 | Who Was Saint Valentine?

With Valentine's Day around the corner, we're talking about the day's namesake this week! Who was Valentine? What did he do? You'll learn why Valentine's Day is not just about flowers and chocolates and why it can inspire you to outreach this February.    Free Valentine Celebration Guide URL to the Valentine Celebration Guide: 

Pray the Word with David Platt


We Need Jesus (Job 15:14)

In this episode of Pray the Word on Job 15:14, David Platt reminds us that we need Jesus and that he alone is able to overcome temptation.

Joel Osteen Podcast

Joel Osteen

Kiss It Goodbye

There are people and opportunities that were assigned to your past but are not assigned to your future. Let God heal the wounds of your past so you can step into the destiny He has prepared for you!Your best days are still ahead, and together we can make a difference in this world with the message of God's hope and love.To give visit

Talking Scripture

Mike Day & Bryce Dunford

Ep 154 | Joshua, Come Follow Me (May 23-29)

Show Notes Enroll in Institute Timestamps: 00:26 – A brief overview of these chapters. 02:46 – Balancing the violence in Joshua with modern revelation and other ways of interpreting the text. 12:37 – If we want the Lord’s help in conflict, then we need to do things the Lord’s way. TheContinue Reading
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Let's Talk

Jackie Hill Perry, Melissa Kruger, Jasmine Holmes

Let’s Talk is a podcast for women from The Gospel Coalition Podcast Network. On each episode, Jackie Hill Perry, Melissa Kruger, and Jasmine Holmes talk about a different topic and how to apply biblical wisdom to everyday life.

Faith Matters

Faith Matters Foundation

117. Faith in Action — Fiona Givens and Britta Ellwanger

Joseph Smith taught that faith is a “principle of action.” Although the world is full of crises and challenges, as Latter-day Saints, we are called to care for those in need with love and courage. In this week’s episode, Fiona Givens and Britta Ellwanger share stories from their recent efforts to put their faith into action. When Russia launched its attack on Ukraine, Fiona felt an inspired pull on her heart to help this situation however she could. That led her to catalyzing prayer and relief efforts in her ward and beyond, and then, in the last two weeks, journeying to Ukraine to join Britta and deliver humanitarian aid directly to those who need it.Fiona Givens is the author of several books, including All Things New which was published by Faith Matters last year and The God Who Weeps, both co-authored with her husband Terryl. Britta Ellwanger has been living, working, and investing in Ukraine for ten years. Britta’

Kids Bible Stories

Jessica White

#249A: Money part 3: The LOVE of Money

Matthew 6:19-21 & 1 Timothy: 6-10,17-19
You will hear this episode start out just like last weeks however, keep listening because we are adding in different scriptures and discussing a new application. We will hear God's warning about money but also His promises. The kids will understand that money itself isn't bad, it's the LOVE of money that gets us into trouble. We apply this on a very practical level as well as discuss what the Bible says about storing up treasures in heaven. 
I hope you enjoy it! Thank you for sharing the Bible with your kids!
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One Minute Scripture Study: A Come Follow Me Podcast

Kristen Walker Smith and Cali Black

"Trail Mix and M&Ms"; Genesis 18:32

There is only one thing that I really enjoy about eating trail mix. Anyone with me?! Let’s talk about M&Ms today.    Get our 365-day Old Testament daily devotional book: And grab Cali’s scripture study guide here: Discount code: OMSS   music courtesy of

Another Name For Every Thing with Richard Rohr

Center for Action and Contemplation

Love After Love

Richard Rohr, in conversation with Brie Stoner and Paul Swanson, takes a retrospective look over the entire arc of the five seasons of Another Name of Every Thing. Reflecting on each theme of the previous seasons we honor the wisdom of Richard and pepper him with refreshed questions on practical application for living out the lessons of the Universal Christ in our daily lives.
It has been a tremendous gift for the CAC to serve our community through this podcast. Thank you for your ongoing support in this project and those to come! Stay subscribed to this feed as we will post updates on future projects.
Deep apologies for the varying qualities of audio from Richard's mic on this final episode. We had a computer malfunction during the production of this episode. Thankfully the majority of the audio was recovered.

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MarriageToday with Jimmy & Karen Evans

XO Podcast Network, Jimmy Evans, Karen Evans

The Skills to Succeed in Marriage

Marriage on the Rock Ep. 1
Marriage doesn’t have to be full of frustration and disappointment, you can have a passionate relationship that will stand the test of time.
From communication to money to sex, the best-selling book and series, Marriage on the Rock, clearly deals with all the major issues a couple will encounter. Leading marriage instructor Jimmy Evans discusses practical real-life challenges and offers easy to understand solutions even if you are the only one willing to work on the relationship.

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The High Note with Tauren Wells


Ep 12: Season 1 Finale

Get an intimate glimpse into the Wells marriage on their 10-year anniversary. Listen in as Tauren and Lorna talk candidly about how they met, who kissed who first, racism in thechurch, and rebuilding unity after addiction. You’ll discover the path to happily ever after isn’t always easy, but it’s always worth it, because the greatest life comes when you’re fully known and still fully loved. And make sure to stick around to get the scoop as Tauren reveals the name of baby #4, due in April. It may be the Season 1 finale, but it’s not the end of The High Note. Make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out on future Season 2 episodes. Follow Tauren on Instagram @TaurenWells and Lorna @LornaBrittany #LifeHack-Tauren’s brother-in-law Brandon Macey is back helping you calibrate your life in 2021 so you can begin to be. Listen to Brandon Macey at The RW Podcast or follow him on Instragram @TheRWPodcast_ or FaceBook @TheRWPodcast  

Tipping Point with Jimmy Evans

XO Podcast Network, Jimmy Evans

Should Christians Prepare for Famine Before the Rapture?

On the Tipping Point show this week, I answer the question, are Christians going through the rapture? I also go into detail on how Christians should prepare for famines.
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With So Much Love, E+O

Shoreline City Church

Welcome to the With So Much Love, E+O Podcast! Follow along as Shoreline City Pastors Earl and Oneka McClellan give us a glimpse into their life, and cover topics from marriage, to parenthood, to dating, to leadership, to team building, and all the things we need in order to grow in our every-day relationships!

Stand Up For The Truth Podcast

David Fiorazo

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]


Hunter Beless

Hoping in the Promises of God’s Word with Joni Eareckson Tada

Today we have the privilege of chatting with Joni Eareckson Tada! This conversation is rich with encouragement to lift our eyes to Jesus and cling to his Word in the midst of our current trials and afflictions. We pray this conversation with Joni spurs you to seek to know and love God and his Word and to long for eternity.  This is the last episode in our Knowing and Loving the Bible series. We’re so grateful to all of you who listened and we cannot wait to be back in your earbuds in July!  FULL SHOW NOTES   DISCUSSION QUESTIONS What role has reading, seeing, saying, and singing Scripture played in your life? How might you continue to do that more regularly? How has God’s Word met you in the midst of your suffering? How does the Bible point us to what we have to look forward to in eternity? How might you keep this perspective in mind? What scriptural songs give you hope in the midst of difficulty? Perhaps play

Prayers of REST

Asheritah Ciuciu

Do you feel distracted when you pray? Or maybe you just feel too busy to spend time in prayer? In the Prayers of REST podcast, bestselling author and Bible teacher Asheritah Ciuciu will gently guide you in praying God’s Word through weekly episodes that are only 10 minutes long. Perfect for Christian women on the go, Prayers of REST will guide you in resting in God's presence even on the busiest days so you can find joy in Jesus wherever you are. Subscribe to get your weekly prayer and download your free REST prayer bookmark at

Bishop Barron’s Sunday Sermons - Catholic Preaching and Homilies

Bishop Robert Barron

Sacrifice, Covenant, Banquet

Friends, we come this weekend to the Feast of Corpus Christi, the Body and the Blood of Christ. The Eucharist, as Vatican II famously said, is the source and summit of the Christian life—that from which Christian life comes and that toward which it tends. It's the alpha and the omega of our Christianity. Our three marvelous readings today bring forth three key aspects of the Eucharist: re-presented sacrifice, blood covenant, and spiritual banquet.

Abiding Together

Heather Khym, Michelle Benzinger, Sister Miriam James Heidland

S11 E06 Mother Part 4: Communion in Motherhood

In this episode, we conclude our conversation on motherhood focusing on the feminine genius of maternity. We speak about how to grow in spiritual maternity to allow new life and lasting fruit to come forth through us. We discuss the need to continue to allow others to mother us, as well as the importance of showing up for ourselves and tending to our own needs. We revisit the ideas of abiding in the Lord and living a right-ordered life in community in order to live our vocations as mothers. We pray this week you would bring forth the life God desires to birth in you. Sister Miriam’s one thing - Prayer from Mother Mary Francis “Our Lady is a home where people are helped to be what they can be, to grow to the maturity for which God has destined them. Like her, the family is called to be a place where someone helps me to rise when I stumble. Always a hand reaches out to sustain me, and my hand goes out to help the stumbling one. Al

5 Minutes in Church History with Stephen Nichols

Ligonier Ministries

Deserted Island with Michael Reeves

Do you find it challenging to choose a favorite book? On this episode of 5 Minutes in Church History, Dr. Stephen Nichols invites special guest Dr. Michael Reeves to share which five books he would take with him on a deserted island and why. Read the transcript: A donor-supported outreach of Ligonier Ministries. Donate:

Pardon the Mess with Cynthia Yanof

Christian Parenting

The Art of Getting it Wrong with Stephen and Amanda Miller

Imagine having seven children and living in an RV. I know, I can’t either. Stephen and Amanda Miller are doing just that and today we get a sneak peek into their lives!    In his new book, Art of Getting it Wrong, Stephen reminds us that our failures are not final, and that it’s in those same failures where we learn to live courageously. It’s so easy to think our worth is equal to the sum of our successes and failures, but Stephen and Amanda help us dispel that notion and encourage us to follow God’s lead.    We also talk about adoption and finding God’s calling in our lives, and the Millers detail how God is using YouTube and their millions of downloads (literally) to point people back to him.    Thankful to each of you for joining us and can’t wait for you to hear from the Millers!    Resources from today's show:  The Art of Getting it Wrong The Miller Fam YouTube Helping Moms Raise Confident Daughters Every Hom

Insight for Living Daily Broadcast

Chuck Swindoll - Insight for Living Ministries

Two Deaths . . . A Study in Contrast, Part 1

David: A Man of Passion and Destiny

Keith and Raven Beyond The Altar

Keith and Raven Hartwell

Here on Beyond The Altar we explore marriage beyond the wedding bells, vows, "I do's", and kisses and look at the life that happens after. After the alter, marriage life starts and it's not always happiness but there is always God and the ONLY way to better days is by acknowledging Him and His presence beyond the alter in your life. Redemption, growth, forgiveness, and eternal happiness become our destiny and gift when we focus to the cross and take the steps necessary. Welcome to our lives as we use our experiences and advice to point others to the cross.

The GraceLaced Podcast with Ruth Chou Simons

Ruth Chou Simons + GraceLaced Co.

Ep. 08 | Rest is Productive

It's definitely countercultural and it may seem counterintuitive, but what if rest really can be productive? Listen in as Ruth and Eve talk about recognizing our limitations and learning to trust God and His faithfulness more than ourselves.Resources mentioned:Ten Words to Live By by Jen WilkinGraceLaced by Ruth Chou SimonsBeholding and Becoming by Ruth Chou SimonsScripture mentioned:Luke 10:38-42From the GraceLaced Blog:Dear Mom Who Refuses to Rest

UMD Newman Catholic Campus Ministry

Father Mike Schmitz

06/05/22 Given For Some Benefit

Homily from Pentecost Sunday. The greatest gift is to make yourself available. The Holy Spirit, poured out on the apostles (and the entire Church) at Pentecost would have gone to waste without the most important reality: the disciples made themselves available to be used by God for the service of the people around them. Mass Readings from June 5, 2022: Acts 2:1-11 Psalms 104:1, 24, 29-31, 341 Corinthians 12:3-7, 12-13 John 20:19-23

We're Going There with Bianca Juarez Olthoff


Author, speaker, and Christian leader, Bianca Juarez Olthoff invites guests to discuss relevant topics affecting all aspects of our lives. From relationships to race relations, faith to fashion, the conversations will leave you with practical tips, fun ways to talk about tough topics, and stories with amazing people to impact your life. No topic is off the table and faith will always be at the forefront of the conversation. So... WE'RE GOING THERE! For more on Bianca like her books Play With Fire and How To Have Your Life Not Suck, visit

Catholic Stuff You Should Know

J. 10 Initiative


State of the Union

Catholic Answers Live

Catholic Answers

#10668 Open Forum - Jimmy Akin

Questions Covered:

06:35 – Why do we say “For us men and for our salvation” instead of just “For our salvation” in the Nicene Creed?
11:40 – What changed in the teachings of the death penalty when Pope Francis changed the Catechism? Does that mean we were wrong this whole time?
16:17 – Can demons reveal accurate knowledge of the future to people they communicate with?
22:20 – Is there a theologian or doctor of the Church that can speak on how prayer affects daily living?
31:39 – How do we Catholics reconcile the tension between God’s active will and His permissive will as it pertains to divine inspiration?
39:11 – Hebrews 10:14. What does it mean by “perfected for all time?”
46:01 – Did Luke and Mark personally know Jesus?
50:16 – What is the Church’s teaching on people who claim to be Catholic and communicate with the dead?

First15 Devotional


The Power of Faith

Today we’re wrapping up our week on faith by looking at the power of faith. Trusting in God changes things. Faith is powerful. As we’re going to discover today, when we choose a lifestyle of faith, our life shifts and comes in greater alignment with God’s desires, his kingdom. May God fill our hearts with faith, and may our lives be filled with the fruit of trusting in our good and able God.   Our Scripture for today comes from Hebrews 11:30, and today's worship is Walls Come Down (feat. Michael Perry) by  ReFRESH Worship. --   Faith doesn’t happen on its own. It’s a byproduct of time spent experiencing the faithfulness of our God. It’s a gift given to us by the Giver of good gifts, himself.    It was a supernatural faith that allowed Paul to sing even while in chains. It was supernatural faith that allowed Peter to proclaim the gospel, even unto death. And it’s supernatural faith that will carry you to and through the greatest gospel opportunities in fro

Girls Night with Stephanie May Wilson

Stephanie May Wilson

Girls Night with Stephanie May Wilson is a weekly, interview-style podcast that feels more like a coffee date with your mentor + a conversation with your best friends (over pizza and wine of course!).  The episodes will walk you through the biggest transitions we face as 20 and 30-something women: Being single and getting into a relationship, getting engaged and then married, becoming a mom, changing jobs, moving to a new city — and it will help you stay close to your friends (and strong in your faith!) through it all.

Pearls with Kristi McLelland


Ep 3 - Sabbath: Celebration of Restoration

Today we are going to learn about Sabbath through Middle Eastern eyes and through the historic cultural context of the Bible. Sabbath is other than, more than and better than the ways we usually think of Sabbath here in the West. The world has a way of knocking rest right out of us. The Bible paints a beautiful picture of Sabbath as running so much deeper, wider and more than merely resting after working, catching our breath in the rat race of life.  
There are 2 systems at play in the world. There is empire and there is kingdom. Empire is anchored in scarcity, and functions within striving and straining. There’s never enough and the acquisition of more is the way to make sure you have enough. Kingdom is sabbathed, functioning within sufficiency and quiet trust in the Living God as our Father. It can relinquish because it trusts that there will be enough. We are not orphans or the fatherless. We can rest because He is

Your Daily Prayer


A Prayer for Using Our Gifts to Glorify God

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Help Me Teach The Bible

The Gospel Coalition, Nancy Guthrie

Michael Horton on the Campaign for Core Christianity (Re-release)

In this episode of Help Me Teach the Bible, Nancy talked with Michael Horton of Westminster Seminary in California about his book and biblical teaching campaign Core Christianity. In addition to being the author of many popular and academic books, Horton is the editor-in-chief of Modern Reformationmagazine, one of the hosts of the White Horse Innradio broadcast, and a minister in the United Reformed Churches.In their conversation on his book Core Christianity: Finding Yourself in God’s Story, they discuss why those we teach need training in doctrine, the way God speaks to us today, and whether the purpose of our lives as Christians is to change the world.

The Just Different Podcast

Darin & Jordan Starks


In this episode we talk about everything concerning burnout and what it means to find true rest in God when you feel you're at the end of yourself and your strength. Hope this blesses y'all! 

Just Thinking Podcast

Darrell Harrison & Virgil Walker

EP # 118 | A Biblical Response to Perfectionism

Behavioral perfectionism – not to be confused with the doctrine sometimes referred to as Christian perfectionism or sinless perfection – is a sin many professing Christians struggle with (yes, it is a sin). But not only is the individual perfectionist affected by their behavior, so are those who are closest to them. In this episode of the Just Thinking podcast, Darrell Harrison and Virgil “Omaha” Walker leverage their experience as biblical counselors to walk you through what the Word of God, and other trusted biblical sources, have to say about dealing biblically with the issue of behavioral perfectionism toward the goal of gaining victory over it.

Counseling the Perfectionist – article by Cody Newcome, Association of Certified Biblical Counselors
Lay Aside the Weight of Perfection – article by Jon Bloom, Desiring God
The Sin of Perfectionism (PDF) – article by Dr. Stanley G. Gale
You Can Change

Living on the Edge with Chip Ingram Daily Podcast

Chip Ingram

Doing Good - The High Cost of Not Doing Good, Part 2

Have you ever had the urge to do something nice for someone, but then decided to push that urge down and keep moving? Join Chip as he exposes what happens when we choose not to do good.

Live No Lies Podcast

John Mark Comer

Roberta Ahmanson on the Parallels Between 5th Century Roman Culture & Our Secular Moment

For those of you that felt like 6 episodes wasn't quite enough, this one is for you. Roberta Ahmanson is a brilliant expert on all things Church History. For context, she logged in for this remote interview with John Mark from a library of 20,000 books, all of which she's read ... Based on the premise that there is much to learn from the Church's history, John Mark and Roberta rewind to the culture of 5th century Rome to discuss the parallels between that moment and our own, and how Christians functioned in the midst of it. 

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Love Worth Finding on

Adrian Rogers

Father: Leader of the Band

In this message from Psalm 128, Adrian Rogers reveals several ways dads can be the leaders God has called them to be.

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Stand to Reason Weekly Podcast

Greg Koukl

Another Conversation with YouTube Atheist PineCreek Doug

In audio from Canadian Catholic’s YouTube show, Greg interacts with YouTube atheist PineCreek Doug and others.

Interview: Greg interacts with YouTube atheist PineCreek Doug and others on Canadian Catholic’s YouTube show (00:00)

What is your view on Street Epistemology? (01:00)

Do you think it’s okay for atheists to ask Christians questions designed to make them doubt? (06:00)

Do Christians take advantage of people in crisis when they evangelize them? (09:00)

Is having a warm tingly feeling in your chest a good reason to become a Christian? (22:00)

Since it’s God’s fault that I’m not a Christian, doesn’t it follow that I’m going to Hell because of what God didn’t do? (28:00)

What does “good” mean? (45:00)

What’s your stance on evolution? (49:00)

What do yo

The Cold-Case Christianity Podcast

J. Warner Wallace

Are Miracles Reasonable and If So, When?

A new book offers a template to evaluate miracle claims. What would YOU accept as evidence of a true miracle? Is there a template we might use to be more certain? J. Warner and Jimmy Wallace discuss recent news articles in this episode of the NRBtv Cold-Case Christianity Broadcast.

The Emotionally Healthy Leader Podcast

Pete Scazzero

Part 5 | Enlarge Your Soul Through Grief and Loss | Emotionally Healthy Spirituality Series

Grief and loss are a central part of our humanity. It comes without our permission and against our will. But this is why suffering is how God uniquely opens our hearts and transforms us. Today's episode is a continuation of an 8-week podcast series in which we explore the seminal work from Emotionally Healthy Spirituality. If you are a pastor, leader, or listener and you want to start the journey toward emotional and spiritual health, this series is a must-listen.

BYU Speeches

BYU Speeches

Faith in the Lord, Faith in Ourselves | Tiffany Turley Bowcut | 2022

“In order for us to have faith in the Lord, we have to get to know Him. And one of the beautiful things I have found in learning about the Lord is that the more I learn about Him, the more I also learn about myself and who I am to Him."

Developing faith in ourselves requires us to trust in the Lord as well as have faith in His great plan and our part in it.

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The Handlebar podcast

Aaron Smith, Raffi Greco, Elyssa Smith, Sarahbeth Smith

The handlebar podcast is conversations around questions that people are asking and giving ‘handlebars’ to hold onto as you move forward in the Faith. Episodes drop every Monday. ✌🏽

Bridgetown Audio Podcast

Bridgetown Church

AAPI Heritage: Transracial Adoption

For the month of May, we are honoring Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month. Each week, members of our church family will be sharing stories that acknowledge and celebrate AAPI history and culture – from their lived experiences and the world at-large. Listen as Emily Gross and Kylee Logan discuss adoption and growing up in a transracial home.

Restore The Glory Podcast

Jake Khym & Bob Schuchts

The Healing Process (Part 1)

Jake and Dr. Bob get practical about the healing process and provide examples of what it looks like to allow Christ to be the Healer.    Note to listeners: there was an issue with Jake's audio in this episode and we are working to fix this for future recordings. Thanks for your patience. Key Points: Examples of inner healing happen throughout Scripture The pattern of healing through Christ looks like this: Always begins with an encounter with Jesus, Him seeing the person and their true dignity Jesus speaks the truth with hope and love Jesus offers himself as a remedy The Raising of Lazarus is a great analogy of our woundedness and healing through Christ There has to be awareness and desire for healing to take place. This takes humility. We have to understand what what it means to be human in order to enter into healing Begin the process of healing by deepening self-awareness and identifying where you are currently struggling Let Jesus be the H

Joseph Prince Audio Podcast

Joseph Prince

Special Resurrection Sunday Program: Stand On Favor Ground

Join Joseph to discover how you can actively take hold of God's favor and receive your breakthrough.

Turning to The Mystics with James Finley

Center for Action and Contemplation

The Cloud of Unknowing: Listener Questions

In this episode, Jim and Kirsten answer questions that were submitted by the listeners during the airing of the 5th season around The Cloud of Unknowing.
Due to the length of this episode, we are providing key markers so you can move around the episode however it best applies to your path.
00:02:38 – Recapping The Cloud of Unknowing
00:05:19 – Gender and The Cloud of Unknowing
00:07:38 – Questions about The Path
00:11:55 – Using Words and Anchors in Meditation
00:14:09 – Encountering Anxiety During Meditation
00:22:23 – Working with Non-Attachment and Fear
00:27:30 – Meditation in Group Settings
00:30:32 – Difficult Emotions During Practice
00:33:51 – Accepting Yourself During Practice
00:36:14 – The Cloud and Working with Painful Memories
00:41:19 – Working with Pain and the Infinite
00:43:56 – Struggling to Connect with Unitive Consciousness

What Have You

Canon Press

178: Life Onions

This week we chat through hectic schedules and some parenting thoughts.
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Book of Mormon Central

Book of Mormon Central

Come Follow Me Insights (1 Kings 17–19, Jun 27–Jul 3)

Come Follow Me Insights (1 Kings 17–19, Jun 27–Jul 3) by Book of Mormon Central

Changing Your World Podcast with Creflo Dollar

World Changers Church International

Are Works Permitted Under Grace?

Sometimes we may wonder whether works are necessary now that we are under grace. If we choose to depend on the Law of Moses to justify us, then that means we are declaring ourselves righteous by self-performance. Grace means we no longer have to perform according to the Law to get God to bless us or show us favor. But we must not get confused between the works of the Law and the works of faith. To support the ministry financially, text "CDMPodcast" to 74483 or visit

The Gospel Truth

Andrew Wommack Ministries

Lessons From Elijah: Episode 20

We can all learn from hard knocks, but it's a lot less painful to learn by example. Elijah's story is full of great examples, both good and bad.

The Lord of Spirits

Fr. Andrew Stephen Damick, Fr. Stephen De Young, and Ancient Faith Ministries

Prophet Motive

What is prophecy? Who is a prophet? Do prophets predict the future? Does prophecy still happen in our times? What is the difference between a prophet and an apostle? How can we recognize a true prophet or prophecy? Join Fr. Stephen De Young and Fr. Andrew Stephen Damick as they look at the Biblical vision of the prophetic ministry.

Letters From Home

St. Paul Center

Why God's Work Comes Before Good Work - Saturday of the Fifth Week of Easter

The St. Paul Center's daily scripture reflections from the Mass for Saturday of the Fifth Week of Easter by Mr. Clement Harrold. Easter Weekday / Christopher Magallanes, Priest & Companions, Martyrs First Reading: Acts 16: 1-10 Responsorial Psalm: Psalms 100: 2, 3, 5 Alleluia: Colossians 3: 1 Gospel: John 15: 18-21 Learn more about the Mass at

Simply Put

Ligonier Ministries

38. The Revealed and Hidden Will of God

You don't need handwriting in the sky in order to discover God's will for your life. In this episode, Barry Cooper helps us to distinguish between the revealed and hidden will of God and what we can know about both. Read the transcript:

Fresh Life Church

Pastor Levi Lusko

Dealing With Depression

No one is immune from bad days and dark moments and getting down in the dumps. Learn from Elijah’s life on how to pray like it’s up to you, trust like it’s up to God, not take yourself too serious, and how to look up when you’re feeling down.

Truth Seekers: Bible Stories for Kids

Sherilyn R. Grant

#150: Meet Esther

Esther 1-2. God’s favor was upon Esther, just as His favor had been upon Joseph and Daniel in a foreign land. God’s favor is never an end unto itself. God places favor on the lives of His people for the calling He has placed on their lives. God calls you and I to live out …

Passion + Purpose Podcast

Louie Giglio

Passion 2022 - Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow rallies us around our collective macro mission, to love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength, as we faithfully pursue the micro missions that God uniquely designed for each of us. As long as we have breath, we have a purpose.— Passion 2022 was held on January 2-3, 2022 at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, GA. To experience Passion conference for yourself, visit — Subscribe to Passion Conference’s channel to see more messages and videos: — Check out Passion’s books, music, and more at — PASSION EXISTS TO SEE A GENERATION LEVERAGE THEIR LIVES FOR WHAT MATTERS MOST. To live in such a way that their journey on earth counts for what is most important in the end. For us at Passion, that’s the fame of the One who rescues and restores, and the privilege we have to amplify His name in everything we do. To stay conne

Ask Father Josh (Your Catholic Question and Answer Podcast)

Ascension Catholic Faith Formation

Bringing Children to Mass, Stations of the Cross Outside of Lent, and Altar Servers

In this episode, Fr. Josh answers questions on bringing children to Mass, praying the Stations of the Cross outside of Lent, and understanding rules around altar servers.
Snippet From the Show
Jesus is always inviting you to enter more deeply into the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.
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Submit your questions and feedback to Fr.Josh by filling out a form at

Jentezen Franklin Podcast

Jentezen Franklin

The End Times in Our Times

It’s safe to say we’re living in interesting times—the question each of us needs to ask is, in light of the times and in light of scripture, how then should we live? It’s certainly a little less fashionable to be a Christian these days, so what do you do with that? Is it best to blend into our culture in hopes of having a little bit of influence? Or has the time come that it’s more important we stand out and draw a distinct line between what culture says and what we hold to be true? Prepare to be challenged and encouraged in this message with Pastor Jentezen Franklin as he leads the way into these interesting times …

Revival Lifestyle with Isaiah Saldivar

Charisma Podcast Network

Should we keep SINNING because of grace!? Understanding the book of Romans part 3

It is time for part 3 of our verse by verse teaching of the book of Romans! I really hope this video helps with understanding the book of Romans in a bible study type of format!  "We are all guilty, and all deserve condemnation, but in the midst of that, there is no world system that can separate us from God!" -Isaiah Saldivar.   To sow    


Isaac & Angie Tolpin -, Isaac & Angie Tolpin

Cultivating Proactive Learning In Your Home

If you do this well, it makes parenting so much easier but more importantly it equips your kids to be able to become good at whatever they need to. Isaac and Angie cover five tips to helping your kids become good at taking their own initiative towards learning. All show notes, scripture references, and resources mentioned are found at COURAGEOUSPARENTING.COM.

The Evolving Faith Podcast

Evolving Faith

This is a podcast for the wounded, the misfits, and the spiritual refugees to let you know you are not alone. We're here to cultivate love and hope in the wilderness. We believe the story of God is bigger, wider, more inclusive and welcoming, filled with more love, than we could ever imagine. There's room here for everyone. There's room here for you.

Passion City Church Podcast

Passion City Church

God of the Impossible - Louie Giglio

“No matter what your season, your story can end in restoration.” Pastor Louie Giglio journeys through the book of Jeremiah, reminding us that God is a God of the impossible. There is loss in life on a broken planet, but even in the loss, God is working a redemption story. He encourages us to have ears to be attuned to the Word of God and to stand firm in our corner of faith, believing that God will do what He says He will do. VERSES // Mark 10:23, Luke 1:37, Ephesians 3:20-21, Jeremiah 1:1-5,29:1,10-14,32:1-44— With Passion City Online, you can join us every Sunday live at 9:30a and 11:45a, and our gatherings are available on-demand starting at 7p! Join us at — Subscribe to our channel to see more messages from Passion City Church: — Looking for content for your Kids? Subscribe to our Passion Kids Channel: — If you would like to


The Institute for Creation Research, Inc.

Creation.Live is a show where ICR scientists will gather with subject matter experts, apologists, and other special guests to discuss pressing issues—whether that be current research at ICR, new information that has come to light in the scientific community, or something else entirely that impacts how science ultimately points to our Creator, the Lord Jesus Christ. Whatever the topic, we hope these conversations are encouraging and enlightening in an increasingly chaotic world.

Dad Tired

Jerrad Lopes

A Parents Guide to Apologetics: Week Five

In this week's episode of A Parents Guide to Apologetics, pastor Chris Hilken walks us through the argument titled: The Problem with Evil. You can find a list of recommended resources for apologetics at:

Solid Joys Daily Devotional

Desiring God

How to Plead for Unbelievers

Prayer ascribes to God the right and honor to be the free and sovereign God that he is to choose and to save sinners.

The Jeff Cavins Show (Your Catholic Bible Study Podcast)

Ascension Catholic Faith Formation

Are Tattoos a Sin?

Is it a sin to get a tattoo? In today’s episode, Jeff responds to this very common and sometimes controversial question. Jeff offers Scriptural references, Church teaching, and great points to ponder concerning the topic of tattoos.
Snippet from the Show
Tattoo your heart with the love of Christ.
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The Catholic Talk Show

Ryan DellaCrosse, Ryan Scheel and Fr. Richard Pagano

The 10 BEST Catholic Church Songs Of All Time

In this episode of The Catholic Talk Show, the guys share their favorite Catholic hymns of all time and what makes a song great.
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Leading Saints Podcast

Leading Saints

Counseling Together as Disciples of Christ | An Interview with Frantz Belot

Dr. Frantz Belot is co-founder of Tyfoom, an engagement mobile-first platform that documents and improves communication, productivity, and training. He is also a co-founder of Tech Trep Academy, a tuition-free, public school program tailored to the unique needs of each student. He worked as an executive with Imagine Learning, which provides a complete suite of adaptive digital curriculum and assessment solutions for PreK–8 in language development, and was instrumental in helping the company to a successful acquisition.

Frantz is a native of Haiti and was raised in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He obtained his PhD from Brigham Young University in Educational Leadership with an emphasis in Organizational Behavior, and his entrepreneurial spirit permeates all aspects of life. He’s passionate about helping people access education and training so they can positively impact their lives, businesse

The Family Discipleship Podcast

Training The Church

Imperfect parents having conversations about the critically important and mostly ordinary work of leading at home.

All Things Catholic with Dr. Edward Sri

Ascension Catholic Faith Formation

Real Marriage with Dr. Edward and Beth Sri (Part 3)

How do you respond when your spouse does or says something hurtful? It is not uncommon in marriage for hurtful moments to occur. Dr. Edward and Beth Sri share some helpful advice on how to respond to such moments.
Snippet from the Show
Speaking words of forgiveness is an act of the will.
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The Roys Report

Julie Roys

Diane Langberg: Understanding Abuse of Power in the Church

Guest Bios

Show Transcript

Abuse has become epidemic in the church—and so has cover-up. But what causes abuse in the church? And how can we stop it?
In this special episode of The Roys Report, author, psychologist, and trauma expert, Dr. Diane Langberg, answers these questions with uncommon insight and clarity. 
In the opening talk of Restore 2022, Dr.

Daily Rosary Meditations

Dr. Mike Scherschligt

The Calming of the Storm

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Behold Israel

Amir Tsarfati


The Holocaust is remembered as one of the darkest hours in human history - when over six million Jews were hunted and murdered throughout Europe by the Nazis and their collaborators. The prophet Ezekiel prophesied of this time thousands of years before it would materialize. However, does the Bible predict that there will be a period in Israel's future that will be even worse than what happened during this evil era? If it does, why? Where? When? And what can we do to prevent it from happening? Tune in for Amir's new message in which he addresses the question, Will There Be Another Holocaust?

The Poco a Poco Podcast with the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal

Franciscan Friars of the Renewal

Made for Mysticism

Life of prayer is worth going "all-in" on. In this mystical identity, there's an invitation to let go of ourselves. Prayer is not authentic if we are stuck or focused on ourselves. Prayer changes as we let go of our own notion of what it should be. We are constantly invited for our hearts to be attentive and open to become mystics—to become men and women of prayer. It anchors us in the reality that we are made for relationship, we're made for prayer, and we are made to live in intimacy with God every single day of our lives. As we enter the Holy week, we're inviting everyone to let the truth be true and let God, be God. This Lent, we continue to work through Born of Fire by Fr. Innocent Montgomery, CFR. Order now (including digital copies) at The Poco a Poco podcast happens because of many generous donors, including recurring monthly donations of any amount. Thinking about helping out? You can give at

North Point Community Church

North Point Community Church

Voices // Sandra Stanley

Sandra Stanley shares five wishes she has for all of us.

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Thru the Bible on

Dr. J. Vernon McGee

Joshua 19, 20

What is a city of refuge? Catch the Bible Bus today to learn all about God’s system of grace in early Israel and how this was a picture of Jesus’ sacrifice for us on the cross. Dr. McGee reminds us that we can run to Jesus as our refuge. In Him, we find protection and freedom from all guilt and shame.

Cooper Stuff Podcast

John Cooper

Cooperstuff Ep. 115 - Culture of Death

School shootings, violence, hate, abortion, suicide…are these issues tied together? Today, instead of discussing policy issues we look at the broader topic of a culture of life versus a culture of death. We read from Proverbs 3 and show how simple belief in God’s Word could change a nation. Hope cannot be found in politics, policy, or any government. Hope is found in Jesus Christ and his Word.        ► Buy John’s new book, Awake & Alive to Truth: Finding Truth in the Chaos of a Relativistic World   ► Subscribe to the podcast:  Apple:  Spotify:  CastBox:   ► Connect with John L. Cooper on Social Media:   ► Cooper Stuff Merchandise:

The Max Lucado Encouraging Word Podcast

Max Lucado

227: Your Place in God's Story (They Walked with God Series)

Max's new book, They Walked with God: 40 Bible Characters Who Inspire Us, is available now wherever books are sold. To learn more, visit:

Kris Vallotton's Podcast

Kris Vallotton

Cultural Catalyst with Jamila Page || Why diversity in the Church is important

In this week's Cultural Catalysts podcast episode, I sat down for a conversation with Jamila Page, who is a pastor in the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry and Multi-Cultural Pastor at Bethel Church. In our conversation, we discussed the importance of culture and diversity in the Church. Jamila shared incredible revelation on the topic of race, culture, and family in Scripture.

*Please know that 30 minutes can't possibly cover such huge and important topics such as race and racism. We are all on a journey as a family here at Bethel and KV Ministries. This conversation is a peek into the healing and learning we're engaging in with Jesus and each other. We looking forward to part two of this conversation in the coming weeks.

Mornings with The Masters

Chad & Tori Masters

How To Worship God With Everything

Hi y'all! In this episode Tori and I talk about how worship is so much more than singing. It’s singing with our actions.Bible App Plan: us keep this Podcast ad free by supporting us on Patreon!Patreon: us on YouTube and IG:YouTube-'s-'s-


Summer White

You’re Angry

In this episode we discuss the difference between righteous anger, sinful anger, and how easy it is to mask our sinful anger under the guise of just "being frustrated." Join us!
The post You’re Angry appeared first on Sheologians.

For the Gospel Podcast

For the Gospel

5 Attributes of God You Must Know

In this episode Costi Hinn asks FTG contributor Jonny Ardavanis (Dean of Student Life @ The Master's University; Host of "Dial In" podcast) to unpack 5 of God's attributes that every Christian must know. Jonny chose 1) God's love, 2) God's holiness, 3) God's sovereignty, 4) God's aseity, and 5) God's jealousy. This episode will pour out truths about God that you may have never reflected on before. 

The Ten Minute Bible Hour Podcast

Matt Whitman

0632 - The Ancient Origins of the High Priesthood

Matthew 26:3-5 -      Thanks to everyone who supports TMBH at You're the reason we can all do this together! Discuss the episode here Music written and performed by Jeff Foote.


America Media

Teaser: You will never regret going to the funeral

We're having a conversation with Kerry Weber, author of a new essay in America titled "You will never regret going to the funeral." 
Read the article here and listen to the full conversation at:
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ESV Old Testament (Dramatized) - English Standard Version Bible

Faith Comes By Hearing

Genesis 1

The Creation of the World

I just want to talk about the Bible


38. Know who you are

Here is that list I mentioned listing out a few things that are true of us in Christ:Nothing can separate me from the love of God in Christ Jesus.Romans 8:38-39In Christ I am a new creation.2 Corinthians 5:17In Christ I am the righteousness of God.2 Corinthians 5:21There is no condemnation for me in Christ Jesus.Romans 8:1 Romans 8:33-34I have been adopted into the family of God. God is my Father.John 1:12-13Romans 8:14-17The Lord will never ever leave me nor forsake me.Hebrews 13:5I have the Holy Spirit.Romans 8:9I no longer am who I was. I am dead to sin and alive to God in Christ Jesus. Sin no longer has dominion over me.Romans 6:6Romans 6:11Romans 6:14Galatians 2:20God will not ever let me be tempted beyond my ability. No matter what situation I find myself in, it is never too much because God is faithful.1 Corinthians 10:13I have everything I need to live the life God has called me to live.2 Peter 1:3-4Quote I used:"Without being too technical,

The Potter's Touch on - Audio

Bishop T.D. Jakes

The Potter's Touch, a weekly program, with Bishop T.D. Jakes, tackles today's topics and confronts the hidden issues and invisible scars that go untreated. This broadcast carries healing and restoration into homes of hurting people, unearthing taboo topics and offering practical and spiritual solutions to life's toughest questions. 857311 To support this ministry financially, visit:

The Matthew West Podcast

That Sounds Fun Network

Bob Goff Is Undistracted

My guest today is a fascinating individual and one of my favorite people. He’s a bestselling author and philanthropist, showing us all how to live life to the fullest and love each other well. 
Today we are celebrating the release of his new book, Undistracted. Let’s go to the Story House with Bob Goff!
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