Ali on the Run Show

Ali Feller

529. Beyond the Run with Noor Abukaram, Founder of Let Noor Run

"I loved running. I had the best race of my life and I was so excited. That feeling! You know that feeling? And they took it away from me that day. Anyone should be able to excel at what they love without these roadblocks of discrimination." In 2019, 17-year-old Noor Abukaram ran the best, fastest cross-country race of her life at a local meet in Ohio. But when she checked the results afterward, her name wasn't there. She learned that she had been disqualified before the race even started. For wearing a hijab. Noor — who was raised in a Muslim family and started wearing a traditional head and neck covering as a teenager — shared her story from that day, of being disqualified for rules unbeknownst to her, and it quickly went viral. And so she turned her heartache into advocacy. She founded "Let Noor Run," a campaign to raise awareness about religious-based discrimination in sports and bey

The Strength Running Podcast

Jason Fitzgerald

251. How 2x Olympian Kara Goucher Handles Expectations, Pressure, and Pre-Race Anxiety

This week’s guest on the podcast needs no introduction. As one of America’s most dominant female runners, Kara Goucher earned a spot on the Olympic team in the 10,000 meters in 2008, and the marathon in 2012. She was second in the 10,000 meters at the World Championships in Osaka and placed third in both the Boston and New York City marathons. Kara has retired from competitive running but remains an active presence as an athlete advisor for Oiselle and Altra.  She is a sports analyst and broadcaster for NBC Sports, and had an opportunity to be on the other side of the camera as a color commentator at the Tokyo Olympics. Competitive from a young age when she would regularly beat all the boys, Kara has learned how to handle pressure and expectations throughout her career. Although Kara dealt with pressure at an elite level, that feeling is something all runners can relate to. Whether it’s th

Trail Runner Nation

Trail Runner Nation

Ep 576: 2022 Western States 100 Preview

Merry Statesmas! They 2022 running of the iconic Western States 100 is next weekend.  We sit down with Andy Jones-Wilkins to get his take on this year's race.  There will be 385 amazing stories from each of the starters this year.  We highlight some of the ones that you might want to watch unfold. Joe Uhan's iRunFar articles, "Western State Killing Machine": Part 1 & Part 2 Hire Andy as a coach! or check out his weekly Tap Room at iRunFar

CITIUS MAG Podcast with Chris Chavez


Yared Nuguse Announces He's Joining The On Athletics Club, Recaps His Notre Dame Experience + Getting Over Olympic Disappointment

"After coming off of cross country and finishing second the year before, we were all really amped about having a team that could really win if we got it right. Obviously, it didn’t turn out that way, especially for me. I had a terrible race at Nationals. It was still about going out there and going for that. Giving everything I had to my team is super important to me. That’s what I also like about On. They’re as team-oriented as a pro group can be. I really appreciated that and that will definitely help me in this next stage to have that team vibe but still be bought into something."
Yared Nuguse just wrapped up his career at the University of Notre Dame, where he was an All-American and two-time NCAA champion with the 1500m outdoors and indoor DMR in 2019. He also held the NCAA record in the 1500m with a 3:34.68, which stood until

Some Work, All Play

David Roche and Megan Roche

99. Carb Intake and Endurance Performance, Canyons 100k recap, and 3 Speed Building Tips

We made SO MANY PHONE CALLS before talking about the wildly cool and striking science on how much pre-race and during-race carb intake correlates with performance, what the literature says about how to fuel before and during events, the incredible racing at the Canyons 100k, the importance of women in coaching, inspiration from Leah Yingling, why Lizzo is our hero, 3 training tips that can increase speed (with just a few minutes extra per week), and the evolving world of ultramarathons. Plus lots more! Rate, review, and subscribe if you like it! We love you all! HUZZAH!
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Run to the Top Podcast | The Ultimate Guide to Running

RunnersConnect : Running Coaching Community

What it Really Takes To Run Longer Than You Ever Have Before: Robbie Balenger

There are not many ultrarunners who have run farther than Robbie Balenger. Robbie’s been making headlines for the past few years with his massive athletic feats. Just this past spring, Robbie decided to see if he could run longer than a Tesla could on a single charge along a Texas highway. Three days and 242 miles later, man beat machine. In this episode, you’ll learn: How Robbie fuels his amazingly long runs What training you need to run your first ultra, and How to mentally get through extreme challenges and stay on your feet If you’re an ultrarunner, want to become one, or are just fascinated by them, this is an incredible listen! Connect, Comment, Community Follow RunnersConnect on Instagram Join the Elite Treatment where you get first dibs on everything RTTT each month! Runners Connect Winner's Circle Facebook Community  RunnersConnect Facebook page GET EXPERT COACHING AT RUNNERSCONNECT! Thi

The Freetrail Podcast with Dylan Bowman

Dylan Bowman

Nienke Brinkman | Zegama Champion & Running Phenom

Nienke Brinkman is a dutch marathoner and trail runner for Nike. She's only been running since 2020 and has already established herself as one of the most talented and versatile athletes in the world. She broke the dutch national record in the marathon by running 2:22 in April and only six weeks later won and broke the course record at Zegama -- an iconic Spanish trail race. In this conversation we talk about Nienke's background, her academic pursuits, her versatility as an athlete, her victory at Zegama, and her goals for the future.   Follow Nienke on IG   Follow Nienke on Strava   __________________________   Get a pair of SL:HSV and support Speedland footwear    Use code freetrail15 for 15% off Gnarly Nutrition products   Use code freetrail10 for 10% off Julbo Sunglasses   _________________________   Freetrail Links: App Download | Patreon | Instagram | Website | YouTube   Dylan Links: Insta

Running Lean

Patrick McGilvray

128. Discipline Does Not Mean Punishment

For a lot of people, the word discipline has a very negative connotation, and they want nothing to do with discipline in their life. Today, I share why discipline does not mean punishment and explain the surprising benefits of creating a more disciplined life.
The post 128. Discipline Does Not Mean Punishment appeared first on Running Lean with Patrick McGilvray.

For The Long Run

Jonathan Levitt

210. Bret Biggart: Having a Positive Impact on the Earth

Bret is the founder and CEO of Freedom Solar Power passionate about being a guy of service to his family and communities in recovery and sport.
In this episode we talk about:
-the intersection of athletics and business
-exercise as medicine and a mental reset
-grit being the key to success
-problem solving on the run and working through challenges
-living life in a day during endurance events
-goal setting
-going all in and risking failure
-consistency in doing the work
-prioritizing and saying no
-quality over quantity
-committing to sobriety
-getting sober and finding your why
-the irrationality of fear
-relating to vulnerability more than success
-shifting careers and finding your niche
-starting Freedom Solar Power and staying customer-focused
-purpose and having a positive impact on the world

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Billy Yang Podcast

Billy Yang

Michael Wardian | BYP 073

My guest today Michael Wardian has long been on my list of athletes I've wanted to converse with because he very well might be the new Most Interesting Man In The World. Beyond his running resume and achievements - of which there are many including running 7 marathons in 7 continents in 7 days (all under 3 hours), being the last man standing at the Quarantine Backyard Ultra during the Covid shutdowns (260+ miles in over 63 hours) and multiple world records...he also manages to carry a full-time job, a wife, 2 sons and multiple different hobbies and passions outside of endurance sports. Today, we attempt to unpack as much of it that we can, find out how he recovers so quick, how to get out of low moments during races, who he enjoys competing against and what's exactly in store for what may be his biggest endurance feat yet: running across America this May 1st from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean in a project called "Running Home". All to

The Drop

Believe in the Run

086 | Nico Montanez, ASICS Athlete

You know when people say "Wow, that kid is going places..."? Nico Montanez is that kid, both in running and in life. An ASICS-sponsored athlete, Nico just won the 15K National Champs at the Gate River Run last month. But that's just part of his life. We talk about what it's like training under great coaches, his unbreakable mind on race day, and giving back to others. Seriously, this was a good one. 
This episode is sponsored by Inside Tracker, which helps you optimize your body and running, using science and technology to deliver ultra-personalized guidance for your training and health. Drop listeners save 20% on any product (no code necessary):

The Rambling Runner Podcast

Matt Chittim

#437 - 360 Degree Analysis: Diane Neubauer and James McKirdy

Today on podcast the we are trying a new format that I am really excited about - a 360 degree review of an athlete's improvement. First we speak with Diane Neubauer, and then her coach James McKirdy, about her remarkable improvement over the last three years.
Diane is a fantastic runner, incredibly hard worker, military wife, and mother of two.
She ran her first marathon in 2013, finishing in 3:50. Three years later, she ran a 3:36 in Boston. Four years after that, with a 3:07 marathon PR and her sights set on breaking 3:00, she started working with coach James McKirdy. She had been self-coached to that point, and nobody would argue that she had seen some amazing progress.
In fact, with a 3:50 debut seven years prior, many people would probably think that she had squeezed out all of her potential - that squeaking under 3:00 might be the best she could hope for. Maybe some would think even that was a

Trail Society


Episode 19: Heat training, racing in the heat, and cooling strategies

This week on Trail Society they discuss recent race wins and course records like Gorge Waterfalls, Umstead, and Lake Sonoma. Then, Corrine deep-dives into heat training, racing in the heat, and cooling strategies for optimal performance.   Free trails race recap videos of Gorge Waterfalls!   Corrine’s iRunFar Article:   Periard, 2015. Adaptations and mechanisms of heat acclimation: Applications for competitive athletes and sports.    Free Trail Subscription: Oura Ring:


Finn Melanson

Adam Peterman | Canyons 100K Recap, Western States Decision, Rise In The Sport

Adam Peterman is a professional trail runner for Hoka based in Missoula, MT.This past weekend, Adam set a new course record at the Canyons 100K in Auburn, CA. In addition to race analysis and reflection on the big decision he has to make this week either accepting entry to Western States or instead focusing on UTMB-CCC later this summer, we discuss many aspects of his background, overall running life, and rapid ascension in the sport of mountain ultra trail running.Timestamps:(2:41) - what it's like having a partner who is also an accomplished trail runner(4:56) - working with and being mentored by Mike Foote over the years(7:56) - whether he would ever consider full-time ultrarunning(10:53) - motivations for getting into ultrarunning following career at UC Boulder(13:14) - whether he is influencing friends in the road and track ranks to convert(16:07) - why he went under the radar in 2019 an

the morning shakeout podcast

Mario Fraioli

Common Ground | Episode 3

In the third installment of Common Ground, a monthly podcast co-hosted by me and Dinee Dorame of the Grounded Podcast, we catch up on all things Boston Marathon, talk a little bit about the new Red Hot Chili Peppers album, look ahead to what’s exciting each of us in the month of May, and more.This episode is brought to you by:— New Balance. If you’re looking for a go-fast shoe for workouts and maybe even racing, look no further than the FuelCell Rebel v2. It’s lightweight, low to the ground and incredibly lively. It’s available in both men’s and women’s sizes on or at your local run specialty retail store.— Goodr: If you want to support the podcast and treat yourself to a pair of goodr sunglasses, head over to or enter the code MARIO15 at checkout for 15% off your order. Look good, run goodr!Click here for complete show notes, sign up here to get the morning s

Convos Over Cold Brew with Emma Abrahamson

Emma Abrahamson

Karissa Schweizer | Coming Back From Injury & Qualifying for Worlds

In this episode, Emma sits down with Karissa Schweizer, professional runner for Nike and the Bowerman Track Club. In this episode they talk about Karissa's experience after the Tokyo Olympics, how she mentally handled getting back in shape after being injured, the results of her most recent races, qualifying for Worlds, and what her mindset is going into USA's. Follow Karissa on Instagram - @karissaschweiz4 You can find Emma on Instagram at @emmaabrahamson and on her YouTube Channel. Follow Convos Over Cold Brew Podcast on Instagram at @convosovercoldbrewpod.Click here to shop Convos Over Cold Brew merchandise!Offers:-Green Chef | Head to and use code "COLDBREW130" to get $130 OFF including free shipping!-COROS | Go to to check out the Pace 2 GPS watch and use code COLDBREW for a free accessory with a watch purchase!Advertising Inquiries: https://redcir

The FloTrack Podcast

The FloTrack Podcast

440. Mega Penn Relays Distance Preview | The FloTrack Podcast

Kevin and Gordon discuss the distance events at this week's Penn Relays.

Ultra Running Magazine Podcast

UltraRunning Magazine

Ultra Shorts: WSER Contest Winner Natasha Daniels

We are proud to welcome UltraRunning Magazine's Western States contest winner Natasha Daniels to the URM podcast. Natasha shares her personal story with us, which was selected from over 100 entries in November. We recorded this interview just a few days before Western States to check in with Natasha and find out about her training and experience leading up to the "Big Dance." Congratulations, Natasha, we are all rooting for you!     Subscribe to UltraRunning Magazine   Thanks to our episode sponsor, Whitefish Trail Legacy Run   Follow Natasha and all the 2022 Western States runners at

The Run Smarter Podcast

Brodie Sharpe

Kristina's run smarter success story

Over the past few years, Kristina managed a few running niggles and running-related injuries due to spikes in training load. What resulted was a long-standing proximal hamstring tendinopathy which was getting harder to manage. Kristina jumped on a free injury chat and got the ball rolling with her run smarter journey. She then looked up some research papers on PHT and started progressive strength training. Still managing to run, Kristina followed many of the Run Smarter principles and shares them all in today's episode. Become a patron! Receive Run Smarter Emails Book a FREE Injury chat with Brodie Run Smarter App IOS or Android  Podcast Facebook group Run Smarter Course with code 'PODCAST' for 3-day free trial.

I'll Have Another with Lindsey Hein Podcast

SandyBoy Productions

I’ll Have Another with Lindsey Hein is a place for conversations that leave you feeling inspired and refreshed. During each episode, Lindsey will talk with everyday runners, elite runners, Olympians, World Record Holders and everyone in between. We talk about current events in our lives as well as the good, bad, and the ugly of how we got to where are now. The podcast is light, funny with a side of serious. We’ll discuss real life, hard gritty stuff, but will also be sure to cover what happened latest in The Bachelor or whatever we’re loving! I’m all about living with purpose and passion while not taking things too seriously.

The Running for Real Podcast

Tina Muir

Tim Brown: Celebrate the Small Wins - R4R 304

You might assume that Tim Brown, CEO and co-founder of the revolutionary shoe company Allbirds, has a footwear background, but he actually has a football background. He was a professional soccer player with the New Zealand National Team when he conceived of the idea for a running shoe made from natural materials. Being from New Zealand, where sheep outnumber humans six to one, wool was the obvious choice and the prototype for Allbirds was born. They’ve just launched their new shoe, the Tree Flyer, designed for distance running. For complete show notes and links, visit our website at Thank you to Tracksmith, InsideTracker, and Allbirds for sponsoring this episode. Tracksmith is a Boston-based company that truly cares about the quality of their running clothes. Running can be demanding on our clothes; they definitely go through wear and tear to where we may be purchasing new clothes constantly. Trac


Bryon Powell, Meghan Hicks, others

Jared Hazen Post-2022 Canyons by UTMB 100k Interview

An interview with Jared Hazen after his third-place finish at the 2022 Canyons by UTMB 100k.

Ready to Run

Ready to Run

Welcome to the Ready to Run Podcast, hosted by Kurt Roeser, DPT (physical therapist and sub-elite long distance runner) and Efren Caballes, DO (sports medicine physician). The goal of our podcast is to engage in thoughtful discussions with athletes, coaches, clinicians, and researchers to share knowledge within the field of sports medicine and inspire progression in the sport of running. We hope to empower individuals to navigate injuries, reduce injury risk, optimize training and performance, and provide listeners with the tools needed to get Ready to Run!

Rise and Run

The RDMTeam

Princess Weekend Updates, Disney Cruise Line Trip Report, and Kellsie's Hope Foundation

Ahoy there!  On this week's episode of the Rise and Run Podcast, Bob is back in the captain's chair this week to lead a discussion on updates to the event guide for the runDisney Princess Half Marathon Weekend since last week's episode. Bob also gives us a quick trip report about his vacation on the Disney Cruise Line and his experience with the Castaway Cay 5K.  We then round out the episode by chatting with our friend Laura who is on an incredible runDisney charity journey with Kellsie's Hope Foundation.  Rise and Run Podcast Facebook Page - and Run Podcast Instagram - to Run -'s Hope Foundation -'s Fundraising Page -'s Track Talk's weekly podcast where we go behind the scenes of the professional running, marathoning, and track and field world.

The Runner's World UK Podcast

Runner's World UK

The Runner's World podcast is your weekly dose of all things running, here to inform and entertain with unique interviews, news, advice, in-depth discussion and much, much more. See for privacy and opt-out information.

That Triathlon Life Podcast

That Triathlon Life

Managing peak fitness, running shoe vs metal band, the pro triathlon lifestyle, naps, and much more!!!

We get into managing peak fitness as a professional vs amateur triathlete, the stresses of being a professional triathlete outside of training and racing, as well as introducing a new segment called "this or that". For this week's iteration, Eric & Paula have to guess if a weird name is a running shoe, or a metal band. Check out for much more.

Ginger Runner LIVE

The Ginger Runner

GRL 388 | CAMILLE HERRON - Breaking the 100 Mile World Record (and then some)

We are so excited to welcome Camille Herron back to Ginger Runner Live to chat about her recent win at the Jackpot 100 which included multiple records being broken including the 100 mile World Record! Camille is one of the best ultrarunners in the world and we're so excited to welcome her back to chat about her experience!

That Triathlon Show

Mikael Eriksson

Training talk with Glenn Poleunis | EP#335

Glenn Poleunis is a triathlon coach and founder of the PTC high-performance squad based in Girona, which includes among others Marten van Riel. He is also a Belgian national federation coach with a home base in Leuven (Flanders).  IN THIS EPISODE YOU'LL LEARN ABOUT: -The setup of the PTC squad, and how athletes can get the most out of themselves in a squad environment -How Glenn manages things like individualisation and competitiveness within the squad -Glenn's coaching philosophy -Specific insights into Glenn's perspectives on swim, bike and run training -Marten van Riel's 70.3 World record, and differences and similarities between training for short-course and long-course triathlon -Top tips for age-group triathletes SHOWNOTES: SCIENTIFIC TRIATHLON AND THAT TRIATHLON SHOW WEBPAGE: SPONSORS: Precision Fuel & Hydration - Optimise and individualise your fue

Florida Trail Runners Podcast

Joseph Fuller

#7: Stories from the Forgotten Florida 100

The Forgotten Florida took place recently, I hop on and chat with Sean "the RunBum" Blanton and the Trio that won this year's 100 Miler (Aden St. Charles, Maxwell Bennet, and John Parker). Sean opens up to what truly makes Florida trail running beautiful and why it's such a special place to put on a race. The Trio share and dive into this year's race and the adventure it brought them! What a wild ride. 
The Forgotten Florida has three distances: the 100 mile, a 45 miler, and a 15 miler. The race runs through the Tosohatchee, Charles Bronson State Forest, Seminole Ranch, Little Big Econ State Forest and more. As for the 100, it is a point-to-point race! The first 50 miles of the 100 mile is the most technical and goes through some of those "forgotten" trails. The last 50 has more dirt roads, higher trafficked single track and beautiful rolling hills. 
In the 45 Miler and 15 Miler, you get to ru

Marathon Training for Beginners

Running with the Crummy Marathoners

How to NOT hit the wall… sort of

People ask all the time, how do I avoid hitting the wall during my marathon? ? In this episode I share 6 things I do to keep from bonking. If you’re working on your first marathon, you need to hear this!


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Running After Age 40

Sarah Snyder

Aging and Running: Is Aging Something You Can Prevent and Keep You Running Longer and Faster?

David Sinclair, author of Life Span, Why We Age and Why We Don't Have To, states that aging is a disease, not something inevitable.If that is true, treating aging will allow you to keep running and keep living more vibrantly and productive. In this episode, we discuss Dr. Sinclair's thoughts and research on:Nutrition- WHAT and WHEN you should eat and whyFasting and why stressing our body can be a good thingExercise-Why exercise is good for longevity (not for the reasons we thought)What specific amounts and types of exercise are beneficial Cold and Heat-How cold supercharges brown adipose tissueHeat and heat shock proteinsWe also do a quick review of the supplements Dr. Sinclair takes, including NMN, resveratrol, vitamin D, K2, and aspiring.Listen in to hear how 20% of aging is genetic- the other 80% of longevity is in our hands! Keep running and keep living!This episode is

Run the Small World

Michael Gabriel

A show of conversation focused on positivity and encouragement, centered especially on the runDisney community. Here the focus is on getting people enjoying running at all levels, in normal clothes and costumes, and living all around the world. We all bring something different with us, face different challenges, and commit different amounts of ourselves to this sport and community. That's not just ok. It's worth celebrating.

Will Run For...

WRF Podcast

45. I Can Be Your Hero, Yoda

Get ready listeners!!! In this weeks episode, we make a few meetup announcements for Shamrock Marathon weekend, and the return on The Second Annual Will Run For Virtually Live Race! We are so excited to bring it back and more details will follow in the next month! We shout out all the Goal Getters before getting into our training updates. Then we have the return on another fan favorite with Run, Hike Yoga! Be on the look out for our polls in our stories this week and let us know if you agree with our assessments!
1. What we’re running for
2. 00:18:50 Goal Getters  
3. 00:32:30 Training Updates
4. 00:57:46 Run Hike Yoga
5. 01:23:00 The Ending
Come laugh with us as we share our running experiences and talk about everything from our favorite beer runs to our chafing nightmares. Tell us what YOU run for... Email us or leave a voice memo at
Find us on Facebook and Insta

Healthy Runner Podcast

Duane Scotti: Physical therapist, runner, and podcaster

111. 5 Mistakes You're Making to Get Rid of Your Knee Pain with Dr. Duane Scotti

5 mistakes runners make to get rid of their knee pain?     Yep, you are probably doing one of these…   Tune in to learn what they are and learn what causes knee pain in runners and how to avoid these mistakes.  Learn about Runner’s Knee and IT Band Syndrome and how to treat and prevent these common injuries.   These are the strategies that have helped thousands of runners I have had the pleasure of working with during my career as a running physical therapist and coach.  I hope they help you! Download your copy of the Ultimate Guide To Crushing Those Miles Without Knee Pain FREE e-book here:   Related Resources:   ​​Episode 102 Running Slow with Knee Pain to Crushing her First Marathon with Kristi Paishon    Episode

2 Black Runners

Running Report

Ep.88 || For the Real Ones w/ Chris Chavez | Juliette Whittaker Makes History | Cade Flatt's Beef with Aaron | Sha'Carri Returns!!

Your favorite two Black runners are joined by Chris Chavez, founder of Citius Mag and former Sports Illustrated writer, to recap the Citius Mag x Trials of Miles: Track Night NYC. Plus the three preview Pre Classic happening this weekend, they react to Sha'Carri Richardson's return to the track, and much more.  
Thank you to World Athletics 22 for sponsoring this episode with their #NextStopOregon Segment!! Go get your tickets now for the first World Athletics Championships ever on U.S. soil at
??‍? Checkout the YouTube video:
Time Stamps:  
00:00 Intro Clips 
00:54 Episode start 
02:04 Interview start 
03:33 Trials of Miles: Track Night NYC RECAP 
07:32 Trials of Miles Beer Mile & Celebrity Mile 
09:15 Chris C

Out of the Blocks with Jasmine Todd & Katelyn Hutchison | A Track And Field Podcast


Track and field's fastest in the sprints and jumps slow down to chat with World Championship medalist Jasmine Todd and Katelyn Hutchison. While sprint races and jumps performances only get a fraction of a broadcast's media coverage, we aim provide the stories and context behind some of the biggest breakthroughs + highlight the present stars and the rising faces. Jasmine is a pro long jumper and sprinter. She was a star at Oregon + competed at the 2019 World Championships. Katelyn is in the NCAA for Ithaca and Kentucky. Presented by CITIUS MAG. For more shows visit

Science Of Ultra

Shawn Bearden


Thank you, thank you, thank you...on we go!

A to Z Running

A to Z Running

How Social Media Affects Runners

Andi and Zach continue the discussion about social influences on runners by breaking down how runners interact with social media, featuring reflections from guests and audience members as well.
Stick around after that for the latest from the world of running, including a plethora of new records and amazing performances.
For resources and details, visit
For training, coaching, and other services, visit

C Tolle Run

C Tolle Run

281: UCAN Celebrates Title IX

Carrie partners with UCAN to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Title IX! Together with Linda Quirk, Dede Griesbauer, Maurelhena Walles, and Jane Vongvorachoti, the five ladies discuss how they got into running, how the passing of Title IX impacted them, not being afraid of trying something new, their hopes for women’s running in the next fifty years, and much more!

How They Train

Jack Kelly

Joe Skipper (Ep 35)

Joe Skipper is a 5 x Ironman Champion and one of the biggest & best personalities in the sport of triathlon. He trains, races and speaks with his heart on his sleeve and brings a honest, open and real approach to the way he talks about the sport & his life. In this episode we talk all things training, racing, how much money pro triathletes make and how, athletes being afraid to put themselves out there because of social media haters, rivalries, podcasting naked and much much more.

Eric Schranz

Jim Sweeney | Running and Brewing on the Beast Coast

Jim Sweeney runs primary on the technical trails around upstate New York and New England, still loves a good old road marathon, and even ran the fastest hundred miler (13:09) in 2018.  He’s also the Lead Brewer at a brewery you’ve heard me talk a lot about…Athletic Brewing in Connecticut. …
The post Jim Sweeney | Running and Brewing on the Beast Coast appeared first on

Women of Distance

Devon Yanko and Alison Naney

Ellie Pell

In this episode we get to know Ellie Pell, Beast Coast runner of all kinds. We talk about what happens when you limit yourself to one kind of running, and when you let go of preconceived notions. Ellie tells us about how she transitioned from ball sports to running, to the Olympic Trials, and now to winning a golden ticket and tackling her first 100 at Western States 100. You can find out more about her on her website

Suite Run

Jerold & Natalie Mitchell

80 | Naperville, IL with Dana Klein: Running in the Mayberry of the Midwest

We are so happy to welcome Dana Klein to the show! Dana is a five time marathoner, coach, wife, mom of three and the founder of True Potential Running.Dana has been running for 30 years and ran competitively in high school and college - she even met her husband through running.Dana shares her running journey, how running has evolved for her over the years and how she helps others become the best version of themselves in the sport.In the second half of the chat, we talk about where Dana lives in Naperville, IL. This quaint town outside of Chicago is beautiful, perfect for families and has plenty of great places to run! Dana shares her favorite places to run, dine out, the best running store in Naperville and so much more. We are excited to share this conversation with you!Click HERE for the show notes.Click HERE to grab a Suite Run mugThis episode is sponsored by:InsideTrackerInsideTracker is a person

Running long - A trail & ultra running talk

029. Grayson Murphy| Unlock your trail speed..and have fun!

Grayson Murphy is a professional road, trail and mountain runner sponsored by Saucony. 
She's the 2019 World Mountain Running Champion, a multiple time national champion and a crazy fast road runner and steeplechaser.
Grayson is from Utah but she currently lives in Flagstaff, where she's recently joined Verde Track Club to train under the guidance of coach John Green and with the company of athletes like Molly Seidel and Emily Infeld.
In this episode we talk about how she balances trail, road and track running, what are the benefits that she finds on one surface or another, and how developing specific strengths on each terrain have helped her be a better runner. These are also the main ideas that she put into her brand new training plan, developed in collaboration with UNLOCK YOUR TRAIL SPEED, which you can sign up right here!
We also talk about the current state of the sport, the

Road Dog Podcast

Luis Escobar and Kevin Lyons

205: Shannon Weil Rides Us Through the History of Western States 100

“We knew how to set up a course you know. We knew how to go out and mark a trail. We knew how to do that from horses. So when we were given the reigns to take the run and launch it on our own, we called on all our endurance riding friends.” Shannon Weil is the author of Strike Along Trot and historian on the Western States Trail. Hear about her endurance horse riding, learn about the history of the Tevis Cup, the history of the Western States 100 Endurance Run, how the run buckle came into existence, and the birth of the Western States Trail museum. Support Road Dog Podcast by: 1. Joining the Patreon Community: 2. Subscribe to the podcast on whatever platform you listen on. XOSKIN show code: Road Dog Listeners get a special 15% off at Squirrel’s Nut Butter HAMMER NUTRITION show code: Roaddoglistener Listeners get a s

Sweat Elite Podcast

Sweat Elite

#75 - Ricky Lightfoot

Ricky Lightfoot is a trail and fell runner from the Northern Britain. Over the years he has raced in and won some of the most prestigious trail and ultra races in the world whilst balancing life as a firefighter and a father. Ricky joins us on the Sweat Elite Podcast to discuss his life running the fells of England, as well as across the globe. We delve into his experiences in some of his stand-out races, as well as his recent participation in the Salomon Phantasm 24 which was a 24-hour four-person relay to celebrate the launch of Salomon’s new carbon plated road shoe, the Phantasm CF. We also speak a lot about the rich history and culture of fell running in the UK, as well as the famous Bob Graham Round. Ricky shares a lot of great insights into training and racing on the trails and it was a pleasure to have this conversation with him.

Flex Your Voice

Jaclyn Corson & Olivia Wilson

Hi! Welcome to Flex Your Voice with Jaclyn Corson and Olivia Wilson. A podcast where we, just your average weekend warriors, want to inspire others and learn how to navigate our world as individuals, athletes, and women. We will most likely never qualify for the Boston Marathon (but we like to keep our hopes up) and we don't come from a long background of running. But that does not mean that we don’t enjoy the grit, the challenge, and the “hell yeah” moment that follows every workout. This podcast will give you the info needed to become a better athlete and make you smile along the way!

The Training For Ultra Podcast with Rob Steger

Rob Steger

Pre-Western States Thoughts with Marianne Hogan

Big thanks to Marianne Hogan for her time! Listen to Episode 201 for more background on Marianne. Ty to Marianne's film sponsor My Links! New T4U Wraps (click here) - Two Color Options Training For Ultra - The Book Big ty to the podcast sponsors! Tanri Outdoors "ULTRA10" for 10% off John Wayne GRIT Series XoSkin - use discount code of “T4U10” or just visit the website for best price

The Extramilest Podcast

Floris Gierman

#50: Dr. Stephen Seiler on 80/20 Training

“You don’t have to go that hard every day in training with the high intensity sessions. You’re building the cake, but racing is eating the cake. You have to balance that. If you eat the cake too much, then you’re going to be in trouble…" - Stephen Seiler PhD Video version of this interview. Dr. Stephen Seiler (Twitter) is a well known Exercise Physiologist, located in Norway. You might have heard of the 80/20 rule of endurance training, meaning performing 80% of your workouts at a low intensity and 20% at a higher intensity.  Professor Stephen Seiler has studied the training habits of many world class endurance athletes and discovered the 80/20 Rule that also applies to endurance training. This has been a remarkable counter intuitive trend, however this polarized approach is now widely accepted by coaches and athletes around the world. In this podcast we talk about exercise physiology and training adaptations, particularly for

Chasing Cutoffs

Ben Mead

Chasing Cutoffs amplifies the stories of back of the pack trail and ultra runners. Making fast friends with slow strangers.

Obstacle Racing Media Podcast

Matt B. Davis

WOCR Radio - Enjoy on a run or workout.

Hope you enjoy this pleasant soundtrack of OCR and running tracks! New obstacle racing discord Support Us On Patreon ORM YouTube Channel  Listen to your favorite player    

Run Farther & Faster — The Podcast with Coaches Lisa Levin and Julie Sapper

Run Farther & Faster

Episode 124: Boston Marathon Race Director, Dave McGillivray Is Back!

We welcomed Boston Race Director, Dave McGillivray, back to the podcast for a FOURTH time to update us on this year's Boston Marathon, which will be the first April Boston Marathon since 2019.  In addition to celebrating the 50th anniversary of women officially running Boston, Dave will be partaking in another 50th anniversary this year--his own running of the Boston Marathon.  Like every year, after the race concludes, Dave will run from Hopkinton to Boston surrounded by friends and family for the 50th time. Dave is an accomplished athlete, philanthropist, author, motivational speaker, the founder of DMSE Sports, and a father of five.  As always, Dave provides a wealth of information, along with a very fascinating story involving a Massachusetts prison (listen until the end).
We also announced our shake-out run MEET UP!!  Please join us on Sunday, April 17th, at 9 am at the Brewer

More Than Running with Dana Giordano


Natosha Rogers Makes Team USA for the World Championships – 10 Years After Olympic Trials Heartbreak

"I don't know what that was. It was this narrow tunnel vision. I saw it slip away there for a second. It was this decision in my entire body that was like, 'No. I am going to take this spot.' It felt like something had taken over me."
This week Natosha Rogers of the Hansons-Brooks Distance Project joins More Than Running to break down her third place finish at the USATF USA 10,000m Championship this past weekend at the Prefontaine Classic. Natosha outkicked Emily Infled narrowly 31:29.80 to 31:30.04 to qualify for the World Athletics Championship in Eugene, Oregon, which will be held in July.
Natosha’s running story dates back to 2012 when she placed second at the U.S. Olympic Trials in the 10,000m but was unable to be on the team due not having the qualifying standard. For a decade, Natosha has worked her way back – including taking time away from the spo

Inspired Soles

Carolyn Coffin and Kim Senechal

It's Never Too Late to Begin | Morag McDonah

Originally from Scotland, Morag McDonah is a 66 year old Nova Scotian runner who currently holds the Canadian W65 marathon record of 3:21:38. With an impressive time like this you might assume she’s been competing since grade school, but nothing could be further from the truth. Morag was in her late 40s when she took up running and it was purely for recreation. She was never going to go further than 5K and she was definitely not going to race. But as most runners can attest, once she caught the bug one thing kept leading to another. She started off on the roads but in recent years Morag has also been lighting things up on the track and the trails and is showing no signs of slowing down any time soon.In this episode, we talk about:The influence her daughter (Ailsa MacDonald) has had on her running careerWhat it was like to share the podium in Boston with Olympian Joan Benoit SamuelsonGetting hypothermia and dropping out of Boston

Why I Run

Red Bull

I run for fun

This week is all about putting the fun back into your run. Erin and Ayo speak to Wesley Butstraen. If you’ve ever encountered a big bearded man in a bright pink suit on a Wings for Life World Run, that’s Wesley, and it’s completely joy-inducing. We hear about how he started running for health reasons but found his mindset shifting as his running progressed. As the 2022 event draws nearer, Erin and Ayo also take some time to hear from a few listeners about why they run, and discuss their own reasons for getting their shoes on and getting out there. Find every episode on to run? Join the Why I Run Podcast Team on us your burning questions – drop us a note on the feed at or leave a review!

Companions of the Compendium

Ryan Joseph Banta

Episode 37 Henk Kraaijenhof Elite International Track & Field Coach

Henk and I had an awesome conversation. He and chatted about all manner of speed training. We talked about what he believes coaches need to do less and more to help their athletes reach their potential. We discussed how to differentiate training for different types of athletes. How to identify the different types of sprinters. He talked about what a warm-up should be if we should warm up at all. Coach discussed what mental training should be and who to establish what type of mindset you are coaching. We conclude our wonderful chat with where he is looking to continue furthering his knowledge in the art of coaching. 
For elite performance technology please visit:
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Becoming Ultra

Athlete On Fire

Season 12:12 But at least I took one day off!

Jason and Katie are back for their second call of the season and Jason came with stories of running 7 marathons in 8 days last week on his quest to run one in every state.  He also give some good PT advice to his teammate Katie who is dealing with some foot issue.  They both have recovery planned from their coach, Hillary Allen!

Lactic Acid with Dominique Smith

Dominique Smith

Welcome to Lactic Acid, the podcast where the ideas are ripe, the takes are fresh - which makes us the best in the bunch. The goal of this podcast is to bridge the gap between those who make our sport unique and the fans that follow. This podcast will be centered on getting to know the personalities off the track, what makes them unique as human beings, rather than just track and field athletes. The show will include athletes, coaches, journalists and creative storytellers who make the sport unique.

House of Run

Jason Halpin and Kevin Sully

Youngest GOAT Ever?

Show Notes-House of Run Shirt-Easy Double Shirt-#BeatOrkney Shirt-State vs. States Shirt-Our iTunes page-House of Run Strava Page

Doctors of Running Virtual Roundtable

Doctors of Running

#83 The Truth About Midsole Foams Pt. 1 (ft. Dr. Geoff Burns)

In the first of a two part podcast, Nate & Matt discuss shoe foams and biomechanics with physiologist and researcher Dr. Geoff Burns. In this first part, Geoff educates us about the effects of different shoe properties on our biomechanics. He also explains how biomechanics change while running at different paces. 
Dr. Geoff Burns is a physiologist and engineer with an expertise in running. He works for the US Olympic and Paralympic Committee as a Sport Physiologist, and he conducts academic research with the University of Michigan. His work has focused on running biomechanics and performance. Geoff is a runner himself and competes internationally in ultramarathons. He was the 2016 USA national champion in the 100km and has finished 5th at the 100km World Championships, twice, in 2016 and 2018. 
The Subjective: What's the hardest race you've ever run, and what did you learn from it?

DMXS Radio

DMXS Radio

#143 - Adam Cianciarulo

Adam Cianciarulo

Triathlon Coaching with TOWER 26- Be Race Ready Podcast

Gerry Rodrigues, Jim Lubinski

Episode #88: How New Swim Data Can Lead to Better Triathlon Swimming

Dr. Jack Fabian joins Gerry and Jim to talk about the data TritonWear( gives the swimmer and how that data can lead to better triathlon swimming.   Go to to subscribe to the TOWER 26 Swim Subscription Plan Go to to join the TOWER 26 Triathlon Training Program For Swim Video Analysis email: To purchase the TOWER 26 Transition Bag and Mesh Gear Bag go to Amazon After the topic of the episode is covered, the athlete questions are answered, and the topic for the next episode is revealed. To ask questions to be answered ON-AIR, tweet @Tower_26 or email the show at To listen to the show, subscribe to the TOWER 26 newsletter, read the Tower 26 blog, or to see what Tower 26 is up to, go to Follow Jim Lubinski on TWITTER @jimlubinski,, @jimlubinski Thanks to Tom Hiel

Runner's Round Table

Stephanie Diaz

Runner's Round Table is a podcast about all things running. A different topic is discussed each month and the conversations all connect through an exploration of the runner identity and ways to make the running community more inclusive. Stephanie Diaz serves as the guide and speaks to people who inspire and motivate her to be her best and strongest runner self.

FKT Podcast

Fastest Known

New Ownership! - #180

BIG NEWS: We have sold Fastest Known Time to Outside Inc, the publisher of iconic magazines such as Trail Runner, Climbing, Backpacker and of course Outside. Buzz, Peter and Jeff are very happy with what we created, and are very grateful to all of you that have cared and supported our work so that it is now an integral part of the sport of running, utilized by a worldwide community.

Most importantly, the community itself will be very happy to know that Outside is bringing a massive amount of knowledge, passion, and resources to greatly improve the services and features of this website, in a way we could not do. This is great news!

In next week’s podcast you will hear directly from folks on the Outside team who care deeply about our community. As trail runners, backpackers, and multi-sport athletes themselves, they’re passionate about maintaining (even improving!) our governing and record-keeping processes while applying their

Dirt Church Radio

Matt Rayment and Eugene Bingham

Trail running talk and banter, delving deep to gain insight and inspiration from interesting runners in New Zealand, Australia and the world. Learn more:

Marathon Running Podcast by We Got the Runs

Letty & Ryan

104. Runner's Etiquette

What is running etiquette or runners' etiquette? What are the no-no's of running? Listen in to find out!

Trail to 100

Jacob and Melody Bateman

You Don't Have to Kill Yourself to Be an Ultra Runner | S2E12

Jacob and Melody share their experiences running Deadhorse 2021.Life updates:Melody is doing medical massage in Ogden UT (contact her here to make an appointment: started a flooring business. Contact him through our Instagram page @trailto100 to get a quote.Main Takeaways:-If you don't feel like running...Just force yourself to put on your running shoes and run anyways! Give yourself permission to turn around early if you still don't feel like running after that!-Do what is best for you, don't compare yourself to other runners. (Melody dropped her 50mile to the 50k, Jacob decided to run the 50miler even though his training wasn't as good as he wanted it to be. They both made the best decisions for themselves.)-You don't have to kill yourself to be an ultra-runner! Jacob finished his race without running more than 20 miles during the training season! (Take into c

A Runner’s Life

Marcus Brown

#126 - 2 Pro Mental Strategies to Race the Mile With Sam Lloyd-Perks

In this episode I speak with Sam Lloyd-Perks, who I spoke with originally from episode 34. Of A Runner’s Life Podcast. We discuss mental techniques that you can use to race a mile (from 29:16).
Sam is a British runner and coach who has been competing at a high level since 2010 and in this period has competed in 15 national championships in his home country.
He moved to the States in 2018 on a scholarship to run in the NCAA at Lincoln Memorial in Tennessee, upon graduating he has transitioned back into road racing and has won numerous races. Recent victories in 2021 also include winning the AAU National Cross Country Championships in Charlotte and taking the win at America’s toughest road 10k in Roanoke too.
Sam has personal bests off 15:25 (5k), 32:13 (10k) and 74:13 (Half Marathon).
In this episode we talk about his shift in mindset and priority with regards to running. Feeling fulfille

Inside Tri Show

Helen Murray

Claire Danson - Living life and loving yourself

If you listen to one podcast this week, make it this one, as Claire Danson returns to the show. This conversation will make you stop and think and be grateful for what you have and what you can do. If you haven't heard the first interview with Claire from April 2020, (go and have a listen). it will give you a good background as to how her life changed in August 2019, following a cycling accident. Since her accident, Claire has been open and honest about how she lives with a spinal cord injury, about the good days and the bad ones and about how sport has played such a crucial role to help her to be Claire...Claire the daughter, Claire the sister, Claire the tutor, Claire the friend, Claire the triathlete. Claire, the amazing woman that she is.
You'll hear:
04:30 Claire explains how her life has changed since we speak two "I'm doing more structured training a

The RunRX Podcast

RunRX is the prescription to run pain free.

180 Cadence is not just an opinion

Big Ass Runner Trail Running Podcast

Jeff Harrell

Exclusive Interview with a Trail Running Clydesdale (feat. Hilary Spires)

Episode 98 is a special edition of the Big Ass Runner Podcast.  A few months ago, your OG Clydesdale and Big Ass Runner host Jeff Harrell was interviewed for the Trail Running Woman Podcast by Hilary Spires.Jeff was honored to appear on such an important and widely successful show, and in this episode, you get to hear the very exclusive interview.  Find out a few things about Jeff that you may not have known, and why the Big Ass Runner exists in the first place.The interview tables get turned on Jeff on this episode, and we think you'll enjoy!Episode 98 line-up:Intro: Hayden Harrell @Hayden.harrell Pre Show: Salty BritchesSegment One: Jeff on the Trail Running Woman PodcastBigAssRunner.comMore content on IG @big_ass_runnerWe recommend Trail Running apparel at Path ProjectsWe recommend Trail Running jackets and vests at Vander JacketWe recommend Myaderm for you CBD needs, discount code "big ru

Hijos de la Resistencia


#151 Cómo rendir con CALOR y no morir en el intento.

Ser capaces de entrenar con altas temperaturas se nos está haciendo cuesta arriba a más de uno.

En este episodio, te cuento cómo responde tu cuerpo a las altas temperaturas y qué es lo que necesitamos incluir para minimizar los efectos adversos del calor.

Ya no se trata de beber agua sin más o de salir en las horas frescas del día; debemos ir un paso más allá y entender lo que nuestro cuerpo necesita.

Para crear este episodio me he basado en:

1. García Manso, J.M; Navarro Valdivieso, F. La Resistencia desde la óptica de las ciencias aplicadas al entrenamiento deportivo. Grada Sport Books. 2006.

2. Padilla, S., Terrados, N. (1994). Medios y métodos de recuperación del entrenamiento y la competición. Módulo. 2.4.4. Máster ARD. COE.


The Mile 99 Interview

The Mile 99 Interview

Episode 69 - Dave Hope - From 5k races to Western States

Our good friend and Foresthill trail runner Dave Hope joined us to talk about his start as a Stockton area speedster on the track and cross-country racing scene, to a missed opportunity in the Marine Corps, travels from Belize to Minnesota and eventually finding his way back to California!Now he has the opportunity along with a few hundred others to toe the line at the 2022 Western States Endurance Run. Dave runs with a smile on his face and a positive outlook and has dialed in his training for this year's race, including a new 50k distance PR.  Our very own Jessica Harris will pace him from Foresthill to the river crossing, and we're excited to follow him throughout the day and night!After you've listened to the episode, head over to and check out the post show with Dave!Dave's Instagram:'s Fac

Track and Field History with Jesse Squire


Revisiting Running Movies: 'On the Edge' Starring Bruce Dern

The podcast returns to take a dive into the 1985 film "On The Edge" starring Bruce Dern. 
From Rotten Tomatoes: "Banned from competition 20 years ago for exposing payoffs in amateur athletics, former long-distance runner Wes Holman (Bruce Dern) decides to enter the Cielo-Sea Race, a punishing, mountainous footrace in the Pacific Northwest. The competition has bested many younger runners, but by seeking the help of his old coach (John Marley) and reconnecting with his ex-lover (Pam Grier) and father (Bill Bailey), the middle-aged Wes may be ready to take on more than a race."
✩ Follow CITIUS MAG: | |
✩ Connect with Jesse and the show via Email: |

OFX Podcast

Dave Claxton, Bethany McChesney


OFX EPISODE 62: HAVE WE LOST FAITH IN THE OLYMPICS. Dave and Bethany have a real chat about PED in the Olympics and how its made us kind of jaded about athletics

The Ragnar Life Podcast

James Van Prooyen & Rich Nicholes

It only took one time of running a Ragnar Race to be hooked for life! James Van Prooyen has traveled all over the world to participate in this race series. Rich Nicholes has both ran multiple races and MC’d many more of the trail version of this race. What they found is a passionate and supportive community of runners of all skill levels and backgrounds. This show shares these stories with the rest of the world!

On The Runs

On The Runs Media

We’re a podcast that loves stories, it started with #CodeBrown, and as many runners have gone through an actual code brown experience, we truly love all stories around the sport of running. A code brown can be any type of “oh crap” moment, however we love stories of accomplishment, struggle, overcoming physical and mental obstacles and how the sport of running along with any type of physical fitness played a role into that individual’s journey. Join us and listen as we bring on guest to share their stories. Along the way we'll talk about what's relevant in the running community, highlighting key events across the world when they happen and what we're going through with our training and events throughout the year.


Harry Morgan

JOG ON is a podcast about the joy of running. Hosted by Harry Morgan, we produce main guest episodes, as well as Jogging Shorts - shorter episodes on a variety of stories from the running world. If you enjoy JOG ON, recommend us to a friend who may also enjoy listening.

GFNY - Global Endurance Sports Series

Gran Fondo New York

Daily coffee with GFNY - OG Angelo checks in (26apr22)

GFNY founders Lidia and Uli talk about their journey with GFNY. Find out more at 

Off The Couch


Roxanne Vogel on Lightning Ascents, Flavor Science, and GU Energy Labs

Ultramarathons are sometimes called eating competitions with a bit of running thrown in, and with so many different nutrition products and approaches at our disposal these days, it can be hard to know how to fuel properly. So, we talked to GU Energy Labs’ Nutrition and Performance Research Manager, Roxanne Vogel, about the ins & outs of eating on the run; how GU’s line of products fit into that equation; the importance of “flavor scientists;” and a whole lot more — including Roxanne’s lightning ascent of Mt. Everest and living in a hypoxia chamber.TOPICS & TIMES:Roxanne’s background (1:37)Her lightning ascent of Mt. Everest (5:02)What to eat above 20,000 ft. (9:18)Using herself as a human guinea pig (10:37)Nutrition tips from the top of Everest (12:09)Roxanne’s next challenge (14:28)The history of GU Energy Labs (15:35)Going high octane with GU Roctane (18:33)Can you consume too much caffeine? (2

Runners On Trail

Runners On Trail

The trail running podcast by mid-pack runners, for mid-pack runners. From parkrun to marathon to ultra, join us as we talk about running and talk to people while we run. We do it because we love it. And we guess you do too.

Running is Cheaper Than Therapy

Dr. Ouida Brown

Dawn Angelique Roberts: Running Coach Who Learned The Importance of Listening To Her Body and Being An Advocate For Her Own Health

Listen to your body because your body is always talking to you. The day Dawn paid attention to stubborn chest pain is the day she saved her life. That’s why she is still here today.   80% of heart disease can be prevented.    Eating right and exercising often is not enough. Dawn advocates for a regular check-up. As an athlete, she was a most unlikely candidate for heart disease. By knowing and understanding her body, she was determined to know the root cause of her chest pain.   Listen to learn more about her running experience, surviving her heart condition, advocating for your body and how to find the right doctor.      Episode Highlights:  Her running experience since middle school Her favorite race How she got into coaching and race management Her health scare in 2019 Why her persistence saved her life Knowing your body and advocating for yo

Motivate Me To Run

Motivate Me To Run

Our Top 10 Tips to Find Success at the Starting Line

Just recently we passed Valentine's Day where the phrase "love is in the air" was all around us.  Since then I've noted another phrase - "race season is in the air" now that our eyes are focused on the hopeful early Spring promised to us by Punxsutawney Phil on Groundhog Day and our stubbornness as runners as we yearn for warmer weather and put an end to the winters that have entrapped us the last few months.  Plus, many of us have already registered for our Spring races and know that our training really needs to kick in with warmer weather and less snowy days around us.

With all that - we are here to help!

Audrey and I take a moment to give you our Top 10 list.  Similar to the David Letterman "Top 10" lists (please tell me you remember him - Audrey didn't making me feel so old) except for the fact that we didn't count down to number one and our list had one tip with a &q

پادکست فارسی دوران | DoRun

Sepideh Taghizadeh

برنامه ریزی تمرینات دو

دراین قسمت در رابطه با "چگونگی برنامه ریزی تمرین های دو" صحبت می کنیم. همچنین در رابطه با میزان مسافت استاندارد هفتگی برای #دویدن، انواع #تمرین های #دو مثل # لانگ، #تمپو،#اینتروال و ..... توضیح می دهیم. شما با استفاده از این اطلاعات، قادر خواهید بود برای بالا بردن #سرعت و #مسافت های تمرین ها دو، برنامه ریزی کنید.
نمونه تمرین NRC:
· How to Start Running, By Tara Parker-Pope, Illustrations by Chi Birmingham
· How to start running today: a beginner's guide, No matter how fit you are, we will guide you to becoming a runner in a few simple steps., By Runner's World
·،برنامه مبتدی دویدن ماراتن برای مبتدیان، سیروان آلی 
· How To Set Up Your Weekly Mileage For Smarter Training،
·, How to Get in That Tempo Run,
·, How to Create a Heart Rate Training Plan
·, How to Run in the

World’s Toughest Podcast

Will Hicks

World's Toughest Curling with Katelyn Ritter

With a gap of four years since episode one, this is episode two of World's Toughest Curling Podcast, "Where we talk about any Winter Olympics sport you want, as long as it's Curling". Be sure to subscribe so you don't miss episode three, airing in 2026. Katelyn Ritter joins the show to talk about the 2022 US Olympic Curling teams and the competition so far. Katelyn and Will Hicks talk about why they enjoy curling and what OCR could learn from a niche sport taking center stage in front of the world every four years. --- Follow The OCR Report on Instagram   Send Will Hicks a text   Leave a review for the show on Apple Podcasts   Rate the show on Spotify

She Runs Eats Performs

Runners Health Hub

Exercise Induced Acid Reflux

Exercise Induced Acid Reflux
Why are we bringing this health topic to your attention today?
There are 3 main reasons, firstly many runners experience exercise induced acid reflux, which is not a pleasant experience and can be disruptive to enjoying your run and also to performance. The second reason is that commonly people believe if they take steps to reduce stomach acid with medication that will solve the reflux problem, however they don’t take into account, that having sub optimal stomach acid levels may lead to nutritional deficiencies and in the long-term to other health conditions. Finally, as we age our stomach acid levels naturally decline, so it’s important that we take steps to optimise our digestive health to minimise issues around absorption of nutrients.
Today we’ll cover:
1.    Why is Acid Reflux a problem for runners?
2.    What is the cause of acid reflux?

Guided Audio Runs - Get Fit Done

Get Fit Done

30 Minute Guided Party Audio Run | HIIT & Run #13

30 Minute Party Guided Audio Run - HIIT & Run #13Get ready for this exciting guided audio run! Get outside or on the tread and get after it for 30 minutes.⭐️ Get Fit Done Gear▶️ Subscribe Here Support the channelVenmo:▶️ Subscribe Here Support the channelVenmo:‍♂️ Audio RunsApple Podcasts: Follow Our Socials Instagram: Spotify Spin Playlist Get In TouchBrett@igetfitdone.com Partners:WHOOP $30 Off: Thousand 15% Off : 20% Off : C

The Ultra Running Guys

The Ultra Running Guys

Episode 49: Mike Wardian - World Records, Lessons Learned, and "Running Home"

Mike Wardian has to be one of the most interesting people on the planet.  In addition to having piled up a mind blowing list of running accomplishments, to include multiple Guinness World Records, his other hobbies include bee keeping, pickleball, chess and CrossFit.  And on top of all that, his current "Running Home" project has him running across the country to raise $100,000 and support Word Vision USA's mission to provide clean water around the globe.  As you will hear during the episode, Mike was literally running through Kansas during our chat.  Be sure to follow him on Instagram at and visit his website at .  To contribute directly to his World Vision USA "Running Home" cause, please use the link

D3 Glory Days Podcast


Episode 80 - Frank Gramarosso

“Like the air we breathe, there's something there that has kept us [Al] together and it's the biggest emotion you have. That's love for each other and love for the program that Al started. I tried to do the best I can, and I hope somebody else is is willing to put in the time and energy that it takes.”
On April 4th, Frank Gramarosso announced his retirement from North Central College marking a new era for the historic program. For the first time in almost 60 years, NCC with be conducting a search for a new Cross Country & Track and Field Coach.
Gramarosso began at North Central in 1983 as a part-time assistant coach. He was still teaching at a local high school, but his passion was in coaching. In 1985, Al Carius promoted Gramarosso to full-time assistant to allow Gramarosso to go all in on his coaching. He was tasked with building up the track and field side of the program as the cross country program had already won six national

The Run Shoe Diaries Podcast

Luis (aka Chico)

Episode 12: Education, Consistency and Functional Fitness with Richard James III

This is the 2nd Episode in Season 2. In this episode, I talk with one of my Running/Fitness mentors, Richard James III! Listen as we talk about his adventures and accomplishments, and about how the Eagle Scouts are his foundation! Though Richard is someone I have known for quite some time, I learn a lot more during this conversation ("Ya Think Ya Know A Guy"). He is the second guest that has written a piece of literature and his excitement for education is evident when we speak about it! This Episode is packed with great stories about amazing life experiences and advice about Functional Fitness, from Running with the Olympic Torch to getting lost on trails runs, this episode has it all! Lastly, Richard's advice is great for everyone regardless of athletics abilities, occupation and age! This is a must-listen!GET THE BOOK HERE:

Ultrarunning History

Davy Crockett

106: Six Day Race Part 12 – First Astley Belt (1878)

By Davy Crockett
You can read, listen, or watch

By 1878, interest in ultrarunning/pedestrianism had taken a strong hold in Great Britain. The six-day race was viewed as a unique new branch of the running sport that fascinated many sporting enthusiasts. Like P.T. Barnum who was the first major promoter of ultrarunning in America, John Astley became the first prominent ultrarunning promoter in England. Astley’s significant involvement in 1878 helped to legitimize pedestrianism and he was the person who put “running” into "ultrarunning." He thankfully removed the walking restriction in the six-day race and established the first international championship race, later called “The First Astley Belt.”

Please consider supporting ultrarunning history by signing up to contribute a little each month through Patreon. Visit

Nitty Gritty Training

Obstacle Racing Media

Strength Training For People Who Run

OCR Champion Faye Stenning and Olympian Jess O’Connell, have brought their coaching platform to the Obstacle Racing Media family of podcasts. As we are all well aware, there are LOTS of different ways to strength train. This week, we chat about the type of strength training that is particularly beneficial for PEOPLE WHO RUN - note that I didn’t say “runners”! OCR athletes - this absolutely applies to you as well:) We also dive into Unstoppable - Grit Coaching's new "Strength for Runners" app, created to make run-specific strength simple and accessible! The app can be found here on Google Play. Faye Jess Coaching Website Listen to this and all Nitty Gritty episodes here.


Bevan James Eyles and 'Coach' John Newsom

Since 2006 IMTalk has been the weekly Ironman fix for thousands of athletes from all around the world! Bevan James Eyles and 'Coach' John Newsom cover the latest news, reviews and tips for Ironman Triathlon. If you love Ironman, you'll love this podcast! It will improve your training and racing. So click subscribe and join the worlds biggest Ironman podcast!

The Run Ohana Podcast

Run Ohana Podcast

Work With What’s Working, Who’s Dopey, Brittany’s Drinking

Ryan gives us an update on his injury ??
Boston Marathon flashbacks ??
Marathon Weekend Registration... Who's going for Dopey, Who's going for Goofy, and who's waiting for the Universe to speak ??

Oh. Brittany's been drinking. ?⚠️
- The Run Ohana Podcast
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The Happy Runner

Run and Smile

Running when over 50

We get older … our bodies change … so we need to except our limitations and be smart about our running. Not just about our running, also about our rest, our sleep and our nutrition. What do I do? I try to run smart to stay healthy, happy and fit.

Feel Good Running | For the Everyday Runner!

Jim Lynch

Running Inspirational News– February 2, 2022

Hello Runners,

How is it going? It's February, and we have already completed one month of 2022. I hope you are all healthy.

Are you on track with your running goals for 2022? And for our new runners who may have started your running journey as a new year resolution, are you still with us? I guarantee if you stick with running, it will change you as a person.

I just returned from (Maui )and had a wonderful time. So I spent much of my time prepping the course for the 2022 Maui Marathon coming up on Sunday, April 24th. The mile markings needed to be touched up, and the race course is now tip-top shape. And oh so beautiful! So consider running it this year! Just think of what a fantastic vacation this would be.

And the good news is I have a unique code that will give you 25% off either the full or half marathon for the 2022 Maui Marathon. CODE: feelgoodr

She Runs Trails With Elements of Daisy

Elements of Daisy

She Runs Trails Podcast is a recorded IG Live interviews with female trail runners. The purpose of these interviews are to educate, empower, & inspire other female runners to dream big and run ultras. Interviews happen every Tuesday via IG Live @elementsofdaisy. Support this podcast:

Running Commentary

Rob Deering and Paul Tonkinson

A Run In The Sunshine, And A Place Where The Sun Doesn't Shine

On an absolutely stunning morning for a turn round Ally Pally and Highgate-and-Queens Woods, Rob shares his... personal troubles. Featuring the age-old problem of where to keep your awards, parkrun report, maturity and whether Paul and Rob are ever likely to exhibit any, what's happening at the comedy coalface, Wisteria season, binge-watching real life - and all your fantastic PBs.Thanks, as ever, for all your pics and chat on line, and all your generosity through the Acast Supporter button. You're beautiful people and we love you.Rob's book Running Tracks is available here -, and you can get Paul’s award-winning 26.2 Miles to Happiness here - this show See for priva

Miles For Change

Defined Media

Stories from the Charity Partner organizations, the people they help, and those who run the Bank of America Chicago Marathon to support them.

Distance Daddies

Kyle Kastrup

Three ex-collegiate runners trying to keep our running dreams alive and doing our best to keep other runners along for the ride by helping to keep them injury-free, provide training tips, and news of the sport and anything else that pops into our heads Support this podcast:


體育主播魁哥 & 最速總經理象總

ep. 93 象總錄音錄到靈魂出竅?

邁向 ? 集!我們要出跑衣啦!敬請期待!你想要背心跑衣還是 T 恤呢?快留言告訴我們! 這集我們先聊聊曹純玉取得世錦賽資格,對於台灣長跑界的意義,以及魁哥最近因為跑步影片得到的啟發,象總對於「自我覺察」的體悟,還有製作人亞當一直很好奇到底魁哥是怎麼「早上跑半馬,下午播籃球」的? ✉︎ 聽眾信箱,歡迎來信分享你的跑步故事 ☞ 贊助魁哥象總和亞當炸兩百 ❤️ 我們也有官方粉絲團 Powered by Firstory Hosting

Reinforced Running Podcast

Rich Ryan

213: Alicia Kueker - Going all on in.

Alicia Kueker is a former collegiate basketball player turned elite OCR athlete and the newest member of TORC.  In the past two seasons, Alicia has developed herself into an elite contender and is pushing her chips in this year to see what she is capable of as an endurance athlete.  In the episode, we talk about what she has learned along the way and how she plans on racing the USNS and a full Ironman. Follow Alicia @aliciakueker Join TORC Patreon support with a one-time donation

The Ultramarathon Mindset: Trail Talk

Eric Deeter

Ep. 84: Over 100 Hundreds - Susan Donnelly

Susan Donnelly has finished 131 hundred mile races and counting. She is a mindset and life coach helping runners bring their best mental game to every race. Many runners imagine that all the training miles they run will also provide the mindset they need to succeed. But many of these same runners DNF, not from physical issues, but because they weren't able to manage their thoughts and emotions. Susan saw the need to help these runners and helps them train their mind for the challenge of ultramarathons.

Chip Time

Scotty Loughlin

Whether you're training to run your first 5K or you're a regular at the Boston Marathon, this show is for you. Scotty shares his irrational love of running with recurring discussions centered around training, making progress, and also educating the community about runners you need to know from the NCAA and professional ranks. Friends join in often. Contact the show:

Running Inside Out Podcast

Run Inside Out - Chris O'Brien

Sometimes we're inside the race and sometimes we're outside, but always around the Rochester, NY running scene and the community members who make it happen. If you run you, are a runner. If you are a runner, you have a story. These are the stories of our community. Hosted by Chris O'Brien. 

Manual del corredor

Marc Bañuls

Podcast dedicado a correr. Marc Bañuls nos hablara sobre entrenamientos, experiencias y dudas que pueden surgir a cualquier corredor a la hora de mejorar en su faceta como corredor Ocultar



Агов! Ми – чумаки і ми балакаємо про біг, бо бігаємо! ​Наша ціль – ділитись нашим пружносідничним досвідом та популяризувати україномовний контент. ​Приєднуйся до чумацького шляху! Більше інфо -

Everything Endurance

Beyond the Ultimate

E76. The Long Journey to the 'Double Lon Las' with Tom Garrod

On 14th October, Tom Garrod started the 253mile Lon Las Cymru Ultramarathon, a grueling race from the north to the south of Wales.  When he reached the finish line, he turned around and raced back to the start alone - all to raise money for Kings College Hospital in memory of Mark Thornberry, a well-known fellow ultra-runner who sadly passed from liver cancer last year. 17 years earlier, Tom was diagnosed with stage IV testicular cancer and given a 5% chance of survival.  In this episode, we hear all about his story of defying those odds and the journey afterward that led him into his amazing achievements as an ultra-athlete and his efforts to raise awareness of testicular cancer. Learn more at Donate to his Double Lon Las fundraiser here: Please Note - COLOURFUL LANGUAGE WARNING - there are a few expletives in this int

Trail Run

Motorpress Ibérica

Las novedades de Merrell

Os presentamos una entrevista que nuestro colaborador Juan González hizo hace unos días a Arnau Calvó, especialista en producto de Merrell España, y a Marc Suñé, responsable de marketing, sobre las próximas novedades de la marca y que saldrán al mercado. Podcast Trail Run, con Depa y Teresa Sánchez.

RunBuzz Running Podcast

Steve Carmichael

RB164: Jenna Fesemyer - Paralympian and Professional Wheelchair Racer

Jenna Fesemyer is a 25-year-old doctorate student at the University of Illinois, 2020 Paralympian athlete (Tokyo), member of Team USA, professional wheelchair athlete, and recently finished 5th at the Boston Marathon. Jenna is an amazing young woman who is helping bring awareness and advocacy to the sport of wheelchair racing for a new generation of youth athletes. Listen in as she shares tips on how to overcome adversity, bad running days, training challenges, and more!  Resources mentioned:

Student of Running Podcast


A podcast for runners and coaches looking to learn more about the sport. There will be readings from books and articles relevant to running and interviews with elite athletes, coaches, sport psychologists, nutritionists, and others all with the intention of helping you run faster and know more about the sport we love.

Marathon Running Podcast by We Got the Runs

Letty & Ryan

104. Runner's Etiquette

What is running etiquette or runners' etiquette? What are the no-no's of running? Listen in to find out!

The Lucie Beatrix Podcast

Lucie Beatrix

On Rejection: How Not Becoming A Victoria's Secret Model Was The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me

REJECTION: It brought me to New York. Rejection in modeling helped me decide this isn’t what I want to be doing for the rest of my life.Rejection in relationships saved me from being with the wrong person.Being rejected taught me how to reject others more gracefully.Ultimately, having been rejected in my career & relationships makes me that much more humble and has given me a lot of perspective and appreciation for the things that matter to me. 


Levi Black Eagle

Roy McNabb

Coach Roy McNabb joins the gang and brings the discipline and the mental toughness.FB: GCRunagades IG: gascaprunagades Runagade Hotline: 4062726388 music: Go Cat Go by Gabriel Lucas

Trail & ultra running from Wild Ginger Running


Interview with Sonny Peart - ultra runner, Asics Frontrunner and co-founder of Black Trail Runners

Hey guys! Delighted to have Sonny Peart on the live chat 5:15pm today, Sonny is an ultra runner and brand ambassador for Asics and he co-founded Black Trail Runners which is a community and campaigning charity seeking to increase inclusion, participation and representation of Black people in trail running. Let's hear more! Join us live or later here!
Black Trail Runners
Black to the Trails
More training advice from Wild Ginger Running
Sabrina Pace-Humphey's interview
My book, The Ultimate Trail Running Handbook
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The Triathlete Beat: A Beginner Triathlon Podcast

Jeremy Tri

The Triathlete Beat: A Beginner Triathlon Podcast helps beginners get into the sport of triathlon - join us for swim/bike/run tips, stories from the everyday athlete, and more! We truly believe that completing a triathlon is a much more attainable goal than it seems. Your host, Jeremy Tri, is an age grouper triathlete who fell in love with triathlon during his last semester of college. Since then, he’s competed in many races over the past 7 years and loves to encourage others to just get out there and TRI.

Tirada Larga Podcast

Tirada Larga

Tirada Larga 3x22 | El pijama de Kilian

Programa número 22 de la tercera temporada del Podcast  Tirada Larga presentado por Angel (@Contadordekm) y Victor (@Premarathon). Hoy hay cápsulas de programa entre la publicidad, es decir, el programa mejora sustancialmente porque el dinero siempre nos hace dar lo mejor de nosotros mismos. Entre anuncio y anuncio hacemos el contenido de siempre: volvemos a hablar del cuerpo del pecado del Greim, de lo que hace Kilian por las mañanas, de inventos reguleros, de "niño no nos quedan cortavientos, sólo camisetas" y de cómo en Polonia comprar una vocal es muy caro. Hacemos también un concursito de un pijamita de Jose Luis Saxx para que podáis por fin tocar algo suave (aquí las bases redactadas por el abogado que ya no está colgado, sino cómodamente suspendido).
En podrás dejar tus monedas y encontrar toda la información sobre lo que hemos ido hablando (sin tener ni idea) durante el programa. R

Track World News

Colin Waitzman

What is Justin Gatlin's Legacy?

Today we discuss Justin Gatlin announcing he is retiring and what he legacy will be, the Olympics allowing an athlete who tested positive for PEDs to compete in the Olympics even though Sha'Carrie Richardson couldn't do the same, and break down the craziness of college track this year. If you enjoyed the episode, make sure to leave a like, give a rating, subscribe, share the show with you friends, and follow us on Instagram @trackworldnews for more track content. New episodes every Tuesday and Saturday!


Send in a voice message:
Support this podcast:

Middle Aged Running

The Shark Deck

This is running for regular people. Johnny Mac is 52. Nine years ago he ran the NYC Marathon. To his surprise, he won the lottery and got in the 2022 race. With a torn meniscus, will his body hold up? Come for a run and find out.

Let's Run! WMass Running Podcast

Tim Gaudet

Let’s Run, the Western Mass running podcast, is a resource for all runners, from beginners to experienced marathoners. Includes information on local running events, clubs, training, shoes & accessories, etc., as well as conversations with runners and race directors.

Sassquad Trail Runners

Sassquad Trail Runners

Steve Lange - Devils Path FKT

Steve recently established the Fastest Known Time (FKT) for the gnarly Devils Path in the Catskills! The time has now been lowered to a blistering 4 hours, 34 minutes and 54 seconds. This 24.2 miles long trail boasts 8,000+ vertical feet of climbing, and is considered by many to be the toughest hiking trail in the Eastern US.

The Run by WFHS Distance

Coach Tillery

All things running related to West Forsyth (GA). This platform is used to instruct and inform about our cross country and track programs.

Go Girl! Run! – Dein Podcast über Laufen, Achtsamkeit & Female Empowerment für Frauen

Mandy Jochmann | Laufen, Achtsamkeit & Female Empowerment

Die letzte Go Girl! Run!-Podcastfolge

Ich setze die Segel neu. Dafür habe ich in den letzten Wochen und Monaten nach und nach meinen Reiserucksack erleichtert und das ist auch der Grund, warum ich keine neuen Beiträge oder Podcastfolgen mehr für Go Girl! Run! erstelle.
Ich habe gespürt, dass es Zeit wird, das Laufen auf meinem Businessweg loszulassen und mich noch stärker den Themen Achtsamkeit und Female Empowerment zu widmen. Statt “Leichter Laufen” heißt es nun “Leichter Leben”.
Wie es ausführlich dazu kam, kannst Du in meinem neuen Journal lesen und mir auch gerne einen Kommentar hinterlassen:
Mehr über mein neues Projekt:
Zum Podcast-Special "Dein Achtsamer Adventskalender":
Zum Selbstliebe-Samstag anmelden:
Zum neuen Flaschenpost-Ne

The Athlete's Garage

The Motion Mechanic

A podcast for runners and triathletes who love to learn more about the science behind their sport, and are determined to maximise their physical performance to be the best athlete they can be. 'The Athlete's Garage' explores the latest research and practical tips one episode at a time. Topics cover training, injury management, sports nutrition, elite psychology and managing your environment so you can fulfil your absolute potential as an athlete, and human being.

Running Shorts

Andrew Lee

Running Shorts is a running podcast that interviews runners, the community that supports them, race organizers, equipment and apparel manufacturers, and more. We speak with everyone from back of the pack penguins, mid-packers, age group winners, to world class elites to find out their training secrets, favorite races, and running history. Follow the pack and come along for the journey!

How To Run A Faster 5K?

Find Out How!

Do you want to minimize the risk of injury? Then the 5K race is made for you. If you run fewer miles a week, your tendons, ligaments, and bones take less damage. Listen this podcast to know more.

Triple Knot

Haley Markos

Through sharing the personal stories of collegiate runners at any level of the sport, Triple Knot explores topics such as mental health, injury, team and community, eating disorders, the college application process, academic balance, transitions, training, racing, and the many many unique ways our identities, passions, and experiences intersect with the sport of running.

Stryd Power Podcast

Stryd Power Podcast

Ian's Training Update | STRYD Ambassador

Ian shares his experience training with power and explains how Stryd not only helps him spice up his running routine, but also helps him better quantify his running performances.

Running Times

Michael Gagliardi

Lefty with James Weaver

On this episode of Running Times, Gagz connects with James Weaver, an accomplished trail and ultrarunner from Central Pennsylvania.  James opens up to discuss the harrowing accident that landed him on death's doorstep, and how he traded the Grim Reaper his right arm in exchange for his life.  While James may be quiet, reserved, and humble by nature, his indefatigable spirit, gallows humor, and competitive prowess shine brightly in this conversation. Hear for yourself how James’ philosophy on life and running has evolved over the past 18 months, and why he is the epitome of what it means when we say "Beast Coast." For more information on James Weaver, follow him on Facebook & Strava @JamesWeaver, or visit  . Running Times with Gagz is proudly sponsored by Use promo code GAGZ to save $15 off your next in store or online purchase.  *some restrictions do apply

The Gill Athletics Track and Field Connections Podcast

Gill Athletics

#150: Harry Kitchener/Ted Schmitz-Cloud County Community College

How do two coaches work together at one institution for 40+ years? Would you believe it started with one being a competitor of the other's high school team?
Today we welcome the long time coaches of Cloud County CC to discuss their time in the NJCAA track and field division, what has changed throughout the years, how they have cohabitated on the same staff, the uniqueness of coaching in the JUCO system, and more. These two servant leaders have a lot to give listeners with today's episode.
Want to have an exploratory conversation about YOUR track equipment needs?
Connect with us:
Host Mike Cunningham on Twitter: @mikecunningham
Phone: 800-637-3090
Twitter: @GillAthletics
Instagram: @GillAthletics1918

Talk Ultra

Ian Corless

Episode 221 - Speedgoat Karl

Episode 221 of Talk Ultra is with Speedgoat Karl who recently won his 45th 100-mile race and maintained a 20-year streak of winning at least one 100-mile race every year.

Switchbacks and Sweat Stains

Charlie Haney and Lea Mulligan

Hosted by Lea Mulligan and Charlie Haney, this podcast covers the life of trail, road and ultra runners in the south. Based out of Chattanooga, Tennessee we cover local races, racers, beer, food and places around the south that aren't often discussed by trail and ultra culture at-large. The West Coast gets its well-earned publicity, but there are awesome people, places and races here in the southeast.

Runners of NYC Podcast


Episode 55 – Rebeka Stowe, Chasing And Coaching Dreams

“It’s refreshing because I spent quite a long time in my career thinking about being in the top 1%. Being able to pull back and realize that there is this joy and enjoyment that people have to go out…They may not have a reason to get up other than to be with some other people or have time for themselves in the chaotic space that is New York. It was nice to engage with running in a different way. That’s why it brings me a refreshment and a perspective that there are so many different stories and reasons why people are doing this and it doesn’t always have to be about making it to the very upper echelon.”
For this episode, we welcome Rebeka Stowe. She is a hell of an athlete and has qualified for the U.S. Outdoor Track and Field Championships seven times in her career, including the 2012 Olympic Trials in the steeplechase. She is a former Big 12 Conference champion while attending Kansas. She trained professionally fo

Mile High Endurance Podcast

Rich Soares

David Warden Sports Trivia 1

This week we have special guest and format today. We have Bill Garrels returning and special guest coach David Warden of 80/20 Endurance joining us for a special series of shows. We have invited David to join the show and host a "Sports Trivia" contest in which Bill Garrels, Bill Plock (aka "Hippie"), and I will be the contestants.   Show Sponsor: UCAN Take your performance to the next level with UCAN Energy, Bars and Edge Energy made with SuperStarch®  UCAN uses SuperStarch instead of simple sugars to fuel endurance athletes.  UCAN keeps blood sugar steady compared to the energy spikes and crashes of sugar-based products.  Steady energy equals sustained performance!   Unlock better health and performance with smarter energy powered by UCAN. Use UCAN in your training and racing to fuel the healthy way, finish stronger and recover more quickly!  Use the code 303UCAN for 20% off at or     In Tod

The Wisconsin Runner Podcast

Peak Endurance

Join us as we talk about all things present, past, and future Wisconsin running.

trailhacks podcast

Trail Runner Nation

EP1: Badger Trail Races

There are many high profile races out there and many of those are very difficult to get into.  The good news is there are many GREAT races that you might not know about.  It the New TRN produced podcast, Trail Hacks highlights one of these amazing races.  We speak with the Race Director to better understand the characteristics of the race. Then we get with a veteran runner to give us a hack or two that might help us successfully complete the race. In our inaugural Trail Hacks Podcast, we speak with Scotty Kumar, producer of the award winning podcast Ten Junk Miles.  His team runs the Badger Trail Races held on August 1-2. Register HERE

SHOEphoria - The Bartold Clinical Podcast

Bartold Clinical

Wouter Hoogkamer – The inside story behind the Nike Vaporfly 4%

Dr. Wouter Hoogkamer is the principle author of one of the most important pieces of running shoe research ever published.In 2018 his paper “A Comparison of the Energetic Cost of Running in MarathonRacing Shoes” was published in Sports Medicine, and for the first time revealed exactly what was going on with the Nike Vaporfly, the first of the so called Super Shoes,Wouter’s story starts way before that though, and, it is one of the most interesting we have aired on SHOEphoria.Like Kevin Fallon from Speedland, Wouter started his professional and academic life as an engineer. Basically, the take home message from all of this is that being good at maths can turn you into a running shoe superstar!Wouter was a very accomplished scientist long before he started working on the Nike project. He found his niche in biomechanics, and developed a lifetime interest in, if not passion for, energetics. Initially this had nothing

Running with Jake - The PLODcast


122: Intrepid explorers, Scottish adventures & versatile biscuits

On today’s episode, we speak with Ross Brannigan - a passionate runner, environmentalist, and author of Running Adventures in Scotland. Ross is on a mission to share his love of Scotland's mountains and wild places with other runners looking for their next adventure! 
#AskJake: Each week we’ll take one of your questions and Jake will answer it. Today’s question comes from Alice, who has recently signed up for a half marathon as part of her training for the Berlin marathon later in the year. She doesn’t want to race the half marathon but she doesn’t want to treat as a normal easy run either. Do we have any suggestions? 
See the full show notes & resources here:


Marathon Talk

Martin Yelling and Tom Williams

Episode 600 - Dave Bedford

Join us one last time as we discuss the latest news in running (and life!) and interview legend of running and the London Marathon, Dave Bedford. We catch up with Tom as we look back over 12 years of Marathon Talk, and there's a very special Tony's Trials. We want to thank each and every one of you for coming on the run with us. Whether you have run, laughed, cried, worn your kit around the world, felt Jantastic, rated your run, ranted or raved. We are grateful for each and every interaction, for the community you have created and we thank you for the support.

Kofuzi Run Club

Michael Ko

Wednesday, June 8, 2022

I think I'm the only one who doesn't love the Metaspeed Edge Plus

Gearing Up for Grandma's

Grandma's Marathon

Hear inspiring stories leading up to Grandma's Marathon, a 26.2-mile road race along the scenic shores of Lake Superior and finishing in Duluth, Minn. Started in 1977 with only 150 runners, Grandma's Marathon is now the 12th largest marathon in the United States and brings approximately 20,000 participants to northern Minnesota each June. Our podcast is brought to you with the support of Essentia Health. Grandma's Marathon is proudly presented by Toyota, Members Cooperative Credit Union, and ASICS.

Grounded with Dinée Dorame

Dinée Dorame

Episode 45 - Kyle Whalum, Ultramarathoner & Professional Musician

Kyle Whalum is an ultramarathoner and professional musician. He currently plays bass in the house band for the Kelly Clarkson Show and for Katy Perry, but in his free time he logs many miles on California trails. Over the past decade, Kyle has completed 16 ultramarathons and five 100-milers. He is also an ambassador for Path Projects, Ultimate Direction, and Superfeet. In Kyle’s most recent 100-miler, the Coldwater Rumble (in Arizona), he finished in under 24 hours which shattered his previous PR by over 3 hours. In this conversation, we candidly discuss mental health, spirituality, and the importance of movement in our daily lives. Kyle tells us about trail running while working as a touring musician and we take a moment to bond over some of our favorite music!   In this episode: Kelly Clarkson Show Katy Perry Tour Kirk Whalum (Kyle’s Dad) - Professional Saxophonist who toured with Whitney Houston Synest

We Are The Runners Show

Stephanie Foster

Episode 23: Brittany Charboneau

Today's guest is funny, genuine, super nice, and a professional runner for The North Face! If you know RunDisney, then you know The Dopey Challenge... and if you know The Dopey Challenge then you know Brittany Charboneau!! Brittany recently ran The Dopey Challenge at Walt Disney World's Marathon Weekend and she set the challenge record by winning all 4 races with a total of 48.6 miles.Brittany can be found on Instagram @funnyrunner26.2Brittany is a running coach @mercuriarunningTo plan your next Disney trip or vacation contact Magical Vacation Planner Cheryl Lackey at:

Endurance Nation Podcast

Endurance Nation

Adding Resistance To Training

This week Coach Patrick discusses how to increase the quality of your training without simply adding a higher level of intensity to the equation. Talking points include:    - Increase Workload @ Same Intensity - Hill Work - Increased Workload with Proximity  - Increased Workload with Descending Work

Six Minute Mile

Six Minute Mile

Jason Jabaut - Chief Operating Officer of Fleet Feet

We were joined on the Six Minute Mile podcast by Jason Jabaut, former professional runner turned Chief Operating Officer of Fleet Feet. Our conversation starts with his introduction to running in middle school, his stellar high school career in Plattsburg, NY, and then his success as a student-athlete on the prestigious Villanova University track team. After his collegiate career, Jason moved to California to pursue his dreams as a professional runner and shortly after that met his wife, Trish. Jason combined his love for running with his sharp business acumen and joined the Fleet Feet team in Carrboro, NC. Among other things we discuss running booms in the US, the interesting Fleet Feet franchise model, and the importance of being fitted for the right shoes! We hope you enjoy and we'll see you out there.

The Nick Symmonds Show

Nick Symmonds

How to Make an Olympic Team, How to Break Through a Running Slump, and How to Go Pro in Running

In this episode I discuss the Olympic Standards for qualifying for the Olympic Games, help one of the callers with approaching the pursuit of a professional running career, and get serious about how to break through slumps in running and training!

The Ultra Running Podcast

Neil James Marsh

Discussing all things Ultra Running. The discussion is around Ultra Running with exciting guests from the world of ultra Running lined up along with discussions around equipment, specific race stories and everything strength & conditioning around Ultra Running.

Road to the Trials

Matt Chittim

Ep. 27 - Olivia Baker: Road to the Trials Recap

Our Road to the Trials recaps continue with the extraordinary Olivia Baker.
Olivia didn't have the lead-up to the Trials that she had hoped for but was holding out hope that it would all come together in Eugene. The women's 800m was maybe the deepest event at the entire meet and it was amazing to witness each round. Unfortunately, Olivia was unable to make the final after running well in a stacked opening heat.
After the Trials Olivia stayed in racing condition and finished second at a loaded 800m race last week. This result has led to a series of decisions that Olivia must make in the coming days as she weighs her professional running future and a career in medicine. She shares her thought process about everything that has happened over the past six months and how she will make her next huge decision.
*Podcast photo credit to Chuck Utash*

The Road to the Trials Podcast is presented by COROS Wearables

Next Level Running


Run/Life Balance: Finding your Groove with Lisa Dobriskey

We all struggle to get a good... well, better training routine that doesn't total derail all of our commitments. This month, Lisa Dobriskey joins the Next Level Running podcast to walk you through a few strategies that can help you improve you Running/Life balance.  Join the Next Level Running Facebook Group: with Coach Lisa Dobriskey (today's guest): with Coach Dave (podcast host): @RunDoyen for IG Live sessions:

Oxidative Potential Podcast

Matthew DesRoches & Phil Batterson

Everyone wants to get the most out of their training efforts and time, but everyone responds differently to training intervention. Host’s Phil Batterson and Matthew DesRoches breakdown sport performance research and protocols, as well as interviewing top researchers, experts, and coaches in the field to help athletes and coaches further succeed. Whether it’s running, cycling, triathlon, crossfit, etc. there are methods that can serve to clearly define what types of training is best suited for the athlete, and how to make the most out of their training efforts.

The Way of the Runner - conversations on running with Adharanand Finn

Adharanand Finn

Interview with Jake Smith

Author Adharanand Finn talks to young British half marathon sensation Jake Smith about accidentally running his first marathon, training in Uganda, and gunning for an Olympic medal in the marathon. Music: Starfrosch

Raising Runners

Tori at Meraki Run Club

As the owner of a youth running program I am constantly thinking about how to raise runners. I discuss youth sports and the role it plays on families and individuals, mental health for youth in sports, coaching, and overall running topics. When I started my running program I was combining my passion for running with my passion for helping empower children and I’m here to share all my thoughts. Email me at

Track and Field Black History with Anderson Emerole

Anderson Emerole

Marilyn Fay Neufville - Jamaica’s First Women’s World Record Holder

At the 1970 Commonwealth Games, Marilyn Fay Neufville became the first Jamaican woman to break a World Record in Track & Field and still to this day, the only Black woman to hold the 400m World Record. Her perofrmance and career set the foundation for generations of Jamaican sprinters from Merlene Ottey and Deon Hemmings to Veronica Campbell-Brown and Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce


Follow Track and Field Black History on Instagram:

I Don't Know Running

Lewis Hayden and Mitch Brouwer

The I Don't Know Running podcast is about how we're all learning to run in some way or another. Whether you're just starting to run a mile or you've ran 100's of marathons and are now in the ultra world, this is for you. We all continue to learn and have something to share. So join us in the discussion and help us make everyone's running experience better. We will talk about our experiences, your experiences, gear, races, and much more.


Kelly Aponte

Previous D1 runner, Florida State Alumni & beach lifeguard keeping you entertained during Corona. IG: @kellygirl211


Ines Bebea, Jamie Chien and Nathan Schiller

Episode 26: Kim Rodrigues on using running to manage depression and stay in touch with herself

While attending Tilden High School in Brooklyn, Kim Rodrigues ran the 600-, 800-, and 1,200-meter dashes, and the 400-meter hurdles, mainly to stay out of trouble. Years later, as she celebrates her 57th birthday with 15 marathons under her belt and more to come, she reflects on how running not only set her on the right path in fitness, but also helped her manage bouts of depression. Kim has become a premier fixture in the New York City group running scene, but she continues to find solace in the internal nature of the sport. Join us to hear how Kim is redefining expectations for master’s runners—and doing it with an unmatched sense of style—on the first 2022 episode of the Let’s Get Uncomfortable running podcast.

Coast to Coast Running

Gregory Leak, Colin Leak

Two professional running brothers talk about coaching, training philosophies and everything running related.

The Running Science Guy

Dr Will O'Connor

Hi, I'm Dr Will, I have a PhD in sports science and an endurance sports coaching business. I want to share my knowledge and experience to help make faster athletes and more informed coaches. My content is derived from years of trial and error. A lot of error!

Running With The Toad

Billy Toad

Billy Cvecko runs with the fastest and most interesting athletes in the world while choppin' it up about their lives and hobbies!


Mark White

Creating a Domino Effect of Positive Change Across the World with Danny Bent

To wrap up season 1, we are very happy and honoured to welcome Danny Bent onto the show! In a few words, Danny Bent has been voted as one of the 100 happiest people in the UK. He’s a runner, entrepreneur and Guinness World Record holder. He used to compete for Great Britain in Triathlon and has an insatiable appetite for adventure, running and putting a smile on people’s faces. He is essentially a walking superlative of a human.To describe a few other life adventures, in 2008 Danny cycled 9,000 miles from London to India. He’s pogoed across Togo, set up Project Awesome, a free fitness class around cities in the UK and is the founder of One Run, uniting the world (literally - 163,430 global runners!) through long-distance running relays. In this conversation, Move with Gratitude host Mark White and Danny discuss the incredible power in a single person's ability to enact positive change in the wo

Ressaca F1

Ressaca F1

2022/1- Expectativas e Análise da Pré Temporada (com Rodrigo do Splash and Go)

No 1° episódio de 2022, conversamos com Rodrigo do canal Splash and Go. Análises, histórias e expectativas. Confira o trabalho do Rodrigo: Twitter- @splash_go_f1 / Insta- @splashandgo_f1 / YouTube- Splash and Go

Run Lift Mom

Suzy Goodwin

Should Your First Marathon be Trail or Road? with Rachel Cox

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The Halfstep Pod

Grant Fisher & Connor Lane

Interview With Sean McGorty: Achilles Surgery to World Standards in 7 Months...

On Episode 7 of Season 2 of the Halfstep Pod, Connor sits down with Sean McGorty for a comprehensive interview about his last year of pro running. This includes the crazy moment his shoe fell of at the Olympic Trials, post-Trials achilles surgery for Haglund's Deformity, his comeback from this most recent procedure and his successes in hitting the world standards in the 5k & 10k in his last two races -- running 13:09 and 27:18. They also cover so much more in this nearly 90 minute expansive interview. Enjoy!
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Well Far: The Running Podcast

Mags Creative + Amy Lane

RERUN: Marathon day with Olympian Dame Kelly Holmes and Emily Keir of Twice the Health

In our special extended marathon day episode, Amy runs with double Olympic gold medalist Dame Kelly Holmes who chats everything from childhood aspirations, race day mantras and mental health. Following this, we hear from half of Instagram running duo Twice The Health, Emily Keir, about her running journey and how she plans to tackle 'Run to the Stones', a 100k ultramarathon. So kick back and enjoy this double-length episode to see you through the big race day.How to find out more about today's experts:Emily Keir, Instagram: @twicethehealth, FacebookDame Kelly Holmes, Website: bonus episode is supported by Motion Nutrition. Head to to receive 10% off, just for Well Far listeners. See for privacy and opt-out information.


Alysia Montano, Molly Huddle, Roisin McGettigan

The Winning Ways of Women Coaches with Dr. Cecile Reynaud

We speak with Dr. Cecile Reynaud: long tenured women’s volleyball coach and professor in Sport Management at FSU about her recent book speaking to some of the most successful women in coaching across the NCAA and professional teams and about the state of women in coaching today : how are the numbers and what does she think we need to do going forward? Book link to Winning Ways of Women CoachesLink to She Can CoachWeCoach website Her volleyball booksAs always check out more notes and quotes on our blog And feel free to comment or rate us on itunes if you feel inclined to help our visibility and rankings!Totes check out our cute Keeping Track gear for the summer here!

Running Technique Tips


S05: E01 - COVID-19

In this episode Lisa and Brian enter the strange new world of COVID-19 lockdown and discuss managing your overall stress load, adjusting your training intensity, running hygiene, and reframing your running mindset. Note: Episode recorded 29 March 2020.

Resources and references discussed in this episode: Dr Phil Maffetone on step 6 of the MAF method - managing stress and S04: E02: Making a Stress List 

Connect with Brian and Lisa: email Blog: Brian's Running Technique Book Brian's Running Form Drills eBook and free online resources. Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: @BrianRunCoach

Run to the Hills

Edwina Sutton & Gary Thwaites

Episode 93 - Paul Mason - Double Thames Ring 250

Episode 93 - Paul Mason - Double Thames Ring 250Paul Mason, runner of extreme distances tells us all about how he conquered 500 miles, yes 500 miles! Trigger warning he describes in detail his freaky hallucinations, so if you are running alone, on a dark canal and are particularly scared by clowns probably good idea to skip this one! week we'll bring you interviews with runners from the front, back and middle of the pack. We'll share training advice, nutrition advice and kit reviews too. We'll talk about current running stories and stories from inspirational people who we feel you might be interested in.This podcast is available to listen to at Spotify and Apple Podcasts too. Links below. -

Spring Snyggt - med Jesus och Manne

Jesus och Manne

132. Pihlen mitt i prick

Samuel Pihlström är den den tidigare orienteraren som blott 21 år gammal har en fantastisk PB-stege på distanser från 800 meter till 10 km. Han har rivstartat säsongen med två 1500-meterslopp under 3.40 och berättar om träningen bakom resultaten.  Dessutom intervjuer från Söder Runt och Sollentuna Grand Prix.  Vi pratar med David Nilsson, Malin Starfelt, Nils Spetz, Emil Danielson, Jonathan Grahn, Miguel Palm, Lilly Selsborg, Bob Gold och Jacob Lapidus. 

BeastNet Podcast

BeastNet Team

Episode 319 War Paint Warrior Retreat

Today Pretty Mike sits down with Beasts OCR ambassador Candice Day to talk about her new venture,  Warpaint Warrior Retreat.  They start out getting caught up with all the things in the world since last time we had Candice on the show. Due to covid it's been 3 years since she's been on the show.
This past week Spartan did a feature on their website about her also.

Have a listen, review the last time she was on, JOIN THE GROUP for Warpaint Warrior Retreat.  

About the events:
These  retreats will be fitness training camps that are destination based,  timed around nearby athletic events (OCR this year) and focused on  taking your mental game to the next level! Each retreat will be  specially desi

For The Kudos

For The Kudos

For The Kudos (Season One Recap) - #13

Episode 13 marks the close of a successful Season One. Brett & Joel review their training weeks before reflecting on FTK's debut season as a whole. Moving through each episode, the boys chat about the highs, lows and key learnings that will hopefully lead to an even bigger and better Season Two. To all our listeners, followers, question askers, TWHSOITWTWATSA submitters and targets, fans, friends or foes, thank you for everything! We hope to have you all back in a few weeks for Season Two.

My Runner's Mind Podcast

Stine Turgeon

Take a listen to My Runner’s Mind a community for runners who are sick of running from past failures, who are sick of comparing themselves to others or their own past accomplishments, the self doubt, and the limiting belief. At My Runner’s Mind we run with gratitude towards a life of happiness and gratefulness. As runners we are uniquely positioned to choose gratitude over negativity. Running is so badass and each run offers multiple opportunities to turn a potentially negative thought/ feeling into a positive one. Listen in as Stine shares actionable tips on how to run with joy and gratitude because when run with gratitude we become happier human beings and happier human beings live happier lives.

We Run This

Chris Illuminati

Episode #67: Allie Kieffer on conquering expectations & inclusivity in running

My guest this week is Allie Kieffer. Allie is a distance runner, running coach, and advocate for inclusivity in the sport of running. She came out of nowhere to place 5th in the 2017 New York City marathon and placed 7th the following year. She’s also finished in the top 6 at National Championships on five different occasions.
Allie and I discuss her amazing NYC performance, the typical runner’s body, finding runner friends, and even veer off-topic more than a few times to discuss dating other runners, living in different places, and the life of a nomadic runner. 


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Running Start

Alisa Meraz-Fishbein

Episode 4: Jenny Simpson- 1500m World Champion and Olympic Medalist

Jenny Simpson, one of the most decorated American runners in history, joins me on the show! Jenny began her running career as a steeplechaser at the University of Colorado, where she was a three-time NCAA steeplechase champion. Once she turned pro she shifted her attention to the 1500m and became a World Champion and Olympic medalist at this distance. Most recently, Jenny ran in the Cherry Blossom 10-mile Championship, where she finished second in a time of 52:16, just three seconds behind the winner. 
Follow along to learn about Jenny's running journey, as well as more details about her preparation for her first-ever 10-mile race.
My Instagram: @alisamfish
Jenny's Instagram: @trackjenny
Episode Sponsor: Bjorn’s Colorado honey- This local honey is made in small batches right here in Boulder, Colorado! Colorado My favorite is their propolis honey which helps boost your immune system.

The Stablemaster Speaks

John Starrett

Hosted by husband and wife team, John and Majella Starrett. John's one of the most successful online running coaches on the planet. Both have backgrounds in journalism. They are the founders and owners of Stazza's Stable: a global running community. John coaches a broad range of runners: beginners through elites (national, European, and Olympic standard). Together, they cut through the flummery, misinformation, and plethora of platitudinous pap pushed out by influencers. In an entertaining format, they sate runners' cravings for knowledge. #fasttalking #hardhitting #haveit

Running Through My Mind



On today's episode of Running Through my mind, we're talking about commitment. It's that time of year where people are thinking about new commitments but don't feel like you need to wait or rush to make a commitment. The only right time to commit to something is when you're ready to. Thanks for listening along. Go get that run in! Follow me on instagram: @hellahgood9


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Run The Riot Podcast

David TheRiot

EP109 - Nicole Laughton and winning the Rocky Raccoon 100M!

Catching up with Nicole Laughton after her Rocky Raccoon Win! We recently had her on Episode 103 and wanted to get her on to talk all about her win at Rocky for her first 100-mile race!  We talk about her training and strategy leading up to the race.  You'll love how she faced adversity, problem solved, and kept moving for the win! Show Notes:  

The Indiana Runner Podcast

Indiana Runner

Early Early Indoor Recap with Taylor Marshall

Most content (and longest podcast) yet! Colin and Taylor talk about all the recent happenings in indoor meets. Then Taylor ranks his top four boys and girls teams at this early early juncture before the guys list their contenders for Gatorade's POY in Indiana. 
Miscellaneous minute: NBA trade deadline (including Colin comparing himself to an NBA decision maker and a star athlete to a star NBA player).
Interested in Indiana Runner's indoor series?
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IR Sprint Showcase at Taylor:
IR Distance Showcase at Taylor:

Beer on the Run Podcast

Clint Welch and Jack Rosenfeld

59. Nick Coury

This week Nick Coury joins Clint and Jack to chat about Freak Brothers Pizza, an incredible year of running, getting faster with age, negative split running, work/life balance, man vs horse and beer. You can find Nick on Instagram @nickcouryruns and on his blog at  Help support our show on Patreon. Get a shout out and get some bonus content: Check out our Facebook group at Find our podcast on Instagram @BeerOnTheRunPod and on Twitter @BeerOnTheRun. All of our links are on our Link Tree: Come by and say hi and let us know what you think about our show. Please check out our friend and sponsor's website and podcast. Luis Escobar is the host of The Road Dog Podcast and puts on races at All We Do Is Run. 

The Running Podcast

Coach Jeff

Running Podcast #552 – RFTS 2022 #2

...

Cześć! to największy polski portal tworzony przez biegaczy. Do wspólnych rozmów zapraszamy ciekawych i inspirujących ludzi z biegowego świata. Z nami pobiegniesz dalej i szybciej niż kiedykolwiek, gdziekolwiek teraz trenujesz.

The Knighton Runs Podcast

Coach Chris Knighton

Coach Chris Knighton helps passionate athletes run faster marathons and develop their confidence to take on any life challenge in pursuit of their dreams. In this podcast, Chris shares his unfiltered takes on what YOU should be thinking and doing to become the best runner you can be. Straight to the point and actionable... Let's Go! Discover more at

The Off the Back Podcast

The Off the Back Podcast

The Off the Back Podcast

Running in the Center of the Universe

Ashland Dave

Check out and join Ashland Dave, an "ordinary, nobody, middle of the pack runner," as he talks about marathons, half-marathons and endurance distance running in Ashland, VA.

Mofongo Run Podcast

Mofongo Run Club

Conversaciones casuales sobre experiencias, recomendaciones, ideas, entrevistas y de todo un poco sobre el deporte del running. Moderado por Roxanna y Vergentino, este es el podcast oficial de Mofongo Run Club, una comunidad virtual para corredores en Puerto Rico y la diáspora. Nuestros diálogos son cocinados desde Florida, con mucho cariño y ciertos toques de terquedad. Instagram: @MofongoRun
 Facebook: MofongoRun
 Twitter: @MofongoRun
 Hashtag: #MofongoRun ¡Suscríbete y corre con nosotros! Support this podcast:

Course Epique

Guillaume Lalu

"Leadville de lumière", La Leadville Trail 100 de Thomas Lorblanchet

J’ai le plaisir de recevoir aujourd’hui une figure incontournable du trail français et international de ces 15 dernières années : Thomas Lorblanchet.Thomas a notamment écrit certaines des plus belles pages du Grand Trail des Templiers où il s’est imposé à 4 reprises entre 2007 et 2013. Il a été sacré champion du monde de trail en 2009 et a également fini 2 fois dans le Top 5 de la Western States. Entre autres.Et c’est justement du côté des Etats-Unis que Thomas va nous embarquer aujourd’hui à l’occasion de la Leadville Trail 100, une course de 100 miles au cœur du Colorado. Thomas va y signer un retentissant exploit, alors même qu’il s’essayait pour la 1ère fois à cette distance.Plongez avec moi dans ces échanges passionnants, portés par la verve, pour ne pas dire la fougue, de cet athlète hors normes au précieux franc-parler et à la personnalité si sympathique et attachante.Mais je ne vous en dis

Endörfina com Michel Bögli

Michel Bögli

#238 Zé Pupo

Ele nasceu em 1966 e faz parte da primeira geração de canoístas do Brasil. Poucos anos após a modalidade chegar por aqui, ao sentar-se num caiaque pela primeira vez percebeu que sua vida mudaria para sempre. A forte paixão fez com que ele abandonasse a idéia de cursar Agronomia para escolher a Educação Física. Dessa paixão ele criou um negócio e começou a oferecer cursos e vivências em caiaques, canoas e botes de rafting, tornando a sua empresa, a Canoar, referência no Brasil. Em seu currículo ele ostenta os títulos de vice-campeão sul-americano de canoagem, tri-campeão brasileiro de rafting e técnico da seleção brasileira de canoagem nas Olimpíadas de Barcelona em 1992. Da canoagem ele fez uma limonada e começou então a se envolver com as Corridas de Aventura, modalidade que abraçou com força. Participou de diversas provas como a icônica Raid Gauloises no Vietnã em 2002 (prova de 1.000 km onde sua equipe conquistou a 8 colocação) e o famoso Eco Challenge realiz

Araiz corre podcast

Araiz Arriola

42 ¿Correr para adelgazar?

Hoy recorremos el espectro de trastornos de la conducta alimentaria que se normalizan en el nombre de correr, entendemos por qué algunos corredores no se sienten parte de la comunidad y cómo indentificar nuestra gordofobia y liberarnos de ella para hacer de esta una comunidad amable e incluyente.

A tu Ritmo - Running Podcast


A tu Ritmo es el podcast de los corredores populares. Un programa de referencia del mundo del running, dirigido por Luis Blanco. Un capítulo cada semana, también emitido online y en redes sociales en directo. Si te gusta correr, este es tu espacio.

Ben & Barry's Running Podcast

Ben Sigle & Barry Luck

We talk about running, stories from the roads and trails, interview guests

#TrueAthletes – TrueTalk: Der Podcast des Deutschen Leichtathletik-Verbandes

Peter Schmitt & Alexandra Dersch

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

Correre Naturale Podcast


L'ERRORE da evitare quando compri una NUOVA SCARPA DA CORSA

In questo video vedremo uno dei principali errori che tutti commettono nell'acquisto di una nuova scarpa da corsa: la scelta della taglia corretta!Pensi che sia un'ovvietà? Non è affatto così. È l'errore più comune e il più "pericoloso" per i tuoi piedi.Ecco quindi 3 indispensabili consigli per non sbagliare mai più la misura della tua prossima scarpa da running.

Prairie Track & Field Podcast

Ryan Enerson

Episode 45: Summit League/US Indoors Double?! Plus ND High School State Meet Schedule and More

Three UND women's weight throwers will be pulling off an unprecedented double by competing at the Summit League Championships and the US Indoor Championships in back-to-back days. It doesn't seem that crazy until you realize they are 1,203 miles apart! Guest host Nate Peterson and Ryan break this down along with the newly released ND high school state meet schedule and more!

Justa Runners podcast

Bruce McIntosh

Amy The Running Dietitian Ep. 155

I talk with Amy who you can find on Instagram has the @The_running_dietitian. Check out her website at


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The Wrinkled Runner


Ask a Coach- How Do I Get Back to Running After a Break

Hey Running Friends!In today's episode I answer a question from Kate. She started running during Covid and then stopped and wants to know how to get back into it again. Depending on how long of a break you took determines the steps to take getting back. Resources from the Episode:The Wrinkled Runner Website-RRCA Start to RunDoing Too Much, Too SoonWhat is VO2MaxThe Wrinkled Runner YouTube Channel-RRCA Couch to 5KVO2 Max for RunnersToo Much, Too SoonThe Wrinkled Runner Podcast-RRCA Start to RunDoing Too Much, Too SoonWebsite Recommendations:This weeks website- The 10 Percent Rule: How to Make it Work for YouLast weeks website- Road ID- Medical and contact info on the runYou can find my additional Wrinkled Runner outlets over at the YouTube channel and at Sign up over on the blog for the once-a-month newsletter and you’ll get links to everything I’ve been doing between the podcast, blo

Short Chute Triathlon Show

Super League Triathlon

Sian Rainsley on Training and Racing while Battling Chronic Illness and Her Forthcoming Arena Games Triathlon Debut

World number 15 Sian Rainsley discusses her career so far, from early successes to competing while managing chronic illness. Sian also discusses her forthcoming indoor triathlon debut at Arena Games Triathlon London Powered by Zwift. Will her pool swimming pedigree pay dividends on race day?

But, with a strong women's field, including Olympic Medallists Georgia Taylor- Brown, Jess Learmonth, not to mention Beth Potter returning after her dominant performance in Munich, the race for the first ever Women's Esports Triathlon World Title could not be fiercer.

Laufendentdecken - Der österreichische Laufpodcast

Florian & Peter

LEP#152 - Wir haben einiges zu besprechen

iele Themen haben sich über die letzten Wochen angesammelt und wir haben uns extra viel Zeit genommen, um alle zu besprechen.

Ordinary Marathoner

Ordinary Marathoner

Running a marathon is an extraordinary accomplishment that more and more people are checking off of their bucket lists every year. I have completed a few, but I'm no more special than anyone. In fact, I think I'm just ordinary.

Relaxed Running

Tyson Popplestone

The Relaxed Running podcast is a behind the scenes conversation with the best athletes, coaches and professionals in the world of distance running. From training, hydration and nutrition to racing and recovering, we learn from the best in the world. Relaxed conversations which are packed with actionable takeaways to help you take your running performance up a notch. Save yourself years of guess work and learn from the people who are doing it at the highest level.

The Runners Reunion Podcast


The first running boom in the 1970’s produced some of today’s most iconic road racing events such as Falmouth and Litchfield that attract capacity fields year in and out. The era also produced mega marathons such as NYC and Chicago that are now destination events attracting runners from all over the world with elite international fields. Athletic shoe companies such as Nike and New Balance went from little known brands to global enterprises fueling the sport with the sponsorship of road races, track events and the elite athletes that competed in them. The running boom also produced a unique cast of characters that made running events, and their post race parties, extremely entertaining. The era was pre internet and the randomness of who would show up at the races made it even more special. This podcast is about their stories and walks you through how they got involved in the sport and what they are doing now.