This American Life

This American Life

672: No Fair!

Stories of very small injustices and also one very big one.

The Martha Stewart Podcast


In my new podcast, I’m sitting down with fascinating people from all walks of life - business icons, entrepreneurs, artisans, old friends and new friends. They all have one thing in common: they inspire and intrigue me. And I think they will inspire and intrigue you!   Tune in each week for these intimate, in-depth, probing conversations. You’ll learn something new in every episode.

This is Love

Vox Media Podcast Network

Episode 45: Seeing and Being Seen

When artist Wilfrid Wood was looking for new people to draw, he got an idea - and put a call out for models on Grindr. When Theo Adamson saw Wilfrid's profile, he says “it just caught me in the right moment as being up for trying something new.”
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What We Said

Dear Media


This week the girls are taking you through a realistic day in their life! They get specific about morning skin care & night winding-down routines, mom-life schedules, & more!    Shop our MERCH!    Shop our Health & Wellness Courses!    FOLLOW US!   INSTA// WWS Jaci Chelsey   TIKTOK// Chelsey Jaci    YOUTUBE// Chelsey Jade Jaci Marie   OUR SPONSORS//   Curology: Visit to start your free 30 day trial!    Daily harvest: Visit to get up to $40 off your first box   Macy’s:   Ritual: Get 10% off at   Produced by Dear Media 

Pretty Basic with Alisha Marie and Remi Cruz


Dating App Red Flags ?

Sound the alarms! Alisha is officially back on the dating apps. SO, of course the PB girls HAD to dedicate an episode to the infamous issues that arise when dealing with ghosting, replying and flirting virtually. The girls give their listeners advice on how to respond to certain messages, how they would respond to prompts, and their red flags and green flags on the apps. This episode is a hoot and a half and the PB girls dole out some quality advice, so tune in! 

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Good Moms Bad Choices

Good Moms Bad Choices

Juicy Fruit Feat. O'Ryan

"I love you, and you love you!"You might want to throw on some headphones and turn your VOLUME UP for this episode!!!! There’s going to be a lot of sexy sounds coming to your ears. This week, Good Moms are joined by Fruit loving, entrepreneur, wellness advocate, and DILF, O’Ryan for a memorable and very fun episode! I’m pretty sure whenever you think of watermelon, you’ll also think about this episode because…we know we will!!! O’Ryan discusses his thoughts about wellness and his efforts towards normalizing wellness (6:40). Don't be surprised if we collaborate with him for a women's and men's retreat because everyone needs some healing! The ladies learn that apparently he too was raised by a “Good Mom” who might have made “Bad Choices” (28:00).If you want to hear this week's episode uncensored, YOU’RE INVITED to join us over at Patreon. Go to and sign up to one of our tiers! It’s fun ovaaaaaa there, se

On My Mind with Ava Jules

Ava Jules

4: Moving to NYC at 18, What “Healthy” Really Means, & ED Recovery Story with Kayla Jules

On My Mind's very first guest is none other than my sister, Kayla Jules! She has such an inspiring story of how she followed her childhood dreams of being onstage and moved to NYC at 18. Kayla shares her story on how she dealt with body dysmorphia and overcoming her eating disorder. Follow her instagram (kaylajules_) for more!!

Jim Harold's Campfire

Jim Harold

Creepy TRUE stories of paranormal phenomena of all types. Ghost stories, UFO, cryptids and more! This feed reflects the last 90 days of content, Jim Harold's Campfire has been in production since 2009 with over 390 episodes. True ghost stories, hauntings, life after death stories and more. Hosted by Jim Harold.

Disturbed: True Horror Stories

Disturbed Media

Creature in the Night

Doppelganger? -Hunted by a Wendigo - Never that safe - The subway - This is Disturbed.

Featuring narrations by:
Matt Bradford
Melissa Medina
Tanya Eby
Rhiannon Moushall

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Dead Eyes


31 - Tom

Connor talks with Tom Hanks.

Episode Transcript

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The Dark Paranormal

The Dark Paranormal

Room 232

Welcome back, to The Dark Paranormal.On todays episode, we hear all about Jessies arrival at a college in Kentucky, and learn about potentially sinister practices within the facility.Questions abound after this experience, exactly who was the source of the activity? What was the entities end goal? And, perhaps most importantly, exactly what emotional limits are experiencers of the paranormal expected to reach?If you enjoy the show, you can support the show by signing up to become a Patreon team member, you'll also get weekly Patreon only podcasts and early Ad-Free Access to all Dark Paranormal episodes. Head over See for privacy and opt-out information.

The Secret Room | True Stories

Ben Hamm

164. Sound Revenge

Jen’s got a new neighbor from hell who drives her to the point of a mental breakdown. That’s when she reached her breaking point and set out to destroy him. It’s a relatable story of one woman’s sweet justice. BABBEL for up to 60% off your subscription. DIPSEA Get a 30-day free trial when you go to FEALS Become a member at and you'll get 40% off your first three months with free shipping. JUNE’S JOURNEY Download June's Journey FREE today on the Apple App Store or Google Play. TRUEBILL  It could save you thousands a year. PICTURES See Jen at her condo, her decibel meter app and her letter to the condo board right now on social. Pictures are waiting for you on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  Handle: @secretroompod. THE SECRET ROOM | UNLOCKED Jen’s back with another tale of justice.  Hear what happened when she got bullied by upper management at her law firm. The Sec

The Anthropocene Reviewed

Complexly, John Green

Orbital Sunrise

John Green reviews something he's never seen and never will: an orbital sunrise. This episode marks the end of our summer miniseries. You can buy a copy of The Anthropocene Reviewed book online or at your local bookstore: Thank you again for your tremendous support.Episode art by Nadim Silverman.

Red Pilled America

Patrick Courrielche, Adryana Cortez

Greater Idaho

Is America headed towards a national divorce? To find the answer, we hear from Mike McCarter, president of Greater Idaho. Mike is a man who’s proposing a radical idea that could help relieve some of the tension bubbling up all across the country…bubbles that some think are about to pop.
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I'm All Over the Place with Dara Starr Tucker

Dara Starr Tucker

I'm All Over the Place explores the many ways in which we strive to make our voices heard in the world. Through her reflections on her own work and her conversations with an array of cohosts, Dara Starr Tucker brings you into her journey as a singer, songwriter, social commentator and satirist, and gives you a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the art of putting yourself on the line and bringing the truth of who you are to the work you do.

The TED Interview


Unlocking the mysteries of our brain | David Eagleman

The way that our brain perceives the world is profoundly informed by our senses–so what would happen if we could heighten them—or even create a whole NEW sense? In one of his last episodes as host of the show, Chris Anderson kicks off our series on the future of intelligence by interviewing neuroscientist and author David Eagleman. They’ll decode the mysteries of the brain, consider consciousness and what it means to be human, and dig deep into David’s ground-breaking research on how wearable technology can bypass sensory impairment, translating sound into patterns of vibration for the deaf and hard of hearing.

Lady Killers with Lucy Worsley

BBC Radio 4

Lucy Worsley investigates the crimes of Victorian women from a contemporary, feminist perspective.

Be There in Five

Kate Kennedy

Be There in Five is a pop culture and millennial zeitgeist-focused podcast by Kate Kennedy (entrepreneur, author, pop culture commentator). Long-form and solo hosted, Be There in Five explores different facets of popular culture in a comedic, thoughtful, and analytical way, covering entertainment, social media, bloggers/influencers, and celebrities, in addition to focusing on the humor found in reexamining the 90s/00s as an adult (from AIM to Zenon). As one listener described it, “come for the relatable humor and lighthearted topics, stay for the surprising levels of depth and thoughtfulness injected into them.”

Live in Love with Lauren Akins

That Sounds Fun Network

Episode 16: Live in Love in Story with Lauren Akins

Welcome to Season Two of the Live in Love Podcast! Each week Lauren sits down with friends and family to talk about all the different areas of her life where she gets to live in love. She continues to share hew things with you that you may not know even if you have read her book Live in Love. Co-hosted by Annie F. Downs.
If you haven't gotten your copy of Lauren's beautiful book, Live in Love, you can pick one up at your favorite local bookstore or at
On today's final episode of Season Two, Lauren and Annie talk about what it's like to live in love in story. If you are seeking help, please call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 800-273-8255. We need you here.
Thanks to our sponsors in this episode:
CRU: For only $21 a month, you can provide three people with Bibles each and every month. When you sign up to provide 3 Bibles with a monthly gift of $21, as a thank you, Cru will pro

فنجان مع عبدالرحمن أبومالح

ثمانية/ thmanyah

262: السبب خلف مشكلة العقار في السعودية

يكاد لا يمرّ يوم في ثمانية من دون سماع أحد الزملاء يتكلم عن معاناته في العثور على شقة للإيجار في الرياض، ويشتكي من غلاء أسعارها، سواء أكانت شققًا للأفراد أم للعائلات. ولا يخلو أي مجلس تقريبًا من مثل هذه الأحاديث. كما لا يقتصر الحديث على غلاء الإيجارات، بل غلاء العقار عمومًا.

فكان من الضروري أن أستضيف إبراهيم الصحن، عضو زميل في الهيئة السعودية للمقيمين المعتمدين، وحاصل على ماجستير التمويل والاستثمار العقاري. دار حديثي معه عن مشكلة ارتفاع أسعار العقار في الرياض.

فما الأسباب التي أوصلت العقار لهذه الأسعار؟ هل الأزمة تكمن في الأراضي البيضاء فقط، التي تشغل حيزًا واسعًا من مدينة الرياض؟ وهل هذه المشكلة مؤقتة؟ وهل من المتوقع أن نشهد انخفاضًا في سعر العقار قريبًا؟

الحلقة 262 من بودكاست فنجان مع إبراهيم الصحن. بوسعك الاستماع للحلقة من خلال منصات البودكاست على الهاتف المحمول. نرشّح الاستماع للبودكاست عبر تطبيق Apple Podcasts على الآيفون iPhone، وتطبيق Google Podcasts على الأندرويد.

ويهمنا معرفة رأيك عن

Human Hope with Carlos Whittaker

That Sounds Fun Network

Episode 054 - From cancer as a kid to becoming a doctor treating kids… How Hope Heals Our Bodies.

Dr. Jen Pratt is a pediatric physician that is caring for children in the very same hospital where she was treated. Her story has come full circle, back to where her life was transformed. Dr. Pratt is now able to help improve the lives of other children battling critical illnesses with the gift of a wish referral and personally share in the transformation that comes with her patients’ wish experiences.
Make-A-Wish aims to bring the power of wishing to every child with a critical illness because wish experiences can help improve emotional and physical health.  Since 1980, Make-A-Wish has granted more than 520,000 wishes worldwide; more than 350,000 wishes in the U.S. and its territories alone.
Thanks to our sponsors…
Better Help


This episode is sponsored by

The Simplified Podcast with Emily Ley

Four Eyes Media

51: Keep Getting to Know Your Person (with Bryan Ley)

Who knows you better than your person? Probably no one! But do they know * everything * about you—and vice versa? Let’s find out! Emily’s husband Bryan is back on the show for a little Valentine’s Day fun. There’s plenty of laughs and a few sweet moments as Emily and Bryan trade some of their favorite stories and memories, game show style. (PS: we’ve got a list of questions they answered on the show notes at, so you can have some fun getting to know your person, too!)   Thanks to our episode sponsors!NUTRISENSE | Learn to listen to your body – head to, and use code simplified for $30 off any subscription to the CGM program. BETTERHELP | Affordable, private online counseling — anytime, anywhere. Get 10% off your first month at VEGAMOUR | Discover plant-based formulas that improve hair growth with clean ingredients —  go to a

Just Go With It: Living Life Post Grad

Ashley Chavez and Abby Hunt

93. There’s Strength in Numbers: First Date Horror Stories sponsored by Posse Global

You guys are in for a good one! On this episode we give a brief weekend recap of our Nashville trip and then we are getting into in on the dating front. Fan submissions of bad/awkward first dates give us a helluva first half of the episode. After that we give our opinions on some dating dos and don’ts: when to follow on Instagram, how much is too much messaging, to kiss or not to kiss.
If you want to get into the Valentine’s spirit, or just want some girl talk, this one’s for you!
This episode is sponsored by Posse Global: a dating app designed for groups of friends. 
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Lez Hang Out | A Lesbian Podcast

Ellie Brigida and Leigh Holmes Foster

520: The Gaily Star

Leigh (@lshfoster) and Ellie (@elliebrigida) hang out and talk about everyone’s favorite topic, gay celebrity conspiracy theories! This week we are absolutely giddy as we discuss why these theories are so much freaking fun (it’s literally science!), vaguely chat about who pings our gaydar, and scoff at the census that still thinks the LGBTQ+ community is only like 5% of the population - Who are they surveying? They definitely did not ask anyone under the age of 40. Who even has time to be heterosexual in 2022? Gays have our own secret languages and codes and look sometimes we really do know things that the Straights just do not know. This episode has us feeling like we are running on nothing but 2L of soda and vibes at 3 AM frantically googling “Is ****** a lesbian?” while listening to Betty on repeat. Follow along on Twitter: Lez Hang Out (@lezhangoutpod) and answer our Q & Gay at the end of every episode. Leigh Holmes Foster (@lshfoster) and Ellie B

Tell Me Something True with Laura McKowen

Mikel Ellcessor, Laura McKowen

Amanda White and Our Desire for Control

Janet was right. It’s all about CONTROL.

Amanda White has some wise, and life-earned, things to say about the illusion of control. If we’re honest, our desire for control is inseparable from all of our motivations, and can lead us to extreme places.

Amanda is a therapist, a woman in recovery from both disordered eating and alcohol, and she’s the author of NOT DRINKING TONIGHT, a terrific book that is a huge contribution in the sobriety space because it bridges the gap between memoir and clinical programming. Amanda breaks down important and often misunderstood topics like self-care, boundaries, reparenting, and trauma, as well as diving deep into WHY we drink.

Whether or not alcohol is a thing for you is pretty much irrelevant to this conversation, because almost anyone can relate to issues of control: over our surroundings, other people, and especially our feelings.

Show notes:



BBC Radio 4

Case 15: Bloody Hell Ken

In this season finale, Danny returns one more time to Ken's terrifying haunting in Room 611, discovering new evidence and new witnesses to the terrifying events at Alanbrooke Hall, plus there will be major revelations about some of the other cases this series. Can these supernatural mysteries be solved?

Written and presented by Danny Robins
Editor and Sound Designer: Charlie Brandon-King
Music: Evelyn Sykes
Theme Music by Lanterns on the Lake
Produced by Danny Robins and Simon Barnard

A Bafflegab and Uncanny Media production for BBC Radio 4


ETW Studio

#216 一个道歉

Hi 我是徐涛,
在评论区告诉我们,你最近有什么愿望。为了表示歉意,我和「声东击西」的监制 Amanda 会在评论区抽取 2 个愿望来帮助实现。但不要挑那种太过分的哦,我们毕竟不是小仙女(or Elon Musk)。
在公号「声动活泼」后台回复 实习 可查看更多详情。
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方式二:点击链接 ( 直接投递
我们还有这些播客:声东击西 (、What's Next|科技早知道 (、反潮流俱乐部 (、泡腾 VC (、商业WHY酱 (、跳进兔子洞 (
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Room 20

Los Angeles Times

Introducing Convicted: Across Borders

From Focus Features and L.A. Times Studios brand team comes the new podcast series, CONVICTED: ACROSS BORDERS. Hosted by famed lawyer and bestselling author, Marcia Clark, we'll hear straight from the mouths of the men and women who lived through these trials. Through these stories, we'll explore how seemingly benign actions can lead to incarceration in foreign lands, how to navigate different legal systems when you don't even speak the language, and who one turns to when the closest help is thousands of miles away.Enjoy this sneak peek of the podcast, and be sure to listen and follow wherever you listen to podcasts.This is a paid podcast funded by Focus Features. The Los Angeles Times newsroom was not involved in the production of this podcast.

Viene y Va con Dani G Schulz

Dani G Schulz


Para todos los honis con el corazón roto. Dani cuenta acerca de sus breakups y cómo puedes convertirlos en experiencias transformadoras.

Mike Drop

Mike Ritland

The Mike Drop podcast is hosted by former Navy SEAL, Mike Ritland. It is a not so politically correct discussion of wide ranging topics that span from government, politics and war to health and fitness, from guns and survival skills to food and nutrition with music, BBQ and a touch of everything else in between. This is THE platform that is completely raw, totally unfiltered and in your face, while still intellectually sound with good intuitive dialogue between A-holes that know what they’re talking about.

Becoming Wise

On Being Studios

What did you love? What would you like to hear?

Season two of Becoming Wise is a wrap! We’re so grateful you joined us for these months of reflection and recentering. Before we go away to work on our next season, we’d love to hear from you. What did you love? How can we make the podcast even better? Go to to tell us a little about yourself and what you’d like to hear next. Stay tuned for more episodes when we’re back with season three.

Stories with Sapphire

Sapphire Sandalo

Miracles, with Rannie AuGoGo

Welcome to the final episode of Season 5. There will still be bonus episodes while the show is on a brief break.
In this episode, medium and priestess Rannie AuGoGo recounts how she was initiated into this work through possession, and the many miracles she’s been blessed with. And I share what it was like to witness Rannie’s power firsthand.
Thank you to Magic Spoon for sponsoring this episode!
Book a session with Rannie
Watch Magick AuGoGo
Watch Black Tea & Bourbon


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Living with Landyn with Landyn Hutchinson

Landyn Hutchinson

62. How to Take Your Best Photos Yet + Achieve that Light and Bright Aesthetic

Ever wondered how to capture those light and bright photos for a beautiful Instagram feed? You're in the right place!! Yes, Landyn is talking with the one and only Mary Craven - the mastermind photographer behind all Landyn's photos you experience online and in her store.  In this episode, they are diving into all things photography - iPhone AND camera work. Tune in to hear: What MC learned from her 365 days of photography  How to set up the best lightning for your pictures How best to pose yourself in a group photo (gosh it can be so hard can’t it?!? The best camera to start with if you’re just beginning - and The #1 question to ask your wedding photographer before hiring them   Whether you’re just starting out with your iPhone and want that light and bright look for your Instagram feed, or a veteran photographer with an A-list roster, you’ll find a little something in this episode just for y



You Will

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Mystery Show


Case #6 Kotter

Jonathan has lunch in a cafeteria.
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Mohtwize | محتوايز

إيش يعني إعلان ثلاثي الأبعاد؟

لتجربة استماع مميزة - استمع للحلقة عبر سماعات الأذن ?
!اخلق لعملائك تجربة مميزة من خلال الإعلانات ثلاثية الأبعاد لأن بعد واحد ما يكفي عميلك
تعرف أكثر عن الإعلان في البودكاست عبر موقعنا

Am I Normal? with Mona Chalabi


Breaking Up with Perfectionism | WorkLife with Adam Grant

Perfectionism is on the rise–and not just in job interviews when people claim it’s their greatest weakness. But the desire to be flawless is not always productive—or healthy. As a recovering perfectionist, organizational psychologist Adam Grant dives into how he managed to abandon the quest for 10s while holding onto his drive for excellence. This is an episode of WorkLife with Adam Grant, another podcast in the TED Audio Collective. To hear more episodes, follow WorkLife wherever you're listening to this.

Homesteady - Stories of Living off the Land

Austin Martin, Squash Hollow Farm

FENCING YOUR FARM 101 - Designing and Building Your Fence

Today Eli from Kencove joins us to talk about designing and building your farms fence!

Sponsored by Kencove

Kencove Youtube Channel

Kencove Instagram

Eli Instagram

Eli's Podcast
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Living Fully with Mallory Ervin

Mallory Ervin

Ep #76: Unhealthy Attachments

Attachments to bad things—or even good things—can become really unhealthy for us if we let them. Today, I’m going to talk about one of the biggest breakthroughs that I had regarding unhealthy attachments (and how they held me back just as much as addictions and pain avoidance), as well as how important it is to understand the attachments we have and work to not lose sight of ourselves. You can find show notes and more information by clicking here: 

Radio Marz | پادکست فارسی رادیو مرز


رادیو مرز ۴۳ - مبتلا به ام‌اس

فاصله‌ای که بیماری ام‌اس بین مبتلایان و دیگران به وجود می‌آورد.   موسیقی تیتراژ: گروه کلی موسیقی متن: Cattle, Sunshine - Telecasted عکس از rrrroza

Already Friends

Allison Wetig and Ceara Kirkpatrick

Moving to LA from the Midwest w/ Hannah Roeloffs: Fashion, Life in LA, Dating a YouTuber and more

We’ve all thought about moving across the country and starting a new life at some point… right? Maybe you already did it (if you have, honestly go off bestie) but if you haven’t, we’ve brought along the perfect guest to tell you all about it. Today we’re joined by Nebraska native turned LA resident, Hannah Roeloffs. Hannah moved to LA right out of high school to pursue a career in fashion and has worked with some of the biggest fashion brands in the industry, leading her to start her own clothing company, Illie Society.She also has worked in the content creation space, working for the Funk Bros (over 6 million YouTube subscribers) and even building a following of her own! On this episode, we talk to Hannah about what it was like making the jump from Midwest to West Coast, working in fashion, working for YouTubers, dating a YouTuber, starting your own business, and more! SOCIAL L

Happy Place

Fearne Cotton

Will Young

If you’re a high achiever, do you ever wonder if you sometimes use success to mask pain? Performer Will Young recognises this is something he did for many years. Now though, he’s discovered the importance of actively connecting to others and physically moving trauma out of his body when he finds himself in a low place.In this chat with Fearne he explains how he spent much of his career comparing himself to others in a way that was crippling for his mental health, and they both explore why they struggle to deal with rejection.Will’s podcast, The Wellbeing Lab, is out now and Will’s new book Be Yourself and Happier: The A-Z of Wellbeing is out on April 21 via Penguin Books.CONTENT WARNING: This episode contains conversations about suicidal thoughts. See for privacy and opt-out information.



188 球国春秋:苏联体育与领袖意志


- 本期话题成员 -

- 时间轴 -
03:00 苏联早期的体育系统
08:52 斯巴达克运动会:对奥运体系的对抗
15:17 苏联时代以斯巴达克和迪纳摩为代表的符号化俱乐部
19:37 足球获得政治关注的过程有极大的偶然性
27:09 贝利亚对迪纳摩的关注
29:44 瓦西里·斯大林对体育的热爱极大推动了苏联体育的发展
35:00 斯大林把体育视为自己与铁托之间的竞赛
39:08 马林科夫在苏联体育系统中的位置
40:20 赫鲁晓夫时代的苏联体育
47:29 勃列日涅夫时代的苏联体育:真正的黄金时代
54:42 大量苏联体育英雄在国际赛事中叛逃
56:16 苏东体育和核心特征:集体主义
58:00 从红军冰球队看苏联末期体育明星的叛逃
01:02:15 苏联足球内的变化
01:06:04 苏联体育留下的遗产

- 音乐 -
Danse Macabre - Busy Strings - Kevin MacLeod

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An Acquired Taste Podcast

Audioboom Studios

S5 Ep410: The Check-In: Embarrassing Texts + A Bedtime Hiccup Nightmare

An Acquired Taste has a new bonus podcast! The Check-In is where Bethany and Dennis discuss their relationship, how they manage dating AND working together, and just generally tease each other in public. The Check-In comes out twice a month, right here on your Acquired Taste feed! Email us:!

Dennis has a new soulmate: his brand spankin' new therapist! Bethany cackles her way through Dennis' description of this new relationship and why it's such a perfect match. Then, per Dennis' request, Bebe puts on her best Zak Bagans voice and reads through some of the panicked texts he's sent her over the years. And the duo debut a new segment: In The Field! (*hiccup*)

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Green Chef - Go to and use code checkin130 to get $130 off, plus free shipping! 

Apostrophe - Save $15 off yo

Change Agent

The New York Times

Introducing: Change Agent

Problem? Solution. Well, maybe. A new limited-run series from The New York Times.

Manhunt: Finding Kevin Parle

BBC Radio 5 live

#19 Dunlough Bay

Peter travels to Ireland to investigate whether the gang Parle could now be working with was involved in a huge attempted drug smuggling operation off the west Cork coast in 2007.

Sincerely, X


Listen now: Far Flung with Saleem Reshamwala

You don’t need to travel to feel thrilled about a new place; if the last two years have taught us anything, it’s that the ideas, cultures, and charm of our world can reach us wherever we are. This season on Far Flung with Saleem Reshamwala, we journey across the globe to bring you incredible, unique and imaginative stories— from the unbelievable suspended bridges that connect Nepal, to hidden underground tapes that capture the culture of Somalia, to a museum that stores and exhibits… wind!? Get to know new amazing places and the ideas that flow from them–and pick up that awe-inspired, travel-bug-feeling with just your headphones.



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هذه رسالة اوجهها لروحي اخاطب بها عقلي و قلبي  احاكي بها احزاني  

The Modern Homesteading Podcast

Harold Thornbro

Will The Modern Homesteading Podcast Ever Start Back Up?

Is that actually dust and cobwebs on my microphone? I can't believe it has been well over a year since the last episode.
Why Did The Modern Homesteading Podcast Stop?
I was still doing the podcast a few months into all the changes covid was bringing to the world in 2020 but as time went on it started to have a huge impact on my life as well.
My job went into a shut down for several weeks but this wasn't the thing that had the biggest impact on the podcast. When I got back to work, however, things got a little crazy as we scrambled to make up for lost time. I started working very long days and extra days a week for months which left very little time for anything else.
On top of the heavy work schedule we also found ourselves planning for my youngest daughters wedding in 2020. If anyone has ever married off a daughter you know the stress and preparation that can go in

Lives Less Ordinary

BBC World Service

Introducing Lives Less Ordinary

Enter other people’s worlds. Welcome to the new weekly podcast from the Outlook radio team, finding amazing personal stories from around the world. Premieres on 25 April.

With Emily Webb, Mobeen Azhar and Jo Fidgen.

Desert Island Discs

BBC Radio 4

Bradley Walsh, presenter and actor

Bradley Walsh is a familiar face to many millions of TV viewers, as the host of quiz shows including The Chase and Blankety-Blank, and as an actor in dramas such as Doctor Who and The Larkins.

Bradley was born in Watford and after leaving school at 16 he was apprenticed to the local Rolls-Royce factory as a jet engineer. A keen footballer, he signed to Brentford FC when he was 19 but his career was cut short by injury after only two seasons with the club.

He dealt with this blow by turning his attention to the entertainment business. He worked as a Pontin’s bluecoat and then tried his luck as a stand-up comedian - doing impressions and telling jokes at working men’s clubs. In 1986 he turned professional, and his first booking was a stint at the Pavilion Theatre on Cromer Pier. Later he became the support act for performers including Dame Shirley Bassey, Leo Sayer and Sir Tom Jones.

In 1997 he hosted the

Everyday Wife


Giving God My Ordinary

Let's be friends

Kara Mosher

Candid conversations with interesting people, about everything and anything. Let's be friends!

The Cut

Vox Media Podcast Network

In Her Shoes: Leah Thomas

Sustainability is often framed as an obstacle to a successful business in today's world, but Leah Thomas- aka Green Girl Leah- has carved out a career marrying the two. On this episode, host Lindsay Peoples talks shop with Leah, diving into the coinage of Intersectional Environmentalist, bringing Black joy to the environmental movement, and how she's made a career out of making the world a little more equal for everyone and a little nicer to our home planet.

Check out for more about the Intersectional Environmentalist Hub.
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The Kitchen Sisters Present

The Kitchen Sisters & Radiotopia

182 - "The porters were fed up." C.L. Dellums and the rise of America's first Black union

In the early 20th century, the largest employer of Black men in the United States was the Pullman Car Company, which operated luxurious trains that carried millions of passengers around the booming nation in an era before airplanes and interstate highways. Ever since the company’s founding during the Civil War, Pullman exclusively hired Black men as porters to keep the train cars clean and serve the white passengers. Although the job was prestigious, by the 1920s porters were fed up with the low pay, long hours, and abusive conditions. Their struggle to unionize became one of the most significant civil rights conflicts of the pre-WWII era and laid the groundwork for the movement led by Martin Luther King Jr. in later years.

Produced by Liam O’Donoghue for his podcast East Bay Yesterday, this story explores how Oakland’s C.L. Dellums helped the Brotherh


Melody, Helen, and Janet

Episode 171: Queer, British Asian, and Female - We Chat with Meg He, Co-Founder of ADAY

Meg is the co-founder of ADAY, a sustainable capsule clothing brand named by Fast Company as one of the World’s Most Innovative Companies. She is also one of Goldman Sachs’ 100 Most Intriguing Entrepreneurs, having started her career with Goldman as an Investment Banker before joining Poshmark as one of their first 50 employees as a Senior Product Manager. She is Oxford educated with an MBA from Stanford University. Meg is also a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu athlete and a business coach for athletes and gyms. Moreover, Meg identifies as queer, British-Chinese and a digital nomad. She is also an angel investor and mentor to many communities and individuals advancing AAPI, LGBTQ+, and third culture interests.
This episode was edited by Michelle Hsieh.
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BBC Radio 4

Episode 10: Preying on Hopes and Fears

In 2021 Vladimir Putin retreats to his bunker as the Covid-19 pandemic spreads through Russia. How did this isolation affect his thinking, and what role could it have played in his decision to invade Ukraine?

To understand how Putin views history and his place in it, Jonny Dymond is joined by:
Nina Khrushcheva, Professor of International Affairs, The New School; former BBC Moscow correspondent Sarah Rainsford; and Alexander Vindman, former director of European Affairs at the US National Security Council.

Production coordinators: Sophie Hill and Siobhan Reed
Sound engineer: Rod Farquhar
Producers: Sandra Kanthal, Caroline Bayley, Joe Kent
Series Editor: Emma Rippon
Commissioning Editor: Richard Knight

The Girly Girl Podcast

Carmen Applegate

end of the semester motivation, study tips, & senioritis

Carmen shares her tips and best practices for finishing the school year on a good note! She talks about the reality of feeling motivation and explains how planning in advance can reduce anxiety. Carmen also shares her experience with senioritis and how she's be struggling to feel motivated the past few weeks!

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Bad Fatty

Lindley Ashline and Laura Burns

This is Bad Fatty with Laura Burns and Lindley Ashline. We're two rad fatties chatting about the world we live in and how to change it.




【主播的话】6 月 20 日是世界难民日,联合国难民署最近发布的最新报告显示,过去十年,全球被迫流离失所的人数每年都在增加,目前已达 1 亿人。联合国秘书长古特雷斯表示,俄乌冲突引发了第二次世界大战以来欧洲规模最大、蔓延速度最快的流离失所危机。而在中东,持续多年的叙利亚危机已导致超过一千万人失去家园。难民中,女性又是最容易受到伤害的人群。过去一个月,若含往返于黎巴嫩的难民营进行采访和拍摄,也带回了许多观察和故事——尤其是在黎巴嫩遇到的那些勇敢、坚韧智慧的女性故事,她们的命运是不断被辜负的故事,充斥着战火的国家辜负了她们,不欢迎她们存在的逃亡地辜负了她们,冷漠残酷的家庭辜负了她们。如果听完这期节目后,你也希望用自己的力量支持难民女性,欢迎关注不合时宜的公众号或微博。我们即将在各大社交平台上线三周年纪念品,一款由在 Shatila 难民营当中的叙利亚女性制作的手工书签。项目的所有收入将返还给来自叙利亚的女性们,帮助她们获得可持续的收入和工作的尊严。【本期主播】若含(@_若含)【本期嘉宾】刘毅强 Michael Liu (公众号:共同未来)CommonFuture  共同未来创始人国际法促进中心主任瑞典隆德大学瓦伦堡访问研究员【本期剧透】2:10 开场,我们从黎巴嫩回来之后在哥本哈根见面了,两个不同社会给我们的”反差感“6:18 若含五月在黎巴嫩所做的项目,以及前线计划介绍9:24 我们在黎巴嫩生活工作一个月的感受13:14 Michael 这几年多次往返黎巴嫩和难民营,遇到的让人印象深刻的当地人故事15:11  共同未来在黎巴嫩支持的两个合作机构——Shatila 难民营的 Alsama Project 和北部贝卡谷地的 Lighthouse Peace Initiative17:00 人们在难民营里生活的处境19:25  和绣娘们相处的故事,以及她们在 Alsama Studio 获得的平等与尊严23:25  这些在难民营里的女人和孩子的故事,是不断被辜负的故事26:11  支持共同未来 x 不合时宜的联名项目,帮助叙利亚女性获得工作的尊严。我们在难民营当中订购的联名书签的故事29:00  去除对难民生活悲惨化的想象,他们的生活是很艰难,但仍然在努力的维系自己

The Sister Circle Podcast

Chrystal Evans Hurst

#316 – Escaping a Victim Mentality

Did you know that having a victim mentality can sabotage your efforts to live your life well? But what is a victim mentality and how do you know if you have one? A victim mentality is a mindset that affects how you live because we believe someone else has more power than you [...]

It Sure Is A Beautiful Day

Dear Media, Catt Sadler

Leaning into (Self) Love

In Catt’s first solo episode of the year, it’s an undeniable celebration of love: self-love and romantic love. This just in, if you haven’t heard... Catt has a new boyfriend!    Recording from her bed with Scarlett by her side, in this super intimate episode of #ABD we hear Catt detail all her many acts of self-love that she insists have brought her back to her truest self. From supplements and CBD to her diet and to her fitness regime, she shares the many practices that have her feeling her absolute best. Catt explains that these consistent choices have helped her blossom into a version of herself she feels ecstatic about and why defining your own self-love rituals will do the same for you.   And then, how did she go from a full-on dating allergy to Insta official with her new BF? Is it fate? Is it Patti Stanger? Is it another online dating app success story?  She explains how she collided with her new partner and why they are “leaning in" to l

28ish Days Later

BBC Radio 4

What do you really know about the menstrual cycle? India Rakusen explores the whole bloody story, discovering facts that could change your life. Periods are just the beginning.

AA Grapevine's Podcast

AA Grapevine, Inc.

AA members Don and Sam interview other AA members about their experience, strength, and hope in recovering from alcoholism. Expect both humor and inspiration as these AA members share their stories.

The Perez Hilton Podcast with Chris Booker


Super Blah | The Perez Hilton Podcast - Listen Here!

The clutter that Kanye West has been putting out socially has surpassed any art that he's actually releasing. Adele gets hammered and also clears up her touring plans. LA wins the Superbowl, but does anyone there care?
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Alex Elle

Octavia on Pausing, Resting, and Being

Alex speaks to author and coach Octavia Raheem to discuss the power of pausing, getting still, and rest as self-care. 

Connect with Octavia here: https://octaviaraheem.comOctavia Raheem

Follow her here: @octaviaraheem


The Hey Girl Podcast is mixed & produced by Wayne Bertram.

Connect with Alex on Instagram:
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Clutter Free Academy

Kathi Lipp

500 - Tempted to Hire a Junk Removal Service?

Kathi and Roger Lipp are here, up before the sun, with some real talk about whether or not you need a junk removal service. Have you ever thought your clutter problems would all be solved if you could just point at the clutter and someone would take it away? That's a great solution in some situations, but most of the time, removing the clutter is not the real problem - it's making decisions about the clutter. Kathi and Roger have some great tips for getting through the clutter including: Give yourself a hard deadline - Designate a junk/recycling/charity dropoff day Double up your errands - If you know you're going out tomorrow, load up your car with items to donate today "Body-Doubling" - Have someone sit with you, even if it's just on the phone, as you declutter. If no one is available, join us every Wednesday at 11:00am (PT) in the Clutter Free Academy FaceBook group for a 15 min declutter. We'd love to be your body

The Going Scared Podcast with Jessica Honegger

Jessica Honegger

Intro to Habits of Highly Hesitant Habit Keepers

Welcome back to a new Going Scared Podcast Series! We’re diving into something that most people wish they were better at either keeping or breaking...habits! Starting and sticking with any habit requires effort, but the good news is that, once something is habitual, it actually becomes effortless. Doesn’t that sound nice? Over the next few weeks, we are going talk about habits that we want to become effortless in—like meal planning, finance management, exercise, attention, making doctor appointments, and so much more. Goals don’t matter if we don’t build in the habits to get us there. Let’s learn together how to build courageous habits into our lives so we can live beyond our fears and keep going scared.



对话马世芳 | 华语乐坛到底完蛋没啦?

pps. 孙总是领导。
本期配乐:《Midway》大象体操、《The Night We Called It A Day》Keith Jarret、《直到番薯落土发芽》-《恋恋风尘》原声带

Thick & Thin

Katy Bellotte

Surprises & second chances

It's time to let loose! So in this episode of Thick & Thin, I decided to ease my tight grip on life to give in to the unpredictable. Because I think it's about time for a nice surprise. 

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Come Out Wherever You Are with Sean Szeps


What does it mean to be intersex? with Mari Wrobi

Intersex is the 'I' in the LGBTQIA+ alphabet. It's estimated that there are more intersex people in the world than people with red hair but it's one of the most misunderstood parts of the community.

Mari Wrobi is an intersex educator and advocate based in Sacramento, California. They discovered they were intersex in their late teens after they'd already come out as trans years earlier. Since discovering they were intersex, Mari has devoted themselves to educating people within and outside the LGBTQIA+ community about what it means to be intersex.

In this episode, Mari shares with host Sean Szeps about how they found out they were intersex, why it's not uncommon to learn that you're intersex later in life, common misconceptions about intersex folks and whether Mari feels welcomed by the larger queer community.

If this episode brought up any feelings for you or you want more information, these r

Comeback Stories

Darren Waller and Donny Starkins

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]



Listen now: WorkLife season 5

WorkLife with Adam Grant is back for a fifth season! Organizational psychologist Adam Grant knows that you spend a quarter of your life at work–and in this show, he talks to some of the world’s most unusual professionals to discover how we can actually enjoy all that time. From breaking down “The Great Resignation” to identifying the work culture that’s right for you, to learning the art of the pitch, this season is packed with actionable insights to help you make work not suck. To hear episodes right now, find and follow WorkLife with Adam Grant wherever you're listening to this.

Fancy A Chat?

Toby Aromolaran

Having a deeper chat with Love Islanders, Influencers and more. Enjoy the stories, laughs and everything in-between!

Diary of the Heart, Memoir of the Soul

LaNyce Stokes

The Diary of the Heart, Memoir of the Soul Podcast was originally a book that had been laid on my heart many years ago. I stopped and started so many times. I finally decided to turn the book of my heart into a voice journal for the world to hear. Hopefully my life ignites, inspires, and impacts it’s way into a million hearts!

بودكاست البحث عن معنى

Kawthar Al Nassir

لماذا القلق لا يغادرني

حين تعتاد على الشعور بالقلق حتى في الأوقات التي تكون فيها ظروفك مستقرة إلى حد ما وكأنك ماعدت تثق بأوقات السعادة ولاتطمئن للحظات الهدوء



Episode 116 - The Invisible Aubrey

Growing up with parents that were not only Jehovah’s Witnesses but also suffering from their own addictions and mental/emotional struggles, Aubrey felt invisible. When he realized his sexual orientation and needed support, he was again ignored and felt invisible. But the reality is that there were invisible things going on within Aubrey as well, Aubrey is intersex. Listen as Aubrey is open about life after never speaking of these things for over 30 years so that he and others no longer have to feel invisible. Support Aubrey by leaving him a comment HERE Support the show by donating to the cause on our Patreon page, Are you struggling in some area of life? Feeling stuck? Need an accountability partner or some encouragement? Need to talk to someone that understands cult life? Reach out and let’s talk. I have affordable programs to help as a certified life coach. Click HERE for more information. Want more resources? Go to

I Should Not Have Said That with The Dashleys

The Dashleys

The show where Dallin and Ashley Seely (AKA The Dashleys) take things too far with each other and special guests. Support this podcast:

Because I Wanna Know

Leslie Fear

99: Psychic Medium, Paul Jacek

For more information on Paul or to book a reading, click here:

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The Life Scientific

BBC Radio 4

Ailie MacAdam on the biggest construction project in Europe

Ailie's first engineering challenge was working out how to get the solids to settle in a mixture of raw sewage at a treatment plant in Stuttgart. Years later, she worked on the Boston Big Dig and realised that large-scale construction projects were her thing. A seven lane highway was rerouted underground and a bridge built using blocks of expanded polystyrene to support the on off ramps. When Bostonians complained about the vibrations from all the drilling, their beds were put on springs. She returned home to the UK to run the transformation of St Pancras Station in London, creating an international terminal for Eurostar while preserving the historic features of the original building. Preventing 690 cast iron pillars that supported the platform from 'breaking like carrots' was a particular challenge, as was keeping the Midlands mainline running. Next she took on Crossrail and was in charge of the challenging central

بودكاست مربّع | مع حاتم النجار

حاتم النجار

الفقه المقارن حلًا لحشود الحج.. مع أحمد العطاس

شاركونا قصصكم مع مربع في الحلقة القادمة (الاحتفالية المئوية السمعية) :
د. أحمد العطاس جمع تخصصه في الفقه المقارن، واهتمامه البالغ بالحج وشؤونه، ليخرج بنظرية "الفقه التشغيلي"، التي يعالج بها تحديات زيادة أعداد الحجاج، بالعودة للتنوع المذهبي في جدولة نسك الحج.
فماذا لو حج كل وفدٍ حسب مذهبهم؟ كيف سيؤثر ذلك إيجابا على حركة الحجاج وتفكيك الحشود وتقسيمها، وفي الوقت ذاته إرضاء لرغبات حجاج الخارج.

د. أحمد لايتكلم من بين الكتب والسطور فقط، بل له تجربة عملية على أكثر من مئة ألف حاج، استطاع من خلالها نقل الفكرة للواقع، لتبهر نتائج التجربة المسؤولين، وتساهم في إيصال الفكرة بشكل أكبر.

فماهو "الفقه التشغيلي، والتفويج المذهبي"؟ وكيف يمكن أن يسهل حركة أصعب تحدي بشري على مر الأزمان في إدارة الحشود؟

رابط الملفات والمراجع التي تحدث عنها الضيف، من موقعه الشخصي:

بودكاست مربع برعاية مرسو


Jim Perry

044 In Dreams

On this edition -  in dreams, we find our future. In dreams we find ourselves. Premonitions and their wild web.
Brought you by AMC Network's SHUDDER, and BetterHelp
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JIM PERRY | Host, Executive Producer, Host, Founder
JON MCEDWARD | Editor and Original Score  |
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مذكرات جنائية

Mics | مايكس

إجازة الموسم

#مذكرات_جنائية مع محمد البيز

للاستماع لقصة "هروبي للحياة" مع خالد الشايع: 

للاستماع للقصة عبر البودكاست:

للاستماع لبودكاست التماس

أسعد بتعليقاتكم وملاحظاتكم ونصائحكم وآرائكم ونقدكم وتشرفني متابعتكم: ‏

سناب شات ‏

‏ تويتر


‏ إيميل ‏

واتساب: 8 55 333 0500

هذه الحلقة تم إنتاجها بواسطة مايكس

لمتابعة بودكاست التماس عبر اليوتيوب :

احتراما للسرية وحماية للخصوصية فإن هذه القصة وجميع قصصي تحاكي القصة الأصلية، ولا تتطابق معها بطبيعة الحال، كما أن جميع الأسماء رمزية لتسهيل الفهم فقط ولي

Grounded with Louis Theroux

BBC Radio 4

20. Justin Theroux

Covid-19 hasn’t gone away and, due to travel restrictions, neither has Louis Theroux. In the second outing of his podcast series, he tracks down more high-profile guests he’s been longing to talk to - a fascinating mix of the celebrated, the controversial and the mysterious.

In the last episode of the series, Louis catches up with actor, writer and director Justin Theroux - who also happens to be Louis's cousin. With Justin in Mexico and Louis in Texas, they discuss family holidays in Cape Cod, ADHD and the perils of fighting with rocks. .

Producer: Sara Jane Hall

Assistant Producer: Molly Schneider

A Mindhouse production for BBC Radio 4

The Yes Theory Podcast

Headspace Studios & Yes Theory

American Dreams

While we often seek discomfort, sometimes, it finds us. Our internal discomforts over the course of our careers have shaped who we are and how we deal with situations at hand. On today’s episode, we bring on our close friend, Eric Tabach. Eric, like many of us, has gone through his own internal discomforts over this past year and beyond that have overall landed him in a better place. So stick with us to hear more about the internal conflicts that we have faced this year and how we turn these discomforts into positive attributes in our collective lives. 

[여둘톡] 여자 둘이 토크하고 있습니다


여자 둘이 토크하고 있습니다 : [여자 둘이 살고 있습니다]의 김하나, 황선우가 좋아하는 것에 대해 좋다고 말합니다

Into the Mix

Ben & Jerry's and Vox Creative

Introducing Into the Mix — a Ben & Jerry’s podcast about joy and justice, produced with Vox Creative. Join host Ashley C. Ford as she talks with the artists, activists, cultural leaders, and all-around amazing people who are working to build a better world. The struggle, the wins, the thrill of making change and forging a fairer future — it’s all in here. So get into it.  On a related topic — if you want to hear episodes about how our country's history of systemic racism still has a major impact today, check out Who We Are, another collaboration between Ben & Jerry's and Vox Creative. 

Death by Conspiracy?

BBC Radio 4

10. Light and Dark

As Gary is remembered by those he left behind, what does his story tell us about the world we live in – online and off – right now?
Gary Matthews was a talented artist and photographer, sociable and well-liked - a familiar face in his hometown of Shrewsbury. A few years ago, his friends noticed that he was getting into conspiracy theories. Like millions of others, he fell for Covid pseudoscience when the pandemic hit. In January 2021, at the age of 46, Gary caught the virus, and died.
Marianna Spring, the BBC’s specialist disinformation reporter, travels to the serene medieval Shropshire town that Gary Matthews called home to investigate what happened to him - and why. While delving into the conspiracy underbelly of this picturesque town, she finds out more about Gary's life - and discovers a story that's been repeated across the country, and around the world.
Producer: Ant Adeane
Editor: Mike Wendling


Ramble and Charli and Dixie D’Amelio

Best of 2 Chix: Sisters, Your DMs & Questions & Squishmallows

This is a best of episode featuring some of our favorite moments from the last year of the 2 Chix Podcast. In this episode, Charli and Dixie take listener questions, discuss the Squishmallow controversy, get vulnerable and talk about some of the hard parts of life and reveal what they miss about living back in Connecticut. At the end of the show, they even share a nice sister moment and open up about what they appreciate about each other.​
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Great Lives

BBC Radio 4

Judy Garland

Susie Boyt picks Judy Garland, the child star who became one of the most famous entertainers of the twentieth century. June 2022 will be the centenary of her birth.

"All people ever said to me was, ‘You have got to toughen up,'" Susie told us. "You cannot go round nursing these wild cascades of feelings, or you’re never going to have a happy life. Then one day my mother took me to see The Wizard of Oz. It was the first film I ever saw at the cinema, and when I heard Dorothy singing Over the Rainbow, I thought, here is someone whose feelings seem to run as high as my own and she’s not hiding it, she’s not embarrassed by it, she’s not ashamed. She was leading with her feelings as though they were the best thing life contains."

Joining Susie Boyt is John Fricke, leading Judy Garland expert who put her ability to thrill her audiences far ahead of the many tabloid accounts of her life.

The presenter is Matthew

Soul Music

BBC Radio 4

A Ceremony of Carols by Benjamin Britten

In 1942, Benjamin Britten boarded the M.S. Axel Johnson, a Swedish cargo vessel, to make the journey home to England after three years in America. During the voyage, the ship stopped at Halifax, Nova Scotia, where Britten came across a poetry anthology in a bookshop - The English Galaxy of Shorter Poems. In his cabin, he began work on setting some of these poems for voices and harp. Originally conceived as a series of unrelated songs, the piece developed into an extended choral composition for Christmas.

There are some pieces of music we return to at special moments and, for many, Britten's A Ceremony of Carols is a beloved winter piece - "Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without a performance of it" says harpist Sally Pryce, who recalls performing the piece in deepest winter, desperately trying to keep her fingers warm as she prepared to play the first harp notes. Music writer Gavin Plumley tells the story of Bri

The Anna Bey Podcast

Anna Bey

20. This Mindset Shift Will Change Your Life! With Susie Moore

Stop making your life to be harder than it has to be! Yes, you're overcomplicating things. In fact, we all do it (including myself!) But there is a way of stopping this bad behavior once and for all and en up living a peaceful, happy life instead. 

Susie Moore has cracked this code and she will be sharing this method in today's episode. Susie is a Life coach, author and advice columnist. Her work has been featured on the Today show, Oprah, Business Insider, CNN, Forbes, Time inc, Marie Claire just to name a few. 

She has also written her 3rd book called "Let it be Easy" (Available on Amazon:

We will be discussing her book in today's episode, so make sure you grab yourself a copy and start implementing the Let it be Easy philosophy! 

To find out more about Susie, visit htt

تَنفَّسْ من ضميرك تحيا

Ahmad Mohamad ali

لكِ أنتِ…

هذا برودكاست استثناني لشخص استثنائي…

Superwomen with Rebecca Minkoff

Rebecca Minkoff

Equity, Opportunity & Creativity: The Winning Formula of Amy Peterson of Rebel Nell

If there’s one thing you can say about Amy Peterson, it’s that she has never shied away from a challenge. Amy sent resumé after resumé trying to get her foot in the door with a professional baseball team in the hopes of one day becoming the first female general manager of a major league team. However, while working with the Detroit Tigers, she became inspired by something else altogether.
Through conversations with residents of the women’s shelter near her apartment, Amy decided to put her business skills to work creating employment, equitable opportunity and wrap-around support for unhoused women. Amy knew she wanted to provide work, financial literacy, business education and legal resources in order to help women transition to life of independence. The idea to do that by enabling women to create repurposed, wearable art was just the cherry on top. Rebel Nell’s one-of-a-kind pieces

The Compulsive Storyteller with Gregg LeFevre

Gregg LeFevre

DaVinici's Man

In this week's episode, entitled "DaVinci's Man", I ignore my gut feelings and make a deal with the devil to create a new art installation based on DaVinci’s Vitruvian Man, which leads me down a dark corporate rabbit hole.
The Compulsive Storyteller Podcast is a series of short personal stories in 20 minutes or less written, narrated by Gregg Lefevre. Follow at the @TheCompulsiveStoryteller and visit our website at

The Love Letter Project: Love Songs, Stories and Affirmations for Black Women

Alecia Renece | Creative Coach, Documentarian, Holistic Wellness, Black Artist

A Human BEING Project. The art of conversation. The love letter project by Alecia Renece: music, love notes and affirmations by a Black woman created for beautiful Black women. Deep and soulful talks and storytelling with Beautiful minds. Each week we discuss intimate and contemplative questions and topics about life, healing, Holistic Well being, frustrations, everyday joys and struggles through music, Soulful conversation and art. We believe that every person is extraordinary and every experience is sacred with lessons for all of us. You matter. Be heard.

Siempre hay flores

Daniela Guerrero

#135 Dependencia en parejas

Esto no es un video de Rihanna, esta es tu vida real. Dejemos de romantizar el pasarla mal con tu pareja, el abuso emocional, las lágrimas. Siempre tienes opción, créeme. Amor,  Daniela Adquiere mis diarios aquí: Sígueme en instagram @danielaguerrero Tiktok @danyguerrero

The Lively Show

Jess Lively

TLS #357: Gyan Gurung: The Evolution of Life, Career, and Relationships After IVFT

Welcome back to another episode of The Lively Show with Jess. Guess what? We have another interview coming at you with Gyran Gurung. Believe it or not, Gyan’s inner voice is one of Jess’s favorite inner voices to hear. She has watched him evolve over the years since his IVFT and loves the evolution he […]
The post TLS #357: Gyan Gurung: The Evolution of Life, Career, and Relationships After IVFT appeared first on Jess Lively.

عالم اللامنطقية

عالم اللامنطقية

مع شهد ورهف بتسمع هواجيسك اللي ما شاركتها أحد، وتساؤلاتك اللي ما لقيت لها إجابة، وبتخوض معنا رحلة البحث عن المنطق في عالم اللامنطقية تويتر: @Lamantiqiyah

The Messy Inbetween

TMI podcast

Hosts - Murugi Munyi and Lydia K.M. This is a podcast about life as it is. Messy. In love, work, money, relationships, friendships and everything in between. But we’re figuring it out and we’d love you to come along on the journey. #tmipodcastke #themessyinbetween #itsmessedup Instagram handles - @tmipodcast_ @_lydiakm @murugi.munyi Get in touch with us -

The Italian American Podcast

The Italian American Podcast

IAP 221: Sicily: Recipes Rooted in Traditions with Special Guest Melissa Muller, Part 2

Sicily… for millennia, this island at the crossroads of the world has been drawing peoples from across the globe to its shores, and in the second part of this very special two-part episode, Melissa Muller, author of “Sicily: Recipes Rooted in Tradition,” published by Rizzoli, shares with us some of the history behind Sicily’s most famous dishes.
Melissa describes how Sicily’s position as the crossroads of several key civilizations has influenced some of its most famous dishes, like caponata, arancini, cannoli, and more. We also discuss the concept of cuisine as an heirloom, and how recipes can tell the story of people, whether a large community or a family, and how those recipes can change generation to generation as ingredient availability differs.
We’ll dive into the fascinating histories behind some of Italian America’s most beloved Sicilian dishes.  We’ll discover

The Stoop

Hana Baba and Leila Day

A Listen to S***hole Country

Imagine you were gifted a home, in Ghana. It’s your motherland, but not the place you grew up in. Would you move? That decision proved to be one of the most challenging ones that Afia had to make. She documented some of the most difficult conversations, honest observations and some self reflection that has us asking- should Afia be telling us all of this? Yes she should, she did- and you should hear it.
Today we share with you an episode of the Peabody nominated S***hole Country.

Benjamen Walker's Theory of Everything

Benjamen Walker & Radiotopia

Personally connecting the dots. All of them. Benjamen Walker's Theory of Everything is a proud member of Radiotopia, from PRX. Learn more at



EP115 鍵盤葬送者與吱吱叫冷氣與猴子與螃蟹

-本集節目由 安心居室內設計團隊 贊助播出-

安心居設計?** **

NPE Stories

NPE Stories

Kiera's Story

Kiera has an outcome very different than other NPE stories. NPE Stories is a podcast where NPEs can share their story of what their original family was like.  How they found out they were an NPE.  And what their journey has been like since the day they found out.Welcome to Episode 112  where today I am speaking with Kiera.Follow NPE Stories on Facebook. to NPE Stories podcast to get weekly episodes.Lily's IG: @lilymwoodNPE Stories email:



【井户端 x Steve说 x 咸柠七】:沪圈播客三位“顶流”男主播的告白大会

本期节目是【井户端 x Steve说 x 咸柠七】三档播客节目的联名串台节目,欢迎在收听完《井户端会议》部分的听友,移步至《Steve说》和《咸柠七》,收听其余两部分的节目。
梵一如 《井户端会议》主播(播龄9年)
Steve史秀雄 《Steve说》主播(播龄7年)
曹柠 《咸柠七》主播(播龄2年)



Ep.62 与昝涛谈现代土耳其:凯末尔之后

- 主播 -海博- 嘉宾 -昝涛,北京大学历史系副教授,土耳其研究中心主任。出版《从巴格达到伊斯坦布尔:历史视野下的中东大变局》- 你会听到 -03:28 从巴格达到伊斯坦布尔,一战前德皇与奥斯曼帝国的铁路构想08:10 土耳其初印象:红旗飘飘09:24  安卡拉与伊斯坦布尔的对照15:12   凯末尔之后,党国体制的松动18:57  「中间地带革命」下的土耳其23:00  60年代,库尔德人成为土耳其总统24:47  库尔德问题何以凸显32:55  土耳其的改革开放35:59 锡兰电影中呈现的土耳其城乡差距40:05 凯末尔主义被边缘化了吗46:00 昝涛谈博物馆改为清真寺 49:37 埃尔多安左右逢源,重回「凯末尔时代」- 制作团队 -制作人:高海博声音设计:马若晨封面设计:Jessi节目运营:小米粒- 本节目由 JustPod 出品 ©2022 上海斛律网络科技有限公司 -- 互动方式 -商务合作:ad@justpod.fm微博:@JustPod @播客一下微信公众号:JustPod / 播客一下小红书:JustPod气氛组互动邮箱

پادکست فارسی فیکشن Fiction Podcast

Amin Ardani, Marzieh Sadeqi

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]


BONUS - Les coulisses de «Transfert», en direct du Brussels Podcast Festival 2022

Comment sont sélectionnés les témoignages de Transfert? Qu'est-ce qu'une bonne histoire pour le podcast et, au travers d'elle, que raconte-t-on sur le monde? Quelles questions journalistiques, éthiques et déontologiques se posent lorsqu'on choisit une histoire?
Dans cet épisode bonus, enregistré en direct et en public au Brussels Podcast Festival sur la scène de l'Atelier 210, Sarah Koskievic, productrice éditoriale, Christophe Carron, directeur des rédactions, et Benjamin Saeptem Hours, responsable éditorial, répondent à toutes ces interrogations et dévoilent quelques secrets de fabrication.
Transfert revient dès le 16 juin sur Slate Audio avec de nouveaux épisodes chaque semaine.
Transfert est un podcast produit et réalisé par, sous la direction de Christophe Carron et Benjamin Saeptem Hours.
Prise de son: Brussels Podcast Festival
Montage: Victor Benhamou

Unfavorable Odds™

Kim Anthony

33: Thanks to a Tumor

Scott Hamilton is known for his incredible figure-skating career. Though he was picked on as a kid for his small size and choice of sport, he went on to win world championships and an olympic gold medal. But he faced even bigger challenges than landing a perfect backflip on ice. Listen to how God sustained Scott through the death of his mother, cancer, and a tumor that had more to do with his skating success than you might think.
Show Notes and Resources
Get the book, The Great Eight: How to Be Happy (even when you have every reason to be miserable) by Scott Hamilton.
Scott's website:
Scott Hamilton CARES Foundation.
Check out all that's available on the FamilyLife Podcast Network.
Your generous support of FamilyLife helps create podcasts like Unfavorable Odds™. https://dona

Middle Ground Podcast

Jo Johnson & Caroline Stelte

Things You've Always Wanted To Ask Men w/ Matt Overby

This week Jo and Matt take the mic to talk about the things you've always wanted to ask men!Topics: Do you look past the emotional connection with women: 9:26Why do others opinions affect how you feel about a girl: 11:30Is sex really always on your mind: 14:46Should men pay for the first date: 18:00Why do men insist on women taking their last name: 21:31What do men think of women’s body hair: 24:28Do stretch marks bother you: 28:57Do you enjoy pillow talk: 31:17Thoughts on women making the first move: 32:15What does it feel like to run around without underwear on: 32:55Stereotype that impacts men the most: 34:34Our Website and Merch: us on Instagram:Podcast: us on TikTok: Podcast: h

The CP Podcast

CP's Podcast

We have finally been let into the mind of CP.



Vol.35 和重轻一起散个步:我们都习惯了一种“间谍生活”

五月的北京,重轻说他“往返于家和工作室,整得跟一个苏联间谍一样”。录制这一期的时候,我们也经过了重重报备,想尽办法进入公司,才得以工作。这种间谍式的心态,不是一两天形成的。「不在场」的主播重轻,和「螺丝在拧紧」的主播吴琦一样,都是80后,他们共享一种与外部的主流世界周旋的技巧,甚至发展出自己的“间谍生活”。重轻说,有很长一段时间,自己生活中打交道的人里没有一个知道“重轻”这两个字。重轻在今年四月获得了第七届单向街书店文学奖的「年度播客」奖,我们也以此为借口“绑架”他来录了一期节目,没有大纲、没有限制地聊天。他们聊到的这些经历——小心辟出一块私密的角落,屏蔽一切外部的规则、算法和评价,不仅是 80 一代共享的隐秘特质,也是一小撮人共同的生存方式。|本期嘉宾||时间线|01:40 绑架「年度播客」奖得主重轻,一起松螺丝05:49 居家观察:“如果生活是一种现象的话,我已经能看见它了”13:24“我发现我们对身边人都异常温柔”——这是以大的扭曲为前提的19:45 重轻的双重生活:我就是一个贼,你知道吗24:38“你不了解我,我就可以免于被你judge”31:44「不在场」这个播客,对重轻而言是什么?35:37 今天,情绪被非常好地资源化了——“这是我特别闹心的事情”43:45 你在乎你的听众吗?44:54 感受就像粘在包里的口香糖,得使劲掏59:13 80后并不反叛,80后只是在过间谍一般的生活|工具箱|-谈话中提到的公众人物路易·C·K(Louis C.K.,1967-),美国影视演员、编剧、导演波米,影评人,《反派影评》主播H.O.T.,韩国第一代偶像团体约翰·勒卡雷(John le Carre,1931-2020),最受欢迎的间谍小说家-谈话中提到的影视作品《维罗妮卡的双重生命》,又名《两生花》(La double vie de Véronique,1991),导演:[法] 克日什托夫·基耶斯洛夫斯基《百年酒馆》(Horace and Pete,2016),导演:[美] 路易·C·K-谈话中提到的播客/电台谐星聊天会,主播为毛冬、宁家宇、六兽、周奇墨、石老板等喜剧演员不在场,主播重轻,本期提及


Vanessa Lowe

Into the Wave

Amanda and her husband went out on a guided nighttime kayaking tour for their anniversary. What they'd hoped would be a relaxing, romantic excursion into nature turned into something else entirely.

Psychedelic Salon

Lorenzo Hagerty

Podcast 678 – “Tripping with Albert”

Support Lorenzo on

Guest speakers: Patreon Saloners


The painting, Saint Albert by Alex Grey, was completed as part of Dr. Albert Hofmann's 100th birthday celebration held in Basel, Switzerland on January 11th, 2006.

Can you imagine knowing someone for over 20 years, even tripping with them from time-to-time, and not knowing that this person had done LSD with Albert Hofmann on multiple occasions? Now that's humility. Had it been me, that would have most likely been one of the first things that I ever told you.

That story has now been told by one of my friends (hint, it wasn't Alex Grey) in this recording of the live salon that we held on the 17th of March to celebrate the beginning of our 18th year of podcasting.

The 911Strong Podcast

Aram Choe & Kristen Jauregui

The 911Strong Podcast is home to stimulating discussion and entertaining conversation from the perspectives of Kristen Jauregui, a Police wife and Dispatcher and Aram Choe, a Police Sergeant and University Professor. Aram and Kristen discuss relevant topics and give their perspectives on what it’s like to be a part of the law enforcement family in today’s society. Built on Faith, Family and Freedom, The 911Strong Podcast is designed to restore America’s faith in Law Enforcement.

Undertaking: The Podcast

Brian Waters and Ryan Ballard: Indiana Funeral Directors

#337 Crowdfunding Return Home

Micah Truman, founder of Return Home, joins the show to talk about the progress of Natural Organic Reduction and why he's crowdfunding the next phase of Return Home.  Today's show is sponsored by:  Indiana Donor Network Butler Coach Check out Return Home's Crowdfunding site at: Return Home

Practice You with Elena Brower

Elena Brower

Episode 122: Leena Lemos

On creating safe space online for spirituality to flourish in all its forms.


Eli McCann and Meg Walter

From It Just Gets Stranger, Eli McCann and Meg Walter present stories from strangers around the world.

Life Changing

BBC Radio 4

Moving mountains

It’s 2013 when Gilbert and Jane both have to face a major transformative moment. Jane has been studying for a much longed-for PhD and a new exciting career is on the horizon. Their life together is built on a shared love of nature and hiking. But then Gilbert can no longer walk. Some big decisions have to be made and just when they are at their lowest, the mountain view from their bedroom window sparks something remarkable.

Beyond the Rank

Emily Gibson

How to Trust Yourself Workshop 1.20.22

I found a way to trust myself. It was exciting, awesome, and freeing. It was also hard, painful, exposing, and vulnerable. Mostly it was loving. The deepest most ecstatic honesty with myself I’ve ever felt, and now I’m going to teach the process to you.

Once you learn it, it will change you forever. I will help you find something in yourself that you’ve been missing, and start the process of becoming who you know you are deep down inside.

I’m here to show you how to get to your next rank. The best part is that you won’t need to lose your friends, ruin family relationships, or kill yourself working 24/7 and hit burnout to make it to the top. You don’t have to have a giant network or be savvy with social media. It’s not that it’s going to be all rainbows and daisies, but it will not be as hard for you as it was for me because you will have me to show you a better way. I can get you there safely and faster, and that’s

A Sigún con Carlos Sánchez

Óyete Esto

037. A SIGÚN: Juan Fernández

A Sigún Juan Fernández, modelo y actor dominicano con grandes logros: dominicano que más trabaja en Hollywood y primer latino en salir en la Revista Vogue, y también fue pupilo de Salvador Dalí, pero en general este señor es una caja de sorpresas, pues sucedieron muchas cosas que definitivamente me sorprendieron.Usted se dará cuenta.A Sigún Juan Fernández con Carlos Sánchez.

Near Death Experiences And Supernatural Events

T. Gilmore

God asked me 2 Questions when I DIED! Struck By Lightning

Sharon’s first NDE occurred at the age of 13, when she drowned while taking swimming lessons.  Sharon was struck by lightning four times over the course of several years. The fourth lightning strike resulted in her second NDE, when she was struck while talking on a cordless phone during a storm. Her third NDE occurred while she was undergoing emergency surgery. Sharon experienced her fourth NDE due to an adverse reaction to seizure medication, she died from acute respiratory acidosis.   Sharon is the author of three books, "A Song In The Wind, A Near Death Experience" , "The Whispers In The Wind, A Poetic Journey Of The Soul” and “A Rose From Heaven.”


Support this podcast:

A Slice of Caradise

Cara Jeffcoat

I'm Cara. Daughter of The King, wife to Mitchell, Mama to three of the coolest kids, and chaser of the sun. For as long as I can remember, I've been fascinated by the hearts and stories of people. Not just what appears on the highlight reel, but the raw, unfiltered and unguarded narratives that aren't always shared so boldly. It has been such a gift to be an ear, a shoulder, and a sounding board for those going through unyielding obstacles, and to be able to love them through it. That, to me, is paradise. Welcome to A Slice of Caradise! I'm so glad you're here.

Pleasing Terrors

Mike Brown

Here Are Dragons

This episode features the untold story of the origin of King Kong.

So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed by Jon Ronson

BBC Radio 4

Episode 6

In this last Episode 6 of So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed Jon Ronson tries to evaluate whether social media now gives rise to more social ills than social benefits and asks how we can harness the power of online shaming for the public good, not public harm.

Jon Ronson is an award-winning writer and documentary maker. He is the author of many bestselling books, including So You've Been Publicly Shamed and Them: Adventures with Extremists.

Abridged by Richard Hamilton
Produced by Karen Holden

The Regenerative Journey with Charlie Arnott

Charlie Arnott

Episode 55 | Part 2 | Terry McCosker | The Godfather of Regenerative Australian Agriculture

Part 2 of Charlie’s marathon interview with the Godfather of regenerative Australian agriculture focuses on Terry’s development of holistic farm management in an Australian context, the vision of RCS Australia, Natural Capital, and finally the convergence of agriculture, human and planetary health, as well as subtle energies. Head over here to see show notes and links.

Once Upon A Gene

Effie Parks

How the Caregivers Mental Health and Physical Well-Being are Impacted Right Alongside Our Rare Disease Kiddos with Advocate and Co-Founder of Hello Sleuth - Sehreen Noor Ali

How the Caregivers Mental Health and Physical Well-Being are Impacted Right Alongside Our Rare Disease Kiddos with Advocate and Co-Founder of Hello Sleuth - Sehreen Noor Ali

Sehreen Noor Ali is the Co-Founder of Sleuth, a website that compiles stories and information from rare disease parents. It's a smart technology designed to identify resources, solutions and cures— a growing group of parents working together. Sehreen is talking with me about trauma resulting from medical uncertainty.


Can you share the medical trauma you've experienced?
My youngest daughter was hospitalized for over two months after surgery and went into inpatient rehabilitation afterwards. Then she was hospitalized again for a second surgery



To My Darling Etta Mae (S2E3)

An abandoned photo album found on a Brooklyn street pulls New York Times reporter Annie Correal into a decades-spanning mystery. Subscribe to FOUND so you never miss an episode: Thank you to our sponsors: Blue Apron - Get 3 meals free on your first order when you visit them here: Zip Recruiter - Post your resume for free and learn how to hire smarter: Harry's - Get a free trial of a high quality razor here: Watch a preview of Genius, the new show on National Geographic about Albert Einstein, starring academy award winner Geoffrey Rush: We'd like to hear from you. Find us on Twitter @FOUNDPodcast or, and please complete a quick survey at hear more episodes, listen exclusively with Wondery+. Join Wondery+ for this and more exclusives, binges, early access, and ad free liste

Adoptees On

Haley Radke

Sunny Reed

214 | Sunny Reed We are thrilled to talk with Sunny Reed while she’s right in the midst of her Ph.D. program developing a new transformational framework for transnational adoption. We believe her focus on connecting critical adoption research studies with existing child-focused and child-centering scholars is going to be revolutionary over the next decade. Haley and Sunny discuss some of what that means, as Sunny gives us a preview of her framework, but we also get personal talking about some health challenges she’s had and the pain of working in advocacy when it all comes back to our personal experiences with loss. Full Show Notes Here Show Notes Recommended Resources Journal article “Their reward will be a lovely daughter": The Mobilization of "Hard to Adopt" and the Portrayal of Adoption as a Gift. Adoption & Culture. 8. 227-244. Hepburn, Taryn & Bendo, Daniella & Spencer, Dale & Sinclair, Raven & Bennett, Jacob. (2020) Childhood in a Global Pe

Dear Daughter

BBC World Service

Growing pains

Teenage conflict, pushing boundaries and the unexpected letter.
“You won't understand why I seem to like being mean.”
Angie writes to her daughter Kira about being the bad cop and not trying to win the nicest mummy competition.
Episode 15 letter writer: Angie
This is the final episode of the first season of #DearDaughter
We hope you have been inspired to write your own letters. Please send them to us and we might be able to include them in future episodes.
Go to and click on “Send us your letters”.

This is War


45 | Dunning

Justin Dunning wanted to tell the story of guys he cared about who were lost, as many of the people I’ve interviewed for this show have, because he wants it known.Google “Killed in Iraq” or “Afghanistan” and you’ll find thousands of links to thousands of obituaries and each one of them affected the people who served with them. Sometimes in this series we have named the fallen, other times we haven’t our of respect for the wishes of the people closest to them, but what is critical to remember is that their friends and comrades remember their names and keep their stories alive.Episode SponsorsBespoke PostNorton360 with LifeLockSee Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

Everything's Relative with Eve Sturges

Eve Sturges

With heart and humor, Eve Sturges explores the modern landscape of DNA testing after a single phone call turns her world upside down. By talking with others who have had "DNA discoveries," Eve hopes to change the conversation around secrets, shame, family, and identity.

Shut the HELL Up!

Moneek Terry

Become a Paid Subscriber: Become a Paid Subscriber: Become a Paid Subscriber: Become a Paid Subscriber: Shut the Hell Up is a very Deep, Raw, Intense, Transparent and Powerful Life Story of Struggles, Self hate, Abuse, Pain, Suffering and Redemption of the Beautiful and Phenomenal Host Ms. Moneek Terry. She's endured and overcome levels of sexual, mental, physical, financial, and spiritual ABUSE by those who was deemed careless and heartless with her life. For years she was lost, abandon, rejected, and unidentified to her own soul. She lived with guilt, shame, humility and losses. Refusing to fold, give in/up, it was by God's grace and mercy, she defeated the ASHES like a Phoenix who Is Worthy!



188 球国春秋:苏联体育与领袖意志

二三十年代的苏联,一批以斯巴达克和迪纳摩为代表的符号化俱乐部如雨后春笋般冒出,1928年,苏联举办第一届斯巴达克运动会,希望借此建立一个独立于奥运会之外、全新的体育运动会系统。虽然体育运动在苏联政治中获得了极大的关注,但斯大林本人对体育并不感兴趣,他只是将体育视为与铁托之间的竞赛。而到了赫鲁晓夫和勃列日涅夫时代,苏联的体育系统又有了新的面貌。- 本期话题成员 -程衍樑(微博@GrenadierGuard2)Hualun,亚利桑那州立大学法律博士(J.D.),翻转体育主播- 时间轴 -03:00 苏联早期的体育系统08:52 斯巴达克运动会:对奥运体系的对抗15:17 苏联时代以斯巴达克和迪纳摩为代表的符号化俱乐部19:37 足球获得政治关注的过程有极大的偶然性27:09 贝利亚对迪纳摩的关注29:44 瓦西里·斯大林对体育的热爱极大推动了苏联体育的发展35:00 斯大林把体育视为自己与铁托之间的竞赛39:08 马林科夫在苏联体育系统中的位置40:20 赫鲁晓夫时代的苏联体育47:29 勃列日涅夫时代的苏联体育:真正的黄金时代54:42 大量苏联体育英雄在国际赛事中叛逃56:16 苏东体育和核心特征:集体主义58:00 从红军冰球队看苏联末期体育明星的叛逃01:02:15 苏联足球内部的变化01:06:04 苏联体育留下的遗产- 音乐 -Danse Macabre - Busy Strings - Kevin MacLeod- 支持我们的赞助商是对我们最好的支持 -JustPod夏日播客读书周 - 去年我们联合11档播客,8家出版机构,举办了16场直播。今年的读书周将在7月底启动,欢迎感兴趣的出版机构前来参与,可以在JustPod公号后台回复“合作”联系我们。《忽左忽右》听友群重新开放,前往公众号「忽左忽右Leftright」并回复「加群」,即可获得二维码。- 制作团队 -声音设计 hotair 公众号运营 禾放节目运营 小米粒logo设计 杨文骥- 本节目由JustPod出品 © 2022 上海斛律网络科技有限公司 -- 互动方式 -商务合作:ad@justpod.fm微博:@忽左忽右leftright @播客一下 

The Love Letter Project: Love Songs, Stories and Affirmations for Black Women

Alecia Renece | Creative Coach, Documentarian, Holistic Wellness, Black Artist

You are a Big Deal. Treat Yourself Like It. // Affirmations for Black Women, Healing for Black women, Self Love for Black Women, Black Women Deserve,

Dear Friend,
You are a BIG deal. 
You deserve to be celebrated. 
You are worthy. 
Be your biggest fan. 
This is a mini love note for Black Women from a Black woman working on her own self esteem through affirmations and encouraging words.  
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Questions, Comments, Concerns? Got Questions You Want me to answer? Want to leave an encouraging word to

The Lana Blakely Podcast

Lana Blakely

31: Social media addiction & enjoying your youth (last episode)

I've become addicted to mindless scrolling on social media, and I'm feeling particularly nostalgic this week. 

Ride Buddies

Ride with GPS

Episode 6: Lael Wilcox & Kait Boyle

For our sixth episode of Ride Buddies, the stars magically aligned and we get to enjoy a rare IRL sit-down between two of ultra cycling’s greats: Lael Wilcox and Kait Boyle. Despite months of recent travel, they both just so happened to be in Tucson at the same time. So...we decided to hit the record button.In this conversation, the two talk about witnessing the devastation of climate change, cringe over Kait’s recent hydration woes on the AZT (check it out on Instagram - it's gnarly). They bond over bushwhacking through countless races, and dissect the nuances of deciding when it's time to bow out. It's the type of conversation only these two could have so saddle up and tune in, you're in for a great ride.GET THE EPISODE RECAP HERE:

10 Things To Tell You

Laura Tremaine

Ep 150: 10 Things To Tell You (The Final Episode)

This final episode of the 10 Things To Tell You podcast contains the the 10 most important things I have to tell you: READ SHARE NOTICE MOVE DECORATE ARMOR UP DOCUMENT PRACTICE LISTEN THANK Thank you for being on the ride with me - for listening and sharing and also showing up on Tuesdays, ready to reflect or learn something or simply to chat. It has been such an honor to make these episodes for you, and I will never forget our time here together. Laura Find me on IG: @laura.tremaine Find me on FB: @mslauratremaine

جسدي | Jasadi

Kerning Cultures Network

رأيكم/ن يهمنا

إذا كنت من المستمعين الأوفياء لبودكاست جسدي، فإن رأيك يهمنا. شارك/ي معنا ارتساماتك حول البودكاست لنستمرّ في تقديم الأفضل الأفضل دائما. 

بوسعك المشاركة من خلال ملء الاستبيان في الرابط أسفله، لن يأخذ منك الأمر أكثر من 5 دقائق. شكرا! 

رادیو دال | Radio Daal

Arash Thr

از رویا تا حقیقت، با سارا از ژاپن

در این قسمت یک بار دیگر به شرق آسيا سر میزنیم و برای سومین مرتبه، ولی این بار همراه با سارا به سراغ کشور ژاپن میریم. آشنایی من با سارا از طریق یک برنامه مستند در شبکه‌ی ان‌اچ‌کی بود که به زندگی در مناطق روستایی و بکر ژاپن میپرداخت. تسلط بالای سارا به زبان ژاپنی و شناخت و درک عمیقی که از فرهنگ ژاپن داشت نکات برجسته‌ای بود که در این برنامه به چشم میومد. همین موضوعات سبب شد که ازش برای شرکت در یک قسمت از پادکست دعوت کنم.

توضیحات بیشتر در سایت رادیو دال.

The Gift of Forgiveness

Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt

Dr. Dan Siegel

In our season finale, Dr. Dan Siegel joins Katherine to talk about forgiveness from a clinical perspective. As a psychiatrist, he’s been Katherine’s personal forgiveness expert and has helped her as she progressed on her own forgiveness journey. They discuss his tips and techniques, and what it’s like to witness forgiveness breakthroughs with his patients.You can get a copy of Katherine's book, The Gift of Forgiveness, wherever books are sold.Photo by Johanna BrinckmanThis week, the Gift of Forgiveness is sponsored by -Vital Farms: Head to to see where your eggs come from.Usual Wines: Visit to try their mixed pack of Red, Brut and Rose delivered to your door. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Ladies Who Law School ™

Samantha Lemke & Haylie Davis

The Ladies' Season 3 Sign-Off: What We Learned During 3L, Graduation + The Bar Exam

This week the ladies say goodbye to 3L, law school, and season 3 of the podcast. The women share how they are feeling as they transition into these new times, as well as their plans for the podcast in the future! They also talk about what they wish they would have known before coming to law school and how they plan to study this summer. Stay Tuned for the #barexamdiares coming Fall 2022, along with Season 4 of the podcast! The one where they become attorneys! This week's episode is sponsored by Adapitbar. Using AdaptiBar’s patented, adaptive technology, licensed MBE questions, and diagnostic tools on any device, you will receive the best possible preparation for the MBE. For a limited time, Ladies Who Law School listeners can save $30 on the MBE Simulator and Prep program by using code LWLS on at checkout.This week's episode is also sponsored by Barcast Audio. Barca



017 殡葬行业里的年轻女性,她们如何理解生死?


- 聊天的人 - 

- 时间轴 -
02:53 从幼师转行殡葬业,从面对生命朝气到生命逝去
08:26 类比「入殓师」主角小林大悟,职场失意后机缘巧合进入殡葬业
11:17 生前契约服务:生前与殡葬公司签下合约
13:38 得知我转行殡葬行业,家人气到爆炸
17:21 或许偶尔才听到的告别故事,殡仪馆里每天都在上演
26:53 有必要在死亡发生之前做好规划
33:35 死亡面前流露真情,也看透人性
38:18 告别仪式上的温情
45:15 殡葬行业从业者如何排解情绪?
48:00 告别仪式:让逝者走得美丽,让生者得以慰藉
52:55 无需忌讳死亡,通过桌游传播生死观念
58:29 和逝者重新对话的科技需要一些边界

- 音乐 -
Cache-cache — Intouchables
Nuvole bianche — Ludovico Einaudi 
Memory — 久石让

- 制作团队 -

- 本节目由 Just

پادکست – جادی دات نت | کیبرد آزاد


رادیوگیک – شماره ۱۴۲ – خیرین دزد دات نتی

یه کشیش/مهندس از ازگوگل بیرون اومده و می‌گه اونجا هوش مصنوعی احساس پیدا کرده، یکی از راه دور گوشی شما رو تاچ می‌کنه، یکی می‌گه استارلینک در جنگ تاثیر داشته و آفریقا هم استارلینک دار شده و این وسط بدافزارها شما رو مجبور به کار خیر می کنن و باونتی هکرها شده ۶ میلیون دلار! … ادامه خواندن رادیوگیک – شماره ۱۴۲ – خیرین دزد دات نتی ←

Hearts in Taiwan

Annie Wang and Angela Yu

Overthinking and overachieving: our Season 1 retrospective

Was it crazy for two women in their 40s with kids, full-time jobs, and no media experience to start a podcast during the pandemic? From our first emails in January, we never would have guessed that by September we’d be wrapping our first season with 18 episodes and hundreds of listeners. In this episode, we look at the progress we’ve made on our journey so far, what we’ve learned about ourselves and each other, and the surprises we’ve encountered along the way. We reveal popular episodes and our favorites, then share what’s in store ahead.ConnectRate and reviewGet an email when we publish

Unrooted Podcast- The Indigenous Foundation

The Indigenous Foundation

21 Things: Expropriation and European Names

Hi everyone!! We missed you! In this episode of the 21 Things series under the Unrooted (@theindigenousfoundation) podcast, co-hosts Roaa and Izzy will be discussing and enlightening each other on the topics of expropriation and European names, the next two items in the Indian Act. They will also be adding an additional item this week.

As always please enjoy and remember learning is the minimum, ensure to integrate action items into your everyday life and support Indigenous peoples, always.

¡Cuéntamelo Todo! con Carolina Sandoval

Pitaya Entertainment

Mi primera vez

En primicia  Carolina Sandoval cuenta todo sobre cómo fue su primera vez. Habla de cómo tu pareja actual puede jugar un papel bien importante y revela cosas íntimas con su esposo. Un episodio lleno de nostalgia y aprendizaje sobre esas relaciones especiales que nos marcaron. 

Unlocking US

Kala Neal

Unfiltered conversations where we talk about relationships, health, work/life balance, motivation & our personal experiences.

This Muslim Girl Podcast

This Muslim Girl

From the US to UK: Our Yemeni Woman Experience in the Diaspora with Aaya Al Shamahi PART 2

Welcome back to part two of my episode with Aaya Al Shamahi. Be sure to check out part one if you havent already!
Aaya is an illustrator and aspiring character animator. Through her art pieces and work as a video journalist, she celebrates Yemeni culture as well as exploring issues on identity and conflict. Be sure to check her out below!

Aaya's Instagram:
Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Five Years Time

Grace Black

Join your host Grace Black every Wednesday and Sunday for a bright, fun, and meaningful podcast about those thoughts we have every day. Grace believes in the power of creating connections through conversation. Listen while she shares her spoken journal and works towards embracing the highs and the lows, the ebbs and the flows. Email:




【Inside】1973年罗诉韦德案中,美国最高法院就赋予了堕胎行为合法性。这个判决结果直接导致美国联邦和州一级的许多限制堕胎的法案无效。谁能想到50年后的今天,“堕胎议题”仍在撕裂着美国社会,成为了美国社会最为核心的议题,对于堕胎权的表态甚至变成了一个人的政治标签、变成了意识形态的标签。那么远在大洋彼岸的我们,为什么要关心这个议题呢?关注“堕胎法案”不仅仅是关心美国的事情,而是关心“人”的事情;是关心“女性”应当如何在这个世界生活,如何面对自己的选择、困境;整个社会,包括国家政府与家庭,如何理解和共情女性的诉求,如何对女性的权益进行保护,进而促进公平,社会进步与发展的问题。如何加入听友群?微信公众号搜索「无时差研究所」,后台回复「入群」,扫描小助手二维码就可以啦!主播 / 珂珂  王妈妈 嘉宾 / 王瑞恩(知乎:王瑞恩)、岚师(公众号:岚目)、 敏大(知乎:敏大是一只柯基)封面设计 / 珂珂 音频剪辑 / 珂珂Shownotes / 王妈妈本期节目我们主要聊了以下内容,⭕️ 昨天06:12 堕胎的权利是如何被「构建」出来的08:12 1973 的罗伊诉韦德案和和此前的社会思潮10:21 堕胎的问题从人类开始就有:宗教问题15:03 拥护堕胎权的正反派主要诉求有哪些?17:00 Pro life / Pro choice 背后的法律攻防战和价值平衡19:01 1960-1970 的三大重要案例22:11 「堕胎和反堕胎」成了「吸粉工具」27:57 「堕胎权」可以成为女性和女性之间的辩论32:47 堕胎问题,性别之外,党派属性也很重要⭕️ 今天37:43 个人支配自己,能支配到什么地步?42:30 「青年法律发明家」48:19 「堕胎无关生命与选择,成了非法经营问题」53:27 最高法院人事变动带来的微妙影响55:59 网传泄露判决书中值得关注的信息⭕️ 明天01:10:29 对其它基本权利的影响:同性恋「瑟瑟发抖」01:15:30 如果不能堕胎,不良影响如何解决?01:17:30 罗伊斯韦德案的后续01:23:15 关于两性间的共情:「如果让我制定规则,我要为对方做什么?」“每一次准备播客的过程,都带我们走到了

What It Takes

Academy of Achievement

Best of - Edward Teller: Destroyer of Worlds

Russia's war in Ukraine, and Vladimir Putin's threat to unleash nuclear weapons, has put the world on edge. In 2018 we explored the complicated history of the nuclear age, and we thought it was an opportune time to revisit that episode. Our story focuses on Edward Teller, often called "The Father of the Hydrogen Bomb". He was also the force behind Reagan's Star Wars initiative, and the model for "Dr. Strangelove". Teller was a Hungarian math prodigy who fled Hitler's Germany. In America, he became one of the leading scientists at Los Alamos, developing the atomic bomb in a race against the Nazi war machine. But while many of Teller's colleagues later became disheartened by what they had unleashed, Teller stayed the course. His story is told here in his own voice, and by many of the other scientists who created the first weapons of mass destruction.    

Short Cuts

BBC Radio 4

Magical Realism

Josie Long presents documentaries where reality takes on a magical aspect - tales of snake-filled American towns, a visit to a shaman and of crashing back down to earth.

The Curve of the Earth
Produced by Stephanie Rowden

The Shaman
Produced by Rikke Houd

Snake Pit, Waurika
Produced by Sarah Geis

Magical Realism
Produced by Phil Smith

Series Producer: Eleanor McDowall

A Falling Tree production for BBC Radio 4 first broadcast in May 2017.

Life Out Loud with LZ Granderson

ABC News

Trans Acceptance | Ts Madison, Dr. Julian Kevon Glover

“Authenticity,” “Realness,” “Respectability.” What do these terms actually mean for trans women of color who are re-defining their identities in the public eye? In this illuminating episode of Life Out Loud, LZ Granderson goes deep with actress and entertainer Ts Madison, the first trans woman to star in and direct her own reality tv show. Plus, a conversation with scholar Dr. Julian Kevon Glover about the double-edged sword of “passing.” These juicy conversations show us it's never too late to reinvent yourself into the person you were born to be.

My Father The Murderer


Introducing - I Swear I Never

Have you ever found yourself in a situation, you swear you never could have predicted? A situation so far from the ordinary that even remembering it feels surreal? Season 2 of I Swear I Never is publishing now, you'll hear from Peter, an ex homicide detective haunted by his past, Tina, a mum who hit rock bottom after a prescription drug addiction and Amber, a pregnant woman who went out to dinner during a pandemic and got more than what she ordered. Search I Swear I Never wherever you get your podcasts.

See for privacy information.

شاي حبق مع مرام

وقفات مع الذات

عامان من العزله

كيف تغيرت حياتنا بعد عامين من الإجراءات الإحترازيهوهل حقا حياتنا عادت لطبيعتها ؟في هذه الحلقة أحاول طرح تساؤلات عن انعكاس هذه الفتره على حياتنا كبشرصفحة البودكاست على الإنستغرامصفحة البودكاست على اليوتيوب


The Bell

New York City is home to the nation’s most segregated school system, a fact that surprises those who think of the Big Apple as a progressive beacon. Deep inequities exist at every level of the NYC school system. We think more people should know about them and push to fix them. That's why, each semester, we bring together a team of high school interns from across the school system to tell important stories from the perspective of the real experts: students. Miseducation is a program of The Bell. For more, visit and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @miseducationpod.

The Gold Shaw Farm Podcast

Morgan Gold, Gold Shaw Farm

The Woman Who Took Over the Family Farm

Kent Family Farm has been operating for eight generations in Central Ohio. Zoe Kent is a millennial who just recently took over the family business. In today's podcast episode, I sat down with Zoe to chat about farm life.



Farm with Zoe



Send us mail:
Gold Shaw Farm
PO Box 225
Peacham, VT 05862


محمد كشميري

#78 –السميوليشن Simulation ?

في هذي الحلقة أتكلم عن نظرية المحاكاة simulation أيش هي وأيش تعني.
أشياء أتكلمت عنها:

? Free Guy 2020
? The Truman Show 1998
? The Matrix Movies
? Are You In A Simulation?
? Joe Rogan & Elon Musk - Are We in a Simulated Reality?
? The Metaverse - Connect 2021
Missing Links - Gregg Braden
هل نعيش في محاكاة من صنع الكمبيوتر؟

روابط حساباتي وموقعي

Couples Therapy with Candice and Casey

Casey Neistat and Candice Pool

Rules of war

Casey understands emotional issues better when Candice makes analogies to war. Seems healthy? Plus, you simply cannot have friends of the opposite sex once you’re married. Don’t be mad at the truth.

Pet Sitter Confessional

Pet Sitter Confessional, LLC

293: Decide to be the Leader with Julie Fredrick

Have you decided to be a leader in the industry? Julie Fredrick, owner of The Pet Sitter of Boise, has been running her pet sitting business since 2003, while still holding down a full time job. With a team of over 35 employees, she spends her time focusing on giving the best possible service to the right clients. Julie shares how her background in operations and process improvement helps her run her business better and why more growth isn't always better. She also encourages us to start being a leader in the industry.
Main topics
Process improvement
Full-time job
Saturation mode
Being a leader
Main takeaways: Instead of getting more clients, get the right ones
About our guest:
Thirteen years ago, Julie began fostering rescued animals. Her fostering adventure started with cats and grew into dogs (her first “dog” foster was a mama dog with 7 pups!). Since then, she has fostered hundreds

Cog Hill Farm Podcast

Jason Smith

We Were Arrested!!! Podcast Ep.183

We Were Arrested!!! Podcast Ep. 183

? Intro & Outro by DD Hamric

? Our Merchandise & Everything Cog Hill:

Mailing Address: PO Box 2782 Clanton, AL 35046
Thanks for listening our latest cogcast podcast, & we will catch you on the next one, Y'all Be Good!
Jason, Brooke & Marycarl Cog Hill Farm


The Storyworth Podcast

Storyworth, Inc.

Sam, what’s the scariest thing that’s ever happened to you?

A routine business trip abroad took a dangerous turn in Russian airspace for Storyworth writer Sam Duran. He shares with us the details of this unnerving experience and how it inspired him to view his life from a new perspective.
Check out photos and more details for this episode here!
You can get started writing your own life stories with Storyworth here. 
Follow Storyworth on Instagram and Facebook.

Voice of the Victim Podcast

Voice of the Victim Podcast

177 :: The Yosemite Killer | Cary Stayner

We discuss the tragic story of Carole Sund, Juli Sund, Silvina Pelosso and Joie Ruth Armstrong, caused by Steven Stayner's brother, Cary Stayner. 

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Crow's Feet Podcast

Crow's Feet

Getting older is not for the faint-hearted, but aging also brings wisdom and humor, a finely-tuned perspective on life. In the Crow's Feet podcast, you’ll hear the voices of writers who will inspire you and often make you laugh about this journey through life.


Kerri Kelly

CTZN is having conversations at the intersection of wellbeing and justice. We’re not afraid to ask hard questions and have a radical dialogue about politics and patriarchy, white supremacy and worthiness. And we’re serious about showing up for one another and taking action for the wellbeing of everyone.



Solo | 80后家长,不要活成自己痛恨过的样子


Hyphenated Journey

Hakawati | حكواتي

In this miniseries, Yasmeen shares her honest and open reflection about growing up as an Iraqi-American, a “hyphenated American”. This is not a story about politics, or war. Instead, this is a story about what it was like to grow up as a child of immigrants who fled a country due to political instability. While this miniseries is focused on her story, she also interviews Iraqis who lived through the Gulf Wars in Iraq and later immigrated to the United States. Many Iraqis are still deeply traumatized from living under a dictatorship, and many are paranoid about publicly sharing their narratives with the world as they’ve been punished for doing so for so many years. Yasmeen takes us on a journey of her inner inquiry and a reconciliation with her inner child, as she questions her place in the greater narrative of what it is to be a hyphenated American. Hyphenated Journey is a Hakawati production. Written, narrated and directed by Yasmeen Turayhi. Sound design by Karim Beidoun. Cover design by Aya Mobaydeen and inspired by Sue Turayhi. Creatives by Gina Abou Hamad. Special thanks goes to Sinan Al-Mokhtar and Hamada Zahawi for their courage in sharing their stories.

The Good Day Podcast with Sarah Joy

Sarah Joy

Raw and real conversations on topics like faith, entrepreneurship, living with courage, and finding joy in the simple moments so every day can be a GOOD DAY!

Cafecito con Estrellita

Estrella Serrato

¡Hola mi gente! Cafecito con Estrellita® , is a Latinx podcast that guides first-generation scholars through the path of education. Let's face it, being the first in your family to do anything can feel nerve wrecking, especially coming from a Latinx household. CCE’s mission it to be a resource for all of mi gente, and break down all the social and academic stigmas/cycles that try to limit what we can accomplish. Support this podcast:

Why Oh Why

Andrea Silenzi

Loose Ends

We have news. Starting in 2018, we're taking a break from making Why Oh Why. While we can't predict the future, let's call it a break not a breakup.
For this special episode, we'll hear from a wide range of past guests including David #1, Randy, Bumble Mike, and Mona Chalabi. Then, does your host have a secret boyfriend? In a Twitter survey, 35% of our listeners thought this was a possibility. Plus, two great Panoply shows we think you'll adore. Subscribe to By the Book and Family Ghosts wherever you get your podcasts.
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Fab Wives Unfiltered


How Can I Love My Husband, If I'm Struggling to Like Myself

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Illusion Pod

Gabi Abrão & James Francis

Two LA-raised spiritualists candidly observing passing phenomena. Hosted by Gabi Abrão (@sighswoon) and James Francis (@goteamjames)



愚樂 37 | 2NE1 驚喜合體 Coachella 音樂節!徐小可嗆陳時中「練肖話」遭網友圍剿

本集大綱:緊急插播:2NE1 驚喜合體 Coachella 音樂節!蕾哈娜大曬孕肚卻驚傳分手 男友偷吃閨蜜洗金A嗎?小甜甜布蘭妮也懷孕!八卦婆同樣祝她順產哇!艾爾帕西諾原來喜歡史瑞克!(有雷)《怪獸》某情節遭中國片商刪光光啦美男瘋狂看《蜘蛛人》292次 締造金氏世界紀錄水原希子揭演藝圈黑幕反挨罵 直播爆哭7分鐘孫藝珍玄彬LA度蜜月 路人包圍把他們當蠟像館雕像徐小可嗆陳時中「練肖話」遭網友圍剿(說不聊還是聊了)NanaQ「極簡胃」再爆爭議 網友怒罵:浪費食物眾星雲集上海防疫晚會 人民爆氣 晚會緊急喊卡! 大家好,我們是兩個娛樂圈幕後工作人員 每週替大家帶來最新、最有趣的娛樂圈大小事 讓大家再也不怕在辦公室跟不上同事們的八卦話題! 想對節目中的兩位八卦婆有更多了解,請洽: 歐娜Podcast 《紫砂歐娜》、Instagram:leonawww 劭中Podcast《劭中胤翔》、Instagram:peta0311 合作邀約| 八卦婆抖內區| Powered by Firstory Hosting

Hot Girl Talks


rupturas de amistad

hoy hablamos de las amistades, de tomar caminos distintos, de los grupitos y de evolucionar...¡Empezamos!