The Exorcist Files

Ryan Bethea, Fr. Carlos Martins

For the last several years, the Catholic Church has noted an alarming increase in the number of exorcisms performed. And for some of the most disturbing and vicious cases of possession, one priest is often summoned. With almost two decades in ministry, renowned priest Father Carlos Martins has encountered evil in nearly every way imaginable. From Ouija boards and curses to witches and demonic pacts, Father Martins has battled the ancient serpent in many forms. The Exorcist Files are his stories.

Michael Singer Podcast

Michael Singer

Join the New York Times bestselling author of The Untethered Soul, The Surrender Experiment, and Living Untethered for this free series of curated teaching sessions, recorded at his Temple of the Universe yoga and meditation center.

Heroes in the Bible with Dr. Tony Evans’s Heroes in the Bible is an extraordinary audio series hosted by esteemed biblical scholar Dr. Tony Evans. This innovative series delves into the profound tales of despair and victory woven into the lives of the most revered figures in the Bible. ‍ Season 1 of this series brought the story of David to life —from humble beginnings as a shepherd to his ascension as King. Season 2 of Heroes in the Bible showcases the greatest story ever told -- the birth, life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. This series will take us down the harrowing path from Nazareth to Bethlehem, where Jesus was born. We will ascend the mountain where Jesus was tempted by Satan and sail through choppy seas where He walked on water. Then, we will behold the gruesome glory of the cross, where Jesus defeated sin and death. Sign up for our Heroes in the Bible devotionals at Each episode revitalizes the biblical narratives, skillfully rendering these timeless stories through the lens of an array of distinct voice actors. The soundscapes are painted with cinematic precision, accompanied by bespoke musical scores, creating a deeply immersive auditory experience. Heroes in the Bible transcends traditional storytelling, serving as a vibrant, sonic tableau that brings these historical narratives to life. Designed to captivate the adult Christian listener, this series offers an innovative method to engage with and understand the Bible, fostering a deeper connection to these stories of faith and resilience. With each episode, be prepared to embark on an auditory pilgrimage, experiencing the Bible as never before.

Oh No, Ross and Carrie

Ross and Carrie

Welcome to Oh No, Ross and Carrie, the show where we don’t just report on fringe science, spirituality, and claims of the paranormal, but take part ourselves. Follow us as we join religions, undergo alternative treatments, seek out the paranormal, and always find the humor in life's biggest mysteries. We show up - so you don’t have to.

The Astrology Podcast

Chris Brennan

A weekly podcast on topics related to astrology, hosted by professional astrologer Chris Brennan. The purpose of the show is to provide discussions ranging from explorations of specific astrological techniques, to treatments of issues pertaining to the history and philosophy of astrology.

Sounds True: Insights at the Edge

Tami Simon

Spiritual Teachings, where Tami Simon, Founder and Publisher of Sounds True interviews spiritual teachers, visionary writers, and living luminaries about their newest work and current challenges—the growing edge of their inner inquiry and outer contribution to the world.

Give Him 15 Plus | Insights with Dutch

Dutch Sheets

What would happen if 50 million people were praying the same prayer and declaring God’s promises together every day? Would it make a difference to God? His Word says it does… “If two of you agree on earth about anything that they may ask, it shall be done for them by My Father who is in heaven. For where two or three have gathered together in My name, I am there in their midst” (Matt. 18:19-20). Give Him 15+ podcast is a 15-minute devotional and prayer devoted to praying for our great nation. Join me as we make an appeal to heaven!

The Catholic Gentleman

John Heinen, Sam Guzman

The Catholic Gentleman is a show for Catholic Men on the topics of living with virtue and holiness in the modern world. Featuring conversations on all aspects of masculinity, as well as interviews with experts, the show seeks to provide practical insights for men of all ages. There are great Catholic men who are intentionally committed to the difficult work of actual life. Join us and be one of them. Episodes are released weekly. Be a Man. Be a Saint. View and Listen to Previous Episodes -

Discovering Truth with Dan Duval

Discovering Truth w Dan Duval

Daniel Duval shares current events, teachings, and information from relevant guests on a Christ centered talk radio program.

I was a Teenage Fundamentalist. An Exvangelical podcast.

Brian McDowell & Troy Waller

Brian and Troy used to be loyal Christian megachurch leaders. They’re not anymore. This podcast explores life after fundamentalism.

Porch Chats with The Magruders

The Magruders

Taylor and Marcus Magruder have been sharing lifestyle content across their social media platforms for the last 3 years but now they want to invite you to sit on their porch every Wednesday evening as they have a raw and largely unedited conversation about life, faith, and family.

Come Follow Up


On Come Follow Up, host Ben Lomu, special guests, and a studio audience take a deeper dive into the concepts and doctrines from the Book of Mormon that correlate with the weekly Come, Follow Me resource.

Deconversion Therapy


The humorous podcast about religion.

Teaching With Power

Benjamin Wilcox

"Teaching with Power" will help you teach or study the scriptures with more impact, relevancy and power. Its primary audience is members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints using the Come, Follow Me manual to teach at home or at church. It supplements but should not replace the manual. My name is Ben Wilcox and I have taught the scriptures in many capacities for 20 years, primarily the youth. I have a BA and MA in English literature which lends to my more literary approach to studying the scriptures.

What's God Got To Do With It? With Leanne Ellington


Are you looking to carve out your own spiritual path and connect with a higher power? Maybe you’re on a quest for meaning, purpose, or a sense of belonging? Perhaps you grew up in a religion that doesn’t quite align with who you are now, or maybe you’ve lost your connection to God and want to find your way back? Or if you’re like a lot of people, you’re simply trying to make sense of a world that sometimes seems overwhelming and confusing… Welcome to "What's God Got To Do With It?" – a podcast that’s anything but preachy, but will cut through the noise to meet you exactly where you are in your journey – without judgment or shame. It’s your spiritual safe space, where skepticism and doubt are welcome. Join our host, Leanne Ellington, a once-skeptical bacon-loving, Hebrew-speaking Jew who, wrestling with her own beliefs, set out on a quest to discover her own faith and found God in the most unexpected places. Leanne, a “self-image scientist” will be your companion and guide on this incredible adventure, sharing her own unconventional journey while inviting you to discover your own spiritual path and connect with a higher power in a forum where you can build confidence and feel supported. And if you're wondering What's God Got To Do With It? The short answer is....EVERYTHING!

The Leader’s Notebook with Dr. Mark Rutland

Dr. Mark Rutland

Impacting lives through effective leadership. New York Times best-selling author, Dr. Mark Rutland shares from his decades of experience in leadership ranging from a mega church pastor to the president of two different universities. Gain practical, powerful, and inspirational knowledge through his perspective to navigate life as a 21st century leader. As Dr. Rutland always says, “This podcast is about life, leadership, relationships and faith.”

The Deconstructionists

John Williamson

A podcast about building new faith. Its all about construction, but sometimes that means you have to deconstruct a little. Questions, exploration, mystery...

Rabbi Daniel Lapin

Blaze Podcast Network

Rabbi Daniel Lapin reveals how the world REALLY works and reminds us that the more things change, the more we need to depend upon those things that never change.

Freethought Radio

Freedom From Religion Foundation

A weekly show, broadcast live from Madison, Wis., on 92.1 FM, Saturdays 11 a.m. to 12 noon. Hosted by Dan Barker and Annie Laurie Gaylor, co-presidents, Freedom From Religion Foundation. Slightly irreverent views, news, music and interviews.


Tripp Fuller, Tony Jones, Josh Gilbert

An Oral History of the Emergent Church Movement hosted by Tripp Fuller and Tony Jones

The Ancient Tradition

Jack Logan

Have you ever wondered if God/Supreme Being/Deity/Demiurge, upon the creation of the earth, revealed to human beings a pure, true, religious tradition? In this podcast we explore the surprising and mind-boggling evidence found in the oldest ancient religious writings, cosmologies, theologies, symbols, sacred architecture, rituals, and myths, pointing to a distinct primordial tradition- The Ancient Tradition. We delve into the evidence, examine the patterns, discuss the theology, and contemplate the spiritual implications. It’s a podcast guaranteed to spark discussion, provoke questions, and, ultimately, inspire the pursuit of the divine.  Visit us on the web at and for more amazing comparative religion.

Orthodox Wisdom

Readings from Saints of Holy Orthodoxy

Readings of the Writings and Lives of Orthodox Christian Saints. These recordings are free to download and share. All I ask is that you do so respectfully and reference this channel. You can also contact me, Timothy Honeycutt, at: Glory to Jesus Christ!

New Birth Podcast

Dr. Jamal H. Bryant

New Birth Cathedral Dr. Jamal Bryant, Senior Pastor NEW BIRTH LIVE Ways To Give: Text "NBGIVE" to 77977 Givelify: Join our Family:

Hello Saints

Hello Saints

Pastor Jeff McCullough is an evangelical pastor exploring the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in an effort to have emotionally healthy, interfaith dialogue about similarities and differences of culture and doctrine.

The John Ankerberg Show Podcast

The John Ankerberg Show

The John Ankerberg Show is a daily radio program that discusses the historical accuracy of the life of Jesus, the Bible and how current issues stand up to Biblical history and Christianity.

Preach My Gospel Podcast

Utah Valley Institute of Religion

The Preach My Gospel Podcast is hosted by Sean Dixon, Brian Patterson, and John Gonzalez. They are each former mission presidents. Brian and Sean are teachers at the Utah Valley Institute of Religion and John is a former Area Mission Specialist with the Missionary Department. Using principles found in PMG and the Scriptures, the hosts and their guests will help you to become life-long disciples of Jesus Christ. Season one is focused on missionary preparation. Season two is designed to help the returned missionary successfully transition home.

You Can Learn the Bible

Joey Rozek & Bodie Quirk

Bible Books in 45 minutes. That's the goal. The You Can Learn the Bible podcast exists to give you the essentials you need to know about a particular book or genre in a single episode. Hosted by Pastors Joey Rozek and Bodie Quirk, this podcast seeks to inspire and equip you to get the most out of the Bible, giving you the basic details, essential ideas, major themes, and overall structure of every book of the Bible, one episode at a time.


John Baptist

Glorious thought provoking discussions about the End of the Age, current events, the "rescue mission", our awesome Intergalactic God and His Son and our King Jesus Christ (introduction leader music credit Audiomachine at, and may God BLESS all those who have contributed to this program freely. Tribulation Now has not and does not accept contributions and recommends that everyone give to the poor and underprivileged of this world in Jesus name).

Vida Encontré

Majo y Dan

Un podcast por Majo y Dan.

Unpresentable Parts Podcast Intro

Tim Blake & Titus Walelo

Working to make the Unpresentable Presentable.

Go & Do — A Come, Follow Me Podcast for the Youth

Candis Shupe

Go & Do is a Come, Follow Me podcast for the Latter-day youth. Every week we will dive into gospel doctrines and principles that are readily applicable to the youth of today. You will learn to understand Christ's teachings and how they apply in today's world, draw closer to Him, learn from other youth, and end every episode with a "Go & Do Challenge" to take into your week. Hosted by Candis Shupe. Candis taught seminary and institute for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for 13 years, online religion at BYU-Idaho for 7 years, and countless sessions of Especially For Youth. Follow along with us on Instagram @goanddopodcast

The Marc Clair Show

Marc Clair

Welcome to The Marc Clair Show. Marc is a podcasting veteran. 9 years ago he co-founded Lions of Liberty and took the reins of the flagship program, bringing you the best liberty had to offer. Now Marc is venturing out into a more broad array of subjects to educate the masses and assist them as they attempt to navigate today’s reality. If you are one of the millions of people struggling to understand the relationship between the material world and the spiritual world tune in and subscribe to The Marc Clair Show. It may be your only hope.

The Families First Podcast


Equipping parents and caregivers to support resilient faith in the lives of their kids.

Mercy Moments Bible Study

The Marian Fathers

Introducing "Mercy Moments Bible Study" with Fr. Anthony Gramlich, MIC, broadcasting from the National Shrine of The Divine Mercy in Stockbridge, MA. Streaming every Tuesday, you can discover more about the greatest attribute of God — Mercy — as we read through key passages across the entire Bible. Follow along! Watch exclusively on, or listen to "Mercy Moments Bible Study" on Apple podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, or on whatever podcast platform you prefer! To order your Divine Mercy Bible, visit:

Live Your Faith With Keith Butler

Live Your Faith - With Keith Butler

Keith Butler Ministries (KBM) is an international ministry with the goal of TEACHING the Word, DOING the Work, and TOUCHING the World. KBM is steadfast in sharing the message of Faith in God and training those who are called to do the same across the world. Globally, this mission is upheld by the grace of God and through the generous support of the partners and friends of KBM. PISTIS School of Ministry (PSOM) is their Bible training center designed to develop students in every area that is vital for stability, strength and growth in a ministry. Find out more at

Off Script

Christ United

Join Christ United Methodist Church on Off Script, where we unravel the layers of each Sunday's sermon, exploring profound theology, sparking thought-provoking discussions, and relating the message to our everyday life. Our podcast goes beyond the pulpit, offering a behind-the-scenes look, and featuring content that might have ended up on the cutting room floor. Discover more about our community and ministries at If you're in Plano, Texas, join us in person every Sunday at 3101 Coit Road, Plano, Texas 75075. Tune in, dig deeper, and let's go Off Script together!

Pagan Coffee Talk

Life Temple and Seminary

We will discuss topics related to the Pagan community. All views are from a traditionalist's point of view. The conversations are unscripted (no preparations have been made ahead of time). A special thanks to Darkest Era for the use of their songs: Intro- The Morrigan, Exit - Poem to the Gael. Check them out at

Honoring the Journey

Leslie Nease, Karen Shock

Hosted by Leslie Nease and Karen Shock, Honoring the Journey features two midlife mamas of adult kids who discuss all things faith and deconstruction, chat with guests who have had faith journeys worth exploring, and dive into different faith practices, ideas and ways to connect with the Divine without religious baggage. Both Leslie & Karen’s faith journeys are evolving and they are filled with curiosity and willingness to explore all things with an open and soft heart.

Work It Out | MDUMC

Rev. Michael Jarboe & Rev. DeAndre Johnson

"Therefore, my beloved, as you have always obeyed, so now, not only as in my presence but much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling..." - Philippians 2:12 This powerful scripture serves as the compass for our show, beckoning us to embark on a voyage of self-discovery, spiritual reflection, and soul renewal. Join Michael Jarboe and DeAndre Johnson, pastors of Memorial Drive United Methodist Church in Houston, TX, as they lead a discussion to explore the connections between faith and culture. Be challenged and join us on the journey. "Work it Out" - where faith meets real life, one conversation at a time. 🎧✨


Hussien, Osman, Osman

An unapologetically real podcast hosted by 3 muslim brothers. We dive into topics that range all over from life and the deen to all that’s in between, while keeping Islam the center point. Our goal is to allow anyone regardless of religion to be engaged in the conversation and be able to take the lessons and advice we hope to provide and be able to use it in their lives to help them. Life is like a DETOUR, we just use the DEEN (Way of life in Islam) to navigate it. :)

Vision of Zion

Craig Perry

Zion is both a state of being and a place. “This is Zion—the Pure in Heart.” Zion is also the New Jerusalem, and any place where the righteous gather. It is nothing less than heaven on earth. Zion will be created on earth before the second coming of Jesus Christ. This podcast explores the end times, and the events that are unfolding right now that are creating the conditions that are making ancient prophecies and covenants about Zion a reality. We will not only explore the word of God spoken to his prophets but also, we will put them in the context of today's current events, how you fit into God's plans, and the great joy and blessings that will come from participating in this heaven-ordained movement. We will also discuss the principles we need to learn and master in order to become a Zion people, our hearts knit together in love and unity.

Deconstructing the Myth

Deconstructing the Myth

A podcast exploring why those who grew up in the American Evangelical church are now leaving it behind. Support this podcast:

Come Follow Me: Mental Health Insights with Dr. David T. Morgan

Dr. David T. Morgan

Join me for a weekly discussion where we'll talk about some principles from the weekly Come, Follow Me lesson and learn specific applications to improve mental and emotional health.

Living in the Light with Ann Graham Lotz

Anne Graham Lotz

Called "the best preacher in the family" by her father, Billy Graham, Anne Graham Lotz speaks around the globe with the wisdom and authority of years spent studying God's Word. The New York Times named Anne one of the five most influential evangelists of her generation. She's been profiled on 60 Minutes, and has appeared on TV programs such as Larry King Live, The Today Show, and HannityLive. Her "Just Give Me Jesus" revivals have been held in more than 30 cities in 12 different countries, to hundreds of thousands of attendees. Whether a delegate to Davos' Economic Forum, a commentator to the Washington Post, or a groundbreaking speaker on platforms throughout the world, Anne's aim is clear - to bring revival to the hearts of God's people. And her message is consistent - calling people into a personal relationship with God through His Word. Anne is a best-selling and award-winning author. Her releases include "Wounded by God's People,", "Fixing My Eyes on Jesus," "Expecting to See Jesus" and her first children's book, "Heaven: God's Promise for Me." Anne and her husband Danny Lotz have three grown children and three grandchildren. She is the founder and president of AnGeL Ministries.

Неправильные эксперты

Неправильные эксперты

Спокойные, ламповые, и без истерик, разговоры про секты и религии, радикальные движения, субкультуры и общество, кибербуллинг и травлю, терроризм и правоохранительное сообщество от неправильных экспертов. Подкаст, где расскажут о том, что прячется в темноте знаний и чего не видно из-за яркого света пропаганды. Беседы о государственной политике и общественных инициативах по предотвращению и профилактике деструктивных явлений. Каждый раз мы ищем ответы на вопросы «А как можно было еще?» и «Как это делают другие?» Проект создан группой религиоведов, социологов, педагогов,  психологов и судебных экспертов. Наш подход: научность, светскость и пост-ирония. Выходим 2-3 раза в месяц. Ищите нас на подкаст платформах, в ВК и телеграм.

Living Compass Spirituality & Wellness

Scott Stoner

The Living Compass Spirituality and Wellness Initiative is a non-profit that creates low-cost, often free, wellness resources, including this podcast, currently used by tens of thousands of adults, teens, parents, faith communities, and organizations around the world. The Rev. Dr. Scott Stoner, the founder of this initiative, is a licensed marriage and family therapist and Episcopal minister. He has over forty years of experience equipping individuals, couples, parents, and families with the tools and inspiration they need to navigate their lives and relationships with awareness and intention.

Immanuel Nashville

Immanuel Church Nashville

The Podcast of Immanuel Nashville. Our mission is to make the real Jesus non-ignorable in our city and far beyond. Expect Sunday sermons, seminars and more! To support this ministry please visit

Former Adventist

Colleen Tinker and Nikki Stevenson

Friends Colleen Tinker and Nikki Stevenson sip coffee and talk about life after Adventism. They discuss their journey to truth including eating pork, going to church on Sunday, and learning to trust the real Jesus. (Music © 2010 Nathanael Tinker. Used by permission.)

La Hora del Té

Un Corazón

Tomamos té una conversación a la vez"

Feet of Clay—Confessions of the Cult Sisters

Tracey and Sharon

Feet of Clay – Confessions of the Cult Sisters – What's it like to live in a Christian cult commune? How the hell do smart people get brainwashed into crazy beliefs and behaviors?  Tracey & Sharon share their parallel journeys into and out of Last Days Ministries, led by Christian music super-star Keith Green (and later his wife Melody Green).  Plus they interview others who also got out of high-control groups and toxic churches.   Arranged marriages?  Purity culture virgins?  Religious trauma?  Submission of women and misogyny? Child abuse?  Sexual assault?  Power hungry patriarchy?  Heinous homophobia? Christian nationalism and politics?  Yep, we touch on it all.  Hear stories of escaping evangelicalism, surviving spiritual manipulation, deconstructing fundamentalism and so much more!  Former cult sisters, now turned Exvangelical, tell all with humor and healing, compassion and comedy.  Bi-weekly.  

This Parish Life

Christ Church Episcopal

Sitting near someone you don't know, or maybe don't know well, a lifetime of stories and rich experiences is contained within the core of that person. In our parish, a family of nearly 4,000, this is an innumberable collection of stories and anecdotes, experiences and dreams. In This Parish Life, you'll hear the heart of our parish, one story at a time. Join the Rev. Lindy Bunch, Associate Rector for Parish Life as she shares these heartfelt stories by our beloved parishioners about their lives. Some make you laugh, some break your heart. This limited-time, Lenten podcast series is made possible by our parishioners and is produced by the parish staff. Christ Church Episcopal is located in downtown Greenville, SC. Visit us online at

Graceful Atheist Podcast

Atheists United Studios

A secular humanist podcast about Secular Grace after deconstruction and deconversion. Member of the Atheists United Studios podcast network. The podcast takes an honest look at stories of faith transition from a life-altering faith, to doubt and deconstruction, to deconversion, and finally, to a thriving graceful life post-deconversion. My name is David, and I am trying to be the Graceful Atheist. Join me and be graceful human beings. Support the podcast:

The Torah Guide Podcast

The Torah Guide

Explore and meditate on the Hebrew Bible with Aaron Dranoff, author of 'Judaism, the Messiah, and Jewish Identity' and Director of the Torah Guide. Together we'll go deeper in our exploration of scripture and discover how it all points to Jesus.

Messianic Apologetics

Messianic Apologetics

Messianic Apologetics addresses the theological and spiritual issues of the broad Messianic movement. (Audio)

Supreme Master Ching Hai

Welcome to EdenRules -- Supreme Master Ching Hai's inspiring and spiritually uplifting digital collection – all audio and video downloads are free of charge.

🎙️ Podcast de los Caballeros | Heraldos del Evangelio - Caballeros de la Virgen

Caballeros de la Virgen

Bienvenidos al Podcast de los Caballeros de la Virgen - Heraldos del Evangelio. Junto al Padre Mauricio Galarza, conversaremos sobre los temas que un Católico debe conocer.

Recovering From Religion

Recovering From Religion

Subscribe for weekly discussions with cult survivors, experts in religious trauma recovery, and other topics related to recovering from religious harms. This show is hosted by volunteers from Recovering From Religion, which is a non-profit organization that works to provide hope, healing, and support for people who have questions or doubts about their faith. Whether you are an atheist, religious, or leaving a cult, we hope you will find this podcast helpful. We aren’t here to talk you out of or into faith. We just provide a safe place to examine beliefs. Episodes are adapted from RfRx events.

Doctrine of Christian Discovery

Good Faith Media + Syracuse University + Indigenous Values Initiative

The podcast explores how a centuries-old Christian doctrine encouraged conquest and colonization of non-Christians -- and how its legacies still affect various lands and peoples. The Doctrine of Christian Discovery podcast was produced during the “Religious Origins of White Supremacy: Johnson v. M'Intosh and the Doctrine of Christian Discovery" conference in December 2023 at Syracuse University in New York. The podcast is pitched to students and others beginning their exploration of the Doctrine of Christian Discovery. The producers acknowledge with respect the Onondaga Nation, firekeepers of the Haudenosaunee, the Indigenous people on whose ancestral lands Syracuse University now stands. May the information you glean from this podcast motivate you to uphold Indigenous values, protect Mother Earth and honor Indigenous treaties. The producers would like to thank the sponsors who made this podcast possible. Many thanks to: The Henry Luce Foundation; Syracuse University; Indigenous Values Initiative; American Indian Law Alliance; American Indian Community House; Good Faith Media; Tonatierra; and Toward Our Common Public Life. We appreciate your support. This podcast is produced in collaboration between Good Faith Media, Syracuse University, and Indigenous Values Initiative. Host: Tanner Randall, Good Faith Media. Executive producers: Mitch Randall, Good Faith Media; Philip P. Arnold and Sandy Bigtree, Indigenous Values Initiative; and Adam DJ Brett, Syracuse University and American Indian Law Alliance. Producer: Cliff Vaughn. Editor: David Pang. Music: Pond5. Production assistance: American Indian Law Alliance.

Christian Ministries Church

Christian Ministries Church Hot Springs, Arkansas

Christian Ministries Church is a non-denominational church based in Hot Springs, Arkansas. CMC is a non-denominational, Spirit-filled ministry focused on making disciples by teaching a biblical worldview and seeing its members live out the Word in their everyday lives. Christian Ministries also has a church in Billings, MO and Houston, TX.

Earth and Spirit Podcast

Earth and Spirit Center

The Earth and Spirit Podcast fosters engaging conversations with change-makers working at the intersection of meditative spiritual practice, social healing, and ecology. It is a production of the Passionist Earth & Spirit Center (, a nonprofit, interfaith spirituality center located in Louisville, Kentucky. (Please donate to support this podcast:

Naked Mormonism Podcast

Bryce Blankenagel

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, has been around for almost two centuries. It has ebbed and fluctuated in such a predictably adaptive manner throughout it's relatively short life in the religious realm. This Church has a very sordid past, which it does a very good job of teaching for itself, whether the history is slanted or not, is yours to decide. Join me on a journey through the history of the LDS Church through the eyes of the people that were actually there. We will learn about the founding members, where the practices came from, where the Book of Mormon (Mormon Bible) came from, and most importantly, we will examine Joseph Smith in every aspect possibly available to us today.

The Four Habits of Joy-Filled People Podcast

Jacob Iverson

Join Marcus Warner and Chris Coursey as they discuss building habits that will fill your life with greater joy and satisfaction. Diving the latest neuroscience and attachment theory—The 4 Habits of Joy-Filled People Podcast will provide helpful exercises and tools you can put into practice to develop your sense of satisfaction and enhance your very quality of life.

Know Your Bible Radio Podcast

Bishop Fred A. Caldwell, Sr. Pastor/Teacher

This podcast is designed to strengthen and encourage believers to grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. Bishop Fred A. Caldwell, Sr. Ph. D. is the host. He pastored for forty years preached the Gospel for nearly 50 years. He was a doctrinal teacher who had a mission to share the Word of God to provide a foundation for the Body of Christ to grow to maturity.  Though he is resting in the bosom of Jesus, the word he shared continues on.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Atheist

Your Friendly Neighborhood Atheist

Your Friendly Neighborhood Atheist believes in open, honest and friendly dialogue. He hosts a variety of shows ranging from Call-Ins, Interviews, Friendly Debates and even some Round tables! I guess you could say a more fitting name for the channel would be ADHD Atheism. Support this podcast:

Eric Geiger Leadership Podcast

ChurchLeaders Podcast Network

All leaders are interim leaders. Whether you lead in the marketplace or in ministry, a day is coming when someone else will be in your role. If you care about the health of the team or organization that you lead, then you care about leadership development, and you likely know you should think strategically about succession. Join us for an up-close case study at Mariners Church as Senior Pastor Eric Geiger and his predecessor Kenton Beshore share their experiences and learnings from their succession journey that began in 2018.

The Biblically Correct Podcast (Messianic Jewish)

Kevin Geoffrey, Messianic Jewish Teacher

Teaching biblical correctness in a biblically incorrect world, Messianic Jewish author Kevin Geoffrey (of Perfect Word Ministries and MJMI) challenges biblical misinformation, ignorance and illiteracy by upholding the truth and reality of the word of God. Join Kevin for straightforward, edifying Bible teaching as he brings his unique Mes­sianic Jewish perspective and sound, biblical insight to the Scriptures. (Biweekly.) VIDEO PODCAST at also available.

Dalai Lama Speaks

Red FM

Dalai Lama Speaks

The Busy Latter-day Saint

Richard Bernard

You are invited to come and listen as Richard Bernard, author of “Digitial Scripture Study for the Busy Latter-day Saint,” interviews members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints throughout the world who share how they find the time to study the scriptures and their unique approach to scripture study. The expressions and opinions shared on this podcast are those of the individuals speaking and do not reflect or necessarily coincide with those of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The Revealer

The Center for Religion and Media at NYU

As an extension of the online magazine the Revealer, this podcast explores the social and political roles religion plays throughout the world. How should we make sense of religion's influence on politics, sexuality, race, and people's everyday lives? Produced by NYU's Center for Religion and Media and hosted by Dr. Brett Krutzsch, each month we'll sit down with experts to discuss how religion shapes our world. Join us for this important conversation.

The Flowered Path

Timothy Renner

Stories of saints, folk saints, mystics, and visionaries.

Counter Apologetics

Emerson Green

An informal look at religious apologetics and philosophy from an atheist and naturalist perspective.

Deadly Faith

Laci Bean, Lola Robbins

Deadly Faith is a true crime podcast that explores the world where religion and crime collide. The world in which some people take their religious beliefs a tad too far. Maybe they hide their evil behind their 'Man of God' persona. Maybe they start a cult, commit murder, or even believe they're the second coming of Jesus Christ himself. It's not a world full of sunshine and rainbows, but it's a world that needs to be explored. That's where Laci and Lola come in. So get ready for some deep dives, hard truths, and even comedic relief as they tell these heartbreaking stories.

شبكة الطريق إلى الله

Way2Allah - شبكة الطريق إلى الله

شبكة الطريق إلى الله ( Way2Allah ) : شبكة دعوية تربوية إعلامية تهدف إلى دلالة الخلق كل الخلق على الله ، وغير هادفة للربح. الرسالة : نشر مفاهيم الدين الإسلامي وتربية المجتمع عليها، نوازن في ذلك بين الجانب التأصيلي والتطبيقي، من خلال نشر المواد الدعوية والعملية المتنوعة والاهتمام بصنع بيئة إيمانية صالحة بالإضافة لبيئة عمل فنية متخصصة لخدمة الدين. شبكة الطريق إلى الله .. طريقك نحو معرفة الله

Apóstol German Ponce

Ebenezer Honduras

Nuestro objetivo es que a través de la palabra de Dios, cada uno de los hogares de Honduras y a nivel mundial puedan ser llenos del Espíritu Santo y así poder restaurar hogares y por ende países enteros, presentando no una religión sino un estilo de vida en el Señor Jesucristo.

Yale Religion

Yale Divinity School

Theologians, scholars, educators and clerics share their views on religion and faith as a world force and as a guiding principle in everyday life.



On Preach, host Lee Hale sits down with people from all walks of life and all religions. You’ll hear people talk honestly about their doubts and beliefs. How they wrestle with life’s big questions. And the way spirituality intersects with their daily struggles and joys. These days, especially on social media, the word “Preach” is used as a way to encourage someone to share their story. To validate. To tell them that they deserve to be heard. That’s what this show is about. Empowering the people — some of them famous, all of them fascinating — who live in the messy middle of faith. Because we’re all hungry for more frank, fun conversations about how we make sense of life. From PRX and KUER.

Just Love Them

Shiree Best

If you have searched to understand loved ones who have left their religious faith, this show is for you. As a mother of six out of seven children who have chosen a different path from the one they were raised in, I intimately understand the profound struggle this journey entails. On this compassionate exploration where we share moments of laughter, tears, and resilience. Through insightful interviews, we unravel the personal struggles of individuals whose loved ones have ventured away from their initial beliefs, and how they emerged on the other side with newfound understanding and peace.

The Religious Studies Project

The Religious Studies Project

The Religious Studies Project (RSP) features weekly conversations with leading scholars of Religious Studies and related fields. Our aim is to provide engaging, concise, and reliable accounts of the most important concepts, traditions, scholars, and methodologies in the contemporary study of religion. Episodes are produced by The Religious Studies Project Association (SCIO), a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (charity number SC047750). RSP material is disseminated under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License and can be distributed and utilised freely, provided full citation is given.

Conservando la Fe

Juan Razo García

"El que persevere hasta el fin, ése se salvará" (Mt 24, 13). En Conservando la Fe tratamos de ayudarte a permanecer firme en tu fe católica hasta el final, tanto en tu modo de pensar como en tu modo de vivir. Si te gusta lo que aquí encuentras, lo mejor que puedes hacer para apoyarnos es suscribirte al canal, darle like a nuestros programas y compartirlos en tus redes sociales, para que este mensaje pueda llegar a muchas personas. Recuerda: para alcanzar la vida eterna, es necesario conservar la fe hasta el final, y la fe se conserva conociéndola y poniéndola en práctica. Si prefieres ver los videos en YouTube:

3ABN Sabbath School Panel


Join our panel of pastors and teachers as we discuss the Sabbath School Lesson each week. Always fresh and relevant, you’re sure to gain deeper insights as we study the Word of God together.


Umar Lee and Augustine Wetta

What do a Muslim activist and a Catholic monk have in common? It’s not a joke, it’s a podcast. We are two men with wildly different religious, political, and social convictions seeking mutual understanding. The point is dialogue--with some silliness thrown in.

Protestia Tonight

Protestia Tonight

Protestia Tonight brings you the latest in discernment news and commentary from a biblical, polemical perspective. Join David Morrill as we fight the downgrade of modern Christianity and compare what people are saying about God to the Word of God.

Church of God a Worldwide Association Dallas Congregation

COGWA Dallas

Church of God a Worldwide Association, practices the way of life Jesus Christ and the first-century Church followed including observing the seventh-day Sabbath and annual Holy Days. We teach the living Word of God from both the Old and New Testaments. This podcast hosts sermons given in the Dallas Texas Congregation.

Ross K. Nichols

Horeb Radio

Join Ross K Nichols, an author, explorer, researcher, and teacher, as he delves into the depths of the Biblical texts and their historical contexts. This podcast offers a unique blend of academic rigor and accessible insights, unpacking the complexities of the Bible's narratives, languages, and cultures. Whether you're a scholar, student, or simply curious, each episode provides a thought-provoking journey through the ancient world, shedding new light on timeless stories and teachings.

The Humanist Celebrant Podcast

Simon Smith - Humanist Wedding and Funeral Celebrant

Humanist Celebrants share their insights, expertise and personal stories about becoming a celebrant, the way they work and offer advice for people planning a wedding, funeral or naming. HUMANIST CEREMONIES™ is a network of humanist celebrants trained and accredited by Humanists UK. We offer humanist naming, wedding or partnership, and funeral and memorial ceremonies for non-religious people. Each ceremony is unique, appropriate, and personal. Our skilled celebrants come from all walks of life and have great integrity, sensitivity and experience.

Trejo Live

Enmith J Trejo

Bringing Faith Based content on ministry, relationships, daily life, world views, end times prophecy & so much more! Tambien contenido en espanol. Support this podcast:


Stephanie Carter

This season of #HERStory, we're having GIRL TALK. Girl Talk is an exciting initiative that will strengthen the multi-generational bonds within the church community. "Girl Talk" is a platform where the older women in our Sisterhood can come together with the young adult women for meaningful conversations, mentorship, and the exchange of valuable life lessons. Join us for an INCREDIBLE season!

Quakers Today

Friends Publishing Corporation

Quakers Today features writers, musicians, and thinkers who are seeking wisdom and understanding in a rapidly changing world. We do not pretend to have all the answers. Instead we have a place where you can hear people speak from the heart, grapple with faith, and share the insights they have found along the way. It is also a place where you will have the opportunity to share your own insights, reflections, and questions. Hosted by Peterson Toscano, Quakers Today is a project of The Friends Publishing Corporation.

MISC on LMC Radio Network

MISC on LMC Radio Network

These are radio programs which the Missionary Independent Spiritual Church produces for broadcast on the LMC Radio Network. They have as their aims spiritual uplift and self-empowerment. On Tuesdays The Crystal Silence League Hour is hosted by the Reverend Jon Saint Germain, who provides guidance on the practical use of crystals and crystal balls in the development of mental concentration and mind power, silent influence over others, divination and scrying of the future, and telepathic contact with people and spirits. On Fridays Elvyra Love and Phoenix LeFae host The Witch, the Priestess, and the Cauldron, discussing Witchcraft and Paganism in all its forms, sharing personal stories, traditional history, and describing modern controversies. Learn about magic, spell-crafting, and Goddess-worship.

The Novena Podcast

Mandy Bean

Daily Novenas Support this podcast:

Hurma Project Podcast

Hurma Project

Ingrid Mattson and Mihad Fahmy interview imams, chaplains, therapists, and other experts about how to prevent and respond to violations of trust and spiritual abuse in Muslim spaces. Hurma is an Islamic term meaning the sacred inviolability of persons.

Miracles & Atheists

Nick Snapp & Marcus Plating

The Miracles and Atheists podcast is where truth-seekers and storytellers unpack the TENSION between different world views of the supernatural. The project started as a 4-hour Live Stream on Facebook and is now transitioning to a bold, new podcast where skeptics and believers talk respectfully about faith and the supernatural. Miracles and Atheists is a forum for truth-seekers to discuss tough questions and objections to "supernatural" events and the Christian faith. We also love talking about miracles. So many assertions are made these days, and very few are open to listening to each other in love. Hopefully you are...if so, you'll enjoy the Miracles and Atheists Community (the MAC).

Pasión por el Evangelio

Mauricio I. Pérez

El audio del programa semanal Pasión por el Evangelio en que Mauricio I. Pérez desarrolla cada semana un análisis bíblico del Evangelio que lee en la Santa Misa. Un programa católico de exégesis bíblica.

Atheist vs. Agnostic


Talking about the rarely discussed difference between Atheist and Agnostic.

Reflections with Bishop Peter Eaton

The Episcopal Church in Southeast Florida

How can our Christian faith and our tradition of spiritual wisdom offer gentle guidance as we face the joys and challenges of living? Join Bishop Eaton, spiritual leader to more than 33,000 people in 74 congregations, 18 schools, and other special ministries of the Episcopal Church in Southeast Florida, for conversations on the intersection of faith and our human living. Bishop Eaton and podcast guests will share thoughtful observations in faithful living that help us to grow in the teachings and love of Jesus. Each episode is sure to nurture and inspire your spiritual practice.

Heal Her

Ashlee J

Every Saturday I drop an episode promoting healing, love, self-worth and so much more through the word of God. Healing is one of the most crucial things you can do for yourself because it helps you view the world, people, and situations clearer than you’ve ever had.

Rubik's Cube ASMR


This ASMR podcast we do Rubik's Cube ASMR but the trick is that each episode we use a different cube.

Thomas and the Bible

Thomas Smith

In this podcast, Thomas goes through the entire bible, seeking to learn it while also poking fun at its absurdities. Whether you are an atheist like Thomas who wants to learn what he's up against, or even if you are religious and want to set this foolish atheist straight, you are invited to listen and join in this journey!


Tel- Tech

You can listening Islamic episode please listen and make good life as per Islam

Two Messianic Jews

Two Messianic Jews

Two Messianic Jewish graduate students think deeply about Messianic Jewish history and theology. We also engage with questions asked by other Jews, Hebrew Roots/One Law groups, and Christians. These questions include: Can you be Jewish and believe in Jesus? Are Gentiles obligated to keep kosher, Shabbat, and the feasts? Didn't Christianity replace Judaism? And many more! We hope to be thoughtful conversation partners with you as we explore these issues. Subscribe if you would like to join us!