Every Single Album

The Ringer

Nora Princiotti and Nathan Hubbard are two pop music enthusiasts. Together, they break down every single album from some of your favorite stars, like Taylor Swift, Adele, and Harry Styles. Topics include favorite collaborators, track five meanings, where these artists get their inspiration, and more.

Million Dollaz Worth Of Game

Barstool Sports

The Million Dollaz Worth of Game show, a weekly podcast with rapper/actor @GillieDaKing and social media influencer and disruptor @Wallo267 - The perfect blend of discussing music, real life issues, personal experiences, honest advice and comedy You can find every episode of this show on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or YouTube. Prime Members can listen ad-free on Amazon Music. For more, visit barstool.link/mworthofgame

One Song


On each episode of ONE SONG, friends Diallo Riddle ( Emmy-nominated star and creator of HBO Max’s South Side and IFC’s Sherman’s Showcase) and Blake "LUXXURY" Robin (Music Producer & TikTok creator) will hilariously break down ONE SONG from the pop music canon that you know - or need to know - but have never heard quite like this.


The Ringer

Bandsplain is a show where host Yasi Salek invites experts to explain cult bands and iconic artists - and why people love them - using a curated playlist to help you understand the hype. 


The New York Times

The Popcast is hosted by Jon Caramanica, a pop music critic for The New York Times. It covers the latest in popular music criticism, trends and news. Listen to this podcast in New York Times Audio, our new iOS app for news subscribers. Download now at nytimes.com/audioapp

Switched on Pop


A podcast all about the making and meaning of popular music. Musicologist Nate Sloan & songwriter Charlie Harding pull back the curtain on how pop hits work magic on our ears & our culture. From Vulture and the Vox Media Podcast Network.

Rolling Stone Music Now

Rolling Stone | Cumulus Podcast Network

Inside the biggest stories in music, hosted by Rolling Stone senior writer Brian Hiatt. Featuring interviews with top artists, expert insight on new releases and breaking news from the Rolling Stone staff, and much more.

R&B Money

The Black Effect and iHeartPodcasts

R&B Money Podcast is hosted by the Legendary Grammy Award winning R&B singer/songwriter/producer TANK and his business partner multi-platinum songwriter & executive J. Valentine. This podcast is for the super dedicated R&B fans, covering everything from Keith Sweat to Pink Sweat$. R&B Money has created a fly space for artist & executives in the game to reminisce, with exceptional compelling story telling and a place of discovery for the fans. 

In Our Headphones


Finding good new music can be a full time job, so let KEXP help! In Our Headphones brings you five song recommendations every Monday, straight from KEXP’s DJs and Music Directors. We learn stories and insights about the artists, make connections between the music and the world around us, and get to know the diverse roster of DJs that make up the KEXP airwaves. Join hosts Janice Headley and Isabel Khalili on this never-ending journey of music discovery.

Typical Tuesday Night || A Taylor Swift Podcast

Karli + Jess

Join Junior Jewels Co Hosts Karli and Jess every Tuesday as they keep you up to date on all things Taylor Swift! Discussing her music and eras, from muses to conspiracies, tea and the latest news, these girls will be your swiftie guides to keep you in the know.Follow us on Instagram for more updates @typicaltuesdaynight.podcast

Tay To Z: A Taylor Swift Podcast

Devin and Gab

Hosts Devin and Gab chat about Taylor Swift's songs in alphabetical order. From "22" to "You're On Your Own Kid." New episodes every Tuesday! Come hang out! 

Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Songs


This exclusive podcast from Rolling Stone tells the stories behind the “500 Greatest Songs of All Time." Hosts Brittany Spanos and Rob Sheffield dissect Rolling Stone's iconic list and explore the magic and mythology behind the songs on this in-depth new series. From classics like Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” to The Ronettes' “Be My Baby,” and modern-era hits like The Killers' “Mr. Brightside,” and Britney Spears' “...Baby One More Time," we talk to artists and insiders about what makes these the greatest songs of all time.

Swiftie School

Reagan Baylee

It's another great day to be alive at the same time as Taylor Swift! Swiftie School is a weekly podcast hosted by Reagan Baylee recapping the latest easter eggs, theories and swiftivities.  Submit an easter egg, theory or episode request: https://forms.monday.com/forms/5bc3aaaba66ab48125fdccab0bb1de03?r=use1 Follow Reagan on Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/reagan.baylee/

Pop Pantheon

DJ Louie XIV

The podcast where DJ Louie XIV and guests completely overanalyze all your favorite pop stars, then rank them in the official Pop Pantheon.

One By Willie

Texas Monthly

In “One by Willie,” Texas Monthly’s John Spong hosts intimate conversations with a range of prominent guests about the Willie Nelson songs that mean the most to them. But this series isn’t just about the songs. It’s about what music really means to us—the ways it can change us, take care of us, and connect us all. Songs featured in the episodes can be found on Apple Music. Listen here.

Strong Songs

Kirk Hamilton

Music: it's good. On each episode of Strong Songs, host Kirk Hamilton takes listeners inside a piece of music, breaking it down and figuring out what makes it work.

AP Taylor Swift


AP Taylor Swift is the podcast for Swifties with English degrees (or those who over-analyze everything). Each episode, we dive into a deep-reading of Taylor Swift’s lyrics to uncover the literary themes, references, and inspirations behind the songs to better understand and interpret why Taylor’s songs resonate so deeply with fans. Join every Wednesday as an english professor, a grad student of liberal arts, and a psych major–all Swifties, naturally–explore Taylor Swift in a way that would make your English teacher proud. Subscribe to get new episode updates: aptaylorswift.substack.com/subscribe Follow us on social! TikTok → tiktok.com/@APTaylorSwift Instagram → instagram.com/APTaylorSwift YouTube → youtube.com/@APTaylorSwift Link Tree → linktr.ee/aptaylorswift Bookshop.org → bookshop.org/shop/apts

"See, The Thing Is..."

All The Things Productions

Opinionated & informative with a sprinkle of slightly toxic: Join Bridget Kelly & Mandii B for all things pop culture, music, and media through the minds of women. Audio every Tuesday and Friday on your favorite DSP Video every Wednesday and Saturday on YouTubeDon't forget to join us on Patreon for more exclusive content and town hall meetings: www.Patreon.com/Seethethingispod

Vampire Campfire

Vampire Weekend

After years of private, unfilmed campfire discussions, the boys (Ezra Koenig, Chris Tomson & Chris Baio) welcome you to their world. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

Classical Breakdown

WETA Classical

John Banther takes classical music fans behind the scenes with interviews, deep dives, and analysis. Episodes released bi-weekly on Tuesdays. Produced by WETA Classical in Washington, D.C.

Best of Roula & Ryan

KRBE | Cumulus Media Houston

Did you miss the Roula and Ryan Show today? Check out what you missed on the podcasts!



Indiecast is a weekly show from UPROXX Indie Mixtape hosted by music critics Steven Hyden and Ian Cohen. Every week, Hyden and Cohen discuss the biggest news and names in modern indie, as well as look back to moments that established the indie rock canon.

The Need to Know Podcast

Need to Know Media

Get ready to be entertained and informed with the Need To Know crew every Thursday! These three individuals, SaVon, Alex, & Regi offer a fun and thought-provoking listening experience on current events, entrepreneurship, relationships, and more. With their unique chemistry and relatability, there's no topic off-limits for this team. So don't miss out - subscribe, comment, and tune in to The Need to Know podcast for everything you need to know and a good time!

You'll Hear It

Peter Martin & Adam Maness

A podcast about jazz - how to listen, play, practice, and enjoy. Listen for a combo of advice, insights, and occasional humor from pianists Peter Martin and Adam Maness. A podcast from Open Studio https://www.openstudiojazz.com

NFR Podcast

NFR Podcast

Join Luca and Anthony every week as they recommend some of the best new releases and throwbacks that the music world has to offer. NFR’s exclusive audio experience offers listeners the chance to explore and discover new music.



来自 TikTok Hits 的最大病毒式点击!2023年 TikTok排行榜-2023年最佳Tik Tok 歌曲-Tik Tok 舞蹈2024热门Tik Tok热门歌曲病毒式TikTok舞蹈-TikTo曲-TikTok2024-2024年Tik Tok音乐排行榜-TikTok新歌曲

Taylearning: A Taylor Swift Podcast

Winko Media

With eighteen years in entertainment industry, Taylor Swift has cemented herself as a musical and cultural phenomenon. However, there are substantial layers to the story of Taylor. All of that history cannot be learned in a day...but perhaps it can be 'Taylearned' in a podcast! Weekly, join Olivia Kotarski & Dani Winchester as they break down all things Taylor, from the rumors to theories to what started it all: the music! Follow us on social media! Instagram/TikTok: @TaylearningPodcast Twitter/X: @Taylearning Email us: taylearningpodcast@gmail.com Visit our website: www.taylearningpodcast.com Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/taylearning-podcast/support

Taylor Swift Today

Caloroga Shark Media / Taylor Swift Podcasts Today

Welcome to the ultimate Taylor Swift fan zone! Get ready to dive into the thrilling world of Taylor Swift and stay up-to-date with all things related to her music, tours, movies, and personal life. This is your go-to podcast for everything Taylor Swift today! From her debut album "Taylor Swift" to her groundbreaking "Fearless (Taylor's Version)" and everything in between, we love all her songs, from "Tim McGraw" to "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together," "Bad Blood" to "ME!," and "Love Story" to "You Belong with Me." We'll sometimes taker deep dives into her critically acclaimed albums like "Speak Now," "Red," "1989," and "Reputation," where we'll uncover the stories behind the songs and the inspiration behind the lyrics. But wait, there's more! Join us as we celebrate Swift's fearless creativity and fearless experimentation with her recent releases "Folklore," "Evermore," and the highly anticipated "the Tortured Poets Department." And let's not forget about Taylor Swift's recent romance with Travis Kelce, star of the Kansas City Chiefs, and host of the "New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce" podcast. We'll dive into their relationship and how it influences Taylor Swift's music, from her heartfelt ballads to her empowering anthems. Whether you're a die-hard Swiftie or just a casual fan, "Taylor Swift Today" is your go-to podcast for all things Taylor Swift. So grab your headphones, press play, and let the magic of Taylor Swift sweep you away! No need to search high and low for the latest headlines and updates—Taylor Swift Today has got you covered. We'll bring you a short and exciting roundup of all the buzz surrounding Taylor, keeping you in the loop with all the juicy details you crave. From her chart-topping hits to her blockbuster films, we've got it all right here! At Taylor Swift Today, we don't stop at just a surface-level glance. We make sure to bring you those hidden gems and behind-the-scenes insights that will leave you wanting more. Episodes may include news commentary, opinion, satire and parody. Portions of this podcast were created with the assistance of AI, So buckle up and get ready for an exhilarating journey through the fabulous world of Taylor Swift!

GET REAL S4 w/ Ashley, BM, JUNNY, and PENIEL

DIVE Studios

📲 Download DIVE Studios' daily wellness app (for FREE) at www.getmindset.com GET REAL is BACK with another season! Please welcome our fantastic four hosts: ASHLEY, BM, JUNNY, and PENIEL. This show is a place for these close friends to open up about all the ups and downs of work, love, and adulthood from their perspective. 🤳 FOLLOW US ON SOCIALS 🤳 TikTok (1.6 million): www.tiktok.com/@divestudios Instagram (560k+): www.instagram.com/thedivestudios Twitter (230k+): www.twitter.com/thedivestudios Discord (45k+ members): www.discord.gg/divemindset

Music & Meaning

Christianity Today

Music and Meaning is a captivating, cinematic podcast written and hosted by Grammy Award-winning music producer Charlie Peacock. Charlie shares evocative, in-depth stories of his intricate dance of serving both the church and crafting the popular songs the whole world sings. By analyzing the soundtrack of our lives, Charlie, skillfully and artistically teases out its profound social and theological meaning. Reflective and whimsical, Charlie shows how music transcends mere sound, becoming a mirror to our times, a testimony to our shared humanity, and a sign and symbol of our deepest joys and needs.




John Summit - Experts Only Radio

John Summit

Disconnect from reality every month with house and techno giant, John Summit. Check out the best new & exclusive music from John & his DJ friends plus his featured ‘Hottest Track’ & ‘Under The Radar’ track.

The Taylor Seminars

The Taylor Seminars

Studying the impact of Taylor Swift through 1-hour-ish seminars with Hannah (@sippingaugust) and Exquisite (@exquisitewill). In upcoming episodes, the two will discuss the much anticipated "The Tortured Poets Department" as well as conduct track-by-track analysis of the album. Art Credit: Alef Vernon @alefvernon. Find him on Patreon!

Chris DeMakes A Podcast

Chris DeMakes

Chris DeMakes A Podcast, hosted by Chris DeMakes of the legendary punk rock band Less Than Jake, features guests who have written iconic songs, exploring their backstory, creation, inspiration, and significance. Each episode offers an in-depth exploration into a specific track from renowned artists, with guests providing untold stories and fascinating details. From chart-toppers to hidden gems across various genres and eras, the podcast offers a rich listening experience. Chris's passion for music and songwriting fuels engaging discussions on lyrics, melodies, production techniques, and cultural context. Combining informative storytelling, interviews, and analysis, the podcast appeals to music lovers, die-hard fans, and anyone curious about the songwriting process. It provides insight into the artistry behind timeless songs, making it perfect for those seeking inspiration or simply wanting to immerse themselves in musical magic.

The Lizard Review

The Lizard

Detailed amphibious rantings on songs, artists, records, and rocks. thelizardreview.substack.com

Dipped In Tone

Dipped in Tone

Rhett Shull and Zach Broyles combine their music and gear industry knowledge for this weekly podcast. Together they discuss news, talk gear, debunk myths, and much more.

The Grunge Bible Podcast

Grunge Bible

Join Chris Celona and Ethan Shalaway as they discuss all things music and 90s ‘grunge‘ rock, with discussions of stories, albums, lyrics, artists, as well as interviews, questions, and answers. Produced by Drew McFadyen.

Daebak Show w/ Eric Nam

DIVE Studios

Daebak (대박), a Korean word and phrase to describe something spectacular. Cue ‘Daebak Show’ hosted by Eric Nam, a long-time veteran in the industry as both a K-pop artist and celebrity personality. Here we celebrate music and media’s greatest hits, the people behind them, and get a glimpse into the industry. Catch up with us every Monday! Patreon members receive special perks like ad-free listening! To learn more, visit www.patreon.com/divestudios Connect with us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook @thedivestudios

Juljina's Podcast


Socials // https://lintr.ee/juljina Instagram - @julj.ine Threads - @julj.ine TikTok - @juljina Twitter (X) - @juIjina YouTube - @juljina Pinterest - @juljina Roblox - @JuIjina

Two Gay Matts

Matt Palmer & Matt Steele

One Matt loves pop music. The other Matt loves musical theatre. Subscribe to hear our thoughts of the biggest pop culture news of the week.

Music To Calm The Mind

The Relaxation Channel

Permission to Stan Podcast: KPOP Multistans

Joco & Haylee (Kpop Podcast)

::NEW EPISODES EVERY THURSDAY!:: Multistans Joco & Haylee talk K-POP News & Gossip (BTS to Blackpink, Twice, Stray Kids, NewJeans, Big Bang & more! [everything from Gen 2, 3, 4]) with a sprinkle of Anime!

The Pitchfork Review


Brought to you by the music critics at Pitchfork, The Pitchfork Review is a show for music fans and obsessives who can’t wait to talk about the latest releases. Co-hosted by Pitchfork editor-in-chief Puja Patel and Reviews Editor Jeremy D. Larson, this podcast pulls back the curtain on our reviews and scores, dives deep into new music, and gives an expert guide to what’s exciting, what’s great, and what’s just plain terrible.

Brian & Kenzie Podcast

Q101 | Cumulus Media Chicago

Chicago’s best morning radio show now has a podcast! Don’t forget to rate, review, and follow wherever you listen to podcasts and remember that the conversation always lives on the Q101 Facebook page. Brian & Kenzie are live weekdays 6 to 10 a.m.

Best Show Ever with Cam Herdt

Osiris Media

Comedian Cam Herdt loves talking about shows, specifically, the best shows ever. Listen as he invites special guests, musicians and music journalists to reminisce about their concert-going careers and share untold stories from the history of seeing live music. Whether you’re brand new to the concert scene or a grizzled jaded vet, this unfiltered, candid and hilarious podcast is like having the best seat in the house to the best shows of all time.

State of Love & Trust: A Pearl Jam Podcast

Jason Kerepesi & Paul Ghiglieri

Jason Kerepesi & Paul Ghiglieri discuss every aspect of Pearl Jam's music and the bands and communities they inspire. New episodes every Tuesday! Become a Patron Follow Us on Instagram Follow Us on Facebook Follow Us on Twitter Email Us Join the PJ Pod community Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

Country Heat Weekly


The Country Heat Weekly podcast, hosted by Kelly Sutton and Amber Anderson, brings Amazon Music's Country Heat playlist to life. Every week Kelly and Amber deliver the vibrant world of country from Nashville to Austin and beyond – entertaining listeners with today's top tracks, sharing country music news, sitting down with beloved artists, celebrating country music history, and highlighting future stars.

YourClassical Daily Download

American Public Media

Add free classical music to your collection, every weekday. yourclassical.org

Rodes Live

Rodes Hunt

This podcast is about Urban culture, Hip-Hop, Independent Music and Entrepreneurs. #hiphop #rap #indie #entrepenure

Chairmen of the Boards

Chairmen of the Boards

Welcome to the Chairmen of the Boards Podcast! The ultimate pedalboard podcast with the foremost rig builders in the world: Grant Klassen (Goodwood Audio), Brian Omilion (Omilion Audio), and Mason Marangella (Vertex Effects/The Rig Doctor). We've teamed up to democratize great tone and provide you our best tricks, tips, resources, and hacks so you can build the pedalboard of your dreams!

What Is Music?: A Music Podcast About R.E.M.

Adam Scott Glasspool, Steve Murphy, Lucas Way

A podcast about discographies. A different artist every season. Currently in Season 6! Join Adam, Steve, and Lucas, as they go album by album, track by track, to find out if context can change your experience of music, how people become obsessed with artists, and to ultimately answer the question 'what is music?' Expect in-depth analysis, tedious tangents, controversial music opinions, and an exhaustive attitude to context. Also expect to find out more about the artists (and the hosts) than anyone could ever want to know! Previous seasons have covered Manic Street Preachers, Muse, Billie Eilish, and Radiohead!

Trax by Avenged Sevenfold

Avenged Sevenfold

The band is joined by Beez to discuss the writing and recording of their biggest songs.

TSPN | Taylor Swift Fan Published Podcast

Jessi & Anna

We are Jessi & Anna, 2 SwiftTokers who spend our free time down the rabbit holes of Taylor Swift’s art, analyzing lyrics, recognizing patterns, and hunting for Easter eggs. Our main goal is to be informative, insightful, and reflective about Taylor’s art and her impact on pop culture. This is designed to be a fun, stress-free podcast where you can come hang with us weekly as we talk all things Taylor. This podcast is an independent and unauthorized fan publication. The podcast & its assets are in no way affiliated with or endorsed by the artist or any of the people mentioned or depicted in its content.

Song of the Day

Minnesota Public Radio

Music lovers from 89.3 The Current comb through mountains of music to choose the best new, independent, and unreleased songs to share with you each weekday.

Six String Hayride

Six String Hayride

Welcome to Six String Hayride, a journey through the world of classic country music. Each episode is hosted by Chris Wainscott and Jim O’ Malley. Join us in the cart as we ride through topics such as murder, prison, mama, your favorite artists, the songs they gave us, and the stories that made them. Each episode will focus on a unique topic, presented in an interesting and informative way. Think of it as history meets yarn spinning. Whether you’re a diehard country music fan, a casual fan, or someone who isn’t yet aware that you like country, we’ll have something to entertain you, as well as educate you. Each episode will contain a featured recipe straight from the kitchen of those who gave us this music. Join us on our Facebook page for discussions, the recipes, songs, and more. So come along for the ride and let’s get cooking. Follow us on Facebook at Six String Hayride. Contact Us at Sixstringhayride@yahoo.com. Six String Hayride is Researched, Written, and Narrated by Chris Wainscott and Jim O'Malley. Script Editor and Business Manager, Chris Wainscott. Audio Recording and Production, Jim O'Malley. Inspiration from Heidi Kehler, Johnny, and Willie

The Many Moods of Ben Vaughn hosted by Ben Vaughn

Ben Vaughn

Tim's Listening Party

Bauer Media

Tim’s Listening Party is the new podcast from The Charlatans’ Tim Burgess as he brings his world-famous Twitter Listening Party to Absolute Radio. Back during lockdown with everyone missing live music, Tim realised we all had the opportunity to take part in one great big listening party. What has followed is over a thousand album playbacks in real time, together with the people who made them. Now, Tim will bring these listening parties to podcasts as he celebrates records alongside some of his favourite artists. We’ll hear unique stories and exclusive insights to albums as Tim once again creates the world’s biggest listening party. 

Janek Gwizdala Podcast

Janek Gwizdala

Dive deep into the music universe with the podcast that unveils the journey of one of the most influential bass players in the music industry – Janek Gwizdala. Designed for bass enthusiasts and musicians alike, each episode is a sonic exploration into the world of groove, gear. technique, and artistic evolution. Janek Gwizdala, renowned for his mastery of the bass, shares his life's narrative – from the early days as a budding musician to his current status as a sought-after sideman and solo artist. Whether you're a seasoned bassist or simply appreciate the magic of live music, join us as we unravel the layers of Janek's experiences, revealing the secrets behind his signature sound. Expect in-depth conversations with Janek and special guests, offering unique perspectives on music, composition, and the art of creating an unforgettable groove. Explore the challenges and triumphs of a professional bass player, gain insights into the creative process, and discover the stories behind some of Janek's most iconic performances. Whether you're looking for inspiration for your own musical journey or simply want to bask in the rich tones of the bass, "The Janek Gwizdala Podcast" is your backstage pass to the world of bass and music. Subscribe now for an intimate look at the life and legacy of Janek Gwizdala's bass-centric career. janekgwizdala.substack.com

Punch Up The Jam


Every Thursday, Andrew and Evan Gregory (of The Gregory Brothers) are joined by a special guest to revisit, review, and revise a song of their choice, and then offer an improved "punched-up" version.

I am the EggPod

I am the EggPod

Beatles podcast. A jaunty stroll through Pepperland discussing The Beatles & solo Beatle albums with a pot pourri of delicious guests. The I am the EggPod podcasts aim to bring a lighthearted side to the Beatles (and solo Beatles) studio albums, with a series of amazing guests. If you’re after facts, figures, numbers and data, then you may wish to explore other podcasts. These podcasts are the equivalent of sitting in a pub, chatting and chewing the fat. The shows are hosted by Chris Shaw who can be found on Twitter at @ChrisShawEditor

Glass Houses - A Billy Joel Podcast

Michael Grosvenor & Jack Firneno

Join lifelong Billy Joel fans, Michael and Jack, as they take deep dives in to Billy’s history, songs, albums, tours, band members, and more. Part of Pantheon Podcasts,

ASOT | A State of Trance Podcast

Ruben de Ronde

In this official A State of Trance Podcast Ruben de Ronde discusses recent ASOT projects, developments & events and they interview special guest DJs and producers from the ASOT radio show. Enjoy!

Las Repegadas

Uforia Podcasts

El mundo del Regional Mexicano ya tiene su podcast. Escucha los chismes más sabrosos, las noticias más importantes sobre artistas y agrupaciones y disfruta las entrevistas con nuestros invitados. Todas las semanas tendrás nuevos episodios junto a Layla "La Nena" y Lore "la Muñeca", en los que encontrarás todo lo relacionado con el Regional Mexicano con un estilo muy fresco y divertido.

Inside The Mix | Music Production and Mixing Tips for Music Producers and Artists

Marc Matthews

If you're searching for answers on topics such as: what is mixing in music, how I can learn to mix music, how to start music production, how can I get better at music production, what is music production, or maybe how to get into the music industry or even just how to release music.  Either way, you’re my kind of person and there's something in this podcast for you! I'm Marc Matthews and I host the Inside The Mix Podcast. It's the ultimate serial podcast for music production and mixing enthusiasts. Say goodbye to generic interviews and tutorials, because I'm taking things to the next level. Join me as I feature listeners in round table music critiques and offer exclusive one-to-one coaching sessions to kickstart your music production and mixing journey. Get ready for cutting-edge music production tutorials and insightful interviews with Grammy Award-winning audio professionals like Dom Morley (Adele) and Mike Exeter (Black Sabbath). If you're passionate about music production and mixing like me, the Inside The Mix is the podcast you can't afford to miss!Start with this audience-favourite episode: #75: How to Mix Bass Frequencies (PRODUCER KICKSTART: VYLT)► ► ►  WAYS TO CONNECT  ► ► ► Grab your FREE Production Potential Discovery Call!✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸Are you READY to take their music to the next level?Book your FREE Production Potential Discovery Call: https://www.synthmusicmastering.com/contactBuy me a COFFEE✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸If you like what I do, buy me a coffee so I can create more amazing content for you: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/marcjmatthewsSend a DM through IG @insidethemicpodcastEmail me at marc@synthmusicmastering.comThanks for listening & happy producing!




Secret Session: A Taylor Swift Podcast

Secret Session

Secret Session, the story behind the lyrics. Hosts Noelle and Alice analyze Taylor Swift's entire discography, one song at a time in thematic order. New episode out every Wednesday. Info: secretsessionpodcast@gmail.com You can also find us here: Instagram: @secretsessionpodcast_ TikTok: @secretsessionpodcast Twitter: @secretsessionts You can listen to us on Spotify, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts and YouTube. Support us on Ko-Fi: https://ko-fi.com/secretsessionpodcast

Christian Music Guys

Christian Music Guys

Become a Paid Subscriber: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/christianmusicguys/subscribe We are a podcast for Christian Music fans, by Christian Music fans! We’ve listened to Christian music our entire lives. This podcast is where we get together and talk about the music we grew up with and listen to today. We interview Christian artists and people in the Christian entertainment industry. We get to hear the stories behind your favorite songs and hear the heart behind the artist. Become a Paid Member: Become a Member christianmusicguys.com

The Corner of Grey Street

Evergreen Podcasts

The Corner of Grey Street Podcast was created to dive deeper into the past, present, and future of the musical world surrounding the Dave Matthews Band. We recap current shows while the band is on tour, highlight special performances from throughout their career, interview a wide array of personalities, and much more! 


Aquarium Drunkard

Weekly interviews with musicians, artists, authors, and filmmakers presented by Aquarium Drunkard.

Swiftlore: The Lyrics and Lore of Taylor Swift

Cat and Abby

Every week lifelong best friends and committed Swifties Cat and Abby will dive into two Taylor Swift songs to discuss the cultural significance, lyrical meanings, noteable performances, and more.

Legends Only - A Pop Culture Podcast

T. Kyle and Bradley Stern

The Legends Only Podcast is a weekly pop culture podcast series by Bradley Stern and T. Kyle MacMahon, two NYC-based best friends and media gays with a well-documented love for the many Queens of Pop from around the world, from Bebe Rexha to Madonna. Together, the two discuss the week's pop culture events, viral TikTok trends and Internet memes and High Fashion Editorial moments, as well as deep dives into the careers of past and present Legends - plus a tit-shaking musical recommendation or two. We have merch! http://merch.legendsonlypodcast.com  Listen to bonus episodes & join our Discord: http://patreon.com/legendsonly Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

Swiftie Sessions: A Taylor Swift Podcast

Swiftie Sessions

Swiftie Sessions is a podcast dedicated to honoring the one and only, Taylor Swift. If you feel like no one in your life understands your undying obsession over this Queen of Music, fret not. You are NOT on your own, kid. Each week, co-hosts Brianna and Paije will be talking all things Taylor. From dissecting song lyrics to clowning over the latest easter egg, these ladies cover it all. Follow us on Instagram and TikTok, @swiftiesessionspodcast, or on Twitter, @swiftiesesspod

Watching The Covers Flow

Ray Padgett

Watching the Covers Flow is a podcast that dives deep into covers of, and by, the most covered songwriter in rock and roll: Bob Dylan. Host Ray Padgett (Flagging Down the Double E's newsletter, Pledging My Time book) explores covers across era and genre, from a hip-hop "Subterranean Homesick Blues" to a bluegrass "Ring Them Bells" to Dylan's own frequent detours from writing his own songs to singing other people's.

Sound Methods Podcast

Andrew Tasselmyer

Sound Methods by Andrew Tasselmyer explores the tools and techniques that artists use to make electronic, ambient, and experimental music. andrewtasselmyer.substack.com

Youngboy unreleased


Yb leak

Uplifting Trance Sessions with DJ Phalanx (Trance Podcast)

DJ Phalanx

"So Look Bro" Podcast

DJ Ghost

DJ Ghost Is A Youtuber With Over 3 Million Subscribers. This Podcast inspires you to be successful, take charge, be real and to overall become a boss with self motivation. When it comes to handouts, help and hope from other individuals You'll only get so far. I've always believed that taking (the stairs instead of the elevator) when it comes to my career hopefully this rubs off on the people that listen/support me. Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/solookbro/support

I Only Listen to the Mountain Goats

Night Vale Presents

Welcome to Night Vale creator Joseph Fink and the Mountain Goats singer/songwriter John Darnielle discuss what it means to be an artist, a fan, and, as many people are, both at once. Season Two explores the process of writing, recording, and releasing the Mountain Goats’ latest album, In League With Dragons, giving you an unprecedented look at the creative process as it is happening.

Drop Everything Now: A Taylor Swift Podcast

Steph and Steph

Follow along as best friends, Steph and Steph, get together to discuss all things Taylor Swift. Whether it’s breaking down new and old music, decoding Easter Eggs, or discussing how her music has been therapeutic, they’ll dive deep into it all.



A podcast about music, and politics as told by musicians who sing about politics and his lawyer/journalist best friend

Koron | کُرُن

Bardia Doosti

پادکست کُرُن پادکستی درباره موسیقی ایران

Discord and Rhyme: An Album Podcast

Discord and Rhyme

A music podcast where we discuss our favorite albums, song by song.

What's The Word Podcast

What's The Word

Welcome to the brand new podcast hosted by Knox Hill, Cliff Beats, Black Pegasus, Thatsingerreactions and Anthony Ray where we discuss trendy topics in today’s music industry.

In the Groove, Jazz and Beyond

Ken Laster

Shout It Out Loudcast

Shout It Out Loudcast

A KISS podcast by 2 friends who share a love for the Hottest Band In The Land! Laugh and listen along as we talk all things KISStory. Check out one of our awesome sidecasts as well. The Album Review Crew - a podcast where three opinionated music fans breakdown their favorite albums and rank the songs and more. The Zeppelin Chronicles - a podcast where four Led Zeppelin fans discuss the legendary band Led Zeppelin and their classic albums and songs. Dorm Damage With Tom & Zeus - a podcast where our lovable hosts talk about anything and everything is on the table and the table gets smashed! Proud part of Pantheon - the podcast network for music lovers.




Songwriter Soup

Songwriter Soup

Songwriter Soup is a frank discussion about how to make it in the music industry as a songwriter. It takes grit and a lot of patience, but also sound financial advice. Laura Veltz is a Four-time Grammy-nominated songwriter and is teaming up with Tracy Hackney, a seasoned financial advisor for musicians, to bring you the tips and tricks of the industry. Joined by host and producer, Kevin Sokolnicki, the trio has interviews with some of the most prominent and up-and-coming songwriters and artists in the music industry. Songwriter Soup airs every Monday where you get your podcasts.

METAL PODCAST -- Middle-Aged Metal-Heads

Middle-Aged Metal-Heads

We are the greatest generation of METAL FANS. full stop. We heard the greatest records the day they came out. We saw the greatest bands. LIVE. IN PERSON. Our experiences are the stuff of legends. We hung out after the shows, we hung out before the shows. Middle-Aged Metal-Heads is reliving the days of METAL with you. JOIN US.

Sound Up! with Mark Goodman and Alan Light

Alan Light, Mark Goodman

Talk podcast discussing everything going on in the world of music


Jeff Beach, Zach Rickel

Follow pop music enthusiasts, Jeff Beach and Zach Rickel (aka @afunctioninggay on Instagram®) as they go on an unhinged deep dive of all things POP music. Remember that artist/song you loved from the early 2000's that fell into obscurity? Yeah, they do too- and they are here to celebrate them with you! Tune in each week as this duo reviews everything new in pop music and culture, little known facts about your favorite artists, under-appreciated deep cuts from your beloved pop divas and many laughs along the way. Episodes air every Tuesday.

Waterproof Records with Jacob Givens

Jacob Givens

Host Jacob Givens reminisces about life-changing moments in music from his formative years in the 90s. Part of Pantheon Podcasts.



A podcast about Animal Collective and psychedelic, experimental music, with emphasis on the aughts/blog-rock era, by Christian Koons and Justin Kloczko. patreon.com/bonefishpodinstagram.com/bonefishpod/

No Labels Necessary


No Labels Necessary is a Weekly Podcast unveiling the world of marketing from Indie Artists to Major Labels. This podcast is hosted by the founders of ContraBrand Agency, Sean "Brandman" Taylor and Jacorey "Kohrey" Barkley. ContraBrand Agency is a music-first marketing agency that helps artists impact culture through digital content and marketing.

That's Not Metal

That's Not Metal

Your favourite rock & metal podcast bringing you all the latest news, opinions, honest reviews and laughs every Friday. 100% passion, 100% honesty, 100% of the time. Join us. @notmetalpod on Twitter & Instagram. Come join the discussion with a likeminded community of music fans on the That's Not Metal Facebook Focus Group www.facebook.com/groups/TNMFocus/.

SINPHONY Radio w/ Timmy Trumpet

Timmy Trumpet

New episodes weekly including exclusive music from the biggest artists in the game.

The Original Doll with James Rodriguez: Iconography

James Rodriguez

Iconography is a show that celebrates music and the impact it has on people around the world. The show features artists, songwriters, and producers who have made a lasting impact on the music industry, and helps to raise awareness for important causes. One unique aspect of the show is the reading of "letters of love" from fans to the guests, which serves to highlight the emotional connection that fans have with their favorite music. The show also delves into the creative process behind making music, from worldwide smash hits to more obscure album tracks and B-sides. TheOriginalDoll.com

Dead Wax

Jack Conte, Ryan Lerman

Musicians nerding out to great music. Hosts Jack Conte (Scary Pockets, Pomplamoose, CEO of Patreon) and Ryan Lerman (Scary Pockets, John Legend, Ben Folds) are joined by musician friends to help break down what's going on in their favorite music. They dish about production, harmony, composition, theory, vocal performance and everything in between. New episodes every other week!

Rivals: Music's Greatest Feuds


Beatles vs. Stones. Biggie vs. Tupac. Kanye vs. Taylor. Who do you choose? And what does that say about you? Actually, what do these endlessly argued-about pop music rivalries say about us? Music opinions bring out passionate debate in people, and music journalists/critics Steven Hyden and Jordan Runtagh know this firsthand. They’re both obsessed with the biggest (as well as the most obscure) rivalries in music history. Each week, they’ll break down the details of a different colorful feud, and attempt to figure out why many of our favorite pop and rock stars can’t seem to get along.

Perfect Pitch: Classical Music Deconstructed

Nick Hely-Hutchinson

Unlock the secrets of classical music with Perfect Pitch – the podcast that takes you on a journey through the centuries of timeless compositions. Whether you're a seasoned expert or a curious beginner, Perfect Pitch offers an accessible and relaxed exploration of the world's most beautiful classical works. Join us as we reveal fascinating stories behind the music and the composers who created them. With Perfect Pitch, you'll discover new insights into the classics and develop a deeper appreciation for the art form. Get ready to immerse yourself in the world of classical music like never before!

The Metallica Report

Metallica & Pantheon Media

Keep up with all things Metallica by going straight to the source. Now you can get your news directly from those entrenched in the band’s own Northern California headquarters. This weekly report is hosted by Steffan Chirazi and Renée Richardson, two members of the Metallica Camp. Steffan is a long-time rock scribe and editor of the band’s online mag, So What!, whose days covering Metallica began in the 1980s with the British music magazines Sounds and Kerrang! Renée is the Director of Philanthropy for the band’s foundation, All Within My Hands, and also has a storied background in music as a well-known Bay Area radio personality. Each week will sound a little different, but you’ll always remain in the loop. Steffan and Renée will keep you posted with the latest news and updates from Metallica HQ and the road as the M72 Tour makes its way around the world. They’ll bring you mini-features for a little peek behind the curtain, and you’ll learn bits of info you won’t find anywhere else through chats with everyone from members of the road crew to poster artists, from fans to band members themselves!  They won’t just tell you what you need to know; they’ll also get to the bottom of what you want to find out! Listeners can submit questions, and Steffan and Renée will get to work finding answers. You’ll enjoy all of this and more with The Metallica Report, your quick, weekly fix covering our most relevant topics of the day. A proud part of Pantheon Podcasts Produced by Pantheon Media & PopCult Executive Producers: Marc Reiter, Vickie Strate, Doug Oswandel Written by: Steffan Chirazi & Renee Richardson Production Coordinator: Lane Watson