Bad Friends

Andrew Santino and Bobby Lee

Andrew Santino and Bobby Lee present BAD FRIENDS. New episodes every Monday! FOLLOW US! Bad Friends: Andrew Santino: Bobby Lee: Official Website:


Bobby Lee & Khalyla

A no-holds-barred arena for half truths, social no-nos, and animal behavior-featuring comedian Bobby Lee and his best friend Khalyla. Every Wednesday.

Netflix Is A Daily Joke


It's simple: Netflix Is A Daily Joke is a joke a day podcast featuring a daily dose of your favorite Netflix comedians. One joke a day. Everyday.

Bone to Pick Podcast

Bone to Pick

What is grinding your gears that you need to get off your chest? Weekly podcast staring Robert Kelly & Paul Virzi with Mike Albanese settling the big and small annoyances in life.

2 Girls 1 Blunt

Jaime Lee Simmons & Emily

Light up a blunt every Tuesday with two of Boston’s favorite potheads as they dive into everything weed related, comedy, dating, current events, & much more. Hosted by Stand-up Comedian Jaime Lee and a woman of many talents - least of all rolling pearls, Emily. Make sure to leave us a 5 star review, share us with your friends follow our wild shenanigans on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube: @2girls1bluntpod Twitter: @2girls1blunt420💨🍃 Smoke with you next Tuesday, ya filthy stoners.

The Bad Broadcast

Dear Media, Madison Murphy

Hi! I’m Madi Murphy. I’ve searched my whole life to find my passion. Little did I know, I had been practicing my true talent every minute of every day: complaining. Every week will explore new sh*t to hate and finding ways to laugh (or cry) about it. Follow me on Instagram @thebadbroadcast to answer the weekly podcast question!

Madigan's Pubcast

Kathleen Madigan

Comedian Kathleen Madigan opens her Pub every week to talk about everything and anything fun in her world. Light bar conversations ranging from her parents to unsolved mysteries, sports to chimpanzee documentaries.

Broken Simulation with Sam Tripoli and Johnny Woodard

Johnny Woodard

The comedy show where hosts Sam Tripoli and Johnny Woodard look for evidence that our simulation is, in fact, broken. This show is part of the Spreaker Prime Network, if you are interested in advertising on this podcast, contact us at

Sunday Papers

Greg Fitzsimmons and Mike Gibbons

Greg Fitzsimmons and Mike Gibbons bring you a funny weekly summation of news straight from the Sunday Papers.

I Saw This On The Internet

I Saw This On The Internet

KevOnStage and comedian friends discuss the internet's most random stories.

Social Studies

Joe Dombrowski & Gaspare Randazzo

Comedians Joe Dombrowski (former elementary school teacher) and co-host Gaspare Randazzo (current high school teacher) discuss the chaotic life in and out of the classroom, the nuances of parenting toddlers, and pretty much all things millennial. Each episode is different. Sometimes they'll bring you a Hollywood guest such as comedian Anjelah Reyes-Johnson or renowned School Psychologist Dr.Jody Carrington. Sometimes they might read emails from fans, riffing on their unbelievable, real life, classroom stories. Other times they might argue over the most realistic conspiracy theories. You never know!

Daily Dad Jokes


On a mission to spread the laughs (and groans). Daily Dad Jokes Podcast - Dad jokes that are guaranteed to make you laugh and your family and friends groan! Top dad jokes are curated and produced daily. Sourced from the Dad Jokes subreddit on Reddit! Credits are in the show notes pages of each episode.

Lewis Black's Rantcast

The Laugh Button

Lewis Black is providing you the opportunity to get whatever the hell is bothering you off your chest! Night after night on the road, Black delivers his wildly popular The Rant Is Due livestream where citizens of the world write in to tell him whatever is pissing them off. Lewis Black's Rantcast channels that anger in ways only a man whose devoted his entire life to ranting can do. The tirades are sometimes big. They are sometimes small. But when filtered through the comedic mind of Black in a live environment, they are always hilarious. We wanna make the podcast even better, help us learn how we can:  For advertising opportunities please email    Privacy Policy:

HAIYAA with Nigel Ng

All Things Comedy

Welcome to HAIYAA with Nigel Ng, a comedy podcast about disappointment! Join Nigel Ng, creator of internet sensation Uncle Roger, as he pokes fun at the moments in life that make us all go HAIYAA… Questions? Comments? Stories to share? Email, or DM A voicenote to @haiyaapod on Instagram! New episodes every Wednesday!

Exploration: LIVE!


Charlie Bardey and Natalie Rotter-Laitman explore some of the most (and least) pressing ideas, theories, axioms, and concepts out there.

wellRED podcast

Trae Crowder, Corey Ryan Forrester, Drew Morgan

Trae Crowder, Corey Ryan Forrester and Drew Morgan are comedians from the south on The WellRED comedy tour. This here is the podcast they record on the road. Sometimes a friend or two will show up but more often than not its just 3 buddies arguing about everything from Politics (gross) to whether or not Dinosaurs had feathers (fun!) Join us every Wednesday and check out the archives and buy tickets to shows at !

Laugh After Dark Stand-Up

Laugh After Dark

Cut loose and laugh along as Laugh After Dark brings the comedy club experience to you. Laugh After Dark is a stand-up comedy series featuring hilarious up-and-coming comedians. There is a little something for everyone in this fresh and diverse brand of comedy.

Daily Shower Thoughts

Bob Jeffey and Lorelai Stewart

Ever had those moments of clarity under a hot warm shower? Here are some of the best collected from r/showerthoughts. Philosophical, profound, and sometimes comedic musings Produced daily! Credits are in the show notes pages of each episode.

The Josh Potter Show

Josh Potter

Josh Potter sits down weekly to give you all the important AND unimportant events of the world, of sports, and anything else he can think of. Want to contribute to the show? Send submissions to

Daily Comedy News: comedians, comedy and what's funny today

Daily Comedy News / The Shark Deck

tart your morning with some comedy and light entertainment news as we cover Dave Chappelle, Joe Rogan, Jim Gaffigan, Bill Burr, Chris Rock, Kevin Hart, John Mulaney, Ricky Gervais, Tom Segura, Pete Davidson, Marc Maron, Theo Von, Bert Kreischer, and all your favorite comedians, Plus late-night show monologue recaps from Conan O'Brien, Trevor Noah, Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Colbert and the rest plus a daily roundup of the latest news in stand-up comedy, comedy tv shows, comedy festivals, and comedy on Netflix. Facebook Group: Subreddit: Instagram @dailycomedynews Daily Comedy News included commentary, satire and parody. A production of The Shark Deck, the leading company in short form podcasts. email: John at thesharkdeck dot com




Steve & Captain Evil: The Podcast

Steve Trevino

It's official, stand-up comedian and America's favorite husband Steve Treviño has a podcast. And to give her side of the joke is Steve's wife Renae - AKA - Captain Evil. The couple will navigate the treacherous topics of relationships, family and stand-up comedy. All while trying to stay married.

Let's Talk About Sets!

Jeff McBride & Harrison Tweed

The "science" and craft of stand-up comedy. A playful podcast by comics in NYC. Hosted by comedians Jeff McBride and Harrison Tweed, the show geeks out over the enigma of stand-up comedy. Laugh and learn with us as we curate some of the best jokes of all time, dissect them, stare at the entrails, and divine their inner workings--all while exploring a "theme" about stand-up as a craft. It's as niche as a documentary about Renaissance oil painting brush bristles...but FUNNY! If you nerd hard about comedy, or if you actually do stand-up, or ESPECIALLY if part of you has always thought you'd be great at it (but you never tried, you weenie!), then this is your next favorite podcast. Check out the website for more details:



若くもないけどおばさんでもない。そんなネオおばさんの私たちが自意識をこじらせながら偏見と妄想を話す番組です。5点の私たちなのでご容赦ください。月・木曜18時頃配信中! 出演: しょうちゃん(ゲイ男性) ヴァジャ(女) チャンネル登録お願いします! お便り、ご感想、TwitterやYouTube等リンク

Hot Breath! (Learn Comedy from the Pros)

Hot Breath! Media

Every Monday listeners get exclusive access to the most influential minds in comedy. Award winning comedian and host Joel Byars captures the inspiring stories and insightful techniques behind your favorite comics with interviews NPR describes as "discovering the desire to be a comedian, their craft and their unifying bond found within the world of stand up comedy."

P*****o Time

Jake and Thomas

we're mexican

We Don't Smoke the Same

We Dont Smoke t/ Same Podcast

It's not your ordinary podcast, 3 90's kids all grown up and chasing different dreams , smoking weed and chillin at a studio that belongs to B-Real of Cypress Hill. Crazy Stories, Knowledge , Conspiracy talk and Comedy while taking it one step at a time.

The Clean Comedy Podcast w/James D. Creviston

James D Creviston

Comedian James D. Creviston helps comedians take their stand-up from open-mic to headliner faster through interviews with comedians, comedy writers, and industry insiders. This show is part of the Spreaker Prime Network, if you are interested in advertising on this podcast, contact us at

2 Girls 1 Blunt

Jaime Lee Simmons & Emily

Light up a blunt every Tuesday with two of Boston’s favorite potheads as they dive into everything weed related, comedy, dating, current events, & much more. Hosted by Stand-up Comedian Jaime Lee and a woman of many talents - least of all rolling pearls, Emily. Make sure to leave us a 5 star review, share us with your friends follow our wild shenanigans on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube: @2girls1bluntpod Twitter: @2girls1blunt420💨🍃 Smoke with you next Tuesday, ya filthy stoners.

Cowboy Boys Podcast

Shayne Smith

Comedian Shayne Smith and his roommate Mac Arthur are two young buckaroos who escaped the desert state of Utah and moved all the way to New York City to become The Cowboy Boys! This friendship simulator chronicles their weekly adventures adapting to city life. If you consider yourself a Cowboy Boy or Cowboy Girl or anything in-between, welcome aboard and thanks for listening!

Stand up Comedy

Stand up comedy

Welcome 🎉 to my Stand up comedy show🎙.....

Stand-Up On The Spot

Stand-Up On The Spot

Comedians go up with no prepared material, ask for audience suggestions, and create Stand-Up On The Spot. Hosted by Jeremiah Watkins. Watch the series on Youtube.

Did I Stutter?! with Drew Lynch

Drew Lynch

Comedian Drew Lynch talks about what's bothering him.

إذًا أعزائي

Sowt | صوت

في «إذًا أعزائي» مع محمد حلمي، هنسمع عن مواضيع ومواقف بنعيشها تقريبًا كل يوم، هنلاقي نفسنا فيها، وفي كل حلقة هتلاقي نفسك بتقول: حصل! فعلاً، الشخصيات دي موجودة في حياتي، والحاجات الي حلمي قالها لسا حاصلة معايا بالظبط. فَ يلا بينا؟ يلا بينابودكاست إذًا أعزائي من إنتاج صوت Hosted on Acast. See for more information.


The Comedy Store Podcast Network

Jessica Michelle Singleton and Steph Tolev are Slobs.

Three Guys On

Three Guys On

Discussion of news, comedy, and anything else relevant in the lives of comedians Randolph Terrance and Andy Kline, along with weekly guest comedians. New FREE episodes on Thursday every week. Monday episodes and bonus content at Contact us at:

The Leo & Danny Show

Leo Dottavio & Danny Mullen

Comedians Danny Mullen and Leo Dottavio talk life and tell behind the scenes stories from the legendary Danny Mullen video shoots.

Comedy Dynamics Daily

NacelleCast Studios

Comedy Dynamics Daily is your daily dose of comedy right at your fingertips! You can enjoy bits from your favorite comedians such as Jim Gaffigan, Ali Wong, Tom Segura, Tiffany Haddish, Jimmy O. Yang, Iliza Shlesinger, Larry The Cable Guy, Anjelah Johnson, Lavell Crawford, Eddie Griffin, Gina Brillon, Tom Papa, Maria Bamford, Preacher Lawson, Louie Anderson, Whitney Cummings, Jeff Dunham, Ron Funches, Kathleen Madigan, Craig Ferguson, D.L. Hughley and more! Visit to check out our entire comedy catalogue Visit our YouTube for extended clips from your favorite comedians

The One Millionth Podcast

Chris Porter & Andi Porter

Comedian Chris Porter and his hilarious TV producer sister talk about weekly events in their lives and in the world.

The Comedy Store Podcast

The Comedy Store Podcast Network

Hosts Rick Ingraham and Eleanor Kerrigan talk about the past, present and further of The Comedy Store with guests that span the entire history of the store.

The Mermen

Dave Williamson and Forrest Shaw

Comedians Dave Williamson and Forrest Shaw became pals when starting Stand Up in Miami, FL many years ago. Both are experienced Watermen and still aquatic enthusiasts, they both now live in the sea air of Los Angeles. Enjoy their stories of Comedy, growing up in Florida, and whatever else comes up. They are...The Mermen.

Comedy Pinata

Steve Byrne

Stand up comedian veteran Steve Byrne (writer/director of "The Opening Act", "Sullivan & Son", multiple hour specials) comes to you each week from New York City with a rotating panel of stand up comedians and entertainers as they watch stand up comedy clips together, rate them and crown a winner. The clips spur on a vast array of conversations but most importantly, lots of laughs. Tune in each week to see who will join Steve and who will win Comedy Pinata!

Triple F Podcast

Triple F Podcast

South Florida stand up comics Jeff Dolezal, Josh Francis, and Matt Ross desperately need content. Most conversations are rooted in standup comedy, addiction and recovery, military service, and marriage life. Not really, but that's what we need to say for views. We are also going to include other search terms like funny podcast or comedy podcast - just for good measure.

Death In Entertainment


Kyle Ploof, Mark Mulkerron and Alejandro Dowling discuss Hollywood's murders, true crime, on-set deaths and more.

Friday Night Greg

Greg Stone

A comedy podcast featuring New York Stand-up comic Greg Stone. Friday night energy on a Wednesday morning! Greg created a podcast to trick his friends into hanging out with him. These are the recordings of those hangouts. It’s a party. It’s a podcast It’s Friday night Greg!

The Tarp Report

Sam Miller & Jes Anderson

It covers everything.

The History of Standup

Wayne Federman & Andrew Steven / The Podglomerate

Comedian and professor Wayne Federman has spent his life studying the art and history of standup comedy. Join him and fellow student, Andrew Steven, as they look back at some of standup’s most interesting moments, places, and people.

Fck This Place: The Jobs Podcast


Nightmare bosses! Ungodly hours! Creepy CraigsLists! Nick and Chase interview hilarious guests about their first jobs, worst jobs, and everything in between.

Rice To Meet You

Nigel Ng, Evelyn Mok

A comedy podcast about Asian culture. Hosted by two UK-based comedians - Nigel Ng and Evelyn Mok. Sometimes the internet's favourite uncle, Uncle Roger, makes an appearance! New episodes every Tuesday. Support the podcast:

Adulthood with Ian Lara

Hoff Studios

Adulthood with Ian Lara and DJ 8PM

Dark Humor Jokes

Johnson Hazard

VERY NSFW and non-PC. Not for children. NOTE: Episodes disappear after 72 hours, so be sure to listen when they are released (Tuesday & Saturday) Dark Humor jokes collated from, /r/unclejokes, r/3amjokes and r/Jokes. Credits are found on the show notes page of each episode.

Dogs of Browntown

The Dogs of Browntown

Comedians Saul Trujillo, Hormoz Rashidi and Joel Jimenez take you to brown town every week. Recorded at The World Famous Comedy Store!

Jokie Dokie™ - Weekly Quickie Jokes & Funny Short Stories

The Joker

Laughter is the best medicine, and Jokie Dokie™ Podcast is here to give you your weekly dose! With funny quickie jokes & funny short stories from all walks of life. Brighten up your day with new gags each week. Subscribe now for all the latest humor at Jokie Dokie™ Podcast.

Swallow Daddy's

Tom Goss, Drew Bock, AJ Santos, RJ Sains

Four friends (Comedians: Tom Goss, Drew Bock, AJ Santos, and RJ Sains) find the silly in serious subjects through a semi segmented podcast.




האחיות ויטלזון

אודיותר | Audioter

רביטל ויטלזון יעקבס, סטנדאפיסטית, כותבת, אושיית רשת ואורלי ויטלזון שמעדיפה את הטרילוגיה המקורית של סטאר וורס. שתי אחיות, חברות הכי טובות שמדברות על כל מה שמעניין אותן: זוגיות, אמהות, סיסטרהוד, אוכל, ניקיון, כביסה, פמיניזם והפרעות אכילה, העברה בין דורית וגם על המנדלוריאן ואיירון מיידן. צילום: אושר עדן פשינסקי

The Drive Home with Gabriel Rutledge

Gabriel Rutledge

Sometimes comedian Gabriel Rutledge gets lonely on the car ride home after the show so he decides to talk to you



用心做好搞笑音频,如果你笑了就点一个关注再走吧! 感谢,官方平台的支持

LOL! Teen Comedy

LOL! Teen Comedy

LOL! Teen Comedy is a Non-Profit organization devoted to improving children's rights and mental health through the art of stand up comedy.

Chad the Birdcast

Chad the Bird

Brought to you by Jeppson’s Malört: Put some prime quality Chad into your ear, with his weekly Avian Op-Ed about pop news, sports, politics, science, sex, life, death, birth, love, nerds, Star Wars and sometimes it's all about you.

Funny Girl Podcast

Laurina Sacchetti

Funny Girl is an unscripted standup and lifestyle podcast community with host Laurina Sacchetti who is navigating starting out in standup comedy, what it’s like being a 20-something in LA, moving across the country, changing jobs and pursuing dreams. Laurina will interview people at all levels who perform standup and work in different realms of the comedy scene. This podcast is for anyone that is the 'funny girl' (or person!) in their group of friends or if you like to laugh... Follow @funnygirlpodcast on IG

Gravy Baby

Drew Morgan

You've heard of toxic positivity, right? Well Gravy Baby is a podcast that practices positive toxicity. Drew Morgan, Carmen Morales, and DJ Lewis bring you toxic views with positive thoughts. Gravy Baby is Good Vibes for Trash People. Come on in

El Bestiario del Conde Fabregat

Conde Fabregat

Hola, soy el conde Fabregat: ¿Te gustan los monstruos? a mí también, cuando hablamos de monstruos nuestra imaginación vuela. Te invito a que me acompañes al Bestiario del conde Fabregat. Los monstruos están en todos lados porque habitán nuestra imaginación.

BroDads Podcast

Phillip Kopczynski / Harry J. Riley

Phillip Kopczynski and Harry J. Riley gather each week to discuss two topics. Nothing is off limits. Everything is hilarious

Darren Carter - Pocket Party

Darren Carter

Welcome to the Darren Carter Pocket Party Podcast -where fun things happen!

Ghastly Women

Turtle Canyon Comedy

Lily and Esther, flawed women and good friends, bring to light the ‘other’ side of the so called “weaker sex” and put some truly horrible women up with the big bad boys. Until we have women who are just as horrifying as some men, we will never get the respect/fear we deserve. Lily Phillips Esther Manito A Turtle Canyon Comedy production

That's F****d Up with Christian Wisseh

Christian Wisseh

Nobody's perfect and that causes problems. Stand up comedian, Christian Wisseh, Sean the Producer, and occasional guests talk about stuff that's f****d up.


גיא אדלר

הקומיקאי גיא אדלר צועק על דברים

No Sé, Dime Tú

Maiah Ocando y Gabriel Torrelles

Maiah Ocando y Gabriel Torrelles te demuestran que verdadero amor consiste en odiar las mismas cosas juntos. Parte culto neurótico, parte concierto de rock, un podcast para hablar de lo que pasa en el mundo, en sus pantallas y en sus vidas. Mira todos nuestros episodios en video a todo color en Patreon (

Independent and Unstable


Two twenty somethings just trying to make it through life. One is a tiktok cattle woman who started her own business, the other a hairstylist who also juggles social media and being a foster mom.

Down on the Docs

Chris Neff

Down on the Docs, starring comedians Chris Neff and Dave Sarra, is a weekly podcast breaking down the latest documentaries on Netflix, HBO, and Amazon Prime the only way they know how, with lots of dumb jokes.

Couple Friends

Jenna Kim Jones

It’s so hard to find couple friends. And then when you do they, like, want to hang out. Problem solved! Let Jenna Kim Jones and her husband #AL be your virtual couple friends. JKJ and #AL are the married couple friends you really want to see but, like, you’re also kind of tired and maybe we can do it another time?  They get you. And you get them. Listen to them talk about nonsense, play games, and ramble on about life. They’ll never talk politics and best of all, they’ll never ask you to babysit their kids so they can go on date night.

The Rudicks Are Home: A Sister/Brother Podcast

Leah & Andrew Rudick

Leah and Andrew Rudick are stand up comedians who also happen to be real life siblings. Join them as they navigate the worlds of comedy, family and life on the road. And look out, or you might just get a titty twister!

Soft Boys

Soft Boys

Soft Boys is a podcast about the modern American man. Each week comedians Andrew Della Volpe and Will Noonan get together and discuss what it means to be a Soft Boy.

Boys Gone Wild


Boys Gone Wild is the wildest podcast in town. Hosted by comedian Horatio Gould and his housemate Andrew Kirwan there is no spicier chat podcast going. On the surface Boys Gone Wild is a mens mental and physical health podcast but that’s merely a front for the feral boys and their wild chat. With a mixture of different guests and topics you’re mental if you don’t start listeni

The Best of RSlash | Best Reddit Stories

LaunchPod Media

Also, we now post Every. Single. Day. So check-in for more stories and content every day. While there are many rslash channels that read r/entitled parents stories and r/prorevenge from Reddit, each channel has its own way of performing them. We care out adding a real, human voice than can portray the characters in such a way We love our Reddit reading community and encourage everyone to check out other crazy characters like rSlash, Redditor, fresh, r/Bumfries, VoiceyHere, Storytime, Mr. Reddit, Darkfluff, and the other amazing people in this community. Putting good karma out there is what this is all about. We also love hearing from our community. Meaning if you have something you want us to read, please, drop us a comment down below. Reddit stories, reddit and chill, reddit story, reddit, best of reddit, reddit top posts, #reddit, ask reddit, reddit posts, reddit Ama, reddit stories 2020,

Close But Way Off

Close But Way Off

Comedians Abbas Wahab and Jordan Policicchio chronicle their rise in the stand-up and acting worlds while taking unfounded shots at pop culture and current events.

Cat with Beard from JAPAN


"Cat with Beard from JAPAN" is the best PODCAST program to explore the colorfulness of everything Japan!! This program is hosted by Tokyo-based crossdressing wrestler,singer and Youtuber "Ladybeard" from Australia with, "Cathy Cat" who is a TV personality and Youtuber from Germany!!!! This podcast is produced just for the Otakus you by "Nippon Cultural Broadcasting", a major Japanese radio station with 71 years of expertise. Message↓

The Grawlix Saves The World

The Grawlix (Adam Cayton-Holland, Ben Roy, Andrew Orvedahl)

Bettering the world by bettering ourselves! Comedians Adam Cayton-Holland, Ben Roy, and Andrew Orvedahl (stars of the sitcom television series "Those Who Can't" on Hulu) take a passive-aggressive look at their daily lives and then assign one other self-improvement or wellness challenges to address their issues. Once they've completed the challenge, the boys come back into the studio to review their experience, offer advice to listeners, and declare whether or not the challenge is good for the world. And because laughter definitely makes the world a better place, every episode features stand-up comedy clips from their renowned live show in Denver, Colorado, showcasing comics such as Josh Blue, Debra DiGiovanni, Shane Torres, Nikki Glaser, Kyle Kinane, Chanel Ali, Mo Welch, Sammy Obeid, Ian Karmel, David Gborie, and many, many more. Ad-free episodes and bonus content available at

The 31 with Brandt Tobler

The Content Factory with Brandt Tobler

Comedian Brandt Tobler spent countless hours crafting 31 of the most unconventional questions designed to go where no credible journalist would ever dare. Listen each week as he probes your favorite celebrities, comedians, rock stars, athletes, and other fascinating citizens of the world for the answers you never knew you wanted to hear. The questions are pretty good...... But the answers are always amazing!

Laughing On The Inside

Laughing On The Inside

Bits, jokes, stories about things with a comedic bend. Usually drunk but always opinionated! I sometimes say inappropriate things but, remember, it's all just a joke. Laugh, even if it's just on the inside. Check out my YouTube channel to watch the video versions:

Mango Bae

Pranav and Usama

Stand-up comedians and badmaashi boys Usama Siddiquee and Pranav Behari go way off the rails in this podcast about issues affecting the South Asian diaspora as well as immigrants in general. Rambunctious, irreverent, and incisive, Mango Bae is by desis but for everyone (even whites).

Notes Of A Goon

Notes Of A Goon

Goon of note, Chris from BK sits down and yells about childhood trauma, how he'd fix the whole damn country, and all sorts of other b******t. All while splitting a six pack with you the listener. Chris is joined by his stalwart producer and homeless weirdo Mike Harrington on this journey of self reflection and yelling. There's lots of yelling. So crack open a cold one and listen to an aging NYC townie tell you how things should be from the stool at the end of the bar, or outside a bodega in the cold, or wherever people rant and rave but never ramble. NOTES OF A GOON! Get it!

The Ian Ira Rousso

Ian Ira Rousso

LA comedy legend and undeserved hero Ian Ira Rousso shoots the shit with friends and dives deep into interesting minds and perspectives.

não sei ser

Joana Gama Freire

Joana Gama, comediante e radialista, regressa aos podcasts. Depois do sucesso de Psychoterapia, tudo muda, excepto a protagonista. Não sei ser é uma expressão que revela em todo o seu esplendor a síndrome de impostor da Joana e toda a parafernália de trampa que reside na sua cabeça. Afastada das suas tendências depressivas, agora é altura de conhecer o seu lado mais maníaco e que traduz toda a sua falta de confiança no seu talento. Há conversinha livre, claro, mas também há tentativas óbvias de humor lá mais para o fim.

The Good Stuff

Tom Cashman and Sam Taunton

Comedians Sam Taunton and Tom Cashman.



"Je sais que c'est dur d'se sentir vivant dans cette noirceur étouffante, toi et moi en vision infrarouge, on ressemble à des fantômes... Pardon aux gens que j'aime que j'ai plus l'temps d'voir" PODCAST - BLOG - EBOOK - REALITY CHECK Welcome Here

Whats Happenin' Podcast

Danny Davies

Whats Happenin' Podcast is hosted by Danny, Bobby, Matty and Gary and they just have a laugh talking about all kinds, from time to time they will have a guest on and talk about their field of work, they end the episodes with a game of would you rather or a game of everyone has their price.



你好,我是尴尬。 我在荔枝有两个频道 二号频道:各栏目每周更新 【Fm1063597 - 尴尬院长】 谢谢大家的订阅。



GW5 Network presenta NO ME PASA NADA el junte de Meli y Sol de Siempre es Lunes, Giu de Demasia' Grasa y Dolly de Tu Madre TV. todos los meses se reunen en el penthouse a beber, hablar y pasarla bien. Grabado desde GW-Cinco Studio #tunuevatelevisión


Chase Bernstein

Comedian Chase Bernstein tackles the minutiae of everyday life in a stream of consciousness filled with humor, observation and a splash of rage. While we love to think life is defined by the big events, ultimately it's the trips to CVS, Trader Joe's, and the special yet forgotten interactions in between that comprise our days. Chase is here to celebrate the subtleties through a genuine and hilarious lens. As one listener put it, "What's the show about? Nothing. Everything. Wow." While another said, "This podcast is ridiculous and I cannot stop listening!" So what do you have to lose? Nothing. Everything. 

Locker Room Talk

Joe Gorman, Bobby Sheehan, and Matt Maran

Joe Gorman, Bobby Sheehan, and Matt Maran are three tough guys with hearts of gold trying to make it in New York City. Listen every week as the boys tackle some of the heaviest issues facing our society today - and maybe have a laugh or two along the way.

AfroNoodles w/ Willie Macc & Danny Plom


AfroNoodles is what the movie "Rush Hour" would be if it was a podcast... and without crime fighting... and with more lesbians. With hosts Willie Macc & Danny Plom they talk about the news, life, lesbians, food, comedy, lesbians, music, pop culture... lesbians.

Glitter and Garbage


Comedian Justine Marino breaks down the latest pop-culture Glitter and Garbage with the help of her funniest friends and celebrity guests.

The Mugg Off

DM Podcasts

Mugged Off - to have to piss taken from, to be disrespected, unfairly treated etc. Partner cheated on you? You’ve been mugged off. Dealer stole your money? You’ve been mugged off. Told your mate you’d be there in an hour then never shown up? You mugged them off. Cameron Duggan, Gerard McGowan, and Yaz breakdown and highlight recent mugg offs, mugg offs in history, and their own personal mugg offs.




失婚婦女Chill High High


只要有離婚念頭,就一定要收聽的節目! 失婚婦女不用愁雲慘霧,離開了不合適的婚姻,才能樂觀正面積極的開心過每一天。對於那些還在婚姻裡掙扎的人們來說,我們是真正的人生勝利組,歡迎大家加入美樂妮的失婚婦女Chill High High,一起笑嗨嗨! 想跟美樂妮姐姐聊天嗎?我在失婚婦女Chill High High的IG等著你~ Powered by Firstory Hosting

Tabu com Bruno Nogueira

Bruno Nogueira

Até onde podemos rir? Assinado por Bruno Nogueira, Tabu é um programa que combina emoção e comédia e que prova que o humor é para todos. Durante uma semana, Bruno Nogueira vai viver com cada grupo, ouvir as suas histórias, perceber como se integram, como são olhados e os obstáculos com que vivem. Depois, irá tornar estas histórias as protagonistas de um espetáculo de stand-up sem limites.

Don't Tell Our Wives: Warm Beer, Cheap Comedy, and News

Don't Tell Our Wives - Warm Beer & Cheap Comedy

What happens when you put comedians in front of microphones around a pool table? While we do end up playing with the balls and cue sticks, we search the deepest parts of every place (mainly the Internet, and ourselves) for funny news stories, pop culture, relationship problems (who doesn't have those), the strangest/weirdest questions people ask on the Internet. Mix middle school humor with current events and you pretty much have us. Just don't tell our wives what we talk about down here.

Bratwurst und Baklava - mit Özcan Cosar und Bastian Bielendorfer

RTL+ / Bastian Bielendorfer, Özcan Cosar

Bratwurst und Baklava. Das sind die beiden Comedians und Freunde Bastian Bielendorfer und Özcan Cosar.  Der Eine eine Bilderbuchkartoffel aus dem Ruhrpott, der Andere ein Türkenschwabe mit großem Herz und dünnem Haar. Zusammen legen sie einmal in der Woche ihre Leben übereinander und sind immer wieder erschreckt, wo die Teile passen wie ein Handschuh und wo es Gräben gibt, die tiefer sind als jeder Bergwerkstollen.  Laut. Leise. Ehrlich und unfassbar lustig wird es, wenn nicht nur zwei Kulturen und Lebenswege, sondern auch zwei Freunde aufeinander prallen, die sich ebenso innig mögen wie übereinander lachen können. Die neuen Folgen gibt´s immer eine Woche früher auf RTL+Musik. Bratwurst und Baklava ist eine Produktion im Auftrag von RTL+.