Chemistry For Your Life

Melissa and Jam

Is crying chemistry? (the fascinating science of tears)

#133Have you ever wondered what tears are? If not, is it because you think you already know? Chances are, you don't actually know what tears are! It's probably more complex than you'd expect. Grab some tissues, let's get into it!Like the show? Buy us a coffee to help keep our show going AND free.How to start a podcast. <- Check this out if you've got a podcast idea you want to make happen!References from this episode

The Episodic Table of Elements

T. R. Appleton

90. Thorium: Bright Lights, Big City

Sure, thorium could provide practically limitless clean energy, but then we couldn't build weapons of mass destruction.

Dose Makes The Poison: The Toxcast

Kevin G. Shanks

Synthetic Cannabinoids and Bleeding: What is Up With That?

Welcome to episode 21 of the Toxcast. Synthetic cannabinoids and bleeding. Let's talk about it.
Please check out MEL Science and their awesome science boxes. If you follow this link, you can get 60% off of the first monthly subscription box for MEL Science. I've checked them out myself and they are pretty awesome. Who doesn't like science experiments? I love them! I bet you will too!
MEL Science:
Promo code is Toxcast.
This link and promo code will be active for one month (until 02/27/2022).

Intro and outro music is provided by T Morri. It is titled Psychedelic Mushrooms.

Chemistry Made Simple

Matthew Macariou

How to Work Out Half Equations - Redox III

Check out the (Chemistry Made Simple academy)
In this episode:
What are half equations?
What are the rules for half equations
Simple example walkthrough
Complex example walkthrough

Your assignment:
Deduce the half equation for the reduction of the dichromate ion [Cr2O7]^2-
Let me know how you do with that -DM me on Instagram

Contact me:
Instagram (@chemistrymadesimple)

Join the discussion at the (Chemistry Made Simple podcast community).

Materialism: A Materials Science Podcast

Taylor Sparks and Andrew Falkowski

Episode 56: Ceramic Dental Composites

Taylor and Ramsey take you on a journey through the world of modern dentistry. Learn how we evolved from honey to complex composites for teeth repair. Also get a glimpse into the research Ramsey is doing in pursuit of his PHD.
This episode is also sponsored by Materials Today, an Elsevier community dedicated to the creation and sharing of materials science knowledge and experience through their peer-reviewed journals, academic conferences, educational webinars, and more.
Thanks to Kolobyte and Alphabot for letting us use their music in the show!
If you have questions or feedback please send us emails at or connect with us on social media: Instagram, Twitter.
Materialism Team: Taylor Sparks (co-creator,co-host), Andrew Falkowski (co-creator,artwork), Jared Duffy (production, marketing, and editing), Ramsey Issa(co-host and editing assitance).
Keywords: dental composites dental work ca

The Eco Well podcast


A PFAS 101 with KC Hyland, Ph.D.

Unless you live under a rock, I am sure you have seen some scary headlines about PFAS. This episode featured analytical chemist and PFAS researcher, KC Hyland, Ph.D. We explored what they are, where they are, the major issues and challenges, and key things everyone should know. This conversation was more of a general one on PFAS rather than specific to cosmetics, albeit cosmetics certainly came up. While it may not be a comfortable conversation for everyone, if there's anything I can leave you with; don't let people scare you about this topic, and there's no need to stress. Hope you find this episode as informative as I did!   Interested in supporting the podcast? Find us on Patreon at

Rule Your Pool

Orenda Technologies, Eric Knight

Ways to Reduce Employee Turnover

00:00 - Intro01:43 - Swimming is an individual sport AND a team sport. Individual athletes racing the clock are part of a bigger team. This translates to pool companies as well.04:02 - Let's focus on people. Not the job, not the skills, the people. People are always the most important aspect of a business.04:32 - The benefits of a baseline, such as water chemistry minimums. Standards lead to collective intelligence, the team becomes more cohesive.10:09 - Build a family and team atmosphere. Gather input from employees. They know things you do not.10:45 - A reward system within the team, i.e. "Mojo" the monkey.13:41 - Involve the homeowners in appreciation of your employees too. Example: Southwest Airlines 'kick-tails'17:47 - With more profitability comes opportunities to clean up the brand. Better uniforms, cleaning the trucks, etc. Everyone wants to take pride in their work.19:25 - Increasing the margin for error also helps keep emp

Chemistry in its element

Chemistry World

Batteries: The bedrock of the sustainable future

In this special podcast produced in partnership with Waters Corporation, find out how understanding the chemistry and materials that go into batteries marks the first step towards making them safer and increasing energy density, and unlocks new opportunities for reuse and recycling

Clinical Chemistry Podcast

American Association for Clinical Chemistry

Pregnancy in the Time of COVID-19: What Are the Challenges for Maternity Care?

Stereo Chemistry

Chemical & Engineering News

Bonus: The helium shortage that wasn’t supposed to be

Helium shortages can derail research and threaten expensive instruments that depend on the gas to operate safely. In late 2020, analysts predicted—and we reported—that pressures on the global helium market were likely to ease as new production capacity came online. Today, helium users are again facing price spikes and limited supplies, driven by a variety of factors including political instability in Europe and technical malfunctions at key suppliers. In this bonus episode of Stereo Chemistry, C&EN industrial gas reporter Craig Bettenhausen explains how we ended up here again and how the outlook for the global helium market has evolved. A transcript of this episode is available at For more background about where helium comes from, why it's so important to science, and what happens when you can't get enough of it, check out our October 2020 podcast episode, How helium shortages have changed science. Ima


Henry Powell-Davies and Medina Afandiyeva

2.1 - Welcome to 2022… with César & Stu!

In our first episode of 2022 (and Season 2!), we’re rejoined by two of our previous guests Dr. César Alejandro Urbina-Blanco (@cesapo) and Dr. Stuart Cantrill (@stuartcantrill). We reflect on our highlights of 2021, look forward to our hopes for 2022 and test our guests’ knowledge on Taylor Swift and Negronis in a special end of year quiz! Hope you enjoy the episode!

If you have ideas for new podcast topics or would like to be a guest on a future episode, then please reach out to us! On Twitter: @ChemConvosPod Or email us:

Pharm to Table

LC Campeau & Dani Schultz

Snack: Spring ACS Symposia Organizer Sneak Peak - Taming the Unnatural (amino acids) with Sue Zultanski

ChemTwitter told us it takes 3 minutes to run a TLC plate, so today we‘re bringing you 3 good minutes with Sue Zultanski (Associate Principal Scientist, Discovery Process Chemistry). Sue first joined our #MerckChemistry Discovery group in 2006 before obtaining her PhD and then starting in Merck Process in 2016. Since joining, Sue has sought solutions across boundaries, weaving deep mechanistic understanding into developing robust manufacturing routes (OPRD) and also through an academic-industrial partnership Prof. Nilay Hazari (JACS).
In our last installment of the 'Spring ACS Sneak Peaks' -  we're flipping the tables and having Sue interview Dani on what motivated her to create a symposium on ‘Taming non-canonical amino acid synthesis’ – a symposium that they collaboratively organized for the upcoming Spring ACS in San Diego. We discuss what inspired Dani and Su


Fuse FM Podcasts

S1E9 - Episode #9 - Mercury

Joe and Fergus chat about all things mercury and find that there's much more to it than just thermometers!

It's been used since ancient times - some thought it was the key to eternal life, despite its poisonous nature.

Find out more in this week's episode.

Science History Podcast

Frank A. von Hippel

Episode 53. Industrial Agriculture: Helen Anne Curry

The advent of agriculture over 10,000 years ago forever altered the trajectory of humanity. Communities grew larger until cities and nations dotted the landscape, labor became specialized, new diseases emerged, civilizations flourished and vanished, warfare increased in scale and lethality, and people colonized every corner of the globe. Agriculture facilitated the exponential growth of the human population, which necessitated ever greater efficiency and productivity and eventually led to the industrialization of farming. But this efficiency has come at a cost – the loss of crop varieties and the local knowledge and cultural practices associated with those crops. With us to understand these radical changes in agricultural practices, and their implications for society, is Helen Anne Curry. Helen is an Associate Professor in the Department of History and Philosophy of Science at the University of Cambridge and a fellow of Ch

Bringing Chemistry to Life

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Imagination and the chemistry of the things around us

Visit to register for your free Bringing Chemistry to Life T-shirt and to access the extended video version of this episode and the  episode summary sheet, which contains links to recent publications and additional content recommendations for our guest. You can access the extended video version of this episode via our YouTube channel to hear, and see, more of the conversation!Alaaeddin is someone you can spend entire afternoons chatting with about life, experiences, and of course, science. His studies and career in chemistry brought him around the world, living, working, and studying in several countries, accumulating life learnings that made him the person and the scientist he is today.Dr. Alsbaiee has worked in an industrial environment since his PhD and is not afraid of new challenges. His polymer chemistry background allowed him to work on s

The Diatomics


Two students explain chemistry in an easy and understandable way.

It's a Material World | Materials Science Podcast

Punith Upadhya and David Yeh

"It's a Material World" is a podcast that uncovers why materials science will change the world. We explore how materials are engineered to make an impact all around you and how they will play an even bigger role in your future. We also invite experts onto the show to share high-level insights on how MSE can make a difference in nearly any industry. The field of materials science and engineering is new and exciting, so hop on board now and you won't get left behind. For additional updates, soundbites, and bloopers, follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn @itsamaterialworldpodcast. Feel free to connect with Tom Miller and Punith Upadhya on LinkedIn as well! We'd love to chat with you to discuss the latest breakthroughs in MSE, what you'd like to see from our podcast, and how to get more involved in the field of materials science and engineering.

The Toxpod

Tim Scott & Peter Stockham

Mythbusting at TIAFT Virtual 2022

We were at the TIAFT Virtual Conference in February! This episode is audio from a couple of sessions we did there - busting some more myths in forensic toxicology.Plus we had our first ever competition! Stay tuned til the end to find out who won the prestigious Toxpod mug...A couple of examples of recommendations for first responders who may encounter opioids from the USA and the UK. Contact us at toxpod@tiaft.orgFind out more about TIAFT at www.tiaft.orgThe Toxpod is a production of The International Association of Forensic Toxicologists. The opinions expressed by the hosts are their own and do not necessarily reflect the views of TIAFT.

Lady Scientist Podcast

Jocelynn Pearl

Lady Scientist Podcast brings you into conversations with scientists. Academic research is often siloed in tough-to-read academic journals. This podcast strives to introduce you to new voices and to break down barriers, along with striking a note of positivity in an often-negative world. Support the podcast through All links are available through our website,


The American Chemical Society

A Bittersweet Farewell and Enthusiastic Hello: A New Science Podcast Is Headed Your Way!

We have some bittersweet news: Orbitals is coming to a close. BUT there’s a new science podcast headed your way in 2022! It’s called Tiny Matters, and it's a show about things small in size but big in impact. Every other Wednesday, hosts Sam Jones and Deboki Chakravarti uncover the little stuff that makes the big stuff possible, answering questions like, “how does our brain form memories?” and “why haven’t we terraformed Mars yet?" The first full episode drops on Wednesday, January 26, 2022. Check it out! 

iBiology Videos (Audio Only)


Saving The American Chestnut: A Case Study

Saving The American Chestnut: A Case Study, we explore more deeply the complicated question of using biotechnology to make forests more resistant to climate change. We look to the story of the American Chestnut as an example of how scientists are trying to bring a once-abundant tree back from near extinction through genetic engineering. We also consider the budding genome-editing technology CRISPR Cas-9 as a more precise tool with great promise but also great uncertainty. Can we do it and should we do it?

ECHA’s Safer Chemicals Podcast

European Chemicals Agency

Highlights from the March 2022 Risk Assessment and Socio-Economic Analysis committees

This episode gives you the highlights from the first 2022 meetings of the Committees for Risk Assessment (RAC) and Socio-Economic Analysis (SEAC). We interviewed the Chairs of the two committees, Tim Bowmer (RAC) and Maria Ottati (SEAC).Both Committees are made up of scientists nominated by EU Member States but appointed by the management Board of ECHA in their personal capacity and both have observers from different EU organisations representing civil society, academia and industry. They are responsible for making scientific opinions that are then used by the European Commission and EU member states when deciding how chemical risks need to be controlled.You will hear about opinions on harmonised classification and labelling proposals, restrictions and applications for authorisation. We also talk about the use of human bio-monitoring to protect workers from exposure to harmful chemicals an


研究者レン & OLエマ

3. 君の命はどこから?RADWIMPS聴こえて次元トリップした。


・サイエンス大図鑑、著 アダム・ハートデイヴィス
・137億年の物語 宇宙が始まってから今日までの全歴史、著 クリストファー・ロイド
・この世界を知るための人類と科学の400万年史、著 レナード・ムロディナウ
・「生命の起源」ついに明らかに? その想像以上にシンプルなメカニズム
・Zwicker, D., Seyboldt, R., Weber, C. et al. Growth and division of active droplets provides a model for protocells. Nature Phys 13, 408–413 (2017).
▶Twitter 感想は #サイエントーク

Pharm to Table

LC Campeau & Dani Schultz

S1.E8: Biocatalytic Cascades, the Rube Goldberg of Chemistry - Fun with Nucleosides : Part 3

For the 8th course, Dani and LC ride the biocatalytic cascade with Ania Fryszkowska (@fryania on Twitter) and Greg Hughes (@greg_hughes on Twitter) from the #MerckChemistry Process Chemistry group. Greg, a process chemistry pro, kicks off this episode by giving a high-level overview of the drug development process and the differences in designing clinical supply route vs. a final commercial route. Ania, a biocatalysis superstar, then takes us on a retrosynthetic journey that ultimately led to a multi-enzyme biocatalytic cascade for the construction of non-canonical nucleosides - published in Science. Directed evolution was critical throughout this process, and Ania shares how #MerckChemistry internal capabilities allowed the discovery and optimization of each biocatalytic step (5 total!). We end with Greg and Ania sharing how far biocatalysis has come in commercial route development


The ChemTalk Team

Episode 8: What defines an element? Featuring Dr. Eric Scerri

This week, Scott Gietler from ChemTalk spoke with Dr. Eric Scerri, a professor at UCLA and an expert on the periodic table.  Dr. Scerri has written many books on the periodic table and is specifically interested in philosophical chemistry. With his knowledge of the periodic table, he discusses important figures involved in its development, what happens when an element is disproved, how he became interested in chemistry, and his love for blues guitar. We hope you enjoy!
More information about Dr. Eric Scerri:
Twitter: @ericscerri
Don't forget to check out ChemTalk on all of our social media platforms!
Instagram: @chemtalk
Twitter: @chem_talk
YouTube: @chemtalk
TikTok: @chemtalk
Facebook: @ChemTalkOrg
Thanks for tuning in!

The Pharma Lab Show


The Pharma Lab Show is a podcast exploring the technologies, analysis, and innovation that goes into bringing the pharmaceuticals that allow humanity to live longer, fuller, healthier lives.  Each episode features interviews with industry leaders and experts who share how they are working tirelessly to bring these life-changing products into the world.

Extracting the BEST From Your Day with Dr. John MacKay, Scientific Editor

Extraction Magazine

The plant Kingdom is a rich resource for food. Plants are also a source of compounds used as medicines. This podcast focuses on interviewing experts in the extraction of plants. Extraction processes are critical for food scientists, natural products chemists, advancing pharmacognosy and ethnobotany, and chemical engineers and materials scientists. These 30-minute podcasts will interview people from around the world focused on new technology, new research, and new perspectives.

The Modern Extractor

Jason Showard

S5 E06 - Short Path And Processing SOPs For Water-Clear D9 Distillate With Breaking Dabs

Cannabis oil distillation pioneer, Breaking Dabs, joins us for the second installment of our long interview.  This week he walks us through the his full SOPs for turning un-winterized crude into water-clear D9! From first pass distillation on a short path, to winterization, Mag-sil filtration, saline washes, finial distillation, and packaging. Get ready to take notes!

Plastics Unwrapped


Reducing the Carbon Footprint for Plastics

This episode delves into the need to reduce CO2 emissions in the plastics industry and how Dow is working towards producing circular plastics with a lower CO2 footprint. Marco Ten Bruggencate is joined by Howard Chase and Erika Sánchez Garrido, from Dow, and Kaj Embren, a sustainable development expert. They discuss why the decade between 2020 to 2030 is crucial in terms climate protection and how ‘The Greta effect’ has caused public consciousness around CO2 levels to grow, sparking a rise in demand for industry action. Key discussion points include: Dow's partnership with Shell to transform furnaces and electrify energy (07:04-07:30)How The EU Green deal is encouraging and enabling innovation (10:36-11:02)The need for education to meet the low carbon economy goals (27:44 – 28:11)

Voices In Validation

IVT Network

Laboratory Review Process and Its Impact on Compliance

The pharmaceutical quality control laboratory serves one of the most important functions in pharmaceutical production and control. Poor laboratory practice may yield compliance issues, higher costs, increased cycle time, and delayed product introductions. Avoiding all that means consistent lab review processes and good document controls. Here to review effective laboratory review processes, and their importance to regulatory compliance is David Strauss of SciCord.
About Our Guest:
David Strauss, CEO and Founder, SciCord
David co-founded SciCord LLC in 2014.  SciCord implemented the first production ELN solution in 2015 and has continued to grow both in functionality and customer base.  SciCord’s solution has evolved to encompass integrated ELN & LIMS functionality with plug-and-play modules preconfigured to automate many laboratory functions.   
Prior to 2014, David created an ELN application f

Battery Generation

Patrick von Rosen, Lennart Peters

Battery Generation - Your podcast on Emobility and latest Battery Research. We are on a mission to find batteries that are powerful, safe, sustainable, long-living, as light and small as possible, cheap and easy to recycle. Is that even possible? Let's find out. Battery Generation is produced by Helmholtz Institute Ulm (HIU) and CELEST (Center for Electrochemical Energy Storage Ulm & Karlsruhe).

Radio Kimiagar

Anjoman Elmi shahid beheshti

ویژه برنامه المپیاد

سومین اپیزود پادکست  انجمن علمی  شیمی و نفت دانشگاه شهید بهشتی 

:))امیدواریم لذت ببرید 

@beheshtichemist انتقادات و پیشنهاداتتونو از طریق ایدی مقابل با ما درمیون بذارید


ELEMENTary – a BASF podcast

Mona Riemenschneider, Klara Truong und Lucas Wippert

Auf dem Weg zum New Normal: Die Zukunft von Arbeit und Ausbildung bei BASF

Mit unserer Expertin Daniela Kalweit sprechen wir darüber, wie sich die Ausbildung durch Trends in der Arbeitswelt verändert hat und verraten, was es mit dem Jugendwort „Lost“ in diesem Kontext auf sich hat.

Chemistry World Podcast

Chemistry World

Chemistry World podcast – January 2017

This month we introduce our new puzzles page, discuss the implications of Trump for science and meet Yuri Oganessian, the only living person with an element named after him

بودكاست فاناديتا

حسناء عبدالله

بودكاست عربي علمي كيميائي يناقش مواضيع علمية تهم المهتمين بالعلوم وطلاب العلوم . كتابة وتعليق : حسناء عبدالله تويتر المقدمة: @Xhasna_ اسعد بسماع ارائكم💕

Geladen - der Batteriepodcast

Daniel Messling, Patrick Rosen

19 Geladen: Dr. Hartmann & Kopljar - Batterieflugzeuge

Lange nahm die Wissenschaft an, dass Batterien als Antriebe in der Luftfahrt wenig beisteuern können. Sie seien schlichtweg zu schwer. Doch seit geraumer Zeit gründen sich immer mehr Startups rund um Lufttaxi- & Drohnentechnologien (VTOLs), E-Kleinflugzeuge sowie kleine Regionaljets (40-90 Passagiere), deren Propellerantriebe ausschließlich mithilfe von Batterien funktionieren.

Natural Prodcast


Natural Prodcast Ep 16 - Marcy Balunas

Natural Prodcast presents our interview with Professor Marcy Balunas, currently at the University of Connecticut's Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences but soon moving to the University of Michigan's Department of Microbiology and Immunology. In this episode, we discuss her work in in many areas of chemical exploration of natural products for bioactive compound discovery, understanding symbiosis, and a JGI project around ants and their fungus farms.

Alles Chlor!


der Chemie Podcast des JungChemikerForums der Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker

My Fave Queer Chemist

Bec Roldan & Geraldo Duran

Stephanie Berg, University of Nebraska

This week on the pod, we chat with Stephanie Berg (she/her) a 3rd year graduate student in the Moon lab at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. We discuss her chemistry education research, what creating an equitable learning environment for students looks like, and more! You can follow Stephanie on Twitter @ssnorkels and us @MFQCPod. We'll see y'all next time and remember that Black Lives Matter today and everyday.



Industrial developments: What's new with H2

In this episode of H2TechTalk, Tyler Campbell, H2Tech Associate Editor, is sharing some of the top H2 news from the past few weeks. Beginning with the developments at the H2 plant at Rotterdam, to Mitsubishi Power and HydrogenPro’s electrolyzer deal, this episode will get you up to date on the latest news in the H2 sector.



You,Me and Chemistry🎤📖🇳🇪 @chemistry_lyf Say No to Drugs and Yes to Life. Learning is lifelong process.This podcast helps you to understand chemistry from very basics. In upcoming episodes more about technology.

Check your beer

Amy and Julie

Interview with O'Neil Taylor of Steam Whistle Brewing

On this week's episode I chat with O'Neil Taylor of Steam Whistle Brewing. Find out how he made it into the lab, his favorite part of working in the lab, and his monthly habit that keeps expanding his beer knowledge. O'Neil shares his experience bringing in an ale yeast into a lager only brewery and how it was handled from a lab perspective. Hear about O'Neil's daily tasks and what he wishes other brewers knew about starting a quality program. Steam Whistle Brewing

Ley de gay lussac

Emiliano Jiménez Mtz

Bad bunny

Jskddbdbkds en


Jack 傑克

EP76. 逆轉皮膚年齡的科學?狗狗聞出確診?超音波震碎癌細胞?

*第一則新聞:已經可以逆轉皮膚的年齡了? *第二則新聞:狗狗的鼻子可以比PCR還靈敏? *第三則新聞:用超聲波震碎腫瘤? *本集問題:大腦被嚇到的時候會出現什麼樣的反應? #podcast #科普 #科學 #播客 #皮膚 #老化 #超聲波 #狗狗 #鼻子 #嗅覺 #震碎 #covid #PCR #大腦 #治療 #科學發展 #science #科學十分鐘 文案:Jack Music Provided by:, chill hop music, BGMstation Graph Designed by: Jack Ho by Canvas Background Music Remix Edited by Jack Ho Support this show: Leave a comment and share your thoughts: Powered by Firstory Hosting

Revealing How

WG Media

Revealing imagination's roots in embodied human cognition and its role in shaping our cognitive ecology

Doing Delta Podcast

David K and John X !

Doing Delta is all about your interest in the Booming Cannabis craze! If you don't know about it? Doing Delta is the place to find out! What products are most useful and where do I get them? How do they work and how do I determine it is safe? What's new in innovation and creation? Is it safe for me or my family and does this really do what it says it does? What is new in the world of fighting addiction and affliction? Join us as we help you break down the good, the bad, and the ugly in the realm of plant based products? No PhD required to understand Doing Delta is bringing understanding and information direct to your door!

Chemistry World Book Club

Chemistry World

Book club – Fresh Banana Leaves by Jessica Hernandez

Indigenous communities are among the most affected by climate change, yet their work and knowledge has long been dismissed as unscientific. In her first book Fresh Banana Leaves: Healing Indigenous Landscapes through Indigenous Science, Maya Ch’orti’ and Zapotec environmental scientist Jessica Hernandez recounts case studies, personal stories and family histories that focus on the knowledge of Indigenous Latin American women and land protectors. Hernandez’s book envisions a future in which Indigenous people are given autonomy over their lands and are treated as prominent leaders in the fight for environmental justice and against climate change. We talk about the failures of western conservation approaches and speak to Hernandez about the many reasons science needs to start listening to Indigenous voices. Thank you to Jenn Ashton for performing a sensitivity check on this episode.

Formula Girls

Formula Girls

88: #1061 Smooth & Shine Conditioner (Palm-Free)

Molly and Christine discuss this two-phase conditioner that's loaded up with nourishing oils, a palm-free conditioning aid and Quaternium-80 for silky locks and enhanced shine. Doesn't weigh down hair or make it greasy and features an all-new nature-scented fragrance!  Also great for coarser or curly hair.

CMC Live - Chemistry, Manufacturing & Controls

Meranda Parascandola, Ed Narke

025 - The Parenteral Drug Association & Evolution of Drug Development with Michael Carroll

What We Covered00:55 – Ed, Meranda and Brian welcome today’s guest, Mike Carroll, who speaks to his background in microbiology and product development  04:28 – Mike talks about his involvement in the Parenteral Drug Association (PDA)  07:51 – Lessons Mike has learned throughout his career and expounds on the relevance of PDA technical reports  15:03 – The evolution of regulatory approvals in the pharmaceutical industry  17:34 – Mike describes the influence of the PDA today, given the pandemic  20:18 – Mike explains a typical day working in microbiology and quality control and assurance23:11 – The pressure of working in pharmaceutical drug development and final comments from Mike  Tweetable Quotes“The PDA was kind of the bridge. It’s the Parenteral Drug Association – its focus is sterile injectable product. But it’s into all kinds of different things.” “The biggest things that are m

Activation Energy

Selma Duhovic

14. John Warner (Zymergen) on sustainability

I speak with Dr. John Warner of Zymergen and Beyond Benign about sustainability in the chemical industry.

(0:00) Introduction
(1:03) Chemical industry as an actor in society and economy
(4:31) Green chemistry
(5:54) Teaching chemistry skills
(10:50) Beyond Benign
(20:11) Marketing and public relations in the chemical industry
(22:24) Communication
(24:03) Financing sustainability efforts
(30:59) Numbers and narratives in startups

The Goeppert Mayer Gauge

Jay Foley and Dugan Hayes

Episode 15: Photocycloaddition

We're celebrating Dugan's recent JACS paper on copper-catalyzed photocycloaddition reactions by doing a Back 2 Basics episode on photocycloadditons that is really just an episode on that paper with a little bit of Woodward Hoffmann rules thrown in for good measure. But what is a podcast for besides self-promotion anyway? We return to some of our favorite topics, including X-ray spectroscopy and transient absorption, and discuss how a combination of spectroscopic techniques can be used to deduce photochemical reaction mechanisms involving transition metals. We also ask ourselves how a single methylene group can drastically change the fate of a molecule and how a single pandemic can drastically change the fate of a research project.

The Ask Joe Powder Powdcast

The Ask Joe Powder Powdcast

Episode 40 – Dust, Brass, and Chlorine Gas

We’re back with another powdcast! On this episode Joe answers questions about PPE for powder coaters, refinishing a court sign, and coating parts for use in a highly corrosive environment. We also discuss the latest powder coating news, and invite you to come say hello to us at The American Coatings Show. Visit our booth, […]

Chemistry in Everyday Life

Johannes Vogel

Asphalt - Chemie im Straßenbau

Roads are one of the defining features of modern civilizations, believe it or not. To me and I think most others, the state of the roads in a country gives an idea of the level of development. It does not surprise then that chemistry features quite heavily in how we make roads.
A request from a listener, I explore in this episode the chemistry of bitumen and the physical properties needed for a good road.
This podcast is still not reactivated, but if you have a topic that you are interested in and do not mind an extended waiting time until I get round to it, drop me a mail under .
Background Information
Polymer Chemistry, An Introduction Malcolm P. Stevens, 3rd Ed. Oxford University Press, 1999; ISBN 978-0-19-512444-6 pp. 70ff & 87ff

Controlando la Piscina


Controlando la Piscina es el podcast en español de Orenda que fue diseñado para informarle a los propietarios, operadores y técnicos del servicio de piscina acerca de la química y los diferentes fenómenos que se pueden presentar así como el impacto de los productos químicos utilizados dia con dia para entender de mejor manera cómo tener la mejor calidad de agua posible. Si quiere realmente entender la química de su piscina, este podcast puede ser para usted. En cada episodio hablaremos de un tema nuevo relacionado con las piscinas, la química del agua, o la calidad del aire interior. Con nuestra ayuda, tendrá la capacidad de ir controlando su piscina sin abusar de los químicos mientras ahorra dinero.


Lucy Yang

PFAS, Environmental Chemistry, and how You can be a Greener Chemist - a chat with Dr. Shira Joudan

Dr. Shira Joudan is a currently a postdoctoral researcher in environmental chemistry at York University in Toronto. She completed her PhD in the department of chemistry at the University of Toronto in 2020, and in 2023 will start as an assistant professor in the department of chemistry at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. Her research focuses on the fate of organic contaminants in the environment, and how transformation reactions impact how humans and ecosystems are exposed to potentially toxic chemicals. For the past 7 years, a major focus has been PFAS – per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances. Shira is also interested in green chemistry and previously attended the ACS Green Chemistry Summer School. Outside the lab she likes live music, canoeing, and doing fun things with her friends.
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1.) "Dark Waters" film (available

Cowboy Chemistry

Dylan Gardner

Polywater: A Pathological Science

Join Dylan and Raffa as we talk about Polywater, a fictional chemical that cause a panic during the cold war!
 Music by: Brian Mylls
Guest: Rafael Marin

iBiology Videos


Skin Fat Regulation: Edriss Yousuf

The fat layer in our skin has the ability to expand and shrink. Yet, the regulatory mechanisms for skin fat growth and shrinking are not well understood. In this Share Your Research Talk, Edriss Yousuf describes his thesis research on the regulation of skin fat. He discovered a non-immune function of regulatory T cells and showed that they can induce autophagy in skin fat cells to decrease their lipid droplet size. These findings have implications for scarring and scleroderma, disorders which are typically associated with reduced skin fat abundance.

Modern Chemistry Podcast

Paul Orange Ph.D.

Ben Schumann – Precision tools and carbohydrates

Episode 16 of the Modern Chemistry podcast dives back into glycobiology and its practical application with Benjamin Schumann. Ben is a chemical biologist who studies the biology of carbohydrates (glycans). After completing his undergraduate biochemistry studies in Tübingen, Germany, he was trained in synthetic carbohydrate chemistry in the lab of Peter H. Seeberger at the Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces Potsdam and the FU Berlin. Developing vaccines against pathogenic bacteria based on synthetic glycans, Ben learned to apply his compounds in biological settings in vivo and in vitro. For his achievements, he received the Award for Excellence in Glycosciences and, in 2017, the prestigious Otto Hahn Medal by the Max Planck Society. During his postdoctoral work in the lab of Carolyn R. Bertozzi at Stanford University as an Alexander von Humboldt foundation Feodor Lynen fellow, Ben developed an interest in "pre

A Journey Through Time: A Chemistry Podcast

A Journey Through Time

Join us as we time travel through the world of Chemistry.

The Coefficient Life


Dan Kotlyar

Dan Kotlyar is not just a Professor of Nuclear and Radiological Engineering. He is the guy who is going to power our trips to the moon, mars and beyond. He sits down with our hosts to just touch the tip of the iceberg on what he is doing with new forms of Nuclear Propulsion, the Mars Mission and more. In what we hope is the first of many conversations with Dan, he gets us excited, about exciting particles for energy on space craft and celestial bodies.

Mentes Covalentes

Clara García y Hugo Quintela & Podcastidae

Regalos y viagra - Especial Navidad #40

En el episodio de hoy Hugo y Clara hablan de la psicología detrás del ritual de hacer regalos y de cómo la viagra pasó a sintetizarse en grandes cantidades, un proceso llamado escalado de productos farmacéuticos. Notas:Redes sociales:Puedes seguirnos en Twitter, Instagram y Facebook para estar al tanto de cualquier novedad.Si quieres aprender más sobre Neurociencia, puedes seguir a Clara en su canal de YouTube “Cerebrotes”, donde sube vídeos semanales hablando de Neurociencia y Psicología. También la puedes encontrar en Twitter, Instagram y Facebook con el nombre artístico de Cerebrotes. A Hugo sólo puedes seguir por la calle, porque no está en redes sociales.-Referencias de Hugo: de Clara:

Ve Mahi Song Female Version Cover By Harshita Tripathi


Felling female version ft. !!_???????? ????????_!!

✨The song brings peace to the heart, it is a very good song,. I loved it so. I have tried to sing, I hope you all like the song. ??. ?ਹਰਸ਼ਿਤਾ ਤ੍ਰਿਪਾਠੀ ?

No Filter with Kobo

Kobo Products, Inc.

8. 2022 Trends for Color Cosmetics

The wait is over, 2022 Color Cosmetic trends are here! The past two years have redefined beauty by shifting consumer values and customer expectations. Join us as we introduce Kobo's predicted trends for lips, eyes and face.
For more information on those trends, in the link below it is possible to request a recording of the full webinar on the same topic:
Since 1987 Kobo has provided innovative, technology- based raw materials to the cosmetic industry. The product range includes Surface Treated Pigments, Microspheres, Suncare and Color Dispersions, Silicone Fluids, Specialties, Natural Ingredients, Effect Pigments, Boron Nitride, and Delivery Systems. Kobo has five locations, USA (Corporate Headquarters), France, Japan, Brazil, and the UK, and is represented globally by independent agen

in-cosmetics Connect


15: Opções de tensoativos para shampoos em barra

 Opções de tensoativos para shampoos em barra 

A Material Point of View

Vinícius Aranda

#Ep66. Thermodynamic Calculations

I have been using some thermodynamic calculation softwares to determine the phases in my alloys during their solidification process.Do you know why do we use these softwares?Have you ever used any software like this?Check this episode in which I talk about my experience!--Sponsorship via e-mail:'t forget to follow the Podcast on Instagram and share this episode with your friends:

The Analytical Wavelength


Season 2 Trailer - Chemical Predictions

Season 2 of the Analytical Wavelength is almost here, and it's all about chemical predictions! We are going to cover machine learning, NMR, toxicology, and more! Be sure to subscribe so you never miss an episode. The Analytical Wavelength is a podcast about chemical knowledge and data in the pharmaceutical, agrochemical, and related industries brought to you by ACD/Labs. Hosts Charis Lam and Jesse Harris will introduce you to a wide range of experts who are shaping the future of the chemical industry.Email: media@acdlabs.comWebsite | LinkedIn | Twitter | Facebook Hosting and Production: Charis Lam Hosting and Editing: Jesse Harris  Copyright ACD/Labs, 2021

Study Chemistry- For AP® Courses and More

AL Academy

Coming Soon!

FoodTech Nation

קול האוניברסיטה | AudioVersity

בשנים האחרונות קמה לנו תעשייה חדשה מתחת לאף- תעשיית הפודטק. פודקאסט "FoodTech Nation" מספר לכם את מאחורי הקלעים של עולם הפודטק בישראל, שיחות עם גדולים מהתעשייה – יזמים, משקיעים ועוד, הכל על מנת לענות על השאלה – כיצד תראה הצלחת שלנו בעתיד הקרוב?

Apparentemente invisibili. La chimica in ceramica.

Zschimmer & Schwarz Ceramco

Consapevoli di quanto possano risultare complessi i temi associati al mondo della chimica applicata ai processi di produzione ceramica, desideriamo condividere le nostre conoscenze con chi per passione o professione, voglia orientarsi e formarsi. Attraverso un linguaggio semplice e diretto, il podcast vuole essere uno spazio didattico con focus su prodotti, applicazioni e processi. Il viaggio si snoda lungo le linee produttive ceramiche. Ad ogni tappa un tema. Ad ogni tema una criticità. Ad ogni criticità, quando possibile, una soluzione.

From Lab to Leader

Matthew Kersey

Interview Hatthaya Arunothayanan with Matt Kersey From Lab To Leader

Interview Hatthaya Arunothayanan with Matt Kersey From Lab To Leader

Amino acids

Allison Brenner

Amino acid

Amino acid names

20 Minutes A Day


Experiential Education with Dr. Bakarr Kanu

Colin speaks with Dr. Bakarr Kanu of Winston Salem State University. Dr. Kanu has developed a study abroad program for STEM majors built around undergraduate research and service-learning.

EYCN Podcast - Chemistry To Your Ears

European Young Chemists' Network

Learn more about interesting chemistry related topics from interviews with young professionals and professors. Also hear something about the latest news in science in general.

Química con Verap

Sergio Verap

Podcast de ciencia con temas de Química,Biología,Bioquímica,Microbiología y más. Ciencias biológicas en un solo lugar. ¿Me acompañas a aprender? #MARTESDEQUÍMICA Episodio nuevo todos los martes a las 7 pm. (Hora México)




随着“碳中和”成为热词,越来越多的人开始关注气候保护问题。当前,全球能源发展正面临能源需求增长和减排需求迫切的双重挑战,近十年是化石燃料向可再生能源转型的关键阶段。那么,能源转型究竟能不能成功呢? 都说全球“碳中和"之胜负,关键在于城市,今天巴小播就和大家分享几个国内外城市的实例。《化学元素力》有声杂志由巴斯夫独家制作播出。 <巴斯夫,创造化学新作用>

پادکست های آکادمی درخشش شیمی

Mohadese Mkp

? پنجمین پادکست آکادمی درخشش شیمی ?

پنجمین پادکست کانال آکادمی درخشش شیمی منتشر شد?
مبحث شیمی آلی پایه شیمی کنکورتونه و یکی از تست خیز ترین و چالشی ترین مباحث کنکوریه که توانایی تست ترکیبی با هر موضوع دیگه ای از شیمی‌ رو داره?
چی بهتر از یه پادکست خفنننننن ک همه نکات مهم تست های کنکور اولین گروه هیدروکربن ها یعنی آلکان هارو بهتون یاد بده و براتون جمع بندی کنه?
این قسمت دوم دسته بندی هیدروکربناست و ادامه پادکست قبلیه ?
منتظر قسمت آخرش باشین ?

Spectral Stories From The North | Les histoires spectrales nordiques

Agilent Canadian Spectroscopy Team

EP 7_En What’s Flexible More – a Great Interview With Helen Tran, Canadian Molecular Architect

In this episode, host Jean-Louis Cabral and the guest speaker Helen Tran from the University of Toronto discuss the interesting research in flexible electronics and how she merged her passion for architecture, art and molecular design. They talk about the current challenges and the envision of potential applications of this emerging technology expanding to the role of scientists in today’s ever-changing world. In addition, Helen shares her wonderful experience from mentorship when she first entered the scientific world, and she also gives some suggestions to peers and to the next generation of scientists.   Please feel free to check out Helen’s website:  Team Tran (  For any questions regarding Agilent solutions, please reach out to Jean-Louis Cabral at 

Stuff Matters



In this episode, we learn about the chemistry behind alcohol. Where did it originate? What’s it significance to the field of chemistry? How easy is it to make? What do the chemicals in alcohol to do your body? All that and more as we dive in and explore to learn more about: alcohol!
Follow @_stuffmatters on twitter for updates,
and @andmoremark2 on instagram for photos!
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Chemocast | کموکست

Chemocast Team

قسمت هفتم - در باب مواد آرایشی بهداشتی - بخش سوم / در باب رشته های مهجور مرتبط با شیمی - بخش اول

اپیزود هفتم آخرین اپیزود صنعت زیبا و ارزشمند آرایشی و بهداشتی و اولین اپیزود از سری اپیزود های معرفی رشته های شیمی که کمتر بهشون پرداخته شده.
در این اپیزود به همراه پویا و سینا بُعد اقتصاد و اکادمیک این صنعت رو مورد بررسی قرار دادیم.



کموکست، پادکستی برای علاقمندان به علم شیرین شیمی هست که توسط اعضای فعال نشریه آوای کیمیا دانشگاه محقق اردبیلی ساخته میشه وهدف از ساختش اینکه دوستداران شیمی در هر زمان و مکان بتونند با گوش دادن به پادکستها از جدیدترین رویدادها در دنیای شیمی با زبانی ساده و خودمانی باخبر بشوند. با ما همراه باشید تا دنیای شیمی را با هم کشف کنیم. بنیان گذاران: آقای مهدی خدائی و خانم یاسمن سفیدسفیده خوان

Exploring Analytical Science

Agilent Technologies LDA UK Limited

Episode 1: The Agilent Measurement Suite

فصل اول شیمی دهم - عناصر رادیو اکتیو

لیلا صمدزاد

فصل اول شیمی دهم - عناصر رادیو اکتیو

کاربرد عناصر رادیو اکتیو

Periodic Table of People

Niamh O'Mahoney

A podcast for young chemistry students of all ages and levels to explore the careers chemistry offers! Trick, tips and general advice for everyone with an interest in pursuing chemistry.

Ciencia en el aire


Hay química por todo lado por todo lugar


Calix Limited

Welcome to the Calix Podcast Series INNOVATING FOR THE EARTH, with innovation expert and radio and TV presenter James O’Loghlin.

Healthy Talk Show (Audio)

Healthy Talk Show

A live video streaming podcast about the healthiest of topics; the Bible, God, and Jesus Christ.


Damaris Cruz

Sulfur on our periodic table of elements!

100% Hydrogen



In this episode we are going to be talking about how Hydrogen came to being. There can not be one scientist who discovered it so I’m going to talk about all three scientists that helped create Hydrogen.


This episode is sponsored by
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小小化学家 | 甜味的不一定是糖哦



Jorge Alfredo Albarrán Martínez

Hablaremos del grafeno, sus propiedades, aplicaciones potenciales y métodos de obtención

Chemistry podcast

Paisley Smaldone

We talk about atoms bonding the periodic table and neon

Lectura. Mezclas Del Día A Día.

Paco Herte

Podcast Lectura

Profiles in Fine Chemistry

CABB Group

Over 96% of all manufactured goods are directly touched by the chemicals industry. Meet some of the people making it all possible as they give insights into their world of fine chemical manufacturing.

Mohamed’s cast

Mohamed fofana

A study done on sound that is so loud it vaporizes water.



Chimie Partout : ? eL-Be7er ?

في هده الحلقة راح نتحدث على البحر?️ و الملوحية ديالو
يادرى منين جي و من وقتاش و البحر مالح ?  
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Acids Bases And Salts Episode 1 By Anshu Kaushik

anshu kaushik

Father's day


Advanced Materials Solutions

DSM Subject Matter Experts, Michael Kriek, Candace Roulo

How does a fishing net end up in your smart device?

Tune in to Episode 4 of the ‘Climate Change with Net Zero Homes’ podcast with host YiFu Qi, executive vice president of the Global Home & Distribution division at Schneider Electric, as he sits down with Helen Mets, executive vice president of Engineering Materials at DSM, to find out how recycled fishing nets end up in our smart devices at home. Learn how Schneider and DSM Engineering Materials have revolutionized using recycled plastic in smart technology.

Stoichiometry and mole concept


Stoichiometry and mole concept

It entails more on stoichiometry and mole concept


Yol Mon

Ciclo Del Ácido Cítrico Y Cadena Respiratoria

Escuta a Ciência!

Letícia Sarturi e Julio Ponce

Perspectivas no enfrentamento da COVID-19

A pandemia foi e tem sido uma luta de todos, mas será que todos estão mesmo lutando essa luta que é de todos? A empatia realmente foi o sentimento mais praticado na pandemia? Será que as pessoas que resolveram não se cuidar e comprometer o enfrentamento da COVID-19 estavam pensando nos profissionais de saúde exaustos, trabalhando sob tensão, em jornadas prolongadas? Será que essas pessoas que subestimaram a situação grave que vivemos estavam pensando nas pessoas que precisavam de acesso a outros serviços de saúde, mas não tiveram por causa da saturação do sistema de saúde?Enfrentamos um vírus, mas também enfrentamos, nesse período, as dificuldades de se viver em sociedade. Uma sociedade doente, lutando contra os inimigos errados, lutando contra a ciência, os cientistas, os profissionais de saúde, as medidas sanitárias... Enquanto o inimigo real era um vírus. Como sobrevivemos a isso? Quais as perspectivas de diferentes pessoas diante

Release WMF

Pradip Kothawade

This is related to Fertilizer to be used for better quality agricultural produce.

ماري كوري (دانشمند)

Sana Motamednia

بخش اول زندگينامه جذاب نلسون ماندالا را بتونن همراه باشيد نظراتهن خيلي برام مهمه

اگر ميخواهد با دشمنتان صلح كنيد بايد با او همكاري كنيد به اين ترتيب او ميشود همكارتان نلسون ماندلا ??


Cleverson Silva

Uma breve apresentação da evolução da ciência química ao longo dos séculos.


Fiorella Guillermo


Cuestión de Química


Bienvenido/a, Descubra en este espacio cómo las innovaciones que permiten el crecimiento económico, el bienestar social y la protección del medio ambiente ¡Son cuestión de química!. Este podcast es producido por BASF, donde todos los días creamos química para un futuro sostenible.

Con Ciencia

Jorge Alberto Rosales Maldonado

Un espacio dedicado a compartir información referente a la ciencia en el mundo actual, su impacto y funcionalidad en la sociedad.


Karen Friesen

A show about atoms

Plantas Medicinales

Maria Jose Londoño Noreña

Manzanilla como planta medicinal



Nuclear chemistry


What is graphene?

Carbon Waters

Graphene is only composed of carbon, like diamond, graphite, and amorphous carbon. However, graphene is a 2d material where one single layer of carbon atoms – that is less than a nanometer, one hundred thousand time thinner than a hair -, is arranged in a honeycomb structure. This sets it apart from other carbon forms because its unique structure leads to exceptional properties.


Carlos Ramos


Chemical Duo

Naobys Barreto

A quick view to Chromatography (HPLC)

We talk about the principles of Chromatography

Chemistry 101 with Miss Shorter

Allaysia Shorter

Chemistry with Miss Shorter Ep02

This episode is about element symbols!!

Radium Information

Vanessa Diaz-Peña


Information on Radium

Basic Fact About projectile


I talked on the concept and terms on projectile

Chemistry is everywhere

ton van oeffel

Fuels: fossil, renewable and zero-carbon

This episode covers the relation between fuel and energy, fossil fuels vs renewable fuels, and what makes a good fuel.

Mitos Y Realidades De La Energía Nuclear

Daniel Sampedro

Energía Nuclear

Son Mitos y Realidades de la Energía Nuclear

Can I check you for ticks?

Myranda Jean

Lyme disease Ep 3

Lyme disease makes me nervous

Measured Science

LECO Corporation

Customer Success with Farai Rukunda

We sit down with Farai Rukunda, LECO's Director of Separation Science Customer Success, to learn about Farai's passions for customer success at LECO and his personal support of education in Zimbabwe.

Human Body Chemistry

Brionna Bogisich

All you need to know about the human body chemistry


Yasmin Franco

Trabalho de química sobre separação de misturas, mais especificamente DESTILAÇÃO SIMPLES.



Pop song, indie, country, sastra

Hear the beat

Let's Hear It From Vitamin C

huda fathima

Vitamin c

Meet Minerva, The Microbiologist

Meet Minerva, The Microbiologist

RSV Abstract & Eve Quinn interviews Minerva A. Garcia

Welcome all to my show, Meet Minerva the Microbiologist. My name is Minerva A. Garcia. I am currently the Associate Director of Microbiology at Jacobi Medical Center New York City health and hospitals corporation. I am your microbiologist.  Now again microbiology with the microbes welcomes you in and so does poetry, with creative lines In […]
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Ágatas Y Amatistas En El Uruguay

Carolina Castro

Conocé más sobre las piedras semipreciosas del Uruguay!!



Deena's Expectation

The one in which she tells her expectation about her husband to mame and chinna thambi


ACS IIUMK Student Chapter

Brought to you by ACS-IIUMK student chapter, this podcast will talk about many kind of things including chemistry!


Josh Boutilier


Physical Properties of NonMetals - What is Non Metal in Chemistry?


Physical Properties of NonMetals - What is Non Metal in Chemistry? Are discussed with clear details

What Are Isotopes?


We all have come across the word “radioactivity” somewhere or the other. Do you know an isotope form the basis of radioactivity? Many times terms like nuclear energy



You,Me and Chemistry🎤📖🇳🇪 @chemistry_lyf Say No to Drugs and Yes to Life. Learning is lifelong process.This podcast helps you to understand chemistry from very basics. In upcoming episodes more about technology.

The Periodic Fable

Cameron & Hallam

Andy Parsons The Prolific Professor

In this episode, Cameron & Hallam are joined by Prof. Andy Parsons of York University. Professor Parsons has a background in organic chemistry, but his true skill is in how he teaches and delivers chemistry to his students.Professor Parsons has won several awards for his teaching, and in this episode he discusses issues around chemistry uptake, and the steps he thinks are needed to encourage more students to take up chemistry post A-level. Listen out too, for Andy's "Desert Island Chemicals" the 5 chemicals he'd take with him if he was stranded on a desert island. 

Physics impotence

Victor Christ

Physics impotence

Un Viaje En El Tiempo

Taty Abila

Tercer episodio de LA LUZ QUE NOS ILUMINA

El diario de la química

El Diario De La Química

hablemos de la química... Un podcast donde en menos de 5 minutos te resumo todo lo que debes conocer de la química.

GCSE Chemistry Revision with Jonas

StudySquare Ltd

GCSE Chemistry Separations

GCSE Chemistry Revision with Jonas provides you easy-to-follow theory and examples. With years of experience Jonas helps students to improve their confidence and skills so that they would be able to succeed in their exams. Listen to the podcast now and let’s turn your exam experience into a success story. This episode covers: 1. Filtration2. Crystallisation3. DistillationResources: ⋅ Questions for this topic: ⋅ Exam Revision Guide: ⋅ Thousands of exam-like questions: ⋅ Public past papers: ⋅ Online tutoring: ⋅ Follow Jonas on Instagram: ⋅ Follow Jonas on TikTok: ⋅ Follow Jonas on Twitter: ⋅ Podcast Privacy policy: https://

Careers in Analytical Chemistry (CHY213)

Darius Rackus

Quality Control and Quality Assurance at Apotex with Jude Vethanayagam and Dina Alianza

Careers in Analytical Chemistry, the career podcast for CHY213.

We speak with Jude and Dina of Apotex to learn more about the role of analytical chemistry in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Environmentally Sensitive Cleaning

ProfitMax Chemical

Environmentally sensitive cleaning podcast Introduction

Environmentally Sensitive Cleaning Podcast Introduction from ProfitMax Chemical is the title of s1. E1. of the Environmentally Sensitive Cleaning Podcast. This podcast covers an array of topics surrounding the products, process and performance of environmentally Sensitive Cleaning and sanitizing solutions for any business of any size. This is an introduction and overview about ProfitMax Chemical and their new podcast called the Environmentally Sensitive Cleaning Podcast.The Environmentally Sensitive Cleaning Podcast from ProfitMax Chemical shares about the training, defining and explaining the options and opportunities to achieve the best clean for you while caring for those around you and the environment. ProfitMax Chemical is a training and sales company distributing environmentally sensitive cleaning products and the education on how to use them. Our stewarding process offers cleaning and sanitizing solutions individ

Plastic. Climate. Future.

Mat Wielopolski & John Sewell

Plastic. Climate. Future. enables engagement among industry members, climate activists, innovators, and the rest of world (the general public) to ultimately achieve positive changes related to plastic and the climate. In their podcast, Mat & John host guests from these groups of stakeholders and talk about their views, activities and opinions to foster trustful communication and learn from each other. Check out more at



Water doet huishoudens draaien, landbouw bloeien en industrie produceren. Maar er zijn ook uitdagingen. De waterbeschikbaarheid in Vlaanderen is laag en we zijn wereldkampioen in het verspillen van water. In Antwerpen, aan de Schelde, zoekt BlueApp naar duurzame oplossingen voor de toekomst. BlueApp verbindt de Universiteit Antwerpen, onderzoekers, bedrijven en organisaties om te innoveren. Want water biedt veel kansen! Wil je meer weten over BlueApp en de uitdagingen rond duurzame chemie in Antwerpen? Surf dan naar