Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Albums

Rolling Stone | Amazon Music

The stories behind some of the most essential albums of all time, told by the artists who made them and Rolling Stone’s writers and editors. Each episode focuses on one album from the brand-new, updated version of Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Albums list, featuring fresh conversations with the people who made the music, classic interview audio and expert commentary. Episodes include the late Tom Petty on his solo classic Wildflowers, Taylor Swift talking about her career-changing 2012 album Red, and Public Enemy breaking down their political masterpiece It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back. Listen to songs featured on the podcast and more hits from the Rolling Stone 500 Greatest Albums list here. Now we’re back with Season Two. Across 10 episodes, you’ll hear Dolly Parton tell the stories behind the songs on her 1971 solo breakthrough Coat of Many Colors; Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr delve into the making of the Beatles’ troubled final album, Let It Be; Britney Spears’ collaborators explain how she made 2007’s Blackout in the eye of a paparazzi hurricane; friends and relatives of Alice Coltrane look back at how she overcame tragedy to create her masterpiece Journey in Satchidananda; Rivers Cuomo and his bandmates reflect on the unlikely birth of Weezer’s Blue Album; and much more. Hosted by Senior Writer Brittany Spanos, Season Two of Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Albums appears exclusively on Amazon Music and Wondery+, with weekly episodes starting November 16.


Grateful Dead

Infrared Roses

The Deadcast celebrates the 30th anniversary of 1991’s “Infrared Roses,” the last original Grateful Dead album (with cover art by Jerry Garcia & track titles by Robert Hunter) & explores the band’s MIDI years.  Guests: Bob Bralove, David Lemieux, Steve Silberman, Doug Kaplan, Dave Harrington

Here's The Thing with Alec Baldwin


Award-winning actor Alec Baldwin takes listeners into the lives of artists, policy makers and performers. Alec sidesteps the predictable by going inside the dressing rooms, apartments, and offices of people we want to understand better: Ira Glass, Lena Dunham, David Letterman, Barbara Streisand, Tom Yorke, Chris Rock and others. Hear what happens when an inveterate guest becomes a host.

Shapel's World

Shapel Lacey

Comedian Shapel Lacey new podcast Shapel's World centers around his love for music. Talking iconic albums to interviewing his favorite artists.

Love & Respect with Killer Mike


The inimitable Killer Mike hosts a no-holds-barred talk show featuring straight talk with today's biggest celebrities, politicians, and more.

Aria Code

WQXR & The Metropolitan Opera

P.S. I Love You: Renée Fleming Sings Tchaikovsky's Eugene Onegin

Saying “I love you” for the first time takes courage, especially when you don’t know the response you'll get. But being open with your emotions and putting yourself out there can change you in unexpected ways.
In Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky’s Eugene Onegin, it’s the 16-year-old Tatyana who pins her heart on her sleeve. Young and naive, but also fiercely confident, she pours out her feelings for the visiting Eugene Onegin in one night of impassioned love-letter-making. His answer defines the rest of her life, and the course of the opera. 
Host Rhiannon Giddens and her guests explore Tatyana’s famous Letter Scene and what it tells us about Tchaikovsky, Russian society, and the nearly universal experience of unrequited love.
Soprano Renée Fleming is one of the most acclaimed singers of her generation, singing across genres from classical to Broadway to jazz and more. Of all the roles she’s performed,

The Marty Smith Podcast on Outsider


Marty Smith of Outsider interviews some of the biggest personalities in 90's Country, sharing their stories, music history, and current projects. An independent media and lifestyle company, Outsider aims to be the heartbeat of America, capturing the pulse of what matters most to our readers. We focus our content initiatives on two distinct channels, News and Outdoors. Outsider News covers Country Music, from the mainstream to the more traditional, lending an expert voice to America’s most popular musical genre. Outsider also delivers entertainment news on the hottest shows, celebrities, and the latest in sports entertainment. Outsider Outdoors gathers a community of experts and enthusiasts passionate about being outside, adventure, hunting, fishing, camping, and hiking. With in-depth story-telling, profiles, videos, and authoritative product reviews, and how-tos, Outsider is dedicated to educating and inspiring the outdoors lifestyle. Outsider reaches more than 10 million users (10.04 million unique visitors in Nov 2020 according to Google Analytics) and more than 7 million social followers making it one of the largest audiences in the outdoor lifestyle space. The social audience is highlighted by the hyper-engaged social sites Outdoors (2 million followers), Camping Page (1 M), Love to Hunt (700k), and the flagship brand Outsider (700k).

Zach Sang: Just The Interviews Podcast

Cumulus Podcast Network

Joshua Bassett Opens Up About Music, Life and His 2021...

Joshua Bassett Opens Up About Music, Life and His 2021...

The Charles Billingsley Podcast

Innovative Faith Resources

Hear from interesting guests every week. You will learn first hand how genuine hope, regardless of where you are, can lead to finding real love. And every once in a while - you will hear some really good music!


Mark Caro

There may be nothing more inspiring and entertaining than relaxed, candid conversations among creative people. Mark Caro, a relentlessly curious journalist and on-stage interviewer, loves digging into the creative process with artists and drawing out surprising stories that illuminate the work that has become part of our lives. The Caropopcast is for anyone who wants to dig deeper into the music, movies, food and culture that they love.

Biscuits & Jam

Southern Living

Best Bites of Season 2 -- Amy Grant, Jon Batiste, Fiona Prine, and Ben & Erin Napier

In this week’s episode, Sid Evans, Editor-in-Chief of Southern Living Magazine, revisits some of the best takeaways from a few of our guests in 2021. You’ll hear music superstar Amy Grant chat about her faith, Oscar-winning composer Jon Batiste talk about growing up in Louisiana, Fiona Prine discuss her and her legendary husband John’s connections to Kentucky, and HGTV’s Ben & Erin Napier share their deeply personal experiences gained on their popular show, Hometown.
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Wong Notes

Premier Guitar

Nile Rodgers: The Ambassador of Rhythm Guitar

From production to writing to tone, the guitarist/producer extraordinaire breaks down his creative strategies and talks about his guitar collection, including the Hitmaker. 
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Produced by Jason Shadrick and Cory Wong
Additional Editing by Shawn Persinger
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Agushto Papa Podcast

By Diego Dior



Sodajerker On Songwriting


Episode 220 - Steven Van Zandt

Singer-songwriter, producer and actor Steven Van Zandt sits down with Simon and Brian in Manchester, UK, for an inspiring conversation about songwriting and arranging, his expansive musical history, and forays into other art forms. The E Street Band guitarist also talks about his creative partnership with Bruce Springsteen, early records with Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes, and the five crafts of rock.

On Air With Ryan Seacrest


The Puppy

Tanya Rad and Her Boyfriend Got a Puppy! Meet Sunny, See the Pics

Sophia Bush Takes Us Behind New Series ‘Good Sam’

If You Want to Raise Well-Adjusted Kids, Make Sure They Witness This

Sisanie Wants to Shave Baby Siveya’s Hair: Find Out Why

And an all-new Ryan's Roses...she spotted her son-in-law in what she calls an ‘inappropriate situation’ with someone that wasn’t her daughter.
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The New Music Business with Ari Herstand

Ari's Take

Primary Wave Publishing on Sync Licensing Cover Songs and Legacy Recordings with Marty Silverstone

Marty is Head of Sync at Primary Wave, overseeing licensing activity for Primary Wave’s music publishing and management clients. With staff in Los Angeles and New York, the dynamic Primary Wave Sync team is a key part of Primary Wave’s proactive marketing approach, constantly creating new opportunities and driving big ideas for music in film/TV, advertising, video games, and other visual media.In 17 years in music publishing, Marty has worked with and secured placements in film, TV and advertising campaigns for artists such as Kurt Cobain, Smokey Robinson, Def Leppard, Hall & Oates, Aerosmith, Collective Soul, Bruce Hornsby, Kenny Loggins, L.P. and Foy Vance.He was recognized as one of Billboard Magazine’s Top Branding Power Players in both 2018 and 2019.Ari and Marty discuss how cover songs work in sync licensing along with how legacy acts get their music licensed. Th

Rockonteurs with Gary Kemp and Guy Pratt

Gary Kemp and Guy Pratt

S2E2: Andy Bell

This week on Rockonteurs, Gary Kemp and Guy Pratt chat to the excellent Andy Bell from Erasure.Erasure were one of the biggest artists of the 80’s and 90’s with 24 Top 40 singles and selling 28 million albums worldwide. Erasure won the Brit Award form Best British Group in 1989. Still gigging despite the complexities of touring in the current climate, Erasure are about to embark on a new US tour and Andy chats to Guy and Gary from his bubble in Miami! Rockonteurs is produced by Ben Jones for Gimme Sugar Productions See for privacy and opt-out information.

The Vinyl Guide

The Vinyl Guide

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

The Fred Minnick Show


The Fred Minnick Show features spirits author, historian and curator Fred Minnick, who interviews musicians and pairs whiskeys to their palates. Through the journey, the artists open up to Minnick about life tribulations, what it's like on the road and their favorite foods. Really, it's just two people tasting and talking.

Comes A Time

Osiris Media / Oteil Burbridge / Mike Finoia

Wood Brothers

On this episode of Comes A Time, Mike and Oteil talk with Oliver and Chris Wood of The Wood Brothers! You’ll hear about their familial musical roots and the unique artistic connection that they share as brothers, the importance of the collective healing process that our society must go through after COVID-19, and Oteil and Oliver talk about why they each think that their most recent tours were some of the best they’ve ever had. They also discuss Oliver’s recent solo record, the implications of canceling a tour for those who are not musicians, and Mike shares important insights on why “gratitude trumps the critic.” Oliver and Chris are both incredibly experienced musicians, and in this episode they distill some of the wisdom that they’ve learned throughout their careers for you!Dubbed "masters of soulful folk" by Paste, The Wood Brothers formed after brothers Chris and Oliver Wood pursued separate musical careers for 15 years. Chris already had legions

Kreative Kontrol

Vish Khanna/ Entertainment One (eOne)

Ep. #656: Steve Albini

Steve Albini talks U.S. politics, Electrical Audio and pandemic life, Shellac’s 30th anniversary and updates on their new record and new singles collection, Get Back and the Beatles he has met and spoken with, why he unlocked his twitter, owning his own insensitive socio-cultural mistakes, his Norm Macdonald encounters, Poverty Alleviation Charities’ 24 Hour Improv event on December 18-19, future plans and more! Supported by you on Patreon, Blackbyrd Myoozik, Pizza Trokadero, the Bookshelf, Planet Bean Coffee, and Grandad's Donuts. Support Y.E.S.S. and Black Women United YEG. Follow vish online. Support this show  See for privacy and opt-out information.



Episode 50 - Rico Wade - The Gatekeeper of Atlanta Hip Hop

In episode 50 Fuzzy and Quincy talk to hip hop legend Rico Wade. He is one third of legendary hip hop production team Organized Noize , they are responsible for introducing the world to Outkast, Goodie Mob... and wrote and produced Waterfalls for TLC. A legend is speaking, you should listen!!!

Tuna on Toast with Stryker

Ted Stryker

Hi, it‘s Ted Stryker (formerly of KROQ). Welcome to your new favorite podcast! Each episode, I‘ll be chatting/interviewing all of our favorite musical artists and entertainers for a deep dive on their career, life, current projects, and just an overall fun and relaxed hang.

The Fretboard Journal Guitar Podcast

The Fretboard Journal

Podcast 348: Duncan Price

For the last two years of this podcast, we've shared the stories of several musicians who have made the most of their COVID lockdown: Daniel Romano's wildly prolific recording streak; Mason Stoops' pivot to the visual arts; and Tristan Scroggins doing his best to tame the often-maligned tenor banjo. Today, we meet Duncan Price, a tireless guitar experimenter. Price lives on the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, where he does setup and repair work for a mom-and-pop guitar store called Good Times Music. But during his off-hours, he's crafting some truly unique electric guitar experiments that blend single-string pickups, fretless necks, under-pickguard piezo pickups and more. Despite not having anything to sell or even a brand name, his Instagram posts have captured the attention of musicians-in-the-know on Instagram, who geek out on his posts, his music, and his latest tinkerings. One of those followers happens to be guitarist/producer Blake Mills, who en


Dan Runcie

Independent Artist Life with Flawless Real Talk (2020)

Rapper, producer, and entrepreneur Flawless Real Talk joined to talk about how he manages his rap career. He was the runner up on Netflix’s hip-hop competition show Rhythm & Flow, which boosted his career trajectory. But despite all the industry attention, Flawless is still an independent artist. He talks about that decision, the tradeoffs he’s had to make, and what his goals are as an artist. He recently hosted a livestream concert on LIVIT, where he had over 1 million fans join in.If you’re interested in how artists manage tradeoffs between being signed and indie, building a fanbase, and resiliency, then this is the episode for you.Listen: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | SoundCloud | Stitcher | Overcast | RSSHost: Dan Runcie, @RuncieDan, trapital.coGuest: Flawless Real Talk, @flawlessri, flawlessri.comTrapital is home for the business of hip-hop. Gain the latest insights from hip-hop’s biggest players by reading Trapita


Osiris Media

S2E10: You're Already There

At the onset of the 2020s, Trey Anastasio got stuck on a platform high above MSG. While he played through with humor and grace, the moment would serve as the prelude to a year where we all felt unhinged. For those who were infected by Covid, or lost loved ones, 2020 was a nightmare. For everyone, it was an unexpected pause, marked by tension and a longing for normalcy.In the Season 2 finale, we explore the last two years, through the lens of Phish. We hear from the Undermine team about our experiences in 2020, how Dinner And A Movie and The Beacon Jams helped us get through the year at home, and then we shift gears to discuss Phish in 2021. We talk about the anxiety of returning to live music, the thrill of hearing the first notes, and how Sci-Fi Soldiers may impact Phish long term. The band gave us a number of unexpected, albeit needed, gifts over the previous two years, proving once again, that if we as a community, simply surrender to the flow,


Mvs Radio

Yordi en exa 24 de diciembre (Programa Completo)

Te traemos un programa muy interesante pues Adrián Gutiérrez nos habla del origen de la navidad, además nos visita parte del elenco de la nueva serie de Rebelde y nos divertimos mucho jugando hombres vs mujeres, sólo aquí con Yordi en exa.

Cowboy Junkies: Music Is The Drug - The Podcast

Cowboy Junkies

Cowboy Junkies have been making music since 1986, when they released their debut album "Whites Off Earth Now!!" More than 35 years later, they are still producing compelling albums and taking that music on the road - pandemics permitting... In this series, the band talk you through their songs, one by one, digging deep into each of them, from right across their career.

Sing for Science


“Sing For Science” is a science advocacy and music podcast produced with Talkhouse where musicians talk to scientists about science as it connects to their most famous songs. Created and hosted by New York musician, Matt Whyte, the podcast’s goal is to increase science literacy for as many people as possible by reaching a variety of different musicians’ fan bases. Listeners come to the show through their love of music and leave with a new piece of knowledge. Science literacy and respect for expertise are perhaps more vital now than ever before. The show’s chief tenet is that a more science and scientific process literate society can only contribute towards greater support for more fair, evidence-based policy in government. Sing For Science is listener supported; please contribute today at

In Defense of Ska

Aaron Carnes

Aaron Carnes (author of "In Defense of Ska") and Adam Davis (Link 80, Omingone) chat with people in and outside of the ska scene and defend ska to their last dying breath.

The Andertons Music Podcast


Richard Shaw (Cradle of Filth) - The Captain Meets

Death, doom, gloom and a whole load of stomping metal riffs! Richard Shaw came into extreme metal band Cradle of Filth and reinvigorated their music, going on to contribute towards some of the best contemporary death metal records around. He's heavily inspired by the likes of Queen, Metallica and even R&B musicians.


You might have thought the Captain was out of place here, but no! Richard is a great guy with lots of interesting stories and even went to the shop's nearby music school. The pair talk about inspirations, PRS guitars and touring.

Piano Puzzler

American Public Media

Performance Today - Piano Puzzler 1/19/2022

Contestant: Andy Zerman from New York, NY

Master Your Mix Podcast

Mike Indovina

Scott Evans - Using Macros in the Studio

Scott Evans is a recording engineer based out of Oakland, California, where he runs Antisleep Audio. He has worked with artists such as Thrice, Puig Destroyer, The Loyalists, Neurosis, and many more. He is also a member of the band, Kowloon Walled City.


What is a macro?How macros can help you save time in the studioScott’s most time-saving scriptsHow macros can expand the functionality of your softwareTools to assist with virtual/remote mixingMix revisions - how to make the process smoother

To learn more about Scott Evans, visit:

Macro software to check out:

Soundflow -

Keyboard Maestro -

Alfred -

Text Expander -

Shattering Gleam: A Podcast About Music and Gender


From Prince’s vocal personas to Beyoncé and Britney’s feminist takes on sexy cyborgs, many social revolutions have started in the recording studio. Host Sasha Geffen, music critic and author of ‘Glitter Up the Dark,’ digs beneath the grit and the glamour to reveal how pop stars have re-shaped gender through music, blazing a trail for those who refuse to be categorized. Hear music from the show and more on the Shattering Gleam Official Playlist at

Tape Notes

In The Woods

TN:88 Hiatus Kaiyote

Join the Aux Beta here   In this episode, John links up with Simon, Perrin and Bender of Hiatus Kaiyote, to talk about how they wrote, recorded and produced the album ‘Mood Valiant’. Having written the album across the globe, from Rio De Janeiro to Byron Bay, the trio reflect on the development of their writing process, discussing how the effects of taking road-hardened demos to South America pushed their creativity into unfamiliar territory. Unearthing some unheard recordings dating back to the mid-2010s, we are given a rundown of some of the key moments of the band’s career, along with an in-depth look at some of the joys that come with getting things down on wonky quarter-inch tape and rekindling a friendship with an honorary fifth member, the Korg VC-10. Listen to find out how to tackle shin cramps whilst playing a Steinway piano in a session, what happens when you combine delicate Colombian flutes with challenging rhythmic danceable beats, and how m

Imaginary Music

Joel Walker

Discussing music with artist from the 80's and 90's, in the Heavy Metal and Rock world.

Drum Candy

Mike Dawson

Big & Rich's Keio Stroud on His Home Studio Setup, Live Rig, and Subbing on Arena Tours

In this episode, top Nashville touring drummer Keio Stroud (Big & Rich) discusses choosing gear for a small home studio, why he plays such a massive live rig, and what it takes to be a last-minute sub on high-pressure arena tours.

Here, There and Everywhere

Jack Lawless (@BeatlesEarth)

My name is Jack. I’m 24 years old and I’m a huge Beatles fan. In this podcast, I am interviewing notable people from different careers, accomplishments, and beliefs with one question - how did The Beatles influence your life? To join our community of Beatles fans from around the world, follow us on Twitter and visit our website here:

Coops and James



Life of a rapper which is XXXTENTACION and we talk about his life story

My Favorite Album with Jeremy Dylan

Jeremy Dylan

380. Jon Hiatt biographer Michael Elliott on ‘Bring the Family’ (1987)

Today I’m bringing you a fascinating conversation with the Michael Elliott, author of the new and definitive John Hiatt biography ‘Have A Little Faith’. We dive deep into ‘Bring the Family’, the 1987 classic that broke open Hiatt’s career after years of struggle. We talk about the album being an alternative to the dominant production of the late 80s, how it presaged Americana music, how Hiatt assembled Ry Cooder, Nick Lowe and Jim Keltner as his dream band for the sessions (and how Lowe almost didn’t make it), the adult subject matter of the lyrics, Bonnie Raitt’s cover of Thing Called Love, how James Cameron used Alone in the Dark in True Lies and how Hiatt proves that sobering up and getting your life together can produce a songwriter’s best work.

Talk Toomey

Joshua Toomey

Jelly Roll

Jelly Roll joins the Talk Toomey Podcast this week to discuss everything going on in his world. Jelly Roll and Toomey talk about his recent Grand Ole Opry debut, his weight loss goals and getting up with Shinedown for Simple Man. The guys also talk about the song Save Me and how we always wants to evoke emotion when he writes. He also remembers back to touring with ICP and Mushroomhead and how MH really helped him on that tour. Jelly Roll gives us his Mount Rushmore of Independent Hip Hop Moguls! You know there had to be some Tennessee Titans and how he has befriended Taylor Lewan talk in there. Joshua and Chris start the show talking about Judas Priest touring as a 4 piece and the guys have their opinions about the situation. To end the show, they give their thoughts on Jelly Roll's Mount Rushmore and then give their picks of the week. 

Comparing Rod Wave Albums: Soulfly and Ptsd

Jasmine Abney

Street Star

This is a short Podcast describing 2 of the Hip Hops Star: Rod Wave albums "Soulfly and PTSD". " I can't take back the past but I got the recipe" is a lyric line from one of his most played album " PTSD"

Washed Up Emo

Tom Mullen

#202 - Josh English (Six Going On Seven)

Today we welcome Josh English from the band Six going On Seven. Josh was raised in Portland Oregon, seasoned in Boston and an influence on many bands you love today. He should be on the tip of your tongue in this scene. Maybe after this interview the band and Josh will be. Their influence personally has stayed with me for years from their days on Some Records in the late 90s to "American’t (or Won’t)" on Big Wheel Recreation released back in 2001. The band shortly broke up and their CDs and 7”s I had have been staring back at me since. I honestly always had Josh on a list to interview and as this podcast creeps past its 200th episode and 10th year, it was an honor to speak to Josh about his life and what’s he got up next in his career.Listen to all episodes here.Washed Up Emo is a partner of the Double Elvis podcast network.

I Think You're Dope w/ Eric Nam

DIVE Studios & Studio71

BONUS Ep. #2 | Dr. Jim Yong Kim

Dr. Jim Yong Kim, former president of the World Bank, joins Eric in a bonus episode of I Think You're Dope! Find out how Dr. Kim is leading efforts to fight COVID-19, while tackling major global issues such as climate change and the infrastructure deficit in emerging markets. He also discusses 'Bending the Arc,' an acclaimed documentary on the global movement for health equity and justice. Stay educated, folks, and don't forget to stream the documentary on Netflix!

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Dipped In Tone

Rhett Shull & Zach Broyles

Does This Pedal Stink? Dipped in Tone

32:44 Main Topic Support us on Merch Store In this episode of the Dipped in Tone podcast Rhett Shull and Zach Broyles dip a rig and discuss being bitten by the GAS Bug! Subscribe, give the video a like, and drop us a comment about what you think or future podcast ideas. Learn more about Rhett - Rhetts Discord Server - Learn more about Zach & Mythos Pedals - Milton our Editors website Purchase gear we use for making videos and working on gear. #guitarpodcast #guitarpedals #PRS

The True Tunes Podcast

John J. Thompson / True Tunes

Music industry veteran, author, artist, and producer John J. Thompson hosts conversations with a diverse panel of artists, songwriters, producers, and industry innovators who seek the deeper resonances in music and culture. Classic and contemporary music is explored for signs of life, light, and beauty on the "Jukebox" feature as well. Knowing that all music is spiritual, can we sing along with the good, the true, and the beautiful in ways that make us better neighbors, more compelling artists, and richer reflectors of the light by which we live and move and have our being? Let's try.

Jackin‘ Around w/ Jack Ingram


The Jackin‘ Around Show, hosted by 2x ACM award winner and 2022 Grammy Nominee, Jack Ingram, is available in video on YouTube and your favorite audio platform. Join Jack weekly as he welcomes your favorite music, sports, and entertainment personalities.

The Show On The Road with Z. Lupetin

Z. Lupetin

The Show On The Road features interviews and exclusive acoustic performances with songwriters, bandleaders and musicians from around the world. Hosted by Dustbowl Revival's Z. Lupetin, each episode features an in-depth and playfully creative conversation about the real day to day lives of artists and their inspirations.

JEL | The Soca Boss


SOCA GYM SERIES 9 (High Intensity)| Mixed by DJ JEL

Bringing the pace and vibes for the gym and it's ONE HOUR. 

Punjabi Podcast


Sangtar and Joy & Atul (EP28)

In this Episode of the Punjabi Podcast Sangtar has a very entertaining chat with Joy & Atul. Joy and Atul are recording engineers who own and run the famous Super Track Studio. More at - Thanks for supporting, sharing and following Punjabi Podcast.

Going Off Track

Benny Horowitz, Brad Worrell, Jonah Bayer & Steven Smith

#391 - Shane Told

Silverstein frontman, and Lead Singer Syndrome podcast-host, Shane Told joins us this week to talk sports (Raptors/Bluejays fan) and how hearing Metallica for the first time at ten years old, on his older sister's CD player inspired his punk-rock career.

Primus Tracks

Josh, Frankie, & Soya

Primus Tracks chronicles the recordings of the American rock band Primus, one track at a time. Join Josh, Frankie, and Primus friend/assistant Tim Solyan as they create the ultimate Primus companion - a podcast for beginners and hardcore fans alike.

The Travelers Podcast with Brother Ali

Travelers Media

Respected Hip Hop artist, activist, and Muslim community leader Brother Ali explores life’s journey with cultural icons, spiritual masters, and thought leaders from across the globe. We’re all co-travelers in the adventure of life. Ali brings us up close and personal with those special people who help light the way.



021 - Slash

Slash (Guns 'N' Roses) shares his history as a fan of music, from encounters with the Rolling Stones and Aerosmith to right now. Watch on YouTube:

Talkhouse Podcast


Lex Luger with Michael Vincent Waller

For the first new Talkhouse Podcast episode of the new year, we’ve got an unlikely pairing—which is one of our favorite kinds of pairings. But it wasn’t exactly our idea to connect Michael Vincent Waller and Lex Luger, it was theirs. The contemporary classical composer and the extremely prolific hip-hop producer made a really cool record together that came out in 2021, called Classic$.

Waller is not your typical classical composer, he’s a real musical searcher. His compositions range from avant-garde to minimalist to slightly more classic-sounding classical music. But over his career he hasn’t stayed in one place musically for very long. He made a record back in 2019 with electronic producer JLin, which you may have read about in an interview with the pair right on this very website. So maybe it’s no surprise at all that Waller didn’t let genre get in the way of his love for hip-hop when he reached out to Luger for an as

Dan O Says So

Evergreen Podcasts

Your place for big words, bigger brains, and a lot of long term memory loss.

Songcraft: Spotlight on Songwriters

American Songwriter

Part of the American Songwriter Podcast Network, Songcraft is a bi-weekly show that brings you in-depth conversations with and about the creators of lyrics and music that stand the test of time. You probably know their names, and you definitely know their songs. We bring you their stories.

The Kimball Hooker Show

KCAT Public Media

Hear from the best in San Francisco Bay Area music with recording artist, producer, singer, and songwriter Kimball Hooker.

Kyle Meredith With...

Consequence Podcast Network

Eels on Reconnecting with John Parish for Extreme Witchcraft and 20 Years of Souljacker

Eels frontman E catches up with Kyle Meredith to talk about Extreme Witchcraft, an album that arrives just over a year from 2020’s Earth to Dora.
The indie rock legend tells us about working with John Parish for the first time since 2001’s Souljacker, and how this new album can be looked at as a continuation of that record on its 20th anniverasry. He also touches on taking some inspiration from '70s soul; how the lyrics look at mortality, aging, and how we consider ourselves; the 30th anniversary of his major label debut, A Man Called E; and being the opener for Tori Amos in 1992.
Listen to Eels discuss Extreme Witchcraft, then make sure you like and subscribe to Kyle Meredith With… wherever you get your podcasts.
Also follow the Consequence Podcast Network for updates on all our shows.


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· Anchor: The ea

Stay Human

Michael Franti

There’s no one you wouldn’t love if you knew their story. Michael Franti is a globally-recognized musician, humanitarian, activist, and award-winning filmmaker revered for his high-energy live shows, inspiring music, devotion to health and wellness, worldwide philanthropic efforts, and the power of his optimism. Tune in each week as he speaks with guests from all walks of life, but in particular, people who are cultural creatives — people who through their music, their art, their entrepreneurship, or their activism are changing the world. On the heels of five Billboard #1 singles and an array of Top 30 hits, Michael continues his mission of empowerment for positive change. This podcast is brought to you in partnership with American Songwriter Podcast Network and presented by Gibson.

Bluegrass Unlimited's Podcast

Bluegrass Unlimited Magazine

In this weekly podcast Bluegrass Unlimited Magazine editor, Dan Miller, interviews bluegrass musicians. Both the new up-and-coming artists and the bluegrass legends are featured.

When Songs Mean Business

Steph Belcher

When Songs Mean Business explores the intersection of real life, music creation, and business. Award-winning educator and business manager Steph Belcher interviews songwriters, producers, musicians, and industry reps to discuss their favorite songs, moments in their lives that inspired their love of music, and business lessons they've learned along the way. She also shares advice from her own experience as a music lover, tax preparer, mother of 3, and a spiritual being on this journey of life.

What Do You Call That Noise? The XTC Podcast

Mark Fisher

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

Uplifting Trance Sessions with DJ Phalanx

DJ Phalanx

DJ Phalanx - Uplifting Trance Sessions EP. 562 [24.10.2021]

Hello dear friends, this is Uplifting Trance Sessions EP. 562 with banging new music by Miikka L, Activa, Paul Di White, F.G. Noise, Roman Messer, EnerLift, Paipy and many more.
Join the show and enjoy the trip 🚀

[0:00] 1. Intro
[1:27] 2. Roman Messer & Gid Sedgwick - This Is Real [Suanda Music]
[5:10] 3. Activa - Anamara [Black Hole]
[10:48] 4. Marc Jerome Feat Liliana Iodice - Scars (Fischer & Miethig Remix) [Joyride Recordings]
[16:01] 5. One Pale Ghost - Reflections [State Vision] -World Premiere-
[20:46] 6. Paul Di White - Reflections [2Rock Recordings]
[25:53] 7. F.G. Noise & Costa Pantazis - Bergen Street [Metamorph Recordings]
[30:59] 8. John Spider - Raindrops [Alter Ego Records]
[35:48] 9. Miikka L - Dawnbreaker [State Control Records] -Uplift Of The Week-
[41:25] 10. SoundLift, RedSound & Cathy Burton - Empty Echoing (Stargazers

Joe Bonamassa's Live from Nerdville Podcast

Joe Bonamassa

Episode 75 - Neil Giraldo - December 8th 2021

The Rockstar Show by Nicky Jam 🤟

Nicky Jam

THE ROCKSTAR SHOW by Nicky Jam ? - Messiah | Episodio 9

El cantante de trap tiene una conversación bastante profunda con Nicky Jam en donde habla de su pasado, sus errores y sus mayores deseos para su futuro como artista.??

The Modern Drummer Podcast


Episode 60: Modern Drummer Festival

Welcome to this week's Modern Drummer Podcast. Celebrate the holiday week with a Throwback Thursday show (with new material) about the 2021 Modern Drummer Festival. (Where to get tickets, when it’s debut streaming - it begins at 12:01 am on December 25th.)

As a bonus, we end this podcast/year with a little help from our friends, Jet Velocity Holiday All-Star Band, led by singer/songwriter Jason Ebs and featuring one of our 40-festival drummers Gregg Potter, along with Janea-Chadwick-Ebs, Cathy Rich, Teddy Andreadis and more. “Now that it’s Christmas time, everyone’s feeling fine!”

The MD 2021 festival starts streaming on December 25th and with your ticket purchase, you can watch anytime and as many times for three months. Enjoy! We look forward to a healthy, safe and Happy New Year!

The Downbeat

Craig Reynolds

Milkie Way - Wargasm

My guest this week is Milkie Way, bassist/vocalist of Wargasm. We talk live-streamed wardrobe malfunctions, visual art, and their modern approach to punk.

The Tone Mob Podcast

Blake Wyland & Sound Talent Media

Mixing Heavy Guitars (and other stuff) w/ Scott of Kowloon Walled City

Scott is a recording engineer, guitarist, and generally brilliant dude. We talk about his origin story, gear overlap in different mediums, refining your techniques, trying stuff, the appropriate time to learn things and a whole lot more.
Keep up with Scott at
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TEXT ME (503) 751-8577
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The Mandolins and Beer Podcast

Daniel Patrick

I’m always looking for inspiration and it turns out so are some of the best players in the world! From tips and tricks to influences, let’s talk some mandolin! (And maybe enjoy a beer or two!)

Pili, Raúl & La Música


De una amistad de 10 años y una serie de encuentros profesionales nace la unión de dos de las figuras más influyentes de la escena de la música alternativa Latina en Los Ángeles. Pili Montilla, presentadora y productora de televisión ganadora de un Emmy y el reconocido DJ Raúl Campos unen fuerzas para ofrecerte lo mejor de la música Latina en un podcast totalmente nuevo, crudo, genuino y bilingüe. From a 10 year old friendship and an array of professional encounters stems the union of two of the most influential figures in the Latin alternative music scene in Los Angeles. Emmy winning TV host and producer Pili Montilla and renowned DJ Raul Campos join forces to bring you the best of Latin music in an all new uncensored, raw, genuine and bilingual podcast

The Guitar Knobs

The Guitar Knobs

250-interview With Mikey D

The Knobs interview Mikey D aka Mike Diluccio a gigging musician, music teacher, massive gear enthusiast, and one of the long-time supporters of our show.  Mikey D is a huge supporter of the guitar community and we are grateful to have him on the show. Thanks for listening and enjoy the podcast!

Hosted by Todd Novak with Tony Dudzik and Rob Chafe 



Guitar, electric guitar, guitar pedal, pedal effects, pedal fx, guitar amplifier, humbucker, single coil, P90, guitar pickups, guitar setup, fuzz, overdrive, delay, reverb, distortion, guitar player, guitarist, guitar tips, guitar repair, vintage guitar, guitar amp speakers, guitar cabinet, combo amp, guitar amp

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Modern Musician

Modern Musician

Lessons learned from Making $1,000,000 as a Musician with Jason Tonioli

Jason Tonioli is a New Age pianist, ninja entrepreneur, and Modern Musician Gold Artist alum who’s self published eight albums and eight piano books. He had a 7 figure year last year with his music.He also owns the travel agency Amazing Vacations Costa Rica which arranged our awesome retreat. We talk about the Costa Rica Retreat and much more on this powerful episode of the podcast.Here’s what you’ll learn about: The power of the mastermind groupsSimple mindset tools to remove obstacles from your lifeThe 2 keys to having all of the success you want in your music careerWebsite Music Site:'s vacation company: to Fast Track Your Music Career? Try MusicMentor™ Pro For Free:

Re-Imagining Worship

Trevor Chin

Welcome to the reimagining worship podcast. Reimagining worship is for those who dream of a new creative expression. I, alongside various friends & colleagues, will examine where worship music is now and have a practical dialogue about where it can go. Before we start, I want to invite you to head over to Facebook and join our REIMAGINING WORSHIP GROUP where a community of people are having regular dialogue on how to develop a unified sound in a polarized culture. Thanks for tuning in.

Songwriting For Guitar Podcast

Mike Meiers

Songwriter and guitar coach Mike Meiers discusses the ins and outs of the songwriting process with a variety of experienced musical guests.

Beats in Space

Tim Sweeney

Beats In Space Radio Show #BIS Radio Show #1085 with Tim Sweeney (Part 1)

Thanks for listening over the past 21 years!

Salute the Songbird with Maggie Rose

Osiris Media / Maggie Rose

Brittney Spencer

This week, singer-songwriter Brittney Spencer joins Maggie to talk about pursuing a career in country music, her approach to songwriting, and what it's like to live a creative life in public. The two discuss the experience of moving into the Nashville scene from Maryland, and Brittney explains what she wants her audience to get from listening to her music.Brittney Spencer is paving her own path in the country music genre and making major waves in the process. A PEOPLE Magazine One to Watch, 2021 Spotify Hot Country Artist to Watch, Pandora 2021 Artist to Watch and member of CMT Next Women of Country, the Baltimore native is known for her free spirit and standout ability to mold life, truth and wild imagination into songs. Her recent single “Sober & Skinny” has garnered praise from The New York Times, Rolling Stone, and more, as well as an in-depth interview with CBS Mornings’ Anthony Mason. Lauded as one of “12 Black Artists Shaping Countr

Other Record Labels - Starting & Running a Record Label

Other Record Labels

A2IM Black Independent Music Accelerator Program - Apply Now!

This is a special episode all about A2IM's Black Independent Music Accelerator Program, with my guests, Alyssa Mark (A2IM) and Courtnay Moriarty (Pex).

Apply to this incredible program here:


The Black Independent Music Accelerator (BIMA) is a fellowship initiative created by The American Association of Independent Music (A2IM) with the intention of fighting for social and economic justice within the music industry by amplifying independent, Black-owned music businesses. 


My interview with Alyssa Mark of A2IM:

Rolling Stone's Musicians on Musicians

Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone's Musicians on Musicians podcast starts with a bold idea: What happens when the artists ask the questions? Based on Rolling Stone’s popular magazine franchise, the podcast finds stars from the worlds of pop, hip-hop, country, pop-punk and more, sitting down with another artist they admire to talk about the things they are most curious about: everything from how to write a great song, to beating stage fright, to staying grounded despite the fame, to the best way to eat a grapefruit. The first season features intimate discussions between A-list duos like Alicia Keys and Kehlani, Lorde and David Byrne, Willow and Travis Barker, Olivia Rodrigo and Alanis Morrissette, and more. Tune in for the kind of honest, revealing conversations you can’t get anywhere else.

Powertools Mixshow

Powertools Mixshow

Episode 1: Episode 1-1-22 Ft: Top 20 Songs Of 2021 (Mixed by Christo), Swedish Egil, & David Delano

Social Media Handles:@wearepowertools@iamdjchristo@richardvission@swedishegil@daviddelanoTop 20 Songs of 2021:
Acraze Ft. Cherish - Do it To it
Shouse - Love Tonight (David Guetta Remix)
Farruko - Pepas (Kryder Remix)
J Balvin & Skrillex - In Da Getto (Henry Fong Remix)
El Alfa, CJ & Chael Produciendo - La Mamá De La Mamá (Gordo & Redtape Remix)
Dom Dolla - Pump The Brakes
John Summit - Make Me Feel
Cloonee - Sun Goes Down
Sidepiece - Acrobatic
Fisher - Just Feels Tight
Westend - Get This Party Started
Kurd Maverick - Dancing To
Kevin McKay & Milos Pesovic - Work It
Noizu - Middle
Anti Up - Somethings About To Go Down
Sweet Taboo - Lil Bit  (Richard Vission x Elijah Hill x Loren Moore Remix)
Black V Neck & Dipzy - Si Tu Sabe
SOFI TUKKER - Drinkee (Vin

Primitive Man Soundz

Primitive Man Soundz

Primitive Man Soundz so far has been primarily an online publication that has focused on the bands from the 60s & 70s. More specifically, the various approaches and attitudes behind the different heavy underground rock scenes around the world. Starting a podcast gives even more ground for these artists' to be able to share their stories like never before. If you like what we do please feel free to make a donation to our Venmo: (@Primitiveman_sounds). For more interviews and heavy content visit:

According 2 Hip-Hop Live

Mike D & Coop

Mike D and Coop talk about the latest and greatest in Hip-Hop Culture while engaging with their live audience.

Grupo Firme Mix

Mario Alejandro Reyes

Grupo Firme Mix

What's in a Song

Scarlet Keys

This is a new weekly podcast about the craft of songwriting hosted by Berklee College of Music Professor Scarlet Keys. She takes deep dive into the craft, technique and art of songwriting in conversations with eminent songwriters, producers, and other creatives asking questions only a songwriting professor would ask so listeners can walk away inspired and armed with clear and actionable tools and techniques they can apply to their songwriting.

Bold as Brass Podcast

Melissa Brown

A nosy trombonist (Melissa Brown) chats to other brass professionals about their careers, how they got there and what music they would happily put in the bin and never play again.

The Strad Podcast

The Strad

Episode 28: Alexandra Conunova on losing her Guadagnini violin

In this exclusive interview with The Strad, violinist Alexandra Conunova shares the traumatic and harrowing story of when her 1785 Guadagnini violin was seized by Moldovan customs officials at Chisinau airport. Hear in her own words what happened on that day, the lengths she went to in order to get her violin back, and what she has learned from the experience.

Check out for the latest news and articles on all things to do with string playing. Register and subscribe to access exclusive archival content from 2010 onwards.

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History of L.A. Ska: One On One Sessions

Junor Francis & Eric Kohler

Hosted by veteran radio DJ/emcee/promoter Junor Francis, we celebrate Southern California's ska, rocksteady and vintage reggae scene through insightful conversations with the legends and modern-day players, including those behind-the-scenes. Produced by Eric Kohler for Rockery Radio. Follow us @HistoryofLASka and @Rockery_Radio on Instagram. Subscribe to our History of L.A. Ska channel on YouTube. Join our History of L.A. Ska group on Facebook.

Luthier on Luthier with Michael Bashkin

The Fretboard Journal

60. Shelley Park

Shelley Park builds some of the finest guitars in the Selmer-Maccaferri tradition out of her one-person shop in Vancouver, Canada. Shelley’s obsession with guitar started as a teenager and, by the age of 19, she was learning to build guitars with renowned luthier and player, Michael Dunn. For Episode 60 of the podcast, Shelley discusses the structure, sound and setup of Maccaferri-style guitars, and tells us about her cylinder-top model based on a 1920s Vega guitar. Shelley also talks about business challenges, views on social media, her favorite tools, and much more. This episode is sponsored by Acoustic Coffee Company, Allied Lutherie and Dream Guitars.

The Music Plays the Band w/ Rob Koritz of Dark Star Orchestra

Rob Koritz

The Music Plays the Band is a podcast from Dark Star Orchestra Drummer Rob Koritz about the influence of the Grateful Dead on the life and career of professional musicians from the jamband world and beyond. With the premise being musicians who like the Grateful Dead really love talking about the Grateful Dead, Rob has long form conversations with some of your favorite musicians about how they got turned on to the band and the impact it had on their life, music and careers. In addition to the feature interview, each episode will have three mini-segments:The Black Music Moment, highlighting the monumental influence of Black Music on the sound of the Grateful Dead. The Sarno Music Solutions Breakdown with audio guru Brad Sarno about ideas and techniques that shed light on the sonic secrets from the Grateful Dead audio world. There's a Grateful Dead Cover Band in Every Town features conversations with local Grateful Dead bands from around the country, discussing different approaches to covering the music and the communities that have developed around these scenes. With Dark Star Orchestra unable to tour due to the Pandemic, like many touring musicians Rob found himself in the unusual place of having lots of time at home. Not being able to bring the music to the people, Rob began engaging with fans online doing question and answer sessions, as well as some live interviews. As is often the case when dealing in all things Grateful Dead, events started taking on a life of their own and Rob was approached by old friends and St. Louis songwriting/production team Brothers Lazaroff about wanting to help Rob take these conversations further and create a formal podcast. After a few Zoom calls the plan was hatched. Pulling from his lifetime as a professional touring musician specializing in the music of the Grateful Dead, Rob is excited to bring conversations he feels are largely missing from the cannon of Grateful Dead inspired content. The Music Plays the Band is generously supported bySarno Music Solutions, Blue Jade Audio, The Authenticity Academy, Grateful Sweats and the Clean Store. Learn more and support the show at

The Trumpet Summit

John Raymond

S2:E1 - Brian Lynch

Season 2 kicks off with a conversation between John and master jazz trumpeter Brian Lynch. One of only four trumpet players to have been in both Art Blakey and Horace Silver's bands, Brian has had an illustrious career boasting two Grammy Awards and over 15 albums as a bandleader. Listen as he shares about his experiences playing with jazz legends, what kind of things he's practiced over the years, and how he works with his students at the Frost School of Music. Visit Brian Lynch: www.brianlynch.jazz.comVisit John Raymond: www.john-raymond.comMusic: “North” (IU Jazz Studies Faculty) + "Joy Ride" (John Raymond & Real Feels)Interview Edited by Tom PieciakProduced & Edited by John Raymond



@WALLO267 bring you everyone dope in Music, Fashion, Sports, Food & Living. Recording artist, Athletes, Entrepreneurs, etc. speaks on the journey they took to make it, how they’re maintaining success & advice to my audience to help them win! He shares his journey to the top. Dropping Every Friday! Wallo267 is also the co host of Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast,

Mack's World

Harry Mack

Super stoked to announce my new podcast: Mack's World! This will be the official audio experience for my content. The show will include: Conversations from Happy Hour featuring inspirational guests; Audio from Q&A sessions where you can learn more about me and my approach to the craft/life philosophies; Educational materials re: freestyling/improv in general, content creation, entrepreneurship in the digital era, etc

Strike Up

PAN Magazine

From the minds behind PAN Magazine comes Strike Up, a podcast dedicated to the ongoing discussions on the steelpan instrument, culture and its people. Explore some of the hottest topics related to the steelpan world, including Panorama, pan building, women in pan and much more. Support this podcast:

Pass-Through Frequencies

Jim Adkins

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

The Live Ukulele Podcast

Brad Bordessa

Jeff Peterson Interview - Ukulele Phrasing and Technique Lesson

Jeff brings his expertise to the podcast for a mini lesson on fingering technique, dynamics, tone, and more.Watch a video of Jeff's examples: the show (

Folk on Foot

Matthew Bannister

Kathryn Tickell & her Dad by the River Rede

“He said you could pluck songs out of the air - pluck them out of the air - and sing them bonny”. The great Northumbrian pipe player Kathryn Tickell describes the River Rede near her home as the backdrop and soundscape to her life. On its bank, she is joined by her Dad Mike to perform music, songs and stories inspired by the beautiful county where he brought her up and introduced her to the folk tradition.


Access exclusive films of Kathryn performing by the river, along with over 150 other performances from dozens of artists, by signing up to Folk On Foot On Film:

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KUT & KUTX Studios

Could affordable housing save Austin’s music scene?

In the latest episode, you'll learn how Austin non-profit Foundation Communities helped musician James Shelton find affordable housing the central Austin. And you'll get a crash course in how affordable housing works from Foundation Communities Executive Director, Walter Moreau.

Far Off Sounds Podcast

Nick George and Jacob Hurwitz-Goodman

Far Off Sounds is a webseries of documentaries about the infinite story of music on Earth. From harsh industrial noise performed for fish in an aquarium, to a heavy metal cruise ship in the Caribbean, Far Off Sounds has been filming the ways that humans use and engage with music for a decade. The Far Off Sounds Podcast expands on this project. The show's creators, Jacob Hurwitz-Goodman and Nick George, interview ethnomusicologists, experimental musical meme pedagogues, musicians, label artists, journalists and others in long-form conversations about music, as well as providing a behind-the-scene glimpse at the doc series' production.

𝑠𝑘𝑦 𝑜𝑓 𝑓𝑒𝑒𝑙𝑖𝑛𝑔𝑠 🧃

nina abellaneda

1 step forward, 3 step back slowed

You got me fucked up in the head, boy

Ну а как иначе

Ильдар Фаттахов

Ильдар Фаттахов общается с разными героями на самые разные темы, от искусства до медицины

Deep House Dreaming Podcast


Deep Nights | Deep House Mix [Luxury House Grooves]

Tracklist :  00:00:00 El Mundo - Ashram (Original Mix) 00:07:00 Alexander Matchak - Berliner (Original Mix) 00:12:25 Alexander Matchak - Dark Heavens (Original Mix) 00:18:30 Mihai Popoviciu - Azul (Original Mix) 00:25:15 Alexander Matchak - Step by Step (Original Mix) 00:31:25 Markus Homm - No Image (Original Mix) 00:38:25 Mihai Popoviciu -Tristesse (Original Mix) 00:44:55 Daniel Meister - Girls (Original Mix) 00:52:30 Ross Kiser - Atrus (Original Mix) 00:58:40 Peter Makto, Gregory S - Curling (Original Mix) 01:05:10 Alexander Matchak - Sky Train (Original Mix) Powered by Firstory Hosting

Wolf In Tune: Music as the Bridge to Mindfulness

Richard "Wolfie" Wolf

Emmy Award winning composer, multi-platinum music producer, USC mindfulness teacher and author Richard "Wolfie" Wolf invites us to take a deep look at the special relationship between the worlds of music, meditation and mindfulness.“Wolf In Tune” shows how these connections can help musicians and music fans alike fend off the “Four Horseman of the Musical Apocalypse”: anxiety, depression, addiction and suicide. Wolf interviews artists, musicians, music executives, and mindfulness experts to discuss helpful coping mechanisms for high-stress lifestyles and how music can be a bridge to a more expansive awareness and a more harmonious way of life.

Music Meets The Boardroom

Latoya Cooper

Music Meets The Boardroom Podcast: Helping Elite Indie Artists Find The SuperPower In Their Gift and Build A Powerful Plan For Action. Become the CEO you were BORN to be! Podcast features powerful conversation with music industry experts, indie artists and celebrities from all over the world, who are dedicated to enriching the lives and careers of indie artist entrepreneurs.​ Download "25 Steps To Take Before Releasing Your Music Single." FREE today! Signup, Indie Artist Power Conference: Support this podcast:

Dunlop Presents Bass Freq's

Dunlop Manufacturing, Inc

The Bass Freqs Podcast brings you the unique perspectives and insights of bass players—the backbone of every band. Hosted by lifelong recording and touring bass player Josh Paul (Suicidal Tendencies, Infectious Grooves, Daughtry), each episode features in-depth discussions with some of the top bassists working today. Get the direct lowdown on how they got their start, how they approach their role as the driving force of a song, what gear they use, and what it takes to perform at the highest level. Brought to you by Dunlop Manufacturing, family-owned makers of bass and guitar strings, MXR and Cry Baby electronics, and other many other popular music accessories.

Sing Blackpink Songs With Me ✌✌✌✌

Pragati Malavliya

Blackpink Song (dudududu) covered by parulmalavliya

In this episode i sing blackpink song i hope you like it or i publish more blackpink songs hope your like it....?

Eric Krasno Plus One

Osiris Media / Eric Krasno

Neal Francis

On this episode of Plus One, singer-songwriter and masterful pianist Neal Francis sits down with Kraz to discuss making his new record while living and recording in an old church, his early influences and the musical experiences that lead to the formation of the instrumental funk band called the Heard, and his recent tour with the Black Pumas. Neal and Kraz also trade stories of taking essential big leaps early in their careers, and talk about the Chicago music scene, Neal’s methodology for writing music and lyrics, and much more. Neal Francis is a singer and songwriter from Oak Park, IL. “From a very early age, I was playing late into the night in a very stream-of-consciousness kind of way,” Neal has previously stated while citing influences ranging from ragtime to gospel soul to The Who. With a prodigy-like gift for piano, he sat in with a dozen different blues acts in Chicago clubs as a teenager, and formed a widely beloved funk band called The Heard bef

Business Side of Music

Bob Bender

#197 - From Bluegrass to the Doobie Brothers - The Journey of John Cowan

John Cowan, also known as the Voice of Newgrass, has been singing his heart out for thirty-seven years now, and his soaring vocals have only improved with time. His rise to fame began in 1974, when he auditioned to play bass for the then up and coming “New Grass Revival. Fellow members Sam Bush, Courtney Johnson, Curtis Burch, and later on Bela Fleck and Pat Flynn joining the band, went to to shape a sound for such superstars as Garth Brooks, The Dixie Chicks, The Zac Brown Band, and Darius Rucker. The band went on to tour with Leon Russell for several years, initially opening his shows, eventually becoming an integral part of Leon’s performance. John went on to become the bassist for The Doobie Brothers in 1992 thru 1995, and then joining them again as their full time bass player and vocalist years later, and still touring with the band to this day. John in addition to being a high in demand session pl

The Mitch Lafon and Jeremy White Show

Mitch Lafon and Jeremy White

Set It Off - Skeletons (The definite interview)

Pop Rockers, Set It Off, announce new album ELSEWHERE and US tour! We discuss with all three band members!

Help support the show. Please consider a donation:

See for privacy information.

For the Greater Groove: The Future of Strings

Tracy Silverman

Jacob Szekely

Multi-style cellist, composer, gear maven Jacob Szekely talks about technique, influences, gear and the kind of education contemporary string players really need.Then we see how much the author of The Improvisor's Guide to the Cello knows about...The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

Tejano Faith Y Familia

Eli Emiliano

An energetic and entertaining podcast. We combine three important elements of our culture, La musica Tejana, Faith y Familia. Support this podcast:


徐鵬博 & 吳毓庭

EP1|聊聊西方歌劇院歷史悠久的倒喝采boo文化 feat. 音樂學者 焦元溥


The Drive's Classic Rockstar Interviews - with Seaver

The Drive | Hubbard Radio

97-1 FM, The Drive - where Seaver keeps Chicago moving every weekday afternoon from 2:00 to 7:00 with the best music ever recorded and long sets of Classic Rock for the ride home. Now, The Drive presents a collection of Seaver's one-on-one interviews with an elite array of Classic Rock artists. 906895

Duet Partner Podcast

Duet Partner

Duet is the independent music teacher's partner for digital studio management. Music teachers are our heroes, and we're passionate about providing them with the tools they need to focus on the music, not the management. This podcast complements our digital assistant software, providing insights from industry experts on how to start, run and grow a successful music teaching studio.

Get Up in the Cool

Cameron DeWhitt

Get Up in the Cool features conversations and musical collaborations with some of Old Time music's heaviest hitters, like Ken Perlman, Adam Hurt, Spencer & Rains, and Jake Blount. As an interviewer, Cameron balances an effusive curiosity for the potential of traditional music with a dogged respect for its origins. Serving as audience surrogate, Cameron asks illuminating questions to Old Time's best and brightest while telling the larger story of the tradition's modern era.

Curious Creatures

Lol Tolhurst & Budgie

Double Elvis Presents: Disgraceland Season 9 Trailer

Deranged stalkers, heroin hounds, and the leering eyes of the FBI; find out who’s visiting Disgraceland this winter in the Season 9 trailer of Disgraceland. The newest season of the award-winning music and true crime podcast premieres January 11, 2022.Check out the first 8 seasons, and the NEW season of Disgraceland, only on Amazon Music.For episode notes and other great shows, visit and join the Disgraceland community  on Twitch and Instagram for behind the scenes talks, music history discussions and more. 

Creative Strings Podcast with Violinist Christian Howes

Christian Howes

Balancing Your Musical Goals with Austin Scelzo

How to teach more to your students without burning out? How to prioritize your own musical goals without sacrificing too much of your time.
The key is a Flexible mindset and Creative strategies to get the balance you want.

Austin Scelzo is an exemplar of a young person taking courageous steps in that direction- making moves in his music and career and contributing in huge ways to his communities along the way.

Violinist and teacher Austin Scelzo talks with Chris about the innovations he made in the classroom, how he’s balanced his competing desires to be a teacher and performer, the transition from working for a school to working for himself, and how he’s taken on such a range of musical goals.

Santa Grifa


Santa grifa Ämör

Brokedown Podcast

BrokedownPod / Osiris Media

Space Is The Place

Greetings Dead Freaks!On this episode, Bubba Ayoub joins to take us on a journey through Space. Bubba operates the @OTDISpace twitter account, makes synthesizer music, and runs light shows with video synthesis & manipulation and can be found on instagram as @juggableoffense. So buckle up as we launch into the outer limits and shine a light on the weirdest corners of Grateful Dead.Thank you for sticking with the show through 2021. I'm looking forward to more great stuff in 2022. Allow me to remind you that the Brokedown Podcast is part of the Osiris Media. Osiris is creating a community that connects people like you with podcasts and live experiences about artists and topics you love. Check out to stay in the loop.Also, if you would like a BrokedownPod t-shirt or sticker or other merch in that vein, please head over to my Redbubble virtual merch table. All proceeds go straight toward hosting costs and are much appreciated.Also please consider

Big Fat Five: A Podcast Financially Supported by Big Fat Snare Drum

Ben Hilzinger

Every musician has a unique story that shapes the way they approach their instrument. Join host Ben Hilzinger as he invites the world’s best drummers to dissect the TOP 5 influences that made them who they are today. For more info, check out or find us on Instagram @bigfatsnaredrum. Cheers!

The Guitar Hour Podcast

David Beebee, Tom Quayle, Dan Smith & Jake Willson

164: Minimalist Practise Space, Head Space & Ear Hygiene

We finally get the band back together with full catch ups, housekeeping and a refreshed Patreon.  The guys discuss hearing and ear hygiene, productive and minimalist practise spaces, headspace and recognising one's guitar progress. Jake also does a wonderful impression of the UK’s own Richard Madley and Beebs apparently has a throbbing hollow body? Patreon: In this week's extended Patreon episode Beebs’ secret Suhr, Ed Markey’s infamous blue drip Suhr get compared, and there is also a mid-show digression for some Ant Law love. If you enjoy the show please consider supporting the podcast over on Patreon, where you can get some fantastic extra TGHP content! You can also now pick up t-shirts, mugs and other merch from our TeeSpring store.   Episode Links - Moreno Picking Lesson (On Donna Lee and co.) Solo - Beebs & Tom’s Fretboard Learning App Dan’s Hybrid Picking Essentia

The Truth About Recording & Mixing

The Fretboard Journal

EP 13 Bill Cheney of Spectra1964

Welcome back to the Truth About Recording and Mixing brought to you by the Fretboard Journal from Crackle & Pop! studio in Ballard WA. This episode we speak to Bill Cheney of Spectra 1964 about the history of the company and the classic circuits that are still on the cutting edge today. 1:10 - listener comment from Josh Block regarding episode 11 with Timothy Herzog.3:05 - listener comments from Bob Knetzger4:45 - what is flanging? Johnny gives a demo and a modern technique to achieve that classic sound16:45 - Welcome Bill Cheney, Bill talks about his upbringing and how he got into audio. 20:30 - Meeting William Dilley and eventually going to work for Spectra29:30 - Scully 100 - the Spectra tape machine33:00 - 70s era when Spectra is building sound reinforcement when Bill first started working there.36:30 - William Dilleys story and his love of the flying.41:30 - the gear manufacturing world of the early 60s and how Spectra got into the marke

Little Steven's Underground Garage - Coolest Conversations

Coolest Conversations with the Mighty Manfred:

Little Steven's Underground Garage - Coolest Conversations presented by Hard Rock Cafe are a series of interviews with The Mighty Manfred (frontman and driving force behind Garage Rock band The Woggles) and artists who have been chosen by Little Steven Van Zandt as the “Coolest Song In The World This Week” in Little Steven's Underground Garage. Past guests have included Tom Petty, Alice Cooper, Joan Jett, Carlos Santana, and many more. Coolest Conversations airs live every Friday at 2:00 PM ET on SiriusXM Ch. 21 and is posted online that Monday. Every Wednesday a "Coolest Conversation" from the past is posted too.

Meet Me For Coffee

George Panayi

With over 960,000 downloads and growing, Meet Me For Coffee is quickly becoming one of the world's hottest podcasts. The show is rated as one of the top 50 shows globally by the New York Daily Times, outranking The Daily Show With Trevor Noah and The Adam Corolla Show. Meet Me For Coffee host George Panayi brings over a decade of broadcast experience to the table with a passion for excellence. His unique, personable interview style has led him to feature in The New York Times, Blabbermouth, along with various significant media outlets across North America. Due to his devotion to captivating content, Hollywood Digest has rewarded George with the Most Vivacious Host Award. This podcast has featured the world's most fascinating people from your favorite films and shows on Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Disney +. George also dives in with Music legends from Pink Floyd, Megadeth, and Jane's Addiction and successful entrepreneurs. Meet Me For Coffee is a chilled atmosphere, where you can intimately get to know your favorite people!

The DR & the DJ

DR. Amy Lindsey & DJ John Richards

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

AC/DC: Beyond The Thunder

AC/DC: Beyond The Thunder

S1E11 - Behind Beyond The Thunder #1

Often told by many, including the people being interviewed, that their own "behind the scenes" adventures were just as interesting as their main objective (to find out why AC/DC matters), in this 1st installment and bridge between seasons, engineer Eric Kielb sits down with co-creators, Gregg Ferguson & Kurt Squiers to discuss the origins of 'Beyond the Thunder', how the duo were shot down in flames, the unlikely metamorphosis into a podcast, and what to expect for Season Two. Maybe it is the journey and not the destination, after all?

The Recovering Catholic with Katie Pruitt


Dr. Dark: Social Justice, Elton John, and the Bible

In this episode, Katie chats with David Dark, a critically acclaimed author and Assistant Professor of Religion and the Arts in the College of Theology at Belmont University. His books include “Life’s Too Short To Pretend You’re Not Religious” “The Sacredness of Questioning Everything” “Everyday Apocalypse: The Sacred Revealed in Radiohead, The Simpsons, and Other Pop Culture Icons” and “The Gospel According To America: A Meditation on a God-blessed, Christ-haunted Idea”. His work has appeared in MTV News, Books & Culture, Pitchfork, and the Oxford American.This episode of The Recovering Catholic was Produced & Hosted by Katie Pruitt; Artwork by: Sami Wideberg (Stolen Trailers Studios); Mixed by: Guy Fell; Edited by: Justin Thomas (Revoice Media); Music by: Katie Pruitt with additional music by: Elton John & Public Enemy. Subscribe to The Recovering Catholic wherever you get your podcasts and

Acoustic Voices: A Guitar Podcast

The Fretboard Journal

Ep. 6: Lloyd Baggs

These days, Lloyd Baggs (LR Baggs) is synonymous with great acoustic guitar pickup systems. But it hasn't been easy. This self-taught tinkerer - who started building one-of-a-kind acoustic guitars for legendary musicians in the '70s and early '80s - only turned to sound amplification after an eye-opening experience with Ry Cooder. "[After that] I spent so much time thinking about pickups," he remembers, "I stopped building guitars." During our chat, Baggs recounts the ups-and-downs of perfecting pickups, the importance of a pre-amp for gigging musicians, his work for various brands (including Breedlove) and describes how he's returned to his first love... building acoustics.    It's a fascinating chat with one of the music industry's true pioneers.  Acoustic Voices: A Guitar Podcast is an all-new collaboration between Breedlove Guitars and the Fretboard Journal magazine. We hope you enjoy it. Our music is by Luke Basile. https://breed

The Brass Junkies Podcast - Pedal Note Media

Pedal Note Media

The Brass Junkies, hosted by former Boston Brass members Andrew Hitz and Lance LaDuke, features interviews with the best and brightest brass players in the world. Subject matter includes everything from the serious to the ridiculous, just like the music business.

Armenian Music Podcast with Raffi Meneshian

Raffi Meneshian

A series of conversations with artists, musicians, and industry professionals focusing on Armenian music. Hosted by Raffi Meneshian.

Listen Back : The Podcast


Creative Conversations with Grammy Award Winning artist Ledisi. Follow us through a series of unpredictable conversations where creatives talk openly about life, their art and so much more. Produced by Ron T. Young and Ledisi.

DIY Musician Stories

CD Baby

Ep. 08: Madisen Ward

In this episode Montse chats with musician Madisen Ward of the folky-blues-roots duo Madisen Ward and the Mama Bear. Madisen tells us about his “Quarentunes”, how he built his artist team, on writing, starting a podcast, “Little failures”, and lots more.

The Cowsills Podcast

The Cowsills

36: The Cowsills Interview Bill Mumy

This week's episode, The Cowsills chat with Bill Mumy from "Lost In Space" and also other ventures including the Action Skulls - a band he's in with our brother John and his wife, Vicki Peterson of the Bangles. Music has been Bill's passion since he was barely 10. The group reminisce on the night that both The Cowsills and Bill were accidentally booked for the same slot at the same venue.Join Paul, Susan, Bob, and Bill as they dive into how Bill and John Cowsill teamed up with the rest of the band to create the Action Sulls, whether or not Bill will be acting in the future, and a special unreleased Action Skulls song.Song of the Week: Find The Good by The Action Skulls

From The Shadow

Chad Bearden

Episode 2- Georgette Jones

The only daughter of George Jones and Tammy Wynette, Georgette Jones has seen it all. In this episode she takes us behind the curtain and into the the world of growing up as a child of the most famous couple in Country Music history. From childhood heartaches of her parents divorce, running from music, finding love and her way back home and finding peace with where she is now. This riveting interview is informative for fans of Wynette and Jones and is inspiring for anyone chasing a dream.


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The Process: a podcast about creativity and experimental music.


This podcast aims to understand the creative process by listening to new works and discussing them with their creators. Each episode focuses on one composer and their music. By understanding how and why they create can inform aspiring composers and help audiences better understand contemporary classical music.

Inside the Musician's Brain

Christopher Pandolfi / Osiris Media

Inside the Musician’s Brain is a deep dive into everything that’s underneath the music and the artists that inspire us. Join Grammy Award winning artist and producer Chris Pandolfi of the Infamous Stringdusters, as he explores life as a musician, and sits down with other influential artists to discuss inspiration, creativity, and the many facets of bringing a musical vision to life. See for privacy and opt-out information.

The Line-Up with Shaun Keaveny

Sony Music UK

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

Mostly Folk

Artie Martello

New and classic music from artists around the world. Indie artists in the Folk, Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Bluegrass and anything else that pleases my ear and hopefully yours.

Pablo Held Investigates

Pablo Held

PABLO HELD INVESTIGATES is a series of interviews led by renowned jazz pianist Pablo Held. Talking to his musical heroes and peers, he zooms in on their creative process, the inspiration behind the music and memorable moments in their careers. Just like musicians picking each other's brains on the road - but now you can listen in!

Guitar Talk with Jimmy Warren

Jimmy Warren

The most exciting and informative podcast for all things guitar. Guitarist and Host Jimmy Warren's all new guitar driven show filled with product reviews, artist interviews, industry insight and more. If you play or love the guitar, this is the show for you. Guest to Guitar Talk include some of the greatest players, artists, guitar techs, amp builders, guitar builders, pedal builders, instructors and more from around the world. #guitartalk #jimmywarren #guitartalkwithjimmywarren #applepodcast #spotifypodcast #googlepodcast #musicinterviews #guitar #guitarist #interview. Support this podcast:

a mic on the podium

Michael Seal

Conductors - who are they, what do they do and how did they get to become a conductor? British conductor, Michael Seal conducts conversations with a distinguished list of conductors to find out all the answers. Each week, Michael interviews a conductor and discovers the journey each conductor has taken towards the conductors podium along with secrets from their teachers and mentors. At the end of each episode, every conductor will be asked the same set of 10 questions, helping us all to find out what makes them tick. So if you’ve ever been curious about the person waving the baton, or you are a real conducting geek, then this should be a fascinating insight in to what it takes to become a maestro.

Laugh Now Die Later

Laugh Now Die Later


Whittier hardcore.

Three Sides of the Coin – A KISS Podcast and Radio Show

Michael Brandvold, Tommy Sommers, Mark Cicchini and Lisa Martini

Ep. 456 Bad Customer Service at KISSONLINE, What Is Going On With the Destroyer Box Set?

Episode 456, November 30, 2021 This week we let loose on KISS and Kissonline for the mess they created with the delivery of the KISS Destroyer Box Set or the lack of delivery. Diehard KISS fans ordered the box set from Kissonline the day it was announced and come release day, nothing. Fans who ordered […]

All Keyed Up

Ben Kapilow

Frankie B's Reggae Session

Frankie B

Frankie B's Reggae Session Podcast takes Colorado's Mile High City a little higher. Reggae Sessions That Covers from Roots, DanceHall and Reggae Remixes Listen, Rate, Subscribe, Enjoy

The Rhino Podcast


David Bowie's Unreleased Album Toy - With Producer Mark Plati

Host Rich Mahan welcomes producer Mark Plati to The Rhino Podcast to discuss the recently released David Bowie Album, "Toy".See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

Prince | Official Podcast

The Prince Estate

The Story of Welcome 2 America, Episode 4: We Got 2 Let the Funk Unwind

The Welcome 2 America Tour brought Prince and his band to several cities for lengthy residencies, including the marathon Twenty One Nite Stand at the L.A. Forum in 2011. Hear exclusive live recordings from the Forum alongside memories from NPG bandmates Morris Hayes, Elisa Fiorillo, Shelby J., and Liv Warfield, Prince's former manager Kiran Sharma, and Ebony Magazine editor Harriette Cole, who Prince recruited to join his Welcome 2 America Tour and spotlight his opening acts.

Vintage Rock Pod - Classic Rock Interviews

Vintage Rock Pod

The ultimate classic rock podcast packed full of big name interviews, all the latest news about your favourite golden era rockers, song recommendations, quizzes and fascinating rock facts too! Everything the classic rock fan needs! Hosted by Paul Stephenson, a UK radio veteran, this high quality, comprehensive classic rock podcast won't disappoint! Follow the show, sign up to become a VRP VIP here: Part of Pantheon Podcasts.

Couch Wisdom

Red Bull

Hip-hop original Madlib

Whether he’s working with artists like Freddie Gibbs, MF Doom or Erykah Badu, collaborating with the late J Dilla, or working under one of his own aliases, like the drugged out party creature Quasimoto, Madlib has carved out his own idiosyncratic corner in the massive hip-hop universe. Luckily, we were able to coax him out of his studio for this episode of Couch Wisdom, in which he discusses Prince, the death of his Quasimoto alter-ego, collaborating with Kanye West and his love of industrial music.

Why Are We Here?

Spencer Crandall

Jefferson Bethke

Spencer Crandall sits down with Jefferson Bethke to talk about his new book "Take Back Your Family," one question they'd like to ask God, the "Crandall Creed," and much more!Text Spencer to be the first to know about new music: (615)358-7729Listen to Spencer Crandall’s latest music:

Country Music Made Me

Country Music Made Me

Get to know your favorite country artists in a whole new way, diving deep into their past to learn about their greatest successes and their most bitter failures, all of which have guided them and made their journey unique. It’s stories from country music like you’ve never heard them before.