After Hours

TED Audio Collective / Youngme Moon, Mihir Desai, & Felix Oberholzer-Gee

Is the four-day work week ever going to happen?

Should you bet on a four-day work week? Felix, Mihir, and Sarah discuss the sports betting industry and the future of the work week.

Coaching Real Leaders

HBR Presents / Muriel Wilkins

How Do I Become an Intrapreneur?

He’s part of a real estate organization and loves his work but wonders what his future looks like at the company and how his role could grow in the coming decades. Host Muriel Wilkins coaches this leader through how he might use some of his entrepreneurial muscles to shift his career track toward a business leadership role within his current organization.

Business Wars


Tesla vs Detroit | Survival Mode | 2

In 2010, Tesla Motors has already experienced tremendous highs and devastating lows. Elon Musk is a polarizing figure whose goal is to change the way the traditional auto industry works. It’s been a struggle, but Detroit is finally bowing to the Tesla vision, moving electric vehicles to the top of production slates. But now Motor City wants to control the EV market. The limited run Tesla Roadster brought attention and kudos. Now ,Musk is pinning his hopes on the new Model S. But he still needs some place to actually make the cars. If he can’t score a factory, the car is just a cool concept. Things have to come together quickly – or Tesla is toast.Listen to new episodes 1 week early and to all episodes ad free with Wondery+. Join Wondery+ for exclusives, binges, early access, and ad free listening. Available in the Wondery App. support us by supporting our sponsors!ZIPRECRUITER

WorkLife with Adam Grant


Taken for Granted: Jon Batiste and the art of pushing the limit

Jon Batiste has had a record year–he was the most nominated artist at the Grammys, winning five of his ELEVEN nominations across multiple categories, including Album of the Year. And when when he’s not making musical history, he’s a touring artist, late-night band leader, and an Oscar-winning composer. In this episode, Jon talks with Adam about the process of making his genre-defying music, the power of art to make real change, his prodigious background growing up as a young musician in New Orleans, and the unique thinking and devoted journey to inspiration that propelled him into his successful and wide-ranging career.
For the full text transcript, visit

How to Lend Money to Strangers

Brendan le Grange

How to Lend Money to Strangers is a podcast about lending in all its forms and in all the markets in which it takes place, however diverse those markets may be. In fact, it’s a case of ‘the more diverse the better’ in this show, which has hosted guests from Manila to Moscow, from Mumbai to Madrid, from Shenzen to Chicago, from Swansea to Singapore... I am your host, Brendan le Grange, and I have spent the last twenty years working in - or alongside - lenders across Africa, Asia, and Europe and I’ll be using that experience to find and learn from industry insiders in a series of weekly interviews. Sometimes, those interviews discuss the inspiration behind a new start-up, sometimes they look back at a career spent at the lending coal face, and sometimes they explore where the latest technologies might take us. In the end, if it shapes a lending decision, we’ll talk about how. You can join us every Thursday here, or wherever you prefer to find your podcasts. And you can find written transcripts and more content can be found at

Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast


Leading Out of Crisis, Part 1

If your leadership plan today is the same as your pre-pandemic plan, it's probably a bad plan. You can’t just lead after a crisis, you need to lead out of a crisis. And that requires a different approach. Today, part one of "Leading Out of Crisis." Watch video and download the leader guide: 

Women at Work

Harvard Business Review

The Essentials: Managing Up

Having a healthy, mutually beneficial relationship with your boss doesn’t require accommodating their every quirk, demand, and weakness. We discuss respectful, constructive ways to meet in the middle, set boundaries, and help them achieve their goals while making your competence known.

HBR IdeaCast

Harvard Business Review

Comedian Sarah Cooper On Bringing Humor to Any Career

It's a cliche, but they say it's best to write what you know. That was the case for comedian Sarah Cooper, who rose to viral social media fame in the Trump era through her lip sync TikTok videos. She formerly worked at Yahoo and Google, and she found her way into comedy, in part, by looking at and pointing out the absurdities of corporate culture. She speaks about how humor helped her manage a team, why she took the big risk to quit her job, and how she's navigating the new work world of Hollywood. Cooper is the author of the forthcoming audio book "Let's Catch Up Soon: How I Won Friends and Influenced People Against My Will."

Coaching for Leaders

Dave Stachowiak

577: The Path Towards Joy in Your Career, with David Novak

David Novak: Take Charge of You
David Novak is Co-Founder, retired Chairman and CEO of Yum! Brands, the world’s largest restaurant company with over 45,000 restaurants in more than 135 countries and territories. During his tenure as CEO, Yum! Brands became a global powerhouse, growing from $4 billion in revenue to over $32 billion. After retiring in 2016, he became Founder and CEO of David Novak Leadership, dedicated to developing leaders at every stage of life. David is also the host of the top-ranked podcast, How Leaders Lead and founder of the leadership development platform of the same name.

An expert on leadership and recognition culture, David is also a New York Times bestselling author. His books include Taking People With You: The Only Way to Make Big Things Happen, O GREAT ONE! A Little Story About the Awesome Power of Recognition, and his latest book with Jason Goldsmith, Take Charge of You:

Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman


Rapid Response: How Chief became a phenomenon, w/CEO Carolyn Childers

Amid pandemic disruption, Chief turned a small, NYC-based club for women executives into a national phenomenon with more than 12,000 members. Co-founder and CEO Carolyn Childers joins Rapid Response to share how she and co-founder Lindsay Kaplan managed the unlikely transformation, which recently yielded a $100 million Series B funding round. She reveals how the company leveraged existing tech and their own innovations to build connections, identifying not just a gap in the marketplace but a need for a whole new set of tools to support business leaders.Read a transcript of this episode: https://mastersofscale.comSubscribe to the Masters of Scale weekly newsletter: Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

Build a Winning Team with Tim Schurrer

Tim Schurrer

Winning isn’t easy and it’s not a guarantee. So what does it take to win and maintain a healthy work culture along the way? Every guest on this podcast will teach you what building a winning team looks like and guide you to achieve even more success in your life than you ever thought was possible.

Built for Change


A Special Episode of Built for Change at the DealBook Online Summit

This week’s episode is a special recording of Built for Change at the DealBook Online Summit, which took place on November 9, 2021.  Hosts Josh Klein and Elise Hu are joined in conversation by Jack Azagury, U.S. Northeast Market Lead, Accenture; Christie Smith, Global Lead of Talent and Organization/Human Potential, Accenture; and Leena Nair, former Chief Human Resources Officer, Unilever. Sponsor session by Accenture.

At The Table with Patrick Lencioni

Patrick Lencioni

123. Don't Calm Down

This week on At the Table, the team discusses the importance of expressing appropriate emotion at work.  

The McKinsey Podcast

McKinsey & Company

Digital transformation on the CEO agenda

Successful digital transformations may not be as elusive as you think. Kate Smaje and Rodney Zemmel, global leaders in McKinsey’s Digital practice, join McKinsey Global Publishing’s Lucia Rahilly to explore what digital success looks like—and what stands in the way.

Then, in an Author Talks excerpt, Amy Webb, futurist and author of the new book, The Genesis Machine: Our Quest to Rewrite Life in the Age of Synthetic Biology, describes how synthetic biology could open the door to “bespoke” children, significantly longer life spans, and subterranean societies.

Author Talks:
The Genesis Machine: Our Quest to Rewrite Life in the Age of Synthetic Biology:

Theme music for The McKinsey Podcast was composed and performed by Joy Ngiaw.

The Anxious Achiever

Morra Aarons-Mele

Miss America on the Suffering We Can’t Always See

So many people struggle with mental health issues in part because, unlike many physical ailments, you can’t always know that someone is suffering, or just how badly. In this episode we dive in with reigning Miss America Emma Broyles, the first Korean-American and first Alaskan to win the crown. While many people assume winning the crown comes with a certain amount of perfection, Broyles is breaking down those barriers by speaking openly about her ADHD and a rare obsessive compulsive disorder she battles.

Business Breakdowns


AppLovin: Monetizing & Marketing Mobile Apps - [Business Breakdowns, EP. 55]

Today we’re breaking down AppLovin. It’s a business you may not recognize but have likely interacted with. Founded in 2012, AppLovin provides a platform for developers to market and monetize their mobile apps. The business also owns some of the most popular mobile games in the world, which they use to feed richer data into their software platform.   To help breakdown the business, I’m joined by its CEO and co-founder, Adam Foroughi. Please enjoy this breakdown of AppLovin.   For the full show notes, transcript, and links to the best content to learn more, check out the episode page here.   -----   This episode is brought to you by Tegus. Tegus is the new digital hub for market intelligence. The Tegus platform empowers Investors and Corporate Development teams to invest smarter by pairing best-in-class technology with the highest quality user-generated content and data. Find out why a majority o

The Working Genius Podcast with Patrick Lencioni

Patrick Lencioni

28. Person on the Street: Chris Stefanick

This week, the team sits down with a good friend who happens to be one of Pat's favorite 'creative dreamers'.  Tune in to hear how Chris' Wonder and Invention impact his role as a leader.  

Focus on This

Full Focus

#137: 3 Reasons To Seek a Balanced Life

Most people feel like they have to choose between one area of life at the expense of another. But for life to be whole and feel full, there needs to be balance. In today's episode, Verbs, Courtney, and Blake give you three reasons why balancing your life is actually the best way to achieve your goals.In this episode, you’ll discover—What a "balanced life" even meansWhy "work harder, work longer" isn't the solutionHow to tell when there's an imbalance in your lifeHow all 10 of your life domains are connectedResources:Free LifeScore AssessmentSee Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

Lead to Win

Michael Hyatt & Megan Hyatt-Miller

#188: The Rules Don’t Apply to Me! (or, How NOT to Be an Entitled Leader)

It can be easier and more comfortable to spot the entitlement we see in others, but much more difficult to name it in ourselves. And often, when there’s an entitlement issue within our organization, it’s a top-down problem that needs to be addressed. In this episode, Megan and Michael walk through five areas of entitlement that can creep up in all of us, and how rooting them out helps create a culture and team of people marked by gratitude, integrity, and honesty. In this episode, you’ll discover—The danger of exploitation through powerHow our expectations of unearned benefits affects our attitudesThe cure for entitlementWhy your team member may be resistant toward certain tasksThe cascading effect of not honoring your wordResources:Extreme Ownership by Jocko Willink and Leif BabinFor more, visit Privacy Policy at and Cali

The Contracting Handbook

Straight Ahead Construction

Mark Wille talks the importance of sharing information and burnout

Mike Knoche has been running his general contracting business for 16 years. It's been trial by fire and in The Contracting Handbook, Mike shares his successes, his failures and asks other industry leaders to join him in a discussion of how to run a contracting business! The Contracting Handbook podcast discusses the behind the scenes running of a small contracting company. It’s everything from starting up, working with employees, subcontractors, and clients. Remember, it won’t just be Mike’s perspective as he will talk to contractors from all over the world about theirs too! Why the world over? Because through his travels in the off season he’s come to see that contractors everywhere have similar business needs, struggles, and ideas in common. We a are a global community of builders! Contact Mike at for questions, comments, or to be interviewed.Please hit the subscribe button,

Manager Tools

Manager Tools

Maggie Tucker Interview

Our interview with Maggie Tucker, marketing executive and co-host of the friends on FIRE podcast.

The Learning Leader Show With Ryan Hawk

Ryan Hawk

468 - Vanessa Van Edwards - The Secret Language To Charismatic Communication (Cues)

Text Hawk to 66866 for "Mindful Monday." A carefully curated email you'll receive each Monday to help you start your week off right. Full shownotes at Twitter/IG: @RyanHawk12 Vanessa Van Edwards is the Lead Investigator at Science of People. She is the bestselling author of Captivate: The Science of Succeeding with People, translated into 16 languages. More than 50 million people watch her engaging YouTube tutorials and TEDx Talk. Vanessa works with entrepreneurs, growing businesses, and trillion-dollar companies; and has been featured on CNN, BBC, CBS Mornings, Fast Company, Inc. Magazine, USA Today, Entrepreneur Magazine, The Today Show, and many more. Her latest book is called Cues: Master The Secret Language of Charismatic Communication. Notes: Cues - It’s about warmth and competence. Can I trust you? Can I rely on you? –

Success Story with Scott D. Clary

Scott D. Clary

Randy Haykin, Founder of Gratitude Network | The Importance of Socially Conscious Entrepreneurship

➡️ Like The Podcast? Leave A Rating:
➡️ About The Guest⁣
Randy Haykin is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor, venture capitalist, and philanthropist. Haykin founded and runs The Gratitude Network, a 501c3 not-for-profit that provides coaching services to social entrepreneurs around the world.
In 1997, Haykin co-founded Outlook Ventures, which invested in over 30 growth-stage internet and software companies technology companies over a ten-year span. Haykin's "street training" came from executive roles at IBM, Apple, Paramount. Starting in 1993, Haykin joined a series of technology start-ups and held senior sales and marketing positions at Yahoo, Electric Minds, and NetChannel.
Haykin has been an angel investor for more than 20 years, investing in more than 30 early-stage companies, incl

Cold Call

HBR Presents / Brian Kenny

What Role Do Individual Leaders Play in Corporate Governance?

From 1997 to 2012, Scott Tucker built a nationwide network of payday lending businesses, becoming a pioneer in online lending along the way. But in 2012 federal prosecutors indicted Tucker on several criminal charges that he violated disclosure requirements. Harvard Business School associate professor Aiyesha Dey discusses the role of individual leaders in the corporate governance system, as well as their responsibility for creating a positive corporate culture that embodies ethics, self-restraint, and a commitment to serve.

Inside the Strategy Room

McKinsey Strategy & Corporate Finance

117. New Zealand Rugby President Bill Osborne on strategy and leadership

Bill Osborne, the president of New Zealand Rugby and celebrated All Black player, is one of the few sports stars who later succeeded at translating their skills to the field of business. He went on to serve in senior roles at New Zealand Post and Quotable Value New Zealand. He also served on corporate and not-for-profit boards, including the 2 Degrees telecommunications company, CoreLogic New Zealand, and the Maori Economic Development Commission. In this episode of the Inside the Strategy Room podcast, he tells expert associate partner Guy Mullarkey how his Maori culture and rugby career shaped his approach to business, leadership, and strategy.
Read more >


Listen to the podcast (duration: 32:40) >


The Modern Manager

Mamie Kanfer Stewart

193: Navigating Change, Ambiguity and Uncertainty with Russ Linden

As managers, we have a responsibility to help our employees find stability in a time of chaos. To do this most effectively, we need to understand how the brain functions best—and most importantly, how it can go wrong. Understanding the neuroscience of change will give us unparalleled insight into managing moments of uncertainty and times of change so that our team members remain productive, engaged, and loving their work.
Today’s guest is Russ Linden. Russ is a management consultant, leadership instructor, and author who's worked with public and nonprofit organizations for 36 years. He specializes in change management, collaboration, and the use of influence (when formal authority won't cut it).
Russ and I talk about the experience of navigating change, how to better deal with ambiguity, the phenomenon called los

Kitces and Carl - Real Talk for Real Financial Advisors

Michael Kitces, MSFS, MTAX, CFP and Carl Richards, CFP

How Do You Introduce Yourself If Not A 'Financial Advisor': Kitces & Carl Ep 84

The Look & Sound of Leadership

Essential Communications - Tom Henschel

Two Paths to Flow

A worried leader seeks help finding balance between going with the flow and giving himself a larger voice.Visit our Tools bin for free PDFs to help you achieve The Look & Sound of Leadership.This episode is tagged in three categories in the Podcast Library:AssertivenessManaging YourselfRelationship BuildingFive related episodes you might listen to are: 21Eliminating Distractions59  Focus in the Face of Distractions 30Self-Knowledge as Leadership184    The Focused Executive142    The Mindful ExecutiveTom also talked about two books in this episode:“Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience”by Mihaly Csikszentmlhalyi“The Trust Advisor”by David Maister, et al Thanks to everyone who posts reviews, and thanks so much for your kind words! Let us know how we can support your growth and development. Be in touch with us here. Until next month, be well!Tom and The Look & Sound of Leadership team. 

The New Rules of Business

Chief, Pod People

Making Intergenerational Magic At Work

It feels like every time we talk about multiage working relationships, the same tired themes arise: who’s better at technology, who prefers in-person work to remote, who’s biased. But that can’t be the whole picture; interage collaboration — and the two-way mentorship that comes with it — can create a thriving collaboration. Lindsay and Carolyn chat with ageism researcher and speaker Ashton Applewhite, author of This Chair Rocks: A Manifesto Against Ageism to get to the bottom of what people get wrong about matters of age. And then they’re joined by a pair of leaders whose intergenerational collaboration has been great for business: designer Diane von Furstenburg and DVF President and Chief Executive Gabby Hirata. Find us on LinkedIn and if you’re interested in joining the Chief network, apply to be a member at Ashton’s work at Find Gabby on LinkedIn, and Diane’s work at

Dear HBR:

Harvard Business Review

HBR Presents: Coaching Real Leaders

This new podcast features real-life coaching sessions with leaders working to overcome professional challenges. In this episode, host Muriel Wilkins speaks with a woman who’s been walking a tightrope between addressing a superior’s microaggressions and making her team feel safe. Wilkins coaches this manager toward the actions she can take to improve the situation and build a healthier culture at her organization. "Coaching Real leaders" is part of HBR Presents, a network of business podcasts curated by HBR editors.

The Leaders Life with Ammar

Ammar Assad

I am here to help you live with clarity, happiness and confidence to help you move forward in life. My name is Ammar Assad, a father, Husband, Entrepreneur and Head Coach / Mentor for Rob Dial (The Mindset Mentor who has the top 100 podcast in the world) Elite Coaching Programs where I have mentored hundreds and hundreds of amazing coaches; I am excited to share the mindset behind being an impactful leader. My goal is to help you live with more passion, confidence and focus while moving forward in life without being held back. These leaders have had a BIG impact on my personal growth journey; Jay Shetty, Joseph McClendon, Tony Robbins, Rob Dial, Dean DeVries, Brendon Burchard, Gabby Bernstein, Mel Robbins, and Grant Cardone. I look forward to sharing the wisdom earned and learned in this podcast. Instagram: @leaders_life_podcast E-mail:

The Sales Management. Simplified. Podcast with Mike Weinberg

Mike Weinberg

Helping Salespeople Own Their Sales Process Is Also Best for the Client!

Mike unequivocally declared that this episode (Part 2 of his interview with Nick Hejna) is The. Single. Best. conversation he’s ever had with a sales leader around sales process. Nick and Mike paint the clearest possible picture of why having, following, and owning a sales process is not only important for the seller, but is actually in THE BEST INTEREST OF THE PROSPECT/CLIENT! You’ll also be challenged to consider that the best sales leaders don’t play “hero” of their teams but focus on making heroes of their people, and that not every top producer fits the bill for a management role.  And Nick concludes this powerful conversation by sharing his love for the sales profession and the opportunity it offers top performers to achieve financial (and life) freedom. If you are enjoying and getting value from Mike’s podcast, please rate the show and leave a brief review on Apple Podcasts.   Books Mentioned in

The Minor Consult

Stanford Medicine

The Minor Consult explores what it means to be a great leader in times of great uncertainty.  Hosted by Stanford School of Medicine Dean Lloyd Minor, MD, the podcast convenes top minds from across fields to share their perspectives, impart lessons from their careers, and discuss the complex challenges leaders face today. Through their conversations, Dr. Minor unearths the qualities and skills that leaders need to succeed in turbulent times.  Dr. Minor has served as Dean since 2012 and is also a professor of Otolaryngology–Head and Neck Surgery at the Stanford School of Medicine. Under his leadership, Stanford Medicine has emerged as a leader in the Precision Health revolution, which emphasizes preventive, personalized health care and leverages advances in biomedicine to treat and cure complex diseases. With more than 160 published articles and chapters, Dr. Minor is an expert in balance and inner ear disorders. In 2012, he was elected to the National Academy of Medicine.  Disclaimer: Lloyd Minor has no financial interests in or formal relationships with the organizations of his guests. 

Modern Mentor

Do I do it fast or right?

We get a lot of mixed messaging when it comes to managing the tension between speed and efficiency. We need to be sure—to have the data, to have done the research and the analysis before deciding or implementing. But also, we need to be agile, move quickly, test and learn, and not fall into analysis-paralysis. How do we find the middle ground?Modern Mentor is hosted by Rachel Cooke. A transcript is available at Simplecast.Find Modern Mentor on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, or subscribe to the newsletter to get more tips to fuel your professional success.Modern Mentor is a part of Quick and Dirty Tips.Links:

Wharton Business Daily

Wharton Business Daily

Tom Perez: What Excites Me is the Job Market is Experiencing Wide Ranging Growth

Former U.S. Secretary of Labor Tom Perez talks to Dan Loney about the latest jobs report, why we're on pace to recover much faster than we did after the Great Recession, and why workers have all of the leverage. See for privacy and opt-out information.

The Weekly Scrap, Firefighter Podcast

Corley Moore

Weekly Scrap #132- David Rhodes, Adapt and Overcome!

Joined on this episode by Chief David Rhodes, the Smoke Daddy himself. We discuss too many topics to list them all, but including...  Smoke Divers, Decision Making, Training Under Stress, Experiential Training, Search, Search Size Up, UL Research, Post Traumatic Boss Syndrome vs PTSD, Leadership, FDIC H.O.T.,... not to mention everything the audience threw our way.  The entire episode is on fire, but the last hour, from the final (uninterrupted day) might be some of the best content the Scrap has ever put out.This was the single most challenging episode of the Scrap to date. The internet would not cooperate with the live show and interrupted us multiple times. It was distracting and broke the flow.  Chief Rhodes was the epitome of a professional and absolutely rolled with the punches, and I cannot thank him enough. Turned out to be an amazing episode.

Accounting Best Practices with Steve Bragg

Steve Bragg

ABP #320 - Consulting After the Pandemic

Has the pandemic changed consulting?

No Bullsh!t Leadership

Martin G Moore

It’s Hard To Say Sorry: So when should you?

Episode 188 // People make mistakes all the time, and leaders are people! More often than not, when a leader makes an honest mistake, everyone just moves on and leaves it behind with no fanfare or post mortem. But there are times when it’s appropriate for a leader to stand up and say, “Hey, I got this wrong, and I’m sorry”. Do this too much, and you can appear weak, ineffective, and indecisive. Do it too little, and you can seem arrogant, disconnected, and out of touch! To complicate matters further, it’s not always your choice to make! In this episode, I examine the pressures facing leaders when they’re deciding whether or not it’s appropriate to say “sorry”, and I outline half a dozen likely scenarios you may find yourself in that require you to make this kind of judgment call.//Leadership Beyond the Theory is BACK! ? The most practical and comprehensive online leadership program that will take your leadership

The So What from BCG

Boston Consulting Group

When A Paycheck Is Not Enough

Pay, promotion, and benefits have been the traditional carrots for hiring and retaining employees. But what happens when they are not enough? During the Great Resignation, companies have watched well-paid, decorated employees walk out the door. They have watched front-line workers who had just received raises walk. Why? The emotional needs of employees are as critical as their functional needs, says Gabi Novacek, a BCG Henderson Institute fellow researching diversity, equity, and inclusion. Feeling safe, challenged, and valued at work can be even more important as a paycheck. Novacek, an archeologist by training, also discusses how a family medical emergency shaped her thinking about what really matters at work.   

This podcast uses the following third-party services for analysis:

Chartable -

Loan Officer Leadership

Steve Kyles

151. Carl White - How To Effectively Work With an Insurance Agent

On this episode of Loan Officer Leadership, your host Steve Kyles sits down with business partner and good friend, Carl White, founder of Mortgage Marketing Animals, the top coaching program for loan officers in the United States. In this episode Carl shares what he did to grow his mortgage business by partnering with insurance agents. He shares the specific, step-by-step strategies he implemented and what you can do today to see big results. Find out how to benefit by working hand in hand with the insurance agent for ultimate success. Don’t forget to subscribe to Loan Officer Leadership Podcast so you’ll never miss an episode! Ready to map out your business plan for 2022? Schedule Here.

This is Product Management

Feedback Loop

295 - Building a Product Marketing Team is Product Management

Randi Lee is the head of product marketing at Fundbox shares how to build a mighty product marketing team and how to pursue a product marketing career and more! TIPM is produced by Feedback Loop, the research platform designed for products and marketing teams. Get access at to a free trial today. 

Spectacular Failures

American Public Media

Listen to This: What's Your Problem?

You may know Jacob Goldstein as the former host of the Planet Money podcast. Now, he’s combining his expertise about the money and business worlds with his passion for technology on a brand new show called What’s Your Problem? from Pushkin Industries.What’s Your Problem? is a show about people who are facing some of the biggest challenges in modern business – and the problems they have to solve along the way. Find What's Your Problem? and listen to more engaging conversations wherever you get your podcasts.

Josh Bersin

Josh Bersin

Everything You Need To Know About Recruiting (Almost)

This podcast details our brand new research on recruiting, and why 74% of companies underperform. I took some time to give you many of the details, including the labor market situation, why companies struggle...

Manager Tools Basics

Manager Tools

The Coaching Model Revised - Part 2

In this cast, we complete our discussion of the Revised Manager Tools Coaching Model.

Business Of Biotech

Matt Pillar

Commensal Viral Vectors with Ring Therapeutics' Tuyen Ong, M.D.

When Tuyen Ong was a child, he and his family escaped Vietnam by boat in the dead of the night, bound for an Indonesian refugee camp. They spent a year in that camp before emigrating to the U.K., where Ong’s underprivileged adolescence found him growing up in the projects of London. Against the odds, Ong worked his way to UCL for an education that culminated with an M.D. Today, he’s CEO of Ring Therapeutics, a promising emerging biotech backed by Flagship Pioneering, the kingmaker behind the rise of Moderna. On this episode of the Business of Biotech, Ong shares on his challenging formative years, the unspoken love between a father and son, facing down racism as a poor Chinese kid in Vietnam and London, and how those experiences shape his leadership at Ring. Oh, and we talk about some really great science, too.

The HC Insider Podcast

HC Insider, Paul Chapman

The History & Future of Commodity Trading in Invesment Banks with Kevin O'Reilly

At the end of the last decade, Investment Banks dominated commodity trading. The best results, the biggest seats and the best paid. A few short years later and the majority had scaled back or exited. Why? What drove their success and their exit. Now, in the foothills of a commodity super-cycle and the volatility of the energy transition will we see the banks return? The 2021 results, matching the previous highs, of those few banks who stuck it out suggests so. And what will be different this time? Our guest is Kevin O'Reilly, veteran of the most successful banks in commodities, to take us on this sweep of commodity banking history. To find out more about HC and our talent advisory services in the energy & commodities sector visit connect with our host Paul Chapman, you can find him at

eCommerce Fuel

Andrew Youderian | e-Commerce Entrepreneur

Hiring and Compensating Top Performers

Most eCommerce owners struggle with hiring, let alone trying to hire when they’re scaling at a rapid pace. Roc Pilon is a successful entrepreneur in business, real estate, and the fitness industry. He has a really interesting story coming from a trailer in Boise, Idaho dealing with the effects of the 2008 recession and going all in with $5,000 and an idea to innovate better powerlifting gear.  Listen in as we dive into how Roc managed to successfully hire 30 people over the span of two years using LinkedIn as his hiring tool and how he has approached compensation with the team members he has hired, including how he handles performance incentives. Roc also shares how to best get your team to model the core values of your business, what the downsides are to having a remote team, and how hiring an Operations Manager has been a game changer for him. You can find show notes and more information by clicking here: Intere

No Ego

Cy Wakeman

S4,E19: Radical Adaptability - Competing in the New World of Work

Keith Ferrazzi, the networking guru and author of “Never Eat Alone” joins Cy on this episode to share the  findings and very practical high value practices for succeeding in the new world of work that resulted from his intensive research conducted during the pandemic.  Keith’s new book, “Competing in the New World of Work” is HBR’s top pick in post pandemic books and Keith shares highlights for transforming your business models, redesigning you workforce and going forward to work in this new world instead of back to old work ways.



Be a Curator

Everyone has more ideas than they can realistically fit in a product. A good museum doesn't just throw everything in its collection up on the walls. There's a curation process. Someone says, "no." It's in making these edits that the real product comes out, so embrace it!Show Notes
02:32 - Shape Up

02:37 - Six-week cycles (Shape Up)
07:36 - Stick it to an email (HEY)
10:41 - Big Design Up Front (Wikipedia)
11:27 - Ruby on Rails

14:48 - Gantt chart (Wikipedia)
17:17 - Highrise

17:52 - Know Your Team

20:03 - We Work Remotely

20:32 - Sortfolio

Level Up - From Agent to Entrepreneur

Greg Harrelson - Real Estate Broker, Entrepreneur & Coach

HOT Market, HOT Buttons! Learn How To ”Wow” Your Seller Clients

Whether we’re in a hot market or a down market, whenever things seem to be out of balance, it’s our job as agents to guide our clients through the process. 


Managing our clients’ expectations (or, more importantly, their emotions) is the key to keeping any transaction running smoothly. 


The question is, how do we do that? Is it really as simple as having a clear line of communication? 


In this clip, we're introducing the concept of 'future pacing' and doubling down on the importance of being up front from the get go.


Be open with sellers about the challenges and curveballs that might be thrown their way in a transaction. It's called future pacing. -Greg Harrelson


Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode  


When to start the process of future pacing

Is th

Village Global's Venture Stories

Village Global

Hemant Taneja, General Catalyst on Responsible Innovation, Un-scaling & Thriving in regulated industries

Hemant Taneja (@htaneja), managing partner at General Catalyst and author of Intended Consequences, joins Anne Dwane and Village Global’s newest partner, Prateek Alsi, to discuss:- What responsible innovation is and how tech can do good in the world using the framework.- How founders should think about responsible innovation at the earliest stages of a company.- The importance of thinking from first principles. - Lessons from the creation process of the companies Hemant has been involved in.- A better alternative to “move fast and break things.”- Which areas he excited about investing in, including healthcare and India.Thanks for listening — if you like what you hear, please review us on your favorite podcast platform. Check us out on the web at or get in touch with us on Twitter @villageglobal.Want to get updates from us? Subscribe to get a peek

Excellent Executive Coaching: Growing Your Business and Enhancing Your Craft.

Host Katrina Burrus PhD, MCC interviews leaders from the ICF International

EEC 204: Grow Stronger Leaders and Teams with Effective Communication Skills by Meredith Bell

Dr. Katrina Burrus, MCC interviews Meredith Bell about the importance of sharpening your communication so that your leadership skills improve as well as the cohesiveness of your team. I’ve noticed that the name of your company is Performance Support Systems. What is the No. 1 thing organizations should be focused on improving to boost their performance? Which communication skills are most essential for effective leader-team interactions? Why is it that most learning and development programs don't produce lasting improvement in performance, and what's the solution? Frustrations are inevitable while learning a new skill, so what will motivate people to stick with it? What do you mean by “peer coach” and what does it take to be effective in that role? Meredith Bell Meredith Bell is co-founder and President of Performance Support Systems, a global software company providing assessment

The Home Service Expert Podcast

Tommy Mello: $100 Million Founder|Forbes, Inc., Entrepreneur Columnist

Winning the War for Talent - How To Attract and Retain the Best Employees

Jody Underhill is the founder of RapidHire, a director at Green Elephant Agency, the owner of Appointment Nerds, and the founder of Upside Down Iceberg. He is an accomplished social media strategist who worked with various marketing experts such as Russell Brunson, Josh Nelson, Frank Kern, and Ryan Deiss, and has helped over 150 businesses in the development of their marketing strategy. In this episode, we talked about the right job ads, culture, the difference between hiring and recruiting…

Future of America

McKinsey & Company

In McKinsey's Future of America podcast, we explore how to build a future that drives sustainable and inclusive growth. This isn't about tradeoffs – we reject the "or" and embrace the "and". Join us in conversations with leaders who are accelerating progress to grow, broaden, and sustain prosperity for more Americans.

Government Contracting Officer Podcast

Kevin Jans, Paul Schauer, Contracting Officer, government Contracting, proposal management, proposal writing, targeting, contract administration, contract management, subcontracting

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Business Wars | حروب الأعمال

Al Jazeera Podcasts الجزيرة بودكاست

موسم جديد.. بودكاست رموز

شخصيات تركت بصمتها على جدار التاريخ، تروي لكم قصصها قريبا.. في الموسم السادس من بودكاست "رموز".

Grain Markets and Other Stuff

Joe Vaclavik

Corn and Soybeans Reverse Lower on Bullish News 2/11/22

Futures and options trading involves risk of loss and is not suitable for everyone.

HBR IdeaCast

Harvard Business Review

How Political Polarization Is Changing Work

Politics has traditionally been a taboo topic to discuss on the job. But as people get more vocal about their views -- on everything from from climate change to racial justice, elections to invasions -- it's increasingly hard to keep debate out of the workplace. And that can lead to conflicts between colleagues. Julia Minson of the Harvard Kennedy School of Government and Francesca Gino of Harvard Business School have studied how political polarization is affecting organizations and have advice on handling the challenges it presents. Together, they wrote the HBR article “Managing A Polarized Workforce: How to Foster Debate and Promote Trust.”

The Game Changing Attorney Podcast with Michael Mogill

Michael Mogill

94 — Cy Wakeman — Life’s Messy, Live Happy: Things Don’t Have to Be Perfect for You to Be Content

"A lot of people have pretty outrageous lifestyles (out of balance), and then they try and fix it with what I call self-soothing. Self-soothing is, ‘How can I numb, put on hold for a while, or procrastinate? How can I take a break before I go back to the same world that caused me pain?’ Self-care is, ‘How do I have daily habits and dedications that keep my energy supply high, that keep me restored and renewed, not just soothed or numbed?’” - Cy Wakeman

What’s behind the title of Cy’s new book, Life’s Messy, Live Happy?

How do we make our own suffering worse?

What are the three questions we should ask ourselves to keep our egos in check?

How should we approach the practice of gratitude?

What is over-giving, and why should we be cautious of it?

Choose How To Feel
Life is full of challenges. But while

PMP Exam Success Secrets with Scott

Scott Payne

Secret to Improve Your PMP Quiz Scores (Part 2)

Secret to Improve Your PMP Quiz Scores (Part 2) Let me help you!.  Just click this button and tell me your story!  Contact | PM Master Prep OR Email me directly at OR Call me directly 757-759-5282

How To Succeed In Product Management | Jeffrey Shulman, Red Russak & Soumeya Benghanem

Jeff Shulman, Red Russak & Soumeya Benghanem

43: How Do You Define a PM’s Career Success?

In this episode of the How to Succeed in Product Management Podcast, marketing professor Jeff Shulman and The Product Management Center advisory board members Red Russak and Soumeya Benghanem welcome Tom Leung (Goggle, Fireside Product Management Podcast) to talk about what makes a successful PM. Is it the number of products that went live? Is it the position you currently hold in the company? Is the head count of other PMs under your team? There are several ways to measure the success of Product Managers. What matters most of the time is the skills that you have when take on the role and what will you bring to help scale up the business.
Support for How to Succeed in Product Management is brought to you by Apptentive, which enables product managers to measure shifts in customer emotion and gather actionable feedback across the mobile customer journey. To learn more, go to
What to Listen

B2B Revenue Leadership - CEO, CRO, CMO, VC, Sales and Marketing Startup SaaS

Sales Leadership Marketing Startup SaaS expert - Brian Burns



Work Check


Our workplaces today are changing fast - but which changes are actually going to serve us best? Work Check takes your most pressing questions about the ways we work together and hashes out the best arguments on either side. Join host Christine Dela Rosa and a team of debaters to challenge the status quo on the ways you think about or show up for work. It’s never been more important to think about the ways we interact with our teammates, whether we’re heading back to the office or staying remote. So this season we’re debating questions like: Should you really wear PJs to a work zoom? Could the 4-day work week be a game changer for your team? And, should you only give your coworker feedback to their face? All that and more on this season of Work Check.

Revenue Generator Podcast: Sales + Marketing + Product + Customer Success = Revenue Growth

I Hear Everything

The Revenue Generator Podcast tells how innovators of the Revenue Generation orchestrate sales, marketing, product, & customer success teams to deliver world-class customer experiences. In each episode, you’ll hear how Chief Revenue Officers (CRO) from the B2B SAAS, Business Services, and Communications industries integrate data, SAAS, people, and processes to expedite demand and increase recurring revenue.

Multiplier Mindset® with Dan Sullivan

Dan Sullivan and Strategic Coach

Begin A Lifetime Partnership, with David Kakish

David Kakish grew up exposed to the non-profit world, but eventually fell in love with the entrepreneurial world. In this episode, he shares how he’s found success with multiple businesses and how The Strategic Coach® Program has helped him solve challenges at a strategic level from both a business perspective and a personal perspective.

Construction Genius

Eric Anderton

It’s Your Game: Make the Rules and Play to Win

In every sport, the players have a set of rules they need to play by. This is also true for every single business out there, including construction companies. And what better way to play than to set up your own rules and pick out the players you want to play with?   In this episode, join me as I talk about the essence of making the rules of your game in order for you to get freedom, wealth, and time back for yourself.    Follow the three step process that I explain and reap the rewards of winning the game.   Let's get started!   Discussion Points:   • 0:00 Introduction   • 2:20 Your job as a construction company owner   • 3:57 Step # 1: You need to make the rules of the game (your construction company)   • 5:38 Step # 2: Invite people to play the game   • • 6:31 Customers   • • 8:29 Employees   • • 10:07 Project partners    • 11:23 Step # 3: Enforcing the rules of the game   • 11:53 Two types of pain you experience when the rule

Lab Coat Agents Podcast

Tristan Ahumada, Jeff Pfitzer & Nick Baldwin

FSBO and Expired Listing Success, In Memoriam Of LCA's Good Friend, Borino-EP 152

During this episode of the Lab Coat Agents Podcast, host Jeff Pfitzer talks to Borino, an expert on expired and FSBOs who has an inspiring journey in real estate. He shares some of the success secrets he teaches in his course and how they can help you achieve the life you desire. Episode Highlights:  Borino was born and raised in an acting family in Czechoslovakia. When he was blacklisted as a college student, Borino left his country and eventually came to Los Angeles. His real estate journey began when he saw an ad for free real estate classes, but he did not succeed immediately. At one point he was sleeping in his 1981 Cadillac DeVille.  The work of Tony Robbins had a huge impact on him. Once he began to uncover his limiting beliefs, his circumstances changed quickly. Develop the right mindset, put systems in place, and take massive action. Borino recommends several books on mindset and mark

PM Training Squad - a project management podcast

PM Training Squad

16: Great project communication - a simple email approach

In this short episode we cover a simple approach for project email communications which really works well for informing end-users and/or large groups.

Full show notes on the website link



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Bringing the Human back to Human Resources

Traci (Rubin) Chernoff

67. Annual Reviews: Discussion on Effectiveness & Tips

This week is a discussion on whether or not annual reviews are actually effective (you probably already know what I'm going to say) and some tips for having the most productive conversation possible!
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Disclaimer: Thoughts, opinions, and statements made on this podcast are not a reflection of the thoughts, opinions, and statements of the Company Traci Rubin is actively employed by.


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Sales Leadership Podcast

Rob Jeppsen

Episode 175: #174: Brandon Fluharty of LivePerson — Falling in Love with the Process of Growth

Brandon Fluharty is VP of Strategic Account Solutions for LivePerson. Brandon helps salespeople have the most successful years of their careers…not by focusing on specific sales techniques and tactics but more through designing and developing personal operating systems at an elite level. He’s learned HOW to ditch the grind and instead have personal growth that fuels elite performance…all while avoiding burnout. Be sure to connect with Brandon on Linkedin and to sign up for his newsletter to get all the resources Brandon has for sales leaders around the world.

The EOS Leader

EOS Worldwide

Kristjan Hebert | Grow or Die

Kristjan Hebert, managing partner at Hebert Grain Ventures, discusses how to leverage your team for year-on-year growth and optimization. From CPA to entrepreneur, Kristjan knows the importance of moving fast, making mistakes, and trusting your gut.

3 Takeaways

Lynn Thoman

Political Commentator George Will: Insights on American Government Today, and Where the Democratic and Republican Parties Have Both Gone Wrong (#87)

We sit down with George Will and discuss what conservatism means today and where the Republican and Democratic Parties have both gone wrong - the Republican Party with Donald Trump and the Democratic Party by being “dominated by a tail that wags the bigger dog.”  Progressives, he says, are at most a third of the Democratic Party, but they are 90% of Joe Biden's agenda now and they are “in the saddle riding poor Joe Biden.” He shares how Joe Biden squandered one of the great opportunities of modern politics and how the Democratic Party is disobeying Thomas Jefferson's admonition to not undertake large departures on slender majorities. As for the Republican Party, he talks about Donald Trump’s effect on the Party, how the Party has strayed from its roots and what it means to be a Republican today.He also worries that fro

Resilient Leadership

Bridgette Theurer & Irvine Nugent, Ph.D.

The Great Resignation: What’s Behind Our Discontent And What We Can Do About It.

Hardly a day goes by without an article appearing about “The Great Resignation.” In today’s episode, Bridgette and Irvine explore this phenomenon that is re-shaping the workplace and discuss what we can do to address discontent – either in ourselves or in our workplace.

All Hands


At Lattice, we know that a successful company starts with its employees. This new season opens the playbooks of successful people leaders at IBM, Calm, Costco, Envoy and more. We dive deep on strategies you can use to face the toughest challenges in our industry. We talk about hiring competitively, supporting employees caring for children, and taking care of your People team. Because people success is business success. Host Katelin Holloway has spent the past decade as a people and culture executive at some of the internet’s most beloved startups, but her fascination with building true people-first cultures started many years ago. You won’t want to miss this season. Follow All Hands on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher or wherever you get your podcasts so you never miss new episodes. You can listen to past episodes featuring conversations with Alexis Ohanian, Spotify’s Katarina Berg, and Hubspot’s Katie Burke. Learn more about how Lattice can help your business stay people focused at or find us on Twitter @LatticeHQ.

Leadership Next


Pfizer's COVID Lesson: Set Big Goals and People Will Meet Them

When the COVID pandemic struck, Pfizer was ready to tackle the challenge of developing a vaccine. That's due in large part to some key decisions CEO Albert Bourla made after becoming CEO in 2019. In this episode of Leadership Next he was also quick to acknowledge the role purpose played in making this feat possible.
"I think it was the most important factor," Bourla said. "It was not the singular focus on sciences, it was not the infrastructure were able to develop. It was the culture and the mindset ... breakthroughs that change patients' lives. That's the reason of our existence. This is why we have formed this corporation. Without that there's no reason for us to be part of corporate America ... Companies that are staying true to their purpose always perform better than companies that don't. And I think this is because when you are having a strong focus on your purpose, you coordinate all t

2Bobs - with David C. Baker and Blair Enns

David C. Baker and Blair Enns

Selling to Different Buyer Types

Blair details each buyer type (Convenience, Relationship, Price, Value, and Poker Player), and demonstrates how your proposal should do the negotiating work for you regardless of which type of buyer you’re selling to. Read the show notes and transcript at

Lawyerist Podcast

#370: How to Use Personality Assessments with Your Team, with Ashley Steckler

Lawyerist Product Director, Ashley Steckler, shares her perspective on the personality test industry and how to navigate your results! If today’s podcast resonates with you and you haven’t read The Small Firm Roadmap yet, get the first chapter right now for free! Thanks to  Posh Virtual Receptionists and  Postali for sponsoring this episode.

McKinsey on Consumer and Retail

McKinsey Retail & Consumer Goods

Forecasting the future of stores

Shoppers’ behaviors and expectations have changed dramatically—and continue to evolve. If retailers want to keep their physical stores relevant, here are five things they’ll need to get right.
Read more >


Listen to the podcast (duration: 26:10) >

Rocketship / The Podglomerate

Digital Transformations: John Deere and Ramsey Solutions

On today's installment of our Digital Transformations mini-season with Christian Idiodi, we're talking about household brands John Deere and Ramsey Solutions, and how they underwent changes among its people and processes in order to achieve their transformation.

This episode is brought to you by:

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Canva: Go to to get your free 45-day extended trial
Carnegie Mellon MIIPS Program: Learn more about how your ideas could change the world at
NetSuite: NetSuite by Ora

Take Command: A Dale Carnegie Podcast

Dale Carnegie

Focus, Perseverance, and Legacy with Dave Winfield

Dave Winfield is a “true unicorn in sports” as the only athlete in history to be drafted by four professional sports leagues.Today, he is a member of the National Baseball Hall of Fame, CEO of Winfield & Winfield, a NY Times best-selling author, speaker, business advisor, and philanthropist. Before best-selling books, Dave built confidence through reading, traveling, and winning new friends. Building a strong mental focus and toughness helped him to get through adversity and to become recognized and respected.To Dave, earning a “leader” or “Captain” title in sports is based on actions, accomplishments, attitude, techniques, talent, and giving back to others.  Dave defines personal leadership as making a positive impact on the people around us; being able to communicate our wisdom, and making a difference in the world.Join us as we listen to Dave’s positive approach to life and life-long learning, his mental focus and enduran

The Successful Bookkeeper Podcast

Michael Palmer

EP286: Scott Allen & Maria Soriano Young - How To Create An Unforgettable First Impression To Attract Bookkeeping Clients

“Are we putting something into motion that we wouldn’t want to sit through?” –Scott Allen   Tired of feeling like you aren’t winning the best bookkeeping clients? It’s time to take an honest inventory on the kind of impression you are presenting to them.   Attention spans have never been shorter, and expectations have never been higher. You have to know what you want the audience to feel and do, and then communicate that message in a way that keeps it stuck in their minds.   Scott Allen, an associate professor at John Carroll University who is also a communications coach, author, and entrepreneur. And Maria Soriano Young, a communications manager for the Heart, Vascular and Thoracic Institute at Cleveland Clinic, are this week’s featured guests!   Together they talk about the importance of planning for the right outcomes. How to design your first impr

One Next Step: Management Tips & Tools for Small Business Owners


083: How A Bookkeeper Can Help You Prepare for Tax Season

Tax season is something that most business owners dread, but it doesn’t have to be that way.  Bookkeepers can help you better prepare throughout the year so that when taxes roll around you don’t have to experience that overwhelmed feeling.  In this episode, Tricia and Lisa will discuss the ways a bookkeeper can help you prepare your business and alleviate the stress of tax season.  Welcome to episode 83 of One Next Step.

Digital HR Leaders with David Green

David Green

How to Use Skills Data as a Catalyst to Improve Talent Experience (Interview with Loïc Michel)

On this week's podcast, I am talking to Loïc Michel, CEO at skills intelligence and talent marketplace platform 365Talents.Throughout this episode, Loïc and I discuss:How skills data can be used to improve employee experience and support successful talent managementHow advances in AI now mean that skills can be mapped in real time, overcoming some of the complexities that organisations have struggled with in doing this previouslyHow skills data can be used for internal mobility and improving employee retentionLoïc’s thoughts on the future of employee experience and how technology will support this. 
Support for this podcast comes from 365Talents. You can learn more by visiting See for privacy and opt-out information.

Race at Work with Porter Braswell

Diversity Explained / Porter Braswell

Sixth Street's David Stiepleman: Creating Social Capital For Underrepresented Groups

In this episode, Porter chats with David Stiepleman, Co-President, and Co-Founder of the global investment firm Sixth Street. They talk about the reasons for the lack of funding for diverse founders. They also discuss why Sixth Street’s summer fellowship program is critical in their approach to diversifying their internal team and the private capital industry more broadly. Porter and David also discuss why it’s the responsibility of both the company and the broader industry to create spaces for employees to talk about race at work.




欢迎大家在评论区分享听完本期节目的感受,我们会在评论区选出 5 位听众,送上阿泰总推荐的书《好战略与坏战略》。
点击获取本期飞书妙记逐字稿 (
Zara ,飞书产品经理
郑治泰 ,地平线首席战略官
[02:07] 奇妙的职业路径:从天线工程师到首席战略官
[06:26] 如何横跨不同领域内的不同职位?
[08:50] 培养向上两级思考问题的能力
[14:13] 一线员工也可以做战略吗?
[19:44] 换行业、换岗位如何快速学习新岗位所需要的能力和知识?
[23:51] 每个人都可以做自己人生的 CEO
[32:36] 飞书 OKR 让一线员工也可以了解公司战略
[37:57] 为什么为公司挣了很多钱,却被打了差绩效?
[44:22] 在字节,为什么开会的时候没有人看手机?
[49:33] 给自己的小孩儿讲清楚什么是战略
监制 ^ Zara、小北
后期 ^ 花生酱、 陈太太
文字编辑 ^ 小北、

Engineering Advice You Didn't Ask For

Keyur, Louie, Mitra, Thiago & Vic

A Weekly Podcast about Engineering Leadership with Keyur Hindocha, Louie Bacaj, Mitra Raman, Thiago Ghisi, & Vic Vijayakumar.

Winning the Challenger Sale


#10 The Negotiation Curveball

On this episode,  hosts Mike Randazzo and Jen Allen talk all about late stage negotiations. You're wrapping up late stage deals that you've been working on for months, you're in the final mile, and then...procurement throws you a curveball. An unexpected request, demand, or ultimatum that you weren't anticipating and you're rushing to come up with a response in the moment.But, what if the perfect response is actually no response at all? Or a delayed response? Listen to hear Mike and Jen unpack what high performing sellers do differently than their average or core performers peers when it comes to handling curveballs that are thrown their way in late stage negotiations.

Good Morning, HR

Mike Coffey, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

The Power of Performance Feedback

In episode 41, Coffey talks with Amber Vanderburg about giving and receiving performance feedback. They discuss why annual performance reviews aren’t enough; the importance of defining what successfully meeting expectations looks like; the importance of communicating why specific behaviors are important to the organization; the difference between skill and behavior coaching; the importance of being very specific in communicating desired behavior; “vague performance feedback results in vague performance improvement”; how to receive feedback in a constructive and clear manner; setting a schedule for follow up on performance conversations; and the importance of training employees to give useful performance feedback to their peers.Good Morning, HR is brought to you by Imperative—premium background checks with fast and friendly service. For more information about our commitment to quality and excellent customer service, visit us at

High Ticket Expert

Dan Lok

High Ticket Expert brings you 10 minutes of "High Ticket" actionable advice every single day. Get proven strategies to scale your expert business to 7 or even 8 figures. For additional resources and previous episodes, visit us at:

Becoming Your Best | The Principles of Highly Successful Leaders

Steve Shallenberger: Successful Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, and Bestselling Author | Rob Shallenberger: Former Fighter Pilot, Author, Executive Coach, and Corporate Trainer

Episode 326 - Focus on the Inside Game and the Outside Game Will Improve

When was the last time you checked in with yourself, your habits, and your personal and professional relationships to see how they are serving you in becoming the best version of yourself?In today's episode, I share seven ways to make sure we are living a life by design and focus on our inside game, which will, eventually, reflect on our outside game. We delve into the importance of being aware that situations are neutral; our attitude towards them matters. You’ll also learn how to use the G.I.G.O model in your favor -- Greatness In, Greatness Out.In addition, we value the importance of having a deep and meaningful connection with God, being aware that we are not our thoughts (initially), and embracing the power of Pre-week Planning. You’ll also find out why you should constantly invest in yourself and the crucial role people around you play in your life. Tune in to Episode 326 of Becoming Your Bes

New Solo

Legal Talk Network

The Microsoft 365 Special: Your Questions, Expert Answers

At last! The anticipated Windows and Windows 365 tech episode with Adam Alexander, IT solutions guru and president of InterNetwork IT. Together, they answer all those questions you’ve messaged and tweeted in the past months.
We’re getting into the nitty gritty. Learn what’s available and find solutions to problems that seem unsolvable. Don’t settle for “good enough!”

Adriana and Adam dive deep into all things Microsoft 365, OneDrive, and more.

Make access to your data more organized, safer, and easier for your employees or coworkers to share.

 Plus, your questions about all things Microsoft. You asked, we answered. 

New Insights
In our series New Insights, veteran attorney Jennifer Smith Thomas answers questions from Birmingham, Alabama, new attorney Jennifer Townsend about the challenges of working with her father in a small, family-owned firm. 

The Property Management Mastermind Show

Brad Larsen

What Is An Institutional Buyer?

What is an institutional buyer and how do they affect the property management business? ILE CEO Mahesh Shetty talks with Brad about the institutional buying gig, investors who build specifically to rent, the types of houses worth investing in, and what kind of jobs potential buyers have (and how that can impact what property's are worth investing in), and so much more!  Learn more about the work of Mahesh Shetty HERE!  Get your tickets now to the 2022 Property Management Mastermind Conference in Las Vegas this May! Tickets are available now at! OR JUST CLICK HERE! Connect with Brad Larsen and his team at RentWerx at! 

ABA Banking Journal Podcast

American Bankers Association

James Ballentine reflects on his career in banking advocacy

After 22 years at ABA, the association’s top lobbyist James Ballentine will soon retire. In this special episode of the ABA Banking Journal Podcast — sponsored by IntraFi Network — Ballentine reflects on lessons learned during his career in Washington and shares tips both on effective banking advocacy and on promoting diversity and inclusion in banking. Among other topics, Ballentine talks about: The state of current bank policy issues in Congress like the SAFE Banking Act and ECORA. Behind-the-scenes stories on legislation like Dodd-Frank and S. 2155. How a legislative loss on a credit union bill 25 years ago galvanized the banking industry to ramp up its advocacy. Why it’s critical for emerging bank leaders to share their perspectives and experiences with lawmakers. How his experience as a former Small Business Administration staffer helped the industry navigate the Paycheck Protection Program. His work as a dive

Reveal: The Revenue Intelligence Podcast


What most get wrong about retaining top performers

Ed McQuiston, EVP, Chief Commercial Officer at Hyland, will challenge you to think differently about your talent pool. He pushes back against the way we have traditionally thought about retaining top talent, gives tips for gathering feedback, and suggests creative ways to connect with your team.Many job-hunters have a “the grass is always greener” mentality, and given the active job market, it’s more necessary than ever to make sure your company is ready to live up to expectations.Key Takeaways:[02:06-06:02] The effects of The Great Resignation [06:20-08:11] How Hyland has adapted  [08:12-09:25] The importance of retention interviews [09:55-12:22] How to hire in remote times [12:49-14:02] Promoting mental wellness for his teams [14:02-18:31] The small talk issue[19:31-22:28] Justifying the productivity loss of workplace camaraderie [22:44-23:19] Following up on survey responses[23:42-14:02]

Boss Better Now with Joe Mull

Joe Mull

Stuck with a Toxic Team Member + Bad Leadership Advice

At a time when finding and keeping employees is harder than ever before, more and more teams are gritting their teeth and putting up with toxic team members, rather than firing them. Is that a good idea? And how do you deal with the toxic behavior when you can’t ultimately show them the door? Plus, it’s time to stop repeating a popular leadership mantra that is wrong. It’s all ahead now on Boss Better Now.

Ask a Manager

iHeartPodcasts & Alison Green

My employee lied about a reference

An employee who lied to get a reference, avoiding hugs, and lots more.
Learn more about your ad-choices at

Mortgage Lending Mastery

Jen Du Plessis: Coach, International Speaker, Best Selling Author

Financial Intelligence: How To Successfully Live Within Your Means With Henry Daas

Are you living within your means, looking at all of your assets and liabilities, and planning for your future? There are a lot of things you could do to achieve financial freedom, and they are not grand things. Listen to this episode as today's guest Henry Daas shares the importance of financial intelligence so you can start living the life you dream of. When you start adding up all of the things you spent money on that aren't essential, you'll be surprised at how much it has been. Although, there are certain circumstances that you can't control, such as the pandemic and other disastrous events. But you could still start equipping yourself with the knowledge you need for financial freedom. Tune in to learn how to handle your finances!Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share!Here’s How »Join the Mortgage Lending Mastery Community today:kineticsparkconsulting.comBec

Nuffsaid: Real Strategies for Customer Success


On the Nuffsaid podcast, you’ll hear from host Chris Hicken and forward-thinking leaders about the Customer Success strategies that matter most. We promise not to waste your time. How? Episodes are the perfect length for a commute or mid-day workout and at the beginning of every show, we’ll give you the Too Long; Didn’t Read (TL;DR), so you can get immediate insight into how industry experts operate. Welcome to the no-fluff podcast for Customer Success. Powered by the team at Nuffsaid.

Landscape Business Course

Mike Andes | Landscaping Business, Lawn Care Service, Mowing Service,

The Recipe for a Million Dollar Lawn Care Business (Consulting Call w/ Mike Andes)

? The Home for Everything Mike Andes:   ?LANDSCAPE SUMMIT CONFERENCE:   ?PAYROLL AND BOOKKEEPING:   WEB DESIGN SERVICES: ❌ LAWN & LANDSCAPING: ❌ ALL HOME SERVICES:   ONLINE COURSES: ⚠️ How to Build a $100K/Month Landscape Business: ?‍?MBA for Entrepreneurs:   ?TEMPLATES: Door Hangers, PostCards, Flyers, Yard Signs:   ⛔️Join Augusta Lawn Care:   ? BOOK A CONSULTING CALL:   ? Sign up to be featured on a future episode of RoundUP and ZeroTurn:   ? Join the Texting Platform for

How to Succeed Podcast

Sandler Training

How to Succeed at Recruiting and Hiring Great Salespeople

Mike Montague interviews Lee Kester on How to Succeed at Recruiting and Hiring Great Salespeople. Lee is the President and CEO of the Kester Search Group. Find them at:   Or connect with Lee on LinkedIn:    In this episode: The best attitude, behavior, and technique on how to succeed at recruiting great salespeople The process is different depending on the level of hire Be careful to hire the right person and personality for the job, not just someone you like You may want to use a third party to help Focus on their past performance Keep it simple, don’t track too many metrics Both sides should be excited about the new adventure together upon hiring Slow the process down so you can focus on getting the right people No more than 2 decision-makers on the hire If you’re in a leadership time spend 1/3rd of your time recruiting and hiri

Speaking to Influence

Dr. Laura Sicola | mediaMAR

When you speak, do you want to inspire others and be recognized as a true leader? Do you want to feel more confident, have greater influence, and get bigger results? This is the show for executives, business owners and leaders who need to command the room, connect with their audience and close the deal. Join host Dr. Laura Sicola, communication and influence expert, as she interviews world-class business and industry leaders, who reveal the importance of strong communication skills in their success and the (sometimes hard) lessons they learned along the way. You’ll gain insights into confident public speaking, conflict management, executive presence, and more! For more information, visit  To book Laura as a guest or speaker email

The Growth Whisperers podcast

Brad Giles & Kevin Lawrence

102 The problem with best practices, and what to do about it

There's a problem with best practices. People often talk about needing to implement best practices and what they really mean is common practices. And the problem is that common practices might not be best for your business, and in fact, common practices might weaken your business. In this episode, we talk about the problem with best practices and what you should do about it.     ----- * Do you love The Growth Whisperers and want to see our smiling faces? Subscribe to our YouTube channel. * Do you enjoy our content? Rate our show! * Follow us on Twitter @Evolution_Perth and @lawrenceandco1 Learn more about building enduring great companies. -----   ----- Links: * * ----- Additional episodes you might enjoy: # 50 Jim Collins Flywheel Concept: How to build unstoppable momentum in your company # 16 Jim Collins # 84 The 7 common strategy mistakes from Michael Po


If It's Perfect, It's Too Late: Why You Should Give Up Tasks and Delegate Projects (with Lloyed Lobo co-founder and President of Boast.AI)
Are you only shipping projects when they’re perfect?
If it’s perfect, it’s too late!
Lloyed Lobo is the Co-founder and President of Boast.AI and also chairs the annual
In episode #93, Lloyed shares why the more you give up as a leader, the better.
We also talked about creating a community of practice first rather than product, and Lloyed shared his CAMPER framework around community building that you can implement into your strategy.
Tune in to hear all about Lloyed’s leadership journey and the lessons learned along the way!

Manager Tools - One on Ones

Manager Tools

Using RoadMap To Implement Coaching and Delegation

Our guidance on how to use RoadMap to coach your team members and delegate to your directs.

How to Sell Art: The Abundant Artist Podcast

Cory Huff,, How to Sell Art Online

We interview successful professional artists including painters, sculptors, photographers and other fine artists. We talk about the business of art and what it takes to succeed.

Thrilling Tales of Modern Capitalism

Slate Podcasts

Sponsored: How Can We Be More Self-Aware and Emotionally Intelligent in Business?

We’re wrapping up Season 2 of The Relentless with two special guests who epitomize the emotional intelligence and personal commitment needed to create extraordinary experiences for customers. Gary Vaynerchuck, known to millions as Gary Vee, has had remarkable success as an innovative entrepreneur, investor, author, and podcaster. His new book Twelve and a Half: Leveraging the Emotional Ingredients Necessary for Business Success explores the self awareness and emotional skills that are crucial for success in any business. Later, we hear from Eddie Berenbaum, co-owner and president of CENTURY 21 Redwood Realty. Eddie discusses the importance of loving what you do, and how he’s using technology to empower agents with valuable insights.

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The VetMed Mind

Veterinary Growth Partners

Hosted by Shawn McVey, MA, MSW and Rachel Teichberg, CVPM, CVBL, The VetMed Mind is a podcast project that collects, shares, and celebrates the inspiring stories from the veterinary medicine community. We hear from vet med students, veterinarians, managers, veterinary technicians, customer support and industry professionals about their individual experiences in the field. Stories include everything from the joy of the journey to the challenges of being in a fast-paced field. What does success look like in veterinary medicine? We are determined to find out, what's behind The VetMed Mind.

Life Negotiations with Lousin Mehrabi

Lousin Mehrabi

Life Negotiations is hosted by Lousin Mehrabi, an internationally recognized Professional Negotiator and sought-after Inspirational Speaker. Lousin is joined by the world’s most in-demand negotiators to explore everyday negotiations, high-stake business discussions and crisis situations. Each episode, Lousin reflects on her unique ‘Life Negotiations’ philosophy on how to reach better agreements with others, with yourself and with life.

ACNL in Action: Lessons in Nursing Leadership

The Association of California Nurse Leaders

ACNL in Action is the podcast for anyone who wants to learn more about nursing, leadership, and everything in between. Host Charlene Platon talks to healthcare leaders from the bedside to the boardroom, in service and academia, to get their perspective on issues facing nurses. Visit to learn more.

SPIN IT: Business & Crisis Management with Stephynie Malik

Stephynie Malik

SPIN IT is a business podcast that will inspire you to see failures and obstacles as a stepping stone for success, transforming them into a new path forward, a path that you may not have seen or considered before. Whether it‘s a scandal or a broken business model - obstacles are an opportunity to learn, pivot and go after your goals with a new perspective. Hosted by Stephynie Malik, award-winning Crisis Management Expert and Business Strategist, this podcast offers you advice and guidance on how difficult situations can result in successful outcomes. It’s all about how you Spin It!

In Depth

First Round

How to handle comp challenges at every startup stage — Kaitlyn Knopp’s advice from Pequity, Instacart, Cruise & Google

Today’s episode is with Kaitlyn Knopp, founder and CEO of Pequity, which automates HR workflows to make compensation more equitable and scalable.

Prior to starting Pequity, Kaitlyn built compensation programs and teams at companies like Instacart, Cruise, and Google — bringing a deep well of experience to this often complicated topic.

We start our conversation with her advice on the traps founders need to avoid when they’re making their first hires. She sketches out a lightweight framework of how to think about comp at this early stage, from broad levels to an initial comp philosophy.

We then get into the pros and cons of negotiating offers, as well as creative approaches you can bring to other aspects of comp outside of salary, such as the exercise window. Kaitlyn also shares tons of tips around how to communicate the va

Manager Tools - New Managers

Manager Tools

First Meeting With A New Direct - Results

When someone new joins your team, we recommend you communicate early about your key priorities.

The Dealer Playbook

Michael Cirillo

Chris Potgeiter: Be Proactive

Chris Potgieter is the Product Marketing Manager at automotiveMastermind and joins the show to express the importance of dealers being proactive in creating loyal customers. The pandemic has demonstrated our ability to react to unforeseen circumstances, but similar to automakers, it's time to be more proactive in anticipating customer needs and adapting the the evolving demands of the market.
What we discuss in this episode:
We're still stuck with shiny object syndrome in the industry, but that's not going to serve our best interests. The best tools in the world won't work unless we do.
It's important to understand the context in which we are forced to operate today.
Chris explains that it's important to be proactive in discussing the dealership business portfolio and discussing ways to bring customers back to the store.
The Bull to Stock market has evolved very quickly in the United States.
What we thought was a sl

Restaurant Unstoppable with Eric Cacciatore

Inspiring interviews with todays most successful restaurateurs 2-days a wee

878: Donald Moore Partner DOM Food Group

With excitement allow me to introduce to you today’s guest Former Chief Culinary Officer and EVP Kitchen Operations at The Cheesecake Factory and Current Partner at DOM Food Group, Donald Moore. Donald found a passion for cooking and the kitchen early on in his life because of the parallels he found between teamwork in the kitchen and on the soccer field. After college, he worked in kitchens all around the country before joining The Cheesecake Factory in 2001 as a kitchen manager. He quickly rose through the ranks and by 2010 he was the Chief Culinary Officer for the entire organization. In 2020 Donald left the Cheesecake Factory to form DOM Food Group. a Los Angeles-based venture studio that incubates, invests in, operates, and consults the leading scalable food businesses of the future. Check out The Checklist Manifesto: How To Get Things Right by Atul Gawande as highly recommended in today's episode by both Eric and Donald. Donald

For The Record

Hosted by Tiphany Hall, PhD, Chief Growth Officer of Aesthetic Record

Welcome to For the Record, your unfiltered view on current trends and timeless advice for surviving in the Aesthetic industry. Whether you're an injector, practice owner, sales rep or marketer, it's time to set the record straight! Each week we showcase disruptive thinkers, industry innovators, and the aesthetic masterminds driving our industry forward. For the Record is hosted by Dr. Tiphany Hall, Chief Growth Officer at Aesthetic Record, an EMR & Practice Management Software devoted to the Aesthetic Industry.

Dental A Team with Kiera Dent

Dental A Team

Episode 484: Gratitude Changes Your Practice For the Better

Kiera joins the gang at the Growth in Dentistry podcast! If you’re a loyal listener, you know on the Dental A-Team podcast we cover a lot of technical topics — KPIs and practice expansions and hiring and firing … the works. But it’s important to put work into the simpler stuff too. In this episode, Kiera talks about being grateful and kind to our team members and patients. She also touches on the challenges with hiring at the moment, and what growth in dentistry looks like to her. Episode resources: Check out Dental Intelligence Subscribe to Growth in Dentistry Reach out to Kiera Subscribe to the Dental A-Team podcast  Become Dental A-Team Platinum! Review the podcast on iTunes

Product Marketing Life

Product Marketing Alliance

How product marketers should approach pricing | Dan Balcauski, Product Tranquility

On this week's episode of Product Marketing Life, host Mark Assini is joined by Dan Balcauski, Principal Consultant at Product Tranquility. The pair discuss why Dan feels product marketing should have an active role in guiding pricing committees that drive pricing strategy, and what product marketers should look out for when approaching pricing.

Candid Comms podcast with Rachel Miller

Rachel Miller

How to communicate in a manufacturing environment S3 E10

What do internal communicators need to think about when communicating in a manufacturing environment?

Alexandra Bîrlădianu is Head of Corporate Communication at Guardian Industries. 

She joins me from Luxembourg to talk about the challenges and opportunities of working in a glass and automotive focused organisation. 

This is the final episode of season three and covers: 

Communicating change in a manufacturing environment.

Why the role of the supervisor is so critical.

How to reach shop floor/frontline workers

Why you need to translate into local languages

Why measurement matters

Creating a successful IC strategy 

What being candid means to her.

Thank you for joining me Alexandra, I enjoyed our conversation immensely. 

You can find full show notes and transcription for this episode v

Remarkable Retail

Michael LeBlanc, Steve Dennis

If the last two years have taught us anything, it's this: Shift Happens. But becoming and staying remarkable is not about predicting the future. It's about accepting the reality that even very good is no longer good enough. It's about deeply understanding the forces of disruption, separating the realities from the myths and committing to being intensely customer-centric. Mostly, it's about taking the leaps required to deliver a truly memorable customer experience. As a C-level executive at two Fortune 500 companies, keynote speaker and strategic advisor to dozens of retail, consumer and technology brands, I help organizations accelerate their growth. I'm also the author of the recent best-selling book "Remarkable Retail: How to Win & Keep Customers in the Age of Disruption." Join me and my co-host Michael LeBlanc, Producer & Host of The Voice of Retail podcast, The Food Professor podcast and the Conversation with CommerceNext podcast as we explore the evolution of modern retail. Along with special guests, including top retailers and industry thought leaders, we'll explore the latest events within the retail industry and beyond for a lively and interactive journey to Remarkable Retail. © 2020-2022 M.E. LeBlanc & Company Inc. All Rights Reserved.

The CX Cast®


Think Like Amazon

Tyler Wallis

Delivering Results through Transparent Leadership with Ronak Patel

Ronak spent over 9 years at Amazon, where he led large businesses across Fulfillment, Ultra-fast delivery, Real Estate, Process Improvement, and Last Mile Delivery. Ronak was also the youngest Regional Director in Amazon history, with placement into Amazon’s highest volume, most critical region of fulfillment. After nearly a decade with the company, Ronak left Amazon to join Odeko as Chief Supply Chain Officer.  In this episode, Ronak shares how his career in operations leadership quickly unfolded and the leadership principles that helped him achieve success in the programs, centers, and regions he led. You’ll hear Ronak share how Deliver Results rounded out his perspective on maximizing the collective impact of Amazon’s leadership principles, how leadership transparency helped him turn around a 2,800-employee site, and how, with the right focus and motivation, leaders can help their teams operate at a high l

HRCI Work | Life Podcast

HR Certification Institute Marketing Team

Disruptive HR Trends: What You Need to Know Heading into 2022

This is your HR News Flash, your briefing on talent management and the world of work from HRCI. HR has experienced its fair share of disruptive trends in the past couple of years, and that disruption isn’t slowing down. In 2022, there will be even more pressure on HR to design strategic solutions for operational efficiency. Here are some of the disruptive HR trends that you need to be prepared for in 2022. HR continues to be a business partner. HR’s role in driving the business strategy must continue to be proactive. By looking at 2022, business goals and the necessary talents needed are critical in supporting business priorities. Organizations need to prioritize employer branding and experiences. The Great Resignation is predicted to increase in 2022. Employers will need to revisit their branding and value proposition to retain their top performers while recruiting new talent. HR has the opportunity to design a t

The Leadership Podcast

Jan Rutherford and Jim Vaselopulos, experts on leadership development

TLP293: How to make yourself more RAD - Resilient, Aware & Dynamic

Brant Cooper is the New York Times bestselling author of “The Lean Entrepreneur,” and the CEO of Moves the Needle. With over two decades of expertise helping companies bring innovative products to market, he blends agile, design thinking, and lean methodologies to ignite entrepreneurial action. Brant’s new book, “Disruption Proof,” explores the three drivers of leadership and organizational disruption, and how leaders today can use this power to embrace uncertainty for maximum effect.   Key Takeaways [3:35] When we are successful, we want to take credit. When we fail, we retreat and examine why. [4:10] Disruption creates the opportunity for the entrepreneurial mindset. [6:15] Brant defines disruption. [7:00] The pandemic was brutal for many businesses, but this is just a small learning lesson for what’s to come. We will see multiple bubbles of disruption. [8:25] When it comes to disruption, Brant uses the

Talking to Ourselves

Omid Farhang

Episode 56: Mike Cessario, founder of Liquid Death

Mike Cessario is the founder and CEO of Liquid Death, the fastest growing nonalcoholic beverage brand EVER. Mike is hacking the bottled water market, inspired by heavy metal and punk rock culture, and a motto to "murder your thirst." Using 100% recyclable aluminum packaging and zero plastic, Mike’s evil mission is to make health and sustainability fun and disruptive. Since the inception of his brand in 2018, Mike has raised $125 million in funding. Liquid Death products are currently sold in over 29,000 retail locations nationwide, including Whole Foods, 7-Eleven andTarget. From its branding to its marketing, the food and beverage category has never seen anything like Liquid Death.  

The 1-3-20 Podcast

Daniel Pink, powered by HubSpot

Networking that Works - with David Burkus

Most of us hate networking. But that could be because we’re doing it wrong. In an episode full of tips on networking without feeling slimy, Daniel Pink talks with David Burkus, author of Friend of a Friend: Understanding the Hidden Networks That Can Transform Your Life and Your Career.

Resilience at Google

Resilience at Google

The Resilience at Google podcast - meeting the moments of our work lives and beyond. Resilience at Google brings together global experts and mental performance coaches to explore the latest science behind resilience, and provides actionable tips and strategies to respond to stress and uncertainty in the workplace and in daily life.

Ditch the Overwhelm

Megan Sumrell

Hi, I’m Megan Sumrell and I’m excited to welcome you to my limited series podcast, Ditch the Overwhelm. I’m the creator of the #1 time management system for women (The Top Program) and I want to help you gain control over your schedule in a way that helps you THRIVE.If someone asked you, “what do you like to do for fun?” would you have an answer? That’s the question that sent me into my personal life crisis wondering where I had lost my way. I wasn’t always an organized planner. This is a LEARNED skill. But guess what? That means you can learn it too. It doesn’t matter how many things are on your plate daily, there are ways to prioritize your schedule so it doesn’t overwhelm and stress you out. Productivity isn’t about getting ALLLL the things done, it’s about prioritizing the important things and knowing what you’re capable of doing. If you’re the queen of mile-long to-do lists that never end up getting checked off then I’m so glad you’re here. I’ve got something to tell you, you really can’t do it all. And that’s ok, great even. You can accomplish what needs to be done for your family, work, and even yourself with some time management growth and reflection on what you want to accomplish. Once you’ve set up the proper systems and created a clear path to productivity you’ll be thrilled with the result. Survival mode is not a fun place to be. If you’ve been hanging out there for weeks, months, even years then I hope you’ll join me for this 10 episode series and listen to how this program has changed lives. Let’s Ditch the Overwhelm!Are you ready to dive in today? Visit The TOP Program website- to start your journey to work+life harmony!

The Construction Management Podcast


Episode 59 Lyvwell

Today on the show Damien and Jason host Lyv Guimond from Lyvwell. Lyv shares some awesome advice and strategies for staying centered and focused. She also explains how to minimize dailey stress and maximize your feeling of empowerment.  

Hacking Your Leadership Podcast

Chris Stark and Lorenzo Flores

Thoughtful Thursdays: Are you spending your time together as a leadership team wisely?

How many meetings have YOU attended in the last year that could have just as easily been emails instead? On this week's Thoughtful Thursday, we discuss the importance of being purposeful in how you schedule time for your leadership team.Text us your leadership questions! +1 (213) 444-5381YouTube Channel: Account: #HackingYourLeadership #StarkEngagementConsulting

People and Projects Podcast: Project Management Podcast

Andy Kaufman, PMP, PMI-ACP

PPP 356 | Why Everything You Know About Relationships Is (Mostly) Wrong, with Eric Barker

The Dirty Little Secret of Business For years I’ve been telling coaching clients that the dirty little secret of business is that everything comes down to relationships. I know: It’s not dirty. It’s certainly not little. And I suppose it’s not a secret--you know relationships are important. But the statistics about relationships are not encouraging and it’s not just because of social distancing during COVID. Maybe it’s just that we’re busy. Or maybe it’s that what we think we know about relationships is wrong. Eric Barker joins us again, this time to talk about his new book entitled Plays Well with Others: The Surprising Science Behind Why Everything You Know About Relationships Is (Mostly) Wrong. In this episode, Eric talks about why the fundamental core of relationships is the stories we tell ourselves. He explains why we stink at reading people--despite thinking we’re awesome at it.

SuperCreativity Podcast with James Taylor | Creativity, Innovation and Inspiring Ideas

James Taylor - Keynote Speaker on Creativity, Innovation and Artificial Intelligence

What Musical Minds Teach Us About Innovation – #324

Michael Hendrix: What Musical Minds Teach Us About Innovation What can great musical minds teach us about creativity and innovation? That’s the topic of ‘Two Beats Ahead’, the new book by R. Michael Hendrix, global design director at IDEO, and Panos A. Panay, co-president and chief revenue officer of The Recording Academy (the organization behind […]
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The P.T. Entrepreneur Podcast

Dr. Danny Matta, PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS, & Entrepreneur

Ep475 | The Power Of Social Proof

One thing that I don't think people leverage enough in their businesses is social proof. It can be one of the most powerful tools in marketing and today I wanted to give examples of what I mean by this. Enjoy!Head to the link below to participate in our 5 Day Challenge! PT Everywhere: you enjoy the podcast? If so, leave us a 5-star review on iTunes and tell a friend to do the same!Are you a member of our free PT Entrepreneur Facebook Group? If not, head to the link below and join the community!

Theology of Business with Darren Shearer: Helping Marketplace Christians Explore and Apply God's Will for Business

Darren Shearer: Christian Business | Entrepreneurship | Faith and Work | Leadership

Theology of Business is the show for marketplace Christians seeking to explore and apply God’s will for business. If you want to learn more about how to do business for the glory of God and shape culture through discipling the business world, this show is for you. | Christian business | Entrepreneurship | Marketing | Nonprofit | Church | Author | Startups | Marketplace | Ministry | Business as Mission | Faith and Work | Faith | Success | Leadership |

MIT Supply Chain Frontiers


Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

Negotiations Ninja Podcast

Mark Raffan

Master Your Anger with These Tips [Throwback with Svitlana Kalitsun]

When you feel anger rising within you, what do you do? How do you keep your temper from flaring when you’re embroiled in a frustrating negotiation? As she launched her career, Svitlana Kalitsun quickly realized that lawyers don’t know how to negotiate (by no fault of their own). They’re not taught proper negotiation skills. Svitlana’s mission is to help change the way lawyers negotiate—including mastering their emotions. She shares some anger management basics in this special throwback episode of the Negotiations Ninja podcast!

Masters of Scale: Rapid Response


Lessons from an entrepreneur in Ukraine, w/Alyona Mysko, CEO of Fuelfinance

Meet Alyona Mysko, the CEO of a B2B startup in Ukraine called Fuelfinance, as she walks us through the lessons she’s learned while leading her company in a war. Her experience — which sometimes requires her and her team to work from bomb shelters during the day — offers lessons for every leader about communication, collaboration, and creativity in crisis. All of Ukraine is running like a start-up now, she says: Each citizen takes the initiative to pick up what needs to be done. Alyona talks about the importance of following a mission in a crisis, and makes a plea to all our listeners to buy from Ukrainian business.Read a transcript of this episode: https://mastersofscale.comSubscribe to the Masters of Scale weekly newsletter: Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

The Huddle with John Furner


Be the Example

There is so much to reflect on and be thankful for this year. A really special moment for John Furner was recording this Huddle episode with Marc Brock, who recently celebrated 14 years with the company and was promoted to Store Manager of 1560 in Las Vegas, NV! The first thing Marc did was appreciate his team and call his mother, Dorothy. It was such a great reminder of what really matters. All of us have family members, loved ones and friends who helped us become the people we are today. Marc is such a great example of being an engaged and positive leader - and we know many of our associates will look to him as proof that hard work, determination and passion can lead to amazing opportunities at Walmart. We’re so proud of all we’ve accomplished this year, and hope everyone gets the chance to enjoy the holidays with your loved ones. You deserve it! And make sure you watch until the very end of the full episode to see our surprise for Dorothy!

Dose of Leadership with Richard Rierson | Authentic & Courageous Leadership Development

Richard Rierson: Leadership Interviews with Today's Most Relevant Leaders,

The Dose of Leadership Podcast is the ultimate leadership resource of inspiring and educational interviews with relevant and motivating leaders; real-life leadership & influence experts who dedicate their lives to the pursuit of the truth, common sense, and courageous leadership. The podcast interviews leaders from all aspects of life; business leaders, entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, military heroes, faith based leaders—all are highlighted on the Dose of Leadership Podcast.

Drew and Sam Talk Training

Fauser Consulting and Better Than Yesterday Consulting

Drew and Sam Talk Training is a podcast with two pizza lifers, Sam Fauser of Fauser Consulting and Drew Helmholtz of Better than Yesterday Consulting, who have taken their talents to the internet. With over a combined 3 decades of training knowledge, listen in as Drew and Sam review books that make an impact, interview guests who value their team, and of course, talk training!

Creating Disney Magic

Lee Cockerell

You Can Standout When Service is Bad

Every industry feels the impact of turnover and instability in staffing due to the current pandemic. Every industry’s customer service is also suffering. Constant staffing changes mean employees often lack training or the development needed to go above and beyond to serve. It also means that anyone can rise to the top right now by offering outstanding service. It is the perfect time for people who want to show up and be great. There is a hole in service that needs to be filled; that means you can shine by showing up and providing service at a higher level. When you help people and take care of them, it will distinguish you. People can go anywhere for products. How they are treated keeps them coming to you; as a leader or an employee. Often, people are getting put into the thick of it with inadequate training, and they don’t know what they don’t know. If you have something to offer your team, do it. Help those around you to succeed, and yo

Workplace Stories by RedThread Research

Stacia Garr

At RedThread, we love our data, but we know that what we remember are stories. That’s why, together with Chris Pirie of The Learning Futures Group, Dani Johnson and Stacia Garr started this podcast to hear great workplace stories from HR thinkers, writers, leaders, and practitioners. We wanted to create a space for them to tell their stories about what works in the workplace, what they’ve learned, and what they hope to see in the future. We hope you find it inspirational, motivational, a touch irreverent—and fun!

Indestructible PR Podcast

Molly McPherson |

Host Molly McPherson, APR uses current events and tested PR strategies, this podcast teaches communicators how to manage crises and build an indestructible reputation.

Lean Leadership for Ops Managers

Jamie V. Parker

Four Elements of Effective Lean Leadership | 082

What does Lean Leadership mean to you? You’ve implemented several Lean tools and processes, such as Gemba Walks, Leader Standard Work, Daily Meetings, and Visual Management. Even though you have seen some results, does it seem like something is still missing?In today’s episode, Jamie breaks down the four elements of effective Lean Leadership and why it is essential to build relationships and provide value to all stakeholders. What You’ll Learn in this Episode:Redefining the Elements of Lean LeadershipAdding Value to the DefinitionThe Four Elements of Lean LeadershipCreating a People-Focused Lean OrganizationGet full show notes and more information here:

Eat Sleep Work Repeat


Dan Coyle can fix your culture

If you find yourself becoming interested in the magic of workplace culture one of the go to authors of the subject is today's guest, Dan Coyle.Dan's 2018 book The Culture Code allowed him to go deep with some of the most successful cultures in the world - in the arenas of business, sport and even the military. He's returning after the blazing success of the Culture Code with a book that gives more of the energy of that title but drawn into a workbook, The Culture Playbook - imagine something like a journal with prompts of what to write.He joined me for a discussion where we reflect on the challenges of the last 2 years and what any organisation should be thinking about as they set about creating a winning, forward-looking culture.If you like this sign up for the newsletter - Make Work Better - for a special announcement in 3 weeks See for privacy and opt-out information.

TECHtonic: Trends in Technology and Services

Technology & Services Industry Association

24. CDW: On Becoming THE End-to-End Technology Solution Provider

Your Mess for MoreTSIA World: Interact | Orlando, May 2022

Manager Tools Hall of Fame Casts

Manager Tools

Manager Tools is a weekly business podcast focused on helping professionals become more effective managers and leaders. Each week, we discuss specific actions for professionals to take to achieve their desired management and career objectives. Manager Tools won Best Business Podcast Award in 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2012 as well as the People's Choice Award in 2008. The Business Podcast Award is now named after Manager Tools. This feed contains all the best guidance – the things that are most fundamental, the things that are the closest to being a silver bullet, and the things that will make the biggest changes to your work life. Begin listening now, and take action today. Go to to read what others are saying about the impact Manager Tools has had on their careers and lives. Our goal: Every Manager Effective (TM).

Cherry Bekaert: Government Contractors Guidance

Cherry Bekaert LLP

Cherry Bekaert’s Government Contractors podcasts feature discussions on trends, compliance matters and best practices to guide you forward.

McKinsey on Start-ups

Fuel, a McKinsey company

What’s Fueling Pakistan’s Emerging Startup Ecosystem

Based on demographics alone, Pakistan is a country whose start-up ecosystem should have been thriving for quite a while. It has, for starters, the fifth largest population in the world, approaching 230 million. And that population is both overwhelmingly young, with a median age of 22, and bi-lingual, with the fourth largest number of English speakers in the world. Add to that one of the fastest-growing middle classes, more than 100 million mobile broadband subscribers, and hundreds of thousands of tech professionals, and you have all the makings of a fertile market for new enterprises and digital services. Yet until recently, venture or growth funding in Pakistan was barely a trickle compared to similar countries in the Middle East/North Africa region or in other parts of Asia. In the last couple of years, however, Pakistan has begun to live up to its entrep

Servant Leadership Institute Podcast

Servant Leadership Institute

Helping Others Fulfill Their Potential with Scott Paradis & Art Barter

The Servant Leadership Institute Podcast is back with an incredible interview with Scott Paradis, author and servant leader. Listen as Scott and Art Barter discuss the cycle of leadership through their many, powerful experiences. Scott has dedicated his life to finding and sharing truth, an important aspect of leadership. Through his time with the United States Army and beyond, Scott has learned many valuable lessons he has graciously shared with us today. Don't forget a notepad, you'll want to take notes during this one!

Learn more about Scott Paradis:

Click here to visit Scott's website and to view the video mentioned during the episode:

Scott F. Paradis is a student of life and seeker of ultimate truth. Believing only once something is made simple can we truly understand, he intends to discern, distill and leverage the fundamentals of endu

The Ridiculously Amazing Insurance Podcast

Agency Performance Partners

This is the Ridiculously Amazing Insurance Agent Podcast. This show is for growing insurance agencies looking to maximize their biggest investment- their people.

McKinsey Talks Talent

McKinsey People & Organizational Performance

Talent at a turning point: How people analytics can help

Rising resignations. Hybrid work. The diversity imperative. Leaders are navigating a talent market in flux. Today, hear from David Green, coauthor (with Jonathan Ferrar) of Excellence in People Analytics. He speaks with McKinsey’s Bryan Hancock and Bill Schaninger about a talent market in the throes of changes—and how HR leaders can use people analytics to navigate the current inflection point successfully.
Read more >


Listen to the podcast (duration: 25:11) >


A Seat at the Table

Capital Region Family Business Center

Welcome to A Seat at the Table, Trials and Triumphs of Family Business, hosted by Natalie Mariani Kling, a 4th generation family business owner. This program is a creation of The Capital Region Family Business Center, a non-profit agency whose purpose is to help family businesses grow and prosper.One thing about being a part of a family business, is that it’s unique. Family businesses often began very simply, with a person who had an idea. Rarely were these people educated in business or finance, they usually didn’t have big investors, sometimes, they didn’t even speak English. But they saw an opportunity that could support their family, and so they started.Once these family businesses grow and are handed to 2nd, 3rd, 4th generations, there are not only the complexities of any growing business, but also the dynamics of family and relationships and navigating things like, which family member will be CEO, should this year's profits be reinvested or distributed? Differences in opinions can complicate Sunday night dinners, estate planning, who wants to keep running this business, preserving a legacy, entitlement, privilege, imposter syndrome…but there can also be magic.In a time where we want to KNOW the people behind a brand, and where authenticity and trust play a big part in our purchases as consumers, having a family that runs and operates a business over generations can create a very special culture where its success is built on relationships from vendors to employees to customers.On this podcast, expect real conversations with real family business members about what it’s like to be in a family business, run a family business, and the trials and triumphs of taking it into the next generation.

Shipping Podcast - this is where we talk about the coolest industry on the planet and help raise the maritime industry's prof

Lena Göthberg

182 Jan Dieleman, President Cargill Ocean Transportation

Visionary leaders to raise the profile of the maritime industry that is what we need! Jan Dieleman, President of Cargill Ocean Transportation, is an excellent example of the leaders we need. Listen to our conversation about sustainability, diversity and inclusion, recruitment, the next generation and where we can see progress in these areas.  What do you think? Please give us a shoutout on social media or drop me a line at  Thank you for listening.  

Your Daily Revolution

Setema Gali: NFL Superbowl Champion, Coach, Mentor, Best-Selling Author

436: Accessing the Beast Inside (Flip the Switch)

How do you flip the switch in your life? How would you ever know how much you could go if you don't ever push? Ask yourself: *What would you have to do to give yourself an extra boost? *What will you do to access this beast inside of you? Learn how to flip the switch, focus, and push it to the limit.

Transform Your Workplace

Xenium HR

Starting with Equity with Réland Logan and Katy Byrtus

In this episode, Brandon Laws sits down with Réland Logan and Katy Byrtus of Cinder, a staffing agency headquartered in Hillsboro, OR. The group discusses the growing emphasis on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) initiatives in today’s business world. Instead of just checking the EDI box, learn some best practices for creating an authentic and equitable culture at your business.   TAKEAWAYS By beginning with a goal of equality across all people, companies will inevitably become more diverse and more inclusive. Allowing employees to air out their grievances allows Cinder to get a deeper understanding of what it is that they need.  Leaders must create a common language and understanding because we all come to work with different lived experiences and perceptions. One common challenge in cultivating effective EDI initiatives can be leaders who aren’t willing to accept that there are issues that need to be resolved.  


Redefining HR

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

The Dumb Ask Podcast with Ed Young

Ed Young

Hi, I’m Ed Young, and I’ve learned that there is great power in going for the ask. Vulnerable questions lead to valuable answers join me every other week for another fascinating episode of… The Dumb Ask Podcast.

Making Chips Podcast for Manufacturing Leaders

MakingChips LLC

Getting a Grip on Workholding Automation and Leading your Elders

Is the labor shortage accelerating automation? Why is there a perception that automation is both risky and complex? How do you lead your elders with authority yet humility? To dovetail—or not to dovetail? These are the questions that we hash out with Michael Gaunce, the VP of Sales for Tooling and Workholding at SCHUNK. We take a deep look into the technical side of workholding and automation in this episode of Making Chips. Now is the time to embrace automation. Because if you’re not making chips efficiently, you’re not making money! Segments [2:55] What’s happening in our lives [5:23] 2022 Labor and Employment Outlook for Manufacturers [9:09] Learn more about Michael Gaunce [12:47] Is the labor shortage accelerating automation?  [15:20] The perception that automation is risky or complex [19:10] Two ways to do automation machine-tending [27:42] A conversation on workholding [32:55] To dovetail or not to dovet

Rethink. The Financial Advisor Podcast

Adam Holt and Derek Notman

Fintech CEOs Adam Holt & Derek Notman host Rethink. the Financial Advisor podcast. With decades of real-world experience as veterans and actively practicing advisors, they’re rethinking what it takes to succeed as a financial advisor in the 21st century. Challenging the status quo, Holt and Notman examine practice management, technology, planning, products, delivery of advice, digital marketing, designations, compensation, licenses, types of advisor, mindset, and entrepreneurship - all thoroughly explored and debated. Starting, growing, and running an advisory practice should no longer be done like it’s 1985. Notman and Holt ask the tough questions to get the answers no one else is telling you. Fresh, innovative, brutally honest, inspiring, tactical, and a side of peaceful rebellion banter - just what you needed to learn something new and walk away with a smile.

Leaders in Supply Chain and Logistics

Alcott Global

#128: Massimo Andolina, Senior Vice President Global Operations at Philip Morris International

Massimo Andolina is the SVP Operations at Philip Morris International (PMI) since 2018. He joined the company in 2008 as Director Operations Planning and served in various VP roles thereafter, including VP PMI Business Transformation. Prior to joining PMI, Massimo held a variety of international positions in strategic marketing and general management for Tetra Pak and in operations for R.J. Reynolds. PMI is a leading international tobacco company working to deliver a smoke-free future and evolving its portfolio for the long-term to include products outside of the tobacco and nicotine sector. Since 2008, PMI has invested more than USD 9 billion to develop, scientifically substantiate and commercialize innovative smoke-free products for adults who would otherwise continue to smoke, with the goal of completely ending the sale of cigarettes.Discover more details here.Some of the highli

X with Q - Leadership Podcast

theChapel, Mark Quattrochi

Game Day: The Power of Planning & Preparation

Think about any great athlete on game day. The preparation is done, it's all execution from here. The truth is, for every minute you spend planning, it has the potential to save 10 minutes of execution. And planning has more benefits as well to the leader! You're able to move faster & move with more joy.Consider this:What work needs to be done? How should it be done? When should it be done? Where should it be done? How fast can it be done?Links & Resources:Everyday People, Extraordinary Leadership by Kouzes & Posner

The Auto Shop Owners Group (ASOG) Podcast

David Roman & Lucas Underwood

ASOG Podcast Ep 55 - Daniel Clodfelter - Technician with Legendary Automotive

In this episode, Lucas and David sit down with Daniel Clodfelter.Daniel is currently a technician with Legendary Automotive And Truck Repair Service ( in Fort Meyers Florida. Before making the jump to an independent repair facility, he spent time working at GM and Ford dealerships.He also helps manage a FB group with over 5200 automotive professionals in it and has a pulse on the current mindset of professional automotive technicians everywhere.Get registered for Vision 2022 before the good classes fill up!Click here to register: the show (

Product Mastery Now for Product Managers, Innovators, and Leaders

Chad McAllister, PhD - Helping Product Managers become Product Masters

Special: What Product Leaders Need To Know About Sales VPs And Working Well Together – with Keith Hawk

Special Episode From the 2020 Summit   This is a special podcast episode, sharing an important discussion from The Everyday Innovator 2020 Summit. The Summit brought together 24 experts who spoke on topics for product managers and product VPs. Many of the topics are truly timeless and this speaker, Keith Hawk, impressed the Product VPs who […]

HR Superstars


Human Resources, or People Ops, is one of the most vital roles in business, because modern leaders realize that their people are the key to their success. HR Superstars is a podcast from 15Five honoring you, the brave, 21st century HR leader, by highlighting stories and advice from the frontlines of People Ops. We delve deeply into all of the many aspects of what it takes to help companies win by being a strategic business partner to the rest of the leadership team. Each episode will showcase conversations with HR leaders from some of the world’s largest, successful, and innovative organizations like Twitter and Eventbrite. We get real with topics like empowering managers to adopt a growth mindset and practicing strengths-based leadership, how to have difficult conversations that balance the business performance needs with a high degree of care for people, and how to actually make diversity, equity, and inclusion a part of your cultural DNA instead of just lip service and a PR play. When your culture gets toxic, management is failing, and performance suffers, it falls to you in HR to address these issues. We’re here to help you to do what matters most—develop your workforce, create a strong employer brand, and be respected as the strategic business partner you are. Let’s do this superstar!

It’s All Your Fault: High Conflict People

TruStory FM

Dating Radar: How HCPs Jam Your Radar

In the first episode of this Dating Radar four-part series, Megan and Bill discuss how people with high conflict personalities (HCPs) can destroy your life. In this episode, listen in as they discuss how HCPs jam your radar. We’d all like to think we’re wise to it, but there are several factors that make us susceptible, which Megan and Bill discuss.
They delve into a Dating Radar survey with over 650 responses from people who have been in high conflict romantic relationships. Respondents shared their experiences and lessons learned, including the “spark” that should have been a red flag but was experienced as a sign of true love and compatibility. And Bill and Megan also discuss the issue of fake compatibility often experienced by those who fall for HCPs.
This series is for everyone, but especially for young people or parents of young people who need to pay attention to dating radar before it’s too late.
Links & Other

Ecommerce Braintrust

Kiri Masters

Kiri’s Recap of the Retail Innovation Conference (RICE) - Episode 240

In today’s podcast, Kiri shares her experiences at the Retail Innovation Conference and Expo she attended in Chicago. She gives a recap of a workshop she did and an overview of the themes from the sessions. One of the sessions was by the marketplace leader of Albertsons and touched on the software that they use called Marketplacer.    Make sure you tune in to find out more! Bobsled’s latest research suggests a better way to allocate retail media budget - by funnel stage! Sign up for the report and webinar that will be out on May 19th here.

The Engineering Leadership Podcast

The Engineering Leadership Community (ELC)

We'll Be Back January 2022!

We’re taking a break to make a few BIG updates to the show and will return in January 2022! We won’t be completely gone... We’re releasing a few “experimental” episodes and preparing to announce the 2022 ELC Summit. Help us define the future of the show! Send us an email to with feedback, topics, or guest ideas!To stay updated on the ELC Summit & our return… Sign up for email updates at!

Thinkers & Ideas

BCG Henderson Institute

Be Logical - Be Creative - Be Critical with Luc de Brabandere

Luc de Brabandere is a Senior Advisor at BCG, a BCG Henderson Institute Alumni Fellow, co-founder of CartoonBase, and an invited Professor at The Brussels Solvay School and ETH Zurich. He is the co-author of Thinking in New Boxes, which offers a new paradigm for business creativity.
In his most recent book, Be Logical, Be Creative, Be Critical: The Art of Thinking in a Digital World, together with Lina Benmehrez, Brabandere deals with the role of thinking in business and provides a rich analysis of how digital technologies are affecting our thinking processes.
Building on his knowledge and experience as a corporate philosopher, Brabandere suggests that firms should focus on creatively reinventing themselves with new tools, rather than using current digital tools to optimize existing processes or systems.
In a discussion with Martin Reeves, Chairman of BCG Henderson Institute, Brabandere explores the

PCTY Talks: HR, People and Culture


Career Advancement with Ginny Clarke

In their lifetime, the average American works 90,000 hours. That astonishing amount exemplifies why it's critical to pick a career that fulfills both your passion and your purpose. But what if you don’t know what that career should be?

In this episode of PCTY Talks, Ginny Clarke and host Shari Simpson discuss how you define for yourself what your career looks like through self-reflection, competencies and resume writing techniques.

Guest: Ginny Clarke, CEO | Talent Strategist | Organizational Builder

Ginny Clarke was Director, Executive Recruiting at Google from August 2016 until November 2020. In this role, she led the Diversity, Internal Mobility and the Non-tech Recruiting teams. Her team of North American recruiters found and hired senior leaders (Directors +) for finance, sales, marketing and other G&A functions across Google.

Before Google, Ginny was a Partner at Spencer Stuart, the global

Business Bootcamp

Mike Andes

NOT FAIR!! Paying Employees $/HR is a FAILING FORMULA!

? The Home for Everything Mike Andes:   ?LANDSCAPE SUMMIT CONFERENCE:   ?PAYROLL AND BOOKKEEPING:   WEB DESIGN SERVICES: ❌ LAWN & LANDSCAPING: ❌ ALL HOME SERVICES:   ONLINE COURSES: ⚠️ How to Build a $100K/Month Landscape Business: ?‍?MBA for Entrepreneurs:   ?TEMPLATES: Door Hangers, PostCards, Flyers, Yard Signs:   ⛔️Join Augusta Lawn Care:   ? BOOK A CONSULTING CALL:   ? Sign up to be featured on a future episode of RoundUP and ZeroTurn:   ? Join the Texting Platform for Q&A ? Text the word "l

Unfolding Leadership

Curious Audio

Whether you’re the CEO of a Fortune 100 Company, a creative with four too many plates spinning, or the owner of a start-up on the knife’s edge of survival, all successful leaders have stories of the bumps, bruises, and subsequent hard-won learnings that have brought them to where they are today. While these stories are often not glamorous, or sleek, or even pleasant to talk about, they are situations shared by all yet rarely discussed openly. But, as any self-reflective person knows, real learning only comes from frank discussion that pull no punches. What did you need to know that you weren’t told? Lacey Leone McLaughlin has been guiding top leaders through answering this question for over 20 years, working, in, among others, aerospace, automotive, entertainment, retail, and technology. With her no-nonsense, compassionate approach, she has solidified herself as one of the world’s foremost executive coaches, and in this conversational podcast, she and her clients will be sharing distilled, battle-tested wisdom on communication, integration, management, personal growth, accountability, and the things leaders don’t talk about (but should). Listen in as Lacey Leone McLaughlin talks Unfolding Leadership.

PMP Industry Insiders

Brought to you by Coalmarch + PCO Bookkeepers

Episode 75: Q1 2022 Wrap-Up & Predictions

On this episode, Dan and Donnie review the first quarter of 2022 and look into the crystal ball to predict what may occur the rest of the year. They cover the Pest Index, the overall economy, interest rates, price increases and more.

Human Resource Development Masterclass

Academy of Human Resource Development

Developing As An HRD Professional

In this final episode of the second season of HRD Masterclass, Darren Short reflects back on what we’ve learned about the work of HRD professionals, supported by extracts taken from some of the 35 conversations featured in the season. Darren also spotlights a few conversations that he finds himself revisiting over and over again.During the episode, Darren explores:Lessons learned about the nature of HRD work and how that’s changing.Lessons learned about the challenge for HRD professionals of staying relevant in a changing workplace.Lessons learned about the opportunities for HRD professionals to find their voice and enable the voices of others.Lessons learned about the challenge for HRD professionals of improving HRD so as to increase and demonstrate impact.Lessons learned about the importance of HRD professionals partnering with others.Lessons learned about what this all means for the knowledge, skills, and qualities of HRD professionals.Fo



#43-3 晉升職場超級奶爸奶媽,你可以試試這7招「強力行動」|輕鬆讀哈佛


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Dental Business RX

Dental Business RX

Ep. 21: Weekly Management Meetings

When you get busy with patients, it’s hard to make time for keeping up with the “business side” of dentistry. So in this episode, Jeff covers how to quickly and effectively handle the important management matters each week and ensure your practice stays on track toward achieving your goals.   1:06 – Why it’s important to hold a weekly meeting with your OM 5:44 – The practice statistics you should review each week 12:13 – Other important points to cover when you meet   Learn more about MGE - 

Discussion in Digital

McKinsey Marketing & Sales

Discussions in Digital: Surveying the brand-building landscape

Building a brand in the digital age is forcing companies to innovate like never before.
Read more >


Listen to the podcast (duration: 19:09) >


The Admissions Directors Lunchcast

Nathan and Teege

Our proposal: the most productive lunch meeting you'll take all week. Each episode, Nathan and Teege will discuss an issue directly related to college admission. We don't have all the answers, so we'll bring in two guests each time - one influencer and one practitioner. By the end of the episode, our hope is that you'll have an idea or a tactic that you can implement in your office, perhaps as early as the afternoon.

The Element of Inclusion

Dr Jonathan Ashong-Lamptey Diversity & Inclusion I Broadcaster I Speaker I Protagonist

Self-Monitoring: A Diversity Behaviour You Need To Understand

Are you the kind of person who changes their behaviour based on who’s around you? Turns out that there’s a name for that and it’s not what you think In today’s show we discuss several things including: The difference between acquisitive and protective self-monitoring The type of people who may engage in self-monitoring My own …
Self-Monitoring: A Diversity Behaviour You Need To Understand Read More »
The post Self-Monitoring: A Diversity Behaviour You Need To Understand appeared first on Element of Inclusion.

My Business On Purpose

Scott Beebe

We coach small business owners to uncover the things they cannot see, and implement systems and processes that help them live their business on purpose

Accounting Matters


ASU 2020-06: Your Accounting for Convertible Instruments BFF

 In this bonus episode of our Accounting Matters podcast, Embarkers Adam Olsen, Sarah Cage Richter, and Nicole Harger shine a spotlight on ASU 2020-06, discussing how and why it’s less complex than the previous guidance, as well as some adoption best practices for public and private companies.For more information on accounting for convertible instruments:
ASU 2020-06: Accounting for Convertible Instruments and Contracts in an Entity’s Own Equity
Accounting for Convertible Instruments: New Convertible Debt Standard & More
Connect with Embark on:
Listen to Accounting Matters on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, and Spotify.

New Planner Podcast

Caleb Brown

Join Caleb Brown, CFP and Co-founder of New Planner Recruiting to learn how to enter the profession and find your right fit. Whether you’re a CFP program student or transitioning from another career, this podcast is designed to help new Planners gain a solid understanding of the profession, the career options available, and how to accelerate their success in the long term. Tune in weekly for new episodes! Find more tools and resources for Planners and get the free Financial Planner Career Roadmap at

Grow Your Law Firm

Ken Hardison

The Grow Your Law Firm podcast deploys the most innovative legal marketing and management tactics available to get more cases and more free time for yourself. Our law firm growth podcast can help scale your firm by 250% growth with less stress and more free time in the week by exploring the hottest topics and trends in legal marketing and management. This law firm podcast will teach you what the Law Schools don’t. Start your law firm growth NOW.

Powering Travel

Expedia Group

Powering Travel welcomes hospitality industry leaders to share how they’re building, innovating, and evolving their travel businesses for the future. Hosted by Brandon Ehrhardt, Senior Director of Partner Programs and Sally Smith, Senior Director of Market Management at Expedia Group, they’ll explore the latest trends, reveal best-kept hospitality secrets and try to predict where the industry is headed next.

Radio Advisory

Advisory Board

Episode 0: Introducing Radio Advisory, a podcast for busy health care leaders

At Advisory Board, we're having conversations about the future of health care and we want to have them with you. And we want to do that in the easiest way possible because we know you're busier than ever. That's why we're launching this podcast: Radio Advisory

Host Rachel (Rae) Woods will chat with experts from across the health care industry and break down the topics that are keeping you up at night. We'll bust conventional wisdom wherever possible, and we'll offer focused perspectives to help you develop a clear path forward.

We want to change the business of health care for the better. And we know that great ideas have the power to transform industries because we've watched it happen time and time again over Advisory Board's 35 years.

Private Practice Workshop

John Clarke from Private Practice Workshop

How to Launch an Online Program with Stephanie Clairmont #194

John sits down with Stephanie Clairmont of The Leveraged Practice to discuss how to use a launch strategy to sell your online program. About: Stephanie Clairmont, MHSc, is a retired Registered Dietitian, entrepreneur, founder and lead facilitator at The Leveraged Practice. She has been delivering in-person and online education since 2012 to health professionals and health clients and has been a part of national conferences, television shows and online symposiums. After creating 20+ online programs and launching (to-date) over 100+ times, has enrolled over 5000+ students through her programs. Stephanie is passionate about helping other health practitioners create an online program for their practice. She combines her unique expertise with the best practices and research in online education to help others leverage their experience, see more clients and make a bigger impact on the health of the world. Get connected w

Electric Ladies Podcast - Women Leaders Discuss Careers, Trends, Technologies and Innovation in Energy, Climate, and Corporat (

One of the '6 Best Podcasts for Business Travelers' per USA Today -- engaging, enlightening and informative interviews with women innovators and leaders across sectors. Topics" Driving innovation, leadership, communications and career management. Features mostly women experts.

Bridge the Gap: The Senior Living Podcast

Lucas McCurdy and Joshua Crisp

Welcome to Bridge the Gap with hosts Lucas McCurdy and Joshua Crisp. A podcast dedicated to informing, educating and influencing the future of housing and services for older adults in senior living.

Against The Sales Odds

Lance Tyson

Setting The Right Leadership Principles With Todd Kline

Every well-performing team needs a responsible and effective leader. To stand up to the demands, expectations, and challenges, one must understand the right leadership principles to embrace. Lance Tyson sits down with Todd Kline, SVP of Sports Talent and Property Sales at WME. Todd touches on the importance of mentorship and role models play in developing your team, why volunteering in an organization is so important, and some core principles every leader needs to support and advance their team. If you are looking to advance your sales career, don't miss this.Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share!

Handyman Success Podcast

Jason Call & Allen Lee

The Handyman Success Podcast interviews successful handyman and home improvement contractors to learn their secrets to success. From business operations, to marketing, to personal stories, successes and struggles, listeners will leave each episode with actionable tactics to implement in their own business. Inject growth, efficiency, and inspiration into your handyman business by learning from the success of others! Co-Host Allen Lee, Founder of the Handyman Journey & Honest Lee Handyman Services - Cost-Host Jason Call, Founder of Handyman Marketing Pros - Join our private Facebook Group (Handyman Success Mastermind) to ask questions and have discussions around business and marketing for your contractor business -

Small Firm Philosophy


Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

Customer Service Secrets by Kustomer

LaunchPod Media

The Future of CX Research | What’s to Come in Customer Experience

Today we are talking about some research we did about the future of customer experience. We regularly go out and survey professionals and consumers to understand trends in the space, so we want to dive into our latest research report. We surveyed over 100 CX professionals, gathered research, and now will be sharing it with you to reveal some of the interesting findings we’ve gathered through these surveys. Will the role of customer service become more important to fuel business growth over the next 3 years? 1:53Which channels will grow more in popularity over the next 3 years? 3:32What percentage of CX professionals are preparing to service through live video/VR? 5:26Top 3 priorities for CX organizations to achieve by 2025 7:22Where will CX organizations be investing their money in the next few years? 9:17Will personalization become more important? 14:27“81% of CX organizations report that reducing wait times

Intentional Leaders Podcast with Cyndi Wentland


Welcome to the Intentional Leaders Podcast with Cyndi Wentland. Where we’re all about creating confident, successful, and focused leaders who manage with purpose and impact. I’m Cyndi Wentland, the founder of Intentionaleaders. And I’m passionate about learning, teaching, and coaching on all things leadership related. My purpose is to equip leaders like you with the tools, resources, and support to accomplish your goals. To learn when you want, how you want. So, if you’re an aspiring leader, first-time manager, experienced executive, or you just want to make a bigger impact in your role as an individual contributor—this podcast is for you. Because each week we’ll focus on relevant, applicable, and easy to implement skills and practices—to create focus and a deliberate path to employee engagement and business results. I know that leadership has its challenges but learning to lead shouldn’t be one of them.

The Press Room from Deloitte Insights

Deloitte Insights

Creating a better work environment for all by embracing neurodiversity

Organizations that make an extra effort to recruit, retain, and nurture neurodivergent workers can gain a competitive edge from increased diversity in skills, ways of thinking, and approaches to problem-solving

McKinsey on Finance

McKinsey Strategy & Corporate Finance

Starting from zero

Zero-based budgeting is an old financial management approach that is experiencing a resurgence. But why this -- and why now? McKinsey’s Wigbert Bohm, an expert in the field, helps us understand how digitization has given new life to ZBB, the benefits it offers, and how to implement it in both large and small organizations.
Read more >


Listen to the podcast (duration: 16:18) >


The New Manager Podcast

Kim Nicol

63. How to Be Direct

Being direct is an effective communication skill that every manager needs.  But it's not always easy!  Learn why we avoid being direct (and why people might not be direct with you), and what to do differently.  You'll grow your confidence as a leader, and use this skill to create more trust in your relationships!

Leadership Jam Session

Rob Fonte

Rob Fonte is the host of the Leadership Jam Session Podcast, where every other week you'll get to hear leaders at all levels of management share their practical solutions to the management challenges you face every day. On this podcast, Rob shares leadership experiences with listeners by bringing in leaders from all different levels to “Jam” on a variety of leadership topics. Some of the best insights are captured from just listening and learning from each other as they share their experiences. More importantly, we learn to see things through the lens of a different perspective and how to move forward with a different approach. With that concept in mind, the Leadership Jam Session podcast was born. Be sure to stay up to date at

SAFe Business Agility Podcast

Scaled Agile

Continuous Learning Culture

A continuous learning culture can positively impact an organization’s performance, innovation, competency, and competitive advantage. But what exactly is it and how do you create one in your organization? In this episode, Jeff Shupack, SAFe Fellow and SPCT at Product and Team, joins us to define continuous learning culture, explain why it’s important, and describe what it looks like in the real world.

Accounting Influencers Podcast

Martin Bissett & Rob Brown

Career Advice for Accountants & CPAs with Randy Crabtree

Episode 80. In today's interview, "Career Advice for Accountants & CPAs with Randy Crabtree."
Randy Crabtree is co-founder and partner of Tri-Merit Specialty Tax Professionals in the USA. Since 2019, he has hosted the bi-weekly “The Unique CPA,” podcast, which ranks among the world’s 10% most popular programs. (Source: Listen Score). You can find articles from Randy in Accounting Today’s Voices column, the AICPA Tax Adviser . He is a regular presenter at conferences and virtual training events hosted by CPA associations, state CPA societies and top 400 CPA firms across the country. Some of the takeaways from this interview:
⍟ the story behind The Unique CPA podcast and the two requirements for guests and topics
⍟ what makes a CPA or accountant unique in a world of noise and 'sameness'
⍟ explaining why accounting as a career choice is not so attractive, leading to talent problems and

Disagree better

Tammy Lenski

Making the impossible possible

When solving a problem seems well and truly hopeless, a certain kind of question can clear roadblocks and boost creative problem-solving. These ultimate questions deserve a permanent place in our conflict resolution and problem-solving toolkits.
Find the transcript with links here.
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Talent Development Hot Seat

Andy Storch

Bonus Q&A with Erin Killingsworth-Walker and Mackenzie Saunders

In this episode of THE TALENT DEVELOPMENT HOT SEAT, Andy’s guests are Erin Killingsworth-Walker and Mackenzie Saunders. Erin is Mackenzie’s manager and is a senior manager of learning and development at OppFi. OppFi is a leading financial technology platform that powers banks to help the everyday consumer gain access to credit. The company just recently went public.
Mackenzie is a learning and development lead at OppFi. As a member of the Talent Development Think Tank community, Mackenzie made an impression on her fellow members, who recommended Andy interview her for the podcast.
In this bonus interview, you’ll hear:
Erin and Mackenzie's greatest career accomplishments and why they’re proud of those achievements.
Their biggest career mistakes and what they learned from those failures.
The challenges they’re facing in talent development right now.
The trends Mackenzie and Erin