Strict Scrutiny

Crooked Media

Strict Scrutiny is a podcast about the United States Supreme Court and the legal culture that surrounds it. Hosted by three badass constitutional law professors-- Leah Litman, Kate Shaw, and Melissa Murray-- Strict Scrutiny provides in-depth, accessible, and irreverent analysis of the Supreme Court and its cases, culture, and personalities. Each week, Leah, Kate, and Melissa break down the latest headlines and biggest legal questions facing our country, emphasizing what it all means for our daily lives. Whether you’re a lawyer or law student, or you’re just here for the messy legal drama, Strict Scrutiny has you covered. New episodes out every Monday… plus bonuses whenever SCOTUS takes away another one of our rights.


Prologue Projects

5-4 is a podcast about how much the Supreme Court sucks. It's a progressive and occasionally profane take on the ideological battles at the heart of the Court's most important landmark cases; an irreverent tour of all the ways in which the law is shaped by politics. Subscribe to our access our premium episodes & much more at Listen each week as hosts Peter, Michael, and Rhiannon dismantle the Justices’ legal reasoning on hot-button issues like affirmative action, gun rights, and campaign finance, and use dark humor to reveal the high court's biases. Presented by Slow Burn co-creator Leon Neyfakh, and hosted by Rhiannon Hamam, Peter Shamshiri, and Michael Morbius. 5-4 is a production of Prologue Projects. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

The Lawfare Podcast

The Lawfare Institute

The Lawfare Podcast features discussions with experts, policymakers, and opinion leaders at the nexus of national security, law, and policy. On issues from foreign policy, homeland security, intelligence, and cybersecurity to governance and law, we have doubled down on seriousness at a time when others are running away from it. Visit us at Support this show Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

The Young Turks

TYT Network

The Young Turks is Home of The Progressives. Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian and a host of progressive voices deliver the news and provocative commentary. Whether you are seeking a breakdown of current events, politics and the mainstream media or just a quick laugh, the TYT daily podcast will always keep you informed and entertained.

The Chris Plante Show

WMAL | Cumulus Podcast Network | Cumulus Media Washington

Tired of politicians and so-called journalists who lie constantly and aren't held accountable? Chris Plante takes the microphone 3 hours a day, 5 days a week, calls balls & strikes, and holds their feet to the fire! With quick wit and bottomless memory for songs and movie quotes, Chris relates the serious stories of the day in a way that will make you laugh. Chris spent 17 years at CNN, covering the Pentagon and intelligence, giving him insight into both the Mainstream Media machine and the Washington swamp. He's appeared on Fox News, Newsmax, and more.

Red Eye Radio

Cumulus Podcast Network

Red Eye Radio is the pre-eminent syndicated overnight radio show hosted by radio vets Gary McNamara and Eric Harley airing Monday through Friday, Midnight to 5am Central. Targeted at long haul truckers, Red Eye Radio has broadened its mission to include virtually everyone living and working non-traditional hours. The audience includes shift workers, travelers, truck drivers and others who embrace the new 24/7 lifestyle, with many restaurants, retailers and other business establishments open round the clock. Red Eye Radio is the successor to Midnight Trucking Radio Network, a program whose roots go back 40 years. Each night the hosts of Red Eye Radio review the headlines, cover the issues that matter and keep listeners tuned-in with insight and perspective. Also on the agenda popular culture, family issues and detailed national weather forecasts.

Taking Down Trump

Tristan Snell

TAKING DOWN TRUMP is a book, a Substack, and now – a podcast. In just 30 minutes a week, Tristan Snell gives you an indispensable go-to pod on Trump’s trials and other top stories impacting law and democracy – with a weekly news roundup, a deeper dive on a topic you need to know about, and special guests. Tristan Snell led the NY AG’s successful prosecution of Trump University, recovering $25 million for Trump’s victims in the first major legal loss he ever suffered. As a lawyer, a legal commentator on MSNBC and CNN, and the author of the best-selling book TAKING DOWN TRUMP: 12 Rules for Prosecuting Donald Trump By Someone Who Did It Successfully.

Civics 101


How do landmark Supreme Court decisions affect our lives? What does the 2nd Amendment really say? Why does the Senate have so much power? Civics 101 is the podcast about how our democracy works…or is supposed to work, anyway.

Deep State Radio

The DSR Network

Twice a week, this podcast will take you on a smart, direct, sometimes scary, sometimes profane, sometimes hilarious tour of the inner workings of American power and of the impact of our leaders and their policies on our standing in the world. Hosted by noted author and commentator David Rothkopf and featuring regulars Rosa Brooks of Georgetown Law School, Kori Schake of Stanford University and David Sanger of the New York Times, the program will be the lively, smart dinner table conversation on the big issues of the day that you wish you were having...without the calories. Sometimes special guests will join the conversation and always the emphasis will be on providing the unvarnished perspectives others shy away from. Deep State Radio is the insider perspective on American national security and foreign policy that you can't find anywhere else. If you are enjoying this podcast, please consider becoming a member by visiting

The Damage Report with John Iadarola

TYT Network

Welcome to The Damage Report with John Iadarola, your daily breakdown of the true threats and challenges facing our country and our world. John Iadarola hosts an unflinching, no-holds-barred look at the damage that the Establishment, corrupt special interest groups, the GOP and global corporations are causing.

The Just Security Podcast

Just Security

Just Security is an online forum for the rigorous analysis of national security, foreign policy, and rights. We aim to promote principled solutions to problems confronting decision-makers in the United States and abroad. Our expert authors are individuals with significant government experience, academics, civil society practitioners, individuals directly affected by national security policies, and other leading voices.

Intelligence Matters: The Relaunch

Beacon Global Strategies LLC

Former CIA Acting Director Michael Morell and former CIA Chief Operating Officer Andy Makridis interview top national security leaders -- intelligence officers, military leaders, and policymakers -- on the most critical security challenges of our time. Their interviews offer insights into the world's most pressing problems as well as the effectiveness of the U.S. policy response. They also delve into the biographies and careers of the individuals who have devoted their lives to protecting our nation.

America, Who Hurt You?

The Meteor, Foment Productions

Our country has always been a hot mess. But now, between political rage, climate crises and social-media polarization, it’s quite literally on fire. This low-key mid-apocalyptic moment has raised a question for Tony-award-winning Sarah Jones and her many characters: America, Who Hurt You? Bookended by the debates, dialogues, and hilarious digressions of the characters made famous by Sarah’s one-person shows and acclaimed film Sell/Buy/Date, this podcast explores our political dramas, personal traumas, and how the two are connected. Plus: we’ll have some of the smartest people we know stop by to sit with Sarah and unpack it all. America, Who Hurt You? holds up a loving but accurate mirror to our country’s range of faces as we try to save democracy—or at least stop doom-scrolling.


Charlie Robinson

Ever get the feeling that your government is out to get you? They are, and we set about to uncover the century's long plan for world domination by the psychopaths that are running the planet. We laugh at how insane it all is and interview prominent guests that might have ideas on how to foil their plans on Macroaggressions with Charlie Robinson.

Divided Argument

Will Baude, Dan Epps

An unscheduled, unpredictable Supreme Court podcast. Hosted by Will Baude and Dan Epps.


University of Chicago Podcast Network

Is capitalism the engine of destruction or the engine of prosperity? On this podcast we talk about the ways capitalism is—or more often isn’t—working in our world today. Hosted by Vanity Fair contributing editor, Bethany McLean and world renowned economics professor Luigi Zingales, we explain how capitalism can go wrong, and what we can do to fix it. Cover photo attributions: If you would like to send us feedback, suggestions for guests we should bring on, or connect with Bethany and Luigi, please email: contact at capitalisnt dot com. If you like our show, we'd greatly appreciate you giving us a rating or a review. It helps other listeners find us too.

Law and Chaos

Liz Dye

Ignorance of the law is no excuse! That’s true for a traffic stop, and it’s true if you want to participate in whatever’s left of American democracy. If the events since the 2016 election taught us anything, it’s that tuning out is not an option. Legal journalists Liz Dye and Andrew Torrez break down the week’s most important courtroom stories, so you can keep on top of this crazy news cycle. Whether it’s Texas giving two middle fingers to the Supreme Court, or Donald Trump in all the courts at once, we’ve got you covered.


Center for Strategic and International Studies

China has emerged as one of the 21st century’s most consequential nations, making it more important than ever to understand how the country is governed. True to the name Pekingology, or the study of the political behavior of the People’s Republic of China, this podcast aims to unpack the behavior of the Chinese Communist Party and implications these actions have within China and for U.S.-China relations. Jude Blanchette, the Freeman Chair in China Studies at CSIS, is joined by various experts to analyze the activities of the Chinese governing system and how these impact the complex relationships relating to China.

Grave Injustice


The makeup of the U.S. Supreme Court and the cases they are hearing are no accident – right-wing political groups and billionaire zealots have played the long game to shape America’s judicial system in their image. Lisa Graves, a legal expert who has carefully tracked these actors for decades, reveals the dark money and special interests behind the cases manufactured for the Court. With decisions imminent, the Supreme Court could deliver more blows to reproductive freedom, voting rights, the government's ability to tackle critical issues such as consumer protection and climate change, and more.  Follow this season of Grave Injustice to understand what’s really behind these cases –  and what's at stake. 


Jay Sekulow

Listen to our daily radio program, Sekulow for issues that matter most to you - national security, protecting America's families, and protecting human life. The reports are brought to you by the American Center for Law & Justice (ACLJ), a nonprofit organization specializing in constitutional law and based in Washington, D.C. You can learn more about our work by visiting our website at

The Truth of the Matter

CSIS | Center for Strategic and International Studies

A weekly analysis of the complex policy issues driving the news.

The Steve Hilton Show

Steve Hilton Show

The new home of the Steve Hilton Show.

The Randi Rhodes Show

Randi Rhodes

The Randi Rhodes Show was the number-one progressive radio talk show in America and was the eleventh-most-popular talk show overall for over a decade.

The Langley Files: CIA's Podcast

Central Intelligence Agency

You might have heard a thing or two about the CIA, but have you ever heard from the CIA? In the Central Intelligence Agency's first public podcast, you will. Let us be your guides around the corridors of CIA Headquarters in Langley, as you step beyond the Hollywood scripts and shadowed whispers to hear directly from the people serving each day as America's first line of defense. These are their stories. This is The Langley Files.

The Kevin Roberts Show

Heritage Podcast Network

Each episode of The Kevin Roberts Show is a weekly rallying cry for lovers of freedom everywhere, packed with Dr. Roberts’ analysis on the issues of the day and deep conversations with the movers and shakers of American politics and culture. And all of it backed by the academic excellence of The Heritage Foundation.  As a former college professor and current president of The Heritage Foundation, America’s most influential policy organization, Dr. Roberts has spent his career learning, educating, and taking decisive action for a brighter America. He believes that conservatives have every reason to be hopeful, because conservative ideas are ideas that work. It’s time to go on offense.  Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

The Merge

The Merge

Military technology, trends, and national security...presented with unique insights, salt, and wit from combat aviator veterans and industry experts. Fence in for interviews and anecdotes about the ins, outs, and happenings at the intersection of technology, industry, strategy, and policy of aerospace and national defense. Brought to you by The Merge newsletter.

سقراط مع عمر الجريسي

ثمانية/ thmanyah

تعيش السعودية مرحلة تحول ضخمة ومثيرة خلقت في أذهاننا عشرات الأسئلة وصنعت العديد من الحوارات، وفي سقراط ننقل أسئلتكم ونضعها على طاولة قادة التحول

The Fact Hunter

Delmarva Studios

A show that deep dives into conspiracies from around the world. We aim to reach out to subject matter experts, compile information, and present it to you, the listener. We hope you have a definitive opinion by the end of the episode.

Mailin’ It! - The Official USPS Podcast

United States Postal Service

As the official podcast of the United States Postal Service, Mailin’ It! takes you inside a thoroughly American institution, exploring the rich history of the USPS, going behind-the scenes of its present innovations, and discussing its dynamic future with organization and industry leaders. Join our host for a fun look at your United States Postal Service.

U.S. Supreme Court Oral Arguments


Oral arguments before the Supreme Court of the United States, presented by Oyez, a multimedia judicial archive at the IllinoisTech Chicago-Kent College of Law.

Pitchfork Economics with Nick Hanauer

Civic Ventures

We are living through a paradigm shift from trickle-down neoliberalism to middle-out economics — a new understanding of who gets what and why. Join zillionaire class-traitor Nick Hanauer and some of the world’s leading economic and political thinkers as they explore the latest thinking on how the economy actually works.

City Journal's 10 Blocks

Manhattan Institute

City Journal's 10 Blocks, a weekly podcast hosted by editor Brian C. Anderson, features discussions on urban policy and culture with City Journal editors, contributors, and special guests. Forthcoming episodes will be devoted to topics such as: predictive policing, the Bronx renaissance, reform of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, homelessness in Portland, Oregon, and more. City Journal is a quarterly print and regular online magazine published by the Manhattan Institute.

The Strong Towns Podcast

Strong Towns

A weekly conversation on the Strong Towns movement hosted by Charles Marohn. The podcast blends fiscal prudence with good urban design to highlight how America can financially strengthen its cities, towns and neighborhoods and, in the process, make them better places to live. You can support the podcast and become a member of Strong Towns at

56: A Pinellas County Sheriff's Office Podcast

Pinellas County Sheriff's Office

Welcome to 56: A Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office Podcast. Three curious and well-informed civilians – Ricky, Laura, and Ashley – will find the most interesting people and fascinating stories from all around the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office and bring you stories you’ll never forget. Located in vibrant Pinellas County on the west coast of Florida, the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office is the 15th largest sheriff’s office in the U.S. With close to one million residents, Pinellas is the most densely populated county in Florida, but with its award-wining beaches attract millions of tourists each year. Led by Sheriff Bob Gualtieri, the PCSO is the primary law enforcement provider for more than 40 percent of the county population. is responsible for securing county court facilities, operating the Pinellas County Jail, and several unique countywide responsibilities. Email us your questions and suggestions at Follow PCSO: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube Follow 56: Instagram PCSO Website

Zero Blog Thirty

Barstool Sports

Zero Blog Thirty is a military podcast presented by Barstool  Sports that's listenable for the most crusty of veterans, the bootest of boots, or people who have never touched a weapon in their life. Through the eyes of enlisted Marines and a West Point trained officer, Zero Blog Thirty is like sitting at the online-bar of the VFW and having a virtual cold one with your buddies. You can find every episode of this show on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or YouTube. Prime Members can listen ad-free on Amazon Music. For more, visit

Congressional Dish

Jennifer Briney

An independent podcast examining what the U.S. Congress is doing with our money and in our names. Follow @JenBriney on Twitter

What Roman Mars Can Learn About Con Law

Roman Mars

Professor Elizabeth Joh teaches Intro to Constitutional Law and most of the time this is a pretty straight forward job. But when Trump came into office, everything changed. During the four years of the Trump presidency, Professor Joh would check Twitter five minutes before each class to find out what the 45th President had said and how it jibes with 200 years of the judicial branch interpreting and ruling on the Constitution. Acclaimed podcaster Roman Mars (99% Invisible) was so anxious about all the norms and laws being tested in the Trump era that he asked his neighbor, Elizabeth, to explain what was going on in the world from a Constitutional law perspective. Even after Trump left office, there is still so much for Roman to learn. What Roman Mars Can Learn About Con Law is a weekly, fun, casual Con Law 101 class that uses the tumultuous activities of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches to teach us all about the US Constitution. All music for the show comes from Doomtree, an independent hip-hop collective and record label based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The Trade Guys

CSIS | Center for Strategic and International Studies

Trade experts Scott Miller and Bill Reinsch break down the buzz around trade, how it affects policy, and how it impacts your day-to-day. The Trade Guys is hosted every week by H. Andrew Schwartz at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), a nonpartisan think tank in Washington, D.C. Email your questions to


BBC World Service

In-depth, hard-hitting interviews with newsworthy personalities.

Intelligence Matters

CBS News

Former acting Director of the CIA Michael Morell speaks with top leaders of the U.S. intelligence community as they reflect on their life, career and the critical roles they play in shaping national security policies. As a central figure in the most significant U.S. counter-terror efforts of the past two decades and a former CIA intelligence analyst, Morell is uniquely skilled at taking industry leading knowledge to make connections that provide deep insight into complex security events – helping decode intelligence officials’ key priorities and providing perspectives on how to achieve national security objectives. Morell is the author of “The Great War of Our Time” and a vivid account of the Central Intelligence Agency, a life in secrets, and a war in the shadows.

The John Phillips Show

790 KABC Radio | Cumulus Los Angeles

OC Native John Phillips brings wit, political connections and insight to “The John Phillips Show”. Phillips began his radio career as the youngest major-market radio talk show host in the country. He is also CNN political commentator, a columnist for The Orange County Register and makes regular appearances on cable news. John was formerly a sports anchor and executive producer for “McIntyre in the Morning”, producer for “The Al Rantel Show”, news writer for the KNX Morning News with Frank Mottek and Gail Eichenthal, and a guest host on virtually every show ever cancelled by KABC. Though in his mid-thirties he is a ten-year veteran of KABC John’s interests: The Angels, Palm Springs, movies, cruises, home Improvement and airline travel.

The Proceedings Podcast

U.S. Naval Institute

The Naval Institute is a private, not-for-profit educational institution whose mission is to provide an independent forum for those who dare to read, think, speak, and write to advance the professional, literary, and scientific understanding of sea power and other issues critical to global security. Every week on the Proceedings Podcast, the Naval Institute's Director of Outreach, Ward Carroll, and the Editor-in-Chief of Proceedings, Bill Hamblet, talk about what's happening in the Sea Services, latest news from USNI News, stories in Proceedings and Naval History magazines, and interview Naval Institute authors. Deputy Editor Bill Bray joins the cast from time to time as well.

Did Y’all Hear? A Cabarrus County Podcast

Cabarrus County

A show dedicated to sharing unique, intriguing and inspiring stories about the people, programs and services that make Cabarrus County such an amazing community.

The Vince Coglianese Show

WMAL | Cumulus Media Washington

Don't miss the show that's the talk of the nation's capital! Forget the mainstream headlines! Get the truth! The Vince Coglianese Show cuts through the nonsense to deliver the real news every day. With nearly two decades in conservative journalism and broadcasting, Vince provides a shockingly refreshing and entertaining take on the day's biggest stories. His unparalleled roster of expert guests and newsmakers offer fresh insights that blast through the BS of Washington politics.  The Vince Coglianese Show, 3pm to 6pm weekdays, on WMAL in Washington, D.C.

The AI Policy Podcast

Center for Strategic and International Studies

CSIS’ Gregory C. Allen, Director of the Wadhwani Center for AI and Advanced Technologies, is joined by cohost H. Andrew Schwartz on a deep dive into the world of AI policy. Every two weeks, tune in for insightful discussions regarding AI policy regulation, innovation, national security, and geopolitics. The AI Policy Podcast is by the Wadhwani Center for AI and Advanced Technologies at CSIS, a bipartisan think-tank in Washington, D.C. 

A Matter of Degrees

Dr. Leah Stokes, Dr. Katharine Wilkinson

Give up your climate guilt. Sharpen your curiosity. Join Dr. Leah Stokes and Dr. Katharine Wilkinson as they tell stories about the powerful forces behind climate change — and the tools we have to fix it. This show makes sense of big climate questions and critical topics. Our episodes are filled with stories of bold climate leadership, groundbreaking campaigns, and people doing their best to be part of the solution. A Matter of Degrees is produced in partnership with FRQNCY Media, The 2035 Initiative at UC Santa Barbara, and The All We Can Save Project.

Macon It

MBC Communications

Your Macon-Bibb Comms Team previews what’s ahead with the new Macon It podcast, an in-depth and behind the scenes look into your consolidated government, its partners, and the projects they’re working on together.

The Real Story

BBC World Service

Global experts and decision makers discuss, debate and analyse a key news story.

Ones Ready

Aaron Love, Trent Seegmiller, and Jared "Peaches" Pietras

A team of active duty Combat Control (CCT), Pararescue (PJ), and Special Reconnaissance (SR) leveraging our 69 years of special operations experience to make the next generation of operators smarter, faster and stronger than we ever were. We are the PREMIERE resource for all things Air Force Special Warfare. The Ones Ready Podcast is honest talk about what it is like to go from a know-nothing high school graduate to an elite Special Operator. We will cover important practices for success including physical training, nutrition, recovery, and mindset traits essential to any team. Join us in The Team Room to get all your questions answered!! With battle-tested operators from across USAF SPECWAR and far-reaching web of recruiters, subject matter experts, and friends, there are no questions we can’t answer- and if we can’t, we know exactly where to look. See you in The Team Room!Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed by the OnesReady team are those of the team and do not reflect the official policy or position of the DoD. Any content provided by our Podcast guests, bloggers, sponsors, or authors are of their opinion and are not intended to malign the DoD, any religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company, individual, or anyone. 

Show Archives – Armed American Radio |

Armed American Radio

Broadcasting LIVE every week from the studios of Talk 920 in Atlanta and SYNDICATED NATIONWIDE by Salem Radio Networks, AAR is now available to any radio station in North America. Now one of the fastest growing nationally syndicated radio broadcasts in America, AAR is adding affiliate stations almost weekly. Until Armed American Radio is available in your city, you can hear the live broadcast by visiting our listen live page every Sunday evening from 8-11PM ET / 5-8PM PT

Babel: Translating the Middle East

Center for Strategic and International Studies

Babel will take you beyond the headlines to discuss what’s really happening in the Middle East and North Africa. It features regional experts who explain what’s going on, provide context on pivotal developments, and highlight trends you may have missed. Jon Alterman, senior vice president, Zbigniew Brzezinski Chair in Global Security and Geostrategy, and director of the Middle East Program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies hosts the podcast along with his colleagues from the Middle East Program. This podcast is made possible through the generous support of the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates. All views, positions, and conclusions expressed here should be understood to be solely of those of the speaker(s).


BBC Persian Radio

«شیرازه» فرصتی برای بررسی انتقادی رویدادها و تفکرات است. کتاب‌ها در این مسیر روشنگر راه ما خواهند بود. سام فرزانه تهیه‌کننده و مجری پادکست شیرازه است.

Inside the FBI

Official FBI

Words Matter

The DSR Network

American politics is undergoing seismic changes that will alter the course of history. At Words Matter, we believe that facts, evidence, truth and objective reality are necessary and vital in public discourse. Our hosts and guests have broad experience in government, politics and journalism -- this gives them a unique ability to explain recent events and place them in historic context. Together, with fellow journalists, elected officials, policy-makers and thought-leaders, they will analyze the week's news and get at the real truth behind all the distracting headlines. New episodes are released on Fridays.

Indisputable with Dr. Rashad Richey

TYT Network

Truth and facts are what viewers can expect from ‘Indisputable with Dr. Rashad Richey.’ On the show, Dr. Richey delivers a heavy dose of fact-based truth with all his signature passion and insight. Every day Dr. Richey comments on the top news stories about criminal justice, social justice, policy and racism and welcomes a Conservative into 'The Bullpen' for a fiery debate.

Not Another Politics Podcast

University of Chicago Podcast Network

With all the noise created by a 24/7 news cycle, it can be hard to really grasp what's going on in politics today. We provide a fresh perspective on the biggest political stories not through opinion and anecdotes, but rigorous scholarship, massive data sets and a deep knowledge of theory. Understand the political science beyond the headlines with Harris School of Public Policy Professors William Howell, Anthony Fowler and Wioletta Dziuda. Our show is part of the University of Chicago Podcast Network.

When We Win with Maya Rupert

Lemonada Media

Is the impossible possible? What will it take to create a truly engaged democracy that represents all of us? Each week, Maya Rupert talks to some of the most incredible women of color in office today who ran against insurmountable odds and won, from the all-women city council in St. Paul, Minnesota, to the youngest Black woman to serve in Congress. So stop asking yourself if we can win, and start imagining what we’ll do when we win. This series is presented by Ms. Foundation for Women and the Marguerite Casey Foundation.

Breaking Doctrine

Combined Arms Doctrine Directorate (CADD)

Breaking Doctrine is the podcast of the US Combined Arms Doctrine Directorate (CADD) at Fort Leavenworth, KS. The podcast will explore timely topics of interest, regarding current and emerging Army and joint doctrine. Our guests will include a broad range of Army and other Service professionals with the vast knowledge and years of experience required to facilitate discussion on a variety of military doctrine-related topics.

National Park Service Oral History

National Park Service Oral History

Interested in what it's like to be born in the middle of a Yellowstone winter or raised in the heart of Yosemite Valley? Curious about the inner workings of parks or how people establish careers with the National Park Service? Hear firsthand accounts from former and current National Park Service employees that celebrate the history of our national parks and the role they've played in lives around the world. Thanks to the Association of National Park Rangers Oral History Project for making many of these interviews possible. People's stories are among the most valuable resources that the National Park Service preserves and protects for future generations. Listen to people who have made the Park Service what it is today.

Anne Hidalgo - Paris en Commun

Paris en Commun

Paris en Commun est une plateforme citoyenne, en soutien à Anne Hidalgo, dont le but est de promouvoir les réflexions et les idées qui permettront de relever les grands défis urbains et environnementaux du 21ème siècle.

New Faces of Democracy

Nancy Bynum

Welcome to the New Faces of Democracy podcast, hosted by Nancy Bynum.   This podcast features inspiring interviews with people who have transformed their lives since 2016 and who are transforming our political landscape. These are not career politicians or former cabinet members, but ordinary citizens who are starting organizations, running for office for the first time, using their creative skills and otherwise stepping outside of their comfort zones to stand up for our democracy. Along the way, they are discovering new skills and talents and creating new communities.   Nancy felt her own personal call to action in the aftermath of the election of 2016, when it became painfully clear how important it is to use our voices to stand up for the America we believe in. As she became increasingly politically active, she witnessed the emergence of an awe-inspiring phenomenon: people changing their lives to defend our democracy. She decided that the best way for her to help would be to share the work of these change-makers, and New Faces of Democracy was born. Since then, she has dedicated herself to both spreading the word about this new wave of activism and chronicling the tremendous political and patriotic energy of this time.   This podcast elevates and celebrates these new faces, and in the process, will hopefully inspire you and maybe even galvanize you to take action on your own. These are unprecedented times, but there is a silver lining. As we become more engaged citizens, our democracy will become stronger and more resilient– in fact, it’s already happening.  So if you’ve had enough depressing news and are ready to feel hopeful and maybe even optimistic about the future, head over to where you can subscribe to the podcast, watch the videos and follow New Faces of Democracy on social media.

The Impossible State

CSIS | Center for Strategic and International Studies

North Korea is the Impossible State. Each week join the people who know the most about North Korea—The Center for Strategic and International Studies’ Victor Cha, Mike Green, and Sue Mi Terry—for an insider's discussion with host H. Andrew Schwartz about the United States’ top national security priority. Email your questions to

Supreme Court Decision Syllabus (SCOTUS Podcast)

Jake Leahy

The Supreme Court decision syllabus, read without personal commentary. See: Wheaton and Donaldson v. Peters and Grigg, 33 U.S. 591 (1834) and United States v. Detroit Timber & Lumber Co., 200 U.S. 321, 337. Photo by: Davi Kelly. Founded by RJ Dieken. Now hosted by Jake Leahy. Frequent guest host Jeff Barnum. *Note this podcast is for informational and educational purposes only.

Pete Mundo - KCMO Talk Radio 95.7FM 103.7FM and 710 AM

KCMO Talk Radio | Cumulus Media Kansas City

Check out Pete Mundo Mornings from 6am to 10am on KCMO Talk Radio 103.7FM and 710AM. LOCAL Kansas City News, Weather, Traffic plus national updates from FOX NEWS. If it's happening IN KCMO, it's ON KCMO! Streaming online Worldwide and Podcasting for your listening pleasure.

The National Security Law Podcast

Bobby Chesney and Steve Vladeck

The National Security Law Podcast (aka the NSL Podcast) is a weekly review of the latest legal controversies associated with the U.S. government’s national security activities and institutions, featuring Professors Bobby Chesney and Steve Vladeck of the University of Texas at Austin. They bring different perspectives to these issues, but always in a friendly spirit. The program is fast-paced but detail-rich, and is meant for lawyers and non-lawyers alike. If you’ve been looking for a thoughtful yet enjoyable way to keep up with and better understand these issues, the National Security Law Podcast is the show for you. To join the conversation, follow nslpodcast on Twitter (@nslpodcast).

The Uncertain Hour


Each season, we explain the weird, complicated and often unequal American economy — and why some people get ahead and some get left behind. Host Krissy Clark dives into obscure policies and forgotten histories to explain why America is like it is. The latest season examines the “welfare-to-work industrial complex” and the multi-million dollar companies running today’s for-profit welfare centers.

You Might Be Right

Baker School of Public Policy and Public Affairs at University of Tennessee

Former Tennessee Governors Bill Haslam and Phil Bredesen take on topics including crime, the media, gun violence, and education disparities with expert guests of differing viewpoints. From the Howard H. Baker Jr. School of Public Policy and Public Affairs at the University of Tennessee, "You Might be Right" aims to inspire the next generation of leaders in government, public policy, and public service by demonstrating that thoughtful civil conversations about tough topics are still possible.

Pineland Underground

USAJFKSWCS, Ash Holzmann, Derek Riley, Jason Gambardella

The official podcast of the U.S. Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School at Fort Liberty, North Carolina. SGM Riley and MAJ Holzmann embark on a journey to provide the best podcast in the military with bi-monthly relentless awesomeness. Real. Bold. Un-restricted.

Big Ideas Raleigh

City of Raleigh

Get ready to dive deep into the heartbeat of Raleigh as we explore our hidden gems, thriving food scene, rich history, and beautiful parks — as well as the programs, people, and ideas helping to navigate Raleigh’s biggest challenges, like growth, transportation and housing. “Big Ideas Raleigh” is not just a podcast; it's a journey through the past, present, and future of our beloved city. So, buckle up for engaging conversations with the people behind Raleigh’s big ideas. Find out more at

Into Africa

CSIS | Center for Strategic and International Studies

Fearless music activists. Savvy tech entrepreneurs. Social disrupters. Into Africa shatters the narratives that dominate U.S. perceptions of Africa. Host Mvemba Phezo Dizolele, Africa program director and senior fellow at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in Washington D.C., sits down with policymakers, journalists, academics and other trailblazers in African affairs to shine a spotlight on the faces spearheading cultural, political, and economic change on the continent.

Boom! Lawyered

Rewire News Group's Jessica Mason Pieklo and Imani Gandy

Every week, Jessica Mason Pieklo and Imani Gandy take you on a wild ride through the latest legal battles in the fight for reproductive justice. On everything from abortion rights to trans discrimination to racial justice, Boom! Lawyered will help you get smart, stay mad, have fun, and fight back. Produced by Rewire News Group.

Ventura Voices

City of Ventura

Ventura Voices is a podcast series that connects residents to City staff and leaders. Each month, features new episodes tackling different topics that impact the community, such as housing, homelessness, water, golf, parking, roads, and more. Listen on the go, or watch the video version on YouTube to find the latest information on what's happening in our community. Website:

O'Connor & Company

WMAL | Cumulus Media Washington

Enjoy O'Connor & Company from the nation's capital! Heard weekdays from 5am to 9am on WMAL in Washington, D.C.

No Compromise


Winner of the 2021 Pulitzer Prize for Audio Reporting. Discover a social media empire with an unapologetic vision of gun rights—generating millions of likes, follows, and dollars. From WAMU's Guns & America, reporters Lisa Hagen of WABE and Chris Haxel of KCUR expose how three brothers from the most uncompromising corner of the gun debate are turning hot-button issues into donations and controversy.

Ctrl Alt Army

Modern War Institute

Hosted by Dr. Michael Sulmeyer, principal cyber advisor to the secretary of the Army, this podcast series features informal conversations with senior Army leaders about cyber issues. This is not a podcast by and for cyber specialists about cyber topics, but an opportunity for leaders from wide-ranging professional backgrounds to share how cyber issues have become increasingly impactful on a wide range of noncyber fields.

The Asset

District Productive

In 2016, Donald Trump conspired with a foreign government to become President of the United States. On July 25, 2019, with the 2020 election around the corner, he decided to do it again. The first time around, it was collusion, aiding and abetting Russia’s attack on American democracy. The second time, it was extortion, demanding the Ukrainian government manufacture dirt on Trump’s political opponents in exchange for help the country needs to fend off a Russian invasion and chart a democratic future free of Vladimir Putin’s Kremlin.   To make sense of these recent events that have rocked American politics and led to very real concerns that the President of the United States may be a Russian asset, we need to dig a little deeper.  In Season 1, The Asset dives into Trump’s decades-long history with Russia, from his extensive business dealings with Russian oligarchs to his presidential campaign and the investigations that have sent some of his closest associates to prison. In Season 2, The Asset explores the backstory to Trump’s infamous phone call with the newly-elected Ukrainian President, where he demanded an investigation into a political opponent and set off a series of events leading to the impeachment inquiry. Hosted by Max Bergmann, a senior fellow and director of the Moscow Project at the Center for American Progress Action Fund, and featuring expert guests, The Asset will put together the pieces of Trump’s relationship with Russia and Ukrainian extortion campaign. The Asset is a partnership between the Center for American Progress Action Fund, District Productive, and Protect the Investigation. It is produced by Paul Woodhull, a 20-year veteran media executive and president of Build Better Media, and Peter Ogburn, the executive producer of the Bill Press Show.

Better Every Shift


FireRescue1’s Better Every Shift Podcast spotlights the passion and perseverance of firefighters. Hosted by Madison, Wisconsin, Firefighter Aaron Zamzow, the show brings kitchen table conversations to the airwaves, always focused on solutions, positivity and the realities of station life. Zamzow and guests tackle myriad hot topics, whether fire service, news or even pop culture-focused, bringing some levity to the often very serious nature of the profession. Dig into what drives firefighters to improve themselves, their crew, even the fire service as a whole. Listen in to get better every day, every call, every shift.

Supreme Court Oral Arguments

A podcast feed of the audio recordings of the oral arguments at the U.S. Supreme Court. * Podcast adds new arguments automatically and immediately after they become available on * Detailed episode descriptions with facts about the case from and links to docket and other information. * Convenient chapters to skip to any exchange between a justice and an advocate (available as soon as publishes the transcript). Also available in video form at

Audio Briefs

Center for Strategic and International Studies

Audio Briefs brings you CSIS publications in audio form. Listen to short, spoken-word summaries from CSIS experts about their latest reports, or hear a full audio version of any CSIS commentary.

DSR: Politics and Law

The DSR Network

Each week David Rothkopf is joined by expert guests to talk about a range of important issues facing the United States in the world of politics and law.

Talking Headways: A Streetsblog Podcast

The Overhead Wire

A weekly podcast about the intersection between sustainable transportation, urban planning, and economic development. Hosted by Jeff Wood of The Overhead Wire.

Inside the Castle

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Headquarters

A podcast that goes behind castle doors to have real conversations with real people about solving the nation’s toughest challenges.

Mexico Matters

Center for Strategic and International Studies

The Mexico Matters podcast series highlights key developments in Mexico and their impact on the United States.

DIA Connections

Defense Intelligence Agency

Unapologetically Outspoken

Stephanie Keith and Tara Munjekovich

Cancel culture, virtue signaling, and threats to American freedom… Enough already! Two patriotic middle-class American women who are sick of the crap have decided to speak up. This podcast is not all doom and gloom, though! Your hosts, Stephanie Keith and Tara Munjekovich, have both manifested incredible changes in their lives over the past few years, and they will be sharing some of their inspiring stories and awesome life hacks with their listeners. Stephanie, a former corporate executive, is a best-selling author, mom of three kids, creator of the “Law of Attraction Tribe” podcast, and a successful entrepreneur with a thriving business, coaching and empowering women to create freedom and abundance in their lives. Tara is a former police officer from a large metropolitan city who made the decision to give up a nearly 15-year law enforcement career to stand up for her beliefs as a constitutionalist and pursue a simpler small-town life. Unapologetically Outspoken episodes air three times a week, on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Tune in on “Manifestation / Motivation Mondays” for topics related to how these ladies are manifesting their best lives. On “Weird Wednesdays” your hosts discuss current news stories about the crazy nonsense happening across the country. On “Freedom Fridays” Tara and Stephanie have conversations related to life, liberty, and the pursuit of f**king happiness! Tune in for news commentary, updates on politics, conspiracy theories, motivational talks and self improvement all for entertainment and educational purposes only. Whether you are a democrat, republican, indpendent, or anything in between, we welcome all to have real discussion on facts using a common sense approach. Let's bridge the gap and unite as Americans. Follow Stephanie and Tara on TikTok @unaplolgeticallyoutspoken Website:

Locally Sourced

Middletown Township NJ

Locally Sourced brings you the latest community updates and Township initiatives straight from Mayor Tony Perry. Join us every other week for engaging interviews with local business owners, discover the stories behind your favorite spots, and stay informed about the projects shaping our town. Tune into Locally Sourced - where Middletown comes first!

MichMash Politics


Unjumble Michigan politics with MichMash. Each week, Cheyna Roth, Zach Gorchow and Alethia Kasben interview lawmakers and politicos, and unpack the statewide issues that affect you. MichMash is produced by WDET Detroit Public Radio in collaboration with Gongwer News Service. Part of the NPR Network.

PreAccident Investigation Podcast

Todd Conklin

The Pre Accident Podcast is an ongoing discussion of Human Performance, Systems Safety, & Safety Culture.

FedUp with Ron Speakman

Ron Speakman

A podcast for federal employees who are FedUp with non compliance and an unjust system, and who are FedUp with being constantly mistreated, misinformed, and or misrepresented. Hosted by a retired federal employee himself, who has been through it all, and who has helped many federal employees across this country, this podcast will talk about a wide range of common issues all federal employees continually face, in addition to giving federal employees a platform for their voices to be heard, and to share their stories and issues. Knowledge is power, and FedUp believes that all our stories need to be heard by all.

Nonprofit Nuggets with Jennifer Yarbrough

Jennifer Yarbrough

Are you a nonprofit leader who is looking for real insight into how to successfully startup, fundraise for, or successfully lead your nonprofit organization. If you answered yes, this podcast is for you. In this podcast you will discover: 1. What a nonprofit really is; 2. Grant tips; and, 3. Ways to raise money for your nonprofit I share with you how I have raised hundreds of millions of dollars stretching beyond traditional grants, and trained thousands of organizations across the globe. Sign up for my newsletter. Http://

Rich Valdés America At Night

Cumulus Podcast Network

Introducing Rich Valdés America at Night, new talk for a new generation! Rich brings late night radio alive with the perfect blend of news, entertainment, interesting interviews, pop culture and insight. It’s America’s new nighttime town hall, celebrating America’s success and helping plot the right path forward. We talk with politicians, influencers, entertainers and ordinary Americans from all walks of life. And then, it’s “Open Phone America,” your turn to chime in on the discussion with your own thoughts and ideas. Welcome to a live and lively snapshot of America. Rich Valdés America at Night.

Supreme Myths

Eric Segall

A podcast featuring the Supreme Court and Supreme Court cases. Hosted by Georgia State College of Law professor Eric Segall.

Social Science of War

West Point Department of Social Sciences

A production of the Department of Social Sciences at the United States Military Academy, the Social Science of War podcast brings together leading research and practitioner perspective to tackle some of the biggest challenges facing the US Army.

The National Security Podcast

ANU National Security College

Expert analysis, insights and opinion on the national security challenges facing Australia and the Indo-Pacific. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

Barack Obama - Great Speeches

Barack Obama Speeches

Barack Obama is widely regarded as one of the greatest public speakers of all time. He is known for his eloquence, his ability to connect with his audience, and his use of powerful language and imagery to convey his message.Obama's speeches are often characterized by their clarity, their focus on substance, and their use of personal stories and anecdotes. He is also a master of the rhetorical device of repetition, which he uses to emphasize his key points and drive them home to his audience.Obama is also known for his ability to deliver his speeches in a way that is both engaging and informative. He uses a variety of vocal techniques, such as pauses, emphasis, and changes in tone, to keep his audience's attention. He also uses gestures and facial expressions to convey his emotions and make his speeches more personal.Here are some specific examples of Obama's strengths as a public speaker: Clarity and focus on substance: Obama's speeches are always clear and concise, and they are always focused on substance. He avoids using jargon or technical language, and he always takes the time to explain complex issues in a way that is easy to understand.Use of personal stories and anecdotes: Obama often uses personal stories and anecdotes in his speeches to connect with his audience and to illustrate his points. This makes his speeches more relatable and engaging.Use of repetition: Obama is a master of the rhetorical device of repetition. He uses it to emphasize his key points and drive them home to his audience.Engaging and informative delivery: Obama delivers his speeches in a way that is both engaging and informative. He uses a variety of vocal techniques and gestures to keep his audience's attention and to convey his emotions.Some of Obama's most famous speeches include: 2008 Democratic National Convention acceptance speech: In this speech, Obama accepted the Democratic nomination for President of the United States. He delivered a powerful and inspiring speech that called for a new kind of politics based on hope and change.2009 inaugural address: In this speech, Obama was inaugurated as the 44th President of the United States. He spoke about the challenges facing the country and called for Americans to unite and work together to overcome them.2015 eulogy for Reverend Clementa Pinckney: In this eulogy, Obama spoke about the life and legacy of Reverend Clementa Pinckney, one of the nine victims of the Charleston church shooting. He delivered a moving and powerful speech that called for an end to gun violence and racial injustice.These are just a few examples of Barack Obama's many public speaking engagements. Throughout his career, Obama has used his voice to advocate for hope, change, and justice. He is a powerful and inspiring speaker who continues to make a difference in the world.

The Military Leader

The Military Leader

Grow yourself and your team with insight from today's most successful leaders. The Military Leader Podcast delivers candid, practical lessons from proven leaders in the military and other professions. If you don't have a leadership development program, start with The Military Leader Podcast!

No BS Bureaucracy

Mark Wheeler and Mike Sarasti

Welcome to "No BS Bureaucracy," your entertaining guide to local government technology and policy. Hosted by Mike Sarasti and Mark Wheeler, two former big-city CIOs who are anything but typical tech guys, this podcast ditches dry formalities for real talk about what works versus what’s just hype. Mike and Mark break it down with a blend of hard-earned wisdom and humor that’s more John Oliver than a civics teacher who’s given up caffeine. Mike, Miami’s first Chief Innovation Officer, and Mark, Philly’s first Chief Geographic Information Officer, aren't just any bureaucrats—they’re creatives and community builders who found their way into technology. Mike’s a musician in the indie electronic/alt-pop band Raker, and Mark’s an improv actor, so you know things won’t be boring. Their unique blend of expertise and creativity makes for lively and always insightful conversations. Think of a "Real Time with Bill Maher" panel with Leslie Knope from “Parks and Recreation,” but suitable for work! Join Mike and Mark as they break down the topics of the day:  AI, Govtech, smart cities, innovation, data privacy, digital ID, digital transformation, leadership, people and process, and more. They tackle serious topics with a relaxed, engaging tone, but with a touch of snark. Expect candid discussions with civil servants about making a difference, successes and failures, and advice for policy makers and technologists. If you’re into making local government better, whether you’re a politician, technology leader, or just someone who cares, "No BS Bureaucracy" is for you. Tune in, learn something new, and have a good time doing it. (theme music, “Hologram” by Raker) Follow Mark and Mike on LinkedIn, and Raker Instagram: 

The Debrief with Jon Becker

Jon Becker

The Debrief with Jon Becker is a no-holds-barred conversational podcast on the leadership principles that govern the world’s elite tactical units. Featuring top military and law enforcement unit commanders from some of the most high-stakes fields, this podcast examines how to form and lead a highly effective team.  After four decades spent working in tandem with top law enforcement and military units, Jon has gained invaluable lessons in leadership, teamwork, communication, and training. Now, he is sharing these lessons through conversations with some of these amazing team leaders. The goal of the show is to make us all better leaders, thinkers, and people.  In each episode, The Debrief shares lessons in decision-making, training, personnel selection, and perseverance that apply to people from all walks of life. Our host Jon Becker, is an expert in tactical equipment; working with some of the world’s top-performing teams. The Debrief is Jon’s payback to the community, units, and leaders who trained him and helped make AARDVARK a success. With this show, Jon invites listeners to benefit from the same insights and stories that have shaped his career and how he views leadership.  Learn more at

INSIDE BRIEFING with Institute for Government

Institute for Government

These are tumultuous times in UK politics. Government is under strain, the civil service is under pressure, and ministers are grappling with the fallout of Covid, the impact of Brexit and an unprecedented cost-of-living crisis. So where is government working well and what is it doing badly? What can be done to make No10, the Treasury and the rest of government function more effectively? And as a general election draws ever nearer, what are the key political and policy dividing lines – and what do they mean for the way this country is run?  Get behind the scenes in Westminster, Whitehall and beyond on the weekly podcast from Britain’s leading governmental think tank, where we analyse the latest events in politics and explain what they mean. Every week on INSIDE BRIEFING, IfG director Hannah White and the team welcome special guests for a free-ranging conversation on what makes government work – and how to fix it when it doesn’t.

The Future of Liberty

Mitch Daniels

The future of liberty has never been more uncertain. While there remain many reasons for optimism, there is also cause for pessimism or even alarm. With experience in business, education, and politics, former Indiana governor and Purdue University president Mitch Daniels investigates the prospects for the future of liberty and more through conversations with prominent thinkers and leaders across diverse fields.