Relationship Advice

Hosted by: Chase Kosterlitz, Produced by: Sarah Kosterlitz

356: Who Pays For The Bill In Your Relationship?

Gender equality is an important issue with broad societal implications. A great place to start addressing gender equality is in your current or future relationships. Listen to today's show to learn more about creating a gender equitable relationship. In this episode with Kate Mangino, we discuss relationship advice topics that include: How to talk about gender equality when dating Who should pay for a meal when you're dating? Addressing the disconnect between values and behavior in ourselves and others What to do when one partner carries more of the load at home and work How men can be an ally to women Talking with your children about gender And much more! Sponsors Like A Kitten curates adult subscription boxes created to inspire and influence female sexual wellness. Like A Kitten is offering our listeners 15% off AND free shipping when you go to OR enter code IDO at checkout. BetterHelp is an online ther

Foreplay Radio – Couples and Sex Therapy

Cloud10 and iHeartPodcasts

340: Losing Attraction - How to get it back!

“I’m just not attracted to you anymore.” - OUCH!!!I Sounds like a showstopper doesn’t it? But Laurie and George have hope for you to get it back.

We use our favorite acronym BEST SEX Conversations - to explore why people might lose attraction for the partner they’ve committed to and some ideas about getting it back. We go through the primary areas of sexual attachment from a holistic viewpoint to discover what is causing lack of attraction. Then we offer ways you can feel the gas - how to increase the turn-ons! and then we talk about ways to release the brakes on the things that turn you off.
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The Language of Love with Dr. Laura Berman

The Language of Love

Romance In a Post-Covid World

On this episode of “The Language of Love,” Dr. Laura Berman talks about how Covid has changed the way we date and the way we connect the people around us. Now that Covid sanctions are lifting in many places and we are almost entering a ‘post-pandemic’ lifestyle, Dr. Berman has great advice for anyone looking to heal and to find love after a long, lonely 2 years of isolation.
On this episode you will learn:
• How the pandemic has changed us on a deep level, even if we are not fully aware of it
• How the hidden blessing of the pandemic was that it led people to find what wasn’t working in their life (whether it was their job, their marriage, etc.) and led them to branch out in new and exciting ways
• How many people are dealing with emotional and physical changes related to the pandemic, and how we can lean into that discomfort and learn from our experiences
• How the pandemic also led many of us to fear human touch and c


Multiamory | Pleasure Podcasts

376 - Having a Good Relationship After Leaving a Bad One

Sometimes, we carry over trauma from a bad relationship into a good one, and this can make it difficult to have a fulfilling and happy relationship, even if it's with a good person. This episode discusses how PTSD and past baggage can show up in current relationships, how otherwise healthy behavior can be unsettling or confusing if you’re used to a toxic relationship, and as always, some actionable takeaways for recovering from trauma and building healthier relationships.

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How To Talk To Girls Podcast

Tripp Kramer

Flirting With Different Types Of Women In Various Settings

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You Are Not Broken

KJ Casperson, MD

162. Pleasure is Medicine – What is Tantra?

Pre-order the book: You Are Not Broken: Stop Should-ing All Over You Sex Life
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Laurie McCracken is back again!
144 podcast was for her intro and her story. You should listen to it.
What is tantra? It is a spiritual path.
The view that orgasm is profoundly healing.
What is sex for the average person and how does tantra view it differently?
Tantra is feeling safe in your own body.
Trauma is stuck energy.
How she incorporates Tantric techniques into her daily life.
How do you view orgasm now?
What to do when you feel numb?
What is yoni emancipation and somatic healing?
Tantric weekend or where to start?
What does she want to t

Sex for Saints

Amanda Louder

Episode 216 - CFM: Why is Chastity Important in God’s Plan?

There is a Come, Follow Me lesson coming up in the youth program about the Law of Chastity. I feel that we need to be careful when we’re teaching our kids about sex to not use the fear or shame-based language that was used when we were taught about the Law of Chastity, because I see the results of that every day when I work with my clients. I know that we as parents and leaders are doing the best we can so I created a lesson plan for the youth leaders to know what to say and what to teach and how to say it in order to break that cycle of shame. I’ve also created a parent’s guide to help you talk about this upcoming lesson beforehand. Sex is great! It’s fun! And we want our kids to have that great sexual relationship when they’re married. But we also want to give them the information they need to make an empowered choice. To download the lesson plan and parent guide, go to:

Sexy Marriage Radio

Dr Corey Allan

Cliteracy #576

An encore presentation of the conversation with Dr Laurie Mintz, author of Becoming Cliterate. We talk about the orgasm gap, why it exists and what couples can do about it.
On the Xtended version …
Dr Laurie continues with me again to discuss the route to female orgasms as well as their importance.
Learn more about Laurie here
Enjoy the show!
Sponsors ...
Hello Fresh: Take the stress out of meal time at your house use code smr16 for 16 free meals, and 3 free gifts.
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The Girlfriend Doctor w/ Dr. Anna Cabeca

Dr. Anna Cabeca OB/GYN

How to Sustain a Healthy and Prosperous Relationship with Marla Mattenson

In this week’s episode of the Girlfriend Doctor Show, we had a delightful conversation about love, hate, and all things in between with Marla Mattenson. Marla is a an award-winning author, Sex-Ed teacher, spiritual life coach, and much more. She, along with her husband Julian, are the founders Intimacy Experts, a program built to guide couples through every aspect in order to form a blissful and honest marriage and communion. Of course we branch off in many different topics but for the most part, Marla discusses the reasons for high numbers of divorce, the many layers of intimacy, being extremely transparent to prevent dishonesty and cheating, and techniques to help guide couples to break bad habits. One concept that Marla really emphasized is that happiness is not a forever feeling. One is going to be down in the dumps one way or another, at one time or another and mistakes may be made in the dumps. O

Husband Material

Drew Boa

Healing From Sexual Abuse, Part 2 (with Mike Chapman)

What is "normal" for survivors of sexual abuse? And what does healing look like? Mike Chapman offers validation and wisdom based on years of research and his personal healing journey.Mike Chapman is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse (CSA), trafficking, and sexual assault as an adult by clergy. He is also an incredible man of God, a powerful encourager, and a Certified Husband Material Coach with over 3 years of freedom from porn.Mike also facilitates a free private group for male survivors of childhood sexual abuse for members the Husband Material Community. Contact Mike at polarlifeconsulting@gmail.comDownload the free PDF: What Is CSA Normal?Other resources mentioned in this episode:MaleSurvivor.orgTraumasexuality.infoEMDRHunaBrainspottingComprehensive Resource ModelJoin the upcoming Husband Material Virtual Retreat on February 25-27: Healing From Sexual Abuse

Get Your Marriage On! with Dan Purcell

Dan Purcell

69: Overcoming Hang-ups with Oral Sex

This is episode #69, and in honor of everyone’s favorite two-digit sexy number, I thought we’d have some fun and do an episode all about oral sex! The best sex is intimate sex, and if you have the right mindset, oral sex can be very intimate, leading to deep connection and relationship satisfaction. There’s something very intimate about opening your heart and letting yourself be known to your special someone in this way. From a practical standpoint, oral sex is also very pleasurable, which we’ll talk about. As Dr. Ian Kerner, an American sex educator, once said, “When it comes to pleasuring a woman, the tongue is mightier than the sword” (and you can probably guess what the sword is). My friend Amanda Louder returned to join me in this fun discussion today. If you’re not familiar with Amanda, she’s a certified life coach and coaches women on embracing their sexuality as a part of their wholeness. She’s also the host of the Sex For Saints

Coming Out Late

Robin Douglass

Retreats, Gay History & Pride, Oh My!

In this episode, Robin announces her latest collaboration with Women OUT West Tours whereby Robin will lead and facilitate in-person “Firefly” Retreats in Escalante, UT.  The inaugural Firefly retreat is October 9-13, 2022. But that won’t be the last, so if you cannot make it on October 9, there will be plenty more to sign-up for. What an opportunity to be out in nature and have deep, meaning facilitated, and non-facilitated conversations with other women who ‘get you’! In this episode, Robin also touches upon a little bit of Gay History when she discusses the Stonewall Riots, the book, “Game Changers: Lesbians You Should Know About”, and her new favorite podcast, “Making Gay History”, by Eric Marcus. “Making Gay History’s” unique format, historic context and non-celebrity interviews make for an entertaining AND sobering way to learn about the mind-blowing prejudices and harassment our gay brothers and sisters endured, and oftentimes

The Fit and Fabulous Podcast

Jaime Seeman, M.D.

Those that don’t have time for wellness will eventually have to make time for illness. My name is Dr. Jaime Seeman, a board certified Obstetrician-Gynecologist with a background in Nutrition, Exercise and Health Science. I am also a current Fellow in Integrative Medicine and a Board Certified Ketogenic Nutrition Specialist. I am a wife and a mom to three little girls. I have a passion for preventative medicine. As a former college athlete I got away with poor nutrition most of my life, until the ultimate stress test of your health…PREGNANCY! Weight gain and fatigue became a constant battle. Low thyroid function, hormonal imbalance and pre-diabetes crept into my life. I’ve finally found a sustainable way to optimize my health. We have had it wrong for too long. Our medical system is NOT curing chronic disease. I have never looked, felt or lived better. I am here to help you with your HUMAN OPTIMIZATION! You were not put here to suffer, its time for you to SHINE, it’s time for you to be FIT & FABULOUS!

The Christian Sex Educator Podcast

Carlie Palmer-Webb, MS

A podcast to help single, engaged, and married Christians prepare for and build sexual relationships worth all of the hype.



Secrets & Confessions: Relationship Checkins, Butt Play, and Exes

You confessed, I'm answering. I've been having such a good time answering your burning Q's and confessions around sex, love, and relationships over on the 'gram that I thought why not bring this over to the podcast. So I'm here, answering your call, and getting down to business. This week I'm covering how to have a good old RelationshipCheckin™, how to introduce butt play to a fling, confronting someone who won't stop bringing up their exes and more! Tune in cuties Mentioned Resources:Starter butt plug kit (not sponsored)Get Turned On! with sex therapist Dr. Ian Kerner Connect with Bedside:@thebedsidewww.thebedside.coBe sure to rate, review, and share this episode with a friend!

Sex, Love, and Addiction

Robert Weiss, PhD, MSW

Behind The Scenes Look of TV Show Intervention with Dan Partland

Dan Partland is an award-winning Director, Producer, Writer for both documentary films and television for over 20 years. Dan was the Executive Producer and Showrunner of A&E’s Intervention for over 150 episodes and has gathered countless awards and accolades, including an Emmy for best reality series. In this episode, Dan shares his experiences with interacting with the people on Intervention and shares some of his key highlights with what he’s learned about addiction over the years.    TAKEAWAYS: [1:40] A little bit about Dan [3:25] Dan has done 150 episodes of the TV show Intervention.  [5:55] What made Dan and his production company interested in digital addiction? [12:15] It’s such a privilege to be able to see into someone else’s life.  [14:10] How does Dan help everyday people feel comfortable on camera?  [18:10] With the rise of social media, people are subjected to a lot more online bullying.  [20:15] W

Consider Before Consuming

Fight the New Drug

James Lawrence: World Record Holder, Endurance Athlete, & Anti-trafficking Advocate

If you’re an endurance athlete, chances are you’ve heard of James Lawrence, the “Iron Cowboy.” He broke multiple Guinness World Records early in his triathlon career, but his feats didn’t stop there. He went on to complete arguably the most impressive endurance challenge ever by performing 100 full-distance triathlons in 100 days. James is an anti-trafficking advocate, and has used his platform to shine a light on the harsh realities of sex trafficking. Listen to James Lawrence open up to podcast host Garrett Jonsson about why he’s dedicated to fighting sex trafficking, how he has overcome limiting beliefs, and how he redefines the impossible.To learn more about the harms of pornography on consumers, relationships, and its larger societal impacts, visit support this podcast, click here.As you go about your day we invite you to increase your self-awareness, look both ways, chec

Delight Your Marriage

Belah Rose | Author, Podcaster, & Marital Intimacy Enthusiast

344-How to Make Orgasm Better for Her (Re-Release)

I am sharing the episode that has the most downloads at Delight Your Marriage of all time!   Blessings, Belah PS - Also, I have many free resources and would love to invite you to check them out: PPS - If you need help with your marriage -- do not hesitate to apply for a free Clarity Call. One of our Clarity Advisors (a former graduate of a DYM course themselves and experienced transformation in their own marriage) will guide you through the process to determine how we can help you. Sign up at A recent grad wrote, "I could probably fill a journal with the celebrations I experienced in the program!... By far, the biggest celebrations have been what God has done in my heart! Our sex life has never been better… our times of making love are passionate, tender, emotional and spiritual."

The Love Hour

KevOnStage MrsKevOnStage

196: #TheLoveHour | The Last Love Hour Ever

TheLoveHour | The Last Love Hour Ever
In the last episode of TheLoveHour,  Melissa and Kev express that they weren't only host but, students of the show. They only hope all the information giving impacts their listeners as much as it impacted them.

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Thank you for watching today's video!

Porn, Betrayal, Sex and the Experts — PBSE

Steve Moore & Mark Kastleman

Should I Just be “OK” with my Partner's Lusting?

In this episode, Mark and Steve respond to a PBSE listener's question about her struggles with her partner lusting after a co-worker— Hello Mark & Steve,  My partner and I are currently in reconciliation from sex addiction and we are in our 4th month of monthly couples sessions as well as I recently started individual sessions. We really like our sex specialist, but he tells me to not pay attention to [my partner's] "lusting" and to get out of his head when it comes to the lusting as well. My question is: My partner had betrayed me by lusting and acting out with images and thoughts of his coworker. How do I ignore the lusting, as that was one of my main questions to gauge how he is doing by asking him, and it is now one of my boundaries—I don't think he is working on this area, as he still lusts after her week after week and it is tearing me up inside.-  Relationships are consensual—you have the ri

BFF: Black, Fat, Femme


“The B.F.F. Podcast” gives voice to two of the leading queer, fat and Black changemakers while calling in the world to examine and understand what it means to love oneself unapologetically - in a world where loving oneself often feels impossible. 

Itchy and Bitchy

Karen Nickell

Southbound Eyelids: How to Fix Them!

Karen brings her attention to the question of hooded eyelids and how to fix them non-surgically.

True Romance - Dating Advice For Women

True Romance - Dating Advice For Women

Podcast 375: “How To Make Him Miss You!” – Relationship Advice With Carlos Cavallo – In this latest installment of Carlos Cavallo’s dating advice and relationship advice series, you’ll find some priceless advice on relationships: Carlos shows you how to make your man miss you! In this week’s...
The post Podcast 375: “How To Make Him Miss You!” – Relationship Advice With Carlos Cavallo appeared first on Dating Advice Guru Podcasts.

Hakeh Sareeh | حكي صريح

Hakawati | حكواتي

العلاقة المفتوحة وتعدد علاقات الحب

ما هو تعريف تعدد علاقات الحب والعلاقات المفتوحة؟ ما هي أشكال هذه العلاقات؟ وماذا عن التحدّيات؟ نستضيف وردة بو ضاهر، الاخصّائية النفسية المتخصصة في مجال العنف والاستغلال الجنسي ومقدمة بودكاست تابو، لنبحث موضوع العلاقة المفتوحة وتعدد علاقات الحب المعروف بالبولياموري.

See for privacy information.

Big Mood, Little Mood with Daniel M. Lavery

Slate Podcasts

Long-Term Closet

Danny Lavery welcomes Sasha Geffen, author of the book Glitter Up the Dark: How Pop Music Broke the Binary.
Lavery and Geffen tackle two letters. First, from someone who is tired of being the only person holding that her friend came out to in their friend group. Another letter writer is trying to make sense of a hurtful breakup.
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Need advice? Send Danny a question here.
Production by Phil Surkis
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Embodied Podcast

Anita Rao

Sex and relationships are intimate — and sometimes intimidating to talk about. Host Anita Rao guides us on an exploration of our brains and our bodies that touches down in taboo territory. #EmbodiedWUNC00000178-140d-ddcb-affb-d6ed62e60000Listen and subscribe on your favorite audio app:Apple PodcastsSpotifyStitcherGoogle PlayAlso available on NPROne and the WUNC appRead our review on Mashable's list of the best sex, erotica, dating and relationship podcasts!Read Anita's piece on the origin story of the Embodied series in The Huffington Post!Check out our gorgeously illustrated season one discussion guide!00000178-140d-ddcb-affb-d6ed62e60001About Anita RaoAnita Rao is an award-winning public radio journalist and the host and creator of "Embodied." She's also the managing editor of WUNC's on-demand content. She has traveled the country recording interviews for the Peabody Award-winning StoryCorps production department, founded and launched a podcast about millennial feminism in the South, and served as the managing editor and regular host of "The State of Things," North Carolina Public Radio's flagship daily, live talk show. Anita was born in a small coal-mining town in Northeast England but spent most of her life growing up in Iowa and has a fond affection for the Midwest.Follow her on Twitter @anisrao. Meet The TeamGrant Holub-Moorman, producerJenni Lawson, sound engineerAmanda Magnus, producerRebecca Martinez, producerLaura Pellicer, producerCharlie Shelton-Ormond, producerDana Terry, producerLindsay Foster Thomas, executive producer

Love & Libido

Emily Jamea, PhD, LMFT, LPC, AASECT Certified Sex Therapist

Sex on the Spectrum

Have you ever wondered if you or your partner might fall on the autism spectrum? Do you have autism and struggle to understand how to navigate romantic relationships and sex? Do you have an autistic child and are wondering how to help them navigate their sexuality in a healthy way? Then you need to listen to today’s episode. Autism affects about 2% of the population, and we are beginning to have a clearer understanding of how to help autistic folks have meaningful relationships and sexual experiences if that’s what they desire. Today I sit down with sex counselor, Nicholas Maio-Aether. He brings a unique perspective as a licensed clinician and an autistic adult. Together we chat about all things sex, love, and autism.You can learn more about Nicholas on his website, his instagram, and his facebook.Today’s episode is sponsored by BetterHelp, an online therapy platform that has already helped millions. Get 10% off your first month of therapy by visiting www

Baby Or Bust

Dr. Lora Shahine

Season 2 will be coming soon!

We hope you enjoyed season one of Baby Or Bust as much as we enjoyed creating it for you! We are taking a little break to build an incredible season two for you, so please be sure to follow Dr. Shahine on social media to stay in the loop on everything ahead.If you've enjoyed the show, please consider leaving us a review on Apple Podcasts, or wherever you listen to podcasts.We'll be back soon and thank you so much for listening!Connect with Dr. Lora Shahine on social media:Tik Tok | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube | LinkedInBaby Or Bust is Produced by Mark Ramsey, Jaime Solis, and Greg Moga. Executive Produced by Nick Panella, and Andrew Greenwood for Workhouse Media. Baby Or Bust is a Mark Ramsey Media production.Advertising Inquiries:

Dr. Jackie's Point of V

Dear Media

Beloved celebrity OB-GYN, star of Married to Medicine and best-selling author Dr. Jackie invites you on a journey to self discovery. From top health experts to her closest celebrity friends, Dr. Jackie will lead eye-opening conversations that will educate, entertain and empower listeners. She will be tackling all those burning (and itching) questions about feminine health you’ve been too afraid to ask, as well as sharing personal experiences and advice like a good girlfriend. Dr. Jackie’s honesty, wit, sass, and straight-forward advice will make you feel like you are in the room with her.

Out Loud

Jonathan Lucero McKinney

Skin and Pimple Popper Reaction

Pus-filled fun! Mmmmm

Moms That Say F*ck - Hosted by Dr. Dina Kulik and Alana Kayfetz

Dr. Dina Kulik & Alana Kayfetz

Welcome to Moms That Say F*ck hosted by Dr. Dina Kulik and Alana Kayfetz, a no bullsh*t approach to parenting and momboss-ing. Alana Kayfetz is the CEO and founder of MomsTO, and is on a mission to bring moms together and give them a great day, revolutionizing maternity leave. Dr. Dina Kulik is a pediatrician, pediatric emergency medicine doctor and the founder of Kidcrew. Dina provides no-nonsense child health advice. Alana and Dina are eager to talk to other moms, entrepreneurs and interesting people about everything ranging from sex to breastfeeding, to sleep woes and body shaming. They aren't afraid to talk about taboo topics or share their many opinions. They say it like it is, and want to get the heart of the issues facing moms and caregivers everywhere. Visit us at or @MomsThatSay on Facebook & Instagram

Sex Afflictions & Porn Addictions

Sex and Porn Addiction Help

Atomic Habits 3-2-1 Weekly Review with Coach Craig

Free Training for Sex and Porn Addicts and Their Partners: The Four Transformational Shifts You Must Make to Break Free from Sex & Porn Addiction - our website right now to learn more about our coaching programs: https://www.themindfulhabit.comCall if you want to talk to someone to learn more about our programs and costs: (877) 769-3790We offer a 100% UNCONDITIONAL 30 Day Money Back Guarantee on our self study, group, and one on one coaching programs with CraigRead our 340+ Excellent 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Verified Testimonials and read exactly what clients say about our programs us on social media to learn more about habits, mindfulness, unmet needs, parts work, and other tools to live your best life. We do not focus on porn addiction or sex addiction. We focus on success!!!! Facebook: https://www.fac

Sex Love Psychedelics

Dr. Cat Meyer

122: Identity Alchemy with Nick Onken

How do you self-identify? Do you feel in alignment with your identity? Or are you sensing the subtle dissonance?
Nick Onken, identity wizard, world-renowned photographer, and creative alchemist joins me on this episode of Sex Love Psychedelics to talk about re-inventing ourselves and alchemizing old wounds can allow us to live our most authentic expression. 
In this episode, you’ll hear:

Nick’s journey with self-identity and re-inventing the self
The complexity of tying your self-worth to your identity
Identity alchemy - Deconstruction, Creation, and Becoming
How important is it for us to have a personal “brand”
Cultural identity "trends" of pronouns, polyamory, etc
How plant medicine can support the identity alchemy process
Shining a light on shadow work
Self-actualization and owning your power
Nick’s recommended reading for beginning your Identi

The Ultimate Intimacy Podcast

Nick and Amy with The Ultimate Intimacy App

52. The DNA differences between a man and woman... and why it works!

As men and women, we are biologically different...and that is how God made us and wants it to be... but the world wants us to think we have to be the same and there is no difference between a man and woman biologically. This is not how God made us and it is good that we are wired differently and have different strengths, weaknesses and emotional and physical desires as men and women. When we understand how we are biologically different and how men and women function, their individual needs... and everything else in between,  it is easier to create "Ultimate Intimacy" in the relationship. In this episode, Nick and Amy talk with Dauren Francis of Knot Easily Broken about the 10 differences he states in a post he did. Some  of these include:Men are thinkers while women are emotional feelers. Men analyze things while women feel things.Men go to the store and buy what they need and leave. Women go shop

Secrets of a Sugar Daddy

An Inside Peek to a Sugar Lifestyle

Ep. 44 - Lilly (52) and Kimi (21) share some sugar dating stories

My assistant Lilly and my project manager Kimi share their unique perspectives on sugar dating. Even though they have a 30 year age difference, they have found a common interest as Sugar Babies. We discuss how their lives have changed through this experience. But are they actually looking for a completely different experience from the men they meet? We then dive into the mailbag and read some interesting listener letters. Kimi answers some questions from her debut show as the listeners had a lot of feedback. And finally, the girls reveal what men are doing to really turn them off.   Share your sugar dating stories or questions at Follow us on IG at And find Kimi

The Wins & Losses Podcast

Wins & Losses

The Official Wins & Losses Podcast with your host Adam Perez Support this podcast:

Love and Sex Today

Dr. Doug Weiss

Spouse Attack

Everyone has had a spouse attack but it's never been openly discussed. Well, if you're asking what in the world is spouse attack, then you need to listen to this episode. You'll learn exactly what a spouse attack is and how you can solve this when it happens. For more information, go to or call 719-278-3708. 

The Mating Grounds Podcast

Tucker Max and Dr. Geoffrey Miller

What To Do After You're Done With The Mating Grounds Episodes

If you're a big fan of The Mating Grounds, the best place for you to go is The Art Of Charm and listen to Jordan's archived podcast episodes. 

Intimate Covenant Podcast

Intimate Covenant -- Matt & Jenn Schmidt

80: Mailbag Q&A (scheduling sex, special needs child, church resistance, get-aways)

In this episode, Matt & Jenn dig into the mail bag for a potpourri of topics including:Can scheduling sex still be romantic?How to prioritize your marriage when facing the challenges of raising a special needs child?Have we ever been met with resistance by church leaders for talking about marriage and sex?Do you have any advice for planning a romantic vacation?As you consider these questions and our answers, take note of the important issues and dynamics in your own relationship. Be willing to ask the hard questions and be confronted by the truth.Join us at the 2022 Annual Marriage Retreat, September 22-24, in Houston, TX. Registration is now open, but space is limited and we expect to sell out again. So, register today!Announcing Covenant Club! Our online community with discussion forums (including a wives-only section), monthly interactive webinars, and other resources to help answe

SweetWhispers Sensual ASMR Podcast

SweetWhispers Sensual ASMR

Episode 71: Tingles and Relaxation Sensual ASMR

Lots of kisses, caressing and massage 3D sounds to help lull you into a gorgeous tingly sleep.  Have a beautiful weekend! #kisses #encouragement #skinsounds #relaxation #sleep #genderneutralFor access to more SW visit audioFor something a bit more naughty:

TalkSex with Gabriela Rosa

Gabriela Rosa | Author, Fertility Specialist and Sexuality Researcher

34 Making Sex and Relationships Fun with Diana Indries

Even I learned how to do relationships better after this conversation with Diana Indries. In today's episode, Diana and I discuss which important topics couples tend to avoid and how to engage in conversational relationship maintenance over time. We talk about the importance of treating long-term partners with respect during difficult chats and keeping the little promises that we make to ourselves. Diana also shares the process of retraining herself to be kind to herself and opens up about the continual practice it takes to become the person we want to become. Diana Indries is a life coach and inventor of the award-winning game Better Topics, a game to help couples experience more love, joy, and connection with each other. Listen in to learn how men and women communicate differently, tips for creating new habits in an old relationship, and what to do when your love language doesn't match up with your partner's. To contin

Sex Birth Trauma with Kimberly Ann Johnson

Kimberly Ann Johnson: Author, Vaginapractor, Co-founder of the School for Postpartum Care

EP 151: Jaguar Testimonial with Kyra Lehman

In this testimonial episode, Jaguar course alumni Kyra Lehman speaks about her experience as a dancer, mother, filmmaker and with disability. As Kimberly and her team prepare for the next round of the course, this testimony speaks beautifully to the type of experience you might find in the upcoming Activate Your Inner Jaguar course.

Self Managed: An Abortion Story

SMA Podcast

Self Managed: An Abortion Story in Eight Parts is a podcast series that dives into the practice of self-managed abortion (SMA). We’ve interviewed people with wide-ranging perspectives on the medical, legal, technological, and personal questions that arise within SMA. Our vision is to build a chorus of voices that demystifies SMA in a free, user-friendly platform.

Bisexual Real Talk

Alex Anders

Are Bisexuals More "Complicated"?

People complain about bisexuals being complicated, but is being with a bisexual more complicated than being with someone else?


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Sex Therapy Podcast

Dr. Christopher Ryan Jones, PsyD

Tackling Taboos: Incest | Ep 76

The topic of incest is very troubling to many people because it is often associated with sexual abuse and trauma. However, in this episode of the podcast Dr. Jones discusses the reality that some people consciously and consensually decide to be in incestuous relationships and discusses ways he works with these clients in therapy. Also, we review the Slut Fighter Hip from Motsutoys.

Love People Use Things

Matt Fradd & Noah Church


Sexual Kung Fu with Johnathan White

Johnathan White

February- 10th-Live Q&A Replay-Sexual Kung Fu & Sexual Mastery

Replay of February 10th Live Q&A

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SB Nation

The Sports Kiki Ep. 121: The disgusting pushback against Red Sox Pride Night

Happy Saturday! On this week's show, Alex praises the words of straight MLB allies Liam Hendriks and Kevin Youkilis, and expresses his concern over the venomous pushback to Red Sox Pride Night on social media.

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Mormon Sex Info

Natasha Helfer Parker

MSI 149: Sensate Focus in Sex Therapy with Linda Weiner

Natasha is joined by Linda Weiner, one of the authors of “Sensate Focus in Sex Therapy,” a one-of-a-kid book which discusses in detail (including beautiful illustrations) this revolutionary intervention developed by Masters &Johnson in helping couples attune to sensation as an important facet to sexual satisfaction.   To help keep Mormon Sex Info going past 2022, please donate at

Write Your Legend

Apollonia Ponti

9 HUMILIATING Things You Should NEVER Say To A Woman!

Write Your Legend Podcast with Apollonia Ponti and Natalie Stavola  9 HUMILIATING Things You Should NEVER Say To A Woman! What to say and what NOT to say in order to get the girl and not watch her walk away!  Be a part of the membership community!  Membership! Apollonia Ponti Private coaching  Break Free of Codependency Free eBook: 7 Common Mistakes Men Make When Attracting a Woman View Products Here Follow Apollonia: Instagram Twitter Timestamps:  1:00: #1 You don't want to talk about how much you hate your ex 2:18 #2 Talking about how you lack ambition   7:24 Saying is it that time of the month because of how she is acting or what she is saying.  Listen and Subscribe to the Write Your Legend Podcast with Apollonia Ponti and Natalie Stavola on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, and the CLNS Media Network mobile app.

De Pueblo, Católico y Gay

Eder Díaz Santillan


Hola soy José, soy de pueblo, católico y gay.

The Sex Ed

Liz Goldwyn

Sound Bath

 Liz Goldwyn is joined by sound healer Soulei Goe for a sound bath. A sound bath is a meditative experience that uses sound frequencies to induce a state of tranquility in the body and brain.Sound healing can bring our internal biorhythm into a deep state of rest, and help us turn inwards, dream, even have visions or strong meditative experiences. We encourage you to let go during this special edition release of The Sex Ed podcast, let the sound wash over you and flow with the experience…be sure to follow us on IG @TheSexEd and visit for more.

Pure Sex Radio

Jonathan Daugherty

7 Traits of Effective Parenting

Our guest today is Dr. Danny Huerta, vice president of Parenting and Youth at Focus on the Family. He oversees Focus’ initiatives that equip mothers and fathers with biblical principles and counsel for raising healthy, resilient children.One of those initiatives is the 7 Traits of Effective Parenting. In this episode, Danny unpacks these 7 traits, including adaptability, boundaries, grace and forgiveness, and gratitude. If you are a parent who wants to improve how you interact with and guide your children through the joys and challenges of growing up, this episode can help.Learn more about Danny and the 7 Traits of Effective Parenting at More Talk by John FortRelated Podcasts:Help, My 11-Year-Old is Looking at Porn!Fighting Fears of Talking to Your Kids About SexA Hopeful Mom Shares How to Have Difficult Conversations---------Please rat

XXX Academy

SweetTi & Honeè

The Wait Is Over

What happens when the wait is over!!!

My Abortion, My Life: The Podcast


My Abortion, My Life: The Podcast is a monthly podcast produced in Preterm, a nonprofit, feminist, independent abortion clinic in Cleveland, Ohio. Each month, we will release an episode that features real abortion stories submitted to the My Abortion, My Life website. These stories will be brought to life by people from our community in Cleveland who will read and reflect on the stories. We’ll hear stories from people who had an abortion so they could continue school, so they could leave an abusive relationship, and so they could continue parenting the children they already have. We’ll hear abortion stories where the decision to have one was easy, and some stories where decisions are more difficult. We will hear from people all over the world, from people who had their abortions before Roe v. Wade, and from people who had their abortions at Preterm. My Abortion, My Life is changing the conversation about abortion by creating safe spaces for nuanced and respectful conversation about abortion experiences—and providing resources and tools to help get those conversations started. My Abortion, My Life: The Podcast is about listening and really hearing, it’s about helping all of us who have been silenced by stigma to find our voice, to speak about our own experiences, and to develop support for and trust in others. If you’re ready to help change the conversation, then My Abortion, My Life can help you get started. My Abortion, My Life: The Podcast is produced in conjunction with Preterm and is distributed by Liberated Syndication.

صوتيات الحب ثقافة

الحب ثقافة

سن الأمان: التغيرات الجسدية بعد انقطاع الطمث

قراءة صوتية لمقال "سن الأمان: التغيرات الجسدية بعد انقطاع الطمث" على موقع "الحب ثقافة"، بصوت نهال خليل. لقراءة النص المكتوب، يمكنكم مطالعة:

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The Problem Was Me

Thomas Gagliano

A Society Riddled With Anxiety a Guest Interview on Lifestyle 360 Podcast

Join Tom as he is interviewed by Robb Thompson of Lifestyle 360 Podcast. Tom has worn many hats throughout his career. As a young man, he soon became a successful entrepreneur with a proven track record in small business ventures in the greater New York area. Tom has also been a high profile leader in addiction and self-help therapy. He helped develop unique methods and procedures which have helped numerous institutions and individuals with anxiety and addiction issues. In This Episode: Why our society today is riddled with anxiety and depression How communication has this led to distorted values and cultivated an anxiety-ridden society What we can do to escape perfectionism and the feelings of sadness and inferiority How social media has played a part in contributing to this increasing problem What we can do as parents, mentors and leaders to help future generations combat the outside messages

The Two Onions podcast with Dani Daniels

Dani Daniels

The Two Onions Podcast with Dani Daniels - Featuring Britney Amber

In this episode, we sit down and talk with sex worker turn pornstar Britney Amber. We talk about being on HBO's cathouse, how she got into porn, and shooting her own content now. This is a wild ride full of shenanigans!!!

Relationship Doctor

What is Ethical Non-Monogamy?

This week, we're dropping an episode from another great podcast here on Quick and Dirty Tips—The Savvy Psychologist.
Listen to the Savvy Psychologist in Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or your favorite podcast app:

Dra. Isabel, El Ángel de la Radio

Dra. Isabel

"Cómo lidiar con personas groseras" | Tu Dra. Isabel - El Ángel de La Radio |