Hidden Brain

Hidden Brain, Shankar Vedantam

Shankar Vedantam uses science and storytelling to reveal the unconscious patterns that drive human behavior, shape our choices and direct our relationships.



Unseeable forces control human behavior and shape our ideas, beliefs, and assumptions. Invisibilia—Latin for invisible things—fuses narrative storytelling with science that will make you see your own life differently.

Everyday Espionage Podcast

Andrew Bustamante

Hosted by former covert CIA intelligence officer Andrew Bustamante, Everyday Espionage gives you practical, powerful spy skills you can use to get ahead in your everyday life.

Something You Should Know

Mike Carruthers | OmniCast Media | Cumulus Podcast Network

Sometimes all it takes is one little fact or one little piece of wisdom to change your life forever. That's the purpose and the hope of "Something You Should Know." In each episode, host Mike Carruthers interviews top experts in their field to bring you fascinating information and advice to help you save time and money, advance in your career, become wealthy, improve your relationships and help you simply get more out of life. In addition, Mike uncovers and shares short, engaging pieces of "intel" you can use to make your life better - today. Right now.

Choiceology with Katy Milkman

Charles Schwab

Can we learn to make smarter choices? Listen in as host Katy Milkman--behavioral scientist, Wharton professor, and author of How to Change--shares stories of high-stakes decisions and what research reveals they can teach us. Choiceology, an original podcast from Charles Schwab, explores the lessons of behavioral economics to help you improve your judgment and change for good. Season 1 of Choiceology was hosted by Dan Heath, bestselling author of Made to Stick and Switch. Podcasts are for informational purposes only. This channel is not monitored by Charles Schwab. Please visit schwab.com/contactus for contact options. (0321-1S88)

Mysterious Radio: Paranormal, UFO & Lore Interviews

Mysterious Radio

**Attention** Please tap follow or subscribe in your podcast app to make sure you get the newest releases. This show will be for those that are truly open to a mind-expanding experience. You'll be taken on a journey with top scientists, journalists and researchers that dare to look way beyond the edges of our known reality to analyze these extraordinary events. Join KTown as she discusses subjects surrounding real paranormal activity, unbelievable UFO phenomena, sinister secret societies, mysterious time slips, powerful ancient artifacts, terrifying creature encounters, shocking conspiracies, gruesome serial killers, unexplainable disappearances, supernatural places and much more! We release new episodes often so make sure you hit the follow or subscribe button so you’ll never miss one. Are you ready? Just tap the follow or subscribe icon in your preferred podcast app to access all available episodes and get new releases. Mysterious Radio is proudly produced by an independent podcast team.

19 Keys Presents High Level Conversations

EYL Network

19 keys are electrical enlightening thought patterns and high lvl conversations. Life is about the journey not the destination, listen to these keys to help you along your journey in spirituality, entrepreneurship, future building, mind management keys etc... SUPPORT PODCAST SUBSCRIBE BELOW www.crownz19.com www.goldewater.com PayPal: 19keysllc@gmail.com Venmo: @jibrialkeys

The Science of Happiness

PRX and Greater Good Science Center

Learn research-tested strategies for a happier, more meaningful life, drawing on the science of compassion, gratitude, mindfulness, and awe. Hosted by award-winning professor Dacher Keltner. Co-produced by PRX and UC Berkeley's Greater Good Science Center.


Critical Frequency

A true-crime podcast about climate change, hosted and reported by award-winning investigative journalist Amy Westervelt.

Therapist Uncensored Podcast

Sue Marriott LCSW, CGP & Ann Kelley PhD

Learn to use the sciences of the mind to help you understand what makes you emotionally tick. Two Austin therapists and their world-recognized guest experts break down the research in modern attachment, relational neuroscience and trauma in a challenging but entertaining format to keep you off autopilot and moving towards closer connections.

The UFO Rabbit Hole Podcast

Kelly Chase

The UFO Rabbit Hole Podcast is a structured, science-based deep dive into the phenomenon. Grounded enough for skeptics, accessible for newbs, and deeply researched enough for seasoned ufologists—oh, and also it's fun. Hosted by Kelly Chase.

Mysterious Universe

8th Kind

Always interesting and often hilarious, join hosts Aaron Wright and Benjamin Grundy as they investigate the latest in futurology, weird science, consciousness research, alternative history, cryptozoology, UFOs, and new-age absurdity.


David Pizarro

Join two psychology professors (Paul Bloom and David Pizarro) as they cover a wide variety of topics about human psychology. Based on Paul Bloom’s new book Psych: The Story of the Human Mind.

The Psychology Podcast

Stitcher & Scott Barry Kaufman

In each episode, we talk with inspiring scientists, thinkers, and other self-actualized individuals who will give you a greater understanding of yourself, others, and the world we live in. Scott Barry Kaufman explores the depths of human potential and tries to get a glimpse into human possibility in every episode.

Somewhere in the Skies

Ryan Sprague/ Entertainment One (eOne)

Somewhere in the Skies is a weekly podcast covering UFOs and the unexplained. Hosted by author and television host, Ryan Sprague, and journalist, Chrissy Newton, they explore the unknown through case histories, special guest interviews, and through audio documentaries. Join Ryan and Chrissy as they try to make sense of the mysteries that lay somewhere in the skies. New episodes every Monday. Learn more at www.somewhereintheskies.com Support this show http://supporter.acast.com/somewhere-in-the-skies. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.


Brian Dunning

The true science behind our most popular urban legends. Historical mysteries, paranormal claims, popular science myths, aliens and UFO reports, conspiracy theories, and worthless alternative medicine schemes... Skeptoid has you covered. From the sublime to the startling, no topic is sacred. Weekly since 2006.

GraveYard Tales

Adam Ballinger & Matt Rudolph

We tell the stories and history of haunted places, ghost encounters, cryptid encounters, the paranormal, preternatural, and every oddity imaginable. And we do it with a comedic twist and don't take anything, including ourselves, too seriously! Join your hosts Adam & Matt in their discussions of these topics and email them your thoughts at GraveYardTalesPodcast@gmail.com (mailto:GraveYardTalesPodcast@gmail.com) We thank you for joining us in the GraveYard!

Be Reasonable

Merseyside Skeptics Society

Be Reasonable is a podcast from the Merseyside Skeptics Society, with Hayley Stevens and Michael Marshall. Each monthly interview will examine beliefs from outside of the mainstream, exploring how those views are constructed and what evidence people feel supports their case. We believe in approaching subjects with respect and an open mind, engaging with people of differing viewpoints in an environment where debate is polite and good-natured, yet robust and intellectually rigorous.

The Behavioral Observations Podcast with Matt Cicoria

Matt Cicoria

The Behavioral Observations Podcast with Matt Cicoria is an interview-based show that features conversations with innovative scientists and practitioners in the field of Behavior Analysis. The podcast covers topics such as Autism, Functional Behavioral Assessment, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Functional Communication Training, Verbal Behavior, and more!

The Couples Therapist Couch

Shane Birkel

This podcast is about the practice of Couples Therapy. Many of the episodes are interviews with leaders in the field of Relationships. The show is meant to help Therapists and Coaches learn how to help people to deepen their connection, but in the process it explores what is most needed for each of us to love, heal, and grow. Each week Shane Birkel interviews an expert in the field of Couples Therapy to explore all about the world of relationships and how to be an amazing therapist.

Dangerous World Podcast

Ryan Dean

It's a dangerous world out there, and even more so with host Ryan Dean. From the paranormal to aliens, the CIA and geopolitical affairs, nothing is off limits! Conspiracy theories and inebriation is the name of the game.

The TBRI Podcast

Karyn Purvis Institute of Child Development

The TBRI® Podcast features conversations about Trust-Based Relational Intervention®, an attachment-based, trauma-informed intervention designed to meet the complex needs of vulnerable children. On this podcast we talk about the elements of trauma-informed care and chat with experts in the field about implementing TBRI® across different communities of care and practice.

ABA Inside Track

Robert Parry-Cruwys

Wish you could do a better job keeping up with peer-reviewed journals? Why not listen to a podcast where behavior analysts discuss a variety of fascinating topics and the research related to them? Now you can spend your extra time thinking of ways to save the world with ABA.

How To Do Everything


We're half advice show, half survival guide. We answer all your questions, from how to find a date, to how to find water in the desert.

Behavior Bitches

Study Notes ABA

Ever wonder why guys always assume you’re down to get dirty within 3 seconds of meeting them? Why you keep making the same bad decisions and getting back with your crummy ex? Why you can’t stick to a diet? Well, there’s a reason and we’re ready to be direct AF with you by behaviorally breaking down the situation and identifying the function in a way that any average Joe or Jane can understand. Liat Sacks & Casey McDaniel, two badass Behavior Analysts are your soon to be BFF’s because they make this crazy, “random” world make sense through the lens of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).

SAPIENS: A Podcast for Everything Human


What makes you … you? And who tells what stories and why? This season, SAPIENS hosts Ora Marek-Martinez and Yoli Ngandali explore stories of Black and Indigenous scholars as they transform the field of archeology and the stories that make us … us. SAPIENS: A Podcast for Everything Human, is produced by House of Pod and supported by the Wenner-Gren Foundation. SAPIENS is part of the American Anthropological Association Podcast Library. For more information, visit sapiens.org

19 Keys Presents High Level Conversations

EYL Network

19 keys are electrical enlightening thought patterns and high lvl conversations. Life is about the journey not the destination, listen to these keys to help you along your journey in spirituality, entrepreneurship, future building, mind management keys etc... SUPPORT PODCAST SUBSCRIBE BELOW www.crownz19.com www.goldewater.com PayPal: 19keysllc@gmail.com Venmo: @jibrialkeys

The Social Work Podcast

Jonathan B. Singer, Ph.D., LCSW

The Social Work Podcast provides audio programs on services provided by social workers, including direct practice, human behavior in the social environment, research, policy, field work, and social work education.


Yale School of Medicine

Navigating Neuropsychology

John Bellone & Ryan Van Patten - NavNeuro

Join John and Ryan as they explore the field of neuropsychology through the presentation of cutting edge scientific findings, discussion of important topic areas, and interviews with experts in a variety of relevant fields. The three main objectives of the podcast are to 1) Provide interesting, relevant, and easily-accessible information for students and professionals in neuropsychology, as well as anyone who is interested in brain-behavior relationships. 2) Begin working towards unification on important areas of debate within neuropsychology, while also encouraging the expression of diverse, creative ideas and opinions. 3) Act as an outlet for innovative ideas and breaking news in the field, to allow listeners to stay abreast of current scientific and professional developments in neuropsychology. Check out www.NavNeuro.com for more information about the show.

Stanford Psychology Podcast

Stanford Psychology

The student-led Stanford Psychology Podcast invites leading psychologists to talk about what’s on their mind lately. Join Eric Neumann, Anjie Cao, Kate Petrova, Bella Fascendini, and Joseph Outa as they chat with their guests about their latest exciting work. Every week, an episode will bring you new findings from psychological science and how they can be applied to everyday life. The opinions and views expressed in this podcast represent those of the speaker and not necessarily Stanford's. Subscribe at stanfordpsypod.substack.com. Let us hear your thoughts at stanfordpsychpodcast@gmail.com. Follow us on Twitter @StanfordPsyPod. Visit our website https://stanfordpsychologypodcast.com. Soundtrack: Corey Zhou (UCSD). Logo: Sarah Wu (Stanford)

Sekke Podcast | پادکست سکه

mehdi naji

پادکست اقتصادی برای غیر اقتصاددان‌ها گپ و گفت‌های اقتصادی کاری از بچه‌های دانشکده اقتصاد دانشگاه تهران Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

NASW Social Work Talks

National Association of Social Workers (NASW)

NASW Social Work Talks seeks to inform, educate and inspire by talking with experts and exploring issues that social work professionals care about. Brought to you by the National Association of Social Workers (NASW).

Inquiring Minds

Indre Viskontas

Each week we bring you a new, in-depth exploration of the space where science and society collide. We’re committed to the idea that making an effort to understand the world around you though science and critical thinking can benefit everyone—and lead to better decisions. We want to find out what’s true, what’s left to discover, and why it all matters.

The Thoughtful Counselor

The Thoughful Counselor Team

The Thoughtful Counselor is a podcast that is dedicated to producing great conversations around current topics in counseling and psychotherapy. We view counseling and psychotherapy as a deeply beautiful and complex process and strive to incorporate the art and science of the field in each episode.

Two Guys on Your Head

KUT & KUTX Studios, Dr. Art Markman & Dr. Bob Duke

Each week Dr. Art Markman and Dr. Bob Duke explore different aspects of human behavior and the brain. In conversations hosted by producer Rebecca McInroy, the two renowned psychologists cover everything from the effects of sugar on the brain, to what's happening in our minds while we sleep, and much, much more.


Greg Hancock & Patrick Curran

A podcast dedicated to all things quantitative, ranging from the relevant to the highly irrelevant. Co-hosts Patrick Curran and Greg Hancock talk about serious statistical topics, but without taking themselves too seriously. Think: CarTalk hi-jacked by the two grumpy old guys from the Muppets, grousing about quantitative methods, statistics, and data analysis, all presented to you with the production value of a 6th grade school project. But in a good way.

On The Land

On The Land Media

Welcome to On The Land: Stories from the People, Stories from the Land. On this podcast, we bring you the voices of Indigenous People in this time of political and climate insecurity. We tackle difficult discussions on who has access to land, water, and air and offers a contemporary understanding of what it means to be Indigenous and live in relation to what is often known as the “outdoors” or “the wild.

Reverse Psychology

Reverse PsychCast

Mike and Diana are both psychologists who like to talk about psychology and love to talk over each other. Each week they sit down to talk about something weird, interesting, horrifying or otherwise fascinating in the world of psychology, mental health and pop culture.

New Books in Critical Theory

Marshall Poe

Interviews with Scholars of Critical Theory about their New Books Support our show by becoming a premium member! https://newbooksnetwork.supportingcast.fm/critical-theory

گوش نیوش های دکتر شیری

Dr. Shiri

گفتارهای دکتر شیری درباره عشق، زندگی، معنا، از دست دادن و دوباره برخاستن

Blurry Photos

David Flora

A podcast that explores the unexplained and explains the unexplored, Blurry Photos seeks the facts behind the fiction of the world’s most fascinating, unbelievable, and chilling mysteries and legends. Focusing on lesser-known topics of Forteana, conspiracy, history, and folklore, Blurry Photos is driven by the desire for a better understanding of fringe subjects through research, storytelling, and rational thinking. Prepare your butts, because it’s time to learn something weird.

Clearer Thinking with Spencer Greenberg

Spencer Greenberg

Clearer Thinking is a podcast about ideas that truly matter. If you enjoy learning about powerful, practical concepts and frameworks, wish you had more deep, intellectual conversations in your life, or are looking for non-BS self-improvement, then we think you'll love this podcast! Each week we invite a brilliant guest to bring four important ideas to discuss for an in-depth conversation. Topics include psychology, society, behavior change, philosophy, science, artificial intelligence, math, economics, self-help, mental health, and technology. We focus on ideas that can be applied right now to make your life better or to help you better understand yourself and the world, aiming to teach you the best mental tools to enhance your learning, self-improvement efforts, and decision-making. • We take on important, thorny questions like: • What's the best way to help a friend or loved one going through a difficult time? How can we make our worldviews more accurate? How can we hone the accuracy of our thinking? What are the advantages of using our "gut" to make decisions? And when should we expect careful, analytical reflection to be more effective? Why do societies sometimes collapse? And what can we do to reduce the chance that ours collapses? Why is the world today so much worse than it could be? And what can we do to make it better? What are the good and bad parts of tradition? And are there more meaningful and ethical ways of carrying out important rituals, such as honoring the dead? How can we move beyond zero-sum, adversarial negotiations and create more positive-sum interactions?

How God Works


While religion and science often seem at odds, there’s one thing they can agree on: people who take part in spiritual practices tend to live longer, healthier, and happier lives. The big question is: Why? In the “How God Works” podcast, professor Dave DeSteno takes us on a journey to find out – one that combines cutting edge neuroscience with ancient wisdom. He’ll speak to leading scientists, spiritual teachers, and religious leaders to explore what we can learn from faith practices ranging from meditation and prayer to psychedelics and fire-walking. He’ll look at how we can adapt and use spiritual practices in our own lives, whatever our beliefs -- including none at all. By working across boundaries that usually divide people – science versus religion, one faith versus another – we’ll find new ways to make life better for everyone.

Jungianthology Podcast

C.G. Jung Institute of Chicago

The C.G. Jung Institute of Chicago houses a library of audio recordings of lectures dating back 40 years. One of the largest of its kind in the world, this collection is a rich and unique educational resource for anyone with an interest in the well-being of the individual, the community and the culture. Speakers include internationally renowned presenters whose work is at the forefront of psychological thought including Robert Moore, June Singer, Murray Stein, John Beebe, Ann Belford Ulanov, Donald Kalsched, Andrew Samuels, Ashok Bedi, Jean Shinoda Bolen, and many others.

UCLA Housing Voice

UCLA Lewis Center for Regional Policy Studies

Why does the housing market seem so broken? And what can we do about it? UCLA Housing Voice tackles these questions in conversation with leading housing researchers, with each episode centered on a study and its implications for creating more affordable and accessible communities.

The Social-Engineer Podcast

Social-Engineer, LLC

The Social-Engineer Podcast is about humans. Understanding how we interact, communicate and relay information can help us protect, mitigate and understand social engineering attacks


Archaeology Podcast Network

Dr. Andrew Kinkella brings you stories about pseudo-archaeology and the real stories behind the false claims.

Dead Rabbit Radio The Daily Paranormal Podcast

Jason Carpenter

The only daily paranormal podcast you will ever need! We cover the weirdest of the weird and only the most obscure stories make the cut!

The Litigation Psychology Podcast


The Litigation Psychology Podcast presented by Courtroom Sciences, Inc. (CSI) is for in-house and outside defense counsel about the intersection of science and litigation. We explore topics of interest to the defense bar, with a particular emphasis on subjects that don‘t get enough attention. Our hosts are Ph.D.-level Social Scientists, Clinical Scientists, and Psychology Experts with a wealth of knowledge about science, research, human behavior, and decision making, which they apply in the context of civil litigation.

Aporia Podcast

Aporia Magazine

Aporia Podcast is a social science publication and podcast. Listen to fascinating guests from the world of genetics, psychology, sociology, economics & more. You can find our articles and bonus content here: https://www.aporiamagazine.com

Full PreFrontal

Sucheta Kamath

Welcome to the podcast, Full PreFrontal: Exposing the Mysteries of Executive Function hosted by Sucheta Kamath. Executive Function is a core set of cognitive skills that allow humans to focus attention, block out distractions, plan ahead, stay engaged, temper emotions, and think flexibly while creatively solving problems to fulfill personal and social goals. The prefrontal cortex region of the brain, which governs Executive Function, is often compared to an air traffic control system at a busy airport. Much like an air traffic controller guides planes on different flight paths in the direction that each needs to go, the prefrontal cortex intercepts thoughts and impulses in order to direct them towards situationally appropriate and productive outcomes that serve the need of the future self. Significant research in the field suggests that developing strong Executive Function is critical for school-aged children and remains one of the most reliable predictors of overall success, shown to have profound life-long implications beyond the formal years of learning. On this podcast, host Sucheta Kamath will converse with neuroscientists, social psychologists, learning experts, and thought leaders who will illustrate how Executive Function is inextricably linked with mental health, physical health, school readiness, job success, marital relationships, and much more. On the path of self-development, we all experience a constant struggle between trying to optimize our talent and effort while still facing difficulty in mobilizing the inner tools and strategies that can lead us in the right direction. Tune in to Full PreFrontal to figure out how best to manage your thoughts, habits, and attitudes to enhance your self-awareness and future thinking and to achieve your best self. Sucheta Kamath is an award-winning speech-language pathologist, a TEDx speaker, a celebrated community leader, and the founder and CEO of ExQ®. As an EdTech entrepreneur, Sucheta has designed a personalized digital learning curriculum/tool (ExQ®) that empowers middle and high school students to develop self-awareness and strategic thinking skills through the mastery of Executive Function and social-emotional competence. Outside of her business, Sucheta previously served as President of the Georgia Speech-Language-Hearing Association, where she started a free Social-Communication and Executive Function Training program for inner-city men afflicted with addiction and homelessness—a program she continues to oversee as a coach and a trainer today. She is also a long-time meditator and is currently working on her Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification. A firm believer in the “Pause, Reflect, and then Respond” philosophy, Sucheta hopes to spread the word on how every person can reach higher levels of self-awareness and achieve lasting growth of their Executive Function.

Richard Wiseman's On Your Mind

Podimo & TellTale

Why are some people so happy? How can you tell when politicians are lying? Is it logical to carry a lucky charm? Why do long lists of questions hold our attention? Welcome to Richard Wiseman’s On Your Mind, the podcast that aims to answer a thousand questions about the human mind. A magician, academic and author, Richard holds the UK’s only professorship in the public understanding of psychology. Together with science journalist Marnie Chesterton, they take on all manner of questions from the public, celebrities and each other, on everything from ghosts to laughter, dreaming to luck, sleep to memory. This fact-filled, irreverent, interactive podcast is the ultimate guide to the human psyche and provides listeners with an invaluable toolkit for successful living. Don't want to miss an episode? Follow the show (it's published weekly). Got a question for Richard? We’d love to hear from you - send a text or voice message to @wisemanpod https://twitter.com/wisemanpod CREDITS Presented by Professor Richard Wiseman and Marnie Chesterton Produced by Kate White Executive Producers for Podimo: Jake Chudnow and Matt White Executive Producers for TellTale: Rami Tzabar & Jago Lee Music: For My Friend / Daniel Fridell & Sven Lindvall / courtesy of http://www.epidemicsound.com

The Archaeology Podcast Network Feed

Archaeology Podcast Network

Find shows from Cultural Resource Management Archaeology to technology to anarchy to whatever. We cover it all in this feed. 

Dark Side Of Psychology

Dr. Elio Martino

This is not a safe space. discussing trending dark and controversial side of Psychology

Because Language - a podcast about linguistics, the science of language.

Daniel Midgley, Ben Ainslie, and Hedvig Skirgård

A podcast about linguistics, the science of language.

悬疑案件 | 扑朔迷离的案件合集



Psychology - Video

Paul Bloom

Psychology After Dark

Dr. Jessica Micono and Dr. David Morelos

Two professionals in the field of psychology from wildly different theoretical and practical orientations getting together to take a look at the dark side of the human condition.

Bottom Lines Top Dollars

Ladies Who Crunch

A podcast about all the money things you suspect might be ruining your life

The Black Vault Radio - Hosted by John Greenewald, Jr.

John Greenewald, Jr.

The Black Vault Radio with John Greenewald, Jr. dives deep into the world of secret U.S. Government and Military History spanning more than a half century. Using an archive of more than 3,000,000 declassified government documents as a starting point, Greenewald speaks to some of the most brilliant minds on the planet trying to get to the truth.

Guns for Hire

Atlantic Council

The Guns for Hire podcast is a production of the Atlantic Council’s North Africa Initiative. Taking Libya as its starting point, it explores the causes and implications of the growing use of mercenaries in armed conflict. The podcast features guests from many walks of life, from ethicists and historians to former mercenary fighters. It seeks to understand what the normalisation of private warfare tells us about the world as we currently find it, but also about the future of the international system and about what war could look like in the coming decades. Written and hosted by Dr Alia Brahimi.

Outrage Overload

David Beckemeyer

Outrage Overload is a show about outrage in society and politics, and lowering the temperature. In each episode we explore a different aspect of the outrage industry with leading scientists, researchers, authors, community leaders, and other experts. If you're an inquisitive person (perhaps even a bit of a science-nerd like me) who is fed up with outrage culture and wants to be less stressed out, I hope to deliver a show that you will enjoy as well as be inspired by. Topics include political polarization, extremism, civility, incivility, disinformation, information literacy, stress, media, social media, and even technology and artificial intelligence.

CSPI Podcast


Discussions with CSPI scholars and leading thinkers in science, technology, and politics. www.cspicenter.com

پادکست فارسی امروز فهمیدم Emrooz Fahmidam

احمد صديق پور

توی این #پادکست_فارسی هدف اینه که با کاربرد علوم اجتماعی در جوانب مختلف زندگی خودمون آشنا بشیم. این تلاشی برای جریان سازی در زمینه ی اندیشه ی انتقادی و گفتمان دلیل و منطق هست. تلاش من اینه که مطالبی ارائه کنم که برگرفته از پژوهش های علمی باشن، از مسائل ژئوپولتیک گرفته تا دغدغه های روانشناسی اجتماعی، از روانشناسی تکاملی تا فلسفه ی مدرن، هر موضوعی که در زندگی روزمره تأثیر داره اینجا مطرح میشه… با من همراه باشید لینک کانال تلگرامی برای فرستادن پیام آوایی: https://t.me/emroozfahmidam توییتر: www.twitter.com/Amad_sp اينستاگرام: www.instagram.com/emrooz_fahmidam

ترجمان علوم انسانی

ترجمان علوم انسانی

هدفِ ترجمان برقرارکردن ارتباط فکری میان زبان فارسی و دیگر زبان‌های زنده دنیا است. فعالیت‌های ترجمان نیز در دو بخش «انتشارات ترجمان علوم انسانی» و «سایت ترجمان» تعریف می‌شود.

بودكاست نَفْس


أهلاً و سهلاً أصدقاء نَفْس هذا البودكاست جاء ليطبطب على أرواحنا بلطف، ليحتويها و يخرجها من عتمتها إلى الجانب المشرق من الحياة، نحن هنا لنعتني بالنفس التي أوجدها اللطيف بداخلنا و نرشدها إلى سبل السلام

BT Focus

Centria Autism

Dedicated to the Behavior Technician Experience in the delivery of Applied Behavior Analysis. You will hear from leaders in field, stories shared by fellow technicians, and walk away with practical tips to improve your practice.

Within & Between

Within&Between Podcast

A podcast about the methods and metascience of developmental science, cohosted by Jessica Logan @jarlogan and Sara Hart @saraannhart. We talk about developmental sciencing, including data collection, data analysis, research methods, and open science, as well as life in academia. Think about it like a lab meeting where you don’t have to do the readings and never have to present. ​

Queens of Social Work

Queen P & Queen H

“Afro-Caribbean American Social Workers sharing our first hand experiences in the field. Laugh, cry and learn with us!”

New Books in Political Science

New Books Network

Interviews with Political Scientists about their New Books Support our show by becoming a premium member! https://newbooksnetwork.supportingcast.fm/political-science

Urban Legends

Luke Mordue

Luke Mordue examines the historical impact of the stories that haunt our society, tales that have gripped towns and cities worldwide for centuries as true events - Urban Legends.First, hear the tales retold as short stories before delving into the history of the legend, dissecting its cultural significance, factuality, and origins. Released Fortnightly alongside a mini-series that delves into shorter legends under the title of 'Modern Myths'.




Two Psychologists Four Beers

Yoel Inbar, Michael Inzlicht, and Alexa Tullett

Two psychologists endeavor to drink four beers while discussing news and controversies in science, academia, and beyond.

The Social Work Stories Podcast

The Social Work Stories Team

A podcast exploring Social Work practice through stories & critical reflection.

Tails from a Vet Tech

Tabitha Kucera

Tails from a Vet Tech is a podcast dedicated to highlight, educate, and advocate for veterinary, shelter, and behavior animal pros. We also highlight self-help and empowerment to everyone around us. TFAVT is hosted by Tabitha Kucera (Elite Fear Free and Low Stress Handling RVT, VTS (Behavior), Certified Cat Behavior Consultant, Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner) In addition to doing this podcast Tabitha also owns her own business, Chirrups and Chatter, and loves doing speaking engagements all around the world!

A Bit More Complicated

Dylan Selterman and Manuel Galvan

Two psychologists interview experts on topics, issues, and problems in society, and what we can do to make them better. Hosts are Manuel Galvan and Dylan Selterman.

The Abnormal Psychologist

Dr. Colby Taylor

This podcast, hosted by a psychologist, explores psychopathologies and their treatments.

The Science of Personality Podcast

Hogan Assessments

Personality affects the way we relate to the world and the people in it, how we work, who we love, and how other people see us. Although the study of personality is centuries old, our ability to understand and control such a complex and abstract concept is relatively new in the context of history. Featuring some of the world’s leading experts in personality psychology and business, this podcast explores the impact of personality on life, leadership, and organizational success.

New Books in Anthropology

New Books Network

Interviews with Anthropologists about their New Books Support our show by becoming a premium member! https://newbooksnetwork.supportingcast.fm/anthropology

Alpha Male Strategies


Teaching men real alpha male qualities.

The Inside Social Work Podcast

Marie Vakakis

Learn about some of the different fields of social work, and be motivated and inspired by hearing the stories of other social workers and allied health professionals.

The Bulletproof Musician

Noa Kageyama

Ever wonder why you can practice for hours, sound great in the practice room, and still be frustratingly hit or miss on stage? Join performance psychologist and Juilliard alumnus/faculty Noa Kageyama, and explore research-based “practice hacks” for beating anxiety, practicing more effectively, and playing up to your full abilities when it matters most.

A BA Study Podcast

Hannah Dollinger

A Bad Ass Study Podcast - Breaking down the BCBA's Fourth Edition Task List to help you study for the exam!

Functional Relations

Zachary Bird, PhD, BCBA-D and Caleb Davis, MS, BCBA

An ABA podcast where Dr. Zachary Bird and Caleb Davis set aside time to have engaging conversation with experts in the field of behavior analysis to explore topics like ethics of functional analysis, punishment, social media, and others. BCBAs can earn CEs for each episode. To purchase, visit www.functionalrelationspodcast.com To deliver social praise or aversive stimulation, you can email us at functionalrelationspodcast@gmail.com

Game Theory

Nick Andrews

Speakeasy conversation about strategy, competition, economics, history, and policy from two non-experts. The episodes include some actual economic Game Theory such as the Prisoner's Dilemma, the Traveler's Dilemma, and the Public Good game. Episodes also include conversations on dilemmas in TV/Movies, sports, and board/card games, as well as the history of military, intelligence (spies), politics, and economics. The objective is simply to think critically about how people make strategic choices regarding the world around them and most importantly, about the people around them.

The Addiction Psychologist

Samuel Acuff

Dr. Noah Emery and Samuel Acuff interview researchers, clinicians, and policymakers in the field of addiction psychology with the hopes of enhancing recovery. Official podcast of the Society for Addiction Psychology.

Social Worker's Break Room

Treehouse Sound Inc.

A safe space where we talk about all the unspoken truths of social work and beyond! New episodes every other Thursday.

ACT in Context

Association for Contextual Behavioral Science

ACT in Context is freely available to anyone, and its episodes will take listeners on a journey from the history and development of ACT through its clinical application and the future of the work. This podcast will primarily focus on ACT, but it will often touch upon several related issues such as behavioral principles, the underlying theory of language (Relational Frame Theory) and philosophy of science. We hope that informal learners, potential consumers, researchers and clinicians alike find it useful.

The Divorce Doctor

Elizabeth Cohen, Ph.D.

Divorce can be so isolating. Your friends and family might not understand what you are going through. But, you are not alone and divorce is NOT a failure. On this podcast I speak to real people who have gone through divorce and thrived through it. We talk about the struggles and the successes. We explore how the pain of divorce brought my guests realizations about themselves and their situation they never would have had without this experience. I can’t tell you how many clients have shared that being reminded they are not alone allowed them to get up in the morning and keep on keeping on. With my 15 years of experience as a clinical psychologist working with people going through divorce I know the ins and outs of divorce. I am thrilled you are here and are ready to get the support you so deeply deserve.

The JOY Factor: Mindfulness, Compassion, Positive Psychology, Healing, Yoga

Julie Hanson, Licensed Psychotherapist, Certified Life Coach, Registered Yo

The Joy Factor is a podcast for anyone with a desire to create more joy in their lives. Therapist, life coach and yoga teacher, Julie Hanson interviews experts in the field of mental health and wellness along with everyday people who’ve got their own take on how to be on the hunt for joy even in the midst of struggle. She’s on a quest to connect her listeners with the tools, tips and inspiration to claim their right to joy!

پادکست فارسی امروز فهمیدم Emrooz Fahmidam

احمد صديق پور

توی این #پادکست_فارسی هدف اینه که با کاربرد علوم اجتماعی در جوانب مختلف زندگی خودمون آشنا بشیم. این تلاشی برای جریان سازی در زمینه ی اندیشه ی انتقادی و گفتمان دلیل و منطق هست. تلاش من اینه که مطالبی ارائه کنم که برگرفته از پژوهش های علمی باشن، از مسائل ژئوپولتیک گرفته تا دغدغه های روانشناسی اجتماعی، از روانشناسی تکاملی تا فلسفه ی مدرن، هر موضوعی که در زندگی روزمره تأثیر داره اینجا مطرح میشه… با من همراه باشید لینک کانال تلگرامی برای فرستادن پیام آوایی: https://t.me/emroozfahmidam توییتر: www.twitter.com/Amad_sp اينستاگرام: www.instagram.com/emrooz_fahmidam

The Behavioral Design Podcast

Samuel Salzer

How can we change behavior in practice? Listen in as hosts Samuel Salzer and Aline Holzwarth speak with leading experts on all things behavioral science, design and beyond. The Behavioral Design Podcast from Habit Weekly and the Center for Advanced Hindsight at Duke University provides a fun and engaging way to learn about applied behavioral science and how to design for behavior change in practice.

Social Work Radio

Social Work Radio

Social Work Radio brings you interviews and discussions on the issues that matter to social workers in the real world. From politics and policies to dating and ethical dilemmas, there’s something for everyone.

New Books in Economics

Marshall Poe

Interviews with Economists about their New Books Support our show by becoming a premium member! https://newbooksnetwork.supportingcast.fm/economics

The Behaviour Speak Podcast

Ben Reiman, M.A., BCBA, IBA

The Behaviour Speak Podcast with Ben Reiman features conversations with behavior analysts, researchers and consumers in Positive Behaviour Support, ABA, Acceptance Commitment Therapy and other areas of behavior analysis. We discuss autism and autistics, trauma-informed supports, diversity, functional assessment, person-centred planning, consent and so much more! Listeners can earn BACB, IBAO, or QABA CEUs for each episode by going to https://cbiconsultants.com/shop.


Mission Critical Team Institute

Preston Cline, Coleman Ruiz, and the Mission Critical Team Institute share research and explore the questions vexing the most elite teams in the world, from Special Operations soldiers to Firefighters, from Trauma Medics to Professional Athletes, and from Astronauts to Tactical Law Enforcement.

Strange Paradigms

Cristina Gomez

3 Weekly Shows (Top 5 Mysterious, Mysteries with a History, & Weekly Strange News), Cristina Gomez presents lively podcasts focused on the topics of UFOs, Extraterrestrials, the UFO Disclosure efforts, and many aspects of the Paranormal & Supernatural. Featured on KUNX Talk Radio, the Shifting the Paradigm podcast features a weekly interview and chat show that focuses on a wide variety of mysterious topics related to UFO / UAP sightings, and the possibility of alien visitation in the present and the past. Cristina Gomez interviews Researchers, Witnesses, Enthusiasts, and Field Investigators on their own pursuits of the Truth behind the Mysteries. Also included is Cristina's show called Mysteries with a History, co-hosted by Jimmy Church of Coast to Coast AM and Fade to Black Radio, where they both cover a wide variety of topics, from unexplained disappearances to UFO sightings, to encounters with bizarre creatures, and so much more that can come under the umbrella of the extraordinary, the strange, the paranormal, and the supernatural. On Fridays, Cristina presents Strange Paradigms which focuses on all the strange and mysterious news reports of the week related to the Paranormal, UFOs, and the Bizarre.


Dr. Billie Pivnick & Dr. Romy Reading, Produced by Hangar Studios, NYC

Couched is a podcast series that lets you in on what leading cultural influencers and psychoanalysts are thinking about society today. We will feature conversations with artists, scientists, and change-makers about our current political climate, social justice, and our struggles to find sanity in an increasingly uncertain world. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

New Books in Public Policy

New Books Network

Interviews with Scholars of Public Policy about their New Books Support our show by becoming a premium member! https://newbooksnetwork.supportingcast.fm/public-policy