Lifted, The Podcast

Sal Kermalli

Elevating the game of traditional volleyball through interviews, stories, narrative, and talent.Brought to you by Host: Sal Kermalli

Coach Your Brains Out, by Gold Medal Squared

CYBO and Gold Medal Squared

Coach Your Brains Out, by Gold Medal Squared has been releasing weekly podcasts going on five years now! Founded by professional beach volleyball players John Mayer and Billy Allen, the primary goal is practical, useful education that will help you become a better coach. Our podcasts are released every Thursday afternoon, so set your notifications accordingly!

The VolleyPod presented by The Art of Coaching Volleyball

The VolleyPod

The VolleyPod is all about coaching kids volleyball! Each episode we cover 3 segments that are each designed to help you become a better volleyball coach. First, we focus on a specific volleyball skill, talk about how to teach it, and provide drills and video links for further help with that skill. Then, we present a common coaching scenario and discuss tips for how to (and how not to) handle it. In the third segment we share a resource that has helped us to become a better coach, with the hopes that it can help you too! See you on the pod!

Tallest Podcast on Earth

Taylor Averill

Professional volleyball giant and part time sinner Taylor Averill talks about life on earth. Taylor Averill is a professional volleyball player, part of Team USA, bronze medalist, and part time sinner. The podcast explores the ins and outs of playing pro-volleyball on and off the court. Taylor shares his own experiences and interviews fellow athletes, sports psychologists, nutritionists, and more.The podcast offers an insider look at your favorite athletes as they discuss problems they’ve encountered and how they dealt with them, what they’ve learned throughout their careers, and what it’s like being them! Taylor will also chat with masters in crafts related to pro-sports in order to help us better understand the world around us. From masters in psychology, strength & conditioning, nutrition etc. we will learn and grow together in unorthodox ways.

If You Can’t Handle The Heat


Let's Keep Spitballing!

The Volleyball By Design Podcast

Brian Singh

The Volleyball By Design podcast gives you simple, actionable, step by step strategies so you can get clarity in your training and apply what you learn right away.

The VolleyNerd Podcast

Davis Ransom

A Volley-talk show for anyone who loves volleyball! We talk culture and all things volley. We debate, go in-depth with unique perspectives, and get nerdy about our favorite sport: volleyball! Crushing over 30 years in the world of volleyball, host Davis Ransom takes listeners into the heart of and soul of the game we love so much: volleyball! Support this podcast:

The USA Volleyball Show

USA Volleyball

The USA Volleyball Show is the official podcast of USA Volleyball. Come along with hosts Clarence Hughes and Stephen Munson as they go behind the scenes with some of the biggest names and go to the biggest events in the sport of volleyball. Welcome to The USA Volleyball Show, the official podcast of USA Volleyball.

SANDCAST: Beach Volleyball with Tri Bourne and Travis Mewhirter

Travis Mewhirter

SANDCAST is the leading podcast for beach volleyball and stories in the volleyball world. Hosts Tri Bourne and Travis Mewhirter take listeners into the world of the AVP, FIVB, NORCECA, and any other professional beach volleyball outlets, digging deep into the lives of the players both on and off the court as well as all of the top influencers in the game.

Dig City - Purdue Volleyball Podcast

Purdue Volleyball

Purdue Volleyball coach Dave Shondell and Cory Palm talk about the Boilermakers and the world of college volleyball.

Get Better at Beach Volleyball

Mark Burik & Brandon Joyner

Learn high level techniques, tactics and mindsets from the best coaches and players in the game.


Volleyballogy Guys

Welcome to VOLLEYBALLOGY UNcensored - the volleyball podcast by former pro players, coaches - urrent volleyball parents - designed to bridge the gaps between players, coaches, & parents (by saying the things we're all thinking but afraid to say), & to provide FREE content & high-quality instructional videos through YouTube & our website, If you would like to support our mission to democratize volleyball instruction for children & families around the world - regardless of socioeconomic background - hen please feel free to donate what you can:

Nuggs Know Best


Pass, set, hit! From the makers of the Ted Talk the podcast, your hosts Circe and Whitney are returning to host an exciting new podcast! Pro and former D1 athletes will be visiting our podcast to tell about how to deal with stress and anxiety before games, what they do after games, talk about their all American teammates, most of them talk about being all Americans themselves, and how they became great. We will be hosting former D1 athlete Brittany Witt, pro beach volleyball player Taryn Cloth, and pretty much any volleyball legend you can think of! So, who's ready to get their head in the game?

I Think We're Good Here: Volleyball Podcast

Matt West and Jackson Metichecchia

Your hosts Matt West 3x All-American and Jackson Meteccichia current Assistant coach at the University of Nevada Reno dissect the sport of volleyball through the life experiences our guests have to share.

Coaching, Caffeine & Comedy


Coaching is a passion and we are here to talk about the ups, downs and comical sides of coaching. Now, this goes beyond the gym and weight room, we going to speak to many ’coaches’ of life. So, turn it up, have a listen and share this with all of your friends!

Get The Pancake: A Podcast For Volleyball Coaches

Whitney Bartiuk

Let's talk volleyball! Topics range from coaching philosophy to interviews with former Olympians. Perfect for your drive to work, volleyball practice, or to binge listen to on the way to a tournament! If you're a new volleyball coach and you want to learn more about how to coach volleyball, this podcast is sure to keep you entertained! I know that not everyone has a volleyball background, so I keep it as beginner friendly as possible! Support this podcast:

The Sideline

Annie DeLoid and Matt Stolz

A podcast for volleyball coaches by volleyball coaches. Join Annie DeLoid (Stevens Institute of Technology) and Matt Stolz (Southeast Missouri State University) as they give an inside look into life as collegiate volleyball coaches.  

Talkin' Trash w/ Nicklin Hames and Kenzie Knuckles – 93.7 The Ticket KNTK

BDP Communications

Talkin' Trash w/ Nicklin Hames and Kenzie Knuckles

Survive and Advance

A5 Volleyball

Club Volleyball is a very tight knit community of players, parents, club and college coaches, all brought together by long hours in the gym and miles traveled across the country. Survive and Advance looks to further unite the club volleyball world by bringing the listeners inside the huddle of some of the best club and college volleyball programs around the country.

SideOut Stronger

SideOut Stronger

We are here to help Volleyball Players of all levels become healthier & more competitive for life With so much contradictory information out there around training, nutrition, and injury management, it is hard to know where to turn. We have gathered some of the leading clinicians, coaches, and industry leaders to help filter through the science and give you practical, evidence-based recommendations.

Over de Top

FC Afkicken

De nieuwe podcast ᴏᴠᴇʀ ᴅᴇ ᴛᴏᴘ! 🎙 Hierin praten wij als vier topvolleybalsters ᴏᴠᴇʀ ᴅᴇ ᴛᴏᴘsport en delen we ᴏᴠᴇʀ ᴅᴇ ᴛᴏᴘervaringen uit ons dagelijks leven. We kunnen nogal “ᴏᴠᴇʀ ᴅᴇ ᴛᴏᴘ” zijn…maar zijn we dat ook buiten de spotlights? 🤔 Gegarandeerde kleedkamerjuice en unieke verhalen! 🤤 Luisteren dus! Geproduceerd door FC Afkicken

Volleyball Coaching Wizards Podcast

Volleyball Coaching Wizards Podcast

The Volleyball Coaching WIzards Podcast features conversations based on the experience and insights of some of the great volleyball coaches from all levels of play and all around the world.

Best Volleyball Videos Podcast

Best Volleyball Videos

A Podcast meant for serious members of the Volleyball Community. We will be covering a multitude of topics. Different Techniques, Gym Culture, Weight Training, and what we call The Three Big Lies of Volleyball!

Dig & Swing

Sara Lippitt

A volleyball podcast for the everyday coach!

Between Two Pros

Volleyball Bum

Hello Everyone! My name is Jaidyn, I am a professional volleyball player and aspiring beach volleyball player! The United States doesn't offer a professional volleyball league so Americans like myself have to go live overseas for 6-9 months to pursue this career! In this show I will be interviewing other American professional volleyball players and they will be sharing their experience of playing pro from all over the world! Teams change a lot from year to year unlike other professional sports in the United States! Each year can be a different experience so tune in to get the inside scoop of being a professional volleyball player overseas!

Volleyball Video Dads Podcast

Volleyball Video Dads

Discussing all topics about youth, prep, and college volleyball. We don't have a lot of answers, but we do have a lot of opinions.Live stream on the Volleyball Video Dads YouTube page every other Wednesday at 8PM CT, audio uploaded by Thursday.

The Viral Volley Podcast

Viral Volley Media

Discussing the news, scores, events, personalities and happenings in the volleyball world with an emphasis on NCAA indoor/beach, USA Volleyball, FIVB/AVP/Pro indoor/beach or the hot-volley topic of the day!

The Long Island Volleyball Podcast


Talking about anything Long Island Volleyball related.

The Learn Beach Volleyball Fast Podcast

Alex Haapamäki

In depth beach volleyball discussions combined with the science of learning skills faster, stories of successful people and personal development concepts.

Off the Court w/ Lexi Rodriguez and Ally Batenhorst

BDP Communications

Nebraska volleyball players Lexi Rodgriguez and Ally Batenhorst share the stories from inside one of the most successful programs in all of college athletics.

FiveOne Volleyball


A professional indoor volleyball podcast with a focus on the major leagues of Europe and international competition. More content can be found at

Coach Your Brains Out Archives

Billy Allen

Collecting older episodes of the volleyball coaching podcast hosted by Billy Allen and John Mayer. For the latest episodes, subscribe to Coach Your Brains Out.

Off the Block interviews

Vinnie Lopes

This is a collection of Off the Block’s interviews with college men’s volleyball players and coaches.

چندچند - ChandChand

Iran International

برنامه ورزشی چندچند ازپنج شنبه ساعت هشت شب به وقت ایران پخش می‌شود. در این برنامه به مهم‌ترین رویدادها و خبرهای ورزشی روز ایران و جهان به صورت تحلیلی پرداخته می‌شود.

And for Off the Block

Vinnie Lopes

A weekly podcast examining the big issues in college men’s volleyball.

Volleyball A-Z

NVVA Volleyball

Do you ever wish there was a guide to playing volleyball? 🏐🏐 From topics such as where to start, how to pick camps and clinics, club and high school tryouts, player development, and much more, we're here to guide you through your volleyball journey, from beginning to end!

SCAM - Sports Content and more

Alexander Walkenhorst / Dirk Funk

Alex Walkenhorst und Dirk Funk navigieren euch durch die Sportswelt und in die tiefsten Abgründe ihres Privatlebens und dem Leben als Macher in der SPONTENT GmbH. CEO und Head of Snake glänzen mit Fachwissen über Volleyball, Unwissen über vieles und glänzen oft auch einfach gar nicht.

Suomen Lentopallon Lähettiläät


Suomen lentopallon lähettiläissä tutustutaan Suomen lentopallohuippujen sekä tulevaisuuden tähtien arkeen niin ulkomailla kuin kotimaassakin. Jutellaan eilisestä, jutellaan huomisesta, peleistä, kysellään mitä muuta elämään kuuluu ja välillä vähän hassutellaan. Väritellään yhdessä kuvaa millaisia lentopalloilijoita, mutta eritoten persoonia ja ihmisiä pelipaitojen alta löytyy. Suomen lentopallon lähettiläiden isäntänä toimii Toni Flink, tervetuloa mukaan!

The Process - Sports Recruiting Podcast

Advanced Sports Media

The road to playing collegiate athletics is a process. Join us to learn applicable tactics and honest advice on the recruiting process from experts, former collegiate athletes, and current and former college coaches.

Haikyuu Cheers!


This podcast if for the people who searched for the cheers for like 1 hour anyways enjoy luv 🏐💖

Coach Factor

Coach Factor

Il primo Podcast italiano per allenatori creato da allenatori

Feinherb & Spritzig | Alles zu den BR Volleys auf einem Deckel

BR Volleys

Wer zahlt hier die Zeche? Das wollen Tassilo Bade, Peter Große, Florian Gafert und Christof Bernier mit dem ersten und einzigen Podcast über das Geschehen rundum die BR Volleys herausfinden. Volleyball-Brain Große und Wort-Jongleur Bade als bekannte Kommentatoren-Stimmen der Heimspiel-Livestreams sowie dem Medienteam "Kaffeejunkie" Gafert und Mr. „VolleyMax“ Bernier möchten in Zukunft spannende Insights rundum die BR Volleys liefern und die Fans, Kritiker und Volleyballlaien „abholen“. Dabei geht es mal sachlich, mal humorvoll, aber immer mit einem Augenzwinkern zu ;-)

Hang Time

Globally Ballin

This show is hosted by volleyball and news broadcaster Denice Dinsay. While this show does have some focus on the Philippines and does have some Tagalog every once and a while, there is also focus on sports around the world. In addition, the majority of the show is recorded in English. Support this podcast:

Volleyball Austria Podcast

Österreichischer Volleyball Verband

Der erste Volleyball Podcast in Österreich.

Setting The Stage

Sal Kermalli

The Inception of LIFTED & Setting the stage for the Tournament of Champions.

VolleyGems by KoKo Volley

Coach KoKo

Have you ever wanted to play volleyball but didn't really know where to begin? Well, here ya go! The popular volleyball YouTube channel is now coming to you to talk about a plethora of Volleyball tips and tricks. Everything from healthy eating, volleyball tips, mental health and so much more! Support this podcast:



沒有人能一起聊日本排球,所以就上來自言自語,跟你們聊聊我看到的日本排球🥸 日本女排聯賽 | 賽事觀看 | 文章翻譯 | 議題討論 | 排球訓練研究 火の鳥NIPPON応援しています 日本バレーボール、vリーグをフォローしている🏐 Powered by Firstory Hosting

Slow Profiles with Mountain Man

Mountain Man

Welcome to Slow Profiles with Mountain Man! On our show we talk about everything under the sun, so don't be surprised to hear stories about hunting, fishing, cars, and more! Be sure to give us a review if you enjoy the show!

Volleyball Coaches Corner

Ashley Shrum

A variety of interviews with coaches and expert medical professionals about physical limitations children may experience on the court and how you as a coach can help modify the training/practices/games to help this athlete be successful.

Talking Volleyball

Steve Hammond, B.J. LeRoy

Two coaches, some guests and YouTube audience questions. We want to focus on the game, particularly for coaches and players who are just starting out.   Intro/Outro Music: Just Smile by LiQWYD Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0 Free Download / Stream: promoted by Audio Library

flocking around

Red & White College Volleyball

Champion college volleyball players from Normal, IL share their experiences.

Coaching Conversations Archives - Coaching Volleyball

John Forman

Sharing volleyball coaching insights and ideas

九米九的世界 Volley-World


「這是屬於排球人的podcast」 九米九的世界是排球訪談節目,在podcast中你可以聽到更完整的訪問內容,我們每集訪問一位排球員、一個球隊,或是任何與排球相關的人物,帶領大家聽見不同的故事,同時一起關心臺灣排球環境。 *外景訪談僅以手機收音,音質不佳之處請多包涵

Down The Line

Brett Sikora

Travel Down The Line with us from club/high school to college volleyball and beyond. Get recruiting insights, guidance and rules updates through interviews with top college coaches and volleyball experts. Hear from former college athletes as they share their journey, from young athlete to college volleyball and life after hanging up their jersey. They say that it takes a village to raise a child, but we feel it takes a Tribe to build a volleyball player.

The Volleyball Source Podcast

Volleyball Source

The Volleyball Source Podcast brings you news and notes from the volleyball world!

CROSSNET Volleyball Podcast


GODS to GHOSTS Volleyball

Scott Boehmke

GODS to GHOSTS Volleyball is dedicated to commemorating and preserving the history of the sport. It is our mission to provide a medium in which the legendary players, coaches, characters, and instrumental figures of the sport from the 1950's through today can be acknowledged and remembered for their transcendent talent, colorful personalities, and contributions to the sport.

Around The Block

Around the Block is an in-depth, opinionated, and thought provoking podcast that covers the rapidly growing collegiate, club, and high school volleyball scene. Co-hosts Kelly Surrency and Coley Pawlikowski draw on their expertise to enlighten, intrigue, and entertain every volleyball enthusiast.

Passin Dimes Podcast

Josh Nichol

Passin Dimes is a volleyball Podcast hosted by Josh Nichol. Covering everything from news, updates, stories from the road and everything in between.

Four to Four

Brandon Greenway, Matthew Callaway, Peter Russell

Three high level volleyball players discussing all things volleyball with some pretty cool guests

Beach Volleyball: Updates from the Umbrella


The home for breakdowns and explanations of what is going on in the world of beach volleyball, from a fan and athlete, for athletes and fans. AVP and VolleyballWorld updates and information along with analysis and opinions on current events and recent results, as well as previews and predictions leading up to big events!

Match Point 2.0: Aces Only

Center for Emerging Media Design & Development, Ball State University

Check out our website,, and social media, MatchPointMVB, on Instagram, Facebook, and Tik Tok, for more content! This season, Aces Only will be focusing on the SIAC expansion and how men's volleyball is growing in diversity, inclusion, and overall popularity. 

Time To Kill

TJ DeFalco Luke Pope

TJ DeFalco and Luke Pope talk volleyball with friends from the perspective of a young professional volleyball player in the Italian League and a young head coach at Ottawa University.

DIII Women's Volleyball

Robert Rochelle

D3VbWest.Com presents podcasts discussing NCAA DIII (D3) women's volleyball.

Ruth Nelson's BYOP Volleyball

Making The Play Radio

ALL VOLLEYBALL PROGRAMS ARE NOT EQUAL FOR AGES 10 AND UNDER! WHAT SEPARATES THE BRING YOUR OWN PARENT (BYOP®) PROGRAM FROM OTHER YOUTH VOLLEYBALL PROGRAMS? Its mission, methods, program and certification of instructors to ensure the consistency in approach for training youth players. The MISSION AND PHILOSOPHY OF THE BRING YOUR OWN PARENT (BYOP®)program is to provide youth who aspire to be the best they can be with the necessary volleyball skills and life lessons to reach their capabilities. This is a FUN Program to be involved with, and it provides the opportunity to instruct young athletes. The BYOP® program may be a player’s and/or parent’s first venture into the sport.

Everything Volleyball & More with AC

Andrew Clifton

AC has been involved in the sport of volleyball for over thirty years as a player, coach and fan. Andrew played for the Anteaters of UC Irvine and then coached for over two decades at the high school, club and collegiate levels. Throughout that time, he has been able to see the sport’s ups, downs and everything in between. AC brings a unique perspective to the conversation not only wanting to learn about the nuts and bolts of the game, but also the people behind the sport we love.

Over the Top


Over the Top serves up entertaining discussions about the BYU men's volleyball team. Get the update from Coach Olmstead and get to know a new player every week. Jarom Jordan and Steve Vail bring personality and pop-culture to volleyball.

AUVB - Off Court Show

Kevin Barnett & Salima Rockwell

Kevin Barnett and Salima Rockwell preview and breakdown the Competition Weekends and Drafts of Athletes Unlimited Professional Volleyball. Tune in, Know More, Laugh a lot.

SC! W Above The Net

State Champs! Network

State Champs! Above The Net takes a weekly look at MHSAA Volleyball, breaking down the latest news, the top players, and the best matches. Presented by Lawrence Technological University and sponsored by the MHSAA.

PRI Talk

Jason Bibler

A podcast about current events in collegiate athletics, volleyball, college recruiting and more. I will have guest high school, club and specific college coaches on also, discussing various topics on recruiting and everything else volleyball. Support this podcast:

The Nick Woolley Podcast

Nick Woolley

Hi! I’m Nick Woolley, also known as @n1ckwoolley on TikTok. I’m an 18 year old with a unique mix of comedy and volleyball. On the podcast I will discuss various topics such as sports, TikTok, video games, and much more!

Allenatori di Pallavolo - Allenare Volley

Marco Angiolini

Dedicato agli allenatori di pallavolo. Soprattutto ai non professionisti. Il Podcast vuole essere uno stimolo, uno spunto per riflettere su soluzioni che adottiamo tutti i giorni in palestra alla ricerca dell'allenamento perfetto. Tratta di allenare, organizzazione, tecnica, tattica e preparazione fisica.

TVA Devotions

Justin Dee

This is a podcast that is for players who play club volleyball and sometimes may miss church service due to being at a tournament on a weekend.

Voleibol en Primera Fila

Primera Fila

Podcast analizando lo ultimo y mas reciente del voleibol masculino y femenino en Puerto Rico

The Deep Corner

Volleyball League of America

A volleyball podcast hosted by Rob St. Claire with frequent guest appearances by VLA players, figures, and other members of the volleyball world. New episodes on Tuesdays! Video versions of all episodes available on YouTube: Rob on Instagram: Website: http://www.usavla.comFollow the VLA on Instagram:




Life as a Volleyball Player


About volleyball

À beira da quadra

Henrique Monteiro

Sejam bem vindos ao canal "À beira da quadra", o nosso espaço de debate sobre voleibol. Instagram:

The Ace Space


The Ace Space is a volleyball podcast presented by the CEV that brings the top players, coaches, commentators and analysts in European volleyball together for conversations about sport and life off the court. Stay tuned every Friday and Monday for stories, discussions, and maybe a few jokes that will give you a front-row seat into the world of professional volleyball.


Ryan alfaitoni

Gapailah cita-citamu setinggi langit, jikalau kau jatuh kau akan jatuh diantara bintang-bintang

Just a Volleyball Guy

Peter Bristotte

Volleyball stuff pops up in my mind on a daily basis. Here is just a place I'd like to save my thoughts! 


Regina Cisneros

Tips bermain bola voli

M Rayi Budimansyah

Tujuan podcast ini untuk memberikan atau memudahkan dalam belajar bola voli, khususnya untuk para pemula.

The Volley Bubble

Ci Michel

Ever wondered what life as a professional volleyball player looks like? Sounds like? Smells like? (I can't help you there...) But I can bring you real, candid and (mostly) uncut conversations between professional female volleyball players. 10-year pro player, 2012 Olympian and YouTube creator, Ci Michel (thats me!) is road-trippin' though Europe on a mission to shed light on pro volleyball, the 2020 CoVID season, and life in the 'Volley Bubble'... Sometimes silly, sometimes serious, but always bubbly.

Side-Out Volleyball

A Pearson

Side-Out is a podcast for volleyball players, coaches, and families.


Adriana Pablo López

Orígenes del voleibol

Volleyball Explained

Volleyball Explained

"First Tempo Podcast" is the podcast of "Volleyball Explained". In the podcast our amazing guests share their insight about some of the greatest and interesting stories in the world of volleyball. "Volleyball Explained Podcast" is the podcast where we comment on the most interesting events in the Italian and the Polish volleyball leagues.

Chiacchiere Distintive

Valeria Pellegrini

Chiacchiere Distintive è una raccolta esclusiva di interviste a esperti tecnici italiani e internazionali di pallavolo e non solo: coach, preparatori atletici, psicologi dello sport, match analyst, nutrizionisti specializzati, fisioterapisti e giocatori che ci svelano le loro strategie e ci danno alcuni suggerimenti per performare al meglio con il team.

Marissa's Volleyball Podcast


The podcast will be about my life as a high school club volleyball player and student. I will be posting new episodes every Monday Wednesday and Friday. Support this podcast:

The Piedmont Podcast

Piedmont Volleyball Club

The Piedmont Podcast is a hosted by Coach Justin Paggao of Piedmont Volleyball Club. Join us as we take a deep dive into club volleyball for our players and families at Piedmont Volleyball Club!

Carthage men’s volleyball podcast: 2021 season

Nathan Hucke

Covering all thing Carthage men’s volleyball

Welcome to my show down hill

rocket dog

This is a show where we talk about things that went down hill

The VolleyTalk Podcast

Tasha Mae

VolleyTalk is a podcast of the players, by the players, for the players! The mission is to share the amazing stories of beach volleyball players from all walks of life because beach volleyball players are way too underrated. This is a place where players can share and gain insights on how to become a better beach volleyball player mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the podcast!


EVO 3 Sports

Volleyball coaches Mark Thomas and Mike Houlihan talk shop about philosophies, strategies, and experiences they've had in their coaching journeys. Enjoy discussions with coaches and other guests with various roles in athletic communities. Powered by EVO 3 Sports.

Amor por el Vóleibol

Alfredo Cabero

Conversaciones con los más grandes voleibolistas de todos los tiempos, sus experiencias deportivas y personales, a través de sus años en las canchas alrededor del mundo.

FrogJump PondCast

Ramius Pruiss

The FrogJump Volleyball PondCast is dedicated to growing the game of D3 Men's Volleyball through discussion, coverage, and analysis. Let's get after it!

WLKR High School Volleyball High School Volleyball

WLKR High School Volleyball

Volley SOAPs with Dr. AJ

Andre Joseph Pareja

Dr. AJ, a licensed MD and Professional Beach Volleyball Player in the Philippines puts the brightest minds in the world of Beach Volleyball under the examination table. Following the "SOAP" notes (Subjective, Objective, Assessment, Plan of Action) format used by Doctors and health practitioners, Dr. AJ picks the brains of top volleyball athletes and probe about their origin stories, get technical with discussing volleyball skills and techniques, and discuss the current developments in beach volleyball.

A Base da Base

Peter Bristotte

Nosso host, Peter Bristotte, é graduado em Educação Física - bacharelado em treinamento esportivo e licenciado em Educação Física pela Universidade Estadual de Campinas (UNICAMP). Pós-graduado em Bioquímica, Fisiologia, Treinamento e Nutrição Esportiva pelo Laboratório de Bioquímica do Exercício do Instituto de Biologia da UNICAMP, e também em Treinamento em Voleibol pelas Faculdades Metropolitanas Unidas de São Paulo (FMU-SP), também é técnico de voleibol nível 4 pela Confederação Brasileira de Voleibol (CBV). Em sua trajetória profissional no voleibol foi membro da comissão técnica de voleibol da Sociedade Hípica de Campinas (SP, BRA) de 2007 a 2016. Desde 2017 é Técnico e Diretor Executivo do Loudoun Elite Volleyball Club (EUA). Foi consultor independente do USA Volleyball para o programa High Performance (hoje National Team Development Program, NTDP) de seleções de base dos EUA e professor do Curso Great Set - Inglês Instrumental para Voleibol (Universidade de Esportes).