The Zane Lowe Interview Series

Apple Music

No Jumper

No Jumper

The Coolest Podcast In The World. Hosted by Adam22 Watch these interviews on YouTube right here:

The Danza Project

The Danza Project

The Danza Project is a live Raw & Uncut podcast touching on all the latest trending topics. Featuring @iam_danza, @krisnovacane, and @mateo_made_it. Live YouTube broadcast every week. Hit subscribe and turn on notifications for when we go live. Support this podcast:



The RAISING THE BAR Podcast is dedicated to providing a fresh and unconventional broadcast platform for the biggest names in music and entertainment. The interview insight provided by the staff of MUSICHYPEBEAST separates us from the pack. The passion of RAISING THE BAR podcast is fueled by Millennial Music culture.

Here's The Thing with Alec Baldwin


Award-winning actor Alec Baldwin takes listeners into the lives of artists, policy makers and performers. Alec sidesteps the predictable by going inside the dressing rooms, apartments, and offices of people we want to understand better: Ira Glass, Lena Dunham, David Letterman, Barbara Streisand, Tom Yorke, Chris Rock and others. Hear what happens when an inveterate guest becomes a host.

Zach Sang Show

Sangasong, LLC

Zach Sang is a multimedia superstar with a new generation of followers. He is a radio prodigy, former Nickelodeon personality, social media addict, pop culture junkie… and everyone’s best friend.

BIG FACTS with Big Bank & DJ Scream

The Black Effect and iHeartPodcasts

Two Atlanta legends Big Bank and DJ Scream bring you the long awaited BIG FACTS Podcast!

Brown Bag Mornings

Power 106

Letty Peniche and Rosecrans Vic come together for Brown Bag, the LA based (and biased) morning show from 2 hispanics who love to hustle, put people on game, and of course, clown. Check them out LIVE everyday on POWER 106 6A-10A, Monday thru Friday. 

What Had Happened Was

Stony Island Audio & Talkhouse

Season 4 of What Had Happened Was features host Open Mike Eagle in conversation with legendary drummer, band leader and Oscar winner Ahmir ‘Questlove’ Thompson. Throughout the course of the season, Questlove shares the stories behind the first four albums of the Legendary Roots Crew. Along the way, we hear Questlove’s personal rise alongside legends like Black Thought, Dilla, D’angelo, Jill Scott and many more.

Reallyfe Street Starz Podcast

Reallyfe Productions LLC

Reallyfe Street Starz brings you the real and raw authentic legends in each city. We bring the streets to the big screen and get the authentic stories.

Way Up With Angela Yee


Way Up With Angela Yee On Demand!

God's Country

iHeartPodcasts and MeatEater

“God’s Country” with brothers Dan and Reid Isbell is a rollicking weekly podcast that sits at the intersection of country music and the great outdoors. Each episode explores how today’s biggest and most talented country stars and songwriters pull inspiration from rugged,  first-hand relationships with the natural world. Nashville songwriters by profession who spent their childhoods getting muddy in the wilds of Tennessee, Dan and Reid draw on their own passion for hunting and fishing to lead a thought-provoking and fun exploration of the fundamental role of outdoor living in country music.

Tape Notes

In The Woods

Tape Notes is a podcast about the art and craft of music production. Hosted by John Kennedy, each episode reunites an artist and producer to talk about the highlights of their collaboration in the studio. Their conversations lift the lid on every stage of the creative process, from kindling the first spark of a song idea, through decisions on style and instrumentation, to finessing the final product. Full of fascinating anecdotes, the conversations also feature early demo versions and stems from the original session recordings. The result is a unique insight into the working methods of some of the most innovative and exciting talents in music.

Norah Jones Is Playing Along

Norah Jones

Norah Jones is a multi-GRAMMY winning singer and pianist who loves playing music with people, so she started her own podcast to do just that. Each episode, she sits down with a different guest for impromptu musical collaborations and candid conversation. Her guests come from all walks of life and every musical style and you never know where the songs will take them. So, come hang out in the studio. Norah Jones is Playing Along!

Life of the Record

Life of the Record

Classic albums, told by the people who made them.

Back on Figg

Back on Figg

Back on Figg Youtube Live Stream. Hosted by T-Rell and Smacc

Kreative Kontrol

Vish Khanna / Entertainment One (eOne)

Thoughtful, funny, heartfelt interviews and in-depth documentaries about musicians, authors, comedians, and other cultural creators. Support this show Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

Aria Code

WQXR & The Metropolitan Opera

Aria Code is a podcast that pulls back the curtain on some of the most famous arias in opera history, with insight from the biggest voices of our time, including Roberto Alagna, Diana Damrau, Sondra Radvanovsky, and many others. Hosted by Grammy Award-winner and MacArthur “Genius” Fellow Rhiannon Giddens, Aria Code is produced in partnership with The Metropolitan Opera. Each episode dives into one aria — a feature for a single singer — and explores how and why these brief musical moments have imprinted themselves in our collective consciousness and what it takes to stand on the Met stage and sing them. A wealth of guests—from artists like Rufus Wainwright and Ruben Santiago-Hudson to non-musicians like Dame Judi Dench and Dr. Brooke Magnanti, author of The Intimate Adventures of a London Call Girl—join Rhiannon and the Met Opera’s singers to understand why these arias touch us at such a human level, well over a century after they were written. Each episode ends with the aria, uninterrupted and in full, recorded from the Met Opera stage. Aria Code is produced in partnership with WQXR, The Metropolitan Opera and WNYC Studios.

The Fun House w/ Kid N Play

Urban One Podcast Network

Powered by hip-hop legends and movie stars Kid n Play, The Fun House podcast is a curated platform that celebrates 50+ years of hip-hop and the impact its had globally on all cultures. The riveting podcast features coveted interviews across diverse guests and an enviable trip down memory lane with some of today’s most celebrated new artists along with the founding fathers of hip hop.

Turned Out A Punk

Turned Out A Punk

Damian Abraham has been many things... the singer of a critically acclaimed band, a failed VJ and food network host, one of the minds behind TV's "The Wrestlers", parent of 3... and undeniably, a punk music obsessive. Each week, he sits down and chats with an interesting person from various walks of life to find out how their world was influenced and changed by the discovery of a novelty genre that supposedly died out in 1978... PUNK!

The New Music Business with Ari Herstand

Ari's Take

**WEBBY AWARD FOR BEST MUSIC PODCAST** “#1 music industry podcast to help keep you in the loop” -Spotify “The 10 Best Music Business Podcasts of 2022" – Variety Ari Herstand is the best-selling author of How To Make It in the New Music Business. Forbes calls him “The poster child of DIY music.” In this show, he deconstructs the brightest minds in the music industry, digging deep to find the tools, tactics, and strategies that listeners can use to run successful careers of their own. Ari offers straight talk with no fluff and doesn’t let his guests off easy. If there is a way, Ari will find it. To learn more follow @aristake_ and @ariherstand Visit to join the newsletter. -- Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

The Downbeat

Craig Reynolds

Hello. My name is Craig Reynolds, I play the drums in a band called Stray From The Path and this podcast is basically a series of relaxed conversations with people who are mostly other musicians, artists and/or idiots/legends. Enjoy.

Juan Ep Is Life

Juan Ep Is Life

The Original Hip Hop Podcast hosted by Cipha Sounds and Rosenberg Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

The Late Set


Jazz is a conversation — and that’s what The Late Set is all about. Join broadcaster Greg Bryant and critic Nate Chinen each month for perceptive variations on a theme, and their related interview with a special guest. Just like a hang at the end of the gig, in the back of the club, it’s direct, unfiltered and illuminating, revealing the music and its culture in a deeper light.

The Vinyl Guide - Artist Interviews for Record Collectors and Music Nerds

Nate Goyer, Record Collector, Music Fan, Vinyl Maniac

Nate is a record collector, music lover and vinyl maniac. Join him on his journey to discuss, share and review all things related to vinyl records. We feature stories about and interviews with musicians, artists and people of knowledge in the area of vinyl records. Additionally we share information on desirable pressings of records, how to tell a $5 pressing from a $500 pressing and care and maintenance for your cratedigging hobby. Subscribe and share with your record-nerd friends. Cheers!

The Big Interview with Dan Rather


Dan Rather sits down with the biggest names in the music business for thoughtful conversations, insights, and revelations you won't hear anywhere else. 

Piano Puzzler

American Public Media

Every week on Performance Today™, Bruce Adolphe re-writes a familiar tune in the style of a classical composer. We get one of our listeners on the phone, and our caller listens to Bruce play his Piano Puzzler™. They then try to do two things: name the hidden tune, and name the composer whose style Bruce is mimicking. From American Public Media.

The Message with Ebro Darden

Apple Music

Welcome to The Message, an interview series about music, culture, mental health, and politics, brought to you by Apple Music. The summer of 2020 was marked by an unprecedented awareness for--and anger about--the continued injustices Black people and people of color in America and worldwide face. The ensuing protests, activations, and social media fury inspired musicians around the world to speak out about their own experiences, with some going on to record music that speaks directly to the moment. Hosted by Apple Music's Ebro Darden, The Message is a series that aims to further the dialogue about the unrest and inequalities in the United States and abroad via intimate conversations with some of the most prominent voices in the culture today, who also create exclusive playlists of the songs inspiring them to keep pushing forward. Guests include Jon Batiste, Erykah Badu, Jon Stewart, Nikole Hannah-Jones, Common, Vince Staples, and many more. Follow to get the uncut and uncensored interviews delivered to you every two weeks, and subscribe to Apple Music to listen to the guests' playlists and add them to your library.

As We Speak with David Sanborn

WBGO Studios

Saxophonist David Sanborn has always been curious, especially when it comes to the creative process. His new podcast, As We Speak, gives him the opportunity to sit down with some of the most creative minds in the arts to talk about their unique creative process and much more. David's upcoming guests include Kurt Elling, Cecile McLorin Salvant, and an exclusive talk with his idol, Sonny Rollins. "This podcast is a great opportunity for me to talk in depth with old friends and new, all of whom I’ve long admired. I truly hope everyone enjoys these conversations as much as I did when I spoke with them."- David Sanborn Cover artwork by Alice Soyer Check out the rest of our line up at WBGO Studios.

JEL | The Soca Boss


The Singers Talk

Jason Thomas Gordon

Welcome to The Singers Talk podcast based on my book of the same name. I’m Jason Thomas Gordon (singer/drummer of the Los Angeles rock band Kingsize), and when I first started singing for my band, I couldn’t believe there was no resource to find out how singers do this brutal job night after night. For something that seems easy, it can be truly dangerous, often embarrassing, and when you’re lucky… absolutely glorious.  So, this is me, reaching out to some of the greatest, most iconic singers of our time, discussing the one the thing they’re never asked about: their voices! Never thinking this was going to be a podcast, most of the interviews you’re going to hear are the intimate conversations, as I write the actual book…  If you’re a music fan, you’ll get a backstage look at how your favorite vocalists approach what they do onstage and in the studio. Packed with amazing stories you’ve never heard before, you’ll also find vulnerable sides of their personalities you might never have expected.  And if you’re a singer, trying to train, help, heal, or even find your voice — you’ll learn how the best in their field keep their vocal cords in shape, how they protect themselves on the road, and countless other tricks, strategies, and philosophies… Not a technical podcast in any way, The Singers Talk celebrates the people who stand up in front of that mic, reach down into their guts, and give everything they’ve got for the sake of the song. Sometimes it’s bloody. And sometimes it’s bloody hilarious. 

Andy Frasco's World Saving Podcast

Andy Frasco

Celebrities, Music, Comedy, Life, and Love.

Agushto Papa Podcast

Agushto LLC

The official podcast of Agushto Papa hosted by Diego, Jason, and Angel.

Rock Feed

Rock Feed

Rock Feed is a hard rock and heavy metal podcast focused on the latest news and artist interviews.

Greg & The Morning Buzz

Greg & The Morning Buzz (WHEB)

The best of Greg & The Morning Buzz. Listen weekdays 5:30am to 10am at

Chewing the Gristle with Greg Koch

Greg Koch

Welcome to Season 5! Listen in on Greg Koch's conversations with his guitar-hero friends. Every episode Greg unleashes his fiendish humor and unique perspective as "one of the most famous unknown guitar players in the world", asking his often-famous musical friends the questions that we all want to know the answers to! Each episode is brought to you by Fishman and Wildwood Guitars

Talkhouse Podcast


Your favorite musicians, filmmakers, and other creative minds one-on-one. No moderator, no script, no typical questions. The Talkhouse Podcast offers unique insights into creative work from all genres and generations. Explore more illuminating shows on the Talkhouse Podcast Network.


Cactus Radio Network

Dean Delray's "Let There Be Talk." This original podcast is a unique blend of rock and comedy talk with some of the biggest names in music, comedy and entertainment.

Like a Farmer

Like a Farmer

Join host Pat Spinosa as he celebrates the culture and lifestyle of rural America with captivating interviews and tales of resilience.

That's How I Remember It

Craig Finn & Talkhouse

That’s How I Remember It is a podcast that examines the connection between memory and creativity. Each episode will feature a discussion between Craig Finn and one creator — a musician, author, filmmaker, etc. — about the role that memory plays in their art. These conversations will reveal the different ways each creator synthesizes their remembered life experiences to tell stories about themselves and the world we live in. This podcast is not a nostalgia trip, but rather an exciting conversation about storytelling, process, and the desire to create art that reflects the world the artist has experienced. That’s How I Remember It is co-produced and distributed by Talkhouse.

Gaucho Amigos


Hosted by Alex Preiss (creator of the popular @baddantakes account), Gaucho Amigos explores how a couple of misanthropic beatniks became the two most unlikely rock stars of the ‘70s. Through 1-on-1 interviews with notable Dan fans from across the pop culture spectrum, Gaucho Amigos ponders the nature of the band’s greatness, exploring the band’s growing cultural cache and trawling the outer reaches of Steely Dan’s sleazy cinematic universe.

The Bootleg Kev Podcast


Hip Hop radio personality Bootleg Kev interviews guests, talks hip hop, and any & everything else that he is interested in. Video versions of the interviews are on YouTube.

Wong Notes

Premier Guitar

Hi, my name is Cory Wong. This is my podcast. I'm going to talk to your favorite artists as they discuss their personal tricks of the trade, never-before-heard stories, and the proper response when Sinatra wants to peep your master tapes.

The Fretboard Journal Guitar Podcast

The Fretboard Journal

The Fretboard Journal magazine's weekly podcast, where we interview legendary guitarists, luthiers, and much more.

On Air With Ryan Seacrest


Did you miss today’s Ryan’s Roses? Or Second Date Update? Or celebrity interview? Listen to the entire show here every day with Ryan Seacrest, Sisanie, Tanya Rad and Rubi Gonzales!

The Hustle

Jon Lamoreaux

Every artist has a story. Whether big or small, they‘ve all seen the ups and downs and worked hard to maintain careers in music. We chat with some of the most interesting legacy artists in pop music and go in depth on their careers, how they feel about them, what it‘s like being a ”rock star” and also hear their best stories. If you‘re a music junkie you will love these long form conversations with beloved figures from your life.

Sodajerker On Songwriting


Sodajerker On Songwriting is a programme devoted to the art and craft of songwriting. The show, created and hosted by the UK songwriting team Sodajerker, features interviews with some of the most successful songwriters and musicians in the world.

Caresha Please


Host Yung Miami (of City Girls' fame) welcomes the biggest names in Hip Hop and entertainment for wild and unfiltered conversations about their lives, careers, relationships, and much more. Caresha Brownlee (Yung Miami) is a famous singer, musician, entrepreneur, model, social media star, and Internet sensation from Miami, FL. She is sure to get people talking and bring some surprises with fun, no holds barred interviews.

A Deeper Listen


On A Deeper Listen, host Emily Fox and other storytellers from KEXP talk with artists about the stories behind their songs and the experiences that inform their work. Through each conversation, we uncover the humanity behind the music, allowing us to hear it in a whole new way.

Steve Gorman & The KQ Morning Show

92 KQRS | Cumulus Media Minneapolis

Steve Gorman (founding member of the legendary Black Crowes) along with Brian Zepp, Tony Lee and Ryder bring a fresh take on life in the Twin Cities. Big guests, information, and a lot of fun with Minnesota’s Classic Rock, 92 KQRS. Sponsored by Davanni's Pizza & Hot Hoagies

Comparing Rod Wave Albums: Soulfly and Ptsd

Jasmine Abney

This is a short Podcast describing 2 of the Hip Hops Star: Rod Wave albums "Soulfly and PTSD". " I can't take back the past but I got the recipe" is a lyric line from one of his most played album " PTSD"

This Was The Scene Podcast

Mike Doyle

The PODCAST about the Late 90s/Early 2000 Punk Scene with host, Mike Doyle from Lanemeyer.

Bluegrass Jam Along

Matt Hutchinson

The IBMA Award winning podcast for anyone and everyone who loves bluegrass. Free fiddle tune backing tracks and interviews with amazing people from the world of bluegrass. For every tune we give you four brand new tracks: - Backup 4 times through (you play the tune or improvise breaks)- Tune 4 times through (you play backup)- ‘Jam Along’ (4 complete run throughs, alternating backup and tune)- Full performanceFor more info and chord charts, visit Hope you find these tracks useful (and thanks for listening!) - Matt

This Little Light

Cadence13 and Parallel

Hosted by Flea, founding member and bassist of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, This Little Light is a podcast about falling in love with music. Flea interviews musical guests from all genres to discuss the teachers who guided them, the influences that inspired them, and how the lessons they learned as young musicians have shaped their creativity, resilience, and careers. Guests range from legends to rising stars, and include Rick Rubin, Patti Smith, Thundercat Margo Price, and Cynthia Erivo. The podcast is produced by Cadence13 and Parallel, with proceeds benefiting the Silverlake Conservatory of Music, a Los Angeles-based non-profit that Flea co-founded in 2001.

Toy Heart with Tom Power (A Podcast About Bluegrass)

Tom Power

CBC radio host Tom Power ("q") and BGS (The Bluegrass Situation) bring you the most in-depth podcast about the origins of bluegrass ever created. Power sits down with luminaries of the genre such as Del McCoury, Ricky Skaggs, Alice Gerrard, Jesse McReynolds, Jerry Douglas and more for an intimate conversation about their origins within the world of bluegrass music. Episodes will be released bi-weekly on and wherever you get your podcasts. PRODUCED BY: Tom Power and Amy Reitnouer Jacobs / BGS CO-PRODUCED AND EDITED BY: Stephanie Coleman THEME MUSIC BY: Chris Eldridge and Kristin Andreassen

Americana Podcast

American Songwriter, Robert Earl Keen

Americana Podcast: The 51st State is a platform dedicated to sharing and expanding on the Americana genre's roots, reach, and definition. Each episode is told from the point of view of the musicians that have dedicated their lives to it. Robert Earl Keen, Americana pioneer and host, interviews musicians, exploring their unique histories, creative processes, successes, failures, and everything in between.

The SBL Podcast

Scott's Bass Lessons

If you’re a bassist — you’re in the right place. Join Scott Devine and Ian Allison from SBL as they dissect every aspect to being a bass player - professional or hobbyist - from basses and gear hacks, to musicianship and gig tips, all the way to mental health and what the future might hold for the music industry.

Jazz Cruises Conversations

Jazz Cruises

Jazz Cruises Conversations features full length interviews with jazz artists recorded on The Jazz Cruise, Blue Note at Sea, Botti at Sea and The Smooth Jazz Cruise, all produced by Jazz Cruises, LLC.

Ten Year Town

Ten Year Town

Join Troy Cartwright as he sits down with hit songwriters, musicians and music city execs to discuss their journey through Music Row, the uncertainties of getting started and what it takes to stay at the top. 

Midnight Chats


The podcast where musicians talk nonsense at midnight. And intimately about their lives and creativity. From the team behind independent music magazine Loud And Quiet.

The New Scene

The New Scene & Iodine Recordings

The New Scene Podcast - Presented by Iodine Recordings. Host Keith M. brings you the most in-depth conversations with your favorite artists in the world of punk, hardcore, post hardcore, emo and all subgenres as we discuss life, music and everything in between.

La Entrevista con Alonso Bañuelas


¿Quieres conocer los secretos mejor guardados de tus celebridades favoritas? Escucha "La Entrevista con Alonso Bañuelas¡ El podcast que lo revela todo! Alonso Bañuelas, un periodista mexicano con más de 20 años de experiencia, te conduce por este viaje sin censura al mundo de las celebridades. Mantente al tanto de los chismes más recientes y noticias del mundo del entretenimiento. Si buscas conocer a fondo el mundo de las celebridades, entender sus vidas cotidianas y ser testigo de entrevistas sin censura, "La entrevista con Alonso Bañuelas" es tu destino número uno.  ¡No te pierdas "La Entrevista con Alonso Bañuelas", el mejor lugar para el entretenimiento!

Cocktail Nation

Cocktail Nation with Lounge Leader Koop Kooper

Join Kooper in the Sydney Penthouse as he spins the very best classic and neo lounge along with the most interesting characters of swank join him for a chat on this weekly podcast

Dai By Dai Podcast

Dai By Dai

Hosted by Daivon Nixon, The Dai By Dai Podcast discusses many things involved in dating & relationships amongst millennials, entertainment and more! (18+) Email:

Prince | Official Podcast

The Prince Estate

The official podcast dedicated to Prince, the singular artist and visionary. Featuring explorations of Prince's massive discography and new discoveries from his legendary vault of unreleased recordings, each podcast episode features unforgettable anecdotes and insights from his trusted collaborators. Brought to you by The Prince Estate, which passionately presents Prince's life and work and aims to immerse fans, old and new, in Prince's story.

Lead Singer Syndrome with Shane Told

Shane Told

What is it like to be the lead singer of a band? Shane Told, frontman of the critically-acclaimed rock band Silverstein, brings you candid interviews with all of your favorite singers on this podcast. Is it really all sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll? Find out for yourself on Lead Singer Syndrome.

Curious Creatures

Lol Tolhurst & Budgie

Hosts Lol Tolhurst (The Cure) and Budgie (Siouxsie and the Banshees) explore post punk's enduring legacy and contemporary relevance. Lol and Budgie welcome luminaries from all walks of life for revealing, yet relaxed conversation. Audience questions are answered at the end of each episode.

Demp's Absolute Sh*t Show


The queen of country music culture and mouth of the south brings you her absolutely insane podcast, "Demp's Absolute Sh*t Show"; Featuring musical guests, celebrities, comedians and random farm animals.

Modern Musician

Modern Musician

An educational podcast for musicians looking to grow their audience online and make a sustainable income. The host, Michael Walker provides artists with the tools necessary to create a lasting career in the music industry.

Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Albums

Rolling Stone | Amazon Music

The stories behind some of the most essential albums of all time, told by the artists who made them and Rolling Stone’s writers and editors. Each episode focuses on one album from the brand-new, updated version of Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Albums list, featuring fresh conversations with the people who made the music, classic interview audio and expert commentary. Episodes include the late Tom Petty on his solo classic Wildflowers, Taylor Swift talking about her career-changing 2012 album Red, and Public Enemy breaking down their political masterpiece It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back. Listen to songs featured on the podcast and more hits from the Rolling Stone 500 Greatest Albums list here. Now we’re back with Season Two. Across 10 episodes, you’ll hear Dolly Parton tell the stories behind the songs on her 1971 solo breakthrough Coat of Many Colors; Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr delve into the making of the Beatles’ troubled final album, Let It Be; Britney Spears’ collaborators explain how she made 2007’s Blackout in the eye of a paparazzi hurricane; friends and relatives of Alice Coltrane look back at how she overcame tragedy to create her masterpiece Journey in Satchidananda; Rivers Cuomo and his bandmates reflect on the unlikely birth of Weezer’s Blue Album; and much more. Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Albums is hosted by Senior Writer Brittany Spanos.

周末变奏 Key Change


冷门好歌,创作者访谈,以及从音乐延展出的更多。Independent radio presenter Fangzhou selects the best of alternative music, and invites artists from China and beyond to talk about their musical inspirations.

Creative CTRL


Creative CTRL is a podcast by rapper nobigdyl. discussing the intersection of faith and creativity.

And The Writer Is...with Ross Golan

Big Deal Music // Mega House Music

Every week, we sit down with an acclaimed and venerable songwriter to intimately discuss what happens behind closed doors in the music industry. There are millions of singers, thousands of artists, and only 40 top songs per genre at a time... this podcast is about the people who make them. Produced by Joe London & Ross Golan in association with Big Deal Music & Mega House Music. And The Writer Is... ™ Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

John Kennedy's Track by Track Podcast


Listen to The Most Trusted Man In Music delve into your favourite albums, with the musicians who made them. Originally broadcast on John Kennedy’s X-Posure on Radio X, these track by track interviews provide exclusive insight into the inspiration behind some of the biggest albums of the last 20 years. You can listen to John every Friday and Saturday from 11pm on Radio X.

The Leadology Podcast

Steve Wiest

An exciting podcast where trombonists talk trombone (and LOTS of other stuff!) And guess what? The entire musical universe (and all of their friends) are invited! Each episode is hosted by multiple Grammy-nominated trombonist-composer-author-cartoonist-educator Steve Wiest and features a world-class guest artist. I know right?! Sounds like fun to me!


Craig Danuloff

Dylan.FM dives deep into Bob Dylan with insiders, authors, fans and more. The show tends to look at one album or period for several months at a time, digging in from multiple angles. We also often talk to authors and learn about great Bob Dylan Books. Most new episodes are free for 90 days. Subscribers to FM+ get Extended Versions of many shows, Bonus Episodes and full access to every episode in our Archives. Subscribe to FM+ in Apple Podcasts or at One low price includes full access to Extended and Bonus Episodes from every show on the network.

In Defense of Ska

Aaron Carnes

Ska no longer needs to be the butt of every joke. IDOS is flipping the narrative on this style of music that they love dearly.Hosts Aaron Carnes (author of "In Defense of Ska") and Adam Davis (Link 80, Omingone) chat with people in and outside of the ska scene to tell its stories, show its pervasiveness in culture, and defend it to their last dying breath.

Holy Culture Radio

Holy Culture

Holy Culture is your home for everything Christian Hip Hop and R&P. From introducing upcoming artists to discussions about faith, arts, vocation, and education with legends in the industry and more. Holy Culture Radio is tapping into CHH! Available on SiriusXM Channel 140, Holy Culture Radio is a full-time edutainment channel that provides a life-changing experience through progressive music and empowering conversations.  #CHH #christianrap #christianmusic #gospelhiphop #gospelrap #holyhiphop #kingdommusic #jesusmusic #truthmusic #urbangospel

The MetalSucks Podcast

MetalSucks and The Orchard

The official podcast of MetalSucks, featuring Petar Spajic, Brandon Hahn and Jozalyn Sharp. One featured interview each week with a prominent metal musician, and discussion of the latest headlines in metal news. New episodes every Monday morning.

Headliner Radio


This is a music podcast which explores the creative process. We chat to artists of all levels, from aspiring and emerging talent to international stars, to find more about how they make their music. Check us out on Insta @emergingheadliner, FB and Twitter @headlinerhub and hashtag #headlinerradio

The New Wave Music Podcast

The New Wave Music Podcast

A podcast dedicated to discussing and reviewing new music from your favorite New Wave artists, as well as looking at new artists with that new wave sound.

The Rick Stacy Morning Show


Podcast is an exact recording of the morning show as it airs daily on 1059 SUNNY FM. About Crazy local and national news, politics, lifestyle and entertainment.

Going Off Track

Benny Horowitz & Brad Worrell

Going Off Track is a weekly, interview show hosted by Benny Horowitz (The Gaslight Anthem) and producer Brad Worrell. The show was created in 2012 by Jonah Bayer, Steven Smith and Brad, when Steven (then a FuseTV host with Jonah his writer), realized that all the interesting conversations with guests were happening while the lights were being setup. Once cameras started rolling it was all about PR and record-label priorities. Prior to that they'd discuss skateboarding, cooking or just about anything else of interest to the artist. So was born the casual, "living room conversation" dynamic of Offtrack who's guest list leans towards the musical but with plenty of comedians, actors and generally interesting folks thrown in. Support the show via Patreon! Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

The Allison Hagendorf Show

Allison Hagendorf

Hello, my fellow music lovers and welcome to The Allison Hagendorf Show. This is where we celebrate the universal love of music and the Rock & Roll spirit that lives in each of us. I’m so glad you’re here!

Music Business Insider Podcast

Ritch Esra & Eric Knight

The 'Music Business Insider Podcast' Is a deep dive for listeners like you who want to educate, empower & engage their music career. We take you inside behind the scenes through a series of in depth conversations with today’s leading experts in the Music Business including: A&R, Music Supervision, Artist Management, Marketing, Publicity, Touring and much much more. In today’s Music Industry you the artist have more power than in any other time in the history of the Music Industry. So it’s up to you, when you’re ready to put your music to work. Insiders, are you ready?

The Gramophone Classical Music Podcast


The finest artists on their latest albums and in-depth discussions with leading writers - a weekly exploration of classical music

The Punk Rock MBA

Finn Mckenty

Finn Mckenty of The Punk Rock MBA YouTube channel interviews the best and brightest people in the music industry. Past guests include Anthony Fantano, Avenged Sevenfold, Fronz (Attila), Caleb Shomo (Beartooth), Of Mice & Men, Fear Factory, Spiritbox, and many more.

Stories Behind the Songs

Chris Blair

Welcome to Stories Behind the Songs. This is a weekly podcast hosted by Chris Blair in Nashville, TN. After over 20 years in Nashville and owner of the famous music venue The Listening Room, CB has become friends with some of the biggest names in music, the writers behind the hits and amazing industry leaders. In this podcast, he sits down with those friends and shares their stories. You’ll hear about the songs you know from radio, you’ll hear from brand new artists and much more. Whether you have dreams of being in the music industry or just love great music, this podcast is for you! Support this podcast:

The Mr. Bill Podcast

Bill Day

Mr. Bill and Guests

The Mandolins and Beer Podcast

Daniel Patrick

I’m always looking for inspiration and it turns out so are some of the best players in the world! From tips and tricks to influences, let’s talk some mandolin! (And maybe enjoy a beer or two!)

Powertools Mixshow

Powertools Mixshow

America's Premiere Electronic Dance Music Mixshow. Powertools Mixshow, broadcasts every Saturday night 8 PM PST/ 11 ET exclusively on SIRIUS XM I Pitbull' Globalization I Channel 13.. We are not restricted by a playlist, yet fueled by the multitude of guest DJs. Powertools was conceived in 1992 by Grammy-nominated producer/remixer Richard Vission. We have put forth some of the deepest, grooviest, futuristic beats from around the world, previous guests Include Swedish House Mafia, Carl Cox, Tiesto, John Summit, Matroda, Riva Starr, Chromeo, Calvin Harris, Tchami, Alok, Öwnboss, Duke Dumont, CID, Diplo, A-trak, Oliver Heldens, Wuki, Deorro, Yolanda Be Cool, Bob Sinclar, Bad Boy Bill, Mark Knight, Shiba San, Basement Jaxx, AC Slater, Walker & Royce, Chromeo, Latroit, Laidback Luke, Chemical Brothers, Valentino Kahn plus many more!

Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic Guitar magazine

Join us for conversations that explore why we play, collect, build, obsess over guitars and how rewarding it is to make music of our own. Each month, your hosts at Acoustic Guitar magazine connect you with great guitarists – from preeminent pickers and fingerstyle sensations to trailblazing songwriters, luthiers, and the acoustic guitar community at large.

Texas Toast

Texas Toast

In Texas Toast, Miss Helen takes a dive into all parts of the music industry to gain and share a different perspective on how it all works. We'll be talking to songwriters, performers, booking agents, managers and more to give you a refreshing take on the music you love. Let's toast to Texas music!


Chris Slusarenko

Host Chris Slusarenko (Eyelids, Guided By Voices, owner of Clinton Street Video rental store) is joined by actors, musicians, comedians, writers & directors who each week pick out their favorite music documentary, musical, music-themed fiction film or music videos to discuss. Fun, weird, and insightful, Revolutions Per Movie is your deep dive into our life-long obsessions where music and film collide. Click here to get EXCLUSIVE BONUS WEEKLY Revolutions Per Movie content on our Patreon Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

Song Confessional

Walker Lukens, Zac Catanzaro, KUT & KUTX Studios

On the Song Confessional Podcast, today's top bands and songwriters turn anonymous stories into new original songs. Each episode features the "confession" that inspires the original song, the song premiere, and an interview with the songwriter. Song Confessional is hosted by Walker Lukens and Zac Catanzaro and is a collaboration with KUTX radio in Austin, Texas.

Björk: Sonic Symbolism


Join Björk in conversations with collaborators about her sound experiences. In the podcast you’ll learn about the moods, timbers, and tempos that vibrate through each album.

Banjo Chat

Hilary Hawke

Musician and professional banjoist Hilary Hawke interviews cutting edge and inspiring banjo players about their lives in and out of the music industry; reflecting on stories and ideas that inspire their performing, writing and their everyday lives.

Artist Friendly with Joel Madden

Alternative Press

Artist Friendly — listen in on honest conversations with artists from all genres, and at every level of success in their fields, as they talk about the experiences that have shaped them, the obstacles they’ve overcome, and the methods, tools, and insights they have gained and used on their paths to achieving success.  Joel explores these ideas and themes to highlight these insights for you to use on your journey of personal growth and success. Head over to Veeps to watch the latest episode!

Frankie B’s Reggae Session

Frankie B

Frankie B’s Reggae Session Podcast takes you through the reggae Industry’s best artists with uninterrupted Sessions of Roots, Riddims, Dub and Dancehall from a mix of Old and New Artists. You won’t find a better uninterrupted mix of Reggae Music on any other Podcast! If you love this podcast also listen to our Syndicated Radio Show on Afro*Disiac Radio.

The Bass Shed Podcast

The Bass Shed

THE BASS SHED PODCAST is a collection of in-depth interviews with Double Bassists & Electric Bassists from all over the world. Hosted by Los Angeles freelance Bassist Ryan Roberts, each interview examines artistry, career, culture in a personal ad relaxed style. Rated in the top 10% of ALL podcasts in the world, and listened to in more than 80 countries, The Bass Shed Podcast is a valuable resource for every bassist of any genre.