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Angela Duckworth on “Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance”

How far can a person get on talent alone? Angela Duckworth is a researcher, teacher, MacArthur fellow and best-selling author who has dedicated her career to finding out what factors can lead a person to be successful. In her book “Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance,” Duckworth draws from a mixture of firsthand experiences, interviews with high performers and academic research to make the case that a person’s ability to overcome setbacks may actually be their most valuable trait. Duckworth and host Cardiff Garcia discuss her personal relationship with the idea of genius, the benefits of mentorship and how life has changed since the publication of “Grit.”

Think Fast, Talk Smart: Communication Techniques

Stanford GSB

Courage, Ambiguity, Belonging and Data: How to Design Your Communication for Success

All communication comes from a place of creativity and creativity is rooted in design. In this episode of Think Fast, Talk Smart, strategic communications lecturer and podcast host Matt Abrahams interviews four authors from the Stanford Each conversation challenges convention in how we approach our communication, be it visual, body language, or speech. Listen to this episode to hear more from Ashish Goel, author of Drawing on Courage; Susie Wise, author of Design for Belonging; Carissa Carter, author of The Secret Language of Maps; and Andrea Small, co author of Navigating Ambiguity.Show NotesLearn more about the, the four authors, and the four guide books: Fast, Talk Smart Website and TranscriptsThink Fast, Talk Smart LinkedIn CommunityMatt Abrahams LinkedInAleta Hayes, senior

Wisdom From The Top with Guy Raz


Tiny Habits: BJ Fogg

What does it take for a person to change? BJ Fogg, founder of Stanford's Behavior Design Lab, says the key to behavior change isn't what we've always been taught. In Tiny Habits: The Small Changes that Change Everything Fogg draws upon true experiments - from his lab and his life - to outline a system anyone can use to create good habits or unravel the bad. In this episode: on making change through design and celebration.


The Unstuck Network

382 | Name Your Fear, Control Your Risk

In the week's episode, Brad and Jonathan examine the current state of the housing market and discuss different ways in which risk can be controlled. It seems like we are currently living in some of the most interesting financial times ever to have occurred. Crypto currencies are seemingly disappearing overnight, interest rates are shooting up, and the inflation rate continues to climb! While all of these examples can cause one to be fearful, preparation and attention to detail are two traits that allow those in the FI community to stay calm! Identify your fears, control situations where you are taking on risk, and continue crushing your journey down the path to FI! Timestamps 0:58 - Introduction 2:01 - The Tail End 5:58 - The Most Interesting Financial Times 13:26 - Housing 18:22 - Conversation With A Friend 26:06 - Components of The Monthly Payment 34:40 - 40 Year Mortgage and Renting 45:20 - 10% Intrest Rates 53:05 - Crypto Sidec

The Ken Coleman Show

Ramsey Network

What Would You Do Tomorrow If You Couldn't Fail?

The Ken Coleman Show is here to help answer your questions about career, passion and talent so you can maximize your potential and get closer to landing your dream job. Do you have a question for Ken? Call us live from 1-2 p.m. ET at 844-747-2577 or email
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The Smart Passive Income Online Business and Blogging Podcast

Pat Flynn

SPI 586: Excuses

#586 In the 14 years I've been an entrepreneur, I still create excuses about why I can't do certain things or why something I attempt won't work out. So today I want to cover some of the more common excuses that hold back entrepreneurs. This is going to be a great exercise in understanding how people think and how they gut stuck. Because guess what? Your audience, your potential customers or students, may also share the same objections or excuses that are stopping them from working with you or buying from you. Show notes and more at Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

Brown Ambition

Mandi Woodruff & Tiffany Aliche | Cumulus Podcast Network

The BA Q&A: $60,000 In Credit Card Debt!

Mandi is back again to tackle your hard-hitting questions! This week is all about credit and Mandi gives great advice on how to tackle credit card debt and when to close a credit card.
We want to hear from you! Drop us a note at or hit us up on instagram @brownambitionpodcast
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Entrepreneurs on Fire

John Lee Dumas of EOFire

How to Massively Increase Your Organic Traffic Through SEO with Tommy Griffith

Tommy Griffith is the founder of ClickMinded, a digital marketing course for entrepreneurs. He was previously SEO manager at PayPal and Airbnb. He feels weird writing about himself in the third person but admits that it sounds slightly more epic. Top 3 Value Bombs: 1. Once you internalize the basics of SEO, it comes down to understanding what users are looking for and providing relevant content that fills that need. 2. The three things to nail your SEO fundamentals: Relevance, Authority and Reputations, and Technical Optimization. 3. The 5-step framework that can be used to optimize across multiple platforms with search engines: Searcher intent; Digital Assets; Digital Medium; Optimizing; and the Nudge. Check out The SEO Strategy Guide - SEO Strategy Guide Sponsors: HubSpot: Learn how to grow better by connecting your people, your customers, and your business at! LinkedIn Advertising:

How to Be Awesome at Your Job

Pete Mockaitis

778: How to Make and Break Habits Using Science with Russ Poldrack

Russ Poldrack reveals the science behind why our brains are habit-building machines and how to make the best out of it. — YOU’LL LEARN — 1) How to make good habits stick 2) How to strengthen your brain against bad habits 3) Why habits never really go away–and what you should do instead Subscribe or visit for clickable versions of the links below. — ABOUT RUSS — Russell A. Poldrack is a psychologist and neuroscientist. He is the Albert Ray Lang Professor of Psychology at Stanford University. He is also the Associate Director of Stanford Data Science, a member of the Stanford Neuroscience Institute and director of the Stanford Center for Reproducible Neuroscience and the SDS Center for Open and Reproducible Science. Prior to his appointment at Stanford in 2014, he held faculty positions at Harvard Medical School, UCLA, and the Universit


Slate Podcasts

Working Overtime: Is Boredom Essential to the Creative Process?

For this edition of Working Overtime, hosts Isaac Butler and Karen Han reply to an email from a listener named Jeffrey, who points out how rare it is to see an accurate depiction of creativity in movies and on TV. One reason for this, Jeffrey asserts, is that creative work requires a lot of boring drudgery. Isaac and Karen weigh in on this idea and list some examples of accurate depictions of the creative process. 
Is there a question about creativity or inspiration that you’d like to ask the hosts of Working? Give us a call and leave a message at (304) 933-9675, or email us at
Podcast production by Kevin Bendis and Cameron Drews. 
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Money Please

Betches Media

How Do I Secure My Financial Future?

On this week’s Loose Change, Berna is back with Sallie Krawcheck to continue their conversation from earlier this week on financial wellness and our personal role in it. Sallie starts off by sharing her own personal journey in finances and how she made it from South Carolina all the way to Wall Street. They also discuss the state of the financial education world, and how to navigate it to make sure you find the right path for you in these confusing topics. Be sure to follow us @whenshappyhr to send in your questions and let us know what you thought of our first season!

DarrenDaily On-Demand

Darren Hardy LLC

What It Takes to Be Great

Darren shares the story of Cassius Clay, known as Muhammad Ali, and the lesson to be learned about what it takes to be the greatest. Get more personal mentoring from Darren each day. Go to DarrenDaily to learn more.

Confessions of a Top-Producing Real Estate Agent, the Agent Grad School Podcast

Jennifer Myers

How To Be Content (Even If You Aren't "There" Yet)

How to be content even if we aren't where we want to be yet with aduthor of Radically Content, Jamie Varon.    


Morning Brew

How Olympic Gymnast Shawn Johnson East Overcame her Eating Disorder

In 2008, at just 16 years old, Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson won four medals including one gold for Team USA at the Beijing Olympics. While the world watched Shawn excel on the outside, internally she was privately suffering from a severe eating disorder. Societal pressures and public scrutiny only worsened her insecurities around weight and it would be years before she realized that she could even ask for help. In this episode, Shawn tells Alex about her incredible highs and lows as a teenager in the spotlight, and how she finally found mental and physical health, as well as career success, after finally learning to ask for help. 
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Brown Table Talk

Dee C. Marshall and Mita Mallick

How to Find Career Sponsors

On this episode of Brown Table Talk, hosts Dee C. Marshall and Mita Mallick discuss how to find a career sponsor.

Your Next Move Podcast

Kimberly Brown

EP41: Taking the Upper Hand - Technology and the Future of Work With Sherrell Dorsey

With so many initiatives telling minority communities they're not represented, not included, and not able to make a particular income, what if we could flip the narrative and say, “What if someone could give you the upper hand?"    Tune in as Sherrell Dorsey, founder and CEO of The Plug, gets the conversation started for families and communities traditionally not included in the dialogue around tech and the future of work. As the CEO of a distinctive black tech news and insight platform covering black pioneers in tech, venture capital, and work policy, Sherrell is changing the idea of who gets to be an innovator and genius and where these conversations exist.    Don’t miss Sherrell’s tips for anyone interested in launching a company in tech and why it’s time for the black and brown community to take the upper hand.   KEY POINTS: - Who is Sherrell Dorsey? - What inspired “Upper Hand: The

رادیو کارنکن

رادیو کارنکن

گفتگو با مسعود علیزاده (2) - مدیرعامل موبایل‌آباد

دوره تجربه‌محور تولید محتوا و سئو در سایت کارنکن
یوتیوب کارنکن | اینستاگرام کارنکن
این قسمت بخش دوم گفتگوی من با مسعود علیزاده‌ست و اگر بخش اول رو ندیدید یا نشنیدید، پیشنهاد میکنم اول اون رو بشنوید.
حامیان این قسمت:
آژانس افراک؛ پارتنر پریمیر گوگل در ایران

The Career Contessa Podcast

Dear Media, Lauren McGoodwin

How to Become a Creative Director

You’ve probably heard “Creative Director” as a job title but do you know what the job actually entails? On today’s episode, we’re interviewing three creative directors (two in-house and one freelancer) about how to become a Creative Director, the most critical skills to thrive in this role, how much creative directors make per year (or day), and so much more. Show Notes Weekly Newsletter Sign-Up: Follow Career Contessa:   Kristen Steele Lewis: and  Kristen’s IG: @lewisandhayes Greta Mantooth: and    Sponsors: CHANEL:   Produced by Dear Media.

The Greg McKeown Podcast

Greg McKeown

S2E6: 10X Your Results with Less Effort

How do you achieve 10X results in your life, work or relationships without working harder? This is known as the 10X dilemma. What got you here, won't get you there. By the end of this episode, you'll learn 5 things you can do right now to be able to get that next level but without burning out.

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The Brutal Truth About Sales & Selling - B2B Social SaaStr Cold Calling SaaS Salesman Advanced Hacker

Sales & Selling B2B


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Think Like A CEO with Gary Keller & Jay Papasan


Bonus Episode III: Interview with JL Collins, author of The Simple Path to Wealth

Make the wait for season 6 a little more bearable with this special TLACEO bonus episode where Gary and Jay travel The Simple Path to Wealth with author JL Collins. Tune in to hear how Collins stopped thinking about what money can buy and started thinking about what money can earn in order to cement his financial independence.  

Salesforce for Everyone by Talent Stacker

Bradley Rice and Anita Smith

If you're looking to secure your financial independence with a high-paying job without sacrificing your freedom today, this podcast is for you. Welcome to Salesforce For Everyone, the one-stop free resource to help you land your first Salesforce job in under 8 months, even without a college degree or tech experience. This podcast will give you the tips, tactics, and inspiration to find and secure your new career, on your terms, on your way to your financial independence.

Mom's Exit Interview


Do you want to thrive without the 9-to-5? And feel less burned out and more present with your family? Mom’s Exit Interview is your go-to resource! Join Kim Rittberg – former media executive, corporate quitter and mom as she interviews inspirational moms who are taking control of their lives while achieving (gasp!) true work-life balance: entrepreneurs, stay-at-home moms with side hustles, consultants, part-time workers and more. Plus experts offer easy-to-implement tips and strategies to help you turn your inspiration into action. Whether you’re a working mom or stay-at-home mom, you’re in a career transition or already made the change, we’ll tackle hot button topics like imposter syndrome, hustle culture, and the stigma of downshifting. Experts share advice on business development, career growth, balance, parenting, money, happiness, the juggle, identifying the best jobs for moms, and how to be present with your kids. You’re one giant step closer to fulfillment, freedom, and flexibility – because you don’t need a boss to give permission to lead the life you want. Babysitting not included. Visit to sign up for our newsletter and follow host Kim at

30 Minutes to President's Club | No-Nonsense Sales

Nick Cegelski & Armand Farrokh

30 minutes. No sales academia. Only actionable sales tactics. Nick sells enterprise deals solo. Armand runs a team of 40 SMB AE's and SDR's. Together they break down sales strategies you can use to start winning more deals today.

BiggerPockets Business Podcast


105: The MOST Profitable Skill to Learn (From a $200M+ VC Investor) with Codie Sanchez

Successful business owners are addicted to building businesses, sometimes to their folly. For someone like Codie Sanchez, this isn’t a problem, but a superpower. Codie is a journalist, a venture capital partner, an angel investor, and an entrepreneur. She loves, as she puts it, “building herself out of a job”, which means creating businesses with huge potential, getting a team in place, and heading on to better things.Now, managing many millions of dollars, she has to look into which businesses are worth capital investments. Codie often advises business owners to act out of confidence, not fear, and consistently hire people that are better at their jobs than them. She places a very high value on having employees and workers who are competent and can help the team grow (as any smart business owner should).Codie mentions the most profitable skill of today and how she’s using th

Product Thinking

Melissa Perri

The Pivot Series, Part 1: Embracing The Unknown with Colleen Johnson

Melissa Perri welcomes Colleen Johnson to the first episode of this four-part miniseries about companies that successfully made major pivots during the pandemic. Colleen is the Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of ScatterSpoke, a company that leverages AI to make the most out of retrospective feedback. Colleen tells Melissa how their company needed to pivot quickly to win against competitors, how she had to shift from being a subject matter expert to embracing uncertainty and curiosity, her version of a valuable MVP, and which retro data she finds to be the most valuable. 

Here are some key points you'll hear Melissa and Colleen discuss: 

Colleen talks about her professional background, what led her to found ScatterSpoke, and what services they provide. [4:31]

During the pandemic, when Scatterspoke lost clients to major competitors, they had to determine what made them st

9 to 5ish with theSkimm


Beth Ford on Finding Success At Every Level

When you look at Beth Ford’s resume, you probably didn’t know the Land O’ Lakes CEO started out detasseling corn for $2 an hour and cleaning toilets as a janitor. And Beth told us she wouldn’t have ever become CEO without those jobs. Because being successful in business comes from learning about people – and celebrating wins at every level. 

In this episode, Beth shares:

The string of odd jobs she did to get by as one of eight children in Iowa

How taking the job in the field helped her learn about business and people

Why she decided to grow her career laterally instead of vertically in her early career

The importance of asking for feedback regularly, and why it’s a gift

Why humility is key to being a good leader

The Build Show Podcast

Matt Risinger

Episode 44: What do builders do during a recession?

The pending possible recession is top of mind for Matt. So, this week he’s sitting down with his friend, and fellow YouTuber, Kevin AKA “Meet Kevin” to talk about what builders, architects, landlords and homeowners should be doing to prepare for what could come. Kevin is an expert in both real estate and investing/finance and the two will discuss the overall market, what happens to housing sales during this time, what to look for in cash buyers, and if we should be selling properties. You’ll gain some insight into cashflow and investments and other macro economics topics.

Real Estate Rockstars

Pat Hiban, Aaron Amuchastegui

1033: The Benefits of Joining a Real Estate Team With Sara O'Malley

Wondering whether or not you should join a real estate team? On today’s podcast with Sara O’Malley, we discuss what the right real estate team can do for a new agent. Tune in and find out what Sara loves most about her team and the biggest benefits teams offer new agents. Sara also shares social media tips, why it pays to be real in real estate, and a sound strategy for earning more agent referrals.

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Women Rocking Real Estate Podcast

Jen Percival

Time Management Tool & Tips For Realtors (Part 1)

Over the last decade of working with women trying to build thriving real estate businesses, the most common road block that keeps women from getting the results they desire is TIME. Although this business makes it feel like our time is being held hostage by our clients, there is a better way and what it really all boils down to is this….time management is about self discipline with your time. It’s about spending time on the right things. It’s about having purpose every single day where you have a laser sharp focus on what you’re supposed to be working on and for how long and then mastering the art of saying no to everything else. If you're ready to finally take back control of your time, tune into this episode and download the free Time Management Tool that goes along with it. Ready To Start Attracting High-Quality Leads On Autopilot? Doors are now open for the ATTRACT™ Accelerator. Learn more here.

Second Life

Second Life

Who What Wear with Hillary Kerr: WWW Travels: A Fashion Insider’s Take on Where to Go and What to Pack This Summer

Our very own Anna LaPlaca is back on the pod this week, bringing us inside her new series, Who What Wear Travels. Think of this as your summer travel report through the lens of a fashion insider, featuring the coolest destinations the style set is heading to this year and, of course, what they’re bringing along for some truly unforgettable getaways. Plus, Anna dishes on the most Pinterest-worthy hotels, highly rated travel products, and the must-pack resort trends you’ll be seeing all over your timeline.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

Pass the Real Estate Exam with PrepAgent

Appraisal webinars

In todays Webinar Joe goes over appraisal.

Keeping It Real Podcast • Secrets Of Top 1% REALTORS ® • Interviews With Real Estate Brokers & Agents

D.J. Paris

How To Develop Relationships With Developers• Heather Ditlevsen

Heather Ditlevsen with Lipton Luxury Living in Chicago goes back and describes how her obsession with real estate turned into her career. Heather and DJ discuss the importance of mentorship in the real estate business. Next, Heather discusses the importance of open houses, her follow-up process and and how she utilizes them. Heather also describes […]

Find Your Dream Job: Insider Tips for Finding Work, Advancing your Career, and Loving Your Job

Mac Prichard

Should You Apply if You’re Not the Perfect Candidate? with Jonaed Iqbal

Have you skipped applying for a job you would love because you don’t have 100% of the qualifications in the job description? Before you eliminate yourself, Find Your Dream Job guest Jonaed Iqbal says you need to consider what you do have to offer. Share stories of how you’ve used your skills in past positions, including volunteer work. And make the interview a two-way street, engaging the hiring manager in conversation, while sharing your passions and how you will use them to meet the demands of the job. About Our Guest: Jonaed Iqbal ( is the founder of ( It’s a career website for those without college degrees, and also hosts The NoDegree Podcast ( Resources in This Episode: Lacking a degree doesn't mean you can’t have the job of your dreams. Find out how you can have a fulfilling caree

Real Estate Disruptors

Steve Trang

How To Begin Renting Airbnb Properties | RED Podcast | TJ Tijani

How to get started doing business without owning? TJ Tijani shares the know-how on how he earned 7-figures through renting Airbnb properties. Video replay of my interview with TJ Tijani on how to begin renting Airbnb properties. Subscribe to Our YouTube Channel Share this with...
The post How To Begin Renting Airbnb Properties | RED Podcast | TJ Tijani appeared first on Real Estate Disruptors.

WSJ Secrets of Wealthy Women

The Wall Street Journal

Introducing ‘As We Work’

“As We Work” is a new podcast from the Wall Street Journal about the changing workplace and what you need to know to navigate it. Every week, we’ll speak with experts, Journal reporters, and you about how our jobs intersect with everything else. In season one, we break down how our relationship to work has evolved in the wake of the pandemic and other social phenomena. Hosted by Tess Vigeland. For further reading on pay transparency, check out WSJ reporter Chip Cutter's January article "You'll Soon Get to See Pay on NYC Job Postings," as well as Dr. Jake Rosenfeld's book "You're Paid What You're Worth – and Other Myths of the Modern Economy." Questions? Story ideas? Want to tell us how much you make? Email us at

Negotiate Anything

Kwame Christian Esq., M.A.

The Psychology of a Difficult Conversation: What's Going on Inside Your Brain? with Jay Fields

In this episode, Jay Fields, Somatic Coach, Educator, and Author, discusses what is going on inside your brain during a difficult conversation.Request a Custom Workshop For Your CompanyGet Free Access to Over 15 Negotiation GuidesJay-Fields.comLinkedIn Learning Courses Follow Jay on LinkedIn Follow Kwame on LinkedInIf you've been a listener of the show and you've gotten a lot out of our programming, you can click here to Support Negotiate Anything.Kwame Christian with Jay FieldsSupport this show See for privacy and opt-out information.

Sales Gravy: Jeb Blount

Jeb Blount

How to Sell Without Selling Out with Andy Paul

On this episode of the Sales Gravy Podcast Jeb Blount, Jr sits down with author Andy Paul to discuss what it means to Sell Without Selling Out. Together they discuss why it is so important to make selling more human.

You'll learn that persuasion is not a sales skill. Instead it is a blunt instrument of last resort that sellers use when they don’t know how to influence the choices buyers make.

Get a leg up on your sales career with our free sales training resources. Check them out here:

Happier in Hollywood

The Onward Project

Ep. 253: Embrace The Suck & More Travel Hacks!

Liz and Sarah embrace the fact that sometimes things just suck. Sarah moved last weekend—and, yep, it sucked. But acknowledging the suck and not trying to put a spin on it somehow made it easier. In Take Two, Liz and Sarah share a supersized list of travel hacks from a former flight attendant. Small things—a white noise machine, smoothies, a pre-written checklist—can make your next trip, well, not suck! Then, in the Mailroom, they answer a question about whether or not Hollywood writers ever buy ideas from people outside the business. The short answer—no. Finally, this week’s Hollywood Hack is a conversation starter: create a wristscape.
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Beyond the To-Do List

Erik Fisher

Ashish Goel on Drawing Upon Courage

This week I had a delightful conversation with Ashish Goel centered on his new book, Drawing on Courage: Risks Worth Taking and Stands Worth Making. Ashish and I explore ways in which we can summon our inner courage both in times of crisis and in our everyday work lives. Ashish also breaks down some of the ways that fear can deceive and even paralyze us and how we can learn to both cope with fear and deploy courage to overcome it.
Ashish Goel is an entrepreneur, designer, former teaching fellow (at the and is the former head of design at Zomato (India's larger-scale Yelp!). He currently runs Boca, his sparkling water start-up, and advises some of India's top technology companies on design and product management.
His new book Drawing on Courage: Risks Worth Taking and Stands Worth Making is packed with insights, tools and even comics for anyone who wants to jump this great divide. The book comes via the The Ha

Bad With Money With Gaby Dunn

Gaby Dunn | Cumulus Podcast Network

Point By Point Breakdown of the Newest LGBTQ Money Study

Did you know trans people make more money than other members of the queer community in some cases?? Why do LGB people experience higher rates of financial anxiety when dealing with banks and the government? What is "cascading homophobia?" This week, Gaby breaks down the BRAND NEW in-depth money study about financial discrimination against queer people. The Debt Free Guys John and David, husbands and hosts of the Queer Money podcast, co-conducted the BIGGEST, most current, and most specific LGBTQ survey to update the financial findings about our community. This is the first study and poll of its kind at this level and Gaby and the guys go over all that we learned about the experiences of LGBTQ people around finances. You're not gonna wanna miss empowering yourself by learning all this real, new data and what it means for you and the queer community.
For a full transcript of this episode, visit:: shorturl.

Get Hired with Andrew Seaman


Why You Should Be Yourself at Work (Maybe in Crocs!)

This week, Andrew sits down with Shannon Sisler, who is the Chief People Officer at Crocs. They discuss how to make sure you’re targeting companies that share your values, and how Crocs models its motto “Come As You Are” for its employees.

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The ONE Thing


Farewell Geoff Woods: Lessons from Five Years of Living The ONE Thing

We talk a lot about setting big goals… but we don’t often get to explore what happens when you achieve them.After achieving your goals, you have to take the time to reflect on where you’ve been and set your compass to a new destination. As you grow personally and professionally, your goals are going to change. And when you reach those goals, you may be surprised to see a new path calling you.In going through this process, Geoff Woods, host of The ONE Thing podcast for over five years, has decided to step away from the show to focus on what matters most to him. We sit down with him to discuss his path to success, how he implemented the principles of The ONE Thing in his life, and how he was able to identify his ONE Thing.While things might be changing here at The ONE Thing, we are as committed as ever to helping you on your path to mastery. If you have any questions or feedback, please email podcast@the1thi

HVAC School - For Techs, By Techs

Bryan Orr

Pilot Controls - Short #147

In this short podcast episode, Bryan talks about pilot controls. He talks about the old-school ignition systems on gas appliances and some similar pilot functions on residential A/C units and heat pumps. When we think about a pilot light on a gas appliance, we can think of it as a small standing flame that sits there ready to ignite the burner whenever gas is flowing. Pilot lights were necessary for old-school gas furnaces, and many of those pilot lights worked with a thermocouple. In many older furnaces, pilots also prevent excessive carbon monoxide from unspent gas. In other words, the pilot is not the main burner; it merely sets up the main burner.  On a typical A/C system, the 24v power is similar to a pilot on a gas appliance; the 24v “pilot” control energizes the system and has a small amount of voltage (compared to the high voltage needed for all of the components to work).  The reversing valve on heat pumps also has a pilot valve; the 24v

The Dream Job System Podcast

Austin Belcak

#AAA - March 2022 | Ep #208

Ask Austin Anything! In this episode Austin answers questions from listeners just like you. Get your question answered on a future Ask Austin Anything episode by submitting it to the link below.Time Stamped Show Notes:[0:25] - #AAA for March 2022[1:23] - Ryan - “What is the most common reason people struggle to ask for a raise?”[4:46] - Cecilia - “In what format do you recommend negotiating (e.g. phone, email, text, in-person)?”[7:58] - Helena - “What would you recommend if you tried to negotiate salary after an offer was extended, but the recruiter told you there’s literally no room for change, these are the standard salaries for offers, they’ve never heard of an increase happening, and they insist on all of that?”[10:58] - Alec - “When going for promotion at your current company, how do you position yourself to not be automatically slotted in at the bottom of the band?”[14:43] - Daniel - “How can job seekers deal with the anxiety of negotiating

All Things Work

Society for Human Resource Management

Tom McMullen on High Inflation and Compensation Strategy

As prices continue to rise, employers are wrestling with questions and concerns about what inflation means for compensation strategy. In this episode of All Things Work, host Tony Lee speaks with Tom McMullen, senior client partner at global organizational consulting firm Korn Ferry, on navigating inflation’s impact on the pay of both current and future employees.Follow All Things Work wherever you listen to podcasts; rate and review on Apple Podcasts.This episode of All Things Work is sponsored by ADP.Music courtesy of bensound.

Radical Candor

Featuring Kim Scott and Jason Rosoff, hosted by Amy Sandler, and written and produced by Brandi Neal

Radical Candor S4. Ep 7: Radically Candid Conversations — Kim Scott & Russ Laraway

On this episode of the Radical Candor Podcast, we're taking a break from our GSD Wheel series and welcoming back to the podcast Russ Laraway, author of the book When They Win, You Win: Being a Great Manager is Simpler Than You Think, coming out on June 7, 2022. You can pre-order it now! You likely know Russ best as the OG co-host with Kim of season one of the Radical Candor Podcast.
Russ is currently chief people officer at Goodwater Capital; and also is the creator of Career Conversations; which is covered in Radical Candor, and to which Russ dedicates nearly 100 pages of his new book. Kim and Russ discuss how to make every manager (measurably) great and to rid the world of assclown managers everywhere.
Radical Candor Podcast Episode At a Glance
The world has conspired to confuse the average manager. Despite near-limitless resources — books, blogs, podcasts — that purport t

Your Virtual Upline Podcast

Bob Heilig

308: Are 3rd Party Tools Hurting Your Business? #AskBob

Hey everyone! This episode is a Transformational Selling edition of #AskBob.  This is where I answer your questions about what we teach here on the podcast. Today, I have three questions that I’ll be answering that I got from two different places.  One from a review that you left on the podcast and the two other questions came from our Love Serve Grow Private Facebook Group for our students.  Here are the questions that I’m going to be talking…  How do 3rd party tools fit into the Transformational Selling System? When do we share our ‘I Help Statement’ with people? What should our DMO for our business be? Tune in for some great discussions!

Best of Both Worlds Podcast

Laura Vanderkam and Sarah Hart-Unger

All About Anxiety with Maggie Sarachek of the Anxiety Sisters EP 254

In the intro, Laura and Sarah open with some thoughts on anxiety and their own experiences. Then, Sarah interviews Maggie Sarachek, one of the two original self-named Anxiety Sisters, and author of the Anxiety Sisters' Survival Guide.
She is a clinical social worker, mother, and has spent many years learning about and growing through anxiety, and now her passion is sharing it along with her "anxiety sister" Abbe Greenberg. She discusses the spectrum of anxiety, actionable tips for different levels of anxiety, postpartum anxiety and OCD, and managing anxiety in the workplace.
Resources Maggie mentions:
The Crisis Text Line at #741741 -- just text hi and they have resources to share for almost anything.
In the Q&A, a listener writes in seeking advice about strategies for returning from a sabbatical.
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The Project Management Podcast

OSP International LLC

Episode 477: Project Management Principles 1-4 (Free) #PMOT

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This episode is the first of three in which Cornelius Fichtner explores the following four project management principles that were introduced by the PMBOK® Guide Seventh Edition:

1. Stewardship - Taking care of your project
2. Team - Building a solid team culture
3. Stakeholders - Engaging stakeholders brings success
4. Value - Delivering what's important

The Productivity Show: Time Management | GTD | Smart Personal Development | Business | Mac

Asian Efficiency

Are GTD Contexts Useless? Is Productivity Hurting Young People? & More (TPS397)

Today’s episode is a new format we’re experimenting with. We know many of you like listening to podcasts to learn new things and also to stay on top of what’s happening in the world. So we thought it would be helpful to also share some industry news on the podcast so you’re always up to […]

The Strategy Skills Podcast: Management Consulting | Strategy, Operations & Implementation | Critical Thinking &

251: Barry Nalebuff, The Radical Way to Negotiate

Welcome to Strategy Skills episode 251, an episode with a leading Yale expert and serial entrepreneur, Barry Nalebuff. Get Barry’s book here: For thirty years, Barry has taught negotiation, innovation, strategy, and game theory at Yale School of Management, which led him to develop a new approach toward negotiation. This approach is vastly different from how most people think about negotiation, which usually involves having the best tactic to out-smart the other party and get the best deal.  This podcast explains the concept of the negotiation pie, which is the additional value created through an agreement to work together. It exhibits fairness and identifies what’s really at stake in any negotiation. We share examples that showcase negotiation principles and a different mindset about creating value that benefits both parties involved – more importantly, understanding the views of each party as if they

NAR’s Center for REALTOR® Development

CRD, NAR education for real estate agents

067: Social Media Optimization and Mindset With Harrison Beacher

We all know that social media can be a time-wasting black hole. We also know it can be an amazing tool to connect with loved ones, friends, and potential clients. How do you balance both without feeling overwhelmed? Today’s guest, Harrison Beacher knows how to get the most out of your social media presence, without the overwhelm! In this episode, he offers strategies to create a comprehensive social media plan so that you can build connections with intention.   [1:30] A little bit about Harrison and his background in real estate. [5:00] What social media platform should you choose? [8:20] Harrison shares some of his favorite ways to optimize social media. [8:40] What was the last thing that made you stop scrolling? What kind of content do you like to consume? [10:30] Consider taking a quick 101 photography class to better understand what makes a good picture. [11:20] Should you have people in your photos or sho

Honest HR

Society for Human Resource Management

Unseen at Work: Liz O’Donnell on Elder Care

Each day, more than 10,000 people turn 65, which prompts conversation on a topic that comes up much less frequently in the workplace: Elder care and caring for aging parents. In this episode of Honest HR, host Wendy Fong speaks with Liz O’Donnell on navigating work and while also providing important end of life care to parents, and approaches employers can take to support their employees with caregiving responsibilities.Liz O'Donnell is the author of Working Daughter: A Guide to Caring for Your Aging Parents.Honest HR is supported by Hireguide.

The Modern Craftsman Podcast

The Modern Craftsman

#208 Money & Interior Design

Michael Ferzoco is the founder and principal designer at Eleven Interiors in Boston.  Where to find our guest: Episode brought to you by: The Modern Craftsman Where to find our hosts: Nick Schiffer Tyler Grace Podcast Produced By: Motif Media Music: "Dessert" by Nate Gusakov

Driven By Insight

Walker & Dunlop, Willy Walker, Walker Webcast

Keira D'Amato, Athlete and Record-Breaking Marathoner

It's never too late to return to an unfulfilled dream. Keira D'Amato tells the story of what it's like to leave the sport that she loved after sustaining an immobilizing foot injury.

On this latest Walker Webcast, host Willy and guest Keira discuss the incredible tale of how it's never late in life to do it all! In her late 30s, Keira started prioritizing her health. Unexpectedly, the little step she took turned out to be a huge turn towards qualifying for the Olympic Trials. She just pushed herself a little further and further and found herself hitting new records again and again.

She just kept saying: "What's the next goal? And the next? Let's keep going." Such incredible feats for a real estate agent, mother of two, and the fastest American woman to ever run a marathon – at age 37!

On January 16, Keira won the Chevron Houston Marathon at 2:19:12, beating

Raise Your Game Show with Alan Stein, Jr.

Alan Stein, Jr.

Bonus Episode: A Lesson on Poise from LeBron

This entire season, including these 8 bonus episodes, are entirely focused on sustaining both individual and organizational excellence, which not coincidentally, is the theme of my new book, Sustain Your Game: High Performance Keys to Manage Stress, Avoid Stagnation, and Beat Burnout. This season will highlight several of the top lessons and strategies directly from the book. I sure hope you enjoy!What makes the best the best? Ultimately the best are where they are because of the mindset, habits, and rituals they have—both in their respective “arenas,” but also in private, during the unseen hours. Success isn’t something that happens to you. It's something you attract and you create. Successful people do the little things better than everyone else because they know all the big things arise from them. The highest performers in all walks of life have taken full ownership. They got to where they are and have stayed there because they

Women Taking the Lead

Jodi Flynn | Executive Leadership Coach

100% Jodi: Taking Time to Process

In this episode I’m sharing some things I’ve been up to in the past year and what I’m doing for myself and my business in the coming months. For those of you who are new to Women Taking the Lead…hello and welcome! I’m Jodi Flynn and welcome to the Women Taking the Lead podcast. Being an executive leadership coach, author, speaker, workshop facilitator and I have the privilege to work with women leaders to hone the skills that will allow them to thrive in Senior Leadership. My absolute joy is to work with women who are still recovering from their last promotion. I am now settled in my new home in Norfolk, Virginia. And thanks to the beauty of technology, I’ve been able to continue to work with women all over the world as I transitioned from Maine to Massachusetts and on to Virginia. I do individual and group coaching as well as workshops and team retreats. I am the current President of the board for The Maine Women's Conference and on I’m the

Project Management Happy Hour

Kim Essendrup and Kate Anderson

076 - Imposter Syndrome: Diagnosis and Treatment

“I am in way over my head.”  “I have no business doing this job” “I am totally not worthy of this role” “There is no way I’m qualified to do this”  Have you ever told this to yourself? You may be infected with Imposter Syndrome! That’s OK - all highly capable people, especially project managers, find themselves with this affliction at one time or another - and again and again :-)  Not only can Imposter Syndrome take the fun and motivation out of your job, we see it holding many professionals back from their potential. So, get treatment today!  We were going to do an episode on Imposter syndrome, but then thought, are we really qualified to do that? Seems like it would take someone with much more experience than us to do it. :-) In this episode, Kate and Kim share their experience dealing with their own Imposter Syndrome, and share how we deal with it and over come it, and how we coach our mentees to shine in spite of self dou

Get Hired In Cyber Security

Ayo Adeojo

The importance of knowing what you want

Are you interested in getting in cyber security?
One of the things you must have crystal clear is what you want. I get questions all time that go along the lines of "what should I do?, what would you do if you were me?". Well for one, I have different aspirations and goals and you have specific goals as well.
Knowing what you want goes a long way and In this episode I speak to that a lot more.

Connect with me on Linkedin and check out my websites

Aviation Careers Podcast

Carl Valeri

ACP345 Yes, You Can Become A Pilot at 45 or Older!

Today we answer the question: how do I start a career at 45 years old? Thank you to our listener who wrote into  If you have a question leave on in the comments below or write us directly at: . I really like helping you reach your career goals. Sponsor: Speaking of helping […]
The post ACP345 Yes, You Can Become A Pilot at 45 or Older! appeared first on Aviation Careers Podcast.

Empire Building


104. How to Run an Effective Level 10 Leadership Meeting

Ineffective meetings waste an estimated $37 billion a year for businesses. We tend to focus on efficiency in every other aspect of our business, but culturally, meetings are seen as an accepted waste of bandwidth. But we say no time wasted is an acceptable amount of time wasted. We share five steps towards making your meetings effective and productive uses of everyone’s time.
Connect on Instagram:
Seychelle Van Poole: (@seychellevp)
Vija Williams: (@viavija)
Sarah Reynolds: (@sarahreynoldsoji)
Wendy Papasan: (@wendypapasan)

Empire Building is a production of (Crate Media)

Compounding with Kevin Dahlstrom

Kevin Dahlstrom

Compounding is a new podcast hosted by Kevin Dahlstrom featuring The Most Interesting People You've Never Heard Of—people who don't typically do podcasts because they're too busy living an incredible life! Our guests have broken society's mold to achieve the elusive balance between work, money, personal pursuits, and family. We'll visit each guest on location to take a look at their lives in their own home environment. Follow the show here & subscribe on YouTube to join us on this journey! Subscribe on YouTube here: Guests on Compounding will be folks who don't normally go on podcasts, usually because they're too busy living their lives! Follow the show here & subscribe on YouTube to join us on this journey.

I Cry at Work

Cari Anne Cashon

This whole Corporate America thing is getting exhausting, right? Welcome to burnout. In this podcast, we discuss business that's better for humans. We explore the modern reality of work and the system that fuels it. In true millennial fashion, Cari Anne approaches the conversation with sarcasm and rawness in a way that will resonate while also having us all re-evaluate our relationship with work. See for privacy and opt-out information.


Where Kontent is Queens

Kontent Queens is a weekly conversation about the complexities and nuances of the creator-driven social media economy. The episodic series is hosted by multi-faceted entrepreneurs and industry powerhouses Kia Marie (The Notorious K.I.A) and Vic Styles. The Kontent Queens platform exists to inform creators, new and old, about the bounty of wealth and growth opportunities in the kontent creation industry and simultaneously share best practices for creators to have longevity in their careers.

How I Work

Amantha Imber

Janice Lintz teaches you how to be heard by people who don’t want to listen

Nobody hears from Janice Lintz just once. Whether she’s chasing down information on her phone bill or chasing down the Queen of England, Janice doesn’t stop until she gets what she needs, and she believes others can benefit from that kind of tenacity. 
It’s reflected in a lesson Janice learned from the great civil rights activist, Vernon Jordan - don’t answer the phone until someone calls you the fourth time. If it’s not worth their time, it’s certainly not worth yours. So Janice calls again. And again, and again. 
As a hearing access consultant and consumer advocate, Janice’s requests aren’t merely boxes that need ticking; they’re often the only way people who are hard of hearing are able to experience what everyone else takes for granted. That’s why productivity and efficiency are so important to Janice. She simply doesn’t have time to waste. 
Connect with Janice on Twitter or Linke

Student Loan Planner

Travis Hornsby

Five Reasons Student Loans Are Totally Worth It

Most people have a love-hate relationship with student loans. I’m diving into five reasons why student loans are absolutely worth it. And yes, it’s true: There are unique situations in which they may not be worth the plunge. But I’ll make the case that, for the majority of folks, student loans may just turn out to be one of the best investments they’ll ever make. In today’s episode, you'll find out: Whether you qualify for PSLF if you work for a 501a What I think about crypto How Roth compares to 401(k) How to know if student loan debt it worth it Why borrowers shouldn’t worry about unemployment and retirement Why negotiating with your employer can open up new opportunities for you Why every borrower should consider starting a business based on their unique skillset How access to better professionals can help you save on taxes How student loans can help you get higher levels of job satisfaction   Like the show? There are seve

Happen To Your Career

Scott Anthony Barlow

Facing a New Career That Doesn't Fit (and What To Do)

Many of the people that we have worked with here at HTYC tend to go through several career changes on their own. They try many of the traditional job search methods, and they don’t see lasting results. Usually, they start excited about their new role, but then, at some point, start realizing that something is off. Sometimes the role or company doesn’t match your values. Sometimes the role doesn’t match your strengths. Laura Parker used to work for a global law firm for 12 years, and made a change to this technology company 2 years ago. It didn’t take long for her to realize that she needed to make another change, and that’s where she found this podcast. But I’m getting ahead of her story. We need to jump back and see why she needed to leave the law firm in the first place?

Sales Enablement Podcast with Andy Paul revenue operations platform

A Conversation with Garland Vance

Garland Vance is the Founder of AdVance Leadership and author of Gettin' (un)Busy: 5 Steps to Kill Busyness and Live with Purpose, Productivity, and Peace. Busyness is not a badge of honor. It is, however, steeped in good intentions as busyness is an overcommitment to good commitments. Garland emphasizes the need to uncommit and get unbusy through his 5 steps. He also shares a few practices of highly productive yet unbusy people in time blocking and working around the whole schedule according to 4 buckets: relationships, rest, reflection, and recreation.


Commitment, not time management, is the solution to busyness

Busyness is overcommitment the same way hoarding is over-collecting

5 steps to get unbusy: Decide, Deconstruct, Design, Develop, Draw others in

4 practices of unbusy people: Relationships, Rest, Reflection, and Recreation

Garland: "A


Project Management Institute

Protecting Communities With Coastal Resilience Projects

The climate crisis is impacting coastlines across the globe, with communities facing threats from rising sea levels and more frequent extreme weather events. In response, teams are launching projects to mitigate risks and build resilience. We discuss this with: Swarna Kazi, senior disaster risk management specialist, World Bank, Dhaka, Bangladesh, and Ignacio Urrutia, senior disaster risk management specialist, World Bank, Bangkok: Kazi and Urrutia discuss a project that aims to bolster sections of Bangladesh’s coastline, how considering risk at all stages of the project helps them create a cohesive strategy, and how the challenges they faced will influence their approaches to future coastal resilience projects.Catherine McCandless, climate change and environmental planning project manager, City of Boston Environment Department, Boston: McCandless talks about leading coastal resilience planning projects for two neighbor

How I Built This Small Business... l🔨

Business Solutions Network | BSN

How this Founder came out... to Start his Private Equity Land Fund - Hawthorne Funds | 182

182. Hawthorne Funds | Doug Smith started Hawthorne Funds to build and protect his own wealth. That goal remains the same today and he is proud to be the company’s largest investor. Doug is the founder and CEO of Hawthorne Funds. Previously a software developer for ExxonMobil, he has gone on to buy and sell over 100 houses. More recently, he has bought and sold over 2,500 acres of rural Texas land from within Hawthorne Funds and his other business entities. Join our ? Facebook Group to meet other listeners of the podcast:

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One of our Patreon Members thoroughly enjoyed listening to episode 165 Charles Bonfiglio of Tint World, which is the main reason why he became a patreon. He wanted to listen to the rest of the interview, which can only be accessed by members. So, if you want to hear episode 165, check it

The Exceptional Scrum Master podcast

Adeyinka Okunlade

This podcast is focused on sharing tips and techniques that will not only help you kick start your Agile career in a scrum master position but also help you become an exceptional scrum master. Support this podcast:

Women Of Project Management®

Asya Watkins, MBA, 6σGB, PMP®

Special Announcement, We're Having A Conference!

In this episode, I'm so excited to announce our upcoming Women Of Project Management Conference. The 2022 Experience Women Of Project Management Conference will be our inaugural in-person event. On November 12th in Atlanta, GA, hundreds of women will come together as a community to network, learn, encourage each other, and grow towards new professional heights. Visit us at to learn more, and join our mailing list for the latest updates. Tickets go on sale soon!


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TED and Stable Genius Productions


On the final episode of The ZigZag Project, activist Stacey Abrams explains her short-term strategies for sticking to her long-term goals and Manoush shares data from surveying thousands of listeners about making a big career change. The project wraps up with one last assignment and Manoush’s favorite messages from listeners. It’s a tear jerker.

The ZigZag Project is six steps (and episodes) to help you map out a path that aligns your personal values with your professional ambitions. Think of it as a RESET for your career or business.

Find the assignments, survey, newsletter and more at

The Close Weekly

The Close

The Close Weekly Podcast provides actionable advice about today's real estate market for real estate agents. Hosted by top producing agent & broker Sean Moudry, this podcast features industry leaders who offer marketing and lead gen tips.

Stand Out

NAPO (National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals)

Discover Your Organizing Style (EP.96)

After years of struggling with clutter, today’s guest realized something that would change her life forever; she didn’t organize in the traditional way. Cassandra Aarssen discovered that there are, in fact, four different organizing styles. Once she knew her style, Cassandra (or Cass, as she is affectionately known) was finally able to design a system that worked for her and stay organized for good! She’s now on a mission to spread the Clutterbug Organizing Philosophy and help other families who struggle with disorganization and clutter. You may have seen her hosting Hot Mess House on HGTV, although she also offers free education and ideas through her YouTube videos, podcasts, and her amazing online Facebook support group. In today’s episode, she shares why she believes that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for organization, and the four different organizing types that Cass calls Clutterbugs; Ladybug, Bee, Cricket, and Butterfly

Future of Agriculture

Tim Hammerich

FoA 314: The Value of Farm Data with Jason Tatge of AGI Digital (Farmobile)

Thank you to our quarterly presenting sponsor, Merck Animal Health Ventures: AGI: Farmobile:  Today’s episode is a fascinating look at the value of farm data. Jason Tatge has been thinking about farm data for decades now, and you’re going to hear about the early days of trading data over the phone, to how that concept is basically what we know today as carbon credits and NFTs. He’ll also talk about how Ag Growth International or AGI is using Farmobile’s platform to connect data from all sorts of equipment including things like grain bins and dryers to reach unprecedented levels of interoperable farm data. Some really interesting topics to cover on today’s show, make sure you stay to the end to hear his vision for where all this stuff is going. Jason is currently serving as a Senior Vice Pr

The CliftonStrengths Podcast

All Gallup Webcasts

How to Improve Your Wellbeing With Intellection

In this episode, learn best wellbeing practices for your Intellection theme, how it can be used to support others and how it looks when thriving versus struggling.Are you enjoying this podcast? Make sure to follow us and leave a review so more people can learn about their natural talents.View the complete transcript for this webcast, along with audio and video, at ways to stay connected:Follow us on LinkedIn: us on Instagram: us on Twitter: us on Facebook: to our CliftonStrengths newsletter:

The Accidental Creative with Todd Henry

Todd Henry

Emotion By Design (with former Nike CMO Greg Hoffman)

When you create, you likely aren’t doing it just for yourself. You are probably making things - whether a product, a message, a work of art, or even a strategy - for someone else. You create in order to get some kind of response from the person who experiences your work. An emotion.
This is especially true in the world of brand strategy. Your brand is not what you say it is, it’s the impression - the emotion - it generates in the person experiencing it. On this episode, former Nike CMO Greg Hoffman shares how you can craft strong, compelling creative work that resonates deeply with your audience. His new book is called Emotion by Design. 
Support the show by subscribing to (AC Premium).
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This episode is sponsored by (ZocDoc).
Mentioned in this episode:
Herding Ti

The Insurance Guys Podcast

Scott Howell & Bradley Flowers

One City World Tour Recap with Scott and Bradley

In this episode, Bradley and Scott sit down to discuss and give a behind the curtain peek at putting on their recent event, the One City World Tour in Denver, CO, in January 2022. Plus, the guys talk about meeting Brett Favre and Bo Jackson. Enjoy the show! Want More Info On The 2022 One City World Tour?Visit ///////////// Sponsor: GloveBox A seamless all-in-one platform connecting clients to your agency and their carriers. Maximize the client experience with both Agency and Carrier self-service features. Check them out here >>> Get the CoverWallet Insurance Guys Deal Here >>>

SharkFarmer Podcast

Rob Sharkey

298 Mackenzie Henning breeding plants

Did you detassel corn Listen to how detasseling and roguing corn led to Mackenzie Henning wanting to earn a PhD in plant breeding.

Talk Talent To Me

Rob Stevenson: Recruiting, Employer Branding, and Career Growth Expert.

Upleveling Your Career with Amy Scialdone

  Today on Talk Talent To Me, we are joined by career and leadership coach Amy Scialdone. After 25 years in corporate, her passion for developing people moved her to start her own executive coaching and leadership development company called The Empowerment Key. In this conversation, you'll hear how she wound up in HR, occupied her seat at the VP table, and has been guiding others ever since. This episode is packed with advice on the power of the pause, the top areas for improvement that most leaders struggle with, and insights into different types of promotion and selection processes, plus we learn a bit about Amy's work with the vital all-female C-suite network called Chief before diving into her 6-month The Empowered You program. Amy outlines how this training guides the process of self-inquiry necessary to lay the internal foundations of energy leadership, through showing up with self-regulation, awareness, and connection.    Key

Self Publishing School : How To Write A Book That Grows Your Impact, Income, And Business

Chandler Bolt, Founder of Self Publishing School

SPS 160: Quitting My Corporate Because Of My Book with Mick Spiers

Can you really quit your job and go full time as an author? Today I'm joined by Mick Spiers who did just that over the last year with our help at Self Publishing School. In this interview, we talk about: -How Mick went from listening to this podcast to being interviewed on it -How Mick wrote and published his book in 8 months -The two toughest parts of the process -How Mick successfully launched his book and the 2-3 things that sold the most books -The 4 P’s - what are they and why they’re important for writing & publishing a great book ...and a lot more. Mick is so inspiring. You don't want to miss this episode! P.S. Schedule a book consultation with the SPS team to talk about your book and how we can help you like we did Mick:

Job Interview Preparation Simplified

What is your greatest achievement?

Click here to check out my new YouTube channel! Interviewers ask you about your greatest achievement to understand your definition of success and to assess if you are a good cultural fit, willing to go the extra mile to deliver outstanding results. In this episode, I show you a simple, five-step approach to picking the right example and presenting it compellingly.

The Leader Assistant Podcast

Jeremy Burrows

#153: Networking for Executive Assistants and Administrative Professionals

In this episode, I share an excerpt from my audiobook, The Leader Assistant: Four Pillars of a Confident, Game-Changing Assistant, where I share a bit about my journey from no network, to a thriving network of assistants all over the world.Sponsor -> Notes -> -> leaderassistantbook.comPremium Membership -> -> leaderassistantlive.comFree Community ->

JMO Podcast

Jason Mitchell Outdoors

Skinny Water Walleye Mid-Winter w/ Jason Mitchell JMO Fishing 109

Jason Mitchell gives great advice from his experience chasing big walleyes in shallow water throughout the winter ice fishing season. This episode features tips and tricks to locating good spots and what it takes to be successful catching shallow walleyes. Make sure to like and subscribe and share with all your fishing buddies. Comment below with recommendations for upcoming guests or fishing topics we should be talking about.

The $100 MBA Show

Omar Zenhom

MBA2075 Q&A Wednesday: Why is my sales funnel not working?

There’s a flaw in the “funnel” approach. It’s not that marketing and sales funnels don’t work generally, or that they’re not useful. It’s that funnels can only do so much.  With packaged funnel-building programs and software making big promises, it’s easy to think funnels are more powerful than they really are. Can you really set […]
The post MBA2075 Q&A Wednesday: Why is my sales funnel not working? appeared first on The $100 MBA.

Recruiting Future with Matt Alder

Evergreen Podcasts

Ep 424: The Future Of Work

It's now an obvious thing to say that the pandemic has created an inflection point in the future of work. However, understanding which of the current trends we are seeing will become the long term trends that shape this future is a challenge, particularly when demographics and technology also have a big part to play. 

To help me make sense of all of this and give us a professional opinion on how things might develop, my guest this week is Katy Tynan, Principal Analyst at Forrester. Katy specialises in both the employee experience and the future of work and has a vast amount of expert insight to share.

In the interview, we discuss:

The current state of talent markets

Demographic shifts

The working from anywhere trend

Breaking down generational stereotypes

Designing culture and working practices around employees and customers

The importance of listening

The Meaning Movement: Helping You Find Your Calling, Create Your Life's Work, and Make Career Change

Dan Cumberland: Entreprenuer, Career & Meaning Consultant, Speaker

Dan Cumberland is on a mission to push you into the places where meaning and life intersect. Whether you call it personal development, purpose, passion, calling, vocation, dream job, or your life's work, The Meaning Movement is here to help you identify and pursue it. Through the stories of experts and people in process, we're taking apart the myths of a single path and overnight success and replacing it with tried and true strategies for the slow and steady pursuit of meaning in your life and work. Whether you're ready to switch careers or wondering how to get the most out of the time you have, this show will offer you the inspiration, encouragement, and strategies you need. If you're ready to level up your life, your career, and your income — this is for you. Let's go!

The Art of Speaking Up

Jessica Guzik

The Art of Speaking Up is a podcast that empowers professional women to achieve their wildest career goals by helping them strengthen their voices and find their inner power. The show aims to motivate, entertain, and remind working women that no matter what they might be struggling with, anything is possible for them in their careers. In addition to providing strengths-based professional empowerment, the show curates practical career advice on topics like career advancement, goal setting, job searching, stress management, salary negotiation and more.

The Meisha Rouser Show : Leadership and Professional Development, with Organizational Psychologist and Master Certified Coach

Meisha Rouser

41: Simple Coaching Tips

Coaching your employees is something that does not come naturally for many manager. Learn some quick and easy tips you can apply now to greatly improve your coaching skills to enhance others performance.

She's Just Getting Started ® - Tips for starting a business & making money doing what you love

Kimberly Brock

Are you just starting a business or dreaming of starting a business soon? Excited to make money doing what you love? Then it's time to get your business started already! Yes, you too can transform what you already know & love into a profitable and sustainable business. Join us each week as 21-year entrepreneur Kimberly Brock shares insights & wisdom to help you build a personally fulfilling & impactful business. She also lets you in on effective strategies & quick tips for taking all the needed steps to get your business going properly. Best of all, Kimberly will give you the motivation & inspiration you need to get past the fear, gain confidence and get moving! She'll have you believing anything is possible for you- and she's right. Yes, you too can enjoy making money doing what you love by getting your business started intelligently & effectively. After all, your business should be enjoyable, profitable - and make the world a better place. So glad you are here!

Project Management Podcast: Project Management for the Masses with Cesar Abeid, PMP

Cesar Abeid, PMP

The Power of Playfulness in Leadership

Today I bring you the scrappy Kimberly Wiefling, who will delight you with her playful take on leadership and project management.

The Job Interview Experience

Candidate Club

”Apply to Jobs I’m Under or Over Qualified For?”, Declining Offers, Interviewing After a Break in Employment - Listener Q&A

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From Start-Up to Grown-Up

Alisa Cohn

Episode 8 - Rick Nucci

Rick Nucci is the Co-Founder and CEO of Guru.In this talk, Rick discusses the importance of having complementary founder skills, his philosophy about culture, what to do when he doesn't know what to do, and why he insists that people vent.

Adjust Your Way to 100k

Solae Dehvine

Adjust Your Way To a 100k podcast, the show that gives you insight on a very profitable career in the Insurance Adjusting industry. Make sure to subscribe on your favorite platforms and share with anyone looking to get into a lucrative career.

The FI Show

Cody Berman and Justin Taylor

Stacked | Joe Saul-Sehy & Emily Guy Birken

Today's episode features Joe-Saul-Sehy and Emily Guy Birken, authors of the new book Stacked: Your Super-Serious Guide to Modern Money Management.

Joe is a former financial advisor the hilarious mastermind behind the iconic Stacking Benjamins podcast.

Emily wasn't classically trained in finance but had a passion for it and authored the very popular book The 5 Years Before You Retire (among others).

Now, these two have joined forces to fill a space that has never been filled. A different kind of personal finance book that covers your entire financial journey with the right mix of expert insights and humor.

Learn about everything from side hustles, to hiring a legit financial advisor, to planning for emergencies, to what’s new and exciting—and actually worth your time—in financial apps and software.

If you’re looking for the same old get-rich-quick clichés, avocado toast shami

New Real Estate Agent Mindset

John Pena

Choosing Your Broker | 1 Question to Ask Yourself

Wow, can you say breaking promises? My apologies for the long absence (again) even though I promised I was going to be more consistent. What is trust...promises kept over time!
Anyhoo, in this episode, I'm going to talk about the 1 question that I think new real estate agents ought to ask themselves when choosing a broker. 

48 Days to the Work You Love Internet Radio Show

Dan Miller - 48 Days

The only thing at which I’ve succeeded is living a life of misery

A 60-yr-old listener says he's only had unsatisfying jobs because he thought his only responsibility was to get a job and pay the bills. Now he's wondering if it's too late to follow his heart and passion. I think he's got an amazing way to do just that. Questions: 1. How can I find the courage to "Shoot for the Moon” in my goals. 2. Can I really do this work remotely? 3. I would like to hear about ideas for managing a business from the mission field. 4. The only thing at which I’ve succeeded is living a life of misery. Get direct links to the resources mentioned on this podcast, including 6 tips to a successful day through a positive attitude as well as the books mentioned, in the podcast show notes at  

Strategy Simplified

Management Consulted

S7E14: 4-Week Case Prep Plan

Applying for consulting roles this summer but not sure where to start your preparation? This episode is for you. We cover:An overview of case interviewsA 4-week interview prep planCheckpoints to hit between now and interviewsCase prep resourcesFollow along with the slides from this presentation here.Additional LinksJoin Black Belt case prep program: LEARN MOREFree market sizing drills: DRILLSFree case interview course: COURSESubscribe to MC's newsletter: SUBSCRIBECase interview walkthrough videos: PLAYSponsor an episode or advertise: Management Consulted Media Kit

Build Your Copywriting Business

Filthy Rich Writer

Combatting Work/Life Balance Guilt

When you work from home, it can be very hard to have work-life balance. And, if you're like Nicki and Kate, you may even feel guilt when you're not spending time on your business!

On this episode of the Build Your Copywriting Business podcast, Nicki and Kate are digging into ways that they have tried to find separation between work and life. Inevitably, your life may sneak into your work (for example, if you have a child, perhaps you're taking a client call with your child on your lap). But having set time for "life" and not letting work sneak into it, is crucial. Here's how they're taking steps to work on it!


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The Colors of Her Success

Mia Williams

The Colors of Her Success Podcast helps prepare 20-something women of color for their seat at the table. Every other week, your host Mia Williams has candid conversations with high-powered and influential women of color to capture their advice, life lessons, and expertise that will help you on your journey to success.

The Nomad Capitalist Audio Experience

The Nomad Capitalist

Why Not All Passports are Created Equal

Join the Best Offshore Conference - Nomad Capitalist Live 2022 - on September 21-24 in the most vibrant city in the world, Mexico City: Check out The Nomad Passport Index 2022: The World's Best Passports These days having a second passport is one of the weapons you can have business-wise. In most legacy brand countries, especially in the United States, their governments are looking for more ways to get more money. May this be through raising taxes or through the confiscation of wealth. This is prevalent in our current economy, so it's important to know that you have a backup plan. We've recently published our Nomad Passport Index, where we rank the best citizenships to have this year. In this video, Andrew will speak about why all passports are not created equal.

Manage This - The Project Management Podcast


Episode 154 – A Project Story:  The Largest Wreck Removal in US History

The podcast for project managers by project managers. Matt Cooke, a lead project manager with Texas-based T&T Salvage LLC, describes the bold plan to remove the Golden Ray wreck from the Georgia coastline. Hear about the many obstacles and challenges the team had to overcome in this extraordinary wreck removal project. Table of Contents 01:19 […]
The post Episode 154 – A Project Story:  The Largest Wreck Removal in US History appeared first on PMP Certification Exam Prep & Training - Velociteach.

I Suck At Life

Yola Robert

Morgan DeBaun On Creating Blavity: The Leading Media Site For Black Culture & Millennials, Paving Your Own Lane + Why She Left Silicon Valley

Yola sits down with Morgan DeBaun to discuss why she left Silicon Valley to start Blavity, the leading media site of Black culture and millennials, growing Blavity into a powerhouse company, codeswitching and the future of Black media.  Morgan DeBaun is a serial entrepreneur and corporate advisor. As the Founder & CEO of Blavity Inc., the leading digital media company for Black culture and millennials, Morgan has grown the company into a market leader for Black media, reaching over 100 million readers per month through a growing brand portfolio which includes: Blavity News, 21Ninety, AfroTech, Travel Noire, Shadow & Act, and Lunchtable. Under DeBaun’s leadership, Blavity has launched several leading consumer summits, including Summit 21 for Black women creators, and AfroTech, the largest tech conference for Black innovators and fo


Biography Podcast

Floyd Mayweather Biography - Life Story Famous Boxer

Floyd Mayweather Jr is an American boxing champion who is regarded as one of the best pound-for-pound fighters of his generation. A sport that runs in his blood, Mayweather has given everything to it, his blood, his sweat, his hard work and his life. His career graph is an illustrious one, studded with cent percent victories in his 49 outings, of which 26 came by knockout. He has major world titles in his belt including WBC super featherweight champion, WBC lightweight champion, WBC super lightweight champion, IBF welterweight champion, WBC welterweight champion, WBC light middleweight champion, WBA (Super) light middleweight champion, WBA (Super) welterweight champion and WBO welterweight champion. Nearly every time in the ring, Mayweather has managed to give a flawless performance that has been the result of his blazing speed, punishing power and unbelievable ring generalship. His fights are a fistic masterpiece of brill

Conversations with Women in Sales

Lori Richardson

120: Sales Pros are Helpers not Snipers, Leslie Venetz, Digital Reach

What does an inclusive sales culture look like? How do we get men to be our advocates, not just allies?  I talked with TikTok B2B Sales standout Leslie Venetz, of Digital Reach about her 15 year sales journey and how far we still need to go for more women in sales. We talk about working remotely and how that can be a game changer for a mom with child or kids at home - and how you don't need to be a "road warrior" to be a sales leader anymore. That is great for more women sales leader candidates and ultimately more women in sales leadership. #SheSells #SeeItBeIt @SalesTipsTok "Breaking Corporate Bro Culture"

Working It

Financial Times

How the pandemic has changed what we wear to work

Many of us got used to dressing in athleisure and comfort clothing while we were working from home during the pandemic, and it would seem we’re loath to shed that habit as we head back into the office. In this episode, host Isabel Berwick tries to disentangle the new workplace dress codes with the help of two experts: Adam Galinsky, a Columbia University business school professor, and Robert Armstrong, FT style columnist and author of the FT’s popular Unhedged newsletter. Galinsky has researched what sorts of clothes help us work – and feel – at our best, and the results may surprise you. Armstrong wants us to think differently about the idea of comfort, and wonders whether the tie is dead. Want more?  Robert Armstrong on the end of the tie Why is Jeff Bezos such a terrible dresser?

Success Without Sacrifice Podcast

Kate Byars

The Success Without Sacrifice Podcast teaches women executives, doctors, attorneys, and successful businesswomen how to avoid burnout, navigate a demanding career without sacrificing your private life, and enjoy the success you've worked so hard for. This podcast is about answering one question: How can driven, ambitious women avoid the ugly trade-offs between their career and their personal life without stepping back, slowing down, or earning less? If you want to know the answer, you're in the right place.

MSL Talk

Tom Caravela

99. From MSL to MSL Recruiter: A Career Transition

My guest today is Sarah Snyder, Executive MSL Recruiter with The Carolan Group and we discuss her career transition from Medical Science Liaison to MSL Recruiter   Sarah shares…   ? How she made the unique career transition ? Why it is a good idea for a job seekers to work with a Recruiter ? What is the best way for a job seeker to engage a Recruiter ? What Job Seekers do to ensure a successful relationship with a Recruiter The podcast is available through the links below: ️ ️ 〰️ Spotify: ️ ️ 〰️ Apple: ️ ️ 〰️ Stitcher:   ? Now on YouTube ? Please subscribe:     ? Now on Instagram ? Please subscribe:    MSL Talk is a podcast that features helpful information for current Medical Science Liaisons, Medical Affairs leaders, job seekers looking to br

Mile High FI Podcast

Carl Jensen & Doug Cunnington

Carl at Tesla for the Cyber Rodeo | MHFi 067

Carl traveled to wonderful Austin, TX for the Tesla factory opening. Doug asks him all about it. They welcome in a NEW sponsor!

Carl's Cyber Rodeo YouTube Video
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**Disclaimer: The podcast is for informational purposes. Maybe entertainment but we won’t even make such a claim. You shouldn’t take the info as financial, legal, or tax advice. We aren’t certified financial planners or advisors. We’re not qualified for much. So get advice from professionals.**

Tips for Work and Life with Andrew LaCivita

Andrew LaCivita

Career coach and award-winning author Andrew LaCivita shares insights on leading a rewarding career and fulfilled life.

HVAC Know It All Podcast

HVAC Know It All

Building Performance - Live At CMPX w/ Bob Tonner, Aaron Bond and Brent Lammert

First of four live shows tackled budiling performance. We got perspectives from Brent Lammert, Aaron Bond and Bob Tonner and their thoughts on budiling performance as a whole. 8% on your purchase with promo code knowitall Check out the HVAC Know It All app Visit HVAC Know It All on social media Facebook Instagram

The Communication Guys Podcast: Communication Excellence | Professional and Personal Success

Tim Downs and Dr. Tom Barrett: Speakers, Authors, Communication Trainers, E

How to Connect in an Angry World [E174]

Is it possible to connect with someone whose politics or social views are the virtual opposite of your own? Yes, it is possible—and it’s important that we learn to do it, because the world is becoming angrier and more polarized than ever before. How will we solve the problems of the future if we can’t even talk to one another? Episode 174 of the Communication Guys podcast is “How to Connect in an Angry World,” where the Guys describe 5 essentials for beginning to connect with someone whose views are nothing like your own. This episode is a replay of one of our most timely and significant episodes, originally released as Episode 148.

Girl, You’re Hired: Job Interview Tips Podcast

Lena Sernoff

7 Techniques to Sound Super Confident in Your Interview

When it comes to interviewing, sounding and feeling confident is your golden ticket. From power posing to banter, here are 7 ways to sound confident in your job interview and outshine other candidates.

The Reboot Podcast

Reboot Extra #20: Women's Conversations - Finding Joy & Creative Habits - with Rachel Ryle & Ali Schultz

In this Podcast Extra, Reboot Co-founder Ali Schultz sits down with Rachel Ryle, an award-winning animator, illustrator, and storyteller. Rachel describes how tending to her energy and taking ownership of her mental health has brought more purpose and fulfillment to her everyday life. She describes her daily gratitude practice and details how leaning into joyful pursuits has reinvigorated her creativity and boosted productivity. Leave us a review on Apple Podcasts! Follow our step by step guides: - How To: Leave a Review on Your Computer: - How To: Leave a Review on Your iPhone: Never miss an episode! Sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date on all our episode releases.

Agent Academy

Jon Cheplak & Dan Beer

Delivering sophisticated and market-proven systems to grow your real estate business.

Your First Hundred Million - As Read by the 50 Billion Dollar Man

Dan Peña

Your First Hundred Million | Episode 13

CHAPTER 13: Take Action Now! - or Never!   - Get off your dead ass NOW! - My Final Words   "If you don't take action to begin your Quantum Leap within 21 hours after finishing this book, you never will!"

This Is Working with Daniel Roth


Terry Crews on the power of vulnerability

Terry Crews stands out across industries for his work as an actor, athlete, and designer. But all this success masked deep insecurity, and a misguided belief about what was required of him as a man. He sits down with LinkedIn Editor-in-Chief Dan Roth for a conversation about all of this, inspired by his new book, Tough: My Journey to True Power.  
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Bred To Build - Construction Podcast

Brek Goin & MattBangsWood

Our podcast is dedicated to sharing industries stories of people who get sh*t done. Whether you're a bags-on trade or an industry leader, we focus on the people who are bred to build. The people who wake up and move construction forward. Hosted by Brek Goin & MattBangsWood Powered by Hammr

Spill The OT: Real Talk Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Speech Language Pathology

Spill The OT

OT - Interview Tips (Part 2)

Hi friends! Today we are talking to a lovely therapist named Angelika and she is sharing about her experiences being on an interview panel and taking a course on interviewing. If you are a new graduate, student, or therapist looking to switch jobs or career then you DO NOT want to miss this interview!! Angelika shares SO MANY helpful tips for interviewing that we decided to split the interview in half so you can fully absorb and digest all of these great suggestions. To follow Angelika and her journey you can find her:
on IG @WanderlustLika
and on YouTube @


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HR Leaders

Chris Rainey

How You Can Support your Employee's Wellbeing

In this episode of the HR Leaders podcast, I'm joined by Raymond Co & Joanna Kurowska to discuss employee wellbeing in the workplace, and what you can do as an HR Leader to improve it.Raymond Co is the Senior Vice President of Human Resources, Americas and Global Learning at the InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG®).Joanna Kurowska is the Managing Director UK & Ireland at the InterContinental Hotels Group. ? Subscribe to HR Leaders:️ Listen on your favourite platform: Follow Chris on LinkedIn: to Avature for partnering with us to bring you this contentWhen evaluating software you need to take the time to think about your current strategy. What are its weak points? How could it be improved? Is it scalable? What do you want to achieve? Often figuring out what you need is the hardest part of making

This Is Success

Business Insider

Insider Edge: The first questions to ask if you're laid off

The coronavirus pandemic has brought widespread layoffs, and with that, a sense of job anxiety. If you're worried that layoffs may be coming to your organization, how can you best prepare? And if you are laid off, what are the first things you should ask?Susan Peppercorn is an executive and career coach who guides people through job transitions. She shared what steps you can take to ensure you're not caught off guard if layoffs strike, and specific benefits and services you should ask for when they do.Available now to Business Insider subscribers: https: Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

The Career Rx Podcast for Doctors

Marjorie Stiegler MD

You know you're not alone. Many doctors are frustrated by bureaucracy, stagnation, and burnout. If you're stuck on a career treadmill and your hard work isn't getting you the results you deserve, you need The Career Rx! This podcast is about modern business, branding, social media, and digital platforms to help physicians advance their careers. Grow your practice, build a successful physician side gig, achieve academic promotion, become a physician entrepreneur, and even transition to a nonclinical career. From the author of The Social Prescription (social media for doctors) and the creator of The Rx Series (business, public speaking, professional branding, and digital marketing for doctors), this podcast will help you do more of the work you love (and less of what you don't) by teaching you both timeless and modern career strategies that you don't learn in medical school. Finally, enjoy career success on your own terms with The Career Prescription podcast for doctors and other healthcare leaders.

Next Level Leaders with Dr. Joseph Walker, III

Charisma Podcast Network

How Do We Manage Tough Spots?

Join Dr. Joseph this week as he talks about managing tough spots as leaders. Leadership can be tough, but a next level leader understands that we learn best from those tough moments and it sharpens our resolve.


Jack Sweeney

812: When Leadership Came Calling | Angela Pierce, CFO, Anaconda

Looking back on her career as a corporate finance executive, Angela Pierce says that the call of leadership arrived at a moment of unvarnished frustration. Sixteen years ago, when the management of Level 3 Communications was expressing a keen interest in acquiring Pierce’s then-company, Broadwing Corporation, it was not the first time that Pierce found herself sitting across from Level 3 corporate development executives.    In fact, as Broadwing’s vice president of finance, Pierce had been involved in two earlier engagements when Level 3 executives had expressed similar sentiments—only to have nothing come out of the exercises in M&A due diligence. For Pierce, the third engagement necessitated a more direct approach—one that signaled to Level 3 that Broadwing management was confident that further negotiation was not necessary. “At some point, you have acquired the required competence from your past experiences,

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Accounting Podcast

Lorilyn Wilson, CPA

Avalara brings you a podcast by accountants for accountants. Hear from some of the biggest thought leaders in the industry on the current and future state of accounting, as well as lessons they've learned along the way.

Physician NonClinical Careers with John Jurica

John Jurica, MD, MPH, CPE

4 Things the CMO Should Never Say to the CEO

This week, John presents a topic in his Effective Physician Leadership Series. John learned a lot about working in a complex management environment as the chief medical officer for a 300-bed, stand-alone hospital. When reviewing a topic such as this, sometimes it’s fun and instructive to look at it from the perspective of what NOT to do.  So, John describes the 4 Things the CMO Should Never Say to the CEO. You will find links and a transcript of the episode at  =============== You can support this podcast by making a small monthly or annual donation. To learn more, go to You can now join the most comprehensive Community for all clinicians looking for a nontraditional career at NewScr!pt. Get an updated edition of the FREE GUIDE to 10 Nonclinical Careers at Get a list of 70 nontraditional jobs at nonclinicalphysicia

The Influential Personal Brand Podcast

Rory & AJ Vaden

Trends in Personal Branding National Research Study by Brand Builders Group

When Brand Builders Group first launched three and a half years ago, we firmly believed that personal branding would be the future of marketing. Since then we have had this belief repeatedly affirmed through our own experiences, along with those of our clients. Yet, with so much rapid change happening, we noticed a surprising amount of misconceptions around the term personal branding. Not just from the general public, but also from amongst our clients, and even within our teams. It was our passion for this topic, and our dedication to basing our practices on unbiased and robust data, that led us to conduct a new Personal Branding National Research Study, along with the help of an experienced and impartial third-party firm. This study illustrates the role of personal branding on a national scale. Over the past year, our teams have been hard at work conducting surveys across the United States and gath

Detail Therapy with Amy Landino

Amy Landino

146: Ashley Stahl Takeover | The Process of Finding Your Calling

In this episode, Amy passes the mic to Ashley Stahl to teach you how to align your unique gifts and purpose to the opportunities around you!  Ashley Stahl is a counterterrorism professional turned career expert, host of You Turn Podcast, and best-selling author of “You Turn: Get Unstuck, Discover Your Direction, and Design Your Dream Career”. Her goal is to help you get clarity and fulfillment on the path that will light you up in your career.  Connect with Ashley on Instagram HERE! or visit her website HERE! Listen to Ashley's podcast You Turn HERE! SHINE SQUAD IS BACK! Want more podcast goodness? Get a daily dose of motivation from Amy by joining Shine Squad! Check out all the details in our show notes HERE Connect with Amy on Instagram HERE Connect with Detail Therapy on Instagram HERE Check out more of our content at Download the GATLUW Success Guide for FREE HERE Buy the Good Morning Good Lif

I Love Bookkeeping

Hannah Robinson & Melissa Honan

I Love Bookkeeping is a global community of Bookkeeping Professionals. We all bleed bookkeeping and want to grow and prosper our businesses. This podcast is for Bookkeeping Professionals who serve clients, and it's for the woman or man who aspires to join our great industry. Join Hannah Robinson & Melissa Honan every Tuesday and Thursday to geek out on Bookkeeping.

Navigating Law School Admissions with Miriam & Kristi

Navigating Law School Admissions with Miriam & Kristi

Listener Q&A

It’s time for your questions! Miriam and Kristi close out Season 2 with listener questions about parenting, the transfer process, whether to retake the LSAT, and more.


Relay FM

149: Asking Questions, with Marc Champagne

Marc Champagne (author of Personal Socrates) joins us to talk about mental fitness, journaling, and why simply asking the right questions can change your life.

Crain's Daily Gist

Crain's Chicago Business

Get a head start on your workday with the stories that matter most. Listen to our roundup of essential Chicago headlines and analysis from Crain’s reporters and host Amy Guth. Presented by Wintrust.

PMP Exam Radioshow (Project Management)

Phill Akinwale, PMP, ACP, OPM3

PMP Exam Radioshow Sub-Reddit Community (

Join this community:


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Bossed Up

Emilie Aries

Why do toxic people always get promoted?

In today’s episode, Emilie chats with Tessa West, an Associate Professor of Psychology at New York University and author of Jerks at Work, a new book about how to navigate the day-to-day realities of working with toxic colleagues. Related Links:Learn more about TessaGrab a copy of Jerks at WorkEnroll in Level Up, our leadership acceleratorEp 31: Giving Effective FeedbackEp 206: How to be the Best People ManagerEp 268: How to Lead with Emotional IntelligenceEp 343: Got a Bad Boss? How to Manage Up EffectivelyEp 147: Toxic Workplace Warning SignsEp 292: How to Leave a Toxic Workplace BehindDownload our FREE Job Search Guide & Negotiation Guide Join the Courage Community on FacebookGot a boss move you’d like to share? Schedule a call to chat with Emilie!Got a career conundrum you want me to cover on the podcast? Leave me a voicemail at 910-668-BOSS(2677) or shoot us an email at 

Mindy Diamond on Independence: A Podcast for Financial Advisors

Mindy Diamond - Financial Advisor Recruiter and Consultant

$1B+ Multi-Generational Merrill Breakaway Team Leaves Behind the Big Brand to Gain “More” for Clients

Matt Liebman, Founding Partner and CEO of RIA firm Amplius Wealth Advisors discusses the complexity of considering change with a multi-generational team, the difficulty of walking away from a big brand name, the concept of clients being the real “boss” and how that influenced his choice to build an independent firm—and much more.

The Derm Vet Podcast

Ashley Bourgeois, DVM, Dip ACVD

110. Plasma Cell Pododermatitis

Plasma cell pododermatitis is an autoimmune disease we most commonly see in cats. Learn about the clinical presentation, diagnosis and treatment options!

Pretty Rich Podcast

Sheila Bella


The road to success is not always a smooth one and in Sheila Bella's case, it was as rocky and bumpy as you can get. Tune in to this live interview with Sheila Bella and her content manager, @24karatkate, on how Sheila built a a brick and mortor and online business from the ground up, to being featured in Forbes magazine.  //FORBES MAGAZEINE ARTICLE LINK: //VISIT to register for Pretty Ambitious Summit //Visit to sign up for a free 60-minute strategy call to learn more about Pretty Rich Bosses and set you on a path of success for your business. RESOURCES: -FREE RESOURCES -GET YOUR FIRST 10K FOLLOWERS ON INSTAGRAM

Shop Talk: The Real Estate Show

The CE Shop

Shop Talk makes real estate agents better at their job by featuring unique topics and interviews with industry experts.

5 Minutes Podcast with Ricardo Vargas

Ricardo Viana Vargas

Trailer – 5 Minutes Podcast

The Practice of the Practice Podcast | Innovative Ideas to Start, Grow, and Scale a Private Practice

Practice of the Practice Network

How I got through the death of a sibling with Rebecca Sidoti | POP 738

What happens to a person’s development when they experience intense grief as a teenager? Has your relationship with grief changed as you have aged?...
The post How I got through the death of a sibling with Rebecca Sidoti | POP 738 appeared first on How to Start, Grow, and Scale a Private Practice| Practice of the Practice.

Wall Street Oasis

Wall Street Oasis

EP 199: Grace (Session 19) - Prepping for Blackstone RE Internship - Apr 8, 2022

In this short session, we catch up with Grace to hear how she's prepping for her real estate internship with Blackstone. We go over what she's currently involved in and give her a few tips to help her get ready.

Modern Life Insurance Selling Podcast

Jeff Root: Location Independent Life Insurance Salesman

Join your host Jeff Root and learn how to grow a more profitable life insurance business by selling online and over the phone from anywhere with an internet connection. Jeff will show you how to harness the power of the internet to increase your income and enjoy the lifestyle of being location independent. Sound too good to be true? Listen in and judge for yourself or head over to

The Extreme Ownership Rundown

Echelon Front, LLC

At Echelon Front, we know that leadership is the solution to every problem. But we recognize that there is a daunting amount of leadership content and material generated each week through virtual training sessions, in-person leadership events, and podcasts. Our Commander’s Intent for the Extreme Ownership Rundown is to provide you just the highlights in simple, clear and concise form so that—despite your busy schedule—you can learn the skills necessary to solve your problems through leadership.

Case Interview Preparation & Management Consulting | Strategy | Critical Thinking &

481: How and when a consultant must disagree (Strategy Skills Classics)

For this episode, let's revisit one of Strategy Skills classics, where we discuss when a consultant must dissent and how it should be done. Enjoying our podcast? Get access to sample advanced training episodes here:


Timbre Media

46: Ep 046 - 7 super powers of a great leader

Every once in a while, when we face serious problems, we all wish we had some superpowers. Maybe fly away to a far-off planet to destress, or just turn invisible. But the closest we humans come to possessing superpowers in our mundane world are the super successful CEOs, billionaires, top-rung politicians, and the like. 

We often hear people refer to such individuals as born leaders, but are all successful leaders born with an innate ability to lead? 

Or are some people more inclined towards leadership, while others have to work harder to become adept at it? 

Truth is, no radioactive spider can give you the superpower of leadership. 
In our reality, true leaders are forged by experiences, failures, and hard-fought successes. 

In this podcast, we look at some of the “superpowers” that define a successful leader in the 21st century.

Working in UX Design


Every 3rd Friday of the month, tune in to our ‘Working In UX Design’ podcast series - where we interview a UX professional in the industry on their experience of working in UX Design. Our past interviewees include UX leads from Grab, AirAsia, Shopify, Zalora and more!

Bring Your Soul to Work with Career Coach Mo Faul

Career Coach Mo Faul

If you’re not doing the work you love or are looking for a life change, join Career Coach Mo Faul each week for Bring Your Soul to Work. As a mentor and coach, Mo will help you dig deep and discover what really makes you happy. Each week Mo will offer career clarity and share tips and strategies to help you focus on what you want to do and how to make it happen.

Who's Your Agent

With Boo Maddox

Talking with different Real Estate agents we are able to see all kinds of backgrounds and unique starts into the industry with some of Utah's best.

Social Workers, Rise!

Catherine, LCSW

Basics of Clinical Supervision

This week I'm covering the basics of what you need to know for Clinical Supervision as a new Social Worker.
What is it?
Who needs it?
What are the Qualities of a Good Supervisor?
Where can you go for more information for your state?

Check your Clinical Supervision Requirements for your state HERE.
Need to find a Clinical Supervisor near you? Check out the RISE Directory.

Let’s get connected:
Instagram @SocialWorkersRise 
Connect on LinkedIn 
Tap Here to Subscribe to our Email Resource List
RISE Directory - A national directory of Clinical Supervisors who are looking to help the next generation of Clinical Social Workers GROW.

Have you heard? Social Worker's, Rise! Has been named in the Top 10 of Social Work podcasts worldwide!  See the full list here:

The Career Change Maker Podcast

Janine Esbrand

# 183- These Assumptions Are Holding You Back From Career Change Success

In today’s episode of the ‘Career Change Maker’ podcast, I am talking about these assumptions that are holding you back from career change success.The reason I want to talk about this topic here is that this is something that happens to a lot of people in terms of their thought processes. If you're someone who's been thinking about a career change, you've been stuck, and are not quite sure what steps to take then this episode is going to be useful for you when it comes to a career change. Episode Highlights·       01:40 -  When you've been in your role for a long time in a particular industry it can feel really overwhelming and difficult to pin down what the alternatives should look like.·       04:25 - I want you to challenge yourself around the assumptions that you're making about what is possible for you because if you are constantly making assumptions about your success then

the Girl Banker Podcast

Natalie Bartholomew

Britney Campbell | Her Bank

Britney Campbell, SVP of Marketing and Public Relations at Legends Bank, talks about her brainchild, Her Bank, an initiative focused on delivering a better banking experience by women for women. 

Mixtape: The Podcast

Scott Cunningham

Mixtape: the Podcasts are interviews conducted between Scott Cunningham (Professor of Economics at Baylor University) and mostly economists, their collaborators, and people in adjacent fields.

What's your why?

Greenhouse Software

Hear from today’s talent thought leaders to discover how a winning talent strategy drives real business results. Greenhouse is dedicated to expanding your hiring mindset, from supporting DE&I initiatives to climbing the Hiring Maturity curve. Join the conversation now to hear valuable talent strategy, insights, guidance and actionable takeaways for your business. In each episode, you’ll learn from smart people at the forefront of hiring who will share their experiences and learnings with you.

Lessons Learned for Vets

Lori Norris

Supporting veterans to achieve career success as they navigate the challenges of transitioning out of the military. Each week we will bring you a new mentor who will teach you the lessons they have learned as they traveled the military transition path before you.

Steal the Show with Michael Port

Michael Port

Speeches, job interviews, deal-closing pitches. Do you know the best way to handle yourself in the spotlight? Steal the Show is a fast track to learning what it takes to engage your listeners, manage your nerves, and maximize your message's impact in every situation, every time. Your host Michael Port is the Founder and CEO of Heroic Public Speaking and a former professional actor, having guest starred on shows like Sex and The City, Law and Order, Third Watch, and many others. He is the New York Times bestselling author of 9 books on the topics of business and public speaking, including Book Yourself Solid, Steal the Show, and The Referable Speaker.

The Civil Engineering Podcast

Anthony Fasano, PE and Christian Knutson, PE

TCEP 212: How Climate Adaptation and Resilience Connect to Civil Engineering Projects

In this episode of The Civil Engineering Podcast, I talk to Emory Lee, AICP, ENV SP, MCIP-I, WEDG, Climate Adaptation & Resilience Lead for Ramboll Group A/S in New York about climate adaptation and resilience in engineering and some of the potential jobs or roles there are within climate adaptation. Engineering Quotes: Here Are Some […]
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MLM Nation

Simon Chan

How to Get Skeptical Prospects to Join by James Zheng

James Zheng shares his network marketing journey and what he did to get skeptical prospects to join his MLM businessWho is James Zheng?James Zheng was a 19 year old premed student at UC Berkeley when he discovered network marketing. At the time he had zero work and business experience and was extremely shy.Today he’s a 6 figure income earner with a team of over 5,000 distributors and 10,000 customers.Favorite QuoteIf you want more, you have to become more Recommended Books by James ZhengThink and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John MaxwellBibleRecommended Online AppNotes App on PhoneRecommended Business ToolVideoContact InfoJames Zheng on Facebook and Instagram

CDCR Unlocked

California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation

Welcome to CDCR Unlocked, which will explore correctional issues including rehabilitation and reentry, peace officer recruitment, employee wellness and other criminal justice topics. It will also feature interviews with and profiles of California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) executives, administrators, staff, volunteers and community partners. The name “CDCR Unlocked” was chosen from more than 250 entries in a naming competition among CDCR and CCHCS employees. The winning name was submitted by Robert Miller, a Supervising Case Records Technician in the Division of Adult Institutions.

Ambitious and Balanced Working Moms

Rebecca Olson

This is a show for working moms who want to balance their ambitious career goals with their life as a mom. Being a career driven woman is hard and confusing after having kids but each week, Certified Professional Life Coach Rebecca Olson will share bite-size stories, tips and strategies to help you regain your confidence, make decisions you trust and create a positive mindset that supports the ambitious life you want to live. Rebecca remembers how challenging it was after returning from maternity leave and will teach you how to be both productive at work and present with your family. If you never want to choose between your career and being a great mom, you’ll find answers and support right here. Learn more at

Craft of Consulting Podcast

Deb Zahn

Progressing Leads Through Your Consulting Sales Funnel—with Catherine Brown

Sales expert and author Catherine Brown is back again to share her process and insights for engaging leads all the way through to them becoming consulting clients.

Ayers All Access

Ayers Institute

Education is a dynamic field, constantly adapting to maximize student success. At the Ayers Institute we're always looking for inspiring educators, instructional strategies, and leadership methods that are making a difference in classrooms and communities. Join us on a quest to find the best in education: compelling people, current topics, practical tips, and innovative solutions. We'll ask timely questions as we seek information and inspiration from people who are doing great work in education. The Ayers All Access podcast is brought to you by the Ayers Institute for Learning & Innovation at Lipscomb University's College of Education.

CPA Exam Experience from SuperfastCPA


Nate from SuperfastCPA reveals his strategies, tips, tricks, and methods for mastering your daily CPA study process so that you can pass your exams faster and avoid failing sections.

Deep Listening - Impact beyond words - Oscar Trimboli

Oscar Trimboli

Three practical ways listen when you disagree fiercely - Simon Greer

Simon Greer is the founder of Bridging The Gap and the host of Courageous Conversations at the Nantucket Project in the United States. He's known as a social entrepreneur and has spent the last 30 years on the front lines of the most contentious social change and struggles. Do you struggle to listen when you're in disagreement? How do you hold your presence, maintain your focus, when everything the other person says is the opposite of what you've come to believe? Do you get so angry that you lose track of your argument and theirs? Today's episode may be able to help you explore how to listen when you disagree and the difference between arguing for truth or arguing for victory.

The Speaker Lab

Grant Baldwin

How to Find Financial Freedom and Flexibility with Shane Sams

Genuine, authentic, relatable, down-to-earth — that is Shane Sams. He gave up his place at the front of the classroom after realizing he wanted to find a way to provide and have the ability to be present for the people who matter most in his life. What started as making playbooks for coaches and lesson plans for teachers soon turned into a full-blown education company as Shane claimed the title of “online entrepreneur.” Soon after, he and his wife realized they could share their resources and entrepreneurial gifts to help other families take control of their income, gain freedom, and create a future. After selling his education company, Shane stepped into a new venture to help others monetize their knowledge, wisdom, and passion through membership sites. It might surprise you to learn that Shane only started speaking two years ago! Shane had been podcasting for several years but hadn’t taken the stage. However, he

Leading Voices in Real Estate

Matt Slepin

Chris Tokarski | Founder and Co-CEO of ACORE Capital

Co-CEO and a Founder of ACORE Capital, Chris Tokarski joins Matt on this week’s Leading Voices to talk about the CRE debt business in general and, specifically talk about the private debt providers, like ACORE, which have become a major part of the market, particularly in construction and transitional lending since the Global Financial Crisis. With approximately $17 billion of assets under management, ACORE is one of the largest private debt providers focused on commercial real estate, originating and managing first mortgages, B-notes, mezzanine debt, and preferred equity, deploying over $28 billion in more than 375 transactions since inception in 2015.

Courageous Help

Base HQ

How are assistants changing the world? In this bi-weekly series, current and former assistants will explore the various ways assistants are challenging the status quo — from impacting global business practices to molding new career paths and beyond.

Lessons from a Quitter

Goli Kalkhoran

Reducing Anxiety

Anxiety seems to be more present in our modern lives than ever before. But I think that is partly due to the fact that we fundamentally misunderstand anxiety, which prevents us from reducing it. In this week's episode, I break down what anxiety actually is and what steps to take to help you manage it.

SIE Exam: Securities Industry Essentials Exam Lessons and Information


SIE Exam Lesson 12 Options pt 2 Quiz

SIE Exam Lesson 12 Options pt 2
SIE Exam Lesson 12 Options pt 2
This is a SIE Exam Lesson 12 Options pt 2  options pt.1which is covering options pt. 1 basic option terminology of call and put options See how you do if you need help listen to the lesson over.

Questions covered include

Below are questions based on the previous lesson. Choose the letter of the correct answer.
To take the quiz online, click here.

Quiz Options Part 2

Below are questions based on the previous lesson. Choose the letter of the correct answer.
To take the quiz online, click here.

1. It is the cost of an option.
A. bid price
B. ask price
C. premium
D. strike price

2. The premium contains the option’s ___.
A. intrinsic value
B. time value
C. both intrinsic value and time value
D. neither intrinsic value nor time value

3. This refer

Your Cyber Path: How to Get Your Dream Cybersecurity Job

Kip Boyle

EP 68: Can You Demonstrate Too Much Passion for Cybersecurity?

In this episode, Jason and Kip are focused on how you can demonstrate true passion for cybersecurity. They discuss the six things that you must avoid as they are considered red flags by a hiring manager. These red flags must be avoided at all costs, otherwise they will instantly land you in a hiring manager’s “reject” pile.

Don’t tell me about all the organizations you’ve hacked beforeDon’t tell me what you think I want to hearStating you have experience or certifications that you don’t havePretending to be someone you are not to try and fit inDon’t pretend you have never failed at somethingDon’t describe cybersecurity as an absolute must have at all cost function in a company

Make sure you avoid doing these six things during your next interview, because hiring managers are listening to see if you fall into any of these common traps.

Paralegals on Fire! with Ann Pearson

Ann Pearson

The Paralegals on Fire podcast show is hosted by Ann Pearson, former paralegal and paralegal manager, turned entrepreneur. Join us each week to get actionable strategies to fast-track your paralegal career. We're going to do that with informative interviews, behind the curtain tips from management, and solo episodes where we take deep dives into areas that matter most to paralegals. Our mission is to give you tangible things that you can walk away with each week that add value to your paralegal career.

Meet The Leader

World Economic Forum

Top leaders share what's needed for change after Davos 2022

Leaders gather at the Annual Meeting in Davos to discuss solutions to the world’s biggest problems. But how can they keep that sense of optimism once they return from the mountain? On the latest Meet The Leader podcast, CEOs, experts and more attending the May event share practical strategies as well as the roll of joy and understanding risk to ensure progress can move forward.Leaders featured: Ray Dalio, Founder, Bridgewater Associates; Lindiwe Matlali, Founder, Africa Teen Geeks; Frans van Houten, CEO, Royal Philips; Alex Liu, Managing Partner, Kearney; Achim Steiner, Administrator, United Nations Development Programmed; Nela Richardson, Chief Economist, ADP; Kristian Teleki, Director, Friends of Ocean Action; Tolullah Oni, urban epidemiologist. See for privacy and opt-out information.

The Courtney Sanders Podcast

Courtney Sanders

148: How to Achieve All Your Goals This Year

Do you struggle with achieving all of your goals because something keeps on holding you back? Do you feel a little scared to set your goals because you think that you've done this before but nothing seems to work out? In today's episode, I share how you can actually achieve all your goals this year, even the smartest thing that I did to achieve a seemingly insignificant goal to make myself who I need to be! If you're tired of just always chasing your dreams, make sure you listen to this episode!   Join my free upcoming Masterclass all about how to consistently get clients: Mentioned in this episode: Jillian Michaels: The Playbook: A Coach's Rules for Life: Patrick Mouratoglou: Related Episodes: 139 The Subtle Difference Between Successful Coaches and Everyone Else: iTunes:

The Detail Spot Auto Detailing Podcast

Dustin Guard

The Detail Spot Auto Detailing Podcast is for detailing business owners or professionals looking to take their detailing business to the next level. This detailing podcast focuses on the business side of owning a successful detailing business so that you can make the money you deserve from your business. Dustin goes over proven systems and strategies that will work for detailers at every level.

What The HR!

TCSHRM -Twin Cities Society for Human Resources Management

Episode 50: How to Prepare for Your Next Career Move

Skywater Search Director Andrea Anderson has over 15 years in HR and Recruiting. During this episode we learn some tips and tricks on how to crush the interview process and land your dream job. She also gives us an inside look into a recruiting firm and how they help their clients navigate "The Great Resignation".

Andrea’s Profile
Website (Company Website)

Mike Thul -
Jessie Novey -
Twin Cities Society For Human Resources: Recognized as one of the nation's largest SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) chapters, TCSHRM is based in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. With an ongoing calenda

Made for Profit

Brad Rodriguez & John Malecki

MFP 126: The Road to 1 Million YouTube Subscribers

If you’re looking to grow your YouTube this is the episode for you! 1 Million subscribers is a huge milestone and not many people get there. Today we’ll talk about how it’s possible and how Brad recently hit 1,000,000 on his channel Fix This Build That. We’ll also talk about how John has been driving […]
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¿Quién Tú Eres?


Our mission is to redefine the word "professionalism" by empowering Latino/ Latina/ Latinx communities to be their authentic selves. When we are told to be professional, in many ways we are told to not be ourselves. On this podcast, we have candid conversations and explore the conflict that we often face between being our authentic selves & "professionalism". The podcast is named ¿Quién Tú Eres? because that’s the question that we want each guest to answer. Listen to find out who we really are...when we stop code-switching. Support this podcast:

The Woodpreneur Podcast

Acres of Timber

Bao Loi: Design Craft Workshop

Bao Loi: DesignCraft Workshop

"That's a good point, because social media can be a good tool for you or it could just be a life draining mess. If you're always thinking about the views, subscriber counts, if that's what you're in this for, you'll probably get burnt out real quick."

Bao Loi

Welcome to a brand new episode of the Woodpreneur Podcast! Today, your host Steve Larosiliere sits down with Bao Loi from DesignCraft Workshop. Bao started as an architect, went to architecture school, got his license and everything. But not long after graduating, he found himself missing working with his hands, so Bao found that he needed to make a change.

“Being able to go out there on a daily basis, working on your models, working on building stuff. I definitely missed that. So after school, I stayed in town to save a little money, and I was able to work on o

The Level Up Latina Podcast

Level Up Latina

Relationship Deal Breakers, Episode 137

Every relationship is so unique, and while you can't predict what might make you call it quits, today we share our stories of life's romantic ups in downs... what we never tolerated, can't believe we did, or what we lived through and instead of "breaking the deal" we stayed. 

Romantic relationships grow and change and never quite stay the same and while we wish every relationship could work, not all do. Whether you're searching for love, in a new relationship, or many years in, this episode covers topics for everyone.

We all have Deal Breakers in marriages and even friendships. Listen and comment. We want to know what your deal breakers are, amigas!

The Walkthrough™ | HomeLight's Real Estate Podcast

HomeLight Inc.

Learn what’s working right now to grow your real estate business. Hear from the best real estate agents in the country and get actionable, no-hype advice from esteemed marketing, business, and technology experts. Welcome to The Walkthrough™, HomeLight’s podcast by and for the best real estate agents around. Fun, fast-paced, and informative, every show delivers critical information to help agents take their business from good to great to amazing. Subscribe today and get ready to be more productive, more efficient, and more successful.

Myleik Teele's Podcast

Myleik Teele

I am an entrepreneur and currently running I share my insights, things I've learned along the way in hopes to teach you the things I had to learn the HARD way! 

Fearless Presentations

Doug Staneart

How to Introduce Yourself in a Presentation (with Examples)

One of the more challenging parts of any presentation is the very first part. If you are wondering how to introduce yourself before starting your presentation, you are in good company. For most of us, once we get the first few sentences out, our nervousness will diminish pretty significantly. So, this initial self-introduction is really important. If we struggle here, our nervousness will increase. In addition, the old adage, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression” is very true.In this post, we are going to cover the best way, a very simple three-step process that will help you introduce yourself in a presentation. A summary of the steps is below.Start with your name and company (or organization or school).Tell your audience what problem you can solve for them.Share some type of proof (social proof works best) that you can solve this problem.I will break down each step into a simple-to-follow proc

I'm New Here: A Podcast for New Instructional Designers and E-Learning Developers


Need help navigating the “career” part of being a NEW Instructional Designer or E-Learning Developer? I’m Nyla, a mid-career Instructional designer and I’ve created the podcast to help new instructional designers find their footing. Because doing it on your own can seem daunting at first. Support this podcast:

After The Game

Kevin Odelusi

This is podcast where we are helping athletes transition from the game of playing sports, to life after the game, by sharing stories and practical tools to assist you on your journey to become who you are called to be.

School of Sales by GUIDE Culture®

Macy McNeely, Kathryn Shubert and Loy Day

The School of Sales by GUIDE Culture® podcast drops new juice every week, providing tangible takeaways to level up your sales, communication and leadership skills. Founder, Loy Day, and Co-CEO's, Macy McNeely and Kathryn Shubert, answer your questions centered around personal growth, entrepreneurship and all things sales. They deliver quick wins every week with a mixture of inspiration and motivation. At School of Sales by GUIDE Culture®, we are passionate about making sales cool again and helping you reach your full potential in all parts of life. Sit back and enjoy the juice 🍋

Advanced Refrigeration Podcast

Brett Wetzel & Kevin Compass

Controlling CDS Valves Used for Holdback, & Defrost Diff Valve

Kevin and I BS, talking about different ways of Controlling CDS Valves Used for Holdback, & Defrost Diff Valve

The Home Staging Show

Cindy Lin | Staged4more School of Home Staging

Building the Key Systems for Your Home Staging Business with Cindy Lin

If you know me, you know I could talk about systems all day. I nerd out over this topic! And as home stagers, it’s important that all of the different parts of our businesses flow together smoothly, from finance, to operations and marketing. Today, we’re getting nitty gritty on SYSTEMS.  In order to consistently deliver the best staging experiences for your clients, you need to automate, delegate, and leverage technology. We’ll talk about “feeding into your funnel” with content batching, creating workflows, how to future proof your home staging business, and how we can grow our businesses even more rapidly with referral programs and focusing on the highest income-producing activities. At the end of the episode, there’s a brief Q&A about pricing and pushing the value of home staging to real estate agents. Links and Resources Mentioned Join our free community to watch the video replay of today’s Community T

Help Me Work Online, Esther!

Esther Inman

Do you want to work from anywhere, in a career you love? Founder of Virtual Assistant Internship and 6-figure digital business owner, Esther Inman, shares compelling advice on how to find a remote career. In addition to sharing her personal experiences, she interviews some of the best experts in the work from anywhere niche. If you want a career where you can travel, stay home with your kids, create a deployment-proof virtual career, or just finally live your life of freedom by working online, this is the podcast for you!

Career Tools

Manager Tools

DISC And Presentation Downfalls - High D

Our guidance for High D's when presenting.

7 Minute Job Interview Podcast - Job Interview Tips, Resume Tips, and Career Advice

Dayvon Goddard: Your Job Interview and Resume Coach

7MIN378-Over Competing in the Workplace

In this session of the 7 minute job interview podcast, we are talking about over competing in the workplace.

The Resilient Recruiter

Recruitment Coach Mark Whitby

How Treating People Well Delivers 30% Annual Revenue Growth for 15 Years, with Simon La Fosse, Ep # 116

Would you like to generate an average revenue increase of 30% per year? In this interview, Simon La Fosse shares how La Fosse Associates has achieved this every year for the past 15 years.  When Simon founded La Fosse Associates, his focus was on creating a values-led company and treating people well – including team members and customers.  He firmly believes that the core values of Caring, Ambition and Humility have been a huge factor in company’s sustained success as they scaled to a team of 250 people.  Simon also expands on why La Fosse Associates give share options to everyone in the business and 40% of the company is owned by the employees. He explains how it has benefitted them not only with staff retention but has also created a culture where everyone is extremely motivated to contribute to the company’s consistent growth.  Their commitment to looking after the peo

Sales Questions Show - Brutally Honest Answers - B2B Sales answers - Sales Hackers Ideas


WHAT ARE THE KPI'S THAT COUNT IN THE COMPLEX SALE - B2B SALES - Get Your Free E-Book on How Companies make Decisions. FAQ: 1 YEAR ACCESS, PAY MONTHLY OR ANNUALLY NOT A MEMBERSHIP OFFICE HOURS EVERY  OTHER WEEK VIA ZOOM 1-ON-1 ARE FREE AS LONG AS THEY CAN BE SHARED IN THE COURSE FULL ACCESS ON DAY ONE   Video Emails by Covideo =     A.I. Call Analysis by =   Audible 30 day Free Trial:     Check out my YouTube channel and watch my Free Sales/Social Selling Course.     Listen to The Sales Questions PodCast:     Listen to The B2B Revenue Leadership Show:     Join The Gaggle and Spread The Brutal Truth:   LeadFuze Coupon = SALES20 - to get 20% more leads h

Oil and Gas Onshore Podcast

Justin Gauthier

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

Elegant Warrior Podcast with Heather Hansen

Heather Hansen

216: BJ Fogg and Perspective

KeyNote Speaker: Are you looking for a keynote speaker to teach you how to advocate for your ideas, for change, for your product and for sales? I would love to come and speak to your team and show them how to advocate to win in their business. Please fill out the form below and I will contact you with more details. Now enjoy today's show! BJ Fogg is the founder and director of the Behavioral Design Lab at Stanford. He is the author of the New York Times Best Seller Tiny Habits: The Small Changes That Change Everything. This is one of my favorite interviews, and BJ’s tip for advocating will change your life. He will teach you how to shine, how to be light as a feather and how to change your life.  You can buy his book here: To learn more about BJ Fogg, visit the links below:   To learn more about my services and to stay connec

Drive With NAR

REALTOR® Magazine

Drive With NAR deepens your connections with other REALTORS® as they dive into a new theme with each monthly episode. Moderated by National Association of REALTORS® Chief Storyteller Janelle Brevard, this new podcast gives you fresh digital content and a wealth of information, insight, and inspiration to help you achieve your personal and business goals. Find out from REALTORS® across the country what methods they’re using to address market challenges, improve business, or save time and money. Plus, hear anecdotes about extraordinary experiences they’ve had in the field.

The Courageous Economy

Andrew Crapuchettes

The Courageous Economy offers solutions to the daily issues that freedom-loving Americans experience in their jobs. Do you ever feel like you can't live out your values at work? Whether you're an employee or an entrepreneur, this show is full of inspiration, ideas, and actionable advice for you! RedBalloon CEO Andrew Crapuchettes and his guests will share stories of courage in the workplace, and help you take action today to connect, work, shop, build and invest in a way that leads to freedom in your life and career.

The Kyle Handy Podcast

Kyle Handy

The Kyle Handy Podcast is a show for real estate agents looking for strategies to sell more real estate in today's environment. We talk about how to generate leads, scripts to use, and tools to take your business further. Real estate agents today are bombarded with training that worked 20 years ago but isn't relevant today. On The Kyle Handy Podcast, we tackle topics that are relevant today and help new and seasoned agents alike. New shows air every Monday.

The Line pull podcast

David, Kenny, and Travis

Group of crane operators from all over. Sharing stories, banter, and tips and tricks of the trade.

Appraiser Talk

The Appraisal Foundation

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]