Truth Talk with Kathy Crabb Hannah

Kathy Crabb Hannah

Kathy Crabb Hannah is the matriarch of the Crabb family, a bestselling author, the founder of Stronger events, the ultimate “momager,” and an un-cancellable political pundit. In her podcast ‘Truth Talk,” Kathy will be having the conversations that so many in the Church shy away from- stories of grace, failure, rejection and so much more. She will also be interviewing family and friends in ministry, commenting on current political issues, and telling countless stories from her life. One thing you can count on- you have no idea what she is going to say next.

Song Exploder

Hrishikesh Hirway

Franz Ferdinand - Take Me Out

The band Franz Ferdinand formed in 2002, in Glasgow, Scotland. They’ve won the Mercury Prize and two BRIT Awards, they have five Grammy nominations, and they’ve sold millions of albums. One of their first singles is this song, “Take Me Out,” and it’s also their biggest hit. In this episode, singer and guitarist Alex Kapranos tells the story of how he and his bandmates made the song, from the original home demo to the final studio recording.

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No Jumper

No Jumper

At The End of The Day Ep. 69

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At the end of the day, we all knew it was going to happen.





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Dolly Parton's America

WNYC Studios & OSM Audio

In this intensely divided moment, one of the few things everyone still seems to agree on is Dolly Parton—but why? That simple question leads to a deeply personal, historical, and musical rethinking of one of America’s great icons. Join us for a 9-episode journey into the Dollyverse. Hosted by Jad Abumrad. Produced and reported by Shima Oliaee. Dolly Parton’s America is a production from OSM Audio and WNYC Studios.

Broken Record with Rick Rubin, Malcolm Gladwell, Bruce Headlam and Justin Richmond

Pushkin Industries

Jackson Browne

In the 1970’s Jackson Browne was known as one of the originators of the carefree, California classic rock sound with hits like “Doctor My Eyes” and “Running on Empty.” As his career progressed, Jackson Browne’s knack for writing soul-searching lyrics turned more political. Browne continues to use his music as a vehicle for change today. His latest album, Downhill From Everywhere, was inspired by a documentary about the Pacific garbage patch and our impact on the planet.
On today’s episode Bruce Headlam talks to Jackson Browne about how he is able to turn catastrophic headlines into palatable songs. Browne also talks about moving to New York City when he was 18 and how he ended up writing songs for the Velvet Underground’s Nico. And Browne remembers the time his former label boss, David Geffen, shut down his attempt to quote the Black Panthers’ Bobby Seale in a song.

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All Songs Considered


New Mix: PUP, Kaina, Uwade, More

All Songs Considered's Bob Boilen and NPR Music editor Marissa Lorusso share their favorite new music of the week, including the latest from PUP and the curious and beautiful sounds of Isik Kural.Featured artists and tracks:1. PUP: "Robot Writes A Love Song," from THE UNRAVELING OF PUPTHEBAND2. MAITA: "Loneliness," from I Just Want To Be Wild For You3. KAINA: "Apple," from It Was a Home4. Uwade: "Do You See The Light Around Me?" (Single)5. Imarhan: "Achinkad," from Aboogi6. Isik Kural: "paperhat," from in february

Granger Smith Podcast

Granger Smith

Husband, father and musician, Granger Smith discusses matters of faith, family, music and the outdoors, while spreading messages of integrity, honor, truth, and restoration grounded in a Christian worldview. This podcast is meant to provide light for the seekers, hope for the bleak, fuel for the motivated, encouragement for the steadfast, and restoration for the faithless. We magnifying the message of a story worth sharing, unashamed to tackle the politically incorrect, sensitive, patriotic, unabashed topics with the full intention of awakening a sense of meaningful life clarity.

Questlove Supreme


QLS Classic: Chris Hayes

Journalist, author and host of MSNBC’s All In, discusses the heated political climate and finding a way to flourish.
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Ebro in the Morning Podcast

HOT 97's Ebro in the Morning

Ebro, Laura Stylez and Rosenberg share their thoughts on everything from music, relationships, politics and more Monday - Friday 5am - 10am ET.

A History of Rock Music in 500 Songs

Andrew Hickey

Episode 141: “River Deep, Mountain High” by Ike and Tina Turner

Episode 141 of A History of Rock Music in Five Hundred Songs looks at “River Deep Mountain High'”, and at the career of Ike and Tina Turner.  Click the full post to read liner notes, links to more information, and a transcript of the episode.

Also, this episode was recorded before the sad death of the great Ronnie Spector, whose records are featured a couple of times in this episode, which is partly about her abusive ex-husband. Her life paralleled Tina Turner's quite closely, and if you haven't heard the episode I did about her last year, you can find it at I wish I'd had the opportunity to fit a tribute into this episode too.

Patreon backers also have a ten-minute bonus episode available, on "Wild Thing" by the Troggs.

Tilt Araiza has assisted invaluably by doing a first-pass edit, and will hopefull

Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Albums

Rolling Stone | Amazon Music

The stories behind some of the most essential albums of all time, told by the artists who made them and Rolling Stone’s writers and editors. Each episode focuses on one album from the brand-new, updated version of Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Albums list, featuring fresh conversations with the people who made the music, classic interview audio and expert commentary. Episodes include the late Tom Petty on his solo classic Wildflowers, Taylor Swift talking about her career-changing 2012 album Red, and Public Enemy breaking down their political masterpiece It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back. Listen to songs featured on the podcast and more hits from the Rolling Stone 500 Greatest Albums list here. Now we’re back with Season Two. Across 10 episodes, you’ll hear Dolly Parton tell the stories behind the songs on her 1971 solo breakthrough Coat of Many Colors; Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr delve into the making of the Beatles’ troubled final album, Let It Be; Britney Spears’ collaborators explain how she made 2007’s Blackout in the eye of a paparazzi hurricane; friends and relatives of Alice Coltrane look back at how she overcame tragedy to create her masterpiece Journey in Satchidananda; Rivers Cuomo and his bandmates reflect on the unlikely birth of Weezer’s Blue Album; and much more. Hosted by Senior Writer Brittany Spanos, Season Two of Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Albums appears exclusively on Amazon Music and Wondery+, with weekly episodes starting November 16.



Episode 772

CLUBLIFE by Tiësto Episode 772 See for privacy and opt-out information.

Hit Parade | Music History and Music Trivia

Slate Podcasts

Chestnut Roasters, Part 2

In part 2 of this holiday episode of Hit Parade, Chris Molanphy dives deep into radio, streaming and Billboard chart data of some your favorite holiday hitmakers to compare their long legacies to the majority-merry ways they are consumed today. And none has been more condensed by Christmas than another artist who was once famous enough to go by her first name: Brenda. A ’60s chart dominator and double–Hall of Famer, Brenda Lee is now mostly known for that tune about Christmas tree rockin’. How did the legendary “Little Miss Dynamite” become Santa’s little helper? And will she ever pass Mariah and go back to No. 1?

Podcast production by Asha Saluja.

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Switched on Pop


The Weeknd drives through purgatory (with a little help from Jim Carrey)

Dawn FM is The Weeknd’s most narratively compelling album yet. More than just a collection of eighties-nostalgia single bait, Dawn FM is a concept album that picks up on a multi-year meta narrative. Abel Tesfaye, seemingly killed off his character at the end of his last album, After Hours. Getting caught up in the “Blinding Lights” of fame and excess, the narrator ends up overdosing in the back of an ambulance. On the final song “Until I Bleed Out” he sings “I can’t move, I’m so paralyzed.” Dawn FM picks up where After Hours left off. The album opens with pastoral winds and bird sounds, with The Weeknd driving down the road searching for a light at the end of a tunnel. His radio is turned to a fictional radio station: 103.5 Dawn FM hosted by The Weeknd’s real life neighbor, the actor Jim Carrey. Channeled through the Vaporwave inspired production of Oneohtrixpoint Never, Dawn FM is the sound of purgator

Tiny Desk Concerts - Audio


The Flaming Lips: Tiny Desk (Home) Concert

Wayne Coyne has been preparing for this era of social distancing for 10 years. Watch The Flaming Lips perform in bubbles for our Tiny Desk quarantine series.

Every Single Album

The Ringer

‘The Taylor Swift Holiday Collection’ | Every Single Album: Taylor Swift

Happy holidays! Nora and Nathan have a present for you: They’re talking about Taylor Swift’s Christmas discography. They cover her Christmas album, ‘The Taylor Swift Holiday Collection,’ her much better Christmas song ‘A Christmas Tree Farm,’ and debate whether or not ‘evermore’ is a Christmas album.
Hosts: Nora Princiotti and Nathan Hubbard
Producer: Kaya McMullen
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Nashville Podcast Network

#330 Eddie Montgomery of Montgomery Gentry on Troy Gentry’s Death + People Saying They’d Never Win CMA Duo of the Year + Playing Drums for His Brother John Michael Montgomery

Eddie Montgomery of Montgomery Gentry stopped by after we had his brother, John Michael Motgomery. He talks about them growing up playing music together and what led to the formation of Montgomery Gentry. Eddie talks about their success with hits like Hillbilly Shoes, My Town, and Something To Be Proud Of. Eddie talks about what the first show was like after Troy Gentry passed away and decided to continue on with the name.
Follow the podcast on Instagram: @TheBobbyCast
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The Great Albums

The Great Albums

Liner Notes - Bill's Listening Habits in 2021 (plus emails!)

Bill and pulls up Spotify's curated 2021 playlist and talks about what he enjoyed listening to in the last year! Plus some listener emails!

No Dogs in Space

The Last Podcast Network

The Velvet Underground Pt V

As we conclude our series on The Velvet Underground we pick back up just after the band had split with one of it's founding members, John Cale. Leaving Lou Reed with full reign of the group in his pursuit for artistic notoriety and respect, but it was the addition of Doug Yule that lead to the release of their third album, the self titled "The Velvet Underground". And as this and their next record "Loaded", failed to reach the charts, the luster begins to fade for Lou, who would leave the group and go on to write the hit he had been striving for his entire career.

Taking us out is PET MOSQUITO - I Hate Illinois Nazis
Available at PET MOSQUITO on SoundCloud

As always, Follow Marcus on Spotify to listen to all of the songs heard in this episode.

Here's The Thing with Alec Baldwin


Award-winning actor Alec Baldwin takes listeners into the lives of artists, policy makers and performers. Alec sidesteps the predictable by going inside the dressing rooms, apartments, and offices of people we want to understand better: Ira Glass, Lena Dunham, David Letterman, Barbara Streisand, Tom Yorke, Chris Rock and others. Hear what happens when an inveterate guest becomes a host.

Charli XCX's Best Song Ever

BBC Radio 1

Charli XCX finds perfect tracks for life's ultimate playlist - whether you're going through a break up, or pulling up to the party, Charli and friends have the best song ever.


The New York Times

2021 in Jazz: Intimacy and Conversation

Throughout the pandemic, the music’s flexibility has become an asset. Where will artists take it next? Guests: Giovanni Russonello and Marcus J. Moore.

13: A Taylor Swift Fan Podcast


SwiftTEA: Taylor Swift Claps Back At Damon Albarn's Blasphemous Comments

Taylor doesn't always take up for herself but she was quick to stand up for her music when someone accused her of not writing her own songs... She even came out of social media silence to defend herself! Ana, Amy, Nick and Lacey discuss the controversy!What did we miss? What would you like to hear from us? There are lots of ways to reach us!CONTACT THE PODCAST!Email – the13podcast@gmail.comIG: FOLLOW US!Ana - – – – CHECK OUT OUR OTHER PODCASTS!Lacey & Amy – "Loose Lips & Child-Bearing Hips"Ana - "On Cloud Wine"Nick – "Shut Up!" & "The Chatty Daddies" This podcast is in no way related to or endorsed by Taylor Swift, her comp

Two Friends Mixes

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

Sticky Notes: The Classical Music Podcast

Joshua Weilerstein

Sibelius Symphony No. 5

Sibelius never gets mentioned on “most” lists, the most innovative, modernistic, romantic, beautiful, conservative, ugly, violent, peaceful etc. In fact, no one is ever sure where to put him on these lists, and that’s partly due to that lifespan that began when Brahms was 32 and ended when Pierre Boulez was also 32 years old. And this uncomfortable place between Romantic and Modernist is exactly why Sibelius is, to me, one of the most interesting topics to cover on this show - and the perfect vehicle to explore Sibelius further is the 5th symphony, one of the most remarkable fusions of modernism and romanticism I’ve ever heard.

The Anjunadeep Edition


The Anjunadeep Edition 383 with Tony McGuinness

This week, Above & Beyond’s Tony McGuinness is in the mix for a very special, extended Anjunadeep Edition.


Grateful Dead

Infrared Roses

The Deadcast celebrates the 30th anniversary of 1991’s “Infrared Roses,” the last original Grateful Dead album (with cover art by Jerry Garcia & track titles by Robert Hunter) & explores the band’s MIDI years.  Guests: Bob Bralove, David Lemieux, Steve Silberman, Doug Kaplan, Dave Harrington

Shapel's World

Shapel Lacey

Comedian Shapel Lacey new podcast Shapel's World centers around his love for music. Talking iconic albums to interviewing his favorite artists.

Daebak Show w/ Eric Nam

DIVE Studios & Studio71

Ep. #142 | Eric Nam's Very Special Finale

We've arrived at the end of the road and it's been one wild ride. Thanks for coming along and listening to all our stories, music, and silly jokes. Maybe we'll come back together again but until then, cheers to the last hurrah with Eric Nam. 
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Something About the Beatles

Parading Press

226A: The Musician's Get Back part one

Any analysis of the Get Back documentary would be remiss in not factoring in insights gleaned from those who've followed in The Beatles' professional footsteps: working musicians. To that end, I assembled a panel of some illustrious pros who also happen to be hardcore fans. Three are returning guests; one is new to SATB:  Luther Russell: (Those Pretty Wrongs) - multi-instrumentalist Currently performing as one half of the duo Those Pretty Wrongs alongside ex-Big Star Jody Stephens, Luther has become a semi-regular on the podcast. As a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist/producer, he has discussed The Beatles' recording techniques, work as a collaborative, and the magic of Ringo's drumming.   The first two albums from Those Pretty Wrongs are being reissued as a double album set, while a third is due out this year. He will also have a new solo set out as well.    Arion Salazar: (ex-Third Eye Blind) - bass In his first appeara

Love & Respect with Killer Mike


The inimitable Killer Mike hosts a no-holds-barred talk show featuring straight talk with today's biggest celebrities, politicians, and more.

Akademiks Twitch Clips

Akademiks Twitch Clips

Hot Sauce Papi ? Akademiks reacts to Story of model saying Drake Allegedly put hot sauce in Condom!

Hot Sauce Papi? Akademiks reacts to the Story of IG model saying Drake Allegedly put hot sauce in Condom!
Here is a $24 buss down watch for hip hop fans: You will help out this podcast tremendously by purchasing via our Amazon link.


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Behind the Song

The Drive | Hubbard Radio

"Eminence Front" by The Who: Pete Townshend's midlife crisis

“Eminence Front” by The Who was recorded at a crucial time for the band, after the death of drumming legend Keith Moon and during a very rocky period in songwriter Pete Townshend’s life. Listen to the story in the new episode of Behind The Song.

Watch the video episode on the Behind The Song Youtube channel:

GET REAL w/ Ashley, Peniel, and pH-1

DIVE Studios & Studio71

Ep. #24 | Season 2 Hosts Finale Special with JUNNY

We're here! The last day of the year and the last episode of Season 2. What better way to celebrate and reflect on all the amazing conversations we've had other than to bring together all the hosts for this past season: JUNNY, pH-1, Peniel, and Ashley. And before y'all complain, we asked BM but he was out of town. 
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Episode 50 - Rico Wade - The Gatekeeper of Atlanta Hip Hop

In episode 50 Fuzzy and Quincy talk to hip hop legend Rico Wade. He is one third of legendary hip hop production team Organized Noize , they are responsible for introducing the world to Outkast, Goodie Mob... and wrote and produced Waterfalls for TLC. A legend is speaking, you should listen!!!

Above & Beyond: Group Therapy

Above & Beyond

#468 Group Therapy Radio Highlights with Above & Beyond

Episode #468 / Follow A&B on Spotify: Catch A&B on tour: Subscribe to ABGT on Apple Music and Spotify: Follow our ABGT playlist for show highlights each week:

Disney For Scores

Disney Music Group, Treefort, Jon Burlingame

Matt Sullivan

Grammy® nominated music producer and supervisor Matt Sullivan sits down with host Jon Burlingame to discuss his role as executive music producer on Steven Spielberg’s newest film, “West Side Story.” Sullivan explains how he worked with legends like John Williams and Stephen Sondheim to coordinate music’s unique role in the rehearsal and filming process, and how he felt seeing his work translated to the screen.

Paul McCartney: Inside the Songs

BBC Radio 4

10. You Tell Me

Paul looks back in wonder in the song You Tell Me, a song about memory and experience from the 2007 album Memory Almost Full.

In this podcast series Paul McCartney talks about his life and song-writing through the prism of 10 key lyrics from The Beatles plus his solo recordings.

This is a unique insight into the life and art of Paul McCartney from his book The Lyrics, read by the man himself. Produced by John Wilson.

Sound Opinions

Sound Opinions

Adia Victoria, Goodbye Ronnie Spector, Plus Opinions on Earl Sweatshirt and FKA twigs

Hosts Jim DeRogatis and Greg Kot interview singer and songwriter Adia Victoria about her stunning 2021 album "A Southern Gothic." They also review some new music from Earl Sweatshirt and FKA twigs, plus they bid farewell to the late Ronnie Spector of The Ronettes. Join our Facebook Group: a member on Patreon: up for our newsletter: a donation via PayPal: a Voice Memo: Featured Songs:Adia Victoria, "Troubled Mind," A Southern Gothic, Atlantic, 2021Earl Sweatshirt, "Sick!," Sick!, Tan Cressida/Warner, 2022Earl Sweatshirt, "Tabula Rasa (feat. Armand Harmmer)," Sick!, Tan Cressida/Warner, 2022Earl Sweatshirt, "Titanic," Sick!, Tan Cressida/Warner, 2022FKA twigs, "tears in the club (feat. the weeknd)," C

The Eddie Trunk Podcast


Frank Bello & Jay Jay French

This week on The Eddie Trunk Podcast, Eddie brings you his interviews with both Frank Bello & Jay Jay French who came in to the NY studios to talk to Eddie about their new books; Frank's "Fathers, Brothers, and Sons: Surviving Anguish, Abandonment, and Anthrax" and Jay Jay's "Twisted Business: Lessons from My Life in Rock 'n Roll".Catch Eddie Trunk every M-F from 2:00-4:00pm ET on Trunk Nation on SiriusXM Volume Channel 106.And don’t forget to follow Eddie on Twitter  and Instagram!

The Dave Ryan Show

101.3 KDWB

Now with nearly 7 listeners.

Album | آلبوم

Bardia Barj

آلبوم بیست و هفتم: خردمندان حماقت را نمی‌فهمند

ادامه‌ی ماجرای گروه جتروتال بعد از انتشار آلبوم آکوالانگ و بررسی آلبوم پنجم این گروه، با عنوان احمق

The story of making “Thick as a Brick”, the mother of all concept albums, by Jethro Tull

اسپانسر1: مرکز خدمات اسکی تهران

اینستاگرم    وبسایت

اسپانسر 2: صرافی آنلاین ارز دیجیتال بیت میت

لینک دعوت    تلگرام   اینستاگرم    توییتر


Intro Track: Acid Ghost – The Artist’s High

Original Tracks by: Jethro Tull

All prepared by: Bardia Barj

Logo and Cover by: Nima Jamali


Album Podcast Website وبسایت پادکست آلبوم

Album Podcast Youtube Channel کانال یوتیوب پادکست آلبوم

Telegram    Twitter    Instagram

حمایت ریالی از پادکست آلبوم

حمایت ارزی از پادکست آلبوم



The Lion King

The circle of life continues as we discuss the 1997 world wide sensation with our 5th Beatle Angelina Meehan. Lindsay is haunted by memories of the Anastasia stage show, Angelina sticks up for the Hyenas, and Kaveh feels guilty for not being sufficiently hyped.Save 60% on your first 3 months of Audible by visiting or text SPLAIN to 500-500Get CuriosityStream + Nebula for only $2.99 per month or $14.99 for a full year, by visiting Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

Aria Code

WQXR & The Metropolitan Opera

P.S. I Love You: Renée Fleming Sings Tchaikovsky's Eugene Onegin

Saying “I love you” for the first time takes courage, especially when you don’t know the response you'll get. But being open with your emotions and putting yourself out there can change you in unexpected ways.
In Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky’s Eugene Onegin, it’s the 16-year-old Tatyana who pins her heart on her sleeve. Young and naive, but also fiercely confident, she pours out her feelings for the visiting Eugene Onegin in one night of impassioned love-letter-making. His answer defines the rest of her life, and the course of the opera. 
Host Rhiannon Giddens and her guests explore Tatyana’s famous Letter Scene and what it tells us about Tchaikovsky, Russian society, and the nearly universal experience of unrequited love.
Soprano Renée Fleming is one of the most acclaimed singers of her generation, singing across genres from classical to Broadway to jazz and more. Of all the roles she’s performed,

Defected Radio


Defected Radio 14.01.22 with Carl Craig

Podcast from Defected Records
DJ Minx - Do It All Night (Honey Dijon Remix) [Planet E Communications]Stacey Pullen - Feel It (Full Force Mix) [Factory 93 Records]Scan 7 - Sunday Afternoon [KMS Records]Louie Vega - Vince Montana Tribute (RickLou Detroit 14” Groove) [Nervous Records]Matt Tolfrey feat. Tim Fuller - Always (Mark Farina Bass Edit Raw Dub) [Music For Freaks]Waajeed feat. Candi Lindsey - Heavy [Dirt Tech Reck]Rhythm Is Rhythm, Derrick May & Mayday - Sinister [Network Records]K HAND - Horizon [Acacia]ATAXIA - Spit In Your Percolator [White Label]Los Hermanos - Queztal [Los Hermanos]Rhythm Is Rhythm, Derrick May & Mayday - Kaos (Juice Bar Mix) [Transmat]DJ Deep - Fluorescent [CHILDHOOD]Jon Dixon - Spider’s Pocket [Forever Forward]Andrés - New For U [La Vida]

The Marty Smith Podcast on Outsider


Marty Smith of Outsider interviews some of the biggest personalities in 90's Country, sharing their stories, music history, and current projects. An independent media and lifestyle company, Outsider aims to be the heartbeat of America, capturing the pulse of what matters most to our readers. We focus our content initiatives on two distinct channels, News and Outdoors. Outsider News covers Country Music, from the mainstream to the more traditional, lending an expert voice to America’s most popular musical genre. Outsider also delivers entertainment news on the hottest shows, celebrities, and the latest in sports entertainment. Outsider Outdoors gathers a community of experts and enthusiasts passionate about being outside, adventure, hunting, fishing, camping, and hiking. With in-depth story-telling, profiles, videos, and authoritative product reviews, and how-tos, Outsider is dedicated to educating and inspiring the outdoors lifestyle. Outsider reaches more than 10 million users (10.04 million unique visitors in Nov 2020 according to Google Analytics) and more than 7 million social followers making it one of the largest audiences in the outdoor lifestyle space. The social audience is highlighted by the hyper-engaged social sites Outdoors (2 million followers), Camping Page (1 M), Love to Hunt (700k), and the flagship brand Outsider (700k).

David Guetta

David Guetta

Playlist #597

01. David Guetta – Family (feat. Bebe Rexha, Ty Dolla $ign & A Boogie Wit da Hoodie)02. Hollaphonic - Hold On 03. Goldtrix ft. Andrea Brown - It's Love (Trippin') (Funkerman Remix) 04. MATRODA x J BALVIN x SKRILLEX - IN DA GETTO 05. Handzoff & Tony Dee - Impossible 202106. Joshwa & Martin Badder - Off Limits (Extended Mix) 07. Reblok - I'm A Mess (Extended Mix) 08. Coldplay x BTS - My Universe (David Guetta Remix Extended)09. David Guetta & MORTEN - Alive Again [Original Mix][MUSICAL FREEDOM]10. Becky Hill - My Heart Goes (La Di Da) (Topic Remix)11. Nicky Romero - Acid Is My DNA (Extended Mix)12. Alannys Weber & Yaksa - Lights Out (Extended Mix)13. Jack Back x Fancy Inc x Roland Clark - Alive (Extended Mix)[SINK OR SWIM]14. Oxia - Domino (David Guetta Remix)

Strong Songs

Kirk Hamilton

Funky Drummers, Cheap Guitars & Sting

What do George Michael, Nicki Minaj, Ed Sheeran, and the Powerpuff Girls have in common?The answer, as you'll learn on this episode, is a funk drumming legend named Clyde Stubblefield. We'll also talk about flipped drum beats, Sting's taste for syncopation, the differences between cheap and expensive musical instruments, how to tell a bridge from a prechorus, the power of a four-note motif, the unexpected places you can find songwriting inspiration, and Muse's subtle hat-tip to a George Michael classic.FEATURED ON THIS EPISODE:“Darling” by Real Estate from In Mind, 2017"Ghost Story" by Sting from Brand New Day, 1999“You Really Got Me” by The Kinks, 1964“Walking on Broken Glass” and "Little Bird" by Annie Lennox from Diva, 1992Skins theme by Segal, 2007“Kiss” by Prince from Parade, 1986"Beneath the Snow" by Kirk Hamilton from... well, it's never been published"Dig Down" by Muse from Simulation T

Dj Puffy's Podcast

Dj Puffy

The new official Dj Puffy Podcast! Featuring new genre-specific & Multi-Genre mixes from the 2016 Red Bull World Champion Thre3Style DJ Puffy.

Nora En Pure - Purified Radio

This Is Distorted

Purified Radio 280

01. Nora En Pure - Reminiscing (Original Mix)
02. Marsh - Free (Extended Mix) 03. Kaskade - Turn It Down v.3 (Extended Mix) *04. Oliver Schories - Devon (Oliver Huntemann Remix)05. Nora En Pure - Tantrum (Original Mix)
06. Miss Monique & Anima - Eclipse (Original Mix)07. ARTBAT x Pete Tong - Age Of Love (feat. Jules Buckley)08. Delta Vaults - Instinct (Extended Mix) **09. Anyma - Running ft. Meg Myers (Extended Mix)10. Motorcycle - As The Rush Comes (Space Motion Extended Mix)11. Weekend Heroes - Ascending (Original Mix)Listeners Choice *Pure Discovery **

Music To Calm The Mind

The Relaxation Channel

Calm Music For Anxiety, Stress Relief, Meditation, Sleep, Study and Relaxation | Episode 14

Calm Music For Anxiety, Stress Relief, Meditation, Sleep, Study and Relaxation.
Music helps you to relax your mind and body to recharge you with positive energy. If you are suffering from anxiety or stress this music will help to calm your mind. Meditation music will help you to drift away. The music is good for studying, reading, and if you cannot fall asleep.

Find somewhere quiet and comfortable, then drift away. The best option is to use earbuds or better headphones if available.
Please visit our website

Classics For Kids

Cincinnati Public Radio

Franz Joseph Haydn 4: Minuets

The minuet is a dance that started in the 1700's in the French court. Gradually, the minuet began to be used for non-dancing purposes, as a musical form -- especially as the third movement of symphonies. Minuets found their way onto the stage, too, in operas, plays, and ballets.

Song of the Day


Mr Twin Sister - Polvo

Mr Twin Sister - "Polvo" from the 2021 album Al Mundo Azul on Twin Group.

For over a decade now, Mr Twin Sister have been constantly reinventing their sound in completely underrated fashion. From the dreamy baroque indie of their debut under the name Twin Sister to the infectious electro pop of 2014’s Mr Twin Sister to the eclectic groove and slow jams on their last full-length, 2018’s Salt, the band has been constantly pushing forward while remaining almost completely under the radar.

Their newest forthcoming album, Al Mundo Azul, sees the New York-based band continuing this trajectory in dazzling fashion. Our Song of the Day, “Polvo,” might be the best representation of this new direction towards sheeny dance pop. Influenced by the cumbia of frontwoman Andrea Estella’s maternal homeland of El Salvador, the song is a strutting dance track and one of the few in the band’s discography sung entirely in Spanish. 

Comes A Time

Osiris Media / Oteil Burbridge / Mike Finoia

Steve Parish

Oteil and Mike are back to kick off 2022 with a very special guest, the one and only Steve Parish! In this conversation you’ll hear one of the wisest, longest-running members of the Grateful Dead family talk about illusions of being on the road, why being a musician is one of the most difficult professions, and Jerry Garcia’s pre-show routine. You’ll also hear the guys discuss the real-world application of “Keep Your Day Job,”  Steve’s uncle Mitchell Parish who wrote standards with legends such as Duke Ellington and Hoagy Carmichael, and the resurgence of Steve’s backstage band, the Ass Bites From Hell (named by Bob Weir). Steve has an incredibly unique perspective of the band due to his role between the stage and the audience, and in this conversation you’ll hear all about his wild ride with the Grateful Dead. Steve Parish has been a primary member of the Grateful Dead family for over 50 years. He first joined the band as a roadie in 1969, but it wasn

Afrojack - JACKED Radio (Official Podcast)


JACKED Radio 535

Afrojack drops the brand new R3HAB mix of his collab with Steve Aoki "No Beef" as well as brand new records from Ummet Ozcan, Diplo, AC Slater & Tchami, Will Sparks, Tujamo and many more on a fresh #JackedRadio!

Guitar Music Theory

Desi Serna

Ep114 7 Ways to Improve Your Guitar Playing For Songwriting

In my latest podcast episode, I give you 7 ways to improve your guitar playing for songwriting. It's difficult to write songs and perform when your guitar skills are weak or nonexistent. This is especially true for newcomers to the songwriting world who have little to no experience playing an instrument. By following my seven recommendations, you can get your guitar skills in order so that nothing holds you back from writing great-sounding, meaningful music. ? What do you SPECIFICALLY need to do in order to play guitar better? Visit - answer the questions about your playing and get FREE custom video instruction calibrated to your current level. GEAR PRS SE P20 Parlor Guitar Antique White Fishman Aura Spectrum DI Preamp

The Beatles Naked

Richard Buskin & Erik Taros

Episode #37 – ‘Get Back – Pt. 3 Review’

The final installment of our trilogy, recorded immediately after Part Three of the Get Back documentary began streaming on the Disney+ channel at three in the morning on November 27, 2021.

Only at the last minute did all four Beatles agree to perform on the roof of their Apple headquarters—and, when that happened, it’s a concert for the ages. The peak of the Let It Be movie, how was director Peter Jackson able to elevate it to a whole new level? And what is the verdict on the overall series?

ASOT | A State Of Trance Podcast

Armin van Buuren

Orjan Nilsen

This week Ruben de Ronde welcomed our Norwegian friend Orjan Nilsen to the ASOT studio for a new edition of the ASOT Podcast. Tune in now to learn more about the history of Orjan's rise to fame, how he experienced his recent few months in lockdown and why his record 'La Guitarra' is super special to him.

The Martin Garrix Show

Martin Garrix

The Martin Garrix Show #374

Punch Up The Jam


'Conga' by Miami Sound Machine (w/ Jiji Lee)

Gloria: Come on, everybody, do the conga

Me: You can’t tell me what to do Gloria Estefan!! I’ll conga IF and WHEN I please!!

Gloria: You can’t control yourself any longer

Me: Okay FINE, I’ll DO it.

Miami native Jiji Lee joins Evan and Andrew to put the sound in Sound Machine. Along the way, they discover this one little known fact about the piano player that makes doctors furious!

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Agushto Papa Podcast

By Diego Dior | Agushto LLC


The Liturgy of the Hours: Sing the Hours

Paul Rose

Join for morning (Lauds) and evening (Vespers) prayer. All Hymns, Psalms, and Prayer sung.



Alt.Latino and Code Switch: What is 'Latin Music' anyway?

This week, Felix and Anamaria sit down with Shereen Marisol Meraji of the NPR Code Switch podcast to find out what exactly connects all the artists under the 'Latin music' category.

I am the EggPod

I am the EggPod

94: The Beatles Get Back: Day 19 - Margaret Cabourn-Smith

Actor Margaret Cabourn-Smith discusses day 19 of Peter Jackson's Get Back - Tuesday 28th January 1969 - with Chris Shaw.

Markus Schulz presents Global DJ Broadcast

Markus Schulz

Global DJ Broadcast: Markus Schulz New Year’s Rehab (Jan 06 2022)

Happy New Year to you, and wishing you the very best throughout 2022. Markus Schulz opens his Global DJ Broadcast account for the year with another themed edition, and in an effort to help ease yourself back into the grind and daily routine after the Christmas break, he presents a special New Year's Rehab mix, containing recent feel-good favorites of the deeper and melodic variety, weaved across a two hour journey.


A special thanks to everyone for your kindness and passion regarding the annual Classics Showcase, as well as the Year in Review and End of Year Countdown mixes, and hopefully you will enjoy many more editions of the broadcast in the coming few months. The World Tour resumes for the year next week, as Markus brings highlights of his open to close solo set live from Avalon in Los Angeles, from New Year's Eve.




Markus Sc

Ongoing History of New Music


Rock'n'Roll Tattoos

The human body is a remarkably good piece of construction…it has its quirks and shortcomings, but for the most part is a pretty cool thing: functional, durable, and to other humans, attractive…

But there’s always room for improvements and modifications and decorations…archeologists have found mummified remains that are thousands and thousands of years old that’s sport tattoos…

There’s a guy named Otzl that was found in the Swiss Alps when a glacier melted…he’d been there for over 5,000 years—and the dude had 61 tattoos…

Egyptian mummies plus pacific islanders, members of ancient African communities, bodies dating to iron age Britain, early Japanese societies, and the Indigenous people of North and South America have all engaged in this kind of body art…

Tattoos have also been used to identify prisoners and slaves, to display religious connections, and associations with armies, navies, bikers, and criminal gangs…

Bizarre Albums

Tony Thaxton

SINGLES: Max Headroom - Merry Christmas Santa Claus (You're A Lovely Guy)

Unlocked! A free Christmas bonus episode of Bizarre Singles, originally posted over at 


This episode is sponsored by
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Tiny Desk Concerts - Video


The Flaming Lips: Tiny Desk (Home) Concert

Wayne Coyne has been preparing for this era of social distancing for 10 years. Watch The Flaming Lips perform in bubbles for our Tiny Desk quarantine series.

The New Music Business with Ari Herstand

Ari's Take

Primary Wave Publishing on Sync Licensing Cover Songs and Legacy Recordings with Marty Silverstone

Marty is Head of Sync at Primary Wave, overseeing licensing activity for Primary Wave’s music publishing and management clients. With staff in Los Angeles and New York, the dynamic Primary Wave Sync team is a key part of Primary Wave’s proactive marketing approach, constantly creating new opportunities and driving big ideas for music in film/TV, advertising, video games, and other visual media.In 17 years in music publishing, Marty has worked with and secured placements in film, TV and advertising campaigns for artists such as Kurt Cobain, Smokey Robinson, Def Leppard, Hall & Oates, Aerosmith, Collective Soul, Bruce Hornsby, Kenny Loggins, L.P. and Foy Vance.He was recognized as one of Billboard Magazine’s Top Branding Power Players in both 2018 and 2019.Ari and Marty discuss how cover songs work in sync licensing along with how legacy acts get their music licensed. Th

Labeled: "The Stories, Rumors, & Legends of Tooth & Nail Records"

Tooth and Nail Records

This podcast, hosted by Matt Carter of Emery, tells the story of the culture surrounding Tooth and Nail Records through conversations with its most interesting characters. It begins in Chapter 1 tracing the the narrative arc of its origins, rise to commercial prominence and merger with major label EMI, its golden age, then survival though the collapse of the industry and difficult split with EMI and goes on to further explore special individuals and groups within the universe of the all ages, christian influenced, underground heavy music scene. Presented by the Labeled Universe

The Deadpod


Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

Nothing Is Real - A Beatles Podcast

Beatles Pod

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

Chasing Tone - Guitar Podcast About Gear, Effects, Amps and Tone

Wampler Pedals

389 - Paul Cuddeford joins us for a holiday chat

Brian, Blake and Richard are back with an all-new episode of the Chasing Tone Podcast!This week we are joined by Paul Cuddeford, a British guitar player who has graced many a record and many a stage, and is currently part of the touring David Bowie alumni supergroup "Holy Holy". He tells us about how he met Jimmy Page, got the playing bug, and how he started out as a musician in LA as a result of a meeting with guitarist Rick Dufray. He's a self confessed gear-head and has been around a fair few legendary individuals and part of the guitar scene through some interesting times so has a unique take on what it was like to play on the road with some big name acts. Brian also gets the opportunity to use his new-found British vocabulary to simultaneously categorise and criticise Richard and his 90s music tastes. Paul is a left handed player and Blake has a really interesting question for all 'lefties' everyw

Turned Out A Punk

Turned Out A Punk

Episode 375 - Elgin James (Co-Creator & Showrunner of FX's Mayans M.C., Righteous Jams, 454 Big Block, Wrecking Crew)

What is the purpose of this podcast if not to help Damian rekindle old friendships? Today on the show, Mayans M.C. co-creator / Showrunner & Righteous Jammer, ELGIN JAMES sits down for one of the most fascinating episodes yet! Listen in as two friends reconnect & discuss Elgin’s harrowing journey from homeless punk, to writing a hit tv show & EVERYTHING in between! 


Also, lookout for Mayans M.C. Season 4 coming in 2022 & catch up on past seasons on FX now!

Also Touched On:

Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert

The Billy Squier/ Dead Kennedys connection

The Sex Pistols rule

Catching MRR radio by chance

Molly Shannon: New Waver

The Clash vs. The Pistols

Wong Notes

Premier Guitar

Nile Rodgers: The Ambassador of Rhythm Guitar

From production to writing to tone, the guitarist/producer extraordinaire breaks down his creative strategies and talks about his guitar collection, including the Hitmaker. 
Get 30% off your first year of DistroKid by going here: (
Visit Nile Rodgers: (
Hit us up:
Visit Cory: (
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Twitter: (
IG: (
Produced by Jason Shadrick and Cory Wong
Additional Editing by Shawn Persinger
Presented by DistroKid

The Sleeping At Last Podcast

Sleeping At Last


In this episode, I have the privilege of introducing you to my brand new series of tiny music: "atoms" - so excited to explain the idea, how "atoms" fits into my other projects and show you the first three "atoms" and more! Thanks for listening!


Show Notes:


Listen & Watch "atom 1", "atom 2" and "atom 3":

Don Diablo Presents Hexagon Radio

Don Diablo

Diablo Hexagon Radio Episode 362

Welcome to our final Year Mix special of the festive season, featuring every DemoDay track from 2021
Nilent - About You Sam Koxx - Hover (Radio Edit) Khouri - Journey (Radio edit) TRYPBOX - Hold You Alex Lanwersson - Never Give It Up Dumitresku - Castle Olan - Be There Jake & Alvar - Stay Mc Grizz - Unfiltered Love Adrian Mønteiro -Little Piece 7Th Floor & Rag - Heaven ft. Ginia Edson Faiolli - Take (Extended Mix) Switchblade - Reverse Patronvm - Never Coming Down.flacHello Baby! - Crazy Things LANARD - Take Your Time Reymon - Slack A_C - Connection (Original Mix) Aldo Briant - The Code Tineway, JOHK - Make Me Feel (Extended Mix) FROZT & Andrew A - Shine (feat. The Element) AERO5 - I'm So Sorry J Fabric & KOCMO - Stay Beemow - Without You Brocofski - Feel Your Heart SEKH - Say Andrew A - Wish Autodepth - Feel It Autodepth - Mistakes Bonkr - I Don't Want It (Extended Mix) furycaine - Open Up Azoo

Sounding Off with Rick Beato

Rick Beato

Episode 230: The Rise and Fall of the Alternative Rock Movement (w/ CMT's Leslie Fram and MTV's Matt Pinfield)

Tom Morello’s Maximum Firepower


A Rich Punk Rock History

Lars Frederiksen of Rancid joins Tom to discuss his new solo album and their rich punk rock history together

داستان های احسانو / daastaan ehsaanoo

داستان و اپیزودهای احسان عبدی پور

مصاحبه با پادکست کتابگرد

Listen to my newest episode and discover more great content from my show!

Zach Sang: Just The Interviews Podcast

Cumulus Podcast Network

Joshua Bassett Opens Up About Music, Life and His 2021...

Joshua Bassett Opens Up About Music, Life and His 2021...

Protocol Radio

Nicky Romero

Protocol Radio #494

ON-AIR! This is #PRR494 by Nicky Romero. Today's episode is stacked with new music by Armin van Buuren, NERVO, Swanky Tunes, James Hype, Blinders and many more! KURA & Vedenzo are on this week's #ProtocolSpotlight with their brand new banger called "Thinking About You"!


1. BLVNCO & DØBER vs. Swedish House Mafia vs. Axwell Λ Ingrosso - Do It vs. It Gets Better vs. More Than You Know (Fuerte & Whaler Mashup)
2. James Hype - Say Yeah
3. Blinders - Body Burner (Dub Mix)
4. Swanky Tunes - I Love The Way You Move
5. Protocol Spotlight: KURA & Vedenzo - Thinking About You
6. Mr. Sid & Choujaa - Do Better
7. Armin van Buuren & Sam Gray - Human Touch
8. Throwback Track: Diplo & Sleepy Tom - Be Right There
9. Manse x Sammy Boyle ft. Nikodemus Julihn - Devils Smile (Club Mix)
10. Vintage Culture & Sonny Fodera ft. SHELLS - Nightjar

Classical Breakdown

Classical WETA

Dvorak's Cello Concerto, 5 things to listen for!

There is always something new to discover, no matter how many times you've heard a piece. Our resident cello player, James Jacobs, joins John Banther to give you 5 things to listen for in this masterpiece that you've either missed or could experience differently. 

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Phoenix Radio


Phoenix Radio 104

Illenium plays new music from REZZ, Valorant, SLANDER, if found, Zomboy, Zeds Dead, Subtronics, NGHTMRE, Jaron and many more!

Get in touch @ILLENIUM on socials #PHOENIXRADIO

On Air With Ryan Seacrest


The Puppy

Tanya Rad and Her Boyfriend Got a Puppy! Meet Sunny, See the Pics

Sophia Bush Takes Us Behind New Series ‘Good Sam’

If You Want to Raise Well-Adjusted Kids, Make Sure They Witness This

Sisanie Wants to Shave Baby Siveya’s Hair: Find Out Why

And an all-new Ryan's Roses...she spotted her son-in-law in what she calls an ‘inappropriate situation’ with someone that wasn’t her daughter.
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Mvs Radio

Yordi en exa 24 de diciembre (Programa Completo)

Te traemos un programa muy interesante pues Adrián Gutiérrez nos habla del origen de la navidad, además nos visita parte del elenco de la nueva serie de Rebelde y nos divertimos mucho jugando hombres vs mujeres, sólo aquí con Yordi en exa.

The Vinyl Guide

The Vinyl Guide

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

World Cafe Words and Music from WXPN

WXPN Listener Supported Radio

Sting's 'The Bridge' connects phases of his life and career

In this session, Sting discusses his new album and the latest stage of his career.

Cosmic Gate: WYM Radio

Cosmic Gate

Cosmic Gate - WYM Radio 406 - Essential Mix 2011

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Country Heat Weekly

Amazon Music

Country Heat Weekly, hosted by Kelly Sutton and Amber Anderson, brings Amazon Music's Country Heat playlist to life. Every week Kelly and Amber deliver the vibrant world of country from Nashville to Austin and beyond – entertaining listeners with today's top tracks, sharing country music news, sitting down with beloved artists, celebrating country music history, and highlighting future stars.

Oliver Heldens presents Heldeep Radio

Oliver Heldens

Heldeep Radio #396

It's time for a brand new #HeldeepRadio! Oliver drops great new tracks from Wade, Justin Martin, Shermanology, Kaskade, Above & Beyond, ARTBAT, Eli Brown and many more!

#heldeepradio | |


Olivia Ladd / We Own This Town

Lucinda Williams with Heaven Honey

Jordan Victoria (Heaven Honey) chats with host Olivia Ladd about the literary songwriting legacy of Americana trailblazer Lucinda Williams.

The Fretboard Journal Guitar Podcast

The Fretboard Journal

Podcast 348: Duncan Price

For the last two years of this podcast, we've shared the stories of several musicians who have made the most of their COVID lockdown: Daniel Romano's wildly prolific recording streak; Mason Stoops' pivot to the visual arts; and Tristan Scroggins doing his best to tame the often-maligned tenor banjo. Today, we meet Duncan Price, a tireless guitar experimenter. Price lives on the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, where he does setup and repair work for a mom-and-pop guitar store called Good Times Music. But during his off-hours, he's crafting some truly unique electric guitar experiments that blend single-string pickups, fretless necks, under-pickguard piezo pickups and more. Despite not having anything to sell or even a brand name, his Instagram posts have captured the attention of musicians-in-the-know on Instagram, who geek out on his posts, his music, and his latest tinkerings. One of those followers happens to be guitarist/producer Blake Mills, who en


Dan Runcie

Independent Artist Life with Flawless Real Talk (2020)

Rapper, producer, and entrepreneur Flawless Real Talk joined to talk about how he manages his rap career. He was the runner up on Netflix’s hip-hop competition show Rhythm & Flow, which boosted his career trajectory. But despite all the industry attention, Flawless is still an independent artist. He talks about that decision, the tradeoffs he’s had to make, and what his goals are as an artist. He recently hosted a livestream concert on LIVIT, where he had over 1 million fans join in.If you’re interested in how artists manage tradeoffs between being signed and indie, building a fanbase, and resiliency, then this is the episode for you.Listen: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | SoundCloud | Stitcher | Overcast | RSSHost: Dan Runcie, @RuncieDan, trapital.coGuest: Flawless Real Talk, @flawlessri, flawlessri.comTrapital is home for the business of hip-hop. Gain the latest insights from hip-hop’s biggest players by reading Trapita

NPR's Mountain Stage

West Virginia Public Broadcasting

North Mississippi Allstars, Cedric Burnside, Corey Harris, Kate Vargas, and Jonah Tolchin

Recorded on November 14th, 2021 in Charleston, WV, this episode features North Mississippi Allstars, Cedric Burnside, Corey Harris, Kate Vargas, and Jonah Tolchin. Podcast support provided by Digital Relativity.

slowed swag songs


madeinevil - NEVER MET! / SOLD OUT


DJcity Podcast


DJ G-Dugz

Vienna's G-Dugz drops his third mix for the DJcity Podcast. He is DJcity's Austria representative and a resident at the VIE i PEE club. Follow DJ G-Dugz on Instagram: @djgdugz See for privacy and opt-out information.

Lofi hip hop mixtapes 🌿 chill beats to relax / study / sleep / work

Pueblo Vista

Chill Drive ? Lofi Hip Hop Mix #55

? Listen to PUEBLO VISTA // ⟪ pvmm ⟫
? Follow PUEBLO VISTA // ⟪ pvmm ⟫
▶ Tracklist
00:00 Pueblo Vista - The beginning of the end
02:05 Beatmund Noise - Back home again
04:04 eleven - better off alone
06:42 Electricsheep42 - 22f
08:58 H.1 - Lights
11:27 Lamar Azul - departures
13:46 nrg - Whiskey on the rocks
15:32 .ihaveaface - It all began when
17:38 stream_error - going anywhere
19:33 Lo-Fi Tigers - Moonlight chatting
22:15 nrg - Breathing trees
24:17 darsena - You remind me of a movie
26:16 Matchbox Youth & Layandar - Duende
29:07 Deli - Daydream
30:47 Naif & Pueblo Vista - Today is a good day
32:20 Tracklist Repeat
The sound of Pueblo Vista is an amalgamation of carefully curated, eloquent and soothing beats. Perfect for ba

Paul van Dyk's VONYC Sessions Podcast

Paul Van Dyk

Paul van Dyk's VONYC Sessions Episode 795

Welcome to the Vonyc Sessions Podcast.. 60mins of the very best new electronic music from around the world, hand-picked and hosted by Grammy award-winning producer and DJ Paul Van Dyk. For more info about the globally syndicated show visit
Chris Bekker & Paul Thomas - Berlon [VANDIT]HamzeH - Venture [ASOT]Leonard A - Genbu [CLOUDLAND] Jerome Isma-Ae & Alastor - Wilde (Paul Thomas & Fuenka Remix) [ARMIND]Marc van Linden & D-Gor - Dreamworld [VANDIT]Para X - Untamed [ZYX TRANCE] NTNT - AIR [IN TRANCE] Alex M.O.R.P.H. - Godspeed [VANDIT]Johnny E & Craig Mortimer - Into The Unknown [TRANCE FORMER]Asteroid Pres. Obsidian & NuSpirit - Decipher [NOCTUNAL KNIGHTS]Jordan Suckley, Clara Yates - Let Me Be Your Fantasy (Asprey Remix) [DAMAGED RECORDS]Clay C - This Is It [VANDIT]Steve Dekay - Spacewave [VANDIT]The Nighttripper - Tone Exploitation [ESP RECORDS]Michael L. - Déjà Vu

The Great Beyond

Osiris Media / Joey Parisi / Greg Knight / Bruce Robinson

This is not a Goose podcast. Or is it? Hosts Joey Parisi, Greg Knight, and Bruce Robinson invite you to take a ride down the pathway to The Great Beyond. See for privacy and opt-out information.

Irish and Celtic Music Podcast

Marc Gunn

Celtic Top 20 Best Celtic Songs & Tunes of 2021 #538

Amazing Celtic music! Listen to the Top 20 Celtic songs and tunes of 2021 as voted on by you, the listeners of the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast. Subscribe to enjoy over 500 hours of great Celtic Music by some of the best indie Celtic bands and musicians in the world. Clann An Drumma, The Bow Tides, Heather Dale, Brad Reid, Beth Patterson, Will Macmorran, Eira, Marc Gunn, Brass Lassie, Matt & Shannon Heaton, Moch Pryderi, Across the Pond, Deirdre Graham, Wakefire, The Darkeyed Musician, Grimwater, Tartanic, Scythian, Ockham's Razor, Follow The Crows, Old Blind Dogs, Tuatha de Danann, Loveridge, The Longest Johns I hope you enjoyed this week's show. If you Heard a song, tune or artist that you loved, I’d like you to share this episode and tag the artist on social either on your page or in a Celtic group you’re a part of. Include the show time so they can quickly listen and enjoy. The Irish & Celtic Music Podcast is here

Drum History

Bart Vanderzee

The History of Corder Drums with Don Corder

Corder Drums was born in 1979 when Jim Corder purchased the Fibes manufacturing equipment from C.F. Martin after they decided to no longer be in the drum business. My guest is Don Corder, Jim's son, was an employee since day one and helped his dad and brothers learn on the fly and create a drum brand that is now a part of the history of the instrument. Not only is this a great story because of the Fibes and Darwin drums connection, but it is a wonderful story of a family working together to make Jim Corders dreams a reality.
You can check check out the products that Don Corder still sells to this day at
Enjoy this episode!



OSOCITY Raboday Mix | Flight OSO 127

Welcome Aboard FLIGHT OSO! Buckle up! and get ready for take off as we take you on a musical journey!

SAK PASÈ ? BONJOUR Beautiful ? People and Happy New Year ? I'm so excited to present to you The First OSOCITY Mix of 2022! Get Your Passports ✈️ ready cause we are taking a Trip to the Beautiful island of HAITI ?? We're starting off this year Extra HOT with some RABODAY Vibes! This is a Magical high energy genre that is from Ayiti Cheri! ??❤️ and it's filled with heavy Drums ? Chants ? and Melodies ??‍♀️ that are gonna take you to another Universe ?

Send Me Videos of you listening to my mix on Instagram @OSOCITY So I can Post Them ?

I have a lot of original music coming out on my Spotify @OSOCITY Im so excited for all of you to hear it! Love you all! Peace and Love

: Social Media | Contact :



The BlackSheep Podcast: Presented by HM Magazine

The BlackSheep Podcast: Presented by HM Magazine

A podcast for those who wⒶnder in music, faith, culture, and everything in between.

DJ Shinski Mixes

Dj Shinski

Kenya Overdose Mix Vol 4 [Mejja, Nadia Mukami, Trio Mio, Nyashinski, Otile Brown, Khaligraph Jones]

Dj Shinski - Kenya Overdose Mix Vol 4
?Video Link:
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1. Krispah X Khaligraph Jones X Boutross - Ndovu Ni Kuu
2. Nyashinski Ft Chris Kaiga - Hapo Tu
3. Matata X Mejja - Chini Chini
4. Mejja - Siku Hizi Ni Kubad<

Pure Trance Radio Podcast with Solarstone


Pure Trance Radio Podcast 311

A weekly podcast of progressive and uplifting Pure Trance music, presented by Solarstone.
01. Alan Fitzpatrick & Lawrence Hart - Closing In (Jody Wisternoff Remix) [Anjunadeep]02. ZOYA - Nostalgia [Pure Progressive]03. RODG & Brozzy - Calling Out (Luccio Remix)04. Phase Difference - Resurgence (Basil O'Glue Remix) [Bagrhum]05. TasteXperience - Zen (Andy Faze Remix) [Fuzion Dreams]It's Not The Kind Of Thing We Usually Play... But We Like It Anyway:06. Young Parisians & Katherine Amy - Rediscover (Norman Doray Remix) [Magik Muzik]Big Tune:07. Lostly - Violet [Electronic Architecture]08. Sunlight Project - That's Real [Sunlight Tunes]09. Firewall - Sincere (William Byrne Remix) [White Label]Retro Trance Classic:10. Fictivision vs. C-Quence - Symbols [In Trance We Trust]11. Paul Ryan - Stars (Solarstone Retouch) [Pure Trance Neon]12. Stowers & Cooper - Our Light [FSOE]13. Hassan Jewel & Derek Mark - Re

CLE Rocks

The music podcast from Cleveland -- the birthplace of rock and roll! Hosted by music journalist Troy L. Smith, CLE Rocks looks back at the memorable events and people that shaped rock and roll. Troy's interviews with some of music's greatest legends offer intimate, untold stories you must hear to believe. See for privacy and opt-out information.

James Acaster's Perfect Sounds

BBC Radio

Kiri Pritchard-McLean & Portuguese Fusion Pop Jazz

James and Kiri discuss Portugese maestro, Bruno Pernadas' 2016 album, Those Who Throw Objects at the Crocodiles Will Be Asked to Retrieve Them.

The Scott's Bass Lessons Podcast

Scott's Bass Lessons

152 - Finding The Sound: In Conversation with Larry Grenadier

Having worked with an array of jazz greats while still a teenager in his hometown of San Francisco, Larry Grenadier rose to prominence in New York during the 1990s, performing alongside Joe Henderson, Charles Lloyd, Pat Metheny and Paul Motian. Whether you know him best for his enduring partnership with the Brad Mehldau trio, or as part of the group Fly with Mark Turner and Jeff Ballard, Larry has built up a reputation as one of the finest double bassists in jazz. In this interview, he talks to Jonathan Herrera about his thoughts on technique, tone and the secrets of improvisation.

Metronom - مترونوم


Ep26, Parastoo -قسمت بیست و ششم ، پرستو

در اولین قسمت از فصل دوم و بیست‌وششمین قسمت مترونوم به داستان ترانه‌ پرستو از منوچهر سخایی می‌پردازیم. ترانه ای از عطالله خرم و شعر سیروس آرین پور  که منوچهر آن را به یاد برادرش سرگرد محمود سخایی که  در روز کودتای ۲۸ مرداد به طرز فجیعی در  کرمان به قتل رسید، خواند



مصاحبه منوچهر با رادیو فردا – ۱۳۸۶

شایعه پرواز پرستوـ محمود خوشنام

منوچهر سخایی و آن پرستو که دشنه آجین شد ـ همنشین بهار 


حمایت مالی از مترونوم در ایران

حمایت مالی از مترونوم در خارج ایران

Dad Band Land

Starburns Audio

Welcome to Dad Band Land, the music commentary podcast from the point of view of a neighborhood cover band. Every week, Adam Felber (host, also co-host of popular podcast "Nobody Listens to Paula Poundstone") and Kevin Burke (co-host, lead guitarist) break down playing the songs that they play in their band. Then, Brian Frank (chief vinyl officer) breaks out the "House of Wax" where they all discuss impactful records that have shaped the course of the musical landscape. Jeffy Branion (chief technology officer) provides insightful and hilarious commentary on all things music. The show covers all genres, and offers genuine critique and appreciation for the world of music. Subscribe to the podcast, rate it five stars, and let us know your guilty pleasures in the comments!

Kreative Kontrol

Vish Khanna/ Entertainment One (eOne)

Ep. #656: Steve Albini

Steve Albini talks U.S. politics, Electrical Audio and pandemic life, Shellac’s 30th anniversary and updates on their new record and new singles collection, Get Back and the Beatles he has met and spoken with, why he unlocked his twitter, owning his own insensitive socio-cultural mistakes, his Norm Macdonald encounters, Poverty Alleviation Charities’ 24 Hour Improv event on December 18-19, future plans and more! Supported by you on Patreon, Blackbyrd Myoozik, Pizza Trokadero, the Bookshelf, Planet Bean Coffee, and Grandad's Donuts. Support Y.E.S.S. and Black Women United YEG. Follow vish online. Support this show  See for privacy and opt-out information.

Monstercat Call of the Wild


Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

Long May They Run


Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]


Holly Herndon, Mat Dryhurst

Ethereum Energy Numbers are in! Moral calculations and web 3 critiques with Kyle McDonald

Big one this week, artist and researcher Kyle McDonald did the gruelling work to calculate the energy and carbon cost of Ethereum, and we try to break down those numbers, calculate their relative impact, discuss critiques of web 3 and debate why they are mostly coming from where they are coming from.Ethereum Emissions:'s art: Kyle: Pays Artists?: staring at computers: 

Biscuits & Jam

Southern Living

Best Bites of Season 2 -- Amy Grant, Jon Batiste, Fiona Prine, and Ben & Erin Napier

In this week’s episode, Sid Evans, Editor-in-Chief of Southern Living Magazine, revisits some of the best takeaways from a few of our guests in 2021. You’ll hear music superstar Amy Grant chat about her faith, Oscar-winning composer Jon Batiste talk about growing up in Louisiana, Fiona Prine discuss her and her legendary husband John’s connections to Kentucky, and HGTV’s Ben & Erin Napier share their deeply personal experiences gained on their popular show, Hometown.
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Aquarium Drunkard - SIDECAR (TRANSMISSIONS) - Podcast

Aquarium Drunkard

Transmissions :: Steve Berlin (Los Lobos)

This week on Transmissions, the final episode of the season: Steve Berlin. Steve plays saxophone in Los Lobos, whose new album is called, Native Sons. It features Los Angeles-centric covers by the likes of WAR, The Beach Boys, Buffalo Springfield, and Thee Midniters. But Steve’s a fascinating figure on his own. He came up in the punk scenes of LA, playing with The Blasters and the Flesh Eaters, but since then he’s gone on to work with everyone from Rickie Lee Jones to The Replacements, The Go-Gos to R.E.M. and many more. Transmissions will return in January 2022, until then, follow Aquarium Drunkard for more and dig into the archives. 

Rockonteurs with Gary Kemp and Guy Pratt

Gary Kemp and Guy Pratt

S2E2: Andy Bell

This week on Rockonteurs, Gary Kemp and Guy Pratt chat to the excellent Andy Bell from Erasure.Erasure were one of the biggest artists of the 80’s and 90’s with 24 Top 40 singles and selling 28 million albums worldwide. Erasure won the Brit Award form Best British Group in 1989. Still gigging despite the complexities of touring in the current climate, Erasure are about to embark on a new US tour and Andy chats to Guy and Gary from his bubble in Miami! Rockonteurs is produced by Ben Jones for Gimme Sugar Productions See for privacy and opt-out information.

Clapcast from Claptone


Clapcast 332

Be a part of the journey and allow Claptone to transport you to a place of sonic delights, with a mix designed to enchant outside of the club. Follow our golden masked friend and be the first to hear the new editions of the CLAPCAST tale...
01. Helsloot feat. Boy Wolf - Killing Time (Original Mix) [Poesie Musik]02. Jay Robinson feat. Sara Sukkha - One Year Off (Extended Mix) [Tomorrowland Music]03. Chaney x Shells - To The Rhythm (Original Mix) [Cr2]04. Reflekt, Delline Bass, Wh0 - Need To Feel Loved feat. Delline Bass (Wh0 Extended Remix) [Altra Moda]05. Chambray - I Want (Extended Mix) [Nothing Else Matters]06. Sosa UK - It's Time to Move (Original Mix) [Coco]07. Dennis Ferrer & Disciples with James Yuill - Whisper (John Summit Extended Remix) [Defected]08. Gorgon City - Lost Feelings (Original Mix) [Astralwerks / Positiva]09. ACRAZE - Do It To It Ft. Cherish (Extended Mix) [Thrive]10. HDSN - I House You But Love

The Polyvinyl Podcast

Polyvinyl Records

Over the course of the last 25 years, Polyvinyl Record Co. has grown from an idea in the heads of two excitable music fans into one of the more versatile and artistically driven record labels of its kind. The Polyvinyl Podcast sees host Fred Thomas, along with Polyvinyl staffers Natalie Dávila, Andy De Santis, and Seth Hubbard, chronicle the story of how Polyvinyl has evolved over the last quarter of a century with interviews from American Football, Alvvays, Japandroids, Jeff Rosenstock, Julia Jacklin, Kero Kero Bonito, of Montreal, Laura Jane Grace, STRFKR, Xiu Xiu and many more.

Deadbeats Radio with Zeds Dead

Zeds Dead

Got music you want us to hear? Submit it to:

The Rise Guys


Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

The Morning X

Jason Dick

Jason Dick has been a part of your mornings in Austin for over a decade. In addition to the hosts and guests, the show is famous for prank calls, Quien Es Mas Macho, and taking sexy Internet photos. The show has won multiple awards from the Austin Chronicle, the Statesman, and the Alliance for Women in Media but most importantly – Jason once placed second in the station’s fantasy football league. Tune in every morning starting at 6a and follow us on social media for more!

The Morning Mess


After Mess Podcast - NSFW Uncensored EP. 194

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Slowed + Reverbed Songs

grecy diwan

Build a bitch {slowed + reverbed} / bella poarch

Slowed + reverbed

Adam Beyer presents Drumcode


DCR599 – Drumcode Radio Live – Adam Beyer live mix from Liverpool, UK

This week on Drumcode Radio Live we have a live mix from Adam Beyer

Music Student 101

Jeremy Burns, Matthew Scott Phillips

104-Studio Effects Pt.1

If you love to play music, you probably love the idea of recording. Once you plug in, or approach the microphone, you may find some of these effects to be a great help. With dynamics, such as compression, limiting and gate, you can tame your volume levels. With equalization (EQ), you can add or subtract frequencies to better shape your sounds. And with reverb, to can add depth and dimension to an otherwise sterile sound by adding the reflections that would otherwise occur in large spaces.

Morgan Page - In The Air

Morgan Page

Morgan Page - In The Air - Episode 603

00:52 1 SOLR & Rechler Walk Away Protocol Recordings 04:22 2 Joel Corry I Wish feat. Mabel (Westend Remix) Atlantic 07:18 3 Aspyer Aurora STMPD 10:16 4 Alok & John Legend In My Mind (Joel Corry Remix) B1 12:22 5 Borgore & Iván Reich feat. Jonathan Shadows Armada 15:15 6 BLR x Ali Bakgor Holding My Breath FRCST 18:07 7 Carola Come With Me Armada 20:00 8 Zaerd & Rob Upland Distance Pinnacle Collective 23:11 9 DONT BLINK & Redux Saints CAN YOU RELATE The Myth of NYX 26:11 10 Aspyer Our Time STMPD 29:15 11 DEADLINE & Mark Roma Mine Vector 31:20 12 Kryder Piece Of Art Armada 33:39 13 Laura van Dam Neon Soul DOORN 37:09 14 DubVision No More STMPD 39:33 15 Swedish House Mafia & The Weeknd Moth To A Flame (KAAZE Arena Mix) White 42:56 16 Adam Scott Crank Armada 46:50 17 OTIOT feat. EL Waves Tonguese Sono Music 50:15 18 David Guetta x MORTEN Permanence Musical Freedom 53:00 19 Orjan Nilsen & ANG Thousand Drums Rave Culture 56:33 20 Rex Mundi ft

Songwriter Theory: Learn Songwriting And Write Meaningful Lyrics and Songs

Joseph Vadala

Plan For Your 2022 Songwriting Goals

10 Ways To Start Writing A Song Free Guide Link:
6-Step Lyric Writing Checklist:
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Joseph talks about taking some time to plan out your 2022 Songwriting Goals.

Wheels Off with Rhett Miller

Osiris Media

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

W&W Rave Culture Radio


W&W - Rave Culture Radio 093

01. Coldplay & BTS - My Universe (David Guetta Remix)
02. Armin Van Buuren, The Stickmen Project - No Fun
03. Timmy Trumpet & Blinkie feat. Bright Lights - Friday (Extended Mix)
04. Kryder - Piece Of Art
05. Dubvision - No More
06. KEVU x SixCap - Mystery
07. Quintino - Vivid (Original Mix)
08. David Guetta & MORTEN - Alive Again
09. Blasterjaxx - Braveheart (Extended Mix)
10. ANG x SaberZ - Takeover
11. NWYR Selects: Orjan Nilsen - Poetry (Extended Mix)
12. Justin Prime & Olly James - The Light
13. Future Anthem: W&W x Groove Coverage - Moonlight Shadow
14. Bassjackers - The Weekend (Extended Mix)
15. NIVIRO - Deja Vu
16. Will Sparks - Patience
17. Da Tweekaz & Bassbrain - Shotje
18. AXMO ft. Benni Hunnit - MonstersFile Download (58:11 min / 80 MB)

Calm Pills - Soothing Space Ambient and Piano Music for Relaxing, Peaceful Sleep, Reading or Mindful Meditation

Uplifting Pills

We Have Been Here Before
As 2021 comes to a wrap, it feels like we should be seeing the pandemic off, but the reality is anything but. With more imposed restrictions coinciding with the holiday season, I released this mix to hopefully provide solace to those celebrating alone or unable to spend it with some of their loved ones.
Musically, this mix features 3 tracks from a masterpiece new album by Jon Hopkins called Music for Psychedelic Therapy. Test Card returns with two intriguing pieces from his latest album Music For The Towers. Finally, Martin Domas opens the mix up with a track that inspired this mix. As always, please support the artists you like by streaming or purchasing their music.
Making this mix was a labor of love. If you feel like supporting Calm Pills online radio & podcast or showing your appreciation, buy me a cup of a coffee ( You can also share this wit

Definitely Dylan

Laura Tenschert

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

That Classical Podcast

That Classical Podcast

So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye!

THE END IS NIGH. In fact, it's here. Please do join us for one final round of classical silliness, as we talk about our lives, our classical faves, and how much we're going to miss you. Thank you from the bottom of our nerdy hearts. Goodbye! See for privacy and opt-out information.

36 From the Vault

Osiris Media

Introducing | Breaking Waves: Seattle

Breaking Waves: Seattle is the story of the scene that defined rock in the ‘90s. The show traces the roots of grunge, and details the rise and fall of the Seattle scene, and concludes with a look forward, examining the legacy of grunge and highlighting the current and emerging artists who will create Seattle’s next breaking wave. Produced for Audacy by Osiris Media.  See for privacy and opt-out information.

Song Vs. Song

Todd Nathanson

74: "good 4 u" vs. "Happier Than Ever" (w/Mark Grondin!)

Teenage girls having breakups in 2021! We close out the year with its biggest and best angry ex songs, and we welcome Spectrum Pulse's Mark Grondin into the booth to help us decide between Olivia Rodrigo's "good 4 u" and Billie Eilish's "Happier Than Ever"! 

Songcraft: Spotlight on Songwriters

American Songwriter

Part of the American Songwriter Podcast Network, Songcraft is a bi-weekly show that brings you in-depth conversations with and about the creators of lyrics and music that stand the test of time. You probably know their names, and you definitely know their songs. We bring you their stories.

The Truth About Vintage Amps with Skip Simmons

The Fretboard Journal

Ep. 82: "The Velvet Touch"

Tune in for a new chapter of TAVA, where Skip and Jason Zoom through your tube amp and cooking questions with our highest fidelity yet (thanks to our friends at Shure for sending us that MV7...and to Mrs. Simmons for figuring it out).  This week's episode is sponsored by Jupiter Condenser Co., Amplified Parts and Grez Guitars. Support us on for added content and the occasional surprise.  Special podcast offers: Use the discount code TAVA10 to get 10% off all orders at through November 13, 2021. Be a part of the first-ever, last-ever TAVA Cookbook: Email us your favorite recipe ever and we'll add it to our forthcoming, free PDF eBook, just in time for the holidays. Some of the topics discussed this week: :31 Skip puts the trem in the PA head 1:50 RIP Pat Martino 4:08 Green El Pato enchilada sauce 6:19 Swapping the 6C4 for a 6J6 on a Bogen CHB-50 10:05 A Magnatone vibrato pedal 12:58 A Princeton Reverb clone

Nature Sounds for Relaxation and Meditation

Inner Peace

Sounds of Ocean Waves Crashing on Rocks | White Noise To Help You Relax, Study or Sleep | 11 Hours

More Relaxing Sounds of Nature for sleep, work, study, Stress Relief, and Meditation, please listen and share our podcast:
#waves #sleepsounds #naturesounds


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Digging Deep with Robert Plant

Robert Plant

S4E6: Polly Come Home

So here are. We’ve reached the end of another series of Digging Deep with Robert Plant. It’s been a collection of conversations partially defined by the unprecedented times we’ve been living in (and this episode touches on that) but, as always, some amazing music. We end the series with a cover version that Robert and Alison Krauss made their own on their world-conquering Raising Sand album. It’s the perfect way to end for now. And maybe it even points the way to the future…

Tay To Z: A Taylor Swift Podcast

Devin and Gab

Tay to Z Episode 80: I'm Only Me When I'm With You

In this episode we chat about "I'm Only Me When I'm With You" from "Taylor Swift: Deluxe Edition." We talk about how much we LOVE this song, and how it just brings out all of the good feels. Gossip Gab chats about the promotional video of the song.Hosts: Devin and GabSound Design: Devin Johnson-Nieporent and Peter Leigh-NilsenTheme Song: Devin Johnson-Nieporent, Peter Leigh-Nilsen, and Eric JohnsonThank you to our Patrons!Ashley Shawn, Ingunn Markiewicz, Jordan Nash, Marcia Lane-McGee, Caroline Francois, Jessica Hutter, Eoin Macken, Cally I, Emily Hugo, Hilary Davies, Brittany Perlmuter, Kaitlyn Carlton, Alan Bass, Jessi Sanders, Blue Magnetic Night, Mona N.J, Valentina Paredes, Jessica Parham, Heather Teig, Brittany Super, Dana Meyerson, Ashley Moore, Maura Sabini, Kylie Seaton, Katie MacqueenSupport the show (


Alexander Gomez

Lana Del Rey - Put Me In A Movie

unreleased song by Lana Del Rey - Put Me In A Movie

Play Guitar Podcast

Lee Anderson

Buckle Up Guitar Players. Your Best Year Is Coming! – 209

2021 is in the books. Let's prepare ourselves for big things to come in 2022 Become a VIP Supporter: FREE Practice Space Checklist: Show notes at: Copyright ©2021 Play Guitar Academy

Karol G

Karol G

Carolina Giraldo Navarro, más conocida por su nombre artístico Karol G, es una cantante colombiana. Support this podcast:

Sodajerker On Songwriting


Episode 220 - Steven Van Zandt

Singer-songwriter, producer and actor Steven Van Zandt sits down with Simon and Brian in Manchester, UK, for an inspiring conversation about songwriting and arranging, his expansive musical history, and forays into other art forms. The E Street Band guitarist also talks about his creative partnership with Bruce Springsteen, early records with Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes, and the five crafts of rock.

Find Your Harmony Radioshow

Andrew Rayel

Find Your Harmony Episode #292

01. Armin van Buuren & AVIRA feat. Be No Rain - Hollow (Colyn Extended Remix) [Armind]

02. Tom Staar feat. Nathan Nicholson - By Your Side [Armada]
03. Estiva presents Kudus - L.O.V.E. [Enhanced]

04. Andrew Rayel X Takis - Closer (AVIRA Remix) [Find Your Harmony]

05. DRYM - Tiger [Valteon]
06. STANDERWICK - Phantasia [Armind]
07. TEKNO & DJ T.H. & Shannon Hurley - Own The Sky [Interplay Records]
08. Tasadi & NUMA - Lost Myself (Coming Back) [AVA]      
09. Tritonal & Codeko - Superhuman (Ferry Corsten Remix) [Enhanced]
10. Above & Beyond - Prelude (Above & Beyond Future Summer Mix) [Anjunabeats] 
11. GXD vs. Holbrook & Skykeeper - Reflection [Coldharbour]
12. Abhishek Y2V - Fire 
13. Ahmed Helmy - Kings Conquest [Suanda Music] 

14. Indecent Noise - Piledriver

You'll Hear It - Music Advice

Open Studio

A podcast about listening to and playing music better from musicians Peter Martin and Adam Maness. Listen for a combo of actionable advice and occasional humor. A podcast from Open Studio - see our full range of courses at

The Justin Moore Podcast

Justin Moore

"The Justin Moore Podcast” is not just your behind-the-scenes, candid, all access approach into Justin’s life as a father, husband, and Multi-Platinum recording artist. Co-hosted by Moore and his tour manager J.R., aka “The Handler,” they bring on an array of high profile guests that include artists, athletes, actors, and even their most requested guest, Justin's wife Kate. From telling stories of country music legends, to pinnacle sporting moments, to Justin not cleaning up dog poop... Be sure to subscribe to these "high-tech rednecks" for weekly entertainment.

Deep Sunset House and Progressive Podcast - The Melodic Sessions by Prototype 202


NY 2022 - New Years Kickoff Mix from Prototype202

60 minutes of NYE uplifting melodic music skirting the fine line between some of the years best melodic trance, progressive house and melodic breaks. Tracks and remixes from Thanatos, Tinlicker, Pash and Tanon, Marsh, Tryger, Cafe del Mar, Jody Wisternoff, Eli and Fur and more

Eli and Fur - In Too deep
Kid Enigma - The Break (Local Options Mix)
My Friend - Lager Beers
Marsh - Fable
Pash and Tanon - Ride
Darin Epsilon - Thanatos (Modeplex remix)
Mike T - Horizon
GMJ and Matter - Perfect Storm
Diagenetic - Epoch
Tinlicker and Dosem - Hypnotised
Tryger - Fall Into
Eriva - Laboratory
Jody Wisternoff and James Grant - Nightwhisper (chill Mix)
Energy 52- Cafe Del Mar (Paul van Dyks XOXO Remix)
Alan Fitzpatrick - Something Wonderful

Classical Performance

Classical Performance

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

Anjunabeats Worldwide


Anjunabeats Worldwide 736 - The Final Show

After 14 years and 736 episodes, welcome to the final Anjunabeats Worldwide show. The Anjunabeats Rising Residency launches Tuesday, August 3.



Chaartaar/ چارتار

0) آشوبم از آلبوم باران تویی 13921) مرا به خاطرت نگه دار از آلبوم باران تویی 13922) هندسه از آلبوم باران تویی 13923) باران تویی از آلبوم باران تویی 13924 )  در حسرت ماه از آلبوم باران تویی 13925) آسمان هم زمین می خورد از آلبوم جاده می رقصد 1394 6) ببر از آلبوم جاده می رقصد 13947) جاده می رقصد از آلبوم جاده می رقصد 1394 8) حضور اتفاقی از آلبوم جاده می رقصد 13949) دریچه از آلبوم جاده می رقصد 139410) بنویس از آلبوم دریا کجاست 1396 



Tritonia 367

Blackcode & David Allen feat. Jordan Grace - One [Revealed Music] Tinlicker feat. Jamie Irrepressible - You Take My Hand [Anjunadeep] Tritonal & Codeko - Superhuman (Ferry Corsten Remix) [Enhanced Recordings] Kamix, Cl04k, Revealed Recordings - Million Years [Revealed Music] Kudus - L.O.V.E [Enhanced Progressive] Matt Fax & Boxer - Higher [Colorize] Paul Thomas, Fuenka, Schieber - Figo [Future Sound Of Egypt] Orjan Nilsen & ANG - Thousand Drums [Rave Culture Music] D72 & Amin Salmee - Tears Of Yesterday [Black Hole Recordings] Vion Konger - ACID [Crash & Smile] Heard Right & Jope - Runner [Colorize] ZOYA - Nostalgia [Pure Progressive] Tinlicker - Just To Hear You Say [Anjunadeep] Fløa & Furcloud - Stellar [Colorize] Hausman - Megalodon [Enhanced Progressive]

Flow State

Bobby Lyte

Welcome to Flow State! A podcast designed to help you focus. I'm your host, Bobby Lyte, a DJ and producer, here to provide a curated playlist of minimal, instrumental, electronic music - the soundtrack to your work. I'll also be following the popular Pomodoro technique - 30 minutes of music for you to work to, followed by a 5 minute break. In my other life I'm a software engineer, and so this podcast is a colliding of two worlds for me: electronic music and deep focused coding. Wishing you the joy of flow state.

Fedde Le Grand - Darklight Sessions

Fedde Le Grand

Darklight Sessions 491

  Air Date: Friday January 14th 2022 EDX - On My Mind Armin van Buuren x The Stickmen Project - No Fun Bolier x MOYA - Cold Tonight (Redondo Edit) Hugo Doche - Less Friction EWAVE & Castion - Hey Mickey Max Kilian - Runnin' It Fedde Le Grand - Bounce That James Hype - Say Yeah Bad Intentions ft. Rowetta - Anytime Is House Time Acraze ft. Cherish - Do it to it (Valy Mo's Laser House Remix) Ragash - Move To Funk [DARKLIGHT TEASER OF THE WEEK] Dean Mickoski & Roland Clark - Leave Me Alone (I'm Dancing) VLUARR - Demons Zenemy - Let you Down PBH & JACK x Sash Sings - Jealousy KATO - In My Soul NUZB - Retrograde Jay Hardway & Retrovision - I Wanna Curbi ft. Helen - Losing Sleep Costel Van Dein & The Wooyko - Selecta D-Wayne, FUNK D - My House Savalla - Deeper Youtube: Website: Darklight Sessions on Spotify: Darklight Sessions on Apple Podcasts: More Fedde

Radio Javan Podcasts

Radio Javan

Tehranto (Episode 44)

Latest Mixes

Dj Ju Crazy

Dj Ju Crazy App

Dirtybird Radio

Claude VonStroke

Dirtybird Radio 323 - Steve Darko

Dirtybird Radio continues on the Road to CampINN as host Victoria Rawlins welcomes guest artists from the upcoming Dirtybird CampINN lineup. On this episode, take a dive into the deep, innovative sounds of Steve Darko with a live recording of his set from Dirtybird Campout 2021. The Boston native needs no introduction as he has quickly become a Dirtybird fan favorite since signing to the label in 2018 and proving that he is a true creative force in underground music with his genre-bending debut album ‘Midnight Swim’.

Life of the Record

Life of the Record

The Making of ONE YEAR - featuring Colin Blunstone

For the 50th anniversary of the baroque pop classic, ONE YEAR, Colin Blunstone looks back on the unique circumstances around how his first solo album was made. After the end of The Zombies, a band he formed as a teenager with Rod Argent, Hugh Grundy, Paul Atkinson and Paul Arnold, Blunstone found himself unsure about continuing in the music business. The Zombies had recorded ODESSEY AND ORACLE at Abbey Road Studios in 1967, but the initial singles failed to generate interest so the band called it quits before the album was released. Blunstone began working as an insurance clerk in London when “Time of the Season” unexpectedly started to chart in the United States in 1969. Producer, Mike Hurst, convinced Blunstone to make music again and he released a few singles under the pseudonym, Neil MacArthur. Later, former Zombies bandmates, Rod Argent and Chris White, talked Blunstone into recording a solo album under his own name wit

Resonation Radio by Ferry Corsten

Ferry Corsten

Resonation Radio #056

In episode 56 of Resonation Radio, new music by Claptone, Jerome Isma-Ae, Cubicore and many more. Join the #RESONATION at 8 P.M. CET!


1. PRAANA & Liel Kolet - Waterfall [Colorize]
2. Alex Leavon presents Wesand - Journey Of Life [PerspectiV]
3. Boris Ayson - Still Here [Gemstone]
4. Jackback, Citizen Kain & Kiko - Supercycle [AFTR:HRS]
5. Amy Lauren & Jaxx Inc. - Dance 4 Me [Stashed]
6. Carola - Come With Me [Armada]
7. Cedric Gervais - Shake That Ass [Delecta]
8. Siwell - Going Down [Tropica]
9. Minus One - Enough [Flashover]
10. DT8 Project & Tephra - The Other Side [Anjunabeats]
11. Dimibo - Amani [Anjunabeats]
12. Kanalia - Nymphaea [Enhanced Progressive]
13. Ferry Corsten - For Your Mind [Flashover]

Reverberation Radio


Reverberation #415

DIY Musician Podcast

CD Baby

#288: Is social media dead for musicians?

When it comes to sustaining your music career, is social media… Dead? Dying? A zombie? Still the greatest tool we have, even though it’s killing our souls one post or doomscroll at a time? In this episode, Kevin and Chris take stock of the state of affairs with social media and its ability to move a music career forward.

We Need to Talk About Britney


Britney Spears Speaks with Heather McMahan

Songs in this episode:Control - Janet JacksonStronger- Molotov Cocktail PianoCALL THE BRITNEY HOTLINE: 814 277 3277 See for privacy and opt-out information.



THIS IS REVOLUTION>podcast Ep. 236: TIR Crüe January 20th News Round Up

Jason, Pascal, and Kuba tackle some of the important news stories of the week.

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Monstercat Silk Showcase


Monstercat Silk Showcase 631 (Hosted by Sundriver)

Follow Monstercat Silk on all platforms -

1. M.A.Z.7 - Labyrinth (Alucard Remix) [Monstercat] [00:35]
2. Denis Laurent - All I Need (ft. Kaisa Martina) [Sundriver Remix] [Monstercat] [07:06]
3. Robert Nickson pres. RNX - Joshua Tree [Monstercat] [13:39]
4. David Broaders - Curracloe (Matt Fax Remix) [Monstercat] [17:46]
5. Dan Sieg - No Way Back Up (ft. Illuminor) [Monstercat] [24:40]
6. Vintage & Morelli - Sweet Surrender (ft. Arielle Maren) [Monstercat] [28:45]

Silk Exclusive:
7. A.M.R & Lumynesynth - Unfinished [Monstercat] [32:52]

8. Kobana - Hear The Colors [Monstercat] [37:32]
9. Airdraw - Juno (Matao Remix) [Monstercat] [42:01]

Silk Spotlight:
10. Dokho & Banaati - Dream Cycle [Monstercat] [47:55]

11. LTN & Roni Joni - In Between [Monstercat] [52:01]
12. Gregory Esayan - Coastal Glow [Mon

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Lex Luger with Michael Vincent Waller

For the first new Talkhouse Podcast episode of the new year, we’ve got an unlikely pairing—which is one of our favorite kinds of pairings. But it wasn’t exactly our idea to connect Michael Vincent Waller and Lex Luger, it was theirs. The contemporary classical composer and the extremely prolific hip-hop producer made a really cool record together that came out in 2021, called Classic$.

Waller is not your typical classical composer, he’s a real musical searcher. His compositions range from avant-garde to minimalist to slightly more classic-sounding classical music. But over his career he hasn’t stayed in one place musically for very long. He made a record back in 2019 with electronic producer JLin, which you may have read about in an interview with the pair right on this very website. So maybe it’s no surprise at all that Waller didn’t let genre get in the way of his love for hip-hop when he reached out to Luger for an as

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Why Not - Casket feat. papa mbye

Today's Song of the Day is "Casket feat. papa mbye" from Why Not’s album, Very Why Not, out now.

Olivia Rodrigo - drivers lincense ( Slowed )


the middle (slowed)



J i m m y


Bts alarm