A Frame of Mind

The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

The Labyrinth

This is our last episode, but it’s not the end of the story. We go back a few years to when the Nelson-Atkins started to make some moves to celebrate Juneteenth, and why the museum needed to take a breath and listen. We stumble across a performance of the Kansas City 2Step in the museum’s lobby, with Black joy filling the air. And we dream about what could be next.Featuring Sonié Ruffin, Alvin Brooks, Makeda Paterson, Kreshaun McKinney, and De Barker.Learn more about our guests, see the art in this episode, and read a transcript of this episode here.


The Metropolitan Museum of Art


Concrete is full of contradictions. First it’s dust, then liquid, then hard as stone. It’s both rough and smooth, it’s modern and ancient, it can preserve history or play a hand in destroying it. Unsurprisingly, concrete is all about the gray area. Hear about this material from its supporters and detractors alike: why it’s so controversial, why it’s so often used in memorials, and how Colombian artist Doris Salcedo uses it to address grief and mourning.


Nadine M. Orenstein, Drue Heinz Curator in Charge, Drawings and Prints, The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Abraham Thomas, Daniel Brodsky Curator of Modern Architecture, Design, and Decorative Arts, Modern and Contemporary Art, The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Adrian Forty, professor of architectural history, University College London, and author of Concrete and Culture (2012)
Marco Leona, David H. Koch Scientist in Charge, Scientific Research, The Metropolitan Mus

Art Juice: A podcast for artists, creatives and art lovers

Louise Fletcher/Alice Sheridan

Are You in Too Much of a Hurry? [162]

This week, Alice gets to grips with a DIY job and it sparks a discussion about time - in a world where there is never enough of it, how do we come to terms with this most troublesome aspect of life? In different ways, we have both experienced the downside of trying to do too much, including the fact that this prevents us from enjoying the present moment. If art-making is a journey without a final destination (and surely it is), then what are we rushing towards? Why do we feel this pressure to not fall behind? And how can we reframe our thoughts around time? While we don't have all the answers, perhaps our discussion will spark some ideas for you, particularly around how you can be more mindful about time.
Find out about the Time to Shine course here: https://www.soulrocketstudio.com/shine
Louise's interview on Learning to Paint https://www.learntopaintpodcast.com/podcast/episode48
Even The Rich podcast - Eli


Nicholas Wilton

Truth Unveiled - Kerry Schroeder - Ep 30

https://Art2Life.com - In the beginning of our art journey, often all we have is a tug. An inner knowing that pulls us towards our own art-making. The soul is patient of course and it can wait. It will wait for years. But at some point, you begin. Turns out, it’s not just our art we’re discovering but the slow and steady revelation of ourselves.  Join me today for a conversation with artist Kerry Schroeder. Her art is a beautiful testament to this quest. Her words and art miraculously hold both the floral frailty of nature as well as its unstoppable, ground-shaking forces. It is both! However, there is this common thread Kerry uses to hold these swirling elements so delicately, almost magically together in her art. It’s not about the palette, the materials, or even the subject matter. It is much simpler than that. It’s just the truth. Hers. ================================ LISTEN IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN… The wonderful beginnings of K

ArtCurious Podcast

Jennifer Dasal/ArtCurious

Author Interview: Barbara Bloemink's "Florine Stettheimer: A Biography"

Recently I interviewed art historian, curator, and museum director Barbara Bloemink, who shared the backstory of one of the most fascinating artists of the early 20th century: American artist Florine Stettheimer.
Florine Stettheimer was a feminist, multi-media artist who documented New York City’s growth as the center of cultural life, finance, and entertainment between the World Wars. During her first forty years, spent mostly in Europe, Florine Stettheimer studied academic painting and was aware of the earliest modernist styles prior to most American artists. Returning to New York, she and her sisters led an acclaimed salon for major avant-garde cultural figures including Marcel Duchamp, the Stieglitz circle, and numerous poets, dancers, and writers. During her life, Stettheimer showed her innovative paintings in more than forty of the most important museum exhibits and salons. She also

The Week in Art

The Art Newspaper

Francis Bacon: Tate archive controversy; NY photographer Alice Austen; Michel Majerus in Basel

This week: why is Tate rejecting an archive of material relating to Francis Bacon, 18 years after acquiring it? Our London correspondent Martin Bailey tells us about his recent scoop that Tate is returning a thousand documents and sketches said to have come from the studio of Francis Bacon to Barry Joule, a close friend of the artist, who donated them to Tate in 2004. We then discuss the material with Martin Harrison, the pre-eminent Bacon scholar and editor of the catalogue raisonné of Francis Bacon’s work published in 2016, and to Sophie Pretorius, the archivist at the Estate of Francis Bacon, who went through the Barry Joule archive item by item. Victoria Munro, the director of the Alice Austen House Museum in New York, discusses this still too-little-known photographer, and her documentation of immigration to the United States and the lives of queer women in the 19th and early

Learn to Paint Podcast

Learn to Paint Podcast

Ep. 51: Painting Falling Water with Julie Gilbert Pollard

This week, I welcome back Ep. 25 guest Julie Gilbert Pollard to discuss falling water. You’ll learn how to simplify the complexity of falling water and get advice on how to approach reflections and shadows in both still water and moving water. We focus on watercolor but the ideas work across any medium. Support the show


Kevin Rose

The Premiere of Proof's Roundtable Discussion: Derek Edwards Schloss and Maria Shen

Proof Report - June 7

Derek Twitter https://twitter.com/derekedws
Maria Shen Twitter https://twitter.com/MariaShen
Kevin Twitter https://twitter.com/kevinrose

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Gossamer Rozen https://twitter.com/grelysian
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Tigerbob NFT Genesis Collection https://opensea.io/collection/tigerbobnft-genesis

OpenSea https://opensea.io/
Rareable https://rarible.com/

B&H Photography Podcast

B&H Photo & Video

You Can't Fake Time – Camille Seaman at OPTIC 2022

On this week’s episode of the B&H Photography Podcast, we are pleased to present a conversation with photographer Camille Seaman, and pleased to do so from the halls of the OPTIC 2022 Photo Conference, which we have certainly missed over the past two years.   Seaman was a keynote speaker at the 2022 OPTIC Outdoor, Wildlife & Travel Photo/Video Conference, which is hosted by B&H and held from June 12-15, 2022, in New York City. Please check the above link to find an archive of the conference’s presentations, but settle in now for an enjoyable and inspiring conversation with Seaman that we recorded in person after her keynote address.    Seaman’s photographs have been published in National Geographic, Italian Geo, TIME, The New York Times Sunday Magazine, Newsweek, Outside, and American Photo, among many others. She frequently leads photographic workshops and is a TED Senior Fellow, Stanford Knight Fellow, and a Cinereach Film

The Art Angle

Artnet News

The Scandalous Rise and Fall of Art Dealer Inigo Philbrick

Not too long ago, Inigo Philbrick was one of the best-connected dealers in the art world. The son of a museum director and the protege of legendary gallerist Jay Jopling, he was often spotted at VIP previews of major art fairs and in a prominent seat at auctions around the globe. Then, in late 2019, he disappeared.
As it turns out, Philbrick was the subject of mounting civil lawsuits and, ultimately, a criminal case that found he conned clients out of $85 million. Prosecutors say he committed “one of the most significant frauds in the art market in history.” He stood accused of selling shares amounting to more than 100 percent in artworks he did not own, falsifying contracts, forging signatures, and inventing fictitious clients. He pleaded guilty to a criminal charge of wire fraud in November.
Last week, Philbrick’s case finally came to a close when the former wunderkind was sentenced to seven years in jail

Savvy Painter Podcast with Antrese Wood

Conversations about the business of art, inside the artist studio, and plei

Having Your Own Back - EP 280

Just like our paintings, we have visions for how we think our art journey should turn out and who we want to be as an artist. In order to achieve our full potential, we need to learn how to have our own backs and be our greatest advocates. On this episode, I’ll discuss how to shut down negative self-talk while maintaining high standards and embracing our humanity. Outline of This Episode [1:58] Why you need to have your own back  [5:32] The art of being kind to yourself [15:10] Why you still need high standards [22:21] How to embrace your humanity Resources Mentioned on this episode The Savvy Painter Growth Studio The Savvy Painter Community Connect With Antrese On Facebook On Pinterest On Instagram On Twitter

Outdoor Photography Podcast

Brenda Petrella

A Simple Guide to Photographing the Moon

Episode 54: Have you tried to photograph the moon only to be disappointed by your results?  Perhaps it’s too small, or it just looks like a big white blob, or it’s blurry?  In today’s Tidbit Tuesday, I answered a listener question about how to photograph the moon, including gear, settings, and some tips on composition.  Enjoy!LINKS MENTIONED:Episode 6: Protect Yourself From Ticks and Focusing in Landscape PhotographyEpisode 24: How to Expose for High Dynamic Range ScenesEpisode 30: Understanding Histograms, ETTR, and ETTLEpisode 46: Depth of Field Explained and How to Photograph the Moon With a ForegroundPhotoPills Friday Episode 5: How to Plan a Moon ImagePhotoPills Friday Episode 8: Tips for Getting a Huge MoonAll PhotoPills Friday episodesFull Show Notes***HAVE A QUESTION?Record a Question for Tidbit TuesdayLOVE THE OUTDOOR PHOTOGRAPHY PODCAST?Ways you can support the show:Buy Me a CoffeeLeave a Rating and ReviewSign up for the Out

The Lisa Congdon Sessions

Lisa Congdon, Co-Loop Podcast Network

Episode 24: Lisa Olivera on Embracing Our Complete, Flawed Humanity

Lisa's website: https://lisaolivera.comLisa's new book: https://lisaolivera.com/bookLisa's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/_lisaolivera/

Talk Art

Russell Tovey and Robert Diament

Michaela Yearwood-Dan

We meet leading artist Michaela Yearwood-Dan to discuss her solo show The Sweetest Taboo, which runs until 26th April at Tiwani Contemporary, London. Recently the artist has been thinking about the priorities for affirming spaces of self and collective actualisation, specifically BIPOC and queer space(s), community needs and desires, that include her own.  Projected and inscribed upon the large-scale paintings, extracts of Yearwood-Dan’s experiences, influences, personal thoughts and questions commingle with abstracted and botanical gestures and marks that border, lead towards and give way to speculative clearings; spaces and gaps that have the capacity to be filled with utopic imaginings. The works remain vested in holding and debating the real-life politics and cultural demands of femme, black and queer individuals in the world coming together as communities, manifesting and nurturing critical, safe and joyous environments. &n

Team Deakins

James Ellis Deakins, Roger Deakins


EPISODE 163 - Byways Team Deakins discusses Roger’s new book BYWAYS as we head into a hiatus from the podcast. In this episode, we discuss what taking stills gives to Roger that film does not, how he enjoys observing things and places, how there is no pressure to shoot anything specific, what he likes to take images of, and why he prefers to shoot in black and white. We talk about his time shooting for the Beaford Archive and developing his eye. He likes dedicating his day to shooting on his stills camera and he only takes iPhone photographs when he’s fishing. We discuss our incredible and collaborative experience working with Damiani, the publishers of BYWAYS. IMAGES WE DISCUSSED: The Joy of Flight (72), Budapest Runners (116), and Lightning Strikes (131)

David Tennant Does a Podcast With…

Somethin' Else & No Mystery

David Tennant, star of Doctor Who, Good Omens and Broadchurch, gets talking with the biggest names from TV, movies, comedy and elsewhere. Featuring superstar names like Olivia Colman, James Cordon and Whoopi Goldberg. A Somethin’ Else and No Mystery production. Head to STORE.TENNANTPODCAST.COM to get your hands on the brand new David Tennant Does A Podcast With travel cups, metal water bottles and mugs. Exclusive! Grab the NordVPN deal ➼ https://nordvpn.com/tennant Try it risk-free now with a 30-day money-back guarantee!

The Beginner Photography Podcast

Raymond Hatfield

BPP 295: Nathaniel Crawford - Food Is A Language Everyone Can Understand

Nate Crawfords is a Chicago Based Food and lifestyle photographer. I heard Nate on the Craft and Cluster podcast and after looking at his work, completely fell in love. If I shot food professionally its exactly what I would want them to look like. There is a since of life and joy in all of his images, so today we talk about that, how to give inanimate object life, how he used past, non photography experience to help him stand out, and how he pitches himself to brands and clients, and how you can too!Resources:Chicago Food Photographer Nathaniel Crawfords WebsiteFollow Nathaniel on InstagramJoin The Beginner Photography Podcast Facebook CommunityFree Lightroom Presets!Lets make episode 300 amazing!I want to hear from you! Just click the link below to submit a question or a message for episode 300! https://beginner-photography-podcast.dubb.com/v/tpcHEW

American Craft Podcast

American Craft Podcast

American Craft Podcast will amplify the voices of artists covered in the beautiful pages of American Craft magazine, as well as other innovators in the craft field. Through intimate conversation and storytelling, listeners get an up-close experience of how artists work with materials and develop their designs, how objects come into being, and what it means to live a life in craft.

The Art History Babes

Recorded History Podcast Network

The History of Toys (or Why Do We Love a Little Guy?)

Jen, Ginny, Nat, & Corrie take a tour through the colossal of history toys, asking the age-old question, why do we love a little guy?
1 since the dawn of time, ppl have wanted other ppl to check out the little guy they made.
2 imitative and instructive
3 the earliest toys
4 enlightenment era toys
5 industrialization of toys
6 once plastic hits the scene, it’s all over
7 toys reflect contemporary technologies and cultural values
8 kids, possession over toys, and holiday gift culture 
9 love language tangent
10 toys and child development
11 jacks: sharp but not
12 playdough is timeless
13 everything is a ceremony
14 everybody loves a log
15 cass holman
16 good toys make good people
17 fostering creative thinking vs. pre-destining a child’s future
18 play is life
19 the sucklord
20 designer toys/ art collectible


National Portrait Gallery

Yesterday's Disruptors... Today

Since it was founded over a long lunch in Boston in 1857, The Atlantic has featured presidents and poets, abolitionists and suffragists— men and women set on advancing The American Idea. This episode, Kim takes the magazine’s editor-in-chief, Jeffrey Goldberg, on an ‘Atlantic alumni’ tour, stopping in front of a bust of Martin Luther King Jr. and a life-size painting of Mark Twain.

Their conversation previews an upcoming collaboration between The Atlantic and the National Portrait Gallery that will look at the portraits of yesterday’s disruptors through the lens of today.

See the portraits we discuss:

Harriet Beecher Stowe

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Julia Ward Howe

Mark Twain

Martin Luther King Jr.

A brush with...

The Art Newspaper

A brush with... Nari Ward

Nari Ward talks to Ben Luke about his influences—including literature, music and, of course, art—and the cultural experiences that have shaped his life and work. Ward often uses found materials, from baby strollers to baseball bats and shoelaces, and repurposes them in sculptures, wall-based text works and installations. They address present and historical social and political issues, including race and poverty, and deal directly with emotions like loss and hope. Ward was born in 1963 in St Andrew, Jamaica, and moved with his family to the US when he was 12. He now lives and works in New York, and specifically Harlem, which has been much more than the location of his home and studio—often providing the raw materials and the thematic basis of his art. The late curator Okwui Enwezor said of Ward that he had “completely transformed the scale and the ambition of installation art”. He discusses his early interest in the Brothers Hildebrandt, his direct r

The Modern Art Notes Podcast

Tyler Green

"David: Draftsman," JMW Turner

Episode No. 544 features curators Perrin Stein and Frederick Ilchman. Stein is the curator of "Jacques Louis David: Radical Draftsman" at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. The Met says it's the first exhibition devoted to David's works on paper. "David" features over 80 drawings, preparatory studies and oil sketches related to significant paintings that helped shape public understandings of major events in the years before, during and after the French Revolution. The exhibition is on view through May 15. The excellent exhibition catalogue was published by the Met. Indiebound and Amazon offer it for about $54-65. Ilchman organized the MFA Boston presentation of "Turner's Modern World" with Julia Welch and Cara Wolahan. (The exhibition, which originated at the Tate, was curated David Brown, Amy Concannon, James Finch, and Sam Smiles with Hattie Spires.) "Turner's Modern World" features

I Like Your Work: Conversations with Artists, Curators & Collectors

Erika b Hess

Psychology of the Landscape: Artist Julie Himel

Julie Himel received a Diploma of Fine Art from Langara College, Vancouver, BC; a BFA Honours Degree from York University, Toronto, ON, and a Graduate Diploma from the Toronto School of Art, Toronto, ON. Her work has been exhibited across North America, including recently being featured in digital exhibitions with Visionary Projects, New York, NY;  and the TD Thor Wealth Management Juried Exhibition: Quest for the Environment, Quest Art, Midland, ON. Himel’s paintings are part of private collections across the world and public collections including The University of Calgary, Calgary, AB; Westfield State University, Westfield, MA; the Armenian Centre Art Collection Canada, Toronto, ON and several corporate collections. Julie lives and works in Toronto.   Julie Himel's vivid paintings push the genre of landscape into dreamlike abstractions. Her newest works present an experiential portrait of human interaction with the natural wo

The Jealous Curator : ART FOR YOUR EAR

The Jealous Curator

PETAH COYNE : a third, a third, a third

This is Part 2 of my conversation with New York artist, Petah Coyne, about my solo show, post-opening!

Who ARTed: Weekly Art History for All Ages

Kyle Wood

Roy Lichtenstein | Look Mickey

In 1964, Life Magazine ran with Lichtenstein on the cover and the text read “Is He the Worst Artist in the U.S.?” Lichtenstein responded to criticism of his work saying “I think my paintings are critically transformed, but it would be difficult to prove it by any rational line of argument." Seems like kind of a weak defense. Basically, ‘I think my work is good, but there’s really no rational argument in favor of it.’ I mean its a bold move. I’ll give him that.
He painted Look Mickey after his son taunted him saying he couldn’t paint something that good. There is something I really love about the idea that basically his entire career was the ultimate “so there” to a child. I mean doing your work out of spite is one thing, but doing it to spite your child, that’s some next level pettiness.
My guest this week was The Real Michael Lee, a musician, graphic designer and comic artist based out of Iowa. You can find him at www.therealmic

Show Up or Shut Up with Wendy Solganik

Wendy Solganik

A podcast about making art for you, because you love the way you feel when you are creating and you just want more of that feeling.

Robservations with Rob Liefeld

Robservations with Rob Liefeld

Marvel’s Multiverse Madness! Comics & Sports!

Rob explains Disney’s big gamble on Dr. Strange 2, sharing exactly what is driving the high stakes with The Multiverse Of Madness and how it all ties into the runway success of Sony’s Spider Man: No Way Home! Plus: Comic Books & Sports! The competitive nature and connective tissue that drives both industries!

Master Photography

Master Photography Team

Finding and Communicating With Clients

Tips For Finding Photography Clients It is hard for me to believe, but there are some people who can very naturally approach and talk to people.  On top of that, some of those may also have the advantage of being well established in their community.  Those people may not need the tips offered here.  For everyone else, here are some ...
The post Finding and Communicating With Clients appeared first on Master Photography Podcast.

The History of Marvel Comics: Black Panther

Marvel & SiriusXM

The World of Wakanda

It’s 2021 and the Black Panther has become a lot more popular than he’s ever been. In fact, Black Panther has done something that no other Marvel hero or team has done before: expand beyond the one man behind the mantle, beyond T’Challa, and has created a world of its own: Wakanda-- a land, a people, and a cultural phenomenon.  It’s here that we’ll explore John Ridley’s take on the character, as we look back at the seeds that Stan and Jack planted all those years ago, a present that’s grown and branched out beyond its own roots, and finally a blossoming future of endless possibilities.

Art Money Success with Maria Brophy - Designing a Life you LOVE!

Maria Brophy

Ep #27 - Client Relations; Keep your Problems to Yourself (No complaining!)

This episode's message applies to musicians, illustrators, photographers, painters, muralists; anyone who is hired by clients for anything!
When things go wrong, do not take your client with them.  That's the message of this short podcast.
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Get a copy of my book of business strategies if you want to Up-Level your Creative Business: ART MONEY SUCCESS THE BOOK
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Check out my Business Articles for creatives: https://mariabrophy.com/

Making Meaning

Ruth Singer

#12: Making Meaning Crowdfunder and mini episode

This is just a quickie, a tiny unscripted mini pod to remind you that the Crowdfunder closes this weekend Sunday 12th December and that your contribution will be very much appreciated! There's also a little bonus at the end with some reflection questions for you to ponder in relation to your own making with meaning. Links from the episode: Podcast: ruthsinger.com/podcast Crowdfunder: https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/making-meaning-podcast-series-two Email list: https://ruthsinger.com/studio-stories-email-sign-up/ Gentle Goal Setting: https://ruthsinger.podia.com/gentle-goal-setting-course

About Buildings + Cities

Luke Jones & George Gingell Discuss Architecture, History and Culture

93 — Andrea Palladio 3 — Palladian Palazzi

Though less wholly innovative than his villas, Andrea Palladio's palazzi for the nobility of Vicenza are still full of fascinating ideas, from the treatment of the facade, to the handling of difficult and strangely shaped sites. We discuss the Palazzos Thiene, Valmarana, Chiericati, Schio and Porto (x2). We also discuss their relation to roman villas and city houses, and their presentation in the Quatro Libri, or Four Books on Architecture.
Edited by Matthew Lloyd Roberts.
Support the show on Patreon to receive bonus content for every show.
Please rate and review the show on your podcast store to help other people find us!
Follow us on twitter // instagram // facebook
We’re on the web at aboutbuildingsandcities.org

The Renaissance: A History of Renaissance Art.

Denis Byrd

Episode 29 – Hieronymus Bosch and Pieter Bruegel: Nightmares of the Renaissance

In this episode, we will explore the nightmarish worlds of Hieronymus Bosch and Pieter Bruegel. Bosch’s visions of Hell would influence countless generations of artists. Bruegel would pick up the themes of Bosch’s almost a half century later creating his … Continue reading →

The Quilter on Fire Podcast


QOF Episode 57 - Vivika Hansen Denegre

Vivika Hansen Denegre is an avid artist and crafter who lives and works in New England. By day, she is the editor of Quilting Arts and QuiltCon Magazines and serves as the Director of Quilting Content for Golden Peak Media. You’ve likely seen her on Quilting Arts TV, listened to her on The Quilting Arts Podcast, and read some of the many articles and blogposts she writes for traditional quilting publications and QuiltingDaily.com. By night, you can find Vivika hard at work in the studio where she knits, sews, quilts, and draws. She enjoys her work as a volunteer board member of both SAQA and the Modern Quilt Guild and is fascinated by the work of art quilters from around the world.Watch the Podcast Trailer here: https://youtu.be/auzZhxXY64sEnter the contest here: https://kingsumo.com/g/0zx2rl/qof-episode-57-giveawayVisit the Quilting Daily website here: https://www.quiltingdaily.com/

Picture This: Photography Podcast

Chelsea & Tony Northrup


Chelsea & Tony Northrup discuss the rumors of the new Sony Alpha medium format mirrorless camera, with a BIGGER sensor than the Fujifilm GFX cameras. MORE megapixels, too, with up to 200 megapixels... and it has one more trick: A CURVED SENSOR! We discuss the rumors, whether making a medium format camera in 2022 makes any sense, and what we think Sony might actually release. Go to http://squarespace.com/Chelsea & save 10% off your first website or domain with code “Chelsea" Via Sony Alpha Rumors: Subscribe at http://sdp.io/saryt 

Marvel's Pull List

Marvel & SiriusXM

Each week, Ryan "Agent M" Penagos and Tucker Markus give you exclusive previews of all the new Marvel comics that will be waiting for you in stores, along with a special guest to spotlight their favorite comic book moments in the Marvel Universe! Follow Marvel’s Pull List to hear the newest episodes when they go live and subscribe to Marvel Podcasts Unlimited for early access to new Marvel shows, ad-free on Apple Podcasts or listen in the SiriusXM app!

Create. Photography.

Daniel Sigg

The colors of Oslo - a conversation with Morten Andresen

#67. In this episode of CREATE. PHOTOGRAPHY., Daniel has a conversation with Norwegian street photographer Morten Andresen. Morten lives in Oslo. This episode is sponsored by zencastr.com. I am using this platform to record all my podcasts and love its ease of use. If you're interested in starting your own podcast (or youtube channel), and think this platform works for you, feel free to use the following coupon code for 30% off: Coupon code: createphotographyMorten's Instagram: morten.clicksMorten's Website: https://www.mortenclicks.com/Morten's Twitter: mortenclicksSupport the podcast: buymeacoffee.com/danielsigg

Self Taught Artist

Lauren Kristine Art

20. Creative Coaching: How to Start Selling Your Art with Debbie Igram (@DebbieIgram)

Thank you to our guest artist Debbie Igram (@DebbieIgram) for participating in this episode! Go check out her gorgeous art on Instagram and hit the follow button so you can follow along with her journey. https://www.instagram.com/debbieigram/
Today we have an extra special episode. You may remember a few weeks ago I threw out an idea to all of you listeners out there - I was looking for a volunteer for a new type of episode I'm calling creative coaching. I wanted to get one of you on the show with me to work through a challenge you're facing with your art. Debbie (@DebbieIgram) answered the call and volunteered. She is a watercolor and acrylic artist who wants to take a brave step forward and start selling her art. 
This is a different kind of episode and we work out issues and brainstorm ideas in real-time. I loved chatting with Debbie and I am so grateful for all she shared

LensWork - Photography and the Creative Process

Brooks Jensen

HT1137 - Your Favorite

HT1137 - Your Favorite
I observed an important lesson very early once I started working in projects rather than in trophy images. My favorite image in a project was not the universal favorite. Never. In fact, the feedback I received from people who saw the project evenly divided their "favorite image," much to my surprise. If there were 10 images in the project, each one of them were "the favorite" to about 10% of the audience.

Analog Talk

Analog Talk

149. Brandon and Brian Wright - Cinestill

This week we have the Brothers Wright from Cinestill!With their new Cinestill 400D film coming out we thought it would be great timing to have the guys on the show! We also get the back story on how they got their start in photography which ended up leading to the birth of Cinestill! This is such a great episode and we can't wait for you to listen! https://cinestillfilm.com/Make sure to head over to the website and order some 400D now!!Follow them on Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/cinestillfilm/https://www.eastman.org/AnalogAcademyhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A3hIyP8NOLkHelp support the show by joining our Patreon!!!Get early access to our episodes every Monday 2 Days early!!!https://www.patreon.com/analogtalkAnd don't forget to follow us on Instagramhttps://www.instagram.com/analogtalkpodcast/https://www.instagram.com/timothymakeups/https://www.instagram.com/chrisbphoto/Thanks so much guys and we will see you next we

Knitmoregirls's Podcast

The Knitmore Girls- Jasmin and Gigi

Gigi and Jasmin co-host a knitting podcast featuring regular segments such as "On the needles", "Mother Knows Best", and "When Knitting Attacks!"


Stan Prokopenko, Marshall Vandruff and Studio71

Solving Creative Blocks

Stan and Marshall are here to address the many creative blocks posed in the last episode of Draftsmen, and provide long-awaited solutions. The two discuss ways to get over creative blocks, be they cultural, emotional, or otherwise. Learn how to recognize and grow past your limits and continue on your creative journey.

Show Links (some contain affiliate links):

Kirsten Zirngibl - https://kirstenzirngibl.com/
Fishing for Elephants by Larry Moore - https://amzn.to/3pWLtqG
How to be More Creative by David D Edwards - https://amzn.to/3pWgCuu
Jerry Mander - https://amzn.to/3GxG5kK
Erwin Di Cyan - https://amzn.to/3pMI120
Wolves in the Walls by Neil Gaiman - https://amzn.to/3m4SxAz
Sandman - https://amzn.to/3pWNxyW
The Suicide Squad - https://amzn.to/3dQ8fuM
Guardians of the Galaxy - https://amzn.to/3ESBCZj
Start with Why by Simon Sinek - https://amzn.to/3DRHO2s
Ira Glass - https://youtu.

iFanboy - Comic Books


Pick of the Week #820 - Captain Carter #1

The Two Jamokes are joined by Ryan "From Santa Cruz" Haupt and things get spicier than a British taco as the comics of the week are tackled with gusto.

Note: Time codes are subject to change depending on dynamic ad insertion by the distributor.

Running Time: 01:20:56

Pick of the Week:
00:05:22 - Captain Carter #1

00:15:41 - King of Spies #4
00:19:35 - Superman: Son of Kal-El #9
00:28:36 - Thor #749
00:36:02 - Norse Mythology III #2
00:38:11 - Devil's Reign: Moon Knight #1
00:43:26 - Naomi, Season Two #1
00:48:47 - Mighty Morphin' #17

Patron Pick:
00:50:18 - Punisher #1

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01:04:57 - Sea Bear
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Team Flower

Team Flower

Listen as we talk with influential florists, growers and flower industry professionals. Be notified when new podcast episodes are released and receive fun video tutorials when you sign up for our Pen Pal Club for free at www.teamflower.org

For Flux Sake

Kathy King Rose Katz Matt Katz

What do I do if my kiln loses power?

On today’s episode of For Flux Sake our hosts have a grab bag of listener questions. They talk about dealing with freezing bags of clay, what to do if your kiln loses power mid-firing, and the pros and cons of venting electric kilns. For supplemental info, visit the blog at www.ceramicmaterialsworkshop.com/cmw-blog.    We will be hosting our first live taping of an episode via Zoom on April 18th, 2022. The event is free to the public but registration is required. Come prepared with super hard questions to stump Rose and Matt. You can register at www.brickyardnetwork.org/live.   Today’s episode is brought to you by the following sponsors: AMACO Brent www.amaco.com Rosenfield Collection of Functional Ceramic Art www.Rosenfieldcollection.com.

Film Photography Podcast

Michael Raso

Film Photography Podcast 286

Film Photography Podcast
Episode 286 – April 15, 2022
Topics include: Special guest Trev Lee – Chief Photographer for TheDarkroom.com
/ TheDarkroom’s Film Photography Round-Up at Joshua Tree / Film & Airport X-Ray Danger / Canon Rebel t2 – the last of the Canon Rebel film cameras.
In episode 286, Michael Raso broadcasts from the FPP remote studio in Cleveland, Ohio and is joined by Leslie Lazenby, Mat Marrash, Owen McCafferty and guest Trev Lee.


Photo Dump

Photo Dump is a podcast by and for working photographers. Tune in weekly as photographers Ren Fuller and Jennifer Chong get into the nitty gritty of all things photography industry and business. Holler: www.photodump.club / photodump.club@gmail.com / instagram.com/photodump.club

The Art Biz

Alyson Stanfield

Looking for art career inspiration and ideas while you’re working in the studio or schlepping your art across the country? Alyson Stanfield helps you be a more productive artist, a more empowered artist, and a more successful artist.

FujiLove - All Things Fujifilm. A Podcast for Fuji X and GFX Users.


Episode 105: Interview with Alison Conklin

We are happy to bring back Alison Conklin to the show. She is still an amazing photographer, an official X photographer, but she is now Fuji Love's Editorial Assistant as well as a contributor/writer. 

A Piece of Work

WNYC Studios

The Writing on the Wall

There are new paintings and drawings by Sol LeWitt being made all the time -- even though the artist died in 2007. That’s possible because LeWitt’s wrote instructions for creating his works  art, for other people to make. Abbi and writer Samantha Irby consider a piece by Glenn Ligon that takes a line by Zora Neale Hurston and repeats it over and over -- transforming the text into something new. Plus, Martine Syms tells Abbi why she puts giant letters right on the gallery walls.
Also featuring: Mark Joshua Epstein
Special thanks to Tracie Hunte and Brianne Doak.

Sol LeWitt. Wall Drawing #1144, Broken Bands of Color in Four Directions. 2004. Synthetic polymer paint on wall, 8' x 37' (243.8 x 1127.8 cm)
(The Museum of Modern Art, New York. Given anonymously. © 2017 Sol LeWitt/Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York)


Glenn Ligon. Untitled (How it feels to be colored me...Dou

FRAMES Photography Podcast

FRAMES Magazine

Ryan West

On today's episode W. Scott Olsen is talking to Ryan West, Los Angeles fashion and portrait photographer.This podcast is brought to you by FRAMES - high quality quarterly printed photography magazine.Click here to find out more about FRAMES Magazine and join our community.

Street Photography Magazine

Street Photography Magazine

Visual Storytelling with Fred Ranger

Fred Ranger is a Montreal based photographer, YouTuber and podcaster, in short…a visual storyteller. He travels frequently for his job so he uses that experience not only to capture and document his experiences, but shares those stories via his YouTube channel, podcast and zines. In today’s episode Fred talks about the art of visual storytelling […]

Para Mentes Inquietas - Podcast En Español

Para Mentes Inquietas

EP/05 | Hablamos sobre la intuición

En este episodio conversamos sobre la intuición, un tema elegido por nuestra audiencia. Por consiguiente, este capítulo está enfocado en referencia a la percepción que tenemos acerca de la intuición y la lógica, además de aquellos factores que influyen al momento de tomar decisiones y cómo la mente es el epicentro de lo que sentimos y observamos. Por supuesto, contamos nuestras anécdotas formulándonos las siguientes interrogantes: ¿La lógica supera la intuición o la intuición a la lógica?, ¿Cómo juzga el hombre a su entorno sólo por lo que intuye?, ¿Las energías mienten?, ¿Puede el ser humano intuir un acontecimiento a través de los sueños?, ¿Qué diferencia hay entre intuición, premonición y superstición?, ¿Nos regimos por la intuición o por la lógica al momento de actuar?, ¿Realmente los médiums tienen el poder de predecir el futuro?, ¿Somos más emocionales o racionales? ... Y recuerda, como siempre, al final del podcast, tenemos varias r

3 Point Perspective: The Illustration Podcast


Kazu Kibuishi - The Unstoppable Illustrator

Support Lee's Kickstarter!Creative genius Kazu Kibuishi joins Jake Parker and Lee White to share his journey as a graphic novelist. Covering everything from Kazu’s personal projects to his philosophy that “You are what you do,” this is a conversation you won’t want to miss!Sign up for SVSLearn's 14 Day Trial: https://courses.svslearn.com/bundles/subscription3 Point Perspective Podcast is sponsored by SVSLearn.com, the place where becoming a great illustrator starts!Click here for this episode's links and shownotes.

The Illustration Department Podcast

Giuseppe Castellano

Giuseppe Castellano talks to folks in illustration, graphic design, publishing, animation, and other creative fields about the ups and downs of their careers.

Creative Genius

Kate Shepherd

12 - Sheila Darcey: Sketch by Sketch: A Creative Path to Emotional Healing and Transformation

Anxiety and stress had taken over her life. At the urging of her therapist, Author Sheila Darcey turned to creativity as a way to express trapped emotions her therapist believed were at the root of her anxiety. Through daily practice of sketching, she was able to gain significant insights into the inner workings of her own subconscious and unconscious mind and ultimately free herself from the “out of control” anxiety that had been running her life. She shares with us the coping mechanism that she developed as a trauma response to survive a traumatic childhood and how she was able to begin to intentionally access this ability in order to support herself to heal from her past trauma, heal her entire life, and set her on a brand new path -  one that she now describes as one of true inner peace, that she never imagined was possible. The transformation that took place for Sheila was so p

Do It For the Process from Emily Jeffords

Emily Jeffords

Love Your Creativity Enough to VALUE IT -- My Sabbatical Year

I'm doing something brave - scary - generous - loving - needed - luxurious - important - countercultural... 

I'm RESTING. Not yet -- right now I'm diving headfirst into Making Art Work and I'm SO excited to nurture and empower the Creative Community in this way. My sabbatical will begin in 2023 and will be focused on creativity, inspiration, rest, writing, and nurturing the parts of my that have been patiently waiting for attention.


I'm so excited. 


If you're feeling thirsty for inspiration and creativity, maybe this is your nudge to think about prioritizing those things just a bit. 

You don't have to have a sabbatical year -- you could start by carving out 2 hours a week to nourish that part of you. Create a terrarium around your inspiration and walk in it as often as you can. 

This big dream is living in you for a reason. Creativity

The Laura Horn Art Podcast

Laura Horn

146. Making Art Fun Again + Podcast Changes

I’ve been quiet on social media lately but I have been working on something really important - making art fun again! The studio has had a makeover, new art supplies have been ordered and ALL my sketchbooks are out!! Plus, Richie and I have been having some BIG ol' chats about the future direction of the podcast and art biz in general.
With a new year coming, it’s time for a change. In this week’s episode, we look back on the last year and talk about the changes we are making to bring more creativity and fun into our lives as we head into 2022. This includes a change in the way that we approach the podcast.
As it’s the last episode of the year, we also want to thank you for your support and wish you a happy festive season!
Laura & Richie
Find the show notes for this episode with all the links at https://www.laurahornart.com/thepodcast/146
Find me on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/laurahornart/

Art Marketing Podcast

Art Storefronts

#44 The Next Big Art Selling Holiday is Here: Mothers Day

Where to go from here? Have a question of your own? Join us for an Art Business Webinar. 3x Weekly Zoom calls where you can join other artists and photographers as we discuss the business of selling art both online and off. Come with your questions and get some free consulting. You can register here.

Tales of a Red Clay Rambler: A pottery and ceramic art podcast

Ben Carter

403: Meet the Parents - Jen Allen and Shoji Satake

Today on the Tales of a Red Clay Rambler Podcast I have the first in a series of interviews about parenting. For the series I invited artist couples to talk with each other about finding balance between creative work and life as a parent. Today’s interview features Jen Allen and Shoji Satake. The couple are based in Morgantown, WV where they are studio artists and teachers at West Virginia University. For more information visit www.jenniferallenceramics.com or www.shojisatake.com.   Today’s episode is brought to you by the following sponsors: For the past 100 years, AMACO Brent has been creating ceramic supplies for our community ranging from underglazes to electric kilns, and they have no plans of slowing down. www.amaco.com   Pocosin Arts School of Fine Craft is excited to announce that registration is open for 2022 in-person workshops! Join them in their newly renovated studios for classes led by world-class instructors i

Creativity School

Grace Chon

Lesson 46 - Being Your Most Creative Self

On this episode, I talk about the relationship between how creative you are, and how much you allow yourself to live as the truest, biggest expression of yourself. I believe creativity is the way we imprint the world with our unique self expression and our unique gifts! Your creativity is the literal manifestation of your pure self expression - your knowledge, your experience, your entrepreneurship, your art, your gifts and talents - whatever your expression is! The more you hold back your self expression, the less creative you will be. The more you freely share your self expression, the more you allow your innate creator energy to flow. Listen to learn more about this relationship  and how to get started on living as your fullest, most creative self.    Thank you so much for listening. Please complete this short survey so I can learn a little more about you and what topics you'd like covered on the show! If you're interested in doin

Comic Geek Speak Podcast - The Best Comic Book Podcast

Speakers of Geek

1847 - April 2022 Previews

Mid month, time for Previews! Shane, Ian and Murd give you their rundown of the comics to check out in Previews 403, DC Connect 23 and Marvel Previews Vol 7 number 7, for issues mostly set for release in June, 2022. Highlights include a return to The Walking Dead, the return of Genis-Vell, the return to DC Crisis level events, and more. Plus, in a shocking twist, IDW is relegated to the back of the book. How does this change how we read Previews? Tune in to found out! (2:52:55)

The Candid Frame: Conversations on Photography

Ibarionex R. Perello

TCF Ep. 585 - Gregory Heisler

Gregory Heisler (born 1954) is a professional photographer known for his evocative portrait work often found on the cover of magazines, such as Time, for which he has produced a number of Man, Person, and People of the Year covers. Among the awards, Heisler has received are: 1986 ASMP Corporate Photographer of the Year, 1988 Leica Medal of Excellence, 1991 World Image Award, 2000 Alfred Eisenstaedt Award Heisler has now joined the Multimedia Photography & Design program at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University as a distinguished professor of photography, according to an announcement by the NPPA on April 25, 2014. Websites Gregory Heisler Norman Seeff Sponsors Charcoal Book Club Chris Suspect Day of the Dead Workshop Education Resources: Momenta Photographic Workshops Candid Frame Resources Download the free Candid Frame app for your favorite smart device. Click here to download it for . Click here to

Amazing Spider-Talk: A Spider-Man Podcast

Dan Gvozden, Mark Ginocchio: spider-man, comics, marvel, spiderman, comic books

The Amazing Spider-Man (vol. 5) #93 – REVIEW

Does CHASM stand for “Chasing ASM”? Today on the show, Dan and Mark are going to be discussing Amazing Spider-Man (vol. 5) #93 entitled “Beyond: Chapter Nineteen”. This issue was written by Zeb Wells, with pencils by Patrick Gleason, Sara Pichelli, and Mark Bagley, inks by Patrick Gleason, Sara Pichelli, and Tim Townsend, colors by […]
The post The Amazing Spider-Man (vol. 5) #93 – REVIEW appeared first on Amazing Spider-Talk.

Talking with Painters

Maria Stoljar

Ep 127: Blak Douglas, Nicholas Harding, Claire Healy and Sean Cordeiro

It's that time of the year!

The winners of the Archibald, Wynne and Sulman Prizes have been announced at the Art Gallery of New South Wales and in this episode you'll hear my interviews with each of those artists about their winning works:

Blak Douglas (Archibald Prize)Nicholas Harding (Wynne Prize)Claire Healy and Sean Cordeiro (Sulman Prize)

The Archibald Wynne and Sulman Prizes exhibition at the Art Gallery of NSW runs until 28 August 2022 and will then travel to Victoria and regional NSW until July 2023.

Congratulations to all the winners and finalists!


Blak Douglas - episode 68 Talking with Painters (podcast and YouTube video)Blak Douglas in his studio - TWP YouTube ChannelBlak Douglas delivering his Archibald winning painting on the loading dock - TWP YouTu

The BoldBrush Podcast


Learn the business of visual art from today's finest artists and art marketers.

The FrogPants Studios Ultra Feed!

Scott Johnson

TWBD The Wastes S3E78: Electric Lizard

Things are getting hairy in Solar Mine town, and we're not sure how this going to go for our heroes in the end. But if they die, they will surely die trying!

The Art of Photography

Ted Forbes

DJI Osmo Action VS GoPro Hero7 Black

DJI recently released its "GoPro killer" - the DJI Osmo Action. I've been using this camera for about a week now - so how does it stack up to the GoPro Hero7 Black? Both do 4k video and 12 megapixel stills. Both have incredible image stabilization (with a slight edge to the Osmo). But what about timelapse, hyperlaps and the other features action cameras are now expected to have? We'll take a look in this video.

This video is sponsored by Squarespace
Make your next move by doing the free trail at http://squarespace.com/aop and use offer code AOP on checkout to save an additional 10% off your order!

My Lightroom Presets http://theartofphotography.tv/presets
Music is from Epidemic Sound https://goo.gl/v5wWKr
AoP T-Shirts https://aop.threadless.com/

Check out my other videos:
Canon EOS RP :: Why? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rg4

Leica Street Photography Collective

Ricardo Huerta

Episode 29 - "Documenting a Memory" with Ben Greenslade-Stanton

A beautiful conversation with Leica user Ben Greenslade-Stanton about his journey into photography [insta : https://www.instagram.com/bgsfunk/ : Twitter: bgsfunk : Web: www.bgsfunk.com ] where we talk about Life, Love, and Leica's (C) [SMH Photo Design].

The Pod:

0:01 : The Intro ; 6:30 : Music or Photography ;  9:30 : When I started making photos ; 13:30 : When I learned street photography ; 17:55 : What inspires me ; 19:30 : My personal style ; 22:10 : How Covid affected me ; 27:05 : When I got into Leica ; 40:30 : The Socials ; 58:30 : How I pick my subjects ; 1:01:XX : How I step out of my comfort zone ; 1:05:XX : Educated ; 1:12:XX : The most challenging thing ; 1:15:XX : My most memorable moment ; 1:17:XX : Something all photographers should know ; 1:21:XX : How Leica has made me a better photographer ; 1:22:XX : Blocking distractions ; 1:25:XX : My 5 year plan ;

Frame of Mind

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Art, Haircuts, and Community

How can a physical space be designed to support well-being? While museum galleries might seem a world away from barbershops, to Josh Livingston, both are places for people to gather and connect. Josh is a Visiting Assistant Professor in the American Studies Department at Bard College, and he’s spent many happy hours exploring The Met with his wife and young daughter, Jude. He also hails from a long line of barbers, and in 2020, he opened Friend of a Barber with his business partners. Built for more than haircuts, Josh’s barbershop is also a vibrant community hub that showcases work by local artists, and welcomes children and pets, too. Learn how for Josh, spaces can be purpose-built to support meaningful connections that impact the whole community.

Guest: Joshua Livingston, barber and visiting assistant professor of American Studies, Bard College

Objects mentioned in this episode:

John Singer Sargent

The Potters Cast | Pottery | Ceramics | Art | Craft

Paul Blais

Helping A Studio Be A Place of Healing | Shelly Fredenberg | Episode 811

Shelly is a ceramic artist living in Eugene, Oregon. Her work is a tribute to the natural world, its dynamic processes and im/possibilities. She believes an artist's work and life are not separate and she approaches the entirety with authenticity, simplicity, curiosity, and responsibility-- to the earth and her heart.

My Miniature Obsession

Rachel Karpf; Mayor of The Mini District- home of Mic Drop Miniatures

This Podcast is about all things Miniature! We will explore the world of minis and all it’s raw talent, dedication, patience and the new energy of this art form! We will also hear from Miniature hobbyists and professionals from around the world! We will gain insight into their biggest struggles, wins and frustrations. I hope to inspire and encourage you on your Miniature adventure; because all things ordinary because extraordinary in Miniature! Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/miniatureobsession/support

Beyond The Lens

Richard Bernabe

5. Ask Me Anything Bonus - Your Listener Questions Answered

You sent in your burning questions from all over the world, and in this special bonus episode of Beyond The Lens, host Richard Bernabe answers them, presented to him by co-producer Mia Hadrill.The internationally acclaimed photographer gives an insight into his personal journey, revealing his muses, a scary close encounter with a bear, and the song lyrics that resonated and inspired the dramatic career shift that changed his life. Richard provides honest advice for aspiring photographers and unearths some of the life lessons that he learned along the way; and exposes what his least favorite question is and why! We would like to extend a big thank you to everyone who submitted a question. If you would like to participate in the next round, be sure to follow Richard: www.beyondthelens.fmAdditionally, you can submit any questions, guest suggestions, or topics that you would like to see discussed, using the contact form

The Simpsons Show

The Simpsons Show

413 – E Pluribus Wiggum

Tonight, Matt and Robbie discuss Episode KABF03, E Pluribus Wiggum, the tenth episode of Season Nineteen. They talk about politics, Ralph Wiggum, and caring. Order Burial! Support the Show on Patreon! Listener Question of the Week: What Simpsons character would make the best President?
Click the icon below to listen.

Cut the Craft

Amy Umbel and Brien Beidler

Episode 041: Reid Schwartz

Episode Recorded November 22,  2021. Reid Schwartz is a knife maker from rural New Hampshire and throughout his career as a hand-tool maker, he has settled into a solid understanding of why he is making tools and the feedback loops he is involved in as a ‘one-person’ scaled business. He’s become more and more involved in sourcing local materials for his work and is integrating rural living, interactions with community and the land into his life as a maker. He’s also become involved in understanding more about the human element in land conservation and is inspired by first nations community members and makers worldwide. Join us for this thoughtful conversation with Reid!To find more of Reid’s work visit his website: https://www.reidschwartz.net/ or his Instagram feed @reidschwartz.Reid’s Mentor: Jean-José TritzHelp keep the podcast alive! Visit our Patreon, pick up some Merch, or make a one time donation! Listeners make it all possible. THANK YOU SO

Thriving Women Artists

Thriving Women Artists

Getting Over the Fear of Promoting Yourself

Why is promoting yourself important? That is the question Ping, Sarah, and Dorien will be discussing this week on Thriving Women Artists. Find out how to promote yourself, why you need to do it, and some top tips that will help you on your artistic journey.



You can feel different levels of fear depending who you’re promoting yourself to. Fear is actually a good thing, because it means you know it’s important and care about what the person thinks.
No matter how far you are in your artistic journey, you will have to promote yourself and will likely feel some kind of fear or anxiety about doing so.
Promotion is important because if you want to make a career of art, people need to know who you are, what you do, and why you do it. If you aren’t your own cheerleader, why should someone else be?
Your social media is a form of promotion, as well as when you’re networkin

American Art Collective

International Artist Publishing

Ep. 71 - Kim Martindale

Joining us on the podcast is Kim Martindale, show producer and art dealer. Kim has been producing art shows for 44 years and his 2 most recent shows are both virtual and open February 18th 2022. We talked to Kim about his art career, collecting material from around the world and August 2022 in Santa Fe!

PetaPixel Photography Podcast

Mike "Sharky" James

Ep. 365: It Better Come With an Obvious Label - and more

Episode 365 of the PetaPixel Photography Podcast. Download MP3 -  Subscribe via iTunes, Google Play, email or RSS! Featured: Photographer, Clay Cook In This Episode If you subscribe to the PetaPixel Photography Podcast in iTunes, please take a moment to rate and review us and help us move up in the rankings so others interested in photography may find us. Show Opener:Photographer, Clay Cook. Thanks Clay! Sponsors: - Fujifilm's 52 weeks of FREE education.  Build Your Legacy with Fujifilm - Get 20% off at KupoGrip.com with offer code PetaPixel20 - Get 20% off at BenroUSA.com with offer code PetaPixel20- The Elinchrom ONE: ElinchromUS.com - More at LensShark.com/deals. Stories: A new Nikon lens could be harmful to your health. (#) SCOTUS issues a helpful ruling. (#) Sigma's new Foveon sensor may be a reality. (#) Sony has a new PZ. (#) Capture One publishes their roadmap. (#) Nikon patents a sensor that could change the

The Ninja Turtle Nerds

Kevin Decristofano

A deep dive into Ninja Turtles comics one issue at a time

Cutting On Action

Brandon Buccheri

This podcast is all about giving you the information you need to grow your creative business, improve your filmmaking and videography, and inspire you to take steps toward your ultimate creative goals. Every Monday we will discuss best business practices, things we've learned along the way or are actively learning, or we will sit down with other filmmakers and creative entrepreneurs to discuss what makes them successful both personally and professionally.

Intersections: The Art Basel Podcast

Art Basel

#10: Miranda July + Jon Gray

“In my most core self, I’m a writer and a performer,” says Miranda July. But since coming of age in Portland’s riot-grrrl scene, July has made a name for herself as a true multi-hyphenate: as an artist, singer, screenwriter, author, Hollywood film director and actress, and more. In this episode, she speaks with Marc Spiegler about writing her first play – based on correspondence with a convicted murderer – to releasing her film Kajillionaire in the midst of the pandemic and the flood of DMs that followed. “My entire experience of the release was those messages,” she recalls. Separately, curator Larry Ossei-Mensah talks to Jon Gray, a cofounder of the activist cooking collective Ghetto Gastro, about food as a device for social change and branching out into the world of art.

The Thriving Christian Artist

Matt Tommey: Artist, Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur and Artist Mentor

321 - What is NFT Art? - A Conversation with Patrick Bezalel & Lily Chia

NFTs. Bitcoin. Crypto. Blockchain. The Metaverse.  You can barely turn on the news or look at social media without running across one of these terms, and if you’re like me, you have more questions than answers. ?And then, what do all of these have to do with art?  How do you sell digital art?  What does that process look like? ?‍♂️That’s exactly what I wanted to know.  So after some overwhelming Google research, I knew I needed to talk to experts…and that led me to this week’s podcast guests and my new friends, Patrick Bezalel and Lily Chia.Patrick and Lily, a married couple from Singapore, are artists and entrepreneurs who are leading the way in not only creating and selling digital art but in helping other artists discover how to use this technology to create, sell, and use their digital art to spread the Word of the Lord throughout the world.Join me, Patrick, and Lily as they help me navigate th

Impact: The Conservation Photography Podcast

Jaymi Heimbuch - Conservation Photographer | Founder, Conservation Visual Storytellers Academy

Slipping Conservation Values into Commercial Photography with Rebecca Stumpf

? Doors to Conservation Photography 101  OPEN soon! Head to ConservationVisuals.com/Enroll to be part of the adventure ?#96: Often (and I do this all the time) we get wrapped up in the idea that conservation is about wildlife and protecting wilderness. It's about saving critters from the brink of extinction.That's not what it's all about though.Conservation is actually so many things. It is social justice, economic equality, access to resources. It is rooted in race, class, culture, and so much more. Ultimately conservation is about paving a path toward sustainability on all levels, and using your photography to bring attention to that path. That makes our job as conservation photographers that much easier, because it means we can bring elements of our conservation values and messaging into every niche of photographic work. Rebeca Stumpf is a perfect example of a photographer who has

The Fiber Artist Podcast with Cindy Bokser

Cindy Bokser

Chatting with artists, makers and creatives who work with fiber

Makers & Mystics

Stephen Roach

Makers & Mystics is the podcast for the art-driven, spiritually adventurous seekers of truth and lovers of life.

Beauty In Chaos with White Pine Photography

Amanda highbarger

This podcast is a photography podcast that is challenge based and intended to uplift, inspire and fuel creativity for the photography community. Join host Amanda Highbarger of White Pine Photography every week as she dishes out a new photo challenge for the community to learn about and try on their own! After the episode meet up in the private FB group "Beauty in Chaos Podcast Group" to share your challenge photo results and have opportunities to be published in the brand new "Beauty in Chaos" monthly magazine. The goal is to hear fun challenges, be inspired and fuel creativity as a group.

the Hand Engraving Podcast

Wade Oliver Wilson

The world's greatest podcast dedicated to the art and artists of hand engraving.

Artful Painter

Carl Olson, Jr.

Priya Gore - A Dash of Wilderness (70)

Priya Gore’s extraordinary paintings of birds and wildlife are breathtaking. Her paintings are full of color, vibrancy, and energy. She says painting large allows her whole body to become fully engaged in the flow and gesture of painting. The process of painting is like a joyous dance, each lyrical movement breathes life into the birds that are often the subject of her art. It was against improbable odds that Priya would become the artist she is today. She came from a large family in a small village in India. In India, she says much of your future is already decided before you are conceived – either you must become a doctor or an engineer. Though as a young child she had a deep love for art, she became an engineer. Despite the challenges of a highly technical career, she sought out time to sketch wherever her work took her. She eventually settled in Australia where she currently resides. The Australian wilderness and its unimaginable la

Make More Art


EP 100 :: Reflecting on the Past and a Glimpse Into the Future

We have reached our 100th episode here on Make More Art and we are celebrating! What a milestone to share with our listeners and community who have shown such immense support for the past 99 episodes We are overwhelmed and grateful for the beautiful and heartfelt messages, reviews, and comments people sent from all over the world, describing things they have enjoyed and learned from the podcast. For this episode, we’ve collected highlights from your fan favorites. So we hope you enjoy this compilation. Tweet Us! @etchr_lab Watch this full episode in video form on our Youtube Channel Ready to make more art? Check out our workshops! Browse our art supplies at etchrlab.com

The Artist Business Plan

Superfine Art Fair

Puppy Pics with Emily Weeks

In this episode of the Artist Business Plan we sit down with artist Emily Weeks for a masterclass on professionalism. Be consistent, stick to your niche and people will come to you when they are ready. Cuddle up with your puppy and listen in to this lovely episode.
Guest: Emily Weeks had always been obsessed with drawing animals when she noticed her flare for fine art. Since starting her business in 2016, she has grown a client base of animal and art lovers.  She believes capturing the characters of your pets in a portrait is an amazing, personal and memorable gift for any occasion. She lives in a small village in Hampshire in the south of England with a rescued, adorable dog, Riley of her own.
https://emspawtraits.co.uk/ (https://emspawtraits.co.uk/)
For more information on applying to Superfine Art Fair as well as recordings of this and all of our past podcasts, just visit http://www.superfine.world/ (www.superfine.worl

Beyond the Studio - A Podcast for Artists

Amanda Adams and Nicole Mueller: Artists and Creative Entrepreneurs

Amanda and Nicole talk Boundaries, Burnout, and Shifting Expectations

Hear more from Amanda and Nicole on Beyond the Studio’s “summer break,” resisting the urge to self-sacrifice for their creative work, the real effects of burnout on artists, prioritizing care over hustle, how to be flexible with yourself and your goals, and keeping long-term sustainability in mind when it comes to building a creative life.   Astropad Studio — Podcast sponsor, the ultimate iPad app for artists that turns your iPad into a drawing tablet for your Mac or PC. Start your 30-day free trial of Astropad Studio today via THIS LINK just for Beyond the Studio listeners! Plus, save 10% on your first year when you enter the promo code BEYOND at checkout.   *Please note: Promo code is only valid at astropad.com (not on the App Store)   beyondthe.studio   Listener Spotlight @beyondthestudio    Intro and Ad Music by: Suahn Branding by: David Colson

Explain Me

Paddy Johnson and William Powhida

Politics, art, and a general disappointment with how things are going.



Love Yourself | Jahseh Onfroy‘s (aka XXXTENTACION) SPEECH #2

Start to love yourself and work on your awareness, conscious

The Art Engager

Claire Bown

How to stay curious in your practice

As we get older, we ask fewer questions. We wonder less. We are less curious. 
We don’t lose the ability to be curious, we just don’t use or ‘exercise’ it as much. Further on in life people tend to expect answers rather than questions.
Staying curious and wondering keeps your mind active and strong, makes you more receptive to new ideas, opens up new worlds and possibilities and brings excitement into your life.
Likewise in our work as educators, guides, teachers and creatives, we need to keep curious ourselves in order to keep creating imaginative and lively guided tours, guided discussions and educational programmes.
Today is the second part in our curiosity double-bill. https://thinkingmuseum.com/2022/02/02/3-ways-to-foster-curiosity/ (Last week) I talked about how to foster curiosity with your groups and gave you 3 ways to think about how you can cultivate more curiosity amongst participants. So in today’s ep

Art History for All

Allyson Healey

Episode 28: No Foolin’

In this episode we delve into the portrait of Don Juan de Calabazas in the Cleveland Museum of Art! Allyson talks jesters, fools, disability history,…

The Art and Soul Show

Lisa DiGeso, The Milky Way

3 Steps To Get More Photography Clients That You Love, With Lisa Edwards from Photo Bacon

Lisa has developed a no-fail system for you to get more photography clients that make your heart sing, by simply answering 3 questions about your business.Introduction (2:30)Why Photo Bacon? (3:30)Where should photographers start to get more photography clients that they want? (4:09)Step 1: What is the benefit of what you bring, and where else do clients spend money on getting this benefit?Step 2: What can you add to your business to bring more of that benefit to clients?Step 3: How can you link your marketing verbiage to show how you bridge the gap?How do you say yes to more of what you love, and no to what you don’t? (14:30)I started cutting down on the sessions I didn’t love, and raising the prices for them. That way I didn’t have to quit cold turkey, and I was still making money from them, and I could focus on filling the gaps and getting more photography clients doing sessions I lo

Everyday Photography, Every Day

M.H. Rubin and Suzanne Fritz-Hanson

Everyday Photography (Every Day)" is a weekly podcast where you get to listen in on a chat between a photographer (Rubin) and a regular human (Suzanne Fritz-Hanson) with an eye on making your pictures amazing and helping you enjoy your photography more. No technical stuff. No talk of gear or software. Just photography for the fun of it. Rubin brings a unique perspective to consumer media: a student of Jerry Uelsmann; an amateur photographer for 40 years; formerly of Lucasfilm, Netflix and Adobe; director of The Rubin Collection of Photography; and founder of Neomodern, he's long been passionate about advancing the language of photography. ** Enjoy show notes at www.neomodern.com/podcast

Art and Labor

OK Fox & Lucia Love

154 – Socialist Fanfiction w/ Shawn Escarciga aka Miss Ladysalad

Performance artist, meme maker, genius Shawn Escarciga (aka @Missladysald) enters the pod chamber. We discuss better practices for indoctrination like yassifying Rennesme and putting goatse Marina Abramovic on a t-shirt. Can we do successful bait and switches with the PMC? Is it possible to isolate the radical nuggets inside everyone via the social media brain stem hookup? Let’s find … Continue reading "154 – Socialist Fanfiction w/ Shawn Escarciga aka Miss Ladysalad"

Get Messy

Caylee Grey

Making art should be easy. But let’s be honest: Art is messy. (Heck, life is messy!) Together with me, Caylee Grey, we’ll explore what it REALLY means to be an artist. Practically. Warts and all. So that you can be an artist, today, now, even if you work a day job, have a million and one commitments, and own a cat that likes sitting on your art. No more excuses. Okay? Okay.

Off Panel: A Comics Interview Podcast


Off Panel #348: Wishmaster with Charles Soule and Ryan Browne

The team of Charles Soule and Ryan Brown join Off Panel this week to talk about their upcoming eight issue Image series, Eight Billion Genies. Browne and Soule discuss their creative process, planning stories, the finite nature of the title, Eight Billion Genies' origins, how the genies work, Browne's artistic approach, collaboration, what they learned while making Curse Words, joke making, the title's Andrew Divoff variant, core questions to the title, whether they'd want a wish, and more. Also, a quick note for listeners: shouts to Deanna Chapman for stepping in to edit this one. She crushed it, as per usual!

The Landscape Photography Podcast

Nick Page

All about the art, science, and love of landscape photography

The Large Format Photography Podcast

Large Format Photography Podcast

#59 The Nomadic Photo Ark

#59 The Nomadic Photo Ark


Monica Jane Frisell and Adam Scher travel the USA with their mobile darkroom, studio and office telling the stories, in recordings and 8x10 portraits of people they meet on their way.


Both were clearly fated to meet and undertake this life-changing adventure.


Living the dream?


We think so…..



Project links.


The website is the place to go to for all things Nomadic Ark.

Travel blog, links to Twitter and Instagram plus ways you can support them financially through Patreon or print sales,



There are some You Tube videos showing the building of the Ark and more.

Subscribe and follow along.




Not Real Art

Crewest Studio

Logan Hicks Shares His Art World Horror Story

No artist wants to end up having a horror story of an experience with a gallery, so it is important that certain measures are taken to avoid this possibility. Today on the show we are back with another art world horror story, this time with New York-based stencil artist and muralist, Logan Hicks. Logan joins us to share not just one but two nightmares he recently endured. He also dishes out some sage advice about what artists can do to ensure that they don’t go through something similar. First, we hear about how Salt Bae breached a contract he had with Logan and ended up using the artist’s work for the marketing surrounding several of his restaurants. Next up, Logan talks about how the Station 16 gallery destroyed $35 000 worth of his paintings and is now refusing to compensate him. We hear about how Logan is fighting back against the Montreal-based gallery by using a combination of a lawsuit and a social media campaign, both of

Artist/Mother Podcast

Kaylan Buteyn

124: Sharing Queer Birth Stories and Imagining the Future of Feminism with Liss LaFleur

When a story begins with tiny piglets competing in a foot race for oreos, you know you are in for a treat! Interdisciplinary artist, activist, and edjucator Liss LaFleur shares the ins and outs of her research-based art practice and how her own journey to parenthood has inspired the Queer Birth Project. We start with […]

Cheers Cast

Ryan Daly

Cheers Cast 5.05: House of Horrors with Formal Dining and Used Brick

CHEERS Season 5, episode 5: “House of Horrors with Formal Dining and Used Brick”

Hosted by Ryan Daly with special guests Siskoid from the Fire and Water Network.

Let us know what you think! Leave a comment or send an email to: RDalyPodcast@gmail.com.

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Rob Kelly Creative

Attention all personnel! M*A*S*HCast is the podcast devoted to celebrating--episode-by-episode--the classic 1972-1983 TV series M*A*S*H! Jocularity, jocularity!

Masterpiece Makers

Alisha Gratehouse

25 . Vincent van Gogh



Understanding Why a Harvard Museum Will Return Standing Bear’s Tomahawk

Something incredible happened a few months ago. After Oklahoma lawyer Brett Chapman (Pawnee) started tweeting about the tomahawk of Ponca Chief Standing Bear, which is currently in Harvard University’s Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the revered object may actually be going home.His short messages asked why the tomahawk was in the care of that institution and not with one of the two federally recognized Ponca tribes. The questions raised eyebrows, and as Cassie Packard reported for Hyperallergic, the museum later posted a statement on its website explaining that the museum and the Ponca tribe are “in active discussion about the homecoming of Chief Standing Bear’s pipe tomahawk belonging to the Ponca people.”Chapman, who has Ponca heritage, joins me for this podcast to explain the history of the tomahawk and why the return of the heirloom is important

So you want to be a photographer: Transform your skills and build a profitable photography business

Gina Milicia

PHOTO 374: The final episode

In this final episode, we pay tribute to Gina Milicia and the impact she has made on photographers around the world.

See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

The Felix Comic Art Podcast

Felix Comic Art

The Felix Comic Podcast (Episode 49): More G.I. JOE, SECRET WARS, and MIKE ZECK / Casey Lau

Two weeks on, and the record sale at auction is still what everyone's talking about. So The Felix Comic Art Podcast returns with Chuck Costas, THE hobby expert on SECRET WARS and G.I. JOE. And also personal friend of artist Mike Zeck. Chuck shares his insights on what went down exclusively here. Thanks Chuck! Part two is an episode of The Hyper Room, hosted by tech guru Casey Lau. Casey grills me on the hobby, the market, collecting, and all things original comic art. Thanks to Casey for allowing us to share it with our audience here. An extra-long episode this time out, enjoy!

Comic Book Historians

Comic Book Historians

Steve Ditko presented by Mark Ditko, Carl Potts, and more! by Alex Grand at DITKO-CON 2021

CBH's Alex Grand travels to Johnstown, PA for the 2021 Ditko Comic Convention hosted by the Bottleworks Ethnic Art Center and the Ditko Family.  Steve Ditko, his Bottleworks art exhibit and the Ditko convention is discussed here with Ditkoverse coordinator and nephew, Mark Ditko as well as comics editor and writer Carl Potts, writer-artist Javier Hernandez, visuaLecturist Arlen Schumer, and former senior VP at MGM David Armstrong.  Each one shares an aspect or anecdote about Steve Ditko that most people don't know about.  Where do Ditko hands come from?? Edited & Produced by Alex Grand, ©2021 Comic Book Historians.Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/comicbookhistorians)

The Artist Entrepreneur Podcast

Catherine Orer

043 - Making Space for your Creative Process

On today’s episode, Catherine interviews Camilla Sironi, author and entrepreneur based in Quebec, Canada. Born in Italy to a French mother and an Italian father, Camilla has been avidly cultivating her passion for literature since childhood. Founder of a communication agency with a social vocation and mother of two young children, she published her first novel, Yet, I am here, in 2020 and will publish her second book later this year. Besides adult fiction, Camilla also writes poetry and children's stories. During the interview, Camilla and Catherine talk about what it means to become a professional creative, carving time for creativity when you have a busy schedule, and the necessary grace we all need to give ourselves as we embark on new creative endeavours.  Conversation Highlights: Why thinking about your audience when creating is important as you go from hobbyist to professional. How, as an entrepreneur, you get to decide how

The Creative Endeavour

Andrew Tischler

Episode #48 Mark Maggiori

Check out the EXCLUSIVE VIDEO VERSION of the Podcast:

Mark Maggiori has experienced a meteoric rise to success in the American art scene. Originally from France, with a background in film and music, he is a creative powerhouse making art about the west, scenes that could be in a classic western film. His paintings have a brilliant graphic quality to them with bright punchy colour and an unmistakable style. His works are collected internationally and he's been featured in incredible shows and exhibitions winning awards like the prestigious Don B. Huntly "Spirit of the West" award in 2018 and 19 and the Sam Houston award for best painting in 2016. Now he's absolutely killing it on social media and with online print sales. I wanted to ask him about his journey and his art as well as the business side of things! So much was packed into this episode!
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擁有者 The Owner


EP.0 擁有者試播集

1.估價19億的Jean-Michel Basquiat來台轟動預展。
2.余文樂發行NFT ZombieClub Token,是宇正買還是Bryant買?


追蹤 TheOwner IG:https://www.instagram.com/the.owner.podcast/
TheOwner 傳送門:https://linktr.ee/theowner.tw

Focal Points with Dorie Howell

Dorie Howell

Focal Points takes a look at all the different areas photographers need to focus on in their business. From sales to service to workflow to products, none of these things can be ignored when running a business. They all are important to the success of any photography studio. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, running a photography business can be a challenge. With a full calendar of guests and interesting topics, this podcast will address all of those issues (and more) to help you grow your business with ease.

The Landscape Photography Show

David Johnston

The Landscape Photography Show is a podcast where you can hear your favorite landscape photographers discuss the art of landscape photography to inspire and help you create amazing landscape photographs.

The Storytelling Lab

Rain Bennett

Relationship Selling by Storytelling with Kyle Draper

Announcement, storytellers! This episode featuring social media coach and speaker, Kyle Draper, will conclude the whirlwind that has been season 7. On this season finale episode, Kyle takes us through his many lives from working in ministry, to being a roofer, to now being a successful coach and speaker. Kyle teaches us why focusing on creating genuine connections with your existing audience fosters career longevity. Tune in for this jam-packed episode and... GO COWBOYS! See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.





- PART1: 2021 - 
参与度最高的展览 柏林洪堡论坛 Berlin Global
最难忘的媒体邀请: Hishorts!厦门短片周
纪录片: 徐童《算命》
年度新奇展览:tate章鱼 Anicka Yi
最治愈的展览:bill viola“千禧年五天使”
Babara Hepworth故居
Sheila hicks:Off Grid

- PART2: 2022 -
泰特美术馆2022展览计划(塞尚展览 和 超现实主义Surrealism Beyond Borders)
培根展览Francis Bacon: Man and Beast
弗洛伊德展览Lucian Freud: New Perspectives


- 关于《艺术叨叨》 -

Photo Taco Podcast

Jeff Harmon

Making DeNoise AI Faster

Right up front I want to set some expectations on the speed of DeNoise AI. Even on the best of computer hardware here in early 2022 DeNoise AI is not “fast”. The fastest I was able to get raw images to be processed in DeNoise AI was about 6 seconds per image. 6 real seconds, not the amount of time ...
The post Making DeNoise AI Faster appeared first on Photo Taco Podcast.

B&H Photography Podcast

B&H Photo & Video

Legacy and Long Term Projects - B&H Photography Stories

There are many talented people who work at B&H Photo, and the connections to photography and photo history run deep. We have welcomed many “staffers” to the B&H Photography Podcast over the years, and today we are particularly excited to speak with two members of our team on the B&H Explora blog.   We start our conversation with Howard Gotfryd, Senior Copy Editor at Explora, and learn about the incredible photography career of his late father, Bernard Gotfryd. Gotfryd Sr. emigrated to New York after World War II and ultimately found a job as staff photographer at Newsweek Magazine, a job he performed for three decades. We discuss the twists of fate and hard work that got Gotfryd to Newsweek and talk about his most noted assignments, including photographing Robert F. Kennedy, Nina Simone, and The Beatles. We also discuss his camera systems and home darkroom, and come to understand the complexities of keeping an ar

The Martin Bailey Photography Podcast

Martin Bailey Photography K.K.

Out Now for iOS! All About PhotoClock Pro

I'm very happy to be able to announce today that my latest app for iOS is now available in the App Store and I share full details in this week's post.

Details on blog: https://mbp.ac/773

Music by Martin Bailey

Magellans at the Movies

Nathan Magalhaes

Welcome to Magellans at the Movies, the outrageously popular* new podcast about all things movies brought to you by Nathan “I-can’t-believe-I-ate-the-whole-thing” Magalhães and his brother Elliot “Who-on-Earth-is-going-to-listen-to-a-podcast-we-make” Magalhães! (*Outrageous popularity pending) Join the brothers Magalhães (Anglicized as Magellan) as they bicker and banter about movies no one has seen or cares about or that have already been analyzed by far sharper minds than their own every week, along with special guest stars of varying willingness and notoriety! Get ready to laugh along with Nathan’s meandering freshman film student level critiques of movies you’ve never heard of, and enjoy the bored, grumpy-senior-citizen-who-would-rather-be-feeding-pigeons energy that has made Elliot the toast of the greater Indianola area! Come for the lukewarm old-man-yells-at-cloud takes on modern movies, stay because you got distracted and left Spotify running. See you at the cinema! Follow @nathandm799 on Instagram for updates

Capture The Chaos - Grow Your Newborn and Family Photography Business

Brittnie Renee - Newborn & Family Photographer Business & Marketing Coach

Do you wish you could book more photography clients? Are you sick of Instagram sucking all of your time with little return? Do you wish there was a simpler way to market your photography business? Are you ready to feel more confident in your prices and offerings? In this podcast you will find tactical time saving solutions, proven marketing strategies, and inspiration from other mom-tographers just like you. My mission is to help moms build and scale a family and newborn photography business around their busy, joy filled, and sometimes chaotic lives. If you’re ready to build a photography business that is a little less mess and a lot more organized you are in the right place! Hey! I’m Brittnie, wife, mama, photographer, and sister in Christ. I tried to build a family photography business with the spaghetti method (you know throw it on the wall and see what sticks). I finally realized that if I was going to scale and become a profitable photographer without sacrificing my family life I needed a better plan. I’ve implemented strategies that doubled my photography clients and gave me time freedom to do the things I love, like take naps and go on fun adventures with my kids. And I’m ready to share them with you! If you are ready to finally find the secret sauce to building a thriving family and newborn photography business without sacrificing the life you love living, this podcast is for you. Let’s capture the chaos and get to snappin mama. CONNECT Website: brittnierenee.com/photographers Instagram: intstagram.com/brittnierenee.com


Scott Wittenburg

Episode 86: Photoshop for Beginners: Adding Textures to Portraits!

Introducing Photoshop for Beginners! This is the third lesson of a new series featuring easy to follow tutorials in Adobe Photoshop for anybody just getting started. This lesson introduces you to the opacity tool and layer blending options to add textures to portraits, resulting in an image that appears to be made of the added texture.

PaintTalks's podcast

Dionne Woods

Paint Talks is a interactive podcast for creatives of all walks of life! Our mission is to amplify creative voices and empower all artists to recognize the value they bring to the world through insightful conversation.

A Princess of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs

Loyal Books

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

Fair Market Value: Christie's Art Market Insights


Interviews with leading specialists at Christie’s on the state of the art market and interesting new developments.

Art History Happy Hour

Art History Happy Hour

Van Gogh Light Shows: A Roundtable

If you live in or have visited a major city over the past year, chances are you've come across some version of the various new "immersive" "Van Gogh" "experiences." Staged by for-profit companies and marketed heavily on Facebook, these "environments" promise to bring audiences closer to the beloved paintings of Vincent Van Gogh through the magic of digital enlargement, animation, and projection. 

In this episode, Sarah and Tina are joined by Swagato Chakravorty, a fellow at the Philadelphia Museum of Art whose doctoral work in art history and film and media studies focused on the history of screens. Together, they attempt to get to the bottom of just what makes these experiences so appealing to audiences, and how we might think about them as aspects of visual culture related to ideas in art history, instead of just dismissing them as unsatisfying reproductions outright.

Flesh and Blood Podcast


Join us for in-depth interviews with some of the finest tattooers and artists in the world.

Plein Air Easton Podcast

Plein Air Easton

Through interviews with artists, collectors, and gallery owners, the Plein Air Easton Podcast seeks to explore the world of plein air art and foster an art-loving community.

Candela: Photography & Cinematography Masters


Art after pandemic

With some areas of the world appearing to be turning the corner on Covid-19, we explore whether the pandemic has fundamentally changed art, the new creative impulses and business incentives it may have precipitated, and what kind of films and photographs we expect to see coming out of this bizarre period in human history.

Follow the show: instagram.com/candelapodcast

Follow Alan: instagram.com/alan_schaller

Follow Chris: instagram.com/christopherhooton



The Digital Story Photography Podcast

Derrick Story

Weekly digital photography podcasts, photo tips, reader submitted pictures, equipment reviews, and more.

Photolari Podcast

Rodrigo Rivas y Photolari

Información y conversaciones sobre fotografía y vídeo. El podcast de Photolari. Dirigido por Rodrigo Rivas. Y con Iker Morán y Álvaro Méndez

Selling Photography

Tavis Guild

Listen and learn the blueprint and action steps to setting up a money-making studio! You will hear strategies and tips on how to market yourself to your dream clients. Each episode features one of the masters in the photography industry. Tavis interviews other successful artists who give away their best-kept secrets of building value, serving clients well, and accomplishing financial goals by selling photography. While listening to this you will quickly recognize that you too have what it takes to sell your photography too! Tavis is a business designer and photographer in Yakima, WA. He is the owner of Guild Canvas Company, an industry educator, and a photography business coach. Connect with Tavis: https://guildcanvas.com/

Perceived Value

Sarah Rachel Brown

Perceived Value is a podcast during which Sarah Rachel Brown interviews artists about about their careers, personal lives, failures, accomplishments, and asks the question: how do you make it all happen? They say money can't buy you happiness, but you sure do need it to pay for materials and studio space.

Behind the Shot

Steve Brazill

Making Better Action Photos

David Bergman is a legend in the world of concert photography, and he is someone I have looked up to for a long time. That may be the best summary of David I can come up with, that I am a fan, and honored to call him a friend.

For those not aware of David's work, David is a New York based commercial photographer and photo educator who specializes in action, music and portraiture photographer. David is one of the rare talents that can pull off any genre of photography. He is also a world class educator, something I don't want to bury down in paragraph seven somewhere. I will go into detail there, but it needs to be stated early on in this discussion. His education talent, his ability to truly understand the art of photography and be able to teach it to others is front and center to who David is.

David has been on the show twice before, first back on Episode 48 for "Composition, Creativity, and Workflow", and then as

Hands-On Photography (Video)


HOP 130: Check Out This Bird Photography - Capturing and Processing Beautiful Bird Photography

A loyal Hands-On Photography listener shares a beautiful bird photograph with Ant Pruitt. The listener has concerns about the image noise. Ant shares his thoughts on the photo.
Host: Ant Pruitt
Find Hands-On Photography on your favorite podcatcher. https://twit.tv/shows/hands-on-photography
Follow Ant Pruitt on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ant_pruitt/
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Join the TWiT forums https://www.twit.community/
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Photobomb Photography Podcast

Photobomb - Photography Podcast

3421 - The Butt Flap Paradox

Gary pays tribute to an actor that Hollywood has overlooked, Booray notices a trend in photo booth lighting, and the fellas discuss a new kind of wardrobe for working photographers. In photography news, Google brings back unlimited photo uploads for T-Mobile users, Nikon Z9 gets a firmware update, and the White House photographer gets undercut by former President Donald Trump.Check out Gary's YouTube channel HERE.Check out Booray's YouTube channel HERE.Join our Facebook Group, the Bombardiers Lounge



EP112: 无法建构足够的人物内心冲突:《连城诀》与其叙事

《连城诀》之所以有点寂寂无闻,且其出版时间多少与正处于鼎盛战斗力的金老先生的功力形成巨大的反差,我一直想研究一下。 《硬影像》网站:https://hardimage.pro 相关链接 https://afdian.net/@nordenbox 登场人物 罗登:编剧导演

Loosen Up Your Painting Podcast

Malcolm Dewey

Join visual artist Malcolm Dewey with tips and advice on how to improve your painting. For beginners to advanced you will learn new ways to grow your painting fun and enjoyment. Find out more at www.malcolmdeweyfineart.com

Because We Make

Vincent Ferrari & Brooke Denault

A podcast about making, creativity and why we do what we do as makers and creatives. Every Wednesday morning, we bring you discussions and guests from the world of making and creativity and we even discuss ways to help improve your making and creative business and build your brand. We are your one-stop shop for all things making and creativity. Join us and find out why we do what we do!



art contest EXTENDED + info

art contest extended until June 30


Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/artify/message

Professional Weaver Podcast

Professional Weaver Society

51 : John Paul Morabito

This week we are speaking with John Paul Morabito of Chicago, Illinois.
John Paul is a transdisciplinary weaver who engages the medium of tapestry reimagined in the ditigial age. Their work outputs woven forms, moving images, and relational actions to imagine queer grace. Their work has been exhibited internationally, including but not limited to the Zhejiang (zhuh-zhong) Art Museum in China, Dorsky Gallery Curatorial Projects in New York and the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art in Kansas. They also have work in collections like the Textile Resource Center at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. They have presented papers at the College Art Association Conference and the Textile Society of America Symposium, published essays with Art China, the China Academy of Art Textile Reader 2, and the Journal of Textile Design Research and Practice. Morabito holds a BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art and an MFA from the School of the Art

The Inspired Painter with Jessica Libor

Jessica Libor

If you're an artist who wants to create a fulfilling career and life, this podcast is for you! Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/inspiredpainter/support

Raw Material


Raw Material Presents: The Mission Muralismo Audio Zine - Volume I

Raw Material is excited to share The Mission Muralismo Audio Zine – Volume I with our listening audience — because we know how much you love ART about ART! Local writers Olivia Peña and Josiah Luis Alderete interweave their perspectives on the history of the Mission Muralismo movement with stories from the muralists themselves.

This zine expands storytelling related to SFMOMA’s Summer 2022 exhibition Diego Rivera’s America, centering voices of The Mission community and Muralism movement. The Mission Muralismo Audio Zine was recently nominated for a 2022 Webby Award. Vote for us to further amplify this stunning collection of San Francisco stories: https://vote.webbyawards.com/PublicVoting#/2022/podcasts/individual-episodes/arts-culture

Featured Artists:
Juana Alicia, Susan Cervantes, Daniel Galvez, Mia Galaviz de Gonzalez, Nancy “Pili” Hernandez, John Jota Leaños, Consuelo Mendez,

The Thriving Artist

The Clark Hulings Foundation

Virtual & Analog Art—Daniel DiGriz

“We’re going to need more art—all of it—to solve the world’s challenging problems. Creative intelligence is what it takes to inject life into the culture, to drive effective leadership, to drive new ideas. We don’t have to choose. We can have one foot in the world of visceral taste and touch and another foot in the digital world without having to split ourselves in half.”
​​​​This is a bite-sized The Thriving Artist™podcast episode with Daniel DiGriz’s perspective on art news and cultural change. As you may know from previous episodes, Daniel peruses the art news of The New York Times. This time, a couple of headlines really stood out! The first one is 50 years of Taking Photography Seriously. The synopsis: When the Photographer's Gallery opened in London in 1971, few saw the medium as suitable for exhibitions. Today everyone does. The second article is Hands Off the Library's Picture Collection! The synopsis: Cornell Spiegelman an

Meet Me at the Museum

Art Fund

Brian Cox at the Scottish National Gallery

Actor Brian Cox shares some of his favourite works of art at the Scottish National Gallery with fellow Dundonian actor Ava Hickey. The two explore some of the most iconic paintings in Scotland’s art collection, meet the Monarch of the Glen, and discuss their shared experiences of making creative work during the pandemic. As they look at work by artists from Rembrandt through to Dundee’s John Duncan, they consider how different art forms influence their own work as actors – and hear some fascinating insights from curators at the gallery. Notes:  Audio clips from Scenes for Survival are featured courtesy of National Theatre of Scotland. You can watch Brian and Ava’s scenes at:  nationaltheatrescotland.com/events/scenes-for-survival  Credit: Scenes for Survival was delivered by National Theatre of Scotland, Screen Scotland, BBC Arts’ Culture in Quarantine project and Scotland’s leading theatre ve

No-Budget Filmmaking

Filmmaking Central

NBF 061: Mastering the Interview Shoot

Interview style shoots can be seen across a wide range of projects. And they aren't just for documentaries or reality shows... In this episode, Alex and Trevor discuss why mastering the interview shoot is a good move for beginning (and even intermediate) filmmakers looking to build experience and income within the industry.

پیزاین | Pesign

Mohammad Fatehi

پیزاین اولین پادکست فارسی‌زبان پیرامون دیزاین است که از سال ۱۳۹۲ در تهران آغاز به‌کار کرده است. ● A Persian podcast about design & design-related issues, since 2013, Tehran! ● https://zil.ink/pesign

Authentic Obsessions

Margret Petrie

Lea Ann Slotkin - Nature & Color

Takeaways1. You can’t say yes to everything or everyone.2. The more structure you add into your week the more flexibility you have.3. We make HARD a problem, but it’s just part of life. Without the hard you don’t have the good stuff.4. It’s just a layer.5. What’s the next right step?MentionedLea Ann SlotkinFollow Lea Ann Slotkin on InstagramCy TwomblyLukas paintDo You Want to Slow Down? Anna Sale on awe as an antidote to anxiety, on The Science of Happiness podcast

Modern Bonsai


The Modern Bonsai Podcast aims to educate and explore the world of Bonsai in a way never heard on a Podcast. Listen as we interview all walks of life within the world of Bonsai and bring together a knowledge base of techniques and exploration. Visit us on the web at https://www.Bonsai-En.com.au or shop with us at www.Bonsai-En.shop See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

Smart Art Business

Rachel Wilkins


In this episode, we decided to reach out to some of the artists we work with and get first hand information of negative experiences they have had with galleries. Some talk about what they wish they knew before interacting with the galleries, tips on what to look out for, their biggest takeaways from the experiences and the importance of insuring one's artwork, regardless of who is in possession. Finally, the topic on pricing art and why you should be confident to name the price for your work comes up.  

Sit & Sew Radio

Quilt Addicts Anonymous

Welcome to Sit & Sew Radio, a Quilt Addicts Anonymous podcast with Stephanie Soebbing. Hear interviews with influential and interesting people in the quilting world, learn about new quilting books and notions and hear some fun quilting stories. Listen to each new episode while you are sewing. Produced by Quilt Addicts Anonymous blogger, teacher and pattern designer Stephanie Soebbing.

Stitchery Stories

Susan Weeks

Jennie-maree Tempest : Beautiful Botanical Sculptures

Jennie-maree Tempest is a textile artist living on the Bass Coast of Australia. After many years creating art quilts and portraits, she has decided to challenge her textile art skills and creativity by creating textile art botanical sculptures. Jennie-maree focuses her creativity inspired by the native Australian species that grow around her coastal home. The latest is a flowering yucca that is around 6ft / nearly 2m tall! It has been a massive undertaking, and has taken over four months of hard work to create. It's not only a challenge of textile art but also of construction. How did she make such a large item out of fabric & threads? Today on the Stitchery Stories textile art podcast, Jennie-maree Tempest chats with Susan Weeks about her inspirations and challenges and her creative life by the coast. For this episode... View Show Notes, Links & Examples of Jennie-maree's work at http://www.stitcherystories.com/Jenniemar

Happily Stuck Forever & Always

Alexis Castillo, Bryan Adam Castillo

It's the Happily Stuck Forever & Always Podcast with your hosts and married couple, Ali and Bryan Castillo. Ali and Bryan are digital content creators who get to do what they love for a living, together. This podcast will discuss a number of topics that Ali and Bryan are all too familiar with such as the challenges of social media, growing your brand and building a business, as well as current events, what we're watching and listening to, and pop culture. Listen to new episodes every Wednesday morning! Happy listening friends!

Studio 360 with Kurt Andersen


S360 Extra: Nixon at War - Ep 1 October Surprise

Hello Studio 360 fans!

We're sharing the first episode of a new podcast project, Nixon at War, hosted by Studio 360's Kurt Andersen. Nixon at War is a seven-episode history, a fresh new kind of chronicle about how Richard Nixon turned Vietnam into a war at home… that we’re still fighting today.

Most accounts of the collapse of Richard Nixon’s presidency begin with Watergate - the now iconic tale of a bungled break-in and the misbegotten cover-up that followed.  But what led to Watergate?  How - and more puzzlingly, why - did one of the shrewdest, most gifted political figures of his time become embroiled in so manifestly lunatic an enterprise in the first place?

Intrigued by that question, novelist and historian Kurt Andersen takes a deep dive into the vast archives at the Nixon Library and emerges with an answer he wasn’t expecting: While Watergate doubtless accelerated Nixon’s s


Peabody Essex Museum

Conversations and stories for the culturally curious co-hosted by Dinah Cardin and Chip Van Dyke. This is the official podcast of the Peabody Essex Museum

Art Wank

Fiona Verity and Julie Nicholson

Episode 113 - Harriett Watts artist, designer, maker and academic

Harriett Watts many thanks for welcoming us into your studio. Harriet has always been interested in change and ephemerality - she is fascinated about materials and how we can become more focused on sustainability. You can find out more about Harriett on her instagram https://www.instagram.com/hettywatts/?hl=enor on linked in https://au.linkedin.com/in/harriet-watts-587649118?original_referer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com%2FThe art show at the V&A called Food that Fiona mentioned can be read about here https://www.vam.ac.uk/articles/about-the-exhibition-food-bigger-than-the-plateTo learn about The forty-nine studio have a look at the instagram https://www.instagram.com/thefortyninestudio/?hl=enThe artist in UK who re

Sunny 16 Presents

Sunny 16 Podcasts

I Dream of Cameras #30 Sidewalk Crouches at Her Feet (feat. Jessica Devic)

This episode’s a few days late, so Rolfe Tessem gave us a hard time: “Who do you think you are — Moonlighting?” YES! Here’s a show worth waiting for:
an extravagant mailbag, featuring talk of Canons and bulk-loading
3D-printable leader-trimmers from Thingiverse:One for normal film: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4557581/files
ABLON style, for Leica bottom-loaders: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1951048

Gabe went to the Morrison Hotel Gallery show and met legendary rock photographers Bob Gruen and Henry Diltz
Jeff made a pilgrimage to the KEH brick-and-mortar store in Atlanta and came away with a Konica Auto S3 rangefinder and a 28mm Nikonos superwide lens which can only be used underwater
he also got a lovely Canonflex R2000 on eBay, report to follow…
however! the Canon Dial Rapid he bought from a guy in Portugal did not work, and the seller initial

ART'S COOL with Ken Goshen

Ken Goshen

Ken talks to fellow artists about their inspirations, their interests, and their techniques, as well as larger topics like the current state of art and culture, and the role artists play as members of a wider community.

Audio Profiles from the National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution

National Portrait Gallery

Curatorial and historical analysis of portraiture, historical events, and historical figures.

Behind the Shot - Video

Steve Brazill

The Power of a Photograph

I have the feeling that Sam Abell has more stories than almost any photographer you know. Thirty-four years as a staff and contract photographer at National Geographic tends to have that effect.

Sam is an Ohio based teacher, artist, and photographer. I would argue that his magic is that those three skills merge to create, in Sam, the perfect storyteller. His story started like many of my guests, learning photography from his father.

It was after graduating from the University of Kentucky that Sam went to work for Nat Geo. That in and of itself is an accomplishment. Lots of up-and-coming photographers dream of being a Nat Geo photographer, but the odds of having that dream come true aren't ones I would bet on. For Sam however, it was a career that fit perfectly with his work. Having read, and listened to a few interviews with Sam, it's amazing to hear about his process. When he describes some photos taking minutes, and other 1.5

Bronze and Modern Gods

Comic Podcast Network

The podcast exclusively about the Bronze, Copper and Modern Ages of comics, comic book artists, investment and more! Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/bronzeandmoderngods/support

The Modern Maker Podcast

Michael Montgomery

The Community Is Leveling Up - Ep. 243

The new Netflix show: MAKING FUN is premiering March 4th, be sure to click the reminder button in the link so it on your Netflix home page when it comes out!! 


Ben Uyeda: @benjaminuyeda
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Creativity in Captivity

Sweetwood Creative

ANNA CONDO: The Filmmaker, The Photographer & The Flower

Anna Condo is a filmmaker and a photographer born in Armenia and raised in France. From a young age, Anna enjoyed a passion for the arts and a love for the natural world's mysteries. As a teenager, she took art classes at the École des Arts Appliqués in Paris. Upon graduation, she enrolled at the Université Paris Nanterre for Art History and Archeology. That same year, she landed a TV role, transferred to the drama school Cours Florent and launched an acting career. In 1989, Anna began living between New York City and Paris. While in New York, she attended the Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute, raised two beautiful daughters, collaborated with numerous artists, wrote and directed four short films and three feature films, and published her first book, "AH Allen," a powerful tribute to her friend, poet Allen Ginsberg. In 2013, Anna rekindled a fascination with photography choosing flowers as the ultima

The Irish Photography Podcast


A place for photographers and like minded people to relax and geek out with some tips, tricks and debates in the photography world.

The Andrew Price Podcast

Andrew Price

#24: Having a VFX Career on Youtube w/ Clint Jones

Clinton Jones is a Youtuber (Pwnisher) with almost a million subscribers, creating tutorials and explainer videos for Cinema4D, unreal engine and 3D in general. Before that, he was part of the Corridor channel, reacting to VFX and creating short films. Most recently he created a series of community challenges that went viral, where thousands of artists create animations, and then Clint puts the best into mega montage that is incredible to watch if you haven’t seen it.
In this episode we talk about how he got started in VFX and Youtube, why he deparated from Corridor, the 2022 Oscar VFX nominees, and why audiences hate CG. (all chapter marks in the description).
Chapter Marks:

0:00 Intro
1:17 Making of Corridor Crew’s VFX React
3:35 Clint’s Corridor origin story
09:00 Learning to be a better storyteller
13:30 Post-Rocket Jump
14:38 Sam & Nico invite Clint to Corridor

The Painting Podcast


Art History from a painter’s perspective. Every episode examines the life and work of one painter. Exploring both the paintings these artists make, as well as the world which they inhabited.

John Dalton - gently does it . . .

John Dalton

Ep 238 – Ann Marshall Uncut

Patreon and Paypal link – Another Uncut Podcast. In this episode, I am chatting with artist, Ann Marshall in New York. Ann answers your questions on a variety of subjects. To find out more about Ann and her work go to: http://www.annmarshallart.com/ Ann’s Instagram @annmarshallart   Referenced in this episode This episode is brought to […]

Focal Point

Museum of Contemporary Photography

Focal Point is a podcast exploring the artists, themes, and processes that define—and sometimes disrupt—the world of contemporary photography. Each episode engages two people in conversation around a photograph of their choice from the Museum of Contemporary Photography’s permanent collection. Join us as we explore contemporary photography in Chicago and beyond, through topics like the constructed image, portraiture and the human subject, the photographic archive, and more.

Beyond Natural Light - A Photography Podcast about light, business, and everything in between!

Sandra Coan

In this photography and business podcast, award winning photographer, industry educator and best-selling author, Sandra Coan, shares what she's learned over the past 20+ years as a professional photographer on how to build a profitable, six-figure photography business. On the show, we will discuss business and marketing, photographing with artificial light and tips for growing and scaling successful photography business. Tune in for solo episodes, guest speakers and conversations with students of my signature programs, the Missing Link and the Six-Figure Studio! // www.sandracoaneducation.com

Museum Confidential

Philbrook Museum of Art

Surrealists at War

What role can artists and creatives play in wartime? On this episode we chat with acclaimed author Lesley M.M. Blume about her recent Town & Country article, “The Art of War: How the Surrealists Helped Upend Camouflage and Redefine Modern Battle.” In a globe-spanning investigation filled with big art world names like Gorky and Dalí, the story proves once and for all that truth is stranger than fiction.  Read the article at https://www.townandcountrymag.com/

A Photographer's Life

Alan Blakely

Welcome to a Photographer's Life! The podcast that takes you behind the curtain and into the world of professional architectural photography. Join us for an episode with some of America's premier architectural photographers. Our broadcasts are taken from Zoom meetings of The Association of Independent Architectural Photographers and from personal interviews with our elite architecture photographers. The discussions and interviews are conducted by AIAP director Alan Blakely. We hope you enjoy the show! If you do, please let us know by liking the episode and subscribing to this channel. This podcast is brought to you by The Association of Independent Architectural Photographers™ (www.aiap.net) and all content is copyrighted.

Drawing Inspiration

Mike Hendley

70: Escaping Expectations with Vibrant Colors and Canvases of Dreams with Shima Star

Mike plays with colored pencils on black toned paper and revisits graphite with a wonderful photogenic gecko. Mike is then joined by Shima Star who is an amazing artist he met through Clubhouse. They talk about her journey from exploring creativity in secret to creating and then following her own path. Shima talks about her inspiration for her work and mediums. She also speaks to building a large community on Clubhouse and how to foster acceptance as well as empowering and celebrating women and people of color. Her homework will provide you with a vision.

Mushroom solo (Coloured pencil on Strathmore black 400 series)

Mushroom with webs (Coloured pencil on Strathmore black 400 series)

Gecko (Graphite on Strathmore Bristol Smooth)

Cole (@Tropicol on Instagram)

David Hockney Polaro

Character Corner - A Podcast on Your favorite Comic Book Characters

MTR Network

Into the Hickmanverse Part 8: Avengers & New Avengers Part 3

We're getting closer to the end of out Hickman Marvel series and things are starting to fall apart for everyone. In the two series we watch as Steve not only remembers what the Illuminati did to him but also becomes hardened in his decision that they are wrong and must be stopped. On the New Avengers side, we watch as the Illuminati becomes even more broken. T'Challa, Namor and Black Bolt are all Kings without Kingdoms. Dr. Strange has sacrificed everything. Reed has pretty much given up his family (and we saw in Hickman's Fantastic Four run what happens when Reed does that). Beast and Banner are facing a crisis of humanity. And Tony...well Tony is definitely broken but he also seems to be the only one that truly understands how all this is going to end. 
We will tackle Time Runs Out in the next part and we see that like before, All Hope Lies in Doom. 

Avengers:  25 - 28

The Create! Podcast

by Ekaterina Popova

Celebrating Black Collagists & More with Teri Henderson

Alicia guest hosts an interview with Teri Henderson, a Baltimore-based curator, writer, and author of the book Black Collagists. We discuss the ups and downs of coordinating exhibitions and how she built a platform that champions the work of Black Collage artists. https://www.blackcollagists.com/ This episode was made possible by our generous sponsor Minted. Minted, the premium design goods marketplace, is commemorating 15 years of empowering independent artists with the founding of the first annual Independent Artist Day on April 3, 2022 to honor contributions to the Minted creator economy and the arts at large. In celebration of the holiday, you can shop limited edition art, textiles, and stationery as a result of a creative open-call for design that demonstrates inspiration, strength and courage across art, textiles, and stationery. Through Monday, April 4, you can celebrate Minted’s 15th anniversary with 15 perc

Cowgirls with Cameras

Kimberly Beer, Cara Taylor Swift and Phyllis Burchett

If the sound of hoofbeats and shutters snapping gets your heart pumping and adrenaline flowing, you're in the perfect place to feed your passion for western photography with the Cowgirls with Cameras.

Weird Appalachia

Erin Alise Conley

Rural Appalachia is a place rich with culture, art, lore, and superstition. Host and artist, Erin Alise Conley (along with lots of colorful guests) is telling these stories one episode at a time, as well as sharing a unique Appalachian view on all things creative.


Dustin Clark & Melissa Golden

E#33 KC Kreger of Traditions Leathercraft

KC and crew join us this week to bring us up to speed on classes, major additions to the Traditions Leathercraft inventory, his recent podcast spotlight, and all the buzz around this weekend’s Leathercrafters Swap Meet.

The Art Law Podcast

Steven Schindler & Katie Wilson-Milne

Anti-Money Laundering Update: FinCEN's Surprising Conclusion and the Impact of Russian Sanctions on the US Art Market

Susan Mumford and Chris King, co-founders of ArtAML, return to the Podcast and talk with Steve about the recent release by the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network ("FinCEN") of its “Study of the Facilitation of Money Laundering and the Financing of Terrorism through the Trade in Works of Art." To the surprise of Steve and his guests, FinCEN concluded that there is limited evidence of money laundering and little risk of terror financing through the sale of high value art. The discussion focuses on the findings of the study, and its implications, particularly when compared with the existing AML regulations covering the art market in the UK and the EU. (Susan and Chris discussed these requirements with Katie and Steve on the November 1, 2021 episode entitled: “How Anti-Money Laundering Regulations are Hitting the Art Market in the United Kingdom

The Hound of the Baskervilles by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Loyal Books

01 - Mr. Sherlock Holmes

More great books at LoyalBooks.com

Magic Hour

Jordan Weitzman

Gary Schneider

Jordan Weitzman visits artist and master printer Gary Schneider at his home on Long Island to talk about his innovative work in portraiture, his legendary East Village photo lab, and his friendship with Peter Hujar. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

Spider-Man Crawlspace Podcast

Brad Douglas

Podcast #731- Spider-History March 1986

JR travels back to March 1986 to look at the following books.
Amazing Spider-Man #274
Web of Spider-Man #12
Spectacular Spider-Man #112

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Arranging Tangerines presented by Lydian Stater

Lydian Stater, LLC

Conversations with contemporary artists, curators, and thinkers about the intersection of art, technology, and commerce.

The Shot Callers

Virgil Ortiz, Justin Paik Reese

The Shot Callers is your chance to have a drink with your favorite ceramic artists. Each week Virgil Ortiz and Justin Paik Reese will make a signature cocktail with their guests as they talk about their journey through the world of art.

Classic Camera Revival

Alex Luyckx

Classic Camera Revival - Episode 125 - Environmentally Speaking

Let's face facts, when it comes to film photography it isn't exactly the best for the environment, between water use, packaging, and of course the chemistry there are some serious environmental impacts to consider. But what if there were some things we could do to help reduce our impact on the environment. Well, today we have Darren, a blogger who writes for learnfilm.photography who has been working hard to investigate and put into place some helpful means to reduce our environmental impacts.

King Arthur and His Knights by Maude L. Radford

Loyal Books

Published in 1903, King Arthur and His Knights by Maude L. Radford is an easy to read version of the Arthurian legends, made simple and interesting for children. Maude Lavinia Radford Warren was a Canadian born American who taught literature and composition at the University of Chicago between 1893-1907. Following the success of some of her books, she left teaching to take up writing as a full time career. She also served as a war correspondent for the New York Times magazine during WWI and contributed several remarkable features on the role of women in the conflict. Some of the books she wrote for adults like The White Flame of France are non-fiction accounts of her wartime experiences in Europe. Some of her other novels like Barbara's Marriages deal with social issues of the day. The book begins with the traditional childhood invocation so beloved of children all over the world, “Once upon a time...” and opens with the miraculous incident through which young Arthur realizes that he is the heir to the throne and the rightful owner of the fabulous sword, Excalibur. The rest of the chapters deal with several well known stories connected with the legend of Camelot. How each one of the famous Knights of the Round Table arrives at Camelot, Arthur's marriage to Guinevere, the quest for the Holy Grail and finally, Arthur's poignant death at the hands of the evil Sir Mordred on the lake isle of Avalon and the final return of Excalibur to the depths of the lake are all dramatically presented. King Arthur and His Knights is indeed a captivating read for children and makes a great read-aloud book for bedtime. For older children, it may perhaps spur them on to further research into this blend of fact and fiction, legend and myth, history and fable. The charming illustrations by Walter J. Enright add to the book's appeal for children. Maude L Radford wrote several other books for young readers, among them Robin Hood and his Merry Men, Mother Hubbard's Wonderful Cupboard, Mother Goose and Her Friends, Peter-Peter, Adventures in the Old Woman's Shoe and many more, making her one of the best loved writers of children's books in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. Though most of her works are forgotten today, her books are sure to capture childhood imagination and are told in a simple, easy to grasp style.

Your Art Matters

Michelle Lloyd

E41 | Make Powerful Art with Nicholas Wilton

Join me and my special guest, Nicholas Wilton, as we talk about how to get unstuck in your art making and how to make powerful art. Hint: you can keep taking art courses, but if you don't learn the foundations of art you will always struggle. We discuss: The feeling of comparison and not being as good as others. How to get started. That feeling when you have a picture in your head but what you make feels blah. Nic also shared his approach to art and how he became a full time artist and founder of Art2Life, which has turned into a 7 figure income! Join the free Art2Life workshops here!

Talking Out Your Glass podcast

Shawn Waggoner

The Glass Art Society Celebrates 50 Years at Tacoma Conference

The Glass Art Society (GAS), Inc. is an international organization whose mission is to encourage excellence, to advance education, to promote the development and appreciation of the glass arts, and to support the worldwide community of artists who work with glass. Since 1971, GAS has been using the joy of glass to connect, inspire, and empower all facets of the global glass community.  From the early days of the American Studio Glass movement to the upcoming United Nations’ International Year of Glass, GAS continues to foster connections that last a lifetime. This year’s gathering – held in Tacoma, Washington, from May 18 – 21 – celebrates 50 years of Glass Art Society. With the theme Between Here and There, this milestone conference will explore the past five decades of glass and what the next five decades will hold for making, collecting, and educating.  GAS Executive Director, Brandi Clark, says: “This will be

Minters & Makers by Art Blocks

Art Blocks

Modnar Wolf, Ryan Struhl, Jacob Gold

Guests: Modnar Wolf, Ryan Struhl and Jacob GoldDiscord: http://discord.gg/artblocksTwitter: https://twitter.com/artblocks_ioNewsletter: https://artblocksinc.eo.page/subscribe

The Black Shutter Podcast

The Black Shutter Podcast

Ep 53 - Chermelle Edwards

Tune in to Episode 53, where we speak with Los Angeles-based writer, photographer, and cultural strategist, Chérmelle Edwards as she discusses the complex and diverse world of coffee as a culture.


Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/blackshutterpodcast/support

The Perry Pod: A Companion to the TV Classic Perry Mason

Jonathan Sircy

An audio episode-by-episode companion to the greatest legal drama in TV history, Perry Mason...



出演:川上量生さん、依田謙一さん 『座頭市物語』についてのトークショー

京都文化博物館で開催中の『鈴木敏夫とジブリ展』企画、『みんな映画が好きだった、僕も。- 京都府所蔵映画作品より鈴木敏夫セレクション -』の中から『座頭市物語』についてのトークショー。


Creative Chats podcast

Mike Brennan

Creativity can be a lonely path. If we want to reach our full potential (and have a good time doing it), we Creatives need cheerleading and insights from our creative colleagues. In the Creative Chats podcast, I speak to some of the best Creatives around, about creativity and their process, and I share stories of Artists, Makers, and Content Creators. In fact, anything that will help you do your best work yet!

Once Upon A Geek

The Irredeemable Shag

Celebrating a variety of geeky subjects that we love! Ever-changing topics covering science fiction, comic books, pop culture, what it means to be a geek in this world, and other nostalgia-fueled ideas! Hosted by The Irredeemable Shag and part of THE FIRE AND WATER PODCAST NETWORK! Life is short. Focus on the positive. Find Your Joy.

Advancing Your Photography Podcast

Marc Silber

Marc Silber is a photographer, best selling author and filmmaker. For over 12 years he’s been conducting video interviews with remarkable photographers who have mastered their craft, passing along their skills to his viewers. His podcast carries on this tradition with top professional photographers such as Sean Tucker, Chris Burkard, Peter Hurley, Lauren Bath, Bob Holmes, Serge Ramelli and many more. Each episode will advance you toward being a more remarkable photographer. Be sure to check accompanying photos in our show notes at https://www.silberstudios.com/podcasts/

Pencil Kings | Inspiring Artist Interviews with Today's Best Artists

Mitch Bowler

The Pencil Kings Podcast interviews today’s top artists to uncover the story behind their work. These interviews are created for you - the Aspiring Artist, the Hobbyist and the Professional Artist. If you are looking for inspiring and insightful interviews from artists all over the world, you’re in the right place to learn the behind the scenes stories of how these artists got started and how they turned their passion into creative art careers.

Arts at CERN

Arts at CERN

For the last ten years, Arts at CERN has fostered dialogue between art and physics at the world’s largest physics laboratory. This podcast brings together artists and physicists who met at the Laboratory to discuss some of the themes that inspire their scientific research and artistic practices. At CERN, the European Laboratory for Particle Physics, scientists probe the fundamental constituents of matter. In 2012, the arts programme of CERN welcomed its first artist in residence. Since then, artists have been invited to CERN to experience how fundamental science pursues the unknown questions about our universe. Join the conversations to find out more about how art and physics collide at the home of the Large Hadron Collider.

Art & Self with Cindy Ingram of Art Class Curator

Cindy Ingram

Death and Life: Observations of Gustav Klimt’s Artwork with Madalyn (Part 2)

Last week, I had a fascinating conversation with Madalyn Gregory discussing Gustav Klimt’s Death and Life. I left that conversation so excited, only to discover that we weren’t done yet. Even after going off the air, we kept talking about it and realized we missed a lot of important things. So we decided to do a follow-up conversation to share even more of our insights with you! 4:55​ - Awareness of a gender issue from last week and what it says about our conditioning 13:40 - Impact of gender and gender limitations as human-made constructs 16:37 - Diverse racial representation (or lack thereof) in art 24:14 - Importance of authenticity of different perspectives shown in artwork 28:23 - How the patterns in Death and Life resemble quilt work 31:57 - Ruminating over what the circles in Death’s robes symbolize 36:23 - The negative space between Death and Life more effective as black to represent the unk

Mobiography Smartphone Photography Podcast

Andy Butler

The Mobiography Podcast focuses in on the subject of smartphone photography and takes a deep dive into how you can make the most of the camera that is always in your pocket... your smartphone.  Hosted by Mobiography Magazine founder Andy Butler, this podcast aims to inspire and educate through insightful conversations with talented smartphone photographers and app developers from around the world.