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Ali Feller

468. Brittany Charboneau, 2022 Dopey Challenge Champion

“It was just so magical. Like holy smokes, I did it.” Last weekend, Brittany Charboneau made Disney history by becoming the first person to ever win all four races in the Dopey Challenge. The North Face-sponsored professional runner ran four races in four days — a 5K, 10K, half marathon, and marathon — and broke the tape at each one. And she did so in carefully curated costumes that she hand-made herself, including Elsa from Frozen 2, Bing Bong and Joy from Inside Out, and Cruella de Vil from Cruella. On this episode, Brittany talks about why she wanted to complete the Dopey Challenge after a disappointing experience at last year's Boston Marathon. She talks about getting Covid just a few weeks before the races, and about her inspiration for each race and each costume. Plus, the Colorado-based comedian talks about attending "Broadway Camp" in New York City, where she spent nine hours a day training in dance

The Strength Running Podcast

Jason Fitzgerald

232. How to Approach Your First Marathon (Jason Gets Interviewed!)

This episode is a little different! Jaxon Burton, a personal trainer and nutritionist from New Zealand who hosts the Vegan Body Coach podcast, interviews Jason about running your first marathon. He asked Jason to talk about the ins and outs of tackling your first go at 26.2 miles - from how to know when you’re ready, training must-do’s, common pitfalls to avoid, and suggestions for executing on race day. Even if you’re not a first timer, I’m sure you’ll pick up on some valuable advice to better optimize your next marathon. This conversation originally appeared on the Vegan Body Coach Podcast.  Related Resources: How to stay healthy during marathon training Strength Running training programs Subscribe to our YouTube channel Thank You InsideTracker! Our show is supported by our longtime sponsor InsideTracker. Today, more than ever, it’s essential that we’re making the right decisions to keep our bodies health

Trail Runner Nation

Trail Runner Nation

556: Ultrarunning History

Davy Crockett, the host of the podcast, "Ultrarunning History" joins us to help us understand our community’s history and helps us better understand our tribe's culture.  Davy has run over 100 100-mile finishes since starting in 2004.  He is a race director of the Pony Express Trail 50 and 100 in Utah and was recently named Director of the American Ultrarunning Hall of Fame. You can learn more about Davy and his many works at 

The Running for Real Podcast

Tina Muir

Steve Picucci: Redefine the Word "Goal" - R4R 282

This is the time when a lot of us are thinking about our running goals for the new year.  Maybe you have a big race in mind, or you want to be more consistent in your training.  Maybe you’re struggling because you feel as though you “should” have a goal, but don’t. Steve Picucci has coached hundreds of runners, many of whom have won championship titles and achieved their personal bests under his guidance - including Tina, who also happens to be his wife.  In this episode they share their thoughts on setting goals, the way they shift over time, and how they might not always be what you imagine. Tina: “...those of you who say, ‘I have this really big goal that I want to accomplish,’ or ‘I really want to make this year count,’ or ‘this has to be the year I do X, Y, Z,’ whatever that may be, when we think of our running in those terms, we're kind of setting ourselves up for failure.” For one thing, she says, “the fun is

CITIUS MAG Podcast with Chris Chavez

CITIUS MAG Podcast With Chris Chavez

On Athletics Club's Alicia Monson On Winning Her First U.S. Title, Unpacking The Midwest Tough Mentality

Alicia Monson is a professional runner for the On Athletics Club and a 2021 Olympian in the 10,000 meters. Before turning pro, she was a star at the University of Wisconsin. Just a few weeks ago, she won her first national title with a win at the USATF Cross Country Championships in San Diego. In this episode, we touch on a bit more of her personality and dive into why so many things have been going right for her in the past two years. She’s got big goals to make the U.S. national team in the 10,000 meters again for this summer’s world championships. I think she does a great job providing insight into her mindset during races and when she makes her move to break the competition. Stick around for her recap of the super hot Olympic Trials 10,000m race and her funniest drug testing story.
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Rise and Run

The RDMTeam

Rise and Run is a group of friends united by their love of runDisney events. We discuss our experiences as middle-of-the-pack runners at Walt Disney World and at other running events. In our Race Report, we highlight upcoming events from our listeners and, on occasion, will interview one of our friends who recently completed a noteworthy event. Mostly, though, we're a group of Disney runners who love to have fun.

Trail Society


Episode 9: Madeira Island Ultra Trail recap, racing mindset, and trail etiquette

Directory of Trail Work Organizations:   Research Opportunity in New Zealand Contact info for Andrew Dole:   Respecting the Trails article:   UTMB newest race adds:

the morning shakeout podcast

Mario Fraioli

Episode 191 | Luis Grijalva

This is the first podcast Luis Grijalva has ever been on and he’s got a great story to tell. Luis is a 22-year-old Olympian for Guatemala and finished 12th in the 5000m final in Tokyo, running a personal best of 13:10.09. He now runs professionally for HOKA and recently graduated from Northern Arizona University, where he was a multiple time All-American. In this conversation, Luis tells his story of coming to the U.S. as a baby, growing up in Fairfield, California, and how getting into running at the age of 14 changed the course of his life. He told me about his experience qualifying for the Tokyo Olympics, navigating the challenges of traveling outside the country as a DACA beneficiary, and what it meant for him to represent not only his home country, but over half a million other Dreamers on the world’s biggest stage. We also discussed his relationship with coach Mike Smith, where he he draws his confidence from, and a lot more. This

Some Work, All Play

David Roche and Megan Roche

84. Multi-Year Progress and Protein (Plus Cookie!) Science

We took off our grump-suits and put on some sexy swag-suits to talk about the fun science of multi-year changes from a genetic baseline, the coolest twin-study of all time, different protein sources and why they can be adaptation insurance, a poop-doping follow-up, muscle fiber typology and why it matters, and how cookie availability changes evaluation metrics. Thank you all for everything! HUZZAH!
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The Freetrail Podcast with Dylan Bowman

Dylan Bowman

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

Convos Over Cold Brew with Emma Abrahamson

Emma Abrahamson

My Body Image Experience as a Runner & Overcoming Body Dysmorphia

In this emotional solo episode, Emma talks about her experience with her body and overcoming extreme body dysmorphia and a negative body image as a runner. You can find Emma on Instagram at @emmaabrahamson and on her YouTube Channel. Follow Convos Over Cold Brew Podcast on Instagram at @convosovercoldbrewpod.Click here to shop Convos Over Cold Brew merchandise!OFFERS:-InsideTracker | Go to to get 28% OFF the entire InsideTracker store!Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:

More Than Running with Dana


Episode 12 | Heather MacLean On Handling Post-Olympic Comedown, Getting Her Love For The Sport Back

"My immediate feeling afterward was a little bit of disappointment in myself. Now I think back on it and realize I created this goal at the trials. I was an underdog making it to the Olympics in the first place and I created this goal for myself after I qualified for the Olympic team. To think about how far I've come, it's hard to think about that right after the here and now. You think about it later down the road. I'm trying to remind myself now about all the things I overcame in order to make it to that point...It's good to reflect on all the things people have overcome in their lives because it puts your life into perspective. For me, it helps me get through the day-to-day and helps me be so grateful for all the opportunities I have now and what I want to achieve in the future."
New Balance Boston star and 2021 Olympian Heather MacLean rejoins the show to di

The Rambling Runner Podcast

Matt Chittim

#400 - Nikki Cannon: A Teacher Going for 40 Marathons in 40 Days

When it comes to taking on audacious challenges Nikki Cannon is an amateur runner like no other.
An experienced racer at distances from 5k to ultramarathons, and a full-time teacher, Nikki is always game for a challenge. When she turned 40 in 2021 she decided to run 40 marathons in 40 days during the heat of a Houston summer. She got over halfway but had to pull-out after sustaining an injury. Nikki was down but she was not out!
At the beginning of December she started the challenge again. She is now 29 days into her 40 days. In 11 days her journey will conclude at the Chevron Houston Marathon. Not only is she doing this for herself but as a fundraiser for Soles4Souls - a nonprofit dedicated to delivering shoes to those who need them.

Follow Nikki's journey at You can support her fundraising initiative by clicking here.

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The Runner's World UK Podcast

Runner's World UK

The Runner's World podcast is your weekly dose of all things running, here to inform and entertain with unique interviews, news, advice, in-depth discussion and much, much more. See for privacy and opt-out information.

Running Lean

Patrick McGilvray

108. Being an Example of What’s Possible with Eva Bailey

I recently sat down with one of my clients, Eva Bailey, and we had a fun conversation all about her experience getting fat-adapted and training for her first ultramarathon. I’m super excited about bringing this conversation to you today, I know you’re going to get a lot out of it, and my hope is that you also get inspired to also start being an example of what’s possible.
The post 108. Being an Example of What’s Possible with Eva Bailey appeared first on Running Lean with Patrick McGilvray.

I'll Have Another with Lindsey Hein Podcast

SandyBoy Productions

I’ll Have Another with Lindsey Hein is a place for conversations that leave you feeling inspired and refreshed. During each episode, Lindsey will talk with everyday runners, elite runners, Olympians, World Record Holders and everyone in between. We talk about current events in our lives as well as the good, bad, and the ugly of how we got to where are now. The podcast is light, funny with a side of serious. We’ll discuss real life, hard gritty stuff, but will also be sure to cover what happened latest in The Bachelor or whatever we’re loving! I’m all about living with purpose and passion while not taking things too seriously.'s Track Talk's weekly podcast where we go behind the scenes of the professional running, marathoning, and track and field world.

That Triathlon Show

Mikael Eriksson

Run training load, biomechanics, and injury risk with Max Paquette, PhD | EP#321

Associate Professor Max Paquette of the University of Memphis joins us to discuss training load in running, as well as running biomechanics and injury risk.    IN THIS EPISODE YOU'LL LEARN ABOUT: -Training load in running: how should we approach it, and the issues with commonly used methods -Neuromuscular load or mechanical load: what is it and which factors impact it -The impact of ground surface on mechanical load and injury risk -Uphill running vs. running on the flats and injury risk -Intensity control and the impact of intensity on mechanical load and injury risk -Injury risk and recovery times for the aging runner -Footwear, shoe rotation and shoe replacement   SHOWNOTES:   SCIENTIFIC TRIATHLON AND THAT TRIATHLON SHOW WEBPAGE:   SPONSORS: Precision Fuel & Hydration - Optimise and individualise your fueling and hy

C Tolle Run

C Tolle Run

260: Emma Bates - Doing the Dance With It

Carrie chats with Emma Bates in front of a live crowd at TC Running! They talk about her second-place finish at the Bank of America Chicago Marathon, which cities hold significance in her life, the importance of word cues in racing, goals for the upcoming season, and much more!

The Run Smarter Podcast

Brodie Sharpe

Differentiating a niggle from an injury

In today's episode, Brodie talks about the difference between an innocent niggle and an injury. Brodie breaks down his own ideas, thoughts and definitions between the two experiences and the symptoms, characteristics and treatment approaches for reach. Listen in to learn: How long a niggle should last. At what point a niggle carries over into an injury What relevance you should give niggles What the treatment response should be for both a niggle and an injury.  Become a patron! Receive Run Smarter Emails Book a FREE Injury chat with Brodie Run Smarter App IOS or Android  Podcast Facebook group Run Smarter Course with code 'PODCAST' for 3-day free trial.

Billy Yang Podcast

Billy Yang

Sally McRae & Jason Koop LIVE | BYP 071

First episode of 2022 and we welcome back repeat guests and fan favorites Sally McRae and Jason Koop to answer YOUR questions via a live YouTube broadcast (originally aired January 11, 2022). We cover a wide range of topics including sleep, heat training, training for races at altitude, mental toughness, long runs and much, much more! + Our Conversation on YouTube + Jason Koop's Training Essentials for Ultrarunning Book + Sally McRae's Training App  ______ 

Healthy Runner Podcast

Duane Scotti: Physical therapist, runner, and podcaster

104. Clarity Leads to Action! Why I Created our 1:1 Healthy Runner Coaching Program with Dr. Duane Scotti

Let me save you some time…   You don’t have to feel like you are injured all the time   You don’t have to feel like you're not getting any faster   You don’t have to feel like you have to sacrifice the running you love to heal from an injury   You don’t have to stress about what you should be doing for exercises in order to continue running into your 40’s, 50’s, and beyond!   Listen in to learn how clarity can lead to action and why I created our New 1-on-1 Healthy Runner Coaching Program to help you take the next massive step in your running and health!   Are you ready to take action and get the accountability you deserve to unlock your greatest potential as a runner?    Get stronger, run faster, and become a lifelong injury free runner with our 16 week 1-on-1 Healthy Runner Coaching Program.  Get the support, structure, and accountability from experts in the health an

The Drop

Believe in the Run

065 | Laura Thweatt, Saucony Athlete

Everyone loves a good puke story, and we got one here in this episode. Our guest Laura Thweatt (@lthweat) is a Saucony elite marathoner who finished 8th in the New York City Marathon last month. As good as that is, she's an even more awesome person who's super down to earth. It all makes for a great conversation (30:57). The BITR gang also gives sneak peeks at their holiday gift guide and shoes of the year list. 

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Finn Melanson

The podcast for the dedicated amateur trail runner.

Science Of Ultra

Shawn Bearden


Thank you, thank you, thank you...on we go!

Ultrarunning History

Davy Crockett

92: The Six-Day Race – Part 2: Edward Payson Weston (1870-1874)

By Davy Crockett
You can read, listen, or watch

The six-day race became the most popular ultrarunning (pedestrian) event of the 19th century. In Part 1 of this series, Foster Powell started it all in 1773 when he ran 400 miles in six days in England. During the next fifty years, ultrarunners tried to match and beat his historic effort, especially during a four-year six-day frenzy of 1822-25. But after that, interest faded for the next fifty years until American, Edward Payson Weston came onto the pedestrian stage.

Reaching the 1870s, the six-day challenge had not yet been exported outside Britain. But that changed as the challenge reached America and moved almost exclusively indoors, thanks to Weston. He became the most famous pedestrian in history. Weston was introduced in episode 54 for his impact on 100-mile history and in episode 26 for his famed transcontinental walk.

The FloTrack Podcast

The FloTrack Podcast

374. 2021 NCAA XC Champs Fantasy Draft | The FloTrack Podcast

Kevin, Gordon and producer Colt pick their fantasy teams for the 2021 NCAA Cross Country Championship.

Run Farther & Faster — The Podcast with Coaches Lisa Levin and Julie Sapper

Run Farther & Faster

Episode 111: Shalane Flanagan Was Not the Only One to Complete Six World Marathon Majors in Seven Weeks...Meet Joe Drake!

Meet the incredible Joe Drake. Like Shalane, Joe, at age 60, crossed the NYC Marathon finish line after completing his fifth World Marathon Major (plus a virtual Tokyo) in seven weeks.  Joe decided to pursue this goal because (not in spite of) of his Parkinson’s Disease. Joe shares how his diagnosis in 2018 transformed him from an “everyday runner” to a marathoner and a Boston Qualifier.  After all of the World Marathon Majors (minus Tokyo which was virtual) were scheduled for the fall of 2021 (thanks, Covid), Joe decided to tackle the challenge of running all six races in seven weeks.  Joe not only managed to enter, travel, and run all six marathons, but he also raised over $35,000 for Team Fox, which is dedicated to finding a cure for Parkinson’s disease.  In this episode, Joe shares the logistics, training and racing strategy behind

Marathon Training for Beginners

Running with the Crummy Marathoners

31. What It's Like to DNF (Did Not Finish) a Marathon w/ Apryl Tidd + World Marathon Majors Explained

When it comes to marathons, we talk all about the beautiful feeling it is to finish, but what about when we don't finish (DNF)? Apryl Tidd tells about her incredible marathon journey and how the Berlin Marathon took an unexpected turn. She also shares all about the Disney Dopey Challenge and the World Marathon Majors.

Follow Apryl on Instagram @aprylruns26.2

Follow us on Instagram @crummymarathoners and online at Join our Facebook Group, "Marathon Training for Beginners, Full & Half".
For those looking for content on marathon training, running, lifestyle, first-time marathon, new runner, beginner runner, half marathon, 5k, 10k, and more.


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Off The Couch


Hoka Ultrarunner, Sabrina Little, on Teaching Philosophy; Running; & Writing about Both

Sabrina Little is an ultra runner, a writer, & philosophy professor, and has held the American record in the 200K and the 24-Hour American Record (she ran 152.03 miles in 24 hours.) So we talk about all of the above, and also toothpaste and Harry Potter.TOPICS & TIMES:Bookshelves & toothpaste (1:04)Sabrina’s 1st 100K (12:15)24-hour record (17:30)Philosophy background (19:51)Running & school (27:08)Writing “The Examined Run” column (30:01)Running & Flourishing (33:14)Humanities today (41:22)Teaching (46:49)2022 races and goals (55:07)Harry Potter (57:29)What’s next? (1:00:15)RELATED LINKS:Blister SummitGetting Here: Gunnison & Crested ButteGear Giveaway / Newsletter Signup See for privacy and opt-out information.

Inspired Soles

Carolyn Coffin and Kim Senechal

Inspired Soles co-hosts Carolyn Coffin and Kim Senechal bring the communities of trail and road running together as they explore the parallels between running and life. Guests share the wisdom and experience they have gained through running and how it has inspired them to live deeper and more meaningful lives.

The Training For Ultra Podcast with Rob Steger

Rob Steger

Marianne Hogan - The Big Comeback and then a Golden Ticket!

Big thank you to Marianne Hogan! Check out the newsletter on my LinkTree below for quotes and highlights from this episode (coming soon). My Links! New on my YouTube - PACING MOAB 240 on my YouTube - WORKING FROM HOME New T4U Wraps (click here) - Two Color Options Training For Ultra - The Book Big ty to the show sponsors! Tanri Outdoors "ULTRA10" for 10% off John Wayne GRIT Series XoSkin - use discount code of “T4U20”

D3 Glory Days Podcast


Episode 66 - Kassie Parker

Both National Champs in the same week? Kassie Parker won the 2021 Women’s Individual National Title on Saturday by running a D3 Course record down in Louisville. Kassie made her way to the front of the race from the start and never looked back. She was joined by Evie Miller for about 3k, which was the longest she had someone trailing her in a D3 race. While it wasn’t the time she wanted to run that day, she’ll be back next year to take a stab at sub 20:00 for the 6k.  Even after the victory, Kassie mentions it wasn’t the best executed race and that leaves her excited for another attempt. This was Kassie’s second time on D3 Glory Days as she was on the Track Contenders episode last spring. In Today’s episode, we go back to learn how a 5:25 1500m high school runner became a 2x National Champion.
Kassie found herself at a big state school, University of Iowa, running on their club team and wanting to be better at running. Her HS PBs of 5:25

The Extramilest Podcast

Floris Gierman

#48: Achieve Your Goals, with Sally McRae

Sally McRae is a professional ultra/mountain runner. This summer she won the Toughest Footrace on the Planet, Badwater 135 miler.    She is one of the most real, inspiring and positive people I have ever met. Sally is a trainer, coach, and mother of two active kids.   She is sponsored by Nike, COROS, Leki, Spring Energy, UltrAspire, Igloo, Sidekick, and LyveCap.   We discuss mental training, pushing the limits, work / life balance, Badwater 135, strength training and more!    YouTube video of this interview:    Chapters:  0:00 Intro Sally McRae 4:15 Sally’s athletic background 6:23 Dealing with her moms death at age 17 8:49 How soccer and sports connect people 9:58 Inspiring others through running 11:42 Time management for a busy pro athlete mother 18:58 Badwater 135 mile race 22:48 Difference between Badwater in 2018 and 2021 26:48 Importance of humbling experiences in running 28:20 Mindset and believ

Sweat Elite Podcast

Sweat Elite

#52 - Nell Rojas

Nell Rojas placed 6th at the Boston Marathon 2021 (1st American) while running a personal best of 2:27:12. Nell is a strength training specialist and shares plenty of insights into her strength training routine as well as her general running training program in this conversation. Content at Sweat Elite is made possible by Subscribers. Subscribing costs less then a coffee a fortnight (plus you'll access more content than non-subscribers). Subscribe here:    

Becoming Ultra

Athlete On Fire

My First Ultra: 20 Steve Baber

Steve has been running since he was in high school.  After burning out and taking a 20-year hiatus he picked it back up when his children (now 30 & 26) got involved in middle school cross country which led him to HS cross country coaching for 5 years.  Some injuries moved Steve off the pavement and towards the trails.   Currently Steve is a real estate broker / auctioneer and the VP of the Indiana Trail Runners Association but has always made time to hit the trails and race.  With a few hundred races under his belt Steve has some big accomplishments in his running career; 23 marathons with a Boston qualifier; 15 ultra marathons; 2012 Trail Runner Magazine’s Trophy series winner just to name a few.  Last year during a marathon trail race Steve fell and detached his right Achilles, had surgery in November and has been rehabbing since.     Have you ever asked yourself what would I do if I could no longer run?  That is what our guest, Steve Baber w

A to Z Running

A to Z Running

Andi and Zach, founders of, dive into distance running from every angle. Training tips and racing recommendations? Staying healthy or recovering from injury? Stories of successes or tales of tragedies? It's all here!

RunBuzz Running Podcast

Steve Carmichael

RB156: Jeff Galloway - Olympian and Founder of the Galloway Run Walk Run Method

I speak with Jeff Galloway, a running legend, Olympian, author, speaker, and founder of the Galloway Run Walk Run method. He founded the first running specialty store known, participated in the 1972 Olympic Games, and is the author of two dozen books. We talk about his early days, the terrorist attack at the Munich Olympics, and how he created his famous Run Walk Run training methodology which has helped millions of runners.

Ginger Runner LIVE

The Ginger Runner

GRL 361 | Dale Garland - Race Director of The Hardrock 100!

We are so excited to welcome the race director of The Hardrock 100, Dale Garland, back to the show to chat about this year's race. After 2 years of unfortunate cancellations, one of the world's toughest ultramarathons is BACK this weekend with an amazing field of athletes. Let's dig in! #GingerRunnerLive #DaleGarland #TheHardrock100

Grounded with Dinée Dorame

Dinée Dorame

Episode 40 - Rosalie Fish (Cowlitz & Muckleshoot), Activist & Student-Athlete at the University of Washington

“Running for survival is not political. [Saying] ‘Stop killing Native women’ is not political. Representing myself as an Indigenous person is not political.” Rosalie Fish (Cowlitz & Muckleshoot) is an activist and student-athlete running Division I Track/Cross-Country at the University of Washington. After a successful run at the junior college level running for Iowa Central CC, she joined the 2021-22 UW Track and Cross-Country recruiting class. She was the first member of her tribe to sign a National Letter of Intent for college athletics. Rosalie is well-known for her advocacy work in bringing awareness to the Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls, & Two-Spirit+ epidemic. She gained global attention in 2019 when she followed in the footsteps of Jordan Marie Brings Three White Horses Daniel by painting a red handprint over her face during competition

The Mile You're In

Phil Patterson Jr

In life we must take things one day at a time, taking baby steps to accomplish our goals. Each day, week, month or year can be considered the mile we're in on our journey. This podcast makes the connection between sports and personal life. Discussing how lessons learned through experiences in each can be applied to the other.

UltraRunning Magazine Podcast

UltraRunning Magazine

Adam Merry

In this episode, we are joined by the talented Adam Merry who recently won Run the Rock 50-miler in Oregon and set a course record. Adam shares his experience about his win, working with running coach David Roche, his journey to compete at an elite level and most notably, his personal mission to increase representation of Black, Indigenous and people of color in ultrarunning.    Adam is one of the newest members of Team Saucony, lives in beautiful Golden, Colorado, with his wife, Julianne, and a menagerie of pets. Stay tuned after the interview for our What’s the Issue segment with UR editor Amy Clark about the December 2021/January 2022 issue of UltraRunning Magazine.  Thanks to our sponsor Drymax Sports Find Adam on social media or at Subscribe to UltraRunning Magazine Photo: Paul Nelson

Kofuzi Run Club

Michael Ko

Monday January 10, 2022

Moved the YouTube livestreams to their own specific channel, Kofuzi Run Club.

Feel Good Running | For the Everyday Runner!

Jim Lynch

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

Reinforced Running Podcast

Rich Ryan

OCR Stars Grip Gauntlet Recap and Fork in the Road Preview with Dave Claxton.

Dave Claxton is the Host of the OFX podcast and expert analysis in all things OCR and Hyrbird composition. In this episode, Dave and Rich review the Grip Gauntlet and preview Fork in the Road. Topics include: Takeaways from the athlete's performances on Grip Gauntlet.Best practices for Fork in the Road Who will perform best in Fork in the RoadFollow Dave @obstacle_fitness_x  and OFX PodcastFollow Reinforced Running7-Day Free Trial Reinforced OCR Training GroupEmail: rich@reinforcedrunning.comYouTube - Reinforced RunningIG (Rich Ryan) -  @reinforced_running_rich Twitter - @ReinforcedRun TRAINING RESOURCES:Apply for One-on-one CoachingClick Here For Your FREE Guide to Running Faster  Click Here for Strength Coaching for Runners

The Ultra Running Guys

The Ultra Running Guys

Episode 38: Carlita Farmer - From Struggling Runner to Conquering The Uwharrie 100

We first connected with Carlita Farmer late last year when she reached out to share about her first 100 mile finish, the grueling Uwharrie 100. And she shows no sign of slowing down. But that wasn't always her story.

In high school, Carlita struggled to finish the 3 mile loop at the local park. Often, she would target simply running to the next light pole. Fast forward, and this mom of 2 jumped into the ultra world when COVID shut down her gym, keeping her from competitive power lifting, and she has not looked back. Be sure to follow Carlita on IG at and tune in tomorrow for the entire episode. Enjoy!


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Women of Distance

Devon Yanko and Alison Naney

A podcast about the women of Mountain, Trail, Ultra and Road running worlds. Hosted by Devon Yanko and Alison Naney.

The Happy Runner

Run and Smile

Sophia - Running London Marathon for charity

It’s been one of the best experiences in my life … The words of Sophia. She ran her first marathon this year. The London Marathon for Macmillan Cancer support. She is a former dancer, now a Zumba and Fitness instructor, but running was and is a part of her life. A few weeks after completing her first marathon we took a look back on her experience and on her plans for the future.

Actually, You Are a Real Runner

Jaclyn Ricchio Stover: Imperfect Eating Coach

For all the women out there who have never felt like they could call themselves a runner, this is the podcast to empower, inspire, and give you reason to call yourself a real runner. We chat confidence, food, body image issues, and RUNNING all in one podcast.

Big Ass Runner Trail Running Podcast

Big Ass Runner Productions

Xero Shoes (feat. Steven Sashen) and Big Ass Running Goals (feat. Big Ass Herd)

Season Three begins with our first show of 2022!  We kick things off with Xero Shoes founder and CEO Steven Sashen who joins the show to talk about his background as an All-American Masters sprinter, his experience on Shark Tank, and why you shouldn't toss your running shoes, but instead should do *this* to strengthen your running.  And we rev up the New Year talking about our running and fitness goals, hearing from four Big Ass Runner Herd members.  Find out if their goals synch up with your goals for 2022.Plus, we you won't believe who does the intro for this significant 75th episode of the Big Ass Runner Trail Running Podcast.  It's terrible.  Episode 75 line-up:Intro: The fake Charles Barkley (feat. the fake Shaq and Earnie)Pre-show: Happy New Year, a new review, Timmy Time Christmas album?Segment One: Xero Shoes founder Steven SashenShoutout and Kudos: Megan Opperman (@runsto

The Gill Athletics Connections Podcast

Gill Athletics

Bonus: Athletics LLC S2 E36 'LIVE from Orlando' December 17, 2021

Hey everyone!  We hope that you all have enjoyed yourselves if you were able to get to Orlando for the USTFCCCA Coaches Convention.  We were able to get the LIVE episode recorded but it does cut off towards the end of the conversation.    Enjoy the impromptu topics and see you after click on the button!
Want to have an exploratory conversation about YOUR track equipment needs?
Connect with us:
Host Mike Cunningham on Twitter: @mikecunningham
Phone: 800-637-3090
Twitter: @GillAthletics
Instagram: @GillAthletics1918

Beer Fitness and Being Kidless

Mallory Drown

A podcast that explores beer, running, and traveling through life without kids.

Road Dog Podcast

Luis Escobar and Kevin Lyons

183: Crista Scott Tappan is a Dirtbag Runner

“It’s failed in a lot of ways as a business but it’s succeeded exponentially as a community and what it has created because of that.” Crista Scott Tappan is an ultra runner and founder of Dirtbag Runners. In this episode, she discusses her first Born To Run experience, being raised by her grandparents, and why she needs a sabbatical. Support Road Dog Podcast by: 1. Joining the Patreon Community: 2. Subscribe to the podcast on whatever platform you listen on. DRYMAX show code: Roaddog2020  Listeners get a special 15% off at Crista Scott Tappan Contact Info:  @Crista.Tappan  @DirtbagRunners  Luis Escobar (Host) Contact: Luis Instagram Kevin Lyons (Producer) Contact: Music: Slow Burn by Kevin MacLeod (incomp

Well Far: The Running Podcast

Mags Creative + Amy Lane

Millie Mackintosh on How Motherhood Helped Her Become a Runner, Her AM Routine & Life in 2021

A super chatty season finale for you all with one of Instagram's fittest celebs, Millie Mackintosh. Millie talks about how motherhood shifted her workout goals and how, like many other runners in the past year, was forced to embrace running to get a hit of cardio during lockdown. Since then, her uptake of running has become a key part of finding confidence and comfort in her postpartum body, whilst also enjoying the brief moments of headspace and ‘me time’ in busy mum life. In her words, she’s learned not to punish herself or compare her journey to others. Listen in to hear how Millie’s new role as Mum, helped her fall in love with running.  Topics covered:Challenges of settling into the new role of mum Finding ‘me’ time and how running creates this space Unforeseen learnings from life in lockdown Appreciating your body and not comparing yourself to anyo


Alysia Montano, Molly Huddle, Roisin McGettigan

Live with Alysia and Shannon Woods , On Diversity Equity And Inclusion In The Running And Outdoor Industries

Today we are sharing the second episode Alysia recorded live from TRE earlier in the month as she spoke with Shannon Woods, who is currently the senior manager of DEI at Brooks Running among other things. Shannon tells us how her own upbringing as a mixed race woman and the experiences of both herself and the experiences of her parents during the civil rights movement as well as her own experiences as a mother who wanted to make sure her kids learned diverse histories she didn’t in school all informed her decision to work in DEI . She is working on dismantling systemic racism in the running community and on opening up opportunities in these jobs via her role at Brooks and on the Running Industry Diversity Coalition Board . For more show notes as always head to our website!Also check out our Tees and Visors, as all of our Dec/Jan sales go to Track

2 Black Runners

Running Report

Ep.72 || 2022 False Starts!! | Sha'Carri Richardson Hype will die down? | Cole Hocker Will Medal at Worlds? | 2BR Goals for 2022

Aaron & Joshua Potts kickoff the first podcast of 2022 by previewing some of the possible biggest news stories of the year with their favorite segment, FALSE START. Each Potts Brother throws out a Hot Take for 2020 and each decide if  that Hot Take is actually plausible or not (false start). Also they discuss what they're looking forward to in 2022 from fans at Mt. SAC, Athing Mu's first season, and the popularity of the shot put rising in the U.S.
?Watch on YouTube:
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Will Run For...

WRF Podcast

A few friends talking about running, training, and what makes us happy; beer, food, music, movies and some Disney magic. Join us as we share our running experiences, including local 5k races, ultra trail runs plus everything in between, and celebrate the achievements of our community of runners. Find us on Facebook and Instagram @WillRunForPodcast Tag us in your pictures and stories and help us grow the community! Visit us at Comment on FB, IG, email us or send us a voice memo at and we'll include your feedback in our next episode.

Six Minute Mile

Six Minute Mile

Jason Jabaut - Chief Operating Officer of Fleet Feet

We were joined on the Six Minute Mile podcast by Jason Jabaut, former professional runner turned Chief Operating Officer of Fleet Feet. Our conversation starts with his introduction to running in middle school, his stellar high school career in Plattsburg, NY, and then his success as a student-athlete on the prestigious Villanova University track team. After his collegiate career, Jason moved to California to pursue his dreams as a professional runner and shortly after that met his wife, Trish. Jason combined his love for running with his sharp business acumen and joined the Fleet Feet team in Carrboro, NC. Among other things we discuss running booms in the US, the interesting Fleet Feet franchise model, and the importance of being fitted for the right shoes! We hope you enjoy and we'll see you out there.

Florida Trail Runners Podcast

Joseph Fuller

Our mission is to represent and promote trail and ultra running here in the state of Florida! Explore the state, talk to the people, and learn the history!

Tempo Talks Podcast

Aaron Davis & Ryan Miller

Welcome to Tempo Talks! In each episode, we discuss hot topics in the running world and chat with engaging guests that have fascinating stories. We hope you enjoy the podcast. Tempo Talks is hosted and produced by Aaron Davis and Ryan Miller.

Eric Schranz

Jim Sweeney | Running and Brewing on the Beast Coast

Jim Sweeney runs primary on the technical trails around upstate New York and New England, still loves a good old road marathon, and even ran the fastest hundred miler (13:09) in 2018.  He’s also the Lead Brewer at a brewery you’ve heard me talk a lot about…Athletic Brewing in Connecticut. …
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Triathlon Coaching with TOWER 26- Be Race Ready Podcast

Gerry Rodrigues, Jim Lubinski

Episode #87: Foundation Phase Training Focus Points

Gerry, Jim, and Emily sit down for the 1st episode in 2022 to discuss the foundation phase of training, the components that go into a successful swim set, and how strength training can benefit a triathlete at this time in the season. Purchase Triathlon Swimming: Master Open Water Swimming with the TOWER 26 Method here Go to to subscribe to the TOWER 26 Swim Subscription Plan Go to to join the TOWER 26 Triathlon Training Program For Swim Video Analysis email: To purchase the TOWER 26 Transition Bag and Mesh Gear Bag go to Amazon After the topic of the episode is covered, the athlete questions are answered, and the topic for the next episode is revealed. To ask questions to be answered ON-AIR, tweet @Tower_26 or email the show at To listen to the show, subscribe to the TOWER 26 newsletter, read the Tower 26 blog, or to see what Tower 26 is


TrailManners LLC

Episode #312: Tara Warren - FKT, RUFA, HURT 100 & more

We caught up with Tara Warren for episode #312 to talk about her FKT on the Kalalau Trail as well as the upcoming Running Up for Air Series (RUFA) and her RD role at the Malans event. If that wasn't enough she is about to board a flight to head over to Oahu to race the HURT 100. 

Thanks Tara for hanging out and taking time during a very busy month!

Show Notes:

Kalalau Trail FKT

Running Up for Air Series

HURT 100

What else in store for 2022

Marathon Running Podcast by We Got the Runs

Letty & Ryan

85. 10 Myths about running and your body

In this episode, we talk to physical therapist Natalie Niemczyk, the Run Doc, about the 10 most common myths of running and your body. Natialie has a ton of experience and expertise when it comes to runners through her practice, and enlightens us about what's true and what's not!

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The Running Grind

Joseph D

The Running Grind, presented by The Grind Effect, is a podcast dedicated to hearing the journey behind your grind. With its origins from long distance running, the Running Grind aims to hear the unique stories behind runner's trainings from full marathons to couch-to-5k's. Everyone's story is different and everyone has a different reason behind their goals. From Boston Qualifiers to new runner's, this podcast is meant to inspire and have listeners aspire to reach for their goals, although the path to get there may not be the easiest. The Grind Effect is a lifestyle, a state of mind, and a reminder that anything worth it in life, is a grind; nothing comes easy.

The Lucie Beatrix Podcast

Lucie Beatrix

Fashion model turned athlete tells stories about going from non-athlete to running fast and far.

Running Rivals

Rory Linkletter, Nick Hauger, Matthew Baxter

Rory Linkletter and Nick Hauger former rivals, current friends talk all things running news, share good laughs and insight on the world of a professional distance runner.

The Triathlete Beat: A Beginner Triathlon Podcast

Jeremy Tri

The Triathlete Beat: A Beginner Triathlon Podcast helps beginners get into the sport of triathlon - join us for swim/bike/run tips, stories from the everyday athlete, and more! We truly believe that completing a triathlon is a much more attainable goal than it seems. Your host, Jeremy Tri, is an age grouper triathlete who fell in love with triathlon during his last semester of college. Since then, he’s competed in many races over the past 7 years and loves to encourage others to just get out there and TRI.

Dirt Church Radio

Matt Rayment and Eugene Bingham

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

The Wrinkled Runner


Running podcast for new or older runners who want to learn more about how to get started, get better or keep going.

Obstacle Racing Media Podcast

Matt B. Davis

Emily Angell

She writes, sings, races, rabbits for ORM and more! Today’s sponsor is Mudgear! – Mudgear Men’s Freestyle Shorts are the perfect blend of comfort and durability are light enough for maximum mobility (RUN FREE) but strong enough for years of rugged racing are NOT tight, restrictive, or revealing have netted side pockets for easy drainage and a convenient zip pocket in the back come with a comfortable liner (but some people remove them and wear MudGear’s base layer boxers underneath) Either way, RUN FREE with Mudgear Men’s Freestyle Shorts Buy ORM a Dunks ORM YouTube Channel  Support Us On Patreon

Running After Age 40

Sarah Snyder

Have you ever felt frustrated trying to start running after age 40 or keep up competitive running in your 40s, 50s, and beyond? How can masters runners keep running and not 'shuffling' as they get older? Are there benefits to running in your 40s and over? If you've ever found yourself asking those questions, you are in the right place! Welcome to the Running After Age 40 Podcast, the podcast about all things related to Running at 40 and Beyond produced by We help you stay physically healthy and emotionally strong at any running pace. I’m Sarah, your host, and a wife, a full-time working mom with 3 kids, 3 dogs, and a lifetime passion for running. Whether you are a veteran runner looking to maximize your times as a masters runner or starting running after 40, this podcast will be there for your journey. I want to share stories, secrets, nutrition, strength training, and mindset strategies for success (this includes mistakes and lessons learned) all related to running past age 40. Let’s hit the play button together and hit roads as runners with grit after age 40! Run smart, run for life!

Marathon Talk

Martin Yelling and Holly Rush

Episode 600 - Dave Bedford

Join us one last time as we discuss the latest news in running (and life!) and interview legend of running and the London Marathon, Dave Bedford. We catch up with Tom as we look back over 12 years of Marathon Talk, and there's a very special Tony's Trials. We want to thank each and every one of you for coming on the run with us. Whether you have run, laughed, cried, worn your kit around the world, felt Jantastic, rated your run, ranted or raved. We are grateful for each and every interaction, for the community you have created and we thank you for the support.

Stryd Power Podcast

Stryd Power Podcast

STRYD Analysis of a 2:39 Marathon

Coach Steve Palladino joins Evan Schwartz from Stryd to review training and racing data for 2:39 Marathoner Nicole Lane. You can find more info about the Palladino Power Project here:

How They Train

Jack Kelly

#16 - Jason Akermanis

Jason Akermanis is a 3 x Premiership AFL player. He's a Brownlow medalist, multiple club best & fairest winner and leading goal kicker. He was obsessed with his training and preparation when he was playing and still to this day lives a lifestyle of a professional athlete. 

Running Book Reviews with Alan and Liz

Alan and Liz

Mental Training for Ultrarunning, by Addie Bracy

Ultra-endurance events have the highest dropout rates. While some people need to drop out due to injury, you may need to drop out because you are lacking the mental strength needed to get through a rough patch.  Addie Bracy's book, Mental Training for Ultrarunning, has many exercises and techniques to help you build a tool box so that you have what you need to get you through a tough race.  Although the examples and featured athletes are from ultra-running, many of the skill are transferable to shorter events, and even other life goals.The book has 10 chapters each about a particular topic:Why psychological breakdowns happen in ultrarunningFind your why for runningManage your stress responseGet comfortable with being uncomfortableRun the mile you are inStick to the grindBe adaptableRun with courageGet out of your own wayEmotionally bounce back from physical setbacksAddie Bracy is a long-time runner starting out on the tra

Doctors of Running Virtual Roundtable

Doctors of Running

#64 Where are my shoes?? Exploring supply chain issues (ft. Tina Danforth of Mizuno USA)

In today's episode we had the privilege of sitting down with Tina Danforth, Product Manager of Running Footwear and Apparel for Mizuno USA, to talk in depth about the supply chain issues within the running industry. We talk about how the supply chain works, what areas have been affected, what consumers can expect (in terms of availability and price), and some tips for shopping in the future. Then Tina pulls back the curtain for the future of Mizuno and also we take a closer look at design elements of the Rebellion. 


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Running Realized

Tina Muir, Knox Robinson

We love to run. We love the running community. We love runners. But we also know there are some issues in our world that directly affect the sport that we love. Issues that need to be addressed. We want to understand what is happening and know what we can do to help uplift underrepresented genders, celebrate and include different cultures and backgrounds, and address the environmental impact of running. Running Realized is a space to explore, discuss and provide insight to create meaningful change. Join running industry voices Tina Muir and Knox Robinson as we tell stories, consult with experts, and search for actionable ways that we can all be a part of the solution. Our mission is to explore running culture as a vehicle to realize its full potential, and we want you to join us.

OFX Podcast

Dave Claxton, Bethany McChesney

Finally the Canadian Spartan Pro Bethany McChesney has joined the podcast game. She and co-host Dave Claxton will explore the realms of OCR, Hybrid racing (Hyrox, Dekafit, RX1), Crossfit and even some good old fashioned running. She is the expert, and he is the weekend warrior. Tune in weekly to the OFX Podcast to get both perspectives.

Coaches on Couches

BPC Performance Coaching

Inaugural 2021 Hammie Awards

Prepare yourself for an award show so big, so disorganized, so flashy, that it could only be dubbed...The Hammies. Coach D and Coach B-Fun look back on the cycling, running, and triathlon world in 2021 and recap some of the best and worst moments both globally and locally. Some categories include: - Best Race Moment(s) - Biggest Race Disappointment - Breakout Professional Season - Biggest Event Attended by BPC Athletes - Best Local Event - Best Cheering Section by an Individual - Best Cheering Section by a Group The list goes on! So join us for an amazing stint on you comfiest lounge piece and witness the wondery of... The Hammies! Don't forget to send us your ideas for more categories in 2022!

Up and Running With Lauren + Abby

Sandyboy Productions

EPISODE 137: The Olympics Week 2

In this week's episode Lauren & Emma discuss the second week of Track & Field action in Tokyo, including the following finals; Men's 5,000m, Women's 1500m, Women's Marathon, Women's 10,000, Men's 1500m + Men's Marathon.

از دو که حرف می زنم


پادکست از دو که حرف می زنم از دنیای دویدن و تحرک میگه،اگه فکر می کنید یه جایی از زندگی تون حتی یک لحظه به دویدن فکر کردید گوش دادن به این پادکست میتونه تجربه خوبی براتون باشه، تهیه کنندگان: پگاه نیاکی، آزاده صادقی آدرس اینستاگرام ما talkingaboutrunning1400 آدرس تلگرام ما آدرس ایمیل ما

Trail to 100

Jacob and Melody Bateman

A podcast for those looking to unlock their potential through the seemingly impossible sport of ultra running. Trail to 100 dives into the beginning stories of the average everyday ultra runners. This is the place for honest down to earth ultra running experiences that are meant to help you finishing your first ultramarathon. Jacob and Melody (hosts) talk all things running related to the epic journey of ultra running, from training plans and gear to mental roadblocks and exhilarating successes along with traumatizing failures. Are you ready to unlock your potential? Because we’re on the trail to 100!

Nitty Gritty Training

Obstacle Racing Media

Aroo Dhabi with Ryan and Lindsay

OCR Champion Faye Stenning and Olympian Jess O’Connell, have brought their coaching platform to the Obstacle Racing Media family of podcasts. This week, Ryan, Lindsay, and Faye talk about the race in Abu Dhabi that takes place in 4 short days! Faye Jess Coaching Website

پادکست فارسی دوران | DoRun

Sepideh Taghizadeh

پادکست دوران سعی دارد اطلاعاتی جامع و مفید در زمینه دویدن برای هر دونده ای منتشر کند. اطلاعات این پادکست از مقالات معتبر در این زمینه ترجمه می شود.

The Ultramarathon Mindset: Trail Talk

Eric Deeter

Trail runners talk freely about almost anything while we're out running. The stories we share can be deeply personal, embarrassing, and profound . . . and sometimes all of these qualities rolled into one. One thing we have in common is a drive to keep moving forward. "Relentless forward progress" is the advice given to anyone trying to run their first ultramarathon. No matter what happens, keep moving forward until you finish or can't go any farther. Some people say that life is a marathon not a sprint. But I think life is an ultramarathon. The stories you will hear on this podcast should inspire you to go after your own epic adventures and keep moving forward to your goals. The early episodes of this podcast were recorded on a weekly Facebook LIVE at The Ultramarathon Mindset Facebook page.

The Mile 99 Interview

The Mile 99 Interview

Episode 52 - Troy Meadows - The Lost Coast FKT

Troy Meadows is a great human who faces big challenges and sticks around to tell the tale. We would love for you all to hear what he has done and what the future holds. He is a wealth of information. From all things Lost Coast, recovering from injury, balancing work,  life, and training, plant-based nutrition, and general ultra chitchat.  Plus find out how to make your own homemade whole food gels for your next long run!!!Troy On The Run – Follow My Journey While I Explore My Boundaries Meadows | Fastest Known TimeWhole Food Homemade Gels for your Ultra Running Endeavors – Troy On The RunTroy Meadows' Results ( Troy Meadows (@troyontherun) • Instagram photos and videos FB: (4) Troy Meadows | Facebook---Your hosts: Jessica Harris / Greg Larkin / Mike Turner Artwork/logo by Krista Cav

Suite Run

Jerold & Natalie Mitchell

Welcome to the Suite Run Podcast, we're your hosts, Natalie & Jerold Mitchell! Every week, we'll talk with inspiring runners who will share with you all about the best places to RUN, eat, sleep, places of interest, things to do and more in their hometowns. We'll also dive into their personal running journey and why they love the sport. Join us for these rich conversations as we explore the world together, all through running.

Strong Runner Chick Radio

Megan Flanagan

Episode 189: Natalie Pertz on Running Her First 50, Balancing Training with Life, and Weaving the Thread of Community

We're excited to welcome Natalie Pertz to the show today!
Natalie Pertz (she/her) is an arts administrator and ultra-marathoner currently based in our nation's capital. Her perfect day would begin with strong coffee and early hours spent frolicking in the woods followed by a good meal in great company. Outside of her full-time gig in education at The Kreeger Museum, Natalie is also a cat mom pursuing her master's degree. Since finishing her first 5k at IRIS' Run for Refugees in 2017, she has run over 40 races, most notably the JFK 50 Mile in 2021 and the Marine Corps Marathon during the downpour-humidity cocktail of 2019. "Hide of a rhino, heart of a fairy.
Topics we dive into include:

How Natalie got started in running
All about her first 50-miler — deciding on the race, any apprehensions, the process of training, and reflect

GFNY - Global Endurance Sports Series

Gran Fondo New York

Daily coffee with GFNY - Coach Ben on how running supports your cycling (9dec22)

GFNY’s Chris Geiser discusses everything from training for, traveling to and racing at a GFNY with members of our community. Find out more at

The Bell Lap Podcast

Paul Lockwood

The Bell Lap Podcast is an all new live webinar and on demand podcast series brought to you by the Bojangles' Track & Field Classic. Each week we will have a variety of topics focused on XC and Track & Field that any coach, athlete or parent would enjoy! Support this podcast:

House of Run

Jason Halpin and Kevin Sully

Best Boston Field Ever

Show Notes-This Week in Track-House of Run Shirt-Easy Double Shirt-#BeatOrkney Shirt-State vs. States Shirt-Our iTunes page-House of Run Strava Page

The RunRX Podcast

RunRX is the prescription to run pain free.

Tough Love Tuesday | What Are You Doing Differently This Year

Run The Riot Podcast

David TheRiot

Run The Riot Podcast is a podcast dedicated to ultrarunning, ultra runners, trail runners, and endurance athletes, their mindset, methods, and accomplishments. Follow on Instagram: Facebook:

Track and Field Black History

Anderson Emerole

Welcome to Track and Field Black History. My name is Anderson, and join me as we highlight the accomplishments and tell the stories of Black athletes from around the world and the impact that they’ve had in the sport track & field.

BeastNet Podcast

BeastNet Team

Welcome to the BeastNet This podcast is for people who love functional fitness, doing things to better themselves, and Racing. We started this podcast because we are always looking for people to run OCRs with and wanted people to talk to about OCR and getting healthy. It has evolved into much more. Do us a favor and rate us and leave a review on your favorite Podcast Platform. Screenshot it and email the review to us at and we will send you a sticker. Check out our Site pickup some BeastNet gear while you are there. Welcome to the BeastNet Support this podcast:

DMXS Radio

DMXS Radio

The original online radio show dedicated to Supercross and Motocross with rider interviews and good ole tomfoolery.

Running Times


Adam Kimble

On this episode of Running Times, Gagz connects with professional ultrarunner, coach, and close friend, Adam Kimble. Adam is best known for his FKT of the 172-mile Tahoe Rim Trail, but he's also a motivational speaker who completed a 60-day Trans-Am run and holds the self-supported FKT for running across Great Britain; he's a survivalist and two-time TV game show winner; and most recently he's co-authored "Chasing Twilight - A Joy Journal for Runners," available now in bookstores and online. Gagz met Adam in 2016 and in this season finale episode, the pair wax nostalgic about their friendship, reflect upon Adam's exalted resume, and discuss their ambitious futures with honesty and humor. Learn the *true* definition of FKT (according to Gagz) and hear first hand from a top-tier Pro what it's like to be a big fish in a big pond. For more information on Adam, please visit

The Last Tenth Podcast

Pilar Arthur-Snead

“The Last Tenth Podcast: It’s Where the Rubber Meets The Road!” The Last Tenth Podcast is a show about running and life. Or life as a runner? Join me in conversation with coaches, runners and athletes from diverse backgrounds. Together, we explore how the practice of running helps to navigate through the many challenges we face on the road of life. The last .10 of a mile is often the longest and the hardest part of our journey from the start to the finish. Run your last .10 with me, your host, Coach Pilar. Listen Notes Support this podcast:

Next Level Running


Injuries: What's in a Niggle? with Steph Reilly

This month  Olympian and RunDoyen coach, Steph Reilly, joins the NLR podcast to talk injuries. How to avoid them, see them coming, and treat them when they happen.  Join the Next Level Running Facebook Group: with Coach Steph Reilly (today's guest): with Coach Dave (podcast host): @RunDoyen for IG Live sessions:


Ciele Athletics

Quantitative Creep

As athletes, tracking data is meant to convey not only our skill level but our commitment to the sport itself. Host Sydney Allen-Ash has a *big* problem with this. What does all this data do, what are we working to optimize, why are we all trying so hard?! Listen now for explorations of these questions, a deep dive into the entanglement between capitalism and sports, an interview with Ryan Willms about balancing freedom & rigor, and more.

Coach Britt

Brittany Oliver

Coach Britt's thoughts

Держи темп

Академия марафона

106. Евгений Ревенко: телевидение, политика и бег на длинные дистанции - что общего?

В гостях «Держи темп» Евгений Ревенко - журналист, депутат Госдумы и один из самых быстрых бегунов России в возрастной категории 45-50. Причем бегать он начал меньше 5 лет назад, а незадолго до этого был заядлым курильщиком.
Поговорили о том, сколько времени занимает подготовка к быстрому марафону, о тренировках в команде заслуженного тренера Юрия Куканова, о развитии бегового сообщества в Москве и регионах и отечественной легкой атлетики в целом.
? Поддержать развитие подкаста рублем (тыц)
? Подписать на youtube-канал "Держи темп" (клик)
? Анонсы гостей в телеграм-канале здесь
? Все подкаст-платформы по ссылке
? С любовью, «Академия марафона»

Runner's Tribe Podcast


Runner’s Tribe are on a mission to chat with the world's best runners. Follow along for training insights, cool stories, and loads of banter.

Бег с дивана

Бег с дивана

#83. Новогоднее поздравление с Новым Годом!

В новогоднюю ночь подводим итоги года (как можем), поздравляем с Новым Годом (как можем), и обсуждаем планы на 2022 год. Выпуск был записан вечером перед Новым Годом, выпущен сначала в Новогоднюю ночь, но из-за большого количества алкоголя удален утром 1 января (60 человек успели послушать в новогоднюю ночь:) Допилен 4 января, и выложен снова:)
Ведущие - Стас
Лена Токовая
Андрей Манохин
Музыка: Ajmw & Enjo - Healing, Zoloto - Прикоснись ко мне.
Внимание! Все герои вымышлены, все совпадения - случайны, все события - искажены, ведущие - пьяные. Во время записи используется нецензурная лексика, просим убрать от ваших черных экранов и хриплых динамиков детей, беременных женщин, и животных со слабой психикой. И не говорите потом, что мы вас не предупреждали... Если Вам понравился наш подкаст - советуйте

Inside Tri Show

Helen Murray

Dave Tonge - swimming tips for triathletes

Dave Tonge is a swimming coach and world record holder from south Wales. He's been coaching swimmers and triathletes for 25 years. He played a vital role in 2019 to help rugby star Gareth 'Alfie' Thomas overcome his fear of the water to complete Ironman Wales and break the stigma around HIV. Dave also holds the World Record for completing a 24 hour swim in an endless pool, when he covered a whopping 55km. He's also hilarious, has an infectious passion for swimming and is full of useful tips to help improve your swim leg in triathlon.
You'll hear:
01:30 His background in swimming as a swimmer and a coach 'chlorine is in my blood! Swimming is your time, it's your headspace. Whether you think about stuff or sing songs in your head. I just switch off and enjoy the feeling of the water'
05:45 I spotted a gap in the triathlon market and I now teach all levels of swimmer, from beginner to pro swimmers and former rugby

The Natural Running Network

Richard Diaz

Running is the most popular recreational activity in the world. More people run to achieve fitness than any other medium of exercise. Unfortunately, over 70% of the running community is injured due to improper training and running form. The Natural Running Network addresses these issues and provides highly relevant tips to help runners stay healthy. We also interview luminaries from the endurance world including but not limited to Obstacle Course Racing, Triathletes, Ultra-Marathon runners, Obstacle racers cyclists and all the support systems and professionals tied to these sports.

Miles & Memories

Brad Farrington

Running & Finishing the 2022 Dopey Challenge

We did it!!! Here's our reflections before each of the four races at the 2022 Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend as well as our thoughts now that we have completed the Dopey Challenge.

Runners only! With Dom Harvey


NZ broadcaster Dom Harvey is obsessed with running. In this weekly podcast he speaks to awesome people who identify as runners. In depth conversations covering a wide range of topics....but lots of running chat.

Habitual Routine

New York Road Runners

Welcome back to Season 3 of Habitual Routine! For this season, Coach Annick and Coach Roberto will be focusing on telling stories of runners who will be joining us for the 2021 TCS New York City Marathon.

The Running Pod


Bringing you conversations with some of the worlds top athletes as well as up & coming youngsters who are already making a splash in the world of athletics. Conversations brought to you by Rory and Alfie of Trackstaa.


RUNNER'S WORLD Deutschland

RUNNER'S WORLD ist das größte Laufmagazin der Welt. In unserem Podcast besprechen wir aktuelle Themen der Läuferwelt, interviewen Gäste – oder plaudern auch einfach mal nur. Viel Spaß beim Hören! Feedback gern an

Track World News

Colin Waitzman

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

The Run Ohana Podcast

Run Ohana Podcast

A running and fitness podcast hosted by friends, whose life journeys crossed in RunDisney adventures and an inspiring running team. We are experts at almost nothing, but enjoy talking about running & fitness — the good, the bad, the ugly, and most importantly the fun. When we are not easily distracted by food, beer, boxed wine or Disney, we’ll bring you running news, race reports, listener questions and more! Join the Ohana, hosts Brittany, Kenny, Donna and Ryan for all the shenanigans.

Cross Country 4 Life


In the podcast series Cross Country 4 Life, hosts Rockstar Runner and Running Machine discuss their favorite sport - cross country running - while giving advice for everything from getting started to improving running times and skills. Content is by kids and for kids but beneficial and enjoyable for all ages.

In A Skirt Podcast

Krystal Riley

In A Skirt Podcast, with host Krystal Riley, introduces the world to the unconventional athlete; the athlete who is breaking stereotypes and bravely celebrating differences. Join us to get to know those who are becoming the heroes and role models we have been waiting for. Each episode will be an interview with a different athlete, coach, race director, entrepreneur, or other individual who is making running and sports accessible and open to everyone, regardless of religion, dress, income, or anything that sets someone apart from the traditional athlete.

KristianUltra: An Ultra Marathon Running Podcast

Kristian Morgan

KristianUltra Podcast is hosted by Kristian (me). I interview amazing people with interesting stories from across the globe.

SHOEphoria - The Bartold Clinical Podcast

Bartold Clinical

Wouter Hoogkamer – The inside story behind the Nike Vaporfly 4%

Dr. Wouter Hoogkamer is the principle author of one of the most important pieces of running shoe research ever published.In 2018 his paper “A Comparison of the Energetic Cost of Running in MarathonRacing Shoes” was published in Sports Medicine, and for the first time revealed exactly what was going on with the Nike Vaporfly, the first of the so called Super Shoes,Wouter’s story starts way before that though, and, it is one of the most interesting we have aired on SHOEphoria.Like Kevin Fallon from Speedland, Wouter started his professional and academic life as an engineer. Basically, the take home message from all of this is that being good at maths can turn you into a running shoe superstar!Wouter was a very accomplished scientist long before he started working on the Nike project. He found his niche in biomechanics, and developed a lifetime interest in, if not passion for, energetics. Initially this had nothing

RunRunLive 4.0 - Running Podcast

Chris Russell

Episode 4-471 – Cody Walks the USA Part Two

The RunRunLive 4.0 Podcast Episode 4-471 – Cody Walks the USA Part Two  (Audio: link) audio:] Link MarathonBQ – How to Qualify for the Boston Marathon in 14 Weeks - Chris’ other show à Intro: Hello my friends and welcome to episode 4-471 of the RunRunLive Podcast.  Good morning.  It’s Monday Morning the 17th of January.  Today is Martin Luther Kings Jr. Day here in the states.  We are having a storm over New England today.  It started snowing after midnight last night and changed over to a heavy rain just around sunrise.  I got up and did my best to clear the driveway before it got too wet.   In a storm like this where it snows then rains the conditions for snow removal get pretty dicey.  The rain turns the snow to slush and it’s hard to move. It chokes the snow blower and gets very heavy.  Then, even worse, if you don’t move it and it freezes it becomes solid ice.  And it’s g

Бегу и баста

Pavel Tentser

Говорим о беге с разными крутыми беговыми гостями на разные беговые темы: трейл, организация мероприятия, как выжить на интервалах, как правильно одеваться на тренировку зимой, как бегать в 70+ лет

Courir 101 Virtuel

Josee Prevost

Courir 101 Virtuel - Cours no 30. Semaine 10 sur 10

Courir 101 Virtuel  - Cours no 30. Semaine 10 sur 10Note: Si vous recherchez des entraînements de ce programme autre que celui-ci, voici le lien: n'y a pas de vidéo pour cet entraînementAu menu, un entraînement plus léger et Josée vous parle tout au long du Défi qui approche :Activation ensemble5 minutes de marche rapide 1 x 3:00minutes de course, 2 min marche1 x 3:00 minutes de course, 2 min marche1 x 3:00 minutes de course, 2 min marche1 x 3:00 minutes de course, 2 min marche1 x 3:00 minutes de courseRetour au calme marche de 5 minutesPAS de musculation.Étirements légers à votre choixIMPORTANT !VOTRE DÉFI !Votre Défi 4 km de course en continu est dans 5 jours! Prenez les quatre prochains jours de congé. Voici le lien pour le fichier audio de votre défi. À télécharger comme d'habitude et à écouter pendant votre défi:à!Not

Why We Marathon

Alex Elman

Why We Marathon tells the stories behind why runners endure marathon races. From everyday runners to elite athletes, we dive deep into the motivating factors of why people run marathons.


Jacob Elijah

Not just another running podcast. I want to talk to runners about who they are outside of running and athletes about who they are outside of sports. Let's talk about anything and everything. This show is a platform to help share stories.

The Sunday Plodcast

The Sunday Plodcast

S2 Ep1: EP 51: Running with Kipchoge (with Cathal Dennehy)

Kicking off season 2 of the pod, we spoke to Irish athletics journalist, Cathal Dennehy. Cathal recently went out to Kenya to watch Eliud Kipchoge and his training group in action and he talked us through his trip. We cover how they train, their mindset, and much more. If you haven't seen it already, make sure you check out Cathal's twitter feed, where he reports on all sorts of distance running news, including his visit to Kipchoge's camp @Cathal_Dennehy. Enjoy the podcast and make sure you listen out for a discount code for!

Endurance Nation Podcast

Endurance Nation

Official triathlon podcasts from the coaches at Endurance Nation; includes training and racing insights, gear overviews, training instructions, EN updates, and some random fun stuff too.

Guided Audio Runs - Get Fit Done

Get Fit Done

Get Fit Done offers fun and challenging guided audio runs to help keep your running fun and motivating!


Bevan James Eyles and 'Coach' John Newsom

Since 2006 IMTalk has been the weekly Ironman fix for thousands of athletes from all around the world! Bevan James Eyles and 'Coach' John Newsom cover the latest news, reviews and tips for Ironman Triathlon. If you love Ironman, you'll love this podcast! It will improve your training and racing. So click subscribe and join the worlds biggest Ironman podcast!

Beer on the Run Podcast

Clint Welch and Jack Rosenfeld

52. Tim Cigelske, the Beer Runner

This week Tim Cigelske, The Beer Runner, joins Clint and Jack to chat about fitness equipment, a 3-year beer and running streak, the intersection of beer and fitness, Sprecher Brewing, PBR, the beer mile, dry January, the Milwaukee beer scene and teaching. You can find Tim across all socials @theBeerRunner.  Help support our show on Patreon. Get a shout out and get some bonus content: Find our podcast on Instagram @BeerOnTheRunPod and on Twitter @BeerOnTheRun. All of our links are on our Link Tree: Come by and say hi and let us know what you think about our show. Please check out our friend and sponsor's website and podcast. Luis Escobar is the host of The Road Dog Podcast and puts on races at All We Do Is Run.  

A Runner’s Life

Marcus Brown

#114 - Mike Wardian - Exploring why we run

In episode 114, I spoke with elite runner Mike Wardian.
Mike Wardian is quite simply one of the world’s best ultra runners. He loves to compete, run and see what his best looks like. I would list all his achievements and races but I’ll leave it here, Mike has competed in nearly 300 marathons and over 100 ultramarathons all over the world.
Mike has competed in the US Olympic Trials three times (2004, 2008, and 2012), has won the 50k and 100k US National Championships, and is a four-time USA Track & Field Ultra Runner of the Year.
In 2019, he ran 20 marathons, including setting a world record for running 10 marathons in 10 days on seven continents, and running across the entire country of Israel in 10 days, setting a new FKT for the Israel National Trail.
We spoke about some of the things you’d expect, but we also spoke about how poker chess and beekeeping relate to running and developing a

The Run Healthy Podcast

Recover Athletics

Recover Athletics Co-Founder Nick Kafker talks with professional runners, olympians, and top sports medical professionals to help you run more miles without injury and enjoy a happy, healthy running career. Each week the show covers topics like injury prevention, injury treatment, recovery, training strategies and tips, new research on the sport of running, longevity, racing and more.

The Nick Symmonds Show

Nick Symmonds

How to Make an Olympic Team, How to Break Through a Running Slump, and How to Go Pro in Running

In this episode I discuss the Olympic Standards for qualifying for the Olympic Games, help one of the callers with approaching the pursuit of a professional running career, and get serious about how to break through slumps in running and training!

Run the Small World

Trivially Crucial

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

Running Commentary

Rob Deering and Paul Tonkinson

Bakers, Pacers and Finish-line Fisticuffs

With the temperature dropping and the last bonfire-coloured leaves on the trees, you have to ask yourself how much more November it could be - and the answer would be... none more November. Paul is back running - if gently, on soft surfaces - and Rob's back from fun times in Brighton in an episode that covers the Bake Off, parkrun report - featuring finish-line fun - binge drinking, lively audience-member stories, and all the wonders of Clissold Park - secret police, local pop stars and frisky deer.Thank you for all your support - through the Acast supporter button, your sponsorship of Rob's marathons, and getting behind our books. You're beautiful people and we love you; namaste.Rob's book Running Tracks is available here -, you can get Paul’s award-winning 26.2 Miles to Happiness here -

Head Start

Race Directors HQ

Race Expos

When you think of race expos, what kind of thing comes to mind? Well, if you’re like me, you’re probably thinking huge pre-race expos like New York or London, where you go to pick up your bib and race packet, and where you get to stroll around hundreds of booths from high-profile running brands showcasing their latest thing. Race expos are actually a lot more common than you think, and, according to my guest today, absolutely every event can and should have one. And why wouldn’t yours? Race expos are an amazing way to elevate your participant’s event experience, a good way to add an additional revenue stream to your race, and just about the best way to activate sponsorships and expand the roster of your commercial partnerships. My guest today, industry veteran Craig Mintzlaff, has been working on races and race expos for more than 20 years. Through his company, Endurance Sports Marketing Group, he’s been managing expos for some of the best-known events and event s

Motivate Me To Run

Motivate Me To Run

Our Top 10 Tips to Find Success at the Starting Line

Just recently we passed Valentine's Day where the phrase "love is in the air" was all around us.  Since then I've noted another phrase - "race season is in the air" now that our eyes are focused on the hopeful early Spring promised to us by Punxsutawney Phil on Groundhog Day and our stubbornness as runners as we yearn for warmer weather and put an end to the winters that have entrapped us the last few months.  Plus, many of us have already registered for our Spring races and know that our training really needs to kick in with warmer weather and less snowy days around us.

With all that - we are here to help!

Audrey and I take a moment to give you our Top 10 list.  Similar to the David Letterman "Top 10" lists (please tell me you remember him - Audrey didn't making me feel so old) except for the fact that we didn't count down to number one and our list had one tip with a &q

Ultra Talk by Arnaud Manzanini

Arnaud Manzanini

#169 Adrien Liechti : "-15°C la nuit et +40°C le jour... dans la même journée"

Adrien Liechti est un coureur suisse de cyclisme ultra-distance et coursier à Genève. Celui qui vient du voyage à vélo s’est spécialisé dans les épreuves de grand fond, en autosuffisance et sans assistance ; et comme il va nous l’expliquer, sa saison 2022 sera totalement axée vers le "off-road", comprendre hord du bitume. Son aventure la plus difficile est sans aucun doute celle qui l’a emmené à l’écart de toute civilisation au Kirghizistan. Son apprentissage, son état d’esprit en foot, un des cyclistes les plus sympathiques des bikepackers.Son prochain défi : un raid de 4400 km entre les Rocheuses canadiennes et le désert du Nouveau-Mexique. Déroutant et dépaysant. Passionnant ! Je ne vous fais pas plus attendre et laisse place à mon invité du jour : Adrien Liechti.@Arnaud ManzaniniVous pouvez réagir à cet épisode sur notre page Twi

TRAIL Podcast

TRAIL Podcast

TRAIL is a study for runners by runners. This fortnightly podcast series aims to keep you up-to-date with the latest evidence and to keep you engaged with your running-related training goals. We will be speaking with sports doctors, running researchers, physiotherapists and most importantly we will speaking with you, the runner! To determine you're eligibility for the study, send us a message or contact us via email @

The 1609 Podcast

The 1609 Podcast

The 1609 Podcast is a weekly show that focuses on all things running. Join Alexandra Sizemore and Evan Schwartz as they chat all things running news, give gear and nutrition reviews, talk elite results, and interview other members of the running community.

Margaritas & Marathons

Margs & Marathons

This is an audio version of my blog, I am a wife & mom who went from non-runner to sub 3 hour marathoner in less then 11 years. I am sharing how I got there, what I learned along the way, my current training and how I balance training at a high level while still keeping the rest of my life fun & enjoyable.

Tirada Larga Podcast

Tirada Larga

Tirada Larga 3x16 | We speak keniano

Programa número 16 de la 3a temporada del Podcast Tirada Larga presentado por Ángel (@Contadordekm) y Victor (@Premarathon). Para el último programa del año no hemos preparado nada distinto de menú, seguimos aprendiendo idiomas, descubriendo cómo matarse haciendo deportes extraños y trayendo inventos que revolucionarán el mundo del running. Lo mismo de siempre pero dejando claro cada cinco minutos que las opiniones expresadas por cada presentador no han sido sometidas a revisión editorial, son de la exclusiva responsabilidad legal, moral y económica de dicho presentador y que con toda probabilidad son contrarias al sentir del otro presentador.
En podrás dejar tus monedas y encontrar toda la información sobre lo que hemos ido hablando (sin tener ni idea) durante el programa. Recuerda que puedes enviar tus dudas en twitter con el hashtag @ConsultorioTL.
También puedes seguirnos en twitter @tirada_la


Bryon Powell, Meghan Hicks, others

Alex Potter, iRunFar Editor, Interview

An interview with Alex Potter, iRunFar's new editor.

Radio Mile


اینجا خونه دونده هاست و ما در هر اپیزود از پادکست رادیو مایل در مورد یک موضوع یا تجربه مرتبط با دویدن صحبت می کنیم.

In the Garage With Track Guy

Mike and Jon Jay

Mike Jay is a diehard track & field and cross country fanatic, and when it comes to his garage: it’s a shrine for those sports he loves. Surrounding his grandfather’s 1963 Chevy II are walls covered with memorabilia commemorating the events he has been a part of, signed gifts from athletes/coaches he adores, and press box signage he may or may not have snuck out of the venue in his bag. So, when it comes to a “studio” to host a track & field and cross county centered podcast – The Garage is the perfect spot! Whether you, too, are a T&F/XC fan, or someone wanting to know more about the folks involved in these sports: this podcast should be a great listen for you. We hope you enjoy the episodes we have to offer. Thanks for listening!

We Are The Runners Show

Stephanie Foster

On the We Are The Runners Show, I will talk with runners whose life journey will leave you inspired, encouraged, and ready to get out there and crush your own running goals! These are your stories, our stories! So join me each week and let's run this together!


Levi Black Eagle

The GasCap Runagades have a Podcast.Join us as we talk to local guest's who share our affinity for running.We prefer the trails but do not mind pounding the pavement from time to time.


Luis: Maratón y ultramaratón.

171: Viaje a Europa en bicicleta: ¿Sirven 5.500 kilómetros para correr maratón?

En el pasado Luis comprobó que correr maratones es suficiente para poder completar una distancia de 540k en bici en tres días. Ahora, era el turno de validar lo opuesto. ¿Es la bici suficiente para entrenar para una maratón? Su viaje nos da la respuesta.


Подкаст-студия «Терменвокс»

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

Beyond Running

Aire Libre Running

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

Diario Runner

Pedro Moya @palabraderunner - Cuonda

Secuelas y recuperación tras la Media Maratón

Modo recovery express tras la Media Maratón, sacando todos los artilugios de tortura para recuperar rápido y bien.
Detalles de #Kmdeconfianza Mapfre:
- Foam Roller 
- Bola Beurer 
- DuoBall 
- Pistola masaje 
- Botas presoterapia 
Pedro en Instagram: - Strava: - Todo el material que recomiendo: - Grupo en Telegram: - Lista de música colaborativa en Spotify:

Web: ht

A Run On Culture

Scott Burns

A Run On Culture Podcast is designed to learn from dedicated local runners and coaches to discover the secrets behind their culture of success. In future episodes we'll interview local high school runners, coaches and community runners. The Run Culture Podcast is a new side project put together by Scott Burns the head coach at Downingtown West High School (

The Inspirational Runner Podcast

The Inspirational Runner

Episode #151 Ross Jenkin 4@40 UK Mountain Round Challenge 387km 31,800m

It’s been a couple of weeks since the last episode was released but the wait was worth it as we have a 2hr feature with the round machine himself Ross Jenkin, who earlier this year completed all four of the UKs infamous Mountain Rounds within the same week.

The well known English Bob Graham, The Welsh Paddy Buckley, The Scottish Charlie Ramsay and our local N.Ireland Round The Denis Rankin.

The challenge involved 152 summits, with 387km (240 miles) of challenging terrain with 31,800m (104,331ft) of ascent, and Ross amazingly completed the four @ forty challenge in less than 7 days which it quite astounding numbers add to the show notes if you’d like to take a look.

Ross who has been a beacon of light for those struggling with mental health and depression completed the challenge for CALM  (Campaign Against Living Miserably), I’ve added a link in the show notes if anyone wo

She Runs Eats Performs

Runners Health Hub

Are you confused about the science around nutrition for runners? Listen in to learn about the WHY, HOW, WHAT, and WHEN of eating to fuel your running performance. We are here to help you translate sports nutritional science, into easy to apply tips and plans, helping you enjoy peak running performance. We focus on the FEMALE FACTORS every woman needs to know to be a healthy runner. This podcast uses the following third-party services for analysis: Chartable -

Companions of the Compendium

Ryan Joseph Banta

Episode 37 Henk Kraaijenhof Elite International Track & Field Coach

Henk and I had an awesome conversation. He and chatted about all manner of speed training. We talked about what he believes coaches need to do less and more to help their athletes reach their potential. We discussed how to differentiate training for different types of athletes. How to identify the different types of sprinters. He talked about what a warm-up should be if we should warm up at all. Coach discussed what mental training should be and who to establish what type of mindset you are coaching. We conclude our wonderful chat with where he is looking to continue furthering his knowledge in the art of coaching. 
For elite performance technology please visit:
To purchase the Sprinter's Compendium visit:


Support this podcast:

Martha Runs the World Podcast

Martha Hughes

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

Running is Cheaper Than Therapy

Dr. Ouida Brown

I created this podcast to educate, share my love of life and all that it entails, inspire, and promote movement in its various forms from a mental health aspect Also, I want to connect my listeners with others who will bring inspirational stories and experiences we can all relate to; people who have overcome obstacles to make it to their finish lines.

Run Lift Mom

Suzy Goodwin

Running, lifting, and momming...not necessarily in that order! Join Suzy Goodwin, 100 mile ultra marathoner, former Guinness World Record holder, and triplet mom, for quick bites of training advice and interviews with subject matter experts. Top 20 in category with over 200,000 downloads, this show spends time ensuring you'll save yours! Support this podcast:

We Run This

Chris Illuminati

A podcast for serious runners - hosted by a guy who isn't serious about anything. We Run This is a podcast about fitness and the good, the bad, and the awesome parts involved with the running life. New episodes drop every Wednesday! Support this podcast:

Track and Field History with Jesse Squire


Revisiting Running Movies: 'On the Edge' Starring Bruce Dern

The podcast returns to take a dive into the 1985 film "On The Edge" starring Bruce Dern. 
From Rotten Tomatoes: "Banned from competition 20 years ago for exposing payoffs in amateur athletics, former long-distance runner Wes Holman (Bruce Dern) decides to enter the Cielo-Sea Race, a punishing, mountainous footrace in the Pacific Northwest. The competition has bested many younger runners, but by seeking the help of his old coach (John Marley) and reconnecting with his ex-lover (Pam Grier) and father (Bill Bailey), the middle-aged Wes may be ready to take on more than a race."
✩ Follow CITIUS MAG: | |
✩ Connect with Jesse and the show via Email: |

The Halfstep Pod

Grant Fisher & Connor Lane

The Halfstep Pod is a weekly conversation between Bowerman TC runner, Grant Fisher, and collegiate runner, Connor Lane.The two ex-teammates will discuss Grant's racing, training, and life as an elite athlete as he builds for the Olympic Trials. They will also talk about other current topics in the running world. Episodes will also consist of reading Grant's insta DM's, discussing historical races they've watched, and answering listener questions. instagram: @halfstep_pod

The I Heart Running Podcast


6 years ago I set out to run a couple laps at the local track. I barely survived 800m, but it woke something up in me. If you asked my old self whether I could run 10km, I would have laughed in your face. I have run over 15,000 km since that date, and more importantly I have met the most amazing and interesting people. This podcast is about them. Their stories, their dreams, triumphs, and hurdles that make us all human. Thank you for listening, and following. Instagram: I.Heart.Running

I Run Things

Running Is An Adventure

Running is an adventure and will challenge you in ways you didn't even think possible. Suzie hosts runners from all walks of life who embrace this proposition : Some might be chasing a PR, others might have just completed the 6 Majors, ran in Antarctica, hiked Kilimanjaro or completed an ultra while visually impaired. We all have different abilities and different challenges to overcome, but we all love sharing stories with other runners. New episodes every Friday!

Runners of NYC Podcast


Episode 55 – Rebeka Stowe, Chasing And Coaching Dreams

“It’s refreshing because I spent quite a long time in my career thinking about being in the top 1%. Being able to pull back and realize that there is this joy and enjoyment that people have to go out…They may not have a reason to get up other than to be with some other people or have time for themselves in the chaotic space that is New York. It was nice to engage with running in a different way. That’s why it brings me a refreshment and a perspective that there are so many different stories and reasons why people are doing this and it doesn’t always have to be about making it to the very upper echelon.”
For this episode, we welcome Rebeka Stowe. She is a hell of an athlete and has qualified for the U.S. Outdoor Track and Field Championships seven times in her career, including the 2012 Olympic Trials in the steeplechase. She is a former Big 12 Conference champion while attending Kansas. She trained professionally fo

Social Sport

Emma Zimmerman

On Social Sport, Emma Zimmerman features conversations with endurance athletes of all types committed to fostering social change. The athletes she speaks with are climate change activists, mental health advocates, and promoters of more inclusive outdoor spaces. Through Social Sport, she shares the stories and thoughts of people who explore the connection between sport and activism in their lives. Support this podcast:

Anyone Can Run


Anyone Can Run is THE podcast which is all about cerebral cultivation: aka establishing our marathon mentality both on and off the race course. I am your host TruBros aka Gabe and I am an NCCA certified personal trainer, youtuber and sneakerhead who specializes in helping people life a healthy and fit lifestyle. This podcast covers everything new members of the running community need to know to dominate their first race, whether it’s a 5k, full marathon or anything in between. We also discuss how to establish our marathon mindsets, because our journey on the road to gainzville is just one small part of who we are as individuals.

The Run Shoe Diaries Podcast

Luis (aka Chico)

Runners are a unique species and each have different Tips, Tricks and Strategies to help them manage their time while still finding time to accomplish their Running Goals! Listen as they provide us with their best practices that helped them along the way. We love runners and their victories! Find motivation and strategies that can work for your training plans, get inspired through their stories, and simply enjoy the run!

trailhacks podcast

Trail Runner Nation

EP1: Badger Trail Races

There are many high profile races out there and many of those are very difficult to get into.  The good news is there are many GREAT races that you might not know about.  It the New TRN produced podcast, Trail Hacks highlights one of these amazing races.  We speak with the Race Director to better understand the characteristics of the race. Then we get with a veteran runner to give us a hack or two that might help us successfully complete the race. In our inaugural Trail Hacks Podcast, we speak with Scotty Kumar, producer of the award winning podcast Ten Junk Miles.  His team runs the Badger Trail Races held on August 1-2. Register HERE

Track Boys Podcast

Track Boys

Preview of the USATF Golden Games at Mt. Sac, our hot takes on each event and predictions for DK Metcalf in the 100m. | Track Boys Pod #4.5

The Track Boys give you their hot takes on who will win each of the events at the Golden Games in Mt. Sac on May 9th. They Predict DK Metcalf's 100m dash time. Bonus Episode. 

Running Through My Mind



On today's episode of Running Through my mind, we're talking about commitment. It's that time of year where people are thinking about new commitments but don't feel like you need to wait or rush to make a commitment. The only right time to commit to something is when you're ready to. Thanks for listening along. Go get that run in! Follow me on instagram: @hellahgood9


Support this podcast:

Edge of Comfort


Explore the adventures, perspectives, and philosophies of experienced world-travelers. Each episode dives deep into unique travel experiences, lifestyles not confined by a 9-5 job, stories of growth through challenges and adversity, and insights into living a more fulfilling, exciting, & intentional life. Open-minded, explorative, and no topic off limits, these conversations are a way to not only expand our worldview, but our understanding of our inner self and true potential.

FatBoysRun - der Laufpodcast

Michael Arend, Philipp Jordan

FatBoysRun ist der Laufpodcast mit Philipp und Micha. Mit Interviews, Produkttests und Hörerfragen richtet er sich an alle, die das schönste Hobby der Welt haben: Laufen.

World’s Toughest Podcast

Will Hicks

Exclusive: WTM 2021 Preview and Reveal with Tough Mudder CEO Kyle McLaughlin, Amelia Boone, and Carlo Piscitello

"TWO WEEKS UNTIL WTM 2021. Don't get hurt and I will see you in Laughlin. Text me any last minute questions. (619) 485-2726" -Will - Kyle McLaughlin is the President of Tough Mudder. Amelia Boone is a three-time World Champion at World's Toughest Mudder. Carlo Piscitello hosted the longest-running and most popular Tough Mudder YouTube show. They all joined Will Hicks for a two-hour sneak preview chat about World's Toughest Mudder 2021 in Laughlin, Nevada. For a Cliffs Notes version of the talk, go to The OCR Report Instagram page. We have a two-page summary with info on obstacles, penalties, and a full description of what to expect from Electric Avenue this year. If you would rather watch the chat, head to our YouTube channel at Be sure to subscribe to get all of future videos in your feed. You won't hear this talk with Kyle, A

Mike Trees & DLake Creates Running Tips To Master Life

DLake Creates x Pod Paste

The internet's most exciting running, cycling and triathlon audio experience. We show committed endurance athletes how to perform better as they age. Master some of your health, fitness, career and life. It's all the same! Hosted by Daren DLake (Creates) & Mike Trees (aka Run.NRG on Instagram) See for privacy and opt-out information.

Talk Ultra

Ian Corless

Episode 219 - Marathon des Sables 35th Edition Special

Episode 219 of Talk Ultra is co-hosted by two times MDS champion, Elisabet Barnes. We discuss the 35th 2021 race with expert discussion on heat from Dr Jodie Moss. We also have eight interviews with 2021 participants: Emma Burton, Gower Tan, John Murray, Kim Hutt, Mags McHardy, Martina Taylor, Paul Been and Pierre Meslet.

STEP LIFE: First-Time Marathoner


STEP BONUS ชวนวิ่ง Virtual Run เก็บระยะสนุกๆ ปลุกไฟไปมาราธอน

STEP LIFE: Virtual Run ดูรายละเอียดเพิ่มเติม พร้อมสมัครได้ที่ (เปิดรับสมัครถึงวันที่ 30 พฤศจิกายน 2564 เท่านั้น!)


น้าเน็กชวนเข้าร่วม Virtual Run ครั้งแรกของพอดแคสต์ STEP LIFE เดิน-วิ่งเก็บสะสมระยะสนุกๆ ปลุกใจ รักษาความฟิต ก่อนจะไปวิ่งมาราธอน


ด้วยชาเลนจ์สะสมระยะให้ได้ 42.195 กิโลเมตร ภายใน 2 สัปดาห์ เริ่มวิ่งวันที่ 8-30 พฤศจิกายน 2564 ค่าสมัครเพียง 299 บาท ทุกคนจะได้รับเสื้อวิ่ง 1 ตัว และทุก 10 กิโลเมตรที่เก็บสะสมกัน ทางกรุงไทย-แอกซ่า ประกันชีวิต จะเปลี่ยนเป็นการปลูกต้นไม้ 1 ต้น


ได้วิ่ง ได้เสื้อ ได้สุขภาพ แถมยังได้ช่วยปลูกต้นไม้ สมัครได้แล้วที่

ลิงก์เข้าร่วมกรุ๊ป STEP LIFE RUNNERS

Prairie Track & Field Podcast

Ryan Enerson

LEGENDS Episode 1: Corey Ihmels

On the premiere of LEGENDS, Cam & Ryan sit down with North Dakota all-time great Corey Ihmels. Currently the head coach of Boise State's track and field & cross country programs, Corey dominated in high school, including a 1991 win at the prestigious Footlocker National XC Championships. With so many great stories, you'll be sure to be inspired after listening to this episode!

Early Call Time

Early Call Time Pod

The podcast where we discuss issues and news in the road race industry and get to know some of the people who keep it running! Hosted by Eli Asch (Race Director, Twin Cities In Motion/Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon) and Tony Yamanaka Brand Partnerships Director, BibRave), the ECT Pod features monthly interviews with some of the most interesting people in the running industry as well as lively banter about issues facing the mass participation endurance sports event industry. All opinions expressed on the ECT Pod are our own. So blame us for anything you disagree with, not our employers. Have any feedback for us or requests of who you want to hear interviewed on the show? Contact us at Facebook: @EarlyCallTimePod Instagram: @EarlyCallTimePod Twitter: @EarlyPod

Course Epique

Guillaume Lalu

#54 "Finira bien qui finira le dernier", la Diagonale des Fous de Jean-Yves Baron

La Diagonale des Fous est un monument de l’ultra-trail. Bien plus qu’une course, c’est une expérience de vie qui marque durablement chacun de celles et ceux qui ont pu en prendre le départ.Cette Diagonale des Fous, les élites la courent en une grosse vingtaine d’heures et c’est souvent l’image que l’on en voit. Il existe une autre réalité : celle de coureuses et coureurs qui passent 3 nuits dehors pour boucler en 66 heures, à bout de force, cette course aussi fascinante qu’elle est extraordinairement exigeante.Chez Course Epique, j’aime à partager avec vous toutes les belles histoires qui font la course à pied. Celles des premiers mais aussi celles de ceux qui ont été, ce jour-là, en milieu ou en toute fin de peloton.Coureur aguerri avec notamment 3 UTMB à son actif, Jean-Yves Baron s’est lancé sur la Diag 2018, l’esprit rempli de rêves et le cœur chargé d’émotions.Jean-Yves a ét


體育主播魁哥 & 最速總經理象總

ep. 73 我要代表素人跑者們向你致謝

到「運能延力生技」官網 結帳輸入優惠碼 【runpodcast】 提供聽眾朋友「ENERACE 能量恢復粉」一律八折免運 !  這集邀請「臺灣長跑競技網」的創辦人洪國智老師,來和我們分享長跑競技網的使命,不只忠實呈現比賽成績、建立「百傑榜」,還挖掘出更多不為人知的跑者故事。「長跑活字典」洪老師以數據和紀錄為基礎,寫出引人入勝的報導,啟發菁英跑者和你我。 長跑競技網 百年大獎「長明賞」投票 ✉︎ 聽眾信箱,分享你的收聽心得 ☞ 贊助魁哥象總喝杯咖啡吧! ❤️ 到 Facebook 和 Instagram 搜尋「跑步不要聽」,立刻追蹤! Powered by Firstory Hosting

Running New Mexico Podcast


Episode 95 - Will Walker; Sandia High School Boys Distance Track Coach, Assistant XC

This week I had the pleasure to talk to my friend, and assistant, Will Walker. He is the Boys Distance Coach for track at Sandia High School and one of my assistant coaches for Cross Country. He is entering his 4th year as a track coach and just finished his 3rd year as an assistant cross country coach. 

I am lucky to have known Will as a high school runner and now as a coach and it was fun to bring his story to the podcast. We share a little of what we talk about on a daily basis while running with the kids and coaching. I also got to learn a little about his history, including his fueling ideas for his first 5k in middle school.

We touch on his intro to running, track and cross country, weight lifting, shoes, and exercise science at UNM. He talked about everything in his life coming together in this fun way and his schooling compliments his work, which compliments his

The OCR Report

Will Hicks

From the home of World’s Toughest Podcast, Overcome and Run, and Obstacle Running Adventures: The first podcast to focus exclusively on the Elite Racing SPORT of Obstacle Course Racing. Each week we talk about the latest results from Spartan Race, Tough Mudder, and other elite OCRs. Who won? Who lost? And what does that mean for next week’s race? Join us on The OCR Report Podcast.

Track Town JPN


東大大学院古川大晃選手はこんな方です!そして「院カレ」開催にあたってのお願い~Track Town JPN第93回2022年1月21日

ただ走るだけ、ただ飛ぶだけ、ただ投げるだけでない陸上競技の魅力を。日本唯一の陸上『雑談』専門チャンネル『Track Town JPN』



西本武司さん(EKIDEN NEWS主宰、OTT理事長)
横田真人さん(陸上男子800Mロンドン五輪代表 現在TWOLAPS TC Head Coach)


・走る時の曲選びが大事 テンション&テンポ

全日本院カレ (@daigakuin_colle) / Twitter

OTT 次回2月11日開催します


Running with Jake - The PLODcast


108: Marathon tips, toughed up tricks, & plush robes

Today’s guest is former international 800m/1500m athlete Vince Wilson 

Although there is part of Vince that does miss his time competing, he has now focused his attention on his running coaching, to help others get the most out of this amazing sport/hobby. 

 #AskJake: Each week, we'll take one of your questions and Jake will answer it. Today’s question comes from Sara and it's about back to back marathons.

See the full show notes & resources here:

Lane One Podcast

Lane One

Jean Knaack Road Runners Club of America

Back from our short break!  We went on a run with Jean Knaack.  Jean and I first met when I was the Georgia state representative for the Road Runners Club of America (RRCA). She is the Chief Executive Officer of the RRCA where she has served in the role since 2005.  She is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin at Green Bay where she earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Human Nutrition. She earned a Master’s of Public Administration with a concentration in nonprofit management from George Mason University. She has extensive skills in organizational and financial development, board and member relations, and program planning and implementation.  She finished the inaugural Ironman Louisville (2007), Ironman France (2009), Ironman Coeur D’Alen (2010), and DNF’d Ironman Maryland (2017).  You can learn more about the Road Runners Club of America at

Justa Runners podcast

Bruce McIntosh

a podcast about all things running and racing in Youngstown Ohio’s first running centered podcast. I talk about my training and upcoming races with many other runners. Email me any questions or comments at Support this podcast:

The Big Run


The Big Run - Episode 61 - Different Gear Live - The Run Testers x The Big Run - Powered by SOAR Running

Welcome back to another podcast deep dive edition of Different Gear Live powered by SOAR Running  
and welcome to the very first Run Testers end of year awards! From the best racing shoes, trail shoes, running watches and headphones the team is here to reveal their picks of what's made the top spot in 2021.
There is also a chance to win a pair of Dual Fabric Tights from the good people of SOAR running. Head over to 
We streamed this episode live on Monday. Missed it? Fear not! The podcast is here and there is more Run Testers wisdom for you to hear with a deeper dive edition that features some excellent Christmas gift ideas, a look ahead to 2022 and we reveal what's been grinding the gears of the Different Gear team! 
See below to links to the Xmas gift ideas mentioned

The Indiana Runner Podcast

Indiana Runner

Indiana Runner staff members (and guests) keep you up to date on the world of Indiana high school distance running (and beyond).

The Houston Running Zone

Keith Schreiter

The ultimate podcast for runners in the Houston area, featuring the everyday runners who inspire us, clubs, gear, races and runcations. Houston “We’ve got the runs!”

Where Do You RunWell? Podcast


Join us each month as we talk to local athletes, setting BIG goals, overcoming obstacles, and testing their mental and physical limits to reach a personal goal...during a pandemic! Prepare to be inspired and motivated as you listen to the stories of local athletes, what drives them, what disrupts them or delays them, and how do they persevere or alter the path. You won't want to miss this, so subscribe to our podcast today! About Jen, podcast host: I am an avid runner, ultrarunner, iron distance triathlete, running coach, and owner of a running specialty store called RunWell (in Edwardsville, IL). I love to connect with human beings, to hear their stories of reaching, pushing and testing their physical limits... Stories about the will and determination of ordinary people setting forth on a transformational journey to learn something about themselves, to test themselves...That is my jam!

Trail & ultra running from Wild Ginger Running


COMPETITION! December - who has won £434 worth of trail & ultra running goodies? PLUS Jan prizes

Who has won the December 2021 competition worth £434? And what is up for grabs in the January 2021 prize? To enter the Wild Ginger Running monthly competition, scroll down.


Links to things I talked about in the live broadcast:

My shop for a WGR buff or Happy Trails t-shirt, my book The Ultimate Trail Running Handbook or our training camp

Other relevant films:
How to reproof running gear with Nikwax here

Why you might need a superbright headtorch here

Robbie Britton's live chat here


This month’s Wild Ginger Running competition (December 2021) gave the lucky winner a chance to win £434's worth of trail and ultra running goodies:



The Stubborn Tortoise

Donna Pazdera

People often ask me why I love trail running. It's all about the stories. You meet a different kind of person on the trails: connects with nature, doesn't mind slowing down if someone is in need, says, "Good job, runner." Trail runners are competitive, for sure. But it's also egalitarian. Seldom will you find the elites separated from the regular folk. Everyone gets lost at some point. Everyone falls. These are our badges of passage. This is my take on trail culture. Logo: Kevin Stich Music: "Our Sky," by Overland (via Free Music Archive) Contact Support this podcast:

#RunPainFree Podcast

Jessica Marie Rose Leggio

Oh My”Itis” - What Is ”Itis” ”Bursitis” Arthritis”

Welcome to the #RunPainFree podcast.

Today, Coach Jessica Marie Rose Leggio gives you the answers to a common and commonly misunderstood running injury.

Today, we are talking about all things' itis'.

Be it your elbow or your ankle; the underlying cause is the same. Have you ever heard of this before? 

Well, that's why you need to listen up to this episode!

If you liked this episode, you'll LOVE this free training series because if you've ever wondered "Free Training

Road to the Trials

Matt Chittim

Ep. 27 - Olivia Baker: Road to the Trials Recap

Our Road to the Trials recaps continue with the extraordinary Olivia Baker.
Olivia didn't have the lead-up to the Trials that she had hoped for but was holding out hope that it would all come together in Eugene. The women's 800m was maybe the deepest event at the entire meet and it was amazing to witness each round. Unfortunately, Olivia was unable to make the final after running well in a stacked opening heat.
After the Trials Olivia stayed in racing condition and finished second at a loaded 800m race last week. This result has led to a series of decisions that Olivia must make in the coming days as she weighs her professional running future and a career in medicine. She shares her thought process about everything that has happened over the past six months and how she will make her next huge decision.
*Podcast photo credit to Chuck Utash*

The Road to the Trials Podcast is presented by COROS Wearables

Marathon Running Podcast by We Got the Runs

Letty & Ryan

85. 10 Myths about running and your body

In this episode, we talk to physical therapist Natalie Niemczyk, the Run Doc, about the 10 most common myths of running and your body. Natialie has a ton of experience and expertise when it comes to runners through her practice, and enlightens us about what's true and what's not!

Follow us on instagram @runningpodcast
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Check out our website

Pushing Limits Podcast

Pushing Limits

#159– Podcast Triathlongelaber: Ins Schwimmen geraten

Woche zwei im Trainingslager für Bocki, die Zeit auf Mallorca neigt sich also dem Ende entgegen – genau wie der...
Der Beitrag #159– Podcast Triathlongelaber: Ins Schwimmen geraten erschien zuerst auf Pushing Limits.

ランラジ 〜 Running Radio


11.00㎞:2022年 目標は決めた⁉

ランニングを楽しむ皆のラジオ!「ランラジ 〜 Running Radio」

11.00㎞通過! 2022年の目標は決めましたか?

●ラントリップ ジャーナル
ランナーのためのSNS アプリ「Runtrip」からジャーナルを投稿して
ご参加お待ちしてます! 番組で紹介させてください。


ראנסופיה חוכמת הריצה

גלעד קראוז ושליו ברוש

מפרק 9 - דניאל קרן על ריצה בגובה skyrunning

הרבה פעמים שמעתם את המושג skyrunning אבל לא לגמרי הבנתם על מה מדובר.

הבאנו את אחד ממאמני הריצה הבכירים בישראל ואחד מהמנוסים בריצת skyrunning, ריצה בגובה.

דניאל קרן, מייסד מועדון הריצה "מרת"א"- מועדון רצי תל אביב", מטפס הרים מפורסם, רץ מוכשר ומי שכתב את "ספר הריצה השלם" שהפך לרב מכר.

דניאל הוציא משלחות ריצה רבות לאולטרה מרתון באוורסט ולאתגרי ריצה בגובה אקזוטים נוספים כמו ריצה במרוקו ועוד.

מה זה בכלל ריצה בגובה? כיצד מתאמנים אליה כשאנו חיים במקום ללא הרים גבוהים ועוד...




#17 高尾リベンジャーズ

15人目のゲストは高尾リベンジャーズの一員 小室 淳佑 a.k.a ダッカムをお迎えしました。
Facebook ☞ Junsuke Komuro
Instagram ☞ @comuu

2019年Noほろ苦のNo bib No run



Endörfina com Michel Bögli

Michel Bögli

#220 Luísa Baptista

Minha convidada de hoje é um talento que foi descoberto por acaso, quando ainda era adolescente. Sua infância em Araras, interior de São Paulo, lhe proporcionou uma grande vivência em diversos esportes, mas a natação acabou se tornando mais frequente que o handebol, o basquete ou a capoeira. Até que um dia, a convite de um amigo, participou de um mini triathlon. Lá, chamou a atenção do Calí, treinador de uma cidade vizinha, São Carlos. Após cumprir um teste, passou a integrar a equipe do SESI daquela cidade, celeiro de grandes nomes do triathlon nacional. Nascia então a sua versão atleta profissional, que desde 2012 integra a seleção brasileira e vem conquistado importantes títulos como o de bicampeã do Troféu Brasil, campeã do Challenge Manaus e do Ironman 70.3 Rio, bicampeã do Campeonato Panamericano e o título inédito que, até agora, coroa sua carreira, o de campeã Pan Americana em 2019 além de outro ouro, na mesma competição, na prova por esquipes. Es

Inside Jogging Podcast


Episode 31: Chris Thompson

In a week that saw Boris ask everyone in the UK to get their Covid vaccine boosters before the New Year, Josh took that as a message to fly halfway across the world to boost his red blood cells with a trip to altitude.

Big week coming at you, with all the usual segments plus an interview with the first British man home in Sapporo, and all round legend of British endurance running, Chris Thompson.

Chris chats through the emotional trial race at Kew Gardens, racing at the Olympic Games and even goes into his training diary to recall a magic week during his build up. What a guy.

Enjoy, and thanks for the support.

Aaron, Josh and Matt.

קצב דיבור

מורן מישל וגדי סולומון

קצב דיבור - פודקאסט הריצה של ישראל כל מה שמעניין רצים בעולם הריצה