Ali on the Run Show

Ali Feller

Every week on the Ali on the Run Show, I talk with inspiring people who lead interesting lives on the run and beyond. And while running is what brings us all together, on these episodes, we're digging a little deeper. These conversations are about the decisions people have made to get where they are today, and how getting sweaty has factored in. Whether you’re on the run toward something great or away from something that’s holding you back, join me on this never-ending adventure, and let’s all pick up the pace together.

The Strength Running Podcast

Jason Fitzgerald

Running and coaching tips for beginner and advanced runners with Coach Jason Fitzgerald. Featuring guests like Nick Symmonds and Shalane Flanagan, listeners will learn how to race faster, stay healthy, prevent running injuries, and get stronger in this informative and fun podcast.

Trail Runner Nation

Trail Runner Nation

Trail Runner Nation is devoted to sharing knowledge and advice to the trail running community - from beginners to the pros! We offer tips and discussion regarding race nutrition, pacing strategy, mental focus and much more from well-respected members of the trail community.

Some Work, All Play

David Roche and Megan Roche

One to five topics, lots of love and enthusiasm and science, sometimes about running. With Megan Roche, M.D. and David Roche and maybe some appearances by Addie dog!

The Trailhead


Buzz Burrell and Corrine Malcolm team up to bring you a lively mix of trail topics, stories and real runner questions. Whether you’re an experienced ultrarunner or newly “trail curious” and just getting started in the sport, start your run with UltraSignUp…and meet us at The Trailhead!

The Planted Runner

Claire Bartholic

Whether you are a brand new runner or you have been running for years, there is always a new way that running can change your life. And this is what the Planted Runner is all about. The name, The Planted Runner, is not just about how to run better, faster, and farther, fueled by plants. Being planted also means that you are ready for growth. You can start exactly where you are right now, and get better. Coach Claire Bartholic went from not running at all to finishing a marathon in 2:58 at age 42. She's coached hundreds of runners of all ages and abilities with science-backed training, nutrition, and mental strength techniques. And on the Planted Runner Podcast she will share it all with you.

Billy Yang Podcast

Billy Yang

Join podcaster & filmmaker Billy Yang as he sits down for one-on-one conversations with some of the most prolific and rising athletes, creatives, entrepreneurs and many others on what drives and inspires them.

CITIUS MAG Podcast with Chris Chavez


Track and field's biggest names on the track, in the coaching ranks and within the industry sit down and open up in-depth to share brilliant insights and vivid snapshots from their professional/personal accomplishments and experiences in the sport. Hosted CITIUS MAG founder Chris Chavez. The show was named one of "The Best Running Podcasts" by Runner's World in 2021. Get more at ▶ Follow us: | | |

Running Lean

Patrick McGilvray

Running Lean is hosted by Patrick McGilvray - NASN Licensed Primary Sports Nutritionist, NASN Certified Personal Trainer, UESCA Certified Running Coach, Master Life & Success Coach, experienced marathoner and ultrarunner, and The Weight Loss Coach for Runners. Patrick helps runners properly fuel their bodies and their minds so they can achieve peak performance and optimal health and fitness. Whether your goal is to lose weight, get stronger, run faster or further, or improve your mindset, you'll learn it all in this informative, inspirational weekly podcast. Learn more at

Run to the Top Podcast | The Ultimate Guide to Running

RunnersConnect : Running Coaching Community

Running podcast to motivate and help runners of every level, speed, and age run their best. Claire Bartholic interviews running influencers, scientists, psychologists, nutritionists, and everyday runners with inspiring stories.

Healthy Runner Podcast

Duane Scotti: Physical therapist, runner, and podcaster

Run stronger, faster, and without injuries? Yep, you don’t need to be a frustrated runner that constantly has to stop running. I'm Dr. Duane Scotti, a running physical therapist, coach, and founder of Spark Physical Therapy - Healthy Runner. I'm here to share everything I have learned as a former often injured adult onset runner! I will also interview experts in the running and health world to share their knowledge and wisdom that will inspire you to stay active, stay healthy, and just keep running well into your 40’s, 50’s, and beyond! You could just be starting your running journey and looking to consistently run for stress relief or be an experienced marathoner, we have something for you on this podcast! We discuss practical ways to improve your running strength, training, nutrition, and mindset! If you want to get stronger, run faster, and enjoy lifelong injury free running then you have come to the right place! If you like what you hear, please subscribe, follow, rate and review the show so more runners like you can find us!

The Rambling Runner Podcast

Matt Chittim

A podcast about dedicated and motivated amateur runners who are working hard to get better and achieving inspirational results.

the morning shakeout podcast

Mario Fraioli

Host Mario Fraioli gleans insight and inspiration from top athletes, coaches, and personalities in the sport of running. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

The Drop

Believe in the Run

Believe in the Run's Thomas Neuberger, Robbe Reddinger, and Meaghan Murray bring you a fresh spin on the running scene, featuring candid interviews with elite athletes, industry insiders, and just interesting runners in general. Follow along as we also discuss our own running highs and lows, as well as our favorite shoes and gear. (And don't forget to stick around 'til the end of each episode).

How They Train

Jack Kelly

Hosted by Jack Kelly, ”How They Train” is a podcast that asks professional athletes all the questions you want answered about their training

Rise and Run

The RDMTeam

A Podcast for the runDisney community, Rise and Run is a group of 7 friends united by their love of runDisney events. We discuss our experiences as middle-of-the-pack runners at Walt Disney World and at other running events. In our Race Report, we recognize the running achievements of our listeners. We also frequently invite other members of the runDisney community to share their knowledge and experiences with us. Mostly, though, we're a group of Disney runners who love to have fun.

More Than Running with Dana Giordano


Listen as Dana Giordano, a professional middle-distance runner, sits down and talks with some of the most inspirational and insightful women in running. Whether they're doing amazing things on the track or working tirelessly to promote the sport as industry leaders and entrepreneurs, hear how they've found success. Follow Dana on Instagram: Follow the show on Instagram:

C Tolle Run

C Tolle Run

Get After It with Olympian Carrie Tollefson! Each week, Carrie and a different celebrity guest discuss running, fitness, and how to live a healthy, balanced life as a runner.

For The Long Run

Jonathan Levitt

Exploring the why behind what keeps runners running long, strong, and motivated. The cover photo is my Why: finishing my first 50k, which was a last minute change of plans due to TNF50 cancellation, supported and surrounded by some of the best humans in the trail running world. Logo designed by Vanessa Wolfe Support this podcast:

That Triathlon Show

Mikael Eriksson

The one triathlon show focusing on practical and actionable advice that you can use in your own triathlon training and racing. New episodes are released twice per week. The episode types are interview episodes with the greatest and smartest people in triathlon and endurance sports, and solo episodes with host Mikael Eriksson where you'll learn tactics and strategies you can apply in your triathlon training and racing, and all things swim, bike and run. All episodes, both interview and solo episodes, are produced with the goal in mind of giving age-group triathletes actionable advice. That Triathlon Show is brought to you by and is hosted by Mikael Eriksson. Learn more about That Triathlon Show at

I'll Have Another with Lindsey Hein Podcast

SandyBoy Productions

I’ll Have Another with Lindsey Hein is a place for conversations that leave you feeling inspired and refreshed. During each episode, Lindsey will talk with everyday runners, elite runners, Olympians, World Record Holders and everyone in between. We talk about current events in our lives as well as the good, bad, and the ugly of how we got to where are now. The podcast is light, funny with a side of serious. We’ll discuss real life, hard gritty stuff, but will also be sure to cover what happened latest in The Bachelor or whatever we’re loving! I’m all about living with purpose and passion while not taking things too seriously.

The Run Smarter Podcast

Brodie Sharpe

Expand your running knowledge, identify running misconceptions and become a faster, healthier, SMARTER runner. Let Brodie Sharpe become your new running guide as he teaches you powerful injury insights from his many years as a physiotherapist while also interviewing the best running gurus in the world. This is ideal for injured runners & runners looking for injury prevention and elevated performance. So, take full advantage by starting at season 1 where Brodie teaches you THE TOP PRINCIPLES TO OVERCOME ANY RUNNING INJURY and let’s begin your run smarter journey.

Marathon Talk

Deena Kastor & Martin Yelling

Marathon Talk has returned in 2022 as part of the Abbott World Marathon Majors family. Hosted by Martin Yelling and the great Deena Kastor, every two weeks we'll bring you news, views and some amazing guest interviews from across the world of marathons and running.

The Runner's World UK Podcast

Runner's World UK

The Runner's World podcast is your weekly dose of all things running, here to inform and entertain with unique interviews, news, advice, in-depth discussion and much, much more. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

Marathon Training for Beginners

Running with the Crummy Marathoners

Mo and Harrison Crum here! We are new to running, and together, we are documenting our marathon training journey. This podcast is for beginners, by beginners! If you are training for a marathon or half marathon, this is for you! Most people don’t run marathons, and that’s because they don’t think it’s possible! We are here to prove most people wrong. If we can inspire others to start running, we consider this a success! Follow us on Instagram @crummymarathoners and DM us questions—we will answer as many as possible. Support this podcast:

Science Of Ultra

Shawn Bearden

For endurance athletes who want to do more than improve race performance. How you sleep, think, eat, and move all play a role in helping you Become Your Ultra Best!'s Track Talk's weekly podcast where we go behind the scenes of the professional running, marathoning, and track and field world.

Running After Age 40

Sarah Snyder

Have you ever felt frustrated trying to start running after age 40 or keep up competitive running in your 40s, 50s, and beyond? How can masters runners keep running and not 'shuffling' as they get older? Are there benefits to running in your 40s and over? If you've ever found yourself asking those questions, you are in the right place! Welcome to the Running After Age 40 Podcast, the podcast about all things related to Running at 40 and Beyond produced by We help you stay physically healthy and emotionally strong at any running pace. I’m Sarah, your host, and a wife, a full-time working mom with 3 kids, 3 dogs, and a lifetime passion for running. Whether you are a veteran runner looking to maximize your times as a masters runner or starting running after 40, this podcast will be there for your journey. I want to share stories, secrets, nutrition, strength training, and mindset strategies for success (this includes mistakes and lessons learned) all related to running past age 40. Let’s hit the play button together and hit roads as runners with grit after age 40! Run smart, run for life!

Obstacle Racing Media Podcast

Matt B. Davis

Hosted by Matt B. Davis, Obstacle Racing Media is the longest running, most consistent, podcast in OCR. ORM brings weekly episodes with athletes, race directors, industry insiders, and surprise guests. The Obstacle racing community has come to rely on Matt's interviews, insight, and humor as a regular part of their week.

Convos Over Cold Brew with Emma Abrahamson

Emma Abrahamson

Welcome to "Convos Over Cold Brew with Emma Abrahamson." Emma is a cold brew fanatic with a background in running, who shares her life on her YouTube channel and Instagram. Tune in to hear conversations with her friends about anything from relationships, social media, food and running. New episodes each week. Follow Emma on Instagram and YouTube.

Sweat Elite Podcast

Sweat Elite

Interviews with Elite Athletes, Professional Coaches, Sport Scientists and Thought Leaders in the Sport of Running.

Doctors of Running Podcast

Doctors of Running

We are Doctors of Running, a group of doctors of physical therapy all working to provide you all with information about the art and science of running and what we are putting on our feet. In this podcast we will be giving evidence-based deep dives into running related topics as well as detailed running shoe reviews. You can also check us out at our website --, and on social media @doctorsofrunning To help us continue to produce content for you all, consider joining our support team: Support this podcast:

The Extramilest Podcast

Floris Gierman

The Extramilest Podcast helps athletes reach their full potential in training, racing and life. Interviews with world class athletes, coaches and rukus makers about health, wellness and performance. Hosted by endurance athlete Floris Gierman.

The FloTrack Podcast

The FloTrack Podcast

FloTrack's daily podcast discussing the latest news, events and stories in the running world.

The Training For Ultra Podcast with Rob Steger

Rob Steger

The Training For Ultra Podcast with Rob Steger - Weekly inspiration to get you out the door to run! A mix of elite interviews with mid to back-of-the-pack runners who inspire. Whether you are just starting to run or are a seasoned pro, everyone should find something interesting in this podcast. Let's start training for ultra!

Ultra Running Magazine Podcast

UltraRunning Magazine

The UltraRunning Magazine Podcast brings listeners in-depth conversations with elite ultrarunners, coaches, medical professionals, race directors and more who cover any and all topics in the world of ultrarunning.

The Running for Real Podcast

Tina Muir

A collective of conversations that inspire, motivate, and encourage runners who know deep down that the world we want to create already exists. We all play a role in bringing it to life. Join former professional runner and life-long athlete, Tina Muir in this unique running podcast. We do not talk to professional runners about their wins or the Olympics. We do not talk about what shoes to wear or what training is best. Instead, we relate every experience back to you, and love to think hard about the questions you would always love to ask. While we bring on well known guests like Malcolm Gladwell, Reshma Saujani, Ryan Holiday, Des Linden, Michael Gervais, and David Epstein, these are not the same old conversations. This feels more like overhearing two friends talking about the deep conversations that weigh on our hearts daily. Join us in discovering the power of running, why our sport has always been part of humanity, and how we can use it as a tool for realizing our truest self, uplifting our communities, celebrating cultures, and taking care of our Mother Earth.


Finn Melanson

Singletrack is a podcast covering the professional trail and ultrarunning scene.

Trail Society


Keely Henninger, Corrine Malcolm, and Hillary Allen are three professional trail runners looking to utilize their experience as athletes and scientists to foster community and discussion around new and challenging topics in the world of trail running, training and racing, and equality

Ginger Runner LIVE

The Ginger Runner

Ginger Runner LIVE is a weekly talk show where The Ginger Runner (Ethan Newberry) talks about all things racing, training & beer. Also, a little about running, ultrarunning, marathons, triathlons & puppies. You'll meet some of the best endurance athletes on the planet, get a chance to interact with them and maybe learn a thing or two in the process! The goal is to inspire you to get out there and train hard, race harder and party hardest!

DMXS Radio

DMXS Radio

The original online radio show dedicated to Supercross and Motocross with rider interviews and good ole tomfoolery.

Run Farther & Faster — The Podcast with Coaches Lisa Levin and Julie Sapper

Run Farther & Faster

Coaches Lisa Levin and Julie Sapper provide tips and tricks for running farther, faster, and stronger. After running the Boston Marathon 31 times collectively, Julie and Lisa, along with weekly guests, provide advice for training and racing. While specific to Boston, this podcast is appropriate for runners of all levels and ages.

Will Run For...

WRF Podcast

A few friends talking about running, training, and what makes us happy; beer, food, music, movies and some Disney magic. Join us as we share our running experiences, including local 5k races, ultra trail runs plus everything in between, and celebrate the achievements of our community of runners. Find us on Facebook and Instagram @WillRunForPodcast Tag us in your pictures and stories and help us grow the community! Visit us at Comment on FB, IG, email us or send us a voice memo at and we'll include your feedback in our next episode.

Off The Couch


Off The Couch is the weekly podcast from BLISTER ( that is dedicated to the wide, weird, and wonderful world of running. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

Women of Distance

Devon Yanko and Alison Naney

A podcast about the women of Mountain, Trail, Ultra and Road running worlds. Hosted by Devon Yanko and Alison Naney.

Reinforced Running Podcast

Rich Ryan

Training and racing conversations for the endurance and obstacle course race athlete. The Reinforced Running Podcast interviews the best coaches, athletes, and entrepreneurs in running and obstacles course racing. Our goal is to give you a clear message on how you can improve as an athlete.

Kofuzi Run Club

Michael Ko

Daily livestreams recorded in front of a live virtual audience. Mostly runners. Sometimes, we talk about running.

Running long - A trail & ultra running talk

Vert is the home for every trail & ultra runner. On this podcast we host conversations with key members of our Trail & Ultra running community from all over the world. From professional world class athletes to our members and community. Narrating captivating stories and learning from and about this amazing sport.

For The Kudos

For The Kudos

For The Kudos is a running podcast by Australian elite distance runners Brett Robinson and Joel Tobin-White. Expect professional athlete training insights, race predictions and recaps, and a star studded guest list - all done with plenty of humility, banter, and piss taking that will keep you riveted and coming back each week for more.

Well Far: The Running Podcast

Mags Creative + Amy Lane

Whether you are just starting out, or here to PB, Well Far is the weekly running podcast helping you to go the distance. Each week host Amy Lane - author, runner and fitness expert - breaks down the barriers to running to make it accessible for joggers, plodders, runners and racers. Or for those who are as confused by spikes as they are split times here, you'll find the advice and action points you need to build up your confidence and your endurance. So wherever your starting point and whatever the distance, you can go Well Far! Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

FKT Podcast

Fastest Known

The podcast of Bringing you interviews and stories from record setting athletes and personalities from around the globe. Learn about the best FKT routes, who did them, and how fast.

Eric Schranz

Ultrarunnerpodcast is one of the oldest and largest podcasts dedicated to ultra trail running. We've got over 500 episodes with new runners, elite runners, dietitians, coaches, rock stars, and everyone in between. Episodes are 1hr long and are published each week.

The Indiana Runner Podcast

Indiana Runner

Indiana Runner staff members (and guests) keep you up to date on the world of Indiana high school distance running (and beyond).


Alysia Montano, Molly Huddle, Roisin McGettigan

Alysia Montano, Molly Huddle and Roisin McGettigan are three Olympians, from 2 countries, including 2 Moms and 1 current pro coming together to talk about the inspiring figures, important topics and interesting stories in women's sports. We care about the landscape and future of our sport of Track and Field and we want to create more media coverage of women's sports in general. We'll be interviewing inspiring athletes, and discussing topics and news in the track world and beyond. Thanks for Keeping Track with us!

A to Z Running

A to Z Running

Andi and Zach, founders of, dive into distance running from every angle. Training tips and racing recommendations? Staying healthy or recovering from injury? Stories of successes or tales of tragedies? It's all here!

Suite Run

Jerold & Natalie Mitchell

Welcome to the Suite Run Podcast, we're your hosts, Natalie & Jerold Mitchell! Every week, we'll talk with inspiring runners who will share with you all about the best places to RUN, eat, sleep, places of interest, things to do and more in their hometowns. We'll also dive into their personal running journey and why they love the sport. Join us for these rich conversations as we explore the world together, all through running.

Big Ass Runner Trail Running Podcast

Jeff Harrell

We entertain and encourage everyday trail runners and ultra trail runners all over the world who are out there getting it done! Whether you're on a 5K a day streak, training for a race, or even exploring the idea of trail running, we are here to celebrate you and the amazing community and culture. Join us - we laugh a bunch and have a lot of fun.

Becoming Ultra

Athlete On Fire

Becoming Ultra is following the journey's of two runners who are being coached by two of the best ultra runners in the world to finish a 50k in Aspen Colorado. The catch is that neither runner has ever run more than a half marathon. Along the way will be coaching tips, race directors perspective, and the stories of elite and everyday runners on their first Ultra run!

The Running Effect Podcast

Dominic Schlueter

The Running Effect's mission is simple: to enlighten, equip, and motivate the next generation of runners with advice from the best in the sport that will elevate your running to the next level In this show, we will interview some of the top athletes, coaches, and influencers in the sport. Each episode will be new and exciting bringing you some relevant advice on all things running. Support this podcast:

Canicross Conversations

Michelle Mortimer

If you love to run with your dog, Canicross Conversations is for you. Canicross instructors Louise and Michelle chat to various guests and experts who love to run with their dogs about how to keep both dog and human happy and healthy. You‘ll find lots of tips about getting started with canicross, as well as tips about running form, your dog‘s health and plenty more! Some episodes are recorded on the run with their dog, so put on your running shoes, download the podcast, and join in for a run!

Trail to 100

Jacob and Melody Bateman

A podcast for those looking to unlock their potential through the seemingly impossible sport of ultra running. Trail to 100 dives into the beginning stories of the average everyday ultra runners. This is the place for honest down to earth ultra running experiences that are meant to help you finishing your first ultramarathon. Jacob and Melody (hosts) talk all things running related to the epic journey of ultra running, from training plans and gear to mental roadblocks and exhilarating successes along with traumatizing failures. Are you ready to unlock your potential? Because we’re on the trail to100!

A Runner’s Life

Marcus Brown

Capturing the conversations that runner’s have offline and matter to them. The podcast is hosted by Marcus @marcus_runs and he explores the topics around training, racing and the impact running has on our day to day life’s. Support this podcast:

The Long Green Line Podcast

Matty Arnold

In The Long Green Line Podcast, Director Matty Arnold follows up the subjects from the 2008 documentary, The Long Green Line. The podcast features interviews of former athletes inspired by the legendary Coach Joe Newton of York High School in Elmhurst Illinois, where winning 28 Illinois state cross-country titles in his 66 years of coaching was secondary to his greater purpose. Coach Joe Newton spent six decades living his purpose, teaching boys to how to become heart-centered men, using cross-country running as his platform to help change the world, by cultivating “truth, honor, loyalty and character” in his runners. Newton led runners across a spectrum of abilities, “everyone has something to contribute," reinforcing that, “it’s nice to be great, but far greater to be nice.” Enjoy rich discussions on conscious masculinity and cross country as a metaphor for life. More info @ Theme Song Composed by Kyle J. Wittlin Hosted by Matty Arnold @_mattyarnold

Triathlon Coaching with TOWER 26- Be Race Ready Podcast

Gerry Rodrigues, Jim Lubinski

Triathlon Swimming with TOWER 26 was created by Triathlon's go-to swim expert Coach, Gerry Rodrigues, and USAT Certified Coach/Professional Triathlete, Jim Lubinski. These podcasts will help triathletes get the most return out of their swim preparation by covering all the essential topics and ingredients that are necessary to make triathletes better and safer swimmers. Through Gerry's countless years of coaching thousands of triathletes and Jim's racing/training/coaching experience, the two will take on all topics relevant to triathlon swimming.

Ultrarunning History

Davy Crockett

This is a podcast about the history of the sport of ultrarunning. An ultramarathon is generally a race of 50K (31 miles) or more. The sport became popular in the 1980s, but had been in existence since the late 19th century. This podcast will share history and tell stories about ultrarunning history generally before 2000.

The Ultra Running Guys

The Ultra Running Guys

Join ultra runners Jeremy Reynolds and Jeff Winchester as they share the unique, inspiring and mind-blowing stories that make up the ultra running community, all with the goal of helping you take the next step in your ultra running journey. Checkout more from The Ultra Running Guys: Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Become a Patreon supporter:

The Inspirational Runner Podcast

The Inspirational Runner

I’ve have met so many inspirational people since joining the sport of running, I thought it would a good idea to capture their stories to help inspire those who are battling with their own adversities, struggling to see past their limits or just simply wanting to improve their running performance. These people aren’t super olympians, they are the people who line up along side you at the start of a race, they are your neighbours and your friends, they are Inspirational Runners.

Road Dog Podcast

Luis Escobar and Kevin Lyons

Adventure outside with Luis Escobar, trail running legend, race director, running mentor and photographer, as he converses with athletes and public figures about all things extreme sports. We’ll cover everything from sell-out trail races to the most unknown ultra-running adventures around the globe, swing over into the world of rock climbing, and dive into mountain biking, triathlons and more.

D3 Glory Days Podcast


A D3 Running Podcast hosted by Noah Droddy and Stu Newstat. D3 Glory Days take deep dives into some of the important names, events, and institutions that have shaped D3 running history, and represented the division in the greater sport as a whole. On the CITIUS MAG Podcast Network. Follow us on social media: -

Runners of NYC Podcast


Bringing you untold stories behind luminaries and legends of the New York City’s running culture. A new show from the CITIUS MAG Podcast Network. Hosted by Leigh Anne Sharek and Chris Chavez. Support us on Patreon: Be sure to check out for all your latest running commentary. Support the show and rep Runners of NYC: ▶ Follow us: | |

Mike Trees & DLake Creates Running Tips To Master Life

DLake Creates x Pod Paste

The internet's most exciting running, cycling and triathlon audio experience. We show committed endurance athletes how to perform better as they age. Master some of your health, fitness, career and life. It's all the same! Hosted by Daren DLake (Creates) & Mike Trees (aka Run.NRG on Instagram) Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

Florida Trail Runners Podcast

Joseph Fuller

Our mission is to represent and promote trail and ultra running here in the state of Florida! Explore the state, talk to the people, and learn the history!

Ready to Run

Ready to Run

Welcome to the Ready to Run Podcast, hosted by Kurt Roeser, DPT (physical therapist and sub-elite long distance runner) and Efren Caballes, DO (sports medicine physician). The goal of our podcast is to engage in thoughtful discussions with athletes, coaches, clinicians, and researchers to share knowledge within the field of sports medicine and inspire progression in the sport of running. We hope to empower individuals to navigate injuries, reduce injury risk, optimize training and performance, and provide listeners with the tools needed to get Ready to Run!

The Trail Life Podcast

Jeff Stoner

The Trail Life Podcast focuses on the journey of trail running, how people got here, their experience, and what they can teach to other individuals in the trail community. Welcome to the Trail Life!!

On The Runs

On The Runs Media

We loves stories, it started with #CodeBrown, and as many runners have gone through an actual code brown experience, we truly love all stories around the sport of running. A code brown can be any type of “oh crap” moment, however we love stories of accomplishment, struggle, overcoming physical and mental obstacles and how the sport of running along with any type of physical fitness played a role into that individual’s journey. Join us and listen as we bring on guest to share their stories. Along the way we'll talk about what's relevant in the running community, highlighting key events across the world when they happen and what we're going through with our training and events throughout the year.

Dans la Tête d'un Coureur

Sunday Night Productions

Le 1er podcast francophone dédié à la course à pied et à la préparation mentale by Sunday Night Productions Des conseils avisés, des interviews d'athlètes inspirants et du lifestyle Running ! Retrouvez-nous également sur Instagram, Facebook et sur

Diario Runner

Pedro Moya @palabraderunner - Cuonda

Diario Runner es un podcast casi diario en el que no solo hablo de correr. Soy Pedro Moya (@palabraderunner) y aquí os cuento, en forma de píldoras varias veces por semana, mis experiencias, entrenamientos, el material que pruebo, la tecnología deportiva que utilizo, trucos, consejos, tutoriales y todo lo que voy aprendiendo y descubriendo sobre running, ciclismo, triatlón, natación y en general cualquier cosa que considere interesante.

Lactic Acid with Dominique Smith

Dominique Smith

Welcome to Lactic Acid, the podcast where the ideas are ripe, the takes are fresh - which makes us the best in the bunch. The goal of this podcast is to bridge the gap between those who make our sport unique and the fans that follow. This podcast will be centered on getting to know the personalities off the track, what makes them unique as human beings, rather than just track and field athletes. The show will include athletes, coaches, journalists and creative storytellers who make the sport unique.

The Gill Athletics Track and Field Connections Podcast

Gill Athletics

Join former college coach Mike Cunningham as he interviews track and field coaches from around the world uplifting and honoring their journey. We explore each coach's unique path discussing mentors, lessons learned, and successes along the way. Hear their story in their words and gain valuable insight into what makes them successful. If you want to connect with and learn more about the story behind the coach, this podcast is for you. The Gill Connections Podcast publishes a new unique interview each Monday morning.

Ultra Talk by Arnaud Manzanini

Arnaud Manzanini

Accédez à un meilleur soi avec "Ultra talk by Arnaud Manzanini". Auteur, coach en motivation, entrepreneur et Athlète ultra-endurance   Chaque semaine, Arnaud s'intéresse à tout ce qui touche au dépassement de soi, avec certains des sportifs, des aventuriers les plus brillants et les plus audacieux. Intimes, souvent intenses et profonds, ce ne sont pas des entretiens mais ce sont des conversations hebdomadaires conçues pour vous provoquer, vous éduquer, vous inspirer et vous donner les moyens de découvrir, de dévoiler, et de libérer votre meilleur et plus authentique « moi ». Un véritable moment hors du temps.  Hébergé par Acast. Visitez pour plus d'informations.

Mofongo Run Podcast

Mofongo Run Club

Conversaciones casuales sobre experiencias, recomendaciones, ideas, entrevistas y de todo un poco sobre el deporte del running. Moderado por Roxanna y Vergentino, este es el podcast oficial de Mofongo Run Club, una comunidad virtual para corredores en Puerto Rico y la diáspora. Nuestros diálogos son cocinados desde Florida, con mucho cariño y ciertos toques de terquedad. Instagram: @MofongoRun
 Facebook: MofongoRun
 Twitter: @MofongoRun
 Hashtag: #MofongoRun ¡Suscríbete y corre con nosotros! Support this podcast:

Learn to Run with Dr. Matt Minard

Matt Minard

Dr. Matt Minard owns Learn 2 Run, a program that teaches runners how to run smarter, safer, and faster. He hopes this podcast will help runners improve their metrics while reducing injuries. In practice, he focuses on 3 very important aspects of running: optimizing mechanics, building a base, and increasing VO2 Max. His purpose is to help people. With a passion for human movement and fitness, he is driven to help others learn how to move their bodies strategically and efficiently to reduce the risk of injury and increase overall wellness.



We are a high school cross-country team that hopes to share stories about the sport, and funny happening’s in our lives. The hope is to get individual perspectives of our races and notice how everyone races differently. Stories will also be shared from everyday life whether they're funny, interesting, or just plain boring. We hope to have relaxed, yet interesting episodes that one can listen to, whether you know the sport or not.

Guided Audio Runs - Get Fit Done

Get Fit Done

Get Fit Done offers fun and challenging guided audio runs to help keep your running fun and motivating!

The Athlete's Garage

The Motion Mechanic

A podcast for runners and triathletes who love to learn more about the science behind their sport, and are determined to maximise their physical performance to be the best athlete they can be. 'The Athlete's Garage' explores the latest research and practical tips one episode at a time. Topics cover training, injury management, sports nutrition, elite psychology and managing your environment so you can fulfil your absolute potential as an athlete, and human being.

Trail & ultra running from Wild Ginger Running


Hi I’m Claire from Wild Ginger Running, the trail & ultra running YouTube channel. This is the podcast version of my live athlete and expert interviews which air every Wednesday night at 6:30pm UK time. Join us live on YouTube every Wednesday for the chance to ask questions to our awesome guests, and support me on Patreon to guarantee your question gets asked. For more trail & ultra running advice, gear reviews and inspiration, subscribe to Wild Ginger Running on YouTube (it’s totally free) and follow me on Instagram @WildGingerRunning Links: YouTube - Blog - Patreon - Have fun, enjoy your run and I’ll see you on the trails.

House of Run

Jason Halpin and Kevin Sully

Longtime friends Kevin Sully and Jason Halpin discuss the elite world of track and field, road racing and any race involving animals vs. humans.

Outside the Oval

Gavin Frick

Outside the Oval is a show focusing on the stories off the track that ultimately makes what happens on it even more special. Each week we dive into different topics with unique people with incredible stories to tell. Gavin Frick, a Division 1 runner from Kennesaw State University, eagerly hosts Outside the Oval, sharing his distinctive perspectives and wide range of experiences from the roads and trails of Ohio, Texas, and Georgia. We hope you enjoy - for every success that happens on the track, it always begins Outside the Oval.

Beer on the Run Podcast

Clint Welch and Jack Rosenfeld

Stories about beer, running, and sometimes both.

Running on Pixie Dust

Annika Hudak

Running on Pixie Dust is a podcast/youtube series about training for runDisney races -- especially the Dopey Challenge -- and life in Orlando.

В спортивках


Подкаст о спорте, который вы захотите послушать по дороге на работу, в пробке или на пробежке, а ещё лучше — сразу после выхода нового выпуска. В новом сезоне Андрей, бегун и бывший марафонец, делится своим опытом похудения и возвращения в спорт. Откровенная история одного из в спортивках. Сайт Спорткастерной: Наш телеграм-канал:

The RunRX Podcast

RunRX is the prescription to run pain free.

RunRX is the prescription for running pain-free. With two decades of teaching running technique, Coach Valerie knows a lot about how to run without pain. Coach Caroline works with Valerie on the mindset of the athletes in their membership. Join them as they answer questions and talk about topics that many runners have asked and some that they don't realize they should ask.

Born to be Barefoot | From Science to Life

LaunchPod Media

Welcome to the Born to be Barefoot podcast, where we thrive on adventure, and strive to spread knowledge in the ways of optimal movement, balance, and longevity in activity. Your guides, Stuart Gordon and Katie Tsuyuki are dedicated to taking you on a journey of wild stories, and informative tips and knowledge from other forward-thinking trail-blazers. Tune in each week as we meet with courageous guests like Olympic snowboarders, extreme runners, cross-country backpackers & people who enjoy an active lifestyle! You will hear stories of their most intense experiences from the wild. Learn industry secrets from field experts like medical pros and coaches to keep both you and your tribe safe and healthy; avoiding foot, body and gait-related pathologies along your journey. In today’s world, almost every step we take is with some kind of footwear. We start wearing shoes before we can even walk! Yet, our feet are designed to be bare. In our podcasts, we discuss this conundrum with our guests and show you how you can create the benefits of barefoot function from within almost any shoe! On this podcast, we are dedicated to helping you enhance your natural moving abilities for lifelong activity. Our goal is to keep you on your journey without inhibitions, well down your own path! In a “shoes required” world, let this podcast be your permission to live Barefoot.


Philipp Pflieger & Ralf Scholt

Philipp Pflieger startete für Deutschland im Marathon bei den Olympischen Spielen von Rio 2016. Ralf Scholt hat schon viele Marathons erlebt, auch Olympische - als Sportreporter für die ARD. Wenn sich der Marathonprofi und der Journalist unterhalten geht es also natürlich um’s Laufen und das aktuelle Geschehen in der Ausdauersportwelt. Es geht aber auch um Behind-the-Scenes-Einblicke in ihr tägliches Leben für den Sport, ihre unterschiedlichen Erlebniswelten und die damit verbundenen Blickwinkel. Der Titel „BESTZEIT“ steht sinnbildlich nicht nur dafür, dass ihr beim Anhören eine gute Zeit habt, sondern im besten Falle auch gerade beim Training auf dem Weg zu eurer nächsten Bestzeit seid. In diesem Sinne: Have fun & keep on running! Für Feedback und Hörerthemen schickt gerne eine Mail an:

Run MI West Coast


Run MI West Coast is a show about running in West Michigan. Podcast episodes feature local runners, local races and race directors along with running community and Holland Haven Marathon details.


Bryon Powell, Meghan Hicks, others

iRunFar brings you the most in-depth race coverage of trail races and ultramarathons around the world. If you enjoy our race coverage, please consider supporting us on Patreon: .

Who's Chasing You?

Ugly Duck Productions, LLC

Who's Chasing You collects stories and experiences from the running community.

Бегу и баста

Pavel Tentser

Говорим о беге с разными крутыми беговыми гостями на разные беговые темы: трейл, организация мероприятия, как выжить на интервалах, как правильно одеваться на тренировку зимой, как бегать в 70+ лет

Oxidative Potential Podcast

Matthew DesRoches & Phil Batterson

Everyone wants to get the most out of their training efforts and time, but everyone responds differently to training intervention. Host’s Phil Batterson and Matthew DesRoches breakdown sport performance research and protocols, as well as interviewing top researchers, experts, and coaches in the field to help athletes and coaches further succeed. Whether it’s running, cycling, triathlon, crossfit, etc. there are methods that can serve to clearly define what types of training is best suited for the athlete, and how to make the most out of their training efforts.

Why I Run

Red Bull

The ‘Why I Run’ podcast from Red Bull celebrates the extraordinary and the everyday stories of running. Over the next ten weeks, we’re meeting some incredible guests, where we’ll be asking them the question why they run and building our team for the 2022 Wings For Life World Run. We really hope you can join us! Runners of every skill level are welcome, from passionate regulars, to runners who struggle themselves to get out the door, and everyone in between. Meet your hosts: Erin Azar became a TikTok sensation when she documented her running journey. Though she doesn’t run to hit the fastest speeds or go the longest distances, her passionate love for running has brought a lot to her life. Ayo Akinwolere is a broadcaster and world record-breaking swimmer, who at one stage could do a half-marathon, but has since relaxed into a casual runner. Together, they’re going to meet a whole world of different kinds of runners to find out why they run. The ninth Wings For Life World Run – the run for those that can’t - takes places on May 8th 2022. Participants will be able to run individually or join one of the many organized App Runs in various countries around the world. 100% of all entry fees and donations go to spinal cord research and help find a cure for spinal cord injury. Listen to all episodes at Want to be part of our team? Join the Why I Run Podcast team at

Six Minute Mile

Six Minute Mile

Six Minute Mile Podcast is bringing you news, ideas, inspirational stories, and special deals for runners and fitness enthusiasts. We are athletes ourselves. Runners, CrossFitters, Barry’s Boot Campers, skiers, cyclists, and mud racers. We like to sweat. If you’re reading this right now, the odds are pretty good that you do too. Let’s have some fun together.

Course Epique

Guillaume Lalu

Course Epique c’est 1 invité.e., 1 course, 1 histoire hors du commun. Dans ce podcast consacré à la course à pied et au trail, Guillaume Lalu interviewe pendant 1 heure un.e athlète émérite ou un.e anonyme passionné.e qui a vécu, à son échelle, une histoire de course qui a marqué sa vie à jamais. Quand la légende d’une course et la destinée d’un coureur se rencontrent, c’est dans Course Epique qu’elles se racontent. En savoir plus : Contact : Hébergé par Acast. Visitez pour plus d'informations.

She Runs Trails With Elements of Daisy

Elements of Daisy

She Runs Trails Podcast is a recorded IG Live interviews with female trail runners. The purpose of these interviews are to educate, empower, & inspire other female runners to dream big and run ultras. Interviews happen every Tuesday via IG Live @elementsofdaisy. Support this podcast:


Nike Tokyo

聴きながら、走るを楽しむ新しい習慣。「RUN WITH US」は、Nike Running Clubコーチが、アスリート、クリエイター、アーティストなど、さまざまなゲストとともに、いろいろな角度から日々のランニングの楽しみ方について語り合う番組です。

SHOEphoria - The Bartold Clinical Podcast

Bartold Clinical

Thanks for checking out the SHOEphoria Podcast by Simon Bartold and Paul Griffin. We run - an online lower limb sports medicine education platform for health practitioners and other interested followers. If you want to know a little more about us, head to this link; so happens to be that we know stacks about footwear science and we would like to share our passion for this industry with you. Thanks for Subscribing, listening and rating!

Talk Ultra

Ian Corless

An ultra running podcast bringing you news, reviews and interviews from around the ultra world

She Runs Eats Performs

Runners Health Hub

Are you confused about the science around nutrition for runners? Listen in to learn about the WHY, HOW, WHAT, and WHEN of eating to fuel your running performance. We are here to help you translate sports nutritional science, into easy to apply tips and plans, helping you enjoy peak running performance. We focus on the FEMALE FACTORS every woman needs to know to be a healthy runner. This podcast uses the following third-party services for analysis: Chartable -

Relaxed Running

Tyson Popplestone

The Relaxed Running podcast is a behind the scenes conversation with the best athletes, coaches and professionals in the world of distance running. From training, hydration and nutrition to racing and recovering, we learn from the best in the world. Relaxed conversations which are packed with actionable takeaways to help you take your running performance up a notch. Save yourself years of guess work and learn from the people who are doing it at the highest level.

Grounded with Dinée Dorame

Dinée Dorame

Grounded with Dinée Dorame is a weekly podcast exploring the intersection between running, land, culture, and community through long-form conversations with athletes of all backgrounds and levels. I want to know– what grounds you?

Conversations About Running

Running Trips

A podcast all about running from the team at Running Trips. Gavin and Callum host the podcast and are joined each episode by a guest from the running world. We are often joined by Coach Hugo van den Broek, Head Coach at Kenya Experience who joins us from the running Mecca of Iten in Kenya where is a professional coach of elite and non elite runners. An informal, informative, wide ranging discussion between people who love the sport of distance running.

Gabbing and Running with Gabriela and Rowan

Gabriela DeBues-Stafford

A podcast where Rowan and Gabriela DeBues-Stafford (2 x Olympian and 7 x Canadian Record Holder) chat about all things running and athletics. From high school tracks in Canada to the Olympics in Rio and Tokyo, we hope you enjoy these conversations about life in the world of professional track and field

Nitty Gritty Training

Obstacle Racing Media

Faye Stenning and Jess O'Connell provide amazing training content on strength, running, and obstacle racing. To learn about their online coaching, please visit

Run Lift Mom

Suzy Goodwin

Running, lifting, and momming...not necessarily in that order! Join Suzy Goodwin, 100 mile ultra marathoner, former Guinness World Record holder, and triplet mom, for quick bites of training advice and interviews with subject matter experts. Top 20 in category with over 200,000 downloads, this show spends time ensuring you'll save yours! Support this podcast:

2 Black Runners

Running Report

A Running Podcast produced for and by the Culture!! Join Aaron & Joshua Potts every Tuesday for the most recent running news, insightful interviews, their perspective of the running world as 2 Black Runners, and much more!

Running Times

Michael Gagliardi

If you're like me, it's obsessive. You lace up your shoes, put one foot in front of the other, and teach yourself to push through at all costs. I'm on a journey. A journey to find what makes me... no us, what makes ALL OF US tick. Tune in, turn on, drop out and run. I'm GAGZ and this is Running Times.

OFX Podcast

Dave Claxton, Bethany McChesney

Finally the Canadian Spartan Pro Bethany McChesney has joined the podcast game. She and co-host Dave Claxton will explore the realms of OCR, Hybrid racing (Hyrox, Dekafit, RX1), Crossfit and even some good old fashioned running. She is the expert, and he is the weekend warrior. Tune in weekly to the OFX Podcast to get both perspectives.

Topics in Endurance Sports

Tim C. Smith

Topics in Endurance Sports mostly is about endurance races I do, but other topics do come up sometimes. Periodically I interview someone.

STEP LIFE: First-Time Marathoner


พอดแคสต์สำหรับคนที่คิดว่ามาราธอนเป็นเรื่องไกลตัว เราจะมาทำให้มันใกล้ตัวขึ้น พร้อมทั้งสร้างแรงบันดาลใจ ให้คุณอยากไปวิ่งมาราธอนแรกสักครั้งในชีวิต




Track and Field Black History with Anderson Emerole

Anderson Emerole

Track And Field Black History is a platform to share stories of Black Athletes, Coaches and others from around the world who have contributed to the Track & Field and Running community for over 100 years. Join us as we tell the stories, both known and unknown, of those in the greatest sport in the world.

Aid Station

Kevin Munt

Aid Station is a magazine style podcast aimed at providing support, coaching advice, information, inspiration and motivation to mid and back of the pack ultra runners. Hosted by England Athletics qualified coach Kevin Munt.

The OCR Report

Will Hicks

From the home of World’s Toughest Podcast, Overcome and Run, and Obstacle Running Adventures: The first podcast to focus exclusively on the Elite Racing SPORT of Obstacle Course Racing. Each week we talk about the latest results from Spartan Race, Tough Mudder, and other elite OCRs. Who won? Who lost? And what does that mean for next week’s race? Join us on The OCR Report Podcast.

Tirada Larga Podcast

Tirada Larga

Un podcast de running "con cosas" pensado para acompañarte en tu tirada larga semanal. Presentado por Ángel (@Contadordekm) y Victor (@Premarathon) y tiene como objetivo único el entretenerte en los días donde correr no es tan divertido como te habían contado. Se habla sin tener ni idea de material, montañas, maratones o cacharros GPS y las menos veces traemos invitados para subir el nivel del programa. Nos tienes cada SÁBADO en todas las plataformas, información extra en nuestra web: y episodios "exclusivos" en spotify


Donald Morrison

A podcast geared for competitive amateur runners who are dedicated to training and determined to achieve their goals of running their best races.


Harry Morgan

JOG ON is a podcast about the joy of running. Hosted by Harry Morgan, we produce main guest episodes, as well as Jogging Shorts - shorter episodes on a variety of stories from the running world. If you enjoy JOG ON, recommend us to a friend who may also enjoy listening.

The Run Ohana Podcast

Run Ohana Podcast

A running and fitness podcast hosted by friends, whose life journeys crossed in RunDisney adventures and an inspiring running team. We are experts at almost nothing, but enjoy talking about running & fitness — the good, the bad, the ugly, and most importantly the fun. When we are not easily distracted by food, beer, boxed wine or Disney, we’ll bring you running news, race reports, listener questions and more! Join the Ohana, hosts Brittany, Kenny, Donna and Ryan for all the shenanigans.

Running Technique Tips


A weekly conversation between two mid-pack runners learning to master the art of running while life gets in the way.

Personal Podiums

Marielle Hall, Jarick Walker, Dan Fitzgerald

We explore the defining gold, silver, and bronze moments of the world's best athletes & everyday runners. These stories help us make sense of who we are as people, and in turn, who we are as a sport.

Anyone Can Run


Anyone Can Run is THE podcast which is all about cerebral cultivation: aka establishing our marathon mentality both on and off the race course. I am your host TruBros aka Gabe and I am an NCCA certified personal trainer, youtuber and sneakerhead who specializes in helping people life a healthy and fit lifestyle. This podcast covers everything new members of the running community need to know to dominate their first race, whether it’s a 5k, full marathon or anything in between. We also discuss how to establish our marathon mindsets, because our journey on the road to gainzville is just one small part of who we are as individuals.

The Run Testers Podcast

The Run Testers

The Run Testers are a group of experienced running, fitness and tech journalists. We test kit for dozens of different publications, covering everything from running shoes and GPS running watches to smartwatches, headphones, apparel and nutrition. We bring all that testing together in easy-to-digest videos on YouTube – and now a monthly podcast series that you can listen to on your runs. Subscribe for all the latest news on running shoes, headphones, watches and races. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

Running is Cheaper Than Therapy

Dr. Ouida Brown

I created this podcast to educate, share my love of life and all that it entails, inspire, and promote movement in its various forms from a mental health aspect Also, I want to connect my listeners with others who will bring inspirational stories and experiences we can all relate to; people who have overcome obstacles to make it to their finish lines.

Hijos de la Resistencia


En este programa, cada jueves Rubén Espinosa ahonda en los deportes de resistencia y abre las puertas a que deportistas, entrenadores e investigadores te aporten todo lo que saben para que entrenes más y mejor. Si quieres puedes seguir a Rubén en sus rrss. Instagram: @RubenEspinosaPT Facebook: Rubén Espinosa PT Twitter: @RubenEspinosaPT Youtube: Rubén Espinosa Web:




Faster Forward with Troy Busot

Faster Forward with Troy Busot

Formerly, The Athlinks Podcast, Faster Forward is a show where we sit down and talk with some amazing people from the endurance community. Age groupers and olympians. Adventurers and Explorers. Hosted by Athlinks Founder, Troy Busot, we discuss their successes and failures. About falling down, getting back up and never ever quitting. While it's not always about finishing, it is most definitely about starting and getting on a journey faster forward.

Miles With Marty Podcast

Marty G

Home base for running community love. We focus mainly on ultra-running but do discuss all types of endurance running events. Dreaming big, chasing cutoffs and PRs, and crushing goals. Ordinary runners doing extraordinary things. Interviews with interesting people about epic adventures, race previews and recaps from all over the USA, and a coach's corner for training tips.

Marathon Running Podcast by We Got the Runs

Letty & Ryan

Welcome Runners, Letty and Ryan here. We are here to (1) entertain you with cool topics (marathon travel, best marathons in the world, race recaps), (2) educate you through expert interviews (mental training, injury prevention, fueling, book review), and (3) inspire you with stories by runners who have faced challenges. Join our run club SpeedStriders on Facebook! Instagram - @runningpodcast marathon training, marathon running, marathon training plan, marathon running plan, marathon training for beginners, marathon training academy

The Running Roundup


A running review of local west Kentucky high school and other running events. We will discuss not only our local running, but other high school, college, and professional events, along with all things running.

От себя не убежишь


Подкаст «От себя не убежишь» выпускает бренд спортивной одежды GRI. В первом сезоне мы делились искренними историями бегунов и говорили о том, какую ответственность каждый из нас несет перед самим собой. Героями подкаста стали участники эстафеты, которую GRI ежегодно проводит в Ленинградской области. В новом сезоне мы расширяем тему и говорим о социальной ответственности. Ведущая подкаста, Ксения Афанасьева, обсуждает вопросы экологии, благотворительности и волонтёрства с друзьями бренда. Маяком второго сезона стал Спортивный своп GRI, который пройдёт 20 февраля в ДК «Рассвет».

The Mile 99 Interview

The Mile 99 Interview

The Mile 99 Interview podcast is here to support runners and athletes in Northern CA. A place to keep the community in touch and share stories.

Running Commentary

Rob Deering and Paul Tonkinson

Comedians Paul Tonkinson and Rob Deering talk about life and comedy - but mainly running. Whilst running. Support this show Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

Stryd Power Podcast

Stryd Power Podcast

The Stryd Power Podcast brings you training discussion, interviews, and news about running with power!

Actually, You Are a Real Runner

Jaclyn Ricchio Stover: Imperfect Eating Coach

For all the women out there who have never felt like they could call themselves a runner, this is the podcast to empower, inspire, and give you reason to call yourself a real runner. We chat confidence, food, body image issues, and RUNNING all in one podcast.

Marathon Running Podcast by We Got the Runs

Letty & Ryan

Welcome Runners, Letty and Ryan here. We are here to (1) entertain you with cool topics (marathon travel, best marathons in the world, race recaps), (2) educate you through expert interviews (mental training, injury prevention, fueling, book review), and (3) inspire you with stories by runners who have faced challenges. Join our run club SpeedStriders on Facebook! Instagram - @runningpodcast marathon training, marathon running, marathon training plan, marathon running plan, marathon training for beginners, marathon training academy

Next Level Running


Training advice from the expert coaches at RunDoyen to help you run faster and take your running to the next level.

Ohio Family on the Run


A podcast about family life, adventures, traveling, running, and the paranormal

Beyond Running

Aire Libre Running

A series of deep, intimate conversations with some of the most creative and forward thinking minds in sports, wellness, spirituality, human rights, nutrition, science and technology, where we explore the power of running and mindfulness as catalysts for positive action, self-knowledge, exploration, and health.

Держи темп

Академия марафона

Подкаст о любительском беге и любителях бегать. От слова «любить». Основатель бегового клуба «Академия марафона» Сергей Черепанов общается со спортсменами клуба или приглашенными гостями, которые делятся историями своей жизни. Истории людей, для которых бег уже не просто хобби. Предложить героев, обсудить рекламу: Записаться на тренировки по бегу:

Run to the Hills

Edwina Sutton & Gary Thwaites

The only running podcast that loves to talk about running as much as you do. Run to the Hills is your weekly trail running and ultra running fix. Where hosts Edwina & Gary review recent ultra races and interview a variety of runners and race organisers. Proudly sponsored by Chia Charge in touch if you have ideas for the podcast contact

PRO parkrun

PRO parkrun

PRO parkrun - это истории с бескрайних просторов паркранов России. Когда еженедельные пробежки на 5 км по субботам становятся не просто спортивным досугом, а наполняются смыслом, друзьями и знакомыми, иногда даже вторыми половинками и обязательно большим числом увлекательных историй, которыми и будут делиться гости подкаста: участники и волонтеры, организаторы и туристы! Мир parkrun огромен и мы откроем его для вас!

Monthly Mileage Tlks W/ Les


A discussion on striving towards monthly RUNNING GOALS, MINDSET, NUTRITION, and the STORIES attached to them.

The Nick Symmonds Show

Nick Symmonds

Welcome to the Nick Symmonds Show! This channel will not only be a place for you to connect with me on a more personal level, but also a place for me to assist you in achieving your goals! Each week I will film a live episode where subscribers will call in via Zoom and we will discuss their questions for about 5-10 minutes. Make sure that you follow me on Instagram @nicksymmonds for updates and the topics for each week!

trailhacks podcast

Trail Runner Nation

There are many amazing trail races throughout the world that you should know about. We interview the Race Directors to find out what is amazing and unique about their race. We then interview a respected coach to get some valuable hacks to successfully complete the race

The Plant-Powered Runner

David Waters

A lot has changed for me over the years since I started running. I love helping, motivating and inspiring others to be the best they can. My goal with the podcast is to get you Motivated and to fall in love with RUNNING. As we all aspire to remain healthy and fit, running, in my opinion, is one of the best ways to maintain a high level of fitness. Through this podcast, you will learn about running, the Maffatone Method (AKA HR training), and experience running in a new light.

Марафон — это реально

Беговое Сообщество

«Марафон — это реально» — подкаст Бегового сообщества, организатора Московского Марафона и крупнейших забегов страны. В этом подкасте мы обсуждаем темы, которые волнуют и новичков, и продвинутых любителей. А помогают нам врачи, тренеры и бегуны. Может ли обычный человек пробежать марафон, или для этого нужно профессионально заниматься спортом? Мы уверены, что марафон может преодолеть каждый. В том числе и вы. Не верите? Тогда слушайте подкаст «Марафон — это реально». Мы выходим каждую неделю по вторникам. Сайт Бегового сообщества:

Москва бегом


«Москва бегом» — подкаст о беге в городе. Его ведут авторы ютьюб-канала «Бег вреден» Алексей Иванов и Александр Смирнов. Вместе с гостями — профессионалами и любителями от мира спорта — они открывают новые беговые маршруты в Москве, чтобы освежить ваши отношения с бегом. «Москва бегом» — это совместный подкаст спортивного бренда Puma, команды ютьюб-канала «Бег вреден» и студии подкастов «Техника речи».

The Wrinkled Runner


Running podcast for new or older runners who want to learn more about how to get started, get better or keep going.

Chasing Cutoffs

Ben Mead

Chasing Cutoffs amplifies the stories of back of the pack trail and ultra runners. Making fast friends with slow strangers.

The Triathlete Beat: A Beginner Triathlon Podcast

Jeremy Tri

The Triathlete Beat: A Beginner Triathlon Podcast helps beginners get into the sport of triathlon - join us for swim/bike/run tips, stories from the everyday athlete, and more! We truly believe that completing a triathlon is a much more attainable goal than it seems. Your host, Jeremy Tri, is an age grouper triathlete who fell in love with triathlon during his last semester of college. Since then, he’s competed in many races over the past 7 years and loves to encourage others to just get out there and TRI.



ランニングを通じて毎日が楽しくなる、走るモチベーションがあがる、そんなメッセージを音声でお届けします(^^) アラフィフランナー、48才でサブスリー達成、ウルトラトレイルランニングが大好き。 トレイルランニング、ラングッズ、ファストパッキング、練習方法などを発信中! 【YouTube ガチオのランチャン(フォロワー14000) 【Twitter(フォロワー2300)】 【Instagram(フォロワー1900)】

קצב דיבור

מורן מישל וגדי סולומון

קצב דיבור - פודקאסט הריצה של ישראל כל מה שמעניין רצים בעולם הריצה

Inside Tri Show

Helen Murray

The Inside Tri Show with Helen Murray brings you awesome interviews and special episodes from triathlon and beyond to keep you entertained and inspired while you train. This podcast uses the following third-party services for analysis: Podcorn -

Running Rivals

Rory Linkletter, Nick Hauger, Matthew Baxter

Rory Linkletter and Nick Hauger former rivals, current friends talk all things running news, share good laughs and insight on the world of a professional distance runner.

Out of the Blocks with Jasmine Todd & Katelyn Hutchison | A Track And Field Podcast


Track and field's fastest in the sprints and jumps slow down to chat with World Championship medalist Jasmine Todd and Katelyn Hutchison. While sprint races and jumps performances only get a fraction of a broadcast's media coverage, we aim provide the stories and context behind some of the biggest breakthroughs + highlight the present stars and the rising faces. Jasmine is a pro long jumper and sprinter. She was a star at Oregon + competed at the 2019 World Championships. Katelyn is in the NCAA for Ithaca and Kentucky. Presented by CITIUS MAG. For more shows visit

RunBuzz Running Podcast

Steve Carmichael

A running podcast for runners who want practical training, nutrition, and mindset tips that integrate with your busy lifestyle. The RunBuzz running podcast features expert advice from experienced coaches, fitness experts, trainers, athletes, mindset coaches, physical therapists, nutritionists as well as everyday, recreational runners. Host Steve Carmichael is a NASM certified personal trainer, USA Track and Field / RRCA certified running coach, health and wellness coach, former running club director, and speaker with over 11 years of coaching experience. He owns Run For Performance, a sports performance company in Central Ohio who helps athletes develop strength, speed, agility, quickness and endurance.

Endurance Nation Podcast

Endurance Nation

Official triathlon podcasts from the coaches at Endurance Nation; includes training and racing insights, gear overviews, training instructions, EN updates, and some random fun stuff too.

Spring Snyggt - med Jesus och Manne

Jesus och Manne

Elitlöparen John "Jesus" Kingstedt och den ambitiöse nybörjaren Manne Forssberg djupdyker varje vecka i allt som handlar om löpning. Och försöker bli snäppet snabbare. Music - I Was Running by Alpaca Sports

Feel Good Running | For the Everyday Runner!

Jim Lynch

Feel Good Running is for the everyday runner. No matter if you are a long time runner, a beginner or just thinking about getting into running, you will enjoy each episode. Our goal is to inspire, motivate and even entertain you. Our guests are mostly everyday runners that have amazing stories about their running. There are also weekly news snippets about runners accomplishments that will inspire you. And we always end the show with a motivating running quote! Host Jim Lynch is an avid Feel Good Runner himself. Enjoy the show.

Run 2 Discover


Discovering everything and anything about running.

The Ultramarathon Mindset: Trail Talk

Eric Deeter

Trail runners talk freely about almost anything while we're out running. The stories we share can be deeply personal, embarrassing, and profound . . . and sometimes all of these qualities rolled into one. One thing we have in common is a drive to keep moving forward. "Relentless forward progress" is the advice given to anyone trying to run their first ultramarathon. No matter what happens, keep moving forward until you finish or can't go any farther. Some people say that life is a marathon not a sprint. But I think life is an ultramarathon. The stories you will hear on this podcast should inspire you to go after your own epic adventures and keep moving forward to your goals. The early episodes of this podcast were recorded on a weekly Facebook LIVE at The Ultramarathon Mindset Facebook page.

Run The Riot Podcast

David TheRiot

Run The Riot Podcast is a podcast dedicated to ultrarunning, ultra runners, trail runners, and endurance athletes, their mindset, methods, and accomplishments. Follow on Instagram: Facebook:

My Runner's Mind Podcast

Stine Turgeon

Take a listen to My Runner’s Mind a community for runners who are sick of running from past failures, who are sick of comparing themselves to others or their own past accomplishments, the self doubt, and the limiting belief. At My Runner’s Mind we run with gratitude towards a life of happiness and gratefulness. As runners we are uniquely positioned to choose gratitude over negativity. Running is so badass and each run offers multiple opportunities to turn a potentially negative thought/ feeling into a positive one. Listen in as Stine shares actionable tips on how to run with joy and gratitude because when run with gratitude we become happier human beings and happier human beings live happier lives.




Head Start

Race Directors HQ

Head Start is a podcast for race directors and anyone involved in the business of putting on races. It doesn't matter where you're based or how many years experience you have or whether you're putting on a running race, a triathlon, an obstacle race or whatever. If you’ve got an interest in planning, organizing and growing endurance events, this is the podcast for you. The focus of the podcast is twofold: 1) we bring you the latest and coolest innovations hitting the mass-participation endurance events industry, and 2) we bring you tips and actionable advice from industry experts to help you improve your race - one episode at a time. Head Start is produced by, an online resource platform and community network for race directors and race management professionals.

The Ragnar Life Podcast

James Van Prooyen & Rich Nicholes

It only took one time of running a Ragnar Race to be hooked for life! James Van Prooyen has traveled all over the world to participate in this race series. Rich Nicholes has both ran multiple races and MC’d many more of the trail version of this race. What they found is a passionate and supportive community of runners of all skill levels and backgrounds. This show shares these stories with the rest of the world!

The Natural Running Network

Richard Diaz

Running is the most popular recreational activity in the world. More people run to achieve fitness than any other medium of exercise. Unfortunately, over 70% of the running community is injured due to improper training and running form. The Natural Running Network addresses these issues and provides highly relevant tips to help runners stay healthy. We also interview luminaries from the endurance world including but not limited to Obstacle Course Racing, Triathletes, Ultra-Marathon runners, Obstacle racers cyclists and all the support systems and professionals tied to these sports.

In the Garage With Track Guy

Mike and Jon Jay

Mike Jay is a diehard track & field and cross country fanatic, and when it comes to his garage: it’s a shrine for those sports he loves. Surrounding his grandfather’s 1963 Chevy II are walls covered with memorabilia commemorating the events he has been a part of, signed gifts from athletes/coaches he adores, and press box signage he may or may not have snuck out of the venue in his bag. So, when it comes to a “studio” to host a track & field and cross county centered podcast – The Garage is the perfect spot! Whether you, too, are a T&F/XC fan, or someone wanting to know more about the folks involved in these sports: this podcast should be a great listen for you. We hope you enjoy the episodes we have to offer. Thanks for listening!

Running Book Reviews with Alan and Liz

Alan and Liz

All types of running related books are reviewed by two non-elite track, road and trail runners. Observation and description of running books intended to inform, help and inspire anyone involved or related to running at any level. Whenever possible we chat with the author about the book, but if not then we try to do it justice. If you have been enjoying the podcast and are wondering how you can help us out, you can now buy us a coffee! Visit our page on the Buy Me A Coffee website:

Martha Runs the World Podcast

Martha Hughes

A podcast with an honest and open look at running, fitness and all things health-related with a bit of humor thrown in.

The Lucie Beatrix Podcast

Lucie Beatrix

Fashion model turned athlete.

The Happy Runner

Run and Smile

Tips and motivation for recreational runners and all of you who want to start running. We will include training tips, running updates, personal running stories, nutrition tips and give answers to different running related questions.

3 lados da corrida

3 lados da corrida

Ricardo Hirsch (educador físico e comunicador), Danilo Balu (educador físico e nutricionista) e Rodrigo Roehniss (consultor técnico e agente esportivo) falam sobre provas, treinamentos, marcas esportivas, tênis, eventos, acessórios, etc

Short Chute Triathlon Show

Super League Triathlon

The Short Chute Triathlon Show is brought to you by Super League Triathlon, the home of the world's fastest triathlon race series. On this show, the likes of Chris 'Macca' McCormack, Tim Don, Vicky Holland, Richard Murray, Jodie Stimpson, Annie Emmerson and more join Will McCloy to discuss every major race and talking point in the sport of triathlon...

GFNY - Global Endurance Sports Series

Gran Fondo New York

GFNY founders Lidia and Uli talk about their journey with GFNY, cycling and life on the road. Find out more at

Km42 - running et préparation mentale

Bertrand Soulier - Hamsters Running Club

Sommeil. Alimentation. Mouvement. Mental. Ces outils que les athlètes professionnels utilisent pour battre des records nous aident à rester en bonne santé et heureux. C’est ce que j’ai découvert en reprenant le sport et la course à pied à 40 ans. Et c’est le sujet de ce podcast dédié à la course à pied et à la préparation mentale pour t’aider à devenir du Monde ton Monde. Il y a quelques années j’étais un gros hamster obèse de plus de 105 kilos coincé dans mon canapé. Après un rééquilibrage alimentaire et la reprise du sport, j’ai perdu 27 kilos et je me suis lancé dans le défi de courir un marathon pour mes 42 ans. Ma vie a changé ce jour-là. J’ai appris à courir, à mieux manger, à mieux dormir. J’ai découvert la puissance des habitudes sportives et j’apprends la préparation mentale.   Maintenant mon ambition est de devenir Champion du Monde de mon Monde. Et je veux vous aider à en faire de même en vous lançant vos propres défis et en vous accompagnant dans leur réussite. Toutes les semaines, je partage mon expérience, des conseils, des rencontres avec des personnes inspirantes pour explorer ces thématiques : Courir. Bouger. Manger. Dormir. Récupérer. Mental. recommencer. Tous les jours. KM42 n’est pas seulement un podcast sur la course à pied. Mais une quête de développement personnel par le sport. Je ne gagnerai jamais de course mais j’ai remporté la plus belle des victoires. Et je vous aide à faire la même chose. Hébergé par Acast. Visitez pour plus d'informations.

Running Channel(ランニング チャンネル)

Rei Ueda

ランナーのためのInstagram連動型Podcast! ランニングにまつわる身近な話題や疑問点を全国のランナーとシェアします。 毎週土曜日午前5時更新。ランニングのお供にどうぞ♪ 《話す人》 上田 怜 Garmin Japan ガーミンマスター Skechers Japan アンバサダー 日本証券アナリスト協会 公認アナリスト 《オフィシャルウェブサイト》

The Sunday Plodcast

The Sunday Plodcast

The Sunday Plodcast, presented by, is the running podcast dedicated to getting you through that Sunday Plod. Whether you’re listening pre, during, or post run; it doesn’t really matter though. We aim to raise the profile of elite distance running by providing our listeners with insights into the lives and training of top athletes and coaches, along with discussions around current news and trends within the sport.


この番組は、「これからランニングを始めたい!」「ランナー初心者だけどそろそろ次のステージにいきたい!」と思っているみなさんに、カラダのケアをしながら、長くランニングライフを楽しむための情報をお届けするPodcastです。【9/2より毎週金曜日更新】 ●パーソナリティ:ハリー杉山/井上喜久子 ●番組Twitter: ●お便りフォーム: ●「RUCOE RUN」HP: supported by 伊藤超短波株式会社[]

La Bande à D+

La Bande à D+

La Bande à D+ est le talk-show du magazine de trail running Distances+ ( animé par Nicolas Fréret. Pour la première fois, une bande d'experts et de légendes de la course à pied sont réunis tous les quinze jours pour débattre à bâtons rompus du monde et de l'actualité du trail, de la course à pied et des sports outdoor. Voici les éminents membres de la Saison 1 de La Bande à D+ : Ludovic Collet : la voix du trail. Il est le speaker emblématique de l’Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc, du Grand Raid de La Réunion et de nombreux autres événements. Il gravite depuis plus de 20 ans dans le monde du trail. Sabine Ehrström : la Doc. C’est la scientifique de la bande. Elle possède un doctorat en Sciences du mouvement humain et s’est spécialisée dans le trail running. Elle enseigne la biomécanique à l’université. Elle est aussi traileuse élite (4e des championnats de France de trail 2021), entraîneuse et féministe.  Corinne Favre : la pionnière du trail et du ski alpinisme. C’est l’une des athlètes françaises comptant le plus grand nombre de victoires dans les deux disciplines. À son palmarès vertigineux, on peut notamment retenir une victoire à la CCC — au classement général —, un Grand Trail des Templiers, trois Diagonales des fous et treize 6000D. Elle est championne du monde 2022 de ski alpinisme dans sa catégorie. Ugo Ferrari : le Duc de Savoie autoproclamé. Il est ultra-traileur, organisateur du Trail Nivolet Revard, speaker sur les événements de trail et podcasteur (Traileur dévergondé). Thomas Lorblanchet : le premier Français champion du monde de trail de l’histoire. Il est quadruple vainqueur des Templiers, mais aussi le seul Européen à avoir remporté l’emblématique Leadville 100 aux États-Unis. Il est aujourd’hui ostéopathe, kinésithérapeute, coach et team manager de l’équipe élite Asics. Nicolas Martin : le pilier du trail français. Ancien champion de France, ancien vice-champion du monde et champion du monde en titre avec l’équipe de France, il compte plus d’une centaine de courses à son actif. Il est également coach de trail. Florence Morisseau : la prof. Elle est kinésithérapeute et forme les kinés, les ostéos, les podos et les coachs à la prévention et au traitement des blessures en course à pied. Elle a suivi de nombreux athlètes de haut niveau durant sa carrière. C’est l’un des visages de La Clinique du Coureur en France. Elle est aussi ultra-traileuse, avec entre autres deux victoires à l’Ultra-Marin à son actif. Robin Schmitt : le trublion du trail. C’est le père du phénomène hilarant Les Genoux dans le GIF et de la revue annuelle Point de Côté. Il connaît tout du trail et de son histoire qu’il passe quotidiennement à la moulinette. Sur les sentiers, il est spécialiste du kilomètre vertical.  

I Don't Know Running

Lewis Hayden and Mitch Brouwer

The I Don't Know Running podcast is about how we're all learning to run in some way or another. Whether you're just starting to run a mile or you've ran 100's of marathons and are now in the ultra world, this is for you. We all continue to learn and have something to share. So join us in the discussion and help us make everyone's running experience better. We will talk about our experiences, your experiences, gear, races, and much more.

Companions of the Compendium

Ryan Joseph Banta

A podcast that is a deep dive on speed, power, strength, and endurance. We discuss winning cultures driven by successful leaders. Our podcast will target coaches who want to level up in their pursuit of lifelong professional development. We will talk to people at the tip of the spear in track & field, basketball, baseball, football, Olympic sports, strength & conditioning, and education. We will unearth the commonalities between successful programs from high school to college and event the professional ranks. Support this podcast:

Inspired Soles

Carolyn Coffin and Kim Senechal

Inspired Soles co-hosts Carolyn Coffin and Kim Senechal bring the communities of trail and road running together as they explore the parallels between running and life. Guests share the wisdom and experience they have gained through running and how it has inspired them to live deeper and more meaningful lives.

Ultrarunning Sam

Samuel Hill

A British podcast about the global sport of trail and ultra-running!

Better with Running


This podcast is about sharing that running journey, its here to help inspire and motivate others to join and take part in the best sport in the world! Running! Along the journey you’ll also get the chance to hear from a range of coaches, athletes and running experts their backgrounds and how they go about getting the most out of their running. Sharing some of their secrets and training tips, to help expose you to some new ways of thinking and operating!

Pushing Limits Podcast

Pushing Limits

Hier geht's ans Eingemachte! Im Triathlon und anderen Ausdauersportarten können in allen Bereichen Details den entscheidenden Unterschied ausmachen. Hier findest du von Erfahrungsberichten bis hin zu Interviews mit Experten, die auf den ersten Blick nichts mit Ausdauersport zu tun haben, alles was das Ausdauer-Nerd-Herz begehrt. Über Training, Ernährung, Regeneration, Equipment, Biomechanik, Motorik und vieles mehr! So richtig Spaß macht es doch erst, wenn man einen Sport in seine kleinsten Teile auseinander nimmt, um sie dann optimiert wieder zusammenzusetzen. Hier wird über genau diese Details diskutiert und das Wissen dazu geteilt.

Running in the Center of the Universe

Ashland Dave

Check out and join Ashland Dave, an "ordinary, nobody, middle of the pack runner," as he talks about marathons, half-marathons and endurance distance running in Ashland, VA.

On The Line with MileSplit


The latest high school track and field news with MileSplit.

Tell Me Your Tales

Brady Threlfall

Tell Me Your Tales is a conversational podcast. It's a raw chat where Brady Threlfall (2:19 marathoner and school teacher) talks with people he finds interesting, wise, successful and/or inspiring in one way or another. The guests vary. Sometimes they're elite runners and sometimes they're people from the Echuca/Moama area. The content is hopefully something you'll enjoy.Everyone has a story and in Tell Me Your Tales we hear them. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

Prairie Track & Field Podcast

Ryan Enerson

Hosts Ryan and Cam interview some of North Dakota's track and field legends to help preserve the stories, grow the sport, and remind track and field athletes, coaches, and fans just how much this sport has to offer.

Let's Get Running Podcast

Let's Get Running Podcast

The world's only running - bus driving crossover podcast! Two failed athletes, Shaun and Jermaine, bring you a weekly dose of running chat. We interview top runners, Olympians, dieticians, coaches, psychologists and sport scientists, bringing you the stories behind their careers and actionable insight to improve your own running. We follow Shaun's hapless attempts to assimilate this advice into his own training, and Jermaine's tales from the front seat of his London bus.

Running Through My Mind


Host Hellah Sidibe is a streak runner running every day since May 15, 2017. He just completed a run across America - 3061 miles in 84 days. He's here to talk about all the things running through his mind... while running! Tune in on your run, during recovery, whenever! Let's get it, let's go! Support this podcast: