Strict Scrutiny

Crooked Media

Stay Mad Like Sam

Kate, Melissa, and Leah recap the remaining arguments from the April session: Nance v. Ward [1:38] and Biden v. Texas [18:04]. They also get into a unanimous opinion about religious speech [43:28], and of course, break down some court culture before continuing their investigation into the leaked draft opinion [52:30].Protect Abortion Access. Donate to Abortion Funds.

Sharon Says So

Sharon McMahon

117. Northern Mariana Islands: A Deep and Vast History with Sharon McMahon

In today’s episode, Sharon continues her tour of the U.S territories by talking about the history of the Northern Mariana Islands. This island territory is not well-known to mainland Americans–we don’t talk about them very often–so consider this your crash course! The Northern Mariana Islands are a submerged mountain chain in the Pacific Ocean near Guam. Learn the name the explorer Ferdinand Magellan gave to the island chain, and who it was ultimately named after, along with other facts, like the cultures that have influenced the islands, the incredible depths of the Mariana Trench, and which famous Hollywood director made history in the Marianas. See for privacy and opt-out information.


Prologue Projects

How the Biden SCOTUS Commission Radicalized One Law Professor [TEASER]

President Biden thought he could bury his weaksauce Supreme Court commission report by releasing it right before Christmas. Nice try Joey. We talked to commission member Kermit Roosevelt, of University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School, about being radicalized by his fellow liberals on the commission. Not because they're radical too, but because they're so institutionalist he got fed up.The full version of this premium episode is available exclusively to our Patreon supporters. To join, visit See for privacy and opt-out information.

What Roman Mars Can Learn About Con Law

Roman Mars

62- On the Other End of the Line

Trump's improper dealing with Ukraine was what led to his first impeachment. While most of us were focused on the domestic political implications of Trump's actions, the country of Ukraine was put into jeopardy in a way that many didn't fully realize until the recent Russian invasion. Time to revisit the first Trump impeachment now that we know more about who was on the other end of that phone line and the imminent danger they were in.

Deep State Radio

The DSR Network

What if Putin Uses a Nuke?

With the war in Ukraine going so poorly for Putin, could he be tempted to use nuclear weapons? David Rothkopf explores this question and how the West should respond with former U.S. Ambassador to NATO Doug Lute, David Sanger of the New York Times, Emma Belcher of the Ploughshares Fund, and Jon Wolfsthal of Global Zero. Would Putin use tactical nuclear weapons? How could the U.S. respond so that it is not too much and not too little? Will America fall into the trap of overspending on defense or will this be an opportunity to spend less smarter? The answers to all these questions and more in this thoughtful conversation. Join us!Support this show See for privacy and opt-out information.

The Lawfare Podcast

The Lawfare Institute

Andrea Chalupa on 'Mr. Jones' and Russia and Ukraine, Then and Now

Andrea Chalupa is a writer, podcaster and Ukrainian American who worked for 15 years on a screenplay about a man named Gareth Jones, a journalist who uncovered the genocide perpetrated by Stalin against Ukrainians in the early 1930s. Directed by the great filmmaker Agnieszka Holland, the film is called “Mr. Jones,” and it was released in the middle of the pandemic. It is an incredible piece of work that could not be more relevant to the current news about the conflict in Ukraine. Chalupa sat down with Benjamin Wittes to discuss Gareth Jones; the New York Times reporter in Moscow at the time, Walter Duranty; her own grandfather; and the story of how she came to write this film. Please note that this episode contains brief depictions of violence, including against children, that some listeners may find disturbing. If you don’t want to hear it, you may wish to skip the section from 43min37sec to 44min57sec.

First Things Podcast

First Things

How Legalized Bribery Stole Your Freedom

On this episode, Philip Hamburger joins Mark Bauerlein to discuss his new book, "Purchasing Submission: Conditions, Power, and Freedom.

Radiolab Presents: More Perfect

WNYC Studios

The Most Perfect Album: Episode 9

This season, More Perfect is taking its camera lens off the Supreme Court and zooming in on the words of the people: the 27 amendments that We The People have made to our Constitution. We're taking on these 27 amendments both in song and in story. This episode is best listened to alongside 27: The Most Perfect Album, an entire album (an ALBUM!) and digital experience of original music and art inspired by the 27 Amendments. Think of these episodes as the audio liner notes.
In More Perfect's final episode of the season, listen to liner notes for two amendments that contemplate the still-unfinished status of our Constitution. "27" is an album that marks a particular point in our history: this moment when we have 27 Amendments to our Constitution. What will be the 28th?
Maybe it will address our nation's capital. The capital has been a bit of a Constitutional anomaly for much of our nation's history — it's at the heart of th

Civics 101

New Hampshire Public Radio

Citizens United v FEC

Today we explain one of the most controversial Supreme Court decisions in modern history; the case that defined campaign donations as speech and therefore protected under the First Amendment, regardless of who made them. This episode explains the history of the case, PACs, Super PACs, the ruling, the effect of the decision on our campaign system, as well as some common misconceptions. Our guides through the case are Professor Jeff Bone from Saint Joseph's University, Maggie Severns from Grid, and Professor Hye Young You from New York University. 

Open and Shut Podcast

Wisconsin Watch and Wisconsin Public Radio

Prosecutors are the most powerful people in the American criminal justice system. "Open and Shut" is a narrative, seven-part investigative series following two district attorneys in Wisconsin’s Fox Valley and their impact on victims, the accused and the justice system.

The Truth of the Matter

CSIS | Center for Strategic and International Studies

India’s View of Ukraine

CSIS Wadhwani Chair in U.S.-India Policy Studies Rick Rossow joins the podcast to discuss India’s view of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, and its relationship with the United States in its wake. 

The Real Story

BBC World Service

Are workers back in the driving seat?

Workers at an Amazon warehouse in New York have successfully set up Amazon's first ever union in the country. Staff at dozens of other US locations are said to be interested in unionising as well. There are signs workers are now increasingly in the driving seat. The pandemic has galvanised American employees with a tightening labour market providing them with more leverage. An increasing number of workers around the world are drawn to new, more flexible ways of working. But campaigners argue that while gig workers enjoy greater control over the hours they put in, the conditions and benefits they receive make them second-class citizens. And while many high-skilled staff have used the pandemic to demand greater flexibility to work from home or work over fewer days, that’s a benefit many in lower-paid professions have been denied. So as the world emerges from the economic upheavals caused by Covid-19, are workers better off?



Center for Strategic and International Studies

Elite Purges in Marxist-Leninist Regimes

In this week’s episode of Pekingology, Freeman Chair Jude Blanchette is joined by Joseph Torigian, an assistant professor in the School of International Service at American University, to discuss his paper “You Don't Know Khrushchev Well”: The Ouster of the Soviet Leader as a Challenge to Recent Scholarship on Authoritarian Politics.

Pitchfork Economics with Nick Hanauer

Civic Ventures

Why your non-compete clause is probably illegal (with Attorney General Bob Ferguson)

Non-compete clauses, and the lesser-known no-poach agreements between franchises, are shockingly common for low-wage workers. Although these contracts were originally intended to protect trade secrets among high-level executives, they have spiraled into an unfair labor practice that keeps wages low, limits employee mobility, and decreases competition. Washington state Attorney General Bob Ferguson explains how non-competes and no-poach agreements violate the law in many states, what his team did to get hundreds of huge employers across the country to cease and desist, and why you should tell your state’s Attorney General if you know of any low- or middle-income workers who are being forced into signing these agreements. 

This episode was originally recorded and released in May 2021.

Bob Ferguson is Washington State’s 18th Attorney General. As the state’s chief legal off

U.S. Supreme Court Oral Arguments


Oklahoma v. Castro-Huerta

A case in which the Court will decide whether a state has the authority to prosecute non-Natives who commit crimes against Natives on Native American lands.


Jay Sekulow

Live Analysis: Supreme Court Hears Biden’s Mandate

The National Security Law Podcast

Bobby Chesney and Steve Vladeck

Episode 218: From 28(j) to Enterprise-J

Ok, ok, it's been a full month since the last episode.  But good things come to those who wait!  We are back, and hope you'll tune in as co-hosts Bobby Chesney and Steve Vladeck discuss the latest in national security legal news, including:

The questions associated with neutrality and co-belligerency (and especially "qualified neutrality") in relation to US and allied support to Ukraine in the Ukraine-Russia War
The Supreme Court's decision to grant a stay in Lloyd Austin v. U.S. Navy SEALS 1-26, in relation to a district court order (based on the Religious Freedom Restoration Act) barring the Navy from enforcing its policy precluding deployment of personnel who refuse COVID vaccination)
Another GTMO detainee (Hassan bin Attash of Yemen) cleared for release
A guilty verdict against an Islamic State member (a formerly-British citizen who was part of the quartet known as "the Beatles"

RSO Roundup

Riverside County Sheriff's Department

Call it the Wild West. It takes a special group of people to be part of the Riverside County Sheriff’s Office. From our Central Homicide Unit to our jails, RSO Roundup takes you behind the scenes to reveal what it takes to keep law and order in California’s second largest county. Have a question or episode suggestion? DM us on social media: IG - @riversidecountysheriff FB – RCSD.Official

Anne Hidalgo - Paris en Commun

Paris en Commun

Le Manifeste pour Paris

Le Manifeste pour Paris by Paris en Commun

Divided Argument

Will Baude, Dan Epps

Completely Naïve Idiot

Will and Dan try to make sense of the Court’s decisions in the two cases addressing the possibility of preenforcement challenges to Texas’s novel abortion ban.

Show Archives – Armed American Radio |

Armed American Radio

Wed AARDD 02-09-2022 Hour 2

Encore presentation with fan favorite, David Codrea

Ones Ready

Aaron Love, Trent Seegmiller, and Jared "Peaches" Pietras

Redefining Fitness: Taylor Starch

On this episode of the Ones Ready podcast the team sits down with Taylor Starch to talk about fitness.  Taylor is one of the first strength and conditioning trainings within AFSPECWAR and continues to preach fitness and take people to levels they never expected.  Taylor was so good and insightful that we are going to bring him back on for several more episodes because as you can tell, we were all over the place in this one.  Next time he comes on it will be all about running, I promise!The podcast is a way for us to give back, serve each one of you, and build our community up with the most educated and well-train members.  Please enjoy the episode and give us your feedback. If you liked it and feel so inclined, please leave us a review.  If we didn’t answer your questions, please let us know, and thank you for your support!Want to watch this episode on Youtube? a question?  Email us at

The Strong Towns Podcast

Strong Towns

Chuck Marohn Answers Your Questions

It's time for another Q&A session! Today, Chuck Marohn will be responding to your questions on things like how to calculate the actual value of spaces like public parks, whether or not high visibility traffic cameras influence driver behavior, and choosing between unfavorable options in planning processes.
If you've got a burning query that you want us to answer, head on over to the Community Section of the Acton Lab, and post it there. Our goal is to address as many questions as we can, and especially the ones that we think are going to help a lot of people out. So, stay tuned for future Q&A sessions!
Additional Show Notes

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Charles Marohn (Twitter).

The Kevin Roberts Show

The Heritage Foundation

Each episode of The Kevin Roberts Show is a weekly rallying cry for lovers of freedom everywhere, packed with Dr. Roberts’ analysis on the issues of the day and deep conversations with the movers and shakers of American politics and culture. And all of it backed by the academic excellence of The Heritage Foundation.  As a former college professor and current president of The Heritage Foundation, America’s most influential policy organization, Dr. Roberts has spent his career learning, educating, and taking decisive action for a brighter America. He believes that conservatives have every reason to be hopeful, because conservative ideas are ideas that work. It’s time to go on offense.  See for privacy and opt-out information.

Mailin’ It! - The Official USPS Podcast

United States Postal Service

Get Ready for USPS Connect

We'll discuss how USPS Connect™ is addressing the growing consumer demand for quick package delivery through same day and next day local delivery options, helping Main Street to stand out in a big business market. We’ll also touch on the rollout of USPS Connect™ Regional and how large volume shippers are plugging into USPS’s extensive delivery network to ship far, fast, and smart. 


BBC World Service

Inger Ashing: Is the war in Ukraine overshadowing other crises?

Zeinab Badawi speaks to Inger Ashing, CEO of the charity Save the Children International. What is her organisation doing in Ukraine, and is the war with Russia taking the focus off other global hotspots, leaving millions of children in peril?

Indisputable with Dr. Rashad Richey

TYT Network

Truth and facts are what viewers can expect from ‘Indisputable with Dr. Rashad Richey.’ On the show, Dr. Richey delivers a heavy dose of fact-based truth with all his signature passion and insight. Every day Dr. Richey comments on the top news stories about criminal justice, politics, social justice, policy and racism and welcomes a Conservative into 'The Bullpen' for a fiery debate. See for privacy and opt-out information.

Live From Ukraine

Goat Rodeo

Recordings of Twitter Spaces "Live From Ukraine" Series from Lawfare's Benjamin Wittes. See for privacy and opt-out information.

American Metamorphosis

Atlantic Re:Think and Boston Consulting Group

Whose Streets?

The pandemic underscored the shortomings of our infrastructure. A new episode of American Metamorphosis, the podcast from Atlantic Re:think, the branded content studio within The Atlantic, and BCG, looks at how we can do better. Shawn Dunwoody, an artist and activist in Rochester, New York, explains how the removal of a midcentury highway is transforming city life. Professor Norman Garrick describes the history of the Interstate Highway System. And BCG's Rich Davey discusses how we can make infrastructure more sustainable and equitable.


University of Chicago Podcast Network

Is capitalism the engine of destruction or the engine of prosperity? On this podcast we talk about the ways capitalism is—or more often isn’t—working in our world today. Hosted by Vanity Fair contributing editor, Bethany McLean and world renowned economics professor Luigi Zingales, we explain how capitalism can go wrong, and what we can do to fix it. Cover photo attributions:

2017 California Driver Audio Handbook

California DMV

Listen to the free version of the 2017 California Driver Handbook to help you study for the written driver license exam. The audio version is the same as the one provided on the website, so it’s complete with new laws for the year, road signs, and general rules of the road. Click on each section heading below to begin listening to the chapter of your choice.

سقراط مع عمر الجريسي

ثمانية/ thmanyah

سقراط مع الأمين العام لمؤسسة مسك

نستضيف في هذه الحلقة من بودكاست «سقراط» بدر الكحيل، الأمين العام لمؤسسة محمد بن سلمان «مسك».

بدأنا بسؤال ضيفنا عن لقائه الأول بسمو ولي العهد الأمير محمد بن سلمان، إذ هو البداية التي انتقل فيها من القطاع الخاص إلى الحكومي. فوددنا استفتاح حلقتنا بهذه القصة.

ثم انتقلنا في حديثنا إلى ولادة فكرة مؤسسة «مسك» من أين جاءت؟ وما أهدافها؟ وما قصة اجتماع العمل على الاستراتيجية، الذي عقد في إجازة ولي العهد، ووضعت فيه أجندة العمل لتكون البذرة الأولى لهذه المؤسسة؟

سألنا ضيفنا عن تجربة التحوّل في «مدارس الرياض» التي تعمل اليوم تحت إشراف المؤسسة، وأهم أرقام نجاح التجربة.

ثم انتقلنا للجزء الأهم في هذه الحلقة، فتحدثنا عن المرحلة الأولى لمؤسسة «مسك» التي ركزت على الفعاليات والبرامج الشبابية العامة وأهم إنجازاتها. وتحدثنا عن المرحلة الثانية التي تركز على تعميق أثرها، وتعظيم دورها في تمكين الشباب والتشجيع على الإبداع، وأهم أرقامها أيضًا.

سألنا ضيفنا عن برنامج «قادة 2030» ما دوره وما مستهدفاته، وعن أبرز ملامح م

Congressional Dish

Jennifer Briney

CD249: A Few Good Laws

We have some new laws! In this episode, a brief overview of the government funding law that (finally) funds the government for 2022 and provides money and weapons to Ukraine, a new law that protects drinking water, a new law that slightly reduces the corruption of Puerto Rico’s financial oversight board, and a new law that guarantees you rights that corporate contracts have been taking away. Please Support Congressional Dish – Quick Links Contribute monthly or a lump sum via PayPal Support Congressional Dish via Patreon (donations per episode) Send Zelle payments to: Send Venmo payments to: @Jennifer-Briney Send Cash App payments to: $CongressionalDish or Use your bank’s online bill pay function to mail contributions to: 5753 Hwy 85 North, Number 4576, Crestview, FL 32536. Please make checks payable to Congressional Dish Thank you for supporting truly independent media! Executive Produce

The Proceedings Podcast

U.S. Naval Institute

Proceedings Podcast Ep. 264: The Mother Of Cryptology

Author Ann Todd talks about Elizebeth Friedman, who was a pioneering codebreaking genius who stood at the vanguard of her field through Prohibition and two world wars.

More here:

To view our YouTube interview with Ann Todd, visit:

The Randi Rhodes Show

Randi Rhodes

Randi Rhodes Show 2-9-22


To access this post, you must purchase ~Randi Rhodes Podcast Monthly Subscription or ~Randi Rhodes Podcast Annual Subscription.

City Journal's 10 Blocks

Manhattan Institute

Saving Prosecution from the Prosecutors

In this week's special episode, former prosecutors Thomas Hogan and Jim Quinn join Rafael A. Mangual to discuss new Manhattan district attorney Alvin Bragg and the options available to preserve public order when prosecutors won't prosecute.

Breaking Doctrine

Combined Arms Doctrine Directorate (CADD)

Episode 26 - History of LSCO and FM 3-0

In this episode of Breaking Doctrine, our host, Lieutenant Colonel Nikki Dean discusses the 2017 rewrite of FM – 3-0 and the establishment of Large Scale Combat Operations (LSCO). Joined by LTG (R) Michael Lundy, former Commanding General of Combined Arms Center; and Mr. Rich Creed, Director of the Combined Arms Doctrine Directorate, or CADD.

The Indigenous Approach

1st Special Forces Command (Airborne)

Personal PMCS

Command Sgt. Maj. Ted Munter joins Master Sgt. Chris Copper, the 1st Special Forces Command (Airborne) Human Performance and Wellness Senior Enlisted Leader, and Master Sgt. Geoff Dardia, the 3rd Special Forces Group (Airborne) Human Performance and Wellness Senior Enlisted Leader. They discuss the importance of not waiting until the last minute to perform proper maintenance on the most crucial piece of equipment, oneself.Links to the programs discussed:Intrepid SpiritSTAR ProgramPREP

Not Another Politics Podcast

University of Chicago Podcast Network

Does Russian Propaganda Influence Ukrainians?

By now, we've heard a lot about how state-owned Russian television is distorting the truth about the war in Ukraine. But Russian TV doesn't just reach Russian viewers. Some Ukrainians can receive its analog television signals.To understand how this propaganda influences Ukrainians, we turned to New York University political scientist Arturas Rozenas, to talk about his 2017 paper, "Electoral Effects of Biased Media: Russian Television in Ukraine".

DIA Connections

Defense Intelligence Agency

DIA Connections - Season 2 - Episode 5: INF Treaty Part 1: Missiles & Movies

The 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty marked the first time the United States and the Soviet Union agreed to reduce their nuclear arsenals, and is just one example of DIA supporting treaty compliance by extensive on-site inspections for verification. On this episode of DIA Connections, we visit the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum for an up-close look at nuclear missiles, and then speak with a naval officer at the ready to execute a launch order on a nuclear submarine. Finally, Hollywood director Nicholas Meyer explains how his 1983 television movie, “The Day After,” a raw and vivid look at a nuclear attack on the United States, caused such alarm that psychologists suggested people watch it in large groups for fear of mass hysteria. White House staff members even tried to make changes prior to the movie airing, and may have even been the tipping point for President Ron

Supreme Myths

Eric Segall

A podcast featuring the Supreme Court and Supreme Court cases. Hosted by Georgia State College of Law professor Eric Segall.

Ranking U.S. Presidents

Bradley Cooper

Richard M Nixon: Part One

It's the president you'll all been waiting for: Tricky Dicky himself. In this episode we will be looking at his early life, political career and domestic policy as president. We will be saving his foreign policy and a little something called Watergate for part two.

Democracy Decoded

Campaign Legal Center

Why does American Democracy look the way it does today and how can we make it more responsive to the people it was formed to serve? "Democracy Decoded", a podcast by Campaign Legal Center, examines our government and discusses innovative ideas that could lead to a stronger, more transparent, accountable and inclusive democracy. Host Simone Leeper speaks with experts from across the political spectrum and takes a deep dive into the forces fueling our elections, not just in our nation’s capital but at all levels of government.

Inside EMS

EMS1 Podcasts

DNR ambiguity: Making the right call on scene

This episode of the Inside EMS Podcast is sponsored by FirstNet, Built with AT&T. FirstNet uses the latest technology to keep your lines of communication and data open – to help you respond faster, smarter and safer.
In this episode of Inside EMS, co-hosts Chris Cebollero and Kelly Grayson discuss a recent news article out of Florida regarding a Fla. patient's Do Not Resuscitate order. The family of the patient alleges EMS providers violated the legal wishes of Celeste Salanitri, 81, who suffered from end-stage Parksinson's disease, after she was treated for a fall at an assisted living facility. 
"There is so much ambiguity when it comes to DNR's that EMS providers need to be up on how to handle when nursing staff or family members say there is a DNR in place," Cebollero says. 
Our co-hosts end the show by describing a series of DNR scenarios to consider how they would respond in the moment. 

PreAccident Investigation Podcast

Todd Conklin

PAPod 391 - A Strategy for Ambiguity

How's 2022 going so far?   I can't seem to make the switch...In my mind it is still 2020...
Get Caught Trying to Make the World Better!
Best Safety Podcast, Safety Program, Safety Storytelling, Investigations, Human Performance, Safety Differently, Operational Excellence, Resilience Engineering, Safety and Resilience Incentives...
Give this a listen.
Thanks for listening and tell your friends.  See you on Audible...all my books are up on there.  One of them is read by a British dude - it is like a Harry Potter book!  Have a great day as well. 

The Trade Guys

CSIS | Center for Strategic and International Studies

Dissecting the Indo Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF)

This week, the Trade Guys and their guests, Elina Noor from the Asia Society Policy Institute and Greg Poling from CSIS’ Southeast Asia program, discuss the complexities of the Indo Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF).


NYU Law Review

A podcast by the NYU Law Review.

WRAIR Science

Walter Reed Army Institute of Research

The official podcast of Walter Reed Army Institute of Research.

Thirteen Ways to Lead

Air National Guard

Thirteen Ways to Lead is an in-depth look at the leadership principals of Air National Guard’s 13th Command Chief Master Sgt. Maurice L. Williams.

Legal Docket


Legal Docket - United States v. Arthrex: S2.E10

Patent law and administrative law intersect in this case that raises a question about the Appointments Clause of the U.S. Constitution.

The Long Game

Jon Ward

David French is warning evangelicals away from authoritarianism

David French, my guest today, is senior editor at The Dispatch, contributing writer at The Atlantic, co-host of the "Good Faith" podcast with Curtis Chang. He is author of several books, most recently, "Divided We Fall: America's Secession Threat and How to Restore Our Nation." David has a long career as a lawyer who has fought for religious liberty of all faiths, but especially conservatives. He is super conservative himself, as you will hear in this conversation when he talks about his view of abortion. But over the last several years, French has become a pariah to many on the right. French has in essence become the target for conservatives who believe that America is so hostile to their views and their way of life that it is no longer possible to try to reach agreement and compromise and accommodation through the regular means of democratic processes.In short, David French has become a sta

Talking Headways: A Streetsblog Podcast

The Overhead Wire

Episode 370: Planning for Underground Cities

This week we’re joined by Dr. Asal Bidarmaghz, lecturer in Geotechnical Engineering at the University of New South Wales in Sydney. Dr. Bidarmaghz discusses planning for underground infrastructure and why it’s so important for the future of cities. Follow us on twitter @theoverheadwire Support the show on Patreon:  

Race and Regulation

Penn Program on Regulation

The podcast, Race and Regulation, focuses on the most fundamental responsibility of any society: ensuring equal justice, and dignity and respect, to all people. Listen as leading scholars uncover how government regulations across a wide range of areas—including voting rights, child welfare, banking, land use, and more—have contributed to racial inequities, as well as how regulatory changes could help build a more just society. The podcast features some of today’s foremost experts working on issues at the intersection of law, race, and public policy: Dorothy E. Roberts (Penn), Chris Brummer (Georgetown), Jessica Trounstine (UC-Merced), Guy-Uriel Charles (Harvard), Anita L. Allen (Penn), Jill A. Fisher (UNC-Chapel Hill), Ming Hsu Chen (California), Olatunde C. Johnson (Columbia), Brian D. Feinstein (Penn), and Daniel E. Ho (Stanford). The series is hosted by Cary Coglianese, Director of the Penn Program on Regulation ( and a professor at the University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School. Produced by Patty McMahon, the podcast also includes music by Philadelphia-based artist, Joy Ike (

China in the World

Carnegie China

U.S.-China Relations Amid the War in Ukraine

As President Biden wraps up his first year in office and as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine threatens to reorient the international order, China watchers reflect on the evolution of U.S.-China relations since President Nixon’s first visit to China in February 1972. 50 years later, there remain significant risks and tensions in the U.S.-China relationship. How has the bilateral relationship changed since diplomatic normalization? What are the main features of Biden’s approach to China? How will Beijing’s position on the war in Ukraine impact U.S.-China ties and China’s place in the world? On this joint episode of the China in the World podcast and the 12 Geniuses podcast, Paul Haenle joins Don MacPherson to discuss the history and trajectory of U.S.-China relations in the context of the war in Ukraine.For more in-depth analysis on China’s response to the war in Ukraine, be sure to check out Haenle’s recently published article for the

Inside the FBI

Official FBI

Inside the FBI: Top Ten Fugitive Yulan Adonay Archaga Carias

A Matter of Degrees

Leah Stokes, Katharine Wilkinson

How Gender Equality Can Save The Planet

This episode is a collaboration between A Matter Of Degrees and the Gimlet podcast How To Save A Planet.Take a look at many of the spaces where climate-related decisions are being made — from government to business to media — and you'll notice a numbers problem. Despite being roughly half the people on the planet, women rarely have equal representation in critical climate decision-making spaces. This isn’t just bad for women. It’s bad for everyone. In this episode, Dr. Katharine Wilkinson (our host) and Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson (host of Spotify's How To Save A Planet)  take a deep dive into the data behind this idea. They speak with two sociologists about how gender inequality in climate leadership can deepen the harmful impacts of climate change, and also hinder policy changes. They also speak with someone who has seen firsthand how women can transform an entire nation when they lead on climate.This episode features Dr. Christina E

Into Africa

CSIS | Center for Strategic and International Studies

Public Institutions are the Backbone of Democracy

Ken Opalo (Georgetown) joins Mvemba to discuss the strength of public institutions across Africa. How do parliaments, courts, executive offices, and militaries impact the quality of governance? Ken and Mvemba focus on Malawi, Kenya, and Benin with implications for the rest of the region. Plus, Ken’s thoughts on localization of development funding and how U.S. policymakers should think different around enabling environments when it comes to foreign direct investment.

Grant Writing & Funding

Holly Rustick

Ep. 218: Top Tips from a Researcher: How to Write a Logic Model Template

Top Tips from a Researcher: How to Write a Logic Model Template

What We Discuss In This Episode:
✨ What a logic model is
✨ All the elements in a logic model
✨ The difference between outcome and output
✨ How a logic model can help create your evaluation plan
✨ Added logic model samples and examples

James Pann received his Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting from the University of Texas at Austin. He obtained his M.S.Ed. in Mental Health Counseling and Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from the University of Miami. Dr. Pann completed his clinical internship at Nova Southeastern University Community Mental Health Center in neuropsychology, behavioral medicine, and adult and child psychotherapy. Additionally, he had a postdoctoral fellowship in pediatric behavioral medicine at the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, University of Miami/


Colorado Public Radio

The housing crisis comes home to the Capitol

With home values and rents rising at a dizzying rate, state lawmakers are rushing to try to address Colorado's housing crisis. They do have one ace up their sleeve: a whole lot of federal money.

The Pat Thurston Show Podcast

Cumulus Media San Francisco

February 9, 2022: Pat Thurston - Olympics 2022 Round Up

The Pat Thurston Show shares an update on the Beijing Olympics.

See for privacy information.

Queering the Law

Alejandra Caraballo

Queering the Law with Alejandra Caraballo is a weekly podcast breaking down everything at the intersection of the law and LGBTQ folks.

The Uncertain Hour


25 years after welfare reform, let’s revisit “the magic bureaucrat”

It’s been 25 years since our country upended its welfare system – and so we’re looking back at our very first episode.
We spent that first season of “The Uncertain Hour” reflecting deeply on what welfare had become. Each of those episodes can still help us understand what’s happened to one of our nation’s oldest safety net programs, on this anniversary of its so-called “reform.”
In this reprise episode, we tell the story of the “Magic Bureaucrat” — the former director of a suburban county welfare office who helped launched the welfare reform movement 25 years ago, with the aid of a self-produced pop album.
Check out the whole first season to learn more — from the story of a woman who exposed the racism built into the welfare system from its early days, to an investigation of some of the very surprising ways states have spent federal welfare funds in the last 25 ye

The DSR Daily Brief

The DSR Network

The DSR Daily Brief is a daily news podcast cover the foreign policy and national security news. Each weekday morning, Grant Haver and Chris Cotnoir will bring you the latest as covered by the best media outlets from around the world. Members of the DSR network get bonus briefings over the weekend. See for privacy and opt-out information.

British Council Language Assistants

British Council

Documenting Your Time

Finola speaks to Georgia and Mabel about their experiences as assistants and how they kept a record of their time. They discuss their favourite memories and the joys of looking back on them. Ceilidhs in classroom and Christmas on the beach, listen in to find out how to keep track of your experiences. 


Send in a voice message:

The Fact Hunter

Delmarva Studios

Revolution Radio February 9th

Our weekly radio broadcast on, studio B.

Government Contracts Podcasts

Crowell & Moring

All Things Protest: A Twist on Price Realism

Crowell & Moring’s “All Things Protest” podcast keeps you up to date on major trends in bid protest litigation, key developments in high-profile cases, and best practices in state and federal procurement. In this episode, hosts Christian Curran and Olivia Lynch discuss a recent decision from GAO regarding the interplay between price reasonableness and price realism.


Materials Discussed in This Episode:


Science Applications Int’l Corp., B-420005 et al., Oct 27, 2021, 2021 CPD ¶ 372

The Citizen's Guide to the Supreme Court

The Citizens Guide to the Supreme Court

Brett and Nazim are two attorneys who hate being attorneys. Each week, they discuss current Supreme Court cases with the intent to make the law more accessible to the average person, while ruminating on what makes the law both frustrating and interesting. This podcast is not legal advice and is for entertainment purposes only. If anything you hear leads you to believe you need legal advice, please contact an attorney immediately

Before, During & After

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

Episode 91: Public Information in Emergency Management

On this episode, we sat down with two State Public Information Officers to discuss the importance of getting lifesaving information to the public during disasters. Greg Robinson, from the Alabama Emergency Management Agency, and Malary White, from the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency, highlight the challenges and successes they have seen during their careers as PIOs in the emergency management field.

A Podcast with Charlie Swenson - To Hell and Back

Charlie Swenson, MD

Acting Opposite to Action Urges to Change Emotions – Episode 83

Babel: Translating the Middle East

Center for Strategic and International Studies

U.S. Power and Influence in the Middle East: Part Six

In seven episodes, the Babel: U.S. Power and Influence in the Middle East podcast miniseries will take a closer look at two decades of heightened U.S. engagement in the region. Over seven weeks, Babel will cover how the United States has used its military, economic, diplomatic, and soft power tools in the Middle East—and how the Middle East has responded.  
In part six, Jon explores how people and governments in the Middle East see the United States, what they want from the United States in the region, and how that’s changing. Jon speaks with Abdulkhaleq Abdulla, an Emirati political scientist; Nabil Fahmy, Cairo’s former ambassador to Washington and later Egypt’s foreign minister; Maha Yahya, director of the Carnegie Middle East Center in Beirut; Alon Pinkas, a former diplomat who worked at the top levels of the Israeli government; and Nasser Hadian, an Iranian political scientist. 

Alon Pinkas, "Isr

Rescue Swimmer Mindset Podcast

Two Former USCG Rescue Swimmers

Shark Stories & Lifeguards (with Ed Vodrazka)

Ed Vodrazka is retired Southern California lifeguard who has spent the past 45 years dedicated to keeping swimmers safe. In today's episode Cody and Ed discuss the vigorous training Southern California Lifeguard candidates are challenged with and cover some of the notable experiences Ed had as an ocean lifeguard. 
Earlier this year Ed released a book titled Stories from Sea Level. In the book he details epic stories of other lifeguards conducting rescues over the years. If you are interested in this book go check it out on Amazon. 
If you would like a signed copy from Ed Vodrazka himself listen up to the last few minutes of the episode to get his Venmo (or search his name). Once you find him on Venmo, send him $20 and include your name and mailing address in the description.

Watch Full Episode on Youtube HERE.
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Training for Rescue Swimmer School



The edge of legalization, Part Two: Ripe for corruption

By making local officials the gatekeepers for million-dollar businesses,
states have unintentionally created a breeding ground for bribery and
favoritism. POLITICO's Mona Zhang reports. This episode is the second in
a two-part series on the unintended consequences of marijuana
legalization laws. (This episode of "POLITICO Dispatch" aired May 4,

Mona  Zhang is POLITICO's states cannabis policy reporter.
Jeremy Siegel is a host for POLITICO Dispatch.
Irene Noguchi is the executive producer of POLITICO audio.
Jenny Ament is the senior producer of POLITICO audio.
Read more: How state marijuana legalization became a boon for corruption

Military Matters

Stars and Stripes

Fast Take - Thinking of joining the fight in Ukraine? Not so fast...

Before you decide to volunteer for the Ukraine Foreign Legion, listen to our conversation with Marine veteran and experienced overseas contractor Tim Lynch about what you need to know before making that commitment. There's more at stake than you might realize... ---This Episode is brought to you by Tekto Gear. TEKTO Gear is giving 15% off the entire purchase. Go to and use discount code, Stripes.

The Cognitive Crucible

Information Professionals Association

#82 John DeRosa and Alex del Castillo on Measuring Effectiveness of Operations in the Information Environment

The Cognitive Crucible is a forum that presents different perspectives and emerging thought leadership related to the information environment. The opinions expressed by guests are their own, and do not necessarily reflect the views of or endorsement by the Information Professionals Association. During this episode, Alex del Castillo of Zignal Labs and John De Rosa discuss applied social science related to measuring effectiveness of operations in the information environment. Our wide-ranging conversation touches upon helping decision-makers visualize the information environment, cloud computing, nurturing an innovation culture, and in-demand near-term future capabilities. John and Alex discuss how measuring IO effectiveness includes several sub-components such as horizonal and vertical contextual understanding of the whole information environment, establishing agnosti

Words Matter

Katie Barlow

Votes Matter: Counting to Nine on Abortion Rights

The Supreme Court is poised to overturn Roe v. Wade — or at least change the abortion-rights landscape dramatically. Katie sits down with Sarah Isgur and David French of The Dispatch to answer the question: Why is this happening?Support this show See for privacy and opt-out information.

Modern American Diplomacy

The Association for Diplomatic Studies and Training (ADST)

Amb. Ron Neumann on Afghanistan, Diplomacy, and the Big Picture

Amb. Ron Neumann, President of the American Academy of Diplomacy and a three-time former ambassador, discusses everything from his time in Vietnam as a soldier to current events in Afghanistan. He gets into details of refugee policy and women's education, as well as reflects on leadership, working in high-threat environments, serving in Iran, finding satisfaction in tough work, and how DC thinkers and diplomats in the field can work together better. 

A Better Peace: The War Room Podcast

A Better Peace: The War Room Podcast


BBC Radio 4

The Court of Putin

In the wake of the greatest crisis to hit Europe since the Second World War, former Moscow correspondent Tim Whewell examines the president, people and processes that led to that momentous decision, and others like it.

Radical advisers, tame oligarchs, intelligence agencies scared to tell Putin the truth and the domestic repercussions of NATO’s political moves - Tim brings together the variety of causes that have led to deep dysfunction and the concentration of power in a single man who risks becoming synonymous with the state itself.

Interviewees include investigative journalists Catherine Belton and Andrei Soldatov, and former NATO Secretary General George Robertson.

Producer: Nathan Gower
Sound: Nigel Appleton
Production Coordinators: Siobhan Reed and Sophie Hill
Editor: Hugh Levinson

Arbiters of Truth

Lawfare & Goat Rodeo

Taylor Lorenz on Taking Internet Culture Seriously

This week on Arbiters of Truth, our series on the online information ecosystem, Evelyn Douek and Quinta Jurecic spoke with a reporter who has carved out a unique beat writing about not just technology but the creativity and peculiarities of the people who use it—Taylor Lorenz, a columnist at the Washington Post covering technology and online culture. Her recent writing includes reporting on “algospeak”—that is, how algorithmic amplification changes how people talk online—and coverage of the viral Twitter account Libs of TikTok, which promotes social media posts of LGBTQ people for right-wing mockery. They talked about the quirks of a culture shaped in conversation with algorithms, the porous border between internet culture and political life in the United States, and what it means to take the influence of social media seriously, for good and for ill. See for privacy and opt-out information.

Next in Foreign Policy

Next in Foreign Policy

Democracy and the BRICS in Africa with Constance Pruitt

This week Grant and Zoe are joined by Constance Pruitt, a Ph.D. Candidate and Instructor in the Political Science department at Howard University.  We discussed the recent coups on the continent amongst other threats to democratic governance as well as how the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa)are getting involved in Africa.
In our final segment, Zoe talks about recommends the TV Show The Gilded Age, Connie talks about the latest adaptation of Jane Austen's Persuasion as well as the bomb threats against HBCUs, and Grant talks about the progressives and organized labor.
If you are under 40 and interested in being featured on the podcast, be sure to fill out this form:
Note: All participants are speaking in their personal capacity.

National Park Service Oral History

National Park Service Oral History

Interested in what it's like to be born in the middle of a Yellowstone winter or raised in the heart of Yosemite Valley? Curious about the inner workings of parks or how people establish careers with the National Park Service? Hear firsthand accounts from former and current National Park Service employees that celebrate the history of our national parks and the role they've played in lives around the world. Thanks to the Association of National Park Rangers Oral History Project for making many of these interviews possible. People's stories are among the most valuable resources that the National Park Service preserves and protects for future generations. Listen to people who have made the Park Service what it is today.

Our Curious Amalgam

American Bar Association

#153 Is Consumer Welfare the Right Policy for Antitrust Enforcement? Unpacking the Debate

Antitrust enforcers, academics, and politicians are embroiled in a debate over whether the consumer welfare standard is the right policy for antitrust enforcement in the U.S. What are they fighting about and why does it matter? In this episode, we talk to Fiona Schaeffer and Ilana Kattan, two prominent antitrust practitioners and leaders in the ABA Antitrust Law Section, about what the consumer welfare standard is, and why it is the subject of intense debate in the US and globally. Listen to this episode to learn how the outcome of that debate will have significant ramifications for business conduct, mergers, and the U.S. economy as a whole. Related Links: Watch the Antitrust Law Section's "hot tub" debate about the consumer welfare standard! Livestream at 12 noon Eastern Standard Time on February 10, 2022, and on demand at the Section's YouTube channel. Hosted by: Alicia Down

FINRA Unscripted


Encore | FINRA Foundation Military Spouse Fellowship Program: Assisting Service Members and Their Families

This episode originally aired in November 2021. For service members, a missed credit card payment might do more than just ding their credit report, it could also jeopardize a hard-fought promotion. And for their spouses, move after move might be more than just a financial or logistical hardship; it might also be the biggest hurdle in their own career growth. These challenges are two sides of the same coin. The FINRA Foundation Military Spouse Fellowship Program is just one program that is aiming to address both sides. On this episode, we sit down with FINRA Military Spouse Fellows Heather Baker, Shay Cook and Andia Dinesen to learn more.How are we doing? Take the FINRA Unscripted survey today. Resources mentioned in this episode:AFCPE FINRA Foundation Military Spouse FellowshipFind an AFCPE Certified ProfessionalYellow Ribbon Network/Coordinated Assistance NetworkMilita

America's Town Hall with Heidi St. John

Heidi St. John

Join Heidi St. John as she answers your questions about local, state, and federal issues facing our country today, what it means to be a citizen, and how you can get off the bench and make a difference. ~ Paid for by Friends of Heidi St. John

Medford Bytes

Danielle Balocca

Medford Bytes is made using the input of the Medford community. In each episode we will focus on local issues, updates in city government and happenings around the city. I will also discuss some of folx favorite spots in Medford to get a drink or a ‘bite’ to eat. I hope you enjoy!

The Military Leader Podcast

The Military Leader

Major General JP McGee - The Present & Future of Army Talent Management

The Army is radically changing its personnel and talent management systems and Major General JP McGee, head of the Army Talent Management Task Force, is in charge of making it happen. From AIM 2.0 and the Battalion Command Assessment brevet promotions and direct commissioning, MG McGee gives an inside look at the major personnel and talent initiatives coming to the US Army.  Stay connected to for the latest on Army Talent Management.



Our mission is to ensure the availability of effective, affordable and reduced harm alternatives to smoking by increasing public awareness and education; to encourage the testing and development of products to achieve acceptable safety standards and reasonable regulation; and to promote the benefits of reduced harm alternatives.

The Convergence - An Army Mad Scientist Podcast

The Army Mad Scientist Initiative

50. Disinformation Threats to the All-Volunteer Force with MAJ Joe Littell and CPT Maggie Smith

MAJ Joe Littell is a U.S. Army officer and researcher assigned to the Army Cyber Institute at the United States Military Academy. He has been an instructor in the Math and History departments, teaching statistics and intelligence history. His research includes computational propaganda, open source intelligence, narrative warfare, de-platforming, and generative media (such as deepfakes). 
CPT Maggie Smith, PhD, is a U.S. Army cyber officer also assigned to the Army Cyber Institute, where she is a scientific researcher, an assistant professor in the Department of Social Sciences, and an affiliated faculty of the Modern War Institute. She is also the director of the Competition in Cyberspace Project. 
In our interview with MAJ Littell and CPT Smith, we discussed the impact of information operations on recruitment, retention, and overa

CommissionED: The Air Force Officer Podcast

Colin Slade & Reed Gann

118 - REBROADCAST: Foundation of character with Col Michael Zuhlsdorf

Col Michael Zuhlsdorf has commanded six different times at the squadron, group, and wing levels of the Air Force. This experience has changed his perspective of character and how commanders should act. This episode features a rebroadcast of episode 019 - Foundation of character.Contact Mike on the global or at provided by Carlos Rivera. Follow on Instagram: inquiries to: carlos.a.rivera15@gmail.comAudio production by Stephan Sanchez.Send inquiries to: steve@transductionpost.comEmail your questions and comments to Join the discussion about the podcast, the Air Force, officership, and the Profession of Arms at

Passing Judgment

Jessica Levinson

Is the constitution in crisis? This podcast is for people who are curious about politics and the law and how the biggest political and legal issues of the moment affect you. Pull up a chair and join host Jessica Levinson, a professor at LMU’s Loyola Law School, and a rotating cast of experts. Jessica will be joined by journalists, politicians, political scientists, lawyers, and many others. Listen to Jessica and her guests for a wry, and sometimes irreverent take on the most pressing issues of our time. What are the laws of our democracy? How are they changing? And what does that mean for your daily life?

Power Problems

Cato Institute

National Security and the Image of Public Harmony

The image of public harmony between elected officials and an entrenched national security bureaucracy collapsed in the Trump years, according to Tufts University professor Michael Glennon. Glennon discusses the massive transfer of power from the Madisonian institutions of government to a behemoth national security bureaucracy, the problems this poses for policymaking, and how our politics have become a fight over prevailing "myth systems."  Show NotesMichael Glennon bioMichael J. Glennon, “Populism, Elites, and National Security,” Humanitas 31, nos. 1 and 2 (2018): pp. 35-45. Michael J. Glennon, National Security and Double Government (Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press, 2014).Michael J. Glennon, Gene Healy, Jeremy Shapiro, and Justin Logan, “National Security and Double Government,” Cato Event, November 21, 2014. See for privacy and opt-out information.

Bound By Oath by IJ

Institute for Justice

Prosecutors, Perjurers, and Other Non-Persons — Part 2 | Season 2, Ep. 10

In 1983, in the case of Briscoe v. LaHue, the Supreme Court ruled that government employees who commit perjury at trial are absolutely immune from […]
The post Prosecutors, Perjurers, and Other Non-Persons — Part 2 | Season 2, Ep. 10 appeared first on Institute for Justice.

Eagles, Globes, and Anchors

U.S. Marine Corps Training and Education Command

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

China Uncovered

The Heritage Foundation

Sneak Peek into The Heritage Foundation's China in Africa Database featuring Joshua Meservey

Olivia Enos interviews Joshua Meservey on The Heritage Foundation's upcoming China in Africa database. Josh is a Senior Policy Analyst at Heritage and is an expert on Africa policy. Josh and Justin Rhee manage the China in Africa database. The database will be publicly available by the end of 2022. Click here to read Josh's report on government buildings in Africa likely being vectors for Chinese spying.Check out The Heritage Foundation's annual China Transparency Report, highlighting the work of experts all across the world who are dedicated to helping us better understand the aims and activities of the CCP, as well as the China Transparency Project website. See for privacy and opt-out information.

Military Law & Life Matters

Ferah Ozbek

Arm yourself with knowledge, know your rights, and avoid becoming a victim of injustice. The Military Law &Life Matters Podcast empowers you to take charge of military law issues such as how to upgrade your discharge, what to do when facing an Officer Grade Determination to other legal issues we may face at various stages of our life. In addition to legal topics, the podcast will also cover Life Matters--Life Lessons I've learned along the way. This podcast is for our Heroes: Active Duty, Reserve, Guard, Veterans, Retirees and Family Members,

Scholars Strategy Network's No Jargon

The Scholars Strategy Network

No Jargon, the Scholars Strategy Network’s monthly podcast, presents interviews with top university scholars on the politics, policy problems, and social issues facing the nation. Powerful research, intriguing perspectives -- and no jargon. Find show notes and plain-language research briefs on hundreds of topics at New episodes released once a month.

Broken Ground

Southern Environmental Law Center

Brenda Mallory: Federal Action on Environmental Justice

Brenda Mallory, former Director of Regulatory Policy at SELC, sat down with us in December 2020 before joining the Biden administration as Chair of the White House Council on Environmental Quality and reflected on how the federal government can engage a broad coalition to embed environmental justice principles across the country. Support the show (

Air Force Handbook 1

Airman Advancement Division

Air Force Handbook 1 (v2019), Airman

CH25 Professionalism, Section 25D

Policing Matters

Salah Czapary on strategies to solve D.C.’s violent crime crisis

Since the D.C. Council voted in 2020 to cut the police budget by $15 million, there has been a 28% increase in violent crime, a 55% increase in robberies, an 18% increase in carjackings and, as of 2021, the highest number of homicides in nearly two decades. On April 15, 2022, Salah Czapary published an op-ed in The Washington Post titled "No one asked for fewer DC police doing more work." Salah is a Democrat, a candidate for his party's nomination for D.C. Council Ward 1, a former D.C. police officer and special assistant to the Chief of Police.
In this episode of Policing Matters, host Jim Dudley speaks with Salah about the challenges facing the Metropolitan Police Department and real-world initiatives that would improve community safety. To learn more about Salah, visit
This episode of the Policing Matters Podcast is brought to you by Lexipol, the experts in policy,

OSI Today

Office of Special Investigations

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]


FDNY Foundation

S07, E76 Fostering Leadership in EMS with Deputy Chief Natalia Polunin

With 20 years in the Department, Deputy Chief Natalia Polunin rose through the ranks and was most notably the first woman to command FDNY's specialized HazTac unit. Chief Polunin discusses her career, how she continually opts for new challenges and fosters growth in FDNY's newest EMS members.

Space Strategy

Space Pod

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

Energy Policy Now

Kleinman Center for Energy Policy

Energy And The War In Ukraine

An expert in energy geopolitics discusses the war in Ukraine and its implications for European energy security and decarbonization. The episode was recorded in front of a live audience.


Anna Mikulska, lecturer in Russian and East European Studies at the University of Pennsylvania and an expert in European energy geopolitics, discusses the history of escalating energy tensions between Russia, Ukraine and the EU prior to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on February 24. In the episode, which was recorded in front of a live audience at UPenn’s Kleinman Center for Energy Policy, Mikulska explores the EU’s dependency on Russian natural gas and options for alternative sources of energy supply including LNG. She also considers the prospects for an extended period of high energy prices going forward, and how the war may alter Europe’s path toward its aggressive decarbonization targets for the end of this decade.

Anna Miku

They Had to Go Out

They Had to Go Out

Episode 90 - Sandra Stosz - Vice Admiral (Ret.) - Icebreaking - Cutter CO

Vice Admiral Sandra Stosz (Ret.) talks twelve years at sea aboard six different cutters ranging from red to white to black hulls, icebreaking as a newly minted ensign, command of a cutter defending the approaches to New York after 9/11, running high seas search and rescue aboard polar icebreakers, leading the service’s recruit training center and its academy, serving at the highest levels of leadership as the aid to the Secretary of Transportation, and her new book “Breaking Ice and Breaking Glass: Leading in Uncharted Waters”. Learn more at #uscg #coastguard #icebreaking #admiral #military #seaservice #veteran


Support this podcast:

Side Alpha

FireRescue1‘s Side Alpha

’Fireman’ vs. ’firefighter’: What’s in a name – a fire service association name, that is

In this episode of the Side Alpha Podcast, Chief Marc Bashoor unpacks the issue of what we call ourselves, specifically related to the use of the word "firemen" vs. "firefighter" in the names of fire service associations and organizations. 

This episode of the Side Alpha Podcast is brought to you by Lexipol, the experts in policy, training, wellness support and grants assistance for first responders and government leaders. To learn more, visit

Government Accountability Office (GAO) Podcast: Watchdog Report

Government Accountability Office

Featuring interviews with GAO officials on significant issues and new reports, the Watchdog Report is recorded, hosted, and produced by GAO staff.

The 1796 Podcast

Tennessee National Guard Public Affairs Office

Podcast Pilot for the Tennessee National Guard

The Heartland POD

Mid Map Media LLC

American politics from a Heartland perspective. Focusing on facts and fundamental fairness, but not afraid to embrace the funny where it exists. Dedicated to the quiet heroes of America's Heartland who are making a difference every day. Monday: The Heartland POD with host Adam Sommer with guest interviews, & Talkin' Politics with Rachel Parker & Sean Diller on the panel.  Wednesday: The Delta with science teacher Nicholas Linke breaking down scientific issues of the day, bonus pods, & more. Friday: The Flyover View for news & views from the Heartland with Kevin Smith & Sean Diller.  (All opinions shared are those of the speaker, and are not necessarily the adopted organizational views of Mid Map Media, LLC.)

The CopDoc Podcast: Aiming for Excellence in Leadership

Dr. Steve Morreale - Host - TheCopDoc Podcast

Visit our website: The CopDoc Podcast delves into police leadership and innovation. The focus is on aiming for excellence in the delivery of police services across the globe. Dr. Steve Morreale is a retired law enforcement practitioner turned academic and scholar from Worcester State University. Steve shares ideas talks with thought leaders in policing, academia, community leaders, and other related government agencies. Interviews with thought leaders drive the discussion to improve police services and community relationships.

Platform One (P1) Pod

Air Force Life Cycle Management Center

A place to openly discuss the challenges of performing DevSecOps in the Department of Defense.

Guardian Mindset Podcast

Guardian Mindset Podcast

Guardian Mindset - Daigle Law Group

Direct Current - An Podcast

From the Crows' Nest

Association of Old Crows

This podcast features interviews, analysis, and discussions covering leading issues of the day related to electromagnetic spectrum operations (EMSO). Topics include current events and news worldwide, US Congress and the annual defense budget, and military news from the US and allied countries. We also bring you closer to Association of Old Crow events and provide a forum to dive deeper into policy issues impacting our community.

The Joyful Warrior Podcast


Join us as we talk about the issues that are affecting you and your family in America today.

To The Point - Cybersecurity

Forcepoint | Global Cybersecurity Leader | Protecting the Human Point

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

Patriot Lessons: American History and Civics

Michael Warren

Congress - Two Houses & the House of Representatives - Part 1 (The Constitution Article 1, Section 1-2)

Learn how Article I of the Constitution vests legislative authority in the Congress. Review how the Constitution creates two Houses - the House of Representatives and the Senate. Explore the vigorous debate over the composition of the House of Representatives - that is that it would represent the People and be elected by the People as opposed to the States.
Check out, Judge Warren's book at, and the Save our Republic! video series on Patriot Week's YouTube Channel.
Support this podcast at:


Support this podcast:

The Government Contracts Legal Round-Up

Jenner & Block

Government Contracts Legal Round Up is a podcast focusing on important developments facing government contractors and grant recipients. Hosts David Robbins and Marc Van Allen discuss key developments in this ever-changing field in an easy-to-absorb style. Often joined by colleagues and guests, programs focus on the most relevant executive orders, regulations, proposed and final rules that affect the FAR and relevant agency FAR supplements, decisions from GAO, the boards and courts.

GovLove - A Podcast About Local Government

Engaging Local Government Leaders (ELGL)

#516 Mayors & Local Political Violence with Heidi Gerbracht & Sue Thomas

An assault on local democracy. Two guests joined the podcast to talk about a new report on political violence toward mayors. Heidi Gerbracht is the Founder of the Equity Agenda and Sue Thomas is a Senior Research Scientist at the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation. The report founds that political violence against mayors is common and more prevalent for women mayors and mayors of color. Host: Kirsten Wyatt

Dukes of Hazards: The Emergency Management Podcast

Mitch Stripling & Andrew McMahan

An irreverent but useful podcast about disaster response, emergency management, mobilization culture, community resilience, and life in emergency operations.

Backyard Almanac


Phenology with Northern Minnesota naturalist Larry Weber every Friday morning at 8:20 on Northland Morning on The North 103.3 in Duluth, MN. Have a question for Larry Weber? Email us and you might hear his answer on the show!

The Healthcare Policy Podcast ® Produced by David Introcaso

David Introcaso

Sherill Mason Discusses Proposed Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) Policy Reforms (May 4th)

Listen Now There are currently approximately 15,500 Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs) in the US providing care to approximately 1.5 million...

Behind the Springs

City of Colorado Springs

Episode 81: Changing our 911 response

When residents call 911, they shouldn’t always expect a fire truck and ambulance to show up with sirens blaring - and that’s a good thing. Hear from the Colorado Springs Fire Department’s Deputy Chief about new community medical response units that are going to less emergent calls in order to get the patients the right care. These latest changes impact our entire community! 

724 STG: Insight Thru Experience Podcast


This podcast taps into the experience of both the tactical operators and human optimization experts from the Air Force's most elite Special Tactics Organization. Tune in to discover what it takes to join and thrive inside an elite organization.

Today in Parliament

BBC Radio 4


News, views and features on today's stories in Parliament

Lawfare No Bull


The Senate Judiciary Committee on the Threat of Domestic Terrorism

On Tuesday, January 11th, the Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing on the threat of domestic terrorism facing our nation, one year after the attack on the U.S. Capitol. The hearing included testimonies from Matthew Olsen, Assistant Attorney General in the National Security Division of the Department of Justice and Jill Sanborn, Executive Assistant Director of the National Security Branch of the FBI. See for privacy and opt-out information.

Opportunity With Tim Scott

Senator Tim Scott

This is a podcast aimed at inspiring and empowering the everyday American. Senator Tim Scott will speak with a variety of heavy hitters from all walks of life. Nothing will be off-limits; all views are welcomed. Let’s explore the opportunities.

Real America with Ronna McDaniel

Republican National Committee

Season 2, Episode 3: Rep. Byron Donalds

RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel sits down with Florida Congressman Byron Donalds in a new special edition Black History Month episode of Real America. The two discuss everything from vaccine mandates and school choice to the dangers of critical race theory and his experience as a Black conservative man in America.

One CA

Civil Affairs Association

Podcast about U.S. military Civil Affairs, European CIMIC, current events, and the work of partners around the globe. Sponsored by the Civil Affairs Association.

Draper City Talk

Draper City

Behind-the-scenes insight into local government services and processes, as well as experiences of community members.

Covert Contact

John W. Little

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

The Great Antidote

Juliette Sellgren

Adam Smith said, "Science is the great antidote to the poison of enthusiasm and superstition." So join us for interviews with the leading experts on today's biggest issues to learn more about economics, policy, and much more.

The Current of Emergency Management

Cody Powell and Dr. Maribel Martinez-Mejia

The Current of Emergency Management is co-hosted by two fulltime Emergency Management Coordinators who are not only colleagues but good friends. Their hope is to talk about issues facing Emergency Managers today and discuss real world solutions, best practices, and creative ways they have been able to solve problems.

State Bar of Texas Podcast

Legal Talk Network

The State Bar of Texas Podcast is a monthly show featuring news and discussions relevant to the legal profession, from the latest industry trends and caselaw to practice tips and State Bar programs. Host Rocky Dhir, attorney and CEO of Dallas-based Atlas Legal Research, invites thought leaders and innovators to share their insight and knowledge on what matters to practitioners.

Inside Oversight


Inside Oversight is an official podcast of the Department of Veteran Affairs, Office of Inspector General. Each episode examines in detail some of our more nuanced oversight reporting. To understand the complexities of the topics, we talk with the report authors to gain insight into how the team conducted its work, what it found, and the impact on veterans and the public. Visit the VA OIG website for recently published reports.

The ASES Podcast


ASES Podcast - Episode 49 - Beach Chair Vs. Lateral

In this episode of the American Shoulder and Elbow Surgeons Podcast, hosts Dr. Rachel Frank and Dr. Peter Chalmers conduct a roundtable debate between Drs. Ivan Wong and Brett Owens comparing the beach chair and lateral decubitus positions for shoulder surgery.

بین سطور

BBC Persian Radio

"بین سطور" به تشریح زوایای ناگفته تحولات و وقایع مهم ایران می پردازد. هدف از این بررسی، درستی‌سنجی روایت‌های کلیدی با توجه به مستندات گذشته و حال، یا شفاف سازی ابهاماتی مشخص است.

The Army Talent Management Podcast

U.S. Army Talent Management

The Army is revolutionizing the way it manages talent in the 21st Century. Experts from the Army’s Talent Management Task Force sound off on what Talent Management has in store for Soldiers and Civilians in the U.S. Army.

Federal Drive with Tom Temin

Federal News Network | Hubbard Radio

Agencies can't get enough data as they try to improve customer experience

The Biden administration's push for improved customer experience couldn't come at a better time. More people than ever are trying to access federal agencies. Yet satisfaction with the experience is at an all time low. Data provider TransUnion has some statistics that can help agencies craft better customer experiences. To find out more, Federal Drive host Tom Temin talked with TransUnion's director of research and consulting, Greg Schlichter.


Mics | مايكس

38- إداراة مكاتب المحاماة

إيهاب القاري

مؤسس شركة رونق الحكمة للاستشارات الإدارية العليا، تتمثل رؤيته بإحضار خدمات استشارية محترفة للخليج وللمملكة العربية السعودية تحديداً، ارتبط اسمه بالتميز الإداري حيث أنه يمتلك سجلاً في إعادة هيكلة المنظمات، إجراء جلسات إستراتيجية وتنظيم شركات سعودية رائدة.

See for privacy information.

The Deduction

Tax Foundation

States on the Move: Cutting Across Party Lines

After a whirlwind of cuts and reforms in 2021, it looks like 2022 might be an even bigger year for state tax codes. Republican and Democratic governors alike used their annual State of the State addresses to call for tax reform, and there is already serious momentum from state lawmakers nationwide to get the job done.Jared Walczak, Vice President of State Projects, joins host Jesse Solis to discuss why exactly states are looking to make so many tax changes now and how these proposals might play out in statehouses.Support the show (


Utah Division of Wildlife Resources

Ep. 28: Shooting ranges

In this episode, DWR Hunter Education Program Manager Ralynne Takeda and DWR Wildlife Recreation Coordinator Gary Cook go in-depth about the two public shooting ranges that the Division manages: the Lee Kay Public Shooting Range in Salt Lake City and the Cache Valley Public Shooting Range in Logan. They talk about the amenities at each facility, some unique things that people may not know about the ranges and some of their favorite memories there.

Government Information Security Podcast

Exclusive, insightful audio interviews by our staff with government/security leading practitioners and thought-leaders

Resistbot Live


Resistbot Live discusses issues faced by everyday Americans that you do not hear from on the network news shows. We aim to elevate voices without a large platform, focusing on their stories and not the political theater. The podcast is the audio feed from the live show that streams Sundays at 1 pm Eastern on YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, and Twitter. We respond to your questions and comments live, so please join us if you like the show! Resistbot Live is brought to you by the same volunteers behind the Resistbot ( chatbot that's driven over 30 million pieces of correspondence to elected officials since 2017. If you haven't given it a try, pull out your phone and text the word "resist" to the number 50409 to get started. You can text officials from your Mayor to the President, check your voter registration, start your own campaigns, and much more!

Words On Water

Words On Water

Words On Water #209: Mike Martin and Zonetta English on Current Issues in Utility Management

February 3, 2022 Mike Martin is Technical Services Director at the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District and Chair of WEF’s Utility … More

RAND Congressional Briefing Series

RAND Corporation

Built to Last: Planning and Funding Resilient Infrastructure

Debra Knopman and Sarah Weilant provide an overview of a December 6th congressional briefing on how federal transportation projects can incorporate resilience into infrastructure planning.

In The Dark (Bigfoot, Dogmen, Aliens, All Things Supernatural)

Tracie Bush

Roger Morneau. From Devil Worship To Salvation. Important Listen!

Fantastic journey of a man who went from Satan Worship indoctrination to salvation and protection from the Lord. His advice and many incredible accounts is a must to hear. This man was truly chosen by God to spread the truth. Long episode but so worth it!


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Building the Future: Freedom, Prosperity, and Foreign Policy with Dan Runde

CSIS | Center for Strategic and International Studies

Africa’s Response to Covid-19: The Acceleration of its Digital Revolution

Dan is out this week. But Mvemba Phezo Dizolele, Director and Senior Fellow for CSIS Africa, guest hosts to discusses the digital revolution in Africa with Togo’s Minister of Digital Economy and Transformation, Cina Lawson, and Better Than Cash Alliance’s Lead of Africa Policy and Partnerships, Nshuti Mbabazi. Cina shares the innovative digital strategies Togo employed to alleviate the poverty exacerbated by Covid-19, including how they used AI and partnered with UC Berkeley and Innovations for Poverty Action. Meanwhile, Nshuti stresses the importance of financial inclusion, public-private partnerships, and the hopeful prospects of Africa’s further digital innovation in upcoming years.

Political Thinking with Nick Robinson

BBC Radio 4

The Jacob Rees-Mogg Leadership Crisis One

Nick Robinson talks to Commons Leader Jacob Rees-Mogg about the Prime Minister's survival, cake, dead cats and banned words

The Source

David Martin Davies

The Source is a daily, one-hour call-in talk program that gives listeners in San Antonio the opportunity to call and connect with our in-studio guests and city-wide audience.The Source seeks to give life, context and breadth to the events and issues affecting San Antonio by bringing newsmakers and experts to the public, and highlighting the people being affected by the news of the day.Hosted by veteran journalist David Martin Davies, and produced by Kim Johnson and Dallas Williams. Production assistance is provided by Jackie Velez.Tune in to The Source for insightful discussion and analysis on topics that matter to residents of the Alamo City.Contribute to the conversation:Call or text during the live show at 833-877-8255.Leave a voicemail at 210 615-8982 anytime. Submissions may be played on-air.Tweet questions to @tprsource.Email comments to

"I'm Glad You Said That" - Jim Minnery Talks Faith & Politics

Jim Minnery - Family Matters

"I'm Glad You Said That" is a weekly podcast/radio show featuring Jim Minnery, President of Alaska Family Council/Action. During these episodes, we'll talk about the things you're not supposed to talk about in polite company - religion and politics. We dive into both as they intersect issues like religious liberty, the sanctity of life, Biblical marriage and parental rights. Each show, Minnery interviews influencers across Alaska and across the nation to get listeners thinking on how to be salt and light in the public marketplace of ideas.

The Truthzilla Podcast

The Truthzilla Trio

Truthzilla #120 - Rhymewave - Never Feeling More Alive

In this episode, we talked to Portland-based Hip Hop artist Rhymewave. He is making waves in the newly emerging underground music scene with his powerful tracks, communicating a message of hope and truth. **He is also compiling an online index of liberty-minded venues around the world. Please submit your local establishments that value mask/mandate free services at [Blacklist.Network].
Find and support Rhymewave here:

How to Follow and Support the Truthzilla Podcast:

How to Follow and Support the Truthzilla Podcast:



Water In Real Life

The H2duO

Award-winning communication professionals, Arianne Shipley and Stephanie Corso, aka The H2duO, chat with thought-leaders from both inside and outside of the water industry to serve as a resource for both personal and professional growth. Water in Real Life was created for water professionals who believe that if you desire to build the right relationships with your community, and thereby overcome many of the challenges you face, then your ability to connect with them through storytelling is essential.

Country First Conversations

Adam Kinzinger

False Prophets & Politics: A chat with theologian Dr. Russell Moore

Congressman Adam Kinzinger sits down with theologian and preacher Dr. Russell Moore to discuss the impact of false idols on religion and politics.

Perspectives on City Management

Texas City Management Association (TCMA)

The Texas City Management Association (TCMA) presents Perspectives on City Management, a podcast about the people who work hard every day to keep Texas cities running smoothly. In each episode we sit down with city managers and other municipal public servants to discuss the business of local government, and the professionals who make it work. Show topics include Diversity, Equity and Inclusion; City Management; Economic Development; Quality of Life; Next Generation of Leaders; and TCMA initiatives that benefit local leaders. Perspectives on Local Government is brought to you TCMA. The show is hosted, recorded, and produced by TCMA Social Media Coordinator Stacey Ford Osborne.

Intersections in Public Service

Weldon Cooper Center

Produced by the Weldon Cooper Center Media Team, this podcast takes a look at the most pressing issues facing our community, how public servants of all kinds are trying to address them, and what you can do to help.


Tommy Tomlinson

Del McCoury keeps making that high lonesome sound, even into his 80s

This week on the SouthBound podcast, host Tommy Tomlinson talks to Del McCoury, the legendary bluegrass singer who is still going strong at age 83. We talk about his new album and his beginnings in rough-and-tumble clubs.

Official Prime Minister's Questions (PMQs) Podcast

UK Parliament

Prime Minister's Questions - 27 April 2022

The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson MP, took questions from MPs in the House of Commons on 27 April 2022.

Want to find out more about what's happening in the House of Commons this week? Follow @HouseofCommons on Twitter, and @UKHouseofCommons on Facebook and Instagram for more.

Federal Newscast

Federal News Network | Hubbard Radio

Defense Secretary Austin looks to Mike Bloomberg for advice on innovation

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin turns to Billionaire Mike Bloomberg for advice on innovation at the Department of Defense. Lawmakers on Capitol Hill express concern over the mental health of American federal workers employed overseas. And is looking for a new director. Maybe it's you.

Lassen Audio Tours

Lassen Volcanic National Park

Podcast with audio tours of Lassen Volcanic National Park

Simple Civics: Greenville County

Simple Civics: Greenville County by GPP & NPA

Get to know: Kelly Byers and Will Ragland

Kelly Byers and Will Ragland are nonprofit professionals who felt a calling to run for office back in 2014. Kelly is the Director of Annual Giving for the Peace Center and a member of Travelers Rest City Council. Will Ragland is Founder and Executive Director of Mill Town Players and the Mayor of Pelzer. In this extended episode, they interview each other on why they ran for office, what they've learned, and why they believe it's important for residents to be involved. _ Produced by The Greenville Podcast Company.

Compliance Café | BenefitMall


Welcome to BenefitMall's Compliance Café, where we serve up a hot cup of regulatory and legislative happenings to brokers and their clients. BenefitMall provides next generation broker services by leveraging digital technology backed by human expertise.

ICC Pulse Podcast

International Code Council: Non-profit, building codes

The ICC Pulse Podcast is a monthly podcast that offers listeners the inside scoop on the International Code Council and the building safety industry. Episodes of the ICC Pulse Podcast will feature interviews with leading industry experts where we will discuss a wide range of topics including current events and new technologies.

Government Contracts Coffee Break

Reed Smith

Our podcast series highlights developments that really matter to government contractors and procurement professionals. Rather than discuss complex legal nuances, we aim to provide practical insight and tips about emerging topics that are of interest to businesses and others in the contracting industry.

The Smart Nonprofit Master Class

Most Nonprofits Struggle With Growth. We Guide You Through a Proven Framework That Increases Donors, Members, and Volunteers. Have you ever asked yourself •How in the world do I get more donors? •How can I find a marketing company who will understand our mission? •What if I run out of money and resources? •How do we leverage marketing to accomplish our mission? •How do I make my nonprofit effort truly significant? You’re in the right place! Every nonprofit wants to impact the world in their own way. But, the lack of money, resources, and people makes it almost impossible for many nonprofits to succeed. We have worked with over 60,000 nonprofits over the past 20 years, and we understand how frightening it can be to think about your critical, world-changing mission never getting off the ground or growing. We have a proven framework that will help you accomplish your mission, get funding, and attract donors, members, and volunteers so you never have to close your nonprofit. You're in the right place.

Smart Women, Smart Power

CSIS | Center for Strategic and International Studies

China’s Recent Headlines

China continues to make headlines, from the start of the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, China-Russia relations, and the humanitarian crisis in the Xinjiang region to the future of Taiwan. Suzanne Spaulding spoke with Dr. Bonny Lin, senior fellow for Asian security and director of the China Power Project at CSIS, where they discussed these headlines in more depth.

Nonprofit Optimist

Molly MacCready - Nonprofit Founder, Executive Director, Podcast Host, Non-

NPO 047: Redefining How We Measure Success (Joan Garry, Nonprofit Leadership Lab)

Today's guest is Joan Garry, author of Guide to Nonprofit Leadership and host of the Nonprofits are Messy podcast. Molly MacCready (host of the Nonprofit Optimist podcast) and Joan discuss the importance of knowing what activities fuel you, how to define success and impact beyond the typical metrics, and some ways to learn and grow as a nonprofit following this unexpected pandemic time. Joan shares from her experiences of working with small nonprofit leaders within the Nonprofit Leadership Lab, along with her own years as a nonprofit leader, board member, and donor.  See our website for more show notes:

Texas Matters

David Martin Davies

Texas Matters: The secret voter purge, the primary problem and the most violent jail in Texas

Voting rights groups want answers about the secret Texas voter purge, so they are suing. Is the primary problem in Texas the Republican primary? How a tiny minority of voters has control over who governs Texas. And what is the most violent jail in Texas?

Church Alive

Church Alive

Reaching, Teaching, and Empowering people to impact their generation for Christ

Chasing Justice

Chesa Boudin and Rachel Marshall

"Ear Hustling" for Justice with Earlonne Woods & John "Yahya" Johnson

Earlonne Woods and Yahya Johnson of Ear Hustle, the acclaimed podcast, join DA Boudin and Rachel for the powerful and deeply personal Season 2 finale. The episode focuses on how the criminal legal system treats people who are incarcerated—and how it needs to improve. Earlonne and Yahya share their personal accounts of their time in prison; explain the system and laws that sent them there; and describe their experiences with their prosecutors and defense attorneys. The discussion also explores the harms caused by laws like Three Strikes and the many harms caused by mass incarceration-- even after a prison sentence has ended. And, of course, the group identifies how the legal system can change the way it treats people who are incarcerated--and the role of prosecutors in effecting that change.   For further reading: Check out Ear Hustle podcast's website Repeal California Three Strik

The Impossible State

CSIS | Center for Strategic and International Studies

The North Korean Missile Threat: Expert Roundtable

This bonus episode is from our second Tipping Points event, The North Korean Missile Threat: Expert Roundtable. Dr. Victor Cha hosted an expert roundtable on North Korea's latest missile developments, including the current state of their ballistic missile force, and how they may have advanced their technologies so quickly. He was joined by Joe Bermudez of CSIS, Markus Garlauskas of the Atlantic Council, Ankit Panda of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and Sue Mi Terry of the Wilson Center.

NCSEA On Location


Interviews and discussions with Human Services professionals and other stakeholders. Recorded on location and meetings and events around the world. All the music contained in the podcast is used by permission and is written and performed by Joe Mamlin.

Vets First Podcast

Department of Veterans Affairs

The Vets First podcast is a research-based podcast that focuses on the VA healthcare system and its patients. Instead of being just another research podcast, the Vets First podcast was created with a primary focus on the Veterans and their stories. The hosts, Levi Sowers PhD, and Brandon Rea work to bridge the gap between the state-of-the-art research being performed at Veterans Affairs and the Veterans themselves in an easy-to-understand manner. Importantly, Levi and Brandon want to assist researchers around the country to better understand the needs of Veterans. In this podcast you will hear interviews from Veterans with specific conditions and then hear from VA funded researchers who are studying those very topics as well as other highlighted services the VA provides. The Department of Veterans Affairs does not endorse or officially sanction any entities that may be discussed in this podcast, nor any media, products or services they may provide.

High Turnout Wide Margins

High Turnout Wide Margins

Co-hosts Brianna Lennon, county clerk in Boone County, Missouri and Eric Fey, director of elections in St. Louis County, Missouri, talk to subject-matter elections experts and local election administrators to ask the questions that are most meaningful to their work and talk with colleagues about how to best approach issues like voter education, cybersecurity, and integrity.

Compass Points

Jessie Mayshark and Scott Barker

Compass Points Podcast provides news, insights and analysis of Knoxville and Knox County government, politics and business. Content is updated every Sunday.

Westminster Hour

BBC Radio 4

Westminster Hour 13 March 2022

Carolyn Quinn and guests discuss the Ukraine crisis.

Let's Talk Cuyahoga

Cuyahoga County

Let’s Talk Cuyahoga is a podcast that takes a deeper dive into County initiatives and the people who work to make it all happen.

Get to Know TRICARE

Military Health System

Get to Know TRICARE: Understanding the TRICARE For Life Claims Process

Filing a claim through TRICARE For Life? It’s important to know when you need to file them and which common mistakes to avoid.

Guest: Samantha Drafall, Operational Analyst, Wisconsin Physicians Service – Military and Veterans Health

NCUSCR Interviews

National Committee on U.S.-China Relations

Americans' Negative Views on China: Latest Pew Survey Results | Laura Silver

According to a Pew Research Center report released in April, Americans view China's partnership with Russia as a serious problem for the United States, amid concerns over China's growing superpower status and economic might. More than 60 percent of American adults believe the Russia-China relationship is a very serious problem, more people than say the same about other critical issues, including China's involvement in American politics, its human rights policies, and tensions between China and Taiwan. Pew Research Center senior researcher Laura Silver discussed the survey findings in an interview conducted on May 10, 2022.

Take 2

KUTV 2News

2News Heidi Hatch hosts an array of special guests as they talk about the issues most important to Utahns.

The ProGov Podcast


ProGov21 is excited to announce the launch of our ProGov Podcast- a resource used to discuss progressive local policies with organizations across the United States. In this podcast, we discuss various policy topics, including transportation, housing, finance, the environment, voting, and many others. Join us to learn more about progressive policy initiatives and the changemakers behind them.

U.S. Supreme Court Opinion Announcements


18-422 - Rucho v. Common Cause - Opinion Announcement - June 27, 2019

A case in which the Court held that partisan gerrymandering claims present political questions beyond the reach of the federal courts.

WPR Reports

Wisconsin Public Radio

Mapped Out Ep. 7:Least Changes

The new redistricting maps proposed by Republican leaders in the state Legislature are based on the old maps approved in 2011. And while it may have been obscured by the partisan bickering that greeted the proposal, an important question emerges: Can the map that helped Republicans cement their majorities for the past decade be reused for the next 10 years?

35 West

Center for Strategic and International Studies

El Futuro del Chavismo en Venezuela / The Future of Chavismo in Venezuela

En este episodio especial en español Ryan C. Berg se sienta a conversar con Indira Urbaneja, analista política y la CEO de Reunificados, una organización venezolana sin fines de lucro que apoyo democracia, inclusión, y derechos humanos.

Ellos conversaron sobre las facciones más importantes dentro del chavismo y el surgimiento de un grupo dentro del partido que desea revitalizar el chavismo con campañas y elecciones legítimas. Aunque Maduro se ha consolidado en el poder, el PSUV no es un monolito, y hay fuerzas dentro del partido de gobierno que pueden crear situaciones imprevisibles y difíciles de controlar para el régimen. Además la conversación se centró de la oposición, y de los retos y los posibilidades que se presentan para las elecciones de 2024.

The Future of Chavismo in Venezuela

In this special Spanish-Language episode, Ryan C. Berg sits down with Indira Urbane

Know Your Rights

Maricopa County Library District & Office of the Public Defender

Join the Maricopa County Library District and the Public Defender’s Office as we talk to community experts as well as attorneys on best practices, tips and tricks, and basic questions on basic rights. Our librarians will also chip in, giving you the best free library resources to continue your quest for knowledge.

Raven 23: Presumption of Guilt

Think Again

Closing Argument

The men of Raven 23 resist mounting prosecutorial pressure to plead guilty, and must finally face trial -- a legal odyssey that dragged for seven more years and encompassed three trials. In this episode, Gina chronicles the repeated violations of the men’s civil rights at the hands of prosecutors who are aided by a complicit judge.Support the show (

Your Turn with Mike Causey

Federal News Network | Hubbard Radio

Don’t turn your home into Bleak House!

If you belong to a book club, whether Oprah’s or one in the neighborhood, chances are “Bleak House,” by Charles Dickens, will never be on your reading list. Ever. As in never!

For one thing, “Bleak House” is really old. Written in the 1850s. For another there is lots of legal stuff. It takes readers through a horrified version of settling an estate through probate. Some experts (people who have actually read Dickens rather than just seen him on PBS) believe it was inspired by a contested will case of that time period. The case, Thellusson v. Woodford, lasted from 1797 to 1859. That’s longer than most people lasted in those days. To be fair, most probate actions don’t take 50-plus years. But if one is triggered by your death, your family might have to wait six months to two years before your estate is settled. Unless you leave an estate plan which clearly spells out your wishes. It’s a grim subject, but one most of us should

Young Farmers Podcast

National Young Farmers Coalition

Getting on the Land with the Hoosier Young Farmers Coalition

Today we're coming to you with a special episode from our Hoosier Young Farmers Chapter. The Hoosier chapter just released their own podcast series which shares the voices of farmers from across the state, farmers you might not think of when you picture the farmers of Indiana. This episode features stories about the challenge of acquiring affordable, quality land for farming, and some of the creative ways these farmers have managed to get on the land. You can listen to the rest of the Hoosier Young Farmer Podcast at access is the number 1 challenge young farmers across the country report in growing food for their communities and starting farm businesses. To address this barrier, Young Farmers just launched the One Million Acres for the Future Campaign. We are calling on Congress to invest $2.5 billion in the 2023 Farm Bill to facilitate equitable access to one million acres of land for t

The Public Philosopher

BBC Radio 4

Will AI make thinking obsolete?

Would you choose an algorithm rather than a human to mark your exam papers? Would you welcome a translation app that replaced foreign language learning? Would you trust a marriage prediction app to choose your life partner? Professor Michael Sandel of Harvard University - Radio 4's 'Public Philosopher' - puts these and other questions to an audience of students at the London School of Economics and Political Science. He generates a debate on the relationship between artificial intelligence and human decision-making, asking how far faith in technology depends on a mistrust of human subjectivity.

Producer: Sheila Cook

CAFMA Connect


CAFMA Connect is a platform for us to engage in open dialogue relating to emerging issues in the fire service today, as well as leadership and professional development. It is our intent to provide relevant information that will both help you progress within our profession, as well as keeping you informed about our agency.

California Innocence Project Podcast

California Innocence Project

Official podcast of the California Innocence Project

U.S. Supreme Court 2013 Term Arguments


Public Employees' Retirement System v. IndyMac MBS, Inc.

A case which the Court dismissed regarding whether or not the three-year statute of limitations set forth in the Securities Act of 1933 is suspended when a class-action lawsuit is filed.

Five by Five

Allied Pilots Association

Episode 25 - More on 5G (01-21-2022)

In Episode 25 of our “Five By Five” podcast, APA President CA Eric Ferguson and Safety Committee Chair FO John DeLeeuw discuss the specifics of the potential threat to aviation safety posed by 5G, as well as the need for our pilots to be compensated for the level of pre-flight preparation that the 5G situation has required.

Stark Integrity

Bob Wade

Stark Law Emerging Trends: Approval Process, FMV, 90th Percentile Compensation, and Independent Contractors

Stark Law compliance requires a focus on emerging trends. In this episode, Captain Integrity Bob Wade takes you through some of the top emerging trends surrounding the Stark Law. Hear why effective compliance includes documentation and monitoring, Fair Market Value requires a review of all pertinent factors, you need documentation to rationalize exceeding the 90th percentile, how often to audit, and what type of compensation is king. Learn more at and email Bob for his slides and checklist

Hawai‘i Volcanoes National Park

Hawaiʻi Volcanoes National Park

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

NonProfit Nuggets with Jennifer Yarbrough

Jennifer Yarbrough

Before You Start a Nonprofit, Listen to This First!

Starting a nonprofit is NOT just filing your From 1023. It is SO MUCH MORE to do when you are starting your nonprofit.  Listen to this and make sure you are starting your nonprofit the right way.

Medicare Nation

Diane Daniels

CMS Hands Out Civil Money Penalties To 3 More Medicare Plans

Hey Medicare Nation! Today, I'm finishing up my series on the Medicare Plan Sponsors that CMS has issued Sanctions and/or Civil Money Penalties for in 2020! THREE more plan sponsors to discuss! CMS sent notice to Ms. Aparna Abburi, President of Health Care Service Corporation (HCSC), on February 28, 2020, that CMS was imposing a Civil Money Penalty in the amount of $381,272.00! HUGE Penalty people! According to CMS Summary of Non-Compliance, HCSC disclosed to CMS that it "discovered" a backlog of unprocessed Part C (Medical) Appeals. The Majority of these appeals were from claims from providers (doctors and/or facilities) or ..... reimbursement requests from enrollees. HCSC has the right to Appeal CMS Decision.   NEXT Up..... is Triple-S Management Corporation! CMS sent a Notice to Ms. Madeline Hernandez-Urquiza, President of Triple-S Management Corporation, on February 28, 2020.

Acquisition Talk

Eric Lofgren

Event: Securing the MRAP

My colleague James Hasik recently published his newest book, Securing the MRAP: Lessons Learned in Marketing and Military Procurement. In this episode of the Acquisition Talk podcast, we listen in on an excellent event hosted by the Center for Government Contracting at George Mason University. It starts with a conversation between Senior Fellows Stephanie Halcrow and James Hasik. Afterwards, Stephanie moderates a panel discussion with:

- Susan Alderson, the statistician who sparked the successful drive to adopt the MRAP in the Marine Corps
- Damon Walsh, a former MRAP marketing executive at Force Protection Inc.
- Paul Mann, the first MRAP program manager

The MRAP, of course, was an urgent program in the mid-to-late 2000s that addressed the IED threat. Basically, it is a ground vehicle with advanced suspension, greater ground clearance, a v-shaped hull, and kevlar panels that make it survivable against enemy IEDs

Informal Economy Podcast: Social Protection


Globally, 2 billion people work in the informal economy. This means that 61% of workers rely on work that offers little pay and few protections. Women informal workers, such as domestic workers, home-based workers, street vendors and waste pickers are at the base of the economic pyramid with the highest risk of poverty. Public policies and social protection schemes often do not consider these workers, leaving them vulnerable to income losses and struggling to cope after an event or shock. In this monthly podcast we will discuss some of the most pressing issues related to social protection from the perspective of informal workers, including debates around the future of work, demographic changes and the informal economy, as well as social services, like child care and health that can protect informal workers’ incomes. Subscribe to the “Informal Economy Podcast: Social Protection” to learn more about WIEGO’s cutting-edge research and hear from informal workers organisations about the debates, policies, successes and challenges they face in accessing and reforming social protection systems.

Two Man Congress

William and Chad

Will and Chad are dedicated to solving political issues, and they want you to know how to become politically engaged. We cover a range of political topics and debate possible solutions to political problems. We want to explore the best ways to make a positive political impact.

Walk. Listen. Learn: Our Journey to Justice

Illinois Lieutenant Governor Juliana Stratton

Justice is more than jails, policing, and prisons. Hello, I'm Illinois Lieutenant Governor Juliana Stratton, and I lead the Justice, Equity, and Opportunity Initiative. Welcome to my podcast series—Walk. Listen. Learn: Our Journey to Justice! Throughout October, I will interview 13 experts who will help us explore key topics relating to justice, equity, and opportunity. Because it's Walk-tober, I will also encourage listeners to turn their wellness journey into a justice journey by (virtually) walking with me every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday.