No Laying Up - Golf Podcast

The No Laying Up Podcast is a fresh, funny and informative conversation on all things golf. Founded in 2014, No Laying Up and its flagship podcast seeks to entertain and inform a community of avid golfers around the world. What started as a group text among college friends has now grown into one of the most popular podcasts in the game of golf, and our archives include appearances from the biggest names in the sport. Outside of the podcast, No Laying Up also produces multiple video travel series, best-in-class writing about the PGA Tour and LPGA, a robust social media presence, and a thriving community of friends and fans (The Nest). 

Fore Play

Barstool Sports

"Fore Play" is a weekly podcast by common golfers, for common golfers. Trent, Riggs, Frankie, Dan Rapaport, and their wide variety of guests talk about everything golf like normal folks sitting at a bar watching coverage, venting about the game's difficulties, and weighing in on pro gossip. Your classic golf addicts, the "Fore Play" crew brings a young, unique voice to the rapidly-evolving game, discussing freely and openly everything golf. There is nothing like it. You can find every episode of this show on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or YouTube. Prime Members can listen ad-free on Amazon Music. For more, visit

Bible Caddie Podcast

Webb Simpson, Ben Crane, and William Kane.

The Bible Caddie Podcast is led by multi-time PGA Tour winners Webb Simpson and Ben Crane alongside their buddy, William Kane. While each episode contains plenty of golf banter and humor, the primary focus of each episode is an interactive Bible Study that aims to carry the good news about Jesus to the world of golf!

Chasing Scratch: A Golf Podcast

Chasing Scratch

Two friends. One goal. Unlimited optimism.

The Shotgun Start

The Fried Egg

The Shotgun Start with Andy Johnson and Brendan Porath of Fried Egg Golf is a podcast waiting for you early in the morning that quickly blasts through a variety of topics (usually) related to golf and (ideally) relevant to the day. It covers news from the pro tours around the world, amusing and important topics from the amateur game the rest of us play, and some irreverent stuff in between. There will be short interviews, previews, reviews, and dives into the archives. It provides what you need to know on golf through a rapid and fun catch-up discussion.

The Sweet Spot - Golf Podcast

Adam Young/Jon Sherman

A deeper look into golf improvement. Adam Young and Jon Sherman provide real, actionable game-improvement advice for golfers of all levels. If you want to take your game to the next level, this is the podcast for you.

The Fried Egg Golf Podcast

The Fried Egg

A deeper level of golf: conversations and stories about golf course design, professional golf, and more from the team behind

The Smylie Show

Smylie Kaufman, SportsGrid

Smylie Kaufman is a PGA Tour winner, pro golf broadcaster, and the host of "The Smylie Show". Every week, along with his producer and co-host Charlie Hulme, Smylie provides insights and analysis on the game of golf (along with a handful of other miscellaneous items), in addition to sharing long-form conversations with Tour pros and other celebrities who love the game.

GOLF’s Subpar

GOLF’s Subpar, hosted by featuring former PGA Tour pro Colt Knost and his long time friend and on course rival Drew Stoltz, pairs colorful segments with in-depth sit-down interviews with the game’s biggest personalities. It will be available across’s platforms every Tuesday.

The First Cut Golf

CBS Sports, Golf, PGA Golf Tour, PGA, LIV Golf, Golf Picks, Golf Bets, Tiger Woods

The First Cut takes you inside the ropes of the golf world, on the PGA Tour and beyond. Tournament previews and picks, deep dives into the players and storylines that matter in the sport of golf. Rick Gehman (@RickRunGood) and Greg DuCharme (@therealGFD) join us every week for PGA Tour DFS, betting picks and information you need to know to win your 'One and Done' pools. Kyle Porter (@KylePorterCBS) and Mark Immelman (@mark_immelman) bring you the news to know and expert analysis on the world's most elite players.---'First Cut' is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Castbox and wherever else you listen to podcasts. For more golf coverage from CBS Sports, visit To hear more from the CBS Sports Podcast Network, visit

TrapDraw Podcast – No Laying Up

No Laying Up

The TrapDraw is No Laying Up’s podcast playground for all topics beyond the world of golf. Episode formats vary week to week and usually include Chop Sessions (where hosts TC & Randy explore their many eclectic interests), The Booth (where Neil & Cody interrogate each other), Interviews (with subject-matter experts from a wide swath of society), and Perfect Clubs (in-depth examinations of pop culture phenomenons). Through the TrapDraw members of No Laying Up are able to share glimpses into their daily lives with their most ardent, engaged audience.

The Golfer's Journal Podcast

The Golfer's Journal

Join Tom Coyne as he travels around the country interviewing the most interesting people in golf.

Golf IQ

Golf Digest

Become a smarter, better golfer — faster. Hosted by Golf Digest's Play and Game Improvement Editor Luke Kerr-Dineen, the GOLF IQ podcast is a twice-weekly game improvement podcast that will deliver golfers bite-sized doses of insight and analysis that will raise your golf IQ, and play better golf because of it.

The Rick Shiels Golf Show

Rick Shiels, Guy Charnock

Welcome to The Rick Shiels Golf Show podcast! Every Tuesday a new podcast brings you golf chat (and none golf chat) from Rick Shiels. EMAIL: INSTAGRAM: @therickshielsgolfshow Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

On the Mark Golf Podcast


Mark Immelman, golf broadcaster, acclaimed instructor, and former college coach, delivers top insights to improve your golf game. He interviews PGA Tour Players, swing coaches, caddies, fitness and mental coaches, equipment gurus, and more, giving listeners inside the ropes access to the very best minds in golf.

The Mental Golf Show

Josh Nichols

Host Josh Nichols shares from his own 20 years of competitive and golf psychology coaching experiences, along with years of learning psychology, as well as interviews with players, coaches, and experts in the golf industry, all with the goal of helping you think better on and off the golf course. *This podcast is not meant to apply to every individuals’ mental health. And not all opinions expressed by guests reflect Josh’s opinions and experiences.

The Big Pickle

Golf Week

The Big Pickle is a deep dive into the LPGA and all facets of women's golf with Grant Boone, award-winning play-by-play commentator for GOLF Channel, and Beth Ann Nichols, senior writer at Golfweek Magazine and one of the most revered journalists covering the game.

Hack It Out Golf

Golf Swing Productions by Mark Crossfield Greg Chalmers and Lou Stagner

We dive deep into golf, sharing expert insights to help you improve your golf swing and lower your scores. Renowned golf coach Mark Crossfield, stats expert Lou Stagner, and PGA Tour player Greg Chalmers join forces to bring you an engaging, informative, and entertaining show dedicated to all things golf. Your game will improve, and you will have a lot of laughs along the way listening to the banter of these three friends. Whether you're a seasoned pro or beginner golfer, this podcast is your ultimate resource for enhancing your skills and unlocking your full potential on the golf course. Join Mark Crossfield, a highly respected and sought-after golf coach, as he shares his extensive knowledge and experience in the sport having given many thousands of golf lessons to golfers of every skill level. Through in-depth discussions and engaging anecdotes, Mark guides you through the intricacies of the golf swing, unraveling the mysteries and helping you understand the nuances that can make all the difference in your performance on the golf course. Lou Stagner, our resident stats expert, brings a unique perspective to the podcast. He breaks down the numbers and provides you with invaluable statistical analysis that will empower you to make more informed decisions on the golf course. Learn how to leverage data to assess your strengths and weaknesses, strategize your game plan, and gain a competitive edge. But that's not all – we have the privilege of having PGA Tour Player Greg Chalmers on board. Greg shares his firsthand experiences and insights from competing at the highest level of professional golf. Hear his stories, learn from his successes and failures, and gain a glimpse into the mindset and discipline required to excel on the PGA Tour. Each episode of the Hack it Out Golf Podcast is packed with practical golf lessons, actionable tips, and strategies to improve your golf swing, enhance your accuracy, and optimize your overall performance. From mastering the fundamentals to refining advanced techniques, we cover it all. Whether you're looking to straighten out your drive, hone your short game, or improve your putting, our expert panel is here to guide you every step of the way and improve your golf game. We will help you to learn how to gain better control over your golf ball not only in practice, but out on the golf course. In addition to the practical golf lessons we provide, we also do preview and recap shows for the biggest events in golf. We cover the four major championships (The Masters at Augusta National, The US Open, The Open Championship and the PGA Championship). We also cover the Ryder Cup, The Presidents Cup and other current events in the world of golf on the PGA Tour, LPGA Tour, DP World Tour and LIV Golf. We also have in-depth chats on some of the biggest names in golf like Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, Jon Rahm, Jordan Spieth and Justin Thomas. So, grab your clubs and tune in to the Hack It Out Golf podcast. Let us be your trusted companions on this golfing journey, as we equip you with the knowledge, tools, and inspiration you need to take your golf game to the next level. Get ready to swing for success and experience the thrill of reaching new heights on the golf course.

Wicked Smart Golf

Michael Leonard

Welcome to Wicked Smart Golf - hosted by Michael Leonard. This golf podcast will help you shoot lower scores and play your best WITHOUT changing your swing. Michael is a full-time golf writer who has written over 2,000,000 words about the sport since 2017 and been playing golf for more than 20 years. In high school, he dropped 50 shots in four years (124-74), played college golf in Southern California, and now plays competitively in Arizona through the USGA, Arizona Golf Association, and Outlaw Tour. He even went to Q-school in 2019 as an amateur golfer. His goal is simple - help golfers shoot lower scores and drop their handicap without all the technical swing changes. Because let's face it, no matter how good you get, your swing will never be perfect and a work in progress. The good news is that you don't need a "perfect" swing to break 80 or become a scratch golfer. In this podcast, he will teach you how to play more consistent golf by mastering your mindset, playing wicked smart golf on the course, learn to practice like a pro, and simplify the short game for lower scores. Enjoy weekly solo episodes and plenty of interviews with golf coaches, elite players, best-selling authors, and other inspiring golf stories.

The Par Train - A Mental Golf Show

The Par Train - Helping Frustrated Golfers #EnjoyTheRide Again

Golf game off the rails? Sick of riding the struggle bus? You've come to the right place. The Par Train helps frustrated golfers #EnjoyTheRide again, because if you can learn to smile through bad golf, you can smile through anything. The Par Train Podcast unpacks the mental game with PGA Tour Pros, best-selling authors, CEOs, sports psychologists, every day golfers, and more to make the hardest game in the world feel easy and help you finally get back on track. Welcome aboard!

Inside the LPGA


Hosted by the dynamic duo of the LPGA’s Hope Barnett and renown golf journalist Adam Stanley, alongside weekly guest hosts including current LPGA Tour athlete, Emma Talley, the Inside the LPGA podcast aims to immerse listeners in the heart of the LPGA Tour action. The Inside the LPGA podcast podcast promises a unique blend of golf insights and entertainment. Each episode will feature informative discussions about golf enhanced by KPMG Performance Insights, insightful interviews with top LPGA athletes, lighthearted banter that'll have you laughing along with the hosts. 

Local Knowledge

Golf Digest

The best golf stories have multiple layers to them. In each episode, Local Knowledge dives deep into a subject golfers want to know about, whether it’s about the game they play, the competition at the highest level, or the surprising ways golf factors into larger conversations throughout society. Hosts Alex Myers, Keely Levins, Shane Ryan and Sam Weinman weave together original interviews, Golf Digest reporting, and additional elements to tell the type of compelling stories that have been a Golf Digest staple for decades.

Golf Channel Podcast with Rex & Lav

Golf Channel writers discuss and debate the latest news from the PGA Tour, DP World Tour, LPGA, Korn Ferry Tour, Champions Tour, College Golf, and the amateur game.

The Rough Cut Golf Podcast

Finch Golf Media

The Rough Cut Golf Podcast is part of the Finch Golf Media network. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

The Double Bogey Show

You Betcha

A podcast for below average golfers, hosted by below average golfers. Every Wednesday since 2021, Tyler and Ryan do their best to make the "casual" golfer feel like they belong. If you don't tuck in your shirt on the golf course, never miss a chance to order a couple beers from the bev cart and almost always take a Breakfast Ball off the first tee then this is the podcast for you. The official podcast of the Breakfast Ball page. Sub-brand of You Betcha. Follow us 👇

The Hank Haney Podcast

The 8 Side

Hank Haney gives his direct and powerful opinion on the biggest topics in the game of golf. It’s time you heard an honest and compelling judgement about the sport you love! Will Tiger catch Jack? How elite is Brooks Koepka? Hear Hank break down and analyze the biggest names in the sport. Also, take Hank on the course with you! Hank will help you improve your game with knowledge and experience that he’s gained being surrounded by the best.

The Loop

Golf Digest

This is The Loop, a refreshing mix of everything you love to talk about around golf, with the only rule that you don’t take yourself or the game too seriously. Each week hosts Christopher Powers, Alex Myers, and Steve Hennessey, along with special guests from across the sports and entertainment worlds, will touch on what’s going in the game, who they’re putting money on, and whatever else comes up along the way.

Par 3 Podcast with J.R. Smith & Stephen Malbon

J.R. Smith x Stephen Malbon x DBPodcasts

Hosted by Two-Time NBA Champion & NCAA Golfer J.R. Smith (The Pro Athlete) and Malbon Golf Co-Founder Stephen Malbon (The Lifer). Par 3 Podcast gives listeners a candid, unapologetic and fun look at golf while redefining what ‘Golf Is Life' means. These golf addicts and cultural influencers are coming together to provide a brand new diverse POV on Golf with the Par 3 Podcast.  New Episodes air every Thursday on all Podcast Platforms & YouTube. Golf & Adulting. Made Possible by DBPodcasts For Business Inquiries Contact:

300 Yards To Unknown | By RickRunGood

Rick Gehman

Tune in for all your golf needs! Breaking down weekly tournaments for fantasy golf (DraftKings), betting strategies and one & done pools. Also hear about the latest news and trends in the world of golf. Hosted by Rick Gehman aka RickRunGood.

The Fire Pit Podcast

Fire Pit Collective

In the 25 years of covering golf, the development of the game, courses and the camaraderie that’s core to the culture, it was time for Matt to share some of the best stories he has heard around fire pits all over the world. From PGA Tour players, caddies, architects, avid amateurs and buddies-trip planners, Matt has forged relationships with some of the most colorful and influential people in the game. So grab a drink, a seat and settle in. We’re getting to the essence of one story per podcast. A narrative so deep and meaningful, you save it for a post-round fire pit, which is where no one is in a hurry for the night to end.

Fit For Golf

Mike Carroll

Conversations to help you improve your golf, fitness, and health.

GOLF’s Fully Equipped

Hosted by GOLF’s Jonathan Wall and Ryan Barath alongside True Spec’s Kris McCormack and Golf Laboratories’ Gene Parente, Fully Equipped aims to share gear knowledge from two unique expert perspectives. It is your go to podcast for first hand gear news from the tour, detailed information on all equipment releases, and in depth interviews featuring PGA and LPGA players, Gearhead Celebrities, and the key influencers in the industry.

No Putts Given


Unbiased. Independent. NoPuttsGiven. The #NoPuttsGiven golf podcast (powered by MyGolfSpy). "The World's Most Extensive Golf Gear Reviews."


Fried Egg Golf

Eggsplorations is a podcast from Fried Egg Golf that takes you with the team on their golf travels. Each season will focus around a singular golf trip, with episodes ranging in length and subject matter based on what glory or misfortunate may be found that day on the road. Discussions will range from golf course design deep dives and impressions on a top-rated blue chipper or hidden gem played that day, to a short 15-minute episode on a great social or bar scene hit along the way, to some clerical mistake Andy might have made that has the group up a creek. Episodes are recorded in real time while Fried Egg Golf team members are on the road, serving as a sort of audio travelogue. All members of the team will join at various times offering impressions and expertise, and local guests will also be rotated into the experience. So subscribe for Season One as we head to Northern Ireland. 

PING Proving Grounds


The PING Proving Grounds podcast dives into PING's celebrated history and immeasurable contributions to golf equipment, custom fitting and the game of golf in general. Broadcaster Shane Bacon and Marty Jertson, PING's Vice President of Fitting and Performance and professional golfer, discuss what happens behind the scenes at the PING Proving Grounds where data-driven research helps a team of scientists and engineers develop products and fitting tools to help golfers play their best. From the gold putter vault to PING Man and everything in between, tune in to hear more about what goes on at the PING Proving Grounds. Want to watch the podcast? Go to

The Secret of St. Andrews

Scott Dow

The Secret of St. Andrews podcast is for golf enthusiasts, history buffs and patriots.

T-Time with Tori Totlis

Tori Totlis

If you are a female golfer, you have landed in the right place. Join Tori and her weekly guests as they chat about all things women’s golf. Host Tori Totlis will bring you everything you need to grow your golf game with tips, strategy, mindset shifts, a place to vent, inspiration and motivation. Along with sharing her own golf experience, we have amazing weekly guests & cohosts that will share their wins, loses, challenges, top tips, and real stories from the golf course. Let’s come together, spread the word, and share our passion because this is women’s golf and its amazing. INSTAGRAM: @tori_totlis FACEBOOK: @tori_totlis TIKTOK: @tori_totlis

Son of a Butch with Claude Harmon

The 8 Side

Claude Harmon is back and breaking down all things golf – a simple game that tends to confuse smart people. On Son of a Butch, Claude shares world-class swing instruction to help improve your scores while hosting conversations about what the best players, personalities and fanatics love about the game.

Golf Beneath The Surface

Dr. Raymond Prior and Chase Cooper

Performance Consultant  Dr. Raymond Prior and Golf Instructor Chase Cooper talk about all things golf in their new podcast titled 'Golf Beneath The Surface.' Dr. Raymond has worked with some of the best players in the world and brings a unique perspective on what it takes to get in the right mindset to perform when the stakes are the highest. Chase Cooper has travelled the world educating coaches how to use some of the latest golf technologies, taught some of the games greatest golfers, and played at a very high level. Together Dr. Raymond and Chase make a team unmatched in helping you the listener play better golf. 

Disc Golf Debate Night

Brodie Smith and Hunter Thomas

Trevor hosts 4 analysts each week and gives them a minute each to debate popular topics going on in the disc golf world!

Good Good Podcast

Good Good

Welcome to Good Good! The Squad: Garrett Clark, Stephen Castaneda, Matt Scharff, Micah Morris, Bubbie (Tom Broders) Golf, Colin Ross, Max Putnam

Chasing Majors

Chasing Majors

Chasing Majors is a podcast hosted by golf journalist Evin Priest, with legendary caddie Steve Williams joining him for a 13-episode debut series on his partnership with Tiger Woods.

Inside Golf Podcast

Andy Lack, Blue Wire

Welcome to the Inside Golf Podcast. This podcast is designed to help you get smarter and make better decisions you gamble on golf. Your host, Andy Lack, will dive into the analysis and stats for the upcoming PGA tour stop, so you can confidently bet and make more money every time you bet on golf. So, if you want to make smarter bets, and ultimately more money, subscribe where you get your favorite podcasts and look for new episodes, every Tuesday. Thanks for listening to the Inside Golf Podcast!


Fred Greene

The fastest way to lower golf scores is by having a strong mental/emotional game! Golf Smarter is the longest running golf podcast that's helped thousands of amateur golfers worldwide since 2005. Host Fred Greene, a former radio personality and passionate golfer, has dropped his handicap from the high teens to a single digit by learning weekly from PGA Teaching Pros, mental coaches, fitness experts, course architects, and more. All the Pros agree; to raise your golf IQ and lower your scores, you need to Golf Smarter!

Capital Golf Gang

The Capital Golf Gang

“The Capital Golf Gang” reflects who we are and where we are from. Steve Czaban, John Ronis, Ron Thomas and Jon Guhl — four golf fanatics, from four distinctly different “sectors” of the “industry” and we’ve lived here in the Washington D.C. area for most of our adult lives. Our goal for this golf podcast is to be ruthlessly entertaining, informative, and beholden to nobody. At times, our bare-knuckle truth will sound like four guys shooting the sh#t after a round in the clubhouse, over a beer. Which is precisely the goal. As such, don’t expect a bunch of bubble gum card names on this podcast. By being brutally honest, you accept the fact that you may not make friends with everybody in the game. But we’ll always be fair, and there’s enough divergent opinions to keep everybody in check.

Talk of the TOUR Golf Podcast


PGA TOUR LIVE host John Swantek has conversations with top players and discusses trending topics with leading broadcasters and content producers in the golf world.

The Erik Anders Lang Show: Golf - Travel - Comedy

RGC Radio

Hi! I'm Erik and I'm the co-founder and CEO of Random Golf Club, a global community of local golfers. Welcome to my completely unedited and off the cuff golf podcast! Each week I seek to uncover the stories of WHY we golf, not necessarily HOW we golf. NO SWING TIPS HERE. Listen in on Mondays for a mix of my musings, stream of consciousness golf inspired rants by yours truly, listener questions and a look into the life of this golf-crazed, travel-addicted and sleep-deprived journalist, plus interviews with golf inspired guests -- PGA Tour and LPGA players, actors, architects, coaches, authors and inspirational people from all corners of the golf world. Enjoy!

Tour Junkies: PGA Tour Betting & DFS

The Tour Junkies

Are you tired of getting your PGA TOUR betting and DraftKings advice from boring, zero personality numbers nerds? The Tour Junkies have been delivering winning golf betting picks and DraftKings DFS strategies since 2015 all while delivering hilarious takes and segments to make the golf betting research process fun. DB & Pat have interviewed over 50 PGA TOUR players, caddies, and media personalities over the years including Brooks Koepka, Tony Finau, Daniel Berger and more. If you're looking to actually enjoy your golf betting and DFS research process, then take it from a couple of OG's in the space with the inside track. LIV Golf Betting previews starting in 2023...if you can bet on it, and it's professional golf...we've got you covered! If it's professional golf and you can bet on it...The Tour Junkies Network has you covered.

Links and Locks

Action Network

To embrace the game of golf is to embrace the thrill of a good gamble. So whether you're a weekend warrior grinding out DFS lineups, a seasoned pool player during major tournaments, or just a low-handicap hustler looking for great course fodder, this show offers best-in-class betting advice and fantasy analysis you won't hear anywhere else. Every Tuesday our "Best Bet" episodes feature our experts playing "18 holes," giving out their 18 favorite bets for the upcoming tournament. On Wednesdays, our robust Betting Preview episodes featuring Action expert Roberto Arguello, joined by seasoned gambler Nick Bretwisch and data maven Spencer Aguiar, former FSWA Golf Writer of the Year. So if you need Masters' picks, help building a U.S Open or Open Championship DFS lineup, or the best Top 5 plays for the 3M Open, our golf team is here to serve sports bettors every week of the PGA TOUR season… and beyond! 

Get a Grip with Shane Bacon

The 8 Side

Hosted by broadcaster Shane Bacon, Get a Grip is a golf-centric podcast making light of a rather stuffy sport with legitimate insight into the game. It’s essentially the public golf course of podcasts. The show will offer a look into the PGA Tour week in and week out and have some fun at both the players' and golf fans’ expenses.

The Golf Psychology Podcast

Patrick J. Cohn, Ph.D.

Golf Psychology Podcast - Mental Game Sessions with Doc is a podcast for serious golfers who want to improve their mental game performance. Hosted by Dr. Patrick Cohn of Peak Performance Sports, the golf psychology podcast allows junior, collegiate, amateur, and professional golfers to ask Dr. Cohn a question on golf psychology or the mental game of golf.

The Chipping Forecast

Folding Pocket

Leading commentator Andrew Cotter and fan favourite Eddie Pepperell are joined by one of the most distinctive voices in golf, Iain Carter, to bring you the warmest three-ball in the sport.

Golf. Life. Faith. Podcast

College Golf Fellowship

College Golf Fellowship Staffers Toby Ragland and Jayce Barber sit down with many different PGA Partners of CGF and talk all things golf, life and faith.

Country Club Adjacent

CCA Productions

A podcast with comedians Aristotle Georgeson (aka Blake Webber) Jake Adams, Griff Pippin & Mark Smalls. Country Club Adjacent is changing the game of golf with a much edgier perspective on where the game is going. With an occasional celebrity comedian guest or professional golfer this podcast is high energy for over an hour every week!

Full Swing Thoughts

The Fried Egg

Full Swing Thoughts is a podcast from The Fried Egg on the Netflix golf docuseries, Full Swing. Andy Johnson, Joseph LaMagna, and Brendan Porath will recap and review each episode in this feed, sharing insights on what they learned about the tours and their stars, what they found amusing, what worked, and what flopped. They will attempt to bring their usual enthusiasm, skepticism, and humor as they discuss the unveiling of this highly anticipated new show.

SmashBoxxTV's Disc Golf Podcast

Jonathan Van Deurzen

We talk about the newest information in disc golf. In depth conversations with the game's top pros. And all the inside information that you won't find anywhere else. Get bonus content on Patreon and early episode access. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

Any Given Monday

Monday Q Info

Monday Q Info's Ryan French dives deep into the world of underdog and untold stories in golf.

The DROP Podcast

Golfing in the Garden State

Ride along with Mike Puorro and Ryan Kulat, as they play golf, talk golf, and bring you all things 'Golf in the Garden State'. They rate courses, chat with head professionals, and more as they explore the unique New Jersey golf scene. Tune in before you tee up! Support this podcast:

The Golf Podcast Presented by Golficity


The Golf Podcast hosts Frank and Mike are regular golfers, just like you, who enjoy playing, learning, and sharing the game of golf. Each week we discuss our own personal golf experiences in hopes that by following along with our journey golf game can benefit too. On the podcast you'll also hear exciting and engaging interviews from some of golf's biggest, and most up-and-coming names. We hope our podcast can help you better enjoy the game, revel in the chase to better, and most importantly, have fun out there!

Turf Today Podcast

Turf Today

Welcome to the show! Join Adam Courchaine and Trevor Larsen as they host an engaging cross section of guests from the worldwide golf course maintenance community. Feel right at home as they talk shop without any boundaries. Listen, learn and laugh at the numerous entertaining experiences from various turf, golf and related professionals that you will enjoy getting to know. Feel free to reach out over our social media channels @turftoday and share the show with your friends who love Golf and the golf course itself.


TalkinGolf Productions

The podcast network for serious golfers. TalkinGolf launched as an online audio show way back before podcasts (or even the iPhone) were a thing. We've been on an extended break since 2012 but now we're back and creating new and interesting content each week as well as a sprinkling of some of the best stuff from the archives.

The 18STRONG Podcast / Jeff Pelizzaro (Golf Digest Top 50 Fitness Professional)

The 18STRONG Podcast is a golf show that has its roots in fitness but has grown to include much more than just talking about exercise for golfers. Whether you’re looking to win a club championship, trying to break 90, or just excited about an epic golf trip with your buddies, each episode contains powerful information you can immediately put into action, on and off the course, that will have a massive impact on your game. Join Jeff Pelizzaro, Golf Digest Top 50 Golf Fitness Professional, Physical Therapist, and co-founder of 18STRONG, as he interviews and trades epic stories with the biggest names in golf (players, coaches, trainers, and other unique personalities) about what it means to be “18STRONG”.

The Brain Booster - Improve Your Mental Golf Game

Karl Morris

Welcome to The Brain Booster with Karl Morris. The ultimate podcast for golf enthusiasts seeking to enhance their mental game and take their golf performance to new heights. Hosted by Europe's leading performance coach to PGA Tour players, Karl Morris, along with special guests, this show is your gateway to unlocking the hidden potential within you on the golf course. In each episode, we delve into the intricacies of golf psychology, offering valuable insights, expert interviews, and practical tips to help you conquer those mental obstacles that often stand between you and your best golf game. Whether you're a beginner looking to gain a mental edge or a seasoned pro aiming for peak performance, our podcast is your go-to resource. Discover how to silence the inner critic, conquer first tee jitters, stay focused under pressure, and maintain a winning mindset throughout your round. Our episodes cover a wide range of topics, from pre-round routines and visualization techniques to mindfulness exercises and strategies for handling setbacks. Join us as we explore the minds of golf's greatest champions, share success stories from everyday players, and provide actionable advice that can transform your golf experience. Subscribe now to The Brain Booster and start your journey towards becoming a mentally resilient golfer. Get ready to tee off with confidence and watch your game soar to new heights. Download the Brain Booster companion mobile app to work on your game, Mind Caddie, available from the iOS and Android app stores:

Turf Talk


The unofficial podcast of the Treasure Coast GCSA and chapters everywhere, Cultivating conversations, growing greatness. Hosted by Ty Robb and Rob Uzar

The Fellowship with Adam Hawk

Nation Golf Co.

A weekly celebration of friends enjoying each other's company and banter with the great game of golf serving as the backdrop that unites us all.

The Golf Coach with Toby McGeachie

Toby McGeachie

Toby McGeachie, a highly regarded golf coach in the coaching world, is a self-confessed golf nerd who is passionate about helping people improve their golf game. In this podcast he has conversations with a variety of people in golf, from PGA Tour players, Tour Coaches, Fitness instructors and many more. Toby’s holistic approach and excellent communication skills helps make the complicated sound simple.

The Golfer's Journal Podcast

The Golfer's Journal

Join Tom Coyne as he travels around the country interviewing the most interesting people in golf.

Fairways of Life with Matt Adams Golf Show

Fairways of Life

The Fairways of Life Show, the most listened to golf in the world, is your place for inside information, unforgettable interviews with the game’s legends and stars and interactive discussions, hosted by award-winning broadcaster, writer, New York Times best selling author and Golf Channel commentator, Matt Adams. It’s the only LIVE daily golf talk show available around the world on air, on line and on demand for free on your mobile device, so you can listen in your car or on the go and hear it 24/7 on demand on every major digital audio platform

College Golf Talk

Golf Channel

Keep up with the latest from the college golf world with Golf Channel's College Golf Talk with host Steve Burkowski. From in depth conversations with current players and coaches, to Golf Channel experts breaking down the biggest collegiate events, this 10-part series will keep you in the know throughout the college golf season.

The Real Life Caddie Golf Podcast

Glorified Donkey

Stock Shot Secrets

Kyle Morris

Kyle Morris, Owner & Director Of Instruction of The Golf Room & The Golf Room Everywhere brings you these secrets so you're able to become your BEST on and off the course.

Playing a Round with Paige

The 8 Side

Paige Spiranac is one of the most "followed" golfers in the world. Find out why and get to know her in an entirely new way.  Not only does she love playing the game, she's a massive fan of the sport and golfers at all levels. No matter your skill level, Playing A Round is the place for Golfers and Sports Enthusiasts to have a really good time. Paige doesn't take herself too seriously. She's sexy and playful and ready to give you a little T&A (Tips and Advice) so listen up! Golf is known to reduce stress, release endorphins and offer a wide range of mental and physical benefits...just like this podcast. Get ready to Play A Round with us.

Fore the Ladies Golf Podcast

Fore the Ladies

Welcome to Fore the Ladies! What started as one introduction-to-golf clinic in 2019 has grown to a community of amazing people that strive to bring more to the game. On the Fore the Ladies podcast, we you 3 series: Ladies of Golf, which introduces you to the women who play, work and challenge the game. Golf 101, where we explain the unwritten rules and debunk the complicated parts of golf. And Mixed Bag with Abby Liebenthal and Justin Kruse, where they break down what’s going on women’s golf. Thanks for being here!

Above Par

Kathy Hart Wood

If you are a serious golfer who feels like you underperform on the course, Above Par is for you. It is frustrating to know you have more talent than you take to the course. And your host, Kathy Hart Wood, gets it. She combines her experience as a former tour player and Top 50 Teacher with her knowledge and insight as a Certified Life Coach to help you unleash all your talent. She shows you how to think Above Par so you can play below par.

Better Than I Found It

Better Than I Found It

Piggy-backing off the book with the same title, "Better Than I Found It" is a podcast uncovering stories and insights from Baylor Men's Golf Coach, Mike McGraw's life in golf coaching. Hosted by Mikkel Bjerch-Andresen.

Golf 360


Golf 360 came about from a theory I wrote a decade ago called The Golf Paradigm. It is something I came up with after spending over 30 years in golf and meeting a lot of exceptional people. Some of them were within the industry while others were outside of it but they all had phenomenal information that helped me improve. Whether it was a world-renowned coach, genius club fitter or engineer, ground breaking health professional or therapist, fantastic mental coach or psychologist or someone that understood how to utilize all of these to the benefit of the whole, they are some amazing people. There were also many others, all highly accomplished and from various fields; the business world, other professional athletes, and many more that were kind enough to pass along the knowledge they had acquired over a lifetime of work. Not only did their input help me as a touring professional, it also helped me in life and with my current teaching position with the The Golf Paradigm Academy. I wanted to take my good fortune of having access to so many people and bring that to you so you could apply it to your own game and life. With such a wide array of people I thought why not call it 'Golf 360'?

Beyond the Fairway

Doug Smith & Will Lowery

Back for a fourth season, Beyond The Fairway is where golf meets culture in a laid-back, outside-the-ropes vibe. Two former professional golfers turned widely respected voices in golf take you beyond the scores and highlights, to serve you a chilled dose of game, with a healthy side of sh!t talkin'. Hosts Doug Smith (Golf Channel/PGA Tour Live) and Will Lowery (Golf Pass/Underrated Tour) bring you candid interviews with celebrities and entertainers, sharing their unique take on the game and how it intertwines with life. While keeping it all the way 'one hunnid' from hilarious segments to insightful betting tips, this podcast will be your new favorite playing partner.

The Par FORE Podcast Presented By GolfMagic


GolfMagic is one of the largest digital golf platforms in the world. To expand our coverage of the sport we all love, we’re now doing a weekly podcast! We look at all the latest news from the biggest tournaments and speak to the top players with our presenter Alex Lodge, Andy Roberts, William Ward and John Percvial Hosted on Acast. See for more information.


Hally and James Leadbetter

It’s here, finally. The best golf podcast in the history of podcasts. Hally and James Leadbetter (a sister and brother combo unlike any other) take you through the hottest topics and gossip in golf. It’s Golf news. Golf culture. Golf comedy. Every week. You’re welcome.

The Mind Game - A Golf Mental Game Podcast

The Mind Game - A Golf Podcast

Golf is a game of the mind, executed by the body. With a focus on experience and practicality, The Mind Game explores the space where science, psychology, and spirituality meet. Join us as we take a fresh approach to the mental game of golf and use practical work to enhance our performance and enjoyment out on the course. Email us at for your questions, comments, or suggestions.

The Accelerate Golf Podcast

QSchool Sports

Ever wondered how scratch golfers got to that level of play? And why you are still stuck shooting in the 80s? Or been curious about the economics of your local club? Or that of hosting a tournament? Welcome to the Accelerate Golf podcast, where we explore the game and business of golf through conversations. The golf we watch on TV is simply not relatable for 99% of us. Instead, why not learn from really good players who figured out how to break par consistently despite having careers and families and not practicing every day. How did they reach and maintain that level of play? Find out how they went from good to great! But player improvement is just one of the threads we cover. Walk along with our guests - club champions, teachers, tournament hosts, vendors, business people - as they share their journeys in golf, and understand the opportunities within this beautiful game. Stay tuned as we bring more insights and stories your way!

Betsperts Golf Betting and DFS Preview

Betsperts Golf

Two weekly episodes on Tuesdays, one focused on betting, one zeroed in on DFS.

Golf For Beginners Podcast

Golf For Beginners Academy

Are you a beginner golfer, or a seasoned player looking to relearn the basics of this wonderful game? This podcast is tailored just for you. Tune in to discover essential tips, from perfecting your golfswing to mastering course management. You will learn the fundamentals that pave the way for a more confident and enjoyable golfing experience.

Those Weekend Golf Guys

Those Weekend Golf Guys, Bleav

Take a Golf Magazine Top 100 teacher, Jeff Smith ( ( and pair him with an outstanding radio personality and you have the formula for one helluva Golf Talk Radio Show. John Ashton (the show host) has enjoyed success as a morning personality on radio stations from Bangor, Maine to Dallas, Texas. He’s also embarrassed himself on many golf courses in the same locations. John is a hacker, struggling to break 80 (OK, 90) but has a passion and enjoyment of the game, a skewed sense of humor and an outlook that makes this the most entertaining Golf Show around.Jeff Smith, PGA enjoys the innate ability to create word pictures so, even on the radio, his tips and techniques to improve your game are clear, easy to follow and help listeners cut strokes on their very next round.

The Scratch Golfer's Mindset

Paul Salter

Paul Salter is a triple-digit golfer on a quest to become a scratch golfer. He’s also a High-Performance Mindset Coach and Credentialed Hypnotherapist with 15 years of experience helping high performers from all walks of life get unstuck and unlock their full potential. Each week, Paul will share the emotional and mindset shifts you need to make to make mastering the mental game of golf simple, tangible, and relatable so that you can overcome the mental hazards keeping you stuck in the proverbial bunker of poor performance. He’ll also routinely keep you updated on his progress toward par while sharing a raw and vulnerable look into his own collection of mental hazards he must overcome. Whether you’re an occasional amateur, a weekend regular, or a competitor seeking a tournament trophy or your pro card, this podcast will help you play better golf.

No Laying Up: Crash Course

No Laying Up

As we explore golf all over the world, we wanted to expand our popular No Laying Up Crash Course video series into a podcast format as well. If you are planning a golf trip, curious about a specific private course, or want to know what the NLU crew thinks about your home course, then you've come to the right podcast!

Golf Gambling Podcast

Sports Gambling Podcast Network

The Golf Gambling Podcast on the Sports Gambling Podcast Network provides for weekly DFS and golf betting analysis on every PGA Tour event. Co-Hosts Chris “Boston Capper” Clifford and Steve Schirmer bring the perfect blend of gut handicapping and statistical modeling for all their golf picks. Hear all their favorite plays and fades every week during the PGA Tour season to help you get paid!

The Thing About Golf Podcast

Golf Australia

Estimates say there are as many as 60 million golfers in the world and we all know at least some of them who are completely addicted. The question is why? Join us as we try to discover the answer to that burning question, interviewing golfers both famous - and not - on a monthly quest to solve the riddle of this maddening game.

Big Drive Energy


The official podcast of Big Drive Energy, a golf podcast from ALLCITY Network. A drinking podcast with a golf problem. Brothers and former golf professionals Spencer Smith and Mitchell Smith are here to highlight current golf culture and debunk the myth that golf is a stuffy sport. Crack a beer and enjoy!

Drop Zone - GOLF Podcast

Golf writers Sean Zak and Dylan Dethier break down everything important and entertaining from the golf world, taking you behind the scenes with weekly recaps, hilarious segments and in-depth interviews. The Drop Zone is a must-listen for golf fans!

The Tie Podcast

Henry Shimp

Connecting people through a common interest in the game of golf while also exploring many other aspects of who they are.

Golf Lovers United: Discussing Golf, the Fair Way

Golf Lovers United

Welcome to "Golf Lovers United," the comprehensive podcast dedicated to all aspects of golf. Hosted by @GolfLoverUK, @ProGolfCritic, and @GolfDadUK, we release episodes once a week that explore the multifaceted, ever-changing world of golf. From the professional sphere of the PGA Tour to the evolution of LIV, from the triumphs of women's golf to the heart and soul of the amateur game, we love and cover it all. Our hosts engage in thoughtful conversations with tour players, coaches, caddies, and insiders, providing unique insights and perspectives. The passion of "Golf Lovers United" extends to every part of the game. It's not simply a podcast; it's a community where all golf is celebrated, respected, and explored, fully embracing our tagline: "Golf. The fair way." If you share our love for the sport, join us weekly as we delve into the trends, techniques, stories, and people that shape golf. "Golf Lovers United" is here to provide a rich and welcoming space for you, the passionate golf fan.

The Brandel Chamblee Podcast with Jaime Diaz

Brandel Chamblee and Jaime Diaz

A monthly podcast in which the outspoken Brandel Chamblee and award-winning journalist Jaime Diaz discuss, debate and break down some of the more interesting topics in golf.

Save Par Golf Podcast

Save Par Golf Podcast

Join Derek and Dominic while they chat about the current state of golf, sports, food, and everything in between.

Cool Clubs Golf's Podcast

CoolClubs Golf

Cool Clubs stands as the premier global organization specializing in independent club fitting services. With our widespread network of club fitting sites spanning the globe, we provide unparalleled accessibility for our valued clients.Cool Clubs exclusively focuses on tailoring equipment to optimize an individual's performance. Through our commitment to honest, performance-based custom club fittings, we empower golf enthusiasts to elevate their game.Beyond club fitting, Cool Clubs prides itself on its status as a pioneering technology company. Our dedicated S3 Technologies division spearheads extensive research and development initiatives, encompassing robotic testing of clubs, the creation of cutting-edge club measurement tools, and the development of unrivaled fitting software.We are here to help you play better golf. 

The Back of the Range

Ben Adelberg

The Back of the Range Golf Podcast, hosted by Ben Adelberg, is a weekly interview-driven podcast focusing on the game of golf. Prominent amateurs and professionals, coaches, and personalities from the game share their stories each and every week. Sometimes, the best stories in golf aren't found on tour. You'll find them at The Back of the Range.

be.still golf podcast

be.still golf

we're a group of buddies who love to talk about golf and pretend we are better than we actually are

Big Players Only

Big Players Group

Welcome to The Big Players Only podcast, we talk all things golf, and interview personalities from all around the golf world. Expect a heavy dose of I Think You Should Leave jokes, hot takes and interesting facts with the Big Players: Ben, Josh, Tyler, Tully, Collin and Kenny One-Putt.

Golf Betting System Podcast

Golf Betting System

The official podcast for Golf Betting System, the number 1 free betting resource for Major Championship, PGA Tour and European Tour golf.

Athletic Motion Golf- The Podcast

Mike Granato and Shaun Webb

Athletic Motion Golf presents a deep dive into golf instruction as you've never heard before. Mike Granato and Shaun Webb are leading golf instructors who have helped everyone from Major Champions to brand new golfers who are looking for a leg up in their foursome. If you're looking to improve your golf game, then give Athletic Motion Golf- The Podcast a download and listen, and let our instruction speak for itself. Our daily bite-sized podcast is jampacked full of golf instruction that will be some of the deepest and most informative golf insight you've ever heard. If we deliver as promised, please rate and comment so other potential listeners know what to expect!