Oh No, Ross and Carrie

Ross and Carrie

Welcome to Oh No, Ross and Carrie, the show where we don’t just report on fringe science, spirituality, and claims of the paranormal, but take part ourselves. Follow us as we join religions, undergo alternative treatments, seek out the paranormal, and always find the humor in life's biggest mysteries. We show up - so you don’t have to.

Sounds True: Insights at the Edge

Tami Simon

Spiritual Teachings, where Tami Simon, Founder and Publisher of Sounds True interviews spiritual teachers, visionary writers, and living luminaries about their newest work and current challenges—the growing edge of their inner inquiry and outer contribution to the world.

Michael Singer Podcast

Michael Singer

Join the New York Times bestselling author of The Untethered Soul and The Surrender Experiment for this free series of five curated teaching sessions, recorded at the yoga and meditation center known as Temple of the Universe.

The Astrology Podcast

Chris Brennan

A weekly podcast on topics related to astrology, hosted by professional astrologer Chris Brennan. The purpose of the show is to provide discussions ranging from explorations of specific astrological techniques, to treatments of issues pertaining to the history and philosophy of astrology.

The Catholic Gentleman

John Heinen, Sam Guzman

The Catholic Gentleman is a show for Catholic Men on the topics of living with virtue and holiness in the modern world. Featuring interviews and commentary, the show seeks to provide practical insights for men of all ages. Episodes are released weekly. View and Listen to Previous Episodes - https://catholicgentleman.com/all-episodes

Discovering Truth with Dan Duval

Discovering Truth w Dan Duval

Daniel Duval shares current events, teachings, and information from relevant guests on a Christ centered talk radio program.

Messy Masterpieces

Messy Masterpieces- Ashlee Canipe & Megan Jackson

Messy houses. Messy stories. Messy buns. Just two women who love Jesus doing the best they can, because we are all works in progress.

Sports Spectrum Podcast

Sports Spectrum

Hosted by former ESPN Senior Producer Jason Romano, Sports Spectrum is an interview driven podcast that features stories on the intersection of faith and sports.

The Immanuel Sidebar

Immanuel Church Nashville

The Immanuel Sidebar Podcast. Weekly conversations with the preachers of Immanuel Nashville, where our mission is to make the real Jesus non-ignorable in our city and far beyond. To support this ministry please visit immanuelnashville.com

Graceful Atheist Podcast

David Ames

A secular humanist podcast about Secular Grace after deconstruction and deconversion. The podcast takes an honest look at stories of faith transition from a life-altering faith, to doubt and deconstruction, to deconversion, and finally, to a thriving graceful life post-deconversion. My name is David, and I am trying to be the Graceful Atheist. Join me and be graceful human beings. https://gracefulatheist.com/?gaid=gapdsc Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/gracefulatheist/support

Recovering From Religion

Recovering From Religion

Subscribe for weekly discussions with cult survivors, experts in religious trauma recovery, and other topics related to recovering from religious harms. This show is hosted by volunteers from Recovering From Religion, which is a non-profit organization that works to provide hope, healing, and support for people who have questions or doubts about their faith. Whether you are an atheist, religious, or leaving a cult, we hope you will find this podcast helpful. We aren’t here to talk you out of or into faith. We just provide a safe place to examine beliefs. Episodes are adapted from RfRx events.

Teaching With Power

Benjamin Wilcox

"Teaching with Power" will help you teach or study the scriptures with more impact, relevancy and power. Its primary audience is members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints using the Come, Follow Me manual to teach at home or at church. It supplements but should not replace the manual. My name is Ben Wilcox and I have taught the scriptures in many capacities for 20 years, primarily the youth. I have a BA and MA in English literature which lends to my more literary approach to studying the scriptures.

In Her Image: Finding Heavenly Mother in Scripture, Scholarship, the Arts, & Everyday Life

In Her Image

Seeking and celebrating our Mother God through scripture, scholarship, the arts, and everyday life Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/inherimage/support

Preach My Gospel Mission Prep Podcast

Utah Valley Institute of Religion

The Preach My Gospel Mission Prep Podcast is hosted by Sean Dixon, Brian Patterson, and John Gonzalez. They are each former mission presidents. Brian and Sean are teachers at the Utah Valley Institute of Religion and John is a former Area Mission Specialist with the Missionary Department. They will help you become powerful "Preach My Gospel" missionaries and life-long disciples of Jesus Christ as they explore every chapter in Preach My Gospel and talk to experts and returned missionaries about their experiences and insights. You can even use this podcast to get institute credit.

Rabbi Daniel Lapin

Blaze Podcast Network

Rabbi Daniel Lapin reveals how the world REALLY works and reminds us that the more things change, the more we need to depend upon those things that never change.

Vida Encontré

Majo y Dan

Un podcast por Majo y Dan.



一位名為沈的阿姨,與她的好友們一起八婆的節目,本節目由30%的沈豚活潑、30%的沈嬤玩意兒、30%的沈秘嘉賓與10%的不定期特別企劃構成一百趴沈,每週四更新,各單元隨機登場。 沈豚活潑每集將由沈豚兩人提出一個無聊的問題,互相閒聊討論自己或別人的私生小故事,並在最後做出沒什麼意義的結論。 沈嬤玩意兒每集將由沈開箱一件無法用YouTube影片開箱的事情或概念,從戀愛到生活、從工作到星座。沈秘嘉賓將為大家偶爾帶來除了兩位八婆以外的其他來賓(或者有很大的可能也是其他的八婆),一起來聊一些八婆話題。(每個單元看起來怎麼都一樣) 另有番外篇二十趴沈,顧名思義單元內容大概就是平常正片的20%,主要於每週一登場。 — YouTube |陪沈團 Facebook|陪沈團 Instagram|yuus2.0 合作邀約|ssyuss00@gmail.com Powered by Firstory Hosting



宅女小紅,知性、生活時尚與包生男的中年網美代表。作家/ 女性待業者/ 家管。畢業於醒吾商專企業管理科,曾就讀慈育幼稚園,目前是《OKAPI》專欄作家暨大潤發內湖二店榮譽會員。 出過五本書,靠著網友群/讀者熱力支持,榮獲部落格百傑第八十七名。 參與過數次大型百貨公司週年慶活動,通過Excel檢定考、取得汽車駕照,曾參與國際龍舟錦標賽,並屢獲統一發票陸獎殊榮。 電視節目參與:《Super Sunday》錄影觀眾,以及曾在路邊看過《綜藝大集合》拍攝。 2021年走出舒適圈踏入Podcast界,二度就業的婦女望大家牽成。 Music: Elvish Presto by Twin Musicom 有一些事要找我的話請聯絡王小姐:chunchiawang@gmail.com Powered by Firstory Hosting

Moment by Moment

Oak Hills Church

Introducing Moment by Moment, a new Oak Hills Church podcast where hosts Travis Eades and JD Mason engage culture by answering today's big questions with unchanging biblical truth. Experience dialog that's fresh, raw, and empowering. New episodes drop every Monday!

Orthodox Wisdom

Readings from Saints of Holy Orthodoxy

Readings of the Writings and Lives of Orthodox Christian Saints. These recordings are free to download and share. All I ask is that you do so respectfully and reference this channel. You can also contact me, Timothy Honeycutt, at: orthodoxwisdom1@gmail.com Glory to Jesus Christ!

Counter Apologetics

Emerson Green

An informal look at religious apologetics and philosophy from an atheist and naturalist perspective.

TBH: To Be His

TBH: To Be His

Welcome to the To be His podcast, a no filter safe space where we focus on His Word and Our truth. From fun candid chat to topics often swept under the rug, we will address it all. Your hosts will be Symone (@liora_symone) Uchizi (@uchxzi_m) and Chantelle (@chancass_). Check out our Instagram and Twitter: @tobehispodcast Email: tobehispodcast@gmail.com _

Former Adventist

Colleen Tinker and Nikki Stevenson

Friends Colleen Tinker and Nikki Stevenson sip coffee and talk about life after Adventism. They discuss their journey to truth including eating pork, going to church on Sunday, and learning to trust the real Jesus. (Music © 2010 Nathanael Tinker. Used by permission.)

Two Messianic Jews

Two Messianic Jews

Two Messianic Jewish graduate students think deeply about Messianic Jewish history and theology. We also engage with questions asked by other Jews, Hebrew Roots/One Law groups, and Christians. These questions include: Can you be Jewish and believe in Jesus? Are Gentiles obligated to keep kosher, Shabbat, and the feasts? Didn't Christianity replace Judaism? And many more! We hope to be thoughtful conversation partners with you as we explore these issues. Subscribe if you would like to join us!

Freethought Radio

Freedom From Religion Foundation

A weekly show, broadcast live from Madison, Wis., on 92.1 FM, Saturdays 11 a.m. to 12 noon. Hosted by Dan Barker and Annie Laurie Gaylor, co-presidents, Freedom From Religion Foundation. Slightly irreverent views, news, music and interviews.

Immanuel Nashville

Immanuel Church Nashville

The Podcast of Immanuel Nashville. Our mission is to make the real Jesus non-ignorable in our city and far beyond. Expect Sunday sermons, seminars and more! To support this ministry please visit immanuelnashville.com


John Baptist

Glorious thought provoking discussions about the End of the Age, current events, the "rescue mission", our awesome Intergalactic God and His Son and our King Jesus Christ (introduction leader music credit Audiomachine at www.audiomachine.com, and may God BLESS all those who have contributed to this program freely. Tribulation Now has not and does not accept contributions and recommends that everyone give to the poor and underprivileged of this world in Jesus name).

بودكاست خَط


| بودكاست خط | سلسلة من اللقاءات الصوتيّة مساء كل أحد مع د.هيفاء بنت ناصر الرشيد الأستاذ المشارك في قسم العقيدة والمذاهب المعاصرة بجامعة الإمام محمد بن سعود الإسلامية، والمشرفة العامة على مكتب البيضاء للاستشارات التربوية والتعليمية. تُناقش الدكتورة -حفظها الله-، بعض الأفكار والتطبيقات الرُّوحانية الحديثة التي التبست على كثير من الناس، عبر منصتيّ: أبل بودكاست وقوقل بودكاست. - البيضاء عبر وسائل التواصل الاجتماعي: https://many.link/albaydha

Behold Thy Mother

Behold Thy Mother

Three wise women in search of the Mother. Come follow us for a walk through the Old Testament and other scripture with a special emphasis on Eden, Temples, and the Feminine Divine. "Behold Thy Mother" lays in plain the presence of our Heavenly Mother on every page.

TheoBros Podcast

Justin Bullington

Sound Theology. Always Reforming. Christ is King. TheoBros Podcast is committed to speaking Biblically about the cultural issues of the day, as well as introducing its listeners to godly men and women of the Reformed Faith.

The Biblically Correct Podcast (Messianic)

Kevin Geoffrey, Messianic Jewish Teacher

Teaching biblical correctness in a biblically incorrect world, Messianic Jewish author Kevin Geoffrey (of Perfect Word Ministries and MJMI) challenges biblical misinformation, ignorance and illiteracy by upholding the truth and reality of the word of God. Join Kevin for straightforward, edifying Bible teaching as he brings his unique Mes­sianic Jewish perspective and sound, biblical insight to the Scriptures. (Biweekly.) VIDEO PODCAST at https://perfectword.tv also available.

Glorian Podcast

Glorian Publishing

Download free lectures about spirituality, religion, kabbalah, the Bible, Greek myth, Runes, astrology, alchemy, meditation, the Zohar, Tantra, sacred sexuality, and much more. A free public service from Glorian Publishing, a non-profit organization.

Faithful Conversations

Ross Baron

A podcast dedicated to discussing topics related to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in an open and positive manner. We welcome honest questions and concerns in an environment of faith.

Come Follow Me: Mental Health Insights with Dr. David T. Morgan

Dr. David T. Morgan

Join me for a weekly discussion where we'll talk about some principles from the weekly Come, Follow Me lesson and learn specific applications to improve mental and emotional health.

Skeptic Generation

Skeptic Generation

We are excited to be here. We are messy. We make mistakes. We come back stronger. We question everything. We are a work in progress. We are Skeptic Generation. A new live call-in show for an expanding community of diverse and compassionate atheists. Join Eric Murphy and Vi La Bianca every Sunday morning at 11:30am CT by visiting tiny.cc/callSG or calling 585-LAMURPH (585-526-8774).

Circle Sanctuary Network Podcasts

Circle Sanctuary Network Podcasts

Podcasting site for the Circle Sanctuary programming. **** Schedule **** *** Sundays: Nature Mystic with Rev. Selena Fox *** Mondays: Lunatic Mondays with Rev. Laura Gonzalez (First Monday on Spanish) *** First and Third Tuesdays: Circle Talk with Rev. Debra Rose *** Every Wednesday: Nature Spirituality with Rev. Selena Fox *** Thursdays: Full Moon Magic with Rev. RedWolf (Full Moon ritual on Thursday closest to the Full Moon. Full Moon Magic discussion two Thursdays before the Full Moon) *** Third Fridays: Blue Moon with Rev. Char Bear *** Saturdays: Paganos del Mundo with Rev. Laura Gonzalez *** For shows where guests can participate, please call in to: (929) 477-3055

The Religious Studies Project

The Religious Studies Project

The Religious Studies Project (RSP) features weekly conversations with leading scholars of Religious Studies and related fields. Our aim is to provide engaging, concise, and reliable accounts of the most important concepts, traditions, scholars, and methodologies in the contemporary study of religion. Episodes are produced by The Religious Studies Project Association (SCIO), a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (charity number SC047750). RSP material is disseminated under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License and can be distributed and utilised freely, provided full citation is given.

The John Ankerberg Show Podcast

The John Ankerberg Show

The John Ankerberg Show is a daily radio program that discusses the historical accuracy of the life of Jesus, the Bible and how current issues stand up to Biblical history and Christianity.

Study the Bible with Arthur Bailey

Arthur Bailey

You can find more inspirational Teachings and download our free EBooks on our ministry Website @ arthurbaileyministries.com Please follow us on: · Facebook @ House of Israel - Arthur Bailey Ministries· On Instagram @ ApostleArthurBailey· On Twitter – @ApostleBaileyAlso, please subscribe to our YouTube Page @ ApostleArthurBailey1If you are in the Charlotte area, please come and fellowship with us. We will do our best to make you feel at home. Our address is:Arthur Bailey Ministries InternationalHouse of Israel3601 Rose Lake DriveCharlotte, NC 28217

Church of God a Worldwide Association Dallas Congregation

COGWA Dallas

Church of God a Worldwide Association, practices the way of life Jesus Christ and the first-century Church followed including observing the seventh-day Sabbath and annual Holy Days. We teach the living Word of God from both the Old and New Testaments. This podcast hosts sermons given in the Dallas Texas Congregation.

Orthodox Conundrum

Scott Kahn

The Orthodox Conundrum is a forum in which we look honestly at the Orthodox Jewish community, identifying what works well and what does not, so that, through an honest accounting, we can find solutions that will be successful. We will examine some of the major issues that affect the Orthodox world, without exaggeration, whitewashing, or pretending that they don’t exist. Our hope is that the Orthodox Conundrum will spark wider discussion that will enable Orthodox Judaism to continue moving forward in the areas at which it excels, and to rectify the areas that need improvement.



My name is Dean and this is the audio version of a weekly live show I do on my YouTube. Every week I talk about topics related to theology, the Bible, and Christian culture. Thanks for listening! Oh, and If you’re interested in more information check out my YouTube, YouTube.com/c/deanlentini

GSMC Classics: The Catholic Hour

GSMC Podcast Network

The Catholic Hour was produced in co-operation with The National Council Of Catholic Men. The show included music from various Catholic choirs as well as discussions of the role of faith, Christianity, and Catholicism in the societal concerns and topics of the day. GSMC Classics presents some of the greatest classic radio broadcasts, classic novels, dramas, comedies, mysteries, and theatrical presentations from a bygone era. The GSMC Classics collection is the embodiment of the best of the golden age of radio. Let Golden State Media Concepts take you on a ride through the classic age of radio, with this compiled collection of episodes from a wide variety of old programs. ***PLEASE NOTE*** GSMC Podcast Network presents these shows as historical content and have brought them to you unedited. Remember that times have changed and some shows might not reflect the standards of today’s politically correct society. The shows do not necessarily reflect the views, standards, or beliefs of Golden State Media Concepts or the GSMC Podcast Network. Our goal is to entertain, educate give you a glimpse into the past.

The Bible: Book Of Our Fathers

The Bible: Book Of Our Fathers

The Bible has the solution to our people’s problems. Israel United in Christ is a Biblical Organization that teaches the Gospel of Repentance from Sin to Our People scattered around the world as a Result of Disobedience to God’s Commandments. When you consider the plight of our people, it is one of turmoil and trauma. Our People, the Israelites suffer from a wide range of issues from Self Hatred, and Domestic Violence, to Mass Incarceration and Economic Exploitation... However, The Bible has the Solution to Our People’s Problems.

3ABN Sabbath School Panel


Join our panel of pastors and teachers as we discuss the Sabbath School Lesson each week. Always fresh and relevant, you’re sure to gain deeper insights as we study the Word of God together.

Leaving Religion: a Guide

Amanda Joy Loveland

Formally titled Leaving Religion & Those We Leave Behind. This podcast is a guide to navigating the waters after religion and how to find your spiritual center. Each episode is full of stories, including mine, of leaving religion, our experiences through it and the gifts gained. My desire is to assist others in having a deeper understand to their path and that leaving does not have to be full of anger and hatred. This podcast is not about bashing any religion or people but is about our stories of moving through the different stages of grief and ultimately having a stronger relationship to themselves and with God. My hope is that as you listen you will feel a sense of peace, of inspiration, of connection and a place to feel that you are not alone in your journey.This podcast has been something I did not think I would ever do and yet it has been one of the biggest gifts in my life. May you find a little piece of hope here within these interviews. These podcast episodes will assist you in your deconstruction after religion.Would you like to share your story? Head to www.amandajoyloveland.com/beaguest

Net Worth It

Gretchen Heinen

It's time to step into your God given assignment and change your financially legacy forever. No more playing small. It's time to grab a seat at the table. It's time to grab that promotion, create that income stream, take hold of your spending and create a legacy. We combine the power of prayer, the knowledge of the bible, the equipping of the Holy Spirit and a network of believers to create wealth that changes the world. We believe that money is a resource and a tool that God gives us to show up big in our calling. Take our Dreams Over Screens Challenge at dreamsoverscreens.com www.networthit.org Follow us on IG: www.instagram.com/networthitorg Cover Art: Silvia De Felice

Care & Discipleship Podcast – IBCD

IBCD - Institute for Biblical Counseling and Discipleship

The Institute for Biblical Counseling & Discipleship

Good News for Jehovah’s Witnesses

Simon McKeown

This podcast has been created to help answer any questions Jehovah’s Witnesses or ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses have about God, the Bible, Christianity, ethics and religion. You can email us your questions at info@goodnewsforjws.com. You can also check out our website at www.Goodnewsforjws.com

Changing Lives

Mt Gilead FGIM

Mt Gilead FGIM - Changing Lives With The Word of God

Thomas and the Bible

Thomas Smith

In this podcast, Thomas goes through the entire bible, seeking to learn it while also poking fun at its absurdities. Whether you are an atheist like Thomas who wants to learn what he's up against, or even if you are religious and want to set this foolish atheist straight, you are invited to listen and join in this journey!

The Novena Podcast

Mandy Bean

Daily Novenas Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/thenovenapod/support

Currents in Religion

Currents in Religion

Currents in Religion is a podcast from the Baylor University Religion Department and Baylor University Press. We host conversations with academics, writers, and artists that explore some of the most interesting currents in religious studies, with a focus on Christianity. Episodes release weekly, starting October 21, 2022. Follow us on Twitter: @cirbaylor.

Lighthouse Faith

FOX News Radio

Fox News Religion Correspondent Lauren Green uses her wealth of stories, vast network of contacts, and her own extensive study of theology to take the listener on a unique journey of spiritual discovery.

The Lectern

The Apostolic Johannite Church

Talks and lectures from the clergy, laity and guests of the Apostolic Johannite Church.

درس گفتارهای قرآن - دکتر روزبه توسرکانی

روزبه توسرکانی

این جلسات با مباحثی پیرامون مفاهیمی کلی در قرآن آغاز شد و یک دوره جنبه‌های روایی داستان سوره یوسف بررسی شد و در مورد داستان آدم در قرآن و سپس یک دوره حول مفاهیم سوره نور صحبت شد و با جلساتی پیرامون سوره مریم و مسیحیت ادامه پیدا کرده است

Bible Brothers

Bible Brothers

Comedy writers Dan Klein and Robert Padnick have never read The Bible... until now! Join them every Sunday as they read it from front to back and see what the big whoop is.

Steps to Deliverance


Walking with Jesus is a day to day activity. We must seek Him in Spirit and in Truth. Jesus wants us to be free spiritually so that we can reflect the Glory of God in our lives. The host of the show is Pastor Dennis is an Associate Pastor of a local church in Florida. He has also been married for over 27 wonderful years and has two beautiful grown children. Thank you for tuning into the Steps to Deliverance Radio Show and may the Lord richly bless you in Jesus Name. Visit my Amazon Author page at: http://answerstolifepublishing.info

CES Letter and Reply: A Search For Truth

Lani Lee

This is a search for truth. Every week, we will take a deep dive into the real facts behind each question posed by the CES letter, and analyze the CES letter reply to distinguish fact from fiction. Both have inaccuracies. Both have an agenda. But we will dig deep and see which have history on their side. This podcast is written and recorded by Lani Lee, a fully practicing member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and full-time BYU student, who has become increasingly disillusioned with the Church's policies and history. If you would like to follow along each week, there is a link to the PDF of the CES letter and the CES letter reply down below. Please like, review, and share, and if you have any questions, or if you want to share your own personal experiences, you can contact me at cesletterandreply@gmail.com. Thanks for listening, and I hope you all have a blessed life. :-) https://cesletter.org/CES-Letter.pdfhttps://canonizer.com/files/reply.pdf

Know Your Bible Radio Podcast

Bishop Fred A. Caldwell, Sr. Pastor/Teacher

This podcast is designed to strengthen and encourage believers to grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. Bishop Fred A. Caldwell, Sr. Ph. D. is the host and the Pastor/Teacher of Greenwood Acres Full Gospel Baptist Church in Shreveport, Louisiana. He has pastored for forty years and has been preaching the Gospel for nearly 50 years. He is a doctrinal teacher who has a mission to share the Word of God to provide a foundation for the Body of Christ to grow to maturity.

Capilla Calvario Chihuahua

Capilla Calvario Chihuahua

Capilla Calvario Chihuahua es una comunidad local de creyentes unidos por la fe en Jesús. Somos una iglesia que estudiamos la Biblia versículo por versículo, capítulo por capítulo porque creemos que los creyentes deben escuchar y conocer todo el consejo de Dios.

Amor y Responsabilidad el Podcast

Amor y Responsabilidad

Un espacio dónde queremos sentarnos y platicar sobre el amor humano en el plan divino.

Deconstructing the Myth

Deconstructing the Myth

A podcast exploring why those who grew up in the American Evangelical church are now leaving it behind.

The Scripture & Plain Reason Podcast

Brian Fuller and Ryan Campbell

Join Brian Fuller and Ryan Campbell for engaging and entertaining discussions about current Christian concerns from a Scriptural perspective. Also, be encouraged and equipped by in-depth interviews that Ryan & Brian will have with Christian leaders. The first episode drops on Monday, May 2nd.

Conociendo mi Religión Regla de Osha, Ifa y Palo Monte

Orishas Mexico

Aquí encontraras todo lo que debes de saber de tu Religión. Historia, Orishas, Consagraciones, Obras, Ofrendas, Consejos y Recomendaciones. Lo anterior con la finalidad de que lleves de mejor manera tu religión y reafirmes día con día tu fe.

Latter Day Bridge Builders

Mitch C. & Garrett J.

Striving to build bridges between active Latter Day Saints (Mormons), those who have left the faith, and everyone in between. Join Garrett (an ex-mormon) and Mitch (an unorthodox member) as they discuss different sides of church culture in a fair, unbiased and respectful way for all parties. This podcast is a place where anyone with ties to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is welcome. Non-members of the church are also invited.

German Ponce - La Biblia Palabra Infalible

Ebenezer Honduras

Nuestro objetivo es que a través de la palabra de Dios, cada uno de los hogares de Honduras y a nivel mundial puedan ser llenos del Espíritu Santo y así poder restaurar hogares y por ende países enteros, presentando no una religión sino un estilo de vida en el Señor Jesucristo.


Steve Scott

Steve Scott is a Come Follow Me Youtuber and a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints. Steve and his wife Chelsea produce weekly videos to help people worldwide study Come Follow Me. Steve worked for Seminary's and Institute's of Religion for 16 years before retiring in 2019. Steve has work with EFY and speaks at conferences throughout the world.

Santo Rosario - Misioneros Digitales Católicos

Misioneros Digitales Catolicos

Rosario significa una corona de rosas, si porque cuando rezamos el rosario, estamos haciendo una corona de rosas para la virgen. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/santo-rosario-mdcatolicos/support

Unitarian Universalist: The UU Perspective

Sharon Marrell

Unitarian Universalists are changing the world through the stand they take on issues facing our world today. Meet the people who facilitate making a difference in the communities around them. Whether you want personal spiritual growth or inspiration to impact a community, there is something here for everyone. You’ll be inspired to take action.

Catholicism and Culture

Catholicism and Culture

In these bi-weekly episodes, Dr. Stuart Squires interviews theologians, philosophers, poets, artists, architects, filmmakers, street evangelists, and many others about the ways that Catholicism and culture come together in their lives.

Messianic Apologetics

Messianic Apologetics

Messianic Apologetics addresses the theological and spiritual issues of the broad Messianic movement.

Inspirational Sermons - Insights from the Best Preachers in America

Robert LeFavi

Great preachers inspire, they breathe life into you. You’ll find life-changing inspiration and encouragement as America’s most creative and thoughtful preachers take you deeper into scripture and offer unique insights. Part of the Best Preachers Project.

Not Lukewarm Podcast with Deanna Bartalini

Deanna Bartalini

Welcome to learning and growing into a person who is not lukewarm. Curious as to where "not lukewarm" came from? It is from Revelation 3:16, "So, because you are lukewarm, neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth." Jesus is speaking to one of the seven churches and he is admonishing one for being neither hot nor cold and he tells them he will spit them out of his mouth. The first time I read that I realized I never wanted to be lukewarm, especially in my faith and love for Jesus. Rev 3:16 is a life verse for me, reminding me to the person God is calling me to be, each and every day. I'm Deanna Bartalini and I want to help you live "not lukewarm" too! One of my greatest joys is to walk with people on their faith journey. I believe that the more you know about God and your faith, the more deeply you will fall in love with him. And when you fall in love with God, you want to reach out to others in gratitude. The Not Lukewarm podcast is about journeying together and learning how to live our faith every day.

Inside Out by Citipoint Church

Citipoint Church

Join us for a weekly podcast with Brent and Michael!


Anne McNamee-Keels and Stephanie Chavara

Anne and Stephanie are friends, former coworkers, theatre artists and educators. They were also both raised Catholic. Join them as they compare notes on their respective Catholic upbringings.

The Forbidden Apple: LGBTQ+ SPIRITUALITY

Pelayo A. Melissa W.

Interfaith conversations deconstructing traditional religious beliefs. A former Orthodox Jew and a Spanish-raised Catholic join forces to fight spiritual violence. Our nuanced conversations with queer revolutionaries will give you the tools to tear apart binaries and live a meaningful life. Recent guests include Arlan Hamilton, Mary Lambert, Sushant Divgikar, Rev. Troy Perry, Ryan Cassata & Senator Weinberg.

The Pastors Round Table

Ryan Latham

The podcast where we pull apart and deconstruct the habits, routines, and tactics of the great men and women of faith. To support Renewed Leadership and help continue to resource churches all around the world click here: https://www.renewedleadership.org/partner Connect with Renewed Leadership Visit The Pastors Round Table PODCAST: https://anchor.fm/the-pastors-round-table Visit the Renewed Leadership BLOG: https://www.renewedleadership.org/blog Follow Renewed Leadership on FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/Renewedleadership/?ref=bookmarks Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/the-pastors-round-table/support

Torah for Christians

Rabbi Jordan Parr

Rabbi Jordan Parr brings the beauty of Judaism to a curious non-Jewish audience. We'll discuss Bible, holidays, Jewish thought and dozens of other topics. We'll also learn how a Rabbi reads the Gospels! Our Podcast conversation will continue on Club House and other sites. Please join us!

Heart Of Witchcraft

Sassafras Heartsong

The Heart of Witchcraft podcast intends to discuss topics relevant to modern and historical Wicca and Witchcraft, and to try to take topics of the occult and put them in plain language. =D


Analine Luna

El propósito de estos podcast es el dar a conocer el catecismo de la iglesia católica y las encíclicas de los papas y así ir amando más nuestra fe católica.

Upper Room Ohio

UpperRoom Ohio

Upper Room is located in Tipp City, Ohio and is a non-denominational church. We are a family of people who are passionate about loving God and loving people. We believe God has called each of us to a divine purpose and we would love to see you and your family join us and be transformed in His presence and promises. For more information, check out our website at UpperRoomOhio.com .

Prayer amid Pandemic

Christianity Today

Prayer amid Pandemic is a podcast to encourage and sharpen the church during this season of coronavirus. Twice a week we’ll give you stories of Christian individuals and communities whose lives and faith were shaped by sickness. We’ll also get an update on the latest on the COVID-19 situation and pray together, hearing from Christians around the world.

The Accessible Altar Podcast

The Accessible Altar

Conversations at the intersection of faith and disability

Music From the Goddess' Vault Podcast

Midnight Starr

It's a pagan music podcast. It has lots of information on paganism.

Deen Over Dunya

Saiful Haqq

The Revival of the Sunna and the Destruction of Innovation

Holy Sisters

Kerry Fuller/Heidi Gibson

We are sisters, the youngest of 8 siblings who grew up in the Mormon Church. We have both left Mormonism, 20 years apart. We will explore sibling relationships inside and outside of Mormonism and everything in between. #exmormon #mormon #sisters #humor

“Two Thoughts” - Sunday Homilies

Fr. Mike Ritter

Weekly reflections on the scripture readings for Sunday Mass at St. Robert Catholic Church.

Calvary Baptist Church - Sermons

Pastor Don Fields

Check out sermons from Calvary Baptist Church (Owosso, MI)! Uploaded every week!

The Backyard Professor on Mormonism

Kerry Shirts

Kerry Shirts was a former LDS apologist who defended the Church and its truth claims. He was one of the founders of FAIR (Formerly FairMormon, Formerly FAIR) an apologetic organization discussing Mormonism, answering critical claims, and helping Latter-day Saints find faithful answers to their questions. Kerry served as the director of research for FAIR. As the Backyard Professor he attempts to help all of us make sense of Mormonism

No Nonsense Catholic

Matthew Arnold

Sharing the Gospel with Clarity & Charity

JW Discursos Especiales

JW Special Moments

BIENVENIDO: ESTE PODCAST ES TOTALMENTE GRATUITO Y SIN FINES DE LUCRO (OSFL),según Mateo 10:8 "Recibieron gratis, den gratis". Hermanos y personas de buen corazón están disfrutando de estos HERMOSOS DISCURSOS PÚBLICOS. 🟣 IMPORTANTE: Recuerda que este "NO" es un Podcast oficial de la organización, para una información más confiable pregunte a un testigo cerca a su localidad. 🟡 RECORDATORIO: Ten cuidado siempre con las redes sociales y los apostatas de acuerdo con (Proverbios 22:3): "El prudente ve el peligro y se esconde". 🟠 https://www.instagram.com/jwspecialmoments/

The Beautiful Gray

Harley Hayes

Finding the beautiful gray in the world of dark blacks and bright whites. It’s a discussion on how to be rightly reckless, wild and measured, loving and truthful, strong and submitted. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/thebeautifulgray/support

Believe: A Conversation Between Friends

Marvin Williams and Carolyn Kersten

Believe: A Study in John is a weekly podcast that invites you to join a conversation with Pastor Marvin Williams and Carolyn Kersten on a passage from the book of John. You'll hear fresh perspectives, practical insights, and see how easy it is to have your own conversation around a Scripture passage with others.

Young Disciples Podcast

Brandon Kane

A podcast about who Jesus was and other stories from the Bible that teach us how to be more godly men and women in our daily lives. Feel free to share this podcast with other people who you think will enjoy it! Music by Joystock - www.joystock.com



On Preach, host Lee Hale sits down with people from all walks of life and all religions. You’ll hear people talk honestly about their doubts and beliefs. How they wrestle with life’s big questions. And the way spirituality intersects with their daily struggles and joys. These days, especially on social media, the word “Preach” is used as a way to encourage someone to share their story. To validate. To tell them that they deserve to be heard. That’s what this show is about. Empowering the people — some of them famous, all of them fascinating — who live in the messy middle of faith. Because we’re all hungry for more frank, fun conversations about how we make sense of life. From PRX and KUER.

Rezo del Santo Rosario

Parroquia Santa María - Buenos Aires

Te invitamos a rezar con nosotros el Santo Rosario. Nuestros podcast incluyen una frase sobre el rosario dicha por algún Santo de la Iglesia Católica, y una breve lectura del Evangelio, luego del anuncio de cada misterio. Grabado en la Ciudad de Buenos Aires, en el mes de octubre del año del Señor 2020. ¡Qué Dios los bendiga!

Temple of Witchcraft

Adam Sartwell

Voices of the Temple is the official podcast of the Temple of Witchcraft, hosted by Temple minister and founder Adam Sartwell and providing news, information, and discussion of topics of interest to the Temple of Witchcraft community and the Witchcraft, Wiccan, and larger Neopagan communities.

פודקאסט פארענצ’עס

משפחה פודקאסט

מסע מרתק וייחודי אל סודות האדמו”רים וחצרות החסידות מגישים: אריה ארליך, מוישה ויסברג פתיח מוזיקלי: ’רוסישע שער’ יאפצ’יק כלייזמר ©


Cool Spring Baptist Church

In the midst of these uncertain times, we look to REimagine the possibilities of living connected with one another.

The Why Not Me Podcast

Denita Bremer

In this podcast we talk about overcoming inner obstacles to endure this life well. The host is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints with a history of trauma and pain. She uses her own life experience, spiritual gifts and life coaching tools to teach and inspire.

Soy Claretiano

Soy Claretiano

¡Soy bautizado, soy enviado, soy claretiano! Misioneros Hijos del Inmaculado Corazón de María

أخبارَك إيه

TWR Arabic

أخبارَك إيه

The Waypoint Pastors’ Wives Podcast

Stacy Bishop

The Waypoint Pastors’ Wives Podcast exists to provide encouragement and a sense of community to pastors’ wives. We know it can be one of the toughest and loneliest callings a woman can have and we don’t want want any of us to walk it alone!

Islamic Guidance

Manan Ayoub

Islam teaches that God has sent prophets to humanity, in different times and places, to communicate His message. Since the beginning of time, God has sent His guidance through these chosen people. They were human beings who taught the people around them about faith in One Almighty God, and how to walk on the path of righteousness. Some prophets also revealed God's Word through books of revelation. This free podcast is for Sadka e Jariya YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/c/SoldierOfAllah2HD https://www.youtube.com/SoldierOfAllah2

Ensign College Devotionals

Ensign College

Devotionals given by a variety of speakers from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. New episodes arrive Tuesdays of each semester at noon.

Grace in the Shadows

Dr. Marla and Dr. Jonathan Behler and Doyle Patrick

Dr. Marla and Dr. Jonathan Behler discuss marriage and family issues.And, this website also houses the podcast Two Men and a Bible with Dr. Jonathan Behler and Doyle Patrick.

The complete guide on how to be a teen girl

your local teen girl

Sharing advice for teen girls to learn about real topics and the problems they may face and how to deal with them. check out the podcats instagram for updates @complete_guide_for_teen_girls

City on a Hill: Kansas City

COAH Staff

City on a Hill: a young adult Catholic ministry based in Kansas City! City on a Hill exists to be the community that inspires and forms our generation to be saints! This is a story-based podcast, where we interview Catholic young adults about their life story... and along the way we get sidetracked on interesting topics. We hope the life and stories shared will inspire you to strive for sainthood!

Assembly of Yahusha


The objective of the Assembly of Yahusha is to proclaim, propagate and share the pure teachings of Yahuah God and Yahusha Christ to all of mankind. The Assembly of Yahusha provides weekly bible study classes and live worship gatherings through online platforms. The assembly’s mission is to reach those who are seeking the pure teachings of Yahuah God and Yahusha Christ throughout the world. If you are interested in exploring our fundamental beliefs, please contact us with your inquiries at info@assemblyofyahusha.org or visit our website at http://assemblyofyahusha.org

The Podvig with Joel Dunn

Joel Dunn

Podvig: A Russian term defined as “spiritual struggle." St. Theophan the Recluse defines our entire Christian life as podvig. He explains that the spirit hates sin, while the flesh dwells in it. How is this battle within ourselves to be resolved? Through podvig, that spiritual struggle of bringing the soul into mastery over the body. "And He said to them all, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me. - Luke 9:23 KJV Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/thepodvigpod/support

Project 938 Podcast

BBFI Missions Office

A BBFI Missions podcast In Matthew 9:38, we are commanded to pray for more laborers to fulfill the Great Commission. In response to this command, the BBFI Mission Office is launching Project 938 to rally the churches of the Baptist Bible Fellowship International to pray for more laborers. Project 938 is an intentional call for concerted prayer that men and women will hear and surrender to the call of God.

Minding Scripture

University of Notre Dame

A Podcast where divine word and human reason meet.

Protect Your Noggin

Jeff and Stacie Mallinson

Lessons in outfoxing religious wolves. We seek to reform religious education so everyone can be spiritually bold, free of manipulation and filled with deep peace. After 20+ years of professional work in religious education and educational nonprofits, hosts Jeff Mallinson (D.Phil. Oxford, philosophy and religion professor, author and speaker) and Stacie Mallinson (former nonprofit development professional, and now certified yoga instructor) realized that how we do religious education leads to a susceptibility to abusive behaviors. This is not a show that will focus on abuse, but rather the ways in which rethinking religious education and involvement with churches, sects, and gurus requires training in critical thinking and personal empowerment.


Ximena Benítez

En este podcast hablaremos de la historia de la santería, como se llegó a mezclar con la religión católica y las características de sus orishas.

General Conference Conversations


Welcome to General Conference Convos, the podcast where we...have conversations about general conference! Pretty straight forward. I'm your host, Kayelynn, and I'm super excited to be here with you, studying the words of our living prophets, apostles, and chosen leaders.

Cántico Espiritual


Cada genio lleva asociado a su nombre el título de su obra maestra. Al nombre de San Juan de la Cruz debemos asociar Cántico Espiritual, su primera obra, como poema y como comentario. Cántico Espiritual es el fruto de la sabiduría teológica, del genio poético y la buena salud mental de San Juan de la Cruz. Guión: José A. Martínez Puche O.P. Introducción: Alberto Barrientos O.C.D. Intérpretes: Manuel Portillo, Rosa María Belda, Eduardo McGregor, y José Antonio Martínez. Grabación y montaje: Jaime Israel. Estudios Fónex. Madrid

Pastora Yezenia Then

No Pain No Gain

Yesenia Then Escaño. Es la fundadora del Ministerio Internacional Soplo de Vida. Es madre, esposa, pastora, evangelista, conferencista y una de las oradoras mas influyentes de America Latina y Estados Unidos. Aceptó a Jesús como su Señor y Salvador, a la edad de 16 años en el estado de Nueva York, Estados Unidos. Es la pastora principal del Centro Cristiano Soplo de Vida (CCSV) una de las iglesias con mayor crecimiento en la capital de República Dominicana. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/yezeniathen/support

The Water Cooler with David Brody

 David Brody

Talk around America's water cooler surrounding faith, politics, and culture is changing fast. Just the News' political affairs program "The Water Cooler with David Brody" takes a deep dive into the issues of our time to get to heart of what people are talking about today. Journalist David Brody sits down with some of the biggest newsmakers and thought leaders of the day to talk about values and traditions in a non—traditional way.

Line Upon Line

It Is Written

Line Upon Line tackles bible questions submitted by you, our listeners. Sometimes controversial, sometimes fun, on Line Upon Line you will always receive a bible answer for your bible question. Line Upon Line connects you with answers to the questions that matter most. Hosted by Pastors John Bradshaw and Eric Flickinger.

EdenRules.com (Audio)

Supreme Master Ching Hai

Welcome to EdenRules -- Supreme Master Ching Hai's inspiring and spiritually uplifting digital collection – all audio and video downloads are free of charge.

Good Mourning

Ashleigh Pope

Life is filled with swift TRANSITIONS, and sometimes we are unaware of how to navigate through those seasons. You can MOURN things other than death. Broken friendships, divorce, job transitions, and life's unfulfillment can cause you to doubt that GOOD is existent. The truth is, it has been present the entire time. Let me help you find the good in your life's transitions!

Pastor Ezequiel Molina Rosario

Ministerio La Batalla de la Fe

John & Anna Duke Be Revival Podcast

John & Anna Duke

Evangelists John and Anna Duke have been preaching the Gospel full-time since April 2019. Truvine Ministries; a ministry dedicated to preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ, winning souls, and empowering believers to bring in the End Time Harvest.

Miracle Internet Church Radio

Dr Sabrina Sessions

A gathering place for ministry, prayer, and fellowship with your host Dr. Sabrina Sessions. We are broadcasting live every Wednesday and Friday night at 6:30 pm eastern.Please come and join us for the show. We also meet every Sunday at 12:30 pm eastern for our local Sunday service here in Jacksonville, Florida at the Four Points by Sheraton, 8520 Baymeadows Road Jacksonville, FL 32256. See you on the show and God Bless!

The Bridging Connections Podcast

Bridges 613

The Bridging Connections Podcast showcases the organizations and leaders in the Jewish community who are reinventing and reinvigorating Jewish life. In the podcasts, you will hear about the organizations and individuals innovating and impacting the Jewish community in North American and how you can participate. They will share their stories and tips on how they are engaging people in the richness of Judaism. The Bridging Connections Podcast is a project of Bridges 613 which introduces and connects you to vibrancy and innovation in Jewish life through a variety of Jewish resources. Bridges 613 is a concierge for your individualized and relatable Jewish experience.

Ex-Jehovah's Witness Stories

Annaliese McCain

Please contact Annaliese McCain at amccain@unomaha.edu for any comments, questions or concerns.

Andrew Rappaport's Rapp Report

Andrew Rappaport

The Rapp Report with Andrew Rappaport is a podcast providing Biblical interpretations and applications. It is a ministry of Striving for Eternity.

Magnify Your Miracles Podcast

Rev. Frances Fayden

Lightworkers and Spiritual Entrepreneurs need inspiration on a regular basis to nourish their spirits so they can keep sharing their light with the world. Each Wednesday, join Rev. Frances Fayden, a long-time Spiritual Entrepreneur & Interfaith Minister, as she shares miraculous stories, messages, meditations, book reviews and interviews to help you stay in the highest vibration possible! If you are a lightworker who wants to magnify your impact AND intuition, this podcast is for you!

Children's Bible Story Podcast with Kiryn


A bedtime Bible story podcast for children. Each episode Kiryn shares a short bible story set to relaxing music to help kids relax or get to sleep. The episodes begin with belly breathing exercises to promote rest and relaxation. This short podcast series is a great opportunity for children to learn more about the life of Jesus. You can also find us on YouTube: www.youtube.com/channel/UC_j_rOTIvE46Fe5GkzUT8tQ/

EdenRules.com (Video)

Supreme Master Ching Hai

Welcome to EdenRules -- Supreme Master Ching Hai's inspiring and spiritually uplifting digital collection – all audio and video downloads are free of charge.

Hellenic Polytheism 101


A bi-weekly podcast that introduces and explains Hellenic Polytheism as a modern day religion. It will include rituals, a calendar for holidays, an introduction to the Theoi, and a basic explanation of the Pillars and Delphic Maxims. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/katheryn76/support

Welcome To The Future - A FMD Podcast

Welcome To The Future Podcast

Welcome To The Future - A FMD Podcast

Walk Worthy

North Metro Church

Ever feel like you’re meandering aimlessly through your faith journey, not experiencing the fullness of what you know is possible in your relationship with Christ? Join us for the Walk Worthy podcast! Walk Worthy is a podcast designed to both inspire and equip women in taking more deliberate steps towards more intimate, fulfilling Christ-centered lives–bearing fruit and awakening Scripture in their daily lives. Walk Worthy is anchored in the principles highlighted in Colossians 1:9-10..."to be filled with the knowledge of His will in all spiritual wisdom and understanding so as to walk in a manner worthy of the Lord, fully pleasing to him: bearing fruit in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God." In each episode, we'll invite a special guest for a meaningful conversation to help us all walk worthy. New episodes will be released every other Thursday beginning this August

The Orisha


This podcast teaches the words and teachings of the Orisha and the great culture that gave birth to the spiritual system. Take control of your mental, spiritual, and emotional health with great truth. Chief Yuya and guest cut through the confusing language and painted fairytales that keep the Orisha a mystery. Speaking from Authority and conviction we teach you how to empower and heal yourself with the wisdom of the Orisha tradition and remind yourself, in this life, that nature is revealing messages all around you. The spirit of Ogun, Oshun, Shango, Eshu, Yemonja, Osoosi, Obba, Obatala, Oya, and many more speak through the sounds of this podcast. We move beyond the belief structures of religion and go into the knowing matrix of a true relationship with the positively proven spiritual world. Get the real information to decide what is best for you.

Heart of a Torah Woman

Sharon Darling

Hi ladies! The HOW is my focus for all things Torah women related. Let's build a lovely community as we dive into all things Torah Woman living in the spirit of Titus 2:3-5. Encouraging and uplifting episodes will be found here. From time to time this will have some wonderful Torah Women on here which will be a real treat! Don't forget to subscribe. Check out my blog on website button where you can also subscribe to get emails and not miss a beat. May this be a blessing.

Grace and Peace Radio

Anthony Russo

GraceandPeaceRadio.com is a Christian Living Blog and Podcast Dedicated to Applying God’s Word to Everyday Life.



很好听的圣经故事,一个个圣经典故娓娓道来,亲切易懂。不知不觉就已经熟悉了圣经里面的所有内容。 Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/k2cu0is2f38/support

In Parallel


Exploring biblical and contemporary poetry. Hosted by Brent Strawn.


Matt Skolnik

Celebrating and promoting the intersection of God, the world, and the church.

That's in the Bible


Everyday people asking a range of questions about life, faith and the Bible. Viewers will have their questions answered by the best selling book of all time - the Bible.

Christian Life Center - Brookland

Christian Life Center

Welcome to the weekly podcast of Christian Life Center in Brookland, Arkansas. To learn more, visit www.clcgateway.com, or check out our Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/theclcpentecostals.

Prayer Works


A compilation of intercessory and powerful prayers.

Prophetic News

Susan Puzio

Prophetic News is a Christian radio program lifting up the gospel of Jesus Christ. Exposing errors in the church, false prophets,and false teachers, all leading up to the great apostasy and the coming of the Antichrist. We will discuss how some so called ministries pimp for money, selling out Jesus, manipulating people for their own greedy motives. We want to teach people to give out of love and not out of selfishness. We hope to see the witchcraft and miracle selling used on so called "Christian TV" come to an end. Jesus overturned the money changers tables and we want to do the same. Susan is the author of "Seed Faith, Can a man bribe God, How false teachers manipulate and hypnotize you for offerings" People like Mike Murdock, Paula White, Steve Munsey, Rod Parsley, Marcus and Joni Lamb, TBN, God TV and many others to numerous to mention need to repent. and stop using fear and manipulation to con people to give offerings. You truly CANNOT buy a miracle. For Susan's ministerial resume go to http://www.propheticnews.com/susan.

Tarka Journal Podcast

Embodied Philosophy

Welcome to the Tarka Journal Podcast. In this podcast, Tarka’s Editor-in-Chief Stephanie Corigliano and Editorial Director Jacob Kyle have conversations with colleagues and with each other about topics explored in the Tarka Journal and about topics from the broader landscape of yoga, dharma, and contemplative and religious studies. Tarka is a quarterly journal that explores yoga philosophy, contemplative studies, and the world’s wisdom and esoteric traditions. The journal’s guiding mission is to dissolve the institutionzlied boundaries between scholarly, devotional, and embodied methods, in an effort to forge a new paradigm of cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural research and practice. For subscriptions to Tarka in print and/or digital, head to embodiedphilosophy.com/tarka

Act 2 by Choosing Him Ministries

Tecia Janes and Andra Pape

Welcome to Act 2 by Choosing Him Ministries with Tecia Janes and Andra Pape. In this podcast we focus on coming alongside women as they navigate the messy, mundane and marvelous moments of their own journeys. Whether it’s dirty diapers, moody teenagers, demanding careers, eating cookies in the closet while crying or finding the courage to live out your purpose, this podcast is for you. If you are facing your own Act 2, 3, 4, or if you’ve lost count, we want to help you laugh your way through it while learning who is in control and who sees your journey.

The Innercraft Podcast


Our goal with this podcast is to help you deepen your meditation practice and support you through your awakening journey. To do so, we host teachers and practitioners across many contemplative traditions who have devoted their lives to rigorous and extensive meditation training. Here you will find a combination of interviews and talks, each containing powerful and actionable nuggets of wisdom that will help you deepen your practice and bring more of it to your daily.

Eagle Mountain Radio


This program is about going deeper. It’s about creating a culture of learning. It’s about putting apostolic feet to prophetic hope. It’s our mission to purposefully equip the world to transform their regions with God’s love. We want to create an atmosphere of divine influence to the nations by walking in the power of His Holy Spirit with a faith that shapes the future. Welcome to Eagle Mountain Radio.

Night Church by Praxis

Loma Linda University Church

Sermons on Friday nights for young adults by @praxisministry, the young adult ministry of the Loma Linda University Church. Check out Praxis on IG @praxisministry or https://www.praxisministry.org Donate to Praxis https://www.lluc.org/give


Ty Perry

The Gesher Podcast is the place where the Evangelical and Jewish communities come together for intelligent conversation about the things that matter; where we discuss history, theology, culture, and a shared Judeo-Christian heritage.

Misa de Hoy

Mensajes de Dios

Escucha la Santa Misa del dia de Hoy con el Padre Marcos Galvis - Búscalo en YouTube TODOS LOS DIAS si deseas ver el video de la MISA DE HOY "42.Acudían asiduamente a la enseñanza de los apóstoles, a la comunión, a la fracción del pan y a las oraciones. 43.El temor se apoderaba de todos, pues los apóstoles realizaban muchos prodigios y señales. 44.Todos los creyentes vivían unidos y tenían todo en común;" Hechos, 2,42 ss

Bible Study

Amazing Love Church Ministry Int'l

We invite you to our Wednesday Bible Study to dissect and answer questions related to the Bible. Stay blessed!



Reflexión de la palabra de Dios.

Earth and Spirit Podcast

Earth and Spirit Center

The Earth and Spirit Podcast fosters engaging conversations with change-makers working at the intersection of meditative spiritual practice, social healing, and ecology. It is a production of the Passionist Earth & Spirit Center (www.earthandspiritcenter.org), a nonprofit, interfaith spirituality center located in Louisville, Kentucky.

Mission Orlando's Podcast

Mission Orlando

Mensajes de Julian y Lorena Gamba, pastores de la iglesia Mission Orlando en la Florida. Nuestra visión es llevar a las personas a tener un encuentro personal con Jesús y a marcar la diferencia. Para más información visita missionorlando.com

Casting Nets Podcast

Casting Nets

This is a show about thoughts on how to live life in a God pleasing way. We will tackle real events, hopefully find real ways to live a Christian life in those events. #WELS

Portland Center for Spiritual Living Podcast

Rev. Larry King

Portland Center for Spiritual Living provides spiritual tools to transform lives and make the world a better place.


Calvary Pentecostal Church

Welcome to the Upper Room podcast where it is our mission to provide a positive and encouraging voice in the midst of uncertainty.

The Unconventional Joy Podcast

Christine Eddinger

A podcast inspiring every day women to fight for joy in every season of life. Therapist turned stay at home mom, Christine's mission is to empower women to intentionally choose joy by submitting the small and big moments to Christ and count it all joy.

The Week in Doubt Podcast

Phil Albertelli

The Week in Doubt: A Podcast for Atheists, Agnostics and Whoever...

The House Of Ephraim


Ephraim, come home! We are a not for profit organization dedicated to finding and educating Ephraim. Who is Ephraim but the ten lost tribes of Israel as described in the Tanach. The question remains; are YOU Ephraim? Prophet Tom Deckard, a prophet of G-d called to the nations will be here to teach us on this subject. Come listen in and find out more.

Ancient Roads: Real Israel Talk Radio

Avi ben Mordechai

NOTICE: New weekly podcasts are NOT being produced at this present time. I am taking some much-needed time off to focus on my personal relationship with Yehovah and my family. Thanks so much for understanding. Yah willing, I shall return when I am supposed to return. In the meantime, I have archived well over 100 programs, each at 50-minutes from the previous two years beginning January 2020. ABOUT THIS PODCAST: In speaking about Israel, there is a physical and material State that was voted into legal existence on November 29, 1947, and then politically declared to be the State of Israel on May 14, 1948. However, there is yet another Israel that very few are even aware of. This is a spiritual entity represented by the God of Israel (יהוה) in the biblical Hebrew narratives of Tanakh (The Torah, the Prophets, the Writings) and HaBrit HaChadasha (The New Testament) writings as "My People." This holy entity is not specifically about Jews or non-Jews (i.e., "Gentiles"). This is a spiritually Holy and Separated Torah People, a Nation, a Messianic Light to the world. In this weekly podcast, I have much to say about these "born from above" people as Yeshua (Jesus) spoke about. In this podcast, I address a number of spiritual issues relating to the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil (Genesis 2:17 and Chapter 3), The Tree of Life (Genesis 2:9; 2:17), the Law of Moses -- the Torah; the New Covenant or New Testament; and how all the biblical and theological terminology should be understood and how the biblical Hebraic concepts can be applied to our everyday life.

North American Missions UPCI

North American Missions UPCI

The mission of North American Missions (NAM) is to plant new Apostolic churches in the United States and Canada. We accomplish this goal through promoting, training and sending church planters.

The Harvard Religion Beat

Harvard Divinity School

A podcast examining religion’s underestimated and often misunderstood role in society.

جمهوری بیخدایان

Atheist Republic

پادکست گفتاورد های جمهوری بیخدایان ما هر هفته شنبه ها ساعت ۱۳:۳۰ به وقت ایران، برنامه ی زنده در یوتیوب و فیس بوک، با هدف تمرکز بر اخبار و رویدادهای آتئیست های فارس زبان در ایران، افغانستان و تاجیکستان داریم. مهمانان ما از دانشمندان و گرایش های مختلف سیاسی و اعتقادی هستند، هدف ما انعکاس همه ی نظرات است و خود را محدود به جریان و گرایش خاصی نمی کنیم. مهمان برنامه ی ما باشید و به ما مهمانان ارزنده معرفی کنید. Apple Podcast : https://tinyurl.com/Atheistrepublic

In All Things

Sycamore Creek Church

Hurricanes. Movies. Internet memes. Is it really possible that God might be seen in all things? And is it really true that he works in all things for the good of those who love Him? Join Pastors Steve Markle and Mitch Frost (pastors at Sycamore Creek Church) in a weekly conversation about things happening all around us, and how to perceive God's hand in all things.


The Jesus Man

Being one with the Word of GOD; make us one with the Holy Spirit. Then we can give GOD our best offering, ( 1 HOLY PRAISE ).

Spirit of Truth

Melissa Collins

“Spirit of Truth” podcast invites you into timely conversations, commentary, and interviews to hear what the Spirit is saying to the churches today.

Filipino Christians Bible Study


Ang FCBS ay binuo ng mga Kristiyano na naglalayong mag-aral ng Bibliya, ang salita ng Diyos. Tayong mga taga-sunod ng Panginoong Hesu-Kristo ay magbasa, mag-aral, ipamuhay, panindigan, at ibahagi sa iba.

Cagginoo Podcast


We all know in every community, there are topics to be avoided—either to escape the discomfort or the accountability that comes with them. The Oromo community of East Africa also has such untouchable topics involving religions, LGBTQ rights, and many more.Cagginoo will unravel these topics. If you speak Afaan Oromoo, join Tolessa Gurmessa for this weekly podcast.

Coffee & Wisdom

Rev. Dr. David Breeden

Lectures from the First Unitarian Society of Minneapolis, a Unitarian Universalist, Humanist, and Atheist Congregation Celebrating the Human Spirit Within Us All

Yes, You Can Lead

Chip Nightingale

My goal is to grow with you in our understanding of Life and Leadership lessons. I will talk about books, podcast, and personal experience as we work together to be better leaders in whatever role we lead in.

El Conocimiento del Dios Santo

german perez

Trata sobre la importancia de conocer al Dios unico y Santo conforme a lo que El mismo a revelado, pues quiere ser conocido!

Witchy World

Wiccan Pride

Merry Meet Let's show our Wiccan pride. In these podcasts we will look at all things Wiccan and witchcraft. From different Deities to Crystals, Tarot, Pendulum use and so much more even some recipes. I will also be adding my thoughts and some ways I use different things. Enjoy you all!!! Merry Part

Miracles & Atheists

Nick Snapp & Marcus Plating

The Miracles and Atheists podcast is where truth-seekers and storytellers unpack the TENSION between different world views of the supernatural. The project started as a 4-hour Live Stream on Facebook and is now transitioning to a bold, new podcast where skeptics and believers talk respectfully about faith and the supernatural. Miracles and Atheists is a forum for truth-seekers to discuss tough questions and objections to "supernatural" events and the Christian faith. We also love talking about miracles. So many assertions are made these days, and very few are open to listening to each other in love. Hopefully you are...if so, you'll enjoy the Miracles and Atheists Community (the MAC).

Pagan Coffee Talk

Life Temple and Seminary

We will discuss topics related to the Pagan community. All views are from a traditionalist's point of view. The conversations are unscripted (no preparations have been made ahead of time). A special thanks to Darkest Era for the use of their songs: Intro- The Morrigan, Exit - Poem to the Gael. Check them out at http://darkestera.net/. Join our Discord for more conversations: https://discord.gg/MdcMwqUjPZ

Maynardville Fellowship Podcast

Matthew Cooke | Maynardville Fellowship

Maynardville Fellowship: A Covenant Fellowship for the Glory of God. www.maynardvillefellowship.com

JonBenet Ramsey

ellie haverkos

the murder of the famous pageant queen, JonBenet Ramsey

Actually, It's Good

Actually, It's Good

The podcast where we show that some of the things you've been told are bad in philosophy and theology are actually good. Produced by A.S. Wilson (aswilson.bandcamp.com)

Finding Soul Rest


What does it mean to truly find rest? Jesus tells us that he "will give us rest." But what does that look like in a society marked by increasing rates of overcommitment and burnout? Too many of us have built unhealthy cycles of rest, striving and straining against God's intent for our lives. In Finding Soul Rest, Curtis Zackery provides a practical guide to finding the deep soul rest that Jesus promises. And it all centers around renewing and restoring our relationship with Christ. This thoughtful devotional on rest calls us to the intentional work of self-examination, helping us move toward a purposeful and sustainable life with Jesus.

Red Weather Christians

Jen and Steve Knapp

Jen and Steve chat about growing up in the Christian community -- and growing out of the Christian community. This podcast chronicles their disillusionment and analyzes their commitment to the complicated faith called Christianity. This is Red Weather Christians.

David Ogbueli

David Ogbueli

Expanding your world with the light of God's word. Dr David Ogbueli is the founder and President of Dominion City Global with a vision to raise leaders that will transform societies. One word from God will light up your world for an exponential growth and influence. Stay tuned to every podcast.

The World as a Cancer (zodiac sign)

Just Lamarr

Please join me as I tell you how I see the world and also give you some stories of my past and present life you can call me a true cancer yes I was born June 29 I am very devoted loving and very helpful Very sensitive and also nicer than anyone else but at the same time very crabby or needy very sensitive, moody and if you can’t think of anything else that’s bad about a Cancer but this is my life this is me and this is how I see the world as a cancer. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/just-lamarr/support

The Conclusion of the Matter

Renn Ferguson

Three friends come together to discuss Biblical topics, passages, and teachings to learn more about God's word and apply it to our lives today. Hosted by: Renn Ferguson, Robbie Santiago, and Ryan Weaver Questions? Email us at: theconclusionofthematter@yahoo.com

Empowerment of Faith Kingdom Center for Ambassadors


Dr. Larry Smith, Sr. Pastor. We are a seeking to restore disciples back to their Hebrew roots by spreading the message of the Kingdom. Mattithyahu (Matthew 4:17) From that time on Yeshua began to preach, "Repent, for the kingdom of heaven has come near."

Thru the Bible

Church of Christ

[Thru the Bible] Is a PODCAST where you can listen to lessons, and Bible studies from the Church of Christ. North Plains Church of Christ Website: northplainscoc.com Email: northplainscoc@gmail.com YouTube Channel: https://youtube.com/channel/UCkTlVhY8JOAweqDPqqUofPA Podcast en Español: Dejando Que La Biblia Hable https://anchor.fm/iglesiadecristo Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/thrubible/support

La Estrategia del Tentador

Pbro. Ernesto María Caro

El enemigo conoce nuestra necesidad y busca incesantemente alejarnos de Dios, ofreciéndonos todo aquello que pueda "saciar" nuestra sed. Consciente de esta realidad, el Padre Ernesto María Caro nos presenta esta serie de charlas donde pone al descubierto al demonio, sus aliados y las formas en las que puede llegar a destruir nuestra vida. Acompáñanos en esta renuncia de la cual saldremos victoriosos con Cristo. ¡Permanezcamos siempre alerta para no caer en la tentación!

There Is Always A Way with Dr. Jay Strack

Jay Strack

There Is Always A Way Podcast is a podcast all about leadership, legacy, and living a life that makes a difference. The goal—to help you grow in leadership that works. In this podcast Dr. Jay Strack interviews world class leaders & goes under the hood to help you work on the engine of lasting leadership in your life. #SLUlead

Mapping the Doctrine of Discovery

The Doctrine of Discovery Project

We launch this Podcast with Columbus’ arrival to the “New World.” This event issued forth the “Age of Discovery.” Although we were taught Columbus was in search of spices, he was actually sailing under 15th century Papal edicts known as the Doctrines of Christian Discovery [DOCD]. Following the fall of Constantinople, these Papal Bulls were issued to legitimate Portugal’s exploits in extracting gold in West Africa and capturing slaves. By 1492, the Transatlantic slave trade began with Columbus’ first crossing. The DOCD established the spiritual justification to bring the world under total dominion of the Church. The patriarchal hierarchy was constituted under an Almighty Supreme God at the helm—thus giving the Church full access to the world’s resources, by having dominion over Indigenous Peoples, their lands, and destruction of their cultures. These Christian decrees soon became the legal principal used during the Protestant Reformation, by giving credence to any Protestant claim to Indigenous lands in the Americas. By 1823, the DOCD was codified into US property law by the Supreme Court in Johnson v M’Intosh. As recently as 2005, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg upheld the DOCD in her written majority opinion against the Oneida in; City of Sherrill v Oneida Nation. Following 15th century Christian imperialism, through to the 19th century formulation of US law, we are able to identify today, how the DOCD continues to be utilized all over the world by multi-national corporations. Corporations who continue to justify resource extraction through the seizure and destruction of Indigenous lands, and who perpetrate cultural genocide through the 15th century fiction of “terra nullius”—empty land, and under the guise of economic development. The goal of this Podcast is to help identify these systems of domination that have been sustained by greed and power, through the subjugation of human beings and the natural world. https://podcast.doctrineofdiscovery.org/

The Bible Through a Child's Eyes

Viced Rhino

My daughter has not been raised in the church. How will she see the stories of the bible?

What's Left to Say?

The Progressive Christian Review

It would be too easy to talk about nothing. Join us each week as Calvin Moore, Kent Straith, & Steve Phelps (and guests) sit down to discuss politics, religion, culture, and everything in between. If you're trying to figure out how to navigate thoughtful issues or just want to hear a spirited debate, this show is for you.

The Sikh Renaissance

The Sikh Renaissance

Enlivening, Intense And Intelligent Talks On All Things Sikh

Catholic Plebs

The collective members of the Catholic Plebs

Catholic Plebs began as a writing society of men seeking follow in the path of great Christian intellectual writers such as C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolken. The podcast is centered fraternal engagement, and intellectual spiritual growth.Link to website https://catholicplebs.wixsite.com/home


Joanna Beck


Rhema Feast with Julian Kyula

Julian Kyula

Rhema Feast with Julian Kyula brings you the practical gospel of Jesus Christ with illustrations on how to live as a believer who has impact at work and in the community, to the glory of God.

MIC Homilies

Mary Immaculate Catholic Church

Mary Immaculate Church Mass Homilies

The Chosen Show with Joey McKernan


Our Mission is to Inspire YOU to YOUR God-given PURPOSE!

Pastor Anthony Said

Anthony Fliggins & Natia Moore

This is a spiritual Podcast giving a balance approach to life. A look at the “Other Side”.

Ageless Wisdom

AW Productions

AW Production, (A for Avila and W for Webster, and also the title of our podcast “Ageless Wisdom”) is dedicated to providing weekly podcasts, as well as other media where we seek, share, and discuss applicable wisdom with biblical truths for your life!

Magnificat Ministry Podcast

Magnificat Ministry

Magnificat is dedicated to Mary, the Mother of God, an image of the Church, and model for all Christians, especially women. Magnificat is a private association of the Christian faithful under the vigilance and jurisdiction of the local ordinary. The ministry is consecrated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. We encourage you to join us as we pray, learn, and experience what God can do in our lives if we let Him!