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Universe Today Podcast

Fraser Cain

Space news, interviews, Q&As, and exclusive content from Universe Today. Audio versions of Fraser Cain YouTube channel.

SpaceTime with Stuart Gary

19 years on Australian Public Radio (as StarStuff), 6 years of podcasting and counting. We have a lot of content to share with you. Recognized worldwide by our listeners and industry experts as one of the best and most thoroughly researched programs on Astronomy, Technology, Space, and Science News. Keep up-to-date and learn something new with every episode. New episodes weekly. Published Mondays for our subscribers and publicly on Wednesdays. Show your support for SpaceTime, help us reach our goals with early access to commercial-free episodes and bonuses via Supercast, Patreon, Apple Podcasts and YouTube. Links at Enjoy!

The Supermassive Podcast

The Royal Astronomical Society

This is The Supermassive Podcast from the Royal Astronomical Society. Every month, science journalist Izzie Clarke and astrophysicist Dr Becky Smethurst take you through the universe with the latest research, history from the society’s archives and astronomy you can do from your own home. You can send your questions to the team via or tweet @RoyalAstroSoc using #RASSupermassive The Supermassive Podcast is a Boffin Media Production by Izzie Clarke and Richard Hollingham.

Astronomy Cast

Fraser Cain and Dr. Pamela Gay

Take a fact-based journey through the cosmos. Tune in to hear weekly discussions on astronomical topics ranging from planets to cosmology. Hosted by Fraser Cain (Universe Today) and Dr. Pamela L. Gay (Planetary Science Institute), this show brings the questions of an avid astronomy lover direct to an astronomer. Together Fraser and Pamela explore what is known and being discovered about the universe around us. Astronomy Cast is supported thru

The 365 Days of Astronomy

The 365 Days of Astronomy podcast launched in 2009 as part of the International Year of Astronomy. This community podcast continues to bring you day after day of content across the years. Everyday, a new voice, helping you see the universe we share in a new way. This show is managed by Avivah Yamani, edited by Richard Drumm. This podcast is funded through and produced out of the Planetary Science Institute.

Space Nuts

All things Space – news, travel, discoveries, the mysteries, and more…with world renown and respected Astronomer at Large Professor Fred Watson and Sci-Fi Author, Broadcaster/Journalist Andrew Dunkley.

This Week in Space (Audio)


This Week in Space podcast covers the new space age. Every Friday we take a deep dive into a fascinating topic. What’s happening with the new race to the moon and other planets? When will SpaceX or NASA really send people to Mars? Join Rod Pyle and Tariq Malik from on This Week in Space. Subscribe today on your favorite podcatcher. New episodes posted every Friday.

Settle the Stars: The Science of Space Exploration

Edgeworks Nebula

Exploring and terraforming Mars will be the greatest scientific and engineering challenge in the history of our species. From landfall and building the first cities to manipulating an entire planetary environment, this podcast will dive into the science of space exploration, settlement and terraforming! Join Alexander Winn, creator of TerraGenesis and founder of Edgeworks Entertainment, as he walks you through the real science behind his hit indie terraforming game, TerraGenesis, and how those same concepts will work in real life.

The State of The Universe

Brendan Drachler

Science moves at an impossibly fast pace. It will leave you wondering, what is the state of the universe? Wonder no more! Learn from researchers working at the cutting edge of scientific advancement about everything from the robot takeover to the big bang only on The State of The Universe podcast.

Pale Blue Pod


Pale Blue Pod is an astronomy podcast for people who are overwhelmed by the universe but want to be its friend. Astrophysicist Dr. Moiya McTier and comedian Corinne Caputo demystify space one topic at a time with open eyes, open arms, and open mouths (from so much laughing and jaw-dropping). By the end of each episode, the cosmos will feel a little less “ahhh too scary” and a lot more “ohhh, so cool!” New episodes every Monday. This podcast uses the following third-party services for analysis: Chartable -

Hostile Worlds: Exploring Space

The Podcast Host

Join us on a journey to some of the most inhospitable, humbling, and frighteningly beautiful places in the known universe. Hostile Worlds is a podcast that lets you explore alien landscapes and extra-terrestrial terrain - all from the comfort of your headphones. From the freezing hydrocarbon oceans of Titan, to the scorched, and suffocating wastes of Venus – we’ll take you on an educational and immersive audio tour to all the places you’d die to see… and places you’d die if you saw. You’ll join the crew of The Tardigrade, an all-purpose vehicle that can float, fly, dive, and dig through any environment in the universe. And you’ll learn all the facts you'll ever needed to present yourself as THE space exploration authority down your local pub on a Friday night. Hostile Worlds is a unique documentary/audio drama hybrid – brought to you by the folks at

The Actual Astronomy Podcast

Two Amateur Astronomers

Join amateur astronomers, Chris and Shane, as they share their experiences of observing the night sky.

Sky Tour Astronomy Podcast

American Astronomical Society

When you head outdoors tonight, take Sky & Telescope's Sky Tour astronomy podcast with you for a guided tour to the night sky. Learn what constellations are visible, find out where and when you'll see the planets, and catch each month's celestial highlights, from meteor showers to eclipses.

Aliens UFOs and Ghost Stories

J. R.

Interviews with Alien abduction victims, military whistleblowers and experiencers. Stories of high strangeness! Accounts of hauntings, near death experiences and close encounters! If you enjoyed todays episode the best way you could help is to leave a 5 star review! It really does help a lot! If you would like to share your experience or sighting (anonymously is preferred) please contact us by leaving a voicemail on our profile (on episode page) and I will reach out to you! All stories are welcome! Or you can email me at!! ALL stories are good stories!

Origins & Evolution


The Origins & Evolution Podcast features hosts Dimitar Sasselov & Frank Laukien discussing the multiple potential origins of life, in conjunction with Harvard's Origins of Life Initiative, of which Dimitar is the director and cofounder. Please send all questions and emails to:

IFLScience - The Big Questions


From saving the planet to understanding ourselves, this series will see experts discuss the major topics of our times.

Astronomy Daily - The Podcast

Join Andrew Dunkley (Space Nuts host) and his AI sidekick Halley as they bring you the days Space, Astronomy & Science News update in a bright and breezy, easy to digest format. Enjoy!

Today In Space

Alex G. Orphanos, Science Communicator

The award-winning space science podcast about all things space! Hosted by Alex G. Orphanos, science communicator, maker, and aerospace engineer. Our mission: to spread love and spread science!

Radio Astronomy

BBC Sky at Night Magazine

The weekly astronomy podcast from the makers of BBC Sky at Night Magazine Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

Star Stuff

Lowell Observatory

Star Stuff: A Space Poddity, by Lowell Observatory, will be a 45-minute podcast recorded on Mars Hill that aims to make astronomical science and space exploration fun and accessible to wide audiences using humor, facts, and casual banter. Two Lowell educators (Hailey Osborn and Wesley Sonnemaker) and one literature major (Cody Half-Moon) will sit together and discuss astronomy, planetary science, and space exploration via news articles, movie reviews, audience questions, pop culture discussions, and guest speakers. This podcast will run for one year, with its first episode launching in January 2022.

The AstroGuy Podcast

Wayne Zuhl

The podcast for Amateur Astronomers. Topics, interviews, information and fun for whatever level of Amateur Astronomy you're at or heading towards.


Carrie Nugent

Hear stories about the alien moons orbiting our Sun, of cold stars, and the future of space exploration. Every week, scientist Dr. Carrie Nugent chats about an amazing part of our universe with an expert guest. Spacepod is the podcast that gives you an inside look into space exploration. Learn more:

Celestial Sounds - White Noise - ASMR


I create white noise with celestial sounds to meditate and sleep better during the night. I would be proud if someone around the world found pleasure in listening to these pieces, some to relax those to study. Who to make love, who to sink into a state of deep relaxation.

Looking Up

Dean Regas, Anna Hehman

Dean Regas and Anna Hehman of the Cincinnati Observatory are your guides to the galaxy, helping you make sense of the dizzying expanse of glittering stars and the glowing planets of our solar system. Dean is the author of 100 Things to See in the Night Sky, but there are hundreds more things where that came from, from space launches to supernovas, which Dean and Anna discuss on Looking Up.

But It Was Aliens

But It Was Aliens

The extraterrestrial comedy podcast from two former MIB’s who asked too many questions. Kevin the Grey and Granville Moonwalker now take it in turns each and every Thursday to present a real-life alien/UFO or more widely paranormal case to the other in the hope of convincing humanity that aliens/the supernatural exists, or making each other laugh. Each week, the co-host has no idea what’s coming up and the show ends by deciding whether the events discussed, really did involve the strange and unusual. #Probe


Owen Summer

Welcome to Space Minutes! Each episode will delve into the depths of our universe, giving you an all access pass to some of the weirdest phenomena imaginable! Space is huge, but these episodes are bite sized! Listen weekly wherever you get your podcasts!

Quantum Human Design™ Podcast

Karen Curry Parker

Quantum Human Design™ is a new and transformed Human Design language that is more expansive, empowering, expressive and comes with a more comprehensive understanding. It's been deliberately engineered and upgraded the HD vocabulary to a powerful, positive, higher vibrational frequency of energy to help you fully activate your potential. Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee anyone’s success when using the topics presented in this show. There is only one person who can guarantee your success, and that is you. The content provided on this show is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice, diagnosis, or treatment or to cure, treat, or prevent any disease or illness. Always seek the advice of your mental health professional or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding your condition. Never disregard professional advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have heard on this podcast.   If you are in crisis or you think you may have an emergency, call your doctor or 911 immediately. If you’re having suicidal thoughts, call 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or visit to talk to a skilled, trained counselor at a crisis center in your area at any time (National Suicide Prevention Lifeline). If you are located outside the United States, call your local emergency line immediately. The views of our guests do not necessarily reflect the views of Karen Curry Parker or her affiliates.

Silicon Valley Astronomy Lectures

Silicon Valley Astronomy Lectures

Listen to exciting, non-technical talks on some of the most interesting developments in astronomy and space science. Founded in 1999, the Silicon Valley Astronomy Lectures are presented on six Wednesday evenings during each school year at Foothill College, in the heart of California's Silicon Valley. Speakers include a wide range of noted scientists, explaining astronomical developments in everyday language. The series is organized and moderated by Foothill's astronomy instructor emeritus Andrew Fraknoi and jointly sponsored by the Foothill College Physical Science, Math, and Engineering Division, the SETI Institute, the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, and the University of California Observatories (including the Lick Observatory.)

The Vatican Observatory Podcast

Vatican Observatory

The Vatican Observatory is one of the oldest and most accomplished observatories in the world… which surprises people who have limited understanding of Church and science. In this podcast, you’ll hear from Vatican astronomers and their accomplished special guests as they explore the wonder of God’s surprising universe.

Commuting the Cosmos


Join me, Samuel Hinton, as I travel through the cosmos in search of fun things to talk about! We'll be in the solar system discussing where else we can live, investigating the mysteries of dark matter and dark energy, tearing apart bad science, and appreciating cool space tech, all in one bite-sized podcast.



The podcast taking you far beyond the solar system to explore exotic exoplanets around distant stars. Featuring exoplanet astronomers Hugh Osborn, Andrew Rushby and Hannah Wakeford.


Space Foundation

Space is for everyone. Listen to casual and non-technical conversations with space professionals, as they tell their part of the space story, and explore how space is also for you!

Ask Science

How do astronomers photograph a black hole? How often do planes get hit by lightning? What does the EPA actually do? Science is all around us and transforming our world at a rapid pace. Extragalactic astrophysicist Sabrina Stierwalt is here to guide you through it. She'll help you make sense of the everyday and the once-in-a-lifetime. Rights of Albert Einstein are used with permission of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Represented exclusively by Greenlight.


Tina Ibsen + Anders Høeg Nissen

Danmark er en rumnation - et land med stolte traditioner for både forskning og forretning i rummet, fra bittesmå studentersatellitter til dybt avancerede instrumenter. I podcast-serien RumSnak fortæller vi om Danmarks bidrag til rumforskningen og udviklingen af dansk rumteknologi - i håbet om at øge både den generelle viden og den brede interesse for de danske rumaktiviteter. RumSnak har tidligere været støttet af Otto Mønsteds Fond og Weith-Knudsens fond, men er i 2022-23 støttet eksklusivt af Novo Nordisk Fonden.

Looking Up with Don

Don Machholz

Experience the world of astronomy with #1 in the world for visual comet discoveries, Don Machholz. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, journey with Don Machholz into the solar system and beyond every Wednesday.

Woodland Hills Camera & Telescopes

Woodland Hills Camera & Telescopes

Woodland Hills Camera & Telescopes interviews various enthusiasts of the amateur astronomy industry. We'll cover everything from gear, to astronomical events, history and other topics of interest to the greater astronomy community. We'll have interviews with a wide range of guests including brand ambassadors, owners, and astronomers both amateur and professional.

Cosmic Latte

Eva Pech, Teresa Walch

Bei angenehmer Kaffeehausatmosphäre reden Teresa und Eva über diverse spannende astronomische Themen. Eva und Teresa sind zwei Astronomie Studentinnen an der Universität Wien. Eva ist zurzeit im Bachelor, hat jedoch Kommunikationswissenschaften studiert und ist gerade mit ihrer Masterarbeit über Wissenschaftskommunikation fertig geworden. Sie ist neben diesem Podcast auch im Podcast „Das Universum - Podcast über Astronomie, die Welt und alles andere“ zu hören, wo sie über das Astronomie Studium berichtet. Sie träumt davon, eines Tages ins Weltall fliegen zu können. Teresa studiert aktuell im Master Astronomie. Der Sternenhimmel hat sie immer schon fasziniert, sie hat eine Vorliebe für Braune Zwerge und Magnetfelder und träumt davon, mit anderen Menschen ihre Begeisterung für Astronomie zu teilen. In diesem Podcast reden die Beiden bei einer Tasse Kaffee über spannende astronomische Themen und man erfährt ganz nebenbei Neues über das Universum und die Milchstraße. Bei Fragen könnt ihr uns immer unter folgender Email kontaktieren:

Travelers In The Night

Dr. Al Grauer

Space, Asteroid Hunting, and Astronomy, an insider view. The music is "Eternity" by John Lyell. Astronomy Asteroids Space NASA Comets Earth Impact

אל האינסוף - הפודקאסט של החלל והזמן

טל סוסובר

פודקאסט על החלל, הזמן והאינסוף - נבחן את היקום שלנו בגדלים הקטנים ביותר והגדולים ביותר שאפשר לחשוב עליהם. הפודקאסט נותן תמונה בהירה על אסטרופיזיקה וחקר היקום לכל סקרן או סקרנית, ללא הבדל גיל ורקע מתמטי, אך גם ללא הנחות מבחינת העומק, הסקרנות והמחקר המדעי

Obsesión por el Cielo

Pedro Valdés Sada

"Obsesión por el Cielo" es un programa de radio semanal dedicado a la astronomía y la exploración del espacio transmitio por RadioUDEM desde la ciudad de Monterrey, México.

Naked Astronomy, from the Naked Scientists

The Naked Scientists

Naked Astronomy: the Naked Scientists' Astronomy and Space Science Podcast - audio that's out of this world...

Weekly Space Hangout

Weekly Space Hangout Journalist Team

The Weekly Space Hangout with Fraser Cain and our team of Journalists brings you the latest in space news as well as interviews with special guests from the space and science community. This podcast is funded through and produced out of the Planetary Science Institute.

Das Universum

Florian Freistetter, Ruth Grützbauch, Evi Pech

Ruth und Florian reden über das Universum. Mit Fragen. Und Antworten. Die Astronomin Ruth (Spezialgebiet Galaxien) und der Astronom Florian (Spezialgebiet Asteroiden) reden über das Universum. Ruth betreibt ein mobiles Planetarium; Florian erzählt auf Bühnen, in Büchern und in Podcasts über den Kosmos und beide plaudern gemeinsam über alles, was dort so abgeht. In jeder Folge erzählen sie einander eine spannende Geschichte aus der aktuellen Forschung. Und beantworten Fragen aus der Hörerschaft zu allem was man gerne über das Universum wissen möchte. Spenden gerne unter oder oder



Podcast created for Astro-lovers and for all those who want to know about the cosmos, about the universe and above all about our existence. Hosted by Rohit Agrawal and created by Team ASTROPHYSICAST. EMAIL: INSTAGRAM: @astrophysicast LinkedIn: ASTROPHYSICAST Support this podcast:

Your Sign Says

Your Sign Says

It’s not just seeing the signs; it’s reading the signs. Astrologer Kim Allen has been reading star signs for over 20 years. Her interpretations for her clients and those that have come across her online or on the radio have been a resource for decisions in careers, relationships, family, friendships and money.  On the podcast you’ll hear something for every sign in the zodiac, whether the weekly star download or a personal story of someone looking for understanding of what life brings.

Old School Bruja Radio

Ripped Radio Network

Old School Bruja Radio Show Explores the magical practices of Old School Bruja. The show covers topics on spiritual guidance, energy medicine, different forms of magic, live readings n interviews with different practitioners from all over the world

Space radio

Chad Wulk

Learning about space

The Cosmic Savannah

The Cosmic Savannah

Welcome to The Cosmic Savannah, a podcast giving you a behind-the-scenes peek into the world-class astronomy and astrophysics happening in Africa. Each episode, hosts Dr Jacinta Delhaize and Dr Daniel Cunnama chat to different guests and introduce you to the people, the technology, the science and the fascinating discoveries emerging from African astronomy. No matter who you are or where you're from, we welcome you to join us on a safari through the skies!

ASTR 104: Introduction to Stellar Astronomy - Fall 2019

Robert Wagner

The course includes: physical features of stars, including the sun as a star; stellar distances and motion, evolution and star types, study of the Milky Way Galaxy and other galaxies. The course includes discussion of recent discovered phenomena such as quasars, pulsars, cosmic blackbody radiation, and infrared stars. It also includes a short unit on the solar system. The text used for the course is OpenStax Astronomy ISBN 978-1-938168-28-4 The podcasts will include both live lecture and pre-recorded sessions. The live lecture sessions will be audio only and will refer to PowerPoint slides contained in the class website. The pre-recorded sessions can be both audio and video and will refer to PowerPoint slides as well as covering additional topics in Astronomy for enrichment. Students will be able to use these podcasts to supplement the lectures. They will be useful when the student is reviewing the material for exams. I will also provide supplemental material for enrichment of the class. Comments and feedback are appreciated and can be sent to:

Naked Astronomy, from the Naked Scientists

The Naked Scientists

Naked Astronomy: the Naked Scientists' Astronomy and Space Science Podcast - audio that's out of this world...

ASTR 103: Introduction to Planetary Astronomy - Complete

Robert Wagner

An introduction to the solar system with an emphasis on the sun, major and minor planets, the earth-moon system, asteroids, comets, meteors, etc.; a study of the physical laws of motion and the properties of light. Course work includes instruction in the use of astronomical instruments; some planetarium shows, along with laboratory exercises, are an important part of this course. These are mainly pre-recorded lectures in MP3 format for students to review for the class. There will also be some video clips with live lectures to follow.

Everything Space

Space News

Learn about space!

Visión Cósmica Podcast


Visión Cósmica es un podcast en español de cosmología y astronomía. En este podcast hablaremos de diferentes aspectos de nuestro universo desde el punto de vista de la física, la astronomía y la cosmología. Discutiremos las noticias actuales sobre la búsqueda de las respuestas a las preguntas más importantes en astronomía moderna, pero también haremos un recorrido por las grandes ideas y personajes que a lo largo de la historia han culminado en la formulación del modelo estándar de la cosmología moderna. Realizaremos entrevistas a investigadores que hoy en día contribuyen con su trabajo al entendimiento de nuestro Universo. A través de Visión Cósmica queremos resaltar ese espíritu de la cosmología que estudia el Universo como un todo: la idea de encontrar conexiones fundamentales entre sucesos aparentemente distintos y de preguntarnos acerca de ese panorama general de lo que ocurre en el Universo. De esta manera, discutiremos también la relación de la cosmología y nuestra vida cotidiana, y su papel en la construcción de la sociedad moderna.

From The Void Podcast

John Williamson

A podcast about getting to the truth behind the UFO/UAP phenomena and all things unexplained. Each week I interview a guest to help us better understand the topic.


Javier Atapuerca, Matías S. Zavia

Un podcast sobre la nueva era de la exploración espacial presentado por Javier Atapuerca y Matías S. Zavia. ¿Quién pisará antes Marte, Estados Unidos o China? ¿Podrá Blue Origin competir con SpaceX? ¿Qué están haciendo la NASA y la Agencia Espacial Europea para retirar la basura espacial? ¿Cuántos satélites son demasiados? ¿Podremos desviar un asteroide si se dirige a la Tierra? Sal de dudas con esta distendida conversación semanal entre un ingeniero aeroespacial y un bloguero que sueña con ir al espacio.

Night Sky Tourist

Vicky Derksen

Discover the wonder of the night sky from your own backyard, travel to a dark sky location, and listen to the star stories of other cultures and civilizations. Night Sky Tourist helps the entire family connect with nature by engaging with the stars, moon, and planets.

Where's My Jetpack?


Will humans really colonise Mars one day? Will I ever ride my own hoverboard like Marty McFly? How long will it be until we can book holidays in space? Where's my jetpack? Back in the 1980s, TV and films promised us everything from jetpacks to flying cars and holidays in space - so what happened to those Space Age dreams? Every week, join space journalist and author, Sarah Cruddas and broadcaster Luke Moore for Where's My Jetpack? Each episode, we look into a different piece of retrofuturistic technology that never was, to find out if these brilliant inventions are still just science fiction or, by looking in the right places, may be just around the corner. New episodes released every Thursday. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

Evrim Ağacı ile Bilime Dair Her Şey!

Evrim Ağacı

Proton | بروتون

صدى بودكاست

بودكاست بروتون يتناول مواضيع جدلية حول العلوم والفضاء. 

Good Heavens! The Human Side of Astronomy


Good Heavens! The human side of astronomy with Wayne and Dan.

The Astrophysics Academy: Just A Minute

Shourya Shrivastava

Learn everything from the basics to the most complex concepts of Astrophysics in less than three minutes an episode! Astronomy simplified, compressed, touched up, and served right to your ears and mind. Find my blogs, socials, and contact information at

A Backyard Astronomer's Diary With Jim Harstad

Jim Harstad

I'm Jim Harstad, amateur astronomer. I'm not a scientist, but I am a science enthusiast. I like to go out to the backyard in the evening with my small telescope and see what's up in the night sky. I got interested in astronomy as a kid, learning the night sky and exploring with a telescope from my suburban backyard. That's something I still enjoy. And that's what this podcast is all about. Sharing the experience of backyard astronomy. Bring your binoculars or your small telescope and join me.

The Astro Ben Podcast

Ben Gamble

Whether you work in the Space industry or dreamed about becoming an astronaut as a kid, we all have some sort of a connection to Space. Space enthusiast, Ben Gamble, brings you a weekly podcast all about Space. Although Ben currently works in events and hospitality, he has always had an interest in the Space industry. As a preliminary jump into the Space world, Ben created this podcast to explore what goes on in the industry with the dream of launching his own Space tech company later in life. Ben hopes to connect people of all ages and encourage them to get involved in Space. AstroBen will be a podcast to empower Space enthusiasts, as well as discussing difficult topics. From rockstars to CEO's, astronomers to actors, expect to hear from diverse perspectives all with the shared obsession with the stars!


Amateur Astronomers Association of New York

AAA SKY is the Amateur Astronomers Association's podcast for astronomy fans in New York City and beyond. Join co-hosts Maggie, Kat, and Stanley as they interview club members, prominent scientists, and personalities on the New York astronomical scene. Topics range from current space missions, night sky observing, astrophotography, cosmological research—plus AAA news and messages. Join us to find out what’s happening above, with AAA SKY.

The Daily Space

Dr. Pamela Gay, Beth Johnson, & Annie Wilson

Get your daily dose of all that's new in space and astronomy. The sky is not the limit, as we bring you a fast-paced roundup of launches, landings, and everyday discoveries. The Daily Space is brought to you by the team behind CosmoQuest at the Planetary Science Institute, and features hosts Dr. Pamela L. Gay, Beth Johnson, & Annie Wilson. Daily Space is supported through Patreon at

Radio Astronomy

BBC Sky at Night Magazine

The weekly astronomy podcast from the makers of BBC Sky at Night Magazine Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

Dr.Sky / Episode #1

Dr Sky

Great information from the realms of Astronomy, Space, Aviation and Weather

Blue Dot

Dave Schlom, Matt Fidler

Blue Dot, named after Carl Sagan's famous speech about our place in the universe, features interviews with guests from all over the regional, national and worldwide scientific communities. Host Dave Schlom leads discussions about the issues science is helping us address with experts who shed light on climate change, space exploration, astronomy, technology and much more. Dave asks us to remember: from deep space, we all live on a pale, blue dot.

Starry Time

Jordan Tierney & Kit Irving

Starry Time is a monthly podcast hosted by two sisters who bring their love of astronomy and mythology to reading and retelling the stories of the night sky.

GiTi Cast

Siavash A Noorbakhsh

داستان آفرینش گیتی، پیدایش زمان، ماده، انرژی، کهکشانها، سیارات، و زندگی ...

Праз космас

Tim Evseev

Падкаст «Праз космас» - гэта падборка цікавых навін аб космасе, новых адкрыццях, публікацыях і касмічных праграмах на беларускай мове.

Night Sky Podcast

Billy Newman Photo

The Night Sky Podcast Produced By Billy Newman.

The Song of Urania

Joe Antognini

A history of astronomy, from antiquity to the present.

Why are UFO‘s Top Secret?

Bob Bria

Why are UFO's Top Secret? Besides conspiracy theories, there are many real-time events and discoveries that make you wonder if we are really alone in the universe. We discuss things like: How the post-WWII landscape shaped modern scientific thought on UFO's, which lead to the formation of the CIA, NSA and US Air Force. This includes current events and late breaking accounts that relate to UFO's of the past and present. Simply put, we are after the truth! (But can you handle the truth?!) Come along with us!

Cosmic Vertigo

ABC Radio

Do you ever feel dizzy when you think about the incomprehensible scale of space? We call that feeling Cosmic Vertigo. Welcome to a head-spinning conversation between two friends about the sparkly -- and not so sparkly -- stuff in the sky.


Adina Akiva

Facts, descriptions, interesting features, etc..

Journey Across the Universe

Brennan Beddoes

"Journey Across the Universe" is the perfect escape from the stresses and problems in your life here on Earth. Join me, Brennan Beddoes, as we travel throughout the cosmos and learn about some of the strangest, coolest, and most unique things about our Universe.

Cosmic Sponge

Jim Kho and Steven Hawk

Cosmic Sponge explores the bizarre landscape of UFOs, cryptids, and fringe science. Join both Jim and Steven on a hysterical journey as we dive headlong down the rabbit hole of the unexplained!

Historical Astronomy

Robert Wagner



コペテンナイトは春名まことと葦原みづほでお送りする、宇宙系おしゃべりポッドキャストです。 科学の視点が、これまでのものの見方を変える。コペテンの可能性を秘めた、広大な宇宙の旅へ。 毎週水曜更新!

Desde el Observatorio

Astronomia UdeA

Cada semana un grupo de astrónomos se reúnen para compartir informalmente algunas noticias del mundo de la astronomía. Un podcast del Pregrado de Astronomía de la Universidad de Antioquia (Medellín, Colombia)

逐工一幅天文圖 APOD Taigi

逐工一幅天文圖 APOD Taigi

「逐工一幅天文圖 APOD Taigi」Podcast 是 NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day 台語版的有聲頻道。逐工會揀一幅無仝款 ê 影像抑是相片,𤆬你熟似咱這个迷人 ê 宇宙,閣有專業天文學者為你解說。 Powered by Firstory Hosting

The Space Race

The Space Race

The Space Race is dedicated to the exploration of outer space and humans' mission to explore the universe. We’ll provide news and updates from everything in space, including the SpaceX mission to colonize Mars. We’ll focus on news and updates from SpaceX, Blue Origin, Virgin Galactic, and NASA. If you’re interested in space exploration, you’ve come to the right channel. We love space and hope to inspire others to learn more!

UnEarthly Quests: Constellations Around The World

Saralynn Dobler

What did the Ancient Norse see as the Big Dipper? What stories are associated with your Zodiac sign? Where is the North Star? How did the ancient peoples use the constellations to know when to plant crops? This podcast will take you on an adventure to the constellations and visible objects of the night sky, exploring their stories and meanings from cultures around the world including mythology from ancient Greece, ancient Egypt, ancient Norse as well as lore and legends of the Indigenous people, history, and many many more. Support this podcast:

Sciences et vous


La sciences ce n’est pas uniquement des découvertes pour percer les mystères de l’univers ou de l’infiniment petit, ce sont aussi des recherches avec des applications très concrètes dans notre vie de tous les jours. Dans "Sciences et vous" , Mac Lesggy avec sa pédagogie habituelle nous parle de sciences pour nous expliquer comment celle-ci peut ns aider à mieux comprendre notre environnement, notre corps et nous aider à mieux vivre.

Cosmic Perspectives: Dutch Astronomy in Wider Society

Leiden Observatory

Can investigating the vast Universe have direct beneficial impacts for society here on Earth? 'Cosmic Perspectives: Dutch Astronomy in Wider Society' is a feature podcast that explores this question through the thoughts and experiences of four renowned astronomers based in the Netherlands. Join science communicator Callum Griffiths as he delves behind the scenes of some of the biggest astronomical endeavours in recent decades to uncover new perspectives. This podcast was created using the NWO Science Diplomacy Fund, and was produced by Heliocentric Productions and Leiden Observatory.

AstroTalk - Online Astrology


Daily / Weekly / Monthly Horoscope | दैनिक / साप्ताहिक / मासिक राशिफल


Karl Urban und Franziska Konitzer

Im AstroGeo Podcast erzählen sich die Wissenschaftsjournalisten Franziskia Konitzer und Karl Urban alle zwei Wochen eine Geschichte, die ihnen entweder die Steine unseres kosmischen Vorgartens eingeflüstert – oder die sie in den Tiefen und Untiefen des Universums aufgestöbert haben. AstroGeo entsteht durch die finanzielle Unterstützung seiner Hörerinnen und Hörer. Bitte helft uns, dass AstroGeo weiter werbefrei bleibt:

עושים חלל

רשת עושים היסטוריה

פודקאסט על חלל על קדמה ועל הסקרנות האנושית, בואו לשמוע על הנושאים והשאלות החמות ביותר בתחום החלל. נדבר על הסקרנות האנושית הבלתי נגמרת שדוחפת אותנו פעם אחר פעם למתוח גבולות. על הקדמה והטכנולוגיה שתעשיית חקר החלל משתמשת ומפתחת לטובת מחקרים עתידיים. ועל החלל עצמו, מה זה בכלל? ומה הוא עוד צופן לאנושות. כדור הארץ הוא נקודה בחלל אינסופי, אז כדאי שתכירו עליו קצת יותר.

The Star Spot

Justin Trottier

The astronomy and space exploration podcast

The Backyard Astronomer Podcast

The Backyard Astronomer AZ

The Backyard Astronomer brings you semi-monthly topics and interviews relative to astronomy, space, and science. Follow us at Presented by The Rockstar Group and Manzanita Insurance.

Nothin' but Space

Francesca Fernandes

Welcome to Nothin' But Space, a weekly podcast where we talk about everything and anything related to the universe, including the Milky Way, blackholes, and other observable - and non-observable - phenomena. Hosted by Francesca Fernandes, a student at Stanford University, this show connects space enthusiasts around the world - with Francesca acting as your nerdy space teacher, friend, and researcher.

Sky-Watcher What’s Up? Podcast

Sky-Watcher USA

Putting YOU at the center of our universe. LIVE on YouTube FRIDAYS 10AM PST. Welcome to Sky-Watcher’s official ”What’s Up?” Podcast! Featuring product announcements and in-depth overviews for some of the amateur astronomy industry’s most popular gear like our EQ6-R Pro mount, Esprit series ED refractors, and the Star Adventurer star tracker. We also feature monthly astronomical observing and imaging guides, special guest interviews with industry experts and ambassadors (even a NASA astronaut!), special topics in astronomy and astrophotography, DIY projects, intro and advanced tips and tricks, industry shop talk, and much, much more! Come for the pretty pictures - stay for the nitty gritty details.

Space Boffins, from the Naked Scientists

Richard Hollingham, Sue Nelson

Publishing monthly, Space Boffins brings you cutting edge conversation and debate about the past, present and future of space science.

Просто космос

Радио «Комсомольская правда»

Рассказываем простыми словами о самом сложном и неизведанном — космосе. Чёрные дыры, кротовые норы, теория струн, космический туризм, вот это всё от Илона Маска… Слушать — не оторваться.

Cosmic Coffee Time with Andrew Prestage

Andrew Prestage

It's cosmology in a cup! - Cosmic Coffee Time is bite sized podcasts making sense of space, astronomy, life, and the universe, best enjoyed with a coffee. A down to earth look at what's up there, and it's just for you spacefans. Grab a coffee and see where in the universe we go this time. Follow on Twitter @CosmicCoffTime

Western Slope Skies


A bi-weekly short feature on astronomy, produced by members of the Black Canyon Astronomical Society.Link for podcast apps:

Nave Nodriza

Nave Nodriza

Programa especializado en el fenómeno ovni. Todas las semanas una conversación amena sobre diversos tópicos que ocupan a la ufología.



Prepare your minds to be blown as Anthony takes you down a scientific understanding of our place in the universe, and Dr. Kristen unwraps the mysterious phenomenon that even science can’t explain. Also join us monthly with Emily as she takes us on a ride through The Legend of the Apps.